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The Daily Ledger Jun 17, 1905

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 :I  'ice? /-^- <1<&sCc  v  ���������'I DUNCANS   &  LADSYfllTH \  / 1   -i  -'1    r  ../  The Daily Ledger  ****r\^v**^\+***4r*******^Y**$*+*  | LADYSMITH  |       & DUNCANS  +**~i ***** ***-**+******4*^~****Wr  4  (  VOL. 2,  SATURDAY,  JUNE 17, 1905.  PRICE FIVE 3 5 J l $  [CROPS PLENTEOUS  IN MANITOBA  (Corn Harvest This Year Pronv  ises te Be a Bumper  One  [Thirty Thousand Men Will  Be  Required to   Reap the  Grain  E Mil ECLIPSE OF SUN  Scientists Will Be Sent  on  Expedition by Lick  Obsevatory  One to Spain, One to Egypt  and One to Labrador  DOMINION DAY CEiEBBA-  TION       |  The Committee Held Meeting Last Evening  Generous Offer of the Local  Baseball  Team  In* the absence of Chairman Corn-  REASSURING NEWS' RE  MOROCCO QUESTION  Negotiations of France and  Germany Progressing  Favorably  Now Seems No Liklihood  of a Clash Between  the Nations  Berlin,  June 17.���������The foreign office'  Winnipeg, Man., June .17.���������The pros-   of .i81,21)8 acres,  and  in other crops  Jpects in'Manitoba for a bumper crop   there is 'an  increase, of 48,879  acres.,  frtverc never  brighter.   According     to   .The total  increase in  thc crop area  [.official  bulletins  issued  this  morning   amounts  t-o a grand   total of 433,177  |by   the  provincial  government, 'four    acres.   One "'special feature of .the re-  iind a quarter million acres are milder cultivation, Tour hundred and  [thirty-three      meic    than last-year.  Crops arc further advanced than last  year  [wheat  shows  sin   Increase  of  cloven  (���������per  cent.*  There  is  a substantial   in-  Icrease     in     barley   and   oats.   .The  poits that the crops compared with  corresponding period of last year, appear to-be'a little further advanced.  From general indications the result  From"    detailed examination  .of thc harvest should be as good  us  'last'year, which- was about 26-hush-  els to the acre. Official .estimates  have not heeii ipade^'of'the number'of  [wheat crop through-out thc province , laborers who will" lie;'reqtiircd in the  lis covering the ground and is prctty'harvestiiig" fieKIs, but, there'will p'ro-  Jwell stoolbd out. There is _so, much ��������� I lihbly be at,'least thirty thousand  ���������.moisture in the .soil now that even if [.wanted. ( This will'"take'iii'many of.*'  [no  niore rain falls * before, harvest   a j those coming, into tlie country   from  outside, "and take' 'niany thousands of  experienced  hands" from  the  eastern  pi ovine eg.  -ood  crop is assured  in  most parts  !**Vf )thc*province.   -*' "   .     ��������� .   .  ft*  There is an .increase in' grain crop  lAMERICANTEAM  LEFT TODAY  [For   England to   Compete  [ - "  lj With Queens Westminster  Volunteers  LNJcw  Ydrk> June J7.���������The rifle team  [from tlie Seventh Regiment National ,-���������      ,-,-,,     .- , -   - ,   ,  ICJuards of New York,  which      will   'yachts'started from  here today     :n  FROM DOVER      >  TOHOilGbLAND  San Jose, Cala., June 17.���������Professor  Campbell,  of Lick Obseivatory,     ac- ' wall     last     evening,,      Mr������    Russell   has,  the    Associated     Press" leanrs,  companies   by_ other scientists,   will   (Simpsc-n piesided over the meeting of (telegraphed  to Prince  Von  Radolin,  go on an expedition  to observe , thc   *-llc celebration  committee. thc German ambassador at Paris dur-  total eclipse of* thc sun,  which  will   I   Mr.   Jl"������h   Thornley   reported   that  ing thc last day or two,  in  a sense  occur_August  30th.    The expedition   .'*c  had   interviewed  the  captain      of  that-  will  reassure French  ajiprchcn-  wi'll be. sent N out by Lick- Observa-   ,**lle loc*iI baseball team. The captain   sions,,   if    such were felt, in,      the  tory,,   one in Spain, one to Egypt,    had informed  him that the members  French cabinet.   Germany still pr-ess-  and     one    to     Labrador.  Profes-sor    of    the     team  would donate to the [es France diplomatically for her ac-  Campbell will head the expedition to 'ground  funds  the sum  of - $2 apiece,, ceptance of thc proposal to hold     a  Spain.    The expedition   to Labrador    whether they wio or lose the match)conference of the powers on the sub-  will be under tho charge of Dr.     II.   with     Nanaimo on celebration day. Iject of Morocco.  N. Curtis, accompanied by Professor  This  being  agreeable  to  the  sports  |   A  Washington despatch says:  Ger-  S'teb-bil,  now of  the' University     of    committee, ,the meeting decided upon   many and France will not conic to a  Illinois.    They  will  locate about  300   a motion  by-Mr. Forcimmer, second- '  miles north of Newfoundland, on the   Ctl '-T Mr-  Cowan, to receive there-  eastern coast, at the Hudson      Bay    Port of Mr. Thornley,1, discharge him '  MAY BE HAGUE,  NOT WASHINGTON  Possibility that Peace Conference  Will Not Take Place in  America  The Hague being Entirely Neutralized Russia Asks Reconsider/  tion of Selection  :'k'\  ii  ���������if-  'A  ! /��������� '**  Hn  ~r(!Hf~'l  -m  t   1  Mi  * ******** wn,ne yie sviet objects to Washing-  Ileaclquartcrs of the Russian * ton as the place cf meeting for the  army, Godzyadant, Mamfchuria," * plenipotentiaries dcclaiing that the  ���������June 17.���������It is learned from an " atmosphr-ie there is unfriendly and  authoiitive source that negolia- * asserting that Russia's cepres .illations towaids an armistice arc * tives will be subjected to prejudicial  under way. *   influences1, in "The capital ot  the   n-  ****** .cmy's   ally."    All   the   papers   comment   on   the relitement  of      Grand  sburg,  June 17���������(7.00   p.   ,>(lke   AU,xis from   the  0lTlC0        , ^  question  of  the  place      -.f   Admiral,   and  a general  feeling of-c--  thc fact   .hat  irae is      Jed.  Atlantic, A pa die, and Valhalla Start on Second  . ">--..-  --. - Race"*-'.. ' -.'.. .. l  clash  c-ver Morocco'if reassuring ca- f _-  hlegra'ms,   reaching Washington  ever- F       J'C  nfeht - from two European capitals,   lu')���������Tho  (l'  Company's station called Cartwrigrrt^.'u.d     his colleague, and that  "   the    accurately describe the situation. Two   meeting, of the Russian and "Jap i >    *  lief   is -manifested  at  They/will/be assisted by Dr. Wilfred   srorts     committee's  programme  as | weeks ago the. situation R-as exceeding- Representatives  has   been,  re-ouen-l-    lhe Present naval reg  Gretifell,   tlie  celebrated-, missionary    submitted ������at a previous  meeting; he    ly delicate.       It  has  been  --cli-vivl    I .���������.-���������-  amonfr.tho natives of Labrador.  The  adopted.       '       '" | however,   by   the  resignat-ion   oi    M   iU"    UlPrc ,S  a')0Ssibility  tl)afc .The  IN  EVENT OF PEACE,  expedition <.-. to Kgypt will be under I Mi Korcimmer reported that he ; I)elca-������e.- It, can be announced I at |Has"e ,nslead of Washington, may'������.(e - JAPAN WANTS-MORE MONEY  charge-of Professor IFusscy,_of Licit had. k-rn Mr. McLean and .had asked ' the negotiations at'.Paris bel.vemM. ^-"-'ted- After the announcement ncw yox];i jl]nc ]7._k. Takalms-  Ofclservatory. He wilLhave as an-���������������������������������>- J-Wm -t.* sJict'iwr; gentlemen .who, "  sistanj, Professor West,,of Bierut; Sy- ;he thought,, would adequately'undcr-  ria, formerly a student of astronomy ,take the collections at the Welling-  at-Princeton University.   ,   -   V" ton Co'lluiy Company's pay office on  Another' imiwrtant object of these    ���������'���������*' follf-wi ���������* day.'    N  expeditions     is to try to 'locatc*>he ,'    Mr.-, Alcf.e.m   informed  the meeting  intrainercurial planet commonly .call-   ,'lil*  Messrs, O,  Dunsiiiore ' and Don  ed Vulcan,  which is supposed to ex-  Campbell had', in response to his re-  ist.-but- has never'been seen. -c^ieM, hiridly consented ta taite     up  J ' r;        *���������;  _ | the    collections. ��������� Upon amotion by  TWC)"SOL#E)II������RS M'' ri'asci''secollde<1'by Ml-  Thorn*  " $���������* % t I  is  fully   informed  about every    nji<*   ceeding      tetween   Foreign   Minister  and tlie feeling here in the highest Jl  ficial circjes is. not one of-uneasiness:  Dover, .Euglan I, June 17.���������Thirteen  achIs'started from bete today in  ^yicet, a-tVanr representing the Queens' i:lhe' annual-'Vace^froni Dover, to Hcli-.  [^A'estminster Volunteers in a competi- goland for Emperor William's cup in  Mive match at, Bisley, England, on 'a heavy rain storm and with a light  pjbuly (Ith and 7th, sailed on the ;t. 'wind falowin shortly afterwards.at  M^ouis todav. The prize for which the    :   -  '    -      ,.5"- '.     ' ."' ' ...  fcteams will "compete is a trophv oHci- a,wut 4koon' tllC Amcncan yacnls A1'  Jed hy Sit llowatd Vincent, honorary lanllc a������fl Apache, and the British  l-jolonel of the Brit s-h organization, yacht ValaJialla got away in a fog  R'The Anwiic-an team is-composed of over the same course foi a special  leiftht men undet the command of ���������������������������,, ofJelw, by Empci:oi. William, fcr  k'aplain RolwrL McLean, There-will thc auxiiial-v'Vachls which par'-i: ���������--  Eflie only mk men on the firing line, ' red in (he r0cent'trans-Atlantic race,  'two me.nl.eis of the-team being held   "  The" weather  conditions  were'   i.ot  I In it'sene.         .        ��������� depressing. Ab.nt an hour -before the  l-.JOJJN L. SULLIVAN -start     of the first race, a drenching  ON   CIGARETTES -rain commenced,  and   continued   fall-  John  L.  Sulli-.au,   the  big' bruiser, 'ing with the result that the splendid  [gives  the' following advice to young' flee  of" British,   American.and    O'er-  DROWNED  Kingston,  Ont������- June 17.���������Norman ,  fmen    ���������--.'���������..'.'. ���������������������������������������������     ;;  i'l don't���������app.''ovc of any young man  smoking     cigarettes,    and as  to the  drink; proposition,     the. idea, is' sirii-  i'ply���������don't do as I do, or did, but do;  .as I say.  "Another    thing    that I believe is  [that  all young boys  should do more  lor  less    calesthenics,  no-    matter in  what .physical condition they.may be.  '.By-taking a certain  amount of-exer-  J-nisc_ not     making it hard  for them-  rselves, but easy by having somebody  Ho    instruct     them,    they, 'ca*1 niake  Lgr.otl athletes of themselves in gener-  fril.    All young men should  lear-n how  i to  box, tliat is be taiight thc manly j  I art of     st'lf-defenc  It makes every , ���������erred to  main     yachts .was sent, off into  the  thick, 'steamy,- hazy- fog������������������ overhanging  the  channel   and- making  navigation  difficult, .The"-raters- were;.qtiickly 1 st  toi'-'siglit- froni tiicrsh:a-e.:r ";��������� ,"  excursionists   srent .night  '";���������:-  :on the'river  Detroit,' Mich., Jtinc 17���������Seven hun-  .  V' ���������       ''  dred people     avIio started last night  on the steamer Columbia for a moonlight excursion on thc riv'.'r were  forced to spend the night on the river, as the steamer went aground in  thc fog. The passengers were trans-  he  ley,  these gentlemen selected  by Mr.  'McLean   -were  appointed.   Chairman  Cornwall will assist these gentlemen  in the-.afternoon.  .-Mr.  B.   l-orcimmer reported  that he  aihd'iUr. Fletcher had collected fiom  Julyb, I gunner aged 22, and SamueK11'0 h,,siness PeoP>e of Victoria $125.  "Reistrick-; driverNaged 33 years, be- -.Last vear <he collecting ommit-tee  lonfeing-to "A" battery, were drown- received the 'vjilue"of *n'3f>, tut in-  ed alwuV a hundred yards from Peni- f 1.U(le(l ��������������� llli,s amount was,.-i large  tentiaryodock last night. Both were ' a>"o"nt_ of cigars which the c. minit-  r������:cntly" from' England. Bombardier tpe had diuiculty in disposing of as  McMickle, who was with them, was prizes. This year tihe Victoria" sub-  saved. The, three werc retuniin-grfrom, scriptiors are all in cash.  Portsmouth with a keg of beer when ' Moved by Mr. Cowan, .second *d by  the victims,, in changing positions in -Mr. Thornley, that thc report be re-  the boat, capsized  it. ceived.  ��������� j   The   committee then adjourned un-  Mrs.  Jas.   A.   Ban ton, -ot   Nana.imo   til Monday     next'al eight'o'clock in  teacher     of instrumental-' and  vocal    the Banqve.ting.Hall. r- .     "  music, ^will be. at the Abbottsford ho-1 -' '    .    ���������    .   ' -  tel .-'next  Weciiicsday,   Jine  21,   be-   VANCOUVER HAS A-. . f/  ARRESTED   FOR   DISCHARGING   HTS RIFLE.  i ���������.���������,,,i��������� n- i   4    L        j        r minister  of Jinance,  summoning h-im  Lamsdorli     and Ambassador   VIe*sor,-*>-���������'���������, . ��������� \i      n ,    ,������  v  ^, .  ���������.    ,.    .    ���������57--. ,-     -,..'-      to Toll io at ( nee.   He will leave New  and  Washington.   Russia's  preferc-n--*-} v    ,    T        ���������.        ,      .,  f     .  r���������.. rpi ��������� n���������  ..    ���������    ,       ,��������� .       ,   .    lork June 2J, and sail  for home on  for  lhe Hague is based on  ihe -jhvi-. T .    Q  ,    ���������r   '     ,. ,     , ,,  ous     advantages that it is .*niir-*lv   ,Jufly 3^ ������rr-.I.^ah^������  "}������  ^ear  neutralized.    The capital   'f   -���������'���������������������������������������������������    ^ore the imperial caLlncl immediate  ��������� 'mall  state, and the site of   th,- .irliitration  I court,   and  also  hy consideration    of  Yesterday at noon Constable Jaini   tinie  es Palmer arrested William   Hood; a '  miner from Camp 5, Ladysmith, says   RUSSIANS   WANT AVAR  the Colonist.   Soon after noon a telephone message was received  that , a  man  with a'rifle was  discharging   it  ly on his relurn lo Tokio, and confer  with the rifheials upon lhe advisability of making further large loans iji  foreign markets in the event that  peace then" srems assured. It these  IF PEACE TERMS ARE HARD I'lans are catried out, il will be with  .,.    ,,  . tho object of making readv for busi-  St.  Petersburg June  17.���������The note  ncsj.   C0I1,mi6ns wllich will' follow the  of  the   foreign   office, announcing    the  cessation-oP-hostilities.    In  cxpress-  ill--"  ' ;t* :������������������  ,Nf  "���������'' ' fe'l  on the lawn  of the parliament build- - . ��������� ....... t  ings   near   the   ilagstali'.   The,   iiatrol    negotiations-for  *1"-'  nicoting  of .the    ing his- confidence  that an early  and  wagon was despatched and Constable   R*-*s5J**i-'  and Japanese plenipolentiar-  satisfactory   peace  will   be  arranged,  Paimtr saw TJ0od standing,  hiding a   ies  were -proceeding   rapidlv,        was    MJ''   Takanashi   said:- "JaPan      Wl11  (need a considciable amount of mency  aftei   the war to give impetus to her  ning pape.s.    The press of all. ,adc*-   imhisl,ics.    While  business'in   Japan  of opinion  is discussing Japan'.-! pro- I at present  is  in no way injured,  yet  bablc terms, and declares with pit-c-Jfi the  money  advanced   by  tbe   Jap-  ���������i.  6-V I  ' I >. I  tween the hours, of 2 and.5 p.m. to  meet with those who may he desirous of taking vocal or instrumental  work. ,  ,  ��������� ���������  MORAL  WAVE.  NOTICE.  At   a meeting   of  thc   license   commissioners oi  the city oi Vancouver  sweeping reforms of a decidedly radical character were agiccd upon.   Ac-  'cording  to -the new by-law every sa-  stcamer Promise after  .muscle in     the body firm  and  vigor-. a  number  of      ineffectual efforts had  Lus,  the     movements    energetic,  the    been made to  pull the Columbia into  ,vc     quick,    -and has    a tendency fo   lhe channel, and  arrived here, a- ....������>  [make  (ho brain active." ���������        ' a. ������>-   There was no excitement.--  W. W, B. McINNlS VISITS  LADYSMITH FRIENDS  (!o\or.nor    W ���������  drove up  from  \V.        P.. . Mclnnes land a splendid   jntblic speaker,   genial  Nanarlmo last evening , and consistent.     at nil  times, a man  accompanied by a couple of friends  and spent the evening in Lady-smith.  His      friends   wished   to  have     him  an entire evening, and to    important,     ollice  in   Canada.   He   is  who is thorougihly a'.livc to his own  reputation as a oublic servant,, and  withall   the youngest man  to hold an  i with' them  Live a banquet in his honor, but lack j exactly  the same g  ood  fellow that, hc  ic mounted the ros-  .^special  meeting  of^thc  Socialist must> a[tei: jul    lstf l90C, eon-  party will   be held  ,n Harry  Blair s   fii.m .n cver   . respect to the reqmre-  house-on  Sunday   mght.    Important - ^^ of  uic h haVing 25  bed-  bi,siness.   Parker Williams and J. II.  vQQms  for      cstg(  a:(lillinp  room ea  Hawthornthwaite are expected  to be  [)ablc Qf accomm0(lating  25,  and all  present.     :,       ���������_ GEO.   HA.N.NAY,   .'other-rcqiiisilies.'" As .the license for  -,.    Secretary Socialist. Party. |a hptd,{g at--pfiesent $250, as against  .    - ;-. -������������������-..'-:   ..���������"���������..,..,-- ;���������--���������:'������������������ * .f600  for a:saloon,  the practical    "ef-  ALFERNI  MINES  ARE . (xt ot the legislation is  thc forcing  ������������������STARTING WORK. '0rthat branch out of business. It  N. S. Clarke, of ClarVe & lea, 'fiiv(S fc,ie ,nv.nerSi however, 12 mouthy  who has the direction of the work on *to ma|Ce the accessary changes. Profile Gladys group of mines on Albcr- j vis-01{ is ma,|e f0,r the-licensing, cl 12  ni canal, left for the mines: by the 'saioons for (.he present year, but in  overland route yesterday morning. casc .uiy 0f tlie licenses should be re-1  While there hc will qegin the build- (irC(l' (iurins the year none shali be  ing of the tranway, .bunkers a*1'1 issued in their place,  -wharf, so as to have them in readiness for' the beginning of ore shipment about the latter part, of July-  Before  going to  press Tin. Ledger  received   a telephone     message   from  Mr. Ceo. Hannay who is in Nanaimo  ^^|..j^^44.4������H*wH~t>*^4^H^H-^  this   afternoon.    Mr.   Hannay     said  the  voting at  that city   today    wae  going  on   continually.    Conversation  ^^|..j.^^.j^^^^4^H^J.4-4������S>.j.<4>.j-^-' with  lhe  minors  on  the streett con-  Thc     N.  A. L.     U. season will be  veys   the   impression  that  the  ballot-  short    this season,     says an eastern ' would   go   against   the  reopening  of  exchange.   It     really consists of two  ihe  mines   on   the  proposed   terms.  Shamrocks and  SPORT  rifle behind  him, at the door  of  the- printed  without comment in themor-  buildings.   The consta!;|p airested him  nnd took the rifle away from him. It  contained eight cartridges.   The line,  a 33.50   Winchcstci,   was  anew,   one,  having   been   purchased   but   a short  time before by Hood.   It seems  that  the unforiunatc   man  is   temporarily  unbalanced    lie  said he had  lyonght*'  the ri\e to protect himself from "an  tical  unanimity for a continuance, of  the war   rather   than   the  acceptance  of humiliating   conditions.    In     this  the papers are  upheld  by public op-  ini<>i, wliich is  veering around to thc  support of the .war policy if  Japa-i's  terms     prove too hard.   Only      the  jNasha   Zicsn advises Russia  -h-at h.)ic  ���������" -*��������� .need not  balk at indemnity,  the ccs-  CUMBERLAND 'sation of the island "of Sukilraliin, the,  Cumberland,  June 16.��������� A Jap was   _ rcivimciiig of her right  to keep her  killed  in  No.   7 slope today,  by  the   '*������"ships  in  Far Eastern waters ot  American  ollicor.  safe keeping.  lie  is held      for-  Tl.e  the Mirrendcr of Vladivostok. Butt no  paper holds that Russia must '.retain  premature discharge  of   a shot  force of the  explosion   caught       the   NT01.thcril   Manchuria and  the   Vla-ii-  unfortunate  man  in  the  face and his   voslok railroad.   The Bourse  ..tj/Ci.u*  bcrty. was   badly  mangled. . He   never   which draws a.gloomy'picture--*j._:^s.  knew whafhil "him..'. No- inquest will   *ia's  relations   with  France, "'Great  --  ,' . '  i Britain,   Germaniy-aiid--Austria. .. The.-erica ��������� or England could  he placet! at  Vovoe Vrcmya and the reactionary as low a r-att' as four per cent.' Iru uici  Sviet      sound   hostile   notes   against  'event  of  a continuance  of  hostilities,  ane.se people iu the first   wnv loan of ._^  1>2.">0,0li0,00(l  is iclurjied   to   I hem on jC?.  the terminaticn of  tho   war,   it   will~  give     a trcmendsKs new  life to  the  Japan *se  industries.    All  the departments of business will be vastly benefitted by the large amount of money  being  put   back  in  commercial   channels.  "While T cannot speak with authority, 1 believe it is thc intention  or thc government to float a new  loan in ca-v -i the termination of  the, war to take up the domestic loan  made just after the commencement of  hostilities." ';'������������������-��������� ;'  --���������Mrf* Takahashi says he- believed '  that a" hew loan* made cither in Ant-  be held.  Mr.   A.  Waring  was  injured    about  the back in No. *i slope today by    a  fall  of coal.   His injuries are       not  thought to be serious.  A. Dick, inspector of coal mines for  Vancouver Island District, is in the  city on his usual tour of inspection.  -Jas. Dunsmuir, J. F. Lillte, and  H. Priest, who have been in the  city on'an. inspection tour, left today for Ladysmith on the S.S. Thistle'.  Cum-r-crlaiid Orangemen are making  preparations for a monster celebration on July 12. It is expected that  the demonstration on that day will  eclipse anything ever held here he-  fore.  A   largo number of Nanaimo    men  the United States.   The Novoe Vrem-  I ya reiterates   that  Russia's   ���������   chief  enemy tin the Far East is not Japan  anew loan to carry on the war will  be made within three months. About  $110,500,COO of the foreign loan    re-  but the British and Americans or* ac-  mains <rn deposit- divided .between the  count of     their commercial   rivalry,   hanks of America and England.  CONSISTENCY GIVES VLB WS  ON LATE LEGISLATION  The   following  communication .   is     manner without even having thc    ad-  taken from the Nanaimo Herald: ��������� vice   of   Lhe   miners  who   understand  In  your  issue of June  Mth,  I sec   mining conditions and   ihe operation  that "Miner"  (in his letter''re     Mr.   of mining laws.    If he* has made the  who  left   that  city since  the  strike, : gtockctt 's        statements),       regret- [ Bill   to  operate as all   measures  of  games,     Caps    vs  Shamrocks vs. Caps.   The first game   NO BOATS FROM SOUTH-  has been played, and the second  lakes place on July 1st. Of course  they may bring on the usual'tie, necessitating an extra scries, but this  old ��������� gag has been worked so often  the public are getting wise to it.  AMPTOX TO      NEW YORK  London,   .June   17.���������A.  S.  Williams,  manager     of the Royal Mail Steam  Packet      Company,  in  an  interview  with a representative of the Associate! Press today, said the report that  They     had the    two-referee system ^ (, ,|111).uiy  Jontemplaled  placin:-;  of  time, on the part of the newly an- j''as been since      lie mounted the ros-  sunient,     but  pointed    governor  prevented  this. As /rum to     deliver his maiden political   from being one  est he could do Mr. Mc-   speech.  he  next  f:llines     made a hurried trip up to bid j -  jibe-boys, not good bye bu-t good  eve- '    W.  W.   B.  Mclnnes will, his  friends  ���������ning,     as ho     hopes  to see his good   believe,  be    the actual'as well as  the  friends in this section occasionally, nominal governor of the Yukon, and  Veven if his home is in Klondike. It tlla| (iuljn,i; *lis rV}riino. there will ,,e  {-.would not have been possible, in t'he ���������f) t.ilcs of scandal or of political  I estimation of the ordinary Lady- graft Tha( his t*ut,ics w*n De so  [.smith man, to have made a better performed that Canadians will say,  p-election for     governor of the Yukon ! K,e]\ ,|one g00a*   an(j  faithful servant,  than  in Mr. iMcIn-nes.    Bright,    able, come up higher.  V  working in the National-Montreal ar-  that     didn't keep  it  of tho bloodiest-en-  history of    the  line of passenger steamers between  Southampton and New York was  erroneous. Mc added that this i  gagements in the history ot ���������c viee was a-Jready more i-lum provided  ga,me, says the Toronto Telegram. {oJ. am] his C()mpany would not at-  As a matter of fact, it is not thc u,mnt |(> (,oinpete with the big con-  referee, but lack of condition that (,cnis ���������ow engaged in that traic.  causes much of the roughness in lacrosse. Wheni a\ man\. tires easily  he loses his temper jvst as easily,  when  his      temper goes  to the  have commenced work in the various lod that he had not space .to deal  mines of the Unu-������i Colliery Com- w'(,h jir. Ilawthomth-waite and his  panv here.  And  it every  bad hejs going to scrap,,  spectator were a referee. As thc season wears on the roughness will wear  .out of tho game, and you won't hear  about; it until next spring.  M'ADE  TEN   OUT  OF ONE  AND COT TEN YEARS  Kingston,    Out.,     June 17-���������John  San ford,   an   ex-convict,    was     this  that  nature  operate  in   England, ' the  company     could  not   have said   that  proposal. the mines with shafts were at a dis-  Now,   Mr.  Editor,  when discussing   |advantage  to  those having slopes as  Mr.  Cully Brycc a,ud Captain Yates ��������� i\lQ    p-vsi-ii!;    situation  of Nanaimo   [means of entrance. But,  oh,  no!   Mr.  accompanied  Mr.  W.  W.   B.  Mclnnes 'miners,   wo cannot   for one moment   'llawf horn thwaite  wanted   to   be  ori-  on his  visit  to Ladysmith last  even-  lose sight  of  Mr.  Hawthornt-hwaite, 'ginal and   have the bill to operate so  ing. !m.P.P.,   as it- is tthe past action of   !that every man would he out of the  . s  j ihe menibcr of Nanaimo and the pre- [mine eight 'hours after  entering  the  NANAIMO vs.  LADYSMITH sent action of Mr. Stocki-tUt-hat"has   same.   This is where, this bill clashes  TOMORROW  AFTERNOZN.   placed     Nanaimo in  the 1 present la-  ! with  the new English right-hour bill  T    Jt     ,        '  ���������        , ,      .,.    ., mentabU'   position.    Of  course,      Mr. |and   the   old   tenhour   law  for   boys.  In the base-ball match with Nana- S((iC,.pt( .luel.sonaUy,. is not to ln these laws thc time is taken from  inio tomorrow afternoon the Lady- b,,ime fo|. hjs acy(nSi a>(.jhe 0Iliy (|,P fUsi man entering the cage to go  smith team will line up as follows: cim.s what he is authorized to do by ,'down till the first man entering the  Pitcher, .J. ���������Kerr; catcher, S. Kerr; the company. On the other hand, Mr. ' cage to lie hoisted to bank (much  1st base, W. Manuel; 2nd base, N. A. ' liawthoi nthwaite did for the miners different to this bill that every man  Morrison; 3rd has?, T. While; short, 'what they never asKed ct<-''requested shall be out within the eight hours)  stop, J. Munsie; cenire field, E. him to do���������that is, to introduce a and I don't think there is one miner  Clarke; left field, E. Thomas; right measure for an eight-hour day to op- who w^id not say this is t-h-e proper  field, J. Dunbar. ���������'crate     in  such  a fashion  that     the   rway to ope Late such laws, as the'En-  The .game promises to be an infer-  mines   that have  only   shafts   would    glish method of operating such meas-  estirig one as both teams are in good   he at     a great disadvantage  to the    ures     just comes between Mr. 1 law-  form and     out   to win.    The  match   j mines" having slopes:   So it is readily   thorthnwaitc's hill     and Mr.  Hall's  will start at  2 o'clock.    Next  week    ,seen i that  Mr.  Hawthornthwaite     is   amendment,   both  of which  we:c ocr-  morning  sentenced   to  ten  years  nn  prison-men! for raising $1 *o $10 and   the  local men   expect  to   get  a game   personally  to blame,-"as  he introduc-  tainly  at  fault.  passing them. witl* Victoria players, *ed thc measure in its present clumsy        ( Continued on Fage Four.) tiAILV LEDGBfc  Northbound  Lea\e  Esquimalt  & Nanaimo Hallway  Time Table No. 54,  TAKING  EFFECT Til  UftSIUY,  APRIL  1������������,   -' Oi  Southbound Northbound Sat   Sun Southb'd  Daily Arrne   Lea*.e     and  Wed. Airne  A M.      P. M. P. M.      P   M.  0 00 12 OC Victoria  10 20 10 4fi Shaw nisan  Lai e  11 00   10 02 Duncan   11.57    9.10  Lad\ smith     .  12 40    8 20 Nanaimo  4 80   7 55  5.17  i> 4G  5.55  5.55  0 45   a 00  7 37   4.15  Victoria    Shawiiij.an  Lake      Duncans    Ladysmith          Nanaimo     Ar    Wellington    ; ���������   12 53Lv 3.00. Ar -Wellington    7.52  de  4.00  S. S "JOAN" sails fiom Nanaim o for Vancouver Dailv ctcept Sunday, at 7 00 a. m , retaining sails fiom Vancouver foi Nanaimo on ar-  n\al of    C~P   R   train No'   I or'at 1 30 p   m   ; "^V :'    ~'<   \  i       Excursion 'rates in effect to all points, good going Saturday and Sun-  ' j. '-���������-   ��������� _~t..-.���������.;������..*   n������t.   later   than   Mnnd da.****, i  day,   returning  not  later  than Mond day.  Published   every   day  except Sunday  J3Y        THE        DAILY     . LEDGER  ���������    ��������� ���������   s.  COMPANY.  Ofliccs,   Ladysmith  and  Duncan-;  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  30 cents  a  mon^h,    $5 per  year    in  Advance.     Advertising rates on ap  plication: ���������  UiiJr -i-v  rtnijiDi  [Hotel Wilson  I  Nanaimo, B. C.  M^Kinnell & Woodbank  Proprietors..  Modem and     Pii Icily 1 irst Class.  Conimeicial Mens'  lu-adrnmters.  Kne l*roofi   Building  GEO   L. COURTNEY.  Traffic Manager.  S  I  SATU.Ivl.JAY,  .1 LINE. 17,   10(1-)  i. "q. _;   /v   r/y. -  HOllNOIHN'G   BETWEEN  TlIEIR'Flifilll*-.  That. **lhc' ..Russian' and, Japanese  .soldiers iii 'lhe field do not spend all  ilicirttimc- in trying to send each oth  ���������cr to 'eternity, is- indicated by-, a'1 ai  -."ticle p'riiiied recent.ly'in*-'tlie' Rii'sskr-  je. SJo'vo,   in   which is  described, \\h.u  surely is, or rather was, for it n.������ ! i < s.** pullnl o- t .in'ii llic.'  loader exists, the only '.'Russo-.Jap.i u'i.Il InudI eichii Is, -a huh  ncso    Hub    in   tln:._   world.  .11*���������*��������� i * j Mj.   lo  ttlSwllUi  o\ei   Hun  l.jiown as ���������'��������� "Tomhataht's" cliih,, .muI ' .     ,, ���������,,,, ,  ,.* ,    ,      . , ,  , ,,    i niost     (*l(.,|cnt      niaiiMii  was  established  inidwav between   tli ,.,,,-     i  ..*���������,������������������-        ���������      ,     r,~    ||- 1.      ���������'" ' SI  .IIS    ( .MSLd il'llU,,     I)" t    I' "I     ������U*    I"     *  lines at,   I loliino  lass  ���������     Information eoneerninu; il was- nn   I   '"  ,   ,.,,, hum, ,illes-,nl pepped   ,   ,,���������   |    Ott June ,1 hh,  -1511,, ICth, and 17th  cm  hie      whin s-vn.il     of iIu*   !   |u-    ihe     \oithcfn Papnc     Railway Co ,  i.iki'.l:  ���������-In  HOTEL     LELAND  (T. J. WeHniap,  Prop , Vancouver )  u(l]*Hl  loi.nd tup litis, 'to all  East-     Qw ^^ ,rQR1 c������ P R   De,)0t    and  un poiiiK ,il     *���������*������*��������� lr������w iaips      Go- &tpanib0Jlt wj-^nes    Newly renovat-  THE JONES HOTEL  One Dollar Pei  Day.  Good Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  GAiACRE   .STREET-   - Lad\smith  ^-^���������***^*****^<**^^  I    ' THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     J  purchasersTand smelters of copper, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES. '       .  Smelting Wpries at  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  THOS. KIDDIE.  I  I CLERMONT LIVIN6ST0N, THOS. KIDDIE.        J  > General Manager. Smelter Manager. f  r-n in a letter from- a Russian oilm  at the front,���������:who furnished a gi'.'phi  df-s-riplion ol' tiie life in camp dm  iii^ .1 w'6���������"������������������' -weeks-'.of- enforced and ��������� in  plied"'truce, befoie tlie- great gale*.\.i\  ���������to southern '-Manchuria.      -  *.    *  'I.lie' foremost,  lines''of 'Russian   .iii.l  .Jafanese t.i'ciu-lies..at; this point wci  considerably loss  than  a mile ap.ui  a" co ni to i." table,    .distan.ee, -considei m;  .-lhe .-'close ..quarters at. which the li< s  tile    camps have    Jjecti at  l-h'e nio c  hotly contested camps during the \a  . rious ..sCages" of  the  campaign. Al o it  midway    between the.    camps was a  "little Chinese  village, .".which  the i.ip  at'cs-of   warfare,'1'-  strangely enm j;ii  .had  left  almost unscathed.  One  day,      soon  after  the two   de  lachnicnls  had   gene   into camp  hero  so the story     t-oes, the. Russian s- 1  cliers,   pecpins  cautiously above then  sa a long line of ()a,,  lU !" 'l   iiir limit     niiieij   days.     Foi  all in- ^ An(J     re.roWiiiii(..j     Rates  $2  per  ll11,  K'"   ' l,,i n.ilion     aprlt  lo office, Cornel oi  day.   Corner *nr������n\ille and Hastings  ^ates- A  Go^clnlncnt streets, Victoi-, streets   Telephone,  1-4  l.ipamsc   nut   uf   tin   i "i n i^   |it   B   f,  in n   c\cs    until   'l'L\ s,> \   Mic  in-   j  the  oi  o  tut   line    disappi'tii   within  me  u l\   ol   (he  lit L'  hut  I lic\   saw     tl-cm     iiluin,   no,   and  dm lilt;   the  'next il.u    the   puiui nin e  was u������)H'������i(i>il  iiom  11,e .la-pui-M* tu n-  i bos  seM'ial     tunes     I in.ill\   son i   nl  tic     liissi.ns    w.iUhed   linn   npi tu  tiinit.v   .ind  mule i   comi   uf  hil,1i1   \ui-  tuierl  oil   lo  in\os(m,.it(      'l)i*\   had  thin   icw ml    the kind  lhat   tonus in  holt lis      Kioni (ha*   time on the I'hi-  pc-t*  dis|Cii<-(!   ol   dunk   was made  a  m.iij,    Ui*>    place   was    theiti >> 1   i.n '  and   uulc   thiou-jjliout   the   ith si   ad-   j  yanccd- lines on  both  sitlrs, and soon i  I  (aiuc aruoiitc itsoit.i wheicliund I  and   toe  met   at   odd   times  to foiuet  ih<Mi������diligences o\ei    ���������   ^la^s o" lUis-  sian   \ will a  oi   Chinese  sal hi  lhe  foi tunes of wai   weie distussid  land  thc    dost n\   of tie    two nations  ditiil'*(l  mi  tl e olcl.f.xnuli l    wa\    and  DAV SCHOOL  Ubual subjects taught, also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint.ng in oils and water col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv  -en  in classes or  individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  I advsmith.  B   C.  NOTICE.  Persons found using our Patent  BottU ^l Stoppws after this notice,  will,, he pi executed.  4 HUMMING BROS *^  Pioneer  cioda  Water Works  "Ladysmith. B.C.  1UWL-.IU  (ill  W. SILER.  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  *.     DELIVERY  / ���������  WORK TROMPTLY n������"  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.---  LADYSMITH SHAVING  ;    PARI0RS  HIGH STREET.  *i v  .._:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������J  -o���������  ;���������*  Via the peoples' favorite  breastworks,     sa u. ���������������������������u-s  aneso      soldiers     cV>crc;e  from   'thru  Miimosilus   weie   entueh    fiiKoiiui  Tl-e Russians had  already le'an-ed   to  almost    straight as the.  l/urt'   a,,mire     1'1,oir     a"^S������������i^s }"r "-���������  i fishting (nudities.   'Ihey came to  a;l-  niire them,- n-ore. when  Iiicy saw what;  tre-nches and in sinurle'file advance t.n'i  I  a hut  in the cent re-of the village,   in  a line ....  (lies.  f-nspectino*    some  novel .ilr i: it n.i,  a cc-i.ple    of  Russian   ,sharp-, i > .!c*s  "f Con tinned   on  T^-"*  THB CITY T^RRKeT  R. Williamson Prop  * st.Avenue Ladysmith B. C  Public Notice  Attention is called to the      fact that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,   Limited,  makers  of   ROYAL  1IOUSKI1 OLD    FLOUR      have  for some time  past been producing flour in a    vastly   improved   and   purified   form  by   the aid of ELEC1 RICITY  and having secured eonlrol of -ill the hasic patents rt-lating thereto,  lake  this oppurdinitv of it<1 \i:-.iiifr   lhe   public   lhat   any   iinanth-  oii/ed users of tlie electrical flour purify in;.-; piufesses will he prosecuted.  Ogilvie Floui'Mills Coinpany limited  are tlie  only millers in Canada whose  IFloui* ?.������  purified by th"? "Elec'ric process  C'.-mi^ss'Si^^^  LADYSMITH  AEItlE     NO. 6S6, F  O. E.     :-:        :-:        :-:        :-j  Meets in the Opera House  1st and  Aid Tuesday  at 7.30  p.m.   Worthy  President,  B    Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C- H.  RummlngB.  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������-Rates $1 25 ai d $1.50���������  Free bus to all steamboat landii gB and  rail vav depots.    Elee'ric care ever j hv������  i  iiiiles to all pane of   the city.   Bai  -ud table unexcelliil.  F. BAYNKi, Proprietor.  ABBOTT  ST ,   VANCOUVER   B, C.  R 4.TKS $2 oo PER DAY  ���������aWlpr.H RDDMS  BAR SUIU'I^IED WITHBICST  WINEb, l.IQUORS, CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  V ,       *   . **  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMUR TRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  2  Overlands  Daily  i  *      LIVERY^ BOARDING AND       ������  SALE5 STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  K SPE������JIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  '* Plans,  Specifications and   De-  ������������������  ** tailB     furnishetl for all kinds   ������������������  ������������������of work in the CARPENTER   ������������������  *��������� Line                                                ������������������  ���������* O.   B.  ROBELEE,   Carpenter  ���������* and Joiner,      2nd ave, Lady-  ** smith,  B.  C.  HILBERT  HENRYSNURSFRIES  xNEW CROP���������  Home Grown -to  Imported  GARDEN,     FIELD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS.   >  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  JIODODENDRONS, ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting. . Eastern  prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road, Vancouver  Passengei s can lea\c Victoria daily  at 8 p   m   oi  11  p   ni  TICKETS SOLD 'I O ALL POINTS  Shortest     Hint" to    Feinie, B   C ,  and  ALL KOOrKNAY. POINTS.  Foi  idle--.       fi.ld<*is,     'icepiny, car  reservations a"'I  '*]1  information  call  on or address  S. G. YERKER,      E. R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A.,   *��������� 75 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria, B.C.  IpHONE66 LADYSMITH |  ������  WM. MUNS1E, President  J. W.  COBURN, Man.   Direetor  'I'Li;.   Ilfili-I   has    l.een  completel.v  Bunid  diiil  11idi',in-.; JI.00  per da.\  HOTEL   I.PRETORR  J'-ar   Supplied   with   the  Best    Wines,  Litpiors and ''i'.'.ai's. 1st Avenue :-:  :  Tlie Farmer's  Covering   Old Surface  We h-ive just r.'cc'ived ;i hu'^c ship-  ���������iicnl. id tin; fainoi.s Melrose Liipiid  l'ainls, tho Inst- on the mar! et at  $1.75 per gallon. We also handle Maple Leaf lii'.intl of varnishes, hug-*;;*,  paints, etc., in fact we have everything to heautify the home,  Wallpapers    from   10c  to   ? 1.00  pir I  Louhle  Roll.  r-'i-iinf-inir nnd   papcrl*anging  done at  reasnnah'e  rates,  at  HARRY   KAY  FIRST  AVENUE  Are You  Going East  I'hen be sure your tickets read   via  the  Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY'SMITH���������Shingles a Specialty.  ���������Mauufactaiera.;   cl���������  Rou^h and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned   and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring     and  Finishing    Lumber   la   StocL.  F ncBYoung|THEcANADIANBANK  soRL���������a,ld OF COMMERCE    -  ������J������ Lu������������.������. ���������   Pa.d-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  -B. E. WALKER, General Manager     ���������   ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Getfl Manajref  ^TICKET   OFFICE  Cor.   Government      anil   Yates   Stei.y  Victoria, B. C-  3  Trains  Transcontinenta1  Trains  Daily  3  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUfeD AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under.  3 cents ���������r  Over $5 and not exceeding$10...... 6 cents  "    $10       " *' $30.  10 cents  "   J$30       " " $50 : IS-cents'. .  These Orders are Payable at Par at any.office in C nadu of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking*'' point:, ll the United States.  NECOTIAKI.K  AT A  FIXED RATK A  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC    . LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of remittin   small dimw of money  with safety and at small    ost.  LAOvrr.ITH BRANCH ���������  W.   A.   CORNWALL.   Manager.  :-: Ladysmith B.C.  eat  Geo. Roberts,  &%s  X Prop  ..... Dealers In    Pianos and  Organs ...  Ladysmith, B. C.  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  ami MINNEAPOLIS ..with the  through    trains    from    the    Pacific  Coast.        ' ,  THE     SHORTEST     'LINE, THE j  FINEST TRAINS,  THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE  FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS  CITY,  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete  information  as If  yon-  local agent, or   write, -  F. W. PARKER  General   Agent,,  720 2nd Ave., Seattle*..  One  of  which   is   the  famous   "North.'  Coast Limited,"    Ride on it always.  Up-to-date      Pullman    and     Tourist  sleepers on all  train;;.  Through  tick--  ets  issu-'ii  to nil   paints   East       and  South,  also   Pullman   UH-.els   issued  and  herUis reserved.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap n-tes from all points  Easti from Marcfi 1st to l\ia.'y  16t!i.  Steamship tickets on sale to all  European points. Very low rates  iiow in ell'ect. Cabin accommodation  reserved  by  wire.  Por  further   pui't icnhirs  call   tit  the  ot" or |.h<"'C  No.  -lf'(!.  A.  I)' CARLTON, C, E.  LANG  A.G.P.A.,   N.P., General   Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria, B.C  BOOTS  AND  SHOES   AT  RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing  and   making  to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS  MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   tadysmith, B.  C.  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTKL  This new Hotel has heen comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  date. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  EapUnade :-���������*���������: ?-: \t- >-��������� Lftdyamltk  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  ; PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED   AND  FRESH.  Confectionary ot all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  HAY. GRAM AND  FARM PRODUIjl  Orders will be delivered anywhero  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on the  EJsplanado.  JAS, WARNOGKj ,,  43 j-5'  Y  9  DAILtf 1.K&GER  '���������'il  7  7,  I-  mm  <WB  m  *  ������������������������������������������������������  :  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ?**+_4 ���������*��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������/  ���������������������������������������������  ���������  ���������  _ :  I  Z+++o+ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ������  ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  ��������� * ���������  MH^a^M  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������  There is No Necessity  of sending away  for anythiag    you may require in  Hardware or Garden Tools  We can supply yeur wanti in alf  seasonable  goods such M Hoes,  Spades, Shovels, Rakes, Lawa  Mowe/s, Poultry netting, Etc.  Prices Always Right  PITT $i PETERSON,  Duncan,    B. C.v  ���������-��������� ������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ���������'��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� * ���������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Jzoutyalem  Jlotel  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES FOh, COWICHAN  LAKE MONDAY, WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.       MOUNT.  SICKER  DAILY.  PRICE BROS.,  Proprietors.  DUNCAN  ESTABLISHED 1878  and QUAHICHAN  W. P, JAYNES  ���������Importer arid Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American Cveaui   Separator Co, Grant Powder Co.;  and B. C. Pottery Company. - '  Also Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home drown Products.  Keasfs Livery &  Freighting Stables  -H. Keast, Proprietor  Stage leaves ���������Mount Sicker at,   7 aTrn,,  r.-  ' -' j."      '- ���������  at 12.30 p.m., daily,-except ,   Sundays.  returning, leavea   Duncan  (Specials at' short notice.)  Quamichan Hotel  -<-o���������  Headquarters   for  Tourists and Commercial Men  BOATS ON SOMENOS LAKE.,  Splendid Fibhing, Telephone connection.  _FRANK CONRUYT, Prop.  Duncans Station.-  ROBT. GRASSIE & SON  NERAL BLACKSMITHS  AN EASTER OPENING  -FAIRS  MILLlf STOF E  OPENED AT DUNCAN.  Newest creations in Millmeiy. Up-  to-date Hats Made and Trimnud to  Order at Shortest Possible Notice.  FLOWERS, FOILAGE. ;AU Ladies'    cordially      invited    to inspect  - jj.fi ���������.-  :������.'  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  HORSE SHOEING A SPECIALTY  STATION STREET,  DUNCAN, B. C.  DUNCAN   uv!ARLYEand STABLES  S. J. Hagan, Manager  .f   Freighting a Specialty   -f  PRICES HODERATE  FiRST-CLASS   TURNOUTS    OF    RIGS,    HARNESS,  HORSES.  Your patronage  OF  DUNC AN.J, B.  solicited  Telephone  in  Coimection. '  I    \4/  Yx  Y.  Yx  )i  Y.  Yk  t������.  ^r^r-^^������r^-^-^r^- "**"  R. B. ANDERSON  HIGH GRADE BICYCLES  BICYCLE AND GUN  FIXTURES AND  Fine lines,  WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWELRY REPAIRED.  SATISFACTION   GUARANTEED.  J,    Oddfellows Block  *   X  X  >K   X-%-%r  ���������!������..-WH\i-M  **  .:*���������  Yx  Yx  Y  H  Yx  Yx  H  ���������     ��������� Duncan*, B.C. y.  REPAIRING.     ACETYLENE   GAS  GENERAL METAL WORKING  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON  DOMINION  LANDS IN  MANITOBA  THE  NORTHWEST  TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  ���������oal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of~ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding  free miners'  certificates may  AN IDEAL TOURIST AND  HEALTHrRESORT  HOTELSTRATHCOHA  Tourists and  sportsmen  making this hotel   their headquarters will appreciate the excellent cuisine and service.'  Electric light is fitted through  out.    There is a good   supply  of water.    No mosquitos. ,  SHAWNIGAN LAKE .B.C.  Pharmacist  WHITTOME  obtain entry  for a mining location.  A free nii..ei's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advance  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company,according  to  capital.  A  free     miner,  having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  i,"5D0xl,500 feet by marking out the  <ame with   two  legal  posts,  bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shull be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, one.  additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The  fee for recording a claim  is $5.  At     least  $100 must  be expended  on the   claim     each year or paid to  the mining  recorder  in  lieu  thereof, be obtained  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister of the Interior to lor ate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.   .  The patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2������ per cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and  the  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  flhewan River claims are either bar  or -bench,- the former  being 100    feet  long and extending between high and  low water  mark.   The latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  thc discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the rivei  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan River, where the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee shall  ha#e a dredge  in  operation within one season from the  date of  the lease for each five miles,  but where a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient.   Rental,  $10    per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at' the rate of 2������ per. cent,  collected  on the output after it   exceeds $10,000.  'Diedging in the Yukon  Territory-  Six  leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of,  twenty  years, also renewable.  The l-ssec-s right" is confined to the  submerged bed or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to b������ fixed by its position on the  Jstday of August in the year of the  the date of the leace. '  The lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within-* two years fiom the  date of ihe lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date.'Rental, $100 per mile for  'first" year, and $10 per mile (or  each subsequent year. Royalty., same  as placer mining. * .    --  Placer Mining in thc Yukon Territory���������Creek,     gulch,    river and hill -  claims shall not exceed 250 feet     in  ength, measured- on the^-base/line-or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width, being from'sl,000 to 2,000  feet.- AIL other., placer, claims shall be  .250 feet, square.  **>Claims aie marked     hy  two legal'.  >psts, ��������� one ]aV each-end,  bearing   no-���������,  -,'ices.   Entry must be obtained'within" ten miles of mining Recorder's of-  ���������/e    Onu-'-extra day allowed for each.  Miditipnal ten miles or fraction'. ,"'  ' Thc person or company staking    a  claim must hald a free miner's certificate. .  '  . i.j discoverer of a new mine is entitled    to    a claim    of 1,000 feet in  ength,  and  if the party consists of ���������  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which  no royalty shall       be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims only. ������  -  Entry fee, ,$10.   Royalty at ljie rate  Of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  futon Territory to be paid to    the.  Comptroller.  ,, No free miner shall receive a grant  . f more than one mining claim     on '  "Teh separate river, creek or gulch,  ���������ut the same, miner may hold'   any  -number of claims by purchase,   ' and,,  free miners may- work their claims in  partnership by filing- notice and pay-;  ing a fee of $2.00    A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the sarrie creek,-'gulch or river by giving notice- and paying a fee.  Woik  must  be done on a claim each  year to the v*lue of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be obtained each year;     if  not, the claim .-tail be deemed to   be  abandoned,  and    open to occupation  and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing  notices  in    the  Yukon official Gazette.  Petroleum���������All  unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory, are open to  prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on  the land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not excce<  thr-ae times the breadth.  Should the prospector discover  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding C40 acres, including the  oil well will- be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy  Minister of tho  Interior  Department  of the Interior,   ,y  J  ft  f  *  DEATH MASK STAMPS.  Tbe  Serviuu  I-rnue   Which   Iu   In   Demand A in on if   Collet-tars.  According to a Belgrade correspondent, the publication of the story of  Queen Natalie's intrigue to revenge  herself on Serviu, followed by the sudden withdrawal by the pobtal authorities of ull the new coronation stamps,  Is the sole topic of conversation  throughout the Balkan states.  In order to celebrate King Petei'a  corona tion the Servian government decided lo issue' a series of large postal  labels bearing tbe new monarch's portrait beside that of his ancestor Kara-  georgc.  The engraving -was unfortunately intrusted to a Frenchman named Mou-  chon, a person, it is alleged, very  friendly toward Queen Nnlalie, and he  very skillfully introduced into the design for the new postage clamps the  ghastly features of tlie queen's murdered son, King Alexander.  A vast number of the coronation  stamps were issued to the public before  it. became known to the authorities  that the new issue was regarded by  many of King rotor's superstitious  subjects as a "heavenly sign", that the  new monarch's reign was to be "brief  and bloody."  If one of the new stamps be held upside down the unmistakable death  mask-of King Alexander may be seen,  formed by a_ portion of King Peter's  head'with that of his ancestor, Kai-a-  george. The nostrils of the two heads  together form the eyes of the murdered monarch, the mustaches make the  eyebrows, and the eyebrow aiM eye of  Karageorge form King Alexander's  nose and,mouth."-: ** ' ���������;*  The "death inask stamps/' as the new  issue .has become known, have undoubtedly made a great Impression iu  tbe army, and among, the uneducated'  classps.  "I learn on the be3t authority," concludes the correspondent, "that the  government is making desperate elforts<  to buy up as many of "the dangerous*  labels as possible and is even sending  agents abroad to France, Germany  and England-to secure them at any cost  from .speculators and foreignt stump  dealers."���������London News.  Union  Brewing  Nanaimo, b. c.  Co  flanufacturers of the  t  t  t  ���������*  i  t  -t  ������ In :British Columbia  J     Lager  Beer and Porter Guaranteed   Brewed  from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops ������;  *****?*99*+9999999* ���������������??������?������(���������#**#?*������*������?������*?������������?? *  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short  notice.    Di ill Sharpened by  us always  gives satisfaction.  Picks, handled and repaired.  Shipsirtiitriirig    in  aP     its    Branhea.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmitns.  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Whether the internal heat of the  earth was in the first place due to the  presence of radio active matter or to  other causes is a, very debatable question, for the answer involves considerations of the origin of the earth as a  i member of the solar system. Whatever  view may be taken of this problem,  there can be no doubt that the discovery of'the distribution of radio active  matter in the earth throws grave doubt  on the validity of those calculations of  the age of tlie earth which are based  ou the assumption that it is a simple'  cooling body and tends to show that  the present internal heat will be maintained for a much longer interva'l than  was at first supposed.  On this theory of the maintenance of  the internal, heat no definite limit can  be set for the age of the earth, but  some deductions can.be made of the  probable variation of the interna! heat  within time.���������Professor Ernest Rutherford in Harper's Magazine.  StaWe's in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   tht  WILLIAMS ANDW\5K=:r  y****** ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ +*+++++***+*+***���������+**+******  I  ���������^ia^  d  dii  'GALfDONLAN'  Leads Them    All  IN" QUALITY  A Story of Tom Wataon.  Before Thomas .E. AVatsou attained  to liis P'isent confidence while addressing  audiences  lie had several  misadventures on the platform.    On one occasion  he  was speaking  to  a mixed  crowd not far from his home and was  blazing  away  in   good  style   when   a  singularly beautiful young woman entered the hall.    The oialor, impressed  -with    the   girl's   loveliness,    lost   the  thread of his discourse,  hesitated ami  finally stopped.   Tho audience, not understanding    his   embaii.'i-.sment,    encouraged him   with  eric   >i'  "Go on."  but Watson knew he could not respond  with good effect.    His quirk wit came  :to   his  rescue,  however.    Sleppiiu:   to  I the.front of the platform, he said in a  ���������low   voice,   "Ladies   and  gentlemen,   1  j should be glad to continue, but tho lady  | who has-just come 'in fairly took my  I breath away."   Then ho sat down am'id  ia hearty round of applause.  Sun  iintl   Germ*.  It was a Japanese man of science,  Kitatso, who first demonstrated that  most of the gi.-nns of consumption and  other disease.*? found in dust are harmless, a single hour of sunshine sufficing  to kill them. Were it not for this agency of the sun the globe would soon be  depopulated.  Aruen tlim.  Argentina, with nearly one-third the  ;nrea of the United States and Alaska,  has   a   population   of   only   r>,000,0OO,  While It could easily support 75,000,000.  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd.  Colds  It should be borne iu mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  TIME TO   THINK  over business     problems carefully  ���������never flurrie-'l��������� this is  the condition oi the man who uses a-roll  top desk  and has eveiything, handy���������  S\sleni   is a     great time saver.  We carry a very fine * range_ of >  OFFICE  FURNITURE    .  12 stvles roller    .curtain desks,40  ������������������������������������������������������ SfiJi-t  r-.P*; <?���������  ���������*���������'���������' fcl  writer  patterns  chaiis���������flat  top   desks, etc.  of office   chairs���������type  li  Roll  Elm,    size -12x30 in., Price 5-22.50.  ;e S2S 00.  and fitted  Top Desks in  Roll     Top Desks in Elm,       50 in. long, Pri  'he-se desks ,have tierof drawer s on .either side  pigeon holes and letter;-racks, etc.,  Oak Roll Top Desks, ,48 in., long, Price $32.00  Oak Roll Top Desk,  50 i n.,  long,    fitted     with two tiers  drawers, 25  pigeon holes,    bill drawers, etc, $45.00        lh  Office chairs, with or without tilting screws,  $4.00 up.  Typewriter's desks in As h. 30 in., long, 2 drawers, $8.00 each  with It  of  WEILER   BROS  VICTORIA,   B.C.  PAINTING,  PAPER  ETC.  HANGING  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of  Ladysmith  Hotel.  J.   E.  SMITH,   Prop  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  I  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, ;~: :-*: .--*.; .���������: :  ���������B.C.  has won its great popularity by its  promot cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.  -    Price 25c, Large Size 50c.   ���������  OTTCE is hereby given that at tlie  ext sitting of the Licensing  Court  0 be held at Ladysmith, I intend to  pply for a transfer  of  the retail liquor       license     now    held     by    me  for    the   premises   known     as     the  Kings Hotel situate on Lot 1, Block  97,   Ladysmith,   B.   C,   from   myself  to Palmyr Tassin.  WILLIAM  JOSEPH.  By his duly authorized.agent,  HENRY   REIFEL.  H.O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING   of  all   kinds  prompt!*  attended to.     Shop on Gatacre    rtr  M. Ft SIMPSON.  Solicitor,   Etc.  Mousy  1st. Avenue    -  to  Loan  lACYSMTTI  Ladysmith   rernp'e No. 5  Rathbon*  ! Sisters meets in tlie Oddfellow's hall  j 2nd  and 4th  Tuesday  at 7.30  p. m..  Mrs.  Kate Tate,  secretary.  n.  Meatmarket  LADYSMITH, B. C��������� T~  '���������}} I    DAILY" LEDGER  local mm  Di    R.   13    Dier   is  again in"Ladysmith  and  can   be   luiiiid-at all hours  at his otbce,on H1-511,street.!  The Iw.il blanch of the Canadian  Rank of Commcjte will be" open to-  liii-Jil fiom S o'clock to 8.M, for the  c.unenieiiLe ol   customers.  "\iiss Rose Milhgan, sister of Miss  Iilillinan, of this city, .wilt undergo  an  opei.ition in      the Nanainio ho:pi-  t.n   IOild\  S..lc oi HI t-ses and Whit-ewoargoods'  now Liking pl.ue .it Simon l.eiser -<fc'  Co ,   Ltd  (let   \0111   Siiml.LS   Colonists  K11 it-Ill's. '."        .  PLK\ V\    WIL'SEVENTS'-.  FOR        NEXT    WEEK  Theie      w ill   hc   no  lack  of  amusement  the hei'inniiit-  of next week, (.n 1  Alo>i.la\    the  mcmlKUs  of   thc lMetho-   1  disi Chinch give a social on the Pai-  ,sona*4'i- grounds;   on   Tuesday the Re-  bekali-'s .'concert,  (the  programme     f>f ]  which is  pu't'.liclied in this issue;   wJl  come .oil',- while  on   Wednesday      the  ���������'Ladies'  Guild  of the Church of  England  give  a si-rawbcry  and   ice-cream  social. ���������     ������������������   '  The straw-berry and ice .cream, social to be given on Uie.. Church of  England grounds on Wednesday nest  uudev the auspices of the. Ladies"  Guild promises tp be a great success.  The ladies are sparing no pains in  preparing  for  the same.  at  Ladvsmith Hardware Co  -   AGENTS.      -   ���������  SHOOT ING   TOl' RN AMENT  TOMORROW   AFTERNOON'  TlU'i'e will be a shooting Unirna-  ineut undei tin- auspices of the Ladysmith Gun Club dt the" Pilot Hotel  ������������������rounds   tomorrow   morning'at      ten  BENEFIT CONCERT TO BE  GIVEN BY REBEKAHS  Straw  Hat*  5 Doz, Mens' Straw  Hdts. "clrp'' many  shapes. Makes a  splendid knockabout  hat,   Regular 50c,  Now 25c>  4 doz.   Mens'   Fine  "Chip" straws n these  shapes sold everywhere  for 85c to $1.00.  Social        50c>  DRY SO ALE-STEVENSON  Co.   Ladysmith  Ah  Wing ft Co,  Merchant, Tailors  Ladies' and Gents'  Clothes Made to  Order.  PERFECT  FIT  GUARAM":  ���������/ "  LADYSMITH,   B.      I,  Summer Sale  TIDE  TABLE  '  ttuixln) ,  ��������� Juu-  lSth  High  Tide*  Low  Tide  1  12  ���������  I2.1ti  7.50  12 11.  lUondav,  ���������lune  1!)tb  High  Tide  .  Low  Tide.  .���������5.27  12 58  8 5(1  1   U  add ch  uch of  Ei  gland  -a (lrl  -  CONSISTENCY'S VIEWS-  The following- programme  will  l.e Tendered   at," the 'Ladysmilh- Opera  ;.'���������,! w.|     The nri/c will he a cold mcl-   House..:, fuesdav  everting,'  June   :fii#  Tlie concert "is given u.uler the; u-.  i i,        tie   ..rld  itfroprie-   spiee^f,,,  Re^ah, of  L^miih, a���������,l  the net j.roeeeds will-be K,v*n  ,i    1     Piht   Hotel.  The tourna-   ! nj.. n aiid sistrr:   The doors  will. L-e. o,.r,.e,l      a     ,.<0    concert    to com-.  '    il.   l��������� th-jatlcinoon    "K'ncv-al. eight  o'clock.  A  dance will  he  given after   the concert.  .( hairman's   Address  Grand   Operatic Selection*    Kausi by   Gounod    : naml  .       . ,s, ..-��������� -  Scld-twl   Mr. D. Lewis  A.   \\.  V.   I).   E.   K.        ���������   "'  "  lor  menl  is open   to a  I heie will  be a sweepstake shoot  -fl  uid   their wives  ���������Mrs Steele  -I j-, ;'   Misses Kate and   \ ioh I   llunL-r and   Miss  I),  Fisher.  weieinit   ior aboai. ride last evening,   T.(1;1(,.ul  '" " "  Carnival  Pompeii   ...;.*;  Thc Prook,    Dul-ores        Mrs.   Boyle  . ,, ..... ..��������� Instn-meiital -Solo  will   cJrll   ('. ���������HfJLi-M,   by, living    to   Tfi, ....^   .���������-.. _,;.,.  ciilLli cheiries  thrown him   by  the la-   S( \f  'dies,   lorgol   lhs.nipcHt   ilr������pi������e������l   "������*- " i f, s t7 imii-'nt ai'" V >u"c-1"'  '���������  of  bis  mouth,   .and   now  rcpo-a-s   witli  and   everyone   had   a delightful   lime,    s'(mri  except '   one   unforljuiate,   whom   wc  iu  McGihly.    His   K.lwco   pouch  next   ��������� jV^-it���������.ti<  disappeared,      ..ml   aflor   hel|iing   to     -^  stow  away   Hu-   boat,   unforl.nialely,   >\wCIVMUl'\ni  Tii.pl'  (.'.   undertook   to .walk   across   a sec- . . ,-    ..  "ion of ihe.Wiiarf, where there*is none '   %        x  As     he serJe.i  down.   As  he settled     lnsln cnt.al  Solo ...  ./usl, l.elore the water l.vgan to p������s'i'   Sr-ng  -      o\ei   his   rather  high  collar a  vigor-    Tableau     mis    pull   by  lbe co-m.hiiinl- nl| babel     Suig   got .him' -' ut,  and   as  he": hurried   up     I'libleau .,  .  lbe gangway he gaspt.l: "Tell Mrs.  C. I'll I'i'sh Iioiik' and light the  lamp.  Tim mi*:thui)i^ oh ��������� ici'i  The festival previously anno need  for Monday evening, -hme -I!.-. wiii be  held on the parsonage grounds.  Strawberry,  k-c cream,  cake,  etc.,  Panloini e ���������.  Pi.c.'la  S'olo  Tableau    N'iol ii   Solo  Soil.'-;      Tableau      Me<!lev     Margierite ..." .���������    .'.'.:..'::���������..-The   Flight   fiom  Pompeii      -..Thi* Pas non   Flower"     Mr.-G.   Jacol.son  ,' -....,;.   pnioii   Ale 1 ley     '.'   ...   Misses      Pannell.  '.-.'.,: .���������..;.���������*���������.-..��������������������������� Ruth and   Xaomi       **" ,  ,-.'-.       ''   l .     " ',,.��������� Miss   I'j:|;liaiii  -'....*".... A ;Hroken   Link     Mr,   .1,   Evans        .. . ��������� ftlisses   Kale ami Violet   Hunter  part il ' '   ���������        *������������������';;''  "Wall/   tinder  Son I hern Shies,  by Carlton  ."'tUnd   '. 'nic t('lii!di'en's_Il..iiie     Mr.-T.   Lewis      Bliss .....'.   ....'!  '      V '  Side' til     ���������������������������   Mrs.   Trebeni  :  Hliss Lisl.urUil    '..   1      Misses   Lola .and   Viola ��������� Hutchison      Mr.   I It-ward   Fitdior.    Simply lo  the Cross  I Cling   '  Faiu-isi.1   Miss Holly Fisher     Sel.-c(e<l - ,...���������   Miss -1 lay    ' '   '.f-ican   Sunset.  ������������������������������������������������������  ........   Pleasant,  Memories,   byi liver Laid  WEST INDIA    LIME  j  Accompanist;' Miss "Coburn;  Chairman,  Dr. F.   S. Reynolds.* ��������� ���������  Mrs.. A.   Hukhinsnu'.-'an-d   Mrs.    J.    Jessie  Lander-back,   who  was   very ill  will be served,  and  nuixi^ and  ga-- >;s   11ut-eliin.se :n were.spass-;vngers to A'ana-   yesterday,   is   said   to   be   much   im-  irf^uart bottles  25C. PER  BOTTLE  wil'  he   .furnished  ���������'io-l  u'siie  is  anticipated   by  all   who come.  (Kc/' Oye/.', ye people ei I . ily-  smilh.- come and enjoy our si raw-  be r.rie-s and have a social chat with  your neighbors--and frinuls for an-  liour or two*'*. ^-'Everybody-, will, -lie  :made welcdme:': Timer aficiTioon-  and evening,  _  NORTH   OYSTER   SCHOOL  TENDEPv-S will  le  iT;eivc;l bv     tho  iin-'lcrsitixd up to noon (n Wednesday, ���������Jm.e 25111, .1 !>0:T, for the following work," vi/.:  Supplying new floor to I.e. laid over  thci present floor. The l.oards must l:e  lx-1  edge gi/ain  and   kiln   dried.  PhistViing  the  building  throughout.  Plae:iig     new shingles on the  roof  and   ttaring old   away.  Plaeii g  new   sills   under   wnodsdied.  Painting school house inside and  outside, two coats. For further >ar-  liei lars app'v to '*��������� -! - '' hennas, ''to-  beits slie-.M. Ladysmith. Add:'-.-:s  Post   Ibi'-:   Vi.  \, il���������rl'he lowist or any lender  not   uecessiiriU-   accepted.  imo at   noon  today.  Iro\ed   today  We are making them of th - Nswest    Pattern and :Latesi  Styles.  WE DO ALT, KINDS OF FOUNDRY WORK  Our  Prices are Ke sona, 1.le  SEE OCR    NEW STOVES. IN   LI. AIR  AND  ADAM'S WINDOWS. ���������  LADYSniTH IRON&    TOVE WORKS CO,, LTD.  BUIfi ANO ADAM.  (Continued Iiom Page One.)  Now foi Mr   Ihiwihointhwaite's "���������n-i  consistency   He,  of all men,, who has  M listed   in loud   ten s   that   he   was  uncompi omising,      and   trades   laboi  dnioii  leadeis  who  believed  in  concil-  laln n and arbit''ali</ii  weie laboi fans,and onlv played  into  the luvih of  the     giasping capitalists,  and   that  ioval   commissions   weie   faiees.       1  wciidei ' what  this  purosal of     Mr.  llawtnointhwaitc'.s  means''   I)(>e^     it  mean   that   ho  has  at last   become a  conveit  and  believes  in  royal  faiees  and   something   woi.se   than   arl/ination, as he has aluw.lv proposed    to  gi\e  John  liowaid   20  pei   cent,    of  the     loyalty  tax  if thc commission  finds shafts aie at a disadvantage-' If  this is  not playing into the hands of  the capitalists, I don't know what is.  And now, Air   Editoi, thanking^''0"  foi   space in  your paper," 1 awau  an-  othci      inconsistent  mo\e  fiom   Mr  Hawlhornthwaile   oi   McRi ido*   ���������/or  Horn both      c I ,am  \ouis,  CONSISTENCY.  Mis   \V -Thompson wejiA-tHi 1o Nar  naimo at   noon   toda>  'PHONE  2-1  LAD^SMIT",'  HOBNOBING'BETWEEN { %  THEIR FIGHTS  ���������    (Continued   liom   Page  Two.)  an amount of jfejvcn they could-absorb When- the Russian soldiers  lolled in happy lor get fulness undei  Ihe fables.the Japanese soldieis still  managed to si( up, take no lire ,l and  smile -then- ���������lnsjiutable -smiles, ft  was too good to last -One night a  iioii-coiiiiiiissioned oibcei fi -in the  Japanese camp > lcld-d () ihcsuhtl������  q>ialiiu> A' of If" | et li'.nnvndin's 'li^iol-T  A Russian soloirr ' as a iok-e, meaii-  ing merely to show, the Japanese that  he had made a show of bt,,iseli, too\  all the iinney hoin the lit lie \cl!o\\  man's peckd*. Then he left, the  place .  Hut the Mil ado's irian fo lowed lum  out into the night- .uid puisucd him  to the Ri.s-.ian I nes \ Tew minutes  Inter theie apicvoed befoie the captain of the -. comi eny to" wluch IJ'ie  Ri ssiau Lelonged a\civ indi ^l.itit  little Japanc-e soldtei who saintjd  !>n'l icpoited that he had been mbf  bed at the ."chrb". The Rii'.-.ian office! was amazed He d d not know  ot the existence of (he club Rut he  made an in-.estimation, and upi n  learning    that the" story -of tlie  Japa-  ^! ncse was true,     saw that 'his money  yp! Doat Mm.  EstaislBKirt  Launch and Pleasure Boats of all  descriptions for Hire. Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  Speciality.  IIAHKIT  AND   HAYEDN.  OUR A'SSO������l-MENT OF VCCiELTA BLES FOR SATUKDAY CONTAINS  FRESH PICKED STRAAVMEliRI ES   CAULIFLOWER  ISLAND  CHERRIES CLCl'MHERS ���������'"'������, ��������� '?���������*>..  RIPE  H ASANAS - r . TOiVlAf0ES|  .-.     ,fv   /-  PEACHES*' \  .-.":   XJOW  CARBAGE" ���������-.   ''-  ':>J"  APRICOTS '     V Nl'-W OREEN   PEAS   ���������-.-.,���������  PLIAIS' LOCAL'NEW   POTATOES  BLOOD   ORANOES CALIFORNIA   NEW   POTATOES.  T AS; A MIAN   APPLES  W.T. HEDDLE   CO.  Williams' Block  Ladysmitli  ParticnlarGrocers.  Telephone   I  Roating  and   regatta shirts  at.    Simon   Leisei   A'   Co.'s   Ltd.  RO AT  LILDERS.  W-illiaii!   Hannay   was   arrested   this  afternoon      i.u   the   sanve   ; barge   ror  which      In*   was   tried   on   Wedu ���������-���������! iv  last.  Tin- case  will   }:e beard   ���������       '��������� us-  tie-s  Alptbison and   Allan  at   I      City  Hall  al  six  o'clock loniuht   .  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  3T5S5S8sS������H^SSS^gS  'ISBf  Three Lines of  MENS' AND BOYS'  STRAW MATS  To Clear, 20 PER Cf;NT off  orrison's* Ladysmith, B. C.  ���������      WILLIAMS    BLOCK.    -��������� -   _   TELEPHONE   6-7  Itev. R. Boyle,  pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Sabbath   School���������2.30   p.m  livening   Servic(:��������� 7   p.m.  Hible study  class, Wednesday  even  nig  at   7.-30.  CHtiRCH OF  ENGLAND.  Morning  Service���������II   a.m.  Chilli-en's   Sunday   School���������2.-'M.  10veiling st rvice *uirl sermon���������7 p.m.  Rev. R. Howen, Re.cto'r.  'I hen- will lie a celebration of. the  Holy /'onimiinic-n at 8 o'clock anil  ���������after morning services, 'i h ��������� Lord  I'.isiiop, udio will lull confirmation,  in the evening will preach af that  sen he.  METHODIST.CHURCH.  Rev. W.  C. Schliehter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. in. *  Evening  Service���������7 p.m.  Sunday School���������2.30 p, m.  All members of '���������Llarniony and Pcr-  scrveruiice Lodges are requested to  meet at"the Oddfe'll.fcs' Hall on Sunday,   18th   insl.,at  jl a.m.-,. lor,  the  uurpbs-;- of  attending "memorial     ser-  \mccs for the'decora tion of the |-i-aves  of      deceased .hrcthre'n .at 'Nanaimo..  Returit,fare, 50  cents.  By frdei H���������  CARROLL,   N.O.  1     ::   D. -^R.   HAOOART,   Sec.  UNITY  ENCAMPMENT NO. H.  T.O.  0.   F.,  LADYSMITH  B.C.  Members   of  the  above  named   Encampment   are  requested  to  meet at  the   Oddfellows'   Hall   Sunday,   June  18th,  |no.-), at   II   a. in., for the purpose  of  attending   Memorial   Services  'n  decorating  the graves  of decensed  patriarchs.  By   Order, E.   ROWLANDS,  Patriarch.  E.  LOWE,   Scribe,  was /restored to him, :.n-l sent a  'military ' guard to see him safely-in  his own  lines.  -I-  A   strawberry  social   will   be  held  on thc Church .of En-gland'" grounds'on  Wednesday .' afternoon-   and evening  next. -The tennis court will be      at-  the disposal of all  who come prepared -to plav.      Admission,   1.0  cents.  J:PIERCYJHD CO.  WHOLESALE DRY(JOODS.  Victoria,  B. C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS.  ETC.  OF  Blouse a White wear Goods  ALL NEW GOODS  Takes place today. All  lines Greatly Reduced in  price as.we willjiot carry  over this stock another season.  SIMON LEBER &C0 Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  LADYSMITH  BUM  wiSmt.\^m4i  W.G.Fraser  MerchanlTailor,  (ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call ejariband  get your choice. -      -  " Odds and Ends  VVAlX'lf THIS  SPACE���������IT WILL P  AY   YOU     SOMETHING      CUXJ1N  TWO  EVERY  DAY.        '    *'  THIS WEEK   IT WILL BE JUG S.      A      BEAUTIFUL   BLUEANIT  WHITE QUART JUG.FOR   ... ~ .       . ���������  \;\>    25c     '  >'   '"  LADYSMiTH HARDWARE' CO.^Lid  Charlie   Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED.  Chailcs Dvnn ol llic above firm/ visits Ladysmith evciy Sunday foi the  puipose of taking measuiements and seeing ,cn.slomcis peisonally. May  be been aL the Hotels. Wc guaiant ec ail'stock and a perfect fit at the  lowest, poss'lile tate.s Suits Irom J.15 00 up/ Pants From $-1.00 up. All  llaiul-mailc Pull line of the Latest supplies ALWAYS tailed bv Mr."  Di'iin. ���������'  W������maW!BiaBBCT^'Mi^ABST������I������J������������aCg  USERS OF  WHITE SWAN SOAP  Stand a  good chance to win a  GRAMOPHONE  Evi ry   an-f'ent  purchase  <>f  Wh il-c    Swan     Soap     e.nfitles you to a  ticket, in  the drawing for lhi������ hi^h Ki'ado gramophone.  REAL,   ESTATE  HIRE, L'FE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  RK^TS COLLKCIED  DIOIODS,. W.LLS;   MORTGAGES," C ONTRACTS     AND   AGREEMENTS  *.;.' ...       :\i DR'A YVN.**.':'-r V :.-';"-.  JOHN STfcWART  P. O   Box 26S  CONVEYANCING  NOTARY    PLT-LIO.  CLOCKS  BARGAINS CLOCKS 1  I   .   .Irs!, received     iL shipment   of nil kinds of clocks thai we. will clear    ^  |      at low- prices "  ���������  ���������  I ���������     I  ,     ���������  ,  ' ���������   :   i        ! ������  |     EIGHT  DAY  STRIKING   CLOCK    $3.0(1     |  -j    EIGHT  DAY STRIKING  CLOCK   (with   alarm   attached)     $*.:">(>  ���������3 'REPEATING   NICKLE   a I.ARM   CLOCK    T.        $1.75  "    REGULAR   NICKLE    ALARM  CLOCK SI.00  -]   ALL  THESE  CLOCKS   VRE'I'^OM     THE  REST  AMERICAN  FACTORIES   AND   ARE      U ARANTEED      TO      KEEP      GOOD  TIME.  ������  B.FORCIMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,    XXX      Ladysmith,    B. C  NOTICE.  From      this   date   the  undersigned  will  not,  be  responsible  for  any  indebtedness     incurred except on      a  written order signed by the secretary-  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.   EXPLORATION  &  RRVEL-.  OI'MENT CO.,  LTD.  ; Non Personal  Liability.  ' Vk'loiia,  H.  C,  May LSlJi,  1005.  Ladysmith j ������������������*���������������-   { Sunday Examiner, New York Jour  nal, New York" World. For sale a  Knight's  book  store.  Dr. R.B. Dier  Surgeon. Dentist  AM work guaranteed, and at reason  able rates  High St.  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  \  J  m  m  '���������������������������������>���������������-���������  i


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