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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 1, 1905

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 Lf'..  ������   LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  ������._. /.f   __o._,' ">'^ ���������^'"4    ..  '>:  v    ���������+���������  MAR 2  -1905  N.  . ;.;-"-���������: ,r?,7;f&?.i:__ i.rt;.'fo-K,...  WAR 2.1905  VOL. 2,  WEDNESDAY,   MARCH  1,   J [03.  PRICE FIVE CENT'S  BATTLING NELSON  DEFEATS CORBETT  After Nine Rounds   of Furious  Fighting Corbett is Knocked  Groggy  His  conds    Throw   Up  Sponge and Nelson Gets  the Decision  the  San Francisco, 'Warch I.���������Battling  Nelson, of Chicago, and Young Corbet!,,   cx-ehanipiou   featherweight     of.  :���������;.'.' I .lr to head and right to ribs,  'n.c-n t .ay exchanged li_____.it. hits i.  Inc. face, and, Corbett ba.'i.i i'; :i������Tj,  STOESSEL RETURNS  TO ST. PETERSBURG  The   Welcome  Home  of Port  Arthur's   Hero  Lacks Enthusiam- Only a Few Officers As-   /  semble to Receive The General  St.   Peter.'-^.-gi,   Marcji   1.  General Stoessel  arrived  in"* St.  Pc- a, member  (���������seqDimlsaa ssoJd PoiBioossy)  L'icut.-Licutpnant    General  Prince Viazmky  of    te Imperial Council,  the    disorders in Russia, and since  then hy had traveled in south Russia,  the   world,   met  last   nigh I  for     the 'hw'-ii^ left  lightly  io tho ue'e.     An-  second   time "at Woodward's Pavilion ,oUie1' clinch followed,  ti'.; crown yel-  llllg"l>i.oa..:'.  iii a contest to-determine which of inig-'u.oa-cO'.. . lioui i-������5SUl .; rtll  the two shall meet Champion BriU s> wings, ior the jaw, .uiif .iVf. l". ������.k  iii a return match'. -Between four by Corbett; went wild'. .Co.'i.-Vo iand-  and five thousand' people witnessed''-(-': iW(> rights an*! a vie.u.iw left to  the spectacle, -and it is estimated 'ifyUaw..and. the/ .oii-jhi. vicioujly.jii  .\Vill  approximate  ll "u-wip,  both landing ..jllin.r l.-ows.  tersb'urg this  morning  from  Moscow, f whcie they  will  stay. The crowds ;n;lia(t sl)(-)!������'i to the people and had no  lif-'ed  their  tranquility  of mind     and  expressing their loyalty to the Emperor.       He  was confident that  (he  pcojle would remain loyal and that'  Russia  would issue victorious     from  the present crisis.  x  Corbett broke it up '.uth ������'vi.-rji'S  right to the body,. ;.ut Wilson !.ep!.  after him roughing it in cL.iclv.:. ".��������� he  pace was terrific at t|iis stage, both  ii.en showing the eife.is of n.. As the  loll rang Corbett._jlani.il a ���������i'.a.r>.l  left flush on the jaw'that jent .Vhci  quickly to his corner, it wis ;'H even, round,.     ,   ,    __ . -    ,,..,_    .  Round f>���������They went i.o cli-.o quarters liimicdialely. Nelson then chased  Coibett  about  the  ring  eoritiiuialiy.  that  thei receipts  $lf>,000.  '   " . CORBETT ENTERS RING.  !).4fj p.m.���������Corbett was first to en-  tct the ring. Ho was -followed by  an army ol photograpners. Corbett  walked about.the mig nearly three  , minutes, bowing his acknowledgment i. of the sibim  of applause.  10.05 j).in.���������Nelson was slow in  making his appearance. In the  meantime Coibett paced - from side  to side,      smiling and  looked uncoil-,  cerne'd. He shook hands;, repeatedly' Coibett drew him to a clinch, lot  with fiionds, and once went among ' 'Jt-tt swung twice with left to tlu.  the audience to greet an enthusiastic f'������'C, but Nelson .countered with light  admirer., , , to  the'head.'    Corbett'then  upp'.-rcut  10.07���������Nelson e_.Ucr.sI the ring. Both   WI|"������  right and left to the-lace   ard  men  were clad ' Tn  brown  sweaters,.. 1)()||J'- Corbett then hooked !.'s loft to  Nelson minus his      iiousers.       They   the jaw, and' in a mix-Nelson uppers-  shook hands coulially,   then  went   to   cut'with left, to jaw and drove in u  their cornel*. ...        -  forceful rigEit* to-thc jaw.   Nelson fol-  Nelson was introduced - ito the loved his advantage,''sending in right  crowd as "the hardest nut, .iu - f Ii*____. ������-"cI left, to, the Jac������, ..dazing Corbett  profession." For a favonte in ,tlie illHl hrin^ing blood_Jrom his mouth.'  betting, his reception was mild. ,Cor- j ,r"(1 " a v'tal -spot with ._. knock-tint  was then introduced. "One of the Corbett forght back wildly, trying-to  most popular"fighters and best boys punch, but the Dane kept himself covin the piofcssion," was Joulan's. ;wcd. CorlicLt was extremely tired'  manlier,, of announcing, the-Denver >s !ie WC."L tc* Ilis corner, while Ncl-  boy. Corbett was greeted with pro- ?m was "\ cry cool. It was Nelson's  longed  cheers again  and again. , round by a wide margin.  A quarter of an hour before his liain  was due     it lool-ed as  il not more  than a hundred  peisoiis  would be present to welcome the defender of Port  Arthur,  but their number augument-  ed rapidly and when the tiain steamed     into the depot many  hundreds,  chiefly women, crowded the platfoini  War Minister Sak liar off and Admiral  Ziiotti,  in  Ihe behilf'of the Admiralty,   welcomed  General "Stoes.icl,  who was loudly chceied  and  presented   with  flowers.   After  receiving  the  personal  congratulations   of    friends,  the General  looking bron/ed  and  in  good .health,   passed   through       tli3  cheering crowd   to a reception  room,  stopping    now    and  then   to    shake  hands      with  admirers.    Behind   the  General, came Mrs. Stoessel,  leaning  on the ami of a military officer. She  looked to be even more bronzed than  her'  husband,     and seemed*-happy at  the warm welcome accorded him.   It  was     remarked     that the General's  hair  the  the streets lustily cheered the General. The absence of naval and military officers from the platform was  very noticeable. Only a few military  men and no naval officers sxcepting  Zillotti were present. A large foice  of police sin rounded the railroad station, while the route to Prince Via-  ymsky's residence was patrolled by  \ ai ions detachments of Cossacks and  guirds, apparently in expectation of  hostile demonstrations  (PLENTY OF MOMEY.  INJAPANFOR LOANS  Count Okuma Says War Can Be  Continued Without Finan=  ciai Embarrassment  Captured    Steamer      Romolus  Springs Leak so is Beached  by Japs  the General's welcome was by no  means in the nature of a popular  demonstration, a"'' lacked enthusiasm. Two months ago all Russia  was- singing the .praises of tlie defender of fort Arthur, yet when he  camet home comparatively few people  assembled to cheer him.  General Bogdanovitch welcomed  General Stoessel. In so doing lie  referred to. the international troubles, saying that when General Stoes-  s>el left Russia calm prevailed, while  had turned quite white.. When l.now an internal party was endea\or-  reception ceremonies were over (ing to undermine the prestige of the  .    SIR HENRY MUCH  BETTER.  London, March J1.���������Sir Henry 'Irving, who recently suffered fiom a severe chill at Wolverhampton, continues to make progress, towards recov-  AllL-gcthci. (cry and no fuither bulletins regarding his condition will be issued.   o   TO BE OR NOT TO  BE.  Vienna,,      March  1.���������Reports  havs  been current recently of the approach  ing  betrothal of  King  Alfonso,      of  Spain,   to      Aich-I)_.chess   Gabriclle,  daughter of Arch Duke .Frederick,_but  it is impossible to obtain, an official  confirniaticn  of the rumor.    On  the  other hand, they have been unofficially denied.  $5.00 CABINETS FOR $2.50.  Having   made  arrangements   enabl-  .   . ,.        ...    i ,,u? us   ^o stay another week, above  open carriage and drove through ,the |    Replying,  General Slcrwsel said-lie offer    is gnod    until Monday, March  6th. FRICKE & SCHENCK  the General and |iis wife entered an : state.  Tolcio,     March, 1 ��������� It is reported  that  tlie German  steamer  lloinolus,  which   was  recently  sei/.ed   while en'  Joute  to  Viadivostock,  with a cargo  of Cardill coal, has 'been beached   at  Aomari  Bay.    It  is  understood that  the Romolus struck an iceberg when  attempting/     to  pass   through  Soya  Strait and was damaged so that she  was leaking on her port' side   when  seized by the Japanese.   A prize crew  was put on board her and she    was  ���������started for Yoko Suku.   Her leak increased and it was necessary to beach  her in order to save her.  JAPS  FINANCES  GOOD.  A meeting of hankers and financiers  was held in Tokio today for the purpose of discussing tbe subscriptions  to the new domestic loans should it  be found to be over subscribed when  the list is opened. At the close of the  meeting the associated  bankers     announced that they would take sixty  million  yen,  about,  J.-.o,000,000.    The  lmpeiial household will take live million yen, and  other corporations and  individuals  forty million  yen.   It is  expected  that the loan will be doubly subscribed.       Count Okuma,     addressing today's  meeting,  said  that .  the Japanese domestic financial capacity was astonishing even its*friends.  I-le expiessed  the belief that    ��������� the  slight disturbance in financial conditions,  despite the enormous expenditures, was ,due to the fact that agriculture furnished  the country's great  wealth.       Continuing, Count' Okuma  said     that he believed the country  would continue the war without any  feeling of embarrassment.  Novsky Prospect to the residence of (had heard while at Constantinople of  e       THE  FIGHT UY  ROUNDS.  Round   1 ���������Corbett  danced     about,  looking t'onfidciii,  whiIc~Nelson  wore,  v a   moie  seiious  air.     Coibett    continued   lo    dance  for  fully  a minute,  trying   lo  draw  Nelson  on.    Then be  quickly  shot, a straight  left  over the  heart and  missed  a similar  attempt.  Two kits for (he head went wild and  a  s-li.light  right  landed   high   on Nelson's chest.     'Afore aoaning followed  and   Nelson  plan led  lefl.  to stomach,  and   Corbett diove  his left  haid     to  the  face,   bunging a thin  slicani     of  "blood  fiom Nelson's  uioulh.' Coibett  put   two   lefts   lo the   body.     Nelson'  then  sent  Corbett  back   lo the ropes  Willi stiaight right   to   the  foiehead.  Then   they   mixed   it   fiei.cely,     Corbett  landing    a \ icious   lefl   to     the  face  and   a rignt  high "on   the     body  as   l.he bell clanged.     The advantage  was   Avith   Corbett.    Nelson   thiougli-  out acted  on the defensive.  Round 2���������.Nelson 'crouched low. Cor  bett waded in, mixing it fiercely-but  did   not land.     They kept at'close  quarters,  Corbett    ianded left  ���������and;  right, short arm lefts and rights -To  the jaw.    He  tried  his  right,      hut.  ran  into    a sCiiT    right     to the jaw.  They "��������� fought  desperately  at     close  quarters,   Corbett resting  his     head  on  Nelson's      chest,   hut   failed     to  worry    Nelson.       The crowd    yelled  "break,"' and      the referee separated  them,    j^gain      they   went   lo     close  quarters,   Nelson   uppereuttiiig    Corbett on  the jaw with  his right. Corbett   then   plan led  a fierce   right     to  the  body,  but Nelson  kept after   the'  Denver boy and  forced  him  to cover.  Cprbctt jabbed two lefts  to  the.face.  Jt  was a desperate round,  bqlh  ineii  j-oughing it  considerably,   with    Nej-  sou   the chief offender.    Corbett   had  a shade  the  belter of  the round.'  Round 3���������They spared  carefully, fin  ally Corbett bored In,  trying left for  the  face,  but     was  blocked.     They  roughed it.    Nelson butting  Corbett.  swung right and left to  the body  as  Corbett was    trying to  work  to      a  clinch.        Nelson     then   planted    his  left hard  on  Covliett's  face and Cor-  hett's  right  went  wild.    Nelson   put  in  two     heart    punches     and   a left  swing sent Corbett to his knees. He  was  quickly up and  shot his  left  to  Nelson's   face   and'  a hard   right     to ; punishment,  the body.        Coibe.lt  then staggered , fought hack  Nelson  wiih  right and      left   swings  to  the jaw. .   Two more  swings wrnt  wild   and   the  injunction   came- from  Cprhott's  corner,   ''''steady."     Cpr-  bptt's  swings  at    the  close  of    the  round wetp wild, and'Nelson,, finding  an  opening,  shot  in two  lefts  to  the  body.     The    round  closed  with  honors in favor of Corbett.  Round 4���������Corbett waded in and  they fought in a mix in th-. ('.-.litre. ;.f  jol the ring.        Separating,  Cocbolt  l.ound (i���������Corbett looked worried a*.  hc  toed   the scratch.    Nelson  forced  hini   to  a corner,   but .Corbett   wriggled out.   'I hen they went to a clinch  and     Nelson  sinned  Corbett to the  Moor.    A using  Corbett  uppcrcut with  left to chin and missed a vicious right  ior the head.     Nelson kept boring in,  foicing Corbett to the ropes. 1-Ie Iftcn  landed"lcrt and right swings  to Cor-  hctf's  Paie and blocked at times vicious -cof'nIers. ��������� Corbett tl.cn lan'into  a straight left on  the face,- and  Nel-  'oit landed Jcft and right-to. jaw and  fine, sending Corbett aj.otit the ring  li'.c, a feather.    Coihelt  fought back  ganiely.' but. Nelson was too stiong  and planted right and left to the jaw  us  the. bell   i,an������.    It  looked serious  for Corbett  as  (he hell   rang and he  \\-ou____J.o   Ins   corner   groggy.   Nelson  was very careftil| however, and took,  no      chances   of   receiving   Corbett's  blows, which had steam hphiml them.  Hound      7���������Nelson     quickly" dpo\e  -right to ,.the.face, but received in return a right to the ribs and a left tp  the face. , The Denver boy continued  to     break ground,  Nelson following  - li t in 'and,., landing left anil right, upper-  cuts-to' the race-.   Corbett jolted Nelson with right* to the face, hut the  Daiic ''scarcely"noticed 'it:   Nelson got  Corbett     against the ropes,  putting,  right and left swings to the jaw. Cor-:  bett failed  to land  at any stage and  was dazed.    Corbett'-fought-like    - a-  drowning  man   grasping  at; a straw,  but Nelson     showed hini  no mercy.  'Occasionally       Corbett   whipped   his  right To the jaw, hut it was relurnr  cd.three-fo.d.   Corbetl, .look a terribje  healing jn this round'and looked Ijke  a defeated man as he went to his corner.   H was  Nohsoiffs roupd.  Round   H-rCpi-bctl.   lunged  out wildly wjth left aiul they mixed-it-in the  centre,   Corbett   landing  several   telling right uppercuts to Nelson's jaw,  dazing the Dane. There was a terrific  uproar,   but   Nelson   kept  after  Corbett and   landed   almost at  will.    He  rorccd Corbett to the roles with lc't  and  right swings   to head  and .body.  He kept up this-work, Corbett fighting  with  an  exhibition  of gaincness  PUBLIC BUILDINGS;  FINISHING WHARF  Ralph Smith Writes the   Ledger  on These Subjectes and Gives  News of Interest  A letter received at tin-, olfice from ' possible to  get  the government      lo  Ralph  Smith,  M.P.,   dated   Ol t-awa,     do all   that wc'should like done.-    1  Feb.  20th,  says, "relatixe  to busnuSs   shall,  however,  continue  lo do     my  matters of      interest to   Ladysmith,   utmost  to advance  the  lnleiests"   of  "Three thousand dollais has- been -your city.  expended on the wharf, and according I "A serious mistake was made Into the estimate of the engineer it is the Press in stating that Nanaimo is  necessary that we proude another getting $25,000. The only appropri-  $1,000 to comi lete the v ork. The at|on that Nanaimo is getting is  sum must be provided for in the Ci.ti- Sii/iUi), which has been standing in  mates an.l unlil  this  is done it     i.s    the estimates for some yeais for the  TROOPS   OUT  AGAIN.  Tiflis,    March    1.���������Serious  disturbances   have-broken  out  at  Kutais,  and  troops .have been called out   to  suppress them.   o  ,  WRECK SCHOOLS AND LEAVE.  Minsk, March 1.���������The students of  Clerical Seminary here yesterday  wrecked the houses of the directors  and inspectors of schools and burned  all their papers. All the students  then left the  town.   o   ENQUIRE INTO SCANDALS. "  Paris, March 1.���������The government  has commissioned the famous cxplor-  6eDa liiaz.z.a to prcceed to the Congo  .March if>th to conduct an enquiry into  the Colonial sraiiflals.  BALFOUR WILL THRUST  FISCAL REFORM BACK  London, March 1.���������The political sit-   candidates  complete  freedom  of actuation is undergoing some rather in-   lion in fiscal affairs, is resented    by  teres Ling developments and there are [the Chamberlain group, whose irrita-  seyeral indications of the intention of i tipn is increased by a letter from Pre-  BREWEHY  CURNE1).  -  New Orleans,  La, March J.  - The  Weikling  bieweiy,  part of the  New  Orleans  Brewing  Association,  was  destroyed  hy fire last night.  Loss  $200,000.   o   impossible to furnish the wharf  unless .arrangements could !;e  made to !'iave it completed and the  parties wait 'until the beginning of  the fiscal year, when the money will  he provided. They would be quite secure an(} I have wrjtl en Mr. Thomas  tp 'thai effect.  "The^questions of publirr-  buildings  for Ladysmith is  being eons'idired  in  connection with the supplementary estimates.    I" am, as arc other,   mem-.  hers, tillable to say yet just what can  be done.    I am  doing  my   best     for  Ladysmith.    The building of a wh-arf  for your city is something  for which  we      must   give  credit.    It   requires  time to do these things, as it is  im-  . pur_p.se of dredging  the harbor."  As  shown  by  the above extracts,  ..Mr. Smjlh has not been neglectf. 1 of  j-l-adysinitli's    interests.        It   i.s,   of  j course,  rs he says,   impossible to get  all 'that   is  as'.ed   from   the''government,-;   . and  it.  takes   time to  bring  i.hiiigs~arounil.   iMV Smith is evidently doing his  best  to .assist an.l  forward, I.adysmith's   interests   and   it  seems very fair to expect that be .w.il 1  be able  to secure something in     the  way  of a grant  for   public  buildings  so badly required in-Ladysmith.    So  far as the finishing of the wharf    is  concerned,   it  is bciii^ considered   locally, and some decision  will l.e arrived at soon.  A TRAGEDY  JN CHICAGO  Body  of Unknown   Woman  Found on the  Street  Chicago,. Ills.,  March 1.���������The body  of an unidentified woman has     been  ���������        m K.���������r,    ,i,-���������r. i found   lying  on  the  sidewalk in front  seldom seen  in  a ring.  Nelson   cho\e J   ft -        .   ..  ,,   .   ,,   ��������� 4J--     i rv    ,,,i -; ui  i,>    of ')52!) Monroe Avenue,  in  the aris-  Corbett in, putting left and rij-ht to ..       ... ..���������-..'   ���������::���������   -.    -,...  jaw.    tie kept  administering  terrible  Cor Rett   was' inline  and  ike. a wild ..nan, landing  two hard', rights  to  the jaw. Nqlsqn  then got  Cor.bt'ft. aga.nst  the ropes.  Corbelt  Ihi-ew  bis, arm  around    his  face to.protei'U-iiiir,s;elf from the Dane  terrinc   onslaughts... The   gong  rang  wil]] Cijrbett in this position p,nd all  but ont,  Round fl���������'Corbett broke ground and  rccchcd  a straight left and  then     a  straight  right  to  the jaw.    Corbett  sent in two lefts to the face and then  " "-,'������~"x'.���������j 't^ j ���������. "~ carriage  (Continued on Page ������.)  tocratic section  of lfydc Park.    She  bad been killed by a revolver bullet  fired intp her head  behind  the right  'ear. .  The police have not yet been able  to ascertain her name, or gain any  particulars of the case. Several residents of the .neighborhood heard a  scream, followed by a shot, and hurrying out, found the body of the woman lying on the sidewalk. She was  not known by any ol the residents of  the neighborhood, and it is believed  came to the place of her death in   a  LAST   RESPECTS.  Rev.  R. Boyle went up'to Nanaimo  at noon today, to ofliciate at the f'un-  cra,l     of    the     late Alex.   Clarkson,  which  took place at that city    this  afternoon.    Quite a number of Lady-  .smilh  people went up from'this city  to attend  the funeral.   ��������� o������������������   OPENFIRE  AGAINST PUTILOFF  Sa'.'hetin, Manchuria, March 1���������(3  p.m.)���������The Japanese opened a tremeii-  duous fire with field and s'2gc guns  against l-'utilolV (I.one Tree) today.  Columns of white, smoke enveloped  the bi|l on two sides. The bombardment of the right flank^continucs.       j  ^-^  "    . ���������'  ���������      ...-���������i. _.���������������������������---     ..  [  GORKY'S FB1EDDS  EXASPERATED  the government to side-track the ns  cal controversy.    An  attempt     wa..  made on the part of the Chamberlain  section of the Unionist party to compel Lord Hugh   Cecil to resign   the  parliamentary seat for Greenwich but  Cecil politely declined to quit and in  that determination received unexpectedly strong  support  from   Sir  Ale-c-  ander   Ackland   Hood,   chief   government whip, who,  in a public letter,  declines to act unfair to a man who  has  rendered  so  valuable  assistance  to the party of which he is such    a  briliiant  member,  simply because he  does not support .the government   on  the fiscal question. The letter,     hich  mier Balfour to"Ehe Conservative candidate in Butshire, in which with..re-  ference to changes in the fiscal policy  the premier says: "Important as are  the issues thus raised, we must not  let them obscure the fundamental  principle of the Unionist party. If  rightly read the signs of the times,  Ihe policy of home rule, only waits  the advent of the radical party to  power to become active militant and  peiilous.".  This letter is  interpreted as showing  Mr.  Balfour's"-:resolve to  thrust  fiscal leforni into the liack ground as  an election cry and keen curiosity is  exhibited as to how the move will be  virtually accords to all Conservative  met |,y Mr. Chamberlain.  TONIGHTS  CELEBRATION  in Vancouver  on chance  All  is   in readiness  for  the  WcM.  men's concert, supper Mirl da.i ^    to  he teld  in  the  opera  hous.*   loi.ight.  smeller are spending  a-day .or  The irogrammc promu-'s  io   be n:-e  oi tit most enjoyable iica.'d  ui  l.ai.y-  smili for many months,  a'.' ng     the day a n-i n-. r of the  cci.nittee have been busy deooral.ng  the hall for the occusion, and _u i-ut-  ti ij the finishing touches \o all prc-  __���������������������������_ rail' is  ���������T..'!.'.>!s for the affair iave been selling . n-\idly during the Jay anlt!i"ie  wi". >>e sure to be a..���������������������������inner .'.i-use  tonight. Nothing has been le'l. m.-  done by the Welshmen to r.mder lho  enjoyment of their guests coini'-isle.  and the celebration will without  doubt be worthy of the memory of  St. David, the patron saint of Wales.  Maintain That  His    Release  Should be Uncon-      ^  ditional  Mayor    Cohurn     and  Mr.   Thomas  Kiddie,  superintendent of  the    Tyee  two  in  Vancou\cr.     Pi ess reports     from  that city are to  the effect that    direct steamer connection between Vancouver and Ladysmith was discussed  between    Supt.  Marpole  and     these  gentlemen.    This report is quite likely correct, as ths officials of the C.  P.  R., arc gathering all of the information they can relative to the    Island  aiul  their newly acquired   railway, and it is more than likely that  Superintendent  Marpole   desired     to  talk over the local situation and mat  ters    of interest    in  connection with  direct    communication    between   tho  two cities of Ladysmith and Vancouver,   and  he could  not find men better able to give him such information  THE CITY  POLICEMAN. than    Messrs.   Kiddie     and   Coburn.  Today if the 1st of March, the The above named gentlemen, who are  !first day of Spring, and today for in Vancouver in connection with lum-  ' the first time, since Ladysmith was beiing and smelting interests, will  Ladysinith, the citizens are in the ���������'return homo in a, day or two.  proud position of being able to boast NY.vt week a party of the C. P. R.  of a policeman,      that is a policeman   officials,   which  will  include Superin-  I  who  belongs only to Ladysmith. one   teiulent   Beasley and   Division  Engin-  whosc  exclusive  duty  it is to     keep   eer  Cartwrigiit, will  make a through  inspection of the E. & N. Until then  nothi'"- will be decided as to new ar-  The   i-..  &  N.  company has  all  its    employees  notice that  The  following  shipping  report  for  the month of February has been kindly  furnis'heil The Ledger" by Mr. Co.i-  way, of the customs office:  Number of vessels cleared foreign-,  1(1; tons cargo, .19,012; value cf cargo,  $170,079.  St. Petersburg, Match 1.���������Maxim  Gorky's family and friends arc great  ly exasperated by his treatment,, and  maintain that a breach of confidence  has been committed, an order for  his unconditional release having been  signed when bail was deposited. Bailiffs say that if he had known he was  to be transported to Riga he would  have preferred to remain a prisoner  at St. Petersburg. lie requested permission to reside in the Crimea, ow-  peaee inside  the limits  oT the city.  The solemn    ceremony of swearing  in  tho city constable  took place this'rang*"*.its  morning,  Justice of the Peace Stewart administering the oath.  Although  Mr.     Hannay is not yet ..engagements  will  be   terminated  robed    in    the gorgeous  uniform    of April   1st.  dark  blue,      with  brass  buttons     in  which  a city      policeman    is  usually  garbed, he is invested with the mighty power of the law, so lawbreakers  beware, small boys  be careful,    for  the eagle eye     of Ladysmith's    new  constable will now sweep  the entire  given  their  an  Number of     vessels  cleared .Sjii.t-. ing to one of bis lungs beiig affect-  wise, 46; tons register, 4,674.   " leh)    but  the  request  was  refused.  and will leave on  Friday next .   for  Victoria.   Last evening Mr. Johnston  was  accorded     a very pleasant sur-  prist-.    His attendance. Avas requested  in the manager's office, and Mr. Wea-  city in search of those avIio set at de-   ver, on behalf of the employees gen-  fiancc    the law with the full  inten-' erally, read a neat address expressing  bringing them before the city magis-   to   Mr.   Johnston the regret all  felt.  trate for puniohment of their crimes. . on   his   impending   departure,   asking  It,  i.s understood   that Mr.  Hannay   his     acceptance, of a handsome foun-  Avill  be furnished   with  a proper uni- ( t.iin j en and a purse of gold as a token of the esteem   with which he is  regarded by them all.    Mr. Johnston  form as soon  as one can be made   o   A  PRESENTATrON.  Mr.      Philip    Johnston,   for  some  years an employee of Messrs. Simon  Leiser &   Co, resigned, his position  made a. suit blc reply,  -jxpressing his  thanks for the 'Mildness of those with  whom     he has    worked for such  a.  length of time.  17  ,' ;i'  ���������    U  I lit  ill  I'll  >'il  ' ;*l  Ml  II  ;'1|  '4  m  '   w,l  ii  ' .III  ���������J ijll  -1  ' ii.M  \F4  -'Vjt"l  s&\  ������������������*    i. ���������asses  SB!  -j  THE LADYSMITH   LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY     THE     LADYSMITH      DAILY  LEDGER COMPANY.   .  and French Stieet.  Office corner of First Avenue  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  SO cents  a month;    55 per  year  advance.    Advertising rates on ap  plication.  The Kings Hotel is the only place  in Ladysmith that has on draught  John Labatt's India Pale Ale. Call  around and sample it.  HENRY'S NURSFRIES  in  WEDNESDAY,   MARCH   1,   1S01  EXPORTING LOGS.  By icquest of the Loggeis' Association, >ve aie publishing today  tlieii ciiculai lately issued, , which  gives their veision of tlie logging in-  dustiy      and    its   liealment  by   the  poweis  that be.  It .-.oeins   to one who has not given  tlie     mailer    much  consideiaiion,  a  luidslup  lhal   loggers  should  not   he  able to ship   their output across    the  line  if no  niaikets  can be found     m  Buli.sh    Columbia.        It  is   claimed  that al.uc-e piopoition of  Ihe cheaper giades    of Jogs     have no  market  value in (his   province,  but  (hat good  money can be made in shipping  them  across  the line.  We must confer that   the millmen's  demands aie somewhat puzzling and  difliculi to iinilci stand. They cei Unity have a right to demand to be placed on the same footing as aie the  mills on the Sound, that is oil her a  tariff on lumber enleung Canada of  the same amount, vi/., f;2 00 per  thousand, oi else fiec entry for mill  supplies. Ceitainly both should .not  be denied them, and it would seem  by tlie same ink's of justice that at  any iate, guides of logs that have  no saloon 11ns side of the line should  tunc evpoit pnvilcges. It is a question just, now at hading much attention, and one well woifh coiisidei-  iu.g. The ailiclo (o which we lefei  on anolhei p..ge will be found well  gotten  up and  is woi thy ���������f a   care-  NORTHERN  PACIFIC  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates  St? ,  Cor    Govcinnient  Victoria, 13. C-  Three  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  3  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited," Ride on it ulways.  (jp-t')-date Pullman and Tourist  slecpeis on all tiains. Through tio'i-  ets issued to .ill paints East and  Eolith, also Pullman tickets issued  uid  beiths ieser\cd.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Paik. Cheap rates from all points  [Cast1 rioin JWaicfi 1st to May 15th.  ? lea in ship tickets on sale to all  i'>iopcun points. Very low r.ites  ���������iow in el'iect. ("abm accommodation  leseru'd  by wire.  Foi   f'lrtliei   pnrliciilars rail  at the  rjfii or rlionc No. '150  V   1)'  CARLTON, C E. LANG  A.G P. A..,  N.P.,        Cieneial  Agent  PoitlanrI,  Oie. Victoria, BC  porte  and FLOWER  NEW CROP-,  Folic Cuvd  GARDEN,     FIELD  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  HUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith.  B.C.  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat-wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates (2 per  day. Corner Qranville and Hastings  streets. Telephone, 1���������4.  WARD'S  MfAT   MARKET  ON ROBERTS STREET.  Only  First  Class Meats are  plied our  Customers.  We will licit you right.  sup-  Ladysmilh  Temple No. 5 Rathbone  Sisters meets  in  the Oddfellow's hall  2nd  and   -it.)  Tuesday at 7 30 p.  in.  Mis    Kate Tate, secretary.  W.G.Fraser  Merchant   Tailor,  (ist Avenue)  Fall Stock Just Arrived. Call early  and _;_.et your pick of the largest and. best  stock in town.  F. McB.   YOUNG  BARRISTER'arid  SOLICITOR. . . .  Nanaimo -    -    Ladysmith  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. Ml,'F.  O. E.     :���������:       :���������:        :���������:       :���������j  Meets In the Opera House 1st and  drd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy-  President,  B   Forcimmer.     Worthy  Secretary, C. Ii. Rummings.  BARBER    SHOP   & BATH  ROOMS  The  ESPLANADE    between the  Gtand aud Abbottsford,  William Powers, Prop.  The City Market  R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,      Ladysmith  The Ladysmith  Opera House  Cam he secured Ior Theatrical purposes, ' Dancing Parties, or Entertainments gencially.  D  NICHOLSON. Prop  ful peiu.sdl.  ;. SIMPSON.  Solicitor,  Etc.  nfcy   to  Lean  Is t Aytrme  LAOYSMITh  Charlie Dunn  Sc 'Company  MERCHANT TAILOR7  (���������hailcs Diiin, of the'above firm,  visits Ladysmith eveiy Sunday for the  purpose of taking measurements and     seem* cuslomeis    personally.   May  be been at the Hotels.     We-guarantee all  stock  <uid a perfect (it at   the  lowest possible  lates.      Hand made    suits  f.-m  J15 00 up.  19 Stole Stieet,  Comer Gormorant stieet, VICTORIA, B. C.  THE LOGGING INDUSTRY  REASONS & ARGUMENTS  This   Important Industry    is Making  A  Special Effort to Secure Legislation  Permitting Export Of Logs  At a meeting 0r  _______ Ex_  ecu ne o   the     l      ,,  rT ."V*"   amoUni ������f IM0I1L>y,L ���������*������*>  to horn-  tcuUM. ol  the  Uutish  C olumbia Log-  culalc-d   among   the while  Deonle  geis'  Aleutian, held at Vaneomei   the '  of  on Januaij Ml,, l',Uo, it was pro- ��������� "j'11���������1"1*'' ,n I"'0!" -<��������� which  Posed am, cuJa uSt U,e liS 1'^ ��������� ������ ^ ?���������  and Secietaiy piejuie and   pie.scnt a Gi   " " "Stillness uses  stateniciit  ol then   case,  showing   the  reasons and  arguments why  the rnaL-  Ivct ol    liulisli Culumbia should  opened  foi the  flee  expoi t   and  fall  s,   and   it is  on   this  test     we  make oui   pnncipal point m   favoi ot  an open log maiket  1)C     II   goes    without  saying    that  be-  in-  poitof     sa^logs     adhoragt^ratl^l^  visas   of the   ALoc.al.on  on     other   J ocuL      , ' ^ T' fl,Sl    b������  mat.eis connected    u.tl,   the logging        '      "     ,ow,;d   t0 tht'  mM*  by  industiy  and   timber   lands   of "tint    "no   Lft "', ^   "C "(1  by aCtUal  .     , cApouence  mat   the .ivpiiov* nm-i     nt  pioMuce ana  make  known  oui wants  ,.���������������������������.���������   ,_���������..   ,     ,      avua-gc cost    of  -���������"* ���������������������>t - r ��������� *������ ?������:2i'z z z ':z:: con-  i5 5d  reasonable     statement  which   has   not been   done  heietofoie  THE  OPEN   MARKET  FOR  LOOS.1  It is    conceded as  a geneial    pi in  per  not less  thousand   feet,   tlie  fiom  titan  laboi  on   which  is  clone almost exclusively  ciple that the success of any business     "   ln '        , ������  "*  C������St  ������f lab������l  depends  on     the extensiveness  of     a     1,''  "���������  '   dCtUU,ng  th������SC 1<>&S inU  market for the products of that business, and it is further conceded :  that all laws are enacted (or should  be) with a view toward procuring !  the greatest good to the greatest  number without infringing on the  rights  of ihe minority. :  The log market- has  been practically closed  for  tlie exporting of     logs  during the  past   three years  for    the .  ostensible  purpose or  protecting   and]  preserving  the timber supply of    this'  country for tlie saw mills  of this province in  order to cause  ihe limber lo  he   manufactured   within   the   con lines  of this province,  A sullieieiit time has now elapsed  to show how former theories have  worked out in practice, and a. revolution in pu'blic sentiment has been gradually forming until al. tlie present  time 1 lie law a.s it, exists lias become  most unpopular, this condition being  brought about principally by the  hard times that followed the attempt, to build up the sav/ mills on  .the  ruins  of the   logging  industry.  .We have no light   with  the sawmill  man,      who in      the  very  nature     of  things  is   the  purchaser  of our     product,   but we want  if  plainly    understood   that while   the saw  mill     men  are important factors  in building up  the  province,   yet   they are  not     the  only or most important industry   dependent upon   the  proper development  of  our   tiinbei-'   resources.   A   business  or manufacturing plant is valuable to  ������ .community in accordance with the  lumber  to  in a modern well-equipped  mill does not exceed $1.75 per M for  rough lumber and about $3.50 per M  for finished or dressed lumber; and  as- the vastly larger proportion of  the output of our mills is sawn into  rough lumber we give the mill man  the benefit of all doubts when we  sl������ile thai. the. average cost for ac-  lual labor at the mills for the manufacture of lumber does not exceed  ?3.00 per M, aud the labor performed by whom? Gentlemen, if you  don't know, visit our mills and see  for yourselves, and we think that  )'ou will conclude that not less than  seventy-five per cent, of the employes  of  those mills are Japanese and Cla  im-  is  nese.     Or suppose we give  this   problem   a liberal   construction   in   favor  of  l.iie mill man and give  them     the  benefit    ol'all     doubts   by   admitting  lliat   one   half of   the wages   paid   by  the mills for the manufacture or hi "  her  is  paidjp   white men,   which  $1.50 per M,   the balance,  $1.50    going   to  Orientals.     Now,   Gentlemen,  if this bu  true and  we challenge contradiction,     the   astounding   fact     is  produced   that  our  government     has  throttled  and almost killed an  industry  which   pays  $5.50  to   while   men  :(anrl   freely    circulated  amongst us)  in      order     to protect    an   industry  which  pays not  to exceed  $3.00, only  onr-h.ilf   of which   goes   to white   men  anil   the  other  half  io Japs  and   Chi-  HAY, OAT5,  MILL FEEDS  SHIPMENTS DIREQt'fROM VICTORIA,      VANCOUVER    OR     THE  FRASER  RIVER. WRITE US FOR QUOTATIONS.  Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd  i.  M.  ���������f-  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALE5 STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  TV  J  j| PHONE 66  LADYSMITH  ft  A'. Munsib. Secretary. Jous^W. C>uj tv, vfaa  Telephone;46.  The   Ladysmith   Lumber Co [Ltd.  MILLS   AT  FTDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shlngles a Specialty.  ���������Manufacturers     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and   Finishing    Lumber  la    Stock.  "������4  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH   WHICH   IS AMALGAMATED  The Bank of British Columbia  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Capital Paid up    $8,700,00������  1    Rest     3,500,000  Aggregate  resources   excee ding  91,000,000  Man. Geo. A. Cox, President B.   E.   Walker,   General  Manager.  LONDON OFFICE,  CO LO MB ARM ST,  E.  C,  The Hank has 109 Brandies well   g in British Colunibia and the Yukon  and  elsewhere,  including the folio vindistributed  throughout the Dominion  Territory _  | ;  : i  (        ,     ���������������������--���������  \TLIN GREENWOOD NANAIMO VANCOUVER  "       EAST END  ���������".?,������������������'���������    nr()K      KAMl.OOPS NELSON VICTORIA  DAWSON LADYSMITH N. WESTMINSTER       WHITE   HORSE  Branches in the United Statea  NEW YORK       SAN FRANCISCO      PORTLAND      SEATTLE     SKAGWAY  Every description of banking busi ness transacted,   Letters of credit on  any part of the world.  THE BEST OF  rVERYTHING  Esquimau & Nanaimo Railway  Tint* Tabic No. 63,  For those, who travel via  N������rt*lioiiMl  TAKING  EFFalCT WEDNESDAY,  OCT. 6TH.  2  Overlands  Daily  2  Leave    ���������"*��������� -  Sat. Sub. Soutfcfe'd  and  Wed. Y      Arrive  P. M.     P. M.  ......   ������������������������       3'.������9    I'.wt  .. 4.29 ������49  . 5.99 5:M  ., 8:52 4.M  .-6.42 1:15  6i������ i������ 3M  Passengers can  leave Victoria     at  ������ p.m. or 11 p.m., and connect     at  Seattle with th������ Fast Mail, leaving  at 8:05 a.m.,  the Flyer,  leaving   at  1% p.m.  Entire new equipment on each train  Tluough Palace Sleepers, Diners  (meals a la carte), Tourist and First-  CLiss Day Coaches.  For sleeper     reservations, folders,  lates and all information call ������n ������r  address  S. G. YERKES K. J. BURNS  C.W.P.A., 75 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria. B.C.  ESQUIHALT & NANAIHO  RAILWAY CO.  Steamer-loan  Daily, except Sunday, between Nanaimo and Vancouver, leaving Nanaimo at 7 a.m., and Vancouver after  arrival of C.P.R. tram No. 1 er. 1  p.m.  For information  regarding freight  and passenger rates apply to purser  on board  GEORGE>L.  COURTNEY,  Traffic Manager, Victoria, B. C.  BOOTS AND SHOES AT. RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and making to order < a  speciality.  rrtJilAS  MCEVVAN  ' 1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  SeutiriMu.-'d Ner tWieimd  Daily Arrive ' Leave .  _    '   A.M.    P. U,    .  Vit:t������r'a      i:Wl2:t8 Victarig,  Skawaigan Lake .,.  ....      14:26l������:4t. Shaw������igaa Lake  Duaca*s     11:MM:M Duaoaa   Ladywnitlt               u.57  9 1 j Ladysmith    Naaaimn .        ....        i2:4������ t:2������"Naaaiui*     .  Ar. Wellinst������n    j  12:53Lt S:������0 Ar WeUtogUa  ' THROUGH TICK ETS TO CROPTON.  Via Westh������ln. Stag������ leaves daily except Sundays, ccaaectng with" Nerth  aad Soutk beuadltraias. DetiMe Bt*__r# service Wedaesdays kad Saturdays  conecting with noriiag aad altera ��������������������� trains.   Fare frea Victoria, Sia- -  gle $2.4������.    Retur������, tt_.M.^       ;/ ;        - , '      '  THROUOfi TICKETP VICTORIA TO ALBERNI.  Stage leaves Naaaime Tuesdays and Fridays an arrival qf trala frem  Victoria.   Fare frem  Victoria, r sing le S5.2������t    Return SlCSi  Ekcureiea rates iii ^effect to all p oimts, ge^ geiag Saturday and Sunday, retnraiag aet later than Mond day.  1 '���������'--: GEO. L. COURTENAY.  TrafTic Mamagcr.  9  [PATENTS  DESIGNS  TRADE-MARKS  AND COPYRIGHTS  OBTAINED  FREE  ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  Notice in " Inventive Age "  Book "How to obtain Patents"   Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured  .Liettcrs strictly confidential.   Address,       '  E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D.C..  1^1   -**-rti*--*--*--*-*    *   -'    ���������i    a   ���������*   m~^M.. k> A A A-A JS  World  Don't be satisfied to work  along in the same old way  for low wages. We can  help you carve out a successful career. Thousands  have increased their salaries  by following: our plan. We  can train you in spare time,  and ! at small cost, for any  of the following positions:.  Mechanical, Electrical, Steam, Civil, or  Mining Engineer; Electrician; Sorveyer;  Architect^ Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Stenographer; Teacher; Stio"-Card Writer;  Window Drosser; or Ad Writer.  Write TODAY, statin _c -which position Interests yon, to  INTERNATIONAL  ' Correspondence    Schools  Box 799, SCRANTON, PA.  OR C*M> OK OUB U���������tt KJIFBISflTATWHi  h  DAY SCHOOL  Savings Bank Departmpnt  (Continued on Page Three.)  Usual  subjects  taught;  also      languages,   drawing  in   pancil   and  cray-  /  ons, paint ng in oils  and  water-col-  /ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  Deposils of one dollar fCl.OO) and  up wards received and interest allowed at   en in classes or individually,  current     rates.     Depositors are   subjected to no delay in depositing   or J MISS  BERTRAM,  withdrawing funds. /  LADYSMITH BRANCH - W.   A.  CORNWALL,  Manager. J    L&d7^^K B-  0.  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd,  PURCHASERS AN* SMELTERS OP COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  .     ' ' l   "'   ~     i      -',  Smelting Work������ at  LADYSMITH, B C.  Conv������nlcat to B. * N. Ry. or the Sea  I CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  General Maiigir,,  *  THOS. KIDDIE.  Smelter Manager.  *-j^*0i*9m**9f^^M0i*m*U*mS*0!UmUPM  ]   ,    . 91. SILER.   "  GENLfiAL 1XPRESS AND  i)EUy������RY  W������RK PROMPTLY m--"'  Lear* ���������rders tt ti# Abbotafor^.  LAO/SMITH B>iCaRY  ���������N THE K8PLANA������iL  PASTKY OF ALL KIN>S NEATLY  BAKED AN! FR������SH.  ��������� -- - \  . ��������� _ * ���������  BREAD FIVE GENTS PER LfAF  CsifcctioEarj ���������( all ktMbi.   r.  ���������r4������n Ukai for Pviteiw Hhi^  Uvettd at any .tin*. > ���������/'  Pametuia Laaysaitii'Esf laaai*  ���������fleleria  ,e paat' ������* julM' fuallte  seaipra Iresca   Pate.   cla������M    salll  l'liaa. --     , I.,-.,-.'.     s   ;.',..  > Qrdiai ilstribalti qual vmqpm p*rU  del  GEORGE YUEN  Best accoBinieilatieti- for transient  and permanent boarders aad lodgeis.  GRAND    HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and' the ,bar is .up-to-  date. Rates il.Ci a day aad up-  waids.    >    -   -   *>������������������  "WM. BEVER1DGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :���������fr���������: Lad/smith  .er.  EUROPE HOTEL  J. OIAOHER*. Pr*p.  Newly    furnlsbei,    ���������rer.rtl.iag   the  best, flaely stacked bar.      Traasieat  .   .      r- '    -  rate, ���������!.������������ pec iaj.    ������#������thly  rate,  J23.M.  First Avenue . . . Ladysaiith, R. C.  '   Merchant  Tailor  All kinds of clothing cleaned and  ���������v.'   ' \ "        1  repaired. \  REDUCTION IN PRICES AT  J. J. UTMOMAS;   SI ORE  ���������N HIGH STREET.. x  Everybedy ia Ladysmitb knows we  ,carry a flrst class line el goods.  ������������������* we must'- reiuea our stock *r-*  ��������������������������� ���������Mflca,sNaac������ Boy's cloth ���������������������������  *tr* iBS. At eace. 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We are  aware  that the-stock    ar-  round  numbers   1,500,000,000 'feet'of  gument    produced    by the B.C.   mill  timber,  according     to official statis-  men in asking that no competition be  tics.   They have been logging in'the  permitted-against them when they States, of Maine, Micaigan and Wis-  i, want to buy logs is to the effect that cousin' for over fifty years, yet in  M timber cannot go to the mills on ~ 190*1 there was cut into lumber- off  [jPuget Sound that the Puget   Sound   these three states  in round  numbers  mills will come over here to the tim- 4,225,000,000 feet     according to offi-  Iber,  (just as  though'���������oiu; mill    'men. ciaf slatislics.   There, was cut off the  j are serious in wanting American mill-land inthc State of Washington last  "men inhere when they find they can- year, after.fifty years of'logging, 2,-  not compete against them where they  350,01)0,000.    feet,, so that  to    think,  aie.)    Well, iii.the first placed we in-   that  this   province,  possessing   more  quire if the lumber'industiy bas been  timber than the State of 'Washington ! Br������tish Columbia?   These,  gentlemen,  really benefitted  by the change,  now with  only a little fringe of   -timber  art5 not pleasant thor'.hts for us, but  that sufficient  time has  been    given  cut here and there off the Avater fr_ont , we started out to  givs facts,     and  jio  test the working of the  new law.   will' be     exhausted- within a    short, facts  we intend giving though     ihe  i,If so, where arc the new mills? time if free ,export of logs is allow-.heavens fall." What we state is     no  secret, although not publicly discussed, but if we can interest our statesmen and ��������� demonstrate to them    that  logging in'the-three states named, in Jt.bn can be gJUned  by actua, rcsults  than by theories untried and disputed, W3 ask if our Canadian statesmanship has been of the best? If so,  why.are there more Canadians living  in tihe United States than in Canada?  And why has the-little old state, of  New York move people than the  whole Dominion ofCanada?  And coming  nearer home,  we- ask  why are there more peopla in   King  county,  in our neighboring state   of  Washington,  than  there are in-    all  ---Vtwenty years, also renewable. ._���������  J The lessec-s right is co������fined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by, its position on the  lstday of August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge   for j  I  SYNOPSIS      OF    REGULATIONS  FOR  DISPOSAL   OD  MINERALS  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY. j      .   . .,    jeack five miles withm six years from  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased :suca date- Rental, $100 per mile for  On  the contiary, have we not dur- ed,  is really in our opinion too" silly  King'the past'f    -   iv. >n"is   had    our and   foolish   for   serious" controversy.  lAewspapers fuh ���������f a_..... Is.of the   de- This argument of the B.  C. mill men  K>ression    in lumber ciicles and    the of putting an export duty on, oi'for-  Uircalened -closing of some of our  ���������larger mills. Have we not seen  Inany instances of the sheriff and the  government timber - agent dividing  I.]) the assets of once aspiring 'mill  Bncii, and one trying to get the tim-  Bier, royalty due'the Government and  Uie other taking what was left for  phc other creditors.  We refer,   you to     the able    speech  blade  by Mr.  Taylor,  member  of the.  bidding, the export, of tnc timber    of  this province,- which'-is its great natural   wealth,   in order  to  benefit    a  few.niilte  heie,   would   be analogous  (o  the Dominion  Government  prohibiting  the export of .Canadian   wheat,  in order that the" flour mills    might  have n monopoly -of the fanners' proline i  i,;.-. Lhcii.;     own use anil benefit,  regai dless of the ill effect it'    might  have  on the' actual' producer of  nat-  iLcgislalivc    Assembly,     representing  ui'al      wealth.        Or.   to use another'';  fftcvelstoke,  in.-which he  draws    at- -comparison, it would be like the Un- -  jjtention  lo the desperate condition of  itoci- States     prohibiting   the export",  Tj-he lumber    industry;  demonstrating ..of raw cotton toH'ry,to force,__the"cot- I  Ilie  fact" that  prohibition  of  the,ex-'ton mills of Great Britain to* go to  I'lort'of logs, has had an effect'far'   the  States and-manufacture'   cotton]  |j;om  what    was    an'tic'ipated_ by the" fabrics there.'���������*������������������"     ."     ;     ---'  luvocates of_ this measure, which has ,< .The,only effect.that the free    ex-  Ividently    not helped the   -mill .men," P^'t  of  legs'  will have in. this    pro-1  find, has crippled,  if not almost kill- vince     is,.that perhaps'-after.-a:, few  hi ,the logging    industry;     and ~ as  years      ihe   timber   near the"  water  Kbown     hereinafter,   has,; instead  of J������"ont   will  have  becu'logged oft',   and  Slinging capital  into this  ' province,' capital   will   then  come in  with  rail-  lad'a disastrously opposite effect.      , roads  and  expensive  logging     plants  We consider the  theory of trying to as  they are now  doing in our' neigh-  [���������rescrve. the timber of British     Co.-   bor-State'of Washington and the pro-  |iuhia  for    future  use-to  be   foolish  Auction of logs, will  be-more e.vpen-  i.nd   unbusinesslike  Avheu   we  consid- sivt!>    so that logs .will be higher  in  (jr'.ilie vast amount of  timber in this price  and  lumber will advance     cor-  fjroviiice; for it is our opinion   (based- i'espondingly,     more money will"  be  -.ii-solid reasons)   that  there is more Pll(j 1I1 circulation, and as .we are ex-  fcimber . in this      province     than   the  porters ol lumber more wealth    will  nills  here could saw up  ui the    next  he  brought,     nilo -'  "our country,   the  Rive * hundred 'years;    and' for us,     to   benefits -of which  will'i each all' our  bear  tlie burden of   hard times     and   "people  in their- time, "and   even   " the  Pecuniary - diihculties' tryjng," miser   mi"  mcn will,  we believe,- be bencfit-  Tlike,  -to     hoard up   "our   'available cJ in the end by the ensuing era    of  i'calth-for '  future,    generations',   -is  general-prosperity.   ".We  are-'awaie  loolish   on. principle.'   'But   the- c__iies-''.^ial-   anotlier_ method'employed     by  r?ion naturally*.,   arises,.can we'. pre-*'tn*e "li.l-men and their .paid, ..allies, is  'ier've our   J limber  as we "can  hoard   to try and stirjip the old feeling    of  fjther  valuable"' .commodities? ' J We  jealousy *bet\vee;u.Uiis, country___ and  IJnswer no.       /""     . .. " ,.   ,������,lllL Aiiieric.aii cousins'by arguing   in  It. is safe. to.s tale that there -has effect; J thai  "because .the  American  jeen moLc than ten.,   times'.as much mills  want our logs it is a good and  *iniber  destroyed   by fire during "the. sumcien treason -why-good loyal'Bri-  Jiast  thirty  years-in    this    province  lisa Columbians     should not    allow  ifjlian has been" logged'and "sawii up in  them - to buy. " This .seems  to us too  1. he mills,     audit, is computed  that foolish  to discuss as a business   pro-  there was'more timber destroyed by Position.     A   tree in , the woods/is of  [lire in  1001  than      was,logged     and  ao  benefit to anyone,', nor can it     be I  pawn  up by   the  mills  during the pre- USC(I u������til cut down "and turned into]  i'ious ten years, so that our    timber cai-h-     T������ scl1 our lo6s lo the   ,nills ���������  Ijas  proved to   be a   most  perishable  llolc  is a11   K'S'.t so   far as- it,     goes,.  i,ssol. out iu 'loing business and  buying and  It'urlher,   although   timber and   lum- selling  to and   with  each  other   here,,  tipr arc in  deinand  and  valuable now  al  bt>'������c,  as   far as   bringing   wealth J  ���������Kit' quesuon  naturally  arises is,     if  "-j-0 lile ������ouniry is concerned, it     is  -  ���������o this age of progress and invention   a S0od clcal liK'c taking money   from j  life same conditions will continue re- one  Pocket and putting it back   into  ilive  to lumber?     Do  we 'not     sec another.     The .money is surely     in  lie change coming right now?     Are circulation,    but   there  is no     added  fljt iion and steel taking  Ihe    place, ������aill_ J-0 tno wealth of-the community. [  ?t  wood  in the construction of build- Bul when We S(,]1 anything  to a. fo'_>  igs, bridges,     etc.,  Avhere formerly eign country-like  the  United  States'  mbcr was used?   Do we not.see me- aU(1 wc blinS    back their gold     then  .i,l lath  sold herein  our midst, heie.comes     bur    advancement  in   wealth :  bday?     The  cry  of exhausting     the a!1(1  '"aterial  prosperity. j  Another     stock argument   of    our  friends the mill men, when discussing  this matter, Is that' they will refer  to    some     of  the eastern  provinces  wliich in their, vwjsdom prohibited the \  exports of .logs" to foreign countries  and jftllipyseciri to swell with pride  while tlicy dilate   on     the immense  resulting   . Ilicncfits   >and  the    great  growth of those provinces on account  of- these beneficieht enactments. While,  we lack space to show that this ar-  material  natural  prosperity  dcends'  not on holding up the raw mateiial of  ( Continued on Page Four.)  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite.    Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of  ten cents rier 2,000 pounds shall  be collected on the gross output  the first year     and $10  per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer  mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukom Territory���������Creek,     gulch,    river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet     in  Quartz���������Persons  of  eighteen  years  general direction of the creek or gulch  and over and  joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry* for a mining location.  A free n,...<H s .crtificate is granted  one or mo e } ,'ars, not exceeding  for  If.O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING of all  kinds  promptly  attended to.    Shop on Gatacre    st.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  "jipply of timber in this province   in  / few years if the market was open-  y  d, is absurd and ridiculous, when it  i considered that it was open for  ,11 time previous to 1001, and. it is  rjajn  to us  all'that''while-.'the     am?.  J?tint of timber consumed by fire   liaE*  yen imniehse yet the amount actual-  logged  oil is   as  compared   to the  l^iolc inconsiderable. We may.state  sustain our position^ "that ���������'���������British1  tiblumbia contains more timber than  THE  LEDGER  Office  On 1st Avenue  All Work  Reasonable  Done at  Rates  Western Tlade For Western flen  UNION  MADE  SHIRTS  OVERALLS  Etc,  BIGHORN  BRAND  SOLD AT  LEADINQ  STORES IN  LADYSMITH  nEBI5TERET>  These goods are sold wholesale a."'l retail for 25 per cent, less than any imported goods of like quality.  JpIVE THE  BIG  HORN BRAND  A  TRIAL.     THE GOODS ARE MAD E IN VICTORIA AND BY   WHITE  J/LABOR'ONLY.    EVERY GARMENT IS iVVELL, MADE OF GOOD MATERIAL AND IS SOLD AS CHEAp  ft  five years, up,,.i , ayruent in advancc-  $7.50   per annum  for  an individual,  and from $50 to $ii:0 per annum Tor  a conipany.according   to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  name with two lejcal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end on  the one of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen     days if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, one.  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction.   The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At least $100 must be expended  upon the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase tlie land  at $1.00 an acre.'  Permission may be granted by the  Minister, of     the Interior  to   locate  claims containing" Iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area iiot. exceeding 160 acres.  . The    patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment^ of   a  Royalty of 2jV per cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and th������  length, measured on the base line or  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  The discoid er of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the parly consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at l]ie rate  of two and tne-half per cent, on the  value of 'the gold shipped from     the  Yukon Territory to, be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     anil  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the v_ilue of at least'$200.  A certificate that work has been  done must be ivitiineu each year; if  not, the claim _.J.a;I be deemed to be  abandoned, and open to occupation  and entry by a tree miner.  The boundaries ot a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices  in   the  Yukon official Gazette.  Petroleum���������All  "unappropriated  Dominion lands in Manitoba, the North  PITHER & LEISER  Importers and wholesale dealers In WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ETC.     Large stock always���������All     the leading brands.    We'supply the  principal   hotels and Saloon's in  Ladysmith.  ORDERS SOLICITED.  "���������'fl  PITHER & LEISER, VICTORIA, B. C  t  19  Union Brewing  NANAIMO,  B. C.  ft  flanufacturers of the_  'HI  il  i.  In British Columbia  '_-.fl  -   ������/  ***** ***************.  Lager Beer and; Porter Guaranteed Brewed  from the!Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  The Union Brewing Company will pay $i0 reward for information  which will lead to'the arrest andgconviction any.person or persona  destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or failing to return tbe same.  r^lit^^fllf^l^^f^^^vT^v^^Tv^rf^i*?^  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Terri-  .west Territories, and within the Yu-  tory���������Placer mining claims generally >on Territory are open to prosepct-  are 100 square; entry fee, $5, renew-   ing for petroleum, 'and the Minister  able yearly.   On  the North Saskat- (may reserve for an individual or com-  chewan River claims are either bar  (Pany having machinery on the land  or  bench,  the former being 100   feet , to lie prospected, an area of 640 ac-  !ong and extending between high and  res.  low water mark. The latter includes Should the prospector discover oil  bar diggings, but extends back to the in paying quantities, and satisfactor-  base of the hill or bank, but not ex- ily establish such discovery, an area  ceeding l.OoO feet.   Where steam pow- not exceeding 640 acres, including the I  200 feet wide   may  er is used claims  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged  bed or  bars of the rivet  below low  water mark, and subject  to the rights of all peisons who have, '������������  or who may receive, entries for bar  '..  diggings or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  lessee may dregde to high water marks  on each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee  shall  have a dredge  in  operation within one season from the  date qf the lease for each five .niies,  hut where a person . or company- has  obtained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient.- "Rental,  $10    per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2J per  cent.-  collecled on  the output after it   exceeds $10,000.  Diedging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to.a free miner for a term of  oil well-and such other land as may  be determined, will be sold to the discoverer at the rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject to royalty at such rate as may  be specified   by order-in-councii.        r  Department  of the Interior,  Ottawa, February, 1904.  . W. CORY  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made.to'order and Repaired at short notice.     Drill Sharpened ->y us  alwayegives satisfaction. . Picks handled and repaired.  SJiipsmithing  in all its  Branches.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street   -    -    -   -  Ladysmith, b. C  Plans,  Specifications and  Detail*     furnisheM for all kinds  of-work in the CARPENTER  Line  C B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, 2nd ave, Ladysmith,  B.  C.  LADYSMITH WALL PAPER  DEPOT.  Dealers in  WALL     PAPERS, PAINTS,  OILS,  VARNISHES, Plain and Fancy  Glass Pictures, Frames.  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR ' CATTLE FROM EAST OF  THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US.  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LOGGING  INDUSTRY. result of this enactment  was all and  (Continued from page three.) more than was expected. It kept the  this counliy for future generation5*, 'limber on these lands here, but it did  but in giving the citizens at heme an .much more, as the owners of these  opportunely to develop them and lands and their friends were not \cry  thc-reb} add to the wealth of the choice in their language when they  country and scne lo keep our people referred to the much talked of "Bri-  __t home instead of lorcmg them lo Ush Justice" when dispensed by our  .ti to other countues in ssarcJi of em- li. O. Legislature,  ployinent. If wc aid in" only the smal- The result of this unfair legislation  lost (k������rice in helping; to accomplish has been far reaching. Our American  this object our oigani**atioii will not friends did not come o'er here to  iia\c been in vain. 'build mills to saw this timber, No!  A further convinciim- reason m Ia.v- \ They figured that a people, or govcrn-  Pev.   Sand ford   returned   today  the noon  train   to  Nniiaiino.  on  Pearson, Wide World, Everybody's,  Ladies' Home Journal, for March,  at Knight's.  or of an open marl fit  for logs in addition to those already gi\eii is that  not only is the demand for lo<_,s here  -.cry limited on account of there being comparatively few  mills   in this  prownce, but those that fro hoic use  but  a very limited amount  of rough  logs,   particularly rough  cedar.     for  which there is practically no market  here- at all, and unless the American  maket is made available this timber  must be left in the woods to rot or  bum up when  the inevitable firs follows the     longing operations.      The  icason lor this is that the Mountain  mills  lK-in*', much nearer the  than     the Coast mills,  and  having  incut,  that  would sell   them timber  and then practically destroy the value of     their investment might also  confiscate     their mills and that we  were good people to let alone.    The  result  was that the American investor who had possessions here felt sorry for it,  and those who had none,  but were looking for such, went  home and left us severely alone ever  since.  And the American press since  that time has not ceased warning in-  Msstors against putting  their money  into* B.C.   timber lands,  or,  in fact,  any  other  property in this  _.ro\ince  prairies'liable to  be ad\eisely alicclcd       by  'provincial  legislation.   So that' now  sei  run  Red. Book and Leslie's Magazine foi  Mar^h at Knight's.   o   FOOTBALL.  Tlie first of the li. 0. cup tie  matches between Ladysmith and Nanaimo will be-played in tho lattei  town on the 12th insi., instead of  on the 5Hi, at Ladj-smith as was at,  first arranged. The Nanaimo men  weie unable lo anange to come hen-  on  the 5Ui.  The local team has agreed lo meet  the. plajcis of the neighboring town  on their own gi omuls in (he firs I  game and the next (wo matches will  be played at. Ladysmith, the first  on Much liltli. In the meantime  the l.ojs shoiilirbc-.il* in mtnd that it  is ncccssaiy Tot them to keep in  practice.  Nanaimo has at present   the stronj.  est.  learn thai has   fa lien  to its  lot  unce (lie old Thistles held sway     at  that   (own,   and  Kept the     cup     for  four    consecutive    yeais.    The home  Jioys    must,   be   in  the  best   possible  condition   if   they  wish   to   win     the  cup' this   year.    At.   iccent   practices  they    have    made  a very   creditable  .showing,   and-it   they  will   turn  -out  regularly  between   this aud   (lie J2lh  thej- can hope  to be in a position  to  carry   off honors.  ��������� BILLIARDS.  Following aie the entries and handicaps   for   the   Poitland   Ifot.el     billiard   lournnmcnt   for   Ihe   gold   medal presented   by TWi.  Angelo Tate:  1.   J.   Andcison,  (scratch.)  A.   MoKinnon,   receives  50.  R.  V. Thomas receives 30.  Angelo   Tate   receives   f>0.  13.   Ciitchley  receives   -10.  John  Bradsnaw receives  J.   Ford,   (scratch).  '1.   Hob Jones  (scratch).  !}.,.}.  Penkealh owes 30.  o. "-.Dan Sl.cwait recciv.es -30.  G.   R.   (>.- RcilT," (scratch)'.  C.   J. ('aLv-cWcy-i'cejyn-S^Or.  7.   Dan   Daniels,   (scratch).  7.   Frank Bai her receives 30.  1.  2.  2.  3.  3.  4.  in.  NELSON   DF.FKATS   COItlil-.T.  (Continued from Page 1.)  shot a, straight  lelt   to  the chin,   but  lor blow. The cx-ch.impion   was again  Nelson retaliated in. Kind, gi\ in., blow  buffeted  about   the ring,   and   a right  to   tlie jaw   sent   him   to  the ropca.  .Suddenly  Coibett shot two  sliaighl  rights  to  the jaw,  but  Ne'soii no.er  budged      an      inch.    Corbett  rallied  ...gain,   driving  left  and light to face.  '1 hey     worked   to  the centre of tlie  ling,   Corbett   finally   going   to     the  floor  from      a -straight right,   which  caught him on  the jaw. He took the  count,  getting up,   but was so groggy that he could scraccly stand.  Nelson went at him like a tiger, but at  this point, seeing their man was In>���������)���������.���������-  Jessly defeated, the seconds -threw up  the sponge and Corbett was borne i-o  his cornet.   Nelson  was gi\en  the decision.  much lower Ireight rates, can undcr-  thc mills of the Coast on this  i lumber, and consequently, tlie  demand here for rough logs is prac-  n'callv nil, and .we truthfully Ulicve  that if our go*.eminent knew how  iiii.cli rou.'h limber was now being  lefl in the woods for which a gco-l  mark31 can be found m the United  States w'e are confident that a change  wo.ild. he made, and that at once.  Regarding the provisions of the law-  prohibiting the cx_.ort of logs, ������c  wish to say that while it is the pro-  ..ii.iti<n of the export of logs fiom  amis held under sp&ial license and  ,ea cs that al'iects us almost altogeth  ,jr, set we wish io enter a protest  agii.iist the law which imposes a rc-  3u.:cli������c num.     on logs cut oil land  ,oun  gia.itc-d  prior  to  18S7,    said  .uils  being coii.c.secl  free and clear  ui roxaliv of any kind with the right  to export or handle or dispose of tnc  . iiiinir  on tnese lands as the  owner  ut   see   lit     These   lams   became^  ,aL.a!jle and were  bought     and  ,ohi   in  good  Iditli     by  the  picsem  owneis or their .predecessors in title.  But   the  present go\eLnnient  with  a  ,ieu   cstciKMhly  to encourage       the  .jinlding ol saw inillsTlii tins province  passed'a law   placing  a     prohibitory  ,.ia on  the timber on  these lands   in  case it should be exported as logs.  This class of property from be.ng  a'.ah.able asset at once became  saleable, and such it is today.  la\ imposed was piohibilory, so that.  ,i, c.iuently was not for purposes ol  re-sumo that this law was enacted,  ml. to compel the owners lo icep  this timber in British Columbia until  it binned up or until some inillman  here would buy it at his own price-  The indignation ol the owneis and  Dinchaseis in gocil faith oi these  lands can be imagined when they  woke up to rcali/c th.tt their uncsl-  mcnis here had been practically confiscated without consideration, and  that by our government, who should  be the first to condemn such a method of dealing or doing business. The  .mi  .civ  ii lithe  'timber lands of all kinds, valuable lie-  fore the passing of this act oi injustice, cannot be sold; all of* which affects us, and everyone who has propel ty here,  adversely.  Tlie credit and honesty of our "province has  been  impaired;  this measure     was and  is a gigantic mistake  viewed from the standpoint of honesty or political  policy,  and wc want  it remoned and   the error remedied    so  that those Wiho do  business with iTs  and our property here may rely     on  getting a full measure      of "British  fair     1)1.1)',"   which  we  belie-e and  I now     -the masses of our people are  1 rcparcd and ready to give, and that  cn.ietnients such as this  will be taken oli' our statute books and the c\ii  effects undone as speedily as possible.  Wc may also add that we belie, e that  had the authors of this measure fully  understood the great injustice     they  were doing it would ne\er lia\e been  drawn up,   nor  would our good jieo-  I.lc*ha\c permitted  it;  and we know  ihat when our people come to understand      the  facts  they , will  demand  J'rom  their  representatives and  weiii-  bci s  a repeal    of    tins  measure     of  which we feel ashamed.     We want an*  opportunity .to dobusiness here     at  home, and  to operate without let   or  Junilw.nce and  to dispose of our natural iesources in the best market and  at  the best price obtainable,       and  what we want  for ourselves  we ask  for all those who invest with us, regardless of nationality.  Refeiring again to-the Oider-In-  Council prohibiting t.ie export " of  logs, wc may state, as evidence (if  tnc unpopularity of this expei imcntal  legislation, that when aH)o..t a year  ago we had a petition vrepared for  a lepeal of this enactment prohibiting  the export of logs .it was signed and  endorsed not only by all the loggers  but also by all the principal whole-  safe and retail merchants of Vancou-  \er as well as being endorsed by all  ihe labor councils.  Gentlemen,     wc ask  your  support  and-co-operation iu opening the mar-  Another Shipment of  ���������*������  1 hese hats need no in-  t oduction to our customers in Ladysmith.  They Include some ot  the latest styles  and colors in the  Fnglish world of  Fashion.,  DRYSDALE - STEVf NS3N  Lafysmift  09.  s^Kj^aeRtfaararasssiff1/  have stated-and which cannot; be sue  cessfully disputed, and you all Inov  than when the logging industry flout  ished tunes were good, aiid when th  logger was knocked out everybodj  else seemed aliected adversely by lub  misfortunes.     '  'the cry of JJritish Columbia- timber for the.British Columbia mil.ls'is.  the cry of the unprogrcssive citizens.  _M) long as our lands are covered by  (:inter they cannot be used for anything .else.  If the eastern states and provinces  1 ad preserved the timber that ������ic\v  oa them instead of cutting down the  forests and turning' the proceeds into  money,  thus  giving  the  farmer     a  cliancc  to  build his home,' and  produce golden grain the country would  still be a wilderness and its teeming  population elsewhere.  Gentlemen: We have given our side  of the case, we have given the facts  and figures without trying"to appear  1 rcjudiced or unfair. We s.ate what  we consider to be facts and we ap-  I eal to your reason to discern who-.  ther we are right or wrong. 11 the  advocates of a closed market for the  products of our camps can give logical arguments for their position' wc  want to hear them and we want you  io hear them, and if you find that we  are wrong and the evidence is to that  effect, let existing conditions remain,  lint if wc are right^' and you so conclude, we ask your co-operation to  remedy existing evils by giving us  tree access to and--free market lorv  our great timber inheritance with  hcalthfu_l and reasonable   limitations.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   LOGGERS'  ASSOCIATION.*    *   -  (Signed) J-,S. EMERSON,"  ���������      ' President.  W. J   PATTERSON.  , Eec: *"reas.  Potatoes  Somj good Residences For Sale  Call and get particulars.  of the Esquimalt  Manaimo Ry. Co's  Agere  City Property  .101. i N STi~ WA!*T P. O. Box 268  PIRK,   I.IKK  AND  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE.  CONT\ EYANCTNG  .vet for the sale of our product;     we  want   the use pf the nat'ral  piodmts  of this country in the living present-  Wc (:o~ not think  it right that an industry     operated    by    white     labor  should   be crippled  or  destroyed      in  order to ghc.ajob to future genca  lioi'S  of .lap's and  Chinese wl o e e  out a miserable existence en  rice im  ported from  their native cointry and  on   fish  they catch  here themsehes,  their savings being sent home to .):i-  pan or China.  Wc .T-scrt that  for the distribution  NOTARY   PUBLIC.  etcher Bros.   Pealers In .....  Fianos and  con-  We have just received a  signment of  Colorado White Potatoes  which look nice and are tine cook-  ers. ;  Fresh White Cabbage just re.  cei ved.  .' -, ; u *  Ranch Eggs, Cowichan and Salt Spring  Creamery  . Butter always on hand.  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  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PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,     KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information  ask  your  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  151 Yesler Way, Seattle.  THE NEW COMPANY THAT HAVE  BOUGHT OUT E.  ROLSTON'S  STOCK IN TRADB ARE DETERMI   NED TO CLEAN OUT OLD LINES!  at;        -./' -on ���������.���������.; 1 rii,i ir-1 i.isri i i \\\ i ii.j.i -.i.i; .  40 per cent discount  DURING TIUS WEEK  STOCK-TAKING, THEY WILL OFFER  Fifty Gold and Silver Watches.  AND THEIR ENTIRE STOCK OF    SILVER-PLATED   WARE,   FANCY  CHINA, VASES, .ETC. mhm. ,  At Cost  COME QUICK AND SEE THESE SNAPS.       THEY WON'T LAST  LONG AS WE WILL POSITIVELY    CLEAR OUT THESE LINES.  HILBERT  -i������-B--BBB--BB--HnaHBbBMBB  HOTFL  LADYSMITH  RATES���������$1.00 ,   per    day.      Viam&t  Wines,  Liquers 'and  Cigars.  Flrnt  Avenue, Ladysmith, B. O.  ,    D. CI WHITE.  FARMERS'    MEAT   flARMET.  On ist Avenue  Geo. Roberts  PreprietprC  HOTEl. DOMINION  ���������Rates fl.25.ui d $1.BC'-  Ix. ret dub to all ��������� team bout landirgi ar,'J  railway depots.   Electric ctr* srery Ivf  Minutes to all parts of   the eity.   Bail  i and table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  'ABBOTT ST.,   VANCOUVER, B.CC


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