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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 22, 1905

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 1  aily Ledger  -������������������W���������^WM.-;; JUJ.ZSBKit.v .M,,., i(J.,K  ���������*r  V0L.2,  WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22,  1005  190E  _T ���������  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  FOR SELLING LIQUOR  li WITHOUT LICENCE  ���������L_H_MW_M���������IHVarMM���������H  Mrs. K. Picketto is Fined  $205  in Default 3 Months With  Hard   Labor  Court Severely Reprimands Lads  Who  Were Witnesses lor  Prosecution  P4ST0B ^DISCUSSES RJtCE  SUICIDE QUESTION  Rev. Parker of Winnipeg  Preaches a Strong  Sermon  R. Connor  Talks Against  Sunday Street1  Car*  OIS-STRGUS FIRE IN NA-  A diSial h .'com Sacramento says-get suflicicnt money at her work to  Detectuc 'ihomas Gibson has died a do this, she had sold a little beer,  bill for $13,000, the expense of the &'"������ "ad been in Cumberland ayqjr  extradition ot Gecrgc D. Collins, ac- before coming here,  ouscd or peimry from Victoria. The , jUr- Simpson ni his rcmarl.s to  accuse I lawyer is still fightin; gomst L,",c C0Ult before judgment was given,  conviction for perjury,. * .a*.-cA  thcir     worships to reprimand  ul ���������  Mrs.  K.  Picketto,  an,,       ' was charged before . Just.cs- ,.1 | ron' wln,c'1 Lhey  would dcrivc      ���������  benefit,    lie  sard   il  was  sad  to see  such  young  lads   as those  who    had -  been  giving evidence  leading  such   a  life. , lie reud over Uie section in tlio  municipal     clauses    Act that, related  Air.  e c<  as,.ed their  j the boys  who,  according to  the cvi-  Itaiian  wo-!(i,euce'     lia(1 1,cen '"--'WlKeriting a place  man,  the Peace Matheson ans Stewart in  the Council ^'hanrhcis 'ast r>-ii.t  with selling spiritous and int v*.r. >.\-  ing li,"ti#iors without a license, contra-  ry to the provisions  of By-law Nc,   to Ul0 piinjsllmcilt of a��������� offcnce such  2  of the-Crty  of Lady-sir, th. a������J ��������� Ulafc whkjh  hc  coriten<ied-t,hc eVi_  A piea of not guilty being entered, (lcncc  plaJnl    ^^ Mrs    picheUi0  Mr.   Russell  Simpson,  acting  for the was ���������Ujity 0|"  prosecution, called several witnesses,'  tbe    first,bring     P. W.     Ryan, who  lie  ���������aid he was a foreman and that    on  the evening of Sunday, Nov. 19th, he  was in the house of  the defendant  2S   Pechetto,  between 8-30  and 10.  30    While ho was there refreshments  were served.   He had some  beer  for  which he paid at the: rate of twenty  '  J>e cents a bottle, more or less,   n  paid Mts.- Pichctto for it.  In answer  to further questions by Mr     fairop-  .���������u, witness said he fcucw what bcei  was' and he knew that which he-hud-  purchased from Mrs.  Pichetto    con-  feinei aleohol.   He thought it   was  ouiou mettery beer.  This evidence being  interpreted to  ,���������e  defendant  by  S.   Zuick,   she said  she had to questions to .ask.  The next witness called was an  Italian, C. Mcriila, whose evidence  was similar to that given by  -Rvan- Jie- had btc,"  '"     Mrs*      ..  etto's house on  Sunday,  Nov._l!)tn, y,c     action  of the local  newspaper,  shortly     before   eight p.m. He     bad <ie saw   a representative of the press  bought from Mrs.  Pichetto two boi^- 'present, and he thought .the opportu-  tles of beer,, but he did not drink-it. nity   to  speak  on   the subject  a good-  He  had  drunk' some   wine,   but    he onc.    in t,he  issue  of the  local , paper  did  not pay for  it. Hc  had  paid  25 on    the previous  night an  item  had  cents  a bottle  for   the  beer.   On  be- appeared  stating   that  a certain   pcr-  injr     further questioned witness said, SOn would  be charged with selling li-  lre was not sure whether it was'wine quor without a   license.  At the time  or  vinegar  he 'iad  taken and  drank. |he   newspaper  appealed   the  papers  lie was "loade'd"'  at tlio time. had  not been served orr  the woman.  Five olher  lads   were called       and They  were not served-- until  the  fol-  thc evidence of all of them was sim- lowing morning.    When she knew the  il r to  that given by  Kyan and Me-r- police  were about   to  take  proceed-  illo.    They  had all,  on  Sunday Nov. jMgS   against  her,   as  the  newspaper  19tli    either  bought from Mrs.  Pich- juui sa[di sh.c might have fled and cs-  etto'beer or had  drank some .bought CupCtl justice.    He had been given, to  Mr.  Pich-  The court was  adjourned for_ a few  minutes,     and   upon - 'reopening Mr.  Matheson said the court had  decided  to  fine  the  defendant $100  for     her  offence and charge her $100 for     the  six  months'      license,'and  $5'costs,  making a total  of   $205.    In  default,  of payment,  three  months -with  hard  labor.  Mr. Matheson then called  the witnesses forward ami  read  them  a severe lecture.'  He  said  he had       'no  doubt that in other cities in the Dominion  for  such  an  offence as   these  Doys   were   guilty   of  the  cal-o-rrjnc  tails  would  lie  brought  into  use up-  cfl them.   The life they were leading  was     disgraceful.      This  time  they  would be let go  free,  but if     they ,  were over   up oii a     similar     charge  fore him they would certainly    "not  go unpunished. ���������   Mr.  Matheson then  said   there   was  another  question  he  would, like to.speak upon;  that^was  Winnipeg,  Nov.  21.���������Taking as his  subject,   Child-fyillcrs . and   Child-sh.v-  crs, Ancient; and Modern, Rev.  P.  C.  Parker of     Lo������an     Avenue Baptist  Church,      preached  a strong  sermon  lust   night      dealing   with   Canadian  race suicide.    He warned his hearers  aga'mst conditions  that arc being leg  islated against in   Krancc,  that   arc  being  publicly denounced   in the  United States and which he claimed  arc obtruding lo a marked degree in  Canada.  He said that measures adopted by  mothers, and heads ,of families ' now  were jusL as sure as the ch'ild-killing  measures of Herod  audi Rameses. -  A   large  family  was   undoubtedly a  tax 'on  the strength   of   the  mother  and on the financial means of the father,   but  il   was   a blessing  to   ftie  nation,   lie hoped  that before it was j  too.   late     thc mothers  of  Canada  would  take a proper view  of        the  John league's Residence on  Comox Road Totally  Destroyed  10 FIGHT THE  '<S  l\        ������^5  _V  " I   "  House Valued at  2,O00-  Neither Building Nor Furniture Insured  Largely bo'.-ause  Mormonism     has  become    a live  topic  in  "Vancouver,  the question was  discussed in detail  at  a meeting of the Ministerial  Association held  yesterday  morning  in  the  Y.M.C.A.   rooms  of  that' place.  Rev.   It.     J.   Wilson,   vice-president,  was  in the chair,   and  there was     a  large  attendance.  It was related at  the meeting thai  some of the congregations of       the  rP, j       i-      j r     ������   i ,      jf-iW were beginning to feel the     re-  1 he most     disastrous fire that has 1���������,;       .  .,���������?,    ���������to   r  ,        ,,  j suits   of  the, labors   of two  Mormon  occurred    in this city or vicinity for (missionaries who came to  Vancouver  some lime past took place during the j last summer.   Dr. H. W.  Fraser, pas-.  early hours  of     the morning,  result- *tor of lhc First Presbyter ian church,  ' led the discussion.    He quoted    from  .statements made in   the Smoot     in- ]  vesication      at  Washington  several  WALLACE & DILLON  CROSS LABRADOR  (Are  the  First Explorers  Who  Without Indian Guides Have  Accomplished   This  (Fisheries Commission in Session  in Victoria^Train  Derailed  This Morning  family question.  That  thc present' agitatiorr  ing  iir   thc      complete  destruction of������  the fine residence of   ��������� Mr. John  Tca-  gue,  of Comox Road, near the cemetery,  says  the Herald  of this  morning.  oiiortly after half past onc Oonsta  ble iVeen's attention was drawn hy  ihe 'brightly illuminated heavens,  which gave undeniable signs of the  disastrous fire l'ugjng somewhere in  the neighborhood, which appeared to  bo near Landsdowne Brewery. "Mr. A.  IC.  Wilson  of (tho Comox  Road  nursery  was     called up  by phone  , who  I scon located  lire fire at the place ab-  iovc mentioned.  Owing lo the iirc occurring at such  : an hour when    members of the house  ,,hcld wi-re fast .tslcep U had got such  Viclona,  Nov. 22.���������  (Special)    The i without  a guide     The letter say*  months ago. From' these statements  he charged that thc Mormon system'  was responsible for the practice of  polygamy, as well as vflrioiis blasphemous and murdering ads. Thc address 'was followed by a general discussion which will be taken up again  two weeks from today.  i o   Fisheries     Commission continued ses-jlhey arrived at a place called Ungada  FIRE AT VAN AN I) A. ti educed.  A $10,000 fire has visited the lilUc  town of Van Anda, on Texada Island, and wiped out a general store  there. Captain Magrrescn was the pro  prictor,   and  is the sufferer,   the nns-.y,lt  headway before il was discovered as  to make "it     impossible to save very  or of Sunday cars  in' Winnipeg  was  , m,my ^ ^ C0,llunUi _ an(, ,��������� so (|o.  Wig   lour  lust  of greed  rather      than a desire  for  thc convenience   or   improvement  ,^ ^^ ^ hands ^  of the condition of mankind,  was   a  l)ir  cither    Ihe  wood     shed or   tbe milk  from her by some of their companions They were all sure thc beverage contained alcohol, and thought  it  was  Union Brewery  beer.  Constable CoUandar  was  then call  cd    and in his  evidence said  a   man-  understand that this was not thc first,  time  the newspaper had made a mistake of this     same nature, and      although on this occasion no harm had  been done,  he had  reason to  lielievc  that  a similar  item  appearing  on   a  had  reported  losing  a gold   watch  in previous. occasion had  done corrsider-  Mirs   Picbctto's house on Sunday ov- aide harm:" The press should forbpar  ening.   He was going to the place to publishing anything respecting a case  investigate when he met a number of of 'this nature until, it was sure'that  boys   coming  away.   He  took   them papers had been 'served ,011 the party  back to'search for the watch.'������������������'..While against  whom, .proceedings  were   to:  he was searching -he found five hot- he taken.   He hoped in future       the  ties  of beer between.two matiesscs, local newspaper would be more care-  arid two;half full of wine in a press ful in .this respect,  in     ���������fchekitchenl   lie had found boxes __������-.  of cigars in the bedroom, also a bpt-     Regarding  the remarks .of Justice  tie half fullof Whiskey. There was j.[atheson re  the publishing of news  onc cup  full of wine.   He knew-   it ylat wjh in ,any AVay assist to     de-  was wine, because his assistant, O'Con feat the ends  of justice,  The Ledger'  neli   had tasted it. There     were    a trjes  Very jiard    to avoid an error  number of empty hcer. glasses   on the such as this would be.   It was  first  kitchen table and  two beer  bottles, learned by the news department' on  All  these had  been, placed by  some Monday   morning     that evidence ag-  one under the table when he and Mr. ainst the party/ was  being  gotten tin  O'Connell. had  entered   the  building, shape and that a warrant  would  be  He could not say who did it. issued during  the afternoon and   be-  When asked  by  Mr. Simpson  if   he lore The Ledger was issued.   Witnos-  considered. the house was a res pec ta- es had   been   interviewed  arrd  a plain  ble  pluce,   and  being conducted  pro- case made out if the witnesses gave  perly,  witness  said  he would       not evidence in   their  possession.    There  care to have his own place conduct- were several     such witnesses,.'    and  ed in the same way. each  one had    several  friends.    Thc  II.  Hewlett,  the city clerk's assis- -Ledger, therefore, heard what would  tant,  testified that he had examined be done.next morning, but not  from  the city  clerk's hooks,and found that an official source.    It was known, or  Mrs, Pichetto held -no'license for sell would have  been  by  evening,   to      a  ing lrojuor.    Also that a printed form hundred people.    A newspaper   must  of a by-law handed to, the court was gjve the mews or it is not read.   At,,  a true copy  of by-law No. 2.,     and = any time the ends of justice can   be  that the signature ' thereon was that best  served   by   maintaining  silence,,  of  the city  clerk,   and  that  it  bore we can be very silent, and no news-  thc city setil. paper will  do  anything intentionally  The defendant was then sworn   in lhat  carr in  any way embarass     an  and  said that she had a family       of official  or. anyone else who gives   it  three children to  support.   Her  hus- news  of  interest,   by  the  premature  band had deserted her two years ago publication  of such  news.    In    , tire  and  since then she had  seen nothing case referred to no   official  gave   us  of   him. She  had  done   washing* and the news.   We learned it  from  other  scrubbing  to make  a living  for    tho sources.   It  was true, and  its  publi-  childrcn.    One boy she had^ in  a con- cation,   Jnstice Matheson  says,    did  vent at Duncans.    She b-d a number  I'eaguc was severely scorch-  neck.  ���������,   r      .     '"hi; origin of thc fire is a mystery  statement made by  Ilcv    C.   A.   .oi- started'wr one ofthc'outhouses  den  (Ralph  Connor)   at St. Stephens  Church  yesterday.  Mr.  Gordon said  hc had' yet       to  find   one   man.   or thc  kind  standing  for  lhc  physical,   moral   and  spiritual well  being of  people, who desired  Sunday street cars.    Had   any       onc  heard   of  a deputation   of  such     persons  or  any deputation   approaching  the street railway company  to   that  end? i ���������  "If   I were   persuaded,"   he said,  "that   under   present   conditions   the  miming  of     street -cars  on  Sunday  would  be for thc highest,  moral good  of the people, 1 should  stand for Sunday cars."  ' The sines of Wailors Ar Akcnhtad.  li. Korcimmci, and the Market of  l'anneii & I'laskell ail look wciMighl-  ed  11 j - with  oircU'icily.   1 Unfortunate-j  house, and as to how it started Mr.  Tcague is unn,hlc to tell. There were.  no fires left in either of the places  an-1 "fc-iw il got its start is a mystery  hard to fathom. The only occupants  cf Mic house;at the'' time were Mr.  Tcaguc, his   son  Tom,  and  two  lads  'who were staying     with  them, Mrs.  iTcaeue and .the remainder of tbe l'anr  ily having moved into the city for  l lie winter monlhs.  The loss lo Mr. Teaguc is a great  one, for besides thc loss of thc house  which is valued at 5.2,000, most of  the furniture is destroyed, the only  il.>ms Mint were saved being-,a few  that, -weri easy to get out in"the ToW  er  rooms. There is not   a cent of  insurance on     either building or furniture.  Mr.  J.  Tcague's  sun, F.  W.  Teag-  Rev.  Tait,    of  Duncans  said   Ural  salmon  was   the  bread and  butter of   the natives.    lie .did   not  approve of  the  use oi nets  but thou-  thcy should be allowed to use Ihe  fortune    overtaking      him  during  his  native hook and spear."     He said the  absence. Cowiclmn      Indians   were  obliged to  Thc lire broke ant  shortly after six catch dog salmon for a living,  o'clock on Saturday  evening, just after the clerk, who is almost ahoy,  had lcckcd up for the evening,     and.  sion     lime     this morning. M. Young  ga\e evidence on  lhc  propagation   of  cjslcrs and a deputation of the local  I Joan!  of     Trade presented a memorial-     The uueslion of prohibiting the     St      Petersburg, Nov. 22.���������All eyes  fishing     for saimon in   the   breeding |are riveted on the Moscow Zemstov  grounds of Vancouver Island was in -jCongress,'     which is now considering  fori Oct.     lGth., in the best of health  and  with  plenty of provisions..  ���������   ���������   ���������  ALL  EYI?S  ON  MOSCOW  with  the     inadequate  arrangements  thai obtain in'iVaii Anda for fighting  the   destroying element, lhc building  and contents were reduced  to ashes.,.  It   is likely that  $10,000  is  a conservative  estimate  of   the   loss the last  stoek-lakang  being  reported   to  ImAc  shown ��������� goods  to   thc value of   $8,80.  The amount, of  insurance carried hns  not yet been .ascertained.  WALLACE ii DILLON SUCCEED  1 St. Johns, N. 1'., Nov. 22.���������Letters  received here from Oil ion & Wallace  lire Labrador explorers, and New  York lawyers, state that the party,  hns successfully crossed the Labrador  Mes'srs   Dillon & Wallace are thc first  white     men   lo  cross   the Labrador'Ladysmith at ,3'.40.  fji-pstion o   1 supporting Premier Wit-  te.   Some prominent, members favor  supporting     the government but the  Radicals     favor the adoption of ex- _  trcme    measures to  o\ershrow  it. A '  .split in the congiess is imminent.  ���������  ���������   ���������  Victoria,   Nov.   22.,    (Special)    Tin  train    was     derailed at the Potter-,  ies,  about a quarter of "a mile     out; -'  of Victoria. No serious damage was  done.  It  was  replaced on the  rails-   and  left about, three hours and  a half later. "  The   north-bound   train  arrived   ,at  correspondence'  ly they ha\c not as\et arranged fo;  1 ���������oug-'h power lo run .ill of the  lirrhts,,  but  v,iU  do  so  ue,  was   until   recently  a   resident of  Ladysmith,   being employed  in  J-  H.  a little later, j Good's  furniture  store..  LADYSMITH IS ALL  IN THE LIMELIGHT  Other Teams in Mainland Socket League are Idling Away  Their Time  Unlit the above head  the Seattle Portland team a short lime ago.  Post-Inteiltgcncer  of Monday .says:     (    Ladysmith appears willing to meet a  New  Westminster, ��������� 13 C.,  Nov.  IS-���������'  '���������There is always a calm before   the  storm,'* and  that cloud  with the silvery lining is ���������   now overhanging  thc  Mainland  socker league in  the     province of British Columbia.   Thc league  has been quietly idling time, not only'  as a whole, 'but  as  individual  teams,  while the rolling stock has been stand  rrg by  watching  Ladysmith  take  all  thc prominence ui  the kicker's world.  What Ladysmith docs not Know- aibout  '..he football game is not  worth knowing nowadajs,     and even  the mariners   who coal   up >at   t.h'; little  island  town .u^rc crossing  thc Pacific say:  "You  con  get  a good  football  game  or a dandy clambake al Ladysmith."  The  question  is.   "How  long is Ladysmith  going  to'hold   this   honor?"  The  mainland   tenuis,   that   lead  in an  other sports,  arc getting jealous, and  arc   now   getting   trimmed' down   to  the idea that  (he I'lack Diamond village is getting  too much  prominence,  and it is lime to carry the glory  across the gulf.  The movement  is merely  talk     between the   teams so rap and has not  yet reached (he stage of being on the |  motion book  of thc mainland league  but the o-encrai   feeling  is  that  mainland team, and even feel that'  they would be honoring the Pilgrim  team'of England, that is shortly to  lour Canada and the United States,  by offering that body-a chance to  meet them on Vancouver Island real  estate. As a whole, thc British Columbia Football Association all teams  arrd ad leagues, are preparing to offer  o cup for the provincial championship.  !<,nd it is this trophy that is inspiring  the various teams to get down to  wcrk.  The    trophy     undoubtedly lies between one of     thc  three. Vancouver  ���������teams and the Vancouver Island chain  pious,  ihe Ladysmith  aggregation.  Although Columbian College lias n;)t  entered  the league  this year.       that  team  is also  aspiring to  pick  the lead  iiitr team of Uic province of? their feet  at      the close of the season,  cup and  an.    The     students  arc strong,  and  they say     they do not care whether  they win at    .the beginning of      the  season or not.  but.  they    arc anxious  lo take the mil drill course, doing ail  their work by combination and head-  work,    making no  wholesale      rushes  only where unavoidable.   The prospect  Mr.   Editor,     Sir-With your permission  I will  intrude  to the  extent  of a few lines, and trust you will accord me. a little more generous treatment     than      orr  a former  occasion,  when  you  twitted  me with being     a  spinster ofnncertain age   who was evidently looking for trouble.  I    would,  y'oi'ir      sanction  remark to  the  ing next,   at which ftlr.   Ralph Smith 'public   lhat   half  a do'.en  elderly spin-  M.P.,  will take the chair: sters,    lead  old,   if you  like,  do not,  Chairman's    remarks;   piano  solo,   'al  their  best,  equal the insane    eli-  Miss  Coburn, 'Song,  Mr.   J.   Molun- Jorts      ot'thc  letter  writers  who are  eaiix;  song,     Mis.   Butler,   Victoiia;   jnow   trying   lo   uphold   the   business  recitation,  Mrs. Ralph   Smith,  comic   ab.'ity of on;- city council. I ask thai  in future communications all  writers  will  subscribe their names and come  out   '.nio  the open  as docs yours,  CARRIE II.YRROL.  THE CONCERT  PROGRAMME  The following is thc programme  for the benefit concert lo be given by  thc Foblbnir Club on  Saturday even-'jullh  would  only  at  best be intruding  on  ..  your   space.      I feel   somewhat    vcon- ,jr  soicd  thai my  letter of last week re  blind   pigs,   horthcls,  etc.,  has '   per-  si.etch,   Mr.  Geo.    lforne,  Nanaimo;-  song, Mr.   Jacobsori;   piano solo, Master   V.   Fisher;   tableaux,   Garden     of  Love.      Pail 2.   Piano solo,   Master  Hahigno,   song,     Mr.   J.   Sanderson;  Duet, Mcsdamcs liutler and  Reid, in-  si.rumental duet, Misses Hunter; com-  rc song, Mr. Oo.   Home; soiie, Miss  Butler','   tableaux,   Cupid's   Bower.  Dancing till 12. Gentlemen twenty-  live ccnis, ladies not purchasing concert tickets 25 cents-   o ���������  JUST TO S:\1ILE  II is quite proper, even complimentary to ask a i-.idy's age m Japan  In sins part of the world, howepcr,  where we do not consider ourselves  heathens, but at the same time practice an kinds of deceit, il would be  distinctly offensive.  The Okanagan says: ''The railroad  laborers on the C. I.'. R- and G. N.  R.,.at Midway, who are fighting for  the rights of their respective empiay-  ers at Midway, arc a lot ot, chumps,  working for about $1.75 .per day and  no thanks.*' Don't'' you ever think  they are working for any such wages  as this. They-re aristocrats in tlu>  grading world, get tins the '$.'1,511  and .$4 a dav and board.  a ������ j*  We  have heard sonwV funny, .stories  about members of thc craft,  but.  Ibis  from .an  exchange deserves tbe cake:  "A   Colfax   printer   discovered   a pimple on    the one side hir nose and attempted   to remove it with  ointment.  I'.ut   thc     pimple llourisheh likc'sham-  rcck iu Ireland, and soon grew  to the  six.e of a teacup.   When the printer began   lo investigate he discovered   that  his   bottle  of ointment  had  been  misplaced and  that he had  been using his  wife's  bust  developer.  8 ������ 8  Russia is rapidly advancing in     the  direction   of civilization.     And       the  fight  with   the heathen   pigmy   is   responsible   for  it.   That,   conn try     has  Editor  Lcdgi-i,  Sir,������������������I  notice       irr  your   last  issue Fouilh   Avenue   has  again  been  pushing Ihe   pencil  in defence of his pet  whims against      lhc  ah'miiaiiic board, and all hough many  oT his-  charges  arc  founded  on   fact,  they   could be dished  out and discussed    ur   a. better spirit   than   is  being,  done,   and   not   heaped   over       with  saicasm   ru   a foolish  attempt  to   belittle   men   who  ha\c given  their valuable  tune      ing- work for public ben  cflt.   However, I am not going to attempt  to'' answer     his     luunero u s  petty      charges,   for all I could   say  haps,  assisted,  if ever so 'little,    in  bringing forth  fruit, in the way-of a  raid,  and it is   lobe hoped thegood.,  work will be carried on till all such  places    arrd  undesirables  are gotten  entirely  rid  of.    There Ms., plenty   of, .  ������>,ood  work yet  to'be' done-in*'    the-'--  same  direction. ', -  I also  notice   the members  of, the,  council   on   Saturday   evening  alluded  to my letter doing our constable an ���������  injustice.   If that is so,  it  was   not  my  intention,   as 1 have  nothing   but  the kindest regard for Mr.   Callendar  and I believe as an orh'cer he will discharge his duty in a manner that will  elicit  thc thanks of thc community.  But he must  have the, support of the  mayor,  council,   and  the whole public.   It  is a very  unpleasant  duty to  perform  at  best,  but  having  proper-  support  makes   il  much easier,'    and  with  thc aid   of our  efficient night-  walehman    we can expect something  doing in lhc near future.  Nov.-,     Mr.   Editor,  I have  a little  fault lo find with you.   In yesterdays!  issue   I perceived   a short  letter from  the Pen of a second Citi7cn,  re starting a literary   and  debating  society,  a  U-ry  worthy   object-    I think   this  thing  needs. explaining since  I  have  been writing a series of letters over  the same nom  d������ . plume,   and that  would "not  change his-opinions     and   letter was not mine.        CITIZEN.  PLEASANT EVENING IN  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  of bills to pay and not being able to  Continued on page Four  is  that with  their  new  trainer   they ��������� m;w (lcciclofl ^011^ many other thing*!  wm   lake a leading  place in  the foot- j )o  a(lop(.   TI).,  (;IVKeri;-n   calendar    in  ban  sphere of the  w-est coa-sl.  Their | pl,vCC,  0f tbe  -luiian.   This means that  the!5"1'*"11'  IT'Tcrmcr  is  A.  R   Evherington.) f;ne  or these   nights:,  when  the Russian  winning team   or the learn with   tho ���������laf"back wO"(,c>'*-   T-  TUirwash, who 'rc.oplp rptirt,  io ,.lu,ir ,���������wls for      (iioir  most prominence in the mainland Lea->s  brcn ",a>*u,-c ������'������,l������at* ������'*  ^ Rl"-   night's  rest,   the  new  calendar   will  gue.  should   challenge  the best  team  irr thc Vancouver Island league, which  now proves to be the redoubtable La-  dvsmitth buckskins who walloped ��������� the  lent team, is a better man on halfback; and there is every indication  that thc change will be made as soon  as the defensive position Can be filled.  permit'thirl ecu days  to  slip by     instead   r.fonr\    Russia    is   Ihe       only  country  in Europe  that  has  persisted  in using the old style.  Ladies' Guild   Gives   Successful  Social-A Splendid Program of  Songs and Music  The ladies of the Presbyterian j was cleverly played. VHs:: **>rtiv..m  Church had prepared au excellent pro treated the audience to ���������,><������ pia.no fe-  gramirrc for their social last evening lection and a trio by I'oal Uh'y and  and every song, vocal, duet,' Ijistru-' two very clever puirits of hers, ti,e  mental  solo, duet,  and trio was  well   Misses.Painiell, was -.veil played.  received by a large and enthusiastic  audience. It would he invidious to  peak of the singing-' or playing of aiiyi  special performer, as being the best,  for all were so thoroughly enjoyable.  Miss Martell/'. of Nanaimo, made her  first appearance before a, Ladysmith  nudi'Circ-e last, evening, and as the  Rev. Boyle said at the conclusion of  the entertainment, her aji'e reitd'e.rirrrr  of two songs made it to be noped  that it will not 1 be her 'ast. .Mrt-.  Movie, Mrs. Pollard ami Mis.- ''xnlp  were up lo their usual siaimard,  singing in a truly pl?\;.iu: m.i.u rr.  Mrs. Movie's last song. The. Veteran's story, being a masterpiece. Miss  Coburn as accompanist left nothing  to be desired and her pianofoilc solo  Alter the program light refreshments were served and partaken of  and t'nr.iycd by all present. During  supper Mr. Park gave .some select-  lions on bis grnmaphone. The following was the program as rendered:  Piano Solo, Miss Coburn; Duet,  Gates of the West, Mrs. Pollard and  Mrs. Boyle; Song, The 'Song Tliat  Reached My Heart, Miss JVlartell,  Song, Wait, Mrs. Boyle; Instrumental Duet. The Misses Pannell; Song,  Adieu Marie. Mrs. Pollard; Piano  Solo, Miss Bertram; Song, A Little  Mountain Lad, Miss Martell; Instrumental trio, Miss Bertram and the  Misses Pannell; Song, The V������ri*rani,a  Story, Mrs. Boyle- ���������     .������������������,___,  '-.'���������> ''������m?  IMAKU^'  DAILY tEDGKR  Iff DAILY I  Published   every  day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY       LEDGER'  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  80  cents   a month;    $5  per  year  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication. ���������  WEDNESDAY,   NOV.   22   1005  A   PACIFIC SLOPE ;HOLLAND.  Richnefls of tho Swinoiuisli Flat* In SkafU  County, Wush.  In this great vvuslurn country,where there ' =i������~  2s so much wild land, where  millions ot   <^-  acres of soil have  nover felt  tho touch ol  tho plowman's pharo or tho keen  ulgoof  the woodiuiui's six, it does not sewn that is  would be  ne?U!>s.iuy to reclaim   hind from  ���������tho *_ua to olitcin  jwivs  l'ot-  cultivation.  Hut  th:it  hns,  been cioiso, unci   in  Hksijiic  county, r.hnobt m   the very  northwestern  coi'iiiT ot' tlio suae, onn be found .scores of  the iciest ranches  In the world, lying he- '  tYon1. dikes  built io keen out  tho sea and  | U.ii uvorllowi, of the Skagit river, tho l.ir-  ,-c-c stwiun that einj.iios into tho sound.  This is the veritahlo Holland of Wf.:,h-  u/.-inn In H:ii,<-'il county nro shunted (lie  ..irou-iKv ;n.i::ii-h Hats', the Beaver mar.-h,  :J Oiji'ip.n ti' p'.'i juul the fc'nm'ali rials,  i -,;::���������'; :vv or"1 by dikes ranging In height  ;.,"i :: U> I "j kvt. There are tide galea  ..' ;.,; ti-.l- .-.,!��������� .i, :< which act automaticul-  :,-, ..lid v. bieh ^ .>'.n the land so pcrfecil.7  l! ��������� : cw? tire ra.^id on lurid below tho ceil  '. .,'���������. v. i:!i h.'ii'ty     And such crops I  . i :��������� uj-. :3 t!.t li1 p; river lias been bring"n ���������"  ;.".",;; .'��������� r.\i i.,j h>5N (herichest sudimcnl,    __^.   _  a--d there, is nw.iyno bottom to the soil.  1/ i -<:'-.T? feTS  r. lavaiei' in thecatt plows u Utile too deep, i ^J~������ f,  be turns up oliry or rocks.    If  the Boaver I       "  ii.-jivsh rancher holds his plow handles too !  high, ho simply diga  up moro of tho rich j  loam   that raises every year without furl J  swell crops that ihe old ranchers of  ot.'ief  sections cannot believe tho  stories.    Ono  hundred and twenty-five bushels of oats, to  tho ncro, ;i ton and  n halt of  hops or five  tovis of hay aro comruon  yields, while  all  ?orts of root crops give equally largo  results. ��������� '  In order to plow this land, which, oi  courso, is 60ft nnd 6pongy, tho ranchers  often put "tulcy" shoos"on their hoivos,  iho 'shoes consisting of wide wooden blocks  to prevent; tho animals from sinking into  cho loam. '  Thoro oro at present eight diking districts in the county, 'and nenrly evory  ranch of airy siao is in one or another of  ?hcso districts. Fully 100 miles of dikei  ire in uso in tho county, and many of  ohem aro used also as roads. Vary picturesque are theso embankments in many  [ilaces as they wind around through tho  trees. When the Skagit is having a freshet,  :;s has been tho case this wcok, tho peoplu  turn out to watch their dikes, and by repairing them save their lands from inundation. Sometimes a very high tide will  go over a diko and cover a number of  iv.:iches with salt water. If the wivtti  does not stand too long this docs no particular damage.  As thoro is nothing but sand and brack  lo'.m to construct tho dikes of, no pcri.'.u-  ii������j5 work has ever been done and cannot be  i until the river is so improved that  it bat.  | a reasonably straight channol. to tho sea  ! five or sii forks or months discharge th(  water into tho sound, and  thc delta thus  formod is excellent^farming land.    If the  water should  bo coniined  to one channel,  thoi.Kind.-s of  t.cres of land would  bo ro  claimed and tho clangor of overflow re  duced to a minimum.    By this improvement a magnificent navigable river, teeming with fish and Gowing through a wealth  '.���������if timber.-nnd ������������������mineral  land,   would-be  opened up and would provide employment  for countless numbers of people.���������SoatU*  t'ost Intelli2pcs<������.  nm spencer    I  (Nareaimo) Ltd.  $oing So fBti  Board at reasonable  Rates  imo daturdai(^\   The New Western Hotel  BAR SUPVUKB WITH BESi  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  , ,.     .    . H������i������n<iifl hunting and fiBhinn in near vicinity.  Beet accomodation in town.   Splendid nuuwuB^       ,       ?ADYSAUTHBC  A.J. AIcMURTREE, Proprietor '    \,  Esquimalt & ���������ahaimo Rail  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������*������������������  Time Table  y  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  I     Rooms  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO,PROP.  fFhe bar is extra well  Stocked  Good'rooms,    good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fiUedup and well supplied and is in char-    >r  JOS. PELLIGRINELLI  This Hotel has   been completely   Board nnd lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  EFFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1005.  Trains leave Ladysmith for Victoria and  all intermediate stations    at  9.10 a.m. daily,  and at 4.00 p.m. on  Wednesdays,'    Saturdays  and   Sundays.     ~  '. Trains leave Ladysmith Ior Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 aim', daiiy, aad at 6.00 p.m. on Wedi^ days, Saturdays and  Sundays.  EXCURSION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  tke following Monday. <��������� i    -Steamer Joan������������������  Sails item Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at COO a.m. and  returaiig sails Irani Vancouver    for  Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  Vi,i i it i>!; i .I' - s j. ^<C:'Z_>Z,ZZ:  8fl GoTt. Street, Victoria &C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &, Pass. Agt )fi  JOHNTFA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied  with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  :-: Ladysmith B.C.  ������j    ���������   ^fi_ba*       ������������������������������������������  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  .���������THE. REPLACEMENT OF j  ;/....    MEJN  BY   WOMEN-  Thc London Daily Mail drawing alien lion 1o  a statement  of  its     "New  Yorh   co-rresponfteivt    concerning   tho  extent to'which ��������� the labor of women  is replacing ' that of men'asks, "Is  such" a process  of substitution a good  ��������� or'a bad thing for the workers themselves and for the state', to which  tihey 'belong? As men, v/ho generally  reqirirc: higher pay  because they are  'as.arv.ic bringing-up a family, are  crowded  out of work to  makp.  room  pencer,  Nanaimo. Limited  -^���������^^g^^ffJ'IS!^  A>< %'?* %iii.fj  imwmim%  PI  I  1  FOR BOYS    . ���������  js a great Boot for that A  ..^'.���������.ruLii-sciiraiQ son of -0  ;rv*  eof all  V'v'  'ho best of Z-  zitnd hard Z:-  for women,     who take lower   wages   .   at  the  evidence  of general  statistrcs.  because they  are  prepared   to  accept-j it is proved that the' substitution    of  celibfacy' as their lot or because they  receive xrom   their   parents .'as  a free  gift  some part-of the cost of living, |  the. result  would .unquestionably.',   be  ilepiorabie.   It v.-ouid  mea,n  that  ihe  social  organism 'was committing .sl0w  suicide.   The male portion of the population would be less and ress ab'c to  marry      because  it     wouHl   lack   the  earning rower    to    . maintain a wife'  and      family.       The   female   portion  would be exempt  from  the economic  pressure,   which must.'candidly'be.ad-  rni.tWd, in perhaps numerous cases, to  be one of the causes that lead women  to accept marriage.   Thus  where worn tn were largely employed-.we' should  expect the birth rate to fall,, as it is  railing in      England   and   the   United  Best accommodation Ior transient  tnd permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTE_  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a >ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������te. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  HOTEL  DOMINION  States, and the numl.tr of unemployed  male . clerks   to incR-ase to   encrmo'.is  proportions,   as it is   rero'rted   to have  done in England.  If, however, w-e look  female for    male labor     has gone to  I-ery serious  lengths.   It would sc-em  that while     the openings ior women  have increased,, and -'arc increasing in  the modern   order  of industry,      the  nurnlier of men.'employed.'fully keeps  pace  with  the  population.    It may,  loo. he reasonably contended-that the  increased      opportunities    for women  must have  a saiu'ta'iy influence upon  Hie race  by   placing women   in abet  ter . economic   position,  and   enabling  them to insist upon a higher standard  of -noraiity and conduct in  men     before they  will consent to  give   their  hands.   Women's     labor is  only mischievous  when it reduces  male labor  to ��������� a parasitic  position,  as   in       the  town of Dundee, where, owing to the  fact that the "competition  of the   low  wage countries of  the cast  has  to be  faced employers cannot pay men, and  these who should be workers subsist  upon the wages of their wives.  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GATACKE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  1      .    ���������Rates $1.25 and$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landings and  railway depots.   Electric care every fiv������  minutes to all parte of  the city.   Bar  -and table.unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER B, C.  ������������������nT������S  WM  M.  SI'  5 9  Leads Them  IN QUA.LLTY  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET.l  &Co.,  Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :--: :���������: ���������������������������.' .���������: :��������� B.C.  Under N������w Managment    "  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     S trictly First Claas.  Commercial Mens' headanarters.  Fire Prool    Building.  H TEL LELAND  I  TO FERNIE,  Read liown Reatl ul"  9 p.m. I,v.   Victoria   Arr.,, 4.00 p. 111.  8,00 p. m. tin.    Seattle     Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21'p. m, Arr.   ' B������erett    Arr. 7.3" a.m.  9.30 a. in. Arr. SPOKANE Aiv 7 45 !'.">  6.25 p.m Arr.   r.exford   Arr 12.30 p. in.  8.10   p, m, Ar.    Elke   Arr.  10112 a. m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Feruie   l.v.9.55 a, 111.  ONE NIGHT  Ta au Kootenay Toints  TWO   NIGHTS  ;    To    Winnipeg and St: Paul  Close Connections  ; ' For    Chicago. Toronto.  Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylene - Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a   la  ������ .       Carte). ���������  Library'Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and bag-  . gage checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations and complete  information call on or ad-,  diess.  S. Q. Yerkes -. R- Stephen  A.G.R.A; G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle        - Victoria, B.C.  TICKET   OFFICER  Cor. Government and Yatos Sts,  VICTORIA, BC  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  One ot which is the famous   ''Horll  Coast Limited"  Tickets on sale to all Eastern   am  Southern points at lowest rates.  Up-to-date      Pullman   and     Tourist  slecirers     on all trains.  Dining  Ca  service Unsurpassed.  Stcanrsiijp Tickets  on sale to ar  from all European Points.   Cabin ac  comniodatioii reserved by wira.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IS  -EFFECT-  *>  ilENKYS NURSFRIES  NEW CROP-  HomeGrown 8c Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER,  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .HODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS^ ____  For Spring planting.    Ma stem  prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  8010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  For     furthsr  write the ollice.  A. D. Carlton  A.G.P.A..   N.P.  Portland, Ore  particulars    call el  Phone Ma*D i  E. E.  BiackwoC'l  i  ,'       General Agen^]  Victoria, B.  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot    and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets. Telephone, 1-r*-  THO CITYMSRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ?st. Avenue Ladysinith B. C#  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      i  i  yt^  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  StTielting Works at  LAE>YSIVlITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  2K=s=������sr:  P  ice it is  boot- too.  'Boots go.  j.  W.  a ������Tacefu> _.  as   _8oy's |v":  SlfJil  oust as we** made M  no. of a b honest eath   &  Wt er as our: Meny' Boots- H  m  m     TeSIyour shoe deal- 1  V7M.  MUNSIE, President  The ' I  Director  M  ys:m  J.  W.   COBURN, tean.  Telephonic.  Lumber Co  Ltd,  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a  Sp'ecialt7.  ���������Manufacturers    of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc, of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and Finishing    Lvnker  ia    Stock  V  CLERMONT  LIVINGSTON  Gnnerai Manager.  W. J. WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  ���������^���������s^'-tt-feft'^^^-^'-^tt^^  cTMONEY TALKS/-  AS LOUD TO US   AS  ANYONE.  IF  YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR  MEAT   YOUR  B0LLARS  W  ILL   GO  FURTHER   IF   YOU   BUY FROM US   Our Gash Prises Gannot Be Beaten������������������  ELL  &    PLASKEt  Ladysmith  O. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  W* B.  PAINTING,        PAPEkHANOlNG  ETC.  Work done properly and at rlph?  prices./ Shop and residence in reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. B. SMITH, Prop  DAY SCHOOL.  Uaual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  HISS  BERTRAM,  ladvsmith. BO.  If y������u like������������������'  A smooth, easy shave, ans even,  well-finished heard trim, a good  bath, %r a stylish Hair-cut.  You will g������ t������  LADVSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH STREET.  Are You  Qoing East  Then be sure your tickets read   tIi]  the  IB! WESTERN  ,    LIE  i  The only line now making UNIO'  DEPOT connections at ST. PAU)  and MINNEAPOLIS with th  through trains from ,the Pacii(  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWES'J  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.  PAUL,   CI-lJ  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask yo.J  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKElJ  General  igetj  1 "JO 2nd Ave., Seattle.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE _ CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATL1  BAKED AND FRESH,  Confectionary ml all kinds.  Orden takes (or Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  ..Dea ers in ,.  HARTLEY    GISBORNE  Member  Can.    Society  of   Civil  Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,] England  Member International Electrical Congress    at St. I^euis, 1904  -HEIe-tfrica! Engineer���������  p. Ot BOX 357*        ._; ,., ;  .  . , 1 ,     _,._.������,:        LADYSMIT^ B. C4  Pianos aiij  rgan-s ..  Lady sir, ith, B.C  Dr. Dier can be fouHd at any til  at his office on High s'tn-et. His dJ  tal work is guaranteed l0 be firf  clasa and rates reasonable  -:o.-  Maniifacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLQSSOH  N������������e bti  ������nioa Labor   Employed  *1 _��������� BfiPTn������ Pr������P  HILB'ERT  ~ ���OIWMW
��H��+��'HH��,fr''H"fr ���!���+���!��� ��� �����' ���*I-��4r4*!-
rianufacturers of :the
$ In |British Columbia'
f    Lager Beer   and Porter   Guaranteed   Brewed
^     from the   Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops
Danger In  Poisons.
It Is Inmentable that neiuier repeated
warning nor sad experience seems to
have the desired effect or making the
ordinary person cautious in the use of
poisons. In the last few days three
children have died presumably from
taking poison that was carelessly loft
within their reach. One would suppose
that such accidents would by this tinm
have become almost impossible, yet
they are constantly recurring with a
frequency that demands further warning. ' If parents would learn to keep
poisons in a place where they could not
be reached by others there would be
fewer accidents.
it is the old principle of familiarity
weeding contempt. ' It cannot be toa
strongly impressed upon every one that,
ihe only immunity from danger Is'
lhrongb constnnt care and precaution.
It Is ft lesson that needs to be Impressed
upon every individual without tucccp-
mmmm,m> ��� ���JgrTlin'STi ���
Something   Special
A  year  ago���My!   how  time flies!   " we  distributed
amongst   our friends
free  of charge.     If you rec. eived     one you  know    what
handy     companions  they  are       This year  we repeat the
offer. Cut  this cut and  mail  at>or,c# with your name and
'  address--, Act quickly!    .,   . ,      , '
mm %-M
11 r 1' 1 '11
An  Old  EjikUsIi   Snper*tllion.
'  Attention has been called to the survival of folklore in rural parts of Krrg-
'and by evideirce given iu n stabbing
case tried at the  Essex  assizes.    To
quicken tbe ben ling of tho wounds, the
knife with  which they were  liniietcd
was smeared with grvnse and laid on
the bed of the pulienr.    The purpose-
served by the application of grease or,
oil to the knife or to any sieol instru- i
ment that has inlJictcd wounds is to!
prevent It from nisi ing. Cor if the steel
Is allowed'to become niyj,/ Hie wound
is supposed to be aiTcci*  and  fe.lei-.
.Ing and mortification follow the progress of the rust.    Another <purint belief is that the application of an oiled
knife is a certain and qui��.-i;  renitUj
for scalds mid burns.
I In the year 1829, under the autnoncy 01
the state of New York, ar>. enumeration of
tho lawyers entitled to practice at the state
or local .courts was made The regulatic:..
for admission to the bar at that time we?"e
simple and easy to comply with. Nevertheless there were found to be only 3 lawyers on Statcn Island. 13 in Westchester,
60 in Albany and 45 in Onondaga Monroe county had not then attained the dis-
olnctioii which it has had since Che growth
���ai Rochester into a city, and it had within
its borders only 17 lawyers, while Columbia county, which has since given to tht
bar of the state many learned jurists, had
32 and Dutchess county 52 The people of
Long Island were even less inclined to litigation then thiin thoy arc now, lor in tho
whole ol rinfl'olk county Micro were 6 lawyers only, in Queens county there wore
but li, and in Kings uounty (it is very deferent now) Miere were 3 only
In IJrooiue county therowere 5 lawyers,
in Greene SI. in Putnam 3, in-Steuben IS
.and in Tioga 14 Hut perhaps tbe lawyer
of that period who enjoyed what might in
tho.-,u days be called an ensy snap was the
ono member ol tho Now York bar who re
Bided in Orleans county After 1820 there
was u Inrge increase of lawyers in New
York stute, and in 1S3-J they uumbereO
C,U��l. ��� New York Sun.
AMB.__ Of jftLTGS
We have     never   shown a
finer    collection <>f lleartgh Rugs than this  season's stock con:
piises.   The Gut Time is  fast api-roachinb,    Rugs are popular, (.
so here are a few prices.
STAR Rugs,  AxmibstcL   iu  pretly floral designs, size*27xG0       \
$3.00 Each
AXMINSTER      fine  quality   Rugs,  handsome  patterns, r.uh  colorings,  82x63 '
$5.5o Each
WILTON Rugs are destrvediy famous /or their wearing qualities
-Size 27x54, '    ', '  1 i      ' ���
���IP&pH '__pj^��B ^mwmx
St-lC  .Mode  Woman.
Mando���What an awful figure Mrs.
Dasbawiiy hits!
"Madge���Evidently she is a self made
woman. '       \
Sucli  Is Life.
The world is but a crowded car
In which shrewd men, perhaps,
May'lind a seat, but most of us
Iiust bans on to the straps.
And She iviiows.
"Is he a well informed man?"
"I should say so.   Why  bis wife tells
I'liia everything."
miners' Drilling Machines,
Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.   Drill Sharpened by, m
ways gives satisfaction. Picks handled and repaired.
. Ships mi tiling    in aJ1      its   Branhes
Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitfis.
Buller Street   -    -    - Ladysinith, b ^
Broad   Hint.
While walking home from the matinee���
' 'Tis very cold and rasv," said he.
'Oh, I like 'em raw," the maid replied,
'Though some folks like 'em befier fried.'
       ���. , _ .���Chicago News
' Airs. Tnnt���aiy nusoand 13 a sort ot
Jack of all trades; be can do almost
anything. Mrs. Gayboy���And mine is
a sort of jack of clubs; he belongs tc
fifteen different societies and can dc
almost anybody!
Mm-riuge Custom*.
'That is ti curious custom they have in
nomo of the south sen Islands, " said Mr
Wallace, "ol marrying a girl to 11 live or
some Inanimate <>u.]i:i:t, which Is supposed
to act, ns a sort of scapegoat lor the short
comings of the real live husband "
''It is not absolutely uni<|iie, ' said Mrs
Wallace, "for 11 woman 111 this country to
to married to 11 stick '
Hut iMr   Wallace, with the unlm  super)
urlt.v   of   the masculine   mind, refused   to
vneiii   it   u  tjei-bouul   mulUjr.���Gi>ic'iiiu)tJ
Vrui ui till-
The KiiglY.h' Initiation,
lie ij-niiu his appearance suddenly, 00m-
���:ig forward with a  swinging gait     He
was a tall, spare man, with a  sharpiio.so
arid thin lips     Ho woro no iiMiBtuclui. bill
sported a goatee on   his chin, and his face
was seamed with   puintcd   lines     Ho wad
dressed in trousers that did nut<iuito reach
his ankles, a  rough   eo;H,, a wiilo western
hat, and n long linen duster, unbuttoned
lie whittled a piece of stick unceasingly
tforno one said something to him
Ho replied thus:
"Waal, I guess! . i calc'late some! You
kin bet your lifo_on thet, =ah! Waal, I
should smiloI"
This was greeted with a roar of laugh-
He continued:
"Naow, inV'iny country, in the land uv
the stars an stripes, sab, things is mighty
different, sah. Yes, sah, yes, sub, yes,
sir! Yes, sirreel I air an A-nieri can. my
evcrlhstin friend, an I air proud uv it "
He said a few tnoro things in tho sains
stylo ,,
The listeners simply shrieked with gloc
and exclaimed: "How characteristic! How
Cxeverl"   ������'���'. /"
Hue who���who was the strange creature?:
Hush!    Be not alanned, gentle reader,   j ' 3SJ
'Tis merely an English actor typifying j ' ��3
tho British idea ot an ordinary American i t Wj
They have us down to such a line point:, ��.1
over there I���San Francisco Lxuinmisr I' fef
��S��3EKIWB-��r :.--t=.ih;
Genuine Bargains for This Payday
We Sell Wliaf We Advertise
���uwordinK , to, Wliich   tho (Jeneral  Public
In  England  Have to Pay.
'Well, you see, sir," sard u rather pret
ty frirl rill in black, save a wide white col
; !ar and  natty white cuds, "we know o_
j customers by what they ask for, sir   What
j I mean, is that if  any one conies   iu and
I nsk.i for a 'nuiubu'r' wo know he is a 'com
I mcrclal' and charge hbn two und six.   Oj
! tho other band, If  he asks for s; -bed.' wo
know ho  is a  business   man or  a  proles
I Fiona]   nmn, and   the charge  is Ihivo am!
1 six, but II'   he auks, its  you did, lot- u bed-
I room, wo know ho bflongh to the gentry
I liiul we charge him accordrrigly '
',   " Kxactly, " 1 rcplicil     "rio you charyod
mo iiccoi'dingly "
The   bo'okkccpei'   barmaid or  barmaid
bookkeeper smiled, nnd   1 n.-all/cd lhat in
country hotels or   inns  In Knglnnd every
ono  was''Classified hh  In everything  else
Knglish, into;  tlireu classes     So   ilrrnly ti
this three class   business nnbi-dded   in thu
liriti.sh niind thup there are u\"ii thtve ins
tinct rates forceinotery ncconimoilat 1011a,
lir.-t. second anil third     In thisca.se, however, you lire  not  leit to the judgment of
tho clerk or superintendent in charge, but
classilied  according   to the  rent ol  your
dwelling house.    For example, jl you live
In a  house, paying ��M a  year  rent you
must die first class and  pay first cinsa
burial rates for everything, from the sea
ton   who digs  your  grave to  the   parson
who reads the burial sen ico aver your re
nininK     Under ��40 to till or pos-ribly lest
you may have the privilege <^    vond class
prices for practically thc sai.'o accommo
da tion and service, but it the rent you paj
Is less 'than  this then  you are ��;nritlcd tc
tho joyous economy of a third class  iu
teral.���Philadelphia Inquirer
Mh'iVS' TROUSERS, of Fan
cy Woisted, s./es from 32 to 38.
Regular    price from ��1.50 to ?2.
Pa> Day Bar gains $1.25
From $ S .25 to $.350
MOOTS      l-Oll     MEN, W0-
f'-'N   AND  C'llILDRKN��� From
a Iiaii a dollar to one dollar saving on  2\cty blessed ]>a!r.     Good
hca\y   Box   Calf, cot  clumsy,   but
slron"; and e;ood.     An si/cs.
WAISTS������     Wc have a very
large   assortment   of  the Latesu
styles of     waist in Snlr,  Satin,
French Flannel, Nuns  Veiling  and
Casbmete.  Si^^s from 32 ta  42
-u  , 0LLARS���Just
rc-cusd by E.\prL-ss a full line of
the  latest styles  of Ties     and
Collars in all shades.
From 25cjpjto $6.Gq
SALE  ()*.-'   REMNANTS���  A
lar^rfi number of our best selling
(|'i.iiil'?s     of colored siil.s, Dress
Oocds,   li'i-inircl,   French  Fiannsb
and      Flann^ictls,      suitable for
Waists,     Gowns,   Wrappers,  and
so foilh.   Lengths     fioni 2 to 6
ym-Js   Prices from  25c   to $1.50
per >ar:l,
Willi ��� ��iM��WM.newiinww,Tnp����w��iiiiiii��(,iNH ��"n.�� ii��i
Cause 'and  Effect.
Mifkins���Wasn't Benedict's death
ratheu sudden and unexpected? Bif-
kins���Well, it was sudden, but not
necessarily unexpected. His wife bad
just graduated from a cooking school
From      this date  the undersigned
will  not   be responsible for any in
'iobtcilnass     incurred except on      a
written order signed by the secretan
Rowland  Machin.
tfon Personal Liability.
Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.
B, 3. Weinrobe,
Repairing End Kakir-gtc
Order a SpeciaSt
Snn  nnd  Cerm��.
It was a Japanese man of science.
Kilatso, who first demonstrated that
most of the gfii-ins of consumption and
other diseases found in dust are harm-
Jess, a single hour of sunshine sufflcim:
to kill them. Were it not for this agency of the sun the globe would soon, be
Adversity is sometimes hard upon ���
man, but for one man who can stand I
prosperity  there  are a  hundred who
will stand adversity.-        ..,_ __
Argentina, wiili nearly one-third the
oroa of the United States and Alaska,
has a population of only 5,000,000,
���vhile It could easily support 75,000,000.
N��tv Ktnd of WaWr Pipes.
During tho prist year wooden pfp��
wound with wire have come into nse
by mill owners nnd mining engineers
in western Canada.   It is said that tlito!
form of pipe is superior to iron pip*'
since it weighs much  less,  costs only
half as much and is less liable to burst
in freezing weather.     When  used in
place of flumes it  savea -water &o4 >
ne��ds little repairing!
f Cough Helped^
The Children's Fav��rfte
���C^TRES���   -,
Coughs, Colde, Croup cat ,
Whooping Cough.
'JCkls remedy is famous for Its caroi wrer
a large port of tlio civilized world. It ��_
always be depended upon. It contains an
opium or othpr hRrmTfl drug >.n��i May tr*
BU en ii*. conlldontly to ft baby an to an adult a
Price 25 cts;  L&rg-e Sizo, 50 cts.
"""** r���mnirr*ir���iriTr��ww.m
��� ���>->-f>-M"f"f<
������"��-' -��-
��� -1
* __nnn__ *
I                              ED PROMPTLY A  ND  SAFELY. ^
������tm 4}
Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the *
Abbots  ford- j
WILLIAMS AN ���>   V \ �� \ I T                      ��� \
I        LIVERY, BOARDING AND       j
Its    Great    Resources
No part of British Columbia loi'ay offers so many advantagss  lo  the
investor as doos  VANCOUVER  ISLAND.
Its vast ami  varied  natural  wealth has never been as  yet thoroughly
appreciated by reason of the fact   that it  has never   been   promicn'Iy laid
before tbe public.
COAL GOLD "        '
 0  , |*j
".jf PHONB 66
Express Work
Wood and Bark for Sale
BUGGIES FOR HIRE  :���:  :-:  See J.  KEMP, or leave orders with
ladysmits | -Done, Promptly an j
'PHONE  2-4.
Leave orders at the Abhotsford.
Dr..S.B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
All work guaranteed, and at reason-
Hi^hSt. Ladysmith
Solicitor, Et��.
to    Loan
t Avenue
Its Vast Agricultural {Resources
lis land,  when properly  cleared,    will grow ahnost any  product of the
soil   knowii   to  man,
LADYSMITH A_R1E      NO.   686, F.
0. E. :~: :-: ;-: :_j
Meets in the Opera House 1st and
3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy |
President- B. Foreimmer; Worthy S
Secretary, C; H. Rummlngs.
The Canadian Pacilic Company will adopt a literal land policy, and
tht, 1,500,000 acres controlled by tbetii will be disposed of on reason-
file  terms  to actual settlers
Government lands can  Ire secured   and     money can be made by   Uiose
who  desire  anew home in  a country   possessing the
In the World
The best
Ih&l has
(have 1*0
be a
N> I*his
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, H.B.
1st    Avenue
THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will   supply   any  information  obtainable to   those  who contemplate   a visit with  a view of  investment  if
conditions arc found as advised.
Is  the centre of the great coal mining    district;      a beautiful Harbor,
where hundreds of great colliers come in  each   year.
*j If"3^
j    ru
j Attention is called to the   tact that the
| Ogilvie   Flour mils Co.,   Limited
! r
I   makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR.     have for some time
jp   past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved aed po'.rified  Ior_
I   by the aid of ELECTRICITY
���a    and having secured control  ef    all the basic patents xebuting there-
H    to, take this opportunity of advising  the public  that   amy .uaauth-
<S    ��rized users ef tbe electrital    fi��ur purifying processes;   will "be yro-
g Recuted.
Ogil-yie Flo-ar Mills Company ���jmi-fted
IT   IS THE  JUNCTION  OF THE      LINE     FROM    VICTORIA   TO   j| ' .       - a -u
n   i& iii^ jumi u jw ^^^ tJia    0_|_    samara i_ Canada w_o:����
VANCOUVER, and will continue to  grow it  '.mportance as   the Island is j ,| med       ' the    Oiectrlo praoass
11  ' ' " *
developed. ^^s^mama3sss^^ssBSBama.^SB^isa!mm^^
Subscribe for and rwd-TJIE  DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C
IFlOTLSf' It  I  If  THE   DAILY   1EDGER  p.-,-  . 11  D?fZs  **  >***���������.'  !f*w*g'Wtf!"' _^"> T  CTWg  ���������-L������������������j^^^r^w^ty^���������^  _E_i  _������_  IP  lifl  "���������TTl'���������iTni1T������Mt1'"***-'"_'r���������Bfr������������������������������������_B^'  Have your Xmas Photos taken NOW.  Studio  open  until next Monday,Uie  :t)ih.  l-'i;iCKE &  SCI-IEN'CK  Tlie new collier Rieden is jn at  ihe Avhaix" for a cargo of u,50O tons  of coal.  Improvements arc going on steadily,  in the way of bricking up the noith  walls of the Ward block. Thc block  111 which Blair <!c Adam have their  store will make when the walls are  completed and the building repainted  a handsoniu bubinuss  block.  I have just received a good assortment  of Colored  Crepe Paper.    Call  at once  11   you   want  any  before, it  is  all  gone.    Ten  cents .a roll       at  Knightjs Book Store.  Mr   .   John    Malier,   of  Nanaimo,  spent last night in the city.  He kindly    invited     a few  friends into   his  apartments at his hotel,. where  they  spent a pleasant  evening.    Mr.      Mailer, s   Ladysmith  friends   are  always  glad   to      ha\e  his   genial   company  whenc.er  business   calls  him       this  Ti ay.  ��������� o  MARINE.  The Norwegian steamer  Rcidcr,  2,-  '27 G  tons, Capt. Stanzebye, is reported to hive teen chartered  by the Wes  tern  Fuel  Company  to carry coal be-  iwecu   Nananno  and   San   Francisco.  The Keider .s coming fiom Otaru, Japan,   via     Tahu,  the port  of  Noith  .Chma,   at  the mouth   of  Peiho.     The  Keular,  which was built in 1SS3,     is  JDWiicd      by  the    Dmpsacties    Reidar  piessrs.  Lund w (Ijertseu of Christiana,).  Shejis 240 feet long and 30 feet  fee am.  The steam freighter BUickhcath,  Capt. James, 2,012 tons, arrived at  William Head station yesterday, after  a rough passage of twenty day's fr0m  Yokohama- Capt. James reported  thai the passage across the Pacific  . "was onc of the worst and roughest lie  has ever made The steamer proceed  cil to Comox to load bunker coal,  and win then go to.Portland to load  gram tor thc Orient The Blackhealh  is one* of the steamers of th- Britain  S.S. Company (Messrs. Watts, Watts  &��������� Co.) of j-ondon, Eng. The steamer  Epsom. o.f the same line, anew vts-  sci built m 1902 (thirteen years later  that the Waclcheath, is now en-route  to Victoria to- enter the drydock at  Esquimau to be cleaned   and paintod.  ���������__  m_������������������a  d$i  Kootenay  Stee!  Range  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  v.  Two sets of grates are  supplied with every  Kootenay Range���������one for cool and the other for coke or wood���������  and the floes are wide and deep, with no square corners, so that  the oshes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot clog up the  smoke and draft passages.  This feoture of the Kootenay Range is a decided success.  The grates are so easily changed that o fcoy can perform  the operation*  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  McCIaryfc  aassffssraBiga^^ $:")0���������Per acre for 5-acre blocks 1 mile  from City.  CARPET  M  H  $"75���������Cash secures a fine residence in  thc choicest part 0f the city. Only  $214 more to pay at the rato of  $12 per month. Owner has invested over $C0O in improvameats.  Water laid  on.   Fine garden.  L  London,      Toronto,      Montreal,      Winnipeg,  Vancouver,      St. John, N.B.  Thirty-six different patterns and  sizes to choose  from, beautiful  colorings, three |  different quality, they start at  3   $280���������Cash    and    $100 'on mortgage  buys two  lots each 60x120 only a  few  yards   from   post-office.     Fine  investment.  THE MAT���������  Glasgow, Nov. 20.���������In dull, driz.-  zlirrg weather, and with clouds that  hung o.'er the city, thc wrestling  match between Alec Munro and IIa.c-  keirscirmidt, the Rir-sian Lion, took  place  yesterday afternoon 4ii  the cen-  Irect others, and excuse others on t-he  same principle that you excuse your-  Iseif." He who pursues a stag regards  'not a hare." "A gem cannot beroi-  ished without fnotion, or a man perfected without adversity."    The gods  3x3 for $5 to $8.50  3x3 1-2, $6 to $9.50  3 1-2x4, $7.50to 12  4x4 $9 to $15  4x41-2, $9 to $20  Door Mats, Rugs,  Stamped Mats;  Sofa Squares, etc  $500���������Cash and balaii03 on time buys  '    two first-class     stores in business  portion of city.  -    f  t For Rent���������A nice store on First Avenue.  For Rent���������A nice two-roomed store  For      Rent���������Nice  two-roomed cahin  near station.  Deeds,  Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts and  Agreements  Drawn.  .    ,     ., .   .,    .,   ,, ,   cannot help a man     ������/ho loses oppor-  tre oi  vile rangers    bootball ground, umi(]CS "  Ibrox park, Oo\an.   Despite  the mis-  |   The Chinese call a harme'ss bluster  erable     weather,      every     availably   er  a ..J)ape, Uger/'      and   comparer  means of carrying passengers was un  man over-estimating himself to a rat  der requisition, and long  beiore the _ ,,    n ,,  . ,,.     ��������� ,  Air ,        '        .      .b  .. self.   Overdoing     a thing is  a liunch-  ad������ertised     time   ol    starting  every ,     ,.       , . , _        , .  ,     P Jt     . ;. ,, , hack  making  a how.   You    have only  part  of the huire  he'd   was  occupied, <     ���������   ,,.,   ,,    ,.    .  ,. , ���������-    .       .  ,  1    ,  -,.���������.���������. b  , ,   ,      .     ,, to watch then-  stoiy and fortune tel  and  f0,0DO     neo-pic crowded into the ,    ,        ,, t    . ,.   ,  .,  1    * lers in the     streets to   see that the  place.    Munro    was  the taller,    but thc chillcse arc natural oratws  Hac'cnsclimidt was  more .vigorously ���������_���������  tdl    ,     lh(jir        stures  developed in muscle.    R.  L.  Featlier-  thc  vou  everr if  voir cannot understand what they say  stonehough,  of the Glasgow urr.vcrsi- an(,  t,       u��������� v        apfc illustrations."  ty,  was reieree,   and Win.  Wilson,  of _Jo]m  Chinaman At Home.  Glasgow,   timekeeper.  The  conditions  weic catch-as-catch-can. Jrest of three  falls, with  wrestling  time limited  to  one hour.   On     the signal  to start,    mo,,s prack ,,atUoshi       of lho Amer.   aild Costs? and lhe ca&c was seUicd)  the Russian  made  the pace,  ami was  ican naNv  is     Ticnv      U; . an.,   mih  j,succ full    saLlsfiBlL  willingly resi-onded  to,   but  it    was   miist Kfl '���������������������������,,���������,���������,. ,    There is a bice/y informality about  I    A     ice niiilioTi dollar battleship is  f-vrensivc     piece of property.   As  Waiters &  Akenhead  home. 'I he Olynipia justice, before  whom the complaint was laid, called  up the Tacoma .dclin^icnt by tclce  phone, informed him of the charge  against him, received the plea ot  guilty, and assessed a fine of $lf> and  costs against him. Thiough liic medium of the telephone, the Tacoma  man    called up a friend,   ni Olympia,  the  follow-urg despatch shows  the fa-   had hinr   go  around  arrd pay the  fine  must he remodeled:  _FGR SELLING LIQUOR  (Continued rroni Page J)  no harm.   A previous occasion is referred  to where harm ,was  done     hy  an early   publication   in The  Ledger  of some   court news.    As   wc do not  recall  any such case  we cannot    dis-  IVasJiington,      Nov.  19.���������The report t'"���������'?���������     typical    niil.e of tho boundless,  is again revhed, this  time in an au- t������lic   free and easy West,  and  of    the  Ihorativc     way  at   the navy depart- justice shop  of every  section of the  directing  the battleship Oregon to h-e country.      Has    any   justice of   lho  not until  seven  minutes  had   passed  before the  upright  position  was    reduced,  and that   was  by Hackcnsch-  muit heayuig Ins   opponent.   At n ur, '  teen    minutes     both were again up,   'detached  from  the    Asiatic aiuadron Peace ever had    ftjualms over a q-ucs-  and   with close  embraces  and      at- 'aIlfl  onieml k) tJ]e Unitcd gtalcs   n Um of iurisdicUon ol the ])W.S011) SQ  tempts at  tripp.ng they went to the   Was sal(1  at thc dePartmcnt that or. |ong  as  lhere  was  a fair  prospect of  /-round,   the      Russian   at the  back,.    (jcrs    W1n  scon fec scnl directing the securing jurisdiction of the long green  He attempted the arm lock, but Alon-^ieeon    to  proceed'   to     Tiremerton, In tho ihapc of a fine and costs.?  ros    inril.s      were  too loig  and too  where thc famous ship will go ouUof ,    This  'incident is  along the lines ot  strong.   Kelson  and   front  and  hack I commission.     It     is proposed to re- .similar     celebrated cases  .before the  holds  were  tried.    Ultimately,  on    a  build lhe    Oregon in    the same wav Texan   jurist    who  was     known  as  hammerlock,  the  Scotchman was ail  j that  the    Indiana has     just been re- "The  Law West of thc Pecos." Wlrdc  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     +\       Notary Public  , i  Phone,  3. I  ' "  P.  O. B OX 268  HAY, GRAIN and  f ARM PROI'Lllf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in thc city promptly^ and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'*,, on tk#  Eipl&nadi  James        Warnock  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the un  dei'signed wifl apply at the next reg  ular sitting of the Licensing Bdanl  for the transfer of the retail liquor |  license held by him for the Portland  Hotel, located 011 lot 5, block 2, 1st  Avenue, City ol Ladysmith, to Jolv  Gogo. ANGELO   TATEl-  Russell  Simpson,   Solicitor for ap  plicant.    ,  Ladysmith, B.  C,  October 4, inn.-)  NOTICE.  PRICE,  STYL  QUAL  AND FIT  ae the satisfactions  ^ve   guatantce  when selling our goods.  We are disposing of our stock of  Mens' and Boys'  Clothing  reduced prices.  I  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACR- 8T  TADYSMITH  W.G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  "j(isl| Avenue)  Fall  Stock   on   hand. Call ejerlv and  get your choice  NOTICE is hereby given that I. thc  undersigned,  will apply at the next  regular      sitting     of    the   Licensing  Board     on     December 15th for the  transfer  of the retail  liquor license  held  hy  me for the  Whcatsheaf hotel, located in  Cedar District,      to  cuss it,  and if we were in  fault,    re- . -        ,  gist our mistake. |0n S     '  atul  m a 1'olI**ovcr     ttn<l ^jtnlt. and she may remain at the-Pu-   .silting as   coroner  over  the remains ' En0ch  Sage,   of Nanaimo  Ml  of  i,s  many  walk of  life make   S^"CG/'ClLCl_������"?'_Vie r!l'Si���������.!aH   WaS sa'!" i--l'f   SollIul for l'wo or threc years or   of an unhappy tourist .who had fallen,  V'ti.n'to lick     of    knowledge, of  ed   by  the Russian in  22 minutes   10  seconds.   On resuming after an inter  val of ten minutes,  the Russian again  mechanism    of the   oigiht-inch turrets   was  round that he had  on his person  forced matters on a body hca\c awl    will he changed  so as  to  install dec  a ro"cl er and  M0 cash.   PrompLljy j   '  JMunio's both shoulders down, winning two falls to nil. Oi lhe contest it might be said that Mnivo was  o'^er-matched. lie had power, l ut  lacked the agility of his muscular opponent, whose tactics showed him to  be far arrd away better than lire next  hcsl man anywhere. The strri'-gle  was won cksen edly. 011 Lis merits. It  nic.\ he rnrn'MnciI lhat jlunic, injured tire linden mnlor his IrFl i nee  prc\.ous to lhe hrst fall, and suffer0.I1  much   jrarn   anrl   incoi^eniencc   during1  . mistakes.   For inslarrc?,  a justice  in  Clulcoten  a few -years ago,   a   thoroughly good old fellow, granted       a  divorce    to  a neighbor and   his wife,  and  believed    it good law.    Justice  "Matheson is one 01 our most respected citizens,  upright, s-juaro  and  honest,  and   while  the moral effect       of  his Language   (o  the bojs   that  were  unfoitunale  enough  and  foolish      enough to  be found in  the place       had  an 1     will    ha\c   its   effects,   le������������������.k.lly  spca-l.rrrg,  a witness,   and  all   of  Ihosc  bOjS  were    witnesses,  is  not  under  th.>  jurisdiction  of  the court  save   111  thr-ir  evidence,   and   Ihcse  boys  were  not clmigi'd  as criminals.  J orally  thc Ledger  is not,       save  -wl en  it     put'lishcs  lib'-iutib   aiticlut.,  v/rthin   His Honor's  jurisdiction,   hut _ lh������ tlIllrsl-  foi    the   good   of t! c  community   wc  are willing 10 take our s.ol-.ling and  wi'l  promise  to  he careful  m the   fu-{ ���������  ture abort publishing court news, "but  tho court and olncials must in re-' "Their proverhi.nl phrlcsophy .shows |  turner e u.-> their confidence. In this Lhat the Chinese are ven thoughtful &  cor ii-jctif,n we v 1 iI not !e as hide- Here pre a few specimens' "Thc S  per dent   as  -,,.s   Mi^   .Jr.lmson,        a    n���������t anf, slronRnsli man in lhc ,Vor���������l l|  vvcstr.iinsipr   frrcsponilii.L.   who had    ���������   ,      ,   ,    , , ;,    .        I SKI  finds   lhat    he cannot   escape   the1wn  more.  The rrmis are  to be remodeled, thc  some   roint     of  Texas  etiquette,   it  JAMES  YATES,  Cedar  District, Nov.  7th,   1905.  had his  man  down,  ami after  eleven  jmfal turnirrg mechanism, arrd impor-  chan-ing from the part of ac.ting.oor-  nnnutes     and    ten seconds sqiee-ed    taut  modifications  of  lhc mechanical   oner  to fiat of justice of  the  peace,  equipment and  other' interior fittings  thc Texan jurist fined the corpse ?f50  CTIIXKSF. PROVKIinS  of the ">csscl will be made. This  will be the most ambitious task in  th" way of ship repairing ever undertaken a1  Bremerton.  ��������� o___���������_  .lUSTrCE WITHOUT  KORilALT-  TIES.  A Tacoma sportsman, while on a  ircenl ^i->i 1. to Thurslon county, coin  un l ted an infraction of the state  game laws ami a warrant was sworn  out   for his  arrest after    his  return  lor rnrrying concealed weapons and  confiscated the pistol for the uses of  (lie couitv���������Seattle P. I.  ���������&���������������  #5!  u  JllUu  giwn   iiintrv   lo  in? cuiei   of police I w  ���������by a rcyon   in her  papei.   Mr.    Jus- 1 w'ou,v    'No      Coiiluiuancc '   -Il..i.pi-jg  tic  .\L.rirn   -eni  ihe :,h- 1:II  down and   ness ( mrs ~ts- in      a medium s'alion,".^   HSVi'lg GOiTiplSljIy     SolfJ     Ollt  loqiii'sled   "Miss   JohnTir.   to   come up    "When   you      am  sitting quieth  "Miss .Willi: on   answered   ale.ne.   think of vo.ir fjulls,  when co  ami |^  ",1  anii e'.pl.i'n  thai 11   All    -lu-lice  "Marlnr   v lshed to   \ersiirg with others   do not T.il'' if the \ |j  sec h"i   he c-vil 1  con.c down  to lier    f.iults  of others.-'   "Correct   your:,elf ; |  offii  and   the  ca-^e  ended   there.  rn  (lie same    ])rinciplc thai   you cor-  ���������������cv������n���������������w  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done-  S. ROEDDING  MM      **        j*f **  Orders Promptly   Executed  - ladysm:th  K_���������I   \J9SaS������3������SGZTO*W^  i     GJ  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by'W. Ward, ors Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF F^RST GLASS MEATS  Perk and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A.    HOWE  ; Pbone  20  of the Line of Shoes Wb  AdvertisedSfor Saturday  We are    substi  I  I tuting   a higher |  I grade .      Ladies'  1 Lace    Kid    line,  1  I heavy   sole,   for  per pair  Gome Early  and   get  your  Size whits we have  them  IU  m  CARLISLE     BL9������K,  'PHONE   2-4  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal and  i"20 for anthracite. Not more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be collected on the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance oi  57.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to 5100 per atmurii for  a company, according to capital.  A free m.irer, having discovered  mineral in place, mav locate a claim  J,500 x 1,500 feet. The lee for recording a claim  is   $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to thc  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500  has been expended  or paid, the  locator  may,   upon   having   a survey  made,  and upon complying with other requirements,  purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2������ per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yea-Jy.  A free miner may obtain two leases  to   dredge  for  gold   of  five miles  gE__*ma_M3_S"__^  (Heating Stoves  Our Stock is Now Complete in  HEATING STOVES  A L.arge Variety to Choose From  PRICES   RIGHT  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  SSK*^7^J_3~2  "Tn-Ti "jJT mWltoKT\\i^Ma^mx<aBB&&mBBi*B&sr  Colds  It should be borne In mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and* prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieve* the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a Bpeedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  -   Frice 25c, Large Size 5������c.   .  \_  **  Appointments may be made at amy  time for dental work at Dr. Dier's  on  High street st  The Cherry Riiband. S. R- Crocket's  latest hook. and The Passing of the  Race, by D \\. 1-Iiggins, at KBight's  Hook Store.  Oirsct From France���������Tooth,  slraving,  hair   and   clothes   brushes.A splemliid  assortment at  tha Ladysmith Pkar-  uacy.  A TIMELY SUGGESTION  XMAS  is approaching and  usually you     are on the lookout for  sonic presents that  are  appreciated,   arrd   nothing   is  so   acceptable  as a nice article in the jewellry  line,   of    which  we  have  a good  variety.      Also>, a very  large selection ol-FANCY GOODS, such as  Toilet  Sits, Manicure  Sets, etc. etc.   Call and select anything you  might fascy and ,wa will put, it aside until needed for you.-  Our Prices Are Very Low For the Best' Quality |  of Goods���������j-  B. FORCIMriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith, :B. C  BBHKB"___���������s*_  Stoves  We are������making them oi ths Newest    Pattern and Lates*  Styles.  WE ������������������ ALL KIN������S OF FOUNDRY WORK  ���������ur Pricas are Reason a.   ble  SEE OUR    NBW 8T������V������S IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  and at Lsdysmith HardwaregCoinpariy  LADYS/1ITH   IRON & STOVE WORKS CO  ������LTD.  Have you seen those lovely'collars  and ladies' waist belts at Simon  Leiser & Company's,  Ltd.?  *30������  The .social to be held in the Presbyterian Church on Tuesday evening  each for a term of twenty years, re-j will be one of the events of thc sca-  newable at the descrction of the Min-' scn. v's0me of the Lest talent of Na-  ister ol the Interior. ! naimo and Ladysmith will  take part  The  lessee shall have a dredge     in jn ^c programme. Admi.ssion for ad-  opcration .within one season from the  ults 2i>  cents.    Children,  10  cents,  date of the lease for each five miles. | ���������������������������.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile WANTED���������Situation as general ser-  of river teased. Royalty at the rate j vant in private family. Apply Mrs.  ol 1\ per cent collected on the out- ^ Haggart,. Esplanade,  put after it exceeds $10,000,  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of  tire In-  "erior.  Xmas    . Photos���������Have-   them taken  Now!   Studio open at Ladysmith until next  week.  TO POULTRY FAR]  100-ACRE FARM NEAR LADYSMITH  Five acres cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Hens, one Pfough,  Clover Cutter, Axe������, Hammers, Saws and Tools fever description, two Spray Pumps, #20 woi'ih Oi  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high covering,  3 1-2 acres. 2 1 2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New La Ins  Rifle, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats  $450 Cash and $750'on riortg&ge  J.STEWART,  P.O  Box 2Cf, Ladysmith ? i) 1 >


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