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 [LEGISLATIVE 4S3EMBLT,  v'V  Daily Ledge^  ju**-*������  VOL.,2  THURSDAY,  JMciy   '<J,   19IH  P&ICE FIVE CENi:S  - !  JOHN HA1GH FINED  $20 AND COSTS  Is Found Guilty of Assaulting a Chinaman at Extension and Fined, the  Above Amount  Haigh Pleaded Guilty Before- Justices  Stewart and Matheson, but Gives  Explanation for His Deed  At the Provincial Co|i;rt IIommj last  c\eui,ng, John llaig-h was fined *20  and "costs, , or $������5.fiU in all, Ior.  striking a Chinaman named Sam, i-n  , the Extension Alines on Way  23.  .   While the charge was,read, Haigh,  iii answer    to same,    said   n.it    he  pleaded  guilty,   but  wanted    lo' explain to the court  why hedd it.  Air. Russell Simp-son, \.ho appeared ior the prosecution, oi>j"ied to  Mr. Uai<_u> e\pl.uiiin_ ju~- uicii,'������������������������������������  lie Hum au.jjc -.luciicu ..men liu  WiSlliiii   to   auijiiiik    jum,   a'lei    \\Jiloll  ���������Mi.   Aiai&iii  coiim  e.viiistin   i.*> h.J *.*.j|jii.  , oU. c-  k>U!I1,     Ills*     COIIlIlL.llll.llll, .V.U> we  iubL Wiuu.i^s-, caiJLU, aim i-wwi,  -inroiigh the oinws -oi ������-n uiierpruici.  - oil tne isir������ ,o. irtiaj i *.. ..& \. uri-iiUti*,  in viUs  iiiinc, cleaning raciiciss,    wditu  ' iuu_.h came along ami _���������iiu sowo-  lliing to me a,tiouL .the switches be-  ������ng wrong. i saiu jitiJUi.ng wa-.  'wrong, as the curs never _/>i oil lh_  uacK. llaigh said "\\b.u,", ana  -truck me ou the lip. i called Mr.  Frank l^ucic to coine and Iboic and  then 1 got Wing, the China boss,  who aSivjeu ilaigjh what was the mat-.  ter. The latter leplied ,t_iut witness had said something to him and  he had stiuek Uim. This hud', happened  inside the luuiu-1.  Haigti tiieii addressed the court;-lie  said he bad pleaded guilty but wanted to tell the judge why lie had  struck the man. He then stailed t0  explain, hut Mr. Simpson ojl^ectted,  on the ground that lie' had not been'  sworn, and if lie wanted to make a  statement, it would have Uj be tak.  en down in writing, aud sworn to.  This was done, and Air. Ilaigh's evidence iu effect was as follows:  ���������'-My name is John Iluigli, and al-  * ways has been.     On  May  23     Sam  Mr.   McKenzie  had   had  a   Chinaman  named Dick  around this  part   of the  iiwne,  and he    had  always' done     as  witness    told     him.     lie  therefore  tlioughl   Sam   should   do  as he    was  i r  told, and when latter icfusod,, it  made witness angry. There had fjacm  a lot* of    playing jjomg  on amongst  OFFERS TO INSTALL  AN ELECTRIC PLANT  Would Make  Preliminary  Survey of Everything and Give  Council  Estimate of Cost  ���������M--^a������--ft-������^-aa-a^_^_a_^M--B__M__M  Col   Tracey   Written  to   on Instructions of Mayor Nicholson  re Water Measurements  Yesterday Air.  R.  II.  Zavil/.,. ,   s-  trict Manager of the     Allis ( h.ilm-  eis-lhillccli,   Co.,   Ltd.,  of  Mon'.i'.i.,  wit'i branch oil ice in   Vancouver  ' a.  ���������in tiie   cil\, and  made  tl.o folio.vi.i^  CELEBRATION OR  NO CELEBRATION?  That Seems,to be the Question.   At  Meeting Committee Was Appoinied  to Interview Citizens  or  SMALL BOY  After   Ascertaining Feelings   of   Business Men Another Meeting will be  Called Saturday Evening Next  ...- ��������� propw>iti.,n  to  Mavor  Nicholson,  re-  the Chinamen  at this  point, andhe, ^..^  1|(>   infit|4iht ion  of  M ,,.,  wanted . to, make  them  woik,  as the  miners inside  weie working haLd  all  ti ical  plan!   in  Ladysmith*  Wc  would,"  s.iid Mr    Zavit/,   ' i'  dav to help  make enough  money to    .     r, ,'       '  . .' , ,    '  may   -~ ui/1*      a. b ' tlie Corpot.itun  wished,  send -u.e oi  pay  the  Cliuianien   for  pLay.ng    and ^ ^ ^   ^^  be did  not think this  was right, lie ������ co] s /<f   ^ thc  could also prove   hy Mr.  AIcK-enzu, l ^   ^ ^^ ^ lnea&lIIft,.:.l ls  that Sam  did not have a  pick, ,slio-lQf  ^  W,|IC||  W(ml<1  ^  ahso|uttMJ.  afcnia-lo, locale site for powchnu-r-  nnd "i.o fsliimale thereon of co-.t.  gi e c.i.sl ol wiring city, storm*.-, "-'.>  ter, building dam, diverting *\fcLe id  Creek if necessary, and, in fact, ;-M  the  iiifoLvnualicri  oldainahle,  .vi     nu*  shovel or spiinner previous to the accident.  Mi. IVfcKen-ie heie intciposed that  he had said no such a thing, u.ie>rc-  upon witnic&s statod that he thought  there was a conspiracy fixed up between the Chinamen and 'Mr. McKen-  7.ie against Inin-. Thi.s argument was  objcctevl lb by the court, and Mr.  Simpson Ihon asked witness if he  had ever been convicted befou* for  striking a man .Witness replied  that he had.,  , The Justices' .thwi adjourned couit  for live annul.iv while considering  their sentence, and upon'resumption,  Justace 'Matheson told" Haigh to  stand up.t uY.ou> have," said Mi.  Matheson; "been before me ou the  same- charge ,-betore-aail" fined,'������^ :^r.  "No, Mr. Matdieson, I have not,"  replied the accused.  "But ,you "have,'.'., insisted Mr Ma-.  tlieson. '.",,.  Accused again stated that" he (had  not been before Mr. Mathesicpi. on  the same charge*-  Oh, but I Know ibettcr, replh'd  the Justice, T tried you myself and  imiposed  a  line   for &trik,inlg   a man."  lowri than o^uq,) we would, of  oui.se, cxj'iri't payment for the. *;*e-  liminary work done. We would, first  IhounJi,, gi\e an estimate of iheusl  of this worK, and of cotnse vhc 1'^-  1'ies would le the .same if we lost  I'jy     contract    as the  first c-stuniic*  J>,1\ Oil.  ''\\a> have insdallmd a laiae uu'ii-  iber of plants on this sSame basis, an.l  ha\e always found it satisfactory. '  No/definite answer*, was givm lo Mr  Zavitz, which could {not he ihe case  until after Uie council mer-ting on  Monday tcvenipg   v.v\t  lJre, iioii.s to the conversation .Mill  Mr. Za.it/. Mayon Nicholson h. d  lorwardol a letter <n Col Tracey, of  Van-coincr, asking Ihat gcnlleiiieii if  rendition, narrelv, U'e would, if 1 c ii- ho could mal.e it convenient .ouotne  (lets a'e <..illrd foi for the inst.ill.i- <������ or pto\ adod the council wcio to  tirJi of a |>l.int, put in our bi'l, .'���������' >'��������� en I for him m tlfc neai *'ii.'i.e No  ii aw.ndo'l lhe contract, would ml lep'.v has yet been received t> this  chnr^p a tent fpi all thc pi ."dimin- ranvm^n.'CatKii, but one is c\pouted  niv wrili of 'iin/evs', ctf* , h.it if i'eforc the nevt meetir.R of the '.lyi  soipo nllif-r fornjuny puts in a    hid   council  was  where he said Jic was  when   1  REFRESHMENT SrANDS  ._   JiT SHELL BEACH  f -    -    ��������� ^   -. ^  Mrs. McKinelley and H. Thornley have  Secured Leas^ of Foreshore  and will Sell Refreshments  While the (>,u_ilie meeting, called last  mening  by  Mayor  Nicholson   for the  purpose of, ascertaining  the     feeling  of   the pmblic  legai'ding   the  holding  of a  First ot July celebration   was  not largely attended, .still there werc  fifteen or    twenty    present, and     ii  was decided to appoint a committee  to    interview the    business     houses,  .stores,    hotels,    etc., and Cn'l    out  whether or not they would favor   a  co'c^yratiton.   and   the  amo:nt    likch  to  he received from thf-ni in tlie way  of donations,     l'i   it   is  found     that  tuicy  are in   favior  of celeUrating,  a  irretinrg will  be callwl     for    Saturday  night,  and the  matter  will     be  gone  a,ht)ul  'With   *m  *a fusiness-lil.1''  manner.    Messis.  Thornton,     Adam,  and Deeming comprise tlie committee  api'ointe-1 lasl  night-, and   lo'lay will  \isit the places of ibusiucss   in    the  Lily.     No  oul side  collecting in   the  niinei.  or anywheie else will lie.   attempted  liefore another  meeting     is  held. . '    j,  ' ''  The general opinion in ,the city is  ��������� that a cele) lation should beheld but  it is also -the feeling that the  pneses should be more evenly divided ,ihaji heretofore-. It is claimed ihy  many that in impprti|������. -a l'oohhall  oi ..baseball team, for instance, or  bands  to -play,   'during the celebra-  Seattlo,  May  30.���������"Do you    Ihink  T'm afraid  to do it^  Dutchy?"   asked   13-year-old     (Maude  Newman     of V  his friend     and    playmate,  Clarejire  -  jMehlenLech, sU'uuling just outside ths  kitchen  window. ,  Claude held a little .3:2 rah her re-  -.olvei in Ins hand. "No-budy cares  ior me," he went on, half laughing,  half serious, as he pressed the revolver to his temple   with his   thumb  IhroiiRia the trigger guard  ors as   well oh loca   spectators,     li *    r,., ��������� ^ , -.  ������,        u.     i-vu_.tui.-3. j    -jJiere was   a,  flasJi,     an explosion,  is hardly fair  to have local men and  AH| a c.jom|    <>f   .smoke.    "Dutchy,"  j/rivatc   indiwidiiuls  pay   for the     en    the  little friend  outside line  window  iei tain ment,    of all spectators at    .,   iel1  ������vev  in a  fa,n*' against tlienevi 'j  maid..       Fenced      grounds  are,     of ,hoUSe and   U,c     l,fe of  ('laude    wa-.  snurTcd out as  his Jhodv sail', hmpiv   '  evise,   an    imj;oRs.'4 jility    for     this   (o  lj|ie Cq0^  ycu,  but'by  this time next season  I   This-was  the    tiagedy  that    v as  it   is .hoped  that  the    new  ground!-.   pla\<>d  in the    'basement   Jiilcheii of  will be  i������ -excellent shape for gamps,   No.   1CJ8     Fouith     Avenue at    fne,  and  then  tlie    public of   Ladysmith  o'clock ycsteiday afternoon.  will  be only Tx>o willing to go athead ���������   Claude    an.l bus paienls, Mr.    ami    '  and help  the ball    teams along     as   -Mis. Newman,  Jiad    lived  there   for'  much   as  possible.     .However,    then .Jiione than   three  years.'  Both   l^i-^  .should   be no  dilliculty  in  arranfe'inJ   "-'"l-s aie employo-l, the lathdr as    a' ...  at  least *one g0od game of foohl.tt'i   carpenter and the mother as a eales-  for this   year even if grounds     wit'i   uoiian at    the     Eastern    0 itfiltinu  a  ft*nce aie not available,  aiwl  this,  in    conjunction    with      the aiqwatj.  sports,   Indian  canoe races,  etc.,    as  well  as  field spoils  which could    Ir  wor i  ( om'jKi'iiy,     and j;o(h were at  when the .boy shot himself.  Claude had accumulated   t*ai11e   an '  aisenal  of rifles  and revoliors    with <  gotten  up,   sliould make a fir.st-c-las-   H"-"ir    ec/uipmient at belts, and    this  celebration.       It     is also sug^estel   pa-^lron     foi     deadly    weapons   was    *���������-*  thought to  le harmless^ as   long' ns" ~ ;/&  that first-class fireworks be prepare  and shown on the lay in thc even-  iap. Firewcivs of the first, ordei,  always itiik an excellent drawing  card. '  Another inteie-sting feature which  has hoen suggested by some is a  ���������base-bull match |,etwivn two of th'  four toys' teams which are now  playing league games in the city  It  is  thought that  medals could   be  Messis.   T. ('.   '.I-cKencllcv  ..n I ii*r    on prices fornieily charged liv lud.ar-  "Yes,  but that was. with a    saw,  j,    ,,   TJi unk*v    have    seemed    1 l.e'Charley.  and nc������t  my fist," replied Haigh. ^ " '  ^-"So    much     the    worse- foi  \ou  lease  or  the foreshoie  '"roh,   the > j.  [    The   (Ueeu  wall     .lie    head* mar ter, i  I ei   end  of Shell   Heach  Jown   lo the   of the  leireshiiieiit  stands,   -jilt  It :s  came along.     I  told Jam  that    the'then," Justice Matheson replied. uid.{,JWI1 s    t   [ormclly A ii-ut   ia..u ,'also    intended    to     eonduei .,n     ice  point was good, and  lold bun to go (continuing explained  the     - ..usncss ���������     , muav.  ^   & gCatlem_n *u*snl.i.g ' ciea.n stand,  etc.,   on Shell    Beach,  inside.     He refused and t������ud    some-j of the charge, remarking ill..*, a was  ^ NcKui   ^ llns sumnier win con-' t4ius   nul.i.ig  ii. convenient  f,;r    l .u  *thing which I could not undcr.ta-nd  j in the power of the court t���������  ;..,���������.*L        t lefiesfllmCllt stands, *etc. for the ' ties land,... at almost any sppl - on  .Before 1  knew what   1 was    doing 1   a  fine of twenty  dollars  ami   t__ts     ICIlia.JS    ,���������,���������,    eampeis   ,*.ho     ������ -it " i',e otl.e.   side.  upon conviction,   lWid he   ..hough.,  a-. ' lhese chu.milis- s,.)0ts  on   the   eppo-!    Ordinal v  picnic pait.es     will   not,  this  was  thc second ofTencr-,   ���������nd    a3   _,,_  Slfle  of 1he   ,,_,. ' ������������������ COUUSLl)   ,e, chai-n0| for     landi*ng*,  accusKl   lu������l  plcaxled  guilty,   the full      ,t   tf   ,,,1C  inlentioll  of  the  lessses, 'and  one of   the  principal   reasons for  fine should     he  imposed,    ile there  .tion, nearly all the money collected .secured at a eomnarathely small  istaken for .the one /or two events, fu.st, and .nidging by the interest dis  and 'flther eVents,- which are some-| |d".ij rd by the youngsters when play-  timfs just a*s Hiteresting, such -as-iuj;���������fi).:-*.. itahpt .nuoie���������thaii --teihiry,  a<"jiiatic sports, field athletics, etc., ja match for medals would 'he thr  wherein local men can compete, and, e^enfcof the day.  also a few ohildreoi-s sportR can., r������ ' All these .siff jest ions, -howevsi  held for little money and- more en- while perhaps very gooil, areprema.  joyment derived        . -M '   ���������  > Luxe, and a    representative   meetinp  It is'i c-int'-d out   by many tlint if   will     liavc Ho be held   hefoic    an-  football  abd ibasuljall; games are    to   thing definite i.s done in  the matter  no cai fridges .were present.    Yester���������-. J-J  diy    a'ft^erncon.      playing  with  -his1,  fuend    ."Dutchy," '   he'had  arrayed  himself with a * pit, a huntiig knife 'fff-  snd the revolver,  arid just _ef.Tre Ihe :  fatal .shot had compared himself -wiitli,- *  Biiffalo Bill. ' ���������   ~Y.  The parents \ di<l not hear of'tlu- '  tragedy until they, reached"bo ai '  ..i\ -���������  mother was prostrated.r*'-The,vv"l^*^e*c,'  no other childirn. "_ The coroner was* -  notified but deems an  inquest unnecessary.  be played with outs-ide team* for .It is therefore up to thcusidents^r  expensive medals, or prizes, there j attend next Saturday evening if n  should he some aTou'ids fencel off, [meeting is called, and Jet each m;>.*  land  a  revenue  .ihiiver.1   fiom   outsid-   express his  views  ���������hit him in tlie face with my hand  I then went on in the tunnel, and  lie ran up behind me swinging, a sh>>  \el. He hit mo on tho calf of thc  leg with the same, and knocked my  feet from under- me, and I w^li to  show the court the cut, "made by  same.''  Witness liere rolled up his trousers  and exhibited the bruised member to  the court.    Coiiitinuing, witness said  "Mr. Wing came along then, and  Sam told him- that die had hit mc  with' a (shovel, and you oan ask  Wini if he didn't;".     -V  fore fiiiicd   . Haigh  120  an.l   costs  cf  court,  $15.00,  or a total  of  S3f>.J0  In default of    payment,  two   i*s.ut'.s  with hard   lal or   in jail.  The Just ire had scarcely ceased  speal ing w>hen Haigh had his wallet  in his hand amd was paying over  the /line money. As he handed over  the bills he remarked: >  "If thfetaoh-  to put up swings, etc , on the "��������� a- ' securing ;l lease at all is lo protect  ious sliAily spots, and make things the lessees fiom opposition, and thu  1 fovnfortablt' gencLally fot those wlo fact that they will have conliol of  spei.d the day or ('vcnin-r .iver w the entiic, wa,tor front will effect no  water. Refreshments, lunches chur- . haii'lship en any iniendnig campcis,  b]akes, oyster stews and camp lunches (but raulieL 'the reverse, as things will  generally will be proemn.Iile .>n i the* ibe far nvore couunis'-iil than hororo-  promoters intend lo seive pvv\fh..i. ureal the lowest po.ssil le pr-ce j On S'j-vlay next a ivfiOsSlvnioiil  Tlmy h.Lve also  made ari"a*.'*:ciii.t*'it.s   sland ; will  bo opened'on the   O-reon  . . , II  'l_-r ������������������ > IML V ���������-/      lll'JU        IlillUl'       ill   M,   I..1.-III*..   > I-***,        ���������-' ��������� *���������.'������������������ *��������� ������������������������   i ij.        !>���������-*       U|V.JIWil        uil        ������.'11 *-* V-������ ������   ���������.* - ������������ i  ey  is.the meaps , of _getting     more   t0 rent io  cam>erk  v}ots   of     land .almost   directly opposite from     the  work out of Mr.  McKenzieVs   Olwna  EMERSON WINS  EVERY POINT  Cross-examined *i>y Mr. Simpson, 'mien, I will be satisfied to pay it."  witshess said that he knew he.'was "You had ''bettor ...leave- tho CMiiinia-  not the boss of tli������. Chinainaii, and , men alone in'-'���������future," advised Mr.  lud no 'business  to strike him.     He  Matheson.  wished to explain,, however, as his . "I will never 'speak to them again"  reputation was at stake, that pre- agreed the prisoner, and court aiVl-  v<ons  to   the employment of     Sam,   joiirnted.  WIL L LECTURE     |MOoNLIGHT  THIS EVENING  or  near Shell   Beach',  and   intend..to . boat  house,  and .will   he  kept  let same, at a ���������consklcraibh.   disc*<;i.iit   during ihe sumincr.  ���������ipon  MINING PRO=  PERTY LEASED  Mr. Auiitin-iyowis,  of San *Fra.ici5  co,   arrived    this morning, and  ilia-lit  The Auvii Hydraulic and   Drainage  company <>f Seattle, iliave leaseil thoiij  HOLDERS OF..  LUCKY TICKETS  Tlio Derby,  this most cliLssic   of   all  English   tiiri'      events   wns   inn     yes-  'oinoirow evening is  the date   set  ���������night:^W1ll    lecture m-   Lie    Opera   ., ��������� , Jt ,.  ,������,���������������������������_    '���������s, ,���������-���������;-���������'.    ���������',-        ..        the  auspices  of ,the Ladies  .1 louse,     'lhe,.subject, tonight  will l.e   ���������   ,  io-.ffir  \J.\e excursion   to Nanaiiiin   . *.dcr  vI iil.il -ii'  The ICaitlilj'uaike    aind  fire  in  Francisco and      the    affect,    on  j.        the  Churoh  of  England,   an:,   aslluri*  .he   *"s  il  m^   iiiooii. on  that   e;eiiing,    a  VVeUking^People." ..'' most enjoyable      trip is  an. i; pale.!.  . T*here was a mistake made in I;i; Word has been received tha'.- 'he SS.  dodgers which have been, cireiilalcd -Joan, which has. il-eon t ni;a^ ������������������! ior  regarding the sujhject upon vi'ili r. the trip, will leave life f r * ns���������'--��������� f  Lewis is to speak, and he has i,-.,k- Wharf at 7 o'clock, and Ui(i;c -.n-  ed The Ledger to rectify it On i'.-... i londitiig to go on the excursi m arc  .dodger it -yas .i*nnoiuioad that the'advised to bo on hand at hit hour  S'luhject would lie "Socialism," but'Many have expressed their .V* iV m  this, Mr. Lewis '.states! is not. the of going, and tickets, which aie inw  case,    and the suibject  will .be given   on sale, are  sellimrgWell.  as above. ' ' ������������������+���������: ���������  '..'���������-���������: ��������������� ��������� A     SIDE ISSUE.  VARYING   COiVDITTONS.      '���������'It. seom������,"    said Cilinuan      "thai  "���������What sort of  a .'main is .links?"      Ruib'iiibs speiwls most of his time novv-  ''The impression you get of   .Iiink.s   aidays  arranging- Cook's  excursions."  depends on  the. circumstanciyj     under J    '.'Nansen.se!    he's   in  the   iin.suRitife  which  you     meet  him.        Tf  you're^ business still."    . , '    .  there to collect money, .you 'won't! ."I*. l<now, but it keeps him ;liusy  like him, but if y,0ju're there to pay, taku'ng new cook's out to his place  money he seeraa a  P_/\C^lyJ.jRoiON'   miniJJg     proierby,    cosisting-  of     2fi   inrdny  nt.    l-:psnni      Dovvnr,  nnd   was  .^ clainiiS  im   Bonnan  crock,   in     Nome,   won- hy  Spearmint,' owned     by     Sir   ������������������--- 'Alaska, to  Ciuhell  Whitehead and a-s- ''r.iiten    Sik..-s.    Air.    Iiululales     Pic-  i.soci;ile<i for a term of twenty years, t,.,u wms secoml ami the .Duke if  the deal being closed a 'day or two Wesi minster's Trout bock was third,  ago. The pro-per.ty lcaswl to lUr |Twenty .two horses slnrtorl. U.inn.v  Whitehead and his associates con- AInhivr. the Anierionn. jockey rode  uisls of 211 claims on Norman creek, ' t|u. winner. Punny has rode "throe  nearly all of them .being within the']1lM.|iy- wjnn(M.s, utA previous fnounts  city limil,'! of N'ome,' and is Uiouglit Ul Sp.-nnniivi Iveing- Iloeksnncl' and  lo he  very   rich, .being directly   near   rjjeiein.  iiifuay claims that, recently bBg- striila.-a j ThH fo|iowi,li!; ixwiv.sinil!i men arc  wcre iiuwlo on. 'The Anvil T-Iyiclraii- lho],,|0jrs ol* hicky tickets and will  lit* and Drainage CVimpn.hy was or- ,l)raW W\7XS.- ,j, c. English,. J. Da-  gaiilizeil lirScaUle  in January,  1004,   ^on>  w. A. Smith,   (3.);   E.    Mhil-  S  Vancoiivei. >ray 21.)���������-Chief dust ice  Huntei Loday handed down a judgement in the case of Kmerson vs-  Skinner. Some time ngo a niiinbei  ol booms of logs belonging lo Mr.  ���������1. is Em<-rson were sci/ed under re  cuit legislation of thc provincial gov  ui nnioiil, prohihiiiiia" exportntion.lt  was belli ihat Mr. Emerson was go-  ing to export, the' logs at the time  they wore seized. Mr. Emerson., brought suit to recover the logs and tho  matter was argued before the chief  justice.' The ground on which, principally, Mr. Emerson's counsel relied was that the logs had been cut  before thc act went into force and  that therefor..; the act did not apply  Lo them. The representative of the  government "held that the law applied U> all logs cut on government  Innd.  Tho learned chief justice today held  the law could not be made retroactive and that any logs that Mr. Emerson had cut before the net became  law could be exported or otherwise  disposed   of just, as he saw  fit.  INDIANS  BUNCOED  ic.prime mover in  the organization ' hniiia.nd, W. Joseph,  J. Roberts,     S.  "in-  10.   E.   Powell.     A   large,   am-   Wilkinson, S.   Dw.kvr,   A.  McCulloch,  lovely character.  to spend a few days.  th,  bei  oti.it  of work has -been  done on    the   j    Stewart  property leased, tlie most recent   he- ' _  i.iig ihe  pliu.i.*"ig of three dredges     on '  i I.    rI he lessees have -.the priviilejp*- of  purchasing the property within three  years     nfte-r     the   exriiratioii  of   the  lease.  Lord Jersey,' who is ir.-jtercsicd in  jtlie 'iMidt'i'ta-king, has visile:! aM ap-  Iprowid The completed outer einbatnk*-  jniciit of"'the new King's Dock, at  jSwa.isea, which is being constructed  (at a cost of nearly  ������2,000,000.  WILL CO-MPKTK AT SPOKANE.  Superintendent Inglis, of the So-  attic Athletic tMuh, amnoiiiiefvl ofli-  cially last, evening tvhat the< ckillj  woitilrl sen<! a ti'ani to Spokane June  ":'> to empe'te with Mtiltuoniiah n.n<t  the Sipokane Athletic Club for live  [Pacifc Nortliwest cha.nvpion-.slup of  the Athletic Amateur Union. There  are about'twelve men in the club  who are qualified ��������� to' participate.  YOUNG GIRL IS GENIUS.  Brussels, May 31.���������Ernest Carston  di Ltiise, a 15-year old girl of this  city, has just patented an invention  which it. is claimed will revolut'iin-  ize niiuiy kinds of traction. A turn-  taible (i.vod to any vehicle is the origin of her idea, and ihy moans of her  idev-ice, any vehicle���������autonirrpMe, car,  cart, etc., driven-���������.'by any power, can  at once .reverse. IMgian government  on/gineers are considering the young  inventor's scheme with a v-ievv!to  purchasing the rights for their country.  "Yes, indeed; he's th? homeliest  man iu public life today. Haven't  you ever seen him?"  "No, but .I've seen caricatures of  him."; :���������  "Oh, they flatter him. You should  see him." ���������Catholic Standard and  Times.  Induced bj the persun������>i\**c lying  of some resident of Ketchikan u,  take their catch oi .sealskins to that  place for sale, the Hv-dah Indians  gl MasscL, Queen Charlotte Islands,  are savagely regi-etting their action  lor nil tbe skins were seized by the  American >Cus-toms  oflicers. \  Iti iho Xorth, where tlie cuse has  atn-acted n givat deal of attention iL is generally believed that the  whole affair was a plan put np oh  the unsuspecting Siwashes. That  it was successfully pulled . off means  a loss of over S500 to the natives  and a profit, oi probably double  that nmout to whoever, gets tho  skins and  markets    ihem.  The Massett Indians had -spent  many .weeks' sealing- oli' the Queen  Charlotte islands and hod secured.:op  er forty skins, which they decided  to make n sale to tlu* Hudson's  Bay Company's agent nl Port Simp  son. The Indians-are reported to  bo on their wu.y across from Massol t  to tho Mainlund when they i'ell in  with a man who told them Unit  they were foolish 'to soil the polls  on the Canadian side when they  could get $2:? a, piece for them at  Ketchikan.  The-'Indians .. swallowed, the bait.  Ofi they started for Ketchikan!  They had no sooner landed there  than (hey set 'about offering the  skins to fur-buyers, and the whole  cargo was confiscated hy the- American Customs office on the ground  that the skins bad never been entered at   thc    Customs.  The  Indians     are ��������� vowing 'revenge,  and  any person  knowing  the -. nature  PROMISING  PRORERTY  Vancouver, 11.C, May 3J ���������Mi. J.  P. O'Coniisll came in from Con I lee  vesterday, and is at the Hotel Vancoiivei lie Imin^s news of the e\-  cec-dingly good .showing of coppet on  tho Golden Sovereign group, which  he was insliuiniiental in sol 1 wig a  short time ago to Air. R. P. Angus, of Montreal  "The Golden Sovieivign is m the  Asp<:n Grove Camp, winch is on thu  rwlge oi mountains .separating tlu  Nicola fiom the Slinnlkainieen,'' ."Ui  O'Connell renwl-ed "'Ihcip is heavily mineialixed ground for about :������  niiks, and 7'Sfl damns have hccm-sl-ai*.  <d there The shaft (ii the Golden  Sovereign is down aLo.it Unity fret,  and is in native copper." He pio-  duced a sample of it, and theaitl.u  of it would strike y-jy to the Viil.  of a  prospector or mining nii.in  "There was one piece whicn *(ii".'-:  eight men to lift and just as p,n.) I  as, that," he added, ."'lhe prospect  is very: good for the camp, but vv.-j  would like to have hcilrr railwav  connection. The new line of the 0.  P.R. only comes within lo miles of  us."  Mr. O'Con-flell will leave again t"-  dar for the Interior.  - FLAG DAY IS J UN 13 11,  Fivaiternal orders ot tho United  States have already begun to. niaNe.  preparations for the annual "Fin:*,  'day,'.' which has 'been designated ly  an act of congress as a day for thu  observance of a patriotic anniversary by tlie flying of Hags and pen-  an'ts. .".'.  ..  On June 1-1, .1777 congress st4cctc;l  ���������the (lag of the United Slates. Wo .f':-'  men of the World in many parts of  the country have re/quested that residences and business ho.S'.s fly thu  flag on that day. Othrr fraternal  organizations have also taken 'tho  matter up.   n���������   KILLED IN A SAWMILL.  Bel Imp-ham, -May 31���������John Han: '���������-,  a. youmo- Norwegian who can.i*' .-In  this city fram. Sea-MJe a few dav s  aa;o, received injuries in the mill <i  of this tribe will" understand that j ^ Relliii^hamV- Bav Im-provemenb  sooner-or later some person hav- j Company- at an.-'early hour this morn  ing connection with Ketchikan . Lng which caused ' his'Vleath-a ������������������ fevv  will suffer iYu* the trick played b.it hours la let' " ��������� " '������������������"'���������.  a few" days ago.   .   " ;    j    j'n S:0me manner he was caught  i'i  The   Canadian     Fisheries       cruiser . between  two  lar'������ie lops ' wiliioE; crusli-:  Kestrel,     Cn!pt4     Nnwcotnti,   rciaehed led Mm  a|l:out  the hips,  causing  . i'n-  :Vahcoiiver    at.   one' o'clock    Wednns- f ���������ernal  injuries.     .He has an uncle   in  day from  the North,     anil, the mem������ |'vent., according- to leltct-s an his i*tS:  bers of the crew brought   news    . ol |'-on,  hut no  other relatives  in   Ihis,  the grief   at Massett. I Country. -, .  J ^T-^^^y*a:/-~*..l������yja.L-.^i;-.^:,s_^  OA _,_���������     LEDGKK  THE DAILY LEDGER  fubliaiied   every day txcept Siaday.  BY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT J-ADY SMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������.dv<t.t<*i������      advertising rates on ap  i)ll'*-tJoO  THURSDAY,  May   'J\,   l&h.  BIG CATCH  OF HALIBUT  Vancouver. -Mn> ;.0 ��������� Uthounb  100,000  lbs  ot   i-iiilibu.   i--   the    limit  established     by     ibe   Xew     l.ngluii'1  Fish    Gompnn.-.    ior nne   iiiteli by ns  Mtcamera during  the   miiiihum    the n*  ^filiation   wa-..   m a   ������ense ,      slight 1\  ignored   by on.* 01   the       t,omp.in>,s  vessels.      when     on     last       -A.Uuisl.i.v  thc  New    __n_r!(uul   ������ni.<*<l    m    poi t  'with   12.1,000 lb*'    01   ilu-  whit'*    nsh  'The violation  oi'the ordiiiame    lim\-  ever, was not  intentional  but  otcuri-  .s.ed in a way  that   lesulted    in  .1    big  ,r- profit to those   who would have oih-  ', erwise sufleied   fiom   the-   benoln    oi  1    a surplus.     In    lishnij,   ' it  is      noNt  sj.   st,.  &   to,impossible   to   set  a   standard    in  the^way  of catching a certain  qiian- J  '  -tity/for the  reason  that  fish are  not  A- '  -      .  ,   , to lhe  found   and  Vucl.   is   v<.*i\   pooi,  while-on other occasions, to use coin-  ,-nioirl slang,   "you're   simply   fn    it," ���������  '' " f/,sh   . , l  ' f/Ihis'������������������ means    that    the numbei    and   xmirjnrj    ������ /-<  -quantity   of   the   finny   tribe    taiigbr    IVlllNCtvO  Aw~  n   -very  greatly   in  i-xact  amounts    sind  125,000 lbs,  of halibut   was a  lesuli j  ptftl   most "   successrul     gno     da> *-.  ���������  catch.     Rather than   dump  the      t-\-  ���������y'/!J!ij\\ \\\Wv-v���������  haa two features which no good furnaca should be without���������  water pan and large double feed-doors.  The witter pan will produce enough steam to moisten tho  hot air, and so keep the atmosphere pure and fresh.  The large double feed-doors make the furnace easy to feed���������  you do not have to be an expert stoker to keep from hitting the  door-frame every time you try to put in a shovel of coal 1���������and  rough chunks of wood can be put in,easily.  ���������   Every foature in tho  " Sunshine "  is given the sarno care and thought.  Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere  Booklet free. '  McCIaryl5  London.    Toronto.,   Montreal.   Winnipeg.  Vancouver.    St. John.    Hamilton*.  4f+-M..M.++ 4**-r (���������MMI-tt., .--  LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE:  ���������r 4 44 + ������������������������������������.��������������� 4 4--������ + 4��������� ��������������� -f-f ���������+��������� ���������  f  ���������*  I*  *  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Sole Agents  CEPT TERMS  -.  ^trft/<|uanti1y overboaul as oftal, Capt  Vi'Preeraan'brought The catch iBtact to  Vancouver and as   a   consequence an  h"*>e_.tra   carload ol halibut   to the loin  I    -.-.*,      ts* * ' ���������������  "* "usually _sent.     East    was   despatched  direct"    to Boston.     The ste.imei   ie-  .   turned    'to   the     fishing   ground   this  *���������     morning.'tit    5  n^iock      The     other  ���������    -, steamer,,' Kingh4_k,   is  e-tpecteil    in  someteme tonight  -The     steamei   ilanhaltan,   tbe   new  ^'^..acqjiiisition    to the company's  li.-diuig  1 . fleot!'is expected to arrive heie in  the  ' latter part of July  ,   The latter  part  of next   week     will  witness the  initial   trip  of  the steam  ".trawler Celestial  Kmpne    t(,  its hsh-  ing,banks in Dixon  Lnti;ui<v nnd Hecate   Straits.     The vessel is i.\ei*. in.;  thejast details of. a-gener.il oxerbaul  ing*>prior   to  lis entiv into the  dsli-  ing'business hy its-owners   the   Canadian    Fisli   Company  of   Vancouver  Minard's Liniment Co., Ltd.  " ,' > ' Yarmouth, N.  "-5.  Gentlemen���������In Janoary last, Kian-  cis Leclare, one of the men emplo)  ed- by me, working in the lumlbei  v^oods, had a tree toll on hi in, crush  ing -him fearfully. lie was, when  found, placed   on a sled and    taken  * liome, where grave feais were enter  tained for his recovery, his hips being badly bruised and his hotly turn-  -.ed-black from liis  ribs t0 his    feet  >.VVe used MINARD'S LINIMENT   on  ��������� nira freely  to    deaden thc pain and  ," with the use of three bottles he was  ���������"  completely cureL and aiblc to    eeluin  --.to /Work.   v  ���������'   -.,    ��������� *' 'SAUV.EUR DUVAL.  Elgin Road, L'Islet-Co , Que.  ���������    Kansas   Oitj,    May'i'i ��������� The      soit  toal   mineis     ot    Kansas      Ai Kansas  aud   lj_rf.lin.ti     temtory     m   confci<'iii.o  ho'-u  toda\   agreed    t q uuept  the  pio  position   submit led   yeslordai   1j>   the  Soiithwebteiii      t'o.il    operaiois       As-  social ion        1 hu .igKi'iiii'iit    iiiusl   no������  ho  latilicd   b\    si   reieieniliini       \oietl  hi   the  inini-ih,   but it  fs  Ui-Iil-.ccI    to  day  uill   result   in  the   roopcning  t'ho   liiiues    m   the  "states   nameil  .June-   I'J.  Thu- JMishOini miners, M-pre-aeiiting  OistiKl nunibt-c -l ulhk\-li\>', stiU,  ���������otood out toi ,1 he t.Hi.'l siiile, winch  means a bigbet pn.iioi I loiiol rale  than that ol.ered l.> opei.ilms The  confeiencii ,\ as ���������csiinieil lati-i m tin.  hope   ol pei siunlinn     "\1 issiiuri  come  into  the  ngi cement  l������i  i The Itiilia/ii gardener- around Porl-  I land, Ore, ha\e formed an associa-  I tion which they call thc Ranchers  and t-iaidncis' union. The members  pay a. niofilhly fee into the union,  and ha.e placed a uniform pi ice on  e.oivthing they sell.  ������I10W  TO BREAK   UP A  COL'3.  It  may  be a surpiise to  many   '���������->  learn that a severe cold can be com-.  plotely    broken  up     in one oi     two  da\s'   tune      The  f������st symp'-j.iins fcf  a   cold   is  ,i   diy,   loud   cout,ii,   a pio  fuse walery dischaigc .fion  t'c  i-sc,  and   a  tlim,  white coiUiy  on      tie  tongue.     AVlten Chamllierlain's   Coiisr,h  remedy  is taken e\eiy hour  on     the  fust .ippeaiancc  ol  the������J   symptoiiiM,  it  cmmteracls Uie' eftect of the cold  and rest* res the system to a limit hy  condili'on   wtUiin a day* or  t\vo   Foi  ������������le by LalysmitK Phaimacy.  lo  NEWS AND NOT US .  Active piepaiations aie alieatly going furw.ud foi lhe National Img-a-  tion congress, which will meet in  Bouse, Idaho, in Sep torn hei The  Ada countv cuininissioner������> ha\e jusl  \ok*d 1.5(1(1 toward the enlcitainmenL  of the coiigicss.  Govcrnoi CloOfling, of Idaho, who  lias itibt rd in tied to Boise nom a  visit lo his sheen iaiicli near Shoshone, sa\s that theic is t'\ci.y 11 os-  |)Ctl ot an iMiiiMinlly laiprc wool dip  .iddni" that a lumiihcr of sheepmen  m Lincoln and othei counl u*s of 'd-  aho 'liiuc refused 2 5 cents  Within e'gilit yeais lhe Piolbstant  I Episcopal chin ch't. missionary gifts  ha\e nicien&ed liom ������������������ 11)2,5*11 lo  ���������s7fif!,'1(>5.  A niissioii.il y inaga/inc has fisjurod  llial three million Chinese are today  ic-sSidents in othei pnits of the i^lclbc  than C'liina.  The Fcleial Sii|iicmc ni.ti I i������ently  ii'iidcic.l a <lt'( lsion ,sustaining (icoi-  gia's law prohijiiiifiiig the running of  freight   trains  on Sunday.  She��������� Widen'I you jieifectly delighted when baby cut his first tooth''  lie���������Yes, I thought maybe he'd  quit yelling then. .But I found tliete  were thirty-one moie'to follow���������Detroit Free Press.  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  WATSON'S  A   Great   Boot  for Prospectors  They are all . leather,. and  made to stand strenuous usage in min������ or  fotest.  L117. Men's Tan Chip  pewan Veal Kip Pros.  pectors'   Boots  ,'���������'. ,.   .inch    blucher   cut,     with  '..���������   .1    full  bellows tongue   to  tip; have double silver eye-  Jets  and  stud  fa'ool>a;     double  sole and slip;   standard .screw  fastened;  slugged    around   the  forepart and Imel.      A    corn-  fortable as  well as a driraiile  boot/. ������������������:   ,������������������ '..'���������->  -;.--. 1 -,,  .^/rtf for thorn ut your Dealers  J.LECKIE Co Ltd  J/lltffl/MIVFfl  R  The last person lo be ��������� imprisoned  in l;avp;!aiid for atlieisni, Uuvrc-cpiitric  fleorirc .Jacob llolyoa!-:e',' rccen'l ly  died, in liis eiij;lity.|iirilli year. lie  wns the miMior of ni'iiiy vji hi: jfit-:' to.-  "onus.  The (Vjn'^resVinjtioualisst thinks Ih'nt  the drift of (i|\inioii in C'nmida seisins  to he fiivornihle lo the Ji.-uin*���������The United  C'htirehes   in  Caunil.'i.  EtvgIiK.li Unitarians' will tour' Lancashire from IViay until Sepleniber  with a preachi,fig, van or ear. Twenty ministers are enlisted. The remote: villages will be visited, and  idogma.tic   controversy  avoided.  Oon'i;!-(^',ia(;.ioiialisls, espi^ially since  the union with the United BreUiern  and .Methodist -Protestants has been  .assured, have paid consideralbie attention lo the siiibjcct of denominational supervision. At present each  church  is entirely innde-'iiutc.     *  TIii'iiwti from her ���������Jj-icyclc before a  tramway-car in Manchester, a young  lady was candid iininjiii-ed hy the  patent g-iu'tnl, and within two minutes mojmled her niacllline a^ain and  rorio n\v.ay.  Prince Ale.v.mdcr of Trcl; Ims sent  'a ibuialioii to- Ibe fuiurl Hm people  of St. .Tolm's t'lutrch, East Dulwich  are raising to  enalilo t,liem'l.o.;)lnii.ld  PIANOS,      ORGANS " ANDHOUSEHOLD     i< uKM i I It  ED PPiOMPTLY  A    ND  SaFELY   JHOV  .cave ordt,rs at   <t.  Stables in the rear ot the Lad ysmith hotel  Abbots       f������rd  I A.    J   WASKLTT,    PROP  ^-^.^.���������^.������������������������������������������������������^-���������������������������t ���������������������������������-��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������ + + -*-������������������������*���������������������������������*������������������������������������������*  *-ft-*v   9   ���������*   ���������*-*  SHAVES & BUHS  Having tal.������.'6 ������ver the barber shop  known as the Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, lli^h St., 1 intend, by keep  ing competent tvori-inen, id* conduct  a first-class establishment, and ie-  spect fully  soliclv your patronage.  THOMAS, LEWIS  Best accommodation lor transient  ind permanent, boarders and lodge'ru.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has l������jen*-,comfort-  a������<ly furnished and the liar Is up-to-  i\������u> f'.atcs Sl.eo a day and ������p-  w%rds.  WU   BEVERIDQE, Pro^.  SIMM iinAicn  FURNISH   ROOMS  HOTEL  DOMINION  ��������� Rate? ^J._.r������ iud-fl.oO���������  Fie to  all eteati'hint   lai dingu ������nd  railway depot". Electric ca'6 every fi e  minutes to all partB ol the city. B������r  aiidJtablp^unexeeUt*!'.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor, ���������  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER   B.C.  tsquimait   & Nanaimo Railway  Time Tabic No. 58  mmmawamaamawammamamc^H^^****  Efleetiv# April 29th, 190b'. - j   \  Trail.* (������a*������  ������**������iy8niith Ior  Victoria and all  111 termediate stations    at  9 10 a.m. daily, and at-500 p.m. on  Wednesdays, Satin days,, and     Sun-,  days. - '  Trains W-e ������,adysmith lor Wellington and all mtcrineiliati' station-  at 11::>7 4 in., daily, and at 7:00 p.m.. on Wednesdays, Saturdavs and  Sundays.'"      i -      . _     - ' . ' <  ' F^n-iiffn Tirlffif    ��������� -^  'ON SALE TO AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for goiD������ Journey, Saturday/ - >id Sundays, relurunir not-later than  tJip following  Moaday. *        ���������  "-- , \    -  -  Stetmir.oaii-���������������������������  Sails from La*ysmith .or \*iu.s>    -       - .- ���������������������������      ,       . ������������������������������-_ ���������,  nnil  uver every Saturday at COO a.m. and  returning sails tr������nwJ-\j^co.u/ar t lor, Ladysmith at 2.30 p.m.  , "3ij>    s���������'|,..; ,  THE JONES HOTEL  -WHITE   I300K���������  :iiul  -WHITE   liABOK���������  l<] in ployed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)        ^  GATACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  BAR SUl'I'I.IKD WI1 H BJBfT^  WINKS. UQUORS.ClOARSi-j;.  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRie, Proprietor  LADYSMLIIf,  .C  Newly fitted up and  Fumishcil  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND  DAVID IIY NILS  P*������oi������  B iard at reasonal.'.o  Kates  -t!xi  The bar is extra ^"ell  Stocked       ^-i  This   Unlel   had   been completely       renovated7  Board Hid lodging SI.00 per day.  HOTEL-  JOHN THA, Proprietor  -    - ���������-. - -.  ftar  Supplied  with the  Best   Wines,lBt Avenue '-: :-:  Liquors and Oigais. -      : :"~" -    "-  -02:  '.vXA  ':"-��������� Ladysmith B.Ci-^  sT  3  TH6CITY MRRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  1. ���������  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. Q  .������������������������������������������������������������"������������������������"���������."������������������������������������"���������-���������"���������������������������  .������..������.���������:.������..������������������������������..*������������������������������������������������������������������  ..���������..���������..������������������������-������������������������-���������������������������������  STOVES! T  STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  Al| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  ��������� Low Fxcursion  Rates  Round Trip.  Ticket .and (Freight, Office, 75  Govcrnment Street. y  Transcontinental"  1  I  I  Trains Daily  ''    The'NeW Train    :^>-r  ORIENTAL LIMITED '.  - I The Train oi       . ^. -  Ease, Elegance,  Excellence.,  Every, mile^a ,. picture, ,and  no, snibl.e*to., spoil. **be,  view,.  , Through/Compartnjent,. Ob-j  servatibnJajid'] _*ullman SU������ep-J  ^ ers;, also   'Through    Toiiri^ti  , ,Car������r to. ..Chicago. . ~;^A  At antic SteansMp .fl[usinetk to EuM(*  ,"*, "~'., "isiurSpeciiltj'       , *!  Union . Terminals t:with, allj  Steamer,-lioes.' ^ _'. '        ' "*" j  liertU reservati'oiisj by V,!'g*l  . Great Northern S.S. Co.     I  EOK, J APAN  ^AND, CHINA.1;,-  Steaimships, .^liijioesota and Da-j .  kota saiLJroniJ'Seattle forVfyt-  pan   anil^.Cjiina .ports at.^ir^-!  .(fueiii* Jiat-as: '__ Elact    sailing.  ��������� ir-ates caii ,he seetirwl upoVap?  . plication ,to any Great North-'j  ...eiiL representative.j _.   _'.   ^1.,  A.G.P.A7, Settle,. Wash: .  ,E.;.Il(,;STEIJHB^ ���������.^������������������' _^J *  _(, Gen.: Agent, Vfcforja^ B.C. -  T      1  i ram0  On Sale May 24, 23, 2C.      "  To   Hew Haven, Con.   $91.00  ���������s-JjtfU.  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53  P. 0. Box 42..  f  j  4      WM.  MUKS1E,  Piosidpnl     J.  W. COIUJUN, Managing Director.  * Telcphaiie 4-o. \r* ,l\$  \\    The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  4  4  t  4  4  4  4  4  4  t  4  4  4  DUNDEE^-  WHISKY  Scotlands Best..  MILLS   AT   FIDMCK    AND   LADY SMITH-'    >    ������������������  Shingles a Specialty  manukac:tu1sER8 op���������- ;  Koii^li smxI Diossotl Fir and Uetlav l.uinbers  LATHS,  SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      KTC,     of    the   BEST  (lUALlTV SEASON.*.l).      AND    IMtlEI)    KLOOHINGS      AND  I<MNISIIIN(I  LlJMI'.EIt IN  STOCK  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  t  MUMIM   QREEM-,  HOUSED AND SEED  ������"������10  Ve-Winatar Road;,  vancouver?  ���������..-���������;c-;bx'.   j;:  t .' .   -   ' *      - /.  "Ileadquarterjs for  '  VXciVt^aROWN Uardcn^ ittfld -  ���������ndllower SEEDS    ' '-'*>'>  tof drsttttuttoB'.      J ^;:  Large' 'stock   oi,HoWj!1  Grown FRUIT and ^ph"J  s NsA%NTALs-TREES^  now matured for Spring...  - No"-expense, loss or de-*  lay..of fumigation or" in-'  spection. . .    ���������_' ~ '.  . -Let me Jrice.your Jis"������  before- placing your   or-,  der/dreennouse PlantB;  Floral Paokages. Fcrtfli-  zers   etc.  .3010 Westminster Road.;  VANCOUVER,. Bit1  July 10 to  La.  Denver  August 7, 8, f).  Milwaukee '  Sept.  8, 9,  10.  ". Toronto '..  June" 4, C, 7,'2"   25,  ...July 2, 3,  Aug.  7, 8^ 9"  TOALLH 0 I N JX  t_For ,par ticu la rs., call" on_0 or  t write E. E. Ulackwooif^G^en-  eral.Agent,  Victoria, ^R.C.  . A. . D.    Charlton,' A .G .^A',,  -,    N.P.,   Poitlanii, Oie.  WaWaWaWaWaWmaWkWaYaWaWam  Tb  To  To  $83,75  *'ii.-.������.  %jki2������.2������  Qoihg East  m^j. .-o_     . i i     \.   ,--a   x.'j  Then b������ luftjoir tickets(!rea#   rtt  FoiTHE BI6iBT BARGAINS IN  1 ry^.V-tc  +  +  +  t  I  +  f'  *r  >4  t  The only  line now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS    with      thc  through    train*    frond    the    Pacifk  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS,  THE-rLOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CIU*  CAGO,    OMAHA,   .KANSAS CI1 \  and ALL POINTS EAST.  '  For complete information ask y-  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKF.R  General   t %���������������  ilO 2nd Ave . Seattle.     5 -  ..l>(#a or������ in . ...  Pianos and  Call on  *Tl  *  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  I PURCHASERS   AND SMELTERS OP COPPER, QOLD'A x������  SILVER ORBS.  Smeidng Works et  LADY SMITH,   B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  i DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island,,B. G.  *4.^.4.^,^.^.4.^.JM..j..n.^s5..i.|.;..i..t m-  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  General Manager.  Mini  ��������� ���������;. ��������� ���������������������������������������������(.   -  '.lioK Paintin? Especially  Organs ..  Lcidysn-ilth, B.C  ' ���������*���������-   .V/n-j;*:; 'Kptir.f   '<������������������-���������  .  ������>...  aiL'iv,- ���������',"${_>;���������''.*m'  Pager of all Styles  at a  Big Reduction in order  to Clear  Under New Managment.-'.-.  Hotel Wilson  Nan  Jas. R.[McKinnel  Proprietor.  Comuiercial Mens'  headiinatters.  Modem and     Strictly First  Claes.  Fire Prool    Ruildiia*.  iff mm m co.  Sole Afjcirtu for B. U.  J.X. Smith's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  -HAS  BEEN   REMOVED TO  PAINTING   AND PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Dpne:v--v-";���������~rr~T~-r-r:T"::r".~r  -"���������     -Orders Promptly   Executed  ��������� '*+     M     *f   '������������������������������������  M  a  i  I  ii  ���������VI  '���������:\  i  if  ...  3".,  /I  i\' 1  '���������������������������V  ���������>J.  i  i  H  Si.'i  0'i-i  m  1  m  m  ���������* 1  :':*!l  '$  111 M. R. SIMPSON  BoUeltar,  W������.  Monty to   Loan  t. Avenu UOWI H  J,ADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5���������  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall    every 2nd    and   4th  Tuusday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS: KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  OESU.N3  , TR.'.&E-MAItKS  , ftNUCQPYfl.ailTt.  1<   rm m ������������������-.- ���������>  --'      oCTAINEb  > ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY IT ft 2"-  ��������� Notice in " Inventive Age "     Ik ��������� K BM H5 i  ^ Boole "How to obtain Patents"  MTEirrs  Fit  _ Charges moderate. NofeatiHpnteut i3 secure"..  f       litters strictly confidential.   Arlrtrfis,  \ E. C.SIGCEBS, Patent Lawyer. Wflshlnglon, 0. C ^  Or. Dier can  he toiiad at  any tin-  at his office on Gatacre st.  His   de"  tal  work is  Kiaianteed  io   be firs*  . lass and rates reasonable *.  Express Work  LIGHT-TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  SKfc J    KEMP.  OR  LEAVE    ORDEKS   WITH  - W.   GARTER,  ic *  Any  RECEPTION TO  REV. A. 1VL SANFORD  Kind  of  Job  and   to hi-, wife and  family.  fk   leaving   tomorrow   morning  '.'<&=���������  The Wallace Street church v.as well  filled last night hy membeis of the  eongn'gation who hud gathered, lo  hid a fond adieu to thou- retiring  Ijastor   thu      "Hi--..     A      M.    Sanfoid  J''  riRST AVENUE  PHONE     60  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER vyORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the-office,   on  Roberts   Street  pay Water    Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each unnth.  ai.r  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  U BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  i  ��������� i  !  :  First  Class ,  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK  For Sale and Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  Al  t***449"**W9**9"9������***9>*9**9"4  >������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������.*���������;������������������*.���������*:  GENERAt BLACKSMITH SHOP!  ������������*--������������ n.:n:.w u..hi... ' il  ~_5.  THE  LEDGER  Miners' Drilling Machines  DRILLS  MADE TO ORDER and,REPAIRED   AT SHORT  NOTICE. ,  SHARPENED BY  US     ALWAYS t GIVE SATISFACTION.  .   -���������-PICKS HANDLED A   Nt������ REPAIRED--��������� .".;  -^SH IPSMITHINf,    INcVLL   ITS   BRAN CH f OS l'  .. Horseshoers and Genera* Blacksmiths.        "-.  r<.'   RWRIGBT  Bti 11 er Street .-      -    -    .-   i_adV������rr_ith, B v  'l'****^- ���������   I' ��������� "I" ��������� fr ���������M������*^*i������*������*-|"M-<������ ++++-h4~fr9+9.'  ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  i  Will be Delivered on>Mondays, ��������� Wednesdays.  ..,--,        F/ldiys and Saturdays  Vpj'"? ' . -. ��������� .-' -  *'t f, Orders mist he in ,hy. eleven -o'clock 0:1 day ol Delivery,  Union  Brewing Co-  PPW^*^****--?^**'^****-^  EXCELLENT   |  Train Service  Chicago, london;  hamilton, toronto,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tlie rrlncliml BuBlneus Centers of ...  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, KW VOH AM  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  Kor Time Tables, etc., addremi  CEO. W. VAOX,-  \s������!hum Gon'l Tuiseuger and Ticket Agent  138 ADAMS ST.. CHICAGO, ILL  who are  to   take  [."���������j   up their   residence in "\ ancouver.      v  The    meeting    was    opened     b>   a  hymn,   and  prr.jcr   b,\   Mr.      William  Marsoii,   si- ,   sifter   winch    the    choir  rendered  ah  anthem'  3      Mr.     W     A     Letcher   -s   .-..airman  jj   for t he evening   opened   the   cere-mouses with appropriate iciiiarks, staling  tliiii  the oflH-ial   Board   heartily     reciprocated  the good   words .spol.e  b>  the pastor  iu  his  farewellsuiiiiou   on  Sunday night. ,  After Mrs. Pa\ i.son luuii endered n  solo in her well known uul.' manner  Mr. fi. U li*\ing> i-c-nU the follow.-  ing faiowell addrecs to Uie reth ing  pa.stor    on   liehall   of  the    congrcgat-  *���������  i������a:  To Kev.   A.   M. Sanlord, tt. A ,  B.D.  'Dear  Sir auA. Blether,���������  It is  with   mingled leelmgs of     regret and pleasure    that    we are   as  sembled    this   evening,    regret   that  we are  so soon    to  be  deprived      oi  your      ministrations   as  Pastor     oi  this congregation, uiid yet with plea^  * m*e that the change   which takes you  from  us  will   give    you   a    field       of  ' wider opportunities, and greater  pos-  Kibilitie-s   lor  the   exeicise   oi     your  abilities m the service of the Master,  You*-   work      amongst   our   people  during the three years   it has      been  our pleasure   to enjoy   you ministry  nan bee*  done  in  a   manner     highly  "satisfactory    to tho   Hoards of Management    of  this       church  and   '   the  congreg-aition   in  general.  '   In the  pulpit   your teachings  have  been   of the   highest ^noral      tonos;  as well  as preaching     thc iundameii-  tal    doctrines    ot   Ctmslanity,    >oiu'  9-rmons have been    highly profitable  to  us  in  building   and   stiengthening  orr taith,    Brlsb  educul ing  us  in  the  ethical    teachings    of  our      leligion.  That   your   work  has   received.     the  stamp of Divine   approval, there can  be no question, the number of     persona  who have  joined  our   communion during   lhe I.Tin ' of   your    ministry   is r-vi.lence   of the   Holy   Bpn-  u it's,  presence   in   i he nun is. ration  of  tae Word  In vqii  ial  person...   .  ship of  uiiv  enUro people,   and     lui=-  done 'much    to  advance    and        preserve  the   good   fivling   exisl ing     m  all   ilepailnieiUS   oi oiu* cluuvli wor!  Vi'i- lefer  with   pleusiii-P    to  I  ���������bli.ation* from time to time,  and ������t tne present time we find  oiii*sel'v������j in as good a ffinancial condition .'** at   an)       t.me   ,in   recent  y������ars.' r '*     '���������"-;       '  -���������'  J a parting we desire, to ask vour  acceptance of the accompanying: gut  a* a slight token   of our. esteem and  aiipwiatiou    ot your  services,      and  our prayer  is   that  tlie blessing     of  The Master may attend yourself,  Mis.' Sanford and family' in .vour  ������e\y field of labor.    ���������  On behalf 'of the   congregation_^ oi  Wallace _ Street  Methodist Church.  S. UOUG11,  Sac.   Quarte'ly   Ofllcial Board.  LAWHRNOK 3LVXSON,  ilacietar.v Trustee Board.  W.   R.  MANSOV,  Secretary  Sunday. School.   >  41.. A    POWERS, ,  .  , Sec. Ladies Aid Society, . .  The pasto was here presenU-d vwith  a handsome iounlain pen, and travelling case. " ,"  s Mr. Sanford replied to the address  in a speech, thanking'the congregation for their mark of appreciation  of his efforts. Jt guv*i h'im much encouragement to lenow that his services to the congregation had been  appreciated in th'u phni,. ' It had been  a pleasure to Him Ho work in the  Wallace StreetChurch and lie 'had  enjoyed bis pastorate m Nanaimo  as much if not morn that any other in his> ministerial'history.  'iTia   Powers oa behalf of  the  Ladies Aid   read      the' following address  to which Mrs.   Sanford replied   in   a  lew   well    chosen    remarks.     Accompanying the address Mrs.   .1. B. Nich  olson   presented Mrs    Sanford     with  {an elegant silver   and   China service.  Bear Mis.   Sanford-���������  On this, (he eve of   your departure  from our  midst,  the    members     and  fi lends  of  the  Wallace  Street church  have met   to'wish   you good bye.and  Cod speed. ���������*;  It it, indeed with heartfelt regret  that we, tlie n.embers ol tho Ladies  Aid Society lo������k forward to the  sa\eranco of the tics that have  bouud us so closely for the past  ihree years. Friend after friend  depaits   and  in   your   departure   we  valued  work with you  as a member  of  Young Ladies    So/yety  We now' And that conference has  found it necessary to ���������' remove . to  another charge, >.our good husband, and yourself thereby serving  to aome extent, ihe most pleasant  relations   existing-    between   lis li  is probably aeeViles to say ihat  this'brings with it a ling*.- of ie-  gret' on our part, and yet ut tlie  same time there is pleasure fo> u^  in knowing that lhe work of joui  husband and vourseli has In en  ^.o successful while here, that conference., appreciating that 'work,  should take sou from here to a  larger charge. t  We also have assuiancc from  your work in our mid-jt, thai neithei  of you will disappoint tho charge  to   which  juii  are.going.  It. would indeed be a pleasure to  us were we able ut thi-s time to  express our appreciation of yoiu'  labor witfc us, hut time wilt not permit this, so we have take* the lib-  ii*ty"to present >o\. on behalf oi  the Young Ladies Society, with this  small token, trusting ' that it may  convey to' your lieail, that 'love  which one good friend holds for an  other, and help to remind you in  after jcars, of tin* many friends you  have in this place.  We would recommend you to the  cair- and fellowship of the P>*incess  Stieet churck, and trust that God  may richly Mess the work that it may  be your privilege to do for him  there. '  Signed on behalf of the- Young  Ladies Society.  F.VBLYX M. DAVISON,  Secretary.  The balance of theevening's programme passed as follows-  Solo���������Mrs.  .J as.  Vipond  Address���������Rev.    A     K.  Roberts.     ,,  Solo���������Mr   Evan   Jones.  Anthem���������Thc   Choir  Address���������Rev    J.  M,  Millar.   ���������        (  At the close of thr- programme all  present adjourned to the school  room of the church, where the ladies served ice cream and take and  thus was hrought to a fitting close  Itov. A. M SanTord'B farewell reception  Of IIM*  Kandoops. May aO.-tSpwial \o  lhe ileraldj-The third and last day  ,.r the hold up u ial '-was attend, ri  U> all who crowded into the cou l  loom   at both sessions.  Ladies were* out in great fore,  n, usual, and many <>f them bringing along their fancy work and sewing,' and remained during lunch  hour to ensure getting seats for the  aiie. noon. Edwards aud Col(������ihouii  _jv taking mora interest in the  trial, and even Shorty Uunu ������-*>  noticed to pay some attention to  the ;-eiriai*ks of counsel-during Uie  urg*urucnt. When Mr. Swanson Wit,  I siddressing the jury on  Colciuhoun,  and referring  nEW*.RR OF  .TUME 20 ,  SAYS  A PROPHETESS  Chieac,*,  Mav  31.���������Like a  warning  i\oiee    ot the ancient Sybil     crying,  P.evuiie     of    the    Ides of March.-5'  comes (lie glo'Hiy forecast of a Chi  Limited  t NANAIMO    B. C.  +" **+l-HrW?4-*94.**94^.*.i.9+*9+j~4^^ .t.*  jeel   we   are losing' a   verj  ^   '.. .   -^ ... csni>n i iidiliet'js*?, Mmr*. Meial who,.at'  Our meetings*  and   intercourse havel"^������ '     ' '    ,,  ' .   _, .      '".  ,    . ,   ���������^the  tin.i* of the  g,reat Suwsrot, Feto-  . always    been   most    harmonious   and _��������� .   i   .   - ^j  ,    ' ~ _ , lii-aTv*   I.   loos'.,   predicted horrors and  t Pleasant   and  by  your  cheer.ul -   and^^ .^Wftte ol Jlino  r prtsloi-,.. duties.   >our   gen-   optimistic   spirit you have, oiten been2JJ ���������   ._  the A &.^  that    ...^  mal.ty    hns.won the    friend-   a source   of help and  mspirauon   Lo^^ dispUycd  lWs  morning..  us ,ii our work. (%,,,he eartj1  wH1  nQW ,0 visited hv  Wa fondly hope   *��������������� may still   holda ,upcemc upheaval.   The eartr>A?iai.e  ���������.oiw* place    in  your     thoughts   and_lujcks  wWch ile,.u,  ,1maat9  fi    win  vii ffou. , aflections,   and as you look   at t^'secont*,inue durinsr.  the year,     -lunc*  29j  he     pre- . tokens of   our esteem  which   wc now the c���������imiiiiation  of the most,  dangOi  "'      '" ������������������-'"'"v ncceut. may- younn������.  , onition  of  the planets  rclath  tbe past,  cb-iditions  that    could  you to kindly accept,  may youoas  , oiition  of   the planets   rclathc  know   that   ihe gift    is   thc    offering,0  {}!e earth is   to o:cur. There will  seat     satisfactory        Unnncm.       C0U", ^^    ___  duion    of our chinch,  while    durin������ - -'������" ^��������� |oV,������and  ,,ull   the  babj,,^ fm. carthl.uake, death     Tn oppo-  a���������d    preceding  aummo.. i ^.b^   ^  sll���������hLod  we  add     thiscUion ' to the ~    ear.tli  at the    same  p,^ ailed   in ^our   ^H^,; ., a 50���������Vi-nn- of his birth place time  not     but  church  finances.  pressing     erleit   on  vrf   hv"ike liheialit.v   of   our   people  we hive    been  abb" to  discharge  our  and ������nay jou  see him grow  into  W. 81LKR.  ^ENEKsAJ, hXPRESS AND  DELIV������KY     -  WORK   PROMPTLY,-Di.^ ���������  LcaTt orders at. thr Ahhotsford.  Pr. R. B~^Wei  Sur^e^n Demist  All  work f������������      teed, and  al re*.*.  ������i ���������������" ratea.  'RES"it)''.\;'n: and office  Gatacre Sf. Ladysmith  A*\^"-'Jt)P������iN   -.   A.1J   HOUR8.  j. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE URY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C.  HILBERT       |Dcar Mother  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lands  within the Railway Belt ia British  Columbia, may be homesteaded by  any person who is the sole head of  a family, ot any male over e ghteen  years of age, to the extent of one-  iritarter section of  1(!0-. acres, ���������' raotf  or less.  Entry must be made personally at  the local lurid oilice for the district  in   which  tlie land  is  situate,  'rim homesteader is reqmicod to per-  lo'in Uie conditions connected thero-  witli    under   one     of  the    following  plans:  (1) At leaat six inontlis' residence  upon and cultivation of .the land in  each year for  three years.  (2) H the father, (or mother, j[ the  THE VERY BEST REM BUY  FOR HOW EL TROUBLE  l.lr. AI   V.   Butrouglis,  .m_ old   and  well-known    tcsideirt     of     Bluff ton,  I nil., says     "I  repaid  ChainSiierlain's  (Jolic,   Cfiolera and  Dianhwa  Remedy as  the \eiy .Lcl  romedy  for  bowel trouhle.     I make  tins statement  afur ha\JiigHisetl   the remedy in    ni\-  '"annly  for ,se cral >eais      1  am "iev-  "i" without   it."     'Ihis  remedy  is  almost   suie-  lo be  needed hefoic     the  I'limmer   is   overt      \Vh\     not     Imv  now and   be   prepaved   foi     such  Koi  sale l*y     i..ad\-  it  | miii emer*r.cIlcy,  Mtiit'li  Pliarnistey  m ciGKBiicTom  Manufacturers of the Fanous  CUBAN BLOSSOl  Sone bu   Union Labor    Kmployed  H. J. BOOTH. Prop  ta+wan*.  .tUiu.ii^--  JjNITEP   ANCIENT      OltDfc'U   tit  DRCIDS  WeiHngtou  Glove  No. 4  U. A.  0. 1  Meets   in  the I*  O   0 .FMail,  l������.  dysmith,    the   Second   and     fToM.it  Wednesdays:  i.( oacli   inontli. eoiniii.)  ing Wednesday.  VMh., 1905.  Visiit.iiig  Drulils .    are invited  tr   vt  ttud.  By Order  WM -RAFTER,  Reef Se<<t.\  PATRICK BllPK. N.   A  NOTICP  From     this date the  undersigned  wlir not. be'.responsible  for any In  aehtedfless     Incurred except on      a  wTltten orlier sli^ned by the'secretarv  Rowland  Nfachln  V.   r   EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO.. LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  y������ctorl������l B.. C, May 18th4 '���������lOI  Your little ones are a comtant car* in  Fall and Winter weather. They will  catch cold. Do you know about SKiloh'a  Contumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and  what it has done for so many ? It is said  to be the only reliable remedy for all  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money  it returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  iSHlLOH.  This remedy thould be in every household.  DAY  SCHOOL.  Uaual  subjects 'taught;   also      language"- drawing  in  pencil  and  crayons,  paint ng  in oils and  water col-  , orB,  pianoforte muI vocal lessons jiv-  ! en In classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B. u.  {������)   Jl   uiii;   ������u.s���������w*,    v^���������      father is deceased), ot the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the laud entered for, the re-  (jiiiremcnts as to residence may ht  satisfied hy such person residing will,  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land own  ed by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to resi  deuce may be satisfied by rsside-.c*-  upon the said land.  Six   montlie'   notice     in-    vriti.v.  should be given 1o the Commissioner  ot Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for sott coal and $20 tor  anthracite. Not more than 320 j  acres can be nOqniired hy one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of a.OO:1  pounds shall lie collected on the  ijross output.  ' .'.W.. W.  CORY,  TJaputy of thi Minister, .ol Interior.  Ladysmith bakery *  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    taken   <Iade   to  Ordor .  FRL'ITS    AMU    CANDIES  OF ALL  useful   and honored man  Our best wishes and our earnest  prayers follow you for your suci.-  nss and well being in the highest  and noblest sense, "and wo trust the  woik in jour now chun-h hio . in  Vam-auvei* maj piovo very ploasj  nnt  and congenial." ^  In uaying "goo<l-h.\e" we are com^  foi-ted hy the hojie of often seeing  you iiv the future nnd'if at the last  meeting^.w ill bo foie\ei* unlwoken. ,,  Signed cm behalf of the Ladies'  Aitl Society.  fi: .r.   NICHOLSON.  Vtcn President.  al    A    POWKUS,  Secretary.  On   behalf   of   the.     Yoini"      Ladies  Soc.ii'ty, Mrs.    .T.  W.  Vipond, pr������!������ent  .erl Mrs,   Sanforrl with an  address. ..ac  OQinpanied   with  a  brooch   which  was  Presented    to Mrs.   Sanford  by   Mrs  Evelyn Davison.   The address was as  follows:  [To Mrs.   Sanford,  Vice "Pres-ido.nl    of  Young  Ladles  Society:   ���������  Dear  Friend:���������  II is with mingled feelings of re-  grel and pleasure that we greet  you hure this evening on an occasion of this kind. For the past:.tbv*������Q  |yeai'a it. has been your privilege and  at. lhe" safnie-time ..our pleasure  the'sun,     Mars and Neptune  a will cause an oceanic disturl fence le-  eultiiip ��������� in-" 1 TshipwTeck and "disaster.  Wc'airc   cnteiiiije;    an tora of misfortune.    The conditions on our   * liltle  planet are'the ^irfibst'apiNil'ing of any  evistiiia* in all the'~propled' worlds ri  the  unbounded 'universe:"   "  * '  Xd���������^-���������������������������'-  There is every prosjiect that the efforts of the commercial|cltij) 5f RocU-  fonl, Wash., to hold a live stock|f?ir  Salurday will be a gieat success  There, will he three p.ri/CR given by  (he club >for each kind of stock such  as horses, cattle, sheep, hog.s, etc  It is ev-peefced' that ������������������ many buyers  will le' present.  fcM'liull"      ul  to his boj  ii'bod. days in Ontario,   tears came m  io the iirisoners eyes.   Edwards kepi  his eyes constantly on   Uie jury ,\aen.  jlns  counsel  was adUressing them,   ns  In    he  were  trying " lo   <"oai]    his late  UK-re.      When  the   trial   was  resumed  iu   the morning Mr.  Macintyre made  _nother  vigorous elVort   to  secure an  adjournment until  next session claim  ' ing   that  a fair  trial   \v-.������s  impo%iblu  uj   this time.   M,r. Justice Irving   i������-  fused thei adjournment.  THail clerk McQuarrie was reeallwl  In more positively identity Kdwaids  1 .his he did hy the close fitting oU'i-  ��������� o-t worn by lhe alleged-desperado.  ,'cters and Stewart and Sergt. Shoe  1.attom  corroborated   t'he  evidence  Supt. Hussey of the private police-, was severly criticised by atini-  ne^ Ale In tyre for 'allowiitig detect i\(s  and others , to interview; tbe prisoners.  When   court   resumed'  after     lunch  Attorney  Atclniyre- stated5 the      dc-.  .ence  would offer   no   evidence. -  Deputy    AttorneyCteneial    McLean,  ...ho addressed the"   jury on behali 01  the      prosecution- %.' 'commenced    his  ������p6ech   of   one  hour -by   complimenting   the R.  N.W".M.r.;"\vho he claimed  ..���������ere   constables   with   authority      in  any province in  Canada.0l   He  rel'err-  d   to,the  Calgary detachment       as  .hat   *fg*allant    little band    who    so  obly mado thc arrest."  Step by step,   Mr. MCLean    show-  s'J' the)* prisoners "'"'in the     vicinity 01  Diicks   -station    for   a   week    or   ton  .lays  previous   to tho   hold up.     lie  tpoke 'especially    of tbe positive   ul-  *nl ification     of    Colquobouu    by  engineer    Callan   'and   of   Edwardb     hy  mail    clerk   MeQuurrie.       They      weie  further   identified  by  articles;     taken  iVom   thi.-  looted  mail    car  found., on  ihem   at   the   time      of,tb.*'.i-   ������i-rest  Special  attention  was   paid    fo    tbe  tracking-     of  the  men   by     constable  Pernio   and   tliu   Indians   lu-nace  and  Mythaels       'Phi!        pe. ulu::-        mmk-j  found     in  the   boots       of  t'.v*     pi i*--  onors    enabled   Pernio   and   his     t-..������--  sistants    to   track    them    for     ilii--e  flays.  ' "  - 'At the cojielusion of Mr. .MeLe���������ns  address, attorney .1. D. Sw.tii-.oii  spoke on behalf of' his" client Ool-  quhoui),' t-laiming that "no cvid-'nte  bad been " produced involving his  client.  Mr. Mcfntyre in beginning* hi*-- address complimented the-.-'Calgni.*. po  lice for the fair evidence ���������-given b\  them. The prisoners and imsr-lr  have ;evei*y"reason "to I'eei graloi'ul 1 o  the Mounted police, and we h������ve  j,aNie  nothing-    'to say  except    ���������-.������,    10     th.-  we   have      ri?(.ei\eil  jury  UNKjVOWjV priknds  There  are many "leople who    _ _  used  Clmm^i Iain's     Colic,    Cholera I man-y kindPosscs  and IManiioea  Remedy  with splendid ,,Vo1"  tliem    . He reminded   tl  results,     1-iul   who ire unknown     because they have .hesitated about giving a ���������testimonial  of their experience  for.publication.   These, people,    how-  eier, are iibne     the less " friends     ot  the remedy.     They  have done    much  to make  it '  a liousieliolii    word   by  ilieir   per-sonal   .reconiiiifjil'lai.ibns.     lo  friends and neighbors.    Tt is a  good  medicine  to  ltav;e    in   the home    arid  is widely Known for its cures   >f   rli-  tarrhoea and lall forms of *i.i>w-al trouble.     For sale  by Ladysmith    Plii.r-  >4d vmacv.   ���������' ''   '4  KINDS.  ivRESil    DREAD EVERY   DAY  Prices    are     Very Reasonable.     All  Customers  are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO.  ON  THE   ESPLANADE.  Leads Them    AM  rlN QUALITY *  R.P. RITHET,  & CoM Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  ���������/ICT0RIA, :���������: :���������. ���������--'��������� ������������������'��������� '���������  ���������B.C.  Publics Notice  ���������mention Is called  to  'he    tact thai Vu  Ogilvie Flour Hills  Co.   Limited,  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      hare for some ������im������  :>ast been producing flour In a   vastly  Improved  am*  <������������rlfl  '   '->rm  by  the aid ol ELECTRICITY  and having secured control ot   all the ba-lc patents relatini ther������>  to, take this opportunity ol a dyising the  public that any mtauth-"  orized aseru of. the electrioal ./iflbisTi-riiurlfylnf "processw-will  *���������������*<rsfv*.:  ���������ccnteil.  1  Ogilv'e Flour Mills Company Limit ei  aro tho only millers in Canada TOhose   FI >ur is  I pax if led by the B-'eo trio Fr 00 ass  they .were trying three men tor a  robbery coin ml teed iri (,'nnaiin ami  Avere -: not there'; '���������.to':'.do penvehger ,  ivorU 'for the United States. Short v  Dimn's remark,^''"P'is all up boys"  rei'iM-red to criirios "cpiu-Hiitted in  Montana   niul. other places.  Mr.  McTntyre "denotmced  the  sweat,  box 'proceedings'   allowed"'    'by     the  police,  the evidence of McQuarrie was  fiercely attacked,    the attorney    saying-  it"'could  not\possi!>le    be.    true.  tbe   difference  in   the    size,   ace    an.l  general   appearance       of  the   arcu.������;eil  and   the  description        g'ivon  in     thi*-  plaoards    ottering   the   rewards     wa i  commented on  in closing.  Mr.    Justice  Trving-    in  his   charge-  to  the jury made it vc-y-plain   that",  in   his  opinion.    "Edwards;  Dunn  ninI  Cokpihotm   were  the guilty parties.  He pointed out the direct' evident*.ij  against Edwards and CoU^uhoim,  and had the .���������sheriff place out for  the jury's inspection the, eirc.iiinslau  tial evidence produced by the. prosecution- .  The   jury   retired     fo   consider   Um  verdict .at    6   o'clock.  -��������� p��������������������������� '*������������������-���������  C01.cepci.on, Chili. :M'ay\30���������The Dij  tish ship Lisinplie, Capt, Oowelf,,  from Melbourne^ 'April 21, for Cur  ���������nel. has been wrecked at Santa HTnr  in. Twenty-two nf the crew weru  drowned including nil thc officer* ex;  cept the first mate who with three  men and boys of the crew landed aC  Xlico.  .1 ' yf?  1  Smith, Fotos,  "���������"-rrWiJI^  THR DAIl^Il-SD^E-*  I  That's Alt  NOTICE.  t. f  Mrs. A. L.    Haskins, will sell  Ice  Cream from 6  to 8  every    evening  Victoria Road,  about one mile out  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  Local Items  -Mr. A.   .1.  Ede, of Toronto,  is  the City  today on business.  in  It will be a vcrv good thing lor  Nanaimo n jMi Cook completes his  arrangement's ami liuts on a *-tcam-  ei- direct from Seattle- U> Nanaimo,  making ai lie states, tiirw* Inps per  week. Mr. Cool-- siati'*s that begin  ning  with  the    ltli oi   .tune a     300-  ������n**i*>������^B.C3*������������i������i ������r������ .  ke Io Contractor s  Traders for Steel   Rails and Kas.cn  ings and  Railway Ties  Sealed  tenduis,   addressed   to    undersigned   mailed     on the envelope,  ton  steamer,   the   U.usk-alo   will    bo j "Tenders ior  Steel Rails,'  "I'endei"*  or    Railway    Ties," VTonders     toi  ������ma1m^mi&ea^ti&.^jM'^^3sa^  A  meeting     ot the school  trustees  Will  be  held this  evening.  Tonight the baseball club will meet  in The Want to discuss 'matlets, of  importance.  Mibs It.  Duusmuir, oi  Victoria,   is  r visiting ,Mrs.  Ui.   Wiusswiy liaYin^ai-  rived  in the city  last evening.  Miss    Barnes,     Miss  'ikomas   and  ali%>"������Wills, of Nanaiinio, uie  visiting  lhe Misses Clay of this city.  ������������������������  ^Jlts. J.  Brown returned to Victoria yesteiday  after Inning Msitcd ity-  , iatives m this city.  on the Seaitle-Xaiisiiino inn and he  hopes to build up a good pa^oni^ei  trade, as man,*, people will mmi  ^famaima ii'om Seat I lei and he e\pecty  .1 fair amount ol people noni Nann-  liuo and  \ieini(\   to  \ i-.il   Sea Hie  The  l,iie  wil   il,   is  slated   |>,\     i?:i 00  Oi    ���������?-" 00   i et in ii  , Miss Watson and party from Nanaimo, visited Ladysmith today iu the  ..former's automobile, returning home  this afternoon.  TOR SALE ���������Seven drawer    Singei  Sewing Machine,  a������> good as    new.  Will sell cheap for cas.ii.   Apply  "D"  Ledger Olliee.  /  Tbe gentlemen who are making an,  ^ estimate of the cost of clearing the  land back*, of Ladysmith for Irmt  raising purposes for the C.P.R aie  expected to an he in the city X������\  nwrrow.  ���������������. ,  'Mr. *P. Shepherd completed  the tak  ing of 'the  levels  ot  the new  sport's  ' grounds last evening and returned to  .Nanaimo.    iHe will send  in a wijl-ten  '.report, to the "com mittee in  the. near  future.  .Mrs     Todd  ol   tins ui.\,     wii*-'     of  llr      Fic*d   Tcidd   ilion   m(    tin*    ,Snna-  imo  Hospital  eiul.v    lusi   lii^lit      .uUi*  a   luigvriiig    dim ms        Tlie      deceased  lady    who    uu-i   well       .uui   Ui\oiablj  1 IsllOMll   Ui   J1UIII,\      in    llus   ul^,       toii-  li acted   the     di-n-uSo   ulmh   hus   ended  fau       latulli   while      Inuy  on   lhe  uincli    at   tlie ^'uniiuiiu   I.ilus,      .uui  though   lighting       ag.iiiisi     tin-   com-  [iliuuL     loi    a   consul.>uil>l-*   lime      .11  home,   u.i*-   <*\ei)luall,\   lulled      lo    go  , tn  the  hot.jiil.id    for, p eatmeiil.   Though at. tune'-. rulKing sumo-., nat Hum  the s>e\eie atlncl.,   Ah fa     Todd    ne\ei  ginned  Mil.ic lent   .stiengllt     to     ovei-  comc    the   illness    attacking  her   and  j_iadiiall,\    bank   until   tU-nih      lniall,\  came   lo   reliese hot   sulKM*iiigs>.  Thc doif.isi'd doling women lua\es  to nioiiin noi los.s si husband .md  loin i.hiUlien, besides two .s.steis,  3hs. .Jab r.liget'ei and"U.is ..Joseph  JJukinson oi the fi\o .aie homesteads*  and a brothei , .Mr .Jainis l.ee, Kennedy street.  'lhe iiineial .i'laiig'em.'iits which  aie in the hands, oi' Mi V l*"l Hillicit bn\<- nol sot been di'llllil elv  imide  " S.S.* City ot Nanaimo ca)lo<l in  "port"last evening and look 0n board  'fifteen mules from oil the Tellus,  4which  had  been (brought,  from     San  Francisco by that  steamer foi    Un-  ioa  CARD OF  THANKS  Mr.  W   R.   Dtinn and  family  to express  .their (gratitude to  wish  thejt  inany friends who so kindly assisted  .hem in their hour of recent l,e-  reavieiTnent, and also to those who  l.indly sent flowers,  wi oaths, etc.  Among a nu-nf^er of >boys who weift  fined "at Northwich foi footballing 0n  the streets was one with a single  leg. "He's tho l>est of the lot Tie  fake*-; some catching when he gels  awav with the toll," -said .i constable  GLASS     GLOBE ,|,  '.When you want a Glass globe  see that    you  get the    globe  -with the rubber ring on    it,  as  it is  the only   kind    that  can Keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the rubilter ring  cannot     keep,    out water, you  can    see that    by  examining  them.       The artificial    flower  that  is  put- into the     globes  with the rubber rings, is guar  anteed to be the best, arwl   if  you    want  a globe    with     a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X.  Jones, agent for  ,..H������NRY      CREW,  Th_* only    place  yon can   get  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  dor>Comox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  A i4ener.1l 1 oniinii t< '* nueting 11.  connect nm \.ith th.". it-lent iilih oi  Mitj celebration un~> hehl In't <.**.-  enuift ful I hi- pi.1 pose 01 w nidi 113, up  mati.-i- m 1 imnecil ion *>*. ith 1 ho  celebi .it 11.11  \ sl.Vti nu-iil ol nliii'i's OioweJ  totnl i-.-ec-ipU of S-UCU sA.". ,uid ev-  pindiiinc 01 ���������alalia ."i0, leaMiu? .i in t  deficit    ol  Sin ti"���������  The  Finance  0<iniiiiillss    weie  tho'i/edjo audi!   the .iii-oii'ils  ask   the    c*it.\    (Jouricil    to   giunl  extra     *T.liOfl."������    tn   make     good  sl.01 Uigv*  unci t hen publish     sl.itenient  of u-c-eipLs ami e\pcn<1il un*  \ole.s of thnnlss were p.is'ed lo  the* char'innn secret ai v, 1 ie.i surer  and Finance PnnuniUpe foi I hen  sc-rviies in connei tii,in uiih lhe woik  ol   the  celebrat inn  ,'UI-  iijiul  nu  tlie  Space liais," "Tendeis for Bolts     :1  Nuts,"    "Tunders    for Spikes, '  and  "Tenders for Nutlocks" iespectiv-ely,  will  be lecenod at  the olliee t.f  the  Commissioners ot thc  L'ranscontuien  tal  Railway    at Ottawa,   until     12  o'clock    noon,    of  lhe 7th   day     of  June,     lDOli,     for     sixty-live   thousand  ((15,000  g������,#s    tons vof    eight)-  pound (bU IIj) stieel rails/(oHW������hearUi  or Ucs-seiner,   at  the option   oi     tlie  coiniiii-ssioneis)     and   the   necessary  fastenings,  ,<ind for onu million,   live  hundred  unci  forty-five thousand,   (1,  .115,000)  tailway  ties,  in str.ict    nc  co 1 dance   with   uhc  spcciiications   .of  lhe commissiont'is  Tendeis must be nude on the  foinisS iu])phed by the Commissi'iwieis  which, uM well as tho specifications,  may he obtained on application to  Hugh 1). Lunisden, Chief Engincci  Ottawa, Out , or to A. F. Dou-  cet, Distiict Lngineei, .Quebec, V.Q-,  or to A. l������. Jiodgins, District Engineer,  Kenora, Ontario. ������  Full information in legard to clcli-  \eriee, ,cjj an titles for which tenders  will he Jceeivod, and also as to the  oth"i conditions on wihioli lendersi-aiii  iii.uk', is gi\en on lorin ol teiixlei. A  sample of the nutlock tendered on,  must n.rcoinp.uiy  each  tfntleL   fot uut-  ioClvS  Each t-'niU'i. must be sig.*UMl aiwl  sealed hv all p.iilies lo the^tender.  aii<l witnes.Jcd, and *he accoimpanicd  hy an acccptt.il cheque on a chai-  Lcied l.aiii'- of the Dominion of Can  ida pav.ijble lo the Coininissiciiers  of (lie TianscniitineiilaJ Itailway fo.������  ,1 sum e.|iial (o Un ivi cent (10  pei tent ) of tine. .1,111011111 ol the t^n-  dci  CIk*|Hii's deposited 1,by paities whose  t -niter !���������- i,-tec*ted will he ictiirneil  within ten days* alter Uie .signing of  I lie 1 on I lad  'I lie Mgihl   is  r. sii v.f.d lo lejoel  anv  oi    ill  letideis  Ily order,  1\  E.HYAX, Seeielary.  The Coiiimiss'oneis  ol   Hie Tianscon  linent.U  Kailwav  i>ated At  Oll.iwu, Af.iy 111,  lfiOfi  We cert.ilnly have great line.*;  of Children's Straw Hals, from  the toikliiij.s*. Youngster to the  school Boy���������We've tints Un all  of them ,  ���������Hnin_Hai������iaHk������u-L-i-u������a������aMMiMHMdWUMa  Milan Braid, Sai!ors  with Streamers, Man-  O'-war, fanvas, Ftc.  1st. Avenue, La..ys.pii1i, 8. C.  Hf. E. Ro!fiimii?, Prop.  AIANUFACTURKR OF  Carbonated BeverajfesS.  C i n fi e r   Beer  Fruit S3'rtips  P.   O.   Box   24S  ���������������������������������������������    ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������    ���������������������������������������������  ��������� 9,  9 J  9  Coal      Oil   Epgii es   j  ���������  9  9  ���������_<������������._4U.Jk_r  We have a Special li Man������o-  , war Straw  for Uoys and Girls  It is the Best  Value  we  have  seen ai 85c.  ai��������� ���������iii h 1 ��������� 1 1- 1   ������������������*"���������-    ���������  Walter* &  Akerthead  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  For Luiinchtrs, Pislilnir Buuls,  Etc  Stationery   Engines  for all Power Purposes ���������  Simple, Econoiiiicu). Reliable  Absolutely no danger,  do Electric Spaikers of Batteries  to &el out of older.  Write us fur !������..rtlcul,H <   Rochussen & Collis  7 Yales  Si.   Victoria, B. C  Machinery  Agents.  We show a large assortment of Dainty Novelties-  in up to-tlate BLOUSE WEAk, afso a large stock  ^Hwpioosk  1  I  m  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������ >��������� ���������������������������������������������������  and  D B CS5 GOODS  Attractive Styles-Economical Prices  t s  SlM(KKiSEtt&eO. Li.-iT'  WANTED.-Hv'a iounR woman, a  l������osi(iun as mother's help. (!ood  cook ,uid Hiorou/iilily leliable A]i-  ply at  Led������er  Office. sS.  Picnicers Attention!!  Uoiiuneiicmg Sunday next, 1  will condiic t a icfie&luncnt  si and foi thc con\wnencc of  jncnicers and camping paities  011 the Green Spot opposite  the .boathousc,. and near .Shell  Beach. Refresh nuents, Ice  Cceam, Lunches, etc., servort  at  reasonable prices.  Campers wishing to secure  plots for the summer season,  should apply hercj.  Mrs. T, C, McKmelley,  'HIGH ST.    '  WANTl'JD ��������� A   ntion������   gill   [cn     ';ciic-  r.il houseworlv      Apply  Xew Western  Hotel.  ���������VOTlCft.  1  T, U'ong iMini" kee, have I'm chased  the business, iools ami fivtnics of  Chung Kco's shoe maluns establishment, l,ad)sinilh, and that all poisons having any claims against the  said Lliunj Kee, must come nnd male  that claim l() me on en' before lhe  first day of .lime, iflfifl, and lli.it' 1  will not the r(s*ionsji|)le^t.'i any claims  or debts of the said Oiling Kee aflei  the first day cf June, ilinu . .  (S i gned) WO N tl CI IT N f '< MIT. I'1,.  Ladysmith, 22ml Mav,   l������)0ii  roK-  Tenn is Goods  u  l.arrossi������   Sticks  -AND   NOT I OK.  I(JT  From   Ladysmith  to  Nanaimo    per  Steamer Joan.  FRIDAV,JUNE ist.  Under  lhe auspices  of  the    Ladies'  fiiiild of  tlie Church   of Unglaiid.  Bound Trip 5oc, -.-- Children 25c,  The Boat leaves Whar.f   a I  7 p.m.  Minaril'iH l.iniini'nl. is  nmn's Frien.il.  he    f,lumber-  Summer Drink  LEMONADE...   25c. TIN���������  SHERBET..:....:........ .'....���������      "     "  SUPERIOR LIME JUICE              35c   BOTTLE  QILLONS ������'���������' '*    (pints). ���������..   "  ���������    .������ ������' "    (quarts)  ������������������������������������65c.   1JOTTL.E  MONTSERRAT (big bottles) .75c.     '   ;f������  -..fihiif 1' -r ���������  SiuoKc Hig P.   C'igais  Min.ud's  cians.  Liniment    used Ijv Phvsi-  .������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  i  '������������������"������������������������������������-.���������..���������..���������..���������..������������������������������������..������..������..9W  i  I PES  Cliiaranloed   not  or crack, for  to,  hum  *_# J   CIS*  -AT���������  urn 60011 mi  ���������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������..  .������������������..���������..���������.������������������������������������������������������.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������..������������������.������..������������������������,.���������..*.  I, the uiidcisi������ii(jd .lane McMillan,  adininislialriv ol John Hugh .McMillan, deceased, beieby give notice  Ihat I intend at the next sitting of  (ho liOsird of License Commissioners,  for (ho district of Sou.tli Nairnnno,  to be lioklcn nt J.adjsiiuth on lhe  Jiith day of June, l'lfJti, to mal.c application to thai, honouilile body for  a tiansfei of 1 lie hoful licenses lo  sell iuto\icating Illinois under the  piovisions of lhe Statutes on that  behalf, 111 lhe pi onuses Known and  desciibed as the Tunnel Hotel at  Intension, ' l.r.it_s!i Columbia, from  the said... .L.hn: Hugh McMillan , ��������� .to-  Alexander  .J.  Mc'iVIillan'. "   -    -.  JANE Mc?,[lLLAN,    ..';;  Administratrix of���������'. Jolin; Hugh McMillan.  RAYMOND&  SONS    |  ���������Dealers in���������  Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Brick,  Fire Brick and   Vancouver island cement.  '3 Pandora St.  Victoria B.C.,  B������se Ball Outfits   \vkiie  J. BARNSLCY d CO.  Vll T0RIA, 6, C.  ltog������������������t������������������*iMtti������tit  Granite and Marble Works  Ciamle and Marble Monuments*, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest piiccs' consistent  with fust cl.is-i stock ami  workmasiiship. Wnle^ for  ���������"Mijilogiie  A.   STKWA'IIT,,   -  '���������"148 Yates St. Victoria B.C'  ^mitrmwwwnfnf!!fmwmwmmwi?f!m?!^n?fnfwi!f!  t Notice  A. Howe of ClieniaiiiushuK i.p.-iicl tlu. \>t-almark  lately run hy W. Ward, on ��������������������������������� hi rli 51i.. t  *u Hi a  full line of Fir-it Ctus-. Aleut, ...  Pork and Sausage a Specialty ��������� A Trial  2=0  i A.   HOWE Phone  ^ MEAT   MARKfcT  I  1  r!l  KBBBFJXm  IlarrVd,  zzmmm&������isi&i$iszsm*  BARGAINS IN WATCHES  We have marked  in l'laiu Figures the IVices ol" our���������  Waltham, Elgin and other American Watches  M a Great Reduction   Gall and sec them.  'T~~        B  FORCIMJIER "    ~~  Watchmiiker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSHITH  ���������     FORSALE  Eggs from Pure Bred Stock  AH Birds Trap N as ten  No inferior Layers Kept  Bull and White Reels  Uliite Wyandotles, Ulnle and Riown  Leghoins.  $1" Per Setting  -    $6 Per Hundred  fi. STEWART,  Bok 268 .      * Ladysmith, 'R.C.  Sporting Goods  .Inst atiived���������the best line of���������  -   '.j������***5.i ;.'���������*-  Tennis Goods, Baseballs.  Bats,  Qlpyes, Etc.  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIH1TED  I  Iiavo just received a,shipment of  .:11111s' tHigli^Orade  INGUSH TOBACCOS  "'���������'������������������.'���������v.- and  C'G4KnifS  "drug store  Now,is Siiri'ii.*;  vour  walls  witb  cleanin/r  |.imft, foal.  ^4^9******************9   v*********************  9 '������������������',-       9  X   We have on hand a Large Supply of     ���������  Fresh and Tasty  -e%a-_-i*-fctt_fc  BLAIR   & ADA  PANNELL and PLASKBTT  9  *  O  *  <i  <  <  <  4  Church's Afabastine  Will nol, ml)  olT.     A jierfect and saii-  iliiiy wall eoa'tinc*;, .sold in  50 & 25c. Packages  Als0 paint your woodwork    with  "Pyramid  Brand1'  of  Paints.     Tin:  |ji-sl,  in   tin: market,  only  $1.75 Per Gallon  ���������    We also carry  a large line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,     Brushes,     Window Glass,  Room  and  Picture Mouldings, etc.  Try a  gallon of put  Granite   Floor  Finish  to   preserve   your   Liiiileiiins.     Bring  your pictures lo  be framed  to  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPRR DEPOT!  THE FENCING GIRL   \  FOR- =_==  i(e,5|������ Soap Wrappers  Seh^ us 35 WHn'E SWAN WRAPPERS  and we will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  THE FENCING   GIRL,  A in mbt r of others  to choose from r  The Drlli56^C<*lBmbia Soap Works. Victoria B. t  "'It:1.'-8-;  [oiir Pi  ���������We will niailyou free ���������uie   of  Premium Lists on al'plicatiou.  \A**AA**AAj***A*-������**������'^'**^*A****AA**A^**^'AA <*W������AA/V������> <rv ������WMVK^  W. Q.; Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  A -.VENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your ,  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  Plumbing and  DONE   AT  Reasonable Prices  ��������� ^By^-   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at  Peterson's  Fura -  lure Store, or telephone No 5li.  ������������ ���������  FOR THE NICKST  4 4 4 ������ 4* *���������+*���������*��������� 44 4������4A 4 + 44 4 *-  mi  "'.    -;t:-:  Ice   Cream      |  Milk Shakes, Soft Drinks |  Candies, Fruits, Tob acco _���������  Tlie London 7.00 has received its  first liumniing bird. It is the second that has reached Engiantl ulive  The zoo's bird, which comes from  Venezuela, is fed on syrup, mixed  with extract of heel..  Cigars,   etc,  CAT.L ON '  WL   CARTER,  FIRST   AVENUE  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  Parlors for Private .Partiea.     4  44 44-4-4 4 4^*-4 4-4 4 44-4*44-*^-*-44*-  l'ry a Province Ci_m\


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