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 .#  &  ^'  The Ladysmith Daily Cedger  ':4  V0L..2  SATURDAY MARCH J7,  190C.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  -si  i  H4S RtSIGHED  AN ARMY  OF STRIPS  TEBR0R1ZETOM  IXi  Vienna,-.    March 17.���������The shipping  FINE IMPOSED  FOR  FRUIT-BOX  UW IS 10  en  New Westminster, March 17.���������There  The maximum penalty allowed by  strike at Fiiime has now become gen- "law, a fine- of $25', was imposed on 'will have to be a complete chatvgp in  eral A" body of' workmen 5,000 \ ��������������� W. Sippcll 'in Police Court this .������>c si������> of the l#rr7 <���������"������ currant ^as-  strong,  marched  W.rough the     town   morning     by     Magistrate Williams,    ^  f ^  by  the  fruitgrowers       of  ierrorizing shopkeepers  ami compoll- .says a Vancouver, despatch.   Mr. Sip-  BriUf; Columbia this year if      the  ������   .       ,        ...   ���������        4   ,,;,, ,, ' * speci-Cca-tions   of  the   Fruit-box   Act  ing them     to close Mmr establish-  , jiC11 was before His Worship charged   arc to be carried out.  In?,n ���������      i'    n- ��������� .  ���������.���������������������,���������,     KHh <������������������������������������'���������''��������������� air automobile in excess      All the manufacturers have      been  Several collisions occurred  between  the'military and the striRers.      The   ***  l,!ic sl:Ce(1 limil of fifteen miles an  n������t-f'������-   that th<- act is to ������c strict-  Albjany, >Iaich, lfi���������The Joint spue  ial Committee of the New VorK  State legislature which since last  , September has been' investigating  the methtxls and conditions of life  insurance as conducted by tho companies, domestic and foieign, at 2:20  p m.     closed   fj.s public hearings    cm  .he bills embodying    its   recomn,^ j ~~ ~���������[^~h J^'cllled out',, noilr,  which is the maximum allowed -1/ cnforcof  U,,������70ar-4 **-, l!f mimu-  dattons for the amendment   in    thow ^  ^^ w UsC  bnyonets and' in ,-,,-biic highways  outside the city.    *Mt.lrers have been n-rtified that they  ;insurance law, thc corporation    lav.   ^r  ^^ volleys.   The strikers us- - 'Hie infraction or lhc speed-limit law  Canlot   ^nufa.turc  anything       but  the  legislative     law and the    penal ^ simcs aod sticks     A iarge nuln. took* pluCC in. Stanley Park a       few    '������Sal-w������d boxes,;they  are ,now anx-  code. a*i a  result     of its long    and  Lcr of ipo(>pte were ar'rested.' (lays a*o. Air  Sippcll  is said  to have  1,VJS lo recc,ve sl;W-fltloIls  f���������m the  sensations'/ investigation.   The chaic- ;   Tne manager oi the Whitehead tor- co\cr������l     the     distance ofsevenmiles growers as to what shape they should'  man in adjourning, announced    that'pe,|0 factory had threatened to close ar-ruind   lhe  driveway of the park in    b(; nia(,e*  the committee,,   will receive       until   the establishment     for three months a frif.-e     less  than   twenty  minutes,   '    T!l.cv     alc aS'ic,a lo notc carefully  next Monday  night documents    ad- should the employees decide to  join which     would make' the tpeed of the   ,secll0riS  'l aml 5 of ihe Act-     These  dressed    to himself    at the    senau; join in the strike.       '     " automobile from   twenty, to twenty-  .sections have h������*n-placed by-order in  chamber,-   or  to assemblvmon   Jas.      Along  the ��������� Daltnotain   coast  the cf- Jhe miles an hour.                                  | council  with  thc Department of Ag-  T      Rogers of Binghampton       who  fects'of the. strike' are  very  serious. Superintendent cf the park, Mr. O. 'nc,lll:llH!  ,or  enf������rc<,'���������5nl,   and 'also  Provisions are running short in-many Eldon,  and  Foreman John Crawford  llre     usual     Clrcul!l>-     letters,   have  of     the islands, ������nd no mails have saw the fastdming of the auto,, and ibMn lswal to all_ basket mamafactur-  ���������    been delivered for several davs.      A climated the speed at twenty miles !ers "*f>'ii!g them that the law will  Washington,  March 1<3.-The.    See-  Kuniber of torpedo oraft and two Jar- an hour," B0Ui of them said in court' he strictly .enforced tins year.  USED IN KINGS  FOHERAL RITES  TWO LADYSMITH  MEN INJURED  Mr. G. Jacobson Loses Thumb and  has Fingers Badly hnrt in Acci-    ;-  dent at No. 6 Camp  Two Ladysmith men were the vie-   juring the first two fingers., His back  hea-ds  the' house  delegates.   O���������   rotary   of Commerce and  Labor   ac-  ger vessels have been detached     for    thai.   Micy had  a narrow escape from  cepted today, the resignation of Mar-  special service and  will carry provis-   l.eing (run over, an-l that the autojno  cus   Braun,     as  immigrant     inspeo-   ions  and  letters   to as many   places   ��������� hi'c was  f-oing so fast that      they  tor    at Quebec. ,   "   'as possible.- con  There     will be a Dominion, conference of   fruitgrowers   meeting   in  Ottawa <>n -Match  20,   21  and  22, and  FPOMAN  ANCIENT CODE  Edmonton,    Alta.,      March  16���������Ii  the  Peace ' River election  case,   judge- j correspondent at Const  ment  to   which     has   been      handed ; it i������ reported  that Mar  Rippell as the man driving the   ma-  , rhinc.  \   Mr.   CI.' F.. Cane,   appeared  for    the  ^defendant and      attempted  to break  down ,thp     l-rslimony of Superintendent   Eldon  and   Foreman   Crawford  1 ������������������. ou   the point that they merely gues.  London,   March   16:���������Tho*     ym,e->  sed aL  tJie'iate  of speed  of twenty  ���������oiild  not sco "how" many people were i h-e subjoct ^  PaCagesiwill come up  n it-    They did, however; recogni/e    for  ������������)scussion     The   representatives  TURKISH  TROOPS RETREAT  stant.inople.sa>, '*liles^" hoiir- and  that under the,cir ;'^,1R  llarshall  Abn,���������(! ^"^anccs  it   would   be  a.most  im-  'J^"5  *l"  ,        .,..���������, I'������ss"l'e without actual timing of the   '*"l}   a,u -1  rlftr   c\\   \.\\i\   \\\vv. ������ c,ii   ,,,.,������������������ K,. :,,,!���������., e���������n1t ������:.��������� ,.������������������,.���������������    fojnifi i l*"3*   Pasha,   commander of the Turk ,.       ,       ..      ... .  ������ '   follows-  down bj judge bcott tne couit   loxina .���������    ,  - <��������� .. machinn to  discriminate hetwec-n the   lonows*-  to  this  conference from  British Col  iwnljia are  Martin  Burrcll,       Grand  For' s; \V. ,J.' liraiulrith, Ladner; Jas  A.  Grant,  Victoria,  and  J.   C.  Met-  calf, Ilanimond.    t  The section of the Act referring to  tho size of fruit packages which  will  particularly, allect, the   fruit-growers  .  of British ""Colum-hia is     the portion   th the' si/.e  of the  sttaw-  aspberry  boxes. It   is as  Paris, March 17.���������A picturesque  account of the funeral ceremonial over the late King Nerodom of Cambodia, at Pnem Pen, the capital of  Cambodia, has been, ri'cei\erJ ��������� qy  mail. The body, enclosed in a large  wooden urn, was paraded through the.  tiins of accidents of a somewhat seri-   was  also bruised.  He was taken to  capital, surrounded  by an  escort   of  0UK  nature yesterday, one havinj   a the Clicmoiinus  hospital  and it      ii  5,000 Cambodian warriors, and mill-   very narrow escape from receiving fa- feared that one of the injured fincet*! ,1  tary honors  were accorded by     the    iai  ;,,,-���������,.,��������������������� ,    ...  .                                  J        "f^.J  French troops.                          ,          ���������    ^ai injuries. will have to be amputated.  iUeantime the new   King,  Sisowate '   Ml"' G- Jacohson. w,'o  is enudoved I    Thc other accident occurred at thc^  sat fire  to scverul perfumed  pans of  as  "l'a!-esman at Logging     Camp No Crofton  smelter, and Mr. Joe Tue&z,  alcchol placed round thc urn. Fagots  C,   was on  one  of  tbe cars- of a log- was  the victim.   He  was  drawing a  of sandalwood  had been- supplied to  &i"g train vested-day afternoon when ���������,,,._���������     't    f      .,  all  the European and  native  notabl- the engine shunted  unexpectedly < mi S   P               lUn slag when "   lhe; .  e* who were present, and with these   he  was  thrown    Jrom his position. plank oVet whlch he w**s taking ,   it'j  the>������>led the.flames.                                Fortunately  his, bod; fell off       the s^e way and  i������>e pot was overturn^  When the urn caught fire KijigjSiso   line or the car wheel, nnKht luwepas- ed,    its     contents  spilhnK over the  wate began to pray in a loud-voice,    sed over ii.    As  it was,  he clasp-ji right arm and ������ide of Mr  Tuesz -wni '���������!  aud the  prayer was echoed vigorous-.^he rail,   with one hand, and  lefjre fell with tffe pcj^.   He wai hrou������ht !  ly by the priests,  the women of   the   the engine could  be stopped the    car home, and although  he is im,, d-m  palace and  the  mandarins.   Thc ofli-   wheel had passed over.it, cutting the ger, he is suffering keenly from   the"  cial mourners gave voice to a long-    thumib completely  oft and  badly  m- burns.                       '-,���������                   '   ���������'  drawn  wail,  which' was utter   thro-   ���������  - ������������������ '  , . ,     ������  -  ,  ugh  larg-c     megaphones.     The  pyre '  huriu-d for twenty-four hours.  NEWS MOTES  ment at the hospital for an accident  shall have 75 .per cent, of his bene-' i  fits for .the .time he receive treatment'  that it had no jurisdiction to interfere or prescribe whether an election had been held, that power to  do so rested entirely with the legislature and that the appeal of  Iaicicn Uui.e to have the election  ra Li lied should have been made to  the legislature itself and not to  tho , courts. Sidney B. Woods, ;tl������-  puty attorney - geneial .represented  tho legislature, and took his point  of law from the 'code of Queen  Elizabeth's time, which has stood  until tho present, day by which parliament took, unto itself - exclusive  right to determine- the legality of  any election, which power, parliament, he contended, still holds, except in so far as has been delegated to the courts they had no jurisdic-  1 ion in the Peace River Election and  even a contest by both parties to  controversy could not give it pow  er, that power rested solely with  the people through the legislature  -.Judgw'Scott found with defendant  Mr. Woods and dismissed th������ casi*  ou  grounds   of no  jurisdiction.  A SURPLUS OF  $12,017,962  l&h troops  in Yemen,,  alter   prolong  ,w     . , .     .   -..   .       .,  ���������      . maximum speed of  fifteen miles     an  ed  but   useless  sorties    with   10,000   ,,������������������,.    ,.  ���������.-. .   ,.      ,        . .,  houi  allowed, and the twenty miles,  men.   has ivtreated to    Sanaa      aud   ,,lw snfC,,   whiph  t,|ey   claimert       Mr  lias  asked  to,bo.relieved     from   lu.-.   ,Sip,pe]i was going.  command, despairing    of being   ahu-'  His Worship held, however, that as  to crush , the .rebels,- owing to tlu- ,\[r. Eldon * had ridden a bicycle for  failure  of  transport, service. The   tlie past several years, and that    a  resignation has.been accepted. , si eed of len miles  was eusily made  Marshall Ahmed   Fez Pasha       hn>  on  a wheel,  that  his. testimony    on  been in command    of the    entire for  the matter  was ample to prove   tho  ces-    operating    in the   Arabian pro   CaSe.    In passing sentence  on Sippcl, I  vince oi Yemen since May      of lusi   Mag-'stralc WiIIiums said  CORRECTION.  Editor Leelger, Sir,���������I .should esteem it a favor if you would give me  sufficient space  in   your  columns   to   ,     ..   ,     ,  j correct  a-statement  i made at     the   P&ld t0  the h������SpitaL     Any  marrict? I  BY  WIRE Board ������f Trade meetmg on Thursday J���������0" "^ the s���������������'circumstances j  -last.   In referring to     the sum paid C    **" 6������ ^ ^  *?" ^^  I to     the  Naiiaimo  hospital  for  the /lts ?a}d to  thc hospital for the tirhe'j  j maintenance or inmates from Lady- he receives treatment.         ,,.      P    \i  - smith  and meinhers  of tlie Accident '    As     a member of the Association,^  and Btuial Fund, I said the sum of who, is lhc victim of an'accident in''  *.   fifty cents per day was paid to   the the mines receives  $1.00 per day, for-,  law., evening. Louis Uartelle. ���������i    Vol   nistil"tion for the first six months, a period not exceeding s.x.montlfeW  ,      ,      ,, , ,    ,     ,,    ,      .a member was treated  in\ the hospi- for the next six months the sum of  ctwaiida,   latally   stabbed      i-',.   Lewis       ,   . .  ,    ,_        . , ���������,. , , ..     .       ..  ,      ���������  *  .. . ral  for an accident  and that at the fifty ,cents per day,   the hospital gets*  this  town    with,a  big    pocket knife  expiration   of that time the pati���������nt for e������ery   married   member  of  . J.he'4  offered for sale,  and every box  manu- , cutting the  mam artery    leading    to   WftS carftd [or ftt tne pxpense o{  the Association  renewing  treatment -. for  institution      if hot in a position  to an accident the ' sum   of fifty cents<a  pay for his*maintemoice. day for thc .first six months, and for5"  ������ |    In this matter I was  wrongly   in- the next six months  25 cents   ,per/  London,  March    16���������Three-   Amer-  formed, and since the report-of' my day.    Ip     the  case  of  an unmarried  can   Khodes     Scholarship     students  speech "appealed , in your issue of last menibe'iyundergDing treatment at the;;  have been selected    to represent Ox- evening  my  misla'ce  has  been point- ho&n������BJBthe. institution receives   for.������  ford    in  the inter    University sport* ed out to me-by an official ot the A. Ihe 'rUBrlrix months  the sum of   75  1  FATALLY   STABULD.  Collingrwood,   Mar.   Ki.���������During  quarrel  in   Uus  Uraud   Cuntrm  "Every l*ov- of ��������� berries or currants  factured and offered, for sale, shallJfo   Lhe ht-'art     which resulted m   Lewi  plainly marked on. the side of the  box in black letter, at least half an  incb sifuarcwilh the word 'short,' un  iess it contains,',when  level  full,   at  ! least  fo.-.r-fifths  or. two-fifth of      a  (���������)nart."  Those measures arc according     as'  thc boxes contain two pounds or one  i pound.  death,   'liartelle, was arrested.  that -    A  P.ei������alty of  at least  tw-eiity-fivc  at  but  tho victory     was not   a  cisive      one  and   was followed  a  demand    for reinforcements.  Tho  rebellion,     which   has  been   ii  b.\ '  progress     for  about     twelve   years. . lnd���������mcnl   ������������������  mattcrs   q[ ms       ,.in(,  gained  headway    last month,     who,-, ��������� Ujat aIlttlgoni?c lhc   poc>Ijle       agaiust.  year/:   In  the   ���������following     July     !v I    "It  is  n streak   of good  luck  .defeated the" rebels"    at     -Mcnakhi    no  one   Wiis  str������cli  W������ this  automo-,������������,ts.for  caC,1i |WS H " b0X soId ������r  .dcteatcd the rebels      at      McnuUhi. _ ^ ^  ^  ^ ^^ ^^  ^  ^ i        ^   {or ^ ^^ Aqqs nQt com.  '    furious  a rate  of speed.     1  am   de- ,IJv wilh   tl,e al)0Ve  wil1 ,lP  imposed  i tcrmmeci to put a stop %o   this     fast   ������"   conviction   of   any   m'aliufuctrfer  jelrhing if  iL is possible to do so.  11  or K.r0wer wll������ is ft"ilty of the often=a  .is just   this kind  of men-who     lack I   Tl������  ,llUowinK   is a C0Py of  thccir-  ciilar letter sent  to   the manufacturers:  "Tho    fruit   division   has   received  several ii*H|uirics  with reference '   to  proposed changes in the Act respecting the  packing  and sale of certain  staple commodities with respect    to  fruit packages.  We l-ave  reports of a  numLj-r of  meetings-of  fruit-g^row.ers  at wliich'tliis  matter  was discussed,  all of which will no doubt receive con  sideration.    It is expected, too,  that  which- art* to  take place   on 3U.arc.-t   Si B. Fund.   1 find that any unrnar-    cents  per,flay, and for'the next six^  2-t.     P,  N.    Young,  un'r.ersity      oi'-ried   member   receiving  Iwaefits   from   months ,   the sum of   37A cents  per   *  the i*ebols occupied Jebel Doran   an-1. '  and surrounding Amran.  FIPEMEN  MEET DEATH  Camden,X..J., Match IC���������Three firemen were killed and nine others  st*rious(y -injui-cd tonight at a lire  which destroyed the old Sixth regiment armory at Bridg*o and West  streets     here.     The dead are.      G-eo-  autoiiiohiles.   I fine the defrndant the  highest   fine,   $2,5, and if hei is  ever  brought before this court, again   on a  similar charge, I will  commit him to  .ail."  ARTHUR WILL PISH  COWICHAN      RIVER.  Prince   Arthur  of  Connaught,  who  will reach Victoria on Alarch 2S from  Japan <,n   board   the  C.P.R.      White  Uie su^������t oE I'-^kages will be    ex-  haustivelv discussed at the Dominion  liner Empress of .Japan,  will spend  two days casting the  fly. for trout in  the waters of Cowichan River     and  Lake,  says a  Vancouver report.  Hi*. iR. Marpole, general superintendent of the C.P.R., left this afternoon fcr Victoria to make final    at-  W.   Shiads,   Wm   Hilman, W.   Jobes.  New York,    March 16.-Tho plian.-   Qf  the  injured     chas     Worthinglon  phlct   report   of   the  United     States J wug prDbablj;f ,-fttally lulrt    The    fiu.  Steel   Corporation    lor tho year end  ttarted   in  thc boiler room of       the  ing     Dec.     SI,       shows  that      the  armory  and -quickly  spread.      About   als0  lo  l>errc������*t  thc  plans  for fishing  Company's gross*, receipts   jj-ero S8B5-   a   dozen liremcn were ordered        into  "161,73K,     an increase of     1-10,926,-   the b'urning building with  a      line of  ������������������106.     The net earnings   were     $119- i hose  and   were   making  good       pn.-  787,058, yii increase   of $30,011 ,VM\     gross   when   tho  roof  fell.       Shialds.  After payment oi  interest and      div  conference of, fruit-growers, the delegates to which are now selected. It  is exceedingly improbable, therefore,  that any amendments-to the'Act will  be made in time for this year's business to he affected i>y them. If no  amendments arc made, sections 4 and  ran-rcmenls     for  thc  reception       of  Prii.ee Arthur at the Island city and   5 oE U,e Act rcr������"nE \������ Ic������lt P"*"  a:cs will  be strictly enforced  for the  season  of   1900.    Manufacturers     and  fruit-growers   theref-m* should govern  themsoi' es accordingly.''  idends, ��������� charges for depreciation  and appropriations for new construction and "improvements,'there re  ������������������inained a surplus for the year of  Si2,0i7,962:.  NANAIMO  NEWS NOTES  Messrs T. B. Caldorhead and T.  HarrisOn have been appointed delegates from the Olympic club to tho  base ball league meeting which te  to be held, in the Athletic club tomorrow  afternoon  nt 3  o'clock.  Hilman    and  Fobes      wore     crushed  to  death  but  the     others    followed  the line of hc.se and escaped,    after  1 most of  them  had been seriously lacerated   and* burned.        The     injured  were, removed,  to a  hospital.   A general alarm   was sounded     and _ after  hard   work     the ���������. llamos      ware     confined   to  the  armory, which  was    destroyed.  or  two     caused, serious  alarm.  The death, of Mr. Thos: - T. Davis,.-a one time resident, ��������� of this city,  occurred at Cumberland yesterday  after ii long illness; The deceased  was a native of Wales, nigi-xl ;"i51..and  came to this country ' in the early  eighties. He leaves a widow to  mourn his loss. The funeral will  take  place  today at   Cumberland.  The pleasant drives around . Nairn-  imo should be patironi/eit by tow-  istSj Is there any. where a more,  pleasant spot to spend a few weeks  when one wants boat/big. country  drives, bunting or fishing in season is Nanaimo. Victorians  should encourage trips along the.  line of the E. & N. railway. I>  The many   friends    or Mrs.    J- "W. \ will  add materially   to  the  pleasure  of visitors to Vancouver Island to  visit and spend a few days in Nanaimo.  Baseball arguments are warming  up with the weather. The Windsor  team is getting in form to meet  its enemies for the the day, the  .Wilsonites.  BORN.  Tu Nanaimo, , on Saturday, March  10th, the wife. of ,T. A. '-Ward  Bell,   of  a   daughter.  Bell, will be pleased to learn that  she is now recovering nicely from  her recent  illness     which     foi* a day  for His Royal Highness.  In view of this fishing trip it is  possible*that Prince Arthur may not  come to Vancouver until JMoiK'-ay, Ap  ril 2.  __ o : .  cost of   lbo purchase     of     home rail  ways   is estimated   at   ������230,000,000  Tokio, March 17���������The Railway Nat  ioiial'r/ation   bill passed  .tho      House. |  of   representatives        today    without,   fee ted  amendment  by     243   to  109.       The ' disturbing the market.  rhe-Minister  of  Finance     is        eon-  ident.   that the  purchase .can  be   ef-  within'     Ave   years    without  PRES, MITCHELL HAS  MINERS'CONFIDENCE  Indianapolis,   March   17���������The   spec-   I   hope  I   am   big  enough     to  fol  ia! National convention of tho Uu  ited Mine Workers today emloisoil  the action of the executive board  in sustaining the finding of the  President John Mitchell in ousting  Pat Dolan and Uriah BeHinghnii*  from the Presidency and the vice  Presidency of District No 5, Western  Pennsylvania.     As   itxv  get personal wrongs when the laws  of the United Mine Workers of Atu-  vrica.   are called  into  question. 1  say with Secretary Wilson that you  will make a mistake if you refuse to seat Mr. Boian. 1 have  no desire to sustain bis action iu  this convention but whether he. does  justice   to   mo  or   not      1   will        do  as th  National organization is concerned justice to him."  this' is the entl ot the ilolah case, j Delegate Walker of Illinois,. in-  Only the pleas of President Mit quired whether it. would be vio-  chelt ami Secretary Wilson prevented lation ol* the laws of the organizu-  the expulsion of-Dolnn from the- tion to hang Mr. Dolan. President,  organization. President Mitchell in j Mitchell . suggested that Lhis state-  bis remarks said: "No one ��������� man ment might be differently con-  in   this   convention    has greater can-   sL'rucd   when   read   in  cold type.  so for resentment against Patrick  Dolan than 1. no one man in this  convention has been more grossly  wronged  by    him, than I have.   But  "I don't care how it is construed,"   replied   Mr-  Walker.  "The organisation cares," replied  President  Mitchell.  South Dakota will compete in thc  high jumping, Warren T. Schult,  Cornell in the one mile run and  A. M. Stevens of Williamantic, in  i thci jammer throwing. In the Hal-  ' ioi collect:' shorts today, Stevens  won the broad and high jumping  and   the    120    yard hurdles.   o   PRINCE   ARTHUR   SAILS.  .Yokohama. March 16.���������Prince Arthur of Connaught who came to  Japan at the head of the special  etubasbe*, from King Edward to  the Emperor of Japan to convey  to the latter the insignia of the  order of the Garter, suiled on the  Empress  of   Japan  for   Canada.  13NCOURAG1-: SINGING  London, March 16.���������Congregational singing has been introduced ui  St. Peters Cathedral. The Bis.ru>|>  of London announces that it i.-������  desire of the Pope that congregational singing shall bo encouraged  in Catholic churches.  the A. & B.   Fund undergoing treat-, day.  B... FORCIMMER.,  LADYSMITH! BASEBALL  CLUB ELECT OFFIC ERS  A     very      well   attended   Uasebali  meeting was held at,Mr. W.  E. Morrison's last evening.    It was decided t  lo organize for the yeur,and the ipl-  lowing dub officers .were elected:  President���������\\. E. Morrison.  Vice-President���������J.   Gillespie.  Sec-Treasurer���������J.   Sanderson.  Manaser���������T.  Kerr.  The entrance fee will  lie $1.00 and  thc  monthly  subscription  for   mem-1  bets 50 cents.  Mr. N. A. Morrison was elected to'f  represent the Ladysmith club at the.3,  meeting to beheld in Nanaimo to-j  morrow for the purpose of considering the advisability of forming a  baseball league for this part of Van-������  couver Island.  April   1, has  been decided   on      ns ' 40  l^lT   T   PTTl  thc date for thc official launching of'  GOOD BILLIARDS.  Chicago, March 16.���������TI. A. Wright,  of San Francisco is tbe national  billiard tournament today defeated  Calvin Dcmarrest of Chicago with  a ruii of 127 for the tournament,  and tied individual average of 16  12-18 made yesterday by Poggen-  burg. The final score was 300 to  265.  IN WRECK?  the    \laska       Yukon      exposition, to  l.e hjd in Seattle in 1909. A raeet-  iiig was held in tho oftice of Mayor  U. A. Ballinger Wednesday afternoon, attended by President J. hi.  Chilberg and eight other members  of tho executive board of the ex-, "vailed last night in the Arkan-S|  position,     and  thc     date mentioned   sa3     valley,     train    No.  -ft  4  Puebelo,     March      16.���������In a bliiuTJf  ing      snow     storm       which        pro-JS  6,  east)  was  selected. at     which    time   the boundi   ^  ft   wcst  bou^ train    oo<|  fifty   trustees of  the   association will                                                                          }���������  ,     .     .,   ,   L ,,             ,-               u-���������i Ule  Rio Grande    rotul.   collided head,  be inv ted  to attend  a dinner   which                                                    ������������u umo..  MATTHEW S ICNOCKED pUT  Buffalo, March l8~Rube Ferns, of  Kansas city tonight knocked out  Matty Matthews, of Brooklyn in the  ninth round of what was scheduled  to be a fifteen round bout before  the Gcnesse Athletic Club.   . o   MASTER PLUMBER FINED  Hamilton, March IC.���������Twelve .f  the fourteen Master plumbers charged with combining last ' night  changed plea of not guilty to  guilty and were' allowed to go  on suspended sentience. Tha case  against ��������� Henry Harding was dismissed. W. J. Walsh, president of  provincial association, who was  found guilty a few days ago was  fined  ������400.  Rev. Dr. Sutherland general superintendent of missionary affairs of  the Met hod ist church throughout  Canada, arrived in Vancouver yesterday.  will mafk the formal   beginning  the  proposed  fair.  __ o   CONVICTED FOR FORGERY  of   on  near Portland,   Co!.,    about     SO?  about 2  New    York,  March   16���������II.      HvuC- '  man  Brown,     a lawyer,    was  to-day ,  miles   west of Pueblo     at  o'clock this  morning. l\  The latest reports received fronJ  Florence, which is only a sho-*J,  distance from tho scent* of the di-**-"  astor,   says  that    about   40 persoii<J  ���������    .     ,      are  killed,   and  many    were  injured-i-  convicted  of forgery in the   first   de-; ,,.���������.,'��������� ,-"]'  D j Oi .tho r.umber .injured ..-little can.   lx|  grec.      It. was   charged  at   tho    trial [ learnod  a't this   limCi     wl    ir  ;   0|  that  he   attempted     to   secure    con-   lho  injur(;d have Just .   reacted    tlu|  city on ono of 'the relief trains: The^-  were taken at once, to St. Mary's!  hospital. Vj;  It is reported here this e\*enin}'j  that an operator's failure to def};  liver a train order was the Cau3^|  of  the. collision.    The first     orders**!  given  tho      trains   was  that       tha^f  ' '���������ii  should"meet  at     Adobe.  Later,     l,-;  ���������   ���������;..:��������� jl  is  understood  tho   despateher   ���������c'n:e,i!  trol   of  property     of   a    Norwegian,  who,   with  his     entire  family      was  ���������drowned   when the  steamship       Geyser     sunk in  mid-ocean in 1388.   o   COPPERS. SLOW.  Boston, Match 18���������It was dull  in coppers today. Pricos softened  narrow, nnd uninteresting market  in the late trading, but. business  was   of   the quietest.   o _   NOT   STRIKE   BREAKERS.  Albany, March   16.���������The    labor   in  formation   office   for     Italians for  New York Cit.v formed for the lum  elit of Italian immigrants' seeking  employment was incorporated today. One of the articles of  cni'poration is that it shall  take part in the breaking of  strike.  in-  not  any  trsilj);  When. No.  l'J  operator H. F. Lively at Swallow  ten miles east of the scene of tlr-l  wreck to hold th-e west bound tra*.,j-'  there until the east bound  No. 16 should pass,  reached Florence its crew was notJ1  fieri to run on to Swallows. Menj:  time No. 8. failing to receive Hj  now orders- at Swallows pushcti  on Westward. Operator Lively ..w'ftij  asleep,   it   is  said,    when No.   3.pM  set! ���������Swallows"      When   asked  by  IK]  !��������� . ��������� ���������-,������������������'��������� ���������-.-    ���������r s'i,-'Ss*-fl;  despateher ! at Pueblo     if     it s .;ih8*  passed,   he  answered ',' "No."   : Awa|fj  ront  for his arrost is   out.   '  s ,   s:.l  '-"���������"'��������� s   '������������������"���������:*v-.^-.;.-;-iL  ���������'������������������������������������; a  **?*.  >--^w. ���������; ..;..���������.., DAILY LEDGEB  ". *  Hit DAILY LEDGER  Vublisned   every  day except  Sindayen       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMP ANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  ������?RICE  ������������������fl  cents   a  month;    $5  per   year   in  idvance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  a  ATURDAY MARCH  17,  190G.        ^  COLLD  LADYSMITH  SUPPORT  A HOSPITAL?  At the Board ol Trade  meeting the  report of which appeared in The Ledger   last evenm**-,  an interesting   discussion look place on the .question oi  the  advisability  of  moving to  build  n hospital   in   Ladysinith.   The  question  is  one of much interest  to all  people of  the city,  it gives food   for  thought   and should  have  their earnest    considcrat on.    While realizing  Ihat  a hospital  locally would  mean a  considerable expense lo  the business  men of the city,  those present at the  Board of ,>Teadc meeting- on Thursday  seemed quite     willing to hear their  part  of    thc burden,   and  contribute  their share towards  the maintenance  of A local 'hospital if .ways and means  could be devised  to have such  an in-  _ stitu'tion  introduced in the city.    The  advantages  of a local  hospital       are  nmiiifold, land     in a mining      town,  where accidents���������ofteii   very serious-  are  unfortunately,  such common  r>c-  currenecs,' a hospital is;needed   above  all* things.  We     have     before pointed out  the  rislM? run in  moving patients to Na-  ,    naimo  for   treatment,   and evidences  arc not  wanting   that a  hospital  locally   would  have caused      the    saving  of  more than aoc life.   To     instances of this nature we will not icier,   but  our readers   will   readily  .1-  gree that in more (than one case   the  ^moving  of   a sufferer needing  hospital  ,   treatment    to   the neighboring  town  '���������has resulted   fatally.   The journey  by  train cause-*., much discomfort      to   a  patient,- and  this,   together with   ihe  delay  experienced   in  many cases   is  fatal   In cases  Avhere operations   of a  serious nature are necessary a       pa-  tieot,     after     a tedious   journey   by  1 train,   and  moving   from  the railway  ..station to the hospital, is,never in a  fit condition be he operated  on,   and  to operate  at such   times ������������������ would  l-e  Very   liable   to     result  disastrously,  while delay  is also  lil-ely   lo he <������������������.,-  ually unfortunate.   'I here  is     not an  intf-lliccnt man or woman in tlu city  "who  would  not  rejoice to  see a hospital  built here, and the danger     of  thc present state of -afTaiis abolished.  Tlu cost of. the erection of a hospital is a consideration of minor     importance,-,  iuJHnparison with    'the  question  of  tlr^maintenance of  such  an  institution.    Not long  since      the  citizens received a very generous .proposal from Mr. James Dunsmtiir. He  offered,   wc learn,  to  donate a    site,  and give  the  lumber that   would    be  required  for   the  building   .*.   , L  ?\v-  tal, and supply the water  for     thi*  same free or charge.   The people were   -\  called upon  to furnish  labor,  and  io  maintain  the institution,  but at thai  time the  pul.lic could not see   their  ���������way    clear logo on with the work.  We have no  doubt that the company  would still he'willing to help gcnei-  ously  in     thc erection of a hospital  here.   The  place need not  be a lat*L,e  one to stait with.    A small  uniidi;i;\  with a public and piivate ward wo-dd  suffice for thc present.  Agreed then that Ladysmith co'iU  build a hospital, we come. to. the all-  important question, "Could Ladysmith support a hospital?"  ..Tho expense, it is admitted, Avould  be large, and every citizen would be  ..expected to do his share in defraying  the same.    The exact yearly  outlay  loaimo)  Ltd  I NOTICE. , Dated at   Ladysmith tbe   10th   day  NOTICE   is  herobv gi-.cn  that 1   in- .-March, PJ'JG.  ot  tend lo apply  at the next sitting  Esquimalt   & Nar.c:rr.o M\m  BR(:OK  r>  of the License Board of the City of J  (Ladysrfl'ilh 13.C., for a transfer of f  jthe retail liquor license now held by   PHOTOGRAPH      ^Tl DIO  me for the premises known as the La- i  'dysmith   Hotel,   situated   on   Lot  U,   j Js Ap;ain Op������n  Block 27, to Robt. Scott and   Alex  Time Table No. 51  MILLINERY DEPARTMENT  To our many .patrons and friends  we wish to introduce our  Milliner, MISS M. SWAIN,  from Tacoma.   Miss Swain (late of  Sew York City) has been  n the American Coast cities, Tacoma,   Seattle  and" Po-rtlan " for the past two years.   We can assure  you  of prompt   and   courteous treatment at all t lues.  Smith.  F.  W.  MILLAR  by his a( (*������������������    in fact,  MARG'AKl/: HE1U  VICTORIA'' CRESCENT     opposite Fire Hall.  Nanainio, B. C.  Regarding Styles-  M OK -Ji"-*-T.*gi���������f-n������  -^^rjlTJt^^^^^.  ^E������       JVfr. C. SPENCER, who is just finishing his European-buy-  3*     ins trip, has bought us an  exceptionally handsome lot of MIL-  ���������=2,    LINERY, including HAT SHAPES,    TRIMMINGS,    FLOW-  ^TJS   ERS, Etc. etc, direct from Paris and New York.   Many styles  ,J*   which will be shown by   us have ne\cr   reached   the Canadian  <jg������    travellers'  hands yet.  You'll  find us firsl and   paramount   in  artistic  Millinery.  Our Styles arc Sure.  Our prices  cannot  help  being right,  r������d  with  fair and  courleo is   treatment     we expect to make  "Spring   J9UG"-  the  ei eat est in  the firm's history.  cTMO.lEY  TALKS���������-  ,AS  LOUD TO US   AS   ANYONE. .  IF YOU   ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOUR   MEAT  YOUR   DOLLARS  WILL GO FURTHER IF'YOU BUY    FROM  US   Our Sash Fricss $&m������i 3s Beaten   Traii.������ ieave Ladysmith for Victoria and all  intermediate stations    a**,  'J.IO a.m. daily.* aijd at 4.00 p.m. on   Wednesdays,     Satuirjajs   and   Sun  A*y*-     ���������.,.*- ini .   .1 ��������� ,Nl  trains leave Lattysmith for Wellington and-all iniermediaie station.-;  at U.57 a-in. daiky, ������nd at 6.0������ p. m. on Weill* days, Saturdays and'  Sundays. , ;     , " ,  | Excursion Tickets:  .  . . ���������       ON SALE TO AND  FROM'ALL STATION^  good for gorng journey Saturdayr   *ud Sundays, returii.iig not later than'i  the following Monday.  .       '.' i -      I  ���������- Steamer-iiiau������������������ ���������  Sails from' Ladysmith  . >r Vafico uvsv every Saturday at 6.00 a.m. and,  return*nit sails from  Vancou.er    Cor   -.iidysmith ai 2.30 p.m. i  PANNELL   &    PLASKET  Cor. Fort.  Streets.,  'OURTNEY.  rt. & Pass. Agt.  the  ���������MWtt^ jrtTtz.T7tn* KWiM'^ni t trrtsn  >p Waif for "Spencer's" AUUinery���������We'll  have  ^ both Eastern and We.tern 5 yles  we are not prepaied to estimate,  but   tage of the prcsfn  we in\ite an  expression of opinion of1  citizens   throiifth   our   correspondence  columns.  We do not wish this  to he inter]-re  tated  as any  onpositif n on  our part  to  the collection that  is now being  ta'-en  up  for   the .Nanaimo  hospital.  We are well   aware  that the citizens  of Ladysmith arc deeply-indebted to  the hospital of th,:* neigliborjnp; town  for excellent treatment many people  of this city have received   there.  Ladysmith  people cannot do too much  lo  help   the   Nanxim'o hospital frjo'ard  and   we hope  the  collection  talien   up  will  afford  substantial   financial    assistance   to   thc  hospital.    However,  we are of  the opinion  that  it would  lc time and labor well .sicut- to as-  ���������cfrlain  the feeling 0f  the community  in  regard to tha  erection of a hospital locally.   We have snolvi-n  with     a  1 umber of citizens,on the suibgecuand  o'ur interviews have led,us to*believe  that the movement "would  be well received  by the  majority.  At  all     events, it would be wcll to know   the  c-ninion of the'city. There is no doubt  ihat if Ladysmith could  support     a  hospital the erection  of one would Ire  a step- in   thc  right  direction.  Knowing- thoroughly, the disadvan-  staf������������������  of a''airs,  hum-mc men  and  women  would surely  do their utmost  to overcome    the  obstacles   that; are  bound  to   be   en-  coimtercd.  ALWAYS      KEEPS        CHAMBERLAIN S  REMEDY   IN HIS HOUSE  STEAM   HEATI-*������  WELL  FUKNISHEr* ROOMS  ABBGTSF  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  HAR SUPPLIED WITH     ] 1 !  WIKRS. LIQUORS, CTGAR������"  LADYSMITH, B. C  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLHND HOTEL.  DAVID I-IYNES,  Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  "We   would not he without  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.     It is kept  on    hand   continually in  our home,"  says W. W. .Kearney, editor of the In  dependent,    Lowry  City,  Mo.     That  is just what every family should do.  When kept at hand ready for instant  use, a    cold   may be  checked at thc  outset and    cured in much less time  than after     it has become settled in  the    system.        This remedy is also  without a peer for croup in children,  and will prevent the attack when giv  en    as  soon     as the child  becomes  hoarse,    or     even   after     the croupy  rough appears, which can be done only when  the remedy is kept a,t hand.  For sale by Ladysinith Pharmacy.  This  Hotel, has   been completely      renovated. :, ;,-  Board aad lodging $1.00 per day..;  HOTEL    PRETORIH  JOHN TV A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  the  Best    Wines, '.st Ayenue :-:  :-: >' Ladysinith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars.  Best accommodation  for  transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL.  This new Hotel has been corufort-  a'-ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������te. Rates .$1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  HOTEL  DOMINION  <8r|>lMa4������  ��������������������������� T.������.4Tf!B'>!tk  THE JONES HOTEL  WHITE   COOK���������  anil  WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  ���������Riitw $1.25 at,d$1.50���������  Fr'-ie bin to all etPamhnat  landinjrn -md  mil wav depots.    Kleecne earn nv������>rv n>'t'  minutes  to all  pans o!   tlu* eity      i'h-  i-nd tal'h* un ������*���������������������.��������� I led.  t  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,  VANCOUVER  B, C.  I  ��������� ��������� TO:FERNIE, B.C.  Read Down  9 p.m. I,v.   Victorh    Arii >. m.  8,oo p.'m. Lt. Sun-': \\, y.oo a.m.  9.21 p. m, Arr. .Brercii Arr. 7.30 a.ni  9.36 a. m. Arr. SFOKANK Arr 7.45 p.m  6.J5'p.mAtT.   Rexford   Arr 12.30 p. m.  8.10 p, m, Ar. ��������� Elke Arr. 10142 a. m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   J.v.9,55a   m.  ONE NIGHT  To all Kootenay Points  * TWO   NIGHTS  To; VV'nnipej-and St. Paul  ' Close Connections       'u  For     Chicago, Toronto.  Montreal and '  All Points East & West  '' Acetylene '   Lighted     Cars,  ;* Family Tourist Sleepers.   -  Palace Sleeping -Cars  Dining '  Cars (Meals a  la   ''  Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  ' Through     tickets and hag-  gage checks to, ail points.  Steamship Tickets  For tickets, maps, berths  reservations     and complete  information    can on or address.  S. G.Yerkes     E.R.Stephen.  A.G.E.A. G.A.CJ.N.R.  TICKET OFFICE  Cor, Government and Yates Sis.  VICTORIA, B. C  4  Transcontinental���������  ���������Trains Daily-  4  Seattle  Vic  '. Jliu.  i'.U.  /  mmrs  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  GAL  m  ]il  ������9  Leads Them  INEQUALITY  Ail  -:o:-  R,P.RlTliET,  & Co., Ltd  Under New Managmeht  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial  Mens' headji-ivters.  -  Modern and      Strictly First Class.  Fire Proof    Buildiaj.  Pacific Coast  VICTORIA. :-: :���������::  Agency.  ���������-.--'���������.-: :-B.C  WANTED���������By Chicago wliolesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money ;..advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required, previous experience not essential to engaging: .v , -������������������  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111..  U.S.A.-  NURSERI-S   0REEN-  HOUSEi AND SEED  HOUSES  1010 Westminster Road,  Vancouver;  Headquarters lor������������������  PACIFIC aROWN'akrden. Held  ���������nd flower 5EED5  lot distribution. ;  Large stock of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  KC, now matured 'for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection. -  Let me price your list  before placing your   or-  del\ Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Packages, Fertilizers, etc..  3010'-Westminster Road.  :  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ONE    IS    THE     "NORTH  COAST LIMITED."  ���������The electric lighted train to  the East.  Tickets on sale to all Eastern and Southern points at  LOWEST Rates. Up-to-date  Pullman and Tourist Sleepers  on all trains. Dining Car  service Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale  and from all < European Points.  Cabin accommodation reserved by wire. ���������    v  For further  particulars call  or    write     the office.   'Phone  Main 456. \  A.   D.     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y ' ' vir
THE SETTING HEN���Her failures
have discouraged many, a poultry raiser.
You can   make money
raising chicks in the right
way���lots of it.
No one
The Chatham Incubator and
Brooder has created a New Era
in Poultry Raising.
The setting Hen as a Hatcher
has been proven a Commercial
The Chatham Incubator and
Brooder has always proved a
Money Maker.
The   Hon. Charles Wilson,   attor��e\
general for  Jint ish Columbia, ha->
resigned  his  portfolio      says thc
\ ancouver   M'oild.        ' -
Suoh^, the* curt announcement in
tfie government organs this morning.       The  News-AdveiLisei-    tells   ii.
No one doubts tlmtthcie is money in raleint'   A  l.tdht   Plpn^nnt asfl! Profit-
aiokeus with a tfood Incubator and Broodci.     ,** *J,��"t�� * ledid'U *!r,    a roi"
Users of the Ciiatlriin Incubator and Utuj.!<.!   able lilKSinCSS tor VVoMieu
<n  inilc
have all iuado money.   If you siill cluitf tmh., ,.                                   ,            ,.
���Wideathatyoue'iiisucces0fiLllyru.)!vi-.-L.,t:J ?i.my wo-uon aie to-a.i>' in.ikimr
business uaing tho lien as it hatcher. ��ve ��i nl 1 ]>'-.ident hung ond piiuint' by money ei ei>
fiiw toireuson -with you. *'' -"��th VMSiag poultry v.Mi a Chatham inc-u-
In the ilrut pluce, wo can prove to yo.i/i-.il ''���isor.
tout actual cash loss in eggt, which tli.i **(> Vi-i, -. Any woman with a Kttic Icisin e time a*, lit.-.
should lay during the  nine you l-i-c-1  '-i < ,i i' wjunal un, without any pic'iou1* evpei.cw < ���-
hatching and brooding, m '11 bo oi...-,.,!, ..��i" or v ithout a tent ot ui*.'i, bijjin> tho jujuili .
(or a Chatham Incubator nnd J'   .i.ii.-i '".��� *
or six hatches, to bay iiotitini', ��li.iw.iei oi" lim
larger and better lesiilts u!U:nc I bv tlie n-v
��f the Chatham lucubatoi and liiiud-.-i-.
It you allow a hen to set, you I'm- iitiie.i i
eight weeks of laying (tlneo weeks !i ticli.i
nnd five weeks taking cuie oi' tlio chii-keiWi ��
���ay in tlie eight w.-cks she would '.ty ,u le ' :
three dozen egg's. IvjO UxjOhath.rn ln,,ub:ii ��
on the hatching, while lhe hen gous cr lay in,'
Our No. 3Incubator Mill hatch in ninny ckv-,
C twenty sotting heiin, and do it bettor.   No��,
r��In a question in arithmetic :--
If you keep 21) hens from litjnif;
for 8 weoks, how much cm.h do
you lo io if euoli lieu would hato
laid 3 dozen eg-tfs. ami efrst, are
worth 15 cents por liu/.cni     An<- Z'J I'J.
Therefore, wliun tho Chatham liic'ihutoi' :-<
hatching tho nuiubor of ,c(^s I lint tweni v iiu.i-
would hatch, it is really eaininijin c.ihlifo: *,ou
$9.00, besides producing for yo.ir iiro.lt chUh-.
id oir.
JJon't you think, therefore, that it pays lo
keep tho hons laying mid lee ilia CliuL'nuii
lnoubntor do the huu'hiiigf
There ui-o many othor rca-'ons vhy fho
Chatham Incubator and brooder outc-lut.--..->
thoh-uttiiig hen.
The hen sots when sho is ready. The Chat
haiu Incubator is uhva\s loa-iy. li> pi.m.xn^
to take olfj; hatch at the right rin.e, yon in ly
have plenty of bioilers to tell wlici bi liler.-.
are scarce and pi icus at,the tun i.oii-h. Ii jnu
depend on tho lion, your chicks will kio11- to
broilers just when ev< ly other hen <��� c-nit-lt* are
being marketed, and when the pi Ice is in.'. &u .
The lion is a careless niothei, of'un leading iicr
Chicks umongnt woi.gra-j, hushc- and in places  j
Where rats cam con iicato ln;r yoni'jr. t
Tho Chathnm iuooder b<Ji..\c-. it&ulf. i-j a  j)
( rarelv lost a a cn.d
iusauud niitke uioiiey r.'fc.n, iiom (hi* iliu
.'V.hnpss'iu'h n. c a l:ie:ic' u!io :   ilo.iif,' .,
r.1"!- i'��� M�� cm gi\c i'u.i V.'i i. ti*io^oi'i'.aiiy\.'li
.. led with imiiJi iii'u^.vjiiif only Ij bo-ii
!���    ��� d by ti e euso i nd .Ji.ud.l/ wil.i m IjIo'i l.,
.   i n> taint to liic.n.
Of cour-iO, ���,:(��������,- ilcpo'iii i on ncViiir
ii"!iU si hi I. Vou um-'l li<-g.'i i!;-"!il. *i oil <-.
1,1.%cr iiLLiti! anv iiin-iilei.il)" i'oncy i,
li,, ��� trv i'-.'-oi- u'.th lieu.> iv> Ji >Li; icih Tn
in ������shaxo.t gno'l iiK-iiliilo." .in I ^io-wIoi, b
Ll. siiiuiiis iu tiii"U(ilniiry w.i. i 'i i.n.slim
�� li till, pei li ips ynu ifio no!/ jiii'ii'iie.l c ��� ni.u
jiMf now, and this ii just \<l,u *��� *> ���' niieoi
o. i-i comes in.
Ifyouaro iu ennict-, wo v'!1 ��� c'  \ /"i  iji   '
llio poulliy lnisint-s wifli.jnL a i", ���-. -if ���
���J > vn.   If ne MiVio u.ilhii.'c* t' it I'm '"i .'!. i
li..-  Oulor and1 MiOi'tilci* !-i Cic In-,!, . in! 1
\. ''nil and ft rciwuriliiC .I'liO'irt i-r ji'mii -
���_ i i ��� part you aio sn-o lo iu>i':>) i ituis.  *
�� him not iiuik" thc *| ovlul oJici l>e!o\".
ou, uesides producing for yo.irpro.'lt ciiuh-,        M
tho wholesale, mid being ic.nly tu dn tl,c   i
[i��e thing over again tto uiouienteach hatcn   \
perfect mother and very rarely lonta a cn.uk
ad is not infested with lice.
AltogoMier, tlicie is obROlutcIy no leasoinvble  f
reason for coiiiiiiiiing lhe umj of a hen as a  j|
batcher and  every  icn>on   why you  shi.iiM
hareaChatliom luoub>it<u nnd I'l-noder.
AVo are making a voiy nptciai oiler, which
it will pay you to in vestigate.
Small Premises Sufficient
For Poultry Raising.
You Pay us no Cash
Till Af ter I&06 Harvest
No. 2���120 Eggs
���^     Wo. 3���240 Eggs
success Aii's encouraged many to make
mo> e money than they ever tAoujrAl
possible out of clucks.
Every Farmer Should
IS'sise Pouliry
-'.L.iO'.L e\ ery fanner "keeps henn,*'but.while
, i j h -ai v. -, I h.i!/1 here is :*. certain amount of pioflt
,'i iIk- biisiiie-n. e.eu when letting it take care
u ..-.cil, fe.\ f..iiucis aio aware of how much
' '��� u<- io-,iiifr cveiy ywir by not getting intc
iriv ; oiilliy biis.iit">s in such a way ub to make
'O .. iii'incv out ot it.
! -ij iL-llir.-; !,cn ..s a 5.n,toher will never he a
���i     ilh.1,-1 biiLiom     Iler business is to lay
11   . ind nlie hlmiild be kept at it.   The only
n >,u-,o chicks for prolit in to begin light
-'-ailingu(..'hathum InculiatorainlJiroudcr.
��� nil -i[<:!i ,i in.H-hiiio you can begin hutching
.ii i laiguicale many lime.
, i can only gel ono crop oil' your fields in
i i ��� t, but with it Chatham Incubator and
i i < -leraiiil oidina'-y utti ntlon, you can raise
- . i i.ivi-. i'ioii duly Spring until Winter und
. i     i [-lop uvi-:-/ jnonih.   Think of it I
, i 'c a i'o��' lui-iiicrs have dipcovcied that
'   (,-    is iiio-:oy f'.i tiiu poultry bubines*-and have
l Lm-j biiint.li of laruiiug so protltuble that
luvo m-ftitllocl sevei-al Chut hum incuua-
-    indliioudiii.- ufter trying the lliht.
lu.I"- you Lluuk that n rcqniies a great
u t-iiio or a great deal ot technical know-
��� .o4i.iiM> (liii-kcn-. with a Chatham incu-
-I and i'ioodoi.   11 io, you aie gitatly mis-
.in.   Your wife or daughter can atter.d to
��� Miicli'tie and luok nil or the chickens with-
i.itci.'ering \utli then- regular household
, o ui.irkcl, is always good and prices ara
��� t-r low. The demand is always in excess of
. -u -uppiy uiid al certain timet, of tho year you
ii ,ji .itt.c illy get any price you caie to a��k for
i m oilers.   With a Chatham Incubator and
.,.���!<-r jou can start hi.tehing at the light
mi.   to ' iiiig   L!ie  chickens   to   maikctablo
��� .'.-, \i!iun the .supply ih very low and tho
,.o> at' ordnmly hi/,h.   Tliis you could never
. .  ..Ui h'"is as hatchets.
���'e l;.-io\.' that theie is money in the poultry
' i- lies lor ovcrv farmer tvho will go about it
. ,')L. All J o.i have to do is, to get a Chatham
��� .. ���b'liorn.i.dBi.ooJci and &tait it. Hut peril -I'^j'ou .ne not pieparcd just now to spend
i   .- money.   This is -./ny -we make the special
We know there ib money iu raising chickens.
a'o  know   tbe   Chatham   Incubator   aud
i.   'Oder Ji.us no ei|iial.
We know ih.it with any reasonable effort on
��� a-u- p.m. you cannot but mako money out ot   I which
l ... O'l.'.siia.'ii Incubator and Brooder.
��Ve know that we made a similar offer last
��� 'I- ttnil LnaL in every case the payments were
i ivt chcoi fully and promptly, and that in many
i .-c. money was accompanied by letters ex-
n ,'-singsatisfaction.
I'liuiclorc, wc have uo hesitation In making
i in niinosL
iis lew   woid.s  as are  used  above.     The Colonist   elaborates
thc   biggest   news   item     m  its pay
cs   to tJic  extent oi   adding  Lhe nits
information     that Mr.  WiLson joinet1
I the  McBi'itiu    atlimmstratton       when
Mr.     A.    J>:.  lUcPhillipps  retired       in
ItlOy.      Jioth   paiiers    publish the
routine btatf;mont that Mr.      Fulton
i&   teaiporarily  hlliiig      the      duti��'.s,
which  Mr.   Wilson   1ms laid down.
���    The   Woild   is  in   a  position to
.state that   Mr.    Wilson     has     found
his   position   untenable!     because    Ivi
could   not   approve     the     course     of
his  colleagues;   first,  in   rospisii,      lo'ablt* to  clear its  skirts,     to    '     iho
tlie   irrnnt   (o  the    Columbia &.   West    slight  extent    Lo  which   that  is pos
'who  pull   tho  wires    would      rather
.sit*     a  safe  consLitutency   made   this
scene    ot  Lhe bye-election,   and ltieh-
-nond   is nientionod  as being the like
lii*st.    Mr. Carter-Cotton, the    iriem-
ber for Richmond, althoug-h a metn-
bei*  of   tlie   government,    cannot   ac-
���cjit  a   portfolio   w ithov.t   going    bfa-
loie his   electorate.      JrJo    is      quiLe
willing,   hov.etvei*,     qo   ta^o   the', n.-c-
eessary   chances     if  he  appears.       u->
thiet    commissioner     ot    lan-ds     ancl
works,   the  most  inipoilaiU  depart-
uient   oi   them  .ill,     and  that  uii'.i's.
tore  to   which, as a vet<M:4iii inmistei
who has   had experience in the depait-
mcnL,'he  believes hiwisell entitled to.
Uhether  it  is  Hicimiond  or     Win-'
comer,   nou.c-.er,     whicli  is   Lo       ue
Lhe   scene   ol   the  lighL    ol   Lhe    gov
eminent   it  is  practically   certain   it
will   not   luce   the  people    until   iL ij
I Union  Brewing:
Hanufacturers of the
In |British Columbia ,
Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew
J   ed from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops
<��i~Hr *�����!������ ���!< 4- ���!��������!��������:�� ��.HHr^��r-4^��;,
��� ���ff-f-f
em Hallway, and, secondly because
tli e ICaieu Jflanil deal was too
much  for  him.     Among     the      sup-
si bio, by the dropping ol Hon. li.
F. (jreen. There are many conservatives   who will  Hatly   refuse        ' c>
"Wl^****^^ "���'��� ���*���"'***��
Stables* in the rear of the Laif Tsmi th hotel.     Leave orders at   th.
Abbots ford.
'���*+-*���+4+4-4-+ +++4 + -f���*���-��������� +++1 ������� ���������"���-���������.��� ������������������ ��� w4 + + -e + w' ������ .
porters   of the  government     it      has   consider  the  question   of  giving l'ui-
ueeii   an   open  secret     for  some tiioe
that   the  relations'     bctwc-cir the attorney   general      and   his   colleagues
were   strained,     and     his   retirement
has   occasioned   no   surprise.   Indeed,
for  same     time  pasb,     two   parLi>.s
have  tijeen   developing    among       the
supporters   of   tho  government.     one
of  which   favors   the   appointment ci
Mr.     Tlouser     to   the vacancy, while
lhc  otiier, headed     by   Hon.   F.    L..
Carter-Cotton,     is bitterly      opposed,
to, him.      If Mr.    Uowser   wins out
Vancouver   will bo opened, and ther,;
is  httie     doubt that lhc ambitious
member     will be overwhelmingly defeated.      Most   people      being      able
to  see      this���-whale-vei*    party       to
they    belong*���the   gentlemen
���ther  support   to Mr-  Mclinde     while
ho icmains associated with Mr.
Cireen, and indirectly through lum
all that is spelt by Anderspn und
Kaien Island. While The World is
not yet in a position -to affirm absolutely that Mr. Green's retirement
has been decided? upon it has gooii
giounds rl*oi- the )>olief that 'the , public   will  soon hear of  his resignation
Two    bye-elections are    practically
m sigiitf      ow  one vacancy      may
be  filled   has already been .indicated
There is   some probability Hint   Mr
Ross,  of Ferine,   may be called      to
the  cabinet conncil.
A telegram from Ottnw to 'l*ne
World states that Mr. Wilson lefr
forVancouver today.
Of course, if yon have lots of room, so mm h      "(JieiiUeiiiuii. Vour No. 1 Incubator is all *'''** Pioposition to every honest, earnest man
the better, but many a man u:nl woniuii i-io n^nt.   I am perlecllj'G.'ilisfieJ with it     Will '" ��omnn w ho may wish to add to their yearly
carryinjron asucccibful anil nrntitahle poultiy ,-pt a l.iifci ono irom vou next yoiu    XI, Al" profits with a amall expenditure ot time und
business in a binall <-ity oi-town lot.   -rtnyene j",oc-kwooo  l.inJMiy Ont."                   '        " ' i-i''>ioy
with a fair sized stable or sited ami u small
. yard can r.iino poultry iJi-fi(!t;��hJy.
'I Ins really means that wo will set you up In
i   , . -- .   �� ������ l'i0 poultiv buc-iiiesi  so  that you  can mako
i i!ou ij per ceni. out of   ,.,���ney ,.jfe,i,t fiom tne st,,,t> witliont ivsking: for
.i siiiftle cent fiom you until after 1900 harvest.
1 f we knew o�� a fairer otter, we would make it.
. ....  .....  ..    ._.. . Write us a post card with your name and
To enable over vhody to (.i-tii fair start in tho   pi-i-od b�� ff.-t over Wiper cent., and the chickens   .id Ires?, and wo will send vou full pai ticulars. as
' '*     ay in tlie ptfultiy bevinoss, we mnko   are -UI -etronp 'and hcnllhy.   _A child could   v oil as our beautifully illustrated book, "How
ft very  special oner
Gentlemen!���f  think  both  Incubator
But to make money quickly: yon must ret ?!���*J,?.7��,^                                                      .
away from tho old idea or tryiiiw io do busm.-s 'hro0 il(ltci!,Ja-   ���-ss- ST-tsiiyo, PhitUville, Ont.
with setting liens as batcher.,    You musteet,n, Gcntlcuiou.-I had .never seen an incubator
Chatham Incubator and ilwudci.                    ' until I rocolvofl yours.   1 was jiieased 'likI sm
To enable ovuivbnrlv to !.i.r. n fair start in tho
rhjht -nay in the
ptfultiy hc^inobS, we mako   are -UI -etronp        . . _               __.
er  which it i., worth your  opcr-if" iuiichino successfully. Jas. Day, Itath-   lo make money out of chicks."  Write to day
while to invostisMto. Weil, Man." to Chatham.
Wo can supply you fjn'okly from out-disti-ibutihs wnrehou^es at Calgary, Brandon, Regina, AVinnipeg-, New Westminster, B.C., Montreal.
Halifax, Chal'i.iin.   Factories at citviham, Oni-., and Uktiioii', Mich. v 512
Miners' Drilling Machines,
*1ade to order and Repaired at short- notice.  Drill sharpenwl bj     us     nj-
fays gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired. ' -
Shipsmitliing    in   aJ1    ita   Branch- s^i
^ i
Hor5eshoers and Oeners! Blacksmitns. '
i duller "Street >      -    -      -   Ladysmith, p< C
Let us quote, you prices on a good Fanning Ml or good Farm Scale.
Vancouver, B. C, March lCtli. ���
Two minors working at the Uri-
tiinhia mines. How-* Sound wore
seriously injured late on Tuesday
al lei noon through the pick of one
oi them, a man named liritt, <*n-
countering an unuxplodcd charge in
the end of a dead hole arid firing
*r. The two 'men were partners,
ai.d they were enaged m picking-
&oine ore in the lace of a drift
when * the accident hapjened. Both
weie standing- right at the face, and
when thc chaige went off they received full in their faces thc rock
thrown  out  bi*. the  bla&tT
The faces of both men were considerably torn and their eyes were
iniured. lt is feared that one man
will suffer the loss of one eye. A
few minhtes after.'. the accident' the
mine superintendent telephoned to
the  offices    at the  beach three   niili*.s'
Toronto, Match l(i.���A bill is to
be introduced iu the Ontario h'<*i*.-
Liture     next   week    providing for
an annual tax of S800 on all com-
mercial travellers doing business in
Ontario ,-for houses outside of the
province, it is being introduced aci
a measuro of protection and re '
taliation at the request of the
commercial travellers   of Ontario.
away,   and  luckity  the   tug Es
cort JSo. 2 was lying at Britannia
wharf, and arrangements w ere made
to have her bring- the injured men
io��� Vancouiei*. 'i ive> weie n.oi.^i
down the mountain and arriving a*
the beach Tuesday night, yore placed
on the tug ami brought to Vat.-
cotiver for treatment, the physician*;.''- at the, beach : rteclairing-' that
it w;as necessary they -receive tin;
attention, of an.eye  specialist.
Ottawa, -March 16 ��� IVTr Macdon-
neil, of South Toronto, nvoved a
resolution in the House today sympathising* with the persecuted Jews
in Jiussici. and asking that a resolution be 'forwardert to thc sei-
rotary     for   the Colonies.
Sn Wilfred Laurier, too sympathls
ing with the Jews, but said that
Canada should   not interfere     in      a
Indianapolis,  March    17.���At      today's   session   of  tlie   Convention    of
the   United Mine  Workers  of       Am-
eiica   the  scale   committee   reported
as lollov.s:
"Whereas the iVesident of tho
United States has requested President Mitchell to make another e!��-
ort to avoid a strike of the
coal miners, and, whereas thc President has called a convention a-,
per request of the President of the
United   States, therefore     be   it     ro-
vide for a specific scale, but .this
was declared. A resolution offered
by John Stanley providing* foi a
run of mine basis of all districts was referred to the resolution
committee. The report of the national executive hoard setting forth
its action in ousting Patrick Dolan
and Uriah Bellingham was made to
the convention and Thos. Uuike.
Illinois lepresentative on tho National board moved to shut 'ou1
bvth Dolan and Bellin-jjliam from the
organization.     Thi<*   was discussed at
��� '
��� -
thai   we  entirely endorse_t!ie . length and  action  was deferred     un
policy       and    action       of Pr.\sid��-n��* ; til  after -the joint  conference      held
Mitchell   in  this  matter,    and     hold
ourselves in readiness to meet our
employers for tlie purpose of endeavoring to effect a satisfactory
settlement of the wage qijestion. '
/ This report was adopted. Janes
Wee     offered     an amendment io  pio
President Mitchell said "Fears aie
expressed that Patrick Dolan will
interfere with the work of the Scale
Committee. I wish to state thoL
if there is anj' such intcrferance be
at once   taken   up   for action.
Express Work
Wood and 3ii*k iyr ��i e
���' wi
PHONE     6-0
Freno,     C��il.. March   10���A   storm
of     unprecedented se\crity   has   been I
raging     for s.\ty   hours and the re-   '
gion   between  the   San Jaoquin    and
matter     which     purely belonged     to j Klng^ nvol.    ls tht-oatcne(l   Wlth th(J
foreign   relations.   worst    flo(JlJs  m  ieai>.     Thc  falJ   o.
snow   in   the  Mountains   exceeds    uli
���ccords.      leiog*: aph   advices        from
ProgramrMon.   Night,   Mar. 19
Lansing Rowan, Harry Fahrney, and
ilritain  and     her
It was a different case from that
of home relations In that case it
was dealing 'with a British subject within the Empire. He asked
that, the ��� donate  be -adjourned.
Mr. I'oi-deu agreed w'ith Sir Wilfred Laurier as. to adjournment,
but thought that as British sub.
���jects technically, they always -'had
a   right   to approach the king.
Mr. Borden moved for a Committee to look into certain matters in
the election law with a view to
amendments, .. and Hon. Air. Fit/.-
palriek accepted this, having a similar  tnolion    on   the  paper.
Leave orders at the Abhotsfnrd
Si(In��y Norcutt ...
P'raiikJyn Fitts  ....
Baron LaBoise 	
Carot' ,.  	
James ...'.	
Oliver Oliphant ...;
Cecely Dlaiu  ..;	
Psyche   Gay	
Mrs. Phoebe Gay
Sis tec. af Charity-
Little  Deloris  	
Prancesca   ���	
  ...Morris Foster.
 .- Gerald Harcoyrt.
.:'   Harry Pringle.
.  '.' CL   G.  Garret-te.
.  ...   Ed  Da is
  Johnnie Pringle.
Miss Lansing  Rowan.
.  ...... Marion  Tiffany.
Miss Gladys Manlcy.
���*   Mamie Marr.
. Doyle.
For 33 Years
Shiloh's Consumption Cure, tlie Lung
Tonic, lias been before the public, and
this, together with the fact that ils sales
have steadily increased year by year, ia the
best proof-of the ment of
fine Unlge which ^ at an altitude oi 5,000 feet, say twelvo
feet .-of'snow has fallen, and at the
summit of the mountains the depth
is twenty one feet. Both the K'ugs
and Sun Jaoquin . rivers are above
the danger line. The residents ot
the Garfield vineyard region worked
all night in a blinding rain, but.
their work went for nothing When
a huge overflow wave went sweeping through timt region this morning. The Puncher creek flowing
south of Fresco into Canals 'of
Lhe Fresno irrigation Canal Company is beyond control and is laying   waste  all  vineyards.
Already miles of land are covered
with five feet of water. After a
night of terror the six ; hundred people of Laton on King's river, this
morning moved in a body to the.
j .grade  of the   Sntita Fo river.      The
Manufacturers Of.���
Consumers are requested to call at   the office     oa Roberts   Street and
pay Water    Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each month.
Office Hours I P. li. 4 30
���-V     :... Miss  Marguerite
 ���    Florence
'.   i-       v'i    . SYNOPSIS
��� ���'   I ���'   '    i     i Act /���Jealous of a child.
���i        '    ���' '       ���'   !'   I    '        Act II.���A Broken Heart.
..... >     '    '       Act III.���For. a-Woman's honor.
' ( Act IV.���My husband!
Act V.���Life and liberty.
Prop..and Manager -Johnnie  Pringle
Business   manager   ��� ...;..........:........;:���   ... G.  G.Garrette.
.Stage Director  ...:.... ....'..
j leeves     about   Laton     are   six    fret
j high,     but thev are  still overllawincc
as  a  cure, for  Coughs.   Colds,  and  all i xHmei.ons  bl.*(!ges  aro  washing     out
in   thc  Northern    streams,    but     the
I Santa  Fo  nnd    Southern   Pacific  report     numerous washouts    nnd train
service   demoralized.
intsane ^y(lMA^T'S tkotjbles
V2CT03I*, 8. G.
diseases of the lungs and air passagKS.
Those who have used Shiioh would m i
be without it. Those who have new!
used it should know that every bottle- il
sold with a positive guarantee that, il it
doesn't cure you, the dealer will refund
what you paid for it.    Shiioh '
Has Cured
thousands of the most obstinate cases of
Coughs, Colds and Lung troubles. Lot it
cure you.
"Last winler I coughed for three monlhs and
thouelit 1 was Roi.-.g into Consumption. I look all
sorts or rrcdicin.e.i, but nothing did me any Hood
until 1 used Shiloh's^ Consumption Care. Four
botlles curod mc; This winler 1 had a very bad
cold, wa3 not ahle lo speak, my lunc* Were sore
on lhe side and hack. Six bottles of Shiioh made
mc well again. 1 have given it to several people
and every one of them have been cured.���D.
Joseph, St. Hyacinthc, Que." 601
Harry Fivhrncy.
25c.    with    guarantee   at   all   druggists.
New York, March IR���Mrs. Ellen
Barbara Williams, was committed to
Bellevue hospital last Wednesday
on complaint of .T. Pierp-onfc Morgan,      and     Oompanv.    who  allntyed
that,  she  was   of   unsound   mind wa<*
pronounced   insane  today    by       Dr.
Gregory, nlienst in charge of the
! ward. He has applied to the sup-
I reme court for  the committment    in
her caite.
Froro>     this  datt the undersigned
will  not  be responsible foi  any in
debtednass     incurred except on      ��
written oraer signed by the secretan
Rowland Machin.
Public  Notice
Attention is called to the   fact that tht
Ogiivie Flour iliIte;':C6,   Limited
makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR      have for some 'in*��
past been producing flour In a  rastly improved  and  pari"        ���rm
by the aid of ELECTRICITY
and having secured control  of    all the basic patents relating ttier^
to, take this opportunity oi a dvisin**;  the  public  that any
orized users of the electrical   Qowr purifying processes   -
Ogiivie Flour Mills Compauy limited
are the    only    millara ia  Jaanda   whose ��� Flour.. ^
is purified by the Electric Pi'ocess
Non Personal Lfabil'ty.
Victoria. R.  C. M��t  JSth. 180B.
HAY, 6RAIN and
Orders will be delivered any when
in the city promptly and at thelo*<-
est possible prices.
Leave orders at Chrlstie'i, on *��
James Warnoclr
Usual  subjects  taught;  also      language**- drawing  in  pencil  and cray
ons,  paint ng in oils and water col
ors,  pianoforte and vocal lessons giv
en in classes or individually.
[jMlvsmith, 8   (J
Dr. R. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All -work guaranteed, and at reas^
able ratei.
Gatacre St. Ladysmith
Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Rathhone
Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall
2nd  and  4th  Tuesday  at  7^30  p.m.
Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.
Wellington Grove No.  4 U.  A. 0. D
Meets in. the I' 0. 0 .F. Hall, Ladysmith, the Second and Fourth
Wednesdays of each month, commencing Wednesday, ISth..  1005.
Visiting Druids... are invited to atv
By Order.
WM, RAFTER, Reel Secty.
': tl!
��� si
A Local Items  ���������.     FOR   SALE  Twelve Mead of Cows and  Milk Route. Apply P. ,0.  Box 99.  Weinrobe's new spring goo-is  coming in every day.  arc  The sport  -.ground fund  collectors  are af the Bank of Commerce today.  Airs.  S.  F.  Mcintosh left  on     the  noon  train for South  Wellington.  Mayor Planta <of  Nanaimo   was  in  this  city  on  business   this   morning.  Mr.   George-Johnson   was   a' passenger  to   Nanaimo  on   thc noon   train.  The    Victoria intermediate footiball  team an*i\ed on the noon train.  There  is g good  deal  of     emerald  given  ribilioii Hying in  town   loday.  Miss '   Doiicson of Nanaimo,  is   in  the city.  Miss  McMillan   of   this  cily,   journeyed to Nanaimo af noon.  Misses Forcimmer and Morgan went,  down to Chemaiiuis this morning.  Airs.  Symc of Croft on,   who  home, this morning.  Miss Smith, the teacher of thc  South Oyster district s<*hool. went  up  to Nanaimo at noon to-lay.  Messrs.   J.   Kiddie ancl  G.   Kidi'ie,  who came up from Crofton yesk*rdiy  intend   spending , a few days hero ' e-  fore joining  their   parents at   vict >--  ia. ' I  -���������'-'-!  ^ FOR SALE.  THREE HOUSES���������Situated on  on Roberts street, between Fourth  and Fifth Avenue, 48x34, two storey.  Two on Roberts street between 5th  and 6th a\enues, 2b'x2S cottage and  24x26... A snap. Apply Gus Hill's  Store,  Roberts street.'  _ -o ���������  The nicest assortment of Baby Silk 1  Dresses     over come into this town,  you can get them at  Weinrobe's.  CUMBERLAND.  (The News.)  Mr.    F.   Patridge  drove    over     the  J road  from   Englishman's  Kner   81m-  Ida.v.      He  has   been  awa>   on     ou:*.-  mess in  connection  with   Mr.      Napier's   withdrawal     from   the     busin-  lc.-.s.     While in  Vancouver,  Mr.  Pait-  r ridge   with members   of the executive  101   the   Vancouver    Heard  (j'f     Trade,  interviewed  Mrssrs Greer     nnd    l.'et-  1 er.������,   of   the C.P.R.   freight      depari--  I ment   relatK-i-   to   lhc   high      freight*-  between   that      t'lly      and     Cumher-  i'.iul.   and   upon   lading     nil   lliefiK-'-i  I before  the     gentlemen     11       proiui-><.'.  was  made  to   adjust   matters,      and  I a   schedule   of   prices   was   made    out  I bv. which   the ���������'merchants     of      t!ii>>  place     may  ship  good--   in     at        -.i  much'     lesser   cost      than -formerly,  Kiour,   for   instance,  cgn     now     he'  I brought in   by cur lots,     at 5j*V00   .v  I'm     io  Union   wharf,   groceries      in  0 ton lots, ;*-1.00 per ton, othei  tilings   in   proportion.      The    C.P.it  Get      your  latest styles   of Motor    have  also  made  Vancouver and  Vic.  caps at Weinrobe's. | U-ria  equal,  in   that Nanaimo  whan'  age   fee--   are  assumed    by   the  . . w>s ' utiiiy.     These   concessions   arc  llH!!m7,th[S cU\y ycst������day,  rct'ivn.ylj^yortant t0 us here  While .awu.v Mr. Partridge was successful iu forming a joint stock Com  pany.       Capital      ������25,000      to      hi*  1 nown as the "P. Patridge Co.  Ltd.,-' of Cumberland. Tbe Company is made up of well known Vun  comer business men, with Mr Pan  1 idge Mi*. Napier withdrawing. Vn-  der the new Company, the business  will be conducted on a new bits is  and changes in oider that the bigness     may  be   thoroughly    up        lo  dale, and carried on on a much 1st*  i;er scale. are. pending. Mr. Pait-  riilge left Vancouver '2:AO p.m. Snt-  urday,     dro\e    the     same   night   i<>  Com  most.  9 CLOTHES FOfl LITTLE MEH  When     your   Toddler  steps from his homemade, clothes  into his  first suit with Trousers, you'll  want     to  ha\c him  stop  into  the right sort,  li there is a  1 RIGHT NEW   STYLE   U is  HERE.  Stunning    little   BUSTER BROWN SUK-.  RUSSIAN   BLOUSE  SHITS,  nitty   SAILOR SUITS,   SAII.QR  **   ���������'! ���������mi,'-     j-i   which  any   boy  will  Ai-PKAR   AT-.RAC-  ���������TIVE.���������  I  Your  Monty  Refunded  b-r tha dealer  from wliotu  you buy Sunlight Soap If  yon find any  ranee for  complaint.  StiaMgHi Soap is better  than, ofclaer soaps, but is  best when used in tbe  Sux&iig������%t way.  $5,000  reward "ill  bu paid to any  person who  -rovei that  iunliKhtSoap  contain! ������uy  i n j 11 r i o u a  chemicals or  nny form of  adulteration.  -  Equally good with hard or soft water.  L,ver BroftJiers i^rcsjeod. Torojjto,  .56  Ladies'  line peart shirt waist sets  in  (lilTerenl  styles.    Also  lace      and  ������������������iiiihroi'lered collars .from 15 cents up  at Weinrobe's.   ^   FANCY NECKWEAR  Secure Your Choice Tarfy, as They  are Felling Rapidly  ��������� ������?���������'  ST  Y.urs for Toggery,  Halter* &  Akenhead  The  latest'styles   of bells in     all  si7es in Black and all ^colors a-L'Wcin-  rohe's.  A do/cn likely lco'-ing youngsters  ready for thc fray, determined tore- Kng-li������hnian's rivfr, ami came homo  trieve their lost laurels, hoarded the from Lhoro on Sunday, aniying at  noon   traiin     tcf'a.y   Nanafimo&^amd.    iq p m _a quick trip.  Messrs.   Dakin  and  McDonald acconi- ������������������ o-   panicd  thiemi.    They  were  the  Lady-  I AT THE OPEKA  HOUSE,  smith  school   football   team  journey- ' ���������;���������  111 i.orth to play the return match  with tlie Nanaimo High school, .dr.  J. -Steel  referees  the game.  A'T/filK ABI30TSFORD.  John-..Brown,  Kamloops.  K.   Cariiipbel 1. Vancou ver.  S.  Baxter,  Victoria.  Ralph .Wright-, Chemainus.  F.  T. Dixon, Toronto.  B.- II.  Bailey, ���������Vancouver.  W. K. Houston, Victoria.  RETURNED���������Scheneck, the Vancouver Photographer i*as opened his  .-���������.turtio at Ladysinith. Today and for  the next ten days Cabinets at $.3 00  per  dozen.    Campbell's  Corner.  "Nappy 3011*-;," by Teresa'rles Rei-  go, .will he sung by Miss Ji,. Ddljcson  tonight at the St. Patrick Concert.  Admission to concert and dance,  gents 50c, ladies, 25c. Gents or ladies not -'purchasing', concert tickets,  dance 25 cents.  Nice  pianfores  for  your little  ones  ior  25 cents" at Weinrobe's.  Smoke Little B- Cigars.  Child's,     'Girl's, j Misses', and   Ladies'  tan shoes very new, at Blair &  Adam's. /  NOTICE  IVrcy .Borrow has   absconded   from  hi.-  home in. Chemain-us' without just  provocation.   Any   person  i   The Pringlc  Stock Company, which  is  to play a onc-weeV (n*,agemtnt   at  the opera  house starting Monday evening ne\t( will-arrive here from Vic  toria  tomorrow.    They  close  a most  successful   Four-wccl-s'   engagement  at  the Watson theatre'this eveninig. Dur-  'lig their stay  in  Victoria the press  and  public  have  been   loud    11    their  commendation1 and praise of the company     collectively  and   indiudiuillv,  and  also  of their plays  in  their  re-  1 ertoirc,'i-nci tho   faultless  manner  in  which they l^-.e   lisen1 ������!t:.-;j*d,i custom-  id and acted.    They will use, as the  opening hill here, the same piece with  which  they  opened in  Victoria,  viz:  the   beautiful  dreuna   "Across''.-,  the  Sea."  They will change the hill at each  orformanc-e     during    the week, one  night it will be comedy-drama, then  ��������� inelo-tlramu, then straight comody,  then farce-comedy, then straight drama, then tragedy,.'etc So .-Ihat'lovers of any special brand of amusement will be sure to he pleased hy  having such a play g-hten. There are  doubtless many who will not nliss a  '���������ingle night during-the week.  1   There wilt be a grand ��������� matinee- Saturday afternoon  next at 2.30.  tixa  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I  intend to apply at the next, sitting pi  PATRICK CONCERT  AND  DANCE PROGRAMME. *  (Saturday March 17. )  Subscriptions  RECEIVRD  FOR   ALL-  MAGAZINES  AT  PUBLISHERS'  PRICES AT     '  KNIGHT'SBOTST0RE  A  nice variety of the latest styles  aprons      for   ladies   nicely .brimmed  with embroidery and tucks.  -o-  cai so or  .-\   FAVORITE   REMEDY  FOR .BAI  B1ES   ��������� ,  It's    pleasant     taste    and   prompt  harboring  tlie,said  Percy Borrow  af-   '-uren have made CfoanijlKrlain's Cough  ter  this   notice  will   be"prosecuted.       Remedy a favorite with the mothers  A.   A.   BERROW. of small    children.     It quickly cures  '���������; : ; '���������������������������   their coughs    and colds  and  prevents  This is th,*'weathL't- for taking "ny danger of pneumonia or other  your baby out, so come and see our serious consequences. It not only*  beautiful fancy cloal-s, trimmed with ������������������ures croup, hut when given as soon  embroidery, and also Imhirs' coats, m th'* croupy cough appears will pre  and  long dresses.   Fine tucl.s  in     the   vent  lhe attack. For sale by La-  la test  styles,   at   Weinrobe's.- dvsniitb Pharmacy.  I  have just received a shipment of  Hill's High Grade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  and  ClfcARtllfS  at the���������   . ',..-'  DRUGSTORE  mm and wwF   l)one at   Feasonble Prices  J. AWERSON  Leave orders at  Peterson's  Furn ���������  ture store,  or telephone No.  53.  ^Weinrobc has the latesl styles ' of  babies' Sunbonnets and other embroidery bonnets suitable for all sizes  of children,    About thirly friends dropped  in unexpectedly     on     the ,Rcv. and Mrs.  Boyle last evening.   Thc surprise nm  ty  was most-     successful, and  those  who  were jiesent/ rcpoit  a thoroughly pleasant  e en ing    Mri and     ftlrs.  Boyle were made   the n-cipicnts   of a 'March...1 "Faugh  A   UaHafth"...   Band  very handsome present  in  the shape   i .Selection . . ,''Reminiscences of  oi a set of dessert knives    by the vi- 1 T-.eland."    ,..-,..   Band  silors- ~ Son������- ... Comic,'Irish ... Mr. G- Home  Song,  .. Selected   Miss E. Clay  Song   Comic ... Mr.     G. Home,  Song,   "Happy Song" Miss E.   Dohe-      son.  Step' Dancing  Mr.  Barclay  Song   ..Selected  "Mrs.   Dr.   Drys-   :..  dale.  Walt/ ...  "Sounds of Erin"   ...   Band  IJ iano Solo  Prof. Ashton  Part II.' ������������������       * '*'        -  "Paddy s  Day"'   .:....  Band  Selection .     "Gems .of Erin"     Bund  ���������.Weinrobc jus!  recehed a nice Hue of   Son,.-,    .... Selected Mrs.  Dr. Drysilale  fancy Back and Side Combs. '      ������c������ry\ .. .   Coon   ....<  Mr. G. Home   o ... iCornet Solo,   Violets   ...  Mr.   I.    G.  Kit  SIMON LEISER & CO Lull  OATACRF. ST  1  LADYSMITH , -I  h  Boys  and girls'   spring  Blouses you  can set  at Weinrobc'*-.  The city  hand concert and d*m *c is  sure to kbe well lattended  Ibis evening  The programme   as   adu-rlissd   elsewhere in   lids issue,  is  one of  unusual  excellence, and   Hie   fact that it  the License Board of'the city of La-i',is   a St      Pateick's -.���������eleb'.ratii .    .vill  dysmiih B.C. for a transfer of the lie-)|draw  a large  crowd.    The e->einnj-'s   \  tail   liquor   license now held  by  me ''entertainment  will   be concluded with   Match  for the premises known as the New   .������* dance.  Western Hotel,   situated on Lot   4.  Block 28,  to John.Men-ghini.  atty     D. H.  DAVIS.  Lated at Ladysmith the 15th day of  March, J20G.  The gentleman   who  saw Arr.   Cecil !   Whitcombc.  this moraine-     at one o'clock minus    Song     ��������� ��������� Coon   Mr.  G. Home  his  sods,  collar,   tie,   hat etc.,, and   Instrumental   Qua'-te!,   Sehcctcd  took him   for  a burglar   was  mista-k-    Band.  en.    He was simply running 1o catch |    Song    Comic    Mr.  Ilalliday  the .operator,   who,, hy th; way,    hnd .Irish  Symphony  Kilkerry       Band.  been to a  party,   lo *-end a cable to  London.  ���������o-  Ad'mission      to concert and dance,  oentlemcn  50  cents,  ladies,   25 cents.  Gentlemen  or  ladies   not  purchasing  |VANTED���������Two     gi-'^      for  general    concert     tickets will be charged 25  housework.    Apply  Temperance I To-   cents     admission to J.ince.   Concert  iel. T 3. 'comnu'iiees al 8  o'clock sharp.  WM.  MUNSIE,   President  J.  \V.  COBURN,  Managing Director.  Telephony 4(1.  The    Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS  AT   FTDDTCK   AND   LADYSMTTI-1-ShIn'llcs  a  Specialt7-  '-1 ��������� Manijii'f-'VJ'r-j ���������    -.if���������  Rouuh and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles/Mouldings, Etc   of the Best Ouaiity.  SeaBoned   and   KilD   Dried   Flooring;     and   Flniuhlnf     Limber   1������    Stock  A-������i,' 'J-sSiv^-x-fc***"*. ^tf--:������> -  ii-is:*.:^.--^  W. G.Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  .'   .        r (isf Avenue i  Spiring Stock on hand. Call early antjj  get your choice  -ji.  ���������\a  StOVFS!      ���������M���������      STOVFS!  We  are makiay HtArRRS and KANGE. of the Latest Styles  and Newest Patterns.  _*   . We do all kinds of  Foundry and Repair Work���������Nickel Plating  in all its branches, a Specially  ,.LA0Y$MlfH IRON & STOVt WORKS Go.Ltfl"  Phone 5J,, ,- .     ~ '    - P. O- Box 42    1  fy^^W^^^^^^^^^^^^^ VV������������VVVVVVVVNA>VVVVVVV!  NOITCE.  One hundred  dollars  ($100.00) will  be given  to any  person  or  ]������rsons  who will  give sufficient information  to lead to'the conviction of the person  who killed two cows  owned  by  the   under sigoed,  on  Gal iano Island  on the 22nd of February.     The   animals were killed - two hundred (200)  yards   east -.'pf? Pbttier^'Pass Lighthouse.   The' heads and hides      were  found buried'in the sand.  s     ; ,:*.; v   rs . JAS-WARNOCK.  SATURDAY AND   MONDAY  TW'M  ���������"/-fi1!.'-  '������������������::''a!������������K������K-K^'KgT5������������^������r^^  CROCKERY  D'nner Setc  101)   Pieces���������VIOLET   AND   GOLD ' POTTERY���������VERY NEW.   , :.....   .1 , ;  :.... $16.00  Tea Sets  DAINTY   CHINA   T'EASETS . FROM ���������  -     ..:.........'.... ,.' ' : $5-oo  4'I   PIECES   Water Sets - *     '  1    JUG,  G  GLASSES      and    l-'AN-CY TRAY.   BEAL'TIF UL DESIGNS    -.. $2 00 Set  Chamber Sets  ASSORTED PATTERNS  FROM'    '..$i.7S to $4.50  TEAPOTS,   GLASSWARE   OK   ALL   KINDS," NOVELTY   BRICK  A-ISRAC,   ETC.,   ON   SHOW    JN OUR BIG   WINDOW.  era House  ���������ONF, WEEK, STARTING���������  Hor������c!ay, March 19th  LANSING  COWAN,.'  tIARRY FAHRNEY  and   the  PRINGLE COMPANV  I0Q Glass Cream Jugs lOc. Each  S00 Glass Spoon Holders !0c. Fach  50 Covered Butter Dishes 15c Each  50 Covered Sugar Bowis !5c- Each  These are Genuine Snaps  for Cash Only  EXCELLENT  Train Service  ���������ETWCKN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Principal Buslncu Centers ot  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIA6ARA FALLS.  For Time Tablet,' etc., addresi,  QKO.W. VAUX, F  AsMaunt Oen'l Pamenger and Ticket Agent. 6  laa wwt ������t��������� cHtCAQo. ill. ^  MONDAY NIGHT  'Across 1 Sea'  Change of Play Nightly  PLEASING S PECJALTIES  Prices 25c, 35c, and. 50c.  SEATS  on sale j*.t Foroim-mpr's.  "The Ladysmitli Hardware Co. Ltd  Wcinrobi sells lustre skirts in  grey, Black and Brown, in all sizes  and latest styles made from $2.95.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  '��������� "-After this date  the price for brea'  delivered at   my     Customers' l*ous<  will be FIVE   CENTS per loaf��������� 2*  loaves      for    a dollar.     My    read i  guaranteed     the best made.       Shot''  run by white help should recei1-  white peoples' patronage so long a  they are properly conducte'l. i so  licit a trial as your Baker.  .     c. ;r: DOCJLE,  ,... ��������� i;HE WELLINGTON HAKERY.  ���������"--./ '���������;��������������������������� ������������������   .:., NOTICE       -  The    partnership   existing   betwetj  'C.',1-1 .'.'Runiming and \V, E. Rummi'  carrying on   business, in. the City c]  Ladysmith;    ii.  C, as manufacturijl  of carboriated   beverages,  ete.,-um>|  thc firm name of Runiming Bros.,  hereby    dissolved.': All   outstandi  accounts "must be paid to W. E. Ruij  ming, who   will continue -the busin  and'pay-'all'accounts against the fi',  of:Runiming Bros. . ^  /   C.'-I-I. rumliing',  \    W. E. RUMWiNG.������������������''���������''  Dated at  Ladys'milh  this  28th Dj  of Peb., 1906.  fl  M. R. SIMPSON]  Solicitor. Ei������,  Money  to   Loan  1st.   \WM1  LA0YS(V(|  ���������g^^gagg^^Bsmms^ss^^sm^^iiSiiasi^^  Boarders Wan ted  BOARD      AND     LODGING  Being  under  little  expense,   Boarders  secure tlie Benefit.  $2i Per Month  ...   G. ROSSI,    ,  Buller  Street.  \Ve have just received     from Uic , Kast a large  shipment of  .LADIES' HAND BAGS  They arc thc NEATEST BAGS wc have ever  shown  and  of        the  LATEST  FASHION.  PRICES FROM $1 to $5  Call   in   and See  Them  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X   X     Ladysmith,    B. C  Notice  i '���������  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT  MARKET lately]   run by W. Ward, on Roberts st ret  WITH iA FULL ]LINC of first glass meats  PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY t  A Trial Solicitd  A.     HOWE,     '    PHONE 20 ���������  PAINTING   AND VAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Execute;  S. ROE'DDNQ  M       #    ��������� "  -   LADYSMITH


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