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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 7, 1906

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Array - [p _ M4R8-1906      cf|  The Ladysmith Dm^t Ledger  MAR 8 -.1906  VOL..2  WEDNESDAY,  MARCH  7    190C.  ERICE FIVE CENTS  SKEiElQN  Of WQM&H  IN A T  Montreal,' March 5.���������A nutter of  excitement was caused last night *t  the Windsor railway station by the  discovery that a plain wooden .box  lying in the' U.figgage room for lhc  jast week contained the skeleton of  a woman. The morgue was notiti-jJ  immediately and tlv_* box with its  gruesome .contents removed.  A week     ago   a    middle-aged man,  na'ine uiiitiiown,  btouglit lhe box "into  the     station    and   asked  to ha\e  il  .shipped.        The  baggage man  refused  to do so he-aiiSe the consignee deelin  ed to disclose the nature of its contents. The stranger left the station  promising io return in a few minutes when, he declared lie would give  full details of the contents of the  box and the address to which it was  to he shipped.  Nothing was .seen of the man afterward, and the box was left in- a  corner of the room awaiting shipment. Yesterday one of the luggage  men noticed a peculiar odor, aid it  was tracud to the mysteiiois' box.  After consultation it was decided to  open it, and the skeleton form of a  woman met the startled ga/������e of the  investigators.  On exam nation at thc m0rgi:e it.  was found the skeleton was that of a  woman apparently about thirty-live  years    of age. .  flesh still adhering to  the bone, prin-! ljrovince  cipally about the hands and feet.   o '���������   INNOCENT MAN  MM INE  BEEN  Winnipeg,  March fi.���������There  is a ru-  TEMPLEM N  EUUED BY  URGE  Victoria,    Mnivh,   r..���������Hon.        Win-  King was hanged at Edmonton last  summer.on tho charge of murdering  Hay ward,, but as he died protesting  his innocence and as the evidence  was purely 'circumstantial, this icport has cieatfd considerable 'interest ami uiicaHiu'Ss, although it in not  credited in w.ell-iiiforinod circles, even, though it is possible.  mor current in  northern    wilds that   Templcinan,     the     newly  appointed  William     Hay ward   has  recently  been   minister of   Inland   Revenue     wa.v.'l-  pcen    alive    and   well   there.      Chas.   ected    lodny   by  a   majority   of   ibt  over the Conservative candidate  John Ij. tteckwith. The presetic-,*  of a third candidate who.��������� .thought  nominally a Socialist depended l'oi'  his support on tho labor vole some  ulutt complicated mutters, Tlie [ioi!  was: Teniplcnitin, Liberal, l.r������."������7;  John 1^. Itei-kwith, .Coiiwrvntiiu.  H.Vl.-Mateou, Socialist *W9. lattl'j  interest was taken in the. election,  a small vote being polled. Jn today's, result the Liberal majority in  increased river the figures of Geo.  Riley, who was elect ed in the  Liberal interests * at the general  elections in 190-1 by ."508 ninjor-  Hon. Win. Tenipleman in toil y.  day's vole polled fl94 gotes more  Ihnn his two opponents combined,  and TO'*. of a majority over tl  Conservative rnndidnte. Reckwilh.  who came within a few votes of  losing  his deposit.  SANITARIUM  ESTABLISHED  THIS SUMMER  Vancouver, Warch 7.���������"As sure as  the .sun is not shilling over Vaficou-  ver today, so .surely will a hospital  for incipient cases of consumption  he established in Ilie. Kam loops district this year. It may he only a  $10 lent to begin with, but it will bo,  something.'' Such was tl������_ state-'  ment made by Dr.. Kagaii, provincial  n.CTrwJ'riittle'1hsalth,������mcc^ "el������������M������������l ^ ������"  LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION LIST  Work at the ek-arin  tion giounds is going' on apace mid  with a eoiitiiiumid. ot tlie _,o0_ wca-  tlu'i- that now pie\ails it is leason.i-  iil������ to expect: tlu; work will be coiu-  pletrd, if not iu Ihe specified tin.c,  faiily near Ihat d.-ite.  IJy payday Miurc should l:e on Ilie  suliscription list, which will be published daily fr.oni this lime, the name  of even' man and yoiii'h iu  town wiu  THINK. RISE  I  of the roeriii-,    If, as  reported,  the  Riilish CJolvm-J  bia coast     mills  intend  to  raise the'  price of lumber  to theiconsumer, the  eflfcot of     such a move on l.hc N'oilli  west market  will  be  bad  for       the  millini'ii  in  the opinion  ot Mr   V. W.  Peters,   assistant,   treight   traffic   man  aget- oi the western linos of the (\ 1-*  'Ii.     Mr.' .Peters is now inVaiu'ouvei  is a sportsman   who  will  derive   any on  hi.  way  back  to his headquarter.-  pleasure  from the grounds  when  Ih-y *��������� Winnipeg after e.u inspection ol tin  ' '   '      The cause  is a go.'.1 ' *'! "  till gel a god Unit'  aie cDiiipleti'd  one and vou wi  on I     of   the    Ladysniilh      Recreation  ground,      so    b      gi rierous ai.id  ina'.-ie  your  donations as  large as  po*sibh?-  '.John 'llu   iso.ni.  m  Victoria  J. H.  Dyer    J.   Go-go      Union  Brewery  J.  Tape 11 a    W. E. .Morrison  !. BER1HA GLACHE  PLEADS GUILTY  DOG-'S LIFE FOR MASTER.   .  A  faithful shepherd  dog gave    its  life in  a-vain  effort to save its Ulster, Ernest  Mayberry from death   .in  .Rock River at  Sterling, 111,     When  I province .appropriated the ehousand  dollars lor tlie, purpose, anil the Dominion government would also be  asived to assist the local pio.,ecl by  the anti-tuherculosis convention, that  assembles in Ottawa the last ol this  month. Mr. , Fagan Will le present  at this meeting, and was confident  favorable action would result from  the appeal.        As  to site,  Dr.  Fagan  KOSfciLA  JMNIN6 COMPANY  MAKi   WORK  ������onipany'.s   agencies  here  and on Puget .Sound.  "lt  seems to  me that it   is  a  ver>  grave mistape for the  coast mills to  raise, the price or hmif-'er at this lime  *>nid Mr.     ic'leir,   "l.e.'ause  the  ir.e i-  table result will   l*.-j  that the  compe  til inn     suffered   irom   Puget    Sound  mills in tin* Northwest will be   y,i"cal  or  than  ever      When  our mill*, rais.  the price ol their pioduet it is taster  for  the American's,   by   just  the amount ol the .increase, to compete will  llrilish  Columbia   mills   in  tho  tern  toiy east- of the mountains.  "Mind    you,   I am not saying that  Hie coast mills have raised their prices, but it is repo-tid that they haw  trial! done   so,   and in   that ca'C 1   Lelievi  Ev-  OBJECTS TO MEA  GRENESS OF GRANT  ���������t  i '    ��������� i  Parker Williams Says Newcastle Con-j  tributes $43,000 to Revenue, and  $5,000 is Small Return  Department Will Adopt Some Special  Means of Dealing With District If  Green Finds Conditions Bad  The- following is taken from  there-  first minister  that unless    an     'im-  50.00  50.110  25.00  25.00  15.00  luiiruei'  they are taking a  wumg step,  to a siul-  cry   dollar  increase in Canadian  hup  would select .'i.'veral places in Kam  loops district and a final selection  will  be,made from  these.  . u   PRINCE ARTHUR'S VISIT  May berry fell  into the icy water the' said    that  a board of   - management  dog plunged after him hut was unable ' -  on account of the b'oy's frantic struggles  to pull,him to shore.   WJien the  bodies  were  recovered   a short time  later    V*je'boy's  arms, were  clasped  about the dog's neck.      .  NEWS NOTES  FROM THE  WATER FRONT  Collier Riertar h'ais completed     her  cargo and  leaves ��������� for  San Francisco  this evening.  From the itinerary of the approaching ' tour of II.. fi. H. Prince  Art bur of Coiinaughl, whiih has just  been issued, if appears that tin-' Royal visitor will reach Victoiia from  laian on. thc C.  P. R. steamer  Em  ling-lit and early, even before the  season- g-cis opened up thu uulelau  gable me'i.ibers of th-e Jttosella.Mi  nig Coinpuny have stourted out  their men ior {he Lassiur. Fou.i  of tlicui, including- Sir. A. Man-  n'oltt of iMutiuimo, started from \������in-  couver   on   Monday     night   last   aud  New      Vorlc,  Slut eh,   7.���������The  of  liortha   tJlaidie,      Ioi    llie  of   _:mil     (jicrclruii     came  Uo'n imminution- todaj,, when i.u.j ' Lei* makes it .so tiiucli easier for the  young j.\r_nch woman*pieudcd g'uiUy Ameiicans to compete, and just now  on advieo 01 Her counsc-1. to maiii' American raihoads aie hot aflci  -lauffhi_r in ihe lirst defcl-cu. Th..,.' 'raile in the Northwest. Thv Grca������  however, i.s ho. "the end    01 the ea������e   Northern   is  pushing two hranclies In-  ..^ri���������  t������ Manitoba, and  it is  to the advan  ' tag,e of that     r������ad to carry as min-'l  11 lumber iuto  the country  us  possible.  "Would  not  the  lnaease in   lumbe  oi  1 and that uuijaiiuinpi will be  lo continue'an invesugatam  certain ulasijf ol ]>olicuiueiL , with  Uerilia Ulaiche us stale's eMiicnc,  wa_ made 'plain Liy statements  made by the judge beiore ���������.���������.bom  the trial \>.as concluded and i->\  the 'defendant's   own   counsel.      Sup  reme    court      Justice,   Davis,   m   iv-  tlwso   will   be    joined  at     Telegraph (milHiin���������.    yie VOniiji,   woman   for   sen-  ,i...     ..ip  UreeK by several Indians who will  be used in cutting timber lor tlu*-  sluice boxes. From this point too.  the'party will  go   in   over        lhe  Lence until March 20 and in i"**-  charg'iiig the jury said: "There a -v  many   features   ������i   the   case       which  and  prices    on the     Sound  prf\ent  uivdu.  competition    with   Canadian   mills   ir  the  Northwi-sr'     Well,   i.o,  I do no'  think it would, localise however hiiil*  lhe   Amerirnn  mills  put   their   prices  to    thei*'      customer*,  in  the  t'liito:'  States,  tlu-y  are  alwaus  willing  am'  anxious to     dump their surplus  int-  the Canindi/fii mar' et   at a sacrifu*-.*  There |is no duty  on Uiml.cr cnteting  Canada, and consei ('luillv  the    anti  induced    the     court  to accept, _   _        ,  snow'    lor  a    distance   of 300    miles   the  defendant  Bo   offer the  plea      of .dumping elauws is  effei tue-duty can  "now sloes   and as  none of tliem   mans.au^, in' the* tirst degree, and������not    he    do,,.      on    soiueth.n,  o-  ;;;;vC>een accustomed  .o  snow .hoes   l   U,in,   when     final     .^..U,       .hull |������������,icl,   no     ,l.*y   .s   ,m,.oscl.  S.S. Selkirk, which discha^geil a  cargo of ore for the Tyee smelter  yesterday, is loading coal for Van-  toiiver.  .  , A   STURDY YOUNG  PRINCK.  '. Little Prince. Edward  of Wales is al  ready showing a-delightful ytairdiiiess  of  character.   1 le has a profound dislike for arithmetic; and  shares   'the  opinion  of tiie  bard   \vho laid  down'  ���������'the  ax-ioim,. "Multiplication is vcxa-  ,tibn."    Many  times  has the  future  king of England   beeii"put in      tlie  coriler"  owing "-to'this;   and  recently  when.be saw the hated preparation  of slates  and arithmetic books bciiip; j nieI1^  made to 'start  the day"s lessons, he ������������������  ��������� arose from  the table, with a sigh for  the  impending inevitable catastrophe  and said    quietly    to  his tutor:  "1  think I'll  go  into, the corner agiain  instead,     if you don't  niind,"      aiid  'inarched   away    like a soldier under  arrest,  leaving a very; l������ewildered tutor in the rear.   o ���������   before,       those   wliov    know         how have  been   reiuhed   and   the   sciUeneo  easy     iL   is   to get  these instrimien"* imposed     the  court   will   see       that  of   torture tangled     up ou   top        ui tiic  stale's   best   inlerest     will   have  each ' oth.-r   will  appreeiato   the   gmil been see. ed.  task   they   have      se.    themselves   to Aliraiu     Levy,   ol*  counsel     lor   L,.������  /In      However      thev will  take plenty defense   said   of  his   client a   pk*.  .l.ran ������*������. 1'. It: s������oa.������t ,-, -������: ^������������������^''   J^5   ' aftw_ u 0 B���������t ,.n6w ���������,��������� ���������,���������xiTO1,u ,*.������������������*>��������� is v.-���������������  ^^���������Z^i^k.\^--- ���������:w*v "-" *���������'? ���������������������������'������" ���������1"">i,r/:s:.';  of  tne |iait.   a _     .     _   _   ( ^^     ^ once,   moving up Lhe    miic   nor can   1 say   what   1   expea.  hinerv  into  place    and getting      'Lhe   sentence   will  be,     but   of this  ground       in   readiness     for   the   rest   sure,-  it   will  be  very   favorable  of  the  partv.      who   will   follow, with   the defendant." .  Mr       .T   '"W    Haskin'a- 'about thej     The  ciiliminatjon    of    events  l.oo.inning ol*  Mav,     when     the  wen,-' day which    led   to the   pUHv   ol ^  Lher    breaks  up. The      Compaq-' ty   was   very    rapid..       At--lt?'?^  expects   this   yeae     to.make   a good   th,  defendant   was   earned; aw^J  substantial       clean-up  an<l those   the Tombs   prison slrug-g.ing   hSstc.  '���������who are'more   intere'sted     and   know, ically  with  C. V. O., C. B., p. M.; General Sir  Thomas Kelly-Kenny, (i. C. U.;Col.  Auhur Davidson, Ci. ,V. O.JlMr. XV. M;  Lampsoii; Capt. W. 'F..'G. Wyndham,  a cornier and servants. The Prince  and party will he the guests of the  Dominion .".*��������� government inuring their  stay in Canada.  Colonel Hanbrry-Williams will ac-  'company Prince Arthur of Con-  naUKht during his tour in Canada, ns  why,  the  I a 1:1  to  to-  guil-  There-  fore tlio Americans can diinip liunl'.-  inio Ciinexla as fast as they feel in  elincd, and there is no redress."  ���������o   ASSEMBLY A  HOLLOW  M0CKER1  the     repivsen.trftive of' the Governor- j Ro(.c.na    aiUires  (leneii-ai; and Mr. Jos Vopo, C.'.w. G.,| munths  IVom   nf  I'nder Secretary of State, will be attached    ,lo the     paity as the representative  of     the  Dominion   Govern-  ,GlRL PROVES   'A HEROINE.  Walter Gibson of Woodibury and  his son Philo, 13 years old, were  saved from drowning at Waterpury,  Conn.,. by the cool bravery of Gib-  - son's daughter Rose, 8 years old-  Gibson,'coming Inline from wood-  i*hoi->pin*.r��������� took a short-cut across ,the  reservoir, the ice gave way and,'being weighted  down  by   a large    fur  MARKSMEN j  UNNECESSARY  Berlin, March, 0.���������When. Russia  lights her next, naval battle n\w  will at least be able to do some  damage -to the enemy1* .ships, no  matter- how poor marksmen '.u'r  gunners are. Gunners will be un  necessary, in me*, as one oll'uvr  will'bu  able  to  aim   und  lire all  the:  uwns,   thatiks Lo   an   elex'tricnl       de-1      .  .,       ���������  b i suicide* of  vice   invented by   a   lliing-ni'inn    electrician.   -The machine     consists      of  an ^lparatiis whereby the   guns may  the  facts  of   Lhe case  predict  in six or eight  months from now will be worth  a very suhsl.anlial advance, on the  present, price.  It is expected that Sir. Haslciiir-.  will be'accompanied -^iy, a representa  tive of Lhe Chicago capitalists, ,who  have arranged to buy the quart-',  proportion in the. neighborhood ot  I'osella, in which the Ttosella Coin  pany have a large, iivteresl and  which gives every indication of being one of the biggest mining, prn-  prope-rtios  in  America.  that,  screaminj  tlie   police  The   tria  -.St,'.Petersburg, March C- The full  text   of an imperial  manifesto     and  laws relativej to the national4assembly anil     the re-organized, council    of  the empire     throws a flood of; light  , on   the purpose  to keep a firm- check  oihcers     ami   on   the new   Russian  parliiiiiient and  Pr������"i.t<i exclude certain subjects.from co'n-  had  ceecled      up   I"   '���������>������<   ' Point   vhe���������   "  was  expected     Uorl.lm   Claiche would  sideration -by. the   people's   reptescn  t tativi'S. The composition of the coun-  go   on    the     witness    stand    hefselt^ cil of the empire, or upper house     of  within tbi.-  next, few  minutes,     when ! the national  assembly,   with  oue-hah"  ���������during'  a   recess  into   conference  toruey .Jerome,  this   conference  her   counsel        went  with   district        at-  At   the     end       of  .rudffe     OtLo    Uo&-t  REAL TRAGRHY ON STAGE.  Don ver,   -Col.; March 7.���������Intensely  dramatic nnd   sensational   was      the  Mrs.   C.   A. Wilder,        a  youiic;  widow  who sent a, bullet thro-  alky.- one of the deiendei.L lawyc-s.  talked Lo his client for three nullities. At the ciose ol" the talk she  burst into t'-ai's and was so near  collapse that site had to be assisted  to walk to the railing before  .Jusl ice I ia vis. where she was to  plead. A .clerk asked her if ������������������>"-'  would pi-ad guilty to manslaughter  in ,|,t. lirsl il-K-ive. Th" young wo-  maii replied, -'yes- and fainted, falling' to lhe lloo.r ofl be court room.  When sin- -revived slw becniiie Hysterical, crying- oui. "I'll m'vvr :*���������������  my mot her ou this earth., again."  Her  screams   were  heard  out-side  Gie  ueli  her  heart* on the stage of      the  __jparatiiM  wm--i-.-ha m..-   jj...... ....... .   ���������-'  coat he went down. Philo, running >,������ aimed and tired with unfailing ac Crystal theatre, -.iile^e,!,,  to his father's assistance; also Jioke > cwacv, no matter how rough the in the presence of one thousand ikhv  through   The shouts   of   the two hvo- ' ueaU,er. | I'ic  Mrs.  Wilder had   bee,,  a speda-  ught little Rose,  who rushed  toward      The  Cmr    has  bought,     five       l,r   tor at  tho "performance, occupying a  tho floundering pair, unlil  she fell the   ,ll(,K0  machines,  and  all   of    Russia's  ice  crack*uc; under her.    Then      she  seated herself and   slipped  off       her  court building as she was  from the room and at ihe  a physician was summoned  tend her. Abraham T,evy,  Claichc's counsel, said lute  that   he   had   pledged      himself  niiw  battleships       which- are     to    be  '       r  ,,       buill     will   be  equipped    with   (horn.  little, coat.   Tying this  to her knit- i .l..  ���������0    , ..     . ,.  .,   .    ,       .  .,       I ���������   A- la>>ilous sum   was  oflered the in  ted scarf, sue threw it  to her father. ,.������������������,, ,  . ..     ,  '     ,,   .       P    .      ,, ,,,��������� M  ,,, ���������     ventor   i    he  would   sell   the        sole  "Don't pull  too. fast,   daddy,    she    ..,,.,;,,  ,,���������,,    <lT, .   ��������� ,.     _4.,._���������    ii *   *" l'lg'hts  to   Ttiissin,      but  this     lie   de-  called;  "I in not very stioiig. i    "  With the aid of the improvised life clhwd' sa-v"*S Ula( ll" rli"' "l "������������������������"���������  ���������line Giiihon scvaiiiblod out and then ���������t'-'-������>n-ko one nation all powerful  drew his son from  the water.    The  to make  one nation     all  on the  sen,     but   hoped   thai .his  in  t aken  I . .      ......   ���������i   ���������t   ii,n    To.mbs  io  at-  nerthu  t nilny  she  .     tiuit   lie   mi"   |>m-������kv-*   W)\-   witha friend, Miss   iViattte H-'-H... ^.n |in ;i|, shi,  knnws ai,oiit the re-  Moving  pictures   depicting  a woman   !a(ioIIS l>r   Hie. police   with   the    ������'o-  killiug herself because her  lover,     a | n-l0��������� 0f the leivderlnin.  soldier,  was about to lie shot for desertion, were ��������� on  the canvas.  As  the  woman  in  lhe  pictures  was on    the f ing will fjikr  point of shooting herself Mrs. Wilder , at  tin* usual hi.ur  thi  The local En^le's fori nightly meet-  plai'i* in the lodge room  point ol snooting nersen  mm,  iuwi-l   iai   u,,.-    ���������.-,,     evening.      A  stepped-    from   her box to   the stage    large altc-ndanre is re-jpicstcd as bnsi- the following-.  1���������Rrpoits of the niiu  holdine; a revolver   in her  right  bund   ne^s of importance is; ..to he transact- j islcr .or  finance  on   the  slate   treasu  appoinitad. by the Kinperor and fwen-  ty^-six elected from the nobility and  clergy, not counting, scattering supporters-from other class'is, sec-ins to  ��������� inspire a conservative of a pliable majority in _ the corncil to check ilicna  tional assembly should the .majority  iit the council be in opposition lo  lhc crown.  The government-, carefully retains  the power to promulgate "temporary  laws" 'during the recess of parliament. And as parliament is su.bje<:t  to dissolutionNiy a ukase of .the blm-  pernr, the govcrniiiciif is thus In a  position in liiiii: of stress to gel rid  of an obnoxious legislature nnd pr;l-  claif.i such laws as it deems necessary lo.in.eef thu emergency. A feature  of the law which seems to I'lTectiial-  ly bar lhe "rods" "from nienvhlcrship  in the _.itiuiial assembly v- a provision exacting frum the persons elected an oath of fidelity to "l'".inperor,  Autocrat and Holy Russia.". The  most sigiiiiicant article, however, is  oui* j retaining certain provisions of  an existing law which is mentioned  only -4_.' nuinbei'. This innocent looking jirovision is Tar neadiiug. placino-  lieyoiid lhe. jurisdiction of the parliament and consigning to existing coin  missions of the council of flic empire  composed solely of met-vlicis appointed   by   the crown,   for  considemtion,  [Jon of the proceeding of the ii'gl*la  lure, yesterday:  On tbe appropriation of S'ljSi'U for  roads and  bridges  in Greenwood 'Mr.  J.. It; Rrov.ii complained that his  city was sandwiched iu rbetween  Giaud fork's and Siiiiiikaineo.'i, the  foimer got *ff������,l.O.) and the latter $20-  000 he thought Greenwood should  ha\e got a little more. However is aii  iuciease of $f)00 a,year is continued  every year as long as thcgovi-imneniU  reiiiaiiictl in power they might some  tiny   comb' to their own.  On   the Newcastle appropriaition of  J.5,000,  Mr.   Williams  said on       the  ���������same prinrijde as that eiHinciaved by  iVJr.   Riown  his     constituency  would  get     nothing  in a few yeais,       the  grant   was  approaching   tne vanishing  point.    His  district contributed   *M3-  OUu io the revenues and  he thought  $5.U0ii   a small   return.   ITc  appealed  lo   the t chief   commissioner   in      the  mailer.     Hon.   It.  F. Green said  he  was not  very  well   posted, as   to  the  condition  of   the  N'tjwcaslle  district,  but it the conditions were as bad as  Mr.   Williams  said,   he   would  adopt  some special means to deal  with it.  Vicioria,   March,     5.���������-How       very,  0  very uear the firsl conservative j*o%--  eminent of     Rriiish        Columbia  came to inglorious defeat on tho  Columbia and Western reinsiale-meiu  bill on Friday is only just becomin.  j;enei-allv known in political circles  and even >et there is much mystery attached ��������� to the ministry's es-  .���������.-ipe,     sa.\s 1 he, Vancouver World.  In the government ranks, as wi*li  as in i lie opposition theiv/ was  niiu h .dis>seiii." because tho ministry's  action   m   aid   of   Ihe   C.P.R. did '  not jibe wilh its treatment of the-  .Midway tV. Veinon Railway Coni-  pan.s, lhc cabinet being', practically  resjii.nsible ior a suspension . ��������� of  construct ion;of .that muchneeded road  through having intimated to the  ''Capitalists-..financing the project; that  I he-subsidy- would bo withheld on  9,-rouiivls of technical, default in lhe  mntter of the commencement.*" of  construction-   Within  thej    limit     of.'  1 ime. ���������- . -i        ��������� ; i    ���������  Repeated c'aucusses,   of his     follow  and the assurance of the 'doc-  inlists' support, Tiowfever,' gave the  government leader courage, to force  '.'he Columbia. &'Western: Bill, which  ���������anv I o vote upon second reading  ii tiie eventful Friday, but not bene Aitorney--General. Wilsctfi,' who  was known" to���������' be uncompromisingly  antagonistic..", and found- excuse in  personal   professional   business, to  leave for Ottawa and Mi*. Shatford,  of Okanagnn, another��������� of the rebels  ���������had deserted the legislature for * a  hurried   trip     to   California..  Sir. Price Ellison, of Vornon, then  became the captain of the objectors within tbe government party:  and while the last, speech, was be  ing made beforethe vote was takftn.  by Mr. 1-lawthornthwaite, tlio 'Kana  imo socialist, (Allison presented lo  the premier a written document,  sill-lied by himself Und also by Messrs  <". W. It. Clifford, (member, for. Ske-  enn'. A. AIcBoiinld. (l.,illooel), If.  Wright. Vinir) and George F.  Frascr, '(Grand  Forks,   informing tin*  mediate  inference to     chief   Justice!  7  Gordon      Hunter      were   guarantied f  in   wiiting,   a-,   to   whether  the    And- j,  way     &   \ union    tie,a,     us  requir. d,  coiiimenccd consiruction by   the     ui  ui January,   l'J<M, and  if  so,      thatH  an order in council     -would be  sed   declaring   that   payment of  ���������uly would   be   made  as  each  mile  .section   was  built,   these  PUB- l'|  sub-  ii'/a1fi  ������:1  ani f  U  conservatives would vote- ' negative:}!  ijjri<������n the call of the second reod-||  ing   oi"  the  Columbia     and     Weslei a tf  ���������     -it  "Don't     you   know     what   such   a  \ote   would mean?"     Premier       ���������ik*-1'  Bride  i.s  ijuoted  as saying    to    Mr  Ji*ilison, after   persuing   the   declarar.  ion     of   independence,   "It would |  mean the defeat of the government J  and of the party in British Colum-'|  bia." ,  *.  "Jcan't help that Dick," was  Mr. .Ellison's reply. "I was. a  conservative almost before, you "woreborn, and 1 am just as good *��������� a  conservative todaj*, but , I'atii-  out for a square deal in this Dint  tor and I'am going to have it. We  want a straight answer to this pro'  position.     Is  it   yes   or no?"     "  *'Xo," said the premier, his tinder jaw shooting out, as it htus  seveial times .of lale when the gov-|  ernment appeared , to be' in  treims.     ''You've     got  your  S.W'tll'.'  When   the  second   reading     of    the  ColumL<ia  and Western   bill came   to'j  vole,   Ellison   of   tho  five stood,     by  his  declared   intention     and      voti di  "nay".   , The   others,      as     well    irs  Mr. M.icgoRan.   who  not  lilteeu   in n  uti'S   Ijofoie had  said that ^-'---"couM  not   go   that      bill  and   would       n- t  vote   for   it,"       raised     their   hand i  with  the  affirmatives  "Which demonstrates," as bubse.-  quent comment expressed it, '*thuL  parly   is  stronger than -principle.'-' " <  In connection with the  lailure      oi[  the  C.P.R.. to   build the    connecting  link   between   Midway   and     TVnlitt-  Oii,   and   its     successful     fruslralion  up  to  date of  all efforts    by   olhur  companies   to. make that   connecti >n.|  new   light  was  thrown upon the  Mt  iiation  by  Mr.    'Brown,   the      mem  V������er   for   Greenwood,     in  the    house  last - Friday.      It. had  been       pointed   out  that such construction would  convert    the      Shuswap &   OkanaganJ  road   upon   which     the     government-  pays  a   largo .sum annually   ni. i^uar:  ant or   of  bonds,   from   a losing       ui-j  ���������to   a   profit   earning   line     The guar-  *. I  antec  lapses a   few years henco,  anrj  it   is  claimed that the  consistent po-,  licy  of "the  C.   P.  R.   during      yer.r^  past,   especially   illustrated-in   .'. nonll  construct ion of the  Midway     ancti  Penticton link. is to depreciritij  ihe value, of the Shuswap & -Oka'nj  agan railroad property so 'tha$:  at the psychological moment it majt  be   acntiired   for  a  song.  That the government of Briti.-I,  Columbia should assist, this- poVic..'..  ns has been directly (lone, in bandi  capping the legitimate efforts' 'oil  ward", construction of the iivdepchf  dent Midwnv .t. Vr������-nnn Company!  is  very  sharply  criticised.  MAY NEGOriATE FOR  OPTION ON CLAIMS  *������������������ *' . ^ .   ���������       ���������,,,���������   ' on  the   sea,      nut   unpen   mm  ,md   m-    iin ( inir   arevoi>ei    in   uci    usin   xumu    ne*--. ���������������   ""'""   "   -  .1 ,,     ,  ��������� ., ,.  drew his son from  the ^r        he  ,- ���������        abolish war       ,   th, plioto^raph  of her   7-year-o.d   ed.  Inel.uli.iR U.c im-ialion of cetaui   ry;  2-('lui,-,,*s ���������,   maUe,i������;i   e       a*  ,,eopleWf Wocibury in mass meeting    ;*"^������"i"      .. '.      .      (,os(ly   J"������ .    .^ Mt;heMl.    She kds.ed the    candidates. ains,   niembe-'s of   the counnl   o   tl  ���������eonio',oi   ������������nu"i/"������j    ��������������� -     -^  have demanded  a Carnegie medal for   by   making  naval   battles  to  little Rose.  .Joseph G lid den-,', who made a fortune by inventing barbed wire, has  celebrated his ninety-third birthday  at De Kalb, Ind.  to   fight.     The apparatus   may the"���������"������������������-   phofograpli,  shot and   fell   dead,  fore'be bought     by nil  the    powers      The  stage manager announced  ainsi   members of   the council   of the  ' einnire,   iiiii'.istfTs,. governor   generals  boy,   and  connniaiiders-in-ciiief  of land      or  i'  Mr. Cecil Leaves For JWest  Coast tl  Inspect Properties Adjoining  Southern Cross  This  evening Mr. H. Cecil Mill (the same and upon his return .,tn';!  leave for Nanaimo, procee-fting from England will consult with the' mem-l  iha.1 place to Die West coast to look I b_rs of his oompanv as to thc aflv^  over the Southern Cross mine, recently a<X'ired by his eom.p_ny. The ahl,i(>7 of Purchasing the same,  mine is situated near Alberni and is! Mr, Cecil, with Mrs. Cecil, wiU  surrounded hy several claims which ! lea to for Kmgland sliortly after th^J  mo ii ,��������� ,���������,i Pon,nn.,n(lers-in-eiiiof ot lami or i nrouiise well." It Is understood that former's return .from the West-coas|i  foro'be bought     bv all  the    powers      The  stage manager announced     tf)       Emery  o.bson,  a10-year.oId     bo>,   anil  con    a       . j ^   ^ ^ ^ ^  f^raitjly impress-   It is stated that after his investig^1  of  ' the world.     Great   Ttritnin    lm.������' the audience, that  an  accident     had    has been  chosen  "baby chief     of the sciv ���������  ���������*     ���������<> 'P rivil 4 ' c(l  with  lhc  mining  properties      ad-   tion  of   the    Southern   Gross  mint*!  ordered  two. Germany thro-.        am,   happened a-d    people  remained       to   Osage Indians,  according to vhe old | ^"^   ^^   lo 'eni.aU;d ^    jollllllg      the   Southern   Cross  mine,    Mr. Cecil, will   ������il a force, of >nen ������|  two have alreadv he-n  tested by .h������   the end  of the show,   thi.ihing       the    tribal  custom  of choosing anew  one      Q ucst.orsi       j, ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ aQ .,,-Uon .���������    Work at the Same  .       * > rimntiiKr Ms  iinrt. of t,hi>  show. everv  three vears.      ... I   t-atts,  u-.������������������__ -j'  '"���������" j> i  Austrian navy.  shooting was  part ��������� of the  show. every  three years.  U  '"''*** ��������� fiiKTrr? .\*M������*f*'������&  IHE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every  day except Sunday'.  ���������If        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.        - \  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  ���������0  cents  a  month;    $5 per  year   in  advance. .   Advertising rates on application.  WEDNESDAY, MARCH  7, -lU0.fi..  THE    WORLD'  best'  COW  Wisconsin's  claim  fo  a place in the  front rank as a daily state has-again  been    signally     demonstrated by the  record  of the     (in.'nisey cow,  Yeksa  'Sunbeam,    which  last  > ear-produced  the    equivalent ' of    1,000. pounds   of  fitter, ithe hip-lust officially authenti-  i-at<"d  lecoid    foi   a year's  production  of  any  dairy   cow in tlie world.   The  results,    oi thc    tests  by    which thu  record was established have just been  published by the     Wisconsin  Agricultural      Kx-'.'riiiieiit     station,  hy- Hie  chemists    of     which   ihe experiments  were conducted.      Yclsa Sun-beam   is  owned   by    Mr.   Fied  Keitbrock,  Milwaukee,  mid the  tcsls were conducted  at his  -s'toek     f.uii) at \Athens, .Wis...  by , Professor     Woll, of Uic Wisconsin  College  of  Agriculluic,   and   Ceo., 01-  sbn,   assistant-   m   agnculfui-ul   cheiii-  isiry.      The results  of  tlie  tes'ls,  together with  the history  and  descrin  lion     of   this      remarkable! cow,   a"'*  given in the la     bulletin of the Uni  ver&ily   of   Wisconsin   Experiment sia;  tion  This      cow* is    recorded in the Ad  vanoed  Register  of Ciucrnsey   Cuttle,  which ixiqiuires pure breed and a high  standard    of     production for ail ani  mals  -o   recorded.      Under  its strict  rules and    regulations and. the supervision   of thc      Wisconsin   Experinient.  Station    the     year's test was made  resulting  in  a  total  of   11,920.8  pou  nds of    milk,  and     857.15- pounds'o,  butter fat, an avciage of 5.7'i hutt-ii  Int.      Adding one-sixth  to the buttei  fat  to cover      the weight of salt aiu  water  found  in  bin ter in addition   t;  the    butter-fat,    ilvo   year's work of  the cow reaches  1,000 pounds of butter.   This is     neaily three times  th.  amount t-he    was leauned to -product  to enter  the Register.     Her  peiforn  ance is not only iL great ciedit lo Mi  Reitbroek and    his heid, hut to esti  mahle value     to the interests of tin  Guernsey    bleed,     as it shows' in - ai  iindisputahle      iiianner  the capiuh'iiit:  of a  Ciucsiisey cow. -A  Yeksa Sunl.eaiii     is a pure blooded  Guernsey   bred   by  W.   I)    liiclianlsoi  of Caiden  City, ^liiui , i��������� April, -18!):'  Thus   Alie     was about nine and  one  half j ears  old      when  the nieo'rd  fo  the year  was commenced.       She     r  lar^e,    weighing  about   1,200 'pounds''  and has ,an ideal daily form, with a;  inlelligent head    and  fine nock.   The  ugh rather spare in form, she' carri'.:-  pleufy of flesh at the end of the yeai  and -in no  way   indicated   the tremeu  dous  work she  had been  doing in tin  line of dairy production.  "It wcil nitf,. passes the umicrstan;  ins <'f   even     careful students," sail  Professor     Woll,     discussing    Yeksr  Siinl.eam's   i'(cord.      "What" wa* cor  sidered bevond  the range of possibilj  ty. yesterday lias oeeii reachnd today  Ye'-.sa Sunbe-iid's lecoid for the pas  year i.s the    higher  0��������� iec0rd in tin  woild       it  is 287.7 pounds more tha  the    highest    reconl  for .mima  prodi-clion of any Clueinsey  81.'10.   pounds  OAILY LEDGER  ^h _n_ ��������� fL/IBTI-   ������__.*-_������=__. i_r������_c_r_. -    ^V!  The  m.<. toi  DAVID SPENCER  (Kauaimo) Ltd  ___  Always Leading!  Every day adds to our alieady large collection of beautiful  new goods. 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'Ihe ancient biblical moral laws against consanguineous and endagonious  marr*agcs are merely the expression  or inherited instincts. Mankind being  then descended from those who naturally marry their opposiles, the pres-  ,ver 150 pounds, the 'production of'cut tendency is a natural law. It Is  his (iiiernsev- 'cow .seem:; tuuly pin- an instinct for those of great intelii-  loinenal. * It means that the cow yence. to marry those of less than the  iroduced on the awiage 40.0 pounds'average, for the oflspring revert to  -f milk and 2.^5 po unds of li|iitlerfat T''ie better averaige.. Only occasionally  er day for (Very day of the year. \do exceptionally able people marry  f the 'amount of huttcr which this ' thou* equals to produce those rcmark-  <it vv'ould make is calculated .by ibj a!''C families, all of whom are noted.  ,1'iierally accepted rule of K,_ addi-| It is evident that it we try to im-  iun of one-sixth we find that, she I'rfivc the race we will violate the  ��������� rod-iced-an    a'veiasie of n.ln   nonii.ls,natuiai law upon which our existence  STRAM   UKATl'D  W1JU,   I.*UKNlSUIvD ROOMS  BA K SUl'l'WBD WITH    111  Winks, liquors; cio'ar*'  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Cor. Fort a(i<l'   Government Streets.,  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist.   Frt. & Pass. Agt.  A. J. AlcMURTRIE, ^roprlator  LADYSMITH, B.  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms'  PORTLSND HOTEL-  DAVID HYNI-iS, Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This  Hotel  has    been completely    Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  Jj , renovated.  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The  nd  maybe    desirable,  but there ate  ��������� wo defects in our     knowledge of the  *u Ifiect which will forever pi event any  rac'Ucai. suggestion.  No  one-knows      what  type  will  be  he best for     survival  in an unknown  -.ture-   'environment.       We often see  he extinction of  the families  of par-  nts" whom   any  phjsician would  have  ronoibioed    ideal,      but their children  .-.eked resistance     to the invasion of  athogenic     organisms op: there was  ome other defect     which  made them j  asy    targets,   for climatic causes of  hysicai    decay.      On the. other haiiit  'e quite .often    find that parents be-  ow  par physically have Jino families.  ���������Ir.  Pipp is    not a mere* artistic cre-  ition.  In the second    place it is not at ail  ertain      that the    strongest are the ;  est,   necessarily,   for the  future. Ty-'  hoid    fever   ' seems to  delight,, in're-  ���������oTing    our splendid     specimens  and  ,ut fjghtly touching the more frail. A[  rge physique may also te an  actual;  iicumbrance.        Gorilla   like  muscles ' 1  re now   as  wholly  out. of place and . |j  n useless ts are the lonu: anus of our !  ' ncestors, and   as  it was  uncconomi-.  ai to     support,   these types  of men  vere     crowded     out by   the weaker.,  ikewise,.   r&urts   novj i.setT.r may be-.'  ome  useless  and   therefore detrimeu-  al, and fei a period or stress the type  vouid     perish,     while the survivors  is based.  Artificial  matrimonial selection  has  been  tried,     though the results were  'Continued on    Page Three)  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  IWSIIY  3  ���������i  iH  ., !  %  .'ouid be what we consider weaklings  The CTious unions which take place j  -.pparentiy defying explanation, intist  ic the result of low such as we find ���������*���������  n every biologic phenomenon. About  hi- only thing we 1-iiow certainly is  hat the man-has thc same instinct! ">  ot'iul in the lower animals 'to select a j vf]  ���������isite who is more or less different  rom himself. Every  nnws   this Species survive  !jy se-  i>  dog fancier: b.  ?'  A business man's rainy day  or. Waterproof Bool without, an  equal. Ask to see them at  your dealers.  I 169. Men's Tan  Chippewan  Veal  Kip  Waterproof Boots  Hand made and brass rivetted,  Imve single sole and slip, _.*1-  luloid eyelets anclhooks. 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Exogamy,   or  '���������lie    selection     of mates  from   other  tribes,     was  the   next step, anil  be-  ���������ame     universal,    for nc other tribes  were  so     vigorous   and  consequently-  Best  accommodation  for   transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  OR AND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is. up-.to-  d������te. Rates 51.00 a day and ������p-  w.rd8.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  HOTEL   DOMINION  9k*������\ama.ia  ������������������: :���������: :���������_>- r^a<T������mitk  THE JONES HOTEL j  ���������Enli'p ifl.2'r' and$1.50���������  Free bii'i to  ail Pteam'-r-nt  hiiidin.8 'Hid  r'.-iilway depot.!?.     Kh-i.'u.rie ears i'V������r, live  miim'teh   to all parts ol   lhe e.iiy.    Bai  and table%rine.xcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABIJOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER B, C.  TNC OOMRNima-C WAV.  TO FERNIE,    B. C.  Read DOwn Read Up  9 p.m. I.v. iVictoria Arr. 4.00 p. ^0.  8.00 p. m. L������.. 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Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  -  For further  particulars call  or    write      the ollice.   'Phone  Main -I5G.  A.    D.     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  'NT.I\,   Portland, Ore.  E.   E.      Illackwood,  general  agent, Victoria, 15.  C;  I  Are You  Gomg East  Then be nure your tickets read   via  tut '-���������'';���������'  PAINTING,        PAPEkHANailNO  '/ETC.  Work done'properly and at rltri*'  prices. A -full, line of Wall Paper,  and Painter's, Supplies Residence on  Roberta Street.  Jl  B   SMITH.  P-v-  DUNDEE-  WHISKY  Scotlands Best..  lit- HUDSON!-MT (fl.  Sole Agents for It. C.  ���������it  A,  **M"l***'M"lr-M'*-K**-l'M"l"M^  +  +  +  *  *  +  *  THE TYEE COPPER CO.,'Ltd.  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTRRS OF COPPER, OOI..D AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting WTorl^rs at  LADYSMITH,  C.  If you like������������������  A  smooth,  easy  shave,  an  even, \  well-finished     beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  You will fta to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARIORS  HIGH STREET.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast. * -       THE SHORTEST LINE, TH?  FINEST. TRAINS, THE LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,"��������� ST.   PAUL,   CHI..  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information asfyonr  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General ,*���������������������*,  7?0 2ml Ave.. Seattle.  >.Daa ers in  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver island, B. G,  HR;  VANCOUVER, B. C,  Ladysmith  Q YUEN  Merchant Tailor  ^~   pp '   b. c.  I, IUIIUUUTUI     lUHUIItfj  ���������f*  ;.^..f..'...r.-:..-s |..|..j..|.^^-{..|.^..f^^.i^jf.^.t^..T'*V'l"M-l'^^  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  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D  -ysmith,,   the    Second   and-    Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, comnienc  mg Wednesday.   13th.. -1905. ' "  Visiting DruUls     are invited  to attend.  By Order.  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty:  VATRICK  BIT^K. N.  A.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathhone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and  4th Tuesday   at  7.30���������p.m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.    .  AFFLICTED  WITH  RHEUMATISM  "I was and am vet afllcted wilh  rheumatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,  editor of tlie .Herald, Addingtoii, Indian Territory, .'.���������".but than! s to C ham  her!am'si Pain Balm am able once  more .to attend to business. It is the'  best sof lihameiits/' ' '.'. If troubled  with rheuiiiWtisni: -"give Tain Balm a  trial and 'you are certain to be more  than pleaseiV with the prompt relief  -which;'it affords. One application relieves the pain. For sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  J. PIERGY & GO.  .Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C.  SYNOPSIS OF CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may   be   purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  $20   for   anthracite.- Not  more  than  320 acres can  be acquired by one individual  or company.    Royalty at the  rate    of ten cents per  ton  of 2,000  pounds     shall      be collected  on   the  ;gross output.  Quartz���������A froe miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 .-to1 $100 per aiinuin for  a company, according  to capital.  A      free miner,  having discovered  mineral  iu place, may  locate a claim  1,500 x   1,500   feet.    The  fee   for  recording  a claim   is  $5.00,  At least $180 must be expended on  the claim each  year or paid   to  th'  mining recorder in lieu  thereof. When  $f������00  has   been   expended  or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon  having  a survey  made, and upon complying with oth  er requirements,   purchase the land at  $1 an acre.  The patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly.  A free miner may obtain two leases to dredge for gold of five miles  each lor a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge io  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river teased. - Royalty at the rate  of 2_ per cent collected on the output  after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy  of the Minister  of   the  It.  trior.  Ml  thc  disastrous. . The Oneida community,  was based on the idoa that eugenics  was    a science. Unfortunately  the  leaders failed to recognize the fact  that the men and women who jomed  in such an abnormal life must have  been abnormal themselves. Though  they tried to select proper physical  mates there was less attention paid  to the mental, and nervous side. The  ia.~t report of tlie experiment was  published some years ago, and it  meieiy refened to the expense sad-  died upon the state m caring for so  many of thc ofis^riug in the lunatic  asylums.  'lhe only     practical side of eugenics  which concerns the medical profession  is thc fact     that     advice is now ami  then requested as     to whether a certain    proposed     alliance is  desnabie.  J t is solely a question as to whether  there is ability to fulfil the rrie and  survive.   Raiely is there miy reference  to the vnubility or vigor of the future  ofi's'.r.uj-,     but     should it be a vital  1'wsln.ii  as in rovai marnages, it ib  *.ettied   upon a general   survey  oi each  i.irniiy and eugenics is not involved in  tlie least.  '1 he tendency to be average or normal ii a fact which biologists have  n_l sulhclentiy investigated. Eveiv  deimrLuie fiom the normal, whethei  we can it normal, whether we can it  a variation or modification, must be  due ,to a new cai.se. It cann0t be  causeless. If m subsequent geneia-  tions this cause it removed the ah  normality will nob reappear. We  have long given up the idea that disease is inherited, for weknow ltnevei  appears if thc cause is excluded.  I his tendency  to be normal is a biologic law   of such  paramount importance to    physio-ia; s      that it is  as-  tqi-nding     theie is   less     heard of it  The influence of     the environment in  changing organisms is becoming more  and more recognized, and heredity reduced to a mere tendency to do as the  parents      did   in   liKe conditions.      It  wholly explains  why defective parents  if they live in a healthy,  normal manner may     produce line offspring.   The  children     have not been damaged- a_  the parents     have. Instead of ex  cluding such parents from matrimony  by eugenic theories, thc ivho'c Uti.d  of investigation must be in the dnec-  fion of discovering and removing the  cause of the defects.  Personal hygiene must derive many  rules fi am embryologies 'investigation  Hy advocating proper methods of living we will do more good in the way  of human stirpicuiture than by tampering with matrimonial instincts, lt  will be best to let the young foilcs  follow the natmai laws which have so  far kept the worn! stocked with types  good enoj'gh for nature's purpose  They would tell us to attend to oui  own affairs anyhow.  R. L, BORDEN IN NEW YORK  Conservative Leader Delivers Powerful Address^  Faith |in Intelligence and  Integrity  of   People  One of thc most curious marriage  portions ever kgiven was that of a  Knoitgrat- merchant.   The weight of  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  Al  THE  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  New   Yorl ,   Aim eh,   ������.���������Tha   following   address   wus   tloli vered   In-i e      today   hy      11.   Li.      Jiorileii,   C.inadi.iu  leader  of   tlie  opposition,    before  ibe  National   coinei-ence    for   lhe   tefoui  ol   the primary election  laws in  Xcw  Vork.      In   C.iiKwln,     us   m   ilie \Uv.-  eil   Stales,    I ho   system     of    government     h.-v    purly   prevails Jt        is  lliiiughi    h.v   souk-   to   h.'  un   essenl'.il  lent lire   of    democracy       nisi ilulioi   .  Ihe.se   inst il lit ions,     tmd   thus '.lie  pnrL.v  sysli'iu   itself,      are     said      u>  he   uu   I rial      nn.il   obs-ei vers          a-e  not   wauling     wlio.se      view     as     in  lhe  ull'iintile outcome     is     :iol       optimistic       We   mti'-.f    not    forget,   liiai  lhe   Imperfect ions       of  liuuuinilyw.il  make   (heiimelves      manliest     "in    Uu-  oponition   ol   any   s,\ s'lem     of       |>nv  inonl,'   whether     autocratic     oi   uVni-  oeiulic.      It.   is  idle      lo   condemn the  parLy system   until we   are   able     to  point   out,    or. wliul    is   more         ini-  ���������v  liorlani,      io  put   into   operai ion     a  better    one.      _Meunwlule    good    cil-  I/ens   should   use     honest      endenvor  lo   free   the   pait.v   .s.vsteni     fromili.  anomali-s    and   dungvi's    which       i  is   easy      to   indie.tie.  Upon    certain        public     ijucsuoi.s  I here   must       necessniily      be legi.  imitate     dnleivnces     ol    opinion  'I he  management      of  public   utilities'     n.  lhe   public   interest   lhe   i emulation  ol  corporations     eoiil rolling'   the   great  e.\|)loilation   and   convei-siilion of  vast natural icsoiirce's. the regulation of the tarilV in respect oi nl.  these great questions oi policy a-  riae. but there < are these essential'  of good government. upon which  all parties should unite. Honest  appropriation 'and expenditure ol  public Hinds iu the public interests,  the appointment of public officials  upon consideration of efliciency and  personal character, and not of  party service, elections untainted  l\V the corrupting influences of brib  ery and fraud, these essential- arc  not to he donierl, they have a  moral significance and involve the  future ol democracy. Upon them'  all pari les .should unite. Institutions caimol ' be enduring which de  velop a dc-based public service, or  which bring- into existence legislat  arcs, representing not tlie will of  lhe people, Imi the degradation  ot'  election   corruption.  In civil servile rclorni there has'-  ix-eii gi eater lei'onn in the United  States than in Canada: You have  nicceOdod not. only in effectively  moillcling* public ooinion, but iu  bringing- about a very important  "i-Iovv far you have ad-  townrds the g-oul of clean  elections     I   do   not know.  Mi',-     Borden   n-avc  a   resume       of  lhe Cnnadian   laws   enacted   for   1 he-  purpose and   n  statement of their  piaetical operation. Continuing, ^n  I'orden declared that while sec  reiy of the 'ballot has niiniini/en  the   opportunity   lor   bribery, yel  parti/an ingvnuity   -has in niany cases   evaded    the   statutory   saieguan'-..  and   iu   llns   connection  he filed      im  .stances  oi     corrupt  practices   at   elections   in   Canada.  Cunudian  criminal  justice     is       o.i  the   whole,       administered,      Imt        m  many cases it has not over taken nor even pursued ilie hallo'  lliiel." said Mr. lioiden, "oui lav>;  arc reusoiuibl.v eliectne, but w  nevd un independent public prosci ���������.  lor   to  enforce   them  ���������'Under our s,\ -Jem, trying elect io:>  petitions ibrotig-h invest igat ion o\  corrupt practice1! is reivdcyvd lib  outlive by lhe unseating- of (lie con  didale, -upor. one or two prowd  chargvs   of  corrupt   acts   )>t,   agents  "Thu withdrawal oi abatement oi  petitions by agrei-inenl between po-  liti(*al parties is also nn admitted  event, and indeed a scandal. Tin  provisions of our statute are not  sufficiently stringent (o prevent  this, and we diave not as in  (���������real Britain a public proseeutoi.  whose duty it is to intervene whenever a pt-i it ion is not proceeded  with vigorously. or theie is an  attempt to withdraw it. The proceed u re upon election petitions imo  also    be .simplified     to     advantage  .   UiU.al tj* v., LlllWtL,   , U,^jt_t.^l^'.i   .,  ..J11V1L     liUW      CJiiUli-1     0i .Jl.llO iu. I."  .1     LL'bOUl   '        LIC1UJ 111'^...        U*~-     ntU'J  -nor   iioollslii^l    Ic-itV in0   ������Ui_h    iiuii.ii.?  LO     Ik-     01S|JOSt--U       Ol       11.      ������L SllLlltll.1.1 ^  .lUlllIlOl      UL     Ilie    LOIILUICIIC L'llll-nL ol  i lie   Li'lul.  "Other      iinpiovements      iu        oi.i-  ; result,  va need  c'anudian laws suggest thems-fv-s  i'lie limitutiun oi ixpeudit uic: lot  uvea Ugiitiruaic,purposes is ilebiru-  ble, but especially we ivqimu in  Canada,   iho, further   piovision _i  the   Biitish      act      oi     lrfS'.i,       w.ili  regard     to   payment     oi   election   expenses.      These     declare   that no  payment    advance     or depo'si'    shall  be   made    by     any     pei son.  ' before.  du'ring,   or 'afloi'ttho   elect ion   in   re-.  pect   of   any   expense      nu unvrl       via  account   of or   in  respect   of the cwii  ducL   or   nianagvinent      ol   the     eb-c-  lion,  olhei wise    than  by   or ihrough  the  election  ag-ents,   nnd   tb.u          all  money    provided   by    any  person   other   than .'the:, candidate  .   for        such  purposes  shall be  paid',    to the'ean  didate: or. .his   election   agents,      ami  that  the candidates in .niaUing a   return,  of  his  expenses   shall   * declare  on   oath    that,   he  Ivas  not,     and   to  the  best   of   his   knowlei'lge. . no   person,     club   or   associate   has,          on  his   l.'ehali   made  any. payment.       or  g'iven,   promised  or   offered     any    re  ward oi oir.ee, employment or va!  .fable eonsiduial ion, or incurred asi^  liability iu coniifct,tion wilh tiu  election,'    except     as  appeals foi  ihai    let urn.        J'he   election       ag-en.  is   obliged   to   imil.e   a  siinilar        r-  lurii     on oath.     Moreover,   under the  Uril'isln  slailnle,    t li>^   ctuididn'K* aft ei  tnc     expu-atioii  of   ihe     time  for   (iling   his dccJuralioii      of    expenditure  cannot   sii   or   vote   in   lhe     Hotisv j:  Commons      until   the   necessary'       iv-  I in ii mid   decinral ion has '1/ en liiins-  iiutlcxl   or   unlil  uu   ullowaiici)       jf a  suihrii.'itl   excuse     under  tb������i   st.iiuti  has  Ix-en        made   by   the    court    up-  '��������� on   loi'mal   application.       Under i busc  ,'iiov isioik   Ijoib   tie-   candidate      :tncl  the   ugvuls   received       Willi        _��������� tual  jiersonal   Knowledge   ot      all    iw.sipK  and payments.  "An impuilant provision  yel adopted in Canada is found" i:>  sec I ion 14 of tlio Uritish Act of  ItsS.'l, which provides that where  -orrupi praet ices have extensively  prevailed,        but   have     not been  In ought home to the candidate or  !iis agent, the court may order the  whole nr part of Ihti costs of tie  election   petiUon    to   be  paid by  the municipal district or district'-,  comprised in the electoral division.  A piovision oi this kind is sal-  utatoiy. si-, por-sons who may become ivspon.s-ifilu for costs uie nttt-  uiuliy iniciei.-t-d m preventing the  coiiiupssicm of eouupt practice ou  u    laige  Male  ���������*\\'e havu  m_>     enactments pi :>-  hibitnig bribery or intimidation oi  cousin iiteucies or communities by  jiromisus lo expend public: moneys for a particular purpose, or  m a particular locality, or hy  threats to withdraw such expenditures. Ilia all legislation. will  bo powerless to remove tho eviJ  ol elect oral coiiuptiou ctnd liuud  unless louniled upon and supported by u. sound ancl healthy public  opinion. li)ducatiou is necessary.  Tho standard oi public lilo vvi!.  bo what the people either by  choice or through nioiilereiice tuny  determine. 'J'o the youth of the  country m the schools, (he lesson  ol civic duly should be sou-fht with  care iuiil thoroughness. When each  eit ben realises that he owes a  duty to the str.te as sacred a*:  that which he owes to his family,  .'iti-en. realizes that he���������'owes s, duty  io the state as sacred as'.thati  ���������vhicli he owes his own family'  or "to ihis neighbor, he shall have  little cause to - fear, faith in- . ...-the  intelligence and integrity of the  great body of the people - forbi Is  us ju that case to doubt the  issue.                          .*  Coal lias ,'Ll.coimeiman's ehiei won&  er, vnd hors>e laior and human manual     labor   are     slowly being pushed,  aside,     In   the great transformation  it has been brain power that lias Ui-  umphed over     brute strength.     Man  lirst sought to     shift his burden    i>.  the backs of the    bet its ot   -    r 'a  .uid the horse     became     his patient  , i lend     and  assistant,    hut now he  seeks to harness t-ie elemental forccg  of nature     to do   his bidding.     The  burden  is thus   lightened  without cm-  elty  to any  living creature.    Neither ���������  man nor beast has had his Jabors increased,   but  steadily   decreased.���������S t.  Nicholas. *v  A   KAVORITE   KEMEUY  FOR  BABIES  It's pleasant taste and prompt  cures have made Cinamj prlain's Cour;h  Uemedy a favorite with the motheis ���������  of .small children. It iiiuckly ctu-js  their coughs anil colds and prevents  any dan^ei oi pneumonia or other  sei ious consequences. It not only  cuies croup, but when given as soi n  as I lie croupy cough appears will pie  vent the attack. For sale hy La- \  djsniilh Pharmacy.  ALWAYS      KEEPS        CUAMBEK-  LAIS'B   RE.UEDY   IN HIS HOUSE  "We,  would  not he   without Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.     It i.s kept  f on    hand   continually  in our home,"  .says \V. VV. .Kearney, editor of the la  11011 dependent,    Lowry City,  _Io.     That  is just what every family should do.  When kept at hand ready for instant  use, a    cold   may be   checked ,at the  outset and    cured in much less time  than aMer     it lias become settled  in  the    system. This  remedy is also  without ��������� peer for croup in children,  and vull prevent the attack when giv  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or even after the croupy  coiish appears, which can he done oily when the remedy is kept at lun 1. '  For sale by Ladysmitli Pharmacy.  ��������� DAY SCHOOL  Uiual subjects taught; also language**, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils a������d water colors, pianoforte ana vocal lessons gi������-  ���������n in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B   (J.  Dr. R. B. Diet  Surgeon Demist  Vll  work guaranteed, aud at rea*>  ahi������ rates.  R__SH)ENCE AND-OFFICE'  1 r  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPKN   AT   AM. HOPRja  NOTICE  From      this date the  undersigned  vill   not  be responsible foi  any in  lebtedneiss     incurred except on      ������  written oroer signed by the secretar?  Rowland Machin.  V.   I. EXPLORATION & DEVEI-  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liabil'ty.  Victoria. B. C, M������y 18tb. 1801.  to the wedding the couple were weigh ,]C shoilld have. paid'in'guineas, where  his daughter in silver was the prom-   cress iof'her husband>';bodily  weight .it was      discovered   that her   father  ised    'portion,  and  on   her  wedding    oyer  her  own���������the excess  to been 1- j was-not-"worth  a������ many shillings   as  morning,   before  going   tochurch, she ,    ,        .   .,   - ���������    -.- r, ,. ..,  & ������     " ' ed, and the iiisband���������a man after his  scaletl      in  the drawing room before    ^^er-in-la'w's   own heart-weighed so  the astonished     guests.    The scales ��������� nUR,n  m0re than his   bride  that   he  registered  C4      kilograms���������a vveiight j received   with her ������800.  which   brought  the   lucks   bridegroom I    An  old   Lancashire   farmer  agreed  a sack of 13,500 siher coins,        : .   ! to give  his daughter   for a marriage  In    Peru     a bride's     dowry is her  portion  as many  guineas      as      she  weight not      in gold or silver but in could walk miles in a day.    The feat  -iiigar.   A Mr. Batt, a prosperous En-  came off in the neighborhood  of Man-  gi sli   tradesman,   who admired     big    Chester,  and  the  sturdy lass   trarnp-  nen,  informed  his daughter .her dow- ed  over, seventy  miles.    When, hpw-  ���������y bhould  be  graduated   by.the     ex-'ever the  time for settlement arrived,  /9t>K  mem  upon  a subscription ��������� was  opened     by  the neii'hl.oritig  gentry,Who admired  tlie girl's  pluck,  and an amount was *E.plafi-ii.  ci dice ted   for her   which  amply   com  liens a ted her for her exertions.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUCE  Orders will be delivered anywhern  In the city promptly and at the lo v*������  est possible price*.  Leave orders at Ghristie'i, oi  tk������  James WarnccV  ������������������    ti  fi  LADYSMITH   WATERWORKS  Consumers are  requested to  call at   the  office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and  the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P.M. 4.30  T.J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Public  Notice  Attention is called te the   fact that tha  Ogiivie Flour Hills  Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare for some tima  past been producing flour in a   Tastly improved and parifl  *  form  by the aid ol ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  ot    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the public that any  orized users of the electrical   flo.r purifying processes  -will  ������e prosecuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company Lt~n_.itscare the    only    millers in Canada whose   Flour  spurifialby "taa ������_������3trio'Process 1  _H_-_i \
THK    DAILV     T *"""" ***
Local Items
Smoke Big B. -Cigars
^   Meerschaum',      tlio beautiful   v-bitu
earth wliich is used for expensive pipes,  is found in exceptional qiiaitilias
in   the village  of  Brussa, in . Asiatic
Turkey,  -where 2,000 small mines rre
being worked now.      '    ;
Haggart's, Esplanade.
Apply . at
A    good     girl desires    a   place to
work.      Apply, Gust Hill's  Store,  on
.'Roberts street.    ;_.���' ..  ' -
Smoke Little B. Cigars.
Airs.   A. \Kerr was  a .passenger
Nanaimo on  the noon train.     ''
Mrs. T. McMillan . went-down "to-
visit licr (lauglitcr, Mrs. E. Watts,
1-liis nioi ning.
.Miss Uicii,- who visited Nanaimo
yesterday returned home on the m0rn
iii<.n train.
Air. Geo. Flclchcr. was a passenger
Unoiigli lo Vicuiriu from Nanaimo
this morning. ��;:������ ''   '���' ���'���''-""
���:o:��� '
Sln-i'iiT I)jak*, of Nanaimo, passed
throiioh OM (]lc morning train to Victoria.
Today is pay-day in connccW^i
with the Tyee smelter, and Air.,
I-Iearne. lhc Company's accountant,
of Duncans, is in . tiie city, iiaviing
arrived  on  the noon  train. .
Work  will le resumed  at  the Crofton  Smeller  either  today  or tomor-
rW.  The   works  were  closed   for  the,
purpose     of     eliociiiig  repairs   in  the
The Pringle Stockc,Company, how
playing ni (he Watson 'rheat."e, Victoria, j.avc engaged itho local Opera-
house lor the week co-minsncing Monday, Marclj li). v The conn|*uiiy is
meeting willi great rucccss in Victoria and I hei i- advent is good news
lo local playgoers.
- i
-Mr.   Roberl   Cannichael  of  Crofton
is    in    town      today looking up old
friends.    I\Ir.  (.'armieliael   was  wcigh-
clerlc at ihe Tyee smelter''until      a-
bwnt a year ago,  when  he left     for
the  Bonn clary country-.   When        the
Crofton  smelter  startedi Atr.   Car mi-,
chae) accepted   a position   , at     ^hat
"in. Hunter and her s'on-in-:
Air. Wilson Dunn,, left on the
Irnnsfer Jai0 last night for Vancouver. From the Torm,inal City they
will proceed to Sacramento, where
Mr**. Dunn lies very ill. The maiiv
friends of the. -family in t0wn will
niiile in hoping that the patientv
��� oiKlilion will ihavci im'i^ov.ed upnr
lhe arrival of her mother and bus
Smoke Big R.  Cigars
Board  and room for one in priv-ate
family.      Apply Ledger Ollice.
Smoke Little B. Cigars.
Sunlight Soap ia better than other soapt
but it boat when used in the Sunlight way.
Buy Sunlight 6oap and follow directions.
H there  is anything   you    want in
the Drug or patent medicine line you
will   find   it at- -the Ladysmith  Drug
Onc hundred   dollars   ($100.00)  will
i-e   gi\ipn   to  any   person   or   persons'
who   will   give sufficient   information
to   lead  to   the conviction  of  the person   who   killed  two  cows  owned   by
the   iindcrsigoed,   on  Gal iano   Island
on   the 22nd oi  February.     The   animals were killed  two hundred  (200)
yards    east  of  Portier   Pass   Lighthouse.    The  heads  and   hides       were
found  buried in   tlie sand.
LOST���.Gr.Id nib  Fountain Pen.   Finder returning same to Ladysmith Lumber   Company   will  be  suitably     reward <.-:!.
Smoke Little B. Cigars.
'._ Regarding     the   tragedy, at North
Vancouver of which mention        was
made" in  The Ledger1 recently,," mail
advices : say:,   North Vancouver ha.s a
tragic mystery.    The body of a'.man
with  the  head  almost  severed - from
f-lie body   was fomid  on   Sunday       in
Lonsdale gardens, and  though a coroner's jury  has IffoiigihUii  a-verdict of
suicide,      Chief Constable Dick       of.
North Vancouver and  the provincial
police  are  at work  looking  further.
At the iiii'.iiest   the eyidftiicc of   the
medical man who examined the  body,
was   that- the horrible  wound .'might
have, been  self-inflicted,  but he,     did
.n.ot-.r,.;.uoniiiii-iL. himself by saying, that
he thought it was.
The dead   body   was found  on   Sunday afternoon near the  north- gate of
the  pleasure. grounds known as Loiis-
d��le     gardens.    The body  was, well
dressed in  a dark checked  tweed coat
nnd   vest,  dark striped  trousers. The
underwear  is clean  and   of good tiiinl-
ily,  and   the linen  outside shir.t had
evidently been but newly put on. The
body  wus   tliiitof a man   of about -10
to '15 years- of age,  with drak.("Wrown
mustache,     and hair and a peculiarly
shaped sloping forehead.    --
The discovery  was      made in       a
s,l,can,2ie.'.\vav.-     On Sunday afternoon-
about i  o'clockW.  IT.  Ganvpbell was
l-rooeeding along-  the path near     the
grounds when-he noticed the. bowl of
a'pipe. lie  reasoned   that   where  the
pipe   was the stem; .might be,       and
stepping off the path he  passed   inside  the grounds',  am)'"there  to    -his,
horror,  just  inside.-the' gate  he     almost stumbled over the. body of      a
man   lying   inthe   bracken with,   the
head almost severed from  thu pojly.
Mr.   Cani>pbell /was(entirely   unused
to such scenes and he hurried to notify  soiineone else..Mr.   William.   .1.
Dick --wint- to where the body       was
and.  found   it- lying  on   its right, side,
with-the'arms extended  and       both
hands   clutching'     the hat,  a Wqod-
wortlr lightweiolit   Derby.   A   few inches     from .'the  hands'" was a podict
Knife     with     the small  blade open.
There was  blood   oii     the knife   and .
-,.....     .(-..������ ...
on the right hand of I he dead man.
About three feet from the body was
a pool  of blood. . .    ���
Mr.   Dick-s notified''.Chief  CoiistabJe
Dick of ..'North:'" Vancouver,  who  looks
ollicial  charge.;  The coroner was notified  and the. body was examined by
Dr.  Htl*ld   Dryer.   Mr.  A.  B.    Dip-
lock,  coroner,  empanelled  a jury consisting; of P. A. Aflen, foreman; Geo.
Hartley, Win.  Snider,  James  Blake,
John Gibson and, Chas. H. Purchase.
To the jury the facts  above   were
told.    Dr.  Dryer  also tostilii-d     that
the body had not  been dead for more
than  two days.    Ik had  found  a terrible wound'in the neck  from left to
rig'ht,    cutting all   the blood, vcss-ls
and severing the structures back     to
(lie spinal column.  There was a    <u!
ler cut above  . this  one.   The       �� ;*
might -possibly have been  self-inflicted   by  thc knife   found  by  tlie   ,oi!y.
The  man  m.ight have walked    he few
feet   from   where   the  pool   of   blood
was toi where the body  was Hound.
in the man's pockets were 55 cents
in silvi.T and a French ' six centimes
piece of JS55, a gold watch, New-
York ; standard -make, case number
7J!),if)-2 and a repair mark scratched
on the inside of the case .10]3F and
aiiolber mm!). The mimbe'r on the
works was 227t!li(;. There were ���lso
a cigar, a twist of chewing toliucco,
and some ginger  snaps.
The jury  brought in a verdict  that
the man  had died   by  his own  hand.
No   person  in   North Vancouver    has
becm  able  lo identify the  man       and
naturally   the   pluce   is much   worked
up over the affair.
This was Coroner DiploeV.s first, in-
(l/iiest and he used in taking ��� us* the
evidence the same gold pen that ids
father, tiie'late Dr. Thomas C;;--
lock, had used {or 2f> years as coroner of the west of .Msddlcscx, which
take.sin almiil a third of London the
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this mmning.
-    i.1-.-
Mr.   II.   Aitken,, formerly  qff    the
Nanaimo      Herald   was>  a  Pk^^'Hs*1'*
through  to      Victoria fiom  Naiia'imn
on the nioining train. ��.��^.
Thai the Spinster"- Cou\ entitu:.
whkh took .pl.K ft l.i.sL iiiyht in O'-c
Opera ifousv was .-in micjVi.'uiliC'il *aw
cess was nmph sl'ir.wi ]��� >. the large
hoiiM1       ulihli  give', cui'laiiis
rise and thu fre^uen' > i<- ol '���ip-
plause which were oiin .! .1 Iho various members ol Llu- ��� .I-.I toi tli"
able maimer in whuh ihcy iu))iiilUil
tbeinsel\e.s iu   their   \aiious  roles
As will Ik- jinlgi'd by the title
ol the piece, the entei Innmicnt 'i.i'-.l
-veiiiuy ua-. proMilcil by a numljei
of \oiuii Ladle-, ol Llie ciI.n, ei!-
acling what u.it> most likely to
LaKe plate at a <;atlK'i'ing ol" Spin
sters, aL which t.uii and e\or\
one, were us it were, d>ni_* lor
a man's lo\f, and nt whuh w.tys
and means arc ilist iis'cd of ���e.'ur-
ing   lile   pai'tneis      lor      eatb aiid
e\ei-y   nuiiibei'   ol   the   soviet \
'J'he .\iitiiig ladies lm��L night, who
were     members ol      lhe \ouilg
Ladies' Single I'.U'sm dne.ss IVb-ai my
So. iel\    opened   lhe   evening's en
tertainment   l>,\-   <i   mm ih   across   the
front.      of, the   stage,     two    by    two
en     route    to   the    Com cut ion   hull
P.urst        of   laughtCM- and   upplauw
gi'c-otWl   iMi-h    pair  as    t'ney made
their appearance from behind the
scenes, dressed m old fa'-hioiic'd cos
t nines.
After (he delegates were all comfortably seat orl. tho convention w a->
cnlled to order find (he roll called,
to whuh each one present answei >d
by a ealiliy rh.Miie <u* terse reiiMii*.
After     sp-ech-s  had   been made
by the \ar1ons delegates, io the
epiestion of Womani' rights, and
tine claims io an fii'iial posit ion
with man, tbe entei t aimnent closed
with each member of lhe soei"i.\
sti'i\mg to reeovor losl .\-oii(li and
b'-auty throiig'b the aid of Ihe professor's  most   wonderful   imenfion.
Ih.tl llii-re will be no return match
in I Ins city iiflMcrn .-\Iatsuda. il-<-
.Japaiiusi- wi est ler from Van_o_\vi-
.and Sine Swanson, \\]io defeated
bun in I wo straight fall.-, in Vancouver  a   lew   ila,\.s  ago. N
A'ew.s ol the failure to have the
ret in ii match lake place im this _il_
wa*, received last night. by wire
by Sine, ii om Jii-- brother Bob, who
wt.nl o\ei lo VancouAer yesterday
morning-, to li-j, and come to
tei ins with the .Jap for a return
match here . The mfHsagt' shows
that -Hob's mission lias ended
in ladure as Jar as having the retain match pla.\ ed hero is concerne'l,
Inn raiher tli.iu not nave Hie match
I Son has     decid-
Tjovers   of   the
this     citv     will
wresi hncf   game     in
learn   with   regret
Like  plate  at  ui
cd to accomodate !Matsiida, and in
conseipu-nco wired Sine tha't he will
make all ai rang\"iii(*nt.s for " Hio
malch tod<i,\, whuh will undoubtedly
takei jilaee   in vlhe  'l'erminal   city.  ,
The ailion of ^ratsuda in refiih-
me to meet Sine here, i.s easily
understood when one looks for a
reason why. ii he could not win
on his home- mat, wilh all the advantage which that implies. how-
can he hope to win out on .a
stram>e mat where his opponent 'is
thoroughly  nl   home?
Again ihe 1'ru'iuls oi 3Iatsuda are
no doubt suspicious that (hey
would nol receive a square, deal it'
w rest 1 in.;- heie, so great, is their mis
trust   ol  anything  in w bich istrang'er*
have the deriding  \oice.
Thoug'h   disappointed   in   tbe    turn
which   mallei s      have   taken,        Sine
nevertheirs.:,   is   willing    to  meet    his
opponent    on   any   mat.   and      if   the
nuTtch    takes   place     in       Vancouver.
will   look   forward   tu   the   result     of
Ihe   same   with   confidence   that.        he
will   be  able  to     duplicate  the  trick
of  a   week   ag-o,      and   show        IWal-
Mida.   thai   the  result   of   their       lust
meeting   was  by   no  means  a fluke.
Sporting Goods
flcGregor  and  Scotch King FOOTBALLS
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Flies, Frowls and Lines
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.   $2i Per Month
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hite Swan
Made by ilie Standas'd Soap Co., Can,
6 Cakes in a Cartoon 25c,
24 Bars for $1,00
HOT WAT Ell���
,.:>'; COLD WATER���
_, .  SEA WATER.
Theie are indications that -m !.,������-
poiLiut oil'field maybe duv-l-Jirt by
the application of modern methods oi
pcl>oleum production in *Lhc r.^iuns
of Persia and Turkey lying north and
northwest of the Persian gulf.
A flaxen-haired tot���a t.oy of thre_
���ii.i.iruclod nuiL'h attention by wan-
deiinp: alone along the main aisle of
a department store the other day..
Crowds jostled and pushed, but the
little fi-llow trudged onward manfully, apparently with a definitt/object,
in view. A floor walker, seeing the
child was unaccompanied, stopped
him. "Where 'u-'c you going, , son?"
he asked. '.'I'm looking for Mam.--
nia, she's lost," respondc'l thro younig-
���ster bravely. "She got lost .when- I
was- looking at t-'ne pretty things."
At. this moment' there was a little
shriel- heard, and a half hysterical
woman ran forward to ck'tch the
boy. ���'"Rial's mamma; I'uc found
her," said the lad, calmly, as, he was
lei! a way. "That hoy has more sense
than his mot'her," the floor walker
commented.���Inter Ocean.
W. G. Fraser
Merchant Tailor,
(ist Avetiue)
Spring Stock on hand. Call earlv aril
get your choice
We   are making them oi the Newest    Tat tern and Late j
,.    - Styles. | '-3
'.Our Prices are Reasona ble
-   - '.'������.. * f J
1 \
and at L��dysmith[Hardware Company       .      '
MR. and MRS. T. J. THOMAS, In
of   Mount Sicker ./H��tel, and of
Palace  ll��tel,  Nanaimo,  have
chased the
on Dbufctas Street, Victoria, opposji
the city hall, and invite their    old
<-l��|j-)n-��'--     ���"    '
Ask your Grocer for a PRFMIUM LIST....
Trace Mahks
Aiij-oiie 50iiiI!mi; ii sl;ol.-li nm) rieacrlntlon nin��
quickly tuicrrl-iii oiir opinio.i froo wiiel.lior an
iiHMMilion is |irobalily i��arunl.nl)lc. CoiTuniiulca.
I.liiii.f ulrlcliy'toiilliIoiiMnl. Ilamlbook on I'uU'lila
f.enl. fro.c ohlotit ntroncy for f r!f.'iu-|ii(M>iUt*iitH.
ralunlit Oikuii H>ro::^li i\liitiii A Co. rccolre
ipicial notice, wil hmil. (.'twiru'u, in tlio
Scietiflllc m
lmI wc.'Uly Lnreniit. oil
io. .lotii'Mui. '1'orinH, ?-{ ,
Hold liyi',1 ni>'v?floiiIitri
?^fiMl % nn.3r;!"roi,d,/'n>'' ?lsw Yor'
\ liiiiirtiiniTU'Iy HIiiKlrAluil wc-Uly Lnreniit. Olr.
nJut.lnii of :tnv icinnl.lll^'. .lournul. '1'orinH, J"! n
foiir nioi'.di': tl.  Hold liyi',1 ni''v?iloiil��r��
��� ui
-'r._l'.;i   Ii. C
Train Service
A��- th* Frlaelpsl Builneai Center* of
Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Provinces.
Fer Tim* Tablet, etc., aUreii
A.aalita-t ���e��'l rmeufer and Ticket Atent,
Prescriptions 'filled promptly at l_e
���jjLadysmith  Pharmacy^-
After this date  the price for bre.'
delivered at   my  . Customers' nous
will be FIVE   CENTS per loaf���
loaves      for    a dollar.    Mv    read
guaranteed     the best.made.       ShW,
run.   by     white help    should  icci-i^'
white peoples'     patronage so lone J^J
the^ are   properly;, condueto'l      1 v*-i(|
licit a trial as your Baker.
C.  R. DOCILE, <���
The    partnership   existing  bot^e<
V. H'.Runiming and W.'IO.. Ruuuiii^
carrying on ��� . businsss   inthe Cily t
Ladysmitli,    B.  C,  as.manulactua-
of  carbonatud    beverages,  etc ,  uwu'
thc. firm name of Runiming  lUos ,
hereby;    dissolved.       All   outstaiidii
accounts, .must be paid to XV.  L  Riu
miii"-, who   will coutiiuic tho h���sm(
and pay'all'accounts against lhe in
of''Rumniiiig Bros. * <
Dated  at Ladysniilh this  28th D
of Feh., 1S10G.                        - \
_....'> -    ��� '
M. R.-'-8IMPS0X
Solicitor.  Et��._
Money  to   Loan
Avenue LAMS 11
fftlair S, Mdam
We have jus I; reeeived     from Hie ( Hast a large  slii|<iiM'nt of
I'liey are the NEATEST BAGS we have ever  shown  nnd   or
LATEST  FASHION. ������'���..   I   '
PRICES FROM $1 to $5
Call   in   and See   Thom
! i   ;:
'*'������ if
Is Again Open
VICTORIA   (.'RKSCI.'iSrr   '
���opposite FireJlall.
Nanaimo, B. C.
W��t Your
sinua 9sK__r-.-
First Avenue, .X   X   X     Ladysmith,    B. C
A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the ME A
IVIARKET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street
A Trial Solicitd
���.'���*?���'" PHONE 20
���Open Between ���
12 and 1
Enough on Hand to Supply Everyone
Neatly and Artistically Done
Orders  Promptly   Execute*
*J     **      m    mmm


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