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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 3, 1905

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 . - i- ������.'-"= V  . > ������-/ W** a?7-?.j-jfi  --y/i' ������t������������V.-  ^a  ������.__*������  fe  LADYSfilTH  . ?j     MAR 6 . 1905      5*  ���������; LEG^ATlVf;  ASSEMBLY  VOL.  2,  FRIDAY, MARCH 3,  1905.  ;_.;; PRfc-E FIVE CENTS  ' PRAYERS AND HOPES  OF EMPEROR NICHOLAS  ./  The Autocrats Appeal to the Honor  of His Peo  ple^Imperial Manifesto    Disappoints  the Liberals  MISSIONARY TO  AMERICA  Noted Buddhist Priest   Comes  Comes To This Continent  (Associated Press Despatches.)  St. Petersburg   March 3���������The offi-   sven one to whom the honor of    the  lion of its administration.  * i    "Let  cial  Messenger  publishes  ay  imperial    .{us.siau     name and, renown and his  .manifesto,  calling  upon   the   country   home are dear.  to rally round   the throne in defence!    "Wo humbly bear thc trials sent us  of  the Empire  from  its internal' en-!j,y   providence,   and   derive  strength  cmies. '-   . ,.,.,*. L .ii._.,i_iLion from our trust, Irom  ���������   St. Petersburg,  March  3.���������The text, llo  of  the Impelial  manifesto,'  published   shown  According to advices received by.  the Empress of India, tlie Buddhists  of Japan arc now looking to the  cvangelizath n of the Occident even  as the Christian'missionaries do to  (he Orient.  Abbot Saycn, of Eugakuji temple���������  where the great bronze Buhdhg towels  high and impresses thousands at  all    those     rally round-' the   Kamakura-who^is ������"e of the leading  true  (o Russia's past, lion-   Buddhists  of all  Japan,   is   to  leave  MANY RIOTERS  KILLED AT MOSCOW  Situation  in Internal Russia  Grows Wbrse=Authorities Fear a Fresh Revolutionary^  Outbreak  throne,  estly and conscientiously having a  care in accord with ourselves for every affair of slate.  ....... ... .coi respondent at St. Petersburg,    of  shortly    for     America  to propagate  n,,. 'pi.......   no r. .. '  1     '   b*jthe I lines, the Russian Governments  Buddhism.    The   Japanese   Buddhists concessions to railway strikers    has  CONCESSIONS TO STRIKERS    stitutions in regard to perfecting the  London, March 3.���������According to the   administration   of the state and the  improvement- of.   the welfare of the  the commencement of  the war.   Chi-  "May, God "send   down  on tnc clor-  ��������� r:uc    which' God  has alwajs-By holiness,"   on   those    in  authority  \o the     Russian power, anjl1   JusUce     iU1<1      ���������n*-l,>  on   tllc  l,0������l,,c  -by thc Official Messenger today, call- ' f.o.h "the-immemorial devotion which*  .p.eacf'..on 1.hc  1���������c,\ Pojci*-'and     on   na has been a fruitful source for the  ing  on the    country  to rally    -round I wc 'know  our loyal  people entertain   the faith, sticngtli,  to the consolida-   propagation of ���������. Buddhism, even    as  the   throne  in defence  of  the    empir  from its internal enemies is as     fol-  liavo become very active in  the   fur- contributed   largely  to   the     revival  therance   of   their  propoganda   since  .lof lil(; 1:ll,or moveinent in St. Peters-  re   for the throne.'    With the help of .the* tio������ ������/ tne autocracy and   the   wel- wftg   Japan ^  ^  missi0IiaricS  )l-.!pra.virs of the' holy Oolhodox ChurJi   Ul������������l 0U1 d(>ar ^J; carried  the religion    to the island  ce I and .-rider the banner, af the auLocra-   .  (������������B������������1)                    NICHOLAS.               .      . " . .  ..    . ���������'i i    'r ri _, ,- '    SI    Polornl.urir   Mmch   '* -(4 411   ������ e'������Pi'e   lioia Korea  in   the  seventh  ir-   tie might of emperors, Russia -- has      ni-  icieiM.uig,  -naiui  a.���������\i.iv  \>. ��������������� ,  ight  already  wais  and  lows: "An insicrutable provKlencc  'has been pleased to visit our father-  land with heavy trials. A bloody  war in the Far East involving the  honor of- Russia and -the command of  the waters of the Pacific Ocean, so  urgently necessary to the consolidation   of  the   peaceful  prosperity,   not  only   of our   own,   hut  other   Christ- ; wj���������,.],  n;ue ,a./0icd  the-spread of re  iaiT^natious  thioughoU the ages, has _ vol1   aiu|   disturbances   mate   it   our  frequently  passed  through    M.)-Emperor Nicholas' manifesto en-   century  disturbances,  alwavs  issu-   tirely * reiterating   Russia's- - aspira- j    As   it,  hi      the Christian missionary  ing from her troubles and difficulties - tions ������> thc Far EasL ai,(1 appealing ' u-ori*, however^ the Buddhists    have  with      fresh and ^bending strength,     to  the  loyalty of  the  people to-turn    jlieir ������--  Neertheless,  the recent  internal dis-   aWa-Y ilom sedition and support   the  martyrs.'    At  a place  called  Tang Shan,  near" Armoy,  in  Kukien  onlcis'and the .instability of thought   government .in  order   thai   the '   pro  jected , reforms  may   he carried     out   Province oi China, a mob recently set  has   proved   profoundly   disappointing   upon a yoi.ng Japanese priest. There  burg.  FRESH  STORM BREWING.  St.   Petersburg,   March  3.���������   Black  clouds are again   lowering ov3ii the  industrial  situation  in  Russia.     The  strike at Moscow has been resumed  on a large scale,  anarchy reigns     in  the Caucasus and at St.  Petersburg.  The measures  which the  government  advanced to .-met discontent and restore     good relations between  masters and men appear to  ha,ve  failed,  with  the probability of causing    the  stormi   to-bicak   anew.  people.  St. Petersberg; March 3.��������� As ex-  pectod,,, the answer to mos.t of the  political conditions imposed by the  workmen who met yasterday at the  People's Palace,  as essential prelim-  ing to reports,, from Moscow, several  rioters have been killed in conflicts  with workmen of the Orcchow Suje-  wo. Manufacturing district. It appears that the fighting was between  a faction who assaulted the manufacturers, and others who intervened  their protection. Troops were despatched to the scene of the disturbance.  Another 10,000 men     struck today  in  the large factories  of .the Viborg  imposed that great strain on the  strength of the Russian, |.eoj.le and  has swallowed up iriauy dear victims  near Lo 'our heart.  *  "While the glorious sons of Russia  arc lighting.with self sacrificing hrav  cry, risking their "lives for their,faith,  duly to remind all those in the government institutions of their services  anil to. call upon them to.display .increased solicitude in the safeguard of  the law, order and security, in firm  conscientiousness of their, moral 1*3-  spoii.sibility as servants of thc throne  tor tslicir Emperor and for.the.r 'a,u( (>r (he faUieilaud, thinking un-  _.'country, disturbances have bro! en 'ceasingly of the welfare of the peo-  out - iir*Qiir own land Lo oui-enemy's"pie, and firmly trusting that God,  ���������joy and our sorrow. Blinded by . the alter lie has tried our patience, will  evil-minded leaders of the revolution-'g*vc victary to our arms "wc appeal  ary   movement   mal.'o. insolvent      at-   to"   (he   right   minded   people   6f     all  to the.Liberals.   The latter believed   had heen manv;converts to Buddlljsm  that it-will not onlv aggravate   the        ,       , ",_.,  ... -.-    ,     .  "  ..        .   ,   -, ���������     and a clash resulted with converts uf  existing   critical   situation,   but  it is     ( ' " "*"���������"���������*���������"    u  likely  to'.precipitate  a veritable erf-   Cal"������-ic '"issionaries. The priest was   t  sis if     this     is the Emperor's final . stoned, like Stephen of old, and kill-  response   to   the   practically   unanim-   ed on the beach.  ous demand, of the intelligent classes I ' The  ja,wnese governmcnt  is        |f_  for ,a voice in the govei nnient. i .   -        -   .       '._  -      ing an indemnity for  tli2 murder   < f  .   ���������     -     o I the priest.  SENSATIONAL WEDDING.        ' ���������  A wedding that     caused somewhat  where,  during the morning, the fort-  of a sensation     in police circle}-'   iu  i/ications recently abandoned  CRIMES  IN   WARSAW.  i '  Waesaw,  March  1.--A  tacks  on,the  holy  Orthodox church,    classes   to join    ' each   in His   calling   Vancouver,,   took place on  Tuesday  capi,ure(, by tJie Russ  and   the lawfully established   pillais    aud His  |ilace  in single minded     co-  afternoon.    The   principals   were Paul   ba  .   of -the Russian  stale,r thinlviiig   that    operation hy word and  deed  in      the   Langley,   who has just been  released '    ������   l'ne Kuss  were re-  ussians. The boni-  Russiaa positions on  by .severing natural connection 'with great and sacred task of overcoming after serving a three months.' term <-ne 'eft and right flanks continued,  the past they, will destroy tho-exist- (he sUbboiii foreign foe and eradica- for having stolen goods in his pos- while the Japanese swept Lone Tree  ing order of state mid set up, in-. Us ting thc revolt, at home and in wise session, and Miss'Dorothy Carter, Ililj with at'least 2,500 shells from  place a new administration on a efforts fo check the internal confus- better known as Trixie Howard, who sjcge gu~s and mortars +��������� . tt  foundation, unsuilaljle  to  our- father- ion.     Wc wish  to remind everyone in  was the star witness  in'tlic*  Crowe   ,.....,.,     ,  . .' a   el  land.      '      ' ���������-.,,*        .-thi.s'Cb.ii.oc.i.ion'-thai/only-if -there is-and ,Glen-case some, months ago. The   P10^''^ being recognizable by their  "The outrage en the Grand' lhito tranquility of mind throughout the wedding took place at thc lesidcnce  Scrgius, 'who'ardeiilly _.lo*.cd the whole population is it possible to* of Police Matron Raymond. The  first capital of the empire, and met realize oui aims for a renewal of the couple have left for Seattle, Where  his end nmidsl, the sacred Kenilir, life of our people, strengthening the they intend to make afresh start in  deeply shocks  the national  feeling uf  prosperity  of Lhc     state and   perfec-  life.  DESPERATE BATTLE IS  NOW IN PROGRESS  Many   Casualities  Fight  Tol*io, March .'*.���������(C p.m.)���������The following report has been received from  Field Marshamminin nimmm.; in'iiuiiin .  field headquarters of the- M'ancliuriita'-  'armies: '"'���������'.^   ������\  "The enemy in-front of our'forces  in   the direction  of Singchin  appears  to   ho   gradually  receiving < reinforcements.   Our Pensihu     force has captured  the  enemy's  positions   on  the  eastern heights  of Kaotai Pass,  and  at      Cliangl'ou,   which  is two  miles  east of Tii!igl.ou  Mountain- '  ."In the direction of thc Shakhc liver the c'liemy in  front  of our forces  made  a small  night. attack,      which  we      repulsed.        Tlie  ci.einy' on  the  right haul:, of the 11 tin river made    a  heavy counter attack on ( heii-hieicp-  ao i^iul its 'wesL.eru districts  towards  flic river,   but Lhe attack  w.-.s. entirely  repulsed. ..  "U'c have driven   the  enemy  from  Chaiigtang and  Sufangtai.    Not only  is he driven in hisJefl., but a column  is  already   reported  to   have-crossed  the Hun river east, of Fus'iiin.  "y\t  the sanie   time   the  Japanese  arc pressing Lhc Russian's centre under  cover  of the   fire  of  their  siege  guns and   General  Kurojia.tkin   is gradually. ���������    retiring before t'i3 Japanese ,  advance. 'The efforts of the Japanese  to   envelop   the   Russian   right   wing   '  have   been   insucccs'--liii,   but  it     ha*<  liecn   forced   hac'-;   almost   on   a    li;c   I  with  Mukden.     Two  Ituss;a,n   di is    |  ions were despatched  lo Imid oil' the  wide flanking column adancing  from  the Liao river towards Sin Min Tin. !  about 30  miles west of Mukden,- hut I  according to the latest;  reports ��������� they '  were 1oo  late,   lhc Japanese having  sntcrcd the town yesterday."  No o/hcial figures regarding the  losses are obtainable, but according  to unofficial reports the Russian loss-  enormous     explosive force and mas  sive splinters.     Towards  evening the  Japanese advanced on the right wing  where thc stubborn lighting occurred.  ��������� Though the Japanese are pushing forward on Lhe left     bank of the    Hun  River the Russians are maintaining a  stubborn   resistance.    Four   Japanese  divisions      engaged     in   the   turning  movement on  the Russian right    on  the  Liao  River  today reached  Saw-  nipu about 11 miles west of Mukden.  But  Russian      reinforcements    were  ^ent out    and  checked  the   advance.  , 'A  Japanese    attack on the positions  >-^ ry     .-4 O'-J T DI A        taSL 0f El(ia������ou at 4    o'clock    this  \JX1      ���������  DOtll "   OlOCS      111        JjlOOOy   morning was repulsed.     Under cover  - t    of the artillery fire and a mist,    the  Japanese  opened  an  infantry attack  ,011 Poutilou' Hill  (Lone TrCe) at     7  o'clock this morning,  but were beat-  ofl' by   the desolating fire of the Russian guns.     A second attack at noon  [was  similarly  repulsed after     which  j Lhe  Japanese  resumed   the   bombank.  nient of the hill with siege guns prc-  thc   paratory   to  making an assault.  The  Fusan, delayed  losses  on  both  sides  are heavy,    but  in transmission)-A .Japanese detach-���������'Jhe rcsulW-aro      indecisive.     Nogi's  '-'_.._. -, ,     ,   rnn  101't ArLliur vcLcrans are participal-  ment sent   to reconnoitre  about  500. i|)g ju Uie f.gh(.ng_  yards   north  of  Apatar   this   (Thurs-      Thc  report   that  a detachment     of  aIls   Japanese  cavalry   has   appeared     at  SiminiiiLin,  has  been confirmed.  bomb was  thrown from a window overlooking  he court yard of the Muranolf-^dis-  trict police station at fi o'clock last  evening-. It fell in the midst of a  group ��������� of soldiers, but did not explode.  Disturbances are leported to have  taken phr.-e in several places in the  city dining the evening. _ A military  patrol attempted to arrest some of  the striking Jewish shop assailanLs  who v\-ei3 engaged in forcing shopkeepers to close their premises. The  strikers fiied on the patrol repeatedly, but without injuring any of them  and then escaped.  During the morning disturbing  strikars stabbed a foriuan of a gas  works,  who died tonight.  It appears that the chief point   in  contention     betwecni    the companies,  and thc stiikcrs is the latter's     demand for the discharge of forty German engineers.  St. I-etcrsberg, March 3.���������An Imperial decree commands that "In order that it may he possible for all  loyal subjects to be heard directly  by the Emperor " the council presided over by thc Empeior shall  ex-  inan'es to     elect fifty of their number to     serve on the mixed commis- 'quarter of St.  Petersburg,  sion of employers and employes, was I SCHOOLS CLOSED,  a decided     negative,  and unless  the j    St.   Petersburg,  March  3.���������All  the  workmen rescind    the1 proposed joint, schools -in Baku     are closed on    ac-  investigation of the grievances of thc 'count of a strike by the pupils,  employes    and employers the reinedi- ' STRIKERS MEET.  St.   Petersburg,   March   3.��������� Workmen  representing   nine   groups     met  again   today at  Lhe People's  Palace,  and ratified the demands  drawn    up  March  1,   by  representatives  of several groups,  and decided  to meet at  the same place tomorrow and await  If at that hour  a satisfactory guarantee is not forth  coming, .the  delegates  will  leave the  hall,     decline to    elect members to  serve on  the mixed commission,     of  which  M.   Schidlevski,   is   president,  and  proclaim a general strike.  POLICE PRECAUTIONS.  .  St. Petersburg,' March  3.���������The  police at Tsarko-Selo,  who .since     the  al measure is doomed. Senator Sch-  idlivsky, who was to preside over the  commission, in his- ' reply today,  which was printed and placarded on  the doors of the various meeting places and public places, drew a sharp  distinction      between    economic and  purely political conditions. He met. a ���������&* UIlUl n00!1*  the men half way in regard to thr  former order and gave a pledge that  representatives would' be immune  from arrest or molestation on account of speeches or demands so long i  as they confined themselves (to industrial conditions. "As for the de-  demands," he said, "they go far beyond the competency of the commis-  ..... ���������_._...,._..     assasinatioii of Grand Duke Sergius,  sion in  the task committed to it bv . i    ti  i  ,i .-  u.   ..__._       .... .... have  redoubled .the  ordinary  precau  tions  for   the protection  of the Im-  'perial family,  have arrested  a   suspect,   who   claimed   that  he  is       a  nephew of  General  Pack,   but wliose  papers are irregular and  was  found  his  majesty  and   require answer  on  my part."  The workmen who found the doors  oi' the general meeting plaoB closed to  them were invited to meet this after  noon by sections  according to     the^0 be amed with a Voaded reV0lver  nature of the industry in which they >All investigation is on foot.  *  WHOLESALE   ARRESTS.  Warsaw,    March     3.���������(1.50 p.m.)���������  The   police   made  numerous   arrests  are engaged, for the election of members to serve-on the commission as  originally contemplated. The neighborhood was -.nil of police, large num-|in the cotirss of the night, including  bers of whom were hidden, in courts, I Sanistaus Luhicsky, editor of the  doorways, alleys and buildings in Kurlcer Cod/.iermy. He is not be-  the vicinity: The Workmen stood lieved to be connected with the agi-  abo-ut in the snow discussing the jtation movement, but it is thought  situation quietly among themselves: j his arrest was ordered for its moral  They finally decided,to hold sectional effect; Lubicsky being one of the  meetings this afternoon to decide on 'best known persons in Warsaw. The  the  measures to  be adopted before 'police   and   military   patrols      have  amine and consider "   in his name all I proclaiming a general strike and then '.been largely increased and are    now  the views     and wishes that may  he   dispersing. .stopping   and  searching   persons     in  received from private persons and in-   St.  Petersburg,  March  3.���������Accord- 'the streets, for revolvers. ^~  Near   Mukden  Last Night  cs up to the last five days have been avoiding thc ice fields.  heavy.    The wounded are streaming Gen.   Oku's  headquarters  through  Mukden: northward, the hos- field, March 2,  (via  pital  train.,    service being infinitely  better th-ih at'-thc time of the battle  of the Shaklie river.'.Great confusion  prevails in this' city, every.means of .^^7m^g"attocked  the"R^ss'iai  transport  put of JWukden being used. ^   carried   ^   trcnchcS. aIll,r  Night attacks are again  the  feature ,.__���������,    .,._,.  ���������.,.���������.���������' airainai. _,  LADYSMITH  ATHLETIC CLUB  ������������������������������������*m  Building May be Commenced  the Early Part of  April  JAMES  JUNIOR.  of  the Japanese tatics.  During  last.  desperate bayonet charge against superior   numbers.    The  casualties   suf-  nightahuo^a corps of' ������������������infantry was   fered by  Gen. 0ku'.s army last Wed-'  " '  " ' ' ~~    nesday   night  and   this       (Thursday)  morning were about 2,000,  but     the  hurled aga.in.st     General Bildci'liugfs  right Hank, and for hours the     men  fought in ;thc darkness, the. Japanese"  using.hand grenades 'with.'terrible effect.'  .The butchery on both sides was  frightful. Gcii. Rennenlc-ampu's men  acquitted themselves'brilliantly, contesting the passes, southeast for three  Russian losses were greater. The  Japanese are still bombarding along  the railroad. The movement is progressing in  a heavy snowstorm.  Mukden, March 3.���������A ceaseless artillery fire is, heard 10 miles* southward.     Thc  roaring  of  the guns     is  Tokio, March 3.���������The commander  of the Japanese warship which seized the Severus, reported as follows:  "On the morning of Feb. 23, while  at sea off Hokaido, we pursued the  German steamer Severus bound for  Vladivostock with coal. Ice .prevented the warship from approaching ihe Severus, and held both ships  which, were enveloped and disabled  by ice and drifted seaward all that  night.    The   next  morning  we     cap-  ,-, , ,    ���������       ,iii   tured  her."  The  Russian  losses   during   the    last  'five days have been heavy. i    Tlve  ������n'*Jiown  steamer recently  re  st, Petersburg, March 3.���������(5.30 p. l><"'led to l.e held'in the ice between  m...-According 'to the latest onfor- Ulc islands of Knnashiri and Hokkai-  mation fiom 'the front, the battle' do is cltif,i"&' about, The Japanese  is now in general aud of the most guardships are unable lo approach  desperate character.    The  losses have lier*  been exceedingly heavy on  both sides      Gen.   Kuroki's  headquarters, March  (lining  the  preliminary  fighting."* Al-   3.���������Via Fdsan���������During  the night, the  ion, which held thc heights of Tomons   though  it is   not officially  admitted,   Japanese      infantry    swept' forward  Mountain.    They   were  attacked   last   it, is regarded ascertain   that   'Gen.   from  the hills,  and   took three small  Kuropatliin   is   directing   all his     cf-   villages near Wiloftsan on the plains  days.     They fought continuously, the  ]K.comjng more distinct every   hour.  At the Athletic Club committee  meeting held last evening in Mr. W.  E. Morrison's rooms in the Williams  block,, the plans of the Victoria West  Athletic Club house were presented.  The. plans of this building call for a  main room on the (ground floor 70x36  with a gallery running round the entire room- On the upper floor are  two smaller rooms.  The committee .generally considered  Mrs. James Deeming gave birth to  a fine bouncing boy. The local  sports are expressing the wish that  the young gentleman will follow in  the steps of his father in the world  of sport, who, it will be remembered,  held the cycling championship of British Columbia for several years.  THE RING.  Bert Clark, and York Gleason have  settled     upon March 10th for their  boxing contest at the Edison theatre  says  the Colonist.    A fast bout     is  ���������expected, as the men are well match-  ;cd.    Clarke is favorably  known here  'on account of his contests with Au-  'gustine and O'Brien.  HONOLULU  SENSATION  Chemists are fNow in  Search  of  Poison  Traces  FOOTBALL.  Honolulu, March 3.���������The chemists,  who are examining the contents of  the stomach of Mis. Jane Lathrop  Stanford, who died under suspicious  circumstances at thc Moana Hotel,  here, on Tuesday night, saj 'they  .will not be able to complete their reports today. The hour for the holding of the inquest has not been set,  but it is expected that it will take  place some time today.   o :   Japaiie.'C pressing them ou-all- skbs  with, heavy odds in favor of the Japanese On Thursday night the corps  lost, al out l.HllO men, ,of which 'number  11   were officers.1  Over -1,000 wounded men-.ha'e -il-  rca-'ly arrived here. The brunt, of the  fighting fell on General Danieloli's'.di-:  vision  aid   General   I.uhai in's  <li ��������� is-  nighl. and the pns'tion (wife changed  hands, but morning found it st:ll in  thc possession of the Rcssians. Thus  far General Rsiinpiikniupll* has succcs-  rully tarred lhe way of General Kuroki's columns.  Tokio, March .1. ��������� It is reported  that the Americ'ui steamer Tacoma,  bound   from   Seal Lie  for Vladivostock" j gress all day long.  The  much    talked      of  association  football match between  the    players  the  plans  excellent,  and decided    to   ()f ,lu. Nortl, aml SouLh Wards    llag  (.et  a local  contractor   to  figure out  been  arranged      to  come  off  on  the  what such a building would cost, anl   Bunker grounds on the 5th inst-.  to j-resent  his estimate  at  the next     Keen rivalry exists     between (,,.-wmvi.nr  bovs of these wards,  so some inter-    Jury   on   the   charge      ot  destioyrng  meeting of the committee os*ing  p,ay  wiR sure tQ be gecn     jn    pumc  roConis.     The. specific    charge  The  collectors  are  highly  satisfied   this  game.     Play will  begin at 2.30   is   that he destroyed  oa  letter press  with  the  support   they   are receiving  sharp,  and  a collection  will  betaken   copy  Loots.  from  the   public.    Already they   have  INDICTED ON SERIOUS CHARGE  Washington,  D.   C, March  3.���������Congressman  Dinger  Hermann  was     to-  the   day  indicted by  the Fenderal   Grant  $550  in  hand.    They  have no  doubt  that when  the work on   the building  is     started    that   the subscriptions  forthcoming will be most liberal.  in a conversation with a Ledger reporter today the secretary remarked  that    he and the     other committee-  up to defray expenses. Thc financial  condition of the club is not so good  as could be wished, so it is hoped  that the public will be generous with  TOKIO  REPORTS CONFIDENT.  March      3.���������(fl.  p.m.)-  thchnen were well satisfied with the sup-  One   port they have had, and they consid-  thc  forts   to the   withdrawal   of  his     ar. near  the river,   which has  been  mies   to Tie   Pass.     It  is now    prac- scene of many  outpost  affairs.  ticallv   a rear   guard   action,   but the column  advanced   northeast and  cap-.       ,,   .      ,       ,, ,.      ,.    .  ,    i   ',-     _ .    ..      ,.       ,,. . ��������� .       ,   .,   ��������� . . ,-   , .       , ���������        '     er*  that when the estimate, ot  task of extricating himself is proving Lured   the  town  of Kodaise,  li miles  very difficult. from      Wiloftsan.      The  engagement .  Sakhelon,   Manchuria,     March   3.��������� there was not severe. ' j  Stubborn  fighting has  been   i/i     pro-      in   HANDS   OK   INSURGENTS.  Re-  thcir donations.    The players select- ' ports   from  the headquarters  of    the  cd  to represent Lhe South  Ward are   iVIanehiirian army says that the Jap-  as follows: aiiosc bombardment of the main Rus-  Goal���������E.  Leahy.                                    jsiaii  position  continues. Thc  Japan-  Full-backs���������C.   Hewlett,   T.   Leahy. ' eve a;e using heavy .trims.   Many of  Half-backs���������Parsons,   A.   Hailstones   the     Russian positions are strongly  and T.  O't'onncll.  J.  Forwards���������J.  Sanderson,   Hunt,  Salmon,   (centre),   R.   McMillan,  McMillan,.  Thc   "Souths"   will   play   in     Red  defc-ded  and  it is thought that siege  inci-hods   may  be necessary to  reduce  T.   them.  proposed building is secured (provi'l  ing  it  is   reasonable)   the  work  will 'and  Blue.  be started  without deLfyT    It  is pos-I   The  North  Ward  team is  as  Four  Japanese  with 2,00fl tons of sail beef onboard  was caught in the ice north of Hokkaido about Feb.'15, and ��������� is still  held there. Tt is added that the  crew abandoned the Tacoma, but returned to her. These reports cannot, be confirmed on account of the  danger  to naval ships, which    were  divisions are about eleven miles west  of Mukden. The Japanese today  made two infantry attacks on Lone  Tree Hill, but were repulsed. They  have resumed the bombardment of  the hill. The Japanese attacked tnc  Russian extreme left wing at two  points     as well as at Gauto Pass,  March   3. ��������� The [sihle  that   the construction    of     thc  Yeri,  southward; ch,b will be commenced  early in Ap-  of Sanaa,  the capital of the province"  Constantinople,  towns  of Aab and  of Yemen, Arabia, have fallen into  the hands of the insurgents. Ali  Riga Pasha, with five battalions of  reinforcements, left Akaab Feb. 28th  for Hodeida.  ril.  Thc Ledger lias been as led to announce that the sums that have been  advanced will he credited to membership fees of the subscribers..  lows:  Goal���������E.  Nimmo.  Full-backs���������J. McClatchie,   J.  mo.  Half-backs���������G.  Jackson,      J.  bar,  A. Saunders.  Forwards���������A. Michie, R. Haddow,  J. Adam, (centre), J. Hunter, R.  Crossan.  A woman vvho is evidently demented   is  causing considerable consterna-  f'>l-   lion among the timid in   this village  [She i.s   dressed     in man's    clothing,  j with      long hair hanging down     her  Nim-  back.   Reports of a Peeping Tom have  .been   rife  in   (lie  village for    several  Dun-  days,   and      t!:e  man-clothed   woman  .   'may be  offended.    Officer Shoemaker,  upon complaint o. a citizen, tried to  locate the woman, h:it she was not  found.���������Rochester  Poi.t-Expresa.  *   1  .-'1  I  ' 1 _-._-_.-V~  __-^-*^r*r-t 1-WnW ^V-V  i ___���������������-?*���������*. Ji **^li.i���������*ti**> ,**** r<*i*w  i-Hhrfi -%jai-iawS--.Ji--v-.B  !r_������e  g.A.".-J  *p  asr  THE LADYSMITH  LfOGER  published   every day except  Sunday.  BY    THE    LADYSMITH      DAILY  LEDGER COMPANY.   .  and French Street.  Oflico corner of First Avenue  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  50 cents a month;    55 per  year  advance.    Advertising rates on ap  plication.  in  FRIDAY, MARCH 3,  1905.  THEIMPERIAL  PARLIAMENT  committee  an international monument to Shakespeare, to be erected m London  County Council having agreed to provide a suitable -site The committee  is headed by Princess Louise (Duchess   of  Argvll).  MEMORY   OF   SHAKESPEARE.  London, March 3.���������A large representative gathering at Hie Mansion  House lecently, under the presidency  of   Lord   Mavor   Pound,   appointed   a  to organi/e a scheme   r0lHome Grown   & Imported  -HENRY'S NURSFRIES  NEW CROP-  NOTICE.  London, March 3.���������The House  Commons tonight in Commit Ice of  Supply considering flic additional army estimates wiih'a reduced attendance, gave Lhe govcruniciit a majority of'only 27 on a minor a ciidmciil.  The result, of his division was received with- an outburst of cheering  by  the opposition.  Mr. Lloyd George, (Advanced Lib-  ������*_a*) ;.|!'!l���������!.,!J.ately moved to report,  progress. He accused the government  of filibustering to gain time and whip  up- the majority, thereby sacrificing  the time of the House He said it  was evident there was a split* in the  ministerial,, ranks and the Commons  were tired ofMr. Balfour and the  ministry.  ^"���������mier  Balfour,  in .replying,   said  e Commons were  tired of him it  -   .s an  easy matter  fo secure  a riddance.     A ."division" was  then     taken  the-result being lfi?  fo 101   iii favor  of the government.   This majority of  24,  .was    greeted   with  cries   of. "resign."     In  subsequent  divisions    the  government'-majority hovered  around  26   to 2S, ,   and   Lhc matter*   was the  subject  of  excited   comment,  in     the  lobby  as the House was rising.   Winston Churchill asked if  there was any  truth.in the rumor of Mr. Wyndham's  resignation of the chief secretaryship  for Ireland.   Secretary Acland Hood,  replied  that  the  question  ought   not  to  be put   to the  premier. Tt  was  untrue, he said, that cither Secretary  .Wyndham or the Viceroy Dudley  had tendered., their resignations.  London, March 3.���������The Government  embarrassments are thickening daily.  Mr.. Chamberlain evidently takes Mr.  Balfour's attempt to.change the issue from thc fiscal question to home  rule, as "lying down," and the result is seen partly in the reduction  of the government's majority yesterday and still more in some behind  the. scenes correspondence published  this morning as follows: "At the beginning of the session,. Lord Stanley  Free Trader and Mr. Fellows, M. P.  both members of Lhe government promised to go to King's Inn to speak  for Thomas Gibonson Bowles and  free trade, last evening. Their promise was confirmed- by Sir Alexander  Acland Hood and was repeated as  late as February 27th, but suddenly  the engagements were cancelled. Lord-  Stanley wrote to Mr. Bowles apologizing for an apparent breach of  faith, _ stating that owing to thc  pressure of his colleagues he and Mr.  Fellows would be unable to fill their-  engagement. A long correspondence  between the parties concerned which  Mr. Bowles has given the newspapers today, followed, in which Lord  Stanley and Acland Hood pretended  that Mr. Bowles was left in the lurch  on account of his well known tendency to criticize the government. It  generally     understood   that  Mr.  A RUSE.  Miss Violet Oakley, the young artist whose woik in illustrating "received the highest awards in St.  Louis, lives on the outskrits of PliiU  adelphia, in a quaint, low white  house ot English aspect, called the  "Red   Rose."  Miss   Oakley   was   serving   tea     in  her studio  the other afternoon when  the  vvoid  "ruse" came. up. ICveryone  had some episode about an odd   and  Miccesslul ruse  to narrate. Miss Oakley said:  "I,  too, recall  anise that succeed-  r ed   wondei fully,      an   unexpected   and  'original  ruse  thai  a fiiend of     mine  employed.  "AI-. fi lend, a Philadelphia woman,  had recently a visitor, an elderly uncle from lhc couuLiy. He was a good  old man, an intelligent and sensitive  old man, but his table manners were  nol��������� ah���������up to the mark.  "My friend could not. think of taking her uncle to task about his table  I milliners; if she had, it would have  broken the poor old gentleman's  heart. Instead of taking him to  task, she employed a ruse upon him.  Her ruse, which was quite successful,  culminated like this:  "���������'Alary,' says the uncle at'dinner,  'this here knife of mine tastes  soapy.'  " 'Very well, uncle you shall have  another.'  "The second knife comes. The uncle with a grimace,  remark's:  " 'Soapy, too, Mary. Just like the  first one was.'  "My friend frowned.  " 'it's too had, uncle," she said.  'But city servants are so careless.  Try caling with your fork, Maybe  .hat's clean.' "     *  GARDEN,     FIELD     and FLOWER  SEEDS,  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  VancouTer.  W. G. Fraser  Merchant   Tailor,  ' (ist Avenue)  Fall Stock Ju.st Arrived. Call early  ami get your pick of the largest.andbest  stock iu town.  Persons feund using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith, B.C.  HHaaHHgHBBHagaBHHB___________-M--___H____________K  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J.-Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  Oue Mock from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and ' re-modalled. Rates (2 per  day. Corner Qranville-and Hastings  streets   Telephone,  1���������4.  F. McB.   YOUNG  BARRISTER and  SOLICITOR. . . .  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M.   ���������3:t<>    7:M  . 4.2������ 5:44  ^���������8 5:M  . 6:52 4.#f  . 6.42 3:15  i:*i it 8:#i  Passengers can  lea\e Victoria     at  t p.m. or 11 p.m., and connect     at  Seattle with the Fast Mail, leaving  at 8:05 a.m.,   the Flyer,  leaving   at  .Ci p.m. ���������<  Entire new equipment on each train  Through Palace Sleepers, Diacrs  (meals a la carte), Tourist and First-  Class Day Coaches.  For sleeper     reservations, folders,  rates and all  information call on or  address  S. G. YERKES K. J. BURNS  G.W.P.A., 75 Government st  Seattle, Wash. Victoria, B.O.  Northbound --Seuts*eundNertb������eu������d  Le*ie Daily Arrive   Leave  A.M.    P. M.      ���������������������������012:������6 .Victaria      ���������  W:2������ 10:48 Shawaijan Lake   ' ���������'��������� H:iili:t2 Duncan      11:57 9:19 Ladysinith    -        12:40 8:20 Nanaimo'   Ar. Wellington      ..  .,.  .. 12:53Lv 3:00 Ar WeUingtea  THROUOH TICKETS TO CROFTON.  Via Westhela. Stagei .leavesdaily exoapt Sundays, connecting wit* North  aad South bound, trains. Double stage service Wednesdays knd Saturdays  connecting with _nera.ne and altera ��������������������� trains. Fare from Victoria, Single (2.40.    Return,' $3.80.  THROUGH TICKETF VICTORIA TO ALBERNI.  Stage leaves Nanaimo Tuesdays ud Fridays oa arrival it train from  Victoria.   Pare from. Victoria,  single $5,201    Return $8.85?  Excursion rates ia effect to all p oiats, good going Saturday and Sunday,  returning not  later than Mbndday.  GEO. L. COURTENAY.  Traffic Nanager.  Can he secured for Theatrical purposes, Dancing Patties, or Entertainments generally.  ID   NICHOLSON, Prop  Bal-  11 ugh  Lord  per  is  Chamherhiin  irritated   at  Mr.  four's attitude towards   Lord  Cecil,  threatened   to revolt   if  Stanley and Air.  Follows  were  mitted   to   puhlicly  support   the     free  trade  movement.        Mr.   Chamberlain  himself   was absent  from   lhe    Ilou.se  without  having   lu-en  paired  off     last  night and   the low attendance  on   the  first  day uf      the  session,   real    bu.si-  jies.s,  has  an omnious  aspect for     the  Oavcrnnient.     The  session -was    also  the occasion for unseemly scenes   and  acrimony   between   the  opposition leaders,  still  unfilled  and   the helicf     i.s  deepening   that  Ireland  has proved   a  cheek   to   Mr.   Wyndham's      brilliant  career.  The Ulsters' Unionist display an  undiminisliiiig determination to defeat Sir Anthony McDonnell's policy.  They have left London for Belfast to  attend a demonstration in denunciation of Lord Dunraven's devolution-  ary scheme. War Secretary, Arnold  Fores (er, in a letter regretting his  inability to attend the demonstration, says he considers the present  a  time  of great dilliculty and     dan-   s*. AVCOE e  I  It should be borne in mind that  evcr>- cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality aud prepares the-  system for the more serious diseases, among which are tlie two  greatest destroyers of human life,  _ pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has -won its great popularity by its  promot cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  g    Price 25c, Large Size 50c.   ���������  .\no cB____B_a_-___BB ommv mmwaammm^0.  Charlie Duin  Sc Company  MERCHANT TAILORc  Charles  Dvnn, of the above firm, visits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purpose of taking measurements and     seeing cusli.mers    personally.    May  be seen at the Hotels.     We guarantee all slock and a perfect fit at  lowest possible  rates.      Hand   made     suits, i: .un  *ir..0l) up.  19  Store Street,  Corner  Gormor ant strict, VICTORIA, B. 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C-  Three  Transcontinenta  lians Laity  1  One of which is the famous "Ndi-th  Coarst .Liinited," Kide on it always.  Up-to-date , Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through tickets issued to all paints East and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and  berths reserved.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park.' Cheap rates from all points  Eastpfroin JMareJi 1st to Ma.'y dfith.  Steamship tickets on sale to all  h-uropean points. Very low rates  low in eli'ect. Cabin accommodation  reserved   by wire.  for   further   particulars  call  at  the  o/)i  or 1 hone No.  4.r>fi.  A.   I)'  CARLTON, C. E. LA NIC!  A.Or.P.A.,   i\*.i>.. General   A������;e:it  Portland,  Ore. Victoria,  B.C  SHIPMENTS DIRECT FROM VICTORIA,      VANCOUVER    OR     THE I  FRASER  RIVER. WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd  DESIGNS        .  TRADE-MARKS   }  I AND COPYRIGHTS .  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Depositors are subjected to no delay in depositing or  withdrawing funds.  LADYSMITH BRANCH - W.  A.  CORNWALL,* Manager  PATENTS  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  ��������� Notice in " Inventive Age "  > Book "How to obtain Patents"  FREE  Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured.,  Letters strictly confidential.   Address,       '  E. G.SIGGERS. Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C.,  I  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  I General Manaear.  ������������������1  THOS. KIDDIE.  Smelter Manager.  W. SILER/  GENi-iiAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  W9RK rROMPTLY IW ���������** '<:  Leave ���������rders at tbt Abbotaford.  GEORGE YUEN  Merchant  Tailor  All kinds of clothing cleaned and  iepaired.  LA975.WTH BVKU/  ON THE KSPLANABB.  PASTRY OF ALL KINB3 NEATLY  BAKED AN������ FR1SH.  BREAD FIVE CBKT8 PER L������AF  Canftctionary ���������( aU.klnifl.  ���������rdfjra takes tor PastriM to be da-  Uvarad at any tiaia.  Paneteria Ladysnitb. 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' j.    ���������������������������  ��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>������������������*��������� ���������������������������������������������*��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  I     MISS      MITFORD'S      SACRIFICE  ��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������w������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������*��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������  Just around tho first corn:* of the I gayly. "Tour eyes are as young as- her like atriumpha.it young god  ,      .���������   Jehn Labatt's India Pale Ale.   Call  it   will J        _, .      -4.  around and sample it.  square table sat a dHght young woman whose-dark eyes met Barton's  i" -exploring glance .with a smiie 1 .irking-in. theri "depths, uiid when, "with  tlie arrogance of youth, he promptly  catalogued in Ins mind as old. Af  round the next corner and directly  opposite the figure of a June-line  young- cieaturo a_*i cured, silent and  impressive as thc facade of a.~l,an('*"  some building. At his left a dapper  middle-aged man, whose hair shov/cd  " a shameless tendency to retreat by  tlie back way, was. eating his soup in  a severely   business-like-manner.  Neither thc young lady nor the mid  die-aged man showed the slightest  ripple of i-iie-e.i in thc stranger at  the table, : ml v.-'th the chagrin of a  warm nature -whose open friendliness  has been silently declined, his glance  came   back to Miss Mitford.  Thc demure smile in 'her eyes seemed to   have deepened, and whether it  meant    sympathy or amusement was  an open question. -  At any rate Stu-  are   liar ton reset', ed his dscis-on and  decided that she was not so old a.fLcr  all, and that she .undoubtedly , uuut-i-  stood.  lie had heard of people so congenial  ��������� t'hat they were     old lrieuas ..eio_.i. ,.  tiiey   had time to *   become new * acquaintances.-   .   Before the" meal wits  ' over lie was convinced that Aiis.s-._i_.ii.  lord and lie   were lriends of that description. -     To, be sure, they'spoi.e  only     in platitudes, bull there was a  raillery 'in  ' her soft eyes and in the  -;   smile     that played     about hei Jips  " ..seemed to answer his keen-but mcx-  -.���������.prcssed derision of    their conventional.companions, j  When you are young, eager" and sm-  am^itious and ha\c come to New  . York to rise, you have, an aching  need of intelligent, sympathetic com-  '- panioiiship. Before a week, was "past,  Stuart liar ton began to iind Miss  iMitford's society as necessary to his  ..s"~���������he hesitated,  casting  about   for  a simile���������"as  Miss  Selwyn-s.   Indeed  they're a good deal younger, and so  is your mind, \o_-r age is just light  it is 1 who-am  beastly young.  Don t  ever mention it again, for" I feel lilis  a mere kid .when you talk-like this."  _ iia-'ing .disposed of the suggestion  in this summary manner, he liegan to  talk  of other and pleasanter  things,  and  before long Miss Mitford's clear  Jaugh  was ringing out lii-.e a girl's.  Mis.-,    Selwyn    'was passing through  the hail, heard it and wondered in a  v agi,ely.. nettled nvay.- what Mr. Uar-  ton    saw in that ' old maid.   There  were times  when she half regretted  her hauteur to the' young stranger.  His eyes actually were fine. .Besides,  it.touched her*   pride   that a     man  oliouid  deliberately turn  to another  j  woman  when she was at hand..  'Ihe !  fact that the ".woman was her senior .  and__.noJ-efli.ii.y.en!}'*made the offence  more heinous.  By degrees,  therefore, her manner  tov_.ard hini changed, thawing slowly  "I know what you are going     to  say," he began,  "but it's no use.__i  love you, and I'm old enough to know  my own mind.   This is an exception  al case, and there's no  use of youi  loLineiitiiig yourself and  mc by hot;.  ering about outrages.   I am certainl.  going to marry you, so you might as  well make up your-mind to it."  lie paused for breath,  and.  though  she eyed him in disdainful silence,   a  dangerous  excitement,   a triumphant  happiness  danced  iu her  blood,   and  she dared not trust herself to speak.  "You love mc���������you know you do,  Alice," he resumed exultantly,     an I  at     thc protest that she tried her  best     to make   convincing he only  laughed indulgently.    With a shock it  came to her, that he was right.   She  did love him.   When she spo e a moment  later her voice was very  low  and  tense.'  "We won't talk of it any mo.e  now, Sturat," she said, laying her  hand on his arm, "but a year     from  and the .Orient, is an enthusiast over [    The Kings Hotel is tbe only place ( ���������  the  future  of the Pacific Coast.   He   iB Ladysmith    that has  on draught ig  ... I _T������_hn   T.a.tntt.'s   Tnriia  P_lIb   All..    Call  IK  believes  that     commercially  un ahead of the Atlantic before  many years, and he takes no   stock  n the theory that the Asiatics will,  in many branches   of  industrial     ac-  livity,  become rivals of the    United  .States.   He will remain in this   city  for several days, gathering statistics  efore going south.���������Seattle P.I.  ,   , ,      ... ,   ,       _, now,  if you fei   the same���������iio.-don't  but surely,  like ice before the spring   ,���������f '     ,/. ,.      .,-*-, ���������  r> ,    .i ���������     i     i.         ,* . ,,        interrupt. You think you   will, but  .���������.un.    Hut,  though she melted,   Bar-    ',. . ���������    ,/             '  uu*'  *        1-V..1     ��������� -������������������_������������������      ..            i    y������u don't know.   Don't you supi-oie  -_ii   \.as   j.ohtcly  indifferent, and    u   .   .   ���������. .          ���������,,    .   /   ,  au.j_iu-.t-  '                 ������\_js hard for me?"   And she looked  straight in his eyes  with an expression he thought to  remember      al-  Aiiss ilitford looked on -with a keen  y    feminine appreciation of the foy-  lay    She felt that   the   siren was ���������  singing to her  ��������� knight in vain, and  she'.rejoiced  with  true womanly exultation. ���������,.���������"..*       .     ,  J'What possesses1, Miss Selwyn���������  that's what I'd-like to know'." that  gentleman blurted out as they were  swinging along through the park" together one day*** "She used barely,to  speak to me, "and now butter would  not melt in her mouth. She's so  blamed pleasant she worries me. It  dotsn's seem natural."  For     reply; Miss Mitford  stopped  short-and fixed her eyes upon him ex-  picssiveiy. -Jiis color rose/ and     he  looked rather confused. ���������    ���������  ,   "You don's": mean"���������  "Yes,   (hats-it,"  she replied, uod-  dii-g maliciously.    Then  they     bbth  poor  305  comfort   as sleep or food  She "listened (o   his arrogant, 'boy-Oaughedi men ily .after the "manner' of  ish views of men and things wil Iran   irresponsible yoiing things  who laugh  f.-o.ir mere "joy" until she abruptly .remembered that in a .woman of thirty-  eiglit si.ch . ,.bcha\ ior .was shockingly  iritolous, and: resolving to be more  dignified,1 she grew suddenly pensi\e.  It was a soft'April ,.ay. Thc tender green and misty greys of, the  park .vera like a wistful promise of  beauties to, come. * In the air damp,  earthy--smells of early spring floated  the; sweet, breath of:the soil as it  awakened 'from ils -winter trance.  "With-a sigh of enjoyment'she seated herself on one of the green benches, and Barton took his place beside  her. l-'or some moments they sat gaz-  ing at the scene before them in dieam  mg silence, tailing long whill's of the  soft, air* with sensuous delight. Thc  blurred, faint loviiness of it all bespoke fair,, land.,  He     did  not-speak,  but she ljjew  that  he  was   watching her  intently.  With  a sort   of  helpless,   bewildered  dismay     she  realized that she  was  Hushing* like a schoolgirl.  "A woman  of  thirty-eight,"  she taunted herself  an  interest which had not always been  accorded Mieni, and' which did not  fail of its effect. ���������'- After the jaded,  cynical opinions of-; older men,' she  ��������� ryallj found them as exhilarating' as  wine. -���������" Always they parted with a  grudging sense-of bi caking off at-the  most interesting point,-with a parenthetical "To Le,continued," _like;a  serial' story.    _.,���������.. -      .    .     .    -    ������������������ *���������  JMorc than once she^ had surprised  amused glances on -the fac-cs^ oi other  boarders, and she was far too acute  not to interpret their meaning accurately. But she remained; tranquil, *  too happy and engrossed to" care  what the common, conventional herd  might think.  "I suppose you know that they aro  .saying all sorts of (lungs about us?"  she said to him one evening when -  iVIi.ss Selwyn*s bclia.ioi; al dinner  had amounted to nothing less than a  reprimand.    .  Tl/en, she went on mercilessly:  "They probably say that 1 am leading you on, and that I am oW enough   to  know  better,   that' I am    a  ways. But youth has ever a  memory, and a year contains  days.  "I'm going away immediately," she  continued, with a little' break in her  voice, as she realized what life would  seem without him. "For a year I  shall drop out of exis'tence, so far as  you are concerned. But at the end of  that time"���������  A year had passed and another had  begun befoie Stuart Barton found  himself again in that particular part  of the park. An before, lie was accompanied by -Uady, young, proud  and superb looking, and as they seated themselves,on the identical green  bench that he had occupied on a former momentous occasion he awaited  anxiously for the reply she had promised him. Later, the first flurry r.f  excitement over, ehe looked at him  with an inquiring face.  "You  were awfully  attentive     to  that  2Miss  Mitford  last  year,"     she  remarked    tentatively.     "'I alwajs  wondered what you could sec  in     a  woman so much yoiir senior."  Consternation seized JJarton.    Now  he knew why the spot had vagi.eQ(J  Haunted hini; why it reminded him of  .something .once vivid,  b. t now forgotten.   His face- went pale.  "She  was a lovely  woman,"     he  said quietly.  THE WEEKLY FREE PRESS.  Tlie   Weekly Free Press,  Winnipeg,,  is the oldest established and the lead  ing weekly of Western Canada.       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PANIMELL   &   PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK,}  OATACRE  STREET,'  LADYSillTH, B Q  *���������*.  Harry Kay  Western Made^ For Western Hen  I Delivered in Any Part of th City  CveryAfternoon  UNION MADE  SHIRTS  OVERALLS  Etc,  BIGHORN  BRAND  flECDIEREB  SOLD AT  LEADING  STORES IN  LADYSMITH  m  *  e  *  r  <  *  ��������������������������������������������� ���������"���������������������������������������������������������������������:���������'��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� v^tf ���������������;������������������,������+.+������������������  IX LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO.  1 ���������" ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  ��������� )>  PIANOS, ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD   FURNITURE   MOVED  PROMPTLY AND SAFELY  Stables in rear of Ladysmith Hotel.   Leave orders at the Abbotts-ord.  WILLIAMS   AND   WASKETT  ������������������>���������������������������������������������,���������,������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������-������������������.��������� ������������������������������������*��������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������:    . ���������  The Daily Ledger!  SO Cents per   AAont-h $  ���������*e.#������*e>.c������}..ea{e&'������*���������*���������.*��������� *���������*_���������*���������&���������$���������&'��������� $���������&'������������������������ Xo* - ,*  These goods arc sold wholesale .and retail for 2.r> jier cent, less than a  ny imported goods of like quality.  S'lVE THE "BIG  HORN BRAND A1 TIMAL.    THK GOODS ARE MADE IN VICTORIA AND BY   WHITE  LABOR ONLY.    EVERY GAEMUN     T IS WRLL MADE OF GOOD MATERIAL AND IS SOLD AS CHEAP  AS -THE CHEAPEST.  LARD  H. W. SAUSAGE  (THE ONLY   KIND)  BLACK PUDDING  H. & W.  FIRST AVENUE. BUTCHERS  SANITAS  The Wasliablc Wall Covering���������a pplied to tnc walls like wallpaper,  and can be washed with soap and water as easily as you wash  your hands,  A TRAIL OF DIRT  Wherever there are children ordinary wallpaper is in  danger.   One  little soiled hand will  spoil   thc   wall.     You  don't want to  be    always watching and scolding,  lut you    must protect    the looks    of  your house.    Why not solve the problem  by covering all Hallways,  Kitchen,  Bath-room and Children's Bedrooms with "Sanitas." Samples anh prices mailed free    on    request.  VECTORiA.B.C.  ���������S_S_KSffi-_323. - �� ������        ���Lr.t ������       '   I   '
A SNAP���x��. good- Eng!��_.h Piano by
a first-class  maker  in. p rfr, b  order
For  $100.00.  A  Mason  and Hamlin
Organ for 5125.00. Apply
A. P.  OWEN,
Piano  Tuner Abbotsford  Hote.
POUND���On Roberts Street ���A   Lady's  Pur Boa.   Apply,
Roberts Street.
HOCKEY. -        I
The members of the Ladysmith Ladies' Hockey Club are requested to
turn out to practice tomorrow morning at 9.SO.
���The   United. States   torpedo     boat j    The bi]liard  lournamc���t  was   con-
Burrara  Inlet,   has   beaten  the    rec- i tinued  ^  lhe  Portland  Hotel     last
ord of  the Canadian steams.hip Pnn-  t,VCning.    Air.   Stewart  defeated   Mr.
Penketh   by   45   points.   Score:   I'en-
$5.00  CABINETS POR $2.50..
Having  made  arrangements  enabling us   to  stay another  week,  above
offer     is good until Monday, March
Mayor  Coburn returned from Vancouver this morning.
Aid.   Nicholson came back from Nanaimo on  the morning train.
Cosmopolitan, Strand for March at
Mr.  Ceo.
JM'inaiiiso on
Buillinlmc returned
tlio noon train.
i.li.ss  Peele,   who  has   been  on     a
visit lo Rev. and Mis'.  Itowen for .the
jiasl  few days, returned'home" to New
Westminster via Nanaimo today.
The repeat concert given in St.
Paul's Institute last evening by the
ladies of the Nanaimo English c-IuirUi
was a decided success, lhc hall being
filled   with an appreciative audience.
All   thc Rathbonc Sisters are   requested     to    meet   at Mrs.  Isabella
.rate's,   Lhc  island   Uoine  1-Jolel,     on
Saturday evening at 7  o'clock,      to :
���transact inipoitant business
M.  uf  li. and  (!.
Rev. Sandford will occupy thc pul-
])it at tho Methodist church this evening at (lie .regular even in.;- Evangelist service. All are cordially invited.
Yesterday at Victoria Mrs. Dohin
and i\Ir. A. 0. Knight were uniled in
the bonds of matriinony.
All Story Magazine, Smi Hi's and
Tom Walson's Magazine for April,
at Knight's.    *
Mr.  A. E.  jMainwaring, manager of
the II.  &W., met with a serious accident  yesterday afternoon,    lie  was
attending  to   the  feeding   of  a grinding-machine,   and  as the same      be
came slightly     clogged  he  put    his
hand down to clear it.   In doing so
his  nngj-rs  were caught in the guilder,   with thc result that  three were
torn off and the leader of the   large
middle  finger  pulled   completely  out
from     the elbow.      In spite of the
most  terrible agony Mr.  Mainwaring
had the presence of mind to summon
a doctor,   who  promptly  dressed   the
injuries.    It     is feared the accident
may cripple the entire arm.
FREE G-RAJMAPIIONES ���To further introduce ihe White Swan Soap
and to make people belter acquainted with the superior qualities of this
product, the British Columbia Soap
Works, of Victoria, will give away
for a number of months a high grade
Grama'phonc. Every purchaser of
seventy-five cents worth "of White
Swan Soap will receive a coupon
from his grocer, which will entitle
him to a chance in the drawing to
occur once .monthly, thc lucky number to get the Gramaphonc and four
records. These Gramaphoncs are on
exhibition at John Bicklc's and af
Blair   &  Adam-s,
Dr. R.
office at
good as
B. Dier may be found at his
any time through the day or
the  best and  at   reasonable
I'.ridge  or crown   work      as
It is not a practh-c.
for a few
days or weeks only Unit Dr. Dier is
establishing, but one that will ca-si.-
liitu lo bo a perinaneut psiili-nl. <>f
Ladysmilh. nilicc: on l!i.:.h Sue-el.,
next  Uciiirobi-'i-.
Work done ]
prices. Shot)
of  Ladysmith
iropcrly  and  at
and   residence
in   rear
J.  E.  SMITH.  Prop.
cess Victoria on the run between Seattle and Tacoma. '
The Princess Victoria covered the
distance in about ah hour about sixteen' months ago; and on Friday last
the Paul Jones made the run in _iftyJ
one minutes, under forced draught.
.'������ ���''   : '   -���~������-o������������
The article furnished,, The Ledger
for publication today is by 'Mamie
Carroll, Div. 2, on a subject entitled
Jacques Oartier. It is as follows:
''France did not take much interest
in exploring America until 1334 when
Francis I. sent out from the seaport
ol" St. Malo Jacques. Cartier, the famous sea captain.
lie made three voyages, the second
being the greatest of all. The first
time he sailed to Newfoundland, entered the straits of Belle Isle, then
passed into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Lelh, 155; Stewart, 200.
Mr. Dan Daniels defeated Mr. P.
Barber, Daniels scoring 200 to his
opponent's 195.
In a lengthy reference to thc organization of the new Northwestern
Baseball League, the Seattle Daily
Times says:
"As each of thc towns has the money ready, no trouble was experienced in forming a circuit.' Another
meeting will be held in a short time
at which a schedult will be adopted
and a salary limit of $1200 will be
fixed. Each town will put up a
guarantee of $1000 to finish the season, and to show how earnest the
British Columbia cities arc for baseball, the delegates from Vancouver
had a wad of paper money big
enough  to choke a cow at  the  niecl-
When he landed at Gaspe he "-creeled  ing,   which   they      wanted   to  put up
right then and  there.
"Vancouver has a couple of live
sports in   the     persons of Tulk    and
The nc.\l year he made another voy- Haywood.       They represent a syndi-
a cross bearing the arms of France,
to show that he had taken possession of it for the French King.
age and reached the gulf on St. Lawrence's day, and for this reason it
is called by that name.
Sailing up the ri\cr he came to an
Indian village called Stadacona, near
where Quebec now stands. lie left
his 'larger boats there and ascended,
the ri\er in smalkr boats to an Indian village called lloekelaga- It was
situated at the foot of a beautiful
mountain called Mij^nt Royal. This
name was afterward changed to Montreal.
lie returned to Quebec for the winter. While there his nun suffered se-
\eiely \ fiom the cukl and a disease
talUd s'-urvcy, but were treated kind
ly by the Indians. Many of them
died, but thc Indians at last ga\e
Uiem a mc-licir.c made Irom the hark
of a tree. This cured them.. When
spring came a.nd thc ice melted from
lhe li.ers he leturned home, taking
wiih him a number of Indian Chiefs,
v.Id were never allowed to return lo
���heir ov.n people. This was a base,
r.'wnrd   for    (heir  hospitality.
Carter and Sicnr de Robenae si1.
\eai\s nfliTward made an attempt to
���olfiii'/e Canada hilt
were useless.
cate which intends  to spend   $-10,000
to   get ready   to  start the  ball    rolling  iu   Vancouver.    They  now     have
an  option on a piece of property   on
which they will  build a modern park,
which   will  cost  them  $30,000.     The
park will  be  right in   the centre     of
the business section of the city, served   by  three carlines.     The games up
there   will   he called   at   4.15   o'clock-
in   the.    afternoon,    and   as. business'
men can-get away there ar 4 o'clock, I
they  predict that Vancouver  will.so.
as   well in   the   wav of   gate   receipts
as   Seattle.     Satuiday is .a half-holiday  iu the  British Columbia    towns, i
so   that  will'be  the big day  there."
 o  -,
D.   K.   Aiubrson, Vancouver.
K.   K.   Peiscr,   Victoria.
Geo.  L.  Macl.cny.ie,  Vancouver.
We have a very nice
assortment otthese
goods, no two
SJ-""*      PEOPLE   AS THEY   PASS.
IT. A. Chadwick- returned to Seat-
tie the other day from' a visit in the
east, bringing several new stories,
among them  thc following: -   .
"When I was in Chicago, I was invited lo dinner with some prominent
citizens, and had a pretty good time
as well as plenty to eat. Nevertheless, after the black coffee came in
I was moved to say: 'I don't think
1 would care to live in Chicago unless 1 was rich.'
"One of thc local magnates corrected my misapprehension by say-
" 'That isn't necessary at all. If
you are a philisophcr and have a
cheerful disposition, you can have as
much fun on a million as you could
if you  were   rich.' "
The 'Torpedo" shape
is the great rage-=
We have Item.
Cj>    la Jy smith
Mr. David Bispham, who will be
heard iu concert at the Grand, Theatre, Seattle, about the middle of
March, tells thc following ' amusing
story of a New York girl and her
love for music:
Speaking to another girl: "Oh,
why, how do? I'm so glad to meet
you. Yes, It's a lovely day, ain't
it? Oh, why, I've been to the op'ra
's afternoon. Ain't 'Faust' fine, just
too lovely? I adore music, don't
you? Why, I could go all the time.
1 just live at thc Philharmonic, and
as for thc Boston Symphony, why
I just think that's too sweet for
anything! and then, oh my!,why the
Nessel Quartetle, they're just grand!
Say, are you musical, too?"
The other girl, quietly: "Yes, I
play thc 'cello."
First girl, rapturously: "Oh, how
perfectly splendid! but (puzzled) say
don't it make your stomach awful
lired  blowin'  so hard?"
' NOTICE. ^__
���Dissolution of Partnership.)
Tlie partnership heretolore subsisting betweon Chu Ming and Chu Lung
l.o. of Extension, M.C., trading under the firm name of Wing Lung kr
: 'o ,  has  been dissolved.
'i he business will in future be conducted under the sole management of
Chu Lin.; Ho. who assumes all lia-
'..ilili.s of the late firm, and to whom
all outstanding debts must be paid.
CHU   LUNG   110.
Dated  Extension,   B.C.,   Feb.   20th,
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
All  work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.
High St. Ladysmith
Orders  will  be delivered anywhere
in the city promptly and at the low
est possible prices.
Leave orders at Christie's, on
Esplanade. "   '
Wriiams' Blocls
X. ad y smith.
Particular Grocers.
Telephone 1
. nran STII12RT.
:���:���: Best  in the City
1st.   1 venue,   --��� Ladys-inith
Leave orders with
MI,AIR   &   ADAM,   ��� ;<\"-'li
All  work first-class at THE C1IRY
' U33 <����3
ft? $W
For Crosse C& Blackwell's very
choice JillS in glass.
Wild Rose Honey, fresh stock'
Havana Filled-
Some good Residences For Sale
Call and get particulars.
fthe Esquimau
& Nanaimo Ry. Co's
City Property
JOHN 3TLWART P. O. Box 268
is the mest effective--'anJ most economical  method  of   improving       and
brightening   up   the   interior   appearance of yonr dwelling.
From  the many beautiful patterns
���many of them exclusive���in our new
line,   we are certain  you can select
exactly the right paper to suit your
taste and purse.    Let  us  show you
our handsome array of styles.
teller Bros.
Dealers in
Pianos and
I -idysmith, B. C.
Victoria,- B. C.
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
-   :, -. of    ������--
",.. ��� JUMPERS,     /^
SHIRTS, ETC.        _-
A Hij��h  Grade Gram-o-phonc
Iii FREE to the users ot
We have just  received a   consignment of
Colorado White Potatoes
which look nice and are tine cook-
Fresh White Cabbage just re-
ceived. /
Ranch Eggs, Cowichan and Salt Spring  Creamery
Butter always on hand.
HOTHOUSE RHUBARB, 10    CENTS  BUNCH. " '      ���
.  ' * -
Bi f^oroirrirri^r
AVE., ;���������-     XXX ..::;;
Stock Taking
at Rol��ton'��
Dinner and Tea Sets
$10.00  Dinner  Sets,  97  pieces,  now
$13.00 Dinner Sets, 97  pieces, now
$15.00'Dinner Sets, 97  pieces,  now
$20.00  Dinner  Sets,  97  pieces,  n ow
Dinner   Sets;   115   pieces,
Dinner   Sets,   98  pieces,   now
.........   $ 7.00
.     9.00
..   10.00
 ,.  15.00
now     .._.  18.00
Watch our Window for I. O. C Lines
RATES���$1.00     per    day.      Fiaest
Wines, Llquara and  Cigars.
First Avenue, LadyBmith, B. O.
Oh ist Avenue
Cleo. Roberts
���Rates $1.25 ard $1.50���^" *
C___re��buBto all itcawboitt landings art!
railway depoti.   Electric cars every __<ra
nainutea to all parts of   the oily.   Bur
and table unexcelled.
F. BAYNE8, Proprietor,


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