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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 31, 1906

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 p  i  -._>-.< vs.>;  "-"Oj.                *  %3  <_-'         -"-'ip  *-<  . 190  19f  "^a  3  "'V?OTOBlA.'^'  U"  -v-***  The Ladysmith  VCTORl^'^*--^       ;'*B(W_4������VB ASSEMBLY.     ^r'  VOL..2  SATURDAY,   "March   31,   1000.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  I FRENCH BiUl'S  ISE LIKE  FEUDAt FORTRESS  Paris, March SI.���������The Matin stntos  that Baron Raoul de Veux has leased part of a house on top o.f Mont-  mairtic, and has fortified thc turret  of the ���������iuilding, so that it resembles  lhc turi'31, of a   battleship.  The Huron was one of thc participators in M. Paul Dcroulede's con-  "spiracy to o-urt'hrow thc re'U'blic  seven years- ago. A few months ago  he' turned his house in the Hois de  boulogne info a fortress, which he  undermined with vaults large enough  t-o   accommodate  a  small  army.  At thc Montmarlre house the windows are protected with iron curtains, the doors arc furnished with  heavy 'iron bars turd damps, the  staircase .has he-cm narrowed so that  only o-ne person' at a  time can climb  IHE OBION  C U&HT BY  SPERM WH������LE  mm  IHE ilfE Of  4  Victoria, .March    30.���������Capt. Sproat !    St.   Petersburg, March 31��������� An    in-  Balcom, yesterday received  tl������   gra- tjresting    light    is   thrown  on     the  liiying- news that the Orion gad land- C-ar s  life  ut his    Palace of Tsars-  rd a 100-ton srerm whale-at thesta- **oc ScI������ in a  l"'*'1**^ letter from an'  lion'at Scihart.     This is considered omtor  -***������r thc    -fmicrial   Bodyguard,  very    good    news  as it is the     first who has 1)Cen  -Uaclic:l to  the Czar's  si em    --Vale    lhat    ha-s been landed ej'touragc for the past two years,  and entirely ,does away with the contention   that  there  arc none so   .far  ADAMS FOiD  4 BQTiLES  "HELL FIRE"  MHED  TO ST8NE FOB  FIFTY YEHRS  MAY RE  CALLED DOT  er  south.  It is for this class of whales that  regular trips are made to. the Arctic  ocean, vessels remaining a way for  two years at a time, costing considerable  to hi  them   out "for a cruise.  A whale of this size is considered  a big catch by those who mate the  trip  to the Arctic.     A sperm  whale  since 'Red Sunday'," be  vvritts, "tbe Czar's existence has  keen erne unending- series of anxieties  which have told very heavily upon  him. Only among bis family does  he ap-piir.ntly forget thc menace: of  the revolution, threatening news oi  which reaches him vvit-h the merciless regularity 0f Q](i ticking of a  clock. .These arc, indeed, his only  moments of happiness and  relaxation  it,  and   the whole place  l0o!-s    as if   t]um  man,cIoliS!     ,jut lhat  it  is     a  a  siege were anticipated.                        s-;erm is vouched for by Fisheries I n-  'I lie Baron,     who leased  lho    place   specter Taylor, who  was at thc sla-  uiK'cr an  assumed name,.has stirerin-   tion when thc prize   vvas Lin-led.  tended    the    fortifications      himself. J    Capt.   Balcom    is   highly  djlighted  These are so complete and'the  stra-   over the catch and    maintains  tcgical   position  on   the  hilltop   is so   where one is,  there arc others,  commanding .that -the bellicose Baron i  o���������>--~-���������  to  he taken on this coast is corisid-   from   ������������������*���������**���������/-'crrics a.id cares of Stat-,  erol    by some   to  be     nothing less  wi'ih  perhaps the rare exception oi a  wal\   or a ride  in   the park,   which,  hov.c cr,  lias become a very rare ocean once  of. late. - '  CONSULTS   HfS   CABINET  "1'ius Majesty invariably s;.?nds   al-  that   ,n"'s*' "*'*1C c,,*-'irc c,ay  aiH* n-K-'t in his  ��������� jtijvate'cabinet,    cither on consultation  with bis councillors,   whom     he  often  SEIZURE OF  EMERSON'S LOGS  could defy  the attac-Us of almost an j |    Mr. Geo.  Kent, of Vancouver, came  ������,ie"  ���������c;un-,1-olls  to  his    presence     at  force of police or even soldiers.         " ' o" er on the. S.S. Joan last evening.  ,*l"-v  Ilol!r -of ihc ni8!lt i,;  onier     *'*'   ' \ 'as'.c   their advice, or in work of projected  measures of reform.   He writes  often  for hours at a stretch.  . "At  other times the i-cntries (laced at  his door hear him pacing restlessly up and down the  room till the  ���������early  hours  of the  morning, waiting.  an.\iotisly for  reports rroni his    rop-  rt-s?utati\cs     in   the   provinces.     At  ,inlerv-vls  he   vvill  despatch  a message  athcred   .uk1   ,,ll<Jri   su<l,|c���������]j,  throwing  open the  vvirdovvs ga'/e out upon (die quietness  of-the night  through  which  his   mil-  tho  tug Lo  Roi - of      Van-  lions  ot  ���������������:<^*  -lunibr-r   while their  unfortiiiiale ruler is still at work,  c-ouvcr-   was  oa   her-  way soi.t.b   with. A1UIORS  SOCIETY.  a  Doom containing  T.'.O.Ooo   feet   oi j    "His   .Majesty,"    the letter contin-  Eme-rson's logs     rir-stiiucl    for      ex-  ness,   "was  never   a   lover  of   social  p-oit-     It vvas. then  a case of     turn   ���������'���������'llCtmiis,   but now he appears to ab-  'Jior  society   more  than ever.  Poc-atello.   March  29.-Four of the     Geneva,   March  3L-Tlicre   has just  five bottles  of  Steve  Aoams'     "hell  _tii������<l   at   the  hospital   of  Uebcrlin-jcn,  fire" were found this celling, .also it  was  prov cd      Hint     last    spring    u  man   working   in   the   old   mill   fotuiil  (.In-  Lin   box.      lie  opened   one  of the:  Lotties  and got l.adly r-jurnod.   Af.er  that he   buried   lhe   box    in     a     pile  of   cinders   oulside.      IT.:    pointed oui  the spot, in the old mill where ihey (-is*'ase te tliat ossification gradually  wcre disco; orcd, It was the ��������� ex- sc*s ���������" ���������" a11 the muscles and'tissues'  act soot   where   Admiis  began ,   dm.  of tlu;  l,c,(IJr>    tne disease invariably  ging     when   t-.'en.   there to recover  e"*,i,l������  '"  dealh'  the  bottles. I    ]ile1*''1 was C*1 years of age. lie vvas  Adams lull J'o.-nlello ihis nl'iei--  noor. 'o l-Ltm-n lo the port i ten tin ry  Tho place where he regisicred iioie.  Se,:tenil)ei-    '21,   19IM,    wns found.  In  his  confession  to the  detectives,  Adams   said Hint ho  had     buried     a    ���������    ,,   .     , . .      .      ,      ,    .  ipa-hod    his    cmst,    hardening    the  Inn. s.   Up  to a  few ..years ago Brend  Winnipeg, "Man., March 30.t-A strike  was   inaub'urat-asl  on  the street    rail-  on   Ihe borders of. Lake   Constance, in I way     this    morning.     The company  OF COHHT  Switwrland, a stone man.   His name  w:,s     Brend.     He was  afflicted  with  tlu very rars diseasa known  as "my-  os'tis ossificans."  The  extraordinary  feature  of   this  the son of a well-to-do farmer of  Baden-Baden. lie vvas first afflicted  witb the disease at the age of 17.  His feet first became hard and almost as heavy as stone. Gradually  the-dread disease rose and ultimately  Five urn! three quarter million  feet of cedar logs, belonging to  Mr.      J.   S.    Cmorson  of  this     i-iiy.  the next port   to call,    and  million   feet.   of-dog'S     were  in   I hero.  half  I  have been sei'/ed by the Provincial! Atl'ort Harvey word was recr-iv-  govurmncnt says Thursday's i'rov- ( ed lhat the tuff Lo Rot "of Van  im-e. The whole-sale gaLhcrrug , in . couvci- was on her way soiu.h with  of   logs   thc  like   of    which never  occurred   in  Jtritish    Columbia       lic-  I'ore.     was   tbe     result  of tho   crui->e  of   thc   Ltiy, Cbebalis,   which       sailed  north   from  this   port     on       Friday  afternoon   last     with  Timber    Oihcer  Alurruy,   Provincial     Constable   Mim-  -.ro  and  a   number  of   deputies on  board.  Mr.     Emerson   was   ollic-ially    noti-  'ficcl  today   that, his   h>gs     i<.������ 'the  iv-  livuunt.   ment-ione-d   has   been       seized.  This   afternoon    Mr.    Emerson    made  a  formal     demand    on   the    government   for   the  release!     of   the     loy.**.  and,   needless   to   say,     met   wilhrj-  fusjtl.      Mr.     lCmerson    declares   thai  tomorrow   the   fun       vvill    commence,  for   be  intends   to  start       immediate  action      in.   the  courts      to    recover  the   logs Which   ho   states   have been-  illegally  seized.       A     writ    is     pro  mised - tomorrow.      The seizures werq  :��������� made..' because   of  the- .intention     .of  Mr.     Einerson    to    export   the. logs.  ���������He., does   not  deny that .intention.  The      tug Cbehalis    r-eathod     port  from, the  North   -at   6:30        o'clc-U  last   nig-ht��������� ;v   with, the  news     of . tli.j  seizures,       Tiiribec     Ollicpr'     -Mii'rrav .  and''Constable I'vkin'ro came back    on  the   tug,     but thc   deputies     are scat  tered   alony  tiro ���������  coast     from     Sec-  rot   Cove   to  Drury   inlet,    in    chrifgo  of   the  booms,       which   have        been  seized. ,  , I  .Jjeaving' here   last   Friday      af-er-  noon,  tho   Cbehalis     made. a.      qui:!*-"  run   to      Secret.     Cove,      where     she  found   the   tug   Seal ion,   stormbound, i  with   ���������������������������>   boom    >f   ���������   ii.il''   ���������>   ar.i       ..  quarter      feet.     which   was   iut--. nl< d  for   export.'    A   man   was dropped oil  the   Chc-lvalis  and     placed    in   charge.  of   the  boom.  Tho     lug  then      ���������raced      for       *be  Rng-g-ed   Islands.      where** she      found  a -quarter   erf  a  million   feet       more.  of   Kmerson's   logs.      These    were til  so   impounded,        Port   Harvey      was  can which had been given t.o him  in l)rn er by olficers of the Western  Ji'erierat ion of Miners and which he  had been instructed to use against.  tho non-nnion miners supposed to  bo enrouto between Oouer d'Aler.e---,  to  Denver.  Gov. Gooding left here las! nijf'n  for his ranch al floodim*;. Pct-jcli-  vrs McPhai-Iand and Tl-.ieio. Warden  AVhilnfy and Cunrd -Itol-liins lei'i  here for Boise yesterday' with Adams.   $   was -able to read and write, but he  had to give ,up this occupation when  his arms and legs became afllictod,  and he was no lender able ta mo.'e  thsiir. The tissros of his thiont  wore i".etrif:e:l, hut lie has been able  to sp-eak, though his voice assumed  a cti:;ioi:s met a'lie sou-nd.      r  A11 hough" o:.ligo.l  to remain  riveted  cd   the .best of humor   and was   fond  cd   tie best  of  humorand   was    fond  of  maMiig     jol.es.       He   vvas  1 nuwn  j throughout, the district'as the petri  EXHIBITION  fied  man. run 4  1   rn, ���������    ���������i  t    ,. i   .   , , .       fi_.IiL the men  to a  I    The petrification ended   bv reaching     e'  j tried  to  oi'-erate eight old   cars"    on  Main street with non-union men,  but  this afternoon all  the cars  were put  out   of commission   by  mo'Xaridliev-  cral of     them    were badly wrecked.  The, riotina;  started  just before  nine  o'elcjclc,   when . a  loath d  soap     drag  broke  down   on thc street  car  track  on main street, in front of the city  hall.     It  toolc  two  do/en police constables   to  hold  lhe crowd   in   check,  l-ooliiij; and yelling was   indulged in  freely and mud throwing was tbe or-  *!er  of   the   day.'    Several    windows  in two cars  were  bro'en.       If  -the  slj-ile lasts     the  international  union  will supply lfif) automobiles for    the  use of  the  stiTcrs,   who  vvill charge  five cents,  the same rate  as on  thc  street cars.  Five hundred special police arc being sworn in, and if nece?s'.rry thc  militia vvili l.e called out in order  to protect the street railway company's cars, when they itgjkin attempt)  to operate.  It is understood that the company  is willing to yield to several minor  points to lhe union, but on the (question of an- increased wage and recognition of tho union, it will likely  finish,   These are  the brain,  and Brend has  just   died,  DOT\f A TIONS   afUJl   nCarJ-*r  'ifl>'   years of suffering.  icilly thc great and only issues with  the men.  Provincial   Constable  Cassidy,   who  returned  from  Duncans at noon   today,  wheie he had  been in company  with    five  other    Provincial   Police,  acting as guards, for HJR.I-I.  Prince  Arthur,    states    that every     minute  spont    on    the lake  by the    Royal  party,  rain    fell,  and while the fish  weie plentiful, the had weather rather    s-.-.oiled     what     would   otherwise  bav3 been excellent sport.  Prince Arthur, however, landed 9  fair-sized trout, and expressed himself as highly pleased with his luck,  it being, he said, the largest catch  he had ever mafic.  The journey back from the lake to  Duncans, was made on the stage by  the Prince, the weather being con-'  sidered too inclement for a trip on  Ihe river, and His Highness preferring the .stage to an a itomobilc.  The other members of the "Royal  fishing party were also lucky on the  water, and some very handsome baskets  W3ic  brought back.  The |party left by special train-last  evening for Victoria, where they em-  !>arli������d on the Princess Victoria for  Vancouver, passing Plumper's Pass  at eight o'clock this morning.  ^sSnSmo"  around     and    run south again,     for i  the Lc   Roi     had   passed   lhc    ��������� Che-1  halis,   unseen-      All   clay    Sunday the  t-ha.se  was kept up    and  finally     the..  Lc  Roi  and   tire   quarr,\ * were    over-1  taken at   Port Neville,      Seizure was',,   .,,,,..     , ,   ,,      ,.    , .   ,..  ,  Majesty  and  thc  (.rand Dukes     owe  promptly aneeied,    and a  man  plac-   their cacse.'   The C/ar alone,  recog-  ed  on   Ihe Lo   Roi   v> Uh     orders    to,u.0s triafj a  oemiine revolution i.s a:1;-  taUe   the  boom    to    Ragged     Island ^ itat ing   Russia,   and   th; more closely  and  store  it  there  in company  with' be notes  the symptoms .-and compares  the one "a I ready    seized      at"      that.; them  with  thoie of   the French rev o-  New West.miiiR-ler, March 31.���������, I lis  worship the mayor h?.s receive*.! <a  letter from His Grace the Dttl-c , of  Norfolk, enclosing a cheque for two  pounds as a donation towar-.l the  Xew Wcs I miiutcr exhibition. The  other -donations already to hand in-  "The  Czar himself seems  lo be the 'tlude a  ci-.d.me, from   the   C.P.R.  for  only   person  at   Court  who   actually \^00  a,ld  another  from  Mr.     James  r.a'i'.cs th?     dangers of the   present  D-i-nsmuir for $50.  situation, nnd  it is to this '-fact that "    'J 1,c S'-C-retary  of  the'board  of dir-  thc  misunderstandings   .between ' His* -ectors-<if the Jtoyal Columbian    Hos-  A RELIGIOUS BOYCOTT  \ Pitiable Narrative Concerning a  Cliuroh of England Vicar.  Thc strange and unhappy slate of  affairs which exists at Stoke -Lyno,  in Oxfordshire, has been brought to  libht throwgh tlie tragedy which oc.  curred just over a week ago at tins  local vicarage. The vicar's daughter, a clever girt oi 11 it will be  remeni'l.ered, committed s n'cidc by  ta'-ing poison, and at the initiost her  father, the" Rev. William Bryant, declared   that  the boycotting to   which  G. G: Garrotte ��������� of thc rrmgle  Stock Company returned yesterday  from Cumberland where be has been  arranging ior a. week's stay of th'������  Company,  point.  From 'Port Nrevil!o the Cbehalis  started .\orth ng-a'm to roundup  anybooms which might bo lying  tit" Ilrougbton Island or in Drury  inlet. The party found ;-5,00.0,00i'������  feet of' logs ia'standing- booms at  llroughton Island, and Drury .Inlet,  and attached the whole lot. All the.  seized logs were cedar, and it is  asserted that 90 per cent of the  material .was of such a quality  that it .spuld not be sold in this  market for the cost of taking it  out of the wood*. But it . would  bring' a g*ood price in l'ug'ct Sonnet  The Govcnmiun't party  a large amount or fir Intended for  tho sawmills, at Nanaimo. but none  of  these-    were interfered "with.  ��������� Owing to the uncertainty of ..' the  government men securing food and  shelter in the North all thc deputies left in charge of the booms  were furnished .with tents and plenty  of  food.     The  Government's     action  liition, tlie more his anvicty apjears  to increase, and the more oftrn arc  his no-hie eyes dimmed with the mists  of sorrow."  pital,    Mayor     Kerry,    lias  already  .st.irfril  ca-nv-rss-iiii;  to secure  $25,000   ,    ,    ,   . , .    .   ,  .  .,,-,.,,. ...        be hi'd  teen subie-cled bv his  parish-  for-,a ujw hosmtAl Iwulding.    lie has   . -   -  ,   '   . ' r ,   ���������    ,     i- loners  bad    proved  upon  the   child s  alix-aelv been successful  in  landing   a . '    ��������� '  nun.i and    caused    her  to take     her  life. The coroner refused to accept  Mr. Bryant's statement as evidence,  and in cons-o.-.uciioe, the vicar, as stated in a letter sent to the Daily  Graphic a few days ago, has com-  rmiriiicatcd with the home office with  a view t-o -a  further in-uiry.      -.  The-position at Stp'/.e Lyne appear  to be,-far worse than may be imagined from the in-.-ucst reports. Mr.  1    It i.s  staled on the best authority,  i thai the directoiate of the company  has rccei\c.l instructions from William Mackenzie, -president of the  com] any, not to concede the demands of the men regarding the  wage advance and recognition of the  union under any circumstances.  One ol the grievances on the part  of the motormc-n not hitherto published is the neglect on the part,   of  I tbe company   to  provide,  sand    boxes |the Caledonian grounds  on  the cars.     It is claimed, with ap- f, H "  'parent re:s.n,    that many   accidents   ., The foll*-*winS  could    be prevented, if the   company .hy    the  ��������� would     pto ide     these      appliances,' ������f shoot     for  t-rophie*,:  ���������which   thc men  have  been  asking for'  since two vears aeo.  CHALLENGE.  We, the Bowery football team,  hereby challenge tho Nanaimo intermediates to a game of association football on, Sunday morning  at     9:30     a.m.     rain   or  shine     oa  is  thc score  bovs  in  the    fourth  den ition of $f)C0. The money has  t-rcn promised and the name of the  donor  vvill  be given  later.  COWARDLY  ASSAULT  Midway,  B.C., March 31.-E.H. El-  ridge,    a  druggist  of Midway,     was  SEIZED OPIUM  ON C. P. R. TRAIN  Hdcp.   5   0  C.   Handlen  Seattle,    March  31.���������Fifty   pounds ' A.  Neave  ..  of    opium was  seized  last night on   C.   Wilcox  the   arrival, of the Canrdi'an .'Pacific  train from Vancouver..    This is   the  D.    Sutherland     C.Caldwell      M.  Watson  ������  G.   Adam   3  T.   Gr^jt    1  IJ.   Shaw    1  A.   Dean    3  C. Hodgson   6    4  .... .......; 3  J-L.  A.  Waddingtori  Neon      Sutherland  II OPERATORS  WORKING IN  PHONE  OFFICE   shot tncoe  t-I1>*'s  -**st^^ evening  about \nA sfbme of .his" leading .'people.;The   c;d to'_break  up   established   gangs, ' clerks    and the    blacksmiths  Bryant was appointed vicar of    the   flrst attempt at smuggling that   has   c.  parish in 1892, and  in  1897 difieren- [ h<-cn discovered for'thnae months and j'; ���������'���������''  ces. seem to have arisen between him'shows  that the extreme methods u-s-j    The  baseball  ganie   between  SanFraneisco, March 29���������A new  factor is to bb projected into the  full in villi j telephone strike at, Vancouver by  the -confederated', union labor of  this crl.y. Eleven operators now.  working in thc Vancouver oihee of  of the I!. C. Telephone Company  arc known to be present, .and past'  employees of -a Seattle 'Telephone  Company which is . seeking a franchise here. Tbe company is lo  be   notified   that   unless   the   girls are  in connection with the .timber selz- j withdrawn from Vancouver, union  ure did not tend fo popularize (ho labor will oppose its application:  ollicials with the men in charge of, Union headquarters hero are fully  tlio. stores, and supplies at. the Km posted on I lie progress of the.  erson camps and it is hardly Ii'--- st rike and it is known that. 22 *ut  ely any food or shelter could have side operators have been brought,  been purchased at those places hence j-n ns follows Seattle II. F.vcrett  the precaution to provide for the 0, Victoria 5,  comfort of the  entk-nt.  menus.  10 o'clock, just after he had left strained relations grew worse, until  his store. --His assailant is unknown;��������� ai.out two years a;jO, -Mir. Bryant  The shots were supposed to be for found himself with one supporter���������  E.iC. Mowe, manager of the Eastern; his little .daughter. Sunday after  tovvnshi-s Bank at .Midway, who Sunday has passed, festival has suc-  sonie four months ago. prevented his ce.led fast, and Mr. Bryant has gone  bank from being held up, and wound- on .-conducting bis services in a church  ed one of the burglars. It is thought- empty but- for his little girl and an  that feelings pf revenge, actuated tlio occasional stranger. He is without  cowardly assault. Mr.. El-dridge is choir and organist, has to act as his  reported this. afternoon to be in a own ���������belj-ringei:, and can find no one  critical! condition. Great excitement even to clean .the building, in March,  pre ails' in Midway over this ' brutal 190-1, the use of the school room*was  assault;.. refused to tbe vicar by a meeting of  'the managers. On . Sunday the vicar  conducted the service as usual, but  there was no one present to jodi  him, tho sad incident, at the vicarage having deprived him of lus only  foll-owier.���������London   Daily   Graphic.  -o-  ���������Mrs.   Fred   Ulamd' rctii-nied   on   the  iiocui  Iriiiii, from  Victoria, -where'.she  has   been     visiting friends  for  past   week.  the  Nanaimo 3.  'deputies    by    ind.-p  INDIANS RISKED LIVES  TO RESCUE JAPS  . LORD'S DAY  ALLIANCE  PARSON WAS  TOO GAY  News was broughr. clown by the  Cassiar lo Vancou.c-r on Thursday  of the wholesale destruction of herring roe by Sivvaslk's at many  points' on the coast. The mat I films   assumed   such  large   proportions  made  series  T't.  29  29  23  . 21  2:->  o_  2_  22  22  22  20  J)  17  17  tho  and  by  will  which    have  been   adopted    by  Chief '/machinists  combined,    employed  Inspector  Frank Loftus, are success-   the      western     Fuel  Company  m*- '    .' " "      ! tinjke ipl-acei  tomorrow   motiving       on  The o;-.inm   which' was ssixed    was   tho    calcdonia-n    grouncls   at.    10:3O  fo:i:d    iMidcrneath  the seats  of    the  dav car.     Evidentlv   those  who were  bringing in the contraband were  frightened and hurriedly Isft it, intending lo secure the stuff when tiho  (rain was pushed into the sidings  to  be  mude up  for  the'next trip.  same. Tlie department of mines  has bad such a call for the pham-  plil.el on Windy Arm tliat it has  been exhausted. , This preliminary  report will bo embodied, with Illustrations  in   the  annual   report.  sharp.  The  following     is   the ' line    up   of,  the  machinists    and blacksmiths. .  Pitcher���������G.. Fisher.  Catcher���������H.  Boyee.  1st Base���������R.   Ramsay. L  2nd Base���������W.   Steele.  .  SrdBase���������E.  Escott.  Short stop���������R. Benton.  Left field~D. Reid.  Right field���������W. Adam.  Centre  Field���������J. Rixon.  Spare  men���������J.   Booth,    B.      West-  .wood     and  A.    McGregor.  St. John,  N.B., JMarch 30.���������Rev. \V  A   Taylor,   Baptist clergyman, charged   with conduct    unbi-coniing' a  inin-  New  Westminster,  Mar.  31.���������At the   ist-c-i', was  expelled  from mctivbership   Indians  i  A  rlov.ea In-diaiis,   trained  canoemen  had    their courage  tested  and  risked  .H.heir  li'.c.s a week ago at Port    Es-  singk-n, in the saving of  a lone Ja!'  anesc fisherman.  The latter had 5/ccn u.privcr, awl  'his boat, "a Hat-botloniicd sl'ilT, bad  turned cuv-er. The Japanese was being carried 'out to sea by tide ami  wind at a rale of ten miles an  hour. The people on shore could  see the man swinging his arms about.,  as he. tried to keep'warmilh in bis  body, while standing on- the up-turned bottom of the boat.  The sea  was .heavy and  it was- tak-  ���������innunl meeting of the Lord's I)ayal-!t,[ die Co'iiirg Street. Church % last  liance, -held-last, e-icii.'ng, the Rev. R. Y.-giifc. ]\lr. Taylor came to St.'John  Leimie was sleeted president end Mr. ^i.out three months ago armed with  A. P. I Tall inlay secretary treasurer, apparently good credentials from  the pastors of the various city chiir- . ihiptist Churches iu United Stales,  made, by  their plucky  fellows,   clu.s  bl.-,is elected  vice-presidents   as   iUH\  Was engaged  to supply a vacitnf  is  eis'toniary.       Mr.   Leimic's  rcport-j ,mipit  in   ��������� I.einstcr'      Street  Baptist  of th?  vvtirli   of the pr.st  year and on . (-jllin.iu     y\s a ..reacher, he %ivc satisfaction,     but   shortly  after   arrival  iris  a  lwg  chance,   but a crew  of six il)Cen rescued.  Indians   in  a canoe   started  out     cm  the w-ork or  rescue.     Further,    down  another  band  of Indians saw the at  temi  but did not believe the first party  could make th? rescue. So a second cancel with six men aboard start  cd out. The first party however,  reached the Japanese first and managed to lift him o?V the boat. The.  latter was abandoned to its fate.  The Indians, after a great deal of  trouble, siicteeded in . reaching shore  safe ami somi-d, but it was a close  shave for the first boat. Tin? Japanese would undoubtedly soon have  perished     with    hunger    had  be   not  the. liimnc-ial standing of the local  branch vvas regarded as very satisfactory and its adoption vvas moved  by the Rev. "Mr. Barraclough, seconded by Rov. J. Henderson. Several most, interesting addresses were  deli1 creel including one on "The Relations of the WceMy Rest Day to  Ci ic Righk'cn sness" hy Rev. M. L.  Rr.ss,  I>.D.     Mr.  J. MacKenv.ie  here, rumors l.Cgnn to accimnilate regarding his antecetlenls and worldly  conduct. Among oilier things, he  vvas accused of driul-ing and telling  improper  stories ,-it club  dinners.   , ^r   that several of the passengers  pressed the opinion that it was  high time for the authorities to in-  te re fere. The plan adopted by the  is simple enough. They pinup i a 'net work of small fir  boughs as far cut as they can at  low water. When the tide, is high  the herring come in behind ibis,  and think it is a safe place to deposit their roe. The fish eggs cling to  the fir branches and the Siwasbes  go out again when the fide is low  and   bring   in   a   few   million   herring |  LADYSMITH ANGLERS  FISH AT COWICHAN  The    following wire  was   received 'ichan to  the effect that while shoot-  x-' from Covvichan by a  resident of this   ing  the  rapids  in the Indian   canoe,  city last evening:  j Pat���������Sport ,-ood; if you will conic  ' tomorrow, t will postpone my departure for the mainland.  There being no work in thc. mine  tcday, live or six anglers of this  citv   left  on   the  morning   train    ior  t,hc Siwash who vvas .manipulating  the little craft, capsized the same,  and the occupants were precipitated  into the water. .    _  Friends of one of thc occupants,  (the white one) of the canoe happened to be on the banks of thc river  n ar -by,  nnd hauled the,; two ashore,  | "down     lhe    line."     They   all  large baskets,  but exactly  why  eggs,   which        they  look   upon        as;  a  delicacy.  It   is   expected       that    thi  report   of  the  minister of mines   for  the   year  ending     December 31. l.'.H'.-,  I that sc em?d at all possible was that  ���������'*���������'���������-������������������������������������''; thc   followers   of   Tsaac Walton,  carried in  tin se bnsVicts  their lunches.  Among the fishermen who left     on  will   be   issued    many   weeks    enrlh-r' thp   |lin:L,  0-cioCk  train  this  morning,  April  2(it,i,   the    anniversary  of the   than usually   has   been the   case. The'' .vpr(1)   Mrs'is.   Fletcher,   Carroll,     T.  oc-' birth of  Oeldfe'lowship on the co-ntin-   copy  for     the  report   is     in        the   Dodd,   'P.   Powell ami T.  McMillan-  c ipie-d  tbe*. chair  at the meeting and ( ent, is to. he fittingly .observed by the   hands  of the     King's  printer     and j    Just before going      to press,    The  the  ateeiidance   vvas  good. | members   of the  order   in Ladysmith. ( work is progressing   in printing the  Ledger    received  a  wire from Cowi-  had . and  were  rewarded hy witnessing    a  they   fistic oncointer,   the participants  betook  them  is  a mystery.   The    sug- j ing  the two cx-boatmen.     The man,  gcslion.   that they   were to he' usedjwiio the    correspondent, learns,     was  to bring back   the.   fs'.i  in was  reject-1 called    by    his  friends   "Pat-to,"    ot  ! cd   by   the  crowd  of  bystanders     at  something   lii.e   it,   was  the    winner.  be    station.     The     only  suggestion  ll*"'    '-    *���������"    -*��������� I.--'          "���������   .        *"      *���������"*- " ������-.'���������'     1  members   of the  order   in Ladysmith.    work is progressing   in  Patte's friends says this coki (bath  is the result nf Irving to be in the  fasiiion by canoeing a rapid river.  'Note���������The a-.ovc is not altogether  credited at this office. Sometimes  fishermen are given to exaggerating.  Also, when out together, their memories are no-t goO', and they may be  under the impression that today ami  not tomorrow is April 1st. i*>.-'1-m* fur- WW ���������������������'���������������  _v*.i..'.-������-n������'J;<r_- ���������.������������-*������-��������������� rj**Vflar*-a,,';"-������  ^^^'I^"^.----  DAILY L EDGEB  IHE DAILY LEDGER  f������bIiBhed , every day except Sanday-  BY .     THE.     DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  .SUBSCRIPTION "PRICE  ���������50  cents -a month;    $5 per  year   In  Advance.    Advertising rates on ap.  nlicatioti.  SATURDAY,  March  31,   190C  DAVID SPENCER-     '  '  (Nanaimo)  MOTIVE.  ALWAYS      KEEPS        CHAMBERLAIN'S  REMEDY    IN HIS HOUSE  '-'We   would   not be  without (ham-  bcrlain's Cough Remedy.     It is k-epL  on    hand   continually  in our home,"  says W. W. .Kearney, editor of the In  dependent,   Lovvry  City,  31 o.     That  is just  what every  family should do  When kept at  hand  ready for instant  use, a    cold   may be   checked at  the,  outset and    cured in  much  less time  Uian after     it has become settled  in(  tho    .system.' This remedy is  alsoj  without ��������� peer for cioup in children,  and will prevent the attack when giv  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or cven after the crotipy  eoufth appears, which can be done only when the remedy is kept at hand.  For sale by Ladysmith Phannacv.  NOTICE is hereby given that I in-  . tend to apply al the nevt sill in-.; of  the. License Board of the city of La-  jdysnuth B.C. for atuu-sfur of the retail limior license now held by me  for the premises known as thc New  Western Hotel, situated on Lot <L  Block 28, to John JMeiigiiiiii.  atty      D. li.   !* WIS.  Dated at Ladysmith tli.s      \'i clay of  March,  IDOg'.  Sinnl.e Liltle B- Cigars.  lA/esci., /Wear. 2Q.  SUCH A SHOWING, Resplendent with BEAUTY and  NEWNESS has NEVER before i.ecn seen in this City.  Such an IMMENSEAssortment of GRACEFUL, BECOMING STYLES is Seldom seen 'in stores much larger than this, ami certainly never were PRICES on such  BEAUTIFULLY TRIMMED CREATIONS marked as  LOW  AS THEY ARE MARKED THIS SEASON.  BROOKS' j  PHOTOGRAPH    irTl DK)1  Is Again Open  VICTORIA  CRESCENT     opposite Fire Hall.  j  Nanaimo, B. C.  iscpmatt   & Nanaimo  Time Table No. 51  .ail-  tlfl  iy  cTWONEY TALKS'-  i Trail*. lea1-* '--.tiysmith for Victoria and all intermediate stations at  y.IU ajii. daily, wid at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  j Trains leave -.adysmith for Wellington a/id all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. dj-iiy, and at G.Oti p.m. on Wedn# days, Saturdays and  Sundays.  Excursion Tickets^���������.      -  ON SALL   :������,     ND   FROM ALL STATIONS  good for   going  Journey  Saturday'    " ml Sundays,  rcturn'iig not later than  the following Monday. i ,    -  ^if-.-   ^5 A CORDIAL INVITATION TO ALL  WITHOUT FOOD IN  - BOWELS OF EARTH  Endure Unspeak-  Thineen French Miners Are  E.itombed-  able Hardships  Letz,  France-,  March    30���������Thc    dis  aster  at   lhe- Courricres    coal    mines  ,had   a  startling  .sequel     today  wne  -thirteen miners      wcre taken    out    d-  livu  aftei- having-     endured    unspi-a!.-  ablu  horrors ���������      during   twenty    da-,  .of   their  entombment.       Tlw       moi--.  as   far  as  has   been    toid.     disclose*  that  they   li\ed   many   da.v s   oirhoi.se  meat in     a   stench     from   scores ol  the   corpses     of   their       dead   fcilo\  u-oi'kincn.     Tho   pivsonco   of     hum.,  flesh   won I cl speedily      have-    fiierlih.  'starving-  men- to   re.soit.    to     lh.  last   desperate    extremity      if     thoi  rescue  had   not   occurred.      Tho   sot  vivors     arc    sturdy     young   mine-  fro m  seven icon      to   twenty-five y.-ar  of   ag-e,      except   their   loader,     Ik-nr  JVeniu.      who   is   thirty    eight,     you:  old.      Although   hy    reason    of     il.  . terrible   GlTccts   of  their     experi.'ii'-<"  being  cmacialc-d.     their  rescue  cans  ed    nervous  lucidity     during     whirl.  they   greeted  their     relatives   jj an  graiihit-ally     detailed        their    sui-oi  ings.     Thc  doctors     then      oni'o--o-  -quiot  upon  them,    fearing-  the        r.  suits   of  fever      and   poisoning    fro,  their  having   eaten    decayed       ho---  flc-sh.    There 'were,   touching   scon  as   wives   and  mothers  greeted   the  whom  they  had   long      given    up   a  lost.   ���������-.Crowds'     besieged   the0   hosp!  tals.   .The  rescue     of  these  thirtoc!  men roused  the hor.e in many  ' fan:  ilies  that  others   arc   alive    and    th  relative's   of those whose      bc-dii-  have not been recovered dema'nde.  that efforts-bo. redoubled to brim  out   any   possible  survivors.  There    is   a'report    1hat  in  acldi  iorr   to  the ' thirteen     men   who   \v.?rc  brought    , out      of    the   mine today.  there   were ..five   others     who       carat-  .' -..'--  with   tfiefti   almost     to   the    bottom  of the pit, but twere unable -tr  come further on account or* thc-i-  exhaustion.  The  total   number   of--men    missii;--  after  the     calasi rophe    vvas      l.'2.*'-i*  Tho   bodies   re-covered     approximately      numbcrcMl      ".00 nnd   tTir.s"- in*.'-"  Leckie  Boots     for  Boys  will  sl-and   the   Roughest   Knocks.  j -' .  They    are-    built for  service  witin.ut  sacrificing  appearance  L208.   Boys'  Scotch Grain Bals  Have  circular  vamps, heavy soles and  round  toe last.r  The  best every day  boot on"  the  mai'Uet   today.   Sizes     i  to 0. Mothers  ask for and insist on    getting     "LECKIE  BOOTS" for  boys.  L308>  Same Boot for Youths  Sizes JO to 13.        ���������  J. LECKIE Go. Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B. C,  .ountcd  for     approximately    TOO.  The engineer &>  explain   that    smot.l-  icring     timbers    prevented them  10111 exploring remote passages ol  he mine, whore iL i.s though.,  .hero could be survivors. The mine  .wnocs also assert that tbe t-.trike  >' miners reekiec-d the number ol  ..���������sellers available.  Many engineers and scientists n:>-  ee that all in the mine must have,  lied   long  ago.        Engineer Lnur,  .owever, dissents, asserting lli.it  he salvage work has been de-  lorirljly" iiiefliciont and he believes lhat scores died of exhaus-  ion on account of the puor work  iithe salvage companies,  ho rescued m< n are being kept m  .-midarkness. Doctor Luliers, who  ; in charge af the patients says  hat eating 'decomposed horse pr������-  uces plomaine poisoning  ,-hich  the men  are  sulTcring.  Lou/., l-'runcc, March 10.���������Fourteen  ��������� 1' the . _00i".1 miners v. ho were < n-  ombed in the coal mines at Co'ir-  ���������ics 2<> days a���������0 v.-ero taken 11'oiu  .0 mine alive .and well 'today  hey had lived on hay found in  ne of tbe underground stables and  lorsels of food which they tool.  ��������� ito the mine with them nearly  hreu weeks ag-o. All attempts to  jscue tho entomiie-d men had been  -.bandoncd more than two weeks  ,'eeks   ago.  The    sudden appearance    of the  im-  .risoned  men     caused   al tipofacation.  1.  gang  of  salvors    had - * just     completed   their  night's work, when  they  .ere startled   to  see  a   group "of-min  -rs  terribly  haggard  and     exhausted  ippcar  from  a  remote     part'  of pit  1 uruber  two.        The strongest,  of 1 hearty   stated   that   they   had   broken  /.it of a distant gallery where    they  ���������lad. been entombed   since  the     clisas-  c-r.       When' the   rescued   men had  eon taken lo the surface tiie-.y v\ .Tillable to 'see owing, to lire rla///.iiug  laylight. The men were able to talk  .ensib'ly enough, feebly.' They al  asked for news of relatives or  Yiends and wish.od to go to their  :ioiaes Lmiiu-diai ely but wore l.nUcii  <> the hospital instead., Large  ���������rowels visited the mines Inter in  'he hope of bearing' ���������further news,  'i,   is   said     Hint   others      of  the-   en  tombed miners are alive and a-  bout to be brought out, but notb ���������  in.-, further is hoaid. One of the  muir rescued today, a man named  -Nemi said that for the last eight  days   the  party   ate  bark  of the  timbering of the mine. Later they  found the decomposed body. of a  iior.se which they cut up 'and ate  with hay. The survivors broke up  portions of the decomposed horse-  meat. .Vcnic, who was the Iii_i,  of the miners who escuped, , graphically described their imprisonment  as follows: "After the explosion 1  stumbled over many bodies while  seeking      refuge       from   gas. F.'r  eiyht days v\o had provisions, then  rhey   gave   out.  "U'e cunt iuiicd to grope among, the  bodies see-King an outlet from oer  prison but. \iere forced back time-  after time. Wo found some hay  which we ate and two days afti.v  ��������� vvi)-.'found -a ' dead' horse wliicli v.i.-  cut up and ale with hay and bark  We siilfered most, from want of water, Finally we became desperate  and separated into three parties and  communicated With each other by  shots,  from' "-lj:*53*' n'ffhi wo felt a draft ' of  fresh air which finally guided us to  an .opening."  'Fhe doctors haive forbidden' 'the survivors to do any further talking.  Xemie's father arrived at the .hospital .soon" .after the rescue became  known and a touching scene follow,  cd. Crowds of people surrounded  thc hospital whore the escaped  men   are  being treated.  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Pacific Coast  /ICTORIA. .���������::-:  B.C  ���������Ilalec $'.25 and$1.50���������  Freo bti������ to all steamboat  landing0 ���������������������  railway depots. '  ICleclric care every fi.  minutes  to all parts ol   the  city  and table unexcelled. .  THE COMrORTABIX WAY.  TO FERNIE, B.O.  Read l'flwn , icu  9 p.m. Lv. ~'C roRM, An. /},->  S.oo'p. m. U������. Seittle An ^.oo a.'in.  9.21 p. til, Air. riTerett Arr. 7.30 a.m  9.30 a. iu. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p in'  6.25    .111 An.   Kexfanl   Arr 12.30 p. 111. ,  8.10  p.,   > -*.r.     Elke   Arr.  9.00 p m.    Vrr.    3?crnie   I.v.9 55 a   111.  ONK   ^tlGHT  To ail Kootenay Points  TWO   NIGHTS  To .  Winmjieg and St. Paul  - Cicne Connections  '   For ,," -Obicago, Toronto.  Montreal and  All Po.nts East & West  Acetylene '  Lighted     Cars,  Family  Tourist Sleepers,  Pa'ace Sleeping Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a  la  Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through     ���������icke'ts ami bag-  Rage *:heeks to all points.  Steamsn.p Tickets  For ticl.et_, maps, berths  reservation*     and complete  ������ 1  Ba*  *  F. RAYNES," Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  Under 'Manaxment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens'  headauavters.  Modern aad     Strictly First "Clais.  Fire Proof    Buildiag.  WAITED���������By Chicago wholesale,  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money' advanced.,  Business successful;, position permanent. -No investment required.-''.Previous; experience not essential to engaging.  Address Manager, 132 Lake 'Street;  Chicago, .111., U.S.A. ���������"'"���������  information  , "**s,.  S.  G.   Yerkes  A.CLE.A.  Seattle  can on or arr-  TO.  E.R. Stephen  G.A.G.N.R.  Vie* or.a.  TICKET OFFICE  Cofi Government and Kates Sts.  VICTORIA, B- C  Trains daily to St.'Paul,  Minneapolis,  Dululh   and  East.  Trains    daily     to  Denver,  Omaha, Kansas City,  St.'  Louis     ami   East   ' and  'Southeast.  TH6 CITY MKRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B.C.  h J HENRY'S  Jf'jl-IES   QREEN-   .  HOUSES  AND SE-D  HOUSES  8Q10   Yestuiinster  Road,  VANCOlJVEft,  IIead<-Tiart������is for   PACIFIC GROWN Oarden, field  nnd flower SUEDS  lor distribution. ;  Large stoclc of Home  Growl, FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  ���������*������_. now matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fuoiigation or inspection  Let ms ~rice your list  befota  placing your   order. iTreennouse Plants, ;  Floral Packages, Fcrtili-"  zcrs   etc.  3010   ���������rVestminster Road.  VANCOUVER; B.C.  Atlantic Steamship Tickets 011  sale to antl from all European  I'oints  This is the ONLY   line       to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  Tourist sleepers on all trains  For particulars call  on     or  write E. E. Blackwood," Geu-  ,ural Agent, Victoria,  B.C.     *  D.    Charlton,  A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore/-  ^4���������.^���������^'^'^���������i���������*^4���������-l*'^'^'^+���������^���������^'^'^���������^���������^���������^-^'^'^���������������'���������*^���������^'^*'l*"J*'���������*'���������*'l''^"���������'.*'1*'t  t     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  UDYSMITH,     B. C.  PAINTING,        PAPEkMANQlNa  .'   ETC. '  .������������������  Work don * properly and at -rlsrhi.  prices. A Aih line of Wall Paper,  and Painter's Supplies Residence on  Roberta Street  J    E. SMITH. Prorr  Are You  .Going East  Then be iure your tickets read    rift  tbt  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS .with "the:  r.hrough trains from the ' Pacifle  Coast. -       .:.:;:��������� '_' v  THE     SHORTEST     LINE,  TH  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  '���������-::.-;'. ..BETWEEN-'...  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   Cllh ',  CAGOr OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY  land ALL POINTS EAST, '  ;  For complete information ask  you*  ocal agent or write.  F. W. PARKER  Genera! .Agtmt,  IW 2nd Ave., Seattl*.  KEY-  -1 he Cream of Scotch Whiskies  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS. STATION. CLERMONT LMNGST0N  Vancouver island, B. G. General Manager.  ���������  J^-w,  THP ISllfl^illi^RAY (.fi  H    Or__l ^i HrB N 1 ill -r^Sl SI BI Nn       ���������������% ffn mM   M I ��������� ��������� ���������  I IB Si   IB W ss w %$ la   WuHl    UU,  Sole  AcrentsforB.  C.  Con 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  MeaJs 35c. and Upward.  LADYSiVHTH  BAKERY  CHOICE     CAKES     AND    PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Calce"   'lade   to  Order  FRUITS    AMD    CANDIES  OF ALL  KINDS.    /'TtESH   BREAD EVERY   DAY  Prices    are     Verj Reasonable.     All  Customers are Treated' Alike.  HOP   LEE A CO.  ON THE   SSPLANADE.       i  CUBAN CIGAR FACTORY  .Mannfactrjrers of'the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOM  None bit   Union Labor    Employed  n .i. booth; pi-od  SHAVES & B4THS  Having tak������s -ver the barber shop  known as ttu. Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I intend, by keep  ing compelent workmen, to conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit your patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  ..Ilea ers In  Pianos and  Organs ..  Ladysn.ith, B.C  NOTICE  Thc partnership existing between  C. H Rumming and W. E. Rumming  carrying on business in the City of  Ladysmith, B. C, as manufacturers  of carbonated beverages, etc., mulct  the firm name of Rumming Bros., is  hereby ' dissolved. All outstanding  accounts "must be paid to W. E. Rum  rnirig, who vvill continue the business,  and pay all accounts against the firm  of Rumming Bros.  C.  H.  RUMMNG,  W. E. RUTvLUiNG.  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Miners Will Be Allowed tp Sign  Scale Wherever ic is  Offered-This Means That Many Men  Will Continue Work  NOTICE.  NOTICE  is  hereby  given   that I  intend   to apply at the next sitting  of the License  Board  of the City of  i Ladysmith      B.C.',  for a transfer  of  TO VANCOUVER the retai! liq,uor license n������w hdd w  me for  the premises known  as the La-    Jdysrnitb   Hotel,   situated   on   Lot   fl,  Block 27, to Robt. Scott and   Alex-  Vanc.jiiver,March   30���������That ibcj   .'un  g.nj���������i.  aiiian .Northern       Railway       will ���������' F.  W.  MILLAR  not -bui-l'd   west   01 -Edrnc.jit.on,     and by bis  atty.  in fact,  that   this  railway       vvill     hud        its    ' ��������� MARGARET   A.   RAID  Paciiic  roast      outlet    ia   Vancouver  Dated at Ladysmith the 10th tlay  of  hy   means of   Hill   oxieusions through  March,  190G.  British   Columbia     nnd    across      the   ..**    ' ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������---  Rockies   into   LCdmoiiton     is    indicat  ed  by  recent      events     in      railway  circ-les   on  this   coast.  Many thing's now point to lhe  ultimate connection. of the V.,  W. &jV. Railway Company that i.s  tniietly making preparat ions, 1 o build  north from this city toward Fort  George. A coniiccticn with Edmonton would place ��������� tho Canadian  Northern in a position to roach  Vancouver  an-d   Seattle     over the  Hill .system without the necessity of  building, the lino throvig-h to the  coast. < "  4^+.;h^~H~H~H- ��������� ���������!��������� 4 ���������!��������� 4 ...-H^H-M *������������������!>��������� ���������!��������������� I- ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� I ��������� -.��������� ��������� *'  4-  t  i  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  Planufacturers of the  HILBERT  iiiiiiwi ��������� ininiii >i j n"j.j  Indianapolis, .March ' 30���������The     Nat"  ional convcutibn'of  the    United mint  Workers  this  afternoon  at ' ii   p.   m  adopted  a  resolution oiVcre-d  by Pi-ft-  jdent Perry, of"   the   Illinois . miners,  permitting the   miners     tcj   sign   lh.;  liJ03 '   wage  scale     wherever     it     i.-  ohered   by the  operators.  .Indianapolis,   March   '60���������A   lneetint.-;  of  thc   presidents  and   secretaries   ol  the  minors-"of   the    anthracite      districts   was  hold   this  afternoon        al  the   national   headquarters' ' of     the  Luited    Mine   Workers     with     Proficient  Alitlhell      presiding.    The    'following'   telegram     was  sent   to Philadelphia    to  President- Ruer    ol* the  anthracite operators., "Telegram   received,     committee appointed   Sham-  cikin  convent ion       December Id,  rei>  resenting    mine   workers    in   anthracite     region,     wired     yon  last night  proposing'   meeting    of    joint.     com-  liiittee  appointed    on   Feb.   15      and  pending adjustment of differences have  instructed that, inasmuch as * thai  aftei April 1 there will be' n������.  , contract or agveement between anthracite miners and operators, ineui  necessary to run pumps and" preserve praperlies to continue work  We are now awaiting response** <o  our suggest io-n for joint meet ing'  on Tuesday.  (Signed) JOHN" MITUI1 KL.L.  Chairman.'-  Indianapolis,   March.   '60���������The    national   eonvention        of   thc       L'niU'd  '   Aline   Workers  of  America   'adjourned  .sine die   at   5.   p.m.  New   "Vor'u,     March   SO���������The  thracite   operators     decided       today  to  meet   the  miners'   committee      in  this city     at        len-a-m.    on   Tuesday,     as  suggested   by   John   lluc-  Jiell.presrdent   of   the     United      Mine  Workers   for   a     further     conference  on  th-e   wage  scale    hi   the    anthia.  ' cite coal   fields.      It  had   been       reported today      that the operator?,  would   refuse,   because   the        miners  Mere   ordered   to  strike,      but       late  today     a  telegram      from     George  E\     llacr,      chairman   of  the   operators'     committee     to  President Mitchell  accepting      another'.-conference  wasmade  public  in .Mow     York.'      "  Mr.   liaer's   message   follows:  "Philadelphia,   March; ������().  '".'John-'Mitchell, Indianapolis.  : "Although    your  order'   to     epiir.  work pending  negotiations   i.s     most  extraordinary,      the * delay    in meeting'     having   been     yours,   and     not  ours,     nevertheless     we    vvill      meet  your  committee  as  requested.  (Signed)     Geo. F. Baer."  The   message   was   in   reply    to the  Bolleaving |me.s.sngo,('\vhich   Mr.     l'ac-r  received   from      Mr.    Mitchell   earlier  in  the  day:  "Jnclianapolis,  March, .'.10,  "U. F. Baer, Philadelphia,  "If agreeable to you. a meeting of joint sub committee will  be held in iVetv York at ten ���������o'clock Tuesday, April 3rd., foi  the purpose of considering the wage  scale in the anthracite fields.  (Signed)                John Mitchell."  .After receiving this message. Mr.  'liner inquired of Mitchell whether  lhe miners ' would quit work on  Monday, and after he received word  from Mr. Mitchell that it was true  he agreed to meet the miners' committee  on   Tuesday.  .Indianapolis, March ��������� 30���������Tn closing, Mr. Mitchell said: "Lot mc  make this declaration so plain,  that there can be no misunderstand  ing, just so soon as I fail t.o  have the confidence and sincere  iesi.e^t of the -mine-Is, not only a  to my personal integrity, but also as to- my judgement as lo  what is best for them, then J ask  you men to relieve me of my  lvsnonsi-bility.  ���������'Gentlemen. 1 think this resolution is thc best wc can adopt."  - Following a recess,- Ihe convention resumed discussion of the resolution offered by H. C. IN������n\\.  President of the Illinois miners, allowing miners to sign the 190:1  schedule wbereever. it is ol'feied  by--the  operators.  .   President  Mitchell  read     a       copy  of   the action       taken    by   the     ai.  thracite   com mi Ike,    and -its    telegram   to   President  Uaer. (      e      also  read   the  telcgiam   he  had  sent     ; ���������������  President      Roosevelt,      maintaining  that   fifty   per  cent  o.f   the    tonnage  in   the  central   district,   vvas   willing  to pay  the   1903  scale.  Speaking  of   the  IVrry   resolution.  ur.-( fce again appealed  to tho miners thai  it   be  adopted.      He said    he would  oi-  li  Referring-. to the fact ,that one  two . operators in Pennsylvania.-  iinois, Ohio and, Indiana had ngu-cod  tosig-n. live scale "and were asking  that their miners be allowed by tin-  general organization to go. to work,  Mr. Lewis said the- history o'  I he union was filled with strike  failifre-s due to allowing men !o  work in some of the fields while  others were on-strike. He said he  believed     lho    miners were   working.  not for Ohio, Illinois, Indiana or  Western Pennsylvania. but for every mining district in the United  Slates, including the anthracite regions.  SLAIN   BY HER BABY BOY.  Sandpoint, Idaho, March 29. ���������Mrs.  Myrtle Nelson, aged 35 years, wife  of Charles Nelscn, was accidentally  killed this morning at 11 o'clock by  her 4 year  old sonj Keith.  The boy picked up a 22 calibre  hanunorless rif!c that a ibrotlier had  laid flown, and point/no- it at his  mother, pulled the trigger. Thc I all  pciijtratcii the right temple, entering  the brain.  The fatality has cast a glcom over  the community, <is the late Sirs. Nelson was highly esteemed. The entire  family  is prostrated  with  grief.  Thc body will be taken to Wapal'a,  Wis., tomorrow aftcrncoii. Mr. Nelson ami thc children will accompany  thc remains, Undertaker Hunt, acting as coroner, has decided that an  inkpuest is riot necessary.   o   l.OVE and laundering-.  Any  2C  %    Lager  Beer  In  and Porter  British Columbia  Guaranteed  Brew  %  ed from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops    t  + M*"H^I-<K-K^^fr4*4~H..:.... ��������� .j.������...+ i>+.;.4,.t-+..*>4^.4 .|. 4 ,j. ������.K.V,  il  i  > ��������� ��������� -*���������������������������  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     K0RNITURF MOV-  ED PROMPTLY A ND  SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at  have made some changes if be h>ie!  been writing- it, but he was cert:, mi  the best interests of the miners  orgn-nization demanded its passaao.  Pi-csidont. Mitchell said 'all Undelegates who were instructed must  vote   their-   instructions.      Ho said  he thought ho had a right to as  sume authority under great oui  ergency, and added: "And J? i  am going to co-ntinue in this move  ment, and then f sny that under  public and tinder great umerg-encies  I shall continue, even without your  consent, to do what. I iKJlicve to  be the best, for you and best "fur  my   country."  There were cries of "question,"  from all over the house.. On motion nearly the whole convonti >n  moved to close the debate and the  I'erry niotion waii adopted hy a  lar-g-e majority, not more than  one hundred delegates voting against it.  Indianapolis,March 3f���������������Vice-presi'  dent Lewis referred to the appeal  made   to   President,    Uoosovelt by  some of the operator1? for n:i ni-  hitTji/tioii connissi-Oiii. It was customary,ho said. that both parties  agree before an arbitration committee was nanifed. and certain  linos of investigation always were  specially set forth. This had not  been done by those who proposed   such  an investigation.  EARN CASH  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earnings���������without    INVESTING    A   DOLLAR���������Wouldn't  j'ou do it?  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Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and thc  United States���������have proved lo their  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicles witb the  The Korean mother, anxious to secure hc-r daughter's successful mar.  riage, makes certain that the young  woman 'uecomes a good laundress for  ability in this direction counts for  more than beauty with the Korean  swain. He does not even demand  that Ins wife'should be more than a  fairly good cook, font she rmtst be  able to kieep fresh and spotless the  linen garments which everyone, from  prince to peasant wears.  :������i spite of the fact that every  article ol wearing apparel is white  iincn, not even the hunnble flat-iron is  used in Korea, and the attempt, to  introduce s-.-cli occidental fads as  washing machines and wringers have  p.cen met  with marked  disfavor.  The laundry   work   is done  in  same miftniicr as it  was centuries  and  thc  first recommendation   to  young. lpaiiVi   favor  i.s  ability  as  laundress.  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  A. J..WASKET, PROP  I, ���������"M~*-M-* + 4-4 4444 4-f-f+ + -f 4-4-44 44 ���������44-4-4-44-4-4-4-4-4-*44-4-4  i  ������  the t  ���������  f  *tt-������t**4-f-i  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE   '    DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS   - GIVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS  HANDLED A   ND REPAIRED   -SHIP SMI THING-     IN.    UL   ITS   BRANCHES'  Horseshoers and Gener.*! blacksmitns.  R. WRIQtrr  Buller Street  -      -.-.'-  Ladysmith, b C  At  .he  ���������so  a  a  RUSSIA ONLY  BIDING HER TIME  Calcutta, March 30.��������� During tt dis- ( reverses  cuss-ion. of thc .budget of the err-1  ormotis expenditure demanded by  Lord Kitchener, commander-in-chief  of the British forces in. India, which  many speakers declared to bo unnecessary, "now that the strength of  Russia     is. broken,"(he     iOnrl of  Minfco, Viceroy said he hoped India would never be deceived into  false  security,     He added:  ���������"I cannot  agree     that       Russia's  have, minimized tho dangers on the frontiers for all iim>.  I am afraid that we shall be much  more impelled to consider lhe effect     those reverses     will   have      on  the pride-of the high-spirited race. In  fact Russia will feel compelled to  recover : her lost prestige, and ihe  price now paid for- 0Ur army is  a premium for the -insurance ol" India,  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 3���������240 Eggs  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BKOODEfi.  "Yoars is tho flrat Incubator I havo  used, and I wish to state I hud 52  chicks out of 62 cjrgs. This was ujy  first lot; truly a 100 per cent, hatch.  1 am well pleased with'my incubator  and brooder. Tnos. McN-uauTOW, .  Chilli wack, B.C."  "My first hatch came off. I cot  170 duo chicks from 180 eprgs. Who  can bent that for tho flrat trial, and  80 early in tho spring. I ant well  ploasod with incubator, and If I  could not tret another money could  not buy it from mo. Every farmer  should have a No. 3 Chatham Incubator.���������F. W. KamSav, Dunnvillo,  Ont."  "Tho incubator you furnished mo  works exceedingly well.   It is easily  operated, mid only needs about 10  minute*, attention  every  day.   B.  McGuFi-iE, Moose Jaw, Assa.  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  i.������ honestly constructed.    There is no  humbug about it. Every inch of material  is  thoroughly   tested, the machine^ ia  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect,   thermometer reliable,   and  the workmanship the best.  Tbe Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple as well as scientific in construction���������a woman or girl can operate  tho machine in their leisure moments.  You. pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  Wo can supply you quickly from our  dlstribntinpr warehouses at Calvary, Brandon, ltegina, "Winnipeg, Now Westminster,  ]IC Montreal, Halifax, Chatham. Address  all corrospondonco to Chatham. 311  ThcManson Campbell Co.,limited  D������pU5 ACHATHAM, CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detkoit.  Let  us quote  you prices  on a fjood Fanning Mill  or good Farm Scale.  I'RISO.N'KRK KSC.U'E.  Seattle* "March I?'.).-P. Foval.  \V. Livingstone. R. Tracey antl  ��������� lames Ileum, city jail^ prisoners,  escaped this morning- by pri'/.mg  down the iron bars in their cells  and climbing to the roof through  thc   skylight lhinn    is   an    ex-con  vict and a dange-ious criminal. This  i.s the third escape o[ the 1-iiiul  made   in  the  last'year.   -^   TSSQU l"M All ST  1")I7.KI-*ATCKS.  Lieut.-Colonel R. V. Rutherford,  arrived in Vancouver on the train  from the east on ''Thursday, having come from Ottawa'in connection  with thc taking over of the F.s-  r-tuimault -defences. . Jfr. Rutherford, who -went over to Victoria,  on the Princess Victoria, ������tated he  would nuiko a detailed examination,  of . them and report to the .minister  of militia at Ottawa". lie was rn  able to state just when the " defences -will be tal'iMi over or when  thev   vvill   be   manned.  TBE  LEDGER  Office  BHCH������  1st Avenue  *      LIVERY, BOARDING AND       *  IK  'Ax  tPHONE 66  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK  A SPECIALTY.,  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSniT  W.  SILBR  GrEMKAi. LXPRESS AND  DELIVEEY  WORK PROMPTLY Hi  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  ^yjm.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Principal Business Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Ttmo TsilUes, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gen'l Passenger nud Ticket Agent,  135 AD*MS  St., CHICAGO, ILL.  J. PIERGY & GO.  Manufacturers OL���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  SLR   J.   KEMP.   OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH     I     ! j  - W. CARTER,-  TIRST  AVENUE  PHONE     CO  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rotes, between the 10th   and the 25th of each iii._rrth.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  I, I BLAND  SUPERINTEND ENT.  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C.  NOTICE.  From     this datt the untlersigiied  will  not  be  responsible  foi  any in  debtedness      incurred except on      ������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OrMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B. C. Ma*? 18th, 1801.  Public Notice  Attention Is called to the   fact that Mm  Ogilvie Flour mils Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some ilme  past been producing flosr In a   lastly lmprored and pirlfl '   'nrm  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public  that  any  ori^ed users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will he pro-  *p.cuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Compaay Limited  are *b.e    only    miliars ia Canada  whose   FJonr  is purified by tke Electric Process  ^^���������-���������feiJ&rZ^^  I'M**"*;  A   FAVORITE   REMEDY  FOR  BAt  BIES  It's   pleasant      taste    and   prompt  cures have made Cbam,l jerlain's Cough  Remedy a favorile with  lire mothers  of small    children.     It quickly cures  their coughs    and colds  and  prevents  any clanger     of  pneumonia or   other  serious     conxetiucnoes.       It not only  cures croup,   but when given  as soon  as  the croupy cough appeal's will  pre  vent lhe attack. For sale by La  dysmith Pharmacy.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODIM  Orders will be delivered anywhen  in the city promptly and at the lo ���������-���������  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, oh tk������  Eiplan&it.  'James Warnock  D^AY  SCHOOL.  Usual  subjects  taught;   also      language1- - drawing  in  pencil  and crayons,  paint ng in oils and  water col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons glv  en iu classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith. B   u.  Dr. R.B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reaso  able ratei.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALk HOURS. j  Ladysmith Temple No. 5   l*. -  Sisters meets at the Oddfellow,-   l.i.H  2nd  and   dth  Tuesday   at   .7..-.   ;: a.  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDb'R   OF  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No- i U. A. 0. I)  Meets in the 1' 0 0 .F. Hall, La  liysinith, tho Second and Fourth  Tfednesdays of each month, commencing Wednesday. 13th.. 1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to attend.  By Order.  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK, Sf. A, _k_tA_wc__jrKA.tr J v _������-i-C4zu  rciiu.3_7_*ttMi_Ts~���������ii-*_*tnt^ Ml���������-*>���������-��������� !..**��������� **.)-���������.'��������� iJV<j.j-hi���������m,  THE    DAILY    !. wnr*f*S  -* V  *_  ���������nl  ���������--i  Local Items  gl***.  v     FOR   SALE      ^  Twelve Head of Cows and  Milk Route.  Apply [P. 0.  Box 99.  ������___, ������������������  One Dollar buys six Cabinet Photos. A Stylish, but inexpensive  Photo, the Manhattan Parrel, $1.00  per doz. Stamp Photos, 25c. One  week.     Schenck,  the Photographer.  SPORT  ������������������**.-������������������-���������������������������������������.'������.���������������.*. ���������.-%.���������%.-*.������������������������������������������������  ASSOCIATION.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  Remember  the   Spinsters'   Conven-  in the Oj:era Iloise tonirht.  Admission 30  cents;   Children 25   cents.  Mr.  Russell Simpson returned from  Nanaimo on  the morning train.  Mis  Do'e-on,   of    Nanaimo,  down on thc morning train.  came  Thc Spinsters! 1 hz Spinsteis !  The Spinsters! Where? In the  Opera  House tonight.  Mrs. F. J. Stephenson, of Victoria  was visiting Mrs. Win. Hunter, her  sister, ypslerday, and returned home  on the morning train,  '   Mr.  V. tt7.  Greaves vwjnt up to Na-  iianinto on  the  noon  train.  Nearly two hours thorough enjoyment and pure fun at the Spinsters'  Convention tenfyht in , thc Opera  House.     Don't miss it.  DERBY  SHOE  For Men  Have you -tried them?������.f  not you don't know what \,  you are missing���������"They f  are admitted by all to |  be the Best Wearing I  and Most Stylish Boot 'i  ���������   Mrs'.  A. J.  McMurtrie went up   to  Nanaimo at noon.  Provincial Constable Cassidy who  has been on duty" at Duncans during  Prince Arthur's visit, returned at  noon.  Mr. -Geo., Fletcher, of Nnniimo was  in the city this morning.  rH Mr. Booth, C.P.'R. telegraph operator, of Nanaimo-, and who has been  doing special work at Duncans, passed'Through on tha North hound train  today.  <- __-���������*--  The. members of the Ladysmith In-  * lei mediate football team,' -accompanied by their nicknames and u number of friends and raids upon yar'ls  of -vari'gatcd colored ribbons, left on  the morning train for Victoria, at  which place fhey play lhe Centrals  this afternoon.  Mr. Geo. Gillespie, .of-Messrs. Walters & Ak-cnhead's, journeyed down  to Victoria with the footballers this  morning. Mr. M. Celo was also  among these who will raise a checi  for the local boys in their struggl.  at the capital city.  OPERA HOUSE TO-NIGHT.  The Spinsters'' Convention, which  talcs place tonight:in the Opera  House, promises to be very good,  and it is hoped "that a large audience will greet the ladies fronr Nanaimo. On March Gth, they appeared in Nanaimo, and the Herald, of  .  March   7, says:  "That the Spinsters' Convention,  which took place last night in the  Opera House, was an unujualifiod success, vvas amply shown by tbe largo  house which greeted the curtain's  rise and the frequent rounds of applause which were accorded the var-  :ous members of the cast for tho  able manner in which they acujuitted  themselves in tteir various roles.  "As will lie judged by the titlo  of the piece, the entertainment last  evening was provided by a ..umber  of young ladies of the city, enacting  -what was most likely to take place  ���������:vt a gathering" of Spinsters, at  /which ea<-h and every one, were, as  zL were, dying for a man's love and  iit which- ways and .means are discussed of securing life partners for  rack and every member of the society.  The  ladies  last' nigihl,    who     were  The following letter by  l'- Harvey,  referee    of    the Ladysniith���������Victoria  United  match,   played last   Saturday  and relating to limb game,  appeared  in the Victoria Times.    It will be of  interest to local sports:  rIo the Spc-r.'ing, Editor:���������My attention has  been   drawn   to  your notice  of the football match between Victoria I'nilod and  Ladysmith, played    on  the   Onk   Bay   grounds   last  Saturday  which   I had  the Honor of  refcreeing.  I bejr that in justice to  mc you will  see fit  to publish the following f.icls.  The .second    poal was secured   from  a penalty    given  by  me. because     <���������!  Thompson  ban lling 'the  ball    within  the penalty area.  The  third goal was  to my   certain  knowledge, two  feet   through  lhc    up-  ligl.is  when cleaied.  The  fourth  go.rl  was not     off-side,  Sam'erson having    three men   **.?hiiul   ���������������>  him  when ball  vvas  last played. ^  Having answvred scratim ill.* claims   ������  of Ihe    Victoria    United  players,     I   j-f  vvoidil fuiihcr draw your attention tithe baiting to 1 win:h I was subjeeteu  both  by   the supporters  and   players  of the Victoria United club.    During  the 1 rogress or the  game  I  was  thc  bull-    for  rude  remarks  and     loudly  shouted   inreudo?s.      This  culminated  in one of thc  players, Thomson,    using    obscene    language to  nn-,    t-niit-  for publication,  for  which I    otde.ic.l  him off  t-he     lield.     lie subset-gently  paraded   thc  ground,    informing     the  general  public that he bad told ll.ir-  \ey  what he  thought of him.   Thomson's     very     discreditable   action   as  abo"o. related   vvas    fin-thci'cd by    another    player,  ��������� Schwcngers,   who   in-   |j  formed me .''I was a dirty bartender" '  "  i olii giving mc  at the same  time the I  r-nsolicited    information that 1    need I  not,     owing    to  my  rcfercciiiR,  evci ''lls>  -l'-'ibbling ������ver  the decisions     of  look  to them  for a  job.     Perhaps    I ' the referee, now that they have met  S5-*_2-22_3355-^ ������5  ii .if.?. tS^    -I*!  *w  ^���������S^S &    IS     ������-���������" -*S$5      J il   S  H 11 Ij k;_ P;���������t   21 _   h~. S'.s   '_ 53    ci  1 a _ _= 5'vj 2  a  $  Wa have lhe most beautiful Pattern lists in town. This is a broad  Nt if you doubt it, visit  . '.viiioeti of correctness  *    olf'it-  I  us aiio ,..  Of OLir  S'<i:3;  sold anywhere-Ask your i  friends about them���������We g  have distributed Hundreds of pairs of tiiem  to psopls who coins In  an! say, "I wart o _:a.r  a  L- .MASTERS    .  -  Nauaimo's  Leading   Milliner.    Commercial St.,    NANAIMO, 15.  Next door to Jas. Hirst���������Our Grocer  Every Ladvsmith fatly spending S5.fi- vvill na.-a her  fare returned'to h:r  jS_-_BS"*"*n**_"L^^  ���������-"������r-"T(**'--*l���������  w-j.iot-s^V'-.^^-..-*----'--J       ..  a  ������%f'ftf% W*  iiiiliiiiii,  ^.������������������-v^���������������.���������-���������-v���������i.-*.*������.-<jv ���������%.-*���������-������-������������������**. *a-c���������������-i-H>-_     ���������nt,���������.^s. -_��������� -a--".. ���������_���������-i**. -**."a>���������������-t ���������*������������������������������������������%. -������-^  *      WM.  MUNSIE,  President     J. W. ('OP.URN,  Managing Director.  0 Telcnhnne  '1-0.  0  0  0  J-',  The Ladysmitli Lumber Co,  to,  ��������������� i.-.  r-j ���������'���������>��������� iv   \biz *  ^ , ��������� 1  naif  hsiUW  WaSte rs &  Akenheacl  .u. 11 ii.i" ___i_-.taM._i  may, in conclusion be permitied (o  add that should I ever ic in thc union, nate position of reniiiring a job  it certainly would not occur to mc,  evei as a lest resource, to api-ly to  suc'.i "sports" for.one. Sir, in con-  elus 1 n, I think that it is only right  and lust to the Garrison team, who  are" .'iboirtly leaving these shor.?s, th.it  the-.- have justly earned thc premier  position as champions of Vancouver  island, a title which appears to be  gre. tly coveted by the Victoria Unite1, and earned by no unfaii' refcree-  in.g, as 1 am sorry to say Victoria  United would have the people to hc-  iie e      It is  with little wc nder that  their  Waterloo    at    the hands of    a  ���������superior  team.  V.  HARVEY.  MILLS    A.T   KIP DICK    AND   LADY S MIT II-  , 3Hir-gHess ei SSpecSealty .  MA.M'PACTLHlKilS   OP   .tough J.mi- l>voss<-tl i-Mr ai:*l Codur Ijiio*tbt?s\s  LATHS,   SllfNCLUS,   MOl'LDlNCiS,       KTC,     of    the- BEST  QUALITY SHASON10D.      AM)   D1U.KD     KLOOKINCS      AND"  PUNISHING  LUMI3KU" IN   STOCK  We keep a-'Lar.^e Assortment of the folio wing-goods  ���������%.-%.������������������-%.������������������-������.������������������������������.���������������.-%.���������������; ���������*-���������-���������-������������������������������%.���������������-"%.-%.'���������������'������  TRUNKS     , .  suit cases  telescopes  Club bags  travelling rugs  t a -  1 SlMf'N LEISER &.C0.'Ltd.  *  ^���������<k.*>.-_.-*S.-5-���������--*.-* "^-5��������� -Si-i,~������ -������.-���������*������> ���������*"*l>--������������^-*  [j  GATACR.I  8 ���������  ���������  rST  lADYSMi'IH  A1-KI.1CTEJ'   tv'T'CIl   RHEUMATISM  "I wa** aid ���������m yet alTlcted with  rheumatism," fay* Mr. J. C. lUiyue,  editor of. th* tlrraid, .-ddingtoii, Indian Territory "l������"i thar.l s to Cham  herlain's P&ii. Balm am ahlti once  more to attcu*' Vo iusincss. It is th  best of linui/. .ats." if Ivoui.lcd  with ilicuii'et-:**'ii five I'ain 15.ilin a  trial and yo-i ������*.c rerlain to i.c mo-e  than plrased . v-.th the pioinpt ielicf  which- it afi'cuc* One application relieves the pni*-. Va' *;a!e by Ladysmith  Pharmar-.  NOTICE.  A mooting v. ill be held in D. Nicholson's building, First Avenue, on  Saturday (���������..umig at 7 o'clco\- of  all persons cLs:roiis of having a  co-operative 'Store established iu this  citv.  Ladysmith Temple X<>. 5, Rathl one  Sisters, intend giving a s'ipper and  dance on the night of ICastei* Monday,   April   lCtii. s!.-  Dr. Dier can he found at, any ti>-  at bis office on Gatacre st. llis' As  t-f.il vvorl; is gtaranlcot! t0 be th*--  class arid rates reasonable &  The     solidity     of  the -advance    01  Vancouver    along   business  lines was  attested   tliorouuhlv   Thursday -morn:  hi"-    when   the   reports     of  the ch'iir-,  ing  house   fur   the week showed  that!  all   previous   records       since   the    es-j  tnblishment   of   the     ci.-aring    hmiso  hnid   h|eon    oompKilely   overshndo'ved.  T-he   total   clearanc-es   amoimt'-d       tf>  S2,*12S,92T,      which   is   an      advance  of   over       n   million '    on   thc      SU-  tho    Gnirihoii     should      sco  in  print j 2rO.:-'e>9     of   thu   correspondirig vvevt  aga'n tbe weal ness  of  (heir  old  riv- ' last   year.  ������������������*?���������:  FRESH  T ft P" V S R i" f" 1  ^������������������^���������es-s^i'-vsi-j'f-a-r-- -  ������5_g__5_5__8_5__aS*iFr__a__-_������*ir^  il  RINGS BROOCHES,"  WATC HES .'PICTURES  BOOKS       FOUNTAIN PENS  ������������������^ F? Fii FT.  n_f j m*v j u-^wur.  Cabbage-'  I 03lery.:   I Hiiubarb - ������������������  /sparagus ,..  Choice Onions  To-day  3I--2G. ib,  10c, BuhGi)  ���������:-8c. ib. I  . I5g. ib, 1   OC. '   iii.     $\, p  Vsfe wil! give you the . bove articles if you  I return us  Vyhite  Swan.,Soap ,-  ",:'i/yrap'p.ers   "'  CnHD WMr%  M.i'hr -ub'b-IH'K  '������  i^SSS^S^^^^SS^^^^^S^^^^SSSi^^Si^^^^^s^^S^^^^&i  .;-.;*2"^>.3_~^g3&---^^  American Apples  Navel Oranges -  Big Nvaol Oranges  ,. Bananas---:   I Ciioico Lemons.  ������   ���������i . ������������������ :   -1  ..  ��������� -"-5 "'-"���������'^?^i*SJ<KS>*^s-a:s."':ffi--:;  ...8c. il). J  2Qc. ;:gcz. ���������*'  ���������'. 25c. ticz  35c. doz.  25g. tioz, I  ���������- I  I  u���������iiapi inn w p-wmi nwi   iiii-n���������iiiiMWTii   iiriinn n 1  Merchant Tailor,  (rst Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand.��������� Call-early and  get your choice  ���������WWiA-VW-v-W\AW VVVVVVWA  1  STOVES!   ^-������---#.��������� ���������_  5T0VFS!; *  _C_c t_w n_-o~r ru-rc-rm.  *  We  are making HEATiiRS  and I>ANGEi of the I.a'.csl Styles  ��������� i  and Me-vve**t Patterns  We" cto all kinds of  Foundry and Repair Work---Nickci Plating  in all Us branches, a Specially  $  LA'-YaHIM i  Phone   Si  & SIOV. WORKS Ca.Lul  ��������� - P.  O. Box 42  fWyV*WV>**firt^  nn  ill! Mi  ���������-���������-D������u# at-   Reasonbie Prices  J. ANDERSOiN  Leave  orders' at i'������terson's  Furn  tiire store,  01.   telephone No.  53...  . -assa^i^sssr;;-:  ���������iWVi iMZ.- -i--,-������.fe  TKAINfNG  OF MILLIONAIRES  It  re;ins    in  Babyhood  and    Rigorously excludes '*Cod:lIin.4'."  Writing    in    the  April  Everybody's  members of tbe Young Ladies' Single cf  "Ifou-se'ecping on   ITalf-a-Million a  3?lessedn-".'.ss   De'.-alin.-;   Society  ot.-eir������l , Vc- r-" Emily 1 tarrin-^ton. says of the  1 be evening's     c-ntertain-iiieiit    hy     -*, 'children  of the  very  rich: *  inarch across the front of the stage.! "������������������'bile thc hostess of this es tab-  two by two, an route to the (.'oiiven- . lisbiiiuit is playing hor in:iniicly comi-  -tion l'lall. Hursts of laughter and ' I;i('-V 'i'*������'*. ''C-- children are |;-einn- as-  ���������jipplause greeted each pair as they "i'huisly I rained to (ill when their  i.-.a-de their uiii-ei-.rarrce from ���������ljiyhind *."''*-> shall conic, roles just as dillt-'  1:ic scenes, clre.-..si.'l in olcl-fashion.-d *���������'*'.l- n f'^**" happens that there j  costumes or olden  days. is 'a������v almost utter  lack  or   personal  "After  the ���������delegates  were all com-   relation   between   them.     A   millim  nothing of placing the width of the continent or  ll.c Atlantic between herself and her  si:-:-n".i;iiths-olil baby. Expertly train-  3d i.i..ids mid ninses ore left in  eh rg-', and a daily ilespatch Ic .  I-:.���������.- all she needs lo bnow and frees  claims to an cV-jual .;position with ���������'-*;*' -rom undue, anxiety.  xi:an, the entertainment-closed with "Wtivii they get a little oUk*r these  each member of tlie society striving babies begin a train-ing as rigid as  'tn recover lost youth and beauty *-hat of princes and priuesses. A  tnrougb thc aid of the professor's l������"K li'ic of instructors /visits the  lr.-osl wonderful   invention. bouse daily.    Music  lessons,    dancing    lessons,   language   lessons,   riding  Ics-  Mr.  E.   Comley,  who,  until  recent-  sai.-*-.    walks,     recreations,     parties,  ly   vvas   a  resident of  this  city,   and (Cro\vd  to overflowing   the    hours     or  'siace, he  left  hacs  been   living  in   the   every day.     A  little boy, almost     a  Nor-(Invest,     is   in    town  r.n  a  visit, jbaby,  whose brief life had  been spent  At lhe  Our Plumbing and Tinsmithing Dept,  is now under the management.-of ,���������  ���������***-������_  r5.  on. ���������&"  =rio  *>r*3_  ���������JUST  ARRIVED���������  ���������A���������  Fine A>soriment  ��������� ���������**  ���������BOXES  OF���������  WRITING PAPER  ' ���������AT--  0?  After this,date the price for bread  delivered at my-'- Customers' houses  will bo FIVE CENTS per mat��������� 20  loaves for a dollar. M"y read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  run, by white help ; should receive  white peoples' patronage'��������� so" loiif as  they are properly conducted,  licit a tria 1 as your Baker.  0.  R. DOCILE.  THE WELLINGTON BAKER\  ��������� o��������� ���������  KillOHl  BOOKSTORE  1  so  ft rtably seated, the: convention was ���������*������������������''*- mother thinks  called to order, and the roll called,  to which each one \ resent answered  by a catchy rhyme or terse remark-.  ..-"After speeches bad been made by  t;*e vario.is (Relegates, re the njlucs-  iion of    Woman's    rights,    and     th������  A Thorougiy Competent Man  uulttillub  UIIYmiTH HOTEL   BAR  Having ta'cen over the bar-room of  thc above hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends a������ii the public in general,  we gu.-in''ilec  good   treatment   to all.  ' Smoke Little B, Cigars.  I have just  received a shipment of  Hili's  High Grade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  and  CiGMUiS  at the-��������� '  DRUG STORE  \  -iij*i������>jmi������---fTi *r\.i.*iuttrarjcteM*  ifOilll til    isuiylsu  *SSiJ2^^8l*itE_iiS?������-ffi!_^  R. -Scott  A, Smith  Proprietors.  nu  !_?������'  ma  1 .   ^3���������fgl  Sollcltnr,   Etc.  ey  to  Sst.  Avenu?. ������������������'--   --'--  U^YSrVllH  In Four Acts  SPECIALTIES Between  the Acts  .     VHOHK  U  and today i.s looking   up   his  Ol;I  friciin.s , in   the city.  AT THE ABBOTSFORiD.  J.  Iliighcs,  Toronto.  [Miss E.  Doheson,, Nanaimo.  .Geo. P.  Doway,  Vancouver.  many  I under these humid,, mr.i'-rncl.ing  con:1 it;ens, used to go once in a  while to the supciintending housc-  licej er, ol whom he-was very fond,  and say: 'Miss C���������, may I come into  your room and play. I have just  fifteen minutes to spare.' "  s^^^s^s^Mi^^m^^E^s^^^^^z^^^ss  pi itf il  ?S*iS55*^������j_-"t'J  I  mm*^^ -sup  Wc have: just received     from lhc , East  a large   shipment of  LADIES' HAND BAGS  fhey arc the NI-'ATIOST BAGS wc nave  ever  shown   and  of  LATEST   FASHION.  PRICES FROM Si to $5  Call   in  the  MiSSEOil  Reserved  Seats,   75c.  Ct.jii. Admission  50c  Children,  25   cents.  B. FORClAtriER  watchmakek; jeweler, optecian  First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,  B. C  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the M'EAT-  IVIARKET latelyj]   run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL .LINE Of FIRST CLASS MEATS "'  PORK AND SAU.^AGS A SPECIALTY .  A Trial SolicitcS  A.      HOWE, PHONE 20  Pi������.^--������JTq-ri���������|M|-<M_-WHI������������II  lltllll  MNIIR-a  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDNG  Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADYSMITH  if  1 I  1


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