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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 8, 1905

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Array '.  -*     J  ^.'-���������' -j , 1005  / * ' '  Ladyshith Daily  w.  o  *������ ������<  .7  ^RIA,5/  *������,;  i  ���������*  VOL. 2/  WEDNESDAY, MARCH, 8, "l905  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SATISFIED KITH .STBIKf  mm  PRESIDENT OF RAIL  WAY SAYS COMPAiNI  WILL WIN  RHILROJID COLLISSIOH 41 FATAL ACCIDINT IN CO/i /S SENTENCED 1^  MINES  BE  STRlI_Ii;   h   CONTINUED WITHOUT  CHANGE  (Associated Press Despatches.)  -     New  York,   March   8.���������Thc  srer:*.-'  day of the strike on the subway and  elevated      lines' /began      with   little  change  from   yesterday's' conditions:  -   Trains   weie  running *in   the  subway  and      thjre  was  some   improvement  shown in tlie service on the elevated,  but  the trains earned comparatively'  few'passengers and  the greater 'pa'rl  of the down town traffic was handled  -by the surface lines.-  The" Metiojoli-  tan Stieet Railway put every trolley  car "available into service, and did its  Lest to handle the great crowds  The hazards of lhe situation is  -shown in last evenings subway collision at.2���������i (I street,-1 in, which 2:J  pei sons were hVrfc, and has kept many  people horn tiying the subway 01  elevated today ami they turned to  the surface fiollcys These- cats  were |uc" ed lo suffocation and m  many instance* theie were passengcis  on roofs of the Metropolitan cars  A   FREIGHT   TRAlJN  DASHES INTO LO  COHOTIVE'  BBAKEMAN SCALDED  TO DEATH BY ES  (JAPING STEAM  CABLE    BREAKS   UN  SHREWSBURY  MINES  KUROPATKIN SUFFERS  YOUNG   ITALIAN   IS  FOUND GUILTY OF  MURDER  He  0  IS  ��������� (Associated Press Despatches.)  Rochester,   N.H.,   March  8.���������John  D.; jus,  a brakeman,  met a horrible .death and Walter Uannon, a fireman  was  fatally  in.Vred  in a collision  in  the lower 13orton,and Maine  Railroad yards today. A freight train  running at high speed struck a loco-  nictiv'2 pushing a loaded train ,which  had^just becn.made up.   Both engines  were smashed __ Brakeman Dennis,  of  the freight,     was pinned by one leg^  between tho locomotive aneL.tke tender and  es aping steam  scalded  him  to death.    Fireman  Uannon, also of  the freight  train, was scalded so badly that he cannot live.    No one cUe  wus injured  FOUR   KILLED AND STABBED     FELLOW  WORKMAN SIX  TEN BADLY IN  /  Jt'RED  (Associated  Press Despatches.)  Wheeling. W. Va., March 8.-I5y (he  breaking of a cable in the Shrewsburg  coal mine near Charlestovvn today, 4  miners     were killed and  ten others  seriously hurt     Four of thc in,uied  will probably die.      The Killed were.  Andrew Hunt, Win   McCurlcy, John  McCurley and Edvvaid McGlothin.  Fatally hurt���������Her licit Haniman,  Jas Shouts, Wm. Martin and (.has.  L. Haitmgs.  BIG FAILURE.  WILL STAND fRIAL.  Cornwall, Ont. March 8���������Allan l.o-  ney, of Maxvillc, was last night committed to stand trial for the killing  of Alf'Me Laiuin,  of Alexandria,   in  thc course of a hockey match al Ma\-  ville on Februaiv 1-lth  Yarmouth, .   N.S., March 8.��������� The  George E. Peupcr,' president of the failure     of  XV.  II.   Redding &  Son,  Amalgamated     Association of Elec- wholesale shoe manufacturcis,   ]S re-  tric Street Railway  Employees, said g4lrded as the largest that has ever  today:   "I am entirely satisfied  with' 0-cm red     in'Nova Scotia in recent  the situation  Wc will  win si re   o   COUNTESS MONTIGNOSO.  . Florence, March 8.���������The Countess  Moniignoso (foimeily Ciovvn Prin-  ; pess^-r-wiise-of-Sa'xony/"has' been" ob--  JigciT togive up her'villa at Papmi-  avo, and has taken rooms in a hotel  at Ficsolo, The Countess states  that the change i.s necessary under  her 'agreement, with hei former hu���������.  baud,' (King Fie'denck Augustus of  Saxony)  at  the  time of  her di voire.  .0  y.jars     The liabilities aie placed at  half a million dollars.    -  TIIE CUE.  Toronto March' 8.-*-Eleven hundred  se-tlers,  - principally -from-'Qn_ai io,-"  left here yesterday for, Western Can  ada.  The final of the' Portland Hotel billiard'.tournament takes place at that  hotel this .. even-in**;, ��������� the coiilcs-taiils-  being lsifh -Daniel and J>:, Andersen.  "BEATING" OF HOTELS.  Montreal, March 8.���������According to  a statement of W. S. Weldon, manager of the Windsor hotel of this city,  hotel 1 copers of the Dominion arc to^  lejuusl the Minister of Justice., to  make, "beating" of hotels a criminal  offence;-' and .punishable by several  yeais'  imprisonment. '"'"'���������'������������������  mMXm GBJSELDA'S  rer  The following .interesting descrip-   (natives) who-havc,the task of  lioii^of. India as seen by a   Woman, - filling,- the same and are often oblig-  froin   a. sketch    given": one of     the  is  Vancouver  clda.:��������� ������������������.:  There  seems  to be  something  papers   by. Madame  Gris-  di<  vine in the general-atmosphere of India.     One hardly knows  whether   it  be   the people, -the. coun try,   thev.. religion, pr a combination of, thcVhoie  I3e this as it .pia'y;'''���������' however, :"a f-ub-  - liminal    consciousness     overshadows''',  most   travelers , who   visit,   the  country which seems inexpressible     even  to  (hemeclvesj'and there is no     further  doubt  left  in their  minds, "but  that  they have reached   the land    -of  the  mystic.    The  native woman     in  .her .picturesque  costume  is   an     Oriental      sight which  every   wanderer  gazes  upon  with curiosity.   Rings   in  their  noses and  cars,  and on   ankles  and  toes;  with  this array they   pass  along  lhe byways,  jungling like bells  and looking so quaint and  odd. Even  pur  European hotels.'over there     are  constructed and modelled  quite     differently   to  our   modern  find   conventional abodes.'    How/delighted I was  the first      lime I was escorted into  two dear little  rooms  with  bath  attached;  built almost, on the outskirts  of  the beach;   my  first little sitting .  room.    I  shall  never-forget'it." ��������� Tin.  ed to walk for miles in order to secure the water necessary, for batli-  ing-purpose-. ���������  Water in India seems a Suxu..y. always, though this-does ��������� -*; rct< r to  drinking water; since drinking TVa-  ter, in the true sense, imrely is a  luxury not '"often ^indulged in in In-  diar How; well I remember while on  my. journey   'there.  . I was  cautioned  A new official car "for the superintendent of.the Island  -ranch of thc  C.P.R. will, it is said, be lirought ov  er. on tonight's-Transfer ,-     ���������'  ���������������������������o ���������  GUN CLUB GROUNDS; V^  Editor Daily Ledger, Sir���������Whilst  passing' thc athleeic giounds above  6th avenue today, I was most agreeably surprised and pleased to see  that some interest is being taken in  the dealing of the grounds. Whoever  js.dping^this-work is making jemaik  ably  good  piogiess.   -  I  piesume I may style myself    a  "Water-rat,"  as  1 live  at   the  foot  of the hill.' At the same lime 1 must  confess  that  I believe  theie  is very  litlle credit due   to  us  lats,  eitheL  for enthusiasm or effoi I. m preparing  the    grounds.     I think   it   is   about  time that all   those  people  in Ladysmith     who are inter e->l.ed  in sport  should      get   together  and  do  something and show  that Ladysinith is a  unit -when"  it. coirc.s  down   to     real  sport,  and  that  (hare  is  no distinction  between  water-fats, and   limber  wolves. V;  s; -������������������     RODENT,  ���������-.--     ��������� : ���������O- : ������������������    .  TIMES  Montreal,. Match S^Giiisupho Sis-  cento, a young Italian, lias. been found  guilty of having fatally stabbed Cy-  prien Beaulieu as a result of a row in  a street car, on Ontario street some  months  ago. '  'Beaulieu and Sisc'ento were silting  side by side in a car on the. way to  work     in^the Qd'.R. shocVat Gain  street,      when  a yorng man  named  Hart boarded thenar.   Beaiilieu tried  to mats rcom for him and crowded  Sisccnlo    This     resulted, in a fight,  wihich  caused  the  tragedy, i Beaulieu  received  six  knife  wounds ;;and  was  taken to the general hospital where  he died two. davs later.       /,  ANOTHER REVERSE  Now   Retreating and News of  Japanese  Victory   is   Hourly   Expected  Russian   Troops  Are  Panic   Stricken and  Are  Retiring With but Feeble Re^  sistance  :s flora the Manchur^ed since Field Marshal Oyama made   aSain -imS w'a>'.  leaves htlle doubt j his brilhant strike against the Rus--'wmst  uonl  w]"ch  uropalkin  has  sufler-   sian right. ��������� '  '(Petersburg this"    r  The Ledger is informed' that the  ���������shots living at the foot of ,tbe lull  nre making arrangements %; accept  Ihe Gmclub's-challenge, which appeared in. these columns last evening  The decision of the water-rats will bo  announced tomorrow.-  '   '     A o���������:_j.-\  UNITY IN -RELIGION.  ' Toronto, March 8.���������At a .meeting of  discussed  the question of fellowship  thc Deanery of  Anglican, Clergymen  and  co-operation  with other "dtnominations. . /S   o -L'  j,-.-    _. --rHOCKEY.1,    --���������  -r ��������� ���������  Ottawa,     March 8���������The Rat Portage team   last night  *!3lVa:od     ihe  Ottawa team in thenrst niate'i  "f,>r  the Stanley Cup bv- a score of     9 to  3.  Today's advices fiom  ian    battlefield  that  General K  ed another reverse, but whether his  defeat is aroutc-.-oY whether he has  repeated his strategy of Liao Yang,  and succeeded iu withdrawing his  army and the bulk of his supplies is  not   made     clear.   A d  (Associated Press Despatches.)  is thc latest and  ���������h'lch has readied 'St.  right. ��������� ] Petersburg this     morning regarding  TodJrVs  reports  show  the  Russian \^e situation at the front.  tioops almost in a panic-stricken condition,  one army corps retiring without making practically any resistance  It is eslu_.alcd that the Russian los-  a������,_.���������__������ sa>, 1���������irS',Sics-w0'.0 "���������- to l"������������sa������������- *������ J-  tlie Kirssians  evacuated   the    whole  ap-  linc along the Shakhe nver  NEWS IN ST   PETERSBURG.  St. Petersburg,  March S.���������(8 p.m. )  -The  despatch  of     the  Associated  Piess  fiom  its correspondent     with  tlie aimy of General Kuioki announcing  the  withdrawal  of  the   Russians  from   their  positions  on'the  Shakhe  '���������vei   and that they were in full retreat was  the first definite news received  here to the effect that     the  battle  was  ended  and thai  Genial"  Kuropatkin  was making  the  Ins way north waul  anese loss during the four days does  not exceed four thousand.  best of  But it does not  come unexpectedly. The defeai of  General Kuiopatkm has been expect-  RUSSIAN   FLEET.  Paris,   March  8-a  despatch  Temps  from  Tanararu0  (capital  the island  of Madagascar)  says    ���������.���������  entire Russian fleet has left the wat  qrs of Madagascar on its return     to  Jibuti!, French Somoliland.  RUSSIANS ROUTED.  to  of  the  With the fate of the gigantic struggle between General Kuropatkin ^and  Field Marshal Oyama probably * already decided, as it is now seven  o'clock at night in Mukden, and* St.  Petersburg waiting breathlessly for  news, ominous silence reigns.     ���������,  No private or press despatches, giving news of today's battle have yet  ai rived here and the mere fact that  the curtain is rung down, taking' a  leaf out ol past experience, is pessimistically interpreted. There are  ugly lumors circulating in .the streets  that the day is lost, and tha't. 'the  Russian anny is m full and disorderly    ^rclieal  / v.     with only the gallant  f!,ln0r .  r,      ,  , (guard fighting 0ff the victorious Jap  Otneial kuroki's headquarters, via   mice  tusan.   March   8.-(J5.-*nung.)  TENTH   TO   RESIGN.  ���������   ���������  Santiago, Chili, March 8.��������� T1.2  tenth ministry of the present administration has formally resigned owiii"-.  to international dissentions.  PRESIDENT';  SECOND MESSAGE  iNfHEHOUSE  : -;-���������-,:': OF COMMONS  SATS'  THERE JS  NOTH-NGNEW  Washington, D. C\,  March  8��������� The  Senate     in" executive session   todav  made public  the* second message     'of  President   Roosevelt on   the  San l?o  ��������� -   ���������- a-r       The  Russians last night,  under cover    of  i darkness,  evacuated  the whole     line  along the Shakhe river and are now  | in full reti*3at north-ward.    The Jap-  j anese infantry ',s pressing them close-  ;Iy.    Before retreating  the  Russians  [set     fire to great  heaps of supplies  which burned throughout the night  J The fall  of     Mukden appears  imminent.   The Japanese are pushing the  Russians hard on the east.  ���������I \KS PURSUING.  Tokio    Al.uch 8.���������(4 p m.)-  ���������The foi  "iingo treaty     The message savs the   ,owln������ dcsPal-h has just been receiv  treaty  offers  the only  method     for  preventing     collecticti  of  fraudulent  ed from tlu headquarters of the Japanese army in Manchuria: "Our force  which  has   been engaging a superior  London,,March- 8'.���������The evening sit.  ting of the House of Commons vvt.s  occupied by the Irish/members, complaining of undue delay in tli2" reinstatement of.evicted tenants, and in  the Land Act of 1903. Mr. Atkinson  attorney-general for Ireland, declared  that; evicted farinss unlet -throughout  Ireland showed a reduction of G4 percent, since 1899.  The commissioners  r.ovv   l*a*.c 41,-  (QJ acres of untencntid land and re  liever to drink the water,' and to ab. ^'Statement would in fi.t re be much  stain  from eating     any  of the. vege-   expodiated.   Finally, Kendall objected  dear   little  verandah   furnished     ju I  like  a comfortable  room,   yet     right  in the open of the balmy atmosphere  and   the bathroom,  with,ils  floor* all  of stone,  a huge barrel  in  the centre  filled With     cold     water, _ where one  may en ter any time during the    day '  or night, and  refresh  oneself in     the ���������  midst of  the in tensest heal,     .How  strange it all seems after our,  modern  bathtubs and  regulation '���������habits !  Here one     stands,   as.nude  as when  born, a-dipper is provided, and  with  this   one splashes  oneself  unfile   one  ieebr delightfully     refreshed.       How  strange   those, bathrooms  seemed!    I  have laughed so much  over some   of  the  experiences  that happen  in   connection with  them,   We were  fold  of  travelers  who insist upon  their own  mode of bathing,    arid   so gel     right  into   the  barrel   of  water,   with   'no  compunction      for  the    .poor-coolies  tables, since everyllijng contains the  germ  which causes  the awful contagion: of the diseases which are    prevalent at all seasons of the year   in  India.        Oh,   these  awful  obnoxious  diseases; , it is belter not to   dwell  upon   them.        So    I refrained  from  drinking  water and only  drank   two  glasses of pure limpid water in    my  three years' residence  there, and this  was during my stay in  that heavep-  ly  Simla in   the  recesses  of the    divine Himalay' -mountains.       Brandy  and  soda is the drink,  and  though  1  had     lhe  greatest  ay'ersipn   to     the  brandy, si soon  learned tq cultivate a  taste for  other ebxer  that'    I   know  would aia in being,a stimulant where  a stimulant  was  needed;  and   I     believe il is greatly due to'this   which  keeps' so many  Europeans  from    becoming    victims   of   thc  dread      diseases to which they are subjected, lo  sa.y     nothing    of their surroundr'iig.s'.  With  p res tine    beauty and  grandeur,  India  is, alas!    a pest-stricken, coiin-  i try,   and   it is  sad   indeed,   to     learn  of   (lie demise  of  hundreds  of    thousands of    human beings     each year.  They live huddled  together in    their  ..comfortless abodes amid squalor and  dirt, unkept and unclean, a sight one  can  ne.ver efface  from niemoTy;     and  then     one     reflects upon  the hidden  wealth      of this     niysljcal country,  with   its great arid ./wonderful. Maha-  rajahs      with  unlimited wealth     and  niriiiiK,       these   palaces   alone   being-  worth fabulous sums of money. Shall  I ever forget the inferior of some of  those   I was fortunate enough  to visit,   where  I was  wined  and  dined  in  regal    style?        How can  I describe  them?   '  to. the motion which had started the  debate and which cha. U iitrcd for remedial was rejected 220  In lf.0.  The Ulster Unionists tonight decided, in view of Air. Wyndham's resignation as x'hicf secretary of Ireland,  and of the pending disapproval of his  successor, to support the government  in divisions* on the Irish question.   o   TWO- STEAMERS CAPTURED.  Tpkio, March 8.���������The Urit.ish steamers Venus and Approdit, from Cardiff for Vladivostock, have been-captured by Japanese warships. Since  the war began .Japan lias taken possession of 32 steamers carrying ce n-  trabrand of war.  Messrs.   James  Dunsmuir and  Joseph Hunter .came in.on the noon train  today from ���������Victoria and spent some,  lime in looking over the sidings and  arranging  for changes  in connection  with the new short live that is being  pushed along.   The tracks will be   so  arranged that the .Colliery Company's  bunkers Will be entirely separate from  ths present E.   & N. tracks.      New-  sidings will be put down and changes  of various kinds made.  Mr,   Dunsnruir  was  asked  if thc.e  was anything that he could say for  publication  -hat would be of interest  to the public.   He replied' that there  was nothing new to say, that the C.  "P.   R.   Company  begin operating- the  railway the first of next month,' hulas to \vhi*,t they would do in      the  way of changes he did not know,   lie  said      the   coal   market   was  rather  quiet at present.   He could say nothing as      to   the future output.   You  could never  tell just  what      might  transpire.  Messrs.   Dunsmuir and  Hunter  left  on the two o'clock  train  for Extension.  claims and  of protecting just claims  of foreigners and Americans alike, Iforce in the neighborhood of Macun-  and i.f,;es San Domingo's need of the! tan (soutI]east of Mukden) disloged  aid of a powerful and friendly na- fc!,ie en-mY from his position at ' 8  tion. ���������   ���������        "       '     o'clock this,   morning and is nowvv  pursuing him northward.-'  Tokio,      March     8.Imperial   Army  headquarters make the following a*i-  IG FLOUR  MTLLDE^ROYED  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March /.���������  The plant of the American Cereal  Company, which is said to be the  largest flour mill in the world, is  burning, and possibly will be a total  loss. Two persons have lost their  lives. The fire is spreading and assistance has been asked for from  nearby cities.  M. WITTE  RESIGNS.  Berlin, March 8,-The Anzigers' St-  Petersburg correspondent says that  M. Witte, president 0f the committee  ct! Ministers, has tendered his resignation to the Emperor on the plea  that the latter has evinced u lack of  confidence in him.  FOOTBALL.  nouncement today:  "In the direction  to'  of Sinkeng on the morning of March  (>' our force     advanced towards Hau-  jcn. It. first occupied Pinshihhata and  then Hauijc.    The situation  in     the  direction of Tieta and Machrntan  is  unchanged.   The Shakhe river east of  the railway at  three o'clock  in the  morning of March 7  the en-my's infantry attacked the heights north  of  Tunchiatun,   but  were  repulsed     and  left thirty dead on the field.   At two  o'clock on lbs morning of March 7th  the enemy's artillery concentrated its  fire- on the  lines  between Ta Mountain and Wanpao mountain and       a  large  body  of infantry attacked  us,  but was entirely rcpulseel at 4.38.  "West of the railway we occupied  East lASanchenpno at 11 a.m. on  March 7th and later we repulsed an  attempt of the enemy to retake the  right bank of the Hun river. There  are indications of the enemy's gradual re-inforccment and a gathering    of  NEW COUNCIL  ELECTED.  DISTRESS AT  ST, PIERRE  The Failure of the   Ffslirr-  ies i.s Causing1 Much  Suffering:  Halifax, N.S., March S.��������� tValiace  Richardson, Mayor of Sydney for the  la,sl two years, together \vich every  member of the council seeking reelect ion was defeated at the ��������� ivic  elections here today. The defeat was  due lo charges of corruption.  troors in the vicinity of Vangshiatnn  The footballers were out practicing   V  miles southwest of Mukden.       We  again last night-and seemed to be in ' captured two-thirds of the village'of  'l>rcttr~good  form.    A  number of the , T-ikuanpao,      repulsing a counter at-  players  will   turn out  tonight      and   ! tack  made by the enemy with a di-  tomorrow evening the committee will ,' vision.   Likuanpao is situated     eight  miles west of Mukden."  St. Petersburg, March 8.���������A Tokio  despatch announcing that "General Ku  roki  is making progress and had   al-  Accoiding to other rumors,the  lack of news is accounted for by'the  repoit   that the  Japanese  line      of  communication   ~~At   2 35  p.m.,  however,   the Associated  Pre^s  is  in     a  position to positively deny 4-hc  ^cut-  rent  iunions thai   General   Kuropat-  nin's   lines voi   communication     have  been   -cut.    Within an hour a cipher  despatch fioin Kuropatkin to Emperor   Nicholas containing  a report     of  the day's operations has arrived and  is  now  being transmitted  lo  Tsaxs-  ko-Selo. . Its contents  are  unknown  except that Kuropatkin al night still  held  Mukden     The Associated Press  hears from a high source that the position of the Russian left is critical.  . Compelled by the failure of G-ener-  als Oku and Nogi to crush the    Russian   right  yesterday   Field   Marshal  Oyama again transferred  the  weight  to his right and General Kuro.ki.5uc-  ceeded in driving in a wedge between  jLinvitch's  main  army,   and   General  jRennenkamprY's,corps,   which is    the  extreme left.   The latter is  declared  be   in grave danger  of being cut  off and surrounded.  SHELLING   TRENCHES.  General Kuroki's headquarters     in  the field, March  7,  via Fusan��������� The  tenth     day of the Japanese attack  linels the battle progressing favorably  Its long duration was expected and it  probably will continue several  days  more before il is concluded. The Japanese forces have reached nearly    to  Mukden,      within  two  miles  of the  railway, and are bombarding strongly.    The Russians    everywhere     are  making a desperate     resistance,    fre-  q'liently     trying offensive operations  and  arranging every defensive device  of modern warfare.    The fighting resembled  a siege more than a field of  battle.    The past two nights    there  has  been hard lighting cast of Wito-  san.    The  infantry  were closely    engaged      while tlie Russian batteries  shelled the trenches.  Mr. Clermont Livingston, general  manager of the Tyee Copper Company, was in this city yesterday. He  returned to Duncans on the morning  train today.  St.  John's, Nfd., March 8.���������Pitiful  ! accounts havr* reached h:*re of .suffering at St. Pierre, where a degree of  destitution that is unprecedented prevails. Thc French government i.s tak.  ing measures for the relief of sufferers from, hunger and cold. Tonight  business men of St. P ior re regard tl e  propscot for the futerc ns almost  hopeless, the failure of the fisheries  for thc last few years having bsen a  severe blow to_ the . properly owners  of tlie place.  Mr. A. Smith, American consul at  Victoria, passed through ou the  noon train to  Nanaimo.  Mr.  K. K.   Pei'sei",  (he well known  'commercial   traveller,   was   ini  town,  again today  to further push the sale  of thc British Columbia Soap Work's  celebrated  White  Swan  soap,  which  he claims  is  the best article on tlhe  market in this line.    This *scap      is  manufactured  on our own Island and  ought to be appreciated  by  the public as it sihows that local  industries  arc wcll able to produce not only jus ti  as good as most eastern competitors  nut in .this article even better.  meet'and select the team for Sunday's match. The Nanaimo tc.im,.it  is understood, will be chosen tonight.  INGE CONFESSES  HIS CRIME  ready  reached  a point fourteen   miles  south  of Fushun yesterday, showhin-  that   Lt.-Gen.  Linevitch,  commander  of     the  First Manchurian army,   is  BELATED   DESPATCH.  General  Oku's headquarters  in the  field, March ('.���������Gen. Oku's army continued   the at tarn on  the  villages  in  the angle formed by rhc railway and  , the      Hun   river,   capturing   two   of  j thorn.    The   1'ussian.s   are   making    a  'fierce   resistance,  desperately   trying  tn. hold  the  railway  until  the   main  army      relrcilis-.   l'-oUr- sides      have  brought   into  play nam     t .v *   t-ups.  Tlnjialtlc  today has been  largely an  artillery  duel.    The attack   tovvcid'*  thc railway eonli  Breaks Down When   Confronted With Bodies of  His Family  (Associated Press Despatches.)  (     Danville,   Ark.,   March   8.-���������   -lames  I nee,  confessing that he is a quadruple  murderer,    was hrouft-ht   back to  jail here today after having been  ta-  l-.en   to  the, scene of  the crime  near  Whitley,   fifteen   miles  southwest     of  here.        There,   confronted   with   the  dead      bodies  of his   wife  and   three  children,   the   hit ter. ranging   in     age  from  four months  to  four years,    he  broke  down  and  coniesscd  hie  guilt,  saying   that  it seemed  impossible  to  J make a living for his family.  THE HOT BLAST  IN TYE.6 SMELTER  Tomorrow  the Tyee smelter     will  close down for about three weeks,'resuming work again about A; rM  1st.  During the present closing down the  hot blast system will be installed in  the smelter and if it proves the success that is expected, all lhc ore, or  very nearly all that is treated here-  ! after by the Tyee, will be by the (hot  ! blast.    This will, of course, do away  with  the roasting  of ore outside.  If  the system   is as successful as prom- '  iscs, the Ia.ct of the smoke and fumes  passing direct into a higher current  of air will largely do away willi the  smoke that is now at times so distinctly inown lo be present, especially along the water front and over tho  bay.  Misntime the energetic management  is  makii::',- every endeavor  to  secure  ore from   .'ifferenl sections  along the  coast and < ���������   lhc Mainland,  so as to  add  sufficient,   to  the Mount  Sicker  mines'     outpi.l   lo keep the smelter  running  continiursly  after   it  again  starts up next niuith. ,.  1 * I  i I TH-tADYSMITH   ! EtlG-R  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY     THE     LADYSMITH      DAILY  LEDGER COMPANY.   .  and French Street.  Office corner of First "Avenue  "   'SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  50 cents  a  month;    $5 per year  in  advance,  plication.  Advertising-rates on ap.  lo-  to  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8,  1905  GOOD  REPORTS.  It is an old saying that every  spring, in small cities and towns, it  is the duty of the editor of the  cal paper lo hunt up something  write about lo cheer up the people  and. help spring   trade.  Jn Ladysmilh it now looks as  though I heie would be some practical and' lasting impiou-nu-nls lo wiite  about. While no i>l.ins are made  public as to the work, the Canadian  Pacific Railway will under-take, His  generally understood, that iu cun-  nectioii with lhe entry into the cily  of the Extension shoi t-liiie, which  will be completed within a few  ...onilis, that there will bo a change  of the C.P-R. leading ..through Uic  lower part of tlio cily, and that the  track will be moved up some little  distance. Report says that i. will  join the main li.ic down belo-v the  Union Brewery' building, and that  new' track" -will be laid for spurs,  etc., and some re-arran&rnicnl, or  perhaps a new depot building erected.  Report also says that the .loan will  make one trip per day from Vancouver lo 'boHi Ladysmith and Nanaimo. Leaving Vancouver at i) a.m.,  for Ladysmith, arriving in lime to  catch the eaily morning train r������r  Victoria, returning immediately to  Vancouver and leaving for Nanaimo  at J o'clock, taking back passengers  who wish lei reach the Terminal cily  by the late evening train. This indicating thai. there will be a late  train going north each evening,  perhaps passing Ladysmith al -1 or  '1.2(1 p.m. As staled above, this is  the schedule only talked about, no"  announced, and il, may be, when announced thai, il will be Found enlircf  iy different.  II, seems, however, like a reasonable solution of the Island service,  and would he, we think, very acceptable to  Ladysmith.  Of Government work, more definite  information can he given soon. H  now l"oks as though thc finishing of  thc wharf would be undertaken at  once. ' Both Provincial and Dominion buildings, will, we have reason  to hope, he erected this season. If  these proposed improvements all mature and are undertaken, and- Ike  coal- shipments, as now promise, arc  regular, Ladysmith should be as  good and prosperous little city as  there is in the Dominion. While all.  of these things may not mature im,  mediately, 'it would seem from what  is now known of plans outlined by  lhc powers that be, that they will  be undertaken  soon.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten  miles of a mining recorder's ollice, ona  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or'fraction. The  fee for recording a claim  is $5  HENRY'S NURSFRIES  NEW CROP��������� '  Home Grown So   Imported  PAINTING,  PAPER    HANGING,  ETC.  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  J.  E. SMITH,  Prop  SYNOPSIS OF REGULATIONS  FOR DISPOSAL OD MINERALS  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES AND TIIE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal  land's may be-purchased  at $10 per acre Tor soH coal  and $20  for  anthracite.    Nol  more  than   320  acres can   be acquired   by one individual   or company. Royalty :al  the  rate  of   ten   cents   per  2,000   pounds   shall  be collected on  the gross output.  Quartz���������Persons   of   eighteen   years  and over  and   joint  stock companies  holding  free miners'  certificates  may  obtain  entry  for a mining location.  A free n.:..ei's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years,  upon  payment in advancr-  $7.50   per  annum   for  an  individual,  and from  $50  to $100 per annum for  a company,afcording   to   capital.  '    A   free      miner,   having   discovered  mineral  in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500  feet by  marking out thc  flame with   two letcal   posts,  bearing  location  notice's, one at each end   on  the one  of the lode or vein.  At least $100 must be expended  upon the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When* $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  olher requirements, purchase the land  at $1-00. an acre.        .     .  Permission may  be granted by thc  Minister 'of     the interior   to   locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, jn the Yukon territory, of an  area nol exceeding 100 acres.  Thej! .patent for  a mining location  shall "provide for  the payment   of   a  Royalty of 21  per cent,  of'the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������.Manitoba and the  N.W.T.,  excepting ,lhe  Yukon  Terri-.  lory���������Placer  mining claims generally  aiclOO sjuarc;  entry fee,  $5,  renewable ycariy..   On  the North Saskatchewan  River claims are either bar  or  bench,   the. former, being 100    feet  long and' extending' betvVeen lij&h and  low water-mark.   The  latter  includes  bar diggings, 'but extends back lo the  base of the hill or bank,  but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where'steam power is used claims  200 feet wide   may  be obtained.  Dredging in Hie rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  crrilory���������A free miner may obtain  only two'leases of fi^c miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  Thc lessee's right is confined to the  submerged  bed  or  Dars  of the rivet  below  low water' mark, and subject  fo the rights oT all persons who have,  or who may receive,  entries  for bar  diggings or  bench claims,  except on  lhe Saskatchewan   River,   where   thc  lessee may dregde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  he lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each live* miles,  but where a pcison or company has  o'btaincd more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction "is sullicient. Rental, $10 per  annum, for each mile of river-leased.  Royally at the rate of 2A per cent,  collectcd on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases oi five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  tuenLy  years, also  renewable.  the lessec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to bo fixed by its position on the  lslday of August in the year of the  lhc date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each live miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  the first year and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer   mining.  Placer Mining  in  the Yukon Territory���������Creek,     gulch,    river and hill  claims shall not exceed  250 feet     in  general direction of the creek or gulch  length,'measured on the base line or  the width   being from  1,000  to  2,000  feet. All  other placer claims shall-be  250   feet square.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and'if trie party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  charge**, the rest of the party ordinary  claims  only.  Entry fee, $J0. Royalty at -tlie rate  of two and one-half per ccnt^, on the  value of the goid shipped  from     the  Yukon'Territory to be paid  lo     the  Comptroller.  No free miner  shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim      on  eaeh  separate river, creek or  gulch,  but  the same miner may hold     any  number of claims  by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by  filing notice and paying a fee  of $2.00     A claim  may    be  abandoned and   another obtained     on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  .., Work  miist  be done  on a claim each  year to the-Value of at least $200.  A ccrlilicate  that work has    ' been  (loiie'iiiusl be i-Ajl-Jnoii  each year;     if  nof,  lhe claim   ���������lA'.i iii: deemed to   be  abandoned,   and     open   to occupation  and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries  of a claim   may   be  defined absolutely   by having  a survey  made  and publishing   notices   in    the  Yukon  ollicial   Gazelle.  Petroleum���������All unappropriated Dominion.lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon   Territory   arc  open to   prosepct-  ing  for  petroleum,  and   the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company   having  machinery   on   the  land  to   in* prospected,  an  area of 040 acres.  Should   thc  prospoctor  discover  oil  in paying quantities, and satisfactor-   c.UA \>l ROOK  ily  establish such   discovery,   an  area   DAWSON  not exceeding 040 _acres,   including the I  oil well  and such other land as may  be determined, will be sold to the dis-  f-overcr at the  rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject lo royalty at such rate as may  be specified   by ordcr-iri-councii.  Department  of  the   Interior,  Ottawa, February, 1004.  . W. CORY  Deputy Minister ol  tho "Interior.  GARDEN,    FIELD  SEEDS.  and FLOWER  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  W.G.Fraser  Merchant   Tailor,  (isi Avenue)  Fall Stock Just Arrived. Call early  -nil get your pick of Hie largest-antlbesl  stock in town.  LADYSMITH AEIUE     NO. 9*9, F.  O. E.     :���������*.        :���������:        :���������:       ���������'���������J  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  _rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President, B   Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C. II. Rummings.  BARBER] SHOP   &_BAJH  ROOMS  Tbe  ESPLANADK.F between the  Grand and Abbottsford,  Wilejam Poweks, Prop.  NOTICE.  PersoES found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUAIMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith,  B.C.  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-mod-Ued. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone, 1-4. . ���������*  F. McB.   YOUNG  BARRISTER and  SOLICITOR. . . .  Nanaimo    -     -    -    Ladysmitn  THE BEST OF  EVERYTHING  Esquimalt  &  Time Table Ma. 53,  Railway  For those who travel via  Northbound  Leave  TAKING EFFelCT WEDNESDAY,  OCT.  5TH.  Soutafceuai Northbound  Daily Arrive   Leave  A.M.    P. M.  ���������:������012:������6  Victa-ia  2  Overlands  Daily ,.'  2  The City Market  R. Williamson, Prop., .  1st Ave,      Ladysmith  The Ladysrx-itli  Opera House  Caa be secured for Theatrical purposes, Dancing . Parties, or Entertainments generally.  P  NICHOLSON, Prop  Passengers can  leave Victoria   ; at  8 p.m. ar JL p.m., and connect     at  Seattle wilh the Fast Mail,  leaving  at 8..  a.  iu.., the     Flyer leaving at  a p. m.  Entire new equipment on each train  Through Palace Sleepers, Diners  (meals a la carte), Tourist and First-  Class Day Coaches.  For sleeper     reservations,  folders,  rates and all  information call on or  address ���������   ���������  S. G. YERKES K. J. BURNS  G.W.P.A., 75 Government st  Seattle. Wash, Victoria. B.C.  on  Cqmpany  MERCHANT TAILOR',,  from  $15.00  up.  be seen at the Hotels  lowest possible rales.      Hand   made     su.i*. ,A    ���������  19  Store  Street,   Comer Gormor ant sued, V It I OKI A,  C.  HAY, OATS,  MILL FEEDS  SHIPMENTS DIKEOT FROM VICTORIA.     VANCOUVER    OR     TUB  KRASER  RIVER.    ' WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd  ESQUIHALT & NANAIiiO  RAILWAY CO.  SteamerJoan  Daily, except Sunday, between Nanaimo and" Vancouver, leaving Nanaimo ai 7 a.m., and Vancouver after  arrival of C.P.ll. train No. 1 or 1  p.m. . - . l>  For information  regarding  freight  and passenger rate** apply to purser  on board.  GEORGE  L.  COURTNEY,  Traffic Manager, Victoria, B^-rC.  Sat. Sua. Southb'd  and  Wed!        Arrive  P. M.     P. M.  Victoria  '.  ..*   ���������:������012:������6  Victaria      3:09 < 1:09  J-hawnigaa Lake 16:2018:.6 ShaVnigan Lake':... 4.20   ������:40  Duncaas   .* .. 11:������.10:#2 Duncan    ���������������������������$:<)���������   5:08  Ladysmilh    .*  ..  11:57 ������:_��������� Ladysmith   5:52    4.00  Nanaimo     12:40 8:20.Naaain*e   6.42    3:15  Ar.  Wellington      12:53Lt 3:00 Ar Wellington .. 6:55 de 3:00  THROUGH TICK ETS TO  CROFTON.  Via Westhaln. Stage leaves daily, er cs������t Sundays, comaecting, with North  and South bound' trains.  Double sta ������e service Wednesdays Wad Saturdays  connecting' wiih' Kerning and afternoon trains.   Fare freea Victoria, Single $2.40.    Return, $3.60. .  - THROUGH TICKETF VICTORIA TO ALBERNL  Stage leaves Nanaimo' Tuesdays  and Fridays on arrival'of train? from  Victoria.    Fare from  Victoria,  single $5'.20(    Return $8.65.  ���������  Excursion rates in, effect to all points, good going Saturday and Sunday,  returning not  later than Mondday.  GE0. L. COUUTENAY.  Traffic Manager.  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.'.   |  !  I  I  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OP COPPER, dOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Worlte^at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  4  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  I  I  -J  .1  i  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON, THOS. KIDDIE.  | 6eneral Manager. Smelter Manager. y  GEORGE YUEN  W   SILBR.  GE^lLAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY |W������* -:  Leave orders at the Abbotiford.  Merchant Tailor  All kinds of clothing cleaned aud  lepaired. -    ���������  BOOTS AND SHOES AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and making to order   a  speciality.  Til 3 flAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  ���������������������*���������*���������*���������*���������*���������*���������  k  c^-:r*.������.*���������**������-*���������-*���������'*���������*���������*���������*,'*���������-E���������*���������*.*  LIVERY, BOARDING AND       |  SALES STABLES f  EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY. ���������  DAVID JOHNSON       1  LADYSMITH f  ,  www r r w w w ������ t w]w ������������---������������������������������ -rrr--  [IIITCIITC   TRADE-MARKS  PATENTS anoocb������tpa������ts  ICE AS TO PATENTABILITY |"DC_C  ice in " Inventive Age " ���������KpP  k "How to obtain Patents'.' | ������������������������������������__���������  rges moderate. No fee till patent is secured.  Letters strictly confidential. Address,  E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C.  ��������� - - - . ������ .t__._L__._W_._-A.   _k -'-���������������������������-'  LAlWSMiTrl   BAKERY  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER L������AF  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders takes for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Peneteria Ladysmith Esplanade  ���������Helena   e pane    di prima qualita  sempre fresce   Pane    cinque     soldi  l'uno  Ore  del paese.  REDUCTION IN PRICES AT  J. J.jLTMOMAS'  SI ORE  ON HIGH STREET.  Everybody in Ladysmith knows we  carry a first class line of goods.  *������������������*   we must reduee-our stock   *������������������.  *������������������     of Men's an*1 Boy's cloth  ���������������������������   ing at     once.     Sanford's  *���������������������������   clothing~is woll known.   We  ���������������������������   .will'give 25     pcr*_ent eff.  ������������������*   on regular rates unti, fur-  ������������������*   ther notice   .  CALL AND SEE US.  -������������������ . ��������� We carnt_STRAUSS������ OVERALLS  Ordini distribuiti-qual unqiie parte ^ ^^ guara_teed. and the cele-  ", "" brated BIG     HORN OVERALL on  sale.  *"__���������  * ���������  mz  Bent accommodation for  transient  and permanent boarders"and lodgers.  GRAND    HOTEL  c_ This new  Hotel  has been comfortably furnished  and  the bar is up-to-  ' date.     Rates  $ 1.00  a day    and     up-  ; wards.  j WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :������������������: :���������: Ladysmith  :-':������������������*  _**>_  * PHONE 66  ��������� ;>��������� ���������*���������*������������������������&���������$���������#>*���������  W. Mo������.������, Secretary. Jou.v.W. Ojuj_?.   I i i  ' Telephone*46.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co "Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rou^ri and Dressed ���������Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln   Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber   In   Stock.   _ _���������y  ���������S*;*S*:  *���������������"*  *&'  *TT\  IHE CANADIAN BAI OF COMMERCE  ��������� WITH   WHICH   IS AMALGAMATKD Y*  The Bank of British Columbia  '<    HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Capital.Paid up  ���������    $8,700,000  R-Si  :   ���������    -3,500,000.  Aggregate .resources   exceeding 91,000,000  Geo   A   Cox, President B.   E.  Walker,   General  Manager.  LONDON   OFFICE,   00  LOMBARD  ST, OS.   C,  The Bank has 100 Brandies well   g in British Columbia and the Yukon  and elsewhere, including the folio vi'n distributed throughout  the Dominion  Hon  Terrilory-  xT!.IN  GREENWOOD  NANAIMO  ;NEW YORK  J  VANCOUVER'  .     '������     .-EAST END  KAM LOOPS NELSON VICTORIA  LADYSMITH N. WESTMINSTER       WHITE   EORSE  Brancheo in tbe Unitrd States .  SA_j FRANCISCO      PORTLAND      SEATTLE   " SKAGWAY  Every description of banking business transacted.. Letters of credit on  any part of the world. -^---*  Savings Bank Department  Deposits of one dollar i.'l.noj and up wards received and interest allowed al,  current-    rates.     Depositors  are subjected to no delay in depositing   or  withdrawing funds. ���������;              ,  LADYSMITH BRANCH       "- W.  A:. CORNWALL,  Manager.  MaKe  Yotir  Mark  In The World!  Don't be satisfied to work "  along in the same old way  for low wag-es. We can  help yon carve'out a successful career. Thousands i  have increased their salaries  by following: our plan. 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WESTON', Business iianager.  /. *������������������������������.������������������.������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.;.<<������������������ VV\W'������i'������'*.\\VViVV* WV*������  M  WW IN ihe mi i j j N ii  :i iFrcER  ������������������il  could .secure my passports, and wind  up my remaining business, 1 left thc  city and  the country.  There caii^ be no excuse for     such  massacres.     I  know for a fact'   that  the  workingmen  meditated   no     violence.   ^They simply  wanted a liear-  ._,       __T, i-������ m       c *n������ on Ui<! \i&v^ of their c/.ar of their  Eye Witness Describes Scenes gncvallces,WCTe Ldo not kll0W..but  TELLS OF HQRHQRS OF  SI. KTEiW  of 1 he. Great  Riots  t  "The soldiers shot men down   like  dogs.        Harmless     onlookers     were  slaughtered  without cause.       On  the  Nervslcy  Prospect-**  on   the  afternoon  of January 21,  1 saw a woman lean,  ing over  thc body  of someone;   probably her husband or brother,    who  had  been injured  fatally  by  the soldiers.     She was trying to    comfort  ���������   the man an.! \\\\de his death   easier.  '   A     squad     i.f- t'osrir.cks    nassed  on  horseback".     Ciu: wantonly shot    the  woman down  with a revolver.. 1 saw  from a window a mob of strikers fall  '   upon an injured ollicer who was pass-  iiig*.,,along   the  street.     They    killed  hini   with   rocks.     Soldiers  and  citizens were insane with blood and fear.  The sights  wore almost too   terrible  to  tell oL. ' T.lic streets of St.    l'e-  "lersburg "wore ..shambles, and the hor-  or   of  the  throe days   after    Januaiy  22,   were   indescribable."  Such', is  the part oi  the story- 'of  tlie happenings in Russia's capital as  told by an eye witness, A Von   Bru-  ler, of Berlin, Germany,, who   pass-  ��������� ed  through New York thc other day.  An importer of silks,.. JMr. Non .Bailor has houses in Berlin, St. Pct'crs-  . burg and New York, and was in Rus  sia  dining the first days of what he  calls  the "revolution  there.    He   left  St.   Petersburg on January 2(|,   jind  hurried  to New  York  by way of Paris  and  London.     Ho  is now on his  way   to join     his   family,   who'"    are  spending the winter in Southern California    Air. tV-ou Bruler spent   several  hours      between   trains ali   the  Hotel   Cecil,      recently,     There     he  made this statement-.  "To -my dying day I shall never  forget- the impression made upon-  that city When the' soldiers fired upon the worjciiigmen in the great  square before the winter palace. The  '.rouble had been breeding for days.  The nia-ority of the people expected  that bloodshed ��������� would take place.  .Scarcely had the firing begun than  the fact was kifowu. f 10111 end to end  of the city. People poured oui of  their,,houses and stores,, and rushed  down'..the Nen sky Trospect towards  the winter palace wliich adjoins the  thoroughfare. They were met by the  shattered forces of the workingmen,  many -wounded.     __ '.  "At first the horror of it all para,  lysed the people. None expected  such awful results to come, from the  desire of the workingmen to present  a peaceable petition  to the emperor  gibe) ieve there would have been no  trouble. What lhe merits of their  grievances &ere_Ido not know; but  1 do know that every man in that  mob, had the emperor spoken a few  kindly words and listened to them,  would have gone to his home a greater patriot' than he was before. Instead he went "home either a corpse  or with hatred of his government in'  his heart. It was one of the greatest ciimcs of the century, and I  would say so if by so doing I lost  eveiy cent I have invested in Russia.  The revolution i.s on. There is ��������� no  stopping it now. What the end will  be,, no man can fell. But I believe  it is the end-of the Russian government as it" exists today.���������Seattle P.-  I."  THE  BRITISH   NAVY.  f  Then  the storm    broke.     Men     >vho | reorganization, which ,is Conceded by  Captain Torless-j, now in command  of tlie Bouaventure, eiiioute jfoi*  China, was interviewed by ��������� a reporter ..t Winnipeg..while-'onJus wiiy  ...hu .ii'/i'i JOiigland to take tlie place  oi -ii'ili. Hunt, as commander'of the  ship. ' Regarding the reorganizing! of'  the- ' Hriiish *navj, Capt? Torlcjssj  said: \  ,"lt is-the biggest, most radical order e\er issued by the British admiralty.    The extensive changes', were  made  in  a single  day,   a.nd much to  the surprise of everybody concerned.  The great oud chief strategy of the,,  reorganization  lies  in fthe conccntra-,  tionof Great Britain's naval strength  in a line irom the mouth" oi the lios-  phorus  to   the  mouth of  the   Baltic.  The scattered elements   of thc navy  throughout      the   Empire  have- been  abolished or the fragments organized  in units of variable strength.  Gibraltar whicli ihad formerly only a small  yaid,   will   now'become  a big "establishment, so that ships may be    repaired     and     overhauled thoroughly  (here "instead  of  being want back' to  h'nghind.    This chief line of strength  will be suppoited by large squadrdiis  "which     "will   be  stationed   in  other  parts     for  the protection  of   trarIe  routes,  as   the  China,  the Australia  ami the East Indies squadrons. These  are so amalgamated that  in time of,  war. they will be under one command  "Canada   will -be  protected  by .flying squadrons..  The old North   American, and West Indian fleet, as well  as 'the PacifiC'squadron, will be abolished, and -the yard  at Halifax   will  be closed. Instead  oi thc old .vessels  these will be protected by. a splendid  fleet .   of seven     or- eight big ships,  which will cruise the" Atlantic, visiting the old stations from time     to  me.  ��������� _     ���������  'Besides the stragctic value of the  ,    THE FALL OF TROY.  (   By  JUaiguret    Glenn.   ) <  For many years the city of Troy  had held out against thc attacks of  the Greeks.   Brave men, such as Hector, Achilles und Paris, had fallen on  both sides.    At last Epcius,  by  rhe  advice of   Athene,   planned   a schema  whereby Troy was taken, 'lhc Greens  pretended to have given up thc siege.  They did,not **go' far, but hid behind  an island a few miles from the city.  On the Trojan shore they left a large  wooden horse;   inside of  which     the  bravest chiefs were concealed.  Next morning the Trojans gathered  ro.und the liorse, not knowing whether  to  ta1-e it  into  the city  or  not,  when  a cunning  G reek   who  had   allowed-himself to In made a prisoner,  said    it  would  be a safe-guard     to  Troy.   The deceived Trojans carried  the     horse  to  the     citadel.      That  night they had a good time for they  thought      the war was over.     WVhilc*  they weie      enjoying  themselves  Ilie  Greek fleet    silently returned.     The  chiefs came out of thc house and opened the     gates of   lhe city for the  Greeks to enter.     They then set fire  to'the t   city and in thc battle Ihat  followed the Trojans were totally de-^  lea ted,    (bus Troy fell. ~~"   o ;   HIS    LAMKNKSS GREW.  In a certain sMrmish a .Colonel   (general he ca"mc to call himself) got  a slight scratch' on his leg. The  wound was a matter of great glory  to him, and he mused it through after days, growing; lamer with every  "He's a Socialist, isn't he?"  "Oh,-   yes; a prominent one.     He  year that the, .memory of his bravery  might be ever near him.  One day, late inhis life, as he sat  nursing- his teg and pondering the  glorious past, a young man, visiting  the family for the ' fust time, approached and sympathetically remarked'  " Lame, general? "  "Yes, sir,, " after a pause,, and  with inexpressible solemnity, '1 am  ame., '���������  "IJe.n riding, sir? "  "No, !' with rebuking sternness,  "I have not been riding. "  "Ah! Slipped on the ice, general?  "No, sir, " with actual ferocity.  "Perhaps, then, you have sprained  your ankle, sir? "  With a painful slowness the old  man lifted his pet leg with both  hands, set. it carefully on the floor,  rose slowly ir������*..i his chair, and looking down upon the unfortunate youth  with mingled pit/ and wrath, burst  forth in     the sublimity of rage.  "Go     read . the     history of your  country, you puppy."  wrole a \ery successful  book recently a,nd he's making money out; of it."  The Kings Hotel is the only place  in Ladysmith    that has  on draught '  John Labatt's India Pale Aie.   Call  around and eample it.  ri.O. MILES  Contractor and BuHder  REPAIRING of all kinds  promptly  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    st.  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Hi. R. SIMPSON.  Solicitor,  Etc.  Money   to Loan  1st Aven e     -    -   - LADYSMITh  Trade Marks  Designs  Copvrichts Ac  Anyone sending n sketch nnd description mn������  quickly ascertain our op'ino.i freo whether n.n  invention is probably put-ntalilc. Com nm mentions strictly confidential. Handbookon Patents  fjent free. Oldest fluency for acciiriiiir imtenls.  Patents taken throuch Munn & Co. receive  ipecial notice, without chnree, m tlio  Scientific mmm.  V handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.nrfrcst circulation of nny HClcntiflo journal. Terms, i'.i a  year; i our niontUs, $U Sold by all newmlojilere.  MUNN & Gg,36,9road^ New YorS  Hr-iuch ODIco. TCI '���������* ft-- Wn<ihl--ton. 1>. C.  had  been afraid  to raise their voices  . against   the   government,   stood     on  the  public  slrcelsNuid   reviled    their  rulers.    They were frenzied  and  cast  all precaution,-; to the wind,       They  ' hiesett, 'jeered   and   threw  missies  at  ��������� the  Cossacks,  as   they  rode by,     In  return'-they were-shot down,      They  seemed  tp Court death, "���������-."'.'���������'. -.��������� ~' ''���������'���������.:-  "'.    Tor brutali ty     tlie soldiers    were  scarcely exceeded    by. the   workmen.  .An officer .had been, thrown from his  liorse  and? wounded 'A   Me ��������� was.    pro-.  .. -ceding towards his home as quickly.  as possible on foot,  when a niob '   of:  frenzied   men, saw  him.,   ,Thev,.-; fell  upon"him      even   as I- was'..;' watching  ���������the  man,   and- killed  him;     Innocent  women and children whose only     of--  fense was that: they : were   on    the  the streets,  were shot down or   sa-  k beied.     I saw,  I think no Mess   than  seven wilful murders.  ,. As soon as I  all, the changes will mean\thc savins;  of hundreds of thousands .pf dollars  to the Empitft. Ships were) maintained at unimportant points , at a. very  larii-e cost, and -the doing' away "with i  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathbone  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow's hall  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30 p. m.  Mrs. Kate Tate, secretary.  WARD'S MfAT   MARKET  ON ROBERTS STREET.  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B.C.  *-i������*W- !HWH*HH WW  ���������n��������� iw ira ������rn n otsiauiKZiavrii/ixszQs ���������"^"^^r-^ft^';*r'-:;.. -  ���������J .J  iff  LADYSMITH      DAILY    LEDGER  LOU ITEM.  A SNAP���������., good Engl.-h Piano by  a first-class  maker  in p rfi   b  order  For  $100.00. 'A Mason and Hamlin  Organ for $125.00. Apply  A. F. OWEN,  Piano  Tuner Abbotsford  Hote.  -Mr. and Mrt   A   C. Knight went to  Nanaimo at noon.  -__--_B-_a_-  _eG_  _&a-  Mayor Planta of  Nanaimo was  in  tins city on  business today*  Miss  K. McNiel went up  lo Nanaimo on the noon  Uajn.  Mr.   W.  XV.   Walkem  went  up  Nanaimo at noon todav.  to  Air.- C. Spencei passed Lhior a,li  fiom the capital to Nanaimo ai noon  ii'd.iv.  ^Ii and Alts. Tom Bickle and family fiave been spending a few days in  tins city and leUuned home lo Cumin-1 hind   today.  The ���������_.ein!jcis of the ladi.-s' hockey  I'luli arc Lui niiig out regularly for  jjia'-'ii-c and many of them appear to  he .sph-ii'liil pla\cis.  ilie length of houis undeigiound for  this company. We all know of bosses wiio have been discharged by this  company  foi   mist lea ting  men  Alt. llawihointhwaite told tbe AI.  P P.'s Ihat the reason he wanted the  law amended now -was because they  bad an Aineiican camp opeiating in  the mines ai Nanaimo. Now, sir,  I want lo a->k the law-makers ifsit  is nght foi I hem to pass an act to  inflict a penally upon the Extension  company and mineLS because Nanaimo men have got then* heail's <le-  sne���������-aii Aineiican company on the  Island'' How long is it since the  Nanaimo 'mineis had agiand banquet on the green in Nanaimo to  celcbv.itc then agicement with the  Ajbo'.p company, and the Nanaimo pa-  peis weie full of the grand things  that weie going to be done'' I really  think thai we hate good laws, and  they should stand as they are. I  know that the legislatois of this  province aie thinking men���������men we  can liust to do light. Hence they  tan not pass  the act.  JOHN 1IAIGII.  Extension, Match 5,  (' A Daws, formerly of Ladysmith  but lal Hy work ng in Rent on, Wash.,  was badly injured last Thursday by  a fall ot coal m tbe Ren ton mine-;,  hi.- back and left leg being hurt seriously. It is thought, however, thai  he will reco\er. Airs. Davis, who resides here, leaves tonight for Ren ton  our  gifted     countrywoman,   Al-adame  Freed-Gnselda,  who is shortly to appear  in Grand  Concert at  Calcutta.  Her voice  is simply supurli,  tanking  with those ot  the greatest In ing artistes.    She  has  given so much delight to their Excellencies Lord   and  Lady  Ampthill that she had      two  "commands" for Government House  AladraS;  Do hear her once and    you  will want to do so again.  Yours sincerely,  Col.   II.   S. Olcott,  *   *   ��������� .  I'rcs.  of The TheosophicalSociety.  State Go\ ernment House, Madras  Dear  Madame  Griselda'  1 am directed oy His Excellency  thc Governor to enclose check for  Rs three fifty. I am also to say it  has given both His Excellency and  Lady Ampthill very great pleasure  to hear you sing again and that they  weie glad to Jind that your extended  travels have in no way impaiied the  thaim of yojr lovely voice. Relieve  me,  yours  very truly,  '   X. D.  A. FIFE,  Private Secretary.  NEW AIAP. ,  A line new map of Iiutish Columbia,  Albeita and Yukon has recently  been      icceived   at   the  local   school  This      map  is   the  latest  diawn   of  lhe-������e prownccs  and  is generally con-  Mdeied  to he in e\crj   icspect      the  best as yet designed.  AT   TIIE   AHBOTSFORD.  L.  A. Noeckei,   V'aiicouvei.  J.   II.  Simpson,  Nanaimo.  Geo.   Williams,   Nanaimo  A.  E. Planta,  Nanaimo.  A. \ aughan, Nanaimo  K.   K.   I'eiscL,   Victoiia.  J. A.   Kenning, Vancouver.  C.  II.  Grant,  Cumberland.  Co'lier   Meteor came  in  last night  for a lull caigo o: coal.  ���������   *   ��������� /  S S   John I,   Card took on coal at  the  bunkers  this  morning  *     .     m  Hulk   Japan  is   back  from   Comox  i'oi   another cargo of dross for      the  f.ke oVens at that place.  SAT U R DA Y'S   CONCERT.  Cosmopolitan, Stiand for March ai  Knight's.  All Story Magazine, Smith's and  Tom Watson's Maga/.ine for April,  at Knight's.  o ���������-  MINING  AT EXTENSION.  fl  l*i   '   I  '.   I _J=������-.,  I ��������� I,   i  I I    i  Sn���������As      there     is    so much  talk  alum I the hours woiked 1.} coal nun-  rrs, and Ml Ilawthoi nihwaite's  amendment to the coal mines pies-  en I laws, I would like to gne a fan  .statement cf how we woik at the  Extension   mines.  Evei since ihe eoal mines were  lust opened In Dunsinuii A. Sons oi,  lhi������ Island, Ihe woiking hours wen*  fiom 7 to ,*! And, now at this mini  wheie a very long Luiinel inns uniiei  the mountain into the \em oi coal  cut out of the solid rock,-..there arc  -two "tracks so -Uiatrthc./elcctrie irio-  . tors can pass each -other-.:--* Over head  are electric wires, the same as are  on your streets. The main tunnel  i.s about one mile long, at the end  of wliich branches oft two levels, on  wliich the motor runs for coal. This  has been driven al a very great expense.  Wc will take the day shift. Inthe.  mornings the motor enters the tim-  iu-1 with about 75 cars loaded with  miners. At 10 to 7, the men have  to go fully two miles before getting  to their places, carrying powder,  picks and drills. Most of the men  car.-.oi   commence work before 7.30.  Then they cannot 'work after2.20,  as 'Ley have to make the same dis-  lanci- back again to the outside.  Hi-nce, there is nol over seven hours'  work. Unt remember, if they can  p-t  curs   they  are  working for life.  .'-'���������::.':.I- men have very dangerous  places, a^ some day they might-have  Iii work nine hours to make their  place  sa.f"   for   the  next   day.  Would ii be right to pass an act  lo mah" ;> man pay a fine of SlOli or  go to jail for two mouths for making  his  place safe?  It i.s no use me giving lots of reasons why an act of that kind should  not   [>ass.  Hut I want to say this, we have a  number of mines here, and there are  about 211 bosses of different. kinds,  and there is nol. one who ever asked  a man to work eight, hours, unless he  considered it. was necessary., Ajid  then  he.  was  paid  extra.  We have h-re some of lhe best men  from all parts of ('real Britain and  the linilfd States, and I have never  beard   one  complaint  with   regard   to  The conceit of Madams Freed-  fJriselda which will, it is now expected, take place on Sat rday evening, the 11 Hi inst., will be appieciat-  c-d by the music-loving people of Ladysmith. More e\tensive notices will  l.e given later if, as now seems pio  haljle enough, tickets are guaranteed  lo wan ant the manager of the opera  i.oust* in securing the noted singer s  al tendance.  'lhc      Vancou*.er   News   Advertisci  sajs of the concert gi\cn under    thc  uisj.ices   of   the   Vancouver   Art   and  Historical  Society last Wednesday:  Madame    I'leed-Gii&elda's    concert  drew   a large and  select audience   at  the Pender Hull last evening and was  a detided sinc2:s   Miss   Fihcn  McKn  nery,   contralto soloist,  and       Aliss  Kloience   Vaugham,   violinist,   assisted   ui   lhc  programme,   while Air.   L  If.  J   Minchin nclcd as aicompanist.  Hoth \oeal  soloists  were repeatedly  encored,   Madame   Grieslda  selecting  sikIi   old   fa-oritcs  as   "Annie  Laurie,"  and   "Daddy"   when  responding  to   the  enthusiastic  ael'la-'se      with  which    the     audience   derrorstratcd  their     appicciation   Miss   AlcEnneiy  also     ics,.ondi'd   \civ   l**'a'Irish     to  Lhc cncot2 calks anil  both ladies weie  -rade  tlie  icLipients   ot   heautifi 1   bo-  <liiels  ���������   *   ���������  To  hei   Excellency   Lady  Cur/on  Dear Lady  Cm/on  I   want  to  bring  to your  notice  ���������     To the Countess tie la Warr,  75  Chesham St., London.  My dear Lady de la Warr:  In this letter I wish to introduce  you   to  Madame   Freed-Griselda' who  has. in my opinion one of the    most  sympathetic ami  beautiful  voices     I  ha\cJcver had the privilege to lisUn  to.    She has hcen touring the Orient  and  in  e\erv case the devotees     of  music or     otherwise, have been mini essed as one is with Madame Pat-  ti, and  possibly more so   Now Lady  de Ia Warr, I write this to you as I  am sure youi influence will gain Madame      Griselda    many   hearings   in  which I assure you anyone who hears  nei once will  try to do So many times more    Best regards to Lady Mary  and Alargaret, Yours truly,    ������  Talbot  Clifton.  Palace of His Highness the Sultan of  Johore.  Dear Aladame Griselda*,���������I am   directed by His Highness the Sultan to  ask your acceptance of the eneh>*.ed  -heck  for  two hundied and  fifty dollars  as  a small   token  of  His .Highness' appreciation of tl.o great pleis-  ,ue  you  gate  His Highness  and his  quests      at   Tyersall .on   Wednesday  last.    His   lligf.ine*-s  djsires    mc   to  ���������-ay thai   he  hopes that at some future time you  will again charm    m  .vith  your beaut I lui    singing.      Mis  Highness  hopes that success  may  be  wilh you where er you go.  Yours truly,   W. A. Gauler  State Government Ht>' se,  Melbourne,   Australia.  Dear Madame Guselda,���������The enclosed check  is   from  Their  Excellencies  Sir Reginald and Lady   Talbot with  their  compliments.    They   hoth   wish  no to say how greatly  they enjoyed  your lovely  singing last   lii-jlit  ' and  Ihat they will ha\e much pleasuie in  granting your request that the sei its  of  concerts   on   your  coming       to r  through the district might le    i.ir'e.  their  patronage     Hoping  that     t'-e  eold    of   last      night   has  in  no va**  liaimed you,  believe me, youis truly,  K,  G.   Ihi-hanan  *   ���������   ���������  N.V..,    Thc     oiiginal above letters  with their go\ eminent crests may lie  seen upon application. ,_  New  Top  Skirts \  in Fancy Twee), plain  Cloth, etc, from  $3.75 to 7.50  New Spring  COatS  in Tweed Effects  Store closes  at six o'clook every evening except  Saturday.  DRYSBAU-sffcVtrtsuH  Co.   Ladysffliih  NOTICE.  (Dissolution of Partnership.)  The partnership heretofore sub* ist  ing between Chu .Ming and Chu 1 unr  Ho, of Extension, B.C., trading un  der the firm name of1 Wing Lung A*  Co.,  Ins been" dissolscd.  Thc business will in futire be conducted under the sole management of  Chu Li.ng Ho. who assumes all lia-  lilifies of the late firm, and to whom  all outstanding debts must be paid.  CUU LUNG HO. .  Dated Extension, B.C., Feb. 29th,  ]90.r*.  /  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed; and at reason-"  able rates.   '  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  HAY. GRAIN AW)  FARM PhODUtf  Ordeis will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest" possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on tne  Esplanade.  JAS. WARNOCK.  CARD   OF   THANKS.  Mrs.     Mary A. Davis wishes     to  thank all RatWbone Sisters for their  token of remembrance, wishing them  all success in their temple : nJ work.  MRS. M. A.- DAVIS.  Fishing Tackle  We have just received a consignment of Fishing tackle and Fishermen can now enjoy good sport.  Jobett Baits  Gut Hooks  r   vBraided Lines  Assorted Flies  Silver Doctor  Tacoma Baits  Also a fine assortment of bamboo  Rods.   Ma.:c your selection early.  SIMON LEISER &C0 Ltd.  GATACRE 8T.  LADYSMITH  Some good Residences For Sale  Call and get particulars.  Agency of the Esquimau  __mj__E^__w n ��������� nwi    i        ^^ -.-.���������-.-.__r_*^^^B_������B_������_w_i_������_^^e"e"e"e������eie^^"e������^"-e^e������^-������","^^���������,1"-���������"���������*^^^^���������  & Nanaimo Ry. Co's  City Property  JOHN STlWART P. O. Box 268  .-IRE,  LIFE  AND   ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  A New Shipment of  -,'..'     - '      * -'  Christies' biscuits  All kinds,  CONVEYANCING  NOTARY   PUBLIC.  '���������$M  B. PICKLES  in  QUART STONE JARS  MIXED,  CHOWCHOW  CAULIFLOWER  PICALIIXI  ONIONS '  WALNUTS  GIRKINS  PER JAR  W. T. HEDDLE   CO.  WiTHams'Block  Particular Grocers.  Telephone 1  I assure ..;  I: VIP. ^  on,  rvLuhun,   the  ai i ? I >V', rCW  are the    .host you can    get for him.  i MADE IN  LADYSMITH  TAFFY!    TAFFY I  TAFFY!  COME' AND SEE OUR LINES OF  CANDIES AND 'CONFECTIONERY  .    '.-.-���������    ���������At���������  HOY'S BAKERY  f  Pealers in   ! ianos and  Organs ...  NEW,  TASTY,  CRISP.  CARLISLE    BLOCK  ==-9  .adysmitli, il. C.  1st   \venue,   --- ���������  -   Ladysmith  Ur. II. B. Dier may be [mind at  !iis nlliee, at any time through the  day or evening. Hriilge or crown  work as p;oud an the hest and at reasonable l'liciH. It is not a practice  for a few days cl weeks only that  Dr. Dier is establishing, hut line  that will cause, him to' he a permanent resident of Ladysmitli. Ollice on  High SIreet,  next Weinrobe's.  P.ASEC.ALL.  San Francisco, Cal., 'March 8���������The  i'a'.ific Coast baseball leaf-re has decided to join fores willi the eastern  minor leagues on thc qucslion of the  draftiiii- of players by the major lea-  jrucs.  ^s^^^^^^&m^w^^sms^m-jpsT-.  "^^23SiS_S_s3S23:Sas������SS_^S^"  m  S H^ KJi M^ fes*  &rt  S9aus>w 6J  **a^  For Crosse (^Blackwell's very-  choice J.MS in glass.  Wild Rose Honey, fresh stock  ���������: -���������*Br������er j'-*������-*r*-a  rison s9 Laaysmiui,  s_3_8_Es:r  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARLORS  HIGH   STREET.  :���������:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������j  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  J. PIEflCY m CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  ��������� V-V ���������    ��������� ���������  Victoria, B. C.  Manulacturers of the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  tf.'A  OVERALLS. .  BLOUSES,  JUMiPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC.  Leave orders with  IILA.IR &   ADAM,   '���������t\*.n  All we'-k Qrst-c-lass at THE CHRY  STAL,  VICTORIA.  111 CUT GRADE  CiRAM-0-PHONE  FOR USERS OF  FIRST  AVE.,  HEADCHES ' fcl  ��������� to  result of ej'2     straining, curo:l ^  Examinations    and sight tests free /A  of charge. '|  to  to  "1."  B.FORCIMriER|[  ���������'.:"."   ;-': A: if\  WATCHMAKER. JEWELER, OPTICIAN  Ji  .XX X LADYSMITH^  AT  Sale  at RolstonS  PUTTING ON  NEW PAPER  is the mest ellective an^l. most economical  method "ol   improving       and  brightening   up   the   interior   appearance of your dwelling.  From the many beautiful patterns  ���������many of them exclusive���������in our new-  line, we are certain you can select  exactly the rij/ht paper to suit your  taste and purse. Let us show you  our handsome array of styles.  HARRY KAY  i i i  .1...'  __ DRAW.  s  !  *_-3_S_6_������3w__^SS  ASK YOUR GROCER  FOR   PARTICULARS  f     Tacoma.   Wash.,   March  8.���������   Jack  F-  Twin  Sullivan,  of Boston,  and Tom-  \   my Burns, of Chicago, fought twmty  ft  fast-rounds t,o a draw here last-night.  Dinner and Tea Sets  $10-00 Dinner Sets,  97  pieces,  now  $ 7.00  $13.00 Dinner Sets, 97 pieces,* now     9.0Q  $15.00 Dinner^ Sets, 97 pieces,  now  10.00  $20.00 Dinner  Sets,   97   pieces,  n ow  .....' '. 1500  $25.00 Dinner  Sets,   115   pieces,    now  38.00  $35.00 Dinner  Sets,   98  pieces,  nows  '.  ..: .25.00  Watch our Window for I. O. C. Lines  FARMERS'    MEAT   fl ARRET  On ist Avenue  Geo. Roberts  - _    Proprietor   ���������������������������     - ���������  HOTEX  LADYSMITH  Finest  RATES���������$1.00     pet     day  Wiies,  Llqu.rs and  Cigars.  Firt-t Avenue, Ladysmith, B. O  D. Cl WHITE.  HOTEL DOMINION s  ���������Rate? $L25 m d $1.50^-  feree bus to all ftepnahost  Iandirip-* 8nd  railwHV dopotB.,    Electric, car^ ivhv fir������  minutes  lo all parts of   tbe  ciiy.    Bar  and table i-afxc-llcd.  F.. BAYNE3, Proprietor,  ABBOTT ST.,   VANCOUVER,  B.Ct  V


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