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The Daily Ledger May 20, 1905

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 1  -til  ������������������**/;...-. ;.."������  *r?r  /  '''^--'f'-'''.^  * DUNCANS &  LADSYHITH  T  -H*������-*-H-i it; ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� -1- i>.l< fr^-H-H-H* -M-l-H-K-H-  3 Daily  VOL. 2,  I LADYSMITH      ������  i       & DUNCANS I  SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1905  THE MR ARSON CASR HAVE BEEN DEFRAUDING  TAXPAYERS  6?  Had the | Frightened Wife  No | :cmtiiited Suicide  She Would Now be  Very  Happy at Her Husband's  Acquittal  Frisco  Collector and  His  SEbordinates; Conduct  Gigantic Swindle  RALPH SMITH, M. P., j$  AT HOME  W.  It will be recalled that thc wife of  .<��������� druggist at Ymir recently committed suicide    by drowning, being haIf  crazed,by thc disgrace of having her  husband arrested for arson.   The case  , aroused much sympathy at thc time.  ���������J he following description of the wind  i-'g  up of the trial is interesting.   It  is    given   under     dale of May 19th  from Nelson. | ��������� '  The trial of druggist T. H. Atkinson, of Ymir, at the.assizes here for  arson came to a sensational ending  at six o'clock this evening. At the  conclusion of the crown ease the accused entered the witness box to tell  Their Scheme is Now Un  covered and the Authorities are Investigating  Gives Sometfews of Gener  al Interest to 7his  Section  He Will Return to Ottawa  Soon���������Mr. Mclnnes Willfl  Likely be Governor  T TO lOlfEHSjTHE TEAMSTERS   ARE  Of RACING  PRICE    FIVE CENTS  Making   Changes   in the (Nearly all the Points That  the Employers are Demanding in Chicago  'Ralph Smith M.P., i.s slinking  hands with .his numerous: frieiu... at  home.   Mrs.   Smith  arrived  pects  the session   will not last  San Franeiscq,  Cal, May 20.���������The  Chronicle     today says:       A scheme  which has  been  in operation  in   the       ��������� *-���������   -----������������������.-������  ���������������������������  lax collector's office for, many month some days ahead, and  has     just', been uncovered  by  which    main in Nanaimo  nearly   .a million and a half ilollais  worth of property has been secured  for little more than $100,000.     The  victims are',the city tax payers, who  are charged, in some instances, it appears     wrongly,  with delinquencies.  The profits have gone to a ring    of  tax scalpers  who  were assisted     in  every possible way hy thc alleged de-.    -     ���������-  *..v ���������������������������������������������*���������  faulting tax collector Smith and his {Western     members  subordinates  Rules of all Racing  Associations  No more|Prlvate Book Mak.  ing but Everyone Will be  Allowed to Guess  New  York,  May  20.���������One of  tho  Only one Thing Prevents  the Strike Being De-  clared "Off  Chicago,     Ills.  WILL SOONBE DIRECT  TO VANCOUVER  The Charmer Will Most Likely  Up Daily in Ladysmith  Tie  And  in  home    New York state has  been'conducted  will likely re-   under the .present law has just ih(ron  as Mr...Smith ex-   taken.    Every  racing association  in  .  very   the state has announced thc absolute  much    longer.      Many reports  have    severance of all business relations di-  been going  the rounds about "     Mr.   redly or indirectly with -the Metro-  Smith resigning from Dominion poli-(politan Turf Association' and all other- organizations of individual book-  making,   Hereafter rwhile'there may  be layers of odds and a betting ring,  as of old, it, will absolutely without  ldstriciion, tree ot admission to any   :0���������,     ,uo., May 20. ���������On the  most important steps since racing in  shoulders of the managers of the ex-  New  York state has  been'rniwIm-.nH ....  press companies,  resident in      New  tics to enter the Provincial field.. At  Vancouver lie is reported to have said  he had never given  thc  idea a  thought.   He stated  that Mr.  Mclnnes     has the united support of thc  for the appoint  ,.     , --,, in  ofnce-    K������wdslIave|menta8Ctovernoro^i;l,e"Yuko^,!inrt^^T  f"*?*8111*  one ' ticket known  his story,     when the foreman of the  beon  Manipulated   to keep  the  truth I thought  th.  ,.u������Ll   "I   ,    ,0I1> amI Ito  Lhc track  York,   rests   the  possible  settlement  of thc teamsters' strike in  Chicago.  |    After  anight spent  in  conference,  thc members of the Employers'  Association and the executive  committee of the International Brotherhood  of Teamsters  reached an  agreement  upon all points except  the reinstating of thc drivers of express compan-  When these men ��������� went out they  the   Evening of Same  Day WiU Visit Nanaimo  The long-looked for and direct con-  tween the two Island cities will be  nection with Vancouver will soon be  res.  jury interrupted  to state that if the  - evidence of thc crown was all in the  jury would not " require any further  evidence.   Atkinson     then     gave his  story,   and the   defending .council declined to   address  the jury.    Aftjr a  few words from     the court a verdict  s of Not Guilty was given by thc Jury  without Iea\ ing    their seats    .���������������-������     f-  kinson wa.s   honorably discharged  i y  the court. ,  ,  from coming out, and many poor peo  pic have had thc title to their homes  placed in jeopardy without so much  as knowing that a shortage is charged against them. A thorough investigation- will be made at once in the  matter to develop if possible tlie extent to which, these irregularities  have been carried on  but   the  as  thought  the  chanoas  good  grven if the plans now generally understood as correct ar������ carried out  hy the C.P.R.  curtailed.  The steamboat  service  will likely  be re-arranged to suit this,  and    in  As was predicted by I this way a double service will be pro-  The Ledger some months ago,  there [vidod from  the Mainland to Vancouver Island, thus making by train and  GOTCH  IS   AGAIN  DEFEATED  BV  JENKINS.  New York, May 19.���������Tom Jenkins,  of Cleveland,  iu a catch-as-catch-can  wrestling match at Madison Gardens  ,      tonight won the /first, fall from Frank  Gotch  in one hour  and  il  minutes,  " and 35 seconds.   Gotch won the second  bout with a strangle hold  in  36  minutes    and .   33' seconds.    Jenkins  , won the third bout and match in 11  minutes and ten seconds.  When   Tom   Jenkins  of ^Cleveland,  and  Frank Gotch,  of Humboldt,  Io-  * ��������� war'met for  their third and 'deciding  catch-as-catch-can_ match ���������at Madison  Square Garden tonight, they went at  each other in dog fashion, each worrying the other to the limit without  transgressing tho rules.   Jenkins was  the heavier of tlic two by at least  ten  pounds,   but despite  this  advantage,   he  was  forced  to assume  the  defensive almost from the start.   At  intervals   Jcnkjns  attempted   to   get  the upper berth, but Gotch was  too  slippery,   and   finally   got  Jenkins almost'    constantly on  the defensive.  Gotch  being  thc younger man,   was  the more strenuous and-hc frequently  put  Jenkins  in1 tough  positions,  but whether he tried arm locks, further arm holds, half and inuarter nelsons,  Jenkins  thrsw  them off,     and i  finally, gaining a neck hold with     ~a '  half crotch,      Jenkins   threw  Gotch  easily, the */owaian  seemingly  weakening  under the strain.  From the moment thc men met  there was not a moment of idleness.  Each watched the other closely, and  the first  to fall was  Jenkins.       He  NAN GOES  -���������   ��������� ~ ..ON THE STAGE  New York,    a,ay i���������._Nan Patter.  ���������son returned to New York last night  "Ad prated     eloquently while in' her  cell at the tombs prison.  She began her chastened existence  by visiting i��������� aiI automobile with a  merry     party sevcra,   Broad rss  taurants. ��������� Nan entered the city as  secretely as possible. She arrived in  Jersey City on. the Congressional  Limited over the Pennsylvania road  at 8.1*5     p. m.   i-ier arriva, at that  hour was a direct . - contradiction "of  travellers not workable, if not ultra  vires.  "It is not believed," said Mr.  Smith, "that tlie intention of Mr'.  Hill to run tlie Great Northern from  Jshe interior of the Province as a feeder for the cities on the Pacific coast-  in  Washington  state,   but  that    the  detours  south  of the  line arc only  made  because  of  topographical  difficulties."  In connection with his introduction  of tlie Bill for the purchase of thc E.  & N  '     "  Five  thousand dollars receiv-  for extra  tickets  according  to  pre-  ed  yesterday  from   the Bookmakers  vailing ^customs,  has  been returned  to them.  would ever again be employed by the  express  companies.    Last  night,  at-  will be a daily steamer to Ladysmith and very likely one to Nanaimo also. The.present plans indicate  that the Charmer will leave Varicorr-  ver    early in  the morning,  connect  TO ENFORCE,  FISHING ACT   _. (    St. John, Nfld., May 20.���������The Colby the C.P.R., Mr. Smith stat-   oniar government, has chartered   the  ed that when a measure of this kind i whaler  Neptune;   and   commissioned  is  brought before Parliament,     the   hcras a temporary  cruiser to     en-  member of the constituency is asked   force  the  Provisions "of  the  foreign  ter extended conferences between the wiUl a fast train "atr Ladysmith for  two sides of the strike, the follow- Victoria, returning at once to Vailing terms were announced by the cm- c������uver and sailinS aSain for Nana1'  plovcrs' association,   and  with     tlie mo  m the afternoon    returning     +���������������  exception of that relating to the ex-  Vancouver in the evening    This will  press  drivers,   was  accepted by    the|g������ve a most satisfactory service and  would enable Mainland people to  spend about four hours in Victoria  and return home the same day. The  her declaration to her counsel, Daniel, 0;ReiIly, who had been conversing  with her-in'- Washington over a.long  distance telephone, that she would  remain there for several days. Nan's  chaperone* was her sister, Mr.^ Har  riet. C. Lowell, who had writter  in letters taken from  tten  .   Mrs. Morgan's  trunk  in      Cindinatti,   "For   God's  sake keep   Morgan away    from New  York."  When she  to present it. That was how he introduced it, though, he N after ward  moved an amendment which made  quite an alteration.  Mr. Smith also sjoke at some  length of the actions of Mr. Morse,  of the Grand Trunk Pacific, and  stated that they were strongly condemned by his fellow officials. lie  has hopes that- a satisfactory- 'inclusion will be arrived at regarding  beginning work on the Pacific luminal  fishing vessels .act against American  fishermen. There were' fifteen whalers cruising around"the coast, and it  is expected that --inability of the Americans to distinigmisfa^which is the  Neptune will render them more liable to capture. ' V  -.,    the  teamsters:  That the     teamsters ehould recognize the integrity and pernancy   of  the Employe   rs Teaming  Company,  which  is  to  employ  non-union  men  and remain pledged  to the policy of  the open shop.  That  the drivers for express companies abide by the declaration     of  as  ed  by the C.P.R., is looked on  almost certain to obtain:  The transfer of the E. & N. line  Lo thc ,C.P.R. will take place within  a few days.    It is expected that all  Wre companies  for the  forfeiture    of I will  be settled shortly after     June  their positions  when they struck.       |lst, and the formal transfer will then  steamer a full double service     from  Uie  Island  to  the mainland.    In order to do this efficiently the Charmer  will  possibly be put on to connect  with  the trains at Ladysmith     and  Nanaimo.   The  Joan  will  be  transferred   from  tlie  Nanaimo-Vancouver  run and put on the Island and Co-  mox route.  This  will  displace  the steamer City  of  Nanaimo,  now  on  the  route  among    the Islands.    It is  believed  that this vessel may be utilized     in  connection    with the trade between  and  followi���������Lreport, while not authoriz-1 Victoria and Xew Westminster  Fraser river points.  On Vancouver Island along the  route of the E. & N., the C.P.R. is  contemiplatting the addition of attractions which will make the Island  Sir Frederick Borden, minister of  Manitoba, will be at the coast in  July and will arrange regarding the  establishment of the Es/qfiimalt defensive post. A million and a quarter has been placed in the estimates  for this purpose.  Mr. Smith is looking well. He will  only make a short stay, returning in  entered the   vehicle and   time for the opening of the session.  driven     to thc    Twenty-third   IIis raanF:frien(,s  and her sister stepped  from'the train they crossed the elevated tracks which took them to a  street where an automobile was waiting. They  were  street ferry. On landing in Manhat  tan the automobile. was whirled to  Broadway and up the thoroughfare.  It is with Hurtig arid Seaman and  other theatrical agents that Nan  Patterson has signed conteacts containing most unusual stipulations.  They are in the nature of pledges for  her good behavior for one year.  She agreed over her own signature  not to drink any intoxicating liquors  WEDDING EN-  TF^TAINMENT  How the People of Berlin  Will Celebrate the Nuptials of Crown Prince  be  and supporters-wilL  very glad to see him in Ladysmith during his visit home. They  now point  with satisfaction to    the  <fact that the Dominion wharf is Van.. -^ bride, an,d her fam-ly arriye here  accomplished fact,  and  not,  as  was ;.-     Schweriri ail(i take ,up their res  during the late campaign stated, the''  4.������������������-������   ������...<���������  Berlin, May 20.���������Thci|e-iitertainment.*-i  in celebration of the wedding of the  Crown Prince Frederick William and  the Duchess  Cecilia of Mecklenterg,  Schewerin,  will last  four  days,  beginning Sunday,  June;--Un,....the day.  went to the mat, but was not shoul  . c       . .... ,,   ,    .  .       , ,     ... ,    ., lor cafes where     liiiuor is sold during  dcrs down, and with an adroit move-   41. .   , . " b  iderice in the Bellvue Palace. ���������>. The  Duchess,will be.received at the Bran-,  denbuirg .gate by the Chief Burgomaster and the city .fathers, and by one  ,, v -    ,   hundred young women, who will pre  fer a year,    not to visit any saloons | race^'herriast -'-*--"  amc.toi'-pacecl |sent flowers-to their future Empress  snare for catching votes.  ���������    . ���������       ��������� ���������-.-'.  Birmingham, Ala., May 20.���������Bobby Walthour defealcd Jimmy Moran,  of  Chelsea,   M"-'-    ������������������-   ----'���������----  R  lh  I     ment,  turned Gotch over with a further arm  push.    The Clcvlander wiggled out of a bad position, which included   a half nelson  and  a strenuous  leg hold,, only to go hack on the de-..  fensive again when, with ajq|*iick turn  Jenkins got     iii his famous; grotch  work,  and  with  a neck  hold  brought  ��������� the''body to'a reverse position,    and  shoved   the shoulders   of   the   lowain  to  the mat.  In   tlie second  bout for nearly  16  minutes     Gotch  was the aggressor,  holding     and breaking,  and Jenkins  was   visibly  at  a disadvantage,   but  he kept on gamely, getting out     of  the positions that might have meant  disaster.   Gotch .never let up for     a  moment in .tries and'kept hammering  away  at   the stomach of his  adversary so as   Lo bring" about a "lack of  wind."    He succeeded  in  doing  this,  and  then  went  to  smother  Jenkins  with a neck, and crotch hold, combined.  After a rest of 15 minutes the  men got together again, and indulged in a rough aiul tumble match  resulted in v. Jenkins being forced  through the ropes on a leg and  *- neck hold comb-lncd. The referee sent  the men   to  the centre of the mat,  this period, and'never .again to ap  pear "upon the public streets without  a ehanerone.  These    unusual     restrictions    were  placed in the .contract with the former Floradora girl because of the experience Harry Seaman had with her  on the night Nan Patterson was liberated    from, the     Tombs.   Mr. Seaman is willing to help Nan Patterson  huh he does    not wish to; present her  as an attractian     at the Hurtig and  Seaman theatres unless she is subject  to control.     She is, according to the  terms    of   thc     contract, to receive  $2,000 from    Hurtig    &  Seaman for  her first week, and     the recompense  thereafter* is to depend upon the success of her     week's success.   It was  agreed  that Harriet  H.  Lowell,  sister of Nan    Patterson, would be acceptable as chaperone.  hPit������ ~f c   -     ���������?ight'   wi,,ninS-'    two (The girls will be dressed in   Gretch-  of Walthour's machine jumped      the ���������  ���������iwWr Jltr  aS I,e.crossed-l'Ke.line j right  the  Burchess  postmen and dc-  a winner.   He was not injured. |putatioiis from  other trades and oc  cupations,  according  to  the custom.  down their.(backs.   Behind the; Crown  the ;Prince and his"bride will ride. ' by  That all desirable non-union men  should be retained and no discrimination shall be practiced against the  union men in filling in the vacancies,  save that men who have been.,guilty  of lawlessness during the strike shall  not be employed.  These terms were conveyed  to  the  members of the teamsters' executive  .committee at an early hour      this  morning.  A .vigorous protest was made  against the attitude of the express  companies, and the teamsters proposed that 20 per cent, of the express  drivers should be taken back, the  managers of the companies��������� to pick  the men. The express companies .absolutely refused to accept the modified proposal, declaring ...that they  would'not-recede ..from their position',  that not one of their drivers who  .struck without-a grievance of his,  own, should ever be re-employed.  The teamsters' executive . committee, after receiving and deliberating  over this reply, at two o'clock in'  the morning declared that the strike  would not be called off unless something was done for the ex-drivers.  The managers of the companies said,  that they would do nothing beyond  referring the matter to the general  managers of their respective com.  panics for a filial reply. It was decided hy the teamsters to await this  reply before taking any action, and  the settlement of the strike or its  continuance was held in  abeyance.  take place.     Under the arrangements  the line passes entirely into the control of thc C.P.R.   It will be part  of the C.P.R.  system,  James  Duns-  a resort for pleasure-seek-.-rs and  tourists. There will probably be  built at some of tlie more pictures-  que*points summer hotels, which will  be run in conjunction with the big  mm.' Pv<.r���������������n��������� ,.     .4 .hotel of this city.   The companv will  ^&T������^������^������ tl-e iprobably  seek  a suitabl,  beach"   for  one  time proposed ' I?'?,1"?    PUrpt?C8/I     Which  may  ta  The CPH   ],,������    r.4        . ,4-    ,eached  conveniently  from the   edil-  nite  ann'���������,���������n  has,not4made ^ **������-  way, and establish, a resort where ci-  iZtZlTTlTl Wlt'h.rC,SPeCt     *������  tizens of Victoria and tourists may  M at policy will be pursued when the  spend a few weeks. 7  road passes to it.   Tlie -question     of     Tho P p r   ,v- r-^���������i      r      4.     ^  schedules is under consideration now! Ltlr^s ^ ^.J* % ������ h^  omcia s of t^ CPOrtfd  thal  thVC<'S and *��������������������� scel^s- a* well  ollicial   ol the company have in con-  an industrial  centre  temptation a double train service to | will  and from    Nanaimo.    The time be-  ���������both.  as  and everything  be done to afford facilities   for  New. York and brought back to Chi- jThose cl-osen to form the cavalcade  cago and confronted by several al-"i are "ow '" traininS ������a.t riding school.  leged wives. During the trial expert j T,le'Emperor has commanded that  ���������testimony was offered by the state the eatlance to ���������the ci*y, which will  that-Hoeh'had. poisoned'the woman b������ Uie only Public celebration, shall'  by administering     arsenic.   The vcr-   be ���������simpIc>  arKi-  if  Possible,   beauti-  GENERAL ENGAGEMENT  ^JSIMMINENT  News that the Forces of Oyama  and Linevitch Have Clashed is  Hourly Expected  (Associated Press Despatches.)  Gunshu Pass, May 20.-(108  miles  Lieung  Ching,  where General Mato-  this  SCHOOLTEACHER  WHO  WAS A HEROINE.  dietswas reached in less than half an  hour.  "Well  I-IOCn FOUND  GUILTY,  SENTENCED TO DEATH  Chicago, May 10. ��������� Johann Hoch,  who by his own ponfession is a poly-  gamist, and who is charged by the  police with having married at least  '1(5; women in the last 15 years, today was     found guilty   by a jury of  where  both   resumed   their  positions   i ���������������������������������ri-e-'---g the next to his last wife,  1 *     .  T. T ....... ...... ...  Marie Wclcher 1-1 och and the death  sentence recommended by the jury in  Judge Kerslen's court.  TToch had been married to Mrs.  Welchcr only a short time when she  suddenly    became     ill  and  died.   He  li but Gotch  wa.s  the  ('uicl-er  to  take  . advantage,  and  he  forced   Jenkins to  the     mat.    A   qliick  turn   from   the  Cleveland     man   reversed   positions.  'For a time it IcoV'ed as if Gotch had  l> the call.    Jenkins  recovered  his feet  and went at, his man with bold holds j ���������hcn formed an alliance with -the sis-  h finally throwing Gotch with a double ;ter of t,le dea** woman, and securing  I* j-elsoJi. I the sister's money fled from Chicago.  k He   was found     two weeks later in  ���������i ���������  j  i  A  I     guess    it's all off with  John" groaned Hoch, as  the verdict  was read    in court.   He was greatly  affected.   He had    sat in  a stooping  position,    but    when thc word "guilty"* was read he turned pale,, stared  hopelessly    at tlie     jurors, and  then  sank limp in his     chair.   Hoch's attorneys  will     ask for another trial,  although the condemned man 'declared  he was ready to die and would   Le  better sat.'sfied   if they did not make  an offort to save him. '  "I wish they     would hang me tonight, now   that they .have found me  guilty,1' declared     Hoch.   "I am not  afraid to     die, and    thc sooner it is  over the hotter." '  Hoch expressed surprise at the finding of the jury, and declared the jurors did not take time to consider the  evidence.  "The    evidence was all circumstantial,"   he said,     "and    my life was  guessed away.1'  Hoch said ho     preferred the death  penalty    to life     imprisonment.   He  whistled a    lively air as he returned  to his cell,  ful.     The three-quarters.-of a mile of  I U'litcr  den Linden,  from  the Braden-  l.burg gate  to  the  palace  where   the  Emperor     and Empress  will  await  the     Duchess  Cecilia,  will  be hung  with  garlands  and  roses.    Artificial  ones will naturally be the only sort  used, as they will have to stand four  days'      exposure.    Eigh'ty   thousand  garlands  have  been   ordered.    Seats  and     windows along  the Unter den  Linden  have   been   selling   for   $5,150  for the former and $125 for thc latter.   Except in  the numerous   court  equipages  and uniforms,   which   will  be seen in the streets and the Princess  going and  coming from  Evesy  Hotel,  there will not .be anything for  the public  lo see,  as   the  festivities  , will be private and only members of  royal   families,   ambassadors   and     a  few other important persons and gov-,  eminent   officials  will   take  part    in  them. The chapel of the palace where  the wedding will take place onlyhold,  about  three 'hundred  there will  be a scr  3dral on Sunday and a dinner-  Helena, Mont., May,20.���������In thc lit-  tlo mining ,camp of Rimini, near here  i Ida MeRon,  a teacher of  the Rimini  ! district  school,  is  a heroine  today.  The plucky  teacher saved  the camp  from destruction by fire through her  coolness   and   nerve.    The   residents  of  the  camp say she can  have anything  she   wants  in  Rimini.      Some  persons  believe Miss Mellon a worthy  candidate for a Carnegie menial  and  may take steps to present the  -la-sm.  The fire started  while school   was  ���������in progress and while the men      of  Rimini   were engaged  in   the  minesv  The first intimation the school had  of trouble was the presence of great  quantities of smoke.    The little ones  immediately  became frightened.  Miss  Mellon,   acting with  great  coolness,  immediately  dismissed  school.  Then, instead of fainting, she set  herself to work to meet the danger  which threatened the town. The  structures,^ ��������� and had the fire in  frame structures, and had the fire in  the school-house gained headway the  whole camp  would  north of Tie Pass, Manchuria)���������   A  general      engagement    is   imminent.  Field   Marshal  Oyama   is   deploying  [heavy  forces  against  General  Line-  vitche's left and is contracting     his  troops along the centre, but his hasi*  is opposite the Russian right. II is  not yet clear which wing is making  demonstrations and which will deliver the main blow. It is evident that  Linevitch intends to accept a decis- ,  I ive battle.  WAR OFFICE CONFIRMS  ABOVE  REPORT.  St.  Petersburg,  May  20.���������Thc  war-  office confirms  the report from Gun-1 of the Liao river.   Japanese artillery  shu Pass, Manchuria, that Field Mar |and infantry  disputed  the  attacking  shal Oyama'is on the eve of taking !cavalry,  them.  the  general  offensive,   and   no  doubt  is     entertained    here  that  General  Linevitch  will  accept  battle  in    his  present  position.  The general staff believes  Oyama's  ���������defence  was 'jprecipitated   by        the  doubt regarding the issue of the naval  battle between Admirals  Rojestvensky and. Togo.  LAND BATTLE IS EXPECTED SHORTLY.  New York, May 20.���������A Tokio despatch to the Times says:   The   news  riloff  commands.    A  battle in  region is expected soon.  THE RUSSIANS  ARE  AGAIN DISPERSED.  Tokio,   May  20.���������It. was announced  this   evening   from   the  headquarters  of  (he   Japanese armies  in the  field  .thai   three  Russian  columns  of mix-  ed   forces  a Ivanced  southward     May  JSth to  the  vicinity  of the railroad.  The     Japanese engaged them     and  drove  the  Russians northward.   Simultaneously five hundred Russian cavalry attacked  a .Japanese field hospital  at  Kangping,   on  the right  bank  of the Liao river.  ntry  disp  inflicting   heavy   loss   upon  ���������FRENCH ARE WATCHING  THEIR   COAST.  Saigon, May 20.���������Admiral de Jon-  qniares, the French naval commander, sailed from here today on the  cruiser Guichen. ,His destination was  not announced, but it is understood  he is going to make another inspection of the coast to see if French  neutrality is  being infringed.  PLANS OF THE BRITISH  ADMIRALTY.  m  ,T ���������    ,       -   ��������� il:lvp SO'1?-    Miss from Manchuria  indicates   the  immi  iuenons first step was to marshal'a rience of a battle.     The Russians oc-,  "enn���������4C7  .br,ga(le-    Th0  liU1P  ones cupy aline  42  miles  in  length  M>m'    Glasgow,  May 20.-The British ad-  k.   persons,       ^t ^TZflin^lTJflil ^  *"  Cn������HS' ^nh������.CMflS  to Hsi"Dosin  via     Su   miralty has invited engineering firms  T. ^ ^ P^-^r^TS SSe Svfpo^ ^Senet  ^ * ^  ^ *" ������"     ~  at  t,,,     T - - struction  of  turbine  machinery     in-  ihe  Japanese are advancing in   tended  for one of the new battle-  which the Ilohetizollern and MccWen-' fj^' ..Alt,,oUKh a few moments  be-  ctl.  berg  Schwcrin  families   and   the vis- I <���������������.,,���������.���������  ���������������������������,.    ,   ���������,.      ,r ,,  qo-trcl ��������������������� --.un^ta,. |cho���������.   ThL ������������S, po^on iS at H.iSL"      "* C������g",0S to'Ci������" ^  vic    i , '������������������������������������  alu*  P������<ire  town    three columns from Kai'Yuan   Chinu-   oi,;,,..  +     .     ,   ...   .     JL  ">>- j seemed efcomed, Miss Mellon and the   iV Fn* -,���������* P���������i..���������m-    Ji    ������'.. g   sh'ps  to  be  blult m  the government  fifty or sixty, to be present.  rse power.  *������������������,*,  ^SiiS  ]mmmm  Wmm tmammm^mmtii  ���������esse  masssssssL  THE DARY LEOGER  htiblisned   every day except Sunday.  BY       THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and  Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  BO cents   a  month;    $5  per  year    in  advance.    Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  SATl'RDAV,  .U.W LO,  11)05.  J. Tno  .  Me.ssis.  A. Song  5 Souk .  PART  I.  Address     Cliaiim.ui.  1. Churns   . ...Crusaders ... Glee Club  2. Song .:....Oj)Cn the Gate .   D. Lew-    i*,.  Pair  Flora Decks  Hellis,  Roheils  &.  Thomas  ...Maul of Alliens 'D. *Uob-      erts  Deep, Dee]) Down    Henry  Hughes  0.  Instrumental     Duet ...  Echoes  (By BIa>)    Mi.s*-cs E. and M.  Pannell  7. Duet ���������      .Excelsior .   ..  Messrs D.    Roheils ic J. 'Ihomas  S.    Selection      Band.  PART- II.  J.  Glee  . .. The  Little  Church     Glee Club  2. Instrumental Duet, violin & piano  Piano     Misses V. & K. Hun tor  Sofig    Homeward   ...   T.   Levis  Song  Selected..... Mrs. Thomp-      sou.  Cornell, Solo      J.   Whitcom.i  Song  Muiu     J.  Evans  T.  Solo  and chirus   When  Long  Lost Peace  D.   Roheils iz.    Glee  31ub  8. Selection      Band.  GOD SAVl-4 THE KING.  Mr. Hugh Fulton will act, as chairman.  Accompanist, Miss Coburn, Conductor,  Mr. J. Thomas.  DAILY LEDGER _  amammmmm^mammmaammmaammmaammammwmaWHmammmmmaf^mim  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons gir-  en in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  ladysmith, B. C.  isquimalt  & Nanaimo taifw  %  ���������cv-Moaj  3^3*  ���������o���������  Via the peoples' favorite  NO. 686, P..  LADYSMITH AERIE  O. E.     :���������:       :���������:        :���������:        ������������������J  Meets iu the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday ������t 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President, B   Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C. H. Rummings.  ���������    ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ II  ������������������   Plans,  Specifications and De-   ������������������ I  ������������������   tails     furnish** for all kinds   ������������������ ������|  ������������������    nf nnrk in the CARPENTER     ���������*  ���������-i.  ���������1.  o.  C.  DRIVING     A    BARGAIN  Fifty years ago money as a medi  iuni of exchange was scarce among  New Hampshire farmers, and at the  village store the proceeds of the farm  were' Taken in exchange for necessary  dry goods and groceries. The trading concluded, the .storekeeper was  "sixptcted to oIut the customer a glass  of New England ' rum and molasses.  Some two miles from thc village  lived one Samuel Cross who was a  veiy old man. Mr.C ross, who was  -well-to-do, and close-fisted, took life  \ciy~ Feriuiisly, and was absolutely  without a sense of humor. One day  hc came to the store bearing an egg,  for which he' do-si red 'a darning needle  The purchase liming been made Mr.  Cross lingered. and at length said:  "Jim, I'\c coivc msh two miles for  that needle, a trade's a trade, ain't  you going to ireel." "Certainly, returned the storek coper, "a,s \ou say,  a (rade's a trade," and the rum ami  mclisse.*.  were set   forth  accordingly.  Mr. .Cross poured ou1 a sullieienl  tiuantily of each, held Jiis glass to  -lhe li^-ht, examined it with care and  set it. down with th? remark that an  csrs*; would impiove it "An egg it is,  1hen," said lhe storekeeper, "Here  i.s the ono you brought in, take  lhat." Thc egg was broken into the  gia**s. It, had two yolks. "Well, I'll  be darned, cx-'laimPd'.Mr. Cross deject.dly, "now my- wife says that a  double yo'll.-rd eye; is worth two common eggs for cooking, taint no better  for drink,ng. I dunno if it's so good.'  You can u-ll better about that  after you have  Public Notice'  Attention is called to the      fact that thc  Ogiivie Flour Hills Co,,. Limited,  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEII  OLD    FLOUR,     have for some time  past been producing flour in a   vastly   improved  and  purified   form  by  the aid of      ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control  of   all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of advising   the  public   that any  unauthorized users of the electrical   dour  purifying  processes   will be prosecuted.  dvsmith Hardware Co.  _   _   _   ���������   ���������    AGENTS.      ���������   ���������   ���������   ���������  I he store-keeper.        "1 guess that is   ���������*" ���������������' J-  B* '">">"���������  so,'- said Mr.      Cross,  "  but  if  I've; GEORGE  IIANNAY  goi  to  drink a double-yolked egg  I'd'    Ladysmith, B. C, 13th May, 1905.  ought to ha-c     a mite of milk to go ;    with   'it."   There     was no    milk at1 a~  hi'ifd, however,   .and Mr. tress, much1    The new  harbei  at Winston's shav-  ileiire.s.scd,   mixed   his   medicine   with   ing emporium,   High  street,  is  said  water.    The  draught failed   to cheer,   (o be a very 'clever man with thc ra-  much less lo inebriate, and the store-   zor-a  trial  will  convince.  ! co^.er,    thinking     that    hi*,  distress . WJ>na.jVJK.t, ������-...-..-������,,.������- ���������     ������������������< <  iiiinht.  be     r.hvsical,   advised a little  J   ������ '   \,    , '    ���������.,,���������      "Uo\n'    L'ental  work will lie promptly   and  mere     rum and    less water.        l-cip  io rself,  Mr.  Cross," said thc sto.e-   ������iru-i.y looked after at Dr.  R.     B.  CM-.er    "No,"   said  Mr.   Cross)  vit-   Dicr's oflice, on High Street,   where  tuo..s y!  "that ain't my kind,  I  only   1:0 may he found at any tune.  w.-iit    what is     fair, but  I do want | . .   of work ia the CARPENTER  ������������������   Line **  ������������������   C.  B.  ROBELEE,  Carpenter ������������������  ������������������   and Joiner,     2nd *ve, Lady- ������������������  ������������������   smith, B.  C. **  J i I ������������������     New Managmen  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woodbank  'j  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Commercial Mens' headquarters.  Fire Proof    Building.  tlu.t. That egg had a double yolk  and by good rights I'd ought to have  anoilur darning needle."  WOMAN    STANDS    TO SLEEP.  For twenty je-ars Mary Dickinson,  a t,er>tnit in Uie^faniily of Mis. B.  il. Smoat, of Cle\eland, Ohio, has  --.L,.t at night leaning against a wall  while standing on her feet. Her case  h..s j. st come to the knowledge of  I...- lojal physicians and has. created  m ch interest. Mrs. Dickenson is 71)  -.Curs old, a small woman but exceed-  in, ly -strong and wiry for one of her  U'. is. f-he informed the physicians  lhat for more than fifty years she  w.s addieled  to the use of morphine.  "Its this way," Mic said, "when I  took morphine r had lhe most dreadful dreams. I just couldn't stand it,  a-id so I stalled to sleep in a chair.  That was better, but thc dreams si ill  erne and so I started to sleep standing up. Then I ha.l no bad dreams,  and I've 'kept it up ever since. I  couldn't sleep in bed now if 1 wank-.l  to."���������Philadelphia I'rcss.  I  PATENTS'  DESIGNS  JRASE-MMiKS  AND COPYRIGHTS  0STAINED  ��������� ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  > Notice in ".Inventive Age "    .  ��������� Book "How toobtain. Patents" \_   ' Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured. \.  * Letters strictly confidential.   Address,       ,  E. G. SIGGEBS. Patent Lawyer, Washington, O.C. ,  +.  *    ^^^-*^*-*--*-asi***-*--****   *W A A A^t������A������i'  OBTAINED ���������---  FREE  TRANSFER OF LICENSE  Notice is hereby given that at the  next sitting of the licensing Court  to be held at Ladysmith, I intend to  make application for a transfer, of  the retail liquor license now. held by  ine for the premises known as the Pilot Hotel, situate on Lot 0, block  fried it," suggested" W2G   !.adysm.it!i,    B:     C,   from   my-  PEERCY lM CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria, B. C.  Manufaciurers of the Celebrate*  iRONCLAD BRAND  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS. ETC.  PAIMTINC],   PAPE!<     HANGING  45TC.  Work done properly and  at    right  prices.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  HUMMING- BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith, B.C.  The City Market  ;   R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,     Ladysmith  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Ratee $1 25 ai.d $1.50���������  r-e bu? to ail tteamboat laudiuge ar--.  rai'W^v ''���������'*. ���������>'-������������������    Electric care every liv  minute-.  '.<��������� -11 parte pi   the ci>y.    Bs  and lubir niitxeelkd.  F. BAYNES, Propiielor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, O.  Overlands  Daily  2  Passengers can leave Victoria daily i  at 8 p. m. or 11 p. m... j  TICKETS SOLD TO ALL POINTS  Shortest     route to    Fcinie, U. C,  and ALL KOOTKNAY POINTS.  For rates,     folders,     sleeping car  reservations a"*' ������������������������! information call  on or address  R. CJ. YHKKKS,     13- R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A.,      '       79 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  HAY 24th, 25th, 26th and 37th.  CIRAND  MILITARY PAQEANT  AN D   SHAM     BATTLE;      CHAMPION  SHIP     LACROSSE  AND  LEAGUE BASEBALL      GAMES,   VENETIAN  WATER  CARNIVAL  ;   FIREMENS' TOURNAMENT   .AND   REGATTA';  GRAND PYROTECHNIC DISPLAY  Fare from    Ladysmith to Victoria and return only ?1.50._  Children under 1 2 years of age 75 Cents.  Vic'ets good from Wednesday, May 2-lth., lo Sunday, May,28th.  A special train leaves Victoria for Nanaimo at 10.30 p. in., May 21th.  ��������� GEO. L. COURTNEY.'  Traffic  Manager.  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellnia'n, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot . and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-mod*lled. Rates J2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone, 1���������4.  BARBER    SHOP AND BATH ROOMS  The  ESPLANADE    between the  Grand and Abbottsford,  Wiixiam Powers, Prop.  F.ncB Young  BARRISTOR aiid  SOLICITOR  NANAIMO, LADYSA11FH  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to order   a  s  speciality.  THOflAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.   ^  ���������xK'&Ki&N;  I     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  .Smelting Wofks at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  ���������     i  %  ft'  |  1  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  General Manager.  THOS. KIDDIE.  Smelter Manager.  ���������ffe������ Jrf* ^K^^'^9i^9i^^^Ki^^:ii^.K^^ik9i^������i^9iikK^9i'ki ������i^Pi^K^9  w  SILER.  c  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  TV  . Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  ^r-~ T-?t-~-7-������p.  ��������� -     - -     ������������������ -���������     ������������������!���������������������������- -e-TF  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PA8I0RS  HIGH STREET.  .������������������:���������: Lest in the City :���������:������������������i  RATES *2 oo PER DAY  SA������Ti?r,3 ROOMS  BAR SUri'WKD WITH I)R*T  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  HILBERT  Shou  and  residence in  rear  of Ladysmith  Hotel.   ^  J. E. SMITH, Prop.  HENRYS NLlRSfRfS  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown Sc  Imported  GARDEN/FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free. ���������  3010  Westminster  Road, Vancouver.  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Best accomodation ia town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  X���������X������X������X������X������X������X9X*X������X*X9X*X������X������X������X������X������X������X������X*X������X������  X  I*  ���������TICKET  Cor.  Government  Victoria, B. C-  i-L  JFFICE  and  Yates St"*.,  )  Trains  Transcontinenta1  Trains,, Daily  x  m  X  m  X  ���������  X  X  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  ��������� *  x  |PHONE 66  *A\*M������X****������X������XaX������X**������*a ���������.*.** -  LADYSMITH f  x  ���������^���������;k*X������X9X9X*X**:9  Ogiivie   Hour   Mills  Company      Xa2mtG(*j  are tlio only mill������rs in  Canada whoso Flonr     i  purified by the electric process.  i gy*^^?gf^--^^^  This   Hotel  has  hem completely  renovated.  Board and Lodging $1.00 *.  HOT EL PRETOR1  JOHN   THA,   Proprietor  Wines,  Those new desigr.s_in WALL PA-  PFAl are going fast. Come in and  s..c 111 un.  .KROM'IS CENTS TO 51.00  ll.e have just received a large shipment of tlic famous llcliroso Liquid  Paints, the best on the Market, at  ������1.75 per gallon, 70 shades and colors to choose from.  Cf..1I and sec our picture, frames.  I'ict-.re  framing executed  promptly.  Paintii.g -ukI ��������� Pa* erhanging done at  reasonable rates.  Are You  Going East  The������ be sure your tickets read   via  the  L  HARRY KAY  iiar   Supplied  with  thc  nest-  Liquors and Cigars.  1st Avenue :-:  :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  %*r  eat Market  eo. Roberts, X    A!  Prop  Healers In   Pianos and  rgans ...  The only line now making UNION  ! DEPOT    connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  'through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST TRAINS,   THE  LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME..  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  151 Yesler Way, Seattle.  One of which _is the famous. "North  Coast Limited/' Ride on it" always.'  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through tickets issued to all paints Eust and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and berths, reserved.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Parle Cheap rates from all points  Easti from March 1st to Maty16th,.  Steamship tickets on sale to all  Europeun points. Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin accommodation  reserved by wire.  For further particulars call at the  off- or phone No. 450.  A. D' CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A., N.P.,        General Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  THEJONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Goocr Table, Good Bed and Good Bai  (Half Block from Depot.)  HIGH STREET, LADYSMIT.H  Ladysmith, B. C.  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  JOTICE is hereby given that at  the  ext sitting of  the  Licensing Court  be held at Ladysmith, I intend vo  pply for a transfer* of  the retail  liquor license     now held by   me     for  the       premises        known      as     the  Central     Hotel,      situate  on Lot   1,  Block 2t), Ladysmith, B.C., from my-  elf to  David  II.  Davies  and      Irom  the sa.'d   Central   to  the  New   AYest-  rn Hotel,   situate' on  Lot  5,  Block  8.  Ladysmith,  B.   C.  FRANK   BARDESONO.  Ladysmit/h, B.  C, May 2nd, 1905.  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDLiICK   AND  LADY SitflTH-Shingles  a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     cf���������  Rou^h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  sasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring      and   Finishing    Lumber   In    Stock.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  fB. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under   .. 3 cents                      ."���������'.   i  Over $5 and riot exceeding $10 .. 6 cents                             ���������  j  '������    $10        "              "           $30...... 10 cents  ������������    $30        "             "           $50 .. 15 cents  Thest* Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C. nada of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at tlie principal banking: points) 11 the United Sstat������8.  HEGOTIAHLK AT A FIXED RATI! A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC* , LONDON, ENG.  Thcy form an excellent method of rcniittin   small sums of inouejr  with safety and at small  ;<>st.  LAD'-TOTI! BRANCH  W.  A.  CORNWALL.  Manager.  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with  BLAIR &  ADAM.  All work first-class at THE CHRY  STAL,  VICTORIA.  I  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably 'furnished and the bar Is up-to-  date. Rates $1.00 a day and! upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :���������: J���������: Lftdysmith  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON-THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OP ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED   AND  FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER LOAF  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  ��������� ii i��������� ������������������ .wii 111.   .������ n ������������������   ��������� wi ii  CU-DA-MOL  HAY. GRAIN AhO  ASM PRODUt  Orders 'will he delivered .anywhere  in the city promptly- and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on the  Esplanade*.  JAS. WARNOCK. DAILY LEDGER  $*������������������������������������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������*���������*������+++������+  ������������������������������������*  e--T^'*anm-������l'4^fM^   There is No Necessity  el sending away for anything    you may require ia  Hardware or Garden Tools  We cam supply y#nr wants in all  seasonable  goods such as! Hces,  Spades, Shovels, Rakes, Law* Mowers, Poultry netting, Etc.'  t i <  Prices Always Right  PITT & PETERSON,  Duncan,    B. C,  Jzbtii^alem  /iotel  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES FOlc COWICHAN  LAKE MONDAY,  WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.     MOUNT.  SICKER DAILY.  PRICE BROS.,  Proprietors.  DUNCAN  ESTABLISHED 1878  and QUAniCHAN  W. P.JAYNES  ���������Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American Cveam   Separator Co , Grant Powder Co.,  ami B. G. Pottery Company.  Also Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home drown Products.  Keast's Livery S  Freighting Stables  -H. Keast* Proprietor  ������������������������������������  Stage leaves Mount Sicker at   7 a.m.,     returning, leaves   Duncan  at 12:30 p.m., daily, exeept     Sundays.     (Specials at short notice.)  X- X   DUNCAN,   IL   C.   X   X  Quamichan Hotel  ���������o���������  Headquarters   for  Tourists and Com  mercial Men  ���������o���������  BOATS ON SOMEN0S LAKE.  Splendid Fishing, Telcpliqne connection.  FRANK CONRUYT, Prop.  Duncans Station.  AN EASTER OPENING  FAIR'S  MILLliF STORE  Dredging iu the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A Iree miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  j a lerru of twenty years, renewable in  j thc discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  J   The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, entries' for bar  diggings or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan  River,   where  the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each ' five aiiles,  but where a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease        one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient.   Rental,  $10   -per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2������ per  cent,  collected on the output after it   exceeds $10,000.  Di edging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty ycars, also renewable.  The l������ssec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  lstday of August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  I such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in. thc Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  eagth, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked, bj^ two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking a  claim must hald a free miner's o-jrti-  ficate. i  The discoverer.of a new mine is en-'  titled . to   a claim  BANK HOLIDAY  STAMPEDE FOR  DRINK  The magistrates of Glasgow, Scotland,    were foolish enough 'to try to  prevent  (he     citizens taking a T'\vee  drappie"  on      Easter Monday.   That  the men of Bonnie Scotland are  <*-0-  uig to drink whan they feel inclined  in spite of tlie    efforts of tlie dispensers of justice,     is shown hy the following copied  from a London paper.  "An     expeirment in total prohibition made     by tlie     magistrates  of'  Glasgow has had very unexpected and  unpleasant results.  Under the new Scottish Licensing  Act they are empowered to choose  three days in the year for the  dosing 0f public j10US(,s Easter  Monday was accordingly chosen as  one of the prohibition days, and was  the first on which the new system  has had a trial.  Within thc    bounds    of the citv no  liquor was procurable and there "was  a stampede of thousands by rail and  tramways    to        neighboring   places  where drink was on     sale.   Paisley,  which is seven     miles from Glasgow  was tm-onged.   A number 0f the p���������|-I  !-c houses had sold out by the middle  o   the day, and others were so crowd  *'d that tlie   proprietors had to close  ater a hopeless attempt to regulate  the rush.   A number of extra constables    were   called out  keeping order.  On Tuesday there was a record  number of cases at Paisley Policc  c������"it. Similar experiences were  witnessed at Cambuslang, also in the  neighborhood, of Glasgow. Several  Glasgow magistrates condemned the  experiment.  *^*^*^***^^+������&&&*^*%*&&&���������^������^jei4Mt^  Union  ������  Brewing  NANAIMO,  B. C.  /Manufacturers of the  Co  . _ In British Coiun-bia  Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops  i  a  t  ������  !  i  f  ������  4  *<tpqyt 4fr>   o ���������-.  id assist in  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short  notice.   Drill Sharpened by us al  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handl ed and repaired.  Shipsmittiing    in etV     its    Branhet-  Horseshoers and Genera! Biacksmitns.  David Murray  Buller Street   -    -    -   -   Lady&srriith, b   i  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  THE BEST MEATS  -UR.   HAGGARD'S    MISSION  Shaking    of    the free land settlements 0f the Salvation Army i��������� Colorado, California and Ohio, recently  Mr. RHier Haggard said: "They   a"re  "'--que.   Two are made up of persons  taken,   without capital and placed on  the ,aml-   The   J"* ^ sold to them  en an instalment system of payment  BUT ARE  ALWAYS ON THE LO OKOUT FOR  IN THE MARK ETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF THE F'  CKIES, YOU WILL GET THE BE ST IF YOU BUY FROM US.  PAN NELL   &   PLASEKT1  STFVENS BLOCK,  OAT>4CR-=    ./s.F.:..  4ADYS/IITH. B  f.mfm*m������M ������tmM) Mt������������;.  x LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO.  ���������*������������������*.  OPENED AT DUNCAN  Newest creations  in Millinery  Up-  leugth, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put- of which no royalty shall      be  of 1,000 feet in | ������nd money is   advanced to buy housl  es  n^t^t^f^l,Ir=d t0 W*. ������* ������* of the party ordin  ROBT. GRASS.E & SON  GENERAL BLACKSMITHS  Order at-Shortest Possible Notice  FLOWERS,     FOILAGE.  All    Ladies     cordially      invited . to inspect  AN IDEAL TOURIST AND  HEALTH RESOar  HORSESHOEING A SPECIALTY  STATION STREET,  3S  DUNCAN, B. C.  DUNCAN   L,vIARLYEand STABLES  S. J. Hagan, Manager  ���������f    Freighting a Specialty    ���������*���������  . PRICES MODERATE  FIRST-CLASS  TURNOUTS     OF    RIGS,    HARNESS,   HORSES.  DUNC AN.J. B. C.  Yeur patronage solicited   ' Telephone  in  Connection.  HOTELSTR&THCQUu  .Tourists and  sportsmen rrak-  ing this hotel  their headquarters will appreciate the excellent cuisine and service.  Electric, light is fitted through  out.    There is a good   supply  of water.    No mosquilos.  SHAWNIGAN LAKE .B. C.  ary claims only  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at the rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  irukon Territory to be paid to    the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim on  eaeh ��������� separate "river, creek or gulch,  bUy   stock-     ^c.   In the case of  ������������* colony    the people were akin to  our own agricultural laborer in class  und in the pther they were poor tl  taken    fn*-    *������,., ',, i'uu*  ������oiK,  most part from thc  is perfectly obvious  PIANOS,  ORGANS AND HO JSEHOLD FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   the  Abbots ford.  WILLIAMS AND WA3KI r  nave many problems in the  taken for the  grc,it cities, it  that we  way of city   population which might  L5-h     ?'    a'ld  thc S^rnmeiit,  avmo heard of this scheme, sent me  cut as -special    Commissioner to as-  icoMmtnh������W,itiS ^'"ft and .fit'  ������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������++������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������+  ',% .3; x  X X  X X  X  X-&-X- -*H������r^&-X X X  X  X  7   R. B. ANDERSON  V HIGH GRADE BICYCLES  BICYCLE AND GUN  REPAIRING.     ACETYLENE GAS  FIXTURES AND  GENERAL METAL WORKING  Fine lines, WATCHES,  CLOCKS and JEWELRY REPAIRED.    SATISFACTION   GUARANTEED.  Pharmacist  WHITT0ME  -i    Oddfellows Block    ���������    ���������    ������  x-x x^x-^Ht:-x-x-x-x  ���������    ���������    ���������    ���������     ��������� Duncan \, B.C. T  -*' - - X^^Vr^r-Xr^^\i^X-zX^X  '���������    FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY. ,    -  Coal���������Cjal lands may be purchased  af $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gross output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free miner's certificate is granted  for one or moire years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company.according  to  capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  <ame with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end on  the line of the lode or vein.  Thc claim shall be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within    ten  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements' purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister  of     the Interior  to  locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining'location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of thc sales  of the products of fhe location.  Placer Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square, entry fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  ������hewan River claims are either bar  or bench, the former being 100 feet  long and extending between high and  Ir-W Wnti-r   mnrlr     Tlia    Uflar   :_-i..j_  ing a fee of $2.00. A claim may be  abandoned and another obtained on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the. value of at least $200. -  A certificate that work has been  done must be retained each year; if  not, thc claim .-tall be deemed to be  abandoned, and open to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices  in   the  Yukon official Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within tke Yukon Territory,  are open to prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on the land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide.  thc length of width shall not exceei  throe times the breadth.     .  Should  the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  [ oil well   will be sold to the prospector at the  rate of $1.00  per acre  and'  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely,    1,280     acres     will be sold  at   the     rate  of three   dollars     an  acre, subject to royalty at sech rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of tho Interior.  Department of the Interior, .���������  but the same miner may hold     any  ! could he applied on a large scale and  number of claims by purchase,     and    on business lines in the SitS,V,���������  free miners may work their claims in  fire.  partnership by filing notice -and pay-      "If the    western nations allow the  crowding 01 cities to go on thc career  oi the western nations will be short  ihe city folk will never hold their  own in the world, not only because  01 weakened physique and changed  character, hut because of another and  moie final reason. Children are not  bred 111 cities. There will come a  time when the children horn there  are too few It is coming now. And  without the supply of healthy children how can the nation stand?"  Asked for his     views on the Salvationist  colonies,  Mr.   Rider Naggacd  said:   "It is obviously impossible forme to    go into     details, but I may  say    that on     the whole I was very  favorably impressed with the colonics  and I  regard  the scheme as   a most  interesting-     sociological  experiment,  which has in    it the germ of a great  ccs may possibly    be utilized for the  S idea which, under certain circumstan  benefit of mankind.  .   "Of course, in any great scheme of  emigration,     some folk like one climate and some another,.   Canada has  cold    winters,     South Africa has no  cold winters.   I cannot see why both  Canada and South Africa should'not  benefit.   In;  Rhodesia, for instance, I  believe there    is a great opening for  tobacco    cultivation.   My  impression  is that Rhodesia might provide home  for many Anglo-Saxon people.   It  is  to its own advantage and to the advantage of crowded cities���������always, of  course, under a proper system of selection.   The    most careful    selection  must be insisted upon to secure people    who liav**.    been picked out with  special reference to their antecedents,  character, and  some connection with  the iand.   This  is    essential, at any  rate to begin with, and it is equally  important that there shall be careful  management after selection."  -4-V-4-4-4--4 ���������������*  ���������������������������������**���������  XEtaft&s--  FOLDING GO-CARTS  a:e more popular than ever. No  wonder! They make little demand on  your purse or on the poom in vour  home.. Cart like the above illustration with mattress, cushions, varnished reed front and back-Complete  with lace parasol���������  The GoCarts you have been looking  for. .fo $9 00  WIIITNEY-S  Peer of all, thc acme of perfection.  Send for    illustrated sheet of 25 new  styles. -   . 1  GIVE YOUR  HEIR THE Aik'  In one of our     famous Whitney GoCarts���������light     running aiid   noiseless  gears���������easy    springs���������a    cart    to be  proud of��������� Mother and Baby will enjoy the outing.  Reclining Go-Carts, like illustration below, .with varnished Reed  Body,- upholstered figured Repp. Complete with lined lace parasol.  $I8.oo  i'  ,''X'\;l  ��������� V.;'*>  ,   .-'!*''l  *,      ' ^* I  *     *',iial  ,4       J,*���������'JC|  Weiler  VICTORIA,   B.C.  =5=  'if  1  'o Make Hard  Tiir, es  Good  and Good Times    Better  r <*������* r sp  ii  GALFDONIAN"  Buy Ycrur Meats From  H. & W. MEATM.4I...  NEXT DOOR TO THOMSON'S HARDWWARE STORK  WE CAN SATISFY YOU  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  miles of a mining recorder's office, ona  additional   day allowed  for everv ad-  14.  ditional ten. miles  or fraction    The   [������W T*0" mark-  The  latter inch,dcs  fee for recording a claim is $5 I       dlgginSs> but extends back to the  At     lA^ct  ttnn 4. ,. base of the hill or bank, but not  ex-  on the   cla m     ll       * ***"?*    "^ 1'000 feet"   Where st<^ P������w-  on the   claim     each year or paid to   er is used, claims 200 feet wide may  >rder ,n  1,������"  thereof, be obtained.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  Dr.. R.  B. Dier's dental office,  High Street, is again open and  doctor     may be found there at  time hereafter.  on  tho  any  -:o:-  the mining recorder in lieu  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd.  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :-; ;-��������� .���������; :_: .wB.C.  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  NOTICE is hereby given that at the j to' Palmyr"Tassin  NOTICE is hereby given that at the  next sitting of the Licensing Court  I to be held at Ladysmith, I intend to  apply for a transfer of the retail liquor license now held by me  for the premises known as the  Kings Hotel situate -on Lot 1, Block  97.   Ladysmith,   B.   C,   from  myself  next sitting of the Licensing Court  to be held at Ladysmith, I intend to  apply for a transfer of the,retail liquor license now held by me for tho  premises known as the Central Hotel, situate on Lot 4, Rlock 29, Ladysmith, B.C., from myself to Joseph Pelligrnilli And from Central  Hotel to premises to be erected on  lot 18, Block 28. 1  FRANK BARDESON-O.  Ladysmith, B.C., May 18,-1905.  WILLIAM JOSEPH.  By his duly authorized agent,  HENRY REIFEL.  Ladysmith, B.  C, May 2nd,  1905.  ti.O. MILES  Contractor  and Builds  REPAIRING  of  all  krnds   prompti-  attended to.     Shop on Gataare    ���������*  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathbone  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow's hall  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30 p  Mrs. Kate Tate, secretary,  M.R, SIMPSON.  Solicitor,  Etc.  m.  1st Avenue  -L4DYSMITH THE      D AILY   LEDGER  LOCAL I1DB  The English Derby Sweep closes on  Saturday, the 27th. Tickets $1.00 ai  Stewart's.  WANTED���������An Experienced   Waitress  for the Shawnigaii Lake Hotel. Apply MRS. A. KOEN1G,...       Shawnigaii. ^^  Air Archibald Dick was in the cit\  this morning.  Rev. and lUrs. Schlicler returne.!  li om Vancouver via Nanaimo Ihis  morning.  Mr.  and  Mrs.   .Ias.  Ross  oi  First  Av3iiue,   are   visiting  triends   in  Wellington.  There. were no appointments for  Ladj smith or Newcastle gaze I led in  (hc last Provincial (iazelte.  S.S.   Belfast   brought   in   a    largo  consignment   of   hay  and   grain     for  Mr. Warnock on Thursday last.  As will be seen by the local advertisement in another column, un ev  pcrioiiocd waitress is wanted tit llie  Shawnigaii Lake hotel.  VIGTORfA DAY  Celebration  NANAIMO, 1905  Baseball,    Football,   Basketball,  Ri   j     Shoot,      Gun   Slnot,      Aihl.l.e  Sports,   Regatta,  Chikliens'   Siufe������i*.', to close with a grand  Display of Fireworks  "The way we usc<l to do in in Wei  lington" was tho subject of an animated argument in Harry Kay's  store  last   evening.  The funeral  of the late John  Altin  will   lake place tomorrow,  the      remains    being   lal.cn   lo   Nanaimo on  the. noon   train  and   interred   in    the  cemetery at that place.  A  small  party  went   picnicing over  fhe water this morning.    They start- ,  ed  early,   when   thc sun  was shining'  .and     returned    shortly   before  11 ion. ���������  Thev were rat Iter wet. I  ONE  BIG DAY'S SPORTj  No idle moments starts at ten o'clock in the morning and con:  tir.ues[until ten o'clock at night  A Splendid Day  THE FIELD SPORTS WILL  RF. MELD  ON TIIR CRICKET GROUND  IN Till-:   AFTERNOON,  COMMENC INC AT 1.30 O'CLOCK.  ONLY  ONE  ADMISSION, 25  CENTS, TO THE CRICKET FIELD.   EVERYTHING   ELSE  FREE.   ' fX;.'"'  LADIES'  AND CHIL  LACE HOS E  There    are     twenty dozen in  this bunch and we have .decided to sell- them at twenty-five  cents a pair.  All sizes.  You cannot afford to miss this  opportunity:  The spring has    hee-i cold in  I ady-  smith  so      far   this sea-son.  It  will,  doubtless     warm up soon and he all  that is expected  for  June is always,  or. Vancouver Island, a good month.  Rev.   R.   J.- Bowen   returned      at  noon  today from Victoria, where lie  has been spending a few days attending   the   gathering     of   thc   Anglican  clergv of the Pacific Coast.  " Mr. Archibald Dick, inspector of  mines, was in this city this morning  making investigations into lhe death  of .lol'ii Aliin, and to ascertain if  thc relalhes of the deceased desire!  an inquest. An merest is not considered noeessanr.  CIRCUS STOPS   16,000   MEN  FROM WORKING  Mahoney Cily, Pa., May 20.���������Six-  te-n collieries employing lfi.tO) men  and boys were forced to suspend operations today 1; cause of th:*, ap|-car-  nnce nci-p for the first time of a circs. Less than ten |>ir cent, of thc  employees reported for duty, which  was not enou'gii to operate the nums.,   k~   The Wellington Mines Insurance  Company pays MOO.("0 to the family  of any miner who dies as the result  of an injury received in tlie mines, or  Irom sickness, a.s well as weekly ,icii-  cfils. While not a large sum is paid  in sic!c "bcnefiis, it is an excellent  plan for mutual protection, and what  i.s an exception 'to any other companies, there are no expenses >f any  account   for operating   the *��������� v  THEY  QUARRELED  AND  USED   THEIR     FISTS  Two men named respectively  DLickley and Melbourne were summoned by Constable llanp.ay today  for fighting on the street near the  E..ropc hotel at two o'clock this  morning. The case will Le tried by  Mayor  Coburn at   ii  o'clock   toiigifi.  It  appears  lhat* thc  two  men  had  liven   arguing   on   political   subjects,  and,   being   umv'ylc   to  convince   e'at-h  other  in conversation,   proceeded     to  'pound iu t'!i>-'ir" views with their fists.  Night   Watchman   O'Connel   being un-  a' de t o l>r. r t I he ������1, was f om d to cal 1  for Mr. llannay.   Wlion  the latter ai-  iive.1   the conllict   was  near   the  end,  and lis' presence, soon restored'order.  One. man,  it is  iui'.ler������to< d,  is     an  ardent  Socialist,,   and   the  other  an  (iith'usiasiic  Liberal.  It wa.s  officially  announced   this afternoon   thai   work  will  be  resinned  in  the mines on Monday morning.  C'hi.iis   are   usually   considered       .is  cheap woodpile adjuncts to a    "a in  fire, but some chips arc not ,-o .-heap.  It   i.s      reported      that  a coup"i! of  nights ago chilis  represented as having   been   won  at  a  black-jack  table  in  the upper part of (own, but which  were as a fact borrowed at a hotel  bar Jor that purpose were, to     the  amount,  of ?87.fi0,: cashed  by  thc innocent   proprietor   of   the   joint.    He  now  finds  that the, fellow  who originated    ������������������that pleasing story     about  "honor among  thieves"   was     only)'  joking.   Tlie end of the story is said  to  be not vet written .'     ���������  ONE OF THE  RACERS  HAS  BEEN" SIGHTED.  New York. May 20.���������The American  bark rigged yacht Apache, one of the  contestants    in      the   trans-Atlantic  race  for   the   Emperor  William  cup,  was sighted by  the steamer Princess  Alice yesterday about (io  miles east  of      Nantucket   Lightship.    At   that.  lime     Ihe   Apache   was   running  due  cast, with every stitch of canvas set.  None of the other racers were sighted  l>y the Princess Alice.  The Apache  was  sighted  at  ''>7-i0  p.m.  yesterday.  NOTICE.  From      this  date   the   undersigned  will   not   be   responsible   for  any  indebtedness      incurred except on      a  written order signed by thc secretary  Rowland   Maehiri.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION- &  DEVELOPMENT CO.,  LTD.  N011 Personal  Liability.  Vielori-*,  B. ('.,  May  LSth, 1005.  The Ha (Tie of Ihe Kitchen Queen Cabinet at C. Peterson's Store is postponed to Saturday May 27lh 5.3fl pm  TON.IGHT'S  CONCERT.  Arrangements were completed for  the concert lh."l is to he given in  the opera house tonight under the  auspices of the Cilee Club. The programme to be rendered is a spkndid  one. The list of items cui'v-ins the  names of the best male vocalists in  thc cily, while choruses by the dice  Club itself foi in an al trad ion. The  city band will also give one or two  selections, making the programme  one of the most varied ever heard  here.  The financial s iccess of thc event '.  is ensured, nearly all the. tickets having been disposed of. It is pleasing j  to not*'that the Glee Club's appeal,  to the public on behalf of, their* fel-(  low citizen who is so seriously ill, .  is being so well responded to, and it  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. R. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Sabbath School-2.30 p.m  Evening service���������7.30 p.m.  Bible study  class, Wednesday evening at  7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's   Sunday   School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  Rev. K. Bowen, Rector.  METHODIST CHURCH.  itev. W. C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening Service���������7  p.m.  Sunday School���������2.30 p. m.  Handball is growing in importance  in the list oi athletic games iu Ladysmith. Yesterday among the players  Fred Greaves was noticed as .being  about  as springy as any of  ih������ boys  who play the game.  - ���������o- ���������    ��������� ���������  ���������  BASEBALL  The return " baseball match, Ladysmith \s. Chemainus, will le played  at the sawmill town tomorrow af-  krnoon a.l 2 o'clock. For the local  i lajtrs P. Kcir and T. Deacon will  ,orm the battery, while the remain-.  dcr of the. team will l.e <he same as  the line-up last week. The Ladysmith  team will leave for Chemainus on the  rir.e o'clock train.    _  If .John L. Sullivan-and Charles-  .Mitchell do meet in the ring they  should each be provided with axe han-  < les, for the fight cannot last long  in any case for lack of staying powers on the part of either. Wit-bout  something in the way of weapons  there might l.e another draw, and  both of the gentlemen in. "q^es-  titn as to which man was mistaken  in his estimate,of the other never be  settled. It is not at .all likely they  tl.ey will meet, as both- men are  tlought to be spoofing.  DRYSDALE-STEVENSCN  Go.   Ladysmith  The -folio-.ing financial leport of  last year's receipts and expenditures  was read at Wednesday evening's  meeting. The chairman and committee are to be congratulated on-'being able to make a.s clear ami satisfactory a report as is this one. If  this year's committee can do equally  as well, they will have reason to congratulate themselves:  RECEIPTS.   ���������  Collected at Mine    S325.G5  Collected by Messrs Adam  anh. Stewart   $2-11.85  By Messrs. Murray & Kerr ... $212.50  Hy Messrs  KerruS Adam  (Victoria)   ...,    ?133.f0  By Messrs.  Kerr & Stewart  (Nanaimo)     $02.00  By Messrs.'Bicklc & Fraser ... $82.00  By Messrs.  Anderson |& Robertson    -? 4-1.25  Subscription from E. &   N.  Railway Co '      $50.00  Sundry odd subscriptions  $18.05  !Receipts   "Wrestling"       $90.75  Receipts dance   $;.8.50  $1,301.65  EXPENDITURES.  Horse races    Hose reel race    Foot  races      Football     Base-ball      Quoiting      Wrestling     Music  ���������   Dance    Printing & Advertising and  Bill   Posting      Refreshments      Grounds      Collectors' _  Expenses    Miscellaneous   $137  $7*5  , $38  $100  $107  . $25  $137  $150,  ,. $35  ..$02,  $53,  $3-1  $(i(i.  $25.  ,50  ,00  50  00  00  00  00  00  00  20  !���������.">  5.0  80  75  Balance  in  Bank  $1,083.40  .   $278.25  $1,301.05  Audited and  found correct  W.-A.  CORNWALL,  FJ.   Edmonds,   (auditors- D.D.C.F.)  A.  C. THOMPSON  secretary.  .J.  Stewart,  treasurer.  licious  LIME JUICE  New stock opened today  "GILLONS".   Imperial   Quarts      "GILLONS"   Imperial   Pint's   .*���������  ������������������  "MOUSERRAT"   Imperial   Quarts...   .  50 c.  25 .c.  50 c.  W.T.HEDDLE  CO.  Williams' Block  Ladysmith  Particular Grocers.  Telephone  gillard:s  FAMOUS  PICKLE  PL-T UP IN A    "  DELICIOUS SAUCE.  W IB ADAM.  FIRST AVE. &  ROBERTS 3f  TIDE TABLE.  SATURDAY,  MAY  20  High  Tide Low Tide  Sunday, May 2.1st.  h  Ga.m.        ' .4.2(1 p.m.  8.'10 p.m. 1.58 a.m.  - Get your Sunday Examiner, N.Y.  Journal and-World every week s,t  Knight's Rook  Store'.  Ladysmith M Duildin?  it V"  i.s expected   that,   there   will  not be a  vacant seat in  the hall   tonight.   . 1  New York, May .20.��������� Arrived,  steamer Princess Alice from Bremen  and   Cherbourg.  Tr. R. B. Dier is again ! e'e and  h's ollk-e will be opened ��������� ^ulaily  here after.  FOR the 24th  DRESS SWELL, YOU HIGH! AS WELL  'A   LARGE  VARIETY  TO SELECT     FROM IN'   THE    WAY   OF  TIES,   SHIRTS,      FANCY   VESTS, FANCY SOX,   ETC.  CALL  KARLY  At Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C<  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.  TELEPHONE  6-7  TRANSFER OF  LICENSE.  NOTICE.is. hereby.given that at the  next sitting of the Licensing Court  to be held at Ladysmith, I intend (0  apply for a transfer of the retail liquor license now held by me for the  .premises-known as the Island Home  Hot-d, situate on Lot 3, Block. 20,  Ladysmith, B. C, from myself "'to  Agnes Knight.  II.  L.   BATES.  Ladysmith,   P..  C, May  12,  lflO.i.  NOTICE,  A  special  meeting of the executive  of the Socialist Party  will  be  held  at Harry Blair's house,on  First, Avenue  at    7.30  Sunday night.   Important  business.  (Signed) GEO.  IIANNAY,.  Secretary  of     ."'arty  Good work is done hy the Clirys-  tal Laundry. Leave lyour orders villi  Blair & Adam and you will be satisfied with the results,  Launch and Pleasure Boats of all  descriptions for Hire. Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon <oars a  Speciality.  IIARRUP  AND  HAYEDN.  ���������P.OAT     BUILDERS.  THREE  WHO  WENT   AND  ONE WHO COULD NOT  An  interesting  ami   a truly   fisherman's conversation was heard at the  railway   station   before   the   nine   o'clock  train     came in this  morning.  Four     gentlemen participated in  it,  one oi whom is noted for always being able, to catch Iish, two for,being  able  to do so  occasionally,  and   ens  .who,  if he-is not able to catch any  from  the water, for obtaining a basket   from   rii   Indian  rather   than   return   home   without  any.    Three'  ~of  them     -were    going  to  make  a trip  down the .line on a lishing expedition,  and  the other was encouraging them  by"offering  to bet firvc to^ one     -that  they all came back fishlcss.    Thc argument ran high,  each of   the three  who were going expressing 1 confidence  in his own particular aUiity to catch  monsters  which  no other  man could.  'Although   the   three  who  were  going  'ware  apparently   most   anxious       to  quarrel   amongst   themselves,        they  seemed to agree upon .one, point, aiid  lhat was  iu saying unkind  things  to  the fellow  who had  to stay at home  and  sort letters���������some of  them  even  going so  fir as to  profess   to know  the price he  paid 10V the last basl-et-  ful  hc brought  into town. Thc convcr  sation was stopped by the arrival of  the   train. ' Where  Ihe anglers     weie  going they ,alone knew, and flatly refused to teH  interested cnqfiircrs.  At  all -events,' before leaving  they  were  kind      enough   to  inform   the  crcAvd  that they  would leave a few  (ish ^behind,   which   promise    Avas   received  with a scornful  laugh   by  the  gentleman who could not go, and w.ho immediately  after uttering'it dived into   the car  for   the mail,  forgetting  in his scorn   that his assistant    bad  taken  it  out a  few  minutes  before,  and   were,  now  busily sorting it     at  the  postodice.  GOOD TRAIN  SERVICE  FOR THE 2'tth OF MAY.  For the 24th of May celebration at  Nanaimo   the  Esquimalt  and   Nanaimo Railway have arranged  an ��������� xci-l-  lent   service   from   this   city,   trains  leaving hei>2 for S'aivaimo on the 2Jt,IJ  at' 9.30,.'11.00   and'-11.57   a.m..2.-n).  3.30, 0.45   and 7.30 p.m.,  the  returning   trains   leaving Nanaimo  at   I'd a.  in., ,1.00, 2.30, 4.if). 5.30 mvd  10.4'0 p.  in.    The   fare   for   the   return      tiip  will be fifty cents with half rale   for  children under  twelve years.  VBfsamaBssaKmBsstaKBasss^asE^z:  "tJSERSOF  WHITE SWAN SO  Stand a gopd chance to win a  GRAMOPHONE |  Every 25  cent purchase of     While Swon   Soap entitles you  to   a    ���������;  B  ���������T  chance in tlrj drawing for this   high   grade  Berliner   Gram-o-Phone.       jj]  V  1  I,  NEW POTATOES  CAULIFLOWER  BANANAS  SEEDLESS ORANGES  LEMONS  I   Fresh    Consignment ������ of   Heinz  ��������� *"*���������  Sweet and Sour Pickles Just  Received.  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  LADYSMITH ���������  '    I  W. G. Fraser  MerchantTailor,  (1st Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Cai! early and  '   get your choice.  5J# W#  mean?  SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT  Our   Spring  Stock  has  just arrived,   and   now  is  a good  time to   paint.  Covers more and  lasts  longer    than any other Paint on the market.  LADYSMITH HARDWARE' CO., Ltd  Charlie    Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  . ���������-*������������������-, -  '     NEW    SPRING   AND   SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Brim,  of the ahove firm,  v isits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purpose of  taking measurements and'   seeing customers   .personally.    May  hc seen at the Hotels.     We guarant ee all stock and  a perfect fit at    the  lowest possihle rates.   Suits from.     $15.00-up..  Bants  rronvJM.OQ up.  AH  Hand-made. ��������� ������* 'v.-'-'-*;'���������*  W.������4,MJI'������^''4.WJ-.������ll������L*^-.ll^-JJ-All-^r.y'*s^rr^g4-'JV������JU������J,|  REALESTATE  hi RE, L^FE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  ':; ' :HEiNTS;; ': -.-COLLECTED     :  DEEDS,   WILLS,   MORTGAGES,   C ONTRACTS     AND   AGREEMENTS  DRA WN. -  JOliN STEWART  CONVEYANCING''  P. O. Box 368   '  NOTA.RT    PUftLIO.  ^  '   BARGAINS  In ALI- LIK"ES  OF GOODSCAR  RIEDBYDS  I WATCHES, CLOCKS. RINGS, JEWJELRY,S1L  VERWARE. FANCY GOODS OF ALL KINDS  B.FORCFMriER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,   B.   C  Dr.KB. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reason-  Fresh  LAETS  able rates.  Hi^h St.  Ladysmith \  OPEN AT ALL H0UR8.  1st   \venue,  --r'  Lad i1 smith


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