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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 1, 1906

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 .T^-siiffil-i-WJ _f������-���������������_! ati* Jv������ - -,  r ���������������������������/���������:  !���������'���������" f  II  i   !  I i  I  I  I  i  1:V   l  if ���������  I  1/  /  '* i  >  *���������_<���������  I  If!  Kli  111  '! 'I  The Ladysmith  ly Ledger  THL'R.SD n , HI \R<"H  1,   UKlo  PRICE FIVE CENTS  VOL..2  JUDGMENT AGAINST  |V. L E. & D. COMPANY  Are Ordered tc Pay O'Rourke's Wages  at County Court  Y est e1day  J jdge Harrison Says Company Should  be Ashamed ot  Themselves  At ihe Coimly Couit yesteiday afternoon in tho Ca^e of O'Rourke \s  Victoiia Development an.I lmpiove-  inent Company, in which die iornici  was Miing tbe ccinpany foi wages to __\.s__f.i _.y Mr  the amount oi about $800, Judge  ing you fingers m the pudding'' I'm  asha   od of you "  "Well," responded Ihe little gnl,  Harnson gave judgment for the plain  till' In doing so His llonoi expressed the opinion that the company hail  acted (iiigiacrfully low aids Mi  O'RouiU- Mi KtisMill Simpson ap  peareu  foi   plamtifi. According to  tlie evidence of .-laintili he w;i> vn-  gMged by Mr Cecil, the managing di-  leUor ol the compaitv on Nov 28th  1001, at the -Ja-j of S3 25 pci day  lie was lni.Mn.in al the mil eat tho  back of La'i>smith When the company failid to pay him Ins waaHs and  vveie owing hini a consumable am-  Olii;, he saw the suietaiy oi the  company, All Machui He w.is instruct cd  by    tli.it genlleman  to   semi  At th'j time he went,  lYi   'Ma'hm, secieAarv  of  tho company,    asked  O'Rouikc i������  hKS   incsenoe   to  leniam  as   cateuakei  gag>?.l  plaintiff  to England.  fimce mi]  twin, rukb  IB NULL  HMD IE ISIGt  mmmm is  j. I. COBU  Bi  FACTS AND FIGURES  IN PUBLIC ESTIMATES  3  i The Income and Expenditure .Account  Al  a -mcci.il meeting  of the Hoard i  of Tia'le/helii tins morning, KvMay-  London,  I'eb   28.���������Tho  tepoit  frc-m  Heilm  that     Geiiuany   has cM-resscl  her     willingness lo make coniesfcions^ - ���������                                  I 0,   Cu^nn  wns   pirscnlcd  with     an  in  t,l,e    AIon.eean siunlion if Ku.nu-_    ,n_c ^^ of the  Kecication  (liouiul   illiiiiiinal.e.i  addiess hy   the int-mbeis  w,ll   yield     something     a-d   tbe an- Roneai.on  <i.o..ml   ������f   UmI   oigan.rat.on     W.    W         \  nountemeiit fiom St   Petoisbmg than .     .   ,.    | Cornwall,      president  ol   the  boa id,  Russia  is using hei   mlluei.ee at  B'- -  Association ior  -uxen   instead  ul   l������\C|nu.If. Um prosl.ntat,on     Tl.e luidiess  t u     utptuie-  between j yeais,    an.l according to  the tcims| r-au _,  .=, handsomely   engraved,    and  lin   in     pieuiu  at  Algeura-S,1  a lay cT hope  Ui-  tho  of     Morocco  aie not strong ol  Getmariy   and   I''T<mce  ga\e  (iieal    Britain  that   the*     i,( iiieu'iicc  might still  ceed  iiiselllina;     the c__iicstions of  poll'.'and     stat<    ban  These h"l i"-, howovci,  "Il  must ho     loinembcied, said  an  U.1-1.U    today.     "that, Kianee  made! >cai, the  toncessions  betore the confeience met  icp.ui and  Now ' Pm I ������*c^   ������u"  signet  Messi'       t'oi  Sanderson and     White, the lease d.n  bu uiiewi"! at   will       The conditions  the*     'im.sc aie   simple      rl he lent  (or 1906 Brought  . Down  (_  S^D.  yes'teiday    by   tho   trustees,I fiamcd,     expresses     in   appiopiiale  uwall, Tlioinh.y, Steele,j phiasroiogv the icgief   relt bv      the  iicmjfrs of the* lioaid at Mi Co-f  I inn's discontinuing Ins residence m )  Hi."s nty It icters to his tciin off  otliee as  mavor   of the city and     of |  of  the   ffiound shall i.e one dollai   pel   t)|C   ,_lfl���������y evcellenl mea-suies |Jticse<l  ounds     aie io ne Uept in^ ,_y  (he local -_o\einment  during  the  Grant if the company  oi wlnUi ho was managing diicctoi  was in financial diflicully Mi Cecil  said Ihey weie. As soon as he stop  ped /in.ding the money l0 eairy on  the woik the company stopfed too  OnRourke was cvitainly left in (lraj_,e  of the coin].any's pioptity at the  time he, witness, went to Fii'iK'id  last yvai on t.usincs'-  Mi Ei-lh, called, said that he was a  director of the company and Kr-stf  that O'Rcmrke was engaged at the  nunc as caretaker. He had paid  [lain tiff ai o-y H20 out of hi'- own  pocket and had bought grocci.es foi  him. i  Mr   Grant    asliod  that the case le;  dismissed on tha g-iouutl that Mr   Cecil,  who engaged plaintiff, had no au-  (hoiity to clo*so  Mi    Simpson asl.cd foi   pavmenl to  Ins ]>ay check     to Vietcna, which he1 plaintli'i     on the gicund lhat he v.a1  did, but he never received payment  I.atei Mi. E>b and Mi Chapman \is  itcl !l:o mine and as'ed him not to  sue the company, ofieiing- to pay him  some money each ironth until M������i  Cecil letuincd from England lie  continued \vcr< at the mine at thou  lec.ues-t and rrce'ned fiom Mr Erb  some small sums of money at \'at-  iois times Dining Mi __ Cecil'-, ab-  icnee he was emplojed as caretakei  at tiu- mine.  engaged by the company, leeei'.ed o'-  tleis fiom . \aiious nwmbcis of the  company, the 'evidence plainly showed that lie was a company employee,  and as si-oh he was entitled to Ins  wages  His Honor agreed and. in giving  judgment in full foi the plaintiff said  the convpany should lie ashamed cf  themsehes. Tliey had taken advantage of the fact that-a certain mem-  bei  had given O'Jlomko a few dollais  Mi       0    M   (Irani, of Victoiia ap- to go on with  dining Mr   Cecil's  ah-  jicaied  foi   the company and cioss-ex-   soti^c and''   supplied  him with a few  amnion tho witness at length  Mr.  Cecil, called, said ho. was managing dnectoi  of the company and en  groceru-s, and ehey had Kept him employed at Uie mine, making appaicnl-  lv no effort io pay hi in a ern1  A LARGE MEETING  HELD IN VICTORIA  ami has     continued  to-do s'o  (iciu.:'iiy, which lici\.t0forc had refus  ed  to   witidi.iw  a   "ingle  step,   sa>s  she .s piepaied to give way on some  points if France yields .something    II  is ihllitult to sie what fuithei ^ranee  can < oiiccdo   To     give an   iirifiicndlj I  newel contu.l ol tlu st^t; hunk would  bp to the piejuiiic'e of ilii- Kieiieh, who  ha'e      b_tn      financing     Morocco  foi  yeais   while anv   "'la? alion  of ehoibsj  t<> t,iaii_uili,e the Sultan's empne bv i  handing    o*iji   tlu> police lo  the pow-,  cms would    cause  endless   UouLles  m   lrul0Il-v>  |1U  .hei    Ncilh     Afncjn    eok.ny.     Even  the s'ugcsticn   that  she gave llalv al  hand     with   h^iSLlf and Spam, seems'  -iueasonabli Fiance   should  con-!  trol  t ,e   finances   and   poLiee of  Mc-'  -oreo   '   o   to be used for ic-.rcation   t���������m,   _���������. __,__������������������   t]lf. cliiel \ mavfstiato's  the  P2credticn   eioui.d | c)iai, Rome  blH  tliali  ,t  r_IS,c,|i  association     not bung cm. oweicd \o   worn J without  doubt   luvcdone  much  bUbLu the same fey   air,   puipcs������   Ac-] i.,r the good of the city  w'ic detailed  cotding to the provisions of the lea-n'   but the address expressed the conceit   f/pnes to.cn >eats fiom the M'h   ton of the Board of Trade that   _VJi  of  Feb,    l'lOii,  that  is,     i'eb   Mfi ,' (o'vim's   piaisewoithy   efloi Is       to  1!)1 !        Tlu> elausj providingcIoi   ihe  n a'e the same law were appreciated  o.piiation    ol the lease at the stated  _,y  rt laige section of the community  tine tulcs    that the lea'o can te ic-   Foi   his good  offices  during the tunc  ncv.el only    at  the  vvillof the ljssoi    he was associ.itid   with  the Board o!  'i'his. it   would    seem,  means  th.it at Trade, and that is since  its   ncoption  the expnaiion  oi  th> -o en years the  Ihe  monitl-is  express  lessee has alsolutelv no eUim to th"  ten  and   thanks.  it  the  Ic.s.soi   is so  in-, i "'j'urn still has laige business inlci-  the lea'o     can l>e lenewal    It  concluding e\piesses pleasure that Mi  to the conditions' e^s   in Ladyymith, and  wishes him a  then   api-rec-ia-  Tlw. address       in  dined  the ies^-.e acts up io  tlwic is no doubt the company will  he willing lo lenciv on the same conditions, oi ������eih_._s gne the deeds of  the piopeity of the miinn lpality Ctn  er cities hate had l.o cnii-e to griuu-  l|t/fl, the i,<jnciosiiy of the C 1J 11  and in main cases the .ublie is m-  clcij'ted to tuc company foi a public.j  o-iveeil ltciealion gioiunl or [ail- 'Ihe  Ladvsmith people can test ass.ned  da|  Horn   Fein,  the coiiespondent oj tha(   tho  Coriir_ul)     Wlil  tl(l  lowai(i&  CHINESE KI'.l'.l.lXG  IS    APPRKnBNSlVW  Lendon,   Feb.  28 ���������-Telegraphing to-  s'he 'Iiibme sa* s, "The subpipff't  cf Nan1 hini\, who has had a Lad lep-  l.o\ei brou!,'e, niM'te-l the missionai-  utation aincng loreigneis s'nee tlie  ie_-> 1o a b.iiiiiuet, after the sub-pie-  fec.t witlnlievv and aetcmtM' d to commit suicide 'Jhis a<t in (hineso  eyes necesi itatcd \engevnee and led  to masaacie of tl e missionanes 'Ihe  fcelinc in Pel in is appieheiistvc, ow-  nii; to the fact that a Hluncse shoe  was tin own a, I Ihe Dowagei Empi-rs  while she was v/ilkin-; in the palace  garden. Tho miscreant has not been  discovered  THE* FLETCII ER C A S E  At 'Victoria last evening thore; [was  held '��������� a''thoroughly' represcnttuti've  meeting iii the interests of Hoii.  Mr. Teinplemaii. Win. Galliger, ��������� M.  P.;"'R'.. y\. i\lcPhci-e-bn, ftl.P.; Ra.\y\\  Smith, M.P.; .J." A. Macdonakl, M.  I-'.'P.','. and the cainciidate nddresised a  large meeting. Ail attempted boiiib-  Was exploded. It was a circular lvoad  ���������ed  "Unfair Meeting,'���������  and  read:  "TiiiiS is'an unfair meeting, called  to hurt Hon. Wm. Tompleton bccaiise  lie .owns ' (.he live. Hive saloon. Don.'t  stay; don't- 1st en. Go home' and get  a di'iii-k in honor of Hon. Win. Tem-  plcman.  As  reported  in   The Ledger,  Judge  ,1-ian-iscn   at County  Court yesterday  I afternoon.,   refused to goon with  the  -���������;    - ' .'.',.������������������ '     -j Fletcher  appeal   case  on  the grounds  he hail jnency enough'.   He hail'never   that  iti=e     J iii t iocs  o' t'ic  Peace had  been in  the place in   question. | exceeded their Jurisdiction in sentenc-  AU the speakers gave Mr. .Temple- j jn,g ��������� the defendant to a term oi im-  mbn good -words, and Risked for his jpris-jiiment, ).c being accused. of un-  retuni. Mr. Tenm'leman sta'teil that 'j i&wfiV.iv. rec-Eiving property to th������  he had accepted his present position L^ 0f about $16, and Justices of  and remained in .tlie Senate, but Sir -Ltlie" Peace or  Stipeudary  magistrates  not    being     empowered to puss sen  tins- citj,  in which it has gi^a/lintei  est,  wihh  lib chaiaeleiistie 111 e a'ltj  so  lar as    municipal  owned pat! s- i r  rn ieu ion  guounrls aie concerned  At a lecent meeting of the Si oi t  Giotind Conimiilee it was decided to  ask* (lie puldic foi suliscri] tions lo the  ground tunh Hrfore the grjini'l can  be goi m piopei ^iapt it will le nec-  i>ssaiv to uuse a ^elv large sum of  monev, so li'eial donations aio so-  licilet' faun all people Thy names  of tvote s'.'-s.iibnig wiih the amount  donated will be mil lushed in the Ledge i lioin da\ lo d.iv Th.- sms up-  tio-n list, is' headed by, Mic following  handsome "donatioi'S:  John   "���������Tlia!  .'   J.B. Dyer,   .....   ..... ....  J.      (foto,   ...   ..  Union     Brewery   ...  contintance  of the  piospenty he now  enjoj s  Mi    Co1 iirn   lesponded   m  sui^aWe  tonus     While for  the time being   lie  luu.1 given up residence in Ladysmith,  the   inteiest he  had  alwav--  felt     in  the  welfare I of the city was bv      no  ���������mean's, diminished.    0-n'account'of li is*  business  connections at  Nanaimo  it  was necessary foiv him to nsn'e thnii,  bnt   lie hoixd  that, he would at some  future   time  be able to  resume  icsi-  rirnce    in  Ladvsmilh     ITe expressed  Ins      sincere  thanks   for  the  tribute  from  the Hoard  of Trade.  J..'.Tapc-lla,  $50.0(1  $50.00  JTill.tlO  S25 0)  $25.00  $200.00  -*  Wilfrid Lauricr ask*ed'< him to test  .public. opinion by resigning-: He ha<l  b<t-n quite qilling to' do so. He-stated that'": the Dominloai Govorntueiit.  Would soon' take -over the leper sta.  t-inn at Darcey Island, and would, lie  was satisfied, do fairly by tie Pi'o-  \ ince. . Rial: .h_ Smith spotei a(t- length  refcii'inee to the Salvor contract,%-j������-.l|  of steal-  THE COAL  CONTROVERSY  [������  Mr.  T-emplemaii stated  that he, as ing, a >\>ery convincing   argU'iiieu-t     iu  manager  for tbe Times printing' Co., answer   tccritioisms that  hn.vie  been  bought' the propcirty  in c/aes-tion   on so  freely made of.late  in connection  which   to-erect - a new  building when with the< vyork of  that boat.  LOOKING FORWARD  TO A NEW  New* Yorlc,  jriklielsiri's  ped it ion     to  28.-  -Capt.   Ejnar  tiio  Aiwsrican   Geographical   .So:lot.v,  preparations fo*" his ex-   with a     stutcment of the unexpected  situation in .which he was jrlaeid.   After  ilue coiisiderafion  the society  de-  present to him   the entire  ave  Feb..  his ex-  the north of this continent have -i-.-.-.-iiiicci:V������o t.].'ai,.hf' left  New York last night for San Fran-  .cis.co. His sleighs atulsupplies arc  arriving ',rom En gland an<i on the  I'licific cc_ast. ho fw-ill pur_c'liasc the  A'es.sei lie needs for his two years'  work'. , -��������� .  On his arrival here Oapt. Tdi'dielsen  ililion i**  going to Batiks Land under  was    confronted   with an unexpected  the joint  difficultly.      The Royal   Geographical   Ainerica-n Geographical sock-Lks  ..society     and. a     few individuals had      Captain  ���������provided 'him      with  ample  funds  for  theory Uiali there exists in the Avctic  ���������the cqiiipniout of a Mnall expedition,    regions    ��������� aiiomous archiprlago a-*  His    supplies   and      oilier  equipment   tine\\\orail,  lyirtj; between  were prepa.'eil   under his personal  su-   Islands and  pervision,  anil   he had  made  arrange-   bc-riati coast, and,willii1*ideita->  'ments  lo be takcMi north on  one     of   is said     to le an entirely novel caii'-  San   Francisco  ration.      AUhoiigh  a  s-ubjeet   of  Pen-  in tbe history of Artic'.*,xplo-  iided io  sum reojuired to enable him to  for the north on his own vessel as  soon as there is a possibility of push  ing through Bcrhing. Si-i'aits into Hit"  Arctic ocean. The -'Al-'ikUeiscn expe-  is  rru.. __,    .  auspices of the Royal  and  Mikkclsen  is  acting  on  the  iei.ee on a prisoner accuse;)  ing or receiving stolen property valued at $10 or o-ei\ The info'rma-  t'ic-n laid by the pixsectitie-n against  Fletcher was for'.'unlawfully receiving chairs to the value of'$f>.'_J>ut the  evidence dulueed by ilie prosecution-ye*.tardi.y,  sliovvefl in the ' judgment of the court  the .nu:ii to hv, .guilty.of roceiving. in.  the neig-hb-oi'hc.'cd'of twenty chaiis,  aggregating a valre of S"lfi; 'ibis Icing the case information should have  been amended on their worships bc-  in.LT convinced of his guilt and defendant should have been sent-up feu"  trial. However,  he   was  sentenced  to two months, and bis attorney  ;a-'-e ..notice of-appeal.. The ji'-dge  yesterday afternoon ruled that tin:  i-as-i' 'was out. of, his jurisdiction for  reasons .stated -.^.Kc, and he -could  : ot hear the appeal. llccoiild not  /rani, Fl'etclir|-,������ counsel's rc.._u>'St lo  j;.iasli the convicticu. To have the  conviction 'i_tt>as'a\l an application  woii.d have to be made in cluaml..: rs.  'Y���������;���������->(erday aflerooon Mr. l-'l|lcher and  his attorney proceeded to Victoria,  where an application will prol.ihly  lie made in chainbc-is to hate the con  \ictic.ii qi-ashcd. It is not inilikely  the crown will also maVe an appeal  to have    Fletcher  put  on  his trial on  the. strength of the depositions.  ������������������ -__)   whalers   thai)  rverv season  V.-avcs  for the  Alaskan coast paign  . and  the mouth  ol   the Mackeii'/i������.  Uin'oiiiuiiately,  eleven  of  thf.se whal ;.ering the hew  ,eiy-f were frozen in the ice on the Arc plant there the American Hag, and  iii. const just as they were preparing claim it as n possession of the PuiU'd  to -reti-irn home. Only two whalers States. He ha,"- ������o intention of try-  will leave San Francisco this yr-i.r, ins l-o , reach the north pole, an ������n-  and neither of tl'.ein vvpuH rii-iage to dertaking .which he believes to he. iin-  laiul Mik-ll-velscn at his destination. 'probable and usrJess of attainir1 n'"  ��������� Captain Mikkclsin laid h's plan before     A  few     days  after his arrival here  yell  the  Pavrv!    '^n   ln^inn who had been indulping  Wraii..el land on'' Uv Si- ' rathcr tfj0  f,'cc1^  j" U'������������������ '"CUP       that  what t'he-ers made a small  disturbance ��������� on  the street this niornirit.,  with the Result .that Constable  CallandiU' placed  him in jail.   There he will remain until he.sol _f rs up-when-he will fate the  mark,   Capt.  Mikkclsen,   upon   discov-  cont'nunt,  intends lo  music  fc-r l)ad behavior.  .���������������-. ������������������  An  overseer���������the  astronomer.   o���������   Mrs.  W.   Forio-sonl went up to  Ka-  "ai.no last evening alter  a visit, of a.  I'evv days  with Mr. and, Mrs.  J. Pro-  van  in the city.   ���������  [SSEIS  io e.  Victoria', Fefo. 28.���������A sealing, schoon  er, a n-l'v; ferry barge, and possibly'a  steam seiiooiver, are to be .commenced shortly-m local shipyards-. Capt.  Victor Jacobsen has roceiveri from  W. J. Stephen, tit?, well known ship-  .builder, the mcdel for a new sealing  schooner, which those who have seen  it say is an .excellent -iksigii.;. It is  ior a two-niasto-l s.hoonci- 110 feet  long, 22 feet team aud 10.G feci  deep, of over 100 tons. It is expected that the schooner will-lie laid  dow.n soon after Capt. Jaco'.fcn returns from the West Coast, wiioru he  went', to'���������engage, an Indian crow for  his schconer,  Eva Marie  'Ihe ferry barge' is to to-built by  the Victoria Machine, yrepol for th.-  E. .V.-.S". branch of the C. P. K. service, for the purpose, of carrying  railway cars between Ladysmith and  Van'-oiner, the amount of the contract being in the neigh norhcod of  ������50,000. This      vessel  will Ic  215,  feet long, 13 feet 7 inci.es draught,  and -12 Ue.i beam. ��������� Work, will commence on this barge very 'shortly. It  ���������is. not known vvltor*? the >-ten>:n sc-hcot:  or will be constructed. This vessel  is re-_uir.ed by the Vancouver Poit-  land CoiiK-nt Company, which lias a  factory on Saanicb arm. The company may purchase a vessel instead,  if one suit..hie to the r.e_������-.ire'mcnts  of their growing bu.Kir.css can le Nellie vessel, early construction will be  etned. Failing to purchase a suila-  cotnmenced on  a   steam  fneighter.  Meanwhile      there    is   . considerable  construction and  repair wt>rk now in  progrjc-ss   in   t.f.e  local   shipyards.    The  Victoria    Sealing  Company   has   been  maViii"-  extensive  repairs   to  seme  oi  their   vessels,   notably   Ux:  Lii-bi-e and  Because  its employees   were  late   a  ^^   ^.^^       ^ Uh^ ^ ^:  London house provided  a book,       m   cenlly  hninched   from  Turpel's \vays,  Which   the tardy  ones  were  to  write _ a _���������_._,_.   Leinp.      ,)riic.t jt.ai|v ��������� rohnilt. at. a.  excuses.    Reasons   for  lateness    were  cost of     nearly $2,000," and the Pora^  not  much varied.    At'the  tm. of the i yjeu-erd   to  be similarly  constructed','  page one would  write "Train  delay- j    At   F.s-q-nimah   the stoanver Priiic;ss  ed," or "Omnibus hovse died," as tho   K0val   is  rapidly  nrariii.,  completion,  ase might  be, and the rest fell   inlo  and     the     work   of  remodellhi_r the  1 the habit of makirg- ditto   marks  an.l   Skngway (Iyer, princess May, itT pro-  ictling it go at that.    Rut not     long gassing;     a.  steel      sti'an.rr is .being  i..eo one man had anew execse.      lie , built, as a     cp. rantine tender to  re-   cad,  b.-iiig  re-  ge.i.  New York, March 1.���������Pen-ling      a  set-tle-men.t  o.f the controversy .     bet-ween  the   soft  coai  operators . and  miner.': in  which President Roosevelt  has  taken  a hand   by his   letter      of  ike negbtioii-s  with     the  anthracite  operators apparently have  1/JOn .suspended.   A   lnecting -l.tatvvce.n  th-2   antlir_-������ ito   operatws   will   take  pla.ee  tomorrow  as has   been  announced,   and      no other  date   of mending  has   yet   been  arrange:!.    It  is >* (���������licv-  ���������!!d   by   the operators   that  President  M-itch.rli   will   jirol-.ably   allow  the anthracite     i.iucstion   lo  await,  settlement   of  tho bituminous  controversy,  arid   that   his  demands  may  be affected   by   the settlement  secured   in    the  soft   coal   fir-Id.    President  Mitchell,  when   asked  for ..is. opinion  rcgard'ng  tin* pro'l v''.'!l' ������'"'cct of President Roosc  veil's k-ttcr, said   it would he a mere  ���������spi-oiilat'ioii   for Iiim   to-say  anything  now.        It   remained   for   the  minors'  commit.lee  tu make the  final decision  KO   RACF.      SUICIDE.  The Rapor'r  is  not Yet Given in  mission but Seems an  Improvement  The most pi omincnt. features of thj   1.1-12,925 CO  "sliiriijth.s  for   the fiscal  veai  ending       Uomuuon     of Canada, annual   pay-  .iOlh  .luno,   1907,  laid  on   the.table    ^^ lands iLOnveyed lor railw^-  Laid sales, $125,000  by the mjnistiT of finance yesteiday  aie the largely increased appropna- J  lions foi public works This is ien-j  dered possnile by Uieumpioveil fwian-,  cial ]3os.ition of the province, and'  dcmonitiatcs that the surplus claim-)  cd.by the finance minister tests on a!  substantial oasis and is not a. rneie  surj his on paper as  alleged.  Last yen the total approptiation'  imdc'i tins brad was 1.111,600, this  \**.n l.(>77,810. nn mcieasc of $23(>J-  Jr������n 'Ibis amount conesponds faiily  with the estimated surplus for the  yea i  I ii.lei   ihe heading of civic goAern-  nirnt  s.ilai.es,   there   is  a laigc      m-  eieise  in   the  appiopnation for  tim-  bei   mspoctois,   which  is   raised from  sl.SfiO to 5.1 "i,7110 Th % is almost en-  tireh     toeo'Ci   the   cost  or tuiiitior  scale!1-   movidcd  foi   under   the   new  act     Ii   will i c interesting  to note  that the total "ontnbiition fiom th-e  provincial  e\( liei^crei   to   eJuiaA-ion  iiiu'ei   Ihe new  acb is JIO'1,075 00  ;ig-  anst  <; 122,83-J Od last   jear,     which  hai.lh   beais out  the contention     of  the ciitic-. oi  the measuie that     the  cost bad been latgely moved  from tie  mo nieuv!  ic\civile to  the, school dis-  tnets     Theie   is a su"������tantial   '   m  ci.'ase of 1.5,000 in the appro]riation  for the   pnntinu depaitment "which  is  neressitateil  bv  the vastly  mcieased  amo'int of work ilone dmino   the- ses-  Mion  in  th" printing  of reports,  and  otdeis and     [.loccc'chngs which     aie  much moie voluminous now than, for-  ir'eily   The s.il.mes of civil  senants  account   ror  a few small increases   in  vvhieii   the-   deputv   ministcirs Miure to  the extent  cf $300 each    The total  e\i en litem,  is   <.2,S37,91C 31' agamst  $2,5fif!,038.31   lost- year.' ,  The'revenue is estimated at S2,6'I7-  07fi.f;n     against $2,559.376.G6    '' last  year. ' , ������������������'������������������'������������������ -  .--  Stn.Ktaiitial  increases are expected  in  land sales and.-.land revenue, ��������� the  former  being set at  $125,000 as against $100 0)0 and the latter at $15.0-  000  again-st  $100,000.    Timber royalties  evidence  the prosperity  ol    the  liiml-'crin-jr industry,  being estimabed  at $���������_5tl'.G'"lO.' against $325,000.     The  mineral   ta*-is estimated at'$100,0-00.  against- $S5,1)00.  All these -fi-____._Li.rc5 go  to show  that  the.government'      has  -���������"cry co /'i'ence in 'the continuance of  lb'-.'- l r s ?rit"y 'which- the. leading  in-  i' str'is  i f  the  piroincc are now en-  ..  i-:i-'  -"-'.1 from   which  largely     in���������  ere .sod revenues will be derived.  Following is -a summary of the estimates  of revenue arid receipts:  Dominion of Canada, annual payment of interest at 5".per cent., $29 -  151.03. ���������     .   .      .'  Pom.inion     of Canada, annual   pay- es, $-145,100.  incut of subsidy  to'government   and       Surveys,   $25,000.  legislal'iire,   $35,000. Contingencies,   $20,000.  ���������Dominion     of Canada, animal . pay-      Miscellaneous,   $-.153,910  micnt of grant per capita on  17������,G57���������       Total,  $2,S37,01C31.'.  Land jr^ciiue, $150,000.  Survey fees,  $1,000.  P-Cr.ts (exclusive of lnnd) $100.   '  Timber   leases, $85,���������00.  Timber royalties   $450,000.  Frue     mirL2is' ceitificatcs, >1.50,G00.  Mining leceipts, general, tl05,000.  Licenses,- trade and'liqf or, f .75,000  iLiccnses, game, $3,000.  Licenses, commcicial travelers',^$20  0L0  Tires and  fees of coirt,  $15.0<}u.  Ti obate fees,  $11,000.  SiicreSMon  duty, $30,000.  Law stamps,  $11 0J0.  Sale ot government property, $1,-  000  Registry fees,  $110,000. ���������>  Marriag.3  licenses,   $7a500.  Revenue tax, $160,000  Real  property tax,  $235,000  Peisonal j-roperty tax, $125,000.  Land  taxes���������wild land, coal      ami  timLer   lands,   $100,000f  Tncom tax, $73,000.  Dyking Assessment Act, 1905, $14-  700  Mineral  tax,  $100,000.  Taxon  unwoi'ct) crown-giranted min  ���������ral claims,  $25,000.  Rttijisteied      taxes   (all   denominations'),  $100  Tax  sale deeds, $1,000.  Revenue   seiviec  refunds,   $1,000.  Biueau  of  luit.'-s,  $1,000.  Piiiiting'ollice,  125,000  HoMpital  foi   the insane,  $20,000.  Piovinoial   Home,  $1,000  Royalty and  tav on coal, $10(),h00  Traffic     tolls,     NewJ   Westminster  budge,  $22,000  Reimbursements foi keep of puson-  Iiif'.iest   _.___.  investment oE  sinking  fiends, $55,000.  ers, $2,500.  .-.. In'terest, miscellaneous,, $>5,000.  ".;. Log scalers'  fees, $10,001).  .'��������� j\l'iscellamieous receipts,  $30,000.  Total,  $2,647,D70.ce.  Estimates of expentiture���������Service:  Public debt, ��������� $732,924.31.  Civil  go.c-ernmeii:t(snlaries),   $274,-  9G0.  ���������-Administration 'of .ustice (salaries)  $117,21-2.,'  /.Lte'gisi������..tion__.' $47,115.  Pu,blic   institutions : (maintianance),  $102,4G0.  Hospitals and charities,  $412,150.  ��������� ���������Administration    oP   justice  (other  than salaries)   $101,000.  .-.Education,- $409,1)75.  Transport,  $27,000.  Re- <enue  services,f $2fi.( 00.  Pitiblic Works:  Worlcs  and buildings,   $1^S.100.  Government House,  $5,.00.  Roads,  streets, bridges and wharv-  THREE WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY STATIONS  Will be.Erected by Marine D������p .rtment  |o   the Pacifc  Coast  wrote with  pride:   "Wife bad  twins  Tl.t second slow person that morning  was   in  a great; hurry,  and   did   not  aofice  the; innovation    but  made  his  customary  ditto  marks,  and   tht rrsi  of    the rncri   on that    pagr   followed  suit.   The excuse book was abolished  ^-New Yorh Tribune.  j place,  th-e     Ivarle at   Williams  Ottawa, March 1.-(Special)��������� The  i i������*ii'ae Department 1ms decided-,to  I'stayblish th!:*ec wireless telclgraph  stations on   the Pacific coast.  Exactly   where   the'stations . ane to  i.n situated is not yet known.  A despatch .from Japan says anoth  er appeal has been made on behalf of  Hie starving JapaBr-se by \X. E.  I.iun.pe, chairnia-n of the Committee  of Foreign Knipf. lie says that  when  the   last  appeal    was  made it  was estimated  that 680,000 of    .tho  20,S10,000   populat on- of   Japan wmv  in  a starving condition.   Ajile-f.'Odied  men were stopped in their efforts to  ���������rocurc food for their distressed fa'rii-  lics  from pure oxhaustion, and    unless  relief  is given them at once hiuir  Ircds of deaths are bound  to result.  San  Francisco,  March   1.���������(Special)  -Harry Tcn-ny, w-ho was knocked put  by Frank     O'Ncii here last; evening,,  died   this morning.  ant  the  lark      Bermuda  is  paired,  this vessel  l.?ing ri.  In tli-e upp.-r harbor, at the Victoria Machinery Depot, the- siccl steamer Tor i'he .c-overmr-rnt service is being cnnstrii'-tc-rl, ami 1he big *-hip Sil-  verhorn is having side ports cut.  The Writer,  latest    .book  think of   t?  onlv had  I     see you've got my  there.      What  do you  The Reader.���������Oh, -I've  time  to read the last few  pages of it as yet.  There are more railway tunnels, via  ducts and railroad bridges in Switzerland than in any other country in  the old world. DAILY LEDGER
published    every  day except Sunday.
BV       THE'    DAILY       LEDGER
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Thc an-\\i?r     to tho (question-, What
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iby   one    who knew      enough,  as  one
would   describe some   new mineral or
.pas   or thin<i.     Some eminent  scientific   men     are befogqed  by the question, say it is some ultimate unknow
able thing and hopeless as an c-nvj'u.iry
if il. ho     a s-ometiiing it must be :de-
scriled  by   its constant   properties as
other things,are.      If it  be unlike ev-
eiyfliiiiK else then  it    cannot. be  described  by  terms  that apply to  anything els'e.      A flowing; coal is an incandescent      solid, a   flame is an .'incandescent gas, but' neither glow nor
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In a remote hamlet in a California
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for a wide mining country, and frequently by stage, wagon or on hoi-c-
T.ack arc brought samples of ore Jollier to test cliom'eally and prohounco
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There are not many women' as-
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Mrs._ Frou7.er is busy, likewise hap-
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Among mines and miners she became
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'One ol the strangest careers .ever
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that of Kate Maher, who lived her
life-as- a man because -she longed for
freedom and rebelled with all her
soul against the .shackles that hold
the  reminine  sex back  from liberty.
Her father was a wagoner on the
wi-sicrn frontier in the days when
freight was hauled by teams because
there were no railroads. He died
when she was very young-. As a
woman sho tried life as a schoolteacher, a hotel waiter and a house ser
vant. She ,did not like, it in any of
those shapes, and she broke away
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cuf her hair short, put on a suit of
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.fi__-_-.it* with Indians she killed her man,
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(BetMbat fou
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Unscrupulous' dealers       ha*ve.
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From    ..this date the undersigned
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Zt&Z* I W^t*L^$       V.  I.  EXPLORATION & BBVEI,
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j N'on Personal Liability.
| Victoria. B.C:. Ma*  18th. 19AI
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DESIGNS        '
\ Xoticein "Inventive Age" __P_K__pl|'
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A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor
Newly fitted up and
Good tables and good
.j     -Ma���*g*��<WatfTW.B. __rxn_>_*��*���� i<i��iiHii-.-;*
Trail.,  leave LadysMitk  imr Victoria and   all  interinediate stations    at
9.1* a. hv daily.' aad at 4.0* f.wt. oh   Wedncsdajs,     Sat'irdarys   aud. Sundays.
Train lean*/LadysMith far Wellington and all intermediate stations
at li.57 aiu. daiiy, ����d at 6.10 p. in. ��n Wet!n�� days, Saturdays and
txci-'sion Tickets.
"��������*'       .1 '  -.
(Md'fir C**SC J��ur*ey-Saturdays and Sundays,- return.ng not later than
the fellowiag Maaday. ElJE_i;.Jl-j.     .   ' '
i    i    -��� r..i i b
Sails fram Laiysaith for Vancouver every Saturday at COO a.m. and
returainu sails frata  Vancouver'���   for'- Ladysniilh at 2.oil  u.m.
Car. Fort and,'   QeYernmeat. Streets.,
Dist.   Frt. & Pass. Agt.
BAVID HYMHS, proprietor
Board at reasonable
The bar is extra well
This  Hotel  has   been completely    Board aad lodging $1.00 per day.
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JOHN TFA, Proprietor
Bar Supplied  with  the Best   Wines, 1st** Avenue :-: :-: ���--* Ladysmith B.C.
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Usual subjects taught; also language*, drawing in pencil, and crayons, paint ng. in oils aBd water colors, pianoforte and voeaP lessons gi*-
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Ladysmith,   B   V.
Remedy a favorite with the mothers
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vent the attack. , For sale by Ladysmith  Pharmacy.
Dr.R. B. Diei
Surgeon Dentist
All work guarantee^ and at reatoa
able rate*.
Gat acre St. Ladysmith
���WHITE   COOK���
���WHITE   LABOR-���
Emploj-etl Only
F. BAYNES, Proprietor,
Read ��Own Res-d* Up
��p.m.- L,v. * ViCTaaia-. Arr. 4.��o._.. ��.
I.ooii. m. t,v." Seattle Arr. ��.��o a.iu.
9.21 ��. u, Arr. Bveretl Arr. 7.3* a.m
9."i�� a.' m. Air. SPOKANE Arr 7.45* P-�� ���
6.15 P�� Arr. Re*'*��ri* Arr 12.30 p. m.
t.io p, n, Ar. Bike Arr; 10.42 a. 111.
���.00 p.ui.   Arr. ' Feraie ' UT.9.55 a   a��.
T�� ail KaateBajr Foiati
Te    Winnipeg aid St. Paul
Claw. Caaa-K-tians
For    Chicago, Taroato,
"      lfaatr^ai and>*
All Points East & West
Acetyleae     Lighted     Cars.
'  Family .Taurisjb Sleepers,
Palace 3)ee_iiag -Cars <
Biniug    .Cars (Meals a  la
. Carte)". ...��  ..
Library Observation      Cars
Through     ticka'ts and bag-
fage ckecks.to a).i .points.
Steamship Tickets
Far tickets, maps," berths
reservat'ens     and compieta
iaforniation   ' call' on or ad-
8. 6. Yarkas       E. R. Stephen
A.G.R.A. } G.A.G.N. Ry
Seattle "2":   r "Victoria.'B.'C.1
(Hall Block from Depot.)
GAT ACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.
Leads Them
% ���
O Ask
& Co., Ltd
Pacific Coast   Agency.
VICTORIA. :���::-: *���: .-: :���B.C
Under New Managment
Hotel Wilson
Nahaiitio, B. C.
Jas. R. McKinnel
;      Proprietor.
Commercial  Mens'  beadanarters.
Modern and     Strictly  F��6t Class.
Fire Proof     Buildiag,.
WANTED���By Chicaga wh.lesale
house, special representative (aai n
woman) tor cack province in ��anada.
Salary $20 III aa'd axpetses paid
weekly. Expense noaey aivaacad.
Business successful; pasition per��a-
nent. No investment required. Previous experience not essential ta engaging.
Address 'Manager, 132 Lak�� Street,
Chicago,"111., U.S.A.'
R. Williamson Prop
ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.
8010 Waatminstar Road.
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HeadM-uartaxs trn't������     '���
PACIFIC OROWN iarden. Held
and f Uwer dEE05
lai distrilmtlo*. ;
Large stock of Hani
now laatured (er Spring.
Na npawe, lass or delay oi fumigation ar i"-
r S-pectioi.;
Let me price your list
befare placing your   aider. Greenheuse Plants,
F'aral Pa*l<aces. Fertili- .
zers, etc...;'
3tl�� : Westttiiaster Road.
f w,^ig<??ft?.&tt.?��rn3avw:irf.
iff��.' I*.j*'��.>\
i ,_/���'/ hi- ''.*'.
Cor, Government and fates Sts.
I ���Transcontinental--
���Trains Daily���
one js   the    "north
coast li_uiti-:d."
���T_ie electric lighted train to
thc East. j.
Ticlets on sale to all Eastern ami Southern, points at
LOWEST   Hates.    Up-to-data
.Pullman anil Tourist Sleepers,
on all trains.       Dining  '  Car
���eivicc Unsurpassed.       __.
Steainsiiip Tickets on sale to
and from all European Points.
.. Cabin accommodation rese:v-
ed by wire.
For further particulars  cull
or    write     the  ollice.   'Phone
Main -15G*. *
A.    D.    Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,
N.P.,   PoL*l.laiid,Ore.
E.   E.     Blackwocxl,  general
agent, Victoria, 13.  C;
Are You
Ooing: East
Then be aura your tickets read   via
Wark done projierly and at rle-ht
prices. A (uli Una ef Wall Paper,
and Painter'e Supplies Resideaea an
Roberta Street
J.  B.  SMITH.   Pr^
���������*������'*<$��� <�����*��������������������������������������
-The Cream of Scotch Wliiikics-
Sole   Agents for B.   C.
Smelting Works at
LADYSMITH,        C.
|      Vancouver Island, B. 0,
General Manager,
If you like-��� .
A   siMoath,  easy   ahave, .an even,
well-uni��li��d     beard trim, a fed
bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.
VTou will ga to
The ODly  line  now  making    UNION
D^POT    connections at ST.  PAUL
and    . MINNEAPOLIS    with       the
through    trains    from    the - Pacifir
For complete inforrnatioa ast your
local agent or write,
Genf-iftl   Agtnt..
1W 2nd Ave., Sesittl*.
Merchant Tailor
B. C.
Cor. 5th.. Avenoe & Baden Powell Street
Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour
Meals 35c. and Upward
Caafactionary o( all kinds.
Orders takan far Pastrian to be delivered at any tl��e.
Employment Agency.
.r>ea ers in . ..
Pianos and
gans ..
Ladysmith, B.C
Dr. Dier caa be found at any tinw.
at his aficc oa *ataare at. .H-is &0?:-
tal work is jp^aranteeJ la be fiost-
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Mannfacturcri of tht Famous
INoue bu  ����ion,I��ab.pr   Employed
1    fl. J. BOOTH, Prop
jl��*MBWgMffB��HEBBI!li*Mi^^ THE? !DAILY|LEDGE'R.  ^..���������.H--frKH*--H^fr***''*H^ ���������!<������ T  AN   AW.KCL  WARNING.  NANAIMO  flanufacturers of the  EST  rewinr Go  _t_    'I-Icrc  is  the  sol  .__���������"',''to  do'g-cnv ners  ivy  l,  B. C.  solcni'ji   warning given  by  the  mirfrsihal       of  ^ ���������: Hamilloii,  Mont.,  through  the news.  j papers: ^ ���������'"���������' .  .. ..  , Take Notice.  All  persons' owning dogs and  who  do  not pay dog tax on  the same by  .the 18in July, will be killed.  .las.  I-liggiii'S,  Marshal.   o   .1URT      VMISPI.AC'El) COMA.  I  In  British Columbia ?  Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  dfrom the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops   t  e ������������������������  +^^+._>.fr������,__~������.._>-������ .__.<>._;.+.__.4>._;..;t_$.4~_������ + ���������!��������������� ���������!���������������������!��������� ��������� ���������!������������������������ ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!��������� -H-M"*"!'*  MRS. TIICNRY PARSONS.  ������ ������->������������������.��������� ��������� v*.-*.,*-^.*..*.*-*..*.-*-*+.*���������-������.������-*-:  !   t  4 + 4 ���������*������������������ --**v ���������������>*������������������*+>-���������������������������������������������������-���������  ' LAD ..'SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     i-uKNlTURl   MOVED PROMPTLY  A  ND SAFELY.  ���������unstt-a  !  tU*.4-**>**��������� ���������-���������-���������->'���������������������������-* I +>��������������������������� ��������� ���������-������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Stables iu the rear ol the Lad ysniith -hotel  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   tht  A. J. WASKET, PROP  A mother  of seven  in New     York  decided 'that  a city  was   ub  place to  i.ring   up children. .Hers  were   rest-;  U-ss,    nervous, cxciieablc and       net  strong   in health.    She  obtained i    a  small farm in,.the country'and let'lien  children  have a chance   for   life'    in  gariieniiiig and making a play of work  outdoors.    The result   was' s.>   happy  that  tin: mother of seven,  Mrs   l.ei_-  ry Parsons,   thought of the children'-���������  of the very  poor,   the thousands     of  tenement house little ones, pale, sick  ly and  growing up  among  e.il    sur-..  iminding     She petitioned -Ihe     New./  Yoik j-aik commissioners  to let  her  have   some  ijio.nul   whereon  she could  siaii. .small   ve_.c-fai.flc gardens for tli0;  slu-el, children  to   work   dining    the  summer  vacation.    They   tyavo     her  De Witt  Clinlou park, on  the    west  side  of  tbe city.   Durin-r   Ihe      next  summer   100   tiny   vcgrfa-ble gaidcns  giew  andlthriud   there and  the  little   workers in  them _>rcv.* ami  thriv-  STRANGK CHECKS  Miners1 Drilling Machines,  Hade to order and Repaired at short    notice.   Drill Sharpened by  ...  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repair**.  Sfripsmi thing    iri    aJ1     its   Branches  (Jorseshoers and Genersi Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSON  r  Buirer Street -    -      - .Mdysmlth, B i  *      LIVERY, BOARDING AND       ''���������  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS   WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVSD JOHNSON  LAOYSHIT  X  X  SPHONE" 66  #���������*������������������#������������������������������������������������������*������������������*���������* ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������a****  Express  LIGHT TEAMING  WjjI anJ  i tr'< i*r 3 Hi  SKF.  J.   KEMP.   OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W.CARTER^  FIRST  AVENUE PHONE  An aitiele on the, milk supplv     of  KirKp cities  in      the  British  IMoilical  Journal    contains      this   remarkable  passage:  '"The man having finished milking,  his cow oiTeicd to take me into, an  adjoining r0c|rii where the milk vvai  cooled.   o   STUCK FAST.  An   amusing  incident   occurred      in  one   of our      rural .churches   a short  time ago, says Tit-Rits.   The minister gave oi\i  the hymn,   ''I love    to   e-d even  more than  the gardens did.  Steal   Awhile  Away,"  vAc.    The reg-  c;-  ular  .'monitor being absent,' tho duty  devolved  upon  a good  old deacon,  who c'oi-iimcncpd,  "I   love  to  steal,"  and   ihen   broke  down.   Raising     his  voice  a iitile  higher,   he   then   sang,  "I   love  to 'steal."   At length,  after  a des-'crabe     cough, he  made  a'final  dcinonsttMioii.  and  roared  out,   "T  love  to steal."  The effect  was     too  much.   lOvcryonc  _.ut the parson was  lniiehing.    lie  rose,  and   with      the  utmost coolness  said:   "Seeing     our  brother's   propensities,  let us pray."  ��������� o   NOTABLE    WOMEN.  A   childlike,* mieeking   looking   Jap  girl   was passing along one or   New  York's   leading  streets, i A friend was  with  her.    The friend stopped   into a  shop  to get something;   the (lark eyed,   childish   looking Jap  girl  waited  outside    While she  waited one       of  those  big  fSlows  who  believes  that  by  reason   of size buitc   force       and  brass  they can he  insulting to     any  woman living, walked- up to her    and  si-i-T'd    her     arm.    Well,  the  great,  hulking brute had   no moie   than touched hei* when, he found himself spraw  ling  full  length  upon   the pavement.  That   brute  was  mad.    ITe)jumpod up  and     sprang  _.t   the little  Jap; girl.  "Ifavo  you   had enough?"  she asked  soHly.   "No!" he roared  and attacked her vv-illi -bis fist���������he tried to, that  is,  but ana in,   in  the twinkling   of an  by   the small   woman,  and   this   time  eye,  he was  dashed   to the pavement  she  sat noon his chest until a police  nnin came and took bun   to the . station   house.    There  lie confessed      he  was n prize  fighter  ny '''profession."  As  foi ' the small  girl,   siie       was  IwVs  iMis-a.-'-o  Sago,   who  had  learned  the.  noble .art of .jiu jitsu iiv her own  hum and is quite able to  protect herself against .American'bullies.   o -���������  No rah���������-You  take Tom  out in  your  auto every day,  don't you? ITc   uproars   to vbc  a necessary  fixture       ia  the mach'iiii'.  Cora���������Ho      is. He's an   automatic  sparkier. ������������������"      ..-,.: .-      : v,  MONEY AWAY  The Chatham Incubator and  Brooder has created a New Era  in Poultry Raising.  The selling 15t-n as a Hatchet  has been proven a Commercial  Failure'.  THE SETTING HEN���������Her failures   .. n.-,       _,-,,,{ r   ___,    ,   ���������   ai  have discouraged humy apoutin.  -nus<:r.        ine. Uiaiiiaill  iu.CljE-JIOr   ana  Toucan   make money ,,   Brooder ..has always proved   a  raising chicks' ia the Tight-    Money Maker.  way���������lots or it. .   No one doubts tl'mttliuie Is money in raisin..    A   fj'.XS-rf-    E1 !������������'*<_��������� ���������������_-,* -anrl Prnf J i-  chlckeus Willi a eood Iuc.ii-.atoi-and Bl-oudur.      >*���������  ,'g"IE' * iea^anI d������cl rrollt"  Usersof the Chatham I'iicubator and liiondvr'i*m.e 'litlSiilCJ-.O LOr Wo>H2ea  hiivi) all iimde money.   If you siill dinyiuihu      ,.- , ,    , , .!���������������-, ������-, .-.. > ���������  oldlde-vtluityouc:ui.au'<!ce^t-i:ii-i-uii:i.pouiii-y-     .'...my., vvohun .uplnlij   ma*, mik 111.  im'c-   Every  Farmer  Should  business UdintftDe hen as a an'-ehui-. wo uouid   ."���������c-i.do-i. l.iviii.'aii-l i.iitl.-j bv inonov e\i- l    ^ T ������=* ���������*   * o������ "���������������=������������������   ���������-������������������  Uketor������asonVithyou. iJ.oiah j-awrns puulu i  hi'Ii j. Cii iUi.uu I������. u    liaise   -TOUltiry  lu lUe llrat place, wu can pi-uvo lo yo.i I'b.it   "'ll*''- ,,       . .       ���������   ... .��������� h.__ .!���������,������������������ _i.ii-.  your actual cash loso in etrgs wt.ieli tli.. to nens ��������� Any woman ��������� uli .i i lllc Ir -.iiil uimo ui h i Ali. ostcvi-iv ..uriiei keppshons, but,wwi������  Should lay during- the Umo ,>ou koep Ihom dispnisal can, ^I'liout ai .' pies.oja c\, l- cm u m knows, in it .here Ihace 'tainau ou MproM  hatclilng ami bropdinic, %v .11 )j.j. CMionnli to p.iiy   oi- witl;o,:t a   c L ul cu-'. b^'in llio_ii.ii. i    "J J___J____1U1*"''J1'_IV1'1_SI, !��������� o a'varo of how nmch  t.,e\  no Io,iiit; eu-iy j ear by not getting hito  tin. pn'iiliy bu-,'j)L.,s in -.ucliu way ad to make  'HIE CHA TUAMINCUBATOR-Iti  i/'rrfii Ani encouraged many to make  tnore monev titan they ever thought  possible out of chicks.  ing'  for a Chatham Ihuubutor mid BroinJur in Jlv.- . husine-i-) mill )ii.iL.o i iom j  or six hatches, to nay no'.liiiiK v. hiitovi-r of tl.c  iruz iron i  or six hatches, to nay no'.JiniK v./mi-,vci-oi ll.<;       _v.v,m.- m,, im\ i    _f  ,   il \ '>o ^ mn i" i .n  . Y?" ....     .:  Iinwr .ml   lu.ii'i.1.   ii.������mII-i iittni-ii-..!' I.v rl .��������� ii ������������������!���������.    r,   C. .la].!j > g.l   linn   .. 1    i    ii u " ul" '. till. |-(i'lili>   blls'lll-i-ill  ai lliee-lialliaiu iiiuuiiaiui ana i>iooili'i. uun-tfii  wit.li.'iii Ui nn ������ii .n, o.i     l.i be s Tlie sc'Unj-lien as. a  ,,           ,               .                       ,               .,  ���������������������������-.-          ,         ,,         ,     .        , ^..^ ^ -,...rt ..w.. -.-,., hatoher will never be a  If you ������llo\v a Ixin lo set. yon loee at. leant [,.;-,si_.l by Uio c iiu uiid lupn'i'} w uli wlnui l o   coiijuicii . i1  -.ucic-w.    Her buaineaa is to luy  eiuht weeks of laying (tino������ w-;i!k������.'lv.'.'.������'.liiiiK ..���������.���������'.illtscumoto t icm _.t._r and ������l.c should bo kept at it.   The only  mndilvo weeks taking cavu of the i:li:c;c.;n:.|, or of f.__,n.,-_,   .,        , dope .ii-. nn B<--tli>i' i   ������.. toi 111,0 thicki, foi pioilti. to begin rl������ht  ���������ay in the oiffht weoka she would luy r.t te'. ,.!���������.,,_, Mh,���������,     ^ n , ,, ��������� ,, i,^,,. _,���������!._.    \ 0 , t .,   0\ ln-t-.iliintru l Jinihamlucubutoi andBroodcr.  'l-Itfht. Htavt.-  > ."��������� 1 11 11 t bo-Tin ii,"''t  ni-vi>;' "iii:.ko   a s  A  torn (linen collar,  a pieco of laUi  dn.1 ^. half do/cii other o.lils ami ends } "������������������������������? dii^Awga."'���������'utujo\,iiririi.;.ii7rii������ub-it..i"     -.-     ���������_1_ai;(. ,., - IOiwif..bi<more.  i,.,���������        1    ..     .1      1      1.    ,    1 1      1    , on the hatchiiiB:, while the hen !.i.-cn 1.11 lnjiiit; >,..,...>.,.   ,.���������!-.',.,        \  i,ul,   ,, 1, [,1,0  liuiig above tlie  bank cicrk'.v desk. I egga. .               .               ; iHii������t!.!,,'c-iT-     ��������� ,         u(.    .   i .  .> .de>  i  "iVlv   colli-iC-.tion       of  queer clie<'ks " '      OurNo. 3 Incubator will .hatch as ui:>,ny cirss lliiii'.k-.ui-iin  , ���������             i>    v . uu (.-.tin  .,        '                             .          7                    '     ' i  ts twenty setting hens,' timl do it belle:-. ._S*6w. ivhlirh, purhlo   ni'i      i ihm i   m        ' Ijm  1110 yollllK  man saiil.       I'-.ach'of tlliS',. merviH a. question in -irlllimet.o: - just no-.-.-, and    n         ju ^        <      " ������������������  -"i'  tllillCS    i.S  -1      chifk        l'Vifli   ti"ic   rlnlv "'������������������     If you keep 2f)hcMS from !f, yiiuj... oi);o:-i.'Oi������-.'---iin.  uu.if-h    is a     ente .v.      i,acn  vi.is  duly for 8 week*! how jmidi oi.sh do                 if yon -a-e in c .-, ���������������     o ������ill  iumoted.       L'jach   has   a Stoi'V. voulojeif eaeliliun wonlilharo the pouits-y l.n-tin.-,    wiMc1. ,i  ui  u_,... , ���������..���������,  ,..,ii���������^.;,          '         i     ," laid *. dozen eg-y.s, and egirs aie down.   If-.-.(; ������  .(iihImiii I'i t  l ha\e beon coJlecl'ing c.jiwr checks ......        .       .             ���������..  for three years.     That  piece of  lath  started  me.      A western hank honor-  ���������>l   Hi/,   i ,������,   f.,,.  to.-n        ii     ...           ,i tO.OO, besides produeiiii.: lor yom-pnilit cliici..-- __.  ell   the   huh   foi   J>2a0.       It   was  made by the wholesale, and being?ready.to do Uv. P"*  out   as       a check   by t.ie   owner   ol'. a sume thiiiK.over again tho moment each hati.h !  3                           ��������� isoir.                                                           ������������������ *  you loje if eac-li lien would haro  laid *. dozen eg-ys, and .eggs ai-e  worth 15 cents per dozen?  Therefore, when the C;  hatchiiijic tlie number of en  would hatch/ ib is reully en  .   \\ itb biiili a miuhiiit jou can begin hatching  .   on x huge -calo at any time.  \ ou can only  K'-t one ciop oil' your fields la  a  u \i ir, bub a\iUi a Ch-itlmm Incubator und  :   Hiui lei ind onliniiy atlentiun. you can laiee  .1   i Incki-iibfiom caily tipiing until Winter and  li i\ l- .i-Mup i'\ eiy month.   Think of it I  . ��������� '.u.te a lev/ f.iimcis have discoveied that  i  ui1 .     i    theie- ir.n.oiieyjn the poultiy biiiiiiiebsaiidhav*  '    l "   fo'i'iil this biurn h oi tainiing so piorllable that  i  ba\e instilled sevi.n\l Chatham IncuW  iii-inti^ in .;.vsh jii;- y..i:   V.'>'..M .'-'i ."'���������'>   ^ho - K.ial o .������.i oc in ,(, [(____ ,0 ( ust. chlLkt���������_, v.it]_ a Chatham lncu-  6-0  W. SILEU  GENERAL hXPRESS AND  .DELIVERY  WORK'.PROMPTLY   nr  Leave orders at the' A bhotsford.  ORDER  OF  Laiysmitk ,T������._n������ie No.  5 Rathhone  Sisters meets at tk������ Oddfollows' hall  ���������_Jad   anil  4tk Tuesiay  at  7.31   p.m.  Mr������.  Kate'Tate-secretary. '...  sawmill, who was 0nt at the pljMit  w:lh his son, thirty miles ftom any  house and totally without paper, let  alone a check book. The money  was needed lo pay cii thc iiinils':  The sawnidller wrote on thc'lat|li just  what a check correctly drawn has on  ii, and lie sent his son in to the Until-  to ������et the money and to explain.  The lath check was honored afiter  some discussion among the bank's  officers.  "The cult check was drawn by an  actor who had become slightly intoxicated, got into a fight- and was  arrested. He Kva.s treated caviherly  in his cell. They wouldn-'t giut him.  any p-aper and,.he lirihpd ahoy to  take Ihe check to the bank> The  boy got kho money, and with it  the actoi paid 'his fine. Otherwise,  he'd have bean jailed for t en days  Thus the ������iit������ check may .be saiil t&  have /saved a nuin from prison.  The cheek written on that linen coli  Iar won a. bet of \$5. A man bet a  woman that a check made on a collar would he leashed, and of course  he won his bet."  "^'our l-'tinlf, if you ^arry ,a good  account, will honor the most freaky,  checks yom can draw up. In such  monkey business, though, it won'.t  eneouiage you." ,. i   o ���������  Don't you think.uthereforclthnt it pay*. !o  keep the hens laying and let tiio Ciiiitluiiu  Incubator do the hatching-;  There ure many other reasons '.vhy I'i-j  - Chatham Incubator and Crooiior oiitcia.-iic-.i  the Netting lien.    ..'���������'. ���������.'���������!,[������������������,'  The hen sets when she i.s ready. 'J'ho Cli-.l ���������  ham Incubator is always roa-ly.fl iiy phi lining  to take offa-'hutoh Ht the right rii.i-. yon ;ii;..y  have plenty of broilers l:o ,snll ('when hi iilci������  are scarce and priceuat the ti.u_.ijoL-.-l>. Kymi  depend on' tho h������n,-your cliivlrS. wiii rrow To  broilers just when every other.hon _..ci"-'e'-.������ are  being marketed, and when tin; price is iiot-io  ��������� Jtitf..   '���������;���������  The hen isa careless mother, often lead 1ns: l'i'-i'  shicks amongst wot gricss, bn.shes..-mrl in plucks  where rats can coir lseuto lu.-r youup..; ���������  The Chatham -Brooder behaves itsoll'. is'a  perfect mother and very rarely _osu_i a chick,  und ia not infested with lice.  Altogether, there is absolutely no reasonable'  reason for continuing the u.-e r,i r, hen as n  .hatcher and every  reason  why  you  should  have a Cluithain Incnbutor ami Jli-ooder.  We are inakinsr a very special oiler, .vhiclv  It will pay you to investigate. ���������  o  Small Premises Stufficicni  ForPoultryRaising.  ,'WS WZLt iVflir NOW  ���������TO' YO'JE STATION  i ���������      ���������  ������������������ " O '("a Wllcll the supp.  i        &     . >f' "<>)"   A  rm'1a'j^ fl   tP/\'     I    P"ic- iKoidi'JKlj high  ffl      t     p^i   I   $% f-t sVtf     P   ooiMth h. .^ at, hitchei  h toi i.nl J'loodei If ho. ypu aiegieatly init-  3 Id pi loui v ife oi dautfhtei i an attend to  Im 'ii ichine md look aftei the chickens, without int.i ciing \ulh theii legolar household  i. u tie=  'Ilie mail et ih always good and prices ar������  nei ei io������ 'J he demand is always, in excess of  the siip.i y ind at (ci tain times of the year you  i m jimu t cally get.uu juice j ou care to ask for  {co 11 i,_uilci-, With a Chatham,Incubator and  iii.ioJci Mm can ><uut hatching at the right  time   to 'u.g  the cmckens   to   maikeLablo  o '("a wncii the supply i vciy low and tho  Tins you could never  1'frCURATOR'  :ana.E?-.00B������R  :������ois -F^y us no Cash  Till Aliev 189S Harvest  J  W o I i,ri\\ that theie is money In the poultry  bu-.in..:_"i foi c\ eiv taimei who Mill go about it  iiirtii All you h i^ e to do is to get a Chatham  1'iciil. -toi ana JjiojJcr and stait iL But peril ip. y ou .������ e not .,repaied jusi now to spend  jl   tne money.   'Fliia is why tie make the special  IS Tins FAIR ?  A\'e know thei e is money in raising chickena.  W o know the Chatham lucubatoi aud  B'oodci h.w no otiual  Wo know that wiih any reasonable effort on  jour pirt you cannot but make money out of  tin C ti ith.im lucubatoi and Brooder.  vVc know that wo made a similar offer last  \rov and that in eveiy case the panuents were  met elie-itu-lvand piomptly and that iu many  case . mo'iey was accompanied by letters ex;-  pro*-smg s-vtislact ion.  Iheietoie we Jiave no hesitation in making  Of course, if you have lots of room, so miuli      -rjonUemc.-i,-> mir No   1 Incubator is all   this proportion to eiery honest, earnest man  theibetter, but-/many:a man and wonum .mm;   r_.,_.t    i. ;U'.i mifi Jl\ '.m-'leil wnh it.   Will   ol woman who may wish to add to theiryeaily   '���������'���������'=-' --- --    piofils with a trnall expenditure of time aud  carrying on a suceessiiil and m-plltal.lo lionltry   g,^ ,_' \:ivt;cl. t,i e .cuii you next jeai.   H. M.  %.>k_> S-.-.A.-..-.     -f-^a       --.      five's till       i.lln      ,..������     I/M.i..     L.l A-..*s--_h_'. . .... 1. 1 .\ r      ti  uionev.  This loally means that wo will set you up in  business in a small eity or town.lot.   Anyone   i.c,.iiWOau, l.iiul-. \, Out'  with a fair sized stable or shci! and a smaV  yar  ���������'���������But'  withsett_ne*hens*aFlmtchi"r^                                                          hi il nc\ei seen an incubator Jf we know of & fauerolfer, we would make it.  Chatham Incubator and J'.ronder.                          until lrc-;-oive<i \oi r^    I w i-pleised aiaKur- Ivnte us a post cu-d with your name and  To enable every bod v toilet a fair start in the   prised t I'sr-tovi i 8>i ei ecu   and tho chickens addt ess, and wo ^wlll send you full paiticulars as  ���������  -���������    -       *-      -     -                      -                ..                    .   .    .I-...     ^ cai.d could well as our beautdnlly lllustiated book, "Hovn  Dav, Bath- to make money out of chicks." Write to-day  estigate.                                       .      well.Man."- to Chatham.  *'     We'eansuppiv von quickly from our distributing warehouse.; al Cah'aiy, Biandon, Reglna, "SVlnnipeg, New Westminster, B.C., Montreal.  Halifax, Chatham." FucloHcs at ���������Chatham, oS\'r.,\aiid-D..T..ir.i   -Uicu. 612  S<Sn^MT?ulu7^flt.^y'   ' ,- *     " ���������-n"06.itlo..ion,_|   link  boHi   Incubator and   ,,.��������� "jSiltTyViTne*^ so  that you Van make  iuttS make ���������money <,^ money n/it from tho sta-twitfiout asking for  ay ti-om the old idea of trying to do bnsinc-si   zbVM UaLul-(-s-    ��������� J - i-'-^������n<-. l "itU\ ilie, Ont     ___ U|1Kl0 cml iTOm you until alter l.X)C hai\eat.  th setting hens as hatchers.    Von must get a' ������������������ ��������� Gontlcmon.���������1 hi d nc\ei seen a --' ....... .-^ --������-. ���������u .  atham Incubator and Brooder. until 1 i-m-oived m������ r^    I w i- plei  _'o enable everybody to get a fair start in the   prised to'^.-t'.ovi i 8>i ei ccit   and l  right w'ay in the 'poultry business, we innke- ������ro all. stmM.j aud  healtny     A  a very'-special offer  which it is worth your   opvr.-ii.- machine siiiccssfu'ly   JAS.  while to investigate. *   .      well. .Man." ;  We can supply vou quickly from our distributing warehouses al Oalyaiy, Bian  Halifax, Ghathaiii.   FucloHcs at Chatham, <j_>\'r.,' and Di'/ruo-. i   I-Iicii.  The MANSON CAMPBELL GO., Liifli������cd9 DspL No. J5 A CHATHAM, CANADA  Let^us quote yoy prioes on a good Fanning Mill or good Farm Scale. |  I-OO..R  ftiV  'MKS WiSH  I        "    ��������� ' hi!     ���������"True," I,  "I liave always .iioikeil," rpniarked  tlie man wlin euniiiieiits on lliintrs,  '.'i'1'l'H.    -\viise   nwii     ara -griiC'i*������lly Hie  Any  ml  replieil     Se-iiator Baelgei",  fl If*"'   '   3W-* ���������- -^-'l-  AFFLICTED WITII   RHEUMATISM  '���������f' was'and" "am'yct afflcted'~wil'h  rlieiimatism-;-*' .says-'Mr.  .J."C.'"l?ayne...|  ctlitor* of tlie I-Ierald,.; AcldiiiRtoii,  In-  Kind  ON IT ED   ANCIENT  PKUIDS  Meets   in the I' 0. 0 .F. Ifsa.il, La-   ilian T.2iTitory. "but tha.iil:s lo'-Cham-;  WtHimstoa Grov������  N������.   4'U.  A   .9.  D   I>crlain!������     Pain;    Balm-am,able .once.!  '������VMith, . ������it   Stcond   a.*     l^urbh.' more to attend to business. It is the  IM-M-lavs'. of tacli montih. aKww   he������fc   :of     linaments."        II troublc-d  ������s WwUmimr.  13th., -lMi. | witl*  rheiimatis.n'    give Pain Balm a  Vaufi������r -Druids     'are invited ti'it't'*1 aiul.you-are corUyi  to be more  j than I'lcasetl    witli  the prompt  relief  j whicli. it. aft'or-dR.     One applieation re-  By ���������r.ler. Moves  the   pain. --For ������ule by  Latly-  ���������WM.KAFTBR, R������cf fSecty.   smith  P-IiaT'maey.  TfATRI������K BURK.'N.  A.  of  j. PIERGY & GO.  Manufac-turers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  *?  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  i Bi G.  SYNOPSIS OF CAN ADI AH NORTH  WEST MINING" REGULATIONS.  Coal���������Coal  lands   may   be  purckas-  ���������4 at $11 per acrt for soft coal   and  $20   for   anthracite.   Not   mort  tkaa  330 acrafi aaa bt aoqvirad \y ��������������������������� ia-  aiviaual or ���������enipaay.   Roralty  ������.. tk*  rate    of tin scats par  toa  ������f '4,00.1  p������unds    stu-.ll      b������ 0itll������ota������ oa  tkc  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free' miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  J7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $5* U $100 per atmuui for  a company, according to capital.  . A frea miner, having discovered  mineral iu place, may lecate a claim  4,500 x 1,500 feet. Tlia im far rc-  cordim a claim is  $5.00  A* least  $100 must be expended on  tha claim each yaar or  paid  to  Uk  miaing recorder im lieu thereof. When  S.-iOB  has bean expended   or paid, the  locatar   may,   upan  having  a survey  aiade, and apon aomplying with oth-  ar requirements, purchase  tin land at j  $1 an acre. ���������  The      aateat provides for tke  ������ay-'  ment af a royalty, of 2|per aent on  the sales.  PLACER   mining  claiaus   geaerally  are 100 laet squarej amtry  lea $5, re-  |  aewab'le yaarly. i  A free miaer aiay abtaia twa leasi  ���������s   to  dredge for   fold   ml   Iva uiilos  each for a term of twaaty years,  re-'  BBWable at the daacretioa af tke Min-,  ister of tha Iiterior. |  The lessee sbsJl hafe a draclge iu  operation within one season from t.br  date of ths laass far each five milrs  Rental, $10 per aauuni for eack mile  of rirer Daasei. Royalty at the rate  of 2i per oeat collectad oa tke our-  put aher.it axeeaas $.l0...00g..  W. W.  CORY,  Deputy of tho Minister  of  the T;  'trior..  .'  nntinfir  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  i  ice  1st Avenue  ������������������������������������aU!ioi:__..h   tlvcrc    -arc 'times- wlieu a  fool knows enoiic;lv to  be silent."  ���������- o- :��������� -  .    SOME    WITTY WOMEN"  ��������� John  La     Farge,  flic'painter, .was  talking in his studio alioiit witty wo-1  men. r  "Let mc relate a youngi "-y u. :s '  witticism that I hearh; the other Ji-ay '  ilay, " he   saiil. ,,!  "There--was a man who lo'cl. a.i  maid, anil she returned li is passion;  but there werc--rea*sons Ilia", inane a-  rrery. hesirable. anil thus, tliong.i the.  two were betrothed,- they , ������������������retsr.ikd  to the world that they were i;novl  friends and nothing more..  tiras pressing his ���������sweetheart to his  breast the younger sister entered the  room suddenly.  The lovers drew apart with great  haste, and the sister, '-with an "Excuse  mc,",. turned   to go.  But the young man deemed)'an explanation necessary.      He said:  '(���������Don't .go. We have been, measuring  to see   vvliieh is the  taller."  The inirU.cr, standing by the door  looked at the lovers intently. Then  a helirate smile (lilted oCor her  pretty  faee, and she said:  ���������'You are a'.iout. the same height,  but I think sister is much the redder.   "   o   "Klsif!'" cried mama in consternation,   "what  do  you   ine-in   hy  slicking your  lingers in  ih-e puilhliiiigV I'm  asliain*''! ;if you."  "Well,"   vi-spoiuU'lj   the  little  girl,  ttsirfully,   ''.lack   ll-oriier  did,       and  you said     yoursf-1 :thal it made him  famous!"   ���������o   NLIGHT  err aaa reward will  vpjf.vwy bc. pai_i to :iny  PL-i-Min wlio pr.ives that  Sunlight Soap contain:, any  injurious cliemic;ils or any  form ofadultoration.  is equally good with hard or soft water.  ...' - If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)  you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better  "''result's'than with boiling and hard rubbing in1 the old-fashioned way.  As'Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly  pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be  washed without the slightest injury.  Lever Srothers   Limited, Toronto  Your money refunded  by the dealer from whom you buy  Sunlight Soap if you find any  cause for complaint.  '56  A Western  editor Tin* eome to the  conclusion  that  those desiring '-puds"  in his paper must pay tor them, and  has   established   the   following   prices:  For telling tlie public that a man is  a successful    citizen  when  everybody  knows  he   is as lazy  as a government  mule,  $2.70;   referring  to  a deceased  citizen  as  one   who   is  mourned   by  the entire community  whl'ti we know-  lie will only be missed bya poker circle,   $10.00: referring   to some gala-  vantine        female       as     an  estimable    lady     whom itis a pleasure to  meet,     when     every  business man in  town would rather ace. the devil coming,   $8.10;  calling   an   ordinary   pulpit  pounder an eminent divine,  sixty  An  English vicar says:  Let us consider tlie reasons why a ;  Christian woman should cover her :  hcadrr-wbat .-. these    principles  or  the ;  apostles were:-  Man's priority ot creation. Adam ;  was first formed,  then Eve. '  The manner of creation. The man  is not of thc woman, but thc woman  of the man.  Tlie purport of creation. The man  was not crei'ted for the woman, hut  the woman for the -man.  Kesiiits in creation. The man is  the image <V the glory r# God; but  woman's  the glory of man.  Woman's priority in the fall. Adam was not deceived, but the Woman, being deceived, was in Wiu  transgression.  The marriage relatii<n As the  church is .subject to' Christ, so i;t  the wives he to their husbands.  The headship1 of man and wc-man.  The head of every man is Christ, but  the -head of woman is maii. i  And this is the twentieth century!  ���������World.  'For heaven's sake, why are you  dropping that bunch of tooinpif.ks  down   the  back   of your   neck?"  "My wilfn insists ttiat 1 must put  on winter flannels, and I'm geltim*,  in training."   . o   "I'm sorry to   hear that your husband  is ill.  No thins serious, T hope"  ���������'No, indeed.   The doctor didn't cv-  ceuts;  sendinc;   a doughty  sinner     to   en say it  was lucky w'e called     him  i.heaven,  $5.00. .      .      ,       i      in.  NOTICE  LADYS.VLIT-i   WATER VVO.^KS  Consumers are -requested t������ nail at   the office     on  Roberts- Street and  pay Water     Rates, between the  10th    and  the 25th mf each month.  Office Hours IP. Mr 4 30  T. ISLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Public  Notice ���������  Attention is called to  tfie   Tact that th*  Ogilvie Flour flilis Co.,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEH OLD    FLOUR,     have for some tlm������  past been producing fleur lu a  vastly improved and pur!!'.  *  form  by the aid ofELECTRICITY  and having secured control  ef    all tke basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a ^vising tt������c  public  tfaat ������ny  oriied users ol the electrical   flour purify lag; processes  wit! ^ pro-  Becntod.  O^JllviQ Flotir Skills Compaay XiTmited  are fhe    only    ������aill������s*a i*a Cam**** wkawiiriiM  8purifiBiib 7 b'ti Sle-sWic'ProcsBS  m^ ;. * ��������� ^W^i^^ti^^^  &*..  THE    DAIV?    t.*r**  ���������1*  u n  Miss E. Do'beson will be at the Ab-  botsford Hotel' every Saturday afternoon to give lessons in Vocal Culture. Phrasing, management and control of breath, tone production, efiT-  ciently taught. For particulars a.*-,  fly Box 12, or Phone HG, Nanaimo.'  rir. and ,?.Irs. R.,.,B. Dier returned  at noon from a wdek's visit with  friends in Victoria.  -o-  Smok������ Big B. Cigars  FOR SALE ��������� ORGAN,  Haggart's, Esplanade.  Apply   at  Don't forget the usual fortnightly  dance of the Cily Band takes .place  on Salurday, lUareli 'Uil.  The Excelsior Cluo's dance ��������� in  Gould's Hall hist c\ening Wa,s very  well attended and an enjoyaliW affair.  Robert   Lawson, the  well     known  blacksmith      of Buller' street,   ., has  sold   his ��������� .shop and   business   to Ralph  Wright.    The latter  is weir known in  this section as a first-class mechanic  and     will  enter business   here with  the goodwill of the .���������citizens of   Ladysmith. '.M.r.Lawson who, since ho took  over the business several months ago.  has turned���������''out excellent' work     and''  given  every1 satisfaction.'   Me   is   ���������retiring on account of ill health.  Bishop PciTin held confirmation in  i\\f English Chinch Insf evening, a  large coiigMJy.aiioii lA'ing present to  witness the interestiiig ceremony.  Si-veii ladies and geiuleinen were continued. Tlie Bishop left on the morning train for Vicloria. .,     , '  In a case of thc Northwest Improvement Company \s. Potts, in  which the latter was sued for, $120,  judgment was given f0r the plaintiff  with costs, 1\Ir. Simpson 'appoarc'i  for the plaintiff.  Tj'm ims      vs.   TliUl'rt���������The   former  sued Hilbcrt for two and a hall months' '  rf-nt.      The  defendant > trio... to  , show- that/only two months, rent was  due.        Judgment   for    plaintiff, with  "costs.     Mi. Russell  Simpson appeared' for  plaintiff.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  Mr. B. Porcinimer, who was ill in  bed for several days, is now about  again. Letters from 'Mrs.  B'oi'clm-  nicr contain the news that that lady  is now visiting friends in New York.  She will visit seveial other American  cities and Toronto hefore leaving for  home. .'-(3,. ���������.  Government Inspector Wilson,' iii  company with i\Ir. C. TI. Runniiing,  and Mr. ,1. Stewart, visited the  school properly on Wednesday,. He  will submit :in estimate of the <-i>st  draining the properly. t0 the government.  Mrs.  Harvey Shaw was the lucky  ���������winiic* oLUie Singer Sewing..Ti'kachine  -.dravsn for by the mak'-rs' of .'While  Swan  So.ip,  in      Mr.   dames Hirst's  'store, Nanaimo on Friday lasl���������No .  14,SCi'������ being the ticket drawn; In  place of " giving away sewing ma.  chines, the B.C. Soap Works, Vic-,  toria, have decided to redeem all  White Swan Soap wrappers for premiums. This should piovc a more  satisfactory way 0f advertising, as  in the nio-nthly drawings, which have  been held jn the past  only one person  , could win, whereas now all purchasers of While Swan Soap can gel the  Avrappers exclningeil ior useful household articles. Premium lists may i.e.  had nt any grocery.   o   If there  is anything  y0.i    want in  the  Drug or patent medicine line you  ���������Kill   find   it at    the Ladysmith  Drug  Store.  Capt    Foellmer   is   o.n   a visit  Air.   Pro "an's of   this citv.   .  at  -M*<.-xt*\&.Z"i*3>f91xA,  FRESH  FISH  VMiB uum  i'lPPE'EQ i';R'i'iG  CHARGED  WITHMURER  Winnipeg, 'March ;'l'.���������It i.s believed  hei'.e that,     William Foster  \Va<ldi.ll,  for, whom  the police of'Beverly, Mass  are looking, and  for whom a reward  of $500 is offered,  oh a-ihargv of tho  murder oi J.   Fred  Mayes'.at. Beverly  in  May,   190:1,  was once a "resident'of  Winni.ieg, a������d 1hat he was tried here  on   March'7.   .1893 .for manslaughter  on   the charge ..of having   cont-riftuteu'.  to   the cause  of death or a four-year--  old boy. .t  On   the. occasion  of a visit 'to-'Win..  nipeg'.'about  January' 2-1,. 1893;, where  Wa'dilei]   and  liis   wife  spent  several'  days, a child,, which.,had \beew ' adopted  by .them, -was-foii-id by ncighljoi's  dead  in their. houSo at. Wh-itemouth,  Man. The,late Dr.  Benson, who   was  then';  coroner,  went to Whitenvouth  and .u'.vani.incd into the circumstances  surrounding   the death  of  the  child,  with   the. result, .that;.Wacl'dell      was .  .arrestee!'"and comm.ttod Tor. __ trial.  For many, years prior  tp : the trial  Wadriellhad  been a prominent  figure  around  Winnipeg,, and many old-time  resihenls of this city'still re mem tier  liiin  as-a sort  of ��������� preacher,  lecturer, ������������������  ..temperance advocate anil .irgi.inizor of  one of Ihe-prominent fraternal  societies.    Me was/widely kiio.wii as "Professor" Waddeli.   ..'.'"���������' "������������������"  Shortly.after the trial WadilelHde-  sorted his wife and levanted With a  young girl with whom he had become,  acquainted. When ��������� last: heard of lie  was in the Stales, The wife remained in this .city for sonnc tunc, " and  eventually became a member of the  city's Underworld.  -~   * ���������'��������� -������-���������     ' ���������.        ..___  FOR MEN AND BOYS  -:o>  These Goods have  to be seen to be  appreciated���������They  are by far the  NICEST LOT  we have ever hand  led and that is  a Good Deal for  them-They come  in Fancy Tweed,  Millitas, Tutons,  etc.  50c to $1.00  EACH  Walter* &  Akenhead  r������r 1 wfJlir  i.-^ -.-o ���������/ ������*.  What it is to Move and Get Things  broken up.  To avoid this I r-av* ^-cid-d *o sell out my entire Stock  A Farmitti-.-. swarej Dishes, Cooking Utensils,  at a Great Seer     .e, from 10 to 20Fer Cent  Discount for Cash Oaiy  SHOES,        SHOES,        SHOES  One   hundred Pairs of  (Mal>l������ Leal)   MIXING   S1IOF.S,  witk  or   without  Nails  More than three hnmltecl  Pair   of   LADIES',     MENS    and      CIIILD-  RFN.S'   SHOES   will   he  sold   RK?.AHDLKSR  OF COST.  'The.    sale  will  cnniiiine  from    Saturday  1lu*  17...  until   further notice  CHAS.   PETERSON,  KURNlTliHK STORK ....  ������������  *VEN"B " '<������nRBT3  Slr������l-  a=aa-  u'Iffl3-M-B  BROOKS'  PHOTOGRAPH    STUDIO  Is Again Open .  VJC-TORIA  CRESCENT    -���������opposite Fire {foil.  Nanaimo, B. C.  He���������Ho*,v     are you going to cele'  urate your birthday?  She (.good naturediy) ���������I'm not going to celebrate it!  It's a sad affair.  Every Hi ing  Comforhable  when you  re 1* ire  ���������Mil j  London. Toronto, Montreal. Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  RECOMMENDATIONS OF  WRECK GOMMISION  Victoria���������Alt-hough the Commission   meat of lifeboats on  our own coast,  BALFOURS' OVERWHELM^  ING MAJORITY IN LONDON  appointed   hy  the  Dominion  Government    to in...nire    into   the wreck of  the  Valencia has not yet  completed  its  worlc,  your correspondent ascertains  that  roconmieridaticns  with regard .to future safife-uards agyiinst sim,  ilar  calastrojihes  are now   in       the  hands of the Minister.  They uoint out. that owing'to  nearly all the oKiecrs of the Valencia  hiiiv.ng -been lost, they liave bc''n un-  a-hle to accurately ascertain the weaker conditions prevailing-i at the  ���������time, or. to learn wlicthor the. .'resent aids to navigation on the west  coast are suflicient to' provent a recurrence of  oilier  accidents ��������� under si-  London, Feb. 2S.���������Aifchur J. Balfour, tho former premier, was today  elected' to thc House of Commons  for the city of London by a'maijrjri-  t-y of 11,340 over his Liberal Free  at .a'disadvantage,  owing  to  ti,e; Trade  opponent.  Thas.   Gifckon  Bow-  les. ,  I    The vote'was strictly a party one,  .the  cawdidates receiving  fe-wcr 'vot*.s  al    election,     when   the  Conservative  and Li'bcral candidates at the gener-  we,'caniik.it. hut acknowledge that- our  boat stations, being to.'leeward of  thc localil-ies where wredis' are most  frequent," must ofneccssitv be operated  difficultyjof putting oil'to a wreck, as  compared .with a station, at Neah  Buy'in Washington, which is to wind  ward, where t_rei������ arc always ������ nimi-  |^.r of seagoing tugs, .and. from which  point a lifeboat could get away under almost any circumstances.  "The recent wreck of thc Valencia  \\iv\ tili-el aUtisndane loS1- of life, has  amply dc..i|_mstnited tha-t in the event  a! election when the Conseryatiy?  [ p.va-j-o;ri;.y was 10,300. Mr... BaJfliur  who is not well, was unable to ap-  j:car at the Guild hall, where the  ���������votes were counted, but was represented by Miss Balfonr, who,, i-rv a  speech, thanked ilu electors on, ^Uialf  of her .brother.  The result of the election -was a  fcirogone conclusion. There was no  celebration.  H_aa_wiBtsaMStK!-3-S-S^������3K������?^^  1  of the transportation of a mortar and  rool.et a-p'iM'artiis at- fair speed during)  day or night at all seasons." ..  Thc  report' also  recommends      the  of shipwrecks, assistance  must be giv  adopt.^ 0_   a wireless  telefep-aph sys-  eii promiptlv to ho of anv use.     It has   _.cm       -_|  concludes*  nular. circumstances.   They' find  how-   ]mm shn^  that .���������  sto" ^^ '        ��������� repeate(���������v  uVccd    *v  Z   herv    ^es^uS'^h"   ,r Imm     U'iUl "ifihsoas  w"Wne������>n our rock- practical seamen'that  in the interest  sout-heiy    gales  dining  the  autumn    bouhd Coast,.'ai(l from-the sea       by    of  navd������W,ion    as well   as' oflifc and  am  winter     month- causes a slr.ng  .���������     ,-s  of    .Iirelx)lltl( nmy nol ^s   ������ [��������� f  ^ >     ������     ^ ������ ^  surface-cunrc-nl-to the'north        and    be liractlbftMe.   -Wc. would impress up   '    '      *' ( "  wes ,   the  strength   of   which  is   aug-.    ��������� , thu Govcrnme!lt t,hc urgent n,���������ccs.  mentcd bV tne     strong tides setting  'b;)���������     .     ,,   ,., ,'.,-.,  h b    sity  of     liavang  a road   or  trail   as  close   to  the shore as  possible,  built  from Owen i-oiiit at the-western  entrance  to Port  San  Juan,  to   Cape  Bealc,  with telegraph operators," huts,  CODFISH  We al.--.) have a Large and  Fresh Stock of  ���������     CANNED  FISH  in the following,  F-ESIIHERfHHG  '"K-AOKtREL.  SARDINES  LOBSTER  SALMON  out  of  the Strait,  as  well   as by the  force  and      duration   of  these  gales,  and   is  therefore di.Iicult  to determine.   Thir-      current,   wiih   occasional  fogs  and  thick      weather   encountered  on approaching  the  coast,   which render  it   impossible   for  the   mariner to  verify   his   position   by  ast-rononiicid  observation,   niai.es   this   a d_ii;_;|pri->us  lee  coast,   and      unle.'-s   the   mariner  bus  been  1-ee.dng a very coricct   run  of his   vessel   the  soundings   on      his  chart are liac'ile  to   prove   misleading,  the d-"pth of water nnd tlu-  nahtire of  ill!'  ground   on   the   \'am-ouver   Island  <oasli      corii:>s_'ii:idiiii,!:   ivilii   those     on  Ihe coast of 'Washington.  Tul;.ing these facts, together with  the disasters of the Valencia, Pass  of Melf'ort and King David, into consideration, the commissioners recommend thc construction of Mi-' following:  J. Light ami fog- alarms     on   Slier-  ringiiiam      L'oin't,    in     ..lu'an  de��������� Fuca  Strait..  2.   I-Tii'pro'Ve-niriits   in   the   light   and  fog alarm at Carmanagh  Point.  '���������'>.   A more   powerful   light   nn    Cape  Beak-;  also a fog alarm.  -I. Kst.i.Mislnnent of first order  lights and fog alarms on the more  lirominen-l, headlands from Trij-mglc  Island (Scott Islands) to Leimard  Island.  f>. Also the esta'L-lishment. of self-  propelling, self,ri,-r.'it;itig an'd self-bail  ii>'^ iinijiroved litohoats, io be stationed at points within easy re_.ch of  Iclegraph'ic conunuiiic-atio.i with I'mn-  field an-d Victoria-.also a surf boat to  be statir.ned say at Ucluct or Clayo-  quot; also ii powerful, roomy steamor,  suitable for work in connection with  her other duties as a const guard or  (ishory  cruiser.  "While   we advocate   thc cstaiblish-  er  protection   to   the shipping   interests of  Canada as well  as   the United  States  than from aids ��������� to ���������navigation  established   on   their  respective  shores,/and  the establishment'  of    a  lightship  fitted  with all  modern appliances, to be moored at the entian-  fit led .with instruments, etc.. at easy Ce to thc Strait of Cuan de Fuca in  intervals, say six miles a.art, ...the s,ich a position as may hereafter be  operators to he * instructed to patrol determined. Thi* i.s a matter which  this road at least once a day in all 'concerns both governments as the  isorls of weather. The road to lib kept position where such an aid to.navi-  consfaiitly in repair ,so as to permit   o   Absolute purity in Socialistic su_>-  port yesterday received a shock when  a witness swore thul his landlord,  one Tiinh:s, who was suing him he-  fore Judge. Harrison for rent promised hini two months' rent irce if he  would vote for Parker Williams at  Ihe last, election. This he had done,  and the stoncy-hcarted landlord- had  not  kept his an ti.election  promise.  gation would lie established would te  outside the ten'i 1 orial waters of  iioth countries. While we strongly recommend it, wc realize, it is a subject that may l.c adviinUigvousIy dc-  tenniiincd by the two Governtncots  acting in concert."  All     hands      around���������in   the clock   o   Not beneath notice���������the subwav  WATGHE  msmssassssisir  are  now showing a Large Stock of  Handvsome Watches, Ladies and Gents  MILKS OF WORDS.  "Wrlt'pg:      for   a Living,"   con-tains  many anecdotes' of the carser of the  writer for revenue only.   Mr. Gilson  Willets says:  An editor telephoned mo on  Thursday:   "Can  you  sail  with  me Saturday     for      Europe?"   "Yes!"   Then  meet me on  the ship,  for I have   no  time to  see you  before, sailing. "As  the     ship  steamed  down  New York  bay,  I asked:   "Why are  we going to  Euro;:e?"  "I     want you,"  was   the  answer,   "to ' get facts in Berlin,  St.  Petersburg,   Paris  and   London,    and  writ? a series oi art.'.������.les on 'The Am  erican  Commercial  Invasion ol    Euro; c.'"  That     year I crossed the Atlantic  six  times,  making three round  trips;  for  besides  the  trip  to   get th-e  rna-  Icr'a-l'    for   the  "Commercial  Invasion"   articles,   I made  separate  trips  through   Die     poorest      country     of  Erin's     Isle,   moslly  in   carts,      to  write "The Depopulation  of Ireland"  ���������mil   through  the sduinberland  oi  Alfonso     X11r.   to  writ*   "AmcricaBs  Now Welcome in  Spain-."  This life     isabpok,   that's why we  sometimes  say,   "by  your leave."   o   ���������Smoke Little 13. Cigars.  .Snnliglit Soap ia better than otiier soaps  DUt io beEt when need in the Sunlight way.  Buy Gunliyht Soap and foLlow -UxeotionB.  ^���������T-:^~'_-;_'--a-~-5--T:~.'S-a^^ ~;-~'~  and Other Jewelry of First Class Quality  B.:FORCIMnER  IAKEP.   JEWELEK.   OPTICIAN  B. C  WATCHMAKEP, jeweler, optician  First Avenue,   X   X   X      Ladysmith,  SUBSCRIBE  H  jl���������lo   UlC"  Montreal   .'Family   Herald  ��������� and   Meekly Star  No w   mid (jet:   the   iN    ^P'sa^ wc*. /^iSj   $  are constantly arriving and our Latest  Additions are Lovely Assortments oi  FANGY CURTAINS  TABlf COVERS  MUSLINS  fWNillif eiMPl  RJRNilURE fRl%E |  ' ��������� l0UN6f   60VFRIN6S |  MtaCT-CJ-OKnt������taz-**-a-*m-T i_.T^.-iKt  Our Spring, Blouses,  Millinery  and |  Ladies'   Neckwear  will    be  opened oui  at an  early date  ���������^>*#<^  liR&CO '  LAB"  . JJ ������1-..   .   Ji.-f  e3_EKi&;,?ssE-r^^-jr^^^^^^  a jnWincicv%jzz*, ?ri-M<*vri*\K*xsrji^mt .<i K>-n<iri-_M*^ru>^  W. G. Fr  IV. erchant Tailor,  ���������   . . (1st A veil I.*.}  Fall  Stock   on   hand. Call eerfy am  get your choice  Stoves  $zy -4-  i_t*r,!%  i!     P    <4    ������ it    (fc"- '���������**���������'l������  We  are making them oi^the Newest ,^i- ai kr.������ aj.-^L^'-t^  Styles, i  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY  WORK  Our Prices ar* Reaaona, ble  SEE OUltv   NEW STOVES'IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S  U'lNJlOWuS.  '-��������� J.and at Lsdysmi'h Hardv/are'Ccirpany  LADYSrilTH   IRON & STOVb Wr.RJ<5 CO.,:! TD  =B=  COMMERCIAL HOrEL  MR. *nd  MiRSAT. J. THOMAS, 1  ���������f    Mount Srck-M* Hctel,  and o(  ���������  Palace H������t������l,  Na������ai������������,   have  chased .the -.  -���������COMMERCIAL HOTEL���������  oh Dou^jlas Street, Victeria, ���������ppos.i'-.  the ''city hall, and invite  their    "old  PATRONS AN1 FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN  IN VIC-.  TORJA.  k\v{!&������.  EXCELLENT  Train Service!  ���������CTWECN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tke FrliclpsI Buil������e������������ Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the ]  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW V0RK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIABARA FAILS, j  Ftr Time Table*, ate, uddreis  OIO. W. VAUX,  Assistant tei'l.Pumttr tad Tickot Aeeit, j  138 AMHIlT.. CHICAQO. ILL.  Prescriptions filled promptly at Iho  Cadvsmitli Pliarmacy.  Alter  tins ilati. 'tliis.'jii'iL-u tor  bri-aci  delivered., at '-rny-    Customers' houses  will-be FIVE   XJENTS per luai��������� 20  loaves      for    a dollar.     Ary    read i.s  guaranteed.-   -the hest'made..       Shops'-  run    by     white help    should  receive-,  white peoples'     patronage so lun^ as.  ther are .', proper}- co ml note'!.   . i solicit atrial as yo..r   Bal'er.  O. R.  Ud'ciLE,  THE WELLINGTON  15AKERY.  Pianoforte and Vocal Music thor-'-  biighly taught by Fran!' G. Asliton ol:  the Guildhall School and Trinity College of Music, London, England..  Pupil of the late Thomas \V-ing3iiuin.  Mus.   Doc, Organist,'   Bromplon,  Orator    '.oiidon.'  Mr.  Ashton'.is now resident in Ladysmith  and      prepared   lo   tal-'e  pupils "'.''    llarir.ouy  and  Theory   a  Specialty..-   Terms,   etc.,    on; apphcatio"..  ()'.  BOX  223.    ���������  .  ���������       m       % 2? Jj?.-a $������ -t-fe- *i Ir*'^  Wm      UV*       -W^S^fiE    5:,v'>iSu*S  anlJr.ltnr     t..*������r.  -!'fi IfP  *.<prr.v i  Not!  ���������tStM*  A. HOWE,JofCHEMAINUS,has opened tlse MEAT-  MARKET lately    run  by "W. Ward,-on Roberts street  WITH AIJFULL JUNE OF- FIRST .CL  :��������� nd faussge'a -freciahy  ���������   A TR������AL'-*SOt-SCITEO'  A.   HOWE  >*8S MWh  Phone   20  vsouanniaxrrisriirrsmAt.t?** i-j.TC.--������iit.  WS-^tWA*llhH������  Beautiful- Supplement  Subscription's ta  en at  KNIGHT'S  BOOK STORE  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDONG  Orders  Promptly   Executed  AD Y SMITH-


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