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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 23, 1906

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 .TIVB  wmEMm^ii  The LAdysmith  VOL.,2  SATURDAY,  JUNE, 23,  1901-  PRICE FIVE CENTS'  CLOSING SESSION OF  THE LOCAL SCHOOL  ������������������$*  Rolls of Honor, Medals, Ect. Given Out Yesterday  to Pupils for Good Work During  the Term  ALASKANS Will  :   HGHT  MUi!  Mil VISIT  Messrs. Dakin and McDonald ReceiveG Presents  From Pupils���������Splendid Exhibiton ofOWork  Done by Children of the School  -t**1*f  Yesterday the closing session of the  public schools for the summer holidays was marked by an excellent  programme of recitations, sottip-s," ete.  by the pupils of the \aiious rooms.  During the course of the day, Mr.  McDonald, of Division II., and Principal DaUn, were presented with several splendid piosents fiom the ]>u-  pils, as a token of then evtreme le-  gtet at the coining nlppai rurc of t"������������.^o  two popular teachers.  Mr. Dakin has constituted himself  a prime favorite with the children,  and yesterday when ackno.vl d.-,ia^  Hueir presents, and -bidding tlieni  good-bye, the teais would come, m  spite of all tliey could do to prevent them. "Every chjild m the school  will feel . Mr. DaMn's loss keenly.*  He leaves on Tuesday, - for Vicb./ria,  returning for a few .lays to Ladysmith, and will again leave on Saturday,,,*. 01 thc 'boat, en route t t-o  ���������Tifuro, Nona Scotia, where' he will ro-  ���������side for some time.  Mr. McDonald will also leave shortly for the East, and in losing Mr.  McDonald, the children f������ei Uial they  have lost an excellent instructor and  friend.  As will  hu    s-mmi     thy  the list    of  pir/ies p-iven    below, several     medals  were received by the pupils,    ;These  medals - were ...-given by  Mr., Dakin,  and will always ybe treasured hy tlig  recipients  as  memorials  of   the "day.  Those who received rolls of honor,  medals,  etc., are as follows:  DIVISION I.  Class  A.���������Proficiency,  silver meilal;  proficiency, roll  of honor,     Margaret  Glenn.  ���������  Class A.���������Regularity and ptuictuali-  ty, roll of honor, Lola Hutchison.  Class B.���������Proficiency and' -deport-;  -ment, silyer medal and roll .of honor,  May. Bradshaw.  Class B���������.Proficiency, boo!*:., Jean-  nie Miohie.  Class B���������Proncicncy, IjooK, Arnold  Malpass. y*-*���������������������������/������������������.-������������������} ��������� y**y - -���������-���������-,������������������-���������'  Class C j -^Proficiency, silver, medal;  proficiency, regularity and punctuality, roll of honor, Jessie Williamson.  Class (,'.���������Regularity, punctuality,  and deportment, roll of hoiiof, Jas.  MeKinnell.  Class -C���������Proficiency, hook, Geral-  tline Hirst.  Class C .--Proficiency, hook, Edward Gregson.  DIVISION II.  Proficiency,   r0H  of  honor,   Alberta  Provis. ' ; 1  Regularity and punctuality * roll of  honor, Hannah  Carroll. ,  Regularity and punctuality, roll of  honor, Thomas Ro!,citson. I  Deportment, roll of honor, A^n:*.;'  Robertson.  DIVISION III.  Proficiency,    roll of  honor,    Lenipi j  Tbrko. j  Deportment, roll of honor, M������rv  Miphek.  Regularity anil. punctuality, ; anl  Weinrobe. ^a ���������* '  ther advanced the workers are,,  |,������t-  tti  work is  shown.  Di.ision IV., Miss Morrison's, has  a display much on the same lines as  Div. V., although the work is, of  course, tun,her advanced aud better  cecuted. One drawing, by W. John-  sou, is particularly noticeable, and  shows that much interest has been  taken in the work by the exhibitor  In Miss Coburu's department, Division III., map work-is shown among  iliy drawings, and some ot them are  very gcotl indeed. in this colk'o  tion is also shown tlie work of Miss  ("race Havves, who, although only 11  years of age, has un exhibition a  drawing, the subject being a pan.y,  which might well be thc work of a  much older pupil, and still be a (.'e  dit to the one who (executed n. in  fact, the work done by all ot Hie  being done hy the pupils, were treat- pUr.aJs nn this division .is gcod, as  od to a most agiweable surprise |.shown yesterday. The exhibit! >u i<>  whem onteiuia *the basement. Eaeh inost tastefully ariang-ed, and rellccii  *ii\isi"btf-hUir^a7'S-^^ upon the teacher and ;>-i,T������l*-  luLitfa,     which were most tastefully!    Djw^oii 2, Mr. AIoI>onald's depart-  Milcola,,  DIVISION IX.  Rolls of Hodoi.  Proficiency,   E. F. Duaifia.  Deportment, Mamie Malls.  Regularity and punctuality, Willi id  Geer������  it has bee.i impossible to secure a  list of those pupils in Division IV.',  who . won rolls ot honor, but this  will be published later..   '  lhe examination for hi^h school  entrance was also completed yesterday, there hieing seven - pupils - from  Extension aud nine' from Ladysmith'  trying. The results of the examination will not be known until thc  middle of July.  Many of'the wsitois at the local  schools yesterday who have apt been  paying close attention ,to the' work J  DIVISION   V.  Deportment-,   roll  cif honor.   "Waller  Hunter,       ' '    .  Proficiency,    roll    of ��������� honor, 'James  Gourlay.  Regularity and   punctuality,   roll of  h>inor, A. Ferrero.  DIVISION VI.  Rolls of Honor.  Proficiency, Cecil Mulhollans.  Deportment, J. Dunn.  Regularity    and     punctuality,     E.  Crossan. .' ���������  DIVISION VII.  Rolls of Honor.  Pr.oficienc.jv Geo. Johnson.  Deportment, Harry Lee.  Regularity    and    punctuality.    L.  displaced, and which contained some  remarkably good work done by tlie  boys and guls.  Starting at Div. IX, Miss Abei-  crombie's room one could see trie  work done by tlie younger pupils,  there being a variety of pajier folding work, modelling, ,box work, flower pressing, drawing, neatly printed  sums iu addition; etc., All of the  work was nicely-- done, and one could  see" at a. glance that the little people had :taken;. a*,*-great ocal of interest in their work, ^ and Miss AiborT  c'rpmbie is to .be congratulated on  the results1 achieved.  Division VIII., Miss Teague's room  displayed work which was, of course,  a little 'more' advanced, there being  a display ol clay modelling, brush  work drawing, etc, oi which the division may well he proud. The brush  wojrk done hy the children, was especially good, ; considering the Age  of the . piiipiis, and .marked ability is  displayed in  more  than one instance.  Coming to Division VIL, Miss  Street's .-"department, one is impressed with the excellent work which has  been done in the way of illusttated  essays. Some Biiibject had been taken for the children to'write an essay upon, after which they would  draw with load pencil thc subject upon which, they had been .writing, it  was easily seen that the children  had .taken far more ; interest und  pains in their essays owing to thc  fact that they were obliged to thoroughly understand their subject in  order to reproduce it. Colored  work was also prominent amongst  the work dfe-playcd, and it, too,  was good.  -Passing on to Division VI., Miss  Butter's room, some remarkably, good  writing was to he seen. In this  c.\liihitio.i too, were one or two very  nice illustrated essays, one draw ing  of .sweet peas, being excellent. .The  story of the "Fox and the Grapes,]'  is also very -well portrayed by one  of  the  pupils.  Division V., Miiss Ramsay's contain  one ' drawing, entitled ' "Shelter,"  which is certainly a credit to the  i-ol-lpetion. It is(hows two deer, one  jusi emerging from the timber,  while the other is in the act of entering a shed, seeking shelter fiom  the storm. Colored flowers, problems in arithmetic, writing, etc.,  form important points of the exhibition, and the work on each s>hows  that much interest has -been' taken  in it   both by the  pu.ji.ils and     their  ment, shows new departures ui the  way of; business forms written out  by the pupil**., sb-nving that they aie  aLiaming what will provie in aftei  yeara a \eiy nseiiil .knowledge oi business malteis The writing oi  checks, propei method of adiliess-  ing envelopes, eic., are dealt with,  each specimen being very neatly written.1. Drawing also forms part ol  tin; eojlection, F. Robertson having  one especially good piece of work  in the collection.  Coming to Division I., Principal  Dakin's room one sees work here done  by pupils -who are nearly ready to  enter the high -school, and some, oi  it indeed good. Geometrical drawings, nature studies, etc, are shown  in profusion. E. McMurtrie has on  the wall a drawing of a trout, col-  'oeocI, above which is depicted a uu>s-  liuito. The last subject is taken  from a pi'ture of the specie of mosquito which has done so much damage in New Orleans, where the plague- so recently existed, it being  claimed that mosquitoes of this variety transpose the ynn from place  to place, thus scattering 'the plague,  and proving a great hindrance'��������� to  the stamping out of this disease.  Maps, model drawing, etc., are all  shown to good advantage, as arc  also plains for buil.'liftgs, both wiih  and without scale. In fact, the wor-.  iu this division is all retnari-aLh  vyell done, and a great, many of  the exhibits showing that thc pupil**  have but little more to learn before  entering tho higher institution of  learning.  Having glanci'd th-ough the different divisions, one turns to the museum, whieh, althoii������jh not large, is  still a remarkahly good foundation,  and is a credit to bhe whole school  as showing the interest displayed by  all in adding to and building up a  museum which will one day be an  excellent one.  v  *v->-*   Seattle, June 2'i.���������Wright Uuilbcrt  a banker and "mining man of Nome  and Faii-bnnks, Alaska, is spending  a few da.vs in the city, a guest at  tlu Dillci hotel. Mr. lliirlheif states  lh.it the people of Uie mleiior of  Alaska are going to make a stiong  fight this year to obtain a man  fiom the interior as delegate to con-  gicss and gave oul tthe following  statement:  "The resilients of  ihe interior    aie  very  much oppes.' I  to a delegate   to  congress .being chosen  fiom Southeastern Alaska as they  think the    people of  the via iter dis ti ict are practically running the country at* tiie present time,   yriicir reasons for this aie  various.    'Ihe pnncipal one is     that  the   interior  people  want a railroad  nevt year Running up near thc   navigable waters  of fhe "Yukon river     to  o.-en   up the  vast, country  in     that  paU of  Alaska.       The first Alaskan  distnct,  whiih' is     in the soiitheast-  ein part,jis going to make a strong  fi^ht     to)   send  Shotip to congress,  while the second     and third districts  around N'hnie and  Vahle/ and    Fairbanks haVje decided to nu'.e a" equally stroiigllight against Shotip.  It  is  Pi {"sidle lhat the lattei t-wo distiicts  will Comiponiisc f,n one man in     older to  (Wfont Shoup.     While tlie people of soiitheastern   Alaska have    al-  vvays done 'many favoisfor those   in  the interior,  they  are at pieseit   in-  different-5\o  whether  a, lailioad    will  lass throughi the intt-noi or not      If  the    inleuoi     obtainl^    a  road   the  country along the  Yulon, the minei-  al  wealth    of    which is very great,  will   lie imore  than  doubled   and   will  proi-.'c a rj^reat'advantage to Seattle  "This ye.-r is goinj; 1n be a lecord  ���������jieaker-riu  n !neraT* production," said  Mr*" Hutlbcit     "M.'.ie ,s,otd "-.vill��������� K*  ruiirrnl   out. of   ''the  countiy     around  Fairbanks    this year    then ever   be-  loic unless the walei   gives out."  Air. ITiirlbert- leav es i a dav or  so foi the eastern part of the state  on  business."  BRITISH ARMY  MEAT SUPPLY  London.'dune 22.���������In a written reply 1 o ihe cpiostion put- in the  House oi" Commons .lime. 20 iiy Win  Field laoiiibc-i- for the Si. Patrick's  division of llulilin ns to ilu* source  of meat supply for Tho army, War  Secretary. Haldanes states thai  the contract for the meat supply  for the ..troops of London, Woolic'h  anil Wimlsoi' was given, lo the Nol-  soi) Moi-'-is Co., of LiOiuUui. Iiecauso  iutt firm was ihe lowest bidder. He  i.uS not iniormcil vvhelhei- tlie Am*  jrienn branch of l'he linn was con  --erned with other Chicago firms on  the cxisl ing-'conf.rovt'fsy.  Van.-omul, .linn- 22 -Sol mix U  publK'U.v is Ui l������' given lo lh'- pro  ceedinji's of ilu* Uoinniion l-'ishc'ies  c.iiiiinis-iion, now in session mi llw  Hotel \ anu.uvi-r, i'rol. I'rmci-, ihair  man oi Uk- iimimi-Moii, nil-oi'v ic-vvid  this morning said a short s,.*smuii  had iKfin iield yestcrda.v, Inn nolh  ing or aiii nnportame to the public  bud been done. A<*ked vvheLher a  mmi lo the i.orLheni lisln-rios was.  coinemp'alcd by Lhe commi^ion he  said ihi-> would probohl.v In- iiu hi-  ded in the n ini-ar-,, Ijia the decision  on Lhe pomi vvotiltl not be reached  till  today.  The principal subject to be dii>cu-.s  ed .it todu.v's sitting is the pi opos-  cd LonfereiKi* with tb<- Inked State* li->hciies authorities on the sub-  'jc-c-t oi co-ordmaiiiig the regulations  allecimg- salmon fishing- on the coast  irie.s|K'Ctive of the internalionul biiun  dnrj line. The gvnerai impression  is that if some such .scheme could  bo devised it would hi; ifrcatdy to  the advanl.ig-.* oi the fisheries on  both sides ni' the line It i& probable that this couieienc-e in tenia L-  i. mil m'its chaiacter, will be held  in   Vaneoiivisi    ���������.  The enmiiii-.sioii will probably ro-  in.nn in the city nbout a vvcclc. The  in inhei'-f of the commission ar������. YVoI  I-i nice, irom the d.-part'iieiu nt 01-  iiiM-j, wlio is cbai) man Mr Campbell Sweeney. Rey. C. W Taylor,  of .Viinamio, Mi Uicluml Hall, M  [' I', oi Wtoiin. Coiiimissioner .1.  C r.jbcocl. end Mr .1 (' Kiovvne.  ,,i \iv\ Wi'Si-wnisior. Mr ���������> Char-  1.-. Mcintosh is socrcl ar.\ and ^rr-  ij ll D Warden oflicial steBOcraph-  er.  SEW INDUSTRY FOR 1 ADVSM-1TH  m  IfBUMEO FOR THE  li m\ mm riqis  Sl.     IVI.'I'SlllM'M,  ���������rowded- iu������'i ing  "���������ll        Ul'lllOCI.llK  I'ul.v     Si������'( bo/il.in  uig-s    of  ibe  .Julie i'ii.���������Al a  of tiir- ('on-.t did iii-  f'lnli     tonight,    J i*-  M'pOJ'li-ll     111!"    lind-  i.oiiiiinl U'i-    ol  the  lower  'louse  oi   ji.ii liainenL    which    went  'tiulv slots     lo   invest ig-ali-   the  ��������� ii  connection  with  (iutbren.lv   J heie  . i port    (he  to  l.u is  l lie   .nil l-J(-Ul-!h  AcLording   Lo   thi*"  jiolicf:   wiLli   <nibordm.il e  olT'u-ers     of  lhe   polu  ��������� no\nked    lhe  :'l  Oil      Of  ��������� lews.  1'be   yover/ioi-  oi   ItiaK  not   (iiictilv   connected  have   been  and  military  P'-opie  by the    circdj,-  ,aK'-'   r,������"������is     asainsi     dm  ���������lok   though  was   said   to  onf;-infe   tlie  eiimiiially  gmlty   01-  I i-o-  (���������'->*cesses by absence  i'oin his post 'Ilie Governor wu-.li-  .il h/.s hands of thc affair, not Jcn.iw*  ing Lhe uttitude of the oflieialfe  Si    petcrs.bui'1  SION'ATOir.S.FISlI SCALES.  for  i teacher.  \  M'ARINE NOTES.  The   Clive  and iscow   were ��������� in  coal at  tlie local  wharves  today.  Tntj; Belfast is in at It'; colliery  wharl" today for fuel.  The Escort. and Barge Georgian  took over today an extra loid .���������:  cars for the C.P.R.  There will be a hill jiractire of the  Toot-hall team tomorrow*.mornin**, rn  the llnukcr Grounds. The boys aie  all rcTiiested to turn out, as the  lime is sliort for preparation, and  the  Vaiieoiiver   team    will  soon     he  As one passes from each division there to dispute the ownership of the  to a higher one, improvement is, of 'meiials offerr-d for the match on 'Do-  coursc, marked, as -ruaturally the. fur- minion Day.  S i nai or Ankrn.v, of Washington, is  an enthusiastic Ihhermaii. Senator  IMlcs tells the followiira; story on  him:  When Mr. Au'-ony became a proud  j.iiiiKlfathcr tltere was an "inniiiediatc  call for scale; to weigh the infant.  No nt.Vr sc.ihs hein-j; available, it  was deckleil to use grandpa's lish  scales. So tiiese were brought forth  and the surprise of those pre)lent was  inib-oiuwlod when it was found llu*  little baby, but a few hours old,  ueifrhe-d 20 pounds.���������Saturday Evoii-i  injx I'osl.  IIIALVSIOCK   ru ESI-] N'T l-M)  WARLIKE   SCENE  On Tlnir.s-dny nighl l'ialysl oh \,re-  KOivto-d a w-.'ii'like scene. One 'heard  incessant ride tiring* 1 as!ing-. till livu  in  the morion*;*.  "Alioui nine o'clock lhe next  morning* Pi*. Ui-iniot'/ky n-ceiced a  teli'p,-i-ani fiom Al. Ilrnnson. a mern  ber of lhe lower house of parliament.  .saying' ib.nt interior minir.ti.-r Stoly.  hin tho previous ni-riii had tel.*-  sjrn phei'l    I  lho   massacres.       Tmrnedialoly Tir  Roigi-otsky   f.how.-d   ihe   despatch     to  nn   r.fiicial    who     ane:>*ily   am we red.'  "Wo i now  our-v'tv,**"   v.h.'u   fo    rfl-e."-  l.:-ihli.in    r.vdr-r  y.iu    Jcv.-r,    have   tli  orship   of Bialystoi'  (C'orilr.ibtited )  I.adysiuilh is pio-^iissing, no one  will deny that. lindusuy after ui-  dustiy has tnnjn added from lime u>  til ne, and yesterday marked the beginning of still anotlier. Y,esterday,  al the back, aiwl a little to the  north of Mr. Kumming's soda-water  factory, might have been seen some-  1 i hi ng'large'and "white, spread out on  the green, apparently covering what  might seem, on first thought, to be  a maiiiglcd and 'mutilated l.d* ol  some poor unfortunate miner, but as  yesterday was an oft day at the  manes, that thought was .quickly dispelled, and a look of curiosity would  spread oret the individual's -countenance... '  However, 'at, about 8 pan., quite  a crowd of the most prominent citizens congregated in front of Mr. D.  .Khnson's place of residence, an:l  were evidently intently watching  Dave, who, with saw, hammer ami  nails, way busily engaged in ��������� niakin-r  a box of reasonable proportions, all  the while keeping * his right eye oa  ih.' white sproad, and warning the  bv slanders- to keep back from it or  thore would be serious trouble  Having completed the box, he.next  proceeded to attire himself in fifteen  yards- of m-:equito. netting' as some  tboiiiiht to keep out the night air,  but his aims, objects, .an-d intentions  .s\.o.i bceaine apparent to the curious  crowd, as he softly .approached the  white sheet'. Next he drew out a?  long liunting knife, and wetting his  I.tiger, tested its edge, and being Sal-  is li cil that if was in proper order to  in ii,v off a two week's growth, he  he next proceeded to intake a few  .dexterous strokes, and lifting a corner of the sheet exposed to view a  beautiful cluster of the producers of  our sweetest delicacy.  'l'he third act consisted of transshipping them from the limb to the  inner recesses of the box. Dave adjusted    his    monacle,  ami  l-ega-i     to  1 make a el0sc insiK-ction as they begun,   one after another   to_ walk    the  'gang-plank.     All  at  once he shouted  ,"I sec her!" and giving a sigh fi  relief, quietly adjusted the cover on  the box, and conveyed his prize to  his  own premises.  I    This    morning he  was  around     at  at  and absented hnn-  i* II from the scene without giving  o iters that " the {jovernment, con-  ��������� ���������.ni/ig the excesses is not <,,,, s-  i loueri, but the local police assumed  i'int lhe nunist'-y would not puui*-h  iiio.se wiio parucipatcd m the oc.L-  l-~'ak. it is tliis two laced attda-  di of the "oveniment, M. Stechop-  i in assorted, which was principally  i' .sponsible Thc report conclude-..  1 be minisi ry must be changed, and  on.* must be chosen fi om thc maj-  (nii.v in pailiament or otherwise  i^i.->sia    will  fall    to thc  level of Per-  ���������a  and Tiii-i.ey   and ultimately come  iidei the tutorship of a really uiitic  iii ed:'government "  'i he apprehension of an impending  .) itbreal:. at (iomc-l ^a.s increased  . i.dnv    by a telegram   from resideiiLs  | iliai" cit j' to Df-pnty Vinaeur slat  i  y    Ihni    a   tio(nl)  had  boon    disco.-  i'-il in lb.*- hott-j-e of a loader of tbe  i -\ .tint jomiry    league  of    T'at is  AT   THE  THEATRI  x5  -*-^-*-  t')ne of the most pretentious productions seen here this season, Will  te '"i'he Side-Walks of New   York,"  o -the  nuihorii ies  to  check  ,J.f:7   am^  looting for  an  expert ear-  I'.eiiter to make a suitable palace for  the queen and her colony, He is  also negotiating with several individuals with a view of renting their  Po not   imag-ine that   plots    of  blooming      vegetation  Jewish diet at- whirh to pasture his little hummers,  doubt make a success of his new ven  j   Dave had    * number ol years    ex-ture.  .viiieh  will   play  one night, >hat     ot  June 30th.. c  While a vc-ry young child, Ethel  Douglass, a prominent New York so-.  criety girl,'. was stolen by metropoli-  ta-ii l.andits and held for ra-nso-m. The  shock of her loss, however, was so  much for her aged parents,^who sec-.  u-m-1-oil to the loss leaving her a destitute orphan. Driven from her self-  instituted parenls by cruelty, she.  was raised hy another but r-cspee-  la'hle family and ultimately' married  a respectable gentleman of established position. Shortly after her marriage she was discovered <by a former associate who proved to .be the  half 'brother of her husband and who  is iilt-iiinak'ly the slayer of her. bro-  ,h:*r. Throngili her belief that her luis-  1k.nd is guilty of the murder he is  acci^.wl of the crime and is in turn-  saved by her pro-testdtion ef -guiit,  and the evcntial (iroof o-f the half  brother's crime through the intercession of an old sweetheart of hers,  whose biieohc sense, of humor has  s..-rved to relieve iiuviiy sitMat'ons  ihrougliout the action of ������^e story.  'i'he lirst drauiati'/ation of this powerful play is the sensational tho/i-  ti'cal event of the season, mia'in.;  an initial and sole appearance at tlo  0| era Mouse here for one.ni. ht, Sp.tr-  iirelay, June .'30th. Embodying ������very  condition that makes for a high-class  and lavishly staged production 'hii  play offers lh.- theatrical'treat of the  season and wiM undouh-tedly attract  Ihe. immense patronage which has  oharaoterifloii its ninueroiis v-niga^e-  tnents during  the current season.  Yesterday the Tyee Smelter reo^iv  ed the first shipment of ore from  th? Toksilia mine, the property of  the Vancouver Island Mining & Development company. The ore is ft  high-grade sulphide, the property being situated below Duncan.  pe. ience    in    the. apiary business    in  en ' yiinnesjisstqcjiialila |uaiiajica a^d will no  ': ' ������������������Iii THE LADYSMITH DAILYLEDGER  "������������������.  int DAILY LtlMK  Published   every   day   except Sunday  -BY���������  Till-; DAILY LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year  (in advance) $5.00  One Month  ��������� ... _  50 cents  SATURDAY,  JUNE,  23,  190G  JUis. AVoiiderly, who is an inmate  of the Methodist Episcopal Home foi  vhe aged, celehrared her hirthday ie-  cently. She is 103 yeais 0f age and  is the oldest,woman in Philadelphia.  If she did not have the family Bible to prove hei- age no one would  believe that she was more than 70  Her sight and hearing aie perfect,  -And her mind is as cleai as ever it  was.  |r-   VOU    WA.M   ACiVOli  CALL AT���������  J. X, Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS OPEN KlRsT   WEMU-'  ii  GOiiailTTKU   FOR  TRIAL.  Vancouver, June   122���������Johnny rJ'a<--  Jciiin   wa*  this    morning   ��������� coiniiiitted  for trial lor shooting and lulling     U  Vi-ivell    <*-t   White   KooU    Bay  on  Sim  day last.  Chief Joe C'lt'-iluno uclcd as in-  I erpreter, nnd thu ev kJciicu was  milch the .same ii** thai yiven at  ihe inquest nnd jlivadv published.  Tackiuu lisii-u/'d ca'cfnllv L-iiough to  the ev idenec hut his late uti"- pcrlei l  l.v piis&ivc. Uo seamed to taU������- an'  L'lipcrsoiinl inlcii'st 11-. the u lit- oi  the iiHtrdc-i'cd man und hei lirother1  told   iif   lhe  shooting  When tho- cvirlenti* via1- all in T.k  lvinn W������is asked ii hi had am, t Iui-l; In  snv Ih* s.nd llmi pari ol lhc* ev i-  deiH-e ^iveii w.is quili* I rue and pint  of u was nol He would not **ay  anything against the ev irlcnte now  fie would <-*n\ thc 11M m a hmhei  court  THE GENTLER* SEX  Thc latest leciuit from the lanki  of the Bntish aristocracy to ������n on  the stage is Lady Angela Fophes. the  yonn-o half-sister ol the foimei countess of Warwick, who, it is said will  shortly make hei debut at a London  theatre She 'belongs to a familv  lemarlaUilc in many -ways, three of  hei sisters heing considered among  the most beautiful women in England.���������Chicago News.  Put the whites of thLee egg1*- and  one cupful of povvdeiod sugar on a  platter and beat until light with a  wire spoon. Add a lew drops o������ Manilla and one and one-hall cupfuls ol  shredded cocoanut. Dtop twjo "tea-  spooufnls of the mi.vtuie on a 'hut-  t-ered pan a little way apart, anil  hake in a leiy slow oven until they  'feel   firm. ��������� Baltimore   I-'vening    llci-  ald   o   Gieat Britain, it is said, eats in  1hn teen weeks, all the 73,000,000 bushels of wheat which it  grows  Thc largest loavvs of bread baked  in the world aie those of France  ami Italy. The "pipe" hi cad ot H-  ah is Lak-od in loaves 2 feet or 3  feet long; while in Fiance the loaves  aie made in the shape ci veiy large  lolls, foiu feet- or liae reel in length  and, in many cases, even (! feet.   o   WILL PROSECUTE OIL CO.  Wa-shmyliui, .I line 22. ��������� Foi mat an-  liounuemt-nt oi Lho pm-poso of tin-  yovei nment lo prosceuU* the Standard Oil Com pans" v\.\f. made todnj  fo*. t lit* l nileil Siati"-- M t orney Gen  cinl    \lnoih 11    in|i|ienm    fiom      his  sLatC'iiir-iit thai tlu- pi- oi (-cilings in  the lirst liist.inie uill he hold under  the (einis of the KlUnnis law which  prohibit <, rchnlcs t:i Intorstiito com  lmicc The alt i.nu-v .geiioi al, hovv-  ovi-i, nixes not ac lhal in all pro-  l>al>ilil.\ should i lv investigation  In* is still mnkniH niMify it he will  biini- furl hei .ict ion against tho  Standard   Oil       Co'npanv   undei*   thc  terms of the Sherman Anti-TiuM  law, and also wjll lake steps lojn-  suic against the con I imituit e on lhe  part 01 the company, oi the discrim  inatiou in truths und tr.nispoi lati(m  nol now subject Lo jiro-eciition under existing law, but especially pro  v ided against in the ��������������������������� ikIiiijj, lale  bill.  Ti-onilhiem,  .I'lin*   2 t,���������With a ceiv-  monuil   inodihod   liom  the  old No'-so  foiins    I o   meet    the   inotlei n    Dcmot- . v lOTOKI A  rniic soirii  ui I he ( oiuii i \,    Kiiili  HitrM  * . I  nkob    VII  nnd  Qih-i-ii   "*In11��������� t"   al   noon-  tomorrow,    m   the      old    'I'rondhjfm | Koi  a cool,  lefieshing*���������  enlhedial    will   be  ninioiiil<-(l.   l-lessed  and -jivim crowns.  >.*���������*������  6ALED0AIAN1  Leads   Iheni    AM  IN 'utJAU'l V" *'���������  R. P. RITHFiT,  & Co.,  Ltd  I'.u-1lie  t 'i<t������!    Agency.  ^squimaH 4 | Nanaimo Railway  DOMfN IftOiV JULY 2,19IJ6  f:xcui*sicn I atcs  IN' EFFECT BETWEEN  Ail Station^  1 ickcts on sale Saturday June 30, Sunday, July isl. ancl  Moficl.iv, Tuly-t2^Cood;tro r������h^rn nbtjlater tl'ian Mon!, July 2  I     -    ,      V-  .������������������B.C  Ask for  ""tssssssi  WATSON'S  t  t.  DUNDEE  I  -WHISKEY-  **********************   The Cream  of Scotch Whiskies  Sunlight Soap l-' better tltun other snupn, but  's btat when uned in.tlie 5unli)j;lit wu> .  Ktiy Sunlight Soup mu] lolluw l>ircctiuii������   ^   Union made-Capital & Nugget Cigars  HOW TO BREAK UP A COLO  It may he ^ surprise ������,o many 'o  learn Uiat a severe cold can he completely brol-.cn up in one or two  il.-.'t.V time.' The (irsc symp'oms cf  a cold is a tli y, louil eour,h, .vpio  fuse watery discharge fio'ii t'e e&v,  and a thin, white coiti-iic on lie  tongue. When Chamt|>erlain\s Cough  remwly is taken eveiy hour on the  first appearance of thes.* symptoms,  it counteracts the effect of the cold  and restores the system to a he U thy  condition within a day or Uvo Foi  ������le by LadvsmHn Pharmacy.  ^^*mjmimam9W9Km9y*M9*mm*i*mmm9+BK+++9WBWtBk+9Wn+9WEB  DAY SCHOOL  Usual suhjects taught; also ian-  H'Jage������, idrawinK in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons g-lv-  i������n In classes or individually  MISS BER.TRAM;     Ladysmith, B C  RAYMOND &  SONS  ���������Dealers  in���������"  Lime,  Plaster Paris,   Rrick,  Fire Biicic and  Vancouver is-  j| Viand cement.  I    3 Pandora St. Victoria 11 C.  BATH  During the Summer  Months Call on ^    ., .  THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving Vailors,  etc.,    High Street  Double Train Service in, effect Each Day  rG,X. Courtriey,  -District. Passenger Agent  ."18 Government 5Jtit Viciori^B.C.  ''Ti. ?i  XX  k. J. HENRYS  mim������ ka^V m hn.<  THE HUDSON'SBAY GO,  Sole   Agents for B.   C.  FOR THE BIG5EST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  Call oo J. [. Smith  , llotjseand Sign Painty"'  k Tou Qoin������ fast?  Then b** surf your  tickets  reail   ������U  tht  North Western Line  The only line uow making UNIO>  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and -MINNEAPOLIS witfc thc  through trains from the Pacifh  Coast. s "'  THE SHORTEST ~L1NE, TV'  (���������'INERT TRAINS, THE "LOWES"  RATES.  THE VASTEST TIME  BETWEEN     -  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHV  OAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT*  ������nd ALL POINTS EAST.     *->  For complete information  ask y  IocaI nKtni or writ*;,  F. W.* PARKER  Gtneral   A g������������  '���������W 2ai Ave.. SeattU.  UndergNew ManaRinent  HOTEL WILSON  Jus* R. McK-nneii. Prep,  NANAIMO  Commercial  Mens' headii������avtcrs.  Modern and     Rtiictly  First  CU������s  Fire Proof    Buildii-j-.  ���������*&  MINARD'S LINIMENT is thc only  Linim-ent asked for at ��������� mv store and  the only one vve keep for sale. All  the people  use it.  HARLIN  FULTON.  Pleasnnt Har,  0.  B.  Low Excursion 1  Try Capit il   and Nugget Cigars  Rates  Round  Trip.  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR BOWEL  TROUBLE  Mr. M. F.  Burroughs, an old   and  welt-known    resident     ol-     BlufiUv  Ind., says:    ."I regard Ohamlb-erlaiir-  Colic,   Cholera and   Diarrhoea  Rem p.  dy as  the very .hest  remedy  for ho  vvel trouhle.     I make this statement  after having used  the remedy in    my  family for several years.     I  am -.ev.  cr  without it."    This remedy is almost  sure to  hc  needed  hefore     lh*  Bummer  is  overt      Why     not     l-uy  it   now and   he   prepared   for    Sudan  emergency?     For sale hy   . C.ndy  smith Pharmacy.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ��������� Katie fl.SJf) and!? 1.50���������  !ru> to all eteamhoar  I an'd int h a n ��������� 1  r.-vilwav depots. Glcctrit-Jrarfl^vory live  m*nnt������e to,all parts of the city. Bar  tvnii tahle unciscelled.  F. BAYNKS, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST., .VANCOUVER  B, C.  THE JONES HOTEL   WHIT 13   COOK���������  :iiicl  ���������WHITE   LABOK���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  OATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Ticlet" and~FreighV^iet*7T1>  .,  Oovernn^ent Street.-*    ��������� 94  a.., TranacaiOlfl-IP-tAl ..J"  L       Trains Daily     L  yT6?-JS8w;-T*-**������,;"i-.^  I - -C RIENTMrLIMITED *  The /Train ol  Ease, -Elegancse^ Excellence..  - Every  mile  a* picture,   aiid  uo smoke-to spoil-the. ,1'iew,.  Through Compartment,.,- Obr  servation  and  Pullman  Sleeji-  ���������ers;'   also    Through - Tourist  -Cars to ChlcagdL;to&.i>--'. i\t xicjj  At antic Steamship Business to Europe'  Is our Specialty  d   Union    Terminals   with   all  . Steamer' fines.-'" ""' ""������ "~"  Berth reservations by wirel  .   Great Northern ^<Sr Co^ ��������� -  ., FOR JAPAN i 4ND., CHIN,A.u  ,, Steamships Miiuvcsata and*Da.-  kota sail from SeatblefJoLJa--.  . pan    and China ^ports at i Ire-- j  .���������f.ueiir dates. ,j..Exact j sailing.,  dates can he .secured./ upoa ap-  ,plication..to.,ony' Great North- ,  ern representative. .'        ^ ..   -  S. O. .YERKEg.^u.^  ^ ....  ;      ,  A.O.P.A., Seattle! Wafl|iiii������^  E. R^SJERHEN^ c^ir,:.  cd,  ��������� ��������� Gcft.^gcat^,i,ya*totij������:, -jM>y  *.-/ /  NURSIES   QREEN-  lOUSEk AND SEED  HOUSES  -  1110  Veatninlter Road,   ^^  i>y\NconyEa. SF  Hit)  ���������r���������-v^ ;���������>-,-* ���������:���������_���������;���������* I  UeauViuartars for;���������  ! VACJFIC qROWiy CUrden, ilcld  and flower SEEDS   '  -lot distribution. ;  Ij^Large .stock   of Home    I  Grown. FhuiT and OR- J  N'AAiENTAL TREES  now manured lor Spring.  No expense, loss or de-  lay of fumigation or inspection  ~~> f   >lJ*i   .���������!!.., ���������>!   .   J  -'-.Let me srice your list  before  placing your   or-  ~^0.L <*e,r* Breennouse Plants,  ������sS-r.otal^P*pfcaiices! Fcrtiii-  JW>\ ������ers. etc.  ^* ;"801(h.lHeltniinster Road. ..I  '^%*ICOUVER, B. O. ci!  'ilLff   '- ,      .       , .     Vj  Pianos   & Orleans  Ladysmith. B.C     ,  JT^^L,  c>t-.7c>--jr;- c Ce"  Ctl    . ,j    iii- ^>   ^l-.li',     J. .������  lumbiiir and * Tinsmithim  >ADONE AT  Rea5biiawe Prices .'  j; ANDERSON  Leave ' of iters "at" t"eterson?s Futn  ' ture Store, or telephone No 5*. ,  Best accommodation (or translert  vail permanent hoarders and lodgera.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-to-  tlMe      Hates  $1.00 a day    and    ������p-  w\rd8.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  R>*-*l-t*j-������iU ���������������-<: :*���������- **-: ���������"-<��������� T^adyialtb  Ta  To  To  July 10 to  15.  (tar '  August 7, 8, 9..  Sept.  8,  (I,  10.  Toronto    v-  ,15  $83,75  Jane 4, 6, 7, 22   25.  July  2,  3,  Aug.  7,  8,  9.  TO   A L L  P 0 I NT S  For particulars  call  on     or  write E. E. Blackvvoovl, General   Agent,  Victoria,  B.C.  A,    D.     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  1   N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  GLASS      GLOBED  Wlien you   want a Cilasa globe  sec  that    you  get   tin*     globe  with the  rubiher  ring on     it,  as  it is   the only    kind    that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the rul^ier ring'  (8    cannot     keep    out  water, you  can    soe  that    hy ' ex-anninltig'  them.       The artificial    flower  that  is   put   into   the     globes  with   the rubber rings, is'{guar '  (I    an tor (1 to he the best, and   if  1-j5    you    want  a  globe    with     a  ||    Rvihher RinK,  ca.ll at Mrs.  T.  r|    X.  Jones, agent for  I H������NRY CREW  ,  m The only    place yon can   get  j������ Them.  | Role  Agent  in  B.C.    Tor     the  |! French    Wreath   Co;,  ofi  Lon-  % don,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,  I Cor. Como-c Pul. & Milton St.  ���������J NANAIMO  B.C.  SrE.-VM IIKATEti  J--UKN1SII    KOOMS  BAR SaPPUKDWlTHBR-rT  WINES, UQUORS, C10*.R������  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  _ ^ ..   : i v-v, _    ->-j"   (.-1      ������.������������'".   -->-t'*' j J,,    j ,,.  ,j     |,  ++-l--l-+'l**'fc*-l-+i'-k+*-f^,l,.,i,J-*<^^^  j     the .TYS^faKFERCO.', Ltd.     j  -ii vi;   i.-.  PUKCMA3ERS AND 5MELTER5 OF COPPER. UOLD AND  ...   S1LYER ORES.  Smeltin|j: Worlcs at  LADYSMITH,   B: C.  .^���������J-J.-'.'.l    JAJ    ;,C^i\  *      HEAD OFFICE ^^.~   - - -     II  ..>..;  f DllHCAJI^STJTIplli y��������� ^ y CUHMOHT'.UVtMSW  Vancoflvar Island, B.G.  _ .���������r..0-ii   X  le- ~,   . c-i,  )   _i_    _ +  *-f+M+-f-f+W*W++t+++++t-IW  .   i     .-._     , -1.X'.-- - rr2rrJr__         A. J. McMURTKIE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  LADYSMHIl,   .C  Good tables aud good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL-  DAVID TI.YN118', Prop.     ;  Board at reasonah'.e  Rates  Tbe bar is extra well  Stocked  This   Motel  has    been  completely       cenovaled.  Board  ���������������(!  lodging Jl.OO-pw d������y-  HOTEL-    PRETORIA  JOHN TKA, Proprietor  liar   Supplied   with  the  Best    Wines, 1st Avenue :-:  :-:  ���������-' Lariysinith D.C.  LirjiiorH anil Cigars. *-  I Lumber Co, ltd,  WM.  MUNSIK,  President    .1. W.  COfuniN, Managing  mrector        '  Telephane  4-1,.    '���������        '���������  <   :  ' '  '';?'^'-���������> ** "   ���������   J  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK    AND   LADYSMITH-"    -^    '    ' V**������     |  SHingle^s et Specialty,1 {  MANUFACTURERS  OF   Ilouoh and I>reMS������d Fir hih! 0������d������r Lumbers  *  *  *  t  LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC., '   of    the  BEST *  .QUALITY SEASONED.      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND      /  FINISHING  LUMBER IN  STOCK *  *>  I sTQVEsr: ���������;:;;: .^   ;st6Vesi I  t we are making HEATERS And RANGES of  I Latest Styles and Newest, Patterns-.We do  t        A'| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  \ Nickel Plating in all Its branches a Specialty  | Ladysniith Sto^e & Iron Works Go. Ld  P. O. Box 42.  f    TELEPHONE 53  '   ;i T       '"'"" "'���������'  ������...~...������.;..r*:������j.^..-^  .--."It.  -fi   .10.!  TH6CITYM  - R. Williathson Prop  isl Avjerwie: y :y.y     Li^MAiti rc.  .*���������_...-���������  ^ PArNf M; & Sri) haperhatoing  Neatly and Att'S'rlcaliy'fione:P        Orders  Promptly  Execute  -   LADYSMITH  ���������X   c:Jv:  'h../i\jUL<������?  S. ROEDD1NG- r  ������������������������������������;,   v,./3   :z,-^K,r^i  no:-}-)-/'-.  T ^^*^^**f.^****^*^***tif**********************^*.^.<*j*..  ;T   ,      !   ���������:.���������:    ;   JT*-     Si. i   i*.:   ca.   v.>.iim.'   -jw.-iuu.- < :iU.' 1  LAE /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE J  I    PIANOS,     ORGANS cA.NA:HOIJgEHOtD     K'URNITURh MOV- J  f ED. PROMPTLY A. ND SAFELY.      y:   y_ ���������������  ;���������!���������-     .-     :������������������:.���������.'��������� '.' .������������������ ..      ;������������������   ' ." " t  Stables in the rear ol the Lap", fsralth hotel.     Leave ordt-rs at;  tin ���������  '    '"'"       Abfcnt-1    ford. V J  ���������..A'*;*!'- -J--> t -ii:-.- ^  CA".    J   WASKETT, ''PRO-H. j  -i,     ************** **~t r ******** ***** * * ** ***************i * j  V:i% THE LAOISMITH DAILY   LEDORR  CUMBERLAND  NEWS  NOTES  ���������Affi*   Fred Pickard   met with a pam  tul accident last      week at   No      7  mine,   while  woiking with  a  set     of  fain and  block  and tackle   One   of  the heavy WocU sljppec]   ^ ^ ^  W������rkuw' "������������ '������������  on Jus foot,  badly  crushing- his tHo  small   toes and sh-  TJk,  ������*"* "WU������M the    ,hlId       .���������,���������  "1 man v,as taken    <��������� u,e    ,  -   where ih hospital  wnere <h��������� Wo���������L   Jnc|  '������<>**i Saturday.  VVord *a* been recent  *������tn.ct,on  by /lI0  e/lef(s   ol an  rs'and on Monday    "ui"  of the <Je-  ������  oi  tbe house and  A    J^lts  of Oennian  1'ickles w >i,  ���������������*V at the   t,mu,  Pjckk  and   about  was ieuio\ed  e  ami ������i.ui   ^ris  - disco.e-ed the 100f 0n hie  -he hrst tned to ql,eiieh it, rajhng  *������.    she lttn    to   Ul     D       piujcs  ������|wuLtthalfaiialiamUeavay,and  ���������etuimng. the tao lemo.ed evei*.-  thine irom the low iiooi Unioi  tuuatoJy the auiUes were piled to  leewaid of the house  the nine c*\eij tiling  the pile cauj-ht hie, aud was eniu  ly'consumed. The loss will appiox  ���������mate    lj-2,000.  The death ociuned ou SaUuday,  night ol the miant child ot -VLi and  Mis. Damel Stewait. Thc little  thing had always been a. delicate  child, but sUong hopes had been  entertained ol leaiing hei Lately  houevei .she got woise aud death  came to the son owing-house on Satin day The luneial took place on  Monday, the tollowmg young gi> It.  acting as pall beaiei-s, Mi&ses 11.  McDonald, K Stewait, A Fiame,  E Thompson, 'G Watson, and U.  Fin bow  two little ones, who had been in Lhe  othei room, at this point came in  unobserved, and tilting the tub a  quantity of scalding water was splashed  ovei   the younger,   a  beautiful  ts*g& r. fi rs-j   r% \a -j i  m  THE ShTUMj   t/LN���������IIer /athiiti  have disioiitaged tnaity u p,"ii!ij.  jim-t.  Vou fcan   ni^kc m,>5i������*-y  raisins chlch.*-. i i tho riuJil     jlJ,,,,^ Maker.  way���������loii  if  !i. ���������  fhe CSiathti:ri Incubator and  Brooder has cveuled a New Era  ii> Poultry Raising.  'i'he Aching [fen as a Hatcher  has been pro .en a Ccmiat-icial  lailure.  lbe (Iiii itnm Incu'* ai'������r ar.d  Rrootlt'i' huf> .liwaj'j  ;.)<'���������/���������. eti   a  =scnxzr~'������t-a9  % -i ������������������������������������ <���������<.���������������������'���������<  r  Firit, Class  RKJS FOR HIRE  WOOD   \.\TD S \ItK FOR S   ALR    AND    DELlVrRCD  J_.x ^     EXPRE  SS WORK  ������iftvS) JOHNSON  phone 66 Ladysmith  *���������������������������������������������������������������-���������.,������������������������������������������.���������.*���������������* ������.���������������������������������������.  !������������������������'���������������"���������������<"������-������������������������*'-*"���������"'**" *  N1)oiie'i(.n..'.ii.i u.   > i-ii>i*m*\ inr-.i-.i-n-   t ijijJh^, Pk-asjat ^ndProfll-  l.i' . I'S .Mill   ItUCl  ll������   !JU"i   lllll JUUI....-1     ,    ',,������������������������.-    ' f -,.  i usiii liio i ii.ii .imi ii i imi.i ---.in ������������������'���������!(    uble iSvsuivhb toe' M vn.cn  I:    II  r     Ul     lf.<   (  t   \     'I 1)    ( ,    I      <  I  I    .III    III     I II  ill  LIS til   LIlO I   lllll   I I'll     .      . -  llll-..   lll.NIIKlO  IIIDI.    * II    \   Ml   *.   Ill   (Illlrftt'lllC .,.������������������,     ,,     I,,   111  ol.l I I. ntli.it m>h tn i-ii.     --il'Miii.iip.niHiy      ->li'i-    ������������������ "������"''   ' -    ' I  tiv:������^^r-'"uhl ������"^^:^\>:\;r  In    ho In-t. pi".    ���������������   t    i piii. i* to .n.i l hit .''il1"  I oil!  ii Ui il < i- i 'ii-i  'i   , -T-  ������ ��������� .I'll llii ill ni Hi        \ ii\ \ oi i in >>i !i  i I   I i   I ' i '   '  -Im ilil  1 i\    in i n ���������  I   i.   I i  i   m it  'nop   i! 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I  i    in ii li i''n��������� il liil.e <nrt  <    i\\ iii. <���������<< lion IIi^lo^  <.   i i ,  \ i ii In in I -g*i limy in tr  H i   - in   ui'iu \\ o .is lo niulie  WOTtCE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consume! s afft requested to call at   the office    ou Roberts   Street ai  iay Water     Rates, Setweeq the 10th    and the 25 th of each in   iHi.  Office Naurs I P. M. 4.30  T. F BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  HI   I   II   Cl. ' III II-1   1}  till.I I  (ll III    1 I 1*11 ,' lll'l/*-  I   ll  I   Ul  I        I III   ll  I Iii   il'    ,', i i ii-, . ' llilin mi'1 iieier be t  i n.i i un,   I i 111.1.-1     llu l. i u' ���������������������������*���������> is Lu las  l./-,-   llll   -11    -llOllill   111    li(-[l   i-l    it       'i ill*   ontj  n      i j ��������� i   jiii'i.i'   pintil s lo In Kin UK-lit  NOTICE.  Notice is hcioby gi\en that I intend to apply to tJie Board of Li-  oonsing Conunissioocrs of the City of  Ladvsmith, at it nevfc sitting, foi a  transfer fiom myself to ITani} Hl.ui  of the license to sell spuituou-s anil  fermented liquors on lot thice (3),  Block twenty-six (2G), on the premises known as the Cecil Ho(tel, situated on Kirst Avenue in tli������ city of  Lady smith,  B.C.,  Dateil this 15th day of Jun(*, A.  D.  1!)0C. '  -CrEOR'Ci.E  HANNAY.  By.his Attorncjy in  fact,  ���������   licnry Rcifel.  mil im ipi   ilili  .      ....  .. ���������<!  lui.i .        .   .     ... ������������������ - -     --,  .11   I  I   l'l      l   . tl      ll       l       i.ttillllll     lU'W n    Hi,,!        *1       i   ,,  |,   (    1 ( <      ,       ���������     l um  l       l     III    I -.'at    |  ){      (   '    it   l I'll  111    llll    llll    II lIlillJ'JllL  III    i* il    i. i    A -     I    i i'n < Ii i"u >i Iiii i li������l  i m',,      ,,,   ke      n       ,,   ,,       pi,    :, >ic (    i,    i    \\ ilk mi   i   ii     i iiii.i   mu i in tn ���������rin li ilclmig  i l I'lL ll 1 oil   i   , it III      11 i. l.i i j. ou    11   1 .1 in. .���������, ,, , v    , ,,s I   i     I     HI       i-  ii  ' i I -t oi     on  i i ura'i         l������- i>     nil lui  e,.,-^.      . 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S ' i  -ii.v  S III pi    .li  C '.ill  C .1 li t  2 I   I   t    l  s ' '"'   ���������*  ���������l II   l      I  5 ' )   1   |l|  i1 Hi  tl uliitl       ^  j] llll ll  .   t  i  'I ll ip       t. I  8 i . i  >  i u n.  i - too i   .*'" p   us nre  I       lis   till,! i- ill ( \I_C11 of  It I II      1 ill llll, MIIL toil  p    l l   ,(   1 1  III l I l  li loi  i Pun i 'in ud in  iiml  i        tilt   lipi,   a  .lie-  i ifelit  I i i-    ' l   l 11 I ci mlo  1    j,,   I-, t i       In \   m I iltc  i      .     I    - jn   .   ul.l ii" tcr  i       i. i-  i    i. ni i   t  n   1 o po.iiUy  l l|,< I   ll I U  it I   1 r   j)    ll.OllK It  I,.    1   I .    . li ll) I. ll    I  III .U    U"0  i i 'ii    ii       u'i -I nt il       11   I p<*r  i   iiii  i   iii it.il  |il unit  I ) ipeiul  ii      i     t'tj   * i. 11 iiii (.In. siieiml  Express Work  Light Teaming.  Others With-  Wood and   Bark   for sale.    Sea J   KEMP, or   leave  W. CARTER.  nR.*?T AVENUE  PHONE     &0  CROUTON  NEWS  Ci ofton,    .Tune 20 ���������(Special    Cot  IS THIS FAIR ?  1 iki i ll t  i I   iiiui.it l 11 n- ii/ < 'i ilii'iis  inn1  n  I   'i  I  ii  u.ti:  *������ i.  ij  i i   u  i   i'i  11  ���������'*i.-!-Mli J  .ti . rn������ i������"  <      I       I  I     llll  You Fav l'c: ns Ci������rih  i:l Mk-r teiTj llw*Kit \  ^^i--Z3H������'.W*"'������.1J ^^���������  I  J  J  I I -        *  II I       I    I  1 III  .      li,    fit       <     I  I       l    I    (.1   1 1  '   , l'l     JCL.   '  I   I       |. l Im   .  I   . i   t i >     t  I -   j        i      ill  lit t      I  t III .   I..  Ill' 'Iii     ll  Ti-? Ml -*il:  -3  t  i  i^ .      uii   - . i .ii  n  J     . l  On        .     C  '     i   I      n.   i t   ..   |      l       J  i   ii    In t     i   1 t n   i.l i  i ' ( .1     lllll    .    =.       ll  .     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I ���������;:,  < ��������� ���������; u\ <   n . - a ti .,    II JJ     Ij; ^ ������ ''l'   * s"' ���������������" ^rc.i.tu.B ot lune and  h-"v,J     l  ' '  1,|    >'"                                  , "V'i'i-!iiil,t mi-*tii3 tin' i e Mill fPl}0unpin  ii  n' ��������� i i. n - i   un *   in'ji   l i u    ia   Mil Ul,, ��������� uiLls  iM^im.^ so  tU.it ion  lan mako  ui hi i- till     'li       '..i       in    111 I  fill, of uoiicruj t fiom llio '. i l  ii Ihonl n-kinffor  it "-I  i      '               "  '        i"    li   *J"' i si i., o 11 ni uom ton mini .ilin 1'Wii harieiU  l)k    ���������         '   i ,i n      . s     i        in i I.iloi It in* kn.-ii or ifii c t olli ** m   tonlilmakext  II,,      ,,    M.  i       Iii    ,1.1.1  imlsiii Wnlc us a post in 1   tilth loin   niuiie aiio  j    i , | in       i|      .ii'   ii nl Ji   il.ii iini iif'ilii is anil ii 11\ ill 1,0111'   on lull pititifiila.il- an  i'i  -lion '   in '   I ��������� ill          t. i   ii 1   iniii,I in 11 ii, out be ml il nlli iN i ti lit il hook  " How  i ,1,    i 1.1 .     i   i i-iiillj    Un I'ii   H.uli  ,(o in ike i.iouei oxa ol c'uika     \\ uli to diij*  1   \1 i i lo < h illi n.i  nl I  il'tii   J5i t i lou, Iiiouii, V inn pig  New \\ eiliulnatei, 11 C    Montreal  ���������Synopsis of'" Canadian 'Homestead  I I'.      T '  Regujations  ,.^Any   -available    Dominion    Lauds  within the Railway Belt    in British  Columbia, may be   borueateaded    by  <i{ any person who is the sole head   of  ies*Hm.dwice )��������� Oa   TfJeVdi-n   "last     a  r '       Jl lt5ji*,������j  btiawheiiy social   v,Ab held xm     aid,  ot this Ciofion Count������y4 Club  UiKlci thi, ������nio>able .leadership oi-'a -fauiily, or any n**1*5 o*er e ghteea  Al.s Dunne a first'Jiate progSommW|F6*" of'aB������. ������> ������������ <*t*Ilt o������ one-  ������as syc^-tartilrj   'ian-W l&tffgh ']    j ������!������������"<* sectlon of  1C0    aCies-     m������ie  The iloial ilotoialions haVe-'a   very  .it ti ail n i,    ajipeaiaiicu'"to'^iW   "Iialr  .     i ..      t -- ��������� ** y^j.  and  one  lull   thui  it   was not ne-ios-  i   --   ' J^''.    >.-^   i.-  buii   1,0 s������.i   ihg jjietty   emblem, duno  ui iuai������u������i ilea   on the walls to Livovv  .MM  .1    .1  ii i i i i i   Mm  6IJ  -.V-f c  M&&EVL CO., Limited, Bept. No. J5 A CHATHAM, CANADA  l&\  ���������11-3  you.-prices-.,pH -a--good--Fanning Mill or goad Farm Scale.  i  TENDERS.  ���������  Tencte'ris* will be received hy  the undersigned up till June 2Gth,  for permission to erect and conduct reftesli-  . meiit    booths,    etc., on  the.   Bunl-cr  Grounds, !and    also a separate   tender for same privileges  on the Spit  . on   Mir.nday,   Jul}'  2nd.    .Tenders* for  each place must'be entirely separate  /'���������':". yy'j.-*RYAN,'.  ��������� yChairnion  Groiinfls'   Com.  Ladysniith, B. C.  A shocking iicirident pi'cilrrod on  Sat-.ui'dtti: oyoiiing' at"'Air.. Joseph  Slant, jr's. house. Mrs. Slant, had  placed    hot   water   -in   tin;    children's  ���������tub   iind   turned   lo -draw   some   cold  ���������'.���������.-.:-.      -*...:-.*��������� ..-.-.       ��������� j  water to prepare their bath. The  liltlc boy of about I't months. His  screams . al .once apprised his '-moth  or, ,.\vlio stripped .his, night shirt and  found him to be terribly scalded  from chin to toes., ���������' Medical, assistance was at once procured, and all  done to relieve the little fellow, with  out avail, death coming- at 0 o'clock the next morning1. The suddenness ol' the affair-��������� has completer  ly paralyzed the 'poor, mother ' who  caii scarcely realize that her pretty  ���������little ' bey, a favorite with all who  knew hiiii,. is now a lifeless corpse,  the victim of such a shocking-, and  encxpected accident. The greatest  sympnlhy is felt hy all-    'The funeral  CROWNED KIMC AND  QUEEN OF NORWAY  Trondhjem, June 2  noble ceremony which  kon and Queen Maude todn.y were  invested witli i.hc crowns of ^Norway. The time the circunistanccs  aud memory fi-avii the occasion a peculiar solemnity.-- that produced an  impression     ihroiiyhoiit   the   proceed-  A business man's rainy day  or Waterproof Boot without an  equal. Ask to sec them at  your! dealers.  L 169 Men's Tan  Chippewan  Veal  Kip  Waterproof Boots  Hand made- a rail brass -.rivet ted  have single sole and slip, celluloid eyelets and hooks. This  Boot will give you satisfaction,  -.PECULIAR AND PERTINENT.  John Williams is a l^bor meniiber  of thc British parliament. Before entering* politics lu* was ordained as a  Coji'gax'^.itioiial minister, aJid still  preaches.  j Justice Holmes is 0ne of the most  peculiar judges the supreme court  lias ever known. In oriler that he  may preserve, his mind free from distractions of information and misinformation that wou! impair his efficiency aud wisdom as a jurist, he  does not allow himself to read the  newspapers.  ���������.1.1. .was.:   a   ig-ns    had   taken   their   places      upon  King     Haa-   the    dais   the  eiergy   in   white    robes  disposed ' themselves    in   a  semicircle  about   ih'e   altar,   the    music   ceased,  and  fhe    bishop  of Trondhjem    arose  and'road the first  lines  of the  hymn  the import   of which    was     "In    the  name    of  Jesus    all  things   must  bo  , ,       , , , , done"   led by      the  organ orchestra  ed into   a cold sunless day  and  sear | '  cely a sound,  save the tramp  of sol-! and chorous,    the    audience  sang'     a  diers,    the roll   of f.-ai-i'iago       wheels, ! melody    that   might   have   been    sac-  ���������    * 1   . .  and -acoasioiial   shouts  biol'e  the  sil-   ritictal   rite   ot the    N'orsejnan'*-*     an-  eiicc   until all the city bells aiuiounc- . vient   barbaric    faith.    The king-with  cd to  the awaiting  asseuiblngo.   'that a   printed     programme  tho Royal family had.left the pa lace ; joined in  ihe   singing  and were proceeding    to  the  iiithedi-  that all wei.t   welioine  I        J     ii   l       i.*.      .^4.^  lhe suu.ubeiiies   aiid aearu   -Ai-nt  as only t,Liawbc-iues  aad cream   can  r *      -��������� -    " *j        <���������   *"'  KO I  ��������� I' _     ��������� r*   j      (-W- J~ jt~* .. -*-  SeveiaL contests, ^-weio Ji^ld iQt.  both joung anil old and naucb.^es-  utemfint ^As^.,, J^.tnc^eu^ivji -*^o  were tjl*������Ji>y78^wj|n-wta..������vjC,onsdej-������^lb(l#,  euthuaj^m^^jvas .aUjo. AtoHsed ���������o\fir.  eereroi giu?ssnnf ipwppttuons.. The.  wmuefis \>������i-a..to-be "aovled^^or tfao  pi lzes ji were inany������v-and -good.  A sfjootmg-gaHisryiKwas the scene,  or jmuch' interest. -������-A rjahiarl.Able^iiJ.'d  uniqiui collections of art works' was*  exhibited t*h-lck'"at|Jonce fillell^'-th*  beholder yvith ^I'onderjinieni-qfiitf Syrei-  once  the.fasc.inatlnjf '-^gn-e^bf 't,"the':,ono'  dancerss 'was 'oh^'exieeS^M'r'^fi'^ n,'":1  i ri.* r >������$:  &;^*-)jTS)   .-.,-3*^r.ijy  or-less.  <. Eatry-'must be made peisonall) at  the -local laud oflice for tfcc district  in-which the land is situate,  '���������The- homesteader is required to pei-  -form the conditions connected therewith under one of the following  plans:  "(4) At-feast six   mouths' residence  upon and cultivation of the land - in  each-year"for three years.  -f(2)rlfthVtail������er, (or" mother, if the  father, is-deceased), or the 'homesteader -resides upon a farm in tbe \icmi-  ty of. the land entered foi,  lhe    te-  .quirements   as to residence may    be  satisfied by such.person residing with  Uie-lather or mother.  -(������*���������> It the settler has    lus permanent'residence upon farming Und ovm-  *d by him in the wiiinty oi his home  *.tead,   the re<iuiremcnts  as to   re->i-  denoe'may  be   satisfied by  residence  the said land,  monthe'   notice     in     \vriti..g  be given to the Commissioner  of-lJominion Lands at Ottawa of in-  ���������J'tentipn to apply for patent.  .   .....     ''/sate-'- _  and   this, wilL, go. .to.w'ftjds.jthe   hall.,, .,     .,. .. -������������������  c-   '-s:"j"- ���������--,'-'    -^4-h*-' ������*?*������������������ j��������� j,,i-vj:<^.  'acre's can be aqauired by one mdivi-  Somer .delay  has^bee^-aecessary,...h^riZ.r-:- ������      w       *     *���������  >-��������������������������� *���������*-.   ^'���������-���������������������������.?-y*-'^'^--:*&^''*it(&i:-0t,.oompa&y.    Royalty at     Uie  lore  its  ercciion,; ,buu.weirlarj*! ., a-lad.*-,*. ,-.���������...    .; ^    ������*-���������.* vy      J   ,-���������,������'  i  -    ���������:.  ������������������:---Si~':-,_-������������������>���������**������*������������������"'*,- :������������������������-.   -'rate   of ten cents per.ton of   2,ti0u  to report   .thatv.biuldipg .operat'ions...,,..,:..��������� ������������������������������������. ��������� .        .   ,,    .   . -   ,   .  f               -v. -i-~^,^'t         -  (pounds shall    be    collected     oa  the  iu*e to.commence Timmodiately -.*>;-������-.-..-.'��������� ~  ' - - '*���������������������������*">���������*-- .**��������� ���������*-.-:���������'.   .���������'��������������������������������� gross output.  .''-'������������������"; W. \V,  CORY,  ;Depiity of the Minister ol Interior.  .Mrs,..limine and.hCr^.pnQrgetic^cpni-.  liiittee -are; to- be :.cong*^a.tWlited.l,on  their : uutiring efforts .**��������� .'-jv-hich .' -Jhaye-  been so successful.    -:.-. *.;.....   ������.;���������>,  ~ 1 :���������~ ~~~ :'.-. .  :���������:'.:  ru  liis   hand  Attempted  Murder.  ^-,ndon, June   21.~What may tiev  maids of honor .-advanced towai'd,tb������;;.'*-'v .  '���������'��������� ,. ,.    .+   ���������������������������;���������'��������� .' op mto a sensational case of attemp  throne.    She  loolcedv'tfegalin, a j robec.^ir.ts"* -.      - *��������� .  ^ '��������� - *     -   T     ^   ���������  .. -,6 .;   . etf murder is reported   from   London  of gold   moire-<tii'ibi-oidcred ��������� with ail-Vfevj^::*'.        *,T      -   ,.    ^1 ���������' *��������� ���������j v_���������  b ..    ...".* , ��������� Junction.   Young larcner   named iar-  ver and pearls.'   She Avore  a    crOwm  of   diamonds.     The   crbivning'  repor  un'g f  fick'was  successful . at   a   game     of  cere-*- ���������'*'--'��������������� -  cards,at a ���������j-ainbltng- den of   Asylum  ���������cpreseiitnlivc  Nutwegians.      visiting  murage ami happiness.    After .he se,       ^0^0njire ^^^."^rted. ^   ^   ^ ^ ^   (o {ho Q  ���������rinces   ami   Princesses,        noblemen,   xi.-e.ihe lirst   par,  of . lie .-antat.-V ,wa4   to   t'^ V^ed   Kin-^xni   from,   W-    J);   ^ -^^   ^^   ^    ^     ^  iplomats  and   distinguished   foreig-n-   .vnd.-i-ed, tlu*,,  King. J luaUon tuc-ced^ j ;va>;   t^  dePoS;its;.;^iear ^Flcl^efjord-   (>n ^ ^ eQ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^  Andrew    C'arnQgie    has      promised  $12,500 to Morris Brown college, At-  al.     Already  the ancient edifice light  ed  by festoons  of elect ric globes   was  thronged ��������� with   a, brilliant     company, i  Ko  I  d  ers   aiul   mag-nilicently   uniformed   oli-  fii.-ers of  fhe armi.'s anil  navies of llu  world   occupied   places    on   I he   front  benches.  At Ihe rig-lit of tin- aisle anfl ne.-n*  the apse nil bin suiod ���������lhe tlii'oiie  facing the high altar. sal today'-*-  greai man oT Xoi'ivay, niche I sen, iu  company with the griz'/led staloirn-n  forming his 'historic cabinet.  At   eleven   o'clock  tlio    mem bora   of  After the confession and the Te  Ileum, ihe bishop of t-hrisi iania  delivered an impressive .sermon,  through   which   ran    a  clear   note     of  bishop    of  Bergen *r'announced :''the"*"., ���������??:.���������-��������� T���������   .      .,       , ,.    .   .i,,.^ ,,,-  ' . .   -������      v.-'    .j--;*.  .    .���������      vbuiltling-.     It. is "alleged that three ol  benediction,   and -,the   ..President     of^.i   ~ -_  ,     .     .   . ,     . ���������>.  ���������-   ��������������������������� .   ���������     ,..-'-���������;,-,������������������-   >,. .- .Uiemen ho had   been playing-   with,  the   Storthing   proclaimed   the    com- ''",   ���������/.; . . , . , ,  ,  "...   b   '..-���������?.   r    ���������       ���������.- ,.  , waylaid him  on his  way bonne,  club-  pletion of the cerenj.o'ny.  .   ' ��������� ���������,   ;';'.''.o.  ;    bed,,ajKl kickod him   until he was   t'n-  sensiblo,  and  t.hcn   dragg-wl  him thro-  the   cabinet    in   company   with   leail-  tha  lanta,. f.-.r an  industrial   building     in   i%  Norwegian   cler������ymen    with  case'a uertain sum  is  reached.     The  'ofl-^'ating bishops   marched down th  I  Manufactured by  ���������J LECKIE Go. Ltd  VANCOUVER, B, C  college was founded in J SSI hy the  colored people, of Georgia. Stiideats  in attendance come from 2S states  of the union, and from Africa, Cvffatl  Jamaica and Elermuda, numbering  about 1000 in all.  P     Warren   Bel chef,   for  53  years post-  ifi master at   Winflm-ipe, Mass.,   has  re-  8  tf signed to  be succeedod   by  his   son,  j-3 I^.vid  Belcher.     In  time of   service,  ������! Be was tlie oldest postmaster in the  United States..  long* aisle of the church to await the  king- and queen in tlie pavilion covering- tlie entrance. Ten minutes Intel- while a shaft of light shot  through Hit* cathedral, as the ureal  -portal was thrown open the orsynii  with a cash of melody hee.'.in In  pour I'oiih Ilie weird yl rains of Ihe  national anllu'in. The vast mid fence  arose tn receive the youthful ��������� sov  erigns who marched slowly down the  nave under the red and p,old of th.*  Imperial   banner.      After   thu    sovor-  by   the chief (>f  the  royal  walked  to lhe  (hi'oiie.      He  ivus g-ravtj  and   (lig-nilieil.     His   long'   purple,   nnd  ermine     robe     was     b.'ii'ne     by      live  young* nuval  oflicers.  P.eside him wfti'ked his iiiiiitary slflll'  one bearin-** the royal st aiulanl. ' a  mediaeval picture in strange. .'on  ti-a.-u "to the ilre.-.s cc.atir. and. jVari-  ������������������<:( colored toilets of the*"20 ct-in-  inry assembly. Dnr'iiijr 'the ���������invest'Ure  i he silence of. the spectators was nc-  cmturited by soft. ' niusi'*, fi'tim Die  .uv'-aii. After annoinl nienl. anil' prayer, ihe crown finally war) placed "''upon the head of the- Ivin;*- hy'' Vre-  niiei-  Afi.-lieh-.r-ii.  lousi-hold | ,lavin8'i   i1 is ..-"'nderstflod, ^beeo   sold  'o -a  British cpiivpany. y Tlie' produc-  -"'-   ������������������-   11)05  Is'lgiveiv.as   aljipiit    "29,  lion  in  to as.  ed'-by thr. first train, but the prom  pt action of Olio Oulderson, .a station  man    saved    Yarlick'a  life.  Constaiitinoiile " ^asy.six^^lH^reiit ��������� ._r������v  sources of water supply. " ������>on),e.;\of  11 tain's, constructed, bv . tht** pre#e*nt.7sVl" ���������  these; are dah'gerpus, .but .the, ^.taun-:  tan made it possible, .for'.'.even!,,", the  poorest to get pure, w^ler at,'~ .any  time.    ... '.'..'. ''  ...     . - 18.'lP.0SfEp'"r,,_Jfv...  Weeks���������I hear. JayifcjOy.^is,.. thiniingi of  buying a place in the country 'An in-.  i, (.ailments,  '���������-'���������������������������  Sweet���������iHow much ..has..he got. cd it:  so far. ? "'":~   '    y ".:,:  "0.1  As  Ivin;.;*   (Taakon  walked  doivn    th-  loiav  aisle  to  th'1 duis   wearing   the!   Weeks���������I believe he's ant"the .lawn.  crown  and car-i-.v ing   tin* scepiiv and rnower.��������� Cincnmati. .Commercaal-r'I'T.U;  "i'ii.     women  -wept     -ind    t"1"      also  hune. . ......  ut-re iiioi ed. Once more Die orchestra iind chi-mms broke into music, and (piei'ii Maude accompanied  h,\   one    lady   in   waiting*  and     three  Try a Province Cigar.  ���������+.  "I can't understand why tliey call,  ed   Henry   VIII.   'Bluff   King   Hal.' "  'Well, why not?" ;  "A man with six queens doesn't-  need  to bluff,"���������Cleveland Leader.  Gciog ior Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea  Remedy.  Don't put yourself in this man's place,  bnt keep a bottle of this remedy in your  home. There is nothing so good. for  Colic, Cholera Morbus, Pysentery and  Diarrhoea. It is equally valuable for  Summer Complaint and Cholera Infan-  ;liaud and has saved the lives of mora  -nldldren than any other medicine in use.  pWhen reduced with water and sweetened it is pleasant to take.  ! 'You, ov some one of your family, are  sura to need this remedy sooner or later  and when that time comes yon will need  lt badly; you "Vvlll need it quickly. Why  not buy It now and be prepared for such  ������i emergency?    Price, 85 cents.  ���������5#*' mmmm  *  SEC  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER      .1, j ��������������� 7*���������~  "'���������&>���������*? "V  .4b.  n "*"..  AUSTRALIA MAKING  GREAT HEADWAY  Your  Monty  Refund-id  Iit Die de.il*-  I from ������ ho in  j \o<i buv Sun  I 'u'hc Sr>������|) K  vou fin 1 All\  nuue (or  I rani]iltlnl.  Sunlight Soap is better  ttfrart otlte - roups, but is  best when <ase<l in tbe  Sunlight way.  $5,000  reward will  beiwuiioam  perton   wlio  groves tlmt  unli*:lilSo������|i  oonlKiro ������n>  i n]uriout  rli*Ui!''������U or  ���������.liy (arm et  ���������KiulWrntion.  Equally good witK Hard or soft -water.  Lavttr BrotliGr* "Limited. Toronto  ���������J������  It has been cpiue ilio fashion of the O.JO  < .ipitalist piv&s to bay iha-t Aus- o \ u  i alia 1.1 going to the d<*mniiion  i ini-wow!. Cause, government ow������-  i.slnp of lailvvny. and telegiaph-?  ��������� ������������������nipul'sory ui lunation laws, uud a  m.ei.sa) 8 hour day  However, the lollovwng Irom lhe  \e\v York Sun, oi A|������nl 2."������, l'.'Oo,  >.ould   mdu'ule ,t   dmc-H-nt  tale  Thai   ihi*    Coiniuomvcalth  oi     Aiii-  iialia   is  inakiiig   headway   thou-      i-.  nu doubt,     Hepoi'ti from   all souici".  ���������-how   lhat      With a population     not  much    ovei       1,000,000   thc  iwieinul  i Hide    ti   one   and   one   huh      tunes  Kieatci    than    tlmt   oi   Japan,      and  five tunes as large as that ol   I'oitu-  g.il     Since the federation oi  the   v.u-  ious     colonies    mto    the     Common -  wealth,   Januaiy 1st,  J90J,   the     8,-  000 factories   with    18:1,000 workers  have   increased    10   12,000   factories,  with   203,000  workers      In  uetoi u*s  li.i-.ing   less   than    lour  uotkeis   07,-  ��������� ������o0  persons    are   employed,   making  the  total   ol   lac tor*,   workers      i!70,-  .\uslialia is last  becoming her  itiauuiactiiiei  POINTS OS SPRINTING.  for the start.     His fibres must  also  ���������������������������������  ���������*���������  ��������������������������� ho tiawed so that he does nxr/t    fall  An athlete's effoit to gain   sprinl-01"1  the mark in anticipation   ol the  my, honors    should be made in    hiss,nJlfis���������. Ihree hreeches of this   rule  initial    move at  the starting    holesa,e  sufficient for  the  peina,hzation  oi  oi  t.oanls, s.ns ihe ( hic.ipo News       the athlete, and he may he set buck  When  ho is  told lo  "&et    on    the |anywhole fiom one to three     yards  oi  locomotives jm.uk" he should kneel with {oes   o'i I   w,icn fc,lc riaok of the gua_   comes,  ���������lie foot failhest hack comes fotward  ha j voters find othti    kinds, oi  inach-!"*" sl><>^  do-.i-u.nat.-d  for  them,     anil  I let   in.in is named to assnt !' n>-,,c-     -il'ca/1 The next comnnan-l  1 Uom the     staitoi, maiKs the  jv.'heie   the ie.il  can*  ie*������ai-rl'n&  point  i.ieiy  ii *r  nuuiul.u t inc. s    and    to     provide  woik    lo.   he.   own people jwh������,e   lhe   ���������������������'���������������������   c-*lt>   iPfiairtmft    pi>M-  Thii total annual   pi eduction    uom'*-"   cm  Slaiting   loii'd,   poise  oi bo-  .i iiK'uJtiuc,   iiasioial    put.suns,    inin- dy  And   poise ot ihe .head,   must   'l.e  n.g    and   innniiliiilui-i-i,   sa.vs   Sir.   .1   -#,),sci >ed      At the    woi'ls  "get  s-A '  llu-  i linnet  assumes  a  sun ting  posi-  GAMBLING BY MAIL  Gambling by post within the past  few yeais has attained enormous id  mem ions With the advent ol ' he  lUt lacuifi season in Iingland, the  post-o.nce.s of towns- ni Holland such  as Midtli'ilburj; and Flic-huia,, which  normally Kepi in stoc\ suflicient  stamps io suppH a population ul  20.000 |er&Q s, have io \a\ in sui  ficieiit to meet the iivmiicmoni*"; ol  100,000. From tin,.fad al0nc it  will he appaient that gambling, hv  post is protita'ile to (lie Dutch, oven  though it spells nnsei ���������, l-i thousand**  of foolish peisons iu'ie  It is aho.it tluilet>n wmis, saw*.  the London D.ufv Mail, sinu* the  fust betting agenc\ was established  in Holland When luif commission  agents alter a few veois soiomn r.t  Calais and Boulogne weie forbidden  France they loo' ed aiound foi a  fresh nave-i not too fat fiom I'-hr-  lanrt and finally rome&ted permission  to tiansact their business in Holland,  It was gianted.  I'oi-iest, lieusinei of the Common  " ealth, has now teached iiea.li ^>0������'0  v 00,000 l''.\tens.\e iailw.iv ih-vel-  upmeiil has broughi this about \iii-  iiuIim lias liiuli l.")'(i0u mile-. ot  i.ulwn.vs al a,iost ul I#ii70,000,-  ���������'00      The g.oss  rcvf-iiue    is  .--.liO.OOO-  000 a \oai', Aiid altei pn.v ing all  woikiny expenses then- is .t piolit  e(|ital   lo  HI   pe.   unt,   on   the    i ost,  1 lus ihe mis! mdiit'ci piofd, Whuh  alwa.ss iollows lailvva*, development.  Uiiiiiij; the lasl ten \i\\'s ihe ex-  teiruil tiacle ot the I'o'iimonwealth  has uu leased uom S2S0,000,000 a  \eai to y.'iOO 000 000 a veai, and in  lhe  last   loin    \eais  tin  lieen    S80.000 000  mm,  with the elbows just  ahead   of  lhe  foremnsl   Kni><*.   allowinii,     thui*.  i,u.uleis  of  tlie  wciiihl, ol  th.-*   loiv  to   fall   ou   Hit*   aims  and   shouhk-is,  a.wl tlu* U'liiaining foice on the   hips  ������,nd  leg>      The .spuntcL  is  then m a  l.osition  wheie the  back and    wJnch-  c\ei   leu,     the    athlete puts  foi waul  lorm a   lettci  "Z."     It would seem  that  an elioit to adjust "the   weight  oi  the i!,cdv is piactieally impossible  but   upon atk'niiiting this   featuie 0f  thc i-iHL'it me can  leadily see    how  r-asilv  it inav he done  In    the      "get set"   position,    the  iiinner shoiild keep his eves on     the  the  inciiM.se   has stum; which m,u*Ks  tlie end  of  lu August, 1892, one office was op  uuod a.t iiiddelbmg, and unothei  lain alio comiueaced at Flushing.  'Ilie Dutch themselves, taie little  about betting, especially on taces ,  anil men racing itself has little hold  upon theui, the uumbei ot hoise iaces (luting the year being comparatively Lew It is not leniark'able there-  Unu, that these new- ibettmg olhces  wile looked at askance by  tine Dutch I 1;,'ll>s,ok'    "  rERRlBLF STORY OF  IIEW1SH REFUGEE  ISoiliti,  theie,  gum    the Goiinaii Ilebiew   Aid  ietj    thc lollovving  account    oi  recent   o-vents theie     .Iune     11  Soe  . ihe  vvas  i\ imssnsaasgx&sisamm  Ji  X  Any  ii  by  tine Dutch I  ami even now   alter  they  have    bccnl1'"1"18   lllt  tiausactmg allans loi  thuteen years   aml   who  ,ias  <*",>^'<'   ������������   ,ic,ll������'   has  the natives    kuew^, little ol the buui-  ne.ss tliat goes on.  AltogeUiei theie ale some twt-he  in uis in Ahddlebur.g and Flushing  One man has ninety people employed in lus ulhce, but this "business"  is not conhiiLd to hoise taeuig. One  ot the first belting agent*-, to lAart  woik in Holland now employs fiom  "huty to foity people purely for racing bets, and he has Jus own printing olhces,  whioli  in  the saaso*i   are  glut loll  With   WOlk. *    ,  The s-taif commences work at ^bout  !> o'dock m tlie morning, aud often  continues until aftei 10 at* xugtit,  -Uie icason lor this being Uie ^nival oi tlie evecjfljg- mail at about 7  o'clock. This mail contains the  thousands oi letters and papers ������*���������  living at Flushing by Uie day boat  lot the Ixs-ttrng, men, iuvd thes!* let-  teis are usually answered so as to  catch tbe evening mail.  The number ol letters receivui    by  me firm    alone  before  a 'b������g      ��������� ce  .liine    22���������An  inhabitant oi  s-oii  in .nioihci    sueei   that   the .lews  1  ussia,   who  was  present   had    Ihiowu  tv\o bombs      Here there  eiiiiie    nias-,aci-es  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  A(  i  Office  1st Avenue  ���������amounts, .to thousands a wei-'ic. For  some, time previous to'a. race like  the Cesatewitch. a thousand and n ore  letters arrive daily, all coiuii'i/.'-rg  lai'gei'  or smaller amounts  o. inonry.  The busiest' days in the year uie  in the spring, the Sunday bei.jre ' he  ���������Lincolnshire handicap, and in the  autumn 'the Tuesday "before \Ve fe-  sa.tewitcli, Tlious,an<Js' of C'Unmi-H-  sions' for' double and treble > ������> is  are execute:! at the time f tli-'se  races in connection' with the Gra������id  Natio'iial in the spring nil 'he C-. m-  hriilge anil the Duke of .".rk fal cs  in the ���������autumn.  The amount of money rcceiv?A is  naturally a secret between the mraoa-  ���������!;ei'gpr.s of the- office and the proprietors, but in busy times it is certain that the amount its-not leas  than $2,500 and often rises to $5,000  and more  in a ���������single day.  Finn--*, that-receive-bets, or organize "i?iim<|li--s" other than those connected wiih v the turf, have been  known to receive altogether as many  a.s 30.(10.1 letters in a single day ���������������������������  practically all from England. The  .Saturday emiiiii'-; mail especially ov  erw-hflnis Lhe postollice with lettx-i-.s,  and al! IuukIk nie nt'/ui.sitinned to  :;ort Uieiii out. The. sum of money  received by these agencies, however,  is not so striking as the nunnhei* ojf  letters.* From a shilling to five  sliillinliS is the usual amount sent,  while purely betting letters sent to  other oft'ices of ten contain $600 or  more a' time. k  FtioTmouy.'sii'ms are spent by . het-  'Vin.'- afjreiujies pn. advertising their  siiifriui'.-s'. Two v.nf the principal het-  limi; agencies ' each spend $10,000* ft  year on stamps alone, and their jul-  .vi'i'lisi'riienl������ in papers and circulars  in Ulllfi are said to have cost Uiem  between $15,000 and $25,000.  lho lortieth anniversai.v oi thv c< in  pul-or.v adhesion oi many Catholics to the OithodoA. <lunch, and a  celehiation of Iher-veni was elaborately planned, the police and military weie i'uU> ariTifd apparentlj pi������  paring lor a conflict. Through there  were no visible enemies lhe .lews  became alatmrd and soufilii hiding  places.  On Thursday proeessions oi O1'-  thodov Russians nnd Catholi.s to  tho ehurches bvpan, and weie npp������>  <jntl.v ].assm/i without incident Lat  er an upiont liegan nt one* pnit ot  the pr-oi-isMon and the minor spread  that tho Jews had tin own a bomb  into the ciowd and vveio teaim^ a  Russian priest to pieces, The ciowd  shouted "Down with'the .lows" nnd  thereupon 'oiii,hs At mod with clubs  entci-rd the nimcsL .lewisb boiis.^s  and brought the inmates out' de-  ���������it'i'oyinfl-. whatever t'hey found within. '  Tho military in the meanwhile be  fi-an firing upon the houses of prom  men). .Tevvisb townspeople. .Tows wero  hauled from their .-houses, beaten to  death, and tlw*ir bodies iniitilateci  beyond rooogniriou.  "The streets were .soon filled with  dead and wounded, ihe latter groa������-  ing fright fully. The Jewish shops in  the. viein'l.y vvere inonnwhile plundered. Furniture,, mirrors. and  pianos were , demolished and the re u  mints were, thrown into the sl.-ixrts.  "The first mob rumor was startr-d  among the mernbevs of the. orthodox  procession, and almost simultaneous  ly, as if by a concerted signal, tli"  rumor reached-   the  C'nthnlic     proces-.  v.eie the same ti>i i iblui elicits loi tho  ��������� lews us with ilu (>iihodo\ piotcss-  lon.  Kuliiuns undei lbe piotcclion ol  lbe police- and miliiaiy who huiiicd  1\ at lived ou the scene iut������hiug into  t !io Jewi-.li houses, killing all who  l.'ll in ihcii wav. the soldicio in lbe  meanwhile m nig inUi the Jewish lion  s.'s on lhe opposite .side ol the stieet  Altei the loughs had hnisl.id plinul-  ermg onu side ot thc stieet they began on Ihe olhci, the Hoops then  turning their tille& again't tin* <������idc  alie.uly plundeii*d This procession  V\as (arried out in Limli ii and Ttk  eihm stieets, and in the inaikel  filaces Some oi the ollicers oncou.  ogud lhe unlet, and soldiers n  llieu- bloody woik while othei ofli  icis ordei-cd them to desist but  tliey  ueio seldom  obe.ved  ���������One ofhi ei oideiecl a numbei <>r  intHideieis in leav.- a place, but they  a.gued that the (loveinor hatl guru up llie *.)ews ami ihcii sboiis  for three days plunder. Oeneral Un-  gajelYsky,'.of I'he garrison returned  the rough cheers and shouts ' wit.h a  military salute, and anoiher olbeer  eougrat iilatf-cl them upon Choir fi-s  lival the rioters answering* with vigorous* cheers,  .. ���������������������������The leade'-s of the plnndererd were  not only policemen but. included ^  many ollicials 6f the Imperial -bank  some' of- the. Christian population  chiefly, judges expostulated with the  rioters, police and soldiers, o,n their  unchristian like; work and exhorted them lo suspend murdering and  plundering 'but Ihey were not. listened to.  The* excesses continued until a  late hour at night all (be Jewish  houses and shops in the suburb  of liojari being plundered and demolished."  aie h\ed on the Hoot, peUiaps at hjs  hiigei tips, ho fmds if nete&saiy to  i.us������ his head on the ciack of the  instill, all of which takeh e\tia seconds and the stall of a mediuni-  hn-rth sprint decides the winnoi one-  h \lt of the time  md the fust stnUc should be one  and onc-hvi][ times 'as li ag as the na-  luial pace of the athlete The foot  which is in fiont is in position tor  .i shou- the instant be tore the foot  vhich was m 'back- touches tho  "louiiil at  the end  of the lir.st stride  The stride is another feature of the  splint to which the athlete must pay  close attention With e-vueption of  ihe lust few yards, the pice m,ist  be , unifoun Unonighout Uig men  nat tu ally lake to the lung sweeping  -.liidc, while a small man will adapt  iiinsclf (0 a slioit, but matciially  i.istet pace At the end of eveiy  Uiii-le the shouldeis, ImcK, le'g orul  lieel should be in a ducct line, for  ilus gives the body lV stiaight shove  i*. each foot hits the gioumi and it  iicoiiip|hshcs the best icstiltvS. llPtr-  lai lengt'i stridfB should ),e the i tilo  f an ' athlete and his feet sho .Id  lu'-c ,1he giounil each time at a  ���������ml   directly  in  front  of  the'   spot  s.uitit,  with the head  and <\\\\   well I fiom    which Ihe previous   pa^ce   v.ai.  up      When    the eyes <,[  thc   athlete Taken, so that a tape mi^it   be laid  Now   the athlete is icady   foi    the  ft'in      lie should loath htmseli  to  l.e  a iciuiok   thiitkn   and have hu.     mtis-  c!.'s  in  stub condition  that   nol  s ei ml is  wasted m collectiiic, eneigv   - 1'itls.huig Post.  lowii  the  middle of the "alley" and  lie   light   foot  would  n0t     encio.ith  oi  ihe, left side ami vice vetsia  ���������**��������� c  'Why," asled  the  lud-je,  "-did vou  1 libeiatelv get   in  the wav   ol   fins  "Ji's .iiitomobile?"  "necau.se"   mutteied  tiie    wunklo.1  ���������uie, "f  wanted to tie descr,itel   as  ci e\ voi n������ ,*nd pietty once moie'.c-  s-|hie .death "  a I   iJonblless,   her   wish  was- gratified  17������3S������CSe5^"^E&afiS������K-/^S-r'-  Public Notice  Atiention Is called to   he   fact that thi  OgHvie Flour Hills Co    Limited,  makers ol ROYAL HOUSEHOLD P LOUR hate lor *w vtm,  past Si^tl pnitluciiiK flovr In t Ta<-;lv improTed anc? p������r|-t ��������� --*rra  v ' 2 ^ by  the aid o: l- LI.TKICI1V  *ml  Kai'i-iit s.rured control of   all Hi* basic patents .elati���������5 i,i---'  to, take this opportunist  ol . d< l&in    tli; public that anv  unauth  orized users of the electrical  ���������ecu ted  WI  ���������i.'.'y-n*  -jStri   ->-Ui  J.i<>  Ogilv������oF3<-Kr Mj)1r r   rip, By l^.u-tite-i  are tho rwly millers, in C>,cH.dn uliasc-    Fl  nr is  l>nrified by tho Eidotrlo V. >u.m  A  ' mmmM"i  bought they are, still they arc di.  dined to lie di indent to'each other,  t lias been thought, that they  should he more sociable on occasions  lhat bring them together, such as a  footfall game or other athletic con  test, and an attempt is now being  made by the Harvard Oriinson with  this end  in view.  Rays the "Crimson": "A college  team comes to Cambridge. Jt drives  from the "hotel to 'Soldier's Field,  in an onmi'bus'. And when the .game  is over it climbs into the otrniijbius  arid drives back to the. hotel. The  team has received its .guarantee and  has'played its schedule game,. nuich  as the Boston American^ might play  the New York Americans. It is  pretty much a business engagement  only.  Why, then, should not tho members of teams which are to come to  C,amI.ridge this spring sit down to  dinner with the members of Harvard  ��������� turns out. Sometimes a man is luc- ��������� teams in the train'ng table room at  ky to be misquoted."���������Washington the Union after the game? Such entertainment as this  would be    easv  i to provide. Moreover, it would af-  A New York paper has a sug-gps. for(, us an opportunity to broak  tion which is -very applicable in tins . aWftv fr0|n sonMJ of thc Sftt aM Uj^  part of the country: The paper savs: natu"rai conditions with which out  Although the Athletes -of Yale and atJl[c,ic conf^ts have .been Jiirround-  ltarvard are far from being such wl. .aud (,0 carry out the spirit of  deadly    enemies as     it is sometimes^ ,he Ilew eie^itj.ility  rules  in   making  our athletics more a  matter ol pleasure and less  ol business proposition  "1 have-been m-i^Mo-ted," said the  new congressman.  "Well," answered the experienced  '.:ta>tes-m*Sji,-    "wait';' and see how    it  Star.  .Something will have to be done i!i  that line here- also. Last year in  many ciyses, the tcums even I'oi^/ot to  cheer each other as they went oh  the Held."  UNKNOWN FRIENDS.  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'���������!���������;,:-.��������� i  ���������'���������-Penini,'-by relieving the kidneys of  their cotige������t^;and,.catarrhal condition!, .leaves,-;thesoufaee,-;.to. ac t,. in . a  normal manneV.. -'-t.W .'",',.."r  It also- strengthens, tbe .action .of. the  heart, equalising the circulation of the  blood iu a 11 par is of the system.  'A remedy that relieves catarrhal-'derangements of thu*  kidneys should certainly be considered  a household remedy.  Periina, is : such a  remedy.  High: Commendation for Pe-ru-na.  Mr. C. B. Flzer, Mt.  Sterling,  ICy,,  writes:.  "1 have suffered with kidney and  bladder trouble for ten years past.  ��������� "Last March I commenced using your  I'eruna and continued for three months.  "I have not used it since, nor have 1  felt a pain.  , ;;���������'������.'<#believe that lam well and I therefore give my highest commendation to  the,curative qualities of Peruna.''  -Neglected catarrh of the kidneys is  aptto develop into Bright's Disease or  diabetes, -when a cure is almost an impossibility.  Catarrh of  Kidneys Caused  Much Suffering.  J      Mr. Leopold Brantll, 24G Bleeckor street.  i   Brooklyu.N.Y., writes:  -*--���������-���������-���������*���������*���������   ��������� "T wns sick three months with catarrh  . of the lildncya and lungs.   I was treated by my  T   home physician tiiid relieved to some extent, but  #_^  J  after 1 had worked again* for two weeks, my- old  - **    sufi'ciirig���������backache aud pains in the right lung���������  returned.. The dreadful cough which bothered me day  anil night lasted six months and no one could help me.  "f. tried three different patent medicines, without I  avail. I could scarcely eat anything and slept only at  few hours each niclit. " I  "A friend told, me to take Peruna.    1 did so and the  second day'my appetite had improved.   I took a tea-  spoonful of Perur.n every hour, day. and night,. for.  three weeks.    Now I have token five bottles.   I can  J eat enough for two people and am able to sleep well.  i     "Whenever I met.!, a sick person, I advise him to take  j Peruna.   I thank you a thousand times for your medi-  I cine, as it was the only remedy that saved me.   We  ��������� continue to keep It in our family."���������Leopold Braudl.  ������-���������-������-*--��������� ������ ������ ��������� ������-������ ������ * ��������� ������-������-������������-������-������-������->-������-������-������-������-������-��������������������� <-������-������- ������������������������������������������  Wo have on file many testimonials  like the ones given here.  We can gi.ve,our readers only a slight  glimpse of the vast array of unsolicited  endorsements we are receiving every  month.      --���������������������������-' ' -  No other physician in the world has  received such a volume of enthusiastic  letters of j thanks, as. Dr.. Hartnian for  Peruna.        .....'..  Address Dr. S. B. Hartraan, President  of lhe Hartnian Sanitarium, Columbus,  Ohio, for free medical advice.  All correspondence held utrictl*/ confidential.  A STLCKY STORY.,  A  habit of cheerfulness enables one   lie  is -affectinnate aiul  obedient  Although the  incident here velal'd   lo    transmute    apparent,  mis for tunes  occurred some ten years ago, it.    is   into real blessings.  lie  who  has   formed    a   habit     ot  His  *  Union  Brewine Co  still as fiesh m my memory o.s it it  were but yesterday. 1 was at the  time an apprentice in a grocery ^toro  and part of my duties were to wait  uj'on the assistants.  One Nov-em'ber night, ������s wc were  about to close tlie shop, an old lady  came in for some -iiundles of .firewood  and 1 was sent to the cellar where  they were stored to get' them.  The cellar was hi total darkness;.  but ������> I knew just where the wood  was stacked, I did not trouble to  get a lantern.   I  afterwards   wished  f 1 had not. Iicen so venturesome,   foi>|  no sooner    had  1    stepiied  into the  cellar  than   I  slipped   on  somethin-*;,  'amd down I  went full sprawl into   a  -.' Limited  J N AN Al MO    B. C.L  5v->��������� *w4*4l-tlrM������J?������  I'O  CON'I'RACTORS.  [sticky mass, wiliich covcre*! -th-?'floor*,  the assistant, finding 'that I was  a long time ffone, presently appeal-  led at the: top of the stairs aiv:l call-  'ed mc; but as my reply- was some-  jwiiat miitlled, he lit a candle . an;l  ��������� . ���������-- _   i*.n.in<������    dow.'i  lo    see     where 1   was.  ... j-wjien a stri-kiua; scene met his   p-aze.  The cheques of tuisuccessf.il tender- j   ^^ ^ ,-li(.crallj. co,cr(,fl  fl-om  ers  will  l,c i-ctucn-ed. to  them    upon   head''  to    foot    with  black treacle,  the. execution of the contract.  The successful  tenderer  will be rc-  I'Uired  to furnish bonds  himself   atirl  two     sureties,  satisfactory  to    the  ] Chief Cuiiimiissioncr,  in-the sum     or  cijcht. hundred   (JSfJfl)   dollars  each.  l.,ady������mitli .Wh-acf.  SEALED TKNDERS,   inojiwly endorsed  "Tender for  Lajilysinkh 'Wharf Ichelqiie a'love m-eiitionod  will  he    re-  and  Approach,"  will he received    by-1 turned to tho contractor,  the undersigned    up to-  noon   of   the     -Tenders will not be considered un-  30th inst., for the erection and com--ess mafic out on  the forms supplied  plotion of-a..>yhiuf and  approach   at  aIKi  signed    with    the actual  sig-na-  t)yster Harb'ourr-'Ladyispvith,-: B.C...  Drawings, sp'ecificati'QnKttud- conditions of-ten le'iinir'arid contract, may  be seen at thc office of l-he VuHilic  Works Engineer, Victoria, B.Cy, at  the officii of the Government Agent,  Nanaimp, J\.C, and at Ladysmith,  B.C.,on and after June the ISth.   .  E.ach proposal must be accompanied by an accepted hank chenue or  certificate of deposit on a chartered  ihank of Canada, made payalblp- to tho  undersigned, in the sum of two hundred ($200) dollars, which shall b'1  forfeited if the party tendering de-  cline to enter into contract when  called upon to do so.     ...  i.ni'p of the tenderer.  I  ,'    F.C. GAMBLE,  -   t fjpublic. Works ,En���������ineev.  Liiiuls andi;fl||:|Bg;nei-'artnicnt,  Victoria, B.C.,  15th  June,  1900.  w. sili-:r  AENEKAL hXPRESS AMD  DELIVJEKI  WORK  PROMPTLY T)(-    ������������������  Leave orders  at the  A'ht'.itsii.n}''  Keep  Minard's  house.  Liniriient    in  looking at the (.right, happy side of  things has a great advantage over,  the chronic dyspeptic, who sees no  goc*.! in anything.  The cheerful man's thought sculp-  lure)** his face Into .hea,uty and touches his maniiei- witji .grace.  It was 'Lincoln's cheerfulness and  sense of humor that enabled him to  stand under tlie 'terrftlile l.-jtwl of the  civil war.  It we are cheerful and contented,  all nature smiles' with us; the air is  ���������balmier, the sky clearer, the. "earth,  has a 'brighter green, and trees have  a richer foliage, the flowers are  more fragrant, the birds sing moro  sweetly and the sun, moon and stai*s  are more beautiful. ���������;        -  All good thought and g0od action  claim a natural alliance with good  cheer.  Hugh-minded cheerfulness is round  in groat souls, eell'-ioised and confident in llioir own li<*avin-a-ii!od powers.  .Serene cheerful ness its the great  pievciuei- of humanity's ills.  Grief, anxiety and l\*at- are the  great enemies of lmiuan 'life, and  .should he resisted as wr- resist. thf������  plague. Cheerfulness is their anti-  dole.  Without ihcei'fulness r.ncre can be  no healthy action, physical, mental  or moral, for it is the normal at-  m/'spheie of our being.���������O. S: .Maiden in success   Magazine.  _ o   SURGERY AND SIN1.  Several years a.-io a Philadelphia  l.oy, then very young ha.d a severe  fall which rc.s:i 1 tod in injury lo his  skull. Tli- apiwrently reco\oro:l completely. Iljis physical and mental  development satisfied his parents and  CA1\T TWO SEATS. [friends, but on  the moral and   spirit-  Halifax, 'Juno 22.���������Correct re-1 ^aI side he gave every, promise ol  turns of Wednesday's Provincial ei- becoming a dead failure. Mis wicked  ections gives the Liberals ������54- seats tendencies were so pronounced that  and Conservatives. '��������� four, a gain of there seemed to be little hope for  two   for the latter. him here    or    hereafter.     Finally  a  'relative in an   inspired  moment,  sug-  THE CHEERFUL MAN gested   that*   he    hc  examined  by  a  The cheerful    man is pr-e-enunantly   surgeon.     The  latter found    that     a  a uselulman. ": lone  was  depressed,   and   th-nt    very  The cheerful man Bees  that   every- pro-Vably it affected   the  bruin.       An  where the good outbalances the   bad   operation  relievod   the   pressure.   The  thi"  and  that every evil ha^s  its   compen.   toy recovered.     Immediately Ik ceas-  sating balm. e.l to do evil and learned  to do well.  which filled my eyes, nose, cars an 1  ran down my face, making mc loo',  like an amateur Guy  Fawkos.  On  investigation it was found  that  the  tap had  worked  out.  of "a    large  cask  of    this    sul-staiicc,  which   had  !covered  the floor  to  a depth- of  sev-  Upon the execution of  the bond the [-''al   inches.  1 T.. add to my .discomfiture, llu** unfeeling assistant stood and shool; his  sides with laughter at my aPl'car-  anoe, casually remarking that it was  lucky 1 cam* down, when I did, ber  fore all the treacle had , run av.-ay.  That ivas all very well fro -i his  point <>f view, but my opinions on  the matter may better be ima-rux*';!  than  described.���������Ex.  v. ays are ways of pleasant ness.  'I here is every pro-bahility (hat, mile: s his brain sags again in thc old  place, die will become a  model   citi-  Therft have been cases where men  have lost their reason because of a.  blow on the' head and been restorod  io mental' vigor by . an operation to  remove' the pressure on the brain.  Phiilad'elp'hia case is iclieved lo lie.  th.-* first where a similar operation  h -s, resulbefl..in the complete elimina  lion cf'moral turpitude, and the ,suh-  .sli.tiition ..of.;.conscious rectitude. ���������,  Hartford.Courant. ,-.=  HOUSEHOLD HINTS".     '  A  sponging  with- a solution of one  part  ox giaJl farud  two parts  of   water  is said  to brighten th-e color,,..,m.  a   faded car|K'L f  ��������������������������� -^ ��������������� ���������%���������  Kerosene   ruto'ied     into   boots    and,  shoes which have been  hardened     l.y  water,      will soften  them.     Rubbing  i /  with a woollen rag, saturat.d in  kerosene, will also brightin tin and  jjruniiewari*.  -^ ��������������� -^ ���������*  To chan zinc dip a piece: oi flannel  in paraffin and with it well rub the  /mc which should I hen l.������s washed  i-il-h hoi water and soap to (remove  die smell of t'h'C oil and polishod with  a  dry 'cloth,  r.efore attempting lo s.ccd r-ais'tii  c.ivcr I hem with hot wnlcr and let  Iheni slaml fifteen liiiuules, 'I he  s-'Cds can then l;e removed easily  wi tin--nt fhe least particle of waste.  ���������%-���������������������'-������������������-%���������'  When using the stalo bread for putl-  d n-\s always soak it in a coL'l li-  i-niil. Brtad lhat has been soa'ed in  old milk ���������'.!* water is ligilut and  crum'ply, where as that .soakfil i"  hot   litpiids  is he-a.v-y.  T() prepare ,an 6f?g for an invalid or  any one suffering from -Tfndigestion,  Leal it very lightly, season it t-o  i-aste, iiiwl then steam it till Uioi-  o'.f-'hly hot! This will not take more  than two minutes, and thc most del-  Cai-e stomach will   be able   to digest  it.  ��������� ���������%.-%������������������*.  To   got   rid   of    mice,   smoke     the  mouse trap   before placing it,  for ihe  .mice are    much more apt to    enter  it- when this  precaution is taken. Af-  t-r the cheese is securely fastened on  ���������die hoo'.., hokl the trap over an open  !.;.-.s  jet or lamp, until the cheese    is  well   (oasted,  in  this way the    odor  hi" the    cheese permeates the     wood  i.iul attracts the mice, and the smok-  i d traji proves very - enticing.  FlliK AT FERN1E.  ��������� l-'ernie: .luiift 'Jl'.���������A (i'-c broke mil  in the residence of Archibald ��������� Taylor  A'est Feinie, on Tuesduy x.-vening;, a-  hi-iul:. 10 o'clock, and in a lew -min-  i.ies it was entirely consumed. The  building was u two storey structure,  and was valued ������i, about ������1,000. It'  was insured for SG00. Some of i be  furniui'-o was saved, and as there  Willi -a like amount of-'insurance on  ilie contents. Mi: Taylor's loss in  lhat particular will -'not"be hcivvy.  The lire lut.". caused by the children  upsetting a lamp while they wore up  ���������lairs preparing for bed. There was  im water available, and ' nothing'  I rould be done "to extinguish the  f'aihos." ',      ' -.   '  SOMR GHEA'r- SHOOTING.  Tndianapolis, ' June ��������� 22.���������The closing events-��������� of the seventh Grand  'American" -Handicap were shot today, the amateur championship was  v.-on by Guay Ward of Walnut Log,  Tenn., -.- and the professional title  wont io Walter Huff of Mdlcom, (ia.  finch event was of -t 50 tai'geto shot  in Rcfivads of 15. The amateur chaui  pionslvip was won by a score of i.44  and', the. professional by   14">.  r'l/),  NON VM,  lC0N0UCT>1ba  |0RS OF  HEAT,  i CommorTFurnace  u      Fire Pot  Sunshine Furnace  Fire Pot  The slanting fire-pots in common fm-naees provide a rest-place for ashes and clinkers, and these  clog the draft, prevent radiation, make the furnace  hard to shake, and fill up tho fire-pot.  The "Sunshine" pot is straight up and down,; which  <nves an uninterrupted course to the draft, and  prevents ashes and clinkers   sticking  to   the  sides.  The same skill and thought has been used on  over*/ feature of the "Sunshine" furnace���������it is Canada's  greatest heater.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.     Booklet free,  McCIarys  London,  Toronto,   Montreal,    Winnipeg,   Vancouvek,  St. John,   Hamilton.  The Ladysmith Hardware Co,, Sole Agents  ���������������������������'i THE LA DYSM1TH DAILY LEDGER  ++++++++*++--#-+++4++4+*+++++++++++++;++*-*+  TH E  NEW COASTE  The Good English Eadie  This cut illustrates the celebrated Eadie TvVo-Speed Fiee Wheel TT  with which wc are able to fit any of our English Hicvclcs lo ^  order, enabling the rider to Climb sleep hills with comparative V  ease. ���������  Wo. are selling the  Eadie   Coaster  Drake which  can  he  put   on?  any wheel, old   or new.   This  Coaster   is  the simplest  and  best v  aster  on the  market,  will not  lock  or    slip,    and    costs    '������������������*-'���������  ?  same as   the  common  brakes  that give so  much trouble      llav'c^  an   Kadii-  Coaster fitted to  your   bicycle.     We sell   and   mend all ^  makes of bicycles. ^  THOMAS PLIMLEY,  Government St.. _       (0pp. Postoflice.)  Victoria, B. C, ���������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������#* *   ��������� --_,-  It has i,een .sugigestul tlut'AFiican   l^******  and   Asian ic   elephams    be, imported.,  into   South' anil. Central  Anle-rica,  in {  the vast forests of which they would  multiply and provide a  futuie aouice-  of ivory. [  Locusts are  devastating    Southern  Algeria.     Tho swarms  are s*> -great  as     to    almost     defy  imagination.  It is  not     easy    to conceive  en almost solid  phalanx of insects      125  miles long by mv     miles  wide.     Un-  iortiiruUiy,      the  devastation   which  such   mviyiids     of     voracious   insects  must   cie.ilu  in  vegetation-.is not tlit-  licult   lo  appreciiile.     Wherever    the  host  h.i.s    passed   noth      r        i     remains.     Kvt'n  |lis houses aie becoming    uiinik*f|it.i.'li-.      The   Oraii  \ nice seems doonicil  for this year  Corset Covers  pr/o-  and  Shirt Waists  ..������������������������..������..������:f:  ..������..������..���������-���������..������..������������������.  if*******  ^^������j������j*#0^*#^^#^^*-5$f**  ���������������������������������  SPECIAL  QOOD QUALITY GOING AT  ASACKII-ICIE AT  KSs+a&attss^s^aEMjjt^ss^sssta&s  BIC  VS  *  *  Come and Clothe your Family -   Inspection   Is    Invited  Smith, Fotos,  1  That's All!  Local Items  None Better-Capital & Nii������S'---t Cigars  Mr.   J.   \V.   Co'.-ntrn,  of the     L.hI  -  smith Lumber   C..., is in  the cit'  to  dav.  Mr. Wm    Korns,  of Nanaimo,  was  in   the city today on business.  .Mrs.  Watts,   of  Choniainus,  ai lived  in  the citv  al   noon   today  'Mrs. J    l-r0van is spend in.!  ternonn  in  Nanaimo  the .11-  Do not forget 1.I10 meeting of ihe  Dominion Day Celehiation Comni.t-  tee 011 Monday evening next.  There was no meeting of the Hoard  of Trade last e\ening owing hi the  ahsencc fiom ihe tity of several  members.  This morning several of the La-th-  si-mith tennis plajcrs left on lhe.  hoal lor Nanaimo, where they ate  today t-al-jing part   111   the tournament  Air. I). Nicholson was a pas/.nger  on the soiith-b'.j|ii.nd train this moining from Wellington, He will return this evening.  Owing to the inability of .-eenrin ���������-  what are considered favoeanle terms  with the railway company, ibe '>c;;i.  fl.i'1'ie of Eagles will -not ab'.-.-mpt in  run an excursion from -Vi*.'';.*. a -11  Domiiiiion. Day.  J    Messrs.   J.  Stewait  ...nil   II.     I i-l-  I ton returned on  the noon train from  Victoria,  where they have been spend  ing the past   few days ���������,-������ business.  . .*.   Last evening the il-aUihouc Sifters  gai c a suii-'iiac jiaity -to .His.. W.  Mills, who icib this moining on the  ���������lity ol Nanaimo lor Vaucouvei,  -..nolo she will in lutuiL- icside. lie-  iicshments v\eic sen oil at line Ligu  sued restaurant. 'uuiiiLg thc even,  ing, and a niosi eiijOj aole time cu-  auiJ, li.c parij biea.vijig ap at uric  1) elucu   tnis  morning  'ilie picnic which is being held .tt  Duncan Loday uii.lt-i tJie aiisi-ices oi  lhe Methodist. Chinch Sunday Schcol  .should hc one long day oi enjoyment ioi ihosc pri-Sent. Thc vvea-  tiici is period, the crowd large, and  judging j lout tho lamieruits haslets  ^nd hampers loaded onto the baggage,  car, refteshmenl'S will not be lacking. Over 1 OU ladies and children  are v.yth thc  picnic.  The secretin j of tin* spi-ris committee for the Dominion n.iv Celebration is in jeceipt of <i communi  cation from the secretary of the  Tyee Gun Club, in which u is stated  that it will he impossible for the  club to hold a shoot en cel-.'hr,n<ion  day, owing Li the sinallness of the  appiopriation 'I luy, however, thanked the celebration rommittce for  their ofi'cr of iissislance.  Mr. das. Adam, secretary .-erf the  celebration committee, today received-word from Mr. Kirk, propric'tbr  or  the   M-.-ir -1    stating, that  il will probalily be impossible for  luiii to bring, his ma'hine here on  Jnlv 2nd. Mr. Is irk cn.-Ios-n<l ^ 2. ii 0  towards llu- celebration, however,  and hoped that the sports would be.  successful.  Tho parasol vveathei is here at m  last,     and    it has  caught   us ������5  with the best assortment    we ������3  ever    had.      That     is saying Sp  ���������quite a  lot    even   for  us,    as &  we always    make  a  specialty ���������^  in Ladies' and  Gents'  Wear. 19  111  \ Pioiw Boftlia? Worb  1st. Avenue, Ladysmith, B. C  11 talit Prop.  AlANUVACTURKR OF  Carbonated Beverages,  (i i n g," e r   Beer  Fruit Syrups  !\   O.   Box  24S'  .������������������>.���������>���������������������������������..���������..���������..���������..������������������������������������������������.*.  -POK-  Tcmrs Goods  { ;icro>S;j:   Sticks  Ladies' Silk Parasols  i white,   Black   with   one,  !  two and three Frills  $2.50 to $4.50  ��������� i  11  Ei  Misses' Silk Parasols���������  white, pink,' cream   blue |j  and red  $1.25 to $1.50  Keep Minard's Linimenl, in the house      Ask for Mini..rd,s and  fate no other  ^wwww wvvww^t'w^^w^w wm mwm^  Morton's Raspberry Vinegar  Gillon'sl.iiuc Juice  " y ������������������ (Small  Untile)   West India Lime Juice   Crosse & P.lackwcll's Jams  (Assorted)   Jellies        "    Pickles      "    5������    Sauces,  Relishes and    other   dainty  necessities  White's Crystal Je'ly Powtier ||aii Flavor  Mmmmmmm:mmmm  -*2*m hi rttcj>^u*.*-'.**  Girls'  ���������An all colors  65c to $1,00   ANO-  B^se Ball   Outfit s  WRI'I ll-  J. BARNSLCY& CO,  vinouw,B.c.  We have just received  a new assort ment oft hese  Goods for Dominion Day,  and invite you to call and  inspect - - .  *. "        V ���������     '  1 1 r������������������������������������1i^i.^���������^^������������������������������������������������������. in     1  S1M( N LEISER & CO Ltd.  ^-                    Ueing in   the ���������:  * 3  ���������^                      BUTCHER   BUSINESS ^  ^ to STAY-.    We are ALWAYS in shape to please our Customers,    3  ~ and have <m hand the  hest  stock of������������������-1  ^m  PlDNlGERS AT1ENTI0N  Children's���������ru ail colors  of giiighanis-Nice turned  handles  25c. Jbacn li"1���������  Wc have made arraiLigcmoiits-  to have a launch leave the  wharf every hour during- Tluirs  day afternoons and on. Sundays after 10 o'clock in the  forenoon f-jir the Green, and  shell licach, where vve have os-  tajhlishi-d refreslmient- booths.  Canipeis wishing plots Tor  tenting should apply eaily, a������  tho camping season is nearly  here  HRS    AlcKINNELLCY    KUail   THORNLEY  -  I,  waiters w mimm  h^:.^smi=m^������^s^i^^tii^^t^3^������  I  have just  received a shipment ol  Hills'   Hi<rh Grade  ������= MEATS, SAUSAGES,  HAMS, BACONS, EC.  ^    Obtainable, aiu.1; sold  at lhe   LOWEST POSSIBLE TlATRS. i . 11  ^    in ami see us. ''; iXsZT ! i !  | A. HOWE  E' MEAT   MARKET  S.   W.    P.     $3 Gallon  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  wi  1 ���������_������������������ ij 11 mm  T TTH 1 1|   I  A  RELIABLE  FIRM.  '1'lieie arc few as leliablc firms in  America as are the Hudson's Bay,  and certainly none better. Whrie  van buy an ailule, eilhi-L at wholesale or retail irom the I hid*, on'a Ha)  Company, you cjn always count cm  it as  being as  rcpicscn'tcd.  '! he ITudson's Bay -o., of Victoria,  whose advertiscnicnl; is on another  page ,. of this issue, sells at whrjle-  salc t'.ie best class of liquors- niailc.  For handling as tliey do, lienors at  wholesale' in such great qiiaiilitics,  they naturally have the excliiski*  ri-gihts to some of the .best .brands in  the . world. Among   these    hrnJiuls,  Watson's Dundee Whiskey stands very  high with thc best ji!id.-;es of liij;h-  class   distilled   liquors.  NOTICE.  All Rathbone Sisters of Ladysniith  are reKpicsled lo meet at. the. Oddfet  lows flail, .lime 21th, at 1 I: lo sharp  in order to receive their jewels preparatory to Itravin-i; for Nanaimo for  the -decoration een-mpnv of llieir dc-  pnrt-ed ones.  H.E.C.  mm tobaccos  C'tiARtl IfS  at ihe   ORE  DRUG  S'  Got Your   SIIJDN EXAMINER  JSIIl WOBLO   .   ;AND���������    '  SI YORK JOURNAL   ;  --AT���������  KilluiiTS Ml Ml  t  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST   A VENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  i  :i  SiiioU- Hi-; l'.. Cigars  1'HOTOH-Oih; Dollar buys six Cabinet l-'liotos. 'Sun-day is the. . last  day. Photographs will not be offered again ut tliis (nice. Come tn-d'ay. i  Selienck,   the   I'holpgraplu-r.  FOUNTAIN   PENS  W������? have |������st r������ceiv������d a shipment of the Famous  I LAURENCE     FOUNTAIN      PENS  S       Each one carries a special guarantee.    Prices from $1.00 up.  ! __^__CALL   md   SEE   THEM -.  I* B, FORCIMriER        ~~  | Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYS/llTH  i -..'.-.  Try a Province Cigar.  ��������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9(S������������������0    &9Q9a9999999&ti9999999,9.  * ���������'".''"'-  Tomoirow 1   will  have a  choice  variety  of meats   lo  choose from  HUTTON, LAMB, VEAL, PORK,  ^e ,^ j$ <& BERF. ETC. *$ <s ������& *g  IJiniNG   AMONGST T 1*1 hi    V.VRIETIRK.  -i I.XKfda-k'i^. I -     -  E. G.  PAN NELL  ���������    GATACRE ST. LADYSMITH    t  Handsome Designs, Fine Golorings,  Prices Lowest  For the Month  of  June,    and  until  further notice,   we   will  ' trim all  Wall. Paper  sold   by  us Free of Charge.  H  KAYS  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Granite and Mai ble Works ���������  -.Granite and    Marhle Monu- ������  ments, Tablets, etc., at the ���������  lowest;     prices   :r consistent ������  with  first clilfe  stock   .and ���������  workmansfjfijjT" Write   lor m  catalogue. ���������  J                A.   STEWA'RT, J  ��������� M8 Yates St. Victoria B.C ���������  ��������� ���������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a  Smoke ft Big B Cigar.  IMPORTED Wm STALLION  ''���������/."ENDURANCE"  -, ���������;  (8132 H.  S. B.)  At Johnson's I^iveiy Stab.e every  Tuesday at noon, and will remain  iintil Wednesday noon, each week.  TERMS���������$ IS TO INSURE


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