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 ���������^*4t**^ h+4>M^m#**tt*^i '&*7  DUNCANS   &    i  T  LADSYfllTH I  ������������������-������������������jH^+^+rH-^  ���������y U&:il^vv'-^ "S<.  .-���������a*. **%^ ���������:>  ���������o  ���������-JW 26 1905  & DUNCANS  4**  :**H*"H ������������������I*4"I������4- -*H*-^^-*H-4^*-^^^*-r*r4-*i-^^*'*:*>'*I*������4-^������  *������*  VOL. 2,  FRIDAY,   JUN.E 23,  1905.  PRICE FIVE J3*I r j  j  WILLIAM TOASTS  PRES. ROOSEVELT  French Note to  Not Remove Disagreements  Between Two Powers  The   Sickness   of  Foreign Lansdorff  Causes Unavoidable Del^ but it is Officially  Believed There is No Hitch  German Officials Fear That Pow-[Much   Speculation   as  to the  Meaning of  the  erful Intrigues Now Going on  Will Cause Trouble  Berlin,  June 23.��������� The  French- note  (    Germany's answer, (o Premier Ron-  Movements of Field Marshall  Oyama  Washington, D.  C,  .June 23.���������Tt  is   ropalkin.    The  downfall  of Admiral    raise  the" suspicion  of sparring     for  And  Expresses   Delight at the  Success of Trans^Atlantic  Race  on the subject of the proposed mor- vier has not yet bevn considered. It . learned through official sources that,  ocean conference was handed- to tlu will require considerable time lin or- owing to thc ill<ness of Count Lams-  foreign   ollice   Ihis   morning.    Owing    dor  to meet all  the points raised.      jdorli,   the   Russian   foreign  minister,  AlexiclT, anil the suppression of the  Far Eastern committee (materially  increases . the likelihood that M.  Witte   will      also   represent  Russia,  to its great length the note had to* |    While  the  delay   might  under  onli-   tin cru has  been a slight check in the'since" he is an inveterate "enemy   of  |>e sent by mail  to Berlin instead of nary  circumstances   Lc'.of   advantage  negotiations  between  Russia and  Ja  telegraph.    The foieign  oflice,  while in afford hi a-  time for   the .excitement   ,*a'i.    It is  specifically, learned,   how-   finilelv to have fallen undei   imperial  declining   to  discuss   the   points o the to  subside,   German -government  olli-   ever,   that  this does not imply   that    disfavor.  note in detail,  a>dniits that it leaves cials   note   wiih   some '-.concern   that.-, theie has been amy hitch, , but .simply   WORK  BLOODSHED  PREDICT-  thc  situation   where  it   was   before, powciful intrigue*, are going mi, hav-   dial, nc-goliat.ons have been unavoid-                    ED BEFORE ARMISTICE  The points, of     disagreement     be- ing   for *lhcir   object  a war   hei ween   'ably  delayed  for  the reason given.     *     St..  Peters-burg,  June 23.-(2  p.in')  France Germany and Kr-uu-e.   Germany's  in-j    t'oiml. Lams'lorff's illness naturally   -There is not lively to beany hu-th  It    is tensions    remain   thoroiigirily pacific,   VreaU-d  gossip  in   Si.   Peleisbiirg   to  er  move in   the  dir-ection of an arm-  disagrccnu'iits   between   Germany  and but      the government apprehend   the  France have not been  removed.  It is possibility   that   these  intrigues' will'  time, until Field Marshal Oyama has  developed his offensive and is actually Jii process of delivering his blow,  when Japan could easily plead that  be sent by mail  to Berlin instead of   nary  circumstances   I.e.of   advantage 'negotiations  between  Russia and  Ja-   "War Cobal,"  which, now seems   de-| it was too      late.   The delay in set-  Uing  the  matter  of  the  plenipotentiaries is,, therefore, all the more deplored by those desiring- to avoid fur.  ther  bloodshed.    .  ' Both the countries seem to be perfectly   wilL'iig  to   name  negotiators,  but  each'evidently  desires  the other  to show,its. hand  first.    On account  amstlorff's i 11���������  tween        Germany       and  have     not     been  removed  lp  the effect  thai, he, is about to retire   istice until   the .plenipotentiaries   are  and   (hat M.   Muiavion',  Russian   am-   appointed and lhe time of their meet-  His   Majesty  Presented Wilson  Marshall With the  Cup  Imperial Yacht Club, Kiel, June nationality, consequently he would,  23.���������Emperor William today raced with the consent of Lord Brassey,  his yacht Meteor III. against '-; the who .was-* one of the guests, propose  i-laniblurg (formerly the Rainbow), 'the health of the President of the  the Rainbow,) owned by the Vertin United States. Privately the Em-  Zcfahrt, and belonging to the Nord peror said that; he was delighted  Deulescher ... regatta*'Verein. Prince with llic success of. the race, which  Henry of Prussia sailed the Ori tha, had attracted more entires and had  which went over the course alone, in turned out. more interesting than he  her class.    R.  W.  GooJet sailed    the  had  expected.    The emperor present-   **  *���������  - -  *- -   ���������'������������������*'"��������� ."j .������������������������"���������"��������� *..������,..v,......u.b..,..   ..... j������u,,i   i���������,<llt, j���������. -.jHuiiiv mu,  j\us,.siaii   mu-. a|)|ioiiiiL-,(i (iwi i,ne rime oi wieir mee;- i io snow, us  nana  nrsi  expected  that  the  negotiations    will    result  in inllaming the -French people (b*s.sador to Rome,  and M.  Dissawil-'nig is definitely  fixed.    Japan  seems !of Foreign Minister  L  continue   for  alcnj-  time  before     a   'ngninsl  Germany and creating a deli-   sky,      minister ai. Copenhagen,   are  [unwilling   lo   discuss  any new   issue J ness, United States An  Sivanj   the only American entry     in  the regatta,  against the Thyra Capri,   Alexander  and  Brand.    Emperor  William,      at  the conclusion  of   the  dinner  which he gave on board   the  ed to each of the non-winning, owners  of yachts which had competed in the  trans-Atlantic  race,   and   who   were  prosent !   at  the  dinner,   his  photograph, with  his  Majesty's  autograph  positive  result  is  reached  cate  and complicated  situation. .  I$CAL NEWS  ITEMS  Out at Camp Six (here are now  about Hghty men at \work gel ting-  out  logs  for the  Cheniain is mills.  There is nothing nnv from Nana'>  nio in the way of an atlenipletf sel-  Ibmeiit. of the coal mining cftiestion.  There seems little likelihood of are-  sumption of worl.- for some months  at any rale.  In  Seattle  an   attempt   (o change)  the fire io.at 'Snoqiialinie from .a coal  burner to  an  oil  ornsiimei   is   heino  \*. vigorously  opposed   by''"'the  coil   interests   who  are  showing  (-oiiclus'ive-  ly  that the use  of oil is  dangerous,  and  not as effective as efficient  nor  economical  as  is   Franklin  coal     at  $3.00 ��������� rer  tin.  ANOTHER FIRE  , , Embassador Mcy-  nameil as mis proH.i.J-.le successors, ;b|if  until thio.se two questions are settled, [er" was unable to have a personal in-  o.s yet  there is no evidence that  the (This decs  nol   necessarily mean  that ' terpiew with him either yesterday or  mnois haw  more  foundation      than   all hope of a suspension of hostilities | today,  but it is believed .that communications      from   Washington   are  passing in  wiryting. It appears   that  Imperial     yacht     H^-henzollern   lastl .simply, framed  as   a souvenir of  the  night to the watchman who had fak-, contest.       Similar  photographs     of  those of similar n'haracter which pre- before  ll.,*   meeting has disappeared  'ceded them.    There is strong reasons Bui   as  an   indication-of  the Japan-  I ^*J    NANAIMO .f������r ,s,'iyi"g Uia1, lhe  K-lssi������in plenipo- ese  mood   n,   increases   the doubt   ns .Count Lamsdorff hats had a touch of  , ��������� teiiliaries      will  include  a   military to  wheihcr she could   be induced   'ro   heart     {trouble,   and  his   physicians  ���������'    ���������-    ',   ~.   ������������������   *  :   ,'    'nan  of     high  rank,   though as  yet relinquish  temporarily  the strategic 'today again forbade him to  leave his  - '      .   :   \ .   r    there is no clue to his identity    ex- advantages  wjiich she evidently   be- J room,     iiit     promised to allow the  Anothei   disastrous  fire visited   the   eept that it will not be General Ku-'lieves  she'enjoys.    Indeed,  it  might'minister to go out tomorrow,  city  about  five o'clock  lasl. evening, |     : '       ��������� -           ^__ -''     * ;' - ';'���������     ���������*'"-'    j_'  en part in  the  trans-Atlantic  race,  on which occasion his Majesty     presented  Wilson  Marshall,  owner      of  the  Atlantic,  with tlie cup  wen  by  Mr.      Marshall's schooner,  rose and   '  the Emperor will  be sent to      the  owners     of    competing yachts    who  were not present on board the Hoh-  enzollern   last  night.'   The  cup   won  by the Atlantic is of massive sUvcr,  said that there were more Americans one meter .high, and was designed, by  present   . than, persons of any other  the German Emic-rcr* himself.  says  Ihe     Nanninio fleiald, in which 'mci RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER  the    home of     i\lr.   .lames Maishall,  situated across the E. <k N.,railway  ANOTHER OCEAN RACR  PROHIBITED   FOR   A MONTH HAS   BKEN   SUGGESTED.  St.  Pckrsburg,  June 23.���������''lhe- vice      Eight American yachts are now ou  A   LOT IN  DUNCANS  IS A GOOD  OVERTURNED  SLOOP  fl. uncs  FOOTMAI.L  TOURNAMENT  ON DOMINION .DAY  'Instead of an Association Football  match, Ladysmith vs. Victoria, oil'  Dominion Day the Sports Committee  have arranged for a foot ball tournament, five a side. Victoria, Nanaimo and Lady-smith will be represented. The prizes will be,, 1st, '$30,  2nd., $20. The remaining $25 of tho  $75 set aside for football by tho  Celebration Committee will be turned  to the Stmt Grounds funds.  Indians brouivht into town yesterday, news that i'lie'y .had' found drifting capsized between Mayne and Vtil-  de. islands  a sailing  sloop,   tlie  Om-  v-ue fust seen  hj   AH. l"������'ior     has pioh.b.ted the puhlica- race for the German Emperor's prize'-   T   -  7   "-���������    -   ��������� -Imoni,       It seems that the Ommo-ni  ^'<i"'v Neuhu.s   issuing i,, ,��������� ���������lL 1(���������jf , f<>" .of the     Kuss .for a. month;   The has  been sudh  a successful  one that ���������} ^.te a-loCal notice in today s Co,������"-  o\ci   the h.oicn liont iKdiooin. jGovernor. General     of the Caucasus more races  are ������������������being  talked, and  it ,IS^, sa>'s>     ' ���������' .'  Mi    Nctthuij   was  ilmin,   u, lown  ''as    telegraphed to the    Minister af has been suggested  that:a contest be !    S(1&"lg     W'e aPProachlnS  necessity  aiong the-main road* when he iiotice<l  !'ll:c Ill!ten'or to tlie   elTcct that order arranged to bring the boats back la-  that  the house was ,->���������,  m,v.   ,���������w,.,,,.   :'!lJls hwii restqr?xl at the' city of .Eri- ter in tht season.  It is  possible that i'"  t.e   iifehient  still  prevails  in some of  the  British yachts that did  ie villagc-s     of-the piovpce of that not  take  part  in   the  race  recently  that  the house v7aToil Tire," wllcreuV ^'^ "f'!  on he gave Lhe ajarm to the MifrslJail ������������������*"���������.,"���������'  was stolen from her anchorage near  Departure Bay on Sun-day last,  it   is  alleged by a youiijf lad named Stew-  art.until   recently a deckhand  on   the*  WILL HOIST  COAL SOON  Most of thc. minors in  thc Departure     Bay Mines have been laid ofi .  this  week,  to  permit  the  putting  in  of an   overcast fo  perfect  the ventilation of the mine, says thc Nanaimo  Herald.   Advantage is also hieing taken of this closing down of +he shaft  a-nd        it        is        expected        that  within  a week  the  first coal   will   l.e  dumped into   the big bunkers,      and  that  hereafter all   the coal   will      be  t'a'ken  up the  shaft,  instead  of out of  family,who  were     busy  in   the barn.  name.  with  the ��������� exception of    a daughter, i       . .. .         ho������,������,eWa;���������in Mr" MiiCru J,',,:l' ������f lh0 i'raE SWALr.OlVS^J  noiise,   and  Mr.   Marshall,   who  was  delivering .milk  in   the city:  After alarming the family ..Mr. New- ' j  mai  turned  at a Joss to account for the origin  of the blaze, and-his belief is'that  the freight' locomotive, wiiicii "jiasscd  close by-  an hour   -before,, must have  dropped    red-hot   cinders on  the dry ^ tJ.'"^i^:.   3rd."bascrj';'Tate;  roof,     which'  was  afterwards  fanned  into a flame   by  the breeze that was  blowing at the time.  Mr. Marshall's    loss is" a niosl. ser-  Sccrctk-ry W. I-I.   Hall has sent out  six  hundred  and  eighty  players'  certificates  for   the  Canadian   Lacrosse  Association.    This   includes   the three  scries,  senior,  intermediate  ami   junior.    This number  is far in advance  of  this   time  last,   season,   and   only  about  six   hundred   had   been   signed  and sent out.  Judging by the above, thc game is  booming in the East, and everything  points 'to the most successful season   ",UK    onc aK 1,is   ,10l,u* i������ practically  ever experienced in  lacrosse circles.      wi'!C(1      0l,('    of    cxisterK'c,   the only   D  thing saved   heing a few     articles of  SHOWING THI*; MINKS ���������       kitchen furniture.,     not even a spoon  (IF VANCOUVER  ISLAND   <>������' a P'-iie is h-H:      them  lowuiils re-  Mr.   Clement   Livingslo.i,   of    Dim-   P,aci"R  iUc '"ime.  cans,   the.   well   known   mining   man,   I    Thm !s a   ' snui" amoi'nt nf insur- .  will   ent-erlaiii,   with   atrip   fo      the    anrc on  Ll"' HuiIdint-,-,  l.hc local ago.nl'1  Mount Sicker mines,  a large, delcg.i-   "f which  is Mr. E. Shakesucare. |  tion of mining men soon. to he in A������ -1*00" as he can gel (he gnni.-H ���������  Victoria, ll* a few more'men on Van- clearedof the dehrie, Mr. 'Marshal! -  couver Island would push its mining intrnds ereetiuu another resideuee to '  development   a.s   1ms   Mr.   Livings ton-  replace the one destroyed..  and      his associates,   there  is a fair   ��������� ��������� ������������������   chance     that   there .might Jic  mines'     Mis.   D.   Evans   and   daughter  ������|iinl   to  the  Koofenay,  Lardcau  and   Roclcvalc,   Colo.,  ar:-   the guests  Boundary all  together, on  Vancouver   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jas.   Prova.n,  of  Island. city.  ended might race if the contest .were  arranged  fo take place at the end  of  the  season.    The  best   British,  boat  EAGLES    TOOK  DEFEAT' for such a race is the schooner Glen-  A   baseball   ma.tch     was  played   on   ifler.    Another boat  that  might      ho  hurried    to* the'     lownsil*" '',C llllnkt>r Sl'oull(is  Iast evening,  the   enlered-in such a contest is the Em-  .urne.-i     *,, ".-..,���������  *,ini.���������,'   ������.���������, ,'��������� .'C...^n    M^\ aeiic of   Eagles  vs.   Swallows,   peror's  schooner Meteor,   which      is  ���������ands arrived and     -ts il        '-"        ��������� ������ i ] he  Sa!ne.  which .was  a most  inter-   now being changed to improve   j her  lihlcto .,iip���������-ni- ������������������'.;;     , ?ilH, ���������I",,1)?s"*l������st*inK  one,  resulted Tn ��������� a'.victory  for   speed.'     .-  or" Hs cron en s tZ S tas ' U'C H^R' ^ti^^ ������*" ������������������������ ^ -^t������or IH. beat the Hamburg  .���������,.������������������ i ���������;'* . -?':- -ut-u'*^u-eiltl*-,1;-was poiients. 12 Cofi.",  tinned towards the large bam and  in saving hy turning buel-ets of"wa-  .-ier. alonfi* (he... . ridge, ..which, running  down the ridge thoroughly sntuarated the ��������� build ing. As there had -not  been any fire     whatever in the house  for  increased   room  for building purposes   in  t-hc  progressive  little  town  Duncans, a few of the more saga-   bark Don,  who,  together with   three  cious aritong  the business men of the   companions  endeavored   to  make    off j the slope,  and  that in  a shori   lime  place   formed   themselves   into a syn- j^ n     Thw ap]):il.c,nU    ran into a j Ul3 first collic1' w"ni hu lo'u,e<l at  dicate with  this end in view.  Purch- i    , ...,.._,.'_ ,      ���������.,   ,,._   ���������,��������� j wharf by   the  use of  the  automa  {screening and  loading machinery that  ���������gale,      which   overturned   the   sloop,  the  alio  four   into  the   water.  by a minute.  The team lined up as follows: j ��������� '   ���������   EAGLES I    The baseball match   Ladysmith   vs.  Catcher,     W.   Fletcher; pitcher,   A.    Ednwoods on  the bunker grounds on  Morrison;     1st  base,   T.  White;    2nd   the 25th inst., promises to he full of  have,  J. Lucier;    3rd.  base, W. JMur-   interest.   The  local  players show im-  for over tun im,,,*    Mr   TMn'..oi, n   ���������'  'riiy;   "short   St'01''  J*  G|1:csi)iei    ,eft   provenient as   time goes on and  tlie*  over  two l.ou.s,-.Mr.-Marshall   ,s   fichl>  H.  TIl0l-nlcy;  celltre  fll.hli      j.   v,fct,oria mm haVe    *]mUy g()od  re_  Adam;    right lield, J. End.  SWALLOWS*  Catcher,    M.   Kerr;      pitcher,      J.  Muir;    1st base,     0   Saunders;    2nd  of  of  this  short   stop,   J.   Mimsie,   left      field.  Chicken     Metchak;    centre    field,  F.  -lohns;    right fielkl, C, Ilaworth.  The following-account of the match  was given to a Ledger reporter hy  onc who witnessed the game. It  was exceedingly good of the gentleman (whom it is believed is an Eagle), and no ilnubt he meant well.  It is, however, rather ditlicult to understand how he became so mixed up  as lo score, etc. Had there been a  social session of the. local aerie last  night the mystery would he easy to  ���������explain-, 3>ul perhaps hc is not. well  up in baseball.  A hasctiall match wa-s played last  evening- on the bunker grounds, the  local   aerie  of   Eagles   vs.   Buzzards.  ie   Eagles showed   themselves  to be  putation. The game will in all probability, he an even one, and a big  turnout  of  spectators   is   expected.  The following is  the Victoria lineup: Pitcher, p. W.  BlackU'rn; catcher,      I).      Robertson;   1st  base,   A.  Shanks; 2nd base,'.hi. Burns; .'led base  S.  Shanks;  s.s.,     T.  Moore; I.f.  W.  Malcolm'; c.f.,   II. ��������� Carne,  r.f., II.  A.  Go ward.  During play a collection will betaken up to defray the expenses of the  visiting  team.  will  displace all,  or  nearly  all, manual   labor.  The company intends to secure a  better grade of coal than is mined  on the Island, ami tu secure it with  far less wantage than is usual. It is  intended to equip the mine altogether with German coal cut linn- machines, and thc coal will be all mined so  that there will he no waste coal.  Drills attached to those machines  will  ab.o be   used,   all  operated  with  asing   . quite  a large   tract  of   land  along  the northern  boundary  of the" .throwing  all  present town-site of the. E. & N. rail-   they  were far from shore and     the  way track on the easterly side, have'ro,lgi,  seas rendered it impossible for  had the plot surveyed .and divided up   them lo cHn:, to tnc boat Ulltil t]iev  into  town lots,  which are now  plac-.wcl:c    'discovered,     and   there is  no  ed on   tiit' market at prices ranging   \\wbt   t,|vat   they  were  all   drowned,  according to  importance of position,   Thcv   were .apparently  attempting to  from $75 lo $150 and $200 each. The ' rca,lh. Ulc   American 'side.      Stewart  avenues aim parallel ^with the railway   \ml bcen ,,aid off on Sunday from the  and arc two lots deep,* .divided by   a   |..ark  1>cn,  discharging at Departure  lane   between   them   running  parallel    -!av.    In  Uie eVCning he appeared   at  with the uivenues, ��������� the block, being di-   ,s|iawys   |Wathousc,  says  the  Herald  vided   by cross  streets. i*aIU- Secil,-K*      a skifl", saying  he was   j compressed  air.   This will  enable the  The new lownsite is most beauti- !going to the Don to get his dunnage, ' opciator to mine a great deal more-  fully situated, and the most likely 'and \hal-he intended "to join the Wei-'coal daily than in the old way, and  point .for the local ion of the function ij,ls'on at Ladysmith next morning. ' a i-n-a k*r prolii to both miners and  of the-proposed new.branch.to Alber- | )fe wcnt (o" (Ile slliPi as subset I Company will result  ni. through the beautiful Cowichan 'gently .shown, and secured his cloth-  lake valley, which in itself is one of ing an;. was seC11 asilore w;th a colithe most beautiful and attractive lo- 'pl*. of strall-ger.s. AJ^ut,eleven o'clocl^  calities   on   Vancouver   Island.   While ^ Ula( .JliRil( Thos..Boyard, a fisherman  the lakes (abound with fine trout, thc 'canu.   -nl0  ^lc.  \)Xly aIui anchored   his'S. Darling,  ���������f New- York,  and sever-  angler's     joy,   the surrounding hills   !sloop,   goin������- ashore  to  the.  Pinkum.    al other guests al   the hotel Del Eii-  and  iiioiintaiii-s swarm with game of   'iIe rt.tunicd an  hour  later but,     the    all  kinds,  and   with   its considerable   L\iM])  lla(1  disappeared.   Royard   is    a  area of fertile lands should  prove   a   fisherman and  makis   his sloop     his  .'very   important  factor for   the     con- []mm,.    Ml  he  possessed  in   ihe world    hice  was its -nwi e.l    ji  a pawn  shop.  AMERICAN'S   ROBBED   AT  RUSSIAN HOTEL  SI. .Petersburg, June 2:'.���������Theodore  rope, have beta robbed of all their  valuables. Mrs. Darling lost a dia-  mo.wl   neci-.I.u c Su!.sc.;-.iciitly  the neck  V.  NEW G P. R OFFICIALS      .  ARE SOON COMING  The  old   employees   along   the  line sengcr   Agent  at.   Eieloria,   is   given  and   the      public generally   will      he promotion, wiih  headi-nai'lei's  at Cai  pleased at ihe official statemenl, now .&���������  given   out  hy   llic  C.P.R.   that      Mr.  gary.  ���������George  L.   Courtney   will  enter      the  service of the C.P.R., and  will  have  charge      as   traffic   manager   of   lhe  Comp'ttny's holdings on  Vancouver island.  Mr.   li.   Abibott,  no*v  C.P.R.  Pas-  ano'iiier collision  hi-:tui.:i:.\i soujiers and men  Lodz,   Ri.sda,   .linn*   2.'!.���������A   hlooily  iii very good coinlition ajikl their play  last      night  prod ids   well   for   their  match   with  their Victoria  brentrcn  on  Do-minion Day. Between now and  the first  they intend  turning out regularly   to  practice. Last evening they  ih'IValed      their   opponents   18   to   8,  and although, as the score would  indicate,   they   were   a great  deal   the  stringer, the match was an interesting   one,   tin*   Buzzards   putting      up  some very er^ditable  play.  (11  cell is ion  tiel.ween      isohiicrs   and  a  crowd   of   li'tjpk*   occurrc/i   here    this  morning.  Many  were  killed.  There are lailnr shops in every  town. In no town lar^-e or small is  ihere a shop where better work is  di iu*. or better material used, than in  Win.\Flaser's in Ladysmilh. Not only is the workmanship first-class, fjut  everything is maile of proper material and is of present day stylo,  ANOTHER   DISASTER   IS  PREDICTED   FOR   RUSSIANS  New York,  June 2U.���������A St. Petersburg     despatch   to   fhe   Times  says:.  "According  to  despatches  from  (iun-  shu   Pass,   the   Japanese   advance   is  developing all along thc Hue. Competent military  critics  here  no longer  doubt,   that      Field   Marshal  Oyama  has   delinitely   assumed   the   offensive.  The   question   is   what   will   General  Lt'mevitch     do?    lie  is   menaced   by  two grave dangers, one tactical, the  outflanking     of his  right,  the other  strategical,   the   envelopment  of  his  left.   Against the latter the Russians  have been shown to be powerless, so  tho I   il"  Linevitch,   contrary   In      the  dictates    of    prudence,    declines     to  treat  he must  either send  an army  into      Mongolia   iu   an   endeavor   to  make     a counter      flank     movement  aga,Jisl   the   Japanese���������which  certain  indications seem  to show he.already  intends,���������    or he must    trust to the  strength   of  his  dci'tiices  at  (iun.s-.lni  Pass and' Changeling.    In  either ease,  Linevitch's      position (   appears even  now  seriously   if not  hopelessly  compromised, and unless fhe Russian army  promptly   falls  back  on  Harbin,  another, disaster is inevitable.  ars in money.  striiciion of the branch at as early a .Wils in Uu,  1)0ati  including fifty  dol-  date  as possible.  Sales of lots   in   the  new   lownsite.  are   progieseing   very   satisfactorily,  and   the promoters anticipate  that  in  the      near future  the  property  will  very considerably enhance in value.  lion iu  the city of Victoria.  We are in receipt of at lrller -.signed  "A  reader of  The Lodger,"  in  which  if is claimed  that the report written  Mr.   J.   II.   Whiltoine,  of  Duncans,    ��������� of  (-u,   Kfijekah's   entertainment    did  B.C, is handling the sale of the pro- inoL (|o (mp ()f thc ^.^ taki>1|f partl  perty  for the syndicate in  the town    jn  .(        ljt.e>    ,n wr &n  acPoUnt  of J) i: cans,  while Messrs.  Pemberton ��������� of ;m-,.���������,,.rluinim>1���������,  iL  is  tho  intcilt  &so,,  ::re iierforming the same func- ;of T!l(, Llslgpr tf) ,)e fair   u -g impos.  silJe always  to say just that which  wouldmost     plense     a performer or  thcir friends.    In  the case quoted we  q-iile agree     that the lady did well  'and was entitled  to full credit Wr so  doing.     That no particular .mention  was made outside of thc general  report was  not in any a reflection     on  the ability displayed.Some times     -a  song,   a recitation,  a tableau   or     instrumental music strikes one. particularly. It  may not hc altogether     the  voice,  or  the execution,  but  it       exactly      suites   an   audi?nce.   Another  piece equally, or even better, rendcr-  A  BOMB  CARRIER   ARRESTED   IN  WARSAW  Warsaw,  June,  2;-!.���������A  man  carry  ing a^iomb  was arrested  this  morning iu   front   of  the Malewiki   police  station.   He   refused   all   information  regarding  hiinrt?l*f.     Disturbances   are  anticipated   here   in   consequence      of  the recent shooting of workmen      at  Lodz.  Today    ends  the     j'resint  term at  the local puhj|ii- school, and after this  evening the     scholars for siv whole   .^, mUv'not' 'be" so timely or'so hear  weeks    ������.l|.be     Uee.   Free trom  all ^-.^      Cestainlv   all   taking  restraint and    school   .  discipline  and ',.���������,.,  ,i- ,     ...n  i pai i. urn   win  in all     probabilily    free to get  into  as much mischief as  they choose..   It  is now    that   the parents     have the  ; benefit  of tin:  I their    young,  teachers have a few weeks of bliss  The  appointment  of  Malcolm   Rus-  ,.    .,.       ,.   sell   Simpson   as   notary  public      of  various  peculiarities ol   ,    ,       ...        .        ,,.,',. ,.  ,    , ' , Ladysmith      is   published  in   yester-  and that    the school !.,    .'   ,-,  'day s Gazette,  DIG   RAIN*  STORM  IN STATE   OK   NEW YORK.  New      York,   June   23.���������Following  hours of great,  heat     and  humidity,  the     storm  broke   wiih  intense  violence,  and  more than  half an  inch  of  rain   fell   in   thirteen   minutes.      Thc  electrical display  continued   intermittently   o''er  a   wydc      t'-rriloi'y      for  hours.   ���������������        .  ���������  FUNERAL OF THE LATE  J AMES THOMPSON  A long procession of friends and  acquaintances followed last evening  the 'remains of thc late James I'homp  son. to their last resting |dacc in the  I.advsmith cemetery.  Rev. Boyle held services in the  building in which the. body of the deceased had been he\)i\ after which  the coffin was placed on a wagon and  conveyed along First avenue and' to  the grave yard. Some beautiful  wreathes werc sent hy friends. The  respect with which the deceased was  held during life and (he sorrow felt  at his sad end, were testified to by  the large number of mourners who  last evening tinned out to pay their  last respects. The pall-hearers were  A. J. MeMiirtrie, M. Lynn, Thos.  Gemmel,!'- John Campbell, Samuel  Thompson, and Andrew Robertson. &&fL$tUfiU$&  i-:is  ���������L������iZ3ZZ~3^^ "^ w "^^J^^^^ m/iiiL "ii -uf in ���������Jir-.:*'jif--3riiwrTir>'.rt iiii; ���������.m-r-^ivrrrlr-'n    /���������. '���������   i .  , Jii:!.ji.;i:y.-j    is    tin- . jioih;}:    -.Vl.-.l0il   Ri'IkhU   !     'fljh!''t'|.A-J|j ��������� U-fi' ,-;',-.:      .  *   *'  j   j     }"   L-'-m'tl'iil   is   ii" ���������Pl-di '"'A'iiii   liiis   iici-il  is  II!:. I/.'to   pursue  in   the. future  of  I  . "���������  '���������'1,,;'' I*'A fiV'S   SKiRT, *     ;.y"|>es(  niaii''  at'���������*i*Ki . weddings,      The  explanation  is  that  he .has  been       a  yjj^og'j-jfc^^^  THE DAILY leOGEK  >ublisoed   every day except  Sunday.  *���������*������        THE        DAILY  '     LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,   Ladysniith and'-Duncan's  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  90  cents   a  month,    $5  per   year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication.  northern  iviunchuria,  th.it  future  of  !'  .   I  part of ihe I,  _.!  ancient   Chinese .province" which   lies  east  of the Amur,  between  that'and  the Pacific.    It  may be ..many years,  depending* Wholly   upon   the  quietening  of      internal   dissensions,   before  Russia's presence  there  will  he more  than a potential   iiieivance   to Japan,  but     ainenaiKe.it will iii nevertheless.    On  the other hand,  Japan      is  not a rich country.    Practically' it   is  rich   in   'nothing..except in' the spirit  of  its .pcopie.    If  Russia   is  content  with   retaining  the   northern   portion  ., THE  LAKV'S  SKIRT,  -   ; ''",���������'       i ������*������������������;..., ������������������ -  Mr. Pink     Melville brought a yerj' I  ���������inflamed      optic    to    bear  upon  me.  ���������'���������'������������������'Cold'in. the.    eve?'' said I, with an  i apologetic     cough      behind   my hand.  "No" said l"r.ky,   'with the suddenness    of a     quick-firing    gun.   "It's  skirt    in  the     eye."   I  pondered  for  one    'moment;,    upon  what particular  form of opfhalmic disease -was known  hy   the name of  '-'Skirt  in  they eye,:  and  tlie next moment I thought that  1   had  FRIDAY,   JUNE   23,   1.005.  of Manchuria till she is, again strong  'enough   to attempt   the  retaking  ���������A !  TERMS OF PEACE.-  If  the lerms of  peace as cuureiitly  rumored   in   European capitals    have  been    stated   fairly   accurately,   then  Japan,  i-n  not demr-ndiii-g  the cession  of tiie whole of Manchuria, -north ami  south,  the former including Vladivostok,  is moderate in  its demands,  for  the   gaeatcr   portion  of   Siberia      is  sterile and   frigid.    When   lhe   Pacific,  coast   is approached alo-pg the valley  of,, the  Amur river  the climate       is  more   temperate,   the soil   more   fertile.   Twenty years ago the',Rus'siaiis  settled the  valley of the  Amur  with  Cossacks of   the  Don, .bringing  these-  irregular  soldiers   out with  their  families  mi I Their horses and  settling  the  southern   and   richer   half,   if   she  will   pay   the heavy   indemnity  reputedly demanded,' Japan   will   not. only  he  released  from a struggle  which   is  a heavy     fliain   upon   her   resources,    sleepless  but she  will  have a large  sum in her 'Mr**-   Pinky' has  treasury, which she  may  mole her conimercia  too'much -is-'-demanded and  the  war  is continued   there seems  lit lie dou/.-.l  but   that   Vladivostok   wil  fall  i  an.I  that Linevitch will: le driven hack  in, 1 ii lake Baikal forms the Russian  frontier in Siberia.. And after that?  Further Japanese advance is difficult  and its advantages doubtful. Russia  would ' be*' practically unassailable.  The ' drain on Japan's .resources,  would continue' while that upon Russia   would   he' minimi:'���������������������������;-.!.��������� Moreover,  them  at points, strategic,  of course, ��������� ^^  wm|1(1  !c n() .imteinnity  lo    ���������������-  alono- the. course (Of that mighty riv  er,   Russia   retaining both  sides     cf  the valley  of the Amur and  the. line  of rail coni-munseatj-oii to ���������Vkujliivoslok  will  nor fall,   patiently,' to  continue  her   policy   in   this   respect.   Half,     a  century   and   more   ago   the   Russians  invaded   Chinese  Turkestan   which ex-,  tended   to      the  west ut Tibet  into..  Central .Asia.    Nol  having a railway,  the  Chinese  were able to drive  hack  the   sohki-rs   of   Russia.    Within       v.i  couple, of  generations .Russia,   despite  the      reverse,   had  abnor-hcel .Chiius.--  Titrkettian,   which   is now   no   longer  apolitical      term.  The policy,  ' -tlun  'coup  Japan.'Hence  bcth Japan and  | Russia can    do  considerably     \vors3  : than     at-ree     to the' terms as they  'have been  reported. .  arrived    a,fi a   -solution,when;  Pinkey     cleared his    throat and en-  ' lightenedTne in  -lhe foLlenving story:  : "Chris,  ray boyy never.' allow ���������  ���������-Vfr  She      wlio-must-.be-obcyed,    that's  if  you  can      prc\cn't   it,    \veac- a trail-  ng    skirt.   JSline     nad  (Ireanit    -j wt  this   particular   ."'skin..    I've      a'-, nl  and     chilly  nights   whilst  tucked  all  the bed  laboring     uh-  that    she was  city  missionary for  many  years  and  in, that'time has befriended hundred.'-  cT  young couples,   helping   them      to  enter   llic married  state.. .'.   ,  KO   YEARS'  EKPEf%\ENCE:  Trade: RSark'S  Designs  Copyrights &a  Anrone sending u nt:otoh mid description tnnip  quickly iisceitniii Our oiiinlo,i.,ffeo vrliDtlier .nn  invention- is prolinlily iKiienUililo. ConinHiiilf.-i.  tloiiamrlc.tlveoiilltloutinl. IlaiKllior.it or, I-iilent?  ���������;ent free. olriast-nsciiRy for -securim; pulonl-*.  Piilonts taken tlirbusli Jlimn. Aj Co. roculvo  ipecUd notice, williout c-'iiirt'O, In the.-  LADVSMITH AERIE     NO.  6H8, F.  O: E.    ':���������:' X   ;���������������.:..    :���������:".��������� -    -Vi y-.  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  -jrd  Tuesday  at 7-30  p.m.   Worthy  President, B   Forcimmer;      Worthy  "Secretary, C. H.' Rummings.  *~*-^m*  imiSSS^  & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 55,  TAICINCr   EFFECT  TUESDAY,  Northbound  .Leave .' ';/"..-/������������������...  .JUNE 20,  use  to  pro-  quilts  under her ami  i , ,.'���������'.' .  rosper.'tv.      If'i;cr    the      impretssici  \ hmulsomolv illnslrnieil vof-fclj;.. i .iirccit c:-.--  liulaticni (if niiy M-leiiltlli- .I'.uniiti. 'i'oriiis. **-> a  /em-; four moittl*3 Ij-l.  Sold bya 1 jiowsrioaliirs.  ���������WUHNi&--Go-?olD"id^- New-Yorlf ���������  lii-uncli OfSci*. !'.'������ I" SI'- Wnrtil^u!-)". 1.'. I'  y,���������,DA'Y  SCHOOL  .;. Usual subjects. taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal .lessons ghr-  cn ia classes or individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,,  ladysmith,  B.  C.  HOTEL     LELANI).  (T.. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block ftom C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates U per  day. Corner Oraiiville and, Hastings  streets   Telephone; 1--4.  ������**-vv\.*  p: j Se-iltie's h  : ric  ii)  I :.  Ski"  jVCIrr  :-.v:,   r:o .���������  i   ;  -li     ;.  *������ '  J;      !<f     t:  :.-  unii  ���������  id  i a:i.i .  -.  ���������alii  ii  S>4'  r m i  ii  ;������������������    a*  M  ;/  -.liC'oii  CO  iiii  -���������  ������?���������  '*  :y>.  Sans  \z  s;  'i;*  *.s  (���������a  W  Ti-.  v#  "A**  vi  if.  -.;i   ��������� L-* :.���������-������������������ ������������������!  of  i.l".^   -.*J?t...   .:������������������   ���������'-��������� ;  ,1.*   .t.i-i-   .E^i-'.*! THH     rWiOV     ,  "T*  -:K   EDTTioiv   ts   rrir*.   sis*;  I      -jE/tai:  :*. . whkk . v-^jf-ya   vvv.  . H-'rFEJi O-y THE PACIFIC COAST  v/'-i.vk. tot -ju-iipi* ��������� copy and b������ ooa-  ������iii,.-r-ri.     Sx;h^crlpTjoo    prlc������,    $1.00  ii������j    yenr. _. :'  '���������������������������  k\ r^Mj'-iiitsiers WUJ lake Suo*trlpt!ons  r-.'S'-ril.L'Je ������CE.S' CO. Seattle. Wash.  .*'.   ?    WESTON".  Business HanRgor.  ���������������iSL-K-S.'&V'v'4. *,\s;*As-v\ --.. -  x ..<-.���������, v-i\,*S%rXSX.������k'������i1������aiJCSttt������3idC������3t-KS6#  TH6 CITY7VYMRI<eT  R. Williamson Prop  rst.Avenue. Lrdysmith B C,  Public Notice  I  VCi  ti  I  Attention is called  lo the      fact that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,   Limited,  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR have for some time  past been producing flour in a vastly improved and purified form  hy   U.e aid  of ELECTRICITY  and   having  secured control   of    a.11  the basic palcnls  relating  thereto, takL-  this opportunity of advi.dng   the   public   that  any  unauili-  \valiving down Regent street with  lour miles of trailing skirl sinuously  iueked round her fair Jigurc to save  the finllic from tripping over it. At  nine last 1 uesilay morniiig three Chinese triplets tripped oil the what-  i:of, and the brass llat-irui.s; danced  in brilliant fashion a set of quadrilles  on our best hearthrug. The skirt  had arrived and it iwept everything  before it. The ��������� first human victim  was Mary, -our maid, she traveled,  standing -upright, with a full complement of an afternoon tea-service  in her hands, quite three .yards, and  then sat. It was a sudden..and noisy  sit,' the afternoon tea-service aiid  Mary's nervous system heing shattered at-one'fell blow. The poor girl  is now suli'cring from a hlistcrcd  wrist and a bruise which she cannot  verv wc! 1 elispiay among select. company. .  1   think--, it dawned   upon .my  wife  that    lhe   skirt* was   not   a garment  she could      safely    live    with in  the  l.o.se,   so   she suggested   a, shop-ga/.-'  ing expedition down  the High street  Going.*.   Sheyh'd,  I followed.   .1  wish  I  hadn't;  I couldn't, sec the ,'dear girl  for <l:st, and    when the wind .veered  rciuii'd, and  \villi it   tiie dust. 1-could  only  see  half   of  her.   She  was sorry, so  was  I, but more- so.   Observe  my eye,  I mean the one with the red  light;      There  wa.s  another  bunch   of  grief   when   we  loaded   the   'bus.   Thi*  wife insisted     on riding outside, and  some      dreamy,    old*     'Iwiffer   put his  square yard of     pedal i'ii .something'.*  He slipped, and maile a pillow of the  edge of ..the     kerb with  the back of  his head,    lie     now is full of threats  ���������agaiiist-  the conductor:  for  starting  the  bus  without  warning.   It  wasn't  the bus that started. befeve its time.  It  was  the  s'iirt.   I   shall   never forget the shopping which took place at  the end of that bus ride.    Any unin-  terisled but. intelligent ohseiver, who  couldn't    look any '   further than his  chin,   would  have    thought  that each  shop  was     a portion of a vast com*,  bine   in    the  way     of skating rinks.  The skirt   was made of  well-wearing  material, but it never had a real lest  (ill  I  stood  on it in the general provision store.   1 have     a .firm  nature  and  know  when to put  my  foot down  as a rule, hut I     put it down al the  wrong  moment this   time.   There was  a ghastly  ripping sound, anel at  first  1 really thought lhat an accident had  occurred   to   the nether clothing of a  stout man who was stooping 'down to  pick   up a  three-penny  hit  which had  slipped  through his  lingers.   My wife  was horribly cross, and she- made me  carry the parcels, a job I hate, while  she carried    a few yards of the skirt  overher arm.  "1 should have spent a happy day  if it had not been for my wife's determination to go home by train. Wc  had to go downstairs to our platform.  .......Dealers in   Pianos and  Organs...  Ladysmith. B.C.  Under New Managmisnt  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKiine] 1 & Woodbank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Strictly First Class.  Commercial Mens'  headquarters..  Fire L'roof     Buildinjf.   '.  .:���������''.-:  .1905. ��������� -   ,  Southbound N'orthhoiind Sat. Sun. Soiithb'd  .."'���������;.'->. Daily; Arrive,   Leave   yand..^Ved.   .:;  Arrive^  i.',.'...A.'M,i.';*.''.'Pi:'M.'. '���������������������������'/:/',ir       ���������'y.'^p/. M.....' F.M.  .........'  9.00 :-12,pp Victoria.';.. ..:]  ....;��������� 4.80   7i55  ....''..'.  10:20 loA(> Siiawiiigaii'Lake ..;. 5ii.7 C.'4S  ;;yi...   ....   ...   .. T1:00:10.02  Duncan   ...y;.;.   .......   5.55 5.55  '���������.y ;...:.:.������������������'.y .:   11:57.   fl-10 : Ladysmith :.::v?/;���������.;'.;; 0.-15* 5.00 "  .... ...i;.."; ;*.;..   ...  12:40 '\8.20..'Nanaiiiio  .;*.';':?.;:.;:;. i.'dl' 4.15  \i..j ...'.���������'..':,...'���������;".:' .12:53 Lv:3.00 ; Ar. Wellinglon    7.52   de 4.00;  S.  S.  'MOAN'' sails from Nanaim o for  ; Vancouver y Daily; except Sunday; at 7.00 a. ni.,     returning sails from!.--'"'''r\'ajie6uvci* lfor -Nanaimo  at   ^  :.i.������0' p.m.,:''"'.:. y '-:'������������������" [������������������ '*.': '��������� ^y';';y'y:-ry.,.^--..\.,:':'/yy-. *���������;���������.;..:;:: . ^v  Excursion rates in effect to all points, good going Saturday and Sunday,  returning ni������t  later Than Mond day.  ' ./':\y"       '";  ^.y--yyfy:> --'������������������'/;.!.y'" ,^.;<'; v^a'^yjI^EO.oD^cbURi^EY;:    ,'  ���������'���������,��������������������������� ���������*,���������������������������,' ���������'*. Traffic Manager.'  Victoria  .......... .  J ���������. Shawn i^au Lake  Duncans  ;.;.  v.;;  Ladysniith  .>...;  'Nanaim*;.'.���������,'''.'.'.'������������������  Ar.  Wellington  r     THE TYEE COPPER CO., ttd  i  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gootr Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from;. De'pot.)..'..;,;,  GATACRni   STREET-   -Ladysniith.  I  *!���������& ������**fer������>'fe������i'*Sr������3'fe-ft'-%r������>*-yr*,i  "i  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, QOLD AND  \,y\.. -SILVER'ORES.,..,,  Snieitirig Wpfksat  LADYSMI(rH,B:C.  ' Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  I  CLERMONT LIYIN6ST0N,   ���������. ......_._.., THOS. KIDDIE.  *;���������  Coveiing   Old Surface-  We have just received .a large sliii)-  nient. of the., famous 'Melrose Liquid  Paints, the  ' best on    Uie - market; at  *v * . . .;���������*-..  $1.75 per gallon.*. Wc also handle Maple Leaf brand nf yaini.-.lics, hiiggy  paints, etci, in fact we have every-  Ihinp: to beautify the home,  Wallpapers, from. 10c to $1.00 per  n.ir-1 le  Roll.   :    ���������'..''���������'���������'' ' ;'   ������" ���������.,  Paintinc and papcrlianging doneat  reasonahle 'rates..'at '       ���������*" - .  HARRY   KAY  ��������� FIRST AVENUE' :.  Via tkeMoplfes' favorite  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Rites ifl.2-r> at d $1.51��������� *.  I' ti   bus to  all Hteumboat  landings and  ;ilway depots.    Klectric ears < ver> IS vi  "minntea  to all purls oi   the  ciiy.  ,Bai  aud tabid imexcellid.  F. BAYSEs, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B, 0.  Gverlands  a  2  - jr'*;v;:K;yy:.::^W:::SILER,::/^;:^;::y:y:c?/v:  ?y^A  WORK PROMPTLY rw'*^  Leavt orders it tlie Abbotsford.  lADYSMItH SHAVING  y;yy;';-HIGH STREET. Vtr';,  :���������:���������: TJest in the C ity :���������:���������J  ���������^"- ^t=rrmr-'  RATES J2.00 PRR DAY  SA'.\iPi,i{.''.Rpbais>' t j  BAR. SUPIT.IKD WITH UUHl  WfNKS,'LIQUORS, CIGARS  Best accomodation in town. ���������-" Splendid hunting: and fishing.in near vicinity.  A. j. McMURTRIE, Proprietorv!vt;1' C^--^;.;r^..-:';y''?';;.;JLAPYSMI^^  LlVERW'febA^DI;NQ;rA^  r r EXPRESIS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  JOHNSON  *  ��������� -  m  HiLBERf  I  f  ��������� ���������J...ow_J, ^  "tiimh NDRSfRIES  NEW CROP���������  Hoiue Grown &   Isnported.  GARDEN,     FIELD      and   FLOWER  ���������     SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUiT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  J-IODODENDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE   AND   HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern  prices  \s a rule I   walk down;  this   or less.    Catalogue free.  Passengers'.'can leave Victoria daily  at S p. in.' or 11  p. in..  TIOICETS SOLD TO ALL POINTS  Shortest route to' Fernic, B.C.,  and   ALL   KOOTENAY  POINTS.  For rates.; folders, sleeping car  reservations* and all information call  on or address. ,;*~"i  S. G. YERKES,      E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A., '��������� 75 Government, st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria. B/C.  |PHONE 66 LADYSMITH J  ���������^���������^���������^���������****^*^0^0^** ���������*��������� *.������*.-������.'K*;k*M ���������^���������^���������^���������^���������3Mi  WM. -MUNSIE, President  lime  I didn't,  ical  train for  in   my   descent  Sunday School  tiirning   from   I  ori/eil users of the electrical  ���������ecu led.  flirir  purifying  pi occsscs   will   he pro-  Ogilvie Flotix- Mills Company, limited  are the  only millers in Canada whose   Fiom1 i1**  purified by the eloc'riopmcpss  I trod on the diahol-  t-lie second lime, and  cannoned against a  party who were re-  c'r annual outing: I  cleared them all from the stairs and  .'ind l'ay conifortahly invder a l'-(!aP nr  wailing children well under a second  md when Ihey rcised mc to my feel  I found my wife, whose skirt had  dis'i'"-cai('<l. T hurried her into a  o.'-n ^ r- | |*d! i>Tii.tii:n3������v f\ | , -? er  liome in :i cah. Never, ncrr more  will  I follow in the (rail of the skirl.  30J0   Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  Are You  Going: East  'This   Hoti-I   hat*   .heen  completely        renovated.  Board   and  lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL.      PRETORH  I Colds)  J-r   Supplied   with   the liest    Wines,  Liquors and  Cigars.  1st Avenue':-: :-: :-:  Ladysmith B.C.  m  ���������JL  ^  Geo. Roberts, J3  apmer's  eat Market  X  Prop  -r  ~%s  I  It should he borne in u-.ind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality arid prepares the  Bvstem for the more serious diseases, among which are tlie two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  haa won its great popularity by its  pro-nut cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  -   Price 25c, Large Size 50c.    ������  Then,  be sure your tickets  read  tbe  via  SOUTH WESTEBH  L  The- only . line  now   making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at  ST.  PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from     the     Pacific  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, THE  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST  TIME.  ] BETWEEN  j MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CIII-  JCAfiO,    OMAHA,     KANSAS  (J1TV.  'and  ALL POINTS EAST.  I    For complete information   ask  youi  local agent or write,  j F. W. PARKER  General  Agent,  720 2nd Ave., Seattlef^  F  J.  W.  COBURN, Man,  Direetor  - ���������;    '  . Telephone^ 1(5.  The ^nWysmitK  Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   AT  FIDDICK. AND LADY SMITH-Shingles a Specialty.  '.:.'���������;.*:    rr-Mauufacturere     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc , of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  tad   Kiln   Dried   Flooring      and  Finishing    Lumber  In    Stock.  flcB Young TH������ ^^j^jXn BANK  QF'COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAIMO, LADYSMITH  Reserve Fund. $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  TICKET   OFFICE  aud   Yates  St-;.,  Cor.   flovcriiiiieiit  Victoria,  !.'>. C-  Trains  Transcontinenta'  Trains  Daily  3  BANK MONEY ORDERS  I88UEO AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under.     3 cents  Over  $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  "    $10       "; " $30......   10 cents  ������������    $30       " " $50    15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par al any office in C  mida of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking' point:,   ii thc United States.  NKOOTIAIILH AT A  F1XHI) RATI! A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   . LONDON, ENG..  They form an excellent method of reinittin   small sums of money  with safety and at small   rost.  LADVPV.ITH BRANCH  W.' A.   CORNWALL.   MaHager.  One or'whifh is the famous "North  {'o:i,st Liuiiled," Hide ou it ahvay*-.  Up-to-dato r-iilliiiiui and Tourist  sleiijinrs on all liains. Through tickets issui'd to all paints East and  South, nlso Piillinau. ticlidls issued  and   berths icsei'\('d.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap r������tes from all points  lOast! frcj-jn March 1st to Ria;'y lfttli.  .c'. 1 t-amshi]i tickets on Kale to all  Iviroppnn points. Very low rates  now in ell'fi'L. Cahin afcoirimodalion  n-sei\eil   hy  wire.  Por ' further  particulars  call   at the  ���������iiii  or  phone No.   '150.  .\. I)-  CARLTON, O. E.  LANG  A O-P.A.,   \' P., General   A-ent  r.'.-Lland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making to  order   *  speciality.  THOflAS MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-to-  date. Rates -$Ua. a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade ������ :<*-: .-*> ** Ladysmith  LADYSMITH   BAKERY  HOP LEE &  CO."  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED  AND FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Ageney.  HAY, GRAIN AMI)  FARM PRODUUE  Orders will he delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, ������n tbe  Bsplanado.  JAS. WARNO&K,  i. /  "S  ******   **********  *  *  *  ���������  ���������  ^Qili*������XIj������^'*<*gas  ������������������*t *4 *+*$*  *$<?$$*$***  'iiiiii������������i^rii^lit*tfiWi'rPM������������iiiiMaMM  ^jmamf*&a*i*bii*t**s**umaa+i,  'fjtr\f\!\t-im&a*e&ii; j-^.^-^^ajflaaaMaMt  In 0110 dls-ti'Ict near Uganda, East  Africa, in cai/ of the natives 'projfejss  Ch-ri-jtianity, have formed , parlia-  nienls of then own and1,made laws.  Cons'idera'hile discission .was raised  lately hy a law fixing the price, of all  orides at .<..*>.30, inespectivc of their  beauty  and  accomplishments.  REVEl.PTOKi  MAN WILL  B E TIMED   TWICE  ��������� ���������    ���������  ��������� ���������>���������������������������  ���������    ������������������     9  *     ���������   ���������'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  There is No Necessity  ef sending away for aiiythiig    you may require in  Hardware or Garden Tools  %****9 ***+****** ********$* ********** ********** ********** *****  Jzoutyalem  Jtotel  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES  FOR  COWICIIAN  LAKE  MONDAY,   WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.      MOUNT.  SICKER  DAILY.  PRICE BR05.t  Proprietors |  ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  We can supply y������ur want* in ait   seasonable  goods such as Hoes,  Spades, Shovels, Rakes, Lawn  Mowers,   Poultry netting, Etc.  Prices Always Right  PITT & PETER50N,  Duncan,    B. C,.  -Joseph      II.   Martin,   a resident  of  the; ceded Sioux lands in Western   Dakota, is  81 years old,  but i>s       Ilie  champion  footracer and  pedestrian of  his  pari   of ihe state.    He  has       a  standing      challenge to  riin  agjtinst,  New Westminster, .June 22.���������A few  weeks a.gyi a man named Robert Stevenson was brought dowii from Revels toke to the penitentiary, sentenced  by Magistrate. Fraser, of the up-  country city, to spend three years  within its walls; It has since-transpired-., that the magistrate in trying  thc case exceeded his  powers,   as the  any and all comets over  75 years of -casey shoilkl iiaVeg0ne  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������   ���������������������������*������������������    ��������� ���������'���������������������������  ��������� ���������   ��������� ���������  DUNCAN  ESTABLISHED I878  and QUAHICHAN  W, P. JAYNES  ���������Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American Cveaui   Separator  Co,,  Grant  Powder  Co.,  and B. C. Pottery Company. ��������� 'j-   ?.  Also Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home Grown Products.  age, any- distance they choose from  one mile up to ten mites, lie says-ho  prefers JO miles, as he gels "just  nicely warmed up" in that distance..  I-Je has backers who are willing to  wager there isn't a man oi South  Dakota over CO years of age who can  heat  Iii11l  in a footrace.  Quamichan Hotel  i  ���������0���������  Headquarters   for  Tourists and Com-  me rcial Men  Professor II.   C.   Annsling,  in  a recent     address  in  London,  said   lhat'*  school   and      college   ediic.ilion   was  mostly  destructive ot  common  sense.  The classic-  school   was  not  a school  of   thought,   hut   of  prejudice;      and  under the     present tiiiforluniile ' y.s-  tein of education it was chiefly    lhe  g.nnes  which promoted  alertness,  in-  dividinililv nnd common seii'-o.  ��������� to a higher,, court. Consequently tire in an was-r  ordered to be liberated. On his appearance outside the -walls of the  penitentiary he was nabbed by "Provincial Police Oflieer Spain, who took  him up to Rcvclsiolte, where he will  stand ;trial on the old charge, this  time in the projier court,  Union  Irswing Co^  NANAIMO,   B. C.  Hanufacturers of the  BEER  AN OLD EXPI.ORFI'  PASSI  :d  WAY-  New York, June 23���������Thomas Nie-  hol; one of the ' last sijryivors of  Commodore Perry's expedition to .Japan, Ifw-J, is dead at lus home in  Brool'Iyn. lie was 78 years, old and  was hern in England, In early life  Niohol moved to America and on en-  Cueo'anuts,  being lighter  than  water,  are  transported along  the water- {listing in   the navy was  assigned  in   the same manner  that  In [British'Columbia.  Lager Beer  and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed  from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops  Keast's Livery 6:  Freighting Stables  -li. Keast, Proprietor  ������������������������������������  ���������o���������  BOATS ON SOMENOS LAKE.  Splendid Fishing, Telephone connection. ,  FRANK CONRUYT, Prop.  Duncans Station.  .ways in Uie same manner tnat tim-  il.or is floated. Thou.s'ands of them  are tlu own tog-other, and the who'le  mass .surrounded liy hwig strands of  bark Iil>er. Onc native can tow a  number of such rafts, -anil, the fUw-r is  lough enough to st-aml-considerable '  rough treatment.  the frigate Sus-q-Rehaiina. This vessel,  with six others,;   comprised the fleet  which  Perry  took to  Japan  for   the  purpose-   of '.negotiating the .treaty'  which' resulted  in opening  the ports  of th-at country to the trade of the-  world. - :.,*:'  AN IDEAL TOURIST AND  HEALTH RESORJ  Stagu leaves Mount Sicker at   7  a.in  at 12:30 p.m.,  daily. ������xcept  returning,   leaves   Duncan  Sundays.     (Specials  at short notice.)  ***K*  DUNCAN,   B.   C.   X   X  ������%,  i  Tourists  and  sportsmen   making this hotel   Mieir headquarters will appreciate the excellent cuisine and service.  Electric light is titled through  out.     There is' a good   supply  of water.     No mosquitos.  SHAWNIGAN LAKE .B.C.  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MAN  IA  Any  Kird  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  I  I  At  the  LEDGER  Q  Office  1st Avenue  It should be borcje in mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality-and prepares the  system' for" tlie more serious diseases,''ankmg which are-the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consuniptiou  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions,- effecting a speedy and  permanent ��������� curei;-..- It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  - *Price 25c, Large Size 50c.    ���������  : A   .-.curious     efTcd  of  thc  recent  floods   in the valley of, the Kaw river "is  noticed  in   the unusual   fertility of the soil.   Wheat is growing so  rank   that  it  is  falling over,  and   in"  many      places, has* lodged   so   badly  that fanners   have .been   obliged      to  turn tlieif cattle into' it.  ; ���������J��������� -���������  For  a score   of  years  A.   A.   iVdcn  has     been  a "wheelhorse"  of       the  skile department at  Washington, serving  under  live administrations.  '> he  final"    adjustment   ; of  the   "Alask-cun  boundary  controversy��������� hetwyen     ihis  Koveriinient   and   lhat  of  Great    Britain   has  been  a.:hi*ved  ���������  ���������     ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������  ��������� ���������  Plans,   Specifications and  De  ���������������'  ��������� ���������  tails      furnishetl for all kinds  ������������������  **  of work in the CARPENTER  ������������������  **  Line  ������������������  **  C.   B.   ROBELEE,   Carpenter  ���������*  ��������� *  and Joiner,      2nd ave, Lady  ������������������  ��������� ������������������  smith,   B.  C.  ������������������  ���������  ���������    *.���������������������������    ������������������������������������'������������������  ���������  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  RUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water-Works.  Ladysmith.  B.C.  When (he  news of  the great Japanese  naval   victory  reached   Pittsburg  a Company   of acrabats  from   (he    Island   empire   were  "ippeariinr   jn  ���������-.   '������������������-  eus.   On l.i'ing -assured of (he Russian  overl.iirow      they   promptly   went,   ou  strike   f���������r  a day,   positively   refusing  lo  work.    Instead,  they pr.ieee.h.-il  to  decorate   the   city   a vivid   red,   caie-  /iilly   refraining  train  any -breach      of  !*fo law, however,  and  they  were allowed  full  lih.'iiy.  ������������������ ������**..������������������������..*������������������.  NORTH   OYSTER   SCHOOL  TENDERS  will be received by    thc"  undersigned up to noon on Wednesday, June 28th, 1!)('!), for the following work, viz:  Supplying new floor Lo he laid over  tha present floor. The hoards must he  lxl edge grain and kiln dried.  Plastering  the building throughout.  Placing new shingles on the. roof  and  (earing old away.  Placing new sills  under woodshed.  Painting school house inside and  outside, two coats. For further i.ir-  (icultirs apply lo D. J. Thomas, }\o-  berls street, Ladysmilh. Address  Post   Hox  71.  iV. B.���������The lowest or any lender  nol, necessarily accepted.  PATENTS  ��������������� i-rrrrTrrr  DESIGNS  TRADE-MAKKS    ,  AND COPYRIGHTS .'  RETAINED__  j\  ��������� ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  - Notice in "Inventive Age"      ���������--��������� ��������� ���������   u  > Book "Howtoobtaiu Putents" |]   MHBaa5e j  Charges moderate. No foe till patent is scoured. 1  Letters strictly confidential.   Addreds,       1  E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C. ;   >. .* * i * ���������* *w i * j. .. ..^j������ *'  \k   Jk   4   *���������  *   *   .  -   *    .    .    .  A  PECUMARILY  WORDED  ���������>.      ; APOLOGY.  Others, (no, have Ihvir tfouhles.  The fiillowMig is headed "An Apology": '  A   geiill-eniiin   eallod   at   this   ollico  hist t>'ei'k and complained lhat "since  the   Okaiiagan   commenced  publication  he      had      been   away   froLn   Vernon  twice,  and   his   name  wus   not   mentioned   in   the   locals."    IT   the editor  ������f      this   litllc   rag   overlnnkefl   tho  n'.Dve   genllciiian   in   his   lceal   notes,  he      is   very   sorrry��������� but   we   would  state   that   although   \ve   sunvi't inies  }   look  in   the  bngg-age  car  for   passengers,  we never  look  for news  in   tbe  "sidr-do'or'-  ptillnuui."���������Vernon   Okan-  agan.  ii  ALEDO.MAN'"  Leads Them    All  IN QUALITY  -:o:  R..P. RI'THET,  & Co., Ltd  Tacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :*-: :���������: :-j ,~: ;���������-B.C.  ITOBA  THE  NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY-.-.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not 'more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output. "  Quartz���������Persons   of  eighteen  years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners'  certificates may  obtain entry  for a mining- local ion.  A free iiii^ei's certificate is granted  for onc or more yeais, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according to capital.  .A' free     miner,  having   discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500  feet by  marking out the  iame with   two legal  posts,  bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen' days if located within ten  miles of a mining recorder's ofhee, one  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction.. The  fee for recording a claim  is $5.  At least $100 must'be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase thi* land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission  may  be granted by the  Minister  of      the Interior   to   lorate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding IGO acres.  The     patent for  a mining location  shall  provide  for the payment   of   a  Royalty of 2A  per cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and  the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer   mining  claims  generally  are 100 ft. square,       entry fcc$f), renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  ������Iiewan- River claims are either  bar  or  bench,   the  former  heing .100    feet  long and extending between high and  low water  mark.  The  latter   includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or hank, but not   exceeding 1,000-fce'i.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and thc N.W.T., excepting the-.Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged Lied     or bars of the river  below  low  water marl*:, and  subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who  may receive,   entries  for bar  diggings  or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where,  the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark-  on each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five -miles,  but where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction  is  sufficient.   Rental,  $10     per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of. 2������ per cent,  collected on the output after it . exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The l������ssec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position oh the  lstday of August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, aiid one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  Bucli date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year ���������/', and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer  mining.  Placer Mining in thc Yukon Territory��������� Creek,������������������:���������.. gulch,    river and hill  claims shall-rib.t exceed 250 feet     in  ength, measured, on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  Lhe width  being from  1,000  to  2,000  feet. All  other placer claims shall be  250  feet square.  Claims arc* marked by twTo legal  posts, one at each end, bearing iio^-  liees. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking e  claim must hald a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length," and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims   only. ^  Entry fee, $10.   Royally at #ie rate  of two and one-half per cent.,  on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  i'ukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No  free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim      on  each  separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same  miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership  by  filing notice and paying a fee  of $2.00.    A claim  may    be  abandoned  and  another obtained     on  thc same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and  paying a fee.  Work   must  be done on a claim each  year to the value of at least $200.  A certificate  that work has       been  done must  be oiit&incd each year;     if  not, the claim  .-J Ail be deemed to   he  abandoned,   and     open   to occupation  and entry  by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim   may   be  defined  absolutely  by having  a survey  made and publishing  notices   in    the  Yukon  official   Gazette.  Petroleum���������All unappropriated Dominion lands in Manitoba, thc Northwest Territories, and within thc Yukon Territory, arc open to prospecting for  petroleum,  and  the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on the land  to be prospected, an area ot 1920 acres for such period as he may* decide,  the length of width shall not cxccei  three limes  the  breadth.  Should thc prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-.  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding CIO acres, including the  oil well "ill be sold (o the prospector at the rale of Jl.00 per acre and  the remaindi-r of (be (met, reserved  namely, .1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject, to loyalty at such rate  as may be specified by ordei'-in-coim-  cil.  JAS.   A.  SMART.  Deputy   Minister of  tho  Interior.  Department  of the Interior,   j    ,.  *******99Y99*99<r*>jri ***- vv*-***^*.^.4999999*999-f9  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.    Drill Sharpened  by  us al-  ways gives satisfaction.   Picks "hand! ed'and repaired..  Sliips'mitliing    in  a)1    its    ^Brainlies.  Horseshoers and Genera! BJacksmitns.  David Murray  Buller Street   - ��������� .-���������   -    - Ladysmith, b  O  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE  ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT J-'OR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.     ' '" ���������''','. ' y V  VVE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF THE r��������� ;  ; CKIES.yYOU WILL GET THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US.,  PAN NELL   &    PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK, OAT/.cR13  S/^EiT.j .ADYSrllTrf, B V  .*************** ���������.���������.��������� ���������.��������� H i*****++**+*+++>, 4 t������ ��������� '���������+ ������ +.fc+^4  x  LADVSMITH TRANSFER CO. ^  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY A   ND  SAFELY. ',  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmilh hotel  Abbots ford.  t  Leave orders at   the  ���������  ''��������� ��������� .- .'-y y  WILLIAMS AN.'DyW.ASiv-ir   '  . ***+**+* ***++4.**+<���������.++++++-H���������������������������4^+^+++i++^^++^ji++������i++4.  TIME TO  THINK  over business     problems .carefully  ���������never "flurried.��������� this is the con-,  -"dition of the man who uses a foil"  top''desk and has everything han-  ���������"dy��������� - "' '   i;y-  SxstciH   is a     great time saver.  We. carry a very fine range of  OFFTCE  FURNITURE  12 styles roller    .curtain desks,40  patterns      of office   chairs���������type-  I  writer desks and chairs���������flat top   desks, etc.  it  Roll    Top Desks in Elm,    size 42x30 in., Price $22.50.  ���������   Roll     Top Desks in Elm,       50 in. long, Price $28.00.  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Am ue  Loan  LADYSMITi  Ladysmith reinp'e No. 5 Rathbono  Sisters meets in tlie Oddfellow's hall  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30 p. m,  Mrs.  Kate Tate,  secretary.  Meatmarket  LADYSMITH B, C.  yyi  '/yM  yyi  " ..* "��������� '���������'���������// m  .;.���������������������������������  ���������I \fy  Mrs.  Walter Thompson went, up/to  Nanaimo at noon todav.  Btr. Geo. Pearson was a passenger  ;.eii'the nooii train to Nanaimo.  ���������... The man admits that  be ate     the  crabs,  and  is guilty accordingly.  Geo Caven,. of the Simon Leiser  Company, is having his holidays out  on the ranch. .   . x -  * 'Following;' the close   of school,  the  .children      will -begin*'to- talk  about  camping.'  ������������������������������������ Archdeacon and Mrs. - Scriven passed through to Nanaimo fur-in Den  cans on  (he noon train.  It   ;s   on-.'  tiling  to   (ell   a man   lo  take  his, blankets aiid  gel   oul       of  town.    It's .another thing. t��������� keep hi m  .out. '.'���������  9%^^^'J^r^^^^z ",^^^''isi^^^M^g^r^^^&i&*puS tfiivEiSiii **-$$ ������ hvffiSriSi?**��������� "* ���������*���������'*  '%������������/]& Jsagg.,. yiTi*. $3 ~'&y&': jsacsgi-a^^ mrKzakm X    ���������    i*j.  ������5 ] wI.pii,  'QiM'tc     a larg.e     m.inl/cr of miners  from   Nanaimo   have   found   employment   at- Union. .Evidently  the min.-s  theie  are   working   regularly  and   on  J'ulL lime.' .  See (-he Comeiic's  '-'Ships' Notice*  .'; Cuite a large crowd of people went  downyto (he depot this morning to  see the two motors, containing the  - C. P. R.- Officials pass through to  Wellington. The cars passed here  'about, eleven' o'clock.  The strawberry season  is, drawing  to     a close,   it is said  that nature'  ' e'o-ild     .produce  a-better  berry   than  the .'straw-berry,  but.it  seems certain  it ;nev-er  lias.      ���������  The meeting of     the Dominion Day  .'.Celebration.; J.Committee     will    take  pla.ee- in  the I'aiiquetling-    Hall after  the   trial  at  the council  chambers  is  over   this, evening.  The  time for ,r.ece'>-ing tenders for '  the   repairing  of   live   North   Oyster  'school   house 'expires  oir Wednesday;  the  28th   insI. ��������� Carpenters,   painters  and plasterers should  lake notice.  Sale of DI..uses and Whitewaar goods  now--taking-place at Simon Leiser &  Co., Ltd.: ":'������������������.������������������������������������'  - ..Last,     .evening,   at .a'.p>ciiic  across  ���������the Ray, Miss Milligan  was presented by a number of.friends with a diamond   ring  as a faircwell  gift,  ftfiss  .Miliigan ���������   has  resigned her position  at   the local   school,   ;;n I   will   leave  in a day  or two for  Comox,  and after a holiday at   that  place she  will  enter      into anew  profession.    Miss  Miliigan   was  delighted   with   the present,  she'received   lasl  evening  from'  her  well   wishers   and   friends.  The   following   magazines   are   now  in  for .Inly:    Popular,   Argosy, Pearson,   Metropolitan,   Ladies'        Home  Journal,   AiusLes,  at   Knight's   book  ���������store.  J.us.t..-    today   and   until   Tuesday���������  STAMP   PHOTOS   25  em's  per 'doz.  ;Frie:.e '-& Scheiick'  TOWN SITE .'EXTENSION  Adjoining the old lownsite of  ���������DUNCANS, V. I.  A small .area has been laid off   in I own lots which aie no ,w offeied  at'/ ,'''i'-!.".'/...  LOW   PRICES   AND  0>c   EASY TERMS.  Tiie   future   of   the  Cowiclian      District  and   V.uirouvei   Island  ������  Will   c\-cer-.'l  expectations   anil   Ihis  is  a good chance  r -   a sate and  profitable   iiivcsfmciiI.  SEE PLANS AM) PRICES  Agents, J. STEWART J. H. WMITTOME  Ladysniith,   V.   I. ���������    Duncans,     V.   1.  8H    -BAl&V   YMa^m  jy, .-.li^Tr-li   T^nriwrr-* >������ J/*-.i n--^--'iTir-fi-<", jti'^i^'***.! -   -****foiiA������ .T Hn^tm-,it.i mTr^^f  i.i.'I-.-. ���������  .������'f ^11 rci-.udh Uu- othei ility  al       Le\ington.  his   own  \oice  H ������   -h       [i 'pi'Mchcii  the     scmies o\pi  his dead  'bliiHl 1       $jlj"(lv- fluected     the music, ajjil made  :���������r.-7-.-r:��������� =*.   y j ti'e  last   impassioned   adiliess  to   the  ��������� a *%������������������������   ^l101"1'1     hvople    among  whom he  had  rfj    "hen  (his    man  v ho,    m his'httle  ���������ii r m -y\iirt'iri*������'jfri"ir I^TM^rrJMTfliiiKfii i^irlirririrr r^'ftf*��������� u'i iriv^rW^-tf-isi;  IS  THE  DAYO  BIGS  SATURDAY  i  :SG !  y n   i  fe i inouiit.Mii  c'liiuch hid  won  widesjucad  6 '"  tm  OF BOYS ElOIIf  Your dollar will  stretch like elastic when buying  I thes3 goeds.  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Those  wishing to avail themselves of his  services while here are requested to  semi their orders to the Abbotsford  hotel.  Summer Snle of (.louses and! White-  wear n'f'.v..' taking place al Simon  Leisei: & Co.'s Ltd. All goods in  this line niu.si Le disposed of, an wc  will niit carry I hem over for another  s.asniu  Wood and Bark for Sale  Rl.'GOIRS   FOR  HIRE ':���������:   :���������:   See.I.  ICEJIP, or leave orders  at  LeigtL's TransferStables  .l-IRST   AVi'-.NUE  'PHONE fi-0.  Stoves  We are maki g th m of thi Newest   Pattern and Latest  Styles - ���������  WK, DO ALL KIN'IIS 01-' l-OC X'DRY  WORK  Our Prices are Re so:ia Me  SF.E  OUR    M-:W  S'lOVKS .IN   HI. AIR  AND ADAM'S WINDOWS.   .  LADYSrilTH IRON& fcTOVfi W0RK5 CO,, LTD.  m ii iii.  ������ '"PHONE  2-1.  J  LADYSMfTi'.  feiiame, was biealhing bis l.\st m his  j||hiiinhle ealnn undei the mountaons,  g I lie asked that In means of a phono-  g lii.iph he niighl be allowed to dueet  g,los o>\n lm.ei.,1 sen ices in the ihuich  at   liideoul.  On fhe (lav of the niiiii<-tei 's lnnial  ���������lie wondoLing inountaineeis and minus of the Cumboiland district gath-  eieil fiom fai and neai. On boise-  hatli .mil atoot came lhe ci owds Su-  pcislitious and lgnoianl pco|)le ti em-  bled when thev heard ihe dead man's  \ o:cc  One of lhe ministet's friends stalled lhe lnachn-e and the nnnistei's  miicc spol.e, saving, "The Loid giv-  clh and  (hc Loid ijiKeih aw.iv "  Tlie) followed the announcement of  a In inn, and * as the mounti-iinecis,  S half fiighlcned, use and joined the  de-id man's \oice in "Ulcsl be the  tic (hai hinds," devout disciples of  Ihe muss,mian fell thai lus gi'e.itesl  wo11, was at thai moment, heing done,  Hie rev disls foi goi t|ic deadly bailed Hut   i-ankhd  -,, (hen   heail's  -\flei llu* song; (he funeial sermon  itself began, and lho \oice, sccming-  lv without elicit, told (he l'n'c stoi^v  of the de.id ,���������an, his struggles, his  hojies and his feais    "  1'le.en vcis before he had graduated   fiom    a    theological     sdi'ool in  ,! -o,i,s\ille     and      hatl   come   into the  mountains  of Southcastei-.i   Kentucky  (lo woik* among  (he  rough  niountaiii-  i*cis        He  hi.I    waudeied  along the  "loiilei    and   throught   the  mountains  of    ('list       Tenncsiv     and     Kentucky  ^  seal dung mil   the cabins ot llic fcticl���������  IVSlS  \*. be    went  he     had pieochrd  the  .g'^l-el, and in (lie Ciimbeilnnd dis-  lnct he haH, hegun his lqali'lih* work,  Me.Khiiig at fii *- ( in the illicit still  nn si's Work Ind been haul and  iiiiiiiulfiil, .-ud iv,i ihiee j^eais he had  l.iboied vi'ilhoul a chinch  'I'lifn, mi the foinMi ycai of his miii-  isliv his     #ffoits weie lewarded, and  "'.int- ol  ihe     feudists who  had been  ��������� it   w.ii   lot   ye.iis came lo hi.s aid and  hml  down   then   anus    n0   feivcntly  I banked God foi   lbe honoi  of leading  flif'in  In     Cbnsluinily and,  although  ,111(5 liilieinr.ss  was  nol   vet oiadicat-  ,f" ���������  r'0l|i  inn-ny of     his  feudist ehuieli  '������ cmkis,       Ihey  had helped   to  build  ill 'he ei|"if.n.  The voice  went  on   to  I ell   the stoic  of Ins      , t-ie  ������i Pa lest   vclniv,   the  |l<la\   on     winch he bad peisuadcd  the  feudisls  of   the      Cumbeilaiid  district  to  dp'laip  n,      lnue  dining Ihe  week-  thai     the      (hiirch was    being  bmit,  1  Then Hit* de.ul  man  told how the fac  |  lions had    tinned  -n the     .nectmn ,,t  the hinldimr,   h0u   u,c .stewails aiwl  .   t-hc Taliaferros  had' worked--together  i  in peace. ...  if was his .one     prv-Ai, sorrow tha.t,  though   a      Stewarl.   bad   furii'shed   a  ;>:i.te. and  a Talialerro .had hault*d  the  I  timber,   there  was st/ll   a, deadly enmity     between the two families.    It  was this Una made  Lbe last, -moment  |  of the dc-vd   man's lif--   seem a failure  j   and. as   iu      prayer  and supplications  m  to   llu;  liiiior      foes,   (he    minister's  |3  pleaded   with   iheni  to end  the feu-d,  M '���������    Al Ibe end of tlie sermon   lhe voice  P . a-dmi-nisii-ed   ������������������ the.people -to l:e  con-  d  slant in  well     doing,  and   then sud-  .dinly   ask-c-d      them   io r'se  and sing  j "-Jesus,  Lover of My Foul,"  and the  ������ ; members  of   Mr.  Shade's church join-  led     (heir dead    minister, in that, old  IS THE LAST DAY  of our Blouse and Whitewear Sale  We have disposed of nearly everything in this .line and the balance  will be offered for Saturday at  "SMASH" PRICES  Call early and secure your bargain"  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  1LADYSMITH  -Dr.   Ii.   I!.   Dier   is  again  in   Lady-   .hymn.  .smith  and  can   be  f,.und   al,  all hours  at his ollice,on  High street, i  Herr Wiihelm Peters  PRACTICAL     1*1.\ NO  AiVKKK   AND  Tt-.\;-:i.  be      in   Ladysmith     about  the  30 Ml OF JUNE  Wil  ,T'i:uios mil organs'tuned," r'-fiiilated,  ii.ii/1 Ihoroiigilily . Kiiovalod. Ordeis  to be  left  al  -tlie   Absiilsford Motel.  Van Camp's Concentrated Soups  COXTKNTS  OF  ONR TIN  WITH  'I'  UK   AnDITION   OF  WATKR  ONLY,..  lUAKKP   ONK   QLART  OF  SOl'P.  TOMATO.   MOCK'   TI'RTLK,  Cl 11 CK KN,      OXTAIL,      VKUKTAULH,  HO I ILLON.  W. T. HEDDLE   CO.  . ("let.   your   Sunday   Colonists  Knight's.  Ladysmith M M\k$  Mi  y���������^^^gt^p.!. ������������������ ixij  'Williams' Block  LadyHuiith  Particular^ rocers.  Telephone   1  M:s.   S.  Anderson,  wife of-Jhe foreman of Cani])  Six,   was  tal'en  to N.i-  ���������naiinn   hospiial   lust   Alonday   i i .1   is  nov.   under  th-   profrs.sioiijal   ca i       "i  Dr.   Uncle.  pa" s"' ���������-^.^ESsasBsag^  if  I  0  I  %  1  H     WILLIAMS   RLOOK.  ['5.**>'SxtL:i3i522fi^3SS^i^S2S  Three Linos <"f  EN:.' AND BOYS'  STRAW HATS  To Clear, 10 PER CENT off  orrison's, Ladysmith, Bo C/  ���������   -;.--,: - TELEPHONE  6-7  NOT     KESPONSiBLE  Lrilisb  Sleamer  Cii.mKRIC  Xe'l*.' er   Uie owners,   -igeiils or  Mas-  lers will  he respnnsilile for any debts  (���������(iiilr-K'U d  liy   live ercw  of  the  above  ve.-s ���������[  while ;n  port.  MefJill, Master  I.adsniilh,   F.   C.,   Jdne  2fi,   1.005.  Laiiiich and Pleasure Roals of .ill  deseripliiuis for Hire. finals built,  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.  HARRliP   AND  IIAVFDN.  I'.OAT     RCILIII-ORS.  NTOTTC'E  OF  ASSIONMENT  at-, Pursuant  to     the "Creditor's    Trust  f Deeds     Act,   I'lOl.'j     ���������  Noliee is hereby Kiven that Axel  'iter-.', of .I,a-djsmith, liritish Coluni-  hia, (leneial Merchant., by deed dated  the llllh day of June, A. D., l'Klj,  assifriied all his personal property,  real estate, credits and effects, which  may he seized and sold under execu.  lion to Albert K. Phuila, id' -Nauai-  ll1". I'.rilish Coliiinbla, Insurance  AkciiI, in trust for l!(. |*,iir|-,(ise ol  l-nviiii-; and sat isi\ in;.- ratably and  I'l'opnrlioiiately all the crodilors of  'li.- said Axe! Wery; aceordin-; lo law,  lh-'  -sail!   ..'(*. il       v.;*s   executed   hv   the  m.  J  ���������"������������������ilKl   as.-r.-jicc     i n      1 l.t>   llllh     day   ol  ���������luue,   liiil"). \,  All crediOirs haviiiff claims a^ainsl  lbe said   A.vel      Her-*-;- are required  to  i I or w-ii nl  parficiilais     lo the said as-  Ah   Wing  r*" fO hf^      '"   y        '���������,er'* lsiKiiei- on or     before   the  lilth  day  of  .. . ,       nri     o-g l-Iiily,    I !Mi~t,   alter     which      date  Ihe  Merchant        lailOrSisai.l  assignee   will   proceed   fo   distri-  ,    . bule  the    assets      of   the said  estate  Ladies' and (ienls'  Clothes Kir.de  to    , .. . ��������� ,,,,,,  aiiioiiu;  (he      parlies  entitled   thereto,  mt  W. G. Fraser  MerchantTailor,  (ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early find  get your choice.  WE ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK  TWO NEW  UNES:-OE STOVES MANUFACTURED   BY   OUR   LOCAL  STOVE WORKS  Drop in and See Them  FOUR  HOLE  KITCHEN; COOK.  SIX  HOLE URAND UNIVERSAL.  1.15 00  $35.00  LADYSMITH HARDWARE' CO., Ltd  Ghew^lie   Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Dunn, of the above firm, v isits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purposu 6f taking measurements and seeing customers personally. May  be seen at the Hotels. We guarantee all stock and a perfect fit at the  lowest possible rates'. Suits from $15.00 up. Pants from $4.00 up. All  Hand-made. Full line of the Latast, supplies ALULAYS carried by Mr.  Dunn. ���������    :   '-.������������������-... d        .  One hundred acres of land in Cedar district for v $350  Two Sheep Farms on one of the Gulf  Islands^ Considerable Improvements  . ; ' -���������;��������� $450  JOHN STEWART P.O. Box 268  l IRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  CONVEYANCING  NOTARY    l'lif-LIO.  CLOCKS  BARGAINS  CLOCKS  Just received'    a shipmeiil  of all kinds of clocks thai, we will clear  at Ion- prices       ' Mi        ���������   t i  ���������'  I  .     :  ,  :     ;  ;        i  EKIIIT  DAY  STRIKING   CLOCK '         $.'(.0(1  I-:IGHT   DAY  STRIKING   CLOCK    (with   alarm   al Inched)     J.'.fill  HEl'EATINO   NICKLE   Al.AKM   CLOCK        $|.;r,  REGULAR   NICKLE    ALARM   CLOCK $1.00  ALL THESE CLOCKS VHE FROM THE BF.ST AMERICAN  FACTORIES AND ARE U ARANTEED TO KREP GOOD  TIME.  ii*  a  i  Order.  PERFECT   FIT  GUAHAN T"'.  ��������� ">  LADYSMITH,   B.   C.  havinir ri-Kiird      only f)f (he claims of  which, he shall   then  have  notice.  Not.iee is :iIsm lu-reliy j^iven that  n, nieclin.u; of the cre-litors of the. said  Axel Meri; will be held at live ollice  of Ihe uii.-lersiu-neil, T ndysniith, IV C.  on lhe fourth day of .Inly, V-ld'i at 'd  o'eloe!;   in  (hc aflernonn, in  pursuaiice  PRRACHEI)   HIS  OWN  Fl'NFl'I-\L     SP'RMON ' *' ��������� 'i;' i;il'(l   Act., for Tne v:ivinli-of ili-  I)i:ii'':n;   lownsite  lots   in  (he  nil li-                                     '                   ' direi-lv-ns   wiih   r-feren'e  lo   (he-dis-  lion   h.l:-ly  hM|   oul   should  sell   w?ll.       -,-||(,     R|.v        ||t.MIV   (<.   y.]M\e,   Km- pi,-,--! ,;f  I'n-   kmiI  rsl.-ile.  -'"hu      SK'\ii,.|-t   is   IIk-  ai;-eiil.  Good     ,���������,.,.,,iu   r..,,���������������u<      "i'eud   biiMl-.-r :'   nl- Mel,-,!   ;ll,      Lr.ih su'iilh,  Tl.   C,  this  most   probalile,   lhe mines  of 'Mount.  luclyis   ra.uioiis  ihoui*h   lie  creale'il  perhaps  more  sen-    |!ilh il.iy of -Tine, J lift ft  salioiis duriiiir     the course of his  lil'e>  SicKer develop well, Dmican, WJ|J   !e nio,mt,ineer   of his  one  ol   ihe impo-rlant   towna of Van-   ���������  couver  Island,  RUSSELL  SIMPSON  Solicit or- for Assignee.  B.FORCJMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    X   X-X      Ladysmith,    B.C  Dr. R.B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  \11  work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  mm St. Ladysniith  OPEN AT U,h HOUR*.  NOTICE.  From this date the. undersigned  will not he responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed hy lhe secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION &   DEVELOPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Non   Personal Liability.  Vicloiia,  H.  C, May  ISth,   lOflf,.  ' 'Sunday Examiner, New York .Tour  nai, New York World, For .sale a  Knight's  book  store.  r1


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