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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger 1905-11-29

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 The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  W* I'M. '������������������ zl. .-MrMito+'Znr  (.' ������-./}/,.  /Vf"l/ i>/-  x������  / r->> c-  ���������%  V   /  *n"  ���������a: cX>  ^/a, e- 9$  VOL.2,  WEDNESDAY,     NOV   29, 1903  PRICE .FIVE, V^NTS  4 NEW 0R[ HS1G  PLANT  |ls Being [Instated at Hall  Mine Sm Iter at  Nelson  [Will   Mean a Saving  About Two Dollars  Per Ton  of  PFiOSPECTING FOB PETRO-fEXPEBTS REPORT 61II-  ItlJM ON G. I.  i  Company Being Formed in  San  Francisco to Drill  Weils  Nelson, Nov. 29.���������The aimounccmcu  |was made today that tire Hall Klines  sineKer- had succer-sfuily tided over  Ithe period dining which the St. Eu-  Fgene nuie, easily the largest pio-  fducei   ol   iVad  in the Koolc-nay,    had  Near Virago Soimd-Island  Was Investigated Duo  ing Summer  Trospcctiiig for petio,ieum by means  EE MINE  Fred   Harvey,  of  Seattle,]  Commissioned to Inspect  the Mines  Preliminary    Report   Received���������Results of Inspection Not Satisfactory  Trie     directors of the Tycc Copper  ��������� ("' TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES  I-tR I AlN  Judge    Lapman  to  Investigate   Cameron Case  Twenty-two Russian Poles Forbidden to  Return to [Russia in   Victoria  ft he trustees.  Most Enjoyable Time Spent  by 10O People Last  Evening  f  A Splendid Program of Music Followed by  Banquet  '    The  Knights  of  Pythias  were  glad  , they belonged  to that noted       order  Ust evening,  and  indeed,  they     had  of derricks and drilling Vppaiafus.-wiU  C'������ ".'Lld*'   ,lavinS  commissioned  Mi  shortly he commenced on Graham iV;^;?- 1Iaive>'. M.1.SOI , 10 iHspcclTeicry reason to be so for  they  were  land, the most MUwrly of thajjue^ ,thc' 'Ky��������� .minc'   hskV������     ,������W, ' C*-������'VC(1' 2 Z '^Tu i'"  d ^ ^  IaShl0tt  T ^ ,'ii.s ijreiiminilry repoit, dated Seattle, bi   the Rath bone Sisteis.    About 100  (.h.ark)ttc    gioup. At  the l resent October 17th,  and reading as follows.  ,'uli(->s and gentlemen  were present at  j Iime parties who have made appiica-1    "On     the 3id      October   I lceened  "���������ceased  it1; sliniuents,  and would not jpion to piospcct are in San Francis- your instructions  to  proceed to  the  I left  at once   for   Vancouver  have   to close down even  for  a single   co arranging to float a company "with Imjic  day.   This outcome has   been due    to ' sufficient capital to     push thc entei-  Island,   and on getting ( to  Duncans  I  'the larger amounts  of lead ore ship- J prise  to  a finish.    News  to  this  ef- . mci    Mv-   Lmn&bloiic,   who  handed  Pptd     from   other   mines   to   the   dis  |tricl than has heretofore been the  sase. In the meantime the smelter  aas been installing, "Tiie founJatious  [of buildings necessary for the uiclii-  pion of a now process of lime roasl-  j'lng v/incli will greatly cheapen Vo-  Idiiclion. Work at this is now actively  in    progress.    The exact  process  met     Mr  reel    was    brought      down  from  the mc your letter dated  the 20th nlto.,  North  l)y������pxsseng.'is arriving yester- 'Uld toW ,ne nc  would advise  you  ol  day on the steamer, Tees, suvs'a Vain, my ��������� am val.    On   the completion    ^ol  cou\et despatch.'       ' ��������� U1>'     inspection I cabled  you  as fol-  Durmg     the   past   summer  several'  lows-   Y������ur inslruclroiis  earned .out.  Amcncari capitalists  had  prospectors-Kcs,ulls   not  satisfactory.   Reporting  en    Graham     Island looking into* its s������ort'y.       1 hope    to  be in England  'icssiijiiilics as an on producer.     F0r portly to personally hand  you   my  several     months      a    number of .men report, but as y0u are no doubt anx-  Iwluch will be adopted depends largely  worked the,island over     thoroughly,  fupon  thc result  of  lcg-al   proceedings   From the fact that  it is now no   se-,  [Which   are  now in   piogress'  between    ciet that at least one company is'0e- ���������s0"f ior w^rill'i *s l <lul:       v.  (/the three piocesses  which ha\e      as  ing formed  to dr.li for oii,   the world   firstly���������The ore lesencs en  Itiieir   basic  pimciple  the  feature     of   of the piospcct, rs      must have  been ���������s<lfe,y estimated in more than 10,000  [lime  roasting-.   These aie  the Hunt-  satisfactory. ��������������� " - i������r 13'(l00 tons-  ryin^tori-lferberlein,  such as  in  use in I   For 1h*rty  or  forty years  Graham !    Seeondly-1 see nothing to  substan-  :arrrrot be  lMarysulie, Uic Carmichacl-l'iadfoTd,  las rn use in Australia, arid the Sav  fillcsjnirg,  as     in  use    in  Germany.  Island has been known lo cany very  promising  tiatc tli2  assertion   that  coal dcpreiU and off and be found ,n  the   depth  on  there have been rumors that there .oourse, a possibility that such   'may  '.Each  claims nil.ingement. of its sev-'were indications at vanoi's points  on,''e the case   though thc conditions are  leral patents by the owners of     the   the lSia-nd that oil-beaung strata are in0<; fa* orahlc.  fothcr   processes.    Whichever proceeds  encountered at no very great depth ������|   J^Ploraiions  ought to be continued  of the  three is used,  however, a sav-     in  the event of oil being discovered [iXmi  we shall recommend  it, but with  J ing of some $2 per ton will be effect'  ed over the whole work of the smellier. Under pYesont conditions the  [lead   matte  hns  again   to   be passed  thiough the furnace at     a cost     ap-  proai-h'ng ?S, per "ton.    By l the use of  en Graham, Island    in  the viciroty  of  Virago Sound    where thc best pi os-  pects  are said to  lie it would nobbc  long  ber" lie  a healthy   town would   be  established at that point  the social held m l,Jlc lodge  room  in  the Oddfellows'   block,  the following  most enjoyable programme being ien-  dered  Dialogue,   "Tattlewood   Gossip," by  ihirteen    Sisters  and  four  Knights,  song,- T.  Lewis;  Recitation, Miss M.  Christie;  song,  J.  Evans?,  Song, Mr  Trehonine; recitation, Miss T. Noyle,  song,    Mr.  Cartwright;  instrumental  solo,      Mr.     Tliftk;   recitation,   Miss  Steele; song, Mrs. C. iThompson, ieci-  tation,  Mrs.   Vere,   Song,  Mrs.      D.  Jones, recitation, Miss C   McKemncl-  my \ lew's  on  the situa- ,cy,   song,  Mis.  J. .Tate;   instrumental solo, Mr. J. II.rTate.     Miss F.  Morrison  played  the  accompaniments  dii the organ in a most capable manner,   and   Mr. J.   Evans  made a- capital  chairman.  At   the  conclusion of the  programme all  present went down  to       the  ban-j net,  wher.e   the energetic   Sisters  had prepared a      sumptuous repast.  The   tables   were   beautifully  dccoiat-  ed and the supper .was thoroughly enjoyed by all wiio partook ol it.   The  lepast over,  the company relumed to  the J0dge   room and     until midnight  was  long past made merry,  all Kinds  or games      being played  and  music  rendered.    Altogether,  the affair was  as jrleasant as can  well  be imagined   ,���������w   oie  has to  There is,  of  tire mostr fa\ orable results "* which  may accrue from any work in tins  direction many months would elapse  bctore now oie co'uld be sufficiently  developed to justify output on a proper basis, and il is, therefore, evident that "unless the picsent ore Ijudy  Victoria,  B.   C, Nov   20 ���������Twc-nly-  two  Russian  Poles  who armed from  the  Orient yesterday arc now friendless  in .Victoria.     Like hundreds    of  other    prisoners of war in     Japan,  they  have  been  noM/ied  that      their  return  to Russia is prohibited  as the  authoiilies   at   St.   I*e(eisbrrrg    fear  that they, might join the mi-.iK.oii1 cuts  EAGLES VS.  ALLCOMERS  The  basket-ball  mauh.   Allcomers \s  logics in the Opei a House ii���������s e\e-  ������"������5.   wm    nkely   be a warm   contest  The teams arc published  below  and  both  foi   the  feathere-i  lube arrd  the  Allcomers are hi.sky  bovi.  .wd  nvai-  iy    lskeen.    Mr.     Wilfied   Al.enhcad  wm reicree thc game, winch will commence at 7 15 sharp  TEAMS  Eagles���������Eno, Alomson, Ad.iar,  (cen-  lor). Hewlett anW E   Lcahev.  now disturbing  the Czar.  WILL INVESTIGATE SCHOOL  TROUBLES  Judge Lampman has liern appointed by the government to investigate  th,; charges against the teachers and  pupils   of    the    South   Park   School,  MAXY SHIPS LOST IN STORMS  Clwcago,    Ills.,    Nov.  20.���������Nrrrteerr  vessel's are lepoilcd lost in the  sliom-Mvepl (Ileal Lakes on ���������on-  day ami yesleiday Only one life is  Known  lo  lia-ic  been   lost,   but it   is  cin.l Priiiripal Cameron's d smissal by  believed thai eight olheis perislwd.  EARLY TRIBES  OF   INDIANS  Airacortes,   Nov.   20.���������Charles       W,  iirtenis  and  purposes 'friendly,      1hey  Bcalc, si.,  thc oldest settler in Ana- , watched     each      other closely after  cortes,  and  who beliefs that liewas,1"^1^11  the first white person lo  lake  up  ,,, ��������� , al townsile of     Anacoites  Ai corners-Dunbar.   Hailstones.   J."fs|ailcd  to  .row in  Sanderson, (centre*   -----  when camiped on common  oround.  The younger generation have      re-  land  in Skagit     county, is  7l years  'coivcd 'faiilv good  educations- al '     ���������  old     He sin]  ines  0n apart of his  ,]es"er\atioii'schools, and qu.ie anum-  onoinal IGO-acie homestead,  the    ic-'bcr of them are well-to-d0  farmeis.  mainder of  the tiact now being. co\-     The Lumrni Indians are thc   nnst  eied with residences, saw and,shingle prosperous of airy of the three tribes  mills and box factories.    The origin-1^  are the indnidual  owners        cr  which   some fine fruit and dairy   ar .is     on  the lime  roasting  process   the neces-  this' citv, announces that the rumor- (  laity of tins second  treatment will bet ed      deal   with  regard  to  the  fruit:,?asb' opens out ���������i((, son.etl.ing more  jobviated  in   thc case   of  25   per.cent.  lands in East Kootenay has   been ^,;,.a"4    e/1posllio'1  wan ants  us  to es-  of the ore treated by the Ilall Mines finitely closed.   .This laud comprises  smelter.   It is calculated tiiaC    this   some thirty square miles,  and ���������   is  scattered north fiom Fort- Steele 10  mil Is' along lhe valley of the Kootenay River to Lake Windermere. Along  il will run the Kootenay Con trail  Railway, which is to be built riflhc  coming summer from Fort Steele, on  the Ciow's Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific, to Golden on the main  line.    Fifty  thousand  dollais  is to be  cut      will   bar  out   any   competition  'from the     American Smelter Trust,  which  is declared to  be ready to enter the field  foi   Kootenay   ore. once  '���������again,  just as soon as  lead  rises  to  '?80 per ton.  London price,   at  which  'figure  the Dominion  bounty entirely  I 'ceases.  jj   Dave  Moore,  the  well  known   ore  fbuyer  in connection  with  the    Trail ' spent in  an irngation  scheriie  to  rn-  smelter.  is on his way to China. IIis   sure a plentiful supply   of water -   at  j. voyage,  it is understood, is taken in   all seasons of the year  to those parts  .'connection  with, the  shipments       of 'of the land rn  which it is necessary, "  f lead and  silver  by   thc C P R.  smel- ' and  the land will then   be placed   on  tei to  the fm  East,  and  tehoped   to   the mailet ^n small lots for sellleis.  result in, an incieased  niaiket f0r the ��������� 1''ie puicliusns     aie Paul   'O. Stcns-  <Kootenay  product. | land  of  Chicago and  a syndicate   of  T. Cf: Proctor, real estate agent of    Chicago  men.  (RESIDENTS GENERALLY  WILL ASSIST A COMPANY  jFor 1 he  Imperative Need of an  | Electric Light System is Agreed  on By All  tnnate, the time must soon come  when, for. a period al least, the Tyee output will be entiLcly suspended.  Under the ciicuinstances I tell justified j in piolonging my visit a few  days In en,|iiiie into the situation  generally.,ot. lhe tamps jn tiie surrounding  districts."   i���������O-  I  The plan as outlined by a rcpiesen-  tativc  of   the  business  men  to. the  [council   on Monday night apparently  .'.met    with entire approval  by      all.  'members of the council,  with the.ex-  .ceptj'on,   possibly,  o.f  one���������Alderman-  Blair, and in the latter case we think-  *Aid-    13iair  is     fair  e-novigh to agree  that if it caiinot i������e so arranged (and  apparently it cannot)  for the city to  own jits, electric light plant,  the next  best thing, for  the city  would be for  thc plant to be  installed  and owned  by its own residents.  Should  the plans at present   under  consideration by the men who intend  making   application   for   a charttr    be  carried  out, it is very  likely that a  company      with a capital of  $25,000  will    be organized.    It      is  expected  that from $5,000  to  $10,00.0  of th-s  amount  can  lie  in  the  treasury for  any emergency use,  as  the  plant  itself to  buy and install  will   cost between $15,000,  and $20,000.  If,      as  proposed,   the stock is  issued  iii  $10  shares and the payments for  a1 block  Df stock extended over a six months'  term,   " and   if  further,   a canvass  is  made of the town and  signed       contracts  or      agreements   for  installation of lights tire in possession of the  rompany,   there  will  be no  risk    in  subscribing for stock, for the amount  if business that will  be guaranteed a  Jom.pariy will make it a dividend-pay-  ng and  a commercial proposition.  GAVE MONKEYS  CIGARETTES  ���������o���������  Vancomer, Nov 2') ���������Ii Siipcnn-  tciu'ei.t Mdoii. oi .Stanioy I'arlc. with  Hie kind assistance oi Mr C J  South, can pick out any sectron of  the Cum.rial C'odj or any pio\n.aai  statute that wij! fit the case, a  charge will be laid against A Tooms,  a waiter of this citv, Mr Eidon is  also looi.Mig tor a, Japanese, but it is  h.iidlv iikclv that the right man will  l.crcund The tioublc a.ose yesterday, when Toon.s is .illegal to have  led lighted cigaiellcs to the monkeys  ur line /f)() r\ ile, ijus-ness end vf a.  cicarctfe is a ical hot propos tion,  and eo'me of the pels at the zoo today were unable to cat, at all, so  badij  were theu mouths burned.  Then a Japanese is alleged to liavo  handed one of the monkeys an open  pcnkir-re.      '1 Ins  was  the  finest  thmg  SILVER   VOli   APPENDICITIS  C ������i,m (ieneiai Cu-nlhei, jo,i Frank-  lon, Gcimany, repoi Is the successful  Ucitmoirl or _ appendicitis by rr earrs  en ' coiiangoi,' asiKoi .solution'- lie  writes-'  Much hns bem whIUmi on lhc tieat-  ���������I'eni   oi  appendicitis,   pnncipaiiv  with  icreicncc to  ,i i'i\c;ii case,  he  'luestuon  whcthei,  men of ,well known ability and integrity are placed in control  as directors, as will   be     the case  with^ the  proposed company, to secure subscrip  tions  to  lire stock,  for  if, it carr ���������  be  shown   lo  be a'dividend-payer,     why  S'liould  not men  wrho arc saving      a  few  dollars every month invest in a  horrre      company?      Among   business,  men generally we do not think -there  Is one firm but  that will very gladly  sign an order for the installation of  lights   at  a price not  greater  than is  paid  in  other   towns  of 5,000   people  or less operating a plant under similar- conditions.   1'usincss  men will also,  so far as they can, subscribe   for-  stock; in the company.'Quite a number  have already so agreed, and  we   believe all  who  can will readily  close   .���������>���������o ��������� ���������  the little     annual had e\ei  seen, and  It should  be easy in  Ladysmith, if -Ji0 had   lascc.ated   Iris   mouth       and  Iciigu'e and paws in a frightful manner before J t could be taken away I decided "inprovemciil  from hiirr. The .-.(iuraticm of removing the kiiife W.is not easy. Mr. Kl-  (lon si cut a a-oud part of the morningi  in cornering the monkey and getting  ihe knifo a way from h-'ni-  He  in  m oj eiation nnisl "e  l.eiionricd to save the tile cm the pa-  t.cnt It would (iLiibticvss be n sreat  boon if a icmcdy could be found to  make such an operation urrneccbsar y  Such arcincdy, it is alleged, has been  'oinrd under the name oi ' coiianeoii'  Coiiangoi is a foi in ot ]irue sil\er  'iiiubie ui watei Chemical lriarnpu-  i.iluons roi lenileniig siKei %jicUsii\cr  and some cither iru'LiLs soluble in kvab  ei wcie discoiciod withm lhc last  ilu years 'Ihe antiseptic pio]>eity  of silvci has long been known, as. for  in.staiKc m . the form oijiunar caustic  which has also b^en administered internally Its use, ,howc\ei, has been  uMy iiiirited lia3ml upon tins knowledge successful expei l men Is ha\c  been made by some noted physicuus  tluouph tho use oi the soluble nouns: tailing and norr po't.( nous sii\ci m  . nppui<it-\e diseases, .is lor instance  ui thc dreaded puerperal fc\cr and  cllrei  suppur.itnc fever's.  Dr "\Ioosbrugger, of I eirtlmch. has  now used cciici.goi m appendicitis, as  ������veil intcinaiiy as (\tcir:aiiy 'I h.s  Uealmcnl accoiding to lus statement nr the last mur.b.T of the Munich McdifMi Maba/.me '.ia'j vieidcd ex-  liaoidinaiil\ good -csuits Withm  tvvr. or three days after treatment a  was noticeable  in incipient c-iis:'s. In cases where  an infiaination br the peritoneum had  already taken place a cure war. however, very slow, oiten only a'lct  weeks of treatment both intcinaiiy  and externally. Excepting two very  out  cf the seventy-two  CARD  Waicl.  o   OF   TI-IA.VKS  Lumnii  island.    The greatest" i' mber  of the Samish Indians have died,/.it!  .__  1889,      was not  i i:   McMillan, and ,bmU on  Mr.  Bcale's claim,  but     as  onnell,  H.  Waicl. Itlie  jown  piogressed  the  oulreaching'not m01^ than  a ti07en  or' two     are  Mi.  Bcale  had abundant  opportimi-'Jcf(,.   The remnants of  the tribe live  Vn ,.    T.    .,   ., ���������, .ly  l������  become  acquainted  with      the principally on Gucmes island,  across  ,!. ,������������^a11 ,CI!'b ,a,Kl aU frien,ls \*^y tli������>c of Illd^ns on the     upper   thc thannci flom Airacortes,  dissipa-  helpcd  lo make the j Sound,   and      became  familiar   v\ith  '(l0fi havjng thinned their ranks. Both  .���������.,..���������      , .     Saturday e\erring athcrr  peculiarities   and  history.    The *tne Swrnomssh  and Lumrni  islarri In-  noil   r    ,1,.     "/       /''TC aml  suI'-|Sttinomisli,   Samish  and Lumrni tub- dians llavc ���������lCreasrd rn  numbers and-  I ues.re     to extend  mv ^i,,.   2S all spmi  consi(lelabIe timc   luring lare  prospering with advanced n-.  the  summer   season   along  the   l-'rdal-  zaticn.  .   .. - .go  hay and the not lb   part   of  Fidal-1   Some     of the   Swinomish   Indians  leeirng tbat     prompted my old asso-'.^o  rslarul fishrr.o  ami .smo'ung     the   live   u,  a great  age, and Mr  E\cn  in  Hie tellsof    one that  died  a few  who so     kindly  conceit  of last  desire to e\tcnd my grateful thanks. K i.s I10(, alone the  money  lhat   counts,  it, ,s  the  kmdry  that     prompted my old asso-'go  island fishnm  and .smo'.iiis:  ciatcs   to  lemember  me  at   this timc product foi   winter  use  and   in ' '   "  iiK'nnpi  3eilc  years  so kindly     and substantial a'very early days these Indians   were 'ae0'that was reputed to be 120"v., is  wjpriii.1   r>    1'i.idd   i   ,i...        *��������� .. . i  ���������  AKCflllJ  -o���������<-  R.  KERR  V  RLSE  ttOUTHV OF  something   of   agiiculturists  and .ati- '0iti   a^ that  time     The  members  of  rd then own potatoes and other wgu the family all  went away to    soiu *  _, ( .tables,   and   during  the spiing       and  f3Sral gathering one day, and left ���������'. e,  OMl-.RI.OCK   HOLMES sumincr     seasons when engaged     in   '0id man aloncC and when    hey       rc-  ������hal  ���������s regarded     by tbe police as   fishing,   the   Indians   would   have   lit-  turned in the evening he was   dead,  tne iiivsuiy  of   Cleikenweii  has   hiss  tie fields  of  potatoes growing       on  j   Mr.   Beale stales  that   when       lie  taken    place at  the     premises  of the giound   that   was  rrot too  hard       to  fust came to Fidalgo  island the.  ln-  f.rm oi gold, s-iim    and plat-mum k>- dear.   They also used flour to a   on-'dians lned principally in mat houses  finers in     Gosweii load,  Cleikenweii,  si.lcrable  extent,   pin chasing      then  'made from a species of       'lat     tule  I onden. E   C, II men,>bcuig ai rested supply iiom the tiaciing points cornc-  grass, which was sewn together,  ard  ns the outcome, of a ciever detcctne "'crrt to the  upper Sound.   The CaCiv  was  imper\ious  lo  water.  An   op;:i-  inse.       Kaily m     the e\crnng Dctcv- white .settlers had ir(,  tioulde       with  m������   was left   rrr   the centre  of   the top  ti\e Inspector  K'vd,  or  King's  Cross,  these Indians, imf  the ]h ilisdi Colum- ' 0f the wickiup for  thc smoke (j p���������ss  jcroiupaincd     by  several    detectives,   ljlfi  tr,hes  would  occasionally    come   through  from   the   sort   of .'ire' f������!&cr  msiIwI   the pieirnses i-n  Gosweii  load  down  this  uav  and     make     trouble   that had   no chimney.   A few  of   the  aimed    with     wairants ,and arrested ''"he iiuadeis-  would iob and kill the   Indians, howe\er, had puncheon hous-  tne two principals "n a charge oi  be- fJ'd     In bans,      and  cany away tne   es hewed out of thetimbei  nig the lecoiveis r.f     stolen properly joung ones for slaves. |   Theie was another tribe of Indians  Inc men weie com eyed to the Shop-     -^"  three of  these  tribes   .���������e-i-    in- that lived some distance up the Skag  beidcss  Walk    police station  and   one dusliious n,  a wav.and had a high re-  it  rner,  known   as the si ck  en the detectives at  once Uvlk charge S'"-lf' f������"-"^ntiie  and   the  mart al   Ue    tirbe.    They were   tieaclrei'ius  iii the shop    and ass.uned  the rdc of  sevc-rc  cases  way -.into a state  of happiness1  would only dance a step or two and. which come uiulcr h-ls Ob)^i'votion and  line up for the rcfi-esbmciits that thel treat merit. a" wel'������ cUml w,t'110111'  crowd  supplied  him  with.  | nny ' surgical    operal'on.  assistant   Ilaidiy    had    he taken  up  his  posrtion   behind    Hit   counter   and  Ins    comrades    concealed   IhernscKcs  Piliout the shop    tha.il a man entered  and   producinn se\eiai gold arrd* sii\er  ail'ioies \allied .iti a considerable sum  uiisiispcctingiy   offercl   the.ni   foi   sale  The ailicicr    weie    leCcgni/ed by  tlie  detecii'.c ^,s stolen goods   aiifi, ginmg  .t  piccoirooi-tcd     Signal,   lus  comrades  leaped   iroirr    then   lndnig  places  and '  aires led   ihe man        He was secuivd j  and  taken  into   Hie  back pail  or the  shop The       dclL'clues    ci nceaied I  tli'jnrseucs agam ami waited Their  pnlieiiic was not tried foi in rapid stcalint  succession no fewer than eight othci coi.nliy  men came ui and tne.l toseii goods  bciie\ed lo ha', e been stolen They  weie aiicstcd one bv one and ur th'>  evening lhe 11 eaptnos were taken  uirilcu   escoii.  to   the  police station  'he Samish Indians had liieir head-  tjuaiters on Samish Tsl.and, the Lum-  nus on larmrrri island, and the ' -vni-  oniish weie located in the terntory  now occupied by the Swiironrrsh res-  en at ion. While the Indians of the  tubes  iiiteimained,   and were  to  .'mush  and  have been crowded back  nj   ii.e 'whites to  the upper Samish   liver        and  the tributaries of   the Skagit      LiKe  thc   Sairnsh   tube   proper,   they     a������-e  trecomrrrg extinct,  although a few  weie removed to the Tulalip resetva-  fill  tion.  CLEVERLY CAPTUREDi  AMERICAN HORSE^THIEF  Peihajis     the boldest case   of hoise   na.    On  the constable demanding thc  that  ever took place in   the 'hcnsc-iutcr     to halt he   cooi>   asked  was  c-oin,miilcd  rn  Vernon j"Eh,  what-'s  this,  a hold-up?"   "-No"  JUST   LIKE  TEXAS  IN OLDEN DAYS  The  Palmer     Mountain Prospector  published   ijii  Loom-is,  Wash,  its latest issue:  "One of the smoked glass performers that hit tire camp Saturday will  not be likely to forget L.oomis in a  hurry. Working for a cheap tanking,  without exerting himself along the  line ol entertainment to recompense  those who put up the booKC, he tried  to turn the trick once too .often. After the show Saturday night he went  generous  Sunday night, he proceeded to follow  the same   tactics.    A disgusted      on-  lool-er suddenly drew a gun and landing a bullet;  in  the tloor   an  inch  or  two   from   Ii/k   feet,   roared,   'Dance,  you     black  son-of-a-sca-cook,  or  oil'  goes    your   Iocs. '   Moke   did       not  wait for a second  invitation of  that  calibre, but     hoed it down  for       an  hour   or     two  as probably  he  never  hoed  it  down  before in his   life.    He  did .not exactly   turn   white, "but    the  says in inaturalshadc of his complexion switched several degrees lighter.   >���������o   "An'  after     I'd  ct all  I   wanted,"  '/related .'Farmer. Fcddcrshucks, "they  put a little glass bowl in front o" me  for me to wash my hands in. I was  mad." I up an' told th' durn cuss that  just because I come fin.the country  was ,in sign I et with my fingers. I  know   what knives     is for, same as  into one of the resorts to work   his city .folks does!"  Some time later, in the presence of horse-  a curious crowd, the police, who had  "commandeered," a local provision  mercl'ant's van for the purpose, removed several thousand pou: lis'  worth of ������>ld arrd silver plat:1 and  ftther valuables, which were believed  to be the proceeds of many succes-s-  fr.'i burglaries from mansions an over the United Kingdom. The'two.  lie claims ; rincipals in thc case have for some  'hit this treatment is very much sir- time past'been suspected 0f acting as  pelrior lo any other, and that he is receivers of stolen qoods on a. stu-  uistifieri in stating that every case of  pendous scale. Durino- the evening  appendicitis if earl"; diagnosed, be it. the p-'hec station in. Shcpherdoss:wuik  ever'so acute, and "malignant, can be Walk was besieged bv'persons who  cured'with coiiangoi without resort- attended at the rem'st of the police  iinr to  the knife   ' *'������1' Ul������ Purpose of identifying thc ai-  ln view of the otherwise favorable leged st.'ien properly. Thc a,cer:s?.d  experience!' wi'-h'-ihis remedy it is ve- mcn were brought up at the Cieiken-  rv probable th.it his opinion may woli' ponce court, .when formal cvi  prove correct. But after an it will ,jt���������cc, of arrcst was -given and a revet require a gre.it deal of very crit- maili(i as]m\ for. The aliened ro-  icai observation before it w-m be safe cc.ivers carried on business in Cio\s-  io dispense with a timely operation jwei! road as purchasers r.f a variety  which is capalllc of saving "-^"y liv'os- of gcods. Am. nc;the articles :fhcy  The published statements of Dr. , arjv,p,.(isct| to iiuy for cash were gold  Moc.sbruffger are net explicit enough j an(] KJivc.r pial.c. dental alloy, false  as to the history or the eases l0 teotli. gilt. lace. gilt wood and dis-  rnakc a real criticism possible. At- uspf] nn(1 liro.i<rn electric lamps  all ovcivls his  careful attention  it cannot yet be -stated how long the  ��������� list        I icht cases of an-  cure may    .    ���������        \ieaJod  for  a.fttnc, l>"'iments  w-iii be awaited with great  la->i   iMondai,   sa>s  a Veinoii  correspondent     Kv<\  'I renson and   Tommy  ('i.ihaJii,   two   cowhojs   woiking  ">li     I-."    .1    Tronsoi,   came   to   town  '"Khi.I.iv   even.rig,   and   lastmed   then  lo the��������� t'ic-I ai- at   the Victoria  Hotel.      They   had   |-.ccn  rounding up  cattle a!} day  on  the range,  and. had  cal'ed at   the house to   re|)ort   to i\Ir.  Troiisoii.    This   was   about   i>   o'clock.  When  1 lii-y  catnc  out of lhe  hotel  at  ''���������o0   their horses   were  nowhere  to be  .seen.       The  boys  naturally ' thought  .someone  had   been  playing  a joke  orr  them, but failing to  find lhc animals  hy  morning,   iliey reported  the  matter   to   Chief  of   Provincial      Police  Simmons',  who,   suspecting it was   a  case of   horse-stealing,   lost   no   time  irr  calling up  by telephone  Constable  Rose     of  Kelqwna, word also  being  sent. Constable  Nesbitt at Pentdctoir.  I ii fact, every constable between Vernon  and  the boundary   was  notified.  Tucs:  r'plied Mr    Rose,  "jou aie ai rested  foi  hoisc-stcaling  01" '    The man showed be possessed  some  hoise-Siiise     also,   and  seeing       thc  'loice     (which   was   plaml)   visible,  by the  way; or Constable Rose's request,  suircridei-cd.    The prisoner was  taken   to Kclowna and locked up  for  tilic   night.    Here  the man  gave   his  name.as  Jack  Weston,  and  realizing  be was in  for it, confessed   to having  stolen   lire   horses   at-  Vernon;       and  that   on   one   of them  going  lame   lie  had swapped  it on the range for       a  sound horse,   which  proved  to belong  to     Mr. George Whelan of Kelowiia.  For   this  latter  offence Weston      appeared orr Wednesday at Kclowna   before      II.    W.   Raymcr,  J.   P.,  and,  ���������pleading guilty, was   committed for  trial.    Constable  Rose, on  Thursday,  took  his  prisoner  to   Vernon,   where  he was   taken     before Police Magistrate   McGo.vvarr. Again     Weston  nv  lorenoon  a friend from Okauagan Mission reach  cd town, and reported that in the  night, they had met a man riding, and  leading another saddle .horse. The  stranger inquired the way to the  next (own and passed on, after offering- his bottle,   the  "rule of       the  Tom   I-Ier'cton  and plctwled guilty to the offence charged  Rtateuicrds-   deserve  On the other hand  'f>s  is wtn   kiiaw-n.  ever is.  for bow  the  question, Ji'ow-  lonii?   Furthtr ex-  pendicitis can  be  interest.  1  road."  Chief Simmons at orrce made Constable Rose at Kclowna aware of  the. incident, and he waited for his  man. The surmise proved correct,  for Tuesday nigh! at ten o'clock, Mr.  Rose apprehended the maii on the  road leading to the Pentidon trail,  thc horse-thief having avoided Kctow-  saviirg he was drunk at the time amid  was now very sorry. He desired to  be tried speedily, and will likely so  elect at the next County Court.  | Prisoner Weston is not unknown, to  the police, having but lately been released  from  Kamioops jaiL  where he  | served  a term  of six  months for sel-  jling  whiskey    to  Indians   He affects,  ; to be a very bad man, and has lately  boasted about    some of   the bars  that   he was   an  American   toiighi and  had  better be   left  alone.      He  is a  .'man  of     twenty-eight    years and   is  strongly built.     He at one tHrnc served in the United States Army,  i -C^.''  r  V.    \  p.... r
t_,    ,
published   every day except Sunday.
BY       THE       DAILY        LEDGER
90 cents  a  month,    55 per year    in
advance.     Advertising rates on ap.
"rtl-'DXIriSDAI,     NOV   2'J, 1'lClfJ
Nelson���For  many   years past    the
price    of the irrjtals  for the production ol which  thc Kootenay--'is chiefly
famous has ne\ ei been as high as at
the present moment,   says  the Week.
Copper is oNerll"  cents,  srhei       is
Gl cents  and lead is syllnrg in Loudon at Jbl:> 10s.  per ton.   In consequence there is a good deal of acti-    ^
Mty all over   the mining districts of  I ^J
this upper country and more especial- j ^jj
ly   in the  copper  camps,   which     are
aetter developed than  those of     the
lead uistncts.    Russiand,  in particu-
ar, is looking  better than i,t      has
tor some time past.    It has an output of Some 7 Hull tons a week, winch
means that .there are employed over
700 men ui  the shipping mmes with-%
out taking  mlo consideration   those
v hitli are as vet ni   the ch-veioj merit
stage.   'J his means a payioll xof well
over  $70,(JUO monthly.    Indeed one oi
its  leading citizens  lately  characterized vlie Golden City as thc, iH'Sl community   ot   walking   men  in Canada.
Business men also are declaring that
the    old     camp     is looking up once
again.   With copper at 10  cents       a
pound and smeUrrrg down to $3 a ton
at   tlieTiari   smelter,   Manager   -Vld-
rid as need care htUe  whether      the
shareholders of the Le Roi rat-rfy the
action of then directors or not, whether oi not his contract with thc di-
xectors ol   that company,   foi        the
whole ol the output of the Le Roi foi
several jcars to come, will hold gcod
For  under si eh c rcuinstances   there
arc plenty of mines  which will yrcld
a handsome profit, mines that      have
been  neglected   for  yeais  and whose
plants have been rusted and     whose
buildings  are level   with the ground
because  of     neglect   and   the  heavy
winter snows.    An instance in point
is   the Jumbo,   and  more lately,  the
Cascade Bonanza,  the  Crown Point,
the Home-stake,   R.   E. Lee and others aie waking from   ther long sleep.
J"'or    mining,      where   ore  bodies   are
large���and the lower   the grade   the
,   larger the  body rs the Rossland rule,
���can be done,  despite hard rock, for
less    than  $'i  per Ion,  which makes
possible  a )<7  oie.    Now it is baiely
"two years ago since the Lc Roi was
howling because rt was declared  that
the bulk of its ore ran only 5>S. Thoro
is   a large,  very  large, profit in      1>8
ore  under  the  present circumstances
Pr.ces    have n (t been     as high since
the ycai   of  the big   sliike when  the
pigJicaficuness   of  those  chiefly      concerned     closed down  thc piopcrties
And even  then the smelling was done
,->'   twice thc present  late
The     lead   industry   is not  so well
.situated     Cnlil  thc  puce of lead has
real hid  ��lfi,  or nearly,   the produce1.
of 1'ad is nidi tier cut whether the price
is high  or low,  as   long asitdocs  not
,'!'  below  -Sl-i.    Thc  bounty  rs     ad-
>��� sled   on  a sliding   scale   so       Ural
its     maximum is paid at the lowci
(Nanaimo) Ltd.
There's Going to Be
Something Doinj* When You Can  Buy;
$3.00 Nanaimo Made Pit Shoes for $2\
We purchased the entire stock of Nanaimo-made PIT SHOES,
amounting to several hundred pairs, at a very low figure, so lowgj^"
that the regular line lhat cost -1.2.25 wholesale and sold retail at-JJf
52.75  and  13 00,   We are  in a     posrlion      to     sell      tlrem        a t J^,
to     sell      tlrem        a t
12.00. Nanaimo-made  Pit   Shoes have always had the reputation of
1-em.i. the best shoes made for the price, and as leather has advanced since .these weie made, this should be an opportunity for yon
lo buy one,  two or three pair si -���All  sizes  5   to   11.   On   Sale   ... .
at per Pair $2.00
There's Going to  Be  Somelhing Doing!
When You ( an Buy
$20 &$25 Mens' Suits $1175  ��
$15&$18 Mens'Suits $9.75"
Our  Victor ii House bought    this   bankrupt  stock  ef  Henderson's .
3J" clothing.   These goods we arc selling were never opened out of thegj^
"^^JSHcasc.    Henderson  drd  not   nave thc     price when they arrived       ij
frcrght.   The money had   to be put up at once. Wc had the money land,
bought thc CLOTHING AT HALF     TRICE. They are JUST AS
GOOD AS ANY CLOTHING   IN  CANADA.    They" are perfect  fit-
teis and made fiom  thc Finest "Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds. We'll
j guarantee  such high  Grade Clothing      WAS     NEVER  SOLD  AT
���SUCH PRICES BEKORI-:.    Our lot was iiwarly  100  suits,  in dou-
blc-brcasled,     square-cut    and    Sa.me  styles.    N��"W oi�� sale
, ,-     -   l coQi^iri hmifciniz and fishing in near vicinity.
BeBt accomodation in town.   Splendid nunt.ng auu -
���   .. .  ,__ LADYaiYllin, IS. v.
A. J. McAIURTRlE, Proprietor
Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway
���������*��� ������������������������������ ������������.��
Time Table No. 57,
Newly fitted up and
Board at reasonable
The New Western Hotel
Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.
Our Bar is newly fiUedup and well supplied ani is in cha: -    tf
* Traiaa leare Ltiysautk  for Victoria and  all  intermediate stations ^ at
��.'l�� aja^ daily, aad at *.����� p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and   Sundays.
Good tables and good        Trains' leata Ladysmitk  for Wellington and all intermediate stations
at 11.57 a-��u tiily,  aad at 8.00  p.m.  on Wedi.^-days,  Saturdays     and
Snadays. * ,^������
g���i far fi*t jouraey Saturdays and Sundays, rcturn.tig not later than
tk�� tell*vise Monday. ������    _____
 Steamer Joan	
I : , ".        '    i
.  Sails frem Ladysinith for Vancouver every Saturday at COO a.m. and
xetnraiag sails (rw Vancouver     for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.
Dist. Freight &. Pass. Agt,
The bar is extra well
-  P
This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodgiag $1.00 par day.
JOHN TKA, Proprietor
' tl Ga""*. Street, Victoria B.C.
Bar  Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue
Liquors and Cigars.
Ladysmith B.C.[;.
$i5 and $l8.oo
flens' Suits For
$20 and $25
Mens' Suits For,
D, Spencer,
X Nanaimo, Limited
Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street
Open night and Day. A good meai at any hour
Meals 35c. and Upward
Best accommodation for transient
ind permanent boarders and lodgers.
This new Hotel has been .comfort-
aMy furnished and the bar is up-to-
d��te. Rates $1.00 a day and 'np-
w \rds. '
Tbe   best!
Boot of its &
kind ever
at anything near
its price.
price and is wiped out at the higher.
The coast  papers ha\e fallen  into an
ciror   as  to th s,  placing  the  figures
where   tl     '-.ounty   wrll   cvprie       at
��13   10s     This   is   not  co'lect.   The
lead  bounty  U'lll  be  operative whenever   lead   tails   below   the  maximum
puce named in the bounty grant, and
dots not expire  until   PJU8    Also  the
price at  winch it ceases  to lie operative     is rr.oie    nearly  ��16  than ��15
Ks,   as   the  bounty   .& calculated   on
the  short   ton,   whereas  the   London
etiolation referred to,  is on the long
ton    Ho\\e\er, should lead rise markedly abo\c what it has done of     recent years there is hlely to i'c a brg
demand from tne United States smelters  which a portion  of (he  lead men
Hunk wrll lesull in then gelling   el.
ter  prices  for   the smelting   of  their
Locally in Nelson  (here is  little doing     the  hockey   (earns   have  oigan-
i/cd  and    so  ha">c  the  int'ii   of     the
stane  and   besom     Polui s   li    c la'"-
en  a lull  municipally  while the     ac-
lion   with   the West  Kootenay  Power
and  Light company  Is fought out before the Full  Court this week. After
that  is done with,  mayoral aspirants
will  come out  of the  tall  timber in
which     they    are at  present hiding
Ihemsehcs.   Th.2 Cohserv]Brt|>'es  ha\e
dissol>\erl   their   rival   organizations,
but the meeting called for by the sec-
lion   lhat John   Houston  has  hot yet
convened.   If it does not, there    is.
likely lo be Uoubie under the suifacc,
however   fair-secmmg   thai   may  appear to be.
WANTED���By Chicago wholesale
house, spscial representative (maii or
woman) for each province in Canada.
Salary $20 00 and expenses paid
wechly. Expense money advanced.
Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential to engaging.
Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,
Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.
R. Williamson Prop
?st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.
One Dollar Per Day.
,Qooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar
(Half Block from Depot.)
GATACKE   STREET-     Ladysmith.
���Rates 11.26 ,and$l.B0���
Free bus to all steamboat landtag! and
railway depots.   Electric can etery five
minutea to all parts of  the- oity.   Bar
and tabie'unexcelled.
F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,' -���
i l So
Leads Thern    Ail
R. P. R1THET,!
& Co., Ltd
Pacific Coast   Agency.
VICTORIA. :���:  :���:  '���:��� .���: :���B.C.
Under New Managment
Hotel Wilson
Nanaimo, B.C.
McKinnell &Woobank
Modern and     Strictly Firrt C!a*.
Commercial Mens'  headqaarten.
Fire Proof     Building.
(T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouier.)
One block from C.P.R. Depot. aBd
steamboat wharves. Newly ���rendTat-
ed and re-modelled. Rates $J ! per
day. Corner Granville and Hastings
streets. Telephone,  1���4.
,.    liead DOwn Read Up
��p.m. l,v.; Victoria Arr.\ 400 1>- >�����
le. p. m. I.T., SMttle Arr. 9.00 a.m.
'9.M 9. m, Arr. Bwrett Arr. 7.30 a.m.
9.3. ��. m. Arr. SPOKANB Arr 7.45 p.m
OS p.m Arr.   kexford   Arr 12.30 p. in.
Lie  "p. at',' Ar. '��� Elke" Arr. 10:42 a. m.
���,o��'p.fli.   Arr.    Fernie  I.v^-ssa, iu.
.       ONE NIGHT
=   !>���!����� Eaotenny Points
���'- "To   iWianipeg aid St. Paui;
' Close Connections
For     Chicago. Toronto.
'- Uoatreal ami
All Points East & West
,  Acetylene . Lighted -. Cars,
.. , Family 'Tourist Sleepers.
'.   Pa'acsi/.'Sieeping Cars
,.   lining     Cars (Meals a. la
Library Observation      Cars
Througk    tickets and bag-
gaga checks to an points.
Steamship Tickets
' 0ox tickets/ maps, berths
reservations     and complete "
information ' call on or address. -" ,
\%. G. TezkcB' '   E. R. Stephen
A.G.R.A.    . G.A'.G.N. Ry
Smiti*    "        Victoria, B.C.
Car. Government and Yates Sts.
Trains Daily
HomeOrown to Imported
:   SEEDS..
PLANTS. ____
For Spring planting.   Eastern prices
���r Isss.    Catalogue.free.
Sei*-1 WMtminstsr Roai    Vancouver.
One of which is the .famous   ''North
Coast Limited"
Tickets on sale to aM Eastern   and
Southern points at lowest rates.
Up-to-date     Pullr.ian    and '   Tourist
sleepers     on ail  trains.  Diking Car
service Unsurpassed.*
Steamsliip tickets  on sale to  and
from all European Points.   Cabin  accommodation reserved by wire.
For     furthsr ' particulars    call ot
write the ollk-e;        Phone Main 156.
A. ��.  Charlton
A.G.P.A.,   N.P.,
Portland, Ore.
E.   K.  Blackwood
General Agent
Victoria, B.C
ETC.      ~
Work done properly and at r!p"v
prices. Shop; and resideace in reai
of Ladysmith Hotel.
J.-E. SMITH, Prop
' Usual subjects taught;  also
Are You
Going East
Then be sure your tickets read   via
The only line now making UNION
DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL
and MINNEAPOLIS with the
through trains from the Pacini
I.cckic's 9 in Prospector's�� '?
Hoots .(;i:y cut) have upper of %%
Wi'iterproof chrome grain lea-
'���'eallier, and rav-luile outside
iviunUir. They are finished for
service with winrr lip, ha. ���<
stay, full heiiows toi^i'e, s'l-S^
ver cy.cicls and ���stud hool s. %&
. A rook at the pic aire will |-~
convince you Ural Ihry are 11
(he goods- rot- ihe west. Thay Pf
more, than' culinary
may be hud  from
WM. MUNSIE; President
Smelting Worlds at
Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea
General Manager, Smelter Manager. J
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ora, pianoforte and vocal lesson's given in elassea ��r individually.
it��dvsmith. B  O.
J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director
The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.
MIU.S   AT   FIDDICK    AND   LADY SMITH-Shinglea  a  Specialty
���Manufacturers     of���
Rough and '.."ressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,
Shingles, M< j'dings, Etc., of the Best Quality.
Seasoned   and' Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Lmmhee  ia   stock
Merchant Tailor
Ladysmith ^        W:
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A  SMeetih,  easy  ahave,  an even,
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V: Imployment Agency.
For complete information  ask your
local agent or write,
General   A gent,
"/30 "2nd Ave., Seattle:
..Dea ers in
Pianos and
 Qyr Oash Prices Cannot Be Beaten	
Member  Can.   Society  of   Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers, *'E��glam��l
Member  Iuternatior.dl  Electrical   Congress   at St. Laais, rap^
���Electrical Engineer���
Organs ..
Ladysnith, B.C
Dr. Dier can be found  xt any time
at his office on High struct. His dental work is guaranteed (0 be first-
class and rates' reasonable at.
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Name- aa VaiaaXaaar   Employed
B J: BOOTH, Prop
HILBERT DAILY, LELGER  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B.C.  rianufacturers of^the  : i  A  "3  t  ���������I"  A  In IBritish Columbia        .  ' Porter     Cisiti Uedj Brewed  B'JSTcR-3 SOUP.  ���������f.    Lager Beer   cnn  ������    from the  Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops  WMT SHALL IT BE?  Find it hard to decide upon your Yuletide offering"?  end for our little I'ooKict of   ,  hris mas Thoughts "WORTH WHILE"  "   , J us l. c:IV the Press <   '  '  I]  Its licM-fiH���������ifs fine   iiii'strations  and   interesting  detail  siiD^est inanv worthy ii'fis.  AWd  ft Would   Have   Been   Fine   if   the   K.������**  ������Iu<lij't Kucaiiod.  Buster Iras beuii making soup.  -As lias boon explained in previous i"rajr  aierrtary biogi-nphical skufebes nnent Bus  tor, Jre is just rr triilo over 3 years of agfc.  Tho other day Buster's, mother was bw������j  wwrni;, nnd JMary, tho cook, was out  jr^u&rer had two little girls to stay wit":  binr.  Like the little gentleman he U, Buster  decided lie would do tho honors pruned;  *s lrost, arrd so he proposed to make some  soup for Isis guests.  Ko climbed up to the kitchen Rink, filled  a saucepan wilh hot watey, climbed down  again nnd, with the aid,of a chair, pub it  on tire range.  , 'Then ho hurried around nnd found some  potatoes, nn onion und some flour, lie  puttlrese in the pot. Then he put inn  irafrdful of wrJi;, all Ihe puppor in tho box  ���������about an ounce���������".ml soruo bird seer".  Then he put iu the contents of tho sugar  bowl.  '" The  little  girls looked on with undisguised admiration, but presently one said.  "Buster, doy isn't nny meat irr tlrusnup  I novo* heard (if scrip wil'oui. meat irr it."  Buster looked distressed He know thc  little Kir] was right, una yet��������� Sudden];.  an idea came to hli������j, lie jumped lr-orn  -.he chair, flubbed tho eat arid dropped hot  into It lib pot.  x-."Dcro!" ho sa'.d.  V'Meow!      1-ht-pht!      "Mee-ow-ow-ow 1  Ph*. pht!"' said the cat.  The pot was o\cjtnrncd. nnd the little  girls screamed.  Then nianVinn appeared. "What in tht  land of goodness hnvo you been doing?"  alio demanded, with some excitement. lint  Muster was too mortified at tho esc.-rpo of  tiro meat ironi Iris soup to cloarrythir:;,' but  howl and say, "The old soup wouldn't  stay souped."���������New York World. '  PRESIDENT   ARRESTED.  Moscow, Nov. 27.���������The president  and all memibers of .the congress  peasants were arrested today under  authority  of   martial   law.       Among  SITUATION   CRITICAL.  St. Petersburg,  Nov.  27.���������On  ������y, aMiimiuaMEgttg'WEff-i  ac  count oi the critical situation all ,of  of 'the ambassadors  who  were absent on  vacations   aie  hastily   returning.    It  is  understood  that  the  Russian government  Iras  given an   intimation   to  those     arrested were M. Tachkirofi, 'the ,<������������������,      JJ0W.ers o[ (he advi5l;b]IJ,v  author of the play .'.'Tire Chosen Peo- of t,he ]Jre.Sen,e of tncir am,)aSsacU.is  pie," which was presented m London ,]ere f]uring ihc prcscnt crisis.  and New York early this year by the  vSt.  Petersburg Dramatic Company.  FRENCH  PRAISE OF  LONDON.  OFFICERS   KILLED.  Good News  Some Rare Good News".  Good News if you,wish a Satisfying Gift for ,,a. lIpusckcf>ron  Good,News'if you arc the Hou.selcce.pei; - and wish to secure something to set off vour Christmas Feast-. ;.  "DINNER   SERVICES  -a       , ''  Handsome rich Blue 'Dinner Sets, the-' new''"- Victor share and  I.orne decoration. 105 pieces all told, including Soup Tureen and  laige Meat Platters���������price .$18 the Set. -  Many "Other-Styles From f.9 to $110.- ".      -'  Z  ���������"Wnln#>'������ Tumajoit Scnmon.  .-Aciorilinir io nn oirt snyhig. the tor*  Cod reason begins nt Augusta, Mcs  witlr'liie sissouiniins of tiro ier'rslsUors.'  To each municipal councillor who  recently returned to Paris after the  visit to London, the "Matin" addressed a question, "With what were  you most struck, horn a municipal  point of view, in  London?"  M.   Paul   "Brousse,   thc president, replied:   "In   a country  governed       by  |traditions,   but  .which  is   abo.e    all  gether with the "soldiers"of the BrestlpraCtical>  3.'2.00 >ra'���������*ay-cais  belong  Odessa, Nov. 28.���������Governor-General  Kaulbears has received the following  despatch from "Vice-Admiral Chouk-  nin, commander of the Black Sea  fleet: "The mutineers left the Kniaz  Polemkine today and the vessel is  now irr m,y hands.  Th  lailors,       to-  "lawmv  IT PAYS TO BUY  einr  ������0023333M=.   At'meeting;, a IJusshin says, "Sdniffs-  vuitye" (/'Good liCiilth",*); on par-ling.  "Doi'Svidairya" (French, "Au revoii-"');  when sopnriitiiiif for a lengthened-period,' "I'r-oshtehart.ve" ("Pardon"���������i. e.,  for leaving you so soon).  regJmerrt, which mutinied, have shut  themselves in the Lazarcil barracks,  wilh some guns.' When fresh troops  arrive 1 shall' attack, though I fear  the artillery men may ;oin the mutineers. A very serious state of affairs prevails today. Several officers  has c fjeen  killed.  NOTICE.  An   OiM  l<;inw. ,  The strniifrefd: flag under which men  ever fought is that of the '"YTncedoniari  insurgents.. It is red on one side aad  black on tho other.'  A PiiKimeioH.i Kangaroo.  While ��������� chasing"; a full .grown male  kangaroo at'-Uecdy Creek, Victoria, a  local resident was suddenly seized by  the animal and clucked repeatedly in the  water, being only saved from death by  the courage of his dog, which finally  A' put".,the kangaroo to flight.-  NOTICE is hereby given " that I. the  undersigned,  will apply at  the next  regulur     silting     ������[    the  Licensing  Hoard     on     December  15th for the  transfer  of  tire  retail   liquor  license  held   hy  me for  the  Wkeatshpaf lro-  lel,  located in  Cedar-District,      to'  Enoch Sag-e,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar District,. Nov.  7tfc, 19i5.  to thc municipality and arc run electrically by \means of a modern supply station."  M. Maurice Cjuentin considered that  the organization of the police force  was greatly superior to that of Paris, while he adiiriird the imperii!Labia calm  of the coirs tables.  M.  Levee was most struck  by London's  supplv   of drinking   water   and  by the obedience of the cabmen       to  (lie police.  .Subscribers who do not receive the  I-.i-il r regularly will corfer a favor  on '*'������ publishers if they will drop a  pnsi-t-nrd to that effect, or leave  w<-r' at the office. E\ery eflort is  made   \8 have  papers  delivered  rcgu-  ,n I but it Is not always possible.  !1 ��������� ���������> nrp not notified thai a paper" is  ���������;o" regularly delivered we have no  v  cf knowing   this  and  correcting  ' .���������  mistake.  Bj^ Price Reduction on  Ladies'  Suits  Separate Skirts  and  Ladies Suits, 5   Only, from   $10 to $22 will   be  Sold from Today untif the end of this Week.  for %5'00  Separate Skirts, Some Beauties, Just Arrived by  Express,  From $5 to ������10 Each  NOTICE.  Miners', Drilling Machines,  Blade to order and Repaired at short   notice.    Drill' Sharpened v by  r^  ways gives satisfaction. Picks hand! ed and repaired.A_   - ; '  Sriipsmittiing    in  al1       its  ^rarities  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -    -   -   .-   i^adysmith, B X  ^^���������-���������-���������"������-4-f"f-������-f4-M"������-ftfO->'  ��������� ������������������*���������'  --i.  x  LACw'SMITH TRANSFER CO.   ->";  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     rURNITUJ^I: MOVED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY. "   ,    ' ���������  B������  " Stables in the rear oi the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abhota  ford.  Leave orders at   the  WILLIAMS A V)   VAiluT  ���������444-4444-������--  .*****a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a**a^a^a^������^������)K������*4ea^a^a^  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK A  SPECIALTY.,     ,   ,  DAVID JOHNSON  *  a  *  a  *  a  m  a  'JPriOISE 66  ������  9  f  ������  .'������������������������'���������  ��������� ^*;K������*������3������e'a^ia^a^a3K������  ���������LADY3M1T  LIGHT TEAMING  j        Woodand Bark for Sale        <,  BUGGIES  FOR HIRE  :-:':-:  See J. KEMP, er leave orders vith     ^  BLAIR &   ADAM  FIRST AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  W.  SILER.  geeekallxpress.Ind  delivery  W������RK PROMPTLY DOv'7:  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Dr.R.B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  M. R. SIMPSON  -���������"-��������� :   ������������������>���������.",*   "''  Solicitor * Ete.  Money  to   Loan  t Avenue -      LADYSM 1  ;;,Jv   . False Teotli. |  It .has been found tirat false teeth  were used by tbe people who lived in  1000 B. C. These teeth were made o*  ivdry and fastened, to an ivory plate  byiineans of a Line gold wire.  ,    j> ' Frciich   SmoterH.  In France there are 0,000,000 smok-  ���������f8,,'jand of every liftecn there are eiglrt1  who smoke a pipe, Ave who smoke  cigars and only two who use cigarettes.  Still, the "French consume more thar  800,000,000 cigarettes a year, ov enough  to go around tire world'500 times It  tttey were placed end to end in a line.  From     this data the. undersigned  ,will  not be  responsible  for any  indebtedness     incurred except on      a  written orncr signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.'  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 190S.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Misses' Skirts in  Black, Grey, Blue, Brown   and  Fawn,  From $2 00 to ������400 fad'   p .. c  adies' Waists and   Neckwear.   The nicest   you  wou'd wish to see, at very low prices.  COUPONS  GIVEN  AWAY       "WITH  EVERY   PURCHASE.   THIS  WILL GIVE YOU  A CHANCE TO  GET  SILVERWARE       AND  JEWELRY  FOR  CHRISTMAS PRESENTS   FREW OF CHARGE,  B, ������. Weinrobe,  ���������II1GII STREET,  LADYSMITH' B.   C.  IftEg-*!  50  V EARS'  EXPERIENCE  Repd'ring and Making to  Order a Specialty  THOflAS   MCEWAiN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Chamberlain's  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a Hltotoh nnd dcicrlption mn������  quickly :iscert;tm our oplnioii frto wlietrier azi ,  ��������� nvuiilion is prohnbly piitpninble.  Communion-  Lloii.sRtrirMycontldciitlnl. Ilaiuibookonl'utcucs  ���������icntfioe. <Jldpst nannry tor securing patents.  i'.ilpiils t:i':uit tini.ncli I>lunii & Co. receive  ?r>firt������ notic-, iTlrlmuL c'mrco, ic Uie  '  KieMtfie Mmr  iinlsnmoly llinnrralcd woolciy  turn of :'ht ccontiS!-. jnnrna!.  . four inoi.tljs, JI.  -SoliJ l,yi' 1 n  A handsomely Illnsfrated woolciy I.nrcest cir-  piiinuoii of :'ht ccontiS!-. journal, 'j'eruis. ?i a  cc.-tr. four inoi.tljs, JI. .Sol.J l.yi' I novradeiilers.  -. .t.,>,.. <-.<-$ i ��������� ������������������  7vd\-.\v<t<--x\ T>. O.  Kind  of  Job  i ��������� ��������� * "��������� *    . ���������  Printing  ...''''   '���������' '      ��������� ���������  Done,Promptly and  i WELL ;���������  '" At  AND  Its    Great    Resource  "NOTICE.      ,  ���������-o"���������  Notice is hereby o'ven that tire  first siUhig of the Court of Revision "of Lhe Cify of Ladysmith will 1>e  held in the Council Chamfccrs, Lady-  smith, orr Wednesday, 2S)t>h November,  at  7  p.m. J. STEWART.  ,   CM. C.J  i  wrvm  mi' him.}  i -  Cough Remedy  The Children's Favbrite  ���������CUBES��������� '      -   '  Coughs, Colds, Croup and  Whooping- Cough.  Thii remedy is famous for its cures over  n larijo part of tho civilized world.   It can  nlwajb l>u denended upon.   It contains no  opium or ot'.iei- liaraiful drug and inny bo  a  given n������ coniidoiitly tu :i baljy oh to an adult ���������  Price 25 cts; Ltirg-o Size, SO Cts.  s  LEDGER  Office  LADYSMITH A4SR1E   .' NO. 686, F.  O. E.     :���������:       :���������:        :-:       :���������j  All work guaranteed, and at reason-    Meets In the Opera House 1st and  ������  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President- B. Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary, C-. H. Rummings.  No part of British Columbia today offers sn many advantages  to  the  investor .as docs  VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Its vast and varied natural wealth lias never hern  as  yet thomughlj  appreciated by reason of the fact that it has never  been   promiently  laid  before the public.  COAL GOLD  e i  TIMBER ' SILVER  FISH ' IRON1"  GAME" COPPER   o  , I  | J  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  l'-.   Its land, when properly cleared,     will grow almost any  product of tire  soil  known  to  man,  WHEAT                                   ���������  VEGETABLES  APPLES.  OATS                                                 .'���������'   OF   ;  PRUNES  RYE                 '                                 ALL   KINDS  PEARS  A WONDERFUL  SOIL FOR SMALL      FRUITS  AND  BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company will adopt a.literal land policy, arrd  thb 1,500,000 acres controlled by them will be disposed of on reason-  file  terms  to actual  settlers.  Government lands can be  secured    and      money can be made by  those  who  desire  anew home in  a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  *������ tiL'.-.*.--������>J  sunshine  rumacC  The best  that has  been.  \Sudonof  have lx>,  be a  Ministero  Labor  to this  furnace  MTIaryS  .  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancourer, St. John, N.B.  msmuammmammBmmmm  .s^ssstm^^^^m^s^BSS^sasmssmssssse-,  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysini till, ;will   supply  any   information   obtainable   to  those   who  contemplate    a visit   with  a view  of  investment  if  conditions are found  as  advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining  district;     a "beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers com o  in  each year.  LADVSMITH  1st    Avenue  able rates.  Migh St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS,  IT  IS THE JUNCTION OF  THE      LINE    FROM    VICTORIA TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue ito  grow ie   'mportance as  thc  Island is  [developed.  Subscribe for and read TEtE BAILY LBDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C  ufolic  Notice/  Attention is called to the   fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour Hills Co ,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been pro'ducing flour in a  vastly  improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRECITY  and  having secured control *!   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the public that  any  unauthorized users of the ekctrical  flour purifying pr������������esses  -will l������e prosecuted.  Ogilvio Flour Milla Company limited  are th.fi    only    mttlersiu Canada whasa     Flour  i gpai'ifiai by tbia     electricproo������ss  $ __" ii  I*.?  hi  m  !  I J* "'  ��������� V"w  m  I tar  IT*  IK  It1*  m  m  m  m  i '--,  ���������i*  I  IS-  men ITEM  '*'-"B-  5S  THE  DAILY   LEDGER  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio  open  until  next Mondav.lhe  26 th.  ElilCKE &  SCIIENCK  I have just received a good assortment of Colored Crepe Paper. Call  at once if you want 'any before rt  is all gone. Ten oents a roll at  Knrghtjs Book Store.  FOUND-Gold   Walcli.  {per oilico.  Smoke Big B. Cigars.  Apply   Led-  Kippered Herring at Simon 'Leiser  & Co.   Ltd.  Mr. A.  iiasKct-t was a passenger to  Nanaimo on tire noon train.  Buy your  Rubbers and Woolen  Underwear at Simon LeiserA  Co.'s .Ltd  Smoke Big B.  Cigars.  Airs    II     Cecil left  Lady.smith on  a  M.sit down the line tins inoriuntr.  Mr    \X Teliord   returned  oil'  thc nine  o"v,io'.'k Irani fr ��������� frr a inp to Nanamio.  Kootenay  Steel  Range  Ladies'  Belt*  in Black, Brown, Navy, Silk. Fancy Pointed Back,   40c. each  ���������o-  Alrs. J.  \V, Coburn went uj) to Nanaimo at noon today. y.  Air.   F.    LrLlle arrived in      'town  from  Victoria at nocn  today:  L  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  Two sets of grate* are  supplied with every  Kootenoy Range���������one for cool and the other for coke or wood���������  and the flues are wide and deep, with no square corners, so that  the ashes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot dog: up the  smoke and draft passages. ~  This feature of the Kootenay Range is * decided success.  The grates are so easily changed that a boy can perform  the operation.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free  jraaryfc  London,     Toronto,  Vancouver,  Montreal,     Wlmripeff,  St. John, N.B. .  */****<  Mr.   Geo.   Fletcher   passed  through  on the noon train to Nanaimo.  Thc Milk Inspection By-law comes  Jiit/u- 1'oice at the beginning of lire  new year.  The Nanaimo    Indian     whom  Constable  Cassidy  arrested on  the tram  on 'Monday for b'i-ng drunk,  was lined  $5  by   Justice of the Peace,   J.   Ste-  ,wart..  Tug  Bermuda and scow,  and  S.S.  Belfast  were rn  foe  coal  th.<s  morning.  Among ,ihe passengers  on thc noon  train  were Aldermen Beveridge   and  Nicholson,  and Messrs.  M.  R.   Simpson, D. White and Geo. Cassidy.  Coming for Three   Nights  'J11URSDAY,   FRIDAV and SATURDAY EVE. ,   ,  RETURN   ENGAGEMENT  (BY REQUEST)  of the   POPULAR  Concert   and  medy Co.  Ladies'  Waists  The greatest value in'  waists ever shown on  the Island. We shall  have your size left, 32  to 44, regular $3.00,  Special $1,75  Fancy  Collars  Tin stocks and linen.  Everything new in the  neck line you will find  here. They s'art at  J 5c. each  Walters &  Akenhead  AT  TIIE   ABBOTSFORD.  L.  I-i.  Nicholson,  Victoria. '  S. I). Stewart, Vancouver.  11   V. Durniva,li,  Vancouver.  C. K.   Srrell,   Vancouver.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  I  IN A REPERTOIRE OF ENTIRELY NEW ACTS  AND FARCE COM  EDIES, JUGGLING, MAGIC,   SINGING  and  ACROBATIC  ACTS.     HANDSOME   PRESENTS GIVEN AWAY.  EACH  EVENING .      i  A Live Baby Will be*   Given Away To The "Most Popular Man.  Ladies'   Wood-sawing  Contest  PIE  EATIX 1   CONTEST.  BIG   SOCIAL DANCE  after    the Show on Saturday evening.  MUSIC   BY LADYSMITH      CITY      BAND.  Saturday Souvenir Matinee  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.'  Coal���������Coal  lands  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.   Not  more  than  320 acres can he acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds    shall      be collected on  the  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance ot  $7.50 per annum ,for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The fee for recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each - year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator  may,   upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with-other requirements,  purchase the-land at  $1  an acre."  The' 'patent pro-rides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER (naming claims generally  are 100 feet (Square; entry fe������ 15, renewable yeaily.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge  for gold of five miles  each for a terra of twenty years, renewable at the descretioa of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee, shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each Ave miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected 6a the output after it exceeds $10,000.   -  V������. W.CORY,  Deputy of the 'Minister of  ess  In-  '*rior. , ' .    \  \     ������������������������������������������������������������������������  for the Girls and Children=They  are made from the Best Material  and look Comfortable-We have  only a few left and will be SOLD  CHEAP  $1,75  to  $7.50  I  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATACRE ST  LADYSMITH  W, G. Fraser  well lour of American cities, be-  bemg Mr. Froham's intention from  next spring orrwaid to give her a  permanent home in thc London Vaudeville theatre.  She rs lo open there in March in a  new musical comedy,  which will be a  modernized  version  of   "Romeo   and  Juliet."  Miss Edna   May" being'     a  singing  Juliet.   -  The Municipal court of revision will ' Thp  Sa!������c PolniIal' Pric'es  Prevail.  be Ireldin the  Council  chambers     at     GENER\I  7 o'clock tins evening.      An  who con-    "    "       "   fcider; the assessment of their prwfcerl,/, , ==  too heavy   and     ml 'iid  to'appeal  to   'Inn liaMi fallen  upon (an   idea of     a  have-it lowered,   must  do so  toivght    sort  of flanging movement,  which,  it,  ADMISSION   FIFTEEN CENTS Reserved Seats,     ������5cts.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that an application will lie   made to the  Legislative Assembly of. the Province of  British Columbia, at its next session  for  an    Act  to   incorporate .a Conr-  uany   with   power  to   acquire,     pur-  It is pleasing 1o record that the  condition of Mr. Ingham, who as is  vill known is an ruinate of Nanamiic)  hospital, is steadily improving. Recently he has regained the use of lus  fnecrs and  the doctors aie now saw!   pai&rl aSainSl thc nmlmcc hal- w\lh  a song     called   the   "Matinee   Girl. '  to be of the opinion that the injuries  to his spine are not as serious as at  liist  thought.  pears,  half a dozen  tall girls,     with  seen, and  tak������ their  stand   rn   front  ;s hoped,  may bear fruit. j of thc  young  men,   who are  utterly  'chase, construct and  operate "tbe un-  L'pon the graceful shoulders of Miss  thc most terrific matinee hats   ever   jcrtakings  of    the ".Vancouver       and  Cauulie  Clifford,   the  Amencan   Gib-'eclipsed  by the girls.        ' 'coast-kootenay      Railway Company,  son girl, has fallen the burden       of  |    The     men with  the opera glasses    the AlUmi     and Co./ichan Railway  dodge fust to one side and then     to   Company, the Kamloops,& Athn Rail  the other,  and  with  the singing     of  way Company, and the Midway    and  the     second  verse  the men make a    Vernon Railway   Company, an.l to ac-  further plaintive appeal in vain,  and,  quire all the rights,  poweis  and pri-  taiung the law into their own hands, -viligea  oi the said  Companies;  conducting   thrs   greatly   daring   cam-  Over 800 pair of Mitts, Woolen  Gloves and Hose to select from at  Simon  Leiser &  Co.'s,  Ltd.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.   o   Appointments may be made at any  time for  dental   work   at  Dr.   Dier's  ,On High-street st  The words are by -Mr. L. Taylor,  and though apparently artless,' they  arc delicately caustic, and Mr Ilait-  hy Milman, who has produced lhc  son^, has suited to the words actions which daintily hanrrnei home  the unpleasant truth about Lhe matinee hat.  Again Mr.  Men in Dene's   music  is  so  tuneful  and so  catcirv that      the  NOTICE.  An  Act "\ Respecting Liquor Liceasts,  iaoo.  Notice is hereby gi>'en that the following applications will bs heard by  the License Commissioners, for1 South  Nanaimo "Licensing District on Friday, December 13, 1905', at tke court  house, Ladysmith, at 10 .o'elett a.m.  For Renewal. ,  Ileiuy  Reifel, 'Hotel Mount View,  Newcastle Towrisite.'     * .  L. J. Preaux,  Talbot Hotel, Cobi-  ox  Road.   ���������  John  H.  McMillan,   Tunnel  Hotel,'  Extension.  Annie McDonald,  Cranberry Hotel,  Cranberry District.  For Traasfer..  James     Yates   to   Enoch    Sage;  Wheateheaf Hotel, Cedar District.  GEO.  CASSIDY,  Merchant T ailor,  * r ������  ^  , , fist-Avenue) .  Fall Stock   on   hand. ������a!i early and  get your choice  Gi j\  sis  pn  t i(V  Eam^xsmm&Bgs^wmgisa  IT  and      In the drawing  that took place  . t  they burst   through  the ranks  of the 'with   power   to exercise  all   the pow-  Peterson's  Furniture Store last Sat-  matinee  girls,   who,  however,     again -ers  contained  in   the Acts   ol   Incor-  seramiblc  in   front and crush      them   .pofation of the said  Companies;  and  once agarrr with a swinging chorus.      wiHi power to acquire, purchase, con-  II      had  been  intended   by  Messrs  'struct   ami  operate  thc  undertaking  Charles Frobam  soon '0j  aI,y    other Railway  Conn any     or  Companies; and  with  power to   sub-  |Oatli  and Mr  to  remove  "The  Catch  of  the  Season"'   from   the   vaudeville,       where  most  unmusical  man should   be able  ,tlns    attack on  the matinee hat is  to whistle  it after hawng, heard     it   'henigmatie  by  Miss   Clifford,   but' the  once.    Altogether  it places  atorirble   arrangements   were  changed  and   the  'weapon in the hands of a man who,    run  of  the piece is to be extended for  debentures or other securities  of  tho  serine    for and   purchase   the  stock,  bonds, debentures  or  other  securities.  at any Railway     Company;   and     to  exchange  the  stock  or  other   bonds,  The Cherry Rifband, S- R- Crocket's   \\.\\h courage born     os  dcspan,  may three'months  longer  in order  to  en  latest book,     and The Passing of the iiaVC lne audacity    to wlusi'.c it m a able Miss Edna May to make  a fare-  Race,   by D   W. Higgins, at Knight's   w|,lSpjr x[ he finds himself burred  bc-  Book Store. hind a matinee hat. SEEBS^a  ���������;��������� )    Miss   Cliflord,   droopng  under       a  Direct From France-Tooth,'shaving,   hal   of enormous  proportions,   glides  hair   and   clothes   brushes.A'splendid    on and proceeds to  sing as follows  assortment at the Ladysmith  Phar-  ,"IIa\cn"t  yon  seen  n,c bcfc.re'  macy.  N EW   ON S'L AUG il T   ON  THE  MATINEE      HAT.  How     to get     rid,of the tcrrvbie  matinee  hat-   has  been   the worry    of  the     theatrical managers  even since  Llrerc  was such  an institution  as   an  Thi::k   once  a^aui.  You   1.: c,   I't .  I ci." clh   sine,  Let   imo cxi K in  I'm the matinee gril,  So.wcM  known to you,  If you don't th'ink  so  Take a back  view.''  Then   on   come  half  a. dozen   young  LET THE  afternoon  performance.  Having Tailed  to abolish  lhe  terror men,  who closely inspect the matinee  by  the moans  of direct   attack,  .   lho K"irl Uiroufth opera glasses while Miss  tranagemont. of  the Vaudeville'in Lon < HKovd  warbles;  the chorus next ap-  PA1NTING   AND  .PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. "ROEDDI  Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADYSIViiTH  , Tvins  0 YOUR WORK  Thc best    washing  powder in the  world)  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A fULL;LSW[ OF FIRST-CLASS MEATS  Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.   HOWE  Phone 30 .., '   ��������� u  $  i  ******  In 3 lb Packages,  ft, kU  IHD IDiM  CARLISLE     ������L������������C,  ���������Pffl������Nl   3t4  company   to   be irrcorpoiated  for    the  'shares,  stock,  debentures,  bends     or  'other  securities   of  any other    Railway    Conrp������u*vy;  and  with power  to  increase the capital  of the Company  to be'incorporated;   and   with   pow or  'to issue shures  as fully paid up;  and  to borrow  money  on the Company's  assets   by  any  form   of security;   and  |wrth    power  to   promote  any   Rail-  [way Company or Companies,  or     to  amalgamate   with  any Company   - or  j Companies;  and  with all the     other  and necessary powers conducive to the'  carrying out of the Company's undertaking. ,  I    Dnted at Victoria, 13. C, this 22nd  liay of November,  1005. |  I          ROSKRTSON   &   ROBKRTSON,  Solicitors   for   the Applicants.  I                              ���������o���������  NOTICE is-hereby given that an ap-  | plication will be made to tjie Legislative Assembly of-Uic Province of  British Columbia at its rrcxt )scs-  sion for air Act to revive, ratify and  'confirm the Cowichan-Alherni arrd  Foz't Rupert Railway Company Act,  <uid extending the time for .commenc-  iirg construction of the said railway,  and of expending ten per cent.  of   tha   Company's   capital,   thereon,..  and to empower thc Company to extend its railway from any point on  its line to the City of Victoria, ' or  to any point .on Esquimalt Harbor;  or in 'the alternative to incorporate  a Company to build the line of railway set out in tire ' Act of Incorporation of the said Company, with tho  extension hereinfcefqre inentioncd, and  with alP the powers contained in the  Model Railway Bill.  "Dateu at Victoria,  B.C.,  22nd  November,  1905.   ������������������'  ROBERTSON &   ROBERTSON,  Solicitors   for   the  Applicants.  unlay  Evening.  No.  195 won theKit-  cherr  Cabinet.  mam    deck      there  is  a passageway ;  $50������������������Per acre_for 5-acre blocks 1 mile  from City.  $.375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part of the city, dnlj  $214 more to pay at the rate ������t  $12 per month. Owner, has invested over $G0t in improvements.  Water laid  on.  Fine garden.  5,280���������Cash    and   $10������ ������n mortgage  buys two  lots  each  60x120 9*lj  a  few yards  from  post-office.     Fine  investment.  $300���������Cash and balanos on time buys  two first-class     stores in business  portion of city.  For Rent���������A nice store on first Ay-  enue.  For Rent���������A nice two-roomed store  For     Rent���������Nice  twe-roomed cabi;  near station. .  Deeds,   Wills,     Mortgages,...'Ceri-'-S  tracts  and   Agreements Drawn.  J.STEWART  Conveycnchig     %i       Notary Public  Phone,  3.  P.   O.  VOX 268  HAY, GRAIN ani  FARM PIMHHJU-  Orders  will   be  delivered  any when  in the city promptly .and at the low ���������  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, s������ tk*  Esplanadi.  Warnock  i (���������  LOOK OUT FOB  OUR  ������(i������ nun-  The Ladysmith Hardware Co.. Ltd,  -"Mii'-i-i-----'^^  f  A TIMELY SUGGESTION  XkfAS is aiiproaching a>4 usually  you     are on thc lookout for   ���������  some pjesMts Ijfefct are appneciated,   and  notlmiig  is so, acceptable  as a������ice article in'the jewellry line,   of    which  wc  have  a good   ���������  .'.���������%TaJt4������|^./;v,.^lsb , a> TeriJarge^ selection of FANCY GOODS, such as  Teilet Ssts* M������Bicute'^etsvr'^tVr:,,"e'tc.   'Gail,and select anything you-  ������t|bt-'Mty'*"ilvtW������wi^-put������Jt_.aside until needed  for you.  Our Prices Are Very Low For the Best Qu al ity  of Qoods������������������  B.FORCIMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First. Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith, |B. C  Stoves  We aregmakint them..;oi.the Newest  ���������:���������������������������"'"'������������������'' '."'���������'������������������ '"''">;.-'"':'' i'l!':-":Z-StylesZi  Stoves  Pattern and Lates<  .���������% :���������������������������:���������  im���������*���������.'.>Li''KK>M 09 FOU NDRY WORK  Car Price* ar������ Rcaton*   ble  SEE tUH   NEW STeVBS IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  ancl at Ladysmith HardwaregCompany     t ,  LADYSMITH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  iV        ff   ��������� -j    .. J'     .       ��������� ���������      .1   ���������     .,  <��������� .,"���������..��������� s        -���������      -. . .   ��������� ���������        ���������  TO POULTRY FAR]  lOO-ACREFARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Five acrts cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  Five Poultry Mouses, 5oo Laying Hens, one P'ough,  Clover Cutter/.Axes, Harnmere, Saws and Tools of ever description, two Spray Pumps, $20 worth o*  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high c /sring  3 1-2 acres. 3 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths  Kifle, Shot ���������ui' sad two good Sail Boats  $450 Cash and $750 onTiortgagc  ,*���������������������������> J. STEWART,  F.������ Box 2*8. Ladysmith Phone  .;&������,  i^ii:|.f.si m  UBH  ^   1


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