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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 24, 1905

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 I  Ladysmith Daily Ledger  -.    ft^SLATIA'E ASSEMBLY  f.,-  . NOV 2 7 .1906  '-   - "^?*Y-\ r- i /-.      P,>  ^ft  ������W__W BBW-JfrHW^gg-  VOL.2,  FRIDAY  NOV  24.   1905  PRICE FIVE    CENTS  at  WILL PROBABLY  APPEAL TO COUNTRY  Thought   Cabinet    Arrived  This Decision at Meeting  Today  Cam  PEACEFULLY  DO THEY  SI  y  0F SOCKEYE FRY  FOR THE RIVER  iWILL C.R3Y MAIL 16  ARCTIC %im  ipbell  -Bannerman  in  ot Irish Home Rule  Bill  Favor  ���������:.o:���������  \ Many millions of sockeye fry will  he turned from thc hnicheries on thc  Fraser liver this -season to make  their way to the deep waters of the  ocean arid to lcturn four years hence  and again run the g-auntlet of dangers in the Sound and in   thc   river  formed   persons   go so   far   as to  lhat  Mr.   Balfour will go from  say  meeting to King FA ward with the resignations of himself and other mem-  beis  ui      the cabinet.    Conservatives  ale ui  favor oi   the resignation of the  cabinet,   winch   Mill   i^aee  the Liber-  m  Loidui,   Nov.  2-1.���������Today  thc cabinet had to decide upon thc resigning  or  temporary   prorogation  of       the  Balfou; ministry,  all  members  being  present except the Marquis of Salisbury,    president  of   the   Board       oi  '^Mr"Balfour's hand  was  weakened  'als on  the defensive  in easc&rHe,,  by the resignation of the Marquis ���������I ' ry Ca,,.PLc.^Ba,i������crm*n conwnU.     to  "     ,     , -i4    . t\ ... ������������������   form acubmct.   hut, thc  radicals say  London* dry, president of the council   ,u"-'" " ������-"���������������   <* ��������� ���������  ,     .,.      *        ��������� ~ lhat  the  resienation  will only mean  which took eftect a few days ago.,     , mat  i.ie  i^y      " >  The   question,,  arose whether  Uic    <lis.solut.oi.,     as fair Ilenrj, it  collective resignation of  the m.nisiry   jested   to   form   a min.stiy     j  preferable to  the wradtt-    certainly dcclme  to  do so until  Truly     association footballers     of  Ladysmith are a curious aggregation,  nice fellows, all of-thorn, but curious.  Onlyjjncesincc  they 'came buck from  Portland,"champions    of thc  Coast,'  have they  awakened  from  a peaceful   ^  slumber into which  they fell as soon fon   their way back  to  lhc spawning  SiiuniKi.  mw ������������������,i1Jlor,������������������'grounds.    Hundreds   of   thousands  of  as the noi.es _of J.'Sec tnc Oonimeung   *>  ���������llcio      Comes'"'     died   away.    Tlicy  awoke once since  that  time,   but instead of Keeping .their'.eyes open they   city  nursing the tiny-creatures,     !)()  -11   asleep  again,   and   still  slumber  'percent,   of  which  will   develop into  ....   as.cep, aga.      . (._cv,   ff>o([ ^ .^ ^ ^^  on.     Thc time of their awuke.uugUe-     ^^ ^  ^  ,1(>{|i|Tlcll,ly  itl got.  for rod to was when they got _togcth- ym^ SI,awI1  rol.  tlie hatcheries,     gc-  cr  in   the Bowery and  organized for  'cording to the reporkof  Fish    Coin-  he     sockcyes reached the spawning  rounds this fall  and  the hatcheries  aie   all being op'eraled to  their capa-  the 'this  year and elected  olhcers.     Bub jmissioncr  liahcock of- British Cohiin-  'that was  two  weeks ago,-and  since Via, ^d  the greater part of the sal-  Ihcii  we  have  not   Heard  a word  of  ,������������>������   lhat succeed   in   reaching        the  them,  except in  regard   to   a- benefit shallows at thc headwaters of     the  ,    . ��������� , river have hcen allowedftheir freedom  concert. | . -  It really pu/./.lcs     one to discover   and^  have     spawned  111.  the   natural  the  cause,  and  this  morning  a Led- .wa-'\ J''".,.,  gcr man was asked what the idea ' U ,s "ow ������*Um thatvwhile the  of selecting olhcers and all that sort "������'��������������������������� "* <isl> Wat reached the spaw  of  thing   was  if thc-v  never  intended    "������"-"  "������������'������'������ ^''ve^-is far ���������m,lc,  would not be preferable to  the girad  ' al   disintegrction.    It   is   understood  the members of the cabinet favored a  dissolution  ol  parliament and an appeal to the electorate.   Should this  couisc  be  decided  upon,   a general election'will lake place early ^in     the  new  year.      it  is thought this decision  will  be. made,  as  it  is the gen-  eial      impression   that   the  Liberals  would decline to form a government  before a general election.  ���������.������:���������  London,  Nov.   '���������.���������Tremendous   "activity is  manifested  m political  circles  touay,   consequent  on  the circii-  , .<������-..*      j   wen loundul  leporls   that  Premier     L.illour -has  decided       to  biing hij> ministry  to a close and  to  .nrixtiy  appeal   to   the  country.    Ru-  liiuis regarding uie resignation of tho  eaLmet, and thc diss nuuon of parliament,   haie     toeen     thick  for  three  ���������' nontiis     past  but when two of the  leading government organs today sug  gested  the iruuicdiato  resignation  of  thc  ricmiir,   on   account  of   unmentionable* breeches of the Unionist party over the fiscal question,  the ''suggestion"  was   looked  upon  as  having  been inspired by Mr. Balfour himself.  Thisi was strengthened  by  thc  knowledge that prior to the publication of  the  editorials   Mr.   Balfour   met certain influential  poisons at his official  residence  m   Downing  street.     These  two  fa,cts   when coupled   led   to   thc  belief that thc Pr-emicr had intimated  at the conference'his'intention to resign and as he just returned  from    a.  visit to  Kurg     Edward at Windsor  Castle, it t������m- vHr-.-f.vftt: _et rlis Majesty hid  been  informed of Mr.   Bai-  foui's  intention      to  lesign.   Beyond  tins, however,  there is not the slight  est     official-confirmation'of'the report.  AH politica,'  interest centre^ 'n the  cabinet meeting  to be held toinoirow  ab   which  it is understood   the  situation will be discussed.   Some ,weii iri-  re-  wouhl  the  verdict of the people became known.  The Liberal  papers  point out     that  while Mr.  Balfour   may  attempt this  "tactical, move"  they-arc conh'flcnt  it  will fail on  every' sue,  ;>nd that,  therefore,  the, dissolution  of parliament  ' is ' bclieived to be* imminent.  There is  no thought,  however,  that  a political    campaign   will fee   forced  prior     to the beginning of the year  with elections somewhere about  the  end of  January.  The Associated  Press ^understands  that forces have teen at work inside  the party for some      time to   bring  about   tbe     present   situation.    One  prominent Unionist recently wrote to  the Premier, asking' whether it would  be disloyal if he introduced eai ly in  the n-3xt  session, a resolution bringing the  whole fiscal ..question square-.  ly  before  the House.   He told'    the  Premier that,the Unionists "got tired  of being twitted concerning their attitude on the fiscal question, in   the  last' term of  parliament,   where they  repeatedly declined  to take pait   in  the dcbaUs or   divisions , in deference  to the wishes of Mr. Balfour.     The  Premier's reply   was   not  given out,  but the Associated,Press understand*;  that in  any event the Unionists     in  tended to push such a resolution, whuiY  they believed it would mean the defeat of the movement.  Tins     morning's paPers ars unanimous in   their  belief  tliat  thc meeting of the cabinet  today  will result  in the resignation of     Premier i!al-  four.   'lhe speech of Sir Henry Cam-  pbcll-Bannerman  at  Sterling is.  the  subject   cf much comment  owing  to  his downright  adoption of Home Rule  for Iicland as a plank of thc Liberal  platform.      Thc Daily Telegraph  expresses its elation in an editorial .<.ud  contends  that Sir Henry  is 'thereby  driving  a wedge  into Ins  own   -.vry  infinitely  more  destructive  than  the ,  rift existing iii the  Unionist Marty.  to give an'exhibition of their-play.  Not once luivo they been on the  field for practice since they leturneil  from Portlan.I, while in other cities  on the coast players are already out  practicing,  pieparing arid  getting in  ning grounds thus' year 4s far grcalci  than last, the fish were>fewer than  four years ago. But the hatcheries  are now in a state oP-development  that will go a long way in equalizing the decrease in the.number of  fish.     Millions of the sfpawn       that  Two Members of the N  West Mounted  Police  Leave Vancouver on Amur  With Mail for Fort  .I"  McPl e son  ire mm  LUMBER CO., LTD.,  The last  issue cf the Gazette contains- the following'  I hereby  certify lhat  "The Nanaimo  Lumber  'Co.,   Limited,"   has this  day    been   incorporated under     the  "Comjianits  Act,  1897," as  a Limited Company, with a capital of    one  hundred  and   fifty   thousand   dollars,  divided  into  fifteen hundred  shares of  one ������ unci red dollars each.  Given .under  nrjr hand  und  seal of  ollicc at   Viclon'a,  Pro\riiee   of  British  Colirnnbia- this   13th  day   of No  S. Y. W00TON,  Rcg.'strai  oT Joint  Stock   Companies.   -o   LICENSES FOR  SETTLERS ONLY  practicing,  pieparing aim  getting m- ,                 .            -   /  to shape to   challenge   the champions u'������ui(1 .otherwise l.c destroyed on the  of the coast.   In  what  sort  of form lia/L'ra'  spawnmg grounds  or devom-  wiU  the champions be when the dial- ������'  l>*, UlC tr������Ut a,,d b?rds wiH     be  lenge comes?   W 11 they, without prac lender^ cared for  m the government  lice,   be  in good   enough shape,     to n"���������������su?iil  the eggs have hatched  keep  the* laurels  they  won at Port- "J"1 ,hc. fi;'" have attained  a s,-,e and  land?   Or  aie they willing to  be, dc- ^rc.gu. Wiat,will enable them, to a  featcd bv   teams  from  other citiesv f,mi������ ^      Protect.themselves from  Every'footballer,   lo  the last,  will ,hc,r, "f1"1'1111  enemies*    A num-bcr of  surclv answer:  "I should sav  not!" 'fv "atchenes have been  built on the  It 'is, however, very evideni      thai ^ riV.er ���������"'"'e last four years   and  Ladysmith will-not be able to keep .lhcr    ���������l���������t���������<*   is becoming  more  lhe honors the team has  won      for , *mt"  more rca,lKcd ������s' the destruction  her      in   the  world  of sport     unless  those v   men turn   out   and  practice.  Once the ball is started rolling. The  is  confident the  boys   will be  out  regulaily     enough,   getting  into  shape  to "defeat  all  comers. ,     They  just .want awaking.   The- secretary of  the club announces  that  there  is to  be  a,practice  on   the  morning:  oftlie  20Ui   and it is to   be hoped   thfc   boys  will  he up irr  lime for  it.    Then, 'in  a week or  two,   we shall  find   them,  all   the old spiiil  for  battle  rcvi\cd.  facing on  the field  thc foothtillcis of  some neighboring  town.  n   of lire fish continues.   --o-  GIVEN UP  FOR LOST  t Vancouver, Nov. 23.���������In a few days  clocloi in the Russian army, who is  (he'smoke of many lodges willascend  on Nootka Sound. In the Indian  ' encampment there lived 22 of the il I���������  'fated schooner- Fawn, -which since  she sailed out 'across the Pacific  months ago, has not been heard of,  and which has now been given  upas  lest.     Rev.    A.  E.  Green, Dominion  "  RING- .'. ' ': ��������� l  Jimmy . Britt is unkind enough    to j  say that Bob Fitzsimmons is :��������� some  more "easy money" for Jack O'Brien-  that the Philadelphia real estate agent only.takes on that kind.   Maybe  Britt is right, Fitzsimmons has not  fought for. nearly  two years:     That  last  bout- was  with   George Gardner  at  San ���������Francisco.    Although he won  he  was  not   the, old-time  Bob.     Yet  he says,  despite  the long rest,   that  ho    can  beat    Jack O'Brien,  who  is  ���������just a little over half his age and in  -his prime.  John L. -Sullivan's father was     a  small    man.      Of   course,  he  wasn't  German. -One day when John was in  the full /lower of his  power lie met  the  old   gentleman   and  grasped   bis'  Jiaiid  with  a degree  of warmth   that  evinced more filial affection  than care  for the paternal  digits.  "You  think you're a strong     man,  don't yo.u?"  said  Mr.  Sullivan,   Sr.  , '"Well,", replied  John,   "I'm       the  Champion of thc World."  "Champion  of  the  world,  arc you'j  This    with fine  irony.    "There men  in Ireland that would break you     in  two Kith wan shlap o'the hand."  -?Sulli>'4B. always  took a boyish  da-  liglit in telling this story.   o   Vernon now has a high-class private  school, or college. Oit is entering upon its third year. It receives a certain amount or assistance from (he  Provincial Government. Vernon is a  very pretty little city situated in thc  Okanagiair valley, and ��������� justly celejh|u.t-  ed as in a splendid agricultural sec  tion with a climate that would  ���������trd to improve.  FAME-S PATHWAY.  ProfcBsor Sattiaiidhan from the  Presidency allege, Madras, -India, delivered five lectures at the Harvard  theological seminary^ He has had a  brilliant career as teacher and author in his native country.     ,  United States Senator Frank B.  Brandegee, the new member., from  Conneticut, has a particular fad for  the planting of trees and the cultivation of shrub.'hory and vegetation >  of one sort or another, and his favorite line of reading  is  biology.  Albert Kredericci,  at onc time      a  famous operatic baritone,  now practically'-controls     the roast "dieslimit  trade of  New   York city,  having     in  his employ  air  average of  .10-11  attendants on his roasters.    He lost   his  voice through bronchial  trouble years  ago.       He began  irr  a Sixth  avenue  basement.       Now   he   is  a   man   of  substance     and every  ���������summer visits  Italy.  A'firm of Baltimore architects has  drawn plans for a building without  any wood iir its construction. It, wall  be six stories in height, the entire  structure to be reinforced concrete  and,steel. Even the doors, window  sashes,  and door jambs will |pe      of  metal. ,   : .^   OUTS NEW YOmi 8  "100'j TO "79 "���������'  New  York,  Nov.   21.���������"Mrs.   Astor,  recognized   leader   of Society,   gave   a  dinner toniglil   at  her   Fifth   Avenue i r   ,   ,. ^���������   ;������������������,   ������������������t  residence in honor of Admiral Prince   ln^or     of     ^ ������** ������? 'f*  Louis of  UaUonlrrg and incidentally   ba<*   from a   inp to the  west coast  she cut down New York's most exclusive cortTi-iu from- "400" to "7')"  for there were exactly 70 imited to  meet the royal visitor. Everything  attending this first (ralhcnng of "70"  was framed in magnificence, limited  only by faultless good taste. "Jt was  (he nearest approach of an American  salon 1o which thc royal visitor  eouidbe biiiden. '���������������������������.���������.* ;-  The "7!)" were served on the Astor gold dinner service. Throughout  the dinner Victor Herbert's orchestra played. Only 'four young girls  were present. They were Alice Roosc  veit, Evelyn Burden,. Mabel Gerry  and'Natica'Rives.  Among  t-lie married   couples  chosen  membejn oi' the  "70"  were Mr. and  Mrs.  Harry Lehr,  Colonel and Mrs.  John      Jacoil    Astor,   Mr.  and Mrs.  Robert  J.   Co'lier, Mr.   arid  Mrs.   J.  L.   Van      Alen.   Mr.  and Mrs.  Paul  iVluiton, Mr. and Mrs. John. R. Drcx-  el,  Mr.   and Airs.   Arthur  Isclin,  Mr.  and Mrs.  Oliver  If.  P.   Belmont, Mr.  and ..Mrs.   Elisha.  Dyer,  Mr. and Mrs.  Stuyvcnsifit    Fi*h.  Other   individuals  incliiileii were: Mrs. Vandei'bilt. Lieutenant Sowerly,  Mrs.   A.  Ladeubei'g,  Alfo/iso   I.V   N'ava.i ro,   Angus I.       Del-  nn'nt, C.  \'anderbiil-. ���������  of Vancouver >slnnd, says that the  Nootka men aboard the lost vessel  were the strongest in the tribe and  there is sadness and sorrow down  thc sound which Captain Cook made  fames'  "The l,iile have got icady the 'ic-  tas' of the lost, Indians,'- he said,  "which means their household "belong  ings, clothes and other possessions,  and these, in accordance.''with established custom, will be burned and  their houses also.i*  It seems that it is the belief among some of the Indians that ���������their  spirits cannot. joyfully enter the  happy     hunting   grounds      until   fire  has passed over their earthly possessions.  Mr. Green further reports that the  weather has jfceiir terribly stormy ..along the west coast. At C-iayojriuot  two Indians were caught out in the  Sound. Their craft was overturned  but they managed to got on thc bottom of the canoe. Rev. Mr. Stone  and a number of Indians, pluckily  put out. to rescue them and, despite  the danger, succeeded iir saving the  half-drowned  pair.  Air exciting story of John McLean  breaking jail and of his rc-arcsl, is  also   I old    by  Mr.    Green.        McLean  Speaking of what: a newspaper does I w,ls c"auSllt' ������" thc ln(,ian    rcscrve al  for.   the   cnmiruirfily,   United   Slates  j l-May..w|Hot.,   wil-l,   whiskey   in  his   pos-  <in.   .,��������� 'session.   '   Ile   was  put   in   the skoo-  kinii     house,  but  it     was not sk-oo-  He broke  jail  and got on  New \Vcntmin������ler, Nov. 24.���������A radical change in the granting of fishing licenses for the F'laser river has  been proposed, and,is being heartily  appro\('d by the business men and  m-.'i ny  canners-.  \  three thousand mile iiip into the  lasincsscs  or the frozen  north,  fai ije  yond civinzalion. und almcst to t��������� |,w1lt)0rj ol���������. Ui.uisai.d nine humlicd  iittei'uiost .limits of human habitation'ami live,  ���������s the ha/anions jouiney. on which  two members of the Northwvst Monn  ted Police sailed last night/im l.iie  steamei Amui, says a Varii'ouvci dispatch.  Tl.c men  who ;.rc undcl'iaking   tins  hazardous trip are Sergeant S   Fitzgerald  and      Constable  C.   Walker oi  lhc Eorthwcss   "Mounted   Police,   and  until   recently  oi  Rcgina.    Then   mission   is   to cany   niaii   afid   a lfinited  ipiantity  ol   medical-supplies  to    the  iloet   of   eleven wljaicis   which ..   aie  frozen   m   for  tbe  winter  at llei&chci  Island,   far within  the Arctic Circle.  The men are being suit by  lhe     Dominion   Government,   and   Lhc  tup   is  all  thc  more hazardous .from thc faot  that it is to be made right" n"?      the  middle of the long Arctic sunless win-  lei. .   -f ^  Seigeant Fitzg'crja'icl' and Sonstabie  iVaiker arrived frohi, .Uie East on  ATonday and rcgistcrfcl'sat Die Corn-  nicrciai, and booked passage on the  steamer Amur last night. The tup  they have commenced is attracting  n uch attention1   fiom tbe tact that  raiiy even among experienced noi them tra\ elers arrd mushers do not believe it is possible to successfully accomplish it  Yd these haidy representatives of  U.i-vanu'ardc/r in the laind of midnight sun not- only propose to make  the tiip safely and return a'tcr a  week's "rest among the imprisoned  whalers, but later in the stason they  ,titeud making another trip with  mail and supplies. This second tup  is expected to i>e made some tnui ui  the latter end of February, or the  l.rsl week :n March���������just before the  nails get broken up and when Uie  whalmg fleec is getting icady to es-  rape irom ihe giasp of tho frost,  king  Despite the perilous nature of the  tnp the men legard it lightly. To a  press represeiiil|.,tivci Scrgt. ritz^r-  aid said'  The round trip from Regina up, to  .Merscbci Island and back will cover  a distance ol appioxmialeiy six thousand miles, and wc expect to be hack  son.e tune nc\t May or June We  are/not taking anything no.th with  us, beyond a >e\v personal belongings,  for wc shall secure our outfits in  Dawson There will bo live eM*'*1'diced   members      of   the party. Ins des  cliff house,  ' Victoria.  10 THE GROUND  Victoria,. Nov.  21.���������About 1.30 this  morning /ire was discovered in     the  rear   of  the Cliff  House,  situated  at  Clover Point, about two miles   from  town.   The fire department was called  out by telephone and  Chief Watson and the chemical engine and hose  carts started for the blaze. 'On   ar- ���������  riving there    it was seen that there  ���������was  no  chance to save thc buildings  which were ofwoodaad very old. Tho  firemen  devoted  their  energies      to  sivin-r adjacent barns and outhouses,  arrd   irr    this- they    were successful.  Hut   the hotel  itself was  completely  i  destroyed,    as    there was no  water  f j     ' '  supply available for thciengiaes.    c  The Cliff House was onc, of      the  oldest of the road houses .in      this  part of the province, and  was erected in the sixties.   Until U2 years ago  it  was known  as Henley's hotel, and  was  a well-known resort among the  okl-tiniers.  censes should be identified jjy  tjhc fish  ery   officer  or ' by a reputable citizen.  before Lhe Hoense was issued  to_jiim.  The business men of this city " lire  ll is thut only bona 'fide settlers, greatly in favor of the change, as  or property-owners, should have the ^ey sky it would have-the effect of  priMlege of securing licenses. Tins diving a large number of desirable ,  would, of course, uulude all Indians hitlers to the disUict. The sug-  of the province, whether they owned'gestion-is a.so known to have      the  property or not. !heartv supIJolt of a larSe 'l"1^ ������  The Strongest point urged in favor I canners,     while the bona fide fisher  men   of the  F;a3cr  River  are,  course, in favor of it.  of  of   lhe' suggestion   is   that  it   would  do  away entirely  with the undesira  ble clement which genejally  gathers   , <��������� ���������  .  alona the riveivduring thc fishing-seal Dickcns' "01d Cu'"iosity Sh������P 1S,  son," and is the cause of nearly aU:No 13 of-the streel where lit stands  the trouble a*d disturbances which ,near Lincoln Inn fields. Itis- now.  occnl. j owned     hy a waste paper merchant,  It is claimed that many of this **o is enterprising enough to carry,  clement are hoii'ps and worthless char, on, besides his professional trade, a  actcrs from the South, ^ho come up (business in seltingJJickens souvenirs:  to the  Fraser liver just for the fish- **   "*"  "^  ing season,  and make false  deelara-  On" a seismograph at Silma, India,^'  ing season,  and niaue laise  ueciara-  i    " ���������*." =,���������'��������� ���������   -     ,������.-      .    ���������.,-  Irons     regarding their being British presented   to the meteorological dc-.  subjePis partment by Professor Ormon,,  the  ^ Thc" 'supporters  of   thc  proposed Japanese earthquake expert, the shock  change also suggest that' should %he caused by the blowing up ��������� of     ..the  licenses be  limited to settlers     and steamship Chatham in. the Suez can-  Indians, ail sctllcis who apnly for li-al, 2,500 miles away, was   recorded.  T SWEAR AS HE  COULDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH  But Colored Witness Shocks the  Court by Giving a Sample ofj  Language Used  People's ideas of sweating diTcr. as tic drunk but he certainly did not  myseii and Constable Walker. "Wc c.v-'Wa.s plainly shown by the c.idcnceot swear, for he did not know any En-  pccl   to leave   Daw sun   about   Decern- "      *"        "        "'"'",  a coioied  bei   10,   and  commence the long  tnp!   ,  .1 j  .���������     ���������    ,,     ,    , t! the co.urt  over the mountains ui the darkness of I  the northern winter to Fort'' JlcPhcr- }Cntlcnflar  son,  on 'the Maclenzie .river.-'   From jt'ana v.ith  there we will go down the  river and : hreakinc  a  nrtii   we come to  Hcrsch-ci  island,  or  i lirt   the shore of  tho  Arctic   ocean  wherever  gcrrtieman i-n the city po-  last evening.      Constable  charged   Christian   Ch-ris-  disturhing the peace and  w-iiiilow in the house  of  .Mrs. '1 ait, and     F. Winlicid, colored,  S.   Swanson  and      J.   Okonson  with  we find-the whaling. Heet lereulin'g a disturbance and using pro-  iiave been froz.cn in- The trip. from, j tt"*- language o-n the streets. AH  Dawson l\i Fort:iMacphcrsoiv.will take ������u'"' we-rc" members of the crew of  from   twenty-live  to  thirty   days,  dc- , lhe S.  !S.  Kcider.  now coaling at the  Senator  Davis,   of   Illinois,  made  an  address   that  remains   ever  green   in  ,  the  memory of newspaper men.     Hc ;CI10lIS '���������  .,,,!������������������, i      i ithc steamer Queen City.     When that  said:    "Kvery  year  every  local >">���������������������_ i " ^ < J  pending  on   the  weather.  '���������When we find the imprisoned wha.1  ,crs it will be our duty to deliver the  mail and collect duty from the American whalers for the Dominion government. Also to "see that no. liquor  is being sold to the native Hskimos.  After a week or ten days' stay among thc winners we shall commence  the return trip to Dawson. The date  of the second trip will largely he  governed ny thc weather proba'-ili' i s  Wc will have about fi\e hinu're-d  I oiinds- of mail to lake in on 11 iis  trip."  whan".  ! .with    .first  ; drunk   and  ' might ha\o  he  Chrissy  case, .was dcni  iii-ct he  admittc-d  being  llir.Aving    stones.      lie  hit. a window  with one.  NOTICE.  The Rath bone Sisters extend       an  , invitation to all Knights of Pythias  every  local newspaper gives from  500   to 5,000     free  lines  for   the benefit of  tbe community   in which it is   located.   No   other  i .   ,  -,,   ,     ,,���������      m        ,���������   i then pub  in  a  lail  it was hard to get  ajroncy can or will  do  this.   Thc cdr- I ' ���������  tor   inpro'pprMon   to  his   means  does |  vessel reached Kuciiiuct Const -aiblc  Cox, of Albenii went aboard and put  the    handcuffs  on    McLean,  who   was  m0re for In's owrr   town   than any  other  man.    He ought to  be supported  not   because you   happen  tolike   him  or   admire  his   writing,   but  because  a   local   paper   is the   best  investment  a community can   make.    It may not  be  crowded with  great   thought,  but  financially, it is of more benefit than  both    preacher  and   teacher.   ��������� Today  editors    do   more for  less pay than  out   of.  Mr. (I recti, says there, is great activity at Mosquito harbor, where Americans are putting  in   a big sawmill.  Oats originated in Northern Africa  England ju king's footmen wear  wigs which have eight rows oi curls  whereas those of the Prince of Wales  ���������   ,..*..������..���������,.������!. -~ o  -- -j     any  man  on earth.    Patronize- your ,    .  be'and a lady to a banquet to be given   home paper, not as a charity, but assure allowed     seven, and  those of the  Ion Tuesday, Nov. 28th. No admission) an investment." j Lord Mayor of Londoft are given six  [only,  j     A  Western  editor   has  come  to  the.  | conclusion lhat lh(:s'e desiring "puffs"  j in his faper must pay for them, and  dias established the following prices:  For telling the public that a nwn is  a successful citizen when everybody  mule, $2.70; referring to a deceased  knows   he  is as lazy   as  a government  iciliz-cn  as  one   who   is  mourned    by  tli^ entire'community  wlven  we know  he will only be missed bya poker circle,   $10.00:   referring   to   some   gal.v  vantin-ir       female        as      an  estimable    lady      whom   itis .a pleasure  to  meet,      when     every business man in  town  would rather see the devil coming,   $8.10;   calling   an   ordinary   pulpit   pounder  an eminent,  divine,  sixty  cents;   sending   a doughty   sinner     to  heaven,  $5.00.  At; ail  e\ents he 1 leaded guilty.    The  court   detuning  it     necessary   to  take  .Korne evidence.', Thc     counsel   for  the  piosi i-.'itinii. Mr . Russell- Simpson,  .Called  I lie proprietor cf the Lvstdnsion  llniei.      who     ]Tc.ducod a pavkage of  stones     which   he   said   the   defendant  had  brought     info his   hotel   and  laid  upon the.   counter.     He had not seen  him   throw  at  the window.   Winfield.  the    colored      individual,    beard   the  stone  hit  the     window and  although  he knew      ii. was I brown by someone  in  the    gang lu-could     not say who  the culprit     was.     This finished the  Christian ia case and the others were  charged   with  using profane  language.  Winlicid  pleaded not   guilty,   Okonson  a     Dane,   said     he was drunk, so  he  could   not say    whether he .used  had  language,    or  not-   "You had  better  say if     you     are guilty or   not," oh-    .    .        ������..,.  served Justice Stewart.   "But I don-t   l:n���������Z  know," ob.'eclcd the pane, then seeing  the  court     was  becoming impa-  ticrl,    ������������������wen,   I  plead  guilty."     The  memory    of       "Mr. Fwauson-.     whom  the Constable said had made himself  understood in  English with ease, sud  deiily    deserted him      and he said be  could not     understand a wor-d-     An  iiiterpreter was sworn m and said  . that ���������Swanson admitted he was a lit  glislr sweai words. It was impossible   for    him     to swear  in English.  "Did you swear in any other tongue, " was asked, and Swanson  seemed to understand what was said  for he laughed heartily;. A resident  of the city being called said he distinctly heard bad language going on  in the party and he thought he heard  irt':nisonjs voice saying things, far  too dreadful to repeat. Winfield said  first of all that therc_had-l.cen no  swearing at all, then"closely"questioned by counsel, said there might  have been a little, but nothing that  he considered bad. "-What- did you  hear?" asked counsel. "Oh,��������� ���������  ��������� j', a fearfui oath. Witness repeated  it with a smile, observing that it  was not very bad. Thc court gasped, and the c unsci expressing a wonder as to what witness would term  profane language, hc of the dusky  countenance explained that on board-  ship one got so used to hearing bad  language that hc thought nothing  whatever of such yiiild oaths as he  had justrepcatcd. Thc information  against Winlicid was withdrawn, for  which the court expressed regret, Mr  Stewart,believing that he was as  bad as the rest. His worship came,  lo the conclusion that Swanson, in  spite of his professed ignorance of  the language knew enough to swear  pretty freely, J and hc lined the Nor-  ..-������������������- and costs, $12.   Chris  tian! a was fined $10 for his offense,  the cost of the window he had broken. $5, ,and $2 costs, $17. -Okonl  son,the young man who pleaded guilty because he was not sure if he Was  guilty or not. was fined $7.50 and  $2 costs, $9.50.  The colored man, still smiling.  sweetly, left thc court, while' his  friends wrote orders for the ^nounts  ion the captain of the ship.  v4  <-.<"5. DAILY LEDGER  *essm  TO DAILY LEDGER  published   every  day except Sunday.  BY       THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   ?RICE  80 cents  a  month,    ?5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  I'RIDAY   .NOV   24,   1905  "virago SOUND  The following account  oi the. naming of     Virago Sound,   Queen Charge Islands, will probably be oi interest'  Virago . Sound, ,    Morseby Island,  Queen     SharioU-e      Islands.    Vuago  Rock, rorlier Pass, named 1S53, after  I-I.M.  paddle sloop  ot war  Viargo, G  guns,  Commander  James C. Provost  This  vessel  was  commissioned Uth of  August,   1851.   and   Paid   oil  August,  180T>.   During lhe coiri'iiiission she had  three commanders,   William   Houston  Stewart; James Charles Provost, who  ' had  been commander of  tbe flagship  Portland,   Rear-Admiral   Sir Fairflax  Morseby, on   ' Uiis station; and  Edward     Marshall.    George  A.  Inskip,  master  of  the   Virago,   made  a survey.,of the Sound and Nadcn Harbor,  and the     names  to the  points,  etc.  were given by Capt.  Provost and the  master.    Alary and   Jorey  Points, on  the   west  side   of   the   Sound,   after  Miss Mary  Jorey,  who,  in  1855,  became Mrs.   Inskip.    George  and   Inskip  Points  on , the cast  shore,  after  Captain   Inskip.    Bain   and   Isabella  Points,   after   Archibald   Bain,   chief  engineer of the Virago,   and his wife,  and     Hassan    Bay,  on  the western  shore oi the Sound,  after a Turkish  na\al officer who was serrving at the  time on the Virago.   The survey was  made in tbe summer of 1853.  Virago  Rock,  Porlicr  Pass,       was  named    on     account  of  the Virago  striking on  it  when passing  through  this  channel     to   Nanaimo and  the  . North,  13th  April,  18531    Not  much  damage was done,, but  on arrival at  Port Simpson  she was  beached    for  repairs to the keel,  17th  June       to  12th July.   The Virago.Rock in Porlicr Pass dries at a very low tide.  During   her  commission   on       this  station," ISa'J, war  with  Russia  was  declared  by  Great' Britain,  and    the  Virago was one of "the combined British and  French  fleet  that made  the  unsuccessful attempt to capture  Pc-  tropaidovski  in   August  of that year.  On   the     7 th  September  the   whole  fleet of six \essels made for  Estriii-  malt', having lost in  the attack   55  officers and men killed and onc hundred and ninetv-forr wounded.  Subscribers who do not receive the  Ledger regularly will confer a lavor  on the publishers if they will drop a  post-card to that effect, or leave  word at tbe office. Every effort is  made to have papers delivered regularly, but it is not always possible.  If wears not notified that a-paper is  not regularly delivered we have no  way  of knowing   this   and correcting  he mistake.  ^       DAVID SPENCER      s.  (Nanaimo) Ltd.  Something Doing on Saturday  (NANAIMO MADE)  $3.00 Miners^ Shoes for $200  Sizes 5 to 10  We puicbased  the entire sleek  of  Nanaimo  Factory  Mining   Shoes   ^7  at a very low figure,  which  allocs us  to male thc extraordinary  'ol":'er.   These- have always bee" classed as first class shoes, in fact  Iliave proved lo i<e the superio r  of ail  others.     The regular wholesale price was  ���������j.2.25,  the ntaii price    wi-.i  S2 75  ai.d   S3 00-.      Our  l price���������Sale starts V!  Saturday, per Pair $2.00  Hl"Y ONE. TWO, OR THREE PAIRS. YOU'LL SAVE MONEY.  bar suppukd'withbrs-  WINliS.WCjUORS, CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  .....   '  ���������   *~m���������     er,ipn<������d himtine and fishing in near vicinity.  Be9taccomodation in town.   Splendid hunting LADYSMITH, B. C  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo itsslway  ��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������**��������� ���������*���������*<���������>  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  at  and   Sup-.  PORTLKND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  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I  Civet Is a pasty, yellowish substance j  that is taken from a pouch near certain '  glands of tbe civet cat, which is found ,  in Abyssinia.    It is first of a yellow- !  Ssh color- that gradually turns darker. It :  has a strong musky odor that to many  is very disagreeable, but by many women it is considered an indispensable  article in the perfumery line.  BrwiB^f ja  ^wii.ii^  ���������FOR BOYS  is a great Boot for lhat  ''haram-sGarum" son of  gS yours-   <���������  |������    It is rc'arle of all lea-  M ther and the best of  $ findings, to si and hard *]&  knocks- ip  Yet it is a gracefu ||  [ boot. too. as' .Boy's ������������  I Boots go.      .<  II Just as "well made  nd of as honest eath-  &r as our Mens' Boots-  Tell your shoe dealer that 7011 want "TEE  LE0KIE BOOT and  look for the trademark  on the sole  A  Lous  Jleiil,  A Madrid restaurant keeper has sued  a woman for a meal. He swea'rs that  she ate and drank without ocasihs  from 8 p. in. to 2 a. m.  Ills Stock of English.  A Welshman on the witness stand j  in court was asked whether be could j  speak English. IT.e-sard be knew enough |  English to ask for beer, ami that wa������ j  enough for him.  Colds|  It should be borne is mind that  every c������ld weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepare* the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  ha* won its great popularity by its  promot cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a apeedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  asry tendency toward pneumonia.  t   Pric������ 25c. Urge Sine 50c.   .  ^a sHHaaaB ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ^^  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ?st. Avenue  Ladysmith B. C.  WM. MQNSIE,  President  J. W.   COBURN, Alan.  Dlrnctor  ! Telephone*J46.  The   Lad) smith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT  FIDDK'K   AND   LADY SMITH-Shingles   ������  Specialty.     *  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and   Finishing     Limbec ia ^ Stock  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent hoarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comiort-  a <ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  d-te. Rates $1.00 a day and *p-  w \rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  E>������lanad������ :������-: :���������: :���������: >-��������� "Ladysmltn  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,|  &Co.9 Ltd  HOTEL DOMINION  '    ���������RateH $1:25 and$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landing* and  railway depots.   Electric cars every fiv������  minutes to all parta ol  the city.   Bar  and tablo.unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST., VANCOUVER B, C.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C  McKinnell &Woobank'  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First ClaiS.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:  ������������������: .-:  -B.C.  H TEL LELAHD  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates (2 per  day. ; Corner cjranville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  I  I  i  I  i  t.  !  9  1?  9  *^.^a������-,%*-^."������^*'a''^.^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  **>���������'  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH.B, C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  %  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  GeneraLManager.  W. J, WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  r������^^"fe*^*'^'fc'*fe*'^^^  cTHONEY TALKS---  AS LOUD TO US AS ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR MB AT YOUR MLLARS W  ILL GO FURTHER IF YOU BUY FROM US  -���������Buir Oash Prices Oaginsf Be Beaten������������������  i  SKET  Ladysmith  . YUEN  Merchant Tailor   L .1.111 II    Will IIWiilMillWi   II   I     .  B.  C  TO FERNIB,  'Read DOwn Read Up  9 p.m. I,v.   Victoria   Arr.   4.00 p. m.  8.00 p. m. I,v.    Seattle     Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p. in, Arr.    Everett    Arr. 7-30 a.m.  9.J0 a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Air 7.45 Pm "  6.25 p.ni Arr.   Rexford   Arr 12.30 p. 111.  I.10   p.ni.'Ar.    EIke   Arr.  10:42a.m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   i.v.9.55 ��������������� '"���������  ONE NIGHT  Ta au Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  To    Wianipeg and St. Paul  -   Close Connections  ,For    Chicago. Toronto,  Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylena    Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers.  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THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .IIODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS. .  For Sprinir planting'    r.^slern prices  or less.     Catalogue Irec.  8010  Westminster Road.   Vancouver.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW  -EFFECT-  IN  For     fur titer  write the olhce.  A.  D. Carlton  A.G.P.A.   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  particulars    call ot  Pbone Main 456.  E.  E. Blackwood  General Agent  Victoria, B.O  PAINTINO,        PAPEKMANQlNa  ETC.  Work dene properly and at rl^'i'  prices. Shop and residence In rear  of Ladysmith' Hotel.  J; E. SMITH, Prop  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B '(','.  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Union  Brewing Co-
nanaimo  b. c.
flanufacturers ofjthe
Ih {British Columbia *
|    Lager  Beer   and Porter    Quaran . Jci   Brewe^j
|    from the   Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops     |
4.1^. .^.si^.|.4"'*~M^-4^**'H'*^^^-^^
Something!   Special
"A \\:eVr^o-My^~iiow"'tim��*flies!      we  distributed
amongst  our fr.ends - - I ,   ���
fn-e of charge.   -If vou rec   cived     onc you know    what
handy   companions "they   arc       This y ear we repeat the
ofier. Cut  this out and' mail at once with your name and
address��� Act quickly'.       ,\ \    I   i    _
����. ������   I ���   I 1 > I nfllli
������������J-..-    ������������.���..���������.���-   J-    |-,r-    -������    ���-���-���-������-���--���---T->.^,.J     -.
A tttAZJfi Ol MKiS
We have     never   shown a 7
finer collection of Hear lb h Rugs-than mis season's stock con:
puses.    The Girt Time is.-  fast  approaching.    Rugs  are  popular,
so here are a few prices. }
STAR Rugs,   Axmihstct   in   pretly  floral  designs, size 2^x80
$3.00 Each
AXMINSTER      fine-quality    Rugs,  handsome   patterns,  r.ch coi-
oiings;  32\62
��� $5.5o Each
Wilton  Rugs   are  deservedly   famous     for  their  wearing  qualities
-Size 27ld54, '
"WM '
Miners' Drilling Machines,
Hade to order and Repaired at short    notice.   Drill Sharpened by n*
ways gives, satisfaction.  Picks handl ed and- repaired. ,
Shipsmittiing    in  al'     its   *3ranties
Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.
Duller Street   -    -    -     -    Ladysmith, B ��.
��� ������M: ���������-���������������"'
^tt-ff * + -
1 ED PROMPTLY A   ND  SAFELY.       ^^    ]
I Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the        J
Abhota   ford. !
WIL LI AMS AN 5   V \"i \ "I T
9 ���*
Express Work
Wood and Bark for Sale
BUGGIES  FOR HIRE ���:-::���: See J. KEMP, or leave orders vith
'PHONE 2-4.
W9.RK PROMPTLY n(>-���<*
Leave orders at the Ahhotsford.
Dr. R. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All  work guaranteed,  and at reasonable rates.
High St. Ladysmith
V-     GREH 5&3G MA HQWRS.
Solicitor, Et��.
Money  to   Loan
t Avenue -      LADYS1VI)
a-cniglit, as I sat by my window,
Whun the wi-t was all aglrain
With that.itrungouud wonderful splenilc:'
'X'aat is llculniK ns ll di'umn, i
11 hought that tho himcls ot the angels
End flniiK open heaven's gateway widt^
And 1 '.anijht a clunpau of thc glory
From this hills 011 the other aide.
Ia it not a beautiiul limey,
This sunset, thought of mine,
���Tliat tho gates, of heaven are ulwsy*
' l<*lnng open ur day'* tin-line?
Thar those whra day is ended
Of c-anhly wuraraul ills
Mnj pass to tlio :aoiinng niinslilne
Thnl dwells on the heavenly hilisf
Then for nie the tunnel g.-.teway
$'.:s.\\ at'day 's dael'.nc unclose,
''   A.tJ 1 p:is�� iii ihrough its portalB
'Jo that long and -w<wt repose.
1 kuov. th.il 1 sli.i'l rem inhiir,
Iii ll.iit c-;i.v ��.!> fen .-iinl '.-���������'������.
tiy siuinge and heai-.t.ln! lancy
nl tllCMIDaCi  g lies KJiir
i'ciiiV:s v,-hit<- I sat tlv-ie dreaming
Ot 111*, gateway in the west
Some poet ��.onl \.-i-nl llnm-^h its poi nils
To si long !!Td unfllfs- re-: ���
PnsscJ tliions-h t';t' ������i:��-��it h'.-i:<'i--ay
To tliat. "t-Uy iiave.l with gold;"
Passed into the new hle's |..[adiu.S3
To Li' no loiigv r old
��� -^xnv'ti C C'jlli'lai in Uoo.! lio.w,l;eor.i:.ft
Nowops��l��*r�� I" Sp:��ln.
A.11 ediiciitcd  Siiauiiird  1.3 not tho rule,
bn-i Lhc cset'|)(ic!i.    A ix.'wsnni.er unio::�� a
;iopuliition iiioto than two-thirds of \vi>li-h
>-:m iK'ilher rend nur write is not. likely to
".live i: ireiuundoUH eirculntiori or mill.nit
-���il |;owor.'   Kvon  in lho uirie.s the ciri'tih
���run is not. Iurg��.   I^a Kiioclia. tho c.oriKun
\tivn orj;;in of Madrid, lor exnr.ipio, !uis *
���ivciiliition of loss tli.111 r>.0U0 copies.   Out
-.icio cf  J-iai'coloiKi  i.nd   Mud rid tlioro rtri
pcrlmpa  COO   pnpors  puldislirO   in  Sj'tiin
inci not ludf of  tliesu p.iun-oa to lie uows
Indoed out of nil thc 1,200 periodica Ik
(��ul>;i:-.hed in Spain Ihe scientific journals,
religious pupcrs nnd fashion papurs nrr
largely in the unijoniy. while the iicwspn
i-evs uru_ihi.tliu minurity. Ncwspnpor on
lerprise dues nut liavo much oncoiiivigL-
-iioirt. Foreign r.o-.vs is obtained chielij
train goveriii��io:it olticinls The whoU
kingdom o't Spnin does not receive as
.i>a,iiy foreign dispatches in it week ns an
lent to it single city in this country in :.
single day. Tlio rnevnge Spanish odifoi
���loos not sde much uso in paying for 111
interesting di.--.p:itc!i from abroad wh.or
oho chances are about ton to ono that when
ho gets Lho disp:iL<-li tho press censor wil'
not allow the paper to print it.���Clnc&gf
Da tlredest people iu the world is dcu
dat takes de most ease.���"Son."
The only safe investments are educn
tion and heaUh.-"Duniel Evorton."
The thing I did not p��y for I fount"
most expensive.���"The World's People.'
You may be sure the devil will hump
himself if you doirt.���"Those Delight
fill Americans."
' There is no such certainly of knowledge on all subjects as one holds ui
eighteen arid eighty.���"Captain Mack
There are greater virtues than thrift.
It is better t�� die penniless than to have
been ,too much of a savor.���"Tbe Un
epcakable Scot.",
""Let me get over this difficulty somehow," says youth, "that L way plaj" the
parne of life well." And our hair is
turning gray before we learn that the
'difficulty is the game.������"The Way of
The knights of the world no longei
fight in armor, but in every street of
every city there are still men "sans
pour et sans rcproche," who not only
live for love, but who are ready to die
dor loye's sweet sake.���"The Loom of
Done; Promptly and
0. E.    :���:       :���:        ;-:       :���]
Meets in the Opera Houae 1st and
3rd Tuesday *fc 7.30 p.m. Worthy -J
President.. B. Foriimmer; Worthy *
Secretury, C-. H. Rummingft.
1st'   Avenue
���9S0JJ aaj^ itojj3(I���,,-suua ���
sq pnn 's^chIs iuh% sn jo ouo .-Ci.no sj
ojotjj '3001U 1 pun sfiqoin, iif i|.\\ -ssaaons
v. qou sts.tt di.i| oqj ?.nc| 'sjo'^uauuoa ano jjo
?iio pui: oqnai .mo pogticqD I 'sn jo joqita
juj oiquanpunun ^itituia sc.u %i -stioi}
-ogjw; uinasnui" qiinoi[; sc uotln pozuJi
d.TDAv oav pue 's.to4��aidsuoo A\onaj sii| pua
sqcjoisi jo sp.nro ot[!j SuiJ-uoq 'oooidj.ijuoo
jcjon r. pcq 0^ uoquiutio pjpijq oqi 01
UAtous puu pnaunoniro uoaq puu Jiuimoo
mo auq'4 pouuojut 'aoisujja t[?!-\i. paiooj���
mom. oa\ iojoq asjg ano uv "^��tp sao;
puioistiooo nc Xq paijcA '.nt-'tio jbii;o jo qo,
a puw ,.:ojn[ruj �� si oSdijj-ciu s.f��s <x[a\
,'aoquion.)(i puu .^ujij iou s.ji 'IP.vi, .'loo;
pio 110 oiiu  loojov;, :o?oq(i 0}ni  suorsso.iri
-i.J A"q    ]WireBBH .t[ll��34SlIOD    CUO.tt. SJBO  Jll('
orjrio.i nqi Suoj-u sn poqacaj SJaqio pui
311 SuniUAtw siueaSop} ii3Z0p �� j[tm ojoa
oaoqj 'ja��nl Suiddoijs qsjrj ot[? iy '2tif'
-urSoq u .C[uo s-kav jjo pans stqi ijnjr,. ,
���p.:i>UK qou Sl!A\ 1 91HH sba\ joij3 joiq^
GUI put! E.1U01 o; t'luu^ipuj s��a\ ojiav a*i\[
s.to.worj '.(1!-w sn poJOAMius puw s[onj pooM
jo spupi ti" sn iioqsr.u 'sSunj arnqa jo doj
5t[3 q-u sn po-,i:piqu.iSuao 'sptiouj jo ,iuv6
f.uoui �� qji-w poaojuo'^i?u��ss,)oni poqof
nirq 1 ui'vq.w 'sqqoig 'oat;j| ano ^ooi oa\
:i'J!r[.'.\ tu> iuo pspAVOJO oqq ui poqens ojoa\
3M ti'��|A\ iliuos pin: ist?o nnq ^iiSno.tqi
dial is 110 papiosp x put! ojia* ��m 'ounqjoj
Bittospuirq v. jaqioSoj .SurqioiJ puw .satro.C
iqJ3io 80 ���inJ poiixwiu Siiioq anqjv .{h.v.
?,it|l   ui qqHuoa.w swa\ uorj-uuiaojoj i��m,,
fjipoq om op q.iiptp  uimn  jo omos qmji
iojlUOAV avou   I   \ui-  siur-piA A'm .IOAO 3L'0[3
01 posn 1 puw 'Sutqj.CutJ  an   potldoqs joaou
I qiiql a>.ou>i 110^..     nm.p ,vui puiioji* 3u   |
--!ip:i nqi l>!l> '��|a\ utiiiioiltinS  p[o ni[i pi:.  |
,'oiqi.i.i.-il J}uu(louios  sii.u .fpninaj (u|i qii;   !
It ui tiunijoj 11 bi!A\ o.inqi  ;| nsjnf pwp.nu'  !
�� qilui.iqiw iq om qoS q.upinoc 110^     -p.uu   !
���n.j yiiq 'Mwn.V A'uuui  pooS ti i(ooi  jj^      >
X>M XHiti^c iTlnesan. j
2Iisa "Marie Catherine Fincgun isamei.i |
Uev of .1 linn of com mission inorchnnt^ l�� j
Chicago.    She rose to'that position fron j
She lowest  rounds cf tho clerical  luudor ;
Fifteen ycai-s ago sho bog^a work for tlv. J
tii-111 as cashier at S5 a week.    The sf-eoni |
week s)io upiilicd for an iiicmiso  ati'l re-
uelvcd it, this being the only time sho vy-a=
oblig.id to ask for more pay. By watching
jlosciy tho work  of others she  soon ob-
.Uined a knowledge of tliczr tasks, and today she is - so woll  posted in all details of
jixico work  that sho ciiE   "t r.  ��������">iiiri)t,i
Df'tico take 'chargo of otiy of tb�� wsaj
v^o%3 ue:-U fa Uie commission busi
This Mirth Fro-rotitis? Faitime Io tlie
Great Social and Fau Mukinar Feature of the Seaaon���Drcusinc und
FUlins <��fc OUa.
Christmas in Mexico is not tho typical Christmas of cold and snow rnd
Ice, but one of bright, warm sunsbUe,
cloudless blue skies, flowers in profusion, trees in full foliage and a life of
out of doom.
At least a week before Christmas in
the principal streets of Mexico niche*
are erected from sidewalk to sidewalk,
���estoontil with wreaths of flowers arid
bunting in the national colors���rea,
white and green. Under the arches
booths are erected, and every toy manufactured in Mexico is on sale.
In every Mexican house great preparations are made for what is called
the "pinata." Every ��� chird begs and
���Tapes  and  saves   the   ceutavos   for
KcineAyi Ate Nc -Bleat.
Rcinenyi was n vegetarian. He bcllevoi
that lie might livo to bo a century old il
ho avoided tlio use of moat. His favorite
dishes were lhuburgur chcc&o, piiini i-r-
nickel and hard crackers. Apollinat-is
was his only drink for years. Many a
tiiuo after concert hours have 1 ortirrcd
this bill of faro for him and listened to
him say for tho thousandth time:
'.'My dear, man is bloody by nature, refined by education. Meat debases. Could
I fiddle as I do if I devoured "Jcof Hkoa
beast? Impo.vilblc. My body needs litcle
to keep it strong, but my mind 111 uaC liavo
evcly attention.    Jjisten."
Then ho would catch uu his flddie case,
'"bring forth tho instrument, flourish the
how over his head, fix his   twinkling cyua
, on mo and play. What? I rarely knew.
Usually something of his own���a lantaiy
of rage, thc cartl��c]uakc, the surf in a
���torn), the plaint of a. woman's voice, calling of mocking birds���all ending in a sigh.
"Sec," he would exclaim, "one kesug
���way from meat when he can do that."
Bemenyi   attended   tbe   congresses   oi
' vegetarians, followed thoir teachings and!
1 died, as we of every school of diet must,
when tho cord 6naps.-~Chicago Timcs-
Surprisingly Good Values in Womens
And Misses Skii ts
cy Worsted, sr/es from 32 to 38-
Regular     price from U.-50 to $2.
Special -Barpn $1.25
From $1.25 to $.350
r.OOTS     FOR     "RIEN,  WO-
^JKi\   AND CHILDREN���   From
a half a dollar to one dollar saving oil e\cry blessed pair. AU si/.cs.  J|StyJc     slurts,     also  Tieated
WAISTS���     We have a. very
large  assoitmeut   of  the Latest ���
styles  of     waist in Silk,  Satin,
French Flannel, Nuns   Veiling  ani'
Cashmere,  Sizes from 32 lo -12.
From 25c up to $6^00
l.ADIFS'      AND     "MJSSES
SIC HITS We hru\e  every
cliannmp;  long yoked   Empire
,'    r
From      this date thc undersigned
will  not  be responsible for  any indebtedness     incurred except on      a
written or tier signed by the secretary
Rowland Machin.
Non Personal Liability.
Victoria, B. C, May IScb. 1905.
Repairing and    Makirgto
Order a Specialt
1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B.  C.
B, ��. Weinrobe,
LAD*!. SMITH, B.  C.
Anyone ^cn^\^ n nketoh and description mav
qulclcly :it -^i-t.nn *-��*r oinni'iii free waothor au '
iiiTunilnu iy i>i.��oorily pmeii'i'b!."'.   f.'oiiinimilen-
llon'i -i'r.c-.lyr��:i!l(lo��t|-.l. TTii:..i3ooi:ou Patent*
icnt '!-. o. Oldo-^t iuwh >- I-oi-Ht'r'irlnKpiitent*.
I-.ii'ji *s tiikou iti.-nitrli Mi.- -. & Co. recetv*
A iii.':c5i!!iine!r llhutratp I weekly, r^reeiit olr-
mmtlon of .".i!^- srientl-o Journal. '1 orms, ?3 a
vcr.i-. four month.:, ?L  SoMbynJ ncwsdeiilers.
r-'-l\*% �� r'' 	
r*n.as,::Jroad*tt��' New Yonr
Its    Great    Resources
No part of British  Columbia- today offers so many advantages to  Ure
investor as does  VANCOUVER ISLAND.
Its  vast and  varied natural wealth has never been  as yet  thoroughly
appreciated by reason  of. the fact  that it  has never  been, promiintly laid
before the public.
insn /RON
-'���'"'���''.������o���-���-Z   ���;������', ��� \.\f'z
Its Vast Agriculturai Resources
Its .land, when properly cleared,    will grow almost any. product of the
soil known to man,
WANTED���By     Chicago     wholesale
house,  special  representative (man or
woman; for cacli prosince in Canada.
Salary     ?20 00     and expenses  paid
weekly.       Expense  money   advanced.
Business successful;     position tyerma-
ncnt.   No investment required.     Pre-
\ious  experience not essential to  engaging-
Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,
Olncano,  111.,  U.S.A. 	
|���oEgh Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup aad
Whooping Cough.
This remody i s larao as for i to cures OTer
aMrga part of tho civilized world. It e.in
aln.'ijs l)u dojicatled upon. It contains no
opium or ol,y>r hmiaful dru^ and mny bD
ijiviSi Ui cnziildunlly 1 o u baby ns to nn adult
Price 25 cts;  Larfc-s Sizo, 50 cts.   j
MOTMBMUSMKeAal :ttttXfS>^Hr.
The besr
^ha^ has
ihave h)i
be a
ho r his
Thc Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a literal   land   policy,   and
thb     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them  will be disposed of on rcason-
61c  terms  to actual settlers
Government lands can be  secured    and      money can be made by   those
who desire  anew home in a country   possessing the
In the World
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.
THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will  supply  any   information   obtainable   to  those  who   contemplate   a visit  with   a view  of  investment if
conditions are found as advised.
Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;     a "beautiful Harbor,
where hundreds of great colliers come in   each  year.
I" SiA&t***"""**^*^^
1    ir^u
Attention is called to h<he   Tact that the
���gilvie   Flour flills Co.,   Limited
ot   makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time
past beer, producing flour in a   vastly  improved and purified foria
I   by the aid of ELECTR5CITY
1    and  havinc: secured control  of   all the basic patents relating there-
I    to, take this opportunity of advising  the public  that any inar.utu-
I    orized users et the electrical   fieur purifying processes  will be pro-
^ Recuted. -
Ogilvie Flo-isr Mills Conipaiay JL?mit��d
m.iil3r3i*a *iJaaacla"w3ios��     Flonr
,    T ,    ,.   I'M are "5*lis    only
VANCOUVER, and will continue to  grow ir '.mportunce as  Lie Island is   ^ '���;nMpintit.nM��
jKi fs p-HTAfied by tae   tieoi-rio process
developed. ' hi   , __���
Subscribe. J.or awl read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, BL C. m rtiw a*r-r~Tirtn.arjrx**+r-**  ,   >   .'    -^  THE   DAILY   LEDGER  *a=  as  il ITEMS  SSS*������3CSEi  nfav  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio  open  untu  next Monday,the :  26th.  FRICKE  &  SCHENC'K  I have just received a good assortment or Colored Crepe, Paper. Call  at once if you want any before, it  is all gone. Ten eents a roll at  Knightjs Book Store.  Our letter writers are mostly resting after their arduos toil.  'J lie    Municipal  Court  of  Revision  wiJi  be held on Wednesday,  Nov.  29.  Miss "vVcrruobe lias returned to La-  dy&mith after several weeks' stay at  Cumberland.  AT   THE  ABBOTSt'ORD.  D.  U.  Fleet,   Vancouver.  1'.  Clarguisl,  Vancouver.  L. J.  Cooper,  Vancouver.  Mr.   J.   Goodfellow   passed  through  io Nanaimo  at  noon.  Cily Constable B.iliendai   took Mi*  Picketto   lo   "Victoria   nn   tbe   uiorinn������j;  i a in      Being  unable to Pay lhe line '  i nposed on' her by  tire court  she will ���������  Sw'\e    tbe  term   of imprisonment  rn  I  \ ictoira Her clirldicn have been tf  ken in chaige by onc of her countiy-  A\omen.  Kootenay  Steel  Range  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  Two sets of grates ������e  supplied with every  Kootenay Range���������one for cool aad the other for coke or wood���������  and the floes arc wide and deep, with no square corners, so that  the ashes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot clog up the  smoke and draft passages.  This f eoture of the Kootenay Range is * decided success.  The grates are so easily changed that a boy can perform  the operation.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  McCIary&  London,     Toronto,  Vancouver,  Montreal,     Winnipeg,  St. John, N.B. ^  r&BE2Z3m  a&,.v������T:.  3SH  65c to 75C per  Square Yard  J. Stewart has awarded the contract foi the building of his new offices to R Robeley, and woik has  ahcady been commenced on dealing  thc lot on which the o/Iice.s aie to  -stand Mr Slcuaxl hopes t0 be  comiorlaUy located in fie new building in about a month s time.  Several  been  CERTAINLY WE HAVE  STUMPS AND TREES.  'I he following letter was received  this moining and in reply we are  writing the Canadian Swenson's Co.  that theic are boih trees  and stumps  life   insurance  men       hau'  in  the city  lately.    The  Law-  son  exposure has made  business     rrr  the^ insurance  hue hard  work.   Even-' Kindly  iiir0nn us   if there  are  tiully it will better the business, fm   stumps  ol   trees   to be  pulled  life  erica ir,i\cy cause nol for populai  alarm, out ior increased watchfulness  on vne.part of our salutary jjjjarduns.  Ji,pi(iemoiogists have for some time-  been watching tins gradual advance  oi cholera ironi the l^ast o^ one oi  Us periodical incursions into Western  m th-s sect.cn of the mundane sphere .j,^^^ The, movon,e���������t began in the  Just how many stumps or trees The , ],uu,,. |iart or J88;) EabUvard the  Ledgei   is  not prepared  to  say,  but  , (,iSMlae. U(lv,-Ulf.C(l  from  Jlld,tt rapidly,  invading     China and  Japan      From  Hong Kong it passed to the Ph'Mip-  I pines,  worMng     havoc in "Manila an;:  i tlio provinces  despite the best cfioits  ,,���������,   ,,    "   'of  lire medical     oHicers in thc army  stumps  ol   trees   to be   pulled   there  there aie at least more than several: i  lhe   Lodger,     \Uidysmith,���������Geirtie-  men,���������A\ith     a view    to   opening up  trade     in    youi   country   would  you  anv  iife insuxancc,   ���������  pioperly  conducted,   and what  prospects there would    be    ������'������'   I������!iri������c  ,,0SI,,lal   s^*e'  is a legitimate and ptopcr manner   o,   for   sclh,,* a convenient  machine    for!    Ily  W���������** westward through  Ar  saic-guardino  a family  expected dcalh.  m case of un-  What other counliy, savc the Pacific Coast, can boast of warm, sun-  shmy weather, with the grass green  and the hrewes as balmy as s-prnit.,  and these are the last days of No"-  embcr'' In Ladj smith we have much  to ffsk fox, but we could rrot well ask  tor an improvement in. the climate  taking the year  through.  A     si\teen-ycar old gril lan away  from  hci  home i-i Ladysnwth yesterday.    She  was  found  in Victoria thrs  morning and will be returned to her  parents tomorrow'.  ' ai.-iri and Persia into Russia has been  ; in ore gradual. Cholera appeared in  1 R'.ecca in 100-2 and thence spread thr-  ! ou-iliout the "Mussaiman world, being  beard or in I^tsypt, Asia. Minor and  | Persia, linaiiy establishing itself in  I1KNRY BUSTAD, Mgr .Teheran From this point it foilow-   m���������������������������~ ed  the Caravan routes into Anatolia,  doing same     Wc  would  also be clad  to receive a copy  of your payer.  '   4      Awaiting  your   kind   reply,  we arc yours  very truly,  TUL  CANADIAN  SWENSONS,  Limited.  6 Foot  Linoleum  46c to 65c Pf  Square Vard  t a -a  HII linoleums Over 50c,  per Yard Laid Free  of Charge  Carpet Paper, a good,  thick paper made especially  to go  under  ^Carpets    and    Linoleums, 5c. per yard  ugh the  college year for  the several  branches of  athletics.    Budgets    are  presented by the  managers of,athletics,, but the graduate committiee decides upon thc amount that  will he  expended   upon each.  I    "What    remains ,   after the expenses  is     devoted      toward  improvements  about the athletic grounds, and also  toward   decreasing   the  amount stall  due on     the stadium.'   The stadium  cost  between   $250,000   and   $300,000  and there is $60,000 owing upon it.  Waiters &  Akenhead  ..ilrie.     That  there  is some influence  >'liicli     effects the      virulence of   the  omnia bacillus,  or   which determines  greater     or lesser power, of resisting in  the     human -sub ict, must- be  admitted,     but v-hether this influence  is  atmospheric .v  tciiinv; or leither,  I still remains a mystery.  A $30 Prize  The     tickets   on   'tlie KITCHEN  QUEEN CABINET, which have been  given Free with each Dollar's purchase at C. PETERSON'S_",STORE,'  arc all going, and the draw for the  Cabinet will take place on Saturday  evening at eight o'clock,  Nov.  25th.  $50���������Per acre for 5-acre blocks 1 mile  from City.  $375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part.of the city. Onlj  $244 more to pay at the rate of  $12 per month. Owner has invested over $600 in improvements.  Water laid-on. Fine garden.  $280���������Cash    and   $100 on  mortgage  buys two  lots each 60x120 only  a  few yards  from  post-office.     Fine  investment.  i  $500���������Cash and  balance on  time buys  two first-class     stores in business  '   portion of city.  For Rent���������A nice store on First Avenue.  ��������� /  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������  We, have received a choice   lot  of NEW FRUIT includinff  PEELS  RAISONS  etc for the Xmas Trade.  Now is the time io  make your  XnasCake and Pudding  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  <��������� * i  SIMON LEISER.&C0 Ltd.  i  GATACRC ST  IADYSMITH  The  sports  committee  is  not   find  ing it quite so easy to arrange       for  grounds as was anticipated,  hut will,  no  doubt,  be able to ma'cc satisfactory arrangements    eventually   with  K, &  N. land people    It is unfoitu-  nate that    the deed   io  lhe gi omuls  was  rrot obtained at   the time     Mi  Dunsmuir   consented     to give      the  ground  that had  been selected  ��������� o������������������   Editor   Ledger,  Sir.    Youi  issue of  [Wednesday contains  a little slut, purposely signed m a manner as to lead  your readers     to believe that it was  ���������written by me.      I   did not write u  nor   would  I   ha\e taken the  trouble  to  deny rt  only      tor  thc  implication  contained   in     it   that   some   former  communications      htul   been    received  irom  me       This  also is untiue       A  great deal     of latitude is allowed rrr  thrs age  to anonvrnous wnteis  but I  iiope wc have not icached that stage  yet when a man     who is ashamed to  use his own name to a letter written  by himself ca>r   use  auiggestive nom  de plurm.  whidr  uiH <_au.se the public  to  ici'i-ve  tint  so.ii" certain individual  is responsible f(,i   it  I hope Hut there v.,,1 i,c no occasion loi any ulK iu- have to complain  on this score again. I can assure you  that if I have, [will come back i���������  such ainranner that the public ot  .Ladysmith will have something interesting to read.  II.~CAHRoiTl7  THIS     YEAR'S   DAiNTES .Transcaucasia ami  Traiiscaspia,   then-    cc reaching the hunks of the Vo iga.  Walt/, and two-stop promise ,to con jierc it rested for nearly eighteen;  unite popular, for though new dances "months, being restrained by some  by the diverr should be originated, mysterious mlluence, thc nature of  the wait/ and twostep will hol(lvvi���������Ch students of epidemics have  &>vay for yeais to come. 'Whatever- IieVer vet discovered, and only now  the program may be, and wherever ,,.IS it roSulm>ci its m_irch westward-  the dance._is 'given, the waltz and AUly ghouId ,t havc ronittlncd So  two-ste|i      piedominale,   and  even  in   |oM���������   jR     Rllssia ami    then  suadeniy  the cotillion and german these two  ie<^ilai dances arc the fundamental  jimeiplcs, and everything else rc-  vches aiound them. Each.��������� instruct-:  oi in dancing introduces'figures of  thc cotillion m her classes as a re-  laMaticn No dance is complete nvith.  out one or moic figures of the cotil-  lroir, and a'noticeable improvement  in lavois is their suitability to the'  figure danced.  I'lowers      of   marvellous    ���������"Vri&ian  woiliinan&hip,   hats  and   nn: >'S i  wc lliiiianship,     hats-and parasols arc.  lc&c fobs and pins,-can be     ��������� i  will,  appropriateness m .many  of 'the popu !  lai   figures        A   noteworthy si-jd in \  the advancement of  dancing is its in-;'  uclucliorr     into   classes- of "physical  culfinc and gvinnastics.  Lt n.ot> only  assists in aiding thc pupil toward ���������-���������>.���������  coming giaccful, hut for good, wlMde-  somc     e\eicise dancing is e\'c.-2ilc:il',.  ano  with      tins  thought   ballet  danc-j  ing i3 .gaining Vrv popularity. It is cs-  reeiaily good for  developing th;..    *.-  cles, and aids ur starting  the   ir:ula  tion cl ithe blood.  A Euiopean mistress of dan"' >?-,'  whom her vouth had danced before ���������  the cou.ts of Europe, deplored the (  inodei n ballet dancing, which, ac-';  cowling to hei \iew, was not Mancing I  at all, but graceful -maiiipulation of  (ii.Liei}  CHOLERA'S ADVANCE  The sudden appearance o* cholera in  Eastern Prussia arrd the presence of  sixty or more cases of the disease  among Russian eniigrants in, Hamburg awaiting  transportation to Am-  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Executed  crossed the frontier? Raftsmen were  coming dcMin the Visloia past '.I horn  and Kuini, and emigrants were leaving, Poland, and Western Russia for  Hamburg and iiremcn, sailingi thence  for New -York, but the disease remained behind. The/Russian health  officials did as little to.throttle the  ���������epidemic then as they are doing now,  and the communication between the  Volga, where the cholera hibernated,  and the Vistula, down which it is  now journeying-to Prussia was just  as free in thc summer of 1904 as iu  that of 1005, but the infection refused to spread Suddenly it takes a  start and Europe awakens to ' the  peril  of a cholera invasion.  Epidemologists ten us that the  conditions which retard or accelerate  thc progress of this disease are ciV  matic conditions, but this is only a  term to cloak; ignorance. Pe-tten-  .lioffcr's sub-soil water theory is just  as satisfactory    and no more inteili-  FRESH   IN  TODAY  SMOKED  SALMON  KIPPERED  HERRING  NOTICE.  An Act  Respecting   Liquor Licenses,  1900.  i .  Notice is hereby giv'en that the following applications will hc heard hy  the License Commissioners for South  Nanaimo Licensing District on Friday, December 15. l������0a, at the court  house, Ladysmith, atMO o'clock a.m.  For Renewal.  Henry Reifel, Hotel Mount View,  Newcastle Townsite.  L.  .1.  Preaux,  Tai!.o.t Hotel,  Coni-  oi'   Road.  .John  II. "McMillan,  Tunnel  Hotel,  Extension.  Annie  McDonald,   Cranberry Hotel,  Cranberry District.  For Transfer,  .lames     Yates    to   Enoch    Sage,  Whea'Kheal Hotel,  Cedar District.  GEO.  CASSIDY,  For Rent���������A  nice two-room������d store  For     Rent���������Nice  twe-roomed cabin  near station.  Deeds,   Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts  and  Agreements Drawn.  W. G. Fraser  .  MerchantTailor,  J(u1| Avenue) '.'  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call e^rlv and  get your choice  i  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     *       Notary Public  Phone, 3.  P. O. BOX 268  HAY, GRAIN and   '  f ARM PRODUlif  Orders will be delivered anywhere  ia the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'i, on tke  Ecplanad*.  James  Warnock  S. ROEDDENG  LADYSMITH  A. HOWE, of CHEWSA.1NUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  | WITH A fllLjUNE Cf FIRST CLASS MEATS  Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRJAL SOLICITED  Phone 20  A.    HOWE  HADDIES  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may he purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal and  $20 for anthracite. Not more than.-  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be collected on the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's 'certificate is  granted upon payment in advance ol  $7.50 per annum for an individual,'  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,   having  discovered  mineral in place,  may. locate a elaira  1,500  x  1,500   feet.    The  Tec  for   recording a claim  is  $5.00  At least $100 must he expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $n00  has  been  expended  or paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having  a survey  made, and upon complying with  other requirements,   purchase  the land at  $ 1 an acre.  TIib pateirt provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales. .  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yea: ly.  A free miner may obtain two leases  to  dredge   for   gold   of   five miles  each for a term  of twenty  years,   renewable at the descrction of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected, on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W.  CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of  the  In-  'erior.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I. the  undersigned, will apply at the next  regular sitting of the Licensing  Board on December 15th for the  transfer of the retail liqiuor license  j held 'by me for the Wheatsheaf ho-  | tel, located in Cedar District, to  ���������t Enoch Sage,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar District, Nov. 7th, 1905.  (Heating Stoves  Our Stock is Now Complete in  HEATING STOVES  A uarge Variety to Choose, From  PRICES   RIGHT  S5BE������������������g    "r        ���������  .       .      . ^~     ��������� ~~~  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  'ssxs^^^^SS^s^ssRWRwasrm  s^-aiKi.ww������)g������ijfgjBa^fBHr  A TIMELY SUOOESTiON  XMAS is  appreachiug and usually  yorr     arc on the lookout for  some   presents tbat  are  appreciated,   and   nothing   is so   acceptable  as a nice .article in  the  jcwellry  line,   of    which   we  have  a good  variety:      Also , a very  large selection.of FANCY GOODS, such as  Toilet;,S3ts, Manicure  Sets, etc. e.i.    Call and. select, anything you  might fancy and we willput it aside until needed  for you..  Our Prices Are Very Low For the Bast Qu ality  of Goods*---- ';���������"���������  ZZ/: 'VB. FbRClMriER    : ::  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith, ������B. C  Appointiments may be mad* at'any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier'g  on High street st  ���������The Cherry Rifband, S. R.. Crocket's  'atest book, and The Passing of the  Kace, by D \X. Higgias, at Knight's  (look Stor������.  )irect From  France���������Tooth, shaving,  lair   and   clothes   brushes. A splendjld  issortmeat at  the Ladysinith Pharmacy.  . Have you seen those lovely collars  and    ladies'     waist  belts  at Simon  Leiser &  Company's,  Ltd.?  Stoves  The .social to be held in the Presbyterian Church on Tuesday evening  will he one of the events of the sea-,  son. Some of (he "jest talent of Nanaimo and Ladysmith will take part  in the'.programme. Admission for adults 25 cents.    C'hirdrerr,  10 cents.  Xmas     Photos���������Have   them', taken  Now!    Studio open at Ladysmith until   next   week.  Getting out a paper  is  much  like a  housekeeper's'     work in  one respect,  for no sooner is 0*ne meal over than  preparations are made for another.  Weare^making them oiths Newest \- Pattern and Lates*  Styles. I'VE ��������������� ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  Our Prices are Rsaioua   ble  SEE OUR   NBW STAVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  and at Lsdysmith Hardware|Ccmpany  LADYSfllTH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO���������:iTD.  TOPOULTRY  100-ACRE FARM NEAR L ADYSM1TH  Five acres cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  Five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Hens, one Plough,  Clover Cutter, Axes, Hammers, Saws and Too' . of ever description, two Spray Pumps, $'20 worth o*  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high c revering  3 1--2 acres. 2 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths  Rifle, Shot Sun and two good Sail Boats  $450 Cash and $750 on riortg&ge  p.a Box268.  J. STEWART,  Ladysmith  P 1 > 13'


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