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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 13, 1906

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 w  .*?'  ~raj������.'  ',-H3A  -���������������������"������-������ V25  "ASSEifB^y^  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.12  Tl'ESDA\ MARCH   13,'. 190C.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  CITY ORDERED  TO REFUND FINES  Appli  [ication of G. M. Grant of Victoria  . Granted-City Ont of Pocket  $95 Through Raid  A Citizen, il  is  Said,  is Anxious to  Challenge Aid. Spence to 'Pugilistic  Encounter       ." " '" ,  Tlie    weekly   meeting of  the  city    quash-vl,   and the fines levied by Jus-  council took plaoc last evening, those  tices  of tlie  Peace  Mathcson       ami  ELECTRIC LIGHT  DISCUSSED BY  CITY COOKCIl  present   being   Mayor   Nicholson.   Al  dermen Campbell,  Uren and Spence. a check   for, the  total amount he for-  Aid.   Uren chairman of the     street warded  to him  without' delay,  committee, as'.ed  why the rccommen T,1C city treasury 'wiii 1>c ,jrawil OIl  dation. of that committee that Mr.  C.   Axelton   be given  a case of coal ...  ,      ,  oil to assist  him   in  burning stumps *ml  thc  magistrates will hand  ,,ack  on the street close  to his  property the rout costs.   The Mayor figures  hail   not  been  acted  upon.    He  poin- that after  the" fines  are returned the  tod out  that  Mr.   Axelton  had done city  will have lost $95.00 over     the  much  work    towards clearing      the raid. IIisWorsnip observed ��������� that        if  streets,  and   he  considered   that  men the raid  had put  a stop  to  gambling  doing  work of this sort should   not the amount was well spent,  look in \ain  for help  from  the coun- Aid.  CalnpMjIl dmii'ted   that       the  cil.   For his part, he would far rath gambling on     the hill  was stoi-pwi.  or  help a progressive citi'/en       than Ilovvii.er,   one  tiling   was clear,     the  vote money for  improvements on      a government authorities  were     doing  street  where  the K-sidents   would not nothing   to help  the city council' to.  do a stroke  of   work  towards clear- put down tlie vice in  the city.       It.  ing ti>e roads  themselves. If the coun seemed   to hini  that,  they  were    cn-  cil would   gi\e     a little   assistance, couraging   the criminal1*. ���������  Alter iuv-  ' At the city council meeting last'  Ci'cnini.-'. Mayor Nicholson's report on  the cnnfeieiu'i* of the council and Mr.  Ki'ssell .Simpson on Saturday even-  was, in substance, the same as pu'n-  lishi'd   in   The  Lodger  last even ng.  ' \ fl'i't" making the report; the mayor informed the council that he had  got tli;,' price of Iinlit in every other  (���������na:.t city, iii'-.-i'ther witb information  n> the probable cost of a plant and  main tt nance of the same, lie Wioui-l.t  the council should have, a special  meeling during the week at which nil  .Stewart  be  returned.' He 'askod that 'mcnil.ei-s could  be present  to discuss  ES  SI UNO AT  HIGH PR Ct  SETTLERS &BE  THE NOBTHWES  INN  'JiP-jBC!  such as Mr. Axcltcn had asled for;  it would encourage other citizens to  undertake street improvement work.  ��������� His Worship said Aid. Uren must  discuss the n-ucstion under the hcu.il  of new business .later in.thc evening.  When Aid. L'i'en again referred to  the question later on, a lively discussion   -ensued,    in  answer  to Aid.  I he (j-.iestion thoroughly, awl decide  iwliai s/.-ps are to betaken by the  Ico.incil. If Ihcy could show the peo-  |ph'' that electric light would cost  for the amount o! the thirteen lines ulv\~. ������������������ more than coal oil, thc installation of a plant would meet no  op; nsition.  '_ A 1.1. Uren said the proposition of  Alt. Simpson's client seemed to hi in1  iPii������*.i reasonable, and worthy oS co������-  sifloi ,itir.-n. in granting the company  adulter the eitv would be saved ex-  I       *������ ���������*  pens*��������� and would he running no risks  If't'v city borrowed money Sln inter,  est of at 'b-ast, five par cent would  ha\i' to ix* paid. If they bought the  plant fiom the com*pany in time to  cnu i>, only 20 per cent, above the  ens I would i>e' as I ed for it, ami ihe  ci tithe imsincss worked up by the coin-  pan It would he some otimc before  man people had eLctrit: lights in  then homes, nnd it would require a  lot .ci'winl> to make a good business.  The company would have to go to  this  Double- and  lisk, and if it was  Vancouver, March 13.���������A:'Seattle  despatch says: FiMi Commissioner'  Ktrshaw e. * wts to see the price of  soc eye Milmon icach the .high mark  of MO per case before the puck of  l'.XKi  is sold out.  Me  bases   this   prediction  on       the  picsent estimate on  the  condition of  .Calgary, March 13,���������In three sec-'  tinns, each carrying from seven" ;tn  cle en cars, the trains of the , Van-  p;u;.td of the sp.rinn* invasion, Irom  1.1k* I'ui led Stales arrived in Ci-lga-  ry v toil ay i At 5 a.m. the first section arrived, followed at 7..'10 by the  setond and- at  !) a.m. by ilie' third.  It      was, the   most   extraordinary  PS NOTES  FROM THE  WATERFRONT  the   mn.ria'1,   the  scarcity   of sockeye  j  salmon Ion the nw.r.kel at. the present movemunt of subfctaiLtial settlersev-,  lime, and the prospects of a light' \.x recorded in Calgary, and a great.  run  ior  this  vein*. 'niiiuv . t'algary business men gathered  lie said  the-season sho.ihl be fairly   at ttl0 ,ie;:ot to greet ��������� the newcomers  prosperous     as   the  pi ice    of packed   The de*;ot,  baggage-room,  the  immi-'  the  product will   fiiidouiHeclly  reach  higlust  mark lever 1 nown.  "1   look  for soel.eies  to reach the  selling price  of  $10  before the    1!>0G  pack   is sold  <mi,"  .snill   Mr..      Kershaw     today,'"for   with   practically  all of the  IflOT* stock off tho market,  gfation' hall and the hot-els and res-  tat rants?; in the immediate vicinity  were immediiately overrun with, the  crowds in the. quest or food and lodging. ���������''-,. ,������, < ���������-' v  -��������� ��������� '1 lie."-:" large majority in each train  was  composed  of whole   families   of  and only alight pack in view, there fro.n three to ten, John M. Rowan  is no apparent reason why the fish of Randolph, Neb., had the banm-r  should not  reach   that  price." family  composed  of  eleven  children,  Interviewed ������today  concerning ..-the:-seven; boys and 'four girls,  all health-  I'oi-L'go'ing  prediction",  several Vancou-; fur looking young people,  lie will  Jo  er  dinners  declared  Ihat'they couUl  cate  oh  a;qiiarter-section,   for which'  not agree  with  it���������that in order for    he paid ...?7 per acre,  21  miles, east of  sockcyes  lo  sell   af ' that   figure men-; Ollls. ,-  tioned, the pack af tiie coming season , Krom Indian Territory, Oklahoma,  would have, to prove almost a total Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri there  '"���������lure. ; ������������������ ' ; twere six hundred people.   They came'  As  it is,   it  is-generally  estimated    right   through  in a special* train from  in 1902,   the  year correspondir^i with,   st.   Paul.    There were two  sleepers  Theafter-diriner fpap of the memjiprs  of  the  fire brigade  was  rudely  broken shortly before one o'clock      this  afternoon  by   the, clanging of the fire  bell.    A   gal van bed   in.n   stove  pipe  running   through   the  roof  of  one  of  H.  L: Wood's cabins a'.ove First Av  eniin-became  overheated  and   ignited  the shingles.   The. occupants, the Man  ghini family,  quickly'-gave  the alarm  ami their belongings were thrown out  of   the   buildiiig  pell-mell.    A   bucket  of water  thrown on'-the smoking ioof  by    a neighbor  was all  that       was  necessary 'and   by  the  time  the  brigade had  arrived at   Knight's  Bo0k-  stoie all  wus  well.  Stovepipes    running  through     the  , '  roofs of buildings are prohibited  by    cabin roofs,in town.   They are likely  the city bylaw, and the pipe     that  .to become overheated  any time and  caused  the  bother  this  afternoon  is    for  public  safety steps  should be ta-  not      tlie  only  one sticking  through   ken  to have theni removed.  Oil!account  of the  rough  weather  the Transfer  was obliged  to 'anchor  after   leaving   Vancouver  yesterday.  She     left at   7   o'clock  last evening  and did  not arrive here until     nbc  o'clock  this morning.  S.S.  Capilano  is in port with ore  for lhe smelter today.  S.S.     AIM on was in at the wharf  for bunker coal  this morning.  S.S. Jessie Mac brought two scows  ior coal  fro   tbe the mainland    this  morning.  Collier  Wellington  left San   Francisco on Sunday is expected here tomorrow or Thursday for coal.  TUBERCULOSIS HOSPITAL AT ONCE  New   Westminster,   March   13.���������-According to the report given to the lo  cal   branch .of  the  Anti-Tuiberculosis  that   while   the   pack  on   the Frascr-   a!U| Sftvcii day coaches.  It is sigiitfi-   Society of Uritish Columbia,  at the  River may  not be a1* large as it was   cant of the financial position of these,''meeting  held'yesterday  afternoon, it  would  also,   for  this sum,  niiy   {*'���������������������������' Present in  the four-year cycle, it  settlors that  they travel in standard   is expecled that before the end of the  llier discussion it was decided, upon  n motion by Aid." Uren, seconded by  Aid. Spence, to refer the bill to the  the I nance committee.  A  bill      amounting  to $22.50   for  cutting, and hauling <-<<*A'-woOtI       from  the streets  to the city school     was  referred ,to tlie school* trustees.  The road foreman  reported   that D.  Campbell,   Aid.   Uren said Mr,   Axel- Johmson  had asked permission -       to  ton     was going to clear out eight make certain repairs to the alleyway  very lurgc stuni|s iuid several s.vstfr ,nt  the  back of his pro]������3ity.       The  er ones.    When he had completed the request was granted".,  work     lie would  have cleared about Aid.  Spence,   of  the sanitary com-  l<lf>" feet by 40 feet of street.       He mittee, reported that he had looked  thought  the council   should  give him 0vcr Mr. I. Gould's pro.-or ty  an<i liad  the case of coal oil. found that drainage from  flop Lee's  Aid.      Spence' objected that      the am> Christie's bin Wings was rmmins  street Mr.  Ak-xton  was clearing-was 0Il  to it, and that sewerage from sta-  traverscd  but little. i,les  at   the  hack  of   the blacksmith  Aid.      Uri\n  differed. ,?Mr.   Axelton. siloJ) W;IS aiso draining on to      the  hud  the most   beautiful  garden       in c.ould      lots.   lie  also   noticed   that  town and hundreds of people went up y,ere was a g0(K- ,-eal of filth around  to fiee .it, and in tho state the street t|lc cabins on'Mr..   Gould's property.  is at  present  had  the  pleasuie     of [je asked  tJic sanitary cnmmjti'p to  climbing over stumps and logs.   The go' with him to -.inspect the pvopcrty  poorness of the street spoiled the  appearance of the prettiest piece of  propei ty   iu  Ladysmith.  Road Foreman Callendar'inforniod  -the council that Mr. ."Axelton being  unable to get assistance from the  council,  had .��������� qiuit work.     That being  The niirhtwatchnittti had as! ed . the  council if the fire-hell, was to be  rung at' Curfew hour.-- The council  ..thought it would i>p. a ftppS ������ik>a, AId  .Spence thought that as ijic hour was  eight o'clock, the bell'should he  rung eight times:   but   Aid." Campbell  a faili.ie   the  city   would   he   nothing  out,   and  if it  was a success   the city  coul'!   buy   the whole in  a few   years  to c(.'iie at a leasciiiaiik*  price.  Il,s Worship was of the opinion  that Cue proiperty Loldeis should be  given another chance lo h<*\e a nm-  nicip:i.l-������)wned plant. The mayor of  Van'-ou\i-r. who had had cousUbirai.'le  exp< i inner- with such j'(isiness, strongs  ly ml', ocated  a city-owned concern.  A hi.  Sp. nee  was sure a proposition  to  vote a franchise to a piivn-te com-  piuw   woull he voted down ami     i*f.i  ually  certain   that  alffhuv  to  ruise  tnoiii'v' for   a municipal-owned       plant  woi.Id   receive  suppoit   from   a large  majority.  All   those  present spoke in  favor of  a steam power plant in preference tr  a wilier power'concen ,  ami after con  sidcriiijjle  discussion, it   was   decided  to bold a ���������meeting later   in the week  to  discussi the  question   thoroughly.  can  get  will  still  be fairly  good. In 1902 the sleeping , cars   when   they  l-'raser     mer ' production  was  over these accommodations.���������'  :i27,000 cases.; It      i.s  not expected       Colonel Porter ofcMuskcego,'Indian  that  that figure will lie  reached  this Territory, ;   Governor of tho     Creek  ���������ear as in  J 902 no sockeyes were a- Natia'n, accompanied  this train, with  j tended,  and the principal feature   of  election of three vice-presidents, and  ble   to   reach   the  spawning grounds a number 6f friends.   'They expressed '.the meeting was the address given ibjy   Mrs.   J.     C. Whyte,  Dr.  R.  E. Wal-  nbo.e the QuoSnel  dam.   The fish way satisfaction with the splendid weath'Dr.  C' J.  Fagan,  who told  of     the   l;er   and Mrs.  Hugh Gordon       were  in  the dam was not installed'in- that ei' and- tlie  metropolitan  appearance  'great need  of   the sanitarium and of     chosen.    The president,   Mrs.'   G.   D.  year    a turheculosis sanitarium will  he Jn operation.     ,   -'  The - ; meeting of   the society held  yesterday  afternoon jwas  largely at-  It was decided to hold a concert in  aid of thc funds of the local society  and the details were--left to the executive committee to arrange. The  concert will be held in the opera  house on some date to be set between March J 7 and Easter.  It  was  decided  to add to  the executive of  the local society by     the  year,   and   eonsc^jjuunt'ly   the fish were  of the city.������.;:. -        v     r  shut  oil from a large area of spawn,-1 *. Yesterday's Moose Jaw-local train  ing l.etls.   The ccnse>.\ encc is obvious,   brought tw.enty-s x settlers from Red  the case,;"Aid.   Uren  observed that he w shed the warning to small  boys to  would   throw  up the  sponge.  Howev- be nautical,- On  board, ships  at ci slit  er,  it  was some tiirie  before  the  ar- o'clock      the bell, was  sounded  four  giiment was aropped.    Ala    Catnpb?H times, and it should  be the .... same'  agreed  with Aid. IJren that the coun With the     curfew belL'-An argument  cil     would    be getting street work threateneil to ensue-  when the may-  done very cheaply if citizens     were 0r compromised  matters hy.suggest-  willihg to remove eight large stuniips ing that the nightwatchman and the.  for a case of  coal   oil.    He   thought- fi.-e chief, could arrange as to.:" the  Mr.      Axclton's request should      be number of ring's,  granted.     Aid.  then  moved a resolu-/   An. application from J-. CroclT ' to  tion to that effect,  but Aid.  Spence hat. trees  that' endangered hjs house'  strongly     opposed it. lie said there felled  was received ,arid the road fore  was     one    hoy who had moved out man was ordered  to  do the work.-  twee as many stumps as would  Mr. The following petition   was      prc-  Axelton     and  cleared  the street     in sented:*       '                 "*    .  front of his  property  without' help 1    Gentlemen:.-We,    the-   undersigned  LOSES HIS  MEMORY  worth a cent from the city. '">f.  course now that he bad heard that  some of the councilmen favored giving help 'to Mr. Axelton he had ask-  for assistance and he, the speaker,  thought he deserved it far more  than did Mr. Axelton. Continuing,  Aid. Spence. remarked that he was  well awurn of the criticism he ha 1  been exposed to on account of his op-  property  holders  and  residents ���������     of  Block 9  of this city,  hereby  petition  your honorable body  for some  (innn-  cial assistance in the construction of  a ditch  that will'drain   said  block !)  and connect with Catacre street|������ew-i  er.  We  vvdll supply  the  tile if     your  honorailiie    body    vvill he responsible,  for  the digging,. covering ���������and connections. This latter will not- take more  position   to   the  granting  of  the coal   than $30  or $'J0 approximately.  oil  to     Mr.   Axelton.  He had   even  been      told      that Mr. ^xelton had  threatened  to blacken his eye for opposing the proposition.  Aid.   Uren  advised   Aid.   Spence  to  commence (raining.   Tie should  learn  to protect himself  if  he was in such  danger.   Lhe discussion  waxed       hot  and  was  only  ended   hy   Aid.  Campbell   seconding   AM.   Uren's   motion.  Put  to   the council  Aid. Uren      and  Aid.   Campbell  voted   for   the  rcsolu-  (Signed)       C.   J.  OAMPBULiL,  Mrs.   I.   G.  MeKRNNELLY-,  LADYSMITH IIDWE.   CO.  ���������HERBERT. MACKLIN,  JOHN . J.TIIOMAS, .  JOHN  MCDONALD  A  bill   for   the sum  -' '79.2">  flic construction of the drain  on  tacre street was  presented  by  Walter Jones, with a note to  the effect  that  the same wo-uld he  turned  over to  tbe council for   the sum    of  lores a-  Mr.  tion and   Aid.  Spence against it- Mr. $150.01).  It is  with this  drain      that  Axelton   will   get a i-ase  oi  coal-oil.   j t-lics  A letter was read from Gordon M. j,the r property drains connected.  M. Grant, solicitor, of Victoria, off- The petition and bill were laid o,v-  icially acquainting the council * of er for one week to see ir Mr. Jones  the order of the Supreme court that had a written permit from companies  the convictions for ������ambling against owning the railway lines io take  Frank Forrest, and twelve others be    tlie drums under the tracks.  Vancouver,   March  13.���������"Where..am  IV"   was   what Dav in  Graham   wanted to know this afternoon when   he  soii-fccwhat      recivvcred from  a sudden  .collapse' in front o'" the  Arcade    on  Hastings  street.   He then wanted   to  know what had h.ip.penod to him. He  would  not believe  that he had   fallen  mi   the'street till   the disorder of his  clothing  and   other  convincing-   facts  were     shown   him.   He vemerahered  that   his name was     David   Graham  and   that  lie  had  come  fr0m   Australia  to  San   Francisco,  from   there to  Seattle ami from  Seattle here by the  Hoinami on Thursday'last.      e knew  thnt- lie  had registered and was stopping  at   some hotel, but  he could not  neiis-mita*  the name  or locatiin.    He  said be bail never  been subject      to  ia.ii,ting.(its i.cl'ore but'he  was picked  up by a'policcman   on Granville  street.  last   night .s<>   that  his 'memory       is  not   long  in   that  regard.  Last night  lie "vva'lk-t'd  off when lie ciune  to,  and  evident ly located his-hotel, but "today  he h is no idea where he is.   Sergeant  Pullon  happened along and  after tho  nitiii   had "been tni-en  into   the  Public  drug  store, and  restoratives administered   he started  out with him       to  However, caur.crs expect that the  pack in Northern British Columbia  will Le a good one, which will- help  materially to swell the total : output  of British Columbia  sockeyes. \  SENTENCED  FOR BIGAMY  rV.  -Vow   *\ ork, Muich, 12. ���������Captain   A.  i.'.   bean   Kent,      who   claims     to   'Iv  an  officer   oV   the  ���������British      Hussars,  today   was   aentoneed ',   to not       less  than  oiu'  year     and   four       ni'ooths.  and   not -more   than   two. years    and  four   month',   in   State prison Tor big  amy.      Hoid  married     'Miss.    S.  Delation'on'October   last.   ..lie  arrested  on 'charg-c      of  bigamy,  at his   trial it   was   proved   that-  had   atioth.nr   wife,        who   at  linn:   was. living"  in   Canada.  The indictment was a direct result of action by district a.Uorivy  ��������� I'MMine, wliich pi-oseiiU'd the " case  io   the'. Grand '.'lury.      It.   had no  dlrtcL     connection     . with   Uk;  on   the  same, charge   ol'  Oak,   Louisiana,   in  charge of V. D:  Hang.  ;They  brought twenty-five 'cars  of household: goods,   all loaded at- or  near ii small town in Rod Oak. They  are not homesteaders,  but arc  iraen  of means,   who  have  brought     large;  sum's---of''money for  investment'      in  Canadian farm lands.   Three ef'.these1  ������-i"'i  deposited   with  one  bank $35,-  0(0-in gold drafts On the First .National  Hzn'i oi Des Moines,  Iowa.  John    F.     Lanhon,     of    Chicago,  brought in   today fifteen men for the  Cnlgary Colonization   Company; .Lim  ite:i,   who  vvill  purchase heavily      of  laniis.  Altogether the new settlers,  have  created   a great deal   of attention  in  tbe city today.   They hired rig-s early  and  drove around  the city  ami    into  the crouiitry.  'They  display  a resolu-  was   tion to get "aCfj'ii'aint.ed. with their new  aud   surroundings at onee.  that.  theprogrcss     already   made  this object.  toward    Brymn-T,    presided, and  Dr.  Walker  acted as secreatry.  THE SOUTHERN  CROSS MINES  ins-  malic a round   of. hotels   to   fry      u-ud  esidents of Block 9 wish  lo have   lind  where he temporarily belongs. A  doctor who happened along advised  the man to go to a hospital, but  this   he   positively   refused   to   do.  h������ai--  per-  ���������jury against Cnloru'l ^Sl.aim, which  lias been in progress before .lus-  t.i.'e Al'.cl'.:\oy for several weeks.-This  hearing- had ..-nilml, and .ivisti***-'  Jlel'A'oy was to hnvo given a decision today, which would have decided whether the case ' should  be 11resenled to the Crand .1 arc  Tlu' "ndiclineiu, however, was handed in before the hour set for .1 ustiv"  ili'Kvuy's   decision.       Mr. .leroni-'  said that the proceeding was not  ni'ii-nuil. 'I'he indictinenr is based  on   Col.   *Mruin's   denial      that b>-  wroU* the charact-rs ������������������O.K.W.D.M.'"  of a l.'llor of Count Keginald Ward  Colooi-I Mann was ivlcn'-vd on; "51.  ;"i)0 had liendiiiL'; bis pli^ndin-i: tithe   p.-riury   cluinii'   on  Alarch   'JO.  TYEE SMELTER  RETURNS  was seen by  a Times re porter  on the  subject   this   morning,    lie  denies  all  I iiovvh'dgie of  the big deals, and  Says  that if they   were made he \vouUl imposed  to  build a railway  from T<>li<-    doubtedly   know   something       aHiout  wa  to  tbe coast,    Harry   Howson,Of   them.   Mr. Hein/.e, he stated, had in���������  this  city,   was said   to   he Mr. Ilcin-   lens tod himself in some  mining pro-  zejs  agent  in  the   transactions,  and    perties  in   the   Kettle River district,  to      hiiin  .was  attributed   the  state-  but  he  was not  aware of  any   interfile ests   a".C|\iired   by   that gentleman  in  A seory has been  going the rounds ,of coal lands in the district, mud pr,,  of the pres������ for some time to      the  elTect that  F.   A.  Heinx.e, the former  copper  king  of   Montana and       tbe  founder of the Trail  smelter, had  in.  vested  in  mining properties in      the  Bulldey valley to the tune of $5,000- ment.'' Mr.   Howson. returned to  ,000;   that   he  had   secured  '28  miles city  from   Seattle yesterday,       and  the  Bi lkley  valley���������Times.  Tyee Smelter returns for February  are as follows,:  Smelter     ran  !���������"���������  days and treated  2,'22-t   tons  of  Tyee  ore,   giving       a  return, after deduction of freight ^ncl  refining  charges,   of  $.'H,-lt)2.  Mr. Titos. Kiddie has confmned the  report, of his resignation from Hie  management of the Croitoii smelter,  lie says he had no agrivment to remain a term of years with the company. Mr. Kiddie has not decided upon his  future movements.*  J inlying by the advertisement appearing in another column tin; members of the City Hand ave preparing  a first-rate programme for the concert to beghen on  Saturday next.  NOT TAKING  ANY PART  Washington. March ,12.���������President.  ILio.s-evelr. is taking no part, in the  ponding' negotiations botvvocn the  miners and operators to prevent a  coal  strike.   . Tho  .statement was  made at. the While House today  that Prof. Chas P. Neill, eom-  missiimei' of labor did not confer with John Mitchell President  of   the   f'nitcil   Mine      Workers of  America by authority of th"  President Ti i.s stated that, he had  no action '.n contemplation but  would      do  all   in   his     power : <>  properly   avoid a  strike.   O   ���������NDI AN SKILL  THFEE MEN  The Herald pi this,morning has the  following:  Messrs   Cecil   and   Conway, who  left  Ladysinith   last  Wednesday,    going:    via       Nanaimo     to Alberiu,  arrived   back as     far      as  NauaiiiLu  today      on   their  way   home.        Mr.  Cecil     has    lately   bought      for     an  English      Company     the      Southern  Cross  group      ot'  mines,   paying,     it i  i.s   said       the  handsome     pa-ice        of ,  ���������373,000,  mostly   in cash    for        the  same.      It  U  also reported    that Mr i  , From Mr. Conway, **?ho was one  of the principle owners in the South  em Cross Mines it is,learned that  the group is a most promising: one  Several hundred tons of the ore  has been shipped and smelting returns have been most satisfactory.  Several hundred tons are now in. the  ore   bins     awaiting sliivment -md  theire is  ������.n  immense amount    of  ore  of   a   good   grade    in   sig'ht    in     the  cannot     li  resolves  the    de-  hc  1 y^  1     has    bought  other   properties j 12  Lo     20     foot (veins     running1   up  the mountain side, m fact, the surface showing- is most remarkable. It  is only a question of tho grade,  and" Mr. Cecil -being a practical  mining- man of wide experience, has  oi course, looked thoroughly into  this. Of his other mining operations in connection with the Victoria  Mining properties near Ladysmith,  Mr. Cecil is not yet ready to speak,  but states that there is no lack,  of cupital at his back to develop  any proper! ies that he considers  to   be  of  sufllcient    value  Mr.   nnd   Mrs.    Cecil      will make  LadyMuith   their   hoia������.  Cec i  near  Alberni,- bvit   this  said  for  certain..  As.   Mr.   Cecil   naturally  any statements     regarding  tails  of  his  business     nnti  reporter!   to  his   company.  It is, however,Well known, thai  be has in.-.-oi jornlod one Company  capnuU-u'd at. 9750.000 and he expects to form another one before he  returns to TSngland. wliich hi* will  do soon. but. will remain lliii'i? but  a few weeks and expects to do  extensive  work    this season fm prop  ei-ties  on   the West   Coast,  as  as   n;i   other  properties     lying  Ladysinith.  w.-ll  IH'ttf  Kansas * City. yUureh 1'2.���������Six. of  States Deputy Marsha Ms wt^fc ambushed in Spainilawii HiIIh, }>;-  dian territory, near Kansas by a  baiul r>f full blooded Indian outlaws  Innt'iiigbt. In a tight, which en's uod tlireo of the deputies wen  killed. Orders have boon issued ti,  rush every ^cp'ity mnrshall fron,  the  Northern   district      of lndi.ui  lorriloiy   to lhe rescue. Details of  the (ig-bt have not yot been received.  Marshall X>nrough wir������:tl tho depart-  ment of Justice asking- authority  to swear in 100 additional de-  initics and lo offer 81,000 reward  for each outlaw dead or olive. He  'has gone to Kansas and will personally direct operation's against  the outlaws. The outlaws are _.al-  legvd to be beaded by Chas, .loo.  nm-d Thomas Wickliti'o sons , of a  former Justice of Cherokee Supreme court. :  NANAIMO     NOTES.  A  Nanaimo report says:  That the concert, tiupper and  dance. which will be given in tin;  Opera House, by the local, ICnights  oi iiythins and the Katlibone Sisters  promises to be one of the mo������t sue  cissful ever give in tho city, is  evidenced by the elaborate preparation that is being made by the com  mittee having the matter in hand.  A good programme hns been provided whicli ���������commences at eight  o'clock sharp, followed by supp-.'i  iu the rear ball, and winding up  with a dance. The music for th;;  dance will he furnished by T'a.v-  lett's Orchestra, Mr. Sam llivgus  aciingf as floor rnnnager. An interest,  ing item in connection with the  evening's entertainment will be. a  guessing contest for St. Patrick's  Cucsts   cake,     which promises to  furnish     plenty   of mirth and    enjoyment.  The. following istheprogramme provided for the concett part of the  evening's entertainment:  Overture���������p/awleit's Orchestra.  Solo���������"Mr.    VI   Miles.  Solo���������Annie Collier.  Solo���������Mr.. J.   Black.  Solo���������Mrs,     W.  Grieves.  Solo���������Miss.  IStrie Aitken.  Select ions���������Gramophone.  Recitation���������Miss. Leask.  Solo���������Miss Locke.  Violin Solo���������Miss. Escott.  Solo���������Airs.  Drysdaie.  Solo���������Mr.   U.   Horno.  Captain   Ejuai* MikWason ^s       now  in   Victoria   and   states  that ho wish-  i es   a   few- sailors     to join   him      for  j the  three     yours'    trip,    ir the  C'ap-  ! tain   will   come     back  to     Nanaimo  he   may  be   able   to secure about  three newspaper men for rocruius, as  they/' have lately been in training  for a hard' trip. According to reports "'inhered irom others than  the  three  mentioned.  If   they    would  have thrown up their sitautions the  other, night t-hoy would have bien  "all   in."  The Captain menti-jma ineidontallj  that he is still a thousand short  in funds and desires contributions.  Me ought lo have money, of his  own, it did not cost, him anything  in Nanaimo as he. was the guest  of  a   part ol" the press club.  The     start to   find the new      eon  tinentat tbe  North Pole     is now  to be made from Victoria, a few  ���������days   a.go   it   nn*   Vancouver. be-,  'fore that Seattle was to see the  expedition launched, JHalU'ax. was tho  ,pln?e a month ago, and before  that it was Copenhagen., It is ft  g-ood bet that tho Captain and  his expedition -will ' finally select  Podune or Penahip, and yet a bet  ter   one, thut he  dosen't go  at all.  '*i IHf DAILY LED6FR  Pnblisbed   every day except Sunday.  U*        THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  *0 cents  a  month,    $5 per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  TUESDAY  MARCH 13,  1906.  MUTINY IN  ALGAN ARMY  DAILY LEDGER  t,mmmmmaram*i*wA*m+xnm  ���������r;uB3IIMf,f,,,,,4'.  NCCK������������������* ������  ������t.  roarmo) I  ERY DEPARTMENT  To our many .patrons and friends  we wish to introduce our  Milliner, MISS Hi. SWAIN,  from Tacoma.   Miss Swain (late of  Xew York City) lias been  n  the. American Coast cities, Tacoma,  Seattle  and  Portland for ('he past two years.   We'can assure you  of prompt    and   courteous treatment at all t rues.  WM. MUNSIE, President  J    W.   COHURN.        ���������     -       u���������  \ i'ei'-po"'''^--'''.'  The    Ladysmith   Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADYSMITH���������Shingles   a.   Spcclall*-  ���������?:isri'i'V-'.-tnr'>rp     ol���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths.  ]��������� Shingles, Moulding.-*;, Etc., of the Best  Quality.  3easbned   and   Kiln   r>rj<yl   Floorim*;    and   Finifibin*     Thinker   1b    Stocl  c7^v.   EY   TALKS/--  'TI     IIiIHW-Im  tan  to  ac\  iA  London, JMai'th 12 ���������-Tteynold's news  payer pi nits a despatch from JL'os-  luwii, India, whuh faays that a sci-  loiib mutiny occuned iccently in lin-  Alg\ui aui-O.  , 1 he coniniandur-in-chiuf of the  aunj led thc iu\olt and the inai-  ont.v of the soldieis joined Kin-.  Thc Amuui- lAicanic alarmed and sin-  ronnded the house ol the commander  * in-chisf during the nig-ht with a  body 61 -tioops.  Tho  commaiidui     was seized  by  tin*  ���������'^troops     and    blown Iiom- a   gun     m  [���������  tull view   of  the    icbels,    OiUlt  riiij.--  leadeia   woie    simdaili    treated    The  ������uiji.\    is   now   quiet.  GONE   DOWN  Alexandria,     Ont ,     March   12.���������  A  new  postolhco,  only  completed       by I  the   Dominion  go\ernment  last  at  the   cofet  oi  5-20,000   burned  the gionnd   todaj.  >.eJson, Match 12 ���������A tragic  cident ocairied at tne home of  Stevenson here jesteiday monmig  when his eldest daughter Mario wiv*  'killed by an explosion in the kitchen i.inge 'lhe cold snap had  lio^tn thc watci pipen m connection  ���������w itl-i tho inngo and shortly before  the' foe was btaited in the niorn-  /11114 steam wj-. geneialecl and fiml-  mi- no out'ot laused an explosion,  blowing out the fiont of the stove.  The child who was standing noa*  the stove was lmiled across the  room and two 11 on l'mg-inenls hit  "her ovei the heait and abdomen.  She icmainc-d iiiiiunscioiis for -ami.1  th'-ee bonis and tlvn came to ami  an speaking a lew words to I-.pi  mother instanth expned. The Uiteii-  t'n wasweiUod bj \hc explosion nni'.  flooded   b*.   tho  escaping  water.  "Duung thc huav.\ gale in progress  -vesteir'av, at 2 pin an alarm  of lue colled out the brigade and  caused g-eneial uneasiness.  ���������wjs (������u'k's1" c-\tmguiishod  e\iclf*nti condition ol the  the hi i^.ule lesulted in  Oillett's pionipt suspension of him.. j  A s'pe< ia1 meeting of the city coun- ;  cil will be held when thc chie:'.-*  re.signanon is looked for and lh������  appoint menl of a now man will be  n tram-red for The chief .came h**n*'  from   tl e''*(-onto  brigade   about     n  FAVORITE   REMEDY  UI ES  It's    pleasant     taste    and   prompt  c-uic*< ha\c made Cham",nIain's Cou.-'-h  Henieih   a f,i\nnie with the moth'is  of sma'l    childien       It ��������� uickly cures  then  coughs  anv dan^ci of pneumonia or other  set ions consequences It not only  cures croup, but when given as soon  as (!'-> croipv cough appears will pre  *.pi.t   lhe attack Foi   sale hy La-  (hsm lb Pharmacy  *g Regarding- Styles-  AS  LOUD   TO  US   AS   .', siONE.'  1  -IF YOU ARE PAYINC  CASH FOR  ��������� /  WILL CfO FURTHER IF   1'OU  BUY  YOUR   MEAT   YOUR   DOLLARS  FROM  US  ���������-v��������������� ttxsz..  ������wt!.'rc:ir?������k^5  Mr.  C. SPENCER,  who is just finishing his European buying trip, has bought us an exceptionally handsome lot of MILLINERY,  including Hat SHAPES,     TRIMMINGS,     FLOWERS, Etc. etc, direct fro 111 Pans and New York.   Many styles  which  will  he shown  by    us  ha\e ne\cr   reached   the Canadian  traicllers'  hands  yet.  You'll  find us first and   **.'tt*a,inoiiiit   in  artistic  Millinery.  Our Styles arc Sure   Our prices  cannot  help   being  right,   fnd  wiih  lair and  courleojs   'treatment-     we expect to make     the  "Spring   vmu"   the   I'rcitf.st in  the firm's history.  mtfiM'k-ntiae^ojaaaaa  ^5 Waii for "Spencer's"  Millinery���������We'll- have  ^5 ioLh  Eastern and We-'tern Styles  -te  S'^r-^,  PAN N EL  3 _  B  jtsmsmt  ?riG8S  %s  ������3RHiat Ssr Sdalen-  Essfuimalt   & Umm-b Railway  ; .  Time Table No. 51  Trail.*  leave Ladygmith for Victoria and  all   intermediate stations    at  9.10 a.m. :daily,   and at 4.00  p.m. on   Wednesdays,     Mal*u*da|ys   ana   Sundays.       - - "  TraiHS leare Ladysmith for Wellington and ail intermediate'stations  at 11.57 a.m. daily, aad at 6.00 p. m. on Wedn# days, Saturdays and  Sundays. ' 3  f Excursion Tickets  I .       .      '        ���������       ON SALE TO  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  good far  going j.urney  Saturdays  and Sundays,  return.og not later than  the lellsw-ng Monday.  !j Steamer Joan������������������  , ' 1 . *t    1 .   ���������  Safls from Ladysinith for Vanco uver every Saturday at COO a hiw and  returning sails lr������m Vancouver    for   Ladysmith at 2.30 n.m.  KET  STKAJt   IIK.YTtfn  WliU.   l'UK-Klrilll-'D ROO.*\IS  n.A K. SUl'l'Lll-.D WITH    J J >  WINES, LIQUORS. CIGARS"  p  OTEL  Cor. F������rt and!   Gofernment Streets.,  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist.   Fit. & Pass. Agt.  A. J. McMUKTRJE, t*ro;>rU*tor  Newly fitted up and  Fttrnislied  LADYSMITH, P. C  I !pssE������2saaE3sasii������tS2*^ffl2  Good tables and good  Rooms  .���������.ear ago, \ery highly reramniemled,  and he lias clone excellent work, of  late his habits ha\e become invg-  ular of uhich the jiresunt outcome  is   (he   locical   resuK.  AC.'AIXST   O���������  ���������M'UN'K'll  Sill I'.  AL      OWVI  Chicago, liiui'h 12.���������The long awaited report of the traction oxpei-*,  .James A. Dalymnijlo, of Glasgow  .-icotlaiul, on stivei railway system  of   Chicago     was   made     public  KIIXED AND INJURED  l"   .  Wiie au,   iJuix-ii  lo.���������Eleven per-  Koiis: were killed and l.*i injureil  in a ''ght -at StrykoiT. go\t*i iimeni  of ��������� PirtUoli, yesterday lieiween Cat,  holies and Sectarians, who occupied   in   force a   Catholic church.  ALWAYS      KEEPS        CHAMBERLAIN'S  REMEDY   IN HiS HOUSE  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID l-IYNES, Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rat-*-  The bar is extra  well  Stocked .  "We   would not  he without  Chara-  1 ������������������- jhcrlain's Cough Remedy.     It is kiopt  day   .     j\rr.      Oalyniaple  that  he   had   nut   been   in  many hours before lie reali/.t-d why  ih* people of Chicago are so anxious for a change in rii.ri.-et car  facilities. The present qq'uipmoia.  he says should be relagatc-d lo  Lhc: scrap heap and tlie different  sj stems practically rebuilt. "Mr. Iialy  maple says lie thinks that Chi  .���������ago i.s not .yet ready in iiiirli'r-  laUe nniiiii ipnl o\\iH'r*.hip and a I-  vises that anTingomeats be mad<-;,  if possible with the companies  who  franchises are     about     to      i'.v-  01 re  declared ,on hand continually in our home,"  Chii-ago '(says W. W.; Kearney, editor of the In  dependent, Lowry City, Ho. That  is just what every family should do.  When kept at hand ready for instant  use, a cold may he checked ,at the  outset and cured in'much less; time  than a,fter it has hccoine settled in  the system. This remedy is also  without a peer for croup in children,  and will prevent the attack when giv  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or even after tho croupy  'oiinh appears, which can he done 0n-  ly#-..hen the remedy is kept at hand.  For .sale hy Ladysmith Pharmacy.  This  1.   .il hafi    been completely      renovated. >  Board and lodging $1.00 per day.  ���������=-      PRETOR1H  HOT^ &���������  JOHN THA, Proprietor  r  Oar  Supplied  with  the  Best    Wines, ist Avenue :-:  :-: *���������-  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  Best   accommodation   for   transient  md permanent boarders and lodgers  ORAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a dy furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������te. Rates $1.00 a day and ap  wtrds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Kfllaaaii* -*���������>:  Ledfirail'th  ���������THE JONES HOTEL   WHITE    HOOK���������  asul  ���������-���������WHITE   LA BOK-  Employer! ''Only  HOTEL  DOMINION  ���������Kou-e ?1.^5 .'fid*L5l>���������  Fi-Md niiH tn .u.ii ijtpaiiiiiOAt  lanilii)^c -tri'i  r.'.ilwuv ileuots.     liloctric carft evei "i *iu������  nii'intei-   to i-.il  partB of   the ������i:������      I'.'-s'  riDti inhlf iini'.xcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  AP.I30TT  ST.,   VANCOUVER B, O:  I  THE OOMroRTASlC WAY.  TO FERNIE,    B. C.  Read DOwa Read Up  9 p.m. X,v. Victoria Arr. 4.00 p. 111.  S.oo p. in. Ur. Seattle Arr. 9.00 a.m.  q.ji p. m, Arr. Brerett Arr. 7.30 a. 111  9.30 a. m. Arr. SPOKANE Arr 7.45 p.ill  6.25 p'.m Arr.   Rexford   Arr 12.30 p. iu.  8.10  p. at, Ar.    Kike   Arr.  10.42 u. 111.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.    Fernie   l.v.9.55 a   111.  ONE NIGHT  To fail Kootenay Points  TWO  .NIGHTS  .- To    Winnipeg .and St. Paul  Close Connections  For " Chicago,  Toronto.  - Montreal and  All Points East & West  (Acetylene ���������   Lighted     Cars,  Family Tourist Sleepers,  Palace Sleeping. Cars  Dining     Cars (Meals a   la  -,    .  Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Through'    tickets and baggage checks tn an points.  Steamship Tickets  For. tickets maps, berths  reservations and complete  information call on or address.  -S. Q. Yerkes  A.G-R.A.  Seattle.,  .  TICKET OFFICE  Cor, Government and Yates Sis,  vicfom, c. c  4  ���������Transcontinental���������  ^Trains Daity���������  4  E. R. Stephen  G.A.G.N. Ry  sYictoria.  B.C.  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATAORE   STREET-     Ladysmith  ������'i������ fix. 3������ U'  Mh\hffi  w%\  Leads Them  INEQUALITY  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nana imo. B. C. .'������������������  Jas. K. McKinnel  Proprietor.  <!ominei*cia! Mens' headanarters.  Modern  and     -Strictly First Class.  Fire Proof    Buildiij.  M.J.HENRYS  NURSERIES,   QREEN-  HOUSES AND SEED  HOUSES  8010 Westminster Road,  ��������� :.'���������:.. ;ii.C'-'  ONE    IS    THE     "NORTH  COAST LJMITED." *  ~Tjic electric  lighted  train to  the East. , k  Tici.cts on sale to all Eastern ami Southern points at  LOWEST Rates. Up-to-date  Pullman and Tourist Sleepers  on all trains. Dining Car  seivicc Unsurpassed.  Steamship Tickets on sale to  ana from all   European  Points.  Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  For further  particulars call  or    write      tlie  oilice.   Tlione  Mtiin '156.  A.    D.     Chiirllon,   A.G'.P.A.,  '  NT.P.,   Portland, Ore.  E.   E.      Blaclcwocxl, general  agent,  Victoria, B. C. '  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  &. Co., Ltd  Agency.  Pacific^ Coast  VICTORIA.   ���������: *���������:  ���������: :���������B.'.J  WANTED��������� liy     Chicago     wholesale  house, special  representative  (man or  woman) for each province_in Canada...  Salary     $20 00     and  expenses paid  weekly.       Expense  money  advanced.?  Business successful;     position permanent.   No investment required.    Previous experience not essential to'engaging-  Address Manager, 132  Lake Street,-  Chicago,   111., U.S.A.  TH6CITY MHRK6T  R��������� Williamson Prop  rst. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  Headquarters .lor���������--  PXETFIw UKU>������ N'U.ruiU,   .IcIU  and flowerSEEDS   ���������  (or distribution. ;  Large   stock   of Home  brown FRUIT and OR-  NAM-ENTAL:   TREES  now matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or  delay ot fuinigation or in-  5ffll  spection. *"  -<] Let roe price your list  .before placing, your   order. GreeaLouss Plants,  Floral Packages, Fertilizers, etc.  3010 Westminster Road. ���������  VANCOUVER, B. C     ^*m  PAINT1NQ,        PAPEkllANaiNO  "   tTC.   ���������.  Work done properly and  at    reprices.      A   full  line  of Wall    Paper,  and Painter's  Supplies   Residence  on  Roberta Street  J   E   SMITH. Pm  Are Vou  Going East  'hen   he aur������ your  tickets reatf  -hr : '   -'   '  rl*  lie only line uow making. ..UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  ind -." MINNEAPOLIS witb the  ���������hrough trains from the Pacifl*  ���������;o,ast.  THE      SHORTEST     LINE,  THT  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  HATES, i'ri-lE  FASTEST  TIME. .  BETWEEN  UlNNEAPOr,fS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHI.,  UAGO,    .OMAHA,     KANSAS CIT\,  tnd ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask your:  if-al agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General. *gea*r  :?0 2ni Ave.. -Seat������I������,--  ^4..j,^.I..{,^4���������l-.t-j������t..3-^4";������l"i"i"!"l"  -:^-:"i-'i"!"'."i-i":"i"M*i"3"i"S"H"i"i"-i"t"i'+'H'  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  | PURCHASERS  AND 5MELTKRS OF COPPER, QOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  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Fisher of Vancouver met in tha imo man got the first fall in live  first series of matches for the pos minutes aud 10 seconds with a  session of the Amateur Challcn- \ half nelson and a crotch hold. Fish  ge     Cup.     According   to  th*       con-   er  put   up a  stuHtxira resistence and  ditions  governing     this     handsome  trophy     the    winner    of* las'   night's  had   his opponent  guessing  a  couple  of     times   before  lie  secured the  RESCUE WORK HAS  BEEN SUSPENDED  bout  must     successfully       defend  it" hold  that   won  the  fall.     The sec-  against all comers   for the   spac������   of, ond fall  also  went   to Wilgress, who  a   month      before he can  put     it a-   only  took 4  minutes     and     7 sec j  way in 'his   silverware cabinet. Catch ��������� onda    to  turn  the   trick���������nnd his  as-catch-can was   the  style. Mr.      C. j man���������with     a  /urther   nelson arm  Hudson  acted as referee.                          bar-arm hold.  Paris, March It.-An additional di*  aster following today upon the terrible calamity that befel the workers in the coal mine at Cour-  riei-s on Saturday'' has cast ils  shadow over the stricken town. A | o'clock this morning, Th������ eiigiii-  party said to consist of 17 .' men eer-b will attempt to ventilat������ t^tae  went   into   the  mine  for  the pur- \ chambers   before fi attempting a : fur  pose  of   receiving   th������   the bodies  to tlie danger of gases and the emanation from the decomposing ��������� bodies. Th������ engineers fear another  explosion and therefore, they '-ordered   up  the  relief  gunge     at       eleven-  SHEARWArER TAR  BREAKS RECORE  Although/     tha  itrip   to*  Charlotte   island     vicinity, whh.n  il.M.S. Snearwater terminated yesterday afternoon, was in itself  merely one of those marine jaunts  which is part of her duties , on  this station something occurred  that makes  il    somewhat  note  wor  Queen occurred to him to ullow the c-riu.*  shots oi tiis sloop to try their  u.v.i'11. A target 21x10 l'eui wut. or-  eclod oti ileiiiiian island. The Shear  water gut up steam and at .i  diktatiLtf uf fourteen hundred yur<i������  itsxuuod along ut the speed of i -  knots  an    hour.      Under    these   eon-  thy.       This   was   the   smashing       of dilions Able   Irieman Fisher    in  a shooting- record    by   Abie seaman seconds  pumped    10 holes     in  Fisher,     who  has a happy     faculty targirt,     a  genuine  record    and    oin  of  doing  wondorous things  with the of     which    not  only     the successful  four  inch guns.     The feat was    per. gunner, tint every salt  on  board th..  of those who perished on Saturday  lost their lives in the undertaaing.  'i'h'Oy had descended in &pit<* ^-' tlu,  engineer's warning against making a further effort. < A gang oi  ���������Jz> miners it is believed, were sent  to Cuurriers at the express desire  of Emperor William, who ' arrived  here today with special salvage apparatus but no further work, will bo  permitted Ueforu thc mines are clear  ������/d of gas which it is expected will  lake fbi'ty-eight hours. The *n-  g-ineers this afternoon, hennetical-  J.y closed pits, A, 4 and 11, and  fixed a powerful ventilator at tho  mouth of Pit No. 2 with which  H> force in a current of air. Henri l'othschild today visited lhc  s.-ene of the disaster. lie gjave f-f,-  ''00 toward   the relief    ,of the      fain-  Lhur rescue. The mins company's  latest estimatu' of the number of  victims is   J,U60.  A  serious  disorder   wan ''threatened  at   noon  today owing     to  tht*      persistence   of parents' who  longed      to  seethe  bodies  of    the     dead,   in tke   I  hope of  identifying them.   The      *u*i  thorities   agreed lo, permit crowds oi [  25   in,   but   the   parents   grew       dis-  ToolSbarpehing*...... ....-:.   .  ...-'.-.-  2 SO  Powder, Fuse ans  Caps          1 OU  Total ...........;... '..:..,....'..*5i2y 12  v The estimate  cost of the work wai  $125.00 '��������� , jy     :, '  Council thea    adjdunred until Mon  day ziight  next., .���������'.;.'  -���������. '-.���������rj���������������������������O��������� ; -'.  AFFLICTED  WITH  RHEUMATISM  ���������������fr^K^*fr<H������'H~M-��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� fr*!-** *-M*-K'*y-������*-->"!"H'4���������!��������� ������������������It***!-*-  t  *  i  %  Union  Co  i  formed off Comox a few days ago.  As may be well understood th������ rir-  alry jn shooting throughout the  eiitii*e service  is exceptionally in  tense, aad the desire to lower records is just as keen on this station as it is on Portsmouth or  Plymouth, where many a huge ironclad lies majestically at anchor.  A few days ago, therefore, when  Capt. Hunt observed" the , splendid'  weather conditions,     prevailing,      it  trim little sloop, may be well  proud.  La������t year-.the "best yet" was ten  hits in a. minute. Fisher it fifteen  seconds   tothe  good.  This ia not the first time the  "same man" has distinguished hitv.-  ae.lf with the four-inch. Last November in Knight's hi let he knocked  over  two      mountain  goats with  one lyddite shell at a distance oi  fourteen  hundred  yards.  1;  th-.' | iliac  Paris, March 12.���������All rescue work  has bifn suspended at the Courrier  pits t where over a thousand miners  lost  their  lives   on   Saturday,   owing  HEW MINISTRY  EST  M.  Paris, March lo.���������M. Jane Marie,  Ferdinand / aarrion u-ofinitely acciii-  ed toaay to form a ministry, and  molined 1'rusiuVeiit Falliers of his  acceptance of the task. Previously  M.      Sarrien    cowterred   , with m\.  .bourgeois and M. Poincarw, the  former agreeing ro tase the Portfolio of foreign Affairs and the lai  ter that of Ai mister of Justice, but  owing to the importance of the.  approaching elections, he decided to  take that of the ministry of the  interior, himself, Which- he will,  administer, until the elections.  .Later  M..    Sarrien     obtained  m  REPORT FOR  conted     and     rushed     to the   doort-  Thopolice   and   mounted"   gendarmes '  ������veutually   l'orcad   back   th������       crowds  and   order  was   restored   , with    diflt-.  eulty.  i When  the parents      obtained  permission   a  sorrowing   ������cen������      wan  presented,    as  groups of   26��������� searched  the   blackened   bodies.      A     ; auinbx-*:..  of  identifications    were  made,        aad  the  bodies   were   taken   home.        The -  houses   of  tlie  ilend are   marked with ']  rough   black crosses,  decorated  with  simple  floral   devices.     The       chamber   of  deputies     today     unanimously   donated    $100,000   for  the       victims   for  the  Courrier  disaster." The  miner.-' Association has" voted      $30-  000 for   the same  purpose.  "I ;w������a. and am yet afflcted with  rheumatism,'''says Mr. J. C. Bayne,  editor of, the Herald, Addingtcn, Indian Territory, "but thanks to '.Cham! %  uerlainV Pain Balm am able once  mora-,-to attend to business. It is the'  liest of linamehts." ; If ���������'troubled  with rheumatism     giy������ Pain Balm a  trial and you are certain to be more'  than ��������� pleased with the prompt relief  which, it; affords. , One application relieve" the pain. For sale by Ladysmith  Pharmacy.   : ' ���������t-t������������������   rawing  NANAIMO    B. C.  flanufacturers of the ^i^bi  BEST   BEER  ������  In   British Colun.bia  Lager Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Breyv  edfrom the Best Canadian  Malt  Run   Hops  ^E&V*3������225aSS&-  3������  NANAIMO COUNCIL MEET  ���������I. W. Harrison, Coal and metal  broker, of San Francisco has.issued his report for February as  follows:.-   .  Since ths sailing; of the SS. Sonoma, there has been but ' one delivery orf Colonial coaJ, namely,  Calcutta, with 2, .*>76 tons; the  result is, thc coal yards locally  are absolutely bare of all Austral ian. grades. ��������� There is du������ to  arrive at any' time, one steamer  and oae sailing, vessel from New  Castle. The chartered list of coal  carriers from the. Colonies number  of these twenty  All the aldermen were present at  last nig'bt's meeting of tho City  Council.     Mayor   HI ant a   presiding..  Tho. minutes of the'previous meet  ing were read and on motion adopted.  The following communication was  received from Air. D. Moll'at, in  reference to an open drain in front  oi' his property on Fitzwilliam street  l'o His'Honor, A. K. Planta, Mayor;  and Aldermen of the City of Nd.  naimo.  (jentlemen: ���������  Allow me to draw your attentioi  to tho open ditch around my property, as it is in a filthy, unhealthy ^nd   insalubrious condition. Non  co-operation of Al. Leiguis, former  -Minister of Public Instructions;1 M.  Artistide Briand, the Socialist Deputy from Saint Etienne, who was  chairman of the Committee reporting on the law for the separation  of church and state; of M. Kan,  aud M. Thompson, of Agriculture,  ancl -Marine in the Cabinet, and oi  M. Roiivier. He "also consulted Senator Clememceau, who may take a  portfolio. The following is an  apptoximate   arrangement:  Premier and Minister oi������   the Interior���������-M.  Sarrien. >  ���������   .Minister of Foreign >>r*ffairs���������M. Bur  geois.  ���������'Minister of    Finance���������M.  Poincare.  or M.   Callaux.  Minister o'f'War���������M.-Adulphe Mau-  jan'.or possibly M.  Poincare.  Minister cof Marine���������AI. Thompson.  Minister of Justice���������M.. Jean Crup-  pi  or  Mr.  Poincare.  Minister of Instruction��������� M.  Brains.  Minister  of   Commerce���������M. Jean  Louis  Barthou     or M. Trouillot.  Minister .'of Works���������M. Pierre Paul  Guicysse.   or AC   Desagne. ,  Minister of Colonies���������Af. Dermer-  gue.  Minister of Agriculture���������M. Ruau.  '' twenty-four vessels,  TM.VWIiVG POWDER.  Kenora, B. C. Alarch, 12.���������Fred.  Bjai'Jv, a Swetle was instantly  killed near Alurgaeh, while thawing dynamite today in a. blacksmith shop and John Frank,; u  proprietor of,the shop was seriously  injured..   $ ...  SHLI, TilfOIK OWX TC10  four,       five  are  steamers,    their  total capacity will   foot.-   up 73,000 tons  In  all two cargoes  arrived herefrom  '..Newcastle     during  the   month of  February ..with 7,984 tons; eleven  cargoes   were delivered   here from  British Columbia in the same time.  agyregHting 48,13.0 tons, Ibis clearly demonstrates that we have to  look to our coast colleries for our  fuel supply. Values, remain unchanged,' and ''business:' generally is  reported brisk.: .Disengaged steamer tonnage can lind "immediate business- transporting coal from tho  North at fair rates, as fuel stocks  on  hand   are  exceptionally  light.  Within   the  next  few   days, the  Eastern conference between the  colliery proprietors and the minsrs  will eome to an end, and it is  pretty well assured that no agr������������-  nient will be arrived at with th"������  anthracite   producers,     this        means  when we have our children inspect  ed in school to prevent disease, whj  should w������s have the open nienaci  around our homes. This ditcl.  ought to be piped an-d covered up  with   earth   so   as   to   prevent ac  cidents  and   disease.  Trusting     that   .some  steps      ma.v  be   taken   lo     abate      this   nuisance,  as   the   water .from four  houses runs;  into   this   ditch,    i can    assure,   gea- |  Uemen,      it  is   at   no   time    in      , a j  very'clean,    condition.  Believe me gentlemen.  Yours   Respectfully,  D.  MOFFAT,  Aid. Dick slated that Mr. Moffai  had spoken 10 him several week:  ago in reference to this matter." Tlu  ditch referred toi was a deep,  open au������, which should be piped mi,,  tilled in, as besides being dangerous._  it    was  also   imsanituiry.  !Ald. Barnes remarked that th.  ditch was in an ' uncompleted eon  dition, It was originally .made  to drain the surrounding property  but had nut- been unfinished at the  time. Lie . thought the matte.-  'should   be  attended   to.  Aid.  Knarston     moved  that        tht  matter  be   left  in   the  hands     of th>  Street   Committee   to        report.        a"  the   next   meeting.  The  motion  carried.  The Finance committee       presentei  the   Warrant   book   for   the       inonti  av-  with  av-  witb  be-  that fully 200,000 men will  out," and it is feared that the  striks may be a protracted one, as  the demands of the men are very  exacting. The '-l|itumlnous coal "producers anticipate cominh to a mutual agreement, as rfee men ami  mine owners approximate very closely to each other in their tie.  niands. Quotations on Fuel oil  remain unchanged ionic of the  olderyvells are diminishing their out  put, but new, ones are being opened to more than made good the  deficiency.  "3'1-"1 I of  February   as   follows.  Porth Arthur, Ont., Alarch 12���������The  local Tloard of Health has .decided  on radical policy to insure purity in the town's ice supply and  will put it up themselves, selling  it   in   blocks   lo   retailers.  CARLIST OUTBREAK.  Madrid, Alarch. 10.���������An incipient Carl ist' movement is reported to have broken out in Cat-  alonis. The authorities have tak-  #n steps   to suppress    the outbreak.  W ITH BROKEN NECK'.  Winnipeg, March 12.���������John Martin.,  of .McGregor.. Man., fell oil a 4oad  of hay and broke his neck. ; lie is  still alive at the general hospital,  though iii a very precarious condition, his entire body being paralyzed.   : o   MISS.  ANTHONY  STILL LIVING.  Rochester, March 11.���������The only  'bulletin from the bedside' of Miss.  Susan     B.   Anthonv this even ins- st.a  Public  Works  .... ...  Water   Wprks   Uept.  Police Department  City  Offices      Schools          Fire   Bepaetnient   ...  Nana imo   Cemetery  Council   Street  Lighting   ...  Charities      Miscellaneous    ������' (305 3       28i  3  .   ..     31.1 3.1       314  13  1449  99 '  95 r.o  42 7.r.  115 00  441   00  1 fi  50  135 nn  Total    S3802 36  REPORT   OF  LIGHTING   COMMIT-  TKLC.  His   Worship, the Mayor and  Aldermen,  the   City of Nanaimo.  Gentlemen.���������  Your lighting committee beg to  report that we have made a tour of  the city to ascertain whore the  additional lights can b* placed,  so as to give the best possible ser-  vic������, and after making a full inquiry into the matter, beg to recommend  as   foUoKvs:  1. The removal of the arc light  at   the  foot   of   Albert   Street,   to   a  corner   of   Vancouver   avenue and  Second Street to 'the ' intersection  of Stewart avenue and Second  Street. N*->  3. Place a new light on Victoria  Crescent, opposite lot 6, Block XIV  <L\J*ilaee .'12 calndle power lights  at the following points:���������.'  ia) Wharf stieet, opposite the'alley'  1 way.  ..b) At. the  corner-of   Kennedy-    and  Albert   Streets,  te)., On Macleary street, three   lights,  first,   between   Albert  and  Franklin,   second,     between       Franklin  and    Fitzvulliam  streete,   and the  third        its      interaection       with  Fitzwilliam street,  d)   One  at  l'rideaux street,  between  Franklin  and Fitzwilliam street.'.  ,e)   On   Victoria   road," four     lights,  at  inter.sec.Lion   with  the    following streets, vix.,   KObart,   Selby,'  Kennedy and Pine. ;  .()   Two   lights  on     Newcastle,  euue,   at   its   intersection  First, and  Third streets.-  g')    Two   lighlb >ua   Vancouver  enue,     at    ii*   intersection  Firet and Third   Streets'.^  ii)   One  light  on   Comox  Road  tweeh  Wallace    and   Pirideaux  st.  1)   One  light  at   the    North   eud  of  Prideaux struct  bridge.  j)   One light   0:1   Wiillt-t*' Street,   at  the intersection  with       Campbell  Street.  ���������<) .One ,light on Milton street,     between   Wsutworth    and   Campbell  streets,  1)   One  light.  011 j Riclvctfrd      'dtrout,  worth Streets.  between,.    Campbell   and       Went-  m)_:Ojiij   ljg-Ut  on   Skinner     street,  north end   of Bastion street. V  u)   One  light on  Haliburton  street,  between   Niwdham   and        Robins  Street,  o)   One   light  on   Nicol   titrwt,     between Needhttm and Robu'ns.  ;p)   One  light on   Strickland    street',  between   Needhiun and   Robins.  q> ' One   light on Nicol-street,      be-  tjween      Finlay������oiij   and   Dickson  streets,  r)  One light   at tht    intersection  of  'tho Csplauade and Dickson streei,  s)   One light  on   Irwin street,       be-  .'twee*   Grace and Finlayson street  i,t)   One light   on .llaliburtcm    street,  between Needham and     Farqtuhar  streets.  Respectfully subuiitted .  J. KNARSTON.  J.  W.  GRAHAM.  T.  HODGSON,  Lighting Committee.  The   report   was   laid   on   the   table  until   next'meet injj\  The poundkeener reported two  cows impounded during the pas',  week.  The Manager'.'' report for the week  was   as   follows:  Streets, Roads etc  @ $ 41  50  Front and Wharf - Street      23   75  Kind  of  *������ *v-t-������*-������*-4"r+t + -*-  ��������� ������������������-���������"���������"���������-������������������-���������-*"*--* ^ -i- -������  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURI-  MOVED PROMPTLY  A   ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of thc Lai' ysmilh hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  ���������.*V++4-f*-+* +++-U + *M + l-t-> *���������������-!  A. J. WASK1T, PROP   *  iirers* Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short notice.  Drill sharpened by     us    al-'  ways  gives  satisfaction.  Picks  hand! ed and repaired.  SHipsrnithing    in    al1     its   Branches  'Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitlis.  R. WRIGHT  Butler Street r-  -  Ladysmith, B v'"  Done Promptly and  -At-.-"  ���������-���������������������������'���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^������������������f������*������>*������*������^������^������^>*������>*������o  \  ���������  -Ji  m.  ���������  SIC  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  LADYSMIT  ���������SPHONE 66  Q  *  m  *���������  *>  LEDGE!  Office  1st Avenue  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and 3arc it? Si! 5  SEE  J.   KE11P.   OR   LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST   AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  W.   S1LKR.  '^ENEKiL LXPEESS 4NJ;  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY   rw  Lc������ve orders at the Abhotsford;  J. PIEBCY k m.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on  Roherts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each month.  OfficeFojrs (P.M.4.30  T, J BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. C.  tea. that Mih-s. Anthony is in ti . point higher up thc street opposite  comatose condition, breathing hoav- Cavau street, this liyht will afford  il.V  and      with   a   feeble    heartaction ,Ii--ht   to Cava-n street* and the lower  ei.d   ot  Uunsmuir   Street.  She   is. weaker tlian she   was las'.  night.  2.   Move   the  arc   light   from  the  Total * 65 2r>  Wftitor Works Department  Service   S  1 "> 00  General   Repairs       11 25  Coating  Pipes        1"> 00  Total    $ 41  2.r.  Thc nifliintrer ;il<-o reported work  on Front .ind Wlinrf Rli-eets com-  rdctoH   at   the     following  cost:  Tatar   S S.T   10  fiO ft... 4- in.. vih-ifVi'nipe .. 0 3D  14S ft. 0 in., vetrifieri pipe'' 31 0>*  2 only 6  in.  Tees         1   fi4  NOTICE  From      this  date  the  undersigned  will  not   be responsible  Ioi   any  iD  debtedness     incurred  except on      ������  written orQer signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEI.  0PMENT CO.,  LTD.  Mon Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C.  M*v   ISth. 190������.  : *i-WrfuK--*av-.-'M������)S,'3'-  1   Public  Notice  ���������';!     Attention Is called to the   Tact that thc  | Ogiivie Flour HiSls  Co ,   Limited  si!  $   makers  of ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR,      hate for some time  J    past been producing flour In a   Tastly  improved  and  pirif   "   'orro   ���������  1    by the aid of BLECTRSC1TY  jiDd having secured control ot    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of ������ dvising   the public  that ������ny  orized users of the electrical   Hour purifying processes   wil!   ie pr->  *ecu'ted.  Ogiivie Fioui' Mills Company L<mit9d  are +t������.o    only    miliars in Caanda  wiiusa   Flour  is purified by the Electric Process  Kgagff,*ai3***-i-^^  El  I  E  HAY, GRAIN and  V  t  Orders will be delivered anywhe.r*  in thc city promptly and at the lo ���������-  est possible prices.  Leave orders at ("hrlstlp'o, 0������ tfc������  Esplanadi.  James Warnock  DAY SCHOOL  UBual subjects taught; also Ian  guage-** > drawing in pencil and cr&y  ons, paint ng in oils and water col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons git  c-n. in classes or individually.  MTSS  BERTRAM,  I^dvsmith. B    (.'  K. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  ���������VII  work guaranteed, and at roast  able  rate*.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Ladysmith Temple No.  5  Rathbone  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday  at   7.30  p.m.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  Gatacre St. Ladysmith ���������  OPEN AT ALI. HOURS.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER OF  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No- 4 U. A. 0. D  Meets in the 1* 0 0 .F. Hall, Ladysmith, the Second and Fourth  Wednesdays of each month, commencing Wednesday.  13th., 1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited  to attend.  By Order.  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK. N. A. THE     DA1L*  f tJ-r.'" *��������� v  Local Items  FOR   SALE  Twelve Head of Cows and  Mil Route. Apply P. 0.  Box 99.  See   li'e  Piin^le  Company's a'lu'i-  tisement in another column  I    Mi    llnrry   Kay  wont  up   10 Nanaimo on business at  noon to'luv  Thc licensing bo-ud  sit  in  tlie coun  til i.lianii't'is on Wednesday e\ enmtr,.  AuImI'wom Semen 01 Duncans pus-  Bed  thiough  on  the  moinin������   Lain  Mi. ,J, J. Deckwitli of Victoria,  iVvho lias boon \isiumr \\w ut\\ left  en  tin* noon luiri.  t'11-n.wl   this  morning  fiom   the  West  Coast.  JOHN  KUHNS  ON  DRINK.  "The   drinkang  habits   of   thc   poor-  ei classes  ha\e  e\ci vthme;  contnbut-  Jed  to  their political   dependence,   industrial   bondage,   peisonal   debasem-  ont,   civic  inferiority   and   domestic  misciy,"     writes John Hums   "The  tavern  has been the anti-chamber  of  the woikhouse,  the chapel  oE      ease  to thu asylum, the lccmiting station  the (tamblci, the jjalhciimr giouiul of  for  the  hospital,  the   iencle/.\oi'.s     of  RETURN ED���������Scheneci',      the Van- ,'the  |ail     '1 hete is  no  class   in       an-  ������*ou\er   Photop;r.ipher   'us   opened   Ins   cicnt  nor anv 111 modein society     on  studio   at   Ladysmith.   Today  and 101   which   the e\il  of drink 01   the scoui-  the m>\t   ten   days  Cabinets  at   %3 00   !**������ 0)     diunkcnness has  so  nnscluov,  .per  du jn.    Camphell's  Coiner omsly mipie.ssed  its  destructixc eflect  ��������� ������������������  and  steiili/;>ig  lnlluencc rs  on      the  class  who could   least  icsist  it���������the  , mchisliiou.s  poor,   upon   whom       t e  I lot   of manual  laboi  falls,  f   ''Eu'iv   work nun  ought   to  decree  that   hc,Moi  is  useless  and  dangeimis  ami  o.ipht   to  be abolished     K01, let  hi in  h oiv what  it does.  !    "It   excite*   wheie it docs   not     di-  ,-,eit  (hen  best   faculties     lt   nutates   vvh re it does nol   brutah/c,   and  ma es foi   discoid, stnfe and  bitterness, '.here calmness,  sobnety, calmness aul ducencv .should pic\-iil   |t is  an  aid 10 la/iness, as  st is an  liiccn-  ti\c tn the iinost exhausting and reck  loss   woik,   it   is   the most   insulimus  T.J        ,    i,   r< foe   lo  independence of  chaiactei,    it  ,-w.bsis    H.Cecil  and  T   Con way re   U11dnnines   ninnhooSl,   encnates   ma-|  ter,nl\   and   dissipates   thc   best   elements of gieatest defect    And    hat,  fioi'i cieiy aspect of the uuiiwdual,  A   number  of cili/ens  ha\c    asked    social  ancl   political condition,   is the  the  mayor  to  take steps   to  enforce  iwoi.st and it is the chief cause of the  ail  stoie-I eepcis   to  close  then   busi- !i"������tnv difficulties   flint beset   and  b.u-  ������ess establishments on  Sundays (den   iliem  as   workmen,   husband,   fa-  ��������� thei,   hieadwiniier and  citi/en,  PR INGLE COMPANY  COMING TO LADYSM5TH  Made of/il Wool Halifax Tweed, with [double  seats, double knees,  ail seams double stitched-a splendid wearer.  Regularly sold at $2.50  a jjiiir. Our price for  IGO Pairs is  ���������'Siamz&jctwaa  ms-p.  Flower  In  .^^^^^^^^^^lly  tr<<V$t 4������<v  ���������Irs.,       "  .r\/L-.        '  ^���������mA**1*-*  AIiss   10    <;iay   who  has been  Msit-  ing hei   sister Mis   Mason of Vancou  ver,   letmned   on   Hie  Transfer  H-Kht  f  CLAMS'    CLAWS'  Tbe good sh.p Shellfish, Adinu.il R  The tiades unions aie liwng mon-  uiiunts of what, thrift, thought and  last sobei ifloit ha\o seemed foi wcnl-  incii and lhe nation The*, would  ha\e 1 ecu Iar^ci, more powerful and  oi area ter influence but foi th'ediain  upon   I lieu   inemhcis  and   then        m  s-mpson,  Comniodoie, II   Kay,  Kirst sources which the dunking habits of  I. ng-iiiecj  T   Cowan, Second Kngmeei *������������������*��������� ptop'e lefiect on them   'I hen mcI:  Een  Clay,  sailed  die bay an  eunin"* l,av   would hn\e been largci  in     am-  oi   two  ago and   lhe occupants,  read- ������lJ,lt   *" (jlie  niclnidnal,  hut sinallet  Jn-r of the e\citing adi endues of the ln  b-udiii  u> the  society,   but       foi  Paatcs of Ojestei   llailoi, ueic on a **���������--���������������������������*     Accidents   would   not   he     so  of iiii-imnting    evpedition     AH   went numcioiis,   benevolent   giants   so   fie-  W.-Il   until   the  adnwial   \ouchsafed to I1101'',   'lll,'   supeianjiualion   taken    at  giie the comniodoie a      ude       fiom So eaily  an  a*i,e tf sobriet\   and ab-  thft boat  to  the clam-i-cds, and  that ^Lineiir i* had been moie geiiei.Jly pic-  rrsulted      disastiously.       Comulse<i' wai<*"(.     1jol11     m Past ami  pi (.sent  With  laughtei   the admiial  stug^cied "it-m.!)' is������lup-  and his  inuden took a dne    That is I      '" **' v *iaiC 1)ecn unfottuiutely ham  Mr   Kav  wuil cnei   (he head 0f   his' i'c'C(*   lu e\tiacting   themsches   fiom  Siipeiioio/ficei   and became  bettei   ac- tllc t-()iitd.iiiin.aion   of dunk   by      thc  Vaintod  with the bottom of the sh^l n-t'*-es**.ny eul  ol  holding  then*   inecl-  low  wai"-   ilil(n  u'^.s pleasant    It   is in������s      ���������**'  l)ll!)Ue houses���������a  peiennial  a  fiinnj   ihnig  that   when  people pei- &(K|I((   of weakness,  temptation   a���������d  -Bist in  loming claui-bcds disasfei  al- <ilS"*(' 'l1     Thc elaim  that  all   donii-  W uj's results ntiit nee*, aie Mipeuoi   to otheis be  The  chief officei   hcls  made an  ap- 1*aus'c'   l"ci'   drink   alcohol   is   absurd  1   plication   to stake ,i clam-bed,       the ''"'  ispicnmey is due  to olhei   cans  fij ort   the  haimlcss shcll^sh  ������ive on c's   ni'>ulllnc|y.      education,   political  a moonlight niniiL being ,s0 excellent 'flu'll<' ���������>   pailumcnLuy   IibeiU      .iiiii  Johnnie Prinele  Also  Seed  .IMy    I������\llM MOV.  The     opening  bill  io be piesentcd  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd. i  .i  GATACRT. 8T  Walters &  Akenhead  Smoke Little B   Cigars.  See  notice of the    City  Band's St  Pat nek  Conceit elsewheie in this issue.  C f{. GarretLe, achanu* agent foi  the I Tingle Slot' Company, a'lived  in town ic-stenlj- The compain op- heie will bo the delightful comedy-  en hei c at the o) ia house foi a one mania " \cu,ss ilie Sea" They will  week engagement,     st.utmo  Monda}      gi^e .11 entue change ������,f piogiainnie  LADYSMITH  mma������m<i������i^JttEttTa������ns3Eivi  ciening ne\f    They come 'leie    >:eei  from  the Watson  Theatie,  Victoiia,  wheie  they  ha\c  been  plating     the  past nioiiU*       The. conipauy  ���������s he.-id.Ml  by i\liss  Lansing Row mi  and       \k      and  afic  ewi\   "i"hL dining ihe  week,   present  ing 'ict-'uiu;  lint hi.h class comedies,  (iiamas  and nielo-di|tnias   They   will  .������*   ho 10 lo popul.u  pi ices, 25c, 3,ric.  teieii at   the   \l/olsfoid  hotel  The ecu-lulling session  of  (he  Lea-  lslatiue look place vcstcidav and  (he   House  is closed  until  rc-usssc'iib!'  ol- "  deied   hy thc  Lieutcnant-goM-iem         |    '''''*' *1������������iit-���������Vou (In mc an  injustice    lam      not   meiccn,u\'    Tlu llencss���������  Mi    K   L    Hughes,   Victoiia,     and 'v���������'''','    'I'lie   Count���������No,   I assui������-you  !Mi. VV   S   Clone, Toi onto   a'" leg's it   is   mt   cieilitois who *ne.  W. G. Fraser  Smoke Little B   Cigars.  NOTICE.  Don't miss  (he Hi   Paliick's, Conceit     gnen   by the City Band   (sTe  c:.illy  aiigjiientcd).   Vocal &ol0s     by  Miss  B.  Doleson, Mrs.. Dr.. Drvsdale,  -LVr       (,.   Tfornc  (of Nanaimo),  Miss  i:.   Clay and Air    ITalliday,  etc. Step'  dtnc.ng,   Mr    Barclay;   piau0 solo, Mr  A.shton   raccomr.ani-.stj.    Appropriate  D-usic,      liistnimciital ���������quartet, ��������� duet,  etc.  etc.  hy  b<* l-and.  Smoke Big IJ. Cigdrs  CURFI0W BELL.  As stated m  thp icportof the 001.11  e.l   meeting published  elsewhere     in  ������ is   issue,   the  city  fathers  hav.e de-  ci led   to  ring the  fire bell at       the  cvrfew ho���������,   each evening. T���������  thc win.  ter thc bell will n*ng at eight o'clock  nine  o'ch.cs   in   the summer,  and at  the ^varMiig all  children under       M  ye,in,  of age must |)C 0fl the streets  m.less they arc in  the company      of  their   parcnis  01   guardians.   The city  police   will   cnfoice  (he curfew  bvlat'y  rigidly. .    "  -t>-  FLORA.  niinoiincc'illie   oMici;     day  II MS  Tt   was  llal   H.M s    ,.lor<1      an(,   (..am.b,rian  ���������were expec t, ,i  (,, |;.iy   ,his island     a  ���������visit in  the ne;.r future.  .In   this   i.-o)*.,, ction   (he   N*aval   ;nid  ���������military   Record .'(,, ,hantl t.,.nta ns. (ll<1  fo'lowiiiir' e.vlract-  n,,ni a. Ielli-r   from  '���������'.tbu  commari(|..?lr-iii-chi.cr  of  H:P      cnj-  ria      sq/uadron,   dated   January   lOt-h:  Flora  l-cift ���������''.Jesse]ton  Sth   jiuwiary;  ���������will   return   to  Xingupore,   procccdin ���������  thence  to  Ilriig   K, ng, ;and  later  to"  Honolulu,   for crui^-,  will. Cairijirian.  on   the' Americ'aii   Pacific coast.  the as eititcness of all coniiiiuiuliei  that I'lHiiaii *i������ituic as no olhei foim  of suiieit does. As was said ol it  b' laud Biouighani. 'It is the 1110th-  cr of want and the nurse of crime.' "  ____0__ y    -  ���������John    JVellson,    wlao  has  been    an  Lnina.'.e  of   the' Natiahifto hospitat,  for soaie months; past, died abou!  inidni^ht. Mr. !N'elluon was ' a wet;  known   old-timer,   a  pioneer aged  u'.'i yi ara. Ho bad nO|eelaiivcs io  this iiHintry. lie was a'member of  the. Crange Society who will have  cbarg-.' of the fuiieri,''.' The i-oinaiii.**  bn-.e I ������n renioved to McAclie's I"n-  dc-:-:a" irig parlors to be prepared for  Inii-ial.  8-nr.liglit Soap ia bettor than otfier Boapa  out is best when used in the Sunlight way.  Cuy f.unligat Soap aad follow directions.  f there is anything you    want  in  he Lrug or patent medicine line you  vill   fuel   it at    the Ladysmith   Drug  Store.  ���������    NOTICE.  NOTICE is heieby siten that I intend to apply at the next sitting  of the License Board of the City' of  Ladysniilh B C, foi a tiansfcr of  the tetail liquor license now held t>y  me foi the pienuses known as the La-  djsmith Hotel, situated on Lot 9,  Block 27, to Robt Scott and Alex-  Snuth  V. ;\V.   MILLAR.  ,by his atty. in fact,  , MARGARET  A.   REID  Dated at Ladysmith the 10th day of  March, 190C.  era House  ���������ONE.WEEK,   STARTING���������--  Sknday, iarch 19th*  ,- LANSfNC   ^;0\V-AN','  HARRY.. FAHRNF.Y.���������  a������i<J the  PR1NGL'*.   COMPANY  RINGS BRdOCHES  VV ATC H ES PICTUR RS  BOOKS       FOUNTAIN PENS  We wiH give you th������ above articles if y  u  return us  .WHite Swan' Soapv  appecr  <ssr.  UnKoi liL  Merchant Tailor, -  (1st Avenue i  Spring Stock on hand. Call et. rlt and  get your choice  Stoves  Stoves  We  aremaking them oi the Newest    raiurr������nJ Lotts-  Styles.  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOI) NDRY WORK  Our Prices are Reaaona Lie  See our Steves at Ladysmiih Hardware Company  LADYSHITH   IRON & STOVE WURKS CO,, LTD.  ffiS������^SSSSSKS^SS2^^S3S2J2S  lasasa^JS^'S^S'saK^^ ���������;; *-waS&i?&jyf.s..-L-*<i'Mt<:  ON DECK -WITH" THE GOODS  One  hundred  dollars  ($1(10.00)   will  e  gi en to  any   person   or   rorsnns  ho   will  give sudicient  information  le.i.d to  the conviction  of the pcr-  ���������')i   who  killed two  cows   owned   by  lid   unclersigoed,   on  Gali-ano  Island  n   th:- '22nd  of  February.      The    ani-  nals   were killed   two hundred   (200)  arils    east  of  Portier  Pass   Lij!*h(,-  o.ise.    The  heads   and  hides       were  i-'iid   buried in  the sand.  JAS  WAIINOCK.   f)   ���������Smoke Little B. Cigars.  ...    MONDAY NIGHT  eAcr ss the Sea'  Change of Play Nightly  PLEASING SPECIALTIES  Prices 25c, 35���������.-,. and, 50c.  Seats on Salt* at    B. . Furciminer's,  COMMERCIAL H01EL  ���������MR. ami MRS. T. J. THOMAS, late  of     Mount    Sicker,' anti      of      the  Palace Hotel,. Nanaimo,   have     purchased the ".  .'.  .6;  ���������' '���������   '���������'��������� ���������    '   .       '   '     ������������������  ���������rp������.OMMERCIAL HOTEL���������  on Douglas street, Victoria, opfosite  the city hall, and invite their    oui  PATRONS AND FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN IN VIC.;  TORJA.  flcGregor  and   Scotch King FOOTBALLS  _. ��������� _.. _. .. ____      ( .        .  c-NNl'S BALLS  ���������w mv 1 ��������� mriw snnunasarrt t  BASEBALLS  m  *t**ixmnx.~KKu������ji *������������������ <���������' iwaHLiuiM^i wm  ,nra r^-  "������������������^sxBm^ymi^ii^xsniy^'ri^&^^sn.  &USSU1  ANT  Jy^t    arrivedr4   Dozen  ���������McnV" Pants  ���������'for ^[iring  FANCY TWEEDS .'& WORSTEDS |  . ALL SIZKS  Froin $1.50 W $4.50 pr,  Nice Assortment of Mens'Braces at-  25c, 35c, 50c, 75c  Boarders Wanted  HOARD      AND     LODGING  Rein-.;   under   little  expense,   Hoarders  secure the Benefit.  $21 Per Month  ...    CL   ROSSI,  Buller  Street.  I luIILIilHLli   ri 11-LriVl  Our Stock  V' now  Comp'ete', in all  the. ..Newest  Things in  s  .Flies, Trolls and lines  INSPECTION  INVITED  v, <w ma; TM-v-tv������ji  "-tvincn-i*��������� ���������,j-rf^������*.������������**������.*aii������������*mi**������  The Ladvsmffli Hardware Co. Lli!  ������sS2ssegss^aE������ni^;is^  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tbe Principal Builneii Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAQARA FALLS.  For Tlmo Tables, etc., sddreat  GEO. W. VAOX,  Aselatant Gcn'l Psnonger ������nd Ticket Agent, k   ias aq������m������ ������t.. CMicnoo. in. 'I  Prescriptions filled promptly at the  Ladysmith  Pharmacy.   ,  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customers', houses  will be FIVE CENTS' per loaf��������� 20  loaves for a dollar. My read is  guaranteed the best made.. Shops  run ���������'.*. b'yv* white help should receive  white peoples' ' patronage so Ions as  they are properly cbnducte'l; 1 solicita trial, as yoiir Baker.  ���������C.  R. .DOCILE,  THE WliLLLNGTON BAKERY  '     NOTICE       "";_' '���������'"    ���������  The partnership existing betivveeti  C. II Ruiiiniing and W. E,' Runirning  carrying on business in. the City of  Ladysmith, B.C., as nvanufacturcn*  of carbonated beverages, etc.,' under  the firm name of Rumniing Bros., is  hereby dissohed. All outstanding  accounts must he paid to W. E. Runi-  ming, who will_������������������continue "the'.business  and pay all accounts against the'.firm  of Humming Bros.  C. II.  RUMMING,  W. E. HUMMING. :  Dated  at Ladysmith -this  28tli  Day  of I'eb., 100(1.'  M. R. SSJflPSON  8ollcUor.   Ete.  Money   to    loan  1st.  Avfrnif  --'  Unv^JH  BROOKS'  PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO  Is Again Open  VICTORIA  CRESCENT   -���������opposite Fire Hall.  Nanaimo, B. C.  Hi imruMi ��������� mn I itmtt^Si  H. Fine Assortment  ���������of���������  F3!  Wc; have just received     from llu: i lOast  a larqc  shij'inont  of  LADIES' HAND BAGS  I'hey are thc NEATEST BAGS  we luive  ever   shown   -and   of        tlie  LATEST  FASHION.  Mam  -flffi-w-'m-gEig-Bsa^^  PRICES FROM Si  to $  Call   in   jtiul   S*m*>.   Them  5  ���������at  f������ BOOKSTORE  .B.-.FORC!MnER  WATCHMAKER,   J^V/F-LER,   OPTICtAf*!  First Avenue,    X   X   X     Ladysmith,  B. C  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run by W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A fUl'L JUNE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  A Trial Solicitd  A.' HOWE,    PII0NK 20  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDNG  Orders  Promptly   Executed  LADYSMITH  *****.


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