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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 19, 1906

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 ?*^^X^i*vc^f*M1>Ui?>^Ml*ia*������r&^i^-l.^-������L.XlS.r-2.~ K**- -a-W^a-.J.,  Ht.jt*.lf,>fc������.W''am;firti������������ti>.<������*������M/>*,i--A*ttir_-^ ������ ^vpyiJ.1****tn^^i  LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.,2  SATURDAY,  May  10, 1900  PRICE   FIVE CENTS  IMMIGRATION FROM  GREAI BRITAIN  Mr. Ralph SmithM. P. Delivers Speech  on False Representation of Canad-  ain Labor Market  BOXING CONMT  in mi HOUSE  THIS [IffNING  J  NEWS KOTES  Of IHE CITY  OF lUMBERUND  Mr.   0.  11    It.   Pulls returned Tu'us-  (Continued from last Issue)  or ol  the city of Montreal was   obliged, to communicate with'tho   Dominion government and ask  the     government if  they count not take some  stops    to    relieve     this distress and  try  to    stop the  excessive  I'.inn.igrn-  lion of these geoplu to Cunaha.  The  ' Deputy Minister of Labor was   iinnit-  ��������� 'riiately sent to/ Montreal  to   investigate the causestof these* * people having |>ecn brought   " to this   country.  "While  there he found that they    had  practically all been  induced  to coniu*  .to Canada  through  false  representuitions that had  l.cen made in    Italy,  at the   instance  of '. t*c  or  two     of  the etnploy'ment agencies  in the city  ���������   of Montreal.     The devices  used     fay  Uiesc- agencies  lo lure-men   to    this  country for   the purpose ~,:A   netting  . 'commission**    from    them  and- from  Uhs "firms which they were supplyiing  * with  labor  are almost dticoncciva-l-lc  in their number  and  variety.     Just  "io mention one or  two of  these;    a  man named  Coidasco  who ,was  ' the  head, of one    of 11m:    large   employment, agencies *had  himself    crowned  ���������King of the Italian   workers'   in the  city of Montreal. ' lie had  a   crown  resemibling  the crown  of  Italy  placed  on his head  and  a. formal     pre-*  sentation made,    lie owned  an Italian newspaper and  in  this 'newspaper he printed au'Wcounl of   the coronation,  giving his own picture,     a  picture of the crown presented,   and  of Uie "flower** also pVbsonlied at   the  ^coronation.     There  was a  long  list  tot several  hiindrnils  of Jtalfa-ns  who'  were, present at the  coronation. ' In  the same pa.-er ilv was stated    that  Corha'sco  as  tiny    vi     the    Italian  jvorliers  in Canada eomW give,    cm-  i-loymcnt .to 10,000.. men in bhiscoim-  '   try. ^ Co^jes    of- this   ,japer ��������� .-\iere  .printed in  lai*ge t^-antities,   sent 'to  ?taly and. districted there,   and Mr.'  King found,  when'hc  ���������madt! his   in-'  ycft-tigat-ioniin Montreal, that a hu^f  - number of Italians  who had tonic to  Montreal had in  tlioir pockets copies  of this paper as  well, as other communications from Cordaseo or   some  of his.agents, and    that    they    had  come to  Canada believing in  a  way  that   they   were coming  under    soni'n  si.it of  royal   'protection.     In  positions are taken from then  through persons brought to C.yiada.  in this way, 1'am sure'the memheris  of this ������������������ house  will  agree  that  it  .s  Idnight'at  ten o'clock,   in the  Op-  1 i  era  House,    .fefi  Ilannay   and  Frank  Fernandez  will   face each    other     in   {,a-v ���������'���������'���������-*������������������  **  u'd>   to  \anaiino  what is   hilled  to le a  15-round ho.v.  ing contest,,  for a pur*e of  $100 and  sixty per  cent.' of the gate   receipts  to go, to  the winner.  ___  Both men are determined  that  the  an   < indign ty     to tlie nation'as   a  whole that     thc symbol of its    na-   light    will    not    last fifteen  rounds,  tional authority .should he made    an  fi\u\  ��������������������������� -��������������� ���������������������������  Thi; children's drill ui the schotd  is something that should lu: hailed  will) delight, in a'short lime, instead ol he-lit, carelessly held fi-uincs,  thu ye.uiijj will, under lhe influence  of  drill     hold   lliem.se'lvc-,' well      up.  inistrumeiit of "fraud t,ovdeceive ami  "that national^frauds of tins kind  cannot l,c toe/ closely watched ot  elealt with too severely, for if .pri.  vate parties arc to 'be permit ted fe r  t'heir own personal purposes a ���������������������������.-:'.���������  the name and symlbol of national au  thority' the ���������novcrnment might .is well  give- up at. once any elTcrt on i s  own. part to usc^jts name ami authority for. promoting itn own legitimate ends. Mow, Sir, in connection with thy- report <>f Judge Winchester���������  Mr. Barker���������The lion, gentleman rc-  ferreel to a certain letter which he  said hc would'read;r will he do so?  Mr'. Ralph Sinith���������T '.-hall read the.  letter. It is dated from IU Charm;*;  Cross, London, which is in the same  building with-the government office;  it hears the Canadian coat of arms,  anel if is as lollows:  Authorised bco\ing oldcc. L  * Canadian Laibour Buienu,  13 Charing Grots,.  London, S.- AV. -  - 2'tth June; 1904.  My Dear Sir,-���������In reply .to your  letter of a recent'(kite, I 'beg to.say  that I ric'.setters "are viery greatly in  demand af thc present, time, as are  ali ������~lhcr-|*uiltiers' nietihaiiics. I enclose yo������ a list giving you the wage! s earned and '��������� should- recommend  you to go to either Montreal," Toronto or -Winnipeg,, fares at1 the .pres-  ent time ������3 10 5,- ������-1 f> -7, or ������5 10]  ge.     Major    ijuiiiluiuii'il    Lieut    Xap-  iur   ai'i:  enl liiisiu*it ic      *u   their    work  both    are   equally  determined  ������';"  ^^^^J^'. .^-"^T^"  that  the  other'  man   will,ibe  the o,v  conn led out.    -Ihere are expected  to _  le    ni'iiiy    supporters    of each iiuau   as l,ri" musters  present,  as  inajiy of the loggers    of  the    different   camps     have signified  their intention oi being present,    besides  there  will  be a  bunch   of local ���������*������������������'��������� **n(l M*'-"- -Ua'k --foi-gnn,  her son  lovers of  the, manly  ar.t present.        :"������������������������������������  dnuBhicr-mlnsv.  B.fore the maim event two pieliqn-  inar.'cs  will le  pulled  off.   CJco. Han  nay will   box  a Victoria" lithl v.ci|;hl,  and  llili.ert and      liyers will   entertain  with a short go.  Mrs.   Thomas Morgan   arrived Inst  week,   to  spend  a     few    days    with  .Mrs. I lardy, who has , been spending I Ik* last I we. weeks with hor  si.-,(('i*,   Mrs.   Tnylor.   l<-ft     ior    Nana-  WILL CLEAR FRUIT  LANDS NEAR LADYSMITH  Land Commissioner Dennis States  That  2,000  Acres Will be Cleared Back of Ladysmith  For Fruit Raising Purposes  ammaammMmmmmmmmmmmmamamwammm*mmmmmmammawmm***  Messrs, Goodfellow and Beasley Inspecting Cross>  ing Requested by Council Below Town  for Use of Scavenger  BURGULAR |  INJURED  iino    Friday.  ������������������������   ������������������*   ���������������������������  Mrs.    Willcinson  is visiting hei1 son,  Ur.'" W.     Vi'illeinson.     and    is a {j;iicqf.  al    Mis'.   T.   rilcblos.  -jnlisbury.  Mil.,      May   18���������A  gang  ������t 'live young men  blow      open    tho  safe    oi   the  JialLimore,      Chcaspcnke  and Atlantic     Kail way passenger sta i  tion  here  early, this  morning     with I  ���������itro  glycerine, but- secured no cash. I  One   of   tho      burglars   was      struck i  *-.if..* i  00-11-  Of' course*' these '"cheap rat'e.?'are.'.nof  liiicly to continiit* lop.g. I could  furnish you with a letter of. introduction which would- obtain you immediate employment en ��������� arrival " in  any of tl.ose centres. Toronto, i.s  very short Ji;*nelc<d at the nionnrnt, a*;  besides the general activity, of the  builidiiifr tra.de the rocoit disastrous  tiic has largely increased the demand  lor men in lhc building lude. "The  cost oi living is a'.������o cheap in this  part of -the world and you would --ictf  goe*-d  board     and lodp-insr   for 12 shil  with   n   piece of  iron  from  the  and   badly   hurt.     The   thieves      lh������'ii  toedc   a   hurried     tle| urtiire. 'I'ho;,  carried thi-ir injured companion a-  boul. two irtiie-i to a farm housi*  where they left him ���������unconscious.  Three of the fugitives were Inter  cnptui'od at Laurel Uel.    When xiw in  The lomi.-lat'y oi tho ne\v Colliery  works al Union Bay was started  up -em Saturday and n trial ��������� e'a=>t-  iiij*;- made  ii*, a. tew  lninutes timo.  Mr. l-'owlor, the master mechanic  of the works i.s highly pleased wilh  Ibe results obtained. It will -be  now possible to cast, any pari*;  of machinery reijuirrd by lhe Company riftht ul the works here in-  |Sliii.l of having- to' wait indefinite-  is as under fornu'r condition': when  I'verylhing   had   lo   be  sent   nivnv. '  A  party of  C.P.R. officials arrived (he place,  but after  doing  so,    aJi.l   of a crossing asl-H for by the conn-.  in Ladysmith at    noon  today,     and if  we    find  the place   rs  we suitici-(ii  --pio-v town to ie  tsed )-v     the  while a potion of  them   visited  tlia p.ite,  about two thousand acrrs will  upper    section     of the    ci.ty, others be cleated.    There is,   I undcrst-runti,  were etig.i(;oti  iu inspect^'*- the trades more dand lower down,  but we wenill  adja'ceivt to  the station,  amI the pro aiitijipatc.difficulty  there owing     to  e-ily as a road to the beach, where  it is proposed to ������Uimp,llvee^i'iiU!*SC.  fiom  the  oily,     Asked -if the    com-',  posed new sidings.  tbe smelter smote, which would Like-   Panyr had  any  objections to. granting  a cre-iS-s-iri^  ' at 'the-    point r;j^r-ste-i,'  AJr.   (Joodfellow   staled' that he   did  -Mr'.   Beaslov    'wo-Id*  Tiiv'- Mahenn, the first tuil^ne steam  er  to    run   in  Pacific   waters arrived  al   Union   wharf Thursday  afternoon  il'o'*    bunker   coal.      As   tolil   in ��������� \'ic-  Lahd  Commissioner Drnnif, in ecu    >y_ spoil  any fruit raised in that vie-  versafion wilh a I-fdr-pr    represent a-   ������������������������������������������������������*���������>'���������'  li\e,\siated that thei' were twogqi I    T,lis afl*rno,.n 'AJr.   Tennis  and  th *   ^  ]mw    ^  ilemen   from  Wnshinvton' in   the par- ���������*--* "*,0'"fn    --"om Washington,  accon,-. '  w    who     represented    a     companv ','",i0(1 ^ Mr- J- -J-  ������l������������d-  su"������i������  i "aVe- to ScUle Uiafi m-aUer> a,,d   hc  whiih  made  a business  of ,  clearing -*'m,Pl-t of t-ie water  worl-5,   visitel , was  out  wi.<h  IMr.  Dennis and party  land.     The party had eomc up, said tlia swfion of   ,,land  referred  li,   at   inspecting'the land back of the city.  Mr.  Dennis,  to  inspect some land at ,!e **cVof ���������lli" *���������,   in a rig, \ho |    Asked, regarding,   lhe   new targe,  lhc  back of  Ladysmith \vith a view rn.rt-v -������������������ten,������i'-g  to ni**>e a     hurried   which the    C.P.R. are baling   built,  of having some cleared and  put'    in uip' as'tne?  wish to catch  the   five   for use between here and   Vanconvei-  sbare   for fruit raising. o'ciocle   train  back  to   Victoria     to  ' Ur.   G0c>dfeJIow .stated  that it  would'  "I understand," said Mr.     Oennis, "ia',lL piotably    be    iii  readiness i)V    n^xt  "that  there   are about   two   thoiis- '   Asst- Sui,t -Goodfellow,   Avlun   in-"Jmonth.     It  will   be .built  l0"   carry "  and acres  right back  of tlie   "town, *'*'rvi<nv*-**'   s<at������l   that  Mr.   BivsIot   ffbeen cars of the lar.������e type.     The  whicli;   if    cleared,   will make    good anidh-rnvself were here   today for the   ] resent barge will'hold  but     twelve  fruit 'lands.     I have  not  vet visited l)urP������se of looking into   dlie mattei   sniall'.-cars. " -'  jured   man  regained   eonsclousiiess he I  cave    l,i.s  name    as   Jam.-s        Avery   lona papers  this  line-vessel    arrived  i*c������peetively, .through,,f^"^^^fPOO-^r- italt'ii-norc^ ^Ile  will recover, __���������....'������& thaUpor^pn^ib^T.th. i������mkin-,:,the_  0 1  trip  from  Sydney,   Australia,   in   less  han   twenty   da>s,    clipping 'nearly  iKction with the Canadian Labour i lings (I -once per week? 1 inclose  nme.iii that I have hty.ii speaking vo.u some sailing bills and shall 1 e  'i..out that is operated by a  -,   .-    Person   pleased  to  hear   fin I her   from   von.  named  Leopold,  and  as  1  havesnid  w operated  in .the same    building as  the  Dominion   'goveiiunent  imminra-  tion  office,   I have a  letter  in   "  possessioJi  niv  ��������� ���������   I   am,   Dear '.Sir,  ' Yours fai tin I ii Uy,  Kor  LOL'TS   LEOPOLD.  N'ow,  Mr.   Speaker,  I am  poinbing  LIFE PRISONER  RE-CAPTUPED  Ihroe  ehi.\s e-li     her     sclicdul������d    time  Thi'  Ma'ii<-'i)f>    bus   accomodation    for  four  hundred  pa-.*.e������iyers and        over  1:000   ton-;  l'rright-   capacity.    On   Ihe  urn   betwi.'on    \'ietoria   iineJ     ^Tancou-  \er   she  is said    to    have    clo\elopect  a *,peed of o\er      18 knots.     Mr.    S.  rand  ot  Hi-lat-r-Bd,  th-  111.  prison- . R    R ^  ^   .^  A_   ^^  CHOSEN  FOR VICTORIA  Vancouver, Mav "19.  Tne   four-  oar crew -which is to  represent   Uie  ��������� '~"���������   ���������   '--=-     -    ---<���������         -   '    -,. r���������  l;L*ock\ille,  Out ,   May   10.��������� Chart  abrand,  the  li  or  from the  Soo, who escaped   fr<������m j  the  Kin-slon  prni tent buy  on  the ov-  Ina; of ^lav C, was captured about  wore passenyt'is    by  the   ship      from  j'\ aneoii-.*,.    mhI   speak   in  i.tijis        of  unsiitu.-.*, praisi*     of her b-'AUt ii'ul   in-  cn  nine  miles west of here, at 5 o'clock        . ...  ���������  .    ^.       ,,    , f .u���������   tenor  dou'inl ions and  j-eiu-ral        ue-  vestcidav.     Detective  Foster,   of the , f  - .   ���������        ,. . r.���������   .   '    , ,,_    'eomodations.      A       train    cm-ih-siou  Doininien police, since Thuisday last  had  been  continuously on  Ite     t-rw.il   h!iti ""  '5,<'"'L"<I  (" M,,ow      Cuni"  of   thc   reprieved  murderer.    About 5   I>.-.i^������^  xKitors   lo   v,.-w    th,   .  vc*  but  h���������n^u .v"r,*-tci1 u-v Mr- Leopold out that while it is the policy of  ?v!l v. ,C������n ilin"S lM'b a������'^--<Jsw������������"l the Dominion sovernment lo induee  r?l 7; , a!" Slll'������- is/^*"te suflieient only agricultural innuic. runts to come  to delude the public in England rr.d to Canada, this a-nencv throtu-h its  quite suflicient to bring peop.o (o , misreprcsonUition and through its  this country under a very serious and .close association with Ooini  false    delusion.     ������������������'��������������������������������������������� >        -       '  This -roval prr*t-j>.*-  ticn metbod as evercised by the Italians in Montreal and by lhc Canadian Labour Bureau seems to be" ;,  favorite method. Quite apart roin  the injustice done to the wnri.in<r-  men and their families who aie ele-  ceivcxl in this way and the injustice  to the workingm,eii iu  Canada   vho'c  nion -govv-  crnmcnl influence, induces other.classes of men io come from the old  country lo Canada throiip.h these  fiaudiilenl representaiiens. The Canadian government- has never adopted the policy of mdueiif-g mechanics  to come  to   this  country, "but   here  (Contineed on PiVge Ttlirefc).  DEVASTATING  FOREST FIRES  WILL TAKE  NO CHANCES  Detroit,  May   IS���������.Kniguienlnry    re ...  ports have reached' the Detroit! V"*������������������ ^ ^-^Pt. M-ikk.o.  fliews and Free Dross J'ro... lisv.nutba ( son' Lhu A,^������������'. explorei-, who !S  and Gladstoive, Mich, slutiuu' <������*>* i"'epuring- l0 Wa,vc tomorrow in  a disastrous forest lire is rag-Tug search of iiinliscoverecl buul, made  in the upper peninsula in the neigh- arrangements .tonight lor a relief')  borhood of the two citit's mention- j exTediiioii. An agreement wa.s inaelo  oel.     It. is   reported .that  three town.' ��������� wilh    Dr.  McLaren,  of   Glasgow,    to  mill  that    ���������JO ' proceed      north    when   tlu-    schoon.'r!    K'inipston,   Out.,  iMiay   10. ��������� Chart-  been ! Duchess of iteetfortl   returns in  I'.uiT. {I'Mi-d, 'I'lc lep-'ievcd .murderer, wJio es-  o'.-lock in the afterjiDon Ctiar'trand ,s"1 on rntiay e-v. rung,  applied at the home of a fanner,"*-1' weather ml.. nVn-e.l. mud. t������ Unnamed Davielson, for supper, ami this (������������������������������������������������������ i-ol ������'" ������������������>���������������������������������.>��������� who deslreel to make-  he ate with thc family. Mr. David- , Oie "inch desir.-.l trip Tlw Mason, from reading the occurrence in ���������*'''.<> departed for Vancouver at  the lejcjl papeis, surnj-ly sus|-ectert'|'��������������� P.m. Friday evening  thai, his visitor was the miss'.nfe convict and at once sent i word by the  hired man on hotse-Wack to Detective Foster, who wc.s then at. Y-oii-iq  Mills Bridge, about twn milwaway  before the detective arrived. Char-  trand had /inisl.*nd his meal and taken his leave, but on. tin way d<-withe road a ncirhhor -nam d llo'ei.l  Eyre met. the prisoner'.and iiiMin 'tllately sfeopj-ed hiiii,.holeling hiin.'in Con-  veisat ion until County Constable  Mii|)lory,, of MaJlloryt/ %r\ njrrty.jed. Tb^  two men  then accused Chartrand    of , ��������� .     ,   ,    . ,i���������,������������������  beiiig tbo    escaped convict,  but   this   *-*-i-v-'      ��������� /���������. _*-  be denied until detective Foster ar���������  rivc'-.r a few minutes, later and ido-L*-  tifictl liim. Chartrand "<l,kl not offer  any- resistance, and upon tho detective's idcnfification o\vn������l tip. Tie  was not armed, -'a-Mtl. accompanied the  oflieers ' to lh; residence of Mai lory  peaceably, .where he remai-nwl. until  ���������the. arrival of Uie midnight train,  when he was taken bae'e to Kingston by the constable and detective.  Mow  Chartrand   Escaio'l.  V|r>T'*X'ou\'er club'jn-lhe-junior lap-  streak race m Victoria, on May*2'4,  has been cliosen, and is made up of  TT T. Minoftiie (stroke), 0. Sawers,  A. B. Fras-r an.il I. J. Waite (|fow  These men are all in active ti'aii.fe'n.  and hope to v'nake a good showin  at the capital city.   o   ACCIDENT AT  CAMP SIX  Hector McDniatel, an employee    of  No.   Six   losing  ramp,   was    seveic-  AN ENTIRE  FAMILY BURNED  Milton, l"la., May 19.���������W. A. Cre  man, bis wife and f ur- children wer^  incinerated" in their home- near here  .Sunday. There are si s'jiicions. that  Iff?:*- were' fust murideml and * the:  lie . IlK-n set on (ire. A thorough  in- rv-tigalio'i is beiig made in ihe  hope of 'fiijidinq; some clue tliat will  lead to the arrest of the iruilU  parties.  KILLED AT  EXTENSION  With but a fe.w morn shovolsful required to fill his- car, a"d while in  the act of stooping over to clear  fiom underneath, Jno. Newniy, a Fi*i  lander, this morning met death in  the coal  mine by  a fall   of coal.  'JI12    unfortunate . man was jsiruck  WOULD REFORM SENATE  . Ottaua, Aray 18^���������Sir Jlichard  C'aVtwright made' an ' impoi-fa'nl  speech uu senate refnim this, afternoon. IIo , fa\-ored a-.suspeiisatory  power of holding over legislation  freiin t'he commons for one session,  if advisable , and advocalecLa' system  oi proportionate ivpreseiitation for  both houses.  rlhis could be done by grouping  constituencies wiihout disturbing thp  pi'osi-nl nieinbiirs of tbo seiiutc. A  plan might be adopted gradual^  mating;   Uio     Senate   chiefly   t>lcuti\o  He would abolish life tenuw, but  would reser\'e to llu: governor m-  couneil power to appoint a third ei  juieiiibcrship   ,   consisting   of    ev-  th  cahine-t  minister*.,   judges,  etc.  LUMBER TRADE  IN ROYAL CITY  Xew Westminster, 'Mav 10. ��������� The  Fraser Ki-er Saw Mill Co., are  bringing .down from their cam.ps  around Co..(iiitlam three million feet  of logs.     There will   be no , difficulty  the'  have    be>eu  destroyed  sftunro   miles  of  torrirot.y   luwo  di'vasted  and   that  several      persons'after Messrs Mikklespn   and     LclVm-   raped  from'the   penitentiary  a   week  havo -been burned to deal h. | Well   have started over   the    ic ���������   to',*>S������   and   who   was  captured   at     ���������������������  . i Yonge mills jn..Leeds' county  yosfcer-  Alarinette, May 18���������The be*st in  information obtninable at this hour  is that tho forest lire Hint .is sweep  ing- tho country north of hei*'- has  reached Irin county north of Dickinson.' This makes four counties  which are suffering from fire. The  area is "20 miles srpiure. The country swept riy the ���������Humes varies, avonr  pine timber land to barrens. T'ui't  ii? iron mining country, and t'he  district includes lnrg-o tr.iu*ks of hard  wood.  Tn the barrens settlers have taken  lip their refuge find it. is fori 'Ihose  that the greatest anxiety is felt. In  formation reeeivett at. Marinette  is that Dickinson county has been  .wiped  out.  .the-northwest  with    3-10 clays'     pro  visions, in search of the land  hope- to find. Dr. McLaren will sail  to Wrangle Island nnd if be fails  to find the two explorers there, will  r.-ruise along- the edge of the icefields   seeking   (hem.  A private despatch from Ottawa  Lonigbl reports thai an onler-in-  coiincil has been passed nut horizing  the; change of name of the former  sealing) schooner Rent rice to lhat of  the   Thu-hc-ss  of   Roilford.  Australian **ativ.ei(-  are fond eif butterflies and declare   them to  b-e-more  nourishing than the flesh 0f   toangar-  salesimnn  60s  poun-dod into a sort of cake.  the\ (*a-v afternoon, was troupht h^re l������ist  hight and put back in prison. He  says he. -was unaided in bis cscaue.  For' weeks previous ho had. filed the  iron bars of the windows, with a rime  file left him by a ��������� de-parting prisoner  lie filled the cuts with soaP and  dirt lo prevent dee-ection. When the  slerni windows were talen off, hc  tried the trick. He put a dummy  in his bed and got away at trn  o'clock Mori-Jay night, May 7.'  "Iwrii  to say Xo!"  tliujulered  lhe  evangelist.  "I-Fin,"    murmured    Hie travellini*;  "If    he had my joh heVl  or.   fowls.     The butterflet; are (think  every man   a pant master   at  Ithat gnroe."������������������ (Philadelphia Bulletin.  boom as .tin- recent -heavy rains have  0ause.1l the1 level of t'i.o river to  raise to a .stiflicieut'extent to allow  the Ifigs'VtM come, through Without  any diniciilly. The limvber is of t.bc  very finest .ipiality, and the mills cine  now mivlxing preparations -to handle  if  immediately on arrival.  'I lus new F.mersoii mill at Toft  MvKidy slarled cutting ein Wednesday  and Wore went without a hitch.'Tlie  new mill cuts only cedar, lio-th for  luinher and shingtr.-*, anil (he entire  output .will he> for rail shipment,  and not lor the local market. The  mill will cut on an average. 50,000  feet per day.  Twenty  carload*;   of  American    tin  were received    here yesterday,     consigned to   Evans,  Coleman & Evarr  Only- a short time  a^o     twenty  ear  loads' of  English    tin  were' reoei-ic.'  and  the    whole forty cars represent  the  supply  of     tin  ordered    by  the  Flaser canners to meet  the demands  e?f  the  coming season.       Each     car  carries 'about thirty   tons  making    a  total   of  twelve hundred   tons of  tin  to  be made  up into  eans  for the entry ing tlf  (his season's  pack of     salmon.     Last year a still  greater r  omit-   of  li" was received, and in addition    a    still   further  eonsiglnmeiit  hail  to be  rushed  in by .some of the  canners to accommodate the packers.  (on Ibe head, which was torribly  ly injured last evening by a dee ' mashed, and death must have ,hceii j -vssuming- thai the Senate, eonsisu.  fallins on him. His leg was ihrnkiefl installtancoi.);. Ifo wi s -broughi o1' ~- members he would favor Uu*  at the knee one wrist broken, and ''town on the noon te-aiu and car- ���������'h-etibn of twelve members each '������������������.  he  W0S  badlv  bnit.ed  in  several ������������������������.���������-! ri������-   ^.his   hf>:"^  ^h.ch   lie hc*d left   four  provincial    divisions,   Mantinic  but     this     moining  full  of life     and   Q"'*boe.  Ontario,    and  the    \Ve*,l.  er places.    Thc unfortunate man was   .n:,.:(l,' ,    .,    . .        ,      ,   ,���������,.������������������ ,  tl   ' spuits. Such   a   system   bo   din.11 eel, would  (akcu   to   the  hospital   at.   Chemainus |    A   -vifo an;,  Sereral  Sllla|,    chn(*rai   gl--0 .,   f.,,-,.'representation   in  parlin-  last   evening. are left  to  inourji  his loss. meat   to both political parties  juniors play     [PRELIMINARY HEARING  GOOD BALL  ���������Those.who witnessed the ball game  this afternoon on thc Bunker gjroimfe  state that, it was one of tlic fcest.  of the season,   barring  none.        The  OF TRAIN ROBBERS  Kami oops.   May .18���������Tbo   prelintin- I -sweat   box"      in  a.  privafo       rooai,  ary  bearing  01   the  charts     against,   with just three men present.    Wilson  players1 are   moinbers   of   the     newly !llu,  u,rco fti���������{,���������.(.<���������   ,,.ain   robbers    Kd-   v-'as  reminded      that. .Edwards     nnd  farmed  junior  league   which  consists   ^ ���������   Vunn\nA    (M,   )-1011I'li '    b(Jcol'c(uboun bad asserted thai    Seavey  of  four   teams,   the  Hillsides,   Maple *uul  represented   himself  as   an      ui-  r^j. ���������nn,ic))oi.   nlur������Wmr���������.U,     Ti*.   K'nu      vcslerday     mo-'ning. Mayor 1. . ,,      .',...  Leais,   Hustles ami  fenamroci s.     10-  *= ��������� *> -      ^urney from .Kamloops. ��������� but ihe ivir-  d:iy   the  Hillsides   and  Maple     Leafs   Gordon   r. M..  presidetl.       Atiorney-  te.-uii.s    met,   and  in a seven    inning 'c.'enoral   Fulton   conducting-   the pi-o-  satite, the Maple Leafs defeated     the  Hillsides' bv   a score  of 8   runs     to  scculinn anil Mr. A. 11. Mclnlyre np  penred for the accused. Mr. McJ.n-  tyrc tried to secure a reinanel for  eiyht eiay.H,    wilh  the view    probably  (lood  ball   was  played  all through,  by  tlie yotuigstersi  only three,   rrors  occurring in the entire game, and'of holdin-f th-s case over to- tho  but three men walked lo first. 1'oth assizes, which open at Kamloops  batteriis  tijd exeellient  \TOrk, as     in   on Monday.     It   was decided,    how-  fact, did all the rest of the players. At one. stage a triple play  was1 all hut made, the r.������all <?jfcing  but a few inches of tbo right place  to ' have  put  out  the  third mian.  N'ext Saturday the Thistles play  (he Shan-rocks ami until that time  each team ��������� will be hard a't work  practicing for  the   match.  The players1 in today's game were  as follows:  Maple Leaf���������'Mai; ass, e; Robinson,  p; Morpaii, 1st b.; Law, 2nd.b.; A.  Ibwison,  s.s.;    Wiebley,      3t*d.b.;     A.  ever, to proceed with t.b������ hearing  and Si"-geant Wilson of the Mounted  ���������Police  was j>ut   upon  the st.anel.  In I'ho course of,Sergeant Wilson's  exaniination, it was evident that the  defence intends (o dispute the jurisdiction of the Xorthwest Mounted police to make unrests in \>ri-  tisb Columbia Mr. Mclntyre examined Wilson closely as to  instructions,   anel   elicited  the.  ne.ss  denied   this,    stating   that  Sea  vey  -told    t'olfj'uhouh  thai   he  was   a  detective.  During- the examination oT Wilson  the fi.-isonor.*! seemed quite unconcerned, anel Jlunn laughed continually. He laughed ��������� while being led in  to the court room, and appeared  lo take a lively interest in the.  proce-edings. The other two appear  ed self possessed and cool, and looked quite .'*espoctable after their  cleaning up in gaol. Supcriivieiidei-il.'  Seavey \\"vs not in 'court, am! ny.-  jioarea to be keeping' inli nrionnlly  out  of the way.  Christie,    Wilson      anel Muir,      Ibe  his   three  other suspceAs.'held   in       Kiini-  la'-'1-   loops have been  liberated.  Chief Pro  that while they wci-e sworn vo fooie  in to British C'olmnbia to hunt for  the three     men.  as specials,       under  vinc.ial Constable Simmkns of Vernon, is cxpectoil to arrive in 'lCair.-  loops tomorrow-,    with 'Paul   Steven-;'  Battic, R.   Battie and Nicholas,   nut- _  field. tho provincial   police,   they   were   not   ^.no   .g  st,0���������g-y   suspected  of    being  Hillsides���������C.  laaderlac-li,     c.;       V. 'sworn  in oiler their arrival    in   this  a  confC{-01.n.0   0l-   the   train-robbers.   -  Laiiderbnch,   p.:   Bryden,   lst..h.;      R. ������������������ P'-ovince.       Wilson     also     ndmittcd   j    [L   w()s     a,,parpnt    from   Sergeant. L  Renwick, 2nd.b.'; F." 0reaves, 3rd.  b.;   Ilmt    be   had   permitted Seavey   ^vj-go,,..,,   st0ry   of   the   arrest       that.  J.  Davidson, s.s.;   McMillan,      Timo- . .Superintendent  of the     Thiol De-  p,.ovint.iclI   Constable -Pernie  was not  thy and Ryhan, outfielWers.   B. Clay, [tective    Agency  of    Seattle     to  put   actual*y on the spot at.the time nf  umpire.  I the    prisoner     Cloquohoun     in . tbe .the'arrest. tl: 04ILY LEDGER  fublisbed   every day except Seaday.  ������*        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  ��������� SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������Jtvaace.     44v������r Using rates on ap.  plication.  SATURDAY,  May li), ia06.  ���������SB  DAILY  BI' i ���������  LKDG  EK  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  .*  SEE J. KEMP. OR LEAVE ORD ERS WITH  -- W.   GARTER,  ' HJNDTSSlliAUL'E   EMlvJllA'iUOV  Unfair competition      in  the      iiolds  of labor  in.  Ciinadu     bi,   a  das*      o\  ���������undesirable enngruiits that have  been brought ovei lo lowei Liu*  standard of Cuuiulian --.ago amo) i  aitizans of an.v cla*.*., -jiiiuii" Canadian   citizens   in   compel itiuii      Willi  '    pauper laboi     o������ Emope is loiuunh  not   to. bo      uc'iuesfaiMl   in    hv       ������ny  well  wisher 01   the  Dominion     lUlpb  'Smith by lending the   ioih"-   oj������pos-  " ing such , etiiigratiuii anil mgioy l''c  passage of nieasun'*- that will stop  such emigration ln-ioir lb.- Dominion  is  burdened   with    sinih    a  this*,     1*.  , doing exeat ly th.' woik Ins i'ijii-  fctitutency, expeoU-d ol hum vvlu-n In1  was 'returned to bis seal in Ottawa.      Xo  man  in   Canada   today is  , hotter informed on I Ins hiibject und  from purliament.ii y reports il i** ea*.  lly seen    thai   none   aie   mcuv   active;  l, in putting fori*, mil tlii* claim 01 bin  t I'l-atmou I     lo      v-'oikiiiinnen "Mi*   i  '- Smith's leniaik.s  m   iho    I rouse      on  '  undesirable      cmigr.ition     cu*o       vvoll ���������'  -worth  reading  and   they .ute of     es- j  '���������. pecial   importance to   the  men  ol  ���������.this constiUitoney vv here coal   mining,  at best    a has'iinluii.*- and  not       too   g  _ well paid occupation, constitute*, so  large    a 'part       of   the  woil-  carried  -\on'.      Vancouver   Island   wauls        no  PIRST  AVENUE  PHONE     6<������  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATEI* WORKS  Consumers arc requested  to call a I  pay Water     Hates,  between the 10th  the oilicc     on  Uo|*i������rts   Street  a  and the 2.1th of each m nth.  IK  se tars I P. M. 4.30  T, I BLAND  SUPERINTENDE.VT.  ..������������������������������������..���������..a..*..  3. .04    .������..$..������..  First   Class  FOR HIRE  WOOD   and  BARK  For  Sale and  Delivered  i  EXPRESS WORK  r  ��������� s*(-*-(Jt *.:������������������:  ~-.-ifvurjT**--a^. rr~i ���������������������������-.  .   DhwUJ JO  PHONE 66  $k  MSOIM  LADYSMITH  .���������������������������<������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������  "--'"��������� .;:'feuch'class   ������>l ioal    miners      as     aiu  ������   fl J P li  if si  IKSMITHSHOP  LAD/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS.  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     l-uiiM  ED PROMPTLY  A   ND  SAFELY.  K     JdOV-  Leave oi-ilurs at   th-  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysinith hotel.  Abbots      ford  A. W / '. 1 I ���������  ������44.+4.4.+4.4.4.+. + 44 + +4*��������� ������������������"��������������������������������������������������������������� 4+*-*-**f *-*���������**** + *��������� * ��������� ���������"  I  I  C   I  ������*���������������������������**������������������  .SHAVES & B\THS  Having taken over the barber shop  known    as      tht   Ladysmith   Shaving j  Parlors, high St., I   ml end, by keep ���������, f! u  ing competent   workmen,  io  conduct  a first-class establishment, and      'ie  ipectfully  solicit your patronage.  THOMAS  LEWIS  HOTEL  DOMINION    .  ���������i:>iiit- *! 2"- iud$].r���������������������  to ail Ufaiiibos-i lai u.u-������ ami  r nl wuv d������;.o������ a. Elwt re vm* ������very (i e  ii)i.nii*t3s to ml parts ol the city. Bai  and lable.unexeelled. '  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, 0.  Best accommodation   for  transient  uid permanent boarders and  lodgers  THE JONES HOTEL  GRAND       HOTEL  This new- Hotel has been comlort-  aMy furnished and the bar Is up-to-  cU'������- Rates $1.00 a day and ap-  wxrds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Prop. -*  t  |r������laaa<������ '���������*-<. :*~' ���������>-- '������������������' lJ>.ij*xa\\y  ���������*, Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  VICTORIA    Dt\Y   CELr-B RATION  ; .       At     ,  ^VICTORIA, B. C  /W a,y .-2 4,. ,2-S,. 727:$,  Automobile Races, Horse Races, Aquatic and Field Spoils of all  Jiinds. Spectacular water Carnival at tie Gorge. Gran.I Pyrotechnic  dis* lays.'   '.'���������"- 7 " \    '   ���������  Fare from Ladysmith to Victoria and Return $1.5 j  ���������'  C hilrirciv under 12-years of-a'fie >5  cents. "   TicWli good fi-om Thurvdar, May 21th, to Sunday, INLiy 27th' fncli:-  si\e: ;A'SPECIAL '-1.RAIN will lea-e Victoria for \Vellinston fand all  intermediary stations at 10:00 .p.ni ,   on Thursday, May 2-fth.      <- ���������  - Gr, 1>. Gourtney,  p District Ressonger Agent  58 Government 'St.,'" Victoria', B.C. *     '  ���������J'.'!  ���������WHITE   COOK-  aml  ���������--WHITE   LiVBOR-  Employed Only  (Halt Block from Depot.) ^  OAT ACRE   STREF4T-     Ladysmith..  Hn .1.1111: \ run  1'URNlSir   ROOMS  BAR SUPPLIED WnHBB.*Tft  WINES, LIQUORS. CIG4RS   '<<  \td  Miners' Drilling [vlachines   - ���������  MADE TO ORDER and RliP.MREr '   SHORT   NOTICE.  DRILLS*  .Jound'  , in   some    01   Hie    niiuoh       ol   SHARPENED   BY  US      ALWAYS  -*i-the-��������� United   States       Ur.       Sin il lis  1 * O  ^ remarks  are given   at   length    m  .111-  .'"'other column.   o   }- ���������  WrKSTlPJOG   I.OOMIXC!   PICKS HANDLED  A  c  ���������S II II' S M I T UINTf       IN  lVE satisfaction:  \d repaired   st " Winnipeg,   May  18���������It is   thc  opin  "-"^ion .of ,the  aldermen   that   the     dis.- ^  ^/"trict   of  Winnipeg   hat. a   population  .. *bf\112,000 and it   is uu*reading moie  '.77_ jfapitllynow than   at    any othei Lim.)  ��������� ;' in the city's     history Following  i   are,,.the figures    Winnipeg 9S,7'19 F.lm  ^"^iro'od .Ward,     6,000,     Lincoln     Park  ''".'2n,0bb,   st Ronhace  600, (,totnl    111,-  .,749.  ' .  0.   UL   ITS   BR AN C lUOS  Korseshoers and Cifenera' Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT  Buller Street   -   ~ -    -      -   Ladysmith, B y.  ;,<v VBANCHBRS MAKING  MONEV  ,\ Maple  Creek,      Sask.  ilay  18���������Thi*  -ranchers are" all hu*-y  I lus       month  **-rounding  up  their     horses   in   orcloi*  l-.tb :brand this year's colls.  The colls  *-are a Jbetter quality   nnd  in    better  condition   than  last   yom*,    and       a  much-greater increase than Inst year.  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    5.-  Rathbone'Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall    every  2nd    and   41 li  - Tuesday, at 7 30 p.m.  " " -��������� MRS. KATE TATE,  ��������� >,     - M. of R. St. C.  RORSEMEN, READ   THIS  * "<I|iave used MINARD'S LINIMENT  in;my stables for over a year, and  consider  it the Very best ior horse  .flesh I can  get, and would  stion&Iy  " recommend it to all horsemen.  GEO. HOUGH.  " _Livery - Stables, Quebec,  95   to 103,  * ' Ann Street.  The horsemen ar^'bfe,inn.ng to seo  the necess-ity of Ijioi-'cluig up lu  tlic staiiilaiil Sheepmen hn\c *.larl-  fd lambing 111 this rli.stiict nnd ie-  port a lni*a������-' increase in the lambs  over last  year.   o   Calgary, -Ma* 18���������-Stone masons  have sliuek for an >in<_*i case to CO  and 75 cents an houi.  -o-  STlt>4\MSJlll>  AIIIIIVALK,   JIAV   IS  Xew    York,    Campania  anil Quccnstouii, Jioston, Sylvaina,  Ijiieijiool and Queenstown, Iberian,  11jinc.hi>slt*i*j Plvjnoutli, Amerika, New  York, Ijuorpool, Italtic, New York,  Yirginiaii, Montreal, Arabic, Boston,  London,   Ontarian,  M'ontii'til,    Rome.  Xow   Yoik.   o   ABBQTSFORD HOTEL  A. J.- McMURTR'E, Proprietor  UlMfAlltl,   .Cf         'o  .ro  Newly fitted rip and  Furnished  Good tables and gootL  Rooms  PORTLKND  DAVID IIYNDS,   Prop  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked ���������',.!   ,1  This Hotel has  been  completely       renovated. ���������     .,.  Board aid -odgiag $1.00.' per iday.  PATENTS  DESK-NS        i  TRADE MAhKS  AND COPYR.CHTS .  ������-������-!������������������  ������������������������������������ -m -w       0CTAINED  'ADVICE AS TO PATENTASIl.'TY'  V **.cti"e 111 "lnventne Age"  ������ Boob' How to obtain IJaicr.ts  i Charges moderate Nofceti'lpateut is secure  Livoinooi'   f        Letter*, strictly conliJonti.il.   Adar<ss.,  t. E. G.SIC-l-EHS. Pstenl taw.-r, W.-.sl..ngtor., O.f  UblAINCIS  SSS5S������JKSE0t^B5E2S-3  IT J>E11ES  COMPETITION  B TV IS DANGKROUS  |, .   TO NEGLECT A COLD  H I How often no we hear it remark-  fe-*ed "Its only a cold," and a few days  ffir later learn that the man is on his  j!j| back u ith pneumonia. Tlris is of  such common occurence tlrtit a cold,  however slight, should not be disregarded. 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A    comfortable aa well as a'durable'  boot.  Atk for them at your Dealers  -f;  ^ >.?���������  SI*  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  ^annfacturcrs of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOM  None bit   Union Labor    Employed  n    J.   BOOTH. Prop  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A1J; kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickel Plating  in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53  P. O. Box 42.  iN������tfr    --- ���������  Ticket^andyFtejclit-Ofriec, 75,  ,    Government Street.        ������  L     .Tratas, Daily   JL  --. The New Train  O RIENTAL LIMITED    !  . s-;'-       The Train ol ,   I  vEase,  Elegance, .Excellence. ,]  /Every -mile a  picture,   -and.  -vnosraole .to spoil-the . vievy,.*!  - * iThrough ��������� Compartment,   Ob-**  , servation and. Pullman" Slcbi*-  efs; r also' through    Tourist  ��������� Cars*to,' Chicago. ,'        '   ,7'  -At^htie Steim������h|p Butlnets jo Europe'  , , ���������   !   Ms,our Specialty t  Union ~v Terminals, with rail J  -.Steamer lines!   -   - ���������   -  ' Berth reservations by wirel;  I.->'Greatr<Ndttbern SlS.^Co.   "  FOR JAPANoTANDiCHINA.  SteaaiushipsuMinnesota "ion<l Da-|  kota sail from -Seattle for Jia-1  pan   and-diina-'ports at" he-!  ' <fuenr rlates.'    Exa6t    sailing!  dates can z be secured uponap-j  i plication to ������any Great North--?;  em repreSehtatlve.c .y;'  ���������S. Gr.-YERkES, :i]  ��������� fA'.O.PiA., S^attie.LWashj  R.R..ST-ERHEN,  j Gen.X{Agent,':.Victoria.- B:0..j  I Lov  ;i  .������������������������������������#*a������M#**#M������^������������  I LADYSMITH  BAKERY  CHOICE     CAKES     AND    PASTKY  .AU\A.,*4    FREPI1   ON  HANI)  \\eliding     Cales   '.I.ule   to   Oilier  riLU'lS    AND    CANDIES  OK  ALL  KINDS.     r-'-UESil    HKEAD  EVERY    DAY  Prur-s    an: '��������� Very   Uea*;6i-ahlc  Uii.stoincis  arc   Treated  Alike.  HOP   LEE & CO.  ON THE   iSPLANAUE.  All  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  *  4  *  <  WAT. MUNSIE,   P1eside.1t.    J. W.   GOMJRN, Managfinj*; Director:  Tch'phane -1-6'.  The Ladysmith Lumber Co. Ltd.  w  vata  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   A*������iD   LADYSMITH-  Shingles &. ������pocialty  MANUFACTUKERS OK   Ron^li ;ui<l Dressed Fir and Godar Jjunibers  LATHS,   SIHNGI-KS.   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of   the   BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING   LUMBER IN   STOCK  i  4  4  4  i  4  4  4  fc. J. HENRYS  ������UR4I������ 0REIH-  H0UIE������ AND SECD  M10i Veatiniiutef Road,^  ' IIea<kinaxt������rg tor���������      t  PACIFIC QROWN Oitrdcn, field  - -   V     - - - *���������!  ' and flower SBEDS  for distrlfiiitloii. ;  Large " gt^k of. Home -  Grow^FRL'IT and ORNAMENTAL .TREES  now? matured (or Spring.  No' expense, loss or delay of funflgfttion or inspection  Let me price your list,  before placing'your  order. *3reeniio.ise Plants;  Floral Paokasefi. Fertilizers   etc.'  '31)10^Westminster, Road..  vancoo'Vter, B. 0.  Low Fxcursioii  Rates       ;  c Round Trip.- ]  ��������� WmbS&/im .  Trains "^a^ Trains  .    On Siile Alay 24, 25, 2C. ,-'  To   New Haven, Con. IU  July  10 to 15.        ,������*  Denver.     $55,00  August 7,8," 9.      ;;  : Milwaukee  To  To  To  m,?  Sept.  8, 9, 10.  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EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  miUm, LONDON,  PULTON, TORONTO,  iOITSIEAL QUEBEC,  FORTUND, BOSTON,  And tho Prlncliml Iluslness Couters of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFAtO, NEW YORK AND       i  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS;  yol- Time Tables, etc.. adrtrOBa  CEO. W. VAUX,  Aaslstmit Gen'l Paisuiiger and Ticket Agent,  130 AOAME ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.   _.^-*ir::::.  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  -J..^-^^���������l--l*-^-^^������^-l*^���������.^*���������^4���������-^^������������������l'-l"t-l''^���������^������������������^���������s���������^������������������^���������^-^���������^���������^���������l���������������������������^���������^*'^���������^  *  +  +  +  +  *  *  +  *  *  rtl'. PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPKR, HOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Worksat  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  HEAD OFFICE . :        -  DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  Vancouver Island, B. 0, ., '.General Manager.  ****I-*>|.***4-*f*^*r-'**l:'*S������l--!-*-I"i">-!-'-I-*J i.^.4.*i"|.*j..f^^������H^*T-'I"I"I":--:-T.*H4*H'*4"f f  . Oe������ era. in  Flanos antl  Call on  J,:E,:iith  ay  Organs..  Ladysriiilh, 8.C  Paper of all Styles at |a  Big Reduction if! order  to  Underjj^Vlnragment  Hotel Wilsc)!!  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Coruiuercial Mens'  headimai'tcrs.  Modern and     Strictly First Clais.  Fire Prool    Biiildi������g-.  J. X. Smith's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  -HAS  BEEN   REMOVED TO-  ���������First    Avenue*"  RAJNtlNG   AND PAPBRHANGING  Neatly at?d Artistically Done -    -Orders Promptly   Executed  S ROEDDING    ~> - -   ���������-   LADYSMITH  ���������aamV^m���������  "'������������������������������������zxy,-^?^  _T���������^^^^^^^ait^jifV^^i^gfT!i\l^n^\iiry^^V}Y'*'^"y'r'~ 7i^v,{j?.<&i&^(*Wi^  WJ.U^il^J$L*xrvpir*Ai*  .'��������� Wi imiimmfi^u.aan^.'i^UiiSfiHa -n-s-QV-.-^ <M*-<-^ ������yc-  SE  ^H*  TENDERS.  TENDERS addressed to the undei-  signed at Ottavvfa and, matked on the  envelope "Tender foi the construction  of a Hydrographic Steel '1 wm Steamer," will be received up to the  22nd DAY OF MAV, NJOXT, -foi  Hie construction of a Steel Twin  Screw Steamer for tbo Hydrographic  Service in British Columbia watei s  Specifications, plans and forms ol  tender can he seen at the office of  the Agent of,the Depar (men t of Murine, and Fisheries at Victoiia, B C.  at the'Custom House at Vancouvei,  B,C, and at the department heie..  Each tender must be accon.pa.me'.  by an accepted hank cheque e^ual le*  10 per cent, of the whole amount of  the tr-ndei-- whuhp wjll be forfeited  if the perse n hviitfui^' lhe accepted  tender declines to entci into a enn-  tiait with the department.* Cheques  accompanying tenders whicn are. not {  accepted will be letiirncd immediate-i  ly aftei a decision has been arnved  at  Newspapi-is -copying this adveitise  nuiil without authority fiom thc dc  parlmcnt will hot" be  paid  F.  GOI'KDIOAU,  IVpuly Ministei of M.ni'e and. Fish  eries. - ���������  Department  of Marine and  Fisheries  Ottawa, '281 b  March,   10*10  Monstep  TWENTY-FCUSTH OF MAY  Celebration  $1-500       IN PRIZES       $I,SH0  Big Calithumpian Procession  Nanaimo  a :  CHA1PIONSHI? FOOTdALL  VANCOUVER CELTI CS VS.  NANAIMO.-  CHAMPIONSHIP 'BASEBALL'  ,  '        LADYSM1TTI       VS.   NANAIMO.  Professional and  Anuteur and   Clr.hhen's Sports!,   Ktcu.*.,* rates  fiom all  points.     TWO  BANDS." ,,   -        '      "'  FIREWORKS DISPLAY  MAYOR PLANT\,.Chairman;   1.. limRD^ TiL^^UA.   F  -   - *     sKOJlRTS, Secrctaiv.  ~ GOD SAVE THE: KING  EARN CASH  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earnings���������WITH"  OUT    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������WOuldn'i  you do. it?  Well,.we are willing to start you in  a profitable business and we don't ask  you to put up any kind of a*dollar.  Our proposition is this: We will  ship you the Chatham Incubator and  Hroodor, freight prepaid, and  You Pay  No Cash Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising- pays. '  People who tell you that there is no  money in raising* chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by using  selling- hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have tried to locate a  gold mine in the cabbage p^tch. The  business of a den i*.���������to lay eggs. As  a hatcher and brooder she is out."  classed. That's the business of the  Chatham Incubato. ar.d Ptr*odei, and  they do ������t perfectly and successfully.  The poultry'business, properly conducted, pays fur better than any other  business for the amount of time anel  money  'uivesicd.  Thousandi ol* poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and the  United States- have proved lo their  satisfaction tlij t it is profitable to ra>M  chicks with the  IMMIGRATION  FROM GREAT   i  BRITAIN  ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  Will be Delivered on  Mondays,    Wednesdays.  F/id tys and Saturdays  Orders  must  he in hy eleven  o'clock on  day of  Dclivuy,  towing Co-  Limited   - :  NANAIMO    B. C.  Union  W.  S1LER.  GENEfcAL LXPRESS AKD  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  P(     ���������  Leave orders at the Abiotsford  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Demist  All work guaranteed, awl it, re������.s\  ' ": able rate*.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE     ���������  Gatacre St. -   f Ladysmith  ' f)PBN AT Ali HOURS,  J. PIERGY & SO.  Manufacturers Of ���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND     ..-  GLOTiilNG,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  .:-/'^^$rTG.', .v. ���������''���������" :-���������'?���������..:  L  No. 2���������120 Egft  _     No. 1-248 Etft  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODER.  " Vo-.i rs is the Hi st incubator I have  used, und I wish to tttate I had M  chicl.s out of 52 eggn.   Thin was my     (  (list lot,;- L: aly a 1UU per cent. Iiatcti.  , 1 am well pleased with iny incubator  mid bioodcr. Tnos. McNaugbtom.  Chilli wack, B.C."  'My first hatch-cume off.   I got     t  Vo lino chicks from Megga.   Who  can bent that for the first tlia!, and  bo early in the fcprtnpr.   I am well      !  *. pleased with'incubator, and U 1  could not'get another money could  not buy-il from me. Kvery farmer-  hlionldhavoa No. 3 Chatham In.u-  batoi ��������� b\ \Y., Hamsav, Duiinville.  Ont." *  "Tlio incubator you furnished tne  works exceedingly well.   It is easily  . oporatcd, and only m-eda about 10  minutes attention meiy day. R,  McGuffie, Moose Jaw, -Ahua.".  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder'  i* honestly constructed. There is no  humbug'about it. Every'inch of material  is ihoroug-hly tested, the' machine is'  built on right principles, the-insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and-  the workmanship the best..  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  | is simple as.-well as scientific in con.  struction��������� a woman.or girl can operate'  lhe machine in their leisure moments.' -  Vou pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  Wo can supply you q\.iclcly .from our  distributing warehouses ut Cahfur.v, Brandon, Regina, Winnipeg. New Westminster.  B.C., Montreal, Halifax. Chatham. Address  all cot respondent"* to Chatham.' 814  n* Manson Campbell GoM UmM  Dtpl.(5 ACHATHAM. CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  on a &ood Fanning Mill  or good Farm Scale.  (Cont'ii ic.l  from Pase  Oaiei)  is   an  .iflpncj   1 ng,a^nl  111   that    business  iisrl   \ 1 1 i)     , so   closely    asso  ciat'Cil  with  the liifluuice  of  the gov  eminent (hat immigrants aie deceived  into  the  Ivclief   that  they  are being  hi ought  1km e   h/ t,he     Canadian  government.    \,>h.*n    tl-t*  Ilcyuty Mm  istel   ol   l.iiboi   submit led  his    icpoit  to    lhe     then Minister   of     L.ihotu,  Sir  William JMiilocV  aiul   it   was mvh '  how  serious and extensive the  t.uuls  had been, and when  lhe deputy minister   icpic-se'Med  that    ho     Hulicw-d  the   full   i.vcts could  only   be     asivi  M ^oM Soaps  U������e    SUNLIGHT' SOAP  aiid  GET   THE   PREMIUMS  The Coupons are the same as cash because they" can be exchanged for Toilet Soaps  for which you have to pay out money every 'week.  Users of SUNLIGHT and CHEERFUL SOAPS can'get their TOILET  SOAPS  '   for nothing.  Read circular in every package, or write us for Premium  List.  A gift is of little valui- if it consists of something you_have no use for.  In exchange for Sunlight Soap Coupons you can get something you need and use  every day. ' l  'StmiftGHT   SOAP   COUPONS  L*ver Brothers Lsiinita'd, Toronto, C������*t*.������d������"  160  ed.     Sj.eti.il   legislation   should     \\x>  i-line I   hv   nie.ins  of  a  Koy.il     ''"i"   ,, 1,1  ti sion the Mnustcr oi l..*our had .^oiporalcd deinnnA those w 0 shal.  IL authoi.iv 0. Judge \V,,.,ch-,Um, h.ne the i.gln t��������� repicseiX Ca������arU  %vho ������������������,.*^ iwtinii as a i.oniiiiis**ionji aluoiuil, lK-cau.se ihe good name 01  looking in-to the emplovmoiit ��������������������������� '<;ailA������|a ,aay Le iiiMieuilod-, Upon l.*e-  alicnf. on  tlu> Oiniiil 'iW.v     ''^'/J0' '1U���������  aSi{0(l  t,;,c   quesUon,  *Ila\c    you  ii tcatioji  thor  investigate mi"*--'   ������������������������"*'       *      11() state definitelv  what 111 yom  op-  ,ssien the ft-iwls  Win I poetical 111 j^^^ Ruch AmeiMjIn<.I1ts to the    law  .should     he'''     lie replied, l^'ell, yes,  we  should  \\A\e. some  clauses insert  him,   h s lecn  pipscnlod  1 ������������������   l'atl'-J- ^ m olir"riniiiigration-laws,'foi   exr  ni'iit,  an.I  perhaps  it might  be  well ia|ni(,C)    ^^(jwenng     0111  guarantme  foi   mo  lo    n-ail   nhal  the  Loninn-^-; o(IlClaJs     to     examine    what is  the  111  Mint.eal        .li-ufte  WincncsU-r's   _ic  poll   with Uie'eu'oncc laKen    hciou'  ,���������ivi sus 111 his f;ndini*s an.l r-*?< 1  ,re.ilAtion.s. .Iiul6c Wmchrstoi ' }^  "I am "f the opinion the OMdeiKe  fullv estaliLishes the fact that the  ].������������������'c irmiher of Italian imm^tnts  vho anivecl   111 MrnUcal  in theeaily  standing of the unmigiants coming  into Canada, and i>���������foro they have  Lecn brought to (,'anada, and, ie'ect-  mg those that aie unfitted, and at  tho same time making it necessary  for the    speculatois  who have    heen  pait  of   1001  were  induced to    eol"c !recCi\iiig these  people  to send   them  lo this (otintiv  thiou^li  Uie    el--������r,s'bai.k ��������� ���������'  case ol that Kind, bnl Iho momenih-i'.e onactrd 111 the Bi itish jiailia-  ihfs hrt.01 iit'Ciil who hi ought these j mi nt legislation lhat will au'oni-  1111 *i   out     lenlr/ed   lhat    they     had : plish  the end we had   m view 111 ui-  di coieicd tfif deception, lie ictnjjiwl  to Knglaiiri, and of eotiUft could not  he  teaehod   by the law.  'J his instance .suggestoil to me the  iiii,j/ortance of such a lesolution. as I  ha\'S placed on tl.e order J'ttjcr, lhat  tins Hot.se should use its influence  with the imperial authorities to in-  duie them to enact similar kigisla-  t> 0.1 so as to uutU* it mni-������ossi{ui!������.*  foi i.e;&'0ris to make ahese ti'audulr,;a  rei-its.ntations to (peisuade" j'eople  .to lea\e that country. It is a \ei}  s.ri Ms thing to hung to this "cc-tin-  tiy wording men vho find whenShey  arn\e here lhat  thcv*hA\e keen     de-  aciing oui legislation oi lj-.t .scs.skjji  n my opinion H would he a wiij,'.-  lli.ng to utili'/e the \ciy cflicicait do-  pntv Almistri of J/iL-boL in oidei to  ioi low up thiis- resultitioii with pei-  ..oiial iepicseiita,tions to the unijti-  1.1I imUiorities' on the suliject I hojk-  lhe llouso will adopt iinaiiimoiislv  lh.* resolution 11 inch I have moved.   *  M)T IF AS RICH.  AS ROCKEFELLER  If you had all the wealth of RocKe-  leller, the Standard Oil, magnate you  could not buy a .-better medicine foi  Lowel complaints than Chambeilain's  Colic,  Cholera and  Uiarihoea Reme-  |uil fot waid hy Mr Coidasco, iop  lespnt'itig himself to he the sole ag  eul   foi   thc  Canadian  T\u ific     Rail  When Judge Winehestei as commissions had !>t\en lus reppit, the Alin-  leter of  Lahoi,   endea\oiing in    tiic  wav   Companv    and  icquiiiug    10,000 1 , . ��������� , /,  ���������,-      ,   '       ��������� ��������� 0    ,.'interests  01  the  worku-ibiiici-  of (an  nuMi,  ofleinii'  them  good   ���������wa.-y-S .*und ��������� .      ,*....  "      ,      h   . ,     .,   ,   ada to stop further  muikK of    this  imme.ha e    emplovniieiit,    and     that  ,,,,.,.,.,������������������ .   . ,.   ���������  ��������� .      .     kind, had    a clause insetted in.  tiie  these    indfcementi-    weie    made    (bv    ., , ��������� ..       ...  ,,.... .   .     ' 'Alien    Lulior     Bill,  which he mtro-  nieaiis  of .whei tlseiitcnts in*.erlcl    111 ,       .    ���������        ���������  . ...        ,, .,     ���������, ,  .       .dined     tint    yeai      ur   parhanwnfc,  a    Palria     HahanaJ  tho    I ���������. r������ .,.     m^ ^       ��������� ,;  Ucl Canada ' two newspapeis pt>*^sj��������� I ^ ^ ^ ^  ed 111  the Italian language  in    ilon- I        . .      . . -  ,    ,   ,     , ,  ,  ,       -.   ,   i*-o'iitiv under false   rcpresontat-otic  Heal     winch he foiwa.ik.l  to    Italy |j ^ i0���������owih,,.plovisiol, {lom  ivul MiroujJ, tlie a������*|,taniT ������i  steam-  Bi���������  (Nq    m)  o| Uiafc' ycar  ship  agents ���������i Italy  w.U, whom    he     >tKmy t  ^   j       m  ^  eoiiespomled on the  subjee 'af,       ftn  t] ft[    lne        ose Qf  Ur. Burns and Mr    Cor.losm weio ^ OI j      the  ,lUbl|cat,on  most intimate in the Healing** ;ii con-  ���������,  ���������:,.���������..-..<.^..   1 ,     1..   *       ���������, .  ... , .-,.*������������������  circulation,  hv advertisement    or  nection  with   the employment or   li-  ���������<.,���������.,������������������������������������   ���������,       "    .   ��������� .���������������������������  ������������������    ' ,        othei.wise, ui   a   country   outside   of  al.au lahoier,.     Jh.s  was  so notice-   CW(|ffli  of falj(e  10pi0SeiUiltl0nJi    as  able as  to cause ad.c.s,. criticism o.  to   lh(j  opportuilllies ������or einplo������mn0  Mr. Burns, ,t   being claimed by some ln-Canjl(la   >0, as  u{ {lui     sta{e    of  that'he    was     fjianciallv   mtcrcstind  .,     , ,        ....        ,, -   -   * -".    ',  ;,,,,,*, . ,        the labor matket in Canada, tiitend-  witb     Ali���������(-ord������".seo  in  the   employ-     ,     ���������     .    ���������; .   . -*-  1    *    cd  or adaptttl  to encouiag<> 01     m-  WHOLESALE Mi 8000S  VICTOMi, B. 0.  HILBERi  Dear Mother  ���������>.^'yp-&f*'trvrj:-rrJp. Y*.-;.-1^-^  UNITLD   ANCIENT      ORDrii   OJ-  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove  No- 4 -li. A. 0.  i  .Meets   in the r O   0 .F   Mail, I 1.  ilysmith,    the   Second   and     Fourth  tTeilnesdaj .*������������������ of /each   month, eommpr  isg iVciinesday, l?dh., 1905.   ���������  V'sJting Druids     are invited  tr   ���������>  lend.  - By Order  WM. R A FT-ER, Reef See ������.*.  VATRICK  BTIPK.  N   A  NOTICE  From     this  date  the  undersigned  wll!  not be  responsible  for any 1n  debtedu&ss     Incurred except on      ������  written orher signed'by-the secretarv  Rowland  Machin.  v  r  KXPr.oRATfON & DTCvrcr  OPMRiVT CO.. LTD  Nod Personal Lfahil'tv  Vtctotla, B. C, May 18th, ������������0I,  Your little ones arc a conttant care in  Fall and Winter .weather. They will  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i  ; Consumption Cure,' the Lung Tonic, and  what it has done for so many ? It is said  to be the only reliable remedy for all  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  sniLon  Tin's remedy should be in every household.  ������i J.������i   aCMBVirfw*������^fc~,  DAY  SCHOOL  Usual, subjects/.taught; also fan  guage^; drawing in pencil -and crayons, paiut ng in oils and water col  ors, pianoforte &nti vocal lessons gl?  en in classes or. individually.  UISK   BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B   U.  Synopsis of  Canadian Homesteat)  Regulations  Any available Dominion Laud*,  within the Railway Belt iu British  Columbia, may be homesteaded hy  uuy pei sou who is tlie sole head of  a family, 01 any male o\cr e ghlet-n  yeais of a^e, to the extent of onu  quaitor section of 1GU at *,������-., more  01   lesb.  lOntry must be made personally at  the local kind othce foi the district  in   which  the land  is  situate,  The homesteader is required to pei  foun   the  conditions connected   Iheie  with ..under    cine     of  the    following  plans:.-. ���������,���������  (I)'At least six months': residence  ui'on and cultivation ' of ��������� the land iii  each year for  three years.  (2) if the father, (or mother, if the  father i.s deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, lhe requirements as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing will-,  the father or mother.  (;*) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owiir  ed by him in" the vicinity of his home  stead, the-requirements as, to residence may he satisfied by resilience  111*011 the said land.  Six 1110111110' notice in wrili.,'.  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 foi  anthracite. Not more than. 320  acres can be nQfcfluired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate, of ten cents per ton of 2,00''  pounds shall be collected od the  i|ross output.  W. W.   CORY,  Deputy of (lie Minister of Interior  ci ed        I  agree cnlnr-lv' v.ith   the'dy.      The     most  eminent physician  pirgrtssivc    umnigralion ' policy    oi can   not   prescribe  a lief tei  prepaia-  Hms rovcirument,   -uul   I   telievc  that tion      for colic   and diauhoea,  both  ihs  great   piospeiltv of  the  eouutiy foi   children  and  adiills.     The'   imi.'  at  the present   time is  due   t0  thai (<,",���������,    c,,/.r.i-yc    ~i     n                    ,   h  '                                .       " 101 in    success    of     this 1 empty   has  piogressi\e  1 o icv      1  e.specia lv   be- <.,���������,.,���������   f ,     .      ���������������������������   ���������*  ILne    that   it   ,s  the Drilisl.    m���������mi- ^'  H             f "t^ ^ *"   ������lh"  8iant.. who  ousht  (o be induct   to ''"J.   ���������Z?' T       T   I**���������' '  come  to   this count.v,  and  it   is-.m-' 'IZlt ' ,?      ' *"* ^***"?'   "  1   21   4     1.      ,                ��������� pleasant    to  taKe.        Every' faimlv  p rtant  that  when  he comes'hero he !,,���������,,,  ,            ,.   ,     .���������   .   -           J  ii.t    .-      ii   , should  lie supplied  with  it   Sold  in  s.tould'Tcali'/c that e\ety  icprcscnta r-,,!,-���������<���������-,*,������- x*U                                h  t,      .    j    >.    , ���������*                   ' iva/iysmith Pharmacy.'  tion   made  to  luni  in  icigand   to Ids  /__          ,  future home is  tine, aii'l that is why ..     .      . .  "       ,���������  I am     asMn; the  House to    adopt ,  Montnw - ^'  1S~A  ^ndon cab-,  this   ifisohiMon      Now,   we .have r������i- ' Sai'S   ,,mt U,nl  stl'ahcoim 8IVC">'  son   to   heheie  that this   ,CSoluti-ti omPhaU"  **������"*    ^0������������     slatement^  II adopted   bv  the Ttouse   will   have-������''    ?r6sl������"  ,J(l0''t'  tlie   P11*-*1*:    <"*-  auiy     iinr-ortant cftcct upon     tlie c""nts   commitletf  at   0tta"'a  IiVcsent administration  in     England t<i"lay.   *'���������**���������-  *-1'*- _FJ S'1   Commission-,  As   hon  'memheis aJl2 aware, a^m'aii cr   had   admiltecl~  that   the      h-.toi  who'lias  been deeply    intei'ts'te'd    ~iii s-tolun nom Vri'-ton has ben tiaceil  the gieat cause of laboi  a,n'liis, life to '*is ofllce-  is-r.t  the head of   the lal-or depart- . '-^cver,  nevei.'"   said Lord  Starth"  PCTi'  cf  1he   Rnti*-b gove-rnnient     at conn.   "neiLher unofficial I-.,  oihciallj,  t'le  ii.s-nr   tin>e   a'lid I have'"eviery *o-" perfcoirally. am  T* aw are that On'   -  uasin   t<i ("elic-c  that  if these, rep-'filths, his  sccrctai \ c\er  hail    lcilcis  ,      ���������         111    .'  n..o   ,.-nc.   .io .                              i        41       i*'"^11    i"  n inii'ii*   ui.ii   11   int-se ���������   iei>-   imi".->, mo   -.k..*....   nicnt of  si-eh  laboieis   this  was ile- .               <0 ,-etcr or   prevent,    the           ,  ,.                             ���������      - J                  ,          , ,        ,���������,���������������������������,. ,. vi-os-  1   -      14.1-.,       i���������   .,,,-   ni*,,*in-,    Mr '                u-,1^1    ������    h           '            Itascntations     aie  pioperlv  mads to   obtained   11.   ms.1i  a   man 11 "i   as 1 1-.-5  nicd -bv  bo'n      In  my  opinion,  Mr im,nilmatioii' into  Canada ci persons..                                 ,     .'��������� 44               .��������� .������  1.  1  ... .<,~i  ^.   ai.   <������4M-i,i.i-.<������*<- ���������,������������������",���������i-la*',",-    "*"             'l           ,         him,    he    will    use lus influence to    ten asserts  Ruins  had  contiol ot   ������i   Loifuastos   ,esl(ient   m  that     country, or     who           ..    _ r        . , - -^ ^   actions and  was well  awaie  of  s ims  that   weiie  being   paid   by  16 dois anything in  Canada foi  thepm- I  M"'  ^ ���������'    41,.   I  Uie  the  pose 01     causinu;    or piocunti"  men vmploved t<u   lire Canadian    P<a<-  Con.n*Un~cation  to  any     iesident    of  cif.c  Railway  Company as also     for  the pio\isio;is supplied, but instead  of peunliun the collection of thefe  ovlottionate sums, hc lefused *lo iji-  t'-neie when id.]nested to do so  JMi Ruins (tatcs that., in December, 11)0.",, be was told in Nic*w Yoik  bv an ascent that 10,000 were irei,jg  bioupjlit into the coimfiv for tho  G1.111I Trunk Pacific Railway, and  that he believed this to he the fact.  If he veie so niioimod, he could, lli'y  inquiry and"the use of the most or-  d nary inielligoiicc, have a.swtti.i/inod  t'ns to 'be a false statement W'he-  thei it was hi eoiisc'(iiencc of tins  statement or not, I\Ir Coidasco appeals to have mt that tunc coinimc'u������  ed Ins ciy.uts* as. alio*.e di-sciib-ed to  o'ltain 10,0(0 men and this without  haviiiig any airiccnwni with the Canadian Pacific Kailvviav Company or  a ly other employlMs of laliot I' it tlic  '.mplovmcnt of men.  "In my   opinion, he so flfk. 1    with  tl*e Lnowledge   Wial   fhc*e mt n   nujrt  apply   lo   him  befotc  o'jtam.ng     ejn-  I'Kynunl  on    the    Cuudian   Pacific  Railway.    T:iid    with     the oih]ect. of  torn; elline,    Iheui     to  |,u   him     the  laic,!'   'urns   it   is  shown  \v leccivcl  The hon   memU'i   fioni  St    James,  Montreal   (Mr.   Oervais)   was*    called  ,upon  to  ei e.  evidence  before      that  fio'tiimissioo, and   I quote, the  follow-  iiig' rrom . that  lion'.'. ������������������;eiitleiiiai'i's   tf*s-'  timony:  Mr. fierwu's, M.V., in his evidence  stated:  sucji countiv of uny false tepresenta-  tions are tJieieaitei jiuSihshed, cir-  ciilated or communicated, be gtuIAy  01 an offence, a1 id lia-jfo, on sununei jf  coon iction before two 'ustices of the  pence, to a penalty of not moie  than one thousand dollars and not  lcs.s than fifty dollatl*. for each of-  fe*icc."  That  was parsed hy  the House   of  Commons  in the ye.it   1001, but    it-  was   not  put    thiough thc    Simate,\  so lhat  it was  not enacted into law \  The matter - was,    bowcvier, of    too,  great  importance to ibe  lost sight of  and  the following  yeai   the clause o[v  the Bill dealing with finudulint tep  1 escalations  was   intiotluced in     the'  House as a  separate iiioasurc by the  lion,    member    for  Cunvbeiland (Mi  Logan-) under  the  title'  'An Act iL>s-  1 citing false representation to induce.  01   deter  immigta,tian,'  and  th*   Act  is'now  upon  our  statute  hool-s      It  looked   as   if pnrliamciit. ,J>y    passing  t'ns      Act     Jiad     mie<     the    evil ef-  tcctively,    and    so     far    as    fiv*.i'id-  uleut     icprc'sentati fls     made 111 this  country .   are     concerned,      1    think  t'.he moasuie h*'-. been, and will prove  efkctne        Occuriencrs  vvhicli    have  aiise-i t'ns   yeai, hovvmei,   hav.o    de-  liionstfated' that    unless  the'.purpose;  of pailiaiiicut  in   passing     this     Act  is  to  be defeated, v.ome further    action  is    necessary      ti prevent    tlie  means   that,   arc being   taken  by certain  jiarlic-s  to u.e.**p,e  the    provision  of the  law.       WithTiu the  past     few  ���������''*������������������������  Public Notice  Attention Is called to  'he   fact tnat tltt '    '   -T 1  Ogiivie Flour Hills Co    Limited,  makers of   ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      hare for some  *imt  Past been producing flour In a   vastly  improved  a'*.d   pari 1  '   '*rro  by the aid of r.LECTRICIT\  and hiving secu'ied control   ot   all  tie basic patents relitinr t.1"--  to, take'this opportunity of a  dvisin---   the  public  that  aii\   imautli-  'orizt'l users of the electrical    flour  purifying processes   wif   *- ir-*-  ���������eciited  Ogilv-a Flour Mills Compaiiy Limitei  are tho only millers in Ceaada -whose    FI >tir is y  !' p 1 ific d by -the E'ectric Process ^  EBMSJKiaBBHl ,1"     '  "The class of inunii.:rants that months we have had an ir.s'lance of  Canada wants 0* lie brout'hr, here, bow a large number of rcspcetaiblo  are picked up by the jiroper officials men have been lrawlulently induced  of the llominlon e-overninenl, by the to leave their'homes in England--  proper a^ent of our government, and many of them to sever all the, as-  1 do not: rcco/'inize (be rifihi of owy soe.iati-ons they 1 bad in the ol>l lamul  private individual to speak in the j���������and have been brought to Ganada,  name of t'anada to' the foveis;n hi- in the belief that their future pros-.  ,liorer, and iirhicei them to conic here, peels would ^;e'im]'rbved, only ���������' i),  \\e have cur proper ollicials, win, ' find ���������that they had hem criminally  will not deceive the foiyign laborer, deceived and had in reality heeii  aiwl ooiiKcciuoiitly. 1 would say that hroug.fit. to play 4;he di������!lionoi-a^le  th.ese privatv enterprise!; bringing 'pari of 'ir.cn who vvene to take the  1 oor men   to Canada sho'ild be check.'position'    of     others   in  their,    own  .1  GAIEOONIAN''  U;  In porous glass,  wh*nli   is.mia.de   111  France, th.e holes  are so small   that  neither dust nor draught    can.   enter  land  yet ventilation is said to ibeex-  cellient.  Leads Them  TN  QUALITY  R. P. RITHET,  & CoM Ltd  Pacific Coast    agency.  VICTORIA, :-: :-: ���������--  .���������: :-*B.C  trade who were conduct'in-i a peaceable strike. Tne I-Hoes'", i*? familiar  with the case to which I have reference., For some months past the  printers of Canada have been seek-  *��������� 1 * ing to establish the cifriit-hov.r' day,  r\l".and a peaceful strike wa-s procoe'd-  ing in Winnipeg, when >;. nKin namod  Brtinn'ng wa.s sent to England by  the Employiers' Association to indu'c.p,  printers to come hei*e,'with a view  of breaking up that strike. It is  true that, the Act passed by this  parliament last session,, at the instance  of my hon. friend  from Cum-  JIEM^M^'   Youcan shake  '/.I 11\\\\w- ���������" dQwrr..a ." Sunshine"  furnace without getting  covered with ashes and dust���������has a  dust flue through which all the'dust  and ashes escape when you shake  down the fire.  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This morning's Herald says:  Sonic   person,   which   for   want      oi  a   more   appropriate   name,   we >   will  For more than twenty years Mr. J.  13. Massey, of 3322 Clinton St., Minneapolis, Minn., was tortured by sciatica, tlie pain and suffering which  he endured during this time is beyond  comprehension.     Nothing   gave  him any permanent relief until he used  Chaj-aibcrlain's  Pain  Balm.      One  Boys'  Clothing  LION-  BRAND  )    Bi    U.    I  atn;. Prop. I  t      MANUFACTURER OF     |  [ Carbonated Bever.-ijjes, - ������  i Ginger   Beer     J  i t  \ Fruit Syrups |  i ' P.   O.   Box ,24S !  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'J'lit' party guilty of such un  act, should if apprehi'iidud be. made  an example of. fot* we Know of few  ti-ieanei* acts 'than thai ooinniittt'd  by Lhe yuilty P-rrly referred lo a-  bo\-e. I\rr. Jfewton says if tlie culprit will call today lie will j-ivc  him a rose hus*h to mati-h the cine  stolen  away.   o   riOME-STAYING HEN DEVISED.  New York. ��������� Charles Spencer, of  Newton, N..L, has been troubled by  his nei^-h^or's chickens scratching in  his garden, so he set to work to  ".devise" a hen lhat could not  scratch or wander away from ill-;  own yard.  After (lis'couragincnts he claims lo  haw* j rod need a iiiuniher of hens  wilh one log shorter than the other  by the crossing of Plyiwmlh Rocks  and bantams.  These    hens,    be  asjiwrls1.   have     a  right  leg  six   inches  long and .a left,  leg   but  four.     They  are unable     lo  wander   any idisl.iiice   fiom   lhe coop j  owing    to    their   innHiiiljIy   (o     take  j  steps  of   Lhe. saiiiu;  length.      Instead  they   walk   around   in   a  circle.���������Bos-  Ion Herald.  Minard's  Liniment,   for  sale    evrev-  where.  UDBNTI "OPERA WI  D. Nicholson, Manager  T wo  Nights   Co m in cueing  effected a permanent cure. If troubled with sciatica or rheumatism,  why not try a 25-cent bottle of the  Pain Balm and see for yourself how  {���������'uicl-ly it relieves pain. For sale hy  the Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Mens' Hats  ���������CHRISTY  STETSON  "Nuf fed"  These  lines  can   be had   from  Walter* &  Akeohead  *������������������������������������ *������������������������������������<>��������������������������������� ���������������������������+���������  %  Coal     Oil   Ergi, es  ���������  ��������� f-or l.aunclic'j, l-i'shlng Boats. Etc.  |  Stationery Engines  ^ .     for all Power Purposes  T Simple, l:coiiomical, Reliable  ��������� ' '  ^ -Absoliilelv no danger,  S h Electric Spaders or flat- t  i ' *  X teries  t  J to get out of order.  T     W.-ltp us for Particular.)   X       Rochussen & Collis  J   7 Yates St.  Victoria, B. C  ��������� , Machinery  Agents.  ���������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ###|^  We are showing a New  Range of Lav/n Waists,  De-  '    signed  after   the New Models   so largely worn  in vNcw rYork            65c 'to' IX  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a  ��������� -  FOR  ?  i  Qet Your ?  r  AT  rc soon mi  Largest Assortment  in Town  .������������������.������������������������������������.������������������..������������������������������������..������������������-���������-.���������..������.^-.������..������..*..*..������..  >���������������������������������������������"���������"���������..������������������  A RANO10 Ol'1���������  Up-to-date Suiting  now on sale at;    .  TAISANQ & CO.  15C  Cw't St., Victoria,   13.  0.  l-ADIHS' aiul OhJNT'S  St> Iish  Clothing  RIADR TO ORDER*  Worlc-nianshijJ   Ci martin Icctl. -  Uo.v   0J7  FOR SALE  Twelve  head .of   cows   and Milk  ;oute.    Apply l*:  O. I,ox 99.  Tennis Gocds  Lacrosse   Sticks   AND   Base Bail Outfits   WRITE   J. BARNSLEY&GO.  VilTORIA, B. C.  We carry a FuliLinc of-  m At tractive iStyles and at Interestig Prices  S1M( N t E1SER& CO Ltd'  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������###  : Granita and Marble Works  WANTED  The Pioneer Steam Laundry of  Vancouver want n  number of-���������  Worn n akid Girls  to work at their plant. The work  is pleasant, hours sport and pay  good. AppLY  PIONEER STEAM LAUNDRY  VANCOUVER,  B. C  -   4   *+-44-*-+4  may,  i  Mom's Company 1  io the I Great Eastern Successes' I  -Friday Nighl-  -Saturday-Niii-ht-  9i  11DOL'S PII"  !f  PRICES-  25c, :i~>c, and a'le  Children   I5e.  ^������^W������WtVt. ������11 if ������11 f t f I ft ft it M VW^W^  ���������     A Good cup of Tea is always Acceptable gj  It has been .Our AIM to give Our    CUSTOMERS    Tea    that  i.s  :agrceahlc  to the taste,   and we  have  succeodeil  in   seeurin������; three  of  the  Best   Ceylon Teas  in   the 'Ifarkcb These are  DRAGON, RAKWANA, DECKAJULJB  FOR THK NICICvST 1  Ice   Cream |  Milk Shakes, Soft Drinks |  Candies, Fruits- Tobacco ���������  Cigars,   etc. 4  CALL 04\ .' i  I W- L- CARTER, I  FIRSTA   VENUES I  I'arlors for Private Parties. J  I.  I MOTICK.'   I, the iinflorsiyncd .lane McMillan,  ailininisl.ratrix of John Ilujjh .McMillan, deceased, Jiereby give notice  that I intend at the next sitting of  the Board ol License Uonnnissioneis  for the district of Soutlr Nanaimo,  to be liohlen at Lailjsmith on the  15th day ol" June, lUllli, to make application to that honoiable body foi  a translcr oT the hotel licenses lo  sell intoxicating lil-uors under tlie  provisions of thc Statutes on lhat  ���������behalf, in ihe picm-iscs Known and  described as the Tunnel Hotel at  [^������������������tension, British Columbia, from  the sard Ji.hn lluj-h MclMillmi to  Alexftiiilei   J.   -SiciMillan.  ���������IA.NK  i\Ic\LILLAN,  Adiuiiiistialrix oi John' I high McMillan.  Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at thc  lowest prices "consistent  wilh first class stock and  workmanship. ' Write for  caialoguc.  -    ,      A.   STRWAWT,'  MS Vates St. Viclorla  B.C  Notice  A. HOWE, bf CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  (HARKE T lately    run   by uW.. Ward, on Robei ts strce  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  PORK AND SAUSAGE A 5PEC1ALJY  A Trial Solicits  A. HOWE,- ' PM0NE 2(l  >���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  SmoKe Hig I'.. (.'mars  I    RAYMOND& .--.SONS |  S ���������Dealers  in��������� I  g  ������������������ Lime,   Plaster  Paris,    Brick, |  IP'ire Uriclc and  Vancouver is- |  land conienl. j?  g   3  Pandora St.  Victoria B.C. ,*?  ffiafj^^E^^SsSS^figSi^^������.  BARGAINS IN WATCHES  I   We have.marked  iu Plain Figures the Prices of  our���������   |  1  Waltham, Elgin and other American Watches !  I M a Great Reduction���������Gall and sec them  I  _    FORSALE  Eggs from Pure fired Stock  All Birds Trap Nested  No inferior Layers.Kept  Barred, Buff and - White iWks  While Wyaiulott.es, White and Brown  T.cj-horns.  $1 Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  K.  STRWART,  Boy 2C8 Ladysmith, B.C.  Goods  Just arrived���������the best line -of-  ./  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  Bats,  Gloves, Etc.  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  u/.  Q.  prase r  Merchant  I have just  received a- shipment ol  Hills'  High Grade  tlVfiLISH TOBACCOS  and  CfhAREllFS  a I ilic   DR UG  STORE  *m  JmX m,  Y/M  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits    Ma'de to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  PICTURES CIV EN AWAY  :  Each a Work of Art  FIRST AVENUE  B. FORCIMflER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  LADYSniTH  .������������������5S3^*..,'33-S---.S4^  a  Only One Quality���������Only-One Price, 50c. Lb.  5 Pounds for $2.25  __im__l���������iMWWi"   TIlllWIMWMM ��������� ������������������������������������������������������I ���������iiimiiiujij  ���������"������������������',''.'  '      Our specially packed Arba Ceylon Tea is a leader��������� ��������� 5ofd in  Five Pound Boxes at $i. 75  SEE OUR WSH80W  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������, ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^v^^^^A*^  A    We have a nice stock'of^-���������^ ' ���������- %  I  Lamb, rXiition.  Pork and Veal  For Saturday������������������*������^^  ���������  W������^������MtW������Wm WMMMMVUMK*.!. 11��������� ���������    illlllOfillB  BLAIR  PANNELL and PLASKBTT  ^ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������<>��������������������������� ������������������<  Now,i.s Sprinp; cieaii.iiin; time. C04it  your walls with  Church's Afabastine  Will not nil)   on".    A perfect and sanitary wall coating, sold in  50_& 25c. Packages  Als0 paint j'our woodwork    with  "Pyramid Brand''  or Paints.    The best  in the market  only  $1.75 Per Gallon  _  We also carry a  large line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,     Brushes,     Window Glass,  Room anil Picture Mouldings, cte.    -.  Try a  gallon.of ou't  Granite   Floor Finish  to  'preserve  your  LLnileums.    "Bring  vour pictures to  be framed  to  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Save Your  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  and in exchange for twenty-five, the B.C. Soap Works will give yon;  your choice of fifty beautiful  subjects.     Ask your Grocer for catalogue of Premiums. ^ || ^Ijl^jif-atai: ������JJfJ  B, C, SOAP  Plumbing and Tinsmithing  DONE  AT  Reasonable Pricts  .     /-��������� -���������ii-'���������   . ���������  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders a.t*lVerson's  Furn-  ture Store, or telephone No 5b.  LADYSMITH HOTEL   BAB i:  Having taken over the haV-rooiu of  the above hotel, we intend to .'run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends nnd the public in ganeral,  wc guaru^itee good   treatment  to all-.  R. 'Scott A. Smith  P'-  The aborigines of South America  nnd Africa consider . the guano, a  large lizard, a great delicacy. These  lizards nre not unlike a small cro-  i codile, but ure nidre unsightly than  that creature.  Dr.  Dier can be  found  ,it any time  at his oiiicft on Gatacre st.  His   de'**  tal   work  is   giarantee.il   to he  first  class and rates reasonable ai.  .'.',.-;


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