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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 29, 1906

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 m  "''ATrt.^'-'-*..    '  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.,2  THURSDAY  . March 20,  1906  ev **--  ���������^2-lMC      If^E FIVE CENTS  NEWS NOTES FROM  PACIFIC COAST  One Thousand   Dollars   Conscience  Money is  Paid Into Tacoma  Treasury  M. & St. P. Line lo Adopt Snoqualmie  Pass Through  Cascades  SCARCITY OF  IT  HELD BACK  POLICE WITH  REVOLVER  Vancouver, March, 28.���������Mr. George I Montreal, March 29.���������A sensation  II. Robinscn, General Manager of the was ������������������^���������st*1 ������������������> Longucuil last nighi  ��������� ..       . ���������    ,, \ . , when Maurice Pcrrault,  M.L.A.,     in-  Brilmiiiia mines Company,  Ltd. came     . .   , , .       '    ,  s lis ted    on     speaking     at  a Council  down from the mines on the steamer mCeting, alKl hell, of' (hc chief ol  Britannia hist, night, and is register-, Polk,e and lhe CMlire C(n.n.... at tll������1  ed at the Vancouver. ,IIe is acconr- [0inl ()[ a rcV()Ucl. Tho mcctillR  panied 1-y  Mr. M. Trelour. | was (,llIo(i   lo (|isC1ISS  lhe third rca(l.  In conversation with, a reprcscnta- ,������������������ I)f the Loll ueuil Tramway fran-  tioii of the "Press," at the hotel (.hist> ,JV which COIIIlcc,ion beU-ceT,  last iiir-hl, Mr. Robinson, stated that -,Ion(re:u ail(1 LoilfSMCllil aI1(1 0ihcr  Mice is a great scarcity of miners ti)WMS Q|1 lhe south sJlore wiU ]x  id,  present  and   lhat   there  is     wore 'mM\c  ��������� ; ~       ,.      ��������� rp nM     ;cl   f0!' ai 1?a"l.?������ n!������"  at������ncc a'���������t!,C '    Maiirifc Pcrruult,   member for    the  Tacoma, March  28.-County  Treas-  and  Snoqualmie    Pass  are not,    j������JI   miI10S  at ilritann.a.     There  w.M   be ���������  ur������ LalSn received $1,000 conscience   worked out sufliciently to enable nwiWirk for manv more during the com   s]:cak.  money today,   turned  in  by  a     man   to outline them, iug summer, but the Management   is,    Wavor  j.alomle    illformC(1   nim     h,  who as-'-ed to see nim in his private CALIFORNIA  FLOODS.       uxrcr���������K    .,,,e  greatest   difficulty   hd(.   ,m   r- ht 1q k ^ ^meciin  oflice and then  passed  over  thc  roll-        IIIL     ,     ������������������    V o������    ti.  i������t t   '" SCCUms mi"erS at V^ "' >f  Ul������ <-���������������������������������     Pcrrault  insisted  01111.0   aim    ti"^"    yv. ,    _n     j'bmIm,     TVT^rnl.    98 ���������The    loC:i!     I*���������- .m,./ ���������    ,-l..l,nrl   rli.,1    if   ilinm   io   oiiv  i        ... ���������. .  t  bier  a'dc  ' an    attempt-   to put him out.     Pcr-  C1 J 'rault continued  to address   the niect-  was  struck bv   an Inter irban  last  night, at'Milton, r.ear' Tacoma, "*-*'"������ descriLed.  and   dio<l  in  the hospital here a lew PROMPT AID FOR WRANGEL  hours later    without regainint*   con- Anacortes, March 28'.���������Immediate!-,-  sciousness.    He was well known am' upon  r3ccjUt of  the nc.ws that     th:  oup; turfmen.  , ciiy  of    Wrangel  had  boon destroyed  . t-./->t-.���������,   .���������fAI.lI,���������n r.������oo by   fire, old    northerners "started*   a  ADOPT  ANOQLALMIE PASS. ,      .'           ...        ,. .    ,        ......  <-.    ...     ,,     .   M      ���������     ���������,    .    ��������� subscription   list,   winch   by    tonight  .Seattle,  Manh  28.��������� President   R. ...     ���������'.     tr^   '_            '  tt   in-.i-             r    4i     1-.. ���������         r  1.T-. ������������������ll1 reach over $100.  II. Williams,   of    the .Chicago,    Mil-  waul ee & St. Paul railway of Wash. , THE ACCUSED MRS. LEDOUX  ington,  today gave out  tl������ fust an-"J Stoc'.tcn, March  28.���������Mrs.    Lc-doux  nounccment    of the Company's plans accused of the murder of Albert   N.  mines. <  Mr.   Robinson will  be in tlie  for a few days.    He ex-octs to leave   jng f()1.  a fcw  mlnuteS) ll0i(-lin,,     the  revolver irr .his "hand.   , A   member  of  tho council  states  that;  the arrest of  shortly  on  an extended  trip  Kast.   o   to   the  FAIL WAY  ,    Will APPEAI  for crossing the Cascariis- The rn- Mc Vicar, her former - husband,-pas>s-  nounceincnt reads: "We have decided cd the .greater part of the second  to adopt the Sno'.rV.ialniie Pass route | night in jail in sleep. This morn  through the Cascade mountains. East  of the Cascade our surveys are not'  yet completed. The1-dttails of tho  location    between Seattle,    Tacorr.a,  SUFFRAGETTES BESEIGED  THE PREMIERS  HOUS  Vancouver,     March   28.���������An  appeal  will  I.e    launched    in the action     of  Green  vs.  thc British Columbia    El-  ing     she    apvearcd  in  better  spirits ',cll.i(.    Raiiway  Company,  et nl,   in  than   yesterday, _ and  began     eating   t.���������micc(i(m  wiUl llle sci,tiement  of   a  breakfast when it was brought to her |p()illti of law    rcs;ccting  the limit-a-  l'c"    -    . .    . . .'.     i -' '! ������tion of time in which an action   for  damages  for  death  can  be commenced.     Recently    judgment was handed  down    on     this    point     and it was  against the    British   Columbia   Elec-  ���������i  trie Company.     The tral-of the   ac-  ^j  tion is  vetito come.    Mr. L. G. Mc-  j Phillips,   K.(''.,  for   thc British    Col-  . , lumijiH      Electric    Railway-Compnny,  The London Daily Mail gives     the j at the door of No.  10,  and   created 'uoughl up the point.that  the action  following account of the heroic efforts   such a   distua-banze - that   the police  or   members    of the Women's Social ,were obliged to interfere.  Perraii'll  may  take  ph.ee at any moment.  moving"    H  MOUNTAINS  TO SETTLE  VLADIVOSTOCK  Ottawa, March 29.���������At the request  of lhe United States Government,,  negotiations' have been ojoned . for a  definite understand ng between tho  United-States and Can-xia mpon the  li.sheries questions in border waters,  that have occasioned local friction;-tfe-  tween the two'countries. Uncle Sam  has Ween for some time anxious that  Canada should impost* stricter measures for the preservation of fisheries  in Mississ-quoi Bay, al lhe northern  end of ,Lal>e, Chaniplnin. Canada answered .that she was -'ready to con-  si-derfishcries disputes whcrcier they  occurre<I in coniiginms waters, but it  would be better to deal with these  altogether on a basis of mutual compromise. For her part she was not  going to l.e drawn into a discussion  L-nly on these cases in whi.h the  shoe .'-pinched Uncle Sam. Thc American Government has now accepted  this proposal, and the Dominion accordingly as' ed what points arc desired to -be taken up. It is safe to  assume that Uncla Sam is not goin������  to introduce into ihe negotiations i  the subject of Atlantic fisheries, and  the expectation is th.it negotiations  will be confined accoidiiigly to such  disputes as hate arisui at Passama-  quody Bay, St.. John -RI\er, St.  Croix River, Lale.C hamplain,'St.  Lawrence Riter, tiieat Lakes, Lake  of the Woods, and on the Pacific  Coast. -  As Seen by Capt.   Schonwendt-He  Tells of Outbreak of  Troups  There was Not so Much Bloodshed as  Yellow Journals  Reported  and Political Union to obtain an inter1, iew    with Sir  Henry   Campbell-  Ban neinian. .  .  Sir-lfcnry Cnmsbcll-BannKiinan had  Three of the ladies who clamored  for votes , Miss Keiiny, Mrs. Drum-  meng and Miss Miller,.-speedily found  themselves  in the hands  of the "- po-  a  lively    experience of  the  "suffrag- !lice,  and, struggling violently,     thev  ettes", on Friday.    They  beseigod his [were conveyed to  Caimoiirow   Police  house in the forenoon so persistently .Station  that three of them were  arrested and  taken away /by the police amid scenes  of excitement. '-.''������������������������������������  It is  to the  members;  of   the   Wo-  liun'.s    Social    nnd Political     Union  should  be ,thrown out, as  it wa.s not  commenced   within/ six  months    from  the time, of the death of Green,  who  was  killed  at 1he    Westminster  avenue substation of the company   sonic  years  ago.     Mr.    McPhillijs' argued  that    the     charter    of the   company  provided that all such actions should  be 'brought within six  months  "from  the dale of  the acts complained    of,  Lomicii, Mnr. 28.���������Early on Saturday nioi-ning the inhabitants of New  Tredegar were startled by ,'a', tremendous, fall of earth and rock from the  tops of the mountain'facing the  heights whose shifting and buckling  ha\e lately causi-d much consternation among the people on -the opposite side of thc pict-urresq'uc valley.  Thc latest landslide, which came  down with a noise thunder, and dislodged hundreds of tons.-of debris,  was heard a mile away and caused  iii'ahy people to leave their I.eds in  fear and to flock to the scene. It occurred in the locality- where . twelve  months ago much damage was done  by portions of the mountain shifting  On that occasion the prnrerly of  Powell-Duffryn Colliery .Company suffered severely, and, profiting by this  alarming experience, thc officials had  erected imngaiows for the acconuno-  I-ation  6f * their"- manager   and   other  Mrs. Monteflcre and oth.*r members   an(1  as   this     action   was  not     com-  '������������������-���������,.jais  of the Union, ;  which ks a  Socialist   ineucbd. within that time it could not   * f.|ic*se'a'welliivcs are fortunate      "_ ..: i.:        ���������   li-_���������-.:u���������,l        ...i,n4-       -4rt,.l-   '-���������.'. o      ���������   ���������  0 _      rtelv sit-  organization,    describod, what    took   staml. ;-.  .?:   ,    ,.��������� - .���������*'-',latcd-  outside   'the    run e of Satur-  place as follows: "We stood *��������� round Mr. llarb-McIIarg, counsel for the (, .s. fal, ofchcrwiss'thc-cdnse^iencrs  tlie door,.'-' they said, .'where there piajntin',; con-tended that under th-; nnist. .h ^ .1;,eDir ais-as-irous. The  that this disturbanoc of, tlie normal was a motor-car waiting, and we families Com-rensaticn Act an ac- comI)any ],aVe' gone (0 nu[Cb exiiensa  calm of Downing street is due. A de- were -asked to leave an opening to- aQn could be brought within twelve .^ re),a-j.in' ylc ci,an-ae;C 0f a' ycar  putation of about thirty put in an wards it. ' We knoc'.ed several times months from tlie date of tne act(J an-0 but the latest 'slide threatens  appearance in the forenoon at the and asked to be adinittcd. By-and-r complained of. This action had been. *tQ further injure the colliery workv.-  Premier's official usldence, No. TO, by two men-, whom we too'- to l;c _e-onimenc-c,(l -within, that time, and -it ings'"as Wcll as tlie Brecon and Meu-  to demand  an  interview,  or at least "private,   secretaries,  though     neither   should stand, as  the private act    '"���������' -thyr'railway.  an answer to a  letter they-had   sent   was Mr.Ponsonby, came to thedoor   uie company could not. override   the      Qii  ^ opposite eidc of  the aalley  to the Prime. Minister.; - ;.'.-'.,   and .tphf-us   that, tliere? was nq:   aris-   public act. .   '   .   * .  _      i;oo; further sighs arc" apparent that  On -.'."being    refused ad mission,     the. wer  to the letter and no chance    of..    The appeal   on  the law   point  will   ^j10' moiintain  is  still  moving.      The  ''suffragettes'���������hainmeroil     violently   being admitted.     ;; ��������� .'likely- "bu    brought, before the    Full .rail track at Sebastopol con tin-  MAY BUY  FANNING ISLAND  London, March :;2S���������.The London  Times' , corrospoiulcnt a t. Mobai-t,  the capital of Tasmania, states that  according to reports from the Fiji  Islands an American syndicate, pro  bably backed by the Geiinan govern  ment is trying to secure the ownership of Fanning-'.Island, which .will  be sold at 6Ancliun on April 17.  It is feared that the transfer of  the ownei'.shi,p inn.\*. prove a hind-  i rnncc , to the station of the British  Pacific cable which -was establish  cd,'there  some  years  ago.  praise:0  UNCLE SAM  Victoria, Muich 20. ��������� Among the  passengers who nrrhed yt*st������-rday ' by  the steamer rl remont, was Captain  Schonweiult, who is en route -from  Vlailiiostnck to the wreck of the  German steadier Mu-riechen in Alaskan- waters. Capt. Schonwendt represents tho Hamburg shipping firm  which owns the wrecked steamer,  and which had many vessels nlying  to Orient-ill waters, especially during  the Russo-Japanese war when Capt.  Schonwendt was sent from Germany  to- look after lhe interests ' of his  house, and l.cop track of the vessels  in-Eastern  wateis.  The captain was in Vladivostock  during the outbreak anions Russian  .t-i'obps and witmssod many exciting  events there. With regard to the  cause of the trouble, he stated that  thcouU/ira'ts were occasic.nc-d by a  misunderstanding of an order which  tame from St. Petersburg in regard  to time expired soldiers. The order,  it, seems, s tat id that tlu-se men  would he relumed home gradually,  air being home within eight months.  Throup-h somebody's blunder this was  explained to t-he men n.s leading that  they would not l.e s-ent until eight  months -more service in the .-'east.  This caused great uneasiness among  the men, and being inflamed by the  looting of a few drinking houses the  uneasiness grew to a small rebellion.  LOOTING AND INCENDIARISM  Mouses were looted turd set on fire,  until     thc greater  part of  Vladivostock   was  up 'in  flames.   There    was"  none  of  the  indiscriminate  slaughter  of men,  women  anrL children as some  of the   yellow'���������'journals"would-" have  the  public     believe,   nor was     then-  such  a-  killing among the  troops hy  the  Cossacks who  were brought    to  Vladivostok    'to  quell  the, rebellion.  In Captain  Sch-onwenilt's opinion   ax  an eye witness   on    tlie   scene,    not  more    Ural  seven    or eight bundled  lives were lost instead oi many thousands as represented by press reports  The    interment     of  the thirty-two  men    vth.>     were    killed by  machine,  guns at the house of Uie Vladivostok  coinniaiidante,    which    lulling so incensed   the people that they threatened t-he commandantft's life,  was   buhl  irr, solemn state, though it    furnished  opportunity     for   revolutionary     display.     The    interments     were muulc  with  full  military  honors.   The cannon  on  Tiger* Hill  thundered a   salute,   while choirs  con>poseii  oi    soldiers chanted  dirges.     Two immense  processions,     in     which    then:;  were  thousands  of    soldiers,  sailors    and  civilians carrying red  flags and singing  revolutionary  son^s,  and  headed  by the regimental bands, escorted the  bodies to the cemetery.   The services  were conducted by both Catholic and  Orthodox ii-nests, and the coffins were  co.erod with   wreaths   1 earing    such  inscriptions as "To,the etein.il shame  of assassins."  WILL RECEIVE PRINCE-IN  ^BORROWED PLUMES  FASTED iNOTHlNG  45 DAYS DOING  Forty-five days wit-bout food is the  record of llerr Sacco, who entered  a sealed charmber ��������� at Hengler's Circus on January 18, and emerged on  Satu.rday afternoon, says the Daily  Mail,  of March 10th.  :'Indianapolis,  March  28���������There  has  been     no   advancement    made   in-tb-.j  settlement       of   thc    coal        mining-  '-scale:. ' 'An . adjournment     has      been  : taken :'until   tomorrow!" There   seems  a  chance     that arbitration  may  re-  Court next week.  -O���������  FUNFjHM.  TpHAY.  The Herals saj's.  The body of the late "James Has-  jam was brought down yesterday  afternoon from' , ' Un ion on the  Sto-innier  City of     oVanaimo.  nes to buckle up, anil when on   Saturday   an   engine   passed  under    tlie  lb-ridge over  the line,   the  funnel was  [only about two  inches from tho arch.  MAR'lECHEN  NOT  FLOATED  Victoria, Mar. 28.���������Steamer Amur  '1'ho ' which ariiiod yesfc&rday" morning  funeral will take place this after-1 fiom Shag-way, brought news that  noon at ������ p.m. from the family'the efforts of the wreckers  ���������esiclerr-c  on   Victoria .Road.:-  suit   nnd', a   strike   averted.  This  It was    a  robust man of   fourteen   can not naw  bo  i old;  stone who entered the little chamber at the circus. The man who  came out and greeted the crowd who >  had gathered to witness thc release  was a ten-stojic piece of hunger. The  dress sni.t which fitted Sacco perfectly when he commenced to fast,  hung as loose on  him as a bag. ,  -o���������  GIPSY SMITH INVITED  TO   UNITED   STATES.  of the  British Columbia- Salvage company,  whose steamer Salvor has be. n work-  It Know almost a foregone con ing at the Mariechcn have not been  elusion that, after. July 1st ncM as successful as was expected The  tho hotels of Vancouver will he n,v attempt, made lo float the sk-arncr  the sum of-'-������500 lie-' on Friday was unsuccessful, the ru-  anu-mor' Unit the. ves.*cl had been Co.it-  tbf ' cd 'being   without   foundation.      The  Evidently those necessary evils in alderman complacently slated fee hoi������-  thc re-ce'-tion of Royalty, viz.: "Top ed to lie able to negotiate lhe nec-  liats," and frock coats, arc few and essary adornments, but another ah-  far    between     in     Vancouver.     The   solulely    refused  fo api>eai   iii    l.or-  1 rowed  plumes.     It is prol.a' U-    that  World savs:  ���������'How many of the city  fathers ol  Vancouver will be in line  the  if  the  entire number   turn  out,     11.  start  to the  finish    at  the receiving R* H.   will become    acii-uaintwl  will.  Parid.   March   28-Thc  part   which ; of IIKll      Prince  Arthur  of     Con- conceptions of    dress attire born    in  the  American' delegates     at.    Algoc- '��������� nallo|lL  on'Saturday  afternoon   next'? the breezy   "tlcn t-care-so-much"    air  iras  took in- drafting the final    po-Jau   attempt   was   made   to   roundup of Uie  west.    It will be remembered  lice regulations   is  generally      com-'the entile body   last    night,  but   it that at thc reception to the E-irl oi  merited  upon     here  in    a  favorable'only   resulted  in dc\eloping  the    lact Minto     t-he     year    before last, only  manner.     The     semi-official     Temps   that a considerable number are    not Mayor McGuigan and. Aid.   Stewart,  says:      '-Ambassador    White's     pro-  possessois  of   the  Prince  Albert  coat representing the ci\it; :.taff,  put in an  position      is  another   of tin-        ser-'and  plug hat which it  is understood appearance    at  the  Hotel Vancouver  vices  satisfactory     to  France, which' ale  lle  -''S*-'11*7 for the occasion..   One reception.    * i ;  , ���������.  the   Americans,   have, constantly ron _^^^_-^___^_____������_____^_______^  clored at the conference ant^. whi.-b  Imppily .solved the ditlu'.ult complications.  SCHOOL WORK OF  WOMAN IS    dustrial    work     t might     in    Indian  THE BRITISH EMPIRE   schools, while from the Queen's- Col*  lege, Ba-kra-does, there is an assortment of needlework.. Most of thi  'igents-griu-ral have attended  the   e\-  A. Ro'liinson, superintendent'of cdu  cation,  expects within  a  short   time  cawon,   eviiccts  wiuun   a   **nuii>   bimc ���������*-*.,.-          , .             ���������,���������������������������������������������.  ,.������,-,,���������  .                 ,   .  ,       .,-          ,,���������, hihit on     and also prominent icpu1  to rccehe  a  most interesting collec- ,niniu"1'    *x" '        cn,.-���������r���������    -,���������  .. .^      ,      .       j.,              i -sentatives     of Colon al   Society    i-i  tion   of exhibits  showing   the     work senuauiv-Lb     u j  *-*   .             . T^-n'nir.       The I eai**ue   will  uiiclcitakd  1  lion oi .e.\ri'iui us oiiuwiu-g- u"v- ������u.������  r^f-f A IVTP] OM'"aule 1)V s*'ll0<--1 children in various  ���������wlimvil  xVi parts  at thc empire.     These are   be-  Lcndon. The League will undertake  to send a collection of selected exhibits    from    limp   to time to    tlu  sossed      in  onses   to  sell     beers.      wines  other     .spirituous   liquors.      At  nresent  time   the  license     i.s  ������2.">0.  ������������������      . ' Empire.     For some little  time   cor  ri.u-hu.-8t. March )2S.-The result* rpsp���������wlence has b(;en cardcd on lo0k.  of the annual United States revol- ing.til Ul(, -()nvar(ling of these speci-  ver- Association championship pistol mcns. i]rt, js anticipated that they  shot   lield   during   the      week  ,,      T r     *i     ��������� iiiiniLs     iroir     lip    *"���������'   i.������������-   "      *������������������-  :^.^ir:.b!i!f;^?;,f":!:scLl authorities    in    the    diffeun*  New York,  Mar.   28.���������Thc National  Congregational  Evangelistic commit-  Before the  "prison"  barn  were   re- ' tee of which Rev.  Dr. Newell Dwighl  moved,  he walked  up and   down   his   Hi lis   Rev.  nr.  S.  Parses   Cadman,  ...11   1 : :..!__      .,     ...     ii ' '  cell, answered    inti-uirics 'through the  and. Don'O.   Shelton,  are   the     New-  ventilators,    and   took  an  occasional  drink   of  thc  mineral     water    which York cit-v n-CH-bers, has  invited  Clip,  lias   been   the   only thing    to    pass sy  Smith,   the  English evangelist to  his   lips  during   the  fast.    Cigarettes spend five months in America,' begin-  were his only luxury.  As the afternoon wore on he made  preparations for his release, and  turned on an electric fan in his chain  her, iu order to accustom himself to  the' atmosphere he was about to enter. He greeted the breaking of one  of the large windows with a cry  of delight, but while the audience  were cheering he sank back on a  chair, his hand and face twitching  painfully.  MBCH SUMOH  IN FOUR  \mm.i  ning Oct. 1. Referring to his proposed visit, Mr. Shelton says. "It  is tie plan of the committee to arrange, so- far as possible, for united  evangelistic meetings in the cities to  le visjtcd by Gijsy  Smith.     In   this  case the largest available auditorium , ,,-,..  ... . it.- .   ,    ,,   . j unusual v large one  will be secured.    It is expected   that I -  he will  sjiend  October in  New York  '  No-vcniiber and -DecemiJcr in New En-gland   and  January   and   Feflyniarr     in  the middle west."  steamer   lies   on   her   port, side     awl  the  fact     that  about   18110   tons     of  cargo  is   still    in  her  hold   prevented  lhe teni'i orary repair work ,be.in-'/com  pit-led  satisfactorily before  thc pumping    began.       Kour  large centrifugal  pumps   wcre    used,   and   despite     the  fact that enormous iq-iiantities  of water   were  lifh'.i,   the    tide  ro.?o     too  fast   in  the  vessel   to  allow   of   ' her  being floated.    Work has wen recommenced    to further reran-  the    hull,  and   when  thi.*.  work  is  complete     a  Seattle, March 2!).���������"I do not l<>ok   second attempt   to    float   tho  stcam-  for  as. good  a salmon pack    on     tho   ev    wiu     -,c    m,v,;|t..       t'apt.  A.   W.  Somi-d   this year as  there will  be    '1   jjuiicTroup,  of  the   C.   P.  R.,   who  years hence," said  Fish Commission-   vj.sjt,wi   tJm   wreck   of  tlie  Maricchen,  jcr Kershaw.     "Fish' will, be able   to   Mrs.  w.   F.  Bulk-n, who  went   north  I run  up  the   Fraser   this  year,  so  tl.<*'ou  t]K,  steamer Salvor mid  Miss Nel-  jpai-k four years hence ought  to 'be an   ii(,  Scowcrort,   who has  been visiting  relatives   iu   the  north,    wcre.  among  In tlie Columbia River four years   ,1)0   .passengers.     The   Amur    sailed  ago   we   put   eighty-four   million    fish   nor(ill again r.is,. night.  alid   this summer  they shoiild    fairly j  ������������������ ���������'  swarm  back.     As  far  as  the   future   FRENCH CONSUL  of   the  salmon  industry  is  ccnccrnod, i A'  were  announced   today,  Water-house-    o-r*   Oentorville.  the   title   holder   -was  the  I with   a  score     of  '113.       A.  Patrick   was  third with     l?".  ���������o   past ^ <,vjh  arrive before the meeting of the  Provincial      Teachers'      Association,  colonics.  THE   ELLA  G.   RETURNS.  , Thc fishing schooner Elln G. which  M.tss.      "Provincial      Teachers'      Association, 'since April 17 th has i-ccn absent , n  P>-     l.( which assemWes in June.     These will ja fishing cruise, returned to- port ye.--  winner.   |,c  most  interesting  for  the teachers 'terdav mornin--' with Capt. Alex M->  lv Kit- 'who   assemble  at   that   time,   giving j Lean' in    command      and   a limit c;l  Ian idea of the methods in  use in the 'Cn?w,  says  a Victoria -despatch. The  ���������       -     *      -i      :,.rl     ^-tinvlB.^ii  ANARCHISTS  Odessa,-Match    23.  rob   business and private houses   occur!-   here   daily.       Today   ten   anarchists      rushed   into a      wholesale  scattered   parts of  the  Empire. [schooner   has   had   varied   expcrie.icis  j    Mr.   Robinson does not know     just [but caught few fish.     When she sa'l-  what disposition will     be    made    ol 'cd  from  Victoria she was     reported  'these exhibits   afterwards.    The    col. !t<, have turned  turtle, and an    iweu-  KiLL^it)   lection he anticipates will  not   be   a j*,,-,    pa,pei:     issued  an extra st.itu g  \ciy   large one.     In  return  there   is   that  the  occurrence had   taki-n phu".  being   preiiared,   lo  be  forwarded    to 1C)bituari-;s   were written     by   yello.v-  the  League of  Uie  Empire,  a collec-   journals on  Capt.   McLean,  who ws-s  Attempts     **-������' tiol|     rtt|Ueseiiting,the work' done in   eroili ter-.l with an adventurous c r ;���������-.  lh.- schools  of this  province, I Then, next day, the schooner arn-cl  A  collection of English,  Indian and ! al, Ucululet having ran  into  a storui  other  school   work   is  being held    at   1)ecause  a  wivite  painted steamer out-  Caxtou -hall,    Westminster,    London. ' si,!0    lool-eil    like  a  re eiuic   CMttcr.  j grocery store   and   demanded S.I .000.   t'axlou -liall,     vtestmrusici.,     uo.muu.   sr!0    loo-ten     i"-<;   -   ���������*   *������������������ -  threatening the  clttrks      with  bombs  jrro,n  uK.,St.  will be taken the   sjcci-, ^xt   it   was reported   that   the ere v  'if   they   refused.      A   duel    with      >������������������-'    *���������������������'*>.  ���������**--.   ..Wmti. In  he. forward ' ,.���������,i   ,,i���������;i     il.r* ve.sSL-1  at  Ucululet  pv>  '' volvers   followed   during'   which  anarchists     were     killed.     The  Madame  Jnnotha.  the  well    known . w*c u",''"u wc;,L- of  lhe  salmon industry is ccnccrnod, j AT  VANCOUVER  pianist, handed him a cup of special- | !I   think  it unusually  bright.      Under j    Montreal,    March 2.S.���������L., Duchastel  ly prepared cocoa, and after a few beaten Dr. Tanner's, record of thirty tin- hatchery system there is no De Mont rouge, an attache of the  minutes he walked down lo the ar- 'nine days, will be carefully dieted for chance for the industry to die out. French couis-.ilate in this city, has  ena of the circus, where several pre-.a week or two, and another fust is British Columbia fishermen are build- been appointed French Ci.nsul at  sentations were made. {contemplated,  this    to   commence  in   j.,*    hatcheries     for     all   thev     are   Vancouver,     and    will     leave    next  Sacco,  who  by  his long fast,     has-April.  worth."  rn  onth to tale up his new duties.  ���������*������-   mens which are about to be forward  two   cu  ,,0   British     Columbia.     Ihe     col-  au-- lec-itioii  has  be<*n    made in order   to  thorities     have   taken   extraordinary '! afford the pupils t������a the schoa's; in the  measures   to   protect  property. colonies    opportunities   of   comparing   o i their  own    efforts  and "models    with  from St. 'Kihla, and when opened was similar ones done in England. Spe-  f���������     ,    ,���������  ���������    .   ���������     . ... ,'cimen.s of English cxhiihutK include all  fo-und    to contain   two      letters  and.  , r ,.,.-,      ,  . . . .       , ., classes or handiwork,  juvenile   draw-  eight postcards, together with one . pn..nl. ^ ^.^ nei.dleWoVk  drilling for postage. These letters F;oiu a,)ro.wl a hlv���������c varlety otll&nt\.  were    in   due   course    forwarded  to j wrought brass and silver was rcceiv-  *,ed  from    t-he    director  of education,  their    respective   destinations  by the  postollice at Lerwick.  Bombay,  illustrating the class of in-  had (jiuit the ve.ss-c-1 at Ucululet owing to a disagreement regarding  stores, or rather the lac'x of tV.cni.  Then more fishermen were secured,  and nothing more was heard of tie  vessel until she drifted home yesterday morning.  Zoological Specialist (gaang e.%  solitary sea lion in the Dublin Zoo)  ���������Where is  his  mate?  Irish i Keeper���������He has no mate, eont  We just lade him on fish. DJH1Y 1EBGHR
t-ublisned   every  day except Sunday.
Si"        THE       DAILY        LEDGER
"*��  cents  a   month,    15   per  year    in
-.dvacee.     Advertising rates on ap.
March 29; lflOC
London, Mai eh 29-Tho^situation
in Somahland ne*r tin: i'bysMnJn
frontier is causing anxiety in ** ii*w
of tlio -recent death of Has IV'a^'.ii
non. Governor of llarrara, who had
powerful pro-Brit i**b influence,' o\..'
tiro turbulent Irili.'**. Puring th ���
In si. two month*- Abyssinian tub'-*
have on thivj occcsions raided; ��� th-
ironiicr trilK-s ii'i'lcr British pr<,
lection, ami it is expected-��� ��� tlu.i
Gi-eat   Biituiti     will ���b"   forced to
ta'<e  action   in  oidcr   lo  protect lm
(Nanaimo) Ltd;;.��
;���,-'.:-���        .NOTICE.
NOTICE' is ''hereby given... that I -iii-_'
tend to ai:i;iy at the next sitli,;^ ol
the License Board of the city of. t.a-
dysmitlr 13:0. for a traiis/i-er o- tha-retail .liquor -license now  held  by   n,e
for the'premises  known as the New
Western Hotel,    situated on Lot   -1.
lUock 28,  to -John 'Alenjduni.
atty      D. LL  DAVIS
Dated at Ladi smith this  13th u. ; ui
Maich,  It'lid.
Smo! c Little B   Cigars
L-'-OX-V- i
-. ���.?>]*    -Tl DIO
Esquimalt   & Umm
Time Table No. 51
i'raii-o -/ea""*. l**����ysmith  for  Victoria, and .all'intermediate  stations    at
, 9.10 a-m. daily,   and, at -4.00  p.m. on   Wednesdays,     Sat-n'da'ys   and.   Sun-
-   days." ���        .'��������� '���''.' -...''��� |.   ,, -' ."  ��� '' '-',.'   -  '.,- ;
Trains  lt-ave   ladysmith  for Well ington  and   all; intermediate stations
opposite Fire Hall    at.   11.57  a.m    dai��y,  and  at  C.Ou  p.m.   on   V.'edmj days,   Saturda5s      and
' _ Sundays.
ciiii'iO-   t>.
,    is  .'��� ;;.   ;vr i'i)v:n
1 ^��
1% V^V5e^v\"c^Ish%HYOUR   MEAT   YOUR   DOLLARS
, Excursion Tickets
good for going Journey  Saturday*-     ..
the following  Monday.
"���'inrlays,  rcturn.ng not later than
'    *
"*""��   S.-f
SUCH A SHOWING, Resplendent with 13EAUTY and
NEWNESS has NEVER before l.ecn seen in this City.
Such an IMMENSEAssortment of GRACEFUL, BECOMING. STYLES is Seldom seen in stores much hirg-
ct than this, and cci'tainly ne.cr wcre PRICES on such
r. w-^irawi�� 1^-**"��� uxiuu wi?'J*i *-&*?*���'****
w -
-0  IK;
B' 1 sc v  Kt> w.r      n
v <> ,��,    inijoi-.s, c ����\ *s*
tea mmimwMmimtm^
A   v5">,  -VT1-**   <'***-- f"7
& &�� t-Ifi S i'i
Sails from Laay.smith
returning sails fr*m   Vaii'-m.
...... uv.���-  ,vsry a-iturdav at 6.00 a.m-. and
'.^    i-j-^ smith at 2.30 p.m.
Cor. Fort
2E0. ?.-. COURTNEY.
it. & Pass.  Agt.
A.J. .Vt.iniir
\"(.1;'**-��    l>
LADYSMITH, r. Q ���'
{ Newly fitted u-i and
New  Yoik,   March   2S���On   a charg >
that, his  connection   with   Overcontribution   of  $<1c".702."j0  from, .the fund-,
of Uie   New York Insurance'', to  Co
ncliu.s   N.      Hliss,,   uvasuror.  of      i*t>'.
public   and National coinmit-toe, in U -
campaign  of   li'Ol   constituted  gran i
larcency   rn   the   fiis>t   degree,���-���' Goo-
"4V.   Perkins     a   member     of   the I'm i
or*   J.   Pn-ipont   TUoigan   &   Co      an;!
.nn-til  recently   first  Vice-l-nside-nt   oi
Nfevv   Vork Lnfu   Insurance    Co.,    vva>
arrested   tocm>     pn a warrant isaiie !
by  Mag-i-straiP-Mos.-.-      When, a   ck-Uv
live   wont   to   servo   the  warrant   u.
on   ?,fr.   Purkins   he   [omul     that
writ of  habeas    corpus had   airead
been     "ssued   from     .Iustu-o       O-.iwi
baum   ol   thc   State.    Supreme   Com1
and  Ihe   matter vvas immediately la
���,11   out   of  "vta^istiate   Moss'     hand-
Mr. Pci-krns  appeared     before      .In-
lice   Gi-ccnbaurn     and at the  reque-
of   his  counsel   the  licaring      of    th.
ea'-c   vvas   adjourned      until      Frida\
Mr.  Perkins-was paroled     in tlu*ci'-
tody     of  his   allot ne-y     Lewis   .    A
Dela'ficld       Thc   warrant     for
kins   arrest   '   was  appih'd      for
'te'rday      'by district   Atiornoy
cast   by   only    eigthytlwee-'  in   .the
en tire', province   in   nn -'election' -     for
| benchers   which   had   just    been   com-
'���JRcv; Air. Scli lie ter of Lady,
smith, spent yesterday, 'in. this city,
and 'will return -home this morning.                ''-������������            -,-��� "    -;      ���'���������    '_
,    - -' .  ''- s.:      ,:        o
Miss. Abercrombie.���'. of the Lady-
sinith public school teaching slalT
left for her home in Mission city,
owing to the serious illness of. he;:
parents-who .-rcskle ,in; that city.   ..'  .'���'.
Pjr*****^ TTT** *"T
Board al reasonable
\"i,->l*��     T,.,,     1      '?-^J***>.
/A IN f)
Iv 1
DAVID I!\NES, Proprietor
Good tables and good
J or-
: "Voreonezeh. Ithssia.M arch 29���
The. pc-aBants licro arc riot-Iny a:< -
protest     ag-ainst the. .amnner in vvhi"'.;
;the   fa-mine,  relief  is    being    distrib"--.-
>6d. - ' . '���-'������'
:.V -Poltava,   March    29���The   peasant.-
of     Buorointka     estate   belonging i -.-
Princess      Cnnt'ieuzene  have '   rcl'i.ifi- '.'
to   rslovv   the   land  and  have     drive.
av.ay -t-'no  employees   oi   the      Kta'.-.-.
Ccissack.s have been despatched tithe scene of the disturbance.
V. St. Petersburg, -March 19���Ma::,.'
threats have been made a.-g-ainst- lh.-
life of Premier Wit to. Yesterday h,-
received warning: that unless hn li-fi
the govern ment within a week hi-
w.-.ulrt  be   killed.
Messrs.- Chas.' Manscl, Allan Spear
and Thomas .Stewart left yester-
day liiorning' for 'J'authas on the
Yukon Kiver, midway between
JJawsoil and White Horse wheiv.
they, will be employed in the coal
mines recently purchased by tho
White Pass  and    Yukon  Company.
; Josh Curry and' Mr. McNeash,
came up . from Duncans yesterday
with ���-. about 200 'trout.' U ncle' <i 'osh
returns - to Duncans this morning., to assis I in getting the lish
in the right hiimor for the Prince
to .catch.     .
���r*--*'--^ 8
JJessrs.      John   Seouse,
Westvvopcl-     left ron   the
terday  rnoming     enrotite
son   City,    Yukon.
ai'id- W. T
Joan .V8S-
to     L'avv-
Ex-Mayor John flilbert will next
week begin his trip through Uie ���'Ir,-.
land in lhe interest of Iris firm
the Oregon "Niri-sory.' Co. and also
representing the T'raekman & Kerr
Milling On and their famous Sutton Seeds. Mr. Hitnert will travel with his own rig. having just
bought a crack horse? at Duncans
which Mr. :-\!r-.o'.-t l-Tilbm-t'-is expe-'L
ed to bring, down today. Mr. Vli'.-
bert will,--begin hi;; canvas by visiting   Cedar district.   '
pie ted.. Of the total -iuinber, there
.in- one hundred ttnd three lawyers
lVsiilenL   ol   Vancouver.
A curious feature is that six of
the eighty-thi ee liave spoilwl thciv
ballots. With the exception oi
Mr, C. .13. Hamilton, of Rosslahd.
who is reiilaced by Mr. J. A. Mac-
donald.learler of the provincial Opposition, all the members ol'- the
old   board, were  re-elected.
The benchers arc the following
VaiiLouuei-, Messrs. E. P. Davis, K,
C, Sir Charles Hibbert ; Tuppor,
K.C.,    and  Mr.     L.     G.   McPhillipps
K C,  \'ictoria,   "Messrs   C. K.    Poo-j ind  permanent boarders  and  lodge: j,
ley, '   E. ' V.     Dodwell,     and     H. 0
Helmcken;      New   Westminster,       Mr
The b���r ia e":ra   we'l
lotei  has    been   completely       renovated.
* Board and lodging $1.00 per day.
f*>ar  Supplied  with  the  '"lest.
Liquors and  Cigr.is.
JOHN TtrA, Proprietor
��� nes.iEt Avenue .-: *.-: >" Ladysmith B.C.
Best   aecommodatiou   for   transient
IO R -A N O       }-l OT R- L
E.   G.   Corbould;   Rossland,   Mr>. J.
A. Maedonald,    and   Nelson,   Mr. J.
I-*lliot,     who   is,   however,     now a
resident  of   Vancouver.            "'
In the death of Air. James Hamilton, which; occurred yesterday
morning at the home of his brothers, S.. 1.1. and Archibald Hamilton in this city, Nanaimo and
district lrses one of its oldest pien-
eer<5, having resided in thc vicinity
of Nanoose Bay for- over twenty
years. . '��� '  ..
Me vvas a native of Stonohouse,
Lanarkshire, Scotland, and was 70
years of age at- the time of his
.Two sons, Kol>ert of Nanoose
Hay and ' -John ol" Portland are
are left to- survive him - besides
two brothers, Archie And S. B.
Hamilton of this-city.'
The funeral will take place on Sun
day afternoon at :i :H0 p.m. from
ihe Hamilton residenie on New
Castlo Townsi'te, Mr. McAdio having charge, of the funeral arrangements.
The Nia-n-ii-mo Grn Club will j
hold its first mednl shoot on the I
Cricket grounds today at half!
past four. j
v X tj
Lee' iw'   Hoots     for   Poys   wil
stand   the   Ro-.i^hest   1 n::c!.s.
They    are     in.ill  for  ser. ice
without  s icrifiiiii^   anpearanc
L208.   Boys'
Scotch Grain B9';;
Hare  circ-.ilar   vamps,  heavy soles  and   rovi^il  toe last.
The  best every day  boot on
the. market   today.   Si/cs     1
to J)'. Mothers  ask. for and insist .on.   Retting      "LECKTE
BOOTS"  for  boys.
Same Boot for Youths
Sizes  10 i0 '13.
Vancouver, .March 28.��� Either the
members of the legal fraternity arc
very vveil satisfied vvilb the present,
condition of things. or else they
care very little about the per-
sonnoH  of   their  govi't-r,imr   body.
Out   of   <h-   lotal      of
red   anfl   lour   lawyr-r-s.   '
"We would not- be without Chamberlain's Coii'-h Remcdv'. It is I-aep.t
on hand continually" in 'our home,"
says W. W. Jvearncy, editor of the In
dependentj Lovvry City, Mo. That
is just what.every family should' do
When kept at hand ready for instant
use, a eohi may be -checked at Cue
outset and cured in much less time
than after it has become Settled in
tin* syf-tcm. This remedy is also
without a i-orr for croup in children,
and will prevent the attack when given as soon as the child becomes
hoarse,    or     even   after     the croupv
This new llote!' has been comic:.
aMy furnished and thc dai- is tip-lo
d"te. Rates SJ.00 a day j,nd 4.J.
*5->!PlasR^e  **-: -**"--: "������ * :*��' t^-irsimi^ii
~\Bt <*> -ICS HOTEL i
<   r.ci'
> in
.;:!> :*.  rb$'.5C ���
*nm ho -.t  land '��� r.jfs h
Ki��>i''- - <* .'���;���, -a (?v 'V f"
1 oi ��� a o'.   th�� ������ :   .    .' -
P-nitflw 11 . c
9 *3 .11     1, V.C TOP   A     A    .
r.<j|, in. l,��. S-Mit'-** A >. ..c:a,iii.
1 . t�� tp, At', tjvciett A r. ".31 a 11
c, oh. m A.r. SI'OKANK A. 7-5 -p. ��
��.   ;    . JiArr.   Ptx.j S    A r it. o p. in.
fi.-o ����� . i*VV. Etltei Arr. io.-,2 a. m.
V,   j. :n.    \t,     Feii.ie   i.v.q.;,'ia    in.
To an Kootenay   Toinis
To    Winniimij and St. Paul
Close Connections
For     Cbicapo,  Toronto.
Wontrnal and
All Po.nts East & West
Acetylene  " Lighied     Cars,
Family  Tourist Sleepers.
Palace Sleeping Cars
Dining     Cars (Meals a   la
Library Oh��e��*vat.on      Cars
Through-   *icl.c'ts and  baggage --hecks to an points.
Steamsn.p Tickets
Tor tid-etN. maps, berths
loscrvationi and complete
information can on nr ri'r.-
' '0ss, ��� "l    |  |,r*^}
S. G.   Yerkes     E.R. Stephen
A.G.E.A. G:A.G.'N'.R.
��� Seattle'    ��� - Vic'ot.a.   i*-C.
Cor, Government and Yates Sts.
VifiTOHlA, 3.  C
|  {j Trains daily i0  St. Paul,
/       Mi:ieeapolis,  Duliith    and
L      KpbL
Trains    daily     to  Pen-er,
Oniah.1, Kansas. City,  St.
Louis     ami   East      and
'.:> mill
��� .'  Vij   7'['fc-eri on
'j.:i   ;>)!  Ia'l <���< c-7Ji
This  is the" ONLY line
Toiuist slot-peis on all trains
- For particulars  call  on     or
vviile E. E.  Blackwood, General  Agent,  Victoria,  B.C.
I-'. P-AYNES, Proor e'or,
.��.      Jed    %^    t;V ***W  J
A-V .avt.tcnt
:'        (Half Block from Depot.) . I
GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysrnil1*  !
, nKttc* cti^trjrren-.i. ���: _
\rtt $ 4 f'h�� -ii* [s:' '-:--? a i- Si S a :��� a
,R. P,.'RiTra:.F.
A*-,    /    ,r:> r
Pacific Coast    Agency.
VICTORIA, :���: :-: .--��-'-.-: :���-B.C
H:m-\mo, B.C. '
Commercial Mens' beadauai-ters.
Modern  and ,   Strictly First  Cla��s
Fire Proof    Buildiiij.
WAITED���By      Chicago     wholesale
house, .special  representative  (man or
woiri'aii) "for- each province 'in Canada.
! Salary      $20 00      and  expenses  paid
I wt-oi.iy.       Expense  money  advanced.
fJufiiness successful;     position perma-
��� -      '        ' ^
j ileal;.   No  investment required.     Pre-
tf's j vious  experience not essential  to engaging. .*'_"���'
Adilrcss- Manager, 132 Lake Street,
Chicago,   HI-, U.S.A.
Chovlton,   A.C-.P.-A-.,--
N.P.,   Portland, Ore.
Hnm$   8REEN-
8'JIO   lestuiinster  Road,
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Ileadqiiartei's for-���-
PACiFiCflHOWN aarden,   ieJd
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Large stock of Home
now matured for Spring:
No expense, loss or delay of. turnigation or inspection
Let me r^ricc your list ��-^-^
before placing your or- 3&M
der. iireennouse Plants, <~j^
Floral PjieVages, Fertili- <^^
zers. etc.' 5^*
3010  WeBtminster Road,   .-^j?
VANCOUVER, B.  C.     v ^|
J^C -j?<
The  only  line now   making   UNZON
DEPOT    connections at  ST. PAUL
and      MINNEAPOLIS,    with       the  ,
""^Jsa j through     trains    from     the    Pacifle
For complete information ask you,-
cal agent or write.-
4 i��^A   s' 2      Ij      "-V"
hand- "/'Oiirh  appears,  whi:h  can  be done on-
1 ly when  the  remedy   is I-ept  at hand.
For sale !.y Ladysmith  Pliarmacy.
f| Ask for ,^^T:
R. William son Prop
?st, Avenue Ladysmith B. C
-;-^-l-l"i-;-i-M"!"'"3-;^-~'"J--E-^-:-i- :*���:-:-
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:OPFER CO., Ltd.      t
Work done properly and.at right
prices. A Aiii line of Wall Paper,
and Painter's *?.applies Residence on
Robert* Street
J   E.  SMITH. Vr""
^   Genexal   .* rjenii,
nn 2nd Ave., Sisat��B,
Snieitia;^  W'vofks at
LA DYS ?v! IT H,     B.C.
-7he C-rea3i of 3:>idi   Whskie-
|       VANCOUVER B. C,       |A
Sole  Agents for B.  C.
LAOV&.#i!.:fH: BAKBiiv
Wedding    Cal.e�� ";��Iade    to  Order
Prices    are     Very  Reasonable.      All
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S i*-
1*4 fi
Vancouver-Island, B, 0.
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Ben-oral Manager.
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Co.-.5ih, Arenuc & Ejdcn Po-.vsil S-:rcet
Open night and Day. A gwoti meai at any hour
Meals 35c. and Upward
Ma onfacln v-e' s of the Famous
None bu   Union Labor,   Employed
n  .1,   BOOTH.-Prop'
Having taken ��ver the barbershop
linown as thi Ladysmith Shaving
Parlors, High St., I intend, by t'eep
ing competent K*ori<mcn, to conduct
a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit, your patronage..       I
.JVa ers '-.} .
LadyE*T,ith. B.C
The    partnership   existing   between���������
C. H. Ruinmin-j; and W. E.  Runimiiiji.
carrying on    busiiicss   in the City of.
Ladysmi'th,    B.   C,  as manufacturers-
of  carbonaled    beverages,   etc.,  under;-
thc firm  name of .Rumming Pros.,  it;
hereby    dissolved.       AH   outstanding^
aci'oimls must t:c paid  to W. E. Rum
ming, who   vvill con Untie tho business
and pay all  accruwils against-  the firm
of Rumming Bros.
(.:.   II.   RUMMING,
W. E.  RUiMniiNG.
Dated at Ladysmith  (his  28th Pay
of l*eb., 1006. THE DAILY LEDGER  GREEK i^0SYRli\pl  LABORERS FIGHT  Minneapolis,     March     28���������In     : a. of  men   foughrs with    ; knives       and  little   one  story    ramshackle     build-   hatchets.     Tlio' six   victims  were   literally .hoicked   to pieces.',,     That   the  men- fought   among, themselves .', arid  were -not murdered ; by outsiders     Jor  ing   pn     Tenth  street,     six       Greek  or    Syrian     .laborers,     not Italians,  :'.as   first supposed,   ������������������.'���������   were      horribly  ..���������'butchered some, time between      midnight   last  night,  and  this   morning.  - The   dead are  Nicold  Demtri,;   Kirko  Demtric,    Agrio     'ICarofd-    Kerstan.  ���������'.'-,    .'''���������'..   ''������������������,'���������       ' ���������'     -���������    .'.���������''.''.-  Yovke,  Baakon    -Kapanni,   and    Un-  kba Naudaba.- The building stands  less that a half a block from  Washington--."-"Avenue, the principal,  highway' connecting .'.''"Minneapolis  with- St. '^ Paul, and a .stone'**  ��������� throw - from the station of. tho  '."'Chi'crtgo  Great Western    Railway. In  revenge .as was. at first .supposed,  is the theory now, advanced although  thc police are of the- opinion that  there are two or three men ,- still  at'largc who are concerned, in the  fight. Six     long  knives    and       a  bloody hatched wore' found in  room with the dead.men., giving ovi  <len.ee that' every man -was armed  with some sort,of a weapon.. The  police scout the Maifa theory. The.  murders were not committed for  robbery,'- as   much money   -was.found  LEGISLATE IN FAVOR '  OF TRADES UNION  NOTICE.  NOTICE is  hereby given., that  I  in-  . tend  to apply  at the. next sitting  of the License Board bi, the City of  Ladysmith      B.C.,  for a transfer  of   ~���������'���������  the retail liquor license how held by  London, Starch   29.���������The Trade dis ion funds  for any   act unless     it    is     me,for   the premises known  as the La-  putes  bill     which  is,a-direct     out- perfectly" clear    that thc    act      vvas   d,vs'"*th, Hotel,   situated   on   Lot   9,  come  of the -TaiTvale   decision  which .authorized' by. tlie     governing-of ihe   ���������������zjy 2?> t0  R������bti Sc������U  and    AleX"  ��������� '���������'���������������������������<- ,        ���������'��������� ���������        . '   ���������   , Smith.: .;..���������'.".'..  held -thai trades   union   funds       arc : unio-ri. ���������   , In  regard   to   the-demands   )..''-., p   \\r   Mil LA R  liable      . for the illegal     acts     of in-   for tliecomplete   immunity of   trades!       '."..' by  his atty.  in  fact,  dividual   members    of  a   union    wa?-,'Union   funds: from  attack the     At-! '     ', , MARGARET, A.   REID  introduced,     in the   House - of  Com- ! toru|ey-    geiie.-aL declaredr, that     he   Dated at Ladysmith the -1.6th  day  of  ' to   create   March,  1906. '���������'���������: ' -  ���������**l"H**-H-������"!- ���������������!������������������* ���������!��������� ��������� ���������I*-M'M"H-^*.--������><***  Union  Co  mons. today. by the attorney gen- _ diiJ not think it rig-lit  eral, Sir v J. Lawson Wilton. lie ' a special privilege for the prolet-  ���������said, that the. recent _ court decis- ! ai-iat. It speedily became evident  ions had seriously curtailed the use | that the government's pleasure was  .fulness     of Trades   Unions. Their1 lloL   tp     the  liking     of   the    .labor  i undoubted right of peaceful' pursuas 'members who, before. its intro-  ion had been cut down lo.--.v Woint 'ductioiV declared their opposition  of distinction, and - funds cont-ri- J to' anything -short of complete unbilled "to provide against sickness ! munity ,.-' for union funds. They arc  and  hick , of employment had-    been'! supported   by  the    Irish    and   ' ihriiiy  liiini.sterial       members      anil      unless  this   tumble - down :. .structure a group   untouched.  GIVES RE ASON FOR  RESIGNING FROM CABINE  T  Montreal. March 28.���������At nn in-  foi-mul banquet _ of th������> Alon-  trenl Hranch Oar.adlaii Manufacturers' Association last, night, Hon.  .1. I. 'Parte said that the report  that he has resigned from the Lau-  ricr   cabinet     because    of his    atti-  Lavvrciico  /  n    compre-  on tlie question of St  route. He had oui lined  hensivo scheme for the improve  merit-of the St.' Lawrence routi.  which he intimated to his cabinei  colleagues   might  cost    S2.".,0i)0.000  up-  tude on   the  tariff question vvas  ml.-   but in   this he -failed    to  get  bish.      He     resigned,   he   said,chiefly   port  he  should  have   received.  liable- to'meet'.claims based on the  repudiated act of unauthorized officials.:, The present bill provides  that no .'act of trades ''union" shall  be belli to be unlawful if .such action   is .unlawful       when  the.-government      measure is   extend  ed   so'as   to       give      union funis  compute   immunity.     from  claims for  damages  arising   from      strikes,    thi.*  will       test  the    op-  , ....^...   ���������.      ..... .,.���������,���������,���������-,������������������,;,     a    bill ,  right' of peaceful picket, j-which they have prepared! ."The Irish  ing which the attorney general de- members will , ask to have Uie  <-lai-<'(l was nn ci-wntinl part of bill extended to include Irish farm  the righl to strike and defines ers who are qpon to unfair treat  tlv- law of agency as applied to ment. The bill was read for the  trade.*; unions making il itnpos*-'- first (ime'lodny. Ij-. will be fought  lo     claim     i-edrepff from     tin-   on   its  .second  reading  in  committee.  HILBERT  committed, labor .members-  by   nn individual and   sets, in express j inion   of     th-i   blouse with  terms  the  Any  wssssmr-.  lijle  THEY HAVE ONLY I  BEGUN TO FIGHT  SPORT  .      FOOTBALL.  Victoria, March 2b.������������������-When the  Victoria United Socket- club lost to  Ladysmith ou Saturday last by Uie  decisive score or- 4 goals to nil,  they also lost their chance at the  Island championship, and the honors rest with the Garrison team.  It   will,   there'ure,   be  the     Garrison  Vancouver,  March    28.���������The     mass of  the  telephone- Company's     to  the  meeting  in    the Labor  Hall,       last public   found.   .telling    expression.";  night,     promoted      by organized lo- do        not       want      you       to  think  bor   in   sympathy      with   the' operat- that     1   object        to   any     bona fid -  ors     in   ihe struggle    now   going  on organization      among       employers,"  between  the   U.    O.  Telephone    Com- but,     a   combination     of    employers  pany   and  their" eu.plovecs.   in       the that is   organized     to   promote goo-,   that  th.   CclUcs     will    meet    in   the  cUywas  a   complete success    to at! feeling  between    .tneni     and,  us, ami   Urat      play-off     for  the      provmcat  those   who   watch      with   mtelligenc ��������� an   organization    that  is   formed fo,    championship    on   Good    Friday,  the progress      of labor  disputes      in' the Express  'purpose     of - destroying  these days.        That   the,  inflaming  of ours,  class   prejudice    is  recognized   to    be  a  small  factor      in  industrial  Strug- ' was   apparent.     "The    time ' is   prnc  gles.   was  emiallv  apparent    in     tho ��������������� it-ally, ripe  for      municipal    ovvner-  - speeches  and'   .     in   the     quickness of sh*ip  of   the  telephone    system,"   wa:  appreciation   with     which the    points  in   the   sneechos   were    received.        It  are  two diuerent things," was  the  statement      the  point   on   vvhie.h  was obviously a gathering of men  and   women who   take  a  view    of  tho struggle which   they   arc  con  fident of commending to the practical common sense of an active  and commercial community. "We  have  only  begun    to    fight,"       was  a     remark        repented    in        various  forms   -by  various  speakers,   but, its  ..reception     in'aiiiilhly    showed     that  .it  embodied    the. ruling sentiment  in  , i.  the   meeting.        "II   is   up   lo tho bun  inoss  men   of   the  city    to   take hold  J  of this j reposition, as if they  wish'prosperity to continue, they  must," teemed   to Im   reckoned       the;  most timely and practical obsorvn -  the dominant note, in the proceed lion with the meeting,'aware of tho  ings*.      "For    every   dollar    the sharo   breadth      ' of  .;   the.: principles    at  Several Victorians       who   have  been in the city within the last  week or two ami have seen the  local teams in action were quite  unreserved in their opinion that the  Collies or Shamrocks would not.  have a look in with either Car  rison or Victoria United. Mr. E  U. W'h-,te, who was over to **iho  Y.M.O.A. convention a couple ol  weeks ago, saw the match on Cam-  bio Street between thc Celtics an I  Shamrocks and judging by the form  shown then, ho declared, that th--  Garrison would wm with ease from  the Celtics. It will, of cour.se, be  remembered that on that particular  occasion     thc���������Celtics   Were      i.i  morrow are- O. ,R. Fearing and  U. T> Scott of Boston and C.  IS.      Sands     of  New , York. '���������  -, 'the turf.;,-  London, March   27.���������The    Lincoln-  .shiie   Handicap-���������    of       a     thousand  Koverign.s    for     three-year-old        and  upward,     -distance   one   mile, the'  first big event of the flat racing  .season in England, vvas, run ux  Lincoln   today. '  Mcapprussis, ���������-,', 20 to 1, was first.  Dean Swift, the -favorite,' 9 to  2. Was second, and Roseate  Pawn was third. Twenty four horses started.  Kind  of  rawine  2 NANAIfViO    B. C.  i ���������������������������  ���������|        Manufacturers of the tbn  {BEST   BEER  f Jn   Britsh Cokin.bia  I    Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  ^   ed from the Best Canadian  Malt   Run  Hops  $ +*+*+* ������������������+4- 'J-f-J-f*-!-H*-������-:..:..f ���������* ������������������-H-^4-I-H.*���������-^���������f ^4^^..%sK-.;.  4-  ���������2  ���������i  X  ->r+T *-r+++������4.44444.4+++i++++i. 4 ++4 +.+ 4 + KTHtH+fnt . ^ . .  | LAG /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS  ORGANS  AND HOUSEHOLD  K'ORNITURI'" MOV-   i  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY. "J  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.     Leave orders at   t!.e  Abbots ford.  M 4-4-* -*-f 4 4- *��������� 4 4 4 4 -f-f 4 ���������*- ��������� 4 ��������� -  *  ���������4  A. J.  VWASKET, PROP 1  \r������44444-4-44-4+44~+4~444 + + **,*<> ** + i ���������> J  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  i fi***-*-  r^m^  holders,    have     put  into     tho bus in- -stake. :,!' in    '--the     dispiite, and   anything   hut  good fettle.   Local foi ���������  ess,       the  legislature        has    put up   the   manifold   issues      the  conlinium-' lowers  of the  game,     while realizing  ;e  concise   statement, in  Ce  -of  the   dis-rute  mav involve   ran I'd .that   the   Celtics   will   have     a  hard  recognition    S������.1K*   0l,t  to   lhe. public!  $5,"  which  was  the   meeting's  CUMBERLAND  (Enterprise.)      '  Miss.  Frame,   of  2srauaimo,   was     a-  visitor   to   Cumber-land this week, to  ���������be  present    at the  wedding  of   Miss  Lewis  ami  Mr.   Grey.  The I. O. O. F. intend holding , a  grand concert and dance inthe Cum  berland hall on Thursday, April,  2Cth in commemoration of the 87th  anniversary of'the Order. A good  time* may be  expected.  The Gun Club, smokei on Wednesday evening, was a -how-ling success  and financial aid to the club. The  Cumberland flail,'the scone of op-  orations, resounded, with merry  laughter, and alt'nouglit it was  not  necessary to   call   out  the lire  brigade, a- passer-by thought from  ihe anion nt. ol stnokr. that. vvas  coming through tho door that the  building was on Are. Songs, recitations and stories added to Uie  amusement or the gentlemen pre-  si'iit, whom, if is needless to say,  voted ^ lho cluli i\ lot of jolly good  who   know    how    to     cntor-  ���������v  fellows  tain.  sister of the bride, beautifully filled  tho  position     of  bridesmaid. The  bride, was tastefully gowned in white  silk unit looked most agreeable and  pleasant.  The happy young,couple were made  man and wife by Rev. J. A. JM'c-  Gillivray. After- the ceremony tho  wedding party'sat.'down to a supper -which did credit; i to the host  and hostess, and .-..needless to say all  had an enjoyable feast of good,  things  abundantly   provided. :  The newly married pair will reside  in Cumberland, The numerous wedding presents attest lhe por.uluHly  and esteem of the happy your.-.'  couple and: shouhl add much  the   jo.v  of- their   future   life.  proposition''to   face  on   Good Friday  ! are   still  vary  confident-,    and    figure  that     the   Celtic  club   this  year      is  both   faster      and    bettor     balanced  , than    oyer     before.. .The boys in   blue.  I are   determined   to   make a  better of  fort   to lift   the  cup.   and   will   train  faithfully.     Tt   is   expected  that quit!*  a  number   of  supporters   will   accon:  pany the team to  Victoria.  ' ASSOCIATION.  The   Vancouver   "Nevvs-Adverti..r--'  informs  its readers    that Lmlysmitli  won    tire    football championship     of  lhe  Island    this year.     Our Vancouver contemporary-says:  "The C'hampicn**h-i|'. of Vancouver  Island was decided on Saturday 1  by the Ladysmith eleven defeating  Victoria by t goals to nil. The 'Ladysmith' team will play thc Celtics  for   the.  Proyinr-ial -Championship."  to  Spealring of what a newspaper does  for    the. community,   United   States  Senator  Davis,   of Illinois,  made   an  address  that remains  ever  green   in  tho memory of newspaper men-     He  said:    "E.very year every .local newspaper gives from 500 to 3,000     hoe  lines for thc benefit of the community   in which it is   located.   No   other  agency can or will do this.  The editor  inproportocn   to his   means  docs  BASEBALL,  l-'cvv VV'eipilit Men.  Seattle, March .2-8.���������Baseball conditions arc still-uncertain as the un-  i'.eisity. The younger one of the  Tc-ats'-ln-qt-h'ers will probably rpiit  thc track s-;Aiad this week to piny  ba&el-iill. Cameron Will has shown  up v-cry favorably as a sprinter for a  fellow who has only been out on thj  track- twice this year. His ability  was discovered only by accident, ami  il   vvill  not   be .surprisin;;  to s:n:  him  A very important feature of tho  programme was tlio presentation- of  a medal to Thomas Hudson for  the highest aggregate shoot, which  was presented by R. Napier, accompanied by a neat little spoec'tf  complimenting lho receiver upon the  (jxcellent record made dui-jng the  season.  Amid friends and acquaintances  a quiet but. pretty wedding was solemnized at the homo of Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Sengravo. on Wednesday   evening,      March   21st.,       when  Miss.  Deborah,      second  daughter    oi  Mr.      and  Mrs.      Lewis     of this  city     was   united  in   marriage        to  Mr.      George  Cray,      of  this   city.  The   charming   bride   was    given a-  wayb.v  he- father;    while     Mr.   j.    Nothing goes to  waste  in France.  .Gray of  Nanaimo, brother     of      lho even tho smallest twigs arc carcfu'1-  man  of   the evening,    performed    the gathered by the fagot maktrs,  whoso  .duties  of  best  man;      and    Dobitha. Lunches retail  in  town'and citv.  m0re'for his own town  than anv oth-  t!;vvi'ln!' '"l������ a  very  fast   man.  Drovvley   ii-a:-> hr'-ri   coin; cl led   to r|.'u it  er man.    He ought to  be supported  not   because  you   happen   tolikc   him  or   admire   his  writing,   but  because  a local  paper  is the best  investment  ;a coni;mtinity can ma-'e.   It may not  '{*&(crowded  with  great   thought, but  financially,  it is of more benefit than  both    preacher and teacher. : Today  editors    do   more for less pay  than  any  man on earth.   Patronize   your  home paper, not  as a charity, but as  an investment."   o-   Said  he:   The  old fellow's  a miser.  But    I think     from, the way that he  isnr, -  My daughter will know  Thc extent of his dough  And  will blow it all in  by-aiuibiser.   o���������   tiiniiii-g out loi the disnis an I  weights, owi-ii-!; to the work eavrio-1  in connection with his .studies. Bi;;;  Haheocl- says business connect ion-;  will I !e������p him from entering for the.  weights. There will be a sti\n;4  effort made to try and persuade him  to reconsider his d-ftcrinination, as it-  is llioufiht Ik'- (-.in arrange his schedule sat'sfactcii'ily. Kirby, Rcser  aind ,1-arvis arc hammering away at  the wcijihts. .larvis threw the discus 115 feet several  times last week.  ^   f^^g������  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING- REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal   lands   may   be  purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  120   for  anthracite.   Not  more  than  320 acres can  be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty    o the  rate    of ten cents per ton  of 54,000  pounds    shall      be  collected on   the  gross  output;-' , ''.  Quartz���������A free miner's cerlif.cate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from 5-50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according lo capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The fee for recording a claim  is  $5.00  At least $100 must be expended ^n  the elairrf each year or paid to thr  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator nuty, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $L an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.        ���������    ���������'   ��������� ���������  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee. $5, renewable yeaily.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the deseretiou of tbe Minister of  lhe Tntprior.  The lessee shall have a .dredge io  operation within one season from the  ���������late of the lease for" each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river Teased. Royalty at the rate  of 2A per cent collected orr the output alter it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. COPY,  Deputy  of  the  Minister  of  the   In  prior.  a* p'vii.'*-^-*  ^ESSi****3 BETWEEN  CHiGAQQ, L03SB0N,.  M0HTREAL. QUEBEC,  PillliiiO, BOSTON,  And tlio I'rinclpnl liuslnces Centeru of  ntarso, Qtaebec, and tho  tk-iarte.irr.e Provinces.  AISS TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AND  PKilAGElPI'IA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Timo TtiblC3, etc., address  GEC. W. VACJX,  i Assistant Oen'l russeugor mid Ticket Agent,  13D A3RMK  ST., CHICAGO, ILL.  DonePromptlyand  miners5 Diiiling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE       DR1I I si  .SHARPENED-BY   US    .ALWAYS     GIVE SATISFACTION. '  j ���������PICKS HANDLED  A    ND  REPAIRED   -SHIPSMITIIING-     I.N      \ L L   I T S   BRANCHES  ������������������tiorseshoers ?nd Gerser*������! tlacksmh ns.  R. WRIGHT  Culler Street -    - Ladysmith, b C  9  Office  }0H0r-������  1st Avenue  'J*  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A   SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  *  3  | PHONE; 66  Express  LIGHT TEAMING  W.H.I  arl.1    I Ifv    ���������').���������    > I  i  SEE  J.   KEMP,   OR   LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH     i  - W. CARTER,  W.   SILER  aflMEKAL hXFlir^ AND  ���������'������������������dsl;:v������EY:...  WORK PROMPTLY  n-         Leave orders at the Abbot-sford.  I ��������� ���������T��������� ..I..T***M***M<W.**************i IM    IllUmil *��������� I ��������������� ���������������������������HMMill ���������  II  i   Ii  J-flERCTAfiO..  ���������Manufaeturers Of.���������  IRO.ViJ.AD    BMND  CLOTRXNa,-  OYERA.LIS,  TOPS&iRTS,  ETC,  L������SALE ORY GQQQ3  VlfiTO^iA, B. S.  'FIRST AVENUE  PHONE      60  LADYSiVlirH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office    'oVRoberts- Street  a-d  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and  the 25th of each in nth.  OffiseH^rs 1P.M. 4.33  1\ [BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  ������������������r^-^TggMffflBilViW^ '11  NOTICE*:  j    From      this  datt  the  undersigned  '; will   not  be  responsible  foi   any  in  debtedness      incurred  except, on      *  (Written order signed by the secretarv  . Rowland. Machin.  '    V.   I.  EXPLORATION &  DEVEL  OPMEiSTT CO., LTD.    .  !i N'on Personal Liability,  j Victoria. R.  C. Mav. ISth, IfiOS.  Public  Notiee  Attention is called to the  Tact that tha  1 Ogilvie Flour riills  Co ,   Limited  1  I   makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR.     hare for some c-Jnii  I   past been producing flour In a   vastly  improved and  parlff *  '-.rro  i   by the aid of ELECi ifjCITY  | '  -a    and  having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating there  1    to, take this opportunity of a dvisini;   lire   public  that   any  3  a    orized users of the electrical   3our  purifying processes   v/ij|  :.c pro-  w  sscuted.  a ���������  I Ogilvie Flour Mills Oo nap any L'-nif-asi-  | riV3 Caa    willy    .jnHlbi--, ia  Xta-idi   w*'li iib   FiO*.sr-  ij ir. v-irr'.fI**-A i;y tlie Slecl via Pi*oc3S3  ^S^*g*,������������������"^^ &  TENNIS,  New York,   March    28.���������The    semi-  {intmnl     and   semi   final    rounds       in  lhe    national racqnot rloublcs  championship   tournnincut   was   coin-  pleti-'cl   today     on   tlie*     Now        York  racquet,     and   tennis     clubs       court.  Tho   surviving   pairs , who     will   take  part in   the   deciding'    cont������-*st,  to-  l A   FAVORITE   REMEDY   FOR   BAt  I P.I ES  It's pleasant taste and prompt  cures have made Cli-ani;1. itrlaitrs Couirli  l.emrdy a favorite with the mothr.rs  of small chili'ivu. Tt quickly cures  tlicir coughs aiu! colds nnd prevents  -���������ny danger of pnenmoriia or other  serious coiit-o:|-iiencrs. Tt not only  ���������rnirc'K croup, but when given as soon  :\s th- cro-.ipy cough appears will pre  vont  I he attack. For sale by La  dysmith Pharmacy. :  HAY, mm and  FARM r-ROniM  Orders wil) be delivered anywhe.rr  in the city promptly and at the lo v  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'*, on ti*  Esnlanttij.  (James Warnoclr  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught.; also language** : drawing in pencil and cruy-  ons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes  or  individually.  MISS  BERTRAM.  Ladysmith.   B   u.  iK9  Surgeon TJert'si  Ml -work f,ujiranteed, a.ud at rea.*"->  ablo  ratf>s.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysiiu>-"h  OPEN AT AXI, HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple  No.  5 ���������'.'  Sisters meets at the OildfeMov.  2nd  and   4th   Tuesday  at,   ..  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  all  l.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDLK   OP,  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove  No. 4 U.   A. 0. II  Meets in the 1' 0 0 .F. Hail, Ladysmith, the Second and I-V.rtb.  Wednesdays of each month, commsne-  mg Wednesday,  13th.,  1905.  Visiting Druids are-invited to attend.  By Order,  WM   RAFTER, Reef Sect*  PATRICK BUP.K, N. A, s-*;^
���J"-,     * .   "��x'-.'J��*)��-.*r,'--;^r -S-
THE , DAILV    lRTv-
i uems
���     FOR   SALE
Twelve Head of Cows and
Milk Route. Apply  P. O.
Box 99.
One Dollar buys six /Cabinet Photos. A Stylish, but inexpensive
Photo, the Manhattan Panel,' - $1.00
per doz. Stamp Photos, 25c. One
week.     Scheuck,  the Photographer.
Smoke Little B. Cigars/
The Lee-Morris Opera Company,
which was booked for the local Opera House for April 19 and 20, have
written Manager Nicholson cancelling
the engagement. The "Thoroughbred
Tramp" will probably be the only
theatrical aggregation to play locally in   April.
Mr. Parker Williams, M.P.P. came
down from Nanaimo this morning,
and  is spending  Uie day  in the city.
TI13 Selkirk brought in a cargo of
ore  for  the Tyee Smelter' this-morn-'
ir's* ��� ';'   ������''���
Miss Reynolds, who lias been spending a fewldays in Nanaimo, returned
to  this city  last evening. .
Air. and Mrs. W. Harvey, until recently residents' of this city, arc
now living in  Viotoria.
La-ilysmivh Temple No. 5, Rathhone
Sisters, intend giving a supper and
dance on the night o. Easter Monday,. April   ICth. st.
Ladysmit-h    Temple, No.  5,    Rath-
bone  Sisters, officers am*i. team     are
l requested   to  meet   on  Monday  next,
at 2 o'clock.
Mayor Nicholson, who was in Victoria on-City business .yesterday,-returned home last night.
, Mr. Frank Baby went down to Victoria on business yesterday, returning last evening.
Don't miss tlie Spinsters' Convention on Saturday night., There will
be a lot of cle/ei -local hits/���Opera
House,   Saturday   night.
Constable Cassidy     of     this--    city
went down to  Duncans this morning.,
lie will   be on duty in  that vicinity
during     the    time, prince Arthur   of
Conrraught is there.'
Mi. Robeit Cro/.ier left Ladysmith
this' morning on the steamer Amur
for the-.North. llis decision was ea-
ther sudden, and it .was only after
reaching the wharf that he decided
to leave the city  and  journey North.
S.S.   Amur  was   in  port  for     coal
this   morniiijr (n  her way  north.
The S.S. Titania which came down
from Nanaimo vesiciday is eomplcl-
ii:-g  her  cargo  today.
,D. G. S. Quadra came "into- .port
lor coal last night and Ml. again
this" morning.
A Popular
from 9 fo 14 years of age
i. The Excelsior Clu,b gave a vcry
pleasant dance in Gould's Hall last
evening, and as usual,- it was attended- by a large number of the members of the club and friends.    .     .
Miss Penelope. Gertrude Dool.ittle,
will report on the matrimonial market outloo'k at the Spinsters,' Convention, in the Opera House, Saturday
Dr. Dier can  be found at any ti r.
at his office on Gatacre st. .His , dc
tal   work  is guaranteed   to  belira-
class and rates reasonable ��'
One of the objects of Mayor Nicholsons visit lo Victoria yesterday,
was to get leg.il advice on the electric light question. He interviewed
a prominent lawyer of Victoria, a"-l
from that gentleman has a long
written report which, will be submitted to the Council on- Morrday
Mr. J. Bennett, superintendent of
Camp 6, is in the city today on d>i-
S.S. Amur called in tin's-morning
having on board Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Porter, lak1 of this city, and Mr. W.
(1. Pinclcr, all bound for Port Essing-
ton. Mr. Finder opens a surveyors'
office al the above place in the vicinity of Which he is to survey a
lownsile upon his arrival.
Thc C.I'.R. telegraph lines are being moved al o 'c the railway tracks
from the "Y" to the depot and men
are at work today preparing holes.
for the po'-es. Heretofore the poles
stood ji'st where the short line is lo
run. The coal scales are to be moved, from their present situation to a
point  opposite old  Chinatown.
'    Elmer  Walter's     "A  Thoroughbred
Tramp"  which  appears  at the Opera
House on Monday,  April  2, carries a(
/(       thorough equipment for thc prescnta-
'\      tion   of tic play.     Much  pains    have
licr-n   taken   lo   make the  new   -third
act,   (the Hospital  Ward for the  Feeble   .Minded)  natural and  pictures ,ue.
"A 'Tho-i-(Kigh-l:-red    Tramp"     unquestionably excels all  other dramas     of
,    "its .das.*- and certain  it   is   (hat     the
comedy  dement   is more hilarious.
T. Rush Thompson i.s one of the
most humorous character parts ever
conceived and though but a vagabond
the ch-wider carries prestige with
the refined   theatre goer.
The relief crew of II. M. S. Egcr-
in. is now en route across th,* continent fiom St. John. According to
telegraphic advices received hy the
C. P. R. passemger department the
contingent was expect�� 1 at St. John
on: Sat-irday last, having crossed thc
'Atlantic on the steamer La-c Cham-
I lain. The pn'rly is expected to ar-
ri.3' on Saturday next. It is just
possible that the relief cre'v will be
in Vancouv tr during the visit of His-
Loyal Highness Prince Aithur of
Connaughl-. Thc party consists of
seven first-class oflicers, seen petty
oiiiccrs and 1U5 men. The crew at
j resent cm board the Egeiia at Esquimalt will leave for the old country' about-the middle of next weec
The Aessel will be tinned o.-(-r to
Cie new ollicers and crew en Mon-
dav next.
Boys, this is the
COPRlCT itiind
for '"' - ���
this s ra son
and we have a
of ihem
John Gaunt, who lives near Am-
l-.i-gate, Derbjjshire. and is the ofli-
cial rat catcher to thc Midland railway, has trained a fox to be as cx-
!>. rt and reliable, a rat catcher as
any of his dogs.
'���'Miss Fe-nwic'c Miller was at the
door when a police inspector came
\i\) and said 'to-his'men, 'Ta'e her
inside," That dkl not mean into
No. 10, but across thc roa-ci to Can-
iioiuovv Police Station. She was
dragged down Downing street and
a/ross Pfrlianient street to the po-
li.e station, a crowd following.
"Then    Mrs.   Drtimmond     tried    to
i fence'her way into.-No- .10,   and   she
j was thrown down the two or three
steps   to  the pavement  violently.  ���-.
1 "I know she was shoved dov/h
roughly,"   remained  Mrs.   Mo-ntcfiorc,
'"���because she cannoned against mc.
She also was tai-en away by orcLrn
of  the police inspector.
"Next Miss Kenny tried to get a
bearing by standing on the step of
tic motor-car to address the crowd,
and she also was removed to the police station.    The rest of  us women
I followed across- to sec if wc could
o">cr bail. We waited inside the police station for the best part of an
hour, expecting every minute to hear
,'tl.cm charged.     -
j    '-'But  they  were  not.     The    police.
, wcre oMairii-ng their orders from
Downing sleeet, and were finally in-
sAructed th-it th-ey were not to make
a charge. We told the inspector
that we should take action for assault."
The -Women's Social ami Political
Union has issued an appeal to tlie
women of London. To give women
votes,   they  assert,   is   the  most     ef-
fc-'the   way  of securing  better social
and industrial conditions,   belter  \va-1
g<s,    shorter     hours,  anil     healthier
|  Caii and see for yourself
l Walter* &
!    Akenhead
Some of the local sports are waxing, enthusiastic over the prospects
of n boxing contest .between Jeff 1-lan-
nay, of Camp 6, ami "Fran': Fe.nan-
dez, of Chemainus. llannay has had
a challenge out for Fernandez for
some time, and it is thought that
negotiations may be concluded tonight for a go to take place in this
���d/artin, Fernandez' opponent at
Chemainus the other 'day, is reported
to be in bad shape as the result of
the match.
The annual organization meeting
of the Victoria"."Hillside- baseball
club was held Tuesday evening-. The
itieeliny was uiifly well attended
and from the interest that was
shown the success of the coming
season promises to be very g-ood.
The election' of oMioors resulted, as
follows: President. J. T. Mc 111-
moyl; Vice-president: IT. M'cCoiin-
ell; ��� Captain, W, M; Narthcott;
vn-c-'captnin, IT. Bi-owster;' secretary   treasurer,   W.    II.   Kinsman.
We have ihe most beautiful Pattern Hats in town. This is a broad
c.\"'- ��� ���**, but if you doubt it, visit
us a.-.'. jonvinced of correctness
of cur   ijflas ��^��E��^=	
Nanaimo's  Leading Milliner.    Commercial  St.,    NANAIMO,  B.  C.
Next door lo Jas. lliist���Our Grccen '
Every Ladysmith lady spending $5.00 will nave her  fare returned to her
WM.   MCNSIE,   President    J. W.  COB CRN, Managing  Director.
Telephane -1-G.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd.
Shingles a. Specialty
Rough and Dressed Fii' antl Cedar Lumbers
LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of   the  BEST
IL, Eagles,,:1, Yuncouvcr.
Jas. ,Good wing, Toionto.
A. M.  Jar vis, Louden.
F. C. Harris,   V'aiicnii\er.
Miss Ball, Vancouver.
G. 11.   Brown,   Victoria.
Many  individuals    jiid��e the merits
of  a  I lay     by   its    drawing  power
This  theory  is the true b-womclcr of
success  of   failure.    Of  namp    plays,
"A    Thoroiigh'ljred    Tramp,"     which
was the first in the field, has out-
li-.cd all its imitators and each night
proves its hold upon theatre-goers
by receiving patronage suflicient to
call "out the "Standing Room Only"
This play contains an abundance of
excellent dialogue and much of the
comedy is   of the  uproarious  sort.
Thc latter half of, tha play has been
altered uvter.sitcly the third act.
showino the Hospital Ward for the
msaiii; of Colorado.
The Thoroiij.h:,red corny? to the
Opera House Monday, April" 2.
Travel in
We keep a L: vge Assortment of the following goods
���*^%.���%-���%.���%. *L.-V ��������*��.-*.���*.*����.*�����%.*��.-��--��,�����.-%.*��.1
.'--.- 'fRAVCl.TlNvl-RUQS
W. G. Fraser
-���; ��������' < Merchant Tailor,
(ist Avenuei
Spring Stock on hand. Call early and
get your choice
2^&*3i��e*��S'VW~s*-^-.: -ia >��*����j
Elmer Walters'
cauci.-*': ,^j-.i�������������� <j*****i*fca*aL-jiiMiw ��� ��� i   iimiiim     ��� a^
We wil! give you the   bove articles if you
return us
Vl/hlto  S\A/ein   Soap
In Four Acts
the Acts
,P    lllfll
21 ill 111
1 tan? km W 0!
For Men, Worn   n, Boy��, Girls and
This season, TAN Shoes ate being
worn more than ever, and lo keep
up with the demand for these goods,
we have  placed   a   complete  stock.
A look in at our Shoe department
will convince you our stoc-lc of���
Boots and Shoes Is Complete
Reserved  Seats,   7">c.
Clin.  Admission 35c
Children,  25   cents.
A meeting will be held-in D. Nicholson's building, First Avenue, on
Saturday evening at 7 o'clock of
all persons desirous of having a
co-operative store established in this
Having ta'.en over the bar-room of
the a-ijove hotel, we intend to run a
'first-class, up-to-date establishment,
and in .soliciting the patronage of
otn' friends {lnd the public in general,
wc guarantee good  treatment  to all.
'Oar Entire Stock.is offered at
"20.Per Cent Discount
on. sale
Friday ^ocl Saturday
The .Ladysmith Hardware.Co. Ltd
ST0VE51      -��#���      5T0VI:51
W�� v*rc making HEA1LRS and RANGE', of the latest Styles
.and Newest Patterns
..  . We do all kinds of
���\ Fouhdry'and Repair Work--Nickel Plating
-,,<V.     ' "'"     in all jts branches, a Specially
PhoiM 5^ - ��� - P. O. Box 42
After this date the price for bread
delivered at Iriy Customers' houses
will be FIVE CENTS per loaf��� 20
loaves for a dollar. .My read is
guaranteed the best made. Shops
run by white help should receive
white peoples' patronage so Iong as
they are properly conducted, j solicit a trial' as your Baker. ���-..-'���
Wdm &i PLUilDIItfJ
 Dm* at	
Reaaonble Prices
Leav* ord���� at  P��t*rsoa's Furn
tur�� ftor*,-������ rtelepkwM No.; 5i.   '
I ��� We have just received     from thc Jurist a large  .shipment of
They are the NEATEST BAGS we nave  ever  shown   antl  of        thc
Call   in   and  Bee   Them
Pin* A**oriiB��nt
-.moiES'ofW ���;_;"'';
t \aaimmmmtmmawmmmmia^ammmaik^awmaanmaima^aMmammaita^^tmm^at*^am
"I wa>r aM 4B yet afficted wit*
rlieurrmti��m," tvf* Ifr. J. C. Bayne,
editor of tb*, H*jf��ld, Addington, Indian Territory. **"hiit tkants to Cham
berlain'a Pari* Balm am able once
mora to *itHM*t *��� business. It is the
best of iloAtaAts." H troubled
with rheuma.t��Ni '^ivt-Pain Balm a
trial and yot c>t wrtain to be move
than -.'leased fXt tne prompt reUe."
which it afior*** On* application relieve* the pah- - Fc *iale by Ladysmith  PharnMif-t "
..'. Smoke Little B. Cigars.
I have just  received a shipment of
Hills  High Grade
.' /and- " .
- at.ihe���  :
M,:R. SliPSO
Solicitor,  Ei��.
HSoney  to    loan
1st. Avfno?
A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-
MARKET latelyj  run by W. Ward, ori^Roberts street
VVlfH A^
A Trial Solicitd \
A.     HOWE, PHONE 20 \
R. Scott
A. Smith
:-'g.' ���:
First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,    B. C
Neatly and Artistically Done
Orders  Promptiy   Executed
. mm   *    t*    +r     *���


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