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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Mar 5, 1906

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 5=BW!WWB*  Mi  7��������� ������������������rrr^���������w^SHHBJI  '���������*v .. - PT*1^r^.,r*S'^'*-TW'i*r!*J "  \slative /l  %  -%  ^'cv  The Ladysmith  !������    MAR 6-3906  ������>  '*  y^  **,  Ledger  VOL..2  MONDAY, MARCH 5, 190{l.  PRICE FIVE CENTS'  IEIS NOTES  FROM IHE  WATLBFBONT  The Collier Rcidar arrived  in port  UP!. VOSS  BITORNS  TO VILTtRI  Capt:  J.   C.    Voss, F. R. G.  S.,  IKE SHU  MC INNES  LIBEL SUIT  llcgina,    March    4.���������'Flic    case' in  which  Hon.   Walter  Scott charges   J  CHINESE GAMBLERS'  NEW METHODS  Of ESCAPE  Tlie life of a Chinese gannbier,    es-  ' pecially  the individual   who  pursues  HISTORY  OEM  TYEE MEffE  K.  Mclmips    with criminal  libel  was   the  faseinating   pastime  in   Vancou  continued    all   day   yesterday.     The j ver, is     not the one' always of una  from  -'Frfaco Saturday night and  is who left Victoria on May 21st., uoi  now loading conl  at thc wharf. ��������� witli N.. K.t Luxton.as companion, in  S'- S.  Amur called in ytesterday on ,.        " ,, four_ton sailing yacht, Til-,---   -- , ,.-���������,,    m      ���������    i   ,,-<  lier way north, taking on I. el at thc    ��������� J^ (rom an"lnd*a.. 'court   wa*  crowded    with   spectator,   ....Iterated  bliss.    Tho lennmal   Lit,  ..     ���������   _    ��������� ltum, converwu num.ai , ( .  .   .  ,,     f_..   iV.���������.   ���������_  u,���������'...,!;,.���������  i,���������v������ <������������������������  iinnlp^s.int   manner  SS   Flyer and Scow were in this and   circled    the'  world  in his  tin,  morning for coal for the Mainland. craft, losing a <omrad named Bergen,  S.' S.  Santa' Clara, enroute to the- wj10    succeeded ** Mr.   Luxton   as  lijs  north'from Seattle, has bi-en in port traVelj*���������g    companioii ��������� after . leaving  Howell,    K.  C, and N. F.llago  <luring   the   day.     The  Santa Clara       ��������� '       ^^ to Victoria, Sat  C, of Winnipeg, for  the Crown,  h��������������� ,.������  ...vnr.1  i v. rv lame number of  " ,     _   _, _  _ .���������,.:., m.,..���������c__i���������,.k  wiUi  nrnwne  l  who appreciated 'the fact that on the police have an unpleasant manner of  issue depended the political fortunes | swooping down on the players ��������� at  of the pai'tii-s to the suit. N. . Ml frc.Jiicnt intervals, a*ul things au.  no..,,, ' K. C, ������������������d ������. MW-.  K. _������rtU> %������*>��������������� ������?'^"^  haK on hoard  a very large number of  ^ieTavTZi^^Z^Zztov urdiy   aight:   and    is~a guest at the| tcnt.d therm-elves  with proving publi-  j^/j^erer, regarding which     a  sleighing purposes.-   Dots' of all sorts Queen's  hotel,  of   which  he  was  for-  and'si/es arc ou.tooard, and wliarf ot- merly  proprietor,  coming home from  ficials say such a large shipment lias Fxnafior     where iic   was an evefwit-  ,,ot Ijocii known since the days of lhe ���������    '        recen,t.' revolution  which  Ivlcndde rush.      All the animals are ,v  said    to   be unlives    of  Seattle.     It resulted in   .the local government he-  would not be surprising if some '   o f ing   overthrown.       Leaving his now  the mongrels that hold open air con- famous Tilikuni at Londoi, where  it  certs in the streets of Ladysmith on was exhibited at Earl's Court, Capt.  moonlight nights and, Veep awake the Voss and  a companion  went  to   Ec-  slecpy citizens, are added to ������ie num- qnador   on,    a ' mining venture,  but  her.     They might be of use up north found  a revolution  in progress  and a  and are certainly nothing but a nui- fever  rampant,  making  it  impcs.il.le  sancu here.         ,        - for them to carry out their plans.  MEMBERS LEAVE FOR  DOMINION CAPITAL  The Herald of yesterday says: I   Dealing  with the  work    of ih������  Inanticipation  of  th������     opening   of  Dominion Parliament   ��������� Mr.      Smith  the  Dominion  Parliament  on  Thuts-   said     one     important     measure     iu  day.  March  8th.   Mr.   Sloan,   accom- 'the   interests   of  British       Columbia  peniod  bv   Mrs. Sloun,' left  Nanaimo   would be'-'  the establishment     of   a  ���������._... ������������������   deoart-nient      of     Minos     over wtucn  yesterday   morning   to   bo   present at   aeparimwu. ^   m   Jf       ._     _ (  the     opening  of   the   House. ,    Mr.  leave  tho Hon. Mr. Tompleman  have control iu wonjunction  the      Department   of     Inland  would  with  rev-  its  with  io  Ralph  Smith,      M.P.,      will  Nanaimo on Monday for Victo- eaue It is aiso likely that  lis where he will take part in ih������ tarif_ commission will have  closing meetings of, the Hen. Mr. rel,o.t ready to be dealt  Teinpleuian-8 "campaign and , re- " uut a rather serious .accident  main in Victoria over Tuesday the Hon. Mr. Fielding recently  election  day.      On Tuesday        night   ,nade  it  uncertain        whether it  he will leave Victoiia for Van- wo������id be possible to deal, with  couver where, he will.be , joined ..hat or notvas.il can be scarcely  bv Mrs. Smith who leaves Na- ^taken up in Ahe .^absence of * the  naiino on Tuesday morning. Mr. and Finance Mini*.ter and it may be  Mrs.    Smith   will    leave   Vancouver   that    he  will not   be    able to  for  Ottawa      on     Thursday. attend  for  some time.  Speaking of the election in Vic- j Other matters to be. dealt with  tona Mr Smith said last night of special interest to B. C. weie  that there was no reasonable doubt the n3w fisheries regulations, and  of   Ml.      Teinpleman's     election     by   the  establishment of   life   saving  an overv.he.mm_; majority in fact stations on the West coast o  h.. wouM be not surprised if both Vancouver island. The session. II.  llw Conservative and Socialist Smith thought would be she.  <_u._d.datc..  lost     their   deposits,     so   than was  customary d"rinJ[    ���������������  strong was the opinion that the past few years but it was almoa..  best      interests   of   Victoria and   impossible .  to   forecast     the     quc?-  Col-    tions       that  would,arise    and        it  that 'might    bo   that   the session      might  by'.' co'Btiniio     well      into       the     ���������sum-  ��������� .������������������������������������������ .  . ':    ���������.  .    'mer.  ��������� con-  coii rt.  ed   a plan   whereby   they  can   escape  Tie     following  interesting  article  on Vancou\er Island mining development is contained  in the current   issue of tlie B. C. Mining Exchange:  THE TYEE     MINE.  The     Mount  Sic.U.r ore body was  disco.ered  in  the spring  of  1807.  In  'the. summer of  lfiiKi     a   forest    lire  swept the western slope of the. moun  lain and   this  laid  bare the outcrop  , ol' the lode.    In  the Autumn of 189.7,  cation, and   waite.l for  the defence.    | Vancouver exchange says' J Mt.    Clermont     Li.ingslon   purtliasnl  Ron    T     Mayne    Palv   and 1<\  ll.      Chief of police  North  and  his  raid-   the interest of  Messrs.  Smith      and  Pl.hnen of   Winnipeg,   for the defence   ing squad  descended  on  the  Chinese  | Bu/.zard)     the  original    locators    oi  rnippui oi   umi H   b, earr-ldini.   resort at' 8 Dupont street  .the Tyee)   and  other  inteiests  were  Mr.    Melnnes   in  the box.      He  h      .     7   .     , ,���������_,.   ,.���������,.,���������,.,,.,,.   ..f,^.1,,.,, ^-miv..  PREPARING TO  OPEN PARLIAMENT  Cabinets in Session  Completing Estimates to Lay Before the Government ai Opening  Canada Controls the Garrison and Will  Pay For Cost of Maintenance"  of the Same  at ah-out 't o'clock yesterday afternoon. As a result,ten wearers or the  cue    were     talen  to   the city coop,  1'ft  tra*-*** an ' accoivnt    of  Premier Scott s  alleged  visit to his oflice,  and cross-  ^     ^   examination   failed . to shako his ������vi-     .)er(> lhey we,.R m,]y registered land  dpnie. .-        Mater bailed out by one of their more  'Another witness for tlie defence was   f()rtimal(. countrymen  the  defendant's   son, 'llvomas  Mclu-      The  us||al  ux(.;Un{,   Umc  %V[VS   Cx-  nos,    who   stated    that he had  over-1 pcritMiml  by   1hc  0incers  in gaining  heard    the   conversation    in question mraiice     |:()     tile     place.     Thc man  from   a    vantage    point   outside tho  on  Uie looil0llt saW  ihc 0(ncers coin-  door.        Howell   subjected   the young   illg  in\-nw lo gjso  the alarm     and  man To a vigorous cross-examination, I {lun . tjM?  ,.f)1,c Wliich closed  aim fas-  and  chaj-attcri'/Dil  him  as  a sneaking' 1<V]iml an  ()u. |10aVy (i00rs.  eavesdropper. '     " "' "'  '   ���������"���������������������������������������������-  today.  The court  adjourned  MURDER AS  A PASTIME  The  police attacked the place from  all sides.   Several   went  to  the front  door,   others   to  the  rear,  and    two  men. succeeded  in getting  under   the  building, in order to enter through a  trap door  in   the floor  and   if possible cut off the usval menus of escape  which     the frequenters of the place  generally   used   iu  escaping  when the  .police made a raid.  '' The men under-  Port   Townsend,  March  5.-Charles  ncaWr.had a hard time of it, for they  ,   I   .    .       ,    .     _      T.    ���������    j' found     that the trap floor arrange-  lloward, private oi the One Hundred i        t ,    .  . ���������,. fiil]>   K_���������r,ltt,i   ���������,.  '  ' I ment had  been carefully boarded   up  and  Sixth    Artillery,      stationed  at'',)V tne    wiiy   Celestials and  that     a  lent     Tlaglcr;    is   under arrest here  regular runway had been built of inch  tu'lrmding the arrival of an officer from, boards   leading   from   the   trap  door  is    t    , u<       i i   i  ��������� out      under    thc  buildin-*- adjoining.  Kentucky, wher������ he is wanted in con! , ^ ,  (Tins  was a surprise to the men and  nection   with    the murder of Harvey | during thc Umc ()CClipU.d by thcm in  Jones. " j breaking into this chute they    could  According  to    Howard's  .Utomcnt. hear lhe continuous paUecoI feet     of  b        ���������.    , . ���������,    thei Chinese as they dropped  througii  he and Vernon Singleton were vralk-l^ lrapdoor an(, esca|)C<,    The     p0.  ing    on    the     railroad track   in the   lice  ^(.(.pejud   0'getting aboard off,  neighborhood of    Somcrsct,--Ky������, sCT^'j-j^y-'-Jorvalied' ten men  in -the gamb-  cral .Months agp, and had rf*ck*ion to   ling hof.se who had  not had time to  ^ '        .    ��������� ���������    r    ;    *,.���������   eel out.   In the meantime, the men  pass a   cut     where trains are in the  h1-1- vu t,     t    .���������,,���������,, ... kllhin.  habit of slowing down.     Howard al-  . at the rear door Succeeded in tutting  | away a portion  of   the side  of     the  i ho-use which was  more  susceptible of  Vancouver   as   well as '.British"  umbia   in   general,-',',   demand   :  Mr. ..'Tempieman   be  returned  a   largo majority.  HUNDRED THOUSAND  PERISBIN CYCLONE  South Sea Island Resisted by Storm  Causing Loss of Lives and  Property  leges he and     Singleton agreed if  tramp sho id he ejected fiom a | ,'^^j. than the .heavily barred door,  freight train nearing the cut, the (in(| eilt,ered the 'place. They opened  pair would shoot him just for fun.    ' lhe   fronl   uouri   ami   all   the officers  Jlarvey    Jones was ejected and  the  w(JIlt in  two    commenced     .shooting.  Jones      ,j-.he   j_on  Chinamen  were  handcuffed  together,  was   wounded    and    both   assailants  j [,0<rt.(,her       and   the  usual   pan-filing  fled.      Howard unlisted  in  the army, j paraphernalia  found  in the place was  ���������in tho hope of sinking his  identity.    | -)Untlled  up, and after  takin.- off     3  ! of     the heavy doors to be presented   ������  h0 the court.' as additional evidence,  '��������� '������������������������������������        o.������      p-vnmss wanon was called, and  Mr.  Frank L.  Reynolds was a pas-  an     e^,USR " \ ���������  the men  and stuff taken to   uie .pp  sengc.r--to    Nanaimo on today's no0u   [icc station.  train  Mr. w.    E.    Morrison returned last j  evening after a brief visit to Victoria  AFTER NICKEL PLATE  KILLED IN  NANAIMO MINE  Papeete Tahiti, March, 3., v a San  TVanci sco���������This     most ilostftictivo  cyclone , ever experienced in the  Society, and Tiuiiuotu Islands, occurred on Feb. 7 and 8. Tha i  ���������damage iu Tahiti is estimated at.  ^a million, and presumably same  Amount of property was d*sstr'oy-  ������3cl ou Tuamotu Island, The city  of ���������Pjapcete was unindatcd and  75 buildings destroyed including  American consulate . and French  go ver  natives  others  were . swept away. . Many  climbed cocanut trees am  put  out  to  sea   in small  boats.  'Bridges and roads wore damaged on tho islan-d of Tahiti. Breadfruit, cocanut, banana, and otht-r  trues were blown down in great  nu'inlyeru    which   will' rosult    in iiacu-  Nanaimo, March ���������!.���������-  The   death oi' Henry Tommeri        c  Hedley,     March    2.-U   i.  reported cum-d  in    the hospital J^^  "    ��������� '     ��������� ... ,nor,ung-   and   iJie   body  nou uts  on  good    authority    that  an  offer  of ^      Hubert's   undertaking-    'parlors'  $5,000,000. has    been made and" rcfus- tl<l,li(in���������. burial.    The death   of M:  a m-ait ing burial.  ed for the Nickct Plate mine, at. Hwl\'p0ir.!iiori    rt'sulted       from  injuries  ley. M. K. Rogers, the former man-J received in VrovoeUon mine on,Thurs  age.* and expert or the. Dalv Reduc- day last, a brief account of which  tion     Convpany.    who   developid   and   appeared   inthe  Hernl.  also secured.  In thc   early    spiing of-1899     Mr.  Livingston      formed   a    development   j  Coic-any  in London to   o*:cn   up   the'  Tyee from the  prospect stage. This   ;  preliinriiary  work   was   successful    in '  proving     the ore body to a vertical   '  de|<th of 2i)0 foot.   Additional capital  was then  required to beins the prospect (to a shipping mine and Mr. Liv-'  ingston went to  England in thc winter  of  1899  to  assist  in  the formation   of  a larger company.  This    was  cairied  through,  notwithstanding the  detring    inllunees of   tlie South Afii-  c'aii war.  Mr. E. C. Musgrnvo "Was then plaef  ed in charge of the mine. A three- j  compartment shaft was sunk and the ,  necessary equipment installed and by )  the latter part of 1901 sufficient ore '  was developed to justify the erection of a smelter.  This     necessitated further capital,  and  the Tyee   Copper   Company wns  .increased-   to\ 180,000 shares of ������\  each,  ������50,000 ol which was in actual cash and used for theCv.tio>)   of  the Company's smelter at    .\V*iith  andthe    installation    of     an    aerial  tramway, connecting  the    fine **ith  the Esquimau & Nanaimo   -   dvay.  Shipments     of ore 'o_ iihe snvlt-r  commencoil in September    :i0-"l,   end  ha'"e boen continued ever since. 1 Jo.n  that time unlil  now 13S,230  wis of  ore have passed over the-tram -and  been treated at the Tyee Company's  smelter. , ]  The results obtained  from this ore '  have proved  the Tyee  to be one    of  the  Lest  paying   mines   ever   worked   I  in British Columbia, and good:     reserves of ore are still standing       in  the  upper levels of the mine.     From  1003 thc Tyee passed through      the  usual vicissitudes of other large copper mines.   Below the 300 foot level  a barren zene was encountered     that  extended     downwards   to the   1,000  foot and crosscuts  and   drives  failed  to     disclose the continuation of the  ore body worked so successfully     in  the levels above.    No  one connected  with the mine,   however, belie'.cd  an  ore body of such  strength and uni-  cpue character as   that   of   the Tyee  could   have    petered out at  such     a  shallow depth.   Quite recently a cross  cut to the south of the shaft intersected     about throe feet of mineral-  bearirig roclc.  This  ore  is of  low  grade, ��������� but con:  taining  as it does the  same  paiigue  and characteristics of     the. ore body  in  the upper  levels,  it   augurs    well'.  for the.developments of greater depth ,  which'Will shortly be commenced.  The     position  of this  mineralised  rock recently encountered  is near the  boundary of the  "Herbert," which is  Otttwa,    March   5,   (Special)���������The , tawa says that   preparations are be-. ,'  r& uiinalt  Gairisen  passed  from   thc   *ng  made for  tin*  opening session  o������  Imperial  to the  Canadian authorities   Dominion   Parliament.      The Cabinet n' ,  on  May   1st.     The Canadian government now  defrajs all expenses of the  Garrison.  has been in se sion completing 'the estimates to  be laid before the govern-  ��������������� I ment"'   The session will probably,  be.  A  special  to The Ledger  from Ot-. of six months' duration.  MAYOR NICHOLSON IN-  0 TER VIEWS HON. GREEN  Commission of Lands ^nd Works will  Visit Ladysmith and Inspect Pr -  posed Route  for Wharf Road  -  Mayor Nicholson returned from Victoria, where he had been on business,  on Saturday night. While at' the  capital the mayor had an interview  with Hon. R. F. Green, commissioner of Lands and Works, during which  the Wharf road question was discussed. Mayo- Nicholson pointed' out  to the Commissioner the necessity of  having a road leading to the wharf,  either a subway or a level crossing,  constructed without delay- - Mr.  Green said he would come up to La?  dysmith as ,soon as this session is'ov  cr  and  look over theland, ^p'tamising'.  after his     investigation to take steps,  to   procure    a,   right-of-way for the' *  public.     He    will  also look over the-,  routes    being    surveyed for a -wagon,  road.       As    the housij will break up ,  in a" fevr    days,  and   Mr. Green has  promised to come'up as soon,as fre;-,  it should be only a short t'me before,  an   approach    to tfhe   wharf is not a'  mere    proposition.       <  "Everything  comes    tocthose"  who wait.'," and it'  must be admitted that Lady smith has  waited long   and    very    patiently for-  -her.- deserts.-- .������-.** -.--"-'    '   *'   "'*'/r  ABDUCTED CHILDREN TO  BE EXTRADITED IN IUNE  A Vancouver despatch says: Mr.  F. ���������). Tytler0 C. E., of Victoria,  whose two children were stolen from  him at Ksquimalt s-oine months ago,  is in the city, Tytler states that  the childien are now in Wyoming, <.  but as ho has set the machinery of  tho , extradition laws in motion, he  /expects .that, in spite of the proverbial slowness of the courts . ho will  have his son ami daughter-back with  him early- in next June... Mr. Tytler  was living ia a cottage on the Es-  '..tinialt read with his wife and two  c-liik:tin, when Mrs. Tytler very suddenly went, insane and was r.emovud  to an 'eastern institution. Recovering very unexpectedly she returned to  Victoria,,    but    was no sooner taken  back- again   than   slie again lost her  reason and   Avas again tal en to  tha  cast.     Again sl.e recovered, and with  a brother again returned"to Victo. ia;  where the  tAvo childien  were, in  His  care of the father .     As the result of  a carefully    arranged  plan, .the children. wcr,e one afternoon inveigled on  fcoard       a     gasoline     launch,       and  ���������being   refused    clearance    were   after- ^  ward taV.en off 'the launch and put on i  board .'tlw    Piincess Beatrice, Avhi.ce {  persons    on board the   steamer,  it is]  alleged,    connived    Auth Mrs. Tytler j.  and Iver   brother to   conceal the thil- \  d.en from  their father,  A\ho came to J  the  boat enquiring for  them.      Aflorj.  considerable   delay  they  were local������d|  ia Wyoming.  one of  the  numerous  mineral   claims  wiinu .'belonging  to  the Tyoe Company, and  on     TYida'v ' a-s -t-hc company own in an un.h-roUm  |  As     nearly   as  can  be  1 line the entire ground batween   this  ���������,. ,   , ���������,  ,     morning,  proved the -worth of the Nickel 1 late -^^     ,l(J u.as  ttlkil,b, a  ,    loaded  is at the head>r the syndicate male- l  q( ^ ���������,   .,i0   level  ing  the    proposition.       Mr.   Kodgeis ������ him    ,��������� a  is now  in  New York  ;u.d  will  shoit- and   u  ������'' ft������ wftf|      1)iully  ly    return    to  Iledlcv     to  look   ai'ic nar������-ow   p.acc   ami   1  his    interests,    among    whi.h  is   the s^.-U      ;  ^ -   ^  land   acuvuired from   the   Indians     *f������r rib.    .At  th,  ......  o. ^    ^    ^^  ,t,is   not     improbable that   .Mr.   Uud-  have   bee.   .ncro  ^n.M.s     that  gers    may,  if    the   Nickel  Plate deal   first appcaml.  falls,    organ ixo    a     powerful     mining      Deceased     was  Th.Tj   are   other  Nack.l    land  twenty  t.hrc.  l������oint and Cliemainus river, it seems  that they are owners of many thousands of feet on  the run   of the lode.  If mining at threat depths on the  Tyee Company's property produce results as it is now warranted to expect that it will, the benefits to Vancouver  Island   and  the adjacent coast  ly effect coiumer** diiiinK the next  three years. Tho French gun boa*.  Zceleh  has   gone   to     the     Tuamotu  lean      consulate     and      t'renen   ^������������u  u������  b������-~   - ftiu,   company.        TIi.t3  , -,    -,v Th,. sh'.o-   Islands   with   supplies      ot   food   ami  ���������nment  building.      The sn.p   _ ^ Tho   British       Consul   J latcs-     '"������    "u  o������e    is more  fuUy  piivg     inthe     hai-bor      of   Papeete ' ^J^   T ^"^ver^^aware of the fact tl������an Mr. Itodfi^.  escaped      injury,      owing     to      the  direction of the wi.ul, but tears  are      entertained .far.        vessels  cruising near Tumutu ' Islands,  If ia feared that there {'has been  beavy  loss  of   life   .      In   the la-  goonR of Tuamotu Island the  iK-hooner   Papeete   was submerg.vl  for. an hour near Anea, Tuani  otu. Hor captain Phillip Michnclli  estimated the waves were 85 fev;t  ���������high,'    and  for  aid,  for   500  British  subjects  -���������Some     Americans     have  sustained  heavy losses  and   proljjaA'ly there Will  be .instances      ol"   destitution.       The  Americans  are    hopeful   of   securing   I  aid   from  the     United ��������� States.      Tho]  cyclone  reached   a  velocity    of  miles  an  hour.     It     struck  the    Islands  about  midnight      on     February     7,    and    continued  until      four  Up  to   now  thc current belief has  .ecu  that ore bodies in this country  i   native nf,   Fin-   do not go dawn,  but once  prove  this  yuars      of      age, I theory  to be wri.ii;>; and   it will  lie  a  and  has  in  N'atiain.o a   brother   Mr. ! great   incentive  to the  influx  ol'eapi-  Ohas.    Tommeri  and    an aunt    Mrs   tal from   London and the other great  Oustison.      His  mother      is   a   money centres of the world.  o   c.  widow   and  resides  in  Finland.  LOST j    tiu,   runt-rul    .will   take     place    on    Monday al'.ernoon     at    .'!:������0    o'clock  'from       inihort's underlal-intr pavlor:*  On  Saturday,  a     gold  nihlied foim- The    morning  shift     i"   the        mine    -^ [)]acC(1   aU   exlra  nUllvl]Cr   0f   dec  pauys' office   will be   suitably   re-.wn,     sl(���������, WOrk      at  two     ������'ckK'*i ) tric  lis;htSi  So as to  make  it  better  ���������1'-1    warded. ,,,   .^low   the    miners        to     attend    ^    tlu; iii<>"ht   drills  cf   the National  shift ^  In Van Ness avenue, S.n* * /��������� '���������*-'���������'������  a long avenue 125 feet wide, asphalted and  without car tracks,   thecity  Tli'j  to    the  homes,   many   of  then,   saving-    small  o'clock on  the next afternoon.     The j ion  of tUcjl.  0elOng'ings.  t      was   impossible   to  Isian<i    of  Anaa,     Tuamotu     group,! . ,  an,    .,���������.,,  ,.,-���������,  .,.       mcrcnants  and  ciciks   weni.  see  twenty feet -away   at      3.    p.m.,    i3  ^jieve(i   to   have been   the   centre  and   the Jailors  bad  to  be        lashed ' o������  tbe, storin.      At.   Papeete     about   stores   and   warehouses     only  to dn,-  to tho  vessel.     M. Marcndi,      French j 7 p,,M.,     Fob.     7th. the  sea     began   covqr   it   was   impossible      to       save  resident     ut   '   Faharin,  Tamotu Is- , to. break  heavily,   the  reef  waves   in   goods     0n   tho   lower  floors,  land,      abandoned    the    place    in  a t the- harbor   washing over ll e     quay.   JioUr  lntcr     ^jgi,    aeas  broke,    com-  'xmall  cutter    after    the      falling   of   Theixj was  no porcipitiblb wind.    To-, ylete]y    ,dt.raolisiuing    th������        govern-  1      stop  work  to, allow   the    miners  the   funeral.       The     afternoon  will    go   to work  usual.  ������������������ ���������o  CITY COUNCIL  BUSINESS  As far as is. known at present there  will  not be a great deal of  business  transacted   at  the  city  council meeting this evening.    The Curfew Byla.w  is   to     be    a'llirmed, ' thc \Vcllingiton  hose  question, will  probably be' settled,  and  the street committee   has  one or two reports to bn'ng in.  ���������   The interior ���������f the council chamiher  badly needs  thc  attention of  a painter and  furnisher.   The hall has been  in   use for   over  a year,   and  is     not  yet   furnished.  This, of course,  is on  account  of   shortage of funds, but it,  would need a small expenditure      to  provide desks for the  mayor and aldermen  instead   of a <>cal table.     It  is anything but-.convenient, this shortage   of furniture,   and   a very   small  outlay would make the. council cham-  , ber  a lit.tie  more  comfortable.  CARIBOU ON       j  GRAHAM ISLAND!  Victoria, Mar. 5.-H. M. S. Shear-j'  water is returning fromlher cruise to  the     Queen,   Charlotte' group.      She],  reached    Ooa.ox a'few days ago, and/  with her'coming    an interesting  fad J  is learned    with regard,  to  the pre*--  ence of Caribou    on the Quuu Charlotte' Islands. " A.  Z. H.,  writing to  the Colonist, says:      "It is now cc-  tain  that ca>iiou     exist  on Graham^  Island.   Tho      Shearwater   recently |  spent five days in Naden harbor, ani^  undoubted   caribou  trad-s. were  founc||  about  an hours'  march  to  the  wei'W  ward.       A  lot oi    open country, Wa>$  discovered   to the    northwest, full o|  signs of jbo,th young and old. and *tho|  ugh   no  animals    were  actually se.n|  nT shed    antler was   picled up.      I*t|  seem-*  to be generally  understood  bj|  the natives that the caribou are on|  lv  fo-:nd on  the northwest corner.d|  Graham    Island,   and this  Would   acfc  j count for their being unknown to \W  settlers." -      ' I?  at      '.'���������    o'clock  as  ^ I guard.  CROKTON ."SMRLTKU  the  government   buildings,    a^id   the   war(j  ten  o'clock  people   :i>*ii;;  .dwelling  houses  and     the  cathedral    the   water  front   abandoned  thfir ji^ent  slip   and  building*.  In   the  Uganda .protectorate  thero    ' are      the largest    lake,  the  largest  After a run   of sixty days the fur- swamp  and the largest 'forest  in- Af.  nace    oM'lu-    Crofum    Smelter   was   rica;   also   the   largest  extinct  volca-  ' "   blown out Saturday  U> clean out the' ni inthe world  and the highest  Af-  ���������lKiiler anh  for  general  repairs,      bdt ( rican mountain,  with  100 square mil-  will   start   up   again on Tuesday or es of ice and  snow,  right under the  Wednesday: equator.  be-  V.v. \V.    E.  Kumming  of Nanaimo,  was in tho city this morning, returning home, on the noon train.  t o���������   i\fr. Geo. Kiddie, of Crofton, ar-  I rived from that plao3 on the noon  | train on a visit to Mr. W. W. Wal-  kein, of this city.  TENDERS. [;���������  TENDERS are hereby ��������� caflled ��������� for t{:  itfe directed to and sent fn to tlie un?  dersigned before March loth for tb|  removal of a barn from -the alleywa^,  to the front part of the same lot; t|  put on a good, substantial. foiuxnd^  tion. .The lowest or anyi.tender no|"  necessarily accepted. For particular^  of removal and foundation, see,  D.. JOHNSON.  ".'% V  DAILY LEDGER  .UIO Mil  *  I I*11 ' ',l  THE DAILY LEDGER  hablished   every day except Sanday.  BX       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������0 cents a  month;    (5 per  year   in  advance.    Advertising rates on application.  MONDAY, MARCH n,  100-0.  Thieves are again operating- a-  mong- the Islands of the gulf.Men  ���������day  night,   they   killed  a   cow of  Mr. Warwick, North Galiano, dressed it on the beach, leaving thc feet  and head, and taking tho beef a-  way. They aiso look a salmon  ct, herring- seine s\ul troll of  500 hooks fronv John Cook. No  trace of the thieves has been  found.      A   strange    white sloop , "^  has Vieon around   and lclt      Tuesday  * >.  sailing   toward.--.   Slcvoslon.  Alilltlfff. ������fl*It^I������f..lff**,ff������4  ~ DAVf &> SPENCER     ^ f  anaimo) Ltd  Always Leading!  Every day adds to our already large collection of beautiful I  new goods. Our styles come direct from the sources of fashion, and thoughts of Spring seem to be fairly woven into the  new fabrics. It is a groat pleasure to present to .'the public  such an exceptionally choice selection of Spring Merchandise,  where quality, style ��������� and price are s0 evenly:, blended, that it  makes buying a pleasure. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR  CONFINED STYLES. TIlEY  COST NO MORE.  WM. MUNSIE, President  J.  W.  T������ku'boni? .',')(���������>.  COBTJRN.  n.r-..,.tl0r  The   Ladysmith'  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADYSMITH���������Shingles  a   Specialtr  ���������Manufacturer!"     <"*f������������������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumlwr. Laths.  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Bes.i Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln   Dried   Flooring    and   Finishlnr     Lumber   tu    Stock  cTWO  ���������'V  TALKS  /-  The schedules of thc National and  'American Leagueti this ycai: show  twenty-live conflicting- dates. Chicago1 loads with nine. Now- York  has six, St. Louis four, and Philadelphia  and   Boston   three   each.  A PAbSR KErORT.  Washington, March, J.���������It was said;  at   thc   White  irou.se   today that  the president had not extended an  invitation to .John Mitchell and  Francis L. Bobbins, to come to  Washington and consider with him  regarding-  the  coal   situation.  DISASTROUS  FIRE.  'Buffalo, Maich. 2.���������The Wheeler el  evator on Buffalo River near ' the  corner of Michigan and Gannon  streets "were . **������������������ destroyed by ll;*e'  tonight." The 'loss on the building  and its contents -��������������� is estimated at  $L75,000. A favorable1 wind prevented what might have boon  'a   more   disastrous  fire.  TAILOR-MADE CLOTHING  To  be,the interesting  feature  for  to-morrow's showing.    They  ~3mm   are good because they are the  celebrated. Northway Garments.  Ladies' Tailor Made Suits'made of Light ' Gray Homespun'  Tweed (the latest material) Eton Coat, Pleated Fr0nt, Back  and Sleeves, Skirt, lias side pleats,  trimiv.od with  Crochet But-  *---w   tons and  Tabs���������a Nobby    style ami- "!  Northway',' mea')s per-  ^jp    feet lit. ��������� ���������'  The Suit..'..."..:. $22.50  v Ladies'  Tailor  Made Suits    th.:    "Celebrated     Northway   Garments similarslyle to   "���������    1 lie   above,  but    made >>f a fine pure  wool.-Venetian' Ci'otli  in, Navy "or Gr.cn.  The Suit ....���������.........:......,.:. $25.00  Griswold, ' Man.,   March" 5.��������� The , is just what every family should do.  AS L9VD TO US AS AN \ ONE.  IF YO������ ARE PAYING CASH FORYOUR MEAT YOUR DOLLARS W  ILL G������ FWRTHER IK YOU BUY FROM US  -Our Gash Prices  PAN NELL  FLASKET  murderer . of Waiiibiitisi'a', the Indian  shot here yesterday, has ������������������been'caught  at his mothi?r's place.n<-*ar Pipestone.  He had shot'., himself, but it is not  Known whether he will  succut������b.  The ''-murder,'of Wambidirka was a  most* cord-blooded affair. .-:���������-.,-Wall y  Bear,    till*  When kc])t at hand ready for instant  use, a cold may be checked at the  outset and cured in much less time  than after it has become settled in  the,   system. This remedy  is  also  without a peer for croup in children,  and will prevent thc attack, when giv  en    as- soon     as  the child  becomes  .hoarse,    or     even   after     the croupv  murderer,' came up from I        . ... ,     .  ' ' ; foiiKh appears,  which ear. be done on-  Sl'OKTI.VU   NOTES.  "Parson"    Davies      has   had fighters and    show  troupes  for meal tickets   "and   now   he   is   going     to    sc-o  . .what  he  can     do   with   the      champion  New  Orleans baseball  team.  Manager Hilly Murray, ol' Jersey  City says that Walter (Jlarkson will  surety make good with the Highlanders   this  season.  Selby Henderson, of Winnipeg, is  likely to be the only American to  compete ior tho diamond sculls at,  Henley this year. He is a member  of   the  Argonauts  of   Toronto.  The national baseball commission  refused to reinstate Ritchie, Itcs-  ling ami Owens the Brooklyn players who jumped last year on tl>c  TrL'State League.  The Atlanta team of tho Southern  League has signed ten pitchers for  next season.  Battling Nelson wants to retire  like .Jim Joftries, an unbeaten champion.      What   fighter   doesn't.  Fight   fans    are   afraid      that    the  '���������proposed       bout    between     Tommy  Ryan and   .lack     O'Uricn     may   end  in   one  of  those fiascos  which  leaves  a  bad   taste   in   the   mouth.  Jimmy Gardner, the Lowell boxer,  says that he always goes into*tho  ring with thc sole intention of getting the decision and ' doing sn  little  damage  as  possible.  Oaco more  thero will   be     "doings"  at   thc  old  Manhattan   bicycle   track  This  lime     it   i.s     lo     be        Sunday  ball  games   under   the   management  of  William   Brady.  Pipestone with the intention,of .shoot  ly u���������hcn lh(J remC(ly is kept at hand  ing Indian Agent Yeomans and three | pol- sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy  Indians  named   Mazakaga;   Marpiyas'  STEAM   HEATED  WHUh   FfRNlSHKD ROOMS  B^R SUVrUED WITH    11 :  WINES, I.IQ'JORS, CirJ4R1;  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  LADYSMITH, B. <.  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  .Rooms  PORTLKND HOTEL  DAVID IIYNHS. Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This Hotel has   been, completely    Board and lodging, $1.00 per day.  [j i        renovated. ���������  I  ka and W'ambidisca. He found on  arrival that. Yeomans- was iu Brandon. He called at the house of  Warn bid is lea,/ who1 was"...'also' away  from home.     He then  left the house,  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; alio language-9, drawing in pencil and crayons,  paint ng in oils aad  water col-  saying he would return in   the morn-| orSi planoforte and vocal }miloaa giT.  ing.     He    came back in the morning   en in ciaise��������� or individually^  and met Wambidiska near the stable.  Almost instantly -,lie.;rraised his iillo  and shot, the unfortunate man in t!������  stomach. As Wambidiska, turned to  run <away he fell ��������� on .'bis face, when  the murderer tired three ; more shots  into his body.  A FAVORITE  REMEDY FOR BAi  "���������:���������'       :';'V.-::BIES.':.'.A--;'V;  It's 'pleasant'' taste and prompt  cures have made Cham' it.rIain's Cough  Remedy a favorite with the mothers  of small children. " It -lUickly cures  their coughs and colds and prevents  any danger of pneumonia or other  serious consequences. It* not only  cures croup, but when .given as soon  as the croupy cough appears will pre  vent  the attack. For sale by La  dysmith Pharmacy.  1  1AY, GRAIN and  FARM PRO-Wi  Hy.  MISS BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B. C.  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  WATSONS  A business man's rainy day  or Waterproof Hoof without an  equal. Ask to see them at  your dealers.  I 169. Men's Tan  Chippewan  Veal  Kip  Waterproof Boots  Hand made and brass, rivetted,  huvc single sole and slip, celluloid eyelets and hooks. This  Boot will give you satisfaction '  MANUFACTURED   SY  J. LECKIE Co. Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B, C.  ���������Orders will be delivered anywhe.*.*  n the city promptly and at the lo ���������������������������  ;st possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, o������ ���������!*.*  Seplanadi.  James Wsrn&ctr  NOTICE  From      this  datt  the   undersigned  will   not  be  responsible  for   any  in  debtcdn&ss      incurred ticept on       ������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland   Machin.  V.   I. EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO.,  LTD.  .Von Personal Liability.  Victoria. B.  0..  M*v   18th.  190)1.  Dr. R.  Surgeon Dentist  ���������VU work guaranteed, and *.t reason  able rate*.  RESEDEN6E  ANB  OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT  ALL HOURS.  HOTEL-    PRETORIA  JOHN T^A, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  the  Hest,   Wines, 1st Avenue :-  Liquors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  Best   accommodation   for   transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers..  ORAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-to-  date. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE. Prop.  *^f]aaa<i>* **���������- :���������' '���������'��������� '���������*-'' 'AilTsmUk  HOTEL  DOMINION  ��������� Katie 'fl.US and$l.B0���������  Free bin to al! Kfeambri-vt  landinpB it"i  r������ilway dppots.     Electric eara every ti������  uiirnitefi   lojdl parts ol   the  city,  and table.unexcelled.  Esqulmalt   & Nanaimo iailway  Time Table No. 57  Traii.o  ieave  Laayaniitk for  Victeria and  all   intermediate stations    at  l).1������ a.m.  daily,   aai at IM  p.m. oa   Wednesdays,     Sai.-iniays   and   Sundays.  Trains leave Ladysaiita for Wellington and all intermediate stations  at 11.57 a.m. daiky, a*������. at S.flO p.m. oa \Ved114 -lays," Saturdays and  Sundays.  Excursion Tickets    m ^  -      ���������- ON SALE TO  AND   FROM ALL STATIONS  goad far  g������ing  jauraef  Saturdays  aud Sundays,   return.iiK not later than  Ui* tollawinj' Makdaf.   Steamer Joan������������������  I TT I "T-n-r 1     |, ||,, ,  Sails  Iran  Ladyamitih for  Vaaco uver every Saturday at COO a.m>. and  returaiac sails fra* VaacaurM*    Ui    Ladysmith  at 2.30 p.m.  Car. Fart aad,   dav-eraMeat Streets.,  GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Dist.   Frt. & Pass. Agt.  K-  THC OOMfOMTAaiX WAV.  T������ FERN IE,    B. C.  Read BOwu   ' Read Up  9 p.m. I,v. Victoria Arr. 4.00 p. ia.  8.0a p. m. Lt. Keattl* Arr. 9.00 a.m.  9.21 p. m, Arr. Everett Arr. 7.3* *���������������"'  9.3a a. in. Arr. SPbKANK Arr 7-45 P-1"  6.25 p.m Arr. 'R������kfor4   Arr it 30 p. 111.  8.10 p. m, Ar. Kike 'Arr. 10.4a a. m.  9.00 p.m.   Arr.   Teraie   l.v.9.55 a   ia.  ONE NIGHT  To all Kaateaay Paiata  TWO ;NIGHTS  To    Wianipeg and St. Paul  Close Caaaectiais  For    Chicaj"*. Toronto.  If aitrcai' and  All Points East & West  Acetyleae   'Lighted     Cars,  Fawny Taurist Sleepers.  Palace Sleeping Cars  Biniag    Cars (Meals a   la  Carte).  Library Observation     Cars  Througk ���������   tickets agd hag-  gage cfcacts to ait points.  Steamship Tickets  / Far tickets, maps, bertha  reservations     and complete,  information     call on or address.  S. <���������. Yarkos E. R. Stephen  A.G.R.A. G.A.G.N. Ry  Seattle .. Victoria. B.C.  ���������THE JONES HOTEL   WHIT IS   COOK-  anil  ���������WHITE   I* A BOll-  ' .Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GAJTAORE   STREET-  Leads Them  in:qual[ty  -:o:-  R. P. R1THET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :-:   -    -: :-B.C  F. P.AYNFS, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  Under New JYlanajjment  Hotel Wilson  ��������� Nanaiiiip, B. C.  Jas, R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens' headunarters.  .  Modern   and-    Strictly First Claas.  Fire Proof    Buildim.?.'  WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, special representative'(wan or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary      $20 00     and  expenses  paid  1  weekly.        Expense   money   advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment .required. Previous experience not essential to engaging.  Address Manager, 132  Lake Street,  Chicago,   HI., U.S.A.     ���������  DUNDEE-.  ALWAYS       KEEPS  LAIN'S   REMEDY   IN  CHAM BERTHS  HOUSE  "We would not lie without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is tapt  on hand continually in our home,"  says W. W.: Kearney, editor of the In  dependent,    Lowry  City,   ilo.      That  1 Scotlands Best..  1 tin m a  Sole Agents for JB. C.  THe CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B C.  KX  M. J. HENRY'S  NURSERIES,   GREENHOUSES AND SEtD  "��������� HOUSES  S0I0 Westminster7 Road,  VANCOUVER,  Headq\iartTs ior���������r-  PACIFIC OROWN Uardca, deld  land H������werSEEDS  ior >iistributioB. ,.    ;  Large 1 stock   ot Home  Grown FRUIT and ������R-  NAMBNTAL     TREES  ���������iC. Bow matured for Spriag.  Ne exBense, loss or  delay of fumigation or in-  spectioa.  Let me price jour list  before placing your   order. Greenhouse Plants,  Floral Parage*, Fertilizers, etc.  3919 Wesbmiaetor Read.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ET. OFFICE  Cor, Government and Kates Sts.  VICTORIA, B. G.  -Transcontinentr.l���������  ������������������-Trains Daily���������  ONE    IS    THE      "NORTH  ,   COAST  LIMITED."  ���������Tlie electric  lighted train to  the East. , . <.  Tickets on sale to all Eastern ami Southern points at  LOWEST Rates. Up-to-date  Pullman and Tourist Sleepers  on all trains. Dining Car  service Unsurpassed.  ��������� Steamship Tickets on sale to  and from all  European Points.  Cabin accommodation reserved by wire.  For further particulars call  or    write     the  office.   'Phone ���������  Main 456.  A.    D.     Charlton,   A.G.R.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  E.   E.      Blackwood,  general  agent,  Victoria, B. C. ���������  ;UfiT������ZS39������aKKBE  Are You  Going- East  Then be sure your tickets read    ������la  tha  PAINTING,        PAPEkHANOINa  ETC.  Work dene properly and at ripM  prices. A full Hat of Wall Paper,  and Painter's Suaplias Resideace en  Roberta Street   '���������;  J.  B. SMTTH  J>rr..  -I-'H"*"t"i"4-i'*'l"i"t'l"t"I"t**i"i"t-I--I-'I"S-,J"^ 'Ir"l"l--i"l  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd  1  UEN  I PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF C03JPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  i-ld-l"l"i"{^I"t"i*4"l-l"t-i"l*t "i"t-*r  *  ���������v-  >*  ���������5-  >i-  ti.  K-  aj^.jf^f.if.^H-Jl-'Vi'^'^'Ji-f-^A-i" :��������� I--!- -I--."-!"!- ���������' f^-T-T'-T ���������^-I"f"ff'l"l"!"I"I'rI"I"I"T"I-'T-f ���������f-f^^  ���������        ,. ,     - -' ��������� ���������'   *- ��������� . 1 ^..imMzors���������    . m>^���������>���������������^>Er=z*  Smelting Works at  IvA.DYSM.IXH,  C.  ^  HEAD 0FFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouverlsland, 8, G.  CLERMONT LIVIN6ST0N  Bensrai Manager,  If you like   A  smooth, easy shave, aa ivm,  well-finisfied     beard trim, a good  bath, or a stylish Hair-cut.  Vou will go to ,  LADYSMITH SHAVING  PARI0RS  HIGH ST11EET..  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  ana MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THJ  FINEST TRAINS,' THE   LOWEST '  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.      .  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS;   ST.   PAUL,   CM*  CAGO,    OMAHA,   .KANSAS dflTY,  and ALL POINTS EAST. ,  For complete information ask your  local agent or write,  P. W. PARKER.  General   k geM*.'.  '���������JO 2nd Ave.. Seattle.  J  2C.  ^m &JZKB &*****&'**% ������1������������0   *=&&*  ttz&jii*      wtSMWm     Ksxfcn   trnXisa  %������?&.}  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEB A CO.  ���������N THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL. KINDS NBATLY  BAKED  ANB FRESH.  Coafectionary of all kiadi.  Orders takes for Paetriea to be delivered at any tine.  Baavloyaaent Ageaey.  .Oea ers in . ...  Pianos and  Organs..  Merchant Tailor  Ladysmith ^        W  B.C.  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street.  Open night and Day* A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  CUBAN G1GAR FACTORY  Mannftcttirerg of thi Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOH  1  JNone bu  ������������iou Labor   Employed,  fl. J, BOOTH, Prop  Ladysitiith, B.C  Dr. Dier c:a������ bt fomd at any t1trir>  at Ms ���������fict on #ataece ������4. .His &c^.  tal work is gv-*ranta������i to ������e *i������st.  class and rates reasonable atL  H1LBERT THE| IDAILYgtEDGER  ^.^I^M^.I.������.I.^.I.4.^4.^.4^^:^^a^U4^X"I-������-I-������-I--������'I-������'I-������-I'������������T-  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  LIFE OV GIRLS TVIAS-  QIJERAUING AS MEN-  The death ot Kate Maker *t. Siter  idan.  Mont.,      wh������   lor more than  ai  Quarter of a   century masquerado* a������  a. freighter, cowboy,  gold * seeker and  i-tage dnvej,      jud the arrest ������** *^4ss'x'neteeii  NINETEEN DEATHS  AT MERIDIAN  Meridian,  i Josie Williams ol Denver by  u posse  Miss,  persons  ate  flanufacturers of the  ���������fr j'lin  4. '��������� nai  ���������*���������  I  'haver-con     killed   as u.   result  I Tornado     -which1   swept- ovei  in s;*arch  of  horse thieves  near   Ver-  Utah,  ha������e  brought   to  light thi tion    of   this  ' city      shortly     after  I ttraiifje   stories     of two women who si:<   o'clock       lust coning,       'i'v.en-  prc-ferre-d the garb and tho experience ty  lour persons      were     injured and  March,      ���������>.���������   ovan, secretary.     Hiisiness   , is   prae  known to   limallv   suspended1'    and, every      cit-  >  of the ' i/.en     is     giving his best enoit     to  a  seo- 'alleviating     su'lcring.      Tin.-   tornado  1  In  British Columbia  Keer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  Lager  d from the Best  anadian   /Vlalt   Run   Hops  +++.I+4.+.I.������.;. +..^|.+.;.4~k..|~������ .|. ��������� ���������!��������� ��������� ���������:��������� ��������������� -i^H^-I-^I^-H^'r^-r v  I  t  LAD 'SMITH, TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AN������ HOUSEHOLD     rUKNITURl  ED PROMPTLY   A  ND SAFELY.  MOV  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysinith hotel.  Abbots ford.  ��������� ������������������ IM.JW  Leave orders at   tht  +4 +*+++ ���������*��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ���������-���������->������������������ ���������*:  -���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������(>  A. J. WASRET, PROP  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Hade to order and Repaired at short    notice.   Drill Sharpened by  u-  ways gives satisfaction.  Picks^ hand! ed and repaired.  Shipsmithmg    in    aV    its  Branches  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmitns.  R. LAWSG^  Buller Street   -      -    -     -'Ladysmith, B ^  of men to the feminine attire and  -pursuits of tleir own sex, says the  Chicago Inter Ocean.  Kate 'Maher was a womaai ia tSie  liftios. and it was only due to eja t*>  cident that her sex was discovered,  and then her checlfired canser eame  to iif;;ht. Miss Williams waa exculpated cf the crime ot horse stealing,  but was fouad in the eompany c* a  well kiu'wn , horse thief. She ba*  since gone to a small town in Colorado'to live. Both .'.women fcad characteristics iu the way of accompli sh-  ments with ��������� ride or revolver which  nmnv a man mi������ht have envied, and  ia oth>>T ways easily CGnn1>e*,f|Wtea  the masculine character which they  aHsimipd. ������ .,���������        ���������  Kate Manor for thirty yean lived  and worked, ate, drank and Naml-ica1.  Wiih   flip   --**���������-  property       with   an  est inmt-ud    value  ol"      live  million     dollars       was     de  lnolislicl or otherwise damaged.  Alany  soeiioUti-onal  rc-porls wo.'i'  sent   out  from here   , of an appaliiig  appeared ,' in the South west ai  (i:27 p.m. A low funnel shape-1  cloud was seen to appear ueai  the city. Rain had been fulling hen  \il.v when suddenly the huimdit.,  became, intense.'"'���������'With a roar; that  < ould   be   heard   a great distai'iv  the  storm      appaared     from the  loss   of   life  due,   i.robably        to   the ;.������-outhwest  and   descended     upon    ihe  chaotic condition of affairs, immediately following' tjie visitation, but, tonight, after a careful  canvas ' of the situation tla? list  of dead is' narrowed 'down "to  12 whiles and 7 negroes. A mass  nidcUing! of citizens of,. A'feridian  was failed todny and $10,000  subscribed to ���������aid '������ the destitute  and injured. The Mississippi 4 legislature, in session at .Jackson 'today-appropriated . ?r>,000' for injured. ., Governor Vardanian at noon  secured a special train, and, load  ingr il  with  convicts       from the  cicted*. P.*7 the Heath of h>������r'father Hanking-   Convict,     farm    despatched  *.he wag left t\n orph&a when yah lft i(- at once to Meridian. State con-  hex teens. Women had ah������ri tlHis victs are aiding in the rescue work  ia the   wast. Ken  did aot.      Kate Hunter  George,   president     of       the  said this to herself after several Board of Trade as chairman of the  years experience as servant, waiter relief committee ^and .1. \V. Don-  in hotels, and school teacker fa N* ���������  brafika and Colorado, aad eke. mua������' ^^-_ . _ T1_^������ ��������� /Nrv/^O T'y'X  have asked heraeif why she shoul* CrK A jSJI i I jCjl )CtH I O  suffer hardship, and paction, yhen' V*IV/*'1 ^ ^ ^^-,^^*-' * ^  by simply putting on a man's ������oth-  ing. Whingung her hair, and assuming ������ maa-8 earn*, she uilgk* get  profitable employment and put an c������d  city. The greatest loss of life is  repoi ted from the east end which  "s- known   .   as     the,    cotton mil1,  settlement. The houses were dc-  inolished   or  badly dnmagod. The  tornado   swept   Front   Slueet anil  wrought great damage there. Many  houses were demolished and others  *..*ere partly damaged Thc electric  light plant was badly wrecked and  the city .was', thrown itilo lota'.  darkness. Lanterns, candles, -and  lamps   ttciv   used     by   the people  in seeking places of safety. The tor  undo   also   did   great   damage on  2'J nil   street  between   Front and  linilroad streets 'whore several  houses were partly wrecked. The  storm las'cd nearly five miiuilcs.  Fire started in the ,wred*age but  wis     extinguished ,by   hard    labor.  MEET IN NANAIMO  *.*.*.*.*..*.*c������.*>������*������'������������*>'-������������*������*,:*,*,^r**5******;  j      LIVERY, BOARDING AND <  | SALES STABLES |  EXPRESS   WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  b\f)Ysnrr    *  m  m  JPHONE 66  to the mlserabU     way sho had bee*    Nanaimcj,  Alarch 5.���������  liring. -       The     Grand  Lodge     of  the       Ibi-  The   qH3esirtenn wa������   noa/tonrx   a������l.������d tish     Columbia      Association of Sta  thnn it was answered.      Kate Maker'tionary Kngincurs  \yill      hold its  dlaappearefl.      and   a few   dfcys   after-'annual     sessions   in  Nanaimo on  ward   Rdwaid  Donovan,   a yoaaf nana Wednesday,   and   Thursday,        March  with elender,     weU-knit figure, close 28th and 2l>lh  cropped  auburn hatr,  slightly freckled ijxjcted  there     wi  but comely faoe, laoghinsf gray ey���������������,  at   which1 it   is (     ex-  bo  delegates   present  from  e,nd a pleasing manner,  took her plaee of  the province.  in the world. Nor did Kttte Maher This association is 'strictly pro-  come to light ftgafn as such nntol tfcs vincial irj its scope and is for  passJnijf of years had transformed the the  purpose     of   mutual    advantage  20    or      23  all       parts  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wjrl atll  JirK '-���������������" ' *'���������}'.  l> "i t  SEE  J.   KEMP.   OR LEAVE    ORDEP.S  WITH  - W. CARTER,-  pr&tty young .girl intp a bomely, middle aged woman. In a' lonely ltt-  tic mining camp in the west one n������y  last fall a miner, with'hands sioiled  and work worn, anfl wflose f������ee tore  the marks of dissipation,  fen ill, andjer  and   also      seeing       to   the       prope'*'  enforcement     of   all   thb    pro.isions'  about,  flouri-  oi thc Holier Inspection Act. The  local lodge which is fKnown as Nanaimo Lodge N'o. .'1. has  thirty members and i.s in a  shing  condition.  Tlie sessions ot the Grand Lodge  will be held in the Engineers' hall  the building formerly known as thc  Artizans" Club room, on ��������� the hill  behind' the      Baptish   church. The  Grand Lodge Sessions will close  with .a'banquet' ���������,.. to be given to  the Grand Lodge delegates and oiler invited guests by the ��������� members   of th*? Xanaimo lodge.  EABNGASH  . /, ' .'.:,' "   ; . . ������������������ ' ' '  In Your Leisure Time  If you could start at once in a business which would add a good round  sum to your present earning')���������without investing A. DOLLAR���������wouldn't  you do it?  Well, we are willing to ��������� tart you in  a profitable business and we don't aik  you to put up any kind of a������dollar.  Our proposition is. this : We will  ship you the Chatham Incubator and  Brooder, freight prepaid, and '  You Pay No  Cash Until  After 1903 Harvest..  Poultry raising pays.  People who tell you that there is no  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in, the business by using  setting- hens as hatchers, and they  might as well have. tried to locate a  gold mine in the cabbage patch. The  business of a hen is���������to lay eggs. As  a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the business of the  Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and  they do it perfectly iand'successfully.  The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other  business for the amount of lime and  money invested.  Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and tlie  United States���������have proved to theii  satisfaction that it is profitable to raise  chicks with the.  She  freight-   m*n in maJe attire promptly   *etopt  'ihe Indian to'J^  nota few thrilling a������i'������������v qq^  8j1# aercd trofa tse vengcanee  heart for so ������an]T   tur���������B ^^ iillt     hostile lntftans and pf m atQa m     uir.*. uajastiy actHSed ot  The eick miner   ^   ^     ^{r  Uiat   toamei  Ulk nuximKm     Tto a������u bad shot and kil-  Kate Maher who had  PIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6-0  made numerous   trijs hy   * ^ chmiUtmtfi  , .        ''   the tust   . shot and sussed, and -.lm  in  tha course     of the illness the s*-! wagon t-i*ain     across  the plains aad      ^     .      '  erst    v.hich      Kate  Mancc hnll kept: met wjta  loclrcd np in her  years,   came out  was the same  bee., left an orphan on the western lire**, "settled and undviir/xo spa-  bonier m the eariv d.ivs. When the eea of the west between the Missou-  woman regained hc-T health she disap- n river and tke Rocky Mountains,  peared.     Mow she is dp-id. 1 sht quickly i^med     to  use her si*-  In lhe inise of amen Kate Maher shoottI     wit.n ,.in,   and there was  took op  the work la winch  her fafeh-. .a0t ja   ^jj8  Sha  a  &&3^>vm^&ma&s������i&  led a maa m seu delenst over a game  of eards. Fearing trouble, ., he left  ike resort and disappeared from town  In the confusion'of the ��������� moment moist  01* the people who saw the shooting  got the impression thjat it was a  border country a iuwr cold blooded murder,  did     not long remain a      katc Maher.  who was in the game  No. 2���������120 Eggs  No. 3���������240 Eggs  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODER.  "Yours is the first incubatorlhavo  used,' and I wish to stuto I 'had 5a  chicks out of 52 eggs. Thin was my  ilistlot; trulya 100por cent, hatch.  1 urn woll pleased with my inuubator  . and brooder. Thos. McNAOaiiTON,  Chilliwackv B.C.V        ���������. .^.;-  "My first hatch came off. I sot  170 line chicks from ISO eggs, who  can heat that for tbe'.first trial, and  so eurly'��������� in the sprint?.: I ani well  pleiifed with incubator, and if I  could not get another money could  not buy- it from me. Every farmer  should have a No. 3 Chatham lneu-  liutor.���������F. W. Hamsay, Duniiville, '  Ont."  "Tho incubator yon furnished mo  Works exceedingly well. It is easily  operated, and only needs about 11)  minutes attention every day: B.  JIcGufl-ie, Moose Jaw, Assa."  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  i.* honestly constructed. .There is no  humbug* about it. Every inch of material  is thoroug-hly tested,/the machine is  built on right principles, the insulation  is perfect, thermometer reliable, and  the workmanship the best. '  The'Chatham Incubator and Brooder  is simple as well as scientific in construction���������a woman or girl can operate  the machine in their leisure moments.  You pay us no cash until after 1906  harvest.  Send us your name and address on  a post card to-day.  Wo enn supply yo\i quickly from ont  distributing warehouses (it Calgary, Brandon, Retina, Winnipeg. New Westminster,  B.C..Montreal, Halifax, Chatham. Address  all correspondence to Chatham. 311  Jhc Manson Campbell Co., Limited  DepM5 ACHATHAM. CANADA  Factories at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit.  Let us quote you prices  on & g-^od Fanning Mill  or good Farm Scaie.  cr C\C\C\ REWARD will  iJIJfWW be paid to any  person who proves that  Sunlight Soap contains any  injurious chemicals 'or any  form of adulteration.  W.xSILER  GESEKAL tXPiESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PRQMPTLY   r������' .  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER  OF  DRUIDS  Meets in the 1' 0. 0 .F. tlail, La-  WeiiiagtoB Grove No. 4 C A. 0. D  <ysmith, the Second and fourt-h  Wednasdays of each month, cemmeric-  it| Wednisday. 18th., 1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to at-  tcni.     '  By Order.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty.  VATRICK BURK, N.  A.  ,  Ladysmita Temple No.' 5  Rathlioae  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows' hall  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday  at  7.80  p.m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  AFFLICTED WITH RHEUMATISM  "I   was and     am yet atticted wiih  rheumatisim," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,  editor ol the,Herald,  Addington,  Indian Territory,  "but thanl-s to Chain  WlainV   Pain.   Balm am ahle once  1 more to attend to business. It is the  ; best   of s linaments."*       If troubled  j with rheumatism     give Pain Balm a  trial and you are certain to lie more  , than pleased j with tlie; prompt relief  ! which it-affords. .������������������...'���������Quo application re-  ' lieves the   pain.     For sale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.     .,-.-  Kind  sh-A.  freighter. The spirit ot adventure of cards which gave rise to the trou-  %& % /ok posscFsioa 0' her aud she sufi- hie, l-.hew that the man had killed  fejr erod it to lead her whercscevar it the miner in self defense, and she  would Her :iif������ for tha next tew years said so. The impression was po-'u-  .was erowded' with incident and ev- lar, nevertheless, that she was mis-  perteuce. Indians were ''giving' set- taken, and when the. man who did  tiers oa the border much trouble, the shooting was caught a posse was  and Kate' Mlaher, under ������ona of tlie nu- formed to lynch him.  nierr;������*s aliases she assumed, .turn* Despite his prostestat'ons' of in.no-  scout. From scouting ahe..turned to cenee.hc was taken out to be execut-  stage driving,  from stag������ driving  to ed.     "I have something to'say, gen- h  said Kate Maher, stepping S(Jrious condition  fl.om  with  six shooter in  hand  Sunlight  Soap  is a perfect cleaner and will  not injure anything.  Best for all household pur^  poses, Sunlight Soap's superiority is most conspicuous in  the washing of clothes.  Common soaps destroy  the painted or varnished  surfaces of woodwork and  take the color out of clothes.  Even the daintiest linen  or lace, or the most delicate  colors may be safely washed  with Sunlight Soap in the  Sunlight way (follow direct  tions).  Equally good with hard  or soft,water.  Your money refunded by the dealer  from whom you buy Sunlight Soap if you  find any cause for complaint.  Lever Brothers Limited. Toromto  ������S7  Dear Mother  , Your, tide ones are a coattant care in  Fall and. Winter weather. They will  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumption Cute, the Lung Tonic, and  what it has done for so many > It is said  to be the only reliable remedy forl all  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take, it is guaranteed to cure or your money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  ���������SHILOH  ��������� This remedy should be in every household.  ion    will  ��������� uthority.  be   by*  Mr.   Templeinaiv's  prospecting, from pr.cep.eeting to cow'Uemen,  J. PIERGY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA. B. 6.  SYNOPSIS OB" CANADIAN NORTH  WEST MINING  REGTj/LATIONS.  Gaal���������Coal   laads   may   ha purchased at S10 a������r aora for -soft coal   aad  %2������  far aattar&cite.   Not  mare  tfcan  321 aoaas ������aa ������������������ aaquirad by ���������*��������� ia-  alTiaial ������r ooajpaay.   Ray alt y tbtae  raW    of tea aaaWi |������er tan ���������[ a,<J8i  faua������U    aaall     b������  ������������������llactad on  tke  gross  output.  J^uarta���������A free miner's certilacate is  Job  granted upon payment ia advance of  $7.50 par annum for an individual,  and fram $56 to $100 per a������num lor  a company, according to capital.  A      free miner,  having  discovered  mineral ia place, may lacate a claim  1,500  x  1,500   feet.    The  lac  for   re-  g]  carding a claim  is  $5.M  At l������ast $1M must ������������������ expended o:>  the claim each  year or paid  to  th'  mining recorder ia lieu theroof. When!  $510  Mas baaa expanded   or  paia, the  looator   may,   upon  having   a survey  made, and upoa aomplying with oth  ar requirementB,  purchase tbe land at  $1 an acre. ..  The patent provides t������r the pay-  meat af a royalty af 2J per cent on  the aalea.  E'LACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet aquara; emtry fee $5, renewable yearly.  ' 'A free ralaer any obta.in twa la*!.'  as to dredge for r������l������ of ,ve- miles  each for a term of twaaty years, renewable at the aescretion of the Minister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  ������Deration witUia one sesaon from the  date of the lease far each fiv������ miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  ������f river leased. Royalty at the rate  ���������f ai per aent collected am the output after it txmamis $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy 61 ttte Minister  of  the In  'trior.  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  ce  1st Avenue  m  punching.  ������nd from  cow panchingto  prospecting, again and then to working  inthe     mines  as a  wage earner;  She >}ed     a fast,     exciting life during  these years,     .-.nd   it  was inevitable  that     she 5-houid     lose the womanly  sweetness and graces vhlch were once |  hers.     Ker     associates for1 the- most-  part were  rough,  ���������uncouth, dissipateil  -n������ea, and she aat������raiiy enough fell into  their w-ays and     became addicted  to their h&bits.      She tvttk to smoking  first. Drinking,    swearing and  gambling followed   in qliick succession  asd  with her womanly  sweetness ������*he  est  her     comeliness.   Jn   tha  mtddle  aged     woman     who died a fsw days  ago   there  wfts little even suggestive  ..f the pretty,     Slender giri of thirty  odd     years     ago,  save perhaps, her  pluck, lionosty. quick wit .������nd -nature.  Her     life wis     marked by strange  riciustttides,  n.nrl  she changed  hor aliases  niaRv  times,   but she never  denied  htr aame to ocuisr  up any dark  deed  nt to escape  the payment  of an  honest aebt Under   one name  nr  nnotfcer.      and     under  one m&souiinc  diiisa of anotlicr  she drifted   through  "he west far     half ������ natural lifetime.  '���������nt aether one pi sice nor one edt of  'rirndu ever mnew her for long.  Onfe in a brush with Indians when  md rooh after recovery frem her  ���������irownd she was taken prisoner by a  ���������^.istt rrf Ifdiftns and was idvcn "P r^r  '"������*T 1-T the* othrr memherB nf the  rrei-rntin*** outfit to which she ^eiomz-  ������fT, but one night she contrived to  mil dp the fipilance of th-e Bnvagrs.  '���������&<\ moiinMns: their fleetest' potat cb-  irir>r<1  snd   Inined  h'>r companions.  On flBnth-T occasion, un in t Black  T*Tiii^, shs w.������s sinclcd f*"+ ������t>d chal-  lfrtKcfl to mortal eomlmt by a youn!*;  Tndlr-n     chicftnn  raerr  fo win  *piirs.  forward.  SERIOUSLY BURNED.  Toronto, March,      3.���������Louis,    Pav-  anic,   four  years  old     and     his mot-  er  lying  in   the  hospital     'in'        a  'bums       ii>-  ceivetl    yijstnrday  artnrnoon, Twu  cutting  the  iv|>e  raj!;!,.,.s   were  envagod in   tue     house!  and   then     tho   children's        ~.<j.  ignited    with     fatal     elTects.  and  her  . can  and     del infer ate'V  from the accused man's neck. "This  man is not guilty. I saw the shooting with my own eyes. The firrt  man who lays hand on him will have ir������-nxtecl  to answer for it to me.'' Her gray j jm.,_^_i_i  ���������eyes, were blazing, ankl the'posse  knew she meant what she said.  "Ry, ���������-���������! I reckon you're right,  said one cf them, and I'll stand by  you," Others came forward and expressed their belief that the accused  was innocent, and the lynching did  not tal<������ place.  >.>-ii g       ioi*eh-i!*g'     lor      burning  arc    lying in the hospital    in    a  >)���������'   varnish,  flames     Irom   which  All's.     Pavanic's    . c.lothiri'T  The Welshmen have aij-ain proved their superiority in Rugby  football by defeating Scotland by  tho score of 9 poiius to 3. They  had previously dofeated Eni^nnd  to the tune of 1(5 to 3 andthe  only game left for them topia.y  is ag'ainst Ireland. The Irish men  will: no doubt g-ive the chani-  pion Welsh" team a hard tussle as-  they have already taken England  into    camp  b3* the score of 16 to (5.  The Canadian government in the  Yukon has closed a contract with  Charles  Hatfield,     the     Los An  geles rain maker, to work in the  Klondike camps for four 'month*'  durine* tho coining season, virtually all the open season, beginninjr  May 1st. Tic will get $10,000  if he succeeds in keeping sufficient,  supply of water to operate 'the  hydraulic and other placer mines  11  .summer.  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER YVOSKS  -n-  ConsuBiers are requested te call at   the office     on  Roberts   Street and  pay Water     Rates, betwean the 10th    and the 25th of each month.  Offise fkurs I P. M  Z\  T. I BLAND  SUPERINTEN D ENT.  -PATENT MED10TNES.  Ottawa, March, 2.���������The quosUon  raised by the Dominion ^ analyst in  a recent bulletin on patent medicines, whether those containing'  '^lar-jje- per centage of alcohol  can be legally sold by druggists  without  a   liquor   license,       is a  matter for tho provincial governments to deal with if they nee  fit. As far as the federal treas-  uryis concerned, it is suggested  that it might obtain considerab- \sf  le contribution if an inland  revenue were imposed on all patent  snd      proprietary    medicines.  Hon.     Mr.      Urodeur    left  the     cie-  ������������������gMMweHia^ .  ufolie  Notice  TTp  Tr-farv'-rrff ihr Toimir Ttftle-face an p'artment  . !-ri������t nrrvr.  nnd he.upon  this  1  n  cri*rk shot  ������r<ruc'a ths.t  tf ���������������*���������  ������������������*->'-Id   eft the soaln out  of   the  patent  of ������c     worfliv ^ foe M-- aJim^ wo������ld  headache powders  before   action     was taken  and other points   arising  medicine        and  invest igat ion.- so  aeenre forercr. Tbe young Wo \ anything       done      in this   connect-  Attention Is called to tho   fact that the  Ogitvse Flour nilis Co,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEH OLD    FLOUR,     have Ior some 'dme  east been producing flour ia &   vastly  i������prov?.d and pari*   '  'orra  by  tha aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured central  of    all the hasia patent* relating there  to, take this opportuaity ol a ivisiaj;  tfco puhlic  that aay  orized users of the electrioal   Sour purifying processes  wil     - |fro-  secuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Cozapnny Lfmitad  are the    only    oailiai-pa iu Ommafi.*. -wii(*������������o';Fl������mr  ���������| spurifiaolbj fcli.3 SlasSric .Proooss iftfv^  %  ^^  '.:'������������������ :h,.  Y-*J&**-  ���������&  THE    DAILY    T.FT>'- ������V  Local Items  Smoke Big 13. Cigars.  FOR SALE -:. ORGAN,  1-Iaggart's, Esplanade.     ���������  Apply  at  Mr. -��������� W. Akenhead was among the  Ladysniilh people visiting Nanaimo  yesterday. .    . i;  Mr. Hray, of the Bank of Commerce returned from a visit to Nanaimo this morning-. '���������*-'.,''..  Air. Parker Williams, M, P.',P.,  passed through on the morning train  lo Victoria.  ���������:o:���������  'iHiss E.  Poner,  of Sunnyside, Chc-  mainus,     -who has b-en ' visiting Air.  and Mis.     T. D.  Conway, First Avenue, returned li0i*uc on Saturday/  his family.   '  Air. \V. \V. Wall-em went to Victoria on Saturday, on a two days'..visit  with, friends at the Capital,  -Mr.- and Mrs. 1-1.Cecil were passengers t0 Victoria this morning. They  will return to this city tomorrow.    ...  , Air. YV. J. Watson, superintendent'  of the Tyee Smeller, was a"passenger down the line this morning.  Cross Alining Company's solicitor,  went to Victoiia this oaonving on  business for the company...'  Operations at the Tyee Smelter  ceased Saturday for a short period.  Another cargo of ore is expected at  the smelter for Omar mines shortly.  Smoke Little 13. Cigars.  >  Mr.    F.  Shepherd,    and ,son, of Nanaimo,    arrived    from  that, .place on  * *.*>  ���������  the morning train. They resume  ���������work today on the wagon road surveys.      ��������� ���������"���������:   :  Mr. Harry Porter, who for several  years has been in charge of the Ladysmith station of the E. &.N. Company, placed his resignation'-in the  hands of the company, by whom it  lms been reluctantly ; accepted.' Mr.  Porter vacates his position in a  week or two,'and The Ledger is informed, contemplates taking a trip  t-o iiortiH'rn British Columbia with   o ������������������ '.  .'' Mr. Thos. Greaves,' who was. badly  burned in an explgsion at Blair, &  Adams' store about a week ago, is  now at:<out again. The injuries to  his eyes, caused by the lime that flew  in them, are still painful, and he will  he . obliged to wear colored glasses  for some time: ���������  Mr. Job Smith of -'Croftpn, visited Ladysmith on Sunday,: returning  this morning. '     '  '""    ""' __������������������o        ������������������  '��������� '../.���������'     notice' '  The partnership existing between  C H. Rumming and \V. E. ���������Rumming  carrying on business an the'City of  Ladysmith, , B. C, as manufacturers  of carbonated . beverages, etc., under,  the firm name of Ruriiming Bros., is  hereby dissql\>3d. All outstanding  accounts must be paid to \V. E.''Rumming, who will continue,- the business  anil pay all accounts against live, firm  of Humming- Bros. '   ���������  C.  H. RUMjMINC!,'  " .' WE. RIJMM'J.NG.''.,..   ,  Dated ������at Ladysmith this 28th Day  of .Feb., l!M)(i.  JUMBO  The Largest 25c.  TOWEL  on this Earth   There is only one  JUMBO  and we have it  25C.   EACH  I  FOOTBALL ..  For the first time in,its history thc  public school oi Ladysinith has a  Football Club. " The Hrst match  played with a,n. outside team took  place on Saturday. As reported  Mr.   Russell Simpson,   the Southern|Saturday' afternoon, ... the     Nanaimo  Bigh, School boys we.rc the winners,  defeating ��������� the htiuie clovc-i- one goal  to nil. The home youngsters had  the disadvantage of being much light  er than their opponents, but they  put up a good game aiid gave- the  visitors some, hard play; The Na-  naiinoites played a clean and fairly  clever game.       ;-:���������/��������� '-  In the local aggregation playing on  Saturday are . several '���������'������������������ promising  young players, who, if they have  practice and training will make first  rate footballers for the. ���������iiuer.iiiediatc  and senior , teams in ,a few years.  They should receive, the necessary  attention so that when the old players . fall out of line 'in time t0 come,  there /will be young blood to take  their: places.  The formation of a Football Club  in connection '.with/the City School  the,Ledgfer, views with pleasure which  is undoubitedly.shared by.all who are  at all interested 'in sport. Apart'.'  froni the fact tlmt the training of the  youngs'ters.will' make .f-cbtballors to  represent Ladysmith'��������� in 'the world of  sport, the exercise that the boys will  get in the game./ will do much for  them physically and .morally-. If  they devote the 'time when to<-y arc  not occupied in lessons in, the football or hockey fields.they will derive far more benefit than by running  the streets. Every Saturday the  youngsters have a holiday, and if it  could be arranged there should be a  football match with an outside team  once a week. If matches with other  schools cannot he arranged, then a  game between local teams should to  tie order. At all events- the organization of a school club is fo b_> coin-  mended and it is hoped the boys will  keep together and spend their spare  time on the football field in'future.  is the Regular  TOWEL  sold for 25c. anywhere  OUR PRICE  for JUMBO JUNIOR Is  2Qc.   EACH  Walters &  Nearly  Everyone  What it $s to Move and Get Things  ���������oken up.  To avoid this I have decided to sell out my entire Stock  A Furmitu1*"-  f  at a Great ������^  count for CssI;  SHOES,  assware, Dishes, Cooking Utensils,  Ice, from" 10 to 20 Fer Cein  Dia-  SHOES,        SHOES  One   hundred 'Pairs of (Maplu Leaf)   :*i IN 1X0   SHOES,   with   or  without  Nails.  More than three hundred  Pair    of   LADIES',     51 ENS    and      CI'llLD-  ,RENS'  SHOES   will   lie sold   KU.i A dDLKSK OK COST.  Thei.   n<ile  will  continue  from    Satuirlay  the  17<ii  until   further notice  CHAS.   PETERSON,   5th AVEXUE & ROlSKRTti  Street.  jsjk  I  ARRIV  ������������������������������������<������������������������������������  NEWMILLINPRY  LADIES' TRIMVE  LADIES' untrimm  and  FLOWERS  HATS  HATS  Smoke Big P������. Cigars  CROFTON NEWS  The treasury of the Chemainus hospital is niade $35 dollars richer this  , week. Thc handsome addition to  the hospital funds is made by, the peo  pie of CVofton, and raised by means  of a concert given at .that place on  Friday last." The cntcat0i>nnientl  was organizes by Mrs. Dunn and  Miss Dehettc, who ha'l tbe assistance  on the program of many talented vocalists and instrumentalists of th?  town and vicinity. Rev. Reid, Presbyterian minister, was in the chair.  The entertainment was really excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by an  audience composed of niotty well all  the little town and the surrounding!  district.   o ;������������������  Smoke Little IB. Cigars.  -jtfl  -4f-  -:o:-  11, li,  A very well attended'senior and  intermediate football practice was  held on the Bunker ground yesterdnv  arterncon. The boys show good  form and promise well for the corning- match with the Kguria...   o _  KASEBALL  Spring is upon us, and no donfct the  local fans     will soon start plans for  baseball   this     summer.       Last 'year  Ladysmith did  not show up  particularly well- at baseball,'.but  thcir past  record  should     not  discourage   thorn,  and all interested in the game should'  , make an effort to get the      boys   together for practice sooa-     Ladysmith  should  he able  to  put on the  Held   a  bunch    of     men   who     wiih  practice  would hold their own  against  anv  of  the neighblorlng city teams.  a.m.      the    American consulate<collapsed,     in  the  absence     ol"   lhe Am  erican    consul,     his     mother,    Mrs.  boty,     supervised     the removal      of  .-the   archives,   aided     by several mis  sionaries.       Mrs.     Doty     was        in  serious jeopardy    several  times.   Th*  ���������subsiiluto      guardian     at ihe     miar  antine     station     aiMo.taak     Island, ���������  Papeete  harbor,        was  waving-       a j  lantern      ior  many      hours      during  the  nij-ht as   he    and    his   wile  clung lo   the    tojis ol cocoanut tiecs  in   the  midst   ol'   tho   waves that  dashed thirty feet high over the  islands. On shore. M. Andre,  the chiut .pilot, called out to  Commander llurbin of the gun-  boat Zoelcr to let him have a  boat and crew ior the rescue of a  woman at the quarantine station  Commander Hue-bin promised to  let      M. Andi-e  have      a boat  with a crow and pilot, Andre rc-  (pnstioned lour prisoners at thc  local |ail and with ' them pro  cued       to   thu    Zeeles.      As com  mander L-lurb'm did not -Aibh  to    risk   the   lives       of   his civi*  e\en to send a boat ashore, the  four   native  prisoners      who were  splendid prisoners went to the  rescue. AI. Aiareartiata. French  President put to sea in a'cutter  and after three days reached Tahiti  reporting        that     the       government  buildings, ami Roman Catholic  church and all thc dwelling's , l-.ad  been swept away. lie feared that  the man would succumb to li'.iu  l>er, thirst, and exposure. There  is much distress Among iho homeless people. The local govern ment  opened the mill barracks as temporary refuge and pio\ided for  ordci when needed, but. the funds  ol   the treasury      are exhausted.  Thc   Islands       Jloorca,      Ha.dn'i.i,  Kaittia     and       'J'ohae       ol i he  Society,    group have     M-i.siained  $100, 000 damage. The steamer  Mariposa      wailed       hi ypnd her  sailing time, at thc rcqvo->t of j?o\-  emor Julicn, v. bo hoped that th"  Ficnch gunboat '/eelre would  return from her relief i trip lo  Tuamotu Islands. The vessel bad  had not been sighted when tbe  Mariposa  departed.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  Sunlight Soap io bettor than other soap������  D-.U is boot when teed in tho Sunlight way.  Eiyj St-ihght Soa-y and follow direetioai.  NOTICE  Notice is hcicby ,gi\cn that I will  not bo r.'suonsihle tor any debts contracted m my name wit bout a written order .signed by me.  .101 IN 0000.  ladysinith, ftT-urch 2, l'JOO.  'ZSSmV&SSll  ������ ������ ���������������  Leave Your  Order Early  ADAM  jOP.OOO PERISH IU CYCLOWE  Colltiiuiwl  E| | i.-oiitiiuied        from   Pag  | sides causing great, damage to tin.  P coal sheds. The guardian 0f. thc  g arsenal    Tofl'cr   Adams,      an     expert.  P1  swimnicr,, was in the water for  many hours and assisted in warn  ing and rescuing others. The village of Taron, near the. arsenal  was      completely   swept   away. It  consisted in irks.sion buildings and  native converts of l.,at.ler .Day  Saints mission. A set Ucinei-t near  by composed, of dwellings of several hundred cook Tslandcrsf, I'.ri-  tish ' subjects)- was completely destroyed.  One  man  named     Sec-felt,       living  near    the   community,   had    to   take  to   an   adjacent   swamp       which     became       inundated      and      he was  compelled        lo   battle      with U\x  waves        for   many  hours.      Further  oast ontho  beach       road      all        the  houses         were   swept   away   for      a-  bouf.  hair  a mile.     At.     Tuann,   Iho  family    of T-'ferrnan ATmc-ll      bad      a  thrilling        experience       their       residence  being  damaged      with          lhe  waves,     which compelled      the    family   to    flee.     Frernienlly     the  wati'i-  was   up  to   thcir  necks.         At S  LATEST NOV  can be had for  ite Swa  Wrapper  As" your Grocer for a PRFMIUM LIST....  I  We have just'received     Irom the tI5ast.'a large  shipment of  LADIES' HAND BAGS  They arc the NEATEST BAGS we have ever  shown  and  of  LATEST  FASHION. ',.   ;  PRICES FROM SI  to $5  Call  in   and See   Them  -r^aEJwecn^E  WATCHMAKER,  JEWELER, OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX     Ladysmith,  if there iu anything you want in  *h������ Drug or pa tout medicine line you  ���������rill find it a,t Ilia Ladysmith Drug  Stoic.   1���������o   NOTICE.  0nc  hundred, dollars  (.U00.0O)  will  i>e given  to   any   person   or  persons':  who   will give 'sufficient.- information  to lead  to''the conviction  or the person  who killed two  cows   owned  by.  tho   undcrsigoed,   on  Galiano Island  on the '22nd  of t'eliruary.     The   animals  were killed  two hundred  (200)  yards    east   of'Pot* tier Pass  Lighthouse.    The  heads   and hides     were  found  buj'k'd in  the sand.  JAS WARNO'CK.  -V EARS'  ENCE  itoves  We  are making them oijthe Newest ^Pattern and Lates*  Styies.,  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  '<  V"'#ur Prices ������r������ Reasona bis \  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.  "   " ''-'I'iand atL'sdysmUh'HardwareiJCcrTpany  LADYSHITH   IRON & STOVF, WORKS CO,,1,LTD.  COMMERCIAL HOTEL  MR. ami MRS.  T. J. THOMAS, In?  of   M������unt SLMmc Hatel, and af ih>  Palaee Haiel,  Nwaiw, kave  eliAflad th������ '  ���������-COMMERCIAL H������TEL   ���������l'Bbu^las Street, Victoria, opptsr..  tke city  hall; and inrite their    ���������id  PATRONS AN������ FRIENDS TO VIS  IT THEM WHEN IN VlC-  ���������':;.;>#RiA;' : ���������  Aflflr this dat<t thc price for bread  delivered at my Customers' houses  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf��������� 20  I oaves for a dollar. My read ia  guaranteed the* hest made. Shops  rim by whit* help should receive,  whitt peoples' patronagt ������o long as.'  they axe propnrly conducted. i s������-  licit a trial a������ your Baker.  C.  R. DOCiLl,  TMF, WELLINGTON BAK������RY  USiG  ������ 1 Mi I  Trade Marks  >^(';v:it*Sg������in;* " Desioims  ���������** vvV 1 -J ^      CcPvrnGHTs & a.  Anyone seinlliic; a sl:i?tfli niul descrinl.lnti naf  qulcl.-ly iisccrlaiii 0'ir oi.mio.i frofc whisther mi  Iuvi>ii1.1>m iaiirulHilily iiMirn'-nl'ln. <'i)niiuunl<-ii.  llcnini-irictlyonlldt'TiHal. Ilmnlunokon I'alciilB  iioiir. frcr. v>lilnBl iccncy fyr pfirurintr iiiUonts-  r.'iliuiU tak'. >i ilir.nutli Mujiii &���������. Co. roculvo  ipir.lal m'Ucc, v,-!l'io:i!. c'l.-iryo, in tliu  ���������i^tifsciSiiiericatt  *. hniKlnnmcly Ilhistrnl'ivl wnnhlj* l.nn.'est olr.  riijiilluii ���������>( iiuy Bo!eii'-:;'0 Jminml. 1 (trnia, ?" n  t.������������������!;-��������� i..:!r iiu������\'*:ij *1. 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