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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Nov 10, 1905

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 ��������� -?-*v*-. .ij*muati&Gttui<i*iSM������  V������L.2,  f vTlVE ASSEHBl-i-J  ** * '  Ladysmith Daily  '^    HQV13W05      cz\  FRIDAY,  NOV.  10,   11)05.  PRICE FIVE   CENTS  s  BALFOUR AT THE LORD  TO THE  Great   Britain's   Premier  Makes Notable Speech  id Guildhall  Predicts Peace in  World  During ihe Coining  C nlury  Loiv.lon,  Nov.   0.���������"A  century  ago  Pitt,     standing where I now stand,  proph'_sir.l   a Mar,   today   I T������Toplie������y  peace." This v.as   the text on  which  Prcni/M'      Balfour   based   his speech  concern nug    -tlie.     relations ������1 Great  Britain with foreign countries at. thc  "Lord  Mayor's banquet  in   thc Ciuil.l  Hall  tonight, an  occasion when cir-  _cumstai.ee  makes   it Imperative     for  cither the     Premier  of  lhe Foreign  Secretary  to  discuss the  foru'lt,!!  or  domestic politics  of the  government.  Mr.  Balfour and  Whitelaw Reid,  the  American  ambassador,   who  replied  to thes toast of "Their  Excelcncies,  the  Foreign  ministers,"   proposd  Ly  the Lord Mayor, vied w/ith each otli-  .er in speaking pleasant  -words     for  their respective countries  as leaders  among the   .dvocates of  the arbitration of quarrels throughout tlie civilized world.    .  The whole     tenor of the spcoches  was optimistic on  the relations' between  all,    tilic  great  powers.    The  Premier's  reference  to  Russia     was  ---particularly   happy.    He  snid:  ''Our friends in Russia are absorbing public interest by the .great move  ment they arc making in  the direction  as.  we  believe���������self-government.  The task thc Emperor and his advisors is  indeed  not  a light  one. There  is      not  a citizen   in   Great  Britain,  who doss not wish them success. We  hope the movement will  bring happiness   to  countless   missions unsullied  ���������by a repitition of painful and horrible  events     which made the initial progress so  lamentable."*  The  banquet  was  conducted   with  all the quaint ceremonial peculiar to  the occasion.    The  guests  of.  Lord  - Mayor Morgan included  the retiring  Lord  Mayor  Sir  John round, many  of the-foreign ministers   anil cabinet  officers.   o ���������  Some years ago the .government of  Java offered a reward for all crocodiles killed or captured.- For a time  enormous numbers of them were  brought to the authorities. Then it  was' discovered that nearly all the  natives had gone to raising crocodiles, so the reward was withdrawn.  REDUCED  TG^THE RANKS  Washington,   Nov.   10.���������|fhc secre-  . tary of the. United States navy,   Mr.  Bonaparte, stated today that the recent      occurrence   at   the   Annapolis  Academy, resulting in the (bath   of  Midshipman.Branch,   would be thoroughly investigated,  but that at present no further orders  would be is-,  , sued.   ���������-,.''..'������������������'  Admiral Sands, the superintendent  at the Naval Academy, telegraphed  Secretary Bonaparte that Fitch and  Noyes, of the Cadet Battalion, had  been reduced to the ranks for participation in the unfortunate affair in  which young Branch lost his life.. The  regulations provide for an immediate  investigation of the -affair by a court  of inquiry, but is is thought .the President will probably recommend thc  trial hy court martial, not of the  survivor of the prixc-r-lng, but of the  time-keepers of both parties.   ���������o *   CHARGED  WITH ROBBERY  Italy    /'redeemed," in its present  v sad * political  condition,   is a warning  i  lo  the revolutionary party in   Russia,  says Mr.  Federica  Paltrinicri in  the Rassegna    Nazionale (Florence).  The Russian people, argues Mr.  Pal-  lr|:')iiieri,  are  not ripe for revolution ���������  any. more than the Italian pedple'hf-  ty years ago; the Russian leaders of  revolt are indisputably  inferior      to  those  who ledJthe  Italian upraising,  and the Russian people have so sunk  in servitude  and have so long* borne  the' yoke of tyranny  that it is    too  late  lo call   them   to  liberty.     Even  the      Italian    revolutionary  leaders  scarcely  considered   what  they  were  doing.   "A   fatal  blindness  prevented  these invincibles, noble and generous  as  they  were,  from seeing the   real  condition  of  things."  Vain, he goes-  on  to .say,  is any   revolution  which  i.s not based  upon the intelligent and  moral  aspirations of-the masses.   It-;  alians  ha\ e  not been  bettered       by  their cij_jigc of government. ' He gives the reasons for this as'follows:  "Even cwhen  the  redemption        of  Italy had  been accomplished,  the Italian   people "remained  what       they"  were     before���������the  masses  impulsive  and ignorant, the ruling classes  cynical,   corrupt,   immoral.   Every   revolutionary movement is vain unless it  has been preepded by a long, patient  and  tedious work of moral and civil  education.    We may denounce as  infamous     the arrogance tind tyranny,  the corruption.,'of Russian absolutism  but as long, as thc Russian people remain what they are, the same infamous abuses will continue,  masked,, it  may.  ice,  but even more destructive  in substance." <  ,  The   writer   points  to   the  present  condition of Italy In confirmation  of  this  statement - and declares:  "Italy  once  had  a despotic  government;'today  she is ruled on a democratic basis���������yet what  is hsr condition?      We  see the most  vital departments  -of  the public administration badly     directed;  all are tending  to disorganization; justice is prevertedf the offices    of     the state are made instruments of'corruption, arid are frequent  ly bestowed upon the most ^mwor-thy  virtue is ostracised when it'' is    riot  actually treated as criminal;  dishonesty, on the other hand, is so fan exalted  that  the most abandoned  are  raised to apotheosis by popular vote.  All this has come upon Italy renovated  under the inspiration  of democratic  ideas-"  If such be the case in Italy, a  country :tn so many ways so favored,  what will happen in degraded Russia if a premature infusion of Democratic rouse the people to rebellion?  He answers the question in the following  terms:  "The promoters of.the spurious democracy     who     have always railed  agaitist insincerity and pretenc.., ;, '.*  planting    beak and rtalons in the vitals      of   the  vast. Russian  people,  moreH primitive and  ignorant     even  than   the Italians,  and in  the     end  Russia will have an autocracy  more  dangerous than eyer,  bacause it -'.will  be based on a broader  foundation, favored  by a larger number of adherents,  and craftily administered with  the assistance of those most potent,  most  *��������� misleading  instruments,   the  great* newspapers of the day, and the  parliamentary  form, of- government."  BLACK HANDS"  PUNS GREAT  Jt  E  St- Petersburg, Nov. 10.���������Stories  are being circulated here that a St.  Bartholomew's massacre of the Jews  has been planned by thc "Black  Hands" of St. Petersburg for Saturday night. All houses containing  Jews have been marked  -with a red  Count Wilte has ordered a thorough'  investigation of all Jewish massacres  ���������and. is,determined |,o have the offenders  removed  and  punished.  WOLVES SAID  a  UE GRAPES  ] ARE SOUR"  - Owing  lo   an   ou-rsight  the Excelsior   Club's  dance  which   took  place  a night or two ago  was not mention  ed in     /The Ledger.    The dance was  one.    of  the  pleasantcsl  given  here  this      season,   the  attendance being  large. . The mem hers  of the club propose  holding similar  affairs  here every two weeks and they promise to  be extremely enjoyable pastimes.  LIBERALS WIN  IN ALBERTA  Victoria, B. C, Nov. 10���������(Special)  ���������The electionst in Alberta has resulted in an overwhelming victory  for the Liberals. All thc Liberal  candidates have been returned. Bennett, the Conservative leader, who  ran for Calgary, was badly defeated.  Edmonton,   Nov.   10.���������The  Alberta  elections yesterday proved to be    a  clean  sweep  for   the   Liberal  government-   under'    Premier     Kutherford.  There will be no  opposition to speak  of when  the  first  legislature  of  Alberta     convenes, for out of twenty-  five seats  the  Liberals  have  already  secured     twenty and have a fighting  chance for two more,  while of     the  other, three  one is .ep resented   by    a  Labor member.  The. re turns up to one  o'clock a.m." gave the following     results:    Liberals   20;   Conservative,   3;  Labor,   1;   Doubtful,   2-.  Stories are going the rounds today  of a thrilling adventure with a l>ack  of wol-.'cs of a young member of a  survey parly which returned loi town  yesterday after ten days, in tlie  woods.    The young man  is said     to  have strayed from the rest of the  parly, when he was suddenly attacked by live savage animals. He had  no gun (tho heroes of such adventures seldom have) and was obliged  to climb a tree to save his lite. TJo  make the story more exciting the  people'who are   telling  it  give      a  HIGH VALUES IN  IN  Average    Assays  of  Ore  Taken [From Mine N. ar  Greenwood  Have    Given More   Than  $160 Per Ton in  Value  SILVER AUTHORITIES SUPPRESS MUTINY  to  Phccnix, 13. C, Nov. 8.���������During the  last few days some unusually rich  finds of are were made on. some oi tho  high-grade n-incs neat Greenwood,  minute description' of the sfzc arid On the Pi.nop. Henry, which has been  shape of various holes that he made | operated aU summer and fail by a loin his clothes in. ascending thc fir, 'cai syndicate, at a depth of a hundred  and how the savage wolves for, a 'and lilteen feet in the main peipen-  long time prowled under the tree, diei'Ur shaft, the ore body was reach-  licking their chops and looking long- ed in a drift now in twenty-live feet  ingly up at the meal that was so the vein being from ten to twenty-  near. Exactly how long he stayed ' live inches wide, and being literally  upon his perch is not told, but it sprinkled all through wish wire sii-  seems   tlie  wolv.es,   with  a sniff      of ver.  contempt, e\cntually left the tree. 1 Average assays have given more  That sniff evidently was wolf Ian- 'than *j-J60 per ton in value, while  guage for saying "I don't want him sonu. lests haA-e run Up into much  anyhow," and, the young man slipped   Jarger _gureg. n appears  to be a  from      his   perch   and  rega''**jed  his  friends  of the survey party.  MONTAEA  TRAIN  WRECK.  Missoula, Nov.  !).���������A , Northern Pacific passenger train, east-bound, run'mellt  true fissure vem, and is improving  w,ith development- It- is the intention of the management to send out a  car of ore .to the smelter sonic time  this month.  On the Ellshorn, on which devet.'p-  was resinned     an the 70th of  Crondstadt Police Put a f6Stop  Disorders Pand Arrest ithe  Mutineers  ning .0) miles an hour, crashed into  the roar of an east-bound freight  two miles west of here today. A  s.ore of passengers and trainmen,  were. injured. The two engineers  will  probably die.  GOT THE  BEAR DRUNK  last month, the ore body has also  been struck richer than ever, possibly,  giving averages of over ?L00 per ton.  largeij in silver. When'sinking was  resumed it was thought a dike sonic  fifteen feet or more at the bottom of  the US-foot shaft, and then thc rich  iiver vein was . found in place. The  Providence Skylark, Crcscnt and  others in, the high-grade belt arc all  shipping with the  best  of results.  'MARINE  NEWS NOTES  WIDOW  QUIGG WILL  GET  DAMAGES.  Probably  by  this  time,  says     the  ! Vancouver World, there is great rejoicing in thc home of Widow Quigg  at Fernie, as doubtless she and her  twelve children have already been  made aware that the full court has  confirmed their right to the $2,000  damages and costs which were awar  ded by the jury as some compensation  for  the loss of  their  brcadwin-  !ner,  John Quigg.  Quigg was killed two years ago in  the Coal Creek mines by an electric     The  lute sanitary expert,   Dr.   Go-  motor  which  crushed him against the   burek  left  250,000   marks   to  bo lent  PREACHER SLAPPED  BOY  Pullman, Wash.* Nov. 7���������Pullman  sustained its reputation for sensationalism today when Rev. Ralph  Sargent. pastor of the Pullman  Christian Church was aires led on -a  charge of assault and battery, pleaded guilty and was lined .fs> and costs,  which he paid. .   '  The,, arrest is said- to be'the but-  conic of a Suiidayschooi row. " A son  of the minister and a son of J. R.  Roberts engaged in a light, in which  the minister's son got. the worst, cif  it and the minister slapped the Roberts boy. This "occurred several days  ago, and if, was claimed by Air. Roberts that his boy had been punished  severely, his face being badly ..swollen  as a result of the blow administered  ���������by the irate expounder of the gospel.  The two boys, who engaged in thc  figlit are about 10 years old. Rev.  Mr. Sargent admitted striking the  ���������bey, but.claimed that he .did so for  the sake of decency, that the boy  was using foul language and the minister saw a little girl passing, ami  slapped   the. boy   lu make him desist.  Rev. Mr. Sargent has taken an active part Hi local church work and  politics. He has been  a world' in  the law and order league and has  hcen prominent in many ways- Some,  of his supporters declare the arrest is  the result of spite wqrk.   o   FAME'S  PATHWAY.  S.S. Amur is  in for a load of coal.  Tugs Rurrard  and  Bermuda      and  scow arc in for coal  bli.s afternoon.  New      Westminster,   Nov.   10.���������An  interested  crowd   watched  theiePorts  of thc firemen of No.  1 Fireball in  attempting   to  change  the   small col.  lar on the'big cinnamon bear for,a  larger one, as the former'had hecome  too tight, owing to the animal's rapid  growth.    All  efforts  proved futile  till someone conceived the idea      cf  making   the    bear  drunk,   and   when   ! ���������~  the sum suey was served up to him j ^s the Torji Viken will nol be in  soaked in bread, he ate it up eager- l"'til Saturday night or Sunday  lu, and   lapped up tho dish afterward.   '������orniin.g,     Tlie     Lodger   s informed  A few minutes later the fun began.   *hat   in  all   probability   theie      will  and   the  animal  careened  around   his'he no work tomorrow.  circle at a lively (gait,  gradually  be-j   coming  more and   moic unsteady    in |  his feet. ..Finally  he took a fall,  and  then  the  firemen  held him down  and  changed his collar.    He got up again  at'ler     the change,  but could hardlv  Particulars of the Outbr eak/Two  Hundred Were Killed in  Conflict  Cronsladl, Russia, Nov. 10.���������The 'joined by a battery of artillery from  mutiny here has been suppressed aii-1 lhe- fortress and which raised the to-  the mutineers who held the eastern tal numlver of the mutineers to 3,000.  section of the town have been arrest j^ jS difficult to obtain the exact  ed'. All  disorderly  elements have   number     of     casualties, but officers  been secured by  the policc. | place the figure al 200.   Many wound  Crondstadt,   No*v.   9.���������The  heavens  ;eu persons  are in hospitals.        The  reflected the glare of smoldering fires saji0rs say their chief grievances are  as   the  Associated /Press   corrcspon- j ,)o01-     [00(j and clothing, and an indent      approached   Cronsladl.   Upon  'sufficient     -amount  of   liberty  from  landing, however, hurried enquiry re-'barracks.  vealcd  the fact that tlie troops   and j    Roughs joined     in  the pillage but  thc loyal sailors had apparently the 'the     workmen  did not participate.  upper  hand.    Fighting  had ceased in , Mimy of the workmen and the civi-  the streets and the town was quiet,  jian  population have either fled    or  but fears are     expressed  that there jare trying to  flee the city with bag  might   be     further  trouble.  Tonight  'an,ci  household effects.  patrols are engaged in   hunting down |    At this hour (midnight) the city is  and  capturing the mutineers.       Tlie i ruii Df reinforcements  from Moscow,  outbreak started  yesterday afternoon and   they are  still  arriving.     Order  when   the sailors  of the, seventh fort  has been restored and  there was no  equipage revolted and,  it is rumored,  renewal of the trouble during theev-  killcd   some  of their  officers.     They |ening.   The fires are still glowing in  marched  out  of  the barracks      and  'the      market  and  another  group  of  immediately      plundered   four  spirit  .buildings.   The stores  and houses'are  shops..     Crazed with liquor, I hey re-  boarded up  at this  hour and troops  turned and  seized their arms      and    are  palroling  the streets.  then   went  on a" rampage,  firing  pro-      Searchlights   from  warships t     and  . miscuoi'sly  upon   the  troops and  the torpedo boats in the harbor are flash  loyal  sailors.    Later Ihcy  wcre join- ,ing across the waters in order     teed  by  many  of   their comrades  and  'aid  the launches in their search for  ficHins, continued  from   midnight un- (individual mutineers,  who are' trying  til late  this morning,  when the ter- t0 escape to the mainland  by boats.  ror-������trii'kon   inhabitants   ix\f.n      to   !Though a majority of the mutinesrs,  flee.   The lowest estimates  place the:have  surrendered several hundred aie  number of dead at fifty. still holding out in the, eastern  sec"-'  Several regiments with eight   ma-   tion of the town.   They'have thrown  chine guns from St. Petersburg and    up barricades hut are surrounded and'.  Oraniemhlum   were landed  today. machine, guns are posted,at   ill. Tne  During the rioting W'cdne'sday'night.  streets  leading  to their  stronghold.  machine gains, were employed against  It is  expected  that the remainder of  the mutinous sailors,  who had been    the mutineers  will submit tomorrow  the MARINE  A  steamer  KNGINEER-R   J Oil  plying  on the  Great  i  A GREAT CELEBRATION  Seattle,  Nov.   10.���������Peter  McBridc,  a Ballard bridge carpenter  and former foreman on a Great Northern tunnel,   an  experienced   powderman,   was  arrested today at the suggestion of  J. E. Ryno, as one of the men     implicated in the Great Northern" hold- j  up on  October 2.   The arrest.      was  made at McBride's  home,   and     was  ordered  qy Chief of  Police  Bennett,  of Ballard, to whom ��������� Detective Ryno  had outlined his case.  Alleged indiscreet remarks made by  McBride yesterday led to his arrest.  Ryno had been keeping the bridge  carpenter under surveillance for some  time, suspecting him of being connected with the holdup or having i a  knowledge of the gang that robbed  ���������the overland train just .north .( 1 al-  l������rd.  wall  of tin? mine.   Suit was entered  for  damages   and  proved   successful.  An appeal  was  taken,  however,    on  the  ground  that  the  jury's   verdict  was  perver.se  and  in  opposition     to  the evidence.    It  was contended that  the  learned judge should  have  taken  the case from tho jury,, so very clear  ly had  it  been  proved  that  the   deceased had  not taken the most ordinary precautions.   The learned judges  however,    after     hearing arguments  which  lasted all  yesterday  and  this  morning,   arr.'r.-ed  at  a decision   without apparent hesitation  and  dismissed     the appeal  out  of hand.  From  their   utterances  in  giving  judgment  it was  evident that  :hev considered  the fact that  the motor was  travelling   through   the  mine   without      a  headlight a very  important  factor  in  causing the fatality.  without interest, to women who  study medicine in Germany and Austria.  I 8 B S   ���������       '  : It is s-j-.iil that the wife of M. de  Witle is a Jewess, a fact that has  closed many doors to him in the  Russian court and .official c.rclcs, and  been a certain obstacle in his public  career.  ������   ������  8  Mrs.  Elizabeth Joy, 'wife of ex.Con  grcssman  Charles F.  Joy,  of        St.  Louis, is at the head of a movement  to establish a school  of philosophy in  Los  Angeles,   Cal.,   the*, institution  to  be located in a .temple of science   to  cost   $1,000,000.   o .   walk.   He made several attempts to Lakes many     years ago carried high  walk to the ]arge barrel in which he '���������<.���������������������������, f,r +,, ���������    ,    _   r.j. ,  ,.,������������������,.     ,, ,   ,       , ,      .,       ,   steam for those duvs���������fnty pounds per  sleeps,   but  he  always  wont  wide  of "  the  entrance.    Finally' he  gave  it up   ,s!*lilU'ci nch ������" ** very large and lighb  and spread himself out on the      dry   shell.      The     engineer on watch' wa's  sawdust floor of his run and-went to   down   n  the fireroom looking around  eep' j when a loud     tang came from one of  the boiitrs.        Instantly divining thc  cause lie looked  qncslioningiy  at  the  * head watch     tender vvho replied;'"Be  [jabhtrs,  1 ho;;e  that, ain't next door  Arrangements'arc being made  Lluo-   neighbor to     the  one-that let  go on  ugli-oui      the   Uiuied  Elates   ior   tne   (he other watch."  celebration  on    Thani.sgi.ing   clay,  of     'j-'nat startled  the -ri'JUi    anniversary of  the settlement     of     the Jews in     the  United  States,   and     representative   Jews in  every state and      territory are active  on     committees   ' appointed  to  take  charge of this  commemoration.      The  approaching      Thanksgiving   Day   will  thus:  have a-    special  significance  for  tl.** million and a quarter of Jews residing in  this land,  who win  fhon  in-  IN FRAIL CANOE  AMID ICEBERGS  Colonel Roy of Vancouver  Had  Strenuous Survey Tour  of Saskatchewan  A perilous trip of nearly four between huge masses of "floating ice.  hundred miles in a frail cance down j "Our troubles commenced when we  thc Saskatchewan river just as the were only one day out of Edmonton  stream was in thc first grasp of the on our way down the North Fork of  frost; king, beset by many perils,   and   the Saskatchewan,"��������� said Colonel Roy (  the engineer, for he  had not been (old o.f the other broken  brace; he al once stopped the blowers  and opened the doors, then shut the  stop valve between bailers and put  on the feed pumps as rapidiy as they  could go so as lo reduce pressure. Upon examination the next day it was  found that three braces liad given  way al or near each oilier, two h:t-  ,    ,.   ,.       , iing. S>     simultaneously    apparently,  udvj t.oii s     blessing on this  beloved  ail(f  often in iminent danger qf havj^ig  their craft crushed like an eggshell  between floating icebergs, is the exciting experience which Colonel Joseph R. Roy, Dominion government  engineer, has just gone through- in  the last few wec..<s.  The   strenuosity   of   Col uui   Roy's  trip    was all  due  to   the  fact  that  in modestly  relating some of his adventures.   "The  weather,   instead   of  moderating, as was expected, became  colder.       The     current was so swift  that  the  river   itself   did not  freeze  up, but the .large masses of ice which  wore  constantly  coming  down  made  matters    too  lively  to  be pleasan".  Anyone    who  knows  what  a cockle-  country, which, anv iiig the nations of  modern times, recognized the Jews  title to all the rights of man and ijer-  miits'd him, in common with all other member;-! of the body politic, io  worship (he Almighty Father arcord-  ���������ng to thc dictates of his own conscience.  In . 1G55, at a time when the terrors  of the Inquisition threatened the. Jew  who disregarded Spanish and '���������jj-tu-  guese edicts: of expulsion. when  France and most sections of Germany  were dosed lo iiim, and when Alouas-  seh ben Tsraei was about, to begin  liis only partially successful negotiations with Cromwell for a repeal oi  Edward T.'s edict of expulsion of tin*  ��������� lews from Enjrlan.t. the directors of  the K'iiich West Tndin Company, which  gPsVcrned New York at Ihe time ins-  slrucled Gov. Stuyvesant, with respect to a petition submit ted i*y professing Jews who had arrived at Now  Amsterdam   from   Brazil   the  year be  l fire, that      Jews "sliai". have pcrmis-������������������  'cion  that thc precautions taken  against a disaster, which would have  bet n terrible ii it had occurred, were  none tno soon. ���������Engineering iMagr-  ziiin  paiiy or the comii.uniiy, but !:e sup-  portcd;by their own na-ion." Coiitciii  porary construction of tli' ���������> ^r.ini  sh.nvs that it was nol; inteadel t-ibe  limited      by   unexpressed    coiidiWopis.  the     winter    came   on   about   three  -shell   of a craft   a Peterjfcy.rough  can-  weeks   earlier than   usual in tlio north ' oc���������and  a very  light one at that���������is,  i will  appreciate what  it is to  be in a  swift-running stream filled with float-  west this  year.    Acting   on   instructions received    from  thc engineering  department  of      the  federal   Department  of Lands and  Works,  Ottawa,  Mr. Roy left Vancouver several weeks  ago   to   make   an   inspection  of     the  Saskatchewan River between Edmonton  and  flludic.no   Hat.       He  made  the  trip  in  a   c;inoc,   for  no     othei  style  of  craft   would  be   practicable!  during thc period  of low  water     in  the fall.   Arriving  at  Edmonton  just  as  the first c,old snap of  thc season  was on,   Alt'. Roy was informed thai  although      there   was   thick ice   then  and  hence it   may  be  regarded  as the| nii.nlng  in the  river,   it  would     nol er bearing on its crest masses  first great charter   of civil  and  poiil- j last,      as the   river   had   never  been    sharp,   floating  ice  that  would  ing  ice  often attaining  a thickness of  several  feet above the water.    Every  time we stopped to take soundings  over a bar or  examined abend     or  narrow  point to ascertain if it could  be easily     dredged, we had to keep  dodging the     ice . which was coming  downstream.  "On the second day out we had j to  portage  around   an  ice   jam,   and after we had gone down the river several   miles this jam  evidently   uro.ee,  for a huge wave came down the riv-  of  soon  to sail     to and    tra.ie ;n New  POUND���������Small Ladies'  watch. Ow- Nelhcriand.    and     to live and remain  tier may have same by. applying    at  this  office.  icai rights made lo Jews in modern! known to freeze up so early in the have made pulp of our cance. Fortu-  times. But the American Jew em | year. 'Procuring a light Peterborough nately we saw it in time to get on  phasi/es, in this commemoration, the'canoe that could be easily portaged shore and remove our canoe to a  further fact that they are not mere'around any rapids they encountered, place of safety. But it was in as-  continent, but. without, reference to! and l-lfnty of provisions, the party ccmling the South Fork of the Sas-  rccent arrivals and inllriopcrs on this'started oil. Colonel Roy fortunately katchowan that our troubles reached  the very material aid they had afford-J.secured the services of three expert  rd to Columbus in forwarding his dis-l liid.an voyageurs, and although the  ooverins. and their very extensive set-1 aborigines of the Northwest .are not  liements in South America and thc'Klll'l1(iSfd to be particularly expert  West Indies during the period immev^ caiioemen, Mr. Roy states that  diateiv following the discovery, have' lie never saw such ski11 Wlth thc *)ad  been among the pioneers in the lanh- j "lc and exPcrtl*ess i[1 the manage-  entitled l0 be counted in priority of  settlement,     alongside, of the Pilgrim  their worst. There we found many  ice jams, and places where the river  expanded wi'th a consequent slackening of thc current. These spots were  froaen over in a number of places.  As the ice was too thick to force a  canoe through without injuring it,  nieni of a canoe. To the Indians' we has to make a number of portag-  ability,   he says,  he  owes  largply his 'es.    My  Indians  were mighty       glad  .17,11,..���������       i   ...     -i i j.,        lud.  in  escaping numerous cold baths  +i,���������r+   ���������.,.,, .- Katheis and   the Jamestown settlers.  , .,-        , J.,  tnert, piovided  the poor among tnetn        a ..-.������-������������������������     -n>    - -  n    - to say nothing of the chance of hav-  i J ���������American  Review   of  Reviews  shau not become a burden to '.he cprtft ' ing the frail craft ground to powder  when we finally reached .Medicine Hat  and 1 asstire you I shared their seiH  tinieiitsa"    __ .!___; j, j fr '  L*f>  r  mSim  DAILY LEDGER  ___e  ������5a-  *M  >.-:  >/  HE DAILY LEDGER  ,,���������"1  Published   every day except Sunday.  UY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  ,    OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  VRICE  tO cents  a  month;    55   per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates onjiP-  plication.   __-_-_^_^_s_Mssssss~stMS*sas-������s������-������������*s  FRIDAY,   NOV.   10, f9.0,!-  V.ilh but   a limited sum of money  at the.r disposal, it is impossible for  lhe citv council to do a great deal o.  street  improvement   work,  but       by  judiciously     expending      what  little  i.enev  they lunc had, they have man  a.rcd "to ropaii  the streets in a  Few  places      whore     repairs   wclc   badly  iLe-lc-d.   The  residents on the  top ot  High   _trcet   have   reason   lo  fuel s.at-  jshed, .'or al  that   place consuleiable  vork has been done  Ur.s  fall,  and m  i ther  I'liK-i-s  "i  vauous   juuts   oi   lhe  iov. ii   'u.e u-ad  foreman  and  ms  .*-  *,.units hai-i  been  bus;,   at  v.oik re-  icuily.    .IIUAI   JAI'AN   HAS  DUNK  IN KORKA  ttnlwi  a brief y?_.r  ami  a half,  and  inner lhe e.M_ennes of a  war,  Japan  3i.i_ -a������i������rtl     a Partial     control oi the  -.oie-ii  al'.airs  and   ihe  local adm.n.s-  iraiun. awl     a complete mastery o\-  cr  the transport aUon, communication  uurency, na\igalmn,  and iisiienes,  oi  "_*.orea, and thus has succeeded in lay-  jnr   a broad  foundation  for  the  economic nii-jrpr.se     therein  of an mdus-  ���������U'.ii  iiauons  of the  world.      Side by  bide -nnhihe activities ui the author-  iUc*.   nri\_lc citizens  ol"  Japan have  ju^iat'cd m     large uumbcis into Ko-  lea,   Miiere  they     are now located m  -tens      oi thousands,      and  the cntue  peninsula is  aueady   assuming  an air  oi  great  fennunlation.      The  schools  aie  fined   with  pupils,   periodicals ami  books   are   eagerly      bought,   men  ol  ,-llie two natio-nalilies arc 30sti|ing each  other,  and   the local  oiliciais  arc subjected  to   the     merciless  scrusiny  oi  thc unwelcome foreigners.     The oJilei  peiypie  are  compelled   by   circumstances  to adjust themselves to the fasl-  gr .wing new surroundings,  while the  youngct generation are fo,rceil, Ui spite  of Iheii.seUes,  lo lake more and more  heed oi what passes in a sphere Viiicr  than   that   of their   sair-intcrest.      On  the one hand, "the, war helped rather  than hinilcLcd trade,"  said an  American consular report, "the commercial  highways    -being held open.      Cereals  yielded large crops and soi'd hlgh,^������oth  Japan  and     Russia  buying.      Labor  was  abun.lanl'y     supplied with work  at good wages-    ".Inch of this had to  do with the movement or troops. This  broughs in minions     or dollars of unexpected and unusual money."���������Atlantic.  ^WWV-_mWtfWWVYW .it tit ������i ^-.  Z������ Clearing: .old fur- !il   SnnnrAr    We make Roller 94  Clearing :oId fur- J)  SpeilCei\  nittire,  25c.   off NANAIMO,  nisi   on every dollar. Ltd.  We make Roller *������  Blinds to order.  They are Guaranteed.  PAY DAY SPECIALS  Commercial St. Store-  10 Pes- Mens' Heavy Wo-oi Dib-  bed  I'nderwcai���������Sold   Everywhere��������� 50c.  Each,  Special Ea. 25c.  Two     Suits  Only      lo   Each  Costume.   37 Pi. Mens' Boxcalf and Jion-  goia Lace Shoes A good filter and neat styles. Ah si/i*;.  R.-MUiar  .V-.i)0  and   M 00.  Fpecjaj_$i_9f)  ^J&  C escent Street Store-  >1 25   TO     2 IT,   DKF.SS  C:OOl)S, 7fjc  Ne\f.      lias  theie heiii s.iifli_a  snap Dftss Goods oliering bt-  ture    They consist of Tweeds,  tloisackiiigs.   l-'ancy   Woi.--t.>'ls.  /cbelmcs,  fanc.N   black  materials,  and  many  other  classes  of goods.         In    many cases  .they  are suit lengths   only.  They range in width from 4*1  lo     ii'l nuhs's.   The     regular  prices     v. ere $1.23,  to  $.2.23  per yaid.   An  one price,   Per Yard 75c.  Dress making on the premises  in charge of Hiss Pcrrin, late  of Toronto. l-'irst-cinss work  ���������moderate prices-  lie.   FLANNKl.tiTTE,   5c.   Yd.  CO Pieces     plain Saxony F'an-  nfiet'te in pink, white and blue,  10  yards     only   to each customer,  regular 7Ac.   for  Per Yard 5c  $13 30   SILK  BLOUSES,   $4.95  These compri.se the  best     that I  ever     entered     our    store���������We'  '"ant to make a complete clear-  I'/ix;*���������-They arc  made  of  the  fin- l  est     quality   Oil   Taffeta���������Peau  dc-Soie and  Japanese silk.  Colors car-iinal,   white,   grey, sky,  pin!-,   maize,   etc.    Handsomely  braid   appliques.    Values  up   to  tiimmed   with  lace  and       silk  $13.10  Your Choice, $4..95'  M.2ii   CHILDREN'S*  COM.UNA  TION'   UNDERWEAR,   50c.  Two    (liven      Children's   Un-  si'irin' able      Wool   Com! Ration 2s*  liNDICRWlOAR.        They       arc        ^  wi>i*lh  7-3 cents  wholesale. They  will fit children and misses from ,  six to  fifteen  years old!  Special   Priie,  Each 5oc. |  MILLINtRV DEPT.  Two Special lines of Ready-  lo-Wear -HATS ready for Saturday  at  $i.oo and $i,5o  Rach   worth  double.  Carpet Department  Seven  pieces 'best1' quality  Canadian Oil-cloth, good patterns.  We  arc  discontinuing   this    'ne.  2 yds and 2A  yds  wide on'y,  li'cgular 50c.  sq  yd  for  40c/ i  BAR SVMZtfLV WITH BBS*  WINES, LIQUORS, CIOARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Beat accomodation in town.   Splendid hantinR and flshhw In, n������^icimty. ^  A. J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Railway  ' >������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������.  Time Table No. 57,  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  ���������FFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCT. 21st, 1905.  Trains leave Ladysmith for Victoria and all  intermediate stations    at  ���������. 9.10 a.m. daily, and at 4.00 -p.m. on Wednesdays,     Saturdays  and  Sun-  1 days.  Good tables and good.  '   Trains  leave Ladysmith for "Wellington and  all  intermediate stations  Rooms aJ*  11-57 a.m. daily,  and at 6.00 p.m.  on Wedr* days,  Saturdays  and  PORTLAND  JOHN GOGO.PROP.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  .Sundays. . , ��������� -  ���������EXCURSION TICKETS ON SALE TO AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  'good for  going journey Saturdays and Sundays, returning not later than  the followiag Monday. i   Steamer Joan   Sails' from Ladysmith for Vancouver every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and  retiming sails fr*ai Vancouver , for Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  The New Western Hotel  Good rooms,     good beds, and good board.  Our Bar is newly fitledup ami well supplied an1 is in cha-        '  JOS. PELLIQR1NELLI  85 Govt. Street, Victoria B.C.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist. Freight &.'Pass. Agt  ���������>  This  Hotel  has   been completely    Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  renovated.  HOTEL-   PRETORIA  JOHN TttA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  Liquors and Cigars.  -: Ladysmith B.C.  J . _2aL.   Km  RESTAURANT  Cor. 5th Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c and Upward  J221   Freight paid  on any parcels $5 00  or over.   See     that you  get ourflC^  ���������ssl?   Fashion Sheet and Special Ihii delivered oh Friday. ^^  ^m   ���������^^^-^-^= =  The Skibbereen (Ireland) board of  guardians has decided to replace the  'chairs in the boardroom with substantial benches, but vetoed a suggestion to fasten them to the floor  after the clerk had pointed out that  in ihat case they would be of no  use in a fight.  ������   ������   ������   ' .  ?.Iarie     Sweet of Boston,_ daughter  of Colonel  Owen Jay Sweet, U.S.A.,  ���������was  tlio first  American girl  to      bo  coveted for a wife by the sultan     of  .Sulu.  pesiceiy  Limited  5S Nanafmo,  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal   lands   may  be   purchased at $10 per acre for soft, coal   and  S20  for   anthracite.   Not  more  than  320 acres cau be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per  ton of 2,000  pounds    shall     be  collected   on  the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance, ol  ���������J7.50 per annum for an individual,  and'from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,  having  discovered  mineral in place,- may locate a claim  1,500 x  1,500  feet.    The  lee  for   recording  a claim is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim' each  year or paid   to the  I  Self  m  I  I  1  Solid  leather  0   in.  .Miners'  or  Prospectors'  Boots;  made with outside counters  waterproof      chrome  grain  leg. besf !   veal kip, V vamp  and full   ��������� bellows-tongue t0  the     top-, a  broad  toe Last  with double     sole and  slip,  Klondike eyelets mid     hooks.  "Practically      indestructible.   %  For sale by all  dealers.  MANUFACTURED BY  IF  mining recorder in lieu thereof. Winn  $500 has been expended  or paid, the  locator   may,   upon  having  a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre. ������������������'...*.   '  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2_ per cent on  the sales.  ''  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet sepjare; entry fee $5, renewable yea;ly.  - A free miner may oMain two leases to  dredge  for  gold  of  five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation.within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles.  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate  of 2i per cent collected on the out-  j put after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the In-  ?rior.  TH6 CITY MRRK6T  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent hoarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  aMy furnished. and the bar is up-to-  d*������te. Rates $1.00 a day and up-  w vrds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Erylamain '^-: :���������: ������������������: '������������������'��������� Lady-initk  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates $1.25 and$1.50���������  F.ee baa to all steamboat landing! and  railway depots.   Electric care every five  minutes to all parts of  the city. 'Bar  and table.unexcelled.  F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST., VANCOUVER B, C.  ti Kead Down Kead Up  ���������   9 p.m. I.v.   Victoria   Arr.   4 00 p. in.  8.00 p. m. l.v.     Seattle      Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p. m, Arr.   ��������� Everett    Arr. 7-3������ a.m.  9.30 a. in.'Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45  P '������ |  6.25 p.in Arr.    Rexford   Arr 12.30 P- ������������.  8.10   p. m, Ar.    Elke   Arr.  10.142 a. m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   l.v.9.55 a, in.  ONE,-NIGHT  To ������u Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close Connections'  For     Chicago, Toronto.  Montreal and  All Points East & West  Acetylen*     Lighted     Cars/'  >    Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining   . Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library Observation'     Cars  Through . tickets and'bag-.,  (age checks to an points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations and .complete  information cad on or address,  S. Q. Yerlces       E. R. Stephen  A.G.R.A. .     G.A.G.N. Ry.  Seattle-. Victoria,  B.C.  THEJ0NES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooff Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ii  V  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  R.P /.RITHEtV,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :���������: ������������������. .-: :-B.C  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woobank  Proprietors.  Modem and     Strictly First Claas.  Commercial Mens' headaaarters.  Fire Proof    Building.  TICKET   OFFiCE  ���������o���������  Cor.  Government      and  Yates St3.,  Victoria, B. C-  3  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  I  (T. J. Wcllman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.E. Depot and  steamboat wharves'. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets. Telephone, 1���������4.  HENRY'S NURSFRICS  NEW CROP-  HomeGrown Ac. Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  ��������� .HODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS. _____  .For Spring: planting.   Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  8010 Westminster  Road,   Vancouver;,  PAINTING,        PAPEkri AN0.ING  '-  42TC.  Work done properly and at riizhi  prices. Shop and residence in reai  of Ladysmith Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Prop  ���������^.'a^'*^.**^.*-^^.'*^.'*^.**^.1*^^  I     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  i  R. Williamson Prop  .st. Avenue  Ladysmith B. C.  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  Telephone^.  The   Ladys :11th   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   A S'D   LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a  Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dr '-.sed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mou.Jings, Etc , of the Best Quality.  Reasoned   and   Kiln  Dried   Flooring     anu  Finishing    Lmmbex  ia    Stock.  cTUONEY TALKS/-  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, QQLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Wofksat  LADYSMITH, B-. C.  Convenient to E. & IN. Ry. or the Sea  i  I  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  I General Manager.  W. J. WATSON,  Smelter Manager.  K&K&9;ik*i-&*?&*i& ������S'fe*>'fe sHi'feW'fe* KtdctW^<ikK1^tk9ii^1^i4M*4c9i9c������  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subject- taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng, in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in. classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  tAdysmith. B   O.  If you like   A  smooth,  easy  shave,   an even,  ' well-finished     beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  Y������u will go t������  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI ORS  HIGH STREET.  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited,"  p *  Tickets on sale to an Eastern   and  Southern points at lowest rratcs.  Up-to-date     Pullman   and     Tourist  sleepers      on  aU  trains.  Dining  Car  service  Unsurpassed.  Steamship tickets on- sale to and  from an Emopcan points. Canin accommodation reserved by  wire.  CHRISTMAS   RATES   NOW    IN  -EFFECT-  For furthsr particulars call 01  write the olliee. Pbone Main 456.  A. D.  Carlton E.  E.  Blackwood  A.G.P.A., N.P., General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   t1������  the  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacifi������  Coast. /  THE.   SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  1 BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL,' CH* '  CAGO, OMAHA, KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER.  General  .Agent,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle.  AS  LOUD TO US  AS   ANYONE.  IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR  MEAT   YOUR   HOLLARS  W  ILL   GO  FURTHER  IF  YOU   BUY  FROM US   Oisr Cash Prices Oannof Be Beaten   [PAWNELL   &    FLASKET!  GEO. YUEN  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ^        W*  B   C  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE,  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLT.  BAKED AND FRESH,  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  HARTLEY - GISBO.RNE  Member  Can.   Society of   Civil Engineers  Member Institution of Electrical Engineers,] England  Member  International  Electrical  Congress   at St. Louis, 1904  ���������Electrical Engineer���������  T. O. SOX 367.  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOjI  None bn   Union Labor   Employed.  fi J. ������QOTft, Prop  .. ..Dea ers In  Pianos and  Organs  Lady snath, B.C  ��������� Dr. Dier can be found at  any time  at his office on High storet. His dental work is guaranteed '0 lie first-  class and rates reasonaldu st.  HILBERT  * DAltV LEDGER  ���������"���������n  ij-.ru  mm  ! *^r*^*'h*^9i  ">M-4-:- ���������:������������������4'���������i������������������':������������������!���������*4-!*4-*H-^������������'^���������>rH-^-*  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO*-B.lC.  /lanufacturers of the  ������������������l  COTTON   IN  A  FABKIC.  In |British Columbia  ,���������������    Lager Beer an J Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  from the   Best Canadian  Malt Run   hops  JH****f--H~;{~MrH������^I~H^  Too much canhot be said cf  our ,     | i i I ;l  CARPET DEPARTMENT  The patterns are prettier, than   ever,  the     qualities ���������   higher,    more  beautiful     harmony of coloring.   Everything- thai can add to artistic     ���������  appearance and y_l. combine superb wearing     qualities, is the story  of this Department.  f OPI THIS WEEK  We arc making a special showing of , '.  \/\  BRUSSELS CARPETS  iloiv  to  Tell   if  "WorHleil   or   V/ooIea  Clotlm Are Adulterntcil.  Worsted cloths are loss often adulterated than woolens and are more easily  detected. A cotton worsted is a lie on  the face of it, for tbe cotton stands out  with prominence. But often a cotton  thread is twisted with a worsted  (bread, and to defera-ino its presence  it is only necessary to take the twist  out of the thread and then examine its  component'parts.  Cotton, having; a Ions staple, can be  carded and combed wilh wool to b6  spun into worsted yarn. This is dono  to cheapen the cost of production. Cotton is carded nnd spun with wool and  shoddy, not so much to cheapen tlio  yarn, for col ton is generally as expensive as some shoddies, but is introduced to Rive strength or spinning  Dualities lo the stock. In many cases  tho shoddy is of such short staple that  it would not stand tho drawing in  ppibiiing, and, as it would make the  ���������-���������ost of the yarn too high lo put in  enough. wool to give tlmt lacking  strength, cotton is put in for this pu.*  ,josc v 1  The percentage 'of cotton in a fabric  '���������an be determined in this mnirier:  Take a small piece of cloth ami weigh  ... Now boil it for five minutes in ;i fi  per cent solution of c:u)*-;t'.e soda. Take  out wiial is left, ami. if any, it is nil  cotton. Tho wool will nil lie dissolved.  The porcontnpt* of shoddy ennnot be determined except by experience.  A cloth'or yarn with shoddy in it is  easily detected by itFi feel. Cloth in uie  of all new wool is softer feeling Cian  one contnining shoddy, for the latter  iias lost that now, soft, springy feel  peculiar to wool.���������American Wool- nnd  Cotton Reporter.  i  RADIUM AS MEDICINE.  Great times, these. Hard work to  keep up with the procession. Must do  it, 'though. Seen "the latest thing  in medicine?" Radium rays, X-rays,  all other rays from A to Izzard that  have been or may be discovered are  to be stirred up to "m;pc and mingle  and blend" witji medicines. Two X-  rays pellets for an adult just before  going to bed. One radium tablet before each meal. Well! well! as the famous New York baseball 'Han" the  man with the loudest voice in the  world, is wont to howl to the reverberant skies; what times arc these.  Wouldn't the rays from cucumber sun  shine be found of "great therapeutic  value"' in cases of cholera morbus?���������  "With the Procession," Everybody's  Magazine.  ���������   ���������   ���������  LEARN  TO LOAF.  $125  YARD-MADE  In crimsons, greens, fawns, and bUie  colorings Floral and oriemlfcai designs   Samples Submitted ������������������  $1251  YARD���������MADE  k  SnoceNM I'rolonprM  1.: re.  It is now well known that increased  complexity of life with increased ex  penditure distinctly aids longevity  Luxury, "the fertile parent of a wlible  family of diseases," modifies it greatly,  of course, but this is a manageable fac  tor, says lhe Loudon Chronicle. We  have only, to recall personal experience  to realize the force of intellectual stirn  illation. The interest of sport will sustain men without fatigue for distances  they otherwise could not traverse. Thc  excitement of strife will often mask  thc presence of wounds. Self forgelful-  aess in all the walks of life, under the  stress of b love, chivalry or accepted  duty, doubles human endurance. Success gives new vitality, new powers,  aud this is another name for new Iii*  BULGING GUN BARRELS.  '    Learn lo loaf!  The man who knows  nothing but     success and   money  is  thu pcorcsl of men.   The   man '   who  knows  how  to   take and enjoy  a lit  lie li'isure is more fortunate. 'Rut .the  man      who  is educated  to  the  point.  . where,   he cm   do a truly  artisldc  .'oh  of loafing  is possessed  of  one of the  greatest     gifts  of mankind,  lie has  contentment,   happiness,   comfort   and ''*'T_e  Voyage of'the Discovery,"   b  peace.    And   the man who knows  on-j Cart. Robt. F. Sen, I, R.X., publish-  ]y how to make  money has none   ofjed by the Scribners.  these.���������Exchange. __-_-______-_-_-----_.-_ .  ���������   ���������  ���������  NO LAND MAMMALS  IN   ANTARCTIC CIRCLE.  any of the southern hemisphcr_ land  masses and the Antarctic continent.  There is  every  probability   that     in  I  some bygone age the Antarctic land I  mass acted as abiidge between some j S.  of  the      southern continents,        but.  ���������  whatever it may have done 'of service j  in the distribution of types for them,  it has apparently done little ornotlil  ing*  for  itself.    Separated  now       by j  some hundreds  of  miles  of very stor-i  my ocean from the nearest hah'itab'le  lands, with currents of  wind and water  all      setting   in  precisely       the  wrong direction,   it maintains   .n almost perfect barrenness.  The Anbarcty* continent   now Jijoasts  of   vegetation  which includes  a  f������w  low forms of moss and lichen, and a  terrestrial  fauna,   which  consists  of  one  minute and  primitive form      of  wingless  insect.    Of the whales    and  seals and birds, the last named'alone  have any   pretension  at all to  a terrestrial habit      of life,  in  that they  use the moraines  and rocky cliffs of  the     continental    .shores as nesting  sites.    Rut they are all  pelagic   sea  birds.  Yet in this exceedingly unpromising );.n:l of barren reck and ice llu*iu  are forms of lifv which are to;Ik* met  with nowhere else, and in this fact  Mis lhe interest that attack's to a  slii.'lv  nf   the  Antu'ctic   famia.���������From  IT PAYS TO BUY  Wein robes  I  GIVEN AWi  Silverware & Jewelry Will be Civen Away FR  E  HERE ARE A  FEW OF T HE  LATEST  DESIGNS   IN   ELEGANT   SILVERWARE   AND  JEWELRY,  WHICH-WE  ARE  GIVING AWAY  FREE  AND  WITHOUT CHARGE.  It will give you a ch'ance to get      Christmas gifts for your  friends without paying a c ent for them.  I  Our prices are the low est     and you     Can get  10  per cent,  hack for every  dollar's worth  of goods purchased in our store.  SILVERWARE  CTORIA.B.G"  ^,r;.;-.*i������.tf*23^^  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill Sharpened  by  .������������������-  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.  -   Shipsmittiing   in   al1     its   Qranhe s  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  Buller Street   -    -    - Ladyarriith, b  C  \x>  L\ DYSMITH TRANSFER CO.  4f*-4*       ^  A'I  i  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY.         Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots  ford.  Leave orders at   the  WILLIAMS AN?   V \ ������ IS I"  14-f������4-f-f������4^-M-M--M-f-f-f-f-f *f ���������*���������*���������������  *  *  LIVERY, BOARDING AND       |  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *  *  * PHONE 66  ��������� ������  ^���������3(s���������������������������^���������*���������*���������^���������^���������*���������������������������������*'���������*���������'*���������*'-.^���������'*������������������*���������*���������*���������^���������*���������3K.���������**  Tie Ruts. That Ia Wroii_-ht by Careless Handling-.  I have Bold suns for ten years, and  in that time four of them have had  their barrel* bulged, one by snow, one  by dirt, on* by sand and one by something else getting into It    One man  crawling through a fence got a little  .snow in the muzzle.   He could not remove it with his finger, so concluded  to wait and shoot it out, which he did,  but he found a bulge like.a pullet's egg  ������n the end of the barrel.   Another got  some earth in the muzzle and shot it  oat, and be, too, found the same kind  of a bulge en the end of bis gun.   Another fired his gun at ducks, which  knocked him over on his back and fairly gofaway from him.   When he picked up the gun be found a narrow raised  band around tbe barrel fourteen inches  from the muzzle.   In this case a wad  had probably lodged there.   This customer thinks the manufacturers ought  to give him a Dew set of barrels.   I tell  him if the barrels had not been good  ones It would have been a burst instead of a bulge, which might have  maimed or killed him.   Another man lying on a point brought down a duck with j  a broken wing which scurried for the  ���������water.    The man ran and struck the !  duck with the muzzle of ihe gun and j  in so doing got sand In it    He blew '  most of it out and shot out the rest of j  It    Well, after that shot he found a ���������  little blister two inches from the mue-  _le about the size of a man's little fin- !  ger. i  Moral.���������Do not shoot obstructions of  ���������ny kind out of your gun if you value  your life or giiu.���������Uncle Dan in Amu-  tsw- arMwrainaR-  "Therc are no land mammals, properly so called, within the Antarctic-  circle. There are'no south polar  bears; there are no Antarctic foxes;  there are no large mammals of any  sort or kin-d {save whales, which live  entirely in thc water, and seals,  which spend more than half of their  time there.  "Geology    has.not disclosed to us  any lost  A'ntarlic mammalian  fauna,  although  it has suggested  to us thc  possibility   .' that at one time there  was   a climate,   and   perhaps   vegetation,      that     might have  suited  it.  There arc deep  and difficult questions  upon which it  appears right  lo hold  whatever theory best suits our immediate reriu.rcmonls,   as lo  the various  connections     'and      communications,  whether or land or  ice,  which  have  or   have not existed between all    or  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I.  thc  undersigned, will apply at the next  regular      sitting      of    thc  Licensing  Board     on     December 15th for  the  transfer  of  the retail  liq.uor  license  held  by  me for  the Wheat-heat;   hotel, located in Cedar District,       to  Enoch Sage,  of Nanaimo.  JAMES YATES,  Cedar District,  Nov.  7th,  1905.  d crea:,i pitchers  flj   SUGAR HOWLS  |] BUTTER PLATES <fe  KNIVES  jjrC'AKU PLATES  I   FRUIT DISHES  jf   CRYSTAL AND SILVER  I - BREAKFAST  CRUET  FANCY   DECORATED CHINA  RREAKKAST  CRUET  DESSERT FORKS  DESSERT KNIVES  WELRY  !  GENTLEMAN'S'  WATCH GOLD  FILLED & SOLTD   SILVER  MENS' GOLD PLATED  CTlAiivS  LADIES'  SOLID GOLD RINGS  MENS'" SOLID GOLD RINGS  LADIES'   GOLD  BRACELETS.  LADIES'S   BROOCHES  B������ S. Weinr be,  Subscribers who do not receive th.:  Ledger regularly will confer a favor  on the publishers if they will drop a  posl-cnrd to that effect, or leave  word at the office. Every effort is  made tc have papers delivered regularly, but it ds not always possible.  If we are not notified that a pap_r is  not regularly delivered we have no  way of knowing this and correctirg  -the mistake.  HIGH STREET,  LADYSMITH, B.   C  Its  AND  Great    Resources  LADYSMITH J  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  BUGGIES FOR HIRE ���������:���������: :���������: See J. KEMP, or leave orders vith  BLAIR &   ADAM  FIRST AVENUE  ���������PHONE 2-4.  W. SILER.  GENEKAL hXPRESS AND  DELIVEKY  WORK PROMPTLY  no^,/  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  M. R. SIMPSO  Solicitor,  Ete.  Money  to   Loan  t Avenue -      IADYSM  LADVSMITH  AERIE     NO.  686, F.  0. E.     :���������:        :������������������        ������������������'���������        ���������1  Meets In the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President- B. Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary, C. H. Rummings.  QUEER   USES   OF  THE TELEPHONE.  Abundance   of   amusing   and   statistical  proof of  the approach   of such  an  era of  universal  telephony  as  is  implied in 20 per cent,  development  is not hard ,to find.   Newspapers   give  publicity    to all    sori.s-.Qf ingenious  schemes   for  utilizing  Mr.   Bell's    invention in heretofore unheard-of'ways  This  ���������instrument  has come  to  be of  assistance in about all  the vocations  and1    avocations      of   the   every-day  world.      Not only  has  it  annihilated  time      and   space  on   the  superficial  earth,   but  the  Norwegian  fishermen  drop  into thc ocean depths     a   line  with  telephonic attachment by   which  the swish  of thc approaching herring  codfish  or  mackerel is  communicated  to   the anxious  listeners  above.     In  some of the most delicate operations  of      hospital  surgery   the   telephone  proves helpful, and in ordinary medical practice   the country  mother  rises   lhe baby,   to  the transmitter    in  order that the physician in thc     village  may  determine whether or  not  the  cough   iS'croupy.    Concerts  have  been   transmitted nioro or  less     successfully over .the wires, and Sunday  morning  preaching effectively  conveyed.    After a recent revival,  in  which  scores of eager  "seekers"  had   put in  their  request for  prayers,   lhe  evangelist handed his secretary  a  list of  names   with  their  telephone  numbers  and  with  the instruct ion.'  "Just call  up each one, of these sisters and ���������'broth  ers tomorrow morning, and ask them  how  it goes  with their souls.      Tell  them  to keep on with  their  prayers  and  inform  them  that  1 am  praying  for them right along."  No part of British Columbia today offers so many advantages to  the  investor as docs  VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Its  vast and  varied natural wealth has never been  as yet thoroughly  appreciated by reason of thc fact  that it has ncvei   been  promiently  laid  before the public.  COAL GOLD  TIMBER SILVER  F1SII IRON  GAME COPPER  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  BOOTS & SHOES  AT RIGHT PRICES  Repairing and M akingto  Order a Specialty  THO/IAS  /VICE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  NOTICE.  From     this  date the  undersigned  will not  be responsible  for any indebtedness '  incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V. I.  EXPLORATION &  DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1905.  NOTICE.'  Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned wifl appiy at tho n������xt regular sitting of the Licensing Baard  for the transfer of Uie retail liqusr  license held by him for the Portland  Hotel, located on lot 5, block 2, 1st  Avenue,   City  of Ladysmith,  te Joii;i  Gogo. ANGELO   TATE.  Russell  Simpson,  Solicitor  for applicant.  Ladysmith, B.   C, October 4,   1905.  Its Vast Agricultural Resources  Its land,  when properly cleared,    will grow uli������osl any  product of the  soil  known   to  man,  WHEAT  OATS  VEGETABLES  OF  ALL   KINDS  APPLES.  PRUNES  PEARS  RYE  A  WONDERFUL  SOIL  FOR.SMALL      FRUITS    AND     BERRIES.  The Canadian Pacific Company will   adopt   a liberal   land   policy,   and  Hit     1,500,000 acres controlled     by    them will be disposed of on reason-  LEDG  Office  Colds  I  Me  terms  to actual  settlers  Government lands can be secured  and     money can be made by  those  who desire  a new  home in a country   possessing the  BEST CLIMATE  In the World  THE DAILY LEDGER, Ladysmith, will   supply   any   information   ob-  who contemplate   a visit  with  a view  of  investment  if  tainable  to  those  conditions are found  as advised.  Is the centre of thc great coal mining  district;      a beautiful Harbor,  where hundreds or great colliers come in  e.ach year.  LADYSMITH  IT  IS  THE  JUNCTION  OF THE      LINE     FROM    VICTORIA   TO  VANCOUVER, and will continue to   grow it?  '.mportance as the  Island is  developed. *  Subscribe for and read THE  DAILY LEDGER, LADYSMITH, B. C.  1st   Avenue  5  S  It ahoold be banc fat ariad that  every cold weakens the ronga, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for fie more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest dastroyers ������f hnmam life,  pneumonia and consomptioo..  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoratian, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting s speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pnenmonia.  'Price 25c, Larte Size 50c.  ~ <&������38g!BM$*^3SB5SWS&biiMBBaRI  ���������a  Public  Notice   |  Attention Is called to  ''.he   fact that the  OgHvie   Flour Hills Co ,   Limited  makers of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly  improved  and  purified  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured  control ot    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising  the  public  that any  unauthorized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will be prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  are tlie    only    millers in Canada wliose     IFIoiar  is pnx'ified by tlie   electric process mmmmm  ���������*y-,^ ,  W       -!������������������'���������  V V^SSJAYS-t,  .;>v  THE   DAILY    LEDGER  f~?-j* j-i?...".   ���������ti1-." i-.n.iisHi_ii:   r^Vis!* ii!*!.1.  ���������_2E������.:  ;_aie.  __������  [������01 inns  ������Ks  .WANTED���������A good general servant in  private house.   High  Wuges.   AppV  23., Ledger Office.  Aid.  D. Nicholson  was a passenger  to Victoria on this   morning's nam.  T.  White went down  the line 0n a  shooting expedition this morning.  Steamers     for charter on the coast  are not loo readily found.  It will take a couple of months or  more yd  to finish  the grad.ng   for  the Extension short line.  ��������� o"���������  A. L. Davis, 0f Xanaamo, passed  through Ladysinilh on tiie 9 o'clock  train   tin's  morning.  The  firm  ,n Is  J ceil Ior fall and winter use.  of  Blair &  Adam are  getting ,n large supplies of hay and  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANWNG  Neatly and Artistically Done  &.  ROEDDiNG  Orders  Promptly   Executed   i       LADYSMITH  ousc Tonight  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  IHE EGYPTIAN CONCERT AND REMEDY COMPANY  *���������������������������������������������������������������  Entire-   Change of  gram Tonight.  CHILDRENS'  READY-TO  WEAR  HATS  * '*} ft\  We still have a few  left of those "$2.00 and  $3.00 hats that we are  disposing of at���������  $30���������Per acre for 5-acre blocks 1 mil*  ���������*     fiom City.  $370���������Cash secures a fine residence m  the choicest part of the city. Only  3,2-11 more to pay nt the rate of  $12 per month.' Owner has invested over $1)00 in improvement:*.  Water laid   on.  Fine garden.    ____������������������__���������-____���������. t  $280���������Cash    and   $400 on  mortgage  buys  two   lots each  00x120 only a  few   yards   from   post-office.     Fine  investment.  ( Judge F. McB. .Young is down from,  Atim, where he has been hearing aiid  I.-as disposed of a largo number of  Mining (.ascs.        TJ]e jU(ige w.M spcii(i  li month  with   friends in  Nanaimo be-  fsjre going nortj, a,raj,u  Messrs.  Panncll  &  Plaskett     contemplate lighting up their place with  ������ small  electric light  plant.   It will  I e Hone provided satisfactory arrant  ������ enis can be made for power.  It is stated that Cariboo Sinclair  fumed,.��������� 0, Ladysmith, is i��������� Seattle'  ���������a-������I  that he has nol  .as vet entirely  Alaska,    lie expects   to  he  in  Ladv-  ������������������������ during the fall  or winter ,  Mtest i'hTy Ri,ljam!' S   R-Crocfcef.  iltcSt ,)00k'     ami The l>assing 01- tJ  H  can  be readily   understood    whv  men who have ���������0 ;���������aCc t(J sl >  to     go  to bed  at nig-ht,   but  ihoRD  jao have Show a very peculiar dispose 'nn ln icinaining Up all night. IL  is a most reprehensible practVc  sl oul.'l be discouraged bv all  citizens.  New  Songs,   Dances, Acrobatic   and  Juggling Acts  SOGAAL DANCE  after Concert on Saturday  CLO. INiC WITH  A ROAltlXCi FARCU COMEDY  ���������A CROSS R  vince. He has,     to say the least,  shown  that he     lacked very much  in  judgment-  c  nnd  good  Win.   Fraser,  ,, Worshipful   Master of  ������-e     local   I(,dge ol  F. arK,  A  ������������������with   his   .subordinate   officials  th-  members,  entertained  ���������visitors  to the complete satisfaction  of  the men who  are  so  unfortunate  as not lobe local residents.  M.,  and  their  late  At the Opera House last evening  a. \.rii-r*ncd house assembled to listen  to tlie songs, joi.es and amusing, pr0-  gnun or the Egyptian Rc_,������lv ana  Comedy Company. The.program was  varied and wen carried out. The  songs we.e good and the farce ainus-  ������n_. The barren pnze tight was de-  claiod a draw between Jcffiics and  Cor bet t,  ami each     received  Just now it looks as ir there might  be a split in the Yancouvci Laercisc  Club before the next season begins.  News comes ;i i\\n the hill that Mount  Pleasant feels that it has alcam good  enough lo work alone, and, truth, to  ten. Mount I'leasaiit is stiong- ' Correspondence has been going on for  some time between certain players,  and the correspondence is producing  effects. A meeting was held in ���������\|i'i-  \alc  liouse  the otlier night and ssev-  ir���������i   oiliciais     m*'the Alount  Picas, nt ���������    A  r.ir.llhouse nca_  ���������ijneheadf   En,g-  (Jub   weie     there,  sa\s a  Vancouver hiuili  is slLuatcll in so d_ep a hollow  pajcr.   h'.ery     man  ay. reed     thai  a Uia(   for   three  moii*ths  of   tlie   year  stioisg Jaciossc     twelve could  bo luit  tiu. SU11|\S r-iys do not fall  upon it.  Action  will ho  uil-sU ��������� ^   + * +  PECULIAR AND PERTINENT.  Among elephants both sexes of the  Al'iieau      species   have   ivory   tusks,  while in   Asia these are generally re-  sti ictcd to the male.  ��������� ���������   ���������  A  crab caught recently   in the English   channel   measured   three      feet  trom Up to tip of claws and0weighed  ne.nlv   In  pounds.  ��������� ���������   ���������  EACH  to W W  The last bunch of  Ladies' Ready-to-wear  Hats that arrived .from  New York are nearly ail  gone hut We Expect  More to amve in a Few  Days���������  Walters &  $500���������Cash and balance on time buys  two first-class     store* in business  portion of city.  i .  For Rent���������A nice store on First Avenue.  For Rent���������A  nice two-roomed store ,  For     Rent���������Nice  two-roomed cabin  near station.  OLD COUNT!?!  Boots&  Deeds,   Wills,    Mortgages,  Contracts and   Agreements  Drawn.  J. STEWART  Conveyancing     *      Notary Public  Phone,  3. ''    ' ��������� ., i  P.  O. BOX 268  Appointalents may be made at any  time for  dental  \vork at Dr.  Dier'g  j on High street st  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUCE  0������$  We carry a Large and Varied  Assortment of OLD COUNTRY  BOOTS and SHOES and we can  fit for SIZE, QUALIY and PRICE  OLD (OPcfi W at $4.00  M NTT BOOTS al $3.25  [LOCAL MANUFCTURE]  TRY A  PAIR WfeC.*:*^  LEISER & CO Ltd.  I  GATACRE ST  TADYSMITH  D__S_B__3S_t  ma  1   The     new   Italian  postage stamps  jucsiioncd   down   town. ' will  not.     bear the  monarch's  head,  League     contioikd   llimgs.      Is  also  would refuse to,     play wilh West, End  a prize, [men   unless     they   tiie former,  had a  Int. voting contest is proceeding stead   undc-rst 'oil  ily.   This     company   will be  here lo  in    Ll'.C   field.  ngiiL away.  jV.cn  were  The  complement      of the story really'hut   a      variety  of different  designs  came  uom   them. What  they said'such as  the sea under the rising sun,  about amounted lo tins: It- \sas an Alpine landscape, a railway train,  th..L.ui������'niy understood that Alount ll!c Italian ai ms and a wireless te-le-  Pieasanl  and some other   piavers  hail ������r*J-I)l1 station.  an idea that     the West End team or!  B   "  the late Vatic0u\cr City Intermediate ' DK-  OSWALD'S  waid who has taken these theories,  has developed them mid has forced  the woiid to accept them. No one  else could have fought tht gu.-jd fight  as Ostwaiil has done. He has found  cd a distinct school, the Leipzig  school, as il is sometimes called. A  laige tnajoiiry of the active physical  chemists of today have worked m  Ostwald's laboratory at one time or  another but his influence is n.-*.t confined to his> pupils. There is probably no man ir.mg wnose opinions  ha*.e so iiu'cii weight in the woiid oi  chemists as docs that of Ostwaid.  Orders will he delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on the  E������pl*n������d������.  James Wamotk  A FINE LOT OF  night and - tomorrow night with a  complete change in (hc bill. They  fuimsli good amusement.  Direct From France���������Tooth,  shaving,  hair   and   clothes   brushes.A splendid  assortment at  the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  IT  IT \S   ANOTHER  GUESS  COMING  A Nanaimo paper has another guess  coming It inaj know what it is when  tlicv u-cali the fact that m thc neigh-  hoJluod of 15,0(11) tons of sached coal  has been shipped to Nome from Lady  smith tins jear. This morning's  Heraul says:  fir- Al. A. Ward, of Victoria, has  returned fiom a msiI 1o Nome, winch  city he reports to be in a flourishing  condition.' , Among oi.h-r things he  says there i.s iipiy one coal that is  constantiy ii, dcmimd in Nome, and  thist is the New Castle coal fr:m  .Vancouver Island. Tins i.s probably  the name applied to Nanaimo coal in has  'the north as a great deal of Nanaimo  coal  is sliipie.-i   lo  that   port."  that the. men 0n the Inn  greater representation .<n thc boaul  ihat   picked   the players. x  Whctlic- V   ancouver has two     lacrosse teams in  thc held ne\t .se.ison  or not remains to  be seen,  hut      il  ���������  looks   like   it.    Thc way   things     arc  shaping makes  it  appear  as  if     the  town   were growing  too   fast  for one  seiiirr     aggregation.       Westminster,  a   smaller   place   with   fewer   people.  has   won  year after  year  from  Van-  c*ou\pi, nnd  m spite of  the  faci. that  a number  of the best  of  them   talk of  cvii ul*e*.-stiy in the :ast twelve .years  CONTRIBUTION  Under the new arrangement by  winch llaivai'd and Germany exchange pL'.ia'cssors, Dr. W:iliiam Os-  twa.d, of Leipzig, is to,lecture at  Cambridge foi half of the coming academic vear. Ostwaid is essentially  a leader of men. lie has the personal magnet>mii which attracts and  inspires people, he is always a little  ;n dd.ance of the majority, and he  has ihe pr.wer of expressing himself  in such a way as to, interest and convince .-il.HTs. It is to Ostwald that  lhe won.'lertui     de\clo,pmcnt of physi-  reiiring t.his year,  will  win  with  intermediates   again.  Thc inennheLS of the football club  aie reimiL'.lciil that an important meet,  iiip is lo take place in the Iiouery  this ccning at seven o'clock. The  executi.e of tlie club hope lo see a  large  alien-dance.  is due- We owe the osmotic theory  of f.oiu I ions to Yant IIolT, the theory of electrolytic di.ssociation to Ar-  i lien:us. and the theoiy of the voltaic ecu  lo Nernst;  but it is to Ost-  Mosl, pooP'c who have followed the  Br. Telford case will not feel particularly sorry that tlie decision of thc  ATedicar Council to remove his nanio  from the list of registered physicians  been upheld . by - thc ��������� Full  fo".:rt: and Telford disqualified from  the practice of     medicine in  the pro-  A preacher came at a newspaper  man in ih's way: \-ju cthtoi i oo I'.-'t  ���������ten the truth. If yon dui you .....  i.otn.'c, yoiir paper would , be a failure." The editor replied: "You are  1. i times and under ail circumstances  uglil, and the minister who will at  Id ihe truth abou h'o church mem-  beiship. ab\e or ticad, win nol occupy Ins pulpit more than one Sunday,  aud th.cn he win find it necessary to  :ea\e town in a huiry. ^ The press  and the pulpit go hand in hand with  wliittwr.������h brushes and pleasant, words  magnifying little vir.ues into big ones  Thc pulpit, tlie pen and the grave,  stone are the great saint making  triumvirate." The minister went ofi  looking vety thougbsfui, while the editor turned to his Work, and told of  the sin passing beauty of a bride,  when* in fact she was hon.eiy as a mud  fence, nnd thc leading merchant, father of the bridegroom, would 'he a bank  nipt ere Ins debts were paid. ��������� Exchange  Dining Room Tables,  Dining Room Chairs,  Kitchen Tables. & Chairs,  Armchairs, Rockingchairs  Prices to Su't Purchaser  C  PETERSON'S Store  Cor. 5th. and Roberts St  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor*  E&.      J( i stl Avenue)  Fall Stock   on   hand. Call early and  get your choice  MMVMMWNNnMMMIMM  Chamberlain's  [Cougfe Remedy  Tha Children's Farorit*  ���������CORBS���������  Cougrhs, Colds, Croup and  Whoopirijr Cough.  Thlar������i*������dTi������ fain<ni������ for ltacure������OT������r  ��������� lftr^e purt of thc civilized world. It can  nl���������.*i������������ Co depended upon. It contnlni! no  ouiu.n or oilier hnrmrul drui; nnd may be  KiTcn ii.* conliduntly to n br.by as to nu adult  Price 25 cts; Large Size, 50 ctu.  _H__BH__H_H_HH__sBsss_HHsBBB8sSEB>1!Kj^^  Heating Stoves  Our Stock is Now Complete in  HEATING STOVES  A Large Variety to Choose From  PFRI&ES   RIGHT  i  The Ladysmith Hardware Co.. Ltd,  "* hi irmi ���������������������������������������������in   i  i !���������  A. HOWE, of CHEMAJNUS, lias opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  A FULL UNE-OF* FIRST CLASS  Fork and Sausage a Specialty  A TRIAL SOLICITED  15  A. HOWE  e������-  Store Lately Occupied by John  Thompson, complete ..with counter  and fixtures.   ,  Rent $?5 per rr������onth,fApply to  ^ RUSSELL SIMPSON  oar  A  cflancc at our big  wiiulow*  ill      filiow you a few of our  linis   in  ���������Tusl  in  by express.  No  troulilu  to  sliow  goods.  !���������   II     II I.IIIIIIIMIIIII I ll.l��������� ��������� Willi��������������������������� M1���������*_MIISI  CARLISLE      rsi,O.CK,  'PH0NE   3-i  ' COAL MINES. REGULATION  ACT  Notice of Examination.  Notice  is   hereby   ���������riven   thai? exam .nations will he jlialil for 1st, 2nd and  3rd class cert i Ilea I ex cf competency   under     tilie  provisions  of the "Coal  Mines Regulation  Act,"  on,the l'Hh,  15th      and  lfith days  of November,  190"),   commencing   at the  hour     of   9.30  o'clock  in   the forenoon.  The examinations will  be held at Ferine,     Nanaimo and Cumberland.  The subjects will he as follows:  jgzsRffisssmumwaiMm  1st  Class   Candidates  Mining act  and  Special  Rules  Mine Gases  Ventilation  General  Work-  Mining Machinery  Surveying.  2nd   class   candidates  Mining .act  and Special  Rules  Mine  Gases  Ventilation  General Work  3rd   class  candidates  Mining act- and Special   Rules  Mine Gases and  General Work  '  JUST ARRIVED   ���������A large Shipment of the very latest  Styles in LADIES' aod GENTS' CHAINS, LOCKETS, RINGS,  Etc.-Etc. . ,        ..  CALL   AMD  SEE   THEM  ������3 The(PRICESARE MODERATE for the BEST QUALITY ������  B.FORCIMriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith, ;B. C  mm������ffi  We areSmaking them 01 th-3 Nivv^st  Styles.  ;es  Pattern ami Lates*  WEDi ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  :   Our Prices art Reaaona,   ble  SEE ������UR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  and at Lsdysmith Hardware[Company  LAD\������nif H   IRON & STOVE W0RK5 CO "LTD."  ���������'I  i  Applications must be made to the  undersigned  statutory fee,  as  follows:  13y an aPPiieunl for i^irst and Sccon:!  Class Examination  $19.(10  By  an applicant   for  Third   Cass   Kxaniinaticn         ���������, - ���������      5.'.j0  The applications must be accompanied by testimonials n ci-rtiPed  copies thereof, (a) ff a eauidiJale for First Class, that he *s a Piitish  subject and has had at least five years'experience in, or about the practical  Vorking     of a coal   mine,  and  is ;>t    least  25   years   of age.  (b.) If a candidate for '.icn.id Class, that he has had at '.e.ist 1v(.  years'  experience in  or about t'/c practical  working   of a coal  mine.  (c) If a candidate for Third Class, that he has had at least ><;cz  years'   experience  in   or about  the j,radical  working of a coal  mine.  By order  of the  Board,  FRANCIS  H.   SHEPHERB  ��������� Secretary.  Nanaimo,  B. C,  September 30th,   1905.  ..  ,.|   TO POULTRY FARMED  accmpanieO   by  t.m  J 00"ACRE FARM NEAR LADYSMITH  I  ^���������ouse '/,  ? ev- ?  Five acres cleared and cultivated, four roomed  Five Poultry Houses, 5oo Laying liens, one P.  Clover Cutter, Axe*, Hammer.*, Saws and TooL  er description, two Spray Pumps, #20 wo::-;:i o_ >i  Blasting Powder, Wire Netting six feet high covering r  3 1-2 acres. 2 i-2 Tons Hay, $20 worth New Laths {;]  Rifle, Shot Gun and two good Sail Boats.  $450 Cash and $750 on.riortgajge  J. STJsCW^RT,  P. O. Bex 268, Ladysmith F he 1 e


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