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The Daily Ledger Jun 27, 1905

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 ���������''cT'i"V"* ^*1,^U'*l^W*-'>iMfa  r*->4 ?���������  I DUNCANS ��������� &  LADSYfllTH  *  t   ���������- t  4^^^f.^.j.^^^.j.4-.f.^..?.^.j.4>.;..;,.j.^^-j.4^j.^r..*>.j.^*;.  ?7^,  '^VSy.  'V&  'ly  The Daily  f LADY5MITH      f  '     & DUNCANS I  x  *~H~i ***** *^^*****fr*^**irH***W-  I  VOL. 2,  TUESDAY,  JUNE 27, 1903.  PRICE FIVE 0 3 sr C i  DOMINION DAY  CELEBRATION  A Good Time is Anticipated in  Ladysmith on July 1st. of  This Year  MAY BE AN ELECTION  the  Subscriptions are Large and  'amme,  in  Respect Excellent  'As shown by the collectors'  reports  man  that  the^ ' Indians  for      miles  last night,  tlie Ladysmith  public has  around   were  evincing delight   at  the  responded   very   liberally   lo   the  call , P'ospcct of the war cam*! races, and  for subscriptions     for  the Dominion jthat noi less lhan clfiht     or  <Cn ca~  Day sports, etc.,  and  in consilience, "ocs would-be entered for this event.  Gity Council Wants Vacant  Positions to Be  Filled  i  Question of Appointment  of Sanitary Inspector  Discussed  FAMILIES MASSACRED IN  St. Petersburg, Juno 27.���������-The military experts take anything hut, a  hopeful  view   of  General   Linevitch's  AL last evening's city",council meeting   the   members   were .talking     of  substituting' the places  of Alderincfi  Haworth  and' J looker,   who  have eje-   situation..   They /do not  believe     he  cceclod   their      leave of absence bv a I ���������      ,       ........  ,'i   i   ���������   .     .,,. .'. ..n���������   ���������  .   ,    ���������������������������   , ���������        can be *urrouiidcd,i-uf apparent! v no  considerable      period.    The 'question   | ������������������'.....     ,        .      ,    '  arose as to whether new aldermen' i"ot consider the, possMwl.ty.cf. a  had to be elected or whether' tliey "Russian victory.**'Lincvitch's retire-  could he appointed by the council, nient to Harbin and thc isolation of  Nobody present     heing  able  to offer  Vladivostok seems to  be regarded as  a foregione     conclusion,     when  Field  Marshal  Oyama    strikes.    AccordiiiK  any    direct    information on the sub- '  jeetthe    matter     was .dropped    until  next week, the clerk in the mean time  practicing   to    ascertain      wficiLer or not it is  flic elaborate programe drawn  up  bv !T,,c   rw,s'<in!i   a'e  already  hard and  a   good  hard  raw? is expec 'necessary  lo  hold     p.n election.   Be-  (c(| ' fore the      meeting the    question was  Another event on  the  regatta pro- [informally      discussed   by  lhe Mayor  gram which will dombiUess be* an a.n-|^<l, S0,"'c ,������[ ,thc ������'���������'���������������������������������'������. a������.l ������c>������e  I IlKT'N-  MIHI-illii il*���������   for   lli.i   wnr.nir.il  ..,...:  using one,   is tbe      Chinaman's   boat  and the lKWeh'ull matches and foothill   ,-aee.    This  item   was     added   to the  promise .to,be full of in-  program at  last      night's committee  the various  committees  will   he cat  ried out'   -without the slightest- dim-'  eulty or change.     The principal  features of th,2 day,    viz.,  the Regatta,  to  the  latest,   news  from   the  front,  which is  thirty-six hours old, Oyania  after forcing back the  Russian, right  and     ecu Ire,   transferred  his   weight,  The Ranchers Engaged and  Repulsed the Faqw's Killing Twenty  Regiment of Mining Men  Have Gone to I  Resue  San Francisco, Cai., June 2?.��������� A  despatch to the Chronicle from Tucson, Arizona, says: At least twelve  ranchers and several women and children have met death at'the hands of  a band of Ya*qui 'Indians who have  been raiding the country blong the  San Miguel river in the Ures district  GERMANY'S ANSWER  TO  She Insists of Conference but De^  dined to Outline the  Programme  Chancelor Von  Buelow   Denies  That Germany is Anxious  For War  Berlin,  .-.-.-   ���������-, t        June 27-���������^ie German, ans-rocco. .Pending the  of Sonoro; Mexico, and a party com- l.wer to Uie French ���������   note on the sub-  rrroniy,,, w^^^zllt ?;; i^rj:T^  hut  to  visitors   from  other      Island  'a���������d   mens'   single  and   double     skull    fu,s f"    r   ,      '     ,   '      ' '  ci.ies.      For     instance,   the  baseball   races, and  the greasv ���������oIe,.e!,'.    will   T"!    il������       n    u '   i   >' f  match, Lndysmith vs. Nanaimo, will pass ',,he' several hours allowed the ������ L������ , '������.]���������)l\ h������, I81���������1 ^^  be a great attraction to the base-, regatta cnm.niltee to geL through ^c. e^^': '> * ^ there be a,i  hill    invi.rr  it   t,tM,u. j ,���������     hn4ii*#*iiinU   m   ��������� election  nothing would please ��������� the al-  nan    io\ing  p   eopic ol      both cities    heir proeranime. i, /T.n,  .,���������   ''    ** .     ,, . ...    dermen   more  than to see Messrs. P.  lhe. Ioc)truces  in  the  morning  will , ...     ,,,   .���������. , .. .   .  . . ,        ,   , ,   ,;      ,       and  \v. .successful conn whites,  be of interest  to   many,  and   the day,,   ,..,  will   be pleasantly  terminated- hy    r  [grand dance in Hie opera house.  For every  race on land  or  water,  substantial      prizes     will  be  given,  while   for   the  athletic   spoils      big  japprapniRlwjiis have been  made.  A  large crowd  of visitors arc ex-  against  the left, compelling  the Rtis-  tions on the council board mentioned.   si-"-s  (" -K'vc Rround  there, also. The  j The .names which .scemi������:l iiiost' popu-   niilitarj'  critics,   however,  agree tlmt  ���������s  compcling, while the Victorians will  feel interested in the match between  the Eagles of the Capital and thjs  city.' Then the foot/iiall tournament,  five, representing the Co.il City,  Victoria, anl I.adysm'.tli, will  toe of more than ordinary interest,  for to^see the .picks of each of the  cities "up against  " each other will  without doubt be a sight worth see-'pected in town on  the day in .cj.iestion  ing.   The -old  rivalry     existing- be-[The Eagles of Victoria are advcrlis-  tweeu     footballers     of Victoria and . ing   liberally   their-excursion   train,  Ladysmith. will     be-in full force fiii'l ' and whenever the Ragles go on |������lea-  there  should"   be  .soniething  doing   of   Si,re bent,  they are always  followed  a lively  nature.    Five   of Nanainio's   hy a pretty big crowd.    As (boro     is  best,    footbtillers can     make" "things   not a late  train   back  to  the capital  hum" if they are'co inclined, and till   that night,  no douhl a large mimber  1 earns competing    will he sure to hc   of people will, by paying TO'cents ex-  an^-ious to do that, for fat prizes arts' t.ra,     stay  over  until   the following  worth securing. day.   The reception'committee,  or in  There is  little doubt, but, what the   fact any member.-of the general coni-  regatta will     outclass any event on   mittee, will if rt\-*iiesled to do so, as-  the  water  that has ever  taken  place   sist      the.   "stay-overs"   in  securing  here,  and  the  regatta comiiilitte-e   ire   apartments for the night,  to be commended for their programe, i    At   the   committee   meeting      last  every event  of     which,,'wi 11 \Ic of in-  nigiiit a refreshment committee,    con-  tcrest     to  visitors and home peoole  sisting of Messrs.   Maclclin,   Harrup,  alike.    The   Indian   war canoe   races    Rowland and     Allan wasiappointcd,  will  be one of thc great, features on  and     Messrs.  Talc antl  .Cele  k'ndly  the Regalia    co-mmitteef's' list jf ��������� v-   undertook  to have seiils, etc.,. on the-  enls.     A Ledger     reporter was Ikiv-  spit.    Two  more meetings     will    be  ing a chat  (in  English)  with  an In-   held   tlu's  week,   when   final   arrange-'.  ��������� dian who     is pretty well     known in   men Is  will   be .ni aide.'   The Chairman  these circles  on  account of  the keen   called   Ike   next,  meeting  for  VVodnos-  * interest he takes      in .all sports, and   day night  in   the banmicliiig hall   at  the newspaper eight  o'clock.  frontal   movement  Is   merely   a feint  for, the envelopment of tine, or  both  of the  Russian  wings,   without which  nothing in the shape of a decided victory  is   pisiihlc.    The   Russian   sllifl  dcol'iiv.*' LiueMlch is ���������Jcee|)ing|,iu touch  wiih   a thinking   movement  and   lhat,  it is  not  possihle  lo  take him      hy  surprise.  St.   Petersburg,  June  27.���������('1- p.m.)  posed of American mining, men have  gone o������t from Pozo Station to rescue the unfortunates who are in danger of, being massacred.  After several 'families had' been  inurtlered hy the Indians the ranchers  made a deterinihed stand at Buenos  Ayres ranch, where, aide<l by about  thirty employees they succeeded in  repulsing the .Indians, although.' Jesus  Orlondo, proprietor of the a'djoining  ranch, and .-*.:-iscvci*al other.neighbors,  died from wounds received in 'the.,  fight.     It. is   ���������'-thought IU'at"fully 20  ject of the     proposed Moroccan conference  was sent to Paris r yesterday.  A high  ollicial near  Chancellor   Yoii  Huelow      informed   the       Associated  Press   that the note     while perfectly  aniica'iijle in form, insists on a conference,  and      also declines     to co-mply  I with  France's request that Germany  outline  before     the programe of the  Berlin,-..June,27.��������� add-german  con  Conference.      The      Chancellor  takes  the  standpoint      that  the  Moroccan  question     is an International affair,  and   Germany  having!     accepted   the  ���������receipt of Ibis,  the  officials say  the situation       ic-  mains     ���������st-atiinary as the' ina!  come  depends  on   the  text of     i,.'C  iGerman note. In the meantime, the  i ���������  o/Iieials   here consider" that '.lie .-i I u-  ation has been ��������� cpnsider'ah'ly '������������������'. cved  in view of the intimations tiny 1 avc  received from the ..French amba-->*si'i..jr  at Berlin concerning the potior il |ir-  port of  the'German posi-tion.  It. is undersloo'd that the reply expressed the niorft amicable and friendly sentiments, but nevertheless continues to     maintain  that' confidence  tr       this  individual   told  COOPERATIVE  EXPERIMENT  Portland, Ore.,  June 27.���������Co-operative experiment  of  a magnitude hitherto untried  is  to be attempted    in  this  state. The enterprise  is   known"  ���������as tlie Co-Operativc Christain Feder-  ���������atipn,   with  a'capital of fifty million  dollars.    The  objects of  the   Federation  are to  buy  ami sell  land,   build  railroads,      operate   factories,   mills  and dairies  in  Oregon,  to  be operated on  the co-operative  plan.  MANY PRISON-  ERS IN WARSAW  -:o:-  Waivsaw,  June 27.���������All   the  prisons  are full; to overflowing,  no less  than  672  persons,      nw.slly   Jews,  having  been      arrested   during   the   past   21  hours.    It is expected   that a stale of  siege   will   be  proclaimed.  Thirty-two  hoot  root plantations  in   lhe government of Pod ol ia have struck,  and  it  is feared Ihe  harvest   will   be lost.  m  The peasants in   the government of  Till-'  RECENT   FATALITY |Ko\*no  are   forcibly   occupying   pasfu-  ON  SKEENA  RIVER   ral  and  oilier   lands-of  the  proprie-  .���������, ... . ,,      tois of estates.  The juarliciilai's of tlu;.  sad   drowning   fatality  of six   miners  on  tin; Skeena river a, few  weeks ago The festive  Hlacl'-jack is among the  could  not, be obla ned  until   l,lic arri- Spring  arrivals.    II   is  a jelly     bird  val    of tho    steamer Ties  from   nor- ,U1((   w,���������   v<l||   ..h|t   tm>���������   ,���������.'..,���������lst.  Jhein      coast     points   this   niorniii<.'. ,,,          ,  .  ,                       ,     ,.   .  ���������,.           ,        ,        i   ,      -.       i,  , c-d     as  plainly us a parrot.    It  is   a  Ihe parlv  referred   lo,  it will  he  re-- '  i-alleil,  worn     bound for Lome creek^1' ���������ivt il,,,i   liVt's ������������ s������&<���������-  Ihey  having      been   engageil     by   the     ...���������...'.,   ... ^,...,.������������������,...... >��������� -'. ���������������-������^.  Lome Cr(*ek Hydraulic Company,  'l'he circiiinsliiiices of the accident a������  rfporled by the olliecrs of the -ust  arrived  ship,   differ  slightly  from   (lie  mallei' cf appointing a man to  fill Ihe .position 'f.f Truant Officer was  j brought  up, and Mr.  O'Connell  named for  the     post.   Alderman  Bryden  said a Sanitary Inspector was badly '���������The negotiations are entering  (heir  needed.       It was an important  posi-  fina,  |j|mse rda(ivc (q  {hc mxshi  'tion and during the past few months   ,  'much important work l,ad  been  done   to"   ,>eace   mect"nS'    Having  ao-reod  by  the     officer  filling    it.   Alderman   "Don .the  U-ine,  all that   remains     is  Urydcn though't it would hc better to   *'|,e formal naming of "the .ileiiijw Icn-  have a    Sanitary Inspector     than a   *''���������>������������������'���������<;������.   whhh now will   not lie  long  .Truant .Officer. delayed.    Foreign  Minister Lau'isd ni:  | Alderman Reveridge moved that 1,as sufficiently recovered today to  Mr. O'Connell be offered the position fe'������ -o Pelersoff and discussed the ne-  bistead of that of Truant Officer. Mr. gotiations with his Majesty. .' ,au,  O'Connell, who was in the roo|n at, Ambassador Meyer, was received at  (he time, declined the jiost, so the. Llle chancellory and conveyed :,o uie  motion was dropped. *' Foreign      'Mrnister  a ooimnuriic.itioh '  | fhc-ques-tiiMi of'.the appoimtment'of , f,'om Washington. The Bourse Ga-  a new City policeman was then 'broil- ?ettc prials a rumor to the effect  gbt up, an-l. it was asked if the po- t,,lat' Admiral Alexieff will .utc- '.;  lice    coiiimissiouicrs     intendecl filling   Count Lamsdorff ut foreign minister.  !the office.   As,     if so,  the man who^     st-   Petersburg; June  27.���������(-L25  p.  'received ��������� the' appointment could dis- ni.)���������There is a complete embargo on  charge tire duties of . Sanitary In- news from Lodz, but general sueak-  spector at the same time-   Alderman   inS,  the situation    ' "���������-'..-Jul  Beverage thought it, would lfe,-well shows a ilittlc i'mprovement. Such id-  to let the position remain vacant for vice-s as have arrived here from \Var-  the rest of the year if it could be saw, indicate that the strike -lS; only  ranged to do so, and'use-the $,75 iH^'PJJ^I^'y successful, and i.-hat '.ihe i u-  n.oiith on the streets.:--   ^     - ''ij't!1-^*!*^ iU'e     1^P'"K the situ-i-v...  II." was-explained-  thai,   the      coin," PK*W   wel1  in  ������������������aml-    T1,e  nn^-������������id-  missii'-jfiers   intended   consulting      the  el's ail<l   agitators are heing* arresled'  -'Attorney-General before definitely de- ^ '   Wie wholesale, over  a thousand  'ciding whether or not  to  make      a ."^''"S been locked . up.  FollOiwing the example of the Lodz  workmen,   the   workmen   of   Warsaw  built barricades  in   live  places     and  blood  was  shed   in  defending     them.  Eariy last  nigjit a young  Jew threw  a stone      at      a passing   patrolman,  whereupon      the Cossacks drove      a  crowd  into a court yard and  tired   a  volley  at   them,   killing  or   wounding  twenty   persons,   including   five  .women and  a' boy.    The workmen  of  Mie  j Roamdnshvede faX'fory, ,on being fired  upon by the son of I to proprietor, retaliated   by   wrecking  fhe   establishment.    Great   pains are   heing  taken  the   to appease the reserve .men,  who will  ii- i-ii   i      ui       i'ji    iRultan's .inTit.nli.'nn      in a  (''nnW<*-nep- 'should  settle  the entire subject     of  Indians      wcre     killed,  althoue-h  the   ^ ��������� '* ������ A'*-oinei.t.ute  (mi the suSyject cannot rigtiffullv agree Morocco without pre-arrangcinent he-  with any single power as to what Lwcen n^ians taking part in it. Ac-  can hc discussed at the Conference cording to the German view all the  before anv arrangements -are made re- signatories of tlie Madrid convention  epecMng the subject matter for dis- |should have a part, in the final regu-  cussioiK After France has agreed to '.lations of the subject. While this  his .Germany is  willing  to listen  to  number can only be estimated, as .the  savages carried off the dead and  wounded when they retired. Five  Y at) i'i is* captured near La Chumata  who were t'hougjht to have taken part  in the massacre, were immediately  hanged.   : 0���������: ;���������  KILLED HIS FRIEND  AND THEN HIMSELF.  Stamford, Conn., June 2fi.���������Herbert Birdsall, aged 18 years, accidentally shot antl killed'his companion r Edward -Rush, son of Edward  Rush.of Pclham Manor, N.Y., this  afternoon and in his fright he rail into the woods and .was later found  dead. He had killed himself with  the same weapon. "  j France's   wishes,  ten tion has been  The     official's ��������� at-  crilled to the war-  differs from the French position in  seeking to define the German response  leads  to  the belief  that it facilitates  like talk, in the forriuu press,'and he jibe   French  acceptance of  the conl'cr-  replied,  "The fact that we. are argu-, .ence.  .Moreover, while <the German i'c  | fresh   appoininient.  There wcre no cons'nvuiiicatioir**. Accounts      amounting     to  $ 15.50   and  school bills to  the amount of $037.00  were ordered  to be paid.  Thr.se present, at the meetiny were:  Mayor Coburn, and Aldeimen Beveridge,   Blajr,  Malonc,' Bry'den.   o   PRESIDENT   SI-TEA  TO  VOTED  OUT.  ROJESTVENSKY IS  PROGRESSING WELL  Tokio, June 27.���������Admiral Viscount  lto, Chief -of the Naval General Staff  sent his Aide to the Naval Hospital  at Saoho to visit Admiral Rojest-  vensky to .enquire into his condition  and to express his reg-nst over the  suffering he had undergone and the,  admiration he felt at the desperate-  ness- of the Russian defence. Ro-  jestvensky is progressing well and  sent his thanks to Admiral Tto for  the visit ; n I enquiry. ... \  Chicago,   Ills.,  June 27.���������The Post  says: The formal  removal  of Interim  lioiiitl   President C.  P.  Shea of  Brolhei'lioi.'d  of  Teamsters,   has  been   be called   to  the colors  for  thc com-  dcciilfd  upon  by  the international ex-  ing  mo'o-ili'/.alion   of  (rotips  at.  Mos-  cculive hoard.   The anti-Shea leaders  cow.   In order to  create as  little dis-  in   this     committee  practically   have    turhance   as   possible,   il   is   proposed  vntrd  fo  depose  the leader. to   falct^   l.fOi   men  per  day   for      20  days.    The   gland   Duchess   Elizabeth  TAKING   MEASURES AGAINST  Till-:   BUBONIC   PLAGUE.  of  l0'  (lav-  is arranging lo distribute presents  (o  the   men,   nnd   a similar   course   will  , be pursued at Roiiiny, gi>vernmenf of  ,., , .        .,_      . ,. t    Pol lava  I tihwi,     ..Mine  it.���������A  liiecting  steamboat   agents   was  held  here  o consider  the fatal case of  hu-   KER1AN   HEATS  WORLD'S  here  would   hot, j.eniiil of  further ad  ad-  honic   plague   recently   reported        to  have circurred  at   Laboca,  near  Panama.     Pending   developments   no   dcli-  nile action  was  taken. Passenger and  freight  trains continue  fo run  lo, and  particulars given iii telegraphic despatches. The men, whose names  have heretofore been given, were  mostly from Bcllingham. They travelled norlh on the Toes, At the  mouth of the Skeena (hey had hoped  fo make eonnectionns with the Hudson's Ray steamer Moiiiil Royal, hut  this vessel ihey discovered had gone  to the Stikinr. They had therefore  fo resort to lbe eiitioe for livusi-or-  t ation furl her on their voyage. They  carried with (hr-m five Ions of provisions     nnd      ta kind    Ihree   en noes  vance   by  canoe,  made  secure   and      (he   party   headed ���������'n't its  of   the  latter  place  have   (fuVu  so   the ���������cralf   were   from  Colon and   Panama.   The aufho-  over the (rail. Reaching their destination, (hey waited a few davs until the water lowered, when six of  the parly with an Indian guide relumed by canoe for the provisions.  All went well until the start for  Lome i���������reek was made, 'lhc Indian  was left behind (his time, and of the  six miners no moic was bcaid. Manager Seaman, of the party, who was  belli  an lined   (he   Laboca   wharf   for   fourteen davs.  SENTENCED   TO  THREE  MONTHS  IN  PRISON  SWIMMING   RECORD  ���������London, .Mine 27.���������At, the Inter-  University Swimming meeting at Hie  Bath Club here last evening, iu the  presence of a distinguished company  including (he Duke and Duchess of  Connaught, the Australian amateur  swimming champion, R. 15. Kenan,  eighteen years of age, defeated the  world's record, covering (luo yards  easily in f  minutes,, 11 2-f>  seconds.  Berlin,       .Iiiuc  W.-  -Herr Kunert, a  social demo'ratio iiifcmher of the  Reichstag was sentenced at Halt today fo three months imprisonment  for insulting members of the German  Ml, behind ;lf i.on.e crock, jn iluo ��������� Kxpetlil [tin sent to China in 1000 by  time became very anxious aho--.it the saying in a campaign speech, "Our  non-arrival of his men, and after'soldiers .41 that desolate Ian 1 infinlt-  waiting  several      days  sent M   search   ed  and  abused     women."      A   former  DIRECTORS  OF   EQUITABLE  LIKE  RESIGN.  New York, .111110 27.���������Chairman  Morton announced today that John  J'ncob Astor, of this city, and .1. B.  Forgan, president of the First National   Baak  of  Chicago,  have  tender-  TENNIS   CHAMPIONSHIP  TOURNAMENT   IN  LONDON.  London,-June 20.���������The lawn  tennis  tournament opened at  tlie courts of  the all-England club today at Wim-  bleton.   The     presence    of  so   many  champions and former champ'ons   of  America and     other countries gfC'es  the  meeting  more international      interest than ever before.  On all sides  it   is conceded   that  the  most   formi-  dible competitors  the  British  cracks  will have lo meet are the Americans  who have just captured the all-London championship, anil whose brilliant  performance seems  to indicate    that  England's  chances  of  retaining      the  champion-ship      honors   or   the   Davis  trophy depend entirely T-n the performance of .the brothers  Doherty.      In  ihe jingles first round,  S.  II. Smith  beat  lloleoinhe  Ward   0-1,   G-.'l,  S-0.  Smith is Ihe Welsh champion. 111  11)00 he reached the semi-fiiinls in  the all-England championship. In the  second round of -Ihe singles, Reals O.  Wright, of iHoslou, heat Nimonds 11-2  l!-I, .0-1.    The  second  round  of      the  ing a Conference is clear proof that  we have 110 wish for war with  France.-,: When a nation ^wants war it  cannot ask for a . Conference at the  .same time. If we wanted war -with  France we would have regretted that  that Delcasse fell, since, hc was the  greatest ' obstacle to good relations  with France. ".On the contrary, M.  Del.easse's removal ,an<l (Premier Ron-'  vier's -decision to retain the foreign  porffolia gave great satisfaction in  German official circles, because we  saw in these steps a guarantee of  improved relations. "  Paris,   June 27.���������The council       cf  ministers today considered   the  'tallies   of   the   Franco-German   negotiations.       Premier Rouvier announced  that     he expected  to have a    ��������� 'er-  ply seeks to leave   the conference free  lo  reach   their own conclusions,     it  tends- to 'facilitate fremch regulations  of the Moroccan frontier' adjacent to  Algeria.    Although 110 official ���������statement has  been given out concerning  fhe i nf ent ions of ��������� France, it is      the  general ieeling in diplomatic Quarters  that   an   agreement   will   be  reached  on   a bfcsis   of a conference..  St. Pelershurg, June 27.���������(G p.m.)  ���������Private despatches from Paris say  that Germany has achieved a diplomatic victory over France by reaching an agreement with Premier Rouvier for >.\ settlement covering "iio^t only .Morocco, but ol-hicr questions by  which it is presumed Germany, like  Great Britain, will secure compensation  for qii it-claim ing her interest; in  ence later  with Prince Von RadjlLn,  Morocco.    Germany's  -quid   pro  quo,  the German  anihasstulor,  who  wo ild j according to  report, Vill* be "obtained'  deliver   the      German   reply   to   "the 'in the Near East,   in recognition of  French   note  on thc subject  of Mor- her   influence in Peisia.  NEW SCHOOL  BYE'LAW  N.  singlis  W. .A.  Lamed of Summit  .}.,  lo..l   E. W.arson (i-1, i.'-0, i;-l.   + ���������  The I'.imhernien of th-j Province are  agiiin up against increased freight  rales. Thgy will pnil-esl vigorously  against hh%i which Ihey believe to  l.e'unfair llul a hard blow al eastern  shipments.  JEFFRIES WILL ACT I  AS   REFEREI  Clauses Relating to  School  to Salary of the  Teachers  Following     arc    a few interesting  clauses  >n  the new school  bylaw:  Principal's  salary shall  he  $!h)  per  month,  fo commence with, and shall  be increased al   the rot** of $Mfl    per  year until  it  reaches  $Ui0.   Salary   of  the first, jiKsisfaul, shall (roiiiinrnoe at.  $15   per   month   and   he  increased   a'  the     rate      of  MO   per  year   until it  reaches   .fSi'l   per  month.    The  sifond  assistant's salary shall  commence  at  $i;0   per   mouth and   !,|r  increased   at  the  same   rale a.s  Ihe  principal's   until it. -shall amount, I" -1-T0 per month.  Th-e  third  assistant's  shall commence  at  Sad   and   be   increased  likewise  '111-  lil   il   roaches   Will..  Any   loaeher   Mow   third   assistant  shall   have a salary  of  $1(1   per month  and  shall  he employed on six months  (rial.        After   fhe  six   mojiths  have  terminate.I   the   teacher shall   receive  an   increase  iu      salary  of   $5       per  month  each  year,  until  such   time  as  the  salary  reaches   the  sum   of     $5(1  per  month,   providing  he or  she.   discharges  his or her duties  lo  the satisfaction  of  the ho^rd.  The   salary   of a teacher   not,      ap-  'ft  worked their way up stream to a,parly down the river, Tlie latter, soldier of the expedition was exam-'ed their resign������i1ioj!S~:is directors of  point about twenty or thirty miles . however, could find nothing but the incd and gave corroborative testimo-jthe Equitable Life Assurance Socic-  ihis side of the canyon.    The water | upturned canoe. ;ny ,in great detail.  J  1*  Reno,      Nov.,  Judd 27.���������Promoters  of   the      Hart-Root  light,   where   lhe  heavy-weight      ohainpioi'ship    of   the 'pointed   to  any  particular   grade,   or  world is to take place  .Inly 'Ird, have if  raised   to   a higher   grade   than   the  received word that  .Jamvs  .1.  JelT-ries; one  appninted   to,   may   he   fixed   by  has  acccpti-d  the    proposal  fo referee the board.   The board ^reserves-to  it-  the  fight.    Root,  is ���������expected  from Og- self      the  right lo   fix  the  salary  of  den today and will estallish his head- primary   grades;  also  of  not  increas-  (���������tmrtcrs   at       Shaw's   Springs,   near ing salaiies  should circumstances  in-  Carson  City.      Hart has  almost  fin- dieaie   the   advisability,  ished his hard     work and  will cease      No  teacher  is to he employed     or  his  public  training    Wednesday.      He appointed without an approved nv-di-  lias a new  blow     with  which he ex- cai certificate.    No  teacher  is  lo   he  VESPERS AT  HENLEY  Riversulo Experts Say They  Will Waul n Lot of  Beating  Henley,  June 27.���������The crew of  the  Vespers    Boat Club .of Philadelphia,  had   some small,  practice  this morning,   doing  half  the  course  in  3  minute-;,   'i'i   .'-eooirds,   and   the   full course  in  7  liiiniitis,   l'j seconds.   Their form  was   e,o..'id   throughout.    Coach   Demp-  sey   was  well  satisfied  with   the work  of  ilu* crow. Tl.*- nsi'ect  of  the riverside .experis for  lho chain es fit     the  American visitors increases daily.  As1  an   old  Oxford   Blue .remarked:   "The  crew get ;l big dig,   which shifts their  limit,   und   they got.  nut   their  blades  again  without  losing  time.    They will,  want   a lot   of   boating."  RACLE   BASI  TiAI.I.ERS  WILL  i'RUTlCE TONUiHT  There will be a full practice of the  Eagle basohallcis on thc Bunker  grounds tonight. A big turnout, is  expected   as   the    local birds want  to  gel in slia.pi  brethren of  Ha v.  to defeat.- their feathered  Victoria on      Dominion  II is expected that lhc Chinaman  who was hurt Cm the fight on the  Comeiic last week, will ,lay fresh informal ion against the engineers, Bcr-  thwifh -iind Smith. Tho charges will  be heard by Justices Allan and Math  cson.  mal  training.  The  principal shall   hold   noj lower  than  a first class certificate, and  the  first,       second,   and   third   assistant  shall      hold   not  lower  than second-  pects to. win next Monday,  appointed unless I13 or she have Nor- cla.sa  certificates.  1.  ���������y  ,"*fe  i  si  4 SBfeSf:  jiiin^i"-n:.,.1JLiir^'-.'..y  < *^������tivr'--'**iFj5j-a?r**jr^^  ���������ui-j'ii'a''  mm* v.  ****  DAILV tfctoGlSR  THE DAILY LftHSfR  fHiblistied   every day except Sunday.  ,0Y        THE        DAILY   ,   LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and Duncans  .'������������������imniiiiMWi  fjj1* ������^^JKK%ijm.^sm}m.3iPJt^msL^yr*i mm������ -��������� ��������� ;.f*^w^>fi^ir>fi*w.n>-nrri> itxm,  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  80 cents  a, month-,    $5  per  year   in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap.  Dlication.  3������S3  l-SjK"' Trade IVJ-iRKa  -**" Desic.:\!'-*  CoPYRIGHTS &\i  Aiivone seiidin^ :i s!.oIi*li :intl doHCi-'pfion mnv  qulolcly iiscci l.'iin o::r oi.i-ikj.i ir������c v. (ie'.li.*r i-.ii  invention is pro.-u.Iiiy v-iunl.-j.'.)]*--. 0<'miijuiii(*.,l..  tionsstrictly ruii'ldonri.il. llnii'lbookon I'nienU  ���������icnL free. Olili'st imeiii.',' fu.- stvuiii;; patent!-.  Pjitcnta tukcu tlirniiL-li Miir..i & Co. ltji-i'Ive  ipiclil notice, v/i'limit eli.-irco, in llio  "tientific Mmmm*  \ liniKluomc-Iy Illiiili.-il i>fi wcoltly l.rirjW-t. < Ir  dilation of any Fccnlilii; Journal. T<*i-ns.-.. ���������������< :i  year; fnur r.iomlu $1. Hold by a 1 rnr*������H(k:iIi-i'..  MUHN&Co.OT,to������'WewYort  liinuch ilillco. B2A 'i1 Kt- WnHliinufjii. IJ. U  TUESDAY,   JUNK 27,  CIRCLING  THE"   WHOLK EARTH  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO.  686, F.  0. E.     :���������:        :-:        :���������:        :���������]  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  6rd  Tuesday  at 7.30  p.m.    Worthy  President,  B    Forcimmer;      Worthy  Secretary,  C H.  Rummings.  Esquimau  & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 55,  TAKING   EFFECT  TUESDAY, JUNE 20,  K)(i5.  DAY SCHOOL  Northbound  Leave  i  "Victoria - :  !  Shawnigan Lake  Duncans      Ladysmith      Nanaime  .   '.   Southbound  Northbound  Daily Arrive    Leave  A.M.      P. M.      9.00   12.OC Victoria  Sat. Sun. Southb'd  and   Wed. Arrive  P. M.     P. M.    4.80   7.55  ,  10:20-10.10 Shawnioan Lal.e .... 5.17 6.46  11:00   10.02  Duncan      5.55 5.58  11:57     0.10   Ladysmith   ....   ......  C.45   B.0������  12:40    8.20  Nanaimo    7.37  4.15  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  I adysmitb.  B. C.    ' j       Excursion rates in effect to all p oints, good going Saturday and Sua-   ! day,   returning  not  later  than  Moud day.  1 Ar.  Wellington       S. S. "JOAN" sails from Nanaim. o for  day; at 7 00 a. m., returning sails from  l.'O  p.m.  12:53 Lv 3.00 Ar. Wellington 7.52 de 4.0������  Vancouver Daily except Sua-  Vaneouver   for   Nanaimo   at  -    A*'  Dr. Otto Klotz, government astronomer of the ;    Dominion  of Canada,,  has  been     iu   Cambridge  recently arranging-wil.h      the 'Harvard obsciva-  lui'.v for ;i,,station to perfect his'series''of  longitude  observations made in  lhe interest, of     the dominion yovt ni-  ineiil,   says the      Spokesman-Review.  This-   work      was instituted  upon the  completion    of  thc  British  trauspaci-  lie cable a few \ cars ago.     Dr.   Kbit'/,  and his parly nuwle longitude eoiiiuc-  I ions   beginning   at   Ottawa,  at   Van  couver,   Fanning  island,   the  Fiji * Isl  aiKls,      .N-oifold Islal.-il,     Queensland, i  Australia, ..and  Sydney,    N.  S-  V/.J  where his     scries  met    a like series.;  from Greenwich eastward to -.Sydney,   with extreme refinement..  Thi*. I'.pli'-lcd the ciicuif of'tbe | |f jS to setup such a pier at, Har-  ���������worhi for lhe first time, in work i.i vard-lhat Dr. Klotz lias come, and  this'.character, an event that culmi- he has been proniincd tiie 'hearty collated actually on the night of Sept. op01:i.t ion of I'rof. I0.-C. Pickering  The  work     involves   U.e".iml his sliiU- JM carrying out his  pro-  UntlerNew Maiiagmsnt  Pianos and; Hotel   Wilson  l  Nanaimo, B.C.  McKirmell & Woodbank ���������  Proprietors.  GEO*. L. COURTNEY.  Traffic Manager.  Ladvsmii Hardware Co  '       ���������   __"'-   ���������    AG H NTS.    ������������������...��������� '���������   ���������", ,'���������'-''���������  'lelegraphically ��������� competed   during   oh-   Vancouver and Seattle, thus compleU  .-(���������rviilions,  and   tiie error determined  ing the loop.   :���������    9  BOY      AVD GIRL F.LOPERS  ���������a*j,**rj**-.*-Trrs stZTv���������,ir.T;������r-*������-*  r;-.*>-^HS-^3vcr'.' "J,-'"'  Modern  and      Stiictly   l-'irst Class.  Commercial  Mens'  beadciuarters.  Fire I'roof    Building.  Covering  Old Surface-;  I  r?  Najlon,      Wash.���������Plorence Alkin.-'on  of  Dayton,   15 years old,  and  her  17-  year-old cousin,      "Bud"  Brooks, of ���������  I larriiigfon,  eloped  from  here yes tcr-      We have just rjceived  ;l large ship-  day.     The young.'couplerhad been in-   merit    of  the famous  Melrose  Liquid  .       . -   .      ,  , ,.     .,   , . I'afuated  for some time and the par- pnin|q   ������i1(V    i<, *{- m,    1,1,0 marl et  if  ,d an u-ans.-oiitinental ll'ngilude series . r-ainis, tne     insi. on    1.11 e. mai i.ci ai  . * 4 - -^ eits of the  girl  had'    tried  for some ���������,���������r 'n        u      1      1      n    -m  oi  ���������������������������   ������������������,i ,���������iii,  m���������.  AiinM-i,.,,. s'-i-ies !������������������      ���������        ���������    .   -,   *��������� , ,     ��������� r $l.-75 per gallon.   We also handle Ala-  al, one   entl  with  flic Aim 1 Kan s.ues |,ine,irl vain to break up the love af- -  ami   ullimately  there  will  Lee.  simi- [ fair.   Brooks  had  been writing,to:her " l������,c Leaf  brand  of     varni*bcs,   luiggy  .ossible accuracy.", ''.'^'.^   ccimiceti-|l      cstai^slnd   between    from Hinrington and yesterday morn-  paints,     etc, in fact we have every-  it two stations  '-''P'-'-'    ; ��������� .        ^^    ing he secretely     came to town  and   thing to beaulify the home,  .-...- - - . -   *       '"    stole away      his  sweetheart tn Spo- !    Wa!lpapers    from   10c  to  $1.00  per  ^^^\^r>SX%\������4%"X*X!������C^V-^^ City Marshall Gt'oige  P.. Dorr   r)ou))Ie Ro],;  ~~        f   telephoned   to the  police of that oily ,  2,(0  intercept  ��������� the  fleeing couple,  but,      Painting  and  paperhanging done at  ' they     eluded the     officers there and '-reasonable rates,  at  their whereabouts is*unknown.   a '������������������-.  THE JONES HOTEL  One .Dollar Per Day.  Goocr Table, Good Bed and Good Bai  (Half Block from Depet.)  ���������GATACIJE   STREET-   -Ladysmith.  **^.**-^*������^.'#^.'������^.-������^.**^.t������^  r        _.. jf  I  I     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Lid,  i ������������������-.  * PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH, E3. C.  Convenient tu E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  i  * CLERMONT LIVINGSTON, TKOS. KIDDIE.  S  - General Manager. Smelter Manager.  ���������t*>W������*������*'������--V#i'fe*'*-V#J'-&������''S^^  I  setting 'iip of    a  firm   pier  of cem'iil    .(ic,t'      Tjljs  ^j,   t.0,m,:otsUie   Caiia-  ir brick at each  of     the stafirns, on  .the top. of-which  is a  point, tlie longitude of     which, is determined   w.tli  the utmost  observers' cine  09  fs Great  PSfiSiS  i.Wi  2 ������������������' T.  ���������ir.'ir-  *>5i ���������'.' *i <  A   'r'i  Kill  t-9  l) ,:!y .r'-j.-it-!-r������H!senciBr, i2 tc 20 Pa:;cs ���������������  --���������;lj:i -'he-3    the    fullest    telegmii^ac  yC ,'   n������w*s   irroin  all  parts of the world.  C J *..  /- i! the atate aud local news.    Dally  ���������<!ir'- ������*'i:niay edition, 75o per month.  &!:.���������; V.j s-'o!*; ��������� *n4.e;f'*������fi���������������r, 40 to 53 Fa^es  i'iVe i-.'ignst and ::*.ost complete Sun-  d.'<y   jjn-pfi-  nortli  of  San  Francisco-  i?ijt.ct:*l   d-jpaitineiits   of   literature  v    '      ���������������������������? f.-ishiois,- of woman's na'jp*.     Stuv-  '-.- fijitloa. 32.00 p������r year.  Js;;r   <> \...; '." ?,''.������r-I:if8U!������8BCer  ...jl :j.*- :ii-<v'8 cf tbfl TiTsek In concise,  d'-=-':-:ii-rf foj.-u.. THE TWICE A  , V/i'.j. X EDITION -IS THE BEST  T*.V:CS 'A WEEK PAPSB PXTB-  'T:iy. HETi ON THS PACIFIC COAST.  Vi'**'* ror sfujiple copy and h* con*  v<:/'t<>..     .Si;hnoriptlr.n   price,   $1.00  l*t"    y-a&r.   -.���������        (  ?os:*i5.:.sitrs WM! Take SuJScrlptlons  '1 1  t  1  U?-S' Nf,������:> to., Seattle, Wash.  '." **5T03ir. Business Manager.  . s -. -s. -~\^*>������*i*i%.xaaivssb\3c*sc'  K3S0  FIRE  STOPS   WORK  OF  FOUR  -HUNDRED' MEN.  Slianiivkin, Jin? 27.���������The' Breaker-  striicfi re of thc Sioiix Colliery, operated hy the Lehigh C0.1l Company,  was 'destroyed by fire of u'n'-nowh*  ''origan today, causing a loss o,f ������������������,-  000. Four hundred men and hovs are  rendered  idle.    -     ���������  ���������.."���������-.;    ���������>'    , :  HARRY   KAY  FTRST AVF.NTUE  HOTEL DOMINION  Be sure your ticket reads  via  -o���������  TH6 CITYMRRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  1 sl.Avenue Ladysmith .B. Ce  Public Notice  Attention is called  to the      fact  that the  Ogilvie Flour nills Co.,  Limited,  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR. have for some lime  past been producing flour in a "astly improved and purified form  liy   the aid  ofELRCTRICIl-Y  and having secured control of all the basic patents relating thereto, tal'e this opportunity of advising the public tliat any unauthorized users of the electrical li-iur purifying piocesses will lie prosecuted.  jl Ogilvie Flour Mills Company. !L?miletl  |j   are tha  only millers in Canada, whoso   Fiotsr L������  ^ purified by tho oloc<z'ic proes>ss  ������ 5f^i-^a^������?-iS^s^^xaKa:sBSs^iaae'as>^^  This   Motel   !ia������    been   completely        renovated.  Board  anil  lodging $1.00  per day.  HOTEL      PRETORfi  Kind  of  ���������Rates .fl;2o ai.dtl.50���������  F -e bus to  all6teamho.it  landings am-  lail.viiy depots.    Electric cars every Iivt  minntea to all pajts of   the ciiy.    ir!a-  uud table unexcellid. ������������������  F. BAYN.ICS, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B.-C.  I  Overlands  Daily  I  W. SILER.  .  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK TROMPTLY  Pf-   ''.  Leave erders at the Abbotsford.  w*mm SHAVING  PAUI0RS  HIGH  STREET.  IJestin" the City :  -1  r.grr:  RATES $2.00 PER DAY  SAMIT.U ROOM3    '  JIAR SUPI'MKB WXTHBEs-l  WINKS, MQUORR, CIGARS  HOTEL  Beat accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  ������  *  *  *  ������  9  *  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  if.  p.  Job  1  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  HILBERT  litNiiv^liiRsFRiti-1  NEW CROP���������  HoineGrown fa   imported  GARDEN,     FIELD      an������l   FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  J-IODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GK-EWNIIOUSE  AND  HARDY     ���������  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern  prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010   Westminster  Road,   Vancouver.  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your  tickets  read   via  the  "CHEAP  EXCURSION  RATES  to  ALL  points  east,  June  20,  30,   July  15 Ui.  Shortest     route to    Fernie, B. C,  and ALL  KOOTKNAY  POINTS.  For  rales.      folders,     sleeping car  reservations a"d all information call  on or address  IS. G.  YERKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A.,  .'Seattle,. Wash,  75 Government st  Victoria, B.C.  F ricB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAI'riO, LADYSMIl'I'l  * PHONE 66  ^  ^���������^9*9*9*9M������*:������*������*9*9*9*  LADYSMITH J  .���������'if  WM. MUNSIE, President J. W.  COBURN, Man. Direetoc  Telephonej4Cl  T|ie   Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles  a Specialty. .  ���������Manufacturers    of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,    ~  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring      and  Finishing    Lumber  in   Stock.  ar   Supplied   with   the   Res!  Liquors  and  Cigars.  Wines,  1st Avenue :-:  :-:  :-: Ladvsmith B.C.  Office  n  ,MM  LIME  The  only   line  now   making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at  ST.  PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with        thc  through    trains     from    the     Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST      LINE,  THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST  TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  aud  ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete  information  asl*  youi  local agent, or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   Agent,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle.  TICKET  Cor.   Government  Victoria, B. C*  OFFICE  and   Yates   Sto.,  %  Trains  I      Transcontinenia1  Trains  Daily  One of which is the famous "North  Co;i,st Limited,:' Ride on it alwuys.  Up-to-date " Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through tickets issued lo nil paints East and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and   herfhs  reserved.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  I'-arl;. Cheap nites from all points  Fasti fro-m Marcfi  1st to ]\Sa.'y loth.  Steamship   tickets on   sale  to    all  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE/TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Managref  BANK MONEY  ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and under  ....    3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  "    $10        " " $30,,.... 10 cents  "    $30        " " $50  15 cents  These Orders are Payable 'At Par al any office ill C nadii of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal hanking point:, a the United States.  NECOT'AKLK AT A   FIX EM RATK A  TIIE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC     LONDON, ENG.  Tliey form mq excellent method o? reniiltin   small sums of money  with safely and at small    ost.  LADVF������'JTH BRANCH       .   -> W.. A.  CORNWALL.   Manager.  BOOTS  AND SHOES   AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  m&king  to order   a  speciality.  THOriAS MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysniith, B. C.  Best  accommodation  for   transient  lOnropcan   points.        Very   low   rate.-:   anii permanent hoarders and lodgers.  now  iii   clVect.    Cahin  acromniodalion  reserved  hy  wire.  l-'or  furl her   particulars  call   at  the  ���������i'ii  or phone No.  4.r)C.  \.  I)'  (JAKLTON, (!.  E'. LANG  A.(I.P.A.,   N.P.,        General   Ai*ent  Portland,  Ore. Victoria,  B.C  GRAND      HOTEL.  This new Hotel has heen comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-to-  date. Rates $.1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: X >-��������� k^ Ladyamltla j  LADYSMITH   BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY* OP ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orderi taken for Pastries to be delivered at auy time.  Employment Agency.  HAY, GRAIN AM)  FARM  Orders will be delivered anywher*  in the city promptly aud at the low  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on tfce  Esplanade.  JAS, WARNO-SK* (',  .���������*/*, Come To  MM  DAILY L%m&$L  u-*m*  reas  **3e* t���������t (i _yifrmitiiZlLLl  In Athens 400 years before Christ a  pair of peacocks was valued at 1,000  drachma, or about $150.  The Boar'a Head.  In the days of the 'commonwealth  Christmas was threatened with extinction. Parliament' failed to put down  Christmas, but the boar's head never  recovered its old suriremacy at the table.  DESIGNS j  ���������TRADE-MARKS i  AND COPYRIGHTS ,'  OBTAINED  V ADVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY PMg  * Notice in " Inventive Age " MB BK ���������*���������  f Book "How to obtain Patents" |   B ��������� fa  ^***^l  Nanaimo   vs.  Lalysmith;   Ladysmitl  Eagles vs. Victoria Eagles  F^ootball  Tournament>Four Teams  I  "I do hope the cars  won't run off.,  the  track," said Betty  Sylvester,, as  she>p'ut' the    finishing" touches to her  sister's costume and then stood  back  and - studied;   the  effect    critica^y.*  Kjs  an audacious    flying  in the face  of -providence to go^switcbing off be.  Iiind  one of them , engines that aint  like  nothing  lniniajri' nor 'divine.   But  here's' your  Aunt Bulcau sick in bed  and      writing     to  us, and,  the land  Knows, .-I can't go, with alh the. farm  and'    cooking,     and three hired men  here, and'     they ��������� do '   say she's got: a  splendid house, with'carpets and/;<jath  room��������� ... and all,     and we're the only  I'in.    There,      I think     that will -do.  Yes,  it's a     shame we've never been  lo see her, and she heing there Iwen-  ty years and the last five all by herself.    But     it's a hundred miles, and  it stands to     reason we couldp-'t: go  in a wairon, and 1  won't he switched  across the land by one of them snorting   railroad   things   that  hasn't   been  in   (he  neighborhood   scarcely a  year  and folks still     jumping just to hear  ihem.      Yes,      that will do."     And  stepping forward  quickly she dabbed  a     lit lie kiss     upon her sister's ear:  "Now,  goodbye     Be sure and write  soon's you get     there, and don't he  set up by lhe fine thiiifts in AuntP-iie-  lah'shouse'. I do hope nothing will  happen. But young things like  lo  | travel round and see thing's-. Yon')'  likely have a real good time, and  it's a shame Aunt ftuclahjk* at dearth���������-<���������  'door and I never to see her. But  there! I   must ruin   Mack or the  sweet pickle will plumb spoil on the  stove. You Jook. real pretty, Dor  cas." And with, this involuntary  compliment Betty Sylvester hurried  toward the , kitchen, leaving Doicas  blushing and frightened���������<blu.shing at  the unusual compliment and frightened at thc prospect of her first' journey on thc cars.  For a number of years Dorcas had  had a suitor.. At     first, he had confined his  attenlion to stolen  glances  across  the   ��������� fields and     across     the  church and on      rare'occasions when  his manhood     had asserted "itself, to  elaborate  toilet     'aiul  a half  hour's  leaning against     the Sylvester front  fence     admiring     Dorcas' posies and  talking crops.      f.alcr he had braved  the Trent     gate, generally      .with  a  straw in his      mouth,   to sit on' the  steps,   for an hour    in the ^framing  lalkingwith     Betty, but  Brazilian  Aitta.  Brazilian ants make little gardens iii  the treetops and sow them with pineapple and other seeds. The gardens  are found of all. sizes, some containing  a single sprout and others a densely  grown ball as large as a man's head.  A Tree on S*llt������.  /.. In Lake county, Cai., to the north of  San Francisco, is a tree on stilts. It is  an oak tree growing near the edge of  the lake. The waters of the lake have  washed away the soil from the roots  of the. tree and, receding, have left the  tree supported by the uncovered mass  of roots.  Co  ���������    ��������� *���������������  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO,   B. C.  flanufactttrers of the  BEER  ;  Limited   Diet.  ��������� Vegetables, rice and salads are about  the only things that can be eaten with  impunity, according to a set of faddists  in Manchester, England, who call themselves the Physical Health Culture bo-  It should be borne In mind that'  every cold weakens the lungS, lowers the vitality aud prepares the  eyFtem for the more serious diseases, among' which are the two  greatest destroyers of ��������� human life,  pneumonia aud consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  hat won its great popularity by, its  proinot cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. ;It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  I   Price 25c, Large Size 50c.   j  I  I  I  I  '.--'..        ^ JnJBritfsh Columbia  Lager  Beer and Porter Guaranteed   Brewed  from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops  *****^*?*?**������W*^-*-*������^ 999.*99'9999<  fi<? **i -���������*��������������� ���������*&'*& -r*'-'**'������  at  ���������^���������ZWTlsxr  Amateur and Professional  Grand Regatta  Twelve big events  ROUND FARE FROM NANAIMO, 58G.  ROUND FARE FROM VICTORIA, $1.00  Train Schedule  ������������������-.''���������   ��������� ���������-���������    ���������-'���������-. ^ . i  -���������*-*���������* Regular'trains Nos. 3 and 4 are cancelled. Trains, leave Victoria'  ror Ladysmith at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.Returning train leaves Ladysniith for..  Vii.tan,n������������������T���������.1.   ,j        ..,........_��������� :������������������,���������..���������   John Baldwin's dinidence ev  FOR DISPOSAL OP MINERALS;  ON DOMINION LANDS IN MANITOBA  THE NORTHWEST TERi  R1TORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite.    Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by,one individual or company. Royalty, at the rate  of ten cents   per ton of 2,000 pounds  ���������hall be collected on the gross   output.  Quartz���������Persons  of  eighteen  years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners'  certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free ni������._.ei's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advancs  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  looking at ja cbmpany.according  to  capital.  Dorcas.    On    .cold pvenings the hour A  free     miner,  having  discovered  had been passed v. "in the cozy sitting ���������,���������������������������,���������, ,    ���������,  room, plaving     checkers and popping S JnflPS\B,r ������������**e a claim  earn.    Not a   word of love hid been j^e with   tw    f7 l���������***** ������Ut the  spoken, but it     had been .understood ������"!.*li*J��������� ,e*al Posts,  bearing         ...,., location notices, one at each end  the line of the lode or vein.  Victoria at 7 p.m. Train leaves Lady-smith for Duncans at 7 a.m return  ing, leaves Duncans at 8 a.m. Trains leave Nanaimo for Ladysmith 15 20  a.m. 10 a.m., 2, 6.15 and 8.30 p. m.' -Returning trains leave Ladvsmith for Nanaimo 9. and 1.1.57 a.inl,  -1.1-5, 7.30 and  11.30 p.m  in the house ��������� and the whold neighborhood that John Baldwin was. waiting on Dorcas Sylvester, and that  some time in the future, as they  should determine, -.the two gotod old  families -and the two well-tilled  farms would he united, provided, of  course,  on  ( Continued on Page Pour.)  For Programe, information, etc., address  Geo. N. Sutton, Secretary  NOTICE  OF  ASSIGNMENT  Pursuant  to    the "Creditor's    Trust  Deeds    Act,   JilOl.'-j    ������  Notice is     hereby  given  that  Axel  Jierg, of     Ladysniith, British Columbia,  General Merchant,  by deed dated  the 19th day     of June, A. D., 1905,  assigned    all  his     personal property,  real estate, credits and effects,  which  may  be seized  and sold  under execu.  tion  to Albert E.  Planta,  of Nanaimo,     British    Columbia,      Insurance  Agent,  in      trust  for  lbe purpose  of  paying    and     satisfying ratably  and  proportionately     all  the creditors of  lhc said  Axel Berg according to law,**  thc said deed      was executed  by  the  said  assignee    on     the  llllh.  day of  June,  1905. \.  All creditors having claims against,  the said Axel Berg are required to  forward particulars to the said assignee on or before the Jflth day of  July, 1905, after which date the  said assignee will proceed to distri-i  bute the.' assets of the said estate  among the parties entitled thereto,  having regard only of the claims of  which  he shall  then  have  nol ice.  Notice is also herehy given that  a meeting of the creditors of thc said  Axel Berg will he held at Ilie ollice  of the undersigned, Ladysmith, B. C.  on tbe fourth day of July, 1905 at 3  o'clock in thc afternoon, in pursuance  of the said Act,,, for thc givinb iof di-  direclions with reference to the disposal uf the said estate.  Dated at      Ladysmith,  B.   C,   this  19th d.iy of June,   1905. (g  RUSSELL  SIMPSON  Solicitor for Assignee.  HOTEL      LELAND.  (T.  J. Wellnian,   Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot    and  steamboat   wharves.    Newly  renovated  and    re-modelled.    Rates  $2  per  day.   Corner  Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,  1���������4.  in i       ii in i j        i ii ���������  *���������  *���������  ������*  ���������������  **  ������������������  ���������������  Plans,   Specifications  and   De-  ������������������  tails     furnisheM for all kinds   ������������������  of work in the CARPENTER  Line  C. B. ROBELEE, Carpenter  and Joiner, " 2nd ������ve, Ladysmith,   B.  C.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this Botice,  will  be prosecuted.  HUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  NORTH   OYSTER   SCHOOL  TENDERS  will  |,e received  by     the  iinder.sij.ncd   up   to noon on   Wednesday',  June 28Hi,   1905, fur the following wo Hi,  viz:  Supplying new door to he laid over  Ilia present door. The boards must !;c  lx-1 edge grain and  kiln dried.  Plastering  the building throughout.  Placing     new shingles ou lhc roof  and  tearing old away.  Placing new  sills   under  woodshed.  Painting .school      house  inside  and  outside,  Uvo  coals,   [.'or further   >,u--  ficul'-rs apply   to  I).  .1.  Thomas,   Ro-  hcrts    slrcvt,       Ladysmilh.   Adds- ss  Post   Box 7 J.  N.     D.-The  lowest   or  any   tender  not necessarily accepted.  "GALEDONIAN"  Leads Them    Ail  IN QUALITY  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  &Co.,  Ltd  Pacific Coast  VICTORIA,  :-; ;-:  Agency.  '���������; .���������: ���������--���������B.C.  k  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, one.  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At    least  $100 must be expended  on the   claim    each year or paid to  the mining   recorder   in   lieu   thereof.  When $500 has been expended -or-paid  the locator  may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying     w*th  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister  of      the Interior  to  lorate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 21 per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer    Mining-Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the   Yukon Territory���������Placer   mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,       entry fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  flhewan River claims are either bar  or bench,  the  former  being 100    feet  long and extending between high and  low water  mark. The  latter  includes  bar diggings,  but extends back to the  base of (he hill or bank, hut not   ex-  ceeding 1,000 fiw'e.   Where steam rower is used, claims 200 feet wide mav  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and thc N.W.T., excepting the Yul-.on  Territory-A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan River, where the  lessee may drcp;-de to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge In  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient.   Rental,  $10     per  For  Expressing  Light or Heavy Teaming  Wood and I ark for Sale  BUGGIES FOR HIRE >:-:  :-:  See.J. KEMP, or leave orders  Leigh's TransierStables  1wstavp:nue      ������������������, :*.:; v ��������� ,v ���������:,;��������� /-phone.n-o.  nnu'm for each mile ol river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2������ per cent,  collected 'on the output after it exceeds $10,000. *  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The l������*?sec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the  lsfcday of August in' the'year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge, for  | each five miles within six years from  'such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year     and     $10 per     mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and hill'  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  ength, measured on the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking o  claim must hald a free miner's ossificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at Jiie rate  of two and one-half per cent,  on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  irukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  f more than one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00     A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch 0r river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work  must  be done on a claim each  year to the v*lue of at least $200.  A certificate  that work has       been  done must be r/it-ained each year;,   if  not, the claim .-lail be deemed to   be  abandoned,   and     open   to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim  may   be  defined absolutely  by ludng a survey  made and publishing  notices  in    the  Yukon official   Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon  Territory,   are open to  prospecting for  petroleum,  and  the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having  machinery  on  the   land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length  of width shall not exceei  thr?e times the breadth.  Should thc prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the ratcofJI.OO per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy  Minister of thc  Interior.  Department  of th������ Interior, ^   .,  Miners' drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short  notice.    Drill .Sharpened  by us always gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed and repaired.  Ships mi thing    in  aP      its    ' <ranl ie*-.  Horseshoers and Genera! B^acksmitns.  David Murray  Buller Street   -    -   -   - Ladysmith, b   i.  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  THE BEST MEATS"  BUT ARE  ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR  . IN. THE MARKETS.  WE.ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF THE  CKIES, YOU WILL GET THE BEST IP YOU BUY FROM US.  PANNELL   &   PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK,  GAT>.CR.������  Si.-E-T,/  -ADYSniTrf, B  +++++++**^+r******^ _  ^  LAC/SMITH TRANSFER CO. x  PIANOS,  ORGANS AND HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE MOV  ED PROMPTLY A ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  ''-,������������������.... Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  J WILLIAMS AND WASXST  : ******* ***i**.i*-** <r+++++ ���������.>������.���������������������������<  +  +  +  *  +  WRITE FOR THIS BOOK  Our General  Catalogue of 230 pages and over 1,500 illustrations.  V    ' HOME    FURNISHINGS  Mailed free for your address���������read on  Tt's worth having just on its c.w.its    -as a book���������It is-handsomely  illustrated and the text speak-s entertainingly ef'  HOUSE FURNISHING PROBLEMS  By all means write for it to day���������  Tn   addition to the above we issue folders  ancl pricing  illustrating, describing  IRON AND BRASS BEDS  WHITNEY GO=CARTS  SUnriER FURNITURE  Any one jor' all of which will he mailed upon  request���������Send today.  HANQINq  H.O. *-H  PAINTING,   PAPER  ETC.  Work done properly and at   right]   Contractor   and Buijder  prices.     Shop  and   residence  In   rear'  of Ladysmith  Hotel.  E.  SMITH, Prop      j RKI:>AIRING   of   all   kinds   prompur  attended to.     Shop  on  G-ataffire     st  j.picy MD  WHOLESALE DRYG0ODS.  Victoria,  B.  C.  M&nufacturors of the  Celebrated  .u'Jhu sun  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,     -  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS. ETC  SO*  Solicitor,   Etc  4  Miiis;   to  st. Avenue  Loan  udyswit  Ladysmith Temp'e No. 5 Rathbon,  Sistors meets in the Oddfellow's hall  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30 p. m.  Mrs.  Kate Tate,   secretary.  Meat market  LADYSMITH B. C\  I vt  o  -**fr,-.r ^* -r-  XatMMMtM  itmtSttmmfmaiimmmi * in ������ji mi ~*T    ifii0m*������ium.f.*m*rTrt.t*-~.,  " f0(4)1       i-Uru*.*,   jiats,   jUM   ibe   |l'1iii!      miliums   n  \\'i*k|,   'mo  wcni   full)   (lii'is-  tor   tlK'  regalia,' at  Simon Li-i ,im   A-      si.(|  U(  sc,(,   (he ^^   ,l&aln  I|ia(le .U1  Co.,   Ltd.   .   _0 :   i 1 1   &A!tV   t������EB������liR  -���������^fc wri^^TrJT^iTVVi rV-r-n*-. rt*^:r~iJiiSj:*J' ���������^-T,V~1-J "ini" t^^^'--**���������T. ''"    ~-^-^���������"���������*^,*^-''*''*f--'-'^-���������������^--^^  * ���������'���������^7-3 ���������v ���������������. -  LOCAL ITEMS  ������*B������lBWBB������H!SSSSaK  The photograph  studjo is open ev  cry  evening   until  nine  o'clock       l0     WHAT CAN  THjS GREAq  make arrangements  for  sittings, etc.          ;t *���������..."  -                                                    -.'���������.,;���������'',. ATTRACTION . BE?  Ice cream and ice cream sodas     at  , the .drug store at all  times.  the sea. The attraction imi-sl lie a  allcmpt to cxplbie Ihe bottom ..S  \cry great one for this morning he  is said   to have put on an exception-  ��������� .There   must      be  some  irrcsislable   ;ally smart  suit and     clean collar to  ,    .        ' attraction in  tlie salt  water,   for  we ' make  the.   trip. He didn't  keep  his^  George  Fletcher,   of Nanaimo,   was   are continually  bearing  how   various 'friends  on  the wharf waiting li>igv  a passenger on today's Victoria M*i" . voung gentlemen . late dives  into- the.' *"<' !V  *llis lt: is com luded  the ob-'.  .      ���������       '   v:,'~   ;      ���������", '    'V      'Wan'fullv     clothed' A   great   many ' jeel;  of his  visit     was, out.;    At all  AhlerinaiiNicholson  returned   Uxlav   .   ,..   ���������������������������-���������*���������        , _ i ���������   ,������������������<c ���������wiy~.I1,-iin' ������������ innl������l nn tn the  from   atrip.'.id  Victoria. *'    . people arc under the impression that, j cncuIs when he *as hauled on to the  ] it is  ���������'���������' accidenl'ai;    hux ihis must too*';|" wtefrf and from     thence to the ship  'l'he Misses AI;er,cr. .mbie went down   nonsense,' for today we -hear how ihe '.lie made the crew wish  paying, visits  < * ���������     j . ,1 '��������� j  . _���������_   ���������: I       1 ���������   ?__ >j.        '. 1. ���������       ������. ������Ai<ln      c n       fs\n vf-i \ 111)      Iti fl  te'Victqrla  on   the  morning train  Miss  Wall   is spending hor  vacation .  in ������������������ Vancouver.  ������k'ipj:er of a     certain vessel     now in j didn't   make   people  so   fearfully;, bad  port, and ���������who,     as stated  im 'these '���������  tempered.  ���������'Miss Frame, il is understood, ���������imp'  tends giving .up teaching and will,  rcidgn her 'position, on the local  teaching stall'. ���������  I'or a few days only, stamp photos  2;")i'., cabinets $2."ill per dozen up.  Open' cye'it-ings.  Most refreshing ; and e.\o.uisitely fla-  vo"cd iced drin!,.s can be obtained at  the 'Drug.Store, .TJigh streel..   .  The.while men' who are. trimming  ������������������hip at. I he  dock   (the Ooirieriej  arc  reccivinc -10 cents per hour,  the Chi-  nanicn    .'SO  cents.    The ship will  be  loaded by  thc  end   of the week.  3  Miss Tcag'ie and Miss H. Teague  went up to Nanaimo yesterday. M<:ss.  IT. reargue has'been the guest of'Mrs.  IT. Macl'lin  for the past week.  Boys'  and   Girls'��������� Canvas  Running  shoes at  Simon Leiser.*. Co.,   Ltd.  ���������A commitlcee hns been selected to  attend to the sale and collection of  lickets for Hie (kin-re on the night"of  1l.ie 1st. The duties will be divided  ns .Inllow-s: Nicholson will oceunv  thr box oil"co, Rowlands will handle  the tickets and Steele the cash.  D UNCANS  TO WNS1TE EXTENSION ��������� <."'���������  * Adjoining the old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  '.; ���������:  A small .area has been laid oil   in town lots which arc r.o ,w offered  at      ��������� . .! '..'   '���������   : '"'"'" .' '.'. '.'.    : \.      'll  LOW   PRICES   AND. ON   EASY TERMS.'    .  '   .' ' !S*.' : ���������'  The  fi.ture' of   the   ('own-ban  .*. District   and   Vancouver   Island  s  Ah  Wing ft Bo,  Merchant Tailors  Ladies' and Gents'  Clothes Made to  Ord<;r.  ��������� PERFECT  FIT  GUARANT-: ' ">  LADYSMITH,    B.   C.  ���������y-^ :-^-<" -*%'..-? -^*^;.^ i4  Oyez! O  IN  LENNET   BRAIDS  CHINA  SPLIT   BRA IBS  PORTO   RICAN  WHEN DORCAS  JOURNEYED  50c> to $1,00  FOR   BOATING,   CAMPING,  ETC, TTIEY ARE THE CORRECT   ARTICLEf  will   efvcc"d  CA-pccfalions   and   this is a good  chance r-  profitable   investment.  a safe and  Tom Cowan, our. rjriniel postmaster,  is  out at Camp  Rer-realion,  n   mile  'from   lo.'wn.   TTc   insists  that  he.      Is  ������������������hnvinu; Vi good . lime and ������Hs inveigled  (pii'lc a nunvhor oT     pwple goinc out,  and   fiffililing     ants  and  calcrpillars,  slpepi'iig on   the  ground,  eating cold  vituals,' etc.,   all   under  flic pretense  that  they  arc  having ajollv     good  time.    A  scout  from this office   will  ���������bring in a.reliable report of the number  and     cm li tion   or  the  garrison-  within h. day or two.  Mayor Planta, who was in ���������'.the city;  today states that there is nothing  new regarding the situation iii Nanaimo, ai>d many men have gone  away. Mr. Howard, of the Western  Fuel Company, is, however, expected  in aday or two .and something'.may  develop. - ^ .  SEE PLANS AM) VaitES  Ageiils, J. STEWART .!. H  WMITTOME  Ladysmith,   V.   I. Duncans,.    V...T.  -^Tr-s&c&Bser*?*. ^'ti^hiii <tt i ������i.' TifnT- zarstzga  I  ���������' i  J  Delicious ke creani and ice cream  sodas can be procured a,t the Drug  Store from now on. Open until !)  o'clock week days and from .11 to 12 ��������� ?T&&$2  a.m..on Sundays and from A io !) p.  m.  . o   USERS OF  WHITE SWAN SOAP  Stand a trood chance to win a  GRAI^OPHpNB  Evrry 2"������-Crnt, purchase  of White    Swan     Soap     'entitles you to a  ticket in  the drawing for  this high grade gramophone.  Co.   Ladysmith  i  Mr.   II.   War nock   leaves  today    for  Thetis  Island  on husin*ss.    Mr. War-  mcl-.'..  who   is   an   extensive   dealer   in  hay,  is also   the  agent  for  the  Western   Fuel   Company's  land on   Gali-  ano' and Thctiis  h;lands._.-_.S.ince he;.as-*-  ' sinned Mhc  agency  Air.  Warnock has  .disposed  of  about SHI)  acres  of  G-ali-  ano   Island      land  and   jwrospects  bid  fair Ct  more being bouglit   up shortly-   o   MARINE.  Tug Eagle was iii this morning,  with a scow     which  is to he sent   to  Nome on  board   the Comeric. \  ���������     ���������    ���������  Georgian was in at the Transfer  wharf with- coke for the Tyoe smeller  Ihis  morning.  ��������� ���������   ���������  New     Voik,   .Juno  27.���������      Arrived,  sleamer   Mannheim   from   Rotterdam.  ��������� ���������    ���������  Now York, . I mu- 27.��������� Arrived,  steamer   Mromcii   fio.n   Bremen.  LENZ  & LEISER  WHOLESALE DRY       GOODS,  MANUFACTURERS OF  GENTS'   FURNISHINGS,   ETC.  SHIRTS, OVERALLS,   ETC.  VICTORIA, B. .C.  toves  KlI'PERK.n   HERRI.N't  SARDEI.I.KS  Herr WHIielm Peters  PRACTICAL     PIANO AiAKER  AND  THN-'.R  Will  be      in  Ladysmith    about  the  30TH OF JUNE  Piano-'. ;"' ","-J:il"s l,,ll,'!l' n's,llal-(1' I Williams'Block  and   thormiL'jIily      rouovirtod.    Orders' j        Lmriysmith  io bo loll at   tho Abholsford Hotel.  Stoves  We are making them of th-i Newest    Tattern and Latest  Styles.  WE no ALL KINDS OK l-OC NDRV  WORK  ,- Our Prices are Re-soiia hie*  WEE  OCR    NEW  STOVES  IN   I1LA1R  AND AOAAT'S' WINDOWS. (  LADYSfllTH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  Continued From Page 3  or allowed Jiiin, to get ko far.      .   ���������  A.s she  ran   lightly down   the  steps  1o   the  farm  wagon   Dorcas  gave one  q'u.'ck,  shy,     glance up  lhe slope  to  where tlie   Baldwin  house  stood  half  hidden by its     towering elms.''  Yes,  there wus  .John's   buggy  standing  in  ic  road before thc     house, and  his  fast   horse could  reach tho station 'i;  half   the  lime   they raild   liial'o  with  hc old farm  wagon.    Besides, Deity  had  thought  the hi red-man might "as  well   kill   (wo  birds  wiih one stone,  so   he   was      t'f.kin^-  aload of produce  alonu',   which  he     would   peddle  after  leaving Dorcas     at   'the, station.    As  she elimcd up     beside Jethro Dorcks  R3V������nilC   CTCIfrUe-r^   j-5 'thought how much easier it would he  DHYaDALE- STEVtNSON |'in Johll> BprIllR bugRy 11lnii ln this  heavy wagon, which jolted and rumbled ever the country roads. Hut  still sho fell very happy. Although  nsilhrr she or "John had thought of  such an audacious tiling as For *hini'  to act. as escort,  yet I Ik:  presence of  ^ 'lie buggy iiicaul lh-.t he inlondcd to  keep somewhere in hor vicinity, . to  have an oversight of her safety; perhaps lva would.oven go on lhc train,  riding in onc of the adjoining cars.  As   lhe    load  of   produce      included  ogus    and   milk,      progress   would   he  K slow, and they bad arranged for an  | oaily start, bill before half Ihe d'.s-  I lance had boon traveled they hoard  the sharp whir of John's appro-aching hugg-y wheels. -As be ������>as-������:jd hy  he was bending ov-er in ostentatious  st-arcli of some.thinjr under tlie scat,  but be gave her a''l^ishrul Ridel  glance which, meant "Don't he uneasy, Dorcas,' I'll sec that, things go  right." ���������   '  By the time he straightened up he  bad vanished round a, turning in the  road. But. the glance had sent thc  soft color to her face which lingered  I here through the long, rough rido  until finally she was aroused by a  gruff "Jerusalem! Whoa, there, Char-  They wcre. at the junction  One led   up  to   the  SWEE T  CHERRY  PHOSPHATE  .Th.*      pure juice of the Cherry,    combined     \% i 1 li      phos-  ���������'h-iks, j reducing a tart, refreshing  drink   for  Summer.  -- ;  !  DIRECTIONS  i  l  s  li  n  i  \  \  i  Two tablcspoonruls in a tumbler of.   'water:    Add  sugar  to 'sweeten.  ' 4.0'Cents Bottle  u-sm-.  'PHONE  2--I.        LADY SMI'!'i'.  NORWHOIAN   DMNTES  lUilLEH   MACKEREL 111.   TINS      n;>  TINS  A ih   TINS  ii":,   TINS  !'i   c.  !*.   c  2   for  2f)(r.  'I Ih-so goods aro put up hy the St;'.ran;-;i r   Preserving  Company,   Norway,  and arc     recommended by us as par- l.cirarly lino goods.  W. T. HFDDLE   CO.  Particularf4rocors.  Telephone   I  Dr.  R.   11.  Dior  is  again  in  Ladysmith an-d  can  he  found  at all hours  at  his ollice,on High street, i-  ai,  -==et==-2===s=*---=:-----=- ���������������-=^   = *- -������������������~���������" -���������!->-=i_.---^-iis. -  I    ()i^   |-(.;,ii, r<; are informod that. Herr  r-*q-U.l^^S^ESE^gj^igg'Saig^Sg^^ jvv-   i'l-ters   Iho   well   tnov.n   Gcniiaii  Three  Lines Of Ijj pianoforte  export, if   Victoria,     will  & visil   Ladysmith  for   the  |)iirpose     of  IV, ENS' AND BOYS'    STRAW MATS g'l.m.i.'g.'c'l..-,  1'iam.s and organs. Those  Ijj wishing   lo   avail   tbenis-olvos   of      his  TO Clear, 20 PER CENT Off g.s<.m.-..s   while  l,:>ro arc  recn.ostod   to  Rgsonil   their  orders  lo   the   Ahhotsford  ffi  of   two  roads.  jp| slat ion a    (piart'or     of a mile away,  '"   and   th-e'other went on to  the village  two    or,three     times, that, distance,  .lcthro was  looking af her with dismay on his face. '.  !    '���������'What is. if!"  "Why,   'do   you reckon     you coold  walk up ,to th:* depot'.'"  persuasively.  E5  "You  see,   Ben  Pokey's  wagon's   just  % ���������turning the    corner yonder and  if he  I gets in    town ahead ot     me he sells'  Is  Ids. .sfulT. ,\  '' :*-.':;f.'.Uh,".J'll- walk,      Jethro," laughed  Dorcas,: as she sprang lightly fo  the  ground. ,  .    If  was a very      dainty   figure  that  I went up the read toward  the station,  !and, though'.she did -not know it, the  **������������������*!���������*���������  soil  goods hi'     her frock,  lai'cn ,from  the    -old    chest, in*     llic garret,  had  again conic iu fashion.  A whistle, sounded in the distance  and Dorcas uttered a low cry -if dismay. The train was approaching,  and she had 1 bought there was plenty of time. Could she. nial'e it by  running.' Rut a swift glance.toward the slatyo-n checked the im--  pulse oven as1 she sprang forward.  'There was tine swiff approach of  carriage wheels,' a pair of splendid  ba\s slopped beside, her, and she  looked ui) hito the reassuring laco of  a young drummer who Was soiling  mowing machines in the neighborhood. Before sho1 was aware of ibis  intuition hc bad sprung to flic ground',  and lifted her into Iho. carriage and  Ihey wore away with along, circling  Launch and Pleasure Boats of all cloud of dusl behind,  descriptions for Hire. . Moats built ; What .li.-lui Baldwin's IV*:'liii|-������ ��������� wore  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a 'as he si.'o-l ru the plat form HvaL'h-  Speeiality.                                                       i"^>     iioiic   but      himself   knew.      lie  saw .Jethro stop and Dorcas got out.;  theii ho heard flic train whistle, and,  he saw hor start to run and realized  lhat his place was down there on thei  dusty road "beside ,ln*r iust'oad of with  flu; curious people at i the ilfat ion.  When the druimiier stopped and took  hor iu tlie young fanner's face grew  'Wn. (hard and set with a firmness his lips  JSS-P^    'llu(1 "'(!VW' known  before.  ^S^j]  We are ready to supply  your wants for celebration  day and invite inspection  of our stock. We have a  full line of  GENTS'   NECKWEAJ1 LADIES'   SHIRT   WAISTS  FANCY   SOCKS WAS11AI5LE  BLOUSES  FLANNEL   OUTING   SILRT S FANCY   COLLARS  FANCY   SUSPENDERS BELTS,  ETC.  Boys' suits at half price  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  m  LADYSMITH  Hnaa  W.G. Eraser  MercfcantTailor,  (ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice.  WE ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK  TWO   NEW  LINES  OF  STOVES MANUFACTURED   BY   OUR   LOCAL  STOVE WORKS  Drop in and See Them  FOUR  HOLE  KITCHEN' COOK    U'>M  SIX  MOLE GRAND UNIVERSAL   $35.00  LADYSMITH HARDWARE' CO., Ltd  Charlie    Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  . NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Dunn. * of. the above, firm, v. isits Ladysmith every Sunday for the  purpose of taking measurements and seeing customers personally. May  he seen at, the Hotels. We guarant ee all stock and a perfect fit at the  lowest possible rates.. Suits from $15.00 up. Pants from $4.00 up. All  Hand-made. Full line of the Latest supplies ALWAYS carried hy Mr.*  ���������Dunn.        '    ' ��������������������������� ���������      * ,..-.'. cl ���������  !  ���������-.  i  I    ..  Get   your   Sunday   Colonists  Knight's.  Ladysmith Boat Umi  iltsliDKBt  HARRlil' AN'D  1IAYEDN.  BOAT     I'.UILDKRS.  h.11 el.  Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C. |  ���������   ���������   ���������   -   TELEPHONE   C-7  ws\    Th<'   following  inajij-ii'/iiips   are no-w  '5^     , nan   in.*.i.ri    ������*'j;iiiw-ii   n-iuiC!  Hi' was U'sidc   tlie carriage when it  stopped      nnd    lwljir-d her      oul.   then  . (|iik'lly 'ai (1   fiiil'horitalivt'Iy   wiih-   all  It'll''   s;x'Crt;itiirs     looking   i.n,   he   drew  ! l:-cr i- rm  within his  own.  I    "Come,       Dorcas," . he     said,   "we  'mi!-*'-, hurry   lo catch  tl^.   train.      I'll  jN'cither   Ihe owners,  tigr-nts or "Mas- 'jr(..|   the  tickets.      Yes,"'   in n.nswcr to  tors will  hc responsible for any debts   In''      wr.a-d; riiifi;      expression,      "I'm  ,..,.,        ,. ���������,     ..   ,,,���������    ,   ,     t'-oin-j;   rijj,hl   ou      with   vou   lo   wh. re  coiilracled   bv.-'lhe  crew  ol   Ihe nhnvc  r>      h     h   ,. ���������    .    ,', ,  ivotir a'.nit  li\es���������hi 1.. in the same scut,  NOT    RESPONSIBLE  Hritish  Steamer  COMERIC  WILT JAMS   BLOCK.      ���������  pjin  for duly:    Popular,   Argosy,-I'e.ir-  ���������S son,   MeIrop'.likui,   Ladins'        Home  .Journal,   Aiii-sl'.cs, at   Knighl's book  ���������j tore.  vessel wliih:.;iL port-.  McGill, Master  Ladsmith,   F.  C,   Jdnc  211,   L905.  oci. to IvCiji oh druminers and things  ai.d I. shall slay around to come  hack- with you when the visit is over.  Come on,"  One hundred acres of land in Cedar dis-  trictf or /.    $350  Two Sheep Farms on one of the Gulf  Islands, considerable Improvements  .      -   ���������:.��������������������������� $4!I0  JOHN STEWART P. O. Box 26S  V-IKE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURAN* li  CONVEYANCING  NOTARY   l'liDLIC.  'CLOCKS     -��������� bargains       CLOCKS!  ���������i .Just received      a shipment  of all  kinds  of clocks  lhat we will clear  |j at Ion prices                                 III     ;       ��������� !  I  ���������             '  '���������  '       '  I      EIGHT DAY  STRIKING   CLOCK    '       $3.0fl  S EICHT  DAY   STRIKING  (.'LOCK   (with   alarm,   attached). J:;.50  ������     REl'EATIN'G    NICKLE   .M.ARM   CLOCK  |     REGULAR   NICKLE   ALARM   CLOCIC  I    ALL THESE   CLOCKS   \KE     FROM      THE   HEST  $.i.7r>  1.1.00  AMERlCAr-I  FACTORIES   AND   ARE    .���������; ARANTEE!)     TO      KEEP      GOOD  TIME.   .  B.FORCIMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First-Avenue,    X   X   X      Ladysmith,   B. C  NOTICE.  Erom this date the undersigned  will nol, he responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Macbin.  V.   T.   EXPLORATION &  DEVELOPMENT CO.,  LTH.  ���������Ncin Personal  Liability.  Vii'toria, B. ('.,   May   IXth,  KlOf).  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  High St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  Sunday Examiner, New York* .Tour  nai, New York World. For sale a  Knight's  book   store.


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