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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 25, 1906

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 FRIDAY,  May 25, IMG  -PRICE FIVE CENTS  VOL..,*  "THE  CHILDREN CELEBRATE EMPIRE DAY  In Ladysmith on May 23 the Local  Children Celerated Empire, Day  in Fitting Stylfe  Names of Winners of Various I Events  Given Below and Prizes  Distributed  CHALLENGES  GIVEN AND  &CCEPIED  Below  will  be found a list of  the  -winners    who -   participated  in     thef  sports     held hy the school   children  of Ladysmith     on Wednesday   afternoon last.     As' was stated in   Wed-  masuayjs   issue,  the audience on    the  Bunker Grounds  was large,   and the  children entered  into the sports with  a vim which   ,speaks  well f.������r     the  .training  they have had at thehands  of' Principal  Dak'm and  the  teaching  ^ staff.    There was ho (disorder durimij  the   entire     progranume,  which was  finished   up 'by    a  vcrv    interesting  baseball  fiame  lietween  the  IliUswkvs  and the Maple Leaf, teams,  these*:*.;  iresulting in 12, runs to II   in   favor  of  the Hillsides.  The list of winners is as follows:  GIRL'S RACE, DIV. IX.  First���������J. Belky.  Second���������H. Smith.  -   Third���������B.  Armstrong.  BOY'S RACE, 1)1 V. IX.    -  First���������D.  Morgan.  Second���������B.  Ilrydeii.  Third-^W. Gier.  CHILDREN'S  RACE,' 1)1 V.  IX  Firsfcr-Thclma Smith.  /Second���������Francis l'i.  Third���������J-. Letup.  GIRL'S RACE, DIV. VIII.  . First-JK. Timothy.  - Second���������M. Stepheson.  Third���������K.  James.  BOY'S  RACE, DTV. VIII.  First���������\V.  Lauder hack.  Second���������C. M'ills.  Third-J. Hogati.  CHILDREN'S RACE,  DIV. VIII.  First���������J.  Hogan.  Second���������J. Celle.  Third���������\V. Lauder back.  GIRL'S  RACE,  DIV.  VII.  First���������D.  Saunders.  Second���������N. Belatti.  Third���������M. Armstrong.  BOY'S RACE. DIV. VII.  - F irst���������J.  Cal land er.  Second���������H.  McMillan.  Third���������G. Cartwright.  Obstacle 'Race.  First���������L- Celle.  Setond���������T. Bryden.  Egg and Spoon  Race.  First���������K. McDonald.  Second���������S. Rosatti."  Backward Race.  First���������V. Saunders.  Second���������A.  liumbara.  ���������Horse-hack Race.  1.���������T. Mi/rgan and rngam.  2.���������P.  Celle and Johnson.  '1 hrec-lcggcd Race, .(Boys).  1.���������T, Bryden, C. Lauderback  o��������� F. Greaw.fi,  P. Celle.  Blindfold, Race   (Girls.)  "First���������V.  Saunders.  Second���������L. Hutchison.  Threading Needle Race  FinJt���������W.  Johnston.  Seer n d���������V.  I In tell i sori.  ^.  - ,-Motlier!s_Race. ���������  First���������iMrs. _ Macklin.  -Second���������Mrs/R. -McMillan:  Thiid���������{Mrs. McRae.-  100 Yards Dash,  (Boys) ���������  First���������>E. McMurtric.'  Second���������T.v Bryden.  .Third���������C. Lauderbnck: -.��������� - -���������_  440. Yards Run ���������  Fdrst E-." McMurtrio.  ��������� Second���������T. Bryden.  Third���������V. Lamlcthack.  Putting Shot���������  First���������T. Morgan.  Second���������T. Bryden.  Thiwl-P. Celle. .  Kicking  Football���������  First���������I). Robertson.  Second���������T. Morgan.     ���������  Third���������P.  Celle."  Broad Jump-  First���������E. McMurtric  Second���������C. LAiirierliacIc.  ThiiU���������W.   Law.  Throwing Basci'iall���������  First���������T.   Bryden.  Second��������� V. Laudenluck.  Third -T.   Morgan.  Lola   Hutchison   is  the   winner  We hcicby challenge the Ladysmith  Senior baseball team to a game    of  ball on tlie Bunker Grounds   at   any  date thev set, in the near future.  ,       A.  CROSS AN,  Capt. Intermediate  Uasc).<ai)l- 'IVum  CBALI,HNGE ACCEPTED  I'n reply to Hie challenge sent to  me 4������y Mr. Byers, I will accept it  on the conditions that, the contest  ���������ho for' -t.50 a sule and all the gate  receipts. That a .de$(ositjibf! .jiruwle  with the Editor of The Lodger ol  ?2f> wi'thiii   2 or  .'I days.  W.  HILBEHT.  Ladysmith, B.  C.   o :   iMdysmitii,   B.C.,' May   23,   IMG.  Editor  Lodger:  Sir,���������1 see by Monday , night's  Leilgi r, Ih-.t Mr. Dawlry, of P������ n-  can, refcii ? of Saturday night's ccn-  1es.t, was trying to ciilightcji you  on that affair. Now, Sir, you villi  many others witnessed the contest,  and don't need nirich enlightening, as  von s;en and lirar.d about ov������iy-  thing tint went on. ,. Tlie refitfoe  says that ihe Colonist gave awioim  statement altogether..'. f would M ic  to know  what  part of   Mie    artitie  I was  wrong; every woid'of it       w.i>  j t.i lie.     I   am   not     sayiig   this     I e-  I c.iiiso ILmnny is my brother. 'In r  it fiom a fighting standpoint, J Ian-  nay showed the. fcrst judgment i:g>'il  through. It is true that Fcnmi.'k"  did lots of leading, but did he deliver his blows where they vwre >'  timeVil for. 7 No. Sit, they ".nil"  with ihe j Ac eptioii of one .passed o. ���������  ei IL nn.u 's ^boulder, and with no  eii'ett In    the second and-   thin!  .1 omuls,   Fernandez, fouled  Hannov at  ��������������� pelosp.quarters. ; The referee,   clain s  .he did  n't   see this.    My  belief     is  that lie 'did   not   want to see  it.   In  ���������    u\rf.rds to   Il.nniy foulin,g Fenian Ii \  !in lha  siv-tli  round.     He did no such  tiling,    and      Mr.   Dawley   knows   it  | \-ory  well.     Fernandez was     put   to  I lie  door  and   remained v theio few. ,siv  or    seven    seconds,  and the    rcfene  did  not     oven  start   lo ofuut     him,  on I.     Fernandez had  his  kinces three  Hiclifs  oil"     the floor  when he     vv..-  strne'e arid  the leferec gave Lhc fight  to  Fernandez,     lie mates  an ijbjccl  of himself when he     says Fernandez  vv.is  down  owr six seconds and did  n-it si. rl   l'e count.     The police did  ]M   tell   Mi.   Dawley  to  call all jbet^  oil.    It     was    an   agreement.    Itai  jG-iilliths  nnd   myself   came to.      We  jweiil   to  tho    referee  and   told     him  0[   lhare  was - a  doubt   whether  Ferna.ii  THE CELEBRATION IN  NANAIMO YESTERDAY  Many   Visitors  Were Present Many Coming From Vancouver  and Other Outside Points^Nearly All of Ladysmith  Were in Attendance  ���������' L'i  I  Ladysmith Ball Team Went Down to Defeat by a Score oi 14 to 0  *���������- Football Game Scheduled Between Celtics and Nanaimo-  Ladysmith did not Take Place  Nainaimo, B.C., May 23 ��������� .(Special      100 yards,    underground employees    mishap,   there was  nothing   left f< r   lagged support, twelve cirrous   bciiiT         "    '    """miltwiiiHn tih-nn  to nick uu 'responsible  for eifrfil  of  Ihe fomteeu  Woo-'l-   the committee to do than  to pick up   responsible  for eig-ht  of  Ihe four to^u  i'two teams  of men ttom   Laidysmiili   urns scored.  Correspondence)���������           -   ��������� ���������1st,  R. Greenwell;   2nd M  ' Victoiia Day   1906  liais  come     and bum.                                                            (  gone, and - no where was   the   event 12', yards, amateur ���������1st \V. Fergu-   and Nanajimo, and  play an exhif^tii i      In i-he first inning, T.   Aitke-i first  more fittingly celebrated "than m N.i son; 2nd B.  GeUiard.                                  ~ "      *���������������"���������������������������'   '��������� ���������������������"������������������ ������til   ���������  .... i..<   ...,-,.      ui,m��������� ���������,u   ,,..  naimo-    The only  tliii-; ihat    tit    a      v>$ yauls pr0fessionaL-lst B. Gei-  damper on  the cIav's  f.siml.-s  \ (v<,  hard, '2nd<W.   Wilson,  the    occasiu-.p.l     Anvils    of     an.,      50 yaids married ladies' race.���������1st  which had the eliect ���������i kcepi'igMu.w    AIis   (liefelle; 2nd, Mrs. Peterson,  indoors m.d coiisc<,u--i lv thc������a1e ie-     :-,o  yards  single ladies'  race.���������lst ,  vieipts   weie   not as   laigc   as    they  :\i,ss Daynes,  2nd, Miss Rogers,  would    lure     h'.;en  had fine weathei      w y.uds    blindfold race.���������1st,    II,  prevailed.     Hundreds '"'of visitois- vis-   McLeoil,  2nd    K   Bird.  I..tied the city     fiom outsule    po.nts t   f,o yards  Klootchman's race.��������� 1st  During the oaily hours of t.he mom-  Aignes  Wyce,  2r..d, Mary Jane Wyse  ing the  steamer City of Nanaimo ar- j   Throwing the baseball.���������1st H>. Mc-  rivod  frokn  Union  Bay  with     a-boi.l   Leo.l, 2nd, D.   Aitken.  200 excursionistfa, and at U   u'r'.ick. J    One-quarter  mile foot-race,  open.���������  the ste.imei   Joan landed from.   \\n-  jst, L    Good; 2nd, II.  McLeod.  : ouver    with      rlvei  fiOO   i,a%^e,'geis^{   50 y|.uds  human  wheel I arrow r,acv  The thiee early trains Iioin     La'y* j _isr, R.  Peterson and    M.   Edgai ,  smith were well Tilled, .mi!" with 1ho  2nd, M   Woodhurn anrl  J. Bradshaw  ������ame.     Accoidinpjly, two teams, stj 'man  UJ> ]ul  s.u-e  iut    themselves     tlve Nanaimo-LauL- '.     ������  smith, and  All Outsiidiers, faced each , .,  other, an-d  foi an  hour waged an c;"- i '  en battle for supremacy, the     result   to   left  field   for  a   home  run,  Ashman wl &   icon   fly    toall    to    shoil   slo.i.  Goiclon next maa up drove a, sr/zler  arid  at tlie end ot tlie igame heme a mi.-- 'scoring Aitlcen. Graham knoe'edn-  tory for the Kianajiio-Ladvs'mil.'i fidd fly and was caught o- itlliy .shoil  team by  tlie score of 3 to 2.  I stop.     Miller  next   man  up  hit safe,  Baseball. i,   ^ , .. ,  ���������  VT ,.     t  ,i       -i������   a i but was left    on second   dv    Bo%ce  Nanaimo 11;   Ladysmith 0. . ' ���������  This match created the most    e2.  striking out.  citement of    any event  of the    day. j   lu t>he tMrd������ Graham,  Miller   and  Other  thajn being played  for a put*e ' Boyce ,all    scored  on hits  by   Gia-  of $70    put  up     by the Celebration  i)am., Miller,  J.  AitJven and     Gieon-  Committee,  il  was    also an   Impoi-   well, assisted bV a free walk to fu.sL  taut   league  game,   as ,lvofh  the Nu-   jjy Boyce.     Goidon a>:id  T.   AiUtn,  nauno   and    Ladysmith  teams     aie  by striking out and  J.   Aitken,     by  straining every effort m  an  a.t tempt jteing   thrown out at home  plate by  to  win  the  premier position   in tha -Clarke, retiring Uie side. "  the hip.-j'Pa6u,Cl     'IJ������c result  of the game  was j   Singles  by  Gordon  an<l  Wilkinson,  of     tJto'a <!'c'l!lc"(l s������rl"ise io tlie Ladysmith Jjuid a    three-fcaggca. bv Graham,   as-  Nan-j Nanaimo Gun Club, was the one pull lb,-s'   who  can,������  "P  fl������m   i,,e  Smpl" '.sisted jSy errors on   the .part of   A.  numler  of people    that, ai nveil     h>  launches  and  r\2,i>  from J he  , la'uly  disti.ict  it  is  safe to s-iv i-hat c vc. |ftfSt shcot    m  the history  21)00   visilois   pal lu-ipateil   in  The (hin Shoot,  (ma of the hisgest, if not the l>i,g-  CHILDKEN'S RACK, DIV.  VII.  First���������C. Smith.  Second���������E.  .Saunders.  Third���������W.  Rafter.  GIRL'S  RACK,  DIV.  VI.  First���������KPoikane.  Second���������M. White.  Third���������I.  Conway.  BOY'S  RACE,  DIV.  VJ.  First���������I. McMurtric.  Second���������\V. Pollock.  Third���������W.Korr. @  CHILDREN'S RACE,   DIV.   VI.  Fin.t���������W.  PoWoclc.    .,".  Second���������C. MiilhoIIand.  Third���������I.  McMcrtrie.  / 'GIRL'S RACE, DLV. V.  First���������vA.  Armstrong.  Second���������M. Celle.  Third���������J.  Dcfrane.  BOY'S RACE, DIV. ..V.  F.irst-E. McMillan.  Second���������P.  Bolagn'i. .  Third���������W.  Simpson.  GIRL'S RACE,  DIV.  IV.  First���������J. Dunse.  Secoad���������-T.   RoTtamii.  Thirdi^.M'.  McDonald.  BOY'S  RACE,  DIV.  IV.  First���������F. Ba'lagmO.  Second���������W. Johnston.       '��������� ,f  Third���������A.   Keswick.  GIRL'S RACE, DIV. III.'  First���������AL  Gaffney.  Second���������J.  Davidscn.  BOY'S  RACE, DTV.  III.  First���������R.  Battie.  Second���������D.  Noyo.  GFRL'S RACE, DTV. IT.  First��������� N.  Dunn.  Second���������G.  Weinrohe.  GIRL'S  RACE,  Div.   L  -First-^E. Bertb.  Second'-M.  Gaffney.  Three-legige-d  Race,  (Girls.)  1.���������M. Gaffney and N.  Dunn.  2.���������T. Carroll and S.  Rosntatti.  1.0!)    yards    idasli,  (handicap)     for  boys of Div.   1,  2,  3.  Fir.tt��������� C.   Balaigno.  Second���������R.   Battie.  Three-legged Race,  (Girls.)  1.���������L. Hutchison and A. Bryden.  2.���������S.   Conlin  and A.   Lansanski.  the Silver Set, having made Hie <,������'/ W-IS f,),llo(l {>r ������ot, as he was  highest num&cr of points in the ^ ������������'"S comrtwl on.t, and aAnised  j-ii'l's iaces lli,n   l������ c:i11  a11  ,,cls  ?"���������'  a'mi   a'Trtow  (Thc following aie the points made thc '"'All*- to go "on, and he agreed  |>v tho compolilors for the gold roe- lo il Who������ everything- was ready  jljj. ��������� to  start,   Fernandez,   said   his     hand  10   McMurtnc 9   was  llur^>  aIHl  would  not  fight.  T. Brvden n      *f ^ue  icferee gave the  proper-   de-  T. Morgan  ...  C. Lauderback    P.  Celle  ;.- .i    V,. Lauderback   ..;...... -..  \V".  Law   As will he observed from the list  of mark's above, that E. McMurtric  and T. Bryden have ������������������ m������idc Ihe same  munlier of points, it has ibeen <lecid-  (Ml to present'each, with a gold medal.  aimo's celo'.iratii n of Victoria Day. <.(| 0fi yesterday in connection with  Promptly .,( (i o'clock tho Boy's ,jte celebration. An idea of the num  Biigade Band (iiinul out, and altei . j ov (Jf those taking pint can be  reiderinj: a few selections, took its' judged from the tact that 2,42r>  place at tlie head of the calithum- clay pigeons were, sprung from the  pun parade and     led  (he -piocession | (raps, which  me.ms that the     same  around the loiite n������ published Con-  sideiing that it was the lirsl attempt  of  an aflaii   of  this   kind,  the  iuiilLoi' 'if shots  weie  fiietl  Some   very goo'l  scenes weie made  and   in some events  the scoring\ was  parade   w.^  a dccidwl  success   Whai j so close  thai   nine  men   tied  lor  the  was  lac'nig ii    ifiiantily   was    ccr-  safnc pl.we  tei city confident in then ahilily 'iM^ornsSa^, D. Allien and Crossan,  to administer to the Xanahno hovs- weie^'esponsible for the scoiing oE  their fust defeat of the season. -\\. three runs in the fourth (by Ashman,  MiHei, a new arrival from Vancou- JGord ������i and Gwlum Tho wvaith  \ei, was in the box for Nanaimo, jw'as the disastrous jailing foi Laidy-  '<and pitched a s>reat ga.ine, allowin/, smith. A hsiSe on l^all'S, foureirois  only ttuce lnt.s and striking out II 'and hits hy Millei, Boyce and J.  nun Kansas Skillman, of Re.nton, i Aitken, beuig responsible ioi Ooi^-  Wash., did the twirling for Lady-'^.n, Graham, Miller, Rojc-e, Wilksn-  snuth,  the Naninno hovs finilnii^ him   son  and . Gieenwell   scoring   Thesido  which  bus bfou playing  hi   tvv0  men  lied  with fi  DlEH   ALONE.  u'Vu-t u\rthur, May 2:'..���������Thonins  Ilnmilton, lighthouse ki.'epor for sov-  crnl yi.'nrs at l'io Lslinnl lin������ boen  found, doiKl ut. the. lighthouse by Tn-  rlhi'ns who wore taking provisions to  him. Deceasvd .lived nloiio and hail  iippnivnl l.v been, ; di'jirl for li.'ii ilnys.  Il'e vvus (V) yenrs "old. Di'nili wus  upparently   due    to   iiiiiiicrou.':  can.-es.   o   A   BLOODY FEiriV,  Cincinnati.-May.23.���������A bloorty Iml-  tle Was fouylit between seven men  nt (hi! Southern depot in '-Wo It on  Kentucky, .-���������twenty .-miles south of  Covins'!on, Sunday. In the course  of (he    fighl.    William  M'en-itli     'had,  , his   throat    cut:    Go.orjjv    Merchant's  skull   wns fractured   by a  bullet    find  ' Plnyton Anderson's skull whs frnr.  luieil by a club- Tlie others liavu  ninny hurts. The injured men' are  recent settlers in Wall on nnd .c.imc  fro'ni (he inoimtaitis. Citizens of  Walt on ������tooil nsiile find w'rilched Ihe  fight, fcnrhitv In make nn nttempt.  to stop it. After the fight it wns  said by those who took part that  the trouble arose over an old feud.  No arrests were made.  cisicn,     why   was Griffiths  and  For  iiandtv.      willing  to call  oh" all. Sjc-t.i  and  call   it a  draw.     Trusfnvg  that  both    weii     will     'iwet   in   the ring  again, I   remiaiii, y.ours trulv.  '-.GEORGE  I IAN NAY.  LOST  CONTROL  OF-35ION.  Chicago, .May 251.���������Judge Lnmlis  today iu the United Slates district court issued .an order restraining Wilbur. (J, Voli'vn nnd  nil of hirt attorneys, agents nnd employees fiom disposing oi.' or in any  manner dissipating-' the assets of  the est ii to of //.ion. City.  An injunction which was previously issued enjoining the counsel of  V'oUvr from attempting to seeti'v  Uie. dissolution of tin injunction in  the slate court preventing Voliva  from interfering with Howie, was  dissolved  by  the.   court.  .fudjje Land is said lUat he preferred to preserve the estate tinder his  own   order.  An order declaring Howie individually to be insolvent wns entered  by the court, hut it will not' become effective until tomorrow, because some of the creditors desire  to   contest,    (lie    insolvency   of    Dow-  tauily theie in tuuiahU,- and the  coiinnittt'cs of futuie celebrations can  not do hetler than male an affaii  of, this liiml one i>[ the, distinguishing features of the day's ovetils Al  the. close of the paiade .Ktlgc Scjtl  a nvenibcn ol thc Lee-'M'orris Stock  Company,  Nanaimo foi the past few days  awarded the pu7es foi the parade  as foltows:  Hesl representative character in the  parade���������1st Mr. Thos Kilchin, lai.d-  scape gardener, 2i.<1, Messrs. R. Little  R. Nicholson-, J. Piper and -J. <?a.1-  loway, re;resei:iting Si, hi.s wife, and  his mule "Maud."  Dr. Ross and i\fr. Mainwariug, the  judges as to whioh wat? the best kept  horse in the parade as folhlvvs.���������1st  horse owned' l<y Mr. Jas. Hirst, hand  led by Mr. David Aitken. 2nd���������  horse owned by Rex Cooper.  '**   On the Grecu,  \V!en  tlie   time arrived     to     com-  Inieuce ,the, sports   in   the   Green,  the  flic lesult.s of the ������������������hoot is as  follows:  First  Event���������10  Singles.  Tust'-.Join Pjastlnwii, 10, second,  Ja-s fvisthiam, !>, third, JiiB Vau-  dcu and 1J Tlogdan, a tie, with fc.  fourth,  live  nun   tied   with  7;    fifth,  f������-r fifteen safe hits.  Second Event���������10 Singles, "> Do'/jles  First, Dr. Drown, 17, second, Mo-  Ea.stViam and T. Bate, a tie with  15, three men tied with II, fourth,  four men tied with 13; fifth, two  men' tied   with J2.  Third   Event���������15  Singles.  ; Fitst,  C.  Martin,  It;    second,     T.  Hodgson    and    ,jas. ,-EaSChain   a  tie  [with 13;  third, si.v  men tied with 12;  was retired by Gordon driving Ily  Mcljeod, of Vancouver, was en- ball to centre field, Wilkinson ilieuig  gaged to'play the third hag, and A. 'hit by hatted ball, and T. Aitken  Evans, of 'Washington, to look alter Lejng retired at second on iiotjdu  second. With all the new men on'play of ���������'. Ken and Evans,  the  team, the Ladysmith hoys   were |    Nanaimo A H    R  H   P 0 A E.  helpless   |l>cfoie  the   masteily   tvvnl-   T. Aitki-n, c .  .  ing  of    MUlei,  backed  up  by    excel   'Ashman.  1 i.  lent   support,  and'at  tho  end  of   ������>   Gordon, 3rd.  h.  innings   failol  to  register  a run. Graham. 2nd h. '  Ladysmith  went  to bat first,    Ev-  Miller,  p  aiih,   M-rrison and   D   Aitk.cn,     first   Boyce,   s s-   ...  tlnee  men  up  all  i-struck  out.    Skill- _' 3   Aitken, lst'h  man,  first man up   in the second .doing,     likewise.     J.    -Kerr hit, -safe  CiOiS'.m was  given  firo ]>ass to fiusl  Muir     and    Clarke .driving ball'���������; to  first baseman and, being retired.  S.   Kerr first man up   in the third  fourth,- seven men tied with 11; W airown out by Miller- at fust,  rinsthan, nnd Tf Bate a tie with ^vans beir^. hit -by Miller was aw-  fin.li,   seven  men   tie.l   will.  in. i awteA  first.     Morrison and D.     Ait-  Fourth ���������Evcnt-?Teami; Shoo  First  |Lri/e S2-I;  second  $12.    First  (lai/riola Island:  11.   Ho^lian   ....  .Jim.  East ham  r-iin began  to fall pretty freely with   1>-'Hogsan   H.   Eastlmm    .Ins.  East-ham    A. Martin "     Tn innking- these orders Judge Land-  is said that the agents who had  been appointed by him for the purpose of' examining into,tlie condition oi affairs at Zion City had  reported to him that the '/.ion  City indu.-.t ries can make money;  Ihat (here hn������ been on misappropriation of. funds, nnd that. under  proper management the estate can  be made to pay 100 cents on the  dollar.  he result,  that   the amount  of spec  tators  were very  limited.     It     w\i<<  not  hard,    however,  to     get. entries  for   the  various   events   which    .were  pulled 'off  with   Ihe following results:  100 yards, ,|;oys under 12.���������-1st, 1 W.  Whitrsi'de;  2nd  T.   Scott.  100 yards, girl's under 12.���������1st, A.  McKin-noii; 2nd, tic, between Annie'  W'Jiitehe-ad  and   Nellie   .Johnson.  I luinan wheel-lxavrow race���������1st,    M.  Woodbiirn  and  W.   llandlcn;   2nd     D  l!-o'���������ii!.s;m   and   T. Bt'alie.  Etl.g and spoon race, girls under lifi,  ��������� 1st M.   Rotors;  2tvd,   A. Whitehead.  Needle, threwding race���������lsb, M. WiiJ-  Iiams; 2ml,  A.   Whitehead.  ro.-V? obstacle race���������1st, R. Giiieii-  wcll; 2nd, W.    Shepherd.  Boy's three-le-g^cd race���������l������t, Gco-  Adain ami \V. Bones; 2nd M. Wood-  burn and D, Robinson.  Old Men's race.���������1st L. Good; 2nd,  II.  Jones.  On   thc Cricket Grounds.  Promptly at  I..10  p.m.   the   spoils  Total  ;,   Nanaimo second  C. Trawford,    C; iMarttii    Dr.   Brown,    N. Balo    T. Hodgson.-.  ��������� I. \'a\vden  .  Total  kon ihoth   struck- out, retiring    the  side.      '  Ln 'the fourth, 'Ladysmith with only  one man out and, two men on'bases  i-> 'seemed to have a chance to score,  12 '���������but Miller was eicfual to the ' occ.os-  jo ion, striking out the n?xt two men  12 1 up to bat. In the fifth only three  x|mcn l'ace'l the pitcher; S. Kei'r being, retired at frst, Evans and SMor-  rison striking out. In Uie sixth I)  Aitkcsn was caught out on pop Ily  8 1 to Short stop. Skillman on an-en-  10 'or by T. Aitken, reached first. J.  .12.; Kerr, o:r throw by Graham was roll  1.1  11  (!K  Wilk.rn.sni. 1.1  Greenwell, 1 f.  Total ......  (I  0  fi  C  5  3-  5  1     111  1     1     0  :? 2  2 .1  2 1  1 2  0 1  1 1  0  1  7  0  1 8  0 0  0 0  1 (I  2 0  0 0  0 ���������(������  0 0  1 0  LadysmiitSi  Evans 2ri.d.b- .... 2  Morrison; ss. 2<b. i  D. Aitken, lstb.... 1  Skillman, p. ...  J. Kerr, c.f.v...  McLeod, 3od.b.  Crossan, 3rd.b.  ���������J. Muir, r.f, ..<  Slarloe, l.f.    S. Kerr, c, ss.  ;���������;,,48... 14   14   27   B   ���������'<  ��������� A.B. R. IL P.O. A.K.  .  4  . 3  ,,. 0  ,. 4  . 2  ...3  0  0  4  0  0  ��������� 0.  0   0  0   0  0  0  0 -.a;  0 :'.  0 :i  2  1  0 0  2   L  1 t  ������,. 1  n    0    id  1   \\i ii   L,  3  .1  '���������i������  .1  ' 1  i  n.  ti  Total   27   0   3   *2X    ������i \i  "'���������Wilkiinson'put out'by being hit    by  batted hall. .  - .  Summary.  Earned,   runs, Nanaimo fi.     Home  runs,  Gcrdon.     Threc4l.iase hit, ���������Graham.-- Double  plays,    Green well     lo  tired   at first.     McLeod retiring    the.J o-raham;^-J.   Kerr. te, Evans.   Struck-  side by  striking; out.     J.  Muir   first   0���������t i,y   Miller  14; Stilhuan 0.   Masca  ,1111111-u'p  in  the seventh also   fanned. j,t>n   ^is, ' ]iy  Miller 0, Skllltriiui  '���������  .._ ' Clai-ke received four halls,  amcl-walk-J 11 j (/ ))jr   pitched   .hall,  Wilkinson and  ___  (;5 [to  first,  but   wa-s  thrown  out  in  an   Emlis'      Sacrifice    lit, Muir.     Left  Fifth  Event^-15  Singles,  Unknown   [attempt in steal  second.      S.   Kerr. on haSes Nianaimo 10, Lndysmitl.   K.  Angles. hit     'safe,   but was  re.lired  on    Adt-   Ti,mc 0f    game    1 hour  1">   iii'iniitcn.  First, T.   Hodgson and D.   Roberts Ue������'s  1!,J'oW   in  Ml   aUcmPl to reacn . Umpire Fred Gouge.  a  tie with   1.1; second, three men    a'second.     In .tho eighth,   Evans,   first I ^^  tie  will.   12;   third,    two  men ft  tie   man  up     was  thrown out at    first.   , - double scull nnv-  wifl,  11; fourth, three  men tiedSvith Morris,,,    strccV    out,     D.      A^itka. I    Thejoutg ^ l^oi.��������� ������.  ,0,   Of,,,,   four  n-en  tto.   with!.. , U*  third    out by   knocking pop    Ily   *������ ���������^������J������" ������crc -re  5  Foot-hall Match. ,. to short ,.top ,^������ p result bciiur  in <lo������I k  For days prior to the 24th, inter-1 1* tl*ir ������f attempt at bat, ent u. Al������ l������^ J ,;_ ]flMth.  est had centervd in the, pronosod Skallman for the visitors was re- ,u������ita thcjnish^ hen  foon,H, match hetw-ec, the Vancou- , tired at first. J. Kerr watted. M^ain^. Hta^li������i(,0^;0aa t,w  ver Celtics, ehampio,, of the Main- 'l-ood hit safe, and stole second J.| and ci isse the^,e on  land. .,,���������, Na-naimo-Ladysmith oom-.^r knocked fly hall to rvght (Wd, j lenjtts ^mo'^r, ^ bur ^<i  for a purse of j75, puMipliv.*���������! w-ns caught out by Oracnvw-I, , man,^ K^'^ ^ in, ,, r,t.  the Celcibvat.o-:i Commll'i.e. Groat >, threw the ball .to second, retir- and M^s ^���������������^^."^ u3  he    disappointment    Thursday ,^ --Jj-  *������* pjjj.    ^ |������ ^   - f  display, the Fireworks were. ,U .������.B,  aid Natiaimo-'s oelotor-ation of Vie-.  toria  Dav. 1900, wavs  brought to   a  comnionoeil in  the  Cricket    Grounds  The crowd begun to arrive early, ,so lllMt-'  that  whe-.i  the.  first   evipnt. was  pull  ed   olT,  the grounds  were  fairly  well was       \Mnaimo     two    runs  Oiled,     it  was   here  that  the    main morning  when  the  news   was  r,ece,v- '*������>r Nanaim0     two    runs  evimls  of    the      day   took place,  in- ������1   by  wire from  Vancouver ^^^^^^^S^  cludi���������C- ha������M,all and football matches Celtics     had    missed   the boat,   and , **"���������������  **���������Vn   gkil man   though at  and athletic sports.     The result, of consonuently  could not  fill their en- , vn^ *a^   Skillman   tho^  .the. latter events were as    follows: toagoroent     In consequence   of     thrs .tunes    pitcmng gooa  close in  a blaze of glory. UATLY     LEDGER
^-ahlisuesd   every  day except Seaday.
KT        THE       DAILY        LEDGER
al ranee,     iivertising rates on up.
May 25,
' Nanaimo, May 23.���
In a small way. although none
the less sati.-iactory to all concerned, the pupils of the aboie school
held  their   annual    Ji.mpire Day  cele-
Express Work
Wood and Bark for Sale
��� W.   CARTER,
itrst AVENUE
PHONE -  6,0
Consumers are, requested to call at   the office     on  Roberts ' Street a
pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each m-nOi.
Office Hows I P. M. 4 30
<���   a   \   ��
Stables in the rear of the Latfysmith hotel.
Abbots       ford.    -
Lea.c <.-.l��.rs at   *!.
A.    J    W^SKLTT,
M >4-4-*-f-������������������������ 4 4 4-4 4 44 1-4 + *-������ + ���"������������ ������V��-����i + *�� *����������*��������*
biatioa   yesterday   ai'ternoon.
Sev- !
eial   of  the  parents  nnd  iriendb      oi
the  children   were prc.seui. Thc m. ho )l
loom   had   been   tastefully   decorated
by   the  g'irls.     Among   the    visitors
present   was ,the licv.  A.  K.       Kob-
crts,   who   is   ihe   newly       appointed
chaplain    to   il.   M.   forces  at      lis-
quiiuault,   and   who    greatly      inlcr-
, ehted   the   cii'ildren    in   a   lew        well
���ad   appropriately    chosen   remarks.
The  Rev.     J.    \V.   Woollen  acted  as
chairman,    and   also    gave     an    address which was not only mteiesting
hut   calculated   to   inspire   the   child-
^    ren    to  seek    after    the    attainment
of the   noblest   ideals   in  life.     The
, following programme  was  rendered
Song-.Rule Britannia,
t        Recitation���Gladys Balance.
Recitation���riorence Dal lance.
Recitation���Lawrence Holland.
<  Recitation���Lu ie  Hosks.
Song���The Maple Leaf h'oi-ever.
'������ Recitation���Aly        Own       Canadian
'    Home" by    ttose   Kosko.
"Recitation���7'*I"ni   Very Utile"     by
Annie Hosho.
j "Song���God  Save the K.ing.
1    '   The      rest   of  the   aftei noon       was
epent   in games o,ut of  doors  and a
ver.y   enjoyable   celebration   was bro-
^ught  to a close '
The Nanaimo Morning- Herald,     of
.May the 24th, says-      "The Rosella
-Company  are  going      to   raise    the
price of their stock   on Juiu-     1st to
SO  cents     a   shaie.      The   prospects
^of the  new  company    arc   vei y       en
���couraging.      The  party   oi    six    Nanaimo men        which, left   dining    Ihe
.���early   part   of  .Mm eh   arrived  on   thc
, scene .early   in  April     and  are     now
busy   preparing     lumber    for..sluice
boxes^ and other improvement
1 The party of nine local men   which
First  Class
WOOD   and   B A R K
For Sale and  Delivered
uMimirmjMWBf i��� n��������triwT uu �����y��������- ��� *-'t "-i���""-"Trwim wima ��� iiimj������^M^M_f^^M_m^
Miners' Drilling Machines
-S II IP SM 1 TIT I N O    IN      UL   ITS    BRAN GUMS
llorseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmitiis.
Butler Street -    - Ladysmith, B C
nsquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway '
Maly    -2-4,
-Ralir *1.2-"> mdfl.r.P���
to  (ill eieanihr.nt  In d'nrB ami
Having tak��-n ��ver the barber shop
known    as      elic   Ladysmith  Shaving
Parlors, High St., I intend, by keep .
ing competent workmen, lo conduct j Milwav d.ipotP. Kh-rtro ��pb -vm . e
a first-class establishment, and re- \wtxxMw to ail parts ot tie city. Km
specially  solid* your patronage.        j-.iiid.tahKnnMxcellwI.
THOMAS     LEWIS F.KAYNES, Proprietor,
Best accommodation for transient
incl  permanent hoarders and lodgers
This new Hotel has been' comfortably furnished and thc bar Is up-to-
<h��<<* Rates J1.90 a day and ��p-
---WI n TJ2    COO Iv- -
���AYH1TJE   L A.BOR���
Employed Only
(Half Block from Depot.)
GATACRB   STREET-      Ladysmith.
*ir*M iii:ati:ii
bar surrr.inn wn ii ������� t
A. J. McMLIRTRiE, Proprietor
Newly fitted up and
Good tables and good
Rooms   l
Aiitomohilc-Races.'-Horse Races, Aquatic and Field Sports oi all
kinds. Spectacular water Carnival at tie Gorge.' - Grand pyrotechnic
displays. '-;-,  -, .    '
Fare from  Ladysmith to Victoria and Return $15 >
s-"���_���."; -Vl-hildreu'under 12 years of age- 75   cents.      .   -
TicWf* good  from  Thursday',  May.   24th,   to   Sunday,    May  27th'inclusive.     A SPECIAL.TRALV will lea \e  V'ctr-ria for" Wellington   and    all
intermediate stations at- 10:00 \).m.,,  o.i Thursday," May 2ith. _   .���'���*
;        G, L.'Courtney,
'-],; District Pesscngei* Agent;
f>S Government St.;, Victoria, B-C.
the Ctihahy Compam of Chicago nus of I lie Yukon has also been
wont   in   with  Air.   Imsknis'       parly,    working   hard   in   ravor    of many
and will look o\ei- tin- ptoportied on ehuiijio', in the Mining Code for
IJaskm'.s sroiiiiLam- rl Ik- Jlosclla.' tho n01 lhwl.n country. A new code
Company  own     two   claims   on   this   has     hef.n   ,���, ,.ocluc,,f, rtlK,      wiu
no  doubt     pa-,s  thc       llouso  in tho | [jar.Supplied with  the  Best    W(nes,_lst A\mue :-:
Board, at reasonable
The bar is extra  well
This   Hotel   has
been completely       renovated.
Board and 'odgiag $1.00 per day.
left lately on   the ��� Princess   Ileal rice
.will shortly   arrive   at the      Rosella
property   and  then    fhe   total    fo>-ce
employed will' be fifteen
Prof.    Powers,   represent ai ive        of
mountain      and'   if   the      sale   yoes
through   (lie  advantage    of  Uie    lion- form     .vconiiuondud   by Air   Mcfnnet,.
elia shai-olioldors    will   be great. This      Tn   ,.,.f0,.0n(.P  (o   K.1nflimo's    member
mountain propeity   must iioL   becon   jj,.;    slorin    s(au.s   tJl.u   Ml._     smith
is    working   hiinl     and     I'lioi-yxiticfilly
in   thii-inlorosi.   oi  lus   coiisciLuLcnts
At 1 lie |>i'C'sent time he is   busy wiili
fJicLed willi the liosellal ll^ilraiilic
property 'on Ito&elhi (Jreok. Tho
elean-iijj in the lall ol this property m oxiiected 1o bo good, anil Uie
ptiity of Xamumo men are expected home in Octoher."
In my stables for o'ver a year, and
consider it the Very best for hoisc
flesh I can get, and would strongly
iccommend it to all horsemen.
I.hery    Sta,l>les,  Quebec,   ila   to  t03,
Ann Stree't. '
Mr.   William   Sloan    member       lor
Comox  Atlin   in   the lloimiiiun House
of Parliament, arrived home last
night for ihe purpose of a! loud ing
to some business which reqiiu r-c! hN
urgent atlentioM llr. Sloan's stay
here will bo very slim t a^ he will
leave again in a couple ol da.xs for
'Ottawa to continiif his attendance
upon the so.ssjon of the House,
\ihi��h he expects will not lie over
until   Ihe    middle of  -ThIn
Asked regarding the Sunday Observance Law, Mr. Sloan leplited
LhaL Lhcic was a gieai deal of nn.s-
iiiidei-standing among a huge number of people 'in i-eterence lo any
clauses of the proposed law- The
object of the bill said Mr. ^loan
is lo destroy a C'oinnvTcial Sunday and not lo oitei mrc wiih the
]3orsonal liberties ol ;\n\ individual
Mr. Ralph Smith is . ,i niouihcr
of a special commit tn' thai is < on-
mde'ing- (he lull, -,ind until this
commit fee repoi Is lo (he Hou-.e,
il will not be Known e\n'tl> what
the  bill     mil   I'imlilin
Touching on t-enei-al m.iHeis "M"r
Sloan states (hat foimei Seaatoi
Tcmpleiu.tii    is   getting   along    rucolj
in his department, making- an enviable record for himself and is a
general favorite with both sides
of    the House.       (lovernoi
the.   Immigration   ipiestion    and   'the
question   of   tho   false   representation
m   foroig-n   conn fries,   of   the    'Canadian  Labor  mat hei.
~ 0  ,
Toronto. Ara\"> 23.���Forg'iog'. Mi op
or Toionto Uolt and Forg-ing Co-
Swansea, was gutted by fire early
this morning. The loss is about
$200,000. with insurance of about
S75.000. -Three hundred and fifty
men, a large number of whom are
mechanics,     are temporarily    thrown
out   of  work.
JOHN TttA, Proprietor
i i      t-
:-��� Ladysmith B.C.
Ticket and  Freight Office',  75
Governujient- Street.   '
Trains Daily
Trie NewJ Train-
Liquors and Cigais.
. The Train oi -. -       '!
Ease,  Elegance;   Excellence.
Every  mile^ a1, picture,   and
no smoke to-'-spoil, the    view.
Through  Compartment,   Observation  and. Pullman   Sleepers;. .Jalso * .Through -: Tourist
Cars to Chicago.
At antic Steamship Business to Europe
Union     Terminals  with   all
Steamer lines/ '    ������
Herth reservations hy  wircl
Great Northern  S.S.  Co.
Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from. Seattle for Japan    and China ports at   fre-
.<f,uenr. datss."   Exact, sailing;
dates'can' ImV secured upon application to any-"Great Northern representative/ ���    \ - ���
A.G.P..A., Seattle, Wash.
13. R. .STEPHEN,
Gen. Agent; Victoria, B.C.
R. Williamson Prop
ist Avenue Ladysmith B. C#
A  (Jireat   Boot
for Prospectors
Theyare   all    leather,   and.
made to  stand streiuioiis    us-
ago in 'mine or forest.
' L117. Men's Tan Chip
pewan Veal Kip Pros-
pectors'  Boots
f'1 inclr    blucher   cut,     with
h full bellowa tongue to
J'' '- tip;'have double silver eye-
(-�� Jots   and  stud   liooKs; ��� double
sole and slip;, standard screw
fastened; slugged, around the
\', forepart and heel. A comfortable as well as a durable
���   A sic for them at your Dealers
j. LECKIE Co Ltd
'"* *  V4NC0UVEB, B C^
Ask for
For more than twenty years Mr. J.
15. Massey, of 3322 Clinton St.", Minneapolis, Minn., was tortured hy sciatica, the pain and suffering which
lie endured during this time is beyond compiehension. Nothing gave
liini any permanent relief until he used Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One
application of that, liniment relieved
(he pain and made- sleep and rest possible, and less (han one bottle has
effected a permanent cure. If troubled, with sciatica or rheumatism,
why not try a 25-ccnfc. bottle of Uie
Pain Balm and see for yourself how
q'uickly it relieves pain. For sale by
jUc-.Tnr  the Ladysmith Pharmacy.
t..��..c..o..��..*..��..���-���������������..e..e<'���--��"��"*-'���-���������'��-'������  .������������.������������������������.���������������..������������������'<���������--������-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
we are making HEATERS and RANGES of |
Latest 5tyles and Newest Patterns--We do |
Al I kinds of Foundry and Repair Work ���
Nickel Plating in all its branches a Specialty |
^^^====^ . L }
Ivadysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld   |
TELEPHONE 53 P. O. Box 42.        i-
WM.  AT UN'S IE,   President.    J. W.  COBUUN, Managing Director.
Tclcphanc 4-C. "",      V }
The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd.
MILLS   AT   FJDDICK   AND   LADY SMI Tlf-"-   --.   Vi
��Hingle^s e%. Specialty
Koiifth'jHKl Oreswcd Fir ami Codur .Lninbors
LATHS,   SHINGLES,  MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of    the  BEST .
,   :-.vr6   ���i'ae'l i'.r-^r/f
MlO   VMtiiBsfer Road;
Headiiuarttrs 'for	
PACIFIC GROWN Garden, fleia
> O'L-    <>.��� ,       ';
and flower 5EEDS - .   U)
(or distribution. ;,,
Large   stock   of Home .;
Grown. FRUIT and, OR-;
now matured'for Spring.
No expense,.loss or  de-.,
lay of fumigation or in-,
spectlon   ,, .j. "
' Let' me price your list
before placing your   or-
" der. Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Paokages, Fcrtili- ,
zers _etc,
3010  Weatmiaster Road.^
Low Fxcursion la
; "T'touiid Trip
4 Sai !y
Cont,1^^ on
Trains ^"^ Trains
-.   On Sale May 21, 25, 2G.f ^
To   Ibw .Haven,,'Con;
July  10 to  15.
August 7, S, 9
Sept:  8, 0, 10.
* ..: no.
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S ROEDDING   - - -"-'-'-   LADYSMITH Tser  "I TENDERS  TENDERS addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa and marked on thc  envelope "Tender for the construction  -of a Hydrographies Steel Twin Steamer," will be received up to tdc  22nd DAY OF MAY, NEXT, for  t4ie construction of a Steel Twin  Screw Steamer for tho Hydrography  Service in British Columbia wateis  r Specifications, plans and   forms   of  i tender can he seen at the office ol  ihe Agent of the Depart men t of Marine and Fisheries at Victoria, B. C.  at the Custom House at Wmcoiivei,  NORWAY'S GREATEST  13,C, and  at the department here. POET PASSES AWAY  Each    tender  must he accompanied  by an accepted  bank cheque etpial to  ,,* ,       r   ,, ,    , ,  ���������-       CliiisUuua,   Ma\    lilJ.���������lienrik.  .   lb  10 per  cent, of  thc whole   amount or '        ������  the  tender,   which  will    be   foifeitoil   su"������   -^twajV     gieau-st   poet     a������t  if  the    person  sending  the    accepted   diamatist died   peacc-mlly   at     '2::u  tendet   declines   to enter  into  aeon- [o'clock tin-, jtu-mooii.    Although lb  tract   with   thc  department    Cheques <bUll s hU.lcUi   aclnuy     tu<USl.,i   sonK  accompanying   tenders   wh.cn  are not |JU|11S   ^  uhea   aM aIlIJ|,t���������,.���������lK  sej  accepted will  he returned immediate l/U)e  U)rcu(1    Jum      U)    Icil.tllI1   llou  mental elioit,    lie  hail    continued   II  Ijo .i lannliar   iituiio    m  the  inc     o  as  a  decision lias been    an ived v  Jli->  sudden    re  dcupl.%       iinpiossci  Iv  after  at.  News lapeis  copying'this  adwit.iso  ,,, .  ,      .,,      ,        ,,'     .,       . .,     ,       Chi iMinmu.   and.w us  lrcfiuenily  snei  mint, without authority   fiom lliede  ; 1  part men I  wjll  ���������ol  be  paid. . .wl,u u  ">������W"������������  P.  GOURDEAU, ,,,0l'al    U"'���������""  Teputy Minister of Mai.he ami Fish    Ul0 <-U>ilaI.  crj s -^ j    From   time  lo   time  lately  as l'resl  Pepnrtmenf  of Marine and   Fisheries    o-Ppoplepuc   aU.icU   came upon   lb  Ottawa,  28th March,   JilOO. son-  lL heiamo   obvious, specially  i,  view ol his advanced    years  thai  hi,  death , could   not be lar dists.nl    Uij  raSSeSEaSS^-^WSESS^SaaHsSS^   Londition   last    week   was  disquiet ins,  "���������: > '      ��������� .  ������  Tue&da.v    night   anotlicr    seizure    leu   : i  Monster  1DME NTX-ECU BXH jOJUVJAY  Ge I ebrat ion  $ I ,500       IN PRIZES        $ | ,500  Big Galithumpian Procession  Nanaimo  him completely     unconscious,  and hi  physician     annoumod    thai,  he     hao  only  a  few    hours    to   live,      At  twi  o'clock ihis alternoon      the     putie������t<.  'inspiration weakened,    and the   nurs  S   in  attendance    summoned Madame lb  *  sen,   the  poet's son,    Sigurd       Ibsen,  S   and   thi>  hitter's  wife,    who  remained  DOINGS IN THE  DOM1N1QN HOUSE  Nannmio's  member in  the     Doinin-   evlunt   lie     did as   Leopold sent    ag-  I -  ion    Douse,   Mi       Knlph    Smith,      i->   , icuil lire,!-,    us  well   as  skilled   labo''  1  keeping    up   Ins   fig-ht    aga.nst       the   t()  Canada.  Air. "Smith  rend    the  \icws   of  the  minister   of   the    interior     in   icgard  to   immigration   being    confined      lo  anriculturisls.  aga.nst the  undesirable immigration inlo Canada  A.slioil time ago Mi. Smith on the  door "    of   the house      mode       a  .->peei.li      on   1 his     important (jues-  iion wliiih i> of vital inteiest  to tlie working classes of the l)o  minion At    the     meeting     of      tho  Agriculiuie Coiiuiiii lee held in Ottawa on Tiu-sd.sv , Mr. Smilli lol-  lowed Ins good work up l>> subjecting Ale. T. It. Picslon to  aevf-ru examination m rogaid to the  Canadian Labor liuieau of vsliicb  Leopold     was   llie   head.  ,1  Air. Pieston said that he was a-  wnie of thax Inter than Ihe time  mentioned.  Mr. Turin���������Did Lc-ooold dent skill-  eil Juboi- without gelling- positions,  loi    I hem   hrsl'5  Air. riestoji said thai he had impressed Ihat upon Leopold, and in  one case Leopold returned a 'man  his faie  because   he  said  that  work,  at    the   bedside    til!   the   end.  poel^ died    without   ;t   struggle  u.'is    78  yeai s   old.  Th���������  11.  eitte*  CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL  VANCOUVER CELTI  CS VS. NANAIMO  CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL  LADYSMTTH       VS.   NANAIMO.  Thursday, May 24th, 1906  CRASHES  INTO  TRAIX  Wostl.urv, Alay 22���������A rate ot  foity miles .an hour, n tour automobile    belonging     to     I*      V ���������     Co!  her     dashrd     inlo   an     easi       bound  i  express  I i'iiin    at   the depot    crossing  tonight        The   two    occupants        ol  the     mac Iiin>   f.'eorge     Cnhiiel        the  chaiifiour     nnd   Fieiici ick     Wluteliea;1  a  vjh'i    in the    Cnllii'i   family   were  instant 1 v   kii1 d      and   the       machine  was   wrecked        Tlie  men    were      oii  thoir      way      to     the   Areudowbrooi:  Club  M. B. SIMPSON  Solicitor 'Bto.  Money lo    loan  st.  4worn UDYSMPH  Uo   asKed   what       Mr.       I'restoil's , wus not givc-n   him us promised   Lat  instructions    were  m regard    to^end,^   "-    ""en   oui      innL   mis       man  I Ii roe  inii  oul   skilled    labor  lo^send   er  '''    turned   out      that   this  .. ,        'yoL   hoiiiesi<-k     ui'tec  b.s   ihe     luii"  days   in  f'ollingwooil  working  cau.  Witness iepiied that al tlie hogm-  nniy his \iews wei-etlull the itCpui'L  ment  Ale. J'reston went oil lo miv l hut  Leopold >ru.s u freiod ol his. a thoroughly icsponsiblc a^ent, hut nol-  hacl not such, st niijient v n'ws J v^ dhstandun; the. he had twice ioo-  m lejiatil to skilled' iahoi comiBtf oiniucadcd that Leopold's name |)(>  to   Canada  us  was   hrouj-lit    to -him   struck   from  the   list ot     t ho"e,    who  yot   bonuses    j"r#m   the    yovenitneia,  Professional and  Amateur aud   Children's Sports.     Excursion rates  from all  points.  . TWO  RANDS.     ���������"     .   ��������� '  FIREWORKS DISPLAY  MAYOR-PLANTA, Cliairman;   W..If.  BIRD,  Treasurer;  WILL    F  NORR1S, Secretary,  GOD SAVE THE KIlMG  ICE!     ICE!    ICE!  X  WiLl be Delivered on-Mori days, 'Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  Ordeis  must be in hy eleven o'c-lock  on dav  of Uelivexy,  rewffig  Limited  NANAIMO    B. C.  ^ESEKAL hXPRESS' AND  PELIVLRY  WORK PROMPTLY  lit     ���������  Le*v������ orders at, the Ahbotsfoid  Dr. R. B. Jpiei  "    Sur^ein Demist  AU  work"r~ red, mid at re*8c-  rfiw*  rate*.   '  RESII)' '.ru AND OFFICE  Gatacre S(. Ladysmith  OPi;.^   iVi.'J.HOL'RS  J. PiERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.      ~  "WHOLESALE. iiRY GOOD  'iBi  WBSscggsimsss,  VICTORIA, ������. C.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  GHJC&GO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MOHTPBL QUEBEC,  MffilllgWRTON,  And the Prlii(!li>al;BuSl.neBB'COnfcrii of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces,;  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  ���������EoiVl'lui'o Tables, etc.; nilireas  ,-    :    CEO. W. VAUX.  Asalatnht'Clen'l Paasongor aha Ticket Agent,  135 AOAMQ ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.  ~ .  JaU'i- on. 11 I here \\'"-e any hj)i'Cinl  nisi iiR-l ions lrom the ��������� ilnpart-inciiL  whun ho wool, to England ho was  not awaio ol thorn. It. might be  his own fault. He explained how,  on one occasion, -Mr. .Just, one mi  tlie clorU.s in Ins oiliee, had pi-ciiur-  ed u storoti pc'U K-ttur in answer to  uPi'lain questions one ol which was  that .skilled labor should uppl.Y *-o  the   Canadian,   lalior   biiropiu As  soon us ho Iviiow ol this ciicular he  had it lec.illcd. There was about  100 or L.-jO iSbiKid from his office.  His attoiidoii to it wns recalled by  Mr.    Smart.  Mr. Smith��������� Had you any conuec.  tion - with   l ho bureau.  '���������'  Mr.   Pieslon��������� So.  Mr. Smilii���������IJid >ou write to Mr.  Enni-.    at   Liverpool    on  Ihe subject?  Mr. T'ivsIoii���������My letters on tho  snhiwt. are bofoi-e the; cominittec.  They were stoli-n. and if you produce (hem ihey will spcalc fni' I hern-  solves.  Mr. Smith���������������������������1 am not dealing wilh  stolen h-lters. iiut you - encouraged the 'establishment of this bui-  enu    in    London.'?  Mr.   Preston   said     that    lo     some  and   tho   reason     was  ihat    Leopold  was engaged    on  tho   bureau  work.  To Mr. Smith, M'\ Preston said  Ihat he' held ������0,000 of the Crows  Xest Pass people's money to repay, Ijeopold for sending; out miners to 1'Vrme. He did not know  (hut ihfie was a ati ike on in Fer.  nio M'- Lindsay, <>l th<* Crow*  Vest Company, had been looking  ai'lor   the matter  ^\r. Smith���������The miners returned  because tho strike was oh".  Mr. Preston said that was Uw rea  son Mr.  Lindsay "gave him.  AH-. P.ell, M. P. for Durham, England got Ihe inen and Leopold en-  gag������fl    them.     He held the money.  Mi>. Smith produced a letter mark  ed "Not to go in" - which showed  that Leopold had drawn up some.  ������00 from the North Atlantic Trading' Company two or. three 'yeaj'9|  ago.  Air. Preston said that this might  be so, he would not "bo surprised if(  Mr Smith produced a letter that  it went through his office, but for  all that he (Preston) knew nothing ,  of it.  It does not require   an  expert to clean out the flues  of the " Sunshine" furnace���������  the only tool needed is a bruat  which  is   supplied   with every  furnace. i'  Clean-out doors are placet* in the  casing, and the brush cau easily be inserted.  !  This beater just bristles with exclusive features such as  automatic   gas   dampers, large (double feed-doors,   steel   dome,  double shakers and steel radiator.  If you want the best furnace made get the " Sunshine."  Sold by enteiprising dealers   everywhere.      Booklet   free.  d; ,   ... , ������jJ       J 'I  London. Toronto. Montiieai,.  Winnipeg.   Vancouveh.  St. Jons.   Hamilton.  iardware Co,, Sole 'Agents  ���������DESU.NS  TR'.OE MAhKS        _   . AND COPYR'.CHTi  *��������� rm m ��������������������������������� ��������� ^r     ogtaineo  'ADVICfe AS.JOri?ATENTABitfTY ]  (Notice in " Inventive Age "  Book "How to obtain Patents"  PATENTS  . Charge* moderate. No fee till patent is secure"'  r       Letters strictly confidential.   Addr* ss,  f E..C. SOGERS. Patent Upyer, W.i6l:engton,n. C  X35LSON SPUING  ASSIZE  Italian   Gets.  Twenty  Years  for iMan  slaughter,  ATTEMPT  AT SUICIDE  Xew York, Mul' 215���������Henry Marton,  a policojiian who played a. ' prominent part in (he trial i>r CUche for  murder of Kmil Ceudron, several  weeks ago made an unsuccessful attempt to commit, suicide today after  he had been indicted Tiy a grand  jury  on  a  charge  of  having    coimiim  IT IS DANGEROUS  TO NEGLKCT A COLD  How often no we hear it remarked "Its only a cold," and a Tew days  later learn that the man is ou his  back with pneumonia. This is of  such common occurence that a cold,  however sli������ht, should not be disregarded. Chamberlain's Cough Re  hiedy, counteracts any tendency of  a cold to result in pneumonia, and  has gained its great popularity and  extensive sale by its prompt cured  of the most common ailment. I  always cures and is pleasant to take  For sale by   Ladysmith Pharmaciy.  ������*d the   jury   at tho Clache trial-      i  Waiting in the office of the neputy,  police  commissioner    after    his      in-n  dietment    he  placed    a revolver--- tg-j  his' tomplo .but  was   prevented   from"  firing--it.-    When   given'a   glass     of;  water    ho   bit   a piece of  the    (flass  and  tried    to   swallow    it   ami   then,  attempted     to   stab    tiimseh'      with-  his pocket knife  .     Morton    was   alleged   to have     perjured himsolf whrn  he  declared   ihat    tiondron   said   ��������� to  ltcrLlia  Clache    Itoforo    she had     him  arrostetl,    I   u ill    till    yoti   when     I  get  out      It   is   now   asserted     that,  Itiondron  could   not      speak"   English,\  c  HlLBERT       liDcar Mother  aBX'wa^a^'alaaB?^  UNITED   AN(;iIDN'i'      ORDfc'K   UI  DRUIDS  Weiiingtou Ciiove   No.   4  li.   A^ U.   i  Meets -lit .Mm  I; 0   0 .K.  flail,  I u  dysniitli,    the   Second   and      f'W.i  Ifeilnesdays of eaeh month, coiiiinei.  ing  Wcclnefadny,   If!Hi..  1905.  Visiting Druids'���������'arc invited  to u  tend-  Uy Order.  WM. RAFTER,  Reef Sectv  PATRICK B11P.K, N.  A  NOTICE  Prom     this date  the  undersigned  will  not he responsible. for  any Indebtedness '    incurred except on      ������  written prher signed by the secretary  Rowland Machln.  V.   I.  EXPLORATION &  DEVE1V  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.'  Victor!*, u. C��������� M*y Uth. '"fin  Your  littlei ones are  a comtant  care in  1'all  and  Winter ; weather.     They will  catch cold.    Do you know about Sliiloh'i  Consumption Cute, the Lung Tonic, and  what it has clone for so many >    It is said  to be the only  reliable  remedy  for all  diseases of the air passages in  children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take,   h is guaranteed to cure or your money  is returned.    The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 3,  SH1XOH  This remedy should be in every household.  ��������� ri ft i -������ in   *m  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also language", drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given lu classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith,  B   U.  "Synopsis'' of "Cahatliaii Ffomestcad  Regulations.   .  Any available DomUiion Lands  within 'the."Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may be . hohtesteadeil by  any person who is the sole head of  a family, pf any wale over e ghteen  years of age, to the extent of oii'e-  quarter section of ICO acres, mote  or less.  Entry must be' made petsohally. at  thc local..-land'.-office-for'the district  in which the land is situate,  Tiie homesteader is reqiuirod to per-  fo' in the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans: ���������  (1) At least six   mouths' residence  ui on and cultivation of the land  in j v[annfacturcrs of the Famous  each year for -three years. J       rilftAM   RI OSSOfl  (2) If the father, (or moUier, if the *       -.CUBAIN   LSLU3SUI I  father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, -tho--requirements as to residence may be  satisfied by such person -residing with  the father or mother.  (S) H the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to icsi-  deuce may bo satisfied by residenc-  upon the said land.    ,  Six    rnonthe'   notice      in     writ i:.  should  he given to the Commissioner  of Dominion  Lands at Ottawa of intention Lo apply for patent.  Coal lands may he purchased at $10  . per acre for soft coal and $20 for  'anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can he aifyniired by one individual or company.-; Royalty at. the  rale of ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall 1h; collected on the  gross output.  W.  W.   CORY,  Deputy of  the Minister of Interior,  LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.~  Rathhonc Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Ball .every 2nd and 1th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS.   KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  Sone bit   Uuion Labor    Employed  n. J.  BOOTH. Prop  Edward T. Cody another patrol-;  I man. who was recently tried at po-;  , Kee headquarters on the charge of  I having- made false statements to  i the district Attorney in connection  with the IJortha Clache trial was1  dismissed  today.   o   HOT  ROAST FOR  FORMER NANAJMO-ITE  The   Vancouver   Daily   Province   of  Tuesday   contains   the   following   interesting      Jdory     in   reference        to  well    knonn    former   residents of  Kami i mo.  Char.icrerizing' tho Oladstono Inn.j  vhich lies half way between ' this  city and New Westminster, as aj  place which had in the past borne*  a had name, which was apparent;  from the 'c\ idencc being kept up.l  Mr., H. U, Alexander, stipendiary;  mag strate dismissed- a ��������� 'charge!  of  theft,    au'ainst   one   Currie ii  tar-]  tender   of  the   hotel  The     evidence;  LADYSMITH  BAKERY  C1101 (' 1:1    C A KES     A N D    PA ST RY  ALWAYS    FREBI-I   ON HAND  Wedding    Calai   ^Ihcle':   to   Order  FRUITS    AMD    CAN 1)1 HS  OF  ALL  KINDS.     cVRESil    DREAD  EVERY    DAY  Prices    are     Yer/ Reasonable.  Customers are  Treated  Alike.  HOP   LEE A CO.  ON THE   ESPLANADE.  All  ii  GALEDQMAN"  Leads Them    AH  IN  QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast  VICTORIA,   -: :-:  Agency.  ���������. .~: :-B.O.  submitted did not sustain the charge!  against Ciiirie, but the niag-istrate;  commented that, from -the class of  podple who were allowed to hang  around the hotel, it was fair toj  suppose that the rolling might have  heen done by some of them. j  The charge against. Currie was laid  hy  a young man,    who claimed     to  huve(lost S'lSO   in the hotel on   Sun-:  day  last.     This  young: man    went to;  the place in company with a   woman;,  fro-m  the  restricted   district -'oi-'New'  Westiiiiiister.      When   gathered   in   as  a   witness    this   woman   turned overi  to the police Swu.    She claimed    the  victim of the'alleged theft had given  her the  'money    but  she could      licit  remember  how  she got   it. [  The young man who laid the charggf  was roundly lectured hy thc mag-;  istralo for1!his part in thc arValr,'  and he departed vowing that the  dissipated    life shall  henceforth know  him  no  raoro. -   ���������o ������������������  liARATTirttT   WINNER.  Toronto.   May   2<l.���������Shcrring.   winner   of  the  Marathon   race    arrived  here this afternoon    from    Montreal,  me received an enthusiastic reception  and leaves for Hamilton tonight.  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  ' Nelson. B C., May 2:1.���������The. criminal list at the spring assiv.es before Mr. Justice Morrison, enuYd  hero today. ' Francisco A'inandia.,  an Italian convicted of manslaughter, in shooting- a fellow countryman at Morrisey mines on December "10, 1905, was sentenced to 20  year's imprisonment   in the   peniten-  I tiavy.  Geo. , Anderson, com icted of woun-  ding a fellow fisherman at Bouniug  ton, having inflicted several severe  wouads  with  an  ax������  on   his     unfur-  j tunate victim's  head  and  body,   ������a������,  given    18 .months in jail.   The'   jury  having   recommended    him   strongly  to   the court's  mercy    on account of  Ins   being    an  epileptic    and not   al-  cog-ether responsible for his   actions  The civil,list is now to  ho' called.  The owners of (lie KooUnay Belle  on Skeep Creek, are jubiliant over  striking a ledge of $75 gold ore at  150 feet down. The strike is confirmed but details will not be available      for  some  days.  tames Martin, an old-time San-  doii miner' and an elderly man. v>a^>  accidentally killed near New Denver  last night by the breaking of a derrick pole. An inmicsl will be held  by   Dr.    IC.  U.   Arthur tomorrow.  KTLLUJJ  HV LlGUTaYJiYU.  Richmond, Ind , May 2:1.���������Thrcj  people were killed and one fatally  injured  by  lightning during       a  storm here this afternoon. U\irmer.s  report damage to crops by heuvj  rain.  1st Avenue  NOT IF AS RICH.  AS ROCKEFELLER  If you had all tiie wealth of Rockefeller, the Standard Oil magnate you  could not buy a   better medicine   for  bowel complaints ..-than Chamberlain's  ���������|;Colic,   Cholera and; Diarrhoea  Rcme-  j;cly.       The     most  eminent  physician  ���������j can  not   prescribe a: better .prepara-  j tion      for colic   and diarrhoea,  both  ;.for  children and'adults:     The    uniform    success    of     this remedy   has  j shown -it to  be superior to all   others.     It never fails, and  when reduced with     water . and'-.sweetened,   is  pleasant    to   take.   '     Every  family  should,.-tic  supplied with  it.  Sold  h'v  LadysiiHth Pharmacy.  Notice  Attention Is called to'f;he    fact thai At  Ogilvie Flour riills  Co    Limk^.,  makers  of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD'   FLOUR.     hare for some time  past been producing flour inn   vastly  Improved mid  pitlfl  'form  by tlie aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of   all tl,e basic patents relating tnere-  ,    to, take this opportunity of a dvising   the public that any  unauLh-  :    orized users of the electrical    flour purifying processes  wfU  ..��������� pro-  ������r ���������ecutecl.  Ogilvia Floar Miila Company JLimifed  are the only millers in Canada whose : Flovr is  ptirified hy the Electric Process  >' 'I THE DAILY LEDGER.  Smith. Totos/ f LADTSniTn OPtRA ItOUSf  UBHaUtykisS^^F^?^?:  That's A������  NOTICE.  Mrs. A. L. Haskins, will sell Ice  Cream from 6 to S every cvefctng.  Victoiia Road,, aibout  ono mile  out.  Local Items  The Lee-Morris Company  64  JVIr. (������uy Longman, of Suirumer-  land, Olaaniutcan, arrived in Lady-  .*>:mth this morning on a visit. Lo liis  uncle,  Mr.  J).   JoJmson.  Ml: Russell Simpson is in Sunai-  1110 this aU-einoon. He is ai>i������WMg  for the defence in tlie case lroiu  Cumberland, which comes up for  speedy  u'ial today.  I'lic Lee-Morris Company, fourteen  strong, came in from N'anaiino this  morning and is <fiiartered in Uie various hotels in the city. The company plays here two iuujIus, opening with "iioanol>e" lomglii, and the  .Nanaimo papers speak in the high'  eat terms of the show.  Mxs. A. liatti and l two children,  who nave heeji on a msit to I inly  lor ihe past year and a half, returned to her home m Ladysmith on  the late train from \'ict)j(iia. last  night.  'Mrs.   A.   IV.   bessc,     ot     Spoljiane,  Wash.,   is  MSiting   her   hiothei,    AH.  VVn.  Elii*-,  in Ladysmith.     Tins     is  .-the ���������< first tunc Mis.  Bes.se and    Air.  ^.EJlis havte met in twelve yeais. Mis-  ,Besse .will xeniain in  Ladysmith another month,  and iio(m here   will y,o  to  Victoria,   wiheio hei /aUici     ic-  siiies, before returning home,   Presents   Tonight ..  ROANOKE  Hal Reid's Great Southern Drama  59  =   CAST  Joe Peyton  ,  Mr. Hal Barbour  Gen.   Harry Peyton     Carrol  Carlyle  Col.  Tom  Bailey          J.  Morton  Wilfrid  Forrest   ..., ,' -.   Arthur  Elton  i  K'/eK'ial   Morse     Richard   Scott  HoaiioKc IVvlon     Adell  Rcise  Aunt Diria   >r    Lillian   Griffith  Mrs.   Jus.   Peyton    Sadie Kcynolds  Annalylle   Peyton      Etta Rflrotwell   ������������������__  SYNOPSIS ==============  ACT I���������Grape Myrtle Plantation    (Ion.   Peyton's Ilo'iie, near Roan<<Kc  Va.      "The Greed for  Gold."  ACT II��������� The Home of Airs. Jas. ,IJe\ ton,  'rust in     Gold."  near    Roanoke,    Va.  ACT  III -Grounds   at   Col.  of Puiit\."  H.ulov's.   near   Honuoko.    "The  Streiifttl  Arrived To-day  .   ������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������  We can now supply  your wants in that line  Can give you my shed  Square you ma> re=  quire-411 Colors-Call  and look through them  Prices Range from  S7.50  TO  j Iter Botllinj Works  j1st. Avenue, LaJ/smifh, B, C.  | W. f. RumiDin;. Prop.  I     .MAX UFACTURKR' OF  | Carbonated Beverages.  I Oingcr   Beer  Fruit Syrups J  T.   O.   Box  248 -  {  >"������"������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������"���������"������������������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������������������������������  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������  ���������  Coal     Oi!   Ergir.es  ���������  ���������  ���������  Tor Launches, Fishing Boats.  Etc.  Stationery  Engines  for all Power Purposes  Simple, Economical, Reliable'1  Absolutely no danger,^  lo Electric Spaikers or Batteries  to ������,et out of order.'  Write 'tis for I'arlleiilars   , Rochusscn & Collis  7 Yates St.  Victoria, B. C  Machinery  Agents.  ACT IV.���������An Allic m'Richmond-,  More Day Light."  \'a       Cluist.mtiR    ])av       "Darkness  IJon't miss "Roanoke"  era Rouse  tonight.  at   llie Op-  Mr. Meognini     returnod Irom  Victoria yesterday,   wheie he has    been  ,oti 'a  visit  t|> his  wiie,   who is   ,il  ' piesent an inmate ot    St.    Joseph's.  \ hospital.    Airs. Mangiiim recently underwent a severe operation,     having  had.  a tumor   removed,   and   is     imported iby .h,er husband us <Io'm.j ^ery  , nicely..   Slie expects  to  lie able     to  "leave    the    hospiiaJ in Ihree   veelis-'  tiine.  A.CT V.���������Pailot of Col   Tom fl.ii lev's    Home.    "The    Dawn of   Rea  son  } >   . (lav  The Sunset ol   Pcii-p."  "Konnoke"   a^t  lo-ii'&ht.  Mie /Oi'yn.ra  ni*iiisc   lnddi'ii   lienrMlli   llicn   coats   ami       a  !  tjinnljci   ol   11 inKlets  ' Take (hem   two   bloolc  and     hull  " I lliem,''    ordered   (lie    ollicer      to     a  Jiiunro,. je(]-t.he;.]>ul.t  Tbe  Lee-Morris <    Company     111  "Koanoke"      and     "A  Fool's  Para-  0 ''j**'"'- at  tne Ol^'a House    toniglit,,  and  tomorrow night.  , TENDERS will be received h\ Uie  undersigned up till 5 p.m., on. Mon  (lay, 28th May,, 1906, for Healing a  portion of Third (Avenue, opposite thr*  public school. Particulars can Ins hud  .from the iRond Foreman  The lowest or .any  tendei   not necessarily accepted.  ��������� -     - JOHN  STEWART,  C.M.C.  Millard's Liniment cures Dandiufl.  A   dynamite explosion    nl   tho  lanma  mines  Tue-dav    resulted       111 |coipo),,| in clmlge of lhe sqlia���������   Wlth  the .set lous  injury     of   J,    Tl   Cluueh |  onu      of     the     <.*ni|ilo.viva Cliunh |  was   hroug-Iil     cl.iun     lo      \ aiicoiium  |  .lllll    llttlWllHl to      l>y     Hi  wlio oitlcii'il lu*������ 11'liiovnl lo the  n^iififil liospilal Ili5> iiiiui'ies aru  severe and lie lies 111 .1 serious  t'Oiulit ion F.\fn   if lii'    should     not  die     ho      will   pmlinhly    losi' Ins  sight as Ins mi's and. m f.icl Ins  enlire 'lain, u.ii hadl.v 1 ui 1,\ 1 ho  e*:pl(i-jion lie is 111 an. uiii oiim'ious  eoiulil ion.  S1110I e Hil, I'.. Cigais  "'Ro.iuole,"   Uie   tieal    ������f the   season at   (lie Opera   House   loiiiiylii.  $12.50  :OR-  Walter* &  Akenhead  -o-  ���������-.:.Lontlon,- May. 28:^A1 a' niceU'nff^'C-f-  the ., Executive, >. Ooiitmii.i.w ���������',-.��������� of, AMa  City ,of London .'Conservative;' . today  a\ resolution-'- was���������'-'adopted ,��������� inviting-  Sir. Edward Clarke solicitor ..to  resign as a Couserytitivc lricmbei' ������������������,-'  of the, II011 so of CqiiunoiiR.' for i.ho  eily of Loirdoii. ; in 'coiiscfjueiices- of  his attitude in connection with rl'pj;-  iii ���������Reform.'  *  Minard'S;'Liniment' 'cures liunis,. etc.  GLASS   GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that   you get the    globe  with the rubber ring on     it,  as it is  tlie only   kind    that  can keep tbe water out ��������� the  - glothes without the rut(lier ring  cannot Keep out water, you  can see that by examining  them. The artificial flowei  that is put intp the globes  with the rubber rings, is grai  anteed to be the best, and    if  .you    want  a- globe    with     a  Rubber Ring, call a,t Mrs. T  X.  Jones, agent for  HENRY    tCREW.  The only    place you can   get,  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Como.v Rd. & Milton St..  NANAIMO B.C.  STORIES      .  EXAGGERATED  W. -Brown,   -Sunday���������-'���������.editor- of the  San Francisco  Call,    in  an interview  given    to ���������the,     .Cortland .'Magazine  said:"     -   ' '    "The stories sent uiit/uf, the  whole sale slaug'htiM-.'of innocents by  the military wore exaggerated, but  had a-good effect./ Possibly five or  six persons wo-e killed by the  troops, and., those cases were well  known. I saw two thieves sevcrly  dealt with by being butted in true  soldier fashion. The men were suspected or being looters, and an olli-  cer of the regular t-roops singled  them on I of a crowd covering them  with  bis   revolver.   lie  ordered bis  men   to  search   the    fellows, and   the  soldiers   found  new   women's      shoes  'out       nun e ado,      thc      non-com  swung     ins gun        about    and    land-  on   the   month   of   the  pnsonei,   knocking   out   liis      teeth.  "Didn't 1 lell you lo talve them  luo IdocUs0" thundered the olheer,  and I li.ni 1)10 corporal and a conplo  ol his squad mo\ed the culprit lesy  Ihnn a block and pioeeerlod lo 'butt'  ���������hi in ^  "The  lellow   ������as  made    to  run     a  head  of   two soldiers, thoy kevt  pace  wilh  Jinn and  si 1 uck   him   with    the  bull.     end   of   -their    guns       behind  the cats,   tcai ������!<���������   oil   both ears,   the  other  was tic-alert   111  the  same inau-  ni'i'.      It  seems  pictty tough,,   but   is  cases  of  that  hind.it   seems  merited  When   (be coipoial   returned   and    rc-  Ijioited   to  tin*  olheer    he  showed    the  \wwd   had   been ��������� broken   at   1he    butt  01   the    lilh*,   so  1   bad  an   idea        01  (he lorce of  the blows from   that "  NOTICE.  T,'\Voiig Uhing kee, 5u\c puvehased  the iiusine-bs, tools and fivtines of  Chung Kee's .shoe making eslabhsh-  ment, Ladysmith, and t.liab all pei-  sons having any claims against 1.1m  said Lining Kee, niust-conie anil make  that claim l0 nie on or hefou- the  first day of June! 190C, and that I  will not the 1 iKponsuhle loi any claims  or debts of the s.nd CI11115, Kee afl-er  the first  day  of  .June,   Hiflfi.  (Signed)     WONG  (TUNG KEE  Ladysmith, 22nd May,  lflOfi.  ������1  Tennis Goods'"'"'"''  Lacrosse   Sticks   AND   Base Ball  Outfits   WKI'IF.   J. RARNSim CO,  VICTORIA, B. C.  u  We show a large assortment of Dainty Novelties  in up to-date BLOUSE WEAR, also a large stock  Of * :   and  DRTSS GOODS  SIMfi N LEBER & CO Ltd  Alinard's Liniment  far  sale   evcey-  where.  New anival of Holiday Go ids, including Ladies' Lace Ties, Helta and  attractive style ot Collars, at Simon I.eiser & Go , Ltd.  Get Your  T  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of ^ cows'   and Milk  route.    Apply V. O. Eox 99.  Minaid's   Liniment   uliru"  Ifi'ia.  n  cnral.  AT  ilin BOOK STORE  Largest Assortment  in Town  NOTICE.  1, the iimlt'isigned Jane McMillan,  adininisti.ilrix of John Ilu^Ji AlcMil-  lan, dei.ea.seil, herclhy give notice  that 1 intend at the next silking of  the Hoard of License Conmnssioneis  foi the dibuict of South Nanaimo,  to Le hoMen at Ladysmith on the  13tli day oi June, DUG, to make application to that hoiioiablc body foL  a transfer of thc hotel licenses to  sell intoKiCitnig lienors under the  piovisions of thc Statutes on thai  behalf, in the premises known and  dcsciibcd as the Tunnel Hotel at  Extension, British Columbia, fiom  thc said .l<hn Hugh .McMillan to  Alevvinder  J.   IMcAlillan.  JAN 10 j\Ic\H'LLAN,  AdministralriK of Julia Hugh AI'iRlil-  lan.  Granite and. Maib>6 Works  riranile and Marble Monuments, Tablets, c(c.,at the  lowest pi ires consistent  with fnsb class stock and  workmanship.^ Write ,Ior  caUilogue.  \'      A.   STEWART,  MS Yates St. Victoria  B.C  * Ndtiee  A. Howe ol Chemainus ht*s opened the Mcatmarket.  Utcly run by W. Ward, on Kitten a Street ������ th a  lull line 61 First Clus.fMeots -  I A.  HOWE Phone 2~o %  % f MEAT   MARKET 3  si  Pork and. Sausage j Specialty ��������� II (rial  3^������&t>aV?V*������j.  RAYMOND&  SONS  ���������Dealers  in���������'  Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Uriel;,  Fire  Biick  and  Vancou\ei island cement.  3 Pandoia St.  Victona 11 C  " BARGAINS IN WATCHES !  iSCHOOL I  UMBRELLA  "  A  necessity  for this Weathei  >:      children going to school  65 CENTS EA  for  ���������e: ���������  W'c liavc marked   iu lJlaiii Figures the 1'rices of our���������  Waitham, Elgin and other American Watches  M a Gteat Reduction-Call a mi sec them  ~"b. FORCIMnER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSTUTH  ,-jSeBS^SSSiBS3l3BSXiSSKaBmimS!MXSSaa������i  *>���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������ ^������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������^���������^^���������^  ��������� ������������������-.���������. ���������  l x  ^    For to-morrow we have a large supply of������������������ %  Lamb, Pork, Mutton, Beef, Etc.  Ham Sausage,  Blood Pudding-  ���������  ���������  BLAIR   St  ADA  PANNELL and PLASKBTT  ��������� <*> A .-*��������� '  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ������������������*  9 ,  ** I  ��������� f  r    FORSALE  Eggs from Pure Bred Stock  Ail Birds Trap Nested  No inferior Layers Kept  Haned, Buff ami White Rocks  ttliilo Wyaiiilotlcs, White anil ������iown  Lcghoins.  $i Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. STEWART,  Box: 2G8 Ladysmitli," D.C.  1 Sporting Goods  * -      ' "'l   ���������������������������       '  Just arrived���������the best line of��������� .   ,  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  Bats, Gloves, Etc.  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANYLIHITED  I  liitve just received a shipment oP  Hills'  High Grade  tNGLISH TOBACCOS  ;and  0!GARf.lIfS  at  -lie   DR UG  STORE  mm  in  ���������M  \'nu',i^ Sinine, clean ing  lime.  Mini- walls wil.li  Coal  ><*������������������������*���������������������������*���������������������������  Church's Afabastine  Will iiol, ruli 'oil.     A perfect and san-  it.ary wall co.-itini;-, .sold in.  50 & 25c. Packages  Also paint your  woodwork    with  "Pyramid Brand1'  of Paints.     The best in  the market,  only  .���������$1.75 Per Gallon  We also cany a large  line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,     Brushes,     Window Glass,  Room  and Picture Mouldings, etc  Try a g-allon of out  Granite  Floor Finish  lo   preserve   your   LLnileums.     Bring  vour pictures to be framed to  H. KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  */*V*W'*'^������M**Wy*>A'VW*WM^*'^'**^^^^^>������'V<*AV''*'*AA  THE FENCING GIRL  FOR  35 White Swan Soap Wrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we Will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  THE FENCING  GIRL Anumber of others  to choose from  Tbe Ofitisii Cofumbid Soap Works, Vrcforia 6: (.  I'.S.���������W������ will mail you free ine  of  vour Premium  Lists  on appliciition.  ^^^^^^^^*^^������������^*'*'*������*^^^A^^^^A^^^^*>^A'S^^^^y������������y^M*������*>^^  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  A VKNUG.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Gall .and seeStoel������;  Plumbing and TinsmHhing  DONE   AT  Reasonable Prices  ���������     *     _ By _   '.  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at, Peterson's'Ftirn-  lure Store, or telephone No 5.S.  { FOR THK'-NICEST  \       Ice   Creaixi  ; Milk Shakes/ Soft Drinks  t Candies, Fruits, Tobacco  ������ C igars, etc.  f CALf, ON ���������  Ur.  Dier can - he-touHd at any tint*  at his office on Oatacre at.  His   de-'  tal  work  is  giArauteeid   to  be  first  class and rates reasonable at  I w- L- carter; I  FIRST   AVENUE 1  Parlors for Private Parties.      4  4- 4-4-* ������������������-������������������������������������-��������� ���������������������������������������������;+��������� ������������������������������������ ���������-���������*��������������������������� -t-4- ������������������ ������������������  Try a Province Cigar.


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