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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 19, 1906

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 9cmrx*a*HM������^������rxj&,a-t>&/&m-,x  LEGISLATIVE  ASSEMBLY.  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  VOL.,*  TUESDAY  June 1!>. 1������0<;  PRICE FIVK Gl-KTt  MAYOR NICHOLSON CASTSf  THE DECIDING VOTE  Col. Tracey has been Wired for, and the  Question of Water Supply for an Electric Light  System Will be Looked Into  flAE US  RESIDENCE OF  J. MJtW  Aldermen Could not Agree; on Celebraton Donation Question, and Mayor Nicholson  Votes in FaVor^of Gift  Pur- the fust time during bis term  of office ,as Mayor, last cvc-nin^g) -May-)'  or Nicholson was calk.d upon to casr  the deciding vote on a" Question  ���������which had arisen during "the, council  meeting. . ��������� . '  . A delegation consisting  of Messrs.  Jas. Dieemino  ami' H.  Sampson,   hud  been ,scnt lo  Uie council meeting;   by"  the Dominion  Day  celebration   coni-  mittee to rejoest the council to re-,  consider  their    decisio.ii of    a    week  ago regarding a   donation  by     that  body towards  llic spoils  to be   held  here on 1 omnium'  Kay.  At the previous meeting ihe council had decided not to gi.e any  money    to-   the  celebration committee,  and  that  body, meeting the n:xt .ev-ening,  decided to' send a delegation  i-o tlie council and, endqa-vor to-have them chants*  their, decision.     Accordingly last evening, Mr. R.  Si-mpson addressed, the  council, an d in-ft very clc||icnt manner,     reminded them of the   importance ,'.bf, July First as a national  -liofiday,.'and .the'fiVc-d' which   would  accrue \o   the    city from ~a celt������bra-l  tion in  the "way of- advertising, e1c.  On behalf of the committee he   was  wot as!ing for any large, sum���������all ne|  asked for was, say  $25.    lie did~nol|OWin liOCkisX, and .give it'.   I am   Iu-re  think this  would make- any  material  difference    in "ihe work contemplated  by the council  for  the city,  and   it  would help considerably  low-aids  the  celebration.'   After (submitting a Tew  -more   '. convincing    arguments -Mr.  Kimfson    concluded-      .Mr.   Dccn-.r'n ���������  was asked if he wished to    address-'  the council, but he replicxl  that    be[  thought    Mir.  Simpson had    covered  the ground pretty well.  The Mayor then called upon some  of the Aldermen, asking thorn for  their opinion on the matter.  Aid: Malohe stated that while he  would like very much to see a donation made to the committee, he,  could not. see how the council could  ido so. All the .money they could  possibly -getWould he needed upon  -th������ streets, and he, for one, could  not see how they could ian'ord jto/g/iYij  ���������any away. wP-ersohally he would lilcc  to see it done, buti for t-liic- good' of  the city :itv was, inipossiiblc to .be giv  in.^ money away which should he  spent on the streets. ��������� *v  Aid. Campbell was 'then called��������� upon. He, was of tho opinion--that the  city should    give something towards '  |you sat,in those m-iners' cars tli*.*  "same as "1 do'every day j and heard  borne oi the talk 'that 1 do, vou  might change- your mind on.' "that  point."1 ,  'lou'll find icickers1 any place you  go,'' replied" Akl.'Ca'mUnell.  "Vcs, that's right, ,|>ut whan taxes  are a,s' high as ihey urc now and we  pea-pose giving money away, Uiev  Cvill luck a whole lot .more on tme  cats," answered Aid.  Spence.  Aid. L-ren thought that thenejwoukj  noi, be much- Kicking, and, romar-.e-d  that4,erhaps Aid. Spence was sit.  ting in a Lubeial corner, wh-ich  would account lor the ' amount < ot  Kicking he heund. '  Aid. -Spcnce -again remonstrated,  and said il was past a joiOi when  theie was as much Kicking going t.n  .as  he had heard.  "Well,"' responded Aid. Campbell,  "I'd change my motion-and make a  new one to the eiiect that the council gi-e *$-l'5, and I'll ,pu't tip tJie other ten out of my own poe-.et. How  "will that suit you?'' T  '���������'Tliat vvou't suit" at all," replied  Aid. ''Spehoc-'" nSooiier" than, vote-  any mo'iiu-y away that docs not belong  to  us,  1   would go down in my  to  reptesent  the people and  do     the  best Lean for Idteni, and 1 do not  .think il would he -doing our best  to give their money away."-  " V.Now, look here," qiune from Aid.  Gamflbell ��������� liigain, 'if 1 give ten and  the city 'ifteen, it. will not amount:  to 2i cents to each ratepayer, and  j am sure they 'won't- kicic at that"  ''You. seem -to ��������� be p-rctty ainx-ious  for this celebration;" answered Aid.  Spence, "you must'intend running an  ice-cream stand or soin'ethtiig of the  kind;-don'tyou?'.'     ��������� [  ���������  "'.'No,;-' replied Alii. Can^bell, "1  dont, but . 1 do think the council  should help a'"'matter of this kind."  be.n notilied    by   the  city clerk     to  aavc   the    nutter    atteLnIbd to,   and  i-hey  in   turn had  vvrit-tc-.il lb Captain  I'ollister,   Victoria, the-ownur of the  property,    notifying    him    that     hc  vvouid liaiie  to  Jo.-*-'  into the   niattei  or, get  ik'w  tenontb.     As  yet     they  had   received no   reply   from   Captain  Collistef.     The  road  foreman    asked  what should  be  done  in  the  mutter.  Aid.  .Maloic thought.it best     that  the   matter Ja*   laid over'one     mose  week, and   see if  by that time  Captain   Colilistor 'did  not  make a move.  Accordingly this   was done.  Kleouic Lights.  Col.  Trace*.-s    letter,    which    luil  been   'laid     o.er   fiom   last   week    in  which lie- staled that lie would d.o at  liberty to come   to Lady-smith  in  lb  days'   lime,   came   up foi   discussion.  It   was noted - that the ten     dajs  were about up, aud the Allay or slated  that   it  was   now  up  to  the   council  to decide whether or not they should  send   for     him to-     look into       the  water  question  with a   view  to     installing a   water  system   for electric  lights.       As  far  as claims on     Me-  Liod  crc-i.   were  concerned,   the city  Clerk   was   in possession of a   letter  fioiuMr.      Hray,     government agent  and  gold  commissioner,   to  the ef.ect  that -no claims ou    this  creek     were  registered in his ollice, and therefore'  the water is   free.  'lhe question of the possibility of  accurately measuring the Water w.is  then -hi' oi light up by Aid. Liren. He  thought: this, would 1-e impossible * at  tin's time of the year, as it*''would  be. at least. twV and a-half months  yet before extreme1 low water. In  any cent ho did 'hot. think thero  would be sufficient to run a plant.  Aid. .Spence was also of the same  opi'ii-ic-n, aiicl; thought- it would-be a  waste of money to investigate the  matter. It would cost the city $2"*.  tiot- day lo    have,   Col. Tracey  here,  Last evening ut 10. ID, an alarm  was turned into Uie local (iic hall,  and uj on i\i poiid.iig the hi igade  found the risidciice of UMr. J, Wj.uus������  l.y iu llanies. /flic lire had -broken  out in the ceiling, .xnd had made  kood bead way, fit having reached the  loof by the time the firemen anhed  on the .scene. Although the walls  are lelt .standing, the building is  practically a total'loss. The owner  carried JbOO insurance- on the house  and fuiintuiv, ,vvith the London Mutual   Company.-  While some funiituio was saved,  there was also; considerable lost. All  the furnituie was practically new, as  Air. and Airs. Akayosky hau-Ibwu bua,  recently married, the ceremony Inning, ta en   place about   a month aao.  KIDNAPPER    .  IS CAUGHT  ���������i   .  I'!iilaih.'l|>hki,|r)iiiu-   lt: ���������-LiiLh-   l-'red  -iu-   iluth,   uli'd   wii.-.   Kuliuippc-d   'lioin  j  aCllOOl    oil      'I'll-isiluV     laSI      'Alb    lC-lO-l*''-  -id  irom  his  c^pior    in   n   soiisaium.il  iiianm-r   iliis  Uiu-i iioiui.     l-'or   scvuiai  dd.v.s   tin-   ii It m ��������� I \-      of   i ho  kiilii(ii>p<*i  ni)1;   lii-i-ii   i.iundi     lo   llio     police,   but  di'.-,|>iU-   ��������� Is.-,   i-itoris     oi   foiu    himdr. d  men, who  biivi; l-ei.-u   woi'king-   on  tliw  eas-j,   he ������';i.*, n'ol   luc-aU--������l until  ioil.iv.  AnoHii'.iiiifd   hv   one*  ot   his  mr*n i-bii'l  of (k'lci rfti\ es  noiiat>'liui'   went  to  foui  twont.v six  liorlh.   >;.*.'(,v-'i-coihI   sti'cut  in  West   rhilndi'lphia uiul  there-I'ouinl |  ��������� lohn  .losojth Kenn. with his   i-upti\.������.  Koon   nl tcoiplf-i,1'     I o  oseapo  but   was  -     - -      -j"  **liot   at -|>.\ ,thi>'-U-li-i-iivi>'-..  tho Inilli'l.s  niKfi-c'l  l!i?-iV"/iiiin   I.til   Iu-. n'=.iTrVi'ii(lci-  >'<l  and   w;is   inNci,        i,,   poli-v   licad-  ipmrli'i-s      T!i(- kiiinappi'i*   who   k*> '12  years   old.   is��������� desi-ril-prl     :is  n   former  -.loi-k   Iji-oI it   who   Iind   i-i-i-i-n'ly    In-i'ii  n   n-ii!   csliilt-  iim-iil.      Tie   has  o   wn'e  and   Hin-<-  I'liililicn   and   il    is  lnMicvr.i  1 h.H   In'*-'  di'-spi'i.ii"   liiiniii-i.il   silimtion  drove*   liim   to   the  i-i-irne.  ATTRACTION MCZ  ihursoay mii&  Will BE 6000  Miss Olivia Dahl, the rioted N'or-  vvcigian singer, who will sing here on  Thursday evening nex.t,, is lonight  silking in \'ictoria. This is Miss  Dahl's second appearance before a  \'ic-toria audience, and it certainly  speaks wyll for her al-jlit-ies when it.  is a fact that the seats for tor  nigJit's concert were all sold yesterday morning, and althougli inanv  iiihI"io secure seats during yesterday and today, it was impossible  to do so. It is the unanimous opinion of those who have heard Miss  Ikihl that she is one of ihe great-,  est singers who has ever vjsited  Vancouver Island.  Tic-luUis for 'Jhursd.-iy cvenin/fs concert arc now on .sale at Mr. 13. For-  cimmei 's store, and if reserved seats  aie wanted, it would l>e 'well (o ap-  f J v at once. Already numerous in-  ; ;-.i ri:.s have been made for &eat.s and  it was ihcicfore decided to place  tJiv-ni on sale- this afternbofn. An  oI-I.-l*i- thing which must al.sot;c*|orn;  in mind is the fact that on Thurs  djv afternoon Mr. Foroiirftner will dM  closed until soveti o'clock, when th-.-  |il,-nr- will he takcJi to the lull."  Ilciei'oie, tic'.ets shoi'ld he secured  liefore Thursday no0n.  The  proy.r.binmc will  be as follows-  MINING hOTES  Of INTEREST  Says tlie Ashcroft Journal: Last  Wednesday there left Ashcroft for  lluJliou by special stage, -Mir. .f. B.  Ifohson, unuia2,er of tlie Cariboo  Gold Alining Company, his engineer,  Mr. L. F. Warner, Mr. G. O. Foss,  of Foss *S������ Maodonnell, thc ,Nricola  railway'contractors, and Mr. C. S.  Urouski, .their ewgineer.  Fo?s &. Macdontiell liave ujider con-  sideration the closing of a contract  with Mr. Ilatson to make the new  canals for the Bullion mine and .Mr.  Fo.1-;' Trip is to familiarize himself  with local conditions. While noUiing  defmitc is known, the impression  prevails lhat Foss & 'Maodonjiell will  shortly move their outfit of men,  horses and tools to  Bullion.  While at the coast Mr. Ho'json  joniplctcd the sale -of two. other  large hydraulic properties: One is  situatod on Spanish Creek, a tributary of Uie north fork "of t������he Qtie;-  i������?l River. ���������' TJie other, wth-ich includes tlie Maud property, is situated on -i-Mile Creek on the north  side of Quesnel River. The property has passed to John Hays llim-  nond, general manager of the Guggenheim Exploration Company.  We understand    the equipment    of  these    properties   will  cost aito'.d   a  (al  O  lleriv jeg er Mb*t   Trae-1" J million  and A, half dollars,   for    the  Alii. Alalone ;suggesl*ed :that '"the 'and''lie thought- -in" the end .the city  council, ,iustcci'd of donating the mon- Jvvould f,ud it useless. However, he  ey��������� ou.trifflit, spend the stun on the supposed thai the ratepayers, qr at  streets a-ud im.prove the looks of least some of tlic-m, would not be  same before the arrvial of-i-yisitors, satisfied until a-n .investigation had  vvhich; ;he. tiiought,   vvoulci   Ixs a more 'hewi  made.      ���������  lasting investment. Mayor Nicholson,-.-^lieaking en     the  Aid. 'lrJn.cn, in-'-giv-i-ng his "opinion-oil 'matter,, stated 'that he ihelieviCid that  the ltnattci;, stated that; he ��������� was in'it*was not so much a (cjuesti-oii of  favor of the couiicii giving-, the. inon-,..how much water is at present, in  ey. ,Bc kiievv there was not ''much Hush creek, but whether or riot it  money to do city work With, ibtit would he possfble . to t-urii Mcl.i} il  at the_ same time he did not thin!; into Bush, lie thought that with  a celdl,tation. Of course tlhey could; amy. -:(f the 'ratepayers .would kick ai} the two creeks it was the general  not give .much, but he did not lhinkj$25. 'lhe collectors had received opinii.-n that there w-o.ild-he s-ulTicicnt  $25 would*.-hurt  them ,a>ny, and a eel- 'ntvarly %\M  from  the ratepayers and   water.  obration   of  this   kind Was   certainly   tli-al-    in    itself was assurance  that.     Aid.   Spencc  stated  that as Ik?  un-  a  good    thing    for any    city.     The,they   were   in   [avor  of   the    celobra-  (ierstood   the   Aliayor had   pled---d   his  tion. Me -, therefore seconded Aid- word lo a pul.-Iic* iiio-.'t-iu.^ to investi-  | Ca'iit'Pbell'.s niot.ioji that the .city-givi* .gale the ipiestioii of water supply,  ;-.f-25. it  was-up to tli.- council to     Ret   an  After l-ho appLause h;ul subsided, exjiert, and he therefore m-ov-cd that  ' which- had,' greeted Aid. Un-rn's en.- he s-ent for. The motion car-  I speech  from   nionibcrs  of  tiie dcloga^   rird.  [���������'ion  and  a .few  spectators   who  were      A   liiii^lhy   cliseii-ssioa    then     arose  I present,   -Aliayor'  N icholsf j\   put      the   ns  lo   who    to  get.     One  genlk-imui  LiiVl'estion tu-, vote, which resulted in a   had    i:ro]ios-ed,    as   has  appeanwl    in  itic*,   Aid.   Uren  and ��������� C-amip-b.ell  voting   these  eoliiinns   previously,   to     make  \e.i,  and   Aids.  Malonc and     Spence,   surm.s,   etc.,    free   of cost   pro.'.ided  nay. their company's    tender  is    accept ed  It ma,*-: thus up to His Worship t0 for installing a plant if- enotHi wa-  jdecfde,-" and before giving the decid- tor -is found. Cln the other hand,  iilrj vote, -lie explained '.that, fiis he ha-d if another' com-pany gets the ccn-  | understood it, the committee had in- tract, the first company is to receive  tended to -ask the* council for a hun- p-ay-he-nt for the pr-elimin.vry work  j il reel or more dollars, and in this clone, an esl.inmtc of the cost of  (case he would' certyainly\ hav-e opposed which will first ibe given the council  planting the raqfues-b iiiKler the cit- In the opinion of some of the al-  jciimstances. But seeing that I heir dernnin, this gentlcimam was- flic prop-  could contemplate-giviin-R-money aw- re',| tics t had been so .reasonable, he er person to get, but Aid. Uren did  ay under the circumstances. I was    in favor  of  the council  grani-   not   favor  (his.     He  thought  tha-t   if  Aid.   Cativphell   remcmislratit*-d    with   ing   it, and  hi  therefore declared the   ���������*, intan     was hrou.������ht here win,,    had  motion carried. either steam   or  water planls to sell  General  Business. and who f.n\-c an opinicn on the fea-  Uj   the road  foreman's  lv.port.  \vas   sil.ilitv     ol either,      there would ��������� he  u si a foment   -to the'effect  that     tho  some kicking done by those who  fav-  prope-rty back of the Ahholiriord Ho-^orcd   water  or  by   those  who favor-  t-el  whioh had  been complained of on   cd steam, as   the case mi?*ht be.   lie i  account  of   the  draiioaige,    had     not j tliottght   it .best' to   get ah     opinion  (O  Lord.   I   am Aweary)  Melartin  (hi  Hoses of dune,     Ed. G������rnian  (���������������)  lii-h  Lullaby, Adelaide ^i*ed  ham.  (d; i'iifin.1 l'Oitkau Ohante,  Tagliafico  OLIVIA  DAHL.  " On  the   Mountain Grieg  filXA  SMITH.  (al  Allah Chadwicl;  fb)   J-ro'ii   Uonte Pincio        fiiieg  (r)   Dct  Forste Mode   (The First  ,Aleelin-g) -Grieg  (d)   Spanhh Song, Paladilhe  OLIVTA  DAHL.  Car.'icval ; Grieg  (UNA  SMITH.  Folk-sui-js   (Suite  of  four, in costume).  OLIVIA  DAHL'.  (Gcd Sav*e thc King.)  "���������LIUi-:.IIAL   l.'.NSKATOJD..  councils of other citiics donated towards sports of this kind, a-nd he  could not. see why Ladysmith should  not do so. Tic- was in favor of the  donation, and moved that the coiin-  o'l give  $25.  Aid. Spence's turn came next, and  he stated that he strongly favored  Aid. Malone'-s contention that -the  city Was loo poor to g.iv-,Btaw-ay-rnoivi  ey. For his part he would never  vote for it. "Why," he continued,  "people arc already kicki.-ig at ��������� the  high taxes imposed, and don't you  suppose t-Jiar'if w'e go giving away  their money they,will have -grounds  lor a igreiater kiick?" Tlatepayers  were after him rigiht now" to have  work done on streets which . (hc  'council did not have the money to  do,  and-he could not sec how���������   Ihev  Aid. Spcnce, and slated that hc did  ���������not think it would make much difference lo the ratepayers ,af- all- At  the very most the assessment world  not be increased five cents per than,  and he did not th-i.uk anyone was  going to kick at that  no monetary hiterests cil her way,  with the exception of his day's wages,- 'Ibis opinicn was'agrewi toby  the rest of thc council, and accordingly the eh rk was instructed to  wire'Col. Tracey tH:lay and have  him come ..over here as soon as pct*-  si.b-le.  Mayor Nicholson stated." that, he  would'make it'a po.int to come in  from Wellington, where he is at present engaged, and go with Col. Tracey lo the creeks. The road fens  man v.-ill uilso. accompany the expert,  and l-lie- city will likely furnish o:ie;  or two   other men.  A letter from the R. \fe. N. Railway .which had liocvn laid over from  last meeting was up for discii-i-sion  last ev-tniiiig. In this letter th*: corn  paiiy ��������� ask-ed that some agreement be  s-igived 'v-'l-ween the city and (lie company re the taxation of their waterworks in Hv: c-iiy. As the matter  stands/at pres;-nl. (bo cily is not i-ni-  posing the matter at. all, aiul the  company are furnishin-g the hydrants  t'o the city free of charge. The company siviiis willing to let tJie tnat-  i.it ten in ih,is wn'.v, j r have the  ri.ly impose taws and tliey in turn  eh it.:'..��������� hvidr-riii ruil, but wish, in any  event to have some agfeeme.ivtdrawn  uj) and *-i������n.d. This tin* presint  council are uiiahle to do. They cannot sign an a.^i-ewnent for .more, .('ban  their own term of ollice. without  lirst submitting a t)\-law to the rate  payers, and this was considered too  ���������-���������xpensive. . M-a>'or Nicholson pointed  on I that iii case another by-law is  .lilviuii ted ui thc electric light ^jue**>-  lion, as is very likely to the thc  case, it: would 'he pcssil-.le to at the  same time introduce the agreement ,ice is S'ai,linfi fa*vt������-' to use cement iai increase as compared with 1904.  hv law to ho voted on. The clerk ftr lining 1-tpcs. and pump cliaimlbers, An advantag-o wihich suggests con-  u'as  instructed  to write the  railway   ''-   or"*l>1-    fo prevent, their deteri/.ira-   \inued  growth  in consumption of ce-  matlers and ''*'" ^v the sulphur im-areigiiiiated wiv- _ nient is the technical skill tfliat now  t(*r. Al these places it is custom-'directs the man-''fa,cturin,g industry  ary  to  drill a  hole,  place a wrought j in  this country.     The result.-inf. this  London, . I line It*.���������As tin* result of  .i |>i-lition of Tiios. diaries llobare-  "ir-.\ eldest 'son. oi 'Viscount Clit'ton,  'oembee of I'e.rliiituent, lalwral. for  ���������Cildwell has hec-n unseated by the el  (-(���������lion court in .conseqiienfe of illegal  prael ices. 'lbe entertainment of vot  "i'r-s at.''n'garden party was the prin-  ��������� - f I -.a 1  il.-m   iii  'ho complaint.  _ . o-   CKMF.N'T.'FOR MINES.  "A 'promising, field tor majiufaclnrers  of cement is the mining industry.  Already some of ine larger mining  eoinpaniiY' whose_ timber reserves are  ij-ecoming exhausted, are considering  t-cmeat as a substitute to brace the  underground' workings. Among tlie  lirst to employ cement for this pur-  i������sj was the Calumet ..and illccla-  copper mine. This company, though  ihe largest owners rjf tim-bcr land in  Michigan has forcs-ecn with its accus-  lotnary business acumen the approaching necessity of finding a dnr- empties just above Hixon Creek, and  a-'.'Ie sii'lisfitute for timber in its is reached by the ff.i.von Creek trail  mine. from Quesnel.  Is there any reason   to donl-it thereT    : : ��������� ������������������  h.re that the time is not sy < far dis- of supply. In 1.905 the production  i:.nt when companies that are using of Portland, natural hydraulic and  Id niillioju to ."10 million feet of tim-! slag cement in (he United States, as  her annually iu, their mines, cjpencd estimated in the January 27 issue  man.-' years ago, wil I.���������!./.��������� compdlled to ' of -the Mining World, amounted to  try some  other material? j 3������,(U0,3f)fi    .barrels,   valued    at .$36,-  I'oncrete Inis good properties; it; is 091,fi'30 at-mills. This .quantity.was  dni-;-|''ilc; and.will not ,'Le affected by '-0 per cent greater than in 190-1,  acidulous water. It is excellent for and is partly ex-plained i.bjy the e-xpan-  building shafts, and is done at some J sic.p,t i i the use of reinforced con-  oi the larger' mines at Germ-any, for ere to for buil'diii-g purposes. The sur-  mill foundations and for nnimcrous plus pr-odection- in 1905 ���������amouri'tiJin- to  other purposes. ;3 |x-r cent of tlie total, 'was export-  In Pennsylvania collieries   tiheprac-  ed;   this  movement; showed a rn-a-ter-  "onstriiction of about 50 miles of  -.-���������nils 18 feet, wide and'6 feet d-*ep,"  t-n-gether with large hydraulic plants  ���������if steel pipe and giants, and that  construction work will .begin early-  next year.  W.  C.  Fry estimates that he   had  uil>cd off 100,000 cubic yards *.f .oravel from, the opening of the.    se son  to June 6th on  the Mucho Ore   Hydraulic    ou Stout's Gulch-.     If    the  ground averages as good this season  as  iu-.lMi5,    40e-fier-yard,  he - had ~-  $ 40,000   in    h������s    tiunte- and    groi'iuL  sluice at that time.     At the en I of  the first  week'in June'he still   had  water enough for a  sev-en.in.ch    i.oz-  zle.  The Willow Rivier Mining Co., has  constructed a shaft house on the  hill and put the steam; pump in order and will soon start the three  pumps to drain the diggings.  Pat MetKenna is en Russian Creek ..-'-.  helping his partners, Iswick^an-d Ker-  g.usoh, in opening thieir bench claim. ���������-,  They have a first rate hydraulic  prospect. The gold is. fine nut  should not he di Tiicult to save. A  12-foot strata shows front-..15,^to .25  oci'Ts in every pan, and none of  the 32-foo-t depth prospected is., barren. Tiiere is a good water supply  and dump, and, the material t������ be  vashed is free from clay and - ku-g-o  boulders. ...  Joiinny Shepherd s worbu^g. his  brother's claim in Downie Pass this  season.  C. -I. .Seymour Baker has returned from England' to look after his  (fuortz interests in the- vicinity of  Rarkerville and Stanley.  Maurice Davis is in charge of an  hydraulic which is being -equipped on  a Terry Creek bench.     Terry   Greek  i-ompauy    CNpluiaiiu  .scaling   that  (iic council are    willing.  In   let   the matter stand as   it is until   their  term   of office expires if the   *rfin c-'*sl*-'1S therein, ' surround     with j intelligent    niamagc-nieiit "has been    a  cement grout,  and  pump  the     water,  to   the surface.     When the casting is  worn away, the hole is protected by  company   is agreeable.  Gould's  Canal.-  'lhe    tjiKstion    of    campleling the  In recent.years  there- has faoen    a  gratifying reduction in the crgt-r cif  production, lowier . market prices and  an improvement in  the  quality of th;  cement.  Therefore it would ���������seerh  to be   an  'Well,"    replied    Aid. Spence,  "if  been attended to.     The tenants   had* of. a manlike Col. Tracey,  wh0 had (Continued  on Page Four.)  drain t)u Kirst>xAvcmw and Kitchener- tJ'c' cem6nt lining,  si reet also rame up for a lengthy .  discussion. The ditchr is in some .remarkable advance in the produc-1,opportt','i'e time for 1ha m.ainnSacturers;  j.laces siv 'feet in depth, and il: was | l'*on of ceiI-i>nt' in tl**s cottnitry. In'-'f cement to cultivate trade among  pointed   out   that   the   council    would |'aCt  the growth has  been    so   rapid |(he mines,  which,    by the way,  rep-  a-s   to cut heavily  into' imports from  resent one     of the most prosperous  Europe���������heretofore  the chief     source  industries in the world todajk  -v -_"---.". . Y^.rftgr.-j'^y-yv*..-*--.  rj-*-:--3?rr^.--'.y..,v.'..-  saar  '-&������sii*S**>i ,.<;.  f^W$^j0p^Q^i\  :a&^&;;i&&'mi>z^izx4f.;  ^���������''^'I-^ES^J-i.  [������J&&������%&^y!'?������Zii  jxgXifiiftZSZZS^lt^^  ���������&X������*&������*23^^f!*���������*r^-  -i-  '.a*'  ^tflt DAILY LEDGER-  Published   every   day   except Sunday  -BY���������  ME  DAILY bEJDGJEHl, COMPANY:  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  w THE LADYSMITH DAILY   LEDGER.  ���������K?'  .������r5\c'.  **  \     J  5  --.SSS^  in   ih^,p   V0*J   WAI-JT AGOOD-'^   first Class  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (in advance) _..  ..Ouc Month   -   .���������r;*5.o������  50 cents!  TUESDAY  3Huie 19;t:,190C  CALL AT   J. X. Smith's Restaura-s'l"   "  i   ALWAYS OPEN"1"*  - FIRST  AVENUE.  f'RAii:  NANAIMO liOV. WRITES  KKO-M SOUTH  AF1UOA  Nanaimo, Ji.C, June if.���������  The followm--, <*xliuott>    110111 a  letter  received   lYoJin   far-off   South'Afr-  u-a will be read  with  jnleie.sl b\,   the  many Na'naituo fi lend*)   ot' Ok   writer.  Blooirifoirteui,' 0.*'U.   (J    -Ua\,    VJ.  As the "ileiald" was the' Ijirih  place 01 my cnivur irCb a printer urn  iun readily undeisland1 ihal t'liou- is  slili u suit spot in m.\ heai t. !o>- I In-  old .shoec. a-nd the town in whuh'it  ispublishoJ.  The cii-j iii which i am now stationed has a white population oi a-  bout   16,000-to  120,009,   ancl    as  1o1  the    blacks,   well,   they  aie   lununiei-1 of  tnlo.s ol  the  DuUh, l/ut. and   mind  able.     The  town, it>  placed   in   a  valley,   huge kopjes forming   a     wall on  thi. work ^fe*w, -as  anj  person  village.  Since coming here I have had my  first experience with locusts. What  a curse   the>   must  be.    for    1     have  seeiv-a-&waim���������l*ihV. !1(*'ar-ly a 2a.yJ~  pass", and tha't is onlv one out of  dozens lately.'{   ,- *     f  Natal ,seenis to be having her own  troubles with the natives but out j  here it Vs not 'considered , as* serious j  as it is"-in England, tnoug-h thei-e is  minors oi a mineral uprising nmoag  the Basutos, and 'a few batallions  uoni here'iiave been sent to the Voider,',     ll   trouble  happens-  this  is    the  jnointh,   tor   this    is  thc  harvest     and   tt���������*r.~   ������������������ ���������.,.���������, ^ ~~   'then all  thL-'unliM-'s ate at'hoi'ne  (in '      '     "    XOTICE.  May or Jum-;     J lowc <���������'���������,  we,are 1*0^    T)]0 ]J������U llielsuil)  ' iutj���������;ii0   existing  expecting an*> thing sonous. between Me~-sis.  l'ainell  -As  Plasl.est,  The Chinese question and sell gov- ���������)ll((������i,eiSj hlis (his day h.-cn ilissuh-  einincnt is i-iuisnig a lot of e.\cito- ^ _-p.|ic |)l,s,���������K.ss W|ll he Can iod  ment out.hen*, but as we ha\en't got Qn )jjr ^lv |,. c; I'.miu-ll, who will  self-go*, uimu'iit s'-t, 1 think the dill- asj-u-i-e ai| liabilities, and all debts  eieiit 4iftiti������s are loiiiiing fai too 0Wjn.o ia the said firm, .shall/Le paid  soon  their -only, pomis being   to  pro-  fo lH-nt.  Dated Uth June, 190C.  r  5. /J  t*T*     *"^  dwwt*; -���������*���������������������������>*  ���������~"&*Ji  *l# ���������*���������*������������������  ������������������.X&f-   ���������'��������� Visr-  m  ���������������  a?  (jUimalt   & Ihinaimo Railway  DOMINION DAY, JULY 2,1306  l:xcur-*}i������n ������ates  -  IN  EFFECT BETWEEN  All St^tiors  all  Kinds  of  luck   1   loniaiu  \ oui s  Suuerl.v  '     lMHRCY  ���������: o   Airs Louisa- N. Hul laid has ������������������.iven  the ITaivard. niedica^, school S32,000  to establish a cliau ol neuiopal'lio-  1or>'.  fe;  /i, .1 ii   s53 P^ ���������-'���������*> >r   3---ia  'i^'ALtlmii  F  TW  \ i   ,���������  R. P. RITHlii,'  & Co., Ltd  A ���������.'.riicy  aiid  2  i ickcts on. lale-Saturday.'June 30, Sunday; Jul}-- 1st. ai  Monclay,July 2���������Good'to return not later tTian Mon., July  "'Double TraiiiService''in effect Each Day  Q. L. Courtney,  J>J^ti*ict Passeng'cr Ajyent  58 Oovernment St.,s.Vicloiia, B.C.  duce   racial harted,  which, must teaso  for the/good oi  the country.i  Beioie   I came  here I heard   a   heap  ���������the north and south ends, while east  and west the veld.* stretches in an  unbroken sweep t0 the Ba&uto.u.ioun  tains pn ,Qne east side, ancl the oth-  1*1 extends to nowhere as f������r -as 1  Know, for hoin ,heie,, ,we can't see  the end of the dry .sun sioiehed  jilain,   in  that  direction.  The people moye here more like  snails,- and as to picking up new  notions, that would be a ciime The  printing is miles out of date, and  when T first came here 1 nearly w-ent^  wild, everything was so slow However 1 soon got used to the ways of  the'inhahiitants, ancl 1 can  do   as lit-  Try Capital and Nugget Cigars  this,   "���������the  educated   Dutch,"   what   1]  have  met  of   them,���������not  the   lloerS���������  are the  finest   people   in  thi*    conntr\  in,my opinion  The  Government   farm heie   is    not!  i  imich   Though   of,   but   1   suppose   it is j  Sunlight Soap fs better llian other soaps, but  is best when used in tiie 5unllglit way.  Buy, Sunlight Soaj> nnil loi low Directions  -*-  Union made-Capital & Nugget Cigars  ������������^������**'*t**w*������i^^******>a*������**w***������*������**rwt>a.M^  -HOW TO BREAK UP A COLO  It- may he a surprise to many f-j  doing good in some way and to some learn that a severe cold can. be com-  pc-ople Out head oi the Agricultui - pletely broken up in one -if U*.o  aljliepai tincnl Mi Palmer, is a Ca" ! days' time. The first symp^jins of  adian, a's are nearly all his staff. ' [a cold is a diy, loud eolith, apo*  I think I have given jou a glimp- ( fuse watery discharge fiO'll ~V e i'so,  so of what is going on out heie ; and a thin, white icntiiy on tl.C  and, as r intend'to remain anoth '" j tongue. When Chamlherlain's Cough  12 months, 1 mav be able to drop' remedy is taken every hour on' the  when   anvlhing   start hug , ftrst appearance of theS3   symptoms,  yo,u   a  line  happens  pive  my  l-eM  old friends in  nnimo       Again   wis'hing   The  utls    to  all     u>*  it counteracts the effect' of the- cold  and restores the system to a healthy  ,    .        .i,     ;n Vi-'condition within a day or  t*,vo. Foi  Ladvsmith and    in   .n..*.  j j  Herald !���������*****���������������_by LadvsmHh  Phnimncy.  ���������"������������������OESSi  Ask for  WATSON'S  ' i   '  DUNDEE  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also language*, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given tn classes or individually  MISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, R C  RAYMOND & SONS    |  I   .11 IV     I    -)J*i  v'ICTOniA     ���������     -  Fol :\ iool, lefiesliing*���������  BATH  During the Summer  Months Call on .  THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving Patlois,  etc ,     Hi&h Street  -Ln^.x^etarm  FOR THE B1G3EST BARGAINS IN  Wall Papers  Call oo J, L  *  Hoii3&- aiiii Sign Painter  The*  ha  ths  -WHISKEY-  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  The Cream of Scotch Whiskies  THE HUDSON'SBAY GO,  Sole   Agents for B.  C.  X  MINARD'S' LTNTITVTE'\TT is thc onh  Liniment asked for at  mv s-.oi- w\  the only one- we keep for sale      Al  the people use  it.  rlVRUN FHI-TON  IMcftsonl   Bav,  C    B.  (      l i -     ;���������   -'  Sine  Swanfaon    has    accepted the  challenge    of   Andrew  Millet,   ol New  York to   a  wrestling  mutch  at l!<ir>  pounds.  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR BOW EL TRO 0 B L l-  Mr. M. F.  Burroughs, an old 'an-1  VelHcnown ���������< resident     of .   Bhifflo'  Intl., say6:    "I'.-, regard: Chamlberlain--  Colic,   Cholera and  Diarrhoea -Reinf-  dy as  the very -best remedy  for  ho  wel trouble.     I make this'statement  after having used  the remedy in    ray  family  for. several years,     I  am'ts'v-  er witJiout it."     This remedy is  almost  sure to  be  needed  heforc     1b  j*?umrncr   is  overf      Why     not     Imy  it' now and   be   prepared   for    sue!  an emergency?     For sale by    't.ady  smith Pharmacy.  ���������������������������June-1; C-,:7-,-2������   25,  July 2,''3,  Aug.  7, 8, 9;    ��������� ��������� '  TO   ^LL  P OYNTS  "For'pa'HicVillafs 'callon'   or'  write E..E\ .Blackwood, Gen-.  eral .Agent,  Victoria, ,B.P.  A.,D,, .Charlton,   A;G;P.A.,  ,,N:.Pi, (Portland, Ore.  GLASS  GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that- you get the globe  with the riiblber ��������� ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  glahes without the r,ub|i*jer ring  cannot keep out water, you  can 'see that by examining  thorn. The artificial' flower  that is put into the. globes  with' the rubber rings, is guar  an teed to lie the best, and if  you want a globe with . a  Rubber'Ring, call at Mrs. T.'  X. .Jones, agent for  H������NRY CREW ,  The only    place you -can   get  ��������� . Them,  -Sole  Agent in B.C.   for    thc  French    Wreath  Co.���������  of   London,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,  for.. Comox--Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  ���������Dealers  in���������  Inline,   Plaster Paris,   Brick,  Fire  Buck and  Vancbu\ er is-  ������land cemenb.  3. Pandora St. Victoria B.C.  i  k Too in;- Cast?  ���������ur������ your tickets rea.4   tl������  ,   North Western Line  The only line now making UNIOl-.  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS wit* th*  through trains from the Pacini  Coast.  THE SHORTEST LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS, THE LOWES"  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  .     BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CIIV  CAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CI'I >  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y-  locsl agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  ���������  General   j(p������x  710 2n4 Ave. Seattl*  I  Ticket and   Freight Office,  7r>  Government Street.  Transcontinental  Trains Daily   .  The ;New'Train  C RIENTilL LTwifTEb  The "Train b!  ' Ease; "Elegance;- Excellence:  . ..    -i.j->     v~i-   '.-i-**-*   ^      -     ,-,  Every mile a lyf^1**--3*^*111*  ' no s'nio':e,to spoil the   view.  I     Through Compartment,   Ob-**-  ! servation and, -Pullman  Sleep- (  j ers";    also ^ Through    Tourist __  i Cars to Chicago.^    .  | At antic Steamship B'uaiiiesa to Europe  iTour Specialty  all  UnderJNew Mapagment  HOTEL WILSON  Jus* R. McKinneli, Prop,  NANAIMO  Commercial Mens' headusnrfcers.  Modern and     Strictly  First Class.  Fire Proof     Buildiiir.  HOTEL  DOMINION  --RattH it-1.25 nr.d-fl.50���������  Fro    :     to  nil 8ti?ft'mboat,  laiid-n-rB and  railway depot1*.    ElecrricVmE'-vPry IUe  mindtea io all. piirts of   tho-city,    liftr  and tfthle nnox(!-jll(jil.  V.  RAVNKS, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   U, C.  THE JONES HOTEL   WHITE   COOK���������  nnd  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  Best accommodation for transient  i\ndr permanent hoarders and lodgers.  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-'  a'dy furnished and the bar Is up-to-  d-rio Rates 'lit a day and ������p-  w\rds.  WM..BEVERIDGE, Prop.  R#������laBa*J������ :���������>-: :��������������������������� w ������������������������������������ T^aTamUh  STliAM 1IEATEU  l-'UKNISlI   KOOMH  BAR SUPPI^IED-WrrHBBVT  WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  A. J. McMURTR'E, Proprietor  Newly titled up avid  Furnished  I AUYSMilrf,   . C  Gnod tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID  IIYNDS,   Trop.  Board al reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra well  Stocked  1    Union    Terminals ^with  J Steamer lines..  t     Berth jesefvatlpns by, wirel  i     Great Northern S.jS. Co.  FOR'"JAPAN "AND CHINA.  i Steamships .Minnesota and Da-  I kota sail from Seattle ������t>r Japan   and China ports,at: Ire- ,  ; n������f,uenr, dates..    Exact   sailing .  dates cans lie^secured upon ap-^.  ,plication to.any Great Northern rejifesentative.  S. G. YERKES   I ^ l^^A^-.Spattle,. Wosh-u  t ^.9-.STI?EI*fEN.������ I-. -T --c  I  ^-9fflJi Agent,., YJctQJte, .B.C.o  NURSIES   GREEN-  HOUSEi AND SEED  HOUSES  8110   Ve.Uminster Road,  ,;Jleadauarters for���������*-;-  PACIFIC GROWN Garden. Held  , and flower SHEDS  Tot' distribution.   ' ;  "''Karge '-stofeiv*   of Honie  -Grown  FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL     TREES  now matured lor Spring.  No expense, loss or  de-  ���������-iay -of  fumigation or inspection  .   Let mc price your list  before  placing your   order. Grecnnoiisc Plants,  Floral Paokages, fertilizers, etc.  3010  Westminster Road,  Vancouver, r. c.  ts-w.  .. nMieraln....  Pianos   & Organs  Ladysn.ith. B.C.  ?c *%,  }���������:_<:.   O     _   _    . -      - D  j        . .     DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  ���������i-ny'.   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders at feterson's Furn  tur������ Store, or telephone No 5h.  ���������ne  -l-'v* w  v< I  :;  ���������a**  ���������i + V k++**+**l"l'*l"l"l'*^b****-i ***&**********-\\+'**********<Y  *     THE TYEE.COPPER CO., Ltd.     *  PUKCM A3EKS AND SMELTER^ OF COPPER. GOLD AND  . SILVER ORES. '  'Sftifeltiiig Worlc-a at  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  *  +  t  *  .0       >>>:-  HEA1> OFFICE-  Vancouver Island, B. G.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  General Manager,  i. *-*+*+,i^++'i***f'f+*'i,**i;+**f+***���������-.+  |*>k-*v***9^9*M*V*^*V**,v**'v'*0**9*T*v*''k*������v*'*9*,  *9������������������������**^���������*B������������������*w������������������w**���������**t������***^*T*'���������*,*W*',���������* ���������������������������*���������' ���������"���������������������������-p*������^**fP*>**^<#*n**������<pt'*B*  5TttVEiS! STOVES!   |  we are /miking HEATERS and RANGES of 1  Latest Stales and Newes t.. Pa tt erns--We. do " ?  Alj kinds of^Foundry and Repair Work }  Nickei Plating in all its branches a Specialty *  LadysmitH Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  f    TELEPHONE 53  P. O. Box  12.  ^"������">..������y������.^...������..������..������.^'..������-������..������,������������������..>���������*.������.,������.;������.^..��������������������������������������������������� .������..������..������..������:.:.������..������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*"������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������t-'m-'t-*"*���������"  This   Hotel   has    i^een  completely       renovated.  Board a*d Lodgiag'$1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar   Supplied  T.ith  the  Host    Wwics, 1st Avenue :-: :-: --- .-I-adysmith II.0.  Liquors and ('igaiK. ���������  -MKRK6I  %. Wiriiariisaa Prop  1st. Aveiiiie  }      WM.   MUNSIE,   President--J.  VV.  COBURN, Managing Director.  **   ... Telephane  <!-(>. ^''^      > -'  Ladysmith B.C  ���������pSX"  1  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  u  \*a*jn  MILLS   AT   F1DDTCK   AND   LADY SMrTM-'-.  Shingles st Specialty  MANUFACTURERS  OK   Iton<rh and !>iossod Fir and (Jcilar Lumbers  LATHS,  SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,       ETC.,     of    tlie  BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      ANJ)    DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  FINISHING  LUMBER IN STOCK  *  PA1^PI#G  AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Aftistically Done  Orders  Promptly   Execute  -> - ���������   LADYSMITH  :!) tv-  s. RQEaan������G  ���������****���������***+****���������**���������******���������***���������***���������****+*���������***** *+���������****���������****< ���������>*>���������  LADVSMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     kORNITURI   MOV-  ED:'PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY.  Stables in tup* rear-'of tbe Lad ysralth hotel.  Abtmta    ford.  Leave' orders ��������� at   <!ii  tA.    J    WASKETT  PR  OP-  ���������  . ���������  I  ���������I  ���������  I  ���������    ������  .   f  I  ***-***** ��������� M ��������� ************** ***+*** ***** ***********V+* I sf^surs1'0'  ,'l-H -i-J..    +j ������i.f "t._S^r.i*-i.r/*���������*������������������������   fM***iiI������f*t*r-***K*i>*������������?**%l������  vnmmsfmnt^w-vwusjvu ������>���������*������������������������*���������������**���������������= ���������  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  33S3!S������35:  Ulr LlmJ'' 'k, ~$  -Jfi.  XdDGES  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    5-2^  Kathbohe SisterSv^neeTf m^ie Odd  fellows'. Hall    every 2nd   and   4th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  '      MRS. KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  IM1LU   ANCIENT      ORDER   UI  [ DRUIDS  Wellington Grove  No   4 ,11.  A   o.  ���������*���������  Meets "in  the 10   0   F   HajL l.U  iysinitli,    the   Second   and     Ko'.iiti  ffednosdaj-  of eaih month, commtr  mg Wednesday.   l?.th . 1905.  Visiting  DmiuIs      aie u-viU-d  to   . t  ttiid.  My Oiier  WM   RAl'TKU,  Reef S-vtv  ������������������4TRICK  B-ITPK. \     *  HJLBERT  t* >  ���������-^���������y*^^*a?aa6aaa^5g^;o ^^������i..~ .-,  Dr.   Dier can  he, found at any ti-n  o  at his office nn Gatacre st. Mis dotal work is maranteed to ...he l.r>-������  ��������� lass and rates reasonable ������t  NOTICE  From -. this date the undersigned  will not be responsible foi any Indebtedness incurred except on a  written orier signed by the secretary  Rowland  Maehin  V.   I.   K.VPLORVnON & DEVFL  OI'MRNT CO..  LTD.  Son Persona' Lfabil'ty.  **.'���������,.��������� ~r*!o    ������������������:    ���������* .  V������t   IRth.  ������������������������������������.,  H. R, SIMPSON  Solicitor.   ��������������������� ,:  . Hon ay   to   Loan  st.   Av������nu? LAOY&VI H  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  AH-work  artiaranteed-ami at reason-  - **   ��������� j"  " ;��������� r Joule .rates.  ;- RESIDENCE" AND  OFK1CE  Gatacre at ladj^miih  Oj������n at all hours.  c  LADY3MHH    bAKfckV  CHOICE    CAKES    AND    PASTK\  ALWAYS    1RESI1   ON  HAND  Wedding    cakes  -Hade    to  Order      j  FRUITS   AND    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    /.'HESil    DREAD   EVERY    DAY  Ibices"  are     Very Reasonable.      All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE & CO.  ON THE J38PLANADK.  NON  GONDUCT-  0R50F  HEAT,  Commbn Furnace  Fire Pot  Sunshine Furnace  Fire Pot  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN <  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tho Principal Business Centers of    _  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.    jj<  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AM I  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS. H  For Time TalileB, etc., ad'lresa ������  CEO. W. VAUX, r  Assistant Gen'l I'assrugcr onil Ticket Aitent,;  13G AOAMS *T.. CHICAGO, ILL. A  The slanting fmvpo<3 in common furnaces provide a rest-placo for ashes ami c]inl<ors, and these  clog tbu draft, prevent radiation, make tho furnace  hard to shake, -and (ill up the {ire-pot.  The ���������'Sunshine" pot ia straight up and down, which  gives an uninterrupted course to the draft, and  prevents ashes' and clinkt-rs  sticking   to tho  sides.  The  same  skill  and   thought   has  been   used  on  every feature of the "Sunshine" furnace���������it is Canada's  greatest heater.  -    ' Soldbyalltenterprising'dealers.     Booklet free.  WOary's  London,   Toronto,   Montreal,   Winnipeg,   Vancouver,  St. John,   Hamilton.  FUNERAL OF  THE LATE  GEO. ROSS  /  MannfactuiersortlieFamous    I   PIFRRY & fid  CUBAN  iiLOSSO.n li ntnui  t* UUi  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  H J. BOOTH. Prop ~  Paisley Dye Works  Fancy Dyeing and Cleaning. Charges jeasonaible, etc.    Woik Guaranteed  Commercial St. ��������� Nanaimo, B- C.  manufacturers Of.���������. _   IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  7 The Ladysmith Hardware Con Sole Agents  NOTICE  LADYSMITH    WATE������ WORKS  Consumers are requested to -'all at   the office     on  Robert*-:   Street   ���������>  lay Water     Rates, between tlie JOth    and the 25th of each m n-h  Office Hews I P.M. 4.30  T. i BLAND  "J   J   -   '   -   - SUPERINTENDENT.  The   funeral   ui   Gi-o������-gt-   Ross*     t-crn  01 ilr    uml Mis   Kobeit  Ho-Mi.of  Ks-  ifusiou, who was drouiied in Uie .YaV  is '  n.umo liner,   near   the J'alls oa   April,  2ist,   and   v.hose   body   was  only   ie-  i overod on Tliursdaj   afteruoon    Uist,,  t-jok   place     Sunday   atternoon     iroin.  Hip  parent*,'   residence,   Extension   to  the   Xaruwnio   eemclciy.      Oviing    W  the popularity oi  the   young   iiiaii/ln  and around  Lhe   distnct   ������bf"������. he re-  sidt-cl    ai   Hii*    unie of his    untiim-lv  di'ath.   a--lrti;gi* nuiui*|*i' oi friends aiiil  nr-quuiijiaiiccs  turned out  at   l hf* fi'u-  eral.    and   hy    t.he i"  piescncc   bhoW'-d  their   ii.������.jitrtl',   to lhe incmorj   of   on-;  who \,\ sl sudd������-n misfoitune had bft-11  cm , oil    hi   i hi-   pi inn*  oi   rising  iiiu.n.-  hood w     -    ..  Thi*   Uafit-    death   which   hH'oll _.the  joung   man. .iftive   a  sou'owful    t.i������ft*o-.  to the Uincrai ser\ ices, which were d&  Jts ered   in  a   touching  manner-by the  Jtev.    J.   Mj  ilillar,   oi   9,t    Andrews'  J.-'c3r%issel'ri ���������"������������������"���������"-���������-"��������� '������������������"-��������� ���������-*���������  Sprays���������Mr. and 3Irs. Hamilton, G.T  H.  J-ohnston.'Alr.  aad'Mrs    J.   Gor-'  don,   Mrs.     O.   Evans,   Mr.   and Mrs.'  DaMda-bn/  Mr. -aTsa'MVs.-' Pitdc;v"Mr,  ,  and MrsJReed, M_i-. ^nd,Mrs   I^t Crew-,  'Mr.''ancLMrs.   IV rifoVcV[&er, 5Mtss2 D-  ScdnViell/^lr.  toadrftrsi 'A.  kc^izi-i  ana "family,   Mr/'fairVlfJMfe.   ^fMfani-.  say.  ���������'Arith^s���������Fi-ank   and   W    Coi^,   Mr.  and "Mrs.;" T.  Jones. "  ' IMifts. M. Iio-*.s, f-ros*,. Mi. and Mrs.  Duncan Cniespie, wreath, Mrs. .Iv,  Ctlllline, X'l'OSS. . , ^   4 ��������� i  r-lANM^IG) ���������������������������"���������������������������  NBW^ tlOTES  -Mr. and Mrs. Isaac While-ox _Sei.t-  tle am in the city:, on a iV*a woek*'  % isit to their daughter, Mrs John  Pearson,   Xjcol   Street  t'huich  ,'1'h-j   folloAviiij  entloi'iien   adfcd ' Ja,,y  jjallheareis: -Kenneth"-McKenvio-,      C-  Scaauu-11,    1'. McManin, dames t'if.'W/  iNf-ill  liovraler and TColiert  Kaffor, Mr  A    E.   HillX'iT     was   riinorol   direcTOr"  The     iloial      t-.butes,   th-e   1NY   * oT  wliich   is'gi^tn  Ixilow, "wore      varied'  ! ,       ,       ��������� .' ���������- - .1  and  man*.,   showing how   widespread  uas  the   norrbw K*lt    for   the  young  man who 'had "been so suddenly caH-  850 persons   were present in iho Ath  " ' ���������      ��������� to  cd-away  Floial Tributes.  Ttafter,   Mr.  WHOLESALE MY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. G.  GENERAl BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT   SHORT   NOTICE.      DRILl.b  SHARPENED  BY US     ALWAYS    GMVE SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED   *-S 1IIPSMI T H I N >t    IN     4LL   ITS   B R A N C llKs  Horseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmitns.  R. WRIGHT.  Bull er. Street   -     -    -     -  Ladysmith, B C  Work  Liftht Teaming.  Oulers With���������  PIRRT AVENUE  Wood aiifl   Uai-k   for  sale      See  J.   KEIVIP,   or   leave  VV. CARTER,  PHONE      6(  ..������..������..���������..������..������..#���������������������������������������������  Crosses���������Annie and E  and Mrs. J. W Brown, Mr. and Mis  S. Thompson,_\lisso,s A- and M. Ilrc-  ky, Thomas K. Richards, J Real- s,  Mrs. fiowater,. J, E. and E. Ish.*>-  woocls, Mr and Mrs. T. Cowan, Mr.  an<l. ^[rs ,Uowater, Mrs. Morrjs, -Sir  M'lllan, Mr" M. Mayovsky, Mrs Go J  frey,- Jos Qiiinn, S������r. and Mr*r Brain  ley land family, Mies. Scanm-ll,- Mi*"'  and-Mrs Hllbort, Mr. and 'Mrt. - 'K'.  PJ-iwit- '' '-' J  ''Olob'es���������Mr and " Mrs.' Wiley," Mr  P'* Scannell, Mr. J. M. Scannoll, Mr.,  and M"i*a i C. Wilson, Mrs.Jt. Rai:  ter, Mr.'and Mrs. Robert Ross. Mr.  and Mi-j.'^W. "p. Fergueon, Mr. a?id  Mrs ^Russell, ',!&?.    and Mrs.   T.  11.  . The .steamer Piadei-, engaged ia the  or* carrying tiade betwoMi Texada  arid tho Crofton SmeJtw, called iu  last  night for fuel.  i'iguring from.' the g-ate     roceiptR,  lulic Arena  on   Saturday  night  witness--the-wrestling  match between  Sine Swauson   and Alat-suda.  'Nunaimo's c.iatk pitcher Mtiler tas  aot gone to- Calgary, unreport-, state  but .only ieft ,.for a. -tew days for  BamlY, wliei-o. he , was engaged to  play in a big-game of lacrosse.  ^!Mr.  J.. A. ^McDonald���������of the ., Cash  . G'rocery store,  accompanied by. Mrs.  Mk-Donald left yesterday, morning on  a" two    week's     visit     to     fJarriaon..  Hlot Springs.  -A case of diptheria wast discovered  on   the  townsite...last..evening,     and  the patient,   a man,   removed  to  the  Xanaimo  Hospital grounds    aivd put  in a. tent .made^r^ftdy .for him.     Tha  House    on the ttownsite from     which  tlie. patient.r.was, taken - was  quaran-  i - ** -  tihed last evening...  r The steamer Waialeale will ,not Tbo  inj - again 'until r -Saturday mo-'oing,  Hfing held over^ 1% Seattle until then.  It is expected, that after Saturday  the regular run will be resumed.  ,  ,  ������������������  First  Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD AND 3ARK  FOR SALE    AND    DELIVERED.  ,   '    EX PRE   SS WORK  WT'mm    ������*a TTMW H IT rin  DAVID JOHNSON  PrtONB 66 LADYSMITH  | IGE!     ICE!    ICE!  J Will be Delivered on  Mondays,   Wednesdays.  Fjidaysand 5aturcliays  .Orders must be iu by eleven  o'clock on day of Delivery,  Qfiinn,   M.i;.^and    Mrs.  T.  X.   Jones.    ^ On  July 12th   two large   steamers  Mrs.  R.   Ross, a       ,       'have  been  clmrtered from Vancouver  Wreaths.���������Mrs. Thomas Munsc-y. Lfor Victoria for the: 12th. A game  Banni,.Arrr-and Mrs F. Vater, Bannf 0fi baseball is being arranged for be-  M'-. and Mrs. Copt*, Air. and - -Mi"*.' tj^een the HilLsides.and Na.naimo for  Campbell. Mr and Afrs. J. Shti-e, n- good purse and various others in-  Mr   Ma2r/.oHne,_-Mr. Jas   Frow,   Mis .'VluccmenUs    will Jbe held  out, to  help  II." Lpokyiier, Mr. nnd Mrs T. C.  Galloway, Mr.- and Mrs. T. Wilsaa;  Mr' 'and Mrs. Thomas Isherwood,Mrs  Limited __,:......,..,*'"���������  NANAIMO    B. *C  ���������-i."- ' ������������������/���������:;..    i ���������:::'���������' ��������������������������� .*- '��������� . "   ;   '��������� ���������  The. cheques" of UJisuccessful ;ten<Ie'r-  ers will l>e returaod to them     upon  the 'execution of tlie contract.  The successful tenderer will be required to furnish bonds himself and  two sureties;' satisfactory to the  Chief Conrm-issioricr,' in the sum of  eight hundred   (.?800)   dollars *each.  Upon the execution of tho bond I hi*,  che/quc a'lovc mentioned will he iv-  turned'-to the contractor.--  . Tenders will not he considered unless made out- on Iho forms supplied  and signed wil-h l-he actual sigJia-  ltire' of the  tenderer.  :. F. C, CtA;MRLE,  ���������' ���������'-   /Pitiblic -Works ' Engineer.  Lands and Works Department,  .'.Victoria,   B.C.,  .I51.Ii  June,   lOOfi.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Ladysmith Wharf.  SEALED TENDERS, proporly. endorsed "Tender for Ladysmi-lh TOiarf  ,-uid Approach," will be received by  the undersigned up to '.noon of the  30th inst., for the erection and completion of a wharf and approach at  Oyster 'Harbour,   Ladysmith,   B.C.,-.   ,  Drawings,- specifications  and  conditions of  tendering and   contract, may  be  seen  at;   the office  ol l,he������^  P.uililic  Works  Engineer,   Victoria,   B.C.,   -Ai  the joffioe of the Government'   Agent,  Nanaimo,   B.C.,    and  at Ladysmith,  B.C-.", on aad after June the IStli.,  .Each proposal  must  be accompanied  by an    accepted    hank cheque   or  certificate   of deposit, on a chartered  '.bank-of  Canada, made payalblp.-.to tho  undersigned,' in the sum of two hundred   ($200)   dollars,   which  shall    \,c  forfeited  if  the  party   tendering     decline  to    enter      into  contract  wJuin  Mlled u].on to  do so......   ...  w. .... .  to  swell  the crowds-that .will  Victoria on Orangeniens' Day.  visit  |yv>  )^*  ���������A*  $ i ,000  in  pmzts  I  ��������� I  ^ Cha mp i on shi p   Baseball    -Match |  ^   ���������:.������������������"! NANAIMO --.RELIAiVCE  VS.  LADYSMITH, .  S?    . '    '    ���������'  ff  ^ C li am pio n s hi p  1  1  VAX'COI'VRIl   V  ���������Football   Match  .   LADYSMITH.  Child re  ii  ������ p orts   ==  ==^G rand    Retail a =  Irdia'ir r'jinoe   Racrs,   Log   Rolling (.'onlesf.s, Srulljiip AluU-hes, eto  S  W. SUJ-.:r  ^E'HEKAL-^XPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY   m -  .   Leave orders, at the Ahhuf-srord ���������  .IC eep  Minard 's  house.  Liniment    in     (he  ^ Championship V. ']��������� Swimming Ma!ch   -Amateur 3,  ...   LOGGING .CAM PS  VS,  LADYSMITH  E BIG DAY  Excursion  Rates From All Points  "<^**^r #- ��������� ������������������>*���������,���������*-    ^,���������  RUSSELL   SIMPSON,  Chairman  II.  MACKLIN,  Treasurer.  0������  ���������IAS.   ADAM  Secretaiv  %&'mg*3s&m s&m&m&m ������&%������������<&mi  Synopsis ot.., Canadian . Homestead  Regulations;.i_      .  .   ; :  Any available Dominion LuuiK  within ;the Railway: ifelt iti* :Biit"ish*  Oolufflibia, may be homestei-iiieil -'ijy;J  any-pierson Hvho is the'"''sole- Ke*ad ol  a fcunil}*; '"or! any male over e gnt6J&  3*ears of age, to the extent'of oSe-  q-uartiBr section bl 160 acres, 'more  or less. . ;        .. 7:  Entry must be roaile ,'p'Msoaa.Uy^ at.  the ��������� local land office��������� fc^r tie. district  in which the land  is  sllunte.'  The homesteader is required toper-,  form  the conditions connected therer  with    under    one     o7.. the ..following  plans:  (1) At least six mpntlis' residence  upon and cultivation of tlie land in  each year for three years.  (2) 11 the father, (or jnoUber, if the  father is deceased), of tbe homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, the requirements as to residence may bt  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has bis permanent residence upon farming land own  ed'by-him in the vicinity of his home  stead,1 the requirements, as to residence" may be satisfied by reside.-ct  upon:the said land.  .Six   monthe'   notice     in     writi.  should" be given to the Commissioner,  of, Dominion Lands at Ottawa of in  tention to apply for patent.  'Coa-l lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and . $20"'foi  anthracite. Not more lhaii 320  acres can be atfqwired by one. indiyii  dual or company. Royalty at th<?  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,001'  pounds shall be ' collected oa the  cross output.  W.  W.  CORY.  A Japanese working in tlie Cumber  land mines, while r at work j ester-  day putting up a stringer, let tit  fall onto himself resulting in his re-  ceiviiig--.serious injui-les. u,.--One������'ofrh'is  "eyes ���������������������������was cut out,- besides his r-hea-d *.  and shoulders being cut. and bruis-"  ed.->    "'---.i   ...���������.:".', ,..'������������������.- .*I- ;.;���������"��������� ''r-i'v-'v ���������-?-.'������������������*  Mr. -������������������'&:��������� C5i.v^..Ta5*ior';;'-t)6mmi6������'.-l?ish-  jjries ���������Ihspecto'i-, returned?���������''-''-yeSterday-  from'- an 'offlcrisl-'- visit*7to Albefni!ia'rid  ttif> s West l-oiti'sl;;'"- Mi*.-Taylor'^"states;  ���������.fiat -the    : i-csidents"*of' AlbVi-ni "' an*d  *j������������������-...     ��������� -......c...��������� ..-j.  district   are taking-   up a subsei-ip't'ion  .in aid of the widowiaiidJaniilj: of th  .late'Sry. liedfoVd', who met sp."tragic  a. death' near^Alferni "last "week.  ; - '" ���������'������i,���������- ,'   .',"<:'  ..The stoamer Terra Nova, oVvned by  the Fraser River danners" Association ran -aground Sun-day morning'  during low tide,, on one-of the email  inlands' in the near ;vicinity .of Mon-  ;tague harbor. ,-At hig-h- water .the  vessel was floated and- taken to  Montag-ue -harb'oa*, *. where she was  benched,.jind iSj.l-eing given a t-hor-  oug-h  ovtrrhmilingi.  .,...: .������������������> ...  ..*;. . ������������������ . ..       ..:/,..   .  yNKNOWN FRIENDS,  there are. many people  who  ' have  used  Chamtoerlain's���������   Colic,.   Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy with splendid  results-,    foiiit  who ate unknown;- in*  cause, they have hesitated about.giving a; "testimonial -0f their.; experienot  for-'publication. ..These people, '������������������'hob-  ever,Mre none    the: less' frieniis'    of  the remedy.     They have done    uuich  to make it     a hous-eoold 'Word    by  -thek  personal  r������c>mmenidatioiis-    to  friends and neighbors. '' It "jaTa'good  medicine to.have"; in'������������ "hoiiie   a;l(i  is widely knowti^for its cures   -f   di  ���������arrhcuea' and ���������allrform)s of -bbwel'-trou  We.     For sale by Ladysmith    Ph������.i  ma������y.  ���������������'Ask for Minard's- and^tafce no other  ':-,���������: * ��������� iHi ' --     ������������������' ���������  'r(^P-  y^������ht   (supe'rciMtjusly.) .��������� My  Msibarud   has    a boa-u'tiful  yaoKt. I  ���������don't suppose your husband can afford such a luxury yet?  Mt,s. Nach't���������No, ^he ibesf he can do  is  to hokii-.'th* mottpjace oni tbe. one  Deputy of the Minister o! Interior   you> husband'ha's.^-TW Bdnttoia**.-.  ti  'Si-.  F  (;���������-  .,%  3^ <->-Vi**'j'c:-^"^"J-F-ir'>f'^  mi ,i  ~   r  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  FOR   THE   PEOPLE'S  GOOD  ! MINING SHOES  *  $2.00 PER PAIR  t  ���������AT-  BICKLE'S  Smith, Fotos,  'Unit's Alii  Local Items  .Miss Annie Shenton, of Niuiaimo,  is visiting Mrs. D. Plaslcctt, of this  ci l v.  None Betler-Capilal & Nugget Cigars  "-Bowie     Brae S Ira wherries "  Simon Leiscr& Co.'s Ltd.  at  Afr. D. N'ioholson, manager of the  Opera House, has receded worii lhat  the "Sidewalks of New Yoik Coin-  iiany," will present their play here  in thc Opera House on Saturday evening,  June 30th.  The office of the city clerk" will be  open this evening from seven o'clock  until nine, for the purpose of receiv-  injl, unpaid  taxes.  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  The (-(del-'ration commit toe will  meet this evening in the city hall,  when reports of various committees  will be heard anil acted upon. This  morning Mr. Jas. Adam received a  ������������������cldgram from Vancouver, announoin^j  That thc foolibnll team of that city  will hc here in lull force, with t.he  intention of winning if at all possible.  Smoke Ilig H. Cigars  AN   EXCURSION'.  "Hello,   there     Is   theie   anvthintr  new?"  "Yes, haven't you hca'-d I'l'-at the  Methodist S.S. is hav-ing its picnic  and excursion to Dunin.n next Saturday, and they're cjaing to have a  good time, because they always do.  With ' good weather,- a good crowd,  a pretty place t-o impend tili-e day,  plenty of ice-cream, etc., etc., lots  of well-filled baskets, and what not,  how could wo help having a good  timer' ���������       ���������  You're going with us, aire, yofi not-.'  Why, of eourue; come! Get a ticket"  for 75 cents from W. C. Sehlichtei;  at tho parsonage, or at the station  on Saturday mornimg, and come!  cBoys and igixls not be'longing. .to our  Sunday School can got thoii: tickets  for 50 cents.  i'ry a Province Ci^ar.   o   The    Victoria   'J Hues of yesienliay  says'   The action  of the ������overnnicut  m consoutiag to  an. invesUgatioii   of  ilie charges  in connect ion  with   tiie  Pondray  matter,  has excited  unusual  i merest m nj-ylilical circleis, inasmuch  ;is it lollowtd close on a rumor     Lo  the ellect  Lhat His Honor  tiie Lieutenant-Governor  had   intimated      to  the Premier-that lie could not acceIJt  Hon. All.  Uiecii as  one of his advisers.  Hon. Mr. Green, who was stump-  m& the upper country, made a. hurried return to the capital, iind after  uiio 1'runner's lcuiin the investigation wJiioJi the government now pro-  fosses  to court was ordered.  Tiit-SB in "the know state that the  cluoi commissioner?)' ta.uire of his  present office is now only a matter  of days.  Smoke a Dig  IJ Cigar.  AIAYOR NICHOLSON CASTS  DECIDING   VOTE  (Continued from Page One.)  hav-e to do some thing with iL at  oilce, as, in it*-, prcsont condition it  is- dan'igeroiis lo lhe .PHULie safety, oe-  sides which, it is apt to ca.ve and  (ill up ii'_ left long in it;-, present condition.  1 Aid. Uren, in-^caking on the injil-  ler, ������a\e lus reasons for wishing a  tiling at leas! 18 inches in circumference put ��������� in. Hc thought this  would jiot be a bit too large, and il  lhe city -found it too, expensive tliey  could lay it part way, and finish it  when they   had more funds.  It was linally moved by Aid. Camp  bell, seconded 'by Aid. Spcnce, that.  2(Hl feel oi IS-inch tiling be put in.  'I his will carry the drain along lAt  A Men ue and leav-c about 65 feet on  Kilchuner street. After this there  is considerable fall, and -it is thought  tlie water will run from there on  through the ditch all right until'  such time as the council can finish  the work. ��������� Tho new tiling will cost,  besides frcJ-g-hl and putting in $1.10  per foot.   ���������.;';���������������������������. ���������;_ " '      _  ���������Before adjourning, Aid. Spence asked that some wV-rk be done on three  st rests, viz.: .. Higli St.,. Baden-Powell and White streets. He thought  those streets needed work on , them  more than any others in the city',  and its-a-topufc .time sonicl-hing was being done.  Alavor Nicholson stated that.heihad?  u o v e r s  and  Waists  Kor the Month of June, and  until further notice, we will  trim all Wall Paper sold by  us Free of Charge.  KAY'S  VV + LL PAPER DEPOT  ivi*-~:.x^x^i.~itj7nx^.-i������r���������������ii^_mL. ^���������**.i-***rj������������*n=*s-**--,������^*������^***awJ a ��������������� ���������, -������*mmwi,.������il.i  We have just received  *-" <  a ne wassortment of these  - *. ���������     **���������  Goods for Dominion Day,  and invite you to call and  inspect  S1M( N LE1SER& CO Lt<  ^wmiffnfwwm������fmwnr^wwffwiifwmm������n������FnfirK  I Notice |   <  -^g  fe^ A. Howe olChemilHa*his openiJ the  Weitrasrk ^S  **jj- lately run by W.,W������rd, on Robert!- Street  - tha ^m  ^ ' .  lull Una ol First Class Meats              ... -^  g= =^  | Pork and Sausage a Specialty ��������� A Trial Solicited f  aiul Mai Me Works  *������������������*���������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������--���������>���������������������������-���������-���������������������������������������������)-'���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ��������� ���������0**������*.*>-0"V  ., , , i ���������     ii ���������       vesterdav  scon Mr.   Konl,   proprietor  Now,    .be .sure    and come!       Bruie   -     ,       ;        . ,. ,        ,    ,  I oi  the  stumping machine,   who     had .  suggested that he send down an ex-  peri.'nced man, who, in company  with a couple of men furnished by  the cily, proceed to loosen up some  of the stumps on thc street); which  the city decide-to clear. In this  manner there would he wvirk for the  stumping machine when it arrived.  This matter was discussed, and finally  laid  over.  Those present last evening were :  Mayor Nicholson, Aldermen Maloiie,  ('amp-bell, Spr-nce and Uren.  your  baskets,'and your  pockets  your    hoarts  brim 'full   of  fun,    etc.,  etc., and  we assure you a good time  Don't,,    forget-    the tin'ie��������� Sat-m-doy,  June 23rd. Train leaves at i)  a.m.  NOTICE.  A special  mooting of  the Rathl-one  Sisters will he held  in the   l.O.O.K.  Hall   on  Wednesday   afternoon   nl     A  ji.in.   ��������� Iiiijionlanl  business.  KATE TATE,  M.  of  R.  and C.  I  havo just  received  a sliipmcnt of  Hills'  High Grade  ENGLISH. Il  and :  at  i-lie   9  Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest piiccs consistent  with first class stock and  workmanship. Write lor  catalogue.  A.   STEWA-RT,  MS Yates St. Victoria B.C  |A. HOWE P^one 2-  g MEAT   MARKET'  ���������*������  SHMagift3*^c;  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  DR.  \j\r\E  <���������.   \  li  - vlMPORTED HACKNEY STALLIOM  '���������."ENvijIiANCE"''.   ���������  (S133-II.   S. 'li.)  At  Johnson's    Livery   Stab.e    every  Tuesday ���������'at. uooii. .and   will  remain  until Wednesday noon, each week.  TERMS���������S15~ TO.  1  Keep Minard's Liniment in the house      Ask for Minard's iind  lake no other  Picnicers Attention!!  Commencing Sunday next, I  will conduc t a refreshment  stand for the convenience of  Iiicnicers and camping parties  on the Green' Spot opiposite  the -boathouse, and near Shell  Beach. Refreshments, Ice  Cream, Lunches, etc., served  at reasonable prices.  Campers wishing. to . secure  plots for the summer season,  should apply here.  I". C, McKinellej  HIGH ST.  POINTS  S.   W.    P.     $2 Oa on  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  LADYSMITH HARdWAk E COMPANY LID IT! D  3B5BS  NOTICE.  The Great Norwegian  Thu sdav.  Tickets  iner's.  now  Xo'ice is horohy -given lhat I in-  jleii'd fo apply lo the Hoard of Li-  tv.nsiiijn, Comniissioners of lhe City of  Ladysmith, at it next, silting, for a  I ruii'-fer from myself to Hanry Blair  of the license lo sell ���������spirituous and  fermented liquors on loi, three (3),  Block 'twenty-six (2fi), on the' premises .l-iiown a������   the Cecil  HojUd, sit-'  ualed  on  h'iist  yVvenue in the cily  0f  Ladysmith,  B.C.,  Dated   this J5th   day   of June,    A.  U.   I'Ktfi,  GEORGE HANNAY.  By  his  Attorney  in  fact,  Henry Reifel.  W.G.  :���������-'. :\ ^ FtPlST A VENUE. ;v';".*  Suit-^     Mettle to  Order tor Fit and t   youi  Satisfaction. Gall and see Stock  ���������rattiSsSiiB'^i^*-.  ��������� ��������� ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*��������������� *eaec*   *������-><��������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ������ ���������*��������������������������������������������� ��������� ���������'��������� ���������  BLAIR   &  ADAM  ���������������  9  ��������� -  ������  ������  I  have on hand for To-morrow n fresh supply of :-   PORK    and    BE E F  ������������������;������������������������������������*������������������ s vt3j*t%A~v * ft."****���������*"***** *������***������ ������*ir* "���������������*'J*',''���������**'  -/������������������������������������   ���������  G.  PAN N ELL  FOUNTAIN   PENS  We have Just received a shipment of the Famous  LAURiENCE     FOUNTAIN     PENS  Each one carries a special guarantee.    Prices from $1.00 up.  ��������� CALL   and   SEE   THEM���������   B FORCIMriER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE. LADYSHITH  r^-v'-w-,-*>i������?^y>i������>*ii!i������H>'*!**ii������������^i^  />S^C^^A***^>'*^������**>A������*^������**V**>***>jJi-^'t*>4^*������(i������*\^������^������/^**^^  13  1  ���������ift  THE FENCING GIRL  ' '���������    , ';    ==������==fqr=       .,.   '   =====   ���������--  33 While Sffan Soap Wrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  THE FENCING GIRL-   A number of others  to choose from   !  Tbe Dritisb Coiumbia Soap Works. VutoriaS. (.  i<iii������')6'i������i������������oo������e*������eei)   *i0*������m&&������������������*mm������&������*������m<s*������  P.S.���������We will mail you free *\ne  of  'our Premium Lists on aPP-icationr^  ^,VVWl*/'*'V-'i--VV,-***W'>^^Ali^^ ���������������***r������y'i*VV*������jA^


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