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The Daily Ledger May 4, 1905

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 _________*r_?"l������__-.  DUNCANS &  LADSVHITH  ���������fA? 5'i.;';'J9^;-  "'l/Tf  ���������If*  *SfiK_  LADYSMITH   f  : &; DUNCANS  I  VOL.  2,  THURSDAV, MAY d,. 1305.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  Nan is Returned to the Tombs but Will be Grw  en her Liberty on Nominal Bail and the  Indictment Will be  Quashed  Poll was Seven  to* Five in Favor of Acquittals  Crowds Receive the News of Jury's  Discharge With Cheers  TOWN HELD-UP 61 BANDITS  THE TEAMSTER'S STRIKE  Masked Robbers Cut   all Employers' Demand    For  (Associated -Press Despatches.)  Wires of a New York  Town  Startled Villagers Held at  Bay by Revolvers of the  Gang  - (Associated Press Despatches.)  Oneonta, .JM. Y., lviay a.���������A band of  nia.sn.uu. robbers  Troops Does Not Subdue  the Strikers  Strike Beginning to Effect  Transportation Companies  (Associated Press Despatches.)  Chioago,   Ills.',   May  4.���������With    cm-  WORK OF GRADING  ON EOTNSION LINE  A Vast Amount of Work is Being Done in Preparing for  Economical Work  Dramatic in   lhc extreme were  the that the poll was 7 to a in favor of  lor     Miss   Patterson   lo once  more  -losing scones early  today of      Nan acquittal, cross  the bridge between the prison  Patterson's      trial   before   Recorder       It is quite certain that the former  an(i court  ������u-l(--'-g-  Crofl" on the charge of having .murder- show girl  will be given  her liberty ;   Lawyer Levy, counsel* for Miss fated   Caesar   Young,   the   well   known   on  nominal  hail  and  the indictment    ���������*srso,1> ���������*-���������<"  today:  "I  will  apply for  ���������'*   ��������� ��������� ������������������  Man   Pa f.foi-Knn   In   lw*.  Admitted   to    a.  turf     man and bookmaker in a cab  last June.  When thes foreman had finally assured thc court that there was no  Possibility of reaching an agreement,  thc prisoner was in a dead faint.  At 2.28 o'clock the recorder declared the jury discharged, and ordered  Miss  Patterson  returned      to  will be .quashed. She has faced trial Nan Patterson to Ik*, admitted to a  three times; twice the jury disagreed nominal bail at once. The disagree-  and once there was a mistrial owing I ment is e**uai to an ac*llliUal a������ ^  to the collapse of a juror. as her liberty is concerned.   It may  , In the court annals of this city ! **���������thai the distlict attorney will ap-  nothing- has yet approached the ten- P1*7 lo ,,ave ,ier admitted <-o bail." If  sity of the climax in the Patterson ,ftc do:*s not t-hcii'l shall take the  case. istep.   She will never i be placed     on  trial again.   Of this  I am certain.  1  Although   in  a state  borderiiiff   on om disapp0jnted  thai  she was    not  roue into tlio village 'J)Ioyei-s ,H-epal-jng  to  press a demand  of Uilberisviile, about IS miles irom  . ,. , . ���������.,���������,.. , .    ,.   .,      ' ,   . ,  ' for troops,- violence rn the teamsters  Hero, early today, blew open the sup-,  J .,       ,        ,       v  . .  , . .     ,.-'������������������.,��������� strike showed  no signs of cessation  posed ly burglar proof sale in .the pri- i ������     ,.      ���������  \ate baun of   E. C. Brewer,and es- ,toda-''-  ..aped with     a sum estimated at be- '. Tn������ vcryjirst outbreak resulted in  tweei. j.5,0.,0 and  *10,U0U. When  thc   aLa ,ty"   ll'c4,n������l\ iof place    near  4    ..   .     ., ,      ' the barns of the Employers 'learning,     ,    , ,,.,-,  startled  vihuficrs  wcie awaKcntd  by .c Chatlcs  Riebling, a white  eml'  i,aVe "aedicd the railway cro^  the iniillled roar of the explosion antl '' .  All This Expenditure Must Mean  Steady Work at the  Mines  The right of way from Extension  down to tbe E. & N. Railway sua.  ���������tion-at Ladysmith, is completed. The  gang tha,t has  been  working  up  this  the Tombs prison.    She. was carried complete collapse  when she went to'acquitted.'  out     in  a chair  by  attendants  and   her cell  early i today after   the jury I   It was said at  thc district at tor-  two doctors., had a hard time restor- had  ^een discharged, Miss Patterson ney's office  today that'.-the  proseeu-  irig her  to consciousness. soon  was 'quieter  and slept soundly   tion would not oppose the release of  When  told of  the' result,  she smil-   hrough the,night. ��������� A deputy warden Nan Patterson on hail,  provided ihe  ed���������faintly.    'In'the streets below   making  his  rounds  at ciphL o'clock Jsuni wcre fixed  at from  $10,COO   to  thousands*" of  persons,  hold  back- by   found Miss  Patterson antl  her sister $20,000.     It  is expected   that     Remounted     police,  cheered  the news,   Julia  were  still  asleep.   He carried  'corder Goff will lie in his office to-  but      wore    somewhat  disappointed.-with him eleven letters addressed to,day     and   it is possihlct hat Miss  They     evidently  favored  the  young   Miss  Patterson and  left  fliem  with- Patterson.      may be  released   before  woman and had expected her acquit- out disturbing  either  of  the  women,  night)    Julius CJoldstone,  one  of  the  tal. About  that time crowds began      to 'jurors, collapsed at his home  today  Various rumors gained currency as gather in the streets around tlie from nervous prostration. Tlie strain  to how the jury stood, Information .Tombs, awaiting possible N develop- 'of the long night session of the jury  received  by the  Associated  Press   is, merits which fright make it necessary completely exhausted him.  MEN, WOMEN  AND CHILDREN  (Associated Press Detyatilft-fe'j)  . New Port, R. I., May l.���������THe new'  .vJT^ondon tug Gertrude, toab Jnfa NiW*-.  ; port harbor today and raptfrtetl the  loss of the barge Moonfeleam, oft'  Point Judith last night, with all on  board,   including-, the  captain,   ifngi-  MORE TROUBLE  IN WARSAW  Permission Given to .Organise private Militia In St.  Petersburg  (Associated Press Despatchea.),  RRE FIEND  INDULUTH  ������*���������_-_____���������. '  (Associated Press Despatches.)  Warsaw,   May   <L���������(moon.)���������Distur  neer, steward and  two  cRIIfiren     of hances have occurred in several parts  thc captain.   The captain or the tug '0f thc city  this morning and an ex  hoat did not i-Tnow the namrt or any'tension  of  the  trpulbles  appeals  im  Oi those drowned, minent,    in  the  Wola district work-   *���������  Du.uth,   Minn.,  May,<L���������The 'Fifth  Aventfe ' Hotel in" the wholesale   dis-  I trict of. Duluth was destroyed by fire  'early today.    Three lives  were  lost  and three men are missing.   The bodies     recovered  were  those of  John  Myos and  two unknown  persons.    A  ~  gale was blowing ami made firerfight-  ing difficult,   The hotel was a wooden  structure.  MAY COMPETE  'men forcibly stopped  the street cars  nnd  cabs,  and  Cossacks  were    summoned.     The social  democrats     appear      to   be ..determined,,to  enforce  A^T' POR 1 Li\lNO I'm"'1"   irianifcsto  proclaiming,  a geiieri  ^y.        ipl strike apd the observations of to-  ������������������ day as a day of mourning for the vic-  l ' _���������������    ������u  ii __��������� *     thus   of  the May Day  disturbances.  LOCal   FOOtballerS    HOp   tO No newspapers   appeared   this   morn-  to Play for Pacific Coast  Championship at Fair  ���������Mr. J. Adam, secretary of the   ;o-  .cal Association i'ootoall curb has been  i.  ing.  SEVEN MORE KILLED.  Lodz,  Russian  Poland, May   1, *-������  Seven  persons were fatally  wounded  by a Cossack patrol  yesterday even-,  ing,   who  fireel into  the midst of     a  'crowd  .engaged  in singing, patriotic  songs in front of the -Church of   the  MAY CELEBRATE  hERE ON 24th  '   "    L" ' '  Wmaaaaaawm '     .   ������S  Local SpprtsjTalk Seriously  of Matches here instead of Nanaimo  It is regi-cttable to note that  the  Nanaimo celebration committee  have  ,    , .        .,..,,     ., ,  ..     ��������� ,  '���������������������������*���������* wl'o resides in  ihe vicinity,  re-  had been halted by the pisiol /ire of cMm,     a flactured skull and is exilic   retreating    -bandits,  they found pcctc(,' to die> Hc was sta���������ding in a  that the    robbers had gained a".lead crowd which jeercd a non-iiniou color-  which cquld not be overcome. Kj   teamster      who  was guarded  by  ,    Tonight     parties are searching the five   detectives.   The negro suddenly'  woous  in,    every    direction,   acvewl picked up a stone and threw it into  teams   which   have    been stolen aria  the crowd.  Riebling was struck     on  used by the robbers, in their approacn  the head arid sank lo the ground unto    tne    village    and in tlieir sudsc'  conscious.  qucm flight, were found abandoned by     During a second disturbance at the  the roauside at rJayligilit, and not far  stable    of  the   Employers'   Associa- j  nom t.itbertson ���������'���������_%    tion,     John Dansburry, a non-union  irom Gilbertsville, and it is believed oolored  teamster,  was  shot  for. try-  they then left the highway and wc-ift ing to strike a boy, wh0 had shout-  into the    woods on    foot.   It is be- e,i an-;offensivc epithet.    A .number of  lieved   there    were  five   men in  the striK:c sympathizers  instantly    made  ,     , for the     negro.    Private detectives  '���������,, '.     ., .       ..     ���������       ...���������'��������� rushed to 'Dan-berry's aid and a'gen-  Ihat   all were   heavily armed was       ,   .. . . , ������������������ *,    ... ,   ^  , , . -,,,. oi'al  light ensued, -during which Dan-  shown by the   frequency of their bre ^ ."received "a Dull^ in  Uie ,eg.  when the   hrst of the villagers am- Uoseph La���������g)  barn boss for a large  ved in the vicinity of thc bank. Two mercantile firm,   was arrested char-g-  holes    were    drilled   into the heavy eA vvit.h the shooting.  steel    doors of the     newly installed     The police    today  announced  that  safe and into these the explosive was i\lCy were prepared to escort     ,800  inserted.   The     explosion which Joi-  wagons for the  wholesale and retail  lowed     wholly wrecked the safe aiid strike-abound stores and three hundred1  shattered every window in the bank and fifty express wagons.   This, it's  building.   Portions      of thesafe were stated., would  be. the greatest itum-  found many yards distant. ber    of wagons    moved in  one' day  The robbers    gathered up the moil- since.the beginning of the strike.  cv exposed bv the  explosion and ran :'���������'���������'��������� Chicago,; Ills,,  May .4.���������The effects  just   as the"" first     of the villagers -w  *hc teamsters', strike has reached  reached the   scene.   Among the iirst i*-kc .transportation;companies     and  to     arrhe at   lho bank were "W" F; seriously   .crippled .freight   business.  Ward and     V.    X Daniels, who en-  Owing to inability  to have      goods  ������������������, ,. , .  ,,        .,             .          'in transferred iron!  the railroad depots  countered the robbers and were held . . -     ,,      .    .    ,    ,    ������������������������������������ , -    ,-  .'     .     ..   .       ..       .    , ���������- .   ��������� , o docks, all principal steamship lin-  in check by- their     threats to shoot. -     .          ...        .     ,,-    ,        ^���������,.+���������;i  ������������������,          .'                            ,   ...-���������  JU es have either abandoned or cuitail-  Other residents    came up, but in the ..- ,.   .       ..,-  "      .-,-.' ei then  service,  meantime    the invaders were making A   M   compton,-chairman of ways  good  their     escape,     firing as  they aml meang COnimittoe of the Chicago  is.for the purpose of creating a reservoir into 'which a creek is turned  a tributary e;f lhe, Nanaimo River,  .las. .Leigh and helpers arc packing in  the supplies ; for the camp. The reservoir is to hold back freshet water to supply: the washer during   the  vast  ���������ing,  and are now starting back     up  the line to join the     other   grading  gangs  there  will be from  this , time I dry  weather.     It will hold a  en about 160, Chinese ut wor'c   wilh (amount of. water.  pick   and  shovel and   barrow.    Along  the    line,    they are     divided   in Pair  gangs felt---,40 in a camp.     The instal-  ��������� ���������������*"  lation  ofv the  big steel   bridge  across  . VrlU':  'the 'Naiiaimo River is being pushed  ahead-and many carloads of supplies  for the line has  been landed.  The E. & N. "line will be. straight-,  c-ned from the tlepot to.the brewery  store houses, and the coal line will  cress up in that neig'nborhood. A  large force of Chinese are being sent j within -shipping "distance of Vancou-  up to lregin work on the swamp darn vei; Island, so long will the Lady-  some 5 or C miles frDm town.    This  smith mines ship coal.  All of llrcse giganlic plans go to  show the expense1, the Wellington Colliery Company arc incurring, so as  to be in shape, to mine and sh'ip coal  economically,'.regularly and in large-  quantities,'all of which work augurs  well for the future of Ladysmith for  with the "'" ^ratie of coal mined here  and the cheapness with which it can  be handled so  long as coal is burned  ACCUSE JAPS OF VIO  LATING NEUTRAUTY  Nbvbe Vreniya   Maintains That  China Neutral^iws.Mdiye  not Been Observed  -" (Associate'd Press Despatches.i)  St. Petersburg,. May.'Lr-rThe.Novoe |   LAST NEWS   OF THE  FLEET.    '  Vreniya   today' editorially������������������'���������'maintains I   London,  May  4.���������Cabling from To-  that the manner, in which Japan has  kio   1he  correspondent  of   the   Daily  corresponainrr- wc-tri   Mr.   (J  V       Dv-'r.   ������~   "--"-���������' ���������   * ���������--������....������������    *.���������.*--  merit,  toast editor of the' Pmt.a.d ^rp*^'A ,l,,,������1)fir Pf bullets entered ,���������*<***���������* "-We to arrange satisfactorily  Telegram, and secretary ofthe    As' '' Ooors.-airf struck the al-  with  the  Ladysmith   sporting  clubs  nation Kootbali: committee ^ who ������' "S^^JLTti0 S������ ���������'^T^** '*' ^^^ ^  .ave cnarge of that branch of sport  'hid   dispersed   workmen "captured   a'��������� ^ ������Ila Da>'' *-ay 2'Uh-  ^ secms'  . ,     ,,       -,.,/-,,. 4-   ,���������    -*--a,l  reports that  dense fogs  contm-  persistentlv  violated. China* neutrali- ,.,  ,     ���������   ������������������., ,,     ,., - .   ,  ,     ,,,, , i ������������������ ii     "   *���������"   " "���������������������������"   ������~ ' . ���������     , -:; .i'B   t-o  prevail on   the China arrd  Ja-  weiu.. ine aiaim spreati _rapidly Commercial Association, has issued a ty would be fully justified'in" retail-, an scas> Th(. corrcsp0)l(ien1, says  through the town and in a short time special- noHce to members with rcf- ating by sending out the- interned" l-.hati it is definitely k-no^rr to Japan  everybody was awake- and hurrying e.ence to orders and shipments. The protected cruiser Askokl and the tor-'that on May 2nd ships of thc Rus-  to the bank. Then an attempt to notice roads: "Exaggerated reports pedo boat destroyer Ryeshitelni at sian second"Pacific squadron were in  communicate with the neighboring ������������������re being circulated throughout the Che Foo, and in the use of the El- iPort Diet, to the northwaid of Hon  towns was made in the hope of in- country to the effect that commcr- Hott, islands as a'basc .for her .squa- Kohc Bay' Annam.  terccpting the .'burglars." Telegraph oial facilities of Chicago are handi- dron, "but she is now freely using ' The Daily Mail's Hong Kong co-r-  olTcrs and the telephone exchange c.ippod ,by reason of a strike ol union ''.tlie Y-inkow Sinmingtin railroad to  wcre opened,.but the operators found teamsters. To the end that commcr- forward troops and munitions, to  only dead-wires. cial interests of Chicago may not be   Field  Marshal  Oyama,  refusing,   ac-  Posses were organized, but their injured by this exaggerated report, cording to reports, to relinp>ish pos-  elTorts to locate the men have so far members of this Association are re- session of Sinmingtin upon the disproved fulile.t The search is beiii" q������estc-(l to notify their-travelling -mand of the Chinese government,  continued today. ������ salesmen and the  trade generally,  of   '-'Can  wc,  after  what has   happened,  '.     ' ' the fact  that orders  arc being      re- ffuy heed  to Japan's protests. Ought  'ceived     and   filled   promptly.    Ship-   we not,      on the contrary,  consider  'ment-s are being made as usual. ourselves just as free from the tang#e  i,;lt,|(.  |   Sheriff  Barrett  today  received     a   of China's nsulrali.-ty as Japan',does.'"   nyin^  KING RETURNS  .-lespondeiifc     says     .that      numerous  steamers   are   constantly   plying   between Saigon and  the Russian   war-  I hips  with -full'cargoes of provisions  and  cattle.    Re confirms the   report  of  American  and   German  newspaper  correspondents    al;   Shanghai  having  chartered- the  si earner  Fiirsang,   ostensibly     to view the coming naval  'he  \esscl   In*  reported      as  to  . SOCJ  hay  at this years fair, and has received'detective and  beat him nearly  the lollowing reply: jd3alh. bofpre ilc  Was  rescuw,/Fflnh.  Mi.  j.  Adam, jer disturbances are anticipated today.  Ladysmith,  B.  C. |          A   PRIVATE-   MILITIA.  ��������� Dear Sir:     Your letter received yes- [   St:  Peters-burg,  May -4.���������The gov-  Icrday.    I shall be pleased  to send 'eminent   has granted .permission   to  you full data later in the'week. Bet  that it was at  first apparently  tied  that the football, baseball   i nd  basketball  teams of this city sh-mld  play    at      Nanaimo  in  the  various-  tournaments on  the above date,   but  the     sports committee decided that  M.     Tercschtenko, a refiner ol Kieff,"  ,he ^ysmith footballei-s so eutire-  ter  figure or, bringing a team to the  w������������o������e-property was greatly damaged  ft ^tcl^ssed the men  of ther c. y  ,:.._   h..  ..     .    nsng ateam to the        ^^^ March,  to organize    a    lhat ,t'wouId not bC worth wl,,le l'������"  FROM FRANCE  (Associated Press Despatches.)  Paris,  May  4.���������King  Edward     left  formal      rei(iiesj.   from   the' Chicago  Employers'  Association to act with  RUMOR!.' OF NAVIES SOLD.  ���������he   I'Tcnch   Hag,   but it. is  he-  port at noon today for London,  was   accompanied   to   the depot  He  fair, as the Lad>smith eleven could  doubtless win the PacTic Coast-championship.  Very   truly,  CO I. IN' V. DYMENT,  Coast Editor Portland Telegram and  ���������   Secretary ol* thc Association Football  Committee.,  The local sports  arc delighted    at  the    prospect    of-going  to Portland,  ,nii,V;7V^,*Mo?"^''  l"-"-67,7    ���������   nating  a prize  for  the' match  which  militia  company'Of one hundred and  ���������,.       ........ ,.,  ..      .... ......  r,, ,        ' ,    ,  ,.    f    .    Y , .they   thought  would  be uninteresting  fifty men to protect his factories and       ' ?    , .] rP, ;.  ,, . ���������., .    .   .,    ^    . on account of its unevenness.      Ibis  other     property,       'Ihis is the first "���������.....*..���������",.���������.... .���������.. .������������������.. ���������:   time  that  the organization of a private militia force has been authoriz  ed in Russia.  BARRICADING   THE TOWN,  Warsaw,,May -1.���������All business    and  street     tralfic    partially    ceased  at  noon.  Some of  the houses are barri-  .a" _       , t        ,Said  t0day  that   aS  carte*!,  a few merchants  who tried  to  report reached Ladysmith ami in consequence tbe baseball and basketball  players felt disinclined to play in oi*  ther tho tournays. Nanaimo people,  it seems, gotWind of this and yesterday morning Mr. Adam was called  uo on the 'phone by Mayor Planta  and asked if the football match  was  lieved she is  really Russian property  New  York, May -1.-A  St.   Peters-   wi(h      a in.Lss-iou  \0  Ioca(e  Admiral  the. police in.eiuelling the rioting and burg      despatch   to   thc  Times  says:   'r0go.  iii      restoring    order    in   the    city's  Rumors have been current for sever-,     " I"-\.0-SEI)   W-VRSHIPS  streets by swearing in several  depn- al days  that Charles M.  Schwab and     .singai'nre       Mav   -1.���������The   British  ties.    Immediately  following this de-  Chas. B.   Flint,  of New York,   have   sli-anier'Selan"or, "which urrived here  mand,   the  chief  county officials  con-  effected the sale ofthe Argentina and   ���������(';-, ;i!lV|? reporls ha'viir"-  passed a divis-  ferred     with Mayor   Dunne,  Oorpor-    Chilian  navies  to  Russia. ...The ..,uil- .:6n' 0r^.j*i.^lan  varslups off Juoraha,  ..,        ���������    ation  Counsel Talma,n and Chief    of n.iiraltv  denies   (he  rumors,   but ,Hrcv   ,,-;.,!,, ,v     iv.-i u-,.,.,,   ii...  rdnnrf nf p,.  epresontatives ,o^j P������^^^_bot ,poli^ ;6.^U1 ,,The ; call  upon:" the   are gathering  f,m-.    iMs  ^^^t^   si.^.'.-.c  ���������(   iZ   o'clock  .        . sherifl'   by   the   Emplovers'   Associa-   liared   that  several   lr;ii;poris     are   t|,,;.  moriiiii"  many  olhcials.    His Majesty bestow-.,.       Wa    saili. lo bc  1)wiimi.nary  to    leaving   Kronsladl   with   sailors      to     .,-'.      iiemifa--li,,.,   of the  warships  ���������\ iiiimhor    /\f    ri^pnr*i iiinnc    Af    ihr* i II     Kii.11111ii1.ucii    ' u    but.    ".-. *li t������iii|;.^  a ii.iinncr   or   mcoiauoiis  or   trie    ^^ {Q ]jaVc  )hc naiionai igttard put  man   the purchjiiscd   vessels.   Fnt.i-ii   ' \,A\lU.(i  Uy  (.]���������,' stiMiner Sclanger   in  in     lhe streets.    It  was said after-   spe*cial   trucks,  capable  of e-tn.eying    -^ ���������,  si,;lj|S  of'Malacca this  inornin-  .wards  that Sheriff Barrett  expressed HQ   tons  of submarines,  have     been   as  Admiral   Nebttgaloff's  division  of  a detcrmiiialion   to   show   that      his    constructed at thc Piitilofi Works for  Adniiral   Rojestvonsky's   division    is  deputies,  acting  with  Chicago  police  the   transport  of  submarine's   of    the  considered liable in develop an inter-  detail   of  2,700   men,   could   he   ade-   Boubnoll' and Holland types  to VI.ad- c<|jllg situation.  Jugrab,  off   which  the. division was  seen,   is a (own  nf   the slate of  Sel-  and Foreign minister Delcasse     and  ni-  ed  Order of Victoria and expresseel the  great   satisfaction   which   he  bad   experienced from his sojourn, in France.  ���������   ���������  EIGHT ITOl'RS IN  NEVADA.  soon  as full  particulars were obtained,  a  meeting would   be called     and i  arrangement,    made     ,������i-    the  trip h������    T'  * ������  r^f*'   U>m lo shut  ���������Judging by the above letter, 'u.eNo- SZw     ' M   n   ^f'T  ,mmort,fttely-  tCi,   uie-50 Near]y    all   the  street  cars  stopped  kceir���������pcn"were"\TsUed  by'pickeW of CUt 0llt' aM\il l\ was  U'e (iX0(l    "'"  I en t'ion of other clubs not to play.  Mr, Adam, it is understood, stated  that  this was the case and  at   last  en  night's    meeting  of  the.  celebration  committee  the matter was  disposed  compete  in the basketball  tournay.     Word re-  (Coatinued on Page Four.'"  cal   team     would stand  a very     fair   running  and   the cab  service  is  chance and it seems anything b-ut im-  tirely  suspended.    Many  cabs  earlier    , ,.     ,    ,     ,      ,   ,   , ������������������.���������  probable that  they  would  obtain the  in  the  clay  were stepped  by parties   of anri <-������n*bcrl������--d aske(I  lo c0,n>1p,c  championship.       One thing is     very  of youths,  who compelled   the occu-  clear,   they  would certainly  have    a   pants     to alight,   iu some instances  fair show, which pleasure it must be  forcibly throwing (hem out of the ve-  odmittcd,  they have not always hatl   lliclcs.  alul   u,0������  ordered  the drivers  'its/entirety,   it  will  be   the  noblest  of late. .to go  bpme.    Immense crowds  have J0I)e    ftf  ^^^-or   Nicholas'   reign.'  All   interested   in  the  sporting    re-  K������''<'  to   i"1"11"'10 oemetery  where (''������e : The  Svict considers  the decree     as  victims   of Monday's shooting     arc  'marjiing the commencement of tlie  buried.  Tn the lesi case of the SbiUo of Nevada against Peter Kair on a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, the  Supreme    Court      upheld  the law of  part men t stores   today  1903,  making it a misdemeanor     for .time since the si like.  (���������.tiate lo quell the disturbances' and ivoslock. The admiralty is also send  see thai normal conditions were re- ing ten sixty-feet naphtha launches  sumed   without   the   aid   of  soldiers,    there.  Household goods  wore delivered      lo FRENCH   NF'JTRALITY.  residences by some  of the state de- !   Toldo,  May -I���������-Tne press  of     this  for   the  first,   city  continues  its sharp criticism  of  French  neutrality  in  IndoChina wa-  angi-r,   which  is   i   lirilish  Protectorate,  and   is  not. far distani   from  the  oint   where  a Russian  division    was  sighted  so long ago as  April 2",    It  is  not   yet  known   whether   .he ". s-  ian   warships  are   within  territorial  :IS  waters  or whether   thev are  o'b)kain-  The  putaticn of the city would hear wilh  the greatest of pleas-ire, that -arrangements   were made for  the   trip,  DR.      HAMMOND  DEAD.  San    Francisco,  Cal., May. 4.���������Dr.  NEWSPAPERS COMMENT.  St. Petersburg, May 4.���������The press  I belief  that when  the extent of    the  freeeiom.     accorded   religion   is   fully  employes   to  work  for  a longer   per-     Today for  the Iirst  lim? since the   tors   and   expresses  surprise  and    in-  'od   than  eight hours in one day     in  strike developed...a  woman was shot,  dignation at what  it describes  minis, mills and smelters.   Mr. Kair,   Tll<;     vicliin was Mrs. W.  C. Larel,    elasticity  of France's pledge.       The il|g    supplies   from   the   neighboring  who had been employed at a    mill at   --"������������������*-  w'ls attending   to her household  Jiji   urges   the goveinment  lo  adopt ]aillj    \ni[j a i>i:icf telegram  on       the  Dayton,  was  fined  $100  for   working  duties in her flat  at   130 28lh place,    independent  action   for  protection   of subjecl   from   Sing-apore  is  taken    to  a longer period than eight hours. Up   "*v,lcn some one >in a  mob lelow fired   national      interest.,  and   insists  that indicate   (hat  for  a week  the     Rus-  his failure to pay the fine, he was   a sllo('   tlle   ���������'*'������������������*-���������'  crashing   (hrough    the   responsibility   for   extension      of .siai,.s   have   been   practically   enjoying  tie  room  in  which  Mrs.   Lard   was   hospitalities      (o    the Russian  fleet (,|1C hospitality of the waters of Ja-  must  rest  with  France.   It  is  under- pan's ally in  the same manner,   that   0  stood  that  the  Japanese government Admiral   Rojestvonsky's   ships- utiliz-  MAKING STOVES. has addressed France on the .question. e(i French waters-in Cochin-China.  A  The. Ladysmith   Stove  Works     are  of her  neutrality,  but  the  nature  of cable    despatch    received  in  London  getting in shape for the regular man-   the correspondence  is unknown. this  afternoon  says   that  two of  Nt*-  ufacturc of stoves.     They have a full      Island   of   Pcnang,   Straits   of   Ma- bogatoff's   transports   have   put  ;nto  and  lacca, May 4.���������The Russian warships Sahong on the north coast of the ls-  ���������,|1C  sighted   by   the  British  steamer   So- iaiu* of  Sumatra,   with their     bows  on  taken into custody by the Sheriff   of  Lyon country.   A writ of habeas cor- ������'ork'ng and striking her.  pus demandod of the Supreme Court  'lis release, on the grounds that   the  statute of  11103  was unconstitutional  anil  that it was in  conflict with  tlie  l  | organization  of the government     of    eighth amendment of the federal con- | ^ "p a^;k";hat" ^ ^  t,l|e EmP'i'O-    The Russ expresses the   ti tut ion   which  stated that excessive I     . .       ,     ,   . ,  l-T__ir_-  /tT���������- "���������.,._   ,.,���������  ���������������������������,���������!.   ���������f    4f-    ,..._  _,..i. ..... ,..  s ���������-���������,i I unique.     In   about   two   weeks,  continues .to euloffizc the errant of r������v  ",-','  ���������    ��������� .     ,    -.     .,,  .  ���������7       rr ��������� -��������� ...       , b ���������" s ���������   '    f 1<>, realized in Poland, it will lead  Wm     Hammond, a pioneer  physician   1-gious freedom.   The Bourse Gazette  bettor    relations    between    the two  ft this eity, is dead, aS������d 69, *ays:  "If thj- dooree ia-������ecuted, in | countries,  fines shall not bo imposed  Tbe Supreme Court decision referr-  *������   ed   (o   will   undoubtedly permanently  management states  that a couple   of,lailffcr  t,lis   morning have  been  relen- stove,  evidently having been  in   col  their slo-es complete  will  be on ox- j  tided      as. the  fourth  division  com-    lision.   Their names are given .is    he  , settle  the status      ofthe  eight-hour i  ..... our local stores  1 law iii Nevada. I  h.ib!tion     in  the  windows  of one ~of >a'lded hY Rca>- Admiral NobpgatofT    Mariechen and the Permine Heaseu-.n-  -of the Russian second Pacific sqtiad-jiller.  ion, " *  ( Continued on Page Four.)  in'- ���������SB!  we  DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  OOTSA   LAKE   DISTRICT  1 half.  COMPANY.  Offices,   Ladysmith  and  Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  M cents  a month;    $5  per  year    in  THURSDAV, MAY   i,   1:10..  '11 MORE     YOU MAI  In     tne    mi them   pait   oi   British  Columbia,     cast   of   the  coast   lange,  fublisned   every day except Sunday, a little south of the  Belkley \alley,  BY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  ���������������������������������   <*   >*W   ������'unl">'   ,hal   lia"s   *m,y  been seen  by  a lew  white men,  mosl-  lv   fur  traders,   and   it   is  only  since  tl ,-    talk     of  the likJihood  of     the  'Grand   Trunk   Pacific   railway  e-ntei-  'nig tnat country that  the puliic have.  'paid   any   attention   to   the   occ. sion-  al   lepoits   published   of  a      country  advance.     Advertising rates on ap. which in  the neat  futuie will  be < no  .    ,. oi   the  best stock-i.using distncts   in  plication.   ___________-__--___-___-_- British   Columbia.  I   The  Ootsa   and   Chostabla  cexn.try  is  oi  an  open,   tolling  natiac,      thc  ' lulls    being      covcied    with  a  light    growth   of      poplai,   amongst   which  '     ��������������������������� p    . . . .   (here is  the linest kind of feed, gras-  It is a fact, a������     is readily agreed,'  *- ,     ,  ,,       ���������    .    , ��������� .-.us and   pca\inc     In   the  nottom land  upon     hv all,     that  the willing men , ,     -    .  ���������' ��������� ��������� "    ' ;���������"/��������� ..   ,    the soil'is .rich" and-deep, much oi it  and   women  throughout-the   world  do  ' the work.   It is     easier to let Peter well -   adapted   for- agricultural   purlin up the wood    '.box.in the .evening,'poses.    Water  is  plentiful,   there   be-  than in have a fuss with John, oven  -jig  several   rivers   and   lakes,    which  if it is John's     turn.   The ones wb , 'abound   with   fish.    To  "the  .out ,   of  take  things  passively      are  the ones   Ootsa  lake lies  Anha.n  lake distnct.  lien,   ire   found  larlie  swamp  mean-  who generally   get  their share of the,^*> ^J^'^hicl, arc thousands.of  disagreeable   things of  life and : omo -^.^  jn   est,.llti  iina   will   alTo.nl  ox-  ��������� more.   It     may     seem  like'a-Miia'II  c-ellent   feed   for  cattle.   This  country  matter to people     living  in  Vancou-  is   timbered   mostly   with  black   pme  ��������� vcr or Victoria     for     Ladysniith  to  and  spruce.  Mr    E    P    Colley,   1 .L.S.,   witu    a  make such a thorough protest against '^.^   .^.^  takc   lheir  leave,  of  "lavinglhe     government'   ollice   taken VjCloVia������tonight. for this district, for  away from     Newcastle  District,  but ..llc     .purpose    of    surveying certain  it isnt.   Not onlv do we need the of- tracts  of  land   taken   up; under South  lice here as a matter of business, but African  war ^.^A-o'^v^.  ������������������':���������,,    ,     -                      -.- !   Large   tracts   of  land, have alicad>  we object to having a propos.t.on as ^ .^^up��������� .ft   u,is  district     for  serious   as  this     done  without  c\e::V0C,.  ,.ajsin-g-purposes,  and   it   is 1U1"  consulting  the member     for  thc. dis tjeipated  by  those wlio arc in  a po-  ���������trict.   It    can    ' scarcely  be  pes ibk sitic-n      to'know,   that  this country  ���������',. -     ,,                    ���������',          i   -     ���������   ���������-,.' will   witness   considerable  activity in  that   the     removal or closing oi tl.o ������m ;wlim.             u(.h h-rs  duiiii-    lhc  -..-,..-   ,                    .,.','���������        ��������� ,   , Hie ���������-incoming;  of  setticis  uuini���������  govcriiineiit      agency will be   rn.si-.ted .          ,������������������,,,,...-  **-                                               <            ��������� coming summei.  . upon; alter the ' .member for this'dis- ,,.nc crm*ale is far  from  being     as  irict,     Mr.   Parker      Williams  n.cc.s  sevcie   as   might- bo   imagined   from  and  consults      with  the powers  that   th.- latitude.    Tho warm  breezes  i.e.    an",    ni.liailis     ,lias..so   u.r   ���������.,..���������..������������������  the   iwemiue  ������,... eminent  his-'..-..,.,.o>..  on every measure of vital inii i,ri.;;.iL\  to it.    it. is     will iiiitieistoot. and is  not disputed,      that the votes oi  Ui.  two  .socialist  incini.cis   aie  ti.c   .oil-.-.  v.luc-h have so     far kept the Alcl.ride  ���������government in power, or at least prc-  U-nlecI   tlieir      defeat,    it     is   baid.y  likely  therefore,      that Mr.  Williams  ��������� caii go to the .government., alio i a  business mat ter in. his ;district and be  told that' he has no influence and  that his protest, backed by that of  every taxpayer irr the district irrespective of party, is in vain. We, are  of the opinion     that the government.  '������������������will recognize the closing of the  part men!" ordering the closing of the.  government agency at Newcastle as  'ii in is take and will cancel the order.  If so, the public will not regret having protested against the most unjust action. If on the contrary th?  protest, of Mr. Williams is not s tlli-  cienf. to vacate the removal or:!of,.it  js up to the people of Lr.dysmrth to ���������  ������ee what further can he;.done..-, ,ji:J    -  between  the end of December  Apnl     There   aio   occasional  snaps,  when   the  thermometer  to  25 degioe*s  lo  30   degiees  ,   but  no bli/zatds.  |    All. Colley and   patty'go in by Bella  Coola,   thence  by   pack  hotses upwards  oi   l.'iO  mile*,   rrr   lhe  direction  ol Chcslahta lake  land  'cold  'drops  below  LADYSMITH AERIE      NO.  C8G. F.  0. E.     :���������:        :���������: :���������:        ���������*���������j  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  drd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President, B Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary,  C. H.  Rummings.  SWEDISH WOMEN.  Rceicnce for women rs one of thc  immemorial Scandinavian charac-  'ristics. The women themselves are  emulous of i..a���������c~lij.io ac*ii.e. eri.cnts  and are keen lor obtaining thc same,  civil lights 'lhe woman ol the south  uoiiiinau..s h\ ner charm, .u.ei t..e  wo.nan ol the north by hu  iuf<~e ol mind, i-.acb has a love ot  physical activity anel a thirst for  -.nowledge. Coeducation pie\ails everywhere in the schools. In no other  country's the woman who is obliged to earn her own living better cared for. All positions and professions  pre open to her.' She may be doctor, professor,, journalist, manufacturer without losing) her woman's  ptsiticn iu the world. The Iirst  transportation company of Stock-  hoi'm was founded by a-woman and  by Inr directed with success. Many  printing shops employ women exclusively. There has, of couise, been the  unprcdentahlc -consequence of this  that Swedish women have grown in-  dilTerent toward marriage, and the  number- of independent women-has"  increased. - ���������  -   ���������   --."  (������������������ Plans,   Specifications   and   De- ������������������  j** tails     furtiishci] for all kinds **  ������������������ of work in the CARPENTER ������������������  ,������������������ Line **  ������������������ C.   B.   ROBELEE,   Carpenter ������������������  ���������* and Joiner,      2nd ave, Lady  ������������������ smith,  B.  0.  -o���������  Via the peoples'Jfavorite  ��������� ���������  -   Under New Alar agme n  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell & Woodbank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly   First  Class.  Commercial Mens'  hcaduii.irters.  Fire Proof     I'iuildirijj.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will  be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith, B.C.  of  J.he  Pacific find  theii way in  through  the  passes of   the "mountains and  exert   their "influences   toward   hooping  the    -atmosphere at a more equable  temperature      than  is  found   tin ther  erst       The    summer     islaiilv  five  from frost/and imtateres,  turnips and  oats are  grown  by   the  naliws.   The  snowfall  in  winter is  not heavy,  averaging--'from a foot.-to  a foot  and    a  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria, B. C.  Manufacturers Of the Celebrate*  IRONCLAD BRAND  :':of':::::^:'  OVERALLS..  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,    SHIRTS, ETC;  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given  in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  I adysmltb. B   C.  PAINTINO,   PAPER     riANGINO  ETC.  Work done properly and at _ right  pricos. Shop, and residence in rear  if  Ladysmith  Hotel.  J. E. SMITH.  Prop  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with  BLAIR  &   AD-AM.  All work first-class at THE CHRY  JTAL, VICTORIA..,-.  The City Market  R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,      Ladysmith  The Ladysmith  Opera House  Public Notice  "Attention is* called to the     fact that the  Ogilvie Flour riills Co.,  Limited,  makers  of ROYAL  IIOUSEH   OLD   FLOUR,     have for some time  past, been producing flour in a    vastly  improved  and purified form  by -the aid of      ELECTRICITY  and having secured  control   of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity-of advising   the   public   that  any-unauthorized users of the electrical   (lour purifying processes   will be pro-  ���������ecutad.  Caa he secured for Theatrical purposes, Dancing Paities, or Entertainments generally.  U)   NICHOLSON, Prop  LOTEL DOMINION  ���������Sates !}L_5 ������-. d fiLn ���������  ree bur to aIl6teHmbo.it  landings and  railw.y depots.   Electric w re   verj fivt  minutes to all parts ol   the city.   Bm  and table nnexcelhd.  F. BAYNHS, Proprietor,  ���������orr-OTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER   B.C.-  ?**_*"*  _������-_������-_*_.  Ogilvie Flour Mills CoaiaJ limited.  a������e the only millers in Canada whose; Flour is  purified*.by the electric process.  HILBERT  NOWISlHf. TIME     1 HENStrS NURSFRIES  to do Spri.icj Cleaning  |  I'apering and Tainting, and  7  make things look neat and clean.  From a sanitary point oi view it-is  absolutely necessary. We- do papering  and Painting at most reasonable rates for the best work obtainable here.  No trouble to.show you our new colorings and designs in Wall-Paoers for  this season. Call and see them a*- t-he  Ladysniith Wall Paper Depot, 1st Avenue, k .-. i.      .'<> '-  HARRY KAY  This   I Intel   has   been  completely  renovated.  Board and  Lodging $1.00 per day  HOTEL- PRETOR1K  JOHN   THA,  Proprietor  Bar   Supplied  with   tbe   Best    Wines, i;>*j:n y    '   \.  Liquors and  Cigars. 1st Avenue :���������  :-: :-:  Ladysmith B.C.  ....JDealersJin;   INEW CROP-  Home Grown 8c  Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND  HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.-  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  Pianos and  Organs?.. .  The Farmer's  Meat Market  Geo- Roberts,  JTt    <*4  Prop  eorge Yuen  Merchant Tailor,  Roberts St, Ladysmith  Ladysmith, B. C.  .COPYRIG  Solid Comfort  FOR ALL WHO SMOKE  THE  EHP1RE CIGARS  lOHWUI  &  The only  line now  making   UNION  DEPOT    connections at  ST. PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains     from     the     Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE,  THE  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  KATES,  THE  FASTEST TIME-  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   Agent,  151  Yesler Way,   Seattle.  The Kings Hotel is thc only place  In Ladysmith that das on draught  John Lahatt's India PalB Ale. Call  around and sample it. i . !.;  Overiands  Daily  2  Passengers can leave" Victoria daily  at 8 p. in. or J1 p. m.,  TICKETS SOLD TO ALL POINTS  Shortest     route to    Feinie, B.^C.;  and   ALL   KOOTIONAY POINTS.  ��������� For  rales,      folders,     sleeping car  reservations aml all  information call  on or address  S. 0. YER ICES K. J. BURNS  G.W.P.A., 75 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  Esquimalt  & Nanaims Raibay  Time Table No. ������4,  TAKING EFFECT THURSDAY,   \PUH.  16,   If0">  Northbound Southbound Not thbound Sal. Sun. Sot.thb'/i  Leate Daily Anne   Leave     and   Wed. Arrive  A.M.    P. M. p. M.     P. M.  Victoria      0:00 li Ot!  Victoria   Sh'awnigan  Lake      10:20  10 Ki Shav.ni<>aii Lal.e  Duncans  li.uO io 02  Duncan ~   Ladysniith   ..:    11:57    9.10 Ladvsniilh    Nanaimo       12/40    S 20  Nanr.imc.   ".  Ar.' Wellington        12-53Lv 3 CO   \r. WoUinglon    7 52  de  4.00  THROUGH TICKETS  TO   CROFTON.  Via Westholm. Stage leaves daily except Sundays, connecting wilh North  and  South   hound  trains.   Double stage service Wednesdays _nd Saturdays  connecting   with  morning  and  afternoon trains.   Fare from Victoiia, Single -$2.40.     Return, $3.60. "  THROUGH  TICKETF  VICTORIA  TO ALBERNI.  Stage leaves  Nanaimo 'Tuesdays   and Fridays on 'airival of train from  Victoria.    Fare  from- Victoria,   single 4.5.201 ' Return $8.C5.  Excuision rates in effect to all points, good going Saturday and Sunday,   returning not  later  than  Mondday.  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  ' ". '��������� ��������� . ;. Traffic Manager.  ���������1.80   7.55  5.17   0.46  5.55  5.554  0.45  5.00  7.37  4.15"  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R.- Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-mo dulled. Rates* %2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,  1���������4.  BARBER    SHOP AND BATH ROOMS  Tbe   KSPLANADK    between  the  Grand and AbboUsford,  William Powuks, Prop.  F.flcB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAIMO,  ladysmiih  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT .RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing  and  making to  order   ���������  speciality.  THOflAS 1YICEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  TICKET ^OFFICE  Cor.   Go\eminent      and   Yates   Sto.,  Victoria, IL- C-  Trains^  Transcontinenta'  Trains  Daily  3  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited," Ride on it always.  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through tic .-  cts issued to all paints East and  South, also Pullman- tickets- is:.i:ed'  and berths reserved'.  Only direct roiit.c to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap rates from all points  E as U from March 1st to Mtu'y 15th.  Steamship tickets on sale lo al.  European points. Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin accommodation  reserved  by wire.  For  further  particulars call  at the  0������"' or phone No. -IfiG.  A.  I)'  CARLTON, C. E.'LAN'G  A.G.P.A.,  N.P., General  Agent  Portland,  Ore. Victoria,   B.C  |*^.t������^W^.t*-^.'������^.*4-^������*^.*������-:^-*-^-**^.'������������!:"'fe������b'^������5"^  I  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  ������ . '  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER OltES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSiMITTH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the.Sea  t  |  THOS. KIDDIE.        |  Smelter Manager. ������  ���������i,fe*,*^*fe#b'fe#i*fer������>"fe*"'fe#.''*^*'^ft'fe*������*^^  | CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  | General Manager.  W. SILER.  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  W  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HIGH STREET.  :���������:���������: licst in' the City :���������:���������_  RATKS $2.00 PI$R DAY  SjVVlPr.U RQJMS  nAR SUt'l'rjJJD WITH BRS*  M'INCS, I.lyUORS. CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  - BeetaccomoJation in town.   Splendid hunting and fiahing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  fecs***:******'**'**:**'****^  X  X  X  9  X  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  -   EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSMITH Jf  X  X  X  X mawm^m  mmaw     WWI   KlWVrlV ,    J  | PHONE 66 *  *X9X������X9X9X9X*X*X9X*X9X9 ***- -'* *'^������*A>X^X*X*X*X**9  WM. MUNS1E, President  J.  W.  COBURN, Man.  Director  Telephont-I-IO.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT,  FIDD1CK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles a  Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     ol���������  Rou&h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring      and  Finishing    Lumber   In   Stock.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8700.000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  'B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'I Manager  THEJONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Goocr Table, Good Bed and Good Bai  (Half Block from Depot.)  HIGH  STREET, LADYSMITH  ir-  fuaman  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and under         3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  ���������'    $10        " " $30......   10 cents  ."    $30        " " $50    15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any ollice in C  nada of"a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points   ll the United States.  KKCOTIAI1LK  AT A  FIXED  RATI! A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   , LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of rcmittin   small sums of money  with safety and at small   :ost.  LADv5:il".ITH BRANCH  W.  A.   CORNWALL.  Manager.  DENTIST  Stevens  Block,  Ladysmith,- B.C.  Dentislry   in  all  its   Branches;   every  j-  new appliance.  EUROPE    HOTEL  J. GIACHERO, Prop.  Newly    furnished,    everything    the  best, finely stocked bar.       Transient  rate, $.1.00 per day.    Monthly   rate,  $23.00.  First Avenue . . . Ladysmith, 13. C.  Ladysinitli   l*cniple No.  5  Rathbonr,  Sisters  meets  in tire Oddfellow's hah  2nd  and  <t.th  Tuesday al. 7.30" p.   m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate, secretary.  /  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the -bar is up-to-  date. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :���������: :���������:.Ladysmith  LADYSMITH  BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE  ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED   AND FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER LOAF  Confectionary ol all kinds.  Ordera taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  ( Employment Agency.  haTMiFaW  farm produg.  Orders will be -delivered anywhere  iu tlie city promptly, and at the lowest posyible' prices.  Leave orders at Christie's,  on the  Esplanade. ,  JAS. WARNOCK. ,  i> DAILY LEDGER  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������  ���������������������������������������������  ���������  $  T-!  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba I  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  thc discretion oi the Minister of the  Interior.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ���������**������������������������++++   ���������^^^  -���������  ��������� ���������   ���������  ��������� ���������������������������������������������������������������  ��������� ���������    ���������*>   ������������������   ���������������������������  There is No Necessity  of sending away for anything    you may rc-quire in  Hardware or Garden Tools  ��������� ���������������������������������������������  We can supply  your wants in all   seasonable  goods such asi Hccs,  pades, Shovels, Rakes, Lawn  Mowers,  Poultry netting, Etc.  Prices Always Right  PITT & PETERSON,  Duncan,    B. C,  ESTABLISHED 1878  DUNCAN and QUA/1 ICH AN  W. P, JAYNES  ���������Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American CYeam   Separator Co , Grant Powder Co.,  'and B. C. Pottery Company. ���������  Alao Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home Grown Product*."  ���������B  Jzo<_I?aIem  /Jotel  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES FOR COWICHAN  LAKE MONDAY,  WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.      MOUNT.  SICKER   DAILY.  PRICE BROS.,  Proprietors.  Quamichan Hotel  ���������0���������  Keast's Livery &  Freighting Stables  -H. Keast, Proprietor  returning, leaves   Duncan  (Specials at short notice.)  Headquarters   for  Tourists and Commercial Men  ���������0���������  BOATS ON SOMENOS LAKE.  Splendid Fishing, Telephone con ne'e-  tion.  FRANK CONRIIYT, Prop.  Duncans Station.  Stage leaves Mount Sicker at   7  a.m.,  at 12:30 p.m.,, daily, except     Sundays.  X   X   DUNCAN,   B.   C.   X   X  ROBT. GRASSIE & SON  GENERAL BLACKSMITHS  AN EASTER OPENING  FAIR'S  MILLlF store  OPENED AT DUNCAN  Newest creations  in  Millinery. Up-  to-date Hats   Made and Trimmed to  Order.at Shortest Possible Notice.  FLOWERS,      FOIL AGE.   All    Ladies     cordial);      invited    to inspect  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  HORSE SHOEING A SPECIALTY  STATION STREET,  DUNCAN, B. C.  DUNCAN ^^^;m$BS^,  S. J. Hagan, Manager  ���������fr    Freighting a Specialty   ������f  PRICES noDERATE  FIRST-CLASS  TURNOUTS     OF   RIGS,    HARNESS,   HORSES  DUNC AN.I   B. C.  Your patronage solicited  '���������    '*-��������� * -*-*���������"  Telephone in  Connection  1 *#*-  T  x.  x  ,fx  _^-)K..)K-.^'4(-^-.)t(.-^-^-^- -;#r^r^r*H������^X'X'X  X  *=$  ;*:  R.B.ANDERSON  HIGH GRADE BICYCLES  x  BICYCLE AND GUN REPAIRING.     ACETYLENE GAS  FIXTURES AND GENERAL METAL WORKING  Fine lines, WATCHES,  CLOCKS and JEWELRY REPAIRED.  SATISFACTION   GUARANTEED.     -  Oddfellows Block    ���������    ���������  X-X  X X- X-X^*r-*r-X-.  -71"7I\ -      '������*     '.%     '������*.     /I*.  ��������� Duncanv, B.C.  -X-X~ X   X   X   X  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where  the  lessee may dregde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where  a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or frac  tion is sufficient.   Rental,  $10  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2k per  cent,  collected on the output after it   exceeds $10,000.'  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The i-ssec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  lstdayof August iu the year ofthe  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of ihe lease, and one dredge for  (each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $160 per mile for  first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch," river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  ength, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  j thc width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked byw two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking a  claim must hald a free miner's csrti-  ficate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim . of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of J  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be'  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at ihe rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  ifukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims" by purchase," ""and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by-filing notice, and paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work  must  be done on a claim each  year to the value or at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be retained each year;    il  not, the claim *t_H be deemed to   be  abandoned, and    open to occupation  and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing  notices  in   the  Yukon official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All  unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory,  are open to prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on the land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not exceec  these limes the-breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  ODD PUNISHMENTS.  In the reign of     yueen Alary a man  was pilloried in      London for selling  pots of strawberries,  "the which the  pot ���������   was half     full, but filled  with  fern."   Poor old cheapside has doubtless  seen many     similar frauds.   At  the same  ....period persons were oftem  Pilloried for selling bad fish, and the  ���������fish,  itself     was hung     around their  necks.   The. public  was  thus allowed  to avenge itself.   A'-butcher who had  ���������vended diseased     meat was made to  ride    around     London . with his  face  toward the horse's,    tail, with half a  lajnb before   and another behind and  veal ami _alf   bones before him on a  pole, raw.   His. own meat, no doubt,  and therefore not too savory. A similar punishment of riding round-London, in a cart was given to a "certain  Per    person who had     sold   his wife to a  butcher.   Let   us l.oj.e that tin's sale  was purely matrimonial.  &&9999^&9-**.**������.*$&^6e������M^*^**^**^9m%������19t,  Union Brewing J5o |  NANAIMO,  B.C. S  i  BOCK  BEER  NO WON TAP  The yearly return of the BOCK BEER"Season is of interest'to the  Brewer aswell as the .Public,   and the Union Bosk Beer for'  1905  will  show that special care has been takebin'tlie manufacture   of  tins superior article.  DECAYED  TREES.  A treatment     recommended for old  trees     having     large holes, in them  caused "by dec-ay following the removal of a large branch i.s to Til I the hole  with coal -ashes���������    well tamped down  finishing   with     about an inch bi cement mortar,  Tlie ashes will take up  the moisture,     and the cement keeps  out (ihe rain     and insects and checks  further decay to a     considerable extent.   The     treatment  improves  the  appearance of     old'trees and lengthens their lives.'  The Union Brewing Co.'s Bock has been brewed  for a -lumber   of  -months and-stored in their famous cellars until it bar, reached the  proper age,   and is   now ready   and  procurable on  draught  at     all  Saloons.  *���������.'������������������ W  5  al-  jOCLISTS THAT   BRING TERROR  In South     Africa   locusts are not  those     solitary green     insects  that  crawl     laj-ily   over     the tapplc tree  trunks and     onlived-the July nights  wilh, the   buzz of     their Lilliputian  sawmills.   They,   are big,,reddish yellow grass-hoppers,, with long, strong  brown, -wings'. ..and  two little millstones of teeth  that     will masticate  any thing that can  be forced between  them.   They are neither solitary-nor  lazy.   They    are.;..warriors,  live ami  breed in camps     millions strong and  campaign in armies  miles in extent.  They fear nothing    except an explosive noise,  a,nd     their Coming is the  signal for an     uproarious rattling 0f  pans and   a frenzied   R.yclling among  grown men and   '".women, .that would  put to shame    the Yankee small boy  on the Fourth of July.   Poor, simple  people that, they are,  their crops are  their all,     audit is a matter of life  and death     wilh   them     to keep off  those terrible insects.���������Centurv.  Miners' Drilling Macines  Made to-order and Repaired at short   notice.    Drill Sharpened  by  us  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired. ,  Shipsmitlning   in.  aJ*     its    Branhes.  Horseshoer^and Genera-! BJacksmitns.  Davie? Murray  Buller Street   - V  ���������-   -   Ladysrnithi, B   O  WE  NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ���������   ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR . THE BEST MEATS"  IN THE MARK ETS.  WE  ARE NOW; BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF THE RO  OKIES,  YOU WILL GET THE BE ST IF-YOU BUY FROM US.  PANNELL    d.      PLASEKTT  STPVE^���������S BU.CK, 3,T, .CB��������� ���������" ,. ^ .ADVSmTHi ��������� ,  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA  THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gross  put.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free n.i���������ei's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according  to  capital.  A  free     miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  fame with  two  legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, ona  additional   day  allowed  for every ad-  The  out- |ditional ten miles or fraction  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At least $100 must .be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining  recorder in lieu  thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  othpr requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister  of     the Interior  to  locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,       entry fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  flhewan River olaims are either bar  or bench,  the former  being 100    feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.  The latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,006 feet.   Where steam pow-  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of tho Interior.  Department of the Interior, _.  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  -:o:-  er is used, claims  be obtained,  200  feet wide may J VI0T0  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd.  Pacific Coast   Agency. I  ."���������: :���������: :-: ���������������������������B.C.  i  ;    THE  GENTLER  SEX.  The new waist' admits of an end-  fess  variety  of   trimming,   but     no  amount of -ornament can conceal    a  single/false line- The lining /must be  correctly cut and boned and fitted to  perfection.   Tlie material   may be' put  on- -eitr*er-*-.severely plain or softly  draped.    The  simple  surplice,  effects  adapt themselves .readily to the. 1.905  bodice,  and by  studied draping  they  can be made becoming to the full figure as well  as  to the slender one.  Sleeves continue full at the top.  The shirring down the centre or  along the inner seam is varied by  gathering, -. cording or smock-in, r  by the newest device to secure the  butterfly ���������- effect. This is a series of  little tucks two inches long, and  taken crosswise in the centre of the.  upper sleeve, much like the rungs of  a ladder. Ruffles and puffs of lingerie  falling over the lower arm, add a  graceful .finish.  Very dainty and pretty arc the  little tuckers and chemisettes worn  with the open-throated surplice and  droped bodice.  The demand  for a graceful  spring  at the. hip-line had .revived lhe circular and umbrella skirts,   modified  to  meet  the  present  fashion   for  exaggerated fullness about the feet. Most  of  them     are plain at the top, hut.  plaits,   tiny   Lacks  and  guaging       in  front  and   above   the  hips   are  used  for thin women.     Separate, coats of  linen  are  exceedingly smart.���������Delineator for May.  The most, noticeable feature in   the  newest importations  i.s  the profusion  of trimming arranged at the backs of  the     hats.   Another     feature of this  season's hat  is  the  bandeau.   Nearly  every new model has a bandeau,  anil  it may be   placed at,  thc back In accentuate     the  trp-tilted  brim,  or at  the side,    where     the brim i.s either  flared or folded over to meet the top  of the crown, while some of thc daintiest creations     have a liny bandeau  in     front or     even all    round.   The  shape will    take on entirely different,  aspects by a    clever handling of tlie  bandeau.  Floral trimmings were never so  beautiful, both as to form and color  , and almost, every hat of any importance is adorned with some sort  of flower or foliage. Roses bold first  place in the trimming of smart headgear, and each season they appear-  more attractive. Garlands oi miniature morning glories, pansies in pas  tel, and conventionalized pansies, and  thc fluffy,"' feathery thistles, suggest  delightful effects" in the adornment of  spring and .summer headgear.  One of the picturesque hats of the  season i.s the Corday in broderie an-,  glaise, ribbon or flowers form the  trimming. The newest; turban is perfectly round with the edge of thc  rollerl-up brim meeting the crown  edge.���������Delineator. ������.     ���������* - t,-*.-*..   .  x LAC /SMITH TRANSFER CO. x *  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AN.DHOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOV   "  ED PROMPTLY ;-A- ND  SAFELY.  ���������Sla*les in ihe rear of the Lad-ysmith hotel.  i Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   thc  WILLIAMS AND WASKET  OLDHICKORY  FURNITURE  Ts  Just Perfection  for Your        !  LAWN OR VERANDAH  the  It  is     just  finished naturally��������� with  fort has.-been     carefully considered.  The  hickory saplings and the woven parts of  bark   on���������not. roughly���������com  frrnnes are     made of young  I lie i!i:--r growth bark.��������� _  AN INDESTRUCTieO  I.TI0N  Hickory Chairs as Illustrated, urice $4.0O  -,.  , Willi Rockers, 50c. "Extra  Hickory Reading CSairs with drop arms. ST.oo ca  Hickory Moorish Rockers, woven backs, $7.oo each  Hickory lawn or Verandah Settees, $7-00 each  TheReal old "Andy Jackson" chairs $8.5o each  ���������Weiler Bros.,  VICTORIA  sws**s*S_. *~?St&S3tt^&Ss&emBBm3&&i  B.C.  I  *ai-*yM������*s><-3^^  lb Make Hard Tiir.cs Good       j  and Guod Times    Better I  Buy Your Meats F  H. & IrV. MEffl.l  roxia  8frr-r  in.  NEXT DOOR TO THOMSON'S HARDWARE STORL  WE CAN SATISFY YOU  M. R, SIMPSON.  Solicitor, Etc.  Money   fo    Loan  1st Avenue  -LADYSMITH  j H.O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING   of  all   kinds  promptly,  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    at, THE    DAILY    LKDOBlt  LOCAL ITEMS  Rev.   Father Verbeke returned from  Nanaimo on the morning train.  Rev, and Mrs. Boyle left on the  morning train for Victoria, where  the Presbyterian Synod is now in  session. Mr. Boyle will 'return on  Sunday for services, but Mrs. Hoylc  will remain in     Victoria .for a week.  -VT THE ABBOTSFORD,  K    J'ei*'er,   Victoria.  U   TL   Jeffrey-;,  Vic I or ia.  Of V   Williams-,  Vancouver.  E.  Cc.  Parncll, Vancouver.  ��������� *   _  There will be several transfer of  licr rises applied for at lhe next . regular meeting of the licensing hoard,  which take-; place on Wednesday, t'e  17lh of .I line. Two notices of application are puMMird, as is reqjn'r-  cd by law, in this issue. Th>>rc will  most   likclv be others.  A   TREMENDOUS   CARGO.  'I nc ug  uill  liner .Minnesota is de,  lajud at  l-*ort Townsend as   a result  ol  ihe   bicuKing   down of  the  machinery 01  the \e*scl.    'I he .steamer   was  pends      upon   the  man   who  attends  practice  the  more  regularly.  j   (.'over Point���������Joe Rejnolds, also a  certainty.    Outside of  Joe  will     toe  j Waldo Matheson,   who  will, play  the  first game here surely, and may stay  in   Vancouver  altogether  through" the  season.  I Now it becomes wise not to become too definite. Suffice it to say  that  Cameron  will play centre,  God-  proceeding to sea on her way     Irom  f"-y,  George Matheson,  Murray,  Bob  Seattle to the Orient   with a   hea.v  Springer      and   Oao   will  be  on   the  cargo on Tuesday at 5.30  p.m,   wlun  ,nine  il n������*'"'"ff  to Ho  contrary   hap-  the starboard engine was damaged bv  *'ens'    T,,e olhe''  l*-*"-*'*01'8 .**������������      ->e  the breaking ol {he hi-m pressure pis'- .,Illed      wilh as  ^  m(-u  as   U"ese  dav made an examination of the darn- |tha,t arc '������������>-i������������n������5d.  .                    ... .       ..    .   .               J here      is one  thing about       Ihis  age and  repairs  will lie el.cctcd     as I            .     .                  ...  . ,,                  .,. .team���������it is an  evcnlv  balanced  one,  tiiiiclv.lv as possible. '   ...   4l        ....         /           .,  '..',. r                 .       iwith  the addition of as good a  ton.^   Cluei*- Engineer Lacey yesler-  Thc steamer has a trenieiidous c-ar-  j,o_,28,OflW���������to'ns  measurement,     28,-  :")00 tons dead weight.   According   lo  - i ���������      ���������    .    .-      will do Die  i I the      men  who  plav  a Seattle paper, the ship and   cargo !olhc>1. t^ows out  Ithal arc  I There  mm���������i  with the addition of as good a man  in goal as ever played between the  flags around this district. There is a  slicing defence in front of him, and if  there'keep  the  icpre*,ente-d   a  tt.J-.il   valuation  of  $S.  -Jiiit look in at Knight's window  and sec lhe. new souvenir goods just  in. New. Post cauls, books of views,  leather pnsl-t-ards arid a niimlK-r of  oilier   souwnir  goods   of   Ladysniilh.  Don'I   forgcl   Knight's  1 liciii  for sale.  Books I ore has  AI-\Y   CELEBRATE   HERE.  (Continued  from   I'agc One.)  ceived    from      Nana'mo   today,   and  which   is  relia-l.le,  slates   that       ihe  sports      f.f   that   city   are   disgusted  v.iih   lhe  whole state of affairs,   .aid  MRS. WARD'S  STATEMENT  (Associated Press Despatches.)  Philadelphia,      Alay   I.���������Mrs.   Florence  Ward,  of  P-oit  Kennedy,  ?v  sister   of   Mrs.   Robert.   Rush (on   Shaw,  who,     nvith her husband,  was found  dead  in  a held  near  Hnckpool,    Eng-  | land,  yesterday,  made a sta U-incnl in  i deft nee of her  sister's memory      today.    She said  her sister was  Eli/a  beth     Walker  Teddy  res t.  I   it   was  also  mentioned   that    Nick  Morrison was  slated for the defence,  and that his name could be.mentioned.    The home  this  year will  be  the  remarkably fast ami speedy one lhat  ;first t   opened  people's  eyes  in  that  'celebrated draw      game which after-  Iwards      caused   thc  trouble  between  Vancouver   and   Westminster.       This  year  Vancouver  will  make a     good  showing.    It  may  lie a   little early  ���������and   they are  to   play  on   thc  other  [lellows'  grounds,  but when you come  [ f o   think  of it,   they  know about as  much about thc Queen's Park as fhey  do   about   Brockton   Point.  !   Do  not   talc .this as a lip  to bet.  i_^__5s_5  have  decided   to  obtain   the, Calcdc.-r  iau grounds and have a sporting pun; ���������Siia'v in this *"ity-fiiie years ago, she  niainme independently .of that tarra.ig*ihci������S HI "years old and the husband  cd for by the eelcbratien people. The only 20. They were first cousins-and  Ladvsmi'th sports were asked if th-'y ; U>������ mother of Shaw,; with whom they  weie a-rerable to plav under tn*--*.- !���������'���������*-'*��������� ��������������� Daekpcol, was jealous,of the  conditions. Wh.il di������-U.in :e i . t,M-ve which: the husband bestowed up-  l.o,s will arrive at is not yet Known. ;on his yountt wife. The mother, Mis.  They certainly do not feel flattcivd ' Hard staled, idolized her son and  nv ihe tieat.menl thev have received was opposed to his i.urri-a,gc. This  by the N'ana.imos for thev wcre utid-r , fact, she intimated, might' have had  lhe impression that the" football w.is -something to do with the iragedy  a sine thine, and il was, lo a lary which ended their lives,  degree on "account of this that tlu-y ' "My sister was highly esteemed  egreed' lo plav basket-ball' and bi*v- ;*">' her friends here and a brtter-girl  ball   there     Altho-igh   Nanaimo    lo.*,l   "ever      lived,"   declared   Mis.   Ward.  and was married to JTakc it as an. opinion to make you  think that there is a -pretty good  team iu Ibis city, which is just .as  likely to win from Westminster as  not. Aaiyhow, go out to practice  some night" and form flic same opin-  on, and if you see thc practice play,  it. is a certainty that you will journey to "Westminster to see lhc actual  ompel it ion.  11 "Df  pots' gens  You should try us. We  have fitted out so  many boys' and have  had so much boys*  clothing    experience  that  We've learnt the  trick  DRYSDAU- STEVENSON  Co.   Ladysmith  "1 '���������������������������-_.������������������*_���������"������ M  in  the league match for  the  B.      C.  Challenge    Cup,     fhey  can,   williou'.  doii'liT'  put up a good  football   team  and   the   match   would   have        n   ':i-  tsrcsling.  A gical   many of  the 'ocil  are talking seriously of  ui ranging '���������<���������'  a sport's eeIi-l������atioii here'on U\e  -lib  nl"    .May,   and   cutting   the   Nan lir.-.o  pioposition   out of  the question     It  is a gnat  pi Iy   that the  both.-r  . a-  arisen,    but  as  mailers stand   ' ������<ic  certainly seems to l>e  no reason  v. hy  a celeUration   locally should  not   he  a  success.      The   proceeds   that   wo'iid  be domed   from   the sporting event-  could   he used    to     defray     :pmi���������>���������."!,  ���������.travelling,   etc.)   of   the   us.so.-i.i'ion  rootball   team's   projected   trip       i<>  Portland  and  referred  lo in aiioWi'i'  column.   The J\..l...i was in from Victoria  this  moining for coal.    ���������  R.S. Tricolor is due in for a full  cargo Ihis wee'; and the Wellington  will piobably lie in for a full 'c.-.rgo  on Tuesday next.  Sft. Venture is" in -"or f-icl on her  way  north.  Tug Bert and scow's, wcre in for  coal   this morning.  S.S. Selkirk is in today and     this,  afternoon  will commence loading-*--T\  Taconia, May H.���������In a twenty-round  llglll.    .Ol'    (HC   lilHulleWCiglU.   Ulill. Jj-ilJll  .....,- u. u.e . uCiiiC coast, j.oi.1111*.  minis, oi oincago, tonigiht neai ua>u  Barry, of San Francisco.  . !.iv i.gnt was tne ut-st seen in Taconia in years. It was full of action  irom tlio nrst to the end of flic twur-  ���������Tt is an outrage lo even suggest.  .n\ thing improper in her life previous to her marriage. We lived together for vcars and il was impossible for her to have been implicated ������.v rounds, and kept a.crowd that  overs', in an intrigue' with a man without icraum.td Germaiua theatre irom top  knowlrdee.    I declare  positively   Unit- | to  bottom     wild     with excitement.  Both lighters did splendid work.   All  I she was a pure, good girl, incapable  of doing wrong. We. have all been  lro';ing forward to a visit from my  sister and her husLund, as j Shaw promised when he married her jand took  her away that they would come back  for a visit ,to 1i*t paicnls and friends  in five years.  The parenls of Mrs. iS haw, reside in  Port Kennedy at present, having re-  mo*, ed to that place subsequent to  the marriage of  their daughter.  1 man lia.nl with his right.   Bi  j slow in defensive  work' and  'end of tue light showed seal  X   X   X   X-X-&-Xr-X-  SPORTS  - Xr-X-X^X-X-)VrX-  rt\        ^.1  ce Smelter matte for Tacoma.   ���������TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  NOTICE i.s  herc-by given  that at the  next   sitting of  the  Licensing Court  lo ire. held .at Ladysmith,  I intend to  apply  for a transfer' of  thc  retail  liquor  license      now  held by    me     for  Ihe       premises        known       as     thp  Central    Hotel,'     situate  on Lot,  -1,  Block 21, Ladysmith, B.C., from myself  t.o  David   II.   Davies  and       from  the  sa:d ��������� Central' to  lihe   New    West  ern  Hotel,   situate  on   Lot  .*", 'Bloc!;  28,  Ladysmith,   I'.   C.  FRANK   BARDESONO.  Ladysmith,   IL  C, May  2nd,. laor..  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  X0TICI-: i.s herr-iiy given  that, at   the  next   siltii-g   ot   the   Licensing  Court  In  he  held.al. Ladysniith,   I  intend to  npjily   fur a I ransfer  of  the  retail   li-  qii'ir       license     now    held     by    me  for    the    premises    known      as      thc  Kings   Hotel  situate -on  Lot   1,   Block  !I7,   Ladysmith,   li.   C,   from   myself  to   .Joesph  Tassin.  By his duly authorized agent,  HENRY   RE1FEL.  WILLIAM   JOSEPH.  Ladysmith,   li.   C,   May   2nd,   10(1?,.  KRKSII     CHOCOLATES. |  -At���������  HOY'S BAKERY  1st   1 venue.       Ladysmith  'HIE ROD.  "Fishing  in   the   .-bay is continuing  ery successfully and on Tuesday and  \cslerday one    c-r two very nice cap-  iurcsof-salmon     and trout have been  brought into town..  Phe salmon  are  in the very best, of condition and are  said to be     very   gamy and  t.o give  . good sport.  LA CROSS F.  Quite a      likely  lot of  youngsters  will sport Vancouver's colors.on  the  playing      field in lacrosse this year,  savs   a  Vancouver   report. There     is  through the light, Rutins proved the  quicker on his feet, did more clever  dodging, and excelled in infighting.  Barry showed a great capacity for  taking punishment, and during the  most   ol the   fight  rushed  his  man.  Burns lauded eliectively, and in tlie  clinches and bieahawajs found his  man lianl with his right.   Barry was  at     the  scais   abo'it  J the head ami  shoulders .amd  had     a  bad c\c.        Burns  looked  little     fhe  woise for  wear.     Jimmy  Carroll  ot  Tacoma,  referecd. ��������� .  j   There  were     three     preliminaries,  Chick/Hudson, of Seattle, and   Solly  Stioiip,  of Philadelphia, had  a     fast  ten-round go, referecd by Prof. C.  I..  I ((.lines,   of Seattle,   Hudson   getting  the decision.  Tke Dougherty, of Seattle, . and  Young Baney, of Pittsburg, fought,  a clean four-found 'mill; Dougherty  winning.  York Gleason and, Caesar Hatfield,  both. of Scattlej who were on : for a  preliminary, broke away in the iirst  roMiid, Gleason claiming unfair work.  Bobbie Johnson, of Seattle, referecd.  PERSIAN SHERBET  One Pound Tins 25c.  Tt makes a delicious effervescent drink.  i..is tr.*wnii,g stunts. Fiom now on  Jimmy will only work in the ai.Ci-  nojn.s.  The feeling that Brill will k.\e n  all n.s o\vn way has changed, and  many of the ligiit ex per Is looiv . lor  a good battle. '1 he-scales showed  iioth Britt ���������r.d White at the roqiiiri.d  weight,   i.i'6 pouni.s.     There is not. a .strawberries  insects���������in    i*.'tcl,  its"  habits may be  such   that,   il   is  really   injurious,   To  be oi direct-benefit to thc fruit grow  er a bird must feed upon insects', that  cause   bun   injury.    An   example   .- oi  this     type   i.s   the   American   cuckoo,  which   feeds   Hy prcfe,rt'iu-e .upon  tent  ' caterpillars,   fall  webworms .and  other  hairy  larvae.    This "bird  is  not.   a  fruit    cater ,at any   time;  hence  its  benefits are positive, and it deserves  even    possible   encouragement.  1    Aiauy  insectivorous, birds arc  indiscriminate   feeders.    Tlicy-takc      any;  thing   that  conies   their   way,       and  s-onic ol  tl.ein cal more beneficial and  harmless  species  than,'of  thosVlhat  are  harmful.    Jn  fact,'  lliis  must  be  so  il   wc consider   (he  small   number  of   really   injurious   lorins   in   proportion Jo  the   whole number.  I    As'a matter  of actual   fact  i.s    lhe  growei   of"  fruit   Uel-s  actually       beholden   to  birds     in any  way,       and  could   lie  not    ;do      entirely   without,  them.- '   -  Not a'bird  tackles,the San "Jose or  pernicious scale or any olhcr' of the  fruit   scales.    I know   of   none'     that  eals apple lice,  peach or olhcr  root,  lice or grope lcafe hoppcis. There  is  a bud   thai,  gels-effectively  at       the  poach  boier,   none  1,1ml. digs put  the  .rotiiid- head   apple  borer,   none     that  lakes   the pear psylla, nc-iia- I hat cats  clirculios      enough "to   save   a   plum  crop, and  none that, exercises any effective control out v'ic codlingsmoth.  .Now,  here wi' have most of our chief  orchard  pests, and if every bird were  given  an  absolutely  firt- Jiniid  and  it"  each   did   its   best   the   fruit  grown"  would    ,ycl  be apt   lo lose-fruit or  iree,  or  both,   according ,to   the  species nf insect involved. .    '  In     other   words,   no   matter  how  many   birds  arc Iri  nn  orchaid,    the  fruit glower would yet have lo spr.iv  jusf,     exactly   as   he  does   n'ow, and  were  evoiy   bird   removed   he   would  no!      jia\o   lo   spray   much,   if  any,  more.  The   robin   is  espccfhlly   mention^l  here because this bird has  become ko  numerous   and   so  bold   in   our* stale'���������  thai  it is now .a vci tihli, pes I  to (be  fruit,,     giower.    All   kinds   of^snuU  fruits      arc     lal'i-n,   beginning' with  and   cherries   in   sprin;,  \^srmmkrsx^^sss^^mm^e&mri-  Sacks o  -Just Received-  "ROYAL HOUSEHOLD"  '-'LAKE OF THE WOODS'  ���������     "FIVE ROSES"   '  Bananas, Oranges   and the Season's   Fruit Al"  ways on Hand  SIMON LEISER &.C0 Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  LAvDYSMj^ra  half pound dill'ciencc.  "While is somewhat taller Uian his opponent.   u���������.   TALLIOST  IN 'HIE WORLD.  Tacoma,     May   i-.��������� What,  is  consisted to be one of Uie greatest icats ev  and eniling with grapes in the tall.  'I housands upon thousands of dollars' loss was caused by theni"< n the  suiunier of 11)0'". It. is fair to. question what benefit then rendered in  return. . ' ...'       '-,,-  'The answer i.s positive.  To the bor  er attempted is the. completion of like iiculluiist they rendered" "iibiie at all  iii'.iiiiiiioui concietechimncy at tne 'la-  lonm smelleis. 11 is the highest  ���������.o.icivic chin.uey in l.'ic world and  was built ior t-..c purpose ol iibating  ihe smeller smoke nuisamc iu lhc  i.orth end.  The height of .the chimney ano\c  t..c base is .'ill? Ret. C 3-1 inches.  'lhe inside ' diameter is 18 feet. The  foundation is 10 feel cquai'c and six  Lei deep.- The consti nctioir o) the  (hi.ii.uy is what is known as rcin-  foiccd concrete and. consists of steel  K.ds running parallel through thc  concrete from the foundation to the,  lop of the chimney.  'lhc cost of the chimney alone was  $75,000, and the connections will  cost $25,0i;0 more.  The chimney consists of two parts.  The lower double shell pait being DO  In the c-iilire- list of insects found in  robin stomachs there is none lhat is  a leal orchard pest, and (here -are  none I ha fe feed upon small fruits that  ciuld not have bein much r more,  c'u'.iply condolled by the hoi'ticul-  Lirist. had they occtirrod in troublesome  numbeis.  ���������Dr.   J.   B.   Smith,   Entomologist-of  (he. New Jersey Expsririiciii-al station,  ACCUSE JAPS OF VIOL AT-      "  l*N()   NI-IUTRALITY.  (Con(inued from Page One.)  DAMAGED BV TYPHOON.  ,Anioy,  China, .May -1��������� The' W-> .con  which swept   o-.er the coast, of .-iot.th  China this week is said lo lam-  aged lhe, I'lusian second       ..'���������    -,ip,-  dion  condderahly.    The  lighl.'r     fs-  feet high, and the shingle shell being sels arc  reported   to have  been  set-  210     feet    high., Tim-"- chimney  was   tercd.    Shipping men   expect   r u   ���������>'  built in sections    ,of three feet,  sec-.'delay.- in'   -the  execution, of   Admiral  tional moulds being used and the entire work being handled from the inside of the chimney, where scaffolding was built as the;work proceeded.  Construction Work- was begun January 25, and the last finishing touch  was put on the structure today.  BIRDS   AND   INSECTS.  We  have: actually   listed   8,500   species      of  insects   from   New   Jersey,  W. T.HBDDLB   CO.  Williams Block  J-adysmitn  PartienlarGrooers.  .   Telephone  1  and at least 500 more will be found, -St.- Petersburg  correspondent o  "Rojes-livcns'ky's plans as a result; oi  the damage'sirs I aired by fhe sqliad-  ron.  PASSING MALACCA.  Malacca/May  L���������Cl.'"p .p.m.")���������   -\:  Russian     division  consisting  of   foi J'  battX^shipSi  an  armoured cruiser and  a gunboat,   accompanied   by. five    colliers, :is  now  passing =;Malacca.  MORE  SMII'S-DOR   RUSSIA.'.-..  Paris,   .May   -L���������According .Jo      the  the.  hut  of  these, less  than   10   per cent.  are in  any way  injurious  to  the  agriculturist,.    Of the  injurious, species  none of our scales is food subject, for  birds,  and  few of our  injurious plant  lice.  Now, a bird  is not  beneficial  to an  agriculturist,  merely   because   if   eats  Petit;      Parisian,   several   transports  will  leave Cronstadl, on May filhifor  South  Africa conveying crews-     ml  military  stores'- For -fbe equipment   of  warships   purchased  by  Russia . from  Chilean      and   Argentina.  The Petit  Journal   prints   a despatch  confirmatory -of   the  foregoing, '  Two First Class Residences  no getting away -From the.fact that  the men-who have bcui practicing in  the evenings, some of them even run-  riing'eariy in the morning, as in.".' or  two did today, look grarnl. Here is  the  probable  line-up:  Coal���������Teddy Campbell, ir arrangements can he made, with his employer lo'li.'ive him play. There is no  doubt about lhe fact thai the oll'i-  cers of the club want Teddy. He is  certainly beyond the one contingency  of  not   getting oft".  Point���������McConaghy   or  Ritchie.   De-  HAVE YOU SEEN  Those Sh'rts, Nobby Ties and Fancy_ Vesta?  Up to lhe Minute in Style and Coloring.  ll.-fcM"-f������������*HH���������������i  IMWItW-MIWM*"!-"*""**"**11"^  At Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C.  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.   TELEPHONE  6-7  GOOD  FIGHT EXPECTED,  San Francisco, May 3.. ��������� Jahez.  white is at weight and lrotir now on  v.-ai work only once a day aiteruai-  mg between 'road work in the morning and gymnasium work, in lhe afternoon. He will do nothing in doors  that will endanger his hands for the  light with Britt on Friday night.  White intends to stay here and light  Battling Nelson in the event of his  heating  Britt.  "I will light Nelson next, month,"  said White, "if 1 beat. Britt. He has  done a lot. of talking and nothing  would suit mc better than' to trim,  him should I beat Britt. If I lose 1  will return to England."  Among those who visited White's  training quarters today were Young  Mitchell and Jimmy Carroll, the one  time bright stars ofthe lightweight,  division. Both Mitchell and Carroll  were surprised at White's ability  They con-cede him everything that  Britt has and much lhat James Edward lac's. Both agreed that thc  fight will  be a good  one,  Britt is commrncing to cut   down  &  To Rent  In the Centre of the City  fat  JOHN STEWART P. O, Box 268  FIRE,  LIFE  AND  ACCIDENT  INS U'RANCE.  CONVEYANCING NOTAI���������   PUnLI������"  BARGAINS  In AU LINES  OF GOODS CARRIED BY US  WATCHES, CLOCKS  RINGS, JEWjSLRY,SIL-  VERWARE. FANCY GOODS OF ALL KINDS  B-FORCFMHER  VVAJCHA'iAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,   B. C  ~a  f&SISE3S^&&&53!a^&3BgSa  FINE BALBRIGbl  with  The Garments ah? Superior m(rade,.aiid iiimmei! and finished  Sateen, and make the coolest and     most   -com fori able   underwear  ihat can he -,-oih this 'hot weather.  ;   , . Sizes 32 to 44  Prices $1.25 and $1.50 salt  BLAIR St  HDM7VY  PHONE 2-1  AVE, & ROBERTS ST  smae&SH^aa&Sggffi&^BaEBESSrl  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  (ist Avenue)       '    -'  Spring Stock on hand, Call early and  get your choice.  JlA*  ���������r-f  ^**r- means  SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT  t';r   Spring   Stock   has  just  arrived,   and   now   is  a good   (imclo    paint.  Covers   more  and   lasts' longer    than any  other Paint, on  the  market.  LADYSMn tt HARDWARE CO., Lid  Dunn  >omy  ���������MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVEIL  Charles Dvnn, of the above, firm, visits Ladysmitli every Sunday for the  purpose of taking measurements and seeing customers personally. May  be seen at the Hotels. We "guarani. cc all slock and a perfect, (il at the-  Jowtsf possible rates. Suits from $15.00 up. Pauls from $1.00 up. AH  Tlaiid-made. A '���������������* -.-������������������-.  *_a  ,^^^S^^!SiM&r<Z-^Sx22^^^S^  ] The Monthly Drawing  forthe  WHITE  GRAM  lh nl   ">  o'clock  p.m.  al i-Jlair  will  take place THURSDAY, MAY nl  it Adam's  Stoic    Everybody     i.-,  invited U- |aiiiiip:.!e.  V%aE33^^m^^MSZ&l^^������'������2������&lB&3������ ij]


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