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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 26, 1906

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 .'������9I8LATIVB  L.4SSEM8LYk .  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.,*  TUESDAY  June 26. 190C  PRICE FIVE CENTS  ANOTHER EVENT  FOR DOMINION DAY  . 4-������  At Meeting Last Eveiiig It   Was  Decided to Add aa|RelayjRaee*  To List of|Attractions  m   li  Ever* thing is i\.\w nearly in roadi-ronly stimulation we mate is Uiat - every man must -be playing in* tnetoot/-  bali game that day..    We are   doing  ness  for  lhe celebratie n on    Dominion DaY    in  Ladysmilh, and judging  \yy the reports of, tliie collecting and  various" other committees the elay  will be an entire success. At the  meeting last-evening,- when some of  the final arrangements were discussed and settle:!, M'r. Jas. Deeming for  the collecting committee, 'reported  that the committee have so far collected $502.7-5. "This, including $100  from thc mines ani.l the $100 donated  by Mr. Dunsniuir, brings the sum up  to $7(52.7*5. There are several more  places to.hear from, ..Camp Five, Ex.*  tension, " etc.,* besides money which  will be collected for the tkinbc, and  for entrance to the grounds and spit.  It was decided to hate tickets printed, anel' lhe- collecting committee,  who have, of coutse, aliis-t,,, -all the  subscribers, ' will sl\*I a complimentary ticket to nil iilios_\ who havo  subscribed towards the celebration.  Those who have "not. will he charged  25 cents admittance to the Bunker  Grounds and Spit. Ladies and clul-  dien, however, will-,be allowed. to* enter free.  - Mr. - Mike- Celle was appointed eo\-  lector to ,covcr the giv>vneis at Extension, juid^ accord inglyViferwill \i-s-,  it .that "place -1 oday^^-^rr*;-- ��������� --"*  The election of officers for the day  resulted as follows:  Official Referee for Rcgatla.--' Mr.*  H. Mack 1 in.  Official .Starter for Regatta.��������� Mr-  James T>c������ming.  Official Starter for Athletic Even Is.���������Air. J.  Sandeison.  Oiticial Refeiee tor Atihlt-tiu 10vents  ���������Mr. riiiidmarsli.  Referee for T-tg-of-War.���������Mr. lliioh  Thornley.  Messrs. S. Weaving and 10, .Tones  were ap|'ointei;l as refreshment, committee, and will look after this  branch of the celebration  our best to bring a crowd with us,  -but the time is too short to bring  a, large one, we may make a hundred.      Mr. Sugdin. got your lettei  MEASUBEMEKFS OF  ;  W.TER ARE H6W  r  mm  ���������Col: Tracey arriietf' on Wje '110111-  in; train from Vancouver, and ��������� will  today and tomorrow, take m-rasure-  jm-nts of water on -both Bush and  McLcoel Creeks for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not it will be  possible to obtain a sufficient <tfiiaii-  1 ity io instal a Water-power electric  li^ht system for, the city.. _s  PUPILS WHO IBE  RbC9MEN0������D FOR  The following pupils of the various  tooms have been    recommenided    un  jiiomotion, by tlie teachers.  DIVISION  II.  From Junior to Senior���������John Diins-  nuiir, Albert Batie, Floriiiuind Del-  ourt, Fraiik'Wier, Nellie Dunn, liu  Carroll,   Gladys   Coulter,   Alice Bry-  COUNCIL TO CLEAN  UP THE STREETS  Sanitary Inspector Inspects Milk  Ranches Finding Same in  Good Condition  -���������������>-*-  d n,    Mary I'annell,     Edith Panaell,-  Col. Tracey was   Accompanied    to j.Sylvia  Rosatti,   Grade  Michic,  Got. at lhe Council meeting last, evening,  the creels-by Road Fo'twman Callan-. t ie Weinrolc, Robeit llauiiiUon, Eva   ... -.f���������,������������������    ... ���������  ,.ni .,  ,   +l,��������� ���������h���������;,  1  ���������      j  ������������������     H7 i.l      1 j t. j        . ������ . .     -*w- .Jalone was voted  to the chair,  d?r aiid Mr,  Walter Jones, and   en-  Bernard,      Agnes  Robertson,     Sadie  oiifth provisions were taken alo-u* to  Michie. "     ' ���������*������������������������������������������ lhe Jw^n-ess   <>��������� tl������s council pio  List, the party a.couple of days. Mr.  Jcti'ia  is    thoroughly  familiar   with  Mayor Nienolson not  being present   I>.'.y,  and thus improte the looks   ol  the    streets   befoie  -.isitors   arrived.  .To Division I.-  10.  McKiimoll,  Al- cmled witil*    No CMWspondcoce  was  LectaPro.-fs,T. Simpson, Frank Bet- "*tlied-       Sanil?r>'    Inspector  Cai  ild. L'ren t> /ought this should Le  .!.>������**, but also thought that High St.  liould be included, and a motion was  .mule    1o   .this effect, which carri**d.  hat section  of the'country,  and    aVo.P. Kerr'' J.  Davidson, S. Rafter" ������<**'ar. reported that he had just com ; Vccoxelingiy, High, Gatacre and Rob-  last^ight, the Secord people w-bcIo  teltcr guWc couM not -^ ^ S6IT. TimoUiv;'    G. C'assidv,' H. Car- l'10^1  blame.    Yours sincerely, ^    ^ w ^ .    cured.       'Ihe   party' expect to  com-  roll,  Janet, Kerr,  D. Gourlay,  Julia ^''ff  pl������t������ their work by" U'norrow    e\<*n- (Lecois, 'Archie lla'wcs, H. Robertson,  WILL ELLIS.  9^9aamamam  The above letter was read - by the  secretary,' ami"������t was' the' unauimous  opinion of tbe meeting tliat. some  race as' suggetited should be arranged  for. A motion was made and passed that the .committee set aside $20  as a~ priz-e for a relay race, same to  taU;. place on the iower end of First'  a'-euue, immediately after Uie**Re^a{-  ta.       / ...      * *    - ,  - 'I his race should he a great attraction, as it will .be fast, and will, do  contested by tlie pick of two- ball  teams-. The prize will not .lie Vash,  but Avill  be worth $20.  As has J-reen- repor.ted previously; .a  letter was received from,"Mr.; Kirk,  proprietor , of the Merry-go-rouind,  statiag- tbttt wliil*������ lie .did -not expect  to ,be * present, he wished the co-mtnit-  tee every success, anil enclosed $2.50  as a'���������"subscription. ��������� ~-   -*''"  The Tyee Gun Club-wrote statiag  that it would be impossible ..for them  rt^shoot-.* ou-^UDii.nMaion ;Da*&-Aoaring;|-!  to lack of suflicieot funds, and wtoile  th������y 'Uionk-etl tiie committee .for' t4ie  pioposeet contribution, tliey could hot  accept saone. Thift moaey will be-  tlevot-ed to the relay ro.ee. ' '-  It> was -arranged that the grounds  and streets shall receive a thorough  -wetting on the evening previous ,to  celebration day, and Fire Chief  Smith will look after this  matter.  In' tho ,'regatta committee report,  the'question came up of the length  of boats' which will be permissible  to use in races, and it was decided  that all boats exceeding 18 feet shall  be bar reel. Mr. Macklin, who is' a  member of the Regatta committee,  leported that Mr. 15. Forciminer had  raised his suliscription to $10, instead of ?'5, and'has very kindly offered to furnish tJiie second prize,- a  gold lueSelal fj-rr the championship  swiiriminj-j    contest.     Tine' committee  an    inspection    of the   milk  in the vicinity of the    cil--,  iijid   had  found  all,  with  one exosp-  uir.^hen thev    will rctuin fo    tlie  M.   Callander,  R.   Nimmo,  (!.     Wai-  -"M--,"10  ** ��������������� R^1     conditicn.     In  jtv *-��������� j,,ce ���������" one case, however, he hud found that  B.,S. McDONALD, Teacher.   lb" ow,ier    ha<l     heeft     uslnK water  6lVlS10N  HI ,lom a ("r*'y well, and he ordered it  To Division II.-M-aud Baby, Rich- ��������������� ���������* /iltod ������"��������� which had boen doUe*  aid Conlin.il Maggie Cowan, Douglas AWs. Spcnce and a'ha reported a  Gear, Clarence Ingster, Gladys Mc- ie-������uest whlch had beeu injW,e b5' Mv*  Lennan. Eiic Meale, Daunton ' Noye |,afian' of K**6^0" s*ree*- Mr. Fa-  Irene Morgan,  Rva Peterson,     Angel ���������*������" had stated that l< lhe    councl1  Portrey,   Ikmpi  Totko,   Moses  \V*>b- W1"  furnlsh   thc 1,imher  for a   sidc-  tt.illc to his place from 1 First avenue,  VpSPERS ARE  ROASTED  Ik'idcy,   June  26.��������� Besides declar-  ]ev  s Saturday" that no furtlwr entries (   ;Jliniot toi;Seslior_ Grace    lla     = h.- will do the   necessary work,    lt  shall-be     accepted    from, tbe Vesper  Kftte Hl,n^r   Kat? Mcno,m,d    WHie Wis statwl ilut at ^Icsvnt ifc is ut-  I'oat Club, ot     Philadelphia,     whirti A-^     Willlc    PelerSon      stanlev U*">'    ���������'������������������Possible to re������*ch Mr-     Fa"  was passed unanm o.isly, Uie Henley   Smith,'EVa Wilson,    Arthur     Greli- s:i" s resi<lence    without crossing    a  siewards declared tnat no entry com-  ������()rt   g^ Weinrobe ' swamp, and the council were of    the  prising, any member' of the    Vesper ,      ' -* L   rjQBfjRi^   Teacher .������-illi*>n    that      the matter should be  e.iew of i!.05 should be accepted    in! ,' piVij-iiQ]*! IV* a-tin<led to at once.    Accordingly it  iij3 future,    Tike resolution also sta- J   To  nivisSon III���������Geo   Gaix     Frel w,lS ���������,eci''���������e'��������� to fuinish the necessary  t,d  th.^t      Uie^comniiitee.was     rofj aWvieAe     McRae,   ' Janet 1,,,lvter  to  la>'  a ^r-toot sidewalk,  aware that a public subscription was  ^ ^        Bfajlil        JuUan H- ^     Aid, Spcnce aLso reported that   he  being raided to elefray  the   expenses   bI-n   ^ McDonaW   Peter ^meo had l^een informed by ^    - '   o^.the-Ves^r crew or  theie    entry  K|0V<J   ^'us     JoJm Ga^       Ami(. icnger,  M- Campbell,  -A-onld.nit have  l*.n   accepted, such  sis| 0  ^rl  D John  MayoVskv ed  to. sell out, and offered  means .for defraying the exp^nsas   of   Albert ,^'rero   victor McIIae. ll,t* "rst chance ?������ buy*    T  tLe..cre,^a<ing^aai������4iaH������oati^^^                                                  ��������� Mbmit., as;.ed- by���������MT> J^ampbelkTWr-  a   Henley .regatta.. '��������� i~ '    *������.������������-*. ...     ������..���������_ j--���������- ....  Tlie , stewards     have putdished  its streets  will  be cleaned- up   for  Dominion Day.  The  matter    of drainage on     two  lots back of  the Abbotsford    Hotel,  ���������ihe property of Capt. Collister,  Vic-  t iria,      came    up  for  consieleration.  i < nsta/ble Callander     reported    that.  nothing Juad been done   to stop    the  Ira nage     from     running     onto Ihz  streets, although notice had been ser-  . nl on   th^ tenants.       Some -f    the  c.iimcil  were of the opinion that the  i.cipants should he summonsed,  ami  thus a  test case would be made   of  the by-law.     Aid.  Campbell * tiiought  this measure rather  too drastic and  ti o *e.t     Uiat they be given   another  eliance.     The matter will stand o.er  ft r one   wce'i,   the  occupants   to    lie  i./ititied    again to comply with    ih*  by-law.  Although tbe matter did not come  up at the meeting    last evening,   it  m.kv be stated  that thc tenants     of  by the night sea-   C**-*e    houses have written   to    the ,  that he   wish-  o ��������������������������� ner, stating the case, anil informed  to sell out, and offered  the city 'i <���������; him  that unless    he attends ' to  The   price   Cip matter at once, they will be o .-  his .team  Ii2*;-d to.-vacate   the   premises.     No .  Dummeir,  Dorothv  W.lliams.n, -Wtn ' is ^K"'^     ,lis tl������ree' ������������������oi,s vhe  usponse has yet .been received.  . Y     Johnson,  Annie L/apsans'tv,   MatiWa  statement    tliat the report aftei    the  lumno>  Afartha - house.    Frank Ha-  res.ol.ili������������s  of the National .Associa-  ,; James-Davidson, Jas. Allsopp  tio������i ut Amafour Oarsmen- s������m>w, hr=Lt  ^     ,aieBn^ mry  j^^      EIsie  tbat this comneiittee bad not   uiqiur-  PfflBnell   CeccUa c<>n,in   LoulSa  por.  ed  into'    t.������ie     status of  the \esper   tray       Uosi|J    pouUn   ,_olWe Rowe  crew to tha e*l*nt tliat it led     the   John zloy(>vsky       , ���������  Henley,  totimi.ttee .   1G U-lieve   had M|SR MORRISON, Teacher  DIVISION V.  To Division  IV.���������  James  Gourlay,  will sell. far. $50 .each.. The-co-uncil ' Fire Chief Smith was given pcr-  ilK-ided that at"preaat they could mission to have- the-keys for aielre  in it think of buying, and as tiiey can ii ise tnlargjed- tcr fit the-new coup-  act-ording 10 the arrangements with'l.niSs which have been received,  the scavenger-, buy him out-' at any 1 City Ckrc Stewart reported tbat  tune, it was tiiought advisable to lei a telegram bad been received from  iho matter go for the present at Vol. Tracey, stating tihat that gen-  lenst.' |l' m:.n would arrive this   morning to  Aid. Campbell    also  had a request   ta'e the  mpasurernents of "Bush   and  to lay  before the council.     H������    had  M.-Lfod creeks as requested  by    th������  Vancouver,  .Jtmu 21,   lOrtli.  J. Altlani, sec. Cele*/jlration Committee  Ladysmith,  B.C.  Dear" Sir,���������Your    letl,e-r * and   ��������� card  io hand ami     eluly  noted,     l     have  been asked j-y soniie of the    s|iriiilors  in our team to  write yon and s������c 'U.v'which had been interviewu^g'Mx. Fpr-  ..-we'coulein't:arrange a relay race toe--���������dimmer-   on    these medals,  reported  ��������� twecn four members of your   eleven,   that they will both ,be handsome tro-  and four of ours, cither a    mile   or jmies, and also that Mr.   Forcimmei  -lless, tliat is  four 220 yards, or   foui   liael dealt very generously witli them  440   yfetrds.      We" arc hoti particular  in the. matter.', oi* cost.'  <ilyOut a  pri7.<>,  will; run for sjiprt,  if    ��������� Another general    meeting will ibe  ���������you'-'think it will ihelp your   program  held ou Friday evening next,   which  any.     Kindly  let* us  Know and-stattic^ will be the final meeting liefore   the  what distance you  would prefer*.  The  day  of celebration.  ���������' - -"    -1      V ������������������     '"' ���������������-  been done priot     to     certifying it.  J  eiualificalions, second, that d!ie    eo-,t    of  smdjng     a     ciew to Henley was  j^ic"p't^  Vioncl" Grie\es" Blod hei if'asked    by several men lo brimi council.       Road   Foreman Callander  mainly,   defnurd by public subse-rip-   ^ ^.^ ^ 0yer   ^^ m^ -      -  -"-   -- -   ������������������ - '���������-������'.��������� *~ ������   ������������"���������������-  ion:  t.'iird,  that all the n.em.!--"rs   e*i  ie,  Karl Lee,  Elsie    Bland,     Robert  the matter up and ask that the ooun   was instructed to accompany tlie Col  e-il piit  a couple of men to work  on  .'i.d furnish one  or two men   if   n. ���������  lie   Ve-s,i������*r crew     acceded    money;   R        A     f    ^   .   wnii       Beatth-l   1*������'e'r'ls   *wl     Gatacre    streets, be-  c.ssary  aiii!,  fourth,  (bat  the sworn declar.i- -VVilljam Afldrews; Annie Ferrero, Wm  tvvcL'ii. First    avenue and the Esplan-      'i hose pres.nt at the meeting were:  lions Iiv-oim* 01  tbe metnncis of the   Shni*scn' Sarah Machin,  Edward Mc-  *&*,  for    the  purpose of raking    up   A. ting Mayor Malon?,   Aids.  \'e<j!'er Boat    Club befoie a     nitar**  Millan,    Juliet "Defrane,    John     Mc  ptiMie were in some particulars    un-   Lf.m^   uiodwin Morr'.s,  Kate Pelli  true'      .^   'grinelli, Mayhen IMiills, Martha Ross.  " ~������~" j    From Junior to Senior  ~li^rnestJ^Q^3XED  ^Laiiderback, Wolela Smith, Jas. Ros- -  setti, Clara Notts,   Peter   .* Balagno. .'  Mary Celle,  Amy Armstroiwr     John  re" Berto,  James  Wallace, Miildred     Mc-  ,_   the surface    rocks,   .before   Dominion  'lha, Uren and Ca>m>pbell.  JEWS <PLEE FROM  y. 'I'y    IMPENDING   DANGER  St. ���������Petersburg1." June. 25.���������Apprehcn  siofi*   of tho'��������� government      wiih  g*ard" to i>olitical    agitation-   iu   the  Kinnell, Walter Hunter; Harry Ellis,  army is tiie ...direct cause   of    efforts  Leonard  Ryan, Leopold Leans,  now    being ������������������put   forth    for  the    sup  TO DEATH  BRIEF NOTES  OFStOCAN  I  Howard Thompson is extending de-  Los'Angeles, June 26.���������In trhe over-  vt-lonement cm tbe Mountain Con, anl.  e  FAWN COMES  INTO CITY  A REAL  GOLD BRICK  Last evening, Mr. J.   Smith,     who The'clean-up of the ten, stamp mill  resides  on  Sixth  avciue,   was     sin- at  tlie Eva, at Canubourne, in     the  prised to find  a small fawn   in   his upper Lardeau,  for May  was a; g^ld  yard,   which  had   been  driven     there t>1iclc  valued  at  $6,000.     The    brick  by dogs  from  the woods.   The town was gent to Nelson, and from   Uuere  seemed quite tame, .although severely ,           ,  ,   A     ...                .    .  fri^h^.,^! 1 ji ,i~ c. 11,' ' forwarded to Helena. This is ihe  irightened by the dogs, anil had   run .  to Mr. Smith's house for protection" to*&st gold brick turned out by the  from them. Mr. Smith took Uie lit- mM BO 'ar,' as heretofore amounted  tie .creature "in and  feel it,  tilien noti'   to about $5,000.  fled Provincial Officer Cassiely.  It be- '  '~ ���������������   ing strictly against the law to keep- "Wu trust the man 011 the spot."  deer under 12 months'-old, Mr. Cas- So is reported Lord Elgin to ...have  sidy advised Mr.   Smi'tli.,. to  take     if* said.'    "'Fine words  butter no     par-  M1SS RAMSAY, Teacher, tjurning of an auiomabile on Colora-,.<i!;is noted property will be on the  pressioh'oi .the-Peasant organi/at.-' Promoted to Division V- ��������� Cecil ^0 'Street, in Pasadena, at throe-Mist of shippers again before'very  iom'   From   Dynska   ami   Zoiotonias  Mttlhc-lland,     Gordon   Pollock,    Jean .o'clock       this     morning, . while     it   long.  has comes'the news     of the   eircula-   Allen, "Eric    Poikjane,     John  Sisko, -^-.a's being driven sixty hiiles am hour      On  the  Soviereign  tiho lessees    are  tion'*-of. the   IJlacrv   Hundiixi propo-'John Dunn, Arthur Gatz,. Arthur Wil  a.ucl the exploding of the engine and  extending  developments  on  the    ore  {janda.; ''Deputy'.   'Vinovar   today   iv-������on, Steihen  Aigncr, - Evelyn   Cros-   setting, fire'on the machine, Mrs.   J.   body  unco.erecl some time ago.  ce'ivdd       word   i'rom   Rshev.   saying.san'    JiiCk ������Ioh*i-<*on,    William   Kerr, I j   Gordori, 28 years of age, the wife     The repor.t reaches us that   F.    P.  that   Pro vocators had arrived" t'hero'! M'arSsKr*'t-..White, Jack Jackson, Kate  of  j.   j.   Cordon,  a     local  business   O'Neil has uncovered a good body 0������  and were   spreading   the   rumor that-'polkae*- "arold JcJies, Willie Balag-' mailj fra9 pinioned down and roasted   010  on Uie Chicago, above Cody  Catholics had  been brutally    murdered by ���������;Jews,     The  n\essag*c     stated  that   the town   was fearfully   cxicit-  flocijisr I  no,   Hobert Pollock,     Isabella     Conway, Henrv Conlin, Ida Harvev.-  MISS BUTLER, Teacher.  DIVISION VI.  to death,    and     Jack Henderson,   a     The business affairs of    the    Last  I Pasadena;   obauflfeur,     was   so badlyj Chance will    shortly   be settled and  1 burned  that* lie will  probably die.       the mine is expected to resume    lie-  Mrs.  Ella  May aibrrjs, an    artist  fore long.  Ther.)1    ' r0in  J"nior to    Senior���������..'Fritiof ;rrom Pueblo,  Colo.,  was'also slight-     Work is     progressing  favprably on  '.; Kallio,   James  Thomas,  Altert   Cai-   iy .turned and bruised.   Mr.  Cordori,   the uew tunnel at tlie Bachelor..   16  eloping and stop  .n.  na., .,.,������, .s   ���������..,       ---,- - ; veriey, George Batenian, Racliael Ar- t.|l(! h'ushan(1 of the dead Wom*an, mm1 me-, ������re at  work develop  isalicction.     It ,s .tatcd     hat sev- ^ Lwy ^w, Saima Perry, J^. c.  White,  who were also in  the   au- ing out ore.  rai ai rests, ue.o maeu    at in������  iwr..   .Sim,,Son,  Ian  McMurtrie, Oscar   Le- tonveibile, escaped practically  uninjur- liocal parties are after  oyo-Sclo. camp alter a moetmg    o'. ,;as, William. Pollock,   Jas.   Deemiiur, w)                                  ,           ' U13 Noble Five,  but are  I'uninrs   aiv ��������� at I i,. Minaiie Conwa.v,   George  Stove,  about   the'". nioralo   "-of    the Mary Jones, Irene    Dudley,    Isaibella  back  into t!he   wootls    and   'turn    it snips,'!    and     wc regret to say that |  loose,    when     it     was  expected   the the. whole Colonial policy of the Lib- j    jonn Bult was very Kindly dispos-  Jiawn would    fiwd   its mother.      'Ihis eral government since it, assumed of-   e(i towards us  so long as we     wero  was accordingly done last night. lice has boon a travesty 0f thle great' the'litt'e cousin who revered him al-  At noon today, however, the   fawn idea of this simple yet pregnant, for.   no-it to'idoLatry.    Now that we have  .Avas back  at Mr.  Smith's house, and mu la.���������Leader, Johannesburg.                'had    enough of life in crannies     and  .seemed quite.pleased with itself when .    Jr a  ta-v     could     ibe  levied  which   comers, land "'are contending; valiantly  it,  found   ils  recant  protector.   , M-r. would increase annually so long     as   for a  plae'e  in ��������� th? snn,   tension    is  Smith     is    now  in  a tpiaiwlry.     Vie the  bachelor  Ben-uained   deaf   to     the   produ'eorl.r^Der Tag,  Berlin.  would Mkc to keep  the  animal,  us if   voice   of the  charmers,   there    might '   ���������he turns  it loose again  it  will  pro- he very good reason     lor ��������� approving .    People     here --have   fully  satisfied  bably he killed by  the dogs.      l-low- it.     This     would driva the bach.-loi   themselves that  Germany does     not  sever, if he keeps  it .he  will he   vio- into-a  corner, and he-would     either '^--gj, t0 see an    An-rlo-Russian   rap-  lating the law.     It has been decided have    to pay     monstrously   for   his   proachejnent any more than she' did  that    Mr.  Smith    temforarily    lake mean evasion o'" his  duties as a citi-  an An-nlo-Freneh entente jaind that her   n-- I-ocba-rd Dundonild Kerr, Francis  ed,  apd   that .the  Jews  were  from;   the - probable   danger,  are many 'rjunors " current   tonight of  di  cm  no.vo-  disart'ected guards.     It also   is assert  jaiuc,s  Ro%ve>  *vmry  Bomlierr,,   Albert  ed   that  a..ringleader  01*  the    n*volu- 'jrcCiiUocki" Josephine   Berto,     Louise  llouary movement      among- tbe Chas-' jfji'liatix,' Joser>li   Grotihel.  Sihii-.s    of e lie guards,  scrR-cant    Silin- DIVISION   VII.  sky   wero   captured; after havinij tal'!    From   Division   VIIT. ���������Albert   R/-k-  en    to ,fligli,t.      Sinislt'i-    runinrs    aivja  fturrent  L'hlfn    regiment   01". the  IV-lerof  gar-  Litlle,  May  Elsie  James,      Clarence  Mills, Josephine Thomsie, Arthur  Metral, George Jones, Samuel Ink-  ster, William Peterson, Adolf Gatz,  Lillian Morrisliaw.  AH promoted    from  Junior A,   ti  Senior A.  MISS TEAGUE, Teacher.  DrVlSlON VIII.  From Division IX. in order of merit.��������� Nina Maria WrigJi.t., Wm. \Vr,i^it,  Elbal.eth F. llunsnniir, L'u,?ie Mary  Sim,r.!*on, Thomas Henry Burke, Wilfrid Gear, Ililma Smith, Mary *Z-izak  Ma"-le Mooney, Frank Earnest Rum-  ming, Waiter Klemola,  Mary Aiberti  l'ISOll.  charge of the fawn until Mr. Causi-  dy receives instructions in the matter.  ���������4e.ii,  or at  last capitulate and allow .diplomacy  is already    at work     en-   Pickup.  . . .: .DIVISION IX.  Class   A. ��������� Guaseppe PellegTinelli,  himself  to   be  netted.��������� ."Aunbtosia,"   deavoring t0 .put spokes in the wheel  in the world.  -Piaris correspondent of the Times.  Laura Ellis, Arthur Delcourt, Agnes  Pickup,. Thomas Allen, Bessie Andrews, Geo. BenDjertt, Joseph Berto,  Da.id'Bryden, Patrick Cynlin, .lo-  seph Dumons, Lucy Gatz, Mary Gor-  elon, Lixzie Hilquebran, Leopold Le-  loup, John Leloup, Naimo Mails,  Mary Malone, Emili Lanttari, Wilfrid Chadwick.  MISS  ABERCROMBIE,  Teacher.  Div. 1.  Div. 2.  Div. 3.  Div. 4.  Div. 5.  Div. fi.  Div. 7.  Div. S.  Div. 9.  <   <  11  45  42  41  42  4-8,  55  38.06  41.25  38.50.  3G.06  39.84  43.34  41.31  ���������u  9-2.83  9L67.  a lease of  experiencing  some difliculty toward������ a settlement  in Uie matter of a  high royalty.  There is  a good deal of miifttng ac-  thity on    properties   up the   South  Fork  of Kjaslo    Creek and this  section will  be a large tonnage produc-  ' er before long.  j An immense .body of ore has been  j uncovered on the Vancouver, which is  j under leaee to M. H. Davys. This  in ine is close to Silverton and^fcefora  'long will be one of Slocan's largest  shippers.  HEAP OF SMOKE.  An exchartgie says? that recently a  nacord was made on the C.P.R. in  91.66.the largest..s-hipmieiit of tolacco leaf  8-7.9-5; .ever maeJe in Ca^'a-da. A special  94.85 j train of 31 cars, afi. laden with to.  90.29 ,bacc0 leaf, was made; up in St. Tho-  76.11  rn&s, Onit., for ishlr^meoit %y    Quebec.  ��������� ,Tlve weight of the" toliacco containeel  8.9.. 08   in tlie cars  reached  the high    total  pounds,     about 31,000  65      57.90  Banner is won by Division V.   Di- of  1,211,351  vision-I'has"'held  the Banner for   5 bales',    all   Oainaidia^ leaf,  from   'the  consecutive months. counties of Essex and Kent.  f. THE lADYSAUTH DAILYLEDGER  Mm "���������.  jiAiLY LEDGER  Published   every   day   except Sunday  -BY���������  HIE DAILY'LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (In advance) _..  One Month    _..  $5.00  50 cents  TUESDAY  June 2G. 190G  DUEL TO THE "* DEATH  Bn-miagham, Ala, .Tune 2T,.��������� \  fight to death with pistols, in which  eleven shols wece fired and both  paiticipuuts lulled on tbo tlooi of a  eiowded rink at Tallada late Thuis.  day night, took j)U\ee between (' 11  ICnig-ht and Dudley E lb own, well  Known young1 men and partners in  business in tins uty  Hiss. Efhe Hut was struck by a  Stra,\ bullet and lmilly wounded Kl-  f\en shols were fned on the door  of the imk, where three hunched  w0mcn   and   children   weie ������k������t j  Smelts     Oob nhans     Oysters      Dog  Fish  (Cor  oil)  Other  shell    fish    .  Bye Products   .  ���������  Total .  25,000  15,000  20,000  50,000  20,000  500,000  IP   VOU     VMM    A(j')Ol)  ('-"~: Ti  e. -' 4  iv   Vt V,> *&.S S  S(j,9:U),000  men,  ing. '  Knit-hi   loll   fiist,   with   foui   bulli'iN,  ^- i  in his breast Urown then it'll acrosn  bis advei-bai.\'s bod\ , shot IhcoiiRh  the leit side and ne-nr the heait The i  two men Sought like deivions e\en  aftei they lav d.\ in������ on the tlooi,  Drown strikim- Kni������ht on the bead  with tbe butt of bis justol Uoili  died   fii*htiiii;  |W'ith seven   thoiiband unlet, uf coast  line  Hinging   the province  and   fionl-  iiH> on seas teeming    with,   man*, \au-j  ���������ties offish, tho   .salmon industiy. one j  oi the talliest to bring- British   Colum  bia into niommence,  promises to  sui  pass im the neai    future the   records  made   in   the  past.      Through     J'.)0\,  with   its  catch    of    JL,2ob,LSI*   case,  still  tenia ins    the  banner yoai,    1005  was  not  far   behind.      In   lhe     latlei  year ibe output  was      I, 1(>T, '100  < as  es valued   at    So,750,000.    Out . elev  en   million    salmon     were       i orpin ed  to fllll   these   nearly   50,0()n,(iijO cans  Htid  an      equal  (list l ibut ion     among  the whole   populace   would have   assured    a supply   of - 200  eans  i o  c\  eiy    man.   woman    and    child    in   the  piovince.  Rut though salmon occupies the  preiniei place theie are "othei fish  the exploitation of which, though  still in its inbincy, has now reach  ed   considerable   diujcnsions.  Leaving aside the whale industry,  which is woilhv special consideiu  tion at a later date, mention maj  be made of the lollowing piodmts  taking- a dose estimate ot the u-.u  1005- ft is well 'within the iimiU  that the total income from tbe sea  ol British Columbia last yoai was  Salmon . . s.5,750,000  Halibut . . . ��������� 500,000  Cod 50.000  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR BOWEL  TROURLF  Mr. M. F.  Burroughs,  an old   and  weH-known    resident     ol     Blufito  Ind., says.    "I regard Chamibeilain .-  Colic,  Cnolera and   Dianhoen Hciw,  dy as  the veiy best remedy lot   bo  wel trouble.     I make this statement  after having used the remedy in    ;t\*i  family for several years.    I am -.ever without it."    This ...remedy is almost sure to be needed before " 1! ���������  Rummer  is  over!      Why     not     buy  it   now and   be   prepared   for'   suci  an emergency?     For sale by   ;C.ady  smith Pharmacy.  National   League  .Chicago   2,    HI     bonis   1  Host on    0,    lliiin  I* *i   2  _Vu   Yroik   t2     l'hila.lelpbia  Cincmnoli 2,    J'U Kbiirg   1  Amei K.in.    1 eagiu  Washington    O   \fu   Yoi k 2  Philadelphia   J.   Ho-.ton  0  Deli oil   1      Cleveland ���������"���������  St    1.0111--   0   Clin.mo   I  1 ������as cm oil of MroiKihiti-s and Asthma  hv  MINARD'S   LINIMEVT.  MRS    A.   LIVINGSTON!--).  Lob o, P.E I.  J was einetl of a severe attack of  Rheumatism hv MINARD'S L1NI-  MEST JOHN  1UADER.  .Afahon.e Hay.  1 was cuied of a severely spiametl  Ies |)V IWTNARD'S LINIMENT.  I3ndc;evvnter  Pg-l������������Kg=Baig:^Sg3aS3S^S.^gjg2  it dis fuss  COaSl'KTI'l I OK  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS OPEN Kin ST   \ \ Ell I.E.  1 ry Capital and Nugget Cigars  E a - J .,i ������,    <F    f ;    ;. i     ���������  iH  i>     1 T "���������     i-3j?ti    ,     f      4     -t  Mm.    Alex, ^Ic'M'illian _of Extension  left on Sunday  'to pa.**  a msh  to her | l^geXlii*       I fl^lTI  lather,   Mr.    \o.ih    Coiuulle*,     vvlio  K'  -.onfined    to  the'    T.uoiiiu    Hospital! | \���������     (    LA?    J r\ Y  sulleriug    fiom   a  bioken    lee;   ieceiv-1  ed  in   the    eonl   mines,  ne.n   'lVieonia,' * ������.     ���������������"*     s-*!'ir*  mention   ol which   fact    w.is madi   in  theM*  eoliiiuns    u.1   the    tinii'   the    ne-  lideiit        olouiii-iI       Mi     ('onndle,v '*-  lunb  vvas  set   nt  stab  a  manner I hat  it bad lo  be litoUeu ovei ':i-j;,iiii     and1  it    is   now       a   que.tiii'i    vvhelliei     oi        I'"1 t Oui J  not    he   will   mue    to   have     his    li*o    -���������>���������������"*  amputnteil.      'l'he _ .uiiioiiik eim-ni       oi'i  ii n   i 1,1 iiii    I Kill   a cool,  li'tiesliliiij���������  this    will   be   lead  wtlh   n'^iel  b\   I In* i ' fa *  many ft ietuls    uf Mi      (nudlev.    who *~* * *"* *  ie>nle   in   this   eity and rlMiul  AH  R. P. RITHET,  Si Co.,  Ltd  i'.u-ibc   i '!,',*!,    \gciify  ���������n.c  j-^+IM a...,  Vil, ������nAM..W������-M  SunliHlit Soup ib biKi-r tllisi othei bUips, but  sbest when used in lhe .Sunlight v. a\ .  ti   uj' Sunlight So.ip mul lollow Dlicction*;  Union made-Capital & Nugget Cigars  ll6\V TO HREAK UP A COL'J  It may be a surprise to many fo  learn that a severe cold can. be completely broken up in one <>i two  da*.s' time. The drst syrup1*, nns of  a cold, is a diy, loud coujjli, a pio  fuse watery discharge fio'n V e e so,  and a thin, white toitianr on lie  tongue. When Chamlberlain's Cough  remedy- is taken cveiy hour on the  first appearanciT-oi thes- symploms,  it counteracts the effect of the cold  and restore* thev system to a healthy  condition within a day or two Fci  mle by LadvsmHh Plmrmncy.  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught, also Ian  gtiagec drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, ,pianoforte and vocal lessons g-iv-  ���������������n In classes or individually  TMISfi RPJl.TllAW,      Ladysmith, \\ C  RAYMOND ������ SON'S  'h  --Dealcis  in��������� ET*  Qi  Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Prick,      J****  Fire  Biiek  and  Y.incoiivci is-     ^  ������ viand cement. ' ||  I    .'J  Pandora St   Victona  IU'      b^  BATH  During the Summer  Months Call on   THOMAS LEWIS  Shavin;j; Paiinis,  etc.,     High  Stieet  FOR THE 31G8EST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  1 Oil J, ,E.  Kotsse: and Sign Painter  Ait-MwvkM ,���������._-^������^. .j*^M*uiri������Ba������A������bMWV*wnr*M  k lou in; fast?  thea br swe  jo5*!   tickets rearf   tit  th*  Koilh Western Line  The  only   line  now   making    UNIO>  DKPOT-  connections at ST.   PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS ^.witta       thi  through    trams    from    the   ,Pacifl-..  Coast  TI1M     SMOUT1SST      LINE, Tl  fflNESr TRAINS,' TIIE   LOWES"  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   .ST.   PAUL,   CH>  C'AGO,   OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT������  md ALL POINTS EA.ST.  For cnniple'te information ask y*  'oc^l mg-int  or write,  F. W.  PARKRR  G BQMal   A %'*  ">W Ini Ave . 8e������',������������.  Esquimalt   ftjjanaipo ivail^y  BMlNlJrittY, Mf 2,1906  Fxcursion Wates  IN EFFECT BETWEEN  All Station  I iokets on sale Saturday June 30, Sunday, Jul)' 1st. and  Monday, July 2 ���������Good to return not later than Mon., July 2  S  Double Train Service in effect. Each Day  ���������_-?���������'  i.  G." C Coiartriey,  "Di-Mvlci Passeiiffor Agon!  iS Oovcrnmeiit St., Victoria, B/C  %      r f  f^  "CT  K^m  1  ��������� *<���������������  t  THKCOMrORTAlIX WAY., ���������   -  ricl'.ct and Freight Office, 75  Govcrnment^-Strcie*/. .. -:*  Transcoiilln������ntal >  Tratti^Dai^   ���������������  TlVe'^eW'Wa^ ->'     *  ORIENTAL0 Lltyllf'ED    ^  :       The-Tt^or-': '     ^  ������ , j. '    i^O t    uvfj      i������<-'^i  Ease,   Elegance, ^Excellence. ^  Every   mile  a picture*aanjd-i  no smoke to Ispoiluthe   view.  Through Compartment, ��������� Observation and.,.P)iltn)an -.Sj������������P-ji  ers';    also uThro������gh.j./jro.irifitii  Cars to..Chicago.-y.^ : . .-������>..  At antic Steamship Business to Europe^  -., ispurSpAcifJJj-^w' ,..-'.,j  Union   ' Terminals '.1 with u *U a  Steamer lines.- *...     ,v. ,   ^  Berth  reservations < by '.wirel ;  G reat ..Kortbcrn \ S.S.. .Co.*).  FOB JAPAN AND CHINA  Steamships Minnesotanand D������i- i  kota sailfronu Seattle forljJa- -1  pan anil China'portsi at ^fre-  (fuenr dates. Exact sailing A  dates c,\n hc secured'upon,ap-J  plication.'to any*.Great-North  em repr-psentative.>j' j. -'  S.  G.. Y-EKKES,  A.O,.P,Asvi Seattte, Wash.'  E. U.j S-TEBHEN/-Ji.!-*/ ^jl  Gen..xAgent,Ji.Virtotla,,=B.Gi  *ms* "*/"  Mk,J. HENRYS  NURSIES   GREENHOUSES AND SEED  i  HOUStS -  ,1010   Veitminster Road,  , jK,  "���������-^"**.'.r.TiS4!i  * 1- *.'s������ ^'tvtirt,V*���������SK  ,,* ^.^SjS'gm  r :   ur -5*i.-3  .      ��������� 1-  ->~***���������  iMi-'ri-n-a-rTii-o 1  Scotlands Best..  ���������n>*^*^^-*v|;---3*'jj;.,Jt\rJ  *^&%'5-..--.V'--.VV:--;*'-r\-SiV<i7  Wy^  **��������� ������������������r.'- ���������������������������* ** *. ~  Ut- are .iustly .proud of this  Boot. The- greatest praise has  ���������heen lioal'ed upon it since, its  introduction.  L 100. Men's 10 in.  Logging Boots  French'Calf   Hirr'H-nliO'it,  with  extra   eio. ' 1:  ' iiea'vy   henilo'ck  soles; ' have o'iitsidc* counters,1  are' pegf'.ed  arid 'frave sta-ndartl  screw    rcinforciifg"- all_v- aromtd';  the sole.     y   .  . ���������"-    "*���������-'   ":"  . Manufactured liv   "  ^t LECKIE 0b?LM  VANCOUVEB, 'fii.rC;  illf HUDS0I1S DAT CO.  So I e    A ijji 11 / .**��������� J o i' Ji. U.  s^msmsf^^&^ssms^i&i^^aiSjmBB,  I GLASS,'���������  GLOBES  S When you want a Glass {--lobe  H see that you get the , globe  ^J with the rubber ring* on it,  as it is the only -land' that  can I.ceji the water out ��������� the  globes without, the ruMliler ring  cannot keep' out, water, you  can sec that by examining  them. The. artificial .Mower"  that is put into tlie - globes  with thc rubber rings, is g,uar  'anteert. to he the best, aiul if  you want a globe with a.  Itubl'iit King, enll at .'Mrs. T.  X. .J fines, agent for-  ii������.NRY GREW  The only    place you can   get.  .      . "���������'     Them. ..  Sole Agent'in  B.C;   for     the-  French  , VVreatb   Co.,  of   London, 'Paris,' Melbourne,   S.A.,  Coir.  Comoj: lid. & Milton St.  | NANAIMO B.C.  tijWsmtmu^w^m&i^msam&sgm  Undei [New Managineiit  HOTEL WILSON  Jus- H. F/cKi.mell, Prop.  NANAIMO  ���������'ominercial  Mfns'  headini'/ters  Modern  and      Strictly  Tiist  Class  Fire 1'roof     Buildmi*-.  THE JONES HOTEL  - --\vi?iTiriT<K">K ���������  niul  WHITE   LA.BOK���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  OAT ACRE   STREET-      Ladysmith.  WMklfS^WIC-UlUu  HOTEL  DOMINION  ��������� Uatea **1.2!5 nml*M.r>i'���������  Fi i to   all p!*j*an'boU   ii'ii-1 mve anil  Best  accommodation  for  transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgera.  7RAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel  has been comlort-  .���������������������������'WKV'.'" ol������. ii!e.'lr!c,J'P'r'i>voiyifi,e|ai(iy iurnished and the bar is up-to-  m out-'i t'������ pll port** c>: Ho '.-i'.y. Rar.f^to -'.ates $1.������0 a day and ������p-  ���������ii .! t-t������l'*������ nni"m l!u*i'. w^rds.  F. P.AYNKS, PiopnHor,        ! WM.  BEVERIDGE,  Prop.  ABBOTT ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.j S-5������Ims*-.-**   -���������'*-* '*-: :������-;. lf^*y������ialtli  SlK.VM UKATliU  l'URi-risir roo^is'  BAR .SUPPLIED WITH BR; T  WINEIS.UQOORS, CIG *>RS *  A. J. McMURTRJE, proprietor  Newly fitted up and "  Furnished  LADYSMITH,   .C  ..;��������� Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID HYN'nS,   Prop. "   '  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar.is extra   well  Stocked  M  '5'his  lintel  has    been  completely       renovated.  Board  and 'odg'ing $1.00  per day. '  HOTEL    PRETORIH  JOHN IT A, Proprietor  lUr   Supplied   -M'th   the   Rest    Wines, 1st Avenue *.-: ':-:  >'   Lady smith   B.C.  Liquor** and C.Hgars.  .Mnm   - J,,-.^* ������i������f.'i   ,������,ri   .*n,i)  iieailauaxters for���������  Pj*C-flCj^OWN aarden. field  I  Vn^l llo*j*/er. SEEDS t  loj: dVstributloo. ;  .  HV    fi'-i-C)  ���������.   Large" stoclc   of Home  I  Grown'FRUIT ������nd OR-  'jri A-MEN.TAL     TREES  . now:matured for Spring.  i -No-expense, loss or  de-  s'layiof*!umignlion or in-  'spection  ���������Let meaprice your list  ���������,before placing your   or-  der.'Greennouse Plants, ,  - .floral" Packages. Fertili-  '^3 " zefs   etc.  "^   ^30ib%e������tminster Road.  VANCOUVER, D. C  KX  ���������3: j-.c.;-'oW������i-ii <xs ;.- yv  Dianos ^& Iff^ialflfS  UilysnJth, B.C  .j&tfi  4.13   OJ  Plumbing rand Tinsmtthing  j t..J' 4. dcSne at . ' ...  Reasonable Prices  .- -  ���������By-  f. ANDERSON  r. Leave order* at i I'eterson's - Furn  'ture 4Store, or telephone No 5i.  . i    .j .-->  >_��������� ,^i> j >.. /.  ���������M'+f+++W'l'+"frJ*i"t'"l'tf"**'l"-*  * ..!:.���������. .i   t'.,\   i^>i.. / ijj. .<.?/  fii.'.'.ic  U'i   >Ji,ls      i !.'-���������>* 2aii\/   tKr,  *  *  +  +  *  +  "*���������  %     HEAD OFFICE  | DUNCANS STATION.  %      Vancouver fstand, B. C.  COPPER CO., Ltd.  purchasers and Smelters of copper, hold and  -    SftVERbRK^.  ^   j.    ->���������*.>   l-������������Ui iU  l -,....  SmelUn8<--Work:s at  LADtfeMfH,   B. C.  . '. i     "i.     '.'' Vi'l������J       '.''5     1.'  *  *  1 u.  *  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON-       I  General Manager, t  ���������.���������:.���������>'���������������������������..'���������   r,tf:\V-   -fji^i!,   iriiiuy  ���������*10 * .!::'j-  ������~������-������.^.^���������������.^..������.....������.^^. ^������-������.^.^.^���������.^^.J....... f..1r..T. ,  ,  %; t| t| ^ t ^  ���������.-ii!,*i:  |        we are making HEATERS and RANGES of    !  ..*3!*j!i;J.;*Ii..!3ir.-S -iii    XS  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  Al| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  |   Nickel Plating in-gll IU branches a Specialty    I  j  Ijaciysmith Stove &' IronWorks Co.JLd   I  TELEPHONE 53  Ri WiHiamson Prop^  ist. Avenue Lady^ith3 C  !>���������������������������.���������% -������.*.-������.1  k.-������t'<k.-������>r*fcib.-������.'������.'������������.'W������.    -a. ���������a.-ti.-o.���������%������������������������������������������������.���������'������.**������������������������..-���������������������������.-%.���������������.-������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'  WM.  AIIJNSIIO,   Prcshlenl,    .1.  W.  COBURN, Managing Director.  Telcplianc "l-l������.  he-. Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK    AND   LADY SMITH-* -'-'.   -w ' '���������     y^������^.  MANUFACTUREIIS--OF ." - . \i  Rough and I)im;3ho<1 V'w anil Cedni' Lumbors  L.ATI-IS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,    - ETC.,.   ol    the  UES.T,  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND   DRIED    -FLOORINGS    -AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOGK  r  . *.  f  *  I  ..���������������.  -"#  ..*���������  4-  f  w  t  r  Neatt*/ and ArtiS|fe<fll)i D|to   *-*���������-'������������������--     ������������������---���������--;*..  're ���������  ... .;...xL. .i.;:s}.U././.. .V^-'l  ' .-i-iii^  Orders  Promptly   Execute  S. ROEDDING:.;.-.--"���������    LAD������SMITH  ^    _. *    .   ..li^i.-.'Lj.' -S&q'cisl>i ��������������������������������������������� '���������-.-. .      -i;'   -;rve.voA ,''���������.���������'���������'���������<;  ���������������������������������������������  \ *** ** +>��������� **.***.**$���������+ **<**.***&* *********^4-********jf ^ * t.  LADVSilJflfi TmjNJSFER STABLE  t .am  I    FTANOS,     ORGANS  -AND HOUSEHOLD    'KORNITURF MOV-       ' ���������������  * ED PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY. .' *���������  Stabled in the rear of the Lai?    ysmith hotel.     Leave nrdt-rs at   If*   t.  ���������������������������'������������������;��������� i .������������������       ������������������ .Ab*bnt������ ford. ������.  "A.    J   WASKEJT, pR0P  ****  *******T+*+***** *4^4^+*+4^++++ + M.+++^+ + ;   b THE LADYSMITH DAILY   LEDGER  JLOP8E3 .,  LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. ������.~  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and 4th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS. KATE TATE;  M. of R. & C.  .UNI'ILI) .ANCIENT      ORDER   Ol  j DRUIDS  Wellington Giove No 4 U. A. u. i  Meets in,the I* V O .F Hail, i.'<-  Uysmith, ; the Second and Fo-Jit.  Wednesday's of each month, coiuhki..  tr.g Wednesday.  13th.. 1905.  Visiting Druids     arc* invfleel  le n  Und.  liy Oi ii*r  WM. RAFTER,  Kecr S*v\-  VATKfOK  ItCi'K.  N.   *  Ur. Dier can he tunnel at any tim  at his office nn Gatacre st. His dotal work is giaranteod to be first  class and rates reasonable ���������>  NOTICE  From     this dats the  undersigned  will  not, I"!  ifsponsible (ot  any Id  debti'dness     Incurred except on      t  written nrflrr signed by the secretary  Rowland ,Mi:.iliin.  V.   1.   EX I'I .ORATION  &   DEVEI.  OI'MRNT CO., LTD.  New Personal  Llabil.'ty.  virirtf������������'R   r-   \r������t ������������j>h   \nwt  P. 8. SIMPSON  *"   Snltt-ltur.   Et������  Money   to    loan  HILBERT  xrnst 3U Jt---r^:-:a!K.������j23t.;rj.'a**s*i  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All   worl;   guaranteed and at reasonable  rates.  RESIDENCE   AND  OFFICE  Gatacre St Ladvsmith  1 Ojion at all houis.  LADYSMITH    bAKLRY  CHOICE    CAKES     AND    1'ASTIU  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Cal.e������  -Hade   to Order  FRUITS   A**U)    CANDIES OF  ALL  KINDS.    FRESil   BREAD   EVERY    DAY  Prices    arc     Very  Reasonable.     All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO.  ON THE   SSPLANADE.  NEWS NOTES  FROMNANMMO  ,i  ���������*!'   # ���������-���������*.  (in tin* Cain iolu Island  on Sun<la.\, tlu' Keliame  team cu' this i'it\ I'a^ily  thi'  (iahi-iolu   Nun'  b\   21-Ti  hall field  base-ball  defeated  CUBWCIGARJACIORY  Maunficturcrs of tbe Famous  CUBAN   8L0SS0T  None bit*   Unte-.n Labor    Kmploysd  Jl J.  BOOTH. Prop  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BCTWCCN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  . PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Principal BuelneBa Centers or     *  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AKD  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  'For Time Tables, etc., uddreea  CEO. W. VAUX,  AsslHtant Gcn'l I'lisscnger and Tlekot Agent.������  135 adams st.. Chicago, ill. ������  a^U9^amaMamaaaMaa9Wamvaaa9wammmtaw  Paisley Dye Wirks  Fancy Dyeing and  Cleaning. Charges reasonable, etc.    Work Guaranteed, j  Commercial St. - Nanaimo, B- G. I  J. PIERCY & DO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  You can shake  down a " Sunshine "���������  furnace without getting  covered with ashes and dust���������has a  dust flue through which all the dust  and ashes escape when you shake  down the fire.  i  This heater is so easily regulated nnd operated,  and- so clean,.that it makes the entire household  bright and genial.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.  Mr Thoiuu-. .Mills, iiiiili*r<>i'oiiiid  foreman of the \\e-.teni Find Company in Protect ion and Number  One Mines, i*. confined to t lip hn'.-  pital MitYcriiif;  Ti-oiii appi-ndirii is.  Mr     II.  Aitken  local    repri'Si-nlnl iviol*  tlie    North   American    Life  Assur.-  .ince    t'oinpnii*.   will   leave   this morn  iny; mi  a   business     nip    in    ('oiiiuv  Ciinilierlauil    nnd   wny   points.  The -South Wellington Lumber Co.  nre busy tho.se days installing- new*  iiiacliiuury in their null near Deck's  Luke A new planer, oiiu of lhe'finest in Lhe pro*, ince ,and having all  ihe InU'st i in pi o cements .has just.  arri\eil and workmen , txre.j at pre-  ���������ii-nL engaged in putting it inlo  posiliuii. The mill is considerably  hniidicuppt-d tlie.se da\,s owing i to  nol. Iif-nif4 able to secure rars ro  move its fiit 'proiliii'i. which is most  1,-. sliipped lo llic Nor1 Invest an<J upper   licit ish   Columbia   points.  LONDON,  McCIaiyfc  TORONTO,     MONTREAL,    WINNIPEG,  ST.   JOHN.    HAMILTON.  VANCOUVER,  Mannf!V'i- .Mullet t, nnd a force of a.s  sistanls were bti������y iast evening' re-  pnirina. a break in she four-inch  water main whieh supplies the lo-  <'al   mill.  Mr. .I(Vhn I.. Howard Presidi-iil of  the Western Fuel (Jompant, was a  passenger    from-  \'aneouver   lasl     ev  ellill!*;.  Tl  fhs Ladysmith Hardware Co,, Sole  Se^SS'S^Sg^SSSSSSlSJ^Sft^  WHOLESALE 11BY GOOD  VICTORIA, B.C.  A wrest liny mutch is lik(\J\ to In.'  aiTnngvil between llruce Ashman of  Cle Kllum, Wash., formerly of this  city. ,md Sandy Swanson. Sinclair  Swanson* lefi    bv  the   Seattle     boat  Sunday- night for Cle Fllum.  will endi'aVii)' to jiivaiiije for  inaleh.  ami  this  I   Jlli 2  t���������r  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE '1,0 ORDER and REPAIRED  AT  SHORT   NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED BY  US      ALWAYS    GIVE  SATISFACTION.  ,. PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED   -S H I P S M I T fl I N'G    IN      UL   ITS   BRANC HES  Horseshoers and Genera' lilacksmitns.  Ci^M^.   BviUer Street   -  |$l ,00 0   IN   PRIZES  1  1  1  1  m M?**^W^-iMrCK������*Tm''  C h am p ion ship    Baseball    Mate h  '   NANAIMO  RELPANCE VS.'LADYSMITir.  1  C h am pio n ship  ''VANCOUVER  Vf  F o 11 b a 11  .   I,ADVSMIT11.  Match  ;r. Iv������*������dyarnitfo, jb V  ^���������t.4.>;,������.t.^.^<{������^t.������.^*-.l-^|.<.^������^^*l*^^^>*?*-f������3  liCE!  Children  ==G r a n d  ' s    S p o rt s  R e g a t t a:^^:  SB  Mr. Cot-inn, i>f Wallace street,  slates thaC'there was no rc\oVver  taken from hi* promises one day Jast  weclc. Mo had missed the weapon  .and thought it had been stolen, but  upon a further investigation ho found  it in another spot where he had previously laid it away, forgetting for  th.- time the exact spot where kc  had  placed    ihe gun.   V   rl he mill of the Ladysmilh Lumber Co situated at Coburn near  the line of the E. & N. Railway  under the nnlJmig'4'ricaL of -Mr. Welch  is forging- ahead by leaps and bounds  The daily output of tlie mill is now  30.000 feet and is being increased  daily. There is enough standing  tiinbi:i' ih "Sight to keep tho- mill  going for two or tl\roe years, at  least.  W   Ii-uliari Canoe Races, Log' R 1 ling Contests, SctilHnp;��������� Matcht's, ivi-c  ^ Championship V. 1. Swimming Match���������-Amateur S]  Xanaimo ia. al*ont lo lo-sc one of  its most enterprising ^business men  in the person of Air. -J. Tf. Cocking, who has transferred his local  Ihery business to his brother-in-  law. Mr. II. L'inclon. Mr. Cocking  .will lea v.; shortly for Vancouver,  when he will devote all his tiine in  conjunction with Mr. Wesley Bry-  e������*5 a tit, formerly of this city, to the  management, of the Palace Livery  stables. ' ~'  Will be Delivered on  Mondays,   Wednesdays,  ���������������������������.���������.'"'���������- Fiidays and Saturdays  Orders  must be in. Uy eleven o'clock on  day  of Delivfei-y,  Union irtiins 60.  Y Limited.  J NANAIMO^ B.G.  ^.���������t������������.-'.4.^>.I.������^4-������l������4-*l*-������^*^������^K������^''H'4^^  ���������r: ���������  i  i  LOGGING  CAMPS   VS,  LADYSMITH.  I ONE BIG DAY OF SPORT  cj*-tMf.*������-a  Excursion  Rates Fro hi AH Points  RUSSELL   SIMPSON,  Chairman  II. MACK UN,  'Treasurer.  *������������������������������������  <::ir^  ���������..-������ * *������a  NOTICE,TO  CONTRACTORS.  Ladysmith Wharf.  SKALKD TENDERS, proiiorly endorsed "Teivde.f tm* Ladysmith'Wharf  and AiMiroadi," will he received hy  the undersigned ^ up to noon of.'' Urn  Mth inst., fur Llu: erection and completion of a wharf and approach at  Oyster Harbour,  Lady'smit-h,  B.C.  Drawings, spccilicalions and conditions of teii'lerin-r and contract, may  he seen''at the office of the i'li'lilic  Works Engineer, Victoria, B.C., at.  J.lie office of the Oovernmenl, Agent,  'Manaimo, B.C., iind at Ladysmith,  J3.C, on and after June the 18th.  Each proposal must be accompanied hy an accepted hank'chopie or  certificate of deposit on a chartered  banlcNjf Canada, made payalblc to the  undersigned, in the sum of two hundred ($200) dollars, which shall be  forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into "cornIrajct." when  ^called upon to,do so.   "'.V::  The' cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will he returned to. them upon  the execution of the contract.  Thc successful tenderer will be re-  ���������qiuircd to furnish bonds himself and  two sureties, satisfactory to the  Chief Commissioner,. in the sum of  eight hundred   ($S00)'  dollars each.  Upon the execution of the bond the  (������������������hefquo a'-o.'c men tinned will he returned to tho contractor.  Tenilers will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  and signed with the actual signature of  the tenderer.  F.   C,   GAMBLE,  Public Works Engineer.  Lands and  Works  Department,  Victoria,  B.C.,   15th   .Line,   UiOli.  W.  SILER  DELIVER!  WORK TROMPTLY   I'ii  Le������Tt! orders at the   Ahh^tstunl  ==���������33  JAS.   ADAM,  !  Scoretafv  ssss^Sfsyag G&Mi&xss&w s&mfsxm  ���������  >.. 4..������..������.������.,  ..A..C"*D"3������1  *#������������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������.������������������>.������.'  >���������*���������<#������������������*>���������������������������������������������.. |..4-  First   Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD  AND UARK   EOR K    ALE    AND  EXPUI''.   SS  WORK.  DELIVERED.  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  Keep Minard's  house.  Liniment    in    the  NOTICE  LADYSMITH'   WATER VV03KS  'Consumers are requested to call at    the office     on' Roberts   Street   (.  lay Water     Rotes, between the Uit.h    and  the 2.'il,h of each ninth.  flee Ilaurs I ?>������. 4 30  li BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  !��������� spite of tlie excessive heat on  Sunday last, a large number of mem  beis of the Odd Fellows, Knights of  Pythias, . Utttiibou.o Sisters and Dau-  g*luers of RebeUah turned out to the  Memorial Bay services held in th������  Kana.imo  Cemetery.  Thc proeession lei't the Free Press  bloek promptly at 1:30 and upon  arriving at the Cty.uetci'y was addressed by the Rev. A. E. 'Roberts; pastor of the Victoria West  IMi'lhodist chureli. formerly pastor  of the. Haliburton Street ehureh.in  this  city.  'J'he address delivered liy Mr. Roberts was an able aud appropriate  on* ami* was -very much appreciated  by nil present. ;  Previous to, aiul .after tlie address, the Mali*. Voice Quartette under tho. leadership of Mr. Evan  Miles rendered ehoiee 'selections,the  ���������Rev. Mr. MVLood of C'hcmn'tnuH  bringing the services to a close by  ���������iroiiouncin;*' ilu? benedict ion, after  which the members of the several lod  yes represented broke up into  small groups. so as to e.xpediate  matters, and decorated with bo-  quest of (lowers the graves of their  departed   brothers   and   sisters. )  The sc:-.miiii of Ihe City Coma il  li -Id last night was one of the short  est on record. All the aldermen  v.ere present with live exception of  Mil. Crnlinm. .Mayor Planta presiding.  The minutes of tho i������re\ ions iiieet-  ing were iv.iii mid on motion adopt-  ,d  The follow ing roiiiiiiunical ion from  'ur. .Maiiiwai'ing on behalf of seieral  .".idem s of lhe TowiiMfu \\'ac le-  i'icmI aiKl referred 'to the Street  uiiiiiiit l ee   for   action. '  Tn   His   Worship   llu:  Mayor  and   Aldermen,  b'titlemen:���������  I beg to draw the attention or your  Honorable   body   lo  Ihe-fact      thai,  ilu*   box  drain      un itho .north   ���������side  ui   1'Yo.nt   Street,  Sew .Castle   Tow n-  siie,    has  become, rotten, and     inu-U  be r.-i-dnccd  in    order to" avert a  ri'ii-  -.iiiire,    and   I   am authorized  ou    be-  h.ilf    of   the     parlies    concerned     .10  ���������mv    llwl   if  the   eouiicib  will  lay    a  vii rifled     pipe .-drain     to- the ������������������ ban';,  il..���������.'.-  mv   willing  to    bear  a    propor-  l ioii.nle , sharr*   of  the  eost     of-   stii-h  jIi iin.    , It   is   estimated      lo  cosf   a-  bniil   .S.-JO.  Trust iii"   that  matters will   recei-e  yi.ur favorable   attention,  I  am,  yours  truly.  A.   E.  MATNWARTjVO.  The  pnundlcoeper reporter)   no slrnv  mimnl.S   impounded   during' the   pn<^t  Weeli".  Vld. Dick asked for a postpone-  in-nt of Hie Loeal Improvement bylaw i*nlil the third next reg-ulur  tn -ei ing- of the Council. -The reason  for the postponement was that 'the  i-'ii'-stion was sti.ll in committee, tho  Aldermen having not yet deciil-  mI M'itetliiii' ro push the 'matter a-  1kad or l������nve Hie affaii' drop. The  ti *:t fens* n/e*ks. howaver, said Aid.  Dick would settle the fate of the:  b.i-law, whether it would go tkro-  iif.h    or   be quashed.  Md.    Dick's reipiest    for 11  postpone  111. ut   was  liranl ed.  Owing t.o Alonda*, neit being Dominion' Day, Council. ndjoiu*ned until   iVfouclay,    July, 8,   ,  'fry a' Province Cigar.  Any  ORK  Liii,ht Teaming.  Orders  Witli-  riRST   AVtNTJE  Wood and    Bark    for sale.     Sec  J.   KEMP,   or    leave  W. CARTER,  PHONE      6-0  UNKNOWN FRIENDS.  There are many people  who    have  used   Cha'mWerlaiu's     Colic,    Cholera  and Diarrhoea Romody  with splendid  results,    Wut  who are unknown    h<  cause they have hesitated about giving a testimonial  or their experience  for publication.   These people,    how-,  ever, are none     Uie less friends    of  the remedy.    They have done    much  to make it     a household    w*ord   by  their  personal  recommendations     to  friends and neighbors.     It is a good  medicine to have    in the hame   x,d  is .widely known for its  cures   >F   nj  arrhoea and-iall forms of 'blowol trou  ble.,    For sale hy Ladysmith    Pht.i  macy.  . o _-���������  Ask for Minard's and take no other  ���������doir &'& 5/iMs son n:J hi-..  Synopsis  of Canadian  Homestead  -Regulations.     .;���������'    *���������  available "Dominion Lands  within the Railway" belt in British  Columbia, may be libmesteaded., by  any person who is Ui'e spjle liead ot  a family, or any ma\*- oyer, Cvfihteen  years of age, to   the extent of;  one-  Qjuarter section of ICO.. ..acres, more  or,; less.  Entry must be mwle.. personally at  the local land ollice for." the district,  in.which the land is situate!  The homesteader is, required to per-  fonn the conditions connected therewith under one of the, following  plans:  (1) At least six months' residence  tij.on and cultivation of the land in  each year for   three years.  (2) If the father, (or mother, if the  father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered lor, the requirements as to residence may he  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to residence may he satisfied by resiilet.ee  upon the said land.  - Six monthe' notice in \vriti.v.;.  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands .at .Ottawa of indention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may'be purchased at $10  per. acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than H20  ���������icres can be no-'Tuircd by one individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of' 2,00:������  "ounds shall he collected on the  a;ross output.  W. W.   CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of Interior-. }  THE LADYSM ITU I)ATT,Y LEDGER  <i>       e  SPECIAL  100 Doys' $ Youths' Suits  aOOI> QUALITY���������OOINO AT  A SACRIFICIi AT  BICkLE'S  ���������        -.   ������    Come anil Clothe -your Family   Inspection   Is    Invited  $4H$H$ ���������^^^^^^^^^^^^���������^���������^^^^^ *#H$H$M������  5mith, Fotos,  That's Aill  Local Items  The J. L. Card was. ia for co.il  this morning.   nr*^"*"���������  The Oscar   was  in  poll  today    for  matte from  the Tyee Smelter.   %--$--������   Dr. F. S Reynolds, of iNaiuanno,  i-assetl through Ladysmilh lint, morning, bound for Victoria on bii-ainebs.  couitod. The background is ol pale  hint*, blod'cil oil into squares bor-  ilerwt wii/h dowers, elc.( 'Ihe decor-  a Loi, j\Ir. Hairy Kay, is to hc con-  bi.itulatod on the result, as it is .Safe  t ���������  say , that nicer   work   in   Ihis  line  cannot be found  on the Island.   o _���������  DISCUSSES  MONOPOLIES  Ladies'  In Blue & fad Lustres 1  i  Trimmed  with VMteh  Braid���������-A I!  Sizes  NOTICE  Notice is li ic-:-}- giH'ii lli.il 1 -intend lo .al'l'lv to lhc Hiiii-d of l.i-  c;*using Coninii'-sioiieis of llic City ol  JLadysiii'lli, at il ne\L Minn!*, lor a  Liansfci troin myself tn llanry lilair  ol the license lo sell spirituous antl  fermented ln-uois on lot tluec (3),  BlooK twenty six (2(1), on thc nre-  iniscs Know n us (he Cecil lEoflel, sit-  ualed on First. A\omio in the city of  Lad)smith,   B.C.,  Date!  ibis  lfilh   day   of .Tune,    A.  I),   TiOd,  OEOIUIE'HANNAY.  By  his   Al.toiiicy   in fiici,  llcnrv  Rfiiel.  .,..,.#..0"������-.������ ������������������������  '      ^J^>*>.   jUiss Coburn and JUiss Ramsay  were passengers to Victoria tins  moining to attend the teachers' con-  \entiou  being held iu that city.  1  City Cleric Gough, of Nanaimo, juss;, *-*"'-i"'  ed  through on  the morning  train   lo    ~*jn..n-.ii  Victoria, wlier? he will remain a few  days on business.   %.<-*���������-������   The final meeting of thc Lenn id  Odidleilowa was held lust, evening,  and a busy session res uI Led. Se\eial  new members were initiated dining  the evening.  Noise Better-Capital & Nu<r������et Cigars   %.^-%.   Mr. J. A. Knight, of Knight's  bookstore, is in Victoria today on  business, having journeyed down un  the morning train  ' "SVasliin'jjton, ''!-���������'..  <���������'������������������,  .lime'20.���������Soil  .' ' '   -.   Q ���������      ������������������.���������'���������- '-.  ' ��������� ' ������������������--...  ator Lai'olk'Ltt' uvi.iuy Cullccl ,.iip liis  i'usoliu.i6n., extcridiiig- :ilic.r.'-''._*ic:.uOe> - ol'  mquii'y . nqw',: bc'iiig coiiaiiexou'by the  '.i.i'i-'t.iii'-h'Ui'tij'. . Uuiii.ViUi-.-.i- Coiiiuiistiioii  iiliciiii": Lho in liiiaii,.'-.. <���������.' nli'.-������lViu'.r.'',y!'0!iiT  ���������iniiV. "*sl) a.s to Jia . <,- i l I'liciiiuo Ulu  iii.-"|j*'T:iauGii an..i ���������sLi.'ii'ajiO ol fiviins  a   iu  '.su^ia   ^-^^   To Air. Kelly, of -Multnomah, belongs Uie honor nl hicaLin" the American amateur tiack record for iO(i  yards, if the Spokane stop wai lies  are correct.' Mr. Kelly is credited  with running 1 flu yards in !) 3-5������������������seconds, which breaks all Ainoi w.ui  track   records.  Tlie names of those jiujiils wlio secured rolls of honor in '-.Division IV.  of the local school were left o:i.t of  the iiitlilislioft report, ' published recently. Thev are as follows: Proficiency, George Gatz; deportment,  'Genievc AleRac; reg-uUirity ��������� and punctuality, John Galfnev.  ���������    .    "        .  ���������r^^^_. . -.:     ,  Mr. II. Kay stated to . a Ledger  representative today that he is very  ��������� much pleased to sec there is a possibility of his recent .challenge being  accepted. He says if -Air: Johnson  really means what he says, all lie  has to do is to Jiriitg along his money and name his' man, While Llic  challenge read from $50. up bo $>500,  Air. Kay prefers thut it be the latter sum, but this matter can he arranged  when  the  backers meet.  Ask tor Capital and Nugget Cigars  The New Western Hotel dining-  room and sitting-room have recently  been completely renovated, and ale  now in excellent condition.. The work  is exceedingly neat, especially iu ihe  dining-room, where the ceiling has  been most tastefully painted and de-  Keep Minard's Liniment in thc house  ui Uli: ro&olu-  iiun 'iu* .saiu Uiiu : int.' U-'si iiouiiy tau-'  cii. iij. ' tne' -Joiiii'iii.-*'r.ioa iiiuk.'uu.'U . a  j'oiiu.' owiu'i'sviiii   u\   I'lu.-;.;Uaiiway anci  'Cii.'vuLoi.",  (.'oiiij'aini'.s, .' to    ���������Jl-.'  .jUeLi'l-  nieiiL. of : Lhe    lai'mc.! s    -.who   are     cii-  iiLieil   to   a   trail   aiul   open.'���������. jifiifivots'.-.  xi.e ,jjjj?a\ P the naiii*'*? oi 'imlLvHUinls au4  eurjiui'aLions_. wliicli  hail    si.'ei'o'ed siiL'h  .inside; prhileyes    'as    i o   gi'yu! r  Lliem  .n'rotioplies  -'alourg'       vaVious     wu.sLern  railroads.      'J'hu   Ii.st   given     including*  Lhc   Ohieag-o.  aod     Uocic    Island   .' ^o  Unas.   .Cotiiiseluuui.i,  Lbe. Chicago,���������Mil.  Wraukee' aiid -. Si.   I'aul,    Lo. ihe''���������;���������.' Ar-  niuiir  EU'.v.aLpf    .   Co,. .' LJie , A.nliison  ���������'.i,'oj.iiika   aiid.-yiiiii iii'c , ti) Llic" Kichai'd  son     Co.    Ilie     l.-nnni    l-'aeilic. to ��������� Lh������  .l'cavo,-,-     l';le\'al,oi-       Cu.,    Cli'nrago    it  -'vurlliu-i'sierii    in ' IVarLlotL. and '-Fi-sivi  ioi-    IrlUrVaLui-     L.'i).,    l./liieago    I'.iirliilg-  Lun   and    Quiiury     In   1 lie  Armour 1:11-  uvaior   Co..    lit- iln.'ii (.|u.iil'..'<-l. v'ai'iou.s  slati-ineiits    l.o ' slinu'   . that   tlu-. ��������� railroad   cpiiijianfes     favor   soinu   ulevaL-  ofs    Lo. w'hic-h     ibey       are      friemlly",  ami   disei'iiiiiiiated    .  against.      others  who   are    not    as   well     regarded    by  thi'iii, - with i hc  rc.siilL  that   Lhe' priee  oi r wlieaL   lo  I'liu iiroiliici'j.'.s  is. I'm- lie-  low   Lhe  market   ran1.      In  conclusion  he  said  'irai-tieaIly       .all   live     grain  shipped    into   Ch.ii-ago    over   any  one  line goes    to  on1-' dealer,  and    express  ed   the  opinion    thai,   these   wholesale  dealers       are      closely  allied   among  t.luimselvi'S,  i li lis enlist inn ing- a* mon-.  oply  of the entire <j,rain  trade-of Lbe  cily.     'lie'.said.'In'.' had  personal knowledge       of  many       iu'd ain.-es ,.of    di������-  crimiiial ion    ir.   favor   of   lhe   lino el-  evalors.    '.I'iie   fi'sull- wns  an    Unfair  division.  .COINTSOU li.VTB     TBpT It   Al'PKALS  Victoria, Ii. CI.. .Tune 2~>.���������loan  Dunsmuir and lidna Wallace Hopper, who are .appealanls in the. suit  againsL James liimsmuir. laeutenant Governor of I lie- Pfiivitieo, Lo up  set Lhe will of Alexander Diinsnuiir,  )iy which all tb<' bitter's property  went Lo .lames, have consolidated  their appeals    ' o the    Imperial    Privy  Men's  Men's & Boys'  Suits |  and Tighfs-AnvColflr  i������v^t -rjwii.tt.-oL.T-j ���������*o7Sx;-������������ **l-*^--t  Waiters  Pioneer Doti? Woihs  (st. Ave cue, Latiysmitt!, 8, G !  V. I Imki Prop, j  MANUFACTURKR OF \  CnrboiKi'od f5everaKes. |  ���������'linger   Beer *  Fruit Syrups j  r.   O.   Box  248 '      - I  sM������..a..a..o..r..������..������..������-a..������..������..*.>������"������������������"*"a<^..e>������������  Council, and unw uill [imsent ' llieii  oise in July The I rial m 1 be lirsl  itistaiiee was before Mr. ' .lusiice  Drake, and an appeal lut the lull  court hciiI iu favor of.ihc defeiulanl  Lleulenant l!o\ernor James Duus-  niuir. 'Phe ground-, of appeal to,the  privy council will lie lhat the do-  mocile oi" Alexander l'ims,tiiuir aL"  the time oi 1 lie will was in Ci'ili-  lornin and lhe will was mil made in  ciuifoi'injiy w-iili ���������tlie laws uf t.'ali-  foiniia; thai the intention to de  clare the document he wn-, -iijninj;  was a will, aecordiiiy (o Ihe laws  01" Californi.i, was not shown. I lui I  Mex*      IMin.smiiir    was   miiilall\       in  coiu|jel I'll I lo eVeiule a Will and  I'lirthi'i' t.hfit. undue iulUii.-nce was  used  over, him  ��������� '  P()K   ���������  Tennis  Go'-ds  I ;ir roiSi   Sticks  _ AM)   B--S3 B:i 1   Out lit s   WKIH:   J. BARNSLEVtf GO,  VK TORIA. B. C.  JTrSSSaufrSi  TEA SETS  We liave a lovely assortment of  ' n - -  Tea sets in Different designs and  --       Colors  The Sets  Comprise 40 Pieces  SlMfNIllSER&CO Ltd.  ^wwwwwwwtrww ww ww ww nr w w w w wr ^  ^" Bein������*jn  the  -    - 3  ^ BUTCHER    BUSINESS                     =3  ZT to STAT. '.We are ALWAYS in shape to please our   Customers,  ^ and luave on band tlie bust  stock of'     ���������     i   .  ^ MEA1>, SAUSAGES, HAMS, BACONS, E'C  ^ Obtainable, and sold at' the  LOWEST POSSIBLE RAT P'S. i . ll  Pz in and see.us. j    v        ������  ���������_                        ' .c.5    I ! I  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  PICKIGERS AT1ENTI0N  We have made arrangements  to liiue a launch leave tlie  wharf cveiy hour (Juriciip; Thurs  da j' atlcrnoons ami en Sundays after 10 o'clock in the  forenoon far the Green, and  shell beach, wlieio we haw e-s-  tahlishcd refreshment' booths.*-  Campers ���������wishing jilols foi  lent in-; fdMiihl al'ply eaily, ;iS  Ilie c.impin-!; season is'nearly  here  flRS    Al.cKINNELLEY-  -HU(il1   THORNLEY  riTOTOS���������One  Dollar .buys  six ('a-   3'  binet   Photos.     .Sunday   is   the     last   *������  iliv.      Photo^ia-l'li-s  will   nol   le  o^ei -   C=  ed as;aii! nt this pi ire.     Come dc<l:iv    .������..������..���������..������..������..������..,..������.....,.....������..������,....������.....���������..,..������..  Sehaicl;,   the  rhotograplier.    : ;   \  Try a Province Cii-ai  'i  Snicilic Big I'.. Cigars  "i   have just rcceiveil a sliiimient of  Hills' ..high'Grade  HVGLiSrl T0B\C���������0S  '   C'GMllfS  at t.he���������-  DR UG:-STORE'  FLAGS  FLAGS  FOR   SALE  AT  ���������������������������������������������������������������  t  i  i  i  i  |  i  i  f  f  I  f  i  i A;  HOWE 1  % :   MEAT  MARKET 3  .; f,'���������.������,. c ������������*. i������~..  S.   W .    P.     $i Gallon  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  LADYSMITH HARD WAR E COMPANY LIillTED  HIV BOOR STORE !  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  '<A FIRST A VENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  i  Ask for Minard's and  take no other  THP QUESTION!)  What Kind of Shoes shall we wear for Dominion Day?  Saturday, June Hi. aiid  WHAT  DO  YOU  THINK   O.F. THE-  Walkyover Shoes?  This  is   the most, stylish and  comfortahlc Shoe    in   the   Market.   3?  Five Dollars Per Pair  2,000   DOLLARS    IN    PURSES  Excursion  Rates���������Don't M'ss Them That's All  FOUNTAIN   PEN S  We have Just received a shipment of the Famous  LAURENCE     FOUNTAIN     PENS  Each one carries a special guarantee.     Prices from $1.00 up. ;  ���������r-r-CALLiDd   SEE   THEM ���������  B rt)RClMnER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE  !���������*��������������������������� IWI*IWI|*WI  LADYSfUTH  1?XW14'������J!.1  ].[.  WALL  Secret ary-T ion surer.  ,11111, f.  ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������0������������$e**<*  #������������������������>���������<*>���������������������������������������������������������������#'���������������������������������������������������#������������������  I have a choice supply of  a. m  ���������o e^ f  ALSO  Again we have the   CANVAS SHOES, in While and i������! Z  Colored, from $1,25 Per Pair .    "  DROP   IN   AND   SEE   US  -irj-'"i ���������--"'���������-���������r'"" "w  BLAIR 8c  Beef DrlpplngfS  -: Por to������tlay aiul to-morrow  hMUMMItlflilUIB  fmfmmm mmmmmmmm mmmm,  E. G.  PA N N ELL  ^V\ gj    GATACRE ST.-      LADYSMITH  o  *  9  9  O  Handsome Designs, Pine Colorings,  '      Pi ices Lowest  ������*������*-��������������������� ������tt ii-nx-Dooaooo   ese-s^-oeeeoofieeaa ie e e # o  For  the Month ol June,    and  until   further  notice,   we   will  trim  all Wall  Papei: sold   by  us Free of Charge.     ��������� '-:     ������������������  H.  KAY S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  ��������� Granite and Marble Works ���������  0- .Granite, and   Marble Monii- #  ��������� meats, Tablets, etc., at  the ' ���������  0 lowest     prices'   -consistent m  ��������� with first class  stock   and ���������������������������  0 workmanship.       Write    for m-  ��������� catalogue. ��������� ���������  J   .    .        A.  STEWA'RT, J  ��������� 14*! Yates St. Victoria  B.C ���������  Smoke a Big B Cigar.  IMPORTED HACKNEY STALLION  ."BND'URA-NCJB**'"  (8132 H.  S. B,,)1  At Johnson's Livery Stab.e every  Tuesday at noon, and will remain  until .Wednesday noon, eaeli week.  TERMS���������$15 TO INSURE


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