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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 16, 1906

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 .���������������-������=���������-*->���������-������ v���������*=-'  LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBi/  -*������H  ^^uKislat/Ve  The Ladysmith Daily Le  ml>.^lll*aigV*-������Jy ^jj  VOL.,*  WEDNESDAY  War Jfi,   FOI  PRICE FIVE  CENTS  Will BURY VICTIMS  Of VALENCIA  iii mm  Seattle, May 16��������� The bodies ol Ihe  victims of the Valencia wrick which  were unidentified and which were in  terred on the shores <ci Vancouver  Island will Lc taken up and brought  to Seattle lor burial. The movement io accomplish this was eliminated by Fred. \\\ Wcsl, of (his city  who took the matter up with^ dpi.  B.  W. Uell, of (he United Stales so-  BOBEBT JO IY  mm loose on  SUSPENDED SENTENCE  crct service.  Former-.Oov. McGiaw, president of  the Chamber of Commerce, was call  ed into, the consultation and promised ,the assistance of that hody ��������� to  ��������� tho full extent of his influences. Thc  matter was placed in charge of    1  A.   Nadeau    to act for  the ��������� Chamber  of    Commerce,      and,  in  acooidance  with the plans which* weie  foimulat  ed, Capt.  Bell will leave this  mom-,  -, . -,.        ,    ,,  -      ,,      '   .     .        ,        ...  , ���������     steam  cuimnR     thiough .the     valves  mg for Victoria wheie he will  tai> c .    .       .       ,7,       .,,-,,    -  .,    ,        ..    *���������   . .. - ��������� . I when heard   tne iii'-htwalcluiran coin-  up the    matter ot obtaining   permit     ' ,   ,      _.,,,, ,    ,  ,'      ,     ,      . ���������.       ..   /?   ' ..ing,-and  t'lriidl  the lem  hack,  lay  fox the disinteniient with  the olficia.1 ' '     }  ol British Coiiuuhia through the American consul  at that place  'I he ease of Robert 'Jolly, the lad  charged wit'i .unlawfully rnttifernigj  with a locomotive, was' re.siim.ed last  evening aftei an adjournment of one  week, Justices Mathescn and Stewart -picsitiing!    - '���������     ���������  '  Upon ,. court being declared'open,  Justice Matlieson asked Mr." Jolly,  on behalf of, his 'son,1, if he Ji nd any  evidence ior the defence to l*ul  in  Mi Jolly, rcphod" thai he had not,  beycnd lhc fact that he thought another toy was ' implicated, and had  not been brought up at all. .He re-  fcired fo  lheJBourne  boy.  Robott -folly, the lad charged with  the oJTc-ice,' state-1 that hc had merely climl ed * on the engine and pulled  fhe lovci, hut the locomotive did  not .start Then Bourne had said  "I'll show ybu how to male her  .go" and climbed ali������ujl He was  , throwing  over  the "throttle   and  ha:!  DISCUSSION AT CITY HALL "������  RE ELECTRIC LIGHTS    mm  STRUCK BY  BOLT Of  PNTEST  Various Questions are Asked by Rate-     payers Present, And the Meet-      MINE MClflOT  i  ing Lasis for Tw^rHours  Council Promise to Install Water Power  if Possible if Vote Favors Mu-       j  nicipal Ownership  sm she m  STRONG LP  i  The next step that ('apt.  Bell will  ake  will ibe  to arrange  with  -v F.   M   Munger,  of   Llie~"ie-enue  i in-*; all   the-blame o,'i the Jolly boy  The   court    icmaikell    thai/    while  these ilatenients might be   very (rue  .  .     ...   , , .,,   ,,    4   | Uic.y  had  no  bearing on The   present  take  will ibe  to arrange  with  Capt  I,.,,,,,   ������������������,,     ,,.   .,���������?,, ���������      ,,  *-* -     jcase, and     Mi    Matlieson then    pro-  ,     S(J1," jc ceded   lo    explain  to   (he  hov     the  wee,     to    have    jn, of  Ihe cullers   piousness of the crinie wit.h    which  placed at  the disposal  of  the    com- ! j|e w s  mittee having  the   work iii     charge  (    Okolcna, Ml*-.., May J6.���������Mrs. Hat-  tic Mcintosh, a white woman,    who  was recently arie&ted  charged   with  On    tlnce separate occasions     last   f|tiestioti    hi't that suiricient     water <-*omplici ty  in  the muidei of her hus  cvi.ii.nsr; in  answer   to|<|ircstion.s  May- cauld   l.e  seemed  at  Bush  and     Mc- "an<*  a,u-  w-10  I1*'**1 iond,    report-  oi   Nichnl-on, at  the puhlic   nieelin--  I.eod  ciects, and was  of the opinion  ������n   ��������������� lhe olTicer.s at  Okolona today,  ca'led  In   Ihe purpose of   discussing   t**a(   ji()\iiled a  coni.pany  was giant-  -hat last  night    anuniUi  of    men  oil a  franchise   Ihey   would   go ahrc.il   visited     her     house, took her ton  and  install a  watei power  jilant.        (tree and  threatened to hang hei  un-  Mr    Nicholson  slated   that hc was  less she revealed her alleged  acconi  also  of   the     opinion  that si'ihcicnt  plices- in tlie murder,  u-iatc- could  he Aecuiod, and it    was j   Mrs. Mcintosh says      she  declined  the  intention ot  the council,  piov'id-  to  talk,   whereupon she was     strunt-  tin- ilettnc     light Question,   iilrd;**':'  hiinscll     and     council to do  all     iu  -to pick the bodies up and bring  them either to (his city or foit  Townsendd, % where they can ,i,c placed  chaige-l Owing, however,  to the fact, (hat :il via-** the first  time Jolly had appeared in the police com I, and also t0" his extreme  youth, the court.had decided  (o   al-  on one of the regular heats a.*.l , low ,ll(111 to ^ on - sllspo���������������������������do(l SCI1_  .bought here. teiice     w,m.h  w&s  aCCordin Iv d  lb* plan  is  foi  an undo- taker and JJolly piomisi,     (b ���������,.eh.lVe himsclf-ln  several assistants -to go  fiom     Un&   fuinre.     \ ' ,  city  to the coast  of Vancouver    Is- * ^_   land,    disinter the bodies and   place' .. ,<, ���������"  '.:       ;-**���������"  them  at once   in  hermetically  scaled ,         MARINE   - .  eolfins As the graves arc sciattcied _S S Henrietta, whicJi Jirought in ,n  along .the coast l'oi a distance of five thousand-tons of cue M������jndavt is- slifj  or six. miles,   it  will  take some tinio   d'.sch.usring'al.tihe  Ti'ansfer'wh.uf  .t*i do this,  and  theie will   be    con  The" Georgian: and Kscort were in  sidcralnle^exrense   attached arid   foi" at the'bunker Rharvcs this'morning  this as yet, "theie hair ILecn no    pro-   for coal. ,:>~. ' * '      -  vision made. .It is possible iliat*a| ,The/(T,epie and .scow's tor>\ oil  public subscription may;be laised for about t'OO'tcns *6f ooal for the CP  that purpose. ,11., today: c  "  DESPERATE BATTLE  A r MALGOM ISLAND  Vancouver,     .May    Io���������Malcolm   '.s-   1 hoy      did    it'    without    having    anj  land    was  the  scene  a  low   days ^ ago  log*ai    pioeess    lo   aisLiiy    ilwir     ^'.,-  oi   a  most   Iji*ula 1   atteni]rL    by    loin*  Finns to sei/o ,a stoanior without ha/j  rng ony '*ight.  to do  so      A.s  a     ic-  'sult two men w-Jie badlj   Ijeafcn   and ! r'n-ns, hc-aded t.-. a speual   Constable  cut by pike poles   and pfen-s ol tun- :munocl   ']    3-"������'l"-.    riislied    down    in  ���������_���������     . ���������. I,.. ,    i tho   ������luu'i        rhov   weie  armed    with  oer,    but  succeeded   m    cuLtins-      tho I     ,  oiku polos and (.hunk*,   oi timl>oi* wi'h  (ion ' Chunilx'i*. and Mr. Craliatn  weie on the little stoamoi "ottinj*,  ���������.oadi   lo, dopail    when  a p.nLy        ol  land lines with an axe and "g*-jttin<;  tho steamer away. On Llie \ai*  down they struck the only lock in  Clio channel! and had to beach the  steamer and continue then* journey  m h. row boat to port, wheie they  caught one-of the regular constois  hound    for   Vanotiu-ei  One  of  (he  mon,  A.   Chambers was  running  a  small   mill   on   the    island  wludi they tned uj> d>i\i> iho two  wliite men into iho water Ohambor.s  ivas cut in tho Lack by tlie sharp  ^.>acl ou a pdvc poloil and nuiulecl  all o\er Graham liad the calt ol  his leg torn open I'roni knee to an-  i lc- and was also beaten l'-oin bead  to foot Chajiibois nia'ing'od to g*ot  lio'ld  of an axe   chopped  the   cabin.-.  .and.   having   fleam   uu,    Uioy       then  in pawners*,,-    with   C   Kva.is. They' ROL   lho   ,ow,   {UN<1V)    onK. "l()  m,lf.t  hadafall.ng-o.it   anti  Chmni>i s do- \ f(lHhoi.   l(iKns((;1.    on   ,,,  chle<l    to  lea*-o    the   island    on - '  fimall  stenmei   he  owned       1 fo  ������hj   down  *'   as   sta fed   above      The-      hud       the  ���������il'og- |C-aso  b.'forp  tlie  piovin ml   polico and  es that his former partner   egg-ed on  a party of Finns  money     to seize   his     sli-nnior  ���������ther'-they' were ���������nut   up    to   il  , Constnblc    Wolln-'oot   ol    Ali������i-(    Uav  lo  whom  he ow.'d   who  hfiq  bpw,   down   ,hni,  Wli  :*i*    attending  the .assizes.   ,w ill ,.lc-av������* at   once       to  or '���������investift'nle. .    :  OPERATOR COMMITS  -   TERRIBLE GRIMES  Atlanta, Ga., Alay .to���������Ci-azocl^by  (drink and .''disappointed in u lovo  affair, James >1. Clark-, a .tclogruiih-  operator,   at   tho   little      town of  Chaiub'lec, a dozen miles north oi  Atlanta late yesterday afternoon  ���������'in. less, than 2-J- hours killed one  man, seveiiy wounded three, others  slig'litly wounded a fifth nud oliibbed  fl. sixth with a .shot gun, sol. lire  to the home of one of his victims  and whe-n eucbihilered hy a posse  shot himseif   through   the  heart.  Clark,   who   came   some       months  ago    from .Uald.win,   Oa.,  paid   marked attention ���������������������������to the niece of   TO.     S.  Pursell,   but Was   disco urn god.       He.  'went       to  tin;      'Furscll    hcrno last  ���������lig'ht      and   dLMiiiuid<Hl     adiuiltniico.  which     was refused,'     lie set fire    l()  the kitchin and   when    TO. .S.    Pursell  and  his  aon     appeared   lo   tight   the  fln|-nfes, Clark firiki upon  Ihom,' wound  ing both.  Returning about  midnight     Clarke  piado anothor  attempt   to  sot     fire  lo the bouse and'when an atlempt  wa.s made to seize him ho .shot tt'.  S5..-Mask, station agent, in tho neck.  Clark then lied to Dun wood, about,  five'miles .distant where he arrived early today.. Pie went to the  store Of iS'ash & Chock and demanded iiiuiminitiou. The store people  had boon warned by loh.-plione nnd i*e  fused Ui sell the required cartridges.  Clark immediately fired, killing  Check with a bullet through  the heart, tie fired also at. Mr-  Nash inflicting- a dangerous wound.  He then ran to the woods. On his  way down iho railway tracks he  met wilh .1. t'olei- uhiv'n ho nt!-  ackod wounding- hiiti slightly.  Oflicc-rs wore roused at oneo rind o'fi-  cers ami hounds were put on tho  track of tho insane mnn. lie Was  seen in the road-way shortly after  noon   today   and   When   be  found  thc.i power to install a watei power system for electiic lighting provided the vote,today got-s m favor  of municipal-owned lights.-  Mayor Nicholson ,was elected to  (he chair, and after explaining' tin  puipose of the .meeting, asled if  theie were any present who wish d  to as'.c questions, evplainnig that  isorne ol tlie Aldermen were present  and he thought they would answer  all questions as far as they could."  Mi.' Win Beveiulge ,sa*d he thought  lhat most of those present wanted  to lnow what liiiwl of'a plant, pro-  \ideil the vote- toiay went in favoi  of ;i municipal ownership, the eit>  would  install���������Waler^or steam  The Mayor repind on ,toVilt ot ,'un  self and council that if it nf all  rossil-le to secure suflrcient watei, a  water plant will he put in. Not  i.nly was, it cheaper io-opeiate, but  it wits., he believed, much easier to  1 or row money on a water powei  plant than on a steam jrroprsftioii  rtowere--'-"it'-was ltlie"wish ."of tlie  couiuii to secure the pinion of the  puhlic on the matter.  Residing the 'grantiiDg of a fr,ni-  flnse, piouded the vote favored that  waytof installing a phuit, the .Mayor said that he supposed many people would like to know the policy  ihe council would adopt in gnamting,  oi acceptrng terms with any such  company It was, he believed, th j  intention to giant hut veiy little  in the way ot guaranteeing to take  so many lights for f-trect purposes,  etc, as it would be -bournl to raise  tlie laves if the council luud to pay  t.e\oral thousaiud dollars per year,  and he was* of the opinion that tav-  es  wor,-  at  present high fnougli  Mi Nicholson slated that he had  some (inures ai*d ostinules of cost  of binning electricity which he had  obtained in Vancou\er, but thev*  v.eic liguied out on a killiwat  lioiu b.isi������ If anjo-no prtsc-ntcould  exi-lan to the meetin-gi thc exact  meaning ol a liilliwnt hour, an:l re-  iluce it lo' plain ^nglish, he would  like thorn to do -so. Hc undeustooi  lhat 111. Krasei was in a | osilaon  to cvplain, and  asked   him  to do so  Mr Frsfscr, m reply, statud that  he wa.s no expert on electrrcity b\  any means. What he lud ascertained on the suhiecl hid Leu ineiely  (oi his own sutislacti li, a"I he had  learned a.s much about the question  as he could with the idea of Lei rig  able to \otc intelligently on the  mat-lei lie thought thai as the  council bad been discufS-liig tho mat  (ei of electiic lights- ever since  their teims of office had commenced  some five months ago, they should  he in ii position to .give fioine explanation, of the electrical terms, nnd  cost of burning,��������� ic.tc.'  Mr. Wm. Hevoiidge slated that he  had road .something' in the paper-  yesterday .afternoon, in the report of  tlie coiiiicij meeting of Monday night  in which it, staled 'that Mr. Nicholson bad had some conversation with  the Chief Commissioner of Lands &  Works, Mr. Green, regarding obtaining riehts to Hush Creek. He asked  ���������the Mayor to tell wJia-t occurred at  that interview.  Mr.: Nicholson replied to the etfect  ���������that he had aslooid Mr. Gr-een if it  would   he    pos'-ible  for   the city     to  id the people wished a municipal-  owned plant, to at once secure ^\n  expert lo mate a thoioiigh examination of the watei supply, and ascertain il a .sulheieiit supply was avail-  al/le.  Air U Fnxcimmei askel the jtfa-y-  oi if the council, an a body, weie  ti favoi ol a municipal-owned plant.  Mr. Nicholson loplied that so far  as he was concerned personally, lie  was in favor of such ownership, and  he 1-h-jiight (he whole council weie  m favr.r of il. lie spoke of the  cost of lighting rr the plant wcia  ouued by a company, and was of  tlie opinion that the city would save  much money, and \eiv likely ma'-e  some, by installing then own machinery.  -Mr. U'm. I'laite*. wanted to lnow  what amount of the present taves  weuJd be a,Vaila,We 'for use in fiayii'S  a company for lights, and as'.ocl if  the pirscnt  taxes   would  le laised.  Jlaj'oi N.iiholson leplied that at  present he thought taves were a*?  high as lhe/ c.nild be stood, and he  ll'oueht the council would cert am l\  ha e to lake a stand on the ftues-  tiou piovcd in* a company were lo  install electricity, and avoid immii,;  ta.xo,  Ml .Jchn Hickic, who hid airiivd  late :;.( the mreting, upoa being c\a'l-  ed upon to gi\e his opinion, -epli ,\  that a.s* he had not heard what hai  (eeii discussed before he ,arii\ed, he  ���������"ould not speak lnsardnig opiinons  whic-'h had ,ilie.ndv keen ovpicssp.l.  However, while in puncifal he favored municipal ovnouslup, uiwler the  ciicimslenees, \lC Ihou^ht that a  omp.iny-oivncd plant would be most  advn.ablc at pies?nl If at soine lu-  luie t'liuc the cily vvisbod to own  the plant they could do so bv iwr  clKusing at a 'l(\ ioi cent, advance  flovievlcr, he was open to eonvic-  ticn Al any rate, ho wa-jicvl el-  fH.*tiie lights, ar.(I wanted them badly-  All. Fiaser nsl cil Mr Dickie if he  had considered (he fact thial if a  company owned the plant, it would  i/C nrcssai} ti) raise the taxes in  ordei to meet t'Jic guarantee of taking a certain amount (if stieet light  which the eity would have to give  All Fi.sm thought .it would iai.se  tic laxe-; liftv   | ei   civil.  Mr Mitkle replied thai he did imt  cue il be had to pay moie, he  wanted lights, and the whole city  needed them However, he id id not  think it would .be' :ije.ci:ssary to raiso  the laves, as he, understood that certain parties had offered'to install a  plant-unconditionally.."  ���������.Mr. Bcveridge thought that Mr.  Biclclc had. by-en wronrgily informed, as  no. company would install a-.-plant  unless the city would guarantee to  fake a certain percentage of lights.  He asked Mr. IJickle if he himself  would put, in lights without any  guarantee  whatever.  Air.. Bie'vle re;iliod that if heWere  in the light busioess he thought that  he WYfuld. He had iii his business  always done fairly well. He had  put in his goods without first, asking anybody    to guarantee  to     buv  up for several sicomls  Upon being lovverwl io the ground  she still refused to answer questions  after which, bhe declares, she waf.  s-trung up a second time, and when  the rore was taken from her neck  she haaid Ji'r assailants announce  that she was dead. Her tody was  earned into the woods and left thpre  The woman said she levavfed and>im-  mediatelv came here to tell h?i  stoiv.  i   U^ktreai, May    15.��������� The wrostlnnf  match   between   Frank    Gotch      'and  iVitro hon*. last  night was      maikcr.'l  by    ritous     scerww    culminating-     :n  police uiterfpranco   afte-r  tine   wres 11-  ii-s  had been on     tho  mat  an licir  without eitluT scoring a foil.  Tietro  is the    PxmsiVn who dorejvted ihe Am  oi-teau vduring   a   toui*nsra*.ent       here  fin April      Gotch startwi to      rougln  it  up early in the bout,  digging his  I nuc'klcs in-to  F'ietro's   throat,     pal  ling- his mustache and provokdiig   re-  lal������ator>    smashes   Irom  the      IJnf'  isien.     Half a    do/cn  times  Pieti ol  left tho nnjj but was each time    induced   to come baek.   While the'wro*  tiers alternately    made   claims      at  i  louling, the ciowd at the ringside  ' ept coining over on to tho mat  cntil the 3,000 *spectato-*s hi ihc  body of tlie hall were divided into  two wildly partisian faction^, tlie  I'^n^-lish poition choermg for. Gotch  and the French, for Pietro. Jlefoi'e  ���������Hulj-chic-f of Policu 'Lamouche stop-  |{Kd  the bout, the sub-chief and      ;u  Toronto,  May 3 5.��������� Woi d im^   1 t-i-n  received in the   city from ,  '-VU ���������ntl-ii  station   on   lhe  Q-raiui  Trunk .Vorth  Bay line, that two section man <.*   .e  struck  )>3'  lightning- and  anothor   it-  Allan   had  died   oi   injuries   -aceived,  and another is m n dangerous    c-c n-,  dition.        One story says the     m> n  were  running- to a lumber yaid     n,i*  shelter when thfy weie struck,   V.hile  another report says'   they  vc-c conveying-  rails       when   the      lU-hinms  struck thein.  o'jtain   rights  on     Bush   Creek,   slat-l Ulf,m' aI"1   lle ������>o������S'������fc *������������������*"���������  Boveridge  had  done  (he .same  in    his business.  himself   surrounded'' ��������� lf������    ended  wild  career by shooting.  ing thai it was at present looatod  ���������by some company, hut not in use.  Mr. Green had replied that as far  ns he remembered the .readin;; of the  act, the city could expropriate the  water rights for municipal use, even  if the present holders were using  the water.  Mr. Bcveridge thou spoke at sonic  length on the .-uestiori of instaling  a steam plant, expressing it as his  belief that steam would nev-er pay,  and -statiniT that he would have to  be first convinced (hat it would before he  would vol.?  in   favor of   the  his .citv  .,.,.,>     Installing a  plant- of that   na-  (ture.       He   thought there was    no  Mr. Bi'veridge remarkod that their  iliusine������sevSiwcrc. differoiit jiropositions  Mr. rjickle nor he were nit selling  electricity. Somebody remarked he  did not sec much difference in what  one of the gentlemen sold ami electricity, nnd after the laugh had smt*-  sided, Mr. Dickie, continued to the effect that he would like ]0]\te informed if the mayor had heard of any  company who would put i.n li|'/|yts un-:  conditionally.  Mayor Nic-hol.S'Vn reiilied that he  diad 'heard  of several    companies who  LIVES OF  lAlBSm  jnpoif  "Seattle, May 15.���������The Seattle Ta  coma Interurfcan Jimitetl train, which  left this city at Tour o'cL'l-k yesterday afternoon, vva*T wrecked forty-  three minutes later a mile west ot  Onllia, and owi -g to the-part played bv an eig-hteen-inch line p.ole several lives, at  Jea,st were sparer!  A   herd  of  a dozen    cows   diivei  and owned by a Japanese named G  Ike-la was the cat.se of the wreck  lie tned to dnve them across the  track before, the electric tiAin which  was behind time and runnings tiftj  miles an hour, to make up, could  overtake them lie miscalculated,  and the motor car stiuck the b-uneh  s'.uarelv, killing two cows outright,  and maiming another.  At the impact t-he tmotor car was  jailed oft the rails ar.d slid comei-  wise for nearly a htutdicti yaids ile  mg caught up aa I prevented from  rollrnr; with rts forty imn passeng-  eis bj an eightecn-inch pole. This,  Though it was snapped on fhoit,  stopped th? trajn, with tlic motoi  car swung a,l right angles to tlv  ttack and its nose in the ditch ten  feet below  the tiack  level.  Doth cats of the tra*ii wer������cio-wiJ-  t'd, the forward motor be nj the  smoker Boron I a few sprains no  one, was hurt.  The incident was giaphac.illy des-  cured by V E Scot ford, who is  Pacific coast ruttiiagei lor thc Quoin  Club He. states that not -i window vv-as' (broken in the train aJid  that the only damage suffered l*e-  si.desi the deruiilment was to the motors and  the/ gong  of  the motorcar  According io his    statement,     the  passengers of  the wreck were not'giv.,  en relief until  tiirec hours later.  ���������: o   ', 'THE MINISTER'S  TARTAN.  Englishman  .sitting   at the,  ringsule  lK-came entangled    and blows     were  exchanged   toefbie they were  'sepaia-  ted      The actual wrestling time   ������a*  only thirty minutes,  the rest of   tin  hour  taken  up in disputes  CZAR MAKES  PROMISES  X-RAYS SAVES  DOG'S LIFE  Li* I  New Ycik, May J6.���������All of Tot\  ajivious rhiladelphia friends will .W  cejoiced to ilkain that .she has midci  ^one a very difficult operation m  This city and ,her chances for rei'o -  erj are  good. c '  It should be stated, perhaps, that  Tot is " a thoroughbred Blenheim  *,paniel and moves in the very luest.  jircks of Philadelphia's bow wo������v  ,our hundred. She is the leader oi  iicr set, tlie possessor"of several  >Iue rihhoBS and a  general favorite.  But Tot has  hct\n  a great suflerci  -ind her case is likely to _ become   a  elrbiir+ed, one in'canine surgery   ,H<  s now  nearly  a year ago  that she  .egan   .to camplairi.       At fast   she  va^,treated for indigestion Ly several-of Philadelphia's best-| hysicians: t'-T^.  -Uisk -vra'iksi and: plenty  M   exercise , ��������� ,4;  veie pre)crihed,  but' that, treatment ~k"^  I did her little go������l -"'"-  v A  *rv|  ^ '"-il  sst Pelw-abui-g, Alay 15 ���������iii*-������i'-.  mojnI>fc-r oi thu .Lower Houho wa.s u.  km  place  when  I'resideniAlomoniseh  caJK-d   tlie house  to   order   at    three ���������   q.|,pn sj,^    was ^  t;i]CCji     t0       Hot  o'clock  this afternoon.    The    anenil- ,,c*jprin'-s. Ark, .aiwl leceived a, -regular.. ,.'a)S  U������rs of thi- cabinet with the '*x-  e*|������tion ol Premier G-oremykin *ai  v.*   l*.<." fiiini .rtrial benches.  .ti.e v.as a long wrangle over,  iho ipiesiion oi" parliamentary prn-  ctMdure, etc. So rules to govern  the hous<������ having l*een adopted The  addiess n reply to tho speech- from  the throne s>ays.  ���������It has pleased your Ma-esly in the  speech addressit-d to tue pL-oples-rep-  esentaci\es to express your detei-  minatio" to preserve the instita-  jiioiis whereby the pcoplo have been  Called, on to exercise legialath e power- in conjunct Ion with their monarch.  ������������������The pniliaineut regards the mon-  ���������relis formal projnise as a sure  pledge oi that consolidation and oi  ihe furthw de^ojfnciit oi order  and legislation m accord with a  strictly constitutional barn-*. The  house for its part \\ ill make ever*,  eflort to perfect thc principle oi  popular representation and to submit for your Maiesly's assent a Dill  relating to $uch reprcsentat ion Basing it, as was tbet umviumoualy ex-  preswd w*ill ot* thv people on universal   sua**agc.   o���������   NOVEL  ISSUE IN  MONTREAL   SUIT  Montreal, May 15.���������A novel suit  has been entered in the courts here-  The Montreal Light, Heat & Power  Company sought thiough t-lie courts  to avoid t-he puichase of the power  station at Bui-von Point which had  i.een purchased from ens Robert Tha  case had been decided in favor o/  Air. Robert, in the Privy Council in  the sum of' $375,000 and -.$75,000  costs.  The company now seeks to recover  the money from V. E. L. Porte-oii.*-  n directT of the company and a  leading business man in this city,  alleg-ing that he was resp.ons.iWe foi  the contract, and lhat' the watei-  power at Buisson Point was oi m  use  to the company.  course of  water baths, \vith a special  attendant     to    administer massage  She grew steadily worse and at last  devdored convulsions.    These attacks  would list    from    one to throe minutes'and  came at frerroient intervals.  Two "nurses" were with her consUvl-  lly, and  when hoi    condition   lecanii"  moie    alarming    it was decided to  take her   to a New York specialist  She arriyed heie three wee's .island, was liiirne^lly tat en to the of-  ���������ice of Dr D. S Johnscn, an-1 a consultation was held. With th- gieat  est care her case_ was stud red foi  tin e wccliS and fn ill- the X-iay  rt^s applied.  Ko doAt it was "the searching eye  of <le X-ray and the memoiy of  one of ithe nuise,s tlut saved Tot's  life Yesterday 'morning when th*  patient's condition seemed more cri-  tocal than ever, the physicia/n caMed  one of the ntuses to the bedside crul  .-pics-tioncd her closely ah to Tot's  eailr life. The nutse reniemccrad at  once, when Tot was small, *-he svval-  lowwl a lar'-ye r.'und, black bone of  button  "Ah,"' said the jihysician 1"Thei������,*������  light." Ten minuUj; later Tot was  in the operating room and a nuisn  was holding the chloroform mask teller little norc. When it was all  over the "Large, lotmd, Mack "mi-  ton" was lying on,the table Jjcsidy  the surgeon's knife. It was found m  her intestines Thc X-ray -discoid-  ed  it     Tot will  live  There is another case soon to 1 j  iccorded in the annals of dog sui-  gery in which science is almost as  deeply concerned, Thai is the ca,',o  of Mose, a Boston 'bull terror, ov\-ii-  ed by Mr. J. De Mot Thompson, ol  S,y. 20 Wett' Twenty-eighth .street.  Mose is aluo-proiiisncht in canine circles, aiid is .'of great value and' owns  bllie ribbons. Mpsc has a. weak,  heart and other complications, aiid  ���������he, too, is iiiid(i'goi*ig X-ray .treatment prior to an operation. Specialists in dog diseases are deeply interested in the two cases.  (Continued on Page Four.)  Every clan of Scottish Highlanders  had its own tartan, or striped colored cloth, of whicli the kilt and  plaid were made. It is not so well  known, however, that the clergy ot  the highlanders down to a -recent I  date used a tartan for their vveeksly  dress. The tartan of the clergy as  it was called, was a sober cloth ol  white, black and grey stripes. Mi������i- .Clcwlar-id, May 13.���������Tlw confer- to whei-e it was previous to lnat  isters who did not care to don the' e'-u'������ tetv*t,t>n ita-rinc Firemen and week when the arrangements ������������������ wc-i-0  kilt almost always wore  thc plaid oi   ropna-ontativo-t      of the    Lake   Can*-   .-eached  between   the  Lake   Carrie^'  iors'   Association,   which  has        been : Association      and   the lonj-fshoremea,  considering' the   question   of      wages 'which   resulted   in  a  resumption     ������-  for  the past two  days  unded  abrup-  tratltc.  tlj- late this afternoon, the marine 'President ; Li\ ingstone, of thel..''������  even at Church, aJicI firemen leaving ths conference and Carriers' Association said he oxpei-t-  to be acoornpaniwl .by a gallic, ot refusing to accept the proposed'ed this 'to ��������� menu that there, would  servant,  carrying-a ifcovv and    sheath   wriges. 'be  another    strike of longshoremen.  mantle   of this    material.     In    the  eighteenth cchtiry when the highlan  dors seldom, went unatxmed it was tfio  custom of some clergymen to    wear  ,s words  FIREMEN REFUSE  PROPOSED WAGES  of arrows. Nothing could 'better il  lust rate the distViThed state of those  times than this practice on the pari  of the men who were pre-eminently  preachers, of peace and universal  good will.  As  the  longshoremen,   tugmon.   oil-   The  break'off in negotiations, followers,   grain   scoopers   and   water   ten-   ed 'upon-a .failure    lovagrce      "Pun  ders ore affected,    it is believed    the   the     rfiiestion    of wages,.     Presitl'-nt  bi-c-aking of negotiations will      carry   Treed    of the Longshoremen left   ' Iw   i|J  ouV all   of t.h������ae elctnenta and throw   conference      with  other labor  th*   Lako   can*ying siifuation.    <back j ^tes. :..'..  d.'le-    II  ���������*--,< wm  i c  ���������S!  HH  DAILY     1.BDGER  THE DAILY LELh-LK        j  Published   ������T������ry day ���������xoept Suday. i  ���������*        THE       DAILY        LEDGER j  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  aJtvaac*.     44vertiaiog rates on ap  plication.  WEDNESDAY   ���������,  May  Hi,  190.)  FORGIXG  AHEAD.  Nearly   2000 men aio at woik   on  the 32 mile section    of tho   Vancouver,  Victoria  ������nd  JEastern     lailway,  --   and the grado is being pu.*-hccl      lor-  ward as rapidly as possible between  Midway   and Molson.     A    200     foot  tuunel is being dnven six   mile.*. we*.t  of Midway,   in.  Myers  cieet.    cam on,  ���������nd this should be completed      next  '    month or early   in  June      Considerable work   remains    to  be  done     i>n  both sides of  tho   -.alley  in  the  neighborhood of Midway,  rho J^no crossing the   valley   on a    foo  foot  trestle to be  built      Two  mile-:   beyond  tho   Myers Creek valley another fun*  nol,  33o  feet  long  is   being-     driven  Heavy  work, was encountered   along  Rock   Creek   and on  Anaiehi*.l Moim  fain.    One   cut   completed    north of  ���������the international lme   involved      the  ,   removal  of   02,000  cubic yards'    of  '.earth,  and another soulh  of  the line  and near     Molson     measures 70,000  ��������� cubic yards  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  SEE  J    KEMP.   OR  LEAVE    0RD ERS   WITH  - W.   CARTER,  ������  -f   t -f.  $   (--f 4-+1   ^.jK������i.*^i.f$^+^   ttH 4*S->-*-+f<i   *���������++   V-fr-T-ir1-   ���������������  *   *  t-"+(H-*+--l-+--<-H-ff+-l*1ttt-f--*+*+-l-t.������-+--***T*-<'**-������ p--o m     ,      ���������_ _      v *|        i   ' -,,  \ lad/smith transfer STABLE ji tsquimalt   & Nanaimo Railwai  ITRST  AVJLNIJE  PHONE      GO  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on  Roberts   Street a  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each id, nth.'  PIANOS,      ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     j. i  ED PROMPTLY A    ND  SAFKI.  MR!    MOV-  Ti tne Table No. 5 8  Stables in the rear of the Lac' ysraith hotel.  Abbots      fotd  Leave  oidcis  at  I A.       WASKET, PROP  [fiee Hears  P. M. 4.30  h 1 BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  SOCIALISTS SCORE  AMERICANS  ���������Si  v6-  ������   VETERAN* TASSES AWAY.  New  York,   May   15.���������Bug.      Gen  ;,    John Caldwell Tiddall U.  S. A ,   n*--  '   tired,      First   Governor  of      Alnt-ka,  _;, and for many years commandant ai  West   Point    died     at     his       home  ... .in. Mont      Clan-,  X.   J ,  today jigt-d  1T78 yeara.  <-,*-. Death was duo to g-eneial     lireaV  ,-". down.     He  is   sumved   by     several  ',,. children.  jl,    " ���������- o   i ^ t     < ,  '   Honors  for   Victor.  v ���������*->Hamilton,   Mny 13���������The City coun-  '^1 haa granted    $50-0   to  the  S-'hen-  -���������-''Jiig- fund exclusive of   expense in c������i-^-  - .**i������ction   with bis leeeption  ���������-'. ���������  Want  Dr.   Oslei.  ,j ***Toto������to,     May   15.���������The Onla'-io  '-^government is to consider   the (���������ues-  '- " tion' Of offering   the position ot Pies  -   ident   of   Toronto Univeisitj   to   t~<r  ���������������dor, who is now a proiessor in Ox-  ���������,   ford University.  ,"���������;���������     - 1���������o   " ,      35,000  PIGEONS   TO  RACE  Berlm, Mas l-i���������The Lnited Slate**  is the last count i,v m tho woi Id  to which ������i Get man woikiiijjinan  should think oi emigrating accoidmg  to tho principal Socialist oigan  here.  Tho tie������-i ������������������<���������--������������������ 0i stiangvis m i\ >i-  nsyhaina us well as c-uticisin oi  Oorky, wheU JL UtU, o-scoMj-iufl that  tne wpmen he had intioduced as lub  wife was not marned to him, hare  aroused the cditoi ol the paper to  ah outbui&t of -iiiyc-i, m which lie  seveily beoies conditions, Jn the United   States.  "Anniicft, one a eouutiy ol ti uc  liberty, lux-, become a eouutiy ol  sia,vcry and biboi *���������(-.,-' the pap-*i  faays '-ilatcnal piospunly and the  political success,!-*, have wioughl ' a  change m that gn*at people, which  can be deploicd hy nil line fnc-nd-  of freedom, and wealth has become  the onl- standaid i>\ uhu.li ihe men  are   nif-asnied  "hi no countiy of the woi Id, not  even in Russia is the ojap between  the masses and the classes as wide  and shniplv drrmed as m fhe United  States Ulule those w-},0 have ae-  cumlated  immense   fortunes have  be-  u  ���������-*-  _   .Bru������sc-la,     May  14 ���������Airangcments  ���������xe.j.being  made   'for the  hig-gest   io-  -, vCoril,pigeon   flying contest   ever held  -i Twenty-live thousand   pigeons      will  ^be conveyed   on    June   JO to    Ven-  , dome,- in    1,000  baskets,   by     apec-  '���������Jal   trains.     The  nice  is     nrgani/ed  . by "he Printemps,   while   a      society  offers $120,000  in piesents  -1  The soldiers   of the Ti-ndome   gar-  ���������**>n will  liberate the ptgeona.  HORSEMEN, READ   THIS  ��������� I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT  in my stables for over a year, and  consider it tire Very best for hoi&e  flesh I caji get, and would strongly  recomniend it to  all horsemen.  GEO. IIOUGTT.  Livery   Stables, .Quebec,  03   to 103,  Ann Straet.  come more snobbish than any sat  of people on this 'side of the 'ocean,  and dioam ol no highc1* honor than  to have then wues and daughters  pi ostrate themselves, before the Kingi  'and Queen of England, tho lot of  the workingiucn of America is tenfold woi.se than heie.  "Thc treatment of workers in the  g-ieat slaughter houses in Chicago  can only be compared with the treat  aieat oi convicts'<in the mines' m  Sibeiia with the difleienco that 'tho  ianvi(ts are at least always sure  of being led and clothed, while tho  wage sla-.es who ruin their health  to em uh thu Amencan millionaires  aie  nlvvnys.   living   in    fear  of      want  oi  starvation  i  "The  constabulary   oi   Pennsylvania is a disgnnce to the American peo  pie,   and would neven hav# been toler  atcd  any wheie but  m that   country,  and  possibly jn Russia  "The rntieisni of Goilcy by a 'clas*  ol people, who, themselves," change  wives as othci people change underwent* is another pi oof ot bigotry  and narrow mindness of those who  const if ute the aristocracy of the  gienf   American republic."  SH4VE5 & B4TH5  Having tak*1* ever the  barber shop  l.no\vn   as     tht  Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I intend, by l.ecp  ing competent wori-nien, to conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit your patronage.  THOMAS   LEWIS  HOTEL  DOMINION  J1    ,'<    .   "       ' ESe������tiv������ April 29th, 1906.  J,     'IraiLfc leave, i-aaysmith lor  Victoria and  all  intermediate stations  i������.10 a.m. daily, and at 5:00 p.m. 0u  Wednesdays, Sat unlays,   and    Sua  j   days.  I Tra,n8  leave   ladysmith lor  Velllngton and all  intermediate statio  1   al  11.>7 am.  daily, and'   at 7:00 p.m.   on'   Wednasdays,  Saturdays        "Sundays. ��������� - , *  ������������������ i '     ' ,   ' ^ t ^     <���������  |    ' -'. Excursion Tickets^���������b^>-       ,< -.>      '  '  ���������-j .    ~    * ON SALE TO AND FROM Af.r  <3t\ttm\  ,s?*&gtfsr ^m' ? s"n'",ys- ���������������������������%'"'���������^  ���������i;.-t<������ y>.2'> s'-idfi-oo���������  Fj-o to  ai'. s-i-f.tr.--ORt  ift'*d .i^b ������.n<'  r.iiUvav ck-potf.    lil-ctnn cars every <} e  t-niiiflle-s ������oail par'.a ,ol   the city.    liar  undi'iablc'i-ine-icellid.     . r .  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C.  Best accommodation Tor transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgeu  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comlort-  a*������ly furnished and the har is up-to-  d*fa Rates $1.80 a day , and ip-  w*vrds.  THE JONES HOTEL  WM. BEVERIDGE, Pro?.  &>?]������nai* '**-': ������������������'-��������� :-���������: '-->' T a<y������n������Uh  ���������WHITE   COOK��������� ,'  and  ���������WIIITB   J.AUOK���������  ICm ployed Only  x J������  sahs fr^',   ~ii:r-SfM������tr>?oaii  j  ������t..���������.-. froiyi^1i������-,y8u������th .or, vaacoaivei every Saturday at 6.00 a m   m  returnia������ saite froui,Vancouver ' for   Ladysmith at 2.30 o in  G, lv. Courtney^  -, , District, Possenger Agent  aSGoyeriunent-St.: Victoria. H.n. - (*        -  (Half Block from Depot) ,,  ,  ,,  GATAURE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ��������� ieah nc,\ri-i>  i'urnisii uoosrs  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BR' T  WINKS, UQUORS, CIGARS  ABBOTSFORD hotel  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYfA!l1tf,'*i C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  PORTI  Uoard atjeasouahlc  Rates  Good tables and-good  Rooms  > , - _  DAVID I1YNDS, Prop  r  The bar is extra wwell  Stocked. -. --- .  This  Hntol   has  been  completely       renovated. " j    '   h-v'  ( Uoard aad lodging $1.00 per day.","  Guests  of   State  CthY SnoOT MAY 24TH  Montreal, May 1 5 ��������� A ca.bI������ sayi  th* Colon in I Jvlinistiy which is m-  ���������ilcd to the Colonial confeionce will  ��������������� the guests  of  the state   -  sgsBgssssaeBditaeg  IT DEFIES  COMPETITIOX  ��������� ft"! -*i*l'*  A   Great   Boot  for Prospectors  They are   all    leathor,    and  made to  stand  sliemions    us-  1   ag������ in mine or  foi est.  L117. Men's Tan Chip  pew an Veal Kip Prospectors'   Boots  Ten-Inch    blucher   cut,     with j  with    full  bellows tongue   to j  the tip, have double silver eye- j  lets  and stud   hooks,     double  sole and slip;    standard sccew j  fastened; slugged    aroirnd   the I  forepart and heel.      a     com- j  fortable as well  as a  durable f  boot. I  Aalc for them at your Dealers      B  J. LECKIE Go. Ltd I  VWOI/VEB, ff C,      I  Tho followintf is the piogra,mme  of the Gun Club toi their shoot in  connection with the" Celebration on  Mav 21 th, at Xanaimo  First Event.  10 Singles, known angles, first  tnlze, $6, 2nd, VI, ^rd, $3, foiutb.  S2,  5th, St.  Second event  Ten  singles  and live doubles,  $7,  2mcI,   fc<l 50,   3rd,   $3,   4 th,  olh,   SI.  Third Event  !    Fifteen singles.   '1st f6;   2nd,  ���������"id,  Up ,- ,ith,  *2;  otk, $1.  Foiulh Event.  Tennis  of  six men    irom    Cumbcr-  | hind,   Oabnola,    Ladysmith  and  Nanaimo,   pn/e,   ������:jo.  Fifth Bv-ent  3 5   sing-les,   unknown  angles,      1st,  r-j- 56,   2nd,   M-,   :ird,   *.*,,   *lth,   S2,    5th  11  1st,  *2 .  S4.  HOTEL.    PRETORIH  JOHN TflA, Proprietor  Har Supplied with  thc Best   Wines, 1st Avenue   -:   -��������� :��������������� Ladysrnitb B.C.--  Liquors and Cigars. ' '   ������������������'"-  TH6CITYMHR  j R, Williamson Prop  c  FSt. Avenue Liadysmith B. C.  '^Ticket and -Freight Office, 75  .   ,.' ;Qovernraent Street.  2 Transcontinental  n  ::   .Train* Dally1    L  ,    ,.,1 ���������,The. -New,Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED  1 ���������    - -f/ .The,.Train of- "  Ease, .Elegance," Excellence.'  - Every ,mile  a picture,    and  uo snioke-to spoijl the -view/!  u ti Through ^ Compartment,    OU--  1 seryation and Pullman  Sleepers; - , also  -.Through    Tourist  -Cars;to Chicago.  -       "���������.-������������������*  At ���������otic Steamship Business to Europe-  is our Specialty ' >������  :���������  Union    Terminals swith   all'  Steamer lines.   ;  -f- Her th., reservations by  wir'el^  ��������� "Great-Northern S.S. Co. "������������������''  FOR- JAPAN   AND CHINA'.  -.  Steamships .Minnesota and Da-t  *kota sail from.Seattle for Japan    and China ports at., ire-'  \fuenr. dates:      Rract   sailing-  -.dates can be secured uponap'-"  ;. .plication toianv Great Northern, representative. -      ��������� >-���������  :S. G.  YERKES,  .'. A.O.p.A., Seattle, Wash':  E. R. STEPHEN, ',    '^'  -Victoiia, b:C.  Low FxcursionJ  Rates  Round Trip. t  ,Trans-/^Qp|Gi)(i(l  Co.nt,v^^/on all  Trains ^^.Trains  .     On Sale May 24, 25,28.  To, New Haven, Xon*. '$91,0(1 ;j  \ July 10tol5.  , Denver ,V  August  7, %, 9  ��������� Milwaukee '  Jo  Ti  To  !  ���������mP  Sept  &, 9,  Ioioi)!o  nngres ,   prizes  10  t,mgli\*>,   hnonri  fcnmo  as  ������*\ent     four  j    Consolation   shoot    for      shootc.-i  ,^lio  litivc   not  .hviclecl  anv  monoi  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making MBATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A1] kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickc: Ma;ing in all its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove 8c Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 p. O. Box 42.  . j-., i  ���������o-  PRESS    ASSOCIATION  At Vancouver Miis week a nicet-  J mg of newipajicr pi oprietors and imai*  g a-en of British Columbia will he  jrflH'hl, the pmpose be-inig the organi-  gi/flT'ioii of a piovincial jiress. a.-wooia-  |jlio������ The objects of the or^inJ'/a-  |������*s linproMNl telagriuphic news sm-  . ������'On ,u n to deal with such mats-ten.  , ^ i- c atul  kindred, ������iii>jects  DUNDEE-  | .fhe laro- bclwec-n Jumns Stnnbury  bolcloi, .Hid O'curyi' Towns for the  uoihls fIiainpion-iliip ttiul Ju.")00 a  side I*������i-, been /,Xpd to ial<p [ila *<*  on tho Pairainattii tivei* on July  2S. I.nsl yca.\, on .luly 2������Uh. over  th* sntiu- couise, Stanbuiy beat  Town*,   Jn  jy mill   30 <������.(���������.  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  t  4  4  4  4  4  4  ������  4  4  <  WM.  MUNSIE,  President,    J.   W. fJOBURN, Managing Director.  Telcpiianc 4-fi. if*   ��������� {.)  Tlie Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd..  MILLS, ATTIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH---    -.   -������ *������.*���������  Shingles ei ������pocialty  MAN UFACT 11RFRS   OK   ll<>i!.!*liT;iud I>ross<������d Fir-line! Oo-dar Lumbers  LATHS,  ST1INGLKS,   MOULDINdS,       KTC,     of    t),e   UJOST  QUALITY' KIOASONKI).      AM)   DRliOl)     KLOORIMIS      AND  FINISHING*  Ll'MlUOR  IN STOCK 1.  NUR8IES   QREEN-  MbuSU^NO SE������D  HOUSES  ���������110   -VMtnlnsttr Road,  Headquart������ra for   PACIFIC OROWN Oardcn. tltla  ���������ndnowtrSEEDS  for distribution. ;  Large stock of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES,  now'matured tor Spring]  ' No' expense- Joss or - de-v  lay of ftiinlgation or ^.inspection  Let me price your list'  before- placing your- order, droenhouse Plants,  Floral Paetrases. Fertili  zers, etc.  3010  Westminster Road  VANCOUVER, B.  C\  June i, G, 7, 23   25. ,  ' July,2,;3, Aug/7; ������, 9.'  10 all 'Corrj'S  For particulars call (oo     or  _wute E7 E. Blackwood/ Q������-  "eral Agent, Victoria, B.C.   '  ,A..   D.    Charlton,  A.G.PJ.A.",,  / ., *''     N^.p.,   Portland; Ore.  5  Are You  Going*feast  Then be sure' your tickets rea#  ths   :  innmi  fi*i  i  m,xxim,  The only  line now - making "UN'Ol  DEPOT   connections at  ST. PAUJ,|i-  and     MINNEAPOLIS    wit*       th  through    trains. from    the  Coast.     *  THE SHORTEST LINE, TFJj-i,  FINEST TRAINS, THE: LOWES'.'!  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.-PAUL  Pacifeljj  TIME.   &  :    ;  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CI1 V^  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  loc������! agent or write,  F. W.~ PARKKk ,  W.~ PARKER t\  If you' ars contemplating  PAPfRING  YOUR ROOMS  ���������Call at-  J, E, Smith's Shop  On Roberts Stree, ami see all  the  -I-H* M-M-M-���������M"!..{-.M"1"H -J-l-i-:-!-!-!-  Scotlands Best.  i iii Wi  Sole Ageiifs for B. "���������.  IT IS DANGKROUwS  TO NEOI.KCT A COLD  How often no we hear it remarked "Its only a cold," and a few da5*s  later learn  that the man  is on bis  back with  pneumonia.    This is  of  such common occurence that a cold,  however slight, should not be disregarded.     Chamberlain's Cough Re-  j!medy counteracts.any  tendency of  a_c.old to result in pneumonia,  and  has gained its great popularity and  ||extensive sale by its  prompt cures  of the most common  ailment.    It  always cures and is pleasant to take  jFor sale" by ladysmith Pharmacy.  *T<  vr  *  f  THE TYEE COPPER. CO., Ltd  ���������11 PURCHASERS  AND SMELTRRS OP COPPEH, OOLO ANO  SILVER ORES.  Smelting  V^avl<.& at  LADYSMITH,    B. C.  I..}..j..|..j..i..j..|..|���������-���������j..}.j, I���������;..,���������,���������j.....-,.-���������j,.-���������1,++-;:  +  J.  +  +  X  +  IIRAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  Vancouver Island, S, G, General Manager.  M0 2n������ Ave'.,~Seattt*.  Oaaerel  i-f?������|j  .. J>es ers in  i ianos atii!  :  Organs..  Ladysn.ltli, K.C  J.X. Smith's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  -HAS BEEN  REMOVED TO  =First    Avenue^  Latest Designs in  W ALL PAPERS  We    make a Specialty of the papering Business.  Under iJWaiiaRment   >  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo-, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor,  Corinrieicial Mens' head (matters.  Modern and     Strictly First Class,  Fire Proof    Buildlag.  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING ;  Neatly and Artistically Done -:     ""T"7r7"7'7Z"':"''^^''" ''";'"0rders ;Prdmptly...;Jixc!!uted  S ROEDDLNG   ---- -���������-   LADYSIVIITH ���������������"������������������������������������-������������������������������������������-���������*������������������������������������-���������..������..������..������ .*������������..������  ���������<��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������������������������..���������..������..#..������~������..������..>..e..#..,..01.#i.#..,.,#..#li#i  First  Class *  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK  For Sale and  Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LAOYSMITH  (-������������������^.���������������..������..������.^..������.. ������->..������..������-������. ���������<..<,.,..>���������  ���������.���������"���������"������������������������������������-.���������..a"*..*"  GENERA! BLICKSMITHSHOF  Miners' Drilling Machines \  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED -AT  SHORT  NOTICE.   '  DR1L1 *-*  SHARPENED  BY US     ALWAYS     GIVE  SATISFACTION.'   PICKS HANDLED  A   ND REPAIRED���������������������������  .  ,_      '-SHIPSHITIlIKr,    IN,   UL   ITS   BBANOHC"  Horseshoe rs and Qenere1 Ulacksmitns.  R. "WRIGHT'  BullerStreet   -      ���������*-    ~      -   Lady smith, J^ -  ���������M***H*'-**-*-M**'M-*������J--*-f ** +.J.-H.+.I. .j. ^..j.Jj.^.j.^. *+.t.^j.4 ,jL*..t-  ICE!     ICE!    ICE!;  r~_- j-^^ssrsE  -iyi ���������  NANAIMO NEWS NOTES ~  Messr,      iJ.   Aitken       and    E     ">   j    TJie  tw   -^^    flho   ^    ���������h._  lMMaIoyv.de muM.NJwtn.eht   iio,.,|o���������   the provu-r.al    Police  so      hard  a. I wo weeks' tup   through the- ,-onh   ���������*   weeks   work  ���������������������������  nm    <o  ground  eiii   settlements iu  a   secluded  thicket  near    Douglas  ,"*���������%���������   ���������%���������   ���������%. J tAko  h-te yesterday Afternoon.    Thu  Tlic Junior l-:������gje-> defeated the B-i'e"Ure g'ans "^captured and ihe  terpn&e lean* on the Green hist J lcadei' ������ul,-***"-3, a wounded ,log as the  ���������ighi   by iho score 01 '2<j to IL   The   1'e&u*t or a shoil but .sharp .skirn-ish  , with   Constable   Foi nic "and a small  winners   of last eight's match  thc>  Tai   Flats  this e\������ninj-  I'laj i  has two features which no good furnace should bo without���������  wator pan and largo double feed-doors.  Tho watei* pan will produce enough steam to moisten tho  hot air, and so keep the atmosphere pure and fresh.  -The large douUo feed-doors make tho furnace'easy lo feed���������  you do not have to be an expert stoker to keep from hitting iho  door-frame every time you try to put in a shovel of coal!���������and ���������  rough chunks of wood can be put in easily.  Every feature in the  " Sunshine "  is given tho sarno care and thought.  Sold by enterprising dealers eveiywhere.  Booklet free. <  Owing   to the concert   In, the Piev  di'tat-hmo-il or  Xorthuost   polieo.1  ��������������������������� ���������*��������� ���������������.  TEACUP.���������ItlVERS.  .������f01il  ������y\ ,";il1*   lh*'     e-ent      take-*  place they will"he busy devising way,.  and moans of making   ,he r,.union"a  suecoss.  ���������������������������   ������������������*.���������. '  Mi- and Mr*-, ./as Millmore hat.  returned fo Vancouver aiter a long,  thy stay in  this city   and district.   ���������*--   A    Simpson   compli-tod     j-f,<-   ,.Sev_  ei'V fust   vo.-sage  .*eUv<*n     l-Ing-ln-.i  ��������� nd  Australia,   thvrtf^   J-, j,*<-iJI������P   |u  record    of **B   travel '������.*     -^ .,.,,���������fvX.  imately. 2,000,0(00 miles  bytenan clmrch la.st  night,  the  mm '  mg of the   'V. c  X   r was postponed  until    Friday   ai-i-rimon*    The    meeting:   will   take   place    in.   the      Good  Templar..*! Hail  at    *J  oVlock  3!    WiLl be Delivered on Momd lys,   Wednesdays.  ' ,    -���������   ,   ' Fz id ays and'Saturdays  Or.lers  mi������sd he in  by eleven  o'clock  oa  d<iy of Delivery     '  WQaryb  London,    tobonto.    Montrral.   Winnipeg.  Vancouver.    St. joii.v    Hamilton.  Th*������ Steamer Mist arrived yes'.-'r-  day from Bulls Passage with a  .scow m tow which was picked up in  those waters and fts no owner -an  he mund lo. the property thu smne  wi". )>e sold hy auction by _Ui 13  U    Smith   jioiiH'line in ih<   ur-ai*   Uii-  Ulr1  J  ! Union  ��������� ������������������'���������   ������������������������������������ti"  ��������� ; Ite MysmltfaHee Co,,Sole knts, r-^Hiv:  ')      ~"   ,        I ,  tt-t r.,���������     .  ^ ���������Q ^_. ||t '.jr   Cassia--    on     Knday   mK  Limited  ;   .    .    .NANAIMQ    B. C.  Tins  morn.ng's  Herald savs-  Jl    was   a   large and appreciate aud-  DEVTII UKC'ALLK DAYS  OF CIVIL   WAR  In   tlie   hot,pi(al   al   (lieenwooil    on  the 20th  uil     John M    .hu-.etl   died  aged   72  veais  Texa!<la Islaiu! and il.s mines i.\(>ie  the Mecca to which a party of local   gi.������nt!eiiif*n  iiiteivsrcd   in    mining  [in  the   proviiai* iiuuli*   Ihi'ir    way   -niirl  I Fridfi.y      last   sa\ *;      (he    Vain ou-vi  Woi Id.'        'I he   pa.ty       h,mo        nnd.-r  tlie guidance     <>i   Mi.    'I'honias   N'������'\\  ���������"*"������������������   mining  ongntiovr    and   mchui.-d  3ressi-s   J    \V    Wenit,   Ifugh    II      (r]i-  iiioui-.    U     Kilniei,    Charles      Sap^-  nowspap.'i  till"   sle.uii  1--^'-.���������      ^ \,ci*   ,i,i;'h[,     a id  l������������i.s.  reachftl     \an       \inl.t   in   (he       i-ailvf     ,,  rt * l'1-e-.idt-iit���������  TJie Wallace Street Mothotlist  Chia ch last nnjht v.-a* the' scene '<jf  ���������������   veiy pietty   and   mtoiebunj; ev  ent   iJu- occa.*.ioi. htruij}  the    wccldinj;  en Mi.    Thomas   K  Teague,    son    oi  Air.  and Mia.    John  Teajjue,  "    Wallace Street, and Mi is. Janet   -Riveis  jUauj-hter   ol   llr.      r.obeit       Rivers,  I \ic-ol   Stieel.  j    Mibi.   Ilauuah   Rivei&,    sister      of  the  Nude .acted   as  bridesmaid     and  | M"r   Frank Teague,'  bi other    ol     lhc  'ttrooiu    wa^ best man.  I    Aitei     Ui6  wedding    ceremony  liad  been  performed  the   happy       couple  were cnlci tamod   at  a  wedding  suj-  oer    at lhe home ol the bride's pai-  c-m   on   Xwol Street.    Mr.   and   .Mrs  reagiie    -Rill   g-o  at  twice  lo     housv--  Keejv.ng      on   McL-arv   Stieet  h.  MLEDOM,  iff  Leads Them    AH  IS QUALITY  r. p. rithet;  & Co., Ltd  I'aci/ic Coast   Acencv  VICTORIA. ���������-; :_: ,._   .J'._.B -.  'ri:\.Msrn;:;.s' associatki -  The  ieaiiiMeis  oi'    thc   city      met  last   night   in.     tho  pire j������an      n.U|  ioim(*d an associalion lor the unit  iuiI pioUviaui and ad\antagO of it-  aiemht'is     \mI1i      ihc     lollowmy   u-h  .������.'  CUBANCiCAR FACTORY  f Mannfacturcj s of the Famous  ���������    CUtiAN BLOSSO.l  None- bit*   Unir>n Labor , Employed  n. j. booth; Prop  TENDERS.  ���������-.>��������� ��������� i  LADVSM1 rii- BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES. AND   PASTRY  ,ALWAYS    FRE&II   ON I1AKD  * Wedding" Cai\������a.'iiade r to Ordei   -  FRUITS   i\MD    CANDIES OF ALL  -. - KINDS.    fKESH   BREAD  EV-  ' *~   "' ERY   DAY-' .      -1   - '  Prices   are  - Verj-, Reasonable.1 -��������� All  . Customers are "Treated" Aiiic  HOP LEE & CO  ON THE   iSPLANADE.  TENDERS_ad.iliesseJ  to' the imder-  . I .cace that breesed Uio talented artisis ' or senile iubei-.oIs,s   u-c-.,   ,-- u-a���������  Mm     Dahl   and   Miss.    Gina  Smiih ' ir,Q hrtH��������� h      . ���������������        - -  ',���������  a*      *    ,     '      ���������      .   ^    . I-"1*' '-ody lias been   emha med and is  in St     And rows Presbyterian 'church . '  .last night, all';-those lhatr d,������l j * ,",g a(hl"c ns L ������ ,nin'a - lVoin  jfco were amply rewarded for' then ,MS ciaug,|Uwt' -VIc-idamos Kecier und  , attendance,' for'seldom, if ever, h������\e J L*?othei-ilell, of Vancoinei, ^.i^s tlie  _ tht- music loving- public of Nana-' (Jivenwood Lc-dgei  'nno had the. pkia^-re of -parlaklnB| Tho a.-uLh oi Jar.iett brin^ to  oi t.ucli a rare.'lio.it    as^that alvoid-' ,   ,,"     ,  od  ia0    .-���������,  ,, .-,! J      i'nuul  lhe  ���������**-"-*--   dajs    of  ihc  Amei .-  oa  last      niglil rhe    pro(.*nnniu-  which    was aldj- ii-ndered throughcuit  un-i a*i follows. ' *  1 o  holds oi   Sal ui (lav   nun mu-j *t '.i  trip  of  inspei lion      \\n*>  undi-rtaU u  without  delav.     It ombiaccd  a   ms-  i(   lo "\r.������rlilc- Jiay Mine,  tho    Conuno  \         >.                ,                  -                                ol I'llios   ".wiiili  will lii>  c.(.,>n  r*uhlishud  'lore Miiip,  mul trips    to other   pans- ,                        ,J    st>" **u,)u*'1- "  ( in anothi'i* cohinin    of  tin*: issue n-id  ������.   P    M    MiQdi  yc-c.-eiai*y, .\rr    II- Weeks  Ti easui ei ���������\V    Akeidiead  Tlu-  uieelin-.   flccided  on  a  schedule  oi   rales  whuJi  w ill bi* y,,in pubhblv^d  o'l the team  3.   (a;   Melarlm���������O   fle-ie  jeg-  signed-A-t--Ottawa aird/mark������l on the   T.���������..    '   r  fiii*>elm*//"'lV������V^r'f������..' ������i ��������� ,      i      i Jiaot  (OLoid I am  Weary)  envelope. . lender foi the construction !       ���������?;*���������������������������,.j    -* < '   .  of a Hydtogriphlc Steel  Twin  Stea- /' ^ German-HosM ofJmv  mer,'i':   will   ,be feconed   up to     tflic   -      (C)  Adfi,nk,e -N"*--dham-lrish-TJil-  of I  oi  M, R. SIMPSON  Bollcltar,  E*������.  Money  to   loan  st. 4vm^ LAH\SiV| H  CR-^5  23nd "DAY." OF .MAV,  NEXT, Jot  the construction- ol  a -Steel     Twin  Screw .S.ieamcr^for tlio Hydiographio  .Service in' British  Colii'mlm waters  -Specifications, plans and   fcrms  lender  can  be seen at the   oflico  the Agent of the 'Dep.utmient of (Marine and.Ii'rsheiies*at "Victoria, U. v.,  at the Custom 'House at  Vancouvei,'  U,C , nwl at the depaitmrnt here..    ' I  Eiicli    lender"*-" must^'lie accompanioi) j  by an accepted bank- cheque cc-iial lo !  If. per conl. nf  the whole   amount of I  the  tcndei,   which   wilL  be   forfeitoc! I  if  the    poison  suuImio   ll,e   accepted  tender  declines   lo entci   into  .-. COji-  ti act   with   the   department    Choqnei  accompanymo  ten-lots   whicn ar.-i not  accepted  will  iK> leturned immediately aftei   a decision has hecn   arrival  at.  Newspaper.s copying this advertise  mtnt without a-iilhoutv fium .the department   -uil  ���������ot be   panl.  F    GOURDEVU  laby  (d)   Tagliaflco���������'    Quand   rOisor-u  C'hantc  MISS.'DAHIi  2 Orieg���������On   the ilounlain  - MISS   SMITH.  3 (a)   Chadwirt-���������Allah.  (b)   G'*eii;���������From   Mnnle   Pinoio  (.el Oreif>���������T������et Forst.* Modo .ffirst  meeting)  (d)   J'flladilhe��������� Spanish   Soncj  MtSS   PAUL  ���������1    0 r i.of-1���������Ca rneva I.  -AriPS.  SMITH  ���������">     Folksonc   in costiime  can Civil Ua: when the Union tr-om  blc-d while t'he blue and tho gray  s/iattered the ������n-en with red m the  despeiale snuggle lor .stipie-macy in  the United atatM. .I.irreu, who *e  name appeai.s m hostoiv oi lhe w.li*  was a pionnnent nii-inbei oi the ir-  ic-yitlai .society nude/- the leadeiship  oi the gre-it. guerilla #Wicf. Qiu.  trell ���������   it   u-.is   m   this   brigade    that  Oi  the  Island      The; various    piop.i-    , .     .  , whicJi is  sioned    bv all  ties   adjacent,  to   the   MVirJile      Ttuv lt( .    ,  ., ... "   titers    01   lhc-   rjtv.  \\ei*i.> t!ioi*ou������'Jil\- exploretl.   Mi     New   I .  -  ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ������������������<  man i  i-epuiation    nnd   standing     a- '      , ,,. ���������  I    -v     meeting   0i   the    icunt   comni.l-  rnong 'mining m-.-ii   on  the island en- ' ,.,���������,        p,,,,,..       NT  ,��������� ,,      ,. , ,     | L,-Cc,        Court      Nanaimo     For res tors  soring   (hv   party   readv   access       lt) ' w���������lvl      .,       .    _, ,  ,,  *        , , Homy,   Court   Oeni'ial  Kitchener-mid  piopeities   from  which   lhe    newspriii   ' i> ��������� .  ,* '   '    (Companions  oi (he Forrest  was  held  or  man   im,   under   ordinary   circum-     .  ���������. , _   .      ,      ���������   s  L.      ���������0 , . ,     , ,       -   , lnst   msl-t   J11   thp   Forrester's.     Hall  ��������� lances   completely barred,    and   an ��������� r, ,    ,,   ,,,    , ... , l(Jl   ('if*  purpose   oi   making   arraneo-  ��������� excellent   opportunity  wo.Si   thus     at-) -'  forded of  forming  a  correct    impres  to * take  s'on  of tho   value and  >*\tcnt   oi  tin-  niininif proneitics    hi  which   is     o.-*i-  liapsi      ihe   most       highl-,   mate, ial-  i'od    territory    in   l'.ntish   Colnmliia  ���������������.   .������.   .������.  FOlt  AMATEUK  nOXTNTCJ  TTTE Wr'RT.D'R PRRSS  Ottawa, "28lli March,  190C  EXCELLENT  Train Service!  BETWEEN    ���������  I CHICAGO, LONDON,  ,    HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL; QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tbe I'l-lnclim] UubIiicsb Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  I , Maritime Provinces.  AltO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AHO        -,  HILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS. 1   '"���������apolis. Minn.,  was  toitiued  by sci-  - For Tlino Tallies, or,.., n.Wrui.s ������i.i|,p-i      /|,���������   n.,;n ,        ���������     .  . ceo. w. vaux, fej.iuca.  Lhe pain and suflenirg     which  [AMton:^^^,^^A8m|,1,c  cn<Iuletl  during   this   time is     be-  aamf .yond comprehension.     Nothing-   gave  LADYSMITH'  THM1������LL\    No.    5._ 'l,Im **"/ permanent relief until he us-  Itathbone Sisteis, nicftb in the Odd ' 0l1   -L-h-i-'iib-erlam's  Pam   Hiilm.      One  fellows'  JJall    cutv   3ml.   and' 4th    '"1 *   ,. -Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m. : V   .  '���������','    MRS..KATE TATE,  'lhe lfoiibe of Louis .scorns most vital an.! \altiable when most threatened ���������Stat,. Johannes-bur;-.  Con. Jones,  Seciotarv  of the En~-  Jesse and  Viaai*.   James      and      tlie   i;ai. n<>���������   \*\o .-        tn  i    -.���������  ,,      - .lisn liny  Athletic      Club   A aiicouv. >���������  lounger   Uioil-.its    made  their mar.;a \,.ac        ... .    j  i������������s in thc  eUv  vu-*terdav   for      the  as   lout less  ii idii s    and  cvpi'rt   gun' I  flfthtors       JairetL,  who ������������*- a hroth-Vn"P������fl������ ������f S",U"S    t,1C    box,n8  *���������t0  er-in-lnw cl lhe   Youngo.s unne west   ������ b00st     U  ,s Mr     Joncs' a���������>-"'^  'afit-i   i in- ch���������m, .���������<   ,i - ,i ��������� *-������ ���������������������������'���������ll   ������  ii'i'uu  oi British    Ooluin-  ���������icti  mo btieniunis rta\*> oi the gieat  conflict nn,l  i*,.,   ii,,  ���������'   ,   ,  ., 'nyi  towns  m  which   to  hold ainaleui  ���������.oiiiiicl aiui (in   uio p.tbt luilj   voars  h-ed ,n ft C. Oi.gon and Witsh,,.,- ,J������V"1S ('������nteM'3 ������f -,X r0l,,uls (,u,ft-  ton. j.'ot non.h iho last decade ho U������n WUh CM"h' ovnW s'OVOs Pri/"-  had l.ved on a ..imh aL liock creek W0Ul<l ^ ������n,,|Lrt ,,J U,������ c,uhs ,n tli0  Uis manner HttM ,,.,,������ ,r,u und he eel- S������Ver*1 t0Wns ft"J 'h* boXOrs tro,n  Horn      talked     ahoui       the d        .*������*' oi he.  cities on  ihe circuu   would  *hen the gim AMi lho 8WOIll       wc,e   ,'������'������^,c   f������������"   lh^   "* ^>en     louu...-  so mighty  ,n Kansas and     Missout,     ",ent      ^ llHB '"^^   ������������'>f'       clC������n  Thirtv i-ni-s.-,   ���������  i���������   .   ���������   <���������       -- *l'on  "oiild   hi* assured and  lhe pnh-  j.mii,\  ,\c.us ai,o  ho met  tne   Voun������-   , ,.  ers  in 7.-.,^.,^      ,,���������i   .i ,   ,,      ,  -     Itc  would nave  the   henelit   oi   seeing  cis   in  1'iisco,    and   they    told       linn 5  im-Mits   tui* a i-ran-l ���������enmon  i'lace   m  tlie    cily    in-August    next  during*   the   timu   the    diati.Vt   meet  mg is  m session ' ^  The coiiiinillpt's  ai\} as follows:  Chairman,   .Mr       T   Buckle,   Sec>e-  taiy,   ATi     11        Freeman,   Treasurer  Afis.     U'lllmfin,    . ,  Synopsis of Canadian Ilomestoad  , Regulations.  Any     available     Dominion    Lands  within the Railway Uelt   in British  Columbia, may be    liomestcaded   ,bv  airy pcison  who is  the sole head   o'f -|  a, family, 0r any-male o\er egliteea  ^eais of as*, to tlie extent of,  one--  juatter section of  ICO   acics,    mota-1  or less. , ,   -\  ��������� Enicy must \m made pcisonally at'5,,  che local land 0ilice for the district C\  ���������n which the land is si Urate,  ' The homesteader is ie-.juired to pei- ..  form the conditions connected theu*- -1  .vith under one -of the followin,-/  plans: . ������   "^  (1) At least siv   nipiitlia" residence ���������*  ipon and cultuation of the land    in'^l  ���������ach year for  fhree years. ' '/$\  (2) If the fatli-jr, (oi inolher,' if the ^  i.aWier is deceased), ot the homestead-  r resides upon a farm in  the vicini- lJ  \y of"the Und entered, for,  Ihc-'rL-  fiiircments^-as to residence may    be-  atisfied by "such person residing wit'kvi  ihe- fathw-dt" mother." j *j|  (3)  H the settler has- his .per man-"  'nt residence upon farming land own-*-'  d by  Wm'in'the.'vicinityot his homo "  Wii-  Freyi  *-.   ������. V,po���������a      ������������������ ������...       o |,le���������������.riay-b0 .Sltisflei| bJ, i;������.,:������*o.,  upou t'he1 said land. *���������* ' ^"~i?  'Siv-    mon'the'   notice     in     wiiti   ^ "  ijoiild he gh������n lo the Commissionrr -'  of Dominion Lands at  oitaua of ������.,->  tention^lo apply for patent. ,   '  Coal lands may be purchased at $ Id- \  M���������-*:- j** acre*for soft coal and -$20 To-  anthracile. xot more tha,, 32'������  acres can be atf^uiied by one M\%\\  ilual.ot company. Royalty at ihj-  ���������ale of ten cents per ton of 2(Oi  rounds shaU i* collected on ������,.-  ?ross output.  W.  W.   CORY,  (Deputy Minister of JIjiTic-and Fish    f|IailCP 'lnl1   f"  ���������'������anish,n,snt   Today m-  I       eries. ' * jdiscummatc smoking   pre\ails ������������������ La-  |DBp.irtn,ent of Marine and* Fishc. ies  l"1^' PlPld-  about   the   then  p.oposed   und    ������������������*.-������   so"-' o1 ^finest .port our       In com  Whfte.d,   3|llln.     and   i���������,ed       him   ^'V^ Mf    "Wb  ,S  ' Kul '  ^!'-  ������������������ ������������������" 110   ,������������������.,,   ���������_,.,         ,   ,   i .. ekl   w'ho  c'*-1'-1*-   -o   be   the    feath-  itere  was a  time not so long ago ^  ^ ,r"'1  '      L'     ">\   h������     ���������\Ui   er^ht ch������nP.o��������� of the Xorthves,,  when  even  men   only   smoked  on sul-| ' lu  l,e,f'lla'u'   j .  ���������  his   forniei   Cvunpanicjiis    to  abandon  ;  ~  ' " ���������-   ���������" ~z~~ ~.-=zzr=.���������-zr--rrz_- -rnrr-^r;��������� .-=r��������� - -zzzz^z  th.*. expedition   that   cost  I hem   ihe.i*   ^^>^-������ts^gn^j^  b\es  and  liboil-       The  Lanijdon  Ahisic   Coirnnil t,���������*!-��������� Alessrs   L  liams,   10     flushes   and  Alis  ina n  Sports Commit to.-���������lle*,sr-*   G. Horve  A    Sampson,   J,  ^rullolt,    JT     ,' Free-  mt'ii,    n     ^'ipond     C,    TTaidy  11    Hc*\lin and Mis     G   De\hn  Reception   Commit tec���������Areesis       W  lifimett,   A    ttnndk*.   J   Wilson,      A.  Fonosier,  Airs     n*kes,  Mrs.  M.     A  Hodgson     3irs    Tippott       and   Mrs  TToPO  fmani'o Coiumitl-c-.'���������Messrs \V Ben  ncll, A Handle, and Mis. TCenyon  The- mcmbeis of tin- local court  intend JinaKinn the pioposed reunion iiue of the mo*;l notpwe-rthy events m the-  history of Xanaimo.  and  mMt j   A man looks with ��������� egret,  .but  Mitli  font bitlemess,   (o   bis lost youth;-- a  5C1ATTCA -CURED AFTER  ; 20 YEARS  SUKKEUUNO woman, howWcr, ������chem)eVuy7jlw'mayl  >: .  protest' (o  lhe  centralv,   seldom,   u  Far more than twenty years Mr. j. tn^v-nTonn^ "!,  ������ilIm SCl"  D. Massey, of 3322 Clinton St., Min- j  and  liboil-        The  p.issnn-       0|*  J.li-t iett   atiiHl   the   peaceful   hfe ot  Greenwood   removes   another   one    of  the rapidlv  incteas,  s  mimlici   of pic-  (uiesrjue porson.iln h s  n en ted  h\   'ho'  war  of  a   a'cneialion   ago. i  1 al(Jiia your iioi^iZ-oi s gooik is  Aarunusly designated as stealing a���������,_  ori^ the | ooi, l)i..sine.ss nictihod.s ,im.  o������R the middle t-htsses, and klepio-  m.im.1 ot burtjic among ([le <uist0_  ci .icy���������The (^ico'i.  M. of R. & C.  ;���������������--<:..T3eraa>acaasauj.  |ES3EJS2������SS1^-;  ari&niliiM*. -.% iiSiti-W.  *������..&&".  ii Hubert  NOT  IF AS RICH.  AS ROCKEFELLER jj  If you had ail Uio wealth of Kocke- f |  feller,  the Standard Oil magnate you  could not buy a hettei medicine   for  bowel complaints llun Chamberlain's ':  Colic,   Cholera and  Dianhoea  Remedy.      The     most emiiicnt  physician  Monster  I-WENTYrFOURTH OF MAY  b  2ae-"S5^i2^i������.v  iipplication  of  that liniment  iclic\ei  the pain and made sleep and re.sfcpds-   ������ated   th,, -,vr    ,       ,,..  siblc,  and less  than one bottle   W��������� ������ Jod  i V ,���������EVb,-'*������������i   in "-������������  effected a. pennanent cure.      Tf trou-   ���������������  c,^( .* -^ A������ !'fly:  "^ ������:    Mei'    .orm    succ,  bled   with    .sciatica   or  rheumatism,    ^.^(c U,atl ��������� ������������^ ������tet F^rick.  3hown  ,fc f  why nottry a.25-cc,.t boUlc of   lire .^ WwL^fXt    niIU,,m   W'    " "eVer fails- *������<*  -^" reduc-  Pan.   Halm, and see for yourself how   11101.    is w-*,"l;-"1"e,I|? ''"'   ed Witl1     water   arwi  ������^etened,    is   P������^^\^������nc������-,s;r^^���������r:-     Th������!^Sa"fc   >   ^' Every   family  ���������-.,.   ,..i ,.... ,'j - The  Associated   Prets.  'J he -Usociated Press have   invest, '^ '10t ' Prescr,be a  ^tter  preparation     for colic   and diarrhoea,; both!  for children  and  adults.     The     uni- '  form    success    of     this remedy   has <  o  be superior to all   bth-  j^  (('iiickly it relieves ���������pain.  U j the Ladysmi th Pharmacy  Dear Mother  should   he supplied  with-it.   Sold  by  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  $ 1,50������  Big ,Galithumptan  IN PRIZES     ,...^>J|.f;  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   (/I  DRUIDS '       ���������  -.-.Wellington Grove No 4 U. A. 0. .  ; .Meets; in the 1* 0 0 .P. Jlatl, I -,  oysmith,- the'.-Second and Fount  .Wednesdays or each month," conuner--  mg ���������Wedries.day,  13th.,  1905.  Visiting'Druids     arc'invited'to -i  tend.  By Order.  WM! RAFTER, Reef Sec������v  PATRICK BITRK. N.   A  Your little ones a:e. a conitint  care in  1-all  and  Winter  weather.     They will  .. ..catch cold.    Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and  what it has done for so many ?    It is said  to be the-only  reliable  remedy  for all  .diseases, of, the air passages in  children,  ���������tis absolutely harmless and pleasant to.  take.   It is guaranteed to cure or your money    .  u retui-ned.    The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell ,..  vSHIJLOH  This remedy should be in every househ������U.  Notice  Nanain  ���������-.. ^ _r. t lll>rf^ lltl  '<J_ '**IL j.*^ '__^JLg*  DAY SCHOOL.  .. v .���������"���������',:.    NOTICE      'l! - " ���������:  .From     this date the  undersigned I  will  not be  responsible  for any In- j ;*���������..���������  .Hebtedness-    incurred except on      ������        Uiual  subjects   taught;   also      lau-  wrltten orher signed by the secretary guage=;  drawing  in  pencil  and  cray-  Rowland Machin  V.   L EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO.. LTD.   .  Nod Personal "LlahlUtv.  .Vlcrtorla, n.  Cn Sfay 1Sth, "������0*  ons, paint ng in oils and water col- i  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons glv-'{  ������w in classes, or" individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  L*dysinitb,  B   (.:.  Attention ls'called to  the   Tact that tb*  Ogiivie Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers 0f ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR, hare for some ,im(  Past been producing flo.r In a vastly improved and psrffl ��������� ..-ruby the aid ofELECTRlCITY  and  having secured control ol    all the basic patents relating thcr?-  to, take this opportunity of a drising  the  public   that  any  orized users of the electrloal   flour  purifying processes  will  ������.������ pr->.  '������������������ec������ted'.:'  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company I-f raited  are tho    oaly    suiilers iu Canada whose  riont  ^Z!*^iHad bjr tho Electric Process  : Regatta  CHAHPfOiNSH?? FOOTBALI  VANCOUVER CELTI CS  VS.  NANATMO.  CHAMPJONSHIP BASEBALL  LADYSMITH       VS.    NANAIMO:  Thursday, Ma? 24th, (906  PtoIeS,������n,l and Amateur wri   Sta- Sports.    Ei-o���������rSiM r.tes  from   all points.     TWO  BANDS. :    ''       -^  FIREWORKS DISPLAY  MAYOR PLANTA, Qiairm^   E.  IL   BIRD-  Treasiaw;  WILL   F  NORRLS,  Secretary. '.. '  GODSAVE THE KING  J^ep**ty of the Minister of In'terior  TpiieuiT  ^(anufactuiers OL���������  IRONCLAD   BFJAND  CLOTBING,  OVERALLS,  TOP|SHIKTS,  ETC,  wholesale any 6000S  yicToaii e. c.  -BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  '������  thc Mattel  of the Estate of U'U-  -***-��������� Krplin., deceased,  and. ,n   Ui ���������  matter  of -the   Official   Ad,nhiist,a-  tor s   Act.  Taf-e notice, Uiat;hy. an-order    or  ���������^ Honor Eli;Harrison,  made     U���������  -'th  day  of; April,. 1900,  1 was    ap-  ���������fliJlJod: admimstrator of    the estate  i"U.n,an,K,,J(ng)-:(leccaseaia���������(i alI  '!'a5, l:V ,','"--l'.g-claims against     u���������.  ���������rnish  the smwr.pvonedy  verified t0  fay    1900    ancl aJl i)arUps  ^  o"e said estate  arc.r^ired  ^ Urn amount     or their ind6M,|-  ncss  to  nve forthwith.  ���������JOSEPH  AIcALONEV  WmKAh LXPRESS Am  DELIVERY  WORK  PROMPTLY Dfiv-  Leave orders, at the Ahbotsford.  Sor^eon Dentist  Ul work KHaranteed, ������od at reatou*,  able rates.  R RSIDENCE AND OFFICE  GatacreSt. ladysmith  OPm'AT xuu HOURS. I  $1  THE DAILY LEDGER  I  i  *���������  I  I  3"  Smith, fofos,  That's All!  NOTICE.  -   Mrs. A. L.,   Haskins, will sell   Ice  Cream fiom  6 to  8 every     evening.  Victoria Road, about one mile out.  Local Items  J. J.  McDonald, of Vancouver,  in lhe city today on business  DISCUSSION AT  iCITY HALL  is  J.   T.   Fahay,  of Vancouver,  is registered at the An-botslord.  J.  B.  Lowry,     of Victoria, is  Ladvsmith today on business.  in  Mrs. McKinley was a passenger on  1he south bound  train  this morniuij,  There ������ will lie a meeting of the  Eagles in the Aerie looms tins evening, when several mcm-beis will Le  initialed,,besides tlie transaction of  other business.  , Mr'. R. Weaver, of .Messrs. Simon  L-eifief & Co., Ltd., returned to Ladysmith on the noon train from  Victoria.  ' E. W. Kecnleysi-de, provincial manager of the North American Life,  was_in Ladysmith this morning oh  business,1 leaving on the noon tram  for Nanaimo.  .iMinard's Liniment ernes burns, etc.  , The Ladysmith Dramatic club will  journey down to Duncan at 5 o'clock  today, where they will produce theii  play,- "Dot, the Miner's Daughter."  /The party will return at noon to  'morrow. ������  Try a Province Ci^ar.  -  There are already some talk of   a  ^celebration for     the    Fust of July,  and most of  the st-orekcejiers    have  1 i   signified tl*eir willingness to do then  ', vparts towards raising the   necessary  ''funds, etc        If it is found,  as     is  . .thought  to  be the case,   that   Van-  j ,_Couver is    not holding a celebration  -    on, the Fiist, further steps will likc-  -    ly he  taken,  and a public    meeting  ~ probably called.      J         * CARD.  The sympathy of fiiends has been  so generally extended to Mi. and  Mrs. Robert Ross and fannl.v ,in lhe  gieat grief which'has \Mefalleu their  household, 'hat they are unable U\  make a per%onal response to allf  They beg, therefore, that this public  recognition lie accepted as thc grateful acWnowlodgeinent of a kindness  1 that has been most helpful  through the days of an irreparolb.e  "loss.  Minajrd'is Liniment cures DandrufL  GLASS   GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that you get the globe  with the rubiber ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  glothes without the ruLjiier ring  cannot keep out water, you  caa see that by exagriiiiiiiig  them. The artificial (tower  that is put into the globes  with the rubber rings, is yuai  antced to be the best, and if  you want a- globe with a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs T.  X.   Jones, agent for  H-3NRY    ���������CREW,  The only    place you can   gat  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  (Continued  From. Page One..)  would install a plant, but, he had  not , heaid their conditions. Those,  he explained, would all conic Liter.,  when, if the people .did not like tire  conditions imposed, thej would ha\c  a  chance  to   *ote Lliom down.  AU. liic.Je then asked the Alayui  a he would guai an tee Uuil, piowd-  ni-i the \otc loda) went in la,'oi  ol inimicipal-owniiu plant, Uic council would "iiar an tee ..it uii.u to *~e-  ciuc e.vperL men lo ojwinmc the *,\a-  \ei supply and report on same heroic the neMj bj-law was ui'ouglu  i or. ward.  Mr. Aicholson leplicd that such was  the intention oi the council lie  also said that tne cuunul would  pledge thcmr!cl\cs to put m a watei  power plant ii   possible.  Alter a little liuthci discussion,  lhc mecLuig Inoke up, it beiii'i the  impression -iinongst those picseni  that todaj tlie ' voters will i*.-m  then ballots in l.i\or ol a munici-  jial-owned plant.  Tlie polls will lie open ii,ul il i>e\ en  o'clock tins evening.  COL. TRACbY'S REPORT  At the meetniy last  e\ciuiiu,   Uicic  \va*> some discussion  ieg.ii tung     Co  Tiacy's   repor t   on   the   w.uei    question.     His report which  was icud at  lhc  Council  meeting   ol  Sept.   IStli.,  last jcai, is  as follows:  To the Mayor and  Council.  Gentlemen   ��������� In accordance    with  your   instructions,   I  lu\o    cxaniinod  the proposed   watei   powei   jsuggesl-cd  to he used for  electiic pin poses    foi  youi   city.     All   the  conditions     aie  favorable excepting' thc   quantity    ol  water,  a head  ol   100   loot  being a' .  aila'ble within a leaSonajblc    distance  ot' wheie the  power house could    be  located.     The   bod  of    'lhc tieek    is,  \eiy  rough and   inegnlai,  making   it  dillicult    to accurately  measure     the j  quantity     llowing,  but  fair    dillcient  mqasurements  weie .taken and the results wore fairly close,   and  the   average aiboul   four  cubic  feet  pel  second at the present time.  This quantity, with a head of 400  feet will ghe allowance for IncUon  in pipes, water power and electric  machinery aiout 101) lioise-powcr, as  the stieam at extreme low water .is  stated to hc not ni|.ic than half  tlie present flow. Making duo allowance for ithe portion of 21 hoius-diUtf  ing which only lights iwill be rcn-tiiT-  ed in the dry season, T cannot recommend the proposition as a ������aie  in\ cstmcnL tor yom council. A careful examination of f lie upper end ol  the cieek niurht develop a ii't-Mind  of storitij- tlie water and e^-ialwin-i  the (low, ilnit this inciiase would  ha\e to at least double lhc piescnt  supply to make it capable ot meet  ins vour l^fjuircmentsf Yours sm-  ceiely, T.   11.  TRACEY.  CHAMPION WALKER  OF THE   ISLAND  Yesterday's Free Press says. The  champifn pedefetrrarr of Vancouver  Island has been found. There can  be no doui-t oi it at a glance at.  his record will show. He is a Chinaman, and lives at Wellington. His  name is-'wcll his name does not mat-  tijr as all Chinese names look alrke.  His occupation is also an uncertainty. Ask a Chinaman what he does  and an expressive movement of the  hands and something said about a  Chinese lottery explains  all.  Those who travel the Wellington  road much, will have often noticed a  Chinaman -trudging lo or fro from  town generally wearing long rubber  boots. Tins is tlie champion stepper of "the island, lie lives just C  miles fiom the city and for the past  17 years lias ne\er missed a day  walking to and from tlie city to at-  knl 'io his' business (?) 'That  means 12 miles a d.iy, outside of ordinal y walking around the city and  out, to Chinatown, or '1,380 miles a  \eur. All told dining the past 17  yiMis, hc has walUil 74,'100 miles,  or about three times as many miles  as the c-ncle of the globe. Thot .c  who live on the Wellington load  beai oui the' Chinamani in Ins assertion that he has not missed this  dip one day dining (he last scven-  l.-rn  vcais.  BATTLES IX THE  SEA.  Fights between sharks and porpoises are said to he common in the  waters around the Florida keys, and  the fishermen thereabout declare that  the porpoise always wins and i-ends  lhc shark, which usually begins the  light, scurr\ mc away. The shark  has to turn on its side to Jiite, and  die nimble porpoise capily keeps out  of reach'of ils snapp ng jaws, and  then jumps in and deals the "diark  tremendous  slaps  with  its tail.  i  We lia\e puik-cl into  Stock 25 Dozen cf .this  Famous make of Kid  Gloves, in every shade,  including Green, Navy,  . Mode, Etc  ��������������������������� <������������������        ���������������������������  [id] Pair Guaranteed  ������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Get Your  $  1 AT                  |  I mm mm m \  t Largest Assortment   J  t in Town             *  i *  'Minard's   Liniment.  relic cs   nemal  gia.  S. Roedding made some very mai Iced impro\ements in the inteiioi ot  the post-oiTice last evenmt** iu thc  shape of a new coat of vainii*-h,  staining, etc. ^  DYNAMITE  BOMBS  FOUND   IN    SPOKANE  Spokiane, May 1C ��������� Two d\najmitc  bombs, each consisting of two sticks  of thc c\-plosi\e, with a fuse attached, were found this morning on  the front poichos of tlic Lesiduices  of Dr. N Ficd Essig and l)r Eiicli  Richtcr.  It is bche\ed to be the woik of  the unknown man who has been  scattering circulars signed "William  Miller," denouncing these and oilier  doctors. No caps were attached to  the 1 om-i-fl.  WANTED  The Pioneer Steam Laundry ol  Vancouver want a  number of ���������  Women aiid Girls  to work at their plant. The work  is pleasant, hours short and pay  good. AppLY  PIONEER STEAM LAUNDRY  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  4 --*.-��������������������������� *-+**m+++t���������+������������������������>���������#-  4-  *I*Tri*   TVT T r"*T-C*'l^ ���������.  Minard's  Liniment  where.  for sale   eveey-  FOR THE NICEST  Ice   Cream  Milk Shakes, Soli Drinks  Candies, Fruits, Tobacco   ������  Cigars,  ctc.  CAIX OX'-  W- L-CARTER, |  FIRST   AVENUE  Walters &���������  AkeDhead  .;*'3H  A RANGE OF���������  Up-to-dr.Cc Suiting  now on sale at  TAISANG & CO.  156  Gov't St., "    .    Victoria, B.  C.  LADIES' and GENT'S  St j Iish  Clothing  MADE TO ORDER  Workmanship   Ginai.iiileed.     Ro^  (117  FOR SALE  Twelve   head-  of  c������\vs   and Milk  ;oute.    Apply 1'.- O. .Box 99.  NOTICE.  1, Lhe undeisigaiied Jane 41cMilIan,  administratrix ol John Iluj-.li McMillan, deceased, heieby gl^e notice  that 1 intend -it the next sill/in." oL  the Hoard of Licence Oonnnissioneis  for the distnct of South Nanaimo,  Lo be liohlen at Lad'smith on lhc  13th d iy of .June, RJIIG, to make ap-  plniition to thai honorable body lor  a Uanslei of thc hotel licenses to  sell iiiloM'ca.tinji liljuors under the  piovisions of the Statutes on that  behalt, 111 the pi onuses known o,uil  descril.ed as the Tunnel Hotel" at  Extension, J'.nhsli Columbia, fiom  the said .7 chn I Inu.li McMillan to  Alex-tinder   J    AIcMillan.  .1 \.NE  MCMILLAN^  Adminislr.itri*; of John Hugh AIcMillan.  .���������������������.���������>������������������������'������������������������������������������-������������������������*��������������������������� ������������������'������������������������������������������..������..������.  J Pieiittr Mu Wr!  {1st. Avamis. Udysr.iHh, 8. G. |  j f. I lm% Prop, j  {,    .\L\NUFACTUKER OK      j  I Carbonalod Beverages, ?  I Ginger   Beer      |  I Fruit Syrups |  I T.   O.   I1o>:  2.18 !  ? t  tmmm  tm  sr  E-r  t  ���������������������������������������������   ���������*������������������������������������������������������������������������   ���������������������������������������������  ^ ���������  %  Coal     f^ii   Ei;gi es   1  <^     For Lamiclics, (-'.slilnt; Boats. 15tc.      X  ���������������  Stationery . Engines   *  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  J       Rochussen &,,ColHs  ��������� 7 Yates  St.  Victoria, B. C  ��������� Machinery  Agents.  ���������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������������������������  for all Power Purposes  Slmplu-, i:onoHilcnl. Reliable  Absolutely no danger,  lio Electric Sparkers or Bat-  teries  to get out of order.  Wrltf tis for Particulars   l-"OR-  Tennis Ootds  Lacrosse   Sticks  -AND-  ���������   Base Ball Outfits   WRITE  -  J. BARNSLCY& CO.  VitTORIA, B. C.  eaotitfitiiimiitiitt  0  Granite and Marble Works  Granite and Maible Monuments, Tablets, "etc., at the '  lowest ^ prices consistent  with fast class stock and  workmanship. - Write for  catalogue.      " ,  -  J   ..'   A.   STEWART,  1 IS Yates St. Victoria  B.C  ���������     FORSALE ,  [ggsifroiii Pure tired Stock  Ail Birds Trap Nssted  No inferior Layers Kept  Uarred,     lJuQ    and     White   Rocks  \\liit>3 Wjandottes, While and   Brown  Leghorns  $1 Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  >    E. STEWART,  Box 2C8 Ladysmith, B.C.  Parlors for Private Parties.      t  ���������~^^-+-*������������������*-���������*������������������*��������� ������������������������-���������������������������"������������������������������������������������������ ������������������-���������������������������-��������� ������������������������������������������������������  Smol'C Big IJ. Cigars  RAYMOND&",������ONS    j  ���������Dealers in���������-  Lime,   Plaster Paiis,   Brick,  Fire Biicl>  and Vancomer island cement.  3  Pandora Si. Victoiia B.C.  r  5OUVENIRQO0DS1  my-***    Just.to'hand^rr"***"^"^'      |  souvenirs of Ladysmith, Spoons, BuckJes. etc.   |  - "Call in "and (jet'One I  Get your little Qlrl a pair of-  NEW   SLIPPERS  ���������mm������������������������������������������������������i^ammm^mmmmmmm���������jwji ������������������������������'���������   We are showing the New Styles for the Girls in the   Vr ������tV i f f������r f������11 ���������*������ d ���������. ��������� 11 f������������Wi^  AFTER THE RA1N|IS OVER  n*^.\ri MWXJXi������uam(i-z.^aMJitrzimt.vm'**im-tm*-rmm f~~  GIBSON    TIE  These Slippers are Made to Wear and for  Style and   Comfort   ___.        Can't Be Beat ���������  Sizes from 5 to i  1-2.  p-ics from $1 Pair and up  A   Full Range ol Sixes In Slrar 5llpp������ra   with   Fancy Buckles Very Nobby  LOOK   l/ViiK    OUR   STOCK  I B  FORCIMriER I  t Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician 1  ,   FIR5T AVENUE LADYSHITII   f  H '��������������������������� . ���������  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� &***-*-^-*^#44*������^<f>*������^*#**  | For a Choice  ���������  t  I    Roast  of  I       r. = ��������������� .. ������ Call   oln.  ���������  *.���������  I  have just  received a shipment ol  hills'   High Grade  LNGLIStt TOBACCOS  and  CHMREUFS  at   -he   DRUG   STORE  f  li  W.  ���������\-i  ���������i i  N*   ������,  ���������'I  ���������  OJU/VIR   & ADAM  I     PANNELL and PLASKETT     |  ;#fi.+**'*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������*  '������������������������������������������>*#������������������<>������������������  Now,is Spring cleaning tinir  Coat  your walls with  Church's A'labastlne  Will jtot nil)   6IT..'   A-perfect and sanitary wall coating, sold in;*  50 & 25c. Packages  Als0 paint your  woodwork    with  "Pyramid Brand"  of Painls.    'The best in the market,  only ...  $-���������75 Pev Gallon  Wc also carry a  large line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,     Brushes,     Window Glass,  Iiooni and Picture.Mouldings, etc.  Try a gallon of out ���������  Granite   Floor Finish  to  preserve   your   LLnileujns.     Bring  your  pictures, to  he framed to  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  I Wc arc showing a New Range of Lawn Waists, Designed after the. New Models so* largely worn  in    New   York,       '������������������ '- '  83c to $3.  Wc carry, a Full Lin������: of-  IAD  jn* AttractivetStyles and at InterestigPrices  S1M( N L������1SER& CO 'ltd.  Notice  A. HOWE', olCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run   by w. Ward, on Robei U strce  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MhlS  PORK AND SAUSAGE A, SPECIAL! Y  : ,\       A trial Solicitd  A.     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LADYSMITH HOTEL   BAR  Having, taken over the baVMooia ftf.  the aiiove hotel,  we intend  to' tui a  first-class,   lip-to-date  establishment,  and  in soliciting the patronage ... ef  our friends -aiul  tlu public ,in general,  we "gt 1 an*.* 1 tee good  treatment  to all.  R. Scoff  A. Smith  Pi-  -  CONUNDRUMS.  What Man can spend many days  each week on a bust and yet never  taste liquor?  The sculptor.  Dr. Dier can  he found at any time,  at his office, on Gatacre st. His   dei>  tal  work  is  guaranteed  to be first*  class and rates r������asonable ���������*.  J-.-j*l'0*iU=ffli-*^-ijf^  ^���������i^M^-iMv������������J^.;^-^%i--*^.w-i*^^^'^./Hreswi^^


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