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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 28, 1906

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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger
WEDNESDAY,    March 28,  11M)(J
Koine, March 28.���.1. Pier,"ont Morgan has- fled from Italy in fear of
his life. There was alleged to be a
plot to Kill hiin. He came to Rome
lo buy antLq��ies and wor's of art,
but before he could unload his luggage he heard rumors that sent him
San Francisco,     Cal., March     2R���
Emma Le Doux,  who murdered     A.
New York,  March  28.���Behind   the      Ba'.ersfield,   Cal./Mar.  28.���A  spe-
i '
'arrest today of a fern-ale pas-cngcr c1"1 lo the Calirornian from Kern-
N. Mc Vicar and vlaeee! his body in a (J" lhe La Suvoie, who is charged vi,!c reIa-cs that nine Japanese,, em-
trunk Saturday at Stcc'.ilon, was with smuggling laces, etc., inlo'this Plo>'ecs of *���� ],:*llso�� Electric Conr-
arrcsted  at  Anl-ioeh,  aLo.it 51 mill's    country,  the  federal authorities     be- J'"?',,     ? fecn .r""  0111' <>f *���"  by
r. t,^^v%-z uz;*a, "vm r "e ,n - '*t ^��-��.-u:i���,    	
ii       i      ��� ��� , -.osition   to   cai ture   the  members  of   minute.     A    ii.ni    of  the r-imt.  ni,.,i     ,;., .
the atrocious crime .and   names     as11 iiu-mnt-i.*.  ui *'        U1   Ml*   camp  men-   umber and'machine
Vancouver, March   27���A inammoUi
tfolel   ill-edge   for-    service      on the
KortymiJe in 'be Yukon will |,.0
built this summer nt While llor.-o
nnd   floated   down   tlie   ri\ei      to    ,K
During thc past three days the Ro-  her accomplice. Joe, Miller,  whom'the |a ftsl"K    of   i.i^rnatimual   smugglers,   *''* J*���' estrojed     The  tent
man newspapers have been discussing
thc flL'.ht of Morgan. They speak of
the rumors of a plot against his
The     chief    of  the Romaji     police
meets    the rumois with humor.    He
-. Hays    that the  reports of a plot  to
.   kill the American linancier wcre met e
ly a iu.se of jealous 'antiquarians who
wan'e.l to scare Morgan out of Italy.
Never did a ruse work so   successfully.     Friends  of Morgan say   that
when he heard  that his  life  was  in
danger, he gaVe way at ence to fear.
His nerics     became raspy and   in   a
few hours     be had     assured hiniFolf
that   .Rome     was no  place for him.
He had engaged the whole fust floor
of the Villa  Florence,  but   his     luggage  had   not been   wholly  delivered
there    befoie he announced  that    ho
would start frontierward without delay.
San   Francisco'    police iddnlify      as',11'11"-   ������>'  t!l*'-*' operations during   the ,curncA :iu'a.v-   a,ul   *hc Japanese were
dredge may lie   started     il
iluvi n
Joe Heali',    her  lover,  with - whom'fast   icw
.she  passed   Saturday night,  and    for
whom  they are now  searching.
'1 he'crime was one of the most
shocking in .the history of thc state,
'lhe woman beat her .victim to death
in a room of a Stockton -lodging
house where they were lh ing, then
went out and bought a. trunk. She
doubled t!��3 .body in ta" trunk, -m-l
had it delivered at, tlie railway depot to lie shipped as, baggage to
Jackson, 100 miles distant, and her
home, where her Ins-jand lived
crime was di
Thc   woman  has
oidcrcil'lo  leave at once.   They start I nV0t'   as soon   ns I��<>s**ib)<'    aflri- -.he
yea.s  arc alleged  to  l,avR-M| fo.   the railroad,   10  miles distant   '- B*>*s  out.
defrauded    the govvrnme.it of    many   a. d arc ,l0vV at Calicnte await inK i���-
Ihousa-nds  of  dollars.     The     woman j-slnic-tions  from   (he company,
in rested   to-day,  gave her  name     as
Airs. Catheirs, nnd the customs inspectors rlaini that when s!e was
si-arched, laces valued at $-100 Avere
found hid.-ion away in her raincoat.
She was arraigned l.efore Comniis-
-sioncr Shields and held in $23f,0 1-ail
for  Examination Monday.     She   sec-
Mr.    F   C.  Davidson    of  the     Can-
The Japanese were employed to do   ^^    Port*mn*      "ol"      ����'����.s"��V
the preliminary  work  of cnnslriiclinu-   Cmvmany     >-s  now   in   i],r.   (;iiy ���,,,k-
:i   third   j ower     |ilan-t     for  Ilia coin-   inS arrang-enieiifs     for   lho
pany orr  the Ken
London, Mar. 27.-The formal opening of London's latest tube railway���the Iia'icr-S'lruct and Waterloo
took place recently, when Sir. Edwin Cornwall, chairman qf the London-Bounty Council, accompanied by
destination.     In   a   few   weeks       (ho  many  inembeis of   the  Council'     and
,llis jollier public men, with leading olh-
cinls of the new railway, entered the
special train which is to run o\<.r
the line with Uie party ,from Keun-
ingfon  l.o  Baker-street.
'liiu line is ;j.")it. irelovv the bed of,
the 'Jhaines, i.uL even in this lovv-
hing section the- air is cool und
sweet. The depth at Waterloo station from the booking ohice level to
the lower rails is 155ft., but tlu
terrors of the ascent and descent undone away with by the magnificent
service of lifts.
An  iii'tercsiing novelty  at     Water
for win
Air. and Mrs. W. S. ' Brown, Air.
and Airs. Andrew Butler, and their
families wish to convoy their grateful thanks, to all- their friends for
(heir help and sympathy during their
recent sad bereavement in the' death
of their beloved mother,"Mrs." Mary
Will-bison, also to those who .brought
____ I flowers, and particularly tp Lhe Good
I Templars i for their presence .and ibau-
��� London, Mar.  28.���"Freak" di  vers   tiful .ceremony at the'grave of   their
ini.de her apj earance with lie $,2,500
cash, which she put up lo secure Mr,--
Cnthors'  freedom.
�� river.    Their pics- ingof the building  material,
ence aroused  the ire of a u umber  of hin���PV     ���, .       .���.      ,    ,  .
former employees of the Edison and ' '     ��   '       1>U   ,1rw,t""b'
Ken.  ri ci- companies,  and these men !"'"r'cr  nvl"   com*'     ���''������'�����   thc   AHi*
whose   names   aie  not  Known,   agreed Chalmers  plant     nt  .Milwaukee,  WN.
that  the     Japanese  must go.    ' Tho The necessary    hm,|���,.-    for tho con-[loo   is   Die automatic lift gate whicl
1 t0 U,c cam*' ���"�������<> ��������������,  but    no M,..,,.,Jon nt ihf> ,,.���,, ���������     ,  I opens and  -.huts without the aid     0f
perfect safeguard
id relieves     tire
pany say-they propose  to   send     the   Horse.     The  Company   holds  a'very
Japanese     iac-k   l���   the  works,     and   valuable    concession  at     Foi-lymilc
will dcniaiid proleclion. A(K,  wUI work
Toronto, March 27.��� That th��
famous loo'i'ir.e in thc Meihodist
church dis-.-iplim*. prohibiting Uanc
ing, .atti'iiding horse races, circuses
arid other so-called questionable am
usemenls will probably be modified considerably at the next Methodist gx-ncrftl conference in Sepi-
uniber, with 1 he opinion gejierally expressed at a meeting' of the Methodist ministerial Association yea
her hi stand  lived.    The   nn-d pennissioi. to me the    telephone  torce was round    ece- 0Ul    "��   si met Jon ot the s-��-ow will     be   pre- opens and  -.huts will,,
scovered  at  the   .depot.   aiM a few   ininutes  la1el- a     womail  Asi&U(^ \       ���" t^J ^ilrnZ ,,ftrcrt  in   V*���o��vor.    n���d  lhe      a-=- ,,an'.,s'    acts as    a "
has  not  explained     her I g. ing her name as  Bessie   Alellr,,,,,      The oHicia.s    of  ,���e  'i^n^.   ���������'������  wfM.take place    at    Wh���, TwL���!"Zt\"
it   this  suiniiiui-.
have  Lecome quite fashionable     with
millionaires  in   London  mid America.
The latest "freak" repast iu     Lon-
departed .sister..
The   following  is  a  list  of ,. those
who  brought ��� flowers:      A -pillow of
don, vvas the return ���hantiuct of the floWers fromr1he .family; |Mr. and Airs
Hatton Garden diamond brokers to \y; s. Brown, Air. 'and' Air's."' Andrew
their former .hast, Air. Hairy llama- ' p.utler, Mr. and'Mrs. T. Grant," Mr.
to. On Saturday, the eleven gentle- and 'Mrs.' Archibald Reid, Mrs. V.
men, in addit-ion to Air. Barnato who. \v. James. Glol'e'of ''flowers' from,
sat down ���t ll.c New Gaiety Rt-staih' victory Lod^e, Ko."Sl,t1. O. G.T.,
rant in thc Duke of Connaurfii Airs. G. L. Wobstc-r, (Victoria)'-spray,
rooms, found themselves suddenly- Mr. aTl;i Mrs. T. Giant, (Victoria),
translaled to ihe" congenial region of - bouquet, Air. and Mrs.'-T.-'McMillan,
the  KimLerley diggings.. J.lWl family, wreath;   iVIr. :awl Airs. D.
The deception was marvellous, vviiite, wreath; . ,AIrs. W. Hunter,
Birds flew aiouiul as they, entered, ,al���ayt Mr. anl Alis."''James Harries,
and chirped as they flitted from plant s,)jav; Mrs. Milne, (Victoria)- spray;
to plant. Huge quartz bloc! s, arlis-' Mr_ j_ j Thomas amfiMiss Thomas,
ticaliy arranged at once si^estcd cross; ,Mrs G .j(mnstone, ':motto-
tbe mines,  and sand  had   i-eeii  libcv-   "^t Rest."
ally strewn orr the  floor. |  0 .-
A large tent  was erected  in     tho AT THE OPERA HOCSIO.
centre  of. the. room and close by was (	
a  porUhle. washing stand, with     thej    Wlii>3. the country ds burdened tliea.;
Prince Arthur Landed at the Capital of British Columbia
Yesterday and was Ceremoniously Received
by Statesmen and* Civic Officials
,"sMR-.j^:r,�����rE -', cz i:in.i. ^.^. -s.--: -�����-�����**��.��� >-* ��� te
nought and suite, m��m!iers     of    the  nt.oratc addr
injimclion, "Please wash.your hands u.ica���y with t^mp .plavs> f(iw have
before sitting elowrr to eat." Veldt j attji-,nert aIVV standing'with; theatre-
carls,    picliaxes,    .bags     of-"dust, ' | ^s-.     .'A' Thoroughbred "Tramp,"
(gold, of. course), .helped-, to give - a
finishing touch to the striking scene.
No detail \vras too in-signilicaut to.M..
Nolrile, who designed the unicj-ue fiwic-
tion.   .;        - ::::; ".y "" . '. '"
Turtle soup, served out, of a huge
cauldron while two armed Boers did
.sentry duty was enough to complete
the illusion. When djsscrt was
loached throe huge blocks of ice representing a ..Cape cart drawn by Ind-
loclcs, vviis wheeled in oil a trolley,
and from this cart, ices wcr.e. served.
I which was first in tha field, lias outlived all -its imitators;- and -nightly
proves its.-popularity with theatregoers by being greeted with overflowing patronage. But "a Thorough
bred Tramp" contains, much interest-
i ng d i��1 o,gii���, excel lent cei me.i y and
splendid climaxes. 'The fun -is of the
uproarious sort, and :briugs'.- forth
laughter arwl applause of lasting duration. The Thoroirghbred comes to
the 0|>cra House" Alohday,   April -2.
Garter Mission  to Ja: an,  landed    at  al   Highness7Z' a^rm^8 J!dT   u*^    "?     PrInc��' ��"���    Ko-^
.eieivcd a ruling    enthusiastic    wel-     Mr   Mayor and   CV.H1,*,**,.,,-     ti    i     m��"Y,> Parliament  buildings
come. ' --������  Ma)o.   and   Gentlemen.     It    is   was the presentation of a large |,ou-
Thc  wha.f at  which   the     Empress      ,    i'!��/"i   r'Y l�� ?* Srat,ifi0a-   ��fi:e<  of chrysanthemums t��� His- Roy-
7,        ,.,    ,. ���     WIlh  wi,1(h 1  have been entrusted ,1,-v   of Victoria
ra;l ^^e^ZlTZ -il'V:^ UlC K'^ ^,n ��? !*^ ""."i. Thcn'ttaPrl^ and partv again
aid at l���r main ll b e els^'at ^ lMon8,,rP��-Un "' ^ 'T l����k ^^ ^* in lhc ^^
the two other .As, is iFono . t ev!rv TZuZ, ^\ T ��7 ^^ drlv<m to ����:��nme,rt house
Lieuten.nt Go.erno.Sir Henro Jou'' >�� Tf tJnn I ',-��� �� ^ Wb**'*he ^ ��� v,8,tor is tlie guest
da l-otbiniere, in Windsor ..iiifor,,,, ^ / W|,L, ^ it anntf d ^ ��f ^ lieUten"nt gOTer"0r' Sir' Hen"
with, Mr. Muslett, secretarv, and Siil v mal I it e\ th,'i n i " J��'y "C Lotbini"C- Th�� other
Lieu,, Dra.ee, A. fL  C.  Hon.  Ric.Kird = t^ lX D^Hotl  "t, ^K ^ *    ^
ms:  R   G    Tat- ,- Duard Hotel.     The party was cnter-
I  am glad  of  the opportunity    af-   taineel    at     luncheon at Government
forded inn to visit this  groat Doniin-  House,  and at 3 o'clock the tallv-ho i
McBride,  premier, He
low', F. A. Fulton and K. F; , Green,
gathered  on  the wharf.   Hon.  Joseph
boarded      the    steamer    at   William
Head-.to welcome the Party  to Can-
attendant of niiucli manual labour.
Uhen the a-ates are opened the ele-
Miior cmiiiot move. It is the lightest t-oucii on a lever that causes the
automatic apparatus lo close and release the lift. The same clever automatic aid to safe and smooth op-
uration is carried out in tl�� signalling apjaratus along the line. The
driver cannot run paist a danger signal, for his hiakes arc immediately
set automatically by contact with a
ccitain electric governor,'without
his inlcrfeiencc, by the clectro-pneei-
rnatic signalling device.
In the oflice of the superintendent
of the system is a wonderful recorel-
ing device, also electro-magnetic,
which shows when a train enters or
leaves '.Waterloo, how long it remain^
and all about' its movements. On
tlio edg-e of the large dial, one of
which is used every day, the electric
marker strikes a purple bar, showing to a second when tha train passed the given point, and giving the
superintendent at a glance warning
of e en a few seconds' delay in the
running. The instrument is the invention  oT the superintendent.
TI>2 now tube is unsurpassed for
comfortable accommodation and elegance of appointments. There is- a Corsicana, Tex., March 27 ��� A
perfect flood of light, as the tube is negro prisoner at the county farm
illuminated brilliantly all the way, 'two miles from here set fire tu
every lew yards, with electric light, ' }11S cC\\ ;n order * to escape toda\.
and the interior lighting is splendid. . T.ne   flames set   fire to-the   jail   and
The following skit on the dimensions, of the great British battleship
Dreadsou<M,, appeals in the "Neuc-sto
''The German naval authorities
have been confounded by the launch
of the British 500ft. warship Dreadnought. But now comes the news
of the launch oi the Greatmouth,
which is to be built in six weeks-. - '
"The Great-mouth's length is immeasurable by the English syslusm.
Whole commandos of Dreadnoughts
can be hung about her anchor chains
She is so long-that the time varies
at  the bow and stern.
"A butt of champagne was used to
christen l.er���there was no bottle
huge'enough. Cavalry ara - trainel
on board. The whole German fleet
could be hidden away in her caf. pose.
Tlie King, when he went on board,
wore out four top-hats and frock
coats, which had to be discarded ow-
ins to change of fashion during his
tremendous journey over her.
"But  Germany is   going to   build
a .battleship     which    will take    six .
Greatmouths as lifeboats." v    ���
The carriages arc of steel and fire-
rc-s-isting wood. A complete tele-
I hone system is curried- but tlie vyhol
length of the railway with connections even to the moving trains.    \
The stations are exceedingly pretty
with artistic designs in colored tiles; ..g g Amur w.m b(J in for coal at 5
before the prisoners could be removed, four were burned todenth
and: a fifth was finally burned, The
man, who started thc fire was a-
mong those burned to death.
��� o    ,-
>oie, under secretary of state and i"" n'K' to .famil!ari-'-C n-.v-clf. as far was; taken-to Cnrey Castle, and'th* jf^ ���"'
Jajit.'. Trotter 1) S O A DC as a somewhat hurried journey will Prince and party embarked in' its _l���-~-
o  the governor general had 'aire-uk' f���11',Ayith .its  vast: extc'^ a-1<l   ik li'Rh seats   to view  the resLdential sec   .       _
. each station having  its   own. -distinc-
o'clock tomorrow morning.
: arms���the salute  of  twenty-one guns
Vancouver, March 2G���Timber      in-    to  round-'., up', all   ofiMr
K-Aeetor     Murray     and  his  heiichincn   camps   before   returning,      and
arc  ineetiiiir   with  a^ scries, c-f     su.:c- '.probaWy   today seeking-    new      con-- j was .fired...
esses in their mid on   thc logs   or Mr.   quests,   and additional laurels. ���'    The  Prince   walked   with   the  vencr-
When rpiericd this morning as to ' able lieut. governor, the contrast he-
what'hc knew of, these later 'soiz-' tween the rugged ol-d governor and
morn- &l'os> Air. . Enicrson stated that .he the yen ng nephew of His Majesty,
,,[ had -heard ofllieni, but as he had'a boyish erect figure with small care-
not yot received any olUciul not--fully turned moustache with 23 years
ideation of the seizure he has 'to ids .-mlil, being marked. II.R.1I.
not. ytit taken action. lookinj* to was in a plainer uniform Mmn he
the release of the-booms, nivrt is -ip i was wont to wear in Japan, when
aide as yet to 'say what coursi
lio   will     adopt.-
limitable resources.     My  pleasure  in   tion  of Victoria,  Oak  Bay,   an 1  vie
this  respect  would  have teen, incom-��� inityi,   Last night the party" was'cn-
ad-a.     Mr.   Ha!,er,  assistant   to     the   vMe '.ia<1  T -nofc   bwn   l,<-rmit(e<*     to   lertained at   an  informal   dinner   at-
President:  of   the  C.P.R.,   and   many. src  s<Mnctni,iS  of   tllc  lk'h an:i  prcs-   Government House,
others,  ollicials and otherwise    were   m'ous Pr(>vince of  !*>������������������* Columbia, |   For today Uiere will -be Solf,at Oak
.gatherod on the wharf,   while aiilisWc .nml  a'S��  ��f    your  faU' city, .   whose   Bay,   drives,   and  in   the evening     a
"the barriers    there were some    hun-  ,,amc aWakei,s   to'"101' recollections of   state  dinner at  Government    House,
���dreds.     Some Dominion 'special   oiTi-   U,f> grrat an,i  K����(i ���Quoe" a"*"llflltf  (or which  R^7  invitations have bo.n
leers,     C.P-.H.    s.;.3cial     agents,  and   il; ,s l'Mot]> aml  t��"s-rstai.l-isi.es   at   issued.
IChief Larr^iev,     two sergeants, K and   tlle  ver>'  0"ls"t'  of  ��,:r  at'nllai,*taI1<;c ,    For  Thursday ai��I   Friday,    fishing
a bond, of union between  us. -expeditions'-.to  Covvichan  River   have
I-shall-not fail'to; convey to the ,|)Ct,��� planned, all preparations being
King the expressions of your loyal made for guides and canoes; and thc
devotion,- the proofs of which are ��� Victoria garage has seivt two auto-
appaient on every lnrn.i. It will no mobiles (;o Duncans to convey the
doubt -be'- most gratifying to     His   part-y to Covvichan Lake.
)six men. kept order. ���
[    As   His     Royal     Highness  stepped
j ashore���the. band  playing-tlie Nntioh-
Emersoii s,a|   .in(,|iemi  a���,|  (lie guard  presenting
Mayor Nicholson in Victoria To-day in
Quest of Certain
.1.   S.   ICmei-son     says  the     Vancouver     World.      According    to   advices
which   r.cachcel  the   city   this
ing,   the   forces  of   the    minister
lands   and   works,   beaded     .by      Mr.
'Murray,     after     the   first     sortie   at
Secret    Cove,    in   which   they     camo
into-     peaceful     possession   of       one
.  largo boom  which   was -anchored    , at
the   Cove, proceeded,    north    lo Rugged   Island,    wht.-re     another      Iarg->i
boom     fell      into their  grasp. At
Port   I-larvoy      they   won       another j
bloodless   victory,      which  resulted in
gathering-   in    a   number      of        logs .
which   were,  being  assembled        from]
various   camps.     Passengers    passing-
on   the   steamer  Cassiar     were     eye.-
wfinesses   of   tho  battle      at       Port
Harvey,    but   state .it ,was   a  very
taint-  anil   u-ninterestititr  affair. A
���short, distance abov<!    Port.      Harvey
ElPaso, 'Texas', -March 2"���The. supreme court of Mexico has alllr
nicd the, sentonce of-eli-nth againsi
Richardson, Mason 'auel. Hai'le, convicted of having murdered Mitchell
and  Delivers        at    Chihuahua     four
he  wore    the full  dre.-.s,  shako     and
cape of the Hoyal  Hussars.
'1 he Royal party amid cheers from
tl.o crowds lining the streets, drovo
to the Parliiiiiir.nl. houses, where tho
���'Mayor    and    civic  ollicials   welcomed
iMiuj-esty to receive from these distant, portions of his dominions which
are the subjects of bis especial solicitude,such uniH'iih ocal assurances of
tl.-e-ir steadfast attachment to His
Majesty's  throne, and person.
I can only regret that my engagements elsewhere prevent a more extended stay among you on. thc present occasion, and I join vvilh you
in hoping that   this  will  not   ho   my
Mayor Nicholson left on the morn-'next meeting.-.-of the Council, when
ing train for Victoria, on city bus-i- probably the aldermen will definitely
The chief object  of  His Wor- *
'decide whether to  give the people   a
choice,   of  voting   on   a iby-law  siini-
ship's visit lo-Victoria,  is to gather   |;U.  1o tllat sill)'niit,(ed to th.em   last
certain   informal ion  relating   to-   thc   year,  or  to  ns'c    them   to     vote    a
prop-used   insinuation   of an   electric "franchise  to a private company.
  j plant'in  this city.     Although    little.    H it is resolved to ask   the consent
ha*     ;1 een    heard  of  this  important   of   the property  holders   to     borrow
Vancouver,   March   27���The .Cassiar  eiuestio-n during the last week or two,   money,  the  council   will,   by   the time
arrived  irom   the  Northern      points    lhe council  have not dropped the idea   a   by-law   is   prepared,   have*,  collected
this  morning.      She had   a very pie-   of ��''��� '���''���"���? a l,lant ins-talWd here short   all      information      regarding  electric
ly.     H was arranged  for   lhe Mayor   light,   the cost  of  the  installation of
..r<im*4T"   \t \vi\irmon r \STI V   " eU'l'l-anl-s have a  peculiarly eerie ap-
GlICSI      A I   WINDSOR CAS ILL.   ^..^^  .,������   ^.^  |U.lltIey seeing
Two  of   the.  most,  striking  features   th.,M1   f()l.  Uie   (jl.sl/  ti|11(,  in s,K.n    cir.
of  the  hc-aulifiil  sunk-en  ilower     gar-   (.,llllsl.ull.l.s   Uioiifi.ht  they   were
den which   was  laid out bv  the   dir-
���it   visit to   the   province  of  British    asant   trip    as   regards wi-aihor boih  '>'���
iup  and   down     and   brought ,low��� a   l0   visit   t!"'  ca��)ital   in   *'l,est  oi  ihc a  P'ant,   the   probable  cost  to     con-
I.                  .                                             ,,     information   mentioned  above,   a week stimers  of  light,   etc.,  so   that     they
large  -number   ot   passengers.           Slin                                                  ,                 , ...    ,      .                    '.
ago,   but  he  was  unable to mate  the will   be in a  position lo  answer any
j.. oli.ci     () .^  o[i account of pressing    business' question put to them by citizens.
in   (own.                                                     ! The Mayor's report    on his    visit,
lie  vvill  report on his visit at the will be awaited   with interest.
As the last-  words of i the reply vvwo    brings    word   that,   wo:
ing apace  on    the    construction
sons  scaling  the terrace,
ection    of-George  IV.   on  the     cast      1|e    s|U)Ui,0(i,    "Halt!     Who
something,   again   favored   the     mar
audcrs,       and   they   fell   In   with   the yea,'s  aS��   m   order  t.V collect   insui-
thogoil   of  battles,  or     seizures,    or u,lce  on   ,l,oir   ,ivps'     Th,;-V    wiU    ,K'
Kmei-son    .steamer       Leroy.        which shot   unl^s   lho     Rovurnov    pardons
had   in   tow  a   large     boom  destined ' ,n-       -        .              ;.- - ���
for Rag-gcd Island.    An  officer     wns
put  on   hoard lho  I^eroy       to     take
The -Chinamen 'employed on the
charge of the boom on its reach- short line, are today levelling the
ing Ragged Island. From all re- K*'0'"i.d past the depot for the track-
ports it would appear that thc beds- Tlle ro-ue" crossing used by
timber     inspector      has  instructions the hamsters to get.to the     wharf,
is for the  time being, left untouched.
terrace at    Windsor Castle arc    two -.-,(,,.,>���"���       n0  answer   was   returnc-d
large     .ornamental    elephants   which ,,t, c]ia|i(,|IRWi  UlL,  (ig-ure-s  three times
were brought from  Lticl-.now.      They morC)    .,Jl|(i"    s|il,      11() anKWer came,
slaud  on  pedestals  on either side of Y\jlm)lllj ,ll0,n, aik)  i,(, placed a    twill
lhe  stone  steps   which   lead  -down to c^ri,.,,^,, jn  bis  rifle ami   fired.    The
the  garden   from   thc  terrace.   One of lt!,ul.e WiXS sl,iu  l(hel.e ,notioiiI&ss.   He
them  has   five build, marks upon   it, n'mi  nL,ain  futir  times, and  hy     this
and   this   innocent   elephant     is   ��� un- time  tj,e pa(nd,  having  heard      the
doiibf-cilly     the  ghost   tlr.it     Private shf)lS( an.ived  on  the scene.
I lent Ley,  of  the. 2nd  Battalion    Cold- <piU!  rciW\[, wa,s   that. Private Benl-
iilream. Cminis, thought  he saw when ley   way   marched   oil"  to   the    castle
on sentry   duly   in   the early  hours of ^nardrooni,  and   he  has been  seiifenc-
moriiiiii-. w|  ^0  tiirce  days'  conlin-ement  to the
Just as  day    dawns,   these     white barracks for firing      without    proper
tbu now sawmill lor Sinclair and
Campbell at. Loughborough inlet
This mill has every prospect, of doing a large business. All I he log
gingj catnips along the Cnssi-.irs
route arc  exceedingly busy.     The un-
��� -^' nwjgrm-
At   a moot ing of the Vancouver is-
.aini 'Fon-tbnll     Association,   it     was
ideaasnt part of her  report was   the   ,,.,,.���,,,.,,    to hol(1   ,.he amuia,  im><,ti
severe   illness   of   her   popular
In one oi the London CIuls recently a wager of $50,0)0 to $225 was
laid against a double evmt- of
"Holme Lacy" for the Lincoln han-
elicap and "Gladiator" for the Liver-
at Ladysmith on April 28th. It is P0"1 "��{1 National. The. races are
sec, Mr. P. .1. Chick. Mr. Chick ,������,,,,.,too<1 ,.hal Ulc ineeting has to *�� *�� r*.n today and Friday next,
became   ill      on  the   up trip   and be  - bp h(i](1  .ll(.f,ril.l(c,ly  in every city rep.   respectively.
fore the vessel got in this morn lcSt��n|ed in the league and as the In London racing circles, it is ailing it was found that ho hail a ,noc|jnir ias( y(.nr was held in this ��� nounced ttia^l Lord Gerald, who won
severe attack of pie-iimonia. lie was (.-,V) -^ -s mnv j.]ul ^urn 0{ ylc Lady-( $15.,0*00 on the match at the San-
removed in tho ambulance to ��<���'smitii dub. Among the questions to down Park which resulted in one ot
Paul's hospital as soon as the vi-s'coine up for discission will b2 the the riders being warned olT, has pre
sol got in her..-.' MV. Chick ha.--' election of ollreers for the coming sen-ted .- the money to the Bentinck
many friends, both afloat- and a-'year and several amendments to the 'Memorial fund, from which inditent
bore who  will. join  in  wishing    him constitution   will  also  be considered,   jockeys and  their  relatives  are   giv
a  speedy recovery. I���Colonist.
en aid. DAILY L EDGEB  IHE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every  day except Sunday-  BY        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  <Q cents  a  month;    (5  per  year   in  idvance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  WEDNESDAY,  March 28,_190(i  GOOD  CLEAN  FUN.  Wildly enthusiastic people fill the  Theatres nightly to greet T. Rush  Thompson, the vagabond in Elmer  Walter's popular play,' "A Thoroughbred T-Mirip," ami applaud the wholesome sentiment, laugh uproariously  at thc clean cut comedy arrei are  moved' t-o cheers at the strong dramatic utterances.  It is certain that t-he intensity of  '"the purpose, thoroughness of character delineation and absorbing dramatic interest exhibited in this play  places it far a'ove any similar at'  traction before the public.  "A  Thoroughbred Tramp"   will    be  seen at the Oj-erii House, on Monday  April 2nd.   -o   ANOTHER CLOUD  IN THE FAR EAST  London, March '27.���������A de.-pauh  from Buschie, province of Furs,  Persia, | lvceired today indicating  lhat Anglo-Persian trouble is brew  intr at Benclci Abas, on the-Per  sian'     Gull*   and '  that      a British  squadron vvas on its way thereto support the di-mands of the In  dian government, is declared at th.  India oflice to cive too,much dig  nity to an entirely unimportant  local Sfpiabblc in regard to tin  precise site, of a cable house fo  the lino recently constructed by thi  Tndian government. Tho presence  of  the  squadron,   which   is  on       on  ' of its periodical tours ot" lhe Per  sian , Gulf, is absolutely unconnec-t  eel   with the  affair.  r . -o   The Dominion government cruise  Kestrel, Captain Xovvcomhc. wen  around to the Fraser river. am  wil1 -spend the day at the Bon Ac  cord   -Hatchery.    ' There   she        wil  ' ta'c* on 2*>O,000 salmon fry. whril  will bo  taken    to   freshwater       01  ; the" v--cs4, const of Vancouver Tslaiu'  Tho fry 'is consigned to TCennccb  Lake on Claybquot Sound. Andcr  son     Lake,      Alberni Lake,   nnd >"i'  - nat Lake. The Kestrel will pro!*  itKy make a tour of the Wes  coadt. and return by way oT Cap  Scott to Vancouver before si art  ing on a  long northern cruise.  NOTICE.  AVfrf������������i������f^.f5f������tffftV5f������f������ff������ri  -^  -^    a   ������- ,������������-������      -~   ���������. ��������� ..    . ������������������  **���������   NOTICE  is hereby  given  that   I   m-  Siuol.e. Little B   Cigars.  "- DAVIII &PENCER  (Nanaimo)  Millinery  tend to ai*ply at the next, sitting ol  the. License Boa id of the city of Lady smith B.C. for a transitu of there-  tail liquor license now held by mc  for the premises known as the New  ] Western Hotel, situated em Lot -1.  Block 28, to John Menginni.  atty     D. II.  DAVIS.  Dated at Ladysmith this lath day of  March, lilOfi.  WecS., Mar. 2Q.  SUCH A SHOWING, Resplendent with BEAUTY and  NEWNESS has NEVER before been seen in this City.  Such an TM.UENSEAssortmcnt of GRACEFUL, BECOMING STYLES is Seldom seen in stores much larger than this, and cei'lainly never were PRICES on such  BEAUTIFULLY TRIMMED CREATIONS marked as  LOW  AS TIjEY AKE  MARKED  THIS  SEASON.  ^5 A CORDIAL INVITATION TO ALL  ^fW������/^WWrWWfW������fflWfWl^  COST  OF  ROYAL  PALACES.  Many interesting and some curioii-  facts - appear in 'the report of l-hi  Auditor General on the Civil Set-  vice and Revenue accounts of lb  year  15)0'l-5,   issued  on   Wednesday.  Extension of electric lighting i  the state rooms, and o-fiier ap������rt  ments of St. .lames' Palace, whirl  is partly iri the occupation of th  King, cost ������080. Wine cellars-wer-  constructed,, which cost ������l,0SO. Al  most ������4,000 has now icen cxr-emu*-'  on installing electric light at Wind  sor  Castle.  Altogether, ������3,345 less that Parli;  ment, voted was spent on the ro.< a'  palaces, the total outlay being ������58.  910.  The outlay on  the houses of    Par  liament was ������-18,001, of which warming,   ventilating  and  lighting  al.-.snr'  ed just one half,  and  the police  ������-V  071.���������London Exchange. ......  EGG-LAYING CONTEST.  .For sixteen weeks 1/14 hens havi  been laving eggs against each otlic"  at tdic Lady Warvvic"; Agricultura'  Collego at Studley Castle. The chair-  pion���������a hull Onn'ngton���������la d siventv  five eggs in  that time.  Thc  winning ''team"  consisted     r  foir    White   I.c*.������horns,   who la;d     !-e  eggs.     A   Buff  ' Or  vvas second with 23'  'team"   of  tin*    s-m--  Ijreed���������-among Ihem the champion  bird���������was third with 2,'i;*5 eggs. Some  of the e^gs weigueci ak)/..���������-London  Exchange.    .'  NANAIMO  The executive of the Victoria cole  oration commit tec has ilecided to  ���������eeoiiiiiiond a.theee day's celebi'.i-  Lion   of     Victoria       Day.  1 v/f-err  them   2:  p-ii^trn, "team  egi,s,   and  I.ec'.ie  Boots     for  Boys  will  stand   the   Roughest   1 nocks.  They    are    built for  service  wil limit  sacrificing appearance  L208.   Boys'  Scotch Crain Bals  Have circular vamps, heavy soles and round toe last.  The best every day boot on  the market today. Sizes 1  ���������to T-. Mothers ask for and insist on -getting "LECKIE  BOOTS"  for hoys.  L308,  Same Boot for Youths  Sizes 10 to 13.  -a  J. LECKIE Go.  VANCOUVER, B. C,  Mr.' A. 10. BooLh, night manager  of the C.l'.H. Tele-graph odicu in  this city will leave lor Duncans  ihis morning to act as private  .clegrapher for lhe party, of Prince  Vrthur, who vvill spend a few- daj.s  n the vicinity of Diiiii-inis, fishing  in  the  nearby  streams.  Tho Boweryitcs have decided on the  time for placing the High School  Hoys that game of football to beat 4 o'clock, Thursday, or imiueil  lately after the grocers anil dry  ,iOods men have finished I heir game  Ml Bowery playcis are notifu-rl to  be  on  hand   for  tho  giunu. ,  Mrs. J. P. Planla was taken  f.o thc hospital on Monday in a  -.on.evvhat   serious  condition. Her  nany friends vvill be pleased , to  'lear that last night a slight ini-  u'ovement vvas noted in her con-  lit ion and is well on her way to-  vard   recovery  The delegates to the meeting of  the Grand Lodge of lho 11. C  Association oi Stationary Eng injurs will, arrive Ihis evening and  ���������iclcl session on Thursday. They  will be bariqueited by the local  Lodge on TimrsihTy evening at th-.-  ���������Juc'cns   Heitc-i.  The   Sons   mill   Ilaugh-fers    of-     SI  .'oorgc     vvill  fittingly   celt-brute    the  iniv-ersary    of    St.     George's    Natal  Day  in .Nanaimo.       The     date is  ���������Monday,'-.    April      27..      Full    partic-  dars       vvill   he  published  later.   The  Ladysmilli   nicmliors    of  the        order  si ill   bo  expected     ' to-participate- in  ho  celebration..,  Messrs     T.      Aitken     and     Archie  ireenwell   left     ���������yesterday-     morning  ���������-<jr Malcom        Island     where       they  ���������ave  secured   employment:   in   one    of  he logging  camps   of  thnt    locality.  Rnzinski, a   Russian     who was com  mittcd   from   the   Van-'-ouvcr      police  ���������ourt  some   time ago for   trial    on a  charge   of  having  assaulted    William  VTottishaw nnd  occasioning       bodily  'iarm   yesterday  morning elected  'or.ii   hearing     nt   lhe    Spring      As-  tizes.      The   eleri ion   vvas    'before TI is.  'Tonor   .Tuilge   1 rendorson.     The      aiv  ���������used     was  admit led     fo   bail  "10nn.      which      is   to   be  in  sureties  of   SoOO   each.   -o   The List of the series of matches  for the Sockor championship of lho  .Mainland vvas played on Saturday in Vancouver, anel as a iv-  sult tho Celtics champions of tho  Mainland, league, have the. proud  honor of , having gone through tho  entire season with out a single ele  feat to mar their unbroken string  of victories; Tn the match on Sat  urday thc Celtics put it all over  their old rivals, the Shamrock's, hy  a   score     of   '!   gouts   to I.  BROOKS'  PHOTOGRAPH     .-Tl/DIO  Is Again Open  VICTORIA  CRESCENT   **   opposite Fire" Hall  Nanaimo, B. C.  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  V Time Table No. 51  Traii.o leave ***������ysmith for Victoria and all intermediate stations at  9.10 a.iu. daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on y'/eeliicsilajs, S-iturdaiys and Sundays.  Trains   leave   ladysmith for Wellington   and  all   intermediate stations  at   11.57 am   dany, and at.G.Ou  Sundays.  p.,m.   on   Wedna days,-.Saturdays     and  cTVjO.nIEY  TALKS/-  A,l  ���������^A^E^N.^S'WvOUR J.KAT  YOUR   DOLLAKS  WILL GO FURTHER IF  YOU  BUY    ������������������������0-M   US,  Our Clash Prices Cannot Be Beaten  PAN NELL   &    FLASKET  g-[*KAM   HKAT15D  WKU, l'URNlSIIJCD ROOMS  A. J. McMUR TRIE, Proprietor  Newly, fitted up and  Furnished  BAR SUl'l-LIED WIT       li!  WINES, UQUORS, CIGAR!. ���������  10TEL  LADYSMITH, P. <.  Good tables and good  Rooms  Excursion Tickets.  ... -    '' ON SALI  good for going Jonrney  Saturday.'   ~<uc;  the following Maaday. ..;,  O  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  ���������i-days, returning not later than  *dfe������ifiw^ tdl^lltr  ������������������    ��������� '    1 !..   ���������     '���������:     ill ���������    ,   ���������  Sails from Laiysmitb      c  Vaacouver ev^ry Saturday at 6.00 a.m-. and  returning sails Ir*m Vam mi. .-.-    tor   LaayB-nith ai 2.30 p.m.  Cor. Fort,  Streets.,  GEO. L. 'T1URTNEY.  rt.'& Pass. Agt.  PORTLHND HOTEL  DAVID IIYNES,  Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  CANADIAN  NEWS NOTES  STATIONED AT VANCOUVER.  Montreal, March -7.���������Ij. Duchas-  tot de Montrougho who has been  for many years attached to the consulate general ele France in Montreal has received thc appointment  as French consul at Vancouver. Ho  will leave next, month to. -take up  his new duties in the West.  Montreal Fire.  Montreal,March 27.--A large four  story     building  occupied      by the  .Montreal Biscuit Company, S'.  M unique Slrc-jt, was destroyed by  (ire today. The loss is placcel at  S7.*),fi0(l. Tho building vvas recently 'pure-based by John C. TurilT.  Watery Grave.  CJeorgctown, Mn-c'n 27���������C. Redely  was drowned here today. He was  engaged with others in lighting a  blockade of ice at thc Sykes clam  when he slipped and fell into tho  water. He leaves a widow.  Nova  Scotia's Governor.  Halifax,-' March 117.���������Judge, D. C.  Fraser, formerly member of parliament for Guyshoro has accept  ed the. Lieutenant Governorship of  Nova Scotia, in place of the late  G'ovornoi-   .Jones.  ALWAYS KEEPS CHAMBERLAIN'S REMEDY IN WS HOUSE  "We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedv. It is ktpt  on hand .continually in our home,"  says-W.-W. iKearncy, editor of the In  dependent, Lovvry City, Mo. That  is just what every family should do  When kept at hand reaely for instant  use, a cold may be checked ,at the  outset and cured in much less time  than after it has become settled in  tho    system. 'This  remedy  is  also  without a-peer foi" croup in children,  and will prevent the attack when giv  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or cven aft<-r the croupy  I'otigh appears, which Can be done on-  in ly when the 'remedy is l-:ept- at hand,  v.'n  For sale by -Ladysmith. Pharmacy  renovated.  Board and lodging J1.00 per day.  This Ilutel has   been completely  HOTEL.    PRETORIA  JOHN TPA, Proprietor  Bar Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: *--: Ladysmith B.C.  Lieiuors and Cigars. '  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d*������te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  wvrds.  Wli. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ������������luia<a ��������������������������� *������������������ ���������' -*-- *���������*-'  Laiyimltfc  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������-WHITE   OOOK���������  ami  ���������W11ITE   Ii A BOK���������  ���������Employed Only  (Hall Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ii  CALEDONIA!  ilV  Leads Them    All  rKQUALLTY  R. P.RITHET,  & Co.,  Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :--: ���������   .-: :���������B.C  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Rati-p .*fl,J5i> ai.d$1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landings an.'  railway depots.    Electric cars every flv  rninutea to all parts of   the city.    Ha-  nnd table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C  I  Under  Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor,  Commercial Mens'  head ana vters.  Modern  and    ��������� Strictly  First  Clais.  Fire Proof     BuildiBj: -  WANTED���������Hy Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (rnan or  woman.) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses-paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; .position permanent. No investment required. Pre--  vious experience not essential to engaging.-     ���������  ; TLdelress Manager, 132 Lake Street,  .Chicago, III., U.S.A.  TO PERNIE, B.C.  K������ad L<a**������ ' ',     ' IAO-  9 p.m. Lv.' Ticn.aM A-i. . ,o '  8.00 p'. tu. t,������. S������*IUI������ Ao ^ ,0 a.m.  9.21 p. iu, Arr.. jtCverclt Arr. 7.30 a.m  9.30 a. m. An. SPyKANK A r 7.45 p.m  6.25    .iu An.   ������vsi9'������<l   A r 17.30.1-. in.  8.10  p,    .    %r.    Kike   Arr.  10142 a. 111.  9.00 .p.m.    irr.   - Ferule   Mr.9.55 a , in.  ONE  '.IGHT  To all Kootienay PoinU  ' TWO   NIGHTS  To    Wianiiwg and St. Paul  1 Close Connections *  For     Cbiearro, Toronto.  ��������� Montreal and   -  All Po.nts East & West  Acetylene :, Li ghted     C ars,  Family  Tourist Sleepers.  Palace Sleeping Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a la  Cgttt)).    ,'  Library Observation ,   Cars  , Through ,, ���������ickels and hag-  gagt* ?*eck* to an. points..  Steamsn.p Tickets  For ticket*, maps, 'berths'  reservations     and complete  ������������������' informatioa'    can on or .10  '   Trr-iS.      - '   5  -     '   ���������'! '   I   |;if|J  S. G.  Yerkaa   " E.R. Stephen  A.G.E.A. G.A.G.N.R.  S?  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sts.  victoria, b. c  2  2  Trains daily  to St. Paul,  Miaiwupolis,  IJululh   and  East.  Trains    daily     to Denver,  Omaha, Kansas City, St.  Louis     an,i    East      and  _ Southeast. '  I  Seattle'  Victoria.   l.-vJ."  <l Ask for  TH6 CITYMHRKeT.  Re Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  h J.HENRYS  NJ.liiES   QREEN-  HOUSE* AND SEED  HOUSES  ���������910   J7eatm'n8ter Road,  V\NCOUVEB.  lieadq-uarters for   PACIFIC GROWN Oarden. field  ���������nd flowerSEEDS  tor distribution. ;  Large atocK- . of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  %������^. now matured, for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection  .Let me price your list  -before placing your   order. -Jreennouse Plants,  Ftoral Pai*ages, Fertilizers,  etc.  3010  Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B.  0  Atlantic Steamship Tickets on  sale to and from all European  Points  This is the ONLY line      to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  ,  Tomist sleepers on all trains  For particulars call on or  , write E. E. Blackwood, Gen-  em! Agent,  Victoria, 'Il.C.  D.     Chailton,   A.O.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Oie.  PdkiXX  Are You  Going East  A ^ v  Then be aure your tickets read- vie-  to*  NORTH WESTERN  THE TYEE COPPER GO., Ltd.  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THE DAILY LEDGER  NANAIMO BASEBALL  CLUB RE-ORGANIZES  WILLIE HOPPE, THE  A  number gf  baseball     enthusiasts   transacted  was   the  election    of   ofli-  met last night in the Athletic club  for the purpose of reorganizing the  Xanaimo 'Baseball Club. Although  not a largs number were present, the  meeting was a very enthusiastic one  and the new club starts out with  bright prospects for its future pro*  pcrity.  Mr.  James  McKinncl' was  voted to  the  chair   and  Mr.   T.   11. Booth, a  pointed   secretary  pro tern. '  After it  had  been  decided     to  organize  the   first  business       to  cers    which resulted ns  follows:  President���������Jas. McKinnell. '  Vie-c-L'residont���������W.   Ashman.,  Secretary���������T.  B.   Booth.  Maaager���������R.  Vipond.  Mr. McKinnell' vvill   represe-nt      the  club at ' the   meeting  of     delcgal es  of   the Nanaimo     District     League,  which meets  on   Sunday   at the Athletic    club  ami   at   which      delegates  are  expected to  ' be     present       from  ic-   Duncans,      Chemainus,   anil       Lady-  Ixi smith.  NOTICE.  NOTICE  is  hereby  given   tliat" I  intend  to apply at the next sitting  world's champion ^r-irr:tlTH    , the retail liquor license now held  by  in   a   nice    position  me for  the premises known  as the La-  and  made  a    urn  oi       01     missing dysiniUi  Hotel,   situated   on   Lot   0,  finally  on   a   simple   single     cushion   Block 27, to  Robt.  Scott and    Alex-  carom.      The play     ran along     with-   Smith.  out feature,  Hoppe s-orcd   reguhuly, ' F- W. MILLAR,  but   with   short   runs,      until   the 01b Ijy  hls  aUJ'-   J"  liici<  uheri      Ins   score     was     SI  to   Slos- MARGARET   A.   REID  son's   77.      At   tho   conclusion   of tin.  :U)th  inning,   tho score-;  were,    Hoppu  RUGBY^WALES  LOSES TO IRELAND  . The     -struggle  ot      the     Tripplc Wales    12   wins,   Ir-alnnd   7,  Crown  by  Wales coupled     with    the  one  game  drawn.  with  possibility     of the   principality creating- a " record     in       International  Football,     aroused, more  than  mil interest     in   tha   encounter  tween       'he  Leek     and  The game started   with  a        great  rush    of" the Irish * forwards,   -   who  us-   scored  a   try   in ���������the   first   three rniii-  which      Gardiii  half  time     tho  New  York,  M������rch  27���������Willie Hoppe   got   tho   balls  defeated     George Slosson     here     to  night  for  the   world's    championship  at  JS inch balk   lino  1 shot i-n     bil-  liards   by     T.OO   to     !i92.  Now York,March 27���������Tho seating  room in lho Grand Central l'alaco  was filled - quickly and standing  room was at a premium. Over three  iliousaud persons saw the match,  which was for S^OO a side, the  world's championship at 3 8-1 line  billiards, tho championship emblem,  valued af ijGUO and tho net gate  receipts. Both men playe-ri poor bil  liards until Hoppe reached twenty-  one,     vvhkh included  a brilliant four  ������������������H-r-fr**!**4 .j. ���������������!��������� a ���������;. + .|. 4 ,t. + .j.,;,.^ 4, .j. j.4^i.>:,.t^.?.,4 .j. +,������. ,*,.;.,  I  MARGARET   A  '. Dated at Ladysmith the 10th day of  March, 1<)0G.  2i'iG. Slosson 2.">8. Hoppe seemed  to have perfect control, of tho ivories in- the .'list innings, but fell  down on a two cushion play after-  lie hart ninrti* a run of .'3K. Thi'.  made his total 80-1 lo Slosson- >  27,"j. Tho time of the play, up to  this   time   vvas two  hours and  thin ���������  cushion    gnthorrns-  shot.,  Slosson   minutes.  HILBERT  THE IMPERIAL  PARLIAMENT  be- j utes  of  the match.  Shamrock,   ei-  converted.        At  -says   the  South"      Wales   Echo        of   SCoro stood     8  to     3   in . favor     <>i  March   10. ,-Ireland, - who   ... commenced  the ������cc-'  In the International tournament ond half wilk only 14 men as l'i.r-  this season Wales has defeated c-ou )iau- Wreehe*d his knee so bad-  Scotland and England, the latter |y so "as "to make it' impossible for  country    by - 16 points    and tho for  him  to    continue "iri the" game.  ,mer country,     at ���������   Cardiff,      by      o.     With  one  man     shy,   however  *L     With  one  man  trir-s  to  a penalty    goal.    Recalling, Irish   -forwards    kept   up   a  that   Wahs  rtefeateel    New      Zealand pace,     their  tackling  was  sure  by  n   try  lo  nil,     a  win   in       1 lho   seldom'-did   a  player  fail    t.o  match'     agiui 11st Ii eland     would   en-   his man.  title  Wales    to be-deemed   the chain      During    the  second  half  of  pion "country     of  t.he  world. 'game each side  secured a  try,  , The match at Belfast was the ther of which was converted  21st of a series between the court, the game ended with Ireland  trios,'    and  tho   record   stands        at   Wales 6."    '  7        - ,-,-'���������  COAL OPERATORS  FAIL TO AGREE  the  fast,  and  nail  the  nei-  nnd  c.  It.  London, March     27.���������The  Earl    of Onslow   added,   a   quarter  of     a mil-  Gi-andard,    Liberal,   in   behalf of   iio���������   peoplo   were- interested    in     th-i  thc board of. trade   replying-   in  thc  nflair-.s   of     thc  American      insurance  Compuiiies   and   lho  country     could  Indianapolis,   March   27.���������The joint, states who must,     and. who    right,  scale committee'   of the    bituminous fully shall,    assume   the responsibil-  coal operators of Illinois, Indiana,  Ohio, nnd Western Pennsylvania to-  ������iay reported a disagreement to tha  joint conference of the central com  petitivc district and after a session of three hours- the conference  adjourned to incict' tomorrow morning.. The discussion ' and argument  presented during thc" afternoon established ihe fact that so far as indications can determine, the opposing sides are 'no nearer to  wage agreement  the  first  conference.       The     present  wage   scale    will   expire    Saturday,  and  unless  an  agreement   is  reached 1  before its expiration 22:7,000 miners  in the four states will be called  from the mines. President Mitchell of the United Mine Workers, op  eneil the discussion by saying :  J*t was .my expectation when wo  convened here this! afternoon that  some proposition looking to an  agreement of our difficulties would  be submitted by the operators. It  is evident that they have not agreed among themselves to submit  for the consideration of .this comon-  tion any proposition looking to an  adjustment of our relations. Every  one   heru   who   has la-arcl     the       re-  Ilouse of Lords today to thc Earl  of Onslow, Conservative, who on  March 9th, gave notice of his ������ot alIow lhc slightest risk of loss  intention to nsk whether,iu view should exist [or those who had in-  of thc disclosures made regarding ' vested their small savings in in-  certain insurance companies it in- smance. lie hoped the goverrime.nl,  tended to "compel foiuign companies' would pass legislation such as lias  doing business in Great Britain to been adopted elsewhere-, compelling  keep in this country a sufficient the companies to deposit approved  proportion of their securities to cov assets lo meet their liabilities, tuner the British policy holders, said jng. thw course of his reply,, the  the government would appoint a sel- \,yAr\ o)- Grauard-said that the sug-  ect commit tee to consider the epics-' gcdion of a guarantee to policy  lion.     In   introducing    the    ' subject   holders        on tha part or,'  the  Eo-rl   of Onslow spoke   strongly   for���������ign msm.onco Companies was not  unreasonable. The government had  carefully considered that matter,  anil thought the. best way to meet  the request vvas by the appoint-,  ment of a, select committee, which'  he hoped he would be able to  move  shortly  ity .for a   disagreement,   reached.  "One state, one large producing  state has como in here and votne.  for a restoration ��������� of the wage scale  of 1903/ That . state has not only j  voted, its entire production, hut-  it has announced __ in adelition there  to, that the intention to vote its  mines "in" Ohio: and- in- Illinois iri  favor of an-increase -in wages.- It  seems  to  me,   gentlemen,   that,      in-  of the alleged practice of the  officers of the. insuiance companies  in advancing large sums to companies in which they were personally interested and of the contro  of the three large American companies doing business in Great Britain. He reviewed the evidence of  ,the Armstrong committee iroin  whi'h he concluded there vvas no  -guarantee that British policy  holders might not awake some  morning to , find that thc assets  had  disappeared.     Tn  England, Lord  ATTACKED BY  FIGHTING RAT  , stead of sitting  quietly,   the  than they were at   fiiMi  f).om ^ 0,,eratoi-s"'  side    ought  London,  March   '27.���������While waiting  for  a  train       in  the Grand     Trunk  Railway' waiting   rooms,     a    woman  gentle* J was   aUacke(, hy   ft  ,arBU  nll.     Th.  rodent  sprang    on   her   lap and vvhju  to say something-   in defense of their   sho  uUc;nptea  to   ]cnoc|c   jt  oil-     thc  position.'-   In   accepting    all   the  re-   nnjmal  S(,izt,a h01.  hy  Lhc   lower    lip  sponsibility that may come to me aiu| apparently could not free her-  personally without' consultation vv ith solf untii a standcr-by seize-1.  the gentleman who employ mo, I  want to offer for the consideration of this convention a moti.m  that as a basis ��������������� settlement there  be a restoration of the wage scale,  the mining scale, and the day wajjo  scale, and the- dead work scale of  1903."  J. H. Winder,', chaiman of the  operators offered . as a substitute a  motion to adopt thc present scale  with all conditions existing at Untune of its adoption with the min-  j ing   rate at  Danville,' Illinois,  it by the throat and forced it to  let go. The woman's lip vvas badly lacerated and the bosom of  her dress   was    torn   to shreds.  OBJECTED TO  FFENCH PLAY  port read by thc secretary of the  jeiint scale commit tee will know  that the miliars have gone out of  their way, have even assumed authority not vested in them by the  miners' committee, to meet the  grave and full responsibilities plae:-  ed on them, not only as miners,  but as countrymen unci citi/.ens, by  the request and suggestion of the  president of our country, and it  will become evident from the vote's  represent ing at  least     four     of    the  is  a  basis and to include nil cost of  shooting, loading, timbering and inspection   of  shots..     After-a  number  Bucharest,   Roumnnia,   March   27���������  The   students  took    the       principal  part   in  tho   rioting1  at the   Nat ion il  Theatre  last  night,     caused    by   Unpopular  opposition   to  the    present a  lieu,   of  tho  play   in   French, Thi  ol' .speeches by prominent., expvnents p,,.,,^ Qf revolvers by the ' demon  of each side; Phil Penna. of thc In St,-K.t0rs was foil wed by a furious  dinna operators, * in "a speech sug- charge of cavalry, as the rc-s-.ili  gested- the settlement of dilTerences ' 0i which 2.".0 rioters and 1">0 sol-  by arbitration. He outlined no do- iWers and police wei e injured, Two  finite plan, -however;, and his st'g ! officers who wore injured died lad-r.  gostion was not further discussed, ' jjany women nnd children were a  adjournment.  - until      tomorrow    mong   the mjiuoel.   Gendarmes      pur-  ttiiy   sued   the   fleeing   demonstrators       lo  their  homes     and   in    many  install-'-,  An  was   taken . without   a  vote on  proposition. ���������  TRAGEDY AT  CHURCH FAIR  Bluefield, Va., March 27���������Bloodshed and. death ended a social at  the  Methodist,  Episcopal  church  GERMAN  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands  may  be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.   Not  more  than  320- acres can be acquired by one individual or company.   Royalty cl- the  rate    of" ten cents per ton of 2,000  pounds    shall      he collected on  thc  gross output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certif.cate is  granted upon- payment in advance ol  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. Thc Tee for recording a claim  is  $5H)0  At least $100 must be expended in  the claim each year or paid to tlr-  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  locator may, upon having a survey  made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2| per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtajn two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at thc descretion of the Minis I er of  the Tntarior.  The lessee shall have a dredge lo  operation within one season from the  late of the lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at' the rate  of 2J per cent collected on the out-  nut after it exceeds  $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of  the  Minister  of   the  In  erlor.  3sr  Any  Kind  of  Job  Print, tg  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  LEDGER  Office  tt-HCHK  1st Avenue  A.  X  4-  %  Union  Brewing:  NANAIMO    B. C  flanufacturers of the  %  In   British Columbia  Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  I   ed from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops  ���������4. ������4H^~^-������^>.I^|.^;^H^H.t:.,I.# j. 4,1.^^f^H.^j.44^H^H.v  -*���������*-* ft-**4 4+444-4-4'*-i-44444-4-4"4  ���������*H-*+t*t r >������������������*-+ ���������--���������-.*-.������.��������� ,  LAD/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE MOV-  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  "'" 1 >iu.a������ag    -  Leave orders at   tfcg 4  Abbots ford.  A. J. WASKET, PROP  *+*-4-++*<ri- + 4-4-4444+t44i4+444 444+-444444*+44 + -r + +��������� + <.4H+<  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHO?  I Miners'Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILLS   .  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS     GIVE SATISFACTION^   PICKS  HANDLED A   Nb REPAIRED     .  (-S II IP SMI THING     IN      UL   ITS    BRANCHKS  ilorseshoers andGenera! Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT  Buller Street   -      -    -     -  Ladysmith, B C  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS   WORK   A SPECIALTY  DAVID JOHNSON  ?PHONE 66  LAOYSWIT  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  WjjI anl 3ir:< t������t 5t'j  SEE J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS  B7TH    '  - W. CARTER,-  B3  W.  SILER  GrENEKAL LXPRESS A.TID  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY   rv  Leave orders at the Abbotsford  PIRST AVENUE  PHONE     60  es   broke   into   bouses  the  occupants.'   o���������-  and    arrested  NAVy 19400 TONS  DISPLACEMENT  Berlin, March    27���������During   the   debate on  the Naval   Bill   in the Iteich  Horr     Spakn, the cen.  formerly       vice-  at stag today.  Coal Dale, near here tonight, ton tre party leader,  jam in- Copley was instantly killed, president-of-tho Reichstag, support-  bis vvil'c was fart ally injured, by.', c<-_ the "government; He said' that  having part of her head Wlown 01Y CWrmany hael to reckon on: the rfleets  by a shot gun and several others jot! Ffpf/jce 'and Oreat Britain. b'e-  rcceived. bullet, wounds. Mrs. W. !i. ing arrayed. against Oemnnny's in  Harper, vvas 'wounded in the side ( creasing- fleets, adding: "We hope lor  and Henry Oarden was shot in i-h.-i' ami must attain the point thnt.  leg. Two unknown men, who l.h'd ' the enemy Will have to consider,  after the fight, were slightly wound- whether'" it would be wise to at-  ���������Jd.     Tliei-e had  been     ill  feeling     of   tack   Gennanv   or  not.     Parliament  long standing over the management of Urn funds, which had been  raised for the erection of-'a new church  building. During  there   was   a . clash  bill      without  ought   to   accept.lhe  hesitation.  Baron    V Ri<-hstofen, conservative  that  Wasbingtcn, Mar. 27.���������In vouching  its decision regarding the size of  the  proposed   new   battleships the  committee, favored (he recommendation 'recently made by the secretary oi- lho Navy, that, thc ships  lie of 19,400 tons displacemvvnt.  ' The 111 alt ei will be left to !*>���������>  secretary. The idea of the committee is to have the largest ship pi'ac  ticable    constructed,  J. PIERGY & 09,  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATEt* VVO?KS  ���������a?WnTrS lX\ fef,UeSted t0 CaH at   the office     ������n Roberta   Street ....  pay Water     Rotes,  between the 10th   and the 25th of each .���������, i.fh  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  l ] BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Commifts   Suicide.  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tho Principal liuslucss Conters of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time Tnliles, ete��������� address  CEO. W. VAUX,  Asalatftnt Gen'l. Passonser nnd Ticket Ari-dI,  13S  ADAMS  ST., CHICJlGO, ILL.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. C.  FOR   BAl  the evening - saj(t the nation was convinced  between ad-.| It. was impossible to have a collier-juts-of rival factions. Guns were onial policy 'unless supported bv a  produced and shooting began.' Mrs. fleet. , Tho admiralty secretary Ad-  Harper , Oarden and Jamos Hot* | mlra, , ��������� Von Tirplt; snidhe hc.  ten were placed under arrest penel- j lieveil tlmt naval programmc would B,spo,ul(!n���������, o|f,  ing   a  complete   investigation   by the   0my'make the   German fleet       e^.nl !(lition   ln  life     ,.      ^        ��������� ,  Authorities. ������������������ **..���������   ., x.  '    ?u     V 1 '   ?s ffivcu as the   cause   vnnt Hie attaek  of  . the  deed. '  to that, of France,  Xiagara Palls, March 27���������Major  James Kattersall, 70 years old.  killed "himself last evening- at tin-  hotel Lafayette, whore ho. had been  night clerk for tho past year, by  .shootim? himself through     the    head  and     condi-  *-n1'*1,,ditioii  in life  A   FAV0RITI-:   REMEDY  DIES  rt's   pleasant     taste    and   prompt  cures have made Ch,ani;t erl-ain's Cough  Remedy a favorite with' the mothers  of small    children.     It quickly cures  NOTICE.    '  From this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness- incurred except on *  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland Mac*hin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION &  DEVEL  OPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Non Personal Lfabil'ty.  Victoria. B. C. Mav  18tb. 180B.  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to the   fact that tha  jgOgilvie Flour Hills Co,   Limited  makers of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     haye for some nlmt  past been producing flour ln a   Tastly  improved and pirlfl--'  rorro  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating there  to, take this opportunity ot a dvising   the  public  that any    ���������  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will  >*e pro-  *ecutea.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Compiay L?mitad  are the    only    miliar* iu  Oaatia  whose   FIout t  | is purified by the Electric Process  iaS^a*a3r=g?5������*i������?������������*^  ;-t  and colds and prevents  their coughs  any elangcr of pneumonia or other  serious consequences. It not only  ::urcs croup, but when given as soon  a.i Hi? croupy cough appears will pre  For sale bv La  dysmith Pharmacy.  HAY, GRAIN and  f ARM PRODUti  Orders will be delivered anywherr  in the city promptly and at the lo v  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'.*., 0������ tk������  EsplanaiaU.  Uames WarnocIV  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual  subjects  taught;  also      language**;   drawing  in  pencil   and cray  ons,  paint ng  in  oils  and  water col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith,  B   U.  r. R. B. Diet  Surgeon Dentist  AU  work guaranteed,  and at rease  able rates.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmitli  OPEN AT AIi HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No.  5   K  Sisters meets at the Oddfcll  2nd   and   4th  Tuesday   at   .  Mrs.   Kate  Tate secretary.  I) \i  ���������     1 ,.': I  ORDER   OF  I)  UNITED   ANCIENT  DRUIDS  Wellington  Grove No'.  4 U.  A, 0  Meets i,t the V 0 0 .F. Hall, l.u  H.vsu-ith, the Second and Fotirtn  Wednesdays of each month, comineiiu-  u-g Wednesday,  l.-5th.,  1905.  Visiting Druids are invited to at>  tend.  By Order.  ���������������������������������������������.   WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK.'3f..A, '   -*-.*-r*>**>^ ���������-'*       '  THE   DAItV   T.KTV^!*  .   Local Items  J;";,,-;  FOR   SALE  Twelve Head of Cows and  Milk Route.  Apply P. 0.  Box 99.  ��������� One Dollar buys six Cabinet t'ho-  ;1os. A Stylish, but inexpensive  Photo, the Manhattan Panel, $1.00  per 'do?. Stamp Photos, 2.)C One  woelc.     Schcnck,  the Photographer.  m>*l**a*mMmmmmmwmmMmamm^mmmmmmMmm&mmmaamwmamamamtammmmaaammm:^di*i*  Mr.   T    Flelcher  left   this  morning  for Victoria.  Sheriff  Drake,,,, of     Nanaimo,    spent  tlie morning in  the  city.  Mrs. A. riilber'l, of Naiuiruo, passed through on tlv: morning train to  Victoria.    *"*  ri  Mr. Win. Telfor<", of Nanaiuta, lias  been v isiiing the citv.  The   Spins icns'   Convention���������Thnt is  flic question   that  is agitating       the  public at present.   K   will  be held  in  the-oi-era house on  Saturday evening  next.  Mrs. F. S. Mcintosh, left on the  noon ��������� train, .for South' Wellington,  where  she  will  in  future  reside.    .  ���������Mis. R.' Burd, of Vancouver, is  s[ciulirig a few days in to.vn th:  guest  of Rev.  and  Mrs.   Bowen.  WESTERN JOURNALISM.  Those who believe that a few years  in'the'West.count much in experience  and'add-.'to''a'man's  value   when     he  returns  "home"  have an added good  example to pairrt when they take the  case of Mr. T.  L. d-ahaine,  a newspaperman    who  was   known for    his  good work on the Vancouver   World,  1 lie  Victoria   Times,   the    Ladvsmith  Leader    and   otlnu   British   Colum-btia  publications.       He set up his    lares  and  peiiates  in  London a  few   short  weeks  ago and already he  is  assistant,night editor on tho Daily ;Mail, a.  position  which coiref-,pen'.ls with    as-  's-i'iitiint   news   editor   on   this    coast.  |h  is quite evident that bis work   is  'hi-jlily    thought    of and  that   if     he  'ki-jps 0:1 as he is .going, ho will soon  " un! c   a,high    place for  himself     on  jibe     .Mail.       Mr.  GrJiame deserves  whatever success he is attaining.    lie  is a  hard  wori'cr and an accomplished    ���������-writer.      He has  a ready com-  'niaiiil  of language and the ability   to  ni.-i-'e  even   dry      subjoins  attractive.  BiiiKh Columbia newspapermen   will  follow his career with uiucli interest.-  '���������AVorld.  1 AMBASSADOR  RECALLED  m 1 mii,we**i  fg nfrs  Mil  ttiLH  i  Mrs. Eno and Mrs. Tngham, w_ore  passengers .0 Nanaimo at noon today.  Mr. A. Wescott went up to Nanaimo at  noon  today.  Judge Harrison, arrived in town on  the noon train, and is holding County  Court here.  Mr. J. Smith, who has been employed a<- the Croftcn Smeller, lms  given up his-position there, and is  now --in  Ladysmith.  Smoke Little R   Cigars.  I Vienna, March '2S���������Tho foreign oflice today received a despatch from  Uniic-d Stales S"eiclary of Statu  Root regard imj Ambassador Stor-  or.' as follows: "I have thi;  honor to adv i^'e your cxc-i'llenc-y that  -tho President bus lu-on plenicd to  terminate at once, and without any  'sul-Ii delay as would be .incidental  to the transmission .of'-a-letter of  re- all b,v nuiil, (he auihoi-ity of  hi-, ambassador M. St ore* r lo rcp-  ro ont him. The President lms accordingly recalled Mr. Btorer- This  nd ion vvill be supplemented by i\  formal letter 01 recall which already has been siijiiecl and will  ' bo presented in accordance of form-  er custom"   in' such- matters.  "7\TTHE  ��������� ��������� ���������  Another Big Bunch of these  I Goods arrived to-day and are,  without exception the Prettiest we have seen-Each Design is a work of Art-Tin  Colorings are Belt r than ev r  Tho only "thin? Ir! is tlia  same is the, f rice--We stiii  i\\ them at the Popular Price  Walter* &  Akenhead  Miss B. Uren, of Chemainus, who  came up on a visit to her parents  yesterday, left town '< n the inorniiiff  train.  OPERA  IS**-���������*������������������������'  SPORT  ^.^-%,-^������,������k*������fc-*k,'������^*'*������*'������*'*������*������'*k*.. <*.-%***������������������������***���������������������������*������������������������  V/e have the most beautiful Pattern Hats in town. This is a broad  Statement, but if you doubt it, visit  us?r: - "onvinoed oi correctness  Of Oil!  ;b z~:::  SVI   L- MASTERS  Nan'aimo's Leading  "Milliner.    Commercial  St.,     NANAIMO,   II. C.   'j  Next (l0oi  to'.Tus.  llirsl���������Our Clroce.n  Every tadysTiith lady spending $i*.00 wiil nave her  fare returned ta her  ���������*������"5������^.&:22.-^S^^  in  We keep a Large Assort1  ment of the folk;\ ing goods  ***������^**������fc-% *%->������������������������ ***. *������-������**t ���������*-������ ���������*������--%.*l.'������. "!������.���������%.-%.���������.  some, if not all of thece places before deciding., Coiu-cniing a ���������-"���������"���������'��������� *'.-  limit   the only  Inforniaiicn   the eoni-  .lamcs   Clarb,  ^  years old, one of  Uie  1..-st  known    horseman   in  Ohio,  ' was found dead in  lod  the other day  mittoe wo Hit give  out  vvas  that the '"at  his  home in Springfield.     He had  expense    of    maintaining  c.-.ch  loam, ' -a'-en  an  overdose oi chloroform    to  would le n.oro thai   $2,1)00  a month.  In the  meeting,     Graj s   l!.in>or     is  represented  by R.   P.   Hi* iwn,    'Vac.--1  ma    by   George Shrce.Ier  and    lli-rt  Eincy; Spolwme by V., H.  Dorscy ;vn<t  11.  D.  Merritt, and    Utitte  hy     l-ou  Eschie.  lii-e pain,  iiaving snlTcred  from   paralysis,        I Iu  S'dil   "Kaniiic    Foley,  2.11 j,   lo John  D.  Roc'-.efellcr a   few  ive.irs  ago fi.r  ."if.,51)0.  Basel all  in  Walla Walla.  Maiuyer MoCravv,    of    the Giants,  had suspended  Mike  Donlin     for  'st -iiHi   time.    "Mike.  TRUNKS  SUIT C  T  ��������� * ���������' ** C  Ji 1��������� *-'  LliSCOPES   ,  CLUB BAGS  TRAVELLING RUGS  ,     l-e  sajs,   "is jM  ,o.x!   ball player, but at tlie same jl  time     lie    has   other    traits not  so  ISIMCN LEISER & CO. Ltd.  A Walla Walla.. Wash., c-.change |g0-, .. -ui-.;c Uireatened to jump to  says that the Walla Walla Base-, all ^ oulfillWS whcn McGraw first told  Association has filed articles of in- him hft WflS susl,0���������(,(j,.ii but he has  corporation with tha Couii'ly auditor.   ,.p.,.,ll<.i,,](3rc<.|    iM\    will  remain  with  OA.TAC&E. ST  por  Tic capital stocic  rs '���������placed' at.'..,$25 ���������-.j  000, and the iucorjiorators aic Rob-  eit Burns, George O'Connor ami Tho-i  mas J. Ennis. Thc Association has  rofused the 1 roposition oi joining  witii Pendlcl-on aim putting a team  in the Nortlrvv.st League. Thc baseball season vvill open in Walla Walla  on April 1st.  ���������ON-  Itev. Taylor, or Wellington, passed  throni2.li to Victoria on the morning  train.  Miss Sophia Stuckupp will open  the arguments at thc Spinsters1' convention on Saturday night on Woman's Right to Vote.  a  MAY, APR. 2  Elmer' Walters'  ii IMHIO  THE RING  'The  funniest way that big  John  Thc Excelsior club's regular dance  takes place, in Gould's Hall ihis evening. The members of the cluli ar:*  reminded thnt the dance starts at  8 o'clock, sharp.  Dr.; Dier can .be.'found at any ti-  'at'his oflice: on Gatacre st. His   do-  tal  work  is  guaranteed   to be firsi  class and rates reasonable *���������  Mayor Nicho'son and Mr. B. For-  cimmer, ��������� members, of the committee  appointed by the Board of Trade to  solicit .subscriptions-for the' Nanaimo hospital, from the merchants of  Ihis city, yesterday made a c:n a^s  of'- a number of the business .houses,  and 'raised $114. There are some  tradesmen still  to visit.  In Four Acts  ���������������H0f-W  SPECIALTIES Between  the Acts  ������r-a--a  E Nil Hi  OliSSIOH  Reserved. Seats,   7"ic.  Gin.   Adniiission .'inc  Children,   2i3 'cents'.  ^. -% ^^^*^*^-^-^^w-*v^^^^**.-^  0  WM.  MUNSIE,   President     J. W: .COBURN, Managing Director.  Telephane  '1-fi.  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  MILLS    AT   FTDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-' ������ "���������������-  SHinglefs ei Sp^cieilty  MA'iVUFACTCI'l ER-S  OF   KojEgli and Drossod' Ifir and Codnr Lmiibors  LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,       ETC.,  ��������� of    the  REST  QCAL1TY SEASONED.      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  FINISHING   LI'MilIER IN   STOCK  ' ���������tss^SMJ-.- >:.v.;*������v;-^!2i������i'"-:'*'*-* j-r;  ���������SSSEG&&&i^jg*K&.'*?X-"<i^&>  L. Sullivan ever put a show on tho  bum," runs one of Jim Corbett's  stories, uhapi*ened down in New England when Ik vvas travelling with un  'Uncle Torn' company". Sullivan was  playing Legree, and tlie Uncle Tom  of the j.roluction had cast several  aspersions on John L's ability as a  thesp-ian. John stood it for quite  a while*, but one night,he broke loose  and visited the thirst-quenching em-  poiiums. He went through his lines  all right until he got to the second  scene, where tliey lashed Uncle Tom  to the. post to \K whaled by Legrcc.  Uncle Tom was fast and Legree rolled up his sleeves from lus rntu.c.dar  aims.' As lie did so, he. remarked to  Uncle Tom: 'You ham-, you've said  round this show 1,was no actor. I'nJ  going to show you: now.' Sullivan  took .the blacksiiakc whip aiiii swung  and swung it ---mightly. Instead of  hitting Uncle Tom on - the - padding  arranged for the bells, he belabored  him elsewhere and hit him with a  'viin>. In place 0' flic patient suffering he wbs . supposed to-exhibit at  this time Uncle Tom bro'.e out in  wild" cries for help. The women of  the company s-reamed from the  wings. The n.en -started'to drag  Sullivan olT, but he waved theni back,  with his mighty paw. He beat Uncle torn until 1.2 adjudged that worthy had enough,'and then while the  curtain was run!; down began to untie  him^,  and    later   helped to    ship.  ��������� him to the hospital in great glee.  Uncle. Tom hail no umlcrstutly willing  to   take  chances  with; Sullivan,     so  'the show  had -to disband.  ���������BASEBALL".  A Spokane dispatch says that at I  o'clock yester-ilay morning the Vase-  ball leaders were still in session-dis-  gussing plans for the coming season.  It is  decided to have a  six-team lea-  'guc. Five of the towns have boon  decided upon, and  a committee-     cou-  'sisling of Messrs. Lucas, Dcrscy - and  Shrccder has been appointed to pick  out the sixth from four which want  in. Spokane, Butte, Il-clena, Tac'o-  ma, and Gray's Harbor will be in  the League. Thc other will he Van-  i:oiiv,*r, Rcliinghiviu, Walla Walla 'or  Boise.       Tlie  committee _w.111     visit  SPORT NOTES.  Marvin Hart will meet George Gar  diner thc last of the mouth at ( hcl-  sea, M,ass. Marvin evidently docm'l,  cure who he nitets, now that he is  no. longer the "champion." it really  is fu-nnv what a dilkrencc jusl u few  blows  make.  ! the Giants.   o   Geo. Slater, lho; proprietor of  tlie Glasgow hotel, vvas linuil i?.">0  and costs in the Vancouver poluv  couit Monda.v morning on achai'f;>2  of selling li^fiiuiR 1o minors. 1'be  evidenc"' shovvyel liuit lliu sulliiig Hhil  been done by a bartender, hut  tlio i-oin-t deeided tliat, thc prop-  i-iefoi-   must   be  held   responsible.  Thc advance agent of the "Thor-  otiglil.red Train])"., comjiany, which  plays here on .Monday next,- was in  thc city this morning. Ho went_on  to Nanaimo at noon.  &������S23!?^iy2^J^3i^2E!&i������  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  c-  (ist Avenue)   ���������  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice  RINGS BROOCHES  WATCHES PICTURES  BOOKS       FOUNTAIN PENS  FREE     ���������  We will give you the above articles if y. u  return us  ���������AA/hlto  S\A/on  'i/ifrappers  Bi bi  V  /niii/v" I  funlwt \  SMimSS^i^^^^^^Mmi^S3S213&  Fcjr Men, Worn*: -i ���������, Boys, GirJs and  Clii'dren  III1IWUK   IM  This season, TAN Shoes are being  worn more than ever, and to keep  up with the demand for these goods,  we  have  placed   a  complete   stock-.  A look in at our Shoe department  will convince you our slock of���������  Boots and Shoes Is Complete  jftlair A Mam  LADYSMITH HOTEL   BAR  Having ta';cn over the bar-room of  the above hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends a"tl the public in general,  we guarantee good  treatment to all.  R. Scott  A.  Proprietors.  E2E������2S^-S^B-:*fiaEaSki  NOTICE.  A meeting will be held in D. Nicholson's building, First Avenue, on  Saturday evening at eight o'clock of  all persons desirous of having a  co-operative store established irr this  city.  Our Entire Stock is offered at  20 Per Cent Discount  .on sale  FVicloy one! SottarcJeiy  The ' Ladysmit  Wc have just received     from the ,East a large  sliiprncnt of  S' HAND BAGS  rhey arc. the NEATEST BAGS-we have ever  shown  and  of  LATEST   FASHION.  PRICES FROM SI  to A  Cull   in   and  Sec   Them  the  STOVES!      -ri*���������      STOV1S!  fi.    W e  are making HEATERS and RANGE) of thc Latest Styles  and Newest Patterns  We do all kinds of  Foundry and Repair Work���������Nickel Plating  in all its branches, a Specially  ; lAjY.MI.H IRON & STOVE WORKS Go.Ltd  Phone  SS ' ��������� ��������� - P. O. Box 42  limillH il HIKi  - - - Done ������t-���������  Reasonble Prices  J. ANDtiRSON  - Lreave ord������ri 'at  l*������terson's  Furn  ture store, ;ox   telephone No. 53.  ���������JUST ARRIVED   .'���������������������������".' ������������������A���������    -'..'\ ���������'-''-'  Floe Adsorl ment  ':* -   ���������.'������������������I-.- ���������   '"''.'  ���������nOXES OF-  WRITINQ PAPER  .;' '���������at���������; ���������  KlilGHTS' *m������m  AFFLICTEIJ   ������1TH   RHEUMATISM  "I was aiui am.yet afflcted with  rheumatism," lay* Mr. J. C. Bayne,  editor of tilt Herald, Addington, Indian Territory.- ���������'���������**������t thanks to Cham  berlnin't. Pain Bilni am able once  more to attend (0 business. It is the  best bf lina.ir.AtSi" If troui.led  with rheumaitOQt. \[ive Pain Balm a  trial and you tit certain to be more  than pleased *t".tli the prompt relief  which" it afi*owi������ One upplication relieves the pain Fc* *>ale by Ladysmitli Pharniar*^  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  vvill lie FIVE CENTS per loaf- 20  loaves for a dollar. i\ly read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  run by white help should receive  .white peoples' patronage so;long as  they are properly conducted. 1 solicit a trial as your Hakei:. "*v  C. R. DOCILE.  THE WELLINGTON lUKER\  ��������� "-"���������o���������       -���������  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  I  have just received ������a shipment of  Itili's High drade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  ���������and  CIGAREllfS  at +he���������  DRUGSTORE  Solicitor.   Eta.'.  Money  *o    Loan  1st. Avfnu*     -   LAOYSiVllH  Notice  A.HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-   . * *    'i  MARKET lately]   run byiV Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL ;LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY i  A Trial 5o!icitd  A. HOWE,    P���������NE20  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  B. FORCIM/IER  WATCHMAKER,   JE%VELER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XX   X-     Ladysmith,    B. C | g    RQEDONG  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Executed  LADYSMITH  /*-   ^   **   **


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