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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 24, 1906

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 LEGISLATIVE  ASSEMBLY  , u  OLY L  VOL..2  SATURDAY,   MARCH   -M,   100C.  PRICK FIVK CENTS  FARMERS INSTITUTE  MEETINGLAST NIGHT  Splendid  Lecture on Poultry Raising  Given by Rev. Denham cl  New Westminster  PHILIPS  owruo THI  I  Toronto.   Waivh   12-In   the       ea������e  against Phillip) s,     of      lhe      York"  County Loan,   this  morning, ,     J! ih-  bin.'  secretary     of  the-   York Loan  SaSPECfED  mduei  CAPIORfD  ���������ind   Savings   Company    fluid thai  the      loan     of      Mi,000  of Yor  Poultry  Farming in  hxper;s .Opinion|coU���������.y ni0nc..v-iofi������. l.-^ pia..���������  '7',   ,   - i Co        vvas   wilh   out   his     knowlcilyi-.  Can be Successfully, Conducted,  on ihe Coast  I n ml I bat a further loan of 'f.~i>-  <i0u was not nuthorizi'd until n  lone; (line after i< was ninth*. They  were ordered by Phillips Grown  Attorney Cui-r.v remarked ( bat [Phil ���������  lif-s it appeared, really owned the  C'-inpany and onlv had i/ put lo  by its name, when lhe deluge cnni-'   o   GARTER  KNIGHTHOOD.  The meeting of the Farmers' In- the house. Thcre'shonld b> a window ;  slilutc held in Mr. J .Stewart's of- in lhe roosting-" pen" so-that it can b j  fice last evening was fairly well at- th..roughly cleaned. Tiie.'house .should r  tended, a number of persons from the be oien ' on'one"' side'pnly, as; were j  district as well as citizens of Lady-  ] there several  openings',   l%rc   would  smith being present.   The meeting was   be a draught and this should be   av-  .  called -to order shortly after     eight  uided. It., fowls came fa jwrt and rnos (   The cmperor o{  Japan   wiH bp 1]ie  o'clock  and Mr.   Stewart was    voted , ted   in a draught. the'resultr would be   flls(   KnitJ.ht of Uie Gartci. for     1ho  to the chair.   The chairman called oi ( disastrous.   Artificial, h;eat should be    ^ 3(Q years-to reco,ve tli0 s1ar of  Rev. Taylor, of Wellington, s;crctary   avoided.    Fowls   thrived- in  the cold   f)f the 0M|t,r  ,n ,ts 01.igijial form fmm  of the  Institute, to address the meet- JpioAidinu there was no diaught. The   uhlch    .%    was ,liveitci|  in Hlc se^n.  ii.7prior, to l*.e speaker of thc even-   roo&ts should  U flat nbt  l'oum,'' ilt>   ', tenth  century.    King  Edward    who  _ ing, Rev.   Denham. -��������� -      'many  people advocated/   The  feeding I of coiuS(jj     ,s lhe head of lhe Qrd  Mr. Taylor,  in speaking of the In-    trough  should   be kept sweet -    and ' ���������~  stitnle, said it was its custom to clca.i, to+lt chicens wcre allowed to h'1(l Ule sUl recently altered to its  give such meetings as the present toad from a trough that contained pusent shape, which, it has been as-  at which an expert on some branch sour mashed food disease would re-'ctr I allied, was tire- original form of  of fanning was always on hand lo -suit. The door of the house should the .star when, it was added to the in���������  give educational addresses for the J he sprinkled withioad dust for the siyiia of thc sixteenth eentuiy. In aiL>  benefit of farmei-s, and besides this fowls to scratch in,'ihis would keep dition to the star the emperor /ie-  was beneficial to farmeis in several them active, and exercise was icnlly ceives from King Edward the badge,  older ways and therefore should have 'necessary. Only thc active bird will ' suu-oat and colinr of the .order, whicln  their support.    The   subscript ion was ' ���������*>' well. ' ' to.nplc-t  the insignia-     Those       have  only fifty cents a year, and in return J Speaking of breeds. Mr. Denham hern conveyed to the emperor ny  the subscriber is furnLhed with two said to be successful it was necessa- Prince Ai thin- of Uonnaught, by  tanning journals, The Can dian Poul- ry to have thoroughbred stock. Color _ whom bis majesty was invested with  tirei- and The Ranch, and also by 'should not be the chief feature, but the order of the most ancient, exclu-  special airaiigenii'iit with the Provin ] the poultry-miser should'look'at the she and dignified knighthood in the  cial government a member is suppli- ] shape of the bird. Every man Should world. The insignia became the ac-  ed wild blasting powder at a greatly 'he careful to breed for shape, not teal property of the emperoi after  reduced rate. The price of powder to'color. The fowl should be symetri- his investiture, as is always the case  others  than inenil-ers of the Instituto  oal   in  shape,   not   an  anguhu   biid,   | wbi-n  aicigning sovereign   is made a  Rochester,      X.Y.,   March    23--] ic-  leetives   have searched   lhe      rooms  in   a   lodging     house 0n  Slnte st'e-et  wlic-re   (Ik-   ihic-e   men    Mispi-ctt-d     ol  murdering    Oonsinble Pullman,        of  Sodus vvcrt'i arro-de-d   Ibis nllr-rnoon.  Tht-y   found      dynamite,   a     roinpli-le  set of tnii-glnr'*   tools, jimmn-s,   ere .  v.el ���������   r-olusiit-.s,     and   a  soft        liac.  in   whlih   iheiv      vveri-     two       bullet  bob's.        As   one   of      llu-     siispeit--..  whom rht!   police;   have ident ifit-d    a i  Uie   nolorions     "Hig  Hill    Kelly'.i   of  Hosfoii,  has   a   bullet , wound    in bis  log,   and  as   the   hot   has    two   hid  let   holes,  ilie presumption    is,     that  Cunsfahlu   Pullman   put   up    a       ties  jierjite  fight   ibolore   be   vvas      killed.  Charles Dob-rime nnd William Fosi,-.-.  of   Kodu.s.   arc   on   their     way in Ibis  eily   to try     to  identify  Sehulty., Mj  Connie k     and  Kelley,  ns   tho        in.-n  who  were in   the trolley  station   at  Sodus   on Wednosdnv morninc- inrmir  ing   about     (be    arrivnl    rind  rlejittr-  tlire   of trains   lo Rorheslor   Tho arrest   of  the  two   oilier   men  implieat  ed   in   thc_ robbery     and  lnurder   ore  nioiiionlai ilv-  r-xpeelorl.  OMNIBUS DRIVER  IS MADE RICH  TURN CITIES  FROM BRICK  10 MD  BiE  FOOTBALLERS T9  j![l!ffiflli  THIS EVENING  Toronto, March 23���������S. A. Ritchie,  of Akron, Ohio, _ the man whoso  pioneer work made iJussibU^the proud  boast that Canada has nii-klt* oio  in sig-ht to supply the world's needs  ���������miid yesterday that there is ono  ->l" tho most remarkable deposits ol  ted, gu*y anil blue gninite and  white     marble  in llw   vvtji-ld.  jirini -d  the village    ,of  Rainroft,      Hastings j the arrangements for some time aril  c'ouiiu,    i������n   the  railway  a   week    ago.       Ik-    "sa'vs    Ontit-io  '"^ w" lj<?   -'ne    Ladysmith  players,  has  a    chanco        to -t������"rn      cit.e,    w,,������   W,U   ConUst   a match  ^       Oak  fioin    brick    to   marble and   gianile  at a   cost Tar   below       that ruqurr.-d  anyvylioits ulst*.  The coiiinnttee in charge of tde  football smo' ing concert have coni-  plei'i'd ttrraiigejnrnls for the concert  to-be held in Sir Wil limn Wallace.  hall and assure all those who attend ;in enjoyable evening, sajs the  Colonist. The members of the local  team    have been em-aged in making.  NEWS NOTES  FROM THE  MfifT  LUMBER DEMAND  CONTINUES  S. S.  Rie'lar came down from Nanaimo to finish-her cargo yesterday  morning.  i *   *   *  Steamer Coptic of the Occidental  and Oriental line which arrived at  Sun Francisco,, on Monday from the  Orient had one of the Chinese ciew a  victim of smallpox, but the steamer  was not placed in quarantine. Un-  lil'e the Dominion quarantine, the Un  ited States officials, allow a steamer  to enter and the passengers to leave  Hay this af lei noon, and who will he tJ^ vfse1-' All on board, were vacci-"  made thorougl.lv at home at the co r- i^. by Lthe shlp'S surS������������n.- II*  cert. Special aUt-Wion has been giv- I Chinesc who waS suffeiing from small  en to lhe smoking department and a lpox was a f,iemau- He was found to  plentiful suwiv of the choicest',brands ihave slnallP������* two daJ's ������������������������ the  will be available for all those who .stoam*r arrived ^ Honolulu enroute  atfc-.M The piogramme will be a'.t0 ^a" Francisco- The Sa*- Francis  very attractive  one.     ,Amoiiff  these    C������ Kxamlner sa>'S: ."Rather than Le  sent to quarantine station at     this  C-ntml      Ontaiio jl,uit if-will  be  a success goes   with-  This  disco\ery   was juiiuie |ollf' saying.    The guests 0f thc even-  The Nanaimo Herald  says: {  The ar.. Uiair is expect eel in l..-  day ,with a boom of logs, ror tiiu  Nanainitj. .sawmill' -from- Alert'May.  At Alert Hay, ,Seow Jiay and Hai\l- ,  vviclc 'Island,,^ tlm Company now  has 41 sofitions ot'"logs'; 8 sections are now down- at Rugged  Islands, stonn-'bouiid. 1-ogs a.i ."*  not pk-ntiful and are high in prhe,  but   thc   Company   has'  enough      ' of  rht-ir  own ;  to   keep   tho  ,mill    tilo-  .' o  ninjr regularly and arc securing-mt,iv  as fast as they can be cut ami  boomed.     At   the  Ladysmith     Luni  ls $l!.75 per c;>se, while'members can ' should have a bright '-ye and an intel K. 0., but when the order is con-  obtain it for $5.25. 'I hose who had ligen.tJ.ead; should not have a coaise fened on an English subject, the in-  e.er engaged in blasting would appre- 'coniib and should be an active,haul- si������,nia must be leturned to the En-  ciate thc vast importance of such a j worker. Active birds always lay best glish soveieign on thc death of the  ieduction. He would ic pleased, at Diones should be avoided, as they j knight. Some sohereigns have had  tin;  conclusion   of  thc meeting,       to    were never successful.     . "���������        \\cvy valuable copies made of the star  lake the iinmes   ivf any gentlemen who      After    speaking of  several breeds,    of "thc-order,  the czar is said to have  would tare to become members. 'Mr.   Denham  said  he had  found     -'ic   the* most valuable Star of the G a iter  Rev.  Dentinm called  upon,  gave    a   White Wyandotte' tlw.'niost succc's-,fi'il   in   existence���������^rt is made of the pure-  most interesting" lecture on  Poultry,    it bring  the best, egg .pioducer     and    si   white diamonds, - and  is   leputcdly  an  address-   that   tp  those  inleiesLid   .the iiesl" market  fowl.   To make ic-v- (Woi th. ������ln,000.    It was once tln-cus-  iu   the theme  was  extremely  in.stntc-   erne a poultry--  raiser must,:- of   .a    toin of all  l'orci������n princes  when   ad-  tive.    Air.   Denham  dcnli   with   differ-  necessity,  get the breed i,������>->4        ...id    jmtted  to the order to come to Which I phases of   poultry raising,   s',>eak-  {these  (/until ic*.  The  Orninglui    was  ,<Isorfor   the limiest-it'iire   ccromoinics,  iuir on parlit'iilars  from  personal ex-    in the greatest   demand  a short   time   hue nowadays   thc English  sovereign  pel i ne.    lie eousi.dcred  poultry farm ' ago,     but      he had  found  that  they    dispatches     a special amljnssador to  nij; could   Ijc engaged   in   with  gjcat  (were not such shapely birds as      the   the court of the newly-made K.     (!  London,   Match     2-1.��������� The      Daily  rc-lograph  today ^tate-et     that  ���������*ii-*"-J  oral   lui'irioiundum" of    Nelson    giv-  i.m- his autographic directions to | ,jel." Coinpanv.s nim.ineAr Lad  his captains on the eve of the  battle of Trafalgar, and which  vvas sold Hy .auction in London on  March 15 for ������18,000. vvas the  propor-tj   of  a   London   omnibus   cl'-i-  who have consented to assist are J.  Ci.. Hrown, J. L. Gibson, Watson  liros., J. II. Rickaiiy, I'. Richardson,  L- Yorkc, IM. Carmichnel, R. Grant  .ind J. Longficld, and several of the  Ladysmith players aie expected to  ia'e pait in Che pioftramme. The  first nem will be Called at 8.30 .  i-:ast lynne last evening..  I  A very good audience greeted the  Prirvrle Company in East Lvnne last  evening  port  with a probable detentron      at  that   place  for two  weeks,   all  hands  gladly  submitted   to  vaccination an;l  other     .regulations   of    the  Federal  Health    depaitment.      The  Chinese  quarters were- fuuiigatod at tho      island  port, as well  as the  effeols    ot  the  steerage  passengers.    These  precautions saved the  liner  from  being   ,  sent over to Angel island.  The  quarantined   passengers  of  the,  steamer Tartar, still held at Wil linn*  in  ver- who   is  still plying hrs, calling-.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS.  smith, lumlner is being turned o.:'  regularly, Mr. Cobum states, and  domand is good for all grades of  the pi*oduet.....  , o ������������������  profit   on tho coast.    In fact,   his own i White Wyandotte.1 It would  soon be  e.vpeiiencc at New Westminster prov-j the  rule  in  all   markets,  as  it   was  ed   that,   if  properly  conducted,       a    now  in Rasteru Canada to sail chick-  Poullry farm cm be made highly sue-'ens    by     the pound and not i>y  the  Ci-sni'iiI from a financial standpoint.  Continuing, the speaker said the  chief difficulty  in  poultry   raising   on  pair. This being the case the weighty bird should be the one "thutil rood  ers   should raise.   Mr:  Denham    baye  the const' was thc dampness, and he some further-��������� ad-vice as to .the way,  strongly ad'.������ed poultry farmers to of dressing birds and spoke, of differ-  guard against this. To begin with, cut foods. A long.-..dis-Jussion? followed  the c-liic'-en house must be most care [the. excellent address, and these pre-  fuliy pi an n oil nnd   built.   The style of   sent   related  their  e.\pcrierices    Avith  .house he would rccoinincnd was the  shanty roof. Otherwise a lAiilding  the rcof of which was sloping to one  side. The place could he built 7  fcclin height in the front, or high  side and 1 or 5 feet high on the low-  side,    it should  bo   facing  south   and  various breeds.' - The'- discussion -vvas  interesting and'instructive;-as.- all  present were poultry larniers , and  spo'.t'c  from, expedience;-;> / . *':i~\  'Mrs.'''jy"S"tewa'rt,"A'eV^/:.t.hW"htfully-  juovided excelleh't refi'oshnicirts-; foi-  those  present, .which, .af^cr the .,'dis-  vvlio bestows on him the insignia and  pei'Jfoims the ceremony  oi investiture.  NEWS NOTES  BY WIRE  JAPANESE GOLD,  MINING PROSPECTS.  At a recent meeting of the British  Institution of Mining a'nd Metallurgy  Delegates from all tho city lod- held' at r-irlington house, London,  g-cs of tho Jvnights of Pythias met Pi of. -Gowland, in the absence of the  last night antl deeielod to hold a author, presented a compichcnsivc  grand Pythian Festival, on i-omiti- paper- by Mr. A. R. Weigall on the  ion Day, July 1st. Oit-at enihiis- subject of gold mirniin in Japan. The  iasm vvas displayed sa>s the \ an- _ author said that, owing to the small  ceiuver  J'lovni'-o. ; amount mid   superficial   natute   of the  Tho Kmghfi     mten.l  to make   the development  yet carried  out,      little  ceie.-o.-ation pa-l<.U-    ol a  decided pa- ' was  kn0wn  ,ib,M,t ������Ul,i   miiMIIfi  hl  ,,a-,  tiiolic    ehi-acte,-,   antl    the   co-opera- i,aU'  but  havillS ^nt   three years in.  East   Lvnne,   the   hcautilul   |Hea'd'   arC am"Sinfe  themM^������s  drama,' as we Saw  it vears and years' I ������������������������ ���������> *>,������ h f������������\Wl matches- .  ago,   played   ia,t evening  with     all    etf;   " l* <T     *' ^ lh5 *'" ^  its  splendid   touching situations   w!1 ,"1^.^morrow:   The Chinese who-'  brought out with all its old yet nev- .","^"^ r.r������m sma lpox had a mila  er    stale    thrilling love scenes pone    ^^ ani'  "������ recovering.  Ihiough and cnaclod to peifection.  She was  splendid  as  Camille,   but  Mrss  Rowan surpassed any     of   her  previous    work" hero in  East Lynne  last evening,   while" Mr.  Fahrney  as  Carlyle aii-l Morris Foster as Richard  Hare  were seen to great  advantage.  Tonight Princess Fedora, with Miss  Rowan, in   the  leading pait will      be ' "mhia     Sugar   refinery      Company's  equally go0:l.    The scene of the piecn . Worics.     With the completion of   tho  extension   to     the  factory      Ramsay  'Bros.,    and   Co..    Limited,   will  have  tho  largest   candy     and   biscuit man ,  nfacturv     in   Cnnndn.-    west  of London,   Ont. '     j -  Bamsaj- Bros. &, Co., Limited,  Vancouver, manufacture! s or" biscuits, macaroni, candy, etc., are now  making- an addition to thoir already large cjnarters at the corner of Powell sLi-eet and Raymur  avonuo,  opposite        thc      British Col  is Russia, and lihe all Russian.plays  is highly sensational and extremely  pretty. Princess Fedora will close  the Pringle Company's engagement  hcie.  of  all     i-iti/eiis   will   be  in  pnti-  an cxoiinillation   of gold   mining   pros  pects in that country, he took a some  wh.it hopeful view of tho futuie of  the industry.  BcIIin-gham,      March     2-1.-  Hhen  from  passed  should have a iiroiirwl llot.r���������not ,'(j).ird   cm-sion  vverc greatly^appreciatedv-���������-/A  or  ecinent.    The strut tu re  shouJd   be  : heartv' vote of  fchmJlTs "  about eight feet wide and ten feet  long. As it was attvisatli: lo l;c  ccouoiiiicnlpit should   be a double  deck-  hearty  vote of. tlmiK.'S     was  to her, for her k'inelnessT A'-.vo.tb ^ 'pi  thanks  vvas also pAs.-ed Tp. Mr.'Ste.w_  art for the use Oif.hiss oflice,  and   to  ed  house',   (he roosts   being   in       the���������} Mr.Denham  fpr  his  splendid;, address,  upper part and  tlie scratching pen im  Mr.  Taylor .said ,Uiat .wh^u.e.er.iicp.,  deriicith.    The roost-ing compartment. |d������' wpuld . come ;,togc.tJKir, ..tire  Ifis.ti.-'  should be about  throe feel, high     and   lute would 'ire very1 "plcasc-d^to. give a  the   (loor   t>r   this place  should   slope    meeting.    As   last  evening's^neotuig'  ,;vs the  roof.    The roosts  should-,    al-   was so  very 'interesting it  is  li'-.-ely  ways  hoof  tlu- sainie  height.   One.1 veil-  similar gatherings 'will "be "held liiorc  tilntor should  lie put  in the  top     of   fre.riiently   in  the future. ���������  EMPRESS" ENDEAVORS 'these girls' -schools, the ftb.ject.ni-.ust  TO. STOP   FOOT   MINDING, 'must-be to dispel  tire-women's -ignor-  The empress dowager has  riuide in-  aiicc,  so that  the  two  measures iin-  <iiiirv    ��������� us to      the utiinber     of girls'        .... . . " , ���������   .���������  .      ,'  schools   which   were    olliciallv. cslab-    P^ndlv-enjoined will  be duly carried  lished   thro.igho.it  the  various pro- ''f"    A'ler comw& Mto{)lhc   1   aU"  ... ��������� ii   ..           i , ��������� diciice chamber,, the minister of cdu-  vinces, and   whi-Uic>r  complete and ,.                     '            ,   ,   ,  ,,.,.,.          ..,.,,:        ,    ��������� i  ".. cation at once proceeded  to coininu--  satislactory    regulations  hail been -   .    A       ...   ,,     , .:.-       .,     ...  fruined for .same. She also ordered .,'luate wllh the h^h pontics of  that those female schools which 11. Lhe vai'I0US Princes, .inforinin-ltfiem  r.   ���������,        ,- ..   i    i '     ���������     i   i     ���������    if"    carry out     the imperial  instruc-  E.   luan ��������� I'aiig had  recummendcd     in    .. :.. .   .    ' .   ,���������,   -  ', . ���������  i ' i     i i  ,       i     r i        .    lions   with  regard   to  the.  cstabl sh  ins memorial should he skirted     at i        ,     .    .,,,", ,      ��������� ��������� ���������:,  ment of girls    schools,  and .submit..-?  report. I|P the 'iiiiii-f.|.'r of -jiil-Is' schools  already established by the people under -it-heir respective, jurisdictions, nut!  the   regulations   governing   the same.  PRICE OF COAL HIGHER.  ��������� "Pittsburg, 3.1'arch -2rt���������Tho price . A  coal iii this district - i.s advancing  .-. I .;���������!,, -a'.-.-l Ki.i-gM "o.-r-cl-ei-s- .arc ly.-u-..  r'-oceiveil from local rnatuifactiir.'.v.J,  from - Olcveland and as far- west  as Chicago. '-.The-critical. .situation" at Indianapolis has caused a  rush of orders -from "all points. .Tik  (lay coal was selling for ivs high  .as.,, S1.0S, . an advance of 2:'������  cents a ton for large amounts, sui-l  much was Ueing bought ^ at those  ligui-esi'  UK-    -   einpiie  were  Honshu,   Kiushiu,   IIok-    Whatcom  County jail tix weeks ago,  ���������sl)01'r',|kaido     ami   Formosa     The  alluvial    tries tonight] fTo'*board a' foreign/^und  t :ou  viliitl  in   the  forenoon   through   the  ciiinl streets,     followc-d    l..v   a     ]di--i   The g()ic|_I)UKiu(;illg I)ortions of the Floyd  Loonns,  vho escaped  mc,probably  at   Re-creation   park.    A  big-  proginniin.-   of   Athleti,  will be earned out An interest- mines wpre ������������������ iIo|daudo, but it was vessel o't of Vancouver, Bert Wiling feature nill be the drill con,- m Lhe mining 0f auiiferous deposits liams, son of Sheriff Williams of  petition open to tho teams of other" than placers that the bulk of Whatcom County,: accompanied \-' ������  tho Uniform rank. Seattle, Bel- the future 'supply of Japan might be provincial, policeman, 'will-place"hini  ling-ham antl Tacoma will be in-'looked for. In tlie year 1!)02 five under, arrest, and he will be thrown  vitccl to partic.ijiate.. Assurances 'principal reef districts produced (i8,- into jail at Vancouver until extrad'  have  already   been, received         that. '356  ounces of gold.   Mine workings of lion papers   can   he made  out   here;  WILL NOT BE ALLOWED  TO LEAVE VANCOUVER  several   contingents       from   the     in-  "." -graduations   wcre  to he  s-en     in  fi-i-io.-,   lower mainland,    and       Van-'-dapan.      The working costs  for  the  couvor; Island'points    will      attend.  ,)est  managed  plant  the  author  had  The   railways   will   run   special  -   ox  (.-ni-sions,      issuing  a    cheap      rou  tr-iji   ticket.  Mr.    S\     Townleywas  elected per  Since his escape L-coniis  is said to  bale     made his  way  to an obscure  logging  camp,   near Vancouver,     and  will  remain in hiding until a few mirr  ut-cs before the time for the boat to  sari.   Loomis  has n. snitence of fourteen   yeais   hpf-ug^  ov.������x.:  liLs- (limd  for criminal assault,  and: while     in  jail here- too'c 'advantase' of the' slack  methods   of     the   sheriff and c-nce,--  e-ning    walked from1 the prison, and  the 'authorities havc been   looking fur  him ever since.  GUICAT   BOWLING.  Louisville,   K.y���������   March   23���������   Reod  ami   Debacle  of      Oolumlins, Ohio,  at the American bowling congress  tournament today -bow-led 12-17.  only to bo themselves beaten in tho  same set by Hamilton and this-  sic of l)hi!adelph-ia. who tolled 1,-  2������S.  manciit - ihairinan. with Ni\ TT. .T.  Anstio as secretary and T)r. .T. P:  Gamble'as treasurer respectively.  They will wait on fh-v City Council ne\-( Momhiy ant! ask the .Aldermen to corporate in making thi;  proposed celebration the most. successful   ever  held   in   Vancouver.  GAZETTE  NOTICES.  seen  in  Japan   were 11 shillings 10 J-  ,    pence per  ton crushed,   mining costing '3 shillings     i) -pence,, and 3 shillings 10\ pciico per ton.   ���������. <������   LEFT FOR ENGLAND.  Mr.   Hi.,Cecil,  accompanied  by  Mrs  Cecil,  left, on  the stcaiiier  Joan   this  morning for Vancouver,  and       from'  there   will      proceed   to   New  York,- I  where  they  will  take ship  for    Eng-'-  land.   Mr.   Cecil,   before leaving,   in- 1  funned The Ledger that he.would pro j  bahly   he away  six  weeks and     upon  his     return would talc up his  resi- I  DUNCANS  (From  the Lender)  At-'a-meeting of the Cowichan War  terworks   Company  held  on ��������� Wcdnes-r'  day last,  Mr.  James  Mai Hand Don--  gall  was appointed to t-he position of  see-r������lary  rendered vacant by the resignation  of Mr.   J.  H.��������� Whittomc.  At  the same  meeting arrangements were  iniide.   for issuing  the necessary capi-  l"l   to provide for  the  outlay  incurrr  od by the Company in exlcndimr their Ircmatk to me at dinner that  once.  Sin:  desired   that in starting   those  schools  Hie first step  to he   taken    is  to  have the   girls  unbind their   feet.  Some  time ago a decree had       been  promulgated  enjoining upon  the  viceroys   and   governors      of thc  various  provinces to   exhort   women and   girls  lo   unbind their  feet,   and   permitting  intermarriage  between  Ch'nes*    and  Maiielius;  hut   |,hus  far nothing  actual  has   been done   in   these two   matters,  on account of  the dense  ignorance of  the women, who are too|C-ojisc-rva-t ilj  to  adopt reforms.  This  A   CRACK   SHOT.  - Lord. Ashhiu-lotv���������who���������is. uo,u  honeymooning   with      his      American  bride,      formerly   Miss.   Frances Don  Jielloy,   is   one   of   the     P.nest game  ���������shots'in England. He began to  shoot when he was-1 I.; 'antl :at tin  Orange, in MninpsJiire, his bags  jlvuve li-cen phenomenally heavy. The  time,    however,   in   starting Ihest   was   in   3877,       when  ho     shot  DEATH OF U. WALKKM.  Kingston, JMai-cli 28���������Richard T.  AVnlkfin, senior member of th---  firm of Walkem & Walkcm. a bro-  thc'i- of Ex-Justice Walkem of Victoria, died this nibrning after a  lingering illness. aged f>(> years  He leaves three sons in Vancouver  anil Montreal, one daughter and fi  widow.  1 I.,000  part ridges.     In     18115    more  than        23,00  head   of    game were  killed .by him. On one November day he killed 730 brace of  partridges. He has taken part hi  several record breaking performances on other estate's, including .'i  marvel 1 ous performance with another glreat shot. Lord. A. Walsing-  luim, when two guns killed (538  brace jof grouse in a galo  wind.  sines.s affairs.  inn in to Campbell's corner. The extension should be campleted early in  April.  An organization known as the Crof  t-on Country Club lias been fonre'  at Oroflnn, its object being thc de-  velopinent of the social sipc of life  of life at that busy town. Their first  i-tmc'C-.rt 'will be held on April 20.Ui ,  ������ 'and   the fund  secured   will he  devoted  Just   before   the    cruiser  King  Al- (o  thc huiuUn���������  of ��������� hall  at   Crofton.  jfred      left    Portsmouth   for   the  Far ]liUiei(o the.-e- has been no hall     at  I East,  one of her  marines  attempted  thatj plaCC| gQ tl)is a pQod  movc    on  to run away. ! lhe par(., of the rosidents.  With this   object ho scrambled out,   of tho    ship,    and tried to make his;  way    acrossahfc   mud,   to the shore.!    H 1S m������re than forty  ^ears  6ince  After floundering along some distance  ('en-   Spinner,   who  has   been   called  he stuck fastfc   His escape becoming "the father of  the employment :    of  i known, a midshipman and  a party of women  in  the federal  service," found  sailors    wero   sent to bring back the I)laC���������S JoV a f.,w women in the treas-  truant.   ^ I ury  department  at Washington.    He  Thereupon thc marine, greatly to. WE"S then treasurer of the United  the amusement of the crowd of slates, and there was a great dearth  spectators,    began pelting  his pursu- 0f  eligible employees in consequence  ���������On a seismograph >t Silma. India,  presented, to -the meteorological de-  partinent by Professor .Onnori: the  Japanese earth'tjiuak.e expert," the shock  caused by the blowing up of the  steamship. Chatham,-in--the Suez canal,  2,500 miles away,  was   recorded.  "Yes," said the pompous man, who  prided     -himself upon his familiarity  with     the. great     ones  of the earth,  "President Roosevelt bnce made    a  was  .  de-nce   in Ladysmith.    The   affairs   of  Following are   mil ices of    interest   the  newly  formed company,  of which  appearing "in yesterday's     issue      tlf. he   was  manag-ing direcior,    were    in  the  Jl.   c.   Gazette'.     To  be       con.-'g"0'1 "'cr, and he had  received      a  missioners      under  the        Provincial   ������*i������esl  from  his colleagues   in   Eng-  l-Moctions   Act: Mid   to reUlr"   aS S������������"   aS   U,is     wayS  Nanaimo    Oily electoral     disr rid.' accomplished   to attend  to  other  bu-  Thomas 1 lardy, James II. ll.i.l-  gKinson, Thomas P. Piper; Low-  is Thomas Davis of Nanaimo. M.  1>., CM., lo be medical referee- un ���������  tier section 11 of the second schedule fto.���������- the "Workman's Compensation   Act, 1002."  Frederick Miles Logan, V'u-toriy.  to be dairy inspector of British  Columbia..  Albert Edward Banister, of Mo-  tcliosin to be a justice of tho  peace.  John Cochrane, of Vjetorin; F. C.  Stearinan, of Nnnarmo: and Hen.,.'  TTolgate. Watson, of Vancouver, to  be looinbers   of the   board of oxamin- 'ers with handf-'ils of mud.  ers  under  the  "Pharmacy  Act'  the  year    H-Ofi.  for  When those c board thc ship snw  what was going on they sent another  party  of men   furnished  with  planks  of  the  drafts  made upon the  young  men of thc country by  the c'jvil war  General   Spinner   proposed   the     employment of women  in  the place of  Bacon^Thev  say  a person  will  die , These    were kid  upon the mud, so men,  and  the idea which be started  :;haracteristic of the man. He said���������"  "I  think I can guess  what he said  to you;" interrupted Knox.  "Yes?"  "I suppose he said:  'You may keej  the chanjo,   waiter.'."  ENGLAND'S WATER,SUPPLY .  Owing to her tremendous industrial  activity and the.needs of her teeming population, England may find her  self one of thesp clays face to f������re  with a problem of staggering magnitude, namely a scarcity of fresh water, said Mr. Bentley, F. S. A.,  presiden    'if    thc Royal Meteorologi-,;  cal Society,     at the annual   n  on    Wednesday in    Great George st.  So enormous now is the drain upon the 'country's available supplies,  so much have tbo growth of cities,  the disappearance of forested areas,  the extent of street surface impervious to moisture, ,and .the diversion  of rikcrs, lakes arid other fresh water ' ;reservoirs '- from their natural  functions of irrigation, interfered, in  England, with nature's arrangement  that    EiijgTiish' engineers arid m-cteor-  for want of sleep in ten days.  ������*'l    Egbert���������It's miraculous what keeps       -  that baby of mine alive! and his pursuers one by one  inese    were lr-ui     upon cue num, so men,  ana  cue intra  which ne ai.uj.wu  ,        --.=.-. ^  that tho    sailors     could    walk upon'has  gone  on almost uninterruptedly  , ologists. at no distant date may find  1-henv, and -they hauled <yut the marine  since,  but not to the ektent that   is   a-tasc of    almost ���������   insuperable diffi-  poEtilarly supposed.  culty awaiting their endeavors. DAILY LEDGEK  Wmrr ���������������������������������������������������*���������  IHE DAILY LEDGER  fublrsbed   every  day except Sunday.  BV        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  ���������:n  oent3  a montt,    $5 per  year    in  advance.    Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  ^ DAV1H &PENCCK  IKm      (Nanaimo)  otlt:r.-  NOTICE.  ���������Dated af   Lad;, smith the 101 li day of  SATURDAY,   MARCH   24,   1906.  SIR HENRI'S SUCCESSOR.  The news of  the  appoint menr.      of  ,Mr.   James Dunsmuir  to the     ofi'u e  of  Lieutenant  Governor  of  the .province of  British  Columbia  in       the j  place of Sir Ilerni Joly dc Lotbini-  ere- who  vacates   in a few wee's the  position    which     he has for several  years  filled  with admirable diguit),  discharging his -arduous duties     ct n-  nceted     with it faithfulh   and well,  is received with eminent, satisfaction  .the province over.  Indeed,  it would have been diflicult  for Sir Wilfrid  Lnuries   to have     selected 'a inan   moie   thoioughly   conversant  with the affairs of the   pio-  ,vinoc and  tlinis  more capable  of  fill-  - ing the position   than  Mr.   Dunsmuir,  < tlie owner of the mines on which our  own  city is mainly  dependent.       Although     not'a politician   in   a strict  'sens-e of the term, Mr. Dunsmuir is a  clear-hoaded,  far-seeing  man,  and the  many excellent meusiircs passed       by  the-local government during his term  of oflice as premier of British Columbia are themselves     evidences of bis  progressive s;nrit nnd  indicative t! al  Mr.   Dunsmuir     will make a worthy  successor of a worthy man.  ,   T-he - Vancouver World, in comment.'  ing" -on   the appointment,  says       in  part:  -Mi. Dunsmuir is the eldest son of  the lnt-e' Hon. Robert Dimsmuir, thp  discoverer ,ind exploiter of thc \V<1-  lingicn  coal  meaM-rcs,   the  dcvclop-  '.ment of which have done much lo enrich the country and bring its reso.ir  ces into notice the world around, pnd  who, when he died, was president of  the'executivc council in the Robt-on  government. He is not a pronount c-d  party man, hor is he an extremist in  his views. His government was not  formed an party lines, and although  he' had a stormy time of it while in  office, he  never  swerved  from  carry-  , ing but an announced policy of progress on- iibernl issue. One of Hit;  most important public works whi.h  'wore  inaugurated   was   the constri-e-  .lion  of thc magnificent   railway   a   1  -"traffic'bridge that spans the  Fras r  river      at,New      Westminster.   Th  t  "structure,   which   is one  of  the  finis I  ��������� of its 'kind in America, will cut  stand as a monument to Mr. Dui's-  muir'.s inte.llig.ent enterprise ami fee-  thought. He w 11 bring to Ciovem-  ment House a charming wife n- d  family, and being possessed of ample means, he will be in a position  to .entertain  lavishly   and   ma1 e   lhe  - gubernatorial mansion   the ceiitie  oi  many     pleasurable    society     cvei Is  ' Should   the  telegraphic   report       1 c-  confirmed,   much  satisfaction   will    e  afforded      to all classes.   Mr.  Dunsmuir  is not,  as many  suppose,   a  native  son      Me   was  born   in St oil. nd  inrd, when almost  an  infant, came to  MILLINERY DEPARTMENT  To our many patrons and friends  we wish to introduce our  Milliner, MISS M. SWAIN,  from Tacoma.   Miss Swain (late of  New York City) has been  n the American Coast cities, Tacoma,  Seattle arid  Portlan rf for the past two years. -We can.assure you   of prompt   and   courteous treatment at all t nies.  s orni.'*"'  Regarding Styles-  Nanaiuio   with his parents.  Cash or Cure  If Shiloh's Consumption Cure (ails to cure  your Cold or Cough, you get back all you  paid for it.'   You are sure of a Cure or  lhe Cash.  If it wasn't a sure cure, this offer would  not be made.  Can anything be fairer ?  If you have a Cold, Cough, or any disease  of the Throat, Lungs or Air Passages, try  SHILOH  25c. per bottle.    All dealers guarantee it.  SPORT  ���������t  THE MAT-  Thursday's      Vancouver      Province  TWO MEN*  MAY LOO*  it  H  A  L I  V  E  The one will be hones I ami  reliable. Thc other (pteslion-  a|>ie. So with boots. All'boots  that  look well  are riot honest   j  Leckie's boots  are     ALL   ;  |g.'^,j.*ui^agaE3������*pe'a^*<tA>>"jr^^.7 iiVnnw a  LEATIirOR'-  and    made       to  meet    western    requirements.  The     logger,    the   prosjx>c-k>r  ami  the miner can   depend'on  them   when   far  from  the busy  haunts  of  men.  Ask    your   dealer       f o r  "LECKIE BOOTS"  and  take  no substitute.;  MANUFACTURED   BY  .1  VANCOUVER, B, C.  Mr. C. SPENCER,  who is just finishing his European buying trip, has bougfit us an exceptionally handsome lot of MILLINERY, including HAT SHAPES,    TRIMMINGS,    FLOWERS, Etc. etc, direct from Paris and .New York.   Many styles  which will  be shown by   us l^e never  reached  the-Canadian  travellers' hands  yet.  You'll  find us fust and   paramount  in  artistic  Millinery.  Our Styles are Sure   Our prices  cannot help  being  right,   fnd -  with  fair and  courteo is   treatment     we expect to make     the  "Spring   1000"  the  ijrcat est in the firm's history.  NOTICE  is  hereby  ghen   that- I   in-   March,  l.iOli.  tend to apply  at the next sitting^ | "  of  the  License  Boa/ii  of   t- 3  City  c' |  Lridjsmilh     1LO.,  for a L-..--*cr  ol  ��������� %���������r. i,>,j T-   HI/1  lhe retail* 11- or ncrnsc no* held  by   pHOTGGkAPri      ^ I *_ L)K>  me for  ir *-i    mK'S j-nrv. i  as the La-j  dysmith'  EoU,   * L-.Med   on   Lot   9,   j ������s Ajai.i Open  Block 27, l? Ret,.. Scott and   Al;:;-( Vl(JTOn.IA  ORESCENT  Smith.  F.  W.  :"  ' " AR-  l.-ii -in   '3-Ct,  M ARC A ill/L'   A.   REID  a   opposite Fire Hall.  uiasnio, B. C.  VVaii for ''Spencer's*' Millinery���������We* 11 Jiave 5^  both  Eastern and Western S yles JJg;  says prior to- Iho boxing bout,  on Friday night, there- -will bo a  wrestling mali_h, in which ac-ouplt1  well known i-aU-h-ns-ralc-h-can ar-  ti  sts will meet on the padded mai  Wil'g-rcss of Nanaimo is to defend  his title to the S.jO t-ui), emblematic or' the citj middleweight wrest  ling championship, which was ol'-  foivd six wookrt a������-o l>y thc'club.  and is now on view in A. F. Me-  Mi'Iliari's window: Tli's time. Wil-  gress. who has so far been untlo-  featetl, will meet II. .McLennan, a  well known loeal wrestler, who has'  aspirations foi thc possession of tho  cup. Wilg-ross and McLennan will  w resile b--st two in th;������ falls with'  an hour turn- limit. Wilgres><������ will,  also attempt to complete his contract, which-'he.', commenced last  Friday, to tbiow Charles Beard  four times in twenty -minutes. Ho  got two falls in a little over ten  minutes. Ho has nine minutes and  forty seconds to yet the remaining   two  falls   in.                    *  As usual, all the proceeds over'ac  tual expenses will be donated to  the   Vancouver  General   hospital.  Ashville,   Tenn.,   March   2.'i���������Colon  won from        Olscii     -ina-.-,." wrestling  match      -tonight      for     the      heavy-  weight championship  of   the  world.  FOOTBALL���������  Nanaimo,   March   2-1.���������  Ladysmith will be the scene ' to-  inori-ow of a battle royal 'between  tho lntt-i-mediiitos of that town .ukI  Xanai.ino, -when the.vi will lino up  on the hunker yi omuls in an assoc-ia  tion football match. In meeting  the Ladysmith bo.\s the local team  v, going up against a great combination, for it was only 'last  week that the lads from i.be. Smelter to.wn defeated the strong- Victoria eleven by the score .of S to  1. /This, however, 'does not lessen the confidence of the Nanaimo  hoys in their, ability to win  from then formi'lablo opponents,  who will have the advantage of 11.  ing-   on   their   home   grounds  Tae following will leprcs-riit Nanaimo:  G'oal���������J.    Williams.  Full Backs���������II. Chiswell, and T...  Home.  Half Backs-W. Dick, H. Nicholson  and   .H.     Killoen.  .Forwards���������T.' Cnldei-heatl, W". Steele, .1. McNeil,. F. WiJIwirns and H.  Watson.  THERING-  If (he plans thai W. R. Dailey .has  made come true, the local fight lovers will see some matches in. the ���������  near future which will he worth going  after,  says  the Seattle P.-T.  Fimiitvg   that  he could   not  make a  go of  the fisglinnigmm   mmrnm   mrn-m  go of the      fi������-litin-g -game in  Ballard,  Dailey  has changed   his   Iccalion   and  now      has  selectod   l'Mca.s.nt   Beach,  near  Port  Bla'-x-luy,   for   the scene of  thc   pugilistic   encounters,     fie       -in-  iioiince-s      that he has m4ltclird Willie  Fitzgerald,   of  Brookhn,   and       Kid  Krantz,. formerly   o-i   this   city,   for ;i  20-rounti contest ��������� to   take   [.lace      on  April  fi.    Both men are well  1 noivn  to ..tclifc local  sports  as   Krantz   nii:w'c  his .i;e>patal.ion   here  iin-d   lias kept     il  up  since going sn;,r-!i,  (l-nrl   Fit/.g-r-rfild  is  loo  well   known   all   t>vt-r the t-oim.  try   (o  need  any   in! roduc-l ion. Ho  has   boon righting sine--   lllfJO and   has  been   up against  nearly  every      go.id  man  of his  weight   in the country. He  fought   .Jinym.y   Hritt      nearly   to     a  standstill  in   l'io\'i,   losing  in 20 round  on a decision,  and  1ms also been      ii]  against such men as Willie. Lewis, Joe  Cans,      Eddie      flanlrn  and  .liuunie  CJardl.er.  In order (o accaivinmd.i.le the  crowd that is e.vpcc-tr'd, Bailey will  have five boats lo run from this city,  Bailey also announces Ihai; Alex.  Greg-gains has writlrr him rs" ing if  he can arrange a fight -before his  club between Dick Hylan-d and either  JimmiD Britt or Aurelio Herrara.  iiyland is anxious to have a tryout  against either of these two rntn and  he iiinv be sren in action here in (he  i ear futuie. The intention is to hold  contests every month.  Los    Angeles, March 2d.���������Manager  McCarey, of the Pacific Atidetic Club  tonight closed negotiations with Bat  tliug ������\e!son and Aurelio Harrcra for  a twenty-round    battle   -here during  Fiesta     week in May,   Negotiations  had been pending  for several week-,  but Nelson demanded a $������0,000 puisc  and only tonight, after Nelson   sent  his ultimatum  to McCarey, did     the  manager accede and,  aftcr consulting  with" Ilerrcra, he notified  Nelson that  the match had been clcscd.   By   the  terms of the match, McCarey deposits a large forfeit to  back up   ��������� his  guarantee, and Nelson    and Ilerrcra  are each to  put up $2,000 forfeit to  guarantee    weight  and  apicavance.  They  will  weigh 'in  at three  o'cloc  at   133 pounds.  Tleireia attached his  signature to the articles     of agreement  tonight and Nelson      ircd that  he would  .-sign     another     set       in  New  York   tomorrow and   post     his  forfeit.   Fiesta week   is May 7  1o 12  when    the      Shriners of  the United  States   will   beat   Los   Angeles.  Brill and  Kid  Herman  ha\e'������    date  early in the week and the Nelson-llei  rera battle will be staged  aloutMaj  12.    They  will,login  training not later than  April 20.  c^ViONEY  TAL-KS^=������  1!  YTATHV^YSlNCAcI?HEFORYaUU   MEAT   YOUR   DOLLARS  WILL GO FURTHER IF  YOU  BUY    MIOM  US  ' ' ���������'" ���������" g&r Cash- Prises Samnot Be Beaten   PAN IM ELL '&.    PLAS  rar-:������������|^jrTf:  sti;^m HK.\rrco  WUIJ.  VUli^lr"l-:i' KOOMS  EAR SUl'l'LlKD WIT       1 J  WINES. LIQUORS', CHl-iR--  Lsquimalt   & Nanaimo iailwsy  Time  Table No. fit  TraiLo reave Ladysmith for Victoria and all lntennediate stations at  'J. 10 a.m. daily, and at -LOO p.m. on Wednesdai s, Sat'inlasys ana Sundays. '     '     |   ,  Trains leave Ladysmith for Well ington and all Intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daily, and at COu p. ui. on Wednj days, Saturdays and  Sundays.  Excursion Tickets     -*-^> .  ONS\LE ���������') AND FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey Saturday -id Sundays, return .ng not" later than-  the following' Monday.        '.'-'.  ," <r,e&?^e. ijjaft   i .     - -��������� 111 lit  Sails from Ladysmith ."v V:iuoi>a-jr t^vaiy g-ttuiday at 800 a.ni-. and  returnin������ sails from Vawou.sr    '������������������-������   *-adjsmith ai 2.30 p.m.  Cor. Fort  Streets.,  0-EO.-5..   :0URTNEY.'  it. & Pass.  Agt.  AM  A. J. McMURFKlE, I'roprlster  Newly fitted tip and  Furnished  LADYSMITH, IVt  Gr.od tables and good,  -^    Rooms  rL'aSE'S: T8B������������SS5ZmS!BmU&mwWm  KND H  DAVID FIYNES, Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  .Kates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  This  Hotel hae    been  completely      renovated. ���������*  Board asd 'odging J1.00 per d*y. :  f  ^^TORI  HOTEu . i~~*****  i . ���������*  JOHN T*r*A, Proprietor  nar,Supplied  with  the Best   Wmes.lst Avenue :-: '.-���������."-' Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Oigsas.  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  ORAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortr-  a'dy furnished and the bar is up-to-  d>������te. Rates U.00 a day and np-  w\rds.  WH. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ���������pyluaiU :*-; :������������������: :������������������: :**: L*dTisalik  -THE JONES HOTEL !  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  WATSON'S   WIUTE   COOK���������  and  ���������\V HIT E   Ii A nOll���������  Employed Only  MOTEL   DOMINION  ���������P.sIpp $1.25 ai-d^l.od���������   *  Fi-fB bn^ to all pi-eamhoat  Inndinns an''  railway dspota.     Electric cart- every fi.i  minutei  to all parts of   the city.    B-a  nnd table nnuxcelled,  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST., ������**VANCOUVER   B, C  (Halt Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  ' HI ������������������������ij���������lllMMW���������   m^MIW     ���������������IIW;pih������   i inwnni  il n H   i   i  m *  '���������jM! rr^fii.lahif  Under New'iVHanajjment  Motel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor,  Commercial Mens' headjnavters.  Modern  and      Strictly First Cla������s  Fire I'roof     P.uildi������j.  THC COmrOKTABUL WAV.  TO FERNIE, B.C.  H  IS  I  Rtad DO������ ������", a   .  9 p.m. r,v.   Viciukia   An. | J. ia.,  ^  8.oo p. m. I������v.    Seattle     An   i.oo a.m. "r  9.21 p. m, Air.    Everett'   Arr. 7.30 a.111 ������  9.30 a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p.m &  6.35, .mArrT  Rexford   Arr 12 30 p. m. iS  8.10  p", ni, Ar.    Elke   Air.  10142 a. m. tj-  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fertile   1.^.9.55 a   111. t  .     ,       ONE NIGHT {  , To ail Kootenay Pointt ������  T\VO   NIGHTS I  To    Winnipeg and ^t. Paul |  Close. Connections II  .For    Chicago, Toronto, j_;  . Montreal and {:���������  All Points East & West I  Acetylene   -Lighted     Cars, ;,L  - Family" Tourist Sleepers]" ��������� |  Palace Sleeping Cars $  ��������� . Dining    Cats (Meals a -la f,  ���������- -Carte). r|  Library Observation     Cars If  Through     tickets and hag-  gage checks to an points.'  Steamship Tickets |  Cot-.tickets, maps, berths h  reservations - and complete y  information  - call on or .no .  ���������   os's. .            ������������������  i \M |  S.. Go Yerkes :   E.R.Stephen |  A.G.E.A.             G.A.C.N.R. , |  Seattle ; /���������;.;   Vic'ori-.a. 'li.C. , E  Leads Them  INEQUALITY  Hi  -:o:-  ���������   R.P.RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast.   Agency.  VICTORIA,  :--: :���������: :--: -���������'- .���������'B.C.  WANTED���������I'.y Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for cacti province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  w.ceMy. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. Previous  experience not essential  to en-  j gn.gi->g-  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,   III.,  U.S.A.  'CX  ft J HENRY'S  NJR&IES   GREENHOUSE!, AND SE-D  HOUSES  1110 Westminster Road,  VANCOUVER.  Headquarters for   PACIFIC UKO ���������jV^TniTuenr'Tielj  and flower SEEDS  lor distribution. ;  Large   stock . of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL     TREES  now matured for, Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.  Let me price your list  before placing your   order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Pac.-Ages. Fertilizers, etc.  3010 Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B.  O.     ,  m^xx  Cor. Government and Kates Sts."  , VICTORIA. B- C.  B  {! Trains daily lo St. Paul,  H   /    . Minneapolis,  Duluih   and  jjf L      Wast.  Trains    daily     to Denver,  Omaha, Kansas. 'City, St.   >J  ,.   Lm-is     ami   East      and  Southeast.  ^Atlantic  Steamship  Tickets on  mile to ntnl   from  nil  JSuropean  ���������Voiiilit  This is the ONLY line   "   to  Y E LLUYVSTON E PAR K\  Tourist sleepers on all trains  For particulars  call  on    or  write IC. E. BlacKwood, Gen-  cial Agent, Victoria,  B.C.'  ���������  , A,   D.    Charlton,  A.G.P.A.,  8 - N.R.,   Portland, Ore.  etm%7m%WmWE5!ia&  THeCITY'MRR  "R. Williamson Prop  1st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  j DUNDEE--  WHISKY  ScOtlands Best..  ������W0ll'rMH0.  Sole Agents for B. C.  f  4*  ..���������r.'..;,.}r4,.jr4,.ir.l,,j,4..lr4..-r.j,.*.^.;..].,.,4,4..i..;���������i.i,,^  :     THE TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd.      Z  +  4-  4*  I PURCHASERS "AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD-AND  SILVER OJiES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,    B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver island, 8, 0.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  PAINTINO,        PAPEkMANGlNO  ETC.  . Work dene properly and .at '"-rl.ah?"  prices. A full line of Wall Paper,  and Painter's Supplies Residence on  Roberta Street  J. E. SMITH. Pm-  Are You  Going* East  Then be. ������ure your tickets  read   rla  tht  I0HTB WESTERN  .  LINK ���������  The only line imw making UNIOM  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with tha  through trains from the Pacitj  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TH 1  .-TrNEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST  1ATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  aiNNEAT'OLfS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  ind ALL POINTS EAST.  ?or complete information  ask youfl'  ical agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  .    General  .Age������fl,  7'10 2nd Ave., Seattle.. V  LADYSIYilTH BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS   -FRESH. ON -HAND  Wedding    Cakes  Made    to  Order  l-'RL'iTS    AND    CANDIES  OF  ALL  KINDS.     FRESH   BREAD   EV-.  :. ERY    DAY  Prices    are   ' Very Reasonable.     All  Customers  are Treated  Alike.  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  Manufacturers of the Famous  GUttAN BLOSSJ1  Noue bu   Union Labor   Employed  n "J.  BOOTH. Prop  t       mtXOtn     a   " im\   BO  FT*  RESTAITRANT  Coi\ 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  SHAVES ���������fttUTHS"  Having taken over the har-bcr shop  known as . tlie Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I inl-find, by keep  ing competent workmen, to.conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit your patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  .Oea ers in  ianos and     1  Organs:..  LAJySfi.ith. B.C  NOTICE  The partnership existing bet-weca'  C. 11 RuinniJirg" and W.E. Runniiing  carrying on business in the City of'  Ladysmith, B. C, as manufiicturers  of carbonated beverage;;, etc., under  the firm name of Rumming Bros., is  hereby dissolvr'd. All outstanding  accounts must lie paid to W. E. Ilum-i  miiig, who will continue tho business  and pay all accounts against the firm  of Rumming Bros.  0. M.  RUMMING,  W. E. RUMMING.  Dated at Ladysmith this 28th Daft  ol Feb., 1906, , ; / if  THE DAILY LEDGER  ft  &;  W  Pf  m  SSL  %  ft  MAKE, MORE MONEY  Bidder     Crops   jot   Better It Pays to Know the* Exact Chicken raising a very easy  *���������"-  and simple way of adding  to the farm's cash profits*  Grain.   Clean, Large Seed  Increases the Yield 2-0%.  Weight of Everything you  Buy or Sell.  CHATHAM FANNING MILL       CHATHAM FARM SCALE  CHATHAM  INCUBATOR  Ca pacify  2,900 lbs.  ,\ You need a Scale on your farm.  \ ^You need It right now���������to-day.  Capacity-10 to SB bush,  pep hour.  \ Kvcffcday you put It off you loae money.  -.\Sup'l>oaa you sell some hogn at Scents a. pound,  and Lust to your dealer's scales, v.-hiah :t:-o l/'JO -  out.  That means a lost) to you of 50 cuits on  every 203 pound hog.  Then "you eoll 1000 bushels of grain at 7u cents.  This dealer's scales ai-o only 1/30 out, but-your'  losa is S13.75 on tho deal.  Tho loss on a low transactions of this Idud .  , would buy1** dozen scu'.ea.  . ,    When crops are poor you need every coat  ���������they are wortjr.  When they arc good you cuii'fc  ,    Cleans Wheat, Rye. Timothy, Clover, Mills!-, .**?������* ttrthwV money away.  Oats, Bailey, Flax, Vea������, Bcuna, Coru auU aU._^������.-������ ni'������* .a,������jc������*������ on J'OU1' *>l��������� ?<<������������������������ ^"cs.  ^^" ) .. Thclc jyou think you can aliord Jt. tijoiuoio  ��������� Large Hcppcr,Scr������vr Feed' easily regulated.. younqoaiiV     ......  Agitator prevents cloifginjj and dihUibutea  : -llioimportant point 18 to get tho  grain evenly on ecrccn.      > ' T,ll������ Chalhnin Vtxrxa. Sc-aio is bu  -Lower Shoe keep* ecsccna clcuu-no other' styles, each ono stronply and hone  - villi has this, ready tqsrand_tho roughest kintl of usaF.r  TVENTY-TWO BODIES  I WERE RECOVERED  Poultry raining pays.  People who tell you that there la no, money In  L'hillippi,    West    Virginia,      Mai'.-h   are   being  prepared'to   receive       the  bodies of the dead; ���������'- Crowds today  sivai-iiieti ' into Century. All day  long while the rescuing parties wont  ed, - wives, ' mothers and , siVsters  or' the victims, who have been con  stantly on the scene since the exr  plosion waited at',the .mouth of the  shaft, and many pitiful scenes were  enacted as the managled bodies or  the men were recovered. Some of  the miners still 'insist' that : fr'-nu  thirty to forty-'miners''-are stilliii  the -mine. - -       '.'���������- -.'; , ..-���������   -  2H���������The    denth   list   of     the  Century  mine  disaster      has  now' reached 2:i  while     twenty  or  more  persons   aie  injured.      Ollicials   of  the      Company  reported     tonight     that twenty  two  bodies'had been   recovered.     A    canvas  of the  district     was  made'   today  and  ail   employees and   all  ployee* s   have 'been,   accounted  but   one,   who   is   thought      to  buried beneath  the  debris     in  Clll-  for  be'  the.  .������u, moiaiiu i.i.vi .������u...m^..~v;U���������^.���������. ness nf <i hen is���������to lay eggs.   As a hatcher ant}  Capacity,H,CCp pounds���������sufficient for rtilf.i-m  fcr0otlor shoia outclassed.  That's_llio buslnos.  " ijfies.'Theknil'oedaerfttroot oil-tompoittl tool  of "rto Chatham1 Incubator and "Brooder," and  7. M-*ol-practically. i\ndestructit-!e-lnhiiriivf i-.h-  thevdoitnorfocf  ' Knd shako and adjustable eido shako (threo  .Sixteen screcnn and riddies, grading any- f;������������i7PS?,1.^^^^^ they do itporfoctly and successfully.  Uislnesa,  properly cor.ductpd,    L.(.n| mr'ort   th  !:an any other biiEiness for the   |<l nl"u-<,(l   ln  Works" easUsr" and "smoothly, combines elm- lever you throw tno weight off tlie jcriifo ������������wuuu������ ^uo and money InvtMlod.  plicity with ingenuity. ���������" edges on to thc solid frumo of tho triu-k. Thiei     Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men and WD-  ��������� ^.'he Chatham Fannlnsr Mill will pay for Itielf preserves tho li^ife ������decs nr.d gives solid- men oU over Canada, and tho United KUlea���������  over and over In one year. It Is tho greatest, ity totho truck. When youinovolhc lover o have proved to their satisfaction that.It is proflo-  ���������oenom'zer andproflt-buildcr on the turn. 1b throw the scale into use again It automatici-lly able to raise chicks with the Chatham locu-  ensures bigger crops of better grain. adjusts it-elf without any tronble to you.   It i a bator aud Broodsr.  If it were not the best it would not now bo in theonlyec^eniadelaC'anadathnl-iirtiJrtoti.iA TheChatham Incubatorand Erocdor is hon-  tom on hundreds of thousands of farms ia Thei Chatham * arm Scale isnbsolutclyi.j..>ii-- e8Uy con&tnioteil. There ia no humbug about  Canada and United States. Furnished with ������te. lleforo wo bhip ������ Chatham Fanr. f-t-.-ilo it. 'fcvcryinchotmatcritilisthoroughlytestcd,  cr without Bagging Attachment, as desired. ������t is thoroughly gone over by the Covo-:-. tho machine is built en rii:ht princi-ilcs. tho in-  rniZB AWARDS-ffighest awards at Wo-"'- ���������      Inspector.   If it is absolutely accaiiooi-o B.,iaiion is perfect, tlicrwoiheter roliablo. and  Fair. St. Louis: run-American, P.ufla  world's Fair,  Paris.   Trance;   Torcn..���������,  Winnipeg, Halifax, Charloeton, Savannah  ���������Ad Jacksonville.  OUAItAHTfE-Everymmguainntcrf^^  mine.     The    dead  so   far   identified.'  are:  T    B.   JOIVKS.  DANT,.JONES.  ���������JOS.  JO.VIOH.  FRAiVK AXDKKWS.  All   tlay' long   tho rescuing     parly  eir work.      Anicnr;    the  iti.itirod   ate   but   few   who  have    si.P'-  ei-ed   severe  vijuries,- and    it   is     os-  pected     Hint     none  of   these        i.'i'l  I tlie.       The    injured   are   being  caved  fur   in   d'temporary hospital.  I    A     special train    load   of     coffins  ins  -arrived  here      and the ��������� 'caskets  :-.y i  U L.t-t-tt-iti  aa fast as the*railroad can-get it to'-yi'm. -Ctir  y" leisui-o moiiients.  Our. propositionJi.this! We will sh!p. you the  ���������ery        .__ _. ,, ���������   yean. Lastsahfetlait). terms of payment aro ackcowlcdged'to bo (ho ChpteanVEicuba'tt.r*anJ Eroodex. frehfht pre-  We send the Chr^hamFipidneMai^^any mostliberal ever offered. _Asky.-������urri<,i^:hi.m-. paid, and  former on receipt of his ardor, at oneo. without     ^w-%>          __  any cash down, and the most liberal terms of a,id we-ii mall you our booklet" aLclt' iho        You Pay'No Cash Until Alter  9*jm*a.m- Chatham Farm Scalo.   -���������" ��������� 1906 H-rvMt  ������w��������� mo- T>Af������rtcm.Ana ������.nd Vn* Book.     Time may mean considerable Iops rf ir..���������c-y     ���������    , ��������� ,     . ,   .,',   t L . .    .  ������lE5^Mii������B^2i^rfWiSiV?^ to you.   \Vhy not iiond tho post card to-^y,     Send for^onr handsomely ilhist������itt*.-i booklet  BOWtoJaakciMUarsoucoi-vviiia. _    whUe you think of itf ��������� ontitludI--HjwtoMakeI^oiieyOntof Chiek������."  W������ can supply yon ouickly froiu our il tstributtnar warchousei at Calvary, Brandon, i. ^rfwa, Winnipeg, Now Westruiuster, B.C., MontrcaL  Halifax, Ohnthata-    Factories at Cjiatu a m, U.\'i. oud Detroit, Uicil 517  Tho MANSON CAMPBELL Co., Limited, Dcpt. No, 15 ACHATHAM. jCA.NADA  OPERATORS DISAGREE  OVER SETTLEMENT TERMS  Indianapolis, March 23���������F. lt-ib-  'bins, of the Western. l*ermsylvaniu op  ei-ators       was  the  target   today foi  several  vigor \rs attacks on his position in favor of paying thc scale ol  15103,   which   would  mean     an      acl ���������  y.rnce  of    5.05    percent, in wages m  the  district,        and     would    comply  .with    the  demands  ot" - the   miners.  One of  the  most heated    of the attacks  was  made by     A.    Ii.     Zerbe  of     Cleveland,     who  spoke     for tho  Ohio  operators   after   paying    his res  poets  to     Mr.      Bobbins," Mr  Zerbe  talked   to  the   representatives  of the  miners   aiid  said:   "For   the        mor-  consideration    or   dollars    and  cents,  no    st rike can   be justified,  and    under  no   circumstances   ...-can any  strike be just ifiocl  unless  the     benefits   to  be  derived       thereby  far exceed the  misery endured, iho   human  energy-'wasted      and   the   property oe  stroyed.      "With   you.      it    can     only  be  a - ujucstioii of  dollars and   cents.  Voir  are  now   getting  a   fair       wugo  and  one   with      which      you  been     satisfied   for   the    last  and therefore are standing upon a  principle -a/nd if a.strike .should- come  tlroy are justified and the rospoiim-  ���������bility rests wholly with you. Mr.  Rob'lJins said on the floor his position was fair and just to all in-'  terests,     and, the  Pittsburg Coal  Company which waa  represented wwt  willing  to   pay   the  advance     asuod.  lie said  he  was-also  willing to pi-.y  the  ad\ance-   at his  own'mines      .'n  Pennsylvania,       Ohio  and      lllino's,  und  he had  received ��������� notice      fioin  the Illinois     Coal Company,    having  an  output   of one million , tons  that -  it  had instructed  its.'.representatives   to  vote  for  him..    Mr.    Itohhins  said   that   the   .country'.would -.������������������not  permit -a  general   strike  upon    tbt'sc  causes    alone.      He turned   to Pros. ,  Mitchell of   the Mine7   Workers  said  he could    not'believe'  the  cials     of   the  minors    would. -������������������ thuv  i-f.'fiise  to allow   the miners "to   woilc  where    their- demands worn met.     CJ-.  A..   Magoon,   representing1, the    West-  nave ' ern    Pennsylvania   indopeiuk-nt   . op-  two'j erators     said  thnt     if   the      ritt:-;-  joars,     but  you   are   now      demand  ing more,   Ihbrcforo    if you        ordc-i  this  strike     your  position        cann >t' independent   operators    -of  be  justified.       The     Ohio  operators' | Pennsylvania    would     not  burg   Coal   Company,  paid   the  vanco  and  operated       its mines  adjournment of tho committee until  tomorrow as they had not finished  (heir discussion. This action was  t-n.l-.en. The operators continued in  session for an, hour longer,; and then  adjourned after arranging for n  conference by States. The southwest district accomplished nothing-  today.  Indianapolis, March 23���������Tho   dead  Hock   between   coal   operators        and  miners   of   the     Central   competitive  and tho  southwestern;  districts   continued  today   throughout  the     meeting's''    of  the  two    joint  scale    committees     and  when  the meetings   u-l  journed  until ���������'���������'.tomorrow  no      a-groe-  mont   had '-l>een reached-   on the wagu  si-ale.     The  dih'ererices   then    seeni:-tl  niuj   as.-far  from  adjustiiicnt      as     ever  0f|-,.   The   discussion     in   the     scale     com  mittee     of   the   Central    Competiiive  district ���������   today  was     confined       to  arguments      among     the    operators,  and   radical differences   of views were  heale-dly-  expi'ossetl      by   them.       An  effort was made to   secure   from Fres.  ad--'Mitchell of- thc Mine   Workers,        an  the   expression   as   to   whether     ho     hold  Western   the   Ky.an resolution     to be in efftv.t.  do    like   This  resolution  was  adopted by    tho  position.   jidilTcrcnt.       They       are j wise.     The  dissensions   among    th.1 former .joint ot nferoncc     in January  getting a  fair  return   for    money m-   operators     became   so heated      thai   and   hiniic      the   minors   not   to si������n  vested.       You    demand, thnt        th:-y j the operators asked      the   minors to    in   any district until     an     a<,ree  surrender   a  portion      of   lhe   returns! withdraw    - for  an   hoii.ii.';'.."'"' Tlii.-J  they ave   now   receiving.      They have | was   done and  at the end of   (hoi..--  n'itMit   has   been 'reached      in       every  district.     Mr.    'Mite-hell .declined -to  a  right   to stand   for    a   fair return | iod   the operators-asked..    for      an'commit himself  DREDGING FRASER  FOR GOLD DUST  The Herald of   tins morning says:  ��������� llobert     Hnmilto'n,   of    the        well  known  firm  of  the  Hamilton     Manufacturing-'   Co ,    came   over        from  Vancouver   lust- evening  .  nnd   leaves  for .Chemainus       this   morning        in  connection   with   tho   sawmill     Company  of   that    place.     Mr. Hamilton  is   the  Western   representative ��������� of  tin-  firm   and   makes   his  headquarters  in  Vancouver.  Quartz mills, building and eq-.j  nipping of gold dredges,, sawmill, or  other machinery is all the, same  to the Hamilton manufacturing Go.  They-, do anything along-those lines  Many quartz mills have been by them  erected in -tin's province, and half  a dozen big dredg-ing plants fjr  the Fraser river, besides machinery  furnished for many other plants.  Koine of these gold dredging 'plants  have run up to- the ������100,000 murk  or near ��������� it, the big dredge now in  operation at Lillooet, on the Fraser 'river was built under the supervision of Mr. Robert Hamilton by  his firm at the cost of near ������80,-.  000. This plant is In successful  operation, antl has taken out many  thousands of dollars within tho  pu.-it two years. Just how i main-.  I lie Company does not allow any  one,  even,   it  is   snid,  thc       govern-^  incnt .ngonis,     who   are supposed   to  Collect   a  2 percent royalty to know-  Thcy  pay  as   little,     as  possible and  like nearly   all cf   the    dredging Com  panics     on   the Fraser  they      bilked  their   stockholders     in    starting out,  as      main-       an  Towa.  man    knows.  Frobablyl ������2.000,000     has been    expended   in   dredges   of    different-    tie-  signs   on   the   Fraser    and   Qnesuelle  ltivers      within   the  past   ten   years.  and  yet   :one   of     tho    first   dredges  eve*.-put  on   the  Fraser,    built      by  the  Hamilton  Manufacturing      Company  and      operated        at        Xorlh  Ik-nd,   paid  a  20  per. Cent   dividend  on   its cost the first   month.  .   Foor  manaig-ement   - afterwards;,-   as in the  case   of     nearly  all     the,      dredging  plants   on  1he     IIivers    of    U.      0.  where     they  have     been     operated,  causttd    thc   work to be     abandoned  at     North,   Bend.      .       Some     day,  .Mr.   Hamilton   thinks,        the   golden  harvest     lying    at   the      bottom  of  (lie  Fr-asei-     and     Quoshelle       rivers!.  will   bo  gathered   i;i,   when       holiest  and capable.,      ipai-uxgieme.nt will work  with     tho   one    purpose  . of   mining,  not  stock   swindling.      As     for    the  dredging  machines,   they     can lie    .^>  built    that   they  will     do the  and save  the  gold.    '.  CUMBERLAND  (News.)  The band Masqueratle on Monday night proved a highly successful   afVair,'       the   Moor  btvin-g    crowd  ed   with   dancers,    and the   platform  I  with  spectators        a&   is  usual        in  'such    affairs.      Many   beautiful  cos-.  liimos  were   worn  antl    many  excellent   portrayals        of  characters were  in  evidence]"    and  the task   of    awarding     a  half     a    dozen prizes    a  mongst.   a  half  a     hundred    deserving-    cnar-acters,   was  one     of    difficulty     in  the extreme..     To one entering  while   The  proceedings      were  in   full  swing,   the  extensive    variety  -and   otld   incongruity    of   the      characters  assumed   by   the   maskers was  confusing the  sombre      attire   of'tho  spectators    forming   a strikingly suit  able    background   to   the    gay   scene  In   which they  were  interested.       It,  would  bo   useless     to mention  v    all  the   costumes 'worthy   of   notice, but  (here were  a number so     exceedingly  novel     that Ihoy  cannot     be ov-  ctrlc-oked.  One of     truss  was  "The  Faithfulness."   There wa.s  the  usual  proportion   of cavaliers,    their      gay  attire     contrasting    strongly      with  such  characters     as -the ourang out-  ang,      the  hobo,   topsy,    and tho  clowns. Mr. antl Mrs. Winning-  ham's impersonation of "Jack-in-  the green" was one of the most nd  mired, Mrs. Winniayham's costume being of ny loaves beautifully ^(-signed, while the former's was  composed entirely of fir and i spruce  A special prize was given for  these by Mr. A. Plcrc.y of Victoria, a' pair of kit! gloves to  each.  EaHly in tho evening the band  played outside the Hail, and indoors until' ton o'clock when a  six pieco orchestra played excellent dance music for the night, tho  services of Mr. T. McMillian ami  M. Morgan being much appreciated  Tho judges were Mi-sdamos, Mor-  rificld, Af. Williams and Messrs. R.  Napier, J. 1'iercy, W. B. Anderson.  Rest   dressed  lady���������Miss. lM.    Mtir.  doch,  night.  Best   dressed  gent���������Mr.   C.      Grant,  llifli    coiitur.v    'Nankeen . and gold.  Best  sustained   character���������Zulu,   T.  Burns.  Waits'.���������Mi's.    TI.   Cnmeron, T. Bu:-ns  National clinraclei,-,���������Miss.   U. Viker.  Japanese.  Topsy���������Dannj'  Hay man  Two   Sl.oi>������������������ Mr.    Crievc. and       Mr.  Ohas  McDonald.  Clown���������F. Watson,  flobo���������Trigg  Most     Com it-iil     character���������Ourang  oiitnng-.     Nervey    Cameron.  sr  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  Al  THE  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  work  LIGHT  OAP  Clothes washed by Sunlight   Soap  are cleaner and whiter than if washed  in any other way.  Chemicals in soap may remove the  dirt but always injure theTabric.  Sunlight Soap will not injure  the most dainty lace   or   the  hands that use it, because it is  absolutely pure and contains no  injurious chemicals.  Sunlight Soap should always  be used as directed. No boiling  or hard rubbing is necessary.  Sunlight Soap is better than  other, soap, .but is best when  used in the Sunlighrway.  Equally good  with   hard or  soft water  ^ Ctflft REWARD will be paid  .pj,uuu (0 ai)y net-son who  proves tint Sunliulit Soap contains  any injurious chemicals or any form  of tiiu'ltcration.  Lever Brothers limited, Toronto  W.   SILKR  GffiKEKAL LXPEESS AND  DELIVEEY  WORK FROMPTLY  ni  Leave orders at the Abbotsforcl  J. PIERCY & CO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C  NOTICE  From   ^this date  the  undersigned  responsible  foi   any in-  fbv    ,      ��������� ���������  mcurred except on      ������  will  not  be  debtedness  written orfter signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal LiabiL'ty.   .  Victoria, B. C. M������v  18th, 1901.  I Union  Brewing  t NANAIMO    B. C.  * ������������������  t       rianufacturers of the  In   British Colurubia  Lager Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew    ���������  1  ed from the Best Canadian Malt   Run , Hops    $  ��������� -f-4-������"������--* -��������������� ������  -���������+*  ^^���������.-���������������������������������������������.������������������"���������������������������������������������������������������-���������'������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-rf^ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ,  LAD'/SMITH TRANSFER STABLEj  1  i  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FORNITURF MOV*  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abhots ford.  ������"J  Leave orders at   the*  lV-4'-4~������-������--������>-������4-4-4*������>44 4-f 4 f  A. J. WASKET, PROP  4*  f-t-4444 44-4444444444-4444+  t-'+tfi ���������44- J  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  DRILLS  | Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT   SHORT  NOTICE  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS    GIVE  SATISFACTION   PISKS HANDLED AND REPAIRED  o  -SIIIPSMITHINCt     IN    'UL   ITS   BRANCHES  Horseshoere and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. W RIGHT  Buller Street  -     -    -     -��������� Ladysrniih, b C  m  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66  LAO YS MIT  *  x  ������  *  *������*������*������*������;Mfe**������tt������:o*As������*k������V-.������ ���������^���������*������*������9K������)K������3K������3I6������h -  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood ani Birk fir Sit;  SEE J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDEl'.R  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  FIRST AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested/to call at   the office     on-Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th   and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P.M. 4,30  T, I BLAND  SUPERINTEND ENT.  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to the   fact that tht  Ogilvie Flour Hills  Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare for some r,im������  past been producing flour ln a   vastly improred and parlfl-'  form  by tlie aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvislng  the  public  that any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  -will  he prc-  ���������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited  are the    only     millers in Canada  whose   Flcmr  is purified by the Electric Process  HAY, GRAIN and  FARMPROIMf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  m the city promptly and at the lov  pst possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, oa tk*  F.gplanait.  James Warnock  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also lan-  guage-"-1) drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  ladysmith.  B   O.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at rcaso  able rates.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathboue  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' Lall  2nd and <Hh Tuesday at 7.30 p.m._  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No- 4 U. A. 0. D  ' Meets in the I' O. 0 -F. Hail, Ladysmith, fhe Second and Tourth  iTedncstlays of each month, commencing Wednesday,  13th.,  1905.  VisUing Druids are invited to *f>  tuid.  By Order. ''''.'.  TVM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BUP.K, N. A. ^^##^^^4-  11  THK    DATL^    f.K^'-R  Local Items  '        FOR   SALE  Twelve Mead of Cows and  Milk Route. Apply P. ,0.  Box 99.  FOR SALE.  For sale:���������A large coal heater nnd  cook  stove,  also  a baby's  buggy���������all  in   first-class  condition.   Apply   E. &  N.  Station  (upstairs.) "        s\V  The casu of Gogo vs. Gogo came  up before Judge Harrison at Nanaimo yesterday afternoon and after-  some evidence was taken the court  adjourned and upon resuming it  was announced that tho parties had  come to an agreement.  Messrs. Scott and Hailstones, two  members of the football team who ���������  went down with the seniors this mor  .riing, have bid farewell lo Ladysmith  for a time tit least, as from the Cal'i  tal City they proceed to Pernio,  where they propose to reside during  the summer.  HOUSE    TO    LET-Second  Avenue       The   Illustrated   Health   Talk      to  aiidAitchenei- street,   Lot   11,   block   Womerr     yesterday  afternoon       was  ith Sr' iIIIjAK>  Roberts st.   fairly  well attended considering   the  a    ' fh-* j weather was  rather  unpleasant.    The   lecturer     explained  very clearly the  [importance of an undcr-tan-iing of  the natural laws that govern the body, a knowledge of   which is not   only  th-L  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  The  LatTysniilh  football  team,   accompanied   i,y   a number   of   iriends,  loft on  the morning train for Vic-lur-  ,ia.  Dr. Dier can be found at any tin.  at his oflice on Gatacre st. His dotal- work is giarantetMl t0 be flrsl  class and rates reasonable at  inieiesting but   is c-ssontial  to an in-  ' li'lliircnt care of health.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NOKTH  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal   lands   may   be  purchas-  on   td at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  JJO  for  anthracite.   Not   more   than  320 acres can  be acquired  by one individual or company.   Royalty   .e the  rate     of ten cents  per  ton  of a,000  pounds    shall      be  collected  on   tho  gross   output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  j granted  upon  payment in advance of  ���������  j $7.50   per  annum   for  an   individual,  '    Mrs.  J.   A.  Knight  left on       the   .'and0from $50 to $100 per annum for  morning train for Victoria on  a vis   '  it with  her relatives' in   that  c-itv.  Judge Harriscn  passed  through  thc morning train to Victoria.  ,    Mr.   II.   Blair  left on   atrip  down  thc  line  this morning.  ' Remember the Spinster Convent ion  takes place at the opera house on  Marcii 31st. o)  ���������*���������������������.        M?-  Turnover  55 iloz. in all-Special Designs, Openwork, Drawn Etc-  Tiiis lot was sent to us by  mistake but it will be no mistake fcrycu to buy them at  rrogram Sat. Nlglit,.     /V\euy   2 A.  " Lansing Rowan, Harry Fail nicy, and  THE   PRINGLE' CTOf^iPANY  IN    THE    FOUR-ACT    RUSSIAN    DRAMA  VGA-*.*  WALKING  ARTS  t|   S   ,'i  lis y  at  RUSSIAN  ������ '-.  >&3*>3  Mr.   Lawson  went down to  capital this momine.  Mrs.  the j  -las.   Proven   was   a passengci  ,to Nanaimo at noon  today.  Mrs.   Trehearn of 'this  citv,  visited  "Nanaimo this aftirnoon.  Mr.-C.   R.  Bishop,  representing the  Hunsorr   Lay   Company,   is   in       the  ,city in the interests of that firm.  Ticket   No.   Ifi!   drew  the  graplm-  phonc at  thc Identical hotel on Wednesday evening, the 2Isl   inst., in X.i,  naimo. The    holder  of  1he. lud,-'  number will  please call   at the   Idrn-  ���������tical f.,r (he same.    The drawim-  wik,  ' held for the benefit of Ellis Davis, an  old-timer,   who  has   been   an   invalid  for thc pasW.,wo years. F-;j.  N,\ ������'Scotty" Raird left this nior-  ' ning for Victoria, from which place  he will proceed to -Tanana, whore,  like others who have left Ladysmith  recently he expects to make a Tor-  -tune.  First Avenue residents are doing a  Rood deal of gnmibling nowadays.  They object to the revelry that goes  on nightly in the centre of the business part ot town. It 1 eeps them  awake and consequent lyjloes not improve their tempers.  AT THE ABBOTSFORD.  .1.   E.Butler,   Naii-aJmo.  W.   S.   Newman,   Victoria.  W.   E.  Denham,  New Westminster.  K.   T.   Hughes,   Victoria.  Miss E.  Do-beson,  Nanaimo.  Ii.   Wright, '.Chemainus.  W.  T:  da''.son, Nanaimo.  A.   G-eo-rge,   Victoria..  J.  Millar, Fernl'e.  a company, according to capital.  A      free m.rrcr,  having  discovered  mineral   in place, may locate a claim  jl,;������00  x   1,500   feet.    The  fee  for   re-'  1 cording  a claim  is   $5.00  H least $100 must be expended in  the claim each  year  or  paid  to  thr  mining  recorder in lieu thereof. When  $:">(!0  has  been  expended   or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having   a survey  made, and upon complying  with  otb  ei requirements,  purchase  the land at  $1 an acre.  Hie      patent  provides for the pay  merit of a royalty  of  2|  per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yeasty. -  A free miner'may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  ea.-h for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion ol the Minis iV-r of the Interior.  The lessee shall have adiedge in  operation within one season from the  date of^the lease for each five miles  Kintal, $10.per- annum for. each mile  of river leased. Royalty at thc rate  ol 2i per cent collected on the out  put after it exceeds  $10,000.  W.  W.  CORY,  Heputy   of  the  Minister  of   vhe   hi  ������rlor.  I  adi  CV    / OF CHARACTERS  Fedora Romanoff t. a Ri.s.-.Lin   princess)     "Miss  Laiis'ng      Rowan.  Countess  Ogla  (a Russian Countess)   Marion  Tiffany.  Demetri -(a page   Miss   Florence   Pringle.  Bolshaw  (a friend of Cljji)   lolmnie Pringle.  Gertc-han   (a secret" police)    ,  Morris Foster.  General. Garskine .(iMinislor of Police)   Harry Pringle.  Desria (valet to  Fedora     Gerald  llarcomt.  Doctor  '   Ralph  Day.  Caachman   ;  C.  G.  C.arrette.  Louis   1 pen off  (a celebrated   pianist) ---. '.Harry Fahrney.  SYNOPSIS  ACT I.���������St.  Petersburg.  ACTS   I,   U,   III,  and   IV.-Fcdnra's  Aiortmcnts, Paris.  EXECUTIVE STAFF.  Prop.'and Manager ...' lolmnie Pringle  Business Manager , CI.   G.Gnrrette.  SUige  Director   HarryF-.hrncy.  Musical   Director '.  '���������������������������  E-  Coquet.  CHANGE OF BILL NIGHTLY. ''  WALKING  Walters &  Akenhead  T  have just received a shipment of  Hill's High Grade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  and  Cib4R[l ITS  at   -he   DRU    STORE  .CHURCH NOTICES  PRESinVERIAN CHURCH  Rev. Ii. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Evening   service��������� 7.30   p.m.  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  -Bible study class,  Wednesday cven-  ng at 7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Rev. R.  J. Bo wen, Rector.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's  Sunday  School-2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. W.  C. Schlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Chiistians gathered ac-cordiinr to  Holy Scripture are inviti-rl to meet  to break biead cveiy Lord's day at  11 a.m. in the house of Janus Nim-  nio, Corner -Jth ave. and French st.  Edward     Stack ��������� from  England,, will  preach  the  gospel  at the same place  Lord's day   evening   at seven   n'dio  and     every evening   during  the week.  All   Welcome-  "He  that hath' an ear  to heal', let hnn hear."- .    '  We have a Large /sscrtmri.i Ladies1 inirts'opened out-Kewes  Designs and Patterns- Prices Right���������Call and Inspec  SIMON lEISER&CO-Ud.  t  GATACRE. ST  fcM^MMMfc4MMMI  .Mr'.  R.   J.  \Valkem,  whoso r'icath V;  chionit-Ied      elsewhere  in   this  if sue,  was a brother of Dr.  Walkem and un--  oh;  to  Air.      W.   W.  Wall .em  of th^;  citv.    ' . --    ..-  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  -o���������  NOTICE.  NOTICE  is hereby given  that I  intend to  apply at the  next sitting of  thc. License Board of the city of Ladysmith B.C. for a transfer of the retail   lifiiior  license now  held  by  me  for the premises known as the NTew  Western   lloteTj    situated on   Lot   A.  Block 2S,  to John Menghini.  atty      D. 11.  DAVIS.  .,, , ,     _  ,   , Dated ������t I.advsmilh this" 15th dav of  1   was and  .  am yet ante-led with,    ���������      ,     ,���������fw.'  Alaich,   lOtlli.  rl i-imalism," savs  Mr.  J.  C.  Baynt-,!  edi'.or  of the Herald, "Addingtoii,  In-J        ~~  dii.n Territory,  "but 'thanks to Cham'A   FAVORITE   REMEDY.FOR.BA1  btrlainV    Pain     Balm' am  able once i ��������� . P,I ES .'.-  mere to attend to business.  It is the     It's    pleasant     taste  be. t    of '   linamenls."    .    If troubled  Al KLICTED   WITH   RHEUMATISM  s^ssslssss  iSsagiKsPt  RINGS BROOCHES  WATCHES PICTURES  BOOKS     [FOUNTAIN  TENS  FREE  "We will give you the above articles if y :u  return us  Vl/HIto Swan   SBomp  ���������������������������   '  '    , ..icVrapp?  iers  W. G. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  i  - _^ (ist-Avenue)  Spring Stock on "hand. Call early and  get your choice  ���������v  vyWMyyyyyvyw^^'^^^WA^VWAVWVW^  iSTOVES!  <Hfc-���������������  STOV! S!  We   are, making HEATERS and KANGEi of the Latest Styles  and-Newest Patterns ���������������������������'- ���������   '"-  '...,'     ' ' /i      *^'e' cl������.f!** *>*,K*S ������(  -  Foundry and Repair Work---Nickel Plating  :;;.   in all its branches, a Specially  "       LAOYoMIFH IRON & STOVE WORKS Co Ltd  Phone S3 .-_"'��������� - P- O. Box 42  ��������� im tw iiiiwmri-iriiTrr-iria-r���������nnr ma  Willi rheuu'nlisiiu ... givfc'll'ain Halm a  tri..l and-you rare certain* to be more  than pleased with the prompt relief  \vl ich- it affords.     Oho application. i'e-  and." .prpmj������*_  cures have made Ch-am.iiniaia's Cough'  lie nicely a .favorite with. llie.-inothers-..  of small    Children.     It qiiicUlv cures,  B, C  I  mw  ni/o  11 si ��������� \.  ns\ul  ���������in mum liiimi       '    i       i      '   -- :-T���������--���������-     -y i,i,    ii������h iiiiIBi ii:  their coughs  ar.y  clanger  and colds and prevents  of pneumonia, or   other j  atma&i?iS������=������SK3^2S^  lie ea the   pain.    '-For sale by  Lady-1 serious     consequences..     It not only  smith  Pharmacy.  t  0  *  t  0  *  t  *  t  0  0  0  0  *  4  0  A  r  0  0-  WM.' M-UNSIE,  President   'J./.V.   COBURN, Managing .'l)irectin:  Telephaiie  -l-C.  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd  4#  ' MILLS    AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-'  Shingles a SSpe^cialty  MANl'FACTURERS  OF���������  Kougii antl Dressed Fir and Cedar.-Ltiimlwrs  '.LATHS,   SUINCLKS,   MOCLDINGS,      ETC.,     of    the   BEST  QUALITY.  LEASONEI")       AND   DKIUD     FLOORINOS      AND  ���������FINLSHINC   LCM-BER IN   STOCK  'i ������*V*^-tfc-%.^-^/������.*������-*&--)k-^���������������������.*������*>���������>���������%.���������*-������-���������������,  0  0  0-  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  *  0  0  0  cures ci-oti|i,; but when given as soon  irs the croupy cough appears . will,,pre  vent  the. attack. For'sale' by La-  dvsniilh Pharmacy. ������������������������������������-...-,  NEW BBIEO FRUIT  L^DY^'TH HCTEI   BAR  Havinrr ta'-cn over the barroom of  the aiiove hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment;  and in soliciting the. patronage of  our friends a"d the public .in general,  we guarantee good   treatment   to all.  R. i:cott  h,  Proprietprs.  ���������Hi���������mm ������������������in  c^sauumumjui  IUST   ARRIVED   A   FRESH    SHIPMENT  OF���������-  Dr'ed Apples, Nectarine.-?, F gs, Apricots,  Prunes,   Currants,    Raisins  HALLOW! DATES  In lib. Pkgs.  ra House  Sat, March 24th  LANSING  POWAN,  HARRY FAHRNEY  and   the  PRINGLE COMPANY  ^Fo.-iiiglit  Our Entire Stock is offered at  20 Per Cent Discount  on sale  F^rid^y and Saturday  Tlfflf G and PLUil   Dons at   Reason ble Prices  j, ANDERSON  Leave orders'' at' Peterson's ��������� Furn -  ture store^ or"telephone.No. 53.  i ^ ��������� -^. -������������������"'.r~���������-.- '-���������-'.   ���������ii~~:  j > Dominion Express  IsSUftd   aL  KNliT'S*������  After thjs date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf- 20  Ioa������es for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  rim by .white help should receive  white pcopi.es-Vi patronage .so, lbny: as;  they! are ��������� properly;,conducted.' j solicit a trial as your Baker.;  -.'    C. -R. DOCILI3.  '���������'..-  THE WELLINGTON l?AKER\  The LatSfsmifli Hardware Oo. Lid  llllllMIIHIH "III  i   nil i '"'        "i 1         F"        Till     II  EXCELLENT  Train  BCTWCCN  CHICAGO. LONDON, '  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Prlnclp������l Business Centers of  Ontario. Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS  For Time Tables, etc., ntltlroBs /  CEO. W. VAUX.  Asslsta-nt Gen'l Passenger and Tloket Accnt  139 ADAMS ST.. CHICAGO, ILL  '������-  litem.  aa, DESIGNS ���������  ?������    TRADE MAhKS  a^ AND COPYRIGHTS s-  *mV       OSTAINED       <  pADViCE AS TO PATENTflSILITY g"OSSIiP j  \ Notice in " Inventive'Age " ral BS DIE j  ��������� Book "Hcv/to obtain Patents" g   HBfeB* j  I Cltorges moderate. No fee till patent is seenrsd. 1  f Letters strictly confidential. Address,. 1  r E. G. SIGGEBS. Patent Lawyer, Washington, B.C. j  '.;'   NOTICE.  ; x\ meeting will be held -in D. Nich-*  ���������olson's-building,  First  Avenue,       on-  Saturday ^evening  at  eight o'clock of  all   persons, chsiroii-s  of  having       a  co-operative store  established   in this  ��������� i '".   -'  citv.  -. .   -.   -   -   i        . ���������<  Bollciter,   Et������.  4a       I  1st. Avpna?  loan  Ut������>Srv! H  4  $$lair & yidam  525������<s-3^S������*'  Change of PlayNghtly  PLEASING SPECIALTIES  Prices 25c, 35c, and, 50c.  SEATS  on  sale at  Forcimmer's.  We have just received     from the, East a large  shi]>ment of  LADIES' HAND BAGS  I'hey are thc NEATEST BAGS we Jiavc  ever  sbow.n   and  of        the  LATEST  FASHION.  y  PRICES, FROM $1  to $5  Call   in   and  Seo   Them  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the iVlEAT-  MARKET lately|   run by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WITH A FULLjLINE Of FIRST CLASS MEATS  PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY |  A Trial Solicitd  A. HOWE  PHONE 20  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  B. FORCFMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  Ladysmith,    B. C  Neatly and Artistically Done  First Avenue,    X   X   X  S. ROEDDNG  M        *4       **       ������*  Orders   Promptly   Executed  LADYSMITH


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