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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 9, 1906

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 ���������HI  mm.  ���������*sj" r JZ.���������^r'Sl  i^cgrraaBrratfj^-fcan^  sn  AsVdUVd  r^.j  (; -*  S  ir.������  The Ladysmith DAltef Ledger  ,-'���������>''  A .Jrf\o'ati<r^^vo?>v  \>o���������; ^g,-   '  ���������%A  VOL.,2  if?: ���������   MAR1OW06-     -,/  *    _ceJ_  FRIDAY,    MARCH    fl,  190(1  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SUULOIIDIEI  illlllif  iiRcfiiis -ouasu  Vancouver, March, 8.���������Rather sensational results followed the offi-  cial visit, of Dr. Pom-son to the  Central School yesterday. He found  itch and ringworm,; especially the  former, to be prevalent among  the  school   children.      Tea pupils  were i,������mt 'home 1o their parents  before all .the classrooms had been  visited. The. medical examination o<  the remainder of the school children were completed today, when  two more pupils were excused from  further attendance' until they have  been cured.  ���������**N  I.ctok  '*^*_^k-������w-i ���������  Wl I OPERATE  cm WITHOUT  I  t M bom  UT CARRY  FOOfi FBEE  It  is very  proba-ble,   says   the Van-  E  IC OF  TYPHOrD AT  FUTIILLlIN  THE UDYSMITH  RECRE&TtoN mm  SUBSGBiPTION LfiST  Seattle    March   !) ��������� Ainsworth     '&        u  1S VC1'J'  P'"ona,bie,   says   the van-     Toronto,   Alarch 8.���������Details of      ti     John Tha    Dunn   will  use  practically  all    white   ������^er ^rld, thai the Canahmn  Pa-   typhoid     epidemic  at  Fort William,    J. 13.  Dyer    cnic Railway Company  will carry all j reached    Toronto todav and $2(1  was   J.   Gogo      labor  in  the  operation  of   their can-��������� donations 0f f0c-:l to Hie i Japanese $r   raised   ai   an   divergency   meeting   of . Union Brewery  Both  diseases  arc  contagious,   and   other laborers,  one     afflicted     students would        bo'     "w*   wil1 1������*ck   flats  almost  cxclu-  liahle  to communicate   them   to the   sira,y  this season,"  .said Mr.   Ains-  othor     children.      Itch is    due       to   w,������|rth;  a,1jtl as  *"** aH l ha>\c "'-n  able to ascertain the same plan has  the    burrowing    into the skin of the,, l;���������lcn      adoptcd  by  practically  e\ cry  female    acarus,     with secondary les-   cannery, tn the Sound and  the Fraser  ion    which  results   from     scratching.   river>_   The ))ack wi],  be j^       aT1<1  The     lesion  evicted     by the   acarus   no contracts  have been  made  on     a  is usually a papule  ' or vesicle, and  larger basis than     twenty-five      to  -sometimes  a., puslle.     Ringworm     is   thirty  per cent,   of last  year.  duo   to   fungus     growth.    Cleanliness      "The   prices   for  sockeye  at      this  is a great     factor in. effecting cures.   time are very firm and a further ad-  Under treatment    .both diseases soon ' Aance mav Iw expected before, the new  disappear.     Dr.  fearsan was   instru-    Pack  is  ',laCOcl  <m   tlle  market.  "The plan which we have adopted  this .season of operating without  making- a Chinese labor contract is a  School.     Ho will probabily       under-   new    'experimcnt and o.n its success  nery at Blaine this season, E. E. ��������� m;���������e yllflerers free of charge. 'Hiis  Ainsworth stutes that the company 'applus, of course; to private dona-  has mndc tio contract for Chinese. la- ,io���������s. The Hour no.w being provided  hor and will only employ such Chin- by tllc Dominion government is being  ese as .are aiLtsolutcly necessary for a ' pajd for oVOr the C.P.R. line by the  few     of the places ry.juiring skilled   ��������� ftt>������. eriiuiuiit.  bH'Or. |    As a result  of   the  representations  This is the first time in the. histo ' ��������� ,uic to the, local O.P.R; freight of-  ry of the salmon packing industry !rl(.ja|s by th|} japanesc, Fourth Vice  on P������a?t ooi/ud J.at'a.ca'nnery bnfs j rrc,si(lent, Boswor.th, at Montreal,  attempted to operate without mak- , ,laS |jei,I1 wlred ^^dj,,,, shipping the  ihg contracts for its Chinese lmhor. I it)C^ ^oiitributicu.s across the Paci-  Thc Chinese-that will he employed j fji: fIL,e 0[ c|ia,rgc. Mr. Jlo������worth's  by the Ainsworth & Dunn Company I lL.|l]y is cxjH,ct<;d this afternoon iu,d  will i be hired by the day the same as j,-,, is  thought very probkblc that it  will  be fa\Oi'able,     'Ibis will  make a  the  grain   section  of the   Hoard     of    J.  TapHIa  .  Trade. The icport says that theie  are S'j\en hundred cases, niid, Ihrp-s  out of thirty of the doctors arc ilk  Rijil/way bun Minuses, and ten hospitals   are used for  the accommodation < J. Biol.lc    of patients.  In reply 1o a telegram sent today  there wns reported little improvement. Nurses and doctors will be  sent oil. "t once, and the Ontario  government .will be asked to take action. , :���������   o���������   cted   . by the    School - Hoard   to ex-  lake a similar inspection of  1hu other schools in the city,  report will be forwarded to  School   Mould.  Smoke Rig P������. Cigars  *lll,will dep'end the class of labor to be  Hid   employed by salmon  canneries  in the  the   future.  j    "We estimate that the run will  be  : light this season nnd did not consid-  ! cr that the prospects  warranted us  1 in making a Chinese labor contract''  big. difference in ,the usefulness of the  contributions of foodstuffs,  relieving  the .work of coiiveyiftijg  them  to  the  famine .sufferers of a large tax       in  I  freight rates. ��������� j  It  is reported ��������� that  the American  lines   are  already carrying such shipments free to Japan.  There is still much room,for further contributions  to  the  tolief of   the  any victims of  the  terrible   famine  that is now affecting Japan,  and it  is  hoped'that.other producers       of  food  in this  pre incc will  follow the  example of the B.C.  Packers'   Association,   whose 100 cases  of salmon  will bring relief     to mo>c than    one  Japanese  home    into   which  hollow-  eyed   famine j lias walked and        sat  down. "-"   o   t  III m SCALE  W. E. Morrison    Simon Lciser & Co., Ltd  Blair &  Adam     Lad) smith Ledger    Russell   Simpson    t. ���������   Canadian  Dank  of Commerce'.  W.  A. Cornwall     $50 0U  , 50.00  50.110  25.00  25 (10  ,  1-5.00  10.00  10.00  10.00  .   5.00  10.00  !; 5.00  5; 00  DEBATE ON MASTER  AND SERVANTS ACT  Paker William's Bill  Comes in for a  Lengthy and Warm  Discussion  Order of House Granted for Return r{  ? all Correspondence re,Wharf  Road Crossing  HOUSTON WOULD!  LOGS WILL SOON  SELL FOR $3.0C  "Logs will lie selling in Vancou- I these loggers find their occupation  ver at from $3 to $5. per thousand [gone. They'cannot profitably remain  feet before Lhc next sc en months j in the" woods logging cedar when  arc over, or at all events before the they can sell only a cj.iurter of each  expiration of  the year." (tree they cut.   They would only have  This,  from   the  loggers' point       of   sale for the .butt of the trees as con-  view,   very depressing  prophecy,   wns   dilions, arc under the changed rcgu-  niade today  by "Mr.  W. If.   Hig&ins.a   lations,   mid that would   not ,pay   if  member of the  British Columibia Log   they  had'������to leave the remainder rot  gers'   Association,  sa\ s a Vancouver -.in   the woods.  .exchange.    Mr.   Higigins declares that j    "The result is  that  the men  who  time will bear him out in this state- \ bavc boen^ logging, cedar have       Icjn  nienit.   He is of .the' opinion that next ! forced into the 'fir belt and they will  fall the     mariaei: -will be selling     lor , commence cutting  fit.    I have   taken  .next to-nothing..   For this blue out- i my .camps out .of the cedar and mov-  :   look Mr.   Hifpins places  the  blame ';������! %\\nm down the coast to the fir;  ' at  the  door of the Legislature,   and''ma11^ otbers-havc followed "suit. With  he  very  emphatically   condemns     re.   a'l these men cutting Air there,   can-  cent    legislative enactments relative   \ not hut be an  overproduction        of  to  timber regulations'. . - j log's.   At; present  the  mills are cut-.  "By its .recent action in prevent- . ting to their fulT. capacity and they  ing even' the export of logs cut under 'ai-c receiving all the logs they re-  ���������'hahd-Ici.i.^ers'.':. license the,,government ' q!uir.e. Pile on top of this .nicely, bal-  has killed the Togging industry, anced fir market the o-;erprocluction  which pays in wages twice as much which is',bewndto occur, aiid the pric-  as the mills, and the millmen have es will drop. . Logs now selling at  succeeded 'in bletting the lo-^-ers ''$8 and $9 per thousand, will corn-  where they want'them," 'declared'Mr. meuce to go down in price with the  Higgins. "There will be v.n over pro-   advent    of   permanent fine weather  ATTACKED  BY WILDCAT  Cleveland, March, 8.���������A conference  of the coal operator! of Ohio was  hold here today for the .purpose of  discussing   the  demands^'   of the  miners for an increase tin wages.  About 150 operators . representing  e\cry branch ot the cjoal interests  of  the   state   were     present. The  conference took place behind closed  doors,   and only,, meagre information  On'    the motion  oi Mr. Williams, ten or twenty years ago.,  but he was  I seconded   by   Mr.   Ha|/Uiornthwaite, nnf      ���������_ ,,.���������,,   n���������e+ ,,                    .   ,  .     ���������   ���������    ,    ���������   '"-.  .       m                      ' ,not     as \\ell. posted on   present-day  !it was resolved: ;       ....                                                 '  I    'i-i, <                 i        r  j,                  . conditions.  that     an  order of  the  House  be ������  T   \\������^P  TfO  T^Kll'SW/'i^'untt'<l for a return of all correspon- !    Mr-   HawtWornthwaite  pointed  out  L-A^-C    L\J  J\.iMVJW j deuce     relating    to the Wharf Road that  fhe amendment he had proposed                          ���������    ���������'. crossing'.'E.;<Si N. railway tracks ami wauld    remove all  o^iections  raised  k       | the  lands  of the Wellington  Colliery ])Y  l"e opposition.  Victoria, March 8.���������John   Houston  company's latui at Ladysmith. !    IIon-   F-   Carter-Cotton  said     tht fc  has stirred    up (ho   closing       days''  The house went into committee on fortnightly  payments had  once been  of  the session  by giving.:.,, notice    the-Master and Servant Jet with Mr tricd at the Nanaimo coal mines arl  this  afternoon    for   an' enquiry     m.jStuarl Henderson in the chair.  to-the causes     that led  fo������.-"   ���������������-t' Ml^ ,Patej:so������ Ejected  to  the trill that large mines, and smelters wot.l I  of  thy     five      conservative           mal  an   enquiry     in-��������� ���������  - ��������� abandoned.      lie-    was not satisfied  that led   four,      out, ��������� -..,-������������������.��������� ���������  t   , ��������� ,     .,  .in  toto.    There were  so many class- ,lot' bc   .inconvenienced;   they should  ''[as of work  to   which it could not be ni������ e slowly and not tale  anv ste| ���������?  ���������,                                                                'madeI applicable that  the  exceptions which      would   disorganize industry.  Western     bill    to go bock,   on their.(| WQul(1. ^  morc���������'numerous  than      the Labor  conditions  had  admittedly in-  reported ultimatum    to the   premier, ruIes.    RaiiWayaWork,   contract work ' pw od.    Even the member for  New-  It will be remembered      that   /The:.-' of  every kind,   estimate  work,   none castle admitted this, and it would l a  World  stated     the  other   day that .!ot- these- Vould Repaid  up fortnightly fun&isc   to imperil  a continuance    of  Ave members       on    the  government {-,-; Mr! Hawthornlhiwaite moved     the those prosperous conditions by haras-  side signed     a   round    robiiv',-, declar following  amendment:  T0   add   a new,  ing    that they   would     not   support  section to   the  eftect  that  this      act  the     Columbia     &  Western       grant  shall  only apply-'to men em-ployed tin  of   800,000   acres to  the  C. P.  TV. acoak mines and  smelters and  in  me-  When the  vote, was taken four     out   talliferous   mines'situated  within five  was  given out  when it     broke     up. J of  the  five  of the  signers    voted for /miles of an  incorporated city or mu-  The   only statement     made      public   the  bill.       John Houston wants   to'. n-icipah'ty. ���������'  ... , . ...  ?, . ' ������������������-���������.!-    Mr      Parlor    UMlll'nnvc    Soirl     Mio*    nnn  ���������duction of logs :.ll>'is ,summier,. with  the result that t-he.mark-el will go  all.to pieces in the fall, and I predict that the commoner grades will  \e .svlliiig as low as: $3' per thousand  "How  will  this  he caused?    Well,  it  is a  fact_ that soo'c four hundred  odd    mien   have bicen  employed      in  hand logging in   the cedar belt. They  have: boon marketing the'best of their  cut, about a.quarter  of it, on     this  side of tht'< line, while the-remainder,  which  was of  such  poor grade that  the     local   mills  would  bot  buy  it,  and they. will contiiiiiu to drop until  the  point  is  reached  where the  log-  ' ��������� C- *"  gers will be forced to ^hit work. All  those who hang on too long will go,  broke.".  .These statements of Mr. I-Iiggins  are confirmed by other loggers, and  it is generally declared that the day  of the independent logger is over���������it  is a case of the men who have been  hand-logiging getting in and worl-in-.'  for wages for those mills which op-  ���������crate their own lL-nits, according lo  tinibermen who have  studied   the sil-  was exported to Pugct Sound.   Now  iia-aon.  CJUEER FILIPINO MOTHERS.  The problem  has arisen in the government     of    the Philippine islands  A Vancouver despatch says'. Vivian  R.     Timms, of Burnaby,  is nursing  somewhat severe injuries'as the    result  of a wildcat.    Mr.   Timms spent  Saturday night at  his   father's home  Westminster avenue, and left Sunday  morning.   When two miles from home  he saw     a   wildcat    on t>ho l-Iosliii|S  load. . I-I is  horses also saw the animal,   took fright,   btcanic unmanageable and ran away.   Mr. Timms was  thrown    'from the wagon scat- under  the  Lvheels, one of which  passed over  his   head  and  shoulders.    For a lime  lie     wns     helpless,  but managed to  make his  way painfully and by stages ; to  the house of a'neighbor, , rMr.'  Legor,. who' botiml .up his injuries and  Look him home.1  .'   :...-      ��������� ,.���������o :���������   SESSION TO  BE SHORT  Montreal, March 8.��������� Tn , the House  oik Commons today, Sir. ' Wilfred  Laurier  announced     that  it was  his intention of making the .present  session of parliament a short one.  .Tariff revision would bo postponed  for three or four weeks to come.  to the session it was intended  to call in November. This change  has   been   rendered     necessary bv  accident to Mr. Fieldiug, who has  been confined to his house for thr  past three weeks, and who woulci  not be able to attend to business,  eed here today that Mrs. Robt.  .ShawniK-  Lnnghorne,        sister of  Mrs.- Chas Dana Gibson is engaged to be married to Waldorf  Astor,     son   of Waldorf  Astor of  London,  England.  loss of the Cardiff steamer  Orderici-  an,  off the coast  of  Portugal. That  was that no forma! action was know why.  taken, but that those" present were  unanimous against proposed increase of 5:55 per cent iu min-  era' wages. Several speeches were  made nyainst any itferuase. It  was decided to send a'a delegation  of 100 operators to the district  'convention to be held ". at .Jndian-  apolis on Alarch 10. ; The delegation was instructed 'to oppose  any advance in the present wage  aeale.  THE DRUCE CASE.  I- Mr. Pari er -Williams said that any  '.change, would, invohe some degree of  I trouble, but; in this case the benefits  j to be derived were incalcuahle and    'far  mo-re'than--compensated   for  the  ri'i,       u     i   .;'       ���������     /-.    tt Ak 'extra trouble.  The shareholders in  O.  H.   Druse,   ,    ^^   W .^���������,      ���������    , 4i   .   ,,  T . .   . . ,,       nil ���������''���������������������������'   ������������������ 'Mr- Patersoiti urged that there was  Ltd. have    met recently.   They are ���������   ,,     ���������,        ,    ,    .   .     ,..,..  /     .,    J no ne������l, and tno'demand, for this hfcr-  not a numerous  body-less than      a    is]atioI1;  it wou.d.disorganize trade!  dozen persons    attended  the  meeting   Ifc       .^t   :        fit     few merchant  nand their property is of a decidedly ,   .    ���������     . ,  .  .   .   ..  .-;.     / ,       ,   ^ A, -   ,but',would injure far morc employees  speculative     ohanieler;  hut ttey   are: ���������,,    r������������������,,:li,-,.���������, i *  1 ... ��������� k  Jhe  present  thirtv-dav  system,   was  very    hopeful,   and  it  was  reported^^ardi)d  as-c^  that the -������1 shares are now qkioted ;;,   Mr_; Williams said it  was not'r  Winnipeg,     March     8.���������A    general  strike   in   the   Gait      Coal    '      mines  at  Lotbbri-dge     is   threatened.  pi   t-i   *s.      ?.(i.  and  that  .������1,300; Apt"  capital has  been suuscribe-d.  ea  sing legislation.  Mr. Paterson reminded the    house'  that  the white laborer neglected his  work  hal'itually after payday,    ami  the ofleiiicr the pay, the  oftener the ,  play.       Machinery    had  to lie   idle.  This     was one of the strongest reasons   for  employing  Oriental   ia-bor;  it  was steadier and  more reliable.  Mr. W.  Davidson said that the absence of petitions from working nun.  counted   for   northing.    Only a  week  or two ago petitions signed jy/ thousands of  worHnginien,   in   favor  of the  eigiht-hour bill, for smelters, were received,  h-tit   their reception'was  not  encouraging  to  bring  more petitions  here.   The measure would  benefit the  working men,  and it  was  only       a  small   ins'tallmenf  of. the  long'     fir-"'  rears of overdue legislation ,d"c     <-o  Ihese wor.-.ing men that must be legarded;  shares will he worth exactly ������100 if meI1  (i,a.re riot. put themselves  on re-  i the oOecIs  of  the company are   at- .,  .            ...           ,    ,                ,   ,  \n      .    ,     ������������������             .   ,           '  . cord in     making such demands, but  ultimatum  has   been   presented        to     ^ J fj"   ^ ^o/s'of ��������� T ' ' llW     'am6nS   t,1C   men   &S   hG  did'  the operators  declaring  that     unless  ^n,?"^ (,"e   what -lheir   Med������   ���������  s                         ilMith Duke oi.������ oi Hand, which me be This  n,.2asurc  would- be a boon       to  concessions     are made     this      week, I iif.if.,1  \n  hrin.r  in  ,���������,i   ii.������������s i-hmv *"-������in' .,    ,          .  ,.              n.                       o  ,     ,      ���������n^ca ,0  '\UI,S ������������ v-not  less titan idUU mm     H    h      himselr cxpericn_  a  walk-out   will occur   on    faatarday   a vear    and  Possihlv   the cnuntrv nr, - '     , i      i.             4   .,                  .     '  ������i������i.ai,  .ii.iu, i>usiiui>   Liu, cuuniij prC)- cc,(i handicaps at the, present  system;  The   management   affirms      that   the s per ties-"as well.  .The assertion, of the hchacl   Uvice   in   om.   mollth   lla,a      t0  demands  at the men,'/ if       granted,-!co-nifany is   that Mr.  Thomas   Chan- gjVC  up h,.s   |0i,   in-order to get   5>l0  would necessitate'    the   closing      of es Druce,,who kept the Hakor. Street "i]m him   Mi^y-6thec  men  were     in  the mines.     Until a   few   weeks ago..! Bazaar and  left a fortune of  ������70,000 (,jle  saI!le  position-  when   representatives     of  the      Am-1 was  none  other  than  the  fifth  duke- ' Mr"    Pat.erson  'claimed     to  know  erican    Federation: .   began       work  of Portland.    Mr.  Druce is supposed more  of  the. gen,eral  neerts of  work.  among   the miners       at   LethMridge, j to  IlaVf ^^  m  ISO-I,. and  there was jn? m&t (lllan Vjle mem-bCT [rom  New.  theybelonged  to'no-union; now    all  certainly a funeral  111  that year ma t.asLle   and  hc declared  to the house  of the biK           bmu*<liom]on  cemetery.    It is  the case f0r (:llat   tJlis   modsure  was   uncaltad-tor  ���������the    company that the codin  contain  rescntations made to this house    by   tne working  man.   There  were many  Ll.lll.l-   , . ,  j who A in his proper person as      the  ana   ������-c-|Du!.e  af p.artlarul   Hived   until   1.87'i,  and  would be injurious.    There   was  not     suincient. evidence  Le*ore  them  to  justify   the   proposed   logisliation.  Mr. Williams thought that the mem  hor  for  the  islands' may   h.aae known  a i;ik)d   ileal   about   labor   conditions  ���������;TWINS MUZZLE A^COURT.  Denver,  March !).���������Joseph W.  Max-  disaster was  due to  the  inability  of  well, attorney for the Herbert Sheer  which is somewhat perplexing to the er estate, is about to  file a p.izzling  American    officials  in   charge   there,   petition  in    -County^ Judge McCall's  the helmsman and the lookout to  understand English. "Roughly sprak.  ing,"   the ' manager .continued,  "one-  It relates to the question of couvinc-'court.     Sheerer, upon being Lwld    he  third of the men uifioat under the red  ing the Filipino or Malay mother |was fatally ill, made provision for a  that her children, up to a certain child hc expected to 'jc born. Sheet-  age, belong to her home. The Filipi-.er died, and instead of one child  no child of. the wiids is scarcely able there wiere twins  to toddle before it is given to under-j  stand, that its home is wherever ��������� it 'a-boy.asboi.ld have two-thirds of the.  may     happen   Lo  be   when  nightfall   .estate, and the widow one-third;  if a  '* The  will  provided that  the child, if  ensign arc foreigners. The British  merchant Jack divides these .into two,  nrceds; (he man who says 'yaw' for  'yes' he calls a Dutchman; the,man  who voluntarily clutches his sheath-  l-riife when growled at, he calls a  'Dago.'  are.i^puibei's  States   bodv  and  trouble    ensued   im  .. + ,������������������������������������.,-���������     , 1 ' ��������� ���������  ���������     ���������    ;ed-not- the body of Mr. T. C. Druce,  mediately.     They demand  a mm- - v"'  imum   wage     of  SI?   a day  cognition   of   the   union,      and        ^.bufa^,midv;'' Up''to' the present all  eight hour day,     nlso the right     to   ,e���������aI i,ffoci,s;.to..got permission  to op-  employ   check-weighe/s    to        insure erj. thfi sraVe a!ui so settle  the. croes-  the  correct      weight      to    opcrativ-   tioil. liave  ,-aii(,(i     TIlfi  t.ompany       is  es.     The    Management     has       ew-' acting on behalf.of (1. 'Ii. Druce, heir  sen ted   to a   conference,   but      holds  of  "Mr. Druce,"  who they seek      tG  out  no     hope  of concessions. prove -.was  the (hike.   The proceedings  Lethbridge.     March   8.���������(Midnight)   at   the meeting  were formal   and  un-  Miners  employed  in   the   Gait    Coal  animous.  Mines   at     a   nuvking  decided to, "     ~       ��������������� ((.  strike   at once, as  tho Company bad   CARRIED  IN  SPITE  not   concecded   their  demaiuls.   which', 0F  TAV.O   SHERIFFS  include   minimum      wage      oT S3;    per  day,     eight, hour  clay under-. , Walla  Walla,   March   9.���������In  spite o'"  ground,     anil  recognition   of the 1111-   the     efforts  of the sheriffs of Walla  ion.     men  now  being afiiitiatcd with   Wallat and   Umatilla counties   to pre- ' nobody, is  quite  certain   why        they  Federation of Mine     Workers of Am-   vent,   Clifford  Le Grande and    Mary   \ took   fishing  roils   with   them   for  as  whose   delegate       has       been  JVicCabc-,    of      Pendleton,     came      to' an enthusiast who  could  not get   a-  them     for    some time. There   Walla   Walla   and   wore   married.  (Yectcd. Miss  Mclabe  is   but   1G  years      of   sou  is  not in yet."  age,  and   when  she was  missod  this   I    Tonight, their  friends will bo  morning     at   Pendleton her  parents    lowed  to plr-j   their  games o,[ poker  sent word  to Walla, Walla to .    ho-v-e ! in peace.   They  will not be called up  her awl be Grande arrested.    Before   ! on  to   look  as though   they   believed  instances where men had lost their  wages altogether through the absence of such protection as ' this at fc  afforded.  Mr.   J.'.A.  Macdonald objected     to  the i������111 on the ground that it put at  uid to monthly wages and  contract?.  He also objected to. the penal ciaus.;  as   reactionary.    Imprisonment     for  debt had long ago been*abolishcd. to  the great  advantage of society.    On  the other hand, he   was heartily  in  favor     of the     principle  of the bill  which shortened up  the periods       of  payment.   In   the Fernie coal   fields  men are forced to wail by the Crov.s  Xest Coal Company for their wag. s  even after they are  discharged.  Tins  was illegal,  and the men   ought     to  know it.   The present bill would   re-  mo- e any difficulty on that score.  Mr. Paterson moved  that the coin-  mi Dee do now rise.  erica,  among  are about   "i()0   pvii  Men   Lose   Strike.  Tolonto.-'March   S.���������After a strug-  THREE FISHERS AND  THEIR FRIENDS  When .noted  characters  leave      the   years     ago, an eighteen-pound trout  city  there is always a crowd to  sec   was landed with  a bent   pin   tied  on  .','" ���������'���������..,       /.-       r,i   1       1,       ! to apiece of a loan  handkerchief,and  them oil at the station.  Today  three. \  baited   with a morsel of tobacco,    or  left.   Nobody knows their destination   that at the 'mouth, of -such-and-such-  a.rivCr": sc'voral   j'-'uis  ago  a.P'ilnieii  ���������a  bcarliful,      s:l\e>- surma salmon,,  was taken   , with a jet  black beetle.  way   from  home  o-bsetve.l,  "the sea-   Perhaps  it is on  this account���������for   ifc  is hard  to look what  me   doc*     n< fc  tl-    feel���������that  the trio wcic ghen such a  rousing S'.nd-oiT-  But they took fishing rods,      ami  who knows what the stories will bo  !���������  cle   lastirif since     Mav.   1905,      the ,  '        ,         . '                 ,    ���������,i   the    sheriff  could   locate  them   they   1 that,   in such-aii.i-such-a-creek,  just, fi .when  thev tret hack"'  machinists   nnd   engineers     employed   u _ .   _^_ ,      ..         .    '    f '   J '"l"   "'���������'   bt,L  'KlL'"-  in   Canada     Foundry   Company   lim-  Mr>n  comes.  Its parents do not discare it,   girl,  the child to have one-third  and.)    "The first group includes  Germans  but  thev  do  make..if, plain  that the    the  widow   two-thirds.    What  share  j Finns and Scandinavians;  the second,  'Spaniards,   Greek's,   Portuguese  ited,   have    declared    il    ended  go    back   on   the   old   terms.  romiwiiv  bavins-  refused  to   errant  conference     villi   rr>prn������pntntivr������s  the   union,  who  bad   <--n rer-%ir>nterl  tlv  'of  had procured a license and were wedded by a local preacher. Officers are  now leo'Ang for a man nanit-d Louis  Pickett, who nia It afliila-v.it that Miss  McCabe was of legal age.  VESSELS OVERDUE.  0     vessels,   loaded   with   coal,  ENORMOUS DEVIL  FISH CAPTURED ALIVE  the  tnd  more  it   roams   the  better  they   will ; will   the  twins,   one ahoy .an  be satisfied.   Western civilizatign d0es other, a girl, have is the question At-j Italians.    All   these   nationulttw are  Ibis  as right--   it holds   j torney Maxwell   wants  to ask  Judge   legion   in   British  forecastles,  and   if  M'cCall.  FOREIGN  CREWS A MEN-  you ask me, ns a ship-owner, -why  we lake fbe.tn in preference to Englishmen,   it:   is   because   they       are  ACE TO SHIPPING.   I cheaper in wages and food."    '  "I    should    not be surprised       if   |    "Are .they .efficient as Ijeckliands 0n  Lloyd's underwriters Raised the rates   steamships-?"  on vessels not. manned by Dritish "Yes; but as .snilormc-n, most, as-  suhjects. or at all events by sailois Kuredly no. If I were shipping a  incapable of understanding and speak- , crew   for  a sailing  ship   they  should  On  the wharf  of the B.C. General  t  CHARGED WITH  r������r*WT? T>I"R AfV  ^stlc,   Austm-li'a,   and' their   failure. |ma"   slrcct  "^."c seen this mor  CUiNKJ^lKA^Y   to ,n  ftn ance.Is caugi      !i������B the H>dy of one  of tJioSe ���������trM.,-  are  making long pass/.^s  from   Nc'w Contract     Co..  at the foot of Den-  " man   street  might be seen this morn  s.m    soanc'ansieC in'!' he in^v^e world"' , m������'nstfs ������f ihc draP' ^10 oct������'l,us. fa  savs   the  San  Francisco  Call.   "The   l������1,llarl>-     k'I,OTn  aS    the devil   fish.  This specimen, t-he arms of which ex-  ,   ,    .     Q1,    ...      the  Druntcrai^,  hope   for   which    ,mlc(I   whwi   i(' was a,iVe  f'"������y ^S1"-  atvd   were  remanded    in    !jlO-   ^   ^   I)rilcU<,.ll]v   ail,UI|l,imoiI .    is  000  bail   each      on   charges    of   con-   ,)Au,   Mi|j    ,,i���������,,v1 ,._,���������.;���������. ^        h.Qm   Ul(.  London,   March    S,���������ITarry  uel     Simmons  and  Frank      Everhart  .   . . British   .ship.   Drummuir,   sister   ship  two   Amerii'uns,      were   arrested here   . ,, ... ..!  today  ,������.-l     ..,.,.1. .hi     ..lini'cr.K       (if      f-rwl- .     .  now   out    a^ie'iity-iiiiH  AiiNtraliiin   port.    With  anv  other ear  of   money     by   fraud.     The prisoners   R() Ulcn ^m[d ^ no 0CL,^km  fo]. lhB  who were described  as    stock brokeas  underwriters   to   worry,   but   as coal,  and  shareholders.     are  alleged      t0   ,tft,(������r a certain  length of time  in the'  feet  across,   was  captured acav Brocl  its .arms waving about. He thrust a A?  pikepole toward it, which f it at once.���������'y-  grasped. At t-he same time the aid- :\  m-al through out another tentacle, a  grasping a rock weic-mug some 20 a, >;���������;  pounds. Still clutching the rock, it  was brought to the surface and towed  to the dock, where it lived for a   '  ton Point.    Mr. Ed. SLurtevant, pile-   considerable time.    It  is  a dirty  red  driver iVreiiiian cor the. company, saw   in color.���������Province.  Ji.ot  regard  thai: up to a cor lain age the child  should be almost wholly under the  influence of the parents and the  school, and should come into its majority having some knowledge of the  Jaw and much, of its obligations to  others.  Filipino      parents    of    the jungles  have rcsentod   this view  tn a considi ,  arable extent,, and  hold  that  if  they   ,    . ..  Aent    their    children  at home'.they   \ -nwi'de  by" the manager  of an  import- . Tor a tramp  ship it, should  be  made    tiQeates   in connertion    with   ^   AI-   oping  spontaneous   combustion,    the    SQmc  m0numeo.t  erected  to his mem-  fortunates have discarded  ;  line in       the  I compulsory by legislation  that they  of them. 'course of an interview coiiceruiing (lie , understand English." and  Manitoba  Mining   Companies.     j at 1(1 per ceulk 'clown's slogan,  "Here we are again") thirst.  .Joe Grimaldi,  the clown, who died      The  dead  bodies   of prospectors  are  in  1837;  and  whose grave is  in  Pen-   found day after day in Death Valley,.!';  ing  English."     This  remark       was   j be-all Britishers, hut in signing them    have  issued    lorgod   shares   and  cer-  holll of   a shiPi hllS a l.abit of ��������� deveI- ! tonvi,)C)   Londonf   is to  have   a hand-  Southern California.    Always the un-      -'���������-'"���������'       ������������������--"- i������������n    with Al-   oping  spontaneous   combustion,    the    so,me  m0nument  erected  to his mem-  fortunates have discarded     all their  would virtually  be making, prisoners   jamt    London  shipping  line in       the  j compulsory by legislation  that they     aska.  Oklohuma,     Cripple Creek., Drummuir  im ������,uoted  lor reinsurance   oTy    He'waa the originator of     ths   clothing in the agonies of heat     and  ::!  ���������HB DAILY LEDGER  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every  day except Sinday.  BY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������0 oeuts  a month,    J5  per  year   In  advance.     Advertising rates on application.  FRIDAY,    MARCH   9,  1006  YOUR   HELP  IS NEED AD.  '- DAVID SPENCER^--^ a.  (Naoaimo) Ltd  Always Leading!  As before    staled,  we will   puhlish"  daily from     this' time   until '���������further'  nolice (he recreation ground suLiscrip  tion  lis!     The   name, of every  person  coiiliibutin.tr  to   this  fund  will      be  placed on  the  list together  with the  amount  of his donation as soon     as  the  hitler   is   promised  or  is. in the  hands ()f the  treasurer." If the ground  is (o    be  irol   into shape  for  sports  1 liis   summer the' committee       must  have a    substantial sum of money at  Uieir     disposal. ..To clear and  fence  (he ground  alone, will   necessitate   a  large expenditure  and  'this   is     not  the onlv   work   that should  be done.  What the   people  o(f Ladysmitu,want  is  a 'ccre-ation ground  that will he a  credit to  the city; a place where ladies and children'can .spend ,aii afternoon  in  tlie summer, pleasantly;^    a  ground  with seats,   and  shady   trees,  ami pleasant walks. Also iu'gjood field  for  Rugby  and   association  foo,tj!:MI,  hockey     atwl    lacrosse.    In short,    a  jiark.    A   recreation  ground  oi  'this  kind  inieans  money,and   time.     That  the former   will   be forthcoming   we  have little  dotfbt.   The   people   have  had many calls on their  pockets during the last     few    months; subscriptions  have  been   taken  up for    "sick  people,      tickets   have   been  soildicr  benefit concerts,   etc.,  but never has  agoodi   cause gone without support  We  hope the Ladysmith  people will  act  witli   their  characteristic iiil/ral-'  ty   in    this  case.  'Some very handsome subscriptions have already Iheen  made, but the     coni'initlee want not  the     support of a few business men  only, but      tlie support of the entire  eonini'unity.      By  Monday the col lee-  'tors  will   ue in   the.miiies,  and   when  each   person   working  is  asked ifdr   a  donation,  let him   .remember that tin  money will  be well used, not wastei  and   that      he  (and if he is .married  his  wife_ and lamily) will derive much  plcasiue from the recreatiqin (grounds',  and gi\e as much     as he can afford.  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Winnipeg, May 8.���������At the annua  mooting of the Grand Lodge i  0.O���������F., A. H. Doyle was /clectt''  Grand Master, E. Wiswell o  itriinrlon. Deputy Grand'Master, 1.  11.      Deering,   Grand . Secretary.  March   8.���������Premier  Fallicts'  to   induce one    or the   other  af the  .several   statesmen   with whom  he  conferred     today,    to     undertake.  not yet born result. II, is under-  tha task   of forming a cabinet ) here  -doocl    ��������� that.   At.    .Poineuire1   will    be  /ailed/ to     the   -, Elysee ������������������  tomorrow,  and   the  indications .that' a    .cabinet  ��������� nder bis leadership 'wilk be aeeupta-  ���������i-Je a to the advanced Republican  .���������roups.    aA   strong' '.reaction' has   set  n, in favor oikMk Tiouvier. If has  .���������low       become       quite     evident, that  Franco-will not waive A in her  oliey in, the conference .'at Alg'tv'  ras.      AT..      Roiivier      appears t.i  liink   a  Franco-Gei-nian '  agreement  s  in   sight.      He   said   today: "Like  'tiles    'Ferry,  my  success will '       be  ���������ealized     after I   am defeated."  ALWAYS  ,   KEEPS       CHAMBERLAIN'S REMEDY   IN HiS HOUSE  ..o uo.iii i.ui be win.out >. lij.ni-  bcrlain's Cough, Remedy. It is kiept  on hand continually in our home,"  says W. W7.:Kearney, editor of the In  dependent, Lowry City, Mo. That  is just what every family should do.  When- kept at hand ready for instant  use, a cold may be checked ,at the  outset and cuied in much less time  than after it lias become settled in  tho    system. This  remedy is  also  without a peer for croup in childien,  and will prevent the attack when giv  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or even after the croupy  roii������h appears, which can he done only when the remedy is kept at hand.  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Sault   Ste. -Marie,    March   S.���������Rai  Anil,   of'Lake   Superior ��������� consolidated  Company yesterday  turned     out  80,  Ions   of  rails,   surpassing    all re  cords   in   Canada   .      The   rails      an  for   the   C.F.R.  four  Al-  FROM  ALBERTA.  Ottawa, March '7���������Two of  acancios in the senate for  ���������ertn. and Saskatchewan were Ail 1-  d today by appointment of T'eicr  /iilbot. ALP., for Sfrat.cbona and  ir.     Douglas,      ex-M.P.  for ensi.  Vssiniboa. Ttoborl. dalTrey, Tor- .  into, president of the Globe Co.,  .-as'appointed for Ontario vacancy-  'nrliament will meet tomorrow and  fter bearing the sjjeech from the  hrone   will   adjourn      until Alon-  lay.       Will      be  no   reference in  he  speech   to  tariff   revision.  IT DEFIES  GOMPETIOi\  Hi  /���������  York   County     J^oan.  Toronto, March 8.���������The ease of  iosepb Phillipps, of the York County  .oan   Assbciat ion. 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BOOTH, Prop       jj  MrammfflsraiBiBflm^ mwmm  ���������__!*-? T. * -^ZT Vc-' .r-  "-^{r^r-^*"*-"'^" **jft.-JT'-iJg-frnJgT.jhggJW.yao^trjr^iift-iffa&SSi!BH  BRITAIN  FLARS NO  War Secretary Haldane  Says  Her  Can Defend the Isles Against  anyJBnemy  London,     March,    8.���������Introducing  ,    the     Army estimates' amounting    to  nearly    .?150!000,OQQ   in the ���������-.House  of  Commons .this afternoon,        'War  ���������;' secretary, ;  Haldane     announced     at  the     outset     that   the.   Liberals  did  not    desire     to destroy the       army  but    required     greater efliciericy     at  less expenditure.     The a     government  .,., accepted     what he     dominated      as  the "blue... water" principle,     namiil;  that  the��������� navy    at  its present siren'  igth   Was  aible   to   defend   Orent   Br'k  tain     from a invasion      aw!    ���������thong':',  this, strong     navy   was   la        cost I-.  '    ���������    s,      I)     '.' ' . ���������     '.        ���������    l   : i.      .  thing,      it   was   very   useful     as      "it  ��������� made  it   possible ,''to' cutoff    murk  of  what  otherwise  would   be nee  A ossary   army  expenditure.'- In      pur  sunneo,      of   this  principle     of       d<  portdencfl on   the navy, it    had    beei  decided   that, the  ammunition   store-  constructed     for tho defense of ���������"Lou  don were unnecessary     and. would lu  immediately   rooted     up,     some iiO''  .guns  mounted   for  defence    purpose"  at  various   points     along  the   cons-  would  ho swept   away,   the     troops-  at      Wei   Hai   Wei.   (China)       won!-  'lie   withdrawn,   nnd  soma       cobuifu'  garrisons   would be reduced  These    changes     did   not     involve  an enormous      sum,   but marked the  We-ginning-  of  economy.     The   Uritis!  army  which   was   required     for   ������w'.'  sea purposes      must be      of       high  quality,     which   was   not     obtninahl  through conscription nnd    should   b-  strictly   limited   in   dimensions.    Th<  si^e  of   the  armour   depended    chiefly   on   policy     and Mr.   Haldane wisl  t'd   the      nations   would   consider to  gether   whether     a   reduction     coub"  not   he   made     in  the  armament  Inn  <len      which was pressing   on  civilized     nation-     Continuing  war minister said   ho thought  the  North   West   frontier  of  was  no   longer     endangered.  later  he  pointed out  that  Britain      was  not  alone   in.  iii������".     enormous  sum's    on.her army,.  He   insta-nced Germany and   Fruuec.  THE"'DAILY LEDGER  opponents.     In, the   judgement of  the. spectators, Lbe kicking ,tbe loser-* '  did,  evened   iip  the winning        score..'  Another   challenge       is   out   by   thy''  gallant Sons,     'but  the  Eagles    say.'  go . and   get   a   reputation.      Do    our  substitutes    on   whom    we will place  our   good   coin���������and   then   co'me       to  us. ���������������������������''."���������'���������'.     ka  ', a  t,  down  Groai  spend-  ever.v  tin  thut  lllllil  and  Explaining  the    increase   of tin  :>58,719,OOG\     in the ,   cost of       tin  army  at present'    compared wit!  1896; the  war secretary   said       th.  ���������ersonholl   was  150,175    while     now  'it   was   204,100. '���������'-, In \ 1S9G     a    sol;'  i'lier   cost    $315     but     how th  :6st  was  $405;     The  average     cos'  of  ah officers    now was   $2,41!i),.- eon  Aarcd   with     !?2,'250 in   189(1   He  a,  :o explained     the  incrouses    in     th-  cost      of the   army,reserve, .military  yeomanry   and volunteers,     Jn Soiifk  | Yfric'a   alone,   he .pointed    out      th  ���������lumber      of troops    had  been       in  ���������ceased     by - 1,300     and   each   sol ,  'tor  there      coet     $750,per      year  Ireat      Britain,     said the  war ink  ���������story :  never  was able,    to      reddr  .nei-, striking  force    without pro  Iding some powers of oxphnsioi  oehinil it at home, lie suggestei.  .is a possible device a s^mcui  ���������A dividing the period of trailing  .nto two parts, one preliminar;-  knd    elastic,   giving  men   the ok  .iients of military,, training, and tin  idher reserved far the period fol  lowing the outbreak of hostilities  I'hich would bo devoted to mos.  aveve   traiiiing. But   all     t minim  mist be voluntary. Anyijiing lik>  conscription would, defeat its moils and the training should h<  decentralized and the work of th.  niilitur.v and local government o.  .lie  people   Iti-oiiiselves.     Than m,  government   would go  to   war unless  the  people  supported   them.  The secretary announced that. 1>.\  Uarch ' 31 at, two army corps si  'lome will have, beon completely re  irmed, I ho infantry receiving tin  abort rifle, which experts have de  ���������lared   to   be the   best   weapon.  Rome,'March 9.���������Tli  ->f   Corsiiio,     formerly  .je'rni   was   killed  jye'i-turniny   . ol   an  automobile  ..���������inch   she   was .riding      with'  Marchioness  .Princess', liar-  tonight     by      the  in  her  OF INTEREST TO  LOVERS OF SPORT  itisband,   who   is     King  Victor ,'Hm-  .lanuet'.s      master   of   horse.  ,'A   .The  .iiarchibricss     wbu  was  '   02       years  ,dd,   was   driving      the     automobile,  ier  husband     aged  09 .years , "Sitting  .os-ide  her.     While crossing   a bridge  u  tho 'suburbs,   seeing  : a cart,     np-  .roacliing   the,   Marchioness   rssnyed  o ,,   turn .out'  and  give 'five cart safe  oad.way,    but   ri\n   the      auluinobile  ���������ito   the������������������'" parapet. .   of   the        bridge  ���������i-it.h: such     violence  flint   the    Apar-  i;)ot   gave   awny.     and   the  aufonio-  ile was     thrown  in the diti-li   fifteen  .-t;t   -.-. b'eloiv, '      turning'    completely  r.cr  as   it  llew.    ,The  Maripiis    and  I'ui.l'fcur  escaped     wilhmit   u sera I eh,  nil.   I he Marchionoss was crushed   to  .���������nth.      Tht!   news   of      the   accident  .as     telegraphed     to     Rome    where'  i   came  to   the    on is     or     ,     Queen j  felenn.      Her  Majesty      immediately  irdere-d   her, own   automobile and  listened to the scene of (he trng-  dy, where she found the .Marquis  iboost crazed with grief beside  he, corpse of his wife. The Queen  ook the JVIarcpiis and the dead  md.v of the Marchioness into her  ��������� wn automobile, anil carried them  o the Quirio.al where thoy still  ���������main. 0 It is supposed that the  nernl     of  the  Marchioness will  alee place   from' the  Palace.  About  $40.00   was  raised that  will be turned ovtu-k to the ..hospital committee,' and t.hosek Who  played. i ha gn me a re entitled to the  cordial 'thanks of the communityi'0r  the hitndsiun'e contribution to ��������� the  good  cause,  The way Frank Kobinson, sat  and  rolled     over. ��������� stood      on       his  head  and  yelled.      He evidently  had  the   making" of  a   football        playei  in  him     30  or 40  years   ago.  Take the   Pipers     out     of,  the  George team ���������   and there   would  not   so much whistling done.  *-r-4-i-4"i-^������r-*-l���������-W-i-i-r ^"'.'-r-i^ -2���������������"-2������> -I���������*���������2���������������������������J���������������������������*-������I-^-2���������*-l���������������������������1 -  St.  be  t  T  J.  4  4  f  FOOTBALL NOTES  ��������� "From the I braid)  ��������� Jim  McKiunell,  it   is sais     was , a  star playei-,    years    ago,'      at    present   he' ��������� would  make;    a   bettor fifth  hand  in   a ��������� whist   game.  Albert   llilberik   made   the ,'s'iar  run, of   tii-e  game,   he     ran, clear-  down to the Son's goal, then like  a frighfcn'Od colt tiirne-d around  inn Mack home,'foil down and gave  the balk to the enemy. ���������  r 'There is moin.-y to say that the  route  boy's."-,,     aroiuid   the local  newspapers .offices,. can , do up  a team picked from .the Sons and  Eagles, they arc a big lot of  blulTci-s, who can't play the game,  the whole thirty work ing at the  game for two hours and only  made   lour  goals  altogether.  , A������d now like the .' North American . Indian,, and his -.scalp-trophies,  " tlw Eagles will hang up tin:  football used today in their act ie,  look at it and gloat over- th.-ir  enemies', downfall, there are more  days   to    come.  AFFLICTED   WITH  'RHEUMATISM  "I was and : am yet articled with  rheum at i������tn," says Mr! .J. C.-'Bayne,  'editor.' of- the Herald, Addington, Indian Territory,'"but thanl s to (htm  herlaiii's ' Pain Balui am able onee  inore toAittend to business. It is the  befet of linaiiients."- If troui.k'.l  with rheuinatisni giw; Pain Balm ;i  trial and you are certain to be nio-e  than pleased with the'prbnipl- leiicf  which it ali'ords. , (kin--'application relieves the pain: J-kir sale byLady-j  sniith  Pharmacy. .  t  i  t  NANA1MO    B. C.  flanufacturers of the  ST  &������J'   %OKB  CL)   II  Lsger   Steer  In  and Porter  British ���������ofurt:bia  Guaranteed   Brew  ed from the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  V +^'i-+.l.4'++'l^+4>+4~l.-'?.l..i,.l.<^s  ���������'���������*��������������������������� ^-i  LAC-.'SMITH TRANSFER STAB  i-U.  PIANOS,  ORCtANS     ANDI-KJUSEUOLD     x-OKNITUR'  ED  PROMPTLY  A   ND  SAFELY.  MOV  Stables in the rear oi the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave, orders at   tl-  *-���������-*��������� *���������-������-������ 4-^ + 4-+.4.^..r+-> >,������4������.k|.4.4  A. J. WrtSKET, PROP  TIIE GUN���������  Walla     Wiilla,  March  ������.���������Another  big rabbit drivc at Rlalock island is  announced  rry Dr.  N.> G.   Blaiock to  take place Saturday, March  10. ' The  doctor has provided     for the attendance of at least 2(>0 sportsmen who  will be conveyed  to and from      the  island in special  tourist .'/sleeping cars  which have been secured for     as i.ur  pose.     The sportsmen  will arrive at  Coyote,.station, opposite the uland,  Friday night, where. the sleepars will  t������e; switched ami the men can sleep tin  til  the arrival of the boat to     tave  them to  the island  Sat-.irdav   n.oui  ing. Ten cars will be left on      tlie  sidetrack  for  the" aecontmodatiou   of  the men during the hunt.  The sleepers haive been secured at a  cost 'of $25 tier day from the     time  they  leave Portland,  which Dr.  Blaiock estimates will make the i-ate'i-r  50 men from Walla Will la alUo.ut $.l.f*0  each. It     has beeii arranged to have  cars      leave  Spokane,   Walla  Wailu,  Pendleton,.   Tacoma,  Portland     and  Seattle and arrive at the island during tonight ami eaily tomorrow morning, k  ���������Willi  250      men  D.r.   Blalock says  that a complete sweep of the island  ���������can be made,  the men in! the widest  part  of .the  island  not  exceeding 30  feet apart,  and  thus  they can  traverse   its- entire length,   a distance   of  six     miles,    in  a manner, that  will  make it practically  impossible for a  rabbit to escape.  At the drive on Febfttiary !) there  was not a suHicieiit number to fui'm  a complete line across the island and  the rabibils escaped in large numbers  and I he foreman of the. island says  they are now even more plentiful in  places,- than  before the last drive.  Military rules will be observed in  the formation of the line, which will  he fully, explained to each hunter, and  thus all danger will he averted. A  large number have already signified  their intention of taking in the hunt  and have 'made, application for ijerths  Persons at Spokane and .-intermediate  points will make, their own arrangements with the railroad company  lor sleepers. :' .  of    227. 279 and 278  MORRTS  TUBE  SHOOT.  Nanaimo, March f).���������  Tli������ prize shoot for boys com  nieuced -^tonight, the different contestants being handicapped, according to their age. Great interest is  being shown iu this indoor amusement a-s will.be shown . by the largo  num-ber ��������� of participants'" in lasi.  night's meet. -The, following ivc'a-  th������������������  scores:  \V.   J.  Mo Allan���������33.  W:  Watidington--32. i  R.   Ada im���������32 k '  L.   Booth���������31.  E.   Jones���������31.  Q.  Graham���������31.  J. McNeil���������30. '  Jf. R.'McK.inzie���������29.  Dr.  0'Brain--29. I  J. M. Mckenzie���������29.  R:  MarteII-25k: '_"���������'.".  J.   Watson���������25.  A.   Escott���������22.  L.   Hill���������22.        kJ  a. ,Gough���������1.7.  0.   F.   Brvant��������� .15..  WORLD'S RECORD BROKEN.  Chicago, March, 7.���������Three world's  records were broken in one series  of games in the Chicago Bowling  League     tonight.  The   Howards     rolled   1,207  ainst       West   Chicago,     the  1,200  total  on     record     for a  man  team,     and   with    1.085  1.080   in   their   own      two games,  .averaging      1,214,     the     first   time  that      1,100      has  been   marie       for  ���������Hi roe ganies.  The other new record Wns the av-  .erage of 201 1-3 registered by  '.Ray     Stoike,     who     had scores  Sine Swanson     has   gone ' to  Har  rison    hot      Springs     for  a :  week's visit,      and   while there  go   into   active   training     for  ���������.-omiiig  match   with  Mntsada.  two  Willi  hit  bo  The return wrestling match  ttviKin Sine Swanson and Muisudn  will take place iii Vancouver on Tues  day. March, 27th for  of  $500.  a   si do  bet  ug-  llrst  ti\re  and  Hcgawling yesterday's Rugby lintich  iu .N'an'aimo The. Herald says:  T'was a calm, clear morning and  all nature smiled. Two- Eagles stood  on a prominent street curner. in the  beautiful  City of Nanaimo  "Oh, Albert," said one, -'this beau  t,iful morning, the pure air, and the  realization that this is the day of  our triumph. am almost two full  for  utterance."'  "Y������S," <j-.i.-I nis companion. '��������� i  noticid yui. woi'ii pretty full when  1 first met you this morning, but  if yon can stand another, come  on."  An i the pair disappeared around  the \ondome corner. Several St.  Gem-go men came strolling down  in front of the avenue, at a street  corner   dropped     a   little   sparrow.  "Ah Chawtes," said one to his  friend, "this weminds me of borne.  and my ehcrjiie. ^jy Gowge. can you  let me have a couple of .bobs mil il  the mail   gets   in."  The loan was passed and time  went on, the'hour for the great.  football  match  was  on.     Entluuias-,  ic     crowds gathered in  the field and  heered     themselves hoarse  as       the  eturnns of   St.    George,  head'od     by  ohnuie  Olds and -the Piper ^family,  narched   on   the    field,  hm\       glared  lefiancc  down   upon   their     hated riv  ils,   who  were  slowly  gathering     on  he     Held.       Among  the      flock        of  agios gathered  together,   were    four  .irds   who   do   not   roost.     on   'Nuna-  nio   perches.     They   pay       Alegiaiiei!  ���������i  Ladysmith.  whGi-e the Eagles   are  jf  stalwarth  growth     and      always  eady  for  a   tight. '  ���������By my bnlidome," growled a  .lalwnrt son, "those hulking brutes  diall be returned from whence the.\  ame. out upon them for intruders  ���������tnd interlopers. Ilu Eagles," lu-  -.limited, "send out the four var-  "ets   from'your   ranks   that claim  aleginiice to our rivals down  'he line. We will non? of "them."  "Not on your life spate the leader of.  the Eagles, .'"('bey belong to our  ���������'amily,. they roost on the same  ���������x; re lies, -always drink Nnnninio beer  tnd take a bath twice a'year.. They  day, see."  ' The argument waxed fast. and  furious and the situation wasst.rajn  ed,"i  but. eventually    a truce was  struck   and   the   tournament was  begun..  At   this  late  hour     to    give a  complete description of the game  would be too much. It 'would dn  more, but as the writer '.expects  to make, his-home here, and does  not like the idea ".of committees,  robed in sheets aud white caps,  calling on him in in early 'morning  hours; the. game will not be describ  ed. The verdict that-will go down  in history is that the Royal, liirds  won l:4y a drop kick (hat, registered  four, and (be SoYis of St. George,  came within four of scoring a as!  many- points,     as   did   their   doughty.'  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  LEDGE  fiHtt-W ���������      "  1st Avenue  SYNOPSIS OP CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING   REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may  be  purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20  for  anthracite.   Not more  Ihan  320 acres can  he acquired by one individual or company.    Royalty .... the  rate    or ten cents per ton  of 2,00'j  pounds,    shall      be  collected  on   the  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment/ in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company, according  to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral iu place, may locate a claim  1,500 x 1,500 feet. The fee for recording a claim is  $5.00  Ai least $100 must be expended on  the claim each  year or paid   to  th/  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has  been  expended  or   paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having  a survey  made, and upon complying with oth  er requirements,  purchase the land ai  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yea:ly.  A free miner may obtain two leas  es to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Min  ister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one sea.son from tin  date of the lease for each five mile.s  Rental, $10 per annum for each milt  of river leased. Royalty at the ratr  of 2J per cent collected on the out  put after it exceeds $10,000.  W.  W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of   the   In  ���������rlnr  liters1 DrHiiiig Machines,  ^iade to order and Repaired at short    notice.    Drill  Sharpened  by  ways gives satisfaction.. Picks haud! ed and repaired*  Sliipsmitl'iiog    iii    aJ1     its   branches.  i  Hor.seshoers(and General Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT  BuJler Street   -      -.  -      -  Ladysmith, r C  *      LIVERY, BOARDING AND  I SALES STABLES  * EXPRESS  WORK   A   SPECIALTY. >  h   DAVID JOHNSON  ���������pliONE 66 LADYSMIT     r  W.  SILER  0EINEKAL LXPRESS ANT)  DELIVEEY  WORK PROMPTLY  Pf>- ''  Leave orders at the Abbotsfovd.  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  i  WooJand 8ark for Sils  SEE  J.   KEMP.   OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  ITRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  NOTICE  LADYSJIITH   WATER WORKS  |BB������BHBBE������SraSEKfiai^.W������rai!������^  _- ft'   .���������.    O.  J.PIERGY&00.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     P-ates,  between the 10th    and  the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.33  1.1 BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  jffMtea&imffi5SEmg%agaas^  ii  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to  'he   tact that th������  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  iiifiw i��������� i i������������iwiw  VICTORIA, B. C  NOTICE  From      this  datt  the   undersigned  will   not   be responsible  for  any in  debtedness     incurred  except on      >  {.written, order signed by the secretarv  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I? EXPLORATION  & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Llahil.'ty.  Victoria. R.  C.  Mav  ISth. 1901.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PROFllM  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lo v  est possible, prices.  Leave orders at Christie'*, oi tk*  EsplaRAdi.  \  i  pi  i  B  rl  Ogilvie Flour Hilis  Co,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,     have for some *im������  past been producing flour in a   Tast-ly   improved  and  p������rif!  '  form  by  the aid of ELECTRSCITY  and  having secured control  oi    all the basic patents relating; there  to, take, this opportunity of a dvising  the  public   that  any  orlzed users of the electrical   flour  purifyinj processes   will  ae pro-  ������ecnt������l.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company limited  are tTtxe    only    milisrs :ia Caaada   wbioso  Flour  s p'Jr-ifio-lb/ tTi-3 Sl93tric iProcaas  DAY SCHOOL  UBual subjects taught; also languages drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,  Ladysmith.   B   (.'  Dr. E. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at reaso  able  rate*.  RESIDENCE  AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  r  OPEN AT ALL HOURS,  Ladysmith-Temple No.  5  Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and   1th   Tuesday   at   7.30   p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED ANCIENT ORDER OF  DRUIDS  Meets in the I' 0 0 .V. Hail, La-  Wellington Grove No 4 V'. A. 0. D  ilysmith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, cornmenc-  ir.g Wednesday.  13th.,  1905.  Vis-iting Druids     arc invited  to at-1'  tend.  By O^er.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK, N. A. ��������� :;.���������-'.:'��������� "���������>'-    .AkT<' k-*^ a=^' A:r ���������  l;a  Ifl  'TBI     f>ATX.A>''  Ti";i?"' ia "j>  .��������� K  ,-*j- ���������>���������</*���������-*-:  '  k 'v._- ���������������������������   :i   J-' '-'A  .A:'  -j.������.avs  ... At1'" A'aicnes  ;������a-/;i'i-,;iijv.;  every ' <3ay.   at  8i;m:A, LAscr AA Co.,. Ltd.  -AlrA >k ;. A..' Aor/Aoa/returned from  jkydiakkc-   tljj'li   li;bi."'J!i'J:-*.  - ���������  '������������������  kyy.'-'   ���������}.-"..    ���������'.   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'I'uwnsito   ���������.was    -.   run j ^���������^\'ifftik':.'(!^\- : .:^,.,���������,.,. jfrsx^:', .^-V:i;  own   by   a   fi<��������� (;\-<.-ry    rig'   '.   belonging j  ^^5:S'r^;^JvU:..''^r.^r.i':.' ������������������'1;\;5!V.'/��������� ^T  aaAa   kkakcr -passed   (li^'ci'v;:���������;:'  mVi   on     km   !l.;;oe    train. ���������  '.Je'' ���������" TAbaA  of   khemainus,  A.>kAaaAui'��������� A- nooAAo -at  eaA (     kkaa   J Aid    ];������������������.'���������    dun.;:-:'  ���������.'������������������: A- .   A  im���������';:;u't.:ni    1,-usi-  '.��������� ill,:-.", o'Ai'.n '���������.-.:,!  : k;a,���������.:-;;./,���������-'��������� to.idk-  '.'- ���������i-hlicrciis'  a;//'  yiuks at. Skaou  '/Asa. LA  'iho.kva:  ,v,v|  : k" !,i:(  ���������   a:>;a~ ,'aii-M.     .aa-  ;-i::Cr     &     C.O.,      I.; t ('..-.'  "''T'lHi'OtS,  \V.    P.    iUHf-til;1    IA  ;<"c   fa A   morn in.v?  ,-,.. ti,u  ,ii-Jvor.:   Mr. }^ LiUy'.-Lriv-.HO.--������������������������������������:..;'  ula  jaila-m/his horse,    ���������;   ., ,, "..'-.-��������� ������������������;���������  animal, struck     ,-Uio.i.^ ,      )fl _ A       '^,   _ ���������,s   v  f    ���������   ���������������������������;*;  in- it ���������to--thogro.'mrlir: ���������jjl{JwA������ JlT | U g j 1 g J ������.; '���������. .:ji  off.,r������s "    to     an,,.|S      :  HU V A   f ? 1 | )j H^Jk       i^  <,v.-i������itj' to .15,0 ��������� wJkhmI ;; :  : lilf !-U- ��������� i/Lu ������ 1 II-H.U ��������� '���������������������������&  Lo   tiio; Cv;.sninjioJ'i.tai.i.  iivarkut.    .   TJw; J.  ! riu'.!dJ \va:n   i-i-ossii.g   (.lie   street      from ] .';  '.������������������;' -,      ' A-i ���������    i  '<  ^rmslo:: s   rior:','    wJion   tue ��������� ri������ j ..;  Kiit^iily,     liiri'.i'.'ii   the.  jj-astion ,.sl'rc-!.-t j -:'j  C.or'i-'.'.'  iAiid   l-i-foi'i.'   Lilt:    driyoi1,  I id',     'i'i'.oi I)..  'coLild  juil-l ���������tiidiis h'brs'.1  ; h;s   Kiii-4'_*   of ithc   anhi.ial. slrucli     -tin.'..!.7,  I!;.-   l.o,v'.,.i--i!ot:k:  ii;-   ccv.i'.'d.' not,  i*   Lilt;   ,viu;   i.inniiit,'   i\:<    skirts. to]   '���������  ';������������������   vroiiii.i'      '.\i'--. .    T!i'.;ni(.v   :'     . Vvh(> !'���������������������������,  '. r!   ii;; i lii'. i.'.-'-.'i;i( i;n<.'   hran^Ui':   ���������������������������{ho}.??,  >>'<���������������������������   '. <-i   ji   ������*,op      jii'.njit'd     o!V  ��������� tlu>1.'.l  '<x:, ''!".'! . i'i :i"i!i'd   '! lu-   ii)i!d    from, i! :���������-���������, ! .������������������';.{.���������  ���������   :���������-" ��������� ���������   U  ���������  > .��������� ���������. ���������. pi  vIh- All  ;.'-'    )"':  i .        ^-11.i '������������������'   ������������������.Villcli       i ���������iiiw ���������������������������    Sli '     v1  :i    I!::::*:'i-    1 ii'd- 1 rips,   cufi'viii!'     ill  Jill    '���������'���������'.  .    ' .        ii       .   > i  ��������� ���������   ii!ii11   a   loii^.   of coal.       ������������������ ,"��������� '���������-:  i'SfU? T^V^nm  yyll' yiV;nsi  ���������������������������.V.'rilla   \Vii]];i,...i\]r,;-c!V  II���������An  aij  in:);  krii;- lop':'     plaCL' VA ItiC'Vc:  son of; ij  j.tIu;.A:it!: O-cn-nii; Ulysses. S. Grant;'- j,^  ���������j i-ii'o iiiM-o ui the' Civil -AVui:; During ^lia ;A  ; j S.Jidiisl'i :AVn,t'..;!'e,fo-i;!ht in: Porte: 'Ri-',:%  ,Jlu, and Iater\distiiiiruislied: ldmself' [.%  V. I in the rvhilii/i.'ines. Ale has : ifc-cn  viary yrrU-j'dijy ..vvhoii; iiie, mo!.ki:r 01/',^ iiistqr t o' ���������.���������Aii-strjiv' -nud .hipre','.' ,re-  fijyrilt^'i'iiiTiij! u.hi; {���������(' froni; t'ltiifor-v. !eei!.tly !;,.ei'j'������������������ the' pdidilibsi of police  iiirt... Sir,'. Si, 'd ;���������,;;���������!���������['' <���������. ���������;���������;:. icl of iit:'!:. [ eoinmiMsioiAr Ad:.New Yt/rk.-'CiCiieral  <i;;.'iiL;-!ii'-''N  ir.'As.e '*:':!'��������� ' "'<o see   if \X'<.'';iiit'. . v.-.is    boni , at'' St.'A;ouis  in  the ...sL!;:-i'. :v/;:-s 'nAiiy.Y: "..  .'  She. rv:A 1 iSr>0.: us,:-, ^rixilva.ieil Iro 111 SVest Point  '���������J,a:r,'.)riji!r--'iniiier   jvreui ���������;. ������������������; '.ii,y.-   aiyd   j;n :i������71,   arid  for  a tiane, was   lieutcri-  nt-r/oLis .Ktraiii   a;;   siA   Li!A;i:ed       thc.i^jjt   ctilonel   of   the .Fourtli- Cavalry,;,  pri.s'p'n   ;i;i;i  Jra.i     to n>0'-a>.:si"Stod. ."in I;.'  'flic oiIAc Ci. vhe'.e:i.!)ta:iri.-ul-tli'e-gu^i'.il  ^p. , fe^':i^: sf>j������,y   ?!i  : r,^   ;i;i'.o ' \ i.'.-.i.iu'd.'.'.y  ������������������Ii- . ii- 1- t-v:<i    ' call  ^.ii.i:-''   whirl'i     lime  !tleads ail.nmum ras  ,: lit' ...'���������  urabilfty  where ������������������.she awaifed (he eoinirit;' of hyr  daughter. \V;Ji.eu the. liufcr was.^.foii-  pjht in. and .���������recognized her 'i^othei- she  threw her arms around her :n������'ck '���������.and  1)<jt.ii ���������'iv[i|)j. '^it'ti'iiy. ..for. a few-'vnoin-"  t'A e:������ts, ;\vhei!.'l.'iic ikv;!-Ai'i.er Aiiaiirngetl' ..io'  Si Lc;ai:i eonfr'oi o\erher feelings. and  soui-i'i.' to'ciieer :ji> lj-;^L'--.'.iiiot-Vn?r.v?: ,-  i\t>i:lie ''r'i.idi'u).- iva:-:. .'.'on\ kAjnl ��������� ���������/������  t!i.|'iio:3i: , ' SivAAtf'   in ��������� WhithiMii'county  ;-it.        :-.'::.   I'."    :',;<���������   fir  d^'O;    .'  U'.iv-'  of  roiiiaiidnir ar. home ii.i  i;,B.A. lie was only A2'^;ears , 'old;,  when his '''father, took him to the  front, anil, he^v/as close ,to him.dur-.  i'iig tiie -wlioic" of tli'e yicksboifg campaign. One of his experiences : was ���������  riinniitg*'- tlw hattories of, Viclfsikurg  v.-'itk  his  father's side on  at?uii'<bat.  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"5|  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  i,  W r.)  h.e ���������i.t.ri'a.vis   01   (. .'ov, i-'.haii. k.oced ; ..-,  i:ati:.iK-ar i.'h.-im i--��������� or the. C. IJ. i< -.a-!  :\i!.������������������;_-'���������.'������: h-��������� ������������������-. iii . l-.tf. c charge of the ; ';,'���������  kstingiA-nw: party, who Wilt leave | kj  i.y K]j..;-ial '.rain for Duncans on I A  lie   inorninp-        of   l he   2S;h, and j ki  i'oin thc.ic- \\-:' 1 i iimrnay !o the j .k  haeo!!    ';;;!-.iag   groninA   in      an       an-!/'!  XV*  A: a;:.i.  T^J . D !������ C H. u ^ 11" H T r-���������_ E ^ O O U S  ��������� ' ri KI ��������� - '"���������>. 11-  ...^.., H "a. U"A  '���������/: '    ������-.'-  ������������������-"/��������� r-;^;i'i; m-,  ������������������;^.<        ''   -  .--     "..���������-   !-.",'��������� V- -w ^, ;���������-��������� *������������������' '���������'. '.���������������������������  a. a, ������������������ ai k v: k ;j a. i������ ���������;, -:.;  ���������:':-������������������!��������� a,' k ai ������.i r-i r-j fi' ;;t'---.k.  irauf   iirr   iroiwh;   thru  for   through.;  'jkaf   for tongii;   Lung for tongue1; yung  :: for  yoiung.  i       g-nlig-ift ?f.ip Is uotdisv-tiiari otiier neaps  ';   nuikii t-cct -o/lioii used.in. thsrSimlight way.  1'" faay fja;,ki,ii: Soap ami fallow direotioiis.  fer^  H -' i������& ���������^':'1 ^;/--' f"^5:  >!.I!C-.  I  I ������������������;:  NOTICE.  ncO/egor  ������r/d   Scotch'k'^g FOOTBALLS  Ki  T3  <"-. ;���������- s-< c.  ,r"T  ������������������a    f���������;  .-1  ���������"-- ���������-��������� fa / ;i ?  Boarders Wanted  BOARD.    AND    LODGING  Being  under  little  expense,   Boarders'  secure the  Henefit.  $31 R-r Month  ...    G.   ROSSI,   ,.  I'ulh-L  St.  MR. and MRS.; Ta J. THOMAS,Tate  of Mount. Sicker Hotel, of of the.  Palace Hotel, Nanavnio, have : purchased the'.'; / ;  '^^OMMERCIAL  HOTEL-���������  on Douglas  street, Victoria,  opposite,  the city  hall,-and, invite, their     old  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN IN V1C-  'TORJA.  I  Cne knAnai dollars {'$100.00) will j ���������'.',  ���������'   ki.cn   to   any   person   or   persona   ['"j  ho vki! L'.'ive -akik imt information j-������������������  '.��������� !e ni to ilia anr. ietion of 1he ja.r- |';/  :'U '','.!:a i-.iiiedi two eov.-s owned by j "������������������  ���������'������������������' an;; ray.-..I a. ori-flalia.no Island ��������� .-i  a ka ::a.|.k ,,f ���������'���������/���������.); 1 .iiy. The e.ni- \ ^;  ���������-������������������-��������� ������������������'��������� '������������������ ���������i;l'k iwo hundred CiiMi) \^  ;/ k ���������;.:. ; of ik.rlier Pass Light- j A  ���������������������������:-''' '; ��������� a h; ,��������� as ami hides were ! '-',  ��������� a.a   ;, .Ad   in   the   :m;uI. j ;k  .i.VS   WAKNOCK. '''������������������'  g.5: >"h������  Our Sleek  r...    ; ;5k)Ak- ������,---,.    .  j   "-:r.v  Coninlete-' ikt all  :.d"e  'VEARS*  ik-fiaftieKCE'.  ��������� :���������.������������������������������������'-. ���������-:���������'������  ;. y-'a,k;Ai,A-A^,|;^  O    k J ^wJ  aiiis  -    '!''?.������. BE  MiAF.KS  Co."7l5l5HT������ cic  '" .���������l,:..,y.:..(:li!!/!n(l im������������  !'i 'i ���������.' :.".(: -,i hi-i,!n.������r un  '������������������ >' ;.'���������-. ( iiiniminioiv.  a 1 :,���������:������������������ iiivii!! .-.:���������, I'ntcnts  1- r .'-���������-��������� ti.  :ie i>:.t(-lilH.  ".  a:hum !i ..'o. ruculve  ::    ���������-.', iii l.ii.  1'.:' ;���������;,' ' '��������� (���������'/*��������������������������������� Aft  ���������A':ka,:Arl^4'  a ������������������������������������..'. 'y    l.i--(!(!n't <ilv--  . ��������� ;���������'������������������!,   a i'-:ifi..?;! n  ..' : :......-1:1:;:nti-R  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  icaee, iohdon, :'-'"..'  HfiMSLTONt  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,-!  And the Principal Business Cont.crd of  Ontarso, Quebec, and the  fflar'ttirno Proviimces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, REW YORK AHD   .   .  PHILADELPHIA, VIA KIAGAliA FALiS.  For Tluia TnblcB, etc., nddrens  CEO. WkVAUX,  Assistant Oen'I I'usaenger nutl Tlckot Ageut,  135 Aoams St., CHICAGO, ILL.  ���������After this ' date   the price for brea"daj'J  .delivered 'at   my  . Customers' houses; jfj  will be !f1VE /CENTS ���������' per: loaf���������  loaves a. f0r. a dollar.,    My    read 'is   yyj  guaranteed     the -hest made.       Shops   j|  rim    by / v;hite help    should  receive   |/^  white peoples': /patronage so long- as   |)|j  they are    properly conducted.     1 ,so-kt||  licit a trial as your Daker.  'C.  Rk DOCILE,-       a,  THE-WELLINGTON DAKERY, ||  '   ":    '    '  '   ���������_'   "'-   : '     ��������� '   .-   %'  NOT-ICE :���������.���������}:  Tlie , partnership existing between ^'|  C. U Humming and W.. E. Rtumning ;^  carrying on . business ia tlie City of &:j  Ladysinith, B. C, as manufacturers al  of carbonated beverages, etc., under ���������"���������  tlie .firm name of Ruinming J'.ros., is -|J  .hcrel)y dissoh'scl. ' All outstanding 1||  accounts nnist be paid to, W. E. Rum- lyj  min'g', wlui will Continue, the business y]  and pay all accounts: against the firm.. v\  of Runiining Bros.  C.   H.  RUMMING,'  \V. E.  HUMMING.  Dated  at Ladysmilh  this. 28th Day #]  of Feb., J������0ti. ':'  HE SJWPSIIS  * -'  7^ -������������������  i������������������->'  > ti ��������� -���������  Prescriptions (illed promptly at the  jadysmith  Pliarmacy.  Solicitor,   -Ettt.  t/Vl  fcvMue  .osn  LAnYFJHflH  ���������.. ��������� 1.1 u i a      ,.  >;  ,j\~t  k/n. o  i'/r   w/I i J:.:  CCi  We haye jaat  reeei\ed     front (he. . i-iast  a leave   aAp  rf\ -:��������� kk -;:' j    > "���������.  of  %  r-   1 1 !:.i   'i i;..>-      ;': .-������������������"��������� a. '...  J N  i X  k  ? ��������� i ���������  f/.-i  i;/       !'J  1'iiey are the NEATEST DAGS we have  evi r   /hawi  r,ATf-:ST   FASHION.  PRICES '-&T?r,\? a  --  BROOKS'-  XlHjVQ'iMiAPU    STUDIO  Js A������--st)3 Open  'kkyik);;!.\ ckescent ���������   oppo-ife Eire Hall.  01  tae  I fiae teorliiiiifl  i-jiJI   in  .1        . - ���������.     n  ir A. Ii..'     '.}������������������  'i'hrkki  o %  , .^v 14 ^.,s���������^ e,..^ K  .Ia      ^ tt j'fci-i������l.T������iilj  !    First Ave^^e,    .-^!'  *ji'������ i-  ���������j "1  JQ^K STORE-  :���������   -  li  ������������������...' i, C    J  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-   ���������]  {VIARKET lately    run  by W. Ward, on Roberts street  ^  WITH A FULLiLINEW-FIRST CLASS MEATS  PORK AND S\U?AQE A SPECIALTY  ATrial5olicitd-  Ac    HOWE,       I'1������onm.:2o  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  o���������  W 1   '"O   Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADY3MITH


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