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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 6, 1905

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 LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  The Ladysmith  AILY  NOV 7 - lflfi5      ^  o*  CTOR?A^  DQER  VOL.2,  MONDAY. NOV.  C   1905  PRICE FIVE    CENTS  COIL IN 'Ul FiiCiSGO  DI1  Fuel  Oil is  Sold   at Same  Rates, but Producers  Want More  Does Ihis Mean Less Conv  petition' m Future in  Fuel Oil?  Harrison's   report   says,   urulcr date  of Nov. 2nd:���������Since the S.S. Sonoma  left Mils     poit,  there has  been  but  one coal arrival from Australia. ,viz.,  Clair Graham, 2,330 tons.    There arc  three      sailing  vessels,  one steamer,  all coal carriers,   which are fully due  to arrive this month here.   There arc  on the- chartered list from Newcastle  N.S.W.,      to   load   coal,   23   vessels.  ���������with a carrying capacity of      abvr'ut  ���������18,000 tons.    The Clan  Graham  lias  been  thc only   vessel, to   deliver ( ol-  onial coal here in October, )The same  month last year there were nine vessels,      which   delivered   23,710   tons.  This shows a very pronounced -shrinkage this, year.    The arrival  of coal  from all sources for  the month   - of  , October  this year  is 28,052 tons less  than in October ,1904.   There are Inn  --Very small stocks  of  Australian'grades now here iir yard; still thi re appears to bono change in the asking  prices for the little that is here,    although the fall demand is now. beginning;  and,  to   make good  thc denoit,  throe steamers  have   been  chartered  to bring Newcastle coal, which should  arrive here during Uie month.    New  steamer   engjaigcments   have   recently  '"been  made for  the  transportation of,  .British  Columbia  fuel  to  this  port.  "These,      with  shipments  from 'other  coast ports,  will supply nearly     all  imnrcdialtc requirements for our winter-trade.    Harmony   prevails > again  among tire  Nanaimo coal  miners and  the output promises to be materially  augmented,   h reign I rates from     the  .Colonies  are quoted   at  an. advance,  making   Australian   products       cost  somewhat' higher.    The  output       of  fuel oil  is not decreasing,  and . there  is no     perceptible change  irr values,  although      producers  arci demandirrg  higher prices.  1 SUCCESS! CONCERT  ON SATURDAY  City Band  Entertainment  Attended by a Fairly  Large Crowd  Pianoforte   Selections   by  Master Ba.agno-Songs  an:; Music by Band  The size  of thc audience   at     the  concert on  Saturday evening should  be an inducement to tnc directors' of  the  band  to give similar affairs  frequently   during   thc   winter   months.  HASL&M'S   CREDItQBS' MUG COMPANY  PLAN  In Order to Save Something  for Themselves Out of  the Wreck  May Forma Stock Company  to Pay Off Preferred  I Claims  A Vancouver despatch says: Tin.  unsecured creditors of the estate of  Andrew Haslam, the Nanaimo saw-'  miiijiian who recently failed, are tins  week attempting to periect a scheme  for     the formation or"     a joint stock  HaVI A CLilM i  N BUSH CREEK  Aid. Nicholson yesterday had an in  terview with Government Agent Mar-  HAVE BIT  TRACK AROUND  i WRECKED CARS  Victoria,   B.C., Nov.   C���������(Special)  ���������The gang of workmen  sent  out to  THE NUMBER OF  KILLED & WOUNDED  slral Bray and  was informed by that j the train   wreck near   Six Mile-House  gentleman that the Victoria Exploration  Company,  of which Mr. H. Ce-  managcr,  staked  two years  It  is evident by' the large attendance , company  for the      purpose  of  paying  at   the concert/,   and the larger one at ' oli'thc claims ot the secured creditors  the dunce, that  followed  it, that  tho   nnd  t--'������i������S     over the business for fu-  elTorts   of the  bandsmen   to   entertain ! turc operation.   In   this  idea  the  ulithe  pul lie  on Sal unlay nights       are   secured  cred'lfors  arc acting  with the  appreciats'il.    Musically,  as   well    as    desire ., t0 save their     own .skins be-  finaiiohilly,  the concert vvas a success   cafee they     realize that at thc prices  I lie     item orr   tho   prograuivime  that,   'tendered   this   week   for the  assets  of  without      doubt,   interested   the  au-    the estate they would receive rsothing  tiience most being the first pianoforte   after all     preierred   claims   had  been  solo hy Master  Charles  Balagno.  The  settled.    The highest   tender   reqeived-  boy   had been   spoken   oi*as  a geniue,    for the mill  plant,   timber,  and  other  aird   the  public   were  naturally   anx-    assets was hut $65.0f>0, or just abjxit  rous  to judge fo.r themselves  whether    sufficient      to      settle  tlie  preferred  or rrot  ho merited the praise that has   claims.  i-ccm lavished on him by the few who ' A canvas of the unsecured creditors  hnd been, privileged to hear him play since Tuesday last, when the tenders  in private. That thc hoy is musical were discrssed, has shown that many  there i.s no doubt. Even at the ten- of them were in favor or paying O'lV  iler age of twelve lie is a clever p;ian-'tiie secured claims and taking the basis t, and with careful tuition he, will rrress over.. If the plan can be per-  doubtless make a musician of consid- fee led and put into execution, the  erable qnaMty. At present he p*lays mill will he opera I wl in thc interests  difficult operatic selections correctly, of tho remaining creditors until all  mechanically, it is true, ,but it would claims have been paid oil. These of  be unreasonable- to "expect to hear the creditors interested in the joint-  "expressiorr" in theiplaying- of one stock company will then possess a  so young. lie opened with a selec- g0od business properly purchased at  tion from Verdi's Ernarw and for an about a,third of its actual value,  neore gave  the  Intermezzo  from. Ca-j -���������, .  velier  Rusticana.    Later he played  at MARINE,  selection from  Bellini's  Norma,   and   i   .Seattle, Nov. .4.���������Pugct Sound pas-  cil   rs  ago     200     miners'   inches  on Bush  Creek.   Since the time thc claim was  slaked the taxes  have been paid regularly   and   the  company   apparently  "iil.eiid     to  keep  the rights secured.  With  200   minors'   inches  already  reserved,     c.\perts  say  that  what remains would be useless  to the; city t-o  operate an electric* plant,  and  unless  lhc  city  can  make   some  agreement  with lire company whcrcl-jr the Tights  now held dry them can be transferred  have     completed      building   a track  around the wrecked  cars.    Until  the  main  track is cleared   of  this'wreck  this line will.be used, and the [annoyance and  delay caused      by  transfer-  ing   passengers and  freight   from   one  train to  another,  such  as  was     experienced      yesterday,  will   thus  be  avoided.  Victoria, Nov. 5.���������An in-bound  freight train of thirty cars was  wrecked about six miles from Victor  ia at 5.30 p.m. yesterday. F-dxlee-n  cars were ditched, many being totally  demolished.  The train  vvas  long  and   was near-  Estimated That   Six Thousand  PMet Death or Were Badly In'  jured in Odessa Riots  In the City Hospitals Over 2,000  are Now   Receiving At^  tention  to  the former,   there     is little hope  ��������� ... ,     . ,  rh.it  thc  council   will   be   able  to se- ,,,5S, Victoria,  being on   the   long cm-  bankment near the Si.Y-.Milc  House, a  cure sufficient water in  the near nci  ghborhocd  to operate a plant.  The  matter  will   probably   be discussed  at  the next   council   meeting.  The  Nanaimo   basketball   club   will  probably  organize for  the  season tonight.    The  local   club   is   arranging  to send a team  up  to pjay  the seniors  of  the'neighboring'town  on the  15th  inst.    There are said  to be    a  number .of first-mlc players in Nanaimo this year,  and  matches b'etvvcen,  the clubs of Ladysmith and that1 city  ���������iliould  prove  of great  interest.  PROSECUTION ���������.  DROPS CHARGE  DOUBTS  LORD  MJNTO'S   CAPACITY  Among the visitors to the city yesterday, says the Winnipeg Free Press  was Cornelius E. Cardcvv, of Kan-  goon, Burma, India. Mr. Cardcvv is  locomotive arrd carriage superinften-  dent of thc Burma railway. He is  traveling with his wife and, has already been six inon.lhs on the journey.  ���������Seen by    a reporter   yesterday    at  the Carono, Mr. Cardew,  in response  to a question, said  that,he was some  what out of touch on Indian  politics,  having   been  absent  on his tour    for  so  long    a time.    "However," /     he  went; on,  "I may say that generally  the Brit sir population  of'iirdia     appreciated Lord  Cur/.oir,  the late viceroy.   Personally, 1 do not know anything about his successor,  Lord Min-  to,   your   late   governor-general,    but  he   must be considerable oE  a statesman to fill Lord  Ourzon's place.  The  position  of viceroy  of India is altogether    different from  the  governor-  generalship of Canada.   The ,latlcr position may be filled  well enough   by  any man   of station  and  respectability,  but to discharge,  thc  largely    administrative duties  of the former    re-  fliuires statesmanship  ami  mental calibre,   of no mean      order.    However,  Lord Min-to may achieve success     in  his   new   position,   although   it seems  hard to believe that he cair adequately fill Lord Curzou's  place."  Asked   as to   the   character   of the  Burmese country, Mr.   Cardew     said  that it was a tropical  country,     and  life was  not pleasant  there  for  people, born in northern latitudes.     The  northern born  population was but   a  sprinkling among  thc natives,  but on  them     depended tire government and  the .industrial  development.  The principal  product   of  the country  according to Mr. Cardcvv,  vvas rice. It was  grown  in  great  abundance  and  with  valuable      tropical   timber   made  up  most of  the freight carried  by   ��������� the  Burma  railway.    This  road   was now  several hundred  miles  in length   and  was an important adjunct to the territory,  Mr. Cardew said  that he had never  been  in Canada   previously.   The  climate,      he said,   was   certainly  very  different   from  that  of Burma,       and  had     a bracing  effect.    He  thought,  however,       that      the   winters   here  [  would  be very  severe.    When   told'by |  the      reporter   that   many   who  had (  passed  twenty  or more  winters      in  Manitoba were still very much alive,  he was    mildly  surprised.  While   coming   across   the   prairies,  Mr.  Cardew sard he> had  seen an insane woman being  taken to the asy-  Jum by the authorities.   He had been  he   Intermezzo   from   Loraine's    Sa- singer  steamers   operating   at  night  lomc-                                       ���������                   ' down   the    Strait   of   Fuca  and  to  Mr.   Jacobs   Sang,   as  usual,   well. '' Bellp'ngiram   and   Anacortes,   are    en-  re always selects pretty songs   and dangered  and  passengers'   lives    are  euders  them  in a pleasing manner.)', placed  in  jeopardy   by  tho apparent  vliss  Clay  was,      unfortunately, not carelessness      in handling of search-  present.       The  band  played  several lights at  Forts  Flagler  and  Casey,  pretty  selections.    With   regard       to For fully ten minutes last night  thc  the style irr which* they wcre render-| searchlight  at   Fort   Flagler        was  cd,   it  is necessary only  to  say   that played  on  the  pilot   house of       the.  tlie ba,m"terrrcn     were     irr their Hisuai steamer  Umatilla,   bound from  Vaiir  form ,10 make it   understood  that) thc couver  lo  Seattle,   making  it impos-  audieircc  was  given a- treat. siblc for  the officers  of thc boat to  At  the  conclusion  of   the' concert.., determine where the boat vvas -going-  uvd     until    12     p.m.,   the floor  was  crowded  with a throng cf merry dan-  ���������ers,   arrd   tbe evening   for  old     and  young  alike     was  a most enjoyable  one.  TORNADO STRIKES  MOUNTAIN  VIEW  A succession of danger whistles  blown by the captain fa/led to warn  the. officers of the fort* of the danger  - thc vessel vvas in. The captain de-  ��������� clares the government steamer Manor Evan Thomas vvas operating last  j night without linhts, find the Uma-  jtilla nearly collided   with her.  i AT  Till*1,   ABBOTSFORD.  II. Vairgham,   Victoria.  B. IT.   Bailey,   Vancouver.  F. J.   Hall," Victoria.  J.   W.  U.  York,   Victoria-  o ������������������  .Mountain View, Nov. 4���������A tornado1  struck Mountain     View this evening, !  filing several      persons  and  injuring J  many others and damagung much prop, .'  erly.     ��������� The     school house, churches,  two livery barns,  one hotel,  a cotton : Tf*E   LARGEST   BO'SINSS  factory and     a dozen    dwells were j      EVER DONli.ON' THR LAKER.  blown down.        The business part of '    yault Ste-  Maric>   Mich->  Nov- ������ ���������  the  town was untouched except a few ���������ThlS   is   b>'far   thc   greatest   year   in  windows blown out. ' l,lc -'1IKl01T of the Lake Superior ves-  01.alal.ama Cily, Nov. 4-A report seI l���������������-- Already the Urnnagc jrass-  fr.-*m Aiidarko says that Mountain  View, 35 miles west of Andako, was  struck by a tornado this evening and  that much damage is done. Persons  have gone to Andarko to learn the  extent of the damage.     It "is reported  short  distance  beyond   the   Parson's  Bridge station,  when some of      the  cars      near "the middle  of the  Ir.iin  left      the  track.      The cars   swayed  arrd toppled over tbe bank irr debjris,  s.xtec-h of them- piling up at the bottom   of   the embankment.   All    were  loaded, six of the wrecked cars being  through      C.P.R.   freight  cars   with  merchandise for Victoria.  It is believed the >accident was  caused by the spreading of a rail,  but this has rrot been determined-  None of the tra'n crew were injured. "When the cars had rolled over  the bank the locomotive and several  cars at the front of the train, as  well as the end cars, remained on  the  tjack.  The train  had  been flagged at Parsons  bridge  and  the brakoman     who  was on the middle of the  train1 went  forward  to   the engine to inquire why  :he  flagging had been done.   To  this  he  owes  his  life.    Had he  remained  in       his' place irr   the middle   ot  the  lorrg   train   he  would,   without doubt,  have been  killed.    The train        was  Hearing  Stewarts,   a curve  (ixe  miles  'rjrm   the e.lty,  between air avenue  of  lii"h trees.   It was running slow, not  the  conductor   says.    The   brakeman   at  the   end   of the train   who   was      in  tlie car next to the caboose,  noticed  the''train"  begin to jerk as though! the  brakes had set, then fire was  seen to  fly   from   the  wheels.    When  he saw  the   fire fiv   from   the wheels  lu* jump  Odessa, Nov. (>.���������Itjs now ostium-1 following telegram sent to strike  led that the killed and wounded in' committees throughout the* Empire:  Ihe recent'riots here total 0,000. Fust���������The     remuneration        of aU  The city hospitals arc full, as many, railroad employees is increased     and  us 2,000     wounded  people receiving   the budget of 1900 will be revised to  treat ment in  tlie-m.  St.      Petersburg,   Nov.   G.��������� Count  Witle   is getting his  hands  on       the  provide  therefore.  Second-���������The  creation of a* commission orr which the employees are   to  The sallow countenance of Chrfp.  C. Kurtz was wreathed in smiles  when the announcement was made  at the Police Court this morning ,  savs a Vancouver  despatch,   that  the  charge against him  ot having broken ' mere than qiglit miles van hour,  into      the  residence   of  Mrs.   Alfred  Adams,   1020   Eveicigh  .street,   ..last  August,   would   be   withdrawn.  ��������� '  [Phe prisoner, however, has" ""fiot  yet secured his liberty. He was 1.2-  moved later in the day to the provincial jail .at New Westminster, pend  .'ng trial at the next Assize Court '0('. A moment later the cars sway-  on a charge of stealing a bicycle from |c<(i recking like a ship at sea, and  Mr. Albert Pre.scott of Pender st. It ; then one after another they left the  is said   that he  will   make an  effort   ' track.  to secure bail,  and  then elect for a   i    The cars  piled up one on  the other  sunwiiaiy  trial before   a county court *aIKj  the (majority were totallyidemol-  judpe.    He was committed  on       U12    idred.       Some,loaded as theyiwere,  bicycle charoe a week ago. with      a full  complement   of   freight  In-anticipation of hearing some,in.   packed  solidly,   broke  in  two   pieces  tcrcstiiifi rovcialions a   larg^ialudience 'aIKi   wcrc  thrown on either end with  occupied   the  court-room   this   morn-    t*lc   torn   centre  arrd  broken   freight  ing.   The evidence,  however,   was* not  showing   how  tremendous   must   have  forthcoming.    Mrs.   David,   the   part-   i..etstl tire strain that tore the. car nnd  nor  of her sweet-heart  Kurtz in     the   its   cargo  in   two.    Two   laden  cars  theft      of $5,OIK)  worth  of  diamonds    telescoped      each other.    Some wcre  from   ex-Mayor   Redfcnr  of_ Victoria,   broken from  their trucks,   which were  did not put in an appearance to gra-   twisted out of shape, wheels and 1 sin  the promulgation of the constitution  giving, tlie people liberty. The premier has meti-ihe immense difficul-  tiis confronting him, and the jcjs-  sum of the demands of tho different  clai-ses of society with t<he energy  and sincerity that are more and  mc:e  giving  him  support  of moder-  Jicim and the Russian ship of state is'jlavo elected representatives to con-  ,bcginning to right itself. Order is sicier questions of improvement in  iisrrig out of the chaos that "followed f their condition.  Third���������Permission  is   given railroad'  employees  and workmen to have cooperative organization ,based on models of western  Europe and the United States.  Fourth���������The  abolition of military  regulations applying to railroads.  Fifth���������Freedom   of   meeting  of em-  atc'liberals  who have been  frigh'm-  ployces of railroads  to discuss ques-  ed by thc carnival  of disorder       into   tians  of a strike  without notice be-  which the country has 'been plunged,  and the inordinate demands of proletariat, under the leadership of the  reds and social democrats. Witte in  a conference with the strike leaders,  today solved the railroad strike at  which he did not stop to make a  practical surrei.vler of the-cjovernments  reasonable  demands.    The  b'asis      of  the settlement js compromised in the   gimge in private.  ing given to the police.  S,ifcth���������Inviolabjlrty  of  tbs person  of strikers and the employment     of  men dismissed  for striking.  Seventh���������The cancelling of all circulars limiting tbe employment of  Poles on the Polish south-western  and the Western- raliiroads, and giving permission to use the Polish lan-  ing through thc St. Mary's Canal  has passed thc record of thc greatest year in 1he history of thc lakes.  The total net freight tonnage to  November 1st was 37,003,030. In  1002 the total for the season reached   35,001,140   tons.  there     that thirty-five     persons were  killC'l.  Guthrie. Nov. 4.���������Telephone reports  from Ricno state that from twenty  to thirty persons were killed and a  number injured in a tornado whicn  stiuclc Mountain View this evening-  Relief trains from Anadarko have  been sent, to the scene. Mountain'  View isha'-f way between Anadarko GRATEFUL HUSBANDS IN INDIA  and Hohnrt.     An wires are down. when   white      people   do things   for  Mountain  View     is a small town  3   na(jve  races the     gratitude  of   those  NO FUNERALS ON SUNDAY.  Victoria, B.C., Nov. fi.���������(Special)  ���������Thc Victoria Ministerial Association decided at a meeting today to  decline to con-duct Sunday funeral  services in future unless in a case of  necessity.  ������������������.. -~-j.������.., ....���������.,  miles from Snvdcr which was wreck-  rd by a ���������to-mado Jast spring with the  loss of l.r)0 lives.  tit'y the idle curiosity of thc court  frequenters. i3he remained in the office cf t'he Chief of Pol re downstairs  piepaied, if necessary, to enter the  witness-box. She sooir took a car  uptown when she learned that s'l'O  was   not   needed.  The prisoner, who still exhibited  consideral le anxiety, was represented by Mr. W. J.  Bowser, K.C.  Mr. Karris, the prosecutor, formally asked for permission to withdraw  thc charge on account of insufficient  evidence. The application, of course,  was granted.  an  being mixed  up  in a tangle like  iron  bed  taken from a fire.  Of the sixteen cars wrecked  in thc  accident six  were  taken  orr  the train  nt  Ladysmith from   the barge Transfer.    These six through cars.from thc  C.P.R. contained canned goods,  groceries  and  general  merchandise   consigned to local merchants*    Thc mcr-  chandiFr is  now scattered   about     orr  either   side  of   thc   train   and   mixed  with   the   debris  and   wreckage.   Two  or  three cars laden  with coal       remained  on the track,  as  did      some  trucks  loaded  with  wood.*   Some  of  the .wood-laden trucks, however, were  THE POPLAR  PROPERTIES  Nelson, Nov.  fi.���������At the  meeting of  the   Great  Northern   Mines   recently  it was resolved to raise $120,000 for  the purpose  of paying off  the debts  of jMrc company, which, are said     to  amount    to   Wo,000,   and   to  install  machinery   at   the   Poplar   properties  and proceed with development on     a  large scale, justified  by the undoubted  evidences   oi   wealth   -vv hich   have  been gathered on the surface- and .si  some      workings that have hitherto  been undertaken.   Three direclors, F.  W. Gossil,   of  Pinchcr  Creek, W.    F.  HARD ON  THE COSSACKS  The Cossack is* spoken of always  as armed and blood-tli;a-sty, but evidently he sometimes is forcetl -to self-  protection. The special correspondent of the Standard, under date of  Nov. 4th, says the following incident  was  witnessed   by  himself:  A student and a girl were driving  in a droshky, the g-'fl wearing a Red  Cross armlet. Six Cossacks* were  quietly  passing,   when suddenly     the  Cochrane arrd  W.  W.  Pool  have each  girl   fired,   wounding  one of them  in  subscribed $20,000 apiece f������J this fund  the leg.   Thc Cossacks replied, '-shoot  ing  thc   student  dead.    The  girl  attempted   to  flee,   but   was shot,   and  as she fell,.-it could  be seen that the  Mrs. David, it has transpired, hid  little from the detectives in tliLvr i among those wrecked  efforts to connect Kurt-/, with the  theft of the bicycle. It was, however, a different affair t<> secure her ��������� t*1c 11CW market of A. Howe, of  testimony respecting the burglary , Roberts street, in the old Ward mar-  charge. Mrs. David, it is-conceded, : Chemairrus, who i.s opening up on  had   nothing  personally   to   (jo    with  ' |{ctj   js being- stocked  today  am  and      the first-named directors  will  proceed   to   London and wil raise the  balance.  Geo. McMillan Iras bonded , the interests in the Crawford Bay Mines,  sin 1 is going east to float a strong  company ' for   their   development.  All work has practically come to  a standstill on the murrrcipal power  plant of the city, owing- to the obduracy of the managing director of  lhe West Kootenay Power & Light  Company.   Litigation  has   again  been  feminine dress masked a student.  and how to sow; he learned aU about  the peucliar nature of all kinds of  crops and every kind of domestic animal, and he became acquainted with  the discomfort with the agony that  arises  from continuous  bod.ly exer-  ,tar led in the faint hope of a com- j tion, Rilh all that a farm laborer  pioinise. Acting Mayor Bird goes Sl,[fers from exposure to scortching  tins morning  to  Rosshuvd,   where jhc , _u_ aml biti      wiluL  THE  RTNG-  Of course there is no connection-'im  the fact that Brilt and the fight  pictures immediately follow Nelson  at the, show houses about the'country, but it establishes convenient  telegraphic relations for denying the  opposition  story   of the last  battle.  told that it was the life on the lonely prairies that drove many people  out of the** minds. The reporter  managed to convince him that such  instances were very rare, and, that  life on a western farm was healthful  and invigorating for both mind and  body,   as well  as   morals.  Mr. Cardew being a railway man,  vvr.s much interested in the Canadian  Pacific and yesterday went to the  shops. He was anxious to sec the  master car builder, but would not  say anything about the real motives  of his visitv. , : ���������  to do with  any burglary in Vancouver, but she  ,l*.as regarded it as highly riulcsira^.'le  that she should be cross-examliued irr  the witness-box regarding the evcnLs  on the night on which Kurtz is alleged (0 have tried to rob the Adams house next door.  ministered unto is' s* .meiimes -;!uilc  touching. Tho rep'Trt of the hospi- '  tal for. women at Allahabad gives a '  couple of certificates which illustrate j  that many a grateful heart beats beneath a swarthy skin. The first is I  from a husband, whose wife had been |  experimented upon at the institution-|  He writes: 1  Dear She���������My wife has returned (  from your hospital cured. Provided '  males arc allowed at  your  bungalow, j  I  would like to do  you  thc honor of   ...cmorial   to W.E. Giladsfonc,   erected  presenting     myself      there this afternoon.   But 1'  be  opened   to the public  from  time  on.  will  this  WHRN  MAN   STAYS   AT   HOME  GLADSTONE  MEMORIAL  UNVEILED   IN   LONDON.  ���������.0:���������  London,      Nov.      6-���������Thc  National  It   is     surprising     how soon a wife  tires of the company of a man who is>  gel ting away from  their  roof  trees a  portion  of      each dav.      Among   their,  .    ' , ' , i declare,   has  acted  in open   breach of  wives  will   1%e   . lotinil a very   general;       .     '  opinion*lo Ihis effect, says the Gentle  will interview William Doull of Mon-  treal, 4 he managing director and president   of  that  company.  If nothirrrr .comes   of this final  aPPli  cation,   it is probable   that   the.   West  Kootenay   Power  &   Light   Company  will   find   themselves   utterly   cut   off  from   Nelson,  as  there is talk here of  utilizing   gas,'so-is   to   permit'   the  Jits.-nt   inadequate city   power  p!niu  bring utilized solely for the tramway  leased   by   the   city   and   in   the sup-  l.lviiig   of power  to   the small     raiui  facturers,   who  at  supply   from   the   warring   company,  ���������but  through   thc  municipality.    This  will entail   some  inconvenience        -d  .'xpei.Ss*,  but the. citizens declare that  in such case not a cent of their money   will   go .into the   pockets oi    the  company   which   is   fighting   the-   city  with its own money, and which, they  by  public      subscription  in  St.   Clc-  wiu  not try to repay  ]HCIi(s  ChlI_ch)   iu  th��������� stramL      was  y0U ���������vengeance  beiongeth  unto God.  Yours noluca'iy, '��������� *cv  But what     doctor would nottrcas-'  lire so eloquently ccpressed as a lokeiv j u.nr  consists   of   a colossal  in  of gratitude, as this?  Dear and Fair Madam���������I have.much I of   Mr  G*laxls-i(j*ne  pleasure to inform you  that my dear-   ohanceilo-r  of  the  Exchequer  iv  unfortunate wife  will be n0 longer  under your   treatment,  -she having left  thi.s world for the othei* on the 'night  of 27th. into. For your help in this  I matter 1 slral' ever remain grateful,  j Youib reverently,  ������������������   unveiled  oir   Saturday   by   John  Mor-  in   tlie presence   of  a great      concourse.    The   memorial,   which   is   the  of   Hanio   Thorncycroft,   R.A.,  bronze,  statute  his robes       as  and  stands     in  a eharacteristic .attitude.  Four bronze groups representing! bra-  therhood,  education,  courage and  aspiration,   occupy   the   corners   of   tho  base     of the      monument,  the total  height  of which  is    thirty-three feet.  woman. There will be found everywhere a disposition to pack, men off  in the morning and to bid them l.cv.*>  out of the way till toward evening.!  when it is presumed they will have j  a little news of the- busy world to '  bring home. and when baby win be [  sure to have said somefning cxeep-  iioinally brilliant and precocious. Tho  sri'irerai events of lie day will, afford  topics of conversation more interesting by far limn if lhe whole, house-  h' lei bad been together from morning  to night. A, very little inquiry, noo.  win elicit the fact that men about  *-vhome ah  dav are eminently  apt to  be  Millet was happy  in his instructors  His  great-uncle,   Charles Millet,       a  1 priest,  divided  his time between la-  ���������������������������or.ig upon the farm and  giving instruction  to  his   little  nephews  and  neices.   At  all   times  this  priest impressed   upon  his  grandnephews     the  necessity   of being   industrious,       upright   and courageous;   and from him  proceeded   the  impulse  for that education  that sent  Millet  more suitably equipped  for the task that     lay  uiiu a-nui.i   ��������� i,.i...u-  i    ��������� ; m        another whoso  ^r' fL'i:     Innme has  been   written  large in  his  tory.  It is said that Vergil's words "It  is the hour when thc great shadow's  descend upon the plain," -first revealed to the boy the beauty of his own  surroundings, and first lighted that  fire which was to be productive of  some of the finest paintings of c-ven-  inn- scenes that the world is likely to   u  ever possess.  MTLLET'S  EDUCATION. I    As to his  bible and  V.rgil, ho read  Millet, the famous. French painter,    and  revered them,  and  always       in.  wns born of peasant folk, from whom   Latin;   and     Sensier   says:   "I  have  he had the habit of simplf, Ifx/intr and   never heard a more eloquent transla-  a powerful      phvsiqrue.    From   them,    tor of these two books," Instead of  to(!,    writes      the .author   of "Jean    being    an*    illiterate person, indeed,  ���������Francois      Millet  and   the   Ba-rbizoii    when he went to Pans, Mallet "The  I School,"   he   obtained  his   great   ton-. Wild Man of the Woods," as he   was  idemss   toward  the people,   whom he! err'led   hy  Delaroch's  pupils,    among  'was  destined   to  delineate  so  power-j whom he found himself, was already  fully.  By  farm  faitl  la cultivated man.   tr.s education had  working  with his  folk upon the'been far better than  if he had been  he had   not  only  the  opportuni-Un ordinary  member   of   atrpurgeois  Iv  of  incessantly   watching  the     ap-   or even of a noble family.   Its great  peaiance  of  figures  indifferent sorts    characteristics were  its  thoroughness  of  toil,   but  he oibfrained  as  well    an   its  simplicity  was  its refinement���������  figety  and     grumpy sand interfering- .lClual   knowledgc  of  the farm labor- j the very   characteristics   that   make  altogether objeelioiiabie in fact. C1.'b crafts.   He learned how to plow ^his own work lovable..  ���������***,  ���������A*  It���������iiffl-tTf���������'*���������'iT-|iC_&_i'-r������IIM^'ir: DAILY LEDGER  Baa  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every  day except  Sunday.  BY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  10 cents  a  month",    $5  per   year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  MONDAY.  NOV.  (i   1905  PROGRESS  OP Y.M.C.A.  S&WWWWWWWVWWW ft if im fc.  ^ THE   WAY IN WHICH  Our Blouses  have sold   indicate  to us that the styles and  prices are right. Still were going to make  our Blouse Department more interesting  by offering  Two (2) dozen Ladies' Stripe and  Ceylon     Flannel Biousm  in  Fawn, Pink,  and ���������Green,  n-'ceiy    mu'lc and     have new Leg o'  Mutloii  Sicevc,   regular  $1.50   Blouse.    Special,  Each $i.oo  Sh  All the railroads welcome thc    es- ' 3^_  tablishment of Y.M.C.A. branches f������r ' Z$9  * their men, and prove  their   welcome   s_~*j!  by  substantial   support    or the erec-   *^*  tion  of splendid   buildings.    All      the  railroad  branches  arc provided   with  rest   rooms  and   libraries,   and  most  of  them have  lunch  rooms,  gymnasiums and even   lodging  rooms.     Thai  the men gladly avail  Ihcmselves     of  these .accommodations is attested by  the membership  of o.cr 70,000.       A  Eii-eat  worlc  is done   by   the   Color.d  Y...I.O.A.   branches.    The New York  branch     in  West  Fifty-third  st'cJl,  conducted  by  Secretary T.   J.  U.-ll.     ,  throws,  perhaps,  as  interesting    and   T^B"  encouraging  a sidelight   on   this cver-  pcrplcxirrg    race  question  as  Booker  Washington's  institute at   Tuskeegco.  rl he pleasant rooms  are filled      constantly by young colored men, most  ���������of t-hem strangers in  thc metropolis,  who spend their spare hours      with-  checkers  and  music   instead   of  gracing the street  corners in the colored  section   of the city,   and  have  many  chances  to overcome their educational shortcomings.  The     most  picturcsTjue, work conducted  by the Y.M.C.A. is   the     Indian ,   department.    About 2,000 Indians constitute the  membership     of  thc forty-seven   branches.    The  branches  are  by no means   of   the  kindergarten  order,   trained   and  drilled   by  whites,  but arc largely * officered    by  full-blooded    Indians.    The  president,  of the  Opawoju  branch life   E. Standing Elk;    A.  Wankatonhawickle presides over the Pasha  branch,       and  Thomas   Blue   Cloud  is  secretary  of  the Oak  Creek branch.  Then there are thc Student, Army,  Navy and Colonial departments, not  forgetting the emergency department  created for special needs like nli'^.i,  summer camps and other great \-  therings  of men.  ������������������--���������' a   "  GET YOUR HAIR CUT  ��������� Professor Rla.kie used to form a very picturesqiue (figure in the Edinburgh  streets. lie Avas a cheery old paJ  tri.-.rch with handsome features an-1  hair falling in ringlets about his  shoulders. No  one  who    had seen  him could     possibly forget him.   One  day he was accosted  by a very dirty  little siroe-lrlack with his "Shine your  boots,  sir?'1   Biaikie      was impressed  by the fiifhincss  of thc boy's face  "I  don't want a shine,  my lad." said he  "But if yon will      go  and wash your  face I'll  g>vc you a sixpence."    "Aii-  richi.-'  was the     ind's reply.     Then  he went  over     to a neighboring fountain  and  mane his   ablutions. Returning, lie held out his hand for the money.    "Wen.     my lad-' said the professor,  "you have  earned  your sixpence  Here it is."   "I dinna    want it, auid  chap,"  returned  Ihe   bov with  a lordly air.     "Ye can keep it an 1 get yer  hair cut."  Five ("0  dozen Ladies' extra  quality Black Mercerized  Sateen Blouses, hemstitched, lucked back und front, just as good as  any  Jl..10   Blouse  we've  one-red      Speci.il offering.  Each $ .00  The E.\prets has just handed us the daintiest lot of Ilemstit*  died iMiibioidercd Lmv.ii Tuiu-owr   Collars       They   were bought  special   for      Xnias  Trade,  but   \\e'\c i.-nene-i tnenr an.     ���������'������-; **Uc  now. a be.iiily at  Each 15c.  Chiidis-iis'     Whiw  Fur   Si*ts-fi\c- dilVeriiit   kinds���������only   throe  of  each���������Collar  and  Muff.     Wish we had a dozen of ��������� each because  ilu*\ 'ii   l*-c     g no before    most   people Know  we have them       A -  nice   sr*l nt  Each $1.00  JUST OPENED���������Three Cases of Ladies' Misses  and Childrens' Coats. Ladies latest 3-4 Coats,  Misses' Latest 3-4 Coats, Childrens' {Latest  j_o.ig Coats, Infants, Latest Coats in Velvet,  Eea,s!sin, Eiderdown and Fancy Materials in  Whi:e.  These are the natlicst lot of      Coals  we've    ever imported.  They were bought right in the factory hy Mr.     Spencer when in  /England and    Germany,  which  means a great saving to you-     Wc  only    ask a look     from you and wearc sure you'll be convinced.  SHOE DEPARTMENT:  Ladies'  Fine  Dongoia��������� one,  two and  for  evening  wear.   'Ibis   is  one  of our best  made of s olid leather  three straps���������suitable ���������  ajues.  Per Pair $1.50  uid     nailed, our regular  ROOMS  BAR SUPPMKD WITH BE*  WINKS, LIQUORS, CIGAR?  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Beet accomodation in town. ' Splendid hunting and fishing in, n������,��������� vidnl*.  A. J. McMURTRlE, Prop.letor LADYSMIIH. B. C  Esquimau  & Nanaime Iriiway  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������** o^ *****  Time Table i-lo. 37,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  -Rooms  PORTLKND HOTEL-  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly iUtedup and well supplied ani is in charge of   n  JOS. PFXLIGRINELLi  ���������FFECTIVE SATURDAY, 6CT. 21st, 1905.-  Trains, leave Ladysmith for Victoria and all  irr ter mediate stations    at  9.II a.m. aaily.  aai at 4.00  p.m. on Wednesdays,     Saturdays  and   Sup-  days.  Trains leafe Ladysmith Ior ."Wellington and all intermediate stations  at- 11.57 a-m. daily, _>d at 6.00 p.m. on Wedi*, days, Saturdays . and  Sundays. ,   , _,-���������,.,,-  EXCURSION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  tke foll������wiag Mom������*f. ,   -   Steamer Joan   Sails from Ladysmith' for Vancouver every Saturday at G.00 a.m. and  returaiug sails fraia Vancouver     for Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  86 Govt.  Street,' Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &, Pass. Agt  This Hotel has    been completely   Board and lodgiog $1.00 per day.  renovated. \-  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied  with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue  Liquors and Cigars.  :-: Ladysmith B.C.  J._X. SMITH'S  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  Ulcus'  Shoe  V2.")'i shoe for  $2.O0  mo Pairs  Ladies', j\1 irises  and  Childrens' Rubbers,  Clearing  at  Per Pair 25c J^   '������  ���������DCCI>  Nanaimo. Limited^  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may  he   purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  S20   lor   anthracite.   Not  more than  320 acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of  ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds     shall      be  collected  on  the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted 1 pon payment in advance of  $7.50 pec annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,  having  discovered  mineral   in place, may locate a claim  1,51)0  x   1,500   feet.    The  Tee  for   recording  a claim  is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expendod on  the claim each year or paid  to the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has  been  expended  or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon having  a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements,  purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  Thc patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2_ per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free mmer may obtain two leases   to dredge  for  gold  of  five miles  each for a term of twenty  years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of  the Intsrior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation .within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2������ per cent collected on thc output after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister of  the In-  orior.  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  ORAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been conifort-  a >ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  d-te.. Rates $1.00 a day and up-  w \rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  _>������la������aaa :���������: :���������'- ������������������'��������� >-'��������� Ladysmltk  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Dppot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ���������'mEMMAN'*  Leads Them    Alt  IN QUALITY  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates *1,25 and$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landings and  railway depotB.   Electric care every fivi  minutes to all parte ol  the city.   Ba?  and table.unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, C.  Under Mew- Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woobank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Clais.  Commercial Mens'  headquarters.  Fire Proof     Buildiag.  I  Read Down Read Up  9.5511 111. Lv. Fernie Arr. 9.00 p.m.  io;iia. ni. Ar. EIke Arr. 8.10 p. m,  12.30 p. m. Aw. "Rexfonl Arr 6.25 p.m  7. 45 p. in. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 9.30 n.m.  7.30 a. 111, Arr. Everett Arr. 9.21 p.m.  9.0a a. 111. Arr. Seattle Air. S.cop.m.  3.45 p.m. Arr. VANCOUVER Lv. 400 pm  2./15 p. 111. Arr.     St. Taul   ly. 5-������������  P- m  ONE NIGHT  To   Seattle and Vancouver  TWO   NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close Connections  For     Chicago,  Toronto,  Montreal and  '  All Points East & West  Acetylene     Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a  la  .Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through     tickets and hag-  gage checks to ail points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  ���������J reservations     and complete  information . can on or ad--  dress.  JAS. SLOAN",  Agt.  G.NR  FERNIE,  B.  C.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor.  Government  Victoria, B. C-  and Yates St3.,  Transcontinental  f Trains Daily  3  -:o>  R. P. RITHET,,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.  :���������: :���������:   ���������-  .-: :���������B.C  HOTEL LELAND  (T. J. Wellinan, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates %2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets.  Telephone,  1-4.  HENRYS .NURSfRIES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown to  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.    For Sprinp planting.    Eastern  prices  or less.    Catalogue fret.  3010 Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  PAINTING,        PAPEkrlANQlNQ  ETC.  Work done properly and at righi  prices. Shop and resideace in reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Prop  TH6 CITY MKRK6T  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual  subjects taught;  also      Ian-  One of which Is thc famous "North  Coast Limited,"  Ticlcets on sale-.to an Eastern and  Southern points at lowest rates,  1  Up-to-date ��������� Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on aU trains. Diiring Car  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship tickets on sale to and  from an European points. Cabin accommodation  reser\ed  hy  wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  -EFFECT- .    . ,  For further particulars call 01  write thc office.. Phone Main <i56.  A. D' CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A.,   N.P., General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  : Are You  Going' East  Then be sure your tickets read   fla  tbe  I0HTB WESTERS  LIE'  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains Irom the Pacifl*  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,   THE  FASTEST  TIME.  '" BETWEEN  guages,  drawing  in  pencil  and cray-  MINNEAPOLIS,  ST.  PAUL,  CHfc  ���������^.���������a^*^.**-^.-*^.**^.**^*^---^^  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.      |  Solid  leather !)  in.  Miners'  or   Prospectors'   Boots;  made with outside counters  waterproof      chrome   grain  leg, Inst ''   vcai kip. V vamp  and full     heihiws tongue 10  the     top-, a  broad toe last  with double     sole and  slip,  Klondike eyelets and hooks.  Practical ly indestructible.  For sale hy an  dealers.  MANUFACTURED BY  LTD  VANCOUVER. B. C.  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue  Ladysmith B. C#  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  Telephonej46.  The   Ladys nith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Lvmfce*  in    Stoek  PURCHASERS   AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, B.C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  W. J, WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  a*,-^-.^-^.^-*^*^^  cTHONEY  TALKS  y������a-  AS LOUD TO US AS ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR MEAT YOUR MLLARS W  ILL GO FURTHER IF YOU BUY FROM US   -Our Sash Prices Casino* Be Beaten   GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  ���������1��������� ��������� n ���������-----���������-������---������-- 1 *-���������*--���������-"  Ladysmith  ^H  B.   C  ons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes er individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  I-adysmith.  B   U.  If you like   A smooth, tasy shave, an even,  well-finished beard trim, a good  hath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  Yau will go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI ORS  HIGH STREET.  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AN������ FRESH.  Coafectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to he de  Ilvered at any time.  .   *  Employment Agency.  HARTLEY   GISBORNE  PAN NELL  &    FLASKET 1  Member  Can.   Society of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers, J England  Member  International  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1904  I  P. O.. BOX 357*  1.. 1  1  1... ���������������-  LADYSMITH* B. C.  Mannfacturersofthe Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  Neve b*   ������nion Labor    Employed  fi. J. BOOTH, Prop  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask  your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  A gent,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle  .. ..Dea ers in ....  Pianos and  Organs ..  Lady sit ith, B.C  Dr. Dier can he found at  any time  at-his'office on High sln.-ct. His dental work is gnarantcwl lo be first-  class and rates reasonable st.  HILBERT DAILY LEDGER  i-f *~r**<r-***i?*-l*'i"l ��������� -I1 ��������� -I' ��������� 'l'C**H^'l'4^i'i<^'l*^l^l^Hr**b**i'''  ft  I:  ���������!���������  part of the telescope,  is 15 inches in   without    coming     down.  A good deal  has  been  beard rrom ' diame,e_.     The whole cost was a lit-      AlJ   tlllS   is nuwssuj-y 'because* %jrel  rewmr  flanufacturers of the  fime to time of the extent to which the  Japanese pushed their spy system,  both in Manchuria and Russia, before  the war. The accuracy of the following story is guaranteed by the Matin:  Toward the end of 1S9S a Japanese  from Kiusiu arrived in St. Petersburg j   nifier, an tiie- same  tic over .'[,15,000. The telescope is  only a baby compared w-ilh the big  spy glasses of thc Lick and Yorks observatories, but it is  a powerful  mag-  ST   BEER  In {British Columbia  Lager  Beer  and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  from the   Best Canadian Malt Run   Hops  5. ' \  SHOP  IT   fcAV"3. TIHE���������SAVES   MONEY���������SECURE  SATISFACTION--JUS I   GET OUR  CATALOGUE OF MODERN  OUSB FURNISHINGS  aud opened a tea warehouse on the  Nevsky prospect. Shops of this kind  simplv swarm iu the Russian capital,  but all the *&me tho Japanese prospered exceedingly.  In view of the big business he anticipated at the Easter festivities during  the following spring the tea merchant  got over live of his fellow countrymen as assistants. These were all extremely agreeable, tactful young fellows, who quickly ingratiated themselves with the aristocratic clientele of  tbe shop.  But despite the prosperity of their  business tho Japanese did not seem  happy., Their melancholy was noticed,  and at last they confessed their secret  They did not in the least mind leaving  Japan; tbey were delighted with Russia. . What they did not like was to remain foreigners on the soil of their |  .tdopte.1 country.   Their dearest wish,  It is as perfect  as the age has learned to make it  and io big enough for thc work it has  to do. A telescope may be too large.  Some of the big ones of the scicn'tifrc  world���������3ii inches and over���������cannot i>e  used to their fun capacity except for  part of tire year. 'Ihe explanation is  that they magnify the atmospheric  waves, and so make trouble for them  selves.  Prof. King's new telescope is 19  feet long > The mechanical part vvas  built in Cleveland, the birthplace of  the Lick and Yerkcs machines. The  glass vvas ground in  AUcghenny,  Pa.  Djwrr below the foundation of the  observatory wails there begins the  sub-structure of a huge pier which  goes light up into the dome and ends  I hoy said, was to become naturalized'   *'-lh an lro������  coluran*      0u t0I}  of thc  and if you are not alieady shopping by Mail, your regret will  bit that you have not done so. We have improved, the service  and are extending .it in so many ways .that ws sare now proud  of our success, and enjoy tailing a hunt it.- A few days since  we spo'-.c of. some handsome New Kerb/Suites just irr, along  with   that consignment wcre a number of  BEDROO  FENDERS  in several designs and in three sizes, 36, 42, 48  Steel rail. $1.75, $2.25, $3.00  Brass f ..il, $4,00, .$4 5o, $5.00 \  VICTORIA,B.C  .^"-js''.1*^--?*^ -  Miners' Drilling Machines,  ^lade to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill Sharpened  by   ������������������  jways  gives  satisfaction.   Picks   handled and repaired.  Sliipsmitlilng    in'4*.1     Us   Sriai^s  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  h  iBuller Street   -    -    -     -    Ladysmith, B s.  Uussians and. to be admitted into the  Orthodox church.  The idea appealed to the aristocratic  customers of the tea shop, arrd in dire  course'tbey were admitted into the Orthodox church and made Russian citizens.  Shortly after this the five new Rus-  HiansAvanted to get married arrd found  families.   Once   more  their   customers  Interested themselves in their behalf.  Brides  were  found  in   the  shape  of  pretty young Russian work girls, dowries provided by subscription and the  marriage   ceremony   duly   performed.  Time went on, children were born, and  everything-   in   the   various   nrenages  . seemed to be most satisfactory when  suddenly the war broke out.   Two days  later   the  Russian-Japanese  tea   men  bad all disappeared, leaving their wives  and families behind them in St. Petersburg.   St. Petersburg society was flabbergasted.   The confidences It had unfortunately imparled to the tea men  went to Tokyo in the form of private  reports to the Japanese general staff,  while the heroes of the story, all captains  or  lieutenants in  the   Japanese  army,  went  back  to  their respective  reslments.���������London News.  wiepnanis ana grrulrea, horses ana  cows, cannot be serrt by mail in Germany, but most other animals can,  among them dogs, monkeys, snakes,  poultry, parrots, canaries, etc.  iron column is the telescope. The  whole mechanism of this huge magnifier is of the finest and most delicato  kind. You can swing the telescope  up or down, or anyway at all, with  1 one band, and turn of a little wheel,  i and ��������� it moves without thc faintest,  squeak. A photographic apparatus  is attached to it, and the whole  lliijig turns on an axis, which turns  on another pn.inUng due north and  south. The anyle at which any teie-  f.eoi-s* works must be determined ac*  cording to thc exact latitude of the  particular locality.  You get to Cunada'a telescope by  ci'mniiicj a,succession of stairways.  When you i'md yourself in the dome  the chances are that you will be surprised. You win see tne roof suddenly come apart. Or you may discover ihe whole 'dome to ne moving  round. Your suspicions will .beset  at rest when you see Hurt somebody  is     pulling     a rope  x   l<\ D/SMITH TRANSFER CO.  _���������%  ft PIANOS,      ORGANS     AND HOUSEHOLD  R* ED PROMPTLY A   ND  Si!  FURNITURF MOV-  SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmilh hotel.  Abbots   ford-  Leave orders at   the  WIL LIAMS A^O   VX > ^ r- T  |&.f+*.*4*+*i-+-M~>-*M-4- i- *-^f ���������>>������������������������������������������ ������������������4-f4-4-M-*-*-������*<  ��������� ���������'���������������  4  Civet.  Civet Is a pasty, yellowish substance  that is taken from a pouch near certain  glands of tho civet eat, which is found  iu Abyssinia. It is first of a yellowish color that gradually turns darker. It  has a strong musky odor that to many  Is very disagreeable, but by many wo  men it is considered an indispensable  article in the perfumery line.  are aiiTcxcnt stars in diliereut places  ���������there are three hundred thousand  in lhe catalogue of the astronomy���������  and every star move.s^ 'Even'the so-  caiied fixed stars move, though in circles of their own. The astronomer  amis his telescope at a star and set-  tics himself to watch.' The, telescope  l'r.iiow:' the star. It is aU down to  a line point. There is a clock iii the  mechanism of the telescope. The  dock knows an about the'.stars arrd  l.eeps  Uie telescope irrt the right path.  One of the queer things '���������'that ..'this  big telescope enables you to do- is'to  look around corners. It is done by  means of a little brass elbow'fitted  with reflectof?s orr a principle which  has beforo now been employed in unconventional ways. The eibo-w is  convenient when the telescope is point  cd almost straight up in the air and  the astronomer can't very .well get  under it.  The candidate for initiation into  the steiiar mysteries goes up into the  Observatory dome Me* see's the roof  0| en'. lie:      sees the  'big   spy-glass  svv.ng noiseiessiv into place attire  IV-dding of the* a-itronoirrer, and he prepares ininscif for the celestial at close  range. The telescope shuws him a  bright, light iiKca (l.iine, around which  is a purine ha/e. ��������� The light is due- tit  atmosphere movements. He is fold  that thi.s light is Alpha Orion, a star  of the first magnitude,. in the eonstei-  lat.on of Orion. The star is thirty  |ir forty -'light years" away from him  LighL travels at the rale of ISO,0(10  mi.es     a second.     Figure    it out for  yourself.  ���������������������������������������������o   A county commissioner down in  Florida is said to have established a  rrcw record for economy. At- a recent meeting of the board he kicked  at a bill for '-ribbons for a typewriter-'' ''She's     a nice girl," he  IT PAYS TO BUY  einrobe's  GI������EN AWAY FREE  1 Silverware &.Jewelry Wiil be Given Away FR- E  HERE ARE A  FEW OFT HE LATEST   DESIGNS   IN   ELE-  ���������' ,    GANT' SILVERWARE   AND  JEWELRY,   WHICH  WE  ARE .{HYING--AWAY  FREE  AND  WITH-  -    -OUT CHARGE.  ft  W  . It will give you a cNance to.get     Christmas gifts for your  friends' without paying a c ent .for thorn.  ���������     Our prices are the/lowest     and you     Can get 10 percent,  back for every dollar's worth of goods purchased in our store:  SILVERWARE  CREAM PITCHERS   .:  SUGAR  BOWLS.  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You ascend a wooden structure like  miniature baseball bleachers," preparatory to a look through the telescope.  The thing     is on wheels.     Moreover,  Subscribers who do not receive thc  Ledger regularly will confer a favor  on the publishers if they will drop a  post-card to that ciTcct, or leave  word at the office. Every effort is  made to have papers delivered regularly, but it 5s not always possible.  If we arc not notified that a paper is  the contrivances arc such that the as-' not regularly delivered we have no  tronomcr can sit up aloft and move way of knowing this and correcting  h.is     telescope     and his p-Tch around   the mistake.     .        v  '4**w**^****������n*^************^***?**���������*^  S      LIVERY, BOARDING AND  t ' ;'     SALES STABLES  * EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  {:    DAVID JOHNSON  'PHONE 66 LADYSMITH I  I        ..... ��������� ,      '  %������������������&������*������v-#������#*������***������*^  I  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  ���������BUGGIES  FOR HIRE '���������:-: :-:  See J. KEMP,'or leave orders vith  BLAIR &   ADAM  %  ? FIRST AVENUE  'PHONE 2-4.  W. SILER.  .GENEKAL 'EXPRESS AND  I DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  DO "���������������������������?'  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  iDr.  Surgeon Dentist  i AU work guaranteed, and  at reason-  *, able rates.  I High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  ���������   IBn  m  Solicitor,  Etc.  Jtaay  to   Loan  t   Avenue -     IADYSM1  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. 686, F.  O. E.     :���������:        :-:        :-:        :���������J  Meets In the Opera Houae 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President- 13; Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary,  C. H. Rummings.  -r-- r . v ���������,--v"s--���������-  DESIGNS  TRADE-MARKS  I AND COPYRIGHTS  1        OBTAINED  f- ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  f Notice in " Inventive Age "  ��������� Book "How to obtain Patents"  ' Charges moderate. No 1'oa till patent is Beoured.  Lei tors strictly confidential.   AddreSB,  ' E. G. SICRERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C.  \ , ft *. - * * .........  saaa , ������ _ ��������� _ _ j.  Hla Stock of HiiKliHh.  A Welshman on the witness stand  lu court was asked whether he could  speak English. lie said he knew enough  English to ask for .beer, arrd that wai  enough for Lrm.  STAKS AT CLOSE RANGE  ���������������������������  The Government' 'astronomers have  been lately translated lrorrr dingy olli-  ces in Ottawa to a hrand'new dome  topped building on the Government  farm. Thc intention is that the Experimental Farm is to be the Greenwich of Canada- A new fittben-inoh  telescope has-been erected with which  to help on the good work.  Things happen to the sun; things  happen'on the earth. The scientist  believes tgere is a direct relationship  between these things, hut he has yet-  to find it. It is the missing link in  meteroiogy. When  the astronomer  iinds    out what     comes  hc.tween  tiiic  monkey and the man in the solar sys-'  tern lie.wm.  so he'declares,  have uono  tho     greatest of   an great things for j  ���������the-material   welfare  of mortal  man- j  Canada's'new.     telescope-may yet be  the 'means to this end..,": ,   I  This telescope cost a thousand dollars an inch when you come to. consider it as a lsVinch telescope, which  means ti at  the     itns,  the important1  Kootenay  Steel  Is  Range  HIGH STREET,  LADYSMITH, B.   C  BOOTS & SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Burns Coal, Coke  or Wood  Two sets of grates arc  supplied with every  Kootenay Range���������one for coal and the other for coke or wood���������  and the flues are wide and deep/ with no square corners, so that  the oshes and soot produced by soft fuels cannot clog up the  smoke and draft passages.  This feature of the Kootenay Range is a decided success.  The grates ore so easily changed that a boy can perform  the operation.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free  WOaryls  London,     Toronto,     Montreal,     Winnipeg,  Vancouver,     St. John, N.B.  Printing  Done Promptly and  ...-.���������        /  WELL  At  I.  Repairing and. lUkiiigto  Order a Specialty  ���������o���������  THOHAS   MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B   C  NOTICE.  From this date the umiersigueu  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V. I.  EXPLORATION   <fc  DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 190&.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned wifl apply at the next regular sitting of the Licensing Bjard  for the transfer of the retail liquor  license held by him for the Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, block 2,1st.  Avenue,  City  cf Ladysmith,  tt John  Gogo. ANGELO   TATE.  Russell   Simpson,  Solicitor  fer af  plieant.  Ladysmith, B.  C,  October 4,  1S05.  Office  Sale of Mineral Claims  SOUTH  NANAIMO  ASSESSMENT   DISTRICT.  I herehy  give notice  that on  Monday, tlu GUr day of November,  A.D ., 1005, at the hour of 11  o'clock a  m., at the  Court  House,  Nanaimo,   i shall cler for sale by public aucti on    the  Mineral    Claims in the list  .hereinafter  set  out,  of  which  Crown   Grants have been issued, for all un paid   taxes  accrued   due  and  payable,  on the 30th day of June, 1S05, an-d   for ' the expenses   of  advertising  this notice.  If the taxes and expenses of advertising, as set out irr said list, arc _ not paid to me on or before the  day of sale, thc cl.imis may be sold to the highest bidder and a convey arrce executed to the purchaser of all  rights and interest in said  claims legally allienaicd by the Crown by the    Crown  Grants  thereof.  Irr  the event of there being no purchasrr or if the piico  olTered shall    not  be    sudicient to pay  the t.axcs  and'expenses,  thu land shall ahsolut ely revert  to the  Pirovincc aud    Crown    Grants   thereof shall he deemed  1st   Avenue  void.  ���������     fi II      I li  LIST  ABOVE MENTIONED.  I  .Lot 72  Texads Is.  Name of Person   \Name of  Claim.r)escrjptjon of  Claim  p\  'Stoneway  Lucky Jack  [Vanderbill  Milner  B.    C.  Minneapolis  Nelson  Paystreak  (Total  Taxes  Unpaid  Forbes Annie E.  Forbes,  James  Forbes,   Robert  ������        i  i i,  lLot 7!) Texada Is.  Lot  7<j Texada  Is.  Lot 77 Texada Is.  Lot   71 Texada Is.  Lot  7S Texada Is.  Lot  73 Texada  ls.|l2  Lot  75 Texada  12  25    *'  1.2  '50'!'* ;  i'-i  r>o  10  50  .10  25  i)  75  12.  75  'l3  75  Expenses   JTotal  and      I  amount  Costs   ������ D'1^  "l4 I 25"  ���������14;50  2-"  2 '<��������� "  '2 - "  2 '- "  2 ': "  2 ���������- "  2'- "  2;"  15 f 50  12 : 50  12^25  11 f 75  14 j; 75  .15 \ 75  H.   BATE,  South Nanaimo  Assessment District,  Nanaimo,  B.  C.  Nauaimo   16 ������ct., 1905*  %       ������.  Colds  It ���������honld be bocm h. -ariod that  ever- cold weakens the lnngs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for f_e more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of thi* most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the longs aad opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. H counteracts  any tendency towaxd pneumonia.  Price 25c, Larf e Size 5������c  I  ff ,ssaaBHE������aESB^^  ������  otice  Attention is called to  'he   fact that the  ivie   Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved and purified form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the public that any un-uili-  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted .  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  are *3ie    only    -millers ia Canada w2iose     Flonr  is purified by the . eTee*ric process THE   DAILY  LEDGER  3EZ  as  s  ac  HEM  "PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  ���������3SS  Neatly and Artistically Done  TO LET���������Furnished Rooms, with oc  without board.,, Corner 3rd A*'euuo  and High Street.  Mr.  W.   Telford  irno at noon.  went ,up to  Nana-  Mixs ��������� G. .MilJigan . returned from Na-  naiiiro this morning. .,     ., '  I\lr.  W. -W. Waikem  came bade  morning from the Cosi.r Citv.  this  Mr.  W.  Cavjn returned irom .'.Nanaimo on  this   morning's  train.  Any name ' or monogram engraved.  All kinds of'��������� Jewelry novelties on  sale at Jessop's Drug Store.  Dr.   Forde  returned  this  morning-."  from  Nanaimo  Orders Promptly  Executed  Ladies'  $50���������Per acre for 5-acre blocks 1 Mil*  iiea City.  S. ROEDDING-���������-  -LADYSMITH  ������������������'"���������'���������������������������������������������''   ������������������������������������������������������������������������  IHE EGYPTIAN CONCERT AND REMEDY COMPANY  -..-First  Rev: Taylor of Wellington passed  through on the morning train to Vic's oria.  ''  ���������a-���������  Mrs. M. J. Burd, of Vancouver, is  on a visit to Mrs. R. J. Bowen, at  .���������she Rectory.;  Ur. R. B. Dier was in Nanaimo  3 estenlay and returned orr this morning's   train.  Mr. and Mrs. **J. Adam spent yesterday in Nanaimo, returning orr" the  nine   o'clock   train.  _ Mrs.    E Watts,  of Cherria^rrus,   was  in   the city   on   Sunday,  tho guest  of  Mr.   and Mrs.   I-I. Thornley.    She    returned      to   the saw  in-ill   town  this  niorninjr.  DAT  GAL IS   MINE  ...-. ..:.. -  DUET, LIFE'S DREAM  IS O'ER,...:..  bass solo ���������...;.,...*....���������.':.���������..,��������������������������� .:...:.v.-.;.  COON SONG,  TEASING '.':. .....v..;............   ...  LAUGHABLE   FINALE.  ............;. .':..,.'-D'r: C.  CAlrino  Mr. and Mrs. S.  B. Tewsrobery  .....:..::;:.-..    Mr,  V.      Bishop.  Miss fReta.  to-  wear  $375���������Cash secures a fiae residence in  the choicest part of the city. Oalj  $2-14 aiprc to pay at tlra rata of  $12 per moath. Owaer kas invest^  ed aver $G0������ in improvjateats.  Water laid   on.   Fine  garde*.  =OIio=  SIDNEY   BARR1NGTON"    * ;. ���������-��������������������������� .Dutch-Comedian.  RKTE AND RETA    -  'Comedy   Sketch  Artists  FRANK   BISHOP    Base   Sol������   ���������HANDSOME PRESENT  GIVEN  AWAY     Our photograph studio' will  only be  open' a few  days more.    Photographs  from $>2.50  per _oZcn   up.  Conic     -n  today.   Fricke & Schcnck.  Up to  the present the Inspector of  Wines  has  not  served   sommonsts  on  any  of (he  employees  of the  Extension  mines  for  alleged  violation   ' of  tie eight-hour act.  Afterpiece  Another little  bunch of 2 DOZEN  in by Express on  Satarday-=There are  No Two Alike in  this 10t-They Game  ������n   Brown,    Black  ���������'������������������'*'.:������������������ .'.-'.'.''������  Navy and Green  PRICESFR0M  do  $280-Cjish    and  ��������� huys twa lots  few  yards   fr#_  imvestmemt.  $411 oa Mortgage  each  6txl2������ ������-ly  a  i   ������������������st-af-.ae.     Fiae  $500���������Cash and  -alano: an time buys  twa first-class     stores in husiaess  portion of cily.  OLD COUNTm  For Rent���������A nice st#r# on First Avenue.  For Rent���������A  nica two-raamei stare  For     Rent���������Nica  near statian. ''  two-rGfaiacd cahin  Deeds,  tracts  Wills,    Mortgages, Cea-  and   Agreements Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     9-       Notary Public  Phoae.  3. ������ <  P.  O. BOX 268  |j Appointments may be made at any  time for dental work at Dr. Dier'i  on High street st  TROUBLES  OF  A  BOOK AGENT.  irr   the   world.    Perhaps   it  is because "four times  the siv.e of England inhab-  ,, ���������,.  ;.,   (iu,w ,i���������vl.-   r itec! bv papan/tribes,     the   majorlily  wc wcre all  yoiingfii   in  those daj&, -   '   fc  but  troups of the kind   that w*ill entertain   at   thc  opera i house   tonioht  usually carry good talent w'jth them  Walters &  Akenhead  Now the long evenings have come,  get your reading matter at Knight's  Book Store.  -Mr.     Waiter      Thomson,   for some  assistant to the manager   of  and   the present one is said to be no  exception   to  lhc rule.   At  any rale,  the  price of admission is  within the  reach  of all.   Read  the './programme in  (his      issue and .turn out and judge  i'or   voiuscIF.  years  tie   Colliery   Wharf,   has   resigned his  position      and,   with Mrs.  Thomson,  w-'ll leave shortly for Victoria, where  tlsy will  irr  future reside.    Tn     the  pl.u-e of     Mr. Thomson, Mr.  I-Tawes  hf-j  appointed   A.   Atkinson.  ��������� o:���������  The Oddfellows '   are putting a fine  lamp at the entrance of their  buiidiriy,-  on Roberts street.     The lamp win bo  a;,reat    improvement,  as it will light  a place     which  has hitherto       been  completely "in the dark."  Di-ect From France���������Tooth,  shaving,  hair   and   clothes   brushes.A splendid  asf.oitment  at the Ladysmith  Pharmacy. '���������''..'���������  The .-site  for: Mr. -Stewart's  new of-  frcis,  of which-mention was made in;  these columns     on     Saturday, is on  Herberts  street,   next   the Grand  Motel,  ;Um lots  lower than the  one on  which his  j)resent  oirioes  stand.    The  wc rk will      be     done fey-contract and his   large circle  of   friends,  the   plans  a,re      now on ���������exhibition at"    He   was  a native  of Manitoba, hav-  3Mr.  .Stewart's office.      The new office ing  been     horn  there over  eighteen  wi'i  be     a comm.odfc.cms -one, 3(i by 20, ',-c-rs     ago,      removing  to Nanaimo  an*l  a   small steam  engine will be in- with      his- parents a number of years  stalled     to furnish power for lighting bad--,   and  residing  here   up to     the  ihe office hy electricity.-'   Work en -the time  of his  death,  bu.lding  will  be  commenced   without ���������  dcay. - ::   :   ! [j   I  :     W.   Brown, .fish  curer,   formerly  of  ��������� :������������������'������������������ Nanaimo,   but  now  located  at ���������Pen  der. Harbor, paid Nanaimo a visit  yesterday and reports a poor season  in  the district where he now resides.  NANAIMO NEWS  NOTES.  '     (From  the Herald.)  The     death    of Frederick   I-Ier-bert.  Cook, son of Mr.  and Mrs. Fredcr'.ck  Co^ik,  of the  Five   Acre-Lots, occurred  at the hospital yesterday '��������� mora- -,  inj;  (Saturday)  at .3.  a.m., "of appen-.  dicitis, after a brief illness.    The de-  eeas������"-'l had been complaining  for the���������';  past two months,   but it was     only!  during the last two weeks .that mat-.;  t-ers   look a  turn   for the   worse,; iie'> j  ess i to. tin a;  the calling "in  of a'doctori  on  Friday,  who at- once ordered the j  patient removed .to the hospital.  ������������������ There everything  was   done     .that  ���������was- 'possible  to -save his  V'fe   without  avail.  "Herbert," as he was known to all  the boys, was well Mod. by all who  had ' the .pleasure of his acquaintance,  and his sudden demise "in the spring of  manhood will come asta surprise     to  of whom arc men of immen.se Irtatue,  and some of whom arc cannibals, says  'a London   paper.    Roughly  speaking.,  it will, start from the j junction of the  ��������� Sobat     and  Bahr  El Gha/el rivers,  and   swelching on  both  sides  of the  Nile,, will extend to the northern border of Uganda and the northeast corner of the Congo Free State.     Running      along-   the northern      part of  Lake     Rudolf it will  include      the  south-western boundary  of  Abysinia.  The     region  is largely  one  of  sudd  and  swamo,  being intersected hy the  Upper Nile, which will, form theorptiir  cipal   route  of communication.     The  mission  will  link up  Egypt and  Uganda.    The first party, consisting of  six  missionaries, will leave Marseilles on Oct. 18, and hope *o reach the  scene of thetr  labors  by  Christmas.  They   . take     provisions for  twelve  months, and expect- to live for a con-  si deraible  period in  boats and tents.  At Cairo, after conferring with Lord  I Cromer,, they  will proceed to Khar-  , toum,  whence they  will  travel      b'y  'saving   boats  for about   1,100   miles  j up  the White     Nile.    In addition  to  the clergy,  the party includes a doctor  of  Poplar Infirmary,  a carpenter  from one of the County  Council Tech  meal Schools, and an-agricultural-expert.    It  is intended  at   first  to commence industrial work among thepa-  jgans,  and ��������� in time teach them       the  ! manufacture   of  bricks.    It   isl hoped  'that a second party-will be dispatch^  !cd from England in-, July, and a third  next autumn.   The district to which  i ihcy     go   is one for  which  General  Gordon  made an appeal for missionaries ,over  30 years ago.  in il.  He  us-  purposes  in  'I   have just received a good a,ssort-  m. nt of '..omic, burnt leather and pic-  il     post cards.        Koight's Book  tori  Store.      Can  iu  and  see them'.  AT  THE OPERA HOUSE..  ���������3f   the  entertainment   this   evening  is  as good  as is claimed for  it     by  th *      jnanagoment,    it   will   be well'  wc rlh  nttending.      I-Iow  many  of  us  hu', who 'iTvp. listened'to-the     songs  sung   at ,cra.thcrinors in  the cast,  such  as county,   state  or  provincial  fa)irs,  "by   the Wizzard,   Hamlin  or  Egyptia.n  Oil.   or      a doi'.-Rn   oi'nrr  troups   that  weve tourino- tb.e. courrlry.   It  seems  no-v, .to  riH.'iill   the crnis.-that they  haii   the best, singers and  mnnolcgists  old New-  HENS' RIGHTS "  There is      a story  of     an  Hampshire doctor who on taking out;  a wagon that had     not been used for  some time,      found  a hen was sitting  Tire funeral  of'Mrs.  Hoaannah Wan  will   take place  tomorrow,  Tuesday,  afternoon,   from   the  family  residence  on  Halliburton  street.      Friends  arrd  acquaintances  arc respectfully  invited  to-attend.   o   RELIGION  FOR   CANNIBALS.  An     important   missionary   piionccr  cxr-loit-lon      to the Soudan   is    being  despatched by the  Church Missionary  Society this month.   The sphere     of j ������  work  has  been  selected   by Lord Cromer,  and     .comprises a region  about  ��������� -"���������^-"-^1������������������������������������--���������r���������J���������>fr���������^T*TJ^-s^?1"^<-1-���������J-'rTnm���������^  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS iVIEAIS ���������  Perk and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  A. HOWE  Store  mi  ������n '  ..4fC&  tely     Occupied   by  osupson,   complete with  counter  and fixtures.  Rent $F5 per it;or-th, Apply to  RUSSELL SIMPSON  Graham,  Gambiidgc,  Oatmeal,  land Salt  Wafers  250. A TIN  merely "harnessed up,**  without disturbing her, and he and  biddy made a .series of calls. The  Host on Herald offers this true story  of the town of Amcshury, which owns  a small  fire apparatus:  Outside the fire limits is a small  community- that, 0n petition, received  an appropriation for the purchase of  a "hand tubi" It was installed in  ur an abandoned blacksmith shop,  where it remained for two years  ed only for decorative  street parades.  Last summer a stroke of lightning  started a lire in - a farmhouse near  rallied at once, hut when they arrived  hy. The volunteer fire department  rained at once, but when-they arrivtd  at the engine house the foreman!(stood  at the door.  "Don't touch her, hoys!" cried he.  "I've got two hens scttm'' in thc  bo-". Let's use ���������'uckets." t  They agreed and tbe hens were ai-  lowed to pursue their inculcating way.   o   RV.K TRAIN7 FOR DRUNKARDS.  The     railway companies Jn Liverpool  have  found  a certain  cure     for  inebriety'.    They have  arranged       to  run outward.trains for drunkards, Uie  night  of the  bank-  holiday,   but     to  their great  surprise  there were     no  drunkards,      consequently no special  trains  were required.  "The premature publication of our  intcnt'.'pns," explained a railway official, "ruined our-.plans. The regular  topers, who before could be relied-  upon to travel home drunk, have <beerv  shamed into sobriety. The idea of  being placed in a compartment with  the other drunkards disgusted them,  consequently they resolved tokeep sober. ;L consider we have done more  for the cause .of temperance than any.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby (riven that the first  sitting of thc  Court of Revision    of  tlie City  of Ladysmith will be held  in the Council Chambers, Ladysmitlr,  on  Wednesday,   20th  November,  it 7  p.m.  j. stewart,  c.m.c;  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUbf  We carry a Large and Varied  Assortment of OLD COUNTRY  BOOTS and SHOES and we can  fit for SIZE, QUALIY and PRICE  oycouNirwniTSat  idim pin soon  at $325  (LOCAL  MANUFCTURE]  9SHI909 TRY A  PAIR ���������&*.������������������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  SliON LEISER & CO Ltd.  am  GATACRE ST  LADYSMITH  I  ><*-;���������  W. G. Fraser  MerchantTailor,  J(IS*lAvenue)  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call earlv and  get your choice  Orders will be delivered anywhere-  in the city promptly and at the low'  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'.**, 0_ tk������  B_plan_'di.  James Warnock  l������n  A FINE LOT Of  Dining Room Tables,  Dining Room Chairs,  Kitchen Tables, & Chairs,  Armchairs, Rock.ngchairs  Prices to Sat Pur chaser  C PETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  amount of legislation' could  possibly-  do."   . ���������    '   ��������� "-" '"���������"  But. by a strange oversight, the-  companies failed to provide a s3_-Jl.il'  drunkard train inward, and the con-  sos'ilucnce was that many men of Liverpool returned home after the'Jay's'  holiday' in a more or less helpless-  condition. - .     ;  Heating Stoves  Our Stock is Now Complete in  HEATING STOVES  / .   ��������� aA Large Vaneti; to Choose From  PRICES   RIGHT  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Ltd,  ^mj^^K^smss^^mssBm?^^3isss!^ssaa  a^";r.^as^apiis-as55s*g^^  ;  .  COAL MINES   REGULATION  ACT  Notice of' Examination.  ���������   Nwtie*  is   hereby  given   that  exam inati,ojrs will he jjield for 1st, 2���������d aid  3rd class certificates of competency   under     the  provisions  of  thc "Coal  Mikes Regulation  Act,"  on the 14th, 15th     .and  16th  days  of  November,  U95,   commencing  at  the  hour     of   9.30  o'clock  in  the  forenoon.  Tke ���������xa-minations will  be held at Fernie,     Nanaimo and Cumberland.  Tke subjects will lie as follows:  1st  Class  Candidates  Mining, act. and Special  Rules  Mine  Gases  Ventilation  Q-en,eral  Work  Mining Machinery  Surveying.  2nd  class   candidates  Mining act  and Special  Rules  Mine   Gases  Ventilation  General  Work  3rd class  candidates  Mining act and Special   Rules  Mine Gasos aid  General Work  JU   T -ARRIVED-"--  ������������������A large Shipment of the very latest  Styles in LADIES' aod GENTS' CHAINS,   LOCKETS, RINGS,  Etc.-Etc. .      :':-::.'*.��������� ';;V;:';  ��������� \, . '..v-.-V-  ^^''^���������^^^.^���������MD  SEE, ;THEII   ��������� .'  ������b=5TIi8 PRICES ARtMODERATE for the BEST QUALITY 1^  B.FORGJAiriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OJ������T!CIAN  First Avenue,   XX   X  Ladysm  B.  C  ���������  ss  ^Sa3s^^a^S3KSSiSEi_  es  We areSmaking th-sm orths .Ndwjst  Styles. I  Pattern and Lates<  WE B* ALL KINDS-OF FOUNDRY WORK  ���������ur Prices art Reasons,   bl������  SEE ������UR   NEW STIVER IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S windows.  m and at Lsdysmilh Hardware Company  LADYs&llTrl  IRON & STOYE WORKS CO,, LTD.  PHONB  Applieatioirs must be made to the  undersigned,   accompanied    by    lhe  statutory fee, as follows:  By an applicant for K'irst and  Second  Class Examination   $H-0������  By  an applicant  for  Third  Class   lii-amination          .... .      5.������)0  The applications must be accompanied b;r testimonials 'r ccrtif-r-d  copies thereof, (a) If a, canrii.Rle for First Class, that he -s a Piilish  subject and has had at least-five years-experience in or about the practical  VorkiBg     of a coal  mine,  and is  :>t   least  25   years  of  age.  (!������.)��������� If a candidate for    'ccoiid  Class,  that he has  bad   at least    Ivt  years'  experience in  or about tiie practical  working   of  a coal   'nine.  (c)   If a candidate for  Third   Class,   that he has  had  at least      *'.ee  /ears'   experience  in   or  about  lhe practical  working  of a coal  mine.  By order ef the B������a.rd,  FRANCIS   H.   SHBPHER.B  Seeretary.  Nanaimo, B. ������.,  Septe-aber 30th,    1903.  [  ���������fr^'p'Bi  TO POULTRY .FARItjxiimj  100-ACRE FARM NEAR LAD YSMITH  Five acre* cleared and cultivated, four roomed house  Ave Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying Hens, one P! ugh,  stover Cutter, Axes, Hammer.?, Siws and Tools :.: ever dtt'eription, two Spray Pumps, ^owo-iho^  Bating: PowJer, Wire Netting six feet high cov. ing  ,11 = 1 acres. 2 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths;  Kli.i, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats,  S450 Cash and $750 on. riortgage  J. STJSWART,  P. O. Box 208, Ladysmith Phone 3  Ur  M'"'-'fJ


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