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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 22, 1906

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 VOL.**  May  22,  lDOfi  PRICE FIVE CENTS  Last evening before Justice ol lhc  Peace Urtnthcs-on, Wm.  Noyc  was fined  $10  ami    costal  for  being     drunk  and disorderly, on Sunday last.  The  costs  also included   some hxo-  - hen  furniture  which i\lr.  Noyc     had  been responsible for     while  in durance vile at the city jail.    It    appears  that he ili<l not    like thc appearance    of some ol    the furniture,  crockery, etc.,  which  was  for the use  of the prisoners, anil attempted    lo  hurl same through thc window. Tho  case  was heard  in  tlic  lower   story  of tho city hall while thc city coun-  cil<4 were in session.    'After .the meeting  of the council,   L.  Pollcml  was  brought before Justice Matlieson ami  Mayor - Nicholson en  a charge of fir  i������g a gun within the city, limits.  Mr., Russell  Simpson * a������i*earcd ' foi  the defence, ' and on   ' hchalf of his  client, pleaded guilty  to the charge  ' He asked    Iho     court, however,    in  new of     the fact  that thc prisorici  had  pleaded guilty, and had not al  tempted   to involve  the 'city  or an  one .else  in expense in  an     at tempi  to pro.e the charge','   lo  talc  a len-.  ' fient view of ' the case,  and  impos,  as light a'line as'possible. Mr. Si'mip  son     reminded   thc   court' lh.it  this  wasv a case for a nominal fine,     as  would be,   for instance,  the case    in  other cities wheie a bicycle   by-law  prevailed.     It  was possible,  accord  Sng to law,' to fine- a man in   some  cities fifty dollars for  infraction   of  such, a by-law,   ..but  it  was  usually  the  custom  to" impose  a "line   of   a  dollar, or  two and costs. lie would  therefore, ask  the court to in..pose a  notijoal  fine.    >  After consulting with-Mayor Nich  bison Justice Matlieson "ai-hoimccd'  that the QUirt had once ljefore fin  ed a man charged with the _ samr  pffence the sum .of ten'dollars and  costs,- and this ruling would prevail  in tha present case. Therefore "thc  prisoner would have to pay twelve  dollars.  The money was  paid and  the prisoner dismissed.  HI MT HI-  HI  f  ��������� A  real    up-to-date. C.   P.   R.  ��������� green   at the, back* 'of  tlje star ���������  J  tion   is now- included   amongst, ���������  ��������� the   plans     of      the   Co.     for   ���������  J tlie improvement of  the     local ���������  ��������� station and approach. ���������  ��������� Such    was    the    information ���������  ��������� given    out by Mr.  Beasjiey,    oi ���������  0  the O.I'.R.,  who  visited   Lady- ���������  ��������� smith     Saturday     in    company  #  ��������� wilh several other C I..P..'   <*fli   ���������  ��������� ci.'il*,.     It is. thu  intention     of ������  ��������� the company    lo  level of!   .the ���������  ��������� cut l>a':k  of,   .the  station,    and ������  ��������� as soon    as  possible,   find    aii   ���������  ��������� other    place      f r     the  present ������  ��������� lunger yard.    When this Is done ���������  0 they will  level  the  gro..nd now ������  ��������� o-cupied  by the    lumrber    com- ���������  "���������  Aid* Spence Quotes  MiV Andrew Bryden  The  Latter  is of the  Opinion that City Cannot  Find Enough Water at McLeod Creek to  Run Proposed Eiedric Plant  i    Graveyard Question is Again Brought up, and Re<  ports That Teams are Driven Over the  Graves Causes Council I to Take Action  "A  "There  is   not   enough    water     in  creeks,    lie himself, intended- to go.   inion  that a city official  should    he  McLeod creek to run Pannell Ar. Plas-   lie thought  that they  would then le   instructed   to keep  teams  out     dur-  pnny-aiid  put  in  a 'lawn.   Just. J  ��������� when  this  work   will   be"    dona ���������  0 has not  yet been .decided upon, ������  ��������� but it  will, Mr. Bcasley slated ���������  m be .us soon  as   the  C.l'.R. .can J  ��������� find a comenienl site    for    the ���������  ��������� lumbrr  yard.     This   fall , they J  ��������� also intend  to  erect  a   freight ���������  ��������� she'd    vihk h ��������� will    Fc separate  ��������� from  the station.  THREE HUND  RED RESCUED  Wittsburgf-. May 21.���������Two liuiid  red miners who wore today rescued-j  from a lire in the ITaVlekirk No.  l.'of the Pittsburg anil Westmoreland colliery al Washington, fifteen  miles east of this city tonight are  fighting- the fire to prevent the  destruction of the plant, tho lire  already caused damage _of i?2,-  500 and is beyond control from the  surface. Tlie Haines ' started in an  engine room which was soon destroy  ed; The three 'hundred miners in  tlie works were io jeopardy and the  fans were stopped, as it' was feared  ���������the air shafts would ignite ami  cut off their escape. Watei- was  taken into the mine.through the air-  shaft; and the bottom of the cage  shaft was, deluged. The iriiilos in  the mine almost, suffocated -by the  smoke stampeded, and are beyond  control eighty 'feet, from 1 It.*- surface.  Mayor Nicholson  was asked if ������ ���������  ��������� the city   would   lay  a   Kithwalt ���������  ��������� 'to  tlie  propositi, approach,  and J  ��������� he .stated   that .Uio city     would ���������  ��������� do so. "���������     ' ���������  m"   It is  the  intenti ai  of   the  ('. ���������  ��������� -P.It., to   male changes  ui     the-?  ��������� present* main  i line " of      y.eir������  ��������� tracks at  the station^   Uie- line *  0 leading liom  the'   station    to- ���������  ��������� ward,;    the wharves' will,*   Mr.-*  ������ Beasliy stafosd, ft f brought high-#  ��������� er  up, and  it  is  thought   that ���������  ������ the Wellington    Colliery. ��������� Com-. J  ��������� pany will  move one    of    -their ���������  ��������� weighing  sheds .further "iip    the ������  ��������� line.*"    7- *'   * ���������-   ~ '--- ���������  0     Mayor-'Nicliolson accompanied J  ��������� "Mr: 'IJi'as.cy to the' place where ���������  9  thc council    hail  asked    for     a !  ��������� crossiiio;  of   the C.P.Tt.    tracks ���������'  0 for   the vsn ol  the city1 soaven-  ��������� ger, ,-iid thc C.P.lt. ollicial pta-  J  ted'.that   1he tom'pny    had   ,no*  ��������� objection   to    thc city -crossing ���������  ��������� at  tlut i*J sint,  which  is.- sit.uat- ���������  ��������� ed J-clow the Transfer  wharf.      ���������  MORE FIGHTS  IN SIGHT  I hereby challenge Frank Fernandez to liov a fifteen or twenty-  round match for a.puisc of from  one bundled dollars up, l,be match to  take place cither in Ladys-mith opera House, or Nanaimo Athletic  Club, al any date suitable to the  challenged party.  JEFF IIANNAY.  Ladysmith, May 22nd,  1000.  Being a stranger here and a friend  ^of one of the principals i;i Saturday night's boxing comlcsl, I agiecd  to ho.v-a friendly preliminary with  iVIr. Hilhci't. As the public lhi.nl s-  he played with ine that '..out, J will  challenge ivlr.Hilhett lo ������ Ifl-rpund  goon the int.Ii of June, for all the  gate rccei|its, or a side-bet, if he  wishes. ������������������.-���������..'  W.  II.  BYEKK.'.  MORMONS ARE SELLING OUT THEIR PROPfRTY  Kelt's sausage machine," sum Aider in a position to1 do .soincthi-i^defKi-  nian Sj.encc last e\cning, at Ilia conn- He on Monday next. They could  cil meeting, while jc*uofcin.s Mr. An- send for an,, expert and tak������ hint  drew Hridcn.    '" '    right  oat   to    what   they considered  Aid.  Spence then explained that Wi   thc most    feasible point  for    eithei  li'rydcn  had   told   him lhat  he     had   turning   McLeod  . creek ,into Uu*,ii,  l>iit   .lccently    been    wver the entire  s'toriiiij-   wuter,  or  what other     plan  ground where  it is propose.! to    ob    was "thought  advisable after viewing  lain    -water  for    an   electiic    light   Ute supply.     As far as Ma\oi* Nich  plant  for. the city,  ami assurred  tlw  olson was concerned he had' p*0.  speaker    that it was impossible     to   the council'to a  pul.lic meeting     ie-<  oMain a s'iflicieiit quantity.     As for  tently held  to  investigate   thorciifc'h  .the proposition  of'turning     McLeod   iv the waiter .([iicstion, and   he lntciit?  creek    into Bush creek, j\Ir. l Bryden  cd. to do so.   He was himself .stronj*  had stated  that it would cost thou-   !>'   in favor of water if it was a', all  sands  of dollars," and would, iu fact    possLhle.     At   U:c  same   time,   if  by  cost f;������r more  than  the council could   thought it,  was going   lo be a l������������-siii;������  hojie 10  taise for  thc^Hirpc.S'1. proposition  for  the'eity,   he      , mid  More   tlian    making  the  assertion,   lo one  of  the   first  to  vote ujaiinit  Mr, Bryden had proposed taking Aid -   it.  Sr.ence out  ovei the ground himself,      The  discussion   was   finally     en'led  and show him  just how much watei   with the understanding ih-a as *iuiny_  is obtainable,        The two gentlemen  of  tlie aldermen as ivissible   *'ul v.  ptopose going out on  Sunday    ">'xt,   it the creels   .fcefors    icxi    .^londay  Aid  Spence  was    of     the   opinion   night   when .Uie  council  meois' aeam  lhat a steam plant was |hjr,ouly so- Teams  on Giaws.  iution of'the (-liestion of light* or During, tlte.progress of,Jhc jni*eting_-  "darkness ' iii"'Ladysmitli,"aad " stated lust evening, Aid. Spence bio'i^ht up _ of new business,',stated" that' the  that Mr. Bryden wan of "the same op t-he matter of teams driving onto ' school trustees wished the couicil to  inion. The KattcNuwl said th,--t if graves at the local cemetery. A con "do something about cfenin^ up the  the council introduced a'by-law to p[e of wcel.s ago the council l..il g.iv- J load in fi;.fil, oi tit������.school grounds  install .a steam-, plant, the voters en instructions that a sign board be At present the children are beinc-  would out it through "Villi a sub- pointed and put up al the cntfain-e ( drilled on f these} grounds in prepara-  stantlal   majority,  but en  the other   of thc  cemetery   warning all    drivers   tions   for  their celebration on     Kn'i  ing the process' of a funeral. He  thought that either a policeman G'  the grav/ediigger should be given au-  ihority lo stop the teams on .the  outside of' the fence.  A motion was Uially made by  Aid. Uren, seconded by 4IW. Spence,  that the city clerk interview Mr.  Hilbert, tlie undertaker, and ask that  gentleman to endeavor to keep the  teams from, entering the graveyard  while funerals are in progress.  A request was received from Fire  Chief Smith, asking that he Le given permission to have the hydrants  in the city painted with aluminum  paint in order that they may be-  discernible at night. He had, already painted two *as an experiment  a,iwt found it, works very satisfactorily.     "~  The cost would, lie 50 cents per  hydrgnt. He will receive instructions -to paint thi< hydrants at fhe  above price. -   * *  Mayor Nicholson,  under tlie      head  hand, if 'the council atteni,pU*d to to keep out with their tiv.im������. This  raise 'money for a water plant, he, had not been done, and Aid. Sinn."  Mr. Bryden would vote againM it, wain ted to Lnow why. Yeslerd.iy he  as would also a large majority ol had attended a funeral, and had seon  the  ratepayers. one   team driven over   llnec     giav-s  Mayer Nicholson, in reply to Aid. , H2 thought this matter should have  Spence, stated lhat while this might ( Ikcii,attended to. OHy Cleric Stew-  pofSihh be I rue, still the council art slated thai ordei.s had been sviv-  were bound *o get expert advice on en for a sipji Uiai'd to be painted,  the matter unci find ,Qtit all poj.siflde ' but as yet lhe order .had not  concerning the  supply  of water     |>c-   been filled.  fore anything else was done in the ' Aid. Splice thought thai a sign-  matter, lie proposed that between l.^ard would Mil be sufficient. Many  now nnd next Monday sonic of thc foreigners who could not rcud I'.ng  council, as many as could, lake a Iish would ( ta! e no notice of the  trill out   to jjoth  Bush and     McLeod   sin-.     The  alderman  was  of   Ihoop-  piro Bay," and whfiieypi* a team  cotnefi along, it is necessary for the  children' to scatter, as the. team is  oldiged to come onto the .grounds in  order to!pass the school. It was the  general opinion that very little  work would he required to clear a  sufficient length of road to accommodate teams, and the wort*' will  be done.  Last night, was the 17th regular  meeting oi the third council of Ladysniilh, and those present, wctc  Mayor Nicholson, Aldermen Spence,  Cam^be-ll, Uren, and City Clerk  Stewart.  SCHOOL CHILDREN  CELEBRATE TO-MORROW  Salt  The Programme of thc Empire Day  Celebration to be given by tho Ladysmith public school, .beginning at  l'.'|5' p.m.,   is  as   follows: '���������',-���������'  Chbn s-'-Thc Maple, Lea!   Forever."  introductory/Speech��������� The Principal.  Spcccli���������-Mayor  Niiholl>on.  Clnorns'-**Rc,ti,   While  and Blue."  Spct'ch���������Trustee li. Carroll.  Cliorus��������� "The   Land  of  Uie  Maple.."  Speech���������Trustee  A. .Robertson.  Chorus���������"A Little Patch of;Had."  Bpif-ech���������B.   S.   McDonald,   Vice.-I'riii.  Kaisiiiig flajr���������'anil Cod Save the   Ki'ng.  Salt. I.alfe City,      Utah, May 21.-    nouncement is made  that  lhe    oa.,, J)ui))|1_t>11   ni-iu-scnior Girlsl  The Mormon  Church is  going out of    Lal.e and Los   Angeles. rail road,   an- (iirls- i*ac.Lv_ Division IX.  business according to a  local   paper,   other church property, has  been sold ,*oyS.  |*aco-Divisic.n  IX.  Its principal  holding  is  Salt    Lake,    to a   .local syndicate, for     *f>M0,<i<>... (iirIs. Kaciv-Divisic, Vlll.  lie UUh  Light &   Railway company   .This  roaid is 13  miles in  length and Boys'  Race-D.vision  VIII.  *������������l*L.   over hy a ^.000, "cu- fr.m the city to the la,e. ,.,- Oirls' ;^,= VII.  000 corporation composed of English   sidevt  JWiepli ^S^0^^\^ rUv]^ Rnce-^Tivision VI.  Race���������Division VT.  ��������� 4. ,- i        ti,������   ,,<*w   mon church, is ������i,upted as sayimg that  and American capitalists.     The  1 ew   mon ,      .1   . . ;_   i>0yS>  company will alao ac^Juire the Ogjlen   ^ tnuule L aSonnt oi  the .-ct   Girls' ^^^ ^  street railway and build an   electric  ness is  made on account of  the fac  line    from      Juab  county,-Utah,  to ��������� that the  mormoins whom the church   I'oys' Uace���������Division \ .  Oneda    county, Idalio.     It  will     be   sought   to     protect  years   ago,     no   Wilis' Race...Division IV.  known as  the Ititer-Mountain Canso-   longer need    Uie protection ol     the  Mated   Railroad  company  and   will , church in business affairs. (The church  be    incorporated   in  bo'th  Utah  and ���������entered  business  to'assist   ��������� converts  Idaho.     The  board  of directors  will  /and st rangers. beloi*gi,n-r to the church  include  H. H. Vreeland,   New    York;  ,but as they are now on a firm foot-  Baron D:tissel,     Paris;    Sir Thomas   ing  the   church  withdraws  from  ib'u-.  Jackson,    London;     Wm.  Grathlione,   siness . entirely.        If this  policy is.  Manchester, Eng.;  Alexander Mi-Ken-   completely carried out the    sale    of  7ie,."Ottawa, Canada:'���������'Henry .'��������� r.npnn,   the tractioai  interests willjlIt: follow  Boys' Race���������Division IV.  ('iris' Race���������Division III.  Roys' Race���������Division III.  Scrambles,' etc.   ���������  Girls'  Sprr's  for  Divisions  I.   II.  and   III.  50-yard dash���������Prize.  Blindfold  race���������I ri/.e.  threading nerlle race���������Prize  Throwing baseball���������Prize.  Egg  and ispocji   race��������� Prize,.  Three-legged  race���������Prize.  Backward   race-���������Prize.  Mopping  race���������Prize.  Boys'   Sports    for     Divisions  and   ill'.  MM-yar.i  dash���������Silver   medal.  ���������110-yard  race���������Silver  medal.  .Itiiiuiiiig  bt'cuid jump���������Silver  meda  Rutting .shut���������Silver initial.  Hill-yard   dash,   (handicap)���������Prize.  Throwing  baseball���������Pr'w.e.  Kicking football���������Prize.  Th roe. I egged raco���������Prizes.  Potato Race���������I'rizc.  Obstacle race-Priz*:-  Relay. race���������Prizes.  1 lorseback race���������Prizes.  BaHHball   Match���������Five   innings  IM:i-  panion, .1 fisliiii-j- rod nel, 1. j-love  box, 1 Y'li'ic armlets, 1 bajJifoall  glove, 1 statute, a mouth organs, 1  cups- and saucers, 2 autograph ' al-  iwms, 1 lox paints, l boy's books,  2 (ishiitg lines, -twirl's books, L plusli  worK'bov, 2 baseball bats, I book, 01  views., 1 broaches, c broaches, '.  sinali knives, (i large knives, rublier  balls, pencil boxts, etc. The above  mentioned .'articles have been voluntarily donated by different ���������interested  individuals, .notably, Mr. J. A.  Knight, who' has presented several  of llie medals; Mayor Nicholson, fishing nil and Ladies' Companion, Mr  B. Foiciinmer, ijik.stand. Many oth  eis have kindly assisted in various  ways.. ���������  'lhe following gentlemen have kindly consented to act as judges, clerks  of course, etc.: School Trustees and  Messrs. Forcimmer, Dr. Frost, Mc-  Murtrie, Knight., Adam, Simpson and  Fulton.  Mr. J. F. Perkins, of Vancouver  who is engaged on thc installatior  01 an electric jiower plant for th:  Fraser River Sawmills Company, r  in the city today. Mr. Perkins ha'  come to Ladysinith with the inlen  ���������tion of gathering data regarding a  steam plant, for this city, and if, ai  .-o.no future time the Corporation  S'.ioulil decide to install a .*-t,eum el-  ejtrica 1 plant for ligjhtingt purposes,  he will il:e in a position to ,sulitnit  a  tender for his company.  Jn a conversation with the Lcdgti  today, Mr. Perkins stated tliat h.  would guarantee to install o 1,000-  light plant in Ladysmith for $20,-  000.. He estimates that-this num-  (^r of lights would lie sutlicie.(t fo.  a town twice the size of Lad\-  stuith.  "of course," said Mr. Peri'dns,  the abo.e estimate is only guess  wur.i so far, but it would .not ex  ceod that amount for installation,  is for running expenses, the difference between a water powiL-r' plant  t.nd a steam plant would , lie vcr,  sn.all. One man .should handle ' ah  the won*: around the-powerhouse -o  a steam concern, and 1 do not  think you could get along with lest,  itian one. man at a water  plant. y'  "We would, 'continued' Mr. Per-  >.mis, "be willing to install a plant  in the city with the idea that th.  corporation could, if they desired at  some future time, buy it up. Wc  would ha-e some of the stock subscribed for in the city, provided  there are citizens willing to go unto'  the proposition. However, this is  ail for future- con.sideration,-as I- im-  deistand it is the intention to install a water-power plant if pt^ssi-  ble. Provided that sufficient water  is not found, I will ,be in a p.osition  fiom. the facts that I have gathered  in my v������sit here today, and from m*  trip here last summer, when I installed tlie new electric plant at  Crofton, to -hake an offer to the  rity which I Itiiiik would be satisfactory to the ratepayers."  ��������� Yesterday    Mr.    .1.   J.  Bland,  0  superintendent    of    tho     water  ��������� works,   accompanied  by Mr,    J.  0 Bal/Cock,  of   Bcllingham,   again  ��������� went over_ the  ground  back    of ���������  0 Ladysinith   whichy the   C. I'. R. '  ��������� propose    clearing    for  a     fruit ������|  0 tract,   and    reports   that    thet  #i  ��������� found  nioi'c,lnntl available than  0   was  thought  to  be'the case af- ft  ��������� ter their return  on  Saturday.     ���������  ��������� Mr:   Babcock   is    one    of  lhe ?  ��������� gentlemen  who ' will   tender   for ���������  ? the    contract    of    clearing the ���������  ��������� h.n-l for  the C.P.R.,  and he in ���������  ? of the opinion  that he can give*  ��������� the C.P.R.  a  price per acne- for ���������  ��������� clearing  which   will be accepted ���������  ��������� by  fhaf-    Compa,ny. ��������� ''Mr.  Baib-, ���������  ��������� cock  left,  this, morning   for Vic  ���������  ��������� toria.   ' ' ' ���������  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������'��������� ������������������������������������������������������  BIG DEAL AT  HOWE SOUND  NEW PITCHER  FOR LOCAL NINE  L. Siiilltntan arrived at ,n0on toilay  and will enter the employ of Mr. A.  Smith, of the Ladysmith Hotel. Mr.  Skillman will likely fill the pitch'  er's box iu the local baseball '��������� nine  during the rest of the season, and  will play his first game with .the  locals when they meet Nanaimo on  the 24th,  The baseball team' have received  their uniforms, and will don llieni  for the first time when they meet-  -Yanawno. Tney are swell looking  suits, and if the hoys play as vvell  as they will look, there should lie  no  (piestion  as  to  who  will   win.  11.  silver  sjt,   1   v-air   foolf.:all   pads,     .1  ink-stand,  1   baseball,  1  ladies'   cow-  GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC CONSTRUCTION WORK  lhe Winniieg Free Pnss says: | Pacific  railway'tastward  has  r/fllII   .     ,Tbere  willbe   fully  two, thous.-..,,!   Mr.   J.   D.  ^leArthur arrived   rn^n-   w,tl,       his      en&rp,rS,    scrutini^  ir'ong 'sugar factories,   the    .great   /.l.M-i. |^^  e.M!,*oy<*.;*    cn otv  v.ct'<    within   mi-peg by the Canadian  1 acilic  wain,    plflllS|   mii)^n& arransements  for  s-.ijv  two  wi'pV-s'makinjr.'camps awl  road-" hhe   IniRrial   Limited,  at   10.30   last s   anrf   men   Md ,,aviil      out  It  will   work a.,  com-,1 .', ^   .,   n    iTpAr-hlir thi9 mnrn. | night and early  this mornuig,  in Ins  i office at the corner of Princess and  corporate in Utah"and Iadho" a few .foundry, affect! the political and social "V^ ^.^^ q{ ^ ^^ ^^ PonseCa strefits> he was receivui5  '4ays ago.   Simultaneously, the    an-  liEo of %he state.  Pais; Beresford Hope, to a Ion. Fr,.   ed  by the sale  of stacks  ���������t .banl,s,  fila mmftcr of .Utah men.   < ir'onB  sugar, factories,   the   -great   /.CM.1.  in  pernor  John  '5.  ������*u. h> v. .'.be -department   stores and  the   smallei  Lterprise will    be fhuxrt   hv    <!:e  enterprises.     It  will   work a,  com- ^    ^   D   McArtluu. this .morn. ; ���������  Inter-Mountain    Trust  company,   in-  mercial    revolution which will    pio-   ������������������  Washing-ton, Mny 21���������Tlie grounds  of flenrli-rfcoii C.isLIe, this city ran  i*.nee d-o^ii yestorday wilh a river  of rare wines, wliiskies, cordials, in  fact tbe whole vintage of tho cellar  of-, that" famous, residence, where . for  years society has attended homo  of the bravest and gayest inactions  Tho act of running thc .liquors into  the dilchus and glitter was att-endetl  bj- some pomi> and eeivmouy, and  also by a hundred or more eitizeii.-.  who. agreed that it was a pit\  10 lose such "{food .stall" and  leave nothing- behind bin the ar->-  nia   and   reminiscence.  The ownei-** ot Henderson'.. Castlu  are foraici- Senator J. 11. flendyr-���������-.;.-���������'  son and bis wife. The castle has  been noted as the niost , hospitable :  of the homos of 'Washington, M''.s.  Henderson lieino- a leader, in, many Of  tbe sociiit events. She is a ve^iar  ian and has written' some important works on the" subject" of hy-  gi-eii-.'. l^ater she determined to do  away with what she bad learned .  to consi'doi* t'he "dram sb'op!-' in h.:r  cellai*. Mr. Itenserson invited tithe ceremonies tho local leiupcraneo  people, w'ho on permission of chief  of the castle, went into the cellar,  smashed bottles and poured their  contents of the value of-thousands  of  dollars    Into   the  ditch  nnd     gut-'.  ters.  ��������� ._0   UNION MINERS  ^        INLINE  ���������Wlieeliag*.   W.   V-a.,.' May  21 ���������l'nion  miners responded   today   to  the notices  posted  by  the operators  ������f   tbo  eastern   Ohio  district,    warning thcni  begun,   possible     su\b*-co'r������tractors,   consulting    was   arrested    by   pursuing'     soldiers Jeit|her   to   resume   work   at   the    nU  who were forced to use their sabres JSOa]e or resara themselves ns mt  befort! ihey could sub dim him. Hoi]Diig������r in (heir: ��������� employment Tl ���������  was ' severly wounded. Col. Kel- .strenuous missionary work by tb������  le-r's activity in .mipprcs.sing dist.viv-"imjon ieaders among tbe foPeic**!  bfances here and in this vicinity had. ^cri^en had the ' effect, of lieep.sg  -made him many   enemies. j them in line  > ���������'':���������������������������������������������  Vancouver,      May   '21.���������-A .|jiy'  deal  has   been   coii&ummnated in       J Lowe  Sound  copper property,    the Mnllcry  uttines  having  b������.*n   purchased  by  an  ifing-lish  and   Scotch   syndicate.    >l\lr.  Ellis  Madery      of Los  Angeles    and  JUr. ' E.' Cowperthwaite    of London,  England,  were in  the   city this' week  en route, to iloive Sound,   to inspr-ci'  the mines  which were recently     purchased   from   the c. Waller.-,    P-rotheis'..  Ihc  deal    was  closed ,iii   California,  on,the advice   of Mr. 'CowporlhwaUea  confidential, man,  who  recently      c\-V  amined   the   properties.     Thi-     exact  detail's of. the  deal, have--hot      beiih '  made   known   but  it "is learned    thai  the consideration',   involved   in    -thc  deal ' was   two,hundred   and        fifty  thousand, dollars.     Thi*  mines   have  been in.charge of Mr.   Willarci    llal-  lery  since  the    visil    of   Mr.      F.llis  :  .rallerjr   to   this   city   in       January.  At that   time development   on a lai-f-t*  scale" was   bfgun  on  the  mines        A  sale at such a figure/ in such a short  time   speaks    vidl     for   mining prop  erties situalud    in territory- tributary  to   Vancouver.   0   GUTTERS FILLED WITH WINE  phi Loaf.\>.   Hillsides.  i-'ollowui"'   is a   partial   list,    of the |    Should  th"?  weather prove unfavor-  prix.es: 1  gold  medal.   1   fishing   rod, ' a'J.jk', the .prograiiinie of choruses, etc  ���������I silver   med'als.  :>  snuvuvir  pcr.s,    1  ATTEMPT NO-  BIEMAN'S LIFE  Kuliss.% Russiiiri Poliiiul, May 21  ���������A second fiircmpt on the life . of  Count ICollei*. nephew of the famous  Count Keller, w'no was killed, .Ian  lo, lOO-i, during Uie war with  Japan was mane today by'a Jewish revolutionists, wni> thivw a bomb  at the Colon-*) whim riding through a suburb. Col. 'Keller, ..though  receiving- more than thirty wounds  from sj dint era of. the bomb was  saved from instant death by the  bad aim of his assaUant, the bomb  exploding' directly honea-th the body  of Col. Keller's horse, which received   the  major      portion    of      the  will be given in the school house, | charge. The wounded man may re-  and the s-ibrts. will l>e held at the leovw. The explosion shattered the  carli-st 'ptssW-le dale. I windows  in  all  tho  adjacent   houses,    iand ruptured  the eardrums     of   Col-  am^^mm^mmm������������������������������������������������11 ��������� j-ellel..s  aklc  ,-e  camp.     The     bomb  thrower    attempted    to  escape       but  became entangled       in  n  hedge   nnd  details  of    his  plans    for  the  carrying  (Continued on Page Four.)  ���������t %-'  DAltY     LEDGE r.  THE DAILY LEDGER  X  '-whlisbed   every day except Swaday.  fc*        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT J/ADYSMTH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  airanc*.     Advertising rates on ap.  " plication.  TUESDAY  lVlav  22,   100C  COAL IN '-'llE ROCKIES  Ottawa, \I.i\ ."* -Mv. Dowlino, ���������i  the geological suncy will be employ  ed during the coming season in making exploiations in the eastern portion of the RockY mountains, between the Red.Deei n\ei and Athabasca. ' From the Red Deei the evil erne nixthein end of the coal lus-  in that is being mined as iai south  as Canmoie, -aill hc mapped oui,  and other .basins within the aI.o*. ���������>  mentioned a*'**a will be sought foi  It 'is in the distunWid areas of Uie  Rocky mountains that the" haidust  and liest-coal is'to be found, so it  is important to asceilain all the  possible coal bearing aieas so situated. Tho building of new lines uf  i ail ways through these noiilieui  Passes have drawn attention lo liius  very' little explored region.  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale ~~  SE10  J    KEMP.   OR LEAVE     ORDERS   WITH  ��������� W.   CARTER,  X LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE:  I'lRST  AVENUE  PHONE'    6 0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumeis ate requested to call at   the office     on  .tour-its   Street  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and   the 25lli of'eai'li nn nth.  Office Hiurs I P, M. 4.30  1. J BLAND  SI IPERINTEN D ENT.  ..������..*���������~������..*.*..4-*:4"������..*-.4..*������4-  LUMBERING  INr LARDEAU.  The .Canadian Pacific Tim het Com-  ,      I>any, forinied , hy  the reorganization  otithe Canadian    Timber and    Saiv-  '- mills' ' company  of  Trout Lal-e,     is  '��������� , constructing a new mill at Cenard,  ���������' ony.-vqtaich,    good progress is , being  . made.     Al thc same time the com-  /piany  is-clearing  the    townsite     of  , Gerr������rd and working on other    tim-  , vber jlimits in" tbe vicinity.  '  f1?s,Jj?I'Hill, Inianafeer of the 'Ailinft-  '^ Wnjiiinje^oj Erie,  iu also  managing  ; I--1^ affairs j of the new lum-l-pi     com-  . "-Pan.?, -and "has  recently made a   trip  5j to-^Oerrard in    connection with     the  -"    ^^Jfi-E***11* d������ne there.    Seen yeslei  '     ^f-y^C H'U said that the constnic-  ", tion /of ;the milt was j^ing ahead satisfactorily,  and  that logging camps  were .being 'established on the     com-  panyV limits along the Trout   Lake  branch*of--Uie railway line   The com  -   Pany/^Kas  also  taken  a contract     to  clear.-thc. Gerrard townsite.  J-* *'     S r- ���������  L     '      **���������,  SCTJATJCA CURED AFTER  ' s    :'^i.  -20 YEARS SUFFERING  '-. /Forrmdre.than twenty years Mr. J  ^ 'Ef:-.Ma������ey, 0f 3322 Clinton St., Min-  , nfeapolis, Minn., was tortuied by sci-  " ra*'^*' ^ ->ain an(- sufl'eiing    which  "4.^*/������d"rod  durinS  "lis  time is     be-  *^\y^d->comprehension.     Nothing   gave  liim^any permanent' relief until hc used ,,Chamberlain's Pain,Balm.      One  application Tor thai liniment relieved  vthe pain and made sleep and rest possible," and less  than one bottle    has  effected a permanent cure.      If tiott-  _ hied with     sciatica    or iheumatism,  why not  try a 25-cent bottle of   the  Pain Balm and see for yoursell how  Sickly it relieves pain.     For sale by  'the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  first  Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK  For Sale and  Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  I       DAVID JOHNSON  \    PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  .���������..#..������.������������������������������������������������������.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� .#..���������.������������������..������������������.���������.������������������������.���������..������������������.������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-���������"���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  K SMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines ~ '  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT   NOTICE.-     DRILL*--  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS     OIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS  HANDLED  A   ND-REPAIRED���������  -S II I P S M I T 11 I N 0     IN      UL   ITS    BRANC UKS  fiorseshoers and Genera* Blacksmiths.  R. WRIGHT  BiilLer Street   -      -    -     -   LadyamitVi, B t  PIANOS.  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     i-UKNlV.R!   J40V-  ED PROMPTLY A    ND  t-AFELY        __   l.j-ait;  n\ rs  at  Stables in the rear of thc Ladysmith hotel  Abonts       ford.  A.   J   WA5KITT,    PROP  M +4-������-*-4- 4 -f-f-f-f-f*}- ��������� ���������-��������� 44+-**4 + 4 + 4 444 44 44**: *-4 44<,*4*i*i<f*-  SH4VfS & BU1IS  Having talvt-n ������ver the barbershop  known as tht Ladysmith Shaving  Pallors, High St., I intend,, by Keep  mg competent work men, to conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit, your juatronage.  .   "     THOMAS  LEWIS  HOTEL   DOMINION  t%  & Nanaimo Railway  VICTORIA    DAY   CELEBRATION  At  ! VICTORIA. B. c  jy\7mly._';2,.4-, .-2 s,  2 ���������>  ��������� Kalu: \\A\* a- dfl.60���������  Fja Ip  nil f team boat  la-<1 ������������������>������ an.'  rr.l-vav donota. lileelr.c <������������������������*--very fi e  ���������liinntoa to all parta ot the city. Bart nil. Uibieiunexeellfil.  F.f BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,   VANCOUVER B, C  Rest accommodation for transient  mil permanent boardeis and lodgers  OR AND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������te Rates $1.00 a day and mp-  w\rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop,  ���������palax* it .'������-: ������������������'��������� ������������������*-��������� '���������-���������'��������� L������d?MBltB  \      THE JONES HOTEL  ���������AVII1TE   COO K ���������  aiul  ���������WHITE  LABOR���������  Em ployed Only  (Half Block from Dppot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ���������OBtmK^.  (���������ti-.vm iicai r.n  l'URNJr-It   ROOMS  BAR SUri'UED WHH BB. T  WINKS, UQUORS. CIG*RS'  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEt  A. J. McAHJRrRiE, Proprietor  ij.'.i.  L/PVCWI'Uli'^C  Newly iitttd������*p and-  Fufnished -  Good tables and good  Rooms,  ,        ,  PORTLAND HOTEL.  DAVJl) IJYND3, Prop.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra. well  '   *    Stocked.'. . ->  FERNIE NEWS NOTES^  cut,   his hack  nnd   legs  also    ' being  soi iotisly cut    and   nijuied,   although  (Feinic Five Pi;cs*. )  Thc   local   Oddfellows    elocU-d Geo  Clapp  repiesontalivo   to   tho     Ciand the  extent  of  his'injuries  is not  ycti  l.odife,    which meets    at   Victoria on known      Gieat   sympathy   is  felt  for  .lune    13       Oura   Ross  was      elected thu    lad,  who  is a slav,   IS years oi  aUci natu         *               - age.  HORSEMEN, READ   THIS  lbkve used MINARD'S LINIMENT  in rhy\stables for over a year, and  consider it the Very best for hoise  flesh I,ca,n get, and -would stiongly  recommend it to all horsemen.  GEO. HOUGH.  Livery,   Stables,  Quebec,  95   to 103,  . Ann Street.  0 i   -i   i   i     -        ,        i A   disastrous accident    occurred  at  Ponue anil iUichcl  plaj-od  :i   lengue r  gam������  at Al icliol    last   Satin day    Th.-'Ul*-  black bins  near  the    coke ' ovens  homo team  von  c\isil\.   Uu   sun.  k-   >ef.tr-rd.iy    monung,   when    live   cars  nig-   :.-0.      The   .''ernic      aggr-.-gatum   \m-h-     totally   ili'iuolislu-d   ,     '(iiusmg  put    up a   ia.lht'1*   poor  ganu-,    .show-   ilamayc  to   llie     otlt'iit    ol at   least  ing    a  hick   oi   coiuhmal ion play       - , ���������*i--,!,0OO,  besides   considerable loss    I bv shutting      ofi   the   coke oven .sup  ,   ph   for a couple of days.     The    live  eors     wont   crashing   over   thc       end  oi the   I lack and loll   to the ground,  .,  ..-,-,,[. fa sheer ihop  of .10 -feet       Each     cai  foil    flat _ upon  us    predecessor     and  Aid.    W-   W   Tuttle,   v'ho   'attend  the   CJiand   Loilgu   meeling      ol      tho  Knights oi  Pythias   ai  JSTaiuniuo was  takun suddenyl  ill       jMis  on   Satiiiday    to   -10111  him  .\l   Na-ia-  inio       ITe  lias  since   recowied    sulh-  cientlv   to  be   mo\ed   to VancoiiM'i,  1  where  he    continues    to    impioie.  Tomorioiv  'js t'he   Coal    Co'.s   paj-  daj     ioi     tho   work   done   in       Vpul  Tho lodowuig is    the   pa\    io1-    e.uh  c olhery.  Coal   Cieek     -?S1,1 10,   I.".  .-.lichc-1        .--0/170  10  C.ii'bonado   ... . 16 17 0u  This  Hotel  has., been  completely       renovated. -       "J     ��������� 7  Board aid lodgiig $1.00 per day./  HOTEL-    PRETORIA  -JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied'with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-* :-: :-��������� Ladytmitb,B.C.-:  Liquors and Cigais.. - " .   ��������� -..  Automobile-Races, Horse Races,    Aquatic   .and   Field'   Sports of     all  Kinds.     .Sj*ctacular,watkr'CainiVaf at tie   Gome.    ' Grand  Pyrot-x-hnic'V;  dis- lays. t        [ .    , /     ' -    ,   ,     __     ��������� ,r~-  Fare from  Ladysmith to Victoria and  Return $l.5.i  ���������  ���������       '   ChridreAi under 12  years  of age 76J cent's. >   '���������-���������<'.  Ticlxeli goor! from -Thursday,  May   2'llh,   to sisiwlavr ".May   27tii"inc-Iu-  sive.    A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave Vctori'a  for Welliiifllon' and    ali  intermediate stations-at. 10 00 p.m.,    01 Tluusday-, May  2ilh.  G, L.: Couirtney, .   ,  "   ���������     -     "^ 1       ' ��������� -'  1- -   _'  District 1 Pessonger Agent    ,  f>S Gorernjuent St., Victoria, B.C. ;  n ii'i.'i ,lv  TH6 CITY TVtMR  R. Williamson Prop  Tliui.sd.1), Lllth (d i\Imv, bein������  a holiday this  store  vnll be closed all dayi  ist Avenue Ladysmith B.C.  Ticket and.������;Freig|it  Office,  7!>  ���������\'       Government street.  A Transcontinental 0  t     Traill Daily      (  ^ "���������    , Tlie'-'-Wew Train *  e ORIENTAL LIMITED  ������  7_-    The' train^"ol >���������'  cl*^ase, * Elegance, Excellence.  -o Every mile? a picture,    and  jio .smoke to1 spoil the' view.'  * Through rC6mpartnicnt, Ob-  jjwrvation" and -PuUmaq Sl<-ep-  ���������refs;1' also Through-/ Tourist.  3Car> to Ginkgo.  At intlt Stumthi^' lilslnea������ to Europe  * ' - -   '- it our'speculty '.        * ;  ~* Union ~Terminals*-with   all  .^Steamer-luies.-     -*  .  l> Her^hres^riatlons hy .wlrel  % Great Northern S.S. Co.   -  ^FOR JAPAN   AND CHINA.  ^Steamships MLnnesbta and Dakota sail from Seattle' for.Ja-'  |paii   ami .China ports'at   Ire-  "������$f,uenr dates, v Exact   s^ilmg  ^a#s can Ij-c-secured upon ap^  ^ilji^tion to any Great Nortb-  ^eiii representative..  a$.i(L  YEKKES,      ..  ���������P      A.O.P.AJ; Seattle, Wash.  $3.rR. STEPHEN',  . *   ,  Victor}*  )..0-0..f|..������  1'  Total  **t;*:.,-J.J,l   i:  The   Cunl    foiupaiii   will    p.ii      b>  ifqiie  for   Lh  lll'sl        tlllM*  Of OoilllllCI it) .lie lll.lklllij,  ui iiuigeineiits lui h.i'idiin  tin   business   on   p.u    d.iv  he   I..ink  spei iai  (he     e\-  mIioii the dust had idea red aw a}  it wa.s dillKiill to fell how liuiuy  cars -weie in the heap of coal slack,  ���������wheels, splmten'd wood and other  dehiis. so completely wrecked were  the cars The cms were each loaded with .'.0 tons of slack tor the  sl.uk buis and the gr(*at welglvt, to-  i-etln'i* wilh the perpc'iidicuhii' drop  was such ns to pile IhfMi. up in n  v .t     di flic nl I   to   imagine  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Lntest Styles and Newest Patterns-.We do  A! J kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  V  TELEPHONE 53 '    V. O. Box 43.  >���������������������������>������������������������������������"���������������������������������������������  A   Great   Boot  for Prospectors  A   sei ions   ."undent   tm-k  place   hei e  on  Tiiesd.u     lust        L.ile   m  lln-  .iflei  t  noon       M.iii.n   U.i|>p.  who u.is  woik  i  inji    in    \o    8   Miiu     was    inn    ovoi  bv   sonii' i.us .mit ii.idU   i iiished.   lie  was (.un k-(| nt once     to ihe   hospital  when.-   upon   i'miiihii.ii nui     it \\<is  t  found     th.iL   Ins  hi-,id    w.is    seri.>u>!\  V  man named   .Tohn    Sollowaj', em  ploved    on       lhe      con'-t ruction       of  Ile.ip's*   new mill   at   Kuskin, It     V. ,  lost  Iii.s life f-Jtitiii'da.s   n*s the lesull  of  a   tci'iihle  fuU   of  ncaily   thlily    r'eel  .loin   a   .scaffold    Solloiviii      and  his  companion were woruing      on a **cnf-  Jold    at a height   oi   twenty-two   iee(  Hum tlie giound       While liftint*  sonic  hea\y   timbers    into   place   the     mi[>-  (���������d   Iho   oinmon    that   he   cxpi'cied   to  jHvt of the   sc afield   giue  way,    and  the   men,   tof-ethei     with     the      tim-  heis  ihej   wei-e      working     on.    weie  I)n-clpji ali'd    to   the   i>i*ound  ^������  Ask for _  . - They arc all leather, and  made to stand strenuous usage in mine or forest.  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Smith's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  -HAS  BEEN   REMOVED TO;  =First   Avenue- ���������  Uinler])J������Mai,flgrncnt  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKiriner  Proprietor,;      '     ;  Oommercial Mens', headaiai'ters.'  Modern and      Strictly First Clais.  Fire Proof  ' Building..'���������. .     :  W& AND 'PAPERHANGING.:  u --'.  Neatly and Artistically Done  S ROEpdfrits  Orders Promptly   Executed  H--   LADYSIW1W ���������:'.>Jj>*at-?M>tSff.  I TENDERS.  f TENDERS addressed to the undci-  fsigned at Ottaw[a and jn.irlcd on the  ^envelope "Tender for the consliucdon  rfof a Hydrog,iaphic Steel Twin tttca-  fmer," ' will be received up to tfiie  f22nd DAY OF MAY, IMI^XT, for  I'tlie construction of a Steel Twin J  rScrew, Steamer for Iho llydiogranhie  ^Service in British Columbia wnleis  Specifications, plans and forms of  [tender can be seen al the office' -of  the Agent of the Department of Miar-  *ina and Fisheries al Victoria., I'.. C .  tat  the Custom House  at Vancouver,  11,0., and   al the department here.  Each tender- must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque etjual to  10 per cent, of the whole "a*inount of  the lender," which will be forfeited  if the person sintliiig the accepted  tender declines to, enter into a con-  tiac-l   wilh   the  depailnienl -Cheques  womans' |NANAIMO   CITY   CQUNG1L-  SUFFRAGE  London,  May   21..���������list orted |>>   -JO  members   ol   parliament,   nearly   -100  . ,. .    woman   sufiiag'ists, , .���������cpresentiuj-    oi  aicoiiipanviiicr teirleis   whicn are not j   ' . *������ * .  sanitations   from   all   parts    ol     the  ���������a.u-ptcd will he lclmncd iminediale-  lv iiflei a decision has heen arrived  a I..  Newspapeis . copying this advei lise  iiKiil without, authority from'the de  p.ntini'iil -will not,  he  p., id.  F.   GOURDE A U,  Deputy Minister of Jtfam.e and Fish  ,eries  country, inti'i-* leued Premier Campbell JSdiiiH'i-niau ai the Foieigu Oi-  Jiee today and presenti-d then claims  that women be allowed to vote.  Only eight lnenibcrs of the numerous  deputation were it.!lowed to speak,  and i-aoh was limited to  utes  Celebration  $ I ,500 -     IN PRIZES        $ | ,500  Big Calithumpian Ptocsssio.i  live^ m..i-.(';,l,i,,������ Ma^  Jlut   m   the   aggi-cg-alt*    of  .J0*f3e  IVparlJiienl of Marine and'Fisheries   > minutes    the * Premier   heard    about!    m*->u*1  I all   theie  was  io  hear  in favor     'pi'      ai"  ���������  'female   sun rage. jWori  ....      i,       ��������� .   . ���������       ...  I    walls  llie   l'luiuicr   said   be  sympathized  Ottawa, 2Slh, March, lOOfi.  .1  with   the  ebject      of  tbe  deputation.  but asked his  visitois   to ly; patient  until the ������overnni<*nL became more  I united in favor of tbe extension ol  ��������� tho li'niu'hi**,! to women. I'ersonat-  j l,\ he beliuii'd lhat women were a1*  fwell   qualified    as   men   and   perhaps  bet lei, lo exercise the right to \oie  (and   in   his  opinion       tho deputation  had  iiindi* mil    a    <-i>n< lusn-e and  ir-  lefutitlib'  case.  Tbe --..-Aenteenih jiicoimg oi lhc  tbit*ty-s������eon<l council oi the Cuj  oi Nanaimo was lu-ld last night in  the couruil ihainber, wilh a full  board present, I\la\oi Planlu presiding.  'J he niinut.-s oi the pn;\ious ni-'oi-  ing weie ri'ud and on motion adopted.  There wi-ie no romiiiunir-ttions iv-  'ceive.d  'i'lie Munaj<>v.'s icport    for the we������*lc  J'.',   was as loliou*.  eneral      Work   uu hiding   ii.*-  ol   drinking     lnim-          ok rr,  on   si ieels     and      sid,������         Ifi  0o  Water       works     general      iv  pairs           10  00  NOT IF AS RICH.  AS ROCKEFELLER  If you had all ihe wealth ot Rocke-  Total   .. . .  (        $l'2(-   75  The  report   was i*eceived and tiled.  Aid.    JJick   moved,   seconded        hy  Kid    Uailow,  thai   thc    Local  Central    Jiiipiovement      bj-law   190(1    be  read    a  .second    tunc by  title.  Before tbe motion wu*. put lo  tbe mecHiiyi Aid. Modioli renmi-kr-tl  that according lu lfc clauso of the bylaw all sidewalks, macadam roads,  etc, that would hereafter be constructed, was to be half paid :or  by owners of the adjoin.ng propel ly.    , lie  <ltd   not   think that     this  oi      opening  feller, the Standard Oil magaate von ? ...      ���������,,  I,., ,4 4. f. . \*-*������s   right.     'ibe   i-ost  could not buy a better medicine   foi 3 ��������� , ,  i    ���������       i  ���������   .     .������.       ������.       ....   I ������P i-H  new   streets, < onstriictinu  bowel complain!.*; than Chamberlain's I , ���������    . ,     ,  4-,  ,        ,,,   , ,   ...      . ,, I new   .sidewalks     or   any   other      knul  Colic,   Cholera and   Dianhoea  Reiiie-1       - ,   ",,  ,._        ���������,. ��������� * ���������. .      ,      .     . .      I ol      iiiiproveinuiit     should   come   out  dy.     1 he     most eminent physician |  ���������������������������   ,���������4,   ��������� .. ,   .. I of  tlie e-enoral   revenue of the     city.  can not   prescribe a better prepara- y  CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL  'VANCOUVKR'CELTICS -VS.  NANAIMO. ' '  CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL  LADYSIMITH      VS.   NANAIMO.  Thursday, May 24th, 1906  lion for colic and diarrhoea, both  for children and adultsT The uniform success of this remedy, has  shown it to he superior to all olh-  eis. It never fails, and when reduced with . water and sweetened, is  pleasant to take/' Every family  .should-be supplied with it. Sold by  Ladysmith Pharmacy^  M. R. SIMPSON  \     SolIelUr.  EW  Money fo   Loon  st... taint  --   --   -- UOVSMI H  Excursion iatcs  ..   .-.- - -   ���������*.    r  Prottssioii.il ami-Amateur'and   Childicn's  Spoils  -   '        > from -all points.     TWO BANDS."    ' --  FIREWORKS DISPLAV  MAVOlCrLANTA, Chairman;   K. II.   BlRD^Trea^uieV,- mui  P."  '   .'     ' - NORRIS,  Secretary.'    '���������..-.'    x  GODSAVE THE KING  ^^BL^K'^-���������*BBE\ Nm9m9a^Wa%^ma\MwMUWaMUUMMWaMM^m^mmam^a^^^^   ��������� *  <H-*^1.*H^W^^  ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  Will be Delivered on Mondays,   Wednesdays.  ~_ Fiidays and SaLurdays  Order*,* must be iii by eleven  o'clock  o*i  day of  Delivuy,  Union  Brewing:  , Limited ; ;  NANAIMO    B. C. :  W.  SILL'R ~ ~~  ^ENEKAL JbXPRESS AND  ^    DELIVERY  WORK '."PROMPTLY  Dt -  Leave orders at the Abnotsford  DT.R.B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guarahteed, and at Teasti  able rates.  ��������� RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacltners Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS^  T^  /;'ETC,.-;  f\BN^.  W-  EXCELLENT  Train Service  SCTWKKN .,  CHICAGO, LONDON.  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  Ana the Principal nriatneMCentewof  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  A.LSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FAUS.  For Time Tablen.'etc.,- address  GEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant G cn'l, Passenger and Ticket Aeeht,  las U������M< ST.. CHICAGO, lit: ;  | The qjuestion of the si-wcrnge was  the same . He could not soe tiny  clause in tho by-law whereby a  man could lie made pay lus sliaii-.  who though, not adjacent to a sower'constructed, would iievijitittdfiss be1  benefitted there-by. Jlc was ol lhe  opinion  that  a   sewer   rental    would  4 1 *  furnish- al) the funds noct-ssary for  to,;construct a sewerage system. The  proposed new by-law was m his op-  inion nw������y* behind the times'. fie  therefore moved an amendment, that  this   by-law   be   rend    this   day,    six  nionths.   Thoie was      no  seconder   to      the  amendment,    nnd    \ld    Dick   i*ose to  hpeaU to the motion. lie had bio-  ught m the JLoeal Improvement It\-  law, wh cJi he considered one in' the  interests of the pdorer class Last  .s������.-ttf owr *13<������0 was spent on *.up-  iiosvd io h\i itupro\eineiit but.il was  work that would have to be done  oier ugain. .. Aid. Hodgson say*,  he woulfl have .v rental, or borrow  )������ome money for a sewe'rdg'e system  Ja that case there would be no sys-  vei������ whatever, but under the U'i'in.s  of iho new bylaw theie would be ������,  s,y*-tem. lor the man that wanted  *uy improvt'inent would have to pay.  ior it In th-.s w.i> at, the end ' ol  I en years- the lo'.wi wouhl have a  sewerage.  His plan, was for the owners or  pioperty to have ' linished paying  their improvement in say ten or  fifteen years, but the idea of Aid.  Hodgson'*, was an everlasting- affair, and a person would go on  paying leittal lorever.  Alii. Hodgson replying to ' i\ld.  llieJc-stated that lie did not say'he  would raise money on the geneia)  ifvenuo* of the city but on the  sewer rentals which tho Municipal  Clauses Act gave them power * to  levy'.  Aid. Xew ton said he had listened  with a great deal of interest to tho  discussion. ' The majority of tho  Aldermen know t'hat the revenue  mg everyone, the same opportunity,  rentals. Tlie reason why the ., bylaw was brought in was to(stop all  these communications* that came in  eiery council night in reference to  new drains, gnd. I hoy were certainly  needed. Theyproposed Improvement  bylaw was* a step in the right dir-  t'Ction and he saw no reason for a  siv months hoist. All the details  could lie discussed and thiashed out  in comin.ttce anil hi* saw no reason ior delay at this stage of the  proceedings.  The motion of Aid. Dick was ear-  i'ied after which tho JLocal Improvement General By-law was read a  second time bv title and passed  and will come up for; its  reading Monday night week-  Council   then adjourned.  OAMPEp  You can shake  down' aJ "SunshiDe"  furnace without getting  covered with ashes and dust���������has a  dust flue through which all the dust'  and_ ashes escape when you shake  down' the fire:  This heater is so easily regulated and operated,  '-   and   so  clean, that it makes the entire   household  bright and genial.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  LONDON,    TORONTO. / MONTREAL,    WINNIPEG,  8T.   JOHN.     HAMILTON.  VANCOUVER,  The Ladysmith Hardware Co,, Sole Agents  BASKTUUL.  third  WILL FIGHT LATE  WAR OVER AGAIN  Berlin,  Mar   21.���������Immediately alt- j which  was" written      at  the  cr. the  enil   of    thc   Husso-Japanese I of the    Russian, chie������ of  staff.   Gen.   til0  Pulizyn,      *M\   Jiashenow  National League  Pittsburg,    8,  Boston   0.  Philadelphia   1,   St.  Louis  n.  Cincinatti    4, Xew   York 0.  American League  Detroit 2,    Oosloti 1.  Cleveland   2,   Philadelphia   I  New York, Hay   21.���������Coming through  a " riying   Add    wilh   a   splendid  burst of speed" Tokaion,  owned     bj  J. W. Fuller   and  ridden   by Jiedell,  almost   a novice      in  the saddle won  th* Brooklyn  handicap    at      Grave-  sand today.     She coveied   the   mile  and a qiiaiter m 2 Uo  i   within-   J-.">  ol  a second  of the   lecord    for      the  race,    aud   in   ihe    sjamest  of    drive*.  nosed   out  the      sonthi-arled    Dande  I lion        in  the     run      through      the  request   .^p,,,,-, j-Wo -engt*lt behind   came  j_'ic..et     who     two years    ago  war, it was 'sa.id and genaially be-  lieied tha't the Kaiser hnd express  live to see another gigantic strugg  lo for the svpremaey in the Far  East   betweon   tho  two      empires.  This opinion ha*> now been eon-  finned in a most reinnikable book  on the situation!  in that part of   the  woi Id   bv    J'      P     lin-dieiiow, whb  i  im -probaldy   better   posted   on      this  snbieet    than   any   li-ing   num.       In  this   work,     which   is  doduntort       to  tlie   Russian   Z\Imister   of   win,        and  IT IS DANGEROUS  TO NKGT.KCT 4*v COLD  How often no we hear it remarked ''Its only a cold," and a few days  later  learn.-that the man  is on his  back with pneumonia.    This is of  such common" occurence, that a.cold,  however slight, should not be disregarded.    Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy counteracts any tendency    o  a cold to result in pneumonia,   an  lias gained its great oopularity   anr-  extensive sale by its  prompt  cured  of tlit. most   common  ailment.     It  always cures and is pleasant to take  I For sale by  lyadysraith Phainiaoy.  declares  'carried   his   colors    to    victory  at 25's while Dandelion  ored by a big play at  TVIorrylark    w'ho finished  was fav-  i's     and  fntii   cavri-  Gatacre St.  Ladysmith  flPEN 4AT LU.. HOURS  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  Victoria; b. c.  HILBEfJT  Synojisiy ot Canadian Hoinestoad  Regulations"  Any available Doiniiiiou Ijunls  .within the Railway; Belt in British  Columbia, may be homes leaded by  any pei sou who is the sole head ot  a family, or any male o\cr e ghtoen  >eais of age, to the extent of one-  quarter scctk of 100 acres, mote  or less.  lintry must h������ made peisoiully al  the local lantl oilico for tin* district  in  ulu'ch the land is situate,  The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans: '.-.-.-'���������.������������������  (i) At least six nionths' residence [Manufacturers of the Famous  upon and cultivation of tlie land    in -      -   - --���������  each year for three years.  ^;--aeai.,.>vairataSia;:  !,-,.  l.niti.:d ancient    ordfu oi-  DRUIDS     ;  Wellington Grove No.  -1 U.- A. 0.  j  Aleuts   in the  C '.)   O .K.  IL-iil,  I.-.  dysmith,    (ho   Seconcl   and  .   I-omih  H'ednesdays or eaeh month,,com���������.*.���������������������������  ir.g Wednesday.   18th..  1905.  Visiting Druids     arc invited t<   u  tend.  Ry Oniirr.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Swtv  PATRICK-BTIRK. N.  A  Dear Mother  Your little ones are a <  Fall  and Winter weather.     They will  catch cold.    Do you .know about Sniloh Y  S">_ .   -        .���������' ^>*        ������������������*���������������������������    NOTICF.  From      this , date  the undersigned  ���������will not be responsible for  any  indebtedness     incurred  except on      ������  ���������written ortier signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  V.  [.   EXPLORATION &  DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal LlalillHy.  Victoria. B. 0M M^ 18th, '^a  (2) If the father, (or inoUier, if the  father i.s deceased), of the homesteader; resides, upon a Iarm ��������������������������� the vicinity of the land entered for, the re-  (juircnu-nts as to residence may he  satisfied hy such person residing with  the father or mother.       _���������*....,  (3) It tlic settler has    his licnnan-  v������������������-.' i:���������ij ��������� 4 .    cut residence upon fanning land own-  Your little ones are a conitut care in      ,  ,      , .      .     ,.       . .   ..   ������ . . .   .     ,  Fall  and Winter, weather.     They will    wI   1^'   ���������-������������������" Hi  the Vicinity of his home  catch cold.   f3o you .know about Sniloh'������   stead,    the 'requirements as to   resi-  Consumption Cure, tKe Lung Tonic, and   (iCI10t; may  he    satisfied  by  residence  what it has done for so many ?    it is said ,,     ������������������.,   ,���������    ,  to be the only reliable remedy for all    "POU  the said land.  J" "' -���������     ���������   Six   monthe'   notice     in     wrifini-  should he given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of 'intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for i  anthracite.- Not more than 320  acres can be aCfqjuired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rale of tea cents per ton of 2,000  pounds shall be collected on the  c;ross output.  W.  W.   CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of Interior.  diseases of tlie air. passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  ir.ke. It is guaranteed to cure or ypur money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 3i+  vSHILOH  This remedy should be in every household.  DAY SCHOOL.  CUBAN BLOSSOM  None bit   Union Labor    Employed  (1, J. BOOTH, Prop  Usual subjects taught;.'also language0, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given In classes or individually,  MISS/BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B   V. I  LADYSMITH BAKERY  CHOICE CAKES AND PASTRY  ALWAYS FRESH ON HAND  Wedding    Cakes   '������Iadc   to  Order  1-RUITS   AMD    CANDIES OF  ALL  KINDS.    FRESH   BREAD  EVERY    DAY  Prices    arc     Very Reasonable.  "   All  (.'us to in ers are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE <k CO.  ON THE JSPLANADE.  11  [ LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.-  Rathhone Sisters, meets in"Uie Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and 4th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS. KATE TATE,  M. o! R. & C.  Leads Them    AH  IN QUALITY  R.P. RITHET, ;  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, .���������: :-: ���������-: .-: c-  ���������B.0.  point blank that it is his firm Iw-' the .same stfike ngnin.-st the _Migh.  .lief that* the peace of Portsmouth' ty Irish JLad and Hermis, and last  is to be considered as a mere arm-j of'all 'was Did hi thc winner of  istieo . only and lhat Russia will | the classic event a y.ar aKo Be  he implicated 'm another war iwith  Japau within five, or, at the most  six  yoa-'s  Bashenow's book is so much more  .worthy of notice as it is remember  ed that he, in f897, wrote u, sinu-  lai- book, also at the- request of the  cluei of th������* Russian staff, in which  he foretold the lucent war and also  predicted the defeat ������of the Russian  arms. At that time his book was  ridiculed ������*\ erywhere outside of Japan and General Kuropatkin, who  rend it, declared that it was to be  shelved in the archives of the war  department and not to bo allowed  to be  sold.  The responsibility of the second  Russo-Japanese war will rest on  Japan AL Bashenow says, because It  is the unchangeable intention of tin*  M-kado's government" to drive  Rtu-siatmck from the Pacific, coast  ah end which they tried to accomplish in the  i-erent war.  In the name ol the people- of Kus-  siii, M. Bashenow implores 'the jnm.  ister.' of war to ^prepare for t'he  coining* .inevitahW* rttrugigli? and  points out what he thinks should  be. done to insure the success of the  Russian arms. Two thirds of the  armies now in the Far. East, should  be kept there permanently ' tfuid  should be ready for war at awy  time, and the Russian governmerrU  Jiy colonizing the eastern parts of  Siberia make it possible to get n  largo    number, of   recruits   in the  immediat-e ueigtihoi'hood of the .places when* iho .great battles must.-.be  fought.  The construction af a second tratck  along the whole length of tho trans-  Siberian Rnilraod, and the Ussvii'i  Railra'pd should be pushed1 with all"  speed . possible, and the. Amur- railroad  should  be built" immediately.  The fortifications , at Vladivostok;  should-be made impregnable, and thc-  plaee made a .first class naval base,  and fortification.-: he built, along the',  whole frontier no matter how strong  the Japanese  mtght  protest.  A might Russian navy shouid be  built, not in the government yards,  but ifi������������������ foreign countries, pref-erable  in the -United States ov better stitt'.  Uy American, shipr*uilders at Vlmdivos  tok. .'  Forts for the defense of that city'1  should be built in a line reaching  from Cape Poworotny to Possiet  Bay and all the islands im the outlet of the Amur River -should' 'be  strongly fortified. \  I.s n Jockey Club lor the eient  made famous almost twenty jears  ago when Dr-, Itfonopole, Blue  Wing, and Tfidalgo flashed past lhc  judges. Had the picket been closer up, toda-s 's TJrooklyn would have  been a duplication ' of that neve'"  lo   be  lorgotten  battle.  '   OFFICERS ELECTED.  At a meeting of the B. C. Foot-  ball"'Associationheld in ICew Westminster on  Saturdav  night   last  the  ���������*  following   olfcers   were    elected      h*>-  the ensuing year:  Honorary President���������-A. T. Uow-  ard,   Victoria  President, B -F. Armstrong, Vancouver.  ���������   Vice President���������T. F. Mahony, A'ew  \Ve*������tmim.te<*    -  Socretary-Trcasurei*���������A. C. Stew-  ���������������������,   Vancouver.  '   Williiim   Sherring  uho   won   tlie  recent  the      Canadian  Marathon   uue  tween the   first   and the Uis*t   it wa*> at   Athens  ai rived  nt   Ke\i   York   on  as evenlv a bahmced  field     ot   thor-   Saturdav onroute   lo  lus   home      in  i  oughbreds   as ever faced    the     stari   Hamilton.  ei* in a great   evemt.      Tokaion was _^^ ()   HARD   WORK   FOR  HARVARD  ed ihe Talents money at 3's  Half a do/en other*, were backed  for thousand', and Tokaion herself though her price varied little  was not by any means disregarded  RoseboTi, the Johnson sprinte-*  was a factor in the race, for he  took the lead in th.- fust half nnd  earned the otheis at a Terufi  clip the lull mile wlih Dandelion  over at his side.; When ::Rosebens  bolt was shot,. the-.'Hamburg colt,  gam-- ns his mighty sire, but lack  uig 'that brilliant turn of speed  'sa-mo up on, the. inner rail- and it  ,seemed as though "the race was  his Then Tokaion with swinging stride that made Tammanj the  greatest oi racers m his ilny  brought- up the hue m fionl and  pushed -her nose agamst the leaders with hers.: Full half a furlong  their heads', rose Mind . fell-'- to-gether.  nnd tlion''inch by itiidi lhe litile  mare drew up nnd closed' lhe space  between them.- A hound or two  from the 'wire she shiwed front,  and they crossed tir-.e a i<>am driv-'  i?n   I og'el her.  Doubtless I here .were ',000 persons ��������� within the .. a I cm of Craw-  sand when the trumpet sounded  for the Brooklyn nnd the classic,  event was never rim on a finer!  day.     Fair skies   favored  the Brook-.  Harisn.il is to seni! two crews to  the Amcncan lienloy on the l-schml-  kill at Philadelphia on Mav 2(.,l*ays  the Kew York liienuiig Sun The  second \ai*.iti crew will iow in  tne lace foi second varsity cic\vsnn,l  vlit* witininy, cl.iss otew will 1/j ontci-  ed in the nice foi class ciews. 'lhc  two ciews., with one substitute each  will leave  Boston on  IMsiv  2-1  Insist year Har\.ii,d sent a \ai������ity  lour-oat to Philadelphia with the  lKShman ciieiv, which won tlic ndei  class l.ice*. Tflic intent in sendun;  rhe second ciew this year is |o pie-  seivi*. it intact Ioi 1-he \s\isity ucv  to row against aflei tike tiice "���������"��������� Hi  CVirnell. Such action will poslpoia'  the selection of the varsity loui-n.ii,  hut not let aid its devclopmuil .u  it will be selected from the secniul  cijew, which' has lyeen in good ,-*lui|';!  all season. . ���������   '   :.  The Il-ar'viiird and Cornel!��������� cr.ew mau  o-gements have completed ari".i|,it,*tv:  hients for the varsity "crew race on  the -Charles-, on May 25. The race  will start at 2 o'clock and will lie  rowed down river dViei: the 1; mile  course, from the Longiwood (bridge to  the. Union Boat .Gh-lli house'. A grand  stand -with a seating capacity of 500  will !l;e ...biuill. near t<hc finisli line,  fiom Otter to Berkley streets, tuoiig  the river Wall. >���������      '.'    ''  : Attention Is called to 'be    Tact that tha  Oglfvie Flour flills Co   .Limited,  isnaiiers  of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR.     haveSfor. some^lmi  -- past heen producing flo������r in a   vastly  improved and p*rifl  "  rorra  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  .and  having secured control  of   all the basic patents relating there-  foo, take this opportunity of a  dvising  the puhlic that ���������������������������any uiisuith-  ;������*riS4ed users of the clectrloal    flour purlfyinj processes  will he, pro-  :i������ec������-ted. "      '  Ogiivie Flour Mills Compnoy Limited  ������,re tbe only millers iu Canada whose   Flour is  p-ts-rified by the Electric Process ;. ���������������������������������::/.  'Al'^-.c:  ���������Tl  THE D.-ULV LEDGER  ���������suss.-,  V '1-'  That's AH  -4      4-    *     NOTICE.  /���������-   -   . J       T  , ' Mrs. A.' L. Haskins, will sell Ice  Cream from 6 to 8 every evening.  Victoria Road, about one mile out.  Local Items  G. T. P. CONSTRUCTION  BEATS SETTING HENS  '*.  Mr. J.' McLennan is reported as.  wearing' a 'very broad smile ' to-day.  It is,-a boy.  A collier is expected in at the end  of thj|S week for a cargo of coal foi  San Francisco.  Parker Willi^ns, M.l\, and fannly  liave moved into his new residence  on , his i>ro{*erty ..elow Uienlon's  Crossing.  An incubator with g, capacity of  15,000 eggs, the largest in ihe world  out the .greatest contract for rail- |--**s i1*^ heen completed by u ' New  way construction ever entered into in York state man. It is 102 loot  Hie Dominion of Panada-by any in- lonS a-*'* -our and a naif feet '''���������.,  dividual. divided  into 100  ronip,irtiii2'iis. _   It  There was a steady stream ,of w������llld r&quu'e an expenditure if . oni  callers all evidently on business in *5*000 *������ $,'.(J0������ to m the inculntnr  tenl, from keen.laced cngmeeis and with eggs of , the common ���������ai-i-iy  well-.groomod, prosperous look.i, ll' does the work of 1<)0������ ������������������*���������������������������-> *'*>-v'*  wholesale merchants t0 the men with n8inS 35 e--s to the ne,,) u: !' 5  the lough -giarh, weather-beaten and fche capacity of one hen sit'i* g con-  sinewy hands 0f tlie western railwai *>uintly for 10 years,  builder. ' Karlici  than any  known paint ing,,  There was a     restrained    forceful-   some tapestry discoveied recently at  Z3������S2SS&&&*2.  ES"  ness in Mr. McAi.thur's manner as if  he realized tht* iminensily of the  task he was enleiing upon m his  bnef answers, his quiet lefeicice of  individuals  to  one  oi   other  of     his  Deir-el-Bahari, near Thebes, i������ among the oldest specimens of human  art extant, with the exception of  the i*relnstcric drawings on the Jj^nss  of extinct animals  by  the river di ill  r Mr. A. Muchmore, of the American Type Foundry, passed thiough  lo Nanaimo today. Mr. Muchmore  expects to !>e in Ladysmith to-morrow on business.  slafl or the (quiet contained     in.mm-r i *������������������*������������������*  wlucb,  of course   an* co.npaia-  1���������   which he  touched  upon ea������!wlMc<-   ���������<*Y     **"���������       ' ut,   ^,e paintings  tion oi  indiMdual that,ucceedcdeaiH   * c������,Tsni,      ������������' rcr.w lin   *hich       he  other in  the multitude  <1 wo.k,,.,-   ^ <->    f ��������� l"   ��������� lU f  '"������ *���������   ������  ,     .           ,     t,   ,,.         .,���������. ,,,..,   ..,     null I ecu Hi  <M nasty, 'and  coii.sn)i\ueiitly  lnnmarv   to   stalling     Uie ������n'.it   ���������������������������*-,,    ,   ,,     ,'     ,  .. -nr*    ������������������...���������      -**������������������,-���������  ., .late hack about .1,:������00    yeais.��������� rien  tional railway.   o   Messi-o. Howe, Pannoll  &  I'ljsW-lt,  fiiid Williamson    giw    notice  -today  In all Widths, 4x4, 5x4,  6x4,8x4-12 Doz, Different  Patterns to choose from, at  tlie Popular Price cf  'IX per R  'toneer M% tfoiks  j1st. Avenue. Lat.jsiR'th, B. C.  j If. I Mil Prop.  |     M.XNUFACTURKR  OF  | Carbon.-ifed Beverages.  | (linger   lleer  I Fruit Syrups |  Uox   248 I  P.   O.  t  ,.������..c..������.  Yoik  Herald.  * A Chinaman woi king at the log-  ��������� ging 'camp below  town,   was     v-ame  severely cut on Sunday evening  ! with an axe. He is under the doctor's, care at present.  -, .������..���������  1 j t  ..rj'U*<*nc'gooseberrie!* an.l iresh t0ina-  "toes- at Ulan  !&-   Anam.  that  on    Thui.sda.y  nex't,' May  (heir shops   will  be closed.  Uh  .^Miss-Mary J one), and othei     suiull  Mhool girls are practicing hard for  -.thegraces  which are to  be held    by  'ihc! school on Empire Day. The  .children are all. taking an- active  ^interest in  the    programme    for  lo-  morrW/  Minard's Liniment cuies hums, etc  ROANOKE  The Herald  says'  Koanoke,   (hat   sl<u\    or   old Vir-  gui'.i   111   (he  .l;i.\.s  ol    thi\.ilr.\ and  romance   was   given   last   night ai  ���������-' Mr.' Haliiday, who is at pieseut  in the employ oi the Ladysmith  Luuvber Company, has received won!  /-that^he .has been appointed to the  officer..pi:* Indian     Agent  at     Aleit  / ***Y"> antl "expects to leave Lad) -  smith "for   Uie  scene  of  his  new du-  7lies    about  the first of  June.     Mi.  . Geo.,*.,Wilson will likely fill the vacancy, "  with    the    lumbei   coinpan;  %caused'Jhy Mr.-Haliiday's resignation  <o  well  satisfied  ?      Celebrate the 24tli with a pair  ot  'our Tan Shoes.,    Blair-t Adam.  , A large 'assortment of Tan Boots  and?Shoes, also light t0ot\vear to  choose from ^fSunon Leiser &. ('o.,  Limited.^  . TENDERS wili be received by tJie  umlersigoed up till 5 p.m., oa Mon  day, 28������h .May, ^lOOfi, for clearing a  portion of Third iAvenue, opposite lluj  public, school. Particulars can be had  from the iRtfod Foreman.  The lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted. *  JOHN  STEWART,  "      ' C.M.C.  MiOarci's Liniment cures I^uidruff.  V  I  GLASS   GLOBES   t  When you want a Glass globe  "see .that   you get the    globe  with the rubber ring- on    it,  as it is the only   kind    that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the uibjljer ring  cannot , keep   out water, you  caB    see that    by  examining  them.      The artificial    flower  that  is put  into  the     globes  with the rubber rings, is guar  anteed to be the best, and   if  you    want  a globe   with    a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X.  Jones, agent for  H������NRY    aCREW.  The only    place you can   get  .Them.'  Sole  Agent in B.C.   for    the  French   Wreath  Co., of   London,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd: & Milton St.  .    NANAIMO B.C.  the Opera   Ifousu  audience  Miss.   Heist.'  .ib   Roanoke        lV\fon,  u.'is   most   sal islaclorv        Sin*      was  for   a   time   (he   blind   ftirl \unl  Dinah   thc   old  black  hei turn-  captured the g-allery the fn*.t -.all and  had  the  nuilrcnce       in   uynipalb*)   in   pro  tecting- Jier youiig.slci*'-      llaiiy    Peyton us  lukeji   l.j   t'arroll   Cai isle  ua.s  natural  and   -.veil   eai i led   throughout  iho play.     Sadie ilcyiiold-? and   Erra  Sholwell   re������.i.'i\od   thc   propei   content  of thc    crowd   ior   then-     well   ������������������mict-  ed  characters   as  cold   ln'in led,    cruel  women.     Col.    Tom  Bailey   is a  11 no  southern  gentleman      and  so  he  was.  made  to  appear    bj     J.  Slorton. The  man  ol  the play was   Uichaul  Scott  as K/okial -Worse,   t'lio iiuirileroiib old  Sliser,   he   wa.s   perleet.      The      jius-  sious,   fear, .anc,er,   avarieo   and    seli-  fishness   was   wondc-rlully     portrayed  by IUr    Seott.      Toiug'ht   a    crowded  house   bhoulil   jiioxe       to   llie     ujm-  |ian\   ami   to   lhe  inanag-einenl      thai  giM-n   good   talent,   t lu;  pe<i[ile  ui   \.i  nauno       will   furnish   good   ixuiiit'iices  "A  P'ool s  Paradise"   will   be     g'i\cn  It   is  a   bright   spatkling   J'tiue    cuin-  edy,   that   will .aniuse   o���������  NOTIC10.  1", 'Wong Ching kee, have purchased  the business, tools and fixtuius of  Chung Kee's shoe making establishment, Ladysmith, and that all persons having any claims against the  said Lhun^ Kee, must come and make  that claim tQ nie on or before thc  first day of June, 1900, and lhat 'I  will not (be responsible for any claims  or delfts of thc said Chin"-.- Kee aftei  Die  f'n.S't  day   of������June,   l������0C.  fSiirnpd, " \VON(l  CUING K'F.iO  Ladysmith, 22nd Mav,  190G.  liDYSMITH OPERA HOUSE  D. Nicholson, Manager  Hats  1' wo  Nights  Com m e n c i n g  Mai, Ity 281;  Morris Conipany  in the I Great Eastern Successes  LaigiJ Variety���������All Sizes-  Exceplioiial Values  1.10 Jl  mmnmnanfa������immtmmm*" *'n t iw>Mtruw.i������"fc^.i i j.ljl 'i.i^j^oj.  Walter* &  Akeohead  ������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������  ��������� ���������  % Coal     Oil   Ei'glies   Z  ���������  ���������  A.  ���������  ���������  ���������  A  A  A  A  t  A  A  A  A  i  A  A  A  ��������� For Lu-i-Vci.t-s, l-ishlnjr Boats. V.tc.  Stationery  Engines  '    for all Power Purpose--  r-S:.t*j:!.-, Eoiiomlcal. Reliable  Ahsolulely no danger,  lo Electric Sparkers or Batteries  to i;el  out of order.  Writ.' u< Jor Particulars   ',i  Holiday Season#%  i  Rochussen & Collis  7 Yates St. Victoria. B. C  Machinery Agents.  ���������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ���������������������������������������������  We show a large assortment of Dainty Novelties  in up to date BLOUSE WEAR- a-so a large stock  of -UJ :   and  r  r:riday.Niglit-*--  und   enlerlain  Saturday Night  t  ���������������  A UANGI-; OF���������  .   Up-to-date Suiting  now on sale at ���������  TAISANG  &CO.  lafi Gov't St., Victoiia,  11.  C.  LADIES' and GENT'S  St) Iish  Clothing  .  ���������     " MADE TO .PRDER  iVorli-inansliip   Guiaiaiile-ed.     Box  0-17  - rop.-  .Te-nnis, Qocds  Lacrosss. Sticks  -ANB-  Base Ball Out.fi ts   WRITK������������������  J. BARNSUYa CO,  VKTORIA, B. C.  *mi  s  Attractive Styles-Economical Prices  S1M<K lELSER&CO Ltd  mmwttiimmtm mmmnmm wmm  r  ^  r  Owing to |iiet-24th. of May being a Holiday-   this Store wHl be Closed   T h e-   E nt i r e    t) u y  1 A, HI)WE  Plione-2-o  m  '%}:,  ME\T   MARK-iT  3  3  3  3  m  3  - FOR^SALE  Twelve   head   of   cows (and Milk  .onte.    Apply 1'. O. Box 99.  ITUCr.K  .        25c, Hl������c, nnd .i0c  Children 15c.  IMinai'd's  Liniment  for sale   cveey-  WllCl 8.   4 ���������  AT THE TKA  TABLE.  Bolflj-y���������Is   God  everywhere*'  Mother   (patiently)���������Yes,   l.ohby.  Boubyi-'Is he  in the teapot'? j ������  Mother   (emharr.issed)���������Why  ���������why, '  yes.  I.ol*i'.y���������Js he in the sugar howl'  Mother     (leantotally)���������������������������"!i es!   1   told-  you (iod was everywhere.  Bobby   (triumphantly    placing . "lus  hand 01 er the top of the siigaiLowl)  ���������Hurrah!     i'\e  got  him.��������� Woman's  Home Companion.  New arn.������il ot Holiday Go ids, m-  eludiiiR Ladies' Lace Ties, Belts and  allractue stile of t'ollais, -d Simon Leiser & Co ,  Ltd.  f  Qet Your  NOT I CIS. - - .  1, the nuclei signed Jane McMillan,  adininistinti i.v of .lohn llu������.h McMillan, deceased, heiehy give notice  that 1 intend ut the next sitting of  the Board ol License Commissioners  lor I lie. distuct of South Naniiimo,  to he hokleu at Ladysmith on the  15th day uf June, l!H)li, to make application Lo that honoiablc hody Toi  a transiei of the hotel licenses to  sell intoxicating liijuois uudeL the  pioMsions of lhc. Statutes on that.  behalf, in the premises Known and  descul.ed as the Tunnel Hotel at  .Extension, British Columbia, Iioin  the said .Khn -Hugh McMillan to  Ale-vandei   J    McMillan.  JANE MoMILLAN',  Administratri*  of John Hush McMillan.  Granite and Maib-e Works  * r ' *      J     ' f  'Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest ��������� prices consistent  wuli fust- class stock and  workmanship. Write for  catalogue. __  ,   A.   STEWA'RT,  M8 Yates St. Victoria B.C  ^ jUiUJttJMJHJttiUittJUitt iiiiUiiimium^iaiiiuuiiUUii s?  r  iwmv&zm&MLii^isaE".'~  r    FOR SALE  Eggs from Pura Bred Stock  All Birds Trap Nssfeo  No Inferior Layers Kept"  Barieil, BuiT ami White Rocks  \W1if-3 U'yandottes, While and Rrown  Leghoins.  $1 Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. STEWART,  Bov 268 Ladysmith, B.C.    ,  Sporting Goods  , c.* ', '   ^     ������������������ ������������������  Jiwt atrived-^tlie best line of-  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  '    '        i.      ., - . '' -   ,  ' \:  i  Bats, Gloves, Etc.  I LADYSMlfH HARDWAWE COMPANY LIHITED  HE UNDERSTOOD.  '���������Willie,'' said an lnteiestin." young  mother to her first/horn, "dq you  laiow" what, tlie difference is -nct-veen  body and soul? The soul, my child,  is what you Jen e with, the body carries you about. ."ais is your body"  touching the little fellow('s shoulder,  "but there is something .deeper in.  Von can feel it now. What is it?"  , "Oh, I know," sard Willie, with a  flash of intelligence in his eyes;  "that's uiiy flannel shirt!" ��������� Lippin-  cott's Magazine.  I  Minard's  (������ia.  Liniment  relieves   neural.  ^ 3 more Days 'til! the  2 4 t h.    of   May  NOW IS THE TfME TO MAKE Y~  The NEWEST PATTERNS ������nd COLORS In���������-   ' String, flow and Derby lies-New Shirts-Up-to-date Hats in Felt and  Stfaw-Balbriggan Underwear-Fancy Sox-Walkover Siioes-JJ, 4Co's  Tan Shoes- Beits-Armlets-Handkerchiefs-Etc. and ali other necessities  /Our store will Keep Open until 9-30 this Evening  AT  Minn en mi  Largest Assortment  in Town  Smolic l.li-  I'. Cigais  l!  RAY MON D&  SONS  ���������Dealers  in���������  r^iuie,   Plasler  l'aiis,    Hrick,  Pire Bricii and  Vancouier island cement.  3  Pandora .St.   Victoria 13 V.  ms2������&&  rii$z5mm&^^&5^^^z^mvi  BARGAINS IN WATCHES  Wc have marked   in Plain Figures the Prices of  our���������  Walthani, Elgin and other American Watches     -  J\ a Great Reduction -Call and sec them  B. FORGiMHER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSHITH  :hr?^rPazv<mrn";rY'*ummu him ifumi i'i'iiiii hh������Thih"T"T~i    irrrrii        "     "  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ^������������������^���������������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������������">*>^v-*->^  i  '.. A  Owiugn to the 24th of May being a Holiday���������  This Store will be Closed  the Entire Day  BLAIR   <&  ADAM  jiwww-w^^  PANNELL and PLASKBTT  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  I have just received a sliijnuent of  Hills'  High Grade  LMH.ISH TOBACCOS  .   ,and  CSG4RtlIF&  at Uie   DRUG  STORE  mm&mi'  ^^MV^W'^M^yM^A^M^^M^^^^MN^^^A^V^AA^^^A NAAAA^  n  >.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������4'  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  N'0\v,.i*s Spriiifr ck'siiiiiii; tinia.  Coat  vour walls with  Church's Afabastine  Will not 'nib' off.    A perfeet and sanitary wall coating, sold in  50���������& 25c. Packages  Also fj.'ilnl; your wootjivorlc    with  ^Pyramid Brand1'  of I'ainli*.    The best in   the ni.irl.-et,  only  $1.75 Per Gallon  We also carry a  large line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,     Brushes,     Window Glass,  PlOOih and Picture Mouldings, etc.  Try a gallon of out  Granite   Floor Finish  to   preserve   your  Linileums.     Bring  your pictures to  he framed  to  H. KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  THE FENCING GIRL  FOR  33 White Swan Soap Wrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  THE FENCING G 1RL    :A number of others  to choose from  llie Bfitisk (olsmbw Soap Works. Victoria 6. C  I   r.S.-���������W* will mail yon free iiic  of  four Premium  Lis-  \  jists on  a.!1!'''*-'*1*'10''-  ^/yvwvy^^w***** <��������������������� a^^^^^^^^^aaa^^aa^a^^^^^  ������wA^<  W.G. Eraser  Merchant Tailor  )      .   '     FIRST  A VENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your]  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  Plumbing; anil Tinsmi  ������������������������������������������������������������. 4 >*���������*-*������������������������������������*������������������*-*'*���������*'������������������*:*������������������������������������.������������������������������������ t-*-  PONE AT *  Reasonable PricesV \  J. ANDJER^ON  Leave orders  at t-aterson's   Furn  ture Store, or teleplione Isfo''5.V.   '  Dr. Dier can  he lou������d at any tini  at his office onOatacre st. Ills   de*1  tal   work  is; gi a ran teed  to be flrsi  j  class and rates r������asonahlft .,���������!    Try a Pro\-ljice Cigar  FOR THE NICEST'  Ice   Cream  Milk Shakes, Soft Drinks  Candies, Fruits- Tobacco  C igars, etc.      ,  CALX ON ���������  W. L- CARTER,  FIRST   AVENUE  Parlors for Privatu Parties.  ���������������������������f 4 *-���������-���������-+������������������ 4 ������������������-������������������������������������> * ���������*��������� ** *-���������-������������������ -*-4 4 4'  -.-.'; 4a  :1  Jl


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