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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 22, 1906

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 TheT-tAdysmith Daily
Ju��c 22,   lftOi;
! ���  :	
Vancouver Footballers Are Coming Over Strong, While Locals
Will Also Have Good Team
Mr. Jas. | Adam today received , a
letter from' the secretary of the Vancouver Kootlall learn stahn,j>; that
tliey wo.ihl be over on the second.
They are making ��� ai range-incuts to
charier the steamer Couio**-, and if
successful in their efloits, will bung
along as many passengers as she. can
Regarding the game, LaUyMuith has
not yet ,iully decided upon Iter players,' but the team will piobably be
picked from lhe following: Leahy,
O'Connell, R. McMillan, Gilmour,
Connor, McMillan, Adam, Morrison,,
Mjclnc, 'Richards, Crossan, Snowden
anl Vipcnd.
Mr. Connor is ,1 new man to Ladysmith, he *ne\er. ha'huh; played with
the learn here. Howj\ei, he wias until recently a niemiljcr oi the Kilmarnock chU> in Scotland, and there
is no doubt !i<it that he will "make
good." ' jl  .
Ou the 211 h, the lo'.s will he out
for practice, aid dm 111; (he week,
will meet at least time tunes, Monday Wednesday awl luiday evenings,
it being impossible to secure the
grounds 101 moie frequent pi act ices,
as the .baselnall team is also preparing for a match. .   *
The medals "which are to he played for hate been ordered, arid . are
now ons thc way. It is expected
thai they will airive .n plenty of
time for present a lion after thc
.match, aiul the Ladysmith team intend that, they shall lie lhe pxincl
pal    actors    when
scone takes place. At &ny rate they
will play a hand game, and the he-.,t
team  will win.    ���
Today members of the collection
committee, Messrs. DcemiBg and Ky-
an, are making the rounds gathering
111 the  remaining shekels  sum^crii.ed,
and report very good progress".
The aquatic sports promise to be
thc best ever witnessed in Ladysiiiith
and many local swimmers, roweis,
etc, will participate. Several boats
ha\e been _ out with crews getting
into readiness for the soublo scull
eitnt, and several swimmer's liaveex-
���rcsscd their intention of swimming
f< r the gold medal in the Vancouver
Inland chaiupioiishiji race.
A few Indian- canoes antl their
ciews ha>c hcen in to ascertain particulars regarding the canoe races,
aijd will be here on the day to enter" in any event in their line Thc
legatta, hy the way, is something
that has Leen overlooked by the evening; paper in Nanaimo, as in yes-
terdav.'s edition- a pio&raimiine oi
the sports up until 1.30 p.m., is
printed, and nothing said of the regatta." It "is-to he hoped that the
Nanaimo people will not understand
by this that the rest of ihe day
will have t} be spent vi awaiting
then*rival of the return train. On
the (-miliary, a -.cry interesting aftei 10 in is promised, aid wiih the
present outlook, Ladysmith c*j,n - assure visitors an enjoyable time
the presentation ' throul In.nt  the entire day. .
Tho Reliance baseball team will
journey across lo Oabriola on Sun
��� lay and play a gmine with a ic.11 n
from   lhat   island.
In ihe (Sun Club shoot held ,*,os-
i.-rdaj C Martin won C.'lnss ',A"
with a score 01 10. J. Vawden sec
oiul wiih 17. In "11" class, Tt Collier    took  fiisi   with  lourioen.
The High School closes toda.v for
the summer holidays 'l'he U-aihing
Mall, Mr S<*da->'\-. wk ami Alts--. Jiuiv-
s, will aiu-nd.ilu- Teachers' Con\en
lion, which meets in Victoria next
w cok.
Mr Ih'uly, 01 Nevccile on I'.mic,
iat��laiul, a rut id m the cit,- last ev
fions*. on a \isu to hi-* bii��ihei-m
lav., Mv T����ddy Part in Viideani
On   the   Caledonian    (.rounds     *.c-.-
Tom.ni low mornin��; ihr lollowiiuc
lcitliei ai*l gent'cmen will imtinei up
lo Nitn.iiiiin   101    lilt* pin pose  ul \
ing t'lie 'renins Tout mntc-nl which   is
1 eiiig held in   that  c 11 v   lomoii'ow-
Mrs (i (' Piu* aid, Mis-, Kninsav,
.Miss (.'.hum, Miss Umijsoii \lrssis
Kitto, (-oil.ns ni, ('(i-nwall and I'.ow
The   N.inaimn coiupc-titois will  Le ���
Ladies' Sui^U-t���"\li s Petri, Miss
Ladies' Do n.Ies���Aliss*s !���', Tragic,
\.  Tcagtie,   L      Kitdr*'!,     Mes.'a'iies
I logic anil J'eto.
Alivecl Do.ihics���Mi.s ivto <in I \li-
."��� uni'inei s, "Miss Kitchen and  Mr      E
II niid
Men's Singles���Mcssis, rettgui* anl
Men's   Doubles���Miosis    E  11   11ml,
.'ind M.   llitlgson,   F    Teagup an.l   T
11   Fiilr-hrr
Play will commence at 9 a rn. with
ladies'  singles as the opening match
n.i owiug  to  the numi'ier  of e onts,
���oi-tlay   'hi*   Pry floods    defeated  lhe
Oncers   at   baseball liy the score of] it is  expected  that   the  whole of  Ihe
17  to   J    ' Uaileiy  tor    tlu*   winners day   will     he    repined  to    finish   the
C'aldoi-head   and  Onllnwny,   and     for i\mis.
the- losers,  llltmdell  and Turner
The rapid construction of new lwcs
of- railway, in the west, and the large
amount of repair work, which must
constantly be done, has neces.iita'teil
the use of'vast quantities ol railway ties during the present summer,
and the.';'fear has been expressed that
there might soon be a'. shortage , in
this essential or railroad: ..building.
The nature of Uie .demand for railway ties is strikingly instanced in
the gradual disappearance, of ..the'vast
iii Ies of ties, acctumila ted (luring tho
previous year, by the Canadian Pacific railway at Vcrmilli'in on the
main line cast between the city and
Tort Arthur.
At the:'beginning of .'-the year hundreds-of thousands of valuable ties
were store:! in the pits at- Vermilion awaiting,.; the time when - -they
would be needed in connection with
the development of the various lfnes
in the central west. At the present
time of all these ties, very few remains, and it has .become necessary
to turn ��� to other, sources for the
large number required. Fortunately,
there is no lac'.;;of ties of the quality required, and thc work of construct ion and inipr.i|V.ement goes on
At the present time thc dividing
line for the supply of railway tics is
at Moa.sc .Jaw. The ties needed on.
all lines east of that point come
from the territory 'between Rat Portage and Fort. .William. Tlie ties
for thc territory west, of Moose .laAV
come chiefly from the Crow's Nest
branch, the points of supply being
chiefly .between Elko'.and Kool'endy,
Next year it is fo-iped that the tics
for the Edmonton . branch may be1
secured at Rod Deer, the material
being rafted clown ��� the river to Lhat
point Uom the m>|u,ntiviiis. At; tht'.
present . time all ties used'-'"' 611 . ilie
branch, including those used . on. llu>
Lafohi'i'p and Weta-skiw.in extension
must he brought -./all the  way  'from
Washington, June *il.���When the
kour arrived for taking the vote on
the, canal'' type'ia the United States
Senate today, . Mr.-. Hopkins offered
his substitute providing for a loc.
canal. .Senator Kit.trjdgo moved
to lay the substitute on the table
but lbe motion was lost. The substitute was then agreed to. It is as
follows:    ���:.      ��� '������       ,.y j. : -:
������'���That a lock canai across the isthmus of' Panama, connecting-tho' wat-
ei-.s of the Atlantie and lJacihe oeeiua
to be erected 01' the general type
proposed by the minority of tho
board of consulting engineers, created by .order . of the -President, dated
Juno 124, 1.905,;in pursuance of an
act entitled, an act to provide for
the'construction'. of a canal''connecting-the'.waters! of the Atlantic' anil
Pacific oceans, approved June '28,
A   <Jrand     Henoflt.
of  the    widow  and
Into All    .fames 1'ediu-i-d   of   A)>miiu. |
is   lo   lie  held    in   Victoria   on   Tues
day  evening   next.   'Mr    <���    II
ron.*ei't    in  aid"    Port   Ail-lnn, Ont , .lime 22 -.)   \V
family    <n     ihe j ''ol.-eris, n   fireman   m the 0   N   R,
met   Willi    a   ft ii^htfnl    aceuknl   tint,
i-orninL-,   .vliirh   in 11   in .-ill   prOil.Abili
ly cost   him   his  life,    at    the  Slate
��� '"R-j l-livcr ( loss in %.     Alter some switch-
rin will be chairma'i.    The hest tal-  -nu opeiahons  he attempted tn step
<*nt in \u-ioiia has promised to'take  on  thi* pilot  hut   missrd his footnu;
Part. (^11-*  wheel  of  the   locomoiiie passed
-~_.������-_ O\or the    member severing it     fiom
At the regular monthl> uim-iinn 01 ilie l*ody, the second \\h,*-l also ran
the hoard of directors 01 the Colon- upon lhe leg, and the en-jine had
ist Printing and Publishing Co, on to he 1 fc'-'I'-ed before the unfoi tunate
Wednesday forenoon the re.signauon .man" Could lie released lie was
of iln*_Pio^td.--nt. 3Tr ' .Tamei l>iin*3-!*roHS,l>t into ,the, hospital where it
muir, wa*5 read i��r. Punsminr hav
in^ disposer! of his interests in tin
companj retire-j fi-om the board of
[ was found that he had also sufleicd
internal inuuies No hopes aiL�� en-
tej tamed for his iccoverr.
A. i'o\, P>oi'incial O nicer for
Alberni ihiiii' over last night in
chai*g*e 01 an insane man nnnrd
Afoody, .whom he is taking over io
S'ew *.Westinihstev, Moody has .not
been altogether right" for some time,
and was- taken on the bridge ni-ar
Alberni in a nude condition
has. a wife and .family-of.' seven child
It looks, ' from the ��� programme,
which was published in. The Herald
yesterday as though the. Ladysmith
celebration on Dominion Pay will 'be
a success;     (ine feature   that will  be
Elkins. W. Va., June 21.��� Before
the cbising session of the West Vir-
HeJ-ginia Bankers' Association,, today the
features were addresses by Secretary
of lhe Treasurer Shaw and United
Stages *.Senaatoir Ellcins, of this state
���'J'iie convention Was brpnght to a
close tonight with a banquet at the
home of  Senator Elfcins.
Senator Eltins spoke 0n the -income,
and inheritance taxes,  and said  that
particularly good is the canoe   racas   t-he jtweiit-ioth    century     was getting
They are always good, and from tho
races and purses advertised they
should be exceptional at Ladysmilh.
'New     Orleans,       June    21.���Cablegrams' reporting   tho    destruction   ol
Bangua  La    Grande,   a  town    of     a-
bou-t    l,50o   .inhabitants   in     Santa
Clara province      Cuba,    were  received here Inst night   by   StaniYcr Eshe-
Lmnii    nnd  Co.     Two    messages were
received,   Ihe   first   announcing     thai
the town   had been  llorkled,  and   the
second  saying  I hut   it   had    been    entirely  di'stroyoil    by   lire.    The     message*;    eniiu.    I'rom   lbe    liniii's   r.-pre
seii'tati\-e   at   I'lavuun.    No  ctdditoniil 1
iiifoi'iiinlion    h.-is  li.i'ii   reeeived   today.
single season.
The ties needed for  the railway on
\"aneouver  Islaiwi  are  of course pro-
iluced  en   the island,   and  those     of
he  Prince. Albert branch Hire   manufactured   at  Prince  Albe'rV. ~
''L'he (trice of good ties has.' risen
^teaidily during- the past 20 years ;uul
is"still rising. The price is now 50
the mills 61? the Crow's Nest branch |joi-'cent higher in the eastern purpart of the haul heing throuejli Miction of. wies-tern lines,, that in thc
mountains, where the. cost of trans- j western portion, varying- from li'2 to
portation is excessive. Fa addition ' it' cents per tie, between Winnipeg
to the mills between Elko .an".| 'Koo-''anil Port Arthur, and rom 22 to 2(i
tenay Landing, there are others in ;couts in the mountains. The'lmmlier
tlie far west, where ties in lar.u;��* ' uswl in produdtion is much the sama
numbers are produced, notably thi' east or west. Spruce, tamarae and
mills of the Columbia river Lumber } Jack pine are the trees chiefly Used,
Co, who, at Golden, sometimes man ,in addition t>o which cedar is em-
ufacture    as  many   as  500,000  in   a !ployed in British Columbia.,
Geo. Ileal tie returned last evening
from..a brief visit ty the Terminal
city*. - .        "\
10. E. Flelchei'.' posl office inspector is at the lVinrlsoi-. lie is up on
departmental business Air. Fletcher stated 10 'l'he Herald thai in con
sequence of a .request for o post office at South ..Wellington lie hurl, in-
���vostigntod the snhject ant recommended its establishment. In accordance, with his roconmvi-ntlut iun nu
ollice would be opened within :i
short time. This is a much-needed
convenience for lhe liule 1 own and
the esi ahlishmeiii of a post oil'ic-
as now promised hy Mr. Fletcher,
will be appreciated l.y all 1 he ro-.i
dents of that   place.
At last Nana into is io see. a real
live and scientific boxing exhibition,
not one of those sbifi-giug matches
which disgusts everybody that sees
them, but Aa go between two I'nst
and clever men who have fought
many a hard won libit le within
thi*  rcipwl arena
The contest. ihai is io he pulled oft'
in this city is a iiftnen round go between Bob Williams, the "1 :*���"* pound
champion of Australia nnd Sailo
Kelly a lUb pound man from Alil-
waiiki'p. This match will take place
tinder the auspices 01 the Nanaimo
Athletic club on Saturday night.
June   30ih.    nnd will  bo   for a .purse
(Continued en Page Pour.)
ready for the readjustincnt of the in
terests of Imtuamity.
'"���Money in a certain se.nsc is consecrated," he said. "INLoney is an order 011 the world for what t-Jte world
produces, and in all countries and
climes this order is alwavs honored."
He declared that poverty and want
will yet be 'banished frnm the world,
lie said:
"There is c��;ii-g.h wealth in the
world now t0 prevent, poverty, but
wc have not yet learned how to distribute it. We understand the ways
of lUTiinuilalH-n, hut not of distribution'. Society and government arc
eonshinily slruegli'iig with great
.piestions. Society under a free govern Micf.it, Inis roached the po-iuf where,
if can gel uh.il il. demands, what is
best for it, anil protect itself with,
out   force.
"C01npct.ilion  nnd   individualism  go
hand in      hand,''    said  the senator,
"and     up    to a    certain-    point are
wil devomc    and      hrneiicial   to commerce and  Imsincss.
"I.'nreslfain-ed <-oinia*l.ilion in the
hiisinc-s world," he added, "tluows
society pad.- on the creel law nf the
snivhal df lhe lit tost, and ia the
end the,strong prevail and-dominate.
Competition and individualism are
the patents of present conditions, of
trusts, comlv'iiKifions and colossal for-
tt-fies. Thcoiloro Roosevelt once said
I bat. he thought, thai a compromise
hetiveen iinlividuaJiS'in and socialism
would he best. I replied lhat apparently (his might Ive a solution,
but how could society get rid of llu*
evils oi both while holding on to
Iheir   benefits?"
The Board of Trade will hold their
1 egular monthly meeting this evening.
Th#    audience  which  gieeted '  M >s
Olnia   Dahl  111   thc Opera House last
evening, (an now well understand win
Victoria and other cities are clamming  i'oi   i('turn engagements    of   this
1 eautiful  hingei   and   hei   accomphsji-
ed    accompanist,    Miss  (Una Smith
Tlie progiamine,  although it   co.i-.lst-
cil  oi   twelve  niimhcis,   was   all    ttlo
slioit,  and  the deinonstr.ition of  ap-
picciation    m    the  way  of anpl.t' se
v.hifh gieeted each lendmon, seemed
all too inadequate to rejiaj   lhe   e.\-
piisitfe    songsticss and    lhe  talentei
pianiste  lor the pleasure  which  Ihej
had avoided.
[���"lorn the lust number, Mclaitrn'*>
���'0 llciie je�� ei JMeget 'Iraet," Mi^s
Dahl had hei audunv.c comple-telj
won, not only by hit nch voice,
but hct cvciy cvpression ami giace-
ft.l poise of body, taking thc audience tuiouyh each phase of the
iongs and carrying tliem almost un
cons.ciously into a perfect stoini oi
applause of then own volition.
Miss Smith, whose name was on
the piOgiamme for two piano so'os,
..elded itiiK.li, very much, to the attractiveness of the evening, and hei
c larming method of acl.nowltdg.in.-.
applause, the nnalTecled pleasuic re-
i o. tod on hei faoe caused by hei alii llv to please, lell nothing lacUiiu.r
in the cli.uiii ol hei  perfoi.tuance
\1 the conclusion of the third ui'ui-
l/'i, and befoie the applause lia-d die-U
aw.iv, little Ciwennie and Doia Jone**
who r.sanbl. d tiny fairie*., weie assisted onto lhe platform, each hold-
i-g an CMquisite l.ouci,iict of floweis,
on1? ot wihiih was presented to Miss
li.dtl and one to Miss Smith, both
acl.nowled.gmg them gracelnlly, and
.iccepliiig this fui.ther proof of appie-
cL'ition" in a maiuiei which placed
them more firmly, if possible, in the
lnendly graces o' the audience.
As tlie lii'st not��s of the national
anthem sounded, it was with a sigh
of 1 egret the atiditnce tealr/ed the
piograniiue had 1 cached a conclusion, and it was the concensus ol
opinion that while many will \isit
the theatre on future occasions, few,
indeed, will be ihe opportunities
listening to artists of tho ability
Miss Dahl.
.Seattle,  J1 ne  'il��� In  llu hope     of
bringing the memhcis of  tlie Sailors'
I'moii  UicK  to  then  original     teims
and  liimiiing the sailois'  loclcoui    to
.1 qi'icKei   tlose,  the owneis and   *g-
dils of sb.Min   schooners  which (ji'ty
mm! ei   and  pttss<ngeis  .ilo��v>  tin*  1'u-
iM   Sound an I c-oasl-have UansiVt ied
hen   vessels    from      passmgier    nnd
neiL-hl   cameis   lo    fiei��vht    earners
onh , thus beir-g enabled  t0   di-iuiw.e
ilh  the .senicos of 0'*ci  %alf cl   lhp
ailois employed  on  then   toils
'Ihis   step, taLen as a l��Ut mea'-Mic
.0   bring  the saulois  to  teims,    will
thiow between 800 an/1   1,000 sai'ors
out   of emplovinont,  and   will   be lclt
all  along  tlir." coast  from  Seal lie  to
la n Frant isco a"1-! I-os Anaeles
'lbe following    explanation of     lhe
11 asme adopted was given to a Pn*!L-
iiiclligencer reporter  yesterday  I y a
ocal agent nt sev eral' of the   ves . Is
1. ii' Ceiied
' 'Ihe agin Is and    owners of steam
c'i oiieis held a meeting iceently foi
L.* purpose  of    deciding  upon   some
t ���]>  which wo'Id  ce effectual  111   m,-
ilishnit;   the   loci onl,   and   the  abtue
Icp was dec Kiwi  upon as  one of the
iiu's-t      '1 here .tie upwards of     125
Jiooneis  operating  nj on the    coast
icdai,    milling  lumter and   pas.- n-
iis-        iVow, the smallest of    fiese
li..s not  t'aiiy less than ten sailors
lien   listed   as  a   passenget-can*, n>r
U),  in additirjn  to the  ofliceus, me-
anics and  potty ofhceis of  theves-
f'N      The schooners carrying frei.ht
inlv  and   listed  as  fieight   cameis,
ie peimitted  to cany but four n.cn.
<\  a I   thc    meeting it was   decided
.m .. i elei si/Uig. June 21���'lbe iu��-
ivasioi; piti(inn--u l..y 1110 bialystu.
..lassucre had the auecl of c(il.iinb
.-...ort ' ibo debate in lhe lower* hou.s..
, oilay on the cyiest ion of alirogrn-
iiig privileges ami [.lacing all Itus-
.-iaii subjects on an eiiuality before
ihe law.
U'kktever hostility existed again.**-,
.lie granting of equality to tho dews
(iisappoaivd alter a st ro'ng speech
111:1 du liy S.-. Clu.pUin, chuiruuin o.
the parliamentary eoiimiission which
went u> Uialystok. Lie spoke amitl
l.u'eal lil..-ss silence, but did not men
tion l!iiil,\stok l>y name, although every one within who heard the sound
of his voice Uivvv he was referring
to the scenes he had .inst left, and
ih<* nuii-s.*mii ic massacres which tin-
country Ims witnessed and is witnessing, iic declared thiii lh.- m[ts
snercs were due direct ly to the inequality of 'he Jews before the law,
which parliament, was seeking to
correct, adding, il bus been charged that the Jews are becoming anarchists that is partially true the
government l.y oppression is driving
the- prosecuted ine.-nbers 01 the race
to anarchy.
i labia v, June '.: 1 .���l-rovincinl elections held in Novo Scotia yesterday resulted in the Murray. Liberal
government being sustained hy an
ovecwhet-niag   majority.
l.nlest.   returns   gives    the   Liberals
.'-..'-;  seals  out   oi I'.S.   f'onservat i\e   ���!���,
nnd   Independents   1.      Among tho  de
I'eated     is     M.     T'nl tersoii.    a    nicin-
l.vi-  of thir* Afurrny  cubinet .
llaiuiHon.    .-Time    '.'I ���T',ii'e    at    nn
fnrly  hour   thi-.  ino>-ning    did     dattir
n*re    to  tie* e.vtrr.i   of  ?fiO,000 tn  in
ten'.-.r  of    now   Central    Presbyterian
hat all the steam schooners, cair<-
ng passengeis and freight, should he
lansfeirrd to freight carriers, ami
hy this liansfci we weie permuted
0 disrense with six sailors, which
e  will do  today."
I'huhntii. .Tune 21��� The bod.\ of
illiim Thompson a .v oung Scou-h
hii.   who     cum-     io   Canada     from
-...tlilml     I.W.. \V ��;.-kS    Itljjv.    lluS    bveil
oiind hanging to a tree in the words
n  lhe SiVr   concession of fibvei*.    Mr.
'hompson      rlisappcarerl   last    T'    "s-
^Rmtreal, June 2-1.���������Damage to
-he e.vC-eiiL 0f S'100,000 was caused
.'i a lire which broke out toii.igi.it.
.11 Nicolet, a town on the so.oh,
shore of tlie Si. Lawrence, about
.-.ixty miles from here. The "(ire was
discovered shortly vafter six o'clock
.11 the old Parish cburck. " .Inside 01
ii'bK-ii niinnies the efforts of lhe
lirenien were s��on to be useless, and
a cult for assistance was stmt to St
Hyacinthe. Meanwhile       the   new
.'ttthedrals, a stoiir.* edifice- recently
const met ed and vnluud at $100,-
"00 catight lire. The Haines spread
in S. Joseph's Rest, a home for
priests, aiul from here io the Xico-
let eoHVonl. All four edifices wort;
completely destroyed. 'lhe convent
was a new structure 01' stone with
:i large main building , and two
wings, and at the time of the. lire
1 here were in residences over three
hundred nuns.
The. buildings cost Sto0,000 'and
Uie furnishings .Sb(s..00li. So far as
is known  un  lives were lost.
Toronto, June IH. ��� Highl Vlonor-
ahhi Sir Itohei-f ISond, K. C, premier oi .Newfoundland is in the city
He say.-; the question ot'- Newfoundland entei-itig i.'onlorieration is never
niMiVione.1 now us there was absolutely no sentiment in'regard to it.
���Annexation to t he ��� Vnited States watt
an erpially dead issue and e.ven less
heard of. A si rong imperialistic sentiment   is pi-evading  the poople.
National  I.t-agne.
i'hiladelphtn    :���!.    St.  Louis* 2.
Boston   10,    Chicago  i.
New  York   5. Pittsburg 4.
-American League.
1st  Game,  Detroit  0.  Cleveland 9.
.'2nd Game, Detroit 2. Cleveland \0j
*����. W  THE LAOISMITIl DAILY   LRDflRR  r -���������#*���������������. a������n**-(* ���������(������������������*6,���������**������������������,  -���������tt  THE DAILY LEDGER  Published   every   day   except Sunday  -BY���������  THE  DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One  Year (in advance) _.���������  $5.00  One Montii   -  50 cents  DOUBLE  i|R   VOU    WANT  A<i<*(>!>  MURDER  FRIDAY  June 22,    ItlOC  Vancouver, June HO���������A special  from liazelton in cenlial British Col  uiiibia  to The VI oi Id say.s  A double inni-der wa-- committed  here early yesterday morning, Ale.v-  anuiu   .Uc.Luto.sh,   a  half-breed,       ami    ' Ala.v     Lei.luie  a      guide  Hum    ,Kam-  ioop*j>, are lhe \u 11111*3 and Uie mui-  llog-deJX-d i.b alleged lo be Simon.John  -sou, an Indian oi uie Iwspco tiibe.  JlcintO'-.b and .Jolu*tr>i un /quai relied  on -Alouda*. iiighL, and when the dead  body Ofl the hall-breed was fo'iAil v es  lei day 111 the middle ui lho road a  mile and'a hah irom low 11, suspicion,  ul   oni 0 poinied   lo   Uie   Indian.     Me-   o  ' hiiosh   had  been   shot     110m   behimd,  Tl)   RESTRAIN"  TRADE ' apjmiently   wink*   i id ny   into      town,  limnilion, June 21 ���������l-iif-lit ol 1 ru\ A man was al once sent out io hinil  odiceis ol' Iiominion Uhohs.iK* C'rojioi' Juluison. Hall' an bom later.mi  1 i'i--,' Guild were (.ommil U-tl loi 1 rial J cv-ciled Indian mile into t������\vm from  ut noon lodn*. Ijy M.igisi inle Jells, Kispci ex lo sa.v he bad discovered  Thev wore commuted on a chaige of j anotht*'' body ll mined out to be  conspiracy  lo  1 est rain trade ancl   en-', that  of  Loclsuv       lie,   too,   bad  been  first  Class   Meal  CALL AT���������  J. X. Smith's Restaurant.  ALWAYS OPEN FIRST   AVENUE  SOllE GOOJi SliOOTING  Indianapolis, June 21 ���������E. E  eis of St. Louis loclii*. won first  prize in the Oinnd Handicap v. il h a  score of tl-1 targets out ul* a possible of 100, shooting from ihe 17  -���������.aid line, ll A. lTp*-on, Hamilton,  Onl . scored 91, .mil llohett Milb*i.  also  of   Hamilton,   V>0.  ihanre proci-s of 1 onmiocliiics, E  F. II. Johns-ion, Toionto, appeared  For defendants, and spoke foi over  un hour arguing Hint tiie magistrate should disinifs ihe case as il  e/lected   about   two  hundred  g-jorers  CAL'CIIT IX THK \i:T  Toronto, Jjiiil* 21��������� The police today made a sensational descent upon a dozen of Toronto's leaden ii,  bucket shops and plni es vvheu* in  hnnc]'inoolvs on differenl spoiling events are made They gave no wain  11114- of their coming raids. being  mnde upon all places ������a( tho same  time Patrons found I herein included  ninny well known riii/ens and these  wr-i't- compelled to gi** o their names  ns u il nesses to the police while the  propi ietors   v-ei-e held    for  tiial  shot m tin* back while 1-.���������turning to  his camp on the , Kispciox" tun!,  no'-t h 01  I la/h ton  n  Leelare's hoist* is missing, and il  is supposed the Indian killed thc  guide m older in gel me nni'iuil so  dial he mig-hl escape on il. fosses  of liubans nie on ihe Hail 01 the sup  posed   mm di-ier  SENTK.VCEH  TO   HEATH.  Oxbow, Sask , Juno 21 ��������� The trial  of n llungaiian nfimc-cl V Magynr,  who shot and killed his employer,  "Donald Cameron a I Frobisher, some  months ago m .1 -*li������h( nltcrcat ion  was ronclurlorl todnv Tliu priponei  was founrl giuliv and sentenced to  he hanged al Reg 1111 on September  si\-th     He pleaded  self defense  Bqiiimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  DOMINION DAY, JULY 2,1996  WON'   HY  A  I0AD.  R. I"'  SliL-opihead Ha*., June 21 ���������In a  leiiifie di ive which hist.d nil ll*i>>  ugli the linal       fin long       (!oli<*-  I vvei'ii    at     G   to   1     won   lhe     Subur-  Ii.in   Iliiiidicip    in   thi-  pi i-i lie   ui   ;><>  IIDO   people   ,\l   mnvp--*i|-*a,i'    \>.t\\      to  d.i.v     l be I iinc wil*-  "2  li") 1  lCmg ll.iiikon will Iu* iiiiiininl ed' on  Ihe loi-ebi'aci and I he vvrisls nnd the  wil ire   rile   will   ho   simpler  When   nr*ni'l\    iortv  >e.iis  m/o King t ������������������ ..^.���������~.^  Oscnr  of  Sweden   received   l in-' i l own , [  he bared his  breasl' anl  ercli-siiW ies ' For a coo  ciosscd   il   \\ i t h sailed oiU nn oi'din  to  On*  custom   of   the  older  days  k s n  >~ i ��������� f f*-4'* .  ii a '*is!  Melds   Them  (''.-.ciltc  i 'ia--  v'JCTOKIA.    ���������     --  AH  .I'A-U'iY   -  Co., Ltd  .���������>g,eriey  ������x  -B.C  Fxeiirs:Vii k'ates  IN EXPECT BETWEEN  All Stations  liekels on sale Saturday June 30, Sunday, July 1st. and  Mouclav>July 2���������Good'ta.ret.uru-not later than Mon., July 2  Double Train Scfyicc, in effect Each Day  G, L,. Criu r-t'ney,  - District Passenger Agent  "18 Government St., Victoria-. H.C.  refresh i 110*-  SunliylU Soi*n i< better tli.in oilier bo-ips, but  is liest ������ lien usud in l!io iVmillKUt v uy.    "  lliij Sunlight Su.ip nii.l 'nilow Oiicclions  -4   Union inade-Capita! & Nugget Cigars  HOW TO BREAK UP A COL')  IL may be a surprise t^o ijjtiny 'o  learn that a severe cold can he ccmi-  jiletely broken up in one >jr t\^o  iLiys' time. 'l]he first synip'joms of  a cold is a dry, loud coih,Ii, a l'io  fuse watery discharge firm V e i-sc,  and a thin, white, coatntc on ti u  tongue. "When Chamlbcrlain's Cotigb  remedy is talcen every hour on the  (iist appearance; of Ihcs1 symptoms,  it counteracts the effect of the cold  and restores the system to a ho ilthy  condition within a day or two. I������or  *rie by LadvsmMf*  T'lmimacy.  Ask for  WATSON'S  DUNDEE  -WHISKEY-  **********************  -The Cream of Scotch Whiskies  n   t \\\i\im9m\9^*ii***^���������������\**������i*viW9*mfrw9ky  '     DAY  SCHOOL  Uiual   subjects   taiiglit;   also ian  .j-tian-e*-.  drawing  in   pencil   and  crayons,  paint ng   in  oils  ancl   water col  ������������������rs, pianofoi to ancl vocal lessons giv  rri  in classes  or individually.  MISS RER-TRAW,      Lndvsmith, B.C  RAYMONDS SONS      |  ATH  During: the Sum nre 1*  Months Call on   THOMAS LEWIS  Shavinir I'ailois,  etc.,     High Street  JL. * rAU.-Md  FOR THE 8I6SEST BARGAINS, IN  WaU Papers  Call ��������� on Jr E.  House- and 5.211 Painter  ���������Dealers  in���������  Lime,   Plaster  Paiis,    BricK,  *i  |j    Fire  rtiick.and Vancouver is-  \i Via nil cement.  I    3 Pandora St.  Victoii.i  li.C  k You fioin; fast?  Then u������ duie your tickets rend <U  tha  North Western Line  Ihe only Hue now making (JNIOlv  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  ancl MINNEAPOLIS with th������  iluough trains from tbe Pacifli  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS, TIIE LOWES'*  KATES,   THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CUV  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CTH  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For romplete infoimation  ask yr  l<ic������l agpnt or write,  F. W. PARKER  G (ineral   tif*  ViO 3ni Ave., Seattle  7f>  ,y.  Ticket and   Freight Office,  Government Street.  i)    Transcbrrtlneht^ fl  The -NftW: -ft&A '< ���������  C RIE N TAL Ll WIT CD  ���������The Traia������'or*lk'L;''  ,1 r,    ir -iV  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence,  Every  mile a^. picture,, v^nd ^  no' smote to spoil the; }ifii(/.:  Through Coniji^rjinient, \ ��������� Observation and P^iflinan Sleepers;    alsa   Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago, y  At antic Steamship Busiaest to Eitrqpe  i������ our Spdcialiy ,   '.  UnioiL   Terminals   with-All  Steamer,lines. ,   , _*���������  Rerth reserva.tions.-'.bjtjwirel .1  Great Northern S.S.-Co.  FOK .JAPAN   AND  CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from gentile for .la-  pan    and China, "ports at   tier  ,<tuenr dates.     ?%act   sailing -,!  dates can he secured  upon application to any Great North-  el n lepresentative.  S. G.  YERKRS,   ���������    ���������    \     ���������  A.G.P-.A., Seattle, Wash.  B..R. ST-EPHEN; i ,��������� .  ,Gen.  Agcnt,';.:yictorta,. B.C.  *X<<9\,  ^ J.HENRYS  r Jlpltt; dREEIi-  HOUSEk ANO SEiO  HOUSES  ,1*110,. Westminster Road.  iv\$cduyEtt.  Head4uart������rs for   . PACIfnClaROWN darden, tlela  Md flower SEED5  tot distribution. ;  Large--3stock   of Home  ��������� Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL     TREES  tiojr matured for Spring. r^r>  No,expense,Joss or de- *=������.  lay of lumig-ation or in- ^^  spection  Let me price your list  before placing your   or-  :���������  der.. vlreennoiise Plants,  Floral Pacl.aK<3s. Fertilizers, etc.  3010' Webtminster Road.  vXncouver, b. c.  X  THE HUDSON'SBAY GO,  Sole  Asr-e'rits'for B.   C.  X  MINARD'S LINIMENT is tho only  Liniment asked for- at my -,s1.orc nnd  the only one we keep for sale*. All  tlie people use  it.  HARLIN FULTON.  Pleasfint Day,  0.  B.  Try Capital ancl Nugget Cigars  Low Excursion  Rates  Hound Trip.  Coot  To  July   10  to  15.  Denver  August  7, 8, .9.  Milwaukee  Sept. 8,  9, 10.  Toronto  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR BOWEL   TROUBLE  Mr. M.  F.  Burroughs,  an old   and  wellt-lcnown    resident     of      BlufiUr  Ind., says:    "'I.regard Chamjfoerlain".--  Golic,   Cholera  and  Diarrhoea  Resiif-  dy as  the very .best remedy  for  bo  wel trpu-hle.     I make this statement  after having used the remedy in    my  family for several years.     I  am i3v-  cr  without it."    This remedy  is  almost  sure  to  be needed  before     lli-  Kummer   is  overf      Why     not     buy  it   now and   be   prepared   for    sucl  an   emercreney?     For sale by     \'.ady  smith Pharmacy  For sale by  ,75  June 4, 6, 7, 22   25.  July 2, 3, Aug.  7, 8, 9.  TO   A L f P 0 I NT S  For particulars  call  on     or  write E. E. Blackwood, General Agent,  Victoria, B.C.  A    D     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  -izsxzgi&ei u mi i11 .im.'iw it������������������^  GLASS      GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that you get the globe  with the rut-iber ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the riibftjler. ring  cannot keep out water, yon  can see that by exacmiining  them. Tho artificial flower  thai; is put into the globes  wiih the rubber rings, is g<iiar  antired to lie tlie best, and if  you want a globe with a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X. Jones, agent for  H������NRY CREW  ,  The  only    place you can    get  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C.    for     the  French    Wreath  Co., of   London,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  UnderjNew Ma nag in est!  HOTEL WILSON  Jus* R. ��������� Mcktonell, Prop.  NANAIMO  Commercial Mens' head(ih.ivtors.  Modern and      Strictly First  Class.  Fire Proof    Buildi*-?.  THE JONES HOTEL  ��������� WHITE   COOK   and  -���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  O-A'TA'O^Id  STREET-     Ladysmith.  ���������rfiraancswr.'  HOTEL   DOMINION  ���������RatrB .fl.25 "anil-flJiO���������   '  l-*rr������ to   all Btfiambo?.t* lan'dingH.and  railway depot's. Electric-j".ait| wefy ii\e  minutea to all psvi'te of the eity.* Bar  ind tal le unosciMIed.  F. BAYNR-S, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B, C.  Best accommodation tor transient  /ind permanent boarders and lodger**.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  a'dy furnished and the bar is lip-to-  d������te Hates JlJtt a day and iip-  w\rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Ep5'1������.!-<*4i������ ���������<-: :���������- :*~: :-*-; fj***fiBll*ll  SlT.AM UKATEIl  FURNISH    ROOMS  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BEirT  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ������ HOTEL  A. J.-McMURTRIE, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  "Furnished  LADVSMHH,   .C  Good tables aud good  Rooms  PORT  Board at reasonable.  Rates  HOTEL  DAVID HYNDS,  Prop.  The bar is extra   well  Stocked  Fletcher Bros.  Pianos   & Organs  Ladysniith, B.C  Plumbing and Titisniiiiig  .',",   poNk at .: ;  Reasonable Prices   By   J. ANDERSON  I^eav^ orders at 1'eterson's Fura -  ture ^tore, or telephone No 5S.  -_^\\ ���������r-������"���������:-. *  j,ai*li������.-.f--,i4l  ���������*> ' ������������������������.'^-iwi^'-.'kilJ'S":^ir.*.-������ii.v*'. :'������������i..y.1;!.'S������f^ ��������� ������������������������������*-������-���������������������������*  *    THE lYEB^OPPEK ������Q.M    I  . aii:S3{<JKij:.������ 'i.'.-J.*:;'".--*-'  PURCHASBRiS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLO AND  . Mm^\&S& Wo|rks; at ; y  HEAD OFFICE^)  VancouMr  CLEBJWNT  ', B-0^ - - ^ .A 11 -    ������antral Manager. J  **f0*^****^*^*****^***t  _n*-:' ~~:i,:sv~j.  ���������;.j*.....^>'-i*--- .-.,....���������  ---, .-: A-i ^^a!?g=^!P1' J . ���������   .    ...     ���������     ���������������������������-1  .���������..���������"���������-���������"���������..���������..���������������������~������.^.^������������..������.<.Ht..������.^..������.<^.^-#.   ....T���������T ., V-,-'-,,,,,  ,,,,,  i       ' "'"^''~'^ ' '" '  ���������' "*     '"'   ' '"  f  This   Hotel   has  HOTI  Lcen  conipletely       renovated.  Board  ������ml  lodging $1.00 per day.  -<-������v   *w "  Hht   Supi'lied   with   the   Best  Liquors  uiul  (,'igai'K. '  PF^E2TORIM  Ladysmith  B.O.  JOHN Ti-'.A, Proprietor  STOVES? StO^ES!  we fre ^**^������^ATCI^ aig  Latest Styles and NeweVf ^ Patterns-.We do  ^���������!.^!?^%:^ni4'sy*is^  Nickel Platllig in allots 1>fjpjjes& Specialty  Ladysmith Stove 8c li^Works Co.Xd  TELEPHONE 53 y,        ;. : .':. :'..'>, P; p������ 42.'.  2  j  Wtiit:.*-:, Jst Avenue  *      WM.   WUNSIE,  President    .!. W.  COnURN,  Maiia-:in{r, Director.  Tdepliaw*   "t-(n. . ���������    ���������  ... s.... ������1  R. Williamsqti Prop  ist. Avenue  smith B C  "fie Ladysmith Lumber Co  Vt,*i*������  MILLS    AT   FIDDK1K.  AND   LADV SMITH-" *-   ^  Sh.in.gles. a:Sp.e.cialty  manupactukf;r.s of���������  Rons*.i and Di-usscd Fir antl Cotlar Luiribors  LATHS,   SIlINCiLES,   MOULD IN CIS,       ETU.,     of    the  REST  QUALITY SEASONKl).      AND    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  FINLSf-IINO   LUMIUOIi IN  STOCK  Neatly and kttiW$^0&y-  S. RQEiiil^G' ^:~  ������-*:..'������������������'"  Execute  -. LApy^ivjiirr^  " tit *~***i* *+*���������:-���������+v-  L^pySMJKH^T*^ STABLE  pianos;   on&Atis, ".'4������p.jiousehold . kdrniturf -mov.  B;D PROMPTLY A   ND: SAFELY. "v  Stables in theTear of the Lad pnaith hotel.  Ab*bo"t������    ford.  Leave ordbrs at   the  *  X  'I  I  t  ������A'.    J   WASKETT pROP.   \  r** ********* **********^^^^^^^f^ | THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  LODGMJS  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    5.���������  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall    every  2nd    and   <ith  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  '      ' MRS. KATE TATE,  M, of R. & C.  IMU.0  ANCJENi        ORDER   1/  i  DRUIDS  Wellington  C<io\e  No   4  U.  A    l)  i'  Meets   i  n  the   1- 0   O .F.  Kail,  ;  u  dysniith,  the   Second   and  l-\i',i  \i  Wednesdaj  s  -,? each  month.  coium-  '���������  itg Wednesday,   l.ith .   IUuT*.  Visiting  Druid-*     ;u������' n-vlt  i-d   to  C-  Und.  By Ori.'i  i *>  WM   nAFTER. Reef Ser  V  i  PATRICK  UUi'K.  V    *  1-ilLBERT  4  Dr. Dier can he iniin'1 at^any ti n-r  at his ofliee on Gatacre st. His d ���������<���������  tal woirk is tf.t, araiiteed lo he fir-*-  class and rates  reasonable ������t  NOTICE  From      this data  the  undersigned  will  not he   -.(.-sponsible  foi   any  indebtedness      Incurred except on      ���������������  written ororr signed hy Ilie secretary  Rowland  fd&t-hin.  V.   I.* EXPLOR-VTIOM tf  DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Persona'  Llahil'ty  V|,fn  H  *VT������t   |<m-    ,nn"������  M. R. SIMPSON  t.  Solicitor.   E������*  Money   ta   Uas  toirm UOYSMUH  F  MannfacturersofLhe Famous  CUBAN   IJL0S50.1  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  H J. BOOTH, Prop  Dr.R.B. Diei  Surgeon ^Dentist  All. worK  guarantor-id and  at reasonable  rates.  RESIDENCE   AN'D  OFFICE  Gatacre M LadysLiiih  0| en  at all h-'iii*-*.  LAOYiiVlUii    liAhKRV  CHOICE     CAKEci     AND    l'AS HO  ALWAYS     ���������������������������RESIt   ON   HAND  Wedding    Caitc������  -.Rule   to  Order  PRL'iTS    AMD    CANDIES OF   ALL  KINDS.     FRESH   DREAD   EVERY    DAY  1-rices    are     Very  Reasonable.      All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE * CO.  ON THF- -SSPLANADE.  In mild weather,  !  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAfMLTQN, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBE8,  PORTLAND, 80ST0N,  And the Principal Business Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND  j     PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  _. For Time 'rubles, etc., mldroaa  ��������� CEO. W. VAUX, -  ABSlBM'it Geu'l Puv-eui'er mid Ticket Agent,  135 Adams ST.. CHICAGO, H.L  Paisley Dye Works .  Fancy Dyeing and Cleaning. Charge  ���������s reasonable, etc.    Work Guaranteed  Commercial St. - Nanaimo, B.C.  J. PiEBCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE U8Y GOODS  VICTORIA, B. C.:  burns   coal,   coke   or   wood  equ-illy well, ancl grates for  boili are always supplied.  when   a   steady  fire   is   not  needed,  the  chilliness   can   be   taken   ofi"   n  house  with a  wood   fire'���������the   large   double   food   doors  L}      will admit a heavy, rough  chunk.  The "Sunshine" is a glowing opposition lo  cold winter days, and will produce more comfort  from the same amount of fuel than any oilier  furnace.  You should examine this heater- before buying  any other.  Sold by enterprising dealers  everywhere ��������� booklet free. ������/$$$  London, c^M������v${ m  TOllONTO,  MOKTKEAIi,  winnipeg,  Vancouver,  St. John.  HAMIhTON.  li Ladysmith Hardware Co,, Sole Agents  NOTICE  LADYSJViirn   WATER WO^KS  Consumers are requested to call at   Uie office     ou  Robeits   Stiec-t  iay Water     Rates, between the lotli   and tlie 23(li of each m nfli  Office Hours I P.M. 430  I. f BLAND  SliPKRfNTWNDKNT.  GENERA! BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners* Drilling  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT  SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILLS  SHARPENED   BY  US      ALWAYS    GIVE,.3'ATISFACTION.  >-_PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED-���������  '-s'HI'l1:S':M.rTnrJN4G    IN     ALL   ITS    BRANCHKS  Horseshoers ancl Genera' Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT.  Butler Street   -     -    -     - i.ady������iriitli, e V  Work  Light Teaming.  Orders Wifch-  I'lRST  AVENUE  Wood and    Bark   for  sale  W. CARTER.  .See   J.   KEMP,   ol    leave  PllONJi      HO  lir't  Class  RJjQS POR HIRE  DELIVERED.  WOOD AND CARK  FOR SALE    AND  v-y- EXPRE   SS WORK  !'"���������>-���������**��������� ~l   ~'j   'IM  i  I  l  *>  *  '���������*������������������*������������������"���������"**������������������������������������*���������*��������������������������������������������� ���������"���������"���������..f.���������-<���������..���������.������������������..���������"���������"������������������.���������-������������������'.  DAVID JOHNSOrr  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  :���������*���������������������������:.������,���������:.������������������������*..*������������������  ..#..������..���������������������������������������������������������-  ::  ICE!    IGE!    ICE!  Will be Delivered on  Mondays,   Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  Orders iiuist be in by"eleven  o'clock on"-day  61 Delivery,  I Union  Brewing; Co  ��������� Limited  I NANAIMO    B   C.  NOTICE  TO   CONTRACTORS.  Ladysniith Wharf.  SEALED TENDERS, propoi'ly eii-  ilorsed "Tender for Laidys mi th Wharf  ami Approach," will he received hy  the undersigned " up to noon of the  30th inst., for the erection and completion of a wharf and approach at  Oyster'.Harbour,- Ladysniith,   B.C.  Drawings, specifications..and conditions of"tendering wind ; contract may  be seen at the, office*; joi^iiie I'u'blie  .yVorks Engineer, VlctJ/rfaj B.-.0;j ������������ t  the office of the"'Government- ?A\i*riit,:  Nanaimo, B.C;, nnd at" Laidysmiih,  B.C., on and after June the*J.Si;li.'  Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank 'cheque or  certificate of deposit on a chartered  hank of Canada, made payalble to the  undersigned, in the sum of two hundred ($200) dollars,. which* shall be  forfeited if the party tendering tli*.-  cline to enter into conlracl whin  called upon to  do so.  The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon  the execution of the contract.  Thc successful tenderer will be ve-  inwired to furnish bonds himself anil  two sureties, satisfactory to the  Chief Commissioner, in the sum of  eight. hundred   ($800)   dollars each.  Upon the execution of the bond lhe  che/que above inieiitioni'd will he returned to (������ho contractor. ���������  Tsnders will not be considered unless made out on tho forms supplied  and signed with the actual sig-na-  1 nre of the tenderer.  F.  C.   GAMBLl'V  Public Works   Kn^inc-er.  Lands and  Works  Department,  ���������'Victoria," B.C.,  15 th  .lime,' lflOfi.  W.  SILER.  *ENfEKAL EXPRESS ANT)  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY   [l.     '���������  Le*v*i orders at, the Abh'ilsbn-il  L.-**wTa%tna*M,T*&q*am-������Tq*nmn  Keep  Minard's  house.  Linimenl.    in     the  $1,04*6    IN    PRl  Championship   Baseball    Match  ^  NANAIMO  .REL'IANCK   VS.  I.AD VS.VITI I.  DO)  Oi-   THE  1JO.\I1\10.\  TAKLLUJENT J  Loiupai' <1  11 sea I   \ en i  Willi  IliM  till.ii..>, Ji.n JJ ���������Ail t-T.lnua.l-s  mi. in.- i i.,i,i,i_, i a' ���������ji-'ai jic no'.\  lit. li j I i'    j . i; .i j i   nl     tl '.id    i in \ 11 ulIi  1.. .1     IJ.illll,        <lil.ll 1/1 Jlj'Ul'l*. cllll-l  Ji i ������������������-!,. .i i ii .    ...ii.ii.ii-.   ui    U'i*  million  ll.   '!.��������� 111.Ill 1,1,1        \ ( ,1 i J In-        *5llp-  I It nn uLai-. v. mi.i11 s im tin n-1-..tl  <.. '. uui (il niiit." iim'iilis iioin .Jul.v  iii^m imiil \lc.i.h '������������������'., I'.i'iT, '.mm.  .jMii^hl duuii toniyht, tho- Lol.il bi-  i)U    ������������������-* 1,GIJ'.",V) 1 ii       \rl(lcd   lu   tlu- iii.nu  ' -,1 11.KlloS       Ot        *<7L,()I.< I, 1( .'! l)ID.lL,llL  'ioitii somi u(.'L'ks <il;(i llu1 1������il .il i-  -, ,   27:'.,-'To    fiy  nine   nionllis,   cijiii.-  . ih nl Ui ,[ 12 iiKiiilli-> Ui'pi ()|H lal mil  >J    *-.ni.7.j."i,.i7'.l    ..s  ->.**��������� /,*s.">*i,l������H '     III     Hit  io-MIIji  llllll-ll      i   .llMllllllll'  .      Ili'llls        111      IllC  .iijil '.t n.'iil.iii.s nii-liiilu 1 li������* follmv-  iM-4 Nt'lsiin |iiitili( lnuliliiii;' iminu-.e  .ilciii-. iiii'IiiiIiiii> lillm-i;-. <'!( , XI,-  li.il  r\\ illi.iiiish >,k|  (-ii.il .ml ine si :ll inn : ai  jll in miii'ill <-.     li'Ji.HIS,     Sli])|-ll>s,        e(c.  x] ti,tl(li.i  '>l c.inii-i   hu   (]iicii.iiil in ���������   Xo.j.ilinl  I 'nisei-   I'im'i.    rcimivul     til   (ili*-l i .if-  lu US    U)    ll.W IU,.*vt ltMl    IlL'l Wl-i II    (iucsin'l  in..!  Soiki  I'lvi'l-, S'J.iiuji  K()iili"i.i\ ii\t<i, i-.<iii(imi1 <������1 siings  el . liet\\"in ICcKilciiii.v Landing and  l!i.<   inlci iiiil idii.il   liouiidiu \ ,   XJ.u'i'i  ��������� .<���������(!*. su il li i, Ji.i 11 (-nl;iiSi-mi'iii, XI-  iiiiii.  1 ill    Kit.r.   sulisl il ill mu    <ii   a   -.!i''  le. I    tliinii[>|i    iiuss    u)i    oiiqmal  1 ���������'!_  iee(   i nisi,    ol   draw   sp.ii)   on    C.   P.11  In ult-,1'   mi-lusi\(i    ni  ,<.( (Vs<-(m j     v.tiil.s,  s>TtTt,OST\.  Kiilnoi     IsUuul   wll.il l,   S.'2,0(KI  South    'rhonips>on    liner,   ichhimiI  <)l  s.ind suiil ,iau<l har.s.  .*���������'-���������") 1)00  V-.l-1-i of' -H,n l,i'i'\ ilie Irli'i;! nph line  I ti |i.-i\ ..'.'inn ���������> Tioiidon amount dm  I'llii tin wm'k pel Inl-liii-il, S.",,." 1:' nl  \sliei-olt Lilloocll        lir.UK'li     line,  *."iH0 I iu\cr Mctil.i-l'oniK ton extension \ jj Ci-niLiU- r'n-ek, I'riiieel on,  1 fi (lley ICi i .Miuji's niul P'tiirviuvv ad-  'liiiciii.il amount .So,500. Quosiiel-  I'.ai 1 i-i'Mlli- I,ranch line venewal-i anil  ri'iuns   $77,0  (Ji'.ilintv to llic widow oi lhe  l.i I c C.ipl John Uexercux, dock  ni.isii-r ai l'Nrpiiinaiilt drowned while  ni ilu* perforninnce of his ilutie'", Sl-  uOO.  II \ ili-oi*' npliie sie.'iiii&i- I'or British  ' 'iilii.uln.i.  XluO OfiO  l.sUmale ni* pri'ifnl value of gold  ���������:i'n\eis  of  KlondiUo.  Sl'j.Ooo  Amoiinl     for   (lennsins;  hauls.   Riili-'.h  Coluinlna  llcliei"   of   liuliniis     who  TOWN SACKED  BY BANDITS  .Tse.ilil.', J mil.) 21 ��������� i-'isjliuiitf, fahooo  m^ and moh-, ol ^.tnUi-is cli.tr������-iny  -.lbs .md lnimiaijny dinois lliro-  iJi^Jic*tu ihe miI.i hours oi llu*  iioinmt1 vtif uiiii Ued cvfills iriei-  > l������-ii t    In    lhe    siiii.c     s,l mil ion bu  ll, fill   ihe*   Sailoi-.'   I mon    and       \ho  i'in ilie   I'o.i.m    Sieamsliiji      I'ompniiy   '  lodu\.  \s a ic-iili  0i  ilu> tuiiihlu lour men  icic    pl.ucd   under  iirresl,      Uui      of  . hniM   wciv   l.i 11"   released    )>y  Lie  ])������  lic>-     ���������!     ���������).    xiiioik     a  tcjiinste,',  ag-  <-tl    -i,   L     I ai'Min,    (i(*e(|    r_������l,      why  I'.Ul'S    Ills     IjllSIJIC^S    IIS     llllll      ol     a     lit >!''-������  man      '! Iitiin i,   Mai I in,  iiyed    .10.   -slid  ��������� IriJiii   WiKon,  .t^.'d   :!.'!     wnrc    iu'*on  iiilo    (iisl()(l,\     |j\    tlie  poiiee    for    [)ar  _Mj.nl ine,    ,n (l  i ioi    iniuini^ a'   1~\10  iiltitk       l ins     iiKirnniM       The      two  oiiiK'i   inch    ni'i*   lii-iu   lor   uinl   on   u  hnyi-   oi    ili-.ni del P.    conduct,     while  i he   ia1le>-   luo   f>n\i'   Lhcii      oetuiat-,  ion   as   Oivnien.   u pre   released,     si.ni-  iiK   tlint    lliey  hud   been   n'-snil'-d    by  lie   s) n|%i>>-:       The   latler    nre      eni-  plo.vee^   of   the sli'ainship    compjniv  'lhe   trouble  t onunencefl    whru   two  'iiemeii    ami   luo   riiiarieriposlfir. .'in.  ���������liAid  nu   the sir.unci'   C'il.,\   ol 1'eeb-  '.-   weie   niitKinn     i heir   way  bac\    io  ihe   \tsscl   sluji't-l*.   nflcr   two    n't lock  his  iiioiniiii;        \s  the  men    reo.l'.ed  he docU  IJit-.v    wen* nceo-.lcd    bv pick  ���������Is ui  lhe slri'-ers and aslrccl to hviv  he   \esscl      This   the  men   refii*-'ed   to  lo       Hot   words   followed,   and'   nt-  e-npfsr   mccc*   made   to   usr*   force      lo  >reveni   the   men   from   profeedlii"    on  hen-  u a\  Suddr-nly one of ihe sailnri., nnyer-  ii at 1he p.-i stsfent elTot'ls' of the  -M-kols struck one of the sti-d <*'���������<���������  '"lie (wo (piiii'lf'i'maslers then tu nod  ���������nd ran with .-ill speed alone; lhe,  -outh side nf Hie clock loward the  ���������y>ss'p1 Tho ct rikei^i 'immedin'eiy  'y.ive  fhnsf.  AfVV VTSTT "R.  C.  Winnipeg, .June 21:���������The labor clay  ^otmiriice of t'he Trades and Labor  ^'ouncil will try and arrange to have  .*<j*ir llarclie ancl other labor niem-  j-'i's 01 the British House 01 Com-  ii.ms heie on labor day. Proivun-  'iii   Clanadiun    tiadcs  unionislb    who  or-  Indian  yi.oOo.  Inst      the-11  [iropeny and houses in a  iniuislLde at  I-'peneeft . P.riclge;   $1,000.      ...  Ainoimt*     lo    'assist    in     rebuildiiiL;*  v. hnrf    ai  ' MetlaK-.-rtln,   S70ii'.*  Further amount     for day school  si  Columbia,   SI,700.  Completion   of .works   al     TSsifiiinisr  nil.   .5l,o00-.-���������-**'���������   ���������-*'-'  vs.  Football  LADVSiMITIl.  M ci t c fi  Children  Sports  f\3 ?JL a m P i o n s h i p  C5 VANt'OI^'RH  CM  ������������ Cliampioiiship V. 1. Swimming.Match  -Amateur  ���������rr,���������yQ -T a n d  I- dimi  (Jaime llaje-ts;  Loir  \\  R e ^ a i t  11 inn (,'ontesl  ���������a. II  lilip.  Maiclu--:,  Excursion  Rates From AH Points  ���������s.mccK;. ri-M-T*i-*f������-  RUSSELL   SiaiPSON,  Chairman  ������������������?  II.  MA CMC LIN,  Treiasurer.  AP AIM.  Secrefai'v  ^ssssss^sfifi^&8fs^sf^������s i&mssm  Synopsis of  Canadian Honicstead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lauds  within the Railway Belt in British  Loluiiihia, may be homesteaded by  uuy person who is tlie -sole head o;  a family, or any male over c ghteen  j ears oi' age, to the extent of. one-  ([iiarter section of 1U0 acres, more  or less.  Entry must he made personally ai  the local land ollice for the district  ia   which  the land is  situate,  The homesteader is required to pcr-  foun the. conditions connected therewith under one of the. following  plans:  1,1) At least six mouths' resilience  uj on and cultivation of the land in  each year for  three years.  (2) JT the father, (or mother, if the  lather is deceased), of thc homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, the re-  ijiiirenicnts as to residence may he  satisfied hy such person residing will;  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land own  ed by him in the vicinity of.his home  stead, the rciimireiiients as to residence may bo satisfied by residenci  upon the said land.  Six" nionthe' notice in wiitir,:.  should he given lo the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa oT in-  lention to apply  for patent.  Coal lands may he. purchased at $li*  g^ j per acre for soft coal and $20 fot  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can l.e novpuirbil hy one individual or company. Royalty at thr  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,00  pounds shall he en Her ted on' the  e;ross outpul.  W.  W.   CORY,  deputy of  the "Minister of Interior  j will   attend    lhe  annual   meeting*     of  ihe   Dominion       Trades  and     Labor  ! Congress    in   \ n form    m   September  will  he  asked    io  make    Winnipeg    a  xtopping*:o\x-r   place  on labor day.  The proposal that the "labor niena-  b-rrs of the British House of Co.ni-  motis should visit the.colonies arose  i'rom amongst themselves. . This  i'arty forms ;v considerable-and an  inflnenlal bod>' in L'he British.-..Com-'  mons aiul it is the desire V to. become  better aeci'nnintod   with the empire.  11 is expecteil I hat the. party will  will includo J. R. Macdomrdd, Phil  i.r Snowdc-n, Will Crooks ,and other  prominent    labor  men   of   Britain. ������������������  Until it is demonstrated by actual  1 ijg-iires    it   is  not   realized  that     the  trade of British Columbia is the  j lai-g-esl in the world   per head of poi>  idaiion.   n'moiiiiting-    to   close      upon  S30O.  S   t  I  -o   LARtlF.   STICAMF.R   ARROUND  I'etioil.,  .June   21.���������When the *jic*nni  er    Alpena    arrived  upper      lake   ports  l.ig'htbody      reported  si earner      Wednesday  here    from    t he  today,   Captain  s ghting'       a  sunk  cr beach-  I  <'d on False "Pi'i-squeisle in Lake.  Ituroiv. He was unable to make out  lier name lnnl .sin* ap[������.*arecl lo be of  about ilu-,.... thousand tons with yellow upper woiks and a green hull.  Moth the forward and the after cabins were out of unlet so the crew-  were in in, danger. It is thought  probable i|,;,t ihe ship during: the  !ie.*i\y weather on Wednesday sprang  i   leak   and   was  beached.  Try a Province  Cigar.  UNKNOWN  FRIENDS.  There are  many   people  who     have  used  Chamhterlain's    Colic,    Cholera  nnd  Diarrhoea Remedy  with splendi'l  results,    hmt   who are un'-nown     be  cause the}- have hesitated  about giv.  ing a  testimonial   of their experience  for publication.   These people,    bow-  CtCr, are none     the less  friends     of  the remedy.     They have done    much  to make it     a household    word   by  licit-   personal   recomnieridations     to  friends and neighbors.     It is a  good  medicine to  have    in  the home   -x-.d  is widely known for its  cures   *f   tli  art-hof-a and nil forms of -bbwel trnii  Me.     For sale  by Ladysmith    Ph;.i  macy.  C5  Ask for Minard's and tal-re no other THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  $*       ' ~   FOR   THE   PEOPLE'S   GOOD  1 MINING SHOES  *  *  $2.00 PER PAIR  -AT  SICKLE'S  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  *  *  ���������  *  #  *  ���������  ���������  *  *  ���������  ..e..:.*-f.Z"���������������"������"*"������"0">"  i  Our    Holiday   Kovellics    Keep   W  coming in hy every  tram ���������   w-  This morning we opcud up a-    y|  nother big line of-  Iii  <$M$H$H& ^^^^-fc^lfc**^^ ^H&^nfc  Smith, Fotos,  count of    lbe exhibit   will lie    given,  as   well,as a   list nl  those pupils who  That's All I seemed lolls of honor, cfc.  ,l  I flcu's ta(f Vests j  u Every Size---1-*- Any Color '"  u Bofflins uoib  t  (st. Avenue, Le^niM!?, 8- **��������� I  t I feiii?, Prop, j  MANUFACTURER OF      |  Carbonated Beverages, |  (linger   Beer       |  Fruii Syrups |  P.   O.   Box   248 !  .....a.......... - *��������� rssastaassaam  1  uur>ia4 kW**iM������  Local Items  IVIis. J. Muir  arrived   m   Ladvsinith   on  the  ing train today.  -Air.  (,4eo.  Blake,  recently of  Honolulu, an Med in L.-'lvsmilh today and  ������������������������������������������-*���������       j will   spend   some    days   visiting   old  ol South Wellington, - lime ������iicm]S  imd  ao^tiamtances.    -\lr.  mon*.-   |>]a|1(.  wim>,  some  six  yi'ais ago,  c-d  it|/r   ol   lhe     'Wellington   Rutin prise,  and  is   well ami  favorably known   io  every  old   timer  in   this \icinity.  MIT DICK PKi-NIO.  None Better-Capital & Nujryet Cigars  den's Two  ta  For Summer Wear, i  New Effects in Grey  ai!  its  the  I!  lo-WAtr IMa\Wj������aW-������  The Ladies' Guild of the Presbyterian Church, will hold their Ice-  Cream and Strawberry Festival on  the Pavilion Ci rounds on Tuesday evening. 2(5th of June, Irom  1 o.'elnc1*-  PHOTOS���������One Dollar  bu\s six Cabinet Photos.     Sunday   is  tlie     last  day.     Photographs will not he ottered again at this price.     L'oinc today  Selienck,   the Photographer.  Our Regular Weekly Shipment %  Ask for Capital and Nugget: Cigars  A special meeting of the Kcbe'*ahs  will he held in the baa.-nettiug  rooms, Opera House, Friday -oveniu-i,  Juno 22, a,t 7 o'clock.  RLi's. Wilkinson, who has been \is-  iting Mr. and Mrs. B. Forcnnmei'  for the past few days, returned to  her home   in Xanaimo  today.  Miss Etta Hutchison, who has been  attending school in Victoria, returned to Ladysmith last evening, and  will visit her mother during Uie va-  cntion.  Yaw! Yaw' de recursion by Duncans, AluigenSM  Yell, veil, \lut you link'? Veil, I  tink 1 vill take ine to de Methodist  S.S.Pigiiig by Duncans tomorrow, be  sine, imd 1 say, fnendt, you come  nut along, und do rlat ting same,  als me!  Toinoriow is de day' Come,- als  you, be bure, can-not he liahby, vt-n  all de odder booples vas by Duncans,  und all so hahhy, mit games, races,  tttgs-of-war, und so Aider, (etc.,) fer  fun, und also cold ice'-cr.eams, fruits,  candies, nuts, unci so vider for eat*-  eu. Duiiuer und -blilwi, vat a -good  time, ve beoples vill  haf, sure!  It you \ill come, you \ili be "it"  nut me und my vile, <too, Ach,  come, bring your vifc, family, friends  hest ������'irl, or vhatovcr you haf got,  alieity, und come nut along.  De beoples ^ ilL all be gladt to haf  j o.i  come,   be sine!     Come  und  liahby     for  one    day,   alietly.  -of-  f oiae In every Friday Kerning  ihis wsektiiey araQeita/than  they ever wen  i*(  o  o  9  9  9  (t  9  ������  -     run      -_  Term's (iotuls  Lacrosse   Sticks -   ANLi "  13*3se Bull  Outfit s  -WKITK -  J. BARNSLEY& CO.  VIM OR W, B. C.  ���������:  Corset Covers  and  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  'PiBKiGEnS ATTENTION  i*i^-uj    ���������ja^.Ti.  %r^������4ihLn. u>-> -m      ( ^  NOTICE.  All Uathbone Sisters of Ladysmith   sbation-hoii*-.e tomo.riovv.  are requested to meet at thc Oddfel ' nol  low-i Hall,  June 2-lih, at 11:15 shai-i  in  order  to  receive  their   jewels preparatory to leaving for Nanaimo foi  the -decoraVion ceremony of their    departed ones.  iM.E.C.  TOOK  l-MSllliiniAX'S   LUCK.  Red  Wing, JWiiui.,   Juno 21   ��������� This  morning a- poor ulam  Usher   of    this  place,  work in"  in tho Mississippi ri\-  er,    on  the  Wisconsin side,   opposite  this place, found what L beheved  lo  be   the largest, peail in   the world. It  weighs    eight y-five    giains,   diaitnoiKl  w fight,   one  much  smaller  sold     for  bo ' $711,000 a few  yctus  ago. Wm.   Bates  Get j and bis  wife were dragging ior clams  for   the    button    factors  uu   found  such small results  lut  de   that 'he decided  lo   unite one  We have    made   arrangements  to ha-c    a launch leave     Uie "  Mh.ii'l evci y hour 'duriin**-*. Thurs  day   alternoons  and  en   . Sundays after   Hi  o'clock  m     lhe  foienor.il   far   the'Green,     and  shell bench, wbeio vve have-established   refioshm-i'iit'    booths,  Ca,m[iers    -wishing    plots    for  tentinu; '-ImuIcI apply early, aK  the   camping season is nearly  here.  nRS    McKINNELLEY-  -HUGIi   THORNLHY  Shirt Waists  We have just received  a new assortment of these  Goods for Dominion Day,  and invite yo:t to call and  inspect        ���������?   . ,   -"  SIM( M LE1SER& GO Ltd.  NOTICE.  Notice  is  lrrehy  given   that T    intend   lo  apply   to  the Board of   Licensing! Commissioners of the City ol  I adysmilh, at  it next sitting,  for a  transfer  from  myself   to Ilanry Blair  of Uu\ license 1o   sell spirituous and  and   had i fermented 'licjiiors  on    lot  three' (r>),  vvcelvs I ll'ocl*.   twentj'-six   (20),   on   the    pre-  u\ou*'II,ISCS l*II0'v" as   the Cecil Hodel, sit-  Tickets   Nos.    16 and 71)  won  the  two Hand Enibnoidered Sofa Pillows  at   C.    Peterson's,   furniture    store.  Please present your' tickets.  Smoke Big 13. Cigars  your  dicket   by  de .parsonage  dis ev  oiHng,  und he sure dot de  train  not go alretty,   before yo get iu  It you Can- 'drag   and  ei  youi   dic'-vct   today,  ->ou can   time he biougliL up  a snia.ll  number   Ladysniith, II.C.,  get it lomouow uiorning at dc train. |<;f clams and j\1is.   Uatu, .qiucklv dis-      Haled  this  15th   day  io   covcrod    the  peail.     It is   as   lOJiul | u-   190'������'  '���������*  ' as a marble  quit   the    ImsyiLSS.  '1 his 'uated on  Iriist Avenue in the city of  of  .Tunc,    A  I Notice 1  1 A. Howe ol Chemalnua has openeJ the M eat-nark  lately run by W. Ward, on Robert* Street ������ tli a  lull line ol First Clacs Meats -  3  m  | Pork .and Sausage a Specialty, ~- A Frial Solicited  fc ^^^^ ; . .        .   ^  I A,  HOWE Phone 2-0 3  fc MEAT   MARKET 3  \l'.ate\ei   vou   do   not  do,,  come  del   ine,ni&,     und   dui t   icr������et,   "'I  inouow  is dei   da} '���������"  \ ouid druly,  MY   UN RLE  SCHMIDT.  -o-  HOUSEHOLU  HINTS.  smokes, soak ii  If your lamp wit-  in vinegar.  Jn     packing,,  bottles    slip    i.unbcr  bands over them jo prevent hrcik.vgc.  A piece    of soft    lr.aa.rd is     lii.iu  According to the Nanaimo Herald, j Uian a brush for remo j'W -lust :rc^i  Sailor Kelly.is i to box Mob Williams -I silk. '���������' ���������       '       I  in  Nanaimo    on     Saturday    evening I    A. lump, of eamphqr placed* in'   tin, |  wiUioul. a Haw, vv ith ,L i  lusire seldom cipiallcd in .small |tc-aiU J  il   will   probably selL f,n    1.llil),()i!U      I  NANAIMO   N1']\\S  IK  UPJKl.'.  GEORGE I1ANNAV.  P.y bis Attorney in fact,  Henry  Re if el.  will   i������'cep   steel'   c.rn.i-  next,      -Evidently   the announcement ' clothes  jiress  in yesterday's Ledger tlrat the    reason   of    the Cance>llation  of     Kelly's  engiagement   here    with Hannay    on  July 2nd,  is t^vvinig to sickness,    is a   -m  the kettle. '  ficticious one. However,' The Led- pj,ub white spotK on oilcloth cans- ''  ger was informed that this was the L������d by boat from utensils with spir- '  case .]-y one of  the  principals,  hence   jts  0f 'camphor.   '     *���������      . . i  the statement. ... j  ,piat.e    a small- tog     ot unslackwl   ,  lime inside lihe piano.     It vvill; keep  .Try a Province Cigar. tno si������rin-ss from rusting.   ..���������_ ���������.    >p0    (.\0<U]     marble' busts,    nai.'!.'"',  ���������be e|c., wire free of dusit, anrl wash  '-"��������� with weak hydrochloric acid.  tlin Spots on plush will clisa'i'������':'��������� r il  huiilding being devoteir lo exhahil ions i-Ulhi,ed lightly and rapidly with a,  of work of the various -jxtulcs and clean, sofl cd Ion cloth dipju-J in  rooms.       Tomorrow a  detailed     ac-   t.hloroforin.  (Continued from Pat^e one.) '  lineup   by  tho   club.    .Mr.      Andrew  1'vLrie,     Williams'     spurring. . partner  and   trainer.1 arriyetl    from      Yuucou-  'vi'i- ^-esterday  and last night    signed  articles    wiih   tho   club for    the eoii-  ! test..  . 'the aj-ticles r'ca'Il. .for   iMarrmis     of  Qiieonsbury      rules,       men   to   break  men'ts   brijaht. I clean in Clinches,  referee    iu    be pick  Scale  oi*.. crust can   he | ,i:e'eule.1 ;i: ' ed at  the ring-side,  a  tea kettle by   keeping  a.i. egg s- ell j    Williams,  one of  in-iuciiuils  in    thw  eontest,   and   the man    v.ko      recent-  T  have jus I,  received a shipment ot  Hills'  High Grade  tNfitlSH lOBAGCOS  and  CKiARfllfS  at Uie-���������   . '  DRUG  S.   w;    P.     $2 Gallon  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  as  STORE  ..������-o.-������..������..<>-.*..������..  Get Your-  ������������������..*..>.-������������������.������������������������������������..  Many visitors were inspecting  exhibition at the "local schools,  clay,   the   whnl'e      basement    of  Keep Minard's Liniment in thc house      Ask for Minard  nnd  ,ko no otlier  ,wwy wViWWilW^-f-fWWWW WWW kWtiMH^.  SPECIAL SALE ^  FOR   MEN  Thc weather is just  right for these  Shoes ancl   ns   Dominion   Day  will  rtc'on   be  here,   you   will .find this a good  buy.  Men's  lit  it  Oxfords  Sho  SI.50  $1.75  1     BLAIR   &  ADAM     |  \y I'oubht a fierce go wiih Itufe 'Pur-  nor in Vaiicotivei', .will arrive in the  city tomorrow niyltt nnd will train  for his contest in. tlie A lli Velio club.  Sailor Ivelle.v, who has foe his spat*  eiiig' Partner, 'Pom tliley, will do  his preliminary ; work in N'n.iii-i.iiiver.  arriving: in, ^ivnnimo the niyhl bi.-l'oire  lbe  contest. .  iMtiiingei' Vet rie   sa.\ s if his 111:111  Wil  lianis  wins     on  Su'i iirdny  nighl   next !  he   is   ji-oiny   l.o   issiu:   a   cUnllen^e     to  Ihe.   winner  ()l'     lhe. .Moi'lmi.-l bui'nny  i-onlesl.     which   is    to   Im*    pulh-d      oil'  in   Ijadysniiili   ou  -Inly  '2tid.  Williams  is  one   of   the( fastest.   m"n  in    the   /i(.-,*hl.iii!--*   business   lorbiy,     iind  un.v   one   thiil    wishi-s   to   see   a     real  I'nst.   man   in   jiciinii    .-iboiibl    mate    n.  i-nll    ill     the    Albleli-    c-luli     :*.i.ilne    (lav  nexl   week    and   si i.-  W illiain.*'-  'hilt    I la-  gloves     wii'h   his      span in*.-,     parlnei-!  I'etrie.      The   ^o   ,,ii    Saturcbty     nij^h1 i  next    promises    lo he  ihe    hest  sport j  seen   in   .Vnnaihio  fur  soim-  t ilia-  past .. I  NEW YORK WORLD  ���������AND-   NtW YORKJOURUA  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  W. Q, Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  -'AT���������  Hiin MOMTOK  I  i  1  ������   ;  , 5  .ft..������..0"������"  ..������:������..*:������..������:������  TKi\'I)l<:i{--*5.  'rc.tulcr.i   will   he  received   hy   lhe un-  ck*i*sii-a,ned  up  till   .Innt* 2(ith,   for  net'-  iiiission   lo iMi'i'l.   and conduct refreshment    booths,     elc,   on   the    lluiilter  (.'Irounds,   and    utlso   a ise|iaral'e.    tender  for  sami;  [irivilexes  on   the  Spit  ou   Uli'.nday,   .Inly   2nd.     Tenders  for  each place must   he entirely separate  .1*.  RVAN\  Chu.irm.nn   C!rounds'   Com.  Ladysmith, .15. C. '���������'  ���������  FOUNTAIN   P ENS  \Ve have just received a shipment of the Famous  LAURENpE     FOUNTAIN     PENS  Each one carries a special guarantee.     Prices from $1.(10 up.  _���������:i CALL   and   SEE   THEM r���������  B. FORCIMHER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSHITH  '^!f*^-.TW..r-*!"*������-'������ >eHK������f/f i?t*������r������*'^i*rw*ita! n.*tvinf*i*K<rJH *>*������" umm#������**x>-*i>^>*������o*.������**i>>r ���������*���������������**?���������  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������0*o*������ae-t>������i--'*-#������es   ������������������������������������> ������e etistit*in������ ���������������������������  Tomoirovv   I will have  a  choice variety of meats   to choose from      ���������  riUTTON, LAMB, VEAL, PORK,  <������ <���������������*������ <j$ BEEF* ETC. >j$ <&������#<������  ll!':iNr('i   AMONOST TllW    V ATI! I'OTI ItS..  E. G. PAN N ELL  %   GATACRE ST. LADYSMITH  ��������� ������������������tt������e������������������(i������ao-i������ee������ q ������ ������  otitt'itiiti  ������  0  >������tiitaii0i-)t������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������A  Granite and Marble Works  ���������  Handsome Designs, Fine Golorings,  Prices lowest  For the Month of June, and  until further notice, \ye will  trim all Wall Paper sold by  us Free of Charge.  H. KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  Granite -jnd Marble^ Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  with first class stock and  workmanship. Write lor  catalogue.  A.   STEWA'RT,   ;\  1-18 Yates St. Victoria B.C  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������e������* ��������� ��������������� ��������� ��������� ��������� *9 ���������'��������� ��������� ���������  Smoke a Big B Cigar .y.  IMPORTED HACKNEY; StAlIi^  "ENDURANCE"  (8132 II.   S. B.)  At Johnson's Livery Stab,e every  l^nesday. at noon, and will remain  ������?wtil Wednesday noon, each week.  TfiKMS���������$15 TO INSURE


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