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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 11, 1905

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 LADYSMITH-ATHLETJC|IIMD[D  SISTERS MD  CLUB QUESTION  An Effort Should Be Made This  Winter to Have a Club  House Built  tions Made  That a  Public  Meeting  Be Called to Con-  sider the Matter  It Seems a Fair Thing to do  but   There  is  Trouble  Eventually the Two Young  Couples Got the Parental Blessing  mm w-|nmrsrax i������|chinesewill  *u     i  iugw  . At Portland, Ore.,  Lee Wheelor and  Maggie     Huffman and Thomas I Lift"  man and  Ether Wheeler wore married   by      Justice  JIoliiia���������  at   Dallas,  But Now the Question  is  How Will he Collect it  A Lot Jof JMoney to Get  Away With as a  Joke  Makes Eloquent Appeal on  Behalf of  Loggers in  Vancouver  His Opinion of The Men in  Whose Cause he  is Working  New York, Oct. 11.-Henry .Leonard, 24 years old, a clerk for Halle  & Stelgiltz, brokers, of 30 Broad s(.  Polk county,   after   (he  \,wo  couples    eonfessed ��������� today  (hat he is  tlw ma,,  Vancouver, Oct. lu.-Tu paiupliKi.se,  tlie    words of     K;pj���������iL  don't, grow into     puMer siuirts.'  the  wrrre time uccord.ng   to  llu. Uux  John  Antle     the\  "Silicic    ijjOii  Ai  DEMAND DAMAGES    / ���������������������������  For Every Chinese Emigrant De-  ' ported From  America on Account of Nationality  Mulock Has  Decided to  Resign  Scat in the Dominion  Cabinet  (damages     for ���������every   Chinese immi-  wlro interested   thoms'elves f weeks ami   alter a brief acqu'ainulu-e' l'������"   U'at  ''C ca^ric(,  -Uironssli  fondness  deielopcd between The   res-  e     Ledger has an     idea that a I PcCtivc young  meii  and  maidens  (me  nicy   were  great many people     would  favor   the M the hoys proposed lhat I hey i raci  nnv or    1       /   '           C,eC,i<>"0f a C,ub "ouse^without'de- asters and (he elopement e ������r,ed  ?���������L������       ,            ',   ������ K if ,!huwf    <odo sot'01"'1 be made. - ������oon after -the  two couples      ,eit  ment,?,, whatever has  Thc  ,nftuls f)fl,,isjl      |Ilofiev   io orcci Dallas the father and   mother  ,f     L  forming a city league ' fi,,* hml,lin��������� ���������.rt,.i,i i*      ������ . ,"     ,:,������������������.,   fw������-in,..i -        '"iier 0|   the  witness games'of basket^   ,������������������   (.|,0S3  ball,  which,  on account of the s,.len-   ia.st year be ascertained  did abilities    of the  players  weie al-,    rn,  ways     full of interest,  pleasant  evenings,   ami it   is  adisu  poiutmcnt to many  (he present no  been made of     lorming a city league  the building would have to be decided I two "Wheelers arrived at the orlueof  this season,     or even of a basketball   on.     Last     seasoa     there was some   "  match.     So     great  was the basket-  talk of forming a joint stock com pa-  ball enthusiasm last  year   (hat plans   ���������v.      The last public  meeting called  weie     made  for the     building of an   to consider the question'and   held   in  athletic club    lwuse, - which  structure (the Opera     House on  January 15th,  was to     include a good     basket bull , passi-d  the following resolution:-  hail.     These-plans it will |)e remem-l    "That an entrance fee of $2.50 for  bered,   were      being  well carried'out j active members  . - -- -  u���������~  he charged,   and that  i when the laying off of a shift in, thc (he monthly contribution |.e$l.fiO.  Extension mines caused the commit- That the honorary membership fee  t*e who had charge of aftairs to cease'be ,$5.00 0r 50 cents per month."  activity for the Wine being. Th'ta-fs I One thing |s certain, unless-a hall  being more settled now, and as win-, jS built there will be'iio indoor blaster is again drawing {near, would it. ketbail this season. Those men who  not he,well for the public'to,ask the hav's resided in towns where . there  committee to continue' their work.?, are athletic cluLs, know how splcn-i  Unfortunately up to the present no"'did such institutions, arc and what  progress lras  been made in the public j pleasures  1'hey .   afford the members.  the county cleric and vented their  rage. The Huffman youngsters are  children of Mrs. M. Huffman of 'Salem. The parents of both families  reluctantly gave blessings after the  circumstances  were investigated.  iccreat'ion gronnd"matter, the secretary of the committee jiot having received the C.P.R. officials a reply to  'a letter  SERIOUS   AFFRAY  AT  ��������� WEDDING IN WINNIPEG.  There seems to be no reason why  plains could not hc made to have one  erected here if     the men,  young and  sent, hy       him      - asking ! old, would give the venture their sup-  JJhe Company  to donate a site     for   (port.  TO DEVELOP THE  MOUNT SICKER MINES  y  Capital has been secured for thede-ou a large     scale,  and   also includes  -.eiopmcntorr a large scale 0f another   the uhii^Uoii of a  ;'promising coast   mine.  Winnipeg-, Oct. 11.���������As a result of  a fight at a Ci'alician wedding celc-  hratioin, which , lasted till an early  hour Sunday morning, John Kirat  and J. Mycan, guests at the event,  are suffering from injuries from which  they may die. Two other men have  been arrested as the aggressors in  (he   fight.  There was much joy at the"feast  until two unhidden guests appeared  in the early hours ot the morning-  and proceeded to raise a disturbance.  They were remonstrated with, but  insisted in dancing with the bride",  and to enforce their demands kept  the rest of the crowd at a respectful distance by firing off revolvers  in the aCtr.  When   their      weapons  were  empty  the crowd rushed in,, hut the twa rin-  forgery and   theft just  to *how how  easy it     would Ire lo outwit the .safeguards of any bank.   After the (heft  Leonard mailed $300,000 of the securities to  Dyer Pearl,  senior member  of dlie firm of Pearl ������fe Co.,  the owners of thc securities.' lie had addres-  ceil  the package to Mr. Pearl's home  where it was found'yesterday.      The  olher   securities,      to the value   of  $.').'),000..    have   not  been  recovered.  Leonard was arraigned in the Tombs  paiice court " and held in $50,000 for  luither examination.   He was not represented  hy  counsel.   As  he left the  courtroom   he  said   to a questioner.  "I did it on a bet." -   -  -UI.M0  BENEFITS FOB  go clown to meet the C'assiai.  Docs anybody attempt to give these  men a welcome when they come Iir  Vancouver'.' Wen. the saloon keeper  dries. lie is there orr (he dock. You  huvc ' your mission (o .seamen, but  there are comparatively few seamen  while there is a great 'population of  loggers, splendid fellows, men many  of whom I am proud to take by the  hand and call  them  mv r'nenclsf"  This was not said jn an interview,  but in a sermon, a sermon preached  from , a heart full of enthusiasm foi  one of the noblest works a minister  of religion ever took up, the work  winch is being done by tire mission  ship Columbia. It was last Sunday  night and being the harvest fesLiv.il  Christ church was crowded to the  doors  Ml'I.OCK   TO   RESIGN.  ���������a,      OcL   J1.���������(Special)���������       grant  deponed  from   America on ac-  will  resign  Iiis seat irr     the  "count of nationality,  n cabinet shortly,  he IraA'ing j   Tire claim,  it  is expected,   will ex-  10 give  up   politics. ceed  $1,000,000.  11 probably accept a position  Supreme Court bench.    . I ~~������  FAVOR  RATIFICATION  OF TREATY.  ���������JSE  GOVERNMENT I    ...    ..   .       rt  .     ,,     mu  HILL  MAKE  CLAIMS.  I    ^������cU,0,m-   0c\   U-^  c������������������*-  New  York,   Oct.   11.���������The  Chinese ( ,eC appointed to  consider the Karl-  e,o\ernmcnt  has   notified   thc   United    sdak treaty today reported to be un-  Si al.es      of its  intention  to  demand    animously   in favor  of  ratification.  A SPLENDID FUTURE  FOR WESTFRN CANADA  ��������� Follou iiig are benefits  paid by A.  &���������  M.  funds  for September,  1905:  ��������� Ino.   Gordon     $22 00  M.  Chas.   Sar'no     7.50  Geo.  Badovinac   7.15  *���������   127.50   c  7.50  JWi  -   - /aterpower scheme I inviLcd   reached   for  other   weapons,  .which  is available on  tho properw      aml   il1  Ulc  melcc  Kirat received       a  'Ihe Mount   Sicker mines.   0n     tinsf ThtJ  Alount s.ckcr-mines arc copper- \ "^   bl������W  from  an axe on theforc*"  - Island,     are to be the scene  of much '  [f        , mining activity in a few months, according to  the   plans  or Air.   \V.  just     above  the left   eye,   and  car ry- J Myca 11   was  stabbed   in   the arm, and  goul  pro-pcsil.ons.  the ore also  ing a slight percentage of iron.   A hv-I a painful   wound  iuflicled.  D.u.  the  general   manager,'who   to ' ^ ^^  Wl" "������������*  ������*"**>:'������*  J���������^, a"������noon f^c��������������� ^  cares that he has succeeded in secur-' Uw U'a'"Way  a"d   concentrating, plant   tT    [   1  Z^T���������?!' .and J" MaB  ing  capit.il   for   the undertaking.  which   >s   to be installed.    Where  nek     on the charge of being aggres-  ,     ,        , , , thejsois in  the quarrel.  A   despatch   from Vancouver  says:   J ore will be treated has  not been, set-  Mr. Dier returned  from   the East last   tied,   but the Crofton  sm-lter       bv   ���������     .  eveiiMig and is registered  atthe Com-   reason   of its location  ���������,������...,i   i.'~..~       I    A new front   is heJnS I)at in     at  Mr.'   Antic  did  not   mince   matters  in  asking for what he  wauled.  "Christianity  does   not, mean  saving our own miserable souls,"       he  cried.   "We prov.'de  all   kinds  of spiritual  luxury  for ourselves,   fine churches,, fine music,- fine services,      but  do  we eyer think of the men  out in  the  woods, .up-iir   the railway camps,  the pioneers of civilization  who   arc  deniicd  all  these  things.'   Surrounded  not     only  by spirilual  luxury here,  but  by   physical  and   intellectual luxury in  your homes,  you  people      ol  Inn-ham         20.50 J Christ .Church might well  take      up  .  "c-..-- ' ' this  work."  There      was  much   more  from  the  earnest  man who had spent his summer     holding     services in  thc wild  30 QQ I places up-coast  and   in   making, flying  7 00 |lr'{'s     in      his  little  steamer   from  18.00  camp to   hospital with injured   meir���������  C8 00   three  hundred  cases   in   all   has   ..the  25.00   Columbia     brought lelicf  lo  in   her  5.00   five,, months of work���������but j.vhat ���������  . has t  5.00   i"ecn giveh above is  (he sum and sub-j S  28.00  stance of  the appeal.  1*2,50  Much has been said-in press inter-body of land on the face of the  views about the resources of the Ca-. globe, it Uie same extent, contain-  iradran West,,ats wheat crops and Uie I ing as large a percentage of highciass  vast areas available for cultivation, wheat land as lies between Winnipeg  but the great nia.'onty officii state I and the Rockies. This is a big state  men Is arc of a stereotyped, phapso- ment, but is absolutely true and cor-  dical nature, arrd more or'Jess vague|rect. I have watched the devel  and inlifinite.   A Winnipeg "Free Press  mcic.ai hotel.   He  has   been spending 'advantage in the mrtter^of tSpw" ' MeSSr*'  Waltcr,s & ��������� AK'c������l">ad's store  L.   Giacorra  Cf. S.  Lciglrton ,. ..  L.   Fisher     Job.     Lapsauski     Gilbert  McKinnell      Mike Myoski   ..... .. .1   Alfred   Lockner     Win.  Russell     E.   Lowe ...;      1  Incorporation of Frrrrd     St: Joseph Hospital.-l'treaf  ment  G.  S.   Loighton)  Nanaimo hospital (treat- .  ment   Geo.   Badovinac)  Nanaimo  hospital  (treat ..  ment  5has.   Sartlio)  reporter  had air  interview with    B.  W.   Snow,   the ncted  American wheat  expert.   The stateinenls   made by Mr  Snow have no  uncertain  sound,    and  arc   of a mi true   to make  tire  whole  civili/crl   woilil  sit   up  straight   and  give  attention.      Mr.   Snow  was  at  one time a United Stales government  experl,  and  now   ha-i   a large private  business as  an expert,   lie has visited      Canada every  year  since   1!)01,  coming   twice in   l!l(M   an  year.   Jlu is studying the wheat grow  .ng      possibilities     of the Canadian  Wcai   in  order lo  be more thoroughly posted  fur his  business, and  also  as      a.represenkihive  of  the  Orange  Judd ������Farmer, the. leading agiicultur-  .'1 jont'niil  in  America.  Asked as to his opindon of this  country tis a wheat growing area,  Mr. Snow said: "In all my experiences I do   not know of any     other  lop-  meht of this new country for some  years past, and <! believe it is ,a matter of a very few years  until  what  we  in   the Stajtes  call   Northwestern  Canada will produce a larger surplus  of    wheat for the world's markets  than   is now   produced -in  any  country.    Western. Canada inside of    ten  years  w^l   be the  principal source of  European   wheat   supplies*��������� a pos>itijb*n  occupied by- the United  States for a  quarter   of      a century.   The  United  twice this (States  has practically reached      and*  passed its "7em'th  as a wheat exporter.   The natural wheat  lands of the  republic are all  taken  and the       increase through improved, culture will  hardly  keep  pace  with   the increase  of population.    On this account Canada  will  have  a market,  for her product expanding (is rapidly as the product can be increased, and  will meet  with decreasing competition from the  States."  7. IS!)  . several  months in the iprincipai east-  iation  charges,  crn cities; and reports  that a number J    Mir/ Dier   was accompanied from the  of prominent   Philadelphia  capitalists"���������'.���������East;-by Dr. E.-J. Stubls    f  have become interested in   the Mount to, Mr. George ciernents, a prominent  Sicker property,   and that as a result -.���������druggist.^f Winnipeg, arid Mr. Arthur  MOO, 000 is now  available for the' op-   L:  Pollock,,   aNew York capitalist  eniiig,up. andi.development; of theniin-   They accompanied Mr. Dier down to  cs; j Victoria on the steamer  Princess Vic-  Tlno      development       .of   the mines   toria  this-morning and  will go up to  whicii   Mr.   Dier  has planned   will   be. ' the-mines to inspect the  prop-rtv  on Gatacre,street. When it is completed the appearance of! the building will  be vastly improved.   ���������  $331.00  E.   LOW7E,   Secretary.  lAPAN'S POSITION  REGARDING Peace  GRANBY  PROSPEPOUS  Phoenix, ,11.C, Oct. 11 .���������Once again  the  Granby  has exceeded  all i|���������s pre-j more  than   100  far  SUING AMALGAMATED CO,  , In   ISutte,  Mont.,  suits in  vious   record   for   mining  and  smelting  iu seven, days-.������������������ Shipments from  Boundary'mines  for   the  past     week  were  as  follows:  Grainhy mines to Granby smelter,  J'1,040 tons; Mother --Lode to B. C.  Copper Co. smeller, 3,0.18 tons; Oro  Denoro to Granby siiielter, fiO tons;  Providence to.Trail /smelter,' 30 Jfcons;  Last C/hahce to Nelson s'liiclter, 30  tons; Stra'lhmore to Tra;:! 'smelter,  10  tons;  total for  week,  18,304 tons;  whicii  mcrs are involved  were begun last week against the  smelters of the Amalgamated Copper company at Anaconda for damages aggregating about $2,000,(100'  for alleged destruction of crops and  live stock in the. Deer Lodge valley  as the result of the smelter smoke  from the Washoe and. Anaconda  plants. ���������'  According to advices brought by the same .whether- we stop now or  the steamer Kanagawa Maru from continue the struggle. Not only  Japan,, Marquis Var.ragaia has given Uia('> ln,t wo.Kar������- also that, if we  out an interesting statement review- ������������"l',*"������' W'C war. we might waste  ing the war and its origin; and ex- tlie resources which we 'required for  plaining why peace was slight. In cal'IT''"fi o������t our inti-r.tious in Korea  this statement   Ya.r.agata says: , und  i��������� the districts  which we    have  "At about   (he  time   when   we "dc-   W"'"1   ���������������������������   Manchuria.       M.creiore,  feated  the-Russians at  Mukden views   wo  liaVe ������������������������>������������lcJ   l'������iee.  and   if. the  to   the'elTect   that,   for   the  sake  of    ,crn,s  iirc   unsatisfactory   we       are  GOT 2,000     VOLTS  In Reno,   Nov.,  Ralph  Shcrer,  a.17  year void     lioy, crawled and dragged  J himself from  the power sub-' tat ion to  "*,")     his      home,    'more  than half a mile  away, at   two o'clock yesterday mor-  ,nin.g   with   both  feet   terribly  burned  ���������his right.hand and arm skinned   and  raw, and suffering the terrible ^effects  of having-  2,000   volts   of  electricity  pass thr-i������!gh his body.  The attending physicians tonight  state that he will recover, though it  will   be a long process.  Sherer  was employed as attendant  in  the substation and   touched a high  tension     wire carrying  2 000   volts.  The whole  force passed 'through, him  and  actually   burned   a portion       of  both  his shoes' and stcckings away,  the charred   articles  being  unite  evidence of   what   ' he,passed ��������� through.  The physicians state  that  his escape  is  miraculous.  I'laron   Koiiiiira's   stay   irr   Vancou-  M-r was brief,  but highly  heneficient,  he dr-naled about $(100 among Japanese" institutions   in   and   adjacent    to  thc city.   The places  benefitted   were  the, Japanese school; the Japanpse  Methodist Mission, the Japanese  Young Men's Association and the  Japanese hospital at Slejveston, each  of which received' about  $150.  BRITISH COLUMBIA'S  RECORD POTLACH  The  "Sgcst     potlach  FAIR  P.ENEHTTS WILL    .  BE PAID IN FULL  Vancouver,  Oct.   11.���������An  pny.es will  total  for year  to date,  070,855 tons.   bfi Paid in full by the management  Boundary smelters treated tho following tonnage last week: Granby  smelter, l,J,j02 tons; B. C. -Copper  smelter, -j,0(i,| Ions; total for week  18,10111,.4^^,.total, for ve:;r 089,713"  ton.^ '  the now closed  Dominion fair at New  Westminster.  Many stories have been  floating  around  during the  last  few  clays to  the     effect that  the manage  ^       S.S.   German-icus completed loading  merit, would l,e able to pay only a\costs nnd 'the international situat  pa.il o^the pii?.e money, but Mayor j of Japan. We have come to- thee  Keary   's.iid     today that     mi liri^nc'..!,,-,-,.,,   4i,���������+-+i,���������   r���������,.i,i,���������-  ,.^-a;,-,..!.,  ��������� con-  .eary     ^m     today that     an prizes'elusion  that  the   furtilie.r  coiiftinuanec  would   ,bc  Paid'"Uf^ At'present  the J of  the war   would  not  be likely    to  management  is tfuite  uriai;ie  to  make obtain us  adequate compensation for  f���������,,' .,.������������������. -  any    sLVfement     regarding tiW.finan-! what we should   lose.    It,  seemed   to  today   and wrll sari  this  aftewnoon.    ciai position of the euterjrise.  1  quite .willing-to bear , the accusation:  of  weakness which  are  brought     ag  lainst     us.      Hut  there  is one thiuifc  which  I feci   that   lam   bound  to; explain.    1 hear sonic  say:   'Yanragatn  agreed   to   the   restoratiom  of   peace  because     hc      tlrl night   the   present  strength  of  the Japanese  army    was  insufficient  for carrying  on the war.'  This   is  a great,   mistake.   I do      not  mind   my  own   reputation   bei'iijir  assailed,   but  1 cannot,  let   pass  a suggestion which is- hurtful  to the prestige of   tlie Japanese  army.    1    have  been  engaged  irr  military  affairs    for  about,   10  years,  and have  taken Part  irr  soveral wars,, and  I am sure that  of those tbe war now ended was not  the most ditliciilt.    Wo firmly believe  that   our  troops  could   occupy   Harbin,   unless sonic unexpected aird  unavoidable change  took place in  favor  of  the Russian  troops.    IJut for    the  reasons   to   which   I have   alreayd  al-  . , ���������   1 luded,   we have preferred   to agree to .  us  that xuv advantage might remain | ^ restoration Qf peafl0>)> J  humanity, tho war should     Ibe ended,  began to  become current-in  Europe,  and just after our victory in   the Sea  of Japan, President Roosevelt  made a  great effort. ,or   the  restoration     c-f  peace.   To   that endeavor we-'have'responded  by  bringing the  war  to   air  end.      We   are   receiving   numberless  reports   at; to , dissatisfaction   in     regard  to  the     terms of peace.   T-lvat  this should  be so   is really  inevitable,  as  men's opinions  differ  orr all  subjects.    Jn   concluding  peace   the ��������� go'v-  of, eminent  took   in tip  consideration  thc  present capacity   of the  Empire, the  need   to develop   our  country's       resources in  the- future,   the.     Russian  character   which   loves   war  at       all  atioir  AN OVERDUE SPOWEN'.  The \ overdue British ship l.alla  Rook-h. which was quoted at the  high .rate of ninety per i-tiit., has  been .reported as passing Sicily Islands. The vessel had been given up  for lost by the shipping people some  tiine ago, and the word of her still  being afloat was received with great  surprise. Thc  Lalla   Rookh  sailed  from Brisbane 200 days ago for Kal-  nioutli. She was first, placed on the  overdue board on August. ITth, amd  quoted at.fifteen per cent. It moved  up steadily until a inoath ago it  reached the rriaefy mark. It was expected daily that she would be declared 'iiii.ssin.o-.. <���������*  ever held in- receptions: The announcement was  British Columbia took place atthe made at the ��������� reception that the pot-  Indiiin reservation on Blurrtlen Mar- lach proper, that is the giving) away  bor last , week. Big Chief George, .of the money, would take place oh  'of'the Xav.it.tie tribe was the host, the following afternoon, and that the  anil made large* presents to ovvry- whole��������� proceedings would wind up  body, ,giving    bis guests  no less  than    with  a  feast.  $2,.'Kill.     in  good   coin  of the  realm. !    There were     several absentees, but-  .And   the feast!   Tho potlach lasted    runner*;  were sent     out and  the .men  three   days.      Runners were sent out    who  had not      known   about  what a  the  men of     the  Nawittic   ; good thing  was  coming,  notified.-Ev-  gathcr'at .Blunden Harbor'ery  .1,1 Tuesday  moment the  Mcphisto, who dares the' leap for  life act.at the Spokane Inlerslate  fair npxt week, is said to be .(he  most daring per former. (Ie comes  down "a bicycle track at <an angle of  15 degrees.- This truck is 1 tin feel, i  long.  He and   hi  ill  "' '" ^'::n-z z^z^tzzj^  ������-,n, ,������������������ ���������-,���������, ���������m ln t���������c,vlci,litTr -,,,,--;,s������0s; ,,,-f;t Ga" gcrel St  :.:������ :; z ���������*rr^ i no,lhe hk -������������������- i������;:  by  licalin-g  rnished  the jnusjc   the  .1 uni])  a gap  ,.,������������������..������. , ...    '   , -   1 ���������beach-    Thev   were   tiventually  rrr,     -ir tmi ,    * ralhng 1'hafc,lhrown  into canoes and sent away  '       aKMl<1  W,e    ������<]^   fd  *������������ ������"���������������      Tte   $2,060   was  given   to  the  men  track. It   is said  Mcphisto  ..rlgirmted   S,X''  '"' (,|'ff],('*r..l^heri the whote par-'sums,    '^h'iefe       "''^   '"  Varying  th's act     when there   was K deimunl   rVZrl^ JT^' flrSt ',isht' ,,rank'  Soi  V"^B  ������������������������������.   one  ter>g  'i,t   nioining was taken  up with vis-|given as much          s   wheel  7      feet .long,   lighting  on   al^ver | ZZm^Z!ZTd ZZU{)S.01     fo"r-  ������r i who     had been  according to  their  r,    mi   ..:. .-"...,.s   Ujf  uvsi, niujiii.. ��������� rans.   em.   van-in.  for some-thing more difficult Uirn otb-  ^ v    ' l   in.iu ..in    ... . --   ..-   ,0--.. ��������������� ..i.v.i_.il as v4jw    ure otuer nrp  er bicycle and  automobile performan- I07wHI"f J"Vn"Se t0 ft"0ther ,u"1.'sents!> w������e graduated nil  down     he  ces, t0������. ^'th Chief George holdin-ir wMri   i,n��������� +���������  ������������������   *.���������        "~ "  n   ine  m  Ml Malta
Published   every  day except Sunday.
BY        TIIE       DAILY        LEDGER
���0 cents a  month-,    $5  per  year
Advertising rates oa ap
i j   , j  .
I    !     I   ^     .
WEDNESDAY,      0(,"I OHEIi   11,190.")
Some    American people are wen to
lhe front 'u     Canadian affairs, as the
So Mowing ,\udilh taken from exdmrrgiH
across the line show:
The Ontario papers that aie chuck
iins o-.er the facts that- the new lands
of'the Northwest ha\e lorced a most
danuig'ng leak which the eastern
skites have cut into Quebec und tho
"ALirilmie Provinces. tVnlra. aixl
���weslrni Ciuiadians have fell such ehi-
lion o\er ihe enormous Hood of American sot tiers who have crossed hit*
1mle foily-nine since 1900. that, they
are not prepared to reaii/c that in "lhe
last live, years more Canadians havr
gone to the Vn'ml St.ues than have
Americans dinted into Canada. .Mr
II. B. Ames, M. P-, is quoted as savin"-.after an extended lourof the lower provinces: "Womi Scotia is being
drained light along of her best and
girigtest brains. They are emigrating
and permanently settling in the eastern states and cities. SWhy , Boston
and New York are simply fun of
"Maritime Province people".-JThc Dominion has done "wen to attract. Amo(
jean settlers, for, as every western
Canadian win gladly attest, they arc
the best, foreign element, obtainable
Bub hail thc Canadian Immigration
T.ureau been as dmigent in soliciting
��� -the restless ambitions of Eastern
���-Canada"as it was with the infinitely
less dcsiral..;e s��nilhern European.
1,ne Paradise of I'rourisc which has
3iist attained I'roymcehood would today bo richer irr homogeneity ��t
least, arrd Canadian patriotism would
nowhere ba\e fa'ien from par. Let
.Ottawa look well 1,0 the eastern leak.
Parcels or House Furnishing. Carpets,   Linoleums, over $5.00 jn value.   Our special sale
of 25 per cent, discount on all Furniture is
not included in this offer;
���-JAVHS $2 00 i'KK DAY
Beet accomodation ia town.    Splendid hunting and trailing in near vicinity.
A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor .. LADYSMITIt. B. C
Do not think^of spending one cent on furniture until you see |what we  have and   our
pi ices.   Everv stick of furniture selling at 25c. m��
���^5 ofs on every dollar. This is no fake as you can Jj^
^B see our regular price in plain figures. _���_
���"    Three cases of XWVY DLOU SES  in  Ancona     Flannel,  I hack  Sa-
'**    teen,   Lustre,  nnd  Silk. Our showing of  Ancona flannel  i3"-).isi;e .
in dark ptUlei'iis is very .-.picial at Ifach SCC   jj"""***'
Each $1.00
""ilrs."Masters lus just returned from Vnncniiver,' where she -m "cited a number     of  the ne.ve->'.. sh.ipes that    had .'list -.-.rrivi.-l' fidin
New ,York ami Toronto.     Am ig the new shapes is ike    RippC
which is an  Hauler ra\\>-.-!.:'. i
100 iu >i suiL; -i-st i'., 1" dc of extra fine qiiaiil vr tv oei. seizes,
Norfolk sly.ns, ami three- piece suits:'_ We claim a Mjriety
that you'll not find I'st-whcrc. Sec our Ihrec-piecc suits fr-r
Boys,     lb t i l.i     years, at
Newly fitted up and
Good tables and good
Board at reasonable
The bar is extra well
The New Western Hotel
Good rooms,     good beds, and good hoard.
Our Bar is newly fUledup and well supplied and is in charge ol
TkU  Hotel has    been  completely
Board and lodging $1.00 per day!
JOHN TKA, Proprietor
Bar Supplied with the* Best   Wines, 1st Avemie :-: :-: :-: Ladyiniith B.C.
Liquors and Cigars.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Hallway
������������������ ���������������������������������������������!
-   --. 'VANCOUVER.
(Effective Sept. 30th)
'S. S.JOAN. '        ?
Sails from  Nanaimo  for  Ladysmith Saturdays     5-30 p.m
Safls  from Ladysmith  for Nanaimo Saturdays   COO a.m.
Sails  from Nanaimo for Vancouver Saturdays   8.00 a.m.
Sails  from   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo Saturdays   2.30 p.m'
Sails froat  Na��aimo  for Ladysmith Saturday      ... 5.30 p. m.
j i
Return,   $3.75.
FARES   BETWEEN   LADYSMITH   AND NANAi'uMO,  one way   50 cents,
Return, 75 cents.
���.!'��������� I        9\
II Govti Str��et, Victoria B.C.
Dist. Freight &. Pass. Agt
Low Round Trip Rates
Just     opened up 82 .cases including Ladies', Misses' Chi'fliens'
lUens'     and Hoys' Low Rubbers,  and     Knee  Boots.
Our  Knee Hoots  for Children     and  Ladies arc e\U'a nice light
weiiiht   oocaIs���Wc   guarantee all our  Rubbers to he first "|n>ality
I Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street
Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour
Meals 35c. and Upward
RIGHT -   i    l     ��� :
Tbe     inautruia-liou   of    Alberta  ami
.Saskatchewan      wrll   put    to tbe   test
'Ithc piiinotism ol   the'partisan.    Liberals will commit a gra\e error if lho>
ii.'iow  this  milestone,   in   Uic  progress
of the    Dominion Lo bear the spatter
of muil-slinging.        Likewise,   will   the
Uonsenalncs     exhibit   excessive un-
prudoiicc ii   they stand  a'oo*  or  r*>oU
askance at  Uie. ceremoriiak. of a great
historical   accomplishment.     The   nai-
tow   partisan     of thc Libera'  lCgime
will  evu'l   unduly over  the cpnsimnna-
tion of     his party's     policy,  and  the
mean.     Conscrwitive     win   frown  1 e-
cause ol tbe     incidentals he could not
countenance and  which he fought with
disfavor.   .     I'ut- above     the pros and
cons win vise     the 'argcr idea.   Two
more   potential     pto-vmccs  will  haM*
readied  man's   fun   estate,   and,   how-
c^er compromising may have been the.
hill which   ^hrou^ht tho sinewy  territories  their  anatomy,  the  free win of
self-government   must  ultimately  prevail and   the,  educational liberties  dur
to 0 democratic nnd progressive commonwealth      v.'i'H   find     constitutional
foundations.    September 1 will be i:c-
meniijcral  as     a day when differences
>   (Con'tinucd , on     Page Three)
D, Spencerr
Nanaimo. Limited*
Merchant Tailor
~~W :   b. e.
Best, accommodation' for transient
vnd permanent hoarders and lodgers.
This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-
d��te. Rales $1.00 a day and up-
w \rds.
E>��la.na<U :���: :���: :���: >-'��� "La-iyamitk
One Dollar Per Day.
Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bai
(Half Block from Depot.)
GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.
���"Bates $1.25 andfl.BO���
Free bus.to all steamboat landingiand
railway depots.   Electric care every fiv
minutes to all parts of  the city.   Ba
and tablttiUnexcelled.
F. BAYNES, Proprietor,
St. Paul, Duluth, Sioux City,
Omaha, Kansas City $60.00
St. Lous $67.50 Chicago 71.50
D*tes ef ��ait, Sept, 18th. and 17 th
Final return limit 90 days     from
date of sale.
For full particulars call on or *ad-
G.W.P.A., 71 Gevcrnment Bt
Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.
and  Yates St3., ,
Cor.  Government
Victoria, B. C-
Trains Daily
are manufactured for
men, who require boots
for service arid rough-
and - tumble boys
whose parents find it
almost impossible to
keep their feet cove red
They are all No. I leather,- honestly made
and will give Infinite
Thousands who have
worn them   say that
they are almost iron"
Ask your dealer  to
show them to you-
If   he    should not
them send his name t
Member  Can., Society'of'  Civil  Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,   England
Member  Iriternatroi.al  Electrical Congress   at St. Louis, 1904
���Electrical Engineer���
P. O. BOX 357, Iii     I   '       !  :  il  I  I"   LA1YSMMH, B. 6.
R. WilliamsonjProp
fst. Avenue
WM. MUNSIE, President
Ladysmith B. C.
J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director
The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.
MILLS   AT   FIDDICK _ANTD   LADY SMITH���Shingles  a  Specialty.
���Maunfuc'-.nre.rs     of���
Rough and Dr.ssed Fir and Cedar Lumber^ Laths,
Shingles, Moli   lings. Etc., of the Best Quality.
Seasoned   and  Kihi  Dried   Flooring     and   Finishing    L��mb��r  im    Stock
Leads Them    All
&Co., Ltd
Pacific Coast   Agency.
VICTORIA, :���: :���: :���: .���: :���'B.C.
Under New Managment
Hotel Wilson
Nanaimo, B. C.
McKinnell &Woobank
"Modem and     Strictly First Clais.
Commercial Mens'  headquarters.
Fire "Proof    Buildiia��.
(T. J. Wellrnan, Prop., Vancouver.)
One block from C.P.R. Depot and
steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per
day. Corner Uranville and Hastings
streets.  Telephone,  1-4. ���';'
I     TH E TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd.      |
Smelting Works at
Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea
i -���-
I General Manager.
W. J, WATSON,   ���
Smelter Manager.
Home Grown to Imported
SEEDS.     '    '., i ' '.  1 ' !'���    }
For Spring plaating.    Eastern prices
or less.    Catalogue free.
3010 Westmiuster Road,  Vancouver.
One of which Is the famous "'North
Coa,st Limited," ,
Up-to-date Pullman and . T��urist
sleepers-\ on ail trains. Dining Cat
service  Unsurpassed.
20-21.   ,
Excursion rates now n effect
to Portland Fair. Round trip
rate #9.65. Only direct line
toYellowstohe Park.
Steamship tickets on sale to ' all
European points. Cabin acc6muio'ia-
t.ion reserved by wire.   "
reserved by wire.
For     further    particulars    call or
write the olliee.        Phone Main 45s.
"-A.G.P.A.,   N.P.,   ,    General Ag��ot
Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C
Persons found using our Patent
Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,
will be nrosecutei.
Pioneer Soda Water Worki.
Ladysmith, B.C.
Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes ��r individually.
Ladysmith, B.C.
Are You
Going East
Then be sure, your tickets read
The  only  line now  making    UNION
DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL
and MINNEAPOLIS with the
through trains from the Pacifia
Coast.. . . .     . ._ .'���
For complete information  asl*  your
local agent or write,
���        F. W. PARKER
General   .Agent,
7?0 2nd Ave., Seattle.
:���:���: Best in the City :���:���J
That tlie place to BUY YOUR MEAT  is  where  the  slaughtering
done locally?   We are  not depending   on    what the Wholesalers send ur*
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000	
r     j   roennnnn   "ASTRY OP. ALL KINDS NBATL1'
Reserve Fund, $3,500,000      BAKED AN�� fresh.
IB. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Managat
$5 and under ���     3 cent* ���
Over  $5 and not exceeding $10.-.     6 cents
��<    $1()       " " $30   10 cents U
��    <t30        " �� $50   15 cents
n-.        n  i-~B =^ 1'ivable at Par at any office in C  nada of a Chartered Bai*
T^^:^^^^^l^V^^^V^ nthe.Unitcd Stat.a.
xcellent method of reinittin   small sums of raou.,
with safety and at small   ;ost.
Confectionary ��t all kinds.
Order* taktn for Pastries to be delivered at any time.
Employment Agency
--.o. ���
They form au err-
W, A.. CORNWALL. Maaagw
Manufacturers of the Famois
. ^*
None bu   Uiiion Iyaber   Employed
fl. J. BOOTH, Prop
..Dea ers In
Pianos and
Ladysn.il h, 1J.C
Dr. Dier enn be foUMl n!   any time
at his office on High street.. His dental work is guaranteed lo be first-
cla��s and rates reasonable at.
HILBERT I'O  DAILY LEDGER  f^Ktt^K*yMJiWM������������r  9S  Onion  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  rianuiacturers of the  t  |  /  Lager  Beer ai  - 1 r>.->rf'-'  DiL  In -[British Columbia  ;���������  Guaranteed  Brewed  from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  T  *  T  i  NOVELTIES  WEATHERED OAk  Things that have sprung into popu-  ��������� larity with a bound, beeaiise they  [ are strong, they are artistic and they  \- are not expensive.  1 Hexagon MoorishTabouret.es. 21 ii, iiin. ' $2,75 each  ) ;���������T" ~ -  Jardiniere Stands, a very wide choice of designs in Flemish finish, $1.50 to $3.50 each  -Plate Racks. Twt shelves with  plate groves, brass cup hooks  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. 686, F.  0. E.    :���������:        :���������:        :-:       :���������j  Meets iii the Opera Home 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President.'. B. Forcimrner;     Worthy  Secretary, C H. Rummlngs.  under, 18x36,  Stein Racks, Gate Pattern, with pegs-for stehs,  Baok Shelves. 3 shelves. $2.50 each  four shelves. 24x36, $3.75 each  *i  ; Shelf Brackets. 24x7 in., $4.50 each  .Umbrella Stands. 2 styles,    $3.50 and $5.50  $2.75 each  $3.00 each  VICTORIA,B.C>  liners' Prilling Machines,  ide to order and Repaired at shorti__jiotice.   Drill Sharpened  by  n=  rays gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.  Stiipssrnithing    iti aJ1     its  ^ranh\e������  Horseshoers'and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAW SON  iuller Street   -    -    -    -    Ladysraitli, B C  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.  Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per  ton of 2,000  pounds    shall      be collected  on  the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $T.50> per annum for an individual,  mrd from $50 to, $100 per. annum for  a company, according to capital.  A r free ni-incr,^ having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. Tlie fee for recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the' claim each year or paid to thc  mining recorder in lieu thereof.. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  Tha patent provides for the payment of- a royalty of 2������ per cent on  the sale*.     <>  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry tea $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases  to dredge  for  gold  of  five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date ot the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river teased. Royaity at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of the Id  erior.  AMERICAN  QUOTATIONS  (Continued    from Page Two)  were, buried arul new and larger horvs  wore l-oKii. E\ery furrow turned irr  tlie Dow and Saskatchewan Valleys  will set an other factor*, wheel revolving irr Quelrcc The equation is large  and out of it tlie .union'grows more  leal, nationhood approaches, and Canada  bounds  into  a greater  greatuese.  ORIJORTUMTY  MAKES  FAME  Fame is made by opportunity, and  it  is also   made  by   guts   arul virtue.  How '   much   each   ingredient  counts  win   never   he   slated   by   philosophy.  Mr. Dooicy,  unless our memory is a%  fault,  admits  somewhere  that  opportunity knocks at least once at every  man's door, but adds that if the roan  opens  ibe  door  opportunity frequently swats lr m in the jaw.   Now,    the  President  is not a man of peace,   lie  lias   frequently   celebrated   the  glories  of combat, and of the fibre that      resin Is from  carnage.    When ,he became  the   most      conspicuous    "laborer  for  peace between   Russia  ami  -lapan, his   gas arisen to teach the old ami proud  attitude   was  determined   largely   by    powers  new  things   about   the direful  his opportunity.   The opportunity was < art of war,  and  that (.be world       in  ���������  .1.        . ,        ,        ...  mil  ���������he  declared as her object AVlien she  decided that war had become inevita-  b'a. Her second    .consideration,  was  paoijab'y  the folly   of continued   jjreat  e.\i������*iise,  and tlie, third,  her estimate  of public .opinion, iu-'Great, Britain and  America for as much  as it was worth  but not, an<atoin more.-She   lias   had  the   wisdom  of moderation.  She   lias  realized that magnanimity, like hones  ly,  is sometimes the best pahcy.  Talk  about  either side  being outwitted  by  (he other belongs  in  the region      of  romaace.      Each, from the  beginning  probably     guessed   rather   accurately  'wiiai   was     in the 'other's'hand,  and  the     result     represents  tire relative  strength     of the cards held by each.  Russia Was influenced by money   con-  isiderations   and   the  international situation   fat    more  than  by  public  opinion,   although,  of course,  the views  of tne President, the'Kaiser, and  the  French���������would have weight-   Such surmise must, however,  for along time  be,    geatrai.    We  know only that  a  great war has been fought for an ob-  icct with which .England arrd  Amlrica  are  in   sy'nipathy,   that  anew   power  so great that it was hypn0lic. To  make peace between two strong ria.  tions, after a struggle that was so 1  memorable, would go far to assure  him space ia histary; for in Mire narratives of the past a statesman's place  ii> determined as much by the size of  events in which be was Concerned as  by thc actual personal quality of the  man himself. Mr. Roosevelt has had  the clear vision to sec his-opportunity-and     the strength   to  master  it,  general hu.s sickened of the tight  is extremely gaUl to see hundreds of  MiCMisands of strong- men gobac-lc lo  the Holds to make food n.m\ life, instead  of destroying  them.  It. is estimated that American  seels eat up $70,0,0(10,0(10 worth  property annually.  ln-  or"  WATCH  v  WEINROBES  SPACE  I  There     is  produced  in  the United    -D       - .    Stntes  310,000,000  metr.'p tons       ot  ajtd his triumph has won him the de-[L'oal      a year,    worth  at   the  mines  served plaudits of the world. :$4.33,000,000,   and  costing  consumers  What really caused peace will hard-1 "early  a billion  dollars,  ly be known with any exactness    for  months  and perhaps   yeais,  to  come.  It  is easy  to  put  too.much*, emphasis  on   the more   obvious  and   temporary  inducements  and  on  tlie personalities  involved.       The      president   and   Mr.  Wil re  have   doubtless   counted       ior  much,     but. great, and  hidden  f0rces  ha\e assuredly been at work.   Japan,  we     fancy,  was  moved primarily  by  the knowledge that she had all  that  was necessary to her 'a,nd   more than  Five French submarine boats 'have  recently succeeded in cruising for  several hours' in Toulon harbor without, once being detected by , the torpedo  boats ordered   to watch them.  for   Bargains  A bill das been passed by thc Belgian parliament ordering seats to be  placed at the disposal of shop girls  when they are disengaged during busi  nafl.s hour*.  NOTICE.  From this date the undersigned  will not ba responsible for ������any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  -  x LA CYSMITH TRANSFER CO,   .x\  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOV- ,<  ED PROMPTLY AND  SAFELY.        '   ���������       -  \  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the       "J  Abbots ford. - I *���������  WILLIAMS AND  A/A3\iT j  fc������-#������*.������**������*������*^  ''     LIVERY, BOARDING AND       *  a  **  (.'���������������������������'''     SALES STABLES J  \ EXPRESS  WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  \ PHONE 66  LADYSMITH J  i. .      ��������� . *#  iik*������-*������^*������*������$������*������*������^^  A ���������   . -        ��������� . '"..'" -     ��������� ��������� ~ *���������*-'  Express Work  r LIGHT TEAMING  I Wood and Bark lor Sale  '-UGGIES FOR HIRE ���������:���������:  :���������: See J. KEMP,  or leave orders -with  BLAIR���������&; ADAM  :fIRST AVENUE  'PHONE i-4.  W. SILER.  rENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  weitK.pKGM'PtLY' novx*;.  'Leave orders at tbe Abbetsford.  M. R- SIMPSON  Solicitor, Ete.  to    Loan  st Avenue  ������4DYSM 1  ', "<ana*^  ��������� Vti������  Any  Kind  of  Job  B, S. -Wcinrobe,  HIGH STREET,  LADYSMITH,'B.  C.  No part of British Columbia tod ay offers so many advantages to the  investor as does VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Its. vast and varied natural wealth has never been as yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of the fact that, it has never  beta promiently laid  before the public. , ���������   ' ���������  COAL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISH IRON      .''.-..  GAME . COPPER  A Harvest Festival concert and  social will be held in the Church of  England on Wednesday evening, Oct.  Uth, commencing at "7.30, under tha  auspices'of the Ladies-' Guild. Coffee  and cake will be served. Admission.  '"3  cents,   children,  10  cents.  PATENTS "doI������tp������������is i  DESIGNS       .4  TRAO.EjMARKS   i  f  it  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  Notice iu "Inventive Age '���������  ��������� Book "How to obtain Fatenta"  ' Charge* moderate. No fee till patent U secured. .  Letters strictly confidential.   Addreaa.       J  ' E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Wathlngtoa70. C. 1  FREE]  Done Promptly and  WELL  Af  the  LEDGER  Office  1st   Avenue  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,   'will, grow'almost any product of the  soil  known  to man, ;<  WHEAT        ;   '' VEGETABLES APPLES.  OATS OF ���������      ���������     ". PRUNES  RYE -'��������� ALL  KINDS PEARS  A WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND     BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific. Company will   adopt   a lilneral   land   policy,   and"  this     1,500,000 acres controlled     by   them will be disposed of on reason-  6le terms to actual settlers,.  Government lands can be secured  and     money cam be made by those  who desirs a aew home in a country   possessing tha  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will   supply  any   information   entailable  to  those  who  contemplate   a visit with   a view  of investment if  condition's' are found as advised.  ! Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a beautiful Harbor,  whtre hundreds of great colliers come in   each  y������*r.  LADVSMITH  .IV!  ���������>sabv  /"*';���������  IT IS THE JUNCTION OF THE   "'"LINE     FROM    VICTORIA  TO  VANCOUVER, aad will continue to  grow it -'.importance as  the Island is  .  developed. J  Subscribe for and read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C.  y  Kootenay Steel Range  A GOOD BAKER  The oven in the Kootenay Range is scientifically proportioned to the size of the fire-box, so that no more fuel can be  burned than is absolutely necessary to heat the oven.  The oven is lined with heavy sheet steel, which is a great  radiator of heat and insures  a uniform heat throughout  the oven������������������no danger of a  loaf of bread being half done  on one side and burned on  the other.  The Kootenay Range is  built on scientifiiKprinciples  throughout, and should be  carefully examined before  buying any other.  Sold by all enterprising  dealers.  Booklet free.  WOsay's  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver,  St. John, N.B.  ardware Co  Public Notice  Attention is c&lled to the    fact that tke  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR, ^hava for soma time  past been producing flonr in a  vastly  improved aad Buriflaa form  by the aid ot ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all tea b*������ie patents relating ikere-  ��������� to, take this opportuaity of a dvising  tke puklic  that aay un-mtu-  orized users of the electrioal   flour purifying nreaerssea -will as prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  are ths    oaly    uvUiarsia Can%Ia "w^sa     Flour  s purified by the    electric process THE   DAILY   LEDGKR  "Tf-ii"**-:,-,  ^ajay^-j^^  ggg;  .-JL.mi������riiBUi.-.-.-j '-���������-������.-  LSCALIIEHS  MAID MARGARET���������S.   R.   Crockett's latest book,  at  Knight's Hook-  Store.  FOR SALE  Fifty acres, eight fenced, improved,  .���������'fifteen'slashed, small house and barn,  cow, chickens, two tons kay. Tkree  miles from Duncans. $000' cash, apply M. P. BOUGAN, Cobble lb".  J.  Goodfellow passed  through  "Vanairiro at  noon   tfilay.  1o  Weinroljc, sells children's coals very  reasonable.. , , I  THE CiTY BAKERY  THE BEST, AND NOTHING BUT  THE BEST  X BREAD ��������� CAKES[��������� COOKIES ���������and ��������� iPIES X  A GOOD assortment af FRESH CONFECTIONERY  1ST AVE.  A. LUCAS  PAINTING  AND  PAPERHANGING  ^^^t^s^^^^^^ir^  ��������� ^������������������^������r-*������.  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDING   -  Orders Promptly   Executed  ^~-   LADYSMITH  "Mr. .lames     Warnock is spending a  few days in llic City..  Clermont,Livingstone rami* up from  Duncans on   Ihe  twelve  o'cloc    train  Magistrate Yarwo'od  on .the iinorniiig .train.  passed through  Mrs. Mt-Kinnely went down to Victoria tlris'nioi'iiing.  Miss If. -Boyle went down toDun-  (���������aiis on the nine o'clock train (his  morn ing. Miss Boyle will spend a  holiday ,il ihe little fanning centre."  Besttaba.aeo, fruit *������������������ eandies at  Barter's,  First Avfcjue.  Mr-,     and .Mrs.     13.  Forcimmcr returned  this  inoinine;  from   Harrison  Hot Spiings, where they  report hav-<  ing spent amost enjoyable holiday.  Mr. Fred Bland, engineer on the  local triiin, who was; in;'urcd recently,  while orr duty, ,is ' now recovered, and  wilh Mr������. Bland and cheis san i������  spending a few days in Vancouver.  On their return "Mr. Bland will resume his duties.  The pound-keeper has laid information against A. L. llaslcins foi" allowing liis cows r.3 run loos.* in the  City, and,for releasing imc animal after it had been taken by the city office*. The case will come up on Friday.  The Church of England will probably he crowded this evening-whetn the  first social of thc seasorr will be held  by the ladies' ouild. A program  of iniis c will be rendered and during  the evening which promises to be a  most, pleasant one, the ladies will  serve coffee and cake. As before  staled lho admission fee will be 2.">c.  only and the proceeds will go to replenish the ti'Ctisurary of the'Guild.  CANS  TOWN SITE EXTENSION  Adjoinino the old lownsite of  ��������� ' ' DUNCANS, V. I. ���������  A small area has been laid off   in town lots which are r..   w offered  at  LOW   PRICES   AN 1) ON  EASY TERMS.  The  fi.ture  of   the Cowichan      District   and   Vancouver   Islaaa  will ' exceed ��������� expectation's  and  profitable  investment.  this  is a good chance for a safe ana  SEE PLANS AND PRICES  a  Agents, J. STEWART  .Ltfiysanith,  V.  I.  J.H  WH1TTOME  Duncans,     V. I.  JUST ARRIVED  A large assortment of French  Flannels and  Fancy lustres in  patterns that  would do your  heart good to  look at. Come  early and get  first choice     as  i  there are no two  alike and all in  blouse length.  Walters &  ������     . ������������������  Akenhead  Now the long evenings have come,,  ���������*et your reading matter at Knight's  Book  Store.  Wat eh  gains.  We'miobe's  space   for      bar-  ���������Apptoinbmenl'S may he made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  ou High street st  AT   THE   ABHOTSFORD.  Geo.  If.  Ramsay. .Vancouver.  .J.   E? Johnson,   Brant ford.  Ci.   W.   Howe,   Victtria..  Fraser,   Victor a.  Rice,  Vancouver.  P-ills,  Victoria,  l.riscoinbc,   Victoria.  I).  s:  F.  L.  XV.  II.  II.  .).  a.  Luscoinbe, Victoria.  They  said������that   they  might  doubt  ibis sensational  story  if  it wore not  for the fact that thc writers of these  letters   were  known   by   thc-in   to *hc  responsible-'men',  who  were not      in  the habit  oT romancing.  The   fact   lhat   gra*. el' running   .fid  lo   the  pan   lias   happened   belore    occasionally  in   the  world's history, but  seldom  if over have  the fortunate*..locators  managed  to  manipulate  mat-  teis  so  that  they  would  get half  of  all  the gold disco\crcd on  the creek,  hut- this   was   what  was  done in this  case.      The   three  men  arrived       in  Tanana and  acted -as if ittHhing had  'happened.    Their   friends   were   taken  aside     one at   a time and  informed  lhat he  would  be led straight to     a  claim   on   the  new   creek,   which was  2;"> miles long,   but he must lirst sign  a paper   that   he   would   not   directly  or     indirectly     try-to secure other  claims,   and   furthermore, that half of  the: net ..profits of his claim must   be  handed   over   to   the  trio  of origin, r.1  locators.    In   this  way  they secured  Irom   twenty   friends  legal   undertakings  to  divide up  with  them,  and as  there     were enough   to cover       the  creek,   the party  had  been  organized.  At the  time  the letter was written,  they  were  waiting for air bpportuni-  to dodge hangers-on and thus prevent any  one following them to  the.  new  creek.  SPORTS  il-v  Use Porter's Antiseptic Healing  Oil. freely guaranteed, for sale only  at the Drug Store  TEN7  DOLLARS TO PAN  FROM A   'NEW   CREEK.  Three passengers   who   arrived    on  the steamer Princess May bring down  a sensational story oi a rich.gold discovery iii the far North.  They state they received letters  just before leaving . Dawson from tho  three discoverers of a new gold-bearing creek two hundred miles northeast of Taniuva,. in American territory, slating 'that, they had discovered claims there whicii ran $10  to   $12   to   the pan.-  GOOd Cook Stove  FOOTBALL���������  Cireat inicrest is deing evinced irr  Rugby circles m the tour of tho New  Xeaianders in Cireat Britain, and tlie  icsuils of Lbeir first four matches  have ciealcd almost ns much surprise  irr British Columbia as they must  have done in  I he Old  Country.  Alter making due allowance for the  lack of condition that, is always noti-  iceabicin Old Country teams at the  beginning of every season, and thc per  reel condition of the. Colonials, the  following mammoth scores mn up by  them in then first four ongagemeints  are S'lirpiy  astounding:  New   Zealand   vs.   Devonshire,      51  points   to  'I-  New  Zealand     vs.   Cornwall,       41  points     to fi.  New   Zealand   vs.  Tiristoi,   41  to  3.  New Zealand  vs   Leicester,  29-toO.  On this, showing it seems very cvi-  deutthal   thc best  international   side  will  have a rare handful  in ��������� tha powerful  Colonials,  who  may be trusted  to let no pomt slip by in their endeavor,  to   lake back the ,laurels     that  their  cricket ��������� brethren   have   For   the'  phenomenal    success     is due to the  tune being forfeited :  Probably, the chief factor in their  placing of their men, as they only  play seven  men  in   the pack,       who  seem well able to beat most opposing  eights, and ihe extra man behind the  scrum appears to entirely demoralise  their adversaries.   '  You  can      get  a nice,  luiid-knitcd  opera shawl at Weinrobc's  WHISKEY   DRINK I Nt}   OUT  ���������     OF   FASHION.  Ottawa,   Oct. _\ 1.���������Thc   department,  of   Inland   Revenue has  compiled   tables .sMOwiiij,  Mini the per ca'pi.ta consumption   of spiiids   in   Canada  last  fiscal      year  per  head   of population  was   -1,072  gallons -of  beer and   .000  gallon  of wine,   and  besides  this,  2.-  (JSC   poiMiils of,.tobacco  were consumed  per head. ���������  Drinkers and smokers together con-  tribubetl to thc national revenue what  rep rose iits a little more than $*' for  every head'of, population. This is  made up as follows: , $1.8-1(1 per head  on spirits, %.'M\1 on berr, ^.'ll orr  wine and '$1.00n  on. tobacco.  Tire comparative figures on the con  sumption  of spirits show  for       the  year  a marked  decrease  as compared  with the years in the  period /between  1S(;0   airlrt   187li.   The consumption  of  wine  is   almost, stationary.   The consumption   of  Leer   and   tobacco   both  show an  increase.  Thc first glass tumbler used in  England was made for Abbott Benedict  irr  A.D.  C00.  Rallies'   hand-knitlcd   Bootees,  jackets  arrd  Bonnets at Weinrobc's.  One No. 8 Cook Stove with  Reservoir $6 50  Heat ing Stoves for  wood and ccal both.  Also the Ladysmith make  in slock  C PETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  Store Lately Occupied by John  Thompson, complete with counter  and fixtures.  Rent $15 per month, App'y to  sivi >s:> N  ���������ypT*^*5**  tried  ave you  NABOB TEA?  Best 50c. Ceylon Tea in the  ornson's, La  WJLLIAMS   BLOCK.      ���������   -    -   -  J? ������ JWfB. A %��������� an y  ��������� TELEPHONE  6-7  PURtf RANCH  CASTILFSOAP  6 TAPLtTS 25c  ALSO IN MB. BARS  He  A prominent oculist 'recommends,  in all cases whore dirt, lime or  spar! s get into the eyes, that the  .sufferer have pure olive oil poured in  until everything of a hurtful nature  is removed. .The remedy, is (jjnite pain  less and never fails to remove all  foreign  substances.  A church in  Cripple Creek, Colorado,  has adopted  the free lunch   sys- ;  tern   so   long -monopolized  by- places  where  hard   drinks  are' served.   The  .pastor of the First Christian  church  of that place 4111 Is among his Sunday  notices the following: "Lunch  will be  served   immediately   after  church    in  the   Endeavor  rooms.    Free   to     all  who  attend  services."  Weinrobc's is the place to buy  hies' ready-made .Skirts..  La-  P RESIDE NT -ROOSEVELT  ON ATHLETICS  Roosevelt, entertained at luncheon today Dr. 1). 11. Ncbols anil W. T.  Rc'id, of Harvard, Arthur T. IliUe-  liiand and John B. Fine of Princeton  and Walter ,   Camp and Mr- Ows-  of  You can get the latest styles of-  Ladies' Jackets and Coats at Weinrobc's.  TH1-:  LATEST   STORIES  OF THE  SUBMARINE  ���������0���������  That the submarine war vessels are  slowly,  but surely,  undermining   the  fancied .security of the huge warships  that float on  tho surface of the soa  i������ determinedly contended by gc������.vern-  hrent experts  who have made,a specialized  strrdy of  the subject-.       The  French submarines are supposed     to  he   the      most   marvelous,   although  those of the United States have so  far     done  the  most  advanced  work  which  can   be  considered  as  beyond  doubt.   The French crafts for killing  men  under  water  arc 'shrouded     in  mystery,   and      most  of the stories  about  them  must-be deemed doubtful.    If any but French naval     men  have any accurate knowledge  oi   the  French submarines it can  only     be  spies of other  governments   -   whose  knowledge would certainly nsver be  published.  The American vessels for underwater fighting have, however, proved remarkable. ' Even President  Roosevelt has sunk to the bottom of  Oyster Bay in one and maneouvred  the little ship with his own hands.  Certainly the safety of this boat  must Ire thought past aIi argument  when the first' citizen of'tho republic  g-pes under water in it. for .several  hours. But the French have now,  so-the Berlin papers announce, a submarine - for shallow harbors that runs  along thc bottom on wheels and this  "would- certainly sink any foreign  craft that ventured in Brest or Calais during war times. Just-what  ���������he di'Tcrent secret preparations of  thc big .powers mean in the way of  underwater fighting cannot be determined until a great conflict cn-sue-s.  fresh  Groceries  ia  WE  ARE  RECEIVING FREVSII GROCERIES EVERY DAY.  ITE  AIM  TO PLEASE  OUR   CUSTOMERS   AND  WE  GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OF  OUR  GOODS,   OTHERWISE       WE  CHEERFULLY"   EXCHANGE- THE   ARTICLE.  SPECIALS FOR TODAY  MILCHNER HERRING in Kegs  Good Island POTATOES .1 .....       #1.00 per sack  FRUIT of   all   kinds: FRESH EGGS and  COWICHAN   BUTTER  Always on hand.  LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATAORE ST  X A BY SMITH  W. G. Fraser  ' NOTICE.  ���������o���������  . Notice is hereby given  that  I will  not he responsible for any, debts contracted .,by  my   wife,  IxMiti  Casorzo,  fr.iin or after this date.  C.  CASORZO.,  Ladysmith,  B.C.,  Oct.  JO,   1905.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the un-  der.siuned wifl apply at the next regular sitting of the Licensing B'lnrd  for the transfer of the retail liquor  license held hy him for the Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, block 2, 1st  Avenue, City of Ladysmith, to John  Cogo. ANGELO   TATE.  Russell  Simpson,   Solicitor for  applicant.' :  Ladysmith,  B.   C,  October 4,   1905.  Merchant Tailor/  Q.  .,   .      (.-..-      ,(ist| Avenue)  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  a������?Bs:������!S������^=SE3ya  J.375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part of the city. Only  $2rld more to pay at the rate of  $.12 per month. Owner has invested over $fii 0 in improvumanis.  Water laid   on.   Fine garden.   ���������  '  $1,500���������Cash   and   $1,500   in ,5.-' years  at  0  per  cent., buys   20-acre   farm  one   mile  from iDuncan.   12  acres  uiuieil   v cuUlvatiijoi'i.   EigJ-iUroomwI  house and  large  frame ..barn.  $280���������Cash    and    $100  on  mortgage  buys  two  lots  each. 61):*:.120 ouly  a  few  yards   from   post-office.     Fine  investment.  Hammer  Guns at  20 RR CENT  Discount for  CASH  Saturday Bargains  We have decided to, reduce  our stook of -���������  HAMMER GUNS  So  offer  these  snaps   for  Saturday.  I  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  $100���������Cash' and balance of $210 o"  time buys a-fine corner lot in good  locality.  A'LKIiDS OF  u;  8  in,  TQHE^ CLOCKS & J  FOR      RENT���������A  house;  all neatly  ted. .       *���������   '.''.  nice    fiye-roonied  papered and pain-  FOR  RENT���������Nice   four-roomed house  Water' laid on-  $7 per month.        ;���������  Fire,   Life   and   Accident  Insurance.  D������eds,   Wills,     Mortgages,   Contracts  and   Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyr.ncirsg      ���������       Notary Public  Phone,  S.  P.  O. BOX a68  Repaired on the premises,   charges  moderate  B.FORCIMHER  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X ~ X      Ladysmith,   B. C  ^mammmmmL^mmmmmMmJifi* ' > t ii"u' 'I'^ii '   ��������� r i'ir'^rrr~iaa  r  Unsurpassed for  ToiJet Soap and guar-  anteed to be the purest.  'PHONE   2-4  PHONE  24.  #  ley,  of Yale, the athletic advisors  the  respective colleges named.  The President wished to consider I  with them particularly the morale of  the game of football, with a view 'of  eliminating ns much as possible the  brutality of il. A general discussion ,of college athletics was held, but  the talk .centered around tlie gai)ie_xu.  football.  It is hoped.by the President that  with, tlie , co-operation'iof the college  adviisors thc rules.of the game may  be revised so as practically to do  away with manyhrntaiities which  make the game objectionable to many people. It is understood that .no  definite conclusions were reached, indeed, none were expected, tbe 'idea  of the President, being to-start, the  ball rolling in the direction-oL modification of the rules of the game.  Colds  It AaoH to Wm ix wUd that  mtrj gold weakens th* hugs, low-  ������ro tto vitality *n4 prepare* the  ryitim for fii mwi aarieus drv  mac������, ���������nng inUck ������e������ t*-- two  fci���������taut iaatJ������y������r������ at ktuajut life,  yawintaria aad r-wa*���������fifioa  Chamberlain's  Ct������|h Remedy  We are making thsm pi the Nsvvast    Pattern and .Latest-  '.'.'��������� Styles.!'-'. '  WE DO ALL KINDS OF irdUNDRY WORK  Our Priciw are Reaaona   ble i     ,  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  | and at'LsdyEmilh Hardware Ccmpany - .  LAD YSHITH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  Dr.. Dier's office is open evenings  and appointments can be made for  work at any time through the week.  Only first-class dental work is turned out and it is done at reasonable  prices st  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   a  speciality. '  THOflAS   MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Dr. K. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reason-  ���������   . ablo rates.  Hi^hSt. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  PAINTING,  ai.  Utrm  carta W  SiWi  latecity *���������/ its  C0S1&1OC  tion, rc-  AfMoa  tbe  a ayaadjr a������d  ft  aaasatmracta  fanaatasiia.  PAPEKMANGINO  ETC.  . %������tka 23c, Large Six* 50c.    ���������  %mm44m&mmBmmmwmmmmmmtrZ  Work done properly and at     rljvhi  prites.     &x$f- and residcace In  rear  '���������VU   ysmith  Hotel.  J.  E. SMITH, Prop  *3 S*  "hi  H El  Merchant  a*-  Ti'iilors  La dit s' fid dents' Cfoibi's iVade  '   " -   - Order.  PERFECT  FIT  QUARANT'." ���������'.  LADYSMITH,   B.  C.  ���������<"v,...


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