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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 17, 1905

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 ,Ji*&r-?--a/*nxz  ffi  >->   ,i -  [LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  Ladysmith Daily Le  er  -  mv2o  l%5  '**!A. B- v'-^  #*  FRIDAY, NOV.  17, 1903  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  NANAIMO CO. LTD.,  IS ^HE NEW NAME  f The HasJam Lumber Companies  I   J Will All be In-        ;  v   h    Z '  / eluded  POISON-  iig m  Mrs. Jackson is Slowly Recovering From Effects  of Poisoned Beer  i  Mr,). W.  Coburn of   the Lady.  /smith Lumber Company,  Manager  The  valuable  timber   holdings   pur-  pany   will   push   work  along  as   fast  ������������������:.*.  ,    , ,   ,     ,,     r    i,,,,,;,!,    ������s  P*>s������<Mc and   will not he hamper-  chase 1  1 .st week hv  the Ladysmith . -  *  ,'Lumh'r Company, together  with the (    WhiI(. t.!lt,  ,1^3,1 |s  0f w,e organi-/.a-  Ilaslan  mill  plant ami   its  appertu-  \,on  oi  iiM  eompany   .ire  no1i  giveil  nances! will all l,c turned over to    a  mit.,   it    is stated  that Mr.  J.      W.  new company  about  to  he organized  t'oburn  will  hold  the same position  ; underlie name of the Naiuiimo Lum-   Witli  the/Nanaimo; Company  that lie  )i\ber Company,  Limited.    Among- oth-jnow  ll0|(Is wiUl lhc Ladysmith Lumber stockholders Mr.  J. S^ Kmmcrson ber Company.... There is plenty of dc  -,'of Vancouver,"will hold quite a heavv  .block.      Some     new men outside of  ,;the     Ladysmith     Lumber    Company  ^Some new men outside of the" Lady-  <   smith lj.uinhcr  Col | and  Mr.   Em.mer-  j  son Will' also be interested.   The Com1  t  man-:l  for  the-products of the  mill,  ami  it .is. the  intention  of   the  Company lo operate the same to the full  capacity.    Improvements -and  an   in-'  ireasc  in   the capacity of  the plant  will soon follow.:  \ ROOSEVELT'S  i ��������� 1  M'  ti  \  MESSAGE  New   York,   Nov.   17.���������A  Washing-;  ]'- ton despatch to the Tribune .says:  {     President Roosevelt's message     tQ  Analysis of Poisoned Go :-  tents of Stomach of Her  Late Husband  , Vancouver,  Nov.  17.���������Mrs. Thomas  Jackson, who was mysteriously poisoned on Sunday  morning after drinking    a glass     of cftser  at  her  home,  1218    Melville  street,   will  probably  recover.    Her  condition   has greatly  improved during the past twenty-four  hours.   It  is possible  that she      will  bo able to   give  evidence at the adjourned inquest  next Monday.  Owing to the illness or Dr. Under  hill, Medical Health Olhcer, Dr.  Poole, ,who performed the. autopsy on  the body ol the late Mr. Jackson,  the woman's husband, is doing all  the preliminary work in connection  with- the  aiialvsis   to  determine the  HiAMERiCANS GET  BEST OF FISHING  5  In New Machinery For the  Granby-A Massive Ore  Crjishcr  And  Two    Hundred  and  Fifty Horsepower Motor Ordered  I'hoeniv,  temlent A.  n. c,  B.  W.  Nov.   J 7.���������Superln-  1 lodges,  of.      tUi  0 ran by     company last  week  placed  orders for a large amount, of machinery which wi.ll  hu usd  jn connection  with   the  hcadwoik   that   will   equip  the new three-compart men t shaft/than,  will eventually^ be the main   working  shaft at the mine.   Other and additional orders will also shortly - -��������� be  the fiftv-ninth  Congress   has  been  ��������� the  the  proofs which have been  sent ,to him  om the; Government  printing oflice.  ^1 completed  and   is -in  type,  and  f  President!     is _ now   going  over  \ It  NEW BISHOP  IS ELECTED  Winnipeg,  Nof. .17'.���������To .preside over the largest  d.occsc  in   the  woild  is the ecclesiastical'houa):- \yhieh was  accorded .Rev. I. 6.. Sfciiiger at      a  special meeting of the House of Rjsh- 1    , ,     , ,r , ,  n    ��������� '       'alone;  and  slow one.    1 wo  samples  ops  of the ecclesiastical   province 'of |ot the contents of the stomach, com  RupOTtsland held here today to elect -prising   digestive  ferments  and  an.i-  cause  of death.   Owing  to   the  anti-  mortem .symptoms,   it  was  a natural j private property, and that if at that  inference that death  was due to   an  alkaloid poison,   probably  strychnine.  Dr.     Poole has  made considerable  progress with   the  preliminary   work.  He  removed  the viscera of tlie     deceased,     including  the stomach,  the  liver  and,one kidney.  The stomach,   it   is slated,  showed  no indications of an   irritant poison.  This   discovery confirmed   the theory  that death  must have been due bo an  alkaloid.    The process  of  discovering  Editor Ledger,   Ladysmith,   B.C.'  Dear Sir,���������I   find   that  in the matter  of the wharf road there is   more   or  less criticism of what is  belii'Ved  to  be  a lack   of  attention  on  my   part  to my duty.   Having given no explanation  of   what  efforts   I have  made  to  get  the   matter   settled,   this  cri- |  ticism may seem not undeserved.       j  1  To give a brief history o-f   my con- 1  Miction  with   (.he matter,   I may  say 1  that two years ago I pointed oiit.ln iBivei1 for thc bal'anCC ������f he .y.ui;:-  au  interview with  the Minister      of   menl-  Lands and Works, that in the case ' An, orrtcr was placed with the Jene  of Ladvsmith a population of some kes Machine Company, or Sherlrooke  four ��������� thousand were shut off from the f2u������*oc, f������r a third ore crusher, being  water   fiont   bv  a narrow   strip       of  *���������������'ar to the two machines now ,in  use at     the mines of thc Company,  time,   the  goverum-enl  was  not pre-   w,th s������w* iniRrovanoius.    Id   sw'-i  pared      to      erect  a wharf,   awhaif    IS k"10W������ ������9' ������* -st<5'l������ ������   l''1^'-    '���������  would   eventually  ha\c   to   be   built,    icl1 "-usher,  and will be,  like       the  ami   that  at   that   time  the Depart-    otllcn! M0W' "������ C'>"Hni.fiSion;.-a massive  ment should make provision (for reach ami ponderous, piece of machinery.  II,  ing  the     water front,  that to delay ,wlM ,laVc <iUVS wi1h an opening that?  was   to  await   thc   extension   of rail-  wiM  ul,'e in  9-piece of ore 22   by-12  waj   sidings   which   might  eventually   inches '" size-  1)C capable or crushing  nceessiUte  bridging   over a number of  il to a si/c of seven or eight inches,  tracks.      Nothing "was  done at that  aml   is rated :at  a capacity   of     150  mportant Testimony by   President Mackie of Fishermens'  Union  Before the Commission at New  Westminster on Wednesday  New Wcstimnst  uient Mackie, of  bia.  KVslicrmens"  tan I   e'lidence at  time.  As  soon  as   the  present  wharf-was  the character of the latat drug,      if j com pic ted  I suggested to Uw Govern-  any   was contained  in the beer drunk   rii.e.111  Agent     that  the mania      for  by Mr. Jackson that fatal Sundgy, .'is   blocking      u>p   roads   in   this  locAlity  jmaile   it   iiuvdvisiible   to   accept    the  assurance given M.r.   Smith regarding  . I  Nothing iema.ns to bo "done \vith the  a successor  to   Bishop. Bompas, ���������p'i of ''������al  tissue,    arc now  macerating in  -separate- solutions   of  sulphuric  acid  and    hydrochloric  acid.    Afler a per-  V document, apart from, here and there,,   the diocese o-- Selkirk, who has "held  i  a change of     a phrase or word,  but  that    see for thirty years, but who  tons per hour, or r>,(;00  Ions per day,  if operated  at full' time.  The     makers of tfie'se crushers assert  that,   to  their knowledge, .there  is  nothing of".-the tiiul  as' large ,     in  use at any mine tin Canada or on the  American continent.  An order was also placed  with lhc  )C effectual! v   secured by having   the   Canadian U'cstlhghousc 'Company,  ltdUmipif  because'the  Canadiai  road  gazetted.    On  this,  and a liter,   for  a 250 hprse-powcr 'electric  motor' inCnt was     not protecting t  with-accesor-iesjZ'and it will  he cana-  hut that  this should  the printing and  binding of the cop-  , x  r      . ,.���������        ,    .   ,.������tI .   has given it upon account of advan  les for delivery to both Houses     of ������  Congress  on Tuesday,  December 5th, ce(1  y?ars,  and  is remaining  in   the  Although no-official forecast     has Yukon     ns   an   ordinary  missionary  yet been given out or will be made worker.   The diocese of Selkirk    ex-  public before  thc  message is read to temls fcom the .boundaries of British  Congress,  it mav be said that      the  <-,���������,. .,        ,  ,    ,,    ��������� ,  b       ' (olumbia northward to the Pole and  includes the greater part of thc unorganized territory of the Mackenzie Valley.  The newly fleeted bish-op is a graduate; of the1 Toronto   University, and  has been in ,the far North since 1893  at  Peel     ,River Mission and among  the Eskimos on Hirschel Island,  the  most northerly .point at which white  men   can   live for any  length  of time.  Latterly   ��������� Iifc came to White Horse,  and since he  left Herschel   the   Eskimos continually as'k the missionaries ".When is Stringer coining ������>ack?"  it may be said that the  forthcoming pronouncement is one of  the most  vigorous   thus  far over  written  by  President  Roosevelt.    It  1  is     considerably longer  than       last  ,' year's,  because it deals with a great  'y er number: of topics.    The  most im-  A portant itiiin  of the message is  that  1   dealing with  the subject  of railway  i legislation. .'���������-.  : ''-,������������������:  1 ,   The..President's recommendation is  ^practically the same as  thoso     con-  | tained  in  his message of a year ago.  \ The President  is doterminecl to     se-  \< ciire effective,..-comprehensive,  rcason-  jable rate legislation  at   the  coming  :od of twenty-four hours thc samples  will, be slowly toiled to eliminate the  fat and animal  tissue,  lcawng a residuum in which the poison, if  any exists,  will be contained.    Dr.  Pool is  in charge of   the  work  thus  I'ai,  but  ])r.   Underbill  is  likely   to  mal-e  thc  final  tests.       ,1-1 e has  reseivtd cdicek  samples  in  order  that   further   tests  may be made if deemed necessary.  No test of thc lii.ucous membrane  of the stomach has yet been made;  likewise of the liver and kidneys. Iri.  any event Dr.'Underbill is likely to  carefully check the work of Di. Poole  a right-of-way,  be  r���������.-.*.  occasion, 1 unideistood that Mr. Bray  was awaiting instructions from the.  Government regarding the matter. In  this connection I may mention that  business of this character is essentially the work of the Government Agent, and if the Government should  undertake, work  of this nature except  Lie of furnishing power for hoisting  heavy loads from a depth, of 1,000  feet.  The machinery will I'Je the latest  improved obtainable, and will be installed .as soon as manufactured,  which will lequirc some litllc time  upon his 1 ceo-r. uncivil alien, that gen- T"e headw0rl s of the new shaft will  tlcman. to maintain'any pretense of as stated by Manager Graves some  self-respect,   should  resign.  Finding it cxtiemely haul to move  the abo\e gentleman, and knowing  that some little work was to he  done on the road during the season,  I decided to let-.the -matter stand until   this   work   was   done,  then,      by  time ago, represent, with the shaft  itseli, an investment of about $100,-  000.  Editor Ledger',  Sir,���������It is   with a feeling  of  relief,  3 session of Congress.  An important -and  effective section  deals with   the Panama  Canal. -   It  impresses   on   Congress   the  necessity  of. iln'mediiate legislation,    which will  make it possible     for the  Secretary  of the Treasury to dispose of      the  $13 ,000,000   bond   issue already   au  THE COMING  ELECTIONS.  by  testing  other  samples.    After the  'boiling     process^and  when the resi-    means   of  a Hill   passed   last   session   not. to  mention  thc satisfaction that  making all roads upon whiclLf ovcrri- I  read  in your report of  the justice,  ment money  is 'expended  public, property      for 33  feet on each side the.  mean'centre,   it- appeared   that gazet-.  ting would, be unnecessary;   To make  certain of this, I submitted  the ojues-  tioh   to   the   Att'orney-Gene-rars: De-  partjiiiont,. and  received the assurance  Editor Ledger, Sir,���������In your current edition I find a list of persons  entitled to vote at the forthcoming  municipal elections.    Were it nor for  duum is obtained, the physicoiogn'cal  test, the final and .important,oiw; oi  the whole progress, will .thai be  made. A sample will likely.'fcc injected into a small anini'al, preferably a vat or a frou;. If it contains  poison the fact will soon be known,  as the .animal, will  die.  To   illustrate the  scrupulous, -care 'that by the Bill referred  to, the. ex-  with which   the examination is being-! pemliltire     or  public   moiwy secured  conducted, it  is stated  that the stom   the  public as. effectually as gazetting  ach, after its removal from Mr. Jack  son,   was carefully   tied,  and  a sam-  the road  would.  The.     moment the difficulty caused  meted  out'to  the two .women'found  in  Chinatown,   but when   1 got  down  to serious thinking the crucstion confronts  me "-Why is. it that  the  Provincial   Constable can   keep   his ��������� district clear of  such a nuisance,   while  ���������'we  self-governing  people   will'allow  a similar nuisance to exist right in  our midst,?"  which,- as  Progress put  it     some lime  back,  "contaminates  the young  peoplo who are lured   to  such  places." Had   the officials'    who  r,     Nov.  10.���������Pres-  the British Coium-  L'mon, gave impor-  the sitting of the  Fisslic-Vus C,->mmission l\ere today., The  evidence of a large nuniber of up-river  tishcrmeii  was also  taken.  Mr. \V. 1). Burdis, secretary of the  Pra'ser River Canners' Association,  was here to-lay, and said'that the tes  Umoiiy lie had heard was very frankly given and was devoid of sectional  iceiuig Thc canners     win  their evidence at Vancouver.  Mr Alackic gave some. stavUing evidence both m reference to thc salmon and halibut fishing industries, to  lhc effect that great leniency was  shown by the Canadian Government  to the Americans, with the result  that 1 lie Americans got the cream of  the business without helping to mam-  tain   il  Tins was particularly true of the  iiaiibut ILshing. where it was practically impossible for a Canadian to engage ;n Ihe trade, owing to thc privileges given to thc Americans, espc-  naiiv in shipping through Vancouver.  In his opinion the Americans'were, depleting   the   Canadian f>slnng  grounds  an  govern  them in a  proper- manner. /.  'President Macloe slated that he was  there as a delegate from thc union,  and would give his personal evidence  liter. He stated that he was insinuated to strongly object to the  total dose seasons on the. river for  any one jvar, and also to thc closing  of '.he river aho\e the New-Westminster Jirulge The Americans fished  the Columbia Rhcr for two hundred  miles, and now wauled thc Canadians  to only fish twelve miles of the Fraser.. lie would like some officerto  scrutinize   ail   licenses. As  to  di  ver nets, the fishermen should not be  compelled to use them  when a. net.'' is snagged. If a-net  was too deep. it.would be hard to  handle. Eighty to eighty five mesh  is lhc best, as it  chance     to,    escape-  caught in British Columbia waters.  What had happened tc thc schooner  North should happen to the others  also if British fair play was pursued.  They (the Americans) are badly depleting the halibut grounds and are  being allowed to break thc law, taking our fish and keeping our people  ���������'rom getting in the business. Steamers have been built, particularly the  ubmit Dauntless, for ��������� this trade, but their  ; owners had to go out of it-  The destruction of seals should lie  encouraged by bonus'. Thc clearer  the water the more seals. The \va-  1cr had been unusually clear this season. Seals mutilate a great many  fish and steal them as they are  drawn up, taking the best fish. Seals  could be sold for their on, thus starting a new industry, and should be  aeaded off before entering the river.  Replying to Commissioner Babccck  witness promised to submit to the  union the question of a men.oriai to  the'Commission on thc various points  touched m his evidence so that it may  go on record  Mr. J.  J. Wilson,  Crvernment fishery .officer     at Hammond     was first  called  this     morning.   He said', that  various conditions     affected the time  the fish     occupied in ascending from  the time; they  enter  the mouth of  tb  river.     There was only ten miles  of  good fishing grounds between the New  Westminster   and   Mission   bridges. It  was impossible     to byiock the rivpr  inside, as the nets would notrunrios"  to the     shore, but     he believed the  mouth  of     the river was. practically  blocked     during six days  of the wreck  owing   to  the  large number  of nets.  He thought a   channel should be kept  open throughout .the season, and that  CanVtelinow the weekly'close season should be extended twelve     hours for  the entire  river.     At least half of   the fish that ���������  entered   the river during  the     weekly  the riv?r.  raser river for  =>   ��������� ��������� ~    entered   tme river -anring   u  gives the fish a close season      t. clear up  Change     would  H&  had beC)l 0u  the FraS(  mean   working   with a tool you were twcnt,-_two vears and had been in the  not accustomed     to.     The Japanese  thorized and to remove air doubts as'an ocqasibnal reminder-from you that! ' pic or thc contents  was only obtain-  by the grading of the new trac* was .a e ^rcs.o..s,Mc foi lhc present s^te  ^..   ,,._���������    ....   _:.^       .   ,,           .-,..   ���������'!,..     . . .������������������-..:���������''..    ..!-.>-,.���������......:...-   .. c 11 . ;���������,.;0m������   i,,i,-, ���������!. l-thium>    il-.   wns suhui t ted   to   the  Dc-   ol   afl-airs   taken   thc warning  01   Pro-  to  the authority  of the commission  'this  is  an   incorporated  munioiipality ;.ed'by   making  a small   incision  into  to begin, at once the disbursement of I believe the fact "would be entirely  the proceeds from such bond sale. 1 forgotten. At any rate, so far there  The President deals character is ti- -has been no demonstration of inter-  j caily with the subject of federal.su- est in the coming, elections,  pervision of insurance, rccommiending I The apathetic indifference exhibited  the enactment of legislation which by the residents of this little "Slee-  wili make it possible, again to ascer: ' py    Hollow"   iis   simply disgraceful,    su  nown, it was submitted to the Department "without any delay whatever. At the present time, presumably,  the  Government   is   trying      to  tlto" organ, which was afterwards care  fully closed. By adopting this precaution'an opportunity  will "lie given;  to make further tests if   the luithori-1 make satisfactory arranivcmcnis with  ties should   deem such  a step necos- jMr.  Dunsmuir,   but to   the undersign-  s.u-y.       I.t is expected-that  the      re-   eel. the ''clay scmns unnecessary, and  It of  the two analysis ..now in, pro- J without   knowing  the   exact  tain     the   temper,     of,the Supremo  Court on this subject.  \  CUMBERLAND.  (From  thc  Enterprise)  During  the   last couple  of  months  the school  attendance has   increased  Now,  Mr.   Editor,  1 think a reasonable question.to ask is, "Arc wc  to  have -a new-mayor  and  council     for  the coming, year,   of are we to     be  dominated   by    the  present aggregation, of brilliancy,  who paid an    ex-  i pert  to   tell  us  whether  Water  would  ��������� 11111 down  a hill,  and again paid   an  expert to tell us whether enough wafer could be found in, Bush Creek to  gress will be sul;itn;itted at thc      in-'  a.uest on Monday.  No stens     have yet been  taken (o  test  thc "contents  of the  package    of  Epsom  salts, .a dose of which      Mr.   ,  Jackson  is said to have mixed with !  1  a glass  of beer.  circumstances seems to imply a degree of  consideration for thc ideas of the  Wellington Coal Co. out of all proportions to that accorded to the ordinary   mortal.  Respectfully' Yours,  PARKER WILLIAMS.  ( .to such an extent  Unit a larger fou-il-u   nm a��������� eleetrlc Ught 1)]ant)  on,y     (,()  ^mg is now required.   It may be some  (iml ol|t ttlat' there was not enough  time,   however,   before   the  increased  '  Brussels, N-i>v.   li  ���������Count of Plan  ant  water for the purpose, and that it  already belonged to another individual? " To my mind, Mr. Editor,  Mayaf;  Coburn and Mossbaeks Malone  Nicholson,   Brydcn  and  Blair should  ' ders,   brother  of  King ��������� Leopold  be superannuated   or  relegated  to the   jveil.  lo   |,iK,   ijm>ne,   died     at  ash pile, to say  the least, and  if an- | o'clock   this  morning,  other   hunch   of   aspirants  for   honor  and   ten  dollars  a month  cannot be  ���������                                  found,  why,  let John  Stewart     run  Yes,, there is some talk of  form.iiig   thc who]c  _ lMlsincss.  \ accommodation   will   materialize.  I     '  ;i    There is  sonic  little\ talk  here of  1 the  dominion  government   building  a  -wharf, for the accommodation of trad  ing vessels.   When  the shops are running quil.e :v little repair trade nifight  lbe built up.  LATE TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES  or affairs  taken   the warning  of  Pro  gress  and others, such establishments  would   not he  in  existence now,    for  there      would   I;c  no inducement   for  such rascals  to  make this a dumping  ground -'or lil'lli   of  the slums  of other-cities.    So  let  the  proper  ollicial  tal-c this  matter  up and   imitate the  action  of-     Mr.  Cassidy,   who  shows  himself  to  be alive to  the situation,  and     should  receive the conbratillations  of     all   good ��������� citizens.   If  our  city  constable  cannot get  authority  froan   the    ollicials,     let      him      go  ahead   on  his  own   initiative  and     ho^  will   receive  the. physical   and   moral  support of               '   CITIZEN.  ��������� 0   ,-       THE LETTER WRITERS.  do not use deep nets, they cannot  handle them in deep water: ' Small  sturgeon arc not .destroyed by trill  liet-s; it is impossible to kill them.  Sturgeon fishing; was'-important and  profitable in the past, and may become so again. If sixtecn-inch mesh  net were used, sturgeon could" be  caught vol..    '    Thosi  government service for seven years.  Pactic.ii 1 y ail the fishermen who operate above the New Westminister  bridge are homesteaders. The offal  should not be allowed to be put in  the river. The trout  open season  should be longer as that fish was an  enemy to thc. salmon ova- He did not  think   the canners 'should have   any  yet. Those caught are not  iiCCns-es  used   for  manure. m   phiUp   Jacksoll)   fishery  guar-  Ibe      witness   strongly      protested  ������iian,  said  he had  held "the position  against  the  " "  ' '"  believed   that   traps   destroy  an   enor  front,   which   they   are   doinh.  returned   a scornful   reply   to  .,.,   AVitte's  appeal,, declaring  that  I wor.kiing  classes   have   no   need  aboard  of  trade for  Ohis city.  It  is  1 needed all right enough as in these  ��������� days of stre/iiuous expansion of that  j'''terminus of all great txans-couti-  Uicntai railways" the World will be  itelling its readers that Cumberland  .lis one of its most progressive suburbs.  W.  Logan,   assistant  in   the  Royal  Bank here, has obtained  leave of absence for a month on  account of  ill- 'pjpe.  health.  Personally,   I am   in  favor  of  paying  the Mayor and Council provided  they exhibit  sufficient intelligence  to  Avarrant a salary.    1 think Alderman  Bcveridge  should   be  prevailed   upon  to contest  the  mayoralty.  Although  a do'lar  isn't as big  as a cart-wheel  to  William,   it  is  in  his   estimation,  something      to  hang   on  too  pretty  tight,     consequently   there wouldn't  he -any money run down the waste- .  Thanking you. for space,  I remain FOURTH  AVENUE."  His death was due to inflaimatjon  of the lungs. Count of Flanders  was  horn in   IS37. ,  The new heir to the throne is  Prince Albert of Klanders, the only  son of  the late Count of  Flanders.  St.  Petersburg, Nov.  P  They  Count  the  d       of  benevolence    of    the  court   favorite,  but demand  popular  government.,  on  a basis   of   universal,   direct  and    secret sulTerage.  Au      Imperial   ukase   issued  today  wipes out $10,1)00,00(1,   but  is a great  disappointment.       Promises  of addi-  Tbe out-' tional   lands   arc   too   vague  In   calm  00k  for an  early  settlement  of   the  strike     is  gloomy   here   today.    The  'strike committees arc encntiraged by  the extension   of the  strike  in     St.  ; Petersburg, bank clerks, tele-phone  girls and some leagues having voted  to join   the movement.  The Workmens' Council lias received mysterious supply funds and are  now in  a position to  present a hold  the .starving ���������peasants, who in the  valley of the Bon and Volga are  pillaging,   burning and   Hindering.  Vancouver, li. .C, Nov. .17.���������(Special)���������At yesterday's session of Hie  Pish Commission it was charged  that the Fraser River canneries violated the law by engaging- American  fishermen.  1  1    A   full  quota of letters happen     in  l-oduy.     and  several     are  published.  Among  others  is  one from   the  Wise  Crank.    He goes in for general condemnation.,  giving  no reasons  and us-  :.ng no   judgment.    Instead   of   pointing   out   how   conditions  can   be   improved,  be. simply  uses  live  ordinary  jackass  arguiiient  and  "kicks."      Wc  print the letter as il came in  for Unreason   that   a certain  class   of   citizens,  of      which   the writer1 is   one,  would   shout  out   that wo  refuse    the  privilcr-.c  of putting before  the'public  the  peoples'  charges. The  wiser way.  in  our  judgment,   for  the   writer    to  do,. would   he   to   get  in   anil   organ,  ize  for  a ticket   of his  own,   and     lo  run  the  city's  affairs.    It  would   be a  cily'worlb  going  liiilrs   to  visit      if  such  timber as   the  writer,   with      a  council  of 'his   peers,  were in ch-argo  of civic  affairs.  witness   strongly  ssne of trap licenses. He for fiVc yearS|  anci had lived on   the  river for .forty-five years.     He thought the nets  should V. of shallower  depth, especially at jthc mouth of tihe-  river. as the .deep nets not only prac-  two, pounds   ^eaiiy stopped  the salmon from getting  into   the river during the week,  but  also     caught  many  small stur-  goon,  which  could not be taken out  of the nets without bdiing killed.  Mr.  L.   C.  York, storekeeper      at  Whonnock, was next called, and tes-  n.ous number of - small fish. .Mr.  Sword hid to. prosecute some holders  for exrvising these for sale. Very  sm.ii 1 soelvyes under  from canneries, had he-rn seen by witness He believed the cutting off of  Ira I licenses would help the fishing  industry and slop dcstruclion of fish.  A man who came to give evidence, on  this  point could  not expect  lo bo hir  ed by .haps nc.\t year. As totho t--illeti to the importance of the sal-  eanm-ry licenses, the union had pro- inon.fishing above the New Wcstmin.  leslcd against them, there ere too ster bri,i^e, as he could tell from  many boats and as the canners show jnjs business. He also asked on be-  a dispusihon (o abuse the law priv. nan of (,ilc settlers above the Mis-  iU'.HT they should be curtailed. There |sjon bridge that the upper limit of  is all! lie too much competition, and j (jshing to be placed at Sum as again  remedy vviIhonf, resorting to !-wherc  it      was   originally.    He also  this  any oilier.      British subjects who bad ^.bought the mouth of the .river should  hern  resident in Canada for six mon-jue  |a.,pt  open  for  a distance of half  prior to getting li- |a mile.  'only one to get j jylr. Thomas Sheaves-, who has  I been an active fisherman on the riv-  The witness believed that trap nets'er '[0ir the past twenty years, said  were responsible for talc runs: the'he had no serious complaint to make  fish wore turned away and Ihe farth- about the present fishery regulafipns  er 1 lie traps were away the longer , jn his opinion the present regulations  it   took  the  fish to come. |Wcrc g00& jf they were enforced.   He  Answering     Commissioner  Sweeny. 'favored no licenses being    given    to  lhc wit in. ss s.-iid there -had, never been jthc   canners and of a larger number  lbs  immediately  cesnes.  should  be  the  lliein.  this  season      Seine j0f  fishing officers .being'employed. Pie  always been in dis- j considered there was a great deal of  a. la.ie      run  like  cr-n-'essio-s     bad  favor     by the     union,  and protested j fraud about the handling of the can-  ! aur.inst   while  men  got  them  and   let  ners'-- licenses.    He did not think the  license should  be limited,  but there  would,   bo     less boats if the regula-  Ihnn   to  dapnnese on  royalty.  Efforts (0 get into the halibut fish-  in": bad been made here, but were un-  .snct-csNfiii on account of Americans  being allowed to bond fish through  from     Vancouver, -which were really  tions were strictly enforced.   There  should also  be a more strict unspec-  tion of naturalization . papers. 77T  DAILY LEDGER  m  THE DAILY LEDGFR  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  90  cents  a month,    $5  per  year   in  advance.    Advertising rates on an  plication.  FRIDAY. NOV.  17,  1905  mr  ~        DAVID .SPENCER  laoal.mp) Ltd.  ���������  CKMifNT STORE  ENORMOUS PURCHASE OF LADIES' BLOUSES!  JAPAN'S ASPIRATIONS J  In   the November  number of Noilh  American     Review  Frederic  C.   Pen-  field, who recently paid a Msii of several  months     to Japan     and  China,  wntes of "Japan's Commercial Aspirations "   The     determination  of   the  JaiMiitoe     people  to  take advantage  of the opportunity  now present.'.! to  them :s 'wcli-nifch  unanimous,   though  they aie well aware  that they cannot  make ihe     most ol it without an immense amount of     hanl  woik.     The  natural lc-sourccs     oi .Japan arc considerable.      Agriculturally,   Japan   is  nearly  as unproductive as A recto   oi  Norway, and Japan cannot be consul  crcd a producer     oi minerals oi sufficient  importance to  aspire to  a i-io-  JitaUc  career   through  them,   though  the sitiia'..ou may be changed to sonn;  eMcnt  when she has had time  to  develop the     vast beds of coal end ir0.n  m the southern     portion,of Saghaim.  Rut  Japan aspires to  he the  Asiatic  equivalent of Great Britain, and it is  known to be her plan to coionwe Co-  lea and Manchuria,  in which, because  of certain advantages  of geographical  position and of affinity, with the population,  she   must,   despite  the  open  door,   achieve  and   maintain  commercial pnmacy in competition  with oth  er nations.      One   outstanding   ambition of the Japanese people is to create an ocean commerce great enough  to make them thc carriers of the Orient and the  mercantile  fleets     now  living  their   flags,   and  thc  shipyards  now in operation,  give good promise  that (this ambition will be Sully realised.       In  that case   thc     dream of  sanguine     Americans  that  the  stars  and. stupes  will   dominate   the  Pacific, will be unfulfilled.     But, even so,  .the  United  States  will be an  active  partner in thc trade of   the Ear  East  for the workshops  and  mills  of Japan     must look to     America for thc  greater part  of the raw material on  which they are to employ  themselves.  Mr.   Pcnlield says:  "In  ISI'1 Japan     had only fi.r)7,2fifl  tons-of     merchant  shipping;  she has.  now  upwards- of a million tons,  represented by   five thousand  registered  vessels.   Almost     half the  steamers  ���������entering     Japanese     ports  fiy     thc  Rising Sun,  and  Japan's tonnage at  this   lime is greater than that       of  Russia,   Austria,   Sweden,   Pcnmaik,  or .Holland.    In  the  matter of oversea tonnage  Japan  is far ahead     of  the United States.    One  fleet of 'Japanese mail steamers, the Nippon Yu-  scn   Kaislia,   whose   president,   Rem-  pei   Kondo,   is  one  of  Japan's  most  progressive  men,   is, numerically  and  in'    tonnage  larger  than  any  ocean'  line  under the stars  and   stripes.   It  has   seventy ships,   aggregating  23G,-  -  000      tons.    A  dozen  of  its vessels,  making the  service between   Yokohama and     London,   are four teen-knot  .ships.  Mr. Spencer purchased three weeks ago inI  the East 250 Dozen Blouses.  Our share  has just arrived and will be opened  ready for sale Saturday, Nov. 18  THEY   CONSIST   OF  Plain Lustres in Cream, Black, Brown, etc.,!  =3? Fancy Lustre   in  Grey,  Cream,  Brown,   Navy,J  Black, Cardinal, etc.  Nuns   Veiling  in   Sky  Blue, Gray,   Nile.   I'm'".,  etc., .also several in  Fancy Materials and  Extra   Quality  in Black Mercerised Sateen.  The regular price was Hi-2,"),   S3 50,   M-OUand  ?3.25.���������A   whole .win  dow  full.   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McMURTRlD, Proprietor  Esquimau & Nanairo fi^lway  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������<>��������� ,-..���������������������������������������������. ���������  Time Table ^ w  m  A  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our'Bar is newly filtclup and well supplied and is in cha: -    if  JOS. PELLlGRlNELLi  This  Hotel  has   been completely   Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  HOTEL-   PRETORIA  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-:' Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  ���������FFECTIVE  SATURDAY, OCT.  2Jst, 1)305-      ������������������  Trails leave Ladysinith for Victoria and all  intermediale stations^ at  9.1% a.������_. daily, anil at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,     Saturdays   and  Sup-  days.      " ; ;  Trains  leave Ladysmith for "Wellington and  all   intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daiky,  *jui at 0.00 p.m.  on Wedr* days, /Saturdays     and  Suadays.   ,  ��������� EXCURSION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND FROM A>L STATIONS  good for goiig jouraey Saturdays and Sundays, return.'sni not later than  tke follewiag Moaday. i .._^^__  m  i  ���������Steamer Joasi   Sails fr������M Ladysmith lor Vancouver every Saturday v.a* c0������ am'* and  returaiag sails treat Vancouver     for  Ladysmith at 2.30 ������-m.  GEO. L. COURTNEY  m  80 Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  Dist. Freight <% Pass. Agt       ^J  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. 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Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be collected on the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for au individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,   having" discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500  x  1,500  feet.    The  lee for  recording a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500  has  been expended  or  paid, the  locator  may,   upon  having   a survey  made, and  upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2$ per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yeaily.  A free miner may obtain two leases to  dredge  for gold  of   five miles  each for a term of twenty  years,  renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation.within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each utile  of river teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister  of  the In-  p.rior.  THEJONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  GootT Table, Good Bed and ^Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACKE   STREET-     Ladysmith/  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates ?1"25 and$1.50���������  Free bus .to all eteamboat landings and  railway depots.    Electric cam every fiv������  minutes lo all parts of   the city.   Bat  and table^unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  iift  Leads Them  IN QUALITY  IV  Ail  -:o:-  R. P.RITHET,|  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :-: :���������-. .���������: :-B.C.  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woobank  Proprietors,  Modern and     Strictly First Clais.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Building.  \  HOTEL LEIilD  (T. J.  Wellinan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot -and  steamboat wharves. Newly, renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone, 1���������4.  I  TO FERN IE,  Read Down Read Ui>  9p.n1. Lv. Victoria Arr. 4.001>. in.  6.00'p. iu. Xt. Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.31 p. in, Artv ������������������; Everett Arr. 7.30 a.���������.  9.30 a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7-4S P'������  6.25 p.m Arr.   Kexford   Arr 12.30 p. 111.  g.jb   p. m, Ar.    Elke   Arr.  10:42a.m.  9.'oo p.m.   Arr.    Feraie ,l.v.g,55 a, 111.  ONE NIGHT  ��������� To all Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  : To    Winnipeg amd St. Paul  Close Connections  For    Chicago, Toronto.  .Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylent     Lighted     Cars,  Family. Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars,  Dining     Cars (Meals a   la  Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and baggage checks to all points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations     and complete  information     call on or address,  S. Q. Yerkes       E. R. Stephen  A.G.R.A. G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle Victoria,  B.C.  I  TICKET   OFFICE  ���������0���������  Cor.  Government     and   Vates  Sta.���������  Victoria, B. C-  3  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  1  ������  HENRY'S NURSERIES  NEW CROP-  Home Grown &  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD    and FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  '  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE, AND HARDY  .FLANTS:      v     ���������    '���������  For Spring plaiting.    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C  tCR*  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  if  I  'J  i  I    I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  ^  VYM. MUNS1E, President  J. W.   COBURN, Man.   Director  "Telephonel-IG.  The   Ladvsmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-Shingles  a  Specialty.  ���������JJannfpctu'-arH     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and   Finishing    Lambec  la    Stock.  %  4  General Manager.  W. J. WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  ���������     DAY SCHOOL.  - \-  Unual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B   C. ^__  If you like   A  smooth, easy shave,  an  even,  : well-finisBed     beard'trim, a good  bath. ������r a stylish Hair-cut.  Yeu will g������ te  LADVSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HIGH STREET."  The only  line now  making   UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL1  and MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains.  from    the    Pacific M  Coast. P  THE "''"SHORTEST LINE, THB ^  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST. |H  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME..  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,  ST.   PAUL,' CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY, I  and ALL POINTS EAST. il  For complete information ask your'  local agent or write, >  F. W. PARKER    SI  General  A gent, |  no 2nd Ave., Seattle,  cTHONEY TALKS^=  AS  LOUD  TO US   AS   ANYONE. f       I        I    "|".:||  !2������.  IF  YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR   MEAT   YOUK   DOLLARS   W  ILL   GO  FURTHER   IF   YOU   BUY   FROM  US  m 0as������a Pnu$ Gannof Be Beaten-  ELL   &    PLASKET1  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor        /  p^ B.   C.  Ladysmith  ^(Aj  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLTi  BAKED AN������ FRESH.  Ceafectionary of all kinds.  Order* taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  HARTLEY   G1SBORNE  Member  Can.    Society of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,] England  Member International Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis. 1904  ���������ESestSeal Engineer���������  O, BOX 357.    ..   ,/ ,,J il.;X,AD^M^BiCi  B*  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY   :o. ���������.  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None b������   Wnioa Labor   Employed  ^ J-   BOP���������. Pr������P  anos and  Organs  Ladysn.ith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be fo"nd at any time  at his office on High street. His den-i  tal work is guaranteed to be first-1  class and rates reasonable ������$.(  "I  JJ  '     HILBERT  jSli  J*fc-������ 1  DAILY LEI/GER  ^������>.{^^^.4H^..;..?.4>������!*4>^H^f^*-Mrf^--*  rawing  NANAIMO! :B.3C.  Co  flaijuifacturers of,'the  4  UIDS TO     IMMORTALITY  LIST OF VOTERSFOR  In (British Cclunubfag^  Lagerj* Beer  and Porter, Guaranteed  Brewed  from \ the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  '*���������    ���������������  A    .    A ... A ...  BSGRBSegSffiE;  :jfi  f..  il ,'  'I'  C,  Too much cannot be said of our  IS  CARPET DEPARTMENT  The pal terns are prettier, than  ever,  thc     qualities     higher,    more  beautiful     harmony of coloring.   Everything that, can add to artistic  appealance and yet combine superb wearing     qualities, is the story  of .this Department. '     .     , ,     i M    | j  ||  |  ���������' | [>|jj  FOB8 THI& WEEK  We are mating a special showing of I ,  I    J Til"* ["Iff  BRUSSELS CARPETS  $1-25 }  YARD-MADE   '  In crimsons, greens, fawns, and b'ue  colorings Floral and oriemftai designs   Samples Submitted   $ 125]  YARD-MADE 1  VICTORIA,B.C  The New York City Federation of  Women's Clubs learned recently at its  convention in the Hotel Astor how it  might attain to immortality. Dr.  Sarah J. MacNutt'reor-nunciidod sour  milk as a specific for the encroachment t, of old age, and Mrs. Howard  MacNutt, who happens to bo no. connection- of the doctor's, suggested e.\-  cicisos of the soul. Dr  theory emanates .originally, Horn Tar's, where a famous sa\ ant. Dr. i\lec-  hniiioil iiy name, cinei oi tho Pasteui  Ins ti Lute, has discovered the long  .sought lountanii ,of youth in the un-  romantc form oi a microbe which  causes the souring of nnik. Dr. Mac-  JSIutt,-who thinks / nfc valuable auv.i  even worthy of prolongation, after '10  evp'laiuod the operation of this micro nc as  ioi lows:  ������������������You  ai!     know,," she said,  ������������������that  the  phagocytes,   or   white corpuscles'  oi Wo  mood aie cngageii in a continual  struggle against  microbes  injurious to ino     t>j stem.        Now, it'is a  em ions   fact  that  when  thc  phagocytes hud  tins     struggle going against  them 'they     turn upon ^wl at Hick th-j  body.      When     the- hair  turns  white,  for ' instance.      it  is because  the pha  gocyttS' arc     devouruijj  the. coloring  matter.   Tins     process is no difiercnt  from that     winch takes place in any  ordinary .condition of ill  health.    The  disease of the arteries winch attacks  old ipeople is simply aiijinflamation."  The irnLiLun  winch'causes this action of the. phagocytes in the aged is  caused  by the production in the body  of injurious miqiobes, rand   Professor  lVictchnikoli's .   theory is that by aiding the     phagocytes in their struggle  against   these organisms   ihcy  can   be  presented  ' from attacking thc body.  He believes he has discovered a means  of accomplishing     this     end  in sour  imikv which contains a'.germ which lie  regards  as     an antidote  to many  of  the germs  which produce diseases and  death.  Mis MacNutt tonic a less material  view oi things In her opinion it  was not soul milk for which poor liu  mauit} was suflering, but "exercises  of the -soul." Mrs. Helena Secor  Tonics did not agree with cither of  these views.  '���������We have heard, " she said, "how  wc may secure immortality v>y means  of  sour  milk  and   spiritual   exercises  THE NEXT CIVIC ELECTION  mmm  IT PAYS TO BUY  (Continued from Last Issue)  WHST    WARD  334 Altin,  Mat ,.., ~.. Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  335 August,  Peter  '.  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  33(1   Anderson,  William     Ladysmith     Ratepayer  337 Alhertini,  John  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  338 Adshcad,  Jacob    Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  MacNutfs/33!)  Allan,   Robert    Ladysmith   Householder  310  Hryden,   Alex  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  341 Bryilen,  Andrew   Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  3-12 'Brown,   Marion   Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  343 Biekle,  John .:  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  344 Bardesono,  F  Ladysmith    Ratepayer.  345 Beveridge,   William     Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  346 Balatti, A ,. ,  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  einrobe's  347  Brown,  William   Ladysmith  318 Black,  James S  Ladysmith  349 Bcrto,' Ben   350 Borra,   Jos   35L  Bcrnerdelli,  Peter   352 Bodwin,  Jos   353 Badovinac,  C .-   354 Bell,   Robert    355 Bowen,   K.   J   35C  Boyle,   Robert .��������� v   357 Conway1 T.  D   358 Cook,   Edgar     359 Canadian Pacific Railway  Co.  3fi() Conlin,  James  ..., ,...',   301 Ccllc,   John   ���������   Ladysmith      Ladysmith      Ladysmith      Ladysmith       Ladysmith       Ladysmith    Ladysmith    Ladysmith    Ladysmith       Colorado  Springs  Ladysmith       Ladysmith       Geo .v,  Ladysmith  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Hate-payer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Householder  Householder  Householder  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Weinrobe will announce  Tomorrow's issue  in  'JO2   Cassidy  303   Coburn,   J.   W  Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  364  Cornwall,  W.   A  Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  3G5  Chiacle,   B ..,,  Ladysmith  ,  Householder  3������(i Campbell. Michael   Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  307  Conti,   John    Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  368   Conti,  P ��������� j..., ,  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  309  Cazarzo,   C  Ladysmith   Ratepayer.  370 Davis,   Mary    Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  371 Davis, D. I-I  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  372 Dyer,   G.   R s  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  373 Dudley,   John   R  Ladysmith    ':'.  Ratepayer.  374 Dumont,  J '..-.?  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  375 Davidson,   D '.' Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  376 Dyer,   A .,   Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  ���������'���������177   Dcfrane,  L   Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  378 Dumont,   Jack    Ladysmith  Ratepayer.  379 Dumont,   Jennie   Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  380 Dumont, Felix   Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  381 Dupuis, Ceo. IT  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Company         Ratepayers.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  fay Day   Bargains  ��������������������������� ���������  Coupons are given for every dollar's  worth you purchase in Wein=  robe's Store.  Yoa wiii  have   Ghiistmas  presents  lor your iriends in  SILVERWARE &, JEWELRY ~  | free of  charge by trading at Wein-  5   JtJivj.  rjby  B, 5. Weinrobe,  382 Kvaiis.   B _   383 Hsquimalt & Nanaimo Railway  381   Fagan,   Daniel   3S5   Frere,   A   38(1   Ciiilespic,   John      387 Could,   Isaac  ,.   38S   Coco,   John      389  Gear,   Robt   3t0   Gourlay,   David    h ,  Ladysmith  391  Gallia,   A..   Ladysmith  Ladysmilh      Ratepayer.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Ladysmith     :  Ratepayer.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.    Ratepayer.     Ratepayer.  HIGH STREET,  LADYSMITH,  B.  C.  am  i  NOTICE.  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible tor ' any ., indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed by the secretary  lowland  Machin.  V  BOOTS & SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICSS  I  Repairing end Makinglo  .  I.   EXPLORATION & DEVEL J Q^ g   Specialty '  OI'MKNT CO., LTD. ' V _^_  *  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Madesto order and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened by  no  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.  Strips mi tiling   iti   a!1     ita   Bran tie s  Horssshoers and Genera! Blacksmittis.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street:'���������-'  -   -   ���������    Ladyerriitti, B C  Ja; LADVSMITH TRANSFER CO.  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  ���������*���������*���������  -c  hut I  tlPnk we need ventilation more  than .either.  Women  are  leaving our  dubs because they. dirm't want to over work their     lungs.      What are  we.  going to do About it?"  "Open      the   windows,"   suggested  Miss Mary.  ' "And     sit  in     a draft and get consumption."      retorted      Mis.   Tonjcs  "Wc ought  to have systems of ventilation  that  would   give us air   without  drafts.''  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots  ford.  Leave orders at  the  I  WILLIAMS AND   V* 3 VST  -J  *  *  *  *PHONE 66  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  ������  *  c  LADYSMITH J  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES FOR HIRE ���������:������������������.:���������:  See J. KEMP, or leave orders Arith  &   ADAM  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing'  Done Promptly arid  WELL  At  392   Gilchrist,  Wm '.   Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  391  Grouhei,   Louis     Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  395  Hutchison,  Peter    Ladysinith     Ratepayer.  390  Magffiirt,   1).  It  Ladysmith   -.   Ratepayer.  397 Iladdow,   IMa^arct    Ladysmith     ,  Ratepayer.  398 Holmes,  George  11  Ladysmith  Ratepayer.  399 Iliqurbran,  Mrs  I.advsnith      Ratepayer.  399a   lliujiicbraii*" Amil     lyadysmith       Halcpaycr  100  Hftiiiiay,  George    Ladysmith     House  Holder.  <!0L Jones, Mrs. Ed : .' Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  102  Johnston,   IL  T  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  403 Jackson,   Jack  4  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  40-J   Jones,   Wm .;..,...,.  Ladysmith  Ratepayer.  105   Johnston,   Grocgc  II  Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  d(lG   Jolly,   W.iUiam     Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  407 Jcssup,  R.  G  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  408 Jones,  W ���������..,- .....:....;.... Ladysmith ..'   Ratepayer.  1.09   Jones,  James  Ladysmith   Ratepayer.  110 Jones, J. IT  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  111 Kerr,   Arch  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  112 Kay, Harry     Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  113 Kelly,  Robert    Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  114 Lorenzo,  Rfcda    Victoria     Ratepayer.  I Non Personal Liability.      '  ' Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  I  THOflAS MCEWAIN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  171 Wchley,,Thomas     Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  172 Watstn,' Robert  Ladysmith   ...���������:  Ratepayer.  173 Williamson,   Robert    Ladysmith     Ratepayer.  171 Wul'i-inshaw, Rol.crt ������_.  Ladysmith     Ratepa?   :.  17.1 Walls, J. p .'  Victoria ,  Ratepayer.  170 Wellington Colliery  Co   Victoria      Ratepayer.  Yaiwood,  !���������]. M  Nanaimo    Ratcpayi r.  115  Leigh.  J. M.  1 Hi Lovisonc, J-  11.7 Lovisonc,  S.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.^  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.V  Ladysmith    :   Ratepayer.  IIS   Malone,   P  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  11!) Mottishaw,  S. K.  120 Miles,  II. 0   i21  Moulard,   Jules   ..  .122 Morris,  David  ....  123  Mcccary,   George  D.   Z....  124 Michcux,  125 MayosUi}  126 Mcintosh   D   227 McLennan,   John  428 McKiniKMi,   Arch.  429 McRac,  D.   S   430 McKinley,   James  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Victoria   Ratepayer.  Ladysmith    :.  Ratepayer.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  Ladysmith    ..v; ;...  Ratepayer.  Joseph  ^.....v...  Ladysmith   Ratepayer.  Winnipeg        Ratepayer.  Ladysmith       Ratepayer  Lady-smith      Rat.cpa.ycr.  Ladysmith   Ratepayer.  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  ���������131  McEwan,  Thomas     Ladysmith     -  Ratepayer.  432 McKinnell,   David  Ladysmith  433 Mcintosh,   Helen   G. It.  Winnipeg  ���������134 McKinnell,   James    Ladysmith  435  Niemi,  John  Ladysmith  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  Ratepayer.  FIRST AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  W. SILER.  GEBEKAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY nf<^'<:  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Dr. 1. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  AU work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT, ALL HOURS*  M. R, SHffiPSi  Solicitor, Ete.  t Avenue  Loan  UDYSM 1  LADYSMITH'AERIE     NO.  686, F.  0. E.     :���������:        :���������:        :~:        :���������j  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd  Tuesday at 7.30  p.m.    Worthy  President   B. Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C; H. Rummings.  LEDGE  Office  ���������136 Nimmo, James P  Ladysmith      Ratepayer.  137 Otton,  Frank ,.,...,  Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  138 Otton, Mary , ;  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  139 Pogorely,   John    h ,  Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  MO Porter, John  J   Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  til   Pchctto,  Domenico    Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  142 Pierard,  John   , ..,  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  143 Quemicll,   Ed  Nanaimo       Kalvpayei.  Ill  Rummimr,   W.   K  Ladysmith       Ratepayer  145   Rollo,   John     Ladysmith v   llonsr llnl.ler  41(i Rowe,  James  Lartysmith        Ratepayer.  ���������117   Robertson,   A.   I)  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  448   Reifel,  Henry   ,     Nanaimo    Ratppayei.  419  Rumniing,   C.   H ,...,.,  Ladysmith    Ratepayer.  450Russell,   William  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  151   Stevens,   Chris ,  Ladysmith   Ratepayer.  452   Sanders,   John   '..., -- Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  ���������mTipina,   Frank   ,..,...:  Ladysmith     -    Ratepayer.  454 Siler,   William :.:.. Ladysmith        Ra epayer.  455 Sisko,   Andrew ,  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  ���������156 .Kpinetto,   Albert   Ladysmith       Laepayei.  157   Salmon,   Aimie  Ladysmith     ���������    Ratepayer.  ���������158  Steele, Walter   '. ,  Ladysmith      House Holder.  ���������159   Teusz,   Mrs,  460   'Pha,   John   .  1st   Avenue  161 Tapella,   John   162 Thomas,   J.   R   163 Timins,  W.   II   464 Tassin,  J.   J   465 Tens/,,   .John  F   166   Vannoisenove,  Mary  Vetter,  Jivlm M  P  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  Ladysmith       "iatepaycr.  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  Ladysmith    Ratepayer.  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  Ladysmith        Ratepayer.  Loleta,     California       Ratepayer.  m  Watson,  W." J.    Ladysmith       Ratepayer.  .69 Wood,  Mrs.   B. L  Ladysmith        Ka e,Kr>- ..    Ladysmith    .^...   Rater**- ci.  'ublie Notice  Attention is called to the   fact that the  gilvie   Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR.     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly   improved and purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising the public that any unauthorized users of the electrical fiour purifying processes will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flo-ar Mills Company limited  are *lae    only    millers in Canada whose     Floiir  is purified by tae" electric process  r  Waugh, John '   y  1-. -f-  THE   DAILY    tEDGSR  ���������������  c-  ���������assssssssssssi  srar>c:  ssboes  see:  !���������*���������*  II ITEMS  _j������  WANTED1���������Situation  as  general servant in private family.   Apply Airs  Hi ggart,  Esplanade.  Xmas Photos���������Have them taken  Now! Studio open at Ladysmith until next  week.  "The Canadian Girl," at Simon  Leiser & Co..s, Ltd.  .AT THE ABBOTSFORD.  iW.   A. Montgomciy,   Vancouver.  IL   H.  Carley,   Nebon.  There    will     be  a full   basketball  practice in the opera house tonight.   I  iA "match  with Nanaimo   will probably be arranged for next week.  Vice President Adam  has received  Word that Uie meeting of fin: British  iCohimbia Association  Football   League  will take place in Victoria     on  December 2.  The Football Club concert commit-  tee held a meeting 4is I evening. They  are preparing a splendid programme  /or ihe event on Satuid.iy week, having swisml promise of help Ironi vo-  'calists of Victoria and Nanaimo, as  AvclJ aS the local favorites.  Have you seen  those lovclv coll-.rs  and    ladies'    waist  bells  at Simon  , Leiser & Company's, Ltd.?  Ralph  Smith, M.P., pass������(,  through  to Duncans on the nine o'clock tra'li  .tins  morning.    Mr.   Smith   will  stay  f ** ������������������^irfysrnith   on  his   way  back'  home tomorrow.  Appointments���������^ made at  !   S, in 7 imtal   Work  at   Dr-   W������'i  tm High ^U-eet st  Parker WiII,a,���������S) Mp.P.,  wll0  was  lathe city today,  has'a letter       "  ���������jus     issue giving  ]lis  vi f  t]  J������ons prcVdi]ins al ������*  ^loati, ���������r rather,  the lack 0f   '   a  road;     lrom  Ulc c o        a  should  be read  eaiefully  bv eVervo, t  - ^ecn,   ironi  his   trip   to   Kootena  which   s cmippi���������!  i���������   i "1-i.iia.j,  aeii      ^c-'lccl'J<i  ^   be on Saturday  next  ,  Rome nwva wm  hc )  garding     the roa(,  K^^xi^sm^^SM^^SmSSS32S^rWSS^ \ ?30���������Per acre for 5-aCre block's 1 mile  fiom City.  SPECIALS-  S doz BLOUSES in Lustres  Fancy Blousing-French Flannel-Delaine-All Shades Etc,���������  Regular $2.50 to $3-5������  Special Si.50  2 doz. .BLOUSES - Fancy  Flannclette-Nicely Trimmed  Special 65c.  2 more cases of those Wom-  ens' Dong Lace   SHOES-Ex-'  tended JSole-That we are  Selling out at  i Special $2.00  $375���������Cash secures a fine residence in  the choicest part 0f the city. Onh  5,244 more to" pay at thc rate of  $12 per month.' Owner has invested over $CC0 in improvements.  Water laid'on.  Fine garden.  $2S0���������Cash    and "TlOO on  mortgage  buys two  lots  each 60x120 only  a  few  yards   from  post-office.     Fine  investment.  $500���������Cash and balance on time buys  two'first-class     stores in business  ��������� portion of city.  Another 200 pair of BOY'S  PANTS-the Cast Iron Kincl-  With Big Patch  For Rent���������A nic������ store on First Avenue.  For Rent���������A nice two-roomed store  For     Rent���������Nice  two-roomed cabia  near station.  Special 50c.  CHILDREN'S READY-  TO-WEAR HATS-Going out  at  Deeds,   Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts and  Agreements Drawn.  Special $1.00  ony, Prmcc Max, of Saxony has even i  ovcrlco'icd      a      plea from   the  pone        _    Tricked the stum* Fienn.  rv,;���������,uSl, a ,���������,���������,���������������, ���������������,.. ���������,_ ci^rs^'as-iTE  Mm Saxon aristocracy. ior mercy. Bued bofore some mlstake in prlntllJg  'or (he countess, and proposes that j was detected. During the Buffalo ex-  thc only course winch will receive his position the government Issued a stamp  -sanction is ti >��������� have her spend the bai- to commemorate the occasion which depicted  the   Empire express  train.   A  an.'e of her   days  in  a convent  doing  penance.  1 hc     pope is     said to have shown  ������������������inch interest in thc picas of lhc wo-  ���������iirii'.and   hc     s'-nt   the  documents  to  Pr'iice.     JVIax      with his compliment^.  To the'    prince.     who has become a  ���������T-rst.  ihe women submit ted  the plan  ..    ,    . . ,. ,   ,      . f  practical joker cut out the central part  of one of the stamps -which contained  the train nnd carefully replaced it so  that the train was in an upside down  position. This he pasted on an envelope  nnd mailed it to a friend who -was a  rabid collector.  The practiced eye of the stamp fiend  ������t once discovered the misplaced post  BOY'S SUIT PRICES are  iuteresting-We are ^Clearing  oiitev.ertiiiiig- in BOY'S CLOTHING at about one third less  than the already low price'  Walter* &  Akenhead  U  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     ������i       Notary Public  Phone, 3. '     I ���������  P. O. BOX 268  !tIAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODIU  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible' prices.  Leave orders at Christie'g, 0* <*���������  Etplanadt.  .   . 11 c! Warnock  Rubber Goo  This is  the time  to purchase  Rubber Boots and Rain Coat.  and  keep a stock of rubber goods on h  and guarantee quality, good fit and  satisfaction in price. \  MENS RUBBERS, LADIES' RUBBERS,  BOYS' RUBBERS, MISSES' RUBBERS, MEI^S  RAINCOATS, LADIES' RAINCOATS, MENS'  GUriBOOTS, LADIES' GUM BOOTS \  We offer our  stock of Umbreiias at  reduced prices.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OATACRE 8T  LADYSMITH  IIIWll    HWtMWIIILU-IUWJlMHaiBIMaaB^W^Jp  !*  h.t the princess lmc the custodv o<! " oucr������v ,Uls+covorcd the misplaced posi-  , .,, ,,       ,,        , ,        ,    i tion of thc train, but did not notice the  ior     ch,Hlrea. and be allowed 1��������� lake j decoptioni aml tla0 collcctor al]U0St  made  rc-  vihioni   -    ,      '"     Thc soo������cr thc  "S    O0  mSki  UP   a'ld   ������^twl������,  for So rnnCr U,e beiler il wi]1 1,c  jor u.c shippers  convem'eiiced  ��������� tions.'  are more than     1,1-  by the present conrii-  wild with joy until be offered it for  eale, when he -was informed that it  was not a "rare" but a "cut out"  stamp lie preserved.  The Cherry R|.oa���������d. s   R   Cro,.'-^ ���������  w^t hoot-,   aml The pl^,;  ������aco.  by ,D   w. II  B00K Store.  "SS'ns.  at Knight's  Direct Prom  France-Tooth, shavin,  fcair  and   clothes   brushes. A sj '  assortment at  the Ladysmith  Pht  'A  S:,c,c'iiU  fr<������"   Cumberland   U) lhc  Kanai.no   Free Press,  sa.vs:  The   WcIImslon   Colliery   Companv  is ma-ring c.vtcnsive improvements at  their new anthracite mine at IJamil-  i      L-ikc.      The new piclvi,<r tables  ���������have been completed and ���������have   been  rr.fed ovQr-for the winter and     the  ���������Z:b:-y*ul  is now' being, similarly  ser-  ���������ved.    Alargc   fa���������' is fo   hxi]miH   in,_  media, cly  and   the  foundation  of  the  r.:w Loistmg machinery is  i��������� coursc  ip her residence in the royal castle  rlh^ prince   was  obdurate,   however  'ie refused  absolutely   ti1 o">ciiook h;s  n'-tn's indiscretions <rf the past.  -o   ITOCKKY��������� ' It is not only cigars that vary in nam*  without varying in quality.   The pres-  &.   tt   5K ent writtr was once toid wften hcsit.il-  .-      1        .i^,.^.!, r,.���������m  ������,���������n    "'S   between   "fresh   ci'gs"  at   ten   a  '\ceni(liiifr to a despatch 11 om i>aun 1 =,='. ���������*  -v U1 "'" ' shilling and "good  breakfast eggs" at  Sic. Marie, Ont.,  although  the adop-1 eight a shilling c- something to that cf-  tion   cf asalarv   limit   bv   thc eb"-s_j feet that these two brands were pre-   "���������.��������� ���������- ��������� ,   ,,    1        , "1 cisoly the same, but had to be sold as  if   tlKMlnte.naliom.l   Hockey   League j tWQ   quajjtJes   becail8e   n0   cnstoiners  would buy oggs at a shop where only  Hockey  was calculated  to reduce the running  .-.xi ens s   or   thc   teams,   particularly  with     rc������aid   to   the   payment       of  one quality was advertised. That may  cr may not be so. The fact remains  that there are many qualities of eggs  nlaycrs.     '1 here is not   any indication j known to all housewives before wc get  i,f an inferior     class of hockey being    do^n to what a late comedian termed  brieflly "eggs."���������Londou Cnromcle.  On the contrary,        the  N ��������� --   the   various  \Vherc   AVcnKli   I������   Wooden.  -     ,     . .        At Goumbi a man's wealth is reckon-  c.TcuH   ojvr promise  of     ^ flrat  by  Ulfi number Qf sIayog hfl  owns, next by the number of wives and  then by the number of chests, .empty or  otherwise, he possesses. To give se-  luriii' to these .elicst?, lpeks_of Ameri-  the result  men      being   signed", by  dubs  cf the  even  a faster  article' than   was seen  last   ycui".    The  importaticiiis  hy  the  league include some of the  best players   cf  the Dominion.   Althoueh  none  of   the   teams  'have  signed   up       all  their     men   as yet,   the names gnc-i  out of newcomers  arc  of sevcial who  have already  gained  fame on        the  leadni"   Canadian   teams.    The Hou-  ghton team has already secured tirm-  dy, Forrester oi Thossalon,  and Joe  Hall of Hraiidon'.    Hall   is   famous in  Winnipeg   and. in   Ottawa,   whore     he  was seen in the Stanley  Cup  matches.  The   Eaisy   Par*.  Teacher���������After all the trouble I have  taken, you are most imperfect in your  lesson. Surely, you could not have  found it so hard to learn!  Pupil- It wasn't because it was so  hard to learn, teacher, but because it  was so easy to forget!  iNKiV STEAMSHIP  LINI0.  8 a ������  The     Nippon   Yuserr   Kaisha  line,  which operates a licet; of stcameis iir-  tween Victoria and the Orient,   has  opened a new line to Burmah       and  , India.   Thc TM oncer Mail says      the  steamer     Miliaia of the NMppon Yu-  sen  Kaisha line, has arrived at Kan-  goon  for  the  purpose  of  establishing  a jicniif.ncnt  steamsln'lp  service       between  Japanese  ports,   Rangoon  and  Calcutta.    Thc representatives of two  other  big  companies  have  also  been  in   Rangoon  early   in  the year     for  the same purpose, an indication, says  the  Mail,  that Japan  intends to dc- I  vclop   trade  with' Rurmah  and   India \  by means_of its own shipping. '  ^hamberiain's  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned wifl apply at' the next reg  ular sitting of the Licensing Bc*r<l  for the transfer of the retail liquor  license held by him for the Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, block 2, IsJ  Avenue, City of Ladysmith, to Job:  GoBo. ANGELO  TATE.  lttisscll  Simpson,  Solicitor far s.|>.  plicant.  Ladysmith,  B.  C,  October 4,  1003.  W.G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  J(ist|Avenue)  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  NOTLCE.  ���������iwmhii iv������ir     i   " ' 11    1   rHeating Stoves  HALIBUT SCARCE. :  Steamer Edith,  of  the Intenvation-  of.construction.    When  uiCsc^'and oth  al   Fislwries  Companv,   has  returned  ���������er..contemplated  improvements      nrpL'-P r. '     n- ���������      ���������  cornnl ���������icvl ��������� m���������    t .   ������������������  , aic   to  Tacoma alter  a month s cruise in  co in pi. .1 c<i, i\o.   ,���������  Wni [,c one o[   t]    1  mi-sf coal  mines on  the Island (northern      I'.ritish  Columbia  waters,  , Hunters report deer in abundance !w'^n a light- catch, four carloads 01  in Mr. district. One party saw' a halibut. The'Edith cruised for a  .herd..of not iess  t.Ilan  t\venly'in   tbe -Umc in D;Xon Entrance, where hali-  mon'.tains-on  Tuesday. ���������.,-���������..��������� ���������     ���������, '..,,      ,  o   ��������� but  are  usually   plcnUiuI,    A  couple  COUXTKSS I OlTSP of   wcc!>s  aS������  -sllc  turned-over      lier  ..��������� "     '" '     '       ' catch  to   the steamer  Zapora of  the  Despilc. the .picas of  the aristocra-   same    fleet,   which   brought  the.   fish  'cy of Saxony,   the  l.-rolhur  of  the  el-   and her own  catch to'Tacoma.   -Ilav-  : oping noblewoman,   Prince  .Max,   with   ing    lit.lio   luck   in   the   usual   Jwuks  holds his  forgiveness  her to the     life of a  ance tlJl- her sms. ^Prince of Wales   islands.   Conditions  j  ^ Still   hilli-r  in  his  haired   of his  sis-  were  not   much   belter   there,' and she ! EH  *er, thc   Cotinfcss  Louise-  Motitignoso.   was coninclled   t��������� return with a IHit  formerly   the  enmn  p,rijicess  -if  ,-a.x- eal-h.  Aninsed  Them.  Artist���������Have you taken ray picture to  the exhibition?  Porter���������Yes, sir. It scc/ned to pieaso  the gentlemen very much.  Artist���������What did they say?  Porter���������Ob, they didu't say auythlng:  Tbey only laugUtMi. ���������  isd   commands   the   Ivdith   went   considerably   further ! 5$j  loing pen-  n.-irth   to   Frederick   Sound,   north   of    '  nun  : ������������������.  L-&&**  NOTICE is hereby given that I. the  undersigned, will apply at% thc next  regular     sitting     of    the Licensing  Board     on     December 15th for the  transfer  of the  retail  liq<uor  license  held  by  me  for  the  VVheatsheaf hotel, located in Cedar District,      to  Enoch  Sage,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar District, Nov.  7th, 1905.  A FINE LOT OF  The Children's Favorite  ���������CURES���������  Coug-hs, Colds, Croup and  Whooping Cough.  TWiBrnmedj-is famous for its euros ovor  11 large pact of Iho clviliztd world. It can.  alwtjs be depoiideil upon. It contriin* no  opium or other harmful drag and inuj- bo  given .us confidently to a baby 116 to r.u adult  Price 25 cts; Larfje Size, 50 cts.  Dining Room Tables,  Dining Room Chairs,  Kitchen Tables, & Chairs,  Armchairs, Rock'*ngchairs  Prices to SmI Purchaser  C P ETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  'A-  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neat/y. and Artistically Done-  Orders  Promptly   Executed  ROEDDSNG  f*       r*       *S    mm  LADYSiVSn H  wMMMwtwmjm^n,. , ^.cB  I  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A fULL;IM OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  Pork and Sausage a Specialty  A  TRIAL SOLICITED  A.  HOW  HEEAT  A Delicious -BreakfLst  COAL  MINES  REGULATION   ACT  Notice 'of'Examination.  Notice   is   hereby  *;iwii   that exam ���������inatioms will >>e jlreld for,1st, 2nd and  3rd class  certificates  of competency    under     tdic   provisions  of  the  "Coal  Mines Regulation  Act,"  on the MUi,   J5tli      and   Kith  days  of November,  lt)05,   commencing   at   the  ho'T     of   0.30 o'clock  in   the  forenoon.  The examinations  will  be held  al Fernic,     Nanaimo and Cumberland-  The subjects will  be  as follows:  1st Class  Candidates |       2nd  class candidates I        3rd class  candidates-  Mining act and  Spe- S  Mining act and  Spe-  Mining act and  Spe  cial  Rules                 j  cial   Rules  cial   Rules  Mine  Oases                 s  Mine  Gases  Mine Gases aad  Ventilation                  I  Ventilation  General  Work  General   Work             |  General   Work  >  Mining Machinery      |  Surveying.   "               \  xx==^. ���������    ��������� r=r   Our Stock 1*8 Now Complete in  HEATING STOVES  A Large Variety to Choose From  PRICES   RIGHT  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  .��������������� .���������>   ' vr������o w������v,t(c. *iw  zsws^s^sssixi^K^^ss^^Jw^vsnm^'msa  ��������� *W r:\jnt *\J*j.  p^atiMmM^s&KiajmaimneaAimsxMttMSp  A TIME! Y SUGGESTION  fcXftfc\S is  approaching and  usually  you     are on thc lookout for  some  presents   that  are appreciated,     and   nothing   is   so acceptgblc  as a nice  article in  the  jewcllry   line,   of    which   wc  have  a good  variety.      Also, a very   large selection of FANCY  GOODS, such as  Toilet  S3ts, Manicure Sets, etc. etc.    Call and select anything  you  might fancy  and we will  put - it aside until needed   for you.  Our prices ar* very Low for the   quality  of goods.  Our Prices Are Very Low For the Best Quality  of Qoods������������������  B.FORCIMriER  WATC.HMAKER,   JEWELER,��������� OPTIClArN  First Avenue,    X   2������   X      Ladysmith, |B. C p  in  MBBraS^S5Si3KE52������SS-&������83  Stoves  Wearejmaking them oi ths Nswast    Pattern and Lates<  Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK '  @ur Prices are Reasona   ble  SEE OUR    NEW STAVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  and at Ladysmilh Hardware^Company  LADYSHITH   IRON & STOVE WORK5 CO���������������LTD.  TO POULTRY FAR  Applications must be made to the undersigned,   accompanied    hy    the  statutory fee, as  follows:  Uy an  applicant for  tfirst and Second  Class Examination  $10.llli  By an  applicant  for  Third  Class   Examination  .      5.'.iO  The applications must hc accompanied by testimonials'< r u rtif'ed  copies thereof, (a) If a candi-'ale for First Class, (hat be is a Piitish  subject and has had at least five years'experience in or about the practical  Vorking     of a coal  mine,  and  is nt   least  25  years  of age.  (b.) If a candidate for 'ecoiid Class, that he has bad at '.cist 'm-  Years' experience in  or about t'ic practical   working  of a coal   mine.  (c) If a candidate for Third Class, that he has had at least .''.ea  jears'  experience  in   or about  thc  practical  working of a coal mini;.  By order of the Board,  , FRANCIS   H.   SHEPHERD  Secretary.  Nanaimo, B. C., September 30tb^ 1905. _     __ L ___._  100-ACRE FARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Five acres cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  Five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying; liens, one Pjfc r:?h.  Clover Cutter, Axes, Hammer5, Saws and Tools c: jv-  er de������criptioi, two Spray Pumps, ^20 wor; ���������] o*  Blasting Powder, Wire Nettina: six feet high cov.y. lig  3 f=2 acres. 2 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths  IvifSe, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats  $450 Cash and $750 on nortgajpe  J. STEWART,  P. O. Box 268; Ladysmith Pj > u


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