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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 15, 1906

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 ������������������.-���������.    - *2~ -  r -  =���������������. -.���������""I-  XjfiSCK^���������*!T"r*^TfJr  L-ga^-r^y ^^^^Jifcia****^'^^  R  >>������������������  The Ladysmith Daily  ���������i*  ^  VOL.52  THURSDAY,  MARCH   15, 190C.  WAR 19 1906  PRICK FIVE CENTS  /?  a?;  NEW LICENSING  (BOARD IN 3ESSION  Two Applications for Transfer of Re-  lail Liquor Licenses are  : Granted  Board Adjourned  Until April 27th. in  Order thai" Applica ion for. Western  Bar Transfer can,, he Advertised,  m & c. p. fl.  ATUNHC Mill  Ottawa, March 15.���������Although the  new mail contract with thc Allan  I me for the carriage of flic Irans-  AI'antic mails ha.-*, been signed     by  we :i  WILD BOARS  SILVER FINDrCR!A  CAUSES MUCH  \  v>-  T  It   is   expected   (hat  a large     pro-       Toronto,   March   If).���������There  is con-  portion   or the dwellers oa GatnWcr    sillcral lc excitement over the disco-v  island   will  be  iu Stipendiary  Magis-' ,    ., , ..       . r,  ,      .. .    , . *.���������  , ,cry of silver in   the township of Bc-  tratc A.'cxaiwi ers couit  on   Wednes-  \    J *  the .Allans,  the Minister, of     Trade,'day  to hear thc story of  the Imnoiis  lcnR   ���������>>'  a resident named  McMillan.  and Commerce has not yd signed on ' hoai  hunt,says a Vancou*.er exchange [if,:* made 1 lis discoverv last fall while  TIE ITTORNEY  mm mm  m PORTFOLIO  An im-poitant announcement wns  made yesterday that Hon. Chas. Wilson, attorney general, in  the McBridc  goiernnienl, had tendeied his resigna-  natioii, and that  the same had been  aiwpled.    For tlie present  the 'post  . R. GREiH  M&Y BE HEBE  Imlh fleets.  went up  lost-no the papers in    the  The board'of license commissioners  met in the council chambers last cv-  fjiing.   M������iyo,r     Nicholson presidii1*,,  and   Aid.    CanipVll, [Win.  Nicholas,  and  Mr.  John Stewart, clerk of thc  board, were present.  Thc adplication for transfer. of  license-for the Coil Hotel from A.  Knight to li. Ilatiey was granted, also a transfer of the Portland hotel  license from J. Gogo to I).r Hinds  was authorized by the Loan!. .  Mr.  Russell Simpson, appenrhig for  ���������L Mangiiiiii, asked tlie board to   ad-   "���������     ,        ',  ":    ��������� -     j "I his  would mean,  no doubt,    that' case, says that, (here is no scarcity  client  had failed-to comply with the Jdi r:'iirf  (.he coining season  tho mails    oi. boars  running wild  on   Ihe  island  'and that Unit they arc nol, a bit  or. Victorian and Virginian, and by'afraid to attack oilier animals. Chilli" .('.I'.R. Empress or Britain and dren, he says, are often forced to  Kmpiess of Ireland, to go into com- climb tries' lo escape from them,  mihs-on on the St. ILawrc.ice us soon and when there are several of them  as navigation opens. ��������� j together   (hey  .-.re not  afia'id "of     a  sir     Richard  Cartwrigh|, is under,   man.  stood io have been most anxious all      The boar in this case is alleged lo  Moii,' that   this  should  be dene,   and  have  been   a domesticated  one.       It  n-.Aiircincat*- of the law  on account jwm.li  Ira.el by the Allans'  turbin  of ipnorance of the same.  If        thc I  board  would adjourn for  one month  lie would see that the necessary a'!-'  \ertisiiig was done.  Tlie  rerjliest  was   granted.  An  application  for a-wholesale license nfade by J:  Boro was laid over until  April 21st,   when   the'board   |las   jla<-   the, strong  support  of  the    wnmi'-ied  on Mr. Woods'  place     im.l  will lie     in session.    An application  mad.* by Mr.  fioro  to the cdmmission*-is last year  whs refused, on the  ground   thai  the  property   on  whicli  In*  propose:!   to, creel  his   wholesale  johrn   for one, month  in  order   that    house was situated   too near the pub  the application for a transfer of the  , lie s'.hool.   Also  that  there  already  license now h?ldby Joseph Pelligri- kwcrc ^enough  wholesale' lfc-juor places  neli  for the VJ'cstem Hotel  bar'     to   in  town.   The application   will      ho  DiDNOrASKTSl '..,;,,,  AN TO STEP DOWN  a five-year-old   hoar of  massive  size  which   a1"!   i"  a bad  temper.    The hoar was  new  Postrna-sler-Gcneral.                 ' 'found shelter in his small barn. Mr.  V.eomlMiied mail service by the Al-   Woods,  it  i.s alleged,   heaidfif,   and  'i-*n*-- and th--.' C.P.R.  will ghc far the   taking il   for a wild   animal',    a l|'ar  (-.'nicest   service Ihat has ever exist-   he supposed, got Jus nun  ami     (Used by the  Canadian  route.           ' (charged   a dose of  bird-shot." into the   i���������^  , animal.  The boar started  oh   with a  CRdBERLANI).                ' hair-raisin-,   "woof,"  taking a   large  (From the F,'nten.-rise) 'section   of -the  bain  along   with   it.  A   Coys'   Brigade has  been started In his irritation he did  not stop to  J.    Maitig-liiui     might he advertised,    either granted or refused by the pre-',,,      (oniiection  with   the   Methodist look   for a door,   but, just went up u-  Mr. - Simpson     explained-    that  his  'sent board al  the adjourned meeting jt.juli., p^   um|er   the   able  nuuiaftiinent gainst the end of the barn and took   -   ' - ���������             ���������                                      ��������� ���������     r,-  ���������*,- 'guirilan.   'lhe brigade has star H  with him.   This  wss no trick  for  tci   with a niit'imbfeisliip of  22,     ami  have h.wl  two drills-,  both of  (he  J'oefor  says  the  boys  act-mitted ������"ce   afterward seen  streaking  along  Iheni'-.-hes     in     like   young, soldiers, with apart of the |-arn flame hang-  The ir'ca of a club of this kind is an '"LC  >'om  his  shoulders,   but     when  excd'enl one,  -md ,it is to be hoped Oflieer Smilh   was  on   the island  it  lhe day is not far clistaal ivhen there ''a*'  ������ol been seen since  that time.  Vancomer,   March  15. -"Well,      i    China.   All they  wanted was that a  will   l.e  a brigade  composed   of both The  snooting   took  place on.Febiu-  g-Kss not" was .the answer of one of  moie be made towards bri������Hing Chi'-   hoys and girls, in connection with the ary 4ih  tlie    delegates  from the  Vancouver    iu  up to-date,   They knew that   the  Chinese     Reform  'Association   who-  completion of the work .would take a  went ,down to Seattle to meet     the 1 htn^ ���������Ime. and; <Jie sooner th*    start   .  Chinese  imperial  commissioners when   was made-tiie hotter. .    They,   were  | s              vcne%,cA   this year.  Many ,  asVed if it was true that they     had   very well received by the commission                   . .                 ..   : ...... ........ es and  presented a petition asking  the com-   ers. who ,  encouraged them in every  to request the dowager-, way.    to-** keep on with thc reform  of metal which proved lo lie almost  pi're silver, about a foot long ami  three inches in diameter  Since  this  find  has  leaked  out,    a  number or persons have been rfuictly  prospecting in  the  township,  but so  far it is said they ham nol found/the  secret     place of' the silver deposit.  The few who are on (he inside state  thai us soon as the location is made  public  there  will lie a great rush to  the district.   o   COPPER MINES  IN DEMAND  the Mcilride govcrn-  Ilon. R. Green, Chief Commissioner, of Lands and Worts, will probably visit Ladysmith on Saturday  next to inspect the routes that have  Lmi surveyed for the wharf road.  When he was interviewed by Mayor  Nicholson in-Victoria, he told, Mi.  Nicholson that he would be at liter-'  ty a few days u/fler lhc House closed, and asked Ills Worship to notify  him when it would lie convenient for  tbe city officials to accompany him  ... ���������.    r . ��������� on iho inspection." In /all nrobabi'itv  men!  on its formation in  the capaci-   ,. ���������'    .,,       ,    '       v-mt^ui u>y  the mayor will  endeavor to arrange  ty of president of the council, and  on the resignation of A. fi. McPhil-  lijs, K.C., nom the position of attorney  geneial,  be  succeeded  him.  i\'o intimation i.s given hy the government as to who will succeed Mr.  Wilson   in  the important portfolio.   ��������� ���������o   VALENCIA   REPORTf  The   commissioners  who sal  the  insroction  for Saturday.  Once Mr. Green has made lnms-jlf  thoroughly aet^mintcd with the s.itu-r  au'on it is reasonable to hoce some  way of overcoming tlie dilfi'cuiUas'  wilJ be discovt-reii by the Depa-t-  ment and work on the road stalled  socn. " .  public schools of  the province.  The -merchants  arc   tuluing  of having the half-holiday custom in vogue  mi&sicners  empress to retire to the background niovenwi^t, in which they assured'lay  and allow the emperor to run thirfcfc., much .future,-good for China. .  '''No one hut a   fool would conceive The reason^, that the .delegates have  or our ever thinking of doing such a only  now got  back  wns  that' after"  fhingl  We would have been  promptly thc commissioners had gone east they  sat upon by the commissioners if wt������ accepted     invitations  lo visit Port-  had.   The-   commissioners would not land,  Salem and other  places, where  receive,  let alone la'e home, such a they  were,, invited fto ��������� give addresses  petition,  e^'en  if we were crazy    en- on the Chinese reform movement,  oiiflh to want to present it." The imperial     commissioners were  "The  delegates,  Messis.   Law       A." gi en a strong invitation to visit ('a-  Yn-m.   IIin������   Kec,   Sam Long and Tai naif a, and'it is expected that     when  Sing, th-fii  went on  to explain  that, they are on their way home      from  all   that  thc  petition presented     by Europe in June they will travel by  the reformers of all the coast cities* way of the Dominion,  land ing        at  asked for was thc adoption, us rapid Halifax and taking tlie  C.P.R. 'in  ly as possible, of reform methods in special cars  from Montreal.  com-laincd last year Ihat Wednesday  afternoon was a bad .for many reasons It is claimed that -Tuesday af-  tenio'Jii would suit better. The idea  of having a half-holiday is an excellent one and it is to be hoped all Hie  merchants will fall in line when the  petition  is   presented.  Tly* "Woodmen  held a special  mcet-  iu,-;; on Thursday evening,' lo  initiate  a number of new members.    After business was over'the ScereiRns started in'to-haie  a good  time,  and  suc-  ceeilo.'.      A very    important item of  tha proa-ramme was the presentation  to Sor-ereign  F.  A.   Anley of a handsome silver shaving  mug,  previous to  his    departure..   Sovereign;   Fechner  made the presentation on behalf    of  the lodge,   while C.C  J.  B.  Heiinett  read   the address.    Sovereign Anley,  in a few well* chosen words, thanked  .. . the mem'iicrs Toi: their token of     cs-  tkt DU/nir?KTf V:���������������������������'/? AHJfXD imn an'' ���������'������"*>t,iwl>'-Iove- lle ",&'l'et-  11\    JT llv-/i-������INl2\ ^..V^/\lVI:rr :tcd.tlK*.t his duties prevented      him      > ���������-. ���������.-.-'        V.    ���������        from    at'tending Camp 145,  W.O.W.,  / ..������������������:''.���������������������������'  .,bul  if not     present would take this  What is undoubtedly the most im-f ast frvc years have not been 6pern|-; .'opportunity'.of wishing the lodge tv-  portant mining deal-of the year has .ed. The last four have been acf.iiir-. -01.j", proKperitv. Space forbids us giv-  jiist been ���������accomplished here and has ed this week at a cosfof '$40,000. F. i,,^ tlie programme in full, but inany  resulted.'in the formation of a com- ,.P.. Buck, of Sherbrooke, Qiiel;>*rc, pre- ������vc.i| known and highly appreciated  pany with a capital, of $5,000,000 lor sident of the War Eagle company, 'artists, took part- in the evening's cn-  thc development and exploitation of,1 j and of Hie lied Rock ami Bald Eag- teii-aiiiment.  a group   tfi  eight   promising  mineral' i lo and   Lulu  companies,  has       been ���������  properties, in tliis camp, says a des- Ispending a week     heris arranging the  ,    j(, js   likely  thai  the  first   .  Gun  patch     from 'Phoenix to the Nelson   [details  of'.the amalgamation.      The    (.]ll(1) sii0ot. will  he held oh 'Tuesday  News.   The claims to be included in   [new company i.s .to be known as  the Afternoon, April  3rd,  should that  af-  the  transaction   are  the War   Eagle,   Phoenix' Amalgamated  Copper  Mines   teriionn  be a ���������v.iblie holiday.   >  Bald   Eagle,  Lulu,  Red Rock,  Miss-   J Lid-., and of tho five millions of capi ( _  ing''Link No. 2, Pinhdok World's tal 'in ten dollar shares, two mil-  Fair 'anh Dandy���������the group lying to- lions will be placed in the treasury  gethcr nnd adjoining the Granby (1'arles II.���������'Fletcher, a weaKJiy resi  mines on the south, and having ailijmit dent or 'Sherhrorjfce, Quebec, is one  150 acres. of  those  largely   interested  in      the  new company, and  New  York     and  BIG M NiNG DEAL  Tho      first  four  claims mentioned  have been  owned  by  lliree companies  for a-number of years, hut for     the  A iliin-e was held in the Cutniicr-  laml li-JH on Thursday evening, the  oerasion l.e ng 'a farewell to Miss  Burnett, who had been visiting her  sist. rs, i\li*s. K. Wjilkpr and Mrs.  .Jno.-Gillespie.    Miss Burnett   lefl  for  lluluth, ^rarch 14.���������Capt. Dennii  Sullivan of Chicago, has been appointed manager of tho > Great Lak-  Sl. Lawrence Transportation * Company's fleet of Cnruil  size Lake .steamers, He replaces  Capt. A H. Wolvin. who was  roapunsible for the creatiijuhiof tl"-!  fleet. 'Cuptaiu Sullivan is also the  Late ir/chin-nn ngonl for the fli'or.  of 'he L'nilort States SI eel Corporation.  Afes.sr.s. F. Thompson, of Pin'-  atlclpbin, and IJ JJ. March, oi  Seattle, are spending- the night in  the city, leaving for Vancouver last  evcnuig. The objectu of their tiip  up the railway and in this section  iii treneral, : is to look over the  country generally, anf������ will look into the chances of founding l'c-  developing- copper properties il th<-\\  find anything- that appeals to them.  They will, quite likely, return lo  tho Island in a few days and expect to visit Ladysmith and rnn.t  be  induced  to   visit    some  of  to   gan     paying attentions to. the girl, ,  hear the evidence regarding the Val-  then about 19.  When it became e;i-  eneia disaster  will  occupy some days   dent an  infatuation was springing up  in making up their report,^ which is    which might have undesirable cons������>  uot expected to be made for      two   q-.uehces, Dr. and Mrs, Hart proposed  weeks or more from date.   The type-  a visit to Ohio,   and Miss Allae read-?  written copies of the evidence taken    ny assented.   After tin/doctor   had'  at  the investigation,  which covers no   started  on  the  drive to Sioux City  l.-ss   than   1,026 foolscap  pages,     has   willi his daughter,  where they were  just  been .submitted  to the commis-    to take the train, she left the    car-  siontis, and they have yet the work  dagc at   Homer,  ostensibly to   bid  of analysing and leviewing the evi-    farewell  to. some  girl  accpuaintancc,  dence to do befoie their eeport   can  'en:l after waiting an hour the father  be made.   The evidence of the Valen- I was informed  that  she had   hastily  cia inquiry covers far greater ground   hired a rig and driven off with John  than   did     ihe Islander inepdry, the  |Biackhawk.   They drove at breakneck  evidence of the hitter inquiry cover-'speed     to South Sioux City, where  ing far less pages than  does that of  they 'were married, and immediately  ihe Valencia evidence.  After dwelling less IJian a year  with her Indian huwhaiid, John Black  hawk, Allie, daughter of Dr. Halt,  physician at VVinnehago reservation, '  in Nebraska, has rejoined her parent;  th.- 'and, with them, gone to California,  proini-iing- copper properties .lying -Miss L'art was brought up among  back of that city. There art-  properties lying; not very far ba-*l*  of Ladysmith and Nana imo that certainly show"up well for thc sm:i!l  amount of work done on them,  ���������ft will be* time well expanded ny  men who wish to acquire some  thing   in   that line       to visit  thai   section  ���������     and     see   for    themselves     what   the   country  is  like.  the Indians and loied the free life of  thc irssnation. After her return '  from school in ,Ohio Biackha wk     be-'  took the train for Onmha.   Dr Halt  followed, swearing he would    shoot  the Indian on sight.   Friends  lntci-  vened, however, and   .the father returned home, and Mr. and Mrs. Black-  hawk have     lived .happily eier since  "���������n a farm on the same reservation-  Dr. Hart has     now been transferred  to  a California reservation and    his  daughter went'with-him.   Biackhawk  bade them ,_ goodbye at the ^station'  and returned to his Indian life.       ,  SPORTS AND PASTIMES  BASEBALL��������� Bean,  Woodruff,   Reser,   Lloyd,      O'-  Tl:e Norih.western     League circuit    nrienY: ;��������� Murphy     and   Ed.  Hughes.  Baldy"  Cole also has  an arm  that.  for the coining season has teen practically completed, and. Vancouver has  been put on the shelf,'and until some  enterprising business .nii*n take hold  of the game there will he absolutely  nothing doing in the ball line in this  city,  says a Vancouver-despatch.  News of the' completion of the circuit   was ncociyed   in   (lie   following  des-palch ���������from  Seattle:      -  "D rectors of ��������� theNorlhwes't League  have unanimously decided  to grant a  franchise to "the Grav'.s.lIar>)orNCliib>  composed  of  the ttnnis of Atedcen,.     "������5r ^arcmra  is more man a ������������  ���������Hom.raTn   and   Cos.nopolis.  and news   '.J'    ' for second  base.    "Happy'   O-  MR, H. CECIL BUYS  SUNSHINE MINE   ������������������_ .'j.      -n..  The   Sunshine   group   of  mines,   ij,- be  sent     to  thi* Tyoo sinel(rer at I.ii-  mg   just   abo\e the   Southern     Cross dysmith for  treatment,  gioiij*  on  tho A!L*>t-rni  canal        have Certain pans of the workings non  boon   at-ipined  b\*   ILr.   Hugh       Cecil opened  g-ise remarkaljlo coppei   - *.hi-  lor  bis,   Jinglish   Co'mpany.  The  deal ues,      so     hig-h   that  JUessib       Ce<il  was ��������� completed last evening   in   Na- and   Conway  do not  care    to    stalj  naimo    and is  except in det.aiils cori their ^results,   'preferring- to let bmoi  jdete.         The:     terms      are,      cn'sii; ting  returns     tell tjiestoij  and     work     wiit oegin     in   erecting!    Ttie    members  oi s   the-      Sunshine  buildings,  etc.r ..'- for- the     force        or group are -to' be  congratulated  will make its presence felt before the  season  is  o\er.    At short he is* not  in ,tho  least  bit slow,  and it will be    nien   that,   will   bo  put   to   work   im-j their  sale, for  copper ore  a race between him and Will  McDonald  for that  position.  That  Webster  Hoover   will  handle  the  backstop  honorably  is not .pics   '  tioned. O'Teats has'almost a deed t;, ��������� owners  of     iiv)  claims  inv a      body.  Oil  the  mediately.  The, purchase of this group 'of  nimos. added to the Southern Cross  makes   Mr.     Cecil's    'company     '   th'j  first base. :Lloyd- O'Brien is shining  around it in practice.  Roy Scatchntd  is more than  a like  foqoiam   and   Cosiiiopol  of tlic*actioii has been  wired by President     W.  II.   Lucas  to (ho Gray's  Harbor  Club.   The League   this year  from all   present  Judical ions,  will  be  Bri'cn has taken the'coach's eye     for  lhe next station.  a/irl t Ik- ssiii'acc. showing is mag-nif-  iem: Shipping' returns , and carefully taken sample's all go io  jirovc that 'this property to  be rich in copper, and some gold  nnd  silver is  also found.     The quan-  ���������Mahagcr  Grins lead  is  fiddling  with    uty and   quality of  the     ore is well  the schedule, arranging for the  tour  coniutSKl of six teams, ihe towns at cfL ol tJlc mountains. I he. first .vg-  prrstnt: lined up Tor places'i��������� the lea l,hir Sam* W1" 1^'pLayed with North  gue l.eing Butte, Helena. Spokane, ^a'^ where Ro-Val shaw- v:uSit-v  Tacoma/Gray's Harbor and Belling- ; short-stop ^ Y���������. 's oaplainiug  hav.  the team.  Communications, have been sent  to  established, the Jay of tbe hint! being on n precipitious mountain s*ido  gives great depth to thc "backs"  .so ore can bo readily 'staped out'  for      .'Iiipment.        The       ore        will  ground is not cash in the bank,  and it takes money to mine on as  ��������� extensive ��������� a scale as the successuil  working- of a large copi>er pioperly  demands.! Jt may be added that the  members of the.'Cbmpanv for whom  Mr. Cecil is making* these exter  6ive purchases, are kept fully 'informed of conditions, and while  they have entire confidence in their  agent's judgement and gnc him  a' Tree hand they arc ������ully in accoid  in his recent purchases, expecting h\  the judicious, investment of capital in Vancouver Island coppei  mines to receive good returns on  their money.  Boston capitalists will also he iden-   \';l,u-(iiiAt!r by  Friday  morning's boat  tificd with the enterprise. 'p|lc  dance,   was a most  en.'oyablc  nf-  .   ' ' ���������        ' ��������� ..    ^���������:     fair nnd   w;is largely  attended.  HAD  TO KLER  WITH  HIS   INVALID  WIl'L\  Belljng'harn,  March     Mf���������As'a re-  Kversoii    and Nool.sack,  hail to   lice  Sundav   with  id's  iiiivalid   wife,  leav  Dave  Roy arrived  home  last  week  "Practically every manager in  Ihe  Lea-re lias now framed up a list   of  ������������������ri11 '������"��������� ftom w'"'ch fcht' Sl,hcd- ,���������  players,-    though     a lookout is Uill    ule  will l>e^r.*angcd.  kept   I'm*  available gn()d  nui'ii.   No al-   !'���������'\(',R0!���������;;������������������'>f���������-  lem.pl has vet been' made to outline ,'. A Victoria report, of yeslerday  a League schedule. l,uf af a meeting s^>'s: AUhoufli lhe season for la-  of \\\\> direciors of thc various clubs t;r������>������������e lf) ������������t yet very far advanced,  lo iK-held in Spokane todav thai consideraMc interest is already be-  quest fo., will he taken up, and a <������K <^'<-'" "J" "'*"������ who are interest- _ AII hough cast 21 hours before at  scluHble for   Iho season   formulated.     ������> ������>  the game, both in the city nnd   ������������������ o'clock* last evening a   large cyl.u-  on   tho mttin-liind.    The address of W.   der  lor   use al   the Ex tension   min-is,  IMPROVEMENTS AT  THE LOCAL FOUNDRY  "Charlie  Swindells,  the old  Stan-  W. Bolton,  which w-us read at     the    ami  whicli was cast by Mr.  J. Fiejl  having  broken  castings   with   nickel  plating to- repair.  Among the modern conveniences   of  tho foundry .itself is one of which lhe  suit "f a gait .blowing rrom the north , lost .-c\ eryihing  he . owned   on       his  the past throe days, sMiding the tern   ranch.   Andrew 'Month ami   A.  L. Pe������  perattire yesterday  to  twenty-five de-   lerson  hud  like experienc-.-s.     Fire is  grees above zero anil damaging vegc-   said, to  be sweeping down   Camp|eli  la lion,  forest fin's are now raging in   Creek, on the Canadian side of   the  various purls of Northwest Washing-   line.   '  .,     P i-ii-        4i s   aflcr sneiidiiiu: several  months in  lhe  |*orii ,-oach   and c.ilchpc; of the Untie , .  SiHHnaS���������      llSnTnwr   Licking    upper country looking "h,!c and hea-   ,,a, ,: v ouupI(* of years ago, does not   ������^������K     of  fchc Vk'lOTi^   cUlh'  h^    ������f U,������ ^'���������-^������������������i������' "������������ ��������������������� Stove Co. Jman^n^t     are justly  prpucl-not  upper country looking "h.-ile and hearty."    W<; arc  all  pleased   to       snr  tlVinl    there  is   m'-ich "encoiiragement    eati.*-c I considerable discussion, parti-   was still warm cno- |xh to m.-.-ke-close   only  because of  its originality,  but  IhVc's familial* race'iiKaiu.   He play-   ..,    '���������,,,.,'(,,[,���������    ' \n .,<,  Orllin-iham. .. cularly  the -clause dealing  with  pro-   contact   a painful   experience.'    How-  I because of its simplicity and practF  OI  ton, endangering mills, destroying  farm/iodises aiid threatening more extensive disaster.  All day men have-been working to  save     Alki     mill, located on Guide  CLAM RAIDERS  ARE.  .*'''''     'STILL   AT, WORK  The  American  clam  raiders       arc  still  busy    denuding     the  CaivatVian  cd  for  (lie dance  on  Thursday even,  ing, and many remarked  that il was  like old times to ihear the sound  his  violin   again.   ���������o   AC A I.VST UEST JVTEUESTS  Meridan      road,   north  of this  city,    cliim  beds.The people  who   run   the  Brush and lews, for two miles along   little -steamer  Electrine are  getting  this hiifiJiway are in flames, and the  hhize has leaped around in several  places. '      '  Most of the mills in this vicinity  are closed, because of tho danger.  At   least  two  farmers  are,   known  ���������cautious 'a/hoiifc. trusting her any more  in 'Canadian  waters.    It was reported in Nanaimo the other night that  she wis al False Narrows,  hut-' in-  vestii-atioii by     the custom authorities  ami the  provincial'police show-  ��������� legi.-'lulion        providing-    for   flu  ci I k n  (if  nil   members of th  oi"   trustees   of    insurance    ���������-���������oinpanies  al   ti   single   election     to    be  Chilli'  is  now nrxeiisim- law"    ai^.'fc������#pnalisrn. - 'te-er the job, as is usually  the   cass cabali-ty-is   their  method   of  melting  Bciliii- li-uii   -ind there'was some talk*')-  In" a recent despatch from  the New J with work done at the i local   .r.mdry, copj er.   Copper is  usually  melted in  ,.r ���������,.n ;���������'.,���������'i',;,',.   '  ���������>���������   dm 'i..������-oi ol  the ���������'���������Westminster correspondent of flip Sc- , was a complete success, and  the cyl- an   ordinary   furnace,   with  no  other  ((-im theie     A mcotiiwr wis held      -i   at-'1*J Rost-Iiilclligencer he says: indcr will  be m use in  a short time, draught     excepting     a large smoke  few" nbWifs   iuo to  liH   thiii"s'over'  ''    "���������StK'il  a thing as  being  paid       to'    A   stroll   through  lhc  foundry and stack.;   The local company have, h0w-,  bu)   Ch-ii-lie'.vtid onlv tw0 ineii tnrii- ' l>lav  lacrosse  was  loo! ed  al       with   stove works last evening showed that ever,   installed  a 2-inch  pipe leading  ed  out ' Interest   in   baseball  is at   a   horror hy all  lovers of true sport in   vast   improvements have been  taking from an ckctrieally-rtm fan, and em-  tlir..  western   cities  of  tlie  Dominion    place    during the past  few months, ergin^- just under the, furnace, or cru-  , till a few years ago,  when the stick- |    The  Company   is now  in excellent cible; in which the copper is  placed.  j handlers of ihe East were begun to    shape to. turn out stoves, ranges hca- In this manner a very great heat   is  Seattle   Nov       Ll-Baseball prac-  i'o loo-kod ,at with covetous eyes. Gra   ters,  etc.  at short notice and have, obtainable in a short time, and melt-  .''.'���������      .' '      ',  .   '     ���������'  ' '���������   limilv     thev   weie  imnorted   to. the '"   inCl<  a considerable  numh--*r       in ing is accomplished in from 14 hours  ,���������,,.,; nee is nssuiniiig as  much  prominence   uianj      un.)   ������cu.  nupoiuu   u.. un. ' . ������ ��������� ��������� ...  noaui | ���������** '.    . western cities, principally Vancouver, slock. They have recently installed a to     2 hours, whereas other methods  aud Nelson. Van- eomplele       nickel phinl, which, with require between fivie and six hours.  N'ew Voi-k- March" I/V.���������A resolution   low  ebb in      Bellingham,   but  Lucas  ' declaring     that   vast interests      will   professes  lo   be hopeful."  'ho   jeopardized       by  the   passage    Ofl ���������  i-it  the  University   of Washington- as  the  track  work    the  warm  weather   '���������**!*��������� w Westminster  '"''''lot' tlit-'last\few '.lays' l.ringin-j out the   twer   and   Nelson   look   ihe   major    dynamo,  emery  wheels,  etc.,  cost in f    Al mit a dozen men.iarc now employ  by'candidates ,<,v the ilozrii. "Enthusiasm   ponion, of these,  and. many  on  to have  lost  their houses, barns and led that this was not true, but that  stock  north of Bellingham, and  olh--it-he   Indiuns   iverc  collecting  clmans',  ers have battled hard with thc flam-  taking the-in over into American wa-  es.     Richard Howard, living, between iters,- and tliere delivering them.  New Westminster took  of  the  neighborhood  of $2000.    The  ad-  ed in the foundry,   with a payroll  of  tlilion of  the nickel plant enables the   $1,01:0,monthly,,and with the coming  Company to do every bit of work in'Summer  and   its'consentient  increase  this  yenr.   was  adopted      todav  the  trustees  of the  New   York     Life   jf.  nn(.   Wa���������Yj���������K  in   thc  least.   There   .������������������die-up scale  InsuiaiK-e       Company.     This    mens-  are- aspirants   a-plenty  for   every   po-   on  two,  and gave the  training  i.  ,s  proposed   by    tho   legislative  'si tion. ' I    qtial.tv   is not  lacking     a   their team  into the luuuls of     ������.������* , cAnnrcl,on  wi.htl.c making of their    in v.,>rk, it ������ the expectation of; the  irnn'e invesl.ie-atirig  committee de  very strong team   will  be the result-f eastern teteians, (he team' being prin   popular stoves.   It also places  them   manas-emcnt to. add. considerably, to  Pitchers are out  by the half-dozen, (cipally. composed of native sons.  J  m������i  pni'tinent.  in  a position to do work for anyone  the, force. ������������������������   ,  IHE DAILY LEDGFR  fr������Misned   every  day except Sunday.  WV       THE       DAILY        LEDGER  . COMP ANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ff cents  a  month,-   $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  D'lcatlon  THURSDAY,   MARCH  15,   190G.  NANAIMO  EThe Hoard   of  License    Commission  '   er*-, " Mayor Planta,   Chaiunan;    AUl.  Hruullen      and   31 r.      .J.    Isherwooil.  coiiuxiissioners,       held,   their    rcgnlnr  ���������  meeting  last  night  in   the       Council  Cb ambers.  (The   only  business before iho board  ���������Wfis   ihat   of  transfers   of      License  ��������� 'John    Mocha being grouted   a transfer   from      Hubert E\ai������s   Tor Un* .Vine iino      Hotel.        Martm    Woodbi.i*n  Urns   granH-d a   transfer     from lli'in;,  Ut'iIIo   for   the   Vendoiue  and   .J.   l\v<  se.-ni    ,wns   also     grunted     :i     tra. s-  tar   for   the Occidental     hotel  from a  , pAi'tnt'i'shi')     with   Domonte   to himself. v   Mr.   Marker appealed    tor   llu  lait-or  and     E.    M.  V-.it-wood for tl-������  ������o'*ntcr  applicants.  Commissioner llnndlr-n addri-s'-ed  tbe board on his first appeal ant-i-  af a member thereof. He had noi  , kr.own of bin appointment until n  few*, .hour*, IWoiv the Board sat. and  Consequently  could     not  be     expect-  t)���������     to   sav  miicli,     as   he  was     nut  ' . *  thoroughly  alive      to   his    duties   n*-  yi-t. "    However,   he expected  that   hi  nirouldn adapt   himself-    to   tbe      ne\  position       in   a shorl    tune.  Court   adjourned      till   the    secoru  Wednesday in   .lone.  DAILY LEDGEK  " DAVI������ SPENCER������������������- %  anaimo)   Ltd  MILLINERY DEPARTMENT*1  To our m.my .patrons and friends ive wish to introduce our  Milliner, MISS M. SWAIN,  iron, Tacoma.   Miss Swain (late of  New York City) has been   n tlu- American Coast cities,  Tacoma,   Seattle and   Portland foi the past two years.   We'can assure you   of prompt   and   courteous treatment at all t rues.  *  WM. BIUNSIE, President  J. W.   CORURN    -*  ���������     -  "Telepho*n������-J4b.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AMD   LADYSMITH���������Shlnales   a   Speclalt-  ���������Maiinbictiirtir**     oi���������  Roui>h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings. Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Drlwi    r>    * *������������������<*���������    and   Finishlniir     Lvinerr   Is' Stock  tor  cJWONEY   TAIKS-=  Regarding Styles^  22  Mr.  C. SPI2NCER,  who is iust finishing his European buy-  iiiR tiip, has bought us an  exceptionally handsome lot of MILLINERY,  including HAT SHAPES,     TRIMMINGS,    FLOWERS,  Etc*, etc, direct iro in Paris and New York.   Many styles  which  will  be shown by    us ha\e neu*r  icached  the Canadian  tia*-'ellc-rs"   hands yet.  You'll bml us first and paramount in artistic Millinery.  O.n Styles are Sure Oui juices cannot help being right, sad  with fair and com too is treatment we expect to make the  "Spring   19UG"  the  ure.ilest in the firm's history.  AS LOUD TO US AS ANYONE. /  [IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH FOR YOL'P MEAT YOUR DOLLARS  j WILL GO FURTHER IF YOU BUY  I-'ROM US   Our Cash Prises Gsnnof 33 Beaten   PANNELL   &.    FLASKET  fesquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 51  I -    TraiLo  leave Ladysmith for Victoria and  all  intermediate stations    at  0.10 a.m. daily,  and at 4.00' p.m. on  Wednesday,     Sat-inlatvs   ana  Suii-  inys- ' .'.  . '���������        I  ii'i'.l-ll        ���������  "1      I       i ''      i     I'  Trains  leave  Ladysmith for Wellington and all  intermediate stations'  at  11.57 a.m. daiky,  aad at 6.00 p.m.  on Wedn������ days,   Saturdays     and  Sundays.  ! . Excursion Tickets    m ^  ".    ,: .      V ON SALE TO  AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going journey  Saturday ,*nd Sundays, return ny, ,not later than  tlie following Monday.-,  Jia.m������u.wi-Tn.-.fl,- | f-mm  Waif for "Spencers"  Millinery���������We'll have  botjh Eastern and Western S yles  ^4m&m&?mw������fttmMmwrP  Sails from Ladysmith .  returning sails from Vancou-  STEAM   HEATRIJ  WEU,  FURNISHED ROOMS  UM< tiVi'flAKli WITH    11  WINES. UQUORS. CI������AK**  ABBOTSPORD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH. B. e  'Vancouver ������������������������������������.,/  'iturday at COO a.m. and  .. *  2.30 p.m.,  -?-.;���������'  Streets.,  OURTNEY.  ft. & Pass. Agt.  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  w  , 'At the regular monthly meutiii.'  ot the Hospital I'oarcl held 'i'uu*.  dny nig-ht l'only rouiLiw busmes  iW.is transacted. A oonmiunicalio"  ���������w.is l-jjceivcd' from the Secretary  ol tho lOxtunsion jModicnl ancl Accident Fund suiting that at pr"  Stint the; oi-ganivation could ji<>  sees it's way clour to iai.se an;.  money towards the funds of 11*.<  Hospital.  '-���������The, lctior     from  Thos.   1{.   Sloe1  ,ett,     "miiiiay-c-r   ol   llu-   Wosloin      Fin1  'jSoiupanj .      v. a':   received       enclosin.  a\ cheque      lor    S    f>00   towards     tin  < maintaiiicncf     oi   the  institnlion.    ^  V������jtc!  of thanks      ������iii passed     to   !>���������  .-��������������������������� tended   to  the   Company     for     il*  g- nerous cuntribiit'ons.  ',    Steward Jones reported   the follov  "in a:  S^o'.   of p.ilienls     in  hospital        tin  iT-b.     lsl,   male    20:    iVmalo,   12���������������������  ICnterhij;   dm ing   monti-i,   male    31  Ir nale  i:{,���������27  Left, ^hib'   -������������������>   foiuaU-^11��������� :*1.  Pp-mI: remah*"2. "'  JtOi-nnininEC   in   hu^niial    March    1st  a in*.    20:   'Vi'ialr.   12���������:V2.  The   rfornani -at ion  of   tho li(isi)it;*l  fafl-iT*   a I   ���������uv-ont   consists of    T)r  T n is.   mi-,i(-riiilf'ndciil       Aliss.   V\     .i  1" dier.  M.ll i-"M    Mr    Fdward     Jones  E   >v. avfl     Xm'-'-05.     Hif.=c*i?  y[.    Mil iii  A   h'AVORITK REMKDY  FOR  BA>  I'.IKS  it's    pleasant      tasle    and   prompt  ci res have made Chan1.'nIain's Cou^h  Etmcdy a  Fa\ntilc with the mothers  'of small    cliihlivn.     It ciitickly enre"-  tJ cir Condi!"    and  colds  and prevents  ai v  danger      nf  pneumonia or   other  Er -ious     e< ri'-o.-uenres.       It not only  ci ies croup,   but  when given as soor  ai  thr* cioupv cough appears will pr-  vr-it   'he altac-1*. For sale by La  cl] <= ni: tb Pharmacy.  \llei-, T. Miller, A Kirhy. png for thc coming  K. Lister, O Randle, X. ^..'awlhornr  M. Caw thorn-.', and M Huiilor. !���������*  Rowbottom, Chief Cook; Victor Sell...  aundr\man, and J W. l-'reeman  ni-jht   atU'iidant  A SJ'LION'DID RUCCIOSS  The concert and Supper in I in;  Xeedhaui Street, Mission on Tuesday ni0hL was a gicat anccess, both  irom a imancial btandpoint ami t.ii.j  manner in which each and e\ei,>  item on the programme was rcndci-  jcI. liianj of those tuKmg pai i .  ni'ing called upon for encores. Tht1  I lev. JO. il. Taylor was chairman oi  lie cvi-ninv,', tho following bone; lhc-  in ogra 11111" p-endered:  Solo. 10 Miles; Recitation, "Wis--.  M. Lca*-lv, Solo. tOllie A it Umi: Solo.  !) liiv'erts, Violin Solo, .Masu-r T  Vllen. Solo, Ill's. W V. l)r\ stuilc;  Vocal nuelt, Mi.sst's (!. CotKiiiJ  ind F Kemp, Solo, J I io boson,  nst rnnieiil al Imett. V. Cihson ami  i.rsUe Shaw. Solo. ^\liss. A. Wo >d-  tian.    Solo.   Miss    L,    Lobley.  All 1 am'bnll pnlVuifinpt'-- are rorpif*';'.  ���������iI   to   io  present      on   tho        Cric1 ct  .season. Oilu-  hiisiness v.'ill be' the appointing of  delegate-, tu ultend the meeting- on  Sunday aiiernooit m the Athlei n:  club at which delegates from Ladysmith, Duncans and Chemninus an-  expected lo be present with the ob-  .kc(   of   forming-     an  Island league  ALWAYS      KEEPS       CHAMBERLAIN'S REMEDY   IN HiS HOUSE  PORTLAND HOTEL-  DAVID HYNES, Proprietor.  ".We   would  not  he without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.     It is kiept  j on    hand   continually in our home,"  says W. W. .Kearney, editor of the In  depenuent,    Lowry   City,  ilo.     That  is just what every family should do.  When kept at hand ready for instant  use, a    cold   may be   checked at the  outset and    cured in much less time  than after     it has become settled in  the    system.        This remedy is also  without a peer for cioup in children,  and  will prevent the attack when giv  en    as soon     as the child becomes  hoaise,    or     even   after     tie croupy  ������������������ounh appears,  which can be done 0n-  ivorn'is  on   Sunday moriiiiic; a(     l���������"���������  ly  when  the remedy   is kept at hand.  o'lloc',     for tho porpo^e  of org-ani/-   For -sale by Ladysmith Pharniacv.  li.Mid at reasonah o  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked ,.  This   Hotel  has    been  completely       renovated. *  Board and lodging SI.00 per uay.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHNTFA, Proprietor  Rar Supplied with  the  Best   Wines, 'st Avenue .-:  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  Best  accommodation  for  transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  HOTEL  ^RAND  sunshine  urnac  , This new Ilote! has been comfort-  a'dy furnished and the bar is up-to-  d?te. Rates (1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ���������p������]m*4������ ��������������������������������������������� '���������' *���������: ��������������������������� T^tivumltk  iTHE JONES HOTEL  HOTEL   DOMINION  ���������RatfB *1 25 aii(i$l,6t'���������  P*ri.e 'ius to all Rteiim'ioat iaudintra n������<  rjiilwttv il������ui<t,s. EWr.nc care BVPry ilvt  raiuiues to nil parts ol tb������ city, ftm  nnd tiihlt'.'uni'xvolled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor.  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B, 0.  THE Cf'  TO FERNIfc.  Read DOwi  9 |������:in. Lv.   Victoria   An . in.  S.oo p.' tu. Uv. ��������� Seattle Ar. .oo n.m.  9.21 p. iu, Arr. K������eretl Arr. 7.30 >���������������>  9.30 a. m. Arr. SPOKANB Arr 7.45 p.m  -6.25 p.ni Arr. ' Rexford   Arr 12.30 p. iu.  8.10 , p. iu, Ar. , Kike   Arr. 10.42 a. m.  9.00 p.ai.   Arr.    Feruie   Lv.9.$sa   tn.  ONE NIGHT '  To all Kooten������y. Polnti  TWO'  NIGHTS  >     Tu    Winnipeg and St. Paul  Close Connections -  .; For - Chicac^. 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Kmeison for alleged non-payment  01 royalty on timber cut on Jlroii-  ghiou J.sland, and another case for  alleged intention to export logs contrary to (lie government.s interpretation     of tbe   timber   regulation.  The basis, of settlement is thai  the government shiill pay its- own  and Mr. Bminerson's costs-shall ie-  tiirn to Jfr. Enifuersou thc hunk,  cheques which he deposited as  bonds for the release of his <���������<������������������-  uipincnt, and shall pay all costs  incidental to the seizures ninde.' Oil  his part Mr. * Bininerson has givivn  an undertaking ' that he will nut  attempt to institute any actions  . on account oi issues ��������� arising out  of the sei/.uros. Thus both pnr  tics stand as they were before tin:  seizures were made, and both side**  aro  satisfied.  SPAWN IN  NANOOSE BAY  Mr. C. li. Sword returned Ij.pl  night from a trip taken with Mr.  B. 'G. Taylor., fisheries inspector,  for the Northern part of the Island,  to iMinooso liay. Herring spawn  was what the gentlemen were look  mg after, for as the bird is  to tho ornithologist, so is the lis!,  and its spwan to these, gentlemen, "i'hwy report Nanoose Bay  as well filltxl with herring spawn  arid in good condition to increase  the herring population of tho Uuli  oi Cuorgia by a  few  millions.  The GU.OOU sockeyo .-spawn w :ie  sent on today to Nanaimo lakes  and   turned   loose.   0 :   NO TRACE  OF JAMES  HASiAM  TWELVE  Boise, Id., March 14.���������Vincent Si-  John, President of the Miners'  Union at Burke Idaho, who * u-is ! h('a,d 'inyUiing  arrested Fob. 18, charged with com  plieity in the assassination of former (iov. . Steunenberg, was released  tonight on a writ of llnbes Corpus granted by '.fudge George N.  Stewart, of, tho District court. Judyy  Stewart said that tile Probate Judges censed to have jurisdiction of St  I John after March 2, when the  preliminary examination should have  been made.  "That girl has an.'unfortunate idea  of repartee."  "Yes,"     answered    Miss   Caynne,  She has an idea that she is saying  unart things when she is merely say  ingthings that smart."  McGOVERNAND  . NELSON FIGHT DRAW  Chief Constable Stephenson and  Pro', incial Constable Trawford returned last night from an e.\-  tensive search of the waters be-  tvveen here and Mistaken - Island in  an elTori to find some trace of Mr.  .James   liaslain.   or   the    boat in  which he left here two weeks a^o  tomorrow for French Creek. , The  seai'i li was unsuccessful, for ai'Wr  cioseiy examining th-e shores oi  \amou\cr IsJund, aud the small  islands -utjucent thereto liothir.e,  v>htil-!\ur was l'ound to indirul.;  MliuL .nisi'artuno haiipeneU Mr.  liaslain after his dcparuiro from  this city. Neither the fishermen u-  long the coast v/aters, or settlers  i'ii the beach, who were questioned  by iMr. Sluphctibon had seen or  of the unfortunate  I man, , uho it is feared, has met  his deuth iu the cold waters of tiu-  Cull.  Fi-ibernien are' of the opinion thut  Mr. Ilnslnni's boat must have filled  and stamped, and is being ,drir;-  ed about in the gulf by the various undercurrents, or else it, would  have been washed ashore on Vancouver Island before this time. A  clos.- watch will be kept along, the  hen eh for'any signs of the boat drif  tine,* n'-horo, wliich if it should  oct-nri, will set at rest tbe doubt 3  a** to the fate of its unfortunate oc-  cupan1.  MIT. P.I  ten-  ibe  and  Ottawa,   Maich    ia.���������Twelve  dors  have   been   jiresemed     for  construction     of  two   hundred  fort}-Jive   miles       of   the   eastern section   of the jiationul truiiM-oiitinenlril  railway     jrom   Winnipeg     lo     "Lake  Superior   Junction;   for   one   hundred  and   iil'ty   miles   of   line   irom    Quebec  lt> upper   St.   Maurice   river,   and   for'  throe thousand feel,   of steel     viaduct  Kingston, March li.���������Ah a re  .->ult of tbe new policy followed 1>\  Croat Britain in the disposition oi  her naval and military I'oicc?, t!'e  local legislature today refused lo  puss the appropriation for ll'--  maintainence of tbe Jamaica. military, which with the exception  of probably 100 inen of the ai-  tillery for garrison duty, will !. *  disbanded.  _. ������$��������� "  Ar  1  Co  AFFLICTED WITH RHEUMATISM ��������� f  "I was and am yet afllcted wiln ' 3.  rheuinalisnii," says Mr. J. C. I'.aync, *f  cditor of the Herald, Addingloii, In- '������  (lian Territory, "but thjuls lo Cham jr  herlain's Pain Halm am able once $,  | more to attend lo business. Jt is the  best    of     linamenls."        II 1 rouble.!,'  . with  iheumntism     gi\e Pain  Halm a  across   Capet   Uougo v������|loy.     Quebec, j trja|   lm,  y()U  ^ cerlain  lo  ^  m(jre  11   is understood   .hat   -about      four, lhaH   (,least;(l     wilh   {h(.  pr(jm|lt  rcHoE  ol   the  tenders      are  for   Ihe     whole j wJlk.,,  jt ah-tirdS-      Oim application  re-  of  tlw  three  contracts. i lieves the   pain.     For sale  by  The (irand    Trunk Pacific    Tin il way   sniitij   Pharmacy.  Union  BrewiBH  i  NANAIMO    B. C.  flanufacturers of the  BEST  In   British Columbia  Lager Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  ed from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops  ���������H-4~H"r4-^*4-l-4-.J.4~J^^4-4..j..ft^.|. +-ft+..ft������.I,.������.fr������.t..  t-  has a \ery iuiporlunt interest in  keeping tbe cost of the I me from  Winnipeg to Monet on down to ih.i  lowest point, since its agreement'  wilh the government rtvjuiivs it  to pay :{ per coot interest, thereon for the next half century. Mr  C. M. Hayes and associates consider this a sufficient warrant for  their tendering to construct flic lin-i  tbem-.elvf.s. Th" Pacific Construction Company includes K. J. Cbnni  bei-lnin, ex--genernl mnnnger of tbe  Cniiiidinn Al hint ir 'linihvfty, a-itli  Fiiiiqmier Tiros., the well known  onilwny builders.  IGLi  Lady  iittK&SKS  >���������+���������*���������*���������*������������������  MADE II KM I   ltUX.  Chu.igo,     March     IL��������� The  Billiard  first  tour-  Philadelphia,    March   14.���������Battling  ' Nelson   had    the  advantngte        over  ,    Terry McCovern     in   their siv round  bout at the National  Athletic    club  tonight.     For the  first three   rounds  the fight   was  a disappointment     to  the 5,000 persons  who paid       fanc.\  prices   to  witness Hive  bout.        There  was  scarcely  six hard    blows .struck.  the  men   wrestling     from  one      end  of  the  ring  to the other     with        a  referee  powerless-   to separate them.,  It.   had- been  agreed  that  the  tefen-e  was  not   to  lay  his   hands     on ��������� thc.  inen,      but  simply     warn   them     to  step back  when they   rushed     to      ;i  clinch      Tbe repeated  warnings    hud  no   cnect  on   the   fighter*.,    and    tin-  crowd   hissed,    "roaned,     and     cried  "'fake"  and  "take     them     out        of  the   ring"'     At   the beginning   of the  .ouitli   round the  men began to fip;hi  as   thotieh   iney meant business.  Nr-1  son   kepi   right   after McCovern    and  used  straight   left      to       advantage.  McOdvern   frequently   countered with  hard .lefts and  rights,     but his blows  failed  to make an impression. At the  close  of   the  fifih   round   McCovern  went   to his  corner in distress.   -.  When the   men  came   up  for  the  final     round Nelson   sent  a  left       t,  the     jaw and  Mc-d.ncrn     rushed    io  a  clinch.     His seconds     cried    "hold  on   Terry,"     and      i.ever  were       in  struct ions      cniried   out    more   tbor  oui-hly.     Every     time   that.     Nelsoi,  landed  n   still  blow   McCovern   grubbed  him   around the    body and hunt-  on   until   Xelson   threw   him  oil'      by  sheer force,    lt   is  doubtful     if    Mc-  Oovcrn    could    have stood ibo gruo-  liing  another  round.  McCovern entered Iho ring o\  10:05. He was given a tremr-iul-  ��������� ous oval ion. His .seconds . were  Ifiighie McCovern. doe Humphreys,  -fohn Iturdy. Samuel Harris anil  Terry I.ee. .Nelson camo on nt a-  boul. the same time. ' Mc was followed by bismanager. Hilly Nolan,  Kid Abella, Addie^Kolly and John-  Loftus, his seconds.... The cheering  for the Dane had ���������'scarcely cense.I  when the scales were brought. into the ring and weighing was done  in full view ot the spectators. The  exact, weig-hts were not ''announced but both were under 1.������,:*  pounds. After a flash lig-ht. picture bad 'been taken of the i u*<*  men the referee called the  to .the centre of the ring- and  them instructions. A moment,  the   fisrhl.   was   on.  Jimmy Cardner  was     also  in  Nelson's corner.  Hound 1 .���������Nelson missed n i-.fl nnd  both .clinched. nnd it wns t.wentv  seconds before thev were sepnrnl-  ������1. Tho crowd hissed. i*ivl Wl-  son led 'vith n left in the hen/1. Thev  n.nrlin clinched,' nnd (l<r> ref^roe w,ni-n-  ������*d ovr<*C!nve>n f<������* liolduin*. .Tl-iere  Avns nnofh<*- clinch. otvI ��������� MrHnv.  ���������cm sen' -n.l'mvl ie^t ln b"nrl Th-v  inn"1'' elbifbed ii the bolt n.ir"i  ns   fb"i-    "-(.nl      l,i   Ov.ii-   rn'T,r.v������ (l.n-.  ���������\VP������     Jlr.4'-'".     Ii"<      Jiitfr.Q  P.O"f'   *"��������� ���������-.'-.���������'^r.i'p-n    r..:,.^^,7   r,      1 ^f^  fr.v    "-in'1        r...'1   Mi-*-    t������o>-o������v  l'i   I'ltni.*.  McCovern  sent    leff    to     wind     an"'  right to head. They rushed to  a dinth, and then McCovern drove  a right t<> the -head, which jarred  the battler. Nelson was cautioned  for using- his shoulder. Xelsom missed a straight left and again  they clinched. The boys did not  move- six feet Irom the centre of thc ring and were still clinched at the bell. Groans and hisses' greeted tho men , as they went  lo   their  corners.  Hound 3.���������McCovern tried thc left  to u iud--twite hutwwas blocked -n  both attempts,. Theytclinched aud  Iho referee could not get thorn to  break.     Xelson   drove     two lofl������  lo tbe jaw and missed "a hard  right and then sent, a right to  face and there was the same  old clinch, McCovern drove aloft lo  ihe jaw and missed a hard left. Mo  Cloven*, uppercuttod with a hatd  right   and   then  sent  a     right to  the   jaw,    Xelson   sent  a     loft to  tho head and ducked a vicious  left. Nelson sent another ieft to  the face and they were clinched a.  the  gong'  Round ���������*.���������McCovern swung wil I  'with his right, but drove a lo.il  tothe wind. Nelson sent a left to  the face* and then they clinched  and wrestled across the ring. Xelson pounding McGovern's kidneys in tbe clinch. Xelson sent  a light left to face, and McCJov-  oi n missed a swing for the jaw.  VcNon was growing stronger, while  McCovern scorned to be weakening  Xelson sent n hard left and right  Ui the jaw.' nnd McCovern was wea'v  as' ho wont to bis corner. Tt was  the first round in which there  ���������wis   anv ronl  fiehlinjr.  Hound 5.���������McCovern sent a left,  to the head, "ami Nelson counteivl  with a ..left to ., the wind, Nelson  sent a light left to stomach. McCovern   rushed  to  a   clinch     and   re-  game in.the amateui  miuioiii today was won by Wright,  of Sun I'Vanoisco, fron Xorris, of  New Vork, by tho record of "SOU  to 1 79 Wright made the highest  run of the tournament as far t'-*  it luv. progressed. He scored 111  in bis I bird innings, which eclipses  by ���������5:; points tbe high run of  hist  ,\ i'ii is   tournament.  /Viini onier, March 14.���������That the Increased development scheme for the  Britannia m-nes unnounced sonic  weeks ayo b_\ Mr. (J. II., Hobin-  son. fiiaiuiging director, is being rapidly put into effect, is evidenced hy tnc fact thai, the won*,  ing force, at tha big Howe Smiw!  propel 1 ii'S is being steadily increased. About n do/en minors left  this morning on the steamer Britannia for the Britannia Bench, nnd  another dozen w-iil go up tomorrow morning by tbe steamer.  At   1 >resent   tin'  output,  of    Britann  ia  averages      about     seven   ,   -thousand   tons   per   month.      Mr. liob-  insoii declared   in this  city  -not long  ago that hy   the  end    ��������� of next     August   he  would  be shipping   from the  mine   to the   concentrator nnd to the  smelter   not   less     than     twenty-live  I'liunisand  tons  per   month.      Jn   order   to  get   this  amount   of  ore  out,  the   workings     of     Britannia        will  have   to   undert>o considerable        development,, more " compressors       and  drills   will  have   to   be  installed,   and  the   working   force  largely ' increased  lb-ports' from    the   mines ' indicate  that tbe .ore   litfing taken out   of the  Mammoth   Bluff,     on the   Jane  claim  is   in   value   far exceeding any estimates ever mode  concerning  it.    Some  of  the   richest   ore    of   tho   property  is  con'ing   from  tho  bluff, .   and very  little   taken   from   there   bus even    a  pnsving  acquaintance       with      ,.   the  concentrators   at       Britannia    Beach.  ICvery     hit   of   ore   running    .r>       percent,   copper     and   over   is     shipped  direct      :o  Britannia  smelter  at   Os  borne   Buy, Vancouver  Island.  Mr.'.Hobinson is al present at  tho Brilnnnin Smelter, lie went  there from the mines just before M--  Thomns Kiddie, smelter . superin  tendenl resigned bis position. It i**  not known how long Mr Hob bison   will   remain   nt   the     Smelter.  THE STORY OF MILKING THE WHALES  'lhc   I-leiald  of  this  morning says:  About a week ago mention        was  '  niatiu   in   'Iho   ileruld      01        Captain1  Balcini.   and party,     who  weie    then '  ' on   their   way to Alberni   to look o\- '  ' er   the   whaling  plant     situated     on '  the   Canal  near   its  junction        with I  tlie  sea.     The  party  leturivcd      yes>-  1 tLi-day   and  are   highiy   pleased    with  'the  conditions     oi  the   wnal'mg     m-  dust ry,  as is developing on the We&t  coast. While the party were at  the fishery five sulphur bottom  whales wore brought in, tho largest being 95 feet long, from tin-  'huge fi-^h 110 barrels of oil was  taken and Irom tho bend, one ton  of whale bone, from the rest ol  tbe body about li\e tons of bone  of <in inferior grade was taken  out, the bone from the head itlono  was worth more than $'luO, the  oil uud the ��������� balance-of the bone i.-;  worth a large sum of money. Not.  a   thing   of  which   the   whale   is  com  fused   to   break     when   told     bv   the .    ,    ,  ..,..���������...���������,       ������r r, ... 1    . posed   of   is  lost.    Thc skin, ol wlu-di  reteree.      McCovern   sent   three   lolls .-.,....  to the     face,     but  the.      blows     did  men  gave  Inter  not have any 'appreciable effect  on Nelson. When they broke, Nelson -drove, a terrible right to McGovern's jaw, which made the  Brooklyn boy., wobble. They clinch  od and as they broke away the  bell rang. ���������'���������'.-.  ."��������� 'Round (>.���������Xelsoa missed ii,- right  hand . swing and then rushed to a.  clinch, McGovern missed a right for  the w-ind and then s*ent ar. upper-  cut to the wind. Xelson sent n  light, left to the face and then  missed a Wrih0.e right to Mc.C.'ov-  ern's chin. Xelson drove McCovern  into a neutral corner and landed  two hard blows on the wind. Mi-  Covern was almost out when the  the gong sounded. Tt, was Nelson's  fight.  the party have samples - will b<  inanufucturi'd into, films for photographic purposes. The intestine's are  utilized for nianulacturing leathers,  of which splendid samples are shown  The inner ear. or ear drum, as it  is usuall y mlled, i.s as large ns  un ordinary sized orange, one ol  the party had samples which are  euriostlirs. Thc  body  of       the  whale  i.s   worked      up   un  to        fer- -  tilizor.  The whale is hunted by a steamer, as it rises to blow a-harpoon  with a bomb on its point is. fired  into the nuuuoth, the bomb exploding usually kills the fish, and  it, slowly iinks, perhaps two or  three hundred feet, it. is raised by  means of the cable attached to lhe  harpoon, the points of which .expands as the line is pulled, making  a   secure   hold  on the fish.     Dr. His  "Kamala"    is the vernacular name'm,,]](.,.,  on0  of the    party,, is  the  of the r������d dye     r������rotluced from     the j ���������.ha,L, man  (ll- the  worl{1;     Ho       Lsi|  glands  olthe mature fruit of a tree ^ ho;irily    interested  in     twenty-three  ! whaling  stations   on     the      Atlantic  1  ��������� . 1  ccosl.   this  means  everyone   in     op-  '"'nlion.       All  are  under    his    direct  named    malotus     Phillipensis.     The !  tree is also    called the "monkey-face  free,:'  because   i-ttionfeevs paint their  races red by'    rubbing 'them with the    , ,,��������� .nn nnn .  frult- ���������        j charge,    $2,100,000 i.s  invested        in  the  industry    and it is   very      pro  fitable. The Doctor is interested in  the West Coast fishery and thinlvs  nioro stations will be established  next \eai. Meantime., he is studying the habits of tho. great levit>:-  ians nnd will know how- Ion;; tho  season on the West Coast wiil be.  ll now looks ns though the worus  can be opemted the xoar around.  Ninety men are now nt vwork, and  '20 11101 e ore on their way from Victoria.  The Do'-tor, who is n most pleasant personage. to meet, gave iho  Herald representative lhe true ^lory  ubout milking whales, for sit-  inoiiths past stories about a man  having a herd of .sixty domes! i-  tuted whales 111 Newfoundland that  were milked by specially invented machinery, have been going  the 'rounds.      Each    female whalo  giving   a   barrel      of  milk,   rich in  ipialit.i. etc. The story went that  the whales wviv fed ou seaweed  and Ivcaine perfectly tamo. It. war*  'believed by thousands of readers  and Tn-. itismuller has received  hundreds of letters from scientific  men, asking for full particulars,  the richness of the milk, if it contained the. same .nourishment as  cows milk, etc. '.The .whale story  originated in      a      joke. Some  friends   knowing       he      had made  the whale species and their lmbit::  a life study,' jokingly said they believed the public would believe  anything about his knowledge of  whales and sprung this story.  To their astonishment the story v.ns  taken seriously, even by inen nui.  woman of education and wide  world knowledge. It. is of course-  without even tbe slightest foundation   of  truth.       I'  It   is   the   intention     ol Captain  Thilcum and his associates to erect  a refinery on the Wostcoasl to treat,  the crude oil. this will atld largely to the profits of the industry  Captain Balcuin. Dr. Hismuller and  associates are     a   plonsnnt.       Ic!.  of men lo meet, anil tnlk most  cntet'tainly of 'the busineos in which  thev  are  cngatred.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  LEDGER  Office  CHQHR  Ist Avenue  *  I    T  I    ���������  LAC/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD  ^VfJRNITURI-  ED PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY.  MOV-  Stables in the rear of the Lad ystnith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at  the '  ���������������������������������������������������������������-���������-���������-*������������������������������������"������������������������������������.������������������������������������*  A. J. WASKET, PROP  miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short notice.  Drill sharpened by     us     always  gives satisfaction. Picks  hand! ed and repaired.  Shipstmithing    in   a J1    its  ^ranclnea  Hor.seshoer5 and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT  IJuller Street I- '   -    -     -  Lady tarnith, b C  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORKi A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSHIT  IPHONE 66  *  m  *  9  *  ������  Express  LIGHT TEAMING  Wo 3d and 8'irJc f>r 5ils  SEE  J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST   AVENUE  PHONE     6-0  NOTICE  LADYSiVLirH   WATER WORKS  W.  SFLr-'R  GENERAL hXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY   n-  Leave orders at the Abbotsford  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each month.  Office Hours I P. M, 4 30  T, J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  J. PIERGY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHL^G,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRV GOOD  VICTORIA, B. C  ' i NOTICE  From      this  date   the  undersigned  will  not  be  responsible  for   any  in  debtedness     incurred except on      ������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I.   EXPLORATION  & DEVEL  0PMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal LfabiL'ty.  Victoria. B.  C. M������v lSth. 190*  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUbf  Orders will be delivered anywhere  ��������� n the city promptly and at tht Io -  -st possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie'a, o������ tk������  Kapl&naifa.  ��������� James Warnoclr  Public  Notice  Aiu-ntion Is called to the   tact that th������  Ogiivie Flour mills Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR, hare for some dmi  past been producing flour in a fastly improred and parifl * form  by  the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control of    all the basic patents relating there  to, take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public  that any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes, will  *>e prosecuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company Lfmitad  are tho    only    in ill ers iu Oaaaia  whase   Flour  is purified by the Electric Process  ffla������g*a-*y-'-*',-*ag^  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also language" drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes  or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladvsinitb.   BO  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reaso  able ratet.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysinith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  ,  Ladysmith Temple No. 5  Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd   and  4th  Tuesday  at  7-30  p.m  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   OF  DRUIDS  Wellington  Grove No.   4 U.  A-.  0.  D  A! eels in the I' 00 .F. Hall, La-  liysmith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of. each, month, comrnenc-  ���������������g ���������Wednesday.'. ISth., 1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to attend.  By Order.  WM-., RAFTER, Rect Secty.  PATRICK BURK.N. A. THE    DAILY
Local Items
Twelve Head of Cows and
Milk Route. Apply P. 0.
Box 09.
THREE HOUSES���Situated one
on Rol.erts street, between Fourth
and Fifth Aienuc, 48x3-1, two storey
Two on Rofceits street between 3th
and (Ith avenues, 2(ix28 cottage and
���24x2(1. A snap. Apply Gus Hill's
Store,   Roberts street.
r Nanaimo, B. C, March 15. ���
Thomas Gay, oils; of the nianv
men. Lliat ha\o made Xanauno lam-
ous ab the home of some of ' li--*
best mat artists, of which I hi?
country boasts. on March Gth; in
Streator,   Illinois,     'won   a  handicap
LCI';     SS^W      xOuv,     otic    v.   < *-li^ c.u......
ii^iiL .. c i-^-UL      \ii'i;.>.'iv'J&; ui   cue   uo.j ���
.ict.as Ol Lite Uij'J/o \Uo iai;.U'.i
iu uio city yuscoi-uaj v.1 -"Al- ^um.
i>a��i(.-s, , uilo, u.v cue \.ay, ' uiu^ui
i da) uic tricus ui t.ic! game, aim
who wub".iiisti'ui'iiuii.i.ai . in ui'Ui-,��.jy
han   -jc-io-i;   cho puijin,.
-V-ci-o'aiiiy   lo ch<j   icims      01
. . .
nniti.li,    \\ 11U5      was   to  tiaow
Ui.ee   nmua   111  au   iiout,      and
RETURNED���Scheneck,   the    Vancou*. ei*   Photographer  has   opened  his
studio  at   Ladysmith.   Today   ami for
thc ncxi   ten  days  Cabinets* at  ?3 00
,jier  dozen.    Campbell's  Coiner.
.Y.'AX,TKD-Two    girls      for  general
housewcrl*.    Apply   Tcmpeianee Hotel.         _____  T 3k
Call   at  .Jcvsup's   Drug  Store     for
some of his     newly arrived  English
Tobaccos nnil cigaicites.
>   '    ' ~��        -
Paul   ftilmour  is   the nttr.i.lion  al
���the  Victoria  opera  house  toni'dii.
Tlie 'Board  of 'Trade meeting  takes
1'lace. this evening.
_��� S.S.   Wellingson   arrived   in       pon
from San Francisco early this ,1110111-
; lllc
: Vii
oa,)    succeeded  in   jjaiumy   uuu
tieioiv   Wiley secured  the   iluce,
match  was   to be   Ua} "s
After Ui) minutes of lust anil ex-
ciiiny work, Wiley tool%. the his*,
fall wilh a hull .\0U011 wilh U'-js
and haiiimerlock.
in  the  second  bout  Gay     ast>uiiu;'l
the  aygressiM)     and  after  four  minutes .work-   took   a  fall ������from       his
opponent   with 11   far arm  nelson and
k>y   1< civ,   hotter    known      us tlu-
slocks.      By   taking-   this   fall       Tom
wt.ii   tlie  match     which  was  wiinoh-
Capt.  nnd 3lrs    Culler of'the S.S
Wellington  are in   town  today.
Mr. W. Cf. Pindcr is surveyihg land
for Mr.   J.  Russell  at Grove   " IW1
Mr.      J.  Wand lass,  of South  W2I-
< lington,'was in town yesterday.   Mr.
',   Vi'andlass   is emplojed  at  thc     new
lumber   mill  at  South  Wellington.
, -'The Excelsior Social Coin's -dance
lust ccning proved to, be oijnal to
���the standard dances given under lhc
ai'spices or the club. A large number of people weie present and   thor-
- onglily  enjoyed   themseh es.
;   Tho Prinple  Company   is composed
.   of twel-.c c!e\er artists  who will de-
1    light  all  who  patronize  their     per-
foirnances at  Hit*  opera house c\ery
night  nc I   week.    Th��y    re sine    o
.   <get  lmm;.c;r houses every night,    for
: the  Ladysniilh  playgoers know  when
m show is worth patroni/.ing.
Twenty Chinamen struck'at Croft on
yesterday, and left   lhe woiks.    One
of  the  Celestials  shied   a brick  thro-
v^h a window at Mr.  Robinson, but
"  n-.'ssofi      his     maik.    The  Chinamen
���were 1 enlaced   by  a gang  from Lacly-
s -iitli,   and   moie   men   are expected
ii pm Vancouver soon.
ed   hy   a   humper  house.      Immediate ' *ii
!-.   111 i"r   (he   match   Wiley   challenged   3'
��� ���*>
t!ny to a return match, best two
out of ihri'i* for the championship.
Guy's hackers at once accepted and
oflerc-d to bet twice as much as Wiley a iked for in the hrsl place. This
made Wiley ���consider, and he ,asked
for lime to consider the proposi*-
ion.       ft   is   expected,  however,    that'
a   return   match     will   take  place
a   very short   time.
In Ibis city, on Saturday, Man ii
lUth ihe wife of Mr. William Locl>-
hart    of  a  daughter.
An ccciiing and lively runaway-
-.nised con��)ideial)I(' commotion a-
li'ng Commeicial stieet and lhe
h'estMit yesterda\ afternoon. The
.mrse was finally brought to a stop
.clou- much damage had been billeted.
The Ke\. A. E, Honoris returned
a brief visit to ��� Victoria
ay afternoon, having attended
ing " of the Programme com
of the Methodist conference
(J., which meets in the Cap
'itv  m   May.
From one of the
Best   Makers   in
Garments admitted to be tne Best
Ready - to - wear
Garment   Made--
They come in fancy Tweed, Worsted Serge, etc.
Prices from
.1? io
id li.'t.ve :i
wxh -hem
si *..c
falter* &
Mr. .1.  Anderson, the tinsmith and
plumber,   now has, his  shop  located
111      the  building of   the Ladysmith
Iron ami Sto\c Company, and is prepared to do any kind of work in his
line promptly. Orders may lie left at
x me
in li.
phone 52.
furniture stcre  or  tele-
TJ't> theatrical eicnt of  lhc season with  unbounded success  wherever   it
in   Ladysmith   is   near   at  han.-l���al- has    been    presuiled,      and  will   nu
ti'ady  thc daring postcis   announMiig cdoubt  please thc '"hist niy,htcrs''   of
lhe coming of M.ss  Lansing   .iowan th.'s city as well.
and  thc Pringle : lock  CompStny am The  compnuy   will   present  an   ci\-
att-ractine:  the'attention of  the.  pass- tire      chau��e  of  piogiamme  iiinhtly
er.sby.     The o|ioning  bill   to   be jnt- diuin-\   then   week's  engagement here
sented here 011 Monday, evening  next Popular   pi ices,   2oc,  35c,   and   50c.
will   be t-ho-delighlfuT  comedy -d. ama Scats  now   cm  sale,    tiiaivd  111 ali nor:
"Across thc Sea." Tins play "*us r.ct Saturday aUemoon  at 2.30.
TfillTiii id Piii
 Done at	
Reason be Prices
Leave orders at   I'eterson's  Finn
ture store,  or telephone No.  n.'l.
\V.il\ovcr  Sh.oes   for  men  in
ill  Ktvle*���-Blair  &  Adam.
Just Received by   Express,    25
designs in
Secure Your C  oice I'arly, as They
�� are -Felling Rapidly
W. G. Fraser
Merchant Taiior,
1 (1st Avenue 1
Spring Stock on hand. Call e^riy and
get your choice
Mr , ami   Mrs.    .Inhii   Aitlcen.       nc-'
oonip. iiiiid   by  a   bouncing   il
aiiivo.l  in  the  city jcfctertlnj
'.ilil'o nia.     .lohn  loots
.ii-^   so.ciurn
all   \i-^teicl.'iy   afternoon    wns
iluikiim   hands   with   old   fr'n'nds   up-,  f^mitii.
in  southein   climes
NOTICE  is hereby given  that I  in-
lead  to apply  at the next sitting
of  the License Board of  the Oity of
Ladysniiith      BC,  for a transfer  of
the retail liquor license now held i-y
tne for  the premises Known  as the La-
y,ul   dysmith   Hotel,   situated  on   Lot  9,
lHll"'v   Block 27, to Robt. Scott and   Alex-
Witliin  a few days  all   trains       on
rthe     E.  &  N. as  well      as all coal
tiains will lw   running on  tlie upper,   c-ui <���
ov     new     trac'i  d^wn  to thc depot ,    TV
from   thc '   diamond   just  above   the    jti.-j,
b: ewery    store house.   The diamond
Ci miot  lie  used   until  permission    is
gncn   by   the  Railway   Commission,
so   that  the  coal   trains   will     continue for some tiny: to  run on E &
K. orders,     as they, are at present.
B* fore   the  Railway.' Commission will
Ri ,'c the  required-���,permission  an  in-  ,
terloekinir, syst3m  must  lie .adopted,, j centl
.;n     I.is   return     to  iho old .sod. Km-
a   timi'   ai   least     'Mr.  and  "\li"-    AM-
i.'ii   w ill ' reside   with   Mr.  i\iu.\  .Mrs
I'.  .1. 'i'bomas,   Haliburtou  Slreut.
New-      Kngland     i^      e\|)ucted
\"niu;ouvtir       today      to    tiiKt-
bunker  coal      for   Vr.  north-
���Tcrje     ViUon      will   sail       I'm
i   today   and     complete        hi-"
cargo   of  coal     for  San Francisco.
a set of semaphores  installed,   j missi
This safoo'uarcl will  be installed   as    n"��
soon   as '' it can be secured   by       tlie  i chair- an
railway,  but it  will, not be yet for  j-T
scnie  months.    The interlocking     de-1
vice and   the semaphores will'cost, a-
bout    $7,000.     When     the   diamond
civ'Ssinn is allowed :a signal man. musb
be stationed''at the semaphores night
ami day. ���
���: The-   CompaBy's   new' .waslicr        ai
No.    ���   f   shaft       is    rapidly    Hearing-
cimipli'ttii-ii ���    an-d   1,-eforo   long      will
roc.-'iv!'   its      finishing   touches     .aiid
be;   in   shape      for operation.
Aid '-mail .Jas.   ITandlc-n    has       rii-
beon   appoiniod   License   Oo:*i-
:ic-.r      for   the .city.   Tbe,  board
consists     of    Mayor      Tlnnf.-i
.-^Icl.   ITnndlf-n.   and    V.r.
1 herwood.   Oom'hiissioners.
Sniolre Little B. Cigars,
31. 1-5    I'iiuicr,..Victoria.
R. Wright,  Vancouver.
O. \[  ^k-ltii,   Vfiu-ci-iuyer.-
!E. Ilcslam,   Vancouver..
B. R.  Mc 1'e : n,   \'p. nc-o i.' v-e <������  ���
J?. J.   Stevnis,   Vancouver.
3<\ Iliclmrtlson,  \!ietoria.
I  ha-e just received a shipment of
Hill* High Oracle
. and
I       CIGARE1TFS    '
;    at the	
ffg-Jg*-   ':i!%5"'.-V-.
t��c     1
by his atty. in fact,
Dated at Ladysmith the 10th day of
Match, 190G.
era House
nhy, MW\   19th
..".*,-Lansing.- r>o^ANv
and   the
'Across the Sea'
Change of Play Nightly
Prices 25c, 35c,  and; 50c.
SEATS  on   sulc 'at  Forcimmer's.
fcriw jJuiuH ��juswt�� vt-
/ We will give you the above articles if y  u
return us ^
Whiter  SY'weiri  Soap
' iS3k
63 *3>
T2S Si'
HcOregor   and   Scotch Km:g;
for Hen
Having secured   the agency of    the-
���we are iletermiiicd  to  put be   fore the public the Most. Stylish shoe ever shown in Lady    smith.  These goods are Criiar-
aivteod  ��� amd     the Prices arc   Rk'ht.
See  the  different  Styles   in    our big window.
Mat & Adam
Boarders Wanted
HOARD      AND     I.ODCilNCi
Jleing  under  lit Me.  exrcnsi',   Hoarders
secure the  llcnefit.
$21 Per Month
...   G.   ROSSI.
Buller   Street.
Is Again Open
 opposite Fire Hall
Nanaimo, B. C.
A Tine Assortmenf
lonrniirii ������ B-nriTiniii
lllki Slitlslol
Our Stock  i**; now  Conlp'ete  in ail the  Newest
Things in ''-'������
Flies,   Trolls and Lines
^m*wmaaaaWmmmmamav^m^mmm^mmmmi**mm^^w**im*>i***'mi**mimmmmawi**w^T^\wi**r*n*in ��i������*��iiiit)Bii'Mi��MiwwMMM*MwMWwwi
The Ladysmith Hardware Co. Lid
Wc have, just received     from the.,East a large  shipment of
riiey are the NEATKST BAGS-we have  ever  shown   and  of
PRICES FROM $1 to $5
Call   in   and  S����   Them
First Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,    B. c
STQVjFSt.      --�����      STOVf St |
We 'are making HEATfiRS .md RANGE*, of.the Latest Styles
and Ne.vesi Piititrns
-  U c do all kinds of
Foundry and Repair Work���Nickel Plating
, in uA its branches, a Specially
Phone 53 - ������ ,' - P�� O. Box 42
One hundred dollars ($100.0(1) will
be gi\en  to any  person  or  persons
who .will  give sufficient information
to lead to tlie conviction of the person  who killed two cows  owned   by
the   undersigoed,  on Galiano Island
on"the 22nd of February.   -The   animals were lulled ..two hundred (200)
yards    east oL Portier Pass* LigKt-
house.   The heads and fiifles      were
found buried; in the sand. ~,
'".���:"-"������*' ' JAS, WARNOCK.
Train Service
And the Principal Builneii Centere of
Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Provinces.
For Time Table*, etc.; addreu
Asalstsnt Ocn'l Puaenser and Ticket Agent,
13S ��o*M�� ST.. CHICAOO, ILL.
After this date the price for hreart
deluded at my Customers' houses
will he FIVE CIOXTS per ioaf- 20
loaves for a dollar. My read is
guaranteed the hest made. Shops*
run hy white help should receive
white peoples' patronage so long as
they are properly conducted., i solicit a trial as your Baiter.
Smoke Little B. Cig&ri.
Prescriptions filled promptly at the
Ladvsmith Pharmacy.
The partnership existing '_bbfcwe.cn-
C. 1-1 Rumniiiig and AV. E. Ruiniiiing
carrying on business in, the City of.
Ladysmith, B.C, as manufacturers
of- carbonated ���������beverages, etc, under
'the firm name of Runiming Bros., is
hereby dissolved. All oiitstancliiig
accounts must be paid to W. E. Rum-;
ming, who .will continue the business
ami pay all accounts against the firm
ol Runiming Bros.
���.    O.   I-I.  RUMiMING,
.    W. E. 'RUMJliNO. ^       ���
Dated  at Ladysmith this  2Slh Day
of Feb., 100C.
Bollcltor,  Tlim.
Money  to    loan
1st. to'm* LAW*VI H
A. HOWE, of CHEMA1NUS, Jhas opened the MEAT-
fYlARKET lately    run by W. Ward, on Roberts street
A Trial Solicitd
A.      HOWE,    :      PHONE 20
Neatly and Artistically Done
Orders   Promptly   Executed;


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