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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 9, 1905

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���fa-br ;
THI'.,  NOV.,   9,   1905
WW 10 1905
G. P. R.  Protest Against
Renewal of   Contract
h sl: | >y Allen Co.
Club Will Meet Tomorrow Night
to Make Plans for the En-
i> ���
suing Season
.���      . t <��
And Decide  Whether   to  Enter
for the Vancouver Island
League Championship
* , ,.   , .
Is association football to bc played berjand  will sec their  way clear to
In Ladysmith this year?    , ,        enter for the V. I. League .champidn-
This     is a question that is to   be   ship. ' It would make this year's con-
considered and settled at a meeting   lest an  interesting one.
of the footballers to,he held in   the       'lhc ' fhowing made by the Lady-
Bowery at     seven o'clock tomorrow   smith  men at Portland  leads  one to  continent will be four instead of. si-c
evening    Every player should     turn   Lolievc that, they  would stand       a''days,  and the  Atlantic  voyage will       ba.ou  Winusoi, nrst commissioner
up at, the meeting, as it is an     im-    splendid chance in the Island League j he between live and si.v days. 0f worhS, is created an earl.     '
Sm,nr   Te'/��.     J". nU,niing      le"   and infact' ol8��Win8  the'enan'.,  | , The C.P.R. wishes to be in a posi-     Baron Iveagh (Edward^ Cecil Gui-
members of the club cannoi expect ship of the province. .Won to tender for the contract when'ness; is maue a viscount, aim p10l-
ot two players only ro seltlc j If Nanaimo, Cumberland and Lady- that held by the Allan Company ex- ���or6c Howard Darwin, president of
 "                  "-"'                    sm��lh <"*���* the league, the best . of  pitcs. thc   ��ritiyh Assooiation
Canadian Company   Wi!
Increase   Speed   on
Land and Sea
Ottawa,  Nov.   9.���(Special.)- The  |   Loudon,     Nov. fl.���King Edward's
Canadian  Pacific  Railway  Company  I.birthday honor  list   was   announced
is     .protesting     to  the government    today,   lit contains  a few  featiures  of
agamst  the  Allan   Company   getting " al interest a_d _,,._���    co_���rn_
the     renewal of the ten years' con-    .,...,       , ,    .
tract for carrying  Atlantic   mails.      I��ldlvKluals   wll��  a��*  "warded       for
The C.P.R. says it intends improv- 'senices, to  the crown,
ing its service on both land and sea. f   The Duchess of Fife, eldest daugh-
Speed on the Pacific will be in- ter of Mis Majesty, is authorized to
creased from twelve to seventeen ���'bear the-title of Princess Royal aim
knots.    The .time  for crossing     the    her daughters to  Le designated       ;-
'highness''   and   "princess."
Of the Masonic Order Pays
Visit to the Lady- ;
smith Lodge
Evening Spent in Transac=
tion of Business and' With
a Social
District   Deputy  Grand Master   of
thc  Masonic  Lodge,   C.  W.   Clinton,
of  Cumberland,   with  about   a1 dozen
Masons of that city,   paid an  ollicial
\isit to the Masonic Lodge  in Ladysmith      last     evening.      Altogether,
al.out  2-1   visitors  from   Duncan,  Nanaimo and   Cuml.crlati'd  were   present
This Quantity Will be Received
from the Omar Mine at Ladyv
smith Smelting Works
And  From   December   on the
Smelter Will be Kept in Steady
A    despatch  to The     Ledger from
.listOuiL'l   tins   morning   siau*u   Uiat
and   a large     gathering of thc   local   I .i.e     uuiux_cl  u>      n_���s>i-oi c. inc  oyre
Masons    asscmhlfed      in   their   ledge  \ uom  the uui.u mine. Prince oi  Wales
, everything for  the  year themselves.
Mr. J. Adam, vice-president    -the  these cluks would first have to bote
, ,   Vancouver League,  this morn.ng   ie-  cided, and     the games which would
-   ceived a letter from  President Brown  have to be-played would be ve.y instating  that  tihe 'final in^hc VittoL-  tefesting     and keep things lively'in
ia district  league  would   be, played .the football circles on  this   >art' of
^ on  November   25th,   and   suggesting  !the Island.  The struggle,  too,-,    be-
that a   meeting of the Vancouver Is-  tween the northern and the Victor-
land League  lie called for December  ia champions     would fce well  w ,iAi
'   2nd,  when entries  from  tho clubs on  seeing.   There would be something of
., the northern part of the Island could a very lively nature doing if Lady- ,of the wild and woolly west which
be received. The winner in tha smith, were the victors of tbe ,he received while chasing the fiisky
Victoria district league will play the* north', and the Garrison, of Victoria, 'steer over thc hills near Kami oops",'
, champions of the north of the Island Matches between these teams on ' First Officer Turner, of the steamer
Jor the championship of the' Isla *..l,'neutral grounds would doubtless be Britannia yesterday succeeded in
and the winner would compete for sights the equal of which is'������jeldom lassoing a five-year-old buck while
< the    ..championship  of the  province,    seen in the "football world. -    ,  , the  steamer  was   running   up   Howe
,    T'he contest for the honors in     the .'    The Ledger volunteers to say hei- -Sound,  says a Vancouver paper.
.   Victoria District League lies between  ther     team has forgotten'the little      Tli�� buck was fairly pinned by the
s   the Victoria  United and  the Garri-   meetings last year. horns and hoisted  on board, the las-
��on- i    It will be a great  mistake if plans   S,J1"S. hosting and landing being per- "lorning. coming to anchor probably
It is to  be hoped     that   the  lo-��,      for matches  the  coming   winter    .are '' formed   while the  ste..mer  was  under  al)0l,t  elSht  ��'cl��ck-    Awaiting      bis
a slow bell.   The capture of the deer  arnval  ci&hi  battleships  *���<l     four
was  an   interesting  sight  to several    cnilscrs    of  the north   Atlantic  fleet
tourists  who happened" to  be on.   the   W|U lic   m 'dtvAl0V on  Ulu  NorHl riv"
stcamior,   and   the' yarns   they   after-   "ll''  stectclm,fi  ���� a S111lile t-olumn ,'��*,
is appointed
| a iv night  Commander  of  the Bath.
|   in  the colonial list-J.   Ii'.' Cowan,
1 a member of the  Canadian senate, is
made  a Knight (Commander "'of     tnc
SOBD  DEER !Urtler oi Sk Ahch���1 and St. George
'  and  a similar honor is bestowed   on
Ueorge  Grcvi'lle,  British  minister to
Thanhs to.tlie trailing  in the arts       v��� ,   Vnrl.    v�����   o     w  . *
�� <i\ew   lork, Aov. 8.���Eighteen .-Viiir
euuin and British warships iVoin
Llnu anchorage in the North ri\er,
will fir? in unison tomorrow a national salute of 21 guns in honor of
King  Edward's  birthday.
lie-jr-Admiral  Prince  Louis  of Bat-
tenburg,   with his squadron  of     six
ainioured cruisers is scheduled,to ar-
iivc from Annapolis early  tomorrow
room  to receive them.
Certain   business   being  transacted,
tlie night and  a portion of this nior-,
ning was spent very sociably  by the
Mr. Clinton and a number of visitors- left for Victoria and Duncan on
this morning's train. The Cuimiber-
land party will be present at the
meeting of the members of the Mystic .Shrine to beheld in Victoria this
club and,those of Nanaimo and Cum- not made on Friday night.
jward heard about western up-to-date  Iui(t-strea���  frcin  7Sil*  <*"  J25Ul  st-
ways of taking deer were so thrillinc'���   'J lierc    wlU bc    no olhcial salllles
Vancouver, Nov. 8.���Ihe exact- tei-his impressions
niJiuihioi the Grand Trunk Pacific has
not yet been definitely decided on,
notwithstanding, an rapoits to the
contrary. ' That it will be snme-
-where in the vicinity of Port Simp-
sou may be taken for; a settled fact
but whether on Kaien Island or on
the Mainland is a matter that is at
pivsent at issue between thc Indian
Depaitment  of the  Dominion  Govern-
ways ot taMng ��ecr were so uiruung
'that they deserved  to be pubiished'hr
.pamphlet  farm.
'' The capture  was elTccted  vvhjlc sthc ��� ceremon>'   was.-goncithrouglr
of tiiaf'part" of'bhc Britannia "was" running  half-way    be-  Princc Lolus' sl"1;s arrived <
country. Hon. Air. Emmersoa sa-d:   - |im Of^ Jsland and  the east-
'ern coast of     thc   Mainland.       'lhe
"1   came     west over the route ot L.uck-S  head   was sig|rtc_ .al)011t      a
the  Canadian   Northern  as far' as the quarter  of  a mile   avvav,   and       the ' of Llle NorUl  Al|a'itic squadron,  and
rails vvoulutake.   me, and then. Ur^Te steamer      was simply  run  alongside. '-^u-Adniiral  Da\ is,  commanding the
the u-niainder of the     way from iaii-!nini ann 'lie was l>it;k*-'d      up without
end  to Ldmontoa.      It   was not very :ul,I|cllI*->'-	
from the fleet when the British squadron,  arrives   tomorrow.    All      this
off Annapolis a week ago.       If the. squadron '
conies  to anchor at S o'clock,  Kear-
Admiral    Evans,  commandcr-in-<;hiof
lar, about Unity miles when, I was
(hero. By tlie end of this week, 1
am uiiorincd,     the track will be com-
ment and   the olliciais of thc Grand [P'^d as far as  Edmonton, and there
will be great     rejoicing in that city
Some, fast work in rail laying was he-
Trunk Pacific.-'
So said Hon. Henry Ii. Emnierson,
Minister of Railways and Canals for
the Dominion of Canada, who arrived
from the East today accompanied by
a party of friends-.
This is Hon." Mr. Emmerson's first
At     a meeting  of    the   Vancouver
hoard of trade, held on Tuesday ev
ening,  Mr.  McLennan said ho     was  i
second division of battleships, and
j iiiur-Admiral Brownson, conimand-
jiii'g lhe armoured cruiser (livis)ini,'
} will repair on board the British flag
' ship Drake to felicitate the British
'Admiral Prince upon the occasion of
the King's birthday, and Prince Louis will escort thc American command
ing done when I was  there, for  they  i,lformcd that smuggling  goes  on  iu
were laying     the raxis at the rate of a \"y. ��f" ���a"!,C'  ncar  Blai,,c;  Uot
,.  - ,       .    . said further:   "Whole wagon loads of
j ers to his cabin, where the health of
His Majesty will be drunk.
three   miles a day And it is aU thr-ou
gh ppiendid     territory that will soon
goods  arc     brought  across  without
paying any duty.    The matter,    was
.   t   ��� ,bft   y,cld'��g     thousands of bushels of  brought uV some time ago, and      T
visit to Vancouver for five years, and  fine gram. I also    drove tor some  think.the government should instxuet
he     naturally    notes  improvements
in the     railway yards     and station.
"If the progress of the rest of the ci-
distance along the surveyed route of the olliciais to enforce the law.. .It
of 'the Grand Trunk Pacific, and 1 has also been stated .'that at Blaine
must say that the C. P. R. has nbth-: goods are 'billed at half costi when
ty is in keeping with what I see ing the best of it in the matter of sold to people from the Canadian
here,'' .said Mr. Emmerson, as he, traversing a fertile part of tlie cio��in- side. Such a proceeding is a very
looked out of his car windows today,  try. /      ' immoral  one.    It is only  right  that
"'t certainly must be wonder ful."        I    "With   regard     to future     railway something  should  he  done-.at''least
Since last July Ins private car has  building in the     Northwest, j .'under-  for the protection of,-the-merchants"
been Hon   Mr.   EmmersoiiAs  homo m1 stand  the     Canadan     Northern  win     Wr*   McLean moves,  seconded       by
a lengthy tour of inspection oven near-   early next    spring commence the con- Mr
ly an  lhe principal railways and ca- Ltruction     of a baanch line from Ed-
nais in     Canada      The tour, as Mr.  monton to     Battieford a distance, of
Emmerson states, was taken in order aboot  ninety -.'miles."   This  will  give
that     he might     familiarize himself the people around  the Battieford sec-'
���thoroughly with  railway matters  ail  tion  of the  country direct connection
over Canada.     Tlie Minister was par-  with Edmonton, instead of having to
ticiiiarly impressed with the immense send grain and supplies around along,
strides made    throughout'the North- triangle.       The Bfattieford people%rt
west, ih fact,     he was highly cnthi's-' very anxious to have  this  line built
iastic about ��e future of that portion and  from the tradei     outlook for the
Vallance,"that it having been
reported onigood authority that isuch ,J
smuggling prevails, Mr. R. G. Mac-
pherson, M.P.v bring the matter to
���tlie. .a-ttjEiitid'ii , of the government.
This was .carried.
 . O ;	
of the Dominion-       Asked  regarding line it would be a paying one."
The Vancouver and  Victoria senior
teams will meet in this city on Saturday,      Nov.   25th,' iu   the   opening
chanipiojishij),    match of tlie season,
says a Vancouver  despatch.    The local aggregation is* .practising-hard and
the city senior matches played every
week are     giving the players aJ good
opportunity  to   work  out  and  hard-
sn   themselves   for  tlie championship
That Victoria will have a fast fifteen in the field this season is evident by the interest that is,being
taken in thogjame. The Victoria
Times in speaking of the practice
match played last Saturday sav*:
Everyone displayed interest in thc
game, and, as result, there wcre
many individual exhibitions of sprinting, etc., whioh shows that tho material is not wanting for the formation of a s-trong senior fifteen, o:iu
that may fc�� depended upon  to   put
St. Petersburg',  Nov.  n.���Alarming
news, comes  from Cronstadt.    It  announces"'that,'a regular   mutiny        of
sailors has taken place there during
the     night.   The, troops were  called
oiit to  quell  the uprising and    fierce
fighting  ensued.    Machine guns   were
used  |>y   thc soldiers.    The  workmen
have-     joined  the sailors and  in the.
fighting hundreds of people were kill-
On  or  about the  1st of  December,   ed  and   wounded.    Towards  morning
the  smelter of tlie'Dominion  Copper   the mutineers  applied  the torch     to
Company at Boundary  Falls  will   bo   the town  and  it  is now  in  names,
blown in once more,  ��or a steady ruii > '
says  the  Pioneer.   Last  week Superintendent     Thomas   placed  an  order
with  thc\Boundary  Iron Works,     at
Grand      Forks,, for   additional   slag
pots,  which will be cast and turned
out as soon as (practicable.   On   Sunday  last   thc  first  ore  was  sent, out
over the  C.P.R.   from  the   Brooklyn
mine by  the present  management of
thc  Dominion   Copper   Company.    It
consisted  of five cars,  or about  150
tons, and several similarly jsi/cd lots es of'the V.V. & 10. and thc C.P.R.
have been sent out since. May 17 arc engaged in a fight near here. Tho
was  the     date  of the last previous    p.p.R,   mCn continue laying rails and
.'   ore shipment from this mine.     This ' _i',,.���.,i\i,��� v v
,',.', ,        , ,     as scon as they are placed the V.\.
a  week's  slnpiments  were  largely       to
make     rcom in the. bunkers  for  ore   *  E- inen  tcai' thcm  UP-
being taken  out of  the  Brooklyn    in ; ��,  ,,., ,..->
development.    As   preh^ously,  S'tia(fcd, .  .
I   have Just received a good assort-'the   Dominion   Copper  Company    has  '    Professor Charles S.  Leavenworth,
A despatch from Dawson dated November 4th, says: C. II. Wilkeson', a
capitalist if London,' Eng., has ofTei.
cd to give a subscription to >l.he funds
of the  Yukon Polar Institute.      The
ofi'er  is  made through  Governor W.
W.   IV   Mclnnes   in a letter   received'
heie from  Mr.   Wilkeson in  the  mail
Ibis -morning.    The governor       will
write acknowledging the offer on ,be-
hilf     of thc Yukon, Polar .Institute,
und      will   ask Mr.   Wilkeson  to  do
what else he can; to help in thc good
An  offer has  also come  from  Mr.
W.   L.   Breese,   jr.,   of White  Horse,
Y.T.,  a millionaire  who owns much
���property in  New York,  to assist in
the work of raising funds  for the polar enterprise.    Mri Breese .also offers
io make a liberal  donation himself.
The Yukon river is running ice at
all   points  except   Forty  Mile, where
it     has  been  blocked  for  two  days.
People    are crossing the river       at
that point, on  foot.   The weather is
still  mild at all points.
' The   total   assessment   oi    Dawson
has been fixed  at  $-1,23-1,720.    This is
at  the  rate  of' 18   mills,   will      net
$7f),22i.nc revenue.
The Young Men's Liberal Club, at
a well attended meeting, has elected
John  R.   Grey  president.,
The mining- law committee sat     at
.Gold   Bottom   yesterday.    The   miners are taking  great interest in   the
movement'," which no doubt will  have
the effect-    of improving the nviiiing
laws of the .Yukon.
" ��� ���u :
is.and, io r..ui3 smith, r,.x the 'lyee
.-aiucilor, had been secured by Mackenzie Brothers. hrom Supt. Wat-
.*-on a Ledger reporter ascertained
itl.| ;t ��� tins ��up,ort was q,uitct true. Mr:
Watson said the steamer licnriette
would ijc engaged in transporting
the ore 'Ilie contract secuied by thc
T ycc company was to receive the en
tiie output of the mines fo,r two years
and durmg that time every:f ton of
oie wouiu be brought to this smci-
U'i foi      treatment. Exactly h��\v
nucli oie will be brought on each
irip i,y the I-lenrictte he could not
bay, but he expected she would male
the run every mne days, bru/ging on
the aveiage J ,000 tons each tune,
'ihis,     Mr.  Watson said,  would keep
only about afoitiught or three weeks
aitei   winch it would  be necessary  to
c-ooc     down to install  a new settler,
And oti'er     new   machinery, and prepare iihorougiiiy. lor along steaay run
irom  the iiniiuie of December on. The
suierintendent  informed,  the  reporter
that   there  was     no d^ubt  whatever
ihat the smelter would be kept working steadily for at least 3,500 tons of
ore would be received monthly, iand it
would be    necessary to Keep at work
continually to get this   amount,  with
other that    would be rcctived, treated.      It, might, of  course,   be'necessary to cease operations occassionai-
lj   to repair machinery.'    Mr. Watson
was asked if a shipment was already
on 'its way from the Omar mines rs
reported a    fortnight ago.     He said
a  report that 4.0U0 tons-was  on its
way had been circulated and as there
was no     telegraphic     communication
with the mme it     was  impossible to
the smeiler in steady operation. He
coiud not say to the dav when the! l*tAln e,lher confirmation or denial
hist .shipment would a.rr.ve, as the ' of ��*��� lind at 'lhe liPe il was thouSht
lleiu-iette. was now on her way to not improbable, but he was.convinc-
Cioflon    'w,t,li ���  some non ore from ed now W,at ^nj.was no tret*     in
Pn:iceon\a'es Island. This oic is be- tne reP��rt-                           v    ,   j       ''
.-,,���   ,������(  ,��� ,,        ....           ,, The Superintendent was asked if he
, mg Mvnt  to tnc      Bntaniua Company , ,                .,.      ,          .,.    4.. ���   ���
1      ,   ,,,         .                      t ,                ' could say anvthing for pubh?Ation as
���n exchange foi      a   'quantity, recently .     ,.      J    ,.'       6.    4��,��� ���_ _������*     ���f
, ,  ,    .,          ,,        l _       '.   ���, to the results up to the present     of
sent   o Jhj smelter on Prince j�� Wales he deVelopmc-t work ^ng done by
Island >or i.uvin. purposes ,   .    |hi_  Companv at ^t Mount  Sicker,
j\Ir.  Watson   vvas  asked when oper.v'ni|in,es,     an_     he stated that at this
lion   vvc.uid be     resumed  at the local Uim he Could not speak on th s siib-
snieitcr, and stated that the furnaces jcc(,.    The  company  were  expending
would     be blown in     about the 15th unsc sums of money on the mine,'hjuti
"or.,(lic present" month..   This run, how- at  present     nothing could "be made
ever, will not     be along one, lasting .public as  to the indications.
) /  	
  _ _, m _^_������_.
A Vancouver despatch says: Mr. "But what I shall turn my par-
Joseph L. Roy, Dominion Govern- -ticular attention to now in connec-
nient engineer, 'returned on  the  first ' tion with the False Creek scheme is
..        , .,    , . , ,.   ..   ,  ,   ,     .the  surveying of a canal  from   ��� tho
section oi. the Imperial limited today *,     .      . �� ��� ,     ,,   ,,. .��� ^r,n���t^yt.
1 ��� headwaters of False Creek to connect
from     a business   trip  to  Edmonton
and    down  the  Saskatchewan river.
with   Burrard Inlet.    The  route    of
this' canal   will  extend   across      that
up a creditable struggle for thc   M.*
Kcchine Cup.   Those who have     the
organization of the team in'hand are
confident, of being able to got  together a fast fifteen in time to I'-ay    In-
opening   league   match; on   the   25th
inst.  at Vancouver,  against'   :ie Terminal . City      stalwarts,   the present
holders     of     the   British   Columbia
Midway,   Nov.   9.���(Special)��� i-orc-
A   very  plea&'.'Hg event   took  place
at Mount Sicker on .Saturday  evening, November 'ith, .when Miss Sarah
Ann Campbell,  eldest daughter       of
the late  Hugh   Campbell,  was united
in     marriage to Mr. Walter ,Charles
Evans, son of Mr. and Mrs.     James
Evans,   Duncans.    The ceremony   was
performed at the house of the bride's
mother by the Rev.  A. W. R. WtaMe-
ma.n,   Presbyterian   minister-,   Duncan,
a large  number   if  friends being   present-.      The  popularity  of the  bride
and groom  w:us  attested   by   the   numerous      handsome     presents    from
friends     and     relatives.    The happy
young      couple   left   Sunday  morning
for Victoria,  where their honeymoon
is      bc.Tig  spent.    U'pon   their  return
ihey will reside at Mount Sicker. AH
join in wishing  them every happiness
and  success  in   life.
Mr.'Roy is here for the purpose     of   low  portion  of land lying just  east
completing  the    surveys   of      False; [of     Campbell    avenue..    The     canal
cree'-.',   preparatory  to  making  a   re-"''wquld, from  what'I.have seen.of the
port to the Dominion government of ' locality,  present no serious enginecr-
the proposed improvements .to.* that  ling .difficulties, provided "no very hard
waterway. : ���        ' rock was encountered.  I   believe: that
"From what'I can'learn-from   the 'the  time will come when such a ca-
my .absence, T believe  that  iio  very    nal will be necessary to the shipping
borings  made  by  Col.   Tracy,      who   interests     of     this  port.    Another
has  been  carrying  on the  work     in    thing  which   recommends   this  canal
serious difficulties   will   be  experienc- 'is   the   fact  that'-it undoubtedly   will
ed in dredging False  Creek .to a suffi-  h.-Ip to keep  the channel, which will
cient   depth to   make 'iff;  a good  bar-" be made by dredging, clear by allow
box     for  all  classes   of  ocean-going    ing  some  of  the tidal  currents    ' of
vessels," said Mr.  Roy shortly after   the Inlet to escape by way of False
his  arrival. Creek. I
The     News-Advertiser in its  issue
'.Th?.     V.'ttoria     Colonist of:     this
morning says:    John W. Coburn, man
aging director of the Ladysmith Lum
lier Company,  Ltd.,  is in the city. .lit
will  bc  remembered   that  the Ladysmith  Lumber Company recently purchased  the mill and ��� logging interests
of   the   A.   Haslam  estate  of  Nanaimo.   Speaking of his company's     acquisition,   Mr.      Coburn said      last
night:   "No plans  have yet been  for-
innlatcd   for  the   immediate  enlargement of  the  J-Iaslam   mill.   Our  first
S.S.  Unicon  was  in  for qoal   this
S.-S. Tirje1 Vik*eji is due in for
full  cargo of coal,  about 6,000 tons
for San Francisco.
 Q .
This is probably the first bird of
ment of comic, burnt leather and pic- placed an order for an air compres- who returned to New Haven several j the kind to have been recognized in
torial     postcards.        Koight's Book sor, which will be installed at     the   days ago  from   the  Chinese  Imperial   British Columbia,  and Mr.  Crickmay
Store.      Call in  ana  see them.
John  Muir,  the  discoverer  of Muir
glacier in Alaska,  a venerable naturalist and  geologist,  is  seriously  ill
in, Arizona.
Rawhide  mine.    The  installation     of  college     at     Nan    Van,   Shanghai,
this comprsssor���which will  bc  oper- where he had had a professorship for
of  yesterday says:   Mr. E.  J.  Crick-jstcps  will   be to  secure  the services
may, who has   just arrived back from j of an     up-to-date ,mill-man to thor-
,a shooting     trip      to    Lulu  Island,  joug-hly  examine the   property  and re-
brought   with  him  a pheasant  which j port   on      the  needed   improvements
he.  shot,   presuming   it  to  be  acock. |and  additional  machinery  for   the en-
bird,  but  on examination by Mr.   Enlargement   ot     the milling capacity,
A.   Roberts it was found to be  a ben j which   at   present   is   roughly   50,0-00
that has  assumed  thc mtilc  plumage, j feet.    Meanwhile   we   propose,   operating   tbe*  plant at  once to  fill  orders
that  we  are   unable  to handle     at
tho   Ladysmith   mill.     The   Nanaimo
is   therefore sending  it to  the    Provincial Museum  in Victoria,  Anyone
'Animals to the number of nearly
70,000,000'-are killed yearly for the
sai'c of their fur.
0  0   0
When a fish loses any of ids ��� scales
by a wound -or-other means, they
are never renewed.
0  0  0
There is an unprecedented boo-m in
mushrooms  this year in England.   So
abundant is the crop in  some   parts'
of East Norfolk that they are being
mowed down with scythes  to    save)
thc labor of hand picking.
0  0   0
Among insects the most  intelligent
are     those  of    the .an t  tribe,  while,
next      to    them   rank  wasps.    Bees
come    , some way lower down      the
scale.    Beetles  are hopelessly stupid,
but  even they are not  as bad as but
tcrflies and moths.
0  0   0
In   parts   of  Australia,   where   the
average  rainfall is not more     than
ten inches,  a sqaiare mile at land will
support  only eight or nine sheep. In
Buenos  Aires  the  same  area,    with
thirty-fpdr     inches  of rain supports
2,500   sheep.
I hint will give employment to from
al) to.00 men, exclusive of the legated by electric power from Cascade the last two years, has just receiv- 'antensted in natural history can see iging end. At. present we. shall pur-
-wilf furnish something heretofore cd word of his appointment as vice the Wjrd at C. E. Tisdall's gun store chase what logs are needed there and
lacking at the Rawhide^cheap pow- consul at Nagasaki, Japan. He will (this '-morn-ins,, as it will have, to early in the spring operate our own
er for rock drilling purposes. /start immediately for  his new post, / leave on  today's Victoria boat. tni'la- limits." 1
���' ��� v1-
A. T. Quiller-Couch, better known
as "Q," is the latest British novelist to make an effort to get into
parliament. He is 43 years of age
and  has written 23 books.
y 'st  J"tt'  I-'Vj.  ___!_*_���������  DAILY LEDGER  asae  THE DAILY LfDGfR  published   every  day except Sunday.  "BY        THE,      DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION" <?RICE  ���������0  cents  a  month;    ?5  per year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  Till".,  NOV.,  fl,  1903  EAST   INDIAN   HEROISM  The report of the SiesLan boundary  commission,     the mcmibers of     which  have now rem met   to India, contains  a  limning      story  01  native heroism,  endurance,     and      devouon  to  duly,  which shows that     the spun animating the king's     Indian subject is still  lhe  same.      A      party,   consisting  ( f  Surveyor     Sbeikli     Mohi-ud-dui, four  native  surveying  clerks,   four  Afghan  ������������������uities anil tvvc      camel  men, set opt  in.m  the     mission camp on the river  lleiniand   to  explore   lhc   desert tract  known   as      Dishi-i-Margo.    Seven of  tlu-iii aicnow     dead as lhc result of  th-c-r devotion       At  nightfall  on the  stco.'.t!  day o1' their j.Hirncy tliey found  that  their supply  of water had given  out.   The  guides   urged   the surveyor  to return at once,  but he decided lo  make one  more effort to  find  water.  A   small   quantity   was      afterwards  round, but it  vvas so brackish that all  v.ho drank it     afterwards became in.  At daybreak the     party hailed  on a  high desert plain, where the \hcat was  intense aud there was no sign of water     in any     direction.    Recognizing  that further     attemts at exploration  were impossible,      Mohi-ud-din agreed  to abandon the journey.  This decision, however, was arrived  at too late Two of the. guides had  become insensible and they were tied  upon ridjig camels fcy thc third guide  >vho then fastened himself on another  camel, ana allowed Lhe, three anur.uis  to wander where their instincts nng(.ii  lead   llu'in. They   were  eventually  K'ltnd by a huiter and saved. 'jhu  iate of thc rest of'the party was tci-  riliie. Ihe first lo succumb to the tortures oi thirst vvas a 'camel man, fchoi  wandered into thc desert and never  returned. The others ,venl scouting  in search or water. On their return  they found Surveyor Mohi.ud-din lying dead by thc side ,';,f his horse. One  of the native clerks named Saulu  cut Lhc map off the surveyor's tabic,  wrapped it round Ins body, and with  the five remaining members of the  party set out ajrtiin, half mad with  tliust and blistered by the rays ci  the buying sun. They had not gone  many nnics bcfoic Samu's live, com-  pannj.ns, utterly exhausted, tlnd in  despair lay dqwn to die and scon succumbed to their frightful suli'ering������.  Saidu, however, stumbled on, and al  nightfall came lo some water. Ile  ran fiito it up to his knees and ravenously slacked his raging thirst, and  the fell unconscious vby thc side of flic  pool- Tlie next .morning, he.was discovered by some villagers, who revived- him arid saved his life. His  first thought on returning to consciousness was for his precious map.  -which was,, fortunately, 'scarcely damaged. ',. No servant of the state 'over  ������������������did his duty in simpler or more faith-  ,ful fashion.,' ami ��������� he has been fittingly  rewarded. ���������London Express.  ������ THE   WAY IN WHICH  Our Blouses  have sold   indicate   to us that the styles and  prices are right. Still we're going to make  our Blouse Department more interesting  by offering  Two (2) dozen Ladies' Stripe and Ceylon Flannel BioiisM  in Fawn, Pink, and Green, irceiy made and have new Leg o'  Mutton   Sleeve,   regular  $1.50 jbi'-aij-   Special,  Each $i.oo  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BRS?  WINES, I.IQUOKS, CIG4RS  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Five (">)  dozen Ladies' extra  quality Black Mercerized  Sateen Blouses, hemstitched, lucked ImcIc nnd front, just as good as  any $1.30  Blouse  we've  offered      Special offering,  Each $ .00  Tho Express has just bonded us the daintiest lot of T-Icmstil*  rlied Emlnoidcrcd Lawn Tuin-o\cr   Collars       Tbey   were  bought  special   for     Ninas Trade,   but   we'\e unencst tnenr up.     -Iv *-*ii������  now. a he.-iufy at  Each i5c.  Chiiili's*:is'     White Fur   Sets- five different kinds���������only, three  of each���������Collar  and  Muff.     Wish wc had a dozen of-each because  thi'j'ii   he     grie befoie    most  people* Know we have them.     A  ���������  nice   set <.t  Each $1.00  SHOE DEPARTMENT-  Ladies' Fine Dongola   one,   two  and three straps, suitable for evening wear.   This is one of our best  ��������� values. 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The  Tee  for   recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year  or paid  to  the  I  Solid leather '���������)  in.  Miners' or  Prospectors"  Moots;  made with outside counters  waterproof      chrome  grain  leg, best'���������   vcai kip, y vamp   ������  and full     bellows tongue tq   \  the     fop; a  broad  toe last   f  with double     sole and slip,    *  Klondike eyelets and     hooks.   I  Practically      iiideslrtictibie.  For sale by an  dealers.  MANUFACTURED BY  IP  LTD  VANCOUVER   S. C.  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500' has  been expended  or  paid, the  locator  may,   upon  having  a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2_ per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases  to  dredge for  gold  of  five miles  each for a term of twenty years, rc-  newablcat the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shajl have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2���������_ per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister of  the In-  >.rior.  TH6CITY MHRK6T  Beetaccomodp.lion in town.   Splendid hunting and flailing in near vicinity.  A. J. AlcMURTRlE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Railway  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ *****  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  PORTLKND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,    good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fiUedup and well supplied anl is in charge of  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  ���������FFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT.  21st, 1905.  Trains leave Ladysmith  for Victoria and all  intermediate stations    at'  9.1������ a.m. ���������daily,  and at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and   Sup-  | days.   >  Good tables and good i      Trains leave Lsudysmith for Wellington and all  intermediate stations  Rooms at 11-57 a.m. daily, aad at COO p.m.   on Wedn* days,   Saturdays     amd  ���������Sundays. '  .  EXCURSION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  'good for going journey  Saturdays  and Sundays, returning not later than  tk������ follewiae Momday. i    ���������'������������������Steamer Joan   Sails from Ladysmith  for Vancouver cverv Saturday at 0.00 a.m.. and  The bar is extra well returning, sails tr.m Vaacouver    for Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Stocked  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &. Pass. Aff  81 Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  HOTEL   PRETGRIH  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: "���������-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  J. 2SL SMITH'S  RESTAURANT  Cor, 5th Avenue & Baden. Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meats 35c. and Upward  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a'dy furnished and the bar' is up-to-  d-'te. Rates $1.00 a day and up-  w \rds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Prop.  B-������laaad* :*-:  ���������: ��������������������������� >-: Ladyamltk  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  "GALEOO^IAN"  Leads Them    AH  IN QUALITY  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Ratee $1.25 atd$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landing! and  railway depots.   Electric care every five  minutes to all parts of  the city.   Bar  and tablelunexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Commercial Mens' headqaartere.  Fire Proof    Building.  -:o:  R. P. RITHET,,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������:'���������������������������: .-: .���������'B.C  HOTEL LEI,  (T. J. Wellinan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot    and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modp.lled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  Read Down Read Up  9 p.m. ly. Victoria Arr. 4 00 p. tn.  8.00 p. ra. t,v. Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p, m, Arr. Everett Arr. 7.30 a.m.  9.30 a. in. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p.m  6.25 p.m Arr.    Re-ford   Arr 12.30 p. 111.  8.10   p. m, Ar.   Elite   Arr.  10.42 a. m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Feniie   1^.9.55 a, iu.  ONE NIGHT,  To ail Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close Connections  For     Chicago, Toronto.  Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted     Cars,  Family, Tourist Sleepers,  Palace  Sleeping Cars  Diiing     Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library Observation      Cars  'through     tickets  and bag-  gag* checks to ail points..  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations     and complete  TICKET   OFFICE  ���������0��������� -  Cor.  Government     and   Yates Sta.,  Victoria, B. C-  )  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  information  ��������� diess,  S. Q. Yerkcs  A.G.R.A.  Seattle  call on or ad-  E. R. Stephen  G.A.G.N. Ry  Victoria,  B.C.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown to  Imported  GARDEN,     FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring plaiting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road.   Vancouver.  PAINTING,        PAPERliANGlNO  *.-���������  etc/;'  Work done properly and at ripM  prices. Shop and residence in reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. E^ SMITH, Prop  R. Williamson; Prop  ist. Avenue  Ladysmith B. C.  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  COBURN, Man.   Director  I     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     j  S' PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, dOLD AND }  ��������� SILVER ORES. >  Smelting Worksat  LADYSMITH, B.C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  1  1  J  }  I CLERMONT  LIVINGSTON W. J. WATSON, \  I General Manager. Smelter Manager. }  fc'-fettfe*''^'^^^  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in_ oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. BO.  i  ���������**.������������������*  Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDIC K   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a Special.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough an J Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, .'iouldlngs, Etc , of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Limber  la    Stock.  GEO. YUEN  cTHONEY TALKSx-  AS  LOUD  TO US   AS  ANYONE.  IF  YOU ARE PAYING  CASH FOR YOUR   MEAT  YOUR   B������LLARS  W  ILL   GO  FURTHER   IF  YOU  BUY   FROM US   Our Casli Wees Cannot Be Beaten   LL  &    FLASKET7  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith  ^    w*  B.   C  II you likes- .  A   smooth',  easy  shave,  an even,  well-finished     beard trim, a good  bath, ������r a stylish Hair-cut.  Y������u will g������ t������ *  LADYSMITH SHAVING  .PARfORS  HIGH  STREET.  One of which Is the famous "North  Coast Limited,"  TicKcts on sale to an Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers      on  aU  trains.   Dining  Cat  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship tickets on sale to '- and  from an European points. Cabin accommodation  reserved  by  wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  -EFFECT-  For furthsr particulars call or  write the olliee. Pbone Main 456.  A.  D.  Carlton E.  E.  Biackwoo*  A.G.P.A., N.P., * General Agent  Portland, Ore.*        Victoria, B.O  Are You  Going East  t  Then be sure your tickets read   Tl*    /  the  1  The only line now making UNION !  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL i)  and MINNEAPOLIS with ���������������������������'���������the (|  through trains from the Pacific '(  Coast.  ' '.  ��������� ������������������.''���������.���������' .-:$  THE SHORTEST LINE;- THB:\  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST, -j  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CM. Ij  CAGC,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY^f  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your*,']  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER   II  Si  General  J gent, t  7W 2nd Ave., Seattle.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE &  CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AND FRESH..  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  HARTLEY    GISBORNE  Member  Can.   Society of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,"} England  Member  International  Electrical  Congress    at St. Louis, 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  p. O, BOX 357.  LADYSMITH, Bi G.  u  Manufacturers of the famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None bu   ������nion Labor   Employed  il J. BOOTH, Prop  .. ..I)ea ers In   Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysn.ith, B.C  I  Dr. Dier can be to' nd at any timejj  M  at his office on High street. His den^j  tal   work  is  guaran I; cil   to be first-)'  class and rates reasonable aftf   ���������- . t;  HILBERT  h. r  DAILY LEDGER  ���������"mr  Union  Brewing Co  nanaimoi:b. c.  fir. itif acturers of the  Alliicratirc  Sizing^  ������������������Yes," said the student of slang In a  modern educational institution, "I got  It in the neck all right."  "Tut. tut!" exclaimed the professor  of billingsgate who hail overheard his  remark. "I am astonished that an advanced student such as you would be  so careless in his choice of terms for  expressing such a splendid idea. You  should have said, 'I've got it where  ���������Gertie got tho goiter,' or employed  some other strong alliterative tciin,"  f        " , In (British Columbia  *J*    Lager  Beer  vsnH Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  f     from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  **l** l' ��������� ���������l'**l-**<^**fr*H*9+*Z**l****^***l**^  ily timbered,and the people are only  beginning to realize its, value;  a con-  THE  CAPE TO   CAIRO R \ILWAY. jj  Perhaps   the  most  intsresting  pub-||  siderablc portion���������has been w/thin the   tic worlc in llie scll<-,in*J of opening up  onen  ^le co"*-i,ient to  commerce and  civilized  industry ,:p   the Cape  to Cairo  No Trouble About Prayer**.  ���������"Mother,'' cried six-year-old Fr*r>k  eagerly, *'I want Tacl: here to stay nl)  night, so we can get our sleds tut  early."  "No, Frank. Nurse wouldn't stay if  sl-e had rhe trov.bio of taking care of  another boy," replied tbe parent.  "J don't see what trouble Jack would  bo," grumbled Frank. "He washes and  dresses himself, und he doesn't say nvy  players."  railway belt,  and has not been  to settlement.   Even under these cir   ,  cumstances,  population has increased   r^lll0a(l'  and  at this moment attention is being   attracted,   and   there  is   an  unwonted    stir -throughout  this entire  region.  j    Personally  I know  of no more  delightful  portion  of  the province,   or  one in which ,1 would rather make my  home.    But     is i.s particularly from  'the  standpoint of the church that I  | write.    Several   of  our  mission fields  ' are  nearing  self-support,   and      .the  coming  in      of   a few   good  families  would mean immediate and rapid ad-  Pi������pyiT   Fnrnaoo.  An electric resistance furnace was  used by Pepys iu .S15 for the cementation of iron. He Dole a piece or' pure,  soft iron and cut a siit along its longt'o,  Tho slit was filled with diamond dust,  which was prevented from falling out  by line iron wire. The jwrtion of Hit-*  wire containing the dust was wrapped  in mica. The .wire lima charged wii9  heated quickly to redness by tin* current from a battery. On opeuing tho  wire Pepj-s found tiiat the diamond  dust had disappeared and that .-n-omul  ���������where it had boon the wire hail been  converted to steel.���������London Engine*-.  ] vance. Should this meet the eye of  any      who  desire  a beautiful   home,  !with an,unusual opportunity to make  life  tell in building up the kingdom  :of God, let him write to any of our  missionaries:      Rev.    R.   B. Laidley,  J Sidney,    B.C.;   Rev.   T.   II.   Wright,  "Duncan, B.C.; or Rev. J. W. Miller,  B.A., South Salt Spring, B.C., who  will be glad ,to give-information and  lo assist him   in  finding the location  he desires. ������  MILKS  OF WORDS.  CARPET DEPARTMENT  The patterns are prettier than ever, the qualities higher, more  beautiful ' 'harmony of coloring. Everything that can add to artistic  appearance and y_.t combine superb wearing' qualities, is the story  of this Department.  FOR THIS WEEK  We are making a special showing of  BRUSSELS CARPETS  $125 \  YARD-MADE /  In crimsons,     greens, fawns, and blue  colorings    Floral and oriental designs  -Samples Submitted-  $125  YARD���������MADE |  Followed   Her Iiixtruvtioiin.  Mrs. N. was giving instructions to her  new servant: "Del'ore removing the  soup plates, Mary, always ask each  person if ho or she would like any  more."  "Very good, madam."  Next day Mary, respectfully bowing  to one of the guests, inquired, "Would  the gentlemen like some more soup?"  "Y?s, please."  "There isn't any left." '1' '   '  ' "'.Ul-i','.'  An Odd  WhlMt Dcnl.  A curious hand at whist was dealt at  Grimsby, England, recently. The cards  were shuillcd and dealt in the usual  way, but when the players looked at  their hands they found that one of  them had twelve spades, another eleven hearts, the third man t������velve diamond* and the fourth eleven clubs.  Spades were trumps.  I  i-m-ssssaW'SS  VICTOR I A. B.C  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened  by  n*=  ways gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired. /  Ships mi tiling   in   al1     its   HranVie������  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -   -   -     - ���������- Ladysmith, B L  ��������� ������������������-f-f-f-4-t-f-f-f-f ���������-f-M-^-f^-f������-t-t-t--������-M--f*������-������>*f ������������������*���������������*������ ��������� 4 49*9**4444'     j  *  L<\ D/SMITH TRANSFER CO.    x\  ,        Improving:.  She���������I thift* I've been quite economical. Her Husband���������Do you? She���������  Certainly. I'm sure we haven't run .Vn  debt half ns much as last nv-mt1*:���������  Brooklyn Life. j  In the World's Work an article   on  "Writpgl     for   a Living,"   contains  many anecdotes  ot the career of thc  writer for revenue only.   Mr, Clilson  Willels says:  An editor telephoned me on Thursday:   ''Can  you  sail with me Saturday      for      Europe?"   "Yes!"   Then  I meet me on the ship,  for I have   no  time  to see you  before sailing."   As  j tho     ship steamed down New York  [bay,  I asked:  "Why arc we going to  .Europe?" "I     want vou,"  vvas   the  answer,   '-'to   get facts in Berlin,   St.  ; Petersburg,   Paris  and   London,    and  ' write a series of art.fcles on  'The Am  erican  Commercial  Invasion oi    Europe.' "  j That year I crossed thc Atlantic  ^six times, making three round trips;  for besides thc trip to get thc material for the. "Commercial Invasion" articles, I made separate, trips  through the ' poorest country of  Erin's Isle, mostly in carts, to  write "The Depopulation, of Ireland"  and through the slumbcrland of Alfonso. XIII. to write '���������'Americans  Now Welcome in  Spain."  which   will,   upon completion,  connect Egypt with South Africa  by a line 5,700 miles in  length,  or perhaps  the longest in the. world,  unless     it may be the Siberian .mil-  way.       There has  been ' consjlerable  grcgress     made on this  longitudinal  highway.       About 1,400  miles   hav������  been built-from thc north and shorter stretches  at intervals,    some    of  which are in limited  opeiation.  All this has been brought conspicuously into public notice by there-  cent completion of the bridge over  the Zambesi, river and the passage of  the first engine across it, the general details of which have been given  in the;news columns.  ������������������ o   '"���������    -,-. (.ill  FEDERAL JOBS.  It is more  than  forty  years  since  (Jen.   Spinner,   who   has   been   called  "the  father  of the employment      of  women in the federal .service," found  places Jor a fsw women in the treasury department at  Washington.    He  was     tben    treasurer of  the  United  .Slates, and   there  was a gnat dearth  of eligible employees  in  consequence  of the drafta  made  upon   1 he young  men of the country  by the C.M1 war  -General  Spinner   proposed   the      employment of  women   in  the place of  men,  and the  idea  which  he started  has  gone on   almost  uninterruptedly  since,   but not to  the extent that   is  popularly supposed.  NOTICE.  IT PAYS TO BUY  Weinrob  GIVEN AWAY FREE    ���������  Silverware & Jewelry Will be Given Away FREE  HERE ARE A FEW OF T HE  LATEST  DESIGNS IN  ELEGANT   SILVERWARE "AND  JEWELRY,  WHICH  WE  ARE GIVING' AWAY  FREE  AND   WITH-  , OUT CH ARGE.  It will give you a ch'ance to get      Christmas" gifts for your  friends without -paying a cent for them.  Our prices are the lowest     and you     Can get 10 percent,  bad*-  for every dollar's worth of goods purchased in our store.  NOTICE is hereby given that I. .the  undersigned,  will apply at the next  regular     sitting     of    the Licensing  Board     on     December 15th for   the  transfer of  the retail  liquor license  held  by me  for the Wheatshcaf  hotel, located in Cedar District,       to  Enoch  Sage,   of Nanaimo.  JAMES   YATES,  Cedar District, Nov.  7th, 1905.  SILVERWARE  CREAM PITCHERS  SUGAR BOWLS  BUTTER PLATES & KNIVES  CAKE PLATES  FItUTT DISHES  CRYSTAL AND STLVER  BREAKFAST   CRUET  FANCY DECORATED CHINA  BREAKFAST CRUET  DESSERT FORKS  DESSERT KNIVES  JEWELRY  Subscribers who do not receive the  Ledger regularly will confer afa\or  on thc publishers if they will drop a  post-card to that effect, or leave  word at the ofTicc. Every 'effort is  made to have papers delivered regularly, but it 5s not always possible.  If wo are not notified that a paper is  not regularly delivered we have no  way of knowing this and correcting  the mistake.  GOOD   IMMIGRATION   WORK  GENTLEMANS' .WATCH GOLD  FILLED & SOLID  SILVER  MENS' GOLD PLATED  CHAINS  LADIES' SOLID GOLD RINGS  MENS' SOLID GOLD RINGS  LADIES'  GOLD BRACELETS.  LADIES'S  BROOCHES  B, 5. Weinrobe,  HIGH STREET,  PIANOS,  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE MOV-  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables inN the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the  Abbots  ford. [ 4  WILLIAMS AM3   V \ 5 t : T  +49******49***r*+9449449444999999444 444 44994999***944  Ntc**^*^*^*^*-^*^*-^*^*^*^*-^*^*^*^*^*^*^1  ������  *  *  *  *  *���������������  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *PHONE 66  *  ���������'*  - ��������� .  ������������������������������������   *  *  LADYSMITH J  *  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  i  8UGGIES FOR HIRE  :���������:  :���������: See J.  KEMP, or leave orders vith  BLAIR &   ADAM  FIRST AVENUE  W.  ���������PHONE 2-4.  SILER.    .^  GENERAL LXPRESS^M)  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  DO*-'"..  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  M. R- SIMPSOh  Solicitor, Etc.  Money to   Loan  t Avenue  IADYSM 1  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO.  686, F.  O. E.     :-:       :-:        :-:       :-j  Meets In the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President- B. Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary,  C. H. Rummings.  Rev. J. II.' Wh'.te, superintendent  of missions for the,Methodist church  in British Columbia, has given an ex  ample in a letter to the denominational organ, the Christiran Guardian, of Toronto, of what clergymen  in his .position can do to assist in  securing immigration to British Columbia. Writing from New Westminster, Mr.  White says:  ''Methodism  in     British  Columbia  has been greatly strengthened during  the past two or three years  by  the  coming of  many  families from Eastern Canada, and especially from Mani  toba  and   the  Northwest.    By     far  the larger number  have come to    the  Okanagan  and contiguous  valleys  in  the interior,  and  to  Chilliwack   and  other points  in the Fraser valley  at  the coast.    These portions  of       the  province are  the best known and are  the,most widely advertised.    New ar- ]  rivals   have   had   little  difficulty    in  .securing   homes   which  suited   them,  and-in many  cases  properties  purchased      only  a    short time ago have  greatly increased  in value.  The people themselves  arc  generally       well  pleased   with  thc  country,  and   have  been a great blessing to the communities in which- they have settled.  "Permit me to  call  attention       of  intending Methodist  settlers   to  several districts which are perhaps not  as. well tnown, but which offer quite  as many attractions in the way     of  climate,  soil,  and products  as     the  most favored portions of .the province;  and where the coming of a few good  families*  would  greatly  advance- our  own church and further the cause of  God.   I refer  particularly to  Saan-ich  and  Cowichan  districts,   on  Vancouver Island,  and to  Salt Spring,     a  large ' island   in  the vicinity.     These  districts have all   been.settled:sparse  ly for years;   they have churches and  schools   built   and   in  operation;    all  within  a few   miles   of Victorli; have  a daily   mail  service  by train        or  steamboat and were among the first  fields  occupied   by   our  missionaries.  The climate i.s mild, resembling,that  of the  south   of England,   being  tempered both in  summer and  winter by  the close  proximity  of  tho sea;    the  soil is  especially  adapted  to      fruit  growing,  even  peaches, grapes     and  tomatoes   doing   well,   while   apples,  pears,  prunes,   plums,  cherries      and  smaller  fruits  are produced in  great  perfection.    Dairying  is carried     on  with great  success,   several  creameries     being established, and ,the product, being of thc best.   Poultry and  sheep raising,  as well as mixed farm  ing.     always   give  splendid   results,  while the scenery is among the finest  in the world.  Settlements  have been retarded  in  various ways.   To  begin with,     the  agricultural      population   of   British  Columbia has always, been small; the*  land, much of it,  is somewhat hcav-  Its  AND  Great   Resources  the  No part of British Columbia today offers so many advantages to  i  investor as docs VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Its vast and varied natural wealth has never been as  yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of the fact that it has never  been promiently laid  before the public.  COAL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  FISH IRON  GAME COPPER  1    Any  i  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  BOOTS & SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Af  Repairing and M akingto  Order a Specialty  THOflAS  MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, JB. C.  NOTICE.  From     this date the  undersigned  will not  be responsible lor any in-  jdebtedness     incurred' except on      *  written order signed'by the secretaif  | Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVELr ������������������  OPMENT CO., LTD.   ,-s  | Non Personal Liability.     .'���������  Victoria, B. C., May 18th, 1905.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the ui>-  dersigned vvifl apply at tho next re-j-  ular sitting of the Licensing Bo*rd  for the transfer of the retail liquor  license held by him for the Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, block 2, 1st  Avenue,   City  of Ladysmith,  ta Join  Gogo. ANGELO   TATE.  Russell  Simpson,   Solicitor for  applicant.  Ladysmith,  B.   C,   October 4,  1905.  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  vv-UI grow almost any product of the  Its land, when properly cleared,  soil known   to  man,  WHEAT  OATS  VEGETABLES  OF  RYE ALL   KINDS  A WONDERFUL  SOIL FOR SM ALL      FRUITS    AND  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a literal   hind  tin.     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them will be disposed of on rcason-  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  BERRIES,  policy,   and  LEDG  Office  (Colds  |   6Ie terms to actual settlers  Government lands can be secured  and      money can  bc made by  those  who desire a new home in  a country  possessing the  1st   Avenue  BE5T CLIMATE  In the World  It ahoold b������ ban* k -rind that  every cold weakens tbe loaga, low-  en tike vitality and prepares the  system for tke more aerions diseases, among whick ut thc two  greatest destroyers ������f bnmam life,  pnenranais and consumption*.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its gr-^t popularity by its  prompt cares oi this mast common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves tne hings aad opens tbe  secretknu, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. 11 cettotcrmcts  any tendency toward pnemnania.  L^Pric* 25c, Large Size 50c     j  wmhmm tammammm^������:'  S.:iSfft'a'SElSs33������Sa^5slSgS2  TIIE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will  supply  .any   information ob-  tainable  to  those   who contemplate- a visit  with  a view  of  investment if  conditions arc found as. advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining     district;     a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds of great colliers come in   each  year.  LADYSMITH  IT  IS  THE   .JUNCTION OF THE  LINE     FROM    VICTORIA  TO  '.mportance as  the Island is  VANCOUVER, and will continue.to   grow ip  developed.  'Subscribe lor and read THE DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B  Public  Notice  Attention is called to *;he   fact that the  Ogilvie   Flour ilills Co,   Limited  jiakers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising the public that any unauthorized users of the electrical flour purifying processes will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company limited  ] ar# +iie    only    imllers in Canada whose     Flomr  is justified by tho    electric process  I  V*s THE   DAILY   LEDGER  3ESC  asTasc  sss:  LOCAL ITEMS  WANTED���������A good general servant in  private  house.   High   Wages.   Apply  B.,  Ledger Office.  Sherifl Drake,  of Nanaimo, was  in  the city  this  morning.  A heavy f0g prevented the Empress from gaining tj,e j,ai-b0r at  Vancouver yestci day morning. The  -loan went out to where she was ,  anchored aud tool; oil" t-he passengers  and mails.  An unknown man, well dressed, apparently deliberately committed su.-  cide at Agassi-/, a few nights ago by  stepping in front of a westbound C.  P.R. freight train just as it was  pulling   through   Agassiz   station.  The Cherry Etfband, S R. Crocket's  latest book, and The Passing 0f the  Race, by D W. Higgins, at Knight's  Book Store.  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDING  -   LADYSMITH  Opera House Tonight  IHE EGYPIIAN CONCERT AND REMEDY COMPANY  Entli-e.*   Change of  gt~sm Xcwnight.  .The poundkecper is at work todav  makrng some much needed  repairs on  the Esplanade at thc foot of Robert.s  sued.   ,The place has  been in a bad  stale and leanistcis will be glad  to  iia\e it'properly fixed.  Evidently   the  Masonic  goat       in  Ladysmith   i.s not  in   vcr/good   con-  dilion as  (he members  of  the Lodge  will give out  very little news       in  connection      with   their  Last  night's  .session,  when the said goat was supposed      to     bc inspected    and      put  .through its  paces by the District. Deputy and  his assistants.  Today is the King's birthday. They  have a splendid flag at the city  schools, but for some remarkable rCa  son it is never hoisted on national  days. Victoria fDay, Dominion Day  and Trafalgar Day passed ami no  flag was flown, and now today our  monarch's birthday, is ignored' by  somc one whose duty iu is to hoist  ('ho flag.  Mr. P. Rowland, senior, member of  the firm of Howlaiul-Sons & Co., or  Toronto, spent a few hours in Lady-  smilh visiting with Mr. and .Airs  Robert Rolston, Mr. Kolston having  been  for  years  an  employee   of  New  Songs,   Dances,  Acrobatic   and  Juggling Acts  . amies' Nail Driving Contest, any Lady May Enter  Four Round Roxing m Barrels, Great I.angh.  f'LOSING WITH  A ROARING) FARCE COMEDY  vo;,age  to   Cape   Some, -being     the was     on     her way to  Union wharf'  last  steamer  to   leave  the  northern iroIn   Comox,  and struck  tlie     sand  port     this     season.    The Lcelaiiaw SPU  al     llle c^aiM* ol   the   bay.  made a very successful   voyage.    She  firm.    Mr.  the  Howland's visit (0 the  west is ki (be interest of his firm,  and he '-will locate a branch house'  probably at Winni, eg or Vancouver.  Mr. Uowland is much impressed with  the wonderful resources of the Canadian   west.  direct From France���������Tooth',  shaving,  hair   and   clothes   brushes.A splendfid'  assortment at the Ladysmith  pharmacy.  A  larger audience than had   previously greeted  them  in   Ladysmith assembled  at  i.he opera  house  and apparently thoroughly enjoyed the Egyptian   Concert  Company's  entertainment last cxening.   As previously, tho  bass singing  and  that of the   'tenor  ami  Mrs.   Harrington  was  exceptionally fine.  [As an ad.ertiscment in another column will show, the programme   to   he given   tonight  is quite  different   (o  those given through      the  -week,  and   there will  no doubt  l,e a  'large audience  present, to hear it.  AT  TIIK  ABBOTS-FORD.  M.   Pickart,   Victoria.  Harry  Smith,   Duncan.  Wm.   Girdlcy  Dune-sin.  Dr. I). E. Perry, Duncan. '  R.   Ross. Napier,   Cumberland.  A. W. Clinton and wife, Cumber-  l.nd.  i\!r.  and Mrs.  Riggs,   Cumberland'.  ,R. II.  Hodson,   Cumberland.  Chas.  Vatnr,  Cumberland.  F.  Pickard,  Cumberland.  Thos. Hudson, Union Bay.  C. A. Staples and daughter, Cumberland.  K.  .Mclveir/.ie,  Extension.  Geo.   Martin,   Vancouver.  MARINE.  Victoria,   Nov.   0.��������� Steamer  Leelanau-,   Car-lain   Meyer,   under   charter  to tiie  Pacific  Krei.U'hling  Company of  Fortunately  the  tide  was   out      and  .     .   , after      a few hours'  wait  the vessel  loaded a cargo of general freight    at   got 0n without damofief but was lale  Seat tie at* thc. close of  the season,at  in      arriving  in   Nana^no   in  conse-  high fieight rates���������$15 a ton foi  gen- quence.  eral merchandise and $22 for lumber In the police court yesterday Mrs.  it is said���������and landed her, cargo sue- Mar wick pleaded guilty to supplying  cess) ii Ily on the beach at Nome, oil liquor to Indians on two charges  which she was delayed three days. and was fined $50 for each offence.  0  0 0 Three   Indian  women were  fined -$25  'lhe     new piopeiiors   placed  on  the' each   for having   liqjlior  in   their   pos-  shaiis of the twin-sciew steamer Hen- soasion,   and  one  other  Iiwtan  wom-  nettc* ,,i this     port had the efiect of an  fined  ten dollars for being drunk.'  adding better  than  a knot per hour  I    -u  the masquerade ball  next Mon-  so her .speed,  says a  \ aneouve.   iles-  day  night   there is a likelihood   that  i������i.ch.     She.     was wen    tried  out on -a very   large ci'owd of  maskers   will  l.er last    rim  l0     Skagway,  and she   ljc  ������"   Lil������  floor-    Tlie advance    sale  ma.le better than  mnc knots per hour of  1'iclce*'*s  -"as   been  unusually  large  during    thc whole     run,   accordin*.  to  a,l(i   Uie   I,ianaKfcment   are   expecting  telugrajuic    'advices      iust    recjlvld .������"t'  of   Ule  most  i*uccessful   masquer-  by (-apt.     S. F.    MacKen/.ie, of Aiac- a''f ^ f"'c" '" Nanaimo.  1-eiu.e r.ros., owncis o.  the craft M1Ir;   W-J: McJU a" ������s Collf,nc(, }������  '.he llenr.ctte  soiled  from  Vaucou-  l *   TT!  TT?  "V   "?"  ..,���������   .���������,. C1.   . . , attack  of typhoid  fever,    He      has  viz   ,oi  Skagway   a week ago  tomght  bcc���������  imwcll   sinoB  h,_   rctu__     from  and sue made  the  northern port  last   Fei.nie  several  weeks ag0,   and      on  Sunday mormng.      She cairied eleven 'asking   medical   advice  was   at  once  hundred tons of a eight  besides eighty'ordered   to   the hospital.  head of tal lie     and a      bundled ami |    Nanaimo    Knights  of Pythias   are  twenty-fit e     sheep.     The cattle  ami   to   hold   a smoking  concert   in      the  feh's.cp she discharged at Skagway, and   Free  Press   Hall   next Saturday  ev-  saiiing iron, there     on Sunday mght   cuing.    Friends  will  be  present      by  she     a tar led      south ior    Ketchikan,   invita'tion.  whcJe  she     wmi discharge  three* him- I    Tllc     'gasoline launch  Orcas which  dred tons of coal hemic proceeding to   lia's   oeen  tl0<1  l'P  slt  the boat hoai.se  Nad icy smeller,     Prince of Wahs Is-|for tho   Ia'st  (lay   or so   weiSh<;<1    a������-  land,  where     she will  (hscharge eight 'choV  J'c-sLenIay  and   cleared   for   Ta-  liun.ired  tons o: ore shipped ir0m the  coina-  THEY  PUZZLE  THE BOYS  They don't know  what to make of them  They haven't 'struck  anything like Jit before-Just fancy a pant  at |  511c. a Pair  That they Cannot  get through-Yes-That  is just ,what we are  offer ing:-They came in  SIZES FROM���������  22    to   28  Walters &  Akenhead  jriO���������Per acre lor 5-acrc blocks 1 mile  from  City.  $375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part of the city. Only  $214 more to pay at the rate of  $12 per month. Owner has invested over $Ct)0 in improvements.  Water laid   on.  Fine garden.  $280���������Cash    and   $400 on  mortgage  buys   two  lots each 60x120 only a  few  yards   from   post-olficc.     Fine  investment.  $500���������Cash and balano3 on time buys  two first-class     stores in business  portion of cily.  For Rent���������A nice store on f'Mrst Avenue.  For Rent���������A  nice two-roomed store  For     Rent���������Nice  two-roomed cabin  near station.,  Deeds,  Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts  and   Agreements Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     |������       Notary Public  Phone,  3.  P.  O. BOX 268  1  1  Appointments may he made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on High street st  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PR0D1M  OLD COUNTRY  Boots&  ������es  We carry a Large and Varied  Assortment of OLD CQUNTRY  BOOTS and SHOES and we can  fit for SIZE, QUALIY and PRICE  OLD CQUNTBT POT BOOTS at $4.00  fDIVtld PUT BOOTS at $3.25  [LOCAL .MANUFCTURE]  ****** TRY A PAIR ���������������*���������������������  I  SIMON LEISER. & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST  .LADYSMITH  a  Hiil.'iiiina mines on Howe -Sound. Aj-  lei discharging at lla-Ucy the Ilen-  n'ette will ioad twelve hundred ions  of ore thoc for the Britannia smelter  Oslorr.e Pay. She should leach Osborne Hay. early in the coming week.  The new propel tors placed on the  shafts of. the Ilcnriette arc thirteen  inches larger in diameter than the  old ones, arid their pitch is twelve  ..inches ������reater. They have proved a  success in every way.  The  Rogers  Drug .Store has     been  closed,   the  mortgagees  having  taken  possession.    Mr.  and  Mrs.      Rodgers  will  make  their  home in  Vancouver  in   the future.  NANAIMO  NOTES.  ., Nanaimo,   Nov.   0.���������This  city       is  qu.'.svtly  bait   steadily  resuming      the  natural  trade  conditions   that  existed  before  the four  months'  intermission  of work in  the eoal   mines.  Business   men   genorally  anticipate       a  good   fall     and  winter  trade.      The  Herald    ..says:    Owing .to   flic  foggy  weather the  S.S.   Cily   or  Nanaimo  was aground .near  Union   Bay yester-  this city,  returned  yesterday from   a'lav morning for several  hours.    She  NEW YORK'S LOST     CHILDREN.  The number .or children lost within  a year varies considerably, says Poa'rr  yoil's  Magazine. Thc largest num  ber of children  ever sheltered at   the  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAJNUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  PULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A HOWE  Store    Lately     Occupied   by   John  Thompson,   complete  with   counter  and fixtures.  Rent $15 per month, App!y to  RUSSELL SIMPSON  felM feed  Wecan supply you  in  any Ijne of Feed you  require  Feed Corn Meal,  Wheat,  Corn,  Corn Chop  Seconds,  Bran,  Cccoanut Oil Cake  Try a Package of Our  Poultry Spice  Central olliee ui the course of a year  was Mi ^802, the year of the Ooluni:  bian cjicbralion, when, during twelve  months luoic than 5,000 children were  under Mrs.  Tint ors' care.  Fully two-third*-- more children arc  lost during the summer llnui during  the winter, and al the time of thc  Italian least of St. Roceo, celebrated  iu Juno a he .press of parents waiting  on tho siei-s is so great thai, according 10 1 ne ��������� ulbcer who tends the  iicur, ' yo.u hat e to- drive them down  t-.o you can como >ip!" Indeed, Italians divide with Jews the honor cf  losmg   th-jii children. About   twt-  Ihirds oi those lost can safely bc given  lo these two.  But lhc star day pt all the year is  the first opening of ,thc public schools  after the summer     vacation.      }kuiy  t  little ones go to school for'the I'nst  tune, and are loo small to;(ind their  Wuv home at ��������� noon; so the mother  doubtless gives ihe teacher very cx-  |ic*J insiii.ctions to keep ltey or  Kcl ecea until hei arrival at no^n-  No.1 to the bettlUieied teachei, all  -pupii-s, at first, appeal a:ike, therefore if is not strange if she fails to  remember which is to he Kept till  called ior, so when -school is out many little ones find themselves in the  mrect, not cuiiy tot.-iiiy ignorant of  how to reach home, but frcijucntiy of  where home is located. They wander  aimlessly about, so���������.nctimes covering  most surprising distances, and finally, tired out and discouraged, they'  begin to. cry.* ' Here some oflxa:  takes a hand and by night the majority of them will be enjoying the citys  hospitality at the Central  office.  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at (Christie's, oa tk*  Eiplanadt.  James Warnock  W. G. Frasei  A FINE LOT OF  Dining Room Tables,  Dining Room Chairs,.  Kitchen Tables. & Chairs,  Armchairs, Rockingchairs  Prices to Su������t Purchaser  C  PETERSON'S Store    /  MerchantTailor,  [;*  '   J(istrAvenue)  Pall Stock   on   hand. Call earlv and  ���������- ������>  get your choice  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  ���������MMMMMMMMMMfeWMM  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  The Children'B Favorit*  . ��������� OUEM-  Coughs, Colds, Croup and   .  "Whoopingr Cough.  . Thlsrtmudy Is fnmosKi for its cures over  nlarsro p������rt ai tho civilized world. It can  always bo depended upon. It contnins no  opium or other hurmful drug and may bo  given ltd conlV.enlly to ft buby an to an adult  Price 25 cts; Large Size, 50 cts.   j  m0*^mm������*m00'*^**t**������B*'*H*M**im*0mB**i  Heating Stoves  Our Stock is Now Complete in  HEATING STOVES  A Large Variety to Choose From  PRICES   RIGHT "  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  vms  COAL  MINES  REGULATION  ACT  Notice  of  Examination.  ' ,  Notice is hereby given tluit* exam iiiati,o*iis will Jkj jlield for 1st, 2n<l and  3rd class certificates of competency, under tlie provisions -of the "Coal  Mines Regulation Act,"'on thc "14th, loth and 10th days of November,  11)05,   commencing  at  the hour     of   0.30  o'clock  in   the forenoon.  Tlie examinations  will he held at Ferine,     Nanaimo and  Cumberland.  The subjects  will  Ire  as follows:  LftlB AND m  CARLISLE  BLOCK,  'PHONE 2-4  1st Class  Candidates |       2nd  class candidates |        .3rd  class  candidates  Mining act and -Spe  Mining act and  Spe-  Mining act and Spe  cial  Rules  cial  Rules  cial   Rules  :-   Mine  Gases  Mine   Gases  Mine Gases and  Ventilation  Ventilation  General Work  General  Work-  General  Work  Mining Machinery  Surveying.  .  JU ST ARRIVED   ���������A large Shipment of the very latest  Styles In LADIES' aod GENTS' CHAINS, LOCKETS, RINGS,  Etc.-Etc.  CALL   AND  SEE  THEM  ^The^  B.FORCIMnER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenu e,   X   X   X      Ladysmith, ������ B. C  Pattern and Latcs<  Stoves  We are3making them oi ths Newest  .;.,:.. ��������� "Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY VVORK  Our Pricee are Reaion-a,   hie  SEE ������UR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOW*.  and at Lsdysmilh Hardware_Company  LADYSfllTH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO =ITD.  Applications must be made to the undersigned,   accompanied    by    lhe  statutory fee,  as follows:  By an applicant for i^irst and Second  Class   Examination  $10.00  By an applicant  for  Third  Class   Examination                 5-.������)0  The applications must lie accompanied      by     testimonials  < r  ccrtiPcd  copies thereof,   (a) .If a candi.'atc for First   Class,   that   lie      is   a Pritish  subject and has had at least five years'experience  in  or  about  the' practical I  Vork-ing     of a coal  mine, and  is :A   least  2:1   years  of age.  (b.)   If a candidate  for    '.^co.id   Class,  that he has   had   at  '.cast    *lve  vears'  experience in or about t*ie practical  working   of a coal  mine. '  (c)  If a candidate  for Third  Class,   that he .has  had at  least      ''.ee  jears'  experience in   or about  thc practical working  of a coal  mini...  By order of the Board,  FRANCIS   II.   SHEPHERD  Secretary.  Nanaimo, B. C, September 30th,   1903.  TO POULTRY FAR]  100-ACRE FARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Five acres cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  Five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Hens, one Plough,  CloyerCutter, Axe������, Hammer.*, Saws and Too!? of ever diicription, twj Sp.-ay Psim;55, #20 v.-orth 6_  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six fe*t high c yering  3 1-2 acres. 2 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths  Rifle, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats.  $450 Cash and $750 on Flortgage  P. O. Bex 26ft.  J.STBWART,  LatJysmi th  II (1 e  A


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