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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 23, 1905

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 AVE ASSEMBLY  aily Ledger  VOL.2,  THURSDAY,  NO V.  23,  11)05  PRICE _IVE    CENTS  1SI&ND IRON MINES ABE  SOLD  ���������o���������  I  Bentley and McGregor Hold  tags on West Coast Acquired  ������',By   Company  of. English  and American Capital-  f ��������� Ists  I  turkey's appeal  for further  Mil REFUSED  THE WIST CO&ST  OF  MIW  Half a Dozen   Industries  Will be Working There  Next Year  London, Nov. 23.���������The Vienna cor-  lespondeut of tln> Times says >t >s le-  poited there that the Sultan oflur-  i'ey appealed to Emperor Joseph vo  postpone the naval demonstration m  Turkish waters, and that the Emperor replied that firther delay was impossible.  i'aris, "No v. 22 ���������Thc Temps today  publishes the following despatch iroiu  Constantinople:  "Following a second-meeting of tiici  council oi'm.mstcrs today it stated ! (56ze������ "<������lustrics on the West Coast  lhat Turkey's response to the pow- contributing to the wealth of Van-  eis will be an acceptance of the de- couver Island, -says lho Yn tenia  mauds wilh the reservation Hrat the Times. The big shingle mill iir  terms of tho powers for Uic control . which half a million dollais is to he  oi - /inances of Macedonia bo modified expended, the new whaling station,  .so as not to lcflect on the prestige f)[' representing  another very  largo     m-  The    New    Shingle  Mill,  Whaling Station, Herring  Curing  Early next year will sec some half  fl  ORE 10 IHE  TYEE SMELTER  Turkey.'"  j vest-menu t,   cauneiies   already   estab-  1  R  k    What is picl.ahly  one  of thc larg-  m est deals   in iron properties that has  taken place on  Vancouver Island was  Ij completed   yesterday   fori noon, when  a coini Miv  oi  L'lniiiil Staus ami I'^n-  glish  capitalists,   rcpiesenUd   in  tins  Victor in     by I.  li.  Atkinson, M.E.,  concluded  arrangements'  to take over  .nearly all of the iron properties    m  i the i Kenfrew district.    The deal  will  ������, include  the Cciiqmerct  group,     com-  !/ posed of the Conqueror,  Cyrus,  Daii-  "'ie'l'and David,  the property ol    the  ' Beiitly     Iron^Mmc Company,  Ltd.,  which .owns the Elijah and buijanifii,  and the Jacob and Joseph.   The Jtiir  nie 'fraction jus  also been  l&< en, as  has'the lion King, Iron Prince,  iron  Master and Iron Master's Soin-i au  of .   which  are   located   on Hugaboo  creek.    The sum  involved is said to  be in "the ncigliboihood  of'UnU.fUK),  whicli will lie divided among Messiw  Betitly and McGregor and their associates,  among the  latter being      a  number ot* Victoria's  prominent citi-  *.'eiis>.  ."The     properties have been located  for a numljCi  of years, and were examined  by 'Ar.   Atkinson inJvanuaiy,  1902,   after     the property had been  surveyed by     A.  W. Harvey,  C. K  Mr,   At'j'ihson  imnnedlateiy  cabled his  report   to  London,   and   sent  letteis  and   a written   repoit   to  his  principals  hi New   York, only to have the  report   declaied   a fake   by   a number  of .experts  who had seen the proper-  I   ty.    Not  satisfied  with   this,       Mr.  i  Atkinson   made   another   examination  arid again shbpuitted  the result    of  his Investigations  lo  his  principals.  in this report he stated that      he  would st-ake his reputation that with  I) six months'     development lie would  show   them  a property   with  500,000  \ toils'"in sight and running on an average of 00  per cent,  in iron ore.  ������������������ " fn    'referring  to  the property yes-  'terday, Mr! Atkinson stated that   nil"' * ������"-'"_'"o "~"~     ;.~    ���������     - t s.uhj,^!,   ... .o v~M-v-   -  'his opinion the  David claim     would ,ic ^in&  f, muscS* < l/e  ,������uost,ori | oi  e.ghteen   dollais  will   he   rcah/e  ���������y    of   was   ���������J,,orou6hly <'',scllssed and a gen- ���������   n llKJ lu>1M!U, trcalit,(1 acCoidiiiR     t  ,,,,.,'',     ., ���������.,    ���������    .    ,     ' hsned,  and irnnes oi considerable pi o-  Constantinople, Nov 22.���������Porte has      .     '  ...    ,.   ,        ,     ,. T       ...  .   ,   .^ ,      . ,. misc will all   he opeiating.    In addi-  iejected  the  prop sals of the- povveis ^  jt  js now r(,|J0IlcJ,  Ulat  A    R  .or   the    international  control   ol the. Joh,|Son &   Company,   who   recently  finances of "Macedonia. | sUrled  a Illlmbci. of'(|o{,   Sili���������10I1 stft_  Vienna.   N'ov   22-A despatch  from  tions on thc c,0as() IllU.n,|S working  Constantinople sa>s      that, the reply  on  (lllitc all   extensive  scale,       com-  or   the Pcite     which  was handed by  fencing'shortly after  Christmas and  Dorr   C'aylo,   Austrian-Hungarian   am-  continuing throughout the year,  hassador  tonight'rejects  the' proposal.    The intention of this company    is  of the powers     on ail points and de-  said     to be   that   of  packing   spring  clares 1hat the public opinion of Tin- salmon   as llio. Wallace brothers have  key   would   not countenance  their ac-   done ui      tho  noith,  for   lhe  foreign  ceptance.     The     Porte agrceR  lo ex-' market,  to cute hen ing according to  tend to two years     the terms of the  Scotch  methods,  and to catch     dog  civic   agents  of the powers in  Mace- salmon   for the -Japanese   market.   Irr  donia. , this latter business the company has  Athens.    Nov   22���������The warship* of' already   had   exp'nence,   having  only  lhe powers which propose to make a  a few days ago shipped a consignment  demonstration  against  Turkev  arriv-!������f 17r> lons of fish to Seattle to    be  ed  at  Piraeus-today,   and' exchanged ' f<?iwarded from that port  to  its des-  , . , i  4 inoii /"\ji t  salutes and  omcint visits.      The commanders of  vessels were  awaiting  in  structions  "MAY   DISQUALIFY .OPPOSITION.  Caljra^y, Nov.     22.���������Ii, is rumored  tination.  But  the herring curing  is  a branch  of the fishing . industry heretofoie not  attempted on   the Coast.    Thc business as   it has been conducted       to  dato on  the   Island   has  been  confined largely to   Nanaimo,   where, corn-  prove  to have the largest body  high grade irou ore on the American  continent.  "iVhen  asked  if that  was not a little extravagant, Mr.   AtklI1*������n ^I,l:   !,v   in favor   of' inaugurating   a    first  -No,  s.i; I halve .been  ui business,���������*> ^   t���������a,ning  schoo,   with )ut   dclay  amiiiins expert tor  28  years      an     , ^    ^    K    Jones>     slev,al-d of  Ui  iV have      visited     nearly   all   the  .m��������� ^  ^ ^^  .-camps  in   America, and  the   ehowmg i  afotu3 y   -L--I-" ���������       ���������-���������     *i    ������^������   ._...-   -      ( |'u   laLj^*���������!^    iu    iiu.iic4.iiuu,     ,,..^������w?   Vv,...  iieie  tliat Mr. Hicbert,  the only con- inencing abol,t this time tj the year  setvative elected in  Alberta,  will not' fcheic  ;lVe  caught'annually  luindreds  ije aide to  hold his  seat on account j of ions  o{ hotm,,^    Mr. Johnson has  courit oi not being naturalized. 'ha(j &ome practical knowledge in the  The-  Alberta Legislature will    not    workj bllt his     methods of handli  meet- until next March. t.j,e fish  1lhen  aIlrt  lll0S(i whrch it is  ���������        - said     he intends to pursue on     the  NANAIMO. West Coast Wll, ,)C entirely difleient.  The B������>ard of Management of   the i    Anf, a��������� Uie  mcthods diii'er,  so also  Nanaimo Hospital held a special,ses- wiM 1hc  ' prices.    Wlnlc five  or .six  sioirlast evening,  for   the considera-  floj|dls  a barrel-might   be con&Sderetl  tion  of  thesubjpet  of  incorporation , a fan:   im(.c   fol   ^  bcrrinj!,       now  of a trailing sdiooi for the systemat- j ylljpi)c<i)   l(, ,s expected   that sc\cnU������en  il  to  the   new     process and ;i ceonrmcnilcd  by Mr.^Cowie, the IJomiivron government  expert,   now  irr  Nanaimo.   Mr.  Cowie,   as  previously reported,     has  with linn three Scotch guls who un-  (IcrstaTKl' the  art  of' curjirg  the herring  as   it is put. up   for  the market  in   their  home     land,  and  it   is said  that   the company will  endeavor   to  engage   such   help   in starting     -their  new enLcipri.se.  erous invitation given by  the  Board  to  all   interested citizens    o      csent  "heir  views.  Drs. Iiogie anil Davis spoke strong-  This   morning's Colonist says-      A  coast  mine which   will soon be ship-  piEg, is  that of the Cuba Silver Mining  Company,   locatcxl   at  Lougliibor-  ough      Inlet.     'Frank W.  McCready,  known  in connection with the development  of' the   Marble  Bay  mine   at  Van  Anda, is in charge and with   25  or 30  men is doing considerable preliminary''woilc.    Bunk-houses       have  been  erected,   and  a $7,000  comipres-  sor   th'i-ec-drili  plant, has   been        in-  dialled.   -The ore body is very large  and assays show values ranging from.  ?8 to  VI0,  with an average of about  %Y2.   H  is copper-gold,.is self-fluxing  and is      locatud close to  thc vvalei,  whrch is  very  advantageous  from     a  shipping  point  or view.   Considerable  ore has been taken out, ulreadv,   and  while there is enough for a large sinp  ment, this is being deferred. The ore  will be Healed  at the Tyee smeltei  Winnipeg   and ! Montreal   capital     is  interested  in  this company."  A.sl'ed by a Ledger repoi ter this afternoon if the entire output or the  mm������ jis it was (levelogeir^'ouId be  l.-eatod heie, Supt. Watson, of the  Tyee- stncltcr, said no definite ai-  rangements had as yet been made.  Irr all probability a trial shipment  would be received here shortly, but  whether after that the company  would ship their output to the smelter or not he could not at jrrescnt  .say.  camps  in   America, and  the   ehowmg   iioaputu,  miuu_������i   ������.~.^  .~  .  of   the David  surpasses   anything     L  I   r'*c  various members of  the Board  have seen.   In 1U02 an offer was made  SPO1* hneOy  on  the  subject,  and  it  tq Uie owners of thc ConJ-freror group 'was   thc  unanimous  opinion  of     all  Which represented a higher figure than-   lnat  a training school   be established  what  tiie  entire holdings  arr> being  _as soon as possible, and with this oiU  sdhl  for  at the  present   trme. ^ This 'j������*<"t  in view a committee  was       ap- (  offer wks lefused by  the owners, on   Pointed to  look into the subject and I  the advice ol some prominent men of  report at thc next meeting,  this  city,     who  thought that they  '   It is fully expected that bv the, New  would get better terms." lYear  Nanaimo  will   have  a training  FINED FOF  ASSAULT  ���������.    it     ,r������.,i ���������^������>n  'school   for  the education ot  the  ;As has been said   the deal was en- , s{aft .  Btneerexl by Mr.-Atkinson  who was  ,������"*  l0 \  n  close connection with  Jas  ���������* - .     -. j.Ji    '-.    .'."������t.n       van  At the provincial court house last  evening,   before Justice of  the Peace  ||:,H   ^,^  ,_.-_-..       ���������  ,onr���������wnl���������   I   .��������� .      Saturday's     Big' Game. ," Matheson ami  Justice  Stewart,  Jas.  ,' Moore, of Seattle,' who lepresti s j ^ _ time draws, near, says 'the ross, of Extension,; was charged by  t the company in that city. Mi. At- He_aW jor u^ Hockey match .lie- Cornelius Boughwater with unlaw-  ������������������kinsdri-.has\spent considerable u���������c 1U t,weeii Wie .y0���������n.g ladies', of this city: ' niUy comniitting an assault on.him  .this section of the country, and be- ^ Victoria, interest in the 'event is by spiking'him'on the face on Nov-  k f(ire coming to America he was en- ^.^ ^^ fay manyAVho arc inter-- c���������iher 17th. Ross pleaded guilty, but  \ gaged in. the iron mines in tlhonoi- -st^ "in, witncssing--a good game- in'-the-court .decided to take some cvi-  thern part of'-England. ^ ^ 0t-.sp0rt, and when the two  .'dence.   Giving  their reascn  for  doing  "Mr.  Atkinson expects  the property,        ��������� Up  0n  the Caledonian   this Mv. Matliesoi. stated that a man,  which  is situated  about eight miles  from a depth of 138 feet, and wincii ^^  0.. Ulite; full-hacks,  B.  Dohe-  hvcn  taken,   the  magistrate  deeming  were  treated   by   J.  O Sullivan       ol Son  and  L.   gl,aW;   half-backs,       A.    iL ,llinocessary, as thc man had plead  .Vancouver, who was for 26 years as- ^^   v   GJbsou and V. Escott;  for-   e(j guilty.    A higher corwt had  ruled  sayer for Vivian ,& Sons of. Swansea, 'war(,^   Mr5    Wen1)|  (;_  Shepherd,   E.    t-liat,  as no  evidence had  been   taken  averaged  08.79  per cent,  in iron. 'T  lffU��������� .     l,.  priestly and   A.   Aken- ' at   Uie   trial,   -the   man's   conviction  , The property adjoins tbe claims ot ^h                                                         , ^ ^^ .^ ^  ^ ^ a|   li|)0r_  H. E.   Newton,   who  has. also  done, ^ | ,      other  New  Westminster  prison-  some  work   on   his  claims,   and   has ,                                                                     '���������                           attempting to   gain lib-  found     high grade ore.   With regard a pWwI, they will lose no time in do-  e       ^  ^  ^^ ^b^  ^      .(  to  the intention  of  the new  owners, ing so,                                      ���������                                          -t       proh-ablc   that   thev  it  is their  present plan   to establish m. ^������������������J0������%���������1���������^   would  beset free.1   To avoid the pos-  t   an iron-smelting plant on Vancouvor the establishm nt of the  uon  vw* ^                                                  Kig|       oufc  island which will have a capacity  to on  the  West  Coast     he whole      o               ,                          ^ Qf ^ ^  enable  the  owners   to   supply       tho Vancouver   Island   v,     v^nt .ess a^re                                   ^                 ^  ^._  whole of the*;-Pacific Cast.   The site markable growth both  m  population  1^  ^     Bq      waler showwl that  for these works has  nob yet be������n se- and in manufactures                                                                    a dispute   between  .cured. It-l.ad.been   the  intention   to Mr.   Atkinson sta ed that tho   pui-          C     *     ,   Rms o,(. ^      ^j  ,,establish them  at   Esnuima.t,     and ehase of the proper y ha, ^"^            l    ^ch   rcsul(,d  in   ie latter  Mr.  Atkinson had  made inquiries ior eonsiderat.on by a con^ny known ������                   ^   ^^  ^   ^  . a site,  hut he,was  informed by some the Seattle lion &  Stu^ JJ-on^n>'               f  ���������    Koss      t.  in   n0   dermcei  ,o-f  tte propert'y  holder,   in that sec- who,had  sent  ?oJ   A   ncAell   out                                                 }  & ^ q[ m  :tion that,he works would create too J^^ita ^J ^ ������bSttlld eo.ls.        in  default,    one month.  "."Slh'Crd  to steel, works,      W  the expert w������ very hard on the ,,o, , The ������ne^  ^aid. ^      ^^  manufacture of the   steel will he car- perty, so much so that,t wd^ud  |                                   Extc���������,ion   refused  ried on in the States  for some time ed  to  abandon   therr  etToit  to  seen   c                             ^      ^  to  come,  or  until  nntish. Columrbia . conti ol of it.  can show thc oapitalis'ts that there  is a market for their product. When  ever it is shown that there is ;a mar  ket in British!Columbia or Canada,  During yesterday afternoon Mr. At- , U.e court's      decision  Mr.  Matheson  Union     received   a number   of  tele- >aid there had  been a great  deal  o  grams both from New York, and Eng-  troublo going  on  at Intension,  just  fand  consratulating him  on  the  sue-! recently     the court having   to  deal  mmmm  or 1.11 a  Victoria, B. C, Nov. 23.���������(Spceial)  Superintendent  Mnrpole,   of  the  C.  P.K ,   interviewed   today,   sajs   there  has been  a macked  mcrcases in     the  10.   &   N    business  since  that      line  was acquired by his company. Tt had  shown an upward tendency along, the  whole   line  and   now  congestion necessitated      the  extension  of   yards   in  Victoria. The Store Street Depot Willi  remain  arid  pro-babiy sidings will he  cons ducted on  Songhees reserve.  At   Nanaimo,   the  Company  has' in  contemplation  a connection  betwien  the...m/a'in line  ol the E. i&  N.   with  {'no coal  company's buiikeis and wilh  the  sawmill,  which is about to start  up again  under  new management.  'I his   will   nlVoid   i.icilrlies   foi slup-  ouig without  double handling.  The survey of v."oniol"i '^ concerned  only with the land question, and Su-  peiiirteirdeiil 'M'aipoie iegar;s local  lands agriculturally as among the  most valuable owned by the comipany   o   SATURDAY'S  CONCERT  Chairman's  Address.  Piano   Solo ;..--Miss  Coburn  WINNIPEG CHIIDBE  INTO SL&VERY  Priest,    Editor [of Polish  Paper Makes Bold  Charge  Claims .That   Parents Sell  Tneir Children at Age  of Thirteen  Winnipeg,      N<,v. 23 ���������An alarming  state of alTaiis  irr  regard  to  matrimonial  regulations  exist  in  Western  Canada "among   foreigners,  according-  to a _fr������feuieiit made by Rev.   Father  Ul.i/.owski,   editor  of  1he  Polish   pn-  |ier called  Prawda,  nnd   priest   of  the  Polish   Independent   Catholic   Chinch  ui   this city.  The statement was made by Illax-  owski, when shown au interview jriv-  en by aCSalician priest ' named Kul-  awy,, wliodenied the existence of such  a condition of affairs, as stated by  Mrs. Chisholm .d Winnipeg, at the  W.C.T.U. coiiven������ou in Hamilton.  Father BlazowsKi says:  "I  have known   many  cases  of Polish   and Galician   girls   oi  only  thirteen and fourteen   years   of age  bcni"  given  by  their parents  in  return  Tor  nioney,  to   bemariied   to  men    they  Knew notliiiiij ahout, and had no wish  whatever to many.   Girls .belonging-  to   my own congregation have  been  married in this way, nut not,by me.  "If a man asks me lo marry him  to a child like that, 1 tell him that  it would be a crime, and that 1 can-  iiofc ilo^-it. There aie priests in this  uity, however, who will marry them  leadily enough, making the biide-  ,^rooiiti pay sometimes MO fo>' performing the ceremony, because the  r*ir*  is so .young."  PREMIER BALFOUR  EXPECTED TO RESIGN  Rumored That Dissolution of the  British Parliament is  Impending  Turkey's Reply  to the Powers/  Suggested Improvements to  U- S. Navy  Loudon,  Nov.  2'" ���������Rumois of   the  iinpeiiiding   dissolution   of   Pailuvmenl  are  being cuciHalecl and  ciedited   in  usually   well  informed  circles.    It is  ft.ud   that  Premier  Balfour  will,    at  1 an   early  date,   place his   resignation  in the hands of King Edward. Should  I the   present  government  resign     the  1 Liberals  will  be called upon to form  j a cabinet.,  and   be in session  for      a  I few days only,  there being a general  election early in the new year.  London,   Nov.   23^.���������Special 'advices  to a Loudon newspaper agency from  To .io   say   that  at   a' demonstration  ai Seoul  Mar .uis Ito narrowly     escaped   being struck *a������d   seriously  injured by a stone thrown at hvm   by  'a member ol.a band   of disorderly Ko-  1 leans on Wednesday night.  Washington, D.C., Nov. 23.���������Three  fiist-ci.iss batliesluDS of about 18,000  tons displacement and 18 knots speed  three cruisers of 5,000 tons clcsplace  ment, one gunVtrat of slow class,   and  four  other gunboats  o/. large dimensions  two for use  in  the  Philippine  Islands and two for the  rivers      of  China,  additional  torpedo boats' and  torpedo  boat  destroyers  will be recommended  by  the  Naval  Board    in  the  list of new  naval  constructions  needed  to be presented to  this United Status congress.  Paiis,   Nov,   23.������������������Turkey's  note   Id  reply to the  ultimatum of  the 'powers     contains a warning that unless  the  naval  demonstration   in  Turkish  waters is     postponed she will      be  powerless to  prevent an upraising of  Mjssr>iimans   against   t"Jic   ChustVojns  throughout .Turkey.   As  it  is       -veil  known  that tho     Mussulmans would ,  not attempt a massacre of Christians'*  unless  they had the silent 'consent oi  'the     Sultan,  thc note is  regarded  with     suspicion.     The tone of Tur-  kev's reply is attributed  largely  to  the  aMitudc  or  Germany.  as  she  Mr.   J. MolUneaux   ,.  Mrs.   Butler     "Mrs.   H.   Smith   -Mi-. Geo.  Home    'Mr...     Jacobson   ..,  Mr.  I<\   Fisher      Garden     Of      Love.  PART il.     .     '���������       Master .Balagno  Song   Mr. J.  Sanderson  Duet       Mcsdanics   Butler  &   Reid  instrumental    duel, ... Misses  Hunter  Comic Song    'Air.  Geo.  Ilorue  Song       Mrs.   Butler  Tableaux    Cupid's   Bower  Dancing      ID!     12.    Gentlemen   25  cents;   ladies   not  purcluisj'iig co|nce|rt  tickets,   25  eerrLs.  Song    Song.     ..........  Recitation  ....  Comic Sketch  Song   Piano solo ....  Tableaux      Piano  solo  sufficient to warrant  the erection of cessful  conclusion  of  his  tedious  ne-     vvith  a case  similar to  the one just  gotiationi, I  Manager J.  B. Hobson, of the Cariboo  Hydraulic,   is   in   Victoria.    Mr.  Hobson conlinns the news of the sale  of  the  property   to  New  York  capi.  taiists.   The  price  paid  is  $1,000,000  for a three-fourths interest.   The Now  ���������York parties also are putting up mou  ey   for   largely   increasing  the water-  supply.   Very' likely  ?500,000     more  will  be  spent   in development  on the  great  hydraulic   mine.  disposed   of,  n. fevv  days before.     He  was not  referring to any one. two or  three  men in  tbe court,  but he wished   iu to   be   clearly understood   lhat  such   disturbances   were   to   be   slopped.    Should   they  be continued    lho  principals,   if  oliargH   before        lhc  court,   might not  be dealt with     so  leniently.   He .hoped he would see n0  more Extension  people here in future  charged   fc'itlr  causing  disturbances.  DESTROYS  ILLEGAL LIGHTS  Lighthouses     ciectcd  on Canadian  islands  at and  in  the  vicinity       of  Hecate Strait  by   American  halibut  fishbrin'eii arc  reported  to have  been  destroved   by   the   Canadian   Government  fisheries cruiser "Kcsliel.   which  is- now in northern waters.   News of  thc dcstiuc ;on of   these  lights icached Vancouver today by   steamer from  thc North, says a Terminal Crty.despatch  Amciican  halibut  fishermen,   opera-  tirrg from Puget Sound, have  in the  past availed   themselves  of shelter ui"  lia.ys on Canadian     islands near . the  lishing ���������grounds  from-which  to -update.   II   has   been  their   practice     to  run   into      these   bays   nightly   alter  fishing  on   the  Canadian  ban\s.   To  guide them  into these coves  the fishermen erected rude lights.  It  has for years  been  a mat ter   of  git-at   complaint  by  Canadian   fishermen   that  the, Americans   were,   contrary   to  all   marine lav\s,  per mi I ted  to use Canadian harbois   to theii advantage for  fishing  purposes,   it being  a fact, that   the  American   craft  are not forced to Canadian shelte--  iluough stress of weather.      Sowal  months ..ago    the   Kestrel   destroyed  one illegal'light,' but her operations  in  that .direction   this   time  arc .reported to lie more extensive.  MINI-: CONCESSION  M'AY BE CANCELLED  A special Dawson despatch dated  November 20 says: As a result of  instruct ions from the minister "of the  interior. Commissioner "Mc.Inues' has  ordered an investigation o.f the Anderson, concession,on Hunker crccK, it-  is alk|r.|.i:l that, contrary to the term*}  of the lease, the concession has been  worked by ordinary placer methods  instead of by large hydraulic scale,  that the ground has been let on lays  which are being worked by culinary  ��������� 1 lacer methods, 'and. Unit Anderson  t has been interfering wish Wiiter appurtenances of other mining property.  If   the investigation  results  in substantiating  these  charges  the  coirccs-  I sum   will  be  thrown open   to  location  Other concessions may l:e thrown  open in tho ..same manner. 'J he Anderson Concession %< two and a half  miles in length at the mouth of 11 un.  ker creek and contains fiiod ground  richest part of the. creek and the  the    entire  length. It is new the  most valuable concession in the Yukon. It was originally owned by  J. Anderson, well known in Vancouver, but was sold to an English Company  If worked by individuals it will give  employment to a thousand nun.  Hon. Prank Oliver went, over the  concession when on his visit last  summer, who then declared himself  dissatisfied with the failure to live up  to  the conditions of the lease.  was the only power who refused'to  take part in. the naval demonstration. , <,  FORTY PUNISHED FOR  TROTING OVER BRIDGES  Vancouver, Nov. 22 ���������TheLe was    a  tegular  field day  at  the police court  'at Stevcston en Monday. It is  doiibtiui n any polite magistrate in  Butish Columbia e\ei had beloie him  a laiger and withal  mor"  respectable  ' looking lot oi at cused dan was ar-  '.a'gned   before  Mi    Corbouid orr  that  'dale    There     were   respectable  larm-  'ers. ivpulaiiie milkmen, ranchers of  good standing arrd overr the carrier of  Ins  majesty's mails.  J The charge agamst them ������vas that  of dinuio over the bridges of the  municipality of. Richmond'at a rate  faster  than a  walk.  | '1 he two bridges in question are expensive structures both as regards  construction ami maintenance. The  one runs from the mainland to Sea  Island to Lulu island, over the North  Aim of the Erasei  II apnears ibat Te.ndcrof Bridges  Bun-ell has been for some time annoyed bv the f.i'l that i>_'o|.lc, >n his  opinion were not obeying the law,  which says no one may drive across  lhe hiidges faciei   than a walk      Tic  is credited with being a most Conscientious official and hc reported tiif  matter to thc provincial authorities,  the province being jointly interested  with the municipality in the payment  ox the bridge Lonils and in thc maintenance of the  bridges  .  A     provincial ofTictr was sent from  New "Westminster to keep  tab on th������  matter,  and as a result ot his observations 42     residents m that section  of tbe country  were served with pa-  at Stevestoa to answer  to  a charge  pers to api-c_   oof oi e the magistrate  of trotting     over the budges.    They  an pleaded not giuity.     The defence.  as a    body,     claimed that  they had  on behalf oi the provincial government  permission     from Mr   F.  C Gamble,  to trot over the     pile portion of the  budge      Thc magistrate said that h*  bad  trotted  ovei   the pile  portion  of  the bridge himself,   but still ,thc law  4-v.s sLjrfn and it  made no  excep"!*"*  ' between the     pile      portion    and   tlw  'swing, and he hadno Teeourse butta  'line each  *2 50  5MAN  STO.WAWAY.  . A niiddlc-agecl, respectably dressed  wYiuian who gave her name as-Moore  lias just : completed what most people  would call an in tores ling trip out  uoni thl' North on the Amur, having  a!i'c-gedly stowed away aboard that  vessel     at     Sk-agway  when she. left-  there   ofi   'iVCuiiC-.-x-uiT   OVeVniigi  ulht.  ' "Tn:     Ai-iiur had  been   traveling-all  nii;iii   before    the   alleged   stowaway  wits   discovered/    Purser   McLaughlin  api.roached '   her after    he had  been  made aware oi" .her  presence and     re-  tliusLil   her to deli vol-  over either   a  ticket "or the amount of her fare, .$30*  wli'c-h       would   answer   just  as well.  Fills.   Alomv     i-lainiftl she 'was broke  and unable to pay  her fare, but that  she would be, able ,to fix matters up  wlioo   Vancouver was reached.  Captain McLcod ordered Mrs. Moor  to be treated as a first-class passenger, and when Vancouver was reached yesterday morning the facts of  the case were reported to the ofTici-.  als there. C.P.B. Constable Gadsby  interviewed Mrs. Moore, but with all  per .suasion brought to bear on her  Air. Moore, still held out that she  was minus the wherewithal io pay  for her  passage  from  Skagway.   The  j Amur   then   proceeded   to   Ladysmith  lo coal   for   the  return  journey  north  ! with Mrs. Moore still a passenger at  the ship's  expense.  I When the Amur reached Vancouver  this morning about U.30 from Ladysmith Mrs. Moore.'was still onboard  but. refused lo. cash in, though threatened by the oll'iccrs that they would  take her back to Skagway and put  her ashore there.  I Late this morning, however, ' Mrs.  Moore cashed up, and reached terra  firaa. ..  ;  .  Mr.  A. Waskett was a passenger to  Nanaimo "at noon.  "I������       'yi        ���������  Geo.  Baljlcntine and  Chas. E-. Moy-  le,   of  Vancouver,   are  registered  at  the  Abbotsford hotel.   ������������������ -o������������������i���������^~  In Chicago ths "MinisterialAAssoeia-  tion has arranged to cause the. arrest  of 5,000 saloon-keepers for violating  Lhe Sunday law by keeping open bar������  din" iiia;  that  day.       -   - .  -o--  |    It now looks  as  though the  O. P.  ��������� K..   with  tlii!  assistance  of  the Pro-  I viiioia!  govenim^nnt,  will  have    the  [railway   lands   thoroughly   protected  ifi-om poaching during the closed  sea-  !soii.    Under such conditions the game  'and   fish  of Vancouver  island      will  continue in abundance for decades   to  .come,  and the  Island  afavorite plane  jior n-imrods to visit during  tho open  season.       Such   visitors  usually exchange  much   coin  of  the   realm   for  little game.  News was received from the west  coast that an Indian is alleged to  have killed rour elk. at thc end of tho  south east arm of Juassino sd. He  win be prosecuted according to tbe  Game. Act. The Indian claims to  have dried aii tho meat for the winter.  The Vancouver Celtics lead the  Mainland Socket' league "by a wide  margin, being as yet undefeated. On  Saturday they defeated the Shamrocks by a score of 1 to 0.  ��������� o~   The- mystcrv of the Jiackstm poisoning  ease  in   Vancouver  is   still       a  mystery.   It     will be some time, if  .ever, before thc facts are ascertiattrteH  to tie auatta-fc.    ,^..        ,.,__   ,; ._,.-,  -'fj/./f.-ins-  .v'.'JSfe  ^  ���������**.  ,'.'$ wamam  ^mmsamsaBmm^  i -  DAILY LEDGER  [HE DAILY LEDGER    1 ^mUMmMW WW  Published   every day except Sunday  THE        DAILY        LEDGER  ' COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  ���������0  cents   &  month-,'   $5  per   year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap-  plication.  '/iHJRsLaY,  NO V. 23,  1005  AVI  PENC-R  ) Ltd.  t&r  ' i  Skene's Hoing So $$e\  _?*l^  7'L \ itFUJ..      FIGHT  1 U1TU   A   COUGAR  Crant's Pass, Cu-gon.-'ihe btoiy o.  a j.-iruii band to baud encounter w.tn  u monster cougar m lhe deep forcsis  ol   Ciiavback      Mountain,      Joscpmno  uoiKiU,"   ������'   wluch   Ed   Dmganian   the  son    '-   -'���������   Vi-iLianrs   wuley   lYn'-iimsn,  narrov.iv  e-.capwi     with  Ins   nie.  has  just,   been     brought     to    tins city.  Young Unigiiamaii with rule and dog,;  v.,i'.t out  ;nlhe pme v.ooda oi   Cnn-  Iwu on a     be it hunt.     bad. m  Hit  loredi   and  m  a s-jction closely  grovu  wilh   small    firs,   the  dog came upon  n small panthei   and cub.     The thick      ,���������  U \vl.-5 too     dense for the hunler to  "^JM  see the cncomitci, and he believed thc  vausc oi the     trouble     to be a hear,  iburlij   Urn dog.  bleeding  irom  many  v. .rJin'i*   ran   old    veipmg  wildly,   aii.l , ~%  ,i   ;. ' ch   per.iiiasion  could  be   ~j"-j,  .,   ���������.,      cnUr  Uie thici-et   ag.im.   ^.p  .ie  iLi-v,      closer,  ami juf-l   as   ,.r;^;  'ui   ti.u herder of the ihickc  # 3 9. p s   m  ������3  is  9  E/-<# m. s  li    "���������"���������*   I?!   E5  p @ ������ a  | S $ @  (anaimc ������$a  il   ������ p S   -,  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BKSi  WINES, LIQUORS, CIG4RP  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and nahin* ^^^ ^  A. J. AlcMURTRIE, Proprietor  F  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  WVisraHHKiJnJKT'-.'l-.-'  <r*  ci'���������  *_L  ������ii'iB..v.*-r.rr"-i-������'Vi  ^������������������"l| !  !>.  AiCfl    duals'  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  ,The bar is extra well  Stocked  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Railway  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������<������ ���������  Time Table  EFFECTIVE SATURDAY', OCT. 21st, 1905.  Traias leave Ladysmith  for Victoria and   all  intermediate stations ^ at  9.10 a_. daily,   and at -1.00 p.m. on   Wednesdays,     Sat<irda*ys   and   Sup-  ii_VS  Trains, leave-  Ladysmith for Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a-_. daily >  a���������I at COO  p.m.   en  "Wedn* -days",  Saturdays     and  SUEEXC'[JE'SION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND "FROM ALL STATIONS  good for goiag journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  tke follewiag Moaeay. I _  _ Steamer Jean   .Sails frt-m Laaysiaith for Vancouver every Saturday at'C.OO a.m. and  returning sails Irani Vancouver     for   Ladysmith -al 2.30 p.m.  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good'beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly iUtedup and well supplied and is m cha-       ir  t  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  This Hotel has   been completely   Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  ; ! i i,' r - i i' i . '  81 Govt. Street:  Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  -  Dist. Freight &, Pass. Ag*  JOHN Ttf A, Proprietor  -ly bem nil me oin rai cl \<~r  ?'/.i'g cub followed. The big piv. = -^*g  r.r tbe panther struck the hunter tv:  thc :diouidcr, tcur'ng his clothes rrom  Ins body. P.oth the man and thc big  cat roiled over and over down thc  hm. Fortunately the   plucky  dog  aga'm plunged into the fight, and  when the panther recovered from his  fail he was. obliged to. turn his attention to the dog. This gave Uinga-  man a chance to recover his riJvC,  with wHich he-despatched the ferocious brute 'and the1 clog soon put an  end  tc  the snarling cub.  :The    Program  Will  Here  Be;  GREAT SHOVING OF ORE  News came- from yuals'mo by the  stoai'ncr Queen City, which arrived  from the West Coast yesterday that  lhc hemititc iron ore on the West,  Arm. has been further prospected this  year, says a Victoria despatch. Eleven additional claims have been  staked adjacent to thc twenty-two  .i-ec-cnUy acii'i'rcd by Seattle'capitalists. The new claims have ibcen gone  over carciuiiy, and where the surface  Ycy-etat.'Oii and soil ctLu be removed  the bog iron is lound underneath.  Two of thc claims, thctlrcn Chink  and Star,      were discovered  by acci-  , dent.      Albert  Lund,   a  cruiser,   who  was camping on tbe beach, about onc  ami a half links below the fust location of iron, saw a tree turned up a  little  way  from, his camp.     lie  went  over and loohed     under it  and there  foiiird  the  solid hem'Ule exposed.    A  number     of "wind fails" in Hie vicinity were then examined and found  to  be  lhc same.   Th.s     exposure by thc  wind-     aion-j covered     a   number  oi  acres, and     means  thousands oi tons  of  valuable  mineral.      This  great tie-1  posil   of   iror. cicsc to salt water indicates     a great future for Q.uatsino.  The total  claims  staked-extend  over  an area'of abo������t'.1,600 acres,  and as  'v'soorT as.  the.    capitalists"1   ge.t hoidof-  ;.'���������'them.Qnatsinn'-win go ahead steadily.  .-The  June   properly      is  being developed .by"Messrs:;;Grant and Libpy;   A  .tunnel, of four hundred  feet has been  run to lap the showing above..  MOVE  Bar  Supplied with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars."  Ladysmith B.C.  fjj    ���������   ^b_ha������        "���������������������������������  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th-Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c and Upward  pencer,  -1 Narccit mo. Limited 1  Best  accommodation  for  transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  '   This new Hotel  has been comfort-  'aMy fyrnished and the bar is up-to-  d*te.     Rates 51.00 a day ' and     ������p-  ' w \rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ������iltuit -'-���������. :-: :-: >-' ^*T������mitt  ':���������-r-.-r-.l T>������*Tv-4'  w  ���������.':. Z~\Z>:Sr.iS-hZ������������������ j.i-A-.-ii^AiwUi _tiv..-.'..- -.V '  l'ECUl IAR   AND  PERTINYNT  Nmove.   in Relgium, and Chrisliania  in   Norway,   have   eslablishcil   Roosevelt streets.      Geneva ar:u Pan* propose   to  do thc  same.  ���������   ���������   ���������  fifteen thousand eight hundred   and  foitysexen      police constables art  ic-  .piircil to protect London.and lor ihis  protection   tho-   citizens   pay   $6,50-0.-  000 a year.  ���������������������.������..  Debtors in Siaur, when three mon-  ���������iiis in arrears, can be seized by the  cre-.-'it-ors .and .conne'.led lo. work cut  their imk'btt-dnefs Should a debtor  run away l:is father, his v.i;'-c or his  children, may be he'd in slavery until  the debt  is cancelled.  .  . ������ 8 ������  joati  ������,;,-,.,; w���������P,.pflji?;;������, p AA^ji ^fE>-    lire     boatirj'.-n   in   Isoiiaiid   measure.  "jig ������5g,3'-;gf   pp5 '.������������������Hv.|? b^i.'lisi.a.iic-e-s   by   ^nvming.     Thc  disl-anee  ^ l^l   il't1   im "��������� - t>. "jf f. -3- V' !$"! it-i'-i ween  two   named points   is  expre-;-  \Si i i * i! a������ i. U \> i s ;i !���������-���������> -?r   V ������������������������.���������������' it '������.:(������ 1      , -.,,,,  :^.Vi :rJi.<>   !   .   .1. rt."       <��������� ri       IV   HUT .H'll   ItlC      f f       1/1      <������.-.���������.'  il  .7.; i  t ~.,J r-'"\  -iwip v,,  m  m  is a e!:oa!; Boot for that H  .1!       '-' 11 r.  Jrr~i'.  :c;^iim sod oi  ���������i-.>.  sed  as so  many    i-irefuis of  In! a-'  mcanirig  course,     that one wouiu  smoke so many    pipes while covcriiij;  the uibtance mentioned.  Lillian Biauveit, the American prima donna, has signed a six .year  coutiaci foi 1 total salary- of auouc  Ira." a million dollars, i  'ihe 'i-.mpress oi japan is an adept  [cuonne-ron the l.oto. a la mi ot large  zither. It is  an  instrument  wliien  is much played and popular in Jap^u  Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, is-tor arbitrate, with two others, the tranter  of the docks of Singapore from private ownership to the government.  They are to receive 5-100,000 for tlhcin,  opinion.  Giuseppe Saconi is dead, and the  colossal Victor Emanuel monument  in Rome. which he was selected to  build, is fa,r from, completed. "Pctri-  lled liicgaioiiiairia," his friends have  called it.. It win probably be com-  plcd-d by C. K,v.-h. who though a  mm ol a. '"i-i-mau piiinter. is himseir  an;' 'ir-iX itaiian. It .was he  . . n-'ii il!c palace of the Banca  '.-laiia. '   ' '    '  .an   <:  TH6C.  .1 %  1  l\f\  1*  fflRKST  '(.. oV  ,-,"|i  R. Williamson Prop  t, Avenue Ladysmith B. Ca  IL'.  -racoiu:  ;-l!-.r-'.  ������������������i1.?.n.   Pirertor  ���������i'JOt-3  ' Just  P'G,  ���������r'  I.-!.-* v.-  ��������� ������������������ J V  l.'pbon  ���������i* r"  maae  .-:,     -- as we** .__,, s...,t  p3 aau. of as honest eath- $5  P er as our Mens' Boots, m  M Tell your shoe deal- ft  i| er that yon want "THE m  pLEOKIE BOOT" and ������  Wi look for the trademark m  il on tho soie m  vcm'n't1^  i_? u a jt k  i  lOl  ;->S f% -W  V.J'it* J.  MANUFACTURED BY  I!  SI  Ltd.  a Specialty.  Co  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good B������i  (Half Block from Depot.)  GAT AUK 15   STREET-      Ladysmith.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  RPRITHET,;  & Co.,  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rates ?1.25 and$1.50���������  Free bua to all steamboat landings and  railway depota.   Electric care every fivi  minuteH to all partB of  the city. 'B������i  and table, unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST., VANCOUVER B, C.  Under New Managmcnt  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  McKinnell _Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Clais  Commercial Mens' headquarters.   -  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  TO FERNIE,  Read Down Kc--"1 ������P  9 p.m. I������v. Victoria Arr. 4.00 ,>. 111.  8.00 p. m. I.v. Seatlie _ Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9 n p. ni, Arr.' Kverelt Arr. 7-3" a"1-  9 30 a. im. Arr. SPOKANK Arr 7-15 P ">  6.25 p.m Arr. Slexfoul Arr 12.30 p. m.  810 p. m. Ar. Elke Arr. 101.12 a. 111.  9.00 p.n������.   Arr.    Ferule   i.v.9.55". ������'���������  ONE NIGHT  T������ all Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  .To    Wianipeg aad St. Paul  Close Connections  For     Chicago. Toronto.  Moatreai aad  All Points East & West  Acetylent.    Lighted     Cats,  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Paiaco Sleeping Cars  '  Dining     Cars (Meals" a  la  ���������" !\    Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and hag:  gaga checks' to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations     and complete  TICKET   OFFICE  Gcr. Government and Yatss Sts.  VICTORIA, B C  Transcontincntrl  Trains Daily  3  3  information  diess,  S. Q. Yerkes  A.G.R.A.  Seattle  call oner ad-  E. R. Stephen'  G.A.G.N. Ry  Victoria, B.C.  One of which Is the famous   '"North  Coast Limited"  'Tickets on'sale to aK Eastern \aad  Southern points at lowest rates.  ������  Up-to-date     Pullman  -and-    Tourist  sleepers      on ,a"il trains.- Dining  Cat  service Unsurpassed.  St-amsiiip Tickets   on sale to   and  from all European Points.   Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  -EFFECT-     -  For     furthsr'  particulars    call ot  wrii-e the ollite.     ���������   Phono Maip 456.  HENRY'S .NURSERIES  NEW CROP���������  HomeOrown 8c  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND HARDY  PLANTS. __ __  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue fret.  3UJU   Wf-stminstei   Ilu-ii,   Vancouver.  A.   D.  Carlton  A.G.P.A.,   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  E,.  E.  Blackwood  v    General .AKenc  Victoria, B.C  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.  :���������: :���������: '-: .���������: :��������� B.C.  H TEL LELHD  (T. J. Wellinan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot . and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets    Telephone,  1-4.  vn&w&r?*^-:*^-*-  .f  ���������f  *  lit  ���������I  9  $  9  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     |  B-V^--  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  I General Manager,  4  j  A  I  t  i  J0WI,        g.  W. J. WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  MILLS    AT   FIDI.::l:K   AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  ���������Mannfacturers    of���������  Rou^h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Lathe,  Shingles.  .VlouSdiitgs, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    LuqIk*  la  Stock  l.L\  LTD  VAMCOUV ER.  B. C.  ^_H  cTVlONEY TALKS,--  AS LOUD TO US AS ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR MEAT YOUR ������������LLARS W  ILL GO FURTHER IF YOU BUY FROM US   Our teh Prices Oanrcot Be Beaten   ILL  &    PLASKET7  CEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ^        W*.~  B   C  PAINTING,        PAPEkHANOINa  ETC.  Work dene properly and at rlcM  prices. Shop and. residence in reai  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Prop   -  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes ������r individually.  ladvsmith.  MISS  BERTRAM,  b ti.  If you like   A  smooth,  easy  shave,' an even,  well-finished     u������ard trim, a good  bath, er a stylish Hair-cut-  Yeu will ge ta  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH STREET.  HARTLEY    GiSBOR^E  Member  Can.   Society  of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers;; England  Member  Internatioi���������l  Electrical Congress   at St. Louis, 1904  ���������Ele&trical Engineer���������  P.  O, BOX 357. - LADYSMITH, B4 Q,  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AN������ FRESH,  Confectionary ������f all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to he delivered at any time.  Employment Agency,  CUBAN C|GAR_FACTORY  Mannfacfciirers of the Famous  CUBAN 3L0SS0H  Noae b������   ������aioa Lalear   Employed  fl J. BOOTH, Prop  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   rial  the  The only   line  now   making    UNION  DEPOT    connections  at  ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through     trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,. THE   LOWEST,  RATES,   THE   FASTEST  TIME. ;  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHI*  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST!  For complete  information  ask yeur  local agent or write,    ,>������������������  F.  W. PARKER  General  .Agent!.  1.., ���������, . *  7-20 2nd Ave., Seattle.  . Dea ers In  Pianos and  Organs ..  Lalysniith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be foiiad at any time  at his office on High street. His dental work is guar-aiitcod te be firsts  class and rates reasonable afc,  *^__!^^Sl^*7_!__^e___  HILBERT  ���������<������-fH<  ^rmrr':.T.��������� tt- DAILY LELCER  aft  i  \  Union  Brewing Co  NANASMO    B. C.  flanufacturers of^the  Jn (British Columbia  Lager Beer   and Porter    Guaranteed   Brewed  ; from the   Bsst Canadian Malt   Run   Hops  4  *  i  I  T  'HH*********************-**-*  ("JVK-H'^'M'*  ���������I.  ��������� t i^JX������Kvry ������������������|-<-M  d-;  Something   Special  A  year  ago���������My!   how  time (lies!  amongst  our friends  wc  distributed  OUVENIR NEEDLE CASES  what  fne of charge.     Tf voir rec   cived 0   onc you  know  -bandy    companions' they  are      This y ear  we repeat the  oner. Cut this out and  mail atone*with your name and  address��������� Act quickly! .   i    ���������  i  *_M  BEH___E____  )';  ^MAZ_ Ol MUGS  We have     never   shown a  finer    collection of llcartgh Rugs  than this  seasos's stock con?  piiscs.   The Gut Time is  fast "api-ioachinb,,  Rugs.are- popular,  so here are a few prices  STAR Rugs,   Axmi_T-������.   ia pretly fhsiai designs, sue 2"<xi;0  $3.00 Each [:  AXMINSTER     fine  quality    Rugs,  handsome  patterns,  r.ch  colorings, 32x68        ' , 1  ��������� $5:5o Each  ���������VHM  WILTON Rugs are destrvediy famous f������r their wearing qualities  |*-  -Size 27x54. * \  . j  -^bb__ -   -7M $6,cOEach  1 ;f?^pl Jj^|^_M������<^if I  ��������� }^WE^or'eL-^  Miners' Drilling Machines,  "Made to order and Repaired at short)   notice.   Drill "Sharpened  by  v-  .ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.  }   Shtipsmitriing    in aH      its *3ranties  '��������� fiorseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths...  i       * R. LAWSON  >Buller Street   -    -    -    -    Ladysmith, b i  +4  ++t^t>iH������Hff>ttttn^+-������-*+^4-H-*-*^ntt<-+^  >;������"  LAD/SMITH TRANSFER CO.   *  !  t PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOV-  > ED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY.    Stables in the rear of the Lad ysinith hotel.  Abbots  ford.  Leave orders at   the  WIL LI AMS AND   -V X 5 \ C T  ^���������>4-*-������"������-f-f*-4-f>-M"f���������*���������+ f-*+*-t-������ <  i ������  *  ,f PHONE 66  LI VERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSMiT  ������������������*���������  2  ^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������*^^'^'^9^m^*^m^m^mw^^*  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING -  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES FOR HIRE :���������: :���������: See J. KEMP, or leave orders with  BLAIR &   ADAM  Greenland s -west coast is considered  Jo have the grandesr scenery of any  coast in' tbe world by Roger Pollock  who writes of a journey thither us follows: "The sunny arctic day, wbicli  lasts for months; a sky all flaming  glory, the fretted spires of the Alps  flanked with stupendous cliffn and  based on tbe restful levels of tbe sea,  cities of crowded bergs, compound of  dazzling light and radiant color���������such  (=?enery as that blots out one's fjrmer  memories. Our llrst port of call was  "Takobshavn, at tbe head of Disco  etiaii, biggest of tbe northern villages,  a metropolis of nine white people arrd  400 natives. Uesldo a pocket harbor,  perched on round shoulders of the naked granite, are the buildings, all tarred  black, of the Royal Trade company.  For n background to the dismal scene  rise higher rocks, littered with garbage  and turf huts, the homes of the natives. At heart tho place is gay, for  our sailors went ashore every night tc  dance with tbe Esbimo girls, while  the officers of ship ant! colony swapped  dinner.parties, breakfasts and lunch-  *ons all through a nine days' festival.  "Men and women alike." tbe writer  continues, "were linguists, well read,  accomplished, 11 little too polite for  comfort, living a metropolitan life 011  one batch of letters n year in an arctic  outpost. Expecting the pathos of banishment, I found the'anyety of pet-reel  content. Tbe' Danes of all the settlements were alike in social cbnriir, gentle and polished���������arrant gossips, r.00-  and the indoor life bad little to remind  one of .the outdoor wilderness. Ths  'fnnuit.servant maids wore the furry  breeches, boots to the hip and curious  topknot of their "national drew. Oiw  had to fall promiscuously iu love with  nil of them.  "Even the Danish men wore native  dress, but there w.rs one important distinction���������they washed. The food, apart (  from Danish groceries, was seal meat,'  fish, reindeer,  venison, shellfish, ptar-'  rhlgan, sea birds and their eggs, which,  as  served  in  Greenland,  are felwoyt,  orouo-jnecd in flavor,"  .,   - o./ -  -jiTii yon tea me wiry it is tlini in  nearly every town of any size you tire  sure to livid a Pearl street? There is  reason in plenty for Main street/State  Front, River, Water, Church, Chapel,  High, etc., but this so' often repeated  Pearl street is too much for me. 11  it were only here and there'it might  pass.for a coincidence, but it is so general that I am Inclined to think there  must be some reason for it, though foi  the life of me I, can't imagine what  the -reason tuny be. Though it may  .teem queer to you, I have special  ground for wondering about this thing.  I am irot jealous of tbe man or woman  or thing lhat may be tbe cause of it  till, but whoever or whatever he, she  or it may be I am anxious to find out.  ���������Margaret Thompson in New York  Times. ,  SNAKE  "They tell a story on a certain  travelling man from our town, who  has .South Dakota for Ins tcicitory,  which souirds suspicious,-' said E.  K. Sackett, of Battle Creek, Mich.,,  who was at the Old Inn last' night,  "but I don't mind repeating it.  "As you know, South Dakota is a  'dry state That means you cannot secure a drink of stimulanls unless you have a 'prescription' from a  physician. Our friend landed in a  town noted for the strictness of its  druggists and physicians one day  last summer and went to a drug  stoic rri air effort to quench his  thirst  " 'I have been travelling all day,'  he pleaded, 'is there no way of securing a drink?' \  " 'Yes.j replied the druggist, 'get  a prescription.'  "Going to a physician the drummer  CollupNilrfe Theater Hat.  A collapsible theater bat which may  be * folded into - a minute space" and  wi-jD necessary will resume its former  symmetry has been invented by a  7-ondon milliner for the benefit of her  sex. The hat, which has been patented, is-made on an ingenious framework, which can be covered with pliable straw, chiffon, lace or .cloth���������indeed, any material save velvet, which  vvould crush too much to be of service.  Tt can also be modeled in any shape' to  suit any style of beauty.  BITES  ALL   ENGAGED    ean see by the following aitide what  course.     10 take     to get their money  back.  "New York, Nov.  %'&.���������"Money lost in  J a gambling house may be recovered if  the loser .or lus  wife sues the owner  of  the building for it     This was decided yestrrday in a decision rendered  by   Justice Pcckham,   ol  the   United  States Supreme Court in a test case  referring to   tho  constitutionality    of  the state lav/ of   Ohio against gambling.  The judge decided not only that  the law is constitutional, but lhat  the owner of the house wheie gambling is carried" on, with his knowledge, ,is responsible Tor losses sustained in the games. This decision  reaches every state in the Union  which has a gambling  law.  The Ohio case, which has brought  home this responsibility to thc owners of buildings rented by gam-Jik-rs,  was cairied to the Supreme yCourt  said, .'Doc; I'm dry and hot and tired of the United States by William Mar  a'r.d .simply must have a drink. Can't :^*>,' Lhc. owner of 1* building in l-inh-  vou  give me  a prescription?' , Ia������ OMo,  111 which Frank II.   Tn.ut  ' " 'Not  if that  is all that   is  . the   had  lost, large sours  of  money,  matter   with  you,'  replied  thc  physi- |    Trout's    wife  brought   suit and  se-  cu'red  judgment,   and   Marvin's       ap-  you,  ciau.  "'Well,   what  does  it tak-e I������  fici  a prescription?'  "For   instance,���������  .   " 'Well,  try  a snake bite.'  "'How    ���������ean     1 get  a snake lvit<i?.i t  " 'There arc lots of snak'e bites cut |  on   thc mountain  hack of town.' j  asl-cd't'hc famished drummer..  "Late' that afternoon   the  drummer  returned   to  the   doctor hotter     and  more tired tlutn ever   'Doc, Jfan't you  give 111c that  prescription  anyhow'.''  he asked.  " 'Didn't you get your snake bite?'  " 'Snake bite,   nothin'. Why,  cvriy  snake bite     on that mountain is engaged for six months ahead.' "  riOW TO GET YOUR  "MONEY    . BACK.  Black-jack,   poker and   solo  players  peal fiom this judgment finally-reach  ed tin: United Slates Supreme Court  Lawyers inter', ieivcd "today cnpressed the opinion thai tins decision  will go far toward rcslitaining gambling in this country, and thai owners of buildings will think twice,here  after before tliey lease them for  gambling purposes. ���������    ,  CRUISKR    L-BNA   AT   HONOLULU  Honolulu, Nov. 21���������The Russian  Cruiser Lena is unexpectedly ,heic,  alter going near enough to ViauV.os-  tolc to get into wireless communication with that port and receive warning to Leep away unless in sympathy  with the-people In their uprising ag-  aii.st the  governiuenl.  NOTICE  From      this  date the undersigned  will not  be responsible for  any in  debtedness     incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V. I. EXPLORATION ��������� DEVEL  OPMENT CO.,. LTD.  Non1 Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  BOOTS and SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repairing 2nd Maklr-glo  Order a Specialty  THOHAS   MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  IT PAYS TO BUY'  einro  Genuine Bargains for This Payday  We Sell What We Advertise  :K FOLLOWING:  BARGAINS  ARE  ON SALE THIS FAYWkY.  |        MENS' TROUSERS, of Fan  ������    cy Worsted, si/es from 52 to 38.  j|   Regular     price from $1.50 to $2.  'ay Week Bargains $ LI 0  BOYS'   SUITS.  a> m\j Bargains  BOYS' HEAVY REEFLRS  From $1.25 to $.350  j$ I'.OOTS     FOR     "WEN, WO-  lf MEN   AND  CHILDREN- From  iul  S a half a doibir to one dollar sav-  H   iny; on ���������'\ory I,leased pair.    Good  H��������� hca\y   Mox   Calf, 001 clumsy,   but  B  strung and nood       All  sizes.  AT  VERY   LOW  PRICES.  WAISTS-     We have 1 very  large   assortment   of   tke Latist  styles  of     waist m Silk,   Satu,  French Flannel, Nuns   Veiling  and  Cashmere.  Si/.es from "12 t*  4:1.  ITIE   PRICES  THIS  PAYDAY  WILL   ASTONISH YOU-  TIES   <\\,ly COLLARS���������Just  rseeived by Express a full line of  the  latest styles of Ties     an*  Collars in all shades.  From 25c upjto $6.0q  _ ...I .i ..-.-w    iT".i_ ��������� -    .  ._��������� ���������>������*������������������������*;  .SALE,  OF   REMNANTS���������   A  large number of our best selliujs  qualities     of colored silks, Dress  Goods,   Flannel,   Frer.cb  Fiair.iel,  and      Flannelette,      suitable  for  Waists,     Gowns,  Wrappers,' aid  so foith    Lengths     110m 2 to ���������  ymds   Prices from  25c   to $1 58  per yard,  PaY DAY ONE-HALF  PRICE.  COUPONS  GIVEN   AWAY       WITH  EVERY   PURCHASE.   THIS  WILL  HIVE  YOU  A   CHANCE TO  GET'SILVERWARE       AND  JEWELRY   FOR  CHRISTMAS PRESENTS  FREE OF CHAROB  ������, _. Weinrobe>  HIGH  STREET,  LADYSMITH, B.  C.  At   Cumberland on Monday'an Italian  named     Enacio  Tina,     -while at ���������  work in one of the collieries was seriously injured  by  a fan. 6r coal.   The j  full  extent   of     his  injuries is nob ns  yet     known  but iie     has  thiee ribs  broken ami it is feared  that Ins back  is also broken      The injured man was  taken  to  the hospital at  oneo where  an e\aiinnatio.n is being  made as to  tire full extent of his injuries.  Chamberlain's  Jrk  AND  WANTED���������My      Chicago      wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman; for each piw inee in Canada.  .Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advaiiced.  Business successful; position tyermii-  ncnt. No investment required. 'Previous  experience not essential to  cn-  Address Manager,  1-32 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A. -  MMM  Coedi Re  The Children's Favorite, '.  - ���������CURES---  Coughs, Colds, Croup ������xul  "Whooping1 Cough.  Ihls remedy is famous far i*H onraaavlMf  aliu-KC pnrl of the civilized world. II *A  always bo depended upon. It contains fi  opium or other Jmnnlul dm;.' and ���������ny mk  cn en as coiztfdcBtly to n baby as t������ u hi A1  Price 25 cts; Ijarg-o Siz������, 60 c'..S.'  ip���������o^Bwnr^nw.rjtfTy.-i^; jm*t00m*m  Great    Resources  k  %  FIRST AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  W. SILER.  GENERAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  W������RK PROMPTLY DOv'-'  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  ^Dr. K. B. Diei  i Surgeon Dentist  ) All work guaranteed, and at reason-  ���������1  able rates.  1 High St. Ladysmith  0PB3 2LX ALL U0UR3,  M. R. SIMPSOi  Solicitor, Ett.  Money  to   Loan  t Avenue -      IADYSM1  Done, Promptly and  WELL  At  No part of  British  Columbia today offers so many advantages to the  investor as does  VANCOUVER  ISLAND.  Its vast, and  vaiied natural'wealth has never been  as yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of the fact  that  it has nevei  been  promiently  laid  before the public.  COAL GOLP  TIMBER    .,' , '        SILVER .'i'..' .,  FISH *- :    IRON ������������������" .--;���������-  '���������-...���������.. i    '���������' . .' ���������  GAME     -, COPPER  ., _____o__ -' .    '    i J!  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land, when properly cleared,    will grow almost any  product, of the  soil known   to  man,  VEGETABLES  '-   OF  APPLES.  TRUNKS  WHEAT  OATS  RYE ALL   KINDS  A  WONDERFUL  SOIL FOR SMALL      FRUITS    AND  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt  a literal   land   policy,   and  tbb     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them will be disposed of on reasorr-  PEARS  BERRIES.  sunsnin  ru  The besh  that has  been.  have to  be a  Ministero;  Labor  ft> hhis  furnace  ijle  terms  to actual settlers.  Government lands can  be secured  and      money can be ma.de by  those  who desire  a new home in a country   possessing the  BE5T CLIMATE  In the World  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancocrcr, St^ John, I_.  |-;^:,K_3^?_ri3a.'*si_____^  lb,    ^    ^ ���������  -_sir_fisi ���������a_������*es������E*i_g  otice  Attention is called to the   fact that the  -o���������-  LADYSMITH  AKR1E     NO.  686, F.  O. E.     :���������:        :-:       :���������-:       :���������j  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President- B. Forcinimer;     Worthy  Secretary, C. H. Rumminge.  Office  1st    Avenue  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will  supply  any   information   obtainable  to  those  who   contemplate   a visit with  a view   cf  investment if  conditions are found  as advised.  Is the centre of the great coal mining    district;  where hundreds of great colliers come  in   each yexr..  LADYSMITH  ���������5.  Flour Hills Co,   Limited  a "beautiful Harbor,  IT  IS THE   JUNCTION  OF  THE      LINE    FRO:������    VICTORIA   TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to.  grow i* Unportn aic������ as  the Island is  developed.  Subscribe for and read THE, DAlt-Y LEDGER,, LADYSMITH, B. C  juvie  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR. have for some --time  1 past been producing flour in a vastly improved and purlied loc������  1   by the aid of ELECTRICITY  1    and having secured control ������f   all tke bMic patents reJatiafi iftiwe-  tig  f|    to, take this opportunity, of advisiag   tke  public  tkat amy  s������a*ath-  I   erized users of the electrieal   fieur purifying ;precesscs yrill  ke pr������-  H seen ted.  I Og:*'-3-v'iei Floxu** Mills Co_ipa.���������y Limited  1 ara i&s    only    millsrs ia Canada w_os������      Plour  I jsp-arified-bythe   eTectrio process .-^d������������JWi������������w^^oj.Jij������Auuuirj!iriaBlj^  THE   DAILY   LEDGER  hi  A' ���������  ffft  iill flEMS  ������-iBma=i_���������������  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio open  until  next Monday,thc  26th.  FRTCKE  &  SCHENC'K  U1RTH���������Nov 22nd, to the wife of  Mr. II. Tliomley, of Ladysmith, u  a  daughter  I have just rccched a good assortment of Colored Crepe Paper. Call  at once if' you want airy liefore it  is all gone. Ten oerrls a roll at  Knightjs Book Store.  Tony Waskett's men and teams are  ^cj)t pretty busy these clays' deliver-  in rr coal.  "Mrs. H. A. Wasson was a passenger  to Vicloiia orr tire rune ojciock train  ilns  morninc ���������(">]  Thf streets on the corner ; near  GoilM's siure are being graded and  /uncle much more easily traveled by  loaded teams.  Considerable court business has  b<-e;i going on of 'air and justice  m.;teu  out to transgressors in longer  oi shorter doses, according to Uie dp.  sivts  of the culprits.  Mr. D. Nicholson, "Manager or the  Jneal Opeia House, announces that  ihe Williams Opera Trouoe, of about  thirty lucnioers, will visit Ladysniith  orr Dec-ember 28th., playing in the  Opera   House  fur  one night  oniv.  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  Two lets of grata are  supplied with every  Kootenay Ran^e-one for cool end _* otherfor coke or wood-  arid the. flues are wide and deep, with tio square corners, so that  the ashes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot clog up the  smoke and draft passages.  This feoture of the Kootenay Range is a decided success.  The grates ate so easily changed that a boy can perform  the operation.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free,  McCIary_  London,      Toronto,  Vancouver,  Montreal,     Winnipeg*  St. John, N.B.  ir.*WMur_>���������cAn_rrr������  on   war  risks   wc have  been   obliged  'to  carry   the  past  year,   which   amounted    to about  M,500.       Another   '^  year's operations confirm the opinion  ��������������������������� pieviously expressed, that the   Amer-  number   of   firms  are  having    ican      merchant      marine  in   foreign  llarvaul   and   Yule   each  received a  net profit of more than $31,000 from  ������amc a   Cambridge two years  ago.    The  seating capacity at    that  time was 38,000,   and  for' each    seat  ���������telephones  installed  during  the    past   trade  requites   some   reasonable     en  couple of weeks,  among" others,   Pe-    couragemient     liom the rj.ovcnini.cnt.   i  J. Stewart's real estate olhce, Mr  jMmr's residence. Mr. Collinson's residence, and several others who are  contemplating such installations. Mr.  "Ward, the local manager, states  that he     hopes now to lie able   to  there  were $2 in  the hands of     the  treasurer of the Athletic Association  wupiu oi  wccks,  among otirers,   fa-    couragenicni     no.a  iu������ 6uv���������.....������..������.   , ���������.|)Hlsft  that vpar      tlc_  terson's.store on 5th avenue.  Kemp,   The      merchant   marine  commission   :-'*  ..���������\ y  expenses  tnai year      uc  the expressman,  Howe's butcher sho     v. ill* present its     annua, vec immcula, duel*,    con^derahly   Iron,   the   g������������  '     lions to the new congress that is to  ".pes.    A" \aie a j ear ago uie re-  a^mble      n December.   An earnest  .***.  <"-er al   the preliminary   ex-  enort  wil.be  made to secure  some    I^scs were Pn.d,  amounted to  more  remedial legislation   at  once,       and       ���������" , J   _ "   .      ���������,_ ri+��������� nt -������i Ono ���������  . ..     ,     ,���������       ,���������    :     iv���������,i, i   With a pealing cajtocity ol di,uuu  miuiv   of the  loading  men   in >\\nsh- ��������� ���������   ^        h,       ,    '. e  .  ,      , ,        ,���������.,���������,.;��������� i ,i���������    for  the game to  be played  on  Sat-  ,o���������������Mc _-*. ���������,,���������* ^ -��������� :r_rs���������������i^'isr" t ������*������ - ^^ ?n,mz  [business on the long distance line has   taken, to upbuild American steamship   *'   J***   in ,Uhlptic   asso^���������-  increased considerably of late. f lines- to the markets in the Orient." , J}^"^^^^X^L  Thc ExccWor     Dancing Club is at''    Halifax,  Nov.   23,-The Norwegian   \*** *?*  ���������J������������Z������������* Te"  rresenj   ���������r,e   oi lho moJpoplUar  or.   steamer  Turbin,   which   U;rt   Sydney     ^^'^*������*������ J������  gani.at,o,.s    ������u      Ladysmith.   Nearly   C.K.,  ������������������C^^������^\^  | e pense ol  both   teams  -in preparing  an  the dancing young ladies and gen-   Yarmouth      stuck   on   a io<k , lu ye lU,d' last-  liciaen  oi  ,hc    c.yarc members and   ^  M������*   ������������������&>   ^nrowth    or, lui-    oi ������h    fi ^J^ and  ot,her  .������he regular    Cub  dances are alwavs   ^ ancn-oon.    She sank,,,    enmnr-, ,   Je ������ * takJmi. unless  v-eu attended. Last evenin,     the  u "���������  ^  llcr  c.ro'w������     m",        IM������   '  n ������������������    is something out   of the ordi-  srxteen men is  hcheved  to h^c pe.-.^   |n  ^^ ^ ^ profit    Qf  "The news was' brought .toJav      to   ^e S*���������e  ^������ amount  to something  Carkls H,.boe by ihe coasufst.am I oyer  $3������.0fl. ,  ^;^1i*h������*Jt^et*-'  er.Kdna K-, wl.idi conveyed the brief . vidwl   equally   between   the   Athletic  in'teiii.rcnce   that   the   Tin bin   struck    Associations.  . ,  .   - ,.,.���������,,  -, ,���������..       That  football  is  the  one game in  n a heavv sea and  foundcied  in ten ' . ���������,i,:���������i,   io ���������r>t  minutes,  will.,  it is thought, the loss [ the  larger   univers.t.es   which   is not  12 Foot  Linoleoins  65c to 75C per  Square Yard  6 foot  Linoleum  i  45c���������*) f55c per  Square Yard '  ugh  the college year  for the several  branches ol  athletics.    Budgets    are  presented by the managers of .athletics,',  but the graduate committee decides upon the amount that   will be  expended  upon each.  |    What    remains     after the expenses  is      devoted     toward  improvements  about ihe athletic grounds, and also  toward  decreasing   the  amount still  due  on     the stadium.    Thc stadium,  cost   between   $-250,000   and   $300,000  and  there is $60,000 owing upon it.  Oner 50c,  per Yard Laid Free  of Charge "  Carpet Paper, a good,  thick paper made es-  peciclly to go under  Carpets and Linoleums, 5c. per yard  Walters~&7  Akenhead  A $30 Prize  The     tickets   on    the KITCHEN'  QUEEN CABINET, which haVefbeen  given  Free  with each  Dollar's- purchase at C. PETERSON'S  STORE,  are all going, and the draw for the  Cabinet will take placo on Saturday  1  evening at eight-o'clock,  Nov.  25th.  $50���������Per acre for 5-a������r������ blocks 1 mil*  from City. ,  $375���������Cash secures a ���������t������ iesideace in  the choicest part o' the city. Onlj  $244 more to pay at thc rate of  $12 per month. Owner kas invested over $G0t in improvements.  Water laid on. Fine garden.  $280���������Cash    and   $40i on Mortgage  buys  two lots each 60x180 only a  few  yards  from  post-ofloe.     Fine  investment.  B__BBH_B8_  members ami  5 al  ������g  rorirri^lrdy "hop- was held in Gould  Hall, dancing beginning at 8 o'clock  svnd lasting until midnijjht The hall  was /hied w.ih dancers, all members  of ll'C     club, and a pleasant evening   0- ���������  "Was spent.  MARINE.  It,is reported thai the Boston S.  S. Co., wh'idi operates the steamers  Shawmu* and Tremont, the former  be n.g now diie at this port from the  Oi ient, wili' augment us tians-Paci-  /fic line  by the addition of vwo other  .jamers  of about  10,000 tons gross  of everybody on  board.J The Turbin  'was commanded  by  Captain  Knudson  and her     crew was composed cxcln-  si' civ of  Norwegians.  She was built  only self-supporting, ,but which sui>-  ports almost every other branch of  athletics is the unanimous opinion of  those  directly interested   in  the ath-  sa  m  ..t  the  Colonist. The .steamer Shaw  nt of this  line,  which is due today  from Manila and ports.oi the Orient,  has -100  tons  of cargo  foi   Victoria.  Aicoidinj?  to   the   annual  report     of  ihi Boston   S.S.   Co  the  Sliawmut  ucen     a loser  in  the past  year.  .' company   made  a net profit      ot  0i,0   last  year      against  S 125,592  tiis    jre\ioi;s     year.    President  .sor  sard  in his  annual  report:  lhe   thiLi" cause  of  tho small  pro-  is   that   the   steamer  Sliawmut,  ���������ing  a typhoon  at  Hongkong,   was  dr \en  r.shoie in August,   lf)()l. While  wc-  collected   from   thc   underwriters  thj cost  o.- repairs, wc were not able  to  co\er    bv  scr 'i-"c  ha  TI  $2  ,fo  VV:  fit  .   <"n  S'1 CIV   01     1NOI. WCCiailb.    OI1U    HU-a    iiimu    1 n  , , 1    ���������  i ,������������������i���������,.'leiif we Tare of the institutions. Base  iheee years ago. and had been   under   1CMC   ���������"-"-���������- c ''   L  charier  to  the  Dominion   Coal   Com- " ^'-  tl������������.   1S ^IE-support..ng, tout the  pany for     trndt between Sydney and  1 maiority of the other sports are  continually drawing on the treasury  from one end of lhc season to the  other nnd giving in return only a  small amount which these directly  interested see fit to subscribe. Row-  in" is one of the heaviest burdens  finanoiaiiv on the larger college. The  best coaches must be secured, shells  b-'iH,  a training  table provided, and  Charlottetown and llald'av and Yarmouth. It was near .Mud Island that  lhe   Allan   liners  Moravian  and  Cas-  tillian   were lost.   : o   RUGBY���������  TIIK  COST  OF  A BIG  GAME.  Few  count  the  cost   the  enormous  cost  of a    Yale-Hanard  game,  says   many  other requisites must be taken  a Boston     despatch.    The price paid .care of.  ....        ���������     .-, 1 ,.-1.'    Willi  more than   -10 membcts of the  for  in.-kci.-������     is   y2,   sonic   have paid/ 1    U1U1 'm,n-   l"'1"   '   ,' .  ao-    .. j- , ,, ,      follep-e   in   the  football   squad,  $2n;   there are  times  when any sum    u|]llt.L   "'  of niuiicy is forthcoming for a place  on the stadium, hut aside from the  amount actually coming 111 to the  promoters uf the sport are the immense pioiits 01" the s])e.-ulators,  which make it   impossible to       deal  the  ro,t  of  providing  coaches, whose aggregate  cMpen.se   for      football  alone  to  Uie  Athletic Association  is  more  than $10,000, is only one of the (yiany'  items  which  must   be deducted  from  the anivual receipts.   Thc services 0f  each practice and regular p-ame, the  expenses of a training- table, and the  cost  of all  material-,  including  football suits, balls, etc., must be payed  for.    While the  output  has  'been exceedingly large in'years gone by,the  Graduate Committee  of  the Athletic  Association  has   urged  the  greatest  econewny.    The members  of the committee  do not wairt to  be too close  in ma"king    expenditures1 when they)'  are. necessary, but they  want  to secure only what is necessary.  iThe , athletic  association, of       any  large unhersity must almost be      a  financial   institution   in   itself,    especially  where almost  $200,000  is   annually   taken  in and  expend**!.    "Men  who  have had some experience      in  business  affairs  must  necessarily  aid  the younger students, as there is always, danger of having money sq&iaiw-  dered where there is so much money  comino   in  and going  out  all       the  time.    All   the money of ihe Harvard  Athic'iiic  Association is handled   by a  Graduate Treasurer,   elected  by       a  Graduate Committee.    He  does  not  lay   out  one cent until  a bill       has  been   piopcily   audited   and  endorsed  for payment by an auditing committee,   which is  composed  of  graduates  and   undergraduates.  In the couv.-e of a season the Harvard Athletic Association receives in  thc vicinity of $100,000 from the  gate receipts and from subscriptions.  In anticipation of tho receipts, expenditures   are  being   made  all tlno-  $500���������Cash and balanoa on trrao buys  two first-class     stores in business  portion of city.  For Rent���������A nice stors on First Ar-  enue.  For Rent���������A nice two-reomea store  vFor      Rent���������Nice tw������-rooaiea cahin  ���������ear station.  Deeds,  Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts and  Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     91      Notary Public  Phone, 3. 1  P. O. BOX a68  ���������   ,  HAY, GRAIN and   '  FARM PRODUCE  Orders will be delivered^ anywhere  in tho city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leare orders at Christie's, oa ������������������  Ecplanadt.  James  Warnock  NOTICE.  \\ 1111:11   mam;   11   iiii|ju3.-31uil;   10 uv.11      ���������'   <*--- .      ,  with  the a^reyalc except iu general   medical   directors,   the   corps   of 1a.V  terms.   To "see   the  game  that  cheer, . hers   to  rub  down  the  plajc-is    after  ing  crowd     has  paid   not  le:-.s   thai.  ,  .110,000. IfflS^^  The profits of the game at the Hj.--  insurance the iiss of  wlnrh in this case was about  three months. Jf we had the carrying   capacity   of  this  ship  during   the  ��������� tii e Io^t by this disanlcr the net result  (.f      the  yeai's   business  would  ha-e }vcn  aho't  S..in,(K'0 belter.    \Yc  h&\c expended   .-.r/1  ch,u.'ed  to opnr- i'lhousands arc turned  away from the  atin-g c.vjierrses  .fS 1,3.3-1   for repairs on |.,gates each year   after tho.  grandstands  the'ships.  'They  are  today in excel-  jare    filled.      Even  with  the limited  lent condition  nnd  well  kept up. The'seating capacity,  there  is more than  .cost of the pupssng'er accommodation   $CO,000     net profit in  the sale-      of  has   proved  a wise  one and  has  paid jseuU'.     and that amount   is divided  a good   return.    Your  steamers     are. .equally   between   the   two   learns,     a  covererl by i mm ranee lo  the. extent of  custom   which   was established       by   1  $i,S.l 0,000.   Owing  lo l.h- end  of the'Yale after  the .strained   relations he-'  ���������war  between  Japan  and   Russia     we. iwcen the two colleges   were miiica-  shall Lc relieved  from the premiums    i.-lv adjusted.  varri   stadium   or   on   the Yale      lieid  arc   limited    by  a sea I ing capacity.  or the'next TEN  MYS-we will gWe  I yans Kens1 Fleeced  ���������a tnm ���������������* wwa Uu*ni������WVwi  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done-  Orders  Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDiNG   -  H       "      *    -������  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT  MARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street 1  *������TH k FULL LINE OF FS!?ST CLASS MEATS  Fork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLKETED  UNDERWEAR  in ail sizes at  a Suit  m\\ Offer it at this  EKceptionaSly Low Price  fer'the time men-  liened My  A.    HOWE  Phone 20  CARLISLE     B-L������������t.  'PHONB  3-4  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may   be  purchased at 510 per acre for soft, coal   and  $20   for  anthracite.   Not  more   than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate     of ten cents  per  ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     he collected on the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum .'for  a.company, according to capital.  A      free miner,, having  discovered  mineral in place, may  locate a claim  1,500  x   1,500  feet.    The  lee  for  recording a claim  is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  tli9 claim each year or paid to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $ii00  has  been expended   or  paid, the  locator  may,  upon  having  a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase  the land at  $1 an acre.  Th������ patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2 J'per cent on  the sales.  PLACER miaing claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases  to  dredge  for  gold   of  five miles  each for a. term of twenty  years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Intsrlor.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river Deased. Royalty at the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister of the In-  "���������erlor.  NOTICE is hereby given tliat I. thc  I undersigned, will apply at the next  ��������� regular sitting of the Licensing  i Board on December 15th for the  1 transfer of the retail liquor License  | held by me for the Wheatsheaf ho-  j tel, located in Cedar District, to  | Enoch  Sajtc,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES  YATES.  Cedar District, Not.  7th, 1905.  Appointments may be malt at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier'i  on High street st  The Cherry Rifband, S. R. Croelcet'e  latest book, and The Passing of the  Race, by D W. Higgins, at K������if"������t'B  Boor-Store.  Oiree* From  France���������Tooth, shaviig,  hair   and   clothes   brushes. A splendid  fteaiortme������t at  the Ladysniith  Phax-  naey.  Have you seen those lovely colbrs  and ladies' waist belts at Simon  Leiser &'Company's,  Ltd.?  The .social to be held in the Presbyterian Church on Tuesday evening,  will be one of the events of the season. Soinc of the best talent of Nanaimo and Ladysmith will take part  i in thc programme. Adm.ii.sion for adults  25 cents.    Children,  10 cents.  WANTED"���������Situation   as   general s������r-  v������M in private family.   Apply Mrs.  Hajjsart,  EsplanaaV  Xmas     P-hc !>os^Have   them takeia  Now!    Studio open at Ladysmith until next  week.  PRICE,  STYLE,  QUALITY  AND FIT  a e the satisfactions  wc   guarantee  when selling our goods.  We are disposing of our stock of  Mens' and Boys' Clothing  "     reduced prices! i  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  OAT ACRE ST  LADYSMITH  ^H������������������������������������������M "-TiiMiliip 11  W.G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  ,...-','. ���������   "j(ist|Aveuue)  Pall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get; your choice  (Heating Stoves  Our Stock is Now .Complete in  HEATING STOVES  . r"*>'       -   ^ ^argc Variety to Choose From  PRICES   BIGHT  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  .-.'j������. - - :.r;.\afe..  A TIMELY SUGGESTION  XMAS is appreachiag and  usually you     are on the lookout for  soimt present's * that are-appreciated,  and   nothling  is so   acceptable  as a nice article in the jewellry  line,   of    which  wc  have  a good  variety.   ' Alsa.arery  large selection of FANCY GOODS, such as  Toilet  Ssts,  Manicure Sets, etc. etc.   Call and select anything you  uagkb ,fa*cy and we will  put  it aside until needed  for you.  Our Prices Are Very Low For the Bsst Quality  of Goods������������������  B. FORCIMriER  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER, OPTICIAN  Firtt Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith, ^B. C  Stoves  Stoves  '���������: .->���������..- * -    . ...... v  Wsare^makinj; them oi ths.-New-sst'   Pattern and Lates*  .'   Styles.;  WE ��������������� ALL KINBS OF FOUNDRY WORK  ���������ur Prices aca Reaaoaa,   11*  SB- OUR   NBW ���������T#V���������t IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  and at Ladysmith HardwarejCompany  LADYSHITH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO���������;LTD.''  TO POULTRY  100-ACRE FARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Fiveacr������ cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  Five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Mens, one Plough,  Clover Cutter, Axes, Hammers, Saws and Too-1 of ever deacription, two Spray Pumps, ^20 worth Ox  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high c .vering  ;3 i-_ acres. 2 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths  ! Rifle, Shot 6un and two good Sail Boats  i -   ��������� . ...������������������.  $450 Cash and $750 on mortgage  J.STBWART,  P.������ Box **������; '   Ladysmith P m \   .


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