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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 25, 1905

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 '>&���������"  LADYSttiTH Daily  VOL. 2,  SATURDAY:   MARCH 25,  1905.  RQCKFELLER HIS BEEN  I  DOING jEll  ������AID  'I O HAVE WON  "'FIFTEEN MILLION  DOLLARS  SCHWAB THE STEEL  TJ;i:STMAN,ALhO  IN LICK  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SEEK THE GOODWILL OF  JAPANESE     A GENTS  PENETRATE THEIR  TERRITORY  AND ENDEAVOR TO  GET ON GOOD  :TERMS  GIRL POSSESSES STRANGE  POWER  IS A   SPIRITULISTIO  MEDIUM AGAINST  HER WILL  The long rise in  thc price of    se-  ... ... .  . ,     .        Berlin. March 25.��������� A letter    from  cunties and  thc maintenance of     he _ ..      '... .    .  ,     ,,     ....      . ,. .  Pekm published by thc National Zei-  high level that has been reached   in img today>  ferivcs  tfce resH,ts o( an  New York resulted in the usual    fu- inquiry  into   Japanese  political  ac-  tilc but    interesting     gucs:..::  ;.:.  lo :i,m in China.     The writer says, that I  the    winners     by  thc upwaid mo-e- Japanese agents  in various lines   of  merit.  DOCTORS CAN! MAKE  NO SOLUTION OF  THE CASE  . business are penetrating into China,  I settling- in every important place i  u , the  Empire,  devoting  themselves  t  Investment holders and sonic srna  speculators, - of course, have ma .. I their cahing jn ij13f whether priest,  great gains by thc advance instoc<s teacher, editor, or trailer, and to  but Wall street has time only |tist J winning-' peacefully the goodwill of  now  to gossip about the operations   the Chinese for Japan.  of the .larger lights of linancc.. According to current talk in tire street,  William Rockefeller is the largest  of the winners in the speculation jf  the past-few months. About lifu-en  months ago,  when Union Paciiic was  The method most often used is thc  founding of newspapers in the Chinese language and friendly to Japanese aims. These try to influence thc  Provincial governors and petty governments to employ Japanese teach  selling at $70, Mr. ��������� Rockefeller. ' is J ers in the "schools and espt daily to  known to have - purchased at least ' place Japanese military instructors  100,000 shares r,of this stock. in charge of the Chinese troops,   in  Air. Rockefeller has'disposed of addition, Japanese Buddhist'nionls  little or no part of these holdings, - have begun to arrive in China en  and meanwhile this stock has ad- semi-political and semi-religious er-  vauccd fifty points in value. In ad- rands. They seek closer relations  dition to his holdings in Union Pa- with thc Chinese Buddhist organba-  cific, Mr. Rockefeller is known to tions and have acquired control of  have bought large blocks of other several monasteries over which the  securities that arc, steadily oit the Japanese flag is flying. The monks al-  advanee. His ��������� winnings in the pre-'so established Buddhist chajels and  sent bull market are estimated con- ' organize congregations. Their declar-  servatively at ?15,000,000. ,ed aim is to' unite the various Bud-  Charles M.  Schwab,    former   head  dhist sects in China.   The Buddhist  of the Steel Trust, who figures pro-  monastaries in  Canton ha\e already  niinently m the  troubles     that    at- ' placed  themsalves  under  the protec  Indianaoplis, March 23 ��������� Syl.ia  Hughes, a twelve-year old -,irl of  Oakfortl, is a spiritualistic medium  against her will, and not infrequently to her great annoyance sue- terror. '1 he phenomenon cannot be explained rn>on any reasonable hypothesis.  She has recently developed peculiarities that are the wonder of the village.    That she is involuntarily   the  victim of a strange power is attested  by thc fact that the manifestations  are a source of dread,  ollen  producing intense suffering' and making her  afraid to be alone even for a moment.  Some of the best medical ...kill    of  the state has bien consulted, and, after  careful examination,  has  decided  that so far as her mental and physical  condition  is concerned,   {here  is  nothing wrong about the girl, except  that she is  decidedly  nervous. "  Every inanimate thing abo'it th:*  house seems to- be influenced by the  girl, and at her suggestion becomes  possessed at once of power of motion  PRESIDENT CASTRO IN  VENEZUELA  HOSTILE TO AMERI  CAN AND FRENCH  INTERESTS  IS THOUGHT A WAR  SH.P MIGHT HAVE  S03IE INFLUENCE  SIX WEEKS  Paris, March 25.���������(1.05 p.m.)��������� An  official despatch- from Caracas,  Venezuela, says  President Castro,    who  was  absent  from   the  capital     dur-.  ing   the     recent  supposed  ameliorations  of  the  situation  has   relumed  to  Caracas,  and  manifested    strong  hostility    to    American     and French  interests.     His attitude, it is added,  is  particularly  menaced against    tho  French. Cable Co.,     it is  premature  to say what  steps France will  take  as the information has just been received and the officials have  n  had  an opportunity to consider    it.'  However,  it   is likely   (hat  their action will depend upon President Cas  tro putting menaces into effect     by  the  acts against the company  or tho  forfeit of its- concessions No orders  for  warships  to be held in readiness  have yet been issued or arc contemplated     for  the present,  but    there  seems  to be a growing impression in  official quarters  that the presence of  a    warship*'   in  Venezuelan     waters   AS CERTAIN  Officials in St   Petersberg   are  Confident  That the War Will be Conclnded in  ';������������������������������������-.. .''sporty Days  e Red Cross Society Has Been  Succoring  15,000 Refugees Since the Battle of  Mukden     ������-���������  ".        ���������������������������-"������������������������- ��������� ���������-    ���������        I- J" ���������    -..������.-..^.M... ...III.  from place to place.    If-she sta-ts to   might exercise a salutary influence.  put the chairs to the table, tii3y be  gin to - move toward her as the  thought enters her mind, v/hile doors  open at.her approach, and close after  she passes through. Utensils in the  kitchen mo\e toward her as she extends  her  hand  toward   them;   stove  ROW-IN COUNCIL.  Quebec, March" 25.���������As the    resu'.t  of a dispute over the question of .u-  St. Petersburg;, March 25.-(6 p.m.)   terms of peace, but t0 examine iufor- Brt���������t>. ��������� ,   ,  -The.information contained,in tnese  maily as to wliafc oae^-dc expect^ "������W   Pnnled fi������ t0 the   Cen"  despatches for over a week regarding ' and what tantative ba^is seemed pos-  S������r' by Whom thcy must be auihor-  the change in Emperor Nicholas' at^ sibie.    ". ized  within  seven days,  or if it    is  titude, concerning th3.advisab'ility of j   St. Petersburg, March 15.���������(1.48 p.   aJle������ed   *���������������������������&���������-  they vrolate the crimi-  making  a pacific proposal  to  Japan. ' m./-Stu-ng     by  the  unpre.iarcdness /,ial law,  the -question of confiscation  is fully confirmed, and in very high '! and incapacity in providing'UjC Ailw.  quarters peace within six  weeksr  is-'churian army men with -uns 'murri-  regarded as certain.   The pestiveness   tions,     the Army Organ������today lays  with which this is affirmed would in-   bare what has been done since     tha  tucate that ths government is already J opening of hostilities ghirig the exact  in possession of information as,. to   figures.    From, these it a-pears that  the .Japanese terms, which indicate a  up to March 12, the war oii.ee     had  basis to which Russia can agree.        'dispatched     13,687   officers    7*-l 457  The secret of what has been done is 'men, 146,408 horses,' 1,521 guns 'and  shoruded in mystery.   The Associated  310,321  tons of munitions and sup-  Iress hears, however,  from a source  plies     to the     front, declaring the  close to the throne, that pour parlors : transport strained the Siber'an rail-  are.actually in progress in Paris, but ,road to its utmest capacity. The  possible Copenhagen may he the scene Organ admits that the army in the  of the first exchanges /between repre- East when the war opened was hardsell tati vet of the powers; : , jly-worth the name (no figures being  In this connection importance is <Kiven out, but it is known ihat the  being attached to the'visit on Tues-|tro������Ps  'did not exceed C0,i)00 men)  ter at Copenhagen, and Baro-i Rosen,'. lending this on the ground that Em great wall. Owing to "the approach  flay of M. Diswolsky, Russian minis- Peror Nicholas desired to \void war of warm weat/lrer the farmers are  former     minister to  .Japan,  to M.   !and_therefpre refrained from sending | going to their homes, but trey are in  want of implements and animals.  must immediately be submitted     to.  and decided by the courts.     Heretof  fore manuscripts  were sent to    the  Censor and sometimes were held for  months and years!'   He had the   arbitrary  right  to prohibit their publication without any  confirmation of  hrs decision by the courts.  RELIEF WORK.  New Chwang; flSarch 25.���������Since the  battle of Mukden the  Chinese   Red  Cross'has  Leen feeding  :5,000 refugees.   Ihousands of them i re at Sin-  mintin,      M-.Ucden    and  Liao   Yang.  Smce the beginning of tha lelief work  thc Red Crois has expended $75,000  on grain alone.    The railroad transported over 50,000 refugees inside the  tended,   this'    combine last, year, is   tion-of the Japanese.'flag and    ha>e|lloors ������Pen as sllc essa\s  to put  said to have made $2,000,000 in the  last twelve months. It is known,  that  Mr.   Schwab porchased  heavily  m  Yuan Th'ue Monastery, of ToMo.   At  Swatow (province of Kwangtung) Ja-  of  United  States Steel, While E'.H. ' panese monks have reiited  a temple  Harriman    is     said     to have made  over which the Japanese flag has been  $600,000    by incidental dealings     in  hoistid,  and  they already ha\e   800  Union Paciiic. '   The individual    for-  followers,  tunes have    been made or enhanced,  arc legion, while brokers have grown  rich from commissior      'one.      -Fortunately or unfortunately, there   has  been no great public speculation.   It  is the rich menv principally who have  profited by the advance in securities,  and professional Wall Street   expects  them to prevent the usual crash that  follows a protracted rise.  ��������� o  REPLY TO  DR. OSLER  become branch.cs_..of.. the Great     Pen J ihe wood, land the cove; s-of the bed  turn   themselves  down  ��������� s   she     approaches to retire i'or the night.  In  fact,      a thought  in  the child's  creasing policemen and firemen's  p.iy   Bpmpard,  the French ambassador to  ^orcements;  which surely    would  in the City Council last night, there \Russia>-   ^ parties to this confW. ,������ave provoked it,/,.  was a free fight between Mavj.- Fa-  C"pe������     ������ to admit that significance ,', .fne-   cr*t*cism of the war offices  The following, taken from the well  known publication  "  Our Dumb Animals," is a very good answer to the  celebrated  Dr.  Osier statement.    As  the wroter states  that he is in his  82nd year, he seems to have     made  some strong points.    Of course Professor  Osier  was  not at all  serious  in suggesting men of 60 etc., but his  lecture in which this language is used has created wide-spread comment  and .criticism^,   for  naturally  every  man above forty feels that he    has  been personally assailed.  The article  reads as follows:  In the Boston Record of Feb: 24th  we found a picture of. ourself, and a  statement that Dr. William Osier, a  medical professor  in Johns  Hopkins  University,  Baltimore,  thinks     that  all men (and wc suppose all women)  above  forty   are   practically  useless,  and  that all above sixty are so utterly  worthless  that they should be  chlorofoimed   and   the  earth  rid  of  them,  and in  our morning paper   of  Feb.  25th  we  find  a picture of  this  Dr. Osier.  Whether the doctor derived his impressions from the  lives of his own  father,   grandfather,   uncles  and     so  forth,  we do not know.   When     the  celebrated  Dr.   Johnson   proposed   to  marry  the widow  Thrale,  and     she  said that    she could not marry him  because one  of her  uncles  had  been  hung, he replied  that it was a matter of no consequence,  for while he  did not know that anv of his uncles  had     been     hung,  several of  them  ought to have been.    Whether     the  doctor  would  propose  to  have  a laboratory established  in  Johns  Hopkins    for chloroforming all the men  and women of Baltimore above six-  ty> and whether he would enjoy   the  sport of chloroforming them as much  as the Kaiser Wilhelm does  thc shoot  ing of tame deer and other harmless  creatures we do not know.   Cardinal-  Gibbons   being   past  seventy   would,  we suppose, be one of the first to be  chloroformed.  It is an old proverb, "Old men for  NAVAL MOVEMENTS.  Port Said, March 25��������� The division  of the second Pacific Squadron, commanded by Admiral Nebogatoff,  which arrived herefrom Suda Bay,  Island of Crete, yesterday, entered  the Canal today.  ��������� o  NEW MINISTER.  Quebec,   March   25.���������Hon.    Ta^i-r,  former     speaker  of  the Legislt .ire,  was;- sworriyn as     minister of   . jri-  cultiue this morning.  ��������� -o  CRAZY", BUT NO FOOLS.'  A Tacoma despatch says the sailors of the British steamship Forest  Brook want increased pay for man-  iiing^the ship, which is to run the  Oriental blockade, The vessel is  chartei-ed to carry barley, understood  to be for the Japanese aimy, although it is reported that the Russians at Vladivostock will -get the  cargo * is the vessel can run the  blockade. Captain Blinker has not  given his men their answer yet.   : r^-rr .   ..   .'..- ,  /'���������  POSTAGE RATES.  mind, whatever it may be, seems to  talc possession of the object jii  which it is placed, and al -nee imbues that object with the power to  respond. On -.the other hand, self-willed manifestations oftentimes are  complete  failuics.  is attached to it.    In ihe meantime, ,failure adequately -to  supply     Port  thfi-.rnr������ib-������- v.m<.--i-ii ~<i~..i - - ^r ^-    -.' ,j Arthur, is: met     with the statement  the- foreign office is silent  v FROM'   PARIS  Special commissioners arc conducting an mvestigatron into the situa-  trcm and thc Government undoubtedly-will furnish seed grain.   Hospitals  are devoted  to the care of the sick  said  means  ; that, it was provisioned for a garri  son of twelve battalions, the decision 'to-put thirty battalions there be- |are at    Mukden,  and one, the most  CAUGHT IN  MACHINERY  figli  rent's supporters and nis , .i-'-m :s.  Blood was spilt, blows ��������� r. exchanged, and sticks broug.it ��������� tc  tion on the floor of "the council room  Many of the combatants had coats  torn oil and collars and - ties were  scattered over the .floor. Wiser counsel prevailed later,  and  the combat.  ants separated and business resumed   ference held afcwciivs -,���������������(-������'���������.* ���������0 ���������f  ,���������;    ,    4,      ""  7 " ���������" ,������uj������-j.- i ���������....    ���������������<.->  * icw umnese were in-    the ..small  capitals^ T Nortnern  E^V Zr 1, ,       ^ JaPaneSC'  ^Nured duri������S ������������ recent Utile,     but  rope.   The purpose of tin's appears to  Sun     n    *"S   ^ the    mis'   durinS "ie su,nm������ ^afies of disease  -Pe  been to W������S5J? SS.^" ^^T������   ������-%������������������"** * * ^    ������  Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 24���������  At the annual meeting of the Nova  Scotia Press Association yesterday  resolutions were passed asking the  Dominion Government to grant free  circulation to newspapers within tho  provinces in which they are published. Another resolution wb-.s passed  recording the Association's conviction that postage rates between  Great Britain and Canada should be  reduced.  -���������; o  REPORT  DISCREDITED  Hamilton, Ont., March 2-i��������� Olive  Clegg, fifteen years old, while-adjusting" a' belt-to'shafting in the Con-  ners tailoring establishment, yesterday, got ' her hair caught in the machinery, and her scalp was torn from  the head before she was rescued.  Half of one ear was also included  and the line of severing was close to  the_eyes. The victim was removed to  the hospital. It is feared she cannot recover. * '  GRAND COLLECTION.  Sharpe��������� Come out to our    China  closet,  I want to show you a    collection of souvenirs.  Wheal ton���������Why,  every  piece  of china is broken and numbered!  Sharpe���������Yes, they are souvenirs of  our different cooks.���������St. Louis Star.   o   New  . York,      March  25.���������Arrived,  steamer Georgic, from Liverpool.   o   Paris, March 25.-'5 p m )-Is    is"r?;������f ^r battalionS. 'tho decis-  and  wounded  Chinese  of  vhich  four  ^    fc.^arl^-i,^ al    Mukden,  and on,  ^tentathe form at a private con- ing-grins of the Russians a're .super- pished.    Only a fewChin^e^er;'  ���������.,.,    ������������������-���������������������������         ,20 miles north of Tic Pass.    It     is  -/While affirming that the quick fir-    probable  that  others  will  be cstab-  atfes  representing both sides, neither  having credentials, to discuss formal  THAT INFERNAL MACHINE.  ---          -.  bodies of the dead lie  that  when- the war broke out    that  buried too near the surface of  Russia was adopting a   new patternf soil.  the  BACK FROM ENGL-VND.  Toronto, March 24���������William Mack-  snzie, president of the Canadian Northern Railway, has returned from  England, where he successfully.float-  e-1 $3,000,000 consolidated tlei-enturc  stock of that railway.  Air     honest  Scott  whose cunning  joins hot steel and iron, nnd thereby  makes ari, honest /livelihood, had    a  I narrow  escape    from an  anarchist's  MURDER AND SUICIDE. trap a'day or two since.   A dynamite  Drain,     Ore.,  March  25.���������Herman  '.bomb made up to resemble the arum  Shocks has shot and killed  10. Coop- [ 01- an iiccty]en machine was ������ent doWn  er and Paul House.   Shooks then shot   , .    .        -���������-���������.���������.  ..      .���������        ,  . .       ,   .    ,    ,,       0y  an ennssrary  of a Russian  1-inn  htnself,      dving     almost   mslantlv. ,   ��������� ,     ,      .  r* ���������        'i.e..     .       ci     ��������� '     named  Bevendgesky  to   the   Honest  Cooper  suspected  Shooks  of having i ,,    ,,      . ,   ,,     , :..,      ,     . ���������    ,.  ,.,.,., .     , . Scott  with  the deliberate intention  sought his life previously .ind accused him. of the attempt. Shoots became enraged and siezing a shotgun,  killed both men and himself.  THROWN  FROM   HORSE.  Winnipeg,   Man.,   March   25.���������Alex.  Hargavel,   manager  of  the  Western  Packing  Company,  Wolseley,  N.W.T.,  was thrown from his horse Thursday  afternoon,  lighting on his  i.a.ck on  a  sidewalk.    This   morning  hemorrhage  set in and he died before medical aid  arrived.    He  leaves a wife and  two  children.   c^   WAREHOUSE  BURNED.  Durham, Ont., March 2-1���������Fire last  night destroyed thc finishing room  and corrterrts of the Durham Furniture Company. Loss estimated at  $50,000;      insurance    *25,HUU.   Com-  CRISIS IN  NORWAY  Dr. Nansen Says the Situation is Very  Grave  pany employed sixty ^nen and was in  a flourishing condition.   o   LIBERTY  OF RELIGION.  Port Luis, Island of Maritius, Mar  25.���������Investigation tends to discredit  the report brought here March 24 by  steamer which arrived at Port Luis  thaf-day from Colombo to the effect that she had met, orr the night Rome, March 25.���������The vat it an has  of March 16th, a Russian torpedo b-*en-informed that the Russian gov-  boat followed by a squadron of war- crnment has communicated to the  ships, whose number antl charactei Roman Catholic Bishop, in tnat coun-  could  not be learned. try that it will require three months   o  extra to consider  the memorial con-  MORE SETTLERS. . cernjng  liberty  of  religion.    In  \iew  t��������� i.- of  this  Bishop  Paulluion  will  delay  Halifax,     N.  S.,  March  '.'4���������Major his arrival vat Rome for a few days.  Voward, Agent General of Nova Sco- ��������� o     /  tia in London, England, has informed BANK   CHANGES   HANDS.    ,  the Halifax     Board of Trade that a    colony  of Welsh  settlers,  i-. nnprising Halifax,   March   25.���������Tlie   Bank,    of  to come to     Nova Scotia from Pata- Montreal   has  purchased  the  business  vf  i  $,.'������������������,;  'I'-'-  "������������������:j<  (CoAtinued on Page Four.)  several  thousand  persons,  ;s  anxious   of the Peoples Bank of Halifax. It is  Igonia.   They are farmers and are cou-^ a capital  of $1,000,000 and has     27  sidered splendid settlers. ' branches.  London, Mar. 25.���������Dr. Fr-idtjoff Na-  sen,   the  Arctic exiilorer,   is   making  a short stay in  London,   to   discuss  scientific   matters    with  the     Royal  Geographical    Society.     Upon  being  interviewed on the -difficulty between  Norway ami Sweden,   'he   said     that  the situation  was graver  than   generally  understood  abroad  and .   that  there was a      very serious     danger  to the union if Sweden persisted   in  refusing Norway's undisputed  rights.  Then, -according to the history of the  ���������dispute in'   detail,  Dr.  Nansen     said  that   the   consular   question   involved  a test as  to    whether' Sweden     was  prepared  honestly  and  honorably    to  carry  out   the  treaty of union  or  if  Norway      was     to   become  a    mere  Swedish  dependency.     Owing  to   the  fact  that     Sweden  is  protectionist,  and  Norway free     trading and     because  of  Norway's      more extensive  sea trade and other divergencies    of  commercial interest,  Dr. Nansen said  it was absolutely essential for   Norway to have her own consular    service,  but since Sweden's breach      of  faith  and  her failure  to carry      out  the agrccnwnt on  the subject of the  Logerheim   Committee in   1902,  Norwegians  were reluctantly  driven     to  the conclusion that it is useless   to  enter into further negotiations.  'of blowing     the Scott to  Kingdom  Come.    ....  . Tlie plot worked. As the worker  .'in steel and iron thrust his heated  brazier into the machine there was an  ��������� explosion that shook the shop, frightened the spectators, ruined thc brseks  of. the H. S., and blew thc infernal  machine to.pieces. At first the Honest Scott was wrathy. "He tried to  kill me," said he, "but I'm no gano  yet. I'll make sicker of him."  II3 started post-haste for the house  of the anarchist, but on the way the  cool   wind  cooled   his  heated  cheeks,  and pity for nis intended victim took  the place of wrath.   An apology and  a cup of voldka and the Scott went  back  and  patched  up   the   wreck  of  the acetylene plant and .iow tha machine i.s giving forth light as though  it had     never been used us a bomb  with which to     store acetylene gas  and commit murder.  The moral is plain: Don't, even if  it is empty, put a light or a hot iron  to an acctyleiis gns tank, for there  may yet be enough gas stored in it  to cause a great dislarba������ce.  get head for tnis  DEAF MUTES  QUARREL  On the Police chargebook in Vancouver, there was a record yesterday.  morning of a quarrel between two  deaf and dumb persons. The quarrel was so violent as to attract the  attention of a policeman, who arrested the two, and took them to  the police station. Just how he  heard what they were saying and  was therefore convinced that it was  really a quarrel and not a political  discussion or a lesson in jiu-itsu,  the policeman does not explain. The  report closes with the intimation  that when they were taken to the  policeJstation the men wrote on a  piece of paper that they would be  good if they were allowed to leave  town and this was considered the  best course to pursue in regard to  them.  SUNK AT  HER MOORINGS  After the boast of the Herald of  this morning about their special, and  the news of the Georgian wreck lie-  fore any other paper in the province,  when 'J he Ledger had published the  entire story the day before, it would  not be surprising if they came out  next with a "special" from Sir Isaac  Newton that he had discovered the  law of gravitation.   o������������������   SHOULD   RECOMPENSE   .'NDIANS  SATISFACTORILY  ADJUSTED  Washington,  D.C.,  Marqh 25.��������� Renewed interest in the Sanro Domingo  affairs  are manifested in official circles today upon receipt, at the state  department,      of    a cablegram  from  Minister Dawson,  indicating that he  effected with the Dominican government     a tentative agreement which,  temporarily,   at, least,  adjusts  satisfactorily  the fiscal conditions of tho  Island government. .  While the precise nature of the negotiations cannot be learned at this  trrhe,' it is- understood that it-contemplates the placing of the fiscal affairs of the Island government, so far  as  ulie collection of rsvenues is concerned, in the hands of a commissioner to     be    designated by President  Roosevelt,  with the consent of   the  Dominican  government.   o   NEW TURBINE  VESSEL  Port  Dalhousie,   Ont.,   March  25.���������  Steamer Lakeside, which, during the New York, March 25-A London de-  summer,   plies  between  Toronto and spatch (iate(1 Saturday ������o the Herald  Port  Dalhousie,  lies     sunk at    her upoil tl;c Ww Tui.billc vcysel, Victor-  moorings. It is not known whcthei  the seacock was left open or whether ice drew the oakum out of the  vessel's seams.  iarr, begins: "Fine weather, turbines  working- smoothly, no vibration,, now  50 miles at sea". This message was  sent by wireless telegraphy from the  new Allan Victorian mid was received yesterday at Malinhead, on the Irish coast.   "When the ship arrived at  Toronto, March 24��������� The Dominion Government has intimated to tho  Ontario Government that thc province should     pay Indians for treaty  CHIEF  OF POLICE  FIRED.  San Francisco,      Cal., March    .  Chie  :of Polio Wittman,  a sergeant,   Movi]le    yesterdav enroute for Cana-  and two patrolmen,  have  been     o s- K,,      telegraphs"     a  correspondent,  missed from the police  f...rc-c  iy   '-^..Tt was     stated tha  Police   Commissioners,   on  of  their   failure   to    suppress   i .i;-i  ing in  Chinatown.  that though on the  account   prev-ouS njgi,t she had encountered a  strong gale and choppy sea, the pas-  berths.   So    'fjniet was the Victorian  tiers comprising several thousand  that     she .might     have   bsen at her  dock.   The absence of vibration both  WILL   PROSECUTE   GORKY.  St. Petersburg, March 21.���������The ..u-  thorities have  definitely  decided    to'fore and     aft so    astonished the old  prosecute Maxim Gorky ,on the charge/   Atlantic trawlers on hoard that they  of drawing up     proclamations with [ga-.-.ed     persistently over the side to  the object of overthrowing  the    ex-  see ir she was really moving through'  rsting state   of    things   in   the   Em- i the w.'-'fr, with a sp3ed of either 17  rights    acquired by the Grand Trunk lpir0) the penaity for which is three    or 18     ' -ots.   There was scarcely a  Pacific in Northern Ontario. 'years'  detention in a fortress. J perceptible tremor through the ship.  I.   v" ��������� IT '"'���������  If.'--"-'-  Ii.-'-..'  Ii!;;:-;  |'&:-  THE LADYSMITH  LEOGER  is   n,   noi      should  it be,   obligatory  iK.r any  one  to attend     scnices at  Vublished   every day except Sunday,  any chinch,     as educational  mstilu-  BY    THE    LADYSMITH     DAILY   tions,  where good morals a.c  taught  advice     is   given,   they  LEDGER COMPANY.   .  and French Street.  "' :' Office corner of First Avenue  .   .   subscription price  50 cents  a month;    $5  per year  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication. ;  SATURDAY MARCH 25, 1003.  .  SUNDAY OBSERVANCE.  The letter published in yesterday'*,  '    Ledger, signed     "ALove* of Men,"  has'aroused  some  discussion  among  people who  arc  and some who    a.e  -     not, in sympathy with the sentiments  of the writer.  ���������As times go on,  the views of people become     more liberal in-,   many  lines  and things  arc now not     only  tolerated,   but  encouraged . by    those  professing Christianity  that only     a  few years since were entirely prohib-  ited.     Dancing,  playing cards,     and  ���������-"������������������: many  other  games  and amusements,  are now allowed by some at   least,  of'the ������������������orthodox churches. Even Sunday games 'of baseball, lacrosse, football, and other athletic sports     aic  now not altogether under the baa oi  '���������".-. all churches.     It  docs  not,  in     oui  : opinion,     matter so much what    is  clone on Sunday, as how it.is   done  The man who walks, as in the     old  days of  the  Connecticut blue   laws  ' only1 to  the; house of worship,     and  .������������������"in" a       solemn        and   ;    .-dtgnifiei  manner, may. yet -not be .a saint ,a i.('  the youth  who plays baseball,  fool-  ���������   ball or lacrosse on the.;SaMialh chu  ,r,ay not ho asinnci:.       Times     am'  creeds  arc changing.     Last year, foi  instance,  in  Vancouver,  a Mr.     Du  .'-.'.gan,.,well''known, in .Ladysmith,    an''  -.-..piie who had been a successful teach  'cr in the city  school's,  a-moral   and  ^���������ccspeetor.man.'was elected a school  trustee     After  the election, and  nl  ������������������������������������ -the  first meeting,; Mr/ Dugan.asked  tlie members of     the school    boaid  to change the night'of meeting from  Friday to some other night tin ougli-  out the week, as his Sabbath, ho ln-  .-������������������iiig.ah.-A-dventist, began   on    Frid-u  ���������night-at sundown and ended on  Sail  unlay at sundown, durii-g these houi.-  ���������he could do no work.  The board,  however,     refused     to  ' consider     his   conscience,     and  still  hold  their  weekly  meetings  on   Frill ay night.    Mr.  Dugan attends,  but  under protest.  Celebrated teachers    and ministcis  are     now     conceding   that  Sunday  games     may  be  played  by    church  members     -without incurring    chinch  penalties.     In fact it is  now recognized  among  intelligent people    thai  all men are born equal,  and that no  man should     be interfered with     in  his pursuit of happiness. This means  strictly,  that if a man believes  it is  his duty to attend a church on    il e  Sabbath day,  no  man nas any n^n  legal,  moral  or otherwise,  to     prevent him.    He must not be disun lied in his     right of  worship.     11   is  equally true that if a man wishes lo  go fishing orr the Sabbath day,  or a  lot of boys  wish to meet and    ,)lav  football that they have a legal     and  ;    moral right to  do so.     They     have  no right to do these things, however,  to  in   any    way interfere  with     the  rights  of those who believe   Sunday  should be observed differently.  Sunday is the seventh day, or \:en-  crally so recognized, and is a day of  rest. Some people prefer to sleep  late, to drive out in thc country, to  pic-nic in thc woods, to go boating, or have athcr plans which they  carry out for rest. Others prefer  church services and wend their  way, some to the Methodist, some  to the Presbyterian, some to lhe  Church of England, others to the  Roman Catholic. Sissimilar teachings in many ways are given out  at the various churches, hut each attendant selects the church that :suits  him best. In this world we cannot  all think alike, and it lins come to  he realized that you cannot make  abiding laws that will insure church  attendance. Nor is il right that.'i>  should so be. All people unite in  .saying, let us have a moral law-  abiding town. As to what each  shall do on the Sabbath day en eh  one will decide for himself, for in  - this 20(.Ii century every man who  obeys flic laws of lhe. land has a  right to he the keeper of his own  conscience. Churches are schools,  and good teachings are given out,  and whether a member or not, it is  a good  place  to go.  A merchant would rather select a  young man for a clerk from among  church attendants than from among  those who .spend their Sundays in  Kirch a way that they do not advance  themselves.     So      white  in no  sense  and     good  should   be  suppoited  by   a  communi-  ' ty.     It   is  certainly  a  sign   of     ad-  '\ancemcnt   in   a community   to     see  'a church prospetous, and we, in com-  in'mon with all  other people on Ladysmith.   whether   chinch men  or    not,  with  all  chinches  success,   but      thc  'wnter  of    yesterday's  letter     takes  grounds   that can not, be  maintained  for  people  will do,  as long as    they  obey  the laws,  about, as   they    wish  with   their  spare  hours.    Some   will  it tend  chinch and  others will not.  The  Kings Hotel  is the only place  m Ladysmith    that has  on  draught  John Labatt's India Pale Ale.   Call  around  and sample it.  SO   YEARS'  Tradc Marks  Designs  . . , Copyrights Ac  Auvono BomlliiK a nketch antl tlosci lutiqn nm������  (illicitly uscerijlu our opinlp.i free whether an  invention Is prolmbly i> itentitblo. Cotmnuiili-ii  -loiissinctlycoiilicleiitml. Handbook ou I'ateutt,  "joiitfiPO. Oldct iiEQiiey lor secuiin-r piitenlH.  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I hold Him great who for love's sake  Can give with generous ernest will;  Yet he who takes for love's sake  I think I hold more generous si/ill.  I bow before the noble mind  ,That freely some great wrong forgives;  Yet nobler is the one forgiven ,  Who bears  that burden -well   and  lives.  r  It may be hard, to gain, and still  To keep a lowly steadfast heart;  Yet he who loses has to fill  A harder and a truer part.  Glorious it is to wear the crown  Of a deserved and pure success;  He who knows how to fail, has won  A crown whose lustre is not less.  'Ladysmith north to Union,  75 miles   facilities,  or more     Sufficient of  them are de- '  veloped and improved  to insure     a  long lease of life to the mines   .and  their extensions are now being operated.       For instance,, the Extension  Mines,     11 miles     from Ladysmith,  from  which  the  highest  grade coal  for domestic purposes on the Paciiic  coast is shipped, is known by borings  and     general  prospecting  to  extend  {near to the city-of Ladvsmith.     As  representing  this  industry it might  be mentioned that the coal shipped  from the Island, to date, amountis' to  19,940,587 tons, with a value of $60^-'  203,285,     and 149,556  ton** tf to*,  with.a^alue of $947,780, a total of  $61,151,065.  but not until these  provided can they ship out ore  treatment.     Another     mineral  are tory���������Placer mining claims generally  for   are 100 ft. square,       entry fec$5, re-  ncwable yearly. On the North Saskat  .,,     ��������� ... '      ''-hewan River claims are either bar  tion is at  thc  Campbell  river   upon -^ bench(  ^ former  bei     1M   feefc  \ long and extending between high and  low water mark. The latter includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  Great may be he who can command  And     rule     with just and tender  sway;  Yet is diiiri'T wisdom taught  Better 1 ������������������ him  who can obey.  who die for God  martyr's crown of  Blessed are they  And  earn    the  light;.  Yet he who lives for God may be  A greater conqueror in His sight  ADELAIDE PROCTOR.  A WEIGHTY BABY.  A girl baby,  weighing -17 J  pound.*,  at its birth ������ has been born to   the  wife of    Augustus  Steele, who     resides at < the corner of Fifth Avemu  and Baker Street, in Ballard, Wash.  Dr. 'M. L. Adams, who attended thc  mother,    weighed     the baby at    its  birth and verifies  the figures.  So far  as '{lie half dozen  Seattle physicians  of prominence who were interview I  know, that this is the. largest baby  on record.    Df. \V. P, Stewart,    of  Ballard, declares - that he had    personal knowledge of a baby born    in  Cleveland 11 years ago which weighed  174 pounds at its bieth, but   thc  child died  within a few weeks,   succumbing to the heat of the   >um :i .r.  The-Ballard baby-is healthy, and Dr.  Adams  insists its  life will  be   prolonged.       Seattle      physicians wee-  skeptical when the story "of the   big  Ballard baby  was -told them, but the  facts were too easily verified to   allow, doubt to linger long. ,One after  another the     most prominent physi.  cians of the city     declared that    so  far as their memory went the   " Ballard  record   - has not    been beaten.  .One infant- weighing  16  pounds     at  birth  was  recalled,-    but other  records fall far*below  this weight. The  Steele baby is perfectly formed, and  so far as babies go, is well muscled  rather     than fat.       Only in weight  does  the child differ  from hundreds  of other babies.  OF INTEREST TO WOMEN.  ' A strikingly' significent motto has  been adopted by an organization that  has for its object the betterment of  conditions under which women and  children labor in -factories. It is:  "Take care of your proxy." The admonition is addressed especially to  women who do not have to work.  The thought is that were "it not for  the labor of those employed in the  factories making garments the women who now live in their own quiet  homes would have to do this work.  Tlie factories have     supplanted  the  spinning V?*eeli l'eavlnS p������"pdern wives  ajid jjjpthei's with more leisure than  their grandmothers Jposs^seit_   for/  culture ana' recreation.   A'Thcse Jac-;  tory workers,'' says a Western woman to her sisters, "are your proxies,  and you are: responsible for the manner in which they do your task. You  may delegate the task to them.,   if  you will, but you should see to i;-it  that they are not compelled, to work  in unclean ��������� places  which you would  not visit, or kill themselves by long  hours over your clothes." ������������������������������������:'        -  ' There is a decided personal respond  sibiUty     hefe which must not     be  shirked,   The women of this c  have it within their  power tp effect  a  transformation  in   the conditions  which surround the einpjoyees of sp  many of the large manufacturing establishments,   It is not.difficult    tp  learn    the   conditions of one's own  community,    and   . there are means,  which will readily suggest themselves,  for bringing offending  employers  to see the evil of their ways.     Let  us all see what can  be done toward  taking care of. our "proxies."���������House  keeper.  RESOURCE OF YAN  COUVER ISLAND  If  Vancouver    "Island  offers as  good  chances to the farmer, prospector qV  investor as does any part? of British  Columbia.    It is not easy to find a  section     of country that is exactly  right in all respects.  It is, perhaps,  impossible to find such a country, but  for     a fair chance to make a home  with  comfortable surroundings     the  section of country along the line of  tb2 Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway  is well worth considering.   A few of  the  most  prominent   of  the  island's  productions  and     natural  resor rces  ou|y are mentioned in this article.  ���������p������������������  CoaJ Deposits  (a.)   First among tlie natural    re~  gpurces are tho great coaj manures  Timber,  (b.) The value of the immense tinir  ber resources     of Vancouver Island',  v. ith its high class Douglass fir', cedar etc., has already been realized by  the great lumber companies. The Victoria Lumber Company,, of Chomainus, has among its members shrewd  Wisconsin and Michigan lumber kings  who have     secured,  and .now'hold,  hundreds of millions of feet of splendid timber and are continually     increasing  thsir holdings.   Their,    export.trade now running from 30,000,-  .100 to 50,000,000     of feet per yeac  A'ill no doubt be largely increased by  the beginning of work on thc Panama  anal, for the demand, which will' be  ...ppLcd largely from this section for  .i..:Ler to use on the great work, will  -amount to hundreds of millions     oi  feet.     Other    companies,  Shawnigah  uake, Haslam and other ��������� companies  are turning out large quantities ' of  lumber and shingles.  Harbors and Waterways.       ,  (c.)   -Harbors and waterways -;in-  connsction with  Vancouver Island -is  a subject understood much  better by  men. who "go down to sea"     than  landsmen.   But'opposite to the mainland and direct across from Vancouver,     Oyster Harbor or Ladysmith  Bay, has long been known as a safe  ������md commodious harbor.   It is    one  where large wharves are already esJ  tablished in connection with the coal  oxport trade     and with the freight  ...usincss, as the point of transfer by  the C:p.R. for the Island freight. In  jonnection  with this matter it     is  worthy of remark that for the last  ihree years the transfer barge     has  made its daily trip and has rarely,'is  ever, been delayed on account of bad  weather  or ���������" unfavorable  conditions,  and has never met with an accident.  N'anaimo     Harbor,     Departure Bay,  f Chamainus and other safe harbors are  t'ound along     the coast.   Ncar:   the"  north end of the island safe harbors  are found that may yet be used    as  last ports of call for steamers leaving Victoiia  for  the Orient," ', f������st"  brains     connecting  from  Ladysmith  landing,  or conveying to,  passengers  and mails.  Fisheries. '  The waters of Vancouver Island  teem with fish. Hsrring in vast quantities visit our shores. A profitable  trade in fisheries which includes, off  our more northern shores, halit&t and  other deep sea fish, is being built up  and is capable of much greater development.  what is known aa the reserve of the  E. & N. grant. The total value of i  the mineral product to date lor Vancouver Island and vicinity is given  by the Provincial Mineralogist, Mr.  W. F,, Robertson, as '275,322 tons of  a value of. $4,378,370.  - ���������o���������  Pottery Clay.  The clay found in the Extension  Mines is regularly shipped to Victoria to tlie, pottery works for the  manufacture of sewer pipes and pottery of various kinds\  may   be  a survey  in    the  Stone and Lime.  Magnificent building stone is found  at various points. The quarry at  Duncan, lying contiguous to the E.  & N. railroad, furnishes high class  building stone that should. be in demand where heavy stone work is required, while lime quarries also   ex-  baso of the' hill or bank, but not-exceeding 1,000 feet. Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging" in the rivers of Manitoba  and tho N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for j  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  .  Ths lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or v.ho may receive, entries for bar  idigi/ings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatclu wan   River,   where  the  j lessee may d.cpjde to high water mark  on^each alternate leasehold.  '   The lessee  shall  have a dredge in  ist on the line of thc railroad.  Good  'brick clay is found in Nanoose bar- !opel.aliojl witmn one"seaSon"fVom the  bor above Nanaimo, and    limestone  datp of  the leaS(J for ^ fiy0  on the line of the railroad, near    or j ^ wiierc '  at Esquimalt Harbor *  Water Power.  '. Of water power, some .very large  and permanent streams arc found  with natural falls, some again can  without great expense be developed.  It seems safe to assume that great  water power can be secured, comparatively cheap, at various points  on Vancouver Island. Particularly is  this the case in the northern part  of the Island.  ���������o��������� . -  Agricultural Wealth.  ' Agricultural  development on   Vancouver    Island must be very    great  in the immediate future.     Tracts of  land will each year  be cleared    and  put into    crops if railway  facilities  are" given  to certain sections     that  nOw find valuable farm lands too far  froni markets.     Included in   farming  stock raising is becoming a marked  feature in Island development.  High  grade3 of     cattle are being    raised  from inported stock, and thc butter  and cheese of  Vancouver  Island    is  now well known for its high grade.  Hunting and Fishing.  The big game of Vancouver Island  has not been hunted extensively and  is abundant in certain sections. Deer  and other four-footed game is found  in all parts of the Island.       Ducks,  geese,     pheasants, grouse and quail  are to be found in season in    numbers that gladden the heart of    the  hunter.    With the development   that  will result front  the  extension    of  the lines of the E. & N.     Railway,  North. Vancouver Island will increase  its wealth many fold.    Mines will be  opened and other natural .sources   of  wealth   -how valueless,     will, with  transportation,  soon  prove  to      the  world that as a whole there is    ho  other part of the rich Province     of  British Columbia     that can     equal  Vancouver Island.  Mining.  .-In connection with the mineral developments of the Island, it must be  understood that only"during the past  five years has any attempt lit metal  mining been made on a large scale. -  On the west coast of the Island, beginning at East Sook, mineraj has  been found and small shipments  made from San J uan, iPor-t '-Renfrew,'  Alberni, Uchueklesit, Clayoquoit,-  kennedy Lake, Tafcrno Inlet, [(Deer  Creek), Bed weel Sound, (Bear; River), Trout River, Clayoquoit S^ound,  Sidney Inlet^J. Ahousett, Ahatlasett,  Nootka, Kyuquot and Quatsinoj  while in the-middle of the Island at  Central lake a large deposit of mineral has recently been discovered,      "  The schist beds lying to the'spilth  of the coal measures and comjnpnly  known as the Mt, Sicker schist belt,;  extends from Mt. Sicker up to .the  Nanaimo Lakes which has been opened and worked at seven points,; a  distance of 40 miles: . Namely, Mt.!  Sicker, Mt, Brenton, ChcmainusJ Ma-  juba, Rhlnehardt, Nanaimo. Lakes,  and Englishmans River. Owing to  thc fact that the land is heavily  timbered, prospecting is necessarily  slow aird expensive, great importance must be attached to the cutting of trails inland from the railroad. As the result of such a trail,  three years ago, from Ladysmith '6.  miles out, several mineral' locations'  ji^vfi" bfen made in 'that' "vicinity, \\\-  ciuding tiip Majuba, and extending  west to t-he Rhinchardt and Nanai=  Lakes property, It would appear  to be of the first importance to cut  trails in order to open up the country to the prospector. The opening  up of this mineral belt and the development of the mineral claims 'will  follow the construction of a branch  road, and the route from Mt. Sicker  and Mt. Brenton up the Chemainus  valley appears the most feasible as  it would follow along the line of the  claims mentioned to the Nanaimo  Lakes,  on  to  and  including  Alberni.  It is stated that the Nanaimo  Lakes properties have large showings of ore and would undoubtedly  make producing mines with railroad  I  SYNQPSJS     OF    REQ UL ATIONS  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES;    AND    THE YUKON  ^ER^TORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite.'' '��������� Not more than 320  acres can  a person or company has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. Rental, $10- per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2������ per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The lessec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  lstday of August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining iH thc Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed ,250 feet in  length, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by_ two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  Thc person or company staking a  claim musthald a free miner's ossificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims only.  'Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at the rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  value of the gold shipped from     the  fukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  pf more than one mining claim      on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold    any  number of claims by purchase,    anil  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2:00:    A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the v^lue of at least $200.  abandoned,  and     open  to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim  defined absolutely by having  made and publishing notices  Yukon official Gazette.^  - Petroleum���������All  unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory, are open to prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on; the land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 ac-  j res for such period as he may decide,  tho length of width shall not exceei  thrse times the breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will, be sold  at the rate, of three . dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by ordcr-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy  Minister of tho Interior.  Department  of the Interior,  PITHER & LEISER  Importers and wholesale dealers in WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS,  ETC.     Large stock always���������All    the leading brands.   We supply the  principal   hotels'and Saloons in Ladysmith.  ORDERS SOLICITED.  PITHER & LEISER.VICTORIA, B. C*  %^&*9*^&*^ii&&4������66*^&&^t&*-������������*4*.������+^+***������t  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,  B. C.  flanufacturers of the.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  LEDGER  Office  On 1st  Avenue  In British Columbia  TTTV'I *������'V"1"V'm"J*���������������**���������.'TTV'I'VVtP  Lager Beer and] Porter Guaranteed Brewed  from the I Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  The Union Brewing Company will pay |i0 reward for information  which will lead to������the arreet and������conviction any person or persons  destroying Union Brewing Company's kege or bottles, or failing to return the same.  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made/to order nnd Repaired at abort noticd.     Drill Sharpened ! y a  alwayegives satisfaction.    Pick9 handled and repaired..  Shipsmithing  in all its Branches.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street   -   -   -   - Ladysmith, b. C  ��������� ������������������������������������'���������*  I Delivered in Any Part of th City  EveryAfternoon  b. acquired by one individ- f. A cert"^te JM work has     been  ual orcompany. Royalty at tho rate |������*one must be rMamed each year;    if  of ten cents-per ton of 2,000 pounds inot,1'hcc:,aim d������J be d^mPd *P  ** <  shall be collected on the gr gss   output/ :: '��������� ������������������  " Qujrtz--Persons  qf eighteen years  and pv������r and joint stock cqmpatiips  holding free milters' certificates may  Obtain entry for a mining location.  A free mcei's certificate is granted  for one or mpre years, not exceeding  five years, upop payment in advancs  $7.58 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according to capital.  A free     miner,  having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  same with two legal posts, bearing  location notice*, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The' claim shall be recorded within  fifteen'   days if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, otiei  additionalj day flowed fpr every additional ten' miles pr fraction.   The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  , At     least  $100 must  be expended  on the   claim     each year or paid to  the mining recorder in  lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may,  upon having a survey made, and upon complying    with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre..  . Permission may  be granted by the  Minister  of     the Interior to   locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  Copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The     patent for a mining location  shall provide' for the payment   of   a  Royalty of2J per cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer    Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Terri-  All Work  :15 > nib le  Done at  Rates  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE PROM EAST OF  THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET THE BEST IP YOU BUY FROM US.  PAN NELL   &   PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK,  QATACRE  STREET,/  LADYSrUTH, B Q  |*  LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO.  ���������*���������!  PIANOS, ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE   MOVED  PROMPTLY AND SAFELY  Stable* !��������� re������i of L������dysn������lth Hotel.   Leave orders atthe Abbottsford.  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V ft- 7  -^  : s&??>  ���������'f-\L!ff  mm*  '   < -t*  '<',i.-r ,  ti-*-",'!  ���������  XAD ^ il ' 'J F    DAILY   LHDGER  LOCAL  A SNAP���������a good EngL.m Piano by  a first-class maker  in  p rf   ������  order  For  $100.00.  A  Mason  and  Hamlin  Organ for $125.00. Apply  A. F.*. OWEN,  Piano  Tuner Abbotsford  Hote.  /I\        S1\  v|."       ^,? \*' \ts M^ W> M?      M^  7l\     ;JC    'ts     /t\      /K     yl\     7l\.     '^.7  SPORTS  REPLY TO DR. OSLER  (Continued from Page One.)  STRAYED OR STOLEN-From Oy  ster Bay a light gray mare, well,  shod, in good condition, has a long  tail, in colt, name Bessie.Such information as will lead to her rcco'.cry  will be thankfully received by Mrs.  Code.   Address Ladysmith,  B~. C.  Misses Frame and Wall went  up to  Nanaimo on  the noon train.  Mr. Dan McKinnon passed through  on  the noon  train  to  Nanaimo.  .Judge Harrison passed Ilirough to  Victoria from Nanaimo Ibis ^Homing.'  Mr.  Winsby leaves on (lie  1 o'clock  train      this  afternoon  for   Victoria,  where he  will spend- tomonow.  ~7i\   !?iv   sf\  ~?t*C    *i\  THE RING.  Hot Springs,  Ark., March 25.���������Kid  Merman and  Tommy  Cody,   both  of  ^*i counsel     and   young   men   for   war,"  j and if all past forty     were to     be  thrown out from our acti.e life,   we  i'eai   that our country might go  to  ssasasS2v:  Chicago,  fought  JO rounds  here last   tlie  night,   Herman   being  given   the   de-i would not  cision.  BASEBALL.  The Waseda baseball I cam, compos  cd of students of Japan's most noted university, will leave Japan in.  April to play some exhibition ball  games in America. The team will  begin its tour in San Francisco.   o ������������������  Among those who went down to  Victoria this morning were .Messrs.  Creaves, Lewis, Evans, Whitcombe.  iMt-Murtrie, Hughes, Fullou, .). Blair  and   Nicholson.  .NANAIMO.  Nanaimo,     March 25.���������The reports  about   the   recent   large   schools      of  herring   at   Nanaimo   ha\e   attracted  considerable    attention      in   the Old  Country.    Nathaniel Swan, of (Ireat  Yarmouth,  the ccntic  of the  bloater  industry in England, has   vrit'.en ask-  iiiir, what inducements there would  be  for  him to come out here,   lie says  that lie-is an expert fish curer.  A most siicccssi'i.l galheii g ol  children was held irr Wallace ...iioel  Liiurch yesterday afternoon <������t wiiii.li  about 2U0 of the Sunday Schoul children attended. Jt began abi.-. t lour  o'clock and continued tili i.boiil (i.JO.  The entertainment was a dinner, associated with an inipromptu nuscal  programme, the children lliih.sel.es  gi\mg some of Lhe most enthusiastic  singing. Among the other itims  was a solo by aMiss Norton, solo by  .Mr. Powers and a duet -y the H i-w  sisters.  Local fishermen report a fine run oi  spring salmon at the lagoon. Vistjr-  day morning several canoes airhcd  in Coiniiic'-cial Inlet well laden w.th  lhe.se choice fish, and in a short time  i.1 ess is. Jas. Norry and D. Ho!,! l.ard  had purchased between tlicm l ,"200  pounds, which will lo placed on the  Jocil  and   Victoria markets.   ���������0 ������������������  THE HERALD "EXCLUSIVE"  Our good neighbor, the Nanaimo  Herald, would do well to gel some  one in its ollice to look ou-r exchanges, or else stop giving such gigantic exhibitions of its own lack  of knowledge. This morning's Herald, says of itself very complacently:  "The Herald was the only paper  in the Province that reported the  wreck of the barge Georgian yesterday morning. Further news corroborates the details of the Herald story, but it is hoped by careful management to save the machinery and care."  The Ladysmith Ledger gave a complete story of the wreck of the Georgian in its issue of Thursday, Mar.  -23rd.; on Friday, Mar. 24th., the  Herald sprung its "Exclusive news,"  and today, Saturday, it is crowing  over it.  DUGDALE IN LINE.  Bellingham papers say: According  to agreement, D. E. Dugdale arrived  irr this city last night and a conference was held with the local trustees  of (he baseball team.  "We have  decided  to pay no more  attention to the east-of.thc-mouiitaiii  cities, as far as a six-team league is  concerned,"     said   President lladley.  "We now  have  what   we belie0     is  natural league  territory.     Transportation, at a minimum, every city   in  thc league can  be  reached either  by  boat  or   (rain.    Thc   Northwest  League, such as  we have arranged,   lias  for  years   been- a hobby   of   Dugdale,  and  if  he accepts   (he   offer  we     believe'' we will   have (he best manager  Lhat can  be secured.     At  first     we  thought of asking  him to take $1000  in stock,  but later came to the conclusion  that it  would  be  belter     to  make  another     proposition   lo     hinr  which  we  did  last night.  A .Meeting will be held at Everett  Saturday and forfeit mousy will be  placed in the bank. ' On Monday, I  there will be a meeting of represen- '  tatives of dillercnt clubs, when per- ,  jnanont organization will be effected <  ,ind the summer .schedule arranged." I  Five, games each week will be. play- j  ed. Saturday evening baseball, no I  doubt will be given in Victoria and 1  \ancou\er, and Sunday baseball will 1  ;,e seen at Everett and Bel ling-ham.  COR R ESPON DION C E.  1005.  A veracious correspondent lells of  a. printing office that was .Jw.iys opened and closed with prayer. This is  only too well known to lie contrary  to precedent, as past records show  that the average printing olficc is usually opened by the devil and closed  by the Sheriff.���������Armstrong Advertiser.  Ladysmith, March 2,"i  To Sporting Editor:  Dear Sir,���������In last night's issue of  jour valuable paper, I find a letter  under the head of "Sunday Aniuse-  .nenl," in which thc writer, who sign  'lim-self as the "Lover of Mm,"  -ays it is agreed that a ccrlain amount of recreation  is  necessary."  I  am  glad  to  read   lhat  part,  and  1 (,  is about     the only thing of    any  sense I- see in his letter.     We all like  sport of some kind,  and  I suppose if  is outdoor sport   our  "friend"  refer-:  10.        Now,   in     the  winter  mo.i/.is,  how are we going  to get our recrea-1 , .       ......      ,  .,,������.. c<     1 ti    Hopkins   institution  has  become.  tion  withoip playing on  .Sunday.    It  is daik al five o'clock, so to play after we come home from work is impossible. Then, again, we cannot  lay ofi work every time there is a  game, for it would be as much os  our job is worth. What then i.*> -.!.e  best, and only thing lo do? .Vhy;  play on Sunday,  of course.  If our religious friend worked in  mine he would sec how unfair his  letter reads. Again, if we are religiously inclined, we have, plenty of  time to go to church in the morning or evening and play in-the afternoon. Is it not just as well that  you  stay  on  your  own   side, of   the  dogs so rapidly that Cana/'a  care to be annixed, in  fact, we do not quite see how we  carr spare, just yet, a considerable  number or oru i.,un .mil women past  eighty.  We    believe   tha.t   thc  laigest   fees  paid  to  lawyers and phjsiciuns come  frequently   after   the   age  at   which  this  doctor  would  have their, killed.  In  a recent case a Boston  lawyer at  about seventy rereived a fee of a hundred thousand dollais for  wise y advising and securing  the settlement of,  a lawsuit   which,   in   '.he  ha ids      of  younger  lighting      men,   1- ir-ht   have  been kept in our courts for years, t.i  the great sorrow of   ;11  j allies c-on-  ceiiied.  It is often intcresjing to know the  birthplaces of great -lisco'.ereis. so  taking down our "Willi's Who in America" we find tihut Dr. Osier en ne  t j us from a small town in Canada.  Some years ago a prominent Englishman said, eithor in Pailiamcnl.  or out, that thc only 'good thing En-  glan ' ever got from Canada was the  "Canadian Boat Song," and that began with  "row,  brotheis,  icw."  This Canadian doctor seems to have  gotten  up,   through   the newspapers,  quire a  row  among  our  elderly   cc rigid much -and other elderly people by  pr.-i osing to have all men  (and     we  si.ppo.'C   women)   past  sixty   chloroformed     and  the world rid of them,  and  so has secured  for himself  (con-  trarj   to  the rules of his  profession)  a fiee,advertisement almost equal to  Lyrlia Pinkham's and which will likely stick  to him  until h    V'rsolf shall  be chloroformed at. Johns Hopkins 01:  el.c ewhere.  I:i regard to the ages of forty and  si:.ty: we were foitv-l-w * -; rs ohi  wher we secured from our Z.cgisla-  ! fine an act of incorporation for our  Massachusetts Society for 'he Pre-:  ven tat ion of Cruelty to Animals, and  also to protect them from cruelty,  and we were sixty-sil'r' when we se-j  cuiei' from our Legislature the incoi-  poi-ation of our American Humane ',  Education Society (first of its kind,  in the woild) for the purpose of pro-''  mot ing, in-the words of its motti  and seal, "Peace on Earth, Kinchins,  1 J Jit ice and Mercy, to E\ery Li ing  Creature," (both human <u:-i 1 - " ���������  i The extent to which rJiis So. ietj  is reaching out over the world with  its sixty thousand Bands 'A Mcivy,  an-1 its hundreds of millions of pages  of humane literature in various Ian'  guages, i.s widely known.  ^Ve   have      heard   that   this   Johns  as  si-mc say, famous, and others infamous, for its vivisections, but whether  this doctor has had anything to do  with them, and if so, whether he  has violated any ol thc laws of Maiy  land  for thc prevention of i-ruclty to  12 Corduroy Suits, 2 piece.  Regular price $3.75. Sale  price   $1.50  Di\ R. B. Dier may be found at  his office, at any time through the  day or evening. Bridge or crown  work as good as the best and at reasonable prices. It is not a practice  for a few days ot weeks only that  Dr. Dier is establishing, but ane  that will cause him to' be a permanent resident of Ladysmith. Office on  High Street, next Weinrobc's.  Lowest  61  i   - fa   m<&&  30 Suits irr Tweed, Serge  and   *  Fancy Worsted.   Regular $3.50  to $4.00.     Size 22  to 28.     2-  piccc. Sale price  $2.25  2-1 Youths' Suits, 27 to 33, 3  piece, worth from $1.75 to  $G.50. Our price for this  week   $3.50  NOTICE.  (Dissolution of Partnership.)  The partnership heretofore subsisting between' Chu Ming and ChuvLung  Ho. of Extension, B.C., trading under the firm name of Wing Sang &  Co., has been dissolved.  The business will in future be conducted under the sole management of  Chu Lung Ho. who assumes all lia-  hililies of the late firm, and to whom  all outstanding debts must be paid.  cnu lung no.  Dated  Extension,   B.C.,   Feb.   29th,  1905.  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, an������ at reasonable rates.  High St.  Ladysmith  On Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods,  Hats, Boots and Shoes.  Our new lines of Boots and Shoes  are arriving daily. We can suit you  in quality and price,  \  I Store closes  at six o'clock every evening except  Saturday.  |BVYSDjiLE-~ST������V������l^M-  Go.     LaJysmiih  iisswmsA  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  H4Y, GRAIN AM)  FARM PKODUlf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  m the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on the  Esplanade.  JAS. WARNOCK. ,  Your attention  is invited to a fine  1  lot of Dress Goods just received.  I  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  LADYSMITH  Some good Residences For Sale  Call and get particulars.  Agqngy of the Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Ry. Co's  City Property  JOHN STHWART P. O. Box 268  LADYSMITH SHAVING  -**,.    PARIORS  HIGH STREET.  :���������:���������: - Best: in ��������� the City :���������:'���������j  KIRE,  CONVEYANCING--  LIFE   AND   ACCIDENT  INSURANCE.    '  NOTARY   PUBLIC.  Dealers in   jianos and  Organs .. .  Lndysmith, B. C.  Jam! Jelly! Syrup!  AND ALL  KINFJ*  y  EDVVARDSBURY SY.  LAW-  IN nice  _    - .''ES.  ,nd Glass.  IN   5 and 10 pound tins.  ENGLISH MARMALADE  IN     1 lb Jars, -1 and 7 lh Tins.  HUCKLEBERRIES,   BLUEB ERR1ES,   BLACKBERRIES  TON   BERRIES,   STRAWBE.R1ES   and   RASPBERRIES  ... >  Table Delicacies.  (-*'��������� . '.PHONE 2���������4.  1R&SDHM  CARLISLE      ELCCK  ���������AM M  . !>>���������  .MBAAlofcA^A   ^���������*-**5-*������������S'**3'*25r*S "*>  S^.  **5***������j|.*5.'3:*2y**5';<S  ry.^*.^-,���������������<���������'���������/������������������* - ������^*������������  the  W  ft  result of ej'2     straining, cured  Examinations    and sij.,ht tests free  r barge.  AT  SUCHARD.  [SU-SHAR]  is the word to use when  asking  f6r cocoa or Milk Chocolate.  W. T. HEDDLE:   CO.  Glasgow, March 25.���������'lhe ncw^\n-  chor line steamer Cnldoni.rn .sailci on  her maiden voyage lo New York today. She lias on hoard about I ,(l(i'l  passengers.  WiUiams' Block  X-adyamitii  *������  ������*  Plans, Specifications and Details furnisheid for all kinds  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  O. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ave, Ladysmith,   B.   C.  fence and we will stay on ours. If  you would gel out and do a little  work and not. so much fault finding,  il, would he belter for all, parties  i-oiii-eriied.  ���������lust, imagine a man working all  week���������sliouldn'l lie have the privilege  of doing what he wants on Sunday.  You will not gain members for your  church if thai is the way you feel.  Let the matter drop, mid if you  don't feel inclined lo do so, come  out with your name and don't sneak  behind  the bush.  Again, you gel, after the Ledger  for publishing a report of each game.  Is   lhe paper  lo  print  religious  m-ws  only,   or  the city.  for giving  ns   flic news a of  'LOVER  OF  SPORT.'  Eschatlots,   Cabbage and Tomato plants.  Orders  taken for   Roses, Ornamental   and  Fruit trees..  At Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C  Particular Grocers.  Telephone 1  -        ���������-������������������ ���������        -i ���������  animals,   which  many  years  ago   by  vi.iious   addresses   in   Baltimore   wc  endeavored     to      obtain,   .\e -lo  not  know; but. if so, remembering the old  couplet,  "While the lamp holds out to burn  The vilest .sinner .may return,"  we sincerely hope that before it is  too late he may be prepared to stun I  before the Great Judge at the bar of  infinite justice and answer for deeds  done in the body.  GEO.   T.   ANGELL.  , 1 assure   you, Madam, the  BMPIRS and PROVHCB  are the     best you can    get Ui  tliu  MADE IN  LADYSMITH  BOOKS FOR  Sale &  Exchange  ���������At-'  HOY'S BAKERY  10c.  and 15c.  1st   i venue,  ---   Ladysmith  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with  BLAIR &   ADAM,   ' ;K'-n  All work first-class at THE CIIRY  STAL,  VICTORIA.  ijBnnnnBnVHnVnVBBas&SCBS@SISSI������  THE FIRST DRAWING FOR THE  will take place on  Tuesday,  Store, Nanaimo, at 4 p.n.   The  participate.  April -l.th.at A. R.  oublic    ar-e  cordially  Johnston & Co's  invited   lo  J. PIERCY HMD CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS. .  Victeria,  B. C*  Manufacturers of the Celebrate*  IRONCLAD BRAND  ml  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC.  *B,FORCIMr.ERS  AVE.  WATCHMAKER. ������������������-..  X .XX \  ' iV'llwl        niu. ^-fc-    *���������*.������'*��������� ������������������j-TL>.I._iTlll.lI.,v*.'.  ������������������ -���������  'CIAN  ^.i.-MltflS  purr ing on  NEW PAPER  is  the mest elfective and most economical   method   of   improving       and  brighten ing   up  the   interior   appearance of your dwelling.  From   the  many  heautiful  patterns  ���������many of them exclusive���������in our new  line,  we* are- certain  you  can select  exactly  the right paper to suit your  taste  and  purse.    Let us   show you  our handsome array of styles.  HARRY KAY  The next drawing will take place in Ladysmith.  If. O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING  of  all  kinds  promptly  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    B%s  WE HAVE MUCH PLEASURE  in announcing that we have purchased the stock in trade of E. ROL-^  STON, and we trust by close attenfion  to business and the courteous treat-���������  mentofour customers to merit a fair  share of your business. We are revising our prices and now is the time for  bargains in several lines.  LADYSMITH HARDWARE CO., Ltd.  N. B.���������A complete new stock of fishing tackle has  just a- rived.  MnvnnMnnnvnnnnai  HILBERT  \Mmwmmm������-mwmwm\  FARMERS'    A FAT   PI ARRET I  HOTEL  LADYSMITH  RAT������S���������$1.00     per    day.      Finest  Wines,  Liquors and  Cigars.  First Avenue, Ladysmith, B. C.  D. CI WHITE.  Om ist Aveime  (See. Roberts  Preprieteri  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rates if I 2 5 trr.d $1 M��������� -  its Imi to All nt<*-:it*lj-o*,t  bsdiftgs a By  railway de/joti.    Klrrtri* cure every Hf������j  minute*   t*n.ll  jmris *(   iktt   oily.    In-]  and table wBuxculltd.  F. ikTXKZ, r/������*-;i������t������r,     <l  ABBOTT ST.,    VANCOUVER Bioj


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