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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 16, 1906

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 .!������#  SSL*****  ^6SE������������V"  Ladysmith Daily Leekier   r-������ .���������'. >. >-i'    Vo^ _, - .  II  FRIDAY, MARCH   IC,  1906.  (:������     MAR 19 li������RlCE-FjVE CENTS  VOL..2  BOARD OF TRADE  OFFICERS ARE  At Meeting Held Last  Evening Positions of  tiring Officers Were Filled and ex=President  Cornwall's Report Received  Committee Appointed to Take up Collection from'  Business People for Naiiaimo Hospitab^Lady-   i  smith Hospital Discussed  INTERMEDIATE  [MATCH TOMORROW  iFirst Game in V.I. I.   League fo be  Re-    Played on Bunker Ground-- Base  ball Meeting Tonight  *��������� ���������"-Stti.J  HO REDUCTIONS  mafftHW" hi     -  ��������� ��������� '-    '*  illHESlHS   1  FOB THE &BMY  , w.  MEWS NOTES  BY  The  played ou .the bunker groun  row afternoon,  the  Ladysmith  inter  mediates  vs.   Victoria  Centrals  ' gaiii<<   will  start  at  4.30  sharp-and   leipts,  A meeting of the Board ot Trade  took place in Mr. John Stewart's  oMice last evening, at which the report of the retiring .president of the  loard, Mr. \V. A. Cornwall, was  received, and officers for the ensuing  year,elected. 1 he.'following is a  copy of the rFresident's address     to  the Board:  PRESIDENT'S REPORT   ANNUAL  MEETING  BOARD  OF TRADE.  Ladysmith, B.C., alarch 15,  1006.  Gentlemen:���������It is  a good  and useful  custom,  and one   which  I should  recommend    this Board* to continue,  for     the retiring chiaxnian of      the  'Board of Trade of such a town    as  ours, to review m detail the     year  wliich has passed during his tenure of  office'. This may lie done under  enree  iieuds, viz:  1st.   The .work of thc Board.  2nd.   Thc material  progress ot the  city, euch.as civic improvements, etc  3rd.   Local  trade and industries.  And , after  dealing  with, these matters to  ma1* such recommendations  as     may suggest themselves to him  for improvement of-matters  relating  to the town.  Firstly,  then,  in regard to       the  Board's     work   duriug     the year I  would bring the     following matters .  to your     atU-ntioii as being among  the most important which have come  before us:  Public Wharf:���������  This  matter has  had  the     .nsiant  attention    of     thc.Board, and it is  much  to be regietted '"that  their .frequent -   letters    'to,  and  interviews  with, thc authorities  have not       resulted     as     satisfactorily, as might  haw: been expected.   The Heed for the  wharf has been fully  proven by     the  constant  use  to which it has     ,becn  put by   the merchants of this town,  and this would have been the case to  a fiu  ������1 cater extent had thc re������yrire-  ments     of thc Hoard been  complied  -with by the authorities that be.    It  has been pointed out  to the authorities that the arrangements      should  have     been      made to ha\ e a wharf  lighted, also that some one should ft  placed, in charge of   the f reigfot-shjed'  owing  to there being no one to    receive  cal c. ��������� -  to the wharf hy the lowering of the J months  An    'important.event for thc town  thc  first match in the Vancouver    ihis    would  be  the  only  inducement  Islam! intermediate  league will     be ��������� for them to mala; the trip.   This the  ds tomor-  directors oi the club could  not   see  I heir  way clear to give, and  notified  The   the  soldiery that half   the gate    re-  or     rather,  the collection,  Mr. Jas.  Adarn will referee.   This is   would be  turned  over   to them       if  ! ihe first time the local intermediates   they     would male the trip.      The  have ciiguged   in  a struggle   with   an   1 nowledge of a good  game  awaiting  outside team 'for a great length      of   them, and perhaps the same fate   as  time, but in the last few weeks they   that      which  overtook  tlie   Victoria  have been practicing hard and as    a   United on .Sunday, was not sufficient  result are in  good  shape ,to give the   inducement* for the Garrison players,  Victorias a hard, fast'game.   Follow-  so the match is "off."  the remmal of a large proport  the members,  notahly,   Mr-  ilnrine     tlie'   past,year thc Board  uuring ' .       ,  c    the consummation  of  h,eto to regret the loss,  owing to .,,  htc i^ ^ ^ & ^  ^  Thomas 'Company   and     the'C.P.R,/whereby  '      >   ... ,.7n7> the town lands have now become tho  KIM. a,.,. *.,  B*.l  AU-.     -������ , p^  ,itte  C0���������w.    ���������  - 'A'. banquet   - ���������was.ten-ieiou to .vir.  ,.*...    shall  acquire more  rhomas Kiddie on his departure and   the town and 'it?r welfare wliich would  a suitable address presented  to him   result in the construction of impro\c  under this hoard's auspices,   and     a'mints     oi % much needed character,  very  pleasant evening was spent by    such as anew depot and a proper ap-  all.   Messrs. Allen nnd Cobum have    -.roach thereto.  also been'recipients of small- pre-i it,is my opinion that steps should  sentations from tlie Board on their ).e taken with a*view to inducing in-  leaving. This will compiete"the re- 'ih-airies locating here to which some  view so far'as ihe active work of encouragement, should be given 'n thc  tha Board is,concerned , wa������������������  **r r-"������ ������*!<������*���������   <*vct*intion      from  ing is the local  line-up:  Goal,   H.   Greaves;   iullbacl'S,_      II.  Fagan,   J.   Crcs.-an;  half-hacits, -Geo.  .laesin,  D.  O'Connell and It.  Cal-  lendar;  forwards, T.   McMillan,       A.  Michie,   .1.  Hughes,   E.   Morgan,  M.  O'Crjimell;  spare man,  A. Haworth.  The  match   between  the  local  seniors and  the Garrison arranged     for  | A meeting 0{ all interested in baseball, is called for this evening, to  l:o held in VV., E. Morrison's store at  .seven o'clock- Thc purpose of the  meeting is to organize for the season  and appoint a delegate to represent  thc Ladysmith club at the me-etin;-;  in Nanaimo oiT Sunday, the object  of which is to discuss the advisaibili-  ' London,. March 16.:���������In the House  oi Commons, sitting as a committee of supply, -on army estimates today. Major Seeley, Liberal, moved a reduction' of ���������'th'u  army by 1U.000. The motion was  rejected by '2'JQ to 56 after an appeal by 1'iemier Campbell-Banner-  uiati to have patience and allow  "Secretary of War HaMiine to. cx-  ainiiiii the whole problem. The division iv\i.ilwj tho first revolt of  th(* labor mem'bers against this tiO\-  ernrncnl, x!.������������������ majority of'tho ."j(1  vi'tc*; in lb'* negative being- composed   of radicals and Lnborites.  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  Saturday has been  declared off.   The   ty  of  forming   a baseball  league con-  Gairisen men ..wrote asking dhc   load   sisling of Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Dun  club for  a guarantee  of  $f>u, stiting   cans and Crotton.  of free sites, exemption  Fuming to the second patt:������f    our   taction for a ^ P"'^^1^:  h . v   ������������������ i  ~~���������c-o r,f   ���������>(,���������     and such an object snouiu   ���������-������������������  -the material progress of  etc.  review, vi7.,-t-ne .material im^iw^ u. ^_  _  the city in the line of civic improve- gage the attention of  the Board   of  ments.    I*regret'that we are unable Mia'ie as  well its of the City  Fath-  ��������� ~ r������nnrt much .advancement.  This is eis.   As     it is now, I am persuaded  -  -e .'��������� ,,  to report much-advan      v ,,���������<.-  due to no* lack of,energy on the part  that the spirit ot  waiting for   pay-  ofV^^runcil, ,but> attributable to. dav" has become so much of a habit  several .ctfuses., Firstly and pr-wapr1  -Aval vi i ih us that we need rousing from  Iv'ow^otlve lack of funds and un- th.s attitude, to one more worthy  ���������n��������� -��������� >u* borrow thc council -A single industry, no matter ��������������� \  lTE-������lr ET^Iromlte -Uabie tt may ^^^^  Wt and s-condly, that some nieas- u������ a city, nor do oUieiwiw than mu  ^���������^odu^a  'have-heen  tnrn-,l    der- our development it we> are      de  i city, nor do olherwis  our d  do"wn.by  the' public.    The most  m-  ;peudi,g too absolutely upon it  ���������   -id  is  endeavoring-to'-do -toioi-  ward'tlw'busL inLeiests ,,f the,town  W.  A.   CORNWALL,  President 1005-OG.  terial benefit ,to  the town,  is much  to be regretted. *-Il should^be-understood hy. all citizens, anil* especially  hy   property  holdcts,   that  it  is inly  by showim? a progressive spirit?   an.l  evidencing faith in the future of   the  town that their  property can      in- J    Tnc reading of  the above was   re  crease in ��������� value and become an avail- jeeised  with  loiul  applause.  Cn  mov  able resource and ligitimatc  invest- |in_,  thc acceptance hy  thc Board of  ment     for outside as  well  as local  iUlc ldporL> Mr,.). RlBWart. the    re  capital.   It is sincerely to be hoped  !tinng secretaiv,  thanked most hear-  that similar measuies  which  we be-  Uilyv Mr. .Cornwall tor the address, toi  lic\e arc to be shortly introduced bv i,-u> veadina; of which lie had listened  oui-  present'council  will meet with    v,ltn  keen" pleasure. Tlie r-^s-iuw     of  better judgment at the hands of   thc   thc work o[ the Boanl was <xcciicnt  inlelUgent part of our community.      aml  thc a(lviC(,  lhc rcport  contained  Thirdly,  under the heading of Local jsoun,,.   TIe would mo\c the report be  Trade and  Industries,  I am  glad to  !jicce,,tc,1> placed  on Tile, and  luiblish-  able to report that thc.business in |cy_   Ml.    .,    15ic-le in  SCCOnding thc  t������ I iTint-inu   endcr.-cd   the  remarks  of the  re-  ""V, ,ht zl mescnt    The prarti-' mMt ll��������� has at le������st loo., ������P   t������ I motio,,. emter.c  i,oo ni������n hiren a creat draw-  SOurce alone an  Company has alo been aB . of ft mil|ion  of  dol  Mck  to our ofloa    on btha ^    1 ^  ^ ^^  ^  p���������bkc   in   ,1,,^-S"lhit the Pro: .Work in .the pine has t^en uniformly  v^'^ernnS    ny:^/^*-^1'^^      *"  ^o !-wheii-the strike at the Nanaimo collieries krpil the Extension mines busy  supplying- the market. The value cf  the . coal - mined is estimated at 1 ,-  500,000. With the continued demand  for coal existing in oui* principal mar  uet, v.'k, San Francisco, we may  look forward with confulen'e  steady  work  and consequently  to  good  make such  arrangements  as will, in- I usually slack times vi/., the summer  sure a safe and'speedy "'approach'",t<  the wharf. These masters shouvu continue  to receive the strict, .attention  of the Board.  Direct Conununication with Vancouver:���������  This ni_atter has been the subject  ol much memorialising and we are  Indebted to the Vancouver Board of  Trade ' '" ���������"*i;"f       h������������  been ati  Pacific  matter  In its  fied by  to tic  .the roau .......   .....   It would- seem to be bu.t a waste of  public money . to put in public works  without taking any  measure to maintain them.  Telephone .Service:��������� ������������������*���������_.-  The Board are glad to report  that  owing to ��������� representations made  them  to  the 'supcrimtendent of  D. C. Telephone Company, Ltd., La-.  dysniith  has been  provided with  an  adequate service  from  7   a.m..   to 10  n.m.    We  would   wish to  see    mo.re  made of this public titili-  tudo.  HLMCTION   OF   OFFICERS.  The ollice of president of thel-oard  was offered to Mayor Nicholson, but  declined by "'that gentleman. The  mayor explained that holding the office, of ihe city's chief magistrate, it  would- not'he. advisable for him to  accept i the .presidency of lhe Board of  Trade.      ''���������   ' -,'. .  Moved by Mr,  13. Forcimmer, (Seconded hp Mr. D..-Nicholson,  that Mr.  IT. Mack 1 in   ho  nominated  for       the  '���������residency of the Hoard.   Carried urn-  of his  motion,  withdrew  the same,  pud seconded  Mr.  Forcinimer's nomination of Mr, Nicholson, who was reelected.'  Air. J. Stewart, -who has adequately filled thc important position of  secretary of the Board since the resignation of Mr. 'R. Allen, was asked  to poni'iiue in that ollice, but declined on the pica that other work in  which he was engaged demanded all  his time.  Moved   by  Mr.   For'cimmer, seconded by Mr.  II.  Macklin, that the   ic-  Uring president, Mr. \V. A". Coin wall  be nominated   for   the l^jsition.  Mr.  Cornwall was elected.  Moved by Mr.  B. ��������� Foicimnier, seconded  by  Mayor Micholson, that thc  thaiiis of the  Board be  tendered  to  the retiring  officers,  also to Mr.   .).  Stewart for his  kindness -in placing  his    office   at the disposal of       the  Board for tegular  meetings. Carried  Mr.   B,   Forcimmer  opened  an  interesting discussion:*-*During t'le-wricfr"  he had  been  visited by  the president  and '. -.ice-president of the Nanaimo  hospital  board, who had asked     him  to  obtain... sonic financial '.assistance  for that institution.    They had      .re  contly received    from the oiftployces  of the Wellington  Colliery Company a  di nation of $2o0, raised  by subscription,  but  the hospital treasury sadly  n-'i-d' loplcntishuig.     During  the y.cai  a number of Ladysmith  people receiv  (*:1  ticatnieiit in'the hospital. If they  were members  of the Accident'.,''  and  Burial  Fund,   fifty   cents  a day   was  turned over to the hospital hoaid by  that fund.    This grant was made for  six months only, and at the end    ot  ihattimc the patient, if  not.in a po  si lion 1o pay for treatment at     thc  hospital had to be  cared for free, of  charge,     with   the   exception of   the  small grant  made by the government  In the hospital at   thc  present  time  there  were  Ladysinith  people receiving treatment, and thc best of treat  incut,  and -he,  the  speaker,  thought  the Board of Trade should take   the  matter up,and devise- so.me means   of  obtaining; subscriptions .irom the liusi  liess people in support-oLa most wor  tuy institution.    Continuing, Mr. For  cinimcr said the business people) had  lots of calls on thoir generosity, but  cause was more deserving of their  ' behalf  Mr.   S.  urs     was   ii  business  pnrtment.  natter.   Inspector   of   l>oil-  the  city  yesterday     .*n  in connection    with     bis de-  Mr. J. -V. McDonald the able  loader ol the Liberate in the Uouf..-  will address a meetinff in Vancouver;  lonig'hi or.  the  LiOg-isIiituto  Burned to Death. >  Newmarket.   Ont.,   March 15���������Ross  Webb,   aged three     aud a half yeais,  youngest sou  of  EI.    C.   Webb,      ��������� cf  KH-tleby,      got  hold     of   a     match  jester-day     and  lit  it setting- lire xu  his  nig-ht  gown   and was so     badly  burned     that he  died last' night.  Buried Alive.  Halifax,  March   15.���������While     excrtv-r  ating  in a   ��������� gold  mine    at      'Middle  Field,   Queens     County,     four     men  lost  their   livesl  being buried,    alive,  they  were  all   natives ol' Nova   Scotia. '  Seals Galore.  Meal.   Cove,      C.B.,  March  15���������l'p  to date  there has  been between    2">  aud   thirty   thousand   , seals    landed  on   Magdalene  Islands,     about      10  per cent,     being old seals.   This    is*  by far the  largest catch on record.  Drowned in a Well:  Sydney,     X S.,     March  15.���������While  drawing'     water     from  a   well       at  Olace Bay last  evening,    Sarah   Mc-  Cormack,      10     year-old'    girl,     toll  head  foremost     into     the   well and  was  droRned.     She was   not missed  il   late   last  night  when her    lite-  ant i  the   lecent   occurrences ci  men should also help. He would see  with extreme pleasure the erection o  a hospital in Ladysmith. He consid  ercd it a disgrace ��������� to thc business  people and to the populace at large  to stand by and calmly watch injured people of the,city ta^en on stietchers to another town for treatment,  nnd not make an attempt to have a   son  hospital b"ilt here,   ilow'many lives   Wednesday    Sine received  had been lost through the discomfort   rrom the  .lap's lawyer saying  lo    patients   caused  by the journey   ��������� nian    naci met with an accident an.���������*  from Ladysmith to 'Nanaimo? He con-   WHnloj  x^,e match postponed  sidered the Board of Trade would to      * ihe &.0Q    sjdc    ^t       1.-  excellent work*.by     moving  ,   , ^     ^ ^   ���������   ^^      and ,j  is  not  ready    for the ilat.  -MAY   liU  NO MATCH.  - From pi-iawni indications there wi:'  ix: no .natch U-tweon Sine . Swan-  on March 27. On  a Icttn  hif  aiul Matsuda  bot-  less  body     was   lound  at the  torn   of  the  well,     which was thirty  feet    deep.  moi n-,  Part oi  doing, ,   excellent worK ��������� uy     mo\ my,  .  to. have a hospital built locally. Once   tthvtul-v  Mr.   Dunsmuir  made liberal  offers  of "Matsuda  help,  imf thc men turned down   tho   ������8iwd  ������������  SWilIlso������    WI!1 l>0   hancl  propcaition.   He believed that gentle   ';<-���������  ow  th<1 ������l*-'P������?lL  l,-v' tho      8laU'-  man would   again support any move-,   honioi. acordiug    to the   signed aj  ment to get a hospital ljuilt here, and1 tides.  he, the spealer, was of the opinion . He wrote the Jap's backers to th'u  lhatby the public of Ladysmilh/work cfltx-t today and also wrote that hi.  ing together, no serious difficulty ' WOU|t- naton to no'more "proposLt  ivould be found in getting a hospital ___  built in the city.  ions  for a  wrestling match from  Vancouver people unless    they   were  willing to wrestle in Nanaimo.  In reference to the matter last ev  evening's    Province      contains,  lollowing:  "It   was  announced    this  ing  that  as Matsuda,  the   Japanese  wrestler      had suffered a  slight    accident     in  training,  the match    between      Swanson of  Xanaimo      and  himself had been  postponed for  nonth,      and  will   take  place  m   April. ���������   Dr.    B.    F.   Roller,  atretic supervisor in  the    University o-'  Vushingtbn     at   Seattle,    has  ���������tigngoel  as referee.  the  ' , ,-!���������  the    . .'M  a'  la������.{\  been  support  than the one on   behalf       of.  wliich he .was now speaking.   He un-  ** Mr. Cornwall'^did not- approve -of  anv   action   being  taken  under     the  auspices of the   Board of Trade      to ,  raise  a subscription''for the   Nanai- |  mo institution. He could not see thai/  the liosi'ital'had any  especial  claim   I  on   the  business  people  of  the city.   I  Business men needing treatment     in  the hospital'would  have to  pay  for  it,  and while he  recognized  the fact  that     thc     institution deserved snp-  ���������ort, he thought the  people of    the  city other than business men should  Le called upon.  After some further  discussion Mr.  Forcimmer expressed the'opinion that  the  Board' of  Trade  being  the only  organivation of business men in  the  city,   they should form some scheme  to  help* the hospital,  which was,  in  his opinion,  deserving   of   help,  and  in. view of the fact that business men  were always looked to for assistance  in such causes,  moved  that  the president appoint   a committee to  take  up   a collection   from   the  merchants  of the city for the hospital.   Second,  ed  by Mayor Nicholson, the motion  carried,  and  Mr.  Cornwall   appointed  on the.committee Messrs. Forcinvmer  Nicholson and Bickle.  Zdr. Forcimmer asked the mayor if  the report in The ;-Lcdger that Hon  R. Green,-chief commissioner of  Lands and Works, would,proklahly lie  here on Saturday to inspect the sug  gested appxoaches to the wharf, were  His Worship, replied  that   Mr.  COMMITTEE WILL  SETTLE LISPUTE  Washing! on,  ���������F  selected   by  tu     prepare  March 15.-Chandler  Ai.uo.-son. Vf >���������"������- York, has been  Secretary of Stat* Root  for the active state ol  nvnMimiion of a number of  hetwc*n the Cniced Stales and Can  ada. left unsettled by the  Hi0,h Com.nussipn  Wabhington in the winter  ami      1 Re  issues  Ca:i-  Toint  which  mpt  ���������* iu  of   180L-.  Phese   related      to'  the  liniiiatii.ii*.     (3f  boundary     and  llsh-  ii.-'ii,hls      the     bonding  priMlege.,  of Canadian railroads entering  United States, the further seal controversy and other matters.  i-espondcr.ee which  place on ������ settled  the officials in the  N������ and Canada has givou  for the hop, that at least these  issues which have long threatened  Lhe good relations of the Dominion with the United States may  be quickly and satisfactorily Mit-  tlod   by direct negotiations.  the       M  Cor  has       taken  basis    between  United,      Sta  'ground  MILL MACHINERY  SET IN MOTION  ���������i     .  ^,.  eiiof-  lhc hospital board had u-ue  dcrslotHl  that "*J^  ^^    and,;re0ll had   promised" to-come ������|)  for  Souih  Wellington   Sawmill Formally  Opened by Mrs. C. Cunningham Muir  mill,     it being the intention of the  r^nmnanv     to    install another boiler  I  planing  mill,  South   Wellington,  March   15.-(Spc  ai    to    The     Ledger.)-Thc South  mill  at South  Wellington   Company s  .omnany     to  and  engine  for      their  will be built shortly.       * ������������_���������..������������������  ectcd  with   thc  E.  by  the  p. in  general use  ������y  in   consequence.  Dominion Public Buildings:���������������������������  The Hoard recently wroto our member, Mr. Ralph Smith, regardiii'g this  ami received j a reply to the effect  that the site for the building would  shortly be chosen. This, wc believe,  has since been done, and it is to be  hoped that a building which will be  a credit to the government and +������������������*>  ,the town: will be erected thereon.  to  ed ;  at  the 1,000-fpot' lev  mine     may res.ilt    in  shipments     of    ore  with.tlie customs ore  ciki  should help -to -revive  local industry  Logging and luni.berin  actively carried on  1  market  has  been  exeep  and prices profitable  course,  largely due to the expansion  of     the Northwest market,  whither  most of our. local product, is shipped.   Cjin,n(>r je  Copper and  quart*/, claims in   this  ]  -    -������������������*...  neighborhood  have been .qfiuietiy     developed  to a considerable extent dur-  int? t'he past  year  and  sood  results-;  are promised in time, the'extremely  high jirice of copper  warranting extensive developments on comparatively low' graded  prospects.    We ex pact  to see n considerable expansion      in  this line of industry during- the coin- _ president's     onice.   Mr.  Biclde,    ou- > "���������- -...  --  ing year- ,taining the consent  of the  seconder    although he agreed that the business i k  WeHin'tTton   con(".nencod   qperatiions on w .1I',C .  ���������' mill  is conn^    ..  Thursday  morning,   thc  capacity     of N    Railway by  a branch line,  which  the mill   being  50,000  feet per day. M,a.btes the" company to  ship     their'li  Mr. Robert W.  Pirt,  the mill super- ���������roduct with a minimum handling of   |  in,twident.  had  thc honor  of  sawing ,_,___. s������tnic>   The-logging-operations ot-.l  th-first log, after which the employ- tl_e coil-j>������Lllv  will be Creased so-.as-.|i  (*os of  the Company assembled       a- tQ   ena,bie  ' the mill  to be operated'",!l  round the large double circular  -nws uighl aiicl day j  when. Managing Director C.   Cunning- lh"at   oljjcct  in  view,   nn  ham  Ma.ir,  made  a few  remarks  ap- two     n"ol,bie cylinder,   double  drum  ate to. thc occasion, and called lo^nr- engines has been placed with jj  Muir  who,   breaking       a . a Seattle 'firm                                           *  if necessary, and with-|  order     for  j roprin  up.on Mrs.  bottle of champagne over the saws,  declared thc mill open. The best  for the prosperity of the  then drank in cham1-  !    Moved  ivy Mr.   Bickle, seendod by    ........----. hftVC  H.-. Foreman ,������ to  _l ,ak...B "'^.^tTc^.   If ������.������.  [ presidency  . haac  ing   that  of  dent, I\Iayor Nicholscn  his "name  withdrawn,  suhstitut-   business   . Ladvsmith  ^1S0I;  declined  the ^^,^^^5.^  the     gronnd  that the mayor oi the    h,^d a ������^a.m   on  I ^ ^  ',itv should  not hold  that office, Mr.   he  L .cm    ,1 ^  Forcimmer saw n0 reason   why   his    as ked o^^.^ ft ,floiiat,on. rrom  Worship should  not ^J,^ "^   tl,b city council   would  be in  order,  to tho llaily Mail this morning re-  pi.'rts that the British I'lintatiye  ex]*cdition has crashed the So-  koto revolt after heavy fighting .  whicli thc rebels twice charg'--  British   squnro     and wor.-;  almost annihiliatcd. Tho town of  Sat irk, which was held by tbn  n*lii>ls in force, was bombarded nnd  then captured     nl   the     point. of  tlve bayonet. (Ivor 300 rebels were  killed.  The lake adjacent to the mill willjjl  enable the Company to * store a large|ij  supply of logs, the area or this lakc-|l  being about 1G-xiegrees. ��������� .,-���������  . A good number of mien will,  employed to operate this,plant whenjil  in full operation, and with large or-fll  ho i  in  ed   lhc  wishes-  Company was  pa-.-n-' hyKhe employees.  Mr.      Geo.   Williams,   president,  of  the company,  Mr. James Pender, S.    iit    F. Mcintosh, directors; Mr. Culloden ciers on hand, the liberal patronage  cd Bristol, Kn-gland, and several olh- ^\w Company is receiving, and thej!  cr gentlemen were present. Two new expanding state oi the lumber Indus-1!  boilers^ of 130 pounds each steam iry at present, the outlook for thej  pressure,   manufactured ��������� by   the  cele-    future is very  bright indeed. I  brated  arm of John Inglis Sis Sons,   _   The Oompany'have-so'many orders;  Toronto, have hoen installed, and al-���������'��������� ahead that they were ojbliged to refuse;  so   two  powerful  horizontal   engines,   au QV^cr a few (i,LyS ago for      ^���������  ! which will furnish power for the saw  minion feet at good prices. DAILY LE1BOER  IHE DAILY LEDGER .  Fninlisned    every  day  except Sunday-  Klf.      THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  ���������n. cents  a  month;    (5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  nllcation:  " DA VIP SPENCER :! l  ;I)ulrtl ai   Ladysmith   the  llrlh  day  of  'Match, JiKiG.  FRIDAY, MARCH   10,   100G.  ST.   PATRICK.  Tomorrow, .Alarch 17th, isifil. Patrick's Day,.   The wot Id over (he 17th  i.s cvk'hratod hy sons of_thc Emerald  Isle.  He may he away from civili/a-  iion,    among  smapes",  or  in   foieign  cities, suit  no  matter under what flag  ne funis himself or hy what troubles  beset,   the  Irishman will  be found  on  Ihe  17th wearinc; a bit of sreen     in  honor of  the  memory  of iho patron  saint   of Pat's   beautiful  native land.  There are manv Irishmen in Lmly-  i  smith nnd   the  day  will   he fit tin-fly  rplchrn'lfd.    As  sonic  of  our  readers  are   do;chtlt*RS   not   familiar  with   the  history of  S(.   Patrick,   wc  give       a  short .sl-ctch  of his admirnhle life:  Somewhere about   the year 38fi A.  T).   a vouth     was  carried   from   Haul  into  Ireland   and  sold  into bondage.  This slave was none other than Patrick,   who later  became  the ceieinat-  ctl  Clitistian'-and saint.  ,   Even though, a sla\e,  Patrick l(\u n-  oil   to  love   Ireland  and  to  iiold her  people dear  to   his heart.   And      he  was no common slave,  this  hoy who  was born  in 13u.nne\en,  Tabernia, in  Scotland,   in the jear 373 A.D , and  i after  a brief  scnitude  he   made his  escape and  journeyed   first  to France  and     then     to Rome.   In this ci ly���������  ���������   then cai'ital of the world���������he became  a teacher  of   th-e gospel.   His  earnest  ness'and   veal ���������soon   placed  him  foremost among the  greatest   expouii'leis  of  the faith, and e\ cry where he was  Jolloww!  and loved.  Hut during all the yeais 'of his  wor"* . among thc Romans his heart  yearned for the children of the Em-  *ern.lt! Isle, and it was his ilea-est  wish to return to the land where he  had toiled in bondage and to teach  Christianity   to  its people.  It  was  not,   however,  until  he had  become quite advanced in years that  hb satisfied ids  heart's  longing    and  "once mote sot foot on  Irish soil    \\  once  began  his   work  as   teacher     oi  the gosnel.    Others  had   taught    tin-  ,    less, i,-; of  Chn'sl, there,  but       v.nh  Utile success,   and Patrick imin.l the  field    left   almost  wholly to hiir.-olf  As   taught        by   him,    Christian ���������;  spread   with   ama/.ino-. rapidity.    His  charm of  person, his  noble life spent  in   a nobler  cause found converts, ev-  .    cry where he  went.   To hear him was  1n  believe  the  words he spoke.      So  gicaX   was   his   magnetism   and   ioic"  of argument that none disputed him,  and \soon all Ireland was Christian in  faith.  .For  many centuries the      island   was  1 nown as   "The    sle      .*>i  Saints,"  being,  as it was,   the     especial   home   of   Christianity.  Poetic legend has brought us man-,  pretty tales concerning Saint Pat-  licu-,  lhe one'most familiar being the  (Nanaimo)   Ltd  MILLINERY DEPARTMENT  To our many .patrons and friends  we wish to introduce our  Milliner, MISS M. SWAIN,  from Tacoma.   Miss Swain (late of  New York City) has been   n the American Coast cities, Tacoma,   Seattle  and  Poitlan il for the past two years.   We can assure  } ou  of prompt   and   courteous treatment at  all t nies:  XOTfCK.  COTIC'E is lie*eby gl\cn thai I in- _  end im apply at the next silting j  of the License Hoard of the City of i  Ladysmith B.C., for a transfo-i of !  the retail liquor license now held i.y PHOTOGRAPH ST*. DIO  me for  the premises known  as the La-  BR< 0K5������  dysrnith   Hotel,   ntuated   on   Lot  ((,  (Block 27, to  Robt. Scott and   A lei  Smith.  F.  \Y. MILLAR.  by his ally    'n fact,  MAROARl''. '{KID  Is Again Open  . VICTOR! A   CRESCENT     opposite Fire Hall  Nana imo, B. C.  c7Wo::ey TALKS'-  * Regarding: Styles**  AS LOUD TO US  AS   ANMNL,  IF  YOU  ARE PAYIN-0 C\SH FCinCWR   MhAl  WILL GO FURTHER IF   YOU BUY   l,R0M Ub  Esqtiimalt   & tiaitairnc Hallway  Time Table No. ol  Traii.a ieave Ladysmith for Victoria and all intermediate stations at  '9.10 am. daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Sal-inlays and Sun-  Jays*- * I <ij ��������� ��������� .ii j f-j 1*1$  Trains leave Ladysmith for Wellington and all iiiiermediaie stations  at 11.57 a.m. daiiy, and at 6.00 p. in. on Wedis* 'lavs, Saturday* and  Sundays.    .                                                                     .._,>'  | Excursion Tickets ^���������^^>-  ON SALE TO  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey  Saturday   *ud Sundays, returning, not later than  the following Monday. , I  ! .   Sfcaroe* itoaii������������������  I ll>MiH      Mil    !���������! I  i\Ir.  C. SPENCER,  w ho is just finishing his European .buying trip, has bought us an exceptionally handsome lot of MILLINERY, including HAT SHAPES,     TRIMMINGS, ��������� FLOWERS, Etc. etc, direct u*o m Paris and New York.   Many styles  whieh  will  he shown i>y   us  have never   reached  the Canadian  tt*a\ oilers'  hands  yet.  You'll ibid us first a nil paramount in artistic Millinery.  Our Styles are .Sure Our prices cannot'help being right, ;ad  with fair and coiuieois treatment we expect to make lhe  "Spriny   I DOG"   the  arcat est in  the firm's history.  YOUR   DOLLARS  -Our Sash Prices Oannot Be Beaten-  PAN NELL  &    FLASKET  Sails from Ladysmith . >r  Vaauu arci.' every Citurday at 6.00 a.m.. and  returning sails from Vancou. tc   ��������� uu    ...aiiysmsth al 2.30 p.m.    '  ^93 Wai; for "Spencer's"  Millinery���������We'll have  j^J both Eastern and We tern 5,'yles  story  of his casting  the  toads   and  -nukes':ont of Ireland.  'I here is no picture nor  description  of SI.  Patrick's  persona!  appearance  but we .are safe in presuming that he  pi.sse&sed a fine physique,  living      a  lite in thc open as he did,  and  that  Ii.1  had   the  ruddy  complex [On       and  i)h-e eyes  of  the  Scotsman.  When  Samt   Patrick  died���������the  date  of his death  \arying  from  4.">'l       to  <li>3 A.D.���������his l.ody was lendeil.v, !<iv  ingly,   buried   iu   Ireland,   thc      land  ih.it he Io\ed.   4.   I MOM. A XI* T11I0II'  SCALl'S-  KiM '<! |,y   a   Fa'.l-  Ni'u nar'*.< 1,   M uvh   1.",.���������Cliriitojihur  Strcnsr.   ci*   W'ooilhriiigc   was   instanl-  l.v  Kiilo.'i   tlir-.  niui'iiina     Jjv      fallir.i;  irom   a   tree  .\  feet  to lhe "round.  A FAVORITE REMEDY FOR B.\i  MES  It's pleasant taste and prompt  cure*, have made Ch'am.lfflam's Cougl  Remedy a favorite with the mothers  of small children. It c-nickly cure!  their coughs, and colds and prevents-'  any danger ; of pneumonia or ot-hci  seiious consequences. It not onh  cures croup, but when given as soon  a������ tli/- crouj'y cough appears will pr.  \en't .��������� 1 he attack. 'For-sale-by Ladysniilh Pharmacy.  Sew   York,   .V,arch   l.">.���������A   rcsoiu-  li.ui   olYcivti      in  Lhc   Kepulilican  eom-  c  mil too LoiiikIil i-alling on So nanus T. O. PlaLL and ( hauncey il.  Ij'pew lo I'csig'ii i.heir M-nls 111 1 lie  I iiiletl SL.'ili'!'. seiiaie. was t|iiiel.!y  (I iValc<l by ihe adopt ion of a  .1 11 i f j 11 lo l:iy il. on llu- I able. Tli"  i-' olulion was oiUM-cd li_\ .Jaiui**;  '.1 Allen of lhc Ninth \*>sein))ly tli-.  i'ict. its reading civalij-d soiiio-  ��������� '.ing* of a sensation among th*  >��������� miiiilteeiiK'ii. rl'he demaml wa*< Lui'*  i .I on the recent insurance inws-  t Ration.  ALWAYS      KEEPS        CHAMBERLAIN'S  REMEDY   IN HiS HOUSE  "We would not he without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It i.s kvpt  on hand continually iu our home,"  says W. \V. .Kearney, editor of the In  dependent, Lowry City, Mo. That  is jusv what every family should do.  When kept at hand ready for instant  use, a cold may be checked at the  outset and cured in much less time  than after it has become settled in  tho system. This remedy is also  without a,peer for croup in children,  and will prevent the attack when giv  en as soon o.s the child becomes  hoarse, or even after the croupy  ������������������o-uiih appears, which can he done only when the remedy is kept at hand.  For sale \,y Ladysinith Pharmacy.  ON'S  DUNDEE  ������SJ  KEY-  -The Cr.2.1 :n >f 3: >^:i   Whskies-  ��������� HUDSON'S iAY;'0O.  Sole  Agents fur B.  C.  We   are justly pr^ui    of ^  this  Boot.    The   greatest/  praise has   bet.-n   heaped  upon it since ils introduc-  ion..;   .. ���������  L 00. Men's SO-in.  logging  French Calf throughout, with  extra No i. heavy hemlock  soles; have outside counters,  are pegged and have standard  screw reinforcing all around  the sole.  MANUFACTURED BY  VANCOUVER, B, C,  t������f6m?*wgmfflaEis@amw  STEAM   IIKATHD  wicr.r. ijuknishui),rooms  ABBOTS  A. J. WlcA-lURTRJE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  BAR SUl'i'MKU.WtTH    11  WINK1*. LIQUOV-S, C!������AR*������  HOTEL  Cor. Fort.'  Streets.,  -     'OURTNEY.  rt. & Pass. Agt.  LADYSMITH, 15. C  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLKND HOTEL  DAVID HYNKS, Proprietor.  H jard at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra, well  Stocked \  This  HoU;   tiai)   heen  completely  renovated.  Board aad 'odging (1.00 per day.  HOTEL.    PRETORIH  JOHN TP A, proprietor  Bar Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines, 'st Avenue  Liquors and  C'igais.  Ladysmith B.C  Best accommodation for transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has heen comlort-  aMy furnished and the har is up-to-  d.������te. Rates $1.00 a day and ������p-  w\rd8.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  So������lua4������ ������������������-��������� ��������������������������� ������������������:   ������������������ T.*i������T������ro!tV  ���������THE JONES HOTEL I  HOTEL   DOMINION  ���������WHITE   COOK���������  .'and  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  "GALEDOMAH"  Leads Them    All  in;qdality  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :-: ���������������������������'���������'".-:':���������-B.C  ��������� Eflii-i- *i.ar> :ui<i|i.5i>���������  |fi'i-e h\]? to  nil 5t--iKr.ilbout.  ImidinirB >ii><'  r.iilwav depci*,8.     Electric care nv������iy " ���������  sni'jntttB  to uli parts of   th** city.    t..  >r>d t������hle unt-xcelled. ������  F. BAYNEB, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C  tne coMroRTAeut way.  TO FERNIE,  B.C.  Read Down  9y.n1. I������t.   Victoria   An u   _i.  8.00 p. ra. U9. Seattir Ar. ...00 a.m.  '9,21 p. iu, Arr. 'Krereii Arr. 7.30 a.111  9.30 a: in. Arr. SPOKANK Arr 7.43 p.iu  6.25 p.m Arr... Rezford   Arr 12.30 p. iu.  8.10  p. iu. Air.    Kike  Arr.1- 10.43 a. 111.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   t,v.<j,55a   m.  ONE NIGHT  To ail Kooteniy Points  =   TWO    NIGHTS  To    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close Connections  ���������For,' Chicago. Toronto. **  '���������- M ont rear and r -,  All Points East & West  - Acetylene   ��������� Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace. Sleeping Cars  ,; Dining   .Cars (Meals a  la  r Carte).  .  '.< Library Observation     Cars  '. Through     tickets and hag-  - ;gage-checks.to all points.  Steamship tickets  ��������� -:.I?orT tickets, maps, berths  I  reservations  ; inforniation  <lrf<ss.   ,.","s,  S. O.   Verkies  A.GJS.A:  Seattle ,  ���������J.  aud complete  call on or ad-  E.R. Stephen  G.A.G.N.R.  *  i  SUTMal  TIOKET OFFICE  Cor, Government and Yates Sts.  VICTORIA, 8   C  4  Transcuutiiieiit I���������  ���������Trains Daily���������  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens' headuh-U'tcrs.  Modern and     Strictly  First Class.  Fire Proof    Buildiaj.  WANTED���������Hy Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position, permanent. No ipvestment required.' Previous experience not essential to engaging. ���������������������������..-��������������������������� ���������  ���������Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  TH6Cif Y '&%.&F*KeT  R. Williamson Prop  ������st. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  '���������X  h j, mfw������ts  NURSERIES    QREEN-  HOUSES AND SEED  HOUSES  S010 Westminster Road,  VA.NOOUVER.  Headq*uart#ire for   PACIFIC UKTmTTuTracuTileld  and Howcr SEED5  Ior distribution. ;  Large stock of Home -''  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  ScJl, now-matured tor Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.  Let me price your list  before placing^your   order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Packages, Fertilizers, #tc.  3010 Westminster Roadl  VANCOUVER, B.C  ONE    IS    THE     "NORTH  ���������     COAST LIMITED."  ��������� ��������� The electric lighted train to  the East. ' ;  Tickets on sale to all Eastern and Southern points at  LOWEST Hales. Up-to-date  Pullnun and Tourist Sleepers  on  all trains.       Dining     Car  mm vice Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to  and from all  European Points.  Cabin accommodation reserv  ed by wire.  For further  particulars call  or , write      the  ollice.   'Phone  Main <J5������. '     "  A.    1).     Charlton, ,A.G.P.A.,-  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  K.   E.     'Blackwood, general  agent, Victoria, li. C.'  PAPEkHANaiN0  PAINTING,  Work done properly and at    rlr*-  prices.      A  full  line  of Wall    Paper,  and Painter's  Supplies  Residence on  Roberta Street  ];-������������������ .ib: smith. Prr.  Are You  Going East  Then be aure your tickets read   r  tb������  north f mm  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trams from the Pacifli  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH"r  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,   THE FASTEST TIME.  ..'"..  BETWEEN;;.;:'  JUINNEAPOLLS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS'CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask yoai  local agent or write,  F.  W. PARKER  General   /feat,  'iQ 2u4 Ave., SeattU.  I      THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPES^, GOLD AND  SiLVERORES.  Smelting Work:������ at  LADYSMITH,    B. C.  1- HEAD OFFICE  { DUNCANS "STATION.  I *   Vancouver Island, B, 0.  i! *4,4,4.4.4..jJ.f.^^Hf.^.*+.*..t..'..!..l.^..'-.V.^..!^ f^^T-'T">'f,f'^*f'T*';f''l''J''J,*I"f'-l**r'^'+*l'"l'vI'*'*''f'  GIER&IONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  If you like���������*���������  A  smooth,  easy  shave,  an even,  well-finished     beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  Vou will go to  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PAfilORS  HIGH STREET.  ���������JL    nJLu   >J3n  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver,  KESTAURANT  /  Cor. 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  LADYSMITH LEAKERV  CHOICE    CAKES ; AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS;   FRESJH   ON HAND .  Wedding    Cakes. Made   to  Order  EEL'ITS    AND    CANDIES  OF  ALL  KINDS.    FRESH   BREAD  EVERY   DAY,  Prices    are ,; Vety Reasonahle.     All  Customers: are.-. Treated ..Alike.  hopx.ee'* CO.  .   ONiTHE ESPLANADE. ,  ,.Oeu era !n  Pianos and  Organs  Ladysmith. B.C  Mannfacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  fl. J. BOOTH, Prop  Dr.  Dier can  be foiiHd at any time  at his office on Gatacre st. His dc:*v  tal work is gvarantcod to be first'  class and rates reasonable ������t,  HILBBRT THE DAILY LEDGER  RUSS1ANJEWSTOBE  GIVEN EQUAL RIGHTS  3t. Petersburg, March 15.���������Out of  the violent Anti Semitic ..agitation  of the lieactionists which enabled  Premier Wit to and the Liberal  suction of; the cabinet to .force  - Interior Stfiiiistei*'.. Durnbvo |to issue  instructions to the provincial authorities to prevent massacres and  prosecute the persons guilty of instigating them may come unexpected good to tha members of  the oppressed race. The entire Jew  i.sh question has been raised in u-  cute form and may be settled foi  them. The Emperor is said lo  be amazed at the revelations made  hy the Jewish deputations which  thc premier  received in audience    or.  March 7 and to1 have informed  Count Witte that it was urgentlj;  necessary to settle the question immediately. Count , Witte is un  derstood to have talked quite  bluntly to the Emparor regarding  the innumerable difficulties which  his opponents were raising' to this  and other questions, and he is said  to have goiw to the extent of requesting permission to resign the  premiership.. The emperor, it is ad  ded would not listen to it, insisting that Count Witte must remain in office and at the same time  instructing him to prepare a project providing for the equality of  thc Jews for presentation to the  National   Assembly.  PRESIDENT MITCHELL  SUSTAINED  SPANIARDS'  BITTER FEUD  Madrid, March 15.���������As the Royal  cortege was passing tho Chamber  of Deputies, a nephew oi General  /Hrimo-ltiveru, the former _woimiian<h;i*  of thc Spanish troops in the Philippines, savagely assaulted De  puty Sogiano for criticising the.  action oi Spanish generals in  Cuba and the Chillippines. ~ Senor  Sogiano was knocked down aii'i  lost  two, of   his  teeth.  The assault toi lowed united declarations upon the part of -G-cn.  orals       Jtive.'a,     Weyleiy Blanco,  l'alavicjti1"    and    Tincras denying  the charge of irregularity in Cub.*  and the Phillippines. Cen. Rivera  announced that he would resign  ' from the army unless the government defended tlie 'generals r.g-  against the charge,and Gen. Woy-  ler declared thai, he intended io  take their defense into his own  hands.  Rivera's    nephew    thereupon det(":  * mined    to   publicly  assault     Deputv  Sogiano     who was chiefly   responsible    for the   criticism.  CHERGKEES  GIVE TROUBLE  Vineta, ^,T., March 15.���������Thero lias  been no further developments in t he  WicUliffo case since yesterday. Among "the prisoners brought in yesterday by JUarshall Darrough was  ���������John   Beamer,  a full   blooded   Cher-  Indianapolis, March ISThe Inter.-  .nation.il Executive board of '.the  United Mine Workers of America tonight, lollowing a session of tho  nalh/nal convention, approved the  finding of President Mitchell in thy  ousting of Patrick Dolan from the  Pre->idenoy of District So. 5, Western Pennsylvania, and the report of  thc board tomonow will confirm  Hie ousting of Dolan by tho convention oi district No. 5, and thc  appointment of three members oi  the executive board to take charire/  of district affairs until the omoj  is filled by a special election. After  a heated session lasting three  hours behind closed doors, in which  IJolun's claims were argued by himself  and      by        Uriah     J.elJinghani,  _ vice-president of the District who  was ' also .."ousted, from his ollice, the  boatdj voted> unanimously to sustain the action of the president  and the district. convention. Litd:  was accomplished today by the  special national convention of Mine  Workers beyond organization nin'.  appoin/.mont   of  committees.  President Mitchell delivered His  address in which he explained the  reasons for calling thc meeting  and counselled conservative procedure in the effort. 1o preserve  peace 'in the coal mining industry.  No misteallaneous business wa*  brought before the convention, and  an early .'adjournment-.was taken,  after chairman .'O'Connor- had announced a meeting of the Scale  cum mittee.  MIGHT HAVE  BEEN A PEER  Montreul, March 15.���������LaPress to-  n.ijyht editorially makes the! assertion that in l'J02 Lord Minto, acv  inn   on   instructions    from   the    Bri-  okoe, Indian preacher. Marshall l)ar j t i= h government offered Sir Wilfred  rough says the ..preachers are' a [ Uuil.iep a pee,.agw and seot Jn the  sourco ol wqrry. Beainer, was ar- ,,}..��������� ish jlouso of Lords The cor.  rested, charged .with harboring Wick ,v.,pondencc on the matter is in ex-  lilVo, but it is alleged that Beamor. j is:cncc> and ,L h(Jp0S thftt soni#1  together with other full .< blooded'; (|(1 y fl historilul win make R publi(;  Indians has. been appearing at Indian dancei**, advising the 'full  bloods in -choir own lnngkiag-e to  hold out ag'ainst the enforcement  of thc government allotment law-*,'  and to resist all efforts of the  Marshall nnd his posse to intermeddle with ,the; bid laws 'oi, the Cherokee's.  JUSTICE  FOR MOYER   o-  STABBED IN  SELF DEFENCE  Vancouver. March 14.��������� Tho case of  Michael Ruzinski, charged with the  assault of Mr. Mottishaw of the  Golden Gate Hotel, was again enlarged until Monday to enable  Ruzinski 'o call witnesses and ou-  gnge counsel. Through an inter'  prefer this morning, he pleaded  guilty, but on, the gdvicc of "-ho.  nui|L.tKtrdte changed the plea to not  Ruilty, but at the same t me admitting that he drew a pen knife  on Mottishaw. claims that he -did  'so in self-defense, and that he was  being very roughly used when he  did the cutting^ Mottishaw was  able  to  appear  in   court   today     for  SUING BOWSER  FOR LIBEL  the  first    time   since  the assault    or-Dt  ftnv  thjng     ^  ftny   Qne      wh()  curred,     but  is   still   in a  very much j knQWH  his rocord    f0'r������re-al.Ml.ty      is  Vancouver. March Id.���������Mr. T. T".  Patterson a member ot the"firm of  Patterson     Timber  Company, of  this city,  who  is interested .in _ .the  lands  recently purchasod     in-        the  name of  T.  W. Patterson,   M. L.A.,  of  Victoria,   and situated at  ���������'Liverpool,' near the  approach of the Fra-  ser  River  bridge,    was  seen as      tn  Mr.   BoWsers criticism    of the   deal  at last  night's meeting    of the Conservative  club     .says  the  World.    Mr  Bowser* had  sni'd  that     Mr.   Patterson,    after  :':<jring   in    a    .ie-il   dis  possessing-   a holder      of   t<- .* s-.ou'H  bank  of' the'    Fraser      from       lar>d  which was  g-rotescguoly    insufficiently  advertised,      secured    it  at   a     rate  of    S10.10    per  act*,     when it   wis  really  worth     875 or ������100 and then |  persumed   to criticise-the government.  Mr.   Patterson,   this  morning,       in  reply   ro a   request     for a statement  saidj  "lt is unquest ionable if it is  worth bothering much about .what  Mr.   Bowser    .may. have  to say      a-  disabled condition and gets a-  hout on crutches only with .the  greatest difficulty.   ___^   STAND BY THE BILL.  Washington,     March   J5.���������By fa  vote of .1.26 to 35 the Republican  Caucas of the house voted to stand  by the  House   Statehood Lill.  ALL, A HOAX.  New York, march 15.���������Tho alleged  plot to assassinate Reverend Doctor Charles Parkhiirst, tho noted  divine and reformer was nil a hoax,  according to a confessidn made today hy Lawrence Rogers, the  man  who   told   the story.  not  influenced        to    "any extent  by what he may have to say regarding a, matter out .' of which ho  wishes to make political capital. ,>ir  T. W. Patterson has on several occasions in the house branded Mr  Bowser's statements of the deal as  a dolilyeratc lie and has s-tated further that Mr. Bow.������cr knew it was  a  falsehood \when he uttered  it.  .Should Mr. Bowser continue ro  make charges similar to those he  has made in the past in connection  with this .matter, he. may be given  an opportunity to prove them ht  court."  Itoise, Id., March 15���������To correct  ll.o misconception entertained by  labor unions as to the attitude  oi theState of Idaho toward the  accused assassians of Kx-Gover-  nor , Sleuncnberg, a communication  has been addressed by Gov. Good  ing to the Central Labor Union  ol hhausvillc, Ind., which re-  tontly sent' the governor a set-  of resolutions demanding a fair  trial for the imprisoned labor leaders.  The  facts     of  the     murder o'  Frank 'Steunenberg, former govei-  nor, are given briefly in the gov  ernor's letter and of the arrest  oi Harry Orchard and the- employment  of Detective   McParland.  As   to  the  confession  secured   from  Orchard,      the   letter  stated, Mr.  MeParLuid visited him, informed  him who ho was, aiid asked', him  ���������to tell the. truth about the matter  No promise of any character was  made. Orchard fully expects to  pay the penalty for the crime that  he has confessed. The letter continues:  "He ��������� told 'a story of conspiracy  and'murder against ex-Gov. Stein*-  ������������������nberg. so revolting in every detail  as to be almost 'unbelieveablc. ITe  gave descriptions .of other crimes  in wliich he had been interested, and  LACROSSE IN  VANCOUVER  Vancouver, March 14.���������Vancouver  will have two -senior.' lacrosse teams  in tho provincial league this season, if enthusiastic effort and extensive preparation on the pare  of tho .Mount Pleasant devotees of  thc game can accomplish such a  result.  Although i t is nearly a month  yet before the British Columbia  Amateur '.Lacrosse Association will  hold its annual meeting, the pro-  'motcrs of the proposed Mt. Pleasant team int'end oiganizing the  second senior local twelve at once.  With- that end in view ameetiug is  called  to  be  held   tomorrow  eveninj;'  in   the  Mason's   haU,    for   thc     p'ur-  t  pose of roiupletomrv   the   preliminary  details     of  the   formation .of       the  Mount      Pleasant  senior   team.  in- the world. Jf they are innocent  the State ��������� of Idaho, their accuser,  will do its .duty in rightl'i^ ������������������ the  wrong     done them."  The governor expresses lnS helj<-f  in unionism, saying hj kno.v.i ihe  conditions and reward of labor liavv i  been wonderfully,, imp.-ov.-.I througn  tho influence ��������� of labor organization:-. Further, he et^-esses llvi  opinion that labor oigani2ati}ns  should be first to coii.*icin'i 'wronu.  Closing, he  sa3's:  "I want to assure th" unWin Hint  the accused men shall .'.r*v.-> a fair  and impartial trial. Phv* fairne������.s of  snirit in which you si'i' l/css'id mc  has inrlucetl  this long cnistle."  PATENTS  FREI  .tentisseourefi.  I.    AddreBS,  ( E. 6. SIGGEHS.^PaUnt Lawyer. Wash'.r.oton, D. C  DESIGNS  TRADE-MAKKS  \ ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITt/  f Notice in "Inventive Ags ���������'  | Eook "How to obtain Patents'" |  . Charges moderate. No fee till patent is sucurefi  [       luettcrsBtrictlr confidential.   Address  liuttfissaat  *>*+*+**���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� * ���������!��������� ��������� <|. ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������:.���������;������������������ j. m ���������> ���������HWf!' ������������������! ������������������!���������������������������!��������� ��������� $ ��������� * ������������������  I Union  Brewing Co  * NANAIMO    B. C.  Hanufacturers of. the  BE  -���������:. -JS\  4%  I  X  t In   British Colun bia  .t    La2er Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  .j.    ed from the Best Canadian   Malt   Run   Hops    t  T  |  Any  i!  \\  I *  i a  J.SJ. *+ ������-f *>^^.^.^.,  k-r������������������.*;���������. -  LAC/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    ruKNlTUR'   MOV .     >>  ED PROMPTLY A  ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abhote ford.  Leave orders at   thi-  A. J. WASKET, PROP  Kind     | Miners' Drilling Machines,  irom tins iho state had been aide  to collect ' a '' itias'sT of ���������'evidence, so  .strong that J. was compelled by m_v  uutii ot ollice and by my feeling's  as a man and a citizen ,to a������l.  lot the arrest und extradition ol  Alo^cr,  Hay ward and Pottibuae.'"  It lurther stated that the ' confession of Adams was secured in/'ht-  same manner, no hope of immunity being- held ,out to hiin. " These  men confess agaitist themselves as  well as against others, tht governor points out and without promises of clemency. They tell what  appears to toe blunt truth. ��������� iinlic'a-  ing that-thc���������.men ��������� accused. were  implicated in a conspiracy t-i commit ��������� liiurdcr..' The Jotter continues:  "If these sl.orics arc true the members of your union will certainly ay  re.* with mo that no punisnmaiit under the law is too severe, to be  meted out to -the giiilty incn^ Ihcii  guilt or their iiinoiienco cannot  he', said to have any bearinp? upon the rights or privileges of union labor. Tjabor organ'-.atious arc j  vitally intci*estc������I ' in th -5 '���������'������������������ase.  li* the men now acc;i<-.vl arc p.nil'.V  of '.'mu rder they should bo* cr-n-  demned.- by  any     lalior   organization  KILLKD A NKOllO.  Winhipeg.' March 15.���������.John Clay.  who has IxSen on trial here for  killing, a fellow negro was' fouiu!  guilty of manslaughter today. Heir  tonco was deferred.  SWIFTWATER BILL  IS AGAIN RICH  Of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  TBE  LEDGER  Office  r      JOHOHK-  1st Avenue  Al-  j Made to order and Repaired at'short notice." Drill sharpened by     us  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! eJ and repaired.  Shipsrriithing    in   a)V   its  Branches  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths.  R. WRIGHT  o  Btiller Street '-  -  JLadyoriMith, b l  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A   SPECIALTY.  DAVID JQHNSQN  LADYSVLIT  in  ���������>  * PHONE 66  .������������������  *'w������^������*������^-������**.;������**:������*������������^������**������-*������*������������*-  ������������������.%-���������$  m  ���������!9%M  ���������.:���������>.*  <:M  m  sim  ��������� *m:*mmm*tm#m#m*im*m-*  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wo3i and ;5ir:c iyr > i le  SEE J.   KEMP.  OR  LEAVE    ORDEKS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  ���������FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE     6-0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  EXTENi  tlON OF  AND N. RAILWAY  Ull  by  Ottawa, March 14.���������Thc petit ice.  of the K. &. N. Railway-company  for an extension of time of a year  within which to build to Comox and asking for authority, to  construct soveral hranch lines  Vancouver Island was presented  Mr.   Sloan   today.  Premier Laurier announced in the  House that a request had been received from the provinces asking for  a conference on the subsidy question.  This conference will bo held (luring  recess, * when all questions between  the Dominion and provinces will h<?  discussed. i  Strong opposition is developing to  the "Lord's Day.bill. PotiUons.'agaiurft  it   aggregating.     14,000  names   were  presented  today..  .'.Hon.* Air. Fitzpatrick said he had  been.informed of judges violating the  law prohibiting' them from actinsj  as directors.. He thought the judges  should   conform to the law.  MY. Sproulo was told by'Sir Wilfred Laurier that they were considering tho advisability of introducing  patent  medicine,  legislation.  Mr. . Hughes was informed by  Mr. Fisher that the government had  not 'yet'takten over the defence of ir.s  quimault, but that Canada was pav  ing the full \ost ������f maintenance, u-  mounting to about 8100,000 a year  JN'o expenditure would be necessary  at Esq-u-imault for additional arnm-  ment.    .  I  Seattle, March ll-.��������� ������������������aw :ft water  W\\l" Oates and the :*'cl:'o ^oddebs  of .fortune have* niado irp, again.  This will be glad tidui^s for ('airs'  many wives, some of whom live  in Seattle. For the fourth 'inic.  this warm member of thc .sporting  fraternity has made a stake iu  frozen   Alaska.      The foreman in  charge of his, mining interests sends  out word from Fairbanks that Bill's  clean-up     for' the     year   will net  .?ioo,doo.  1U11, -who has just spent several  months'in'tropical Mexico, is now  on his way irom the Alaska coast  to Fairbanks. Soon he will c*jn<*  down from the North with wealth  to ignite, smolder and burn, an.l  "Scotty" will have a rival capable  of nuiking him sit up and take notice. It is possible, 'even, that the  rapid-transit celebrity will be reminded that he conies from Death  Valley.  Few men have seen more ups and  downs      in      the lives  than     old  ','Swiftwater   Bill."       Coming to  manhood.' not only penniless but illiterate, he found thnt civilization  had no use for such a dull follow  as he, ami at the first opportunity struck out for 'Alaska. Thoiv>.  after many vicissitudes, he found  what he sought, come back to the  Slates and scattered it around  with both hands. His wife, one  of the three Lninore sisters, of mm-  ing camp dance-hall fnmo, helped hini  spend his money. [Nothing was too  g-.od for Mr. and Mrs. "Rwiff-wai  er  Bill."     They  wore diamonds  ancl | a  good man down."  bands of gold big enough to make  a barber blush for human vanitv,  and the wine they consumed would  have enabled an hydraulic out lit  to  wash   away  Mount. St.   ISiias.  In the course of human events independent Mr. Gates went broke and  hied himself back to the mines.  Soon he rc-appeared with another  fortune, and spent it- in the' same  way. About this time Dill's wife  helped herself to a divorce. Bill repaired to Alaska, lingered there long  enough to acquire still another for  tune, and was next heard of in  Seattle, lie hud married a sister  oi his first wife, ^ and she was assisting him in his efforts to rid  himself  of  his wealth.  On his way down from Alaska to  Seattle the second Mrs. Oates confided her troubles to a fellow passenger. "Bill is so soft," she said,  -"one could stick a linger clear  through his head."  Bill drifted on the financial rock?  'for the thir d time, even going so  far as to carry her ' compladnl. into court. The outlook back in  Fairbanks was bail, and everybody' who had been drinking Bill's  wine declared, "Swiftwater's down  ancl out for good." I Jiff disappeared in Mexico, remained, there for'sov  oral months, and then quietly stole  northward in. the direction, of his  icy Golconda. ATow while he is on  his way in word comes from the  mines \that    Bill   is   a   CSroesu.s     onr<*i  W.  SIL.ER  GrENEKAL LXPRESS A.ND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY  TV  Leave orders at the Abhotsford  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water    Rotes, bet ween the J Oth    and the 25 th of each month.  Office Hcurs I P. M. 4.30  1.1 BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.   ,  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. G.  NOTICE  From      this  date  thc  undersigned  will  not  be  responsible foi   any  in  debtedness     incurred except oa      ������>  written order signed by the secretarv  Rowland Machin.  V. I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  0PMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. M������v ist.h. 18fia  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODIJtf  Orders  will  he delivered  anywberf  ia the city promptly and at the lo *���������  more,    and   soon   the  .mx-e cnthusias-,est possible prices.  tic  drinkers   of Mill's wuie vv?Jl thaw  out   and   declare.   "You   crm't.      keep  Leave orders at Christie't, os  l.fc������  Eiplftnaiid.  James Warneclr  Public  Notice  s     Attention is called to 'he   fact that tht  ���������I  I Ogiivie Flour riiils Co,   Limited  makers ol ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare for some ������imt  past been producing flour in a  vastly  improved and pwrlfl  '  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control  o!    all the basic patents relating; ther������>-  to, take this opportunity of a dvising  the public that any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifylnf processes  wii<    ������ ���������.���������rosea* ted. ' '_*"���������-.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company Ltmitad  are ��������� lie    only     miller;* iu. Oaanila  wiiose 'Flotir  is purified Tjy tlie Electric Process  DAY SCHOOL. Ladysmith Temple No.  5  Rathbone  Uaual  subjects  taught;   also      Ian- , Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' holl  guage-"; drawing'in-pencil .and cray-;2������d  and 4th  Tuesday  at   7.30  p.m.  ons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given' in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladvsroith. B   0.  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reasi  ahl* rates.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT Ali- HOURS. J  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  "^"^"Ti-iihwhiiw biwiiwh I i !������������������ i-im iw.mii  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No. 4 U. A. 0. D  Meets in the I' 0. 0 .F. Hail, Ladysmith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, commencing 'Wednesday. 13th.,,1905.  Visiting Druids,    are invited to attend. ���������    , ..'��������� ;.;';-. ;,;.'���������;;���������,*  1             . "By-Order.; ./��������� Vl  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.:'"'; |  PATRICK BURKy N. A.       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Bickle   Russell  Sum-son L  '  Canadian Bank  of  Commeice  Walters   6i  Al-enbeau   o   'lhe incest .assortment of Baby Silk  Dicsses     e\ei come into  this town,  voi (.an act them  at Weinrohe's.  $50 Ob  50.00  50 00  25.00  25 00  15.00  ���������10.00.  10.00  10 00  5.00'  10.00  ..5.00  5 00  SCHOOL  The  MILLS  Piesideiit -1    w-  ('(mi RN'   Uaiia-Sl"u;  Ditoct.a-  T������*lepnone 46.  Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  LT   FIDDICK   AND   LADYSMITH-Shingles   a   Special^.  ��������� Mnnufiiof-irfr"      <���������*'���������  Routh and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber. Laths.  Shingles, Moulding, Etc.. of the Best Quality  and   Kiln   Dried   Flooitn*    ������<���������   VMMnu     L������mWr   1.    Stoc*  Get     youi   latest styles  of Moior  caps at Wcnuobc's.  RrOTURNKD���������������cIioneck,   thc    Van-  comer   Photographer  i>as   opened  Ins  studio  at   Lad\smith    Today  an.l foi  the next ten  (lays  Cabinets ai   Y$ 00  pei   do/en.    Campbell's   Conici.  The  latest'styles   of  Ijolts  in     all  sues 111 Black and all .colois at Uein-  10 he's  WANTED���������Two    g,uls      for  ftencial  housework.    Aoply  tel.  Tenipeiance IIo-  T 3.  Smoke Little B   Cigars.  ' Saint Patuck's Day���������Greon ties,  gicen nhhon and gieon silk at Simon I-eiser <.V  Co 's, Ltd.  Weinrobc just received a ni<.c< line of  fancv  Back ami Side Combs  Messrs      John  and George .Kiddie  cams   up  from  Ciofton   a.t  noon  Mrs.     Sync of Crofton armed  toa'n on a \Tsit   at noon  today.  in  By special request Rev. R Boyle  will deliver a sermon on Sunday evening on St. Patnck*.  A meeting of the members of the  Southern Cross Coipjcr Mining; Company was held in Mr. Russell Simpson's office last'evening It is undei-1  stood that Hie meeting was held to 1  get the afluirs of the company in '  ] rorei shape hefoi 0 Mr Ceci' leases  t'oi  England  in a low days  Toi onto, Maich 15���������Archibald Jilc-  Inlo'-h Fisln 1, this Toi onto World  n-VotUii moused 01 luuiiiy stolen  pioois (.oniainiiig lepoit oi ' Ln-  nersiL} Commission sui londeied  himself lo thc anthorilies thK  niiijuiiy llo ���������.aim' 111 110m London, uliuio he had bu-n slaving In  tli' police com l fi'-hei wilh Walt-  i-i J'mc,\ Hi. I/, <.il,\ editoi ol IU"  Win Id, ucic aiiaigned oil chai*������H>  uL sluahiig (locimu iit-s Bolli plead  ed not guili\ and ucio ivmaiuloil  un ��������� 11 toinonow wjieii I .an t. Jfish-  01 ���������- a Ik-god accomplice will bo ������u  lai^'ied   on   lhe   same   1 bai ijc  V cmrohe has   the  latest styles'   of  lu- ice'   Simbonnets  and  olhei       em-  hiuidciy  bonnois suitable for  all sw-  s  oi chihiien  Dawson, -\laich 1-1 ���������The poo  jl Conrad aie looking loiwaid lot  jilting a smelter established th o'  .onn. Major Snider, 111 thai^c ei  1 ukori, who has returned uom a  lie Xoithwest Mounted Police in 1 ho  nip to Whiichoiw and qUici plai-  ���������s 111 the southern end ot the 1 cl 1 1-  .oi\   bung's, tho   nws,  lie     sais   it   is  leported   111    \\ Lite  Lloise   that  the   si ockholdci s   01    tin-  Uumpan\   weie   to   confei    111    iegi.il  to  the pioposition   to  nistal  a sin ���������!  lot   in   Coinud  Norfolk or 3-piece in all  wool worsted -- These  Suits are made especially for School Suits  for Strong Boys-Double  J_] Seatg,_Bouhle Knees and  Double', Stitched���������Reg.  Price $4,00 Suit  Special  I'rjfflrk.wiiM  $2.95  Walters &  Akenhead  Prograrr       ' on.   INigHt,   fflar. 19  Lansing K. a'in, Harry Fahrney, and  THE   PRBNtiLE  IN    THIS    FIVE-ACT    COMEDY    DRAMA  ACROSS THE SEA  OF    CHARACTERS  COMPANY  [CAST  f*m  NOTICE.  Sidney Noieutt .  Fiank'lyn Kitts .  Uaron. I.aHoise  Carot          James ,  Oliver Oli'jhaiit   . .  Cecelv Dlam  Psyche Clay  ������������������ .  Mis.  Phoebe Gay  .Sister., af Charity  Little Delons  Francexca  .     .    ���������  top   and Manager  it-siness   man.mei  Stage  Diiccti 1  ^lonis Foster.  1 Gcialcl  Ilatcotut.  Ifaijy Pringle.  .   . .   Ci    u.   Oanctte.  ..    Fa\  Da is  . .Johnnie Plinth*.  Miss Lansing Rowan.  ..   JUanon   Tiffany.  Miss  Gladys   Manley.  . - . . '..       *Mamft������"Marr.  , Miss   Alat-juciite       Doyle.  I'Toicnoe     Pi ingle.  K\ \OFSlS  -" At I I���������.Tcalo'is of a child.    ���������  Act   II ���������A  Biokcn Heail  Act  III���������For  a Woman's honor.  Act  IV ���������My  hushaiHli  Act  V ���������Life and  liherty  KXKCI/TIVJO STAFF.  ���������lohnic  Pringle  G    G Garrett*.  .    Kug-ne ( o-jT.et  Just Received by   Express,    25  designs in  SILK COLLARS  LACE COLLARS  WINCSOR TIES  SI   K BELTS  FANCY NECKWEAR  ��������� *>  Secure Your Choice Farly, as They  are -Selfing Rapidly  CHANGK  OF BILL    NIGHT1A  OTT VWA   DIOFKATivD  Hoys  and jriils'   spung Blouses < on  cui L>el   at  NcinioLc's  \\V 11 ox\^ sells Insl ic s'nts in  s^ie, A\\e\ and Brown, in all si/es  and  latest si vies  made fiom  V2 ���������J")  In  a few  tla\s  thc  H-signation     of  Mr      Harry   Pot lei,   the   Ladysmith  station ancnl,   will  ta'^e" effect   11  i������  the intention or the C P ll.  to     do  u way with the present telegraph office  and   the lelegiaph  woik will be tion ���������  in hhp  Kailwav office     Mi.  .Jackson,  iiowfr-mploycd as telcgiiai'li  opcialoi  will do the  lailwa*.   wire  woik.       as  well  ^s that  in winch he is now em-  gagc-rl     It.   is not   yet   anno mi cod who  will  take  -Mr    Portei's  place   o ������������������  H\\ \n*-i;\ nnrr.ATKD.  For tlie first time in five your*  Swansea u.ii ik-UMicd ������xt l^iiijO*> to  tho tunc ol 1 ,"j jxijnts to iIiiL-'  The team to do the Hick was Oai  t'lli, who so lai tliii .se.is -i n.i*.i  twicoaUiiiiuistet'iJcl defeat to t)\.'  the Swansea lifu������cn Owing to iIi.������  impio\'*(i ioi m shown b\ Swau-  Kea     of   lati:,    hopes   were  felt h*  the team's supporters that they  might win, hut the score rolle'0.  tip o.vCarctiif left no doubt as to  wliich     was   the   best team.  ���������. ���������o   jYrnost interesting point of law  ha.s been raised at Lang-ley as vln1  icsult of thc present severe win'l-  .stoivsi. and the courts may be re-  ������,oi i.'..*������l to to settle, tne dispute. "1 li ���������  <;iii si'ion has been raised over th-  ow:iiOi'.ship of a lniikling whi--'i  'Stood' on -'Mi:, .lacoli Ilaldi's pro-  un. iIk": linf! udjoiniiig Mr.  ri.v' iar.d. and the wind  '.ere   a I .    Laugh." '      > ''-;'."'  THIO STAGK  o little interest is being iin.inifestr  eel by  local   theatic'goets  otei     the  Coaing   of    thc  Punch'  Slock   Coin-  Ipa'iy,  "which begin-s  a  one-week     en-  ga. ijnieiit starting Mondav    The fust  pLiy     lo     |,egi\en heie wilt he the'  be Hit iff! new ci cation of the i     ma-  ti !s a������t   "Acioss the Sea " Tins deli litftil   diam.i has  met   with       un-  bo tided st'ctess wherevet   it has been  pi ted.    It   is  a modem stoiy       the  s.cn/'S of     which, aie laid'in  Fiance  aid Itajv    It UHs.,the heatt stoiy ol  a   oung aitist   and  his  st niggles   for  fa ne     and  foitune,   which,   togethei  with-the tine ln> e of a heautifol   voir,an,   are his  final  reward.    11, in     a  n, luial ploj,      full  of hr.ii I  mleiesl  li iii stait t<*     finish, and   .easoneu  with,pure and wholesome comedv  Miss Lansing Rowan, the talented  ei   ilioiial  act less,   has  been   lecentL  ei   a^ed bv Mi    Pringle as his lead-  in*, lad\    llaiiv  Fahincv  is  also     c  nf >'     adciitun  lo the tanks  of    the  Pi ngtes        A change  or  prog-ramme  w 11  be  thc i tile ntghth   hut ing     Ihi  wu-l",   in   which   the   folkuvnio    ihvs  Will  be  picsentcd      \cioss  tbe Pica,,  Fi 'ota,  The   lliamond   Kobbt'iv,   The  Ga'HiMei's    Wife,   [ nele .losh,      llv  Sv ,'etheait,  and Caniile, with a bai-  g.tiii   matijiee   Saundav       Se.it->    on  s���������le  at  H    Koicimmers   Puces  2fic,  lie. aiwLf.0c.  , ������������������   ���������_������������������> ;���������_  j. . A  nice, variety of the latest styles  ai'rons     .for . ladies   nicely   trimmed.  ; with  emjhroitlery and   tucks.  i  iNOTICK  is heteby gi\en that I  in-  t^nil lo apply at the next sitting o(  tlie License Boaid oi the city of La-  dysmiih BC   for a ttarsfei  of there-  tail   h<iiioi   license now held'by  me i:)|ie  foi   the premises' known as the New  \|  Western  Hotel,    situated on  Lot   *1.  '  Block- 2S,   to John MengJuiu  atty      I)  II.  DAVIS  Latod at  Ladysmith the l.'ith (lav  of,  IMa-eh,  120G.  Montical. Mauh 13���������In the ii st  oT the hoine-aiul-home gnini's , to ��������� i',o-  Cidc \\w t n> lot the ihatnpionship ���������>!  thc nastcin Canada ILxkox J.ea_,u'i*.  with wlin.li will go tne possession >i\  the fitanlt". Cup, the \\ andcu'i s ik-  ii'atcd Ottawa heie loumhl h\ iiit.i  goals to 1 I'pwaids t)l d.OOO pti  pie saw tht> game Tin1 chainpu iv  H\(>ri' played nil then1 Uct iiou>  stait ol the yame. The hail  inie seon*   was   I  to O  rite sfeond m liit'*tw'(*> jj,aines will  he- pKiynd in Ottawa'on Salm-d.*. .  the intuoiil\ oi goals m thc t v o  ganies to i ount Spin ulntoi s sold  l'ji"     S,l() 00  each     (ho    M    seals  The piogiamme  of  the  City  Bund  conceit toinonow  night  is   published  in  th>&. issue.    It lseeitainly a splendid on.;, aod should diaw a ^������ry gpotl  nowd.  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd,  OATACRE. 8T  LADYSMITB  W. G. Fraser  Ladies'  fine  [icail  shut waist sets  in diflcifnt   sl\les     Also  lace       and  I'mi'jroiibicrt collais Jiom  15 cents  at  Weiniohe's  ST    P\TR1CK     CON'CRHT      ANU  "-,     DAXCK   PllOORALUMK 'J  , Merchant Tailor,  (1st Avenue} - "  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice  i  pert.>- ri^-lit  O S. :���������������������������'.���������  was so '-J'  d:iv tlie it  on to Mi-.  , r-ai'h wishi';  a\ riirtiiri'.  I,!(.���������������-   I he   build' ���������-:    . ��������� *' ���������  Fen is'   bit.      and now  In know   who owns .   j. .-���������  AFFLICTED  WITH   RHEUMATISM  , "1 was and am yet afuctgu with  ii etimiiti&m," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,  editor of the .Herald, Acldington, Tn-  dian Territory, "but tharihs to Cham  ���������btrlaih's Pain Balm am able once  more to attend to business. It is the  licit of linaments." 1[ trpubled  with liieun'i'.tisiu give Pain Balm a  trial and you are certain to be move  than pleased with the prompt relief  whicli it ah'uTds. One application relieves the pain. For sale by Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  Subscriptions  RECEIVE)   FOR   ALL-  MAGAZINES  AT  PUBLISHERS'  f  *   PRICES AT   KNIGHT'SBor|*STflRE  I  have just received a shipment of  Hill's High Grade  ENGLISH T034CG0S  and  G'GAKIIRS  at the   DRUGSTORE  "iiiisiiiii. ���������* JWPt   Done at���������~  Reasonble Prices  _ By- ,  J. ANDERSON  Leave orders'- at  Peterson's  Ftirn -*  ttire store, .or-, telephpne No.  53.  )  natltl  This     is     ihe weathei   foi   talunp;  yoili   baby out, so come and see our  beautiful   fancy  cloal s,   tiiinmed with  embioitleiy,  and  also Ualnc-s'  coats,   |  and "lone;  dresses    Fine tucl s  in     tin*  latest  styles    at   Weinrohe's ���������   r  The  following   lcttci^was  iccei\ed  from Chomaintis at noon   today  Mr   Editoi��������� Kindly ntscit follow u*"-**1  Percy ,   Benow  has  ah������cond"tl  fiom  his  home \\\ Chcnaintis without lust   j  cavsc or      nro\ocatton    Any   pcison  harboimg  theiSiud Peicj   Benow af-  tor  this  notice   will   he  piosecuted      1  A    A    13ERROW.   -o I  Nice pi.infoies  Ioi   voui   little  foi   25 cents  at Weiniohe's  ones  (Satindiy Alsiith 17  .Maich    '"Faus!;!!   'V   BaHa^h"  Select ion        "Remiiuscein-es of  hei and." ,  ,     Bawl  Son������       Comic, lush        Mr   C! Home  Sums,     Selectctl .   Miss E   Clay  Sonji, ������ Comic        Mi       G   HoTiic  iSone,,   "Hippy Seng"  Miss E.   Dobe-  son.  Step DaiiLir.ij;   .    . ~SU   Barclay  Solo   "Souk's   of   Hun" .     Band  Pinio Solo Pioi. Ashton  I'.ut II  March        "Paddy's  Day"   . .     Band  .Select ton        "Clems  of  Erin"      Band  Sea., Sel cted Mis    Dr  Diysilalc  Sen,; Coin Mr   G. Tlorne  Insiumieiilal   tjuaflet,   Rehcclod  Band  Sonj; Comic Mr   ITallitlay  lush   S^lmlhon^   KilKeiry Band  Admission to conceit and dance,  ' iienllenicn 50 tents, laches, 25 cents  (luuteivien oi ladles not purchasing  conceit t'ulcts will he charged 25  cents admission lo dance Conceit.  commences  at S  o'clock sharp.  STOVFS!  in. ���������           We are making HKA1 -.-RS and RANGE; of the I.atesrt Styles  and Neiveit Patterns  We do all kinds of  Foundry ami Repair Work���������Nickel Plating  ,   ,  .,     tn all itc branches, a Specially  : LAA.riWW IRON & SfOVc WjM\ Co.Lld  S     Phone Si" ��������� " p- O. Box 42  FOR.  FARM  AND GARDEN.  IN OUR    ASSORTMENT  OFr   SEEDS    YOU    WILL   FIND   THE ' BEST  ALL   KINDS   OF   GRASS   SEEDS  ���������-INCLUDING-���������  TinOTHY,      CLOVER,     RYE,       KENTUCKY  BLUE,    AL.SYKE  SFED   POTATOES JUST  isaass'iffiBssf'-::  ���������ONI' WEEK, STARTING���������'  Mj!u!ay,  March  19th.  LANSINC ' V O^ -AN,  HARRY FAHRNEY  and   the  PRINGLE COMPA[S\;^  MONDAY NIGHT  "Across the Sea'  Change of Play Nightly  PLEAS ING SPECIALTIES  Prices 25c, 35c, and: 50c  SEATS   on sale at  Forcimmer's.  SfiS'ffiiaSfiBSlHlk&'K".'^^  ��������� ��������� fl    II ^ ^ INfi ffl Hfc k"       ^L B*H f 1 aW   ^k  ULHOdfirillL OIlMiO  ���������SATURDAY  AND  MONDAY���������  100 Glass Cream Jugs lOc, Each  100 Glass Spoon Holders (Og U^  50 Covered Butter Dishes 15c Each  50 Covered Sugar Bowls 15c- Each  These are Genuine'Snaps  for Cash Only  NOTICE.  One hundred  dollars ($100.00) will  i*e  gi\������o  to any  person  or  poisons  who  will  give sufficient information  to lead to the conviction o������  the person  who killed two cows  uwneu  by  the   undfisigoed,  on Galiano Island  on the 22nd ot February.     The   animals were killed two hundred (2(H))  yards    ea&.t. .of Portier Pass Light-  hflftise. 'The heads  and hides       were  found *&frl������dk.in'the sand,  M-V-    .JAS JWARNOCK.  ... '*** .  * ������,.'  Hrm-vcmnrn~y^T7rn7mEt^^  Boarders Wan ted  BOARD     AND    LODGING  Being  under little expense,   Boarders  secure the Benefit.  $21 Per Month  ...   G.  ROSSI,  Bullet Street.  g<f'liniTTillW1T'TT***V^T,w^^'**:i*^r"*:3'M  .We have just received ! from the  5atgaaB������������>>i?f.'*iWKJ3BBa���������ii  East a large  shipment of  LADIES' HAND BAGS  QRMiS  rS-TE^  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ':���������"  -BETWEEN   ;���������'"  GHICA60, L0MD0H,  HAMILTON, T0R0MT0,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  P0RTLIND, BOSTON,  And to������ Principal *������������ttt**i������ Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and th 0  Marltlmo Provinces.  ALSO TO IUFFAII, MW Y������K AKI  PHIUDEIPHIA, VIA MUUtA F ALLS.  For Tl me T������M������������, ���������**,, ���������ttreaa -  OKO.W. VAUX,  AnlfUat Oen'iPtvtMiger and Tick' st Agent  u������>Mmw,>antc>ao.i> x#  Smoke Little' B,'Cigar a.  Aftei this date the price for hread  delnered at my Cu^tomcis houses  will he FIVE CENTS per io.J��������� 20  ioa\cs for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed tlje host made. Shops  run by white help should receive  white peoples' pationagc so long as  tbey are properly conducted. j fo-  ?itit a trial us youi Bakci  (J R��������� DOCiLlC,  THE U'iSLLlNGTOf-T BAKERY  NOTICE  The     paKln-eiship   eMsling  between  C   II   Rur liming and W. E   Rum nun,;'  cairying on   business   in the City of  Ladysmitf,,    B   C,  as maiuifactuicL*'  of carbon .alcd   be\(-"iages,  etc ,  uiwlei  the* firrn.' name ol Runniiing Bros.,  is"  hereby;   .dissol\ed. ���������.";' - All  outstanding*  acoounls. must be paid to >V. E. Ruin-  n.-'.ing;. wh o   will continue the! business,  ���������ann/pay 'ail .accounts'.agaih**t the firm,.  ) of RuiriHiing Bros. .   '  ,  ;  ;'C'. I-I. RUM JUNG, :; V  :    W. E. RUMMTNG. '  Dated at Ladysmith this  28th Day  of Feb., 1000.  G. B.'"Lowry. Victor'iaN is  registered  at: the AUbbtsford.   '  M.R  SlfAPSON  Solicitor. E*������.  Noney  to-   ^oan  1st.  Av^nu^  -   -���������    - "LAPVSWiT  They are the NEATEST BAGS wc have  ever  LATEST   FASHION.  shown   and  of  the  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by W Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL ]LI!SE OF FIRST CLASS MEA1S  PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  ������������������'��������� A/Trial-Solicitd  ���������::A. HOWE, -T  PII0NE 20  PRICES FROM $1  to $5  Call   in   and See  Them  - LH-rrizn:  B. FOF^CIMnER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN .  First Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith,    B. C  Hsaiia  PAINTING   MD  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and-Artistically Done   :...._ :... -.-.-��������� Orders Promptly   Executed  S. ROEDDfNG  * " "  LADYSMITH


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