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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger May 11, 1906

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 wtt^m^asMULatM^.  ?Sf?WS^?fS������EW  . LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  mmm  The Ladysmith Daily Ledo  1 r*      v������-  GORGEOUS SCENES  SAT OPENING  The   Czar   Declares That the New  Constitution Shall be  , Enforced  St Petersburg, May  iO���������The     Emperor'e   speech   was    as follows    at  opening  of  I'arliamont.     Tho      Supremo   Providences    which   gave        mo  this,  care  of our       fatherland      has  moved me to call   to my   ussistanoc  in  legislative    wot 1*.  elected  i epro*,oi -  tutive.s   of   tlit?  people       In   the     expectation    oi  u   btillinut  inline     for  Russia,     J  greet    in  your       person  the   best    men    iioin   the       hhnpnc  whom   1  oideroil    iiij   beloved       sum  ���������ects   to choose iiuui    among     themselves.     A    diuicult     work   lies     before, you.    I trust   thiiC'lovc lor your  I'atherlaud   ������iuci  your  earnest      tlesnc  to promote     its prosponly will     m  spire and unit*!   iou.     I .shall      keep  inviolate    the     constitutions     which  1 have granted   witn the  dim  assui-  ance that,   jou  will  devote all    iour  strength to the service,   oi, yom coum  try and rapccially    to  t'he needs     of  the peasantry   which   aie     so     ilose  to m>  heart,, mid   to iho   cthk.xtiou  of the  people  and  their     economical  welfare,  remembering-   thai     to     the  dignity       and     nrospeuty    oi       ihe  state    not  only freedom     but     order  founded    upon,  justice   i*,       necessaiy  I desire   ii'oiu my hoai 1    to see     my  people   happy   und lunil down   fo my  son >an. empiii1', "sctuiv,   well oig.mi/-  ed,   and ' enlif>htuned.  IVlay Cod  bless*  the woik  that   lie*!     l-cipiu    mis     iu  unity with tho cdun< il   oi  the   '  Empire and the Impel lal   Doiima      Mav  ���������V  1  foreign   eyes      somi-barbni it-  pageant  headed jjy two mas'eis   of   ecmnon-  les.iu   gorgeous'  uniforms appeared  The   ofi'.etals  hud    sparkling  ordeis  auoss   thou-   breasts    and   hoio     tin-  golden  keys  o������ oflico  on  then     hips  lii'forc   ilium   walked     two      grooms  and   thiec  court  hot aids,    with    goid  lipped   vvautK       Like     a     phalanxo*.  cumo  a  iesi)lein.i'nt   airay   ol     coun  digmtcuics . and   ollU-ials,   the  Grand  JHatslmll    oi   tho Court,    tho      Loi'i  ��������� j'-.  ��������� \  iligh I'Wamljoi bun, the Gentlemen  of tho Impei ml Jied-ilniml-ui, ' iho  jMaslci ot the lloise the Music i <u  tin.' Hounds, the Masloi ol the IJuiil,  the J_oid otewaid, the High Cup  lluatc-i und llijjh Cat-vet, all with  thou bieasts covoiod with decoration- thou places m. the prcoes-  sioa boiii-- iiv orilci ol lank Following (hum, oscoitod by 1:2 yienad-  lers in bear-sKin shoe*-, m.dei the  coimtiand ol two x imard olhcois wi1 h  drav.n sabics six high chg-mtai ie-<  bene the uiihleins ol Alio .soveici^n  ly ol th<>; House ol liotnanoli, the  Seal ol the IZmpitu and the* Impel uil standard, the swoid of the  Stale with it-> long blade and imperial oiowii in the oiclec named.  Ihc lJinpctiot* advanced holding  himself oiuct and e\ uleiiUy s-toid-  ing hunselt lur the eei oniony He  was diessv'd m the simple blue uii-  uonn ol a Culoiii'l ot (he Prsob-  leyrensicy rogimoiit ol the guards  with  hall   lengtli - boots      and       hi*-  this day-be  the   day of the  , moral   0nl.\   decorations     weie     the-    scai-mi  ..,.,;i���������i   nt    Uuk*,^   .mrl  tlie  clav   ' I'm I ribbons     ol the   Alexander       Xovsky  revival  of   Russia'  and Lhe  cl.is   ��������� foi | ribbons  the'renewal    of   its  highest    'lorccs ' 0idei     across-   his hroa&t  Approach   with   solcmnit\    the    lab-  d'uimonrl -slur    <|i   the     Hi  ois for  which  I call,   vou    M.i\     C.or'^ 0rck-i        -He  cairied     his  assist us. i v  St Petersburg. May 10���������Tho opening- oi the lower nonsc ol piulia-  jnent was pi-ecedetl  >iy a religiou*. *-������*r  Vv^ce' yl-thauksjpivinjt in tho   .tug'^i-oi-  . ridor in front oi' tho hall.      So    'ir.t  as. known   t'ho  only    uisoruei   leport  ,.,    .      i. i .,   ' nei m lamily    with   tin  ed occurred   hear the    Winter Palace 1        , ,    .       . ,,     n-i-thion������  .        f  oi (the baby,   be ir      to     me   tmon.  between, an orticer   and     a pa.ty ot UKO  U{IX1S    N)Uiolavitch and  roughs   who declined    to make    wuy| .  ^   r,mpeior   hM ,  for 'him.    Finn 11 v   one   ol  the loughs "- " .      .,  ,       ^r.���������i   Xevsk-,  and     the  Andrews*  mihtai y  cap   in  hi-   lett   hand  jVt an'iutcr\al ol two ]>a(es came  iiaron Fredetit!:s ' iviid two special  aides de cnrip, and Die two J?.ni-  pios.scs, tho pin.ee of Jvoiioi". ^_heni^  raccordd(J , lo tlie.. Dow'ag<u^j!2tnnie*;,*i,  and. the oLiiur-iiiemb^is  ni   the   * iru-  exi. option  for 'him.    Finally   one  ed     b.\  the  (S'-and     lhikc    Michael,  tf.,UCk tho ollicei   on the lacv    wheio ^   ^   ^   ^^   m  Uieu   or  upon ho  drew    his  swo.d    ami    .-uH ^ w|C( (^ion    U) fa throm.. The  nun down.     The ofhee,   was a nested- >s d(lU   |fl    toulL    co,-  oiuided ,J . ���������  peasants   appcniod     lo   Iv   awkwaKi  Vha    en-  ������J , (^,���������- ���������  pl.llSUIlL..--      ill'l'V*11 *-w " I       "-*--   --  -���������������>     -"*       *��������� *���������      ^"���������-     -   ---   compos-cd   ol'liowin-'.   lorn*      trained. hef    fvi'isd,   y.-cn-   making  tlie   rotin If  iobes  over   a  white  silk   skirt,     ai.djt  wen. in;-on   *''oif  heads    the       lv<"ko  clay tctiirjiuig'moinej' subscribed. It  s usij^.llv had enough to accept the  'ltio man  is  not mortally    wounded  8t   Poterbbuig,    May  10-  ti-iiite    ol   the    membeis   oi      p.vrha-  ment   over throe hundred in     iiuinb.-i  introduced a iucong>ruous element( j/j^, "(il. h h j-.-ssu-u head ' dies-, thankless work of collecting money  m the assemblage Most 'ot them ^ilm^ik,M,(| ������wllll l)0aris and 'di*t- foi any purpose, but wltcii a cc-ni-  were in. evenuig dies*-, but many ^ uls rhi, Uim ol -i-c dowagoi mittee is called upon to &> all over  wore   ordinaly irock   coats and even ^ ^ v-Inte .Mid 'ht-avily edg-   the giouncl   i(-turning  same,  it seems  short coats and -, el low shoes.   Then |   '      ^^ ^^   Ull.   a^ a token of her   that     they  arc     gettuu; mote than  ranks were mterspersed with      fJ0-j^jd���������^ho0|,  ' That ' ol'ihc    Empi.������  t-heir  s*bfre ol   w0rk  Jems  in     white    and   Laratans,   T.u  nas  embfoideied      with   gold.      Tn*  tars  .1,   fe/'s,    a  Polish .bishop _    in,-    - ^.mess'woio diamonds,    and  purple   robci.  -and  orthodox-     dci^'J'      fa.    ; ,'   / Einmess   pea. Is   ., In  sent  idle.      will  piobablv    blow     in  ia   sacrddotal   raiment,    and      ict.,-,d, ^   tpam -   the   ^.^ -      I *��������� < -������      ���������   ������-       ���������������  (ami;  the   mauls   ol   houoi   and  family  the-  courts ol the Kmpn'*.M>*. in Ibe  .same st\ le ol costume but with over drosses oi tl'-epui coloi, the iiial-  i ons oi houoi weal ing gieen vel\ot  and the mnids oi honoi < !������������������ ic������* . v.UU  ltehitul   these     lollnwul  army and iia\,y o/hioi*. m unihoiu I  Most of the mwiilii'is weie woikmeu  who disdained w ostein cloth ing and  came m their oidmaij eostumes,  blouses unu hibots, othoi*- woio  long- skirted coats and gny si ai i  belts,    some   white  and   others     ied,  or purple,    with   common shu Is Tho' Sold   l,laul       1������'������mu   Ulw      >"'      " ������  Supreme Alternates-Laura Chap-''1 la,������ ot NX!'0S anrt l>������������������;Htei*- ol tho  tum'es, the ancient Uussian f|10faJ nc-blost lam.lics ul Russia who,e  and   ,11 at   ease,    but    .osuliiiion  was1" ^     VU1'''  '���������'  'sllk  t,r x'u ",|1     ll������h  MMl41������Qg  FRIDAV  May,   11,   1900  PRIC1  BUNG RUSHiD  Saskatoon, ������Sa-sk , May 11���������Every  preparation is being niaite by tlie  Grand Trunk Pacific toutractois for  immediate activity in constikCtimi  work At SinitlniUc, 4 miles west  tlicie is a strong tyuij; of men ajvl  10(1 hor*.es iui.1 with the plans aie  uailuia; to ba\e the oittfiLs set to  woik jloni; Ihe line. On 22, 3fi, l'>,  and the quaiter bought irom Loui*i  Clou^ec-u is located another outfit of  (1 T P construction men and matei  i.i I The others of the divisional cn-  g,inccis ute located iu a hip, 'tent  on 21st siieet.  The lmpit'ssion that the (\P K  will inn lhiuii(;h on the notth side  tif tbo town an<u,cios-s (ho liter, i*-  gallium; g,touiid, and Iioin infoima-  tion gained, there appeals to be excellent leasons lot the 'lelicf An an-  noiuicemerit within the nuvt few (day*-  on tins  matter is almost sutc  L'onliactors Cotton and Clonic  who stared m on MoiJday moinin,;  just west of the pre^eint tiack, got  down to wibeie the {-rmuid was stiM  fio/cu, and I hey moiod oat to Caswell IIill and will complete the Rap  oi two aJ> I a. half miles theie h.*������|K  letiiinim; lo finish wheie they start  ind in When through, they will  move  10  nulcs -west to Bugle cier1  Railway  constructioii supplies   continue lo  ai me almost daily anda-i'i  beinir     unloailcl   and  piteil alon|RSiid  the  tempoi.MV  track*    iioillv   of   th'  town  Woi'*   on   the  (' V H ,   is now 1/ine;  lusbel  east   and   u.sl   of Was'.-t(*oii  Hctween  here anil  Ktiasshurg   soxei-  al   bio; p,.iiif!S aie  shoijn^, the     wor  with  all speed      A  leprescntatvvp of  the   Kntisli  Columbia Oeifijral     Con  tiacts  Co ,   who  aie doing 40 mile'-:  west   fiom, Stias&buig and about th  same  amount   oast lr.om Saskjatoon,  s\������s that  the work  will he coiujilet-  ed     mi  coii'tiact      time  in    Au^uM  .ludtCin^     tfin  thevway things    ar  shaiput^,  this estimate  will be     fit!  hi led  OREGON PROSECUTOR  WOULD AID  MINE DISASTER  HAS 307  t--*s':;  Mi    \V\   Smith,     tlie  local    phot  giapher,   has  a freak   photography of  the  falls at    the Jiead of the   flutne  tluottwh  which water is   carried    to  the Ijiinkci  wharws     In' the   photo  Staph,   Mi    Smith  shows  two     falls  r.oppinn   into  one   pool.     The    tiicl-  is    accomplished  by a double expos  ue.  Pait of tlic committee  who    weie  olleetuig foi   the San Fiancisco  ii  The Tvcc Smeltei, which is a* I������rc  stanti>ed on their faces lot it wa*>  the first time that-inch hud '.dared  to appear thus at. a state function  at the Russian court .where <;i i-  .���������qtiette in the past was so rigorous  that it even compelled -American'  'diplomats accredited in St. Pete-i  bliry to .fee .uniformed.  parliainenX '..lined upon Urn rigl-Lt.sidi.'  of the hall  as    if   to: olTer .battle   to  lobes weie ol 'sill  (oioi-., blue pink ii-ic and while  The I-'mpei oi balled in the tentie  and held otii iln- c ��������� oss whuh Ui"-  oi' the hull. and. the .Tylct ropolitan  Anl onions -atlvahced tumeet him  and held out the 'cross Which I lis  .Maije-sly .reverently kissed. .Then.  Memlvrs - C - '-'cndini; I'onviird,- the Kmpcror clasii  ed I he hand of the Jtelr.iipolitim. rnis  ed il lo his iips and-Kissed it, .the  iho glittering arrav of butvaucrais Mctropoliimi rotun,ing- ihe salulntiou  and courtiers opposite, whose lies- '���������''���������* Kmpic^s who hnd in the mean  tile, contemptuous ylance showed' time' advanced-mid I aking ��������� their plac  how little they welcomed the new ' es on either, side. of. the 'Etci|)������''or  and dominant "force in Russian pol-. -greeted the, Sacred fcimblem and Uic:  . tics. The diplomatic, corps with' 'representative'of the church . in '*���������  the dean," "^r. Bomparcl, 'the French ' similar manner! after which the-bear  ������m)j������ssador'iii ndvani-e.imil AmWasaa ers of -'thu isignia of state having  doe Mercer, court uniformed, enter-' advanced ' to the si eps ,,i' the tlirone.  ed nnd, occupied Ihe galleries in Ihe' deposited, the -emblems of sovcreign-  hall while ���������'the ' mavshalls of- -the tv antl lUi.sbioiis ros'l ing- on the Kuisv  iiobility, governor .'genernIs, .ami. 'a dais on each side.: of .the throne. Ths  vast throng- of civil and military i.mpevial court having fallen slight-'  dignitaries in uniform' and with lv ���������hack; the Emperor and two 'Em-  their breasts heavy with flittering--passes were standing-in an isolated  orders, took the places, assigned to tfroup chir'mg the religious ..ceremony!  them. The last persons to enter wiuch followed. This loiig and m-  were .M. Antonious. Cnc iMot.ropoti- posing ceremony, consisted oi'; pray-  tan of St. Peterslnu-g and a nuiu- ViM.s \un- the ������������������health, and -welfare" of the  ber of clergy "of the highest, rank in sovereign and the new parliament,  robes of cloth and gold who. formed it. wns; accompanied' by the deep  in front of the altar. As the strain's, tones of the chanting of the'-priests  of the' Xational .An^em^plnyed by and bishops and the "melodious voices of the scarlet robed hoys of the  Imperial choir. (   The Emperor joined  an orchestra, announced   the starting  of proceedings .$, magnificent,   but to  ���������ibniit  the twentieth  ol  the nimtli  -" the TeDcuiu by crossing lums.'li  and making notnient losjioiises rh������  Lmipresses kept ihen ejus siiaight  to (he I rout during the long religious  ceremony glancing neither at the  ieiiil*ors oi the paiiiament, on then  right, nor 'com tiers til then- h*ft  Tlic\ scaicely men ed a muscle, though the heaving, busom cad Hushed  face ol the .%oung Kmpiess showed  that she was far Horn being at ease.  At the close of the TeDeutn the clei-  gy retired chanting,, towards the palace chapels. The -.Empresses .moved  up and nscended the dais on the  right, of Ihe. th folic while the 0 rand  Dukes moved ���������������������������forward and 'ocr.upied  the three lower stops on the same  side; The Metropolitan, tho Emperor's chaplain, the af aster oi' the  Imperial' household,- the members . of  the Holy Synod and the special  aide de camp took their places at  the foot of the throne to the left,  the Emperor himself remaining- alone  in the centre of the hall...during the  transforming. The Emperor then  walked twenty'- paces to the dais  ascended the throne seated himself  in tho imperial; chamber and an aide  tie camp stepped forward and' presented him with a draft of his address. His Majesty rose and looking down on the wonderful scene delivered his message to the representa  ���������tives of the Russian millions. The  Kuiperor spoke with a firm steady-  voice, which was distinctly heard  to every corner of the hall, emphasising deliberately- every word. Such  a hush, fell, on th--������ assembly chiving  the reading tint, the snap of a cam  era shutter was sharply audible. The  Emperor spoke as reported abov*.  Seattle, May 1 J.���������P-rosccuttr-K At  torncv Kciyietl* Mackintosh has le-  eeived the following letter from Dis-  tuct Attorney .John Manning, of  Portland, m icfe;aid ������to tire killi'np; f  Pianr Ed mi'n d Oieflteld, tits leader  of the llolv Itollees, in this c������t\ a  few davs  ago      J  "1 notice 1 bv Ihe pies, lhat theie  n'is a iiimi liillud in tout cilv t.bo  oilici day Ibv name of Cielheld, of  religion, Hidv fvolleus, so I hasten  to  sav to   you  tjtat  I  hate     bad   a  r  &icat deal lo do with this man  Creflield, in Ins lifetime, and the out  lanei/iis- criii.es coinmitted hy th s  hi ute in this state on simple-minded  gills anl w'oiubi wile many I had  him areested for/the cnme of aulul-  Icry, tomnutU'd jWith Mis Stori, a  -istei of (Jeoige Mitchell, the man  who killo'f him. , He was convicted,  stiitcuced, and sencd a lenn af two  years in the penitentiary at Sal"in  Clic  Cirllield urol e ii|i   many families n  Oie.goii    by   leaditi'j; (hem  astray    on  his   faI������e irtigion.        1     lntestip^itel  rra-iv,     many    Vh tr^cs  against Ivini  .\hile     he  was jjii his Holy Rolling  tour  in     Oregon,   the charadei     (d  whifh was  awful,v in so fai   as- .l.eni^  low, iilegciw������iate aJid hitital,  and,     if  termitt<-d,  T  wotfl'l   like  au  oppoi tu-  ���������ilv  to tcjfcify Ix-foie  the graii'1 juiv  eioip   '\Ii(cl'oll  is   inidicte-d,   or     tdi3  11.. I   com t    as to   tho  low dcoienoi-  ���������e infractor olhlus  man, and     tlw  oiliap.es aiLd   brutalities piacliceU bv  him,   in Oiegon,-''upoii   le.noiant    .u-l  ���������usopluscated girls-.  "Our ollicers cliascxi- this man all  c\ei the state of (ire,jon, and Hniially  roun.1 bun hid'len undei the flooi r I  a house at C'orvallis, Oi , be h.wiir ���������  ruined the family and biolien up U o  home. /  "Now, Mi Mac' mtosJi, 1 do nit  want yo������ to tied ictaM that 1 would  not ii) hold (he 'ma esty of the la,w,  "vit avIi'-mi a man, mfi urges ujon tl.n  -ommoji deccn'C}' ol society to the  extent that tips man did, and Mieiv  is  no   statute   uiidei   whitb  be could  v  be iiioscculcd, and he has so gros ,-  'y <u>:<a!Ch&d l.timlics, 1 thins, the  takina, of the law in one's ow������ hanO  ii del such circumstances, to meet  >ut summaiy justice i*s almost oveus-  al le       (.Slimed)  JOHN .MANNING "  When sien m io;ai'l to the letter  xi A as to what action he will take  in  the   matter, Ui    Mackintosh   said  "1 shall answc; the letter aseuil-  'y as I can undei the ciicumis-taiiice-s,  bvtil eonsidci it Hie m<st lemaik-  il'lo thing 1 e^ei heat.d of tint a  nan whose duty it is to piosecutc  Tttninal** should oflcr such adviice'  a<; is contained in his letlei It  seems lo me thai it Creflleld was-all  tlut 31 dlining sa\s of him it is pc  culiai thai the aulhoiities dixt not  air^st him and J.ic bun m the pen  ltentiarv while !���������" c .>s still in that  state  "1 c.rtoinh shall not call Mi  tfawiinj; to testily fci the stale of  Washington If .Mitchell wants bun  "ic can call lum 'Ihe lettci senns  to me to deal in grneia.li I us and  does not s'ale sjietilie fads 1 shall  do aP in vinv powci to secuie a_con  uelion  of   Mitchell, and   will   rmsid  er   that   f  am  doing   my  dutv."   4   The baseball game between two lo-  cal tean s last eteniiig jrovod an  interesting me, gltlioug-h the scoring  on each sulc was large. .Wither  team can, however, say they had tbo  best, of the match, as the score  stood Hi ail al the close. Walker's  home run, with three men :;it bases,  was crrtaiiilv a wonder, and if he  can he depended on to do tho.'trick  again, l.adysmilli should have aio  (.rouble in defeating .Vaiiaimo next  Sunday.  FA.ME1*-;  PATHWAY.  The lour sun.*; of Charles Darwin,  author of the "Origin of Species,"  are all scientists. Sir (rei-iKc is the  Plnmian professor of astronomy at  Cambridge; Horace Darwin has been  associated with -hint in his work ;  Framris Darwin is a botanist, ain;l  Major Leonard Darwin is a geographer.  Philander C. Knox, senator from  Pennsylvania, is an inveterate reader, devoting all his time from legislative i-ft- legal d'lties to wading. He  purchases all the best .books and all  the rare editions of old works which  come ibis way. lie reads in his carriage gr'itig to the capital, on trains  ansl every'- place where he must  spend some moment* waiting.  Yolohama.���������Later telegrams frcai  Nagasaki gives the total casualties  ot the Takkislirma collieiy dn*istv*r  at ,i07. One set ioub difficulty is Uiat  the/ wfjls .separatwig one- shaft fro i*  anotQicr \tei-e neatly tohally itcstco -  ed by the e\-iplosion, an?d so the \ci-  tilatmg appatatus cannot wotic as  cfiectivcly as usual The cause ol t'-*  explosion is not Known, but tlic gc i-  cial dj m ion is that a miners defe -!  me lU'iii?' must ha'e ueen lespoits.- ,  ble. The iiwiie will not be restor( I  to voikuig order .Lefore a month  The bodies cvtricated ate uiimediat ���������-  ly hanidcd ovei to thcii weepuij;  wives and chiklien,__who aie throu,,-  uig luliout the entrances of the pits  to receive t'he corpses oi then  biead-vvinneis  MINING DITCH  81 MILES LONG  Largest Caral in Alaska will be  Con,  structed by The Candle  Ditch  Co.  h  A Tunnel 5,500 Feet Long is included  in the  Construction Plans  A Seattle despatch says CoIlst^l,���������-, cxiirncnce in miniiifej. The plains that  tion of the largest mining .diitch e - "have been outlined for the present  ei built in Alaska is to be coinro.cn -'season provide foi the coostt action  cd this yeai and completed dutimi of the 5,500-foot tunnel and thedis-  thc summci    ot   1907      A     contpam*   trrbution  of    suppl������s- and    material  BASEBALL.  'lias Morning's Herald says  What pjomiscs   to be a  von   mil  c.->tnig   game   of  baseball   will       '.a  place on the  Cricket tjicund on  Sin,-  da,\  kiiU'inoon  .1  oid  rivals    the  Kaglcs   and  the    K--  lianco boys  niects in a  league  muti h  composed    of  New  Yor'i capitialifit,, nccassaty  for  the construction  work  ljiowu as  the Caudle Ditch  Co,  li..s on   the entuc pioject.     The supplies  been  foimul   io cany  out  this  rro ivill be shipped  from Seattle in Aug-  jeet  .uid  -a  paily  oi  tngineeis  -wi'.l'-jst  and     ilistriUdtoil o-ver the   snow  anne  from  ^New  Vork within se-ie,- nevt  winter  while  the  tuitnel is be-������^  al    w������e!cs  to  tjit- the lust steam, r lng huilt.       Tluis  will place matters  icket (jiciind on Sun-  ^^  N1^iiti ^^ conlin,ence the stuveys in~ suoh   shape  that the construction   '  t   2 30     when  tho*..*     ,fhc diU;h wlll le eJghty  oiiciniho ,-t   the  ditch  can   be comniencod    at^  U1 icn-jth and  will supply  water     to (he earliest   possible time during the  -  ' Ul'ol "the Candle Creek terutoiy ua,- season of lfHi7  and completed     dm- \  mm  '$0k  IS  it  The  men   ol   both   teams    aie   com - ^   lJje  seVjWlth  t,ier   0t  benches     c;i   U1g   lhat   year  -lent oi  victory  and    hum   all      a.-  )v0lJl ^n>tH  ()f tjM. stream for  its ei   j    ''The country   through   which     the  counts aie lauly evenly matched and  Luc ���������(,;-<,th     of sixteen miles    whci   ditch is   to    lie constructetl  is   'easy*  it is an csrabli-jhucl iact   that    soitc c0.nl-*iPtetl.     The new company     Wa-  ()f  ac:ess    and the cost  of   shipping*\  ol  the men in  both  lineups iaio     '���������"' oi&mr/.ed dining the last wintei     in   m supplies and material  will iho prac-  maikalbly good pliers   Ailmission io iNew York .by T   C   Noycs,  Fiort  V    ticaliy 'the    same as to- Nome,   al-  tbo gioimd will he 25 cents and -;m>> ^Icyn   and  C    E    Herron, aill.  well- ' (hounih    the scjson in  which"   iboats  oi  seomy   excellent   baseball   a la'S',!j "    "  " "     - -    , nown     minni";    men of   the CviicIId can reach  the neatest coast point fis  mvnbw of peopl-j will doubil^s tuiii|licek coimtry, ^j   owners, ot   maaiy   a  little shorter than at, Komc.    Bv  out  N ANAJMO HKE' Up  l'lw Xauaimo baseball   team's hn ���������  up  lor the league   game with  L/ad>  *.iuith   on    Sunday    next    is  a*,    lol-  iow-i  C atchci��������� \\    Tmner  Pitchor���������I    Gieenwell  1st  Base���������J   Ait ken.  2nd  Base���������\V   Oiaham  .'Ird Base���������A   Aitken.  Shoit stop���������J.    Gordon  Itiftht liehl���������\V    Ashman.  Centre Field���������M. Wilkinson  Ijefi  Field���������J. Bo-.ce.  "  o   THOUGHT IT WAR \ JOKi'.  m$  ~Mt. J ^IcQimrrio, the joiing man  clerk, who was an tine car with Ma'!  Clerk Willis at the t*me of the C.i*  K hold-up, had peihaps a o^Tci  chance to study the ideality m the  highwayman thin any oi th" c .n  tiainiuen who were bonoiei wi ������ r  passing .le-qiniintanci- with the  I nights of t'l'.1 toad, says a Va.foa-  vcr (���������u'han^c Ln tellin.a; of ins ii\  pri ence viiTOti Ins arnv.al ui the \  this mnrnintr, THi    McQuaine said  "When the men stalled to eiavvl  over thj kndei ol the cipim to  leach the mail e.\r, 1 did not no'tee  then masl'S, and when we got ilv  demand to throw up our hands, I  thought at fust it was some joke  Icing plajcd by tram's oi lailway-  nien But I soon saw by the da  nvranoi of the leader of tlie ^.ing  lhat he was- in earnest' Each of  the robbers waved a gun, and vva-s  caiefnl to onfoice his rifcmands This  was at a | omt jboit midway be  twecn  Duels and  Funer statins  "NTo, the o-iins did not look vety  bin to mo 1 remember as I looked down the mils'.?le of the revaher  in the iliands ot the leader, making ,,-,  mental calculation that it was of  about 38 cal������bre���������not any larger  anyway The p,iui was ot the shot I  lulldoir pattern, and vv������s loaded ..11  night, for I could" see the ends of  the. cartridges in the ehatn.bei\s.  "The elder of the three rc-ufoc-is  who conducted the search throj^iiii'ti'ioi  mail punches for t)K> registered matter was, as< near as I could judge, a  man of between forty and lifty years  c*i atr.e. lie wore a rather -h-eav-y  groy moustache, which the mask- did  not entirely cover. 1 think his eyes  either were blue or bliiish-^rey. in  stooping down to examine one of t-hp  nijvil pouches for the registered ivi.it-  ������ lipped 'town for an instant, and 3  p;ot a glimpse of a portion ot his  face Ii is skin appeared to he very  wcather-*eaten and tanned, as of r  man who lia,d sr.eut a Imiu; time in  Hie o"on air. Tie appeared to he  quito cp0l and collected, and knov  just'what''.to do, but his failure to  find a big sack of rei;ist?rotl mail,  which he ���������evidently expected, seemed J  to ain-jV him   very much.  "When he saw, however, that some  thing i*- his calculations had evidently miscarried, he became mere cheer  ful, and even sarcastic. Wien lie J  and th? other two ro'.-fcers left the  tiain, after making tho enjjineer run  us some cMstanOD down the track,  the. leader, of the trio said, quote  ciheerfully, 'Well, so long roan? fellow.    ^TaKe care of   yourself.' "  wMM  claims in  the section to ,he supplied   the  tune  the ditch  is completed wc  by  the big ditch ' e-cpect    to have   rail transportation  The construction includes .the tfJild- from Nome.  ui������ of a, tunnel 5,500 feet in length ' '-In addition to the Candle crcc1;  tlnoufth the divade betv\een Candle mines we will reach;one of the larg-  an>i Kldoiado ciecks, and the . total est bodies of pay gravel in Alaska  cost of the constructio-a of the ditch on tftie Kugtok river Discovciy  and tiu.nel is eetimated at i>et\vcen lotween i200,000 anil $300,000 lthis*  $.760,030 and ������1,000,000 claum    en  this stream iwill   produce  When seen at the Butlei hotel yes-  v.uitei * ,,J,<;,.  terday, Mr. Meyer made the lollow- |   '-All of these big enterprises   vr\\h"V'T  ing statement in  regard, to  the rro-; (Ia of material   lieuefit , to   Seattle,^ _^  Ject ���������       , r   as most of the supplies xvill .b&pui- y^f'S  "The Candle Ditch Co , is ftnauced chased here and practically all of the /^'  by New YorVeis, w,ho have had laie;c shipments made Jiorn. this port . ,. , ".If  ���������^ -��������� -���������    ���������      ' ���������    ������������������'��������� ���������-- '"    "~-     ���������=���������   -���������������������������-".��������� rt*-^q-~, ty?c  *.1>  POllNDKKlil'lilR'S WORK. now flowing east.       It has    secured  The Vnncoiivei I'ro.ince gives    the  fiom  the Canadian  Pacific ,a thiou������i!i  following descnp-tion of the   troubles   late  from the Albeita grainficl'd.s  to  apound^epeiin Vancower.^Jt   uonKK,ong, precisely the same as the  uheathrowers oi Washington, ldalio,  and Eastei n Oi cgon are paying from  tlte tjiainlields of the uilanh* empire  to  the Oucnt,   which  should    bring  of  might no lemaiJced m passing that  an erienretie poundkeeper could do  much business in Ladysmith, especially if ho included chickens m his-  catches The report is as lollows  O.ficci  Rac, the stout but    nimble  tho price of  Alberta,Red  in the fat-  ur.i.cci  km.    nc stout out    niim-..- ;. to   flie      ice whldl  looted do^catclici,    is carrying    out     ��������� .  Ins  iiiSUuctions  to the letlei.      Re  would     make tho     pi ice in Calg(ary  nus   msauctions   to    ���������e  . i. . - mmmtm  lLe &<xnw as ll# is m  ccntly he received  ..llicial notice that   ^^.^ aml   ^^ <lon      1Ie���������to,olCi  the    cxpoit     puce   has not h-ean    a  ill  unlicensed Canines should be   cap  tared and destiojed  Tlieie waie several scenes ,ui theol-  tice of the City Complrollei yestet-  day. Hall a do/en indignant cili-  ens called i to protest ag-imst the destruction now tonig earned on aiin-  onp the canine colony All, however, admitted that they had oftnitled  V) take out t the legulat-jonitag Oaie  of the visitors lost a -valuable thor-  ouglilljied        Mi.   Gibson   to all     e-c  fttieat 'factoi   in vthe Northern j\jlf^erta  ' wheat-marllet      In  future,   however,  l.'ieic .is due  to ibe a large   surplus  'o^or    foi  home     dema,tui, a ,citcum-  slan'ce  which  will react on the   -expert   pi ice of this 'grain  ���������   The  company  proposes commencing  ot once  the  construction  of a     five  hundred thousand bushel cleaning am!  soi ting 'clev&tor at Calgan ,  and dm -  oug ii3.cu ,i .   t.iason   io an     c*- ��������� ^ snmm)i m^ Qy lwnty ������u  tended retinal  sympathy   but    said   ^     el     tors   o[ thirLr thousan  the  by-law  made  no exceptions'  mors'     elevators   of thirty thousand  .    . , ,    . 'bushels'    capacity     each, throughout  'I   have .dcstioyod   ovei   a hundicd    ., t ������������������,     ���������      ,,     ,,.,,!���������  J <lin    nrm in/'H I 1QT    X"Pnr     It        1)11 lit  dogs   this  season,"  said  i\li    Rao in  ccn.crsation   with  a  Proumce  lepre-  seutative.    "They  all  look a-like    to  n-e      It   so-enis  inifoitiiiialc,  as    stn-  eia!     oT them    vvetc animals   ol   t\n-  do.ubtjo.1  rcdimreo      'Ihe f.iull   pi-in .u- ... 11     ,���������^^c.  ,       ., m    ... ,   c caned,  before being shipped    across  in  icsts vvilh   the o.vnots,  v ho omit  to    p.tv   Ui *n     doc,   11\ 1  '.imjh  the nro\mce Last year  it  fifteen clcvatois >-,[ this class  Calgary is to be the mam centre  of the grain trade oi tho conipanj.  All i-ram foi the Orient will g,o  tluoiiuih    thi'    Oalgaiy elevator \)\ be  carry out the law. There an'scorr.s  of unlicensed dops si ill riii.iniiig al  large. It will 'take sonic time to  get t.beni iulo (lie dragnet. Surely  their  ovviins-  will   take  Urn, ���������hint."  The ollicial do /catcher thwi called  ;n the  Cilv   Solicitor.  "My next o'.'rial crn.sa>'le will be  aj-ainst l.huSi' citizens who allow  their hens io run .at lai'ye antl mot  up  tl'-'ir  neic.hlot's ' gardens. . -Coni-  l.-tinis ul.out this nuisance have, s'iin-  , ly l.-ccn |io.-iiii!f, fei to me for weeks.  I found ,by ���������experience that it was  impossible to catch the interlopers.  .Vow th������������������ City Solicitor tells me 1.0  ,j,'('t after the owners of the hov:  and raft-tirs. 1 intend to bring ;)  n un.'.cr of  thorn to  the police court''  the mountains. At Vancouver the  company his commenced the construction of an elevator on Burrard  ���������Inlet, where grain wili fcc- loaded lot  export. Air. L. C. Strong, manager of the Alberta Pacific, said yesterday that the company's investments in Alberta and on tlie coast,  for elevators wrould not. be less than  $1,000,000-. '  The secretary of tlie school tius-  lees has boon notified ..by the depart-  meot of education that Ladysmitih  will be included _amongst the places  wiliers hia;h school entrance examinations will he held.  Edn'onlon, :\Iay 10.���������Alberta Rod  <s di'.ejo 'become famous on the  other side'of the world. The Alberto, Pjaciile l'.leviitor Conipany, which  has h?oh bc-fore the Legislature for  two or     three  weeks asking ior     a  J-jhattiT,   vvhicti  was   last  night      putt  Lhrou^li ootninittee of the whole, has  Js'uie large ]>lans for tho future.  The   Alberta Pacific proposes noth-  "Oh, CU'orgc, .' sigitfcl the romantic  girl. ''I wish yoii were like the  old time knights; 1 wish yc-u.'d do  something brave to show youi love  to me."  ���������'Oracious!" cried .'her nance ,  ''haven't I agreed to marry you, and  me only lieUing $20 a wceW���������-Philadelphia Ledger.  No further    information   reg-ardntc;  the  C.P.R.  hold-up has  beo.n obtained  trilav Ley-cad  the (despatohes    of/  last night,  which stated that' the no-  ing less than ��������� to divert the .trend   of 1 ���������������-��������� ���������.-���������> .���������    ...     ���������,  the grain trade of the   western .proi-' lice had  the robbers surrotuided  and  ries rn^kjug it flow &est where it   iaexjpected.  their capture shortly. \  ttt DAILYfeLEDGER  f-inlisned   every day except Sunday  a If       THE       DAILY    -   LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  * SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������Jtauicc.     Advertising rates on ap.  tdicaUoa.  I>AILY     LKDGK,--  FRIDAY  <���������-.  ...  May,  11,  l<)0fi  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for Sale  SEE  J    KEN P.   OK  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  W. CARTER.-  arown tmrnm m.wmmw*'-������mixucw*P*t\uttrwwm  ���������iCJWOM'WH IIWIMHI*  J LADYSMITH TRANSFER STABLE, i  *mmwrrw*��������� ii*T^oy.j,  t    PIANOS,      ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     r UKNITI.'K'   MOV-  f ED PROMPTLY A    ND  SAFELY  I.ea\e  oi'.'irs  al   *'  ITRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6 0  A larg-j unlabel   of   Knights oi   r\  tbias   and  Jbithboue    Sisters      uom  Ladysiiutii    were  in   town    yosierday  ���������'lor thei pin nose oi ai teiiiliu<<    the   ui*-  a oiling  of the iladdo%\   nionujnent.  JL/ast'o\<'iuii������   the new   hydi .mis put  ���������in   by     Dobi'son   Hi us .    weie    tested  ��������� in   the  presence  of     certain  nieiniier  oi   the cuuiinl  hoard.  Rev. Alillar returnee! last eveu-  lag- 'Iiom \ uncouvei where he lias  been attemli*f- ihe I'iv**bytei ian I  Synod. _\Tr. JUillai s aneeoh beioiv  - the assembly ol n-tnusiei-.s is g-enerally considered to |>,������ one of the mini  it. lea-eating made dining the ������.o������fci-  enie.  Hy a   score of  II   to -1  thu  Junior  iCa-g-les defeated'the team ol  baseball  .players      knows   to   then      school iVl-  '"lows as 'the   "11    ('   Juniors     in     a  '" game played  on   the  (.'men   last     evening.     The  Young   Eagles   were     '.'>  have (met   the    Pinafores   last    e\ou-  '   mg'    but the lutt.:r *did   not tin n  up  \  Tonig'ht the  lOar-h-s meet   the    lOnter-  , 'piiise leain".  NOTICE'  ;  LADYSM1TS1   WATEtf VVOWKS  Consuniers are requested to call at    ,nc oflflce     ������������������  KolM.rtg ' 'R  pay Water     Hatrs,  between  (be lOtb     and  tIie 25Ln of eai.��������� ,Q) J���������  fifflce Hours I P. ffi, 4 30  I. J BLAND    , SUPERINTENDENT.  Vesterdaj   morning   the      R.ubbone    \r0i ninnidm        "T...i���������        -    , Ti  c.,,,.,., r..,,,,!  r   ,1 ��������� monism.        Inday we have  thu-  .*M.steis   Uiaml   Lodge    olhccr->      "weie   j ,.       ,.   ,  .Jetted.    The.*   uie as follow*- f *,,sU,ct,! J ���������������������������"������������������������'������ ��������������������������� England and  Giand Cluei-lda.   M   liobens, lius��������� m"   m-ml)<-IS    ���������'���������e     increasing   daily  j The  only    dilliculty    we fiave'    with  our comerts   is   their desuc lo  cnn-  t^ute to   Utah.    We do not wish our  |l*:iiglish IWoinions  to leave  this coun-  |tiy,  but Hither.to .slay and  help   to  ; build   n]i  ihe    sturdy   little  colonies  I Hut aie gtowmg daily."  Stables in the rear of the Lai? ysmith hotel  Abbots       ford  ��������� A. J. WASKLT,  PROP  1  +  t  'i ���������  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  1 ' Ttone Table No. 5 8  .AlargaiLt       ;suu\e,  Agi.ew,     liu  stand.  (luinil      Senioi  Xniiaimo  Grand   .Junior���������Miiinu  \ bistoke  Grand AL ol  U   (_' ��������� W'ik    il.   Coib-,  ItosshiKd.  Grand M. ol P.���������Cora -Manly, Gi.iud  l-'oiU*. 'i  I  Giund       Malinger��������� Mur\        ll.irries, j  Ladysiiutii. * I  SH4VES&B4THS  Having tak������oi ������ver the barber shop  'known as the Ladysinith Shaving  Patlois, High St., I intend, by keep  ing competent workmen, to conduct'  a fiist-class establishment, and respectfully soliclv your patronage.  THOMAS   LEWIS  HOTEL   DOMINION  ��������� Pit. <" iil.2l- ������'. d*\SiV���������  ������������������|i< ie   n'.l ".'s-i-ii'li'-n*   liii d n. b nnd  Ebi'li !��������� nor. c-"v> ry'ii ������  IU.  i'ii/ "v f!e;������i**'.  fr- ?\\  11*1 i'ie ol    ihp  city.  Effective April 29th, 190C.  iron.-,  ieave  i^jsmith lor   Victoria and  all   intermedin ie stations    n, ,  ? I'dlys!'"1'  d"ily'  ^^ 5:0������ Pm- ������U   ^d������^a.v-s,  Satu.diis,    and    Si������-  Ht   JT^V^T���������)  tOT Wel,infiton   ^   all   intermediate station'  Sundays. a  y* and   lt,:Mp'w'   ������n    Wedi-eWys/Satunta-s   ������J  .      Excursion Tickets J-^^>-  Koodf.ir   RoitiK  Jonrnev   SatuJdav^^ ������6 ^^D   F������J01tt ALL STATION*  the foliowMg MoJdlJ7  Satu���������ayc, 7f f������*l"?    f**  re,lu���������jnK not -a*" ">������������>  Grand   f    of T.���������-Annie  WiKon,  ,N.i  ii <J. T.--Eli/a'ii|C,lb Gamp  llllJItiO. ,  Grand C  he/I,   Tiail.  G.   P.   C���������L.uiia   I'lijppcl,      Gram!  Porki.  Supreme  Altei n.itey���������Hhnda  .J     I"-  i>e\,   (J   yeai.sj   \aiuou\rr  t liell   (L' jeais)  Grand   P n*K.s  The Giand lodge v ill meet  .it   Xel-  Best accommodation  for   transient  ������nd permanent boarders and lodgers  ORAN'D       I-IOTiDL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������<������> Hates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w\rds.  WM. BEVERIDQE, Prop  5S.'*,I������J������������������������J(������ '��������������������������� :������������������ ������������������-.���������' ������������������-.��������� L������������.d'yaKslTH-  anon  ini!;-5i.!"'if-u,rin"'*:ecl)i d  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, 0  ���������"������������������M^-B-*-****!-!**.*^-  THE JONES HOTEL  - WHITE   COOK���������  illKl  WlirTE   IiAISOR���������  Employed Only  ,' Q, h,. Courtney,  District Pessonger Agent  M flovernniciit St., Victoria. B.C.  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  bi j:am im:ai r.u  FURNISH    L'OOMS  4w? J  A. .1. McMURTRiS, Proprietor  E/  Any     available    Dominion    Lands  CM-.V   CLl 15. j     The Giand 1 od.-o vill ineel  ...   Xel-  ^^" .^  KallW^  Bdt     in  British  The   Gun    Club    shoot    was   ��������� held *on "M- MM...,  the s,,-ond   UVdnrs fUjlumbla*  ������W he    homesteadod     by  dn>  in -\L.j ' IaUy lJcrS0U  wh,������ iS  t-1* sole head    of  ',   ,, i" '   i ��������� i .     'a "family, oi any male over e ahtecji  -V  loii-ideuihie  nnioi.nl   ol      i out inn  ,���������������������������,, ,   \, A     ^      ������  ,,���������,���������,���������,, .. ,u ,    .    , ,.' i>cais ot age, to the extent of    one-  niiMiiess i\iii  transacted    ciniti"      tne' i j.  ,    ,, " I -iitaitor section of JCO    acres,    more  morning      Li  the  nilornooii  the     "i-1   ,.-    ^ * ������������������- ,  stalkii ion (il'ollki'is looK plan     Mho-'     i..j  ,,���������    r   T>���������M,      . ,.    '       '    ,      I    l-nizy  mus^ he made personally at  da   .f    Tolkcy    he���������iS   the      ,���������stall���������,g   t���������e  k)Cal   -^   offifie   ^/^  ^^  ,,ve_ste'rday    and   the   ic-sulls    are  follows^  Vlst, T. Hodgson���������IS.  - ' 2nd, 'C. Trail toid,    J    Giaham and  -^f. ,Balo  X6.  ",'yrd,    C. Martin.���������Li.  Newly'fitted up and  Furnished  DAK suri'r.1 jsd vm h bic- t  VINES, UQUORS, CIGAUs  0TEL  LAD"\������JWntf,  .c  Good tables and good  Rooms  OLOVO-\ U'AIIL f'ONCKRT  ''������������������-''Oh      Tuesday  miyht     iie\-l     a   rare  V-treat   is   in    store     dor   the   musical  fpeople bi" .Nanaimo  in   the opportun  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID  IIYNDS,  PiOJ). .    ,    ���������      >  Board at reasonable  Rates  , '   Ul-Ct l Mil       L*  tyx'-aflorded   them    in   hearing;     ^Iiss      , , .  ���������jtJ: \ " and     coloi  offic������r. ,    ,    ..    i"  which the land is situate,  The new' Roman Catholic chinch ���������( , T,'e ,i,on,cst1adcr is required to pei-  Dmer, En������land, ,s parlh eM'avatcrM '"l the coruULio"s connected there-  liom  the cliiTs and  its  scheme of de- I   ,      .   U,lllcr    0ne     ������f tlle    foI1������wing  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This  Hotel   has    Leon  completely       .o.-iovatcd'.  i Hoard and  -adf-iag $1.00 per d*y.  roudion  i*,  an  e\a< t copv  in  desi"ii |  Dahl, a JSTorwogian \oci\lisL  , -Miss. Dahl's \oice is a sweet  "Mezzo-soprano ivhieh in sonsecpience  ,of',l>eing fcxijuisitidi trained is indeed a joy to hoar. She comes recommended   by   Edward   Greeft.   that  Koine.  -iiii",     of  the catacombs, at  II'TSQArvGICKOCS  TO NF.GLKCT A COLD  How often no \ye hear il remark-  exqi*jsite_ Xoriiegian    composer,   xmi ed " Its only n cold, " and a feu- clays  he does not give his   testimony    to later  learn   that the man   is on liis  ..everyone.,  .-- 'Miss. Gin������ Smitfc., Mho assists  JMiss." Dahl is ������������������ graduate of Jierlm  ;*and is an educator    to all    pianistk  Take your   children   to  hear her    to  see  what ,they migtit stri\e    for   Tic;  Icets can be obtained   from   membei *,  -1 cold to ie-ult in   inunmionia,   and  of,the   Romans'   Vu.viliary  liack with pncimionia. This is of  such common occurence that a cold,  however slight, should not he disregarded. > Ch.amhjrlaln's Cough Remedy eountei acts any  tendency ol  has* gained its gient popiilaiii\   and  ��������� extensive sale by its   prompt cures  T*wn������������..n��������� I of tht most  common   ailment.     It  JiORSfiMEN,   READ     THIS J ahva} s cures and is pleasant to lake  'ihave used MINARD'S LINIMENT j ^ SEie Dy ^atl-vsn"L-1 i.Jli*niiiacy.  in<my  stables for over a  year,    and I ������   consider  it the Very best for ho���������c !    .   M���������������0bifi l.\  ENGLAND.       _  iiesli  I can get,  and would stron.lv l j!^^   T^'^    Sa5'     Tho  ���������s >   meetings at Sunda\ s  conv/ooation    ol  recamtnend'it to all horsemen.  Livery    Stables,  <^,���������U���������m   '?^t���������**1���������** ���������ib "^llK" of  Ann Street l. ,1/w  CJiuiyh,   who  gallwictl   not   only  !_'������ Jie*'r Apes He (ham���������one  oi     the    __ -a'no'is     twelie  who direct Mormon  *  ism���������but  the  president  ot   the  (1) At leasf, si* months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year for  three yeais.  (2) If the father, (or mother, ]f the  father is deceased), of the homestead-  et lesides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land enleied for, the rc-  I'liiieincnts as to residence may be  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother. |  (3) If the settler has his permanent 'residence upon farming land owned'by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the leqmirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  Six   monthe'   notice     in . wntir'  should be given to the Commissioner  of Ilominion Lands at  Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  ''oa! lands may be purchased at 3.10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can he aG/qjuired by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate    of  ten cents per  ton  of   2,00  HO  PRETORIA  JOHN T^A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  the   Rest    Wines, -st Avenue  Liquors and Gig*is. *"���������  Ladysmith B.C.  Ticket a'n��������� 'frt'ign't' 'tfff.cc, '75' .-'{!]  Government Street. jg  2  Transcontinental  Q  Trains Daily     L  Thc'NTew Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED  The Train of  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  Every  mile  a picture,   and  no smoke to spoil the   view  Through Compartment,   Ob  scrvation and  Pullman  Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago!*  At antic Steamship Buaineu to Europe  is our Specialty  Union    Terminals   with   all '  Steamer lines.  Iterth .reservations  iJy wirel  c Great -Northern S.S.  Co.  FOlt  JAPAN    AND   CHINA.  S.jS. Minnesota   will   sail'  from Seattle,  April  20th.  ���������'For rates,  folders ami   full'*|  information,  call  on   or    address,  S.  G.YERKES,  A.O.P.A.,  Seattle; Wash:  ��������� E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent,  Victoiia  B.C.  THBCITY MHRK6T:  r  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  ..-���������.^.....t.....0..............,���������,.....,... ,..,... ���������..,..,..,... ������,.......8....,.....#..,..,.<.<���������,...M,l...  5T0VES!  STOVES!  t  t  -Uoimons hela m the imsijury   Town ' ���������50linds sIla11    Lc     colIecte<I      on   the  " " " i^ross output.  W.  W.   CORY,  Dfimly of (he Minister of Interior  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Lrilest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  AI| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty  J0E^E^SS25-SS?I3St>S������SEriS-:  1  IS  as& -4''-i*.vAr',v' 'i  ������.,   5a-   ^*i    ..'. wy.  .kf^^iliJ-:  "? ; fVji*,* ;   ' -V ���������  A  ������i'w.V.'.  7%;:oC;cU  ������������������Jalt  v-; J.a'.e ''Stni.e," who himself  met  cud  ^js.-o'e with the martyi SmiUUin   nf,.v*  5^dais   whem t'he  most horuiUl.e fictions  ���������J .were eucuLited concarnjiig (he L.ittei  h; Ihiy Saints.  |l] "It is onnouV said an elder of,  gillie Chinch with an a-ziused snule, i  jfd"-l-at Hie uninitiated slill believe!  k thut i\Ioimonism is a secict socieli '  g foi the (iiicoiiranemcnt ol polyRamy  As a niattci of fact, polvyami was  'abolished sixteen jeais .v^o ".  It  is'now  neienti-   years   ago since  Mormon     miswonatir.s���������lhe   icdouhl-  aijlc llriuham Youn-- liein������  on >��������� /its  1    iir.adeil   l'^l.it.d   ,.���������-]   in^hat     (,,I1C  Ua%  IONIAN"  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 R 0. Box 42.  Leads Them    AH  IN QUALITY  -:o>  .' ' ! .-+  w  k A   Great   Boot 1  lij  for  <".ei   lU.-i,fif)(j ]i;iV(.  i,Pcn  f0I1v(., (od    i.)   VICTORIA.  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  t  *  *  4  4  k-'"*-'* **���������*���������   -<*-<>*-������-lv������.-%.-%.-������.-%.-������. ������.-^^.^.������^������.^%.^.^.^^I  WW.  WUN'SIE,  Pie.sident    .1. W.  CORURN,   i\IanaSing Director.  Telephone  'l-(l. "fp-      (_,  The Ladysmith Lumber Go, Ltd,  ,1, J. HENRY S  NURSIE8   ������EEN-  HOUSEk AND SEtD  ; HOUSES  1110   Veatmfnster Road.  VANCOUVBft.  li.C  Headquarters for   PACIFIC OROWN Oarden. 'flcla  and flower 5EEDS  lor distribution. --'_'  Large , stock   of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL     TREES  J*������ now matured for Spring. 11  No expense, loss or* delay ot hunig-ation or inspection  Let me yrice your list  before  placing your   order. Greennouse Plants,;  Floral Packages, Fertili- ,,  zers. etc.  3'01CI7e������tmiuster Road.  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  Are You  Going: East  Taea b������ aura yo������r tickets r***   w\i  Tii  2������2������  Shingles ek  ffi0QQ9&te&&������$Q������.������e.-e#���������*  pectors k i  I f Ask foi  1������  1  They  aie   all    lealhei,  ���������-    made   to  stand  stiemioni,    ns  ���������h   aSe-tn mine or forest,  |; Li-it;1 Men's.-T-an Chip 1  ''���������':. '' '    C'1! V      .   ��������� -        '"  pewan Veal Kip Pros,  f  pectors'  Boots  _,      Ten-inch .������������������'bluclier, 'cut, '    with   p  rjp:  with    full  bellows  tongue   to  |f  p|   the tip; have double silver eye-   ffl  y    lets   and  stud  hooks;     double  P   sole- and slip;,  standard screw  jg   fastened; slugged    around    the  M   forepart. and heel.      A     comfortable as  well  as  a durable   ^  hoot.  Ask for tliem at your Doalom  \\     vAmmH, 3 0.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADYSMITH-* w w**  MA NI <'irA( JTIJR iORS  OF   Koiiglijnml Dressed Fir and (Jwlsu- Lumbers  \  LATHS,   SUINCILRS,  MOULDINGS,      ETC       of    the  BFST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AM)  FINISHING   LUMBER IN STOCK,   **,���������<,  II you  aD3 contemplating        '*  PAPFRIN6  YOUR ROOMS  -Call at-    ' '|l  J. E, Smith's 5hop  On Roberts Stree, and see all the  The  only   line  now  making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at ST.  PAUL  and     MINNEAPOLIS' wita       the  through    trains    from    the     Pacini  Coast.  THE t SHORTEST     LINE, TF  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES, -THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS.  ST.   PAUL,   CIU  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT^  ������nd ALL PO/NTS EAST.  For complete information ask y-  ���������ocal .gent or writef  F. W. PARKER  General   A t������������-���������  7������0 2n4 Ave.. Seattle.  Hefcher Dros  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     i  I PURCHASERS  ANO SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLJ) AMI)  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Worka at  LADYSMITH, '   B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver Island, B, G.  *'I"I"T"I"I'-}"I"I'*I"l-I'^*I..:..I..;..i..;. r:^.....  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  General Manager,  ���������I.  *{���������  *  ���������4-  ���������f-  >{���������  *}���������  .riea era in . ...  Pianos am]  Organs ..  LadysnJth, B.C  st Designs in  WALLPA^  We    rnalfe a Specialty"of' the papering Business.  Under JVlanaginent  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  v   Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens'   ueadaaoi'tera*.  Modem and     Strictly First Claes.  Fire Trool     Buildiaj*-.  'S  Resturant and lodging Rooms  HAS   BEEN   REMOVED TO-  "Firs-   Avenue*-**  ; PAINTING   AND -PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done     - -   "���������""'"^'""''""���������"���������'^"���������""���������������������������-Orders Promptly   Executed  S  ROEDDING ��������� -  LADYSMlfH TI       SS  ������������.,������.���������!���������������  I������    ������..������������������������������..>-������������"������������������������������<��������������������������� ��������� -  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������  .1  first Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD and   BARK  For Sale and  Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  Heat  Radiator  , .������i.������i ������ii������n> .������..������^������������������..���������������������"������..������-���������<  '������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  GENERAl BL,  miners' Drilling lactones  MADE TO ORDER and  REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED   BY US      ALWAYS     GIVE SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED  A-  Mb'REPAIRED���������-  J-S II r P S M 1 T II I N G    IN      <\ L L   ITS    D R A N C Uf>*  hGr������eslhoer$ and Genera' B'acksmitns,  R. WRIGHT  Bviller SiVrtet -    - l.ady������mith, h  ���������^������������������h-i*^'.''+*5.*^ ���������������������������"��������� ������������������������ * *iB-'->������������������*��������� ������->*:H-;- :������-:-���������* -i-*-*:-*-!** ���������i-^-*-���������  'wn i \ v  "Sunshine" furnaces  have a large, heavy sheet-  steel tlorno and radiator,  with ti v. ide space between them for the circulation of air.  This'gives an immense radial ing .surface. <\ ml means  that every atom of heat from tlie lire i*j used for heating  purposes, and forced through hot-air pipes into the house*.  If you need a furnace, you should examine the ������������������ Sunshine "���������it will save you untold expense, worry and work.  Sold by enterprisingdealers everywhere���������booklet free-  UNMEIUNG THE  HADDOW MONUMENT  t  NANAIMO  flanufacturers of the   .  BEST '  rewni  a. c.  I  The Ladj/simith Hardware Co., Sola Agants  In  British Columbia  Lager  heec   and Porter     GuaraitteeJ  fcSrow  Ji->n   thi Buz   Canadian   t\s\t   tfu.i   Hops  ^���������*'l,***K*'***-H**'r%������*-i.-K'-*HM^  i\  RFAC!n  MLN'ICIPAL NO-TICK  .Manufacture! s cfthe Famous  None bu   Union .Labor    -Employed  H J. BOOTH; Prop  ADYSJVUTH   BAK8RV  CHOICE    CAKES     AND    PASTRY  " ALWAYS    J'RESII   ON^JIASD  Wedding    Lal������ct   ilaclc   to  Ortlci  FRUITS   AMD    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    fKESH    BREAD EVERY    DAY  Prices, . are Verjr l?fasonahje. ,,_ .All.  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE & CO  ON THE   fiSPLANAOEv  r~i  ii ��������� i ���������  m. r. mmm  Solicitor.   B1w  Money  fo    io-aa  1st. totm -   --   -  LAWSVI K  IRA-is^;.  EXCELLENT  Train Service!  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, PEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Prlnclpul llu'.lncas Centcrb of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, KEW Y3RK AKD      '  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALIS.  For Time Tables, etc., tuldrosa  CEO. W. VA'JX,  Aastst'.nt Geu I rnsiciis'cr nau Tttkut Afxnt .  ,35 ADAM* OT, CHICAGO, l!L. i  riii.siiaiil, lo (Jie Keferciiduin lly-  law ot 1 liu Corporation ol" the City  of Ladysniilh, Ilia followuig icsolu-  tiou was duly passed on Monday,  7tli May? 1906:  Tli.it bin; opinion of the eleelois of  Ihe Municipality of Uiw City of L<v  dysdnith l:c taKeu' according to the  juousions ot tlie Refercn.luni by-law  upon the following, alleinalive %jfica-  (io-ns:  Question,No. 1. Shall ine City ,-c  iquue, own and operate Electric 1 j^ht  ing and Power Plant?  Question -Vo 2. ARmi.'ii'..lv.  Shall a franchise be gi an tori (o any  person*; oi Company Willing ��������� io ��������� ttp-  ply Electric l.igh'C'aiwl Powei.'  That the referendum he held on Lhc  Ifctli -day   ol May, 1906'. ;  That Mr. Jolin Stewart, Cleric to  tho Municipal Council be appointed  Hetuiiiing  Olhcei.  lhat thu polling place shall bo the  City Hall, Ladysmith, and ihe l.oui-  ot polling he From 9 a. m, to 7 p.m.  That the Council do forthwith  after the holding of the lefcrendutn  Kiv������ elloct to the proposal set \*rlh  in the question which receives tie  l.nger nmnbei of assenting voiesand  1*0 submit anv necessary Ilv-iaw for  the_ sanction of the Electois (iitirl-  cd  to vote  on inonev hy-laus  .1. .STKWMf.'  :' M C.  II EN PUCK L'D JIUSUA N l)S  F'oity-throc nicinLcis of the h���������f*i-  pcclieil club, winch embraces Leeds,  liiailfoid, lliiwldcrsfielii, Halifax, El-  lan'U and Todnioiden, Eng , attended  the annual diinncr'which lias just JL^������n'  Iield at  the Utter place.  Afk'i ilumer cip;ht new memiHers  weie initiated, each being callevl upon to proie that he was "luenpeck-  of hy swearing that ie���������  Ha't'd and lilackleaded when she  was with <ut a servant.  Nut set the bahy ^h er.y uightw'hUe  Jus   wife went "but.  PROI.'K.SKION VI. LUNATIC  LADY  UAKUISTICUS  The Queensland Legislature iccc:it-  ly passed an Act, which has since  iccciu'd the loyal assent, which canters on w linen the light ot jirnctic  ing as liairisteis, soUicitois, oi con-  \ey.\iifers in thut colony.  As nieinheis of the Colonial Bar,  ha\e the light to appear a*. ad\o- !>������<��������� ^ i]��������� ,"'-''*' l*('*-*������' suspactoil he  ca,1os hefore the judicial committee was slumming, he dneeted Ins rc-  of-the I'iny Council on- appeals, '^val ,(������ '',l!' "0I '������������������o'1^  U>ere-'l'i^notlimg, it would seem to ' 'rheic Jlt' 'n-dulgcd m wimlow-smash  prevent a. Lwly h.uust<'r apiwarmg ���������"{���������. a"d hiMiii^ done con, tleiable  lefore that    tribunal o.:������ any ��������� appeal  *-A'nagt- lie was icmoyed (n the asy-  A man h..s just peeii discliaiged  from the isle of VVi^ht Asjluni uu-  :del evtiiundiaaiy crcunistances, hav  ing twae feigned niadness with sucii  -success that lie was committed to  ihat institution as a d.\ngjious lunatic.  Ten yeais a^o lie staitcd on his  career as a profess i on nl "lunatic,'1  and lie was the fust iamate of the  Isle of Wight Asylum At Mint time  ie was soon dischaiged, as the asylum authoiitirs wore satir-hed he was  hamming.  Alout a month ai;o he airived at  'Jowe-s tLom iSouthnniptoii, whcie,  ei'iningly 1'iidei tlie inlluei'ice of drink  lio wa.s chasing chil'lrrn and' women  n the stiects awl act ng jii cm cv-  liaordiiiiiry nia������tiei When taKen to  the police station he spoke of nuili-  taiv relations and millions of money,  horn Queensland.  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    3.���������  :   Ilaihbone Sisters,moets in; Uie}Qdd  fellows' ITall    icvery  2ndr atut   'Ith  Tuesday, at 7:30 p:ni. '_\   '  .'MRS, KATE TATK,   '  :'..���������.  *M. atR*& C.   ;  ^^ilLIIERT',:;::  UN IT I'll)   ANCIE'NT .-^pRb't'It   Ol  .    DRUIDS, ^^..v/:; . ������������������'.���������  Wellington? Orovc   No.  '1:-U."A;  0. i  Meets   In the 1' ���������'('������   O ,l-\ HaJl^ !.y  tlysmith,    the   Seconil   and5'^i^vti  Wednesdays of each month, comin;iv  ������*g Wednesday/ l?Uh;,. 1905.  Visiting  Driiids      are invited to  Vi  tcu'd.  P.v Oc-ier  WM. RAFTER,  Reef Sec^  "PATRICK 'BITKK, N.   A  NOTICE .  .*  From this date the undersigned  will not te responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on v ���������������  written orncr signed by the secretary  Rowland M&chin.  V.   L EXPLORATION ������fc  DEVEI,  OPMENT CO., I.JTD.  Non Personal Liability. '  Victoria, B   C.v Va-r 1 fttb. "���������<()������  J PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given  to the electors ol the City of Ladysmith, puisiuuit to the auo\e reso-  iutioji ,md bj-law that (he pi'cseuce  is desired at the City Hall. ;*nV\'.'|.  nesday, U'e-Ilith day of May, inni;,  tiom 9 .i in., 1(j 7 p.m., 'or -i.-'i 11  the electois as aie enlitled lo vot0  at an election foi Majoi and Ahler-  inoii, to cast their vote, foi citlici  one or the olhei ���������oi Ihc follow ing  questions  ���������'."Shall the ;0il,y ���������atafii.irc, own ; nd  operate..'Electric Ligiiling and -Power  Pliiiil,?"     ' .      '   ".'"���������  Altornativt'ly; ''.Shall a franchise  be 'graji'ted to any person or company willing to supply ���������Electric l.lghl,  and. Power'/" .' '  Tho vole will ibe .taken'by ballot in  accordance with the' "Referendum  Bylaw.," or. which every person is  requested to take notice and govern  himself accordingly, and will be conducted in'the saine manner as an  election for Mayor or AJdcniU'ii.  Electors we requested to place  a cross (X) signifying assent r-/.������o-"  S'ite the question ' f/q whicL 4A\?v .i;i-  sent and to make no mark of my  kind opposite the other question.  Given under m.y hand at Ladysmith, British Columbia, the 7th clav  of May,   1900.  .I'OI-IN STEWART,    ���������  Citv  Clei;!<  and Rcturniiijr  Officer.  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also language"; drawing in pencil and crayons,, paint; ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons.given in classes or individually.   .  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith.  B   U.  J. PIERCY & SO;  Unnnfactiuers Of.-~  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  lum as a d<-njciou& lunatic The  medical superintendent at once lecog  iu/ed him, and tinned linn  out  No Grand J^oclgi) session ewr held  in Nanaimo was In ought Lu a more  fitting close tlian that of ihe  Knights oi i'ythia.s- At the close ui'  tho set-don last evi-ning, Orand lorigo  rcpreseiilati-Kis, Knight*, and Katb-  bonc Sisters a-isembled in the O-x-t-a  House ivk������i������ a baiicjnct had Lr-i-ii jji'd-  (>ared b.v tin- reception commit tee in  honor ol  thu      Crand   Lodjjv  i-onven-  Cii>ll  Five large tubl������'.s I'ai'aljlc oi si'at  ing l'nllj 130 ������in-st>- v.i*ie jn'cpaic-d  on t>u; main llooi ol Uio building,  unci to |ii*.tl.\ dcsci ibe the iippi-aiun  ee tlie Ijoarci pii-si-jili.'tJ, tlie (J< co-  rations, lhei-'(,f, oic , would be a 'du  lie ii It tasl-  Tho decorations consistmti ol' beau  tnul and i'ra������i'aiit ������ asos ol llowois,  weie under ihc cji' .mil siqu'i \ ision  Of if I II Cii'w, liv V.i'll Unown  local Boi ist und in s'leaKin^ oi his  artistic won*, n iiiiifct be said iVial  on no pu'vious occasion hav bun-  cim-t tables pio**i-nied a inoic bean  tnul   appearance   in   this   cit>  That the supper -v\a- prepan-d by  ifr. James MlKimi,cII of the \\ iWon  Hotel is sullji-ieiil miarnnt.'c that  the repast  was   a  siiiiipiuou*. one.  Altec "Hippoi uu- pj'ogiumnu' of tho  e\oning was reiulirr-d as   tollows  Toast���������The -Miiii DiuiiK uilh inu-.-  ical  honois  Song���������ill.    O   -Han i'on.  Toast���������The  I'i o\ incml    (.'ovi'i-nmom  Ol   Hrilish    Polu    |>ia  To tlie toast tho Pioimual government iresscs Haw thoi nthw aite  and Evans weie called "on b\ the  chairman'to lespmid Mi llawtho-  rntlnMLite spoke luioil.s but earnestly ol the -,nod work that secret *������ot  letie*, bad aci ompli'-bid and while  not a member oi *>ik b societies he  eei tainly believed in nionj of I lien  toa(hini;s His loniarks were greet  ed  v. lib a.iplanse  ifi    E\.msj>i  ('own ban   I lien     tojk  ill*  lloor  The ^previous speaKe.' bud spoke  on fraternal ui'yanuaiions tu ref  eric-ri to the Provincial house nei-  -iiiiil .io ,)|iuwi[pi.ioi[)\\u]; .']\: .iai|1  soli' were menibcrs .>X tba t-overn-  me.U in powci -They disi-^ieed w il h  thi*m in/nxan> respeut-., luii '. he-  mint always credit tbcin with doing  what ttio.v tix)iin1il 'L'; 1>''-st -n 'nc  nteiosts of the pro\ ince The nieni  bois oi the lint ish Columbia parliament eonld compare lavorabK  with anv other liod\ irt its kind in  the Iiommion He ������as pleased to  bo pie.sent at tlie (.'rand Lodge se,-  *ion in Nanai no and lemeniben-d  writ tin* last si ssion bold in ibis city  In lookin<r- o\er the i'a<es ol tho deie-  tdi   for the   loasl    to  Supreme lodge,  out  wds very sorr>    HmL tho   ,  Sup  .cme   Chancellor   wa.s    not      present  I gates     at  the  piesent      session      In*  could     not lielj)    out   lecolicc i      bow  WHOLESALE UHY GOOD!  ViiiTORiA, 3. C.  NOT IK AS RICH  AS ROCKEFELLER  If you had all the wealth of RocKe-  mauy of them ueie members of the  Grand Lodge "12 .seats asi,i������ Tbo\  weie so  lew   that   ho    could        count  UlUTLSH COMJALUIA.  lu  the  Mutter of  the KsLito of William  Kipling, deceased,  and  in   the  nutter of   the  Ollicial   Administia-  lor'.s   Ait.  Take notii e, lhat by an order of  Ihwliouoi 101 ������ Harrison, made the  '-'7tli day of Ajiiil, IfiOl!, I was ap-  pointe.l adiuimstiatot ol the estate  ol William Kii'lun*. drceasivl, and all  Callus huiiif. cl.um.s against the  snhl estate are heroby rexjiiested to  fii.rnifili ihe s-anie, proiicrty veriliod to  n.c on or l.cfore. the ;tbst day of  May, IlKUi; and all parlies indebted  to the .said estate are rcvjiiired. to  i'ay. Ihe anioiml, of ��������� their indetbt.d-  ui'ss  lo  me forthwith.  , .���������'���������  ���������  ��������� IOSKIMI  iMcALONHV,'  -Odieial  Atlminletrator.  Nanaimo,  B.C.,  May  l,,)!)(l|;.  teller, the Standard Oil magnate you  could not buy a better medicine for  bowel complaints than Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera and Dianhoea. Remedy. The most eminent physician  can not prescribe a better piepaia-  tion for colic an-J diarrhoea,, both  for children and adults ' The uniform .success of this lemedy has  shown it to he superior to all others. It irc'ri fails, and when reduced with water ,i"i *'"i*etened, is  pleasant     to   tak-- p\eiy   family  should Im? supplied with il Sold by  LadrsmiMi Pharmacv  aENJIHAJ* hXPRESS A.NP  DELIVERY  wokk rnoviPTLV tv  Leuve orders at the  Af>i'or<?rnnf  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  Ml   work 'guaranteed, and at re������,si  thtw  rate������.  KKSIDIONTCE  AN'I)  OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OP'RN   *T   Al.1    rimVRf*  do Ins best  diii ing His teiin   to     ad-  >I:ICS ^anc-c the  interest*,    oi   the Order  aimo Oit> t'ounj iiloniei Mallory. Oi and Vice Chan  eel I or of tbo order nlso responded to  the toast, thank on the members of  the lodjie foi the honor bestowed  on linn   and   foi   tlie  hanqoel   Imdcr-  them all on the lingers ol one  hand He w isbed to pay a tri  bote to the icuinc'er ol ibe OrdJ'  .lust is H Hath one who when, only  a boj bad wiitton Ihe ritiial ol t he  Order He closed h\ wisIimir ��������� hr  Order   all piospority  SonR-Mr    La an  Aides  Toast���������The  N'an  cil  ilajor Planta h.'ioro ivspondni"  to the toast wished to thank the  Knight ol Pjthias and llathbone Sis  ters for tbo invitation ���������������-^(> m"  sent at the banrpiet Jle had t*n-  loyod thus haiupict more than an\  other  in   bis  life  In replying to the toa*sl ibe City  of Xanaimo, hu took for eranted  thai the (Jiand Lodge was well  pleased with the hospitalii > they  had icceived He wished to extend to the Ora-id 1 od������>c a stand  ina in\itation to visit Xanaimo  any time in the future The day  was not far clistaiit when: Nanaimo  would be a city   socoiul to none  lo   icspond.  At   the last  session of the   Supremo  Lodge lecosj-niliori   was granted      ihc  .athbone   Sisters   and  ho   was     su.  ho step  would never ho    regretted.  Whenever any matter pertaining t.  ihc    Itathboiie  Sifatoi*,    came   .up be-  lore the Suinenii- Loiltie. lla-y could  rest assured that, tliu liritish I'ol-  umbia.   K'preseiiLat.ves would        l)>-  lound sii|ip<;i t ,iii>- an\ iiio\i- in la\{ji  ol   Uio    Sisltfi s  He beliu\e(l in inlmiiii; tlie ugc'lml  U lor meml/Ci slujj in ibe older. Jit  was delighted to see at ihe pie-  'si nt session oi thu CiaiuJ Lodgu ->u  maii,\ juiiiii' men as lepiesc-niutives  ol tlie \ui lulls subordiimic lodges.  ilc '.\.vs pleased in uh.sei\e tbat the  1,01101; men W01V sliovwng llK'illSelVeS  uull io I hi- ironl in this important  work In i o/K lulling lie wished to  thank the brothe-s and SisLecs l<Vi  the excellent   liamjiiet   prejiareiJ,  Iho       An .tie     also   ieqpmuled       to  ihe toasL      lb; wa, jih-nsed    with tlie  leception   teiiih'ied     to      (iinnd   Lodge  delegates       In   tile   past   he   hud        nl-  ".l.'s   done   what   he    toiihl    Vo   assist  lIic-   Katkbone    Sist������is       His    experience  in   N.inannc)   in loiiueition   with  Miattcis  pi'itaniing    to the        Sisters  ���������ms tthoul   the  saiiic   as 'his      experience    al   the    Supienic   Lodge lb.  woiod  can1;,   back    nil]- bi/n    to Vun-  LOinei    the    best   u*ga.'ds      and   wishes  toi    the    knights   and       Hnihbbne  -listers  of  Vanauuo   (applause)  Song���������.Ma-'or  Plantn  Toast���������'Ihe   l! i, uid    Lodge   ol '   Hi l-  usli    I'uiiiiubia      losponded    to       b,\  .Jiand    CJianciJloi    11 vine  and  Orand  '. ice  Alalloi \  ,   Grand   Charuelhn    All       fi\ine      n  >.esjicnding  .said   hi   >\as pleased       to  Ju'e tho   honor'   ol  ninkinu     a      few  i *=  omaiks  in reference    to  tho      (Jiand  .udg'- ,ol   ilrilisb Columbia     It  jjavo  um n gteal  pleasuiu    to thank     th>  Uayoi   and citi/ens of Naii.iniio,    tht  ���������.nighl*.  and iinthhone     Sisters     101  lheir   lC'tepiion  of Ihc (Jinnd   Lodge  >fe  wished  to  pti\   a   timiilc;    to    tin.  fast Grand Cbamelloi   O      Johnson,  lor 'his   able    ivnik    dunrig   bi.s   teiin  oi   oilae       'I'll-  Ordei   Jiad     progiess-  jj   during    th"    pas    few   ,\i'ais       ]>^  leaps and  bounds       Ihe present  ban-  aiet   was  the (>rst   iomt banquet     o������  ivnigbts   and   U*tl������b<ine    Misiors    ; h'  1 *d   over   atlendoo   in   Bnlisb       Pol'  imibia Me  wished    to   pay       (om-  ilnaoiils to the Itatiibniio Sisters  rjicy always stood ny ihe' Knights  iu o\oiy place wlieie Llieie was a  It'inplo la his opinion the most  impoilanl hu-.nie.ss Iransacted by tlie  rct,fiil MJrand I.odga session was  tho providing ot a luncl, in aid oi  Lho widows and orphans of deceased liiuish Columbia Knights This  was a most important "woik, one  ���������f ihe meji-t import ant in connection with Pythian work In con.-  elnsion he thanked tlie Britis'h 'Columbia Knights for clotting him to  the kighest   odlee    and   promised     to  HaMiTiiaf," Grand'Tofk-ir.' "  Toast���������The Pi*es:-, responded  by J'r. F. S..i]<e'iiiolds of Tl'nf  aid. '    ,  Toast���������Xanaimo   Xo -1���������and  Ia'VlI   'J'empJe,   Ko.   2.   responded  by  Pant, O-rund   ObaneelloV  (i  son  who wished    to thank the  Lodge for  the tofist to Xanaiiu  1 on 'the occasion  ol the     sevc-i|  session   uf  thu Grand Lodge.  Auld   Liiog-       Syne    brought  banquet' to  a. close.  Adiouriied session  oi   tho   (������'.  ,.\nights of  I'yihiu-j convened al  a in. .yesterday   Tiro.   0   Johnson!  .iresiding      One  ol   Uu:  most     nl  .ant    questions  bioughi   jjofoixs  1   L    was  (lie   iiislitutioii of a  ���������\'ji     Widows  and Orphans,  said  o bo coiitrollon li\    G   L     This  ia-; organis'isl  A  unanimous \oie ol  Ihanks  lendored   thu   Jura!   Hielhern  for  eiy  hospitable  maimer of then  cplion   in    XaiiiUioo    also    for  ,iileii(Jirl        pi o^i'aiiiine ol     enU'rl  .rienl    pnAld<*<L Icn    I hem  \  voli- oi   thanks  was tendered  l.od^e correspondent  lho    ���������!    Stx\\  oi  Gold   nkuge    Loogt,', Xo   '20,   i|  ���������"Ssloke,    ir-r lus .services a*- press  I'lSpoiident  Uic lodge   then  adjourned until  ii dock  in tho afternoon when thu  *i,illation      <^f    the      newly   elect  ciuud  J.odgo   oibtei'S    took   pb-co  ler  which  tbo   ,   bii'tlioin    and  J {athbone   Sislers    loimcd   in   pan  ���������aid   proceeded    to  the   temetoiy  ai tend  the uo\eihng  of 'he    Hadd]  inoiiumeiit.     Later m  t'he  day  I  h-ial  lodge hold     a  special ,    se*.s:|  io    confi'i   clegroci      in    tlie   ,    iiu|  iank.      The  N'ancouvet    teams   soi|  ir-  in mii'ibei      [ml  ,on     the"   aiup|  /ic'd lorin    uadi-r        Caplaiii^ 11   .  Iownle.\       Then1 names are    as   fcj  lows      A     T.   Keid,    J.   D:< Sun.  i .   Murphy,    S     Cui'mngham,  Thol  I'okeley.    H   Ferguson,   I   Coulthni-(  M.    'Conlin,    O.    A    lOwart.v C.Kiij  doot,    W_.    P.-Shaw,    D   Steele,  lioss,'   1{.   .1    Paul,   .7.   F.   -Muiphj  A., Elliot.   W.    P.   Chase, A. Greoril  (J    LW/esty,    S.    Town'.ey,   G    Becul  V    GnlTbi.   A    liiook,- F   G.      Wood|  side,    J.   U   -UeCann,    F.   Millar.  The lodge then adjourned.  l'oa*-t���������Grand Lod^-e, Knllibono Sis  ti'rs i-t'spondod to ij.\ Sister Roh-  ���������tts who was pioud to b.'.a Rath-  bone Sistei and the wile of a  Kaiglit She was gralelul to the  Grand Lodgt- Kalhbone Sisters for  electing- her to  the    highest      otlMi  G 1- .1. Mis Xiw i' also lespond  ed to Ihe i,u*i thanking ih' tilth  bone Sisteis fo ti*e li>mois ))<-s  stowed on h.*i in el.'ling he- i o I be  exalted Ko.sition of her r.iution.  ���������   Toast���������-Industries   of  Xanaimo..   re  in  importance   in   British    Coluii'bia.   spondod    to   ),y   j.li-.  lis  citizens  looked    to  the    C.   P.  K..! gt*r 0f fj.,.  V;.nai;i!fi  (-ol)iii'ti.   Alana-  I .limber ���������     C.nii-  '^^^9K!is!SS������SKSM^^  ,1  t  Notice  AtU:-!'lion Is called to  tlie   fact thai th������  Ogiivie Flour Hills  Co,   Limited  makers'of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR hare lor some dmt  past, been producing flo������r Id a Tastly improved and purin " '*rm  hy the. aid of EL'EpTRICITY  ������tid  having secured control of    ������ll the basic patents rclatlni;; ther*-  to, take this opportunity, of ������ drisinp  the  public  tlut tu\v  orized users of the electric*!   flour purifying processes  win  v> firo-  *������cut?d.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Compaay L5iait3d  are *ho    only   .'millers in Canada whose  JfJour  spnriHi I by tha Electric Process  to build up the city. As tho (lis-' ->any. Mi-. (\ihu,-n e\-|uessed retributing point of the C. P.. IL.'-jre.t that the liiM'.;-...i'iuK industry, had  coupled with the coal industry thej-bf-en the only one r.-'iam-il to in the  city's   future   was   assured. Lady- j toust.     Pew per,;.!,; realised  thai    t he  smith brethern need not be afraid, forasts of Hriiisb Cnlumbia/ Wash-  I'or when Nanaimo extends its lim- i.gton nnd Cireson were capable of  its  Laidysmith  w-ill   tee  one     of      the'  satisfy ng  the   world's demand.       It-  principal    suburbs.  The  other evening  ho extended  the   delegates   the   frosoom    oi  to  the  cky. He bud done the ideleg-ates an  .injustice..for ho had previously ' received word from the. Chief of Police that he ' would" lend . them , a gtiid  ing hand around the city. The next  time, however, he would give word  that the .Chief's services would  not be required and that official  could be chained up when the visitors made Nanaimo t'heir meeting  place again.  Banco accompanied     oy  bagpipes���������'  Brother McKay.  Toast���������The Army and Navy and  Volunteers, responded to by 'Mr. VV.  H. Brown, of Revelstoke and Mr-  Binn of RossUuid.  Toast���������Tho Supreme Ledge,Knights  of Pythias responded to by Kepreaen  tativ*>   Binns   who   said   ho     desired  Victoria    ne.M       month    a  convent ion    would    bo held  Forest:* j'  to      dis-  Aitei' tlia close; 'of the Gland Lodi;  session yestei day aftei noon   the niem|  ber-s of tho Grand Lodge,   Knights  .'jthias',  Grand Lodsc Rathbono Si&J  Lcrs,   ICni-jh.ts and " Sisteis   as-embl-  e.l    iinder Marshall   P ,,0. ,.C..   das.l  Crossan   for  the   purpose ,ol     unvcil-  .iis  the monument   elected ln.Nnua-  > *���������   t j  nniS   Cometory   in  memory   of     Past!  Crawl Chancellor James. Iladdow }���������-,���������  tho Grand Lodge Knights ofaVthias  Promptly nl 4:30 tho procession  headed by the. tSilvei Coiuot Hand  lelt the lodge room of t be Kmyhts  ot P\ thins in tho follow ing ordei.  Hand/ Outoi Guard I2.squires und  Panes, Kmgbts, -.Inner Guard, Mas-  tei at Arms, Lodge Oiriceis, Past  Chancellors, Grand Lodge Uepreseii-  tatnes, Grand Lodge OfTiceis, Ruth-  bono Sisters, Sisters Lodg-e olticeis.  Grand llepro<-en(at i*������es, Giand Lodi,*c  OHicers, Supreme lleprescntaiives,  carnage roiitammg parents and wid  ow   oi late P   P   naddow.  Upon ui rival at ��������� b fe.neteiy, lneiu  b^rs of (he older a* < mhlod around  the last rest in������ place ot the dec eased   rtrothei  After the singing* of the opening  hymn, P^ G P -Johnson mtiodiiced  Giand Phancollor William Irvine,  m Nelson I! (' In deliver the ded-  u.iloi.v     addie.s  Mi      li\ine  said  in part:  Grand   Lodge  Ofhceis,  llepresentativ-  .-s     and     Kiiinhls,   Sister*.      and  trio nils  As C; rand- Chancel loi    to  the Grand  Pomam   ol   Untish   Columbia on    an  hvci ins   ofliee   today    foi    the      first  time   r    ha\e   been   inMted    to      preside   o\er  the   iiuveiiuij.'   of   a  monument   to  memory of  a deceased Pas'  Grand   Chancellor,   who has  preceded  me in  ofhee      r should    loci  that      I  would  be   failing m   my duty   as     a  Knight   if 1 did   not -���������respond, to that  .  invitation.-    It. has  been -said     that  we    have  met    in  the  ; city  of ':"��������� the  dead..,  'We fcol  on   cowing-   to     this  spot, that  sooner or   later. ���������' we., must  all end   our days in jiist   such cities.  Tho monument    which  we   unveil  today has   been     erected    by/    British  Columbia   Knights    to   Uio.      memory  of  n  deceased  Past    Grand' Chancoll-  or.     1 am   pleased   that   when called  upon'every ,subordinate lodge- in Bri-.  tisb    Columbia   responded   nobly     to  cuss the   question     of preserving the-, lhe caU   uith  the result     that    this  forest of the province. In regard  to the so-railed' isolated position of  Nanaimo he was pleased to say that  Nanaimo was practically on the  same footing as any ��������� toirn on tho  line of the C. "P. Tl. The only difference betwoesi Nanaimo and other places was, only li cents and  this was fully made up hy other ad-  \rantagt\s -which this city had over  othor places To coiiclusion he. wish  ed to thank the Committer* for the  invitation (o speak at the banquet  of the  Grand  Lodge.  Son**-���������Mr. .Tessa ['vons.  Toast���������Sister     Societios.   res^iondod  to by Past Grand  Plianer-ilor  Fe,"ni-  son  of  New V/..������fminster nnd   Mr'.' C.  Wilson of Nnnoimo.  Toast���������The  Ladies.   i--sr-.M*ded      tn"  to th*ak the aswJmblag*   very b������ar-  ���������# -0aa T'-omas  ,p.0gSiandi   alld     j/  monument will always stand as an  everlasting credit to'their'liberality.  I feel inadequate to the Occasion  (and to the duties imposed on me  I today, but I trust that you wilt  j bear with me in the remarks that  : I make.  I   had    but  little  personal     know-  j ledge  of   tho last Past Grand  Chan-  | collor .Tamos Haddow,   but    'on   the  | records of the Grand   Lodge we have  printed in brilliant letters the Knight  ly  career   of  our  deceased      brother,  a record  which  we look   to  and   repeat  with undying memory.  Ours is a noble order, one of the  most elevating that the world, contains, and men becoming members of  our order will be greater   and> better  (Continued on P������ge Pour.)  ���������j-^j-j^;;^ THR  IV  r r  r  T  7 ~*i   ** ? >  Quality  Seldom Equalled���������  Never'Excelled  1  Ladyuntth, B.IC.  ' '���������  That's All!  Call  and Qet   Acquainted  NOTICE.  Mrs. A. L.    Ilaskms,  will sell   Ice  Cream from C  to 8 every    evening.  Victoria Road,  a/bout  one mile onl  whether Ladysmith intends to   celebrate the First  ol July  this     year  He states'that  as nfithci Vancou-ei  nox Victoria'ha^e celebu.atiojns  on foi  that date  a  large crowd from -"each  city   would   probably attend,     Ladysmith should' certainly   celebrate tins  year, and as  the fust- of July seems  to ,h!e an open date as far as     olhci  towns in' tho viciniLj   are concerned,  why  not  have them  come to   Lad-  smith and enjov   themselves"'  K. OF P.  BANQUET.  (Continued from Page Three)  Local Items  Mv. II."1 Bevin arrived at noon from  C'liemainu**  Mr. A. J. McMurtne returned this  morning from a fishing tlip up tin*  line. '   "      ,  Mr. J.,Fleishman ami wile :uc visiting Mr. and Mi&. 13. Forcimmcr  today. They expect to return to  Vancouver on tlie moiium-  boat  /  BAND   MOONLKUIT  EXCURSION.  The  Band   have  decided   to     post-  _ . l*-ne  theii  moonlight  excursion,   advertised for the 2nd  oi June, as  the  Ladies'' Guild ot   the Church of Eng-  'it '  "   .land are ban no, one on the 1st pi ox-.  ,,*-"-  "���������   ' Yesterday afternoon rThe Ledger  , < .announced that the Ladysmith fool-  * ball team would play the Nanaimo  team on May 21tJi-T", This is a mistake, it heing the intention to combine a teani from Xanaimo and Ladysmith to play the Celtics ol Vancouver. The Ledger's mistake arose  over the fact, that it was at first  intended to play the tvv<- local teams  Mr. It. Hutchinson, oi Viutona,  passed through Ladvsmntli today in  in charge of an a'utornobile consign  cd to Albemi, which his company  has sold.  SCMT1CA   ClIKEU AFTEJi  20  YEARS  SLlFPERINTr  ������������������  I For more than twenty years Mr. J.  B. Massey, of 3322 Clinton St., Minneapolis, Minn., -was tortmed by1 sciatica, tlic pain and sufimng which  he endured dining tins time is beyond  comprehension.     Nothing    gave  him any permanent relief until he used Chani'herlain's Pain Balm. One  application ot that liniment lelievod  I lie pain and made, sleep and rest possible, and less llian one bottle has  eflceled a permanent cine. If troubled with sciatica ol lheumatism,  why not try a 2,1-ceiil. bottle oi the  Pain Balm and see for youisclf how  <|tnicKly it lelievcs pain Fpi sale hy  the Ladjsmith Phnrmacv  Tiy a Piovinte Cinai.  *-  , Mr. G. Jorgensen,. of the Buiraid  "'Cannery, oil thd" Fraser, was in the  city today for the purpose of cngag-  .i.ns;'Indians to iish for the cannciy  during the coming .season. He will  also visit Chemainus Bay, and endeavor to engage Indians there, lii-  dians axe hard to get at this time,  . as, almost all  of  them have already  NOTICE  Owing to the leceipt of the following letter, which is seif e*.plana  loiy, 1 will in futme be found on  the Esplanade, jusL a I the u*ai ot  the station1, on Sundays, and will  have plenty of Colonists to supplj  all my patrons. The Iettei which  T leceived today  is  as  follows.  for so doing. Past Urjnd Chancellor lladdow received the highest gift  in the power of li. 0 Knights lo l>c-  stovv IJ is memory ���������*, ever dear to  ali of us and more especially to the  Inetlieiii who took purl m the Grand  ,Lodge proceedings during the days  that Brother lladdow held his  hiyii, honorul-1 e office It is as members of the Knights and Pythians  and oi the Grand Lodge that we  aie present here toda.v to take- part  not onlv in the mtelest al the  British Columbia Knights but in the  interests ol   tho ordct  as a whole  The founder ol oui noble Order,  JiKtis 11 Rathhone has had erected  tu his memory by his biother Knights  n, monument thai will lorevei stand  as ,!   Innd mark    for  I'ythimiism  As oui late P.roihei lladdow was  the lust deceased J'usi Grand Chaa.  culloi* in Kntisb Columbia, the Grand  Lodge have elected to his memory  thi!- b'-aiiliiul monument wbueli vvu  unveil   todav  It inust be of gieat comfort lo  the soi rowing ieliilivcs oi (be deceased bi other I but jibe meinoiy  ol a husband. lather and son, has  been .*.o laithiully honored by Ins  hi oilier Knights  As Giund (,li.inceHor to the Grand  Duma in oi JliiUsh Columliiu T now  um oil t'his nionumont to the nicni-  oiy m our deceased lb other, iha  lute l^as-t (iiand (Jhmiiollor .Ijuies  HAddovv | " i  In   tho   imnic    of    Liheitv,       Hoiii'-  wsSBwemsBEa^?^  Womens* Blouses���������in  Muslin & Print���������Lace-  trimmed��������� Keg. $.7--;  Special 50c. Each  km  Boti? Mi j  1st./ivcnyt'v i ...,)*.,;'-li,' 8. C. I  Sf. I ���������, fe.ii?, Prop., j  Womens' Blouses ���������in m  Muslin Tucked and Fan- i]  cy Trimmed���������Reg. ^i co *'  Special 75c.  Womens1 Blouses���������in  White La-vvn, FancyI\Ius.  '\m in Tucked   and Insertions���������Reg. $1.50 & 1.75  Special $1.00  Women's Black  Hose���������-.Full Fashicn  MANUFACTURER ,OK  Carbonated Beverages.  (! i n g or    lie e r  Fruit Syrups  I\   O.   Hox   24S  >..o-.a.a..*-.r.������������������'������������������.������������������--���������'-���������"���������������������������������������������������������������"������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������.���������..>  <������������������������������������������������������     ���������*���������*������������������������������������������������������    ���������+���������*���������  ���������   CoaS     ()i\   Engines  f  t t  <p     For Launches, Fishing I'oats,  Etc      Y  ,<������   Stationery  Engines  1  We are showing a New Range of Lawn Waists, D:-  <     signed after   the New Models   so largely worn  in' New    York     Prices  53c fo S3.  ���������  ���������  | ed, All 'Wool Cashmere  Si  voleni i' and Charily   we tlcLliuate tin*.   ������  made   '"bargains"  with  cannery  men  for' this season.  , - Yesterday afternoon the cabin     of  , W. H. Smith, situated near the  (   brewery,    took,fire, and one    loom  ' was destroyed before the flames were  quenched. It was in a large measure; owing to the presence of'miiKl  displayied by Mrs Bernard,>t.hat the  building was saved She succeeded  in confining the fire to one room until'help from'the smelter came, when  water was    turned on and tho    fire  ,l>.itout.. The damage done is estimated, at fiftv dollars.  jVir. R. Ilarrup, vvJio has ll?en spenjit  ing several  days in  Victoiia, returned    at noon     today.       Mi'   Ilarrup  ��������� states   that many  people  -v\hom     he  met at the capital  inquired   as     to  QLA5S   QLOBEi  When you want a Glass globe!  see that    you  get the    globe '  with tlie ruhiber- ring on    it,  as' it is" the only   kind"   that  can keep the water out ��������� the  gtahes without the rutji^er ring  cannot     keep    out water, you  can    see  that    by  evaanining  them.      The artificial ������ ilowoi ���������  that  is  put into the     globes  ^    with the rubber rings, is guar  f|    an teed to ibe the best, aiul   if  i^     yo������    waat  a.  globe    with     a  'iL    Ruili-ber Ring,  call at Mrs   T  h    X   Jones, agent for  |     ,     HENRY     CREW,  The only  "i  %  I  place you can get  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C. for the  French Wreath. Co., of- London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Como.i:'.Rd..& Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  Vicfcoria, H I1 , ai<iy 5th, lOOfl  ���������. Knight, Esr| , News Dealer, Lull v smith,  Deal Sir, ��������� Complaints have beun  made to mo by Mi Bullcr, oui  News Agent on the E A; N. Railway, lhat you aie in the habit of  selling papeis on oui station platform al Ladysmith (a pnviloge Mi.  Buller pays this railway for) and if-  such is the case, J must ask you  to desist. I do not wish to cause  any, trouble and 1 am sure that your  own good sense w ill tell you that  you are not doing the light Uiiing.  However, I quote Section 2IJ1 clause  3 ot the Railway Act, which covei.s  tlie case:  "Every person who  enlcis upon any  "railway  Liain -without    tlic    l>no\v-  "ledge  oi consent  of  an   olficei     oi  "seivant of the Company  with     m-  ���������'tent fraudulently to be can led upon  "sa^d  Railway   without paying    faie  "thereon or  who    wilfully  obstructs  "or impedes any oflicc oi  agent     of  "the  Company    in  the execution    of  "his  duty upon  any   train,   railway,  "or upon any  of tlie premises of the  "Company,   or   who,   not lining     an  "emplovee ol   the Company,  wilfully  "trespasses  by   entering  upon  any of  "the stations,   cais   oi   buildings    of  "the    Company    in   oirtfci   fo  occup}  "the same foi   bis own purpose shaW  'be liable to the like pmalty 01 im-  "prisoninent,   anil  shall  be   liable  to  "be proceeded against aiul  dealt with  "in hl-e  maimer,    as   mentioned     in  "sub-section  two  of   this section,   in  "legard   to lhc   oni-nees   therein men-  lioned.  Penalty refeirod to in sub'-su'lion  2-is not exceeding ?.">0, or in default  2  months-  inijuisoiinicnt  Yours truly,  .1.   C100DFRLL0W  \*-,s'l   Su]>n ntendenL  inuiuiiiiL'iiL in < omiiionioint ion of the  rnan.v virtues oi our deceasi-fl hro  l her, and ns we tnuiU I bat lie has  gone be) oio 1 lie Supi<*irie Jialf><* ol  nil, wo uuicv vu- ian boni the  ' Well clone good and fnnhfui soi-  Mint, ihou ha* been fuitlii'nl in a  few ihii������gs  over many  The   suit-nift   of  (lit;   (.losini;     h>"mn  bioughi   the (eiomomos   to     a i lose  35c-  Special 25c.  I    vv ill   m.lUe   t hi'f    nil >t  1 he    nisei i|>ti<Sn  The   follow my      is  on  (ho  monument'  10RKOTI01)  A.\J) UKmC'ATEl* TO  the  memoiy  ol  ./AAinS   HADLOW  v   a   c. KNrirniTS of pytiiias,  (!RAXII   DOMAIN'  OF  -���������     X3JRlTrRII {JOLil'MIllA  BV   HIS   miOTHKl!   KXIC![fTR.  fcfAUDOVV  All polities luiving  bills in     connection   with the Giand T.odfte   Knights  of Pythias arc rertucsted   to send the  same   at   one.-   to  the   Secretary  Walters  Aken  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  for all I'owei Purposes  S.mplc, Ec-inumlcat, Reliable   "  Absolutely no danger,  So Eleclric Sparkers or Bat-  feries  to get oui  of outer.  Wrllp us for Particulars   Rocbussen 8r Coliis  7 Yates St.   Victoria, B. C  rvlachinery  Agenls.  Wc carry a Full Line of-  ������������������������������������* ���������������������������^������������������^������������������^ ���������������������������������������������  JJs*  -isJfil  WANTED  The Pioneer Steam Laundry of  Vancouver want a  number of-���������  Women and Girls  to work at their plant. The work  is pleasant, hours short and pay  good. AppLY  PIONEER STEAM LAUNDRY  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  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Call and see Stock  ���������1  B  FORCIM/IER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSniTH  i f  <fr     ANOTHER  CHOICE SF1TPMEN.T JUST  RECEIVED  OF |  I Picnic Hams  DC*  J_jQ<  ALSO  BLAIR    &  ������������:  I Summer Sausage     35c, Lb.  | A Fresh Supply ot button, Veal and Pork for Saturday  w ������L'W^J������JTmurata*������  ���������  ���������  <*  ������������������  t  ^      . ^.      PANNELL-and PLASKETT '    |  ^^WjiWMWWrWiWW ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������^���������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������t*  9m W-     ���������'���������������������������  Now, ik Spring.cleaning' time. Coat  your  vvalIs with  Church's'-Afabastine  Will jioi. ni'h   olY.    A perl'ect aiidsan-  ilai'y wall 'oo-atin.fi;, '������oiil h-  50. & 35c. Packages  Als0 Jiafnfc yotir woodwork    with  "Pyramid Brand1'  of Paints.    The best "in the market,  only -*  $1.75 Fer daiion.  We also carry, a  large  line of  Fine Varnishes  Enaiiiels,     Brushes,    .Window-Glass,  Hob-m  and Picture Mouldings, etc.  Try a   gallon of out  Granite   Floor Finish  J to   preserve,  yaur Xiinileums.     Briivg  vour pictures to  be  framed  to  H:  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  PICTURES GIVEN AWAY  Each a Work of Art  Save Your  WHITE SWAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  aiwl in cxcliange for t\yenty-liv c, the B.C. Soap Works will cive you  your clioice of fifty beautiful   subjects.     Ast your'Grocer for catalogue of Premiums.  4*,v  t  i  r  *  V  I  muuni  nuiinu!  S. IT01  Plumbtngv and Timing  DONE AT  Reasonable Pricts  ';������������������:���������������������������):��������� ;-���������:;;���������-HBy������������������   '������������������.���������"���������  J. ANDERSON  I>eave orders  at Peterson's  Furn -  ture' Store, or telephone No 5.V  Having  tai.en over the bar-room a/  the above hotel,  we intend; to riiu a.  first-class,   up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage      of  our friends and the public hi general,  we guaro'itee good  treatment  to all.  R. Scott A.  Old Lady (U> cabiiiaii)--How m,uch  do  you say your fare  is? i  Three and sixpence, -mum.  What's  your mim'ber?  Eighteen pence, 701V mea^i, stingy,  old fraud!���������Tit-Bits.  Dr. Dier can he. fo'mrl at any tin-<-  at his office on Gatacre st. His de-"  tal work is giaranteed to.he'flrat-  class and rates reasonable at,


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