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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 21, 1905

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 V  :������     MAR 22 1905  \S  c*-l  LADYSniTH DAlt  O*  -*t-  O  ~Ci^ f^C^ji  :iAi  EDGER  *v_  VOL. 2,  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1905.  I'   *  WANT MAGISTRATE  FOR THE CITY  Attorney-General   is Requested  to Appoint Mr, Thompson t$  the Position  sir THE  FALSE  NO ULTIMATUM  FREE  ** PRICK FIVE CENTS  m'" AT THE CROSSING OF  Resignation of   Truant   Officer  f Accedtedr'Sanitary Reports  Reviewed  W>WiEITES IN SEAT  TLE LOOKING FOR  HOMES  8AYDOWIE OWNS ZION CITI BUT STAY*  IN MEXICO  At the ���������' Council meeting last  Aid. Blair     brought up thc question  /  nii,ht /Geo.*-  istionjthe ei  oi a Judge for the City. ,'He .remark-|  ed that had -'there been a city magis- .  irate several     cases could have been j  tried within     the city limits during  the past few days and the citjTtuas-  ur*/  benefitted accordingly.  Alderman    Beveridge    said he had  had a    comersation    with Mr. Geo.  Thompson as     magistrate for  ty. -   i^  Alderman Haworth. chairman1 of  the street committee, informed  the council that there was at present no shed in which Wie street to61s  could be' kept and asked ihat action  be taken to provide on 3.  (Associated Press Despatches.)  -.A Washington colony of those who  believe, or who have believed, in  the  "heaven  bom  mission"  cf Oveisccr  John Alexander Do wie, of Zion City,  bstter known as Elijah II., may soon  be astablished.   Zion city(is about to  be deserted by many of the faithful,:  These, with the money John Alexander has overlooked, will go to Washington.    Exactly in  what portion of  the state the  'Dowieites'' or ex-Dow-  ieitcs will settle cannot lo ascertain  JABINET STATES NO  SUCH AC HON IS  CONTEMPLATED  HAFEWOT THREAT  ENEDTOSENDWAR  SHIPS  X .  j  (Associated Press Despatches.)  It was     decided to     empower 1he  ed.    It will  either  l:e  in O amigan  street     committee   to move tihe old   county or along the shores of Pu������et  fire hall onto the     City Hall lot and  Thompson, the government agent, on   to-repair it     and make it useful for  the subject,-and that that gentleman   the purpose of a tool shed.  !��������� *-  had announced his wiljingness to act  in the capacity providing that.-tie  city received, the fines and the'government the foss;  The mayor.' stated that the matter  had already bech referred to the Attorney-General with the request that  Mr. Thompson     be appointed to the  ,'Accounts 'amounting to the sum.of  $71,90 ** ware passed to the nna?ce  committee *to be -paid. v .  ���������   Mr. T. O'Coiinelf presented his resignation     of the. position   of Truant'  ollicer, which was accepted, a v.ote>f  thanks being passed to Mr. O'Conn'eU  for the     efficiency with.which he has'  position   His Worship also remarked  carried out     the'duties in the past,  that there were -several' gentlemen re-1    Reports race'ived from the sanitory  siding in the city- who were qualified 'committee were read.   'One. was re-  to act as - magistrate but-that they  were unwilling to give their services  unless! a- city solicitor was employed  to advise them.  '"���������" Aid. Beveridge said he strongly op--  posed   the-appointment of a city solicitor at present.  "He was.in hopes  that tlie city would keep out of law  ferred to the street committee and  the other filed. " .   ���������'  The weekly report of the sanitary  inspector was received and filed.  Before adjourning: Aid- Haworth expressed the opinion that a full .report  of' what took place at last weaL's  council meet'ng relative to the-alleg-  ","as much  ' as possible this year and ed-boguV telegrams-should" *tia'e ap-  thought that only, when a.lawyer-was  peared in the* locat*paper:''He' thotfght  , really a -necessity one should bs em-  " ployed.   He "   thought it would be a  waste of morey to" hire a solicitor by  the month,    "and remarked .that the  present state "of    the city fnances  would not warrant the council entering into sxpenses that were not really necessary.   It    was eientually decided to order the clerk to write the  it would  be better for both Mayor  Coburn  and himself  if. a full report  were printed.    He, for his part, did  ���������not know why the press  was repre-'  sented at the meetings if it waB not  for the purpose of making full     reports of all the business done.  Those present at the above meeting  were  MaVor .Coburn,   Aldermen  Ha-  Sound  John Alexander is now in the City  of Mexico.   Although he is said to be  aware     of the fact that therj     are  troublous times in store for the Zion  City cbiony, he, is, according to the  men from Zion now in Seattle, making no particular effort to quell the  disturb'anca.'and seems, in iact, \rath-  er anxious that the faithful shall resort to extreme measures.  . Dowie* as thc ownet^of every foct  of landjand every building in Zion,,  has, it is'stated,  but  little to lose  save "followers. *  Late Saturday night there registered at Mie Hotel  Ccicl,  Seattle,  Walter Campbell and Fred  Vli.son,     of  Chicago.   Mrv Campbell an.l Mr. Wilson are really, not from Chicago   at  all.   They are resident? of i.'ion city,  the-stronghold  of- DouieLiii.      liny  passed Wfough'SeaVt, e a'v.wk- ago,  stating' that they  wire nwcly tour.  ists. visiting the.Konhwest. Sunday  Paris,   March ;21.���������The   foreign   office says the French minister at Car'  acas has not presented an  ultimatum,  to Venezuela and no French     warships  have been sent to Venezuela.  The statement to that effect results  from the publication in London   papers oL despatches saying the present  action     of the'uLiimatum had been  followed by the,despatch of two'warships.    The officials here are surprised, and   . displeased  at  the  reports  which they construe as tending     to  force the hantL.of France into - more  aggressive'  and    belligerent     policy  than  anything France contemplates.  Intimations    are "  that   the United  Stales occupies  the best position to  send  warships, owing to.the length  of   lime,    the .-American controversy  with      Venezuela   has  been  pending,  whereas thc French conotroversy    is  of  comparative  recent  origin,     and  has     not   yet  been decided  by thc  courts.   The instructions sent to the  French ministerial Caracas directed  that diplomatic -['representations     be  made relative to" thc holding up    of  the  vested  rights  of the cable company,     but    did':   not     contemplate  threats or an ultimatum, as the authorities say thej affair has no gravity    calling for steps of such a wai-  like character.    ' ' s  Up to noon today neither the foreign office nor the cable company has  received the expected' decision'of the  Caracas court upon the French cable  Company's  consession.   The  council  THE SUNGARI RIVER  One Bridge,   if   It Can Be   Held Will Save the  Russian  Army From Destruction  It is Neck and Neck FoTtheRiverMhe Russ  Now Hold the Bridge With a  Small Force  lans  (Associated Press- Despatches.)  Kaopontze     Mirch "i'q" "C,"���������'.     f ���������?Ae*??er"Ha?batbn- carrying coal    to  DISCARDED   EVERYTHING.  March     19, via  panjoi, crossed over to Fakoman, following   the  water  courses   to  avoid  Kussian     patrols     from Hiinghutau.  The Russians left Mukden with    five I  columns of infantry m  the centre of  which  were  two  lines  of commissa-  Tokio, March 2l.-The following an  nouncement has been made: "Our detachment entered and occupied Kai-  yuan Sunday* morning at 4 o'clock.  j On the same day at 10.30 o'clock  the  enemy's  cavalry,      out     sixty  rial  with artillery  flanking  the body   Strong'   With  three companies'of m-  and cavalry acting as screens, furth- I fantl-y- attempted a   counter attack,  er  afield,  discarded  The  demoralized  their  boots and  hut     was   repulsed.  troops'"'"'     ���������"*a   lcf������t*seu.    Toward      the  equipment I n������rtheast the  brid������es  on  the main  and abandoned their transport carts   ' r������ad    south  Attorney General asking him for in-   worth, Malone,  Beveridge,  Llair and  formation re the appointment of Mr.   Hooker. .- -  PROCEEDINGS IN COUNCIL.  THAT MET LAST WEEK  ���������they,-told their,,re. 1 business to a re-J of ministers met today-and  Foreign  porter.   Said Mr. Campbell. | Minister Delcasse explained at length  "There is about to be a s, I t in the .the status  of  thc negotiations" with  Morrocco.   The authoritive statement  regarding   the  proceedings   of       the  In the report of the Council meeting last week,    the following    mention, only     was made of the discussion that arose .'-.between. Mayor   Co-  burn and Aid.* Haworth'  * "The matter of the telegram received by the Board of Trade   reported  to be sent by Mr. Dunsmuir on Feb-  21st, the time     that Mr...Hawthorn-,  thwaite's penalty ffanse to the eight-  hour  bill  was  being discussed., stating that it was   his   intention vto  close the     mines should the     lause  ��������� pass, was brought up.. The genuineness of this message had been doubt-~  ed by some people, and the subject ;  was   thoroughly  discussed   ; by.'.-, the  Council last evening,  and was   eventually explained and settled to    the  satisfaction; of ;all. ,  . Aid. Haworth and a number of his  friends are of the opinion that The  "Ledger should have published full  particulars of the discussion and it  was evident by Mr. Haworth's remarks last night, and mentioned in  the Council report, that that.gentleman feels that full justice has not  been done hini by this paper..  Our reason for not entering more  thoroughly in the case and describing minutely the discussion, was because the affair did not pertain directly to the business of the city and  was, from all* appearances, more of  a disagreements between the Mayor  and Aid. Haworth. The Ledger in  not giving details of the case  , was not by any means doing so to  keep them from the knowledge of the  public, but only for reasons stated  above. *-  As it is obvious that Mr. Haworth wilLjiot'be satisfied unless a  full report is given in these columns  of the affair we, in consideration of  his wishes and* in order that he shall  hot feel that any injustice has been  done him by The Ledger, publish below the exact facts of. the case.  The questions "as they were* put-by  Mr. Haworth    to     the Mayor; His  'Worship's answers to the same,   and   or if he was  aware   'that the  ; ;the -discussion' that afterwards arose,   gram was.not signed by Mr.  Aid. .Haworth. handed-.-a .paper ..to,  Aid. Bryden with the request that he  read questions contained thereon to  tlie Mayor, at the same time asking His .Worship to answer theiri as  they were put.  The firs t ques tion was ,'���������'���������' Did Mr.  Dunsmuir^ send a telegram to you on  Feb. 21st, i and , if so what did he  say?"    -  The. Mayor replied that he had had  no telegram from Mn Dunsmuir on  that day- -." '.'.'-  In  the next question  His  Worship  was asked if he had.'requested;   Mr.  Dunsmuir ���������    tp ' sehd! a ��������� telegram,   to j  which the Mayor replied that lie had'  not..     ���������-.'"������������������'������������������  . In answer to' further interrogations, His Worship stated that he  had received a private telegram from  Mr. Yarwood, of Nanaimo,^ informing him of Mr. Dunsmuir's intentions  respecting the closing of the Extension mines should Mr, Hawthornth-  waitie's penalty clausei^to the eight-  hour bill pass. A- message had been  received from Mr. Dunsmuir on that  morning, but the rcccipienl was the  Secretary of;the Board of Trade, not  himself. He,. (Mr. Coiburn) had received a message from Mr. Dunsmuir  on that morning, asking him to come  to the telephone, but by the time  he 'arrived , Mr.- Dunsmuir had left  the phone.  Mr. Haworth then asked if he had  called up Mr. Hunter asking him to  send the message relating to the  closing of tlie mines, to which His*  Worship replied that he had .not. Ho  had endeavored to get Mr. Hunter by  phone, lo ask- him if the information  supplied by Mr. Yarwood was correct so that he might know how to  act in the best interests of the city  but that he had only been able to  get a subordinate official in the company's office; Mr. Hunter not being  there.  Mr.  Haworth.:,then asked the May-  tele-  Duns-  ranks of the 'Dowieites.' We were, a  month ago, apnointcd as a delegation  to find anew site fi^r a colony," the  members "of which,     while acee,. ting  the tenets of the Dowicitc faith, at  the same time renounce Dowie as    a  fra,ud. and an impost er.   Puisuant to  the trust imposed in us wj have been  jn this state for three wec������s looking  over large tracts of lands and securing options on as much as we think  will be advisable to purchase.  As a  consequence, we aps_ about  to .leave  tlie,. Illinois": colony/r"songfib i25(|r,of,.ns,  and- settle 'in' the'T^oftlfwcst'..-'  > .-'Wc cannot say just^-where our new  colony" will^si1juat^L*-We have examined tracts of laud along the Pu-  get-Sound and jn Okanagan county.  On some lands we have secured options     in our Own names and upon  payments of small sums of money. It  would hot be the part of wisdom for  us, at this time, to-state where we  will  ultimately  settle.    To  Co      so  -would     be    the means of our being  obliged to pay much larger sums for  the lands we desire to purchase than  ;we would otherwise ha\e to do.     I  will     say, however,  that our lands  will probably be situated along_the  Puget Sound, and .not far distant by  rail from Seattle " ...  : lfwas difficult for the reporter to  make  Campbell aiid  Wilson,  tell     of  conditions at Zion at -first. The edict  of the prophet that ncwspaiir men  were to. be treated as lost souls and  hot spoken to by any of the faithful,  Nvas..evidently fresh  in  the minds of  the newly weaned Dowieites.  According to Campbell and Wilson  the 250 who no longer believe in the  sanctity of the prophet will Pack up  all that Elijah has left them and  move to Washington within the next  sixty days.  council does not mention Venezuela.  This means that no action will be  taken pending the receipt of information as to the Caracas court decision.   o   JAP COMMITS SUICIDE  Vancouver, B. C, March 21.��������� The  body of-.a Japanese named Skuriba-  ra was* found-in Burrard'Inlet"today:  Deceased has been missing since Feb  ruary 2i, and had threatened to take  his life because he couW'not return  to Japan to take part in the war.  The finding of .the body leads to the  conclusion that he carried out his  threat,: as there was1 no evidence of  foul play.  A despatch has appeared in several  papers; that  an  old  Chinese woman,  reputed to be 172 years old, was en-  route here from Florida to return to  China.    The  woman in -question arrived  here  today,  but"she has  been  reported just one century older than  she really is,  her age being only 72.  D.  E.. Brown, general agent of the*  C.P.R.. in the Orient, sailed-oh    the:  Empress     of India  today for Hoog  Kong with his bride.    He was married in Seattle on Thursday last T  eft guns and carriages, using horses  to save as many as possible.   All the  last day at Tie Pass the Cossacks  looted the booths, of traders,  champagne at a rouble abottle,  and  smashed  and  burned  everything   unsaleable.       They caught a Japanese  spy, who, upon resisting, was killed.  The guilty Cossacks were shot fifteen  minutes later.  Lieut. Gen. Mistchenko, with six  thousand Cossacks, some European  cavaliy and two batteries, of artillery, is now operating on the Russian extreme-deft'. .Major General;  Fukushima has visited'Himintun" and  perfected arrangements. for the'    in-  of Kaiyuan have been  burned by the enemy. The railway  bridges have been partly destroyed  The number* of g"ns captured" near  sol������d'Mukdea is increas'ng, owing to discoveries of those buried by the enemy before retiring."  A RACE BETWEEN ARMIES.  St.  Petersburg,  March  21  m.)���������  General  Linevitch's  head^uar  ters has  been established  for     the  present     at Shenciawatzu,, situated  at the crossing of the Sungari river,  whence he is directing the retreat of  the three armies, and disposing     of  ���������fresh troops of the fourth corps; just  ' arriving from European Russia.   The  qfaliit.^n  ���������c        a   ���������    ���������-     - "" ,Protection of the Sungari bridge   is  scaiiat-on  oi. a    Japanese      earrison' vi+ai  +~  +k        i    ... 6      **  future  within  that  town  will  as  the river is not fordable  ���������i,   ��������� - ,    consideled,Kirin, and once the line of the'river  the war zone and all persons   *  leaving   there  will   be  required       ���������-*'  have a pass.  St.  MORE DOCTORS.  is passed, and  the bridge blown up,  l<>   the Japanese pursuit will be effectually checked.    At the same time, lhe  second army is falling back of    the  Petersburg, March 21.-In view line of the railroad, "while the first  of he increasing number of doctors and third, with the transports are  needed at the front, a,i( official'order , retreating along the Mandarine'road  was publ.sl.ed today permitting, dur-1 to   Kiring,   both  destroying   bridges  and roads, and denuding tha country  ing  the  war,   the appointment      of  students to special posts, and allowing foreigners to joni the service.  BRITISH STEAMER SEIZED.  Tokio,     Maich    21.��������� -The British  out. their  behind them and making it impossi  ble for the Japanese to live in the  immediate wake of the retreat with-  own  commissariat.      The  SUICIDE   IN  MID-OCEAN.  Japanese are advancing over      the ���������  grand trade route,  20 miles west'of  the  railroad.    However,   they* could  probably  live  on  the country  road  ,just  before  the, opening  of  navigation of tlie Liao river, being crowded  with Chinese provisions'on     the  way to market southward.-    Apparently it is a question as to which army  will  outmarch  the other,       although      the  general  staff  seriously  doubt the ability of Field  Marshal  Oyama's fatigued soldiers, with the  difficulty of getting up guns, ammunition and provisions over the ruined  roads  to continue the pursuit energetically.   No information is available regarding the strength of the Japanese column  advancing along  the  grand trade route, but the war office  says it is  hardly large enough     to  j constitute a mcancc with the dispositions  General Linevitch is able     to  (11  p. | make of fresh  troops.   Military officials at St. Petersburg are in     the  dark as to the exact situation   and  considering the resourcefulness nf the  Japanese there is constant fear that  they may manage to get astride of"  the railroad and bar the Russian retreat. '��������� '  --���������-������������������   <--~ j~~ --   *  The Trade World, -iri' an article renewing-the suspension of the industry in Russia directly or indirectly  produced  by    the  war,  the immense  losses suffered as a result of the 300-  000 tons of grain left rolling in the  Volga districts owing to lack of tran  sportalion and   the hardship's  imposed on the peasants  by many young,  able bodied men being sent to'     the  front,  makes  an  earnest appeal  for  peace,   saying:   "Do   you  still   think,  gentlemen chauvinsts of doubtful victories conclude peace and allow agriculture and  industry  to revive  and  set to work and regenerate n*������ people.       'That    is   the  victory. Russia  needs.    Glory-hat o him who leads."  STORMY  VOYAGE.  New  York,  March  21.���������Andrew  L.  Griscom,  of Philadelphia,  Pa., who  disappeared  from Philadelphia several weeks-ago;-and-was supposed    to  be in Europe, committed suicide on  March     19th  bys jumping overboard  from  the steamer Minnetonka.  When  he jumped overjborad the" steamer was  stopped arid a boat lowered,  but he  could notsbe found:   It is supposed  that he  was  -temporally  unbalanced  mentally.   Griscom was a member of  a   well   known  Philadelphia' family.  .When  ho  disappeared   from- Philadelphia it  was  reported- he;'h'ad' eloped  with' a young woman',* and  that'both  had     gone      to Europe:    Gr'ls'com's  mother, however, denied it.  .'���������  The report is as follows: muir as that gentleman was out    of  Under  the head  of unfinished busi-   low.u  at the time it was sent.     The  ness, Nthe matter of the alleged    bo- , Mayor  said  he had no reason  what-  g'us telegram, was brought up. j everjto believe ..that the message was  ( Continued on Page- Four.)  '30,000 DRY GOOOS STORES.  In the United States there are  about 30,000 r shops that sell dry  goods. Twelve thousand of these  may be ranked as good stores, and  about 5,000 are establishments . of  a size which makes them important  factors in the commercial and . domestic life of their communities. The  owners of almost all of thes? _s!iops,  the largest as well as the smallest  hegan obscurely. The majority of  the most prosperous ha^e attained  their present success and magnitude  during reo3iit years, in which unsuccessful merchants, have been wont to  complain that the competition has  been ruinous-  New York, March 21���������The Hamburg-American Line steamer Patrica  from Hamburg, came in today four  days late, after an extremely stormy  voyage. Her 2,S0Q passengers were  confined to their quarters during almost the whole voyage. From the  channel to the Banks, the Patrica  encountered severe gales and violent  hurricanes from the northwest with  high seas. Captain Magin says the  seas were so high that from the  bridge, -which is 55 feet from the water line, he was unable to see over  the top  of the high  rolling seas.  ~������P-  SCHOOL PICKETING.  Warsaw, March 21.���������(3.50 p. m.)���������  One hundred and twenty-eight striking- school boys were arrested here  in "the course of the day for picketing school buildings and preventing  other boys from entering.  A     BIG     REVIVAL.  New York, March 21���������In accordance  j with tha Evangelical movement originating in the British Isles spreading to nearly every part of the civilized world, the ministers of greater  New York have planned comprehensive campaigns for New York and vicinity. It is proposed to raisa and  | expend $30,000 in t':e work in Manhattan Island and vicinity, and $20-  000 more in Hrooikiiyn and vicinity.  The work, wliich consists mostly of  open air meetings will b<f begj-'n early in summer and it is planned to  erect, ten or more large tents in op-  k en lots and parks.  NOVELIST     REPORTED    DYING.  New York., March 21���������A Paris despatch lo the Herald says that it is  announced from Amiens that Jules  Verne, the novelist, is dying: He is  77 years old.  A   later      despatch   from   Armicns  says' The condition .of Jules'Verne iij  regarded     as hopeless.   His doctors  fear a fatal  issue.    Telegrams        of  sympathy from all quarters of      the  globe have been received.  ACTOR  NOBLEMAN MARRIED.  New York, March 21���������A London despatch to the American says: The  Earl of Rosslyn was married in- London today lo Miss Anna Robinson.  The marriage was a great, surprise  to the friends of botji. Lord Rosslyn  was recently appointed secretary to  the secretary for Scotland. Miss  Robinson has been living in London  but has not appeared on the stage  since lflOl,' She owns a house in  Norfolk Street near Park Lane. It  is reportodis reported she has lieen  highly successful on the turf. Miss  Robinson is a Minneapolis yofng woman. The earl of Rosslyn is known  as the actor nobleman. H,e has appeared professionally both in England  and America.  ARBITRATION  QUESTION  Washington, D.  C,  March 21.��������� In  calling   upon  President   Castro     for  an answer to his proposition to sub.  mit  to arbitration     the issues    between the United States and Venezuela, Mr,  Bowen     is acting in    accordance     with  specific  instructions  from  the    State Department.       Mr.  Bowen made a proposition of * this  kind  several  months  ago,  and   :li,u*e  was  an exchange of notes    on     *Jie  subject, -but -its further consideration  was ���������cut ..off by the abrupt departure  from the Capitol of President    Castro  at a moment when his own decision was   required.     The  Venezuelan, government had made that country propositions, looking  to the   arbitration of the dispute by the   Ha'-  gue   tribunal,   but   with   the  important  qualification     that  the  tribunal  should      arbitrate  as   a  preliminary  question as to whether or not    the  United  States  government  has     the  right under international law to   intervene at all  between  the Venezuelan  government and   American  C<*i;  cessionaries  for  the protection.  Thu  was construed here as an attempt to  bring into play the old Calvo    Doctrine      which the United SUV-s;- <.ai  resolutely and repeatedly  :ei'j,L.l.    to  accept.        Mr. Bowen    reported  ihe  fact of President Castro's departure  and asked for instructions.  These were prepared with great  'care and after an opinion from Attorney-General Moody that the pio-  ceedings in Venezuela involving the  Asphalt Company's piopcrties were  so irregular as to amount, practically to a denial of justice. Mr. Bowen  was told to renew his proposition for  a free arbitration of the issues at the  first opportunity and this, it appe.irs  he has now done.  SUBSCRIPTION LISTS.  Boston, Mass., March 21.��������� Subscription lists for an issue of $25,-  000,000 of four per pent, bonds by  the American Telephone and Telegraph Company were "opened."-to-day  by Kidder, Peabody & Co., and Baring Bros., and ���������; as the issue was  found to-be largely over-subscribed,  the lists were immediately closed.  It" was announced that London has  subscribed for more than $10,000,-  000 of the bonds.  ���������     -,o-   More than 100 men, mostly Chinese  are at' wor'k; oil the Extension, short  line*between Ladysmith and the Jun  ctiou. Surveyor King is taking levels, and completing the survey  through the lower part of the town  for the ncwr road bed of the main  line which is lo be straightened out,  and will take out the curve from this;  side of the bridge near the Union  Brewery ware house, the tracks near  the depot-will not, it is said, be  moved  at this   time.  RELICS  OF GOLD HUNTERS  SLOCUM BILL PASSED.  Albany, N.Y., March 21.���������The Senate today passed the bill resulting  from the General Slocum disaster,  which requires the stanchions, deck-  beams and frames of excursion vessels to be of iron or steel. It applies to New York only.  While plowing in his field near Eu-  faula recently Mr. Charles Gibson  uncovered a large number of weapons, some of which were rifles of an  (-���������id style, some blunderbusses, a few  old time pistols and a couple of  swords. All these weapons are in  a fair state of preservation and are  apparently of Spanish make.  According lo Greek tradition, a  party of adventurous Spaniards, num'  bering fifty-four, in the year 1664,  left New Orleans on burros and went  to the territory in search of gold.  They secured all the precious metal  they could carry, and on their way  back they were beset by a band of  Shawnees near Standing Rock, eight  miles east of Eufaula, and a great  battle followed.  The Spaniards, with the exception  of two who escaped on a raft, were  annihilated.  It is supposed that thc weapons  plowed tip on Mr. Gibson's place are  the ones ihat were used by the Spaniards menCniied above.���������Kaosas City.  Journal.  F *".������������������;. N  _BE  THE LADYSMITH  LEOGFR  Published   every  day except  Sunday.' is one of.the not  too many men who  well  lllustialed,  and  will  be sent to  any   one on  application     :\li.    Henry  in  DAILYl&eml   >'ou   ('vae11-v   what   iU������y     aglee  , to,  and  if am thine, in an  oulei   sent  lis not as expected, he is always rea-  '(h   and willing, to satisfy tustoiueis  In  his  catalogue  he  teisely says  "I  employ   no   tia\elling   agents,    those  claiming     to      'he   suehaie   fiauds"  Fiom   peisonal  dealings      with     '.'i.  Advertising rates on aP-; ] [em \ t   the   wntei   can safely    d/ise  if you want anything in his n.c as  shown m his aihei tisement on an-  ot'liei page, you will ucM icgict sending hini an 01 del.  In his catalogue     much useful    m-  foiniation is  giwn  .1)10111   lhe can: <*r  tiees, plants, etc      It  is a hook well  woi Hi  h.iMiig  in the house.   o   BY     THE    LADYSMITH  LEDGER  COMPANY.   .  and French Street.  Office corner of First Avenue  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  SO cents  a month;   $5  per  year  advance,  plication.  TUESDAY, MARCH 21,   1*105  THE    ASSESSMENT BILL.  The following editorial article is  taken from Uic Ncw_-Ad\ci risei and  gives Mr. Caiter Cotton's views as  to the new assessment bill. It is a  hill that icquii.es much struh Wheth  er the writer's views are right or net  the ailicle is of interest  "The hill  introduced by the government to    amend  Uic Assessment   Act  will    undoubtedly     be   rccenel   with  geneial satisfaction.    In the mam  it  embodies   the   i ecommendations made  hy the Assessment , Commission,  the  repoit of which met with general aP-  ,���������o\al when     it was published a few-  weeks    ago.   Apart from  the  details  of the     Bill, ii.     cannot fa.l to lw a  matter for satisfaction that the Government   sees its     way to make the  -mpoitanl      .emissions      of   taxation  that     will follow thc passage ol the  Bill.   For    thai  will be thc diet ol  the proposals    embodied  in  theB  ill  curatelv-   the     losses to the rcxeniK-  tluL will    occur, as the irsull ol lhc  changes proposed to he made, It niav\  we   think,  be     estimated that theie  will  he a    ieduction of between  Mii  the     whole  hotly of taxpayers.   o-  SAN FRANCISCO COAL *MARKKT.  Weekly  icpoit     j-iej-aicd by J, \\  IIa.iii-.c-n, coal and jn_l,il Liokei.  imiiu* lhe S   S.  Venluie letL,  lher_  has     heen    but one     annaJ of eoal  Iiom New  ( asile, \w , lleniy Failing  with 2,1 lei    ions,  which makes in all  tinco annals since    tlie beginning nt  the year   lo  date,  m all   /,U,0  ions,  this shows a  pionoiinced shrinkage oi  culotinij      coal   Uns year.   'I here are  tin ce     eaigoes     juljy due heie t|ns  month, 'ol     about 5,tie0    tons in all,  there     aie     twenty-three \esscls repelled chailcred        from  Newcastle  wilh a canning capacity  of o\cr U0-  (il/d tons.     It will Le several n.onths  bcloie soihc    oi these caigoes are de-  iJieifd      JieiD   Jieighl    rates   irom  Ausiialia    for   coaJ  caincis aie    rc-  poited     firm     'iheie is     no notrTI).e  change ot  quotations  ioi   mcl  locally  ajthough    the- stocks on hand ate cv-  ceedingly    ljghl    X\e aie haun^ generous     delnenes ol Isijn^h Columi^a  coal, which Iiiuls     icady sale ,i|  mil  Jiguies,      especially   what   is 11*41111 ctl  mi household use     l'iel oil is 111 li.i-  eia,l demand  ioi  luel pin poses, and is  liecly olicie-d  at seductue puces    So  tai   this      month there have !cen si-^  sepal ate  cielnei los  ot  British  Columbia eoal���������one   1 mm Seattle, Washington and  li\e isioin Coots Lay, Oregon  most ol which has been delneicd i.i-  icct lipjii     ship-side     lo consumeis,  thus   sa\ing     fuitliei jmpoit cost of  handling    Since     the     Vciiluia left,  wc have had  a veiv   seasonable lam-  lall, which     will lead to maleii..i m-  c 1 cases ol     our grain    pioduet     and  should eventual I v induce   foreign coal  ern readers  almost one  week in advance of Eastern    Canadian weeklies,  and   the reader of the Weekly    Free  Pi ess can rely upon getting all  the  news.     The Weekly Fiee Press possesses     attractive    special     features  whicli are not to be found in     any  other Western Canadian 'weekly.  For  example, the subscriber to the Weekly Free Pi ess can apply through   the  "Legal Enquiry Department,"     fiee  of charge, for information concerning  all questions of law, aud  thc information is not only promptly given,  but it/ comes as an opinion fiom the  highest legal  talent.  If a leader of the Weekly Fiee  Piess cequiies advice on the subject  or ms caet-Ie, his noises or live stock  of any kind, it is nol necessaiy to  consult 01 pay a Veterinary Surgeon.  The Fiee Press retains the services  of a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon for the purpose of replying free  of cliaige to enquiries from its sub.  scubeis.,  Foster's weather forecasts   .ppear  legulaily and exclusively in the ~'*ree  Piess, and many leaders ol the Free  Press  have acknowledged   that   1 his  feature alone is  worth  the subscription  puce of the paper.  The Weekly Free Press is 1 er  which ought to be found in tvciy  fainihouse in Western Canada.  NOTICE.  Perseus found using our Patent  B������ttle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pfoieer Soda Water Works.  , wLadysjnith, B.C  HOTEL     LELAND.  P  (T. J. Wellman, Prop , Vancouver.)  One block from C.P R Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovat-  0- and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Qianville and Ilastii gs  streets   Telephone,  1-4.  cameis to seek this matket the  ter pail ot this veai  lat-  Colds!  It should be borne in mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the' vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  promot cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  fi    Price 25c, Large Size 50c.  I  O00 and    1.80,000     in ihe revenue Toi  thc next fiscal year as compared with  thc   receipts ot     the cm 1 cut peiiotl  That is, of couise 011 the assumption  that the     vaiious ta\es yielded  pio-  portionateiy     what they     woic estimated     1o do     in the present vcai  Hut  by  the     growth  111    the \aiio s  items of icvenue,     as the lesult of a  Luger    population     and  gicatei   volume of     tiadc, the Finance MinistJi  jnobablv     (expects that  the ticasmv  aviII not sutiei     ultimately hy the 10-  nussions he piopos.es to give the Lax  pay 31 s  Without goine fully mto -il the  changes the Bill makes, we may.mention two or thice that will el\cct,  and that favorably, two or three  sections in the community. The .0111-  jncrciai classes icceive special con-  sideialion. 'J he U\ on hook (Lbts  us1 repealed, in this thc Government  icinoves a detail of the -Vsscssmcnl  Act much eiiticixed, although w  think more as a mallei of sentiment  than as one that was cither vviong  or unsound 111 p-.inc.iple A still more  important concession ip made to the  whole body of laxpavcis in thJ la*  on peisonal jiropeity. 'I his is ic  duced Iiom one pei cent to 1\\<>-  thuds of one pei cent gross, and  net from mne-tenths to sixteenths pei  cent, a veiy substantial 1 eduction  We are glad Lo see that while the  Government makes no maleaial  change 111 the rate of income ta\, it  reintroduced in the Hill the clause  empowering asscssois to ia-* tiadeis  on eithei then peisonal pioperiy 01  income, as mav appear moie dcs'ia-  ablc in the    interests of the revenue  Tt is also proposed to remit all  taxation on minerals, ores, matte or  bullion in the possession of smelters.  This, of course, will he an indirect  "benefit to U12 mining industry and  though it will cost the revenue a  .considerable sum, we are glad lo see  that the Government has taken such  a course The Wild Land tax has been  reduced from five to three per cent.  It. is not improbable, that this action  will he criticised. Part the reports  jrriaiJc to the Finance Department hy  its agents throughout the Province  fully justify the reduction. By other changes made in 1!hc I'.ill in the  manner in which Wild Lands will be  classified and assessed, we think* it  not unlikely that the revenue from  the lower rate will le equal to that  received at tlie higher rate that has  been enforced. At the same time,  these changes in tlie regulations rp-  Rarding. assessors in the assessment  of land can     scarcely   fail to benefit  the   revenue     while making ihe inci-        .     ���������- '    ���������--���������--���������---- -���������������������������-.���������    *.;n..vrmi  and get your pick of the largest and best   nAWcj0N  dence   of the    tax hear ccjuitahly 011   st0_k in town. ��������� . ^���������,vy*>*?v������  HENKVS NURSfRIES  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown & Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD    aud  FLOWER  SEEDS  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS, ROSES.  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.   Eastern pi ices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  F. McB.   YOUNG  BARRISTER and  SOLICITOR.1. . .  YTHING  For those who travel via  i-WW il *���������*-���������������** ,  ___sg___e_________  Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 53,  TAKING  EFFECT  WEDNESDAY: OCT.   5TII.  Northbound Svuthheuad Nei thbouiid Sat   Sun Southh'd  Leave DailyArnve    Lca.e     and  Wed. Arriv*  .A.M.,,P. M, _ P. M.     P. M.  VicUiia      0.6012:00   Victmia    .'  .   3 08    1:99  Shawuigan Lake ...   .... ',..*.  ..  10.2010:16 Sluwniga_ Lake .... -i.2e    fi:4������  D.uicaas    " .- ll-.e_ro.i2 Duncan-    5 01   S.ei  Ladysniilh       '.    ...   ..   11:57  _���������_��������� Ladjsmith     5*52     _.���������������  .Nanaiaio ,12 40.8.20 Nanainie   6 42    815  i  n  1  i  Ar.  Welliugtau.  13:������3Lt 3:00 Ar Wellington .. 6 55 de 3.01.     i  1  Overlanils  Daily  f  Nanaimo  Passengers can  leave Victoria     at  '-       .       * ji-m- er 11 p.m., and connect    at  -    Ladysnutn 1 SeaUlc wi(fc tfce Fagfc N^> ,eaVmg  Flyer leaving,at  ���������  -^ -      ,   ��������� ...     , THROUGH .TICKETS  TO CROFTON.  Via Westhtin. Sl*g������ leaves daily except Sundays, connecting with N������rt_  a������d  South  _0und tcaias.  Double sta-ge service Wednesdays ind Saturdays H  connecting'withvj������ecnl_ig  and  afternoen trains.   Far������ fiom .Victoria, Sia- l\  gle $2?40.-   Retutn,.<3.60. *       /*-.'-'.' .. \\  THROUGH TICKETF VICTORIA TO ALBERNI."  <'    Stage leaves Nakaiaio Tuesdays   arid Fridays on_arrival-of tiain from i  Victdria1.'-.Fare "from  Victoria,   sing le'$5 201 , Return $8 65*. j  EKcuraion rates ia effect to, all p oints, good going Saturday aad Sua- |  day,  roturaiag not later than Moad day. -<4  1  * ,      GEO. L. COURT EN AY. |j  -    Traffic Ma_agcr.  The City M_rket  R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,     Ladysinith  Ttie Ladysmitli  Opera tfo^������e  Can be secured for Theatrical purposes,    Dancing     Pai ties, or Enter  al S.    a. 111./. the  8 p. in.  Entire new equipment on each train  Through Palacr Sleepeis.j Diners  (meals a la caite), Tourist and First-  Class Day Coaches.  For sleeper     reservations, folders,  lates and all information call on or  addiess  S. G. YERKES 'K. J. BURNS  G.W.P.A., 79 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria,' B.C.  tainnients gcnciallyr  ESQUIHALT & NANAIHO  RAILWAY CQ.  MERCHANT TAILORS  Daily, except Sunday, I .tween Nanaimo and  Vancouver,  leaving Nana-  13 NICHOLSON, Prop      imo ai. 7 a in., and Vancouver  after  arrival of     C.P.R. tiain No. 'l or 1  p.m.        '    .     :    -  For  information "regarding  freight  and passenger rates apply to purser  on board --  ' '  GEORGE'L.  COURTNEY,  Traffic Mauager, Victoria, B. C  "-- * "   ������"   1    "*     J.    ���������' (- 1 >i    '   ' ��������������������������� - r j___       ^_  ���������^������^������������^.*������^.**W.������*^.**W������������^*������-^.*������*?>.* K^^-i^Si^sK^K^^UxK^lV^^^^'^r*^   a  , '  THE TYEE.GOPPER CO., Ltd. ~~~ f fl  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD Af D  SILVER ORES.  Snielting Works at  LADYSIvIIXH, 13. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea,  .. CURMONT - UyiHGSTON, THOS.; KIODIE,        j  j:   v    ^ ^ General Manager. ,   , Smelter Manager, j  '���������!!-4������l^*l^*>^fc������Vf^,*^-fe������-fe*^^ ������ife*-fer������   1|  Chailes Dunn, of the above'firm, visits Ladysmith eveiy Sunday foi the  purpose of taking measurements and      seem;  customers    peisoiially    JViay  he seen at the Hotels.     Wo guaianiec all   .lock and a pei feet fit at   the  lowest possible rates      Hand  made     .i.ls  fiom  $15 00 up.  19  Store Street; Corner  Gounoi  a-.I street, VICTORIA, B   C.  HAY,*OAT5, MILL FEEDS  SHIPMENTS DIRECT FROM VICTORIA,      VANCOUVER    OR  FRASER  RIVER. WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  Bracktnari-Ker  /V illing Co., Ltd  the  [ ���������  THE WEEKLY  FREE  PRESS.  The Weekly Free Press, Winnipeg,  is the oldest established and the lead  ing weekly of Western Canada. It  presents  the  world's news  to Wcst-  IJARBFR    SHOP A\D BATH ROOMS  The  ESPLANADE    between the  Grand and Abbottsford,  William Po.w.ers, Prop.  11 mumi--in Liii-o_Mw>-"^'^l������oinw_w������KO-ow������_wCTgo-i^_ii^*������M������__M>-o--w_-M������-i  PAINTING,    PAPEk    HANGING  irrc.  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of  Ladysniilh  Hotel.  J.  E.  SMITH,  Prop.  raser  Merchant   Tailor,  \      LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  BXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  1 PHONE 66 ladysmith;?;  ���������. .  - *���������"���������  ^���������^���������^'���������^'���������^���������^���������^���������*'������**������*������**������*'- ��������� - ���������   ' '*���������*������������������*���������*���������:*���������*������������������&���������*���������  \V. MaNsiK, Secretary.  ;Telephone[46.  Jou.v VV. Oou j t-f,   [   1  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles a Specialty.  ���������irShufaeturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and  Kiln Dried   Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber ia   Stock.  THE CANADIAN BANK Of COMMERCE  WITH  WHICH IS AMALGAMATED           The Bank of British Columbia  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Capital Paid up ....  Rest      Aggregate  resources   exceeding  Hon. Geo.  A. Cox, President  SEND TO HENRY'S.  M.  J. Henry,  the well known Vancouver    Florist  is  sending  out     his  annual  Spring  Catalogue.    Jt, is     a  well  gotten  up work o5  MO     pages,      $8,700,000   I      3,500,000  ...   .........  ............  91,000,008  B.   E.  Walker,   General   Manager.  -London Office, SO Lomdard St- E- C-  The bank  has  113 branches      well distributed throughout the Dominion  and  elsewhere,  including the folio vin g in British Columbia and the Yukon.  Territory. ���������wmmrn    ,  ATLIN GREENWOOD       NANAIMO VANCOUVER  J  FERNIE. "      East End  J-ali;[Stock^ Just Arrived.    Call   early    pRANBROOK KAMLOOPS NELSON VICTORIA  ''"' '--<���������"--' *��������� LADYSMITH N.WESTMINSTER  WHITE HORSE.  Every  description of banking busjness transacted.   Letters of credit  issued  on  any  part of the  world.  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  ..Repairing and  making to order   ���������  *��������� 1  speciality.'  TrtO HAS  MCE WAN  * -*   v     1*  1st Avenue," Ladysmith,~'B. C.  DESIGNS  TRADE-MARKS  AND COPYRIGHTS  OBTAINED  PATENTS  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  Notice in " Inventive Ago "  Book "Howtoobtain Patents"  Cfuvrgcs moderate. No fee till patent is secured.  Ia Iters strictly confidential.   Address,  E. G. SIGG5RS, Patent lawyer, Washington, D. C  FREE  __.��������������������������� *   A -  ���������*">*���������"' ���������$���������������������������������? I- V  ii >5r**.,*si ���������i*-sa  .  ilea ���������:,;,r"fi >.---  ������  .   ~-i_3 '".'J-'.-  (ist A venue J  MarK  In The World!  Don't be satisfied to work  along in the same old way |  for low wages. . .We can  help you carve out a sue-  cessful career". Thousands ||  have increased their salaries  by following, bur plan. We  can train you in spare time,  and ' at small cost, for any.  of the following positions:  * Mechanic.!,* Electrical, Steam, Clvli, or  Mining Engineer; Electrician; Surveyor;  Architect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Sten-  ograpter; Tencher; Show-Oard Writer;  Window Dresser; or/Id Writer.  TVrlte TOI>AT. ptntlnB -whlcji position interest* yop, tp  INTERNATIONAL  Cbwe8pondenc8    Schools  Box 799, SCRANT0N, PA.  OB C_L-ON ODO UCAL B_FBK8MTiTW_l  W. SILER  0..N EL iii ������XPRESS AND  >      DELIVERY    r\  WORK-PROMPTLY  Of  Leave orders at the Abhotsiofd.  L.APYS-VUTH   3AKERY  [      t,      '  HOP LEE & CO.    ���������  ON THE ESPLANADE.  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Everybody in Lad) smith Knows we  carry a first class line of goods.  *���������'*   we must reducej our stock  *���������*     of Men's',an*' Boy's cloth  *���������*   ing at   * once. *   Sanford's  *���������*  clothing is avcII known.   Wc  *���������*   will give 25     per cent-oft'.  ?���������*   on" regular/rates unti,  fur-   *���������'  *���������*'  ther notice^.  "CALL AND.SEE US.  Wc carry STRAUSS' OVERALLS  hand made, guaranteed, and the celebrated BIG HORN OVERALL qn  s,ale.  AT THOMAS'     STORE.  w"_%  *    ������  W-J.V.  *_������  THEJ0NES HOTEL  11  , One Dollar Per Day.  Goocr Tabic, Good Bed and Good Bai^  * (Half Block from Depot.)  HIGH, STREET,' LADYSMlfH^I  Or- W. J. Qoinlan  DENTIST  Stevens Block, Ladysmith, B. C.   . -7i  Dentiatry in all its hraiichee; every nev'^  appli.io'e.  RATKS ������2.oo PER DAY  S_MPI,E ROOMS'  BAR SUri'MKD WITH BBb  WINKS) LIQUORS, CIGARS  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  Best accomodation In town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity."  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C<  ������xxsw^������^%^%^sx\%^^%-v^^%\^^sss^^^^^^%^^^���������*^+^^^^x^^3lkA^'l  NO.  686.  F.  ���������j  LADYSMITH  AERIE  O. E. :-: :-: :_: :.  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President, B Forcimmer; Worthy  Secretary,  C. H.  Rummings.  DAY  SCHOOL.  Usual  subjects  taught;  also   " languages,   drawing  in   pencil  and cray- J  ons,  paint ng  in  oils  and  water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given" in classes or individually.  t.   ,   , A . ,       .    A       ... ' MISS  BERTRAM,  bjected to no delay m depositing   or  j   ladysmith, B.  C.  Seattle's Great  Papers  fHl  DAILY  SUNDAY  TW1CEAWEE1  THE  PiDST-  INTELLI6ENCER  Sample Copies Free  Write for One  Stitftili-Jencer, 12 te 20 Pa^cs  75.C  n  D.iily Post-41  .Publishes- the    fullest    telegraphio  news ��������� from all parts  of : the world.  All the state and local n'ews.    Dally  . . .and Sunday edition, 75o per month.  Sunday PosMntcHi&cncer, 40 to 58 V ages  The largest and most complete Sunday paper north of San Fri-nclaeo.  Special department- of literature,  of fashion, of women's news. Sunday edition, IJ2.00 per year.  Twice a: Week Post-Intelligencer  All the news of the weeli tn concise,  detailed form. THE TT������r.iOE A  WEEK EDITION IS THE ��������� BEJST  TWICE A'. WEEK 'PA7>H PTTB-  LISHED ON THE P.ACTViO COAST.  Write for sample oopy and b������ oon-  vinced. Subscription prloa. $1.00  per year.  All Postmasters Will Take Subscriptions ;������������������-.  I>,-ST-INTELUG'"WCEft. ���������0., Scattie, Wash.  .-3. P.  WSSTON, Business Managor.  ���������  ��������� ���������*-' *��������������������������� \vsv*-a*,v-;vvvv(vv*I  u  Savings Ban!*: Department  Deposits of one dol'ar '*1.0fl* and  upwards received and interest allowed at  current     rates.     Depositors are   su  withdrawing funds.  LADVFWTH BRANCH - W.  A.  CORNWALL.  Manager ���������������������������  i/r\'i::'i  iitcfk  I*  . .r  a%~  GASOLINE LIGHT PLANT.  The following desciiption of a  street and village lighting system  by gasoline is not without interest.  Of course, wheie this plant is located, the cost of gasoline is much less  than in British Columbia. Nor is  the system to be compared with electric light, but apparently, it is not  an expensive one to instal.  "One    of     the propositions to    be  voted on Apiil 4 i.s in reganl  to the  establishment of a~ municipal     gasoline gas lighting plant foi   the    village of Oakfield.    As,plans for a village hall and fire engine and a wa.  x ter works and seweiagc system have  been presented in these column's,  the  "Eagle" dejsites     to   thoioughly. in-  foim the voteis of the meiits of the  question^to be decided,  and sunmits  the**"foilo>wing.  "One of the     fust public improve-  ��������� micnts     generally made in an   incorporated village is a-lighting system  for lighting streets     and lights for  private consumers.  There are p.obably three systems  in gcneicl i se 1:1 most cities and vil-  . lages, keiosene, gas or gasoline and  electric lights. Kerosene lampy are  now so antiquated that they aie  rapidly being superseded by modem  systems. Electric lights are undoubtedly the best in every respect,  but that of cost, while gasoline gas  lights are being adopted as the most  piactical foi   small    villages     whcic  ed by walei power.  Mi. W. E   Bnslol, picsident of*he  ing thc streets for the balance     of  the inhabitants.    We  expect  the viJ-  villago_of Oakfield, has such a     ;y������-[lage lo  pay for lighting  the stieels  just as it did undei  the old system,  by taxation.  -..      .._   .. _ ���������      "We started in charging  M 50  per  same system with  the improvements ! 1,000  cubic feet for  gas   lo  private  that have  been   made  since  his   was     ' '   "  tern as the latter in his residence,  and sla'/es that should he evei build  a new   house he would     instal    thc  purchased  fifteen yea.s ago  The villages of Brandon and Fox  Lake have lecenily established gasoline .systems and aie highly pleased  with icsults. Mi-. Geo E. Dickinson, Biandon's village clerk, gives  the following recommendation to  Iheii  plant'  "We paid Wan en & Pettigrew for  installing gas lighting plant, $0,506  and $820.30 for putting in extia gas  mains, lot, met ens, tools, stove, 'etc.  This included eveiything up'to Jan.  1st, that was necessary to xun the  plant, most of which was for meters  and piping to private consumeis. The  total cost was $7,320.30.  "We have 38 lamps, and about 3  miles' of gas mains. We employ one  man and pay him $40 a month. The  system gives extra good satisfaction  It i.s ; not self sustaining', and we  have no-intention of making it such.  We were paying heie about $400 a  year   for   lighting   our  stieets  with  consumeis, but since Jan. 1 have  charged $1.25. Oui plant was star teed in Septembei, 1904. Up to Feb  1, 1905, _wc had paid out foi gasoline $468.03. Up to Febiuaiy 1, 1!I0:>  we had received from pnvate consumers. $332.24. This leaves for ^.u-  oline for"lighting the streets dining  that time $135.79     Besides  this,  we  fiom consumeis was mostly in     the  plant.  "Let any village thinking of installing   a lighting   system   send   a com-  yiittee     down   heie   Let   them   stay  tluough     the evening and see     our  lamps  burning;  sec  our  plant,     talk  with  our   people   who  are  using  the  gas  for  lighting  and  cooking.     Let  them investigate, and I am suie that  tiiey     will     go away  satisfied   that  tins  is   ihe  soil  of  a lighting  plant  foi    the    small  town.    Yours    *>cry  Uuly, G.   E    DICKENSON,  Village Cleik,  Brandon, Wis.  The Kings Hotel is the only place f,  in Ladysmith that has on draught '  John Labatt's India Pals Ale. Call  around and sample it.  POLISH SCHOOL QUESTION  from piivate     consumeis,  did not have then houses piped,  but  they weie piping all tluough Octobei  and  Novembei   and we now* have  50  consumers, and eveiy consumer likes  il veiy much. Tluough the ignoiancc  of our superintendent we have had a  little trouble two or tluee times and  we ran out of gasoline two or three  times,     but iiside fiom  this, eveiything has  been satisfactory.  "It lakes about  7 o.   8 battels   of  gasoline  to get  the mains  filled, and  ..........   .ui   tig-Hung   uui   .tliuuio   wiiu    that is stock always on hand. ���������    At  the old  kerosene  lamps  and  had    no   the  time of this repoit, which   was  light al that,  and  we don't expect (made  to  the board at  our  meeting  to   gel  this  cxtta  good  light     for (the fust of February,  we had about  nothing.    Neilhei   do wc expect that   five hatrels of gasoline in out   tanks  >!:e 50 people who arc using the gas   so it can be seen that the, $13.1 paid  had to pay the salary of the super  liitcndcnt of the plant.    During Sept-    *   ember     we received but veiy little I    St.  Peteisbuig, Maich  20��������� llemik  as people   Siekicwich,   the  Polish  novelist pub  ii.O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING of  all  kinds  promptly  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    st.  hshes today an article dealing with  lhe Polish schools question, in whicli  he describes school life in Poland as  "a tound of chaiging lornient id  tragedy " lie adds' "The years of  youth and idolescencc are years < f  sufteniH, aid toi lure. It is only  fear lh.it th<-n* childien might hi.  come social pai'iaps that makes patents wish them to obtain certificates  electricity cannot be cheaply piod-i.- \o. light their homes to pay for light, 'out in excess of the amount leceivc-d  FATAL CELEBRATION.  Chicago, Match 20���������A wedding celebration, at the cot net of Polk and  Claik stieets, was terminated suddenly by Henry Deker, who shot one  of the meinniakeis, v '-> **t<i������ <i0 in-  fiic ttnu, a   fatal  wound.  M. R. SIMPSON.  Solicitor;  Etc.  Money   to  Loan  1st Avenue     -    -    - LADYSMITh  Ladysmith- Temple No. 5 Rathbone  Sisters meets in -the Oddfellow's hall  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30 p. m.  Mrs: Kale Tate, secretary.  WARD'S . Mf AT   MARKET  ON ROBERTS STREET.  Only  First Class Meats are    supplied our Customers.  We will treat you right.  mm*^M_l_^_^_M---_i_^_M_i__B_a__MH__iB_aa_M-B-M--l<-WM_aM_^  WANTED-House to rent. One situated, near Ledger office preferred.  Apply "K" Ledger office. 2t  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   via  the  ITl  Any  Kind  Of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  LEDGER  Office  On 1st  Avenue  PITHER & LEISER  Importers and wholesale dealers In WINES, LIQUORS   CIGARS  ETC.     Large stock always-All    the leading, brands.    We .unolv th.  principaf   hotels and Saloons in Ladysmith.  ORDERS SOLICITED.  P?TH?^ & LEISER, VICTORIA, B. C*  | Union Brewing Go-  | NANAIMO,  B. C.  Hanufacturers of the.  In British Columbia  Lager Beer andj Porter Guaranteed Brewed  from the|Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  I A " The Union Brewing Company will pay JiO reward for information  *      which will lead to'the arrest and������conviction      any person or persons  j $     destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or failing to re-  Jturn the same.  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short notico.     Drill Sharpened <y  a  alwayegives satisfaction.    Picks handled and repaired.  Shipsmi thing, in  all its  Branches.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  i  David Murray  Buller Street   -   -   -   - Ladysmith, B. C  Colds  r  It should be bore* ia mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the mot* serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common.  I ailment.   It aids expectoration, relieves the  lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure.     It counteracts *  any tendency toward pneumonia.  I "Price 25c, Larie Size 5<>c.   ���������  Smmmm9ma^1mVmmmm9Wmm*mW  I0C2-T liftHD UJDEK LEFT_8J__CM_  M  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   cm.  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information as> your  local agent or write;  P. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  1.51. Vreler Way.  Seattle.  All Work   Done at  (Reasonable   Rate s  *��������� Plans,  Specifications and  De-  ������������������������������������  ������������������ tails     furnisheM for all kinds   ������������������  ** of work in the CARPENTER   ������������������  ** Line ���������'���������'.?���������  ** C.  B.   ROBELEE,  Carpenter   ������������������  ** and Joiner,      2nd ������ve, Lady-  ������������������  ���������* smith,  B.  C. ������������������  LADYSMlTfl WALL PAPER  DEPOT.  Dealers in  WALL     PAPERS, PAINTS,  OILS,  VARNISHES, Plain and Fancy  Glass Pictures, Frames.  Harry Kay  *l?!~.,.���������.  wiAW-.'.",���������.:.  _. ..���������,-��������� r'->v   --���������"-'.-     . *��������� , ._ ������������������'..-  W^t0rn.vn4'de-F6f':We!iut^msfie'n'  UNION MADE  SHIRTS  OVERALLS  ���������������������������   Etc,  HEG131ERE0  SOLD AT  LEADING  STORES IN  LADYSMftH  These goods are sold wholesale and retail for 25 per cent, feus than'a    ny imported goods of like quality.  GIVE THE  BIG   HORN BRAND A   TRIAL; / THE GOODS ARE MADE IN VICTORIA AND BY   WHITE  LAPQR ONLY.    EVERY GARMENT IS WELL MADE QF GOOD MATERIAL AND IS SOLD AS  CT.SAp'*  1 u���������. :..���������...     _____ AS THE CHEAPEST,  I Delivered in Any Part of th City f  EvcryAftcrnoon jr  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LO OKOUT FOR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF  THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US.  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Leave orders at the Abbottsford.       - ]  WILLIAMS   AND   WASKETT  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������t������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ��������� ________ *  i The Daily Ledger 1  ���������  I 50 Cents  per   Month ���������  H. W. SAUSAGE  (THE ONLY  KIND)  BLACK PUDDING  H. & W.  FIRST AVENUE. BUTCHERS  High Grade  The satisfaction of dealing with a|  high grade firm of established repu-  /' tation, whose name stands for some-j  thing definite and substantial is al  most important consideration whenj  purchasing FURNITURE, CARP-I  PETS, CURTAINS, ART GOODS,]  SILVERWARE, CHINA, CUTLER-  RY,  GLASSWA, etc.  Large illustrated catalog ue and price list free for asking.  VBCTORBA.B.Cl  i  h *  ���������������'{���������  mf IA r ^ i MH H    DAILY    LEDGER  LOCAL  A SNAP���������n good Eng!.o*h Piano by  a first-class maker  in  p rf   b order  For  $100.00.  A  Mason  and Hamlin  Organ for $125.Q0. Apply  A. F. OWEN,  Piano Tuner Abbotsford Hote.  STRAYED OR STOLEN-Fiom Oy-  sicr Hay a light gray nure, well  shod, in good condition, has a Ions  tail, in colt, name Bessie.Such mloi-  mal/ion ns will lead to her icco\eiy  swiIJ he thankfully -rccei\e<l by Mis  Code    Addiess Ladysniilh, 13.  V.  LOST���������Betwocn Ledger office and the  Bunker Giounds,   small,  open-faced  silvei watch    with name engiavcd  Findei please retuin io  tho Ledgei  Office.  Mis.   (Di.)   Wasson   went  down  Victoria on thc morning train.  1o  Miss Weinrobc went up to Nanaimo  on Iho noon Irani.  IWi.   Gcoige Bui (holme is  in  c-i(y today on  business.  thc  Mayor Planta, of Nanaimo, was in  Ladysniilh this morning.  Miss P.uchanaii, of tlie S. Lcisei  Stoic, left today foi Poitland, Ore ,  to look up lhe new in niillineiy, and  will iciuin Milh ths latest in that  line so as to have everything leaeh  foi   the opening on  April 12th   o   FOR EDMONTON.  Mr. and Mis. W. I-I. Lively left to  day for Vancouver, wheie they wil'  join thc balance of the party goinp  Ihioiiiih at present. Mis. 1'elKy am  Mis. Comcley will join then bus  hands lalci on. Ladysmith peoph  will |oin in wishing thc parly sue  cess in their new liomes in thc Noill  West.  DRAMATIC.  The meinheis of the local anialeiu  diamalic society are lehcaising fie  quotiliy the play "Handy Andj,'  which (hey intend to piesent m tin  opeia house on the 2'jth of. ue\*'  month. The lchcarsals aie lepoilei  "as being most satisfactory, and tin  play, which is \ery funny, pioinise1  to be a gieat success.  Knight's hooKsloic is beinc* mo\cd  to the stoic heietoioie occupied h*  W. II ���������Lnelv.  EAGLES.  Thc monlhiy meeting of   the loca  aeiia of Eagles will  be held m the  lodge  loom  at   the   usual   time this  c\cuing,   when  initiations  will tali  place      and       otliei       business goiu  tluough.  THE ESKIMO.  (By Willie Law, Dnision 2.)  The Eskimos live along the noith-  ein coast of North  America and tie  islands     neaiby.   They also lne on  the     south-west coast of Gieenland.  They live in huts made oi snow and  ice with such a small doorway  that  the people ha\o to gel down on then  hands  and knees to cieep in.      They  use      foi  food   the  flesh  of  the seal,  ducks,  beais and pails of the wbale.  Theie are no stoves in  these huts,  so what small cooking is done is done  o\er a lamp winch /ills  the hut with  smoke  and  makes  it   feel  veiy  close.  In the lamp is (mini fat, which       is  got      fiuin   the   whale.    For   a wick  Iney use moss        The Eskimos    aie  veiy much kinder* than the Indians.  If the Eskimos see   you coming they  will go out to meet you lake you into  then  huts  and   treat jou  kindly, (  but the Indians will not.  The, Eskimo babies sleep in bags of JJ  featheis      and    sometimes   in   laige  hoods of their mother's     The Eskimo boys ha\e splendid ndes on their  sleighs  pulled  by dogs.  The Eskimos hunt in a small canoe  called  a kayak.    These  people       aie  very fond of home and do not like to  be taken  away  fiom   the cold noith.   o   WRESTLING.  A wrestling tournament is to be  held in lhe I'uinbeilaiid hall tomorrow ccning under the auspices of  the Athletic club of that town. The  winnei of the 1131b class will iccei\e  a ciij), and the successful competitor  of the M31b class a medal, both vru-  sented by Mi. McKen/ie, of Cumbei-  iand. Theie aie quite alaige number competing.  ���������o���������  ���������     THE KING.  Hoi, Spiings,  Ark,  Maich* 21 ���������'lhe  Saycis-Ryan  houL  at  Whiting  Paik  last  night,   went  20   i otmds   lo  a decision, and was  witnessed  hy alai-^e  crowd     Rjan,   who foieed   the  fighting horn  the gong,  was dcc-laied  the  winner.  was clear lo him that the Ladysmith  people had been made a stool pigeon  oi by the Western Fuel Company, lie  for his pail, admitted that he had  been badly taken m -and he asked the  Slay or to admit the same.  IIis Worship remaiked that he could  not for     one moment see that this  was  the case.    In arranging for the  joint meeting letween thc board of  tiade and the city council he had acted in what hctconsidcrcd the best ni-  tciests of the citizens.    He was ai x-  ious lo a\eit the closing down of the  mines,   as   was e\ciy  othei   iesidenl,  of  the  town,  and   lie  could   not  ior"  one moment   sec  why   Aid.  Haworth  should think tnat the Ladysmith people had  been made tools of by    the  Western Fuel Company.    At the time  the inset ing took place there was not  the  slightest  rea-son  to   l:elie\c  that  evervthing  was not sitiiight  This seemed lo annoy Mr. ITawcrth  lie said it was clear to him that he  had Lcen made a stool pigeon of, and  why couldn't Mayoi Coburn admit,  the same? In making these lemarks  the Aldeiman was on several occasions called to order on account  of the language used.  The discussion closed hy His Worship stating t'hal he certainly acted  in what he thought the best mi crests of the city.at the time, and if  an\ thing of thc kind, again cropped  up he would act in [ recKsely the  same manner under the circumstances  wiysm.  Dr.   R.. B.  Dier  may  be  fcind  his office,  at any time through  at  the  day or evening. "Bridge or ciown  work as good as the best and at reasonable prices. It is not a practice  for* a few days cl weeks only that  Dr. Dier ��������� is establishing, but ane  that will cause him to'4>e a permanent resident of Ladysmith. Ollice on  High Street, next Weinrobe's."  AT THE OPERA HOUSE  The nioMiig picluies shown at the  ipeia house last e-venuu calhd out a  -tige audience W'nlo not in any  .ense a supu oi showing ol its kind,  t was ahaht as good as could lie e\-  iclcd  undei   tlie ciiciiinslauces  . THE EMPIRE CIGAR  The Lad\smith C'igai Factory al  (hough only established a" Tew inoiili  ago, is doing a thoi oughly good bus  mess It is easy lo see why, Th,  Einpiic bland of cigais is one of tlu  best made m an> part of Canada,  and cei tainly no better is made n  British Columbia. As local people,  they desene and aie entitled to encouragement. It always helps alcin.  a cigar manufacturer- to call foi am  insist on having the bland you want  and ceilaml}, in Ladysmith, thc Emmie is lcgaHled as one of thc host  on  lhe market.  LADYSMITH GUN CLUB  Day before yesterday quite a number of     tiap shooters wero  at    tlu  grounds  of the  Ladysinith Gun Clul  up near the Pilot Hotel and sc\eiai  shoots weie ai tanged  and shot    ol'i  No olhcial score  was kept,  and    no  regular  teams  participated.     A   few  water rats were there, but the   high  altitude  and  diy climate so  alfecle-i  their  sight that they did veiy kith  execution      among      the  blue  locks  Good work has been done by   there  snlents of thc upper   part  of Ihecitj  in clearing     up grounds for a    nth  range  and  for  taiget  shooting   gen  eialh.        Within  a few weeks,  the*,  slate,  that all  stumps will  be taken  out, and the giounds entirely cleand.   o   NANAIMO NOTES.  Nanaiino, March 21.���������Mr. V. ll.  Reed, of San Francisco, is in Nanaiino in connection with Newcastle Island for the Northwestcrn's lease o!  the quarry. .The company will take  a lot of spout- out of the quarry for  new buildings iu the cities of California.  ���������o���������  The funeral  of   the-  late  John Dol-  holl. took place on Sunday afternoon  last,  being  attended   by quite a number  of    mourners.    The  pall-hearers  were:   Geo. Be-.vilockway, -James  Ait-  ken,   II. .Shaw,   \V.   Campbell,      IL.  [Ionic and W.  Edmunds, jr.   Service:-;  were .conducted  by Rev.  -J. M. Millar  and  Rev. E.  Cr.  Taylor.  COUNCIL    PROCEEDINGS  (Continued  from  Page  Cn^)  int   signed  by Mi.   Dunsmuii   as   -he  .vas   in   Victoiia   on   that     liioimng,  and   only   left  on  the   nioimiig liam.  Mr    Ilawoith   then  asked   lhe  Ma\-  ii   if he  knew   that n I   the   time  Mi,  /    *  ���������i.tiwood sent the lolegiam he was  in Victoiia acting in (lie niteiest of  the Western  Filed Company.  I Iii. U'oiship staled that he was  not await* oi the Tact at (lie. time,  hut  had  since  heaid  it.  '\[i    Ilawoith   then  explained    that  the*    giounds     ol   lus   suspicion   weie  Mat  whil.- he was in  Victoiia,on the  oinmiltec     appointed     to  iiuei view  Mr.   Ilawlhointhwaile,   lie had  heaid  \li.   Iluntei   tell   dial   gentleman   that  ���������Ii    Cobiii n had  asked   foi. (lie    telegram fioin Mi    Diinsmuii  and he had  got it.  1 his the Major denied, sa} ing Hint  ie   had  not  as! od   f(JL   the  n.c sage,  and   onU   cnde.noied   to  ob'a'ii   con-  i mat ion of the rcpoit  in oidei   that  lie  might  know   how*  lo r.ct in      the  matter.  '���������Ir    Ilawoith  then stated  that    it  /"  "  12 Cord  uroy  Suits,  2  piec e.  Regular  pi ice  ��������� $3.75  Sale .  pi ice   . .  U.fiO *  30 Suits in Tweed, Serge  and  Fancy Worsted.   Regular .1-3 f>0  to VI 00.     Sr/c 22 to 28.     2-  piccc. Sale price ....". $2.25  M Youths' Suits, 27 to 33, 3  piece, worth fiom $1.75 to  $0.50. Our pi ice for this  week  V6.50  Store closes  at six e'clook every evening except Saturday.  DRYSDALE - STEVEKSCH  Ci.     Ladysmith  NOTICE.  '(Dissolution of Partnership.) .  Tbe partnership heretofore subsisting between Chu Ming and Chu Lung  llo. of Extension, B.C., trading un-  uer the fnni name-.of Wing Sang &.  Co.,  has been dissolved. -~  The business will in future be. conducted under the sole management of  Chu' Li na; Ho. who assumes all lia-  bill lies of the late firm, and to whom  all outstanding debts must- be paid.  CHU LUNG  HO.  Dated Extension, B.C., Feb. 29th,  1903.  Dr. R. B. Dier  ,   Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, and at- reason;  able lates.      '. * ,  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  HAY. GRAIN Aty)  f ARM PKODttbE  Ordeis will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on the  Esplanade.       ���������___  JAS. WARNOCK.*  d:es not take place until April 12th  **     ���������   i  and 13th, but-we are showing .all  the latest New York and Parisian  styles in READY TO WEAR^hats  at prices ranging from $1.50 to $5-00  Our Miss Buchanan will le avc today for  Poitland and  Seattle  to get the newest ideas in up-to-date Millinery.    If you aie want-  r  ing a swell hat wait for our   opening.  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  S_H-MH-i  1LADYSMITH  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates St* ,  Cor.   floveinment  Viclona, li.  C-  Three  Transcont nental  Trains Daily  3  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited," Ride on it always.  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepeis on all tiains. Tluough tic\-  cts issued to all paints Eust and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and berths leseived.  Only dnecl route lo Yellowstone  Park. Cheap n.tes from all points  EasK Iioiv AlaJtti 1st to Mxy loth.  Steamship tiel.els on sale lo all  European points. Very low r<ite->  now in efiect. Cabin accommodation  resenee!  by  wire.  Toi   fin tin i   pailiculars call at the  oiii or j hone No. 45G.  A. IV CARLTON, C. E. LAN.'!  A (J PA.,   N P , General  Aj,e:n  Poitland,  Oie Victoiia,  RC  Some good Residences For Sale  Call and get particulars.  Artency of the Esquimau  & Kanaimo Ry. Co's  _MLW_.������-*W _ I 'JT _������__--M-WMa-(-i_������--Wt^M*������^M���������M"i^*^^^^*M^^^^*,^Ml^BM^W^M^^^^*  City Property  JOHN STtWART P. O. Box 268  \ - / ��������� .  FIRE,  LIFE  AND  ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  rONVEYANCINO   - "^ NOTARY   PUBLIC.  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI ORS  HIGH STREET.  :���������:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������j  SUCHARD.  [SU-SHAR]  is tho won! to use when   asking  for  co  coa 01   jMnk Chocolal e.  W. T. HEDDLL7   CO.  YiMiams' Block  Ladysinith  Particular G roc era.    "  Tdleptone l  JAl'S ARE WORN' OUT  Despatches for 'the past*, (wenl.y-  it-ur hours indicate mure favorable  conditions fm: lhe Russians so far as  makiiiu; a retreat is concenied, than  il has hei-elofoi-e. AiMiareiitly the  Japanese troops are thoroughly worn  out and, and will not he! able  head across the line of retreat  the   Russian  troops.  Kuropatkin's de-spatc-hes say he offered to remain as a divisional commander- with Lin-evil eh, but did not  do so, liavinj-; taken an affectionate  hut  quiet   leave  of his   troops.  to  of  That  some judges think a good deal  of themselves is shown by the following, story of TIuddl3Ston and Manisty  who were dining with the Lord Mayor.     Thc toast of "Thc Queen" was  j propose;!,  and   Manisty,   with  his  in-  j nate good  breeding,     stood  up     to  ! drink it.   lluddleston   pulled   him   by  the sleeve, saying:  '���������Sit  down,   Manisty,  you   d d  fool; we arc the Queen."  I assiue   you, Madam,  lhe  OMP.'R*." and PROVINCE  aie the     best you can    get  fm   Llui  MADE  IN  LADYSMITH  BOOKS FOR  Sale &  Exchange  ���������At���������  HOY'S BAKERY  4.  ���������     . 10c. and 15c.  Healers in   Fianos and  Organs..  L dysmith, B. C.  1st   1 venue.  Ladysinith  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  J. PEERCY AND GO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  1  Victoria, B. C.  Manufacturers of the 'Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  ���������f  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,      '  SHIRTS. ETC  ELECTRIC SHEAR  SHARPENERS  WARRANTED TO SHARPE  N -THE DULLEST SCISSORS. -  FOR FIVE DAYS ONLY  AT-    ..    ^~     2:") els each.  BLRIR& MIDK7VT  TELEPHONE  2���������4.  CARLISLE  r i c < i  to  to  HEADACHES.  lhe  stiaimng, cuiod  and snht tests free  AT  result of eya  A'j   K-vaminatioHs  li|/of (huge.  ft  ft  m  WB.FORCIMfiER'S  ft  ^JJFIRST   AVE.  ^S^-g-g-g'g'g'g'g-g-g-g It'   mx."S.'S-'lS^"mX.'^'^."&'lr%' S-'-^^*  WATCH/VTA'CtR  f~     <������^-      .mr-  -  J%,    *%.    >*-  JEWELER,' OPTICIAN   ^g.  LADYSMITH ������  Leave orders with  IILA.IR & ADAM,   ������������������r\,r?i  -AH work first-class at THE CHRY  ST AL,  VICTORIA.  Stock TakioO  Sale  at Ro!*ton\s  HIGH GRADE- GRAM.-0-PHONEY  sx'"1*. ,. ��������� '  FOR USERS OF  !lj  !*l  1 o .inn PflOOPW  Esciiatlots,   Cabbage  and Tomato plants.  Orders  taken fo*   Roses, Ornamental   and  Fruit trees.  rrr ...���������-���������-���������������.i ��������� >ii���������-���������  At Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C.  ������������_____  .PUTTINO ON  NEW PAPER  is the mest elfective. and most economical-' method. "of  improving       and  brightening   up   the  interior   appearance; of your dwelling-  From   Iho  many  hcaiitiful   r-silttrris  ���������many or them exclusive-���������in our nevv  line,  wc  are  certain   you  can select  exactly  the ri_hi? paiier to suit your  taste  and   purse.    J et   us  show you  our handsome array of styles.  HARRY KAY  ASK  YOUR GROCER  FOR   PARTICULARS  y. MARINE.        .  Tug Vancouver  was in with a scow  for     a cargo  en' coal   to-day Tor  the  Mainland.  ���������o���������  Steamship     Stanley Dollar* is due  here for a full cargo of coal,  Dinner and Tea Sets  $10.00  Dinner  Sets,  97  pieces,  now ............ ...........   $13.00 Dinner Sets/97 pieces, now    $15.00 Dinner Sets, 97 pieces; now ........!;    *-^ -  $20.00  Dinner, Sets,  97  pieces,  n ow   a    - -  $25.00  Dinner  Sets,   115  pieces,    now   .;....... ...  $35.00  Dinner  Sets,  98 . pieces,  now   ..................-i.....  Watch our. Window fo" I, O. C. Lin?3  $7.00  .    9^00  .. 10.00  ... 1500 <"  .. 18.00  . 25.00  HILBERT  FARMERS'     All:AI    HARKBT  On  ist Avenue  Geo. Roberts   -  Proprietor,J  HOTFL  LADYSMITH  RATES���������UM     per     day.      Finest  Wines, Liquors and  ������igara.  First Avenue, Lady-mitt*., B. G.  D. Cl" WHITE.  HOTEL DOMINION  'if ���������  ~ii���������.*���������'������������������* 11 _-r-> ���������".**!.11 .r>o���������  r. h bus to   uli i ti-vRiboMt   laudr gg rni;  rail-.vhv dupotc.    Kientriu c*r������ ������v������ry ���������-.  mimulas  to all pnris ol   ihr   ci y.   Bail  jiod tablw nn^x<:������ll<,il.  F. BA YNES, Pr������prie!������r,  ABEJOTT ST.,    VANCOUVER, B.C,.


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