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The Daily Ledger Jun 28, 1905

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 T /  DUNCANS  LADSYfllTH  'o  JW 29 1905      i I  fc.  : Daily  &7t>R!A.&-.������  f LADYSMITH  |       & DUNCANS  i ij-i  'I  VOL. a,  WEDNESDAY,     JUNE   28,   1903  GREAT BRITAIN RESPONSIBLE FOR ROW  V  Novoe Vremya   Again   Brings  Insulting Charges Against  Great Britain  Asserts that it Pushed Fiance iiv  to Morrocco Adventure to  Cause Rupture  CHINESE GOING TO EX  THEMES  In Many Instances American Importers Cannot  Employ Help.  Chinese   Merchants   Pay  .Workmen not'to Assist  Unloading Gocds  PRICE FIVE CENTS  E. & N. RAILWAY 0UI-|UDZ STRIKERS RETURN  TO WORK  St. Pctcrsbcrg, June 28.���������At Great, been directed against Russia, at last  . llritain's     door the    Novoe Vremya  succeeding in having.'another country  lays much of the responsibility of the I accomplish "a  task  which  she  herself  Franco-German     crisis,   saying - that , shrank.,    With Russia no longer dan-  she is pursuing her traditional policy of encouraging a conflict between  competitors in order to profit thereby. "Great Britain," the paper  adds, pushed France into tlie Morocco adventure, sustaining M. Delcassc  gerous for the present all.Great Britain's' machinations were set .against  Germany^ now her chief, competitor  in'Europe. 'The NovoepVremya how-  over , believes thai with Premier  Kouvicr in charge of the negoliatlltis  the foreign minister,, in'his resist- j with France Great Britain's plans  ancc to Germany's claims. For de-.( will be . defeated and the Morocco  cades     Great Britain-* hostility has   affair  will  be."satisfactory  adjusted.  A COURT CASE  FOR TO-NIGHT  The case that is to be heard this  evening is one of.more than ordinary  interest. The Chinaman who was, it  is claimed, hurt on the Comeric by  toeing struck by an assistant engineer,, is a member of the Chinese Reform Association. W. A. Cumyow,  the  well  known - Chinese  interpreter  FOREST FIRES  , IN YUKON  Seattle, Wash., Juno";28.���������Forest  fires along ~llie Yukon river, between  the mouth'of the Tanana -river and  Eagle City, have cut off all commii-  .Pekin,  June 28.���������The fliicstion     of  Chinese      exclusion   from   the  United  States     continues chiefly to occupy  the     jattention  of rthc Chinese  here.  The extent '^yA deipth of feeling man-  iftsted aslon'shos  foreigners,  ami  it  is regarded as an Cidencc of growth  of  a national   sentiment,   of a public  spirit,   which  a Pjw  ycais  ago would  he  inconceivable.    -  Among many instances cited as evidences of "this,  it is said that a  Chinese company has lefused a lucrative  appointment with <an  American  company.       Advertisements of American  goods continue  to  be  refused  by  native-newspapers, and letters and telegrams  from all   parts of China,      as  well, as   from   abroad,   are  being   received asl in������ the central government  to take, a film stand.      The chief obstacle is  the que-it'ton of exclusion of  coolies  from  Hawaii  and the Philippines. It is urged" that .there is    no  objection  to the landing of coolies in  Hawaii,  where they do not compete  with  American labor. '  With ia view of facilitating^ Settlement, China    yesteiday proposed  to  Odessa, June 28.���������The crew *  : of a battleship ��������� in the roads *  have mutinied-and muideral .'all *  their officers. It is reported *  that the mutineers are threat- +  ening to bombard the town. All *  work at the port has been step- +  lied. ������  Washington, D. C, June .38.��������� *  Thos. Kantian, Ameiican con. *  sul at Odessa today cabled the *  state department in substance *  as  follows:. ������������������"   *  "The Russian warship Kniaz *  Pok'iikiii and one torpedo boat *  .���������armed yesterday evening. All *  officers were murdered at sea, *  and their bodies thrown over- *  board. The men "threaten to *  bombard the town if interfered *  with. The situation is piecari-  ou's. The Black Sea fleet is ex-  peeled   today.','   o   Mr. Jos. Hunter to Retire  from Superintendent's  Office  *  Operation of Railway Will  be in Charge of H. E.  Beasley  Martial Law Still Prevails  and Liquor Houres  are Closed  a  Reiteration of Rumors of  Mobilizttion of  Troops  'I'he following circular has  been  issued   by   R.   Marpolc,   vice-president,  to  all   employees  of  the   Esquimau  A: Naiinimo Railway Company, says  the Colonist:  Mr   Ifuoter,  general  supcrintendedt  will  retire on  the 30th  just.,     and  thereafter   the operation  of the'railway     will be iu charge of  II.     E.  Beasley as     superintendent,  and Mr.  John Goodfellow as assistant superintendent,      with offices in  Victoiia.  Ail employees in  the service of the  Estijiimalt   and      Nanaimo  Railway  Company will report to and   take in-  Warsaw,  June 26��������� The conditions  at  Lodz     are  unchanged,  excepting  that most of  the workmen have   returned   to   work. Out  of (10,000  men,  al'oiit  7,000 from 22 factories remain  out. Martial   law   still   prevails.   The  st i eels  are constantly patrolled   and  the liquor shops arc all closed. The  universal condemnation of the strike  movement at Lodz has tad the effect  of quieting  the situation,  and  it  is  expected  that the remaining  strikers  will    resume      work.   There     was  a  reiteration on the Warsaw bourse today of the rumor that the mobilization of troops in Russian Poland had  commenced     and  possrbly might be  ARMED  MEN  DARING ROBBERY  They Keep at Bay Twenty-  Five Chicago  People  And AfterJ Locking Them  in Room Make off  .$5,000  nicattcn   with  Nome  and   St.   -Mich- j send, a spec al. missionary   to  Wash-  aels, and the past'four days the lo-  rngton, bul��������� American. Minister Rock-  hill declined Jo entertain the idea.  Punning  repartee scintillated   throughout a case at  the County  Court.  Counsel���������I   wish my client was here  insled of, as f expect; lying in .bed  Hi.<-. IijuoiL'���������Perhaps he  is  better  ly-  n.i -in bed than lying here.  structions   from   the assistant super-I expected in Warsaw iu two days, and  inlouden1,  except     those engaged on  steamboats  and   Uirges,   who  will report  to and   take instructions     from  Captain  J.  W. Troup, Victoria-"  In   the  retirement of  Mr.   .Joseph  Hunter the departure is signalized to  it caused considerable excitement. It  isoclaimed  that  if mobilization     is  attempted here it will  lead  to  serious disturbances.  Elizabelgrad, Government of Khar-  son; Kussia, June 2& -On account of  another     sphere of usefulness of one   ihe threatening     nature of the Agra-  cable offices  have been  unable  to es  tabjis'h'a'ny.comniunical'ipii with these  points of Bchring  Sea.'   Fire is also  raging    on   Prince   of   Wales  Island,  from Vancouver, is over on the ease,  and  many of (hc re^,,^  h;ive flcd  as is an official of the Association  from Victoiia. Mr. A. D. Crease, of  the firm oi Crease &-.Crease, Victoria, is up in the interest' of the Chinaman, being-employed by the Association.  It  is  stated  by  the ag������if of   thc'Jj  Association that what they wish is  to     get the man released  from the  ship,  and  that he will go home     at  once at his own expense. It is stated  by   the interpreter  thmt  the  Chinaman  in the case is a Chinese scholar  and  is serving time on a steamer in  order to see the world.   Evidently he  has seen enough ,of it and  wants to  go  home.    Papers  have been  issued  and   the  Chinaman   will   lie  brought  on shore in charge of an officer.     If  lie succeeds  in getting released.      he  will,  the inetrprcter states, take the.  first Empress for China.  Since the above was written it has  been      decided  to hear  the case on  board  the Comer.'c.  ��������� o   to. southeastern   Alaska.  NEWS FROM THE  WEST     COAST.  The-      steamer  Queen  City   brings  news from Quatsino of the discovery  on the west arm of .a valuable deposit of bog iron, says the Times.   'Ihe  lucky find  was made by a man named  Lund,   who observed  the rich, deposit  through  the uprooting of a number of  giant trees.    The steamer took ,io\vn  to  thg June group G.  II.  Grant,  A.  T. Macaulay   and    either   Victorians,  who purpose reopening that property.  Four schooners were  anchored     in  Nootko. last  week��������� the Carrie  J.  W.,  Capt.      Gullen;  Fawn,  Cnpt.  Olsen,  and   two      American  halibut  fishing  vessels, which  were forced  into port  to seek s-heller.    The Carrie C.  %W.  expects  to sail  for  I'.ehring Sea     c n  July  1st,  having  signed  a full  complement of Indians.   The Fawn     uls-i  will leave about the same time,  jhe, j only   wish  that the man  too,  has   an   Indian  crew  secured  at  to  another      point on" the coast.   Other  schooners, however, may not be   ho  .fortunate in  getting Indian hunter.;?,  as   the remaining  Indians,   it    Srid,  WHAT,FOOLS THESE  MORTALS BE.  A Chaldean     claiming to be a missionary and raising,funds for advanc-j  (ing  Christianity in  Messopotamia,  a  province  in or  iiear  Palistine,  is   in  the  city  and   is evidently  quite successful" in raking.iu the shekels.     He  may he all he claims to be, and may  be entitled   to  the  three lctteis     nc  carries from our local ministers, but  there is a strong probability that, lie  is no.t  what lie claims lo be.   It   is  reported   that  during  an   altercation  with one of our local citizens,     the  price of a couple of  "soles" came up  and      that  the  Chaldean  toyed   with  the   truth   to  the  tune of   foui-bits,  but  on' the   th.rea-t" that   the  police  would  be called  in,  paid   up.  But let us  reason   together. .If any  person  res-dent  in  f.rj'lysmith should  go over  to ihe land   where the star  of   Bethlehem   was   discovered   more  than   1!K;0  years  ago,  on   a begging  expedition,   would  we he al.de to col  lect in little villages sums of money  such  as   this  man   is  doing,   on such"  absurdly  flimsy pretenses?  This  -nan  is  one of  the  poor  Chaldeans'-   who  were refused entrance  into  the UniU  od  Slates a few weeks  s'.nce  because  he and his  party had no  men^y     it  was claimed, and  might .become public charges.    They were allowed     to  land in Vancouver, and no doubt in a  few  years, if they continue, to thrive,  they      will      go back   {0 (/���������. iaml of  (leas   and  carpels   and   become  large  holders in  the country's riches. They  may  even  run  for  aldermen   in   their  native towns, for they will  have traveled.        While   this   particular   man  may   not be a fakir,   nine  out of every  ten    such  chaps  are.   Meanwhile  all (and the writer is one)  who have  been      foolish  enough   to  drop   their  shillings into  the reformer's  hat, can  - San    Francisco.,   CVL,   June  28���������  Edward  G.  Bellows,  until recently  consul-general,for  the Ynifed States  in  Japan,  has arrived  in  San Francisco, lie  brings  confirmation' of  the  boycott   which the  merchants of China have declared   upon gco.ls    "and  merchandise coming 'from  the United  States,'and says   they have carried  the  boycott- to such, an extent that  in many instances importers are having  difficulty "in  obtaining assistance  in      the unloading of A in erf ran products. , "There can be no doubt that  there is a determined effort afoot  in  China  whWbv  it  is hoped   to bring  pressure    torpor      upon   the  United  States through the medium of a boycott," siid  Mi.   Bellows.    "The object,  as  has  been  already exploited,  is   to  force "this  country  to      grant  more liberal  treatment  to merchants  and  other  Chinese   who   travel in the  United States.    All  over  China    the  Guilds   which" arc   similar   to.   our  boards of  trade,  are using  their  utmost influence,to bring about the desired effect.    Tn the several ports the  hands who are accustomed  to unload  the imported  gends have been taught  to leave untouched  the goods brought  from   the United States. 'This condition  of affairs is  l.kely to grow.  "Of couise, lam noj. saying how  effectual this mode of,'procedure may  prove, still, we mu.st remember that  in Gciniany and other nations we  have woithy competitors in the Chinese trade and what we loose is  bound to lo their gain, to a certain  extent at lcasl."  Henry   ft.   Miller,   consul   at - New  Chwang,  succeeded Mr.  Bellows,  ��������� ��������� o��������� ���������  ANOTHER ACTRESS IS  DANGEROUSLY  ILL  New York, June 28.���������Private cables received here yesterday by  friends,of Miss'A'cla'Rehan announced,  that the actress, who recently left  New York for England, is lying dangerously ill in London, says the Herald. Miss Rehan, said the cables,  had. been stricken with appendicitis.  She is visiting Lady Barringlon at  her house.  who was closely and largely identifi  ed with the Island railway, from its  inception, having been asscc'uted even'with the work of preliminary surveys.  nan movement in the adjoining dis-  tiicts, the governor of Kharson, M.  Lewaschew, has arrived here, and  Cossacl s have been summoned. Many landlords     are fleeing from their  Mr. H   Hami,ton Abbott is adjust-|cslateB into the cil-v-  ing his private affairs preparatory to      VVa'saw,   Jui'e     2fi���������A- stril e  was  vacating the office of local agent of | clecliireil  today     at the Coal and Ir-  \ the C.P.R.  and taking his departure ������" JJines     foundries ,and factories in  WILLIAM J. FIELDING  DIES Oh'   HEART FAILURE  New York, June 28.���������William J.  Fielding, an actor well known throughout the country, is dead at his  home in Richmond Hill, .Long Island,  of heait failure   o   AMERICAN PLAYER  HAS   EASY VICTORY  London, June 28.���������Iir the first round  of the ladies' championship, tennis at  Wimbledon today, Miss May Sutton;  of Pasadena, Cal.,. beat Miss M.  Meyer 6-0,  C-0. .0  to Calgary,   where he will  take     ,a  similar position "in the larger  field.  Very general     regret is felt at the  the districts ',1 Dombiowa,  Slivemi-  es7ycc, and Rosnowiec.  News comes  from Tambov province  loss the community will sustain in *,lat Ar- Bezobra/off, president of the  the leavetaWng of one who has en-1 Yalu Timber Company, who has been  deared /himself so much to ,Victorians | living m his magnificent estate in  not only from his admirable .business' tnat province,      has been obliged  to  traits-, but from his winning social  qualrtics. The best of good wishes  will accompany himself and Mrs.  Abbott to tiicir new home-  IN SWEDISH  PARLIMENT  invoke the aid of the military, not  only to protect his propeity, but to  save bis life. The story of his share  in the responsibility for the wer has  spread to I've peasants^ and they  threaten  dire vengeance..  Cabinet Severely Criticized  in Both of the  Houses  Stockholm, June 28.���������Both houses  of the Richstag today elected extraordinary committees to which vcre  referred  the government bill' loo I ing  The debate on  the  bill brought out  Vladivostok,   (Tuesday)   June  27.���������   (���������      ���������<,, .      .,, ...  ���������'.>     ...'_���������. to a settlement with Norway.  fierce     speeches, in ��������� which the'action  of the Norwegian Storthing was con-  JAPANESE  WARSHIPS   .  NEAR   VLADIVOSTOK  Japanese warships believed to.be torpedo boats, were seen on - the horizon  today.  WESTMINSTER  FAT R BUILDINGS  'POTNTMENTS MADE  ���������ay  pr  he the tenth���������the genuine      and  worthy   man in a good cause.  STAB WOUND IN Til hi HEART.  New York, June 2i'l.���������Physicians iii  are preparing ,to leave for the Fiv..>-r, this city are watching with great in-  river. They have not' been \cry sue-1 terest the case of Camillo Delano, a  cessfui in the coast sealing, the young Italian, who last Sunday night  catch along shore being quite'small. was taken to the Harlem Hospital  Hunting ashore lately 1ms been at- suffering from a stab wound which  tracting more ���������'interest than that had punctured the wall of his heart  along the coast. Last week an In- and penetrated the right auricle,  dian captured a young wolf which he' A. rare and difficult operation was  took to NootHa, and a month ago immediately performed by the sur-  three young deer were taken.into the geons attached to the hospital and  same place, with the result that the wound in the heart was sewn to-  some one in the village has suggest- gett.er. I.ate last night the man was  ed 1hat a zoo be started.       ' stiii  a]ivt, an,i  there'was a hope, al-  -    In the vicinity of Nootka Sound it though a slim one, that he might re-  is estimated  that  there are  from  20 cover.  to 30 timber cruisers and surveyors      To  got a(   the ��������� heart- the surgeons,  at work. .among other   o   BY   SPECIAL   COMMISSION  Stockholm,   June\ 28.���������The   special  commission   o.f both   houses   to which  lias   been referred  the  Swedish  government,  bill   looking   to a settlement  with      Norway- today   elected   Herr  Lundeberg      vice-president   of       the  first chamber, ������,s chairman, and Herr  Pehrson,  vice-president of  the second  chamber, as deputy chairman.  denined and the Swedish cabinet severely criticized. The tenor of the  speeches in both houses leaves'- the  impression that the majority of the  speakers were of the opinion that a  peaceful solution of the dimculty was  extremely inrpn liable.  , Pastor Waldenstrom, speaking in  the house, said the union with Norway amounted   to nothing.      He said  Tokio, June 28��������� The War Department has ghen out the, following  telegiam- The enemy, some five  companies strong, with six" guns, ajtt-  taeked our troops in the vicinity of  Changetiaticn, twelve miles northeast of Quangping and were repulsed  on June 2-J. Our cavalry occupied  Kusyoiig, ten miles north of.Kyongs  song, in Northern Corea, June 20.  ���������\ o   The      July   1st  cele^-ation    committee meeting will the held in     the  opera  house  ban:q(ue'ting   room   at   8  o'clock tonight.    All members are requested to put in an appearance.  Chicago, 111., Ji.,lC 28���������Three armed men held up and robbed a number  ;'i  persons  early  loday<  Tlicic  were  many     peisons in  Deaiboiu street in  a resort wbeic the lobbeis got away  with   about     .f.5,f!{'0.        EaCh  of the  were  five     cabmen   waiting outside,  men   carried      two   revolvers.   There  and     one of     iho three attended to  them while the oilier two went inside  Within   were fifteen      women and ten  men.     The two lobbers went through  the  pJaco,  diiung     the inmates before them     lo a ionm on the second  floor,  where,  aftci robbing them they  locked  them in  the room, and breaking     the telephone    wiics, ran from  the place.     The two  weie joined by  their     companion  in the street,  and'  the three disappeaied in an alley.   o   PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT  AT  COLLIOGE   EXERCISES  Cambridge"1,   Mass,   June 28.���������     i-  day   was   Harvard's   commencement,  and the visit of President Roosevelt  to his alma mate) lent additional interest to an e\cnt that,is always interesting.       The piesident delivered  the princ.pal  addiess  at the  alumni  dinner   and  in   addition   participated  in  a numwei of   fe-divities.    The commencement  exeicises   included       the  granting of diplomas to graduates m  various  departments in  the uniwusi- ,  ty,.anl  the bestowal of honorary degrees. #"  A TRANSACTION IN  v,       RAILROAD CIRCLRS.  ������������������Pittsburg, June 23���������The Times today says  the Lake Erie and   Pitts-  buig Railway, now in course       construction between iLoraine, Ohio, &nd  Pittsburg, has been purchased       the  U. S. Steel Corporation at a       trf  several  million  hollais.    The    fficials  of the corporation expect to handle  the majority 0f rts ore and finished  products   between  PilNbuig and 1he  lakes     over the new  toad by   . This  time next -veai.  TRIP IN AN  AIRSHIP  SECRETARY   HAY   IS  PROGRESSING-   FAVOAKIILY  Newbury,  Nil., June 28���������From the  bedside of Secretary of State    Hay  at  his   home,   it  was  announced   today .that the secretary passed, a comfortable   night, lie   appeared      much  stronger  this   forenoon   and   was     iu  excellent spirits.  things, had to saw oil'  , an      inch and  a half  from   the  third  D.G.S.  Quadra was  in port    tins ^ riI)| an(,     (o ^.^  the liaal,i6ll.  jof the arteries'  a very delicate operation     iii     itself'.   The  right  auricle  morning for coal.  S.S.   Dominion  and scow  v?������ra   in  for coal this morni,hg.  was     deeply punctured.     The wound  iwas sewed up and dressed.  WHERE  THE POPE  WILL     AVOID  THE HEAT  Koine,     June 28.���������The messagagro  loday  saVs   that if the Pope decides-  lo  leave  the  Vatican  during   the hot  weather,  he  is   most  likely   to go to  the- famous   btnodicfine   abbey       of  Monte     Cassino, Province of Casere  Caly,  and   thus   will   be  the guast of  the   Rev.  Father Boniface Krug,'formerly   of St.   Vincents   Arch-Abbey,  Really, Pennsylvania, who is Abbott  of Monte Oassino,  New   . -Westminstcr, June 2S.r-Tho  exhibition   grounds   in   Queens   Park,  where the Dominion Fair will, ble held ���������.that in Noiwegian schools in recent  in this city in September and Oc.lo-'-vears 'rno children had been taught  her next, are the scene of great at-- to ,,ale Sweden, and cnifmu^  tivily at present, and large numbers ain ilKainst the war, but it, may have  of skilled and unskilled workmen are to eon,c aH a last rcsort. The gov-  enyaged in erecting the new build- |l'I''l'������e������������������''-s' proposition opens up the  ings, grading the grounds or attend- Probability of war. Its weakness  ing to other  important work. "iJl('s  '"  t������f M't   that.  Norway having  Splendid progress  is being  made in   l,l-,,l������',������  "'     "iii(>"  i-s '^l-'h'  to break  the putting up of the  I wo large new   (,"! treaties.  buildings (hat are being erected lo I Ihiron Kennedy, speaking in the  accommodate part of the exhibits. Si n;-.le said: "If the kingAs message  The walls will be up and the roofs ex. i.sses his opinion, he has lost two  will  be on in a few weeks.      ' jeri.wiis instead of one."  Work has also been started on the i\ i dster of Justice. Merger, in the  erection , of the niuv fences and stock- 1ioim\ defended the cabinet and said j  sheds which arc ,being .put up for the Swedei. did not \visli_ to force Nor-  big fair. Large gangs of worKnicn way unwillingly into a union. Such  are also busily engaged in. grading 'action would mean a rebellion which  the race-track  and  beautifying     the   Sweden would have  to suppress.  Premier    Ramstadl,  in  the senate,  said:   "After    June  7      Sweden  had  two alternatives.    One  that of force  and the     other to reluctantly accept  dissolution.       NoUody openly advocated   force  but some  persons  advocate  a  procedure      -which   would   result   in  "Which did  you gijro,  liobjby?" his   war.   The    object  of     waj   would  be  father      asked   when   U'<'  boy   came    compel  Norway to retract its action  home from church.: .hut anger mrsl not blind us  to our  "Well, father, I thought at first' I own interests, and our interests are  ought <to put in the quarter," said against forcing Norway into any  ���������Bofcliy,   "hut   then just  in time I re-  kind  of a union.      A conhVerrd  Nor-  Toledo,       Ohio,   June 28.���������A. Roy  Kiiabens-hue made a .trip yesterday in  gJiew airship, wlifx-h he had (just completed  and     on   which' he   has   been  working  for   live   weeks.    Yesterday  afternoon  he started  on  a i rip. over  the   city   and   sailed   the   airship    Iii  lit-I minutes, going with  and aguinsl   the  'I    wind. The   trip  was  a successful   one.   +   MARINE  BIG FIRE  TODAY  -    IX WINNIPEG.  Winnipeg, -Man , June 28 ��������� The  City Asphalt plant was damaged to  the extent of ten thousand dollars  today at noon by a fire starting m  'the tank roojn. It was the only i. u-  nicipal plant insuicd.   ��������� o���������   MISS PHIPPS MARRIED  IN   LONDON.  London,   June 2S ���������Miss Amy Plupps  eldest daughter  cf Henry  Phipps of  Pittsburg,   Pa.,   maiiled   this   afternoon   inSl.'��������� ��������� Ceci-gra   Church,   Hanover Square,  Captain, th-c  Hon. -Frederick llhiest, of the First Life Guards  and son of Lord 'Wimibowne.  Miss Goodley���������'sB.ess says she's rea  dy to make up if you are."  Miss Cutting���������Tell her I'd be ready to make up, too, if I had a complexion as muddy as she has."  The necessary bond having been put-  up by Ihe Chinese Society, the case  (if .long Hong vs. Burthwich &  '���������imitii will   be heard at seven o'clock  .night  on   board   the Comeric.  grounds.  ��������� - m    ���������  ���������  A CHEERFUL GIVER.. j  Hobby's father bad given him a  ten cent piece and a Quarter, of a dollar, telling him he might put c>ie or  the other in   the contribution  box.  WILL GIVE  EXCURSION  The members- of the local football  club are making preparations to run.  an .'excursion from     this c ty to Van-  A   despatch   from   Ottawa  says:   S.  11.   Pel'lon,   K.'C,   armouth,   is  here  on   his way  to Montevideo,  where  he  Is  being    sent by the department of  justice     to   look   into   the.    scizureof  tlicschooner  rlgnes  G. Donoghue,  and  the  seniling  of  her  officers  and  crew  lo- prison  by  the   Uruguayan  government,   The Canadian government has  decided     to gel   all  the facts in  the  contradictory,   shows   that  an  extra-  case.     The information so far, while ' ,   ,  ,,. i-     ,.-i * eouver  on   Julv   10th.      The   nrmvprlw  ordinarily    severe sentence  was  pasj    ., .. .     ' proceeds  sed   iipjm    the     captain,  officers and , 01  l!le airair.  over and above expensf  crew. , ,;cswill  go toward     defraying the  ex  pense of seiulino- a team to Portland.  A  pleasanter     trip than  from  here  to  the Terminal City by  water caih  not be easily found, and for the pleas  ure to be obtained     in'it alone, will,  no doubt     be a sufficient inducement  for  many   to  patronize it,  but in addition  to this,  the object of the trip  should appeal     to all lovers ofsport.  Everyone   living)    in  Ladysmith who.  is at all     interested in the sport  is  anxious to see Ladysmith obtain the  the employment of forcer.   If not force  Association      Footbia.II   championship  then it is best: to assist in the rdisso-  of the     coast, and     they should noli  Mr.      A.    D.   Crease,  of   the  well  known     firm   of     Crease &    Crease  of Victoria, is a guest at the A!.������/(>ls-  ford .llolel.  Most refreshing and exquisitely flavored iced drinks can be obtained at  the Drug Store, High street.  membered  'the   Lord   loveth  a cheer-    way,  while rf     no advantage, worth  ful giver,' and I knew I could give forever be a source of .danger. Aiid lution of the union without harsher lose the opportunity of helping to de-  the ten cent piece a great deal mc.ro to this the horrors of war and their conditions than the future safety of frar the expenses of the footballers  cheerfully, so I put thot in, ' |.enfeebling  results-all   argue  a^ain'st 'the peninsula demand." toPortland. ' i  I  A'  1 i-  ��������� j  <- I  ii  I  ���������/i'l  )<  'if  i.  1  ��������� ���������Hi  4  ��������� - 'K\  ,?���������'  'XI  ''1  i d  Si  si  Km  I  -"l\  <*A\  ���������-. ,''j|  *: 'si  m  m  1  '^l  1- THE OAlLY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  90 cents  a month;    J5   per  year   in  Advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication.  WEDNESDAY,     JINK   28,   1905  inib , g' .i i.iiniiig -ecoi In's' office, ones Such date,, Ucnlal,_ 5100 per mile for  f first year and ' $J0 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer  mining.  PUcer Mining in the Yukon Territory���������Creek, gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  eogth, wcasuiedon the base line or  general direction of thecieek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by two legal  posts,, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking a  claim must hald a free miner's certificate..  The discoverer of a new mine is en-  tilled    to    a claim    of 1,000 feet in  addi! ioivl dai allowed lor every ad-  d.tit nn 1 ten miles or fiaction. The  fee for luiid'ng  a churn  is $5.  At least'$100 must be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof  When S500 has been .expended or paid  the locator may, upon" having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may  be granted  by the  Minister   of     the Interior  to   lorale  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon  tenilory, of aD  area not exceeding 1G0 acres.  The     patent  for  a mining location  shall  provide for the  payment   o(   a  Royalty  of 24 per cent,  of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  DAtLYXEDGER  CO   YEARS'  ������X{-f~J?.!ENCE  -!������t'-   Trade: ft); ram  Dssisr.s  Copyrights &.c  Anyoneapndlug n.ii oi<'> mid dcicriptinn ti>hp  ijnlolcly Kortiiii our oDlnio.i fr������(j ������1 oilu-r in  inventi.m Id l.r.^ial.i-i>a.<'i)t tt.'o Conij.itittnations qtriUl"COt.lUlo:������t:.i!. il-n.ibool'e'i iJi.lc:iE3  .cut fief. OMot iii'onrv for seci.iiinriiutcnis.  P.ifi't'i takfi; tliru.iuh Jlu -i A, Co. iccelve  \ptctcl notxec, ������'tliout rhnno, lis tup  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO.  ������86, F.  V hmiri-'omclv illii'-trnfcu wrMj- Lirpct r r  f".uitii):> of fi iv s 'iontl.lc J'l'irni.i. To. in -,. j I a  /our; f.iiu' nioi.tli^. ������1.   ^cicilj/i' l i:<m stloj.lrr-  lit;.....'. omco. C5.> w St.- ''. a'-hliiL'l"'.i. J;. JJ  O. E. :���������: ^ :���������: :���������: :���������i  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday, at 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President, B , Forcimmer; - Worthy  Secretary,  C II.  Rummings.  Esquimalt & NanaimoRailway  Time Table No. 55,  imi ���������* riiTiin  Leave  DECLINES  TO   I'.ECO.MK  AI1XIPTEK OF   MARINE    N-W-T-  excepting the   Yukon Terri-  s Jength|   an(,  jf the  pafty ^^ Q|  St I'eleisberg, June 28.���������Vice Admiral Chouknin, commander ot Up  lilack Sea Fleet, has declined to accept the p:-M of Minister of Moiine  in sum's-.ion i}' Admiial A\ellan,  who leccntlv resigned.  tory-Placei   mining claims generally   t        150Q fect aUogelheti on the out  aie 100 ft. square,       entry Iecs5, re- j .    ,. . ,.       ...  .. ,     /-,    4,     v ,iu o- i   *   P������t of which no royalty shall       be  newable yearly. On the North Saskat    , .. ,      .     : .. '  ,  . , chargen, the rest of  the paity ordin-  'hewan  River claims are either bar * ...._���������_.-   ..-.  or bench,   the  former  being 100  - ary  claims  only  ,      ,     ,.      ,   . ,. ,  fce^|   Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at llie rate  long and extending between high andFof u-o and one-half  per cent,  on the  low water  mark.   The  latter includes ���������  a'Iue of the goId shipped from     tL<.  bar diggings, but extends back to the   ^ukon Teiri(ory to be paid ^     the  base of the lull or bank,  but not   ex-   Comptroller  ���������ceding 1,000 fe<������t. Where steam povv- No |iee miner shall receive a grant  -r is used, claims 200 fe������t wide nuy ��������� f inore than one niining cIaim on  t>e obtained. eaei,  separate river,  creek or gulch,  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba   ]jut the same miner may hold     any  end the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon   number of claims by purchase,     and  DAY  SCHOOL        s���������  L'iual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal Iensons gir-  en in classes er individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  (adysmitb.  B. C.  FOR  DISPOSAL  OV MINERALS.  ON DOMINION   LANDS IN MANITOBA   THE  NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  "erritory���������A free miner    may   obtain  >nly two leases of five miles each for  a. term of twenty years,  icnewable in  he discretion of  the Minister of the  interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  .ubmerged bed or b.irs of the rre  i'low low water maik. and sjb.icct  o the rights of all peisons who havj  ��������� r who may receive, entries for bar  lggings or bench claims, except on  .he Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  .lessee may dicp.de to high water man-  at $10 pei acie for soft coal and $20  on eacl| a|ternate leasehold.  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one indmd  u&l oi company. Royalty at the iate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioes out-  1 put.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding fret miners' certificates n.ay  obtain  entry  for a mining  location  A free m.^i's certificate is gianted  for one or mote years, not exceeding  five yeais, upon payment in advancf  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum foi  a company,according   to  capital.  A   free      miner,   having   discoveied  mineral in place, may locate a claim  L,500x1,500 feet by  maiking out  the  fame with   two  legal posts,  bearing  location  notices, one at each end    on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen     days if located  within     lee  The lessee shall hate a dtedgc in  operation within one season from tin  date of the lease for each five miles  but wheie a pet son or company ha*  obtained more than one lease om  Jiedge for each fifteen miles or fr.n  tiou   is  stittiriciit     (cental.   $10     per  nnum for ea'h mile ol liver leased  Royalty at the iate of 2A per cent  collected on the output aflci it e\  ceeds $10,000.  L)iedging  in the   Yukon   Tenitoiy-  Six   leases of live  miles  each  may  hi  granted to a fiee minei   foi   a term o'  twenty  years, also  tenewable.  The l^ssec-s right is confined to tin  submerged bed or bars m the ii\ei  'jflow low water mail.', that bound  ary to be fixed by its position on tin  Jstilay of August iu the year of lb'  the dale of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  ol eration within two years liom tin  dale of the lease, and one dredge foi  "ach five miles within six yeais fiom  Fop   Expressiiij  Light or Heavy Teaming;  Wood and Bark for Sale  m.GOTES   FOR  HIRE ,:���������:   :���������-   See J.  KEMP,  or lea^e orders      at  Leigh's Transfer Stat> 1 es  'PHONE 0-0.  'MRST   AVENUE  free miners may work their claims in  partuciship by filing notice,and pay-  ng a fee of $2.00 A claim may be  abandoned and another obtained on  the same cteek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work  must be done on a claim each'  year to the v*lue of at least $200.  Aceilihcate that woik has been  done must be obtained each year; if  not, the claim ..J a:l be deemed to be  abandoned, and open to occupation"  and entry by a Tree miner.  The' bouudaiies of a claim may be  'ehncd absolutely by having a survey  nade  and publishing   notices   in   the  /ul on official Gazette.  Petroleum���������AH   unappropriated   Do-  uiiiioii lands in Manitoba, the Norlh-  Ji-est -Teiiitoiies, and within tjie Yu-  >on Territory, are open to  prospcet-  ug-for  petroleum,  and the Minister  .nay reserve for an individual or company  having machinery on the  land  ���������o be prosper ted,, an area of 1920 ac-  ifcs for such period as he may decide,  the length ot width shall not exceei  thi2e times the  breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  lyfcestablish such disco\ery, an area  not exceeding fi40 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract leserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the iate of three dollars an  acie, subject to loyalty at such rate  as may be specified by oi(}pi-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.   A.  SMART.  Deputy  Minister  of  the  Interior  Department of the  Interior,  .... Dealers in   Pianos an  Organs..  Ladysmith, B.C.  Unvler NewManagment  d;Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. G.  MoKinnell & Woodbank  proprietors.  TAKING EFFECT TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 1AC5.  Northbound Southbound Northbound Sat. Sun. Southb'd  Daily Arrive   Leave     and  Wed.        Arrive  A.M.      P. M. p; M.     P. M.      0.00   12.0C Victoria .."  LS0   7.55     10:20 10.40 Shawnigan L'al.e .... 5.17  C.-iC      11:00   10.92 Duncan      ������.56 5.55      11:57' 9.10 Ladysmith ....   ._/...   6.45  S.09     12:40    8.20 Nanaimo  ...  v   7.37  4.IS   '.  12:53LvS.OO  Ar. Wellington    7.52  de 4.00  S. S.  "JOAN" sails from Naiiaim o for     Vancouver   Daily except Sun-"  day; at 7 00,,a. in.,     returning .sails from      Vancouver' for   Nanaimo   at -  l.-'O p.m.,     . .' ' 2,'tf  Excursion rateB in effect to all p oints, good going Saturday' and Sua*  day,  returning net later  than Mend day. '  -  " ' GEO. L. COURTNEY.  Traffic  Manager.  .Victoria      Shawnigan Lake  Duncans       ,  Ladysmith  :... ,...  Nanaimo     Ar. Wellington' .,  *   the tyBe Copper co, Ltd.   J  THodcrn and     Strictly   First Cfats.  Conimeicial  Mens'  headquarters.  Kiie Proof    Buildinjj.  Covering  Old Surface  TH6 CITY MHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  f st.Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  |   Public Notice  ������j Attention is called  to the      fact that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limiied,  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOOR      have foi   some  tune  past been pioducing flour in a    'astly   improved  and   puiified   foi in  by  the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control of all the hasic patents relating thereto, taK'e this opportunity of advising the public that any unauthorized users of the electrical Hour purifying processes will lie prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flcnir Mills Company limited  are the only millers iu Canada whose   Flour [h  purified by the electric process  %  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly .and  We'have just r.-ceived a large shipmentv of the famous Melrose Liquid  Paints, .(ho best on the mat let at  $1.75 per gallon. We also handle Maple Leaf hi and of varni-bes, buggy  paints, etc., in fact we have everything to bcmtify the home,  Wallpapeis    from   10c  lo  ?1.00   per  DonJOiL. Roll.  Pain'ing  and  p.iperhanging done  nt  reasonable vales,  at -  HARRY  KAY  FIRST AVENUE "     .  HOTEL DOMINION  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooa Table, Good Bed and Good Bai  (Half Block from Depot.)  CiATACRE   STREET-  -Ladysmith.  Ml W  Be sure.your ticket reads  . via  I  | CLERMONT; LIVINGSTON, THOS. KIDDIE.  * General Manager. Smelter Manager. $  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  ^^ f  Srrielting Works at  LADYSMITH. B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  \  ���������o���������  ���������RiteE ft JJ-t ft elf 1.50���������'  Free bua to all steamboat  laml'mjr? am'  ;   livny depots.    Ebuiiiic ear.- cveiy ���������!v*  uiiiaited ro all purls of   the oily.    Dns  .itsd table unexcelled.  F. OAYNE*. Piopretor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  2  Overlands  Daily  2  ,W. SILER.  ;  GENERAL EXPRESS:AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY Of."  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.  LADYSMITH SHAYIN6  PARI0RS  ; HIGH STREET.  ,:���������:���������: Best in the City:���������:���������J  RATES J2.00 PER DAY  SAMPER ROOMS  CAR SUTl'UED WJTH BES*  WINKS, UQUORS, CIGARS  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  BestaccomoJation in town.   Splendid hunting and fiehing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  ;  SALES STABLES  >   EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  JOHNSON  W? EXCURSIONRATES  to  SiSasaf^ssigrSiSssJ^s^Bss^a  HiLBERT  At  HINRrS MRSfRlfS  NEW CROP���������  Home Grown 8c  Imported  GARDEN,     FIELD      and   FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS  OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  .UODODKKDRONS,   ROSES,  GREENHOUSE  AND  HARDY  I PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010   Westminster   Road,   Vancouver.  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your  tickets read   via  the  ciiK.xjy i<-  ALL points  cast,  June 2ft,  ad,   July  5 th.  SbotlesL     routeao    Femie, B. C,  and ALL KOOTENAY POINTS.  Foi utes.      foklnis,     sieeping car  resenalunis' a"*-1 ������-'! infoimatidn call  on or address  S. Ci: YERKES,     E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A., 75 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  *  X  ���������  *PHONEi 66  x  X  F flcB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAIVIO,   , LADYSMi~-Ii  ^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^������������������.���������-i  LADYSMITH J  WM. MUNSIE, .president  J. W.  COBURN, Man.   Direetoc  TelephoneJ-46.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   KT  FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITH-Shlngles a Specialty.  ���������Mauufauturera    of���������  Rough and Dressed Pir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned .and   Kiln Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber  in   Stock.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  This   Motel   lias    been  completely        renovated.  Board and  lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL.      PRETOR  'ar  Supplied   witli   tlie   Best    \Vinrs,  Liquors and  Cigars.  1st Avenue  Ladysmith B.C.  THE  NORTH WESTEBi  LIB,  Office  a  'eat  Geo. Roberts,  e  ���������+-%*>  Prop j  1st Avenue  The   only   line  now   making    UNION  DKl'OT    connections at  ST.  PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS     with       the.  through    trains     from     the     Pacific  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, THE  FINEST TKAINS, THE LOWEST  RATES,  THE   FASTEST  TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CI II-'  L'AOO,    OM'AHA,     KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete  information  asl;  yom  local agent or write,  F. W. PAHKER  General   Agent,  720 2nd Ave... Seattle.  TICKET   OFFICE  Cor.  Government  Victoria, J'.. C-  and  Yates  Ste.  i rains  Transcontinenta'  Trains  Daily  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited/' Ride on it always.  Up-to-dato Pullman and ��������� Tourist  sleepers on all trains. Through tickets issued to itll paints East and  South,-'also Pullman tickets .issued  and  berths reserved.      "  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap nttes from all points  tfasl: frbjii March 1st to Miu'y icth. .  Slcdinship ticUels on sale to all"  lOmopRan points. Very low rates  low in elVect. Cabin accommodation  reserved by  wire.  I''ir  fnrl.licr  [larticulars call  at  the  Min  or j hone No.  'lfiG.  \.  \)' CARLTON, O. E. LANG-  A.O.P.A./ N.P., General  Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, D.C  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and under     3 cents I  Over $5 and not exceeding $10...... ��������� 6 cents  "    $10        "    -���������       " $30......   10 cents  .   ;   ";   $30        "   '    /     " $50.,.. ..15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C   nadaor.a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking point:.' ii the United States..  ,      v-NEGOTIABLE'AT'A-FIXED RATI! A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   . LONDON, ENG.  Tliey form ad excellent method of reniittin   small sums of mouey  with safety and at small   :ost.  LADVFVJTH BRANCH  W..A.  CORNWALL.   Manager.  BOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRfCES.  Repairing and  m&king  to  order   a  speciality.  THOHAS MCE WAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar Is up-to-  date. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards,  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esfllwuiie e^: :������< :^: j������: Ladyamlth  LADYSMITH   BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLAN'ADEL.        -  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED  AND FRESH.'  Confectionary of all kinds. .  -  Orden taken for Pastries to tt delivered at any time.'  Employment Agency.  HAY. GRAIN AISD  FARM PftODUlJE  Orders will he delivered anywhere  in the city, iiromptly and at tin low.  est possible prices.  Leave orders a*t Christie's, ������, tHe  Esplanade.  JA34 WARNOe^        ���������     (  r DAItif XEI/OER
Mi *tm
Come To Ladysmith
Two men died recently at the county hospital, both of pistol wounds
close to the heart, the result of a
duel which was fought out alone on
the outskirts of town at an early
hour in the morning.
Jose Hetnandezi is one of them
and the other is Panteleon Magdale-
na. They had become enamored of a
prutty Mexican girl. She professed
love for both, and to settle which
should win her they decided on a duel, and shortly after midnight topic
their revolvers to the suburbs, paced
off 2|) paces, turned on" each other
and fired. Both drop peel and fired
attain. When found by the police
Hernandez said he had been robbed,
but could give no description of his
assailant, while Magdalena said his
wound was self-inflicted. '
Nanaimo   vs. Ladysmith;   Ladysmith
Eagles��� vs. Victoria Eagles
TournamentyFour Teams
Foot   IRaces
���  - * . Amateur and Professional
Fianklin   Thoinasson,   a  descendant
ol John  I'.right,  will shortly start a
penny daily newspaper in London to
represent the Liberal party.     It will
have $1,500,000     behind  it, and  the
new en lei prise obviously betokens .belief on the     part of its backers that
Hie Liberal party   , will  be returned
to powei at the nextlgencral election.
Rufiis Choatc tried     once to -get a
Boston   witness     to give  his  idea ot
absent-mindedness   "Well,   " sa,id the
witness., who     was     a typical    New
England  Yankee,  "1 should say that
a man who thought    he had left his
watch io hum.     and took it out   of
hlS packet to see if he'd hev time to
go home and get it, was a ' lcetle absent-minded."
Harold Speed, the London artist,
is pleasantly cynical and witty in his
speech. One of his sayings is, "No
gentleman, (in the ordinary acceptation of the word,) shoultl be an ar
tist, for either the gentleman or.the
artist will suffer.!" Another favorite
observation of his: "Look a fool,
but don't be one.". Mr.'Speed is a
bit Ylf a dandy, but everything about
him betrays the artistic temperament.. '��� ~ '
Twelve big events
<*~?v      Regular trains Nos. 3 and  4 are? cancelled.   Trains  leave Victoria
for Ladysmith at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Returning train leaves Ladysmith for
Victoria at 7 p.m. Tra|n leaves Lady-smith,for Duncans at 7 a.m., .returning, leaves Duncans at 8 a.m. Trains leave   Nanaimo'  for   Ladysmith "$.20
a.m.,   10  a.m.,   2,   6.15 and 8.30 p."in.    Returning   trains  leave      Ladysmith for Nanaimo 9.  and 11.57 a.m. 1," 4.45, 7.30 and  11.30 p.m.
For Programe, information, etc., address
Geo. N. Sutton, Secretary
Swatms , of seven-year-old locusts
have appeared in southern Wisconsin.
A serum of hay fever is used by
phys cians iu the island of Heligoland.
Theophile .Delcasse, who has just
resigned as-foreign'minister .of France
Vegan his career as a newspaper man.
Death from peritonitis,, due to excessive'talcing of pills, was stated to
be 'the cause of a- woman's death at
llristol, England, inquest.
An East India medical journal re-
ports the discovery by Capt. Ro'st
of a cure for leprosy. It is lcpro-
lin, a substance analogous to Koch's
tuberculin. ' -       ���- '
Unawanled for a long time and
therefore still on the list of the J.;0m-
bardy Institute, is the special1 pri/.e
by Commcno for the discovery of hydrophobia poison.
Letters arc dropped two or three
times a day on lo a wren which is
sitting on her eggs in the letter box
rf D. Raker, an English draper, but
(he biid keeps its place.
California is wetl represented at.
the Lewis and Clarke exposition.
One county, Siskiyou, has on exhibition a collection of nuggets valued
at -flO.OOO. A single lump of gold
in qtiait/., included in the collection
is worth $$15,00.
war    -
The Committee of Management shalL
(I.) Have supervision of the examination of'all applications for situations as teachers in the schools.
(2.) Make recommendations to fill all vacancies whenever they occur,  subject to the approval of the   Board.
(3.) Have power to suspend teachers for misconduct, and make temporary appointments in case of vacancies, also-" to expend money not to
exceed the .sum of fifteen dollars at any one jgme, on lepairs or necessary requirements. All such mattersshall be reported to the Board at
(heir  next  regular  meeting.
(4.) At the regular* meeting,, in December of each year present to
the Boaid a report stating the various localities in which school accommodation  is  required.
(5.) .Visit the ,techools as frefqfcently as possible, noting the character
of the dicipline anel system of instruction adopted and the progress made
by the pupils.
(6.) Submit such regulations for the efficient management of the
schools as may lie deemed expedient. '���
The   Building  Committee  shall:
(1.) ' Insure school property and report the same to the Board for
. (2.) Have the general supervision of the school buildings and grounds
1 (.'!.) Report to the Board frofii time to time upon the expenses of
purchasing, building, altering, repairing, enlarging or improving any
school property.
(-1.) Make recommendations for the position of caretaker subject,to
the approval of the Board.
(5.)    Have chaigc of all buildings,    and    study  the  most   economical
and desirable changes that may 'l/e necessaiy, and lepoit the saine. to the
(C.) The names of all .teachers who have not given satisfaction during the proceeding year shall lie .placed on a probation list.
(7.) The name of any teacher may be remoived from the probation
list at any time after a period of six months on the report of the management committee to the Board bei ng accepted.
(8.) Teachers wlvofe names are placed on the probation list shall
not receive an increase of salary during the time their names continue
on  the  list.
'    . SALARIES.
 : o:	
**.***��*-*****#**��#**���������*>*����<����� ****************
I Union  Brewing Co
t NANAIMO,   B. C.
flanufacturers of the
2 In  British Columbia
��    Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed  Brewed
from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops
Miners' Drilling Machines,
Made to order and Repaired at shore  notice.   Drill Sharpened by us always gives satisfaction.  Picks handled and repaired.
Stiipsmittiing   in  aJT     its    ^rarities.
Horseshoers and Genera! Biacksmitns,
David   Murray
Buller Street   -    -    -   .- Ladysmith, B   C
Our     store   will be closed all day July Jst., but will remain OPEN until 9 o'clock    Friday evening for the convenience of >our customers.
��i < r,.C .ZI i
.ADYSfilTH, B '-
Pursuant  to    the "Creditor's    Trust
Deeds    Act,   lflol.'J    4
Notice is hereby given that ""Axel
Berg, of Ladysmith, British Columbia, General Merchant, by deed datetl
the 19th day of June, A. D., 1905,
assigned all his personal property,
real estate, credits and effects, which
may be seized and solel under execu.
tion to Albert E.. Planta, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Insurance
Agent, in trust for the -purpose of
paying and satisfying ratably and
proportionately ' all the creditors of
the -said Axel Berg according to law,"*
the said deed was executed by the
said assignee on the 19th day of
June, J905. U
All creditors having claims against,
the said Axel Berg'are required to
forward particulars to the said assignee on or before.the 19th day of
July, 1905, after which date the
said assignee will proceed to distri-,
bute the assets of the said estate
among the parties entitled thereto,
having regard ��� only of the claims of
which he shall (hen* have notice.
o'clock in the afternoon, in pursuance
of the said Act,, for the giviub<of di-
directions with reference to the disposal of the said estate.
Dated  at     Lad)smith,  B.  C,  this
19th .day of .June,   1905. i$j
Solicitor for Assignee.
(T. J. Welhnan, Prop., Vancouver.)
One block from C.P.R. Depot and
steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per
day. Corner CJranville and Hastings
streets   Telephone,  1-4.   ��� ;
��� ������������������������������������
*��� Plans, Specifications and De-   *���
*��� tails'" furnisbeia for all kinds   ������
������ of work in the CARPENTER   ������
������ Line                                             *���
*��� C.   B. ROBELEE,  Carpenter   ������������
** and Joiner,     2nd ��ve, Lady-  ������
������ smith, B.  C.                              "
��� ���������������������������������*
(1.)*   Any teatiier below the third assistant appointed  by the Board
shall have a salary of $'10 per month  during six  months  of  trial,  afterwards,  if satisfactory, shall receive  a yearly increase of l$5 per month until $50 a month is reached, providing he or she meet in full  the leqtiire-
���ihents of the Board,'
(2.) The Principal appointed by the Board shall have a monthly sb.1-
ary of $90 to commence with, and if his services are continued satisfactorily to the Board, he shall have an increase of $30 per year until the
salary reaches  $100 per month.
(3.) The first assistant shall commence with a salary of $75 per
month, and if his services cont.nue satisfactory to the Board, be shall
receive every year an increase^of $30 per annum until his monthly salary
shall be $80.00.
(4.) The second, assistant shall commence with a salary of $60 pet-
month, and if his services continue satisfactory to the Board, he shall
receive an increase of $30 per annum every year after his first gear's service until his monthly salary shall be $70.
(5.) The third 'assistant shall commence with a salary of $50 pei
month-, and if his services continue satisfactory to the Board, be shall
reoeive an increase of $30 per annumuntil his monthly salary shall lie $C0
(6.) The salary of any teacher not appointed to any particular
grade," or teaching in a higher' gradcthan the one appointed to, may be
.fixed  by resolution of the Board.
(7.) Graduates iu arts of regularly chartered Universities, who hold
Provincial certificate', shall commence with a salary of not less (ban, $50
per month.
(8.) " The Board'iaserves to. itself the right to fix the salary to a primary grade, also of not increasing the salaries as above should circumstances indicate the tadvisairili.tty, and the above increases can only come
into effect upon a voite of (he Board.
r �����+ ��� + ������+������+��������������������������� + ��� ������+++>+���++������ �������� 4 ����������<
Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.
Abbots ford.
Leave orders at   th��
k-f4*44"*-*-*"f ���-���"���������������+ +-M-M-+��������+������������������-���"��������� 4 �� ���+ ��� 4 ������-���
Our General  Catalogue of 230 pages and ovet  1,500 illustrations.
Mailed- fiee for vour address���read on
Notice    is     also hereby given thai
TENDERS  will  be received  by     the
undersigned up to noon on Wednesday, June 28lli, lOf-5, for the following work,  viz:
Supplying new (lorn- to belaid over
fchej.present floor. The boards must he
L\"l edge grain and  kiln  dried.
Plastering the building throughout.
Placing new shingles on the roof
and tearing old away.
Placing new sills  under  woodshed.
Painting .school house inside and
outside, two coats. For further >ar-
ticulars apply
Persons found using our Patent
Bottle or Stoppers after this Botice,
will be prosecuted.
Pioneer Soda Water Works.
^ Ladysmith. B.C.
The  Principal  shall:
(1.-) Endeavor to secure the" co-operation of his assistants, and seek.
(o inspite them with an ambition toexcel in their profession.
(2.) Make a report at the close of each year to the Board of all
supplies,1 apparatus and furniture on hand at the beginning of the year,
the amount received, consumed or worn out during the year, and an
inventory of what is on hand in their respective schools at the close of
^thejear, and an estimate of 11 c probable amounts needed for the next
succeeding- year, all in accordance with the requheinonts on the foims
prescribed   by the Boaid.
(3.) Conduct fire,drills once a month in conformity wiih the following rules:
I. They should,not be held at  regular  times.
II. There should be a specialsignal,   five  strokes  in   rapid   succession given with the i>cll, which shou.d be given only for  fire drill.
('!���)    Place the teachers in charge  of   their   respective classes   at  the
commencement of the school  term.
(5.) Classify and arrange and assign lo the respective teachers "(he
pupils under their charge, in accordance with the result of the examinations held during the  term.
(6.) Examine such new pupils as may desire to enter the school in
higher divisions, and place them according to the result of such examinations.
Note.���New pupils ought to be a companiwl by parent or guaulian.
It's worth having just on its r. e-iits     as a book���It is handsomely
illustrated and the text speaks entertainingly of
By all means write for it to day���
In   addition to the above wc issue folders
and p: icing
illustiating, describing
Any one or all of which will be mailed upon request���Send -i.oday.
to l.>.  J. Thomas,  Ro-
.,  be'rls    stre-el,      Ladysmith.   Address
a, meeting of the creditors of the said .jJoJJfc j-jox  7,j
Axel Berg will be held at the office
of the undersigned, Ladysmith, B. O.
on the fourth day of July, 1905 at 3
N.     B.���The lowest or  any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Leads Them    All
&Co., Ltd
Pacific Coast
VICTORIA, :*-: .���;
~s .-; ;���B.C.
(I.) No teacher shall be appointed on the staff without an approved
medical certificate.
(2.)    No teacher idnall J>e appointed without a Normal training.
(3.)    All  teachers shall serve six   months on   trial   before  being  regularly appointed.
(���I.)    The Principal shall  hold not lower  than  a first-class   certificate.
(5.) The first, second and (bird assistants shsall hold not lower than
second-class  certificates.
(fi.)    Have charge'of. all W:.rming  apparatus  in   the schools.
(7.) At the regular meetings in May and December m^ke a (..tailed
report illi writing of the cbaiU' ler and extent of the (repairs and improvements recommended to be made lo the schools and;premises during the
current  year.
All  teachers  shall:    ���
(1.) .   Devote themselves exclusively to  then- work during school hours
(2.) Refrain from employing their lime after school t.*��urs in any
manner which  will interfere with the  cflicienl .performance of their' dulies'.
(3.)     Avail  themselves of every   means.of improvement in their work.
(-1.) Attend such meetings as may hie called by the rules of the department or the Hoard. Absence fr.tn or lateness at such meetings shall
be repotted to  the Committee of Management.
(5.) Enter the exact time of their arrival at school in a book kepi
for that purpose. Any teacher who shall he late three or more times
iu one month shall he summoned to appear before the Committee of
Management to explain the cause of such  lateness.
(G.) Instruct their pupils in good manners and pay strict attention
to the^r morals,  cleanliness and habits.
(Continued on Page 4.)
Work done properly and at right
prices., Shop and residence in rear
of Ladysmith  Hotel.
J.   E. SMITH.   Prop
Contractor and Builder
! REPAIRING   of  all  kinds  promptly
- j attended to.     Shop on Gutaere    ���������
Victoria, B. C.
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
Solicitor, Etc.
st. Avenue
Ladysmith, remp'e No.  5 R&thbone,
Sisters  meets in the Oddfellow's hall
2nd and  4th Tuesday.at 7.30 p. m.
Mrs. Kate Tate,  secretary.
'J4 |
I  ,
>  f
-��� ".i LOCAL ITEMS  Mrs.  Tliornley  was  a passenger  to  Chemaiinis this morning.  Ice cream and ice cream sodas     at  the dm!' store at all  times.  Mayor C'obiirn went down the line  on this morning's train.  ������ .A  Air. Fletcher went down to the capital on the nine o'clock train this  morning. .  FS&    ^\.������|^iSZ������  Tor a few days only, stamp  photos  2.")f.,     cabinets    $2.50 per do'/en up  Open evenings.  Hcv.   Father  Verbcke went   up     to  N'.iuainio on th'c noon train today.  Miss A. Clay went  up to Nanaimo  al noon today.  Mrs.   Muir  was a passenger  lo Nanaimo at  noon   today.  Mr.   W.   Russell   wmt   up   to  Nanaimo  at   noon   today.  .1.  II.   French  and   A.  Ross,  of Vic  loiia,   are rc^isieru'l  at   the   Abbots-,  fold.  FL UiS Tor the lsl of .Inly celc-  bi.iliini for sale at -Knight's boo|r-  sloie.  A Id. Nicholson was among the passe mors on the twelve o'clock train  to Nanaimo today.  Mr. P. W. Bodiey, 'special agent for  Ihe province of the Mutual  Life,   of  , Caiuda, is \<n the city for a fsw days  on   business '   for  his company.   Mr.  Tlodley  will be  recalled  by "lovers  of  spoil  as t,he winner of the grand afr-  gicgatc pri-/c  i">r the Bisley shoot in  10(11.    lie was also a member  cf the  team  representing  the  Province     in  IV)!)      and  1000.   Mr.  Bodiey  represents  a fust-class company   and  can  talk insurance  mokt interestingly.  NANAIMO WILL ENTER  FOR  FOOTBALL TOURS AY  Mr.  .J.   Adam  is in receipt  of    the  frllnwiiiff   letter,   which   explains   itself:  ������������������ar Sir,���������Manager Vipoiwl reiuics-  !U me to write you in inference to  "the /ivc-a-side football tournament  on Ilomimoii Day. He states that h-  has got together a first-class team,  ml will he down on Saturday and  eaptuie thai prize. You might tell  (lie secretary of the ccletration committee that Nanaimo has entered a  team Rv that event and you wi'l  gieatlv   oliligc,   vours   truly,  THOS.   B. BOOTH.  Hoys'   ai.d   fi ills'   Canvas   Running  DUNCANS  TOWNS1TE EXTENSION  Adjoining the old lownsite of  DUNCANS, V. I.  A small .area has hewi laid oil   in town lots which arc no ,w offered  at -,   j  LOW PRTOES AND ON EASY TERMS.  The  future of the  Cowiehan   ���������  District   and   Vancouver   Island  will  cvtewl  expectations   and   this is a good chance  r-,- a safe and  profitable   investment.  S E E PLA N K A N D PR IC US  Agents, J. STEWART J. H. WMITTOME  l.adjsmith,   V.  I. Duncans,     V.  I.  fi Wing &.Go,  Merchant Tailors  Ladies' and Gents' Clothes Made to  Order.  PERFECT FIT  GUARAM r������0 VI  ladVsmith,  b. c.  THE BEST SHIRT MADE  IN CANADA.  $1.09,  I.5G  R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  AM work guaranteed, and at reasonable rates.  Hi^li St. Ladysmith  \,     OPEN AT ALL HOOKS.  Oycz! Ooe;  M  B/LAWS,     RULES   AND  REGULATIONS   OF   THE  LADVSMITH SC iOOL BOARD  Continued Fi'ojsi ^age 3  (7.) Have a watchful care over thj conduct and habits of the pupils  ilurino tho time for play before school - and during recess, both in the  .school  buildings and  on   the "play gionnds.  (8.;     Co-opeiate  with   the   jkineipal.i   in  conducting exaininntiens.  (!).) Prepare all necessary reports and do all work in registers at  limes other than during school hours, exec] t  entering the daily record.  11U.) Practise such discipline in the schools as would be exercised  by a Kind and judiciois parent, and avoid corporal punishment in all  cases tthcio g.'l'-'l dicipline' can be niainta nod   by  milder measures.  (11.) Avoid such methods of punishmuit as shaking, pulling the ear,  '.lapping wiih the hand, striking wi.h a pi.inler 01 stril ing the pupil  without warning. The second l.iiacli of this regulation will he punished  by dismissal  of  the teacher.  (12.) Administer corporal pun isliinent en the hand, with a siiV\p o  leather'twas.  (I3.i Refrain from,the discussion of political and ecclesiastical f.jie.V-  tions  in  the schools.  (l'l.) Abstain: from ttil'lr-g any active pait in Municipal, Provincial  or Dominion  politics, wilder pain of  dismissal.  (15.) See that no collect it-u he taken up or subscription soliciie.il for  any purpose, or notice o/ shows, exh '.'ilions, lectures, or advertising of  any kind g'iven in any school without Ihe consent   of  the   Btonrd.  (Hi. Send to parents monthly.repot Is of the attendance, punctuality  conduct and class standing of  pupils   in classes above the first- book.  c C.  II.  RCMMINd,  Chairman.  J.   STEWART,   Secretary.  that  the  New   York  Life v.as  worse,   pay     my    own expenses.    I  willjiot  fdioes at Simon  Leiser & Co.,   Ltd.     ,i  anything, than  the lu.iiiitai.le,  and  ask a.ny reward or profit, mo., py, i.tl  Provincial   OHiccr   Cass'lly   is   making  aspiciality   of   Dog  tag   thiesrs  al   present.    His  latest was  a   nine-  yc.ii   old hoy  who. had  relics   in    his  possession   for   which   the  owneis    of  \y 1 urns      do;>s   had   paid  one  dollar  each.   '1 hose  who may have been employed  in   the   taking off of dog tags  industry  aie   warned   that   the  game  is  called,  .ind   must   le stopped.  CORRESPONDENCE  THOMAS  W    L.UVSON'S  CALL  TO      POLICY   HOLDERS  ���������JUilc a 1-uge ���������number of men   111 our  city of Lad\sinitli     hold a policy c-  ihei      111   the     Mutual,  Emiitab.e,  or  Ai w  York  Life   Insurance companies.  I aw son   Ir.s openly ch.-.rjcd  all   those  com|Miiiis   wiih      gioss   mahuiii.inis-  ti.ilinn   ol      tin-   11 ust  funds   in   their  possession   and   t/'.e   follow ing   are bis  own     words  in   Ihe  last  issue if Everybody.-,? ILVigayine.     "The time has  come  for all      you policy holders to  ' act, and  there is but one way  to act  A      ilioi'sand      a:^l  one schemes arc  nfloal     to     trick and confuse you at  this period.     The cry is���������anything to  hush things, to confine the fire to the  EquiiliMo,     at   any    cost-,���������'even if--'it  'totally  consumes  the.  $-Hifl',0fi0,onn  of  the  people's  s:a\ in a*   in   that   institu-  lien.   I      told     voti at the beginning  tl.es Mutual  Life just as had..  Therefore      I     unqualifiedly   ad\is'e  iijdeis    to     pay up this year's  pro  fit e or     otlierwi.se,  nor will  1  under  any circumstances accept any."  These    aie      Law .son's  own  statc-  iiiiimi,   it  will     be the last   to   lluse   men Is and   11      any  policy-holdeis  in  plunderers.  '������. Ila\e nolhing to do with any  committee or scheme.  A. Write me, at once, your name,  address, and the airount and chai-  aeWr of \oiir policy.  I want nothing more from y|.u,  and ender no consideration will I divulge your name wilhoul your Fui-  l.hc-r consent in writing. I already  have the names of tliousniii'.s. of pi.l-  icy holdi rs, bill lo mate my plan 111-  stanllv   effective   J   must  -have   scoics  Ladysmith or anywheic else who  happens to sec this, will kindly  iia\e their name, add 1 ess, company,  character of policy (whether incon e  policy or otherwise) airount of policy, and amount you have paid in  picmiiiins to date, at Mr. Knight's  I o.������k .store, the same will be sent to  ^lr. I.awson free of any charge. Re-  mem her those of you who are paying  MO piemium on $1,0C0 will most  i'iely only hove to pay fill afler  (hi-  payment      Iii  the same amount,  Herr Wilhelm Peters  PRACTICAL     PIANO MAKER  AND  TUNER  Will  he     in  Ladysmith    about the  30TH OF JUNE  Pianos and organs tuned, regulated,  and fho-rougllily renovated. Orders  lo be left  at  the Alrivolsford Hotel.  ol   thousands.        }ly plan h. s  for  it-,   so    don't      neglect   to  band     in  join  aim  and end  Ibis, and only  this:        ,naii.es      this   week  if   possible,   as  it  The ahsolule piescnatiou of the will cost you nothing in tliis partic-  faec value ot  vour policy |ul.:i   instance    ti help   Lawson,   who  The  reduction      of  fulujc   pmniuni   '-->    striving to help you  to keep -f21  lavii'iits   to  fcrtj   tents on   the  dol-  a jeai   in your own pockets.  I..r 011  what  > em now pay. ���������  Thj restitution of millions upon As it is a rule of Ihls oflicc to  milliois looted from the thiee gu.l publish al! Ictteis which aie of gen-  cojnpaiiics, ' or as much as can Ir: eiral interest, \vc publish the above,  collected after a careful cxanvinalion As to the actual position Mr. Thos.  of their books and the. punishment, of Lawson, the Writer of this note does  tic thieves. not know,     the writer of   the letter  Hear in mind that I will not have does not* know, the"puWic does mil,  any money cotinecthn with you in and outside of Thomas W. Lawson  in   the      working;  out of  11 ^   plan.   1   bin-self, ��������� who does?  Wi   Oi   &i   Hi  coniiee  All    the     new    Shapes,      all  heights from  I ]   to 2A inch.  f ~s  drysdale- ^m,ms  Co.   Ladysntlth  "A   fiv^nside football   practice   will  take     plats ��������� on   the  bunker  grounds  this  evenings  After  the  practice,     a  (cam   lo represent   Ladysmith in the  10111 nainenl.   on   Saturday   will       be  picked.  fZ. .   OESIGNS        i  TRAOE.MAhKS   s  AND COPYRIGHTS s'  OBTAINED       4  ADVICE AS TO RATENTABILITY FIIPF A  ��������� Notice in "Inventive Age"      pKPP ^  PATENTS'  FREE  NOTICE.  J^rom this date the undersigned  will not be responsible for any indebtedness incurred except on,, a  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland-' Machm.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION  &  DEVELOPMENT CO.,   LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  A'ictoiia, 13. C, May J8th, 1905.  ''  We are ready to supply  your wants for celebration  day and invite inspection  of our stock. We have a  full line of  GENTS' NECKWEAR., LADIES'  SHIRT  WAISTS  FANCY  SOCKS'      -     '      'WASHABLE   RLOUSES-    .  FLANNEL   OUTINO. SH.RTS FANCY  COLLARS  FANCY SUSPENDERS. BELTS, ETO. -     .  Boys' suits at half price  SIMON LEISER & CO Ltd.  I       OATAORE ST.  LADYSMITH  Makes  iiice,   appetizing  Lunch.  Wr >;%& it  for you  35c Hi.  Our      tasty Tcnuiie and   11am  Sausage is a great   favorite.  '    TASTE AND TRY.  HAMS   AND   BACONS  The  hi-st  in  I lie  land.  New .laid   EC!(IS  every \l.iy.  Everything  nice and   fresh,  en m ion.  %  'PHONE 2-1.  NOT    RESPONSilsLE  ���������   British Steamer  COMERIC  ' (  Neither the owners, -agents or Masters will he responsible for any debts  conl racted  by  the crew of  the above  ve:-sel while ;n port..  McGill, Masler  LadsmitbT  K.  C,   Jdnti 2fl,  J.!I05.  jDr.   R.   \\.   Dier  is  again  in  Ladysmith and  can  he.  fwtind  at all houis  at bis olfice.on High slreet. '  W.GvFraseF  MerchantTailor,  ' (ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early andJ  get your choice.  \\  WE ARE SHOWING THIS WEEK  TWO NEW LINES OF, STOVES MANUFACTURED   BY   OUR  LOCAL  STOVE WORKS -        .- '       .  Drop in and See Them  FOUR  HOLE  KITCHEN COOK.  %\ 5.00      J]  SIX HOLE GRAND UNIVERSAL '   $35.00 ?v,  .    ' . ,   ���������  . *  LADYSMITH HARDWARE-CO., Ltd!  Oct .youi   Sunday   Colonists  Knight's.  at  8  LADYSiUrTi'  ���������   ' ���������      *   - 1 ���������    1 1 i- mill n i imnn  ypiiii M Buildin;  I ment  nn  KJompany  MtRCHANT 1AILORS  >5  Launch   and   Pleasure   Moats   of     all  Delicious  kc cieam   and   itc cream    desci i|)tions   for   Hire.      Roats  built  aodas  can  be  procured   at  the J)i ug    to order and  Repaired. Spoon oars a  ."^tore   from   now  on      Open   until      !)   Speciality,  o'clock  week da\s and   from   II   to 12  a.in, cm Sumlavs and  f.cm ,1  tu l)  p. HARRIJP  AND HAYEDN.  m. '. -..'���������-'-.  I KOAT     BUILDERS.  NORWEGIAN   &AI NT ES  MOILED  MACKEREL  KIPPERED  HERRINO  SARDELI.ES  lib   TINS      Mb   TINS      -Alb  TINS      Mb   TINS       21   c.  ���������/Tv  -1 Mb   TINS     2   fur  2f)C.  These goods are put up by the St.ir.m ;er   Preserving   Company,   Norway,  and are     recommended by us as par-flf ularl.v line goods.  W. T. HEDDLE   CO.  VilHams' Block  X,a<!.yptnith  PartictilarOrocfirs.  Tolepnono   1  Three Lines of  MEW AND BOYS'  STRAW HATS  To Clear, 20 PER CENT off  j Our readers are informed that ITeii-  .:.&&~'������ W. Pelcrs (he well known Oerinan  &.\ pianofi rte expert, of Victoria, will  p visit Ladysmith for the purpose of  Hi tuning,-ete, pianos and organs. Those  Hj wishing lo avail themselves of his,  [p.services while horc are remiested to  M:send their orders to the Abbotsford  I hotel.  LE  ER  WffOLES'ALE DRY       GOODS,  MANUFACTURERS OF  CENTS'   FURNISHINGS,   ETC..  SHIRTS, OVERALLS,. ETC.  VICTORIA,  13. ,0.  NEW    SPRING   AND  SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Charles Dunn, of the above firm, v isits Ladysmith every Sunday for tnft^  purpose of taking measurements and    seeing customers    peisonally.   May J  be seen at the Hotels.    We guarantee all stock and a perfect (it at   the  lowest possible rates.   Suits from       $15.00 up.   Pants  from VI.00 up. All  Hand-made.     Full line^of the Latest    supplies  ALWAYS   carried  liy   Mr.  Dunn. d -    , ���������  One .hundred acres of land in Cedar dis-  trictf or $350,  Two Sheep Farms on one of the Guif |  Islands, considerable Improvements  JO!IN STEWART >. O. Box 268  > IRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURAN  T;  ���������'.���������.���������.. j"-' ��������� T'    ^'.    . .-'���������.������������������  CONVEYANCING NOTARY   PUBLIC.  CLOCKS  $3^3ES^8^^?m^Kj&^:;>^^i^  e f 5. tm      ^  Hi  BARGAINS CLOCKS M  .lust received     a shipment of all kinds.of clocks  that we will clear |}-t  at low prices- '  I I    ���������    '  i : I  .     :  .  i..  i ! .     I     < r1'  EKIMT DAY STRIKING  CLOCK  .:..... $.1.0(1 ff>  1     EIGHT DAY STRIKING CLOCK   (with   alarm   attached)    ?*,&(> &f  |     REPEATING   NICKLE   'M.ARM  CLOCK       $1.75 &  .3    REGULAR1 NICKLE   ALARM CLOCK Sl.ftO ������1  ?,   ALL THESE CLOCKS   VKE     FROM     THE  BEST 'AMERICAN  '    FACTORIES  AND   ARE    .'JARANTEED     TO      KEEP      GOOD  TIME. ���������  BFORCIMHER  VWATCHMAKER,  JEWELEJ^Ol'TICIA^N  First Avenue,   X   X   5������      Ladysmith,   B. C  WfjiHtWB*MliaWilll3*ifl^R'^H?  Sorrigon's, Ladysmith, B. C,  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.      ���������  TELEPHONE   6-7  ...,    The  following   niagdzines   are   now  U in  for Julv:    Popular,   Aru;osv,   I'ear-  S.scjii,   Metropolitan,   Ladies'       Home  Journal,   Ain-sLes, at Knight's   book  *lore,  Stand a good chance to win a  u Si IK Is III Ourt������ .  PIvrry  2.ri-Ccnt' purcliasc  n[ Wh ile    Swan     Snap     oniiiles you to a  v.  ticliet in the drawing for lhi-s hii,li e.rade. p;raniophone.  toves  Stoves-  /hi  We are making them of the Newest   Pattern and La'test't&L Sh  WE DO ALL KINDS OF FOU NDRY WORK    l~ _ iWltoi  Our Prices are Reasona, hie ^W-'  SEE OUR   NEW STOVES' IN BLAIR AND ADAM'S WINDOWS. CMvMi  LADYSHITH IRON & STOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.    m-w  l&a  '���������tra  i is  vdoc


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