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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Oct 10, 1905

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 I--**-' -  ��������� . *,  I LEGISLATiVK ASSKMHLY. ������  Stum i?'&W'v^-'^*r:*^?y���������sF:^^*ryr-.erf *������������������ ��������� !  18Tfe������������ Sfe ������ -���������"*'#"^ '%  ^������ysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.2,  TUESDAY,   OCT.,  10.,   1805.  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  A LETTER FROM  COL. TRACEY READ  In Which the Engineer  Advises  That McLeod Creek  Sog-  gestion be Investigated  Aldermen are Surprised That the  Note Was not Produced at  Public Meeting  The Muyor bring absent, Aid. in the Rollerts street culvert, as( at  niuir,presided at, the council meeting present it would not carry away thc  last .evening.  , ! Water and if it was allowed to   run  Thinking, no doubt, that the scs- 'down the road there, would soon be  sioii would pass without their having i no Rolici Is street left. The matter  to discuss the.dry electric 1 ^hl ques ' after discussii n,   was  left  over     for  NEWS BY WIRE FROM  THE WORLD AT LARGE  tion;   the  aldermen assembled  appear  ed quite jocular.    But  the clerk was  Kind    ' enough   to  nave  written two  pages and "a- half oi   the electric light  ���������by-law  in   the  minute  book,  and    s  he read  the minutes of the "jncious  meeting,   the continued   mention    of  ; light, ".light,  light,  recalled the wear-  '  :od' co'Jiicjimens'     nunds to the many  hours      that  had" been  wasted  over  that;by-law.   When  the clerk announced  later   that he had a couple     of  letters leiating to  the electric light  question,    somebody  suggested,     forgetting to read them, but .the- acting  ina^or thought hc would  like to hear  them,  so read  they were.   It     was  some time beiorc an alderman would  ���������move     that  they   be-filed,  so   great  was   the contempt  felt  for  anything  connected      with  the,subject.   After,  ,this     one     would have thought the  ^question'     would   have died  forever,  hut not it.   It bobbed serenely      up,"  -when  the engineer's bill  for $50 and  an  accompanying  letter   were   read.  The letter was dated Sept. fi7th, and  in it Col   Traeey said he had  heard  a week, the chairman of the street  committee being requested to exam-  nc both places complained about and  report at the next meeting as to  wh.'.t. action he would think it ad-  u.a'Jc to take.  Aid. Brydou' again advised thc council  in a body to make a tour of the  city and loo1.: up the places 'that most  {needed   repairs.   He pointed   out that  there 'was   but' a limited sum  in  the  treasurer)'      for  street  work,       and  thought that it should be spent    on  improvements  where  they  were most  needed,  and thc aldermen coiiil, ce-  ciilc where it  would  he advisable -*o  make repairs  by������ personally  making a  tour      of     the   town.    The   .'oun.il  thought thc plan a good one, and f'x-  ecl a date, when (hey will  rake     the  walk.,  \V. Jones, of.Gatacre street, wrote  asking   the council  to  supply  lumber  to rcpa'.r the sidewalk on the     v est  side of that street, stating thai. th<;  residents  of   that   section, were  \vili-  -Tlie  ascertain what  repairs were ne; risary  Stanley Dollar a Complete Wreck-Emperor Nicholas Extends Thanks to Count Witte-KirkpatHck  Arrives in New York  MURDERER   OF    PROCURATOR-GENERAL   ESCAPES.  OUR NANAIMO NEIGHBOR CLAIMS TOOMUCH  Victoria,  B.   C,   Oct.  10,   4  p.m.���������   ancsc  vessel   by   a.Russian   warship    ers arrived     here last night.       The  (Special)-Captain   Casey,, of  the  S. |dur.������ig  the war and thrown  into pri-' nii.ssioii of gil.  Charles  and , his party is to demonstrate the advantages  S.   Stanley  Dollar,   a,vessel  register- )son in SWieria,  have hceu set at lib  ed here, and  which  was wrecked oft'  thc Japanese coast recently, arrived  in this city on thc S.S.   Kan.aya.wa  Rlaru     this      morning en  route  San  Fraficiseo.       Captain   Casey  rep; *is  that  the Dollar is  a complete loss.  Tic and the oll'icrrs of the ship were  exonerated from blame for thc disaster by the naval board._  Tire rock cm  which  the Stanley  Dollar struck was  not marked on the chart.  ���������o��������� \  -   SEALERS RELEASED^  .  Ottawa, Oct. 10.���������The two sealers,  one     named  Finlason,  a resident  of  V.icltc"ria, ,the other (irant, of 'Pictou.  N.S.,   who were captured  on  a Jap-  erty.   Their freedom   is  the  result of  overtures  by  the Canadian  minister  to  Imperial authorities.  ���������o���������  EMPEROR GRATEFUL,     j  St. Petersburg,  Oct.  10.���������The,Fi-  ther Imperial's  thanks are given 1o  Count_ Wittc in   the rescript published  today.  His Imperial Majesty pays  a  very  high  tribute to  the  services  rendered hy the chief plenipotentiary  in  bringing ahout the conclusion  of  peace with Japan.  ���������o���������  i  KIRK PA TRICK   ARRIVES.  New   York,   Oct.   10.���������Sir   Charles .  Khkipatsick     and a tciam of   English  amateur   Association  F������iotiUill play-  of football  over   the  various   games  played by college teams in  America.  ���������o���������  PROROGUED.  Buda    Pest,   Oct.   10.���������PluKsiinciiit  was prorogued here this morning.  ���������o���������  ASSASSIN  ESCAPES.  IToIsingford,  Oct.   10.���������Much  excitement  prevails  here  over   the escape  from prison  of lTathenthal,  the murderer     of  Count  Soasalon  Somincn,  the procurator General  of  Finland.  TlaUienthat   hr-Jkc   jail   last' night  and as yet the police are unable   to  trace hinj.  When it Comes to Claiming the  Ownership  of an  Earth/  quake, we Protest  In Many Things You Have us  Faded but we too are  on the   Map  .���������_  ing to do thc necessary work,  road  foreman was  instructed to  previous to  leu ing   Ladysmith lhat  a stream above Bush Creek might be j and roport at the next meeting  turned into the latter, and-thus suffi- | Tho milk bylaw came up for its  cicnt'k water to operate a plant be . h- second, reading and passed.it. The  tamed. He advised, the council  io in-   by-law consists of 20" long-clauses.  N'pholson's Public Morals by-  vestigate the matter.  Aid.     Beveridge expressed surprise  Aid.  law,  nearly equal in length to the  that     this letter     was not produced  Milk by-law was read next. The read  and read at  the public meeting.���������-lie,1 -jng 0f .the bill went on smoothly un-  thought,     eonsidcrrng the importance >. til   the clause which  stipulates that  of the statements     contained  Ihercinjif drunken persons were found on the  it should  have  been    .ibmUad      to  the meeting. 4  In his  report,  the street foreman  called   " the attention of the council  to the bad state of jfohe culvert foss-  ing First Avenue at Blair '"c Adams'  and the Hank, and also to the     had  condition of the street opposite   J.  Thomas'  residence on Fifth-Avenue.  At the latter  place "the" rain      ha������  made an enormous  pool close   iy  the  front entrance,to Mr. Thomas'" house  The  Aldermen agreed  that )i   was  necessary  to  make some  alterations  streets they were to hc taken before  a police    ma^istrgte     and if /it was  proven that they were drunk, to be  fined.   The chairman said,it   vas    a  pretty hard job. to prove when a man  was drunk.   It was "The hardest thing  in thc world to convince a nan tint  he was not sober.    A  discussion 1 as  to how far gone a man must be lc-  fore hc wtftfti  be liable to he fined  commenced,      but  as  it was getting  late, somebody moved that the clause  he adopted, and the /reading was continued.  SALT MINE  AT WINNIPEG  Winnipeg, Oct, 9.���������There has been  talk for some, years of mineral irr  this district ff one kind or another.  Some timc ago extensive borings for  oil were carried on a few miles east  of the city, and though nothing in  that l.'ne was discovered, the indications pointed to an extensive deposit of salt. in the neighborhood.   A pri  HIGHLAND  VALLEY.  Thc   Mining  World,   published1!    in  Clr.Vago,  has,  in its last issue, ,qjiite  a lengthy  account of the Molybilnum  property,   in   Highland  Valley, 'written  by II.  F.   Evans.    Mr. Evans   is  doing good  work in  the direction  of  giving   technical   information   of  the  mining possibilities in this neighborhood, says the Ashcroft Journal.  The staff correspondent pi; the  Mining World also refers to Highland Valley. He is well posted on  the  location of  the Transvaal group  11 is some tunc since theie  been anything said by Nanaimo papers  lhat has demanded attention on the  part 01 Ladysmith people, in fact, it  has been felt that not having much to  do there this summer except to talk,  they were entitled to sonic consideration, hut the Free Press is going too  far of late. After sending their best  men out for governors, judges, etc.,  to educate, enlighten, and deal out  justice to the people, along comes an  earthquake. It had no especial owner,  it     operated at Crofton,  AUserni,  has   it very likely  bird aud    a. cold  cost the gentleman a  battle to even he  mentioned, for reporters outside ot  the Ledger staff area mercenary lot.,  It is getting monotonous, and we  may say once for an that as sopn as  Sir Vviifnd asks the Ladysmith pcop.e  to name their., man, we shall proceed  to caucus. It is .quite likely qne at*  our aldermen wiu be named for we  can spare an alderman bietter than we  can anybody else in town and the  thing win be done. This is merely  an   intimation and    for the nenefit of  Cumberland,      Ladysmith,   and   other our   neighbors     we give it publicity,  NEW LAND  SURVEYORS  vate company ol local men lias been   as ������'<"��������� '������ ������������������ ** ������������di"e .what  he  J . cave        nnoiciil     in      illio     O *-v"l 11 \\\ r\*      1 T-T������.  working   on      this     line for. several  months,  and     it is understKtd. that  they 1 have struck salt at a depth of a  thousand feet--that will compare with  anything irr     Canada. 'If this turns  out  to   be correct,  and  the  information seems reliable, it will he a good  thing  for Manitoba,   as the   present  high .    freight rates make-slhe-retail,,  price of salt from the East considerably  higher  than  generally   oTitains.  The location of this  mine is on   the  St. Boniface side of the river     and  within   a    mile of the city hall.  There is a'sensational story afloat  with ' regard to these borings which  inay*\e liakcn for what it is worth  ���������tlrat *������ is rro less than that three  small diamonds of pure water have  been d ^covered, ,and that a local jeweller has pronounced them thc genuine thing. Perhaps this story accounts for the mystery surrounding  thc salt mine.  says,  quoted in this connhiv.  l.   He  might as  well  have placed-'the.-location as 3,u<)0s miles west of Mfci'toeal  For     his   information   we will ,-Say  that  if he   ever   visits   that  part of  Highland     Valley where thc properties he refers to are, he'.will      find  A&hcroft     to he his  starting'point.  Further,  he will discover that     the  Transvaal     *"*"To"rp is  only  i">  miles-  from  Ashcroft,   and  the  Molyhdnum  Through the courtesy of S.  A. Ro-  Lerts,  president  of  thc l.oard  of examiners of the provincial  board     rf  British Columbia land  surveyors,  the  press has  been  furnished   with   a list,  of the candidates  who  have successfully passed     tho examinations   t;;Id  during the past week at the .'j\v.in-  ment  buildings,   Victoria.     Jommis-  siours  to practice as  land  surveyors  have  been  granted  to   the  following  gentlemen.-  G. E. Jorgensoiv R. 'A. Henderson  F. R. Johnson, C. Harvey, W. Wil-  kie and F. M. Lamb. The j.illowing  have passed the preliminary examination and are granted permission to  sign articles: 15. West, J. Laveroch,  J. Milligan, F. Sweatman, II. Rhodes,  11.  Whyte,   A.   Semington,       II.  IMPORTING TURPENTINE  WOOD FROM AUSTRALIA  A despatch from Vancouver says:  The Dominion Government has determined to test the teredo-resisting  uuaii tics of Australian., turpentine  wood for piling on, government wharves in British Columbia waters. An  order for some pitts was given some  months ago, and the first,consignment has just reached Vancouver by  the steamship Miowera. Other shipments, some for the government and  some for private parties, are to follow before   thc end  of the vear.-  During  the     performance of  "Ben  Ilur"      (being  presented   in   Seattle  this  week) at Spokane,  one of   the  horses of the chariot race refused  to  run,  but the stage mechanics saw to  it that the hoise won anyhow.  pen'tine pile reared -its head above the  scene of    desolation as    sound as the  'day on,    which  it was driven.     This  pile was pulled in 1903 and cut in sec- j  tions."    It     was found  to have a^sor  Hiteiy resisted the attacks of the teredo.  ! Mr. J. Fyfe Smith, broker of this  city,    who  is  agent     for  the  firm of  .Alien Taylor & Company,, of Sydney, exporters of Australian hardwood, stated today that he had every     faith     that the   turpentine piles  On Monday and Tuesday next Florence Roberts appears at the Victoria opera house in her uew play, Ann  La Mont.  .     Softley.  property ahout 25.   The business of  1   ���������     .  f   ���������     .     ,           ,   ,.  '���������'���������, ;,     , ., ,, , .       I    Heretofore , land      surveyors  have  been  government  officials  and   this is  the first issue of commissions  under  the q-rporation of land surveyors of  this province,  and  the  first meeting  of the board under ihe new act.  all Highland Valley operators is done  at      Ashcroft,   and   from  this  point  1  they draw all their supplies. |  "The copper-gold deposits   in High!  land  Valley are  now  attracting   attention,  and the recent bonding     of .  the  Transvaal group  io  Smith  Cur-'  lis for $7'."5,000 shows 1hat there is  a  likelihood   of some  important developments being made ere long in that"  sccction,.    Mr.  Curtis has transferred  the bond   to  J. M.  Turnbull,   of tho  Trail   smelter.    A number  of  cla^'pis  have also been located covering a deposit  of  molybdenite.   Highland" Val-��������� it up.  ley lies about 22 miles south of Sa-! down on the city official'hard,     the  vona on the Savona-Nicola road."       rope  was cut, and   the     cow   given  ������ ��������� its liberty.   The P. ,K.  is having the  At     a meeting of the fire brigade 'cow  owner  arrested, "and   will  make  last  evening the  various committees   it     troublesome  for  him.    The city  THE  POUND-KEEPErt HAS  TRIALS   AND   TRIBULATIONS  The pound-keeper is having one of  the times of his life today. He seized on the Esplanade,a cow, and tied  The owner, a farmer.     cmirc  great centres, and incidentally gave a  'ittie shock at Nanaimo, and the irrepressible evening paper says, "our  earthifuake was felt in other places''  and mentions a few of them.- Now,  in the name of justice how did it  come to be Nanaimofs earthquake?  Again their editorial writer is devoting a vast amount of gray tissue to  the vacancy which win so>on occur in  the office of Lieutenant Governor for  British Columbia. He picks out a  man     who has been "mentioned," and  Don't be proud and haughty. We  recognize the fact that you have got  gas and,electric light, a Vs debenture agency, and our government agency. That- we speak of going to,  "town" when we visit your burg,and  some of us pay taxes on vacant houses'  down there. We will stand almost  anything, but when you get in and  claim the ownership of an earthquake  'Which paid its attention toy all parts  of the Island you are going too far  and wc '-must protest.  ELOQUENT APPEAL  ON BEHALF OF DOG  Ladysmith Citizen  Describes to  Council the HeartleSsness of  a City Officer  appointe to make arrangements for  the' masquerade ball reported progress.  S:S.  PRINCESS  BEATRICE  ON   HER   LAST   TRIP.  The initial shipment'for the gowern- which bave just arrived would give  ment consists of for'ty-oiic-piles each the Domini orr government e.vcry sat-  fortyfeet in     length.     The piles are  is faction.  now lying at the "c. P. R. wharf for "These piles are practically teredo  distribution to Nanaimo. Ladysmith. proof." declared Mr. Smith, "aiwlse-  Wiiiiam Head, and other places. In <"ll'*e .'ji that contention we guarantee  succeeding shipments there win he <llf; V^s to last for forty years un-  he some piles sixty feet in length. If sheathed with copper or any onf.-fer-  desiied, piles seventy-live feet, inien- cdo compound. I have a sample section of a pile diivcn iir Pyrnmnt  bridge, Sydney, which was in position for forty-five years. It had origj  inally 'teen sheathed with copper, but  the copper had been eaten on" years  before the pile was taken out. and  R. wharf at stm the teredos had not attacked tlio  when an the'wood.  NOTICE. _  '.. ������������������������-  Notice  is hereby given' that, I'will  not be responsible for any debts contracted   by  my  wife,   Lena   Casorzo,  fr.tim or after  this date.  C.   CASORZO.,  Ladysmith, B.C.,  Oct.  lf>, .1905.  ���������U- ' ���������  Australian  glh can     be 'furnished in  turpentine wood.  Turi'Siitine wpod for piling purposes  was    tested here on Burrard Inlet as  long ago as     18R7,. when a single pile  was" brought   from   Australia and  driven     in the     old C. P.  Port Moody.     Tn   1:10-3,  old fir     piles of the    wharf had long  since disappeared  through rot and the ! subsequently  .ravages of the teredo borer, this tur-   -bor works around Sydney  EMPLOYEES  TO GET $17,000  ���������The drinkers and smokers of Canada last year eontrihufed to the  Dominion ex-cheiqiier and excise ilu-  sies a sum wll'ieh amounted lo $3.0!)  for every man, woman and child in  she Dominion.  On   Wednesday   next   the  Il.C.K.R.  Co.  will  gladden  the hearts of     its  employees,  as  well as set a good  example  to cinpl-rs'ers in general,-   by  thc distribution  to  its men  of     the  annual   dividend   to      its  employees,  says   the  Vancouver  World.        This  year      the amount  to   he distributed  will be $17,000,' which will mean that  e.cry   man  in   the service  of .     the  The piles taken out when thc  company will, get n payment ot $-10.  'This :s an advance over the dividend  of former years, which were $35 in  1301  and $25 in  1903.',  The dividend is paid from a fund  set aside for the purpose by the di-  At Nelson, B. C, a deal has been rGCtors ami consists of one-third of  vlc-scd whereby, the Canadian Metal . the net earnings of the company, af-  Company, of which C. Perr.au is the ' Icr the payment of a tour1 per con*,  principal owner, will acquire the '.dividend. -Every man in the employ  Blue Bell zinc mine at Aimsworth, ,<-*f ������������������ company, from the highest to  and the Pilot Bay smelter. . Opera- ' the lowest grade, shares equally  tions will be .begun tins fall', ^the diz)ribution.  Because it is necessary to have hi*r  ready to   lake   the run  between Victoria and Seattle on or about October   15,   when   the steamer   Princess  Victoria   . Kjuits  her1 triangular run,  the   steamer   Princess   Beatrice will  not  make her  last scheduled  sailing  .from Vancouver for Skagway on Oct.  17.      Her  sailing  of  that date will  hc taken  hy the steamer Amur,   advices   lo   this  effect  having  been  received, at  the Vancouver C.P.R. cilices  fro'in  Captain Troup, superonten-  dent of the C.P.R. coast service. The  Beatrice  is therefvre now malum1; her  last  trip  of the season  in  nortlu r rr  waters.    She     is scheduled  to  rea -h  Vancouver on her return from S! ag-  wav on October   15.  will undoubtedly back thc pouinl-  Ueeper, who is evidently, trying to do  his rrot too1-pleasant duty in keeping  the streets clear of cows and tagless  dogs,   ami other nuisances.  SURVEYING  CECIL MINES  A survey of the Cecil group of  mines, a coupie of miles north of lire  town, is being maiie- H issup'posed  it is at the instigation of the Company and may mean.one or the steps to  fie taken, in -transferring the properties  to an ' English syndicate lately formed  by Mr. Cecil. This- is. however, not  known lo be the case, and it. may he  the Company nre d0lng the worl; on  their own account and not in connection with a sale.  j.Pyimcmt'bridge, was dismantled, were  used   unsheathed   in'liar-  HAVE BOUGHT OUT  THE CROFTON HOTEL  in  Two well and favorably known  young men. residents of Ladysmith,  John Jones and Joseph Lewis, have  bought out the Crofton House and  win assume charge of the same next  week. The former has been clerk at  the Abhotsfoid Hotel for years and  is one of the most capable hotel men  in the     province.    Mr.     Lewis), while  Mr. Jones. The Crofton is the. only  hotel at the Siueiter town and has  has already ;a large list of boarders.  With the opening up or the smelter  the place ��������� should be prosperous and  the business outlook for the new pro-  Towards      the     end of the council  meeting  last  evening  the  chairman  announced that he wished the council  10 heat a little dispute over a   dog  that      had   arisen  between  a citizen  and   thepound-kcepcr. ) Methoughi; tho  aldermen   would     "deem   the matter  worthy of their attentron,  and     no  ���������'.-tiijcctiorrs ������|ceing made, the 'gentleman  who  had the complaint to make was  called   forward  and   invited  to   state  h's case.  Mr.   B. "s speech  was   in  part as  follows:  "Your Worship,   and gentlemen:   I  am here     tonight to call the attention of your honorable body to       a t  gross injustice that has been Irlone me  by  your   servant,   the  pound-keeper,  1  and in order that you will be better 1  able,  when you have heard both sid-1  of     thc  1 He never went  down  town without  jli/s tag, as some badly behaved dogs  do, and I am convinced that the  pound-keeper came up to my place  purposely to fetch him. Why,^gentlemen, should my dog, who never in  his life has done any hardm or an-  ipoyed anybody,and whose license has  been paid- he dragged off to prison  by a mere pound-keeper?" This1 time  the officer of the law coughed.  "Why should  it be,  gentlemen,     1  say?       Weil,   to  make a long story  short,  my  wife  told  me of the incident when 1 arrived home from work,  and   I straightway went in search  of .  the pound-keeper, but being una/ble to  Lncl      him,   1 called   upon   Alderman  Blair.     'lhat gentleman,   after hearing my tale, advised me to make another hunt for  the pound  man, and  ���������I found  him.    We had    a  eventual I)'  long- talk.  ! but- -ultimately he relented and agreed  es   ot     the   question, to g,.|Ye a just :  ,   . .. ... T    .,, 4.,   long- talk.   At first he was obdurate,  decision -in. this case,  I will,     with j.    ,"",,.     -,,-'.,.    _,._...  ,     ^ ,  vour permission/,    relate to you the .       ,-,..., ���������+    ���������,.��������� ,iAi������������������. ���������, ���������,.  -,      ^ ���������   " '      ,.,.,,     , ���������.,,,  'to let the dog out,   providing .1-pi o-  adventurcs   of nry  little  dog-      with ��������� 5 ���������   ���������  that   man,   (pointing  to   the  pound-  keeper, who smiled benignly,)  "It  was one day last week, hnnor-  alde gintkmen,   that  my   w.Xe    saw  the   pound-keeper   seize  our   dog.   The  dog,   mind  you,  gentlemen,   was    inside   the fence line, of my "property,  doing  no harm  whatever  (so -my wife  says,   and  her word can be reued upon)   when  that pouudman stepped inside and, seized the'little animal.  "My  wife  said,  'What are  yyn  doing      with  that dog, sir?'  to which  lhe man answered,   'Missus,  that dog  has  no   tag,   and  pound   him,'   and  of  the  resistance  I am going to im- |  gentlemen, in spite ,  f the. Utile dog he ,  ' rriised  to submit the mattpr to  the  council at its next meeting.  j "Now, gentlemen, I have had my  say, and it now remains for you to  s.iy il 1 am right or wrong, and if I  am liaLie to pay the fine of one dollar. I contewd that I am not. If you  agree with me, well a>nd good, but if  you say 1 am to pay, then, gentlemen,     much as it will hurt me and  , nry family, I shall let the pound-keep  'er take the dog and, (with emphasis)  Drown     Him..       1 have  related just  what my wife told me, and as l, said  before,      would rather bel'cvc      her  than  that dog ���������man."  o  derinen     murmured  look     from' his pocket a thick  rope  and      proceeded  to   fasten  it   around trrdrgnatcly.  the  animal's   neck.  "Now,  w-c  had   paid that  dog's  li-  '������������������-���������'  u,c chairman was  about to  Cue of the al-  -"pouitdkeoper,"  and   that   individual   coughed   againr.,  Those  of the ahlc'rmeli,  who   had   been asleep   nv:|w   woke   up  and' pretended   they  had been listen-  cense,  and  when it was paid  the city .'"K.  a��������� ���������:,���������������������������.������������������  ' ] call   the pound-keeper  lor his side o^;  clerk  had  said  lhat as long as  could   produce  the  receipt, at  time we should no  pay  it agaiir, so m\  pound-keeper  that   the license  been  paiid,  and he. calmly  told  that  he did  not care, the  dog  thc question,  when  the owner of the  receipt, at       any    *���������"���������"- h������������^������������.   ������������������-     -  t, he called upon to'dog  again  emerged   from   ,us p'oom  v wife  told       the    ������>  wllich ,1(! haH ret,re<1' a'*'1, f,pl**n:  had  her  was  ���������o   wcarins a tag, and to the   pound .^  being made  by  the council  was  to go.   My   wife  dashed   into    connection     wr.h them.   He plea  Ure hrnse, tantieme.,, and, /hiding thc ! ignorance     of any new law, bee*  ed that he had since been told that  something had appeared in the paper  relating  to  tagless   dogs,  some new  in  pleaded  because  V he did not read newspapers, not he-  1   ing   a believer  in   them.   Before  clos-  he   remarked he   would  again re-  tag ami the receipt, brought this' ou  and     showed     them to  that man,'  piietors   is     certainiv     good.     It is pointing     scornfully     to the pound-jinS  ��������� ) .,   , tipit  that   rather'  than  pay   tne    flol-  safe to say. whether  Crofton has one'  keeper, who aga n smiled. IPeaL  umh  iauit- H '.     .  or manv hotels   that   Ladvsmith visi-      "His     nibs  said  he did  not care  to  lar he would see his dog drown.  I    The  pound-keeper:   next  came   for-  V  not   a hotel     man, has many mends   tors     will    register   at the     Crotlon and   strarght-away   tck  the  dog    .��������� , . He-had-  a-  while Messrs. .lines arul Lewis are in prison.   Now, gentlemen,  my dog al- ,^^L^0 ���������\.^ J. .-   ways knows how to benalve himself. (Continued    on Page Four  who expect him to speedily become  genuine  boniface under the tuition of 1 charge. n'  #3?^  !9!  THE DAILY LEDGfR  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY       THE   DAILY  LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  SO  cents   a month;    J5  per  year    ia  advance.     Advertising rates on application. , U'iLLi-fJlJ  ^fP-'T-nrrrtMaMM^  wgmmmiSii  DAILY LEDGER  TUESDAY,   OCT.,  10.,   3 003.  TIIE     COUNCIL'S PLANS  ���������".that course    the Council  will  take  now that the electric light by-law has  been defeated,  is     not yet made public.      It is     a disappointment to   at  least several of the members that the  law was   not     ratified.    The  general  - opinion seems to be that tire sole and  only  reason     of the defeat was a fear  on the part of many of  the taxpayers  that water     would rrot hc decided on  as the. power, and the belief ig general  lhat    there is  plenty  of water available for furnishing power '" His properly     conserved.       Tins seems from  all laleieporis  to be a fact.     Yesterday a well known resident was up at  the fa"s,  and     states that  there is a  perfect torrent     ot water, enough to  furnish    thousands     or  horse   power,  running over four-foot   fans.      One  of  the aldermen stated last evening that  he should     urge  on     the  Council  at  once to    secure water rights, light-of  way,      etc.,    ami  get     everything  in  shape for  the introduction of another  by-iaw.     one     which win specifically  set. forth the fact  that water and not  steam w n be used.  Another member   of the  aldernianic  board  thought     it might be arranged  for an     of     the members to visit the  creek and  sec for themselves   thc amount of    water,     thc fan, chances of  reservoiring, and the chances for turn  irrg in     "McLeort's  creek.        -Had   the  Council     met last "Monday night  and  Col.  Tracey's     le'ttcr as published in  connection with the Council report o'  last evening been made public it might  have given a   different  turn  to .proceedings.     While     thc Ledger regrets  that  the voters could not have taken  it for     granted      that    the   aldermen  would     ha\e installed a water power-  plant if at an possible, they were acting     entirely within     their rights  by  voting     as they   , saw tit,    and  while  there can now be no chance forslrcct  oi" house     lighting ijy electricity this  "year, if thc     delay results in the installation of  a  complete Avater" power system,  one     with,  as   wciciiove  can be secured,   enough power so that  streets      may be   lighted      with   arc  lights  from     the Esplanade to Fnlh  A\cnue, s our     waiting may not 1 avc  been     without reward.       In any case  let, us have     lighi   and if a by-'aw is  again    brought up for n-walcr power-  plant,  if the     voters continue in thc  same     frame of     mmd as  at present  there  will be_-vcry little,  if any,  opposition.  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He ga'.ed steadily  at  her for a moment, then, seeing that  she was really  in earnest, he Hung a  packet upon  the  table.    "Well,"   he  said,   "you may at least  take this."  and he turned upon his .heels and left  the     room,   and  she never  saw  him  more.    Of course she opened the Pac!<  age���������what   woman  would  not?   Jn it  was  a very  beautiful jewel,  which, as  shc had rrot   the address of the gh'er,  she   bad perforce to   retain...but  not  for  long.    Some  onc  besides herself  appreciated   its   beauty   and  took  it.  Yours -passed,  and she had erased to  repine  for  its loss.    Then  she       wns  staying in Italy, and  to ber at Sorrento there came a pedlar, who, .qtrile  by  chance.,   displayed   before  her  bis  pack  of trivial   wares-    There, amour;  them,   its   value   unsuspected,   lay   the  long  lost- jewel,   with nothing- to   tell  how      it eame   into  the  possession   of  the   hawker.  To match this story one must turn  to -the experience of a Sussex clergyman.    A ring,   which wns  an heirloom  in   his   family,   was stolen  from     his  keeping.' Eighteen  years ' passed,    and  not  a word   was heard  con'-.crniiig  the  article.    Then   il, turned  up  inside one  of  t'.re fingers, of a gU>ve lost at a bazaar  in"Now Zealand-    The finder had  promoted the ���������ba/aar. and was".a relative  of  the owner  of  the  ring,    and  was   the only person  on   that   side of  the.world   who  could   have  identified  ifc.   The owner of  Die glove  was  one  ,  of  a number   of persrns   who  had   in  turn  possessed  tbe. ring.    It bad passed     from  hand   to hand all  around  the world,  to conic, ��������� at  the Antipodes,   to   (he  only   person  who  could  stay  its  further  travels  and restore  ;t  to its  rightful owner,  encer>  ^Nanatmo, Limited  ^wmj\.m>rwmRrmwm0  GEO. 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We are not depending   on    what the Wholesalers send ur  and     can     GUARANTEE   EVERY-THING to be FRESH AND CLEA  ELL   &    PLASKETl  STFVENS BLOCK,  *S  UATuCRi Si'^B^I  LADYS&iT  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Tacrfic Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:������������������: .���������: :-B.C.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates $1:25 ar.d$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landing* and  railway depots.   Electric cars eveTjr fl\<  minutes to all partB oi- the city.   Bai  and table unexcelled. .  F. BAYNES, Proprietor, "-  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  - Under iV������w Managment  Hotel Wilson  < ,  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell '& Woobank  Proprietors.      y  Modern and     Strictly First ClaH.  Commercial Mens* headquarters.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  HOTEL LELAND  (T. J. Wellinan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates \2 per  day. Corner <Jranville aod Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  *~~m���������mmm*m4mkmmm***m*-~'m   *   11    1       ���������"""gSa ' ;���������  Esquimalt & Nanaimo HaHway  ������������������������������������^^ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������  STEAMSHIP   SCHEDULE  BETWEEN LADYSMITH,  NANAIMO '    &  ,     , VANCOUVER.  (Effective Sept. 30th)  S- S. JOAN. P  ���������i������������������I��������������������������� 11 ��������� 11 d ������������������ r ��������� ���������"*  Sails fr������m  Xakaimo for Ladysmith  Saturdays .- :    5.SO p.m  ' Sails from Ladysmith  for Nanaimo Saturdays   C-.00 a.m.  Sails  from 'Nanaimo .for Vancouver Saturday's  J... 8.00 am.  Sails from- Vancouver for Nanaimo Saturdays ...". :.... 2.30 p.m.  '  r Sails front  Naaaimo for Ladysmith Saturday '  :.. 5.30 p   iu.  FARES  BETWEEN- LADYSMITH   AND VANCOUVER, one way,  $2.50  Return,   $3.75.-'   - _ .  FARES-BHTWEflN- LADYSMITH   AND  NANA..AIO",  one way  50 cents,  "     , ,_ , Return,  75 cents. <  -    ��������� 1 -,      GEO. L. .COURTNEY.  M, Gov*.  Stetet,-Victoria B.C.    -     . Dist. Freight'&. Pa-s's., Ag%  Low Round Trip Rales  -VIA���������  St. Paul, DuluthV Sioux City,  Omaha, Kansas City $60.00  St. Lous $67.50 Chicago 71.50  Datti of taia. S������p������. 1������������- and 17th  Final return: limit 9it daya ^froni  data of sale.   ���������   -  Fur full parkiaulars call on or ad-  araas  S. G. YERKES,     S. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A., .   7i Gavernmeat st  . Seattla, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  TICKET   OFFICE  "���������*""*���������������.  Cor. Government     and Yatca Sta.,  Victoria, B. C-  3  Transcontinental  . Trains Daily  3  HENRY'S NURSFRIES  NEW CROP������������������  Home Oromm to  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     an* FLOWER  '-     SEEDS,.-       :.     '  .  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Sprlag planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  8010 Westminster -Road, Vancouver.  NOTICE  Parsons found using our Patent  Battle or Stoppers after this.aotice,  will be prosecute*.  -  RUMMING BROS.  Ploaeer Soda Water Works.'  Ladysmith,' B.C.  THE TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B.C.  Convenient to E. &. N. Ry. or the Sea  .W.J.WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  I-  r CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  ���������$ Gsnaral Manager.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  ������   .. ������     ..'  .   ������.o-���������nAnn n r     *   *o rnn nnn   PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL\  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000      .Reserve Fund, $3,500,000      baked anb fresh.  DAY SCHbOL.  Usual subject* taught; also languages, drawing in ..pencil and crayons, paint ng ��������� in oils aid water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  ladysmith, B. C.  One of. which Is the famous "North   .  Coa^t Limited," i  Up-to-date     Pullman   and    -Tourist  .sleepers ,  on ail trains.  Dining Car .  service Unsurpassed.  CHEAP ROUND TRIP RATE ' TO  LOS ANGELES,  CAL., OCT.  20-tl.   ,  Excursion rates now n effect  to Portland Fair. Round trip  rate,. $9.65. Only direct line  to Yellowstone Park.;  Steamship tickets on sale to all  European points. Cabin accomniola-  tion reserved by wire. ' "        '  reserved by wire.  ��������� For    furthsr    particulars'   call or  writ* the office.        Phone "Main 456.  '     ' VICTORIA,   B.   C.  A. D'" CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A.,   N.P.,        General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the-  v  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARLORS  HIGH STREET.  :���������:���������: Best ia the City :���������:���������J  The  only  line now  making   UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with      the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST ��������� LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   TIIE LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or wriie,-  F. W. PARKER  General   4gent,  HO 2nd Ave., Seattle.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  {B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manage*  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING! RATES:  $5 and under     3 cents  Over  $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  "    $10        " " $30 : 10 cents  ������������    $30        " " $50   15 cents  Tkese Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C nada of a Chartered Baaft  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking point;!   ill the United States.  KEOOT1ABI.E AT A FIX*JI> RATB  A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC' , LONDON, ENG  They form an excellent method of remittin   small sums ������f irroiicj  with safety" and at small   ,-ost.  i  Confectionary ef all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency  .Deaers in .....  Pianos and  Organs .-.  MDYFllITH BRANCH  X, A, CORNWALL, Manager.  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None bu   Union I^abor   Employed  fl J. BOOTH, Prop  LadysniCi, B.C  Dr. Dicr can be found .ifc anytime  at his office on High stivefc. His dental work is guaranteo.il. .'o be. firsts  class and rates reasona' b ... st. JDAILV tEDGER  MSMto  SBS  UMM  ������������M"H  ��������������������������������� -H-SrS^f-H^.]. a .j. + .i������;..|. ^. ^^^..^^^.h ���������!��������� 4 ���������!���������������������������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� -H  Union  Brewing Co*  NANAIMO MB. C.  Hah Lecturers of the  ���������f  i  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. 886, F.  0. E.    :���������:       :���������:       :���������:       :���������j  Meets In the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President-  B. Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C-. H. Rummings.  f In {British Columbia  $*'. Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  |f J.-   from the   Best Canadian  Malt Run   Hops  HUSBAND'S LONG   WATCH  BY  WIFE'S   REMAINS.  . ��������� '   [j1- K!a"a"g"������E""B^^ ,..^���������rinrFgr^.Tffl������ff  NOVELTIES  WEATHERED OAk  ; Things that have sprung into popu-  I larity with  a  bound, beeause  they  ;are strong, they are  artistic and they  are not .expensive.  Hexagon Moorish TabourefiesT^TiTliTT^      *      $2.75 each  |J; Jardiniere Stands, a, wry wide cIIoIgb of designs in Flea ish finish. $1,50 to $3.50 each  Plate Racks, Twa shelves with   plate groves, brass cup hooks  under, 18x36,   p $2.75 each  , Stein Racks. Gats PaUarn, with page far-.steins,     $3.00 each  Book Shelves. 3 shelves. $2.50 each  $3.75 each  $4.50 each  SYNOPSIS OP CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  $20 for anthracite.   Not more than  320 acres can he acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty .at the  rate   ,of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     be collected on  the  gross r output. ���������  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  -5-7.50 per annum for an individual,  und from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The lee for recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 .must be expended on  the claim each. year or paid to thc  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $,"500 has been expended or  paid, the  locator  may,   upon  having  a survey  made, and upon complying with oth  For  twelve bitter  years  he watched by his  wife's remains,  and now,  Jonathan     Reed,  known throughout  tire  United States    -as tlie hermit of  Evergreens     Cemetery,   New  York,  has just died, and been entombed beside the casket containing the body  so dear to him.   The tomb of      the  Reeds     is a magnifrcent mausoleum,  and in tills: poor Reed spent most of  his  time for the last twelve   years  mourning his  beloved.    On his  wife's  death-bed he promised never to leave  her  side until he should join her  in  death,   and   right   faithfully   did   'the  husband keep his pledge.    In all weathers,  all  seasons,   the heart-broken  man 'ipractical/ly lived- in the mausoleum from morning till  sunset.     Tlio  sight  of the white  haired  man  sitting wil bin  the marble  tomb,  wait-  patiently,  sadly  for release     by-  niade tire mausoleum hc crect-  WI-IEN   LONDON  CEASES -TO GROW.  B X  death.  cd as familiar to Americans as, for  example, the (orrrb of Abelard and  lleloisein "Montnrartic Cemetery is  to Parisians. I-Ie sat always by the  s-.'dc of the-empty coffin which was  prepared for him, and placed side by  side with his wife's. A table, chair,  and a few other nccessa'ry articles'  were moved into the. tomb, on the  wall of which was displayed the  ���������omewhat incongruous motto "God  bless     our  Home  It is interesting to' speculate as to  what will be the ultimate destiny of  London. Certainly it cannot continue to grow indefinitely, but at present, it shows no signs of remaining  stationary. And   this  phenomenal  growth is not the result of persistent  J booming such as-we know in America, .but is a n*tural growth. 'That a  single city ������-hould -attain the size of  London, with its 7,000,000 inhabitants and nearly 4,j0O0 .miles of  streets, is astonishing. When the  time comes, however, ,that this growth ceases, and'decay s-ets.in, what a  deplorable spectacle the'big city will  present. Hundreds of miles      of  streets will probably be without    a  single inhabitant, and the expression  "a wilderness of bricks-and mortar"  will be true in more senses than onc  One     can  hardly  imagine a city  of  such  proportions and wealth   falling  into a state of decay,  but the   inex-.  orable laws     of nature will  operate  Uiere the same     as elsewhere,      and  London  will some day  begin  to   decline.  GREAT BARGAINS  YOU LOOK FOR  VALUE. MOST  PfOPLE DO-  YOUGti IT IN WEINROBE'S  Beautiful Silk Waists  The. newest and leading aty les this season.     Regular, $3.75,   Now $2.95  French Flannel and FLannelette Waists  lire latest styles, size from     32 to 42  r.    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Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the In  "erior.  and fancy needlework, the handwork cd than in thc use of wine. Time  of h.s wife, and a sluiTcd parrot 1 was when each plate and table was  which had been amongst her pets, al- enfiladed, almost surrounded by an  so found a place. The old man be-'escort of wine glasses, rangVfrom  Ireved tliat some "manifestation" sherry to champagne, and tapering  would come from his wife before his thence to Madeira and brandy-port  death, but he watched and waited i��������� claret, Burgundy, the red alternating  vain,. A few months ago, says the ; with white-and he was no good man  telegraph, working men pass pg the and true who did not go through  tomb  missed   the  familiar  presence,    the list and survive it.   Today     at  Taffeta Sjlk,  37    inches wide, all shades,  sold for 6C'e.'.  Now 35c. >d.  I  Blankets, Spreads, Comtorters,  &-  rVever prices SO LOW  and,  looking inside, found Reed lying  a helpless \ictim to an  apoplectic fit.  His     reason had also deserted him.-  Since then he lived at a Sanatorium  under  death,  Iioed   was  a retired  thc   great     houses     you  may have  what     you   want,   but rarely   more  than three glasses are visible,       for  white whine,  for  red  wine,  arrd    for  strict     surve-ncnce. until   his   champagne.,/ ApoIIinaris  is  lam-cly irr  some days since.   Aged. 75,    evidence.   The fine old English  g'en-  contractor.    He' tic-men who made it- a merit to   get  up  on  Ladies' & Chjldrens' Coats  an shades and  styles,  Spec :ai reduction Friday and Saturday.  has  left'a-fortune of neaily   ������40,000   drunk on     port and to sober  which  is   inherited  by his nephews,     claret,has  disappeared."  Mens' Pants  Two   hundred and fifty pair worth-up to $2.75 a *pair  Now $l.l5j>air  BOOTS  AND  SHOES FOR MEN,  WOMEN AND CHILDREN  AT      LOW PRICES. "     '  VICTORIA.B.C  &:-?  Miners9 Drilling Machines,  "Made'to order,and Repaired at short, notice.    Drill Sharpened  by nc  ���������'^ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.  :    "Ships mi thing    in aJi      it������  %anhes  Horseshoers"and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. LAWSON  NOTICE.  !.. "j"''1',-  VANCOUVE  B, S. We in robe,  HIGH STREET,  LADYSMTTTI, B.   C.  Prom this date the undersigned  -will not he responsible for any indebtedness incurred except" on a  written oraer signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  I: EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO.,, LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria," B. C.,. May 18th, 1905.  A Harvest Festival  concert      and   f  e  Church of | '  .ia  j -  kBuller Street   -   -    -    -    Ladysmith, B C  (Y  j, ,   x H C/SMITH TRANSFER CO.   x\  f f PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD  " FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the  Abbots ford.  v-.} WILLIAMS AND   A/\ 5 <:r  '   fc������*������**������*C**"������;fc*������**������^  I*PHONE 66  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *  9  *  *  *  ������  *  *���������  LADYSMITH j  *  l'^***********;**:**^^  }  \  Express Work  l   ' LIGHT TEAMING  S" Wood and Bark for Sale  ?  j BUGGIES FOR HIRE  :���������::-: See J.  KEMP, or leave orders vith.  iBLAIR &  ADAM  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  Its  N  Great  D  Resources  social  will be held  irr Ur  England  on Wednesday evening, Oct.  Uth, commencing at 7.30,   under the  auspices of the Ladies' Guild.   Coffee  and cake will  be served.   Admission.  25  cents,  children, 10  cents.  No part ot British Columbia tod ay offers so many advantae**s to the  investor as does VANCOUVER ISL AND.  Its vast and varied natural wealth has never been as yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of the fact that it has never  bee. promiently laid  before the public.  C0AL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISI1 IRON  GAME COPPER  ' fIRST AVENUE  ���������PHONE 2-4.  W.  SILER  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVEEY  WORK PROMPTLY DO ">���������"'"���������  Leave orders at the Abbetsford.  . R. SliPSQ!  Solicitor, Ete.  ^313/   fa    L<n n  1  st Avenue  MDYSM 1  LEDGEi  Office  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,    will grow ������lmost any product of the  soil known to man,'  WHLJAT VEGETABLES APPLES.  0ATS OF PRUNES  RYE ALL   KINDS PEARS  A WONDERFUL SOIL FOR SMALL     FRUITS    AND     BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company will  adopt  a literal  land  policy,  and  th*     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them will be disposed of on reason-  ble terms to actual settlers/  Government lands can be secured  and     money can be made by those  who desire a new home in a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmi th, will supply any information obtainable to those who contemplate a visit with a view of investment if  conditions are found  as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining district; a beautiful Harbor,  rhere hundreds of great colliers come  in  each  year.  OESIBN8        J  TRADE-MARKS   3  AND COPYRIGHTS 7  ia   n ���������  Mis ��������� ������w      OBTAINED  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY |  Notice in " inventive Age "  - Book "How to obtain Patents" |  ' Charges moderate. No fee till patent ia secured.'  Letters strictly confidential.   Addr  PATENTS  FREE  fentia secured.  ��������� E. G. SIGGEHS. Patent LawyerVwuhlngton^b.C. 1  Kootenay Steel Range  A GOOD BAKER  The oven in the Kootenay Range is scientifically proportioned to the size of the fire-box, so that no more fuel can be  burned than is absolutely necessary to heat the oven.  The oven is lined with heavy sheet steel, which rs a great  radiator of heat and insures  a uniform heat throughout  the oven���������no danger of a  . loaf of bread being half done  on one side and burned on  the other.  The Kootenay Range is  built on scientific principles  throughout, and should be  carefully examined before  buying any other.  Sold by all enterprising  dealers.  Booklet free.  M-XIaryfc  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg',  Vancouver,  St. John, N. B.  ware  LADVSMITH  1st   Avenue  IT  IS THE JUNCTION OF THE      LINE    FROM    VICTORIA   TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to  grow it '.mportance as_ the Island is  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE DA ILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C.  Public Notice  Attention is called to the    fact that the  Ogilvie Flour mils Co.,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUBi,     have for uomii time  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control of   ail the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  ths  public   that any unarru-  orized users of tbe electrical   flour purifying proeessas   will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  ara th.s    only    mtllarjia Caatlnwhoia     Flour  -s purified by tlie    electric process ?HE   DAILY XHDGER  ~-*r**rrrmmrrT^ma  ZZWE.  LOCAL ITEMS  MAID MARGARET���������S.   R.  Crockett's latest book,  at Knight's Book  Store.  ������������������BEaBasgg^gtWc-iaj ib. . a. ��������� agae*���������geg  FOR SALE  ��������� Fifty acres, eight fenced, improved,  fifteen slashed, small house and barn,  cow, chickens, two torrs hay. Three  miles from Duncans. $900 cash, apply M   P. JDOUGAN, Cobbts iliii.  j\Ir.     R.  Ilaverfrcid     went down to  Duncans on the liiormim; tram.  Mrs.   II.   Wasson   lame  Kt-k  Vicloiia on thc noon train.  from  Archdeacon Scriven ��������� passed through  to Duncans orr the morning train.  "Mr. J. Thomas was a passenger to  tlie Capital City on the nine o'clock  train tins mornintr.  Mr, -John Kiddie arrived in town  on the noon train on a visit to Ins  mother and brother, Mrs. Tiros. Kiddie and Mr.   Geo.   Kiddie.  Now tire lorrg evenings  get your rending mat ter  LJook  Store.  have come,  at Knight's  Tom Service,  who has been1 in towrr  now     for a     week,  could  stand  it no  lunger,  and  yesterday  took a  fifleon-  nnic  walk      through  the woods.    The  wa'k acted   as     a     Ionic    ami made  him more genial and natural like.   '\  Mrf Thomas, late of the Mount Sicker Hotel, lias a force of nicir at work  on amining property owned by a  Victoria Company on Jlount Sicker  3\Iis Thomas, who is a sister of Mrs.  Dav-s and Mrs. T. X. Jones, is living  m  Ladysmith.  Best tobacco,  fruit aad  candies at  Carter's, First Arthur  There is a treat in' store for 1 lie  people who inlcnd atteinlin-q- the  Church of England Harvest Social,  lo be,held in the church building tomorrow evening, foi" a long and r-n-  torfiiiiiing programme is being prepared by the energetic ladies of the  Guild. Refreshments, coli'cc, cake,  etc., Will be served during the even-  inn.  ������'  if*  VKWB **?  ITY BAKERY  THE  BEST,   AND   NOT MING   BUT     TIIE  BEST  X BRLAD ��������� CAKES'��������� COOKIES ��������� and ��������� jPIES X  A GOOD assortment of FRESH C ONFECTIONE-RY       ���������������  1ST AVE.  A. LUCAS  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatfy and Artistically Done  Orders Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDSNG  -   LADYSMITH  DUNCANS  TOWNrSlTE EXTENSION  Adjoining tho old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. !.  Eh  TOO  Keep in touch with  Our Clothing Depart-  ment "and you won't  have tot-ike what you  can get. But you'll get  what you want.  A small area has been laid otT  at  LOW* PRICES  in town lots which are i..   w afferad  J) ON  EASY TERMS.  The  fnturo of  the  Cowichan      District  and   Vaucouver   Islaad  will   exceed  expectations  profitable  investment.  and   this  is a good chance for  a safa aad  SEE PLANS AND PRICES  Afents, J. STEWART J. H  Wf 1ITTOME  La-Jjrsmith,  V.  I.  Duncans,     V.  I.  Usa Porter's Antiseptic Healing  Oil. freely guaranteed, for sale only  at the Drug Stora.  AT   THE   ABBOTSFORn.  R.  G. Ctidlip, Victoria.  Sherman  Stall,  Nanaimo.  C.   K.   Ducll,   Vancouver.  E.   W.  Turner-  and  wife,  Toronto.  W.- iW.  Brewer,  Victj. tia-  R.  A. Chapman, Victoria  Appointrmenl'S may he made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  _y.'._i���������������m  JT\        S * N * f **  MARINE  The City of Nanavmo came in and  tied up at the city wharf this afternoon to   unload   plate glass       for  most, tempestuous voyage in Iris ex- when she ran the eighty, miles in 3  perienco on tins coast, Capt. Cius boms and 2!" minutes. Previous to  Follriicirrcr brought the lug- Escort . that she had accomplished a uc;v re-  No- 2 ami the i>ig barge Georgian cord'on the Seattle run, ""hours ar.-d  No   2     into,     port at 7   o'clock tins'Hi   minutes.    Saturday's  run" vas ac-  We've everything in  Mens' Youths' and  Boys' Clothing and  Toggery���������If you are  dealing at a place  where they havn't got  what you want-Try  Us-we make a specialty of our Men and  Boys' Department.  Walters &  Akenhead  the   front  store.  of   Walters   i;   Akenliead's  morning irom Skagway via Union.  At the latter port the Georgian took  a load of coal for1 Vancouver, and sbei  is discharging at the Transfer slip today. Skagway was icit a week ago  'iast Thru sday, and Union was reached at noon last Thursday, so that despite the fact Mint she,had to lie up  in shelter several times on'thc trip  down the coast, the Escort No. 2  made the run wilh her heavy tow  from Skagway south to Union in seven days.  ���������   ���������   ���������  A  new  record  was  made  Saturday '  morning by  the Princess Victoria for  the run  from  the capital   to  Vancou-  \er.    Leaving  bhe Victoria  wharf at j  7."10,      the crack  passenger   steamer-  tied  up   at  the  Terminal   City       at  ll.ll).       Her   actual   steaming   time  from     Br itchic     ledge to Prod;tun  Point,      that   is  between   full "s-| i-cd  and slow bells,  was 3 hours and  ?1  minutes       The distance is 80    .lies,  and the boat passed Hrotchie it 7..H2  and      Brockton   at   11.15.    The   1 e.~t.  1 revious   timc  was  thc  record  made  bv   the  steamer  September  'M     last  A ,San Francisco despatch says: After being hard  and  fast  on thc rocks  at Fort Point since last Sunday, the  steamer Alameda gl ded oft the shoal  last, night,  under  tow of  two powerful tugs, as easily as though she! were  slipping from the ways of a dock. On  a practically even keel,  the big Honolulu liner lay in a perilous position  where the titles run in and out       of  Golden     Gate,      and    few mariners  thought shc.  would  evcr.be     saved.  She has been towed  to 'lock, and can  be made as good as new.  ���������   ���������   ���������  Vancouver,   Get.   !).���������Completing' the  Good Cook Stove  One No. 8 Cook Stove with  Reservoir $6.50  HeatingStoves for  wood and  coal both.  Also the Ladysmith make  in stock  G PETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  complished  at  an  average speed  of a  fraction, less than 21  miles an hour.  ���������������������������������������������o   W    W    W    W    W    I*'    W    'A'    w    w    w  rW.     7K     PT\     w.     7T\     7T\^     /K     ^     7T\     m  SPORTS  r**K���������)���������( )K M )*K ��������� %������������������)���������(  )*K���������?*K���������5-K���������^c  ATHLETICS���������  '���������Jt  is  highly prohablc that in the  fall and  winter of 1906-7, a loam of  Canadian  athletes  will  tour    .Groat  Britain.>  "-:This  was the   statement made last  nifiht   by   one   of  Montreal's   leading  spoilsmen, says a Montreal despatch.  Irr view of the interest that thc  lovers of athletics of Great "Jri'.ain  have displayed in Canadian sports  during the past few years, the proposition tlKat such a n-ani should be  sent abroad  is considered  feasible.  The idea is that eighteen athletes,  who can play lacrosse, football and  hockey should be sent across the herring pond to advertise Canadian  sports and to emphasize thc interest  that tins country has in the Mother-  Land.  According   to   present   plans,      and  these      are not  likely  to be altered  much,   the  Canadian  team   will  sail  nexl  fall  and  will remain in  the Old  Country  for four months.  Immediately on landing in England  Store    Lately     Occupied  by   John  Thompson,   complete with   counter  and fixtures.  Rent $15 per month, App'y to  ��������� : 1 ���������   ; . .   ���������   I '   son  R  "* "'   ij*1*'"jjj***M'i'������iwi''.j^||^'*i'?1'")*,'iy*'?'"  IKeS  Have you tried  NABOBTEA?  Best 50c. Ceylon Tea in the  Market  iomsoirs  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.      -   -  AND  BAGON  Al?o   another shipment of that delicious  Ham Sausage  and  Boiled Ham  they "will play lacrosse matches for  s'ix weeks or so, meeting the Jam-'vus  Stockpon I, Manchester and-other  twelves, and as soon as lacrosse season is ended," they, will commence  playing Rugby. This game tlroy will  play until thc,weather is cold enough  lo permit hockey, when on natural  ice" and'in artificial rinks, ihcy w'.ill  dcmmislrale the fascinations of Canada's great winter game to the island   bred.   -.  The scheme has been  under consid-  a-'ion   lY>r  several   months  now,    and  has   so far advanced   that i(- may   hc  considered  tliat the trjp will Unmade  rITic -selection or eighteen athletes  will be very dUIicjilt, for I hough the  players w-.ll bo cjioiscii from the entire Dominion, there arc comparatively few devotees of sport who can  play the three games with marked  success.  Tire mailer of finances docs not  worry the promoters of the scheme,  as they will le guaranteed expenses  in any case, and villi thc novelty of  lacrosse they aie confident that thc  IsriVsh public will more than make  good in gales lhc amount required  to cover the expenses of the tour.  LETTER   FROM   COL.   TRAC'RY  (Conliuucd  from   Page One.)  heard the lcmark oi the previous  speaker with 11,11 expression of scorn  011 his face, and clearly was not to  he oui-donc in a matter of eloquence.  "Your Worship, and gentlemen,"  he said, ''you have heard the remarks by  Mr.  B ,  and  now it     is  nry   turn   to  have   a little say.   One  morning last weei;     I was     on  my  rounds,  arnd  after   touring  the  lower  pari   of the city T   walked slowly to  thc  top of  lhc hill.   I sir del only saw a  small   dog  coming   in   my  direction,  without  a lag,   gentlemen.    Directly  hc  saw me he turned and ran  to his  homo.  But,   as  it  is my  duty to   im-  pouurd all      tagless  dogs,  >l followed  him up. and captured hiin. ,It was, of  course necessary to put. a.rope round  his neck, and as I was  doing thisj the  lady of the house,  and  owner of the  animal in  question, came out       and  asked what I was doing  with       her  dog. 'Madam, this  dog is without a.  tag,  and   it is my duty to impound  him,'  Ijcplied.    She said   his   license  hail  Ircnn   paid,   but  that,  T told her,  had     nothing to do with me.       The  dug was   without a t-ajr,   and   it  was  my duty to impound him.    I declined  lo   continue   the   argument,   and        I  took   Uic   animal   to   the 'pound.   Gen-  tleiiini,  you   know-   the   rest.    The dog  ' was      let   out   until   your   honorable  body   could render   a decision   as      lo  'who   was   right and   who  was wrong.  I That   is   all   1 have   to   say   In   your  j Worship   and   gi'iilhiiK-u,   and   I want  .your  decision:"  { It was clear, so thc. Aldermen said  1 that the pound-keeper had d) ������rc his  'duty, ali-hoiiidr it was certainly hard  on the owner or the dog, but the  .stories of the two geuitlemcn differ-,  en in many points, The matter wr.i;  eventually settled by adviw'.n-g fl-..  two men to talk it over and .wi flit  amicably between them.  see this cone, little thought he  1 was in the presence of a deadly ma-  ! chine. Being a great'collector of re  ��������� lies, he evidently thought it -was a  I pice's of grille work torn off by the  'explosion that had just happened,  and put it carefully in his vest pocket.  "M.     Chavigny  went to call   on    a  friend  in a tavern situated on one of  the  boulevards.    lie told   his  friend  about     the explosion arid exhibited  the piece  of mekl he had picked up  and so carefully thrust into his pocket.   The head of a bolt covering    the  lower aperture of the pine cone drew  the      friend's     attention,   and   they  started to unscrew the holt.   An end  of waxed thread, holding in place a  glass  tube appeared.  Then     AL   Chavigny realized , that  this,,half of metal was not the     result  of  the explosion,  hut the  bomb  itself. With the greatest precau  tion  lhe head of the screw was   replaced  and   ten  minutes  later       M.  Chavigny placed the pine cone on thc  desk of M.  Peschard,' the police commissioner of     thc'G-arllon quarters,  who     immediately informed M.    Cli-  rard,   director   of   the ���������municipal   laboratory.  M.  Girard  unscrewed the holt, and  by   pulling, the  waxed   thread,   drew  forth   ' two  small  glass  tubes,   four  centimeters  long,   filled   with  concentrated  sulphuric acid.  These  tabes  were 'plunged  into    a  mass of fulminate mercury, and were  maintained vertically   hy   two   small  fragments  of  metal.  The director of  thc laboratory had  everyone   vacate   thc  building.      M.  CIirard, having first"-taken  oft a small  quantity  of  mercury  (for  all     that  was necessary was one   grain  of "his  dangerous ' product  to  kill  a pcr-3 >n,  and   this      machine  contained   1/1(10  grains)  had  a pail  of water   rr-mght ���������  to him.'   Ile then proceeded, wiUitle  n-rcatcsf,   precaution',   to  plunge      the  bomb     into   (he  water.    Shelter ing  JiimseTf in thc inc-losurc of the porte-  cochcrc that would ������piclcl him in ca.sa  of   an  cxpl ������ion,   the  noted chemist  let the dangerous bomb slide into lhe  water,   rendering  it harmless.  It is believed that the bomb was  laid ' in the grass by an anirchist.  who feared arrest and who 1 .1 iv.t  want to be caught with the Lomh in  li?rs  possession.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply at the next .regular siting of the Licensing "U'Ltard,  for the transfer of the retail liquor  license held by him for thc Portland  fleitcl, located on lot 5, block 2, lat  Avenue, City of Ladysmith," to John  Cogo.   ,- '   ANGULO   TATE.  Russell  Simpson,  Solicitor for  applicant..'  Lad}smith,  B.   C,  October 4,  1905.-,  ?375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part of the city.  Only  " $2.1'1 more- to pay at the rate of  $12 per month. Owner has invested over "JIGto in improvements.  Water laid  on.  Fine garden.  $1,500���������Cash   and   $1,500   irr   5 . years  at  0  per  cent,   buys   20-acre   farm  one     mile  from iDuncan.   12  acres  rinded   , cul,tivati)oii.   Eigtht-iroonied  house and  large  frame  barn.  j,280���������Cash    and    S'100 on  mortgage  buys  two  lots each  00x120 only a  few  yards   from   post-oflicc.     Fine  investment.  ? 100���������Cash,and balance of $210 on  lime buys a line corner lot in good  locality.  FOR RENT���������A nice frvc-roomed  house; all neatly papered and painted.  FOR   RENT���������Nice  four-roomed'house  ��������� Water laid on. $7v-'per inbnth..  Fire,, Life   and   Accident  Insurance.  Deeds,  tracts  Wills,     Mortgages,   Con-  and   Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveypncing     $���������       Notary Public  Phone,  3.  P.  O. BOX 268  r  DEADLY   PINE   CONE   BOMB  The     small      hall of metal   in   the  share  pf a pine  cone   picki-d   up    hy  M.   Chavigny in  Paris  a few  minutes  after the   attempt  against  Alphonso  XIII \aiid president Lou-bct was made  was really one or  the  Famous bombs  sent to France by the anarchists  of  Barcelona.     M,  Chavigny, happening  C 0 Id  Jt ���������herald he bars* ia ������iiad that  ���������vwy cold weakens the lungt, lower* tke vitality and prepares the  ���������prsteja for fie more ������criou������ disease*, etaong -which ere the two  greatest dcetrorere oi fctunan life,  paeuiaeaie and cooewaptioit  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  hMwaa ttegsee^jMipeierity by its  pxeenjt. cures ef taja Meet common  ailamtt. U &fcla aaryesteratioa, relieves fee lulls* ami eaena the  ���������acsetSeoe, eficctisf a afteedjr and  jwasaMiewt eiase. It ewaateracts  ajy-tejaleercjr te*i<ax������i paeiMueaia..   .   I  - ^Prie* 25c, targe Size 50c.   J  !  I  Fresh  *%/^  Groceries  WE  ARE  RECEIVING FRE  SII CROCERTES  EVERY DAY.  WE  AIM  TO  PLEASE OUR   CUSTOMERS   AND   WE  GUARANTEE  TIIE QUALITY OF   OUR  GOODS,  OTHERWISE       WE  .     CHEERFULLY   EXCHANGE - THE   ARTICLE.  SPECIALS FOR TODAY  MILCHNER HERRING in Ktgs  Good Island POTATOES #1.00 per sack  FRUIT of   all   kinds. FRESH EGGS and  y COWICHAN   BUTTER  Always on hand. ,  . ������ .   *  I  SIMON LEISER & CO- Ltd.  OATAORE 8T  lAITV SMITE  HB  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor/  (ist|Aveniie)  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call esiiv and  get your choice  *S3SSib^3S2Sh2^.5  ���������SJsiSfiiSEgESE?^  Hammer  Guns at  20 PR CENT  Discount for  CASH  Saturday Bargains  We have decided to reduce  ^oiirstook of  HAMMER GUNS  So  offer  these snaps  for  Saturday.  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  H'lRlrOf  '���������"TCIF  I \  -   J  CLOCKS  JEWELRY  Repaired on the premises,   charges  moderate  B.FORCIMriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX      Ledysmilh,   B. C  k  Stoves  We are makin? thsrn 01 ths Nswist    Pattern "and -Lates**-  Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY  WORK  Our Prices are Reason a   hie ��������� ������������������������������������ i'i ''���������:���������  SEE OUR    NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S VVINDOWS.  \ and at L-zdyiirii'h Hardware'Ccrop.any ��������� ".  LAD YSniTH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD,  Dr. Dier's office is open evenings  and appointments can be nuule" for  work at any tim������ through the week.  Only first-class' dental work is turned out and it is done at reu.sona.lriY  prices st  BOOTS  AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing  and  m&klng to order   a  speciality.  THOriAS   MCEWAIN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Dr.  PAINTING,  PAPEKMANGINQ  I2TC.  Work done properly and at    rlp^*  priees.     Shop and  residen.ee In  reai  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  J.  E. SMITH, Prop  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT?ALL HOURS.  Pr  \.    J  Merchant  La ciis'.rrcl Gents'  Order.  rs  t Icihes A"ade  PERFECT FIT GUARANTY ���������' >,  LADY5MITH,   B. C.


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