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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 12, 1906

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 if.  LEGISLATIVE AfflBI*  .V,  [  ���������/<-  "A  MAY 15 1906     '^J  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOIi.,2  SATURDAY  May  12,   i"ui;  L> U   CE FIVE CENTS  NEW YORK DEAD  REMAIN UNBUR1ED  Funeral Drivers Go on Strike and Undertakers Find it Impossible to Con-  Convey Bodies to Cemecary  New   York,   May   11 ���������Tlie .strike ol   called.      Many   undertakers   appealed  1300 funeral-drivers      ordered  '   la.L   l(> a*������ board  of health   lor   permit.  ... ���������     .   ,    , 'iii ,.,���������. i,,ic   lc)  postpone burials beyond the four  night,     crippled  the  undertaking bus -      ������  b t ! day limit,   while others     asked     for  incss m New  York cily so' completely   that about       J40  dead  'remained      uuburied   today      lloises   dor police protection.  and  cani'ingcs      weie    driven     aw<v. j     in every case' permission   to street  from  churches, ^ mourners   weio/   kept cars   were  denied   but   m  case*;   wore  CHINAMAN PREFERS  NEW WtSlMIHISTfR  PEtillENII BY  ipermission   to .convey bodies to eoin-  bodie* 0terics  ������n  trucks  or  street   cars  an-  Ainongst the passengeis on the  iiioinmp; train for Victoiia were Wm.  Sheaiei and a Chinaman fromCum-  Leiland They were handeufied to  gather, and under the charge of aji  officer fiom iVunauno. Shearer, it  will be remembered, is Ute man who  attempted to mil cue of the CV-  lury Company's engines, ami recei\-  ed three <montht-' imprisonment from  Judge Harrison as the result. The  Celestial hails fiom Cum-lierla'ii-d,  uh'cre,  in     April  last lie stabbed   a  waiting   all   <la*     in  homes  oi   dead  d.-aMi had occurred from   contagious!ioiU)V/    coiuitiyman  and   wass yestcr.  and  in   several    instances   non-union  disease undoitakers   weie  forced  drivers   were  attacked    in   the stiver  make use   of such vehicles   as     they  ���������,,1'l-iJ   sentenced to one year imprisonmnent  in  Victoria.     He is especially  MITCHEL1 MAY  PLEAD TEM-  nuir unity  nnd   police   protection   had    to       be   were able     to   procure with diiver*  greed  o-.cr  the  fact   that he is  to  Silt ASKED TO  BE KILLED  IttMENIiD MOTHER  KILLS DMJGrlTIR  Newport News, Va., May J2���������I'u-  iian Pavlinic, an Austrian today sm-  ! cindered, to the police' and announe-  , edJ tliat he had Kill led his wile by  sfcoottiiig het seven times in the  head while she slept. The man declared that^ his wile was discliaifeed  from a,Ti insane asylum on Foluuaiy  last and that he took her hie in  compliance with her wish th.it he do  so, rather than 1h.it she retain to  the institution. ,  . o_______ ^  Victoria adviees s"n\s A meeting  uas hold yesterday, at the association's rooms, Fort Street, of the sub  committee of Uit-  muniilnct.urers'  New Yoik, May 12���������Mrs. Maiy  Wateis enteitil the loom of hei home  in West Seienth sliest wheie her  two daughteis, Aigatha anil IluUi lay  .sleeping e.ulv loday and shot A^t'lnt!*  the elder and favoi ile, without a(-  (emjJljng lo h.nni 'T.iilJi, thou hilled  herself. Tcmpoiary insanity due to  worry over the daughters ill health  is assigned  a>.  the leascn       l fl  Mrs Wateis was (he wife ot John  H Waleis, a well lo do insurance  hioloi, an.l was r>2 veais o'ld The  mother, who has been melancholy  for a loii'i    tunc,  had  iriieved     ovei  Seattle, JtJ/ay 12.���������U the predictions,  of Prosecuting \ttoi*ncy Mackintosh  prove fiue, GeougK* MjtcJiell will plead  tcttiiporaiy insanity in .the .supciior  (ourl when he is anaigned on tho  charge of mi-ider in the hist degree  foi Ivdl-ntr Kian/ Ednwitid CieffmM,  in Hits city a iew days a;.'0 Mr  Mackintosh holds tli.it hy making  this plea n will he possible for the  defendant to get the lestimuiv bc-  foie the mi y which ho declares ntcts-  saiy if the young man i.s to lime  ������'<<������ the slightest chance of escaping ihe penalty for his cnme He  declares thai under the law, testimony heaiiiuc on Mic foimei charac-  tei  oi coiiihlioii of ihe ikwl >m���������ifli is  I  GAME SCHEDULE  FOR TO  MILLS  WILL NOT BE  COSED OOP  TO MANUFACTURE  LUMBER AND  SHINGiES  'fhe  big: ball  came  is   to come    (.0  New Westminster, May 32��������� A  new  lumber and shmgle   mill    is    dfe.n^  Mail ad* ices received to-day fto n  tomorrow, ajid each team is- pick.d SeatUCf ure aS follows- According  lor the iray N'ai^inio's      liiuM.p   {o   Uje staleuMSnt q[  j   u    Bl-bodc I. ] erected by a Vernon man naircd   11  was published     yesterda>,   And     the  ,naiia������er of the Lai ion Lumfcer 'C<-  'McQuairic,   at a  point  about    three  Ladysmith boys' names -.nd positioi.s  at Bel Imp, ham,    one of the    largest .mites* aro.e  Port  Kelts.    The   mill-  are as   follows: , lumiber  and     shingle    manufacturing   will foe of a  combination character,  concerns in Western Washington, io'mi able vo twin, out Loth lumSva  j-enciai close-dl|wn of shrinjgle mulls, s 'and shingles.' When in full swing,  being contemplated at this time, a I- the mill will have a capacity of  llioiurh some of the shingle manufa> r 50,000 shingles *pei 'day, and from  tuiers    hau> expressed a desire    to   0,000  to  10,000 ieel  of lumber    per.  COMMITS  <;oni I the  tihoHight  that  Ag/atha.  who    was  inittee tor  the      purpose  of planninf  out  space  for nn  exhibition   hall   ,iu  ���������'    Ike   new   piemise*!   recently    ncquired  Uy the  V'lctoim       licvclopincnf     und  Tourist      Association       A     t-round  ���������"  pian   was   pi.'pui*(*(l     which        ������o-iJil  r   giyo opportiuuty    lor the   display nl  .   40 or 50 exhibits   or more  il       >*ec  esiai-v. ' . i  Ohjcogo,   May   1 I.���������-Vera 11 v  hei conslairt companion, expected to  sail next week in the hope ot ic-  co'eiing her  health. '  Dm ini? Sunday the mothei had <lis-  played no symptoms ot nK'iital <lis-  -oTtlef;*v-'tyjrf lia'd" spefit'.V'pmeion-" of  the day, in planning the" trip , winch  Agatha, was to have. About two  o'clock in the niommg-M's Waleis  (jvery  witeied the loom occupiwi by the two  he sent to Vicdria In exprcssm-*;  lim self on the sub'ect this moinin*;  at   t'ic tiaiii, he  said  "Si ose    J   t-ct     two  years,     mole  het lei      1  ko Vow Westminster j -c* ���������. ���������  ami   catch   'cm  school  lessons.      (}0;"ofc ecncrall-v .i<������'" s-������W->,  and that in  Victoiia, woil-  allee time   No g0od" ,oldcr for  il   to  ���������* .placed  befoic ihe  He evidently    thinl������     it   would    be  J"ly(  <i vlca.     of temporary lmsanit'  woith. his while in New Westminst: t   will  be neccssmry      Moie  thpn   this  as  he  would   have  a clumcc  to lcam ' thc ,)imPVutoi   asserts'that  he is cor-  sotne(hiii(>. ���������        ' ���������   ,   Jt   ^  ,tain   that   tins   i, the  plea  thai will  , he  put hefoie    the court  and    up-Mi  which  the cace  wdl  be tought  Mitchell still     remains- silent    and  ^UICIDf'*   ti'--lS ������^y tinoiigh, his attorney cc-u-  ceirninp, the case   .������.  |    An inlo'rination     was Tiled   in    the  ���������    ..    ,   ' ,n     . ,'      ., ,    s������������P*-noi eotnt yesleulay bv  the pn>-  I'ortlant, May 12.~Leonaid L. Kel.   secutia    ^^ ^    ���������   j,,^,,  ly,   or  20 years- an employe of    th,   Vvl(h lli���������^6r ,��������� ^ ^ -  Ueslein  I nun  Tclcgiaph     Compaiu, *iS  and f< i   seen  years  niyht  clerk-  'in ',   .  the I'oitlnnd    oiliie,   commilted    sm  cide yes to day !: v s .v,-llov\ in>' cai' olio  acid     No tfk-rnite cause for the dec 1  can be    assigned,  but it  is  believe I  that he  was temporairily insane-from  oveivfbrlc J  J. Kerr, Pitchei  D. Aitken, Catcher  T   White, 1st Base  M   Keir, 2nd   Rise  J.Muir, 2nd Base.  K. Clarke,  ('enter Field.  J. lhinl-ar, Right Field  D. Kerr, Leit Field.  J. Crosr-an, sparcman  As was mentioned yesterday, th,s  match is loo-ied upon by 'both-ti p.ni*.  as one ot thc deciding issues .--f the  series', and 'loth   tennis  aie most ru.-  MOUS   tO    Will.  Regarding the game scheduled v.->.h  Duncans on Satuiday, the L?c.U tia 'i  had asked the Duncan fans to elm. *c  the date to Wednesday uevt, as u  will 'Ite impossible ' for Ladysnu".if  men to get oS on Satuiday, as it  s pay-dav Iloweiei, the secretary  has leeeived word that the Duncan  men want the game pl.i>cd accor.i'-  iiie;     to    schedule,   and  consequently  jiluse-down   for  a period  of 30  da\-i   'day.     The erection ol the   ncccBsniy  ,Whei seen at the Butler yestc-nla *, buildings has already Uen slantwl,  Mt Boodel made the following siat,- arid it is expected io have cvery-  ment      '*" I t.hing  in running ordei   by the   mid-  ���������'I   do not    behove  tlie close-flow:i   die  of next  mouth.      Thc   contrac**-,  that is- Wein^ discussed,is a   gener.-J   for the machinery  and   the  installii-  movement     among the     mill    men    tion of  the ecftmpment has fcc?n    ac-  There is    no occasion lor such    a*-'<:epted    by    the     Schaal'e    macC'iine  lion at    this  time,     as  prices     aie   works,  i^ood   and  no  apfiearanoe  of a poss- - ! '  ble drop in the market at this tarn.* j  Any     cut  m    the jir ccs,    howcvc',1 '���������"   wi'uhl unquestionably lesult m a g. <i j    Omaha���������Pat Ciowe,    once accuse-d  ,cial closnifi by the association mill*     ->r kidnapping,    is   again     a fug,it-n-e���������  "A   r-e-icral closing  is  only   ncce*-   -t.'-'*' tlie  Ommlui police are, searching  sary   when the nutlet   is   oveistoc! -   101   him       Crowe had a .fipht     Inst  ..a  t *!il  PAT CROWU A FUGITIVE.   ���������o_  TYEE SMEl TER  RETURNS  BURG! AR'S AIM  railroad   running*,     noith,   south   amiig������������''.'-���������*"������������������ pLiciiift. the  lovolvci  at tl'o  . ' . . .   . .     I temple of hei   daughtei,  fued, Kilhiig  west  of Chicago   was repiusi-uled  be-1, . "       ' ' a  " * jhei instantly.  tore t3io intcrstavt.   Cotjineice    Com-      yiR.. tJlra   leU  (he   I0(jm   AIld as sll{1  mission     when    the    Standaid     Oil I riosceildl.u   ���������ie s,uirs   she  Wnt  At-  a  biil-  lMS������rin������  wni     icsumed    today.      ai-   let  Jlllo her  QWn h<jad        s,1(,     (]l<l(i  toiiic-y   O.    C    Mufoigc,   iepresentiii������  thu   Standard  Oil   Compniij   oi   Kon-  almost insu-iitly, heL  body falling at  the   te:*t of    hei   husi-und  who    had  The sniicltei   ian ihhteen days dui-  mg the  month of Aj.nl, and   troateJ  J1717   Urns (>l  Tyco ore,, giving a ic^  *���������*���������-", -after deflnctiorr of Trr  '���������-���������*  ins chaises,  of ?34,723v.  e.i, and as longl Hi ihe .demand is a '  n-S"1  wlth tll!C,i; policemen,    during   -  stiong as at piesent theiejs   no or-   "lvlllc������ a dozen/bullets, were   fnod "at) *  casicn foi   fhe nulls  to  shorten    tlie   ���������������������������������-.    a,1,'i    he     ,s  supposed to ha\e   -  thc  Iccals    will  send   up a team  of 'oatput        It  a break in the marlrl   1 een wounded, but fi-caped. "   ���������   '  some sorl      Whether they will   win j was  rhieaten-wl  there would he    oc- ���������    Dur-i*g Crowt*\s famous tiial, Miss    ,,  or  not    is another question       Thry   casion  for some    action,  but     ther--  JiaZ,e-  Montgomeiy   became  liifatual-.   .  will   do  their  best,   and  in  any e.v- jhas hoen no  lessening of Wiedemann   ei  with  him,  and aftei  Crowe   was  pji-t  Duncan  will  have  lo  work lurdjai the present'satisfactory prices''   J li-ectl, he  paid close attontica to her ,<  and   will    certainly     not get a  wm  ���������  \ She wearied of  Crowe and attem-pt'-- ''  HOWIE'S DAYS ARE NUMBERED    eA   tfi  aisco"---!^ "is  visits      Ciowc  Chicago,    Mav      J1-John     Ale;.-! letsistdd and the'girl left home ta*--  aader    Dowie    ,s cnticallv      .11    itl' iti? r*fuge  with friend, r Last   night  ,     .    I Crowe  went  to  this  fucnui's   house, .,  I>trd    and his     sdicneth is    snid    to   ,     ,      .   > ,.      , , ,,'-.,  b     ���������, ,     brcAc m  the door ah*l searchc<l   the  he I'aihuir rapidly.     Dr. Blasts    who  , -.      , i^io.i      ,  ������     l     ^ . house.     Later he retiirnail,   threaUtfi-  fiom  the  locals defaulting  Tomorrow's    game    is  called    toi  2. JO p m  ��������� o   THF SIIRF^T tUrn'   afte^ t*<^"<:ti0n"o-t tvoiiht ani  MARINE  Vork, Pa.���������A cat mswle the pipe  organ of St. Luke's Lutheran church  caused the dispensing with .the anthem- aial made many of. the congregation pay mote attention to things  worldly" than to things' heavenly.  As soon as the orgwust, Miss Ada1  Folkenroth, would attempt to play  there would -be a hunying and ,scui-  rying inside the bi^ lus-trum-cut  This would be accompanied with an  erratic    running of the scales,  cluo-  (he  tucky opened, tlic  pioccwlings h\     a |Lmi awakened   by   the  fu*,t shot and  cross-examination    ol  Ma.vwood  31a*c  cm of  Illinois,   who  testified     \csto.-  CAT CRAWLED  INTO QUO AN  and  was hitrryiig to  asu-itain  cause of  it  DRAUGHT ON  THE MAINLAND  Vancomer, Slay I 1 ���������Thc cry of  the counlij, bo'th on the lower main  land and on the ncai*er uplands, is  lor lain ' Thc piotracted dtought  is '-etarclmg the progress ol vegetation,   and   if   i am   docs    not       conic  matic and otherwise,   while the most, Soon   *-lu'    coiisiMuonees   will   be   bad  weird    and womleiful  stiains  iloatod   lor inanj   nops   and   i'oi   gieon p-*as  through tlie edifice  At last the pastor,    Rev.     Albeit  Bell, suggested  that  there  was some  , thing inside  the organ.    One of   the  -'(members arose and made an investigation.  W hen he emerged} wJwtc AvitJi  '.dust and streakod with cobwebs,������������������ he  "had a brig cat  by  the nock.     P,ussy  had gone there for mice.  ADDER INVADES A  COURT.  part icii laii.\ l.'unu        ChilliwatU  comes the .epoit that laimcrs gen-  erallv an- roin]ilnmuis ol lack ol  lain Su'cral lainncis in the nei^n-  borhood ol Sumas aie quite satisfied.,-with ' things as .they '.arc, as  tho '.seepages-through t he rising, of  the  .Fraser .'-keeps    ihe   -land   irrigat-  New York,.���������Scfbt.  Smith was   sit--   --*1  and   the crops   promise    to bo ah  ting at his Idesk, in the intrance to  .the Westchester court and prison,  when a. Stomtli American ad-tlcr su<l-  .denly appeared- on the doorstep. The  reptile 'coiled ��������� itself laxily in the  sun with evident enjoyment. Smith  ran towards the -d0or with his cliiS).  But the snake wriggled- swiftly to  ���������the sidewalk' and entered a real estate office.  Sergt. Smith and -two patrolmen  purs-iied tlie snake info Hie .real estate office and .tried to -hit. it with  their clubs. But. it escaped into- a  J vacant lot adjoining. Then Smith  drew hi;-: revolver and shot oft' 'its  head.  Although it. was but very 'little  that Ladysmith people saw of the Imperial troops stationed at "Victoria  they share the regret of the residents of,the capital and other cities  at the departure of tin? "Tommies:  and wishj those who leave Victoria  '.oilnv fiM- "���������hd-Me n sn'V- , .inuciey  ' across the co..i inen.l.'. ,'nn'.! Atlantic. It is sate tnHay that I hi so'-  diors ido not 'leave our ' beau- if u lis  land ''with feelings of joy unmiri-  gled with regret.  '���������').' ��������� ���������"     '���������  New' Yoik,   May     12.���������Charles    L.  Spier,   a   piomisuig  busu-css  ma>n   ot  Staten     Island,    and  said   to ,be    a I  #   couf-dential agent  of II.  If.    Rogeis, I  \ice-presnUnt   of  the   Standard     Oil'    SS   Pimcess Bejleice called in to-  C impany, was  shot and killed in,   a   day foi   btuih'i coal.  duel   with  a burglar   in  his ' home in ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������  New Itusjliton, Stuten Island,     eaily      The Topic  and     sc.av    is m  tohiy  Alter   his house   was     ion-   for coil   foi  the Mainland.  undaiit.      Thi:   ydn.r- promises    to   be  ���������a good  oiie for  fruit.  .Dewdney fanners report lhat tlic  abseiiee of rain'* i.s beginning to occasion scriojis apprehension for their  crops. Strawberries are likely to lie  affected. , Mr. Maxwell Smith, L>o-  mitiion 'fruit inspector has gone lo  Hammond, whence,, reports similar  to those from Dovvdney have Jieen  coming  in;  Mr. Bdgett, of.the well 'known.gro  cei*3* stores her,.says that lhc effect  of the drought is ntrendy apparent  in the green stuIVs that are coining  iu but its effect on Uu.' mnrket. is  not . yet   manifest.      If   rain       comes  soon.".-.ays Mr. Edgvtt, I lien- will be you sixty days in jail and $10;i.' ]  hann done, but a . coniiinianei* of ^0t the sixty ,.days all right, but he  the drought, will -be, attended 'with ���������never came across with , the $100.���������  serio-us' consequences. Kansas City Journal. ���������  todav  .bed by   iuiialnis seieiral liiontlis ago,  Mr    Spiei     piepaied   to    defend     it  against them  when they f*aid another  \isit  Early in the morning ilr and Mis  Spier weie awakened by the noise  of a huiglar who was taking up thc  s-ilverwaie on the dining loom tabic.  Aiming himself with a. lovolvei, Mi  Spiei ran down staus and shot at  the intruder His tiist shot missed  thc man, who drew his own weapon  and tired lapuily at Air Spici until  ���������the weapon was empty After the  lust shot, Mi S[-iei's revolver missed fire, but two of the burglar's  shot** penetrated his heait, a-nd Mi.  Spier's body was touncV by his wife  on the floor of the'idming ro* in The  burglar cscaicj, leaving th-* booty he  had collected  IXDLVN-  TRUKITORY HUMOR  A good story is told cm John It.  Thomas, of- Muscogee, a wellknown  lawyer ol that city, whs tt'**s -oi-  me-ily judt-;e ot the Western district  One night Thomas found himself in  a' shaiMiy little, town which had no  hotel, '.Desiring .t*V stay all night,  he asl-icd a loun.jc-er .in front of a  grocery store, where he. might find  accommodation. The lounger went in  side of the .storct which was run by  an Indian. When informed that  there was a man outside who wanted a place, to spend thc night, the  Indian asked:   .     '  ���������  "Who  is  the fellow'.'"  "Judge Thomas," was  tho reply.  "Well, if that's the fellow, he had  better pay me what he owes me before asking me for  any  favors."  "How is that?" 'queried U������J loung-.  cr. ,' "Is  he  in  debt to  you?"  "Yes," replied the Indian. "When  lie was judo-e at . "Mi^cogee,, I was  brought, before him for selling liquor. I, was convicted, and in sentencing  me   he  said:    "I   will     give  ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������  The Terje \ ikcn has about completed loading, nnd will leave foi  San Kianciftco tonight   o   THE SPIER  INVESTIGATION  BRIDE'S HOME ON THE STREET  Now York, May J2.���������Rev. Dr Geo  L Sninnimlg, pastot or the First  Pics-bytcrian church of South Oianpe j  K J., has received woi 1 from his  snai Alonttord Spinning, that the latter was married in Snn Francisco on  Tuesday last His bride was Mis;  Alice Duncan, daughter of Samuel  Duncan - The couple had planned to  be marned on May 2t, but the luidc-  groom say-* in a letter lus lather re-  c-i\ed on Monday nighty "The'earth  j Vake    sh^oK' our    plans to pieces "  has    been      in  constant    attendance  oh   Dowie  since     his   return      from  uig  to  kill  thc   family      The   rlplice  were called and  a pistol .battle,   fol-  Mex.cojW tonight     that      Dow as loWw,     CtQwe cSeaped.   Warrants arc''  might WV    ten  da>s     but   that,   a ouf for   him. *        ' '   '  fatal   termination   of      the      diccasc    -  **J���������    i  within, two or three .days? would iy*t  be siuprisuig.  Fastest in* the world.'  COALHEAEBE  COMES GLACIER  ���������j* ;**-<-������if  -���������Vi  .Seattle, May  12���������Two of the fastest  motoi   boats  in   1-he  world,    arte,  now in Seattle, and during the past Orange, N.J ���������Ktom Hamp-tcu June  The young couple had funi'shed tlicir ' fow ()a)S *uve been astonishing the 1]OI1 comcs \]XCL stolJ 0[ a-coal pile  home in anticipation of then mai-' ,������0J)ie 0��������� Lake Washington with|Uut ,,as turneci llHt0 a glacier, and  nage, *ut th-is was destiuyoJihy Ik." ' ������.hcir distance annihilating ajuility. !JT> Wlll ( ptoUably be uecessaxy to  earth-fua-ce When the letter wis No one Knows evactly how fast m]ne out lhe b'eaJ) wllh tiyaiannU-  written the bride an! bridegroom !lney can j,0, as the full exUnt m" Lpjore the stoie of fuel tau-he made  were  keeping house-0n the stieet | ilien  powci   is kept under  the hat 0f 'av-aiia.ble.     The  bank  of coal is one  4 L   Roesch. .the ov.ner.       Mi    R, t*sih   which lus  bfiM sUuuimg at the si or  is a wealthy man who makes hls age yaids tot more than a year ll  home in RutUlo, but is putting in \H ^^^^ thai the gieater tpait of  the summer   here,    and has biottfiht.   xhQ     fleeE,ng was done dining    the  vt'inter of 1901 and  1905.  ��������� il  THROWN FROM  AUTOM0B1LE  out some ol his  lastest boats  One of them is named the    Comet,   .  ���������JV, llus   ,s .no  l)(vill   that    he      has  Berlin.   . May     11 -The   Dowafier l'������n  Hying to  match    against    tlie  Queen Era oi tho Netherlands, moth- fast      Tnk.c (m        ot     Tacoma  ei of   Queen vvuhchnena was   thrown Roesch    has  >1,0U0   to   bet    on  irom  Mr.  his  ^���������^ ���������  La., ln^wluoh the bridegroom  is    81*  au automobile  todav at    Stem   I ^l. but   -Alien  the proposition   Was agp  and   t,je  ^ide 1?     Jo.  '.lANUA-RT AND MAY WEDDED  New  Orleans,  Af.n   12.-A  peculiar  m'arria|(p^s  reported  from   Arcadia,  **-*l  put     up  to' the Tiku-um  People M-ey--ph-*-j,yrklU> a weaithy. planter told  Some    idea      oi    tho    remarkable j  Xanthus,   which  runs  between   Math-1^  for    the old  nian  for thc  n    '      ���������nth���������. ���������.��������� ���������ru,sed    but     re- ���������U  ^W*   ���������A  L.CSCl"  park'   S1?^   madjOet of his days    She was taken  Queen   motile-  was hruisea    tun.     ii    , j      _       f  .u   ���������:,  steamer*,   rot  al- i .  let .������������������ny oi tie tuj, sttaim.-.*. ipi ai t() his housei a m]nistei was sum-  most across tlie lake and then catch I ^ Md wlUun ^ hoUJ Ulc cere.  them .l.efore thev I mow what   is  New York���������Jim, the nine-foot a'li-  -;o- i  Two more Indians'-of tha Duck  Lake' reserve, near Rosthern. Sauk,  a .re dead a result of st'ttintf intoxicated .';'oiv- Florida water. This, is  the .seventh death in that part from  the same cause. Oho of the victims  was a white man. The government  will probably investigate.  AN INSINUATION.  *       <   t   ,     p,,.    ..^WHr-dsonu*  '"Q  "^     Tw������nl>"  m,ICS  ^   h������Ur   " I*!������ contracting parties had seen   the  pjto,  at   Lunn   Paik, ^^^  mere    play  for he.,  and  h������   powr-   o(]]er {Q  ^ iimc  Ql  ^     in-r.  what ungr. c -fully to a  suigioal   op-   fli]   cn���������.,ies   f|0  no[   (.V(.R make     thc. '  ciation a few days ago Jim was  .basJtiiiE; in hi** tank recently when a  small hoy [ rodded him with a long  stick     Failmig  to observe a protrud-  boat  i lhratc  Ycsteidax   tin*,  wondeiful  boat top"?  a  jurty oi   sv cu   fiom     M������vlisiii St  to  Faiiweafh-'t  I..iy,  atioss  thc lake.  ing ten-penny nail, Jim  saap.pcd   the-   j���������  app'ox-imaldy six' miriutes.  New- York, Mn\ It���������The investigation whifh lollowed the mystei-  ious death ' ol Charl.**. L Spier,  ronfidenlial .ir id 101 II H Rotors, who died fiom .i bullet wound  several du\s o^o disclos������*s the met  that nis linnutial nftaiis wet*e moic  linolied than m lusi tluHighi Thc  a'covmtants who Ii.im- liecn ivtaiaed  b\ Mr. liui,\ i s to examine Spier's  ine*s Tlie*,^ senii uies. a mem)*.*)*  of the (u ui said were i ���������.���������tinned to  Spier upon Ins piomiso to replace  tlKMii. The promise, was not kept.  It has hiX'ii disclosed by the present, investigation that Spier had  been pressed by Air. Kogors for  the .securities nnd that when he  got. them from the hro'oerage house  and '-c-tui-ni'd ihem to ^fc Rogers  the latter entrusted him with SS'l-  00(1 worth of bonds o.f a new company.  The investigatiou of Mr. Spier's  accounts has not yet been completed and.it i.s not yet known whether his shortage will exceed the  $180,000   already   found.  New York, .\Iay 1.1.���������F. B. Kerch,  of the firm of Kerch. Loew* and Co,  mnde tho following statement tonight: --.Vs .si.atcviK'mls ol" our pes  sible loss through lhc Inle. Charles  Spier bnve been greatly exaggerated  we wish to statu that tho maximum   loss   possible       to  'is   i*;  S������>7,-  00������- , ,. !a ditch  and killud.     The  little hoy   encc,   an:!, pursued ibv  the  do?   verv  books  have  mu-ovoreel   some   discrep-ltoW ho-v     he hung   onlo   ^  tvesUc   en]y   _w  morni.nR)   s1,al.t.,.i   ,.fp   m ^  ���������a num1*ei  ot    his     fuemds   that   he  was anxious    to     marry again, and  fort,   ileat   Phaha,   whoiu   she     v*as  ' . ,       ���������,.��������������������������� McclHio'l thc lace  attending   the   wedding    oi       Prince  and  Pt-tiucs*.    Yon   Berntheim    Stein-  speed  oi   tne uomet   may  oe iiau m-j , they promisod to secure a'wile   foi  t                 ,            ,   . i    ������������������    imagining   what  a   boat   must   do   to   , M       Helen   Uvc    a schooll mil  'Ihe   machine   stiuc*.    ������      butiliert. n      .*��������� _,   A,._   ,  _"������������������"���������      ivl1****   -Je"-n   u><.,   a scuo-.ii *,ui  wagon  electing her majesty  and    th*  prince   Vou Hcrntheim-Steiniort     Th  iecu   mothe-  >  sumeo   her  l ul*.  ian circles  aiouud thc  fast  steamer   waJj ^^ ()f t]uS) am, xolu-lteered to  le  mony had been peiformod.   Neither of  .UAge.  stick with such force that Uio nail  penetrated the rcy if of his niou'ih  and stayed  thene.  .Mr. Thompson     ordered    a    plan'J  brought.     Under his direction it was  Th: Comet i.s ���������t'.iirl.v-tlirc'e feet long  and is (lri-.cn by a forty-horse power engine, of t!:e l.e-ichtui make. In  Jicr trial run yesterday, Olaronoe  Jones,     of    the Kilhoiirr.e &    Cla-rlc  MILD FORM.  "Then your hus'bami has recov-eicd  from his hallucinaitiio-ns, has he,- ina-  dani?" " '  "For the most part, .doctor. Ik's  no longer violent. .He-'doesn't thin!*  ostriches with elephant's heads on  them are chasing; him now. The. only  jicculiaTi'ty we notice about him is  that no matter what we'may happen to be talking a-h.:*|Bt, ho leud*,  the. conversation around to immediate municipal ownership before he  gets through.."���������Chicago Tribune....  forced    into  the    alligator's   niotiUi, Comyany,   was at   the  wheel,    while  which immediately clos-od on it.   Jian m,-.   Roesch   and   his  brother handled  was then   Toreed  into, a corner,   with u,c  (nninc.  his mouth  held   wide opjen-   by     the Tho  s-COimI  iher   is the     Mercury,  plank,    and    Harry Welsh, assistant which  is ahr.;.! . twonty-t-wo feet long  dectricia-n. reaching through the ca-Jta ,:UUi  ],;1.s  th-  distinction   of being the  with ,an enormous   pair  of tweezers, fastest  small    motor    boat in     the  cpiickly extracted the. nail. World.     If   h s alreadv'nroved' ite : AMENDING - THE  DECLARATION.  Whereupon    Jim     tested his  jaws superiority    over   the ' Chip,     which1   "M>*  frvends^vexclaimed��������� ^   can-  with    a  few snaps, seemed .satisfied, won the -Vmerican Power   Boat   As-  didate, in a fine burst of disint.crc.st-  and went   to sleep. sociation    $1,000 gold challenge cup  ied Patriotism,    "1  don't want,    this   +  in  the Ki-st  Inst   August.        ^          '   ollicc.it   you think I   am unwmthy to  New York.���������Five-year old     Joseph .     . ^_  fill it!"  Amber-was  the dramatic witness-  in FIRE ALARM FOR A   CAT.        i    iIcre he st������PI)*xl anl- to������k a dri"'c  the. inquest     of    his father,  Joseph \*(nv   York.-A   big (black  cat own-,'1t  watcr-  Amber,  yesterday.   The elder Joseph ed bv   h������lis 'Khan, which msa-cr,- to '    "And   T   n"gh,t' ^A^ h������ l,roCt'c<U,[l*  Aimher  was  struck  by a -trallcy-car the name oi  Robinson Crusoe   when   "Uiat' m^' c-wrfWacy -is not the    rc-  at  N'icetown -1m������ and F rank ford ,an*- Khan's  l.mll dog    is  asleep,  revolted   sult of    any     cwrAipt .political -itai-  en tie last Sundav night, knocked into 'against   tfe  conditions  of   its    exist-   gain"  "J"  ".Y^-t,   you miiRlil,"   intanipk'd    nu  _ ^        _  ti    ^ old farmer in  the audience;, "hut    if  ancies   and   today  it   developed  that 1 n.ork hy  om hana" and ref���������sod   to he treeW'"4n',fro^                                             rtitl'     r������11''1   bC  ,yi"'  -liliC'    Rf,,"  Spier  had ' been   speculating    on    thfe j h,  "You Vcok as though my cigar dis- J stock market for many months and  tressed you," said .the smoker. "Are!*-11*11 seeurities owned by ( Mr. P.og-  Vou' opposed ' to   tobacco?" er-s had been deposited.  "Your cigar    docs  di;;-tress me.     I       Ono lot, valued at $180,000 which  aubd to safety by the police until street. Thom,-s Watson, a small  his father .iha'd been looked Tor. "Ne- hoy, turned in a fire alarm for the  ver mihd me; my papa.is'^own tliere cat, and two firemen put up a lad-  drowning. Please help"'"Ti'im." The -derj andJfitoLrted up, ,biit Ro/bh-on  coroaier's  jury  held  no  one    respon- Orusoe^|rp*T them   and   made a 1 ce  Hill "���������-CKiiaco   Tiilvmc  am not  opposed to tobacco." had been   deposited    with  the. brok-j sible for  the  accident,    The    cMld.[s.:,4*P^*!^^ sprang     on  It was  at. this  point tlie conVersa- ��������� erage firm of Kerch & Lowe figured j hands  were  mangled,  but he.^iiliii|l^^o?:*t buggy and ,gt)*wled .for  an  ticfli lagged.���������-Philadelpnia  Ledger.       I most prominently in today's   disclos to the bridge bca-vely. j hour.  "So Oailev ncally had to pay Miss  Peitman f.10,000 for hi each of .promise, eh7  "Yes, and now he wants to ananv  her for her money."���������Philadelphia  Press. i   .  iSF  ftj^pSMS;-aSS������-pv-:*^S OAlI/sr  Ht 041LY LEOGfR  -utiiisDed    every  day except Sunday-  ������Y        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  -' OFFICE AT r-ADYSMTTH  "SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  ���������Oraacm.     4dv*rtiiing rates on ap  ' dication.  3&TURDAY  May 12,  J'jCC  u  COUNSEL SULTAN TO YIELD  London,   May   11 ��������� Diplomatic  ' ai*-  ^ .ti-vtty seems to  foreshadow   an   aia-  t icablo. settlement    oi   the     difficult}  rwith Turkey.     Uoth   at London and,  /Constantinople Turkey   is seeking- to '  ( znake   an   arrangement        'J'ho   latest  , j.|lat*patche.9.     fiom        ConsUaiitiuoplo  , state      that   the     Sultan's  adiisoi-,  '*- counsel ,^-ieldmg r to tho British    de-  ..tnands and  that  on Thui9day    Tui-  kojr  offered   to  evacuate   the    dispul-  ' cd;points  on conditions  that       weie  pie-1  CHT  AP  not/acceptable  to  Great  Bntain  . ,, Meanwhile   the/  British   naval  Parations, are riroceoding      The    .Med       Jterrauean.. fleet, is   read-,     for     de-'  parture.     Tho sicui sizo   ^^'"-'INVESTIGATION  Clothes washed by Sunlight Soap  are cleaner and whiter than if washed  in. any other way.  Chemicals in soap may remove the  dirt but always injure the fabric.  Sunlight Soap will not injure  the most dainty lace or the  hands that use it, because it is  absolutely pure and contains no'  injurious chemicals.  Sunlight Soap should always  be used as directed. No boiling  or hard rubbing is necessary.  Sunlight Soap is better than  other soap, but is best when  used in the Sunlight.way.  Equally good  with  hard or  soft water  -t*** ftftft REWARD will be paid  ���������JJJjVW [0 any person -who  piovcs Mint Sunlight Soap contains  any lniunou*. chemicals or any- form  of adulioratiou.  Lever Brothers Limited, Toronto  jUJiiGKk  1 ti -$��������� + > *  Arf<u.ut(Ui  ���������J t t <���������  L  * fr������ *> A + ���������*- -*-v *  r  ���������-'*���������-������ 51/1J T-^  Lb  -**Wtyig*<ra!*iiM������������. .��������� ^  PIANOS,      ORGANS    AN'i) liOli.SKHOLl)      .'  ED  PROMPTLY   A    NO  .S'-KK  Stahles in the rear of the Lai'J'suii'.h  h"'-oi  Ahhots       foul  ���������.USA  ' jfll. *���������   or-i. Ii.   Ill  Erfbimalt   & Nanaimo Kailvv  Time table No. 5 S '  ay  t^i.*-*-^-*.-*.--. ���������*������������������������"'.��������������� fA -v ���������*���������  *��������� +  -A. J.'  . <. -)���������  ���������*- -f   *   V -4 -*- -.* -V-  f\ j r  k.t, ?n?  SHAVES'&  BUflS,    !     HOTEL   DOMINION  iii,  . tish'-fleet   In   Tuilsi*.h  water*,   is,    du������  'to   the  necessity    of  pi ovidmg   land-j  ��������� .   mg ,pai*ties   ol    Tin key  continues.  o!j i  duratc. It is  practically ceitam that'  '"'    there   will   be no   atccoipt  to      loicoj  ^ '  'the   Dardenclles     or   make   ft   demon  >    ,  stration   beioic   Conbtantinople  * \;   .A   Constantinople lepoit sn-*s  '*-  v Tu-efik Pasha,   the foreign mimst, i  V1 .('called at   Ihe Bi llish   Fl.nbassnv ves-  !*��������� - *���������  j"  terday and  made    proposals     in   ic-  ,~,''-gard  to   the    Tabuh    question   ivhi. h  ���������,i   Ambassador   O'Connor   unhesitatin^-  '-'  ,ly rejected     Thc l\i&ha was inrotnud  'that'any'     compromise.   sukkusIioms  "   ���������* >werc   ointt*   lnadiiiissable   and       that  nothing' le9a   than   an   absolute  c6m-  -    ^ plionee   with   the    British     de-mauds  ."'''would  prevent  drastic   action.      Th-*  (,'   amtnassadoi    also   warned   the     nuii-  'ister-that   tunc   was   i tinning   slioi t  'counselling  him to be undui  no   mi*-  "--apprehension   in   ������*egaicl   to  the      d.-  '' )'termination  of Great Biitam   to enforce the Turkish evacuation of E>r\-  i **t    ,     ��������� ft-  'ptian territoiy on the Sina pcnmsii-  % -  la  and a  joint   delimitation    oi    llv*  frontier      Tw-iefk  rnshd   i("turned to  .,* the-Palace *und  an  immediate    moiu-  "'   ing of the   Council  oi  Hinisteis  was  summoned  r> n I  TROOPS TO  RliiUAIN  UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY  CONTINUES  \uton.i,   >lay   IX.���������Lieut.   Colonel  -Knglish   in command   oi t'he Imperial  Torouto,   -M.ij    11 ���������AnaK*5is   ot .he !  lotccs   at   Work   I'oint    received       it  ������4titiu.il   slnieniunls    ol   Iho   1 nion I lie        , .    , .        .,    ,    .,  tolcfriam  today  aniioiuiciuu.   that   the  A^m:ini.a    Ciiiiipau-      h.\      -M           M tioops  will not  be  required    to leave  Dj'i'soii   foi         Udumuoii       Jiisuraii-o the   station   until   next   Thursday.  commission  shows     deficits  each \ e.n ,     Pieparation'fc*   had   been     completed  wheie  thc  Coinpanj   itselt  Llaims sui- and the garrison wore   ready to niovu  plus.      The     result     of    examination, out  tomorrow      at    II   a.m.         'J'liu  by Mi    Uuwsoiioi  thc iusui aiuc C'o.n stcamci      City   of      .Yanniino    haviii1*  panj's   report    was   embodied  in ijui-s been   iharlerecl       to   transport       ihe  lions    which   Uil      Shapley      |.ulS     i" ga'iison   lb   Vancou\or   enrouie     to  the  societal \    ol   t lie   ln*-ui an< e   ('.mi- Rtitjlaitd  paiij-,   Mi      1J     S.Miions,  Iv    C,    Ms-  f. ���������   terday-     Thu   ic*>ult  allaintd  b\    M. ��������� ,              ,             ..                     .  1 hi lorosl   li'-e  that    is  raging from  Dawson   m   figurinL-    up   .isslLs      and  liabilities  of   lh.     f'ompa������>    ������as    an -^^^onnsl,   to   the  summit       of     the  annua)   debt it    oi   tiom   S12G 000      to -'.isindes   wiped   out   the little     town  s 101,000      riuon I.no \.as  p<i>ing of   lleilin     on   the main'line   of    lh  1 diMdeud of     ten poi   tent    pei   annum c_lie.it Xorlhern, yesterday nrtornoon.  until   the  appoiiitin. tit   ul   the    iu*ui-     ,. ,���������,,���������...   i ���������.      ���������i  il Oi   a   sawmill   and  concent r.ator    ami  iiiLcen   oi   twenty houses    at        tha  Having taken ������ver tlie barber shop j  known as eht Ladysmith Shaving'  Parlors, High St., I mtend, by keep |  ing competent workmen, to conduct  a first-class establishnicnl, in<l respect lully  sotfel*. your patronage.  THOMAS   LEWIS  ! I  - V. i..._.f I 2'- *-���������-!���������*���������.&!.'----.���������.���������---v  -  '..   v t! hUs iid'OM*   l^tixJ       ������ mic  ���������-*.v .|. cuts.      Ki-'i-ti-e >���������.->"- fvciv H  i  m-T'ii-"  i'i  ��������� I  ju'i"������ ol    rb.s   eity  Uai  >i\.i  <lii^"lin.,\<"ftli. ".  F. BAYNI'S. ProuMfttoT,  VCBOTT   ST.,   VANUOUVfclfi   B. C  Best accommoilalion for traiisici '  md  permanent  ho.irdcrs  md Ju-lKtrJ*  GRAND    ���������  HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a'dy furnished and the bar i.s up-to-  ,!���������><��������������� Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM.  BEVBRIJ)GP3, Prop.  vrea joi^es hotel'  lE^(*l*m-������'r  ������-��������� ������j*.c������VBEiiM*  ���������WHITiS   <!OOK���������'  ���������\V H1T E   L A BOR   Eiiiiiloyed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRB   STRF.KT- .   Ladysmith  ���������n:.\M in'ATiiu  |-1'RN1RII    KfiliMS  BAR SIM'I'LIKD W11 II HH* T  V.'IKKS, UQI.JOK8, Cl������ AH-*  BATCI  A..J. McAlURTRIS, !������  ropi  2atos*  -  ' l/DYSMIIH,   .C  I          ������    *  1  Newly i'ittcd up and  Furnished       t  PORT  Board at ro'-sonuL'.e  Raits  I  1  I                                                                               f  '          Good tables aud good  Rooms      ,'  DAVID ITYMDS,  Pi  HOTEL,  i                                        ^     ,i.  *ou.     -  ���������  1       '  '  The bar is extra  well  Slocked  ���������   This   Hotel   has  ���������OOJJ  completely *  renovated.                                    *  EflecLive April 29th, 1900.  Trail,.*  i*ave i.a������ysmith  tor   Victoria  and   all   tulr-ru.ciiiate  stations     a*  9 Id .-i.iii._il.iil;, and at'5:00 p.m. oh   ^dncsdai.s, "S*atiud.ij's,   aud     iv.ia-  duy.s.  Trains   lea\p   f.adysmith  lor  'Vellington   and   all   intermediate staViuna  at   11 -.7 a.m. daily, and,, at 7/.00 p.m.   0J,     Wedneaflays,   Saturdays    aad  Sundays.     , , ,.  Excursion Tickets ^-^e^^  , - . ��������� ��������� ������$ SALE TO  AND'FKOM ALI, STATIONS  gooij for koiok j������nrwy  Saturday.*    ^d Sundays, returning not later than  the followi-* Monday. ( H !-i j    : '     ;. i |  ,     ,  " . i    ,   ~���������-Sttameji������!oiaii    F  s>aiis from Lviysmith .or  vaaco  bv-.- cvery Saturday at 6.00 a m   and  returnme sails, from Vancoutw    tor    r.adysinfth al 2.30 Dm.  ,   G, L; Courtfiey,   .  r ' ���������  District Pessenjjer Agent  aS^ovvrimient St., Victoria, B.C. ' ,      -  '    More forest liies arc lucaklng     out  ,^here,Baysa Xclson  despatch The  north side of the lake is alight.     Tor  . ,moro   than   tlurty    miles.     A      f������u  ^...volunteer s has been   fighting-    the  lire all day, and    will resume   tounu-  row.     The    timber    Inn ts   or      tho  Great Northern   at Porto Rico,     aie  being  burned     on   both     sides        or  * the'trade.     This  includes    some     of  lhc  best   tun dpi   in   tho   distuel  HORSEMEN, READ  THIS  . Ibave used MINARD'S LINIMENT  in my stables lor over a year, and  consider it the Very best fot liorse  flesh I can. get, and would strongly  recommend it to all horsemen.  GEO. HOUGH  Livery    Stables, Quebec,  95  to 101,  Ann Street.  t th.' iu*ui-  ance comiui'-si'ui was hioa<h(*d wiuu  the di\ hIcihI was i.'Juuil to *-e\eii  j>ci cent Wheie AM I'a\\ son found  dehcii ol -i-lOoooo slnt.-minl of  Union I.no rlis. losod a cictlit l.al-  ance oi .*���������<"> 1 ,Si-.'l o\or all lialulitiPj,  Mr Cuine, hookheepei for Lrn-  io������ Life said Dawson eonl-1 not m-  Iclligenlly unalj.ie figiue*" '���������without" the key to nroupms-s. but, )Mi*  Shapley told him lie v as not in the  ���������witness hov to critio/e other people  Board  aid lodging $1.00 per day.  point   oui'   a  barn  is  left    stnnuin.  IT TS DANGEKOUS  TO NEGLECT A COLD  How often no we hear it remarked. "Its onlv ������i cold," and a few days  i later learn that the man is on his  back with pneumonia. This is of  such common occurence that a cold,  ho\\e\ei slight, should not be disregarded. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy counteracts any tendency ol  a cold to result in pneumonia, and  has gained its great popularity and  ceived hoin Ottawa tod.-> that f extensive sale by its prompt cures  Jaino-, Tii'iiFiiiun had been aupoint of tliL must common ailment. It  ed I,ieufeua.it c~!o\enioi of V, ('' nlwajs cures and is pleasant to take  C     in suuession    to   Su  ijenii .lolv  For sale by r,adysmith Pharmacy.  Mn  Drysirum~s aprorn-MFXT  COVFfKArFn'      (  Vic to- la,   Max     11   -Wo'il      xxasie-  msBmMF*  \  ������ %.���������������������  \ V  c  ORK  1'IRST   AVliNUL'  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  *-*i:k j   kkmp, or luave   ord eks with  - W. CARTER,-  HOT  j_���������������������** ������  I70RIK  JOHN Tr,A, Proprietor   ���������  x   ..  :-:  :-* Ladysmith  B.C.,.  Ticket' anrf 'FrelgHt 'Office,'' 7b  Government Stireet'.  2  Transcontinental  0  .   Trains Daily      L  ,The New Triin  . ORIENTAL LIMITED,  '    The Train of  Ease,  Elegance,' Excellence.  Every mile a picture, and  no smoj-e to spoil, the view.  Through Compartment, Observation and Pullman Sleeps  ers; ,a,lso Through Tourist  Cars to Chicago. , !  At antic Steamship Butlneaa' to Europe  is our Specialty ;  Union.    Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines. .   .        ,'������������������    ���������  Herth reservations  by wirel  Gicat NorUiexn S.S. Co..  FOR JAPAN    AND   CHINA.  .. Steamships Mimncsota'aiid J)k^t  , kota sail from Seattle for Japan,   and China ports' at i fro^'  ,\������,uenr daiss.      Exact    sailing  i'(!a.tes can he secured  iipon iip-J  plication  to any'Great Northern ���������representative. -  .'  S. O..YERKES,,  A.a.P.Ar,  Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  '[    Geii;;' Agent,,Victoria,  Bar   Supplied   with .tlie  Best    Wines, 1st Avenue  .   ,       Liouors and Clears.       c  TH6GITY 7^-HR  R. Williamson Pi-op     .  fst. Avenme Ladysmith B. C.^  ������..������..(..������..���������..cc..i...o..r..a.������������������������������������a..a-.x..>-.>..j..I'.o-  ���������������������������.c-c-.*..���������������������������������������������.���������..*..>..a-������-������"*..������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������..���������������(..���������.  STOVES! STOVES!  I  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Lutest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A ] xl'\:\s of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickel PSflting in ail its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld   ;  TELEPHONE 53 P. 0. Box 42.        I  hJn HENRYS  NURSIES   QREEN'  it;..  HOUSE? AND SEEd  Low Fxcursfon  ' 'Round Trip.  . Gpnt.  Trains.  On Sale May 24, 25,  2C!  -  To.. New Haven, Con,   $91.00  '  July  10  to 15.     '  Tc       Denver    ��������� v $55.0(1  ���������' i  August 7, 8, it.,   ,:v'  To' .* Biteakfirr JB.?I'  Sept.  S,  0, I'd.       !''    "  h    '   Toronto    , .$|3*75  June 4, (J, .7,  2"   2J5.:-.'  ,':  '   July 2, ,3,  Aug.   7, 8, %.  T 0 A L L  P UI NTS  For particulars  call  on    ox  write 10. E. Blackwood,'Geo-,  -.eral Agent, Vicloria, B.C.  A.    D.   'Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland/pie.  *  >���������������������������������������������������������������������'  .'������������������������������������^^.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-������������������������������~������<  PHONE     6 0  A   Great   Boot  for* Prospectors  They  are   all    leather,   and  Made to  stand- ���������strenuous   us-  . age in mine er forest.  L117. Men's; Tan Chip  ptwan Veal Kip Pros*  pectors'  Boots  Ten-inch . blucher cut, with  with full bellows tongue to  the tip; have idouble silver eyelets and stud hooks; double  sole and slip; standard screw  fastened* slugged around the  forepart and heel. A com-  fortahle as well as "a durable  boot.  Ask for them ut ydnr Dealers  ������/. LECKIE Co. Ltd  VDNCOUV������R;e C.  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are rcv-ursturi to call at   the office     on   Robprts   Street a:  pay Water     P-otcs,  between  lhc 10th     and thc 25Lh of each  im.-ith.  Offies Hsurs \ P. ������fi. 4 30  T. ) BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  ^m  \m.  BlUNSIE,  President.    J.  W.  CO BURN, Managing, Director.  Telephone  4-C. *'"'  Ik Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  4 Ask for  a  ^^^���������^ ���������%<���������.������������������������"������.������;<-������������������������������. "^ <!,���������������.���������������. -������.-������, ���������^���������^w- ���������������������..������>    ^���������*->*.-"������.-<!kTu"^-������.^.-������.^^."������^*.-*.^^^-^'^^  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADYSMITH--    -   -rf v������������-i  SHirjgle^s sl SjpeoialtyJ  MANUFACTURERS   OF   Houi������li]an(l Dressed Fir an.I Cedar Lumbers  LATHS,  SHINGLES,  MOULDINGS,   "'"ETC.,     of    the   BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  ���������FINISHING. LUMBKR IN  STOCK; ���������'������ -ij'. \,   ���������?.-.'  *  *  *  r  HOUSES  MIO  Veatifainsttr Road.  TANOOCVfift.  Headquarters for--���������  >  PACIFIC OROWN aarden. field  '.. * '. v     *  and flower 5EE05     ,      >        <  lor,dlstrlbufjon. \,'.     ;  . Large . stock   of Home  Grown- FRUIT and .ORNAMENTAL    TREES  now. matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection  Let mc, price your list  before  placing your   order. Greennouse Plants,  .Floral Packages, Fertilizers, etc.-   .  'I   3010 ��������� Weatminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  X  Are You  i .. \  -Going East  Then b* aure yo������r tickets rea*   *tn./  to*  IE!  If von au3 contemplating  PAPFRING YOUR ROOMS  > ���������Call at-  J. E. Smith's Shop  On Roberts Stree, and see all the  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     I  __ ^  +  +  *  *  *!���������  >!���������  ������*���������  *  S PURCHASERS  AN!) SMELTfiRS OF 'COPiPEH, OOLO AND  S1L.V53U OXES..  Srnelt5.ii.g W.orl*:<&' at  LADYSMITH,;,   B. C.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS Vita. the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TP  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE, LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHV  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT������  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask yr  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  **������������������������  730 2nd Ava.. Seattle.    - \  1   c  ** .  HEAD  OFFICE  1 DUNCANS STATION,  ���������*,.   Vancouver Island, B. G.  *if.***^..T-"S'**l"J-"r-r������I-:.*j'.j-j-l-:--:-;-*.!"f?-  CLFiR^IONT LIVINGSTON-.;.;-  General Manager.  i^.^.I,.T.^..I,cI..J..^.J..-..--..-..f..I.^.f^^.-..{.^^.^f.  ..���������^en era in . ....  Pianos an J  Organs ..  Ladysn.ith, B.C  ���������Wi  'S  Resturant and lodging Rooms  HAS  BEEN   REIVfG'VED TO-  =First    Avenue-  Latest Designs in  W ALL PAPERS  We   make a Specialty of  the paper-  j  ing Business.  UnderjcVjanagment  ;.':.I^anaim.o,''BVC4;  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens' heada������aiters.       j  Modern and     Strictly,-First Olaaa, !  Fire Proof    Buildiij--. I .  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done -    -Orders  Promptly \ Executed]  S   ROEDDING > -   LADy4m!T  t a.",, s:  ^sasrrr���������  m-mt+i u<j>r'  '/^ic'gvM" "p r*������������  '#���������<������������������������ C* ��������� ������"������*-*4.������������ *  *��������������������������������� .������.*a^9.i0-*A.-C'<tt>^������i**������������O'*r*>������**������>-ii"������"e^  " First  CS.-.s--  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK  For Sale and  Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  I'  i  sr-artlT.f n a��������� tl  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  ft*. $b$&'Altai  Miners' Grilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT   SHORT  NOTICE  SHARPENED  BY US     ALWAYS     HIVE. SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED  A   XL  REP AIRED-/-   .  DRILI  untac  -S IIIPSMITni N rr    IN      UL   ITS   BRANCH.  Horses liners ant! Otritfryi' Blacksmiths.  I  <  BuUer :-v  RIGHT  -    L,a<J v -r*- rri i tll, H  +*l������+*!~#--;������4->l~4 -j. *-{-* -;.. * j. .*-���������������:-.  .J.  t  >  rianufcicturcrs of tlie '  &MB'  irpff  The --'Sunshine" furnace and  " sunny" ways are  synonymous,  The cold, dreary winter days can  be made cheery and warm, with a pure,  healthful heat if you have a "Sunshine " furnace.  Is  easier to   operate,   cleaner,   uses   less  fuel  and  ' '��������� shines " in many other ways over common furnaces.  Two shakers are used to shake the heavy, triangular-  shaped grates. This just cuts the work of shaking-  down in half, besides being- easier on the furnace than  the old one-shaker style.  Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.  Booklet free.  NANAIMp  NEWS NOTES  ileiiSi*-.    J      Old  and    W.     Tm*nei  lOiA'.o   on llondaj     lor   iho   noit.i  ���������������������������   ���������#.   .������������  'ihe -am that icll yosteida.* ������*���������.������������������>  welcomed by owner*, ui yaidoii* It  was badlv needed  sua v'.t  SeanF Sam mam  McCIaryS  c  London, Toronto, Montreai,. Winnipeg.  V������**cocveu, Sr   Jons,  Hauixion. 0  I  In  British Gohuubia  Lager   Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  ��������� -  i      the l*5*t  Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  CUBANC1GARFACI0RY!  MUNICIPAL NOTICE.  The Ladysmith Hardware CoSJ Sola Agents   tssu: T    T-.-..7,  -. - ; .,   _ . a, ,--e- -r-a  J  THE    KOOTENAY    MINES  Among the delegates   to  tho Gr.ii d   arc the  biggest  shipper?       Most     ei'  Lodge meeting in Nanaimo that  clos-eu yesterday worn .several Nrt-?������.n  men and as usual with men ii o a  IvooU'nay they talked mines and iinni  inti Fiom one oi (ham, Mr J -V  Em kson,    who   Vs-uv-.  swo.i    lot        .i  j Em Uh  those are copper gold propositions  In Ros&lund distiicx, a copper, a  Sold, and silver camp, the Lo Uoi,  Le Hot No 2, Oentie Star and War  Tragic arc tho chief mini-*- In the  SJuC'ii,   thi' r.i^.ne, lluth,     Humbler.  Mrs     .i. AlcICinnell,    who  has  5������o-t-n  ' coniined    to   the  hospital    lor    *i)hw  tinio    was able    to   return    lo       ho.  home  yesteifutj  ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ������������������>  '   Mrs.  David   tt.-im ick   and        fa.mlj.  ol   Union    Uuy  at'<*      down    lor        a  months \ i-at.  viiih relatives    in   Lhi->  city.  ���������������.   ���������������.   ���������������������������  JiOIt-V.  In  this  city,    on  ,\laj   11,to      the  wile     oi      J-ranL     Stannni (I,   a   dan  ghtt������*.  ���������������������������   ���������������������������   ���������������������������  Ihe  nia.iv  is .Anils    ol   Mi-     Georga  Fishei   sr.     will   lejrivt     to   '    ham  that   he  is lyinij stTiom-ly   ill   at hi*  faomi* er.   \jctoria  Uoad  .���������������   ^*   ���������������������������  Mr L M rjtoi-K, the iw*w Cl'll.  toloyrajih ojiPiator ai-rivod in Nanaimo yo'.U't-da,\ and commenced lus  duties la-*t ni������htf In the I'liinie  Mr   >A    BooUi   will do  the day  work.  ��������������������������� ������������������* ���������������������������  The Chinninnn brought down, f om  Cunihcrland, rharged with stabbing  a fellow rouni rytman in a row ' at  that place came before Judge Harrison jostprilay aiternoon and \va**  sontenced to oiw* year's impnsonn i-ni  Mr.  Snni>son appeared    foi  the ci own  ������������������������ ������������������������ ���������*���������  Th.j concert to be, given on Tu ���������-���������  day e\en ng nfxt by Miss Dahl, .assisted hy Misi Smith, will be hei J  at the ProBb.tterian ehiirch under  auspices of the Womans' Au.xi1i.t,\  Admission T.O cents Tickets ri.r.  he obtained from any member ot  the Au-ciliiu'y-and air* on sale at  Piiwbiirj \  Ding   filoie  . -1^ -^J_"s>-"?  EARN;-GASi  In Your Leisure Tim .2  ���������If you cbulti start at once in a b>.*.i-  ness which would add a good rornd  auni to 3 oiir present earniiig-*���������WI K-  OUL*   ISVESTINCl    A   DOLLAK���������wouldn't  you do  \t?y . '  Well, we ara willing- to start yoi ia  a proT.iabie business and we don't n^lt  you to put up any kind of aadollar.  C.ir proposition is this :" We v '���������!'.  ���������hip you the Chatham Incubator n..i<i  Brooder, ficig-ht prepaid, and  You  Pay   No  Cash   Und I  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising pays.  People wijo tell yon that there is) n.>  money in'raismg- chicles may have tr r-J  to make money in the business by us .<  sett'iig- hens as hatchet fa, and t.'.ey  mi'fht as'well have dried lo locatr a  g*old mine in the cabbag-e patch.' '1 ha  bubine*.*. of a hen is���������to lav egjjs. A<  ���������jl hah'he-r rfnd brooder she 1*. e-it-  cia-sued. 'That's '.he business of -���������!.-  Cl.ath.ti-a Inc.ibato.- and Biooder, ������. id  they dj it perfectly and .succcrstiAilIj .  Th ��������� poidtjy busu.eiS, properly c in-  diu t^d P**>'-* f^r better than any other  b,i-.i,ii'-.s l.'i the amount x)f timtt a \d  i.irney  invested  Tlnii's.niJs o* poullry-raiiPrs���������n en  and wjmeri dli over Canada and ih^  I'nited 5-.t.itL's���������.']?.%e piovud to their  aatislUction ihdt it is profitahle to raiju  chicivs with the '  Salt  Spring   Island farmer-Tare^ .a  djg-nant- ajt' the .treatment- "that  thVy,.  aiv'receiving   at   the hands    of    V.s-  toria incithants   who,  th.*y   j  asset,'  take ad", ant ago   of the la-it that/tlia  farmers   ca-nnot   ship    then*      , ^17*-  duce direct to Vantouvei- and   paj  x:  vfi*j   poor  pri.'o   lor, what thev    V.-w  (eive       'J he   larmers    s'ay  that   "if  lhey   could gel   diiect t.iansportntK.a  of ilheir   produce    to' the      Tern-mil  City the,*,   would    not $und   any',hif'^.  at all   to tho Victorians,       ,        vi-i- -;  4������rai  ���������wiltmik An ������������������������������������,  ,. K  Leads Thi m ,  . IN QUALITY  R. P.RITHE  ��������� y -���������  3T  < t  & Co., LliJ  r\. J.   P.OOTf!, Pmv  Mannfactvire] s of the Famous!  CUiiAM liLOSSOH  None bu    Uni������������'. Labor' JXiunloyed 'of L-wl3*,in*Ul.  *-1Ui folio wiag   lesoht-i ustus  we.*o     oin..nitd     'laesu  .t.011 .was  duly   pas^-d on     Jloii'laj,   bWJn     -n^.-ed for .Mr.   Enck,ui.',,y  7 Hi May, 1906.    j    That Uic ojiimon o������ the eleclons of  '"   -    " ", the ,j\Iuiucipality of ihc Otty ot  La-  ADYSMSTH   BAKERV   ,  -|dy*nitti he tal.en according    to    the  pio\isions of the Refurn-luin by-law  upon the tollouingr .iltcjjidtirc ttjjies-  tions.  Question No. 1.   Sball uie (,'iiy ac  .qiiurc, own and oi>erate Kleclcj I yht  01I01CJ3    CilKES    AND   PASTUY  * ALWAYS    VRESIl   ON HAND  Wedding    Caket  Made   to'Onlcr  FRUITS .AMD    CANDIES OF  ALI/.^^^po^ ^^  KL\DS._   /'KESH   BREAD  EV-   |    (Question    Xo.     2.     A'lteruiiiv^ly.  ERY   DAY ' jSJuira  ftanciusc bo gran Led <lo any  Prices    are     Verj Reasonable.      All 1 poisons.or-,Compaiiy ^willing  10 >��������� tip-  ply Eleotnc Lig-lit and Powei?  Puisiuint    to  tlie   ReleiftiKluiii    By-    'up    '"    Sio U.-lm,   S,wdcn,      1.      -><���������������'". wimv luimi,   r-mtipi ���������-*���������-, -*-n- Til0  co������gre������atioM   of  th*   Halil.i.i-  law ol  the  Corporatuon   of   the    City I na.li\o comn iy,-*,nnin imei*.*stn.g s.tat  ^oi'    (-*|a-"-*-'.     Whitewater,   N'oonclaj, ton Street Chimb,   and thc comn-vm-  l���������c  t ....1,,....m,    ....   f���������n- __i..   f     ,                                          ,^fi   etc,   are   the  most  prominent      This* lty &i  ]arge    wlU   reg,rot     io        i1Uulr  /. ..   ������s a silver-lead country   Aiound Aw* that  Rev.    Roheits.^ the popular pus.  worth,  the \o      1,  Keno,  ilighltnd, tor of lho  abovv     'chnte'h   is  'to   be  mining authorities  in Xolsoii 101    h.i   Highlander.    Blue     hell,   Broadview, moved   to    Victoria West.     'l'he. St^i  use in tke old eountiy   wh<*ro ho 1 iny   are   all   working   .-ind   are    ail   silver lonlllg   t'ommittw   at   Lhc   Metholnst  mteiest   Em opean   capital    m ' muni!   load       We   have   fuiu-  copper       sinel- conference t decided      to   make        1 hi*  of  lhc properu...s aiound XeUon^t   te7;     'U'    ^e"^c"J/       boundary chaugc.    Mr.    ltobert,  hns   ,JWI1       ll4  Falls, (,iv.nby and Ti ail.      l<oiul*ad cjlarg.0   0f  the..    UuSiburton      Htieet  would,  in all probability    with    j.ro-   .���������.���������,,���������.,     ..f   v,.ia-���������    r|Vnii    ���������     Pdot ...,'/                   .     ,,     .  snieitois    jit   Aelsoii,    Iran.         1 nor church  for  a  considerable   tune   t.iu-  por_dev.*lopni������it  prove mines  of  val-   iiay,   ir.uysv.llo,,   and  one   /me smei mg  whleh h(, httS  ttorkod    wilh     a.i-  Ko. 1��������� 60, Eggs  No. 2���������120 Eggi  Ho. 3- 240 E|gf  " Customers are Treat ml Alike.  HOP  LEE A CO  ON THE   LSPLANADE  MR  Solicitor.   E������������  ������    *P      t03!>  1st. Aver-u?  -  U������>SV| 51  Gba^;  EXCELLENT  Train Service!  BErwecN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, PEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tlie Pilnctiml Biislm os Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the]  *- Maritimo Provinces.  ALSO TC BUFI'Ai.O, HEW YORK AKD  PHILADUPK>A, VIA KIARARA FALLS, g  X'or Tlmo Tallies, etc . nddreai k  CEO. W. VAUJt, f;  Agflstant Gi'n'l rasjii'iifvorund Cli-Vcl Asent -  138 Adavd Sr , CHICACO, ILL.' H  J/ADYSMITll TEiMPLJ-;, No j._  Iiatlihono Sistets, meets in the Odd  fellows'  Xlall    eu-ry  2nd    and    Uli  '  Tuesday, at .7:30 p.in.  '"   MRS; KATE TATE,  ''���������������������������'';��������� ���������''..'���������. .'   M. of it. &C.  That the referendum'kc-iickt on  the  llltji-day  ol May, 1������0C.;  , That air. John Stewart, t'lurlc    to  Ihe  aiunicipal  Council  he   appointed  ltetuLtiing Officei.  That the polling place shall I>e th?  City Hall, Lajdj-smith, and ihe houi*-  of polling he fiom !) a in , to 7 p.m.  That the Council do tortihwith  after the holding of the lefeieiuhan  give effect to the proposal set \>t*Ui  in the question which lecch'cs t.^.e  laigei iiuntheL- of fassentiiur vole*! and  do -.Hhiiiit ,my necc*saiy Uy-iaw for  the sanction of the Electots entitled   to \olc on money hy-laws  J. STEWVItr.  'J M C-  ue     Ho  had  also    some very    *:i<ii   lex   at  i-'tfii'-.      We have  the   largest  samples fiom the Calumet and Hoc I a   ���������oa,i ���������''"���������*'    ,ri l!'-"   w01'1*-*'  01"      rather  I the  mini' sho\iing   tho   largest  ' ol   lead ore  m  the    woi Id. The  -Ur    Eri:lcs,on   "kindly- allowed      The  Herald  lo lopy   one of the    repoit'  tmrahlo zoal,   with   the lesult      that  the church  Is now  on a  sood   hnnn-  bodj   c{a( standing,    mu!  hat. eudeat-ed h:iu  St    self to  thf hr-arts  01  hi-, flock       All  Kuuene  will   unite  in   \vu.hiiv<j  him       suci-.'si  'i    Puring   the  last,  lour  months       the   m Vicloiui      His pine wlII .lie ta*-en  he  had  in  lus possession,    which   v. -���������  variou*.  clistnets   quoted   have   shipp   t>y Rev.     J.  1 ed n=* below  1  g    yom* iequcst 1     Slot an,     Kooumny���������117 53IJ  ton*..--   many Xanauno people.  ������ow publish     it is as follows  JJear Sir,���������lJeuardii,  as  to authentic    information,    rcijai 1' (this  includes u greal   part     of    the  ing* the  mining   mdnstiy in tho Koo.-  concontrat.'S milled  at the       -various  enuy-s,  T am pleased   to state as foi-   sl0*'1l' null? m  Lhis    district   and    in  lows-       In   the   Nelson     district    th ������ ��������� uo   uay iepresents    the   nuinbei  It.-lianct;      Gicentown,    KureKa     and   tf:"'-   "* c������e   tmated ;  Albion mit������es,  all copper   and     gold,     Rossland    Pistncts��������� lL'1 ,:H2.   ton*,  properties are woikiBg various ior-Mij     Uoundaiy   DistiK"t*.--'.".7,99"l   tons  of men.    The Molly Gibson,     * leal1    Tho ���������"'���������Iters   Quoted   before    !������������.-*���������  siher nunc has been ste-adily     worl-   'n-'at-ecl   dnriii-,    these    icui     month*!  .   A     Seymour,   a j ouusj  tnin'istt.'r, aircftdy fa\ora,'dy known tn  EAGLES   \s    RELIANCE 1 |  The  Eagles'  lme-up  ioi   tho   len^i-e',  *������������������   g-anif u'iUi the Itelianee team  on Sun   *���������  CHATHAM INCUBATOR.  AND BROODEF  "Yo*jisi-.theflin'j iiiKubiftoi 1'  USUll, till J l tMstl lo SLiltl* X lia  cl1H.I1.-l bliLul' si UKJ* llllfa tt.iM y  Hint Ioi, '-��������� ������ly a, l'U pei cent, lmti.li.  lam well i>Ji.uM.d wiihwvlnoubaloir  .nid bibiiit,:. ThOS. McNAl>t>lifOM,  Chill* vvuuk, liC"  "~Mv 1I1-at Lalih came ofl'. I cot  170 I'n&eiiick-i fioui liiu ejBh. Who  can In at, that fur thc dial li .al, und  to e.ulv In tbo *.(JiinK. tain uell  pic.i ..-d \\1tl1 nii'Ubalur, ai.U if I  eoukl net ������ >'t a'loclier iiionc^ cou'ii  not buy St fioui me. lively ".nniw  bhuvild )i<v*> u a Xo. H Omt luiii tin u-  b.itoi.���������1". V������\ It.i.\i*.Ai, lluan-il'C,  Ont."  "The Inciiiiatoi you furuinhed me   '  trorkjOM,gi)di:ifily ������ell.   It 1*. n.wly  opciviidil, itiul may iienU .iljout 10        1  imri.tos iitteiitlon   i.veiy  fl.ij.   H.        ,  ���������Mctieri'iii, iLOOiii; .)j\v, A^n." j  The Chatham fnc ub.iiorand f?rooc?r \  i������ honestly constructed.    'I here* is no  humbug-aGoutil. Eva.yinchofxnatcnal  is thiiroiig'sly   tested,  the inachie������;   is  built 00 iii*l->t pn.uiples, the insulation  is perfect,   theimometei   reliable,  and  iii * norKiivtnvhip the best.      r __    >  Tlie C iiatiiain Incubator and Brooder  f i*  Mmplj as well as'scientific in con-  j itniction���������a woman or gin can operate  tne machine in their leisuie moments.  You pit> us no cash until ait.*r 1906  haivest. y   '  Send us your n.une and address on  a poi   iN������rd to-djy.  Wo cm stip-jjy yo;i qi.ictrly fiom oui  diMtribuLinK \wiielioii-e*, no (.'alqaii. Bian  don, Itegina, \\r]tinipc(> Ne������ A\'o*Uiiin������tor,  J}0.,Mont:til.3I.thi,.i\ Chulbaia Actclu*  all LiiuespOiidst.i t> I.* I h.-.ili.iin. Hi  n"Manson Campbell Co., Luuitai  Deiit.15 ACHATIIAM. CANADA  i'*������ctoiics at CiiiniAM, O.n r., ftnd Dctuoit.  Let us quote you prices  ok a ������oc& Fanning Mill  or good Fai*ra Scale.  , Pacific Coast   .4gency.        '\  VICTORIA,  :-- :-���������   -.     _���������   ^-jV'-'  ���������   *    iSZ    1  ' f^  ��������� *&,  ���������?'}  "'j;   lot   some years past,   and    i*.   a  1 _  ")������7.122   tuns  constant    shipper       Other   properties Hoping  ihe  aho\e   miormation  will  in   this  district    which   arc of    som������ 1j0 oi service to   \'ou.  le.isan or other   not  w 01 king  at pu- l   aln   '*enl' sn'>  ���������sent   aiii  the -May and Jennie,  Atha  basca,   Venus    I-ingaiee   and       other  wfll  kaosMi piopeities  In   the  Ymir   district,   the       Yniu.  I    PUBLIC   NOTICE is  hereiiy  civen   ���������    , .   ���������., , ,.  r   * Huntei   and   Wilcox,    Ari/ona,     Joe-  (o the electots ol the City ot.Lad>-   hoin-    KcPn   Porto ihc^   Arkj   (SoM  smith,    pmsuant  to  the abo-o u-so-1 Clip>   Yftnk(v r,irI>  a),  of   ym)1.    .Ui, /  jlulion   and    ..y-law tnat -the presence   tt0lk ,u     salmothe  'is desited  at thu City Hall, jnVi".!-  Voms  \orj   truly,  r  w  \\rini>o5:sosr.  Should  .-on   d'-ine   fuithei" partitn-  la.s   T   shall   h"  p!   1   -d   to   ���������   submit  (iiem  upon htMiim; lifnn yon  Queen  'NOT IF AR RICH.  iBCHttai*������RW^i-.*-������.%rrtt-:i^waiac-*Kij'������i.^3a3.  nesday, thc Kith day of May, 1!)0(>,  Irom 1) a.m., to 7 p.m., of.M.^-i 1!  the electots as aie entitled to \otc  at an election for Mayor and Alder-  men, to east their *ote, foi eithei  one or the ol.hei ol the following  ipiesbioiis  1 Yellowstone    Kootenav  Belle,   Molho  I l.m.\r.  J'>ner.i!d      minc-s       AL  I'lhv  Ailmg'ton,  Second  Relief,  En  Ki'\  AS ROCKEFELLER  11 yon hail all the waallh of Roclce-  slone and Canadian King , fellei,  the Standard Oil niagpate you  Amongst those mines aie 10 stamp could not buy a  better medicine   foi  nulls eonstanU*.   dumping   fiom   tea; L-owel complaints than Cliainberlaua's  "Shall   the City  aciq-iiue,  own < ml |  to ei������1i!y .**t.iinps  cue  broken    bein-;  'two  h mdred   tons a  day,   the  The    amount     01   Colic,   Cholera  and  Diauhoea Reme-  irom     thirty      lii'tlj"       1,''c     most eminent   physician  day is as loilows:  Catch. >r��������� A    Tinner  Pitcher���������J    Boyce.  J st Uase���������-E.    Thomas  2nd Base���������X. Halo.  ;hd Bas*e��������� E.   ICscott  Shoit stop���������Tt. Little.  Leit Field���������T    Ilougfat.  Centre  Field���������IJ   Cciard  Hight  field���������J    niuudcll  Span- ilea���������O   West field, J   Dcvlm  The Hei iu nee   lme-up   is  as  follow*  Catch er���������J     Churl es  Pitcher���������T    Harrison  1st   Uase���������IT.   ^Linsoii.  3ncl   Base���������L    lleDonal/i  ilrd  Base.���������It.   riper  tfhoit   *itoi>���������J    l'eters  Lrfr  rielfl���������R    Raiusny  Centre   Field���������\V. Trosl  Itight Field���������H    t'lnswell  ypa>*e   niL'.i-ll        N'lfholso-n  Frost,   W.   Barnes  operate IClecUiu Light������ii������  and   Powei j  Plant?"    - '        ',                       J centrat.es from  which   will be   includ  Alternatively; -"Shall   a.   franchise I ed in t-hc list  I will close wit'h.   Thj  be    grapted     to any  person 0r  com- * quantity ..of bullion shipped    is     uu-  cou. can  not   prescribe a  better  preparation .    for colic   iiiii diauhoea,,  both  The    uni-  for children and. adults,  form success of this  shown   it to be superior  Mieh.iel Rus-oeke, the Italian who  v\as found guilty aL th<' Vancouver  A.ssi/.es   01   woimditi(j-   \V.   Mottishnw. j  workmen woj���������* not in e.-uhnce. fhe  i majontj ot the electi\e membei s in  deed, who came nom tho landca  noinlify ���������me' uppei ranks of commerce and hkUisli-> \ lod with the  imbJes in* the number and richness  01   then   ^decorations.  The onli sturdy Ulrle group of  liberal professors' pledged to move  that the simtence 01 death be un-  pos-ecl upon tlic c\ist--nte of the  legislative    body   lo      which th������y  nore    elected       came   m   democratic  simplicity,   then    civil  g-nrb not     b<i*-  ing  relieved  by ������   1 ibhon    01   a    m.'d-  al.      While   tlv*  lower bouse    is*     distinctively   a   body  of   new  men  the  names ol the niembeis of the   Count U  [ 01  (he, Rmpire   can  be    found  m  Uv;  / inflcx   ol    Russian   history     of   'the  I past    cent 111 j        uu hiding      Ale\iehs,  *-   j Pobcdientsi'us,   ignatietls    and        the  I DouIogi-nil-oiK   ,,i   1*,*   old   ie:-.me,    a  J mass    01   ir/iied   ministers    soldi,-" s,  I and      si.ilesmiu    01    llii-   past,       tho  I hea-.-i.*<   il   many   m     UusHni s        noble  Hftini  Syno|is*i'ir of Canadian Homestead'  Regulations. .     *  **+mmmi <   <  Any available Domiuion lJinds,  within the Railway Belt 'in British <f^.j  Columbia, may Le homesteaded.- ^by _ TM  any jietson who is tlie "sole liead' of*, ������J  a. family, or any uiale over e ghtecii ',\\>y  yeais of a-je,' to tlie extent o������ one-f.* 'ffl  imaitei section of ICO acres, mora ���������*������������������-+.���������  01   less. * -' . ,,  Entry iniist������bo ui'ade 'Veisonally aft;;'-j!  the local  land  othec for tbe distiicb^,,*-" ,  in  which the laud is situate,        ���������*' ,!^?'^  The homesteader is required to "pei- ������?  form   the comiiliions co.nnected' theia-'-v  with    iinilei',   one    oi the; following-;'  plans: '  ^ <,   , ..^  (1) At least six   months' resitlcncu - ,c %M  upon and cultivation of tlie land ''in  each year for, thiee years.  (2) If the fatbsr, (or mother',' if thu'  ialhei is deceased), o[ the homestead-,'v~7  ei  icsides upon a farm in  the iicmi-,  JJ  Ly  of  the land entered lot, life ,re-"J Y'���������"'  fjuucineiits   as to residence .may  (!:e   <\ }M  satisGeil by suth pei son lesiding wills sj-'^Vj  (he father or mother.      "'     ���������-' V %'   ", ''-*|  (3)-If the settlei has 'his peunan-'-.f? :M  ent lesidciice upon farming- land 'own-'X "l^H  wKbv him m the'vicinity of his home 'jvfel  stead, the ieemireinciits'v'as "to iesi-r "Jf7|  deuce may he satisfied'' by residri.e-;v:T'JVif  upon .the said Jahd."   -   '', '       ; '������  '"-bv"  Siv:   monthc'    notice '  in   Svnlre, l'K'\'  should he j;iven (0 lhc* Commission',r~\';v\7i  of Doininion'Lands at Ottawa "of1 in-���������  I en I inn Io apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased****Tin'  per acre for soft coal and' S20 fo/-  anthracite. Not more than 32l������  acres can be ao-qwitpd by one individual or company. Royalty at the  tale of ten cents pei ton of 2.C0'  pounds shall foe collected on the  i^ioss output. 1  VI. W.  CORY,  Deputv of  Ihe "������������������ioister. of. Intelior.  rjrtliLBERT  this remedy   has   0,ncft ���������������������������'resident  of Nanaimo,  was let,;     .y)u)U^ ���������,,.,.,.,...-.,..���������.  (|<.  a . pa ,_  ....    - . ,,-,,���������,.,., -     -  "-,-*������������������ ior.to all   otJi-   out   ������-*"s������si������-ndert  -^--enco .by   Chief j lo;    ri ivmon    ��������� ^     ,mewnrfu  pany willing to supply blectnc Lnghfi -known    except   to   thu  niaiinffcmonb:' crs,     it never fails, and   wli "       ' "    " -  !liP0."?I?.'.'.:,,   .,,.,..   ���������     ... i-'.   1������mCl s".it '^ "ot ���������av-a-l������blc    In   tlw:e,j"'\vith      water    and  swee .   .,,...  Every   family   ship's  decision:      "Never    shall  1"^>- should  be  supplied with   it.   Sold  by    wound man again.-J ���������  Athclstam  Ladysmith Pharmacy. |   . ,     ���������  1   " ; '_ ' .  I    . '  and   will be con  UK IT ED   ANCIENT'.���������-'/QRbElt   Oi-  druids    ;^:YiIh���������,    !  Wellington  Grove  No."���������! U.  AV~0. i  Aleets   in the J- u   0 .F. 1-lail,  l.i.  tlysmith,    the   Second   and   . Jfo-jru. \ sen I   and    to ������������������ mate no nutrk of  ..  The vote will  am taken--by ballot in 1 jjouhdary.  the Granby.  Mother Lod* v|ensant     to   take  ! accordance    with     the     "Itelercndum j Brooklyn   Stemwinder. .Sunset  Bylaw,"  of   which   every  person     is ] ���������m  Rawhide.   Pruvidenee  ' req;iiested  to  take notice and  govern (_.   :   . liimst'lf. accordin'slv   'nnd   will be con-|!~~ ~*~:     ' ~~���������: '- " ' "     :       "~"  W/TTTC    CTIT T  dueled  in   (to    same manner as    al, .i^fcSCa!J?SaSaB^^ 1 C    O 1 HvL  election     for    Mayor   or   Aldermen, i  I Electors    aro   r������i|iicsted     to     place \  a cross   (X)   signifying   assent  f-p*.������o- *l  site   the qtiestion' to  which  !li3v- as- ������  ������������������-���������������  Wednesdays of each  month, coiuiner.-  mg Avcdneulay,  lath., 1905.  .Visiting Druids     are invited  tr h  tend.  by Oilier.  WM. RAFTER, Kect Seetv  VATRICK BURK. M.  A  :      NOTICE  i ������������������������������������������������������"  From    jthis date  the  undersigned  will  not be  responsible  lot  any  indebtedness)    incurred except on      ������  written orher signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.. '  V.'.'I.  EXPT.ORATION. <fc  DEVEl.  OPMENT C0.,;liTD.  Non Persohal Llabil.'ly.  ���������Victoria, i. C, M*y isth, "ifl.*  ,ny j I  i  kind opposite  the other question.  Given  under   my Imnd     at    Lady- ,  smith,  Dritish Columbia, the 7th dav  of May, 1306.  ,'-*������������������        ' .10i-IN  STEWART,  City  Clerk and Returning  Officer.  Limited  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taiight; alfio ian-  giiage**, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colore, pianoforte and vocal lessons given In 'classes or individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,  Ladysmith,   B   C.  ���������TTO  Attention is called to the   fact that tin  Ogiivie Flour Hills Co,  makers o!  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      hare lor some aim������  past been producing flour in a   vastly   improved and  pHrl'i  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control ol    ail the basic patents relating Unto, take this opportunity of a dvising   the  public  that anv  orized users of the electrical   flour purilyinj processes wiii  wecut-'d  Ogilvirt &louv MUIa Company L?rnit;)dl  f-TO-  St Pateu-abur*-. May ll.~The' for-  *nkl opening-'of the rsorg-anized council of the Empire on upper house  of Parliament took.-place'-this afternoon ia the Hall ��������� of the Nobles at  Winter Talace. The ministers wore  j their full reg-alia. 'Hie members; of  j the. Chancellory wore court dress  aud swords. The doors were guard  ed by servants in  picturesque    livery  . PIERCY k 00,  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTBING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,   .  WHOLESALE BBY GOOD  |j are *1\a    uniy/   !!aiilIors in  $ spui'IFieii by the Electric Process  anadtr. ttrhoso   3?!o"ar ^  hen reduc-   Justice. Hunter.   He  is   reported     as j aluI ullim.H:!.t;(lH "hi,tot.;cullv.    Xltor  tened,    i,   ������aying;,  when  ho   heard   His     'Lord- j CounL   ,y^, ,_.  (h(s  piVMJtl(jn'. hiu, f|(..  i c la reel tho *e������Jon opened. The trans  I action of )>ii.siiics.s begun. ft consisted i.:f i.hi-> utinouni-ements of the  i diipViiiitnii nt s of officers and the sig'n  j ing 01 tlie oa'.h 01 office. The only  ��������� j surprise   u-as   the.   reading-     of        an  J{\    X llE S VV INI   'announeeiiieni.  lhat   Cotiiit Witte was  a working meinhw- of the Council.  The omission. .01 liii. name from  the previous lira having been inter-  ���������preterl.   as      a      deliberate slight  which tlie "Emperor evidently., took  pnins lo >oi-;*e������.-t. The unexpected ap  pearane* of the tall form of the former premier, at the door was the.  first, intimation of the ' Emperor's  action and it created��������� a btif.7. of ex-  eiU.-mont.  The   explanation   of his   appearance  c'^ine Inter-    when    a   ulmse  w'n.*? read  ( apiiointing-    Count     U'ine     and       M  and the boxes were   occupied, by dip ( ATanl]K-hin.    fornH,-    Minisle.   of    .lus-  lomats and  -high   officials  and   richly_ Ui.0  fo  hfi me,)lb(>rs    of  ,h|4    ,lf)US,.]1  of the.. Empire.  ' .The-orjcrnni/af ion of  ���������'iveeodei)     l-^^        n  After   the    mem-  and  kaftan  of  the  peasants and the' bers  had sjgn(?d  ^ . o&ih   ^  hQdy  hig'h   boots   and   rough   coats   of   tho ^djournod,.  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In the Matter oi thc Estate oi William Kiplifl-i, deceased, and m the  mattet of the Oihciai Administia-  tor's  Act.  Take notice, that by an older of.  Iiis'IIon'oi Eli Harrison, made tho  -7th daj- oi Apnl, 1000, 1 wa*.. appointed adiinnisliatoi oi the cstalo  of Williati) Killing, tlcccasoJ, and all  parlies luting i hums .-"ainst tlio  said estalc arc hcioby icc|ue.*,Letl to  furnish, the same, luopcsl^^rified t 1  ii.e on or ! efote thc 31st day of  May; 1.906"; and all parties indeh.tvd  to the said estate, are.'������-gq!uired ^i >  i*ay the amount of, their'' indeibtwl-  iiess to me forthwith. '.: ������������������;".  JOSEl'il  JVIcALONEY,''  Official Administrator.  Xanaimo, B.C., Way .1, liioo.  dressed    women    and though a   number   of  tlie   elective  members       were  ���������not   in   uniform    the  colored    smock '  the    Council-    wo*  I religiious   r,w\ ice.  ffENEK'AL EXPRESS AND  DELIVER!   ;  WORK  PROMPTLY r>r > ��������� ������������������*'  Leave orders at the Ahbotsford.  Diet  Sorgeon Dentist  -\H  work guaranteed, and at reason  ������b)������* rateo.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St,       ��������� Ladysmith  OPBN AT All. HOURS.  h^^i^i.'S:'  *;;,;sS'-,VWj*S'^!3!*Sg THB  D-Ur/.'fkSD^R'  1 ^^ma^iacsssssiss-Ms^.  |������������M������.-#<-|l *������������������������*'  |-5>*r**������������������������������ 9������0>-i*>o*������'*9*'S>*<-3<r**.{> ,e..  - -! ^sacaESie^Baai  WE SELL  BICYCLES  Here ������re two klmla or HlOSC-cn r.-vC-CS is  .Tho Bicycle Jiice dependBjirii'i iji:.I!y i-iio'i tlie  Wheel you rldo. 1C ymi wo'ikl *,uar tliU HioooJ  yitOAb CONTKM'ilSST. buy  From PLIMLEY.  Our Massey Han is, Rambler, Brantfnrd, English Singer,  English Ilumbcr and Engli>h Royal Enfield wheels arc at  top of the pile in  quality and  finish.  We ha\e a. staft of competent repair men and wc tejiair  every make oi Bicycle, and assure satisfaction.  Send us your order for repairs, and if it amounts to  $2;f>0 or over wc will pay the return freight for you to  any point on the E. & N Railway, Wc sell tires, bells,  lamps, brakes and all olhci articles w-uirod by the cyclist.     Remember the   pl.ice.  THOMAS  PLIMLEY  Government St.,       (0pp. Postoflice.) Victoria, B. C  '-+44-+#+*+++++++++++*++++++**+++***+++++++  to?-"  P  li? tar' !!'���������;;���������!.: w������b !  |||!sf.Avcaue,L������i::,������������Ihf 0. C. j  | f. [ liiiniiif, Prop.. j  \     MANUFACTURER OF      {  ' Carbonated leverages. |  \ -iinser   Beer     \  Fruit Syrups |  ! P.   O.   Box   24B |  t ������  Coal  t  A beautiful line of 1  Smith, foto,  That's All!  .Mr. J. Stcwait was a passengei  on the south bound tiain this moin-  ing.  SCI'ATICA   CUHhJI) AFTEU  20  YEARS  SUFFERING  For more than twenty years Mr. J.   .  1 B   Massey( o������ 3322 Clinton St., JYIin-  Miss M. Ramsay is  maUing a bruf ] noapolis, .Alinn., was tortured by sci-  \isil  to  Victoria, having gone   down  on  the morning train.  1        ,. NOTICE.  Mrs.* A. L. >Haslans, will sell Ice  Cream from 6 lo 8 every evening.  Victoria Road,  about  one mile out. ! when s-jvcral  " V.'  ������' initiated.  The  Independent  Older  01   Forrest  ers   arc holding    a  meeting    toiugli  Local Item5  '���������*, Mr.-,\V.  Russell,  of  thc Wellington  (Colliery .Company, ,was  a   passenger   iting relatives  '.on ,the' Joan  this ..morning for Van-  ? couver.' V <  'atica. the pain and suffering which  ; he endured during'this time is bc-  I yond comprehension. Nothing gave  . liini any permanent relief until he us-  ncw meinhi'is will |>c , ed Chanvberlain's Pain Balm. One  i application  of that liniment relievcl  .   .���������  I tlie jiain and made  sleep and rest pos-  UJC jstble, and less than one bottle     has  effected a permanent cure.      If troubled with,,   sciatica    or lheuniatism,  | why not  try a 25-cent bottle of   tlic  ,  Pain Balm and see  for yourself how  received  word   lo-   ip'-d-ly it rclie-cs pain.     For sale hy  Mrs.   F.   L-  llcynVhls  leit  on  Joan  this     morning   for    Vancotivei,  where she  will spend a  fortniyf.it \ is-  Mr. J rtlotighini  day by long dis'tance telephone to  the effect that his wiTc, who yesterday  underwent  a^siugical   or.ei'-il- j  the Ladvsmith Pharmacy.  Plain and Farcy      %  JERSEYS I  just arrived, direct f  from the oJd sod-  There are no better  made ���������They stand |  the   strong  rough I  Hi  wear that    a boy g  gives thein-Allpizes h  20 to 30 . I  Oil   Epgi es  *  Cor Launches, F:shlag Boats,   Etc      J  ^e ar* showing a New Range of Lawn Waists, Designed after the New Models so largely wot n  in    New    York   /    ���������- ,  ���������*   Stationery   Engines  %  ^        for all Power Purposes  Simple, Economical. Reliable  f    Absolutely no danger,  So Electric Spacers or Bat- |  teries -  ,to get out of order.  WriSe lis for Particulars   65c fo ft  We carry a Full Line of-  Waiters &  ���������Amongst  those  arriving on tlie S.  S.-'.Joan  last    evening    were Messrs.  T/'AVhitc,   J.   Pranck,   W.   Akenheod.   ion  a-1   St    Josef's  Hospital.     Vic  and J. <Gourlay.  * Air. .J. Davis leit today for Cas-  Biar, .where he expects lo engage m  mining.'  toria,   is  getting  alon1*,  as   well     a<* ,  coulid be expected.       The    openition j  was   a  severe  one,   the  patiivul -being  on  1he operating   table  fivc-linuis  -���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������..������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������.  Ttfr.  II.    Thorn ley,    who has    been |  .Mayor Nicholson has called a public meeting for Tiiesdny evening ne.\t  when  it   is  cvpected      all     properly-  espending  the  past week  or two    in  holdeis  Sound cities,  returned   to Ladysmith  today.  /,' Mr! R. W. Riddell, geneial manager for Simojn Leiser & Co., Victoria, passed through to the capital  today  from   Cumiberland, whore he, in  "company with Mr. H. Macklin, of  the local store, have been inspecting  the Cumberland branch.  BAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION.  The Baud haw decided to post-  j-o&e their moonlight exclusion, advertised for the 2nd of June, until  June 30th., as the Ladies Guild of  , -the Church of England aie having  one on the 1st proximo.  Oranges, Apples, Tears, Bananas  and Lemons, always fresh at Blair  ik' Adam.  GLASS   GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that you get the g-ohe  with the rubiber ring on it,  as it is tlie only   kind    that  I  V  k  can keep the water out ��������� the   |  I  '4  gtofhes without the mt^er ring   U  cannot     keep    out  water, you   ������  can see that by exan-jiimis-  them. The artificial (lower  that is put into the globeb  with the rubber rings, is guai  antced to <be the best, and' if  you want a' globe with ,i  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T  X. Jones, agent for  HBNRY     CREW,  The only    place you can   gat  Them.;  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  iiitpivslerl in clertiic light  for f.adjsmith, will be present  and evpress I heir views on ihe(?U|li-  icct. Voting, on the question takrs  pluce the following day, ami Mr.  Nicholson has called thc ineetiiii!*; in  compliance with the request ol pr-  titioueis,, who Jmvc presented to hun  a petition, a copy of which appeared in  these columns recently.  Please remember  YOU W3LL FIND ME ON  l'lIE ESPLANADE, WITH  THE SUNDAY COLONIST,  IJAC'K   OP THE STATION.  J. A. KNIGHT,  mm m smi  I  Mi  Akenhead I  %       Rochussen & Collis  J    7 Yates St.  Victoria, B: C  ��������� ' Machinery  Agents.  ���������������������������������������������   <>���������������������������*������������������������������������>���������   ���������������������������������������������  WIX^MVIMMMM*������������mii������*MMWHHlB*^t-muai^-MHMM*M  ��������� ������   FOR   ���������n Attractive ������Siyles and at Interestig Prices  A  HANOI': OF���������  Up-to-date Suiting  now  on sale .->t  TAISAN'O & Ci  ���������J.  13G Gov't St., Victoiia,  13.  (.'.  L'ADIFJS; oud  GE^T'.S  Stilish Clothing  MADE TO ORDER  Workmanship   G'lniianlord.     F.o\. G 17  Q  ������  O  111  ���������  a  o  o'  o  o  o  o  ������  e  Tennis Goods  Lacrosse   Sticks   AND   Base Ball Outfits   WRITE       .r  j. BARNSIEY4 CO.  VIPOMA, B, C.  S1M( N LE1SER& CO Lt(i  oe������������������0������������������0������#49sa#9A###  ���������tflOtttltllOtlltlllli  Granite and Marble Works  ���������  -* ���������uin.x. Y,xun'������ci������uwrc������UMW9J  .������..(..(..������..���������..������. .������..������..������..������..������..  ..������..������..���������������..������.���������������..*...*:*.  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of   cows   and Milk  route.     Apply ]'.  O. llox 99.  Mr. TI. Mnc'-:lin returned last e-.-  enina fiom sceiul d,i\s' -.i.*/iL to Cum  bcrland, when'ho has been Msiliin-j,  the Waneh c*.kihhsli:nenl of SL111011 ^  Leiser & Co., Ltd \ir  slates that while woik i.s fan-  Cuiri'lerlanrl, luisiiif-ss is not ���������hri^l%'|  with the meichaiil.s II ��������� also state;. 1  that several Lad* smith men who lefl J  to work in Ihe mines at L'mr.lpjer | ?.  land are ll-1 iiiniup,, one raiU coni-,'1  back  lasl   e*"ui!iii-  Afac'.Iin   |  NOTICE.  A puhlic nieetii-^n will he heltl on  Tuesday e\ en in-;, next, T.lay 13 th-, at  7 o'clock, in the Council* Chambcis,  City Hall, for ihe puipose of discuss in<>; the electric light question  1).   NICHOLSON  Mavoi  WANTED  The Pioneer Steam Laundry of  Vanccuver v/ant n  number of-���������  Women add Girls  to work at-their plant. The work  is pleasant,'hours short and poy  good. AppLY  PIOSEER STEAM"LAUKORY  VANCOUVER, B. C.  rtr r-r*   ���������*ij.--������i������~ w.**ki.  1-OR THTC NICKST 1  BAND CONCERT  TONKi.IlT  'i'he  following progiamme    will    bo  giiven   at the  Band  Conceit, star tins  al 6.30 p.m.,   on  the Alailict Square,  ueather permitting:  March��������� 'Washington Park .  Overture���������"Cross of Jerusalem,  Blegcr  Selection��������� lJride  of   Scotland,   Round ��������� j  Waltz���������Songs of Erin ,.    Bennett  Serenade���������Song of 1he Muses.   IUr-gei  Medley���������Pleasant   Momoties,       Beyci  I ���������  Eaton i I  Ice   Cream  Milk Shakes, Soft Drinks  Candies, Fruits- Tobacc o  Cigars,  etc.  CALL ON���������  W  L- CARTER,  FIRST   AVENUE  NOT I CIO.  I,   Ihc  uihlersigJipd  Jane  McMillan,  admiiiislratnx of .John  lluj-h McMillan,    di-c-eased,     hcich-v. ' give-notice  - 'i  ," '  that  I   intend  .at  Ihe  next  si thing of  the Board of Liceii.-c Conmiissionc'r-j  for the disti ict of South Nanaimo,  to he holden .it L.idj.suufh on tho  15th (I iy ol Jinn.-, IDOGj to nial'C application lo llmt lionoiable hody for  a tiaiisl'm of the hotel licenses to  sell iiitoM'ciliiig It!-iiors under tiics  provision.** of the Statutes on thai  -hehall, in Iho pi onuses known and  described as the Timiiel Hotel at  Extension, Br.ilis'i Coluinhia, Iioin  the said .Ith.1 Hugh McMillan to  Alcxandci   J    McAIill.ni.  .IANK McUILL.NN,  Ad'ninistr.ilih   ol .John   Hugh McMillan.  Smolic Bi'.  f-'i������ai s  1    RAYWOND&-..fCNS  ���������Dealers  in���������., ,  Lime,  Plaster Paris,    Brick,  Fire  BLicic  nnd Vancou\or is-  March���������War nock  CaliJ*ap:e, Lettuce, Rhtihaih, Onions,  Asparairiis-, at   Blair <5.   Adam.  Minard's   Liniment   for  sale  wliere.  c\ eev-  ^mmjmwmmtWi'miwm'mmmu  i  The  FINEST  DELICACIES  A Iw ay s    in    Stock  L. & P. Worstershir'e SaUce.....  Batty's Nabob' Sauce......   Oillard's Piquant Sauce   Queen Olives  ,.   Holntz Prepared Mustard.   C.:.& B. Currio Powder   French Capers   Ancliovie Sauce     Mushroom Sauce   Heintz's Horse Radish   Walnut Pickles   .......3*;c.  ...25c  ..50c,  ..20C  .25c.  ..50c-  Bottle   w&  "     3&  ��������� ' .1       ������C  ex.-,  ad  "       ^  We  Carry a Large   Assortment   of  ^_m_Lii miiwui-MiiiMMiaiiii "������������������������ 1 ������������������ ��������������������������� imiwwihim      *Mii*K*Mmr^zMamBxa*xtnn**nt*VTip*jmjixr������  BLAIR   St  ADA  ..35*-- "  11 "  Pkkles  b     Parlors for Private Parties.       i  *- ii <tr*'*'+ <*> ������������������-���������-%. ���������?*������������������������**��������������������������� ���������* ��������� ������������������-*��������� ������������������������������������ -rt-4- 4 <1  I!  land cement.  3 Pandora St. Victoria B.C.  0  ���������  **  ������  0  o  o  o  *>  o.  to'  Gianile uiul Marble"Monuments, Ta-hiets, etc., at'the  lowest prices consistent  wiih first'-class stock and  worlcmanshij). Write for  catalogue.  A.   STEWART,  .   -   .  MS Yates St. Victoria  B.C  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opentd the 'filEAT-  ���������VIARKET lately    run   by W. Ward, on Robei is Mree"  WITH A f UIL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1&  PORK ANDSAU5AGE A SPECIALTY  A Trial 5olicitd  A.     HOWE, I'HONE 30  tzmxsaiaxaux  c    FCRSALE  ������ bggs from Hare Bred Stock  AH Birds Trap Nested   ~'  No Inferior Layers Kept  Hancd, liurf and White RoeKs  A\hi(o Wyanilot-tes, White and lirown  Leghorns.  $f Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. STEWART,  Box 2(;s Ladysmith, U.C.  Goods  Just arrived���������the best'line of���������"  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  Bats, Gloves, Etc.  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  I have just received a shipment of  \ Hills'  Hi^h Grade  . ENGLISH lOKtfCbs  and   ~V  CKARE1TFS  "'drug  store  r->j*.m:cr^KnrxxKmjx;eae R3.uautst.-1  U/. Q. praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  t-1  ^^^  5������aifM^23SCffi33a^S!S5^555S3HS35  rgsss-s^as^^&^aaiasEMissggai^^  SOUVENIR GOODS  J&rnnm.     Just to hand ��������� -���������assa-.  soi vfairs of Ladysmith, Spoon5, Buckscs. tic.  Call in and Get One  'WMnniMt^ivn-  MA{&.1  VX'^-lii'.  .\ow,is S|������iii*x c-k'.iiii.na; time.  Coal  ���������our wnlls willi  B. FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE  SI  w  t:  LADYSTUTH  M.^,a*S'������^<;'-������Jffisrss>a:j,-ai5'^;'isdx-i.^^^^^  ������������������������������������������**������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ..^������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������0**^^O^-^'Ok^*S>  ANOTHER CHOICE  SHIPMENT JUST   RECEIVED  OF  .'"'������������������" i&c. Lb.  *m y.i KTn-.^niictrKtD*!  tac  -sic,   ^  I Picnic Hams  , ALSO  Summer Sausage  \J*s3C* Lj\  A Fresh Supply ot Mutton,'Veal and Pork for To-day...  <--i-B"*Jv-Ti'ywo^oin  PANNBLLand PI  t-4l  Church's A !a bast hie  Will not ml)  (>n.     A jh-iIccI iuitl san-  ll.iiy  wall co.itin������, inild   ii*  50 & 2=;c. Packages  Als0 paint your wood work     with  "Pyramid Brand'*  of Paints.     The best in   the market,  only.  $11.75 ������>ei* Gallon  We also carry  a  largo' line of  Fine Varnishes  Enamels,     Urnslics,     Window Glass,  ^ j Room and  Picture Mouldings,  etc  Try, a gallon of out.  Granite  Floor  Finish  to   preserve' yaiir   Linii'eums.      Bring  vour pictures to  be framed to  H. KAY'S  ���������6*  PICTURES GIVEN AWAY  Each a Work of Art  Save Your  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  ! and iu exchange for twenty-five, thc B.C. Soap Works will giy������ you.  ^ your choice of fifty beautiful subjects. Ask your Grocer for cat������^-  iogue of Premiums.  B, G, SOAP WORKS, VICTORIA  1  Plumbing and Tmsmilhing  DONE  AT;  Reasonable Prices  ; ^By- ���������  '      ' .  J. ANDERSON  Leave  ordiirs  at  Peterson's Furn-  ture Stote, ox telephone No 5h.  jjDYSMITfjJjOTEL   BAR  .Having������������������taken over the bae-room of  the above hotel, we, intend .to run a  flrst-elas.s, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the -patronage ������f  oiu; friends aml ih������ public in g������n6ra),  we guaiwitee ,i;ood   treatment  te ������11.  R. Scott A,  ip,.-.-...- . ...-V.  I  *���������!   WAJ 5    PAPFF? DFPOT  A man who last night preferred  the Bastion Street Bridge to his  couch at home could no,t be induced to se<ik 'the. latter, so Officer  Keen put . him in tho police station for the night.���������Herald.  Dr.  Dier can  lie' loimd at  any t\ve  at his office on Qatae're St..  His   de*������-,  tal   work  is  giaranteodj to- be firs*.-  class and rates reasonable **.;  \  ^^^^iifci-j^^


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