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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 18, 1906

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 ^LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY,"  Daily Ledger  VOL.,2  MON'OAY  June'18, l!)0fi  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SOCIALISTS HOLD  PUBLIC MEETING  Messers.  Hawthornthwaitc  and  Williams Address Small Gathering Yesterday Afternoon  A very small crowd greeted lli-o  speakers at tl������3 open-air, meeting held  yesterday ��������� by Messrs. Ilawthornth-  waite aikd Williams. This meeting'  had booa called for' Saturday night,  in thc opcr'a-House, ,but as very few  attended, it was decided to postpone  Ui-e affair until yesterday afternoon,  when it was announced that the  speakers would address ii meeting on  the Bunker Grounds. Accordingly,  after the ball game, Mr. Parker Wil.  lianis, 11.P.P., made a short address.  He explained ,tlut in deffcrewce .to  the religious beliefs of some of the  Jl������nple of Ladysinith, the meetiijgjhad.  been called for Saturday night, instead of Sunday, L>ui- apparently th-eso  religious sentiments did not prevent  people from attending a ball gaanc,  and he therefore saw no reason why  a meeting should not -be held. However, he was not there to discuss re  ligion, as he iMicv-rd everyone was  entitled to tluir own belief. What  he wished to d'-scmx was the way  business was d.ue in the lecal house  in Victoria, etc.  The speal.cr then went on to explain how a bill is supposed to- be  passed 0:1 by the" house, explaining  lhe different stages through which it  is taken before finally becoming) law  He stated that several bills which  he .*r-.-his^.ta.ssociate Mr. 1 lawthorn-  thwaite had  introduced   had    posfied  to thc present strength /of the Socialist party, Mr. Williams stated  that  the    whole Western Federation  1  are even now -dcbiatiag. as tj v, bet-hex or not they shall ta^-e out  charters, aiul become common, ex or*,  day Socialists. He referred to uit-  leient -sections of the, province where  socialism is strong, and stated thai  alt-hough tneie had ibec-a cons-iuoiablc  "weeding out'' in Ferule, still tlieit  were some left there, and timy \\0..lu  ������.e hoard' from in the o-*en-t ot" an election. After referring again to ine  worn accomplished by me two socialist mcmibers during the' last sn,-  s ion .the speaker concluded with the  remark thai with the six pio.-jpec-  tive members, be .thought a great  deal more would , be accomphshuu  than has heretofore been the case?  Air. Hawtiiorntliwaite then took'thf  stand,  -yid  after    referring    to    Hu-  mm wins  ranG  MaTCh  The Namaimo Herald gives the  following descripti vi of the wrestling match in Nanaimo on Saturdav  evening:  First aiul Only J-'nll.  Tlie men s-hook hands al ^9:-L1.  At ihe call of time both men went  afii-r luc-Ii oilier with a vengeance.  In the preliminary .sparring for an  pen ing neither jimn had the u<|\outage. Sivanson made un attempt t()  secure 11 ley bold. Matsuda went to  the mat, 'but' Siuc could not reoovoi  quick euo'iig-li lo gel- Lop po.-duon.  The .lapaiii'hi.*' got i., ins iej.-i_cin ai.  nstant and immediately went aftei  his man again. In, 1 lie tvvinkiilig o.  an eye -Matsuda bait Sine 10 tru.  mat, -securing- the top position, llat-  suda tried for half nelson ,b..t la'J-  ed. He was more successful in. * &ei.  okd attempt but Kino spun uvo.  The Vancouver man next irk-d ' for  far arm, but failed -tu secure- Ten  minutes of fast work wa-> l>e^-iiininy.  to show on both contest ant.s. rtn<i  they spent several niouienis-in tryingi  BASEBALL GAMES  OF YESTERDAY  'JI13 S.S. Wellington will leave this  evening fur San i-'rancisro with a lui  cargo of coal.  (^uitc a.,iiLtlo excitement was caused on JtMird Lhe S.S. Wellii^ton last  evening by Uie falling overboatd 01  cine of the ciew. The man had attempted lo re.uh the wharf by  climbing aloiug uric "of thc ro;.cs  which held t:*c shiji to the whan.  When lu ihjtighl lu had gone far enough t0 reach lhe bitter, he let go,  and much io his surprise instead ol  landing on the whan, ������������������..t'rucK 1 ha water, fifteen feet -b-eiow. It was dark  at tne -time aiul he had miscalculated his distance. lieLing, a good swimmer,, it did not taka him long to  leacli Uu- side, of the idiip, and he  W4.s_j.juic.ly hau.k-d 1T0111 the water  ������y his shipmates. Next time he will  avaif hiinsell of the gang-plank.  Locals are Defeated  by Victoria  Fern woods in  Ladysmith-Na-  naimo Beaten by Hillsides  ��������������������������� ������������������������  smallness of the crowd, etc.   explain  od  that  while he bad   been un&ble lo   to regal ii lost.   wind.  visit  Ladysmith  for  some  time,     he j    .Matsuda    fearing to  be ���������*uii*������hi    oil  did   not    want    the  people to     feel   his guard   was i-outi-m "with    la.\ our  slighted,   but rather,   lah<e it    as     a'on his man. without  making an\  at-  coinplianent.     Lad) smith and    Nanai- J tempt   for a hold.     Ik* at last tried  mo-had something to  be,proud    of-   ,-or a (ill. a..m __ol(, ,,,_,���������   siiu. r_,ilod  they had .been the llist-two cities on ' tho  at tempi,    and    for   si*-  or  s.-ven  the con-tincnl- to se.*l repri+K-n-tath cs 'minuiiM    (here   was    nothing   doi,,--  to  thc house, -and  he  was  sure they   each Jmu_ wa���������llitf   ,.-,. 1|K.   Q,,,,.,.   ^  make a move. Ai last Alats-.ida began- lifting Sine around tbe nial. in  an attempt,    to secure   an  advantage  ���������* . ^l,^*   .^ '    ������������������  ..      ������������������   j-     r -,    ���������������       .        101'   a   ''a-**1   hold,    but     Sine,    .bulked  ". the'second  readiiiR-of M������ ^uset-birtpj!^ r|<fl  had been killed in ccimmitt.ee. .'here  had been a whole lot oi "hocus po-  cus". work going, on which.the - Socialists members had .been powerless  to slop. However, he thought that  they hid done a whole lot of good,  not enly in ha\ ing some good legislation passed, f-^ut in preventing some  very poor IrgisLa-tion which had -beea  proposed,���������.-and; which would "havei passer but lor the Socialists:'' He referred to the present nielJiod of guar-  nisheeing, a. workingmaii's w-a-ges. All*  a storekeeper had to do at present  'was to make an application in a  law co'rfc, and* if a man owed him  fifty or a hundr-cid di Ihirs. the mcr.  chant was -granted an order-to stoV  the man's- pay ...until such titno a,s  the bill was-paiMlr; The speaker iti-  trorluccd ;;an^ amendment to this bill  ;..-' which would hav������ provided "for the  "merchant, or whijever was applying  for a guaniiishee, to prove that -the  bill was owing, but iI had been defeated. The bill which had been in-  trbdiiiocd "know^n as tlre;*''i\Ilasters' and  Servants' liill" : had ";bleen turned  down.     lir .this' measure  the .-speaker  r haid been more-motlerate than ltad  been the first intqutibn, he. asking  only that men be Paid every two  weeks, instead of; every week, as^vas  first--in tended:"'    Tlie speaker's'    idea  ..- in graintiiig this nnoderation was that  if it could '.be worked for a while  on a sysl-em of fortn^htly payments'  it would in the near future be an  easy matter to have the .bill- read'  that payments shall be made every  weel. An t.he amendment st0od, it  had been voted on in the house and  passed ,by l-fl to (3.'), but when it  came to .committee it was killed,  tJuice of those w.h> had voted for it  being con-v-cm-tently absent, and Messrs. Mtmro and Heoiderson, who had  previously voted for it, now turning  it down. The speaker also referred  to the proposal of making an amend  ment to thci game law, and make'a  presorv,e of the E: &'"N, lands. This  .bill had been brought up, but when  lhe government, siw how it was  working, or how it was going to  work,  the speaker had. noticed   .that  would never ' regret  it.    Speaking   01  Nanaimo,    Air. Jiawlhonuhwaite   referred .to' the'excitement in .that city  and stated  tliey had   even   progress-  club,', had" succeeded in ha-v-ing a steamer placed ."o-u the inn  between-   Se-  t   ���������   **  attle and tiiejr city, and were _n������w  predictittg -,a season of prosjiertty.  "i>u,t,'' cqntinuwi the-speaker, "who  is  that -going iu .benefit'.-'    Not    the  a call from tbe  audience of "Come on Sine'" Swan-  son ivplii-d: "lis lhe man on toi>  here." This seemed lo arouse Mat  suda to (fjiion, for ' he immediately  tried 1 "for several holds in quick -.uc-*  '.working man. 1 presume if the (-'*-'ssi*'"' ,)"* lai!w1 **��������������� -secure any of  'merchants and iniddle*-class could *he,������- Al ,ht' expiration of tliirty  niaKe another Uihica_g_o of Nan-aamo oi( minuii-s" wr.-silin-*- nothing bad l-L*.*n  Ladysmith, -they would ibe v*ery proud done. As fast as Aratsuda sccun-d  of their work.. But would that help a bold Sine broke it, and thus the  tl������e w'oiikiingrmen? ^ No, he 'would he matter went.. 'Aftei* thirty-five niin-  *,in -the.^Bajne. jKvsition that the slaves uir-s'- of .such work- Sim-. sp'uii I'.oni  of Chicago are now in today. In the. bold secured by Matsuda and-  that city a nian Clin--.scarcely make regained Ids'feet, amid/much applnuse.  a living* for himself and family, even ..Matsuda did not-waste any ti.no,  with the; h,elp^ of his wile and per- ���������-.>.,.'t; at once went after .him, and Si no  halts", one'-.or two *--ehUHrcn...._..At' the. was there to meet h\m. Bv a lit  ^t,^>e-stlca^todl������5iire,l .���������ifit������'"'"---.,,-'...11,c1lUi'1,.cnt; WOI.I{ Sinc ui.ew bis  average work-ingman could not sav0 iuan ,0 tlie nriu- ..���������.:. ueclll.e(l lhe lo���������'  ,?5-t.-per \-ear. Here, under i>resent J)osiLion io]. ,|le first time;-^.-.u,._  .condit-iciu, and before any great ad- ,.(n.crs.,i ,.������������������ positions the Nana who  yances had been made as predicted, ].00|0,.s |,;, ���������ui a ao!1.  .'by" some; the Working man could.,dw|.-.^ ,,K> rixM\v\\nS  sav-e all  the  way  from five to  eight  haU nolKOIlfi   bltl. fili!c<1   l() se,lirt! ;iny  hundred ..dollars... per  month..-    (iVlr.  _,. . ','.-���������.        ,..,   ..        , 1, \i.  ,,    ���������_,.        .,       . . .--,,*        ���������   ���������    .   Matsuda    being-   as  clever on   (In- de-  Hawt-lmrnthwaite   pr.obuib-.ly     niie-tnt   . ������������������ ���������������������������        ,v ���������    ,. .  -,-������������������������������������. ���������-������������������;,-������������������"   ,-,:���������������������������    :,   ���������    j.     ,   ���������'   ���������   lenee  as on   tho onensive..    At.     this  to  use  the  word  "v'ear     instead   of .r        ,"       ,   ���������  ���������;���������;-������������������;:���������" *. ���������     ���������   ��������� stiigo-of. the game   Matsuda- certain-  montii,.) -���������-,-,.,' -   *. 1'       1  ���������  .'-,>-������������������ "��������� ��������� ������������������*���������   j ���������   .. ., ���������,..        - lv  did      some     great work  and   \va *  lteferrnig   to the possibility  01    an    ���������  olecfcion, the spealver :Spolve much   o"   s������onFrowa,'"wJ   'or Ins en'orts by   seethe same lines as had Mr-: Williams.   "'"ina" his ol<l  I,0Ki,ion ������������ l������I' ������"?"'���������  He: did    not-    know tliat' an* election '    Thus .f.ir nearly t.u��������� hmirs the.  uv���������  was in  sight,:'-but if  tlicre was- to-be. gladiators     struggled     for    victory  one, .the Socialist  party did Hot pro'   "'h*-'������  U'1'*'1* as. aJlash -Matsuda   ii'u-il  p.&JJe   to   be  caug-ht  napping.   The  so-   for  half  nelson   with   counter.      Sim  cialist movement    was  growing, ��������� anil   i-onntered  vviili  otY  arm  roll  aiyl   bar  growiai-g rapidly in  tJiis iirovihee.  At  lock   and   Mnt-siida's   shou'l-lcrs    v.entile  last election they ��������� had been  se>'-   pressed    to  the mat.    Time. ' I    hour  SIM      l'OK;l()ll  for    several  en thousand  strong,  and  tlie speaker  guauan-l-eed   that   at   the next,,    t-hey  would  be 20,000 strong  at the   very  least.      Mr.     I-Iawthorjithwaite    also  referred  to  bills  which  bad  been  introduced -by   representatives    of     lhe  woi'kiaiginen,   but which  bad, in some  cases been defeated .by the    workings  of the capitalists.    'However, lije pro- '  niised   that in   the  near  future things '  would be different,  and  when the so-!  eialists had the appointing of -mag-is- ���������  (rates,  etc.,   tliey   would   be  in  a po- I  si tion   lo have  laws   passed   by them  enforced. . . |  (iiVidiually   warming  iiji   to   his   sub- 1  ject,   ftlr.  1-liawthornf.l/Cvaite- dwelt  on |  and  -18   miniites.  nothing further  wrais  ever heard  of it   the     wrongs     of tbe   working   class,  Referring to the prpspetk of 1141'' election in the neat' future, the speaker stated that- as far ni? lie knew,  there was none in sig-ht. While "it  certainly looked as if -there would  be something in this nature, owing  to the stir being made by: other representatives, as far as the Socialists were concerned, they'knew nothing of an election. However, they  arc '([iow, .said the speaker, in a  stronger position than ever before,  and if an election is brought t-n, the  next- house    will have' six   Socialist  in-e>m*bers instead  of two.     Referring I   Ex-plaining the smallness of the at-  ANOTITEIt WRECK.  Marietta, Obinn. .linn* Id.���������The  in-bound passenger train ,un lhe I'en-  nsylvaniu railroud d-ie h.-r at 7 :'.o  o'clock jumped Ibe I rack nl Klhn  while i-iinuiMg I'- miles an htiur.  The eiigint'. baggage '���������:u\ ami lender  went down ihe embankment, and  the rest of the train rolled oil its'  side. Engineer Vaughnn and li-'e  men Schnckles w.*i-e fatally injured, and many passenger.-; uere hurt.  A relief train was senl irom Ibis  city   "with     all   the  .local   physicians  Thi*   Albion and bCovvs  called  in at  the Whai'Ms today"for coal.  '_ ������..���������������������������������������������  The   S.S.   I'rincess   Beatrice   is   in  port,'today for bun',er coal..  +.   ^.   *���������������  Cnv Saturday e\etiing the Lrincess  May,"' which has been in divdock at  Victoria for come time undergoing  extknsive repairs, ran onto Ladysmilh for coal. She" returned the  same, evening lo Victoria, where she  will .receive hei interior littji^s |je-  fore _ being icady for.scr.Re. Hei  first \rip after ber renovation will  Iii elv be an- excursion trip out ol  VicUiri-i, after which sh������.' will ic-  siime hei   northern  run.  'V    AT THE  ABBOTSr������'OKI).__  J.   II.   Kcanck,   Victoiia.  V J. C.  Uavlin,  Victoria.  ('. Holmes,  N'icloria.  V.  A.  Kich-ar-dsr.n,   Vai.couvei*.  Win.   Burns, 'Vancouver. ,  WILL SPEND  MUCH MONEY  Victoria, .1 nne HV.���������The V. V. It.  will spend lietween .*?.J0,0O(i and S00  000). this.'-��������� suiniiier improving the.  iT-ndlried of the I-:. .*i X. Railway. So  tniicllwork is in conteiuplalion thai  the. company has decided to have  an engineer pei-manently located in  Victoria. A. W. R. W'ilby, who left  for the mainland '-last'.' night 'after  looking oyer-the'ground,- will return  ii--._-.rew davs to act Ui Abac capacity.     .:"������������������--���������-���������������������������-������������������.-������������������ -.     ";���������"-  -  The sun.* mentioned, which has  been included '" in tlie company's appropriations .just received by local  officials Wil be spent filling bridges  between two miles this siile of the  summit    ami   Shawnigan   lake.  "'I'hei't- is no truih'in the report  shops will -be moved from Wellington  that,- the round house and mach-n:-  to Victoria this year." said a prominent railway o/licinl this morning.  "While such a step will ' probably be  taken in the I'utui'e ii is evident Iv  not to be taken al present.. In "'the  absence of terminal facilities such a  change would bo impossible. These  facilities will certainly be p'-ovided  at lhe earliest possible moment as  tin.- trallie certainly warrants it Tht.  necessary track space will not. only  have to be lui.I outibul mils' lurn-  tubles nnd other works for handling cars in place before the re-  niov.-d of the round house can be  made. In view of tin.-. I do nut  think it possible ll'.-iv is any truth  in, the rumor. I may say. also. I hut  tbe company's ei,;- iueers who have  liei'n invesi igat ing conditions in Victoria during Ihe pus! week, and left  last, night to ieport know anything  whatever  ahoii+  ibe  mailer."  While tiie seme in yeMcrda) 's l:il  game hetwern lhe Victoria Kcrn-  wofcls and tht Ladysmith team '.as  high tor good bail, still the -jame  was an intertsting one from a s;.ee-  taior's point of view, and alth-ough  ibe former team won, ihey playeo  utit very little, if any bet'ter ball  Juui did the home Kam. In the lirsi  j.lace, it was a complete surprise to  ibe locals to see the Victoria men  ui the uq ji train, as they had supposed that the uiat-.li had been called ot) tlie night before o.vin������- to Hu  impossibility of securing a full senioi  team bete. However, when it wa->  found that the Fern woods had jour-  neved up for a match, the" honu  tcaJn would not disappoint them, an.  after cons-ider-Ublo rustling around a  tijia compn-aed of seniors and mtei  mediates faced the FernKVo^ds en thi.  grounds, the latter l/eiug the first lo  ^.o  to bat".  During the. game that followed,  Clarke, for the home team', behiw.  ihe niaSi, did some excellent work,  .vhile' I)mi-..ar, on second, also play-  oil a tine game, making one error,  however, on a high throw to first.  Keir pitched a gor'id steady game,  ���������aid let but one man walk; DelCouri  oil*third, also did good work, ��������� lay-  wig his position well, and when it  came to that ting was there with,the  nig hit, at one stage of the ganii  iming out a thrcet'bjagger, hringin.  Kerr, who was~ on second", home.  \ ietoria, going to bat first, the  siile was retired in one, two thret.  ocder, while Lady smith also faileu  to score. In the second, Victoria  uad one man on second, 'with two  out, when the batter Ian-led one out  to Dunbar, who nude, -an excellent'  stop, .but spoiled it by a high throw  .0 first,- letting Potts) Uie man on  sccoiicl, in. In the last of the. second, Delcouvt made his big hit" and  brought Kerr home, remaining on  third .-himself until Manuel lined-.-out  a safe one for first, when Dplcourt  came in. Manuel was left at second and . lhe side retired. Score Silo 1.  The third was a disastrous one  for the- home team, Victoria getting  three, inui honie on poor play-liy tht j  oulside. field. Wiih two men on  ba-ses tlie batter knocked out, .what'  shouiin We |j^et-n a first base hit,  Ivtit il- went past second, rolled towards centre field, and was allowed to go on. By this time tlie man  on * second liad reached home and the  man who had _;j"*en on first wras holding down third. Centre field threw  in, and in tiie excitement .the ball  was 'gut several feet above'the catch-  score with Ladysniith in possession  of the long end, it ibeing 5���������1.- In  the. -sixth, Richards at centre lleld,  handled a fly properly, und the first '  man was out. Next up gave. Clarke  aii opportunity of throwing oil his'  nia/sk and making a grandstand play,  which was successfully accomplish*d.  Kerr fanned ih.2 next and thc__, side  was retired. In the tsventh, Ladysmith went temporarily up-in the  air, and before they had come down,  tho Tern woods had sent four man  around. In the eighth aerJ ninth La^  di smith failed to tally, while the  Victoria men added two' more runs  to their list, making the final 10 to  a in favor c������ the visitors.  Hillsides- 12;  Nanaimo 0.  For  two innings Sunday thyxc was  a bauenlest that warmed' tlie cocklizs ���������  ->f  the hea-rts of  the old  timers and  .he liarge  number of fans, .who   like  to sec- lots of hits, lots of rinii and  lots of errors.     After the secoiilin-  nii>.g, 0.1 thja part of Victoria, it wa-tf  a ihall i^ame.     The locajs  made   enough runs  in Uie first two iuiin; j*; t0.  ���������vin a couple of luall games, a.*td the  jnly  fear  of th2  fans was that   the  gajne would be too one-sided  in fav--  jr of  the locals t-o fll worth looking  at-.  But, oil,    what   a   disappoint.n*en^  lo the five hundred or jmore who turnl  jd^ out to see the locals  wallop the  -isitors off the diamond.    So    irany,  Jellj-ws wiih the red suits  (H-ilkides  marked across the chest) crossed the  home pan in the uixth and   sovinth  innings that the locals' heads 1-^an  to whirl,  anJ  tJ������y  wondered  if   tho  agony   .was  going to continue   until  darlness    intervened   and in    *ni rcy  sl-opjied  the  merry-go-ronnd   fro.11 c^l  lectiiig- tickets  for  the home   plate.  Joe Lowden and his hunch of \\otn  footers should be severely eensurcd  for ripping off their livelv "t n:s  when ths locals" were lieing ��������� ditvcn  ;o the tall "timber- in them eventful  '.'fill and sixth innings, for you 1-now  our toys ar-e not usedr to. listrxing  :.) the inspired strain/;; of niusic at  a i! all game, and consn-iuehtlr ihey  thought it was a game of r help rourV  self and keep the -tail a rolling;, uit-.  til their guests wene so tireid of  .-uxining the bags that ;they^ called a  halt, in order to let .thie-.ioftaJjt_ini.-5ii:....  ���������a-'-iit-tVo-h.it. of the- fua.that they had  so far injnojpoliaod for themserlves.  Not for them'. Captain Graham  and his bunch of ball tossers would  sooner be on the' bags. and have. the  fun of watching the red shirts trot  around the bases, for they of the  faded uniforms would pop up, a little  dinkey    fiy to   second or short, ana  er's  head, and before it could be :c-' the side would  be  retired.  and  referred t0    tiie easy  method   in  *nfl s,������'S"������������'i-  which   the   capitalists worked l.la-j law  "���������' "���������  to suit    themselves.      lie  spol.e     of , itutanx-e  at the  meetiiig,   (there  not   because  he  has   (fuarrellcd   with him,  the case of  old Bill Miner.    "What,"  ,bein->*    more      than   20  present),   the   was niwer worthy of the .sacred fnaniq  THOUGHTS.  1 h*  who   betrays    another's   secret  ���������said he,  "did   they    do   to  him     for  holding   up  the   C.P.Jt.'s   train,    and   ,..lS0  of'capitaliistic  rule.       The  men   lbe oiu* side will i-ol. justify ������'. ft^ach  obeaining      the      small     of      $15 ?   ���������f i.advsinifh  were losing (heir man-  of  trust on  the other.  Why,   they  gave him  life."     "And,"   i���������;<1d.  nn-'l   were afraid, to  attend     a  he continued,     "on     the other hand,'_,_<.,.,jn,.__  o:' ibis  nature.    They    were  what  do  they    do to   tbe  capitalists   ;lfraid   of   l.Ueic   jobs.     What   was lhe  wl:o   rob  the   working-man   right  and   mere  pittance,    of a   few days    coin-  left?      Only   the  other day there-   was   p-in-,i   with    what  might  be     a-.com  a case, and what did they do-? Why, 'plisbrd   if  the     men   would  all     pull  spen-k-."-- slated that, this was another   -><"  fi'ii-nd;  a    breach   of  kindness   on  There are few people in the world  more depressing and disheartening.  th.tit  those,    who are alwa.vs  i*mairin-  cov-erod another man had crossed tlie  plate. T.he next up walked, and  while the. next only reached second,  ihe. one who had brought in two  l'Kn himself, reached home, bring-  the icore -1-2 in favor of the v.Mtors  In tbe la.st of the Uiir-d, one man  xtruckout. Clarke reached first, Keir  advanced him to second and ���������.���������edct.ed  ,.1'sl .sfeife. itichards knocked a fly  lo centre field and was caught, <.nd  ele-ant, the last man up, also sent  a Ily into the fielder's hands, r-t.i-  ing the side. In the first of .11a:  fourth everything came Manuel's way  who was playing short stop for  Ladysmith, and he handled them all  t-o the .saUis-factioii of /the home team.  The first man up reached first, trd  that* was all. The next two dropped flys into Manuel's hand, -xu(l he  picked up a 'warm one from ihe  ground, sending it into first and te-  tiring the side. Ladysmith .���������������������������ot two  nun "to first in this inning, but  could not get any further, they >be-  ing    retired     with no  score.     While  With two man down in the ninth,  and after Farmer had scored oa  Northcott's error, T. Aifekien. with  his bludgeon moved up to the plate,  and with two safe hits already to  hi; credit, out "of three times up,  tried to tine the ball out to the  ditch. .TJiere was a ttai'-bucI-Jet however, in .the left- field,' for Luscombe  cat up that ily in a manner that  brought sorrow to the hearts of the  patriots, and retired tt'r-e side, with  three runs lacking in order to tie  the game.  Seven Runs in One Inking-  It was in the first inning .that N'a-  haimo thought they had easy picking with their opponents. T. Aitken  line*! out a two-^b-agger -to centre,  field. Ashman, to show how easy  Peden was, took a leaf out tatf Ait-  ken's book and also lined out a, twor  base hit, bringing the latter home  and tieiug the score, McConjioll having crossed the pi^n in the first inning for the visitor's lone tally. J.  Gordon followed with another vicious swipe t-y short stop, but "IvficCon-  tliey made him Lieutenant Governor"  together  and  elect, their own   representatives to run things?  Victoria  was at .bat  in  the fifth,   a  little dispute arose    when  the     run-'.nell thought he had struck)a hot poller hit  the ball  with his leg as   beltato, and'  decided to drop the ball,  was   travelling  between   second    and ! politely letting  Gordon get his  first   ���������  third,   but   Umpire  Gillespie     under-   bag.     Then Graham came along and  stood his  job, and  backed  up his de- , with a  timely single .brought    bqine  vision  of  calling   the man  out    with j Ashman  for  the second tally.     Then  a display of the  rule  book.  Tlie side jMcQuade booted a.  fine drive sent-  to  ing ihey  see some shadow ()f coming! was  retired  with no  runs.  When  La-   him  by  Farmer,   allowing  Gordon to  evil,     'lhe  world  is  sombre     enough  (lysmi-th    came to  bat  in  the    fifth, J reach  third and  aldv^ncing     G-raham  even at   the  best,  and   it   is  scarcely there   was      sonii2th,n_r      doing,    and   to  second.     J, Aitken went after   a  worth while to conjure up purely im- Clarke, Kerr and Delcouri  registered  aginary  shadows. in one,  two three .order, leaving the  1  4  '���������-1,5!  - ������������������v  (Continued  on  Page Four.) ���������y-r-:  :������i*KJffi5a5K  ;:.it'S'rag;--ta������������^  ���������emmm  THE LAOYSMJLT-II  DAILY   LEDGER  -*  IHf DAILY LEDGER  Published   every   day   except Sunday  ''������������������ .' -BY���������  "J HE DAILY LEDGER COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  a���������������* -d*Mm um ifb-m rom Jaw!  SUBSCRIPTION.  ('Be Year (in advance) ���������  One Month .*.......    ....  $5.00  50 cents  ''MONDAY  June IS,"1900  ANARCHY   REIGNS  SUPRElUiE.  Stu   Petorsburfi;,   J une 1(5. ���������Tho   J'U-  eiwti'Uve     ihi'wspaper     leporlt,      that  several ol the ministeis,  including-JM.  S-iockinsUy,   ltudigor     and     fcjLolipm  have determined  to  i'ai**-e at-the cah-  koot meeting tomorrow  the   i-uobtiou  crf'tlie advisability oi continuing. Pre  tnior (Joremykin's policy ot    inaction  deciariag-  that  tho'.situation  now     is>  comparable    of   that   pieceding      I he  Outbreak    of last   October,    and     de-  uiands  a   firin  aiid  energetic     policy.  The news  from   Warsaw  today  illus.-  tratis    the    prevalence     oi    anarchy.  and  but  slight hope   oi  the      abolition  of   martial,  law   nnd    the    death  jjonalty.     The   record  today    iududes  the murder of a sergeant oi police and  a patrolman,    an attempt pn  t.-he life  of a policeman .in  the post,    and an  at tack    on. passing' patrols   by  three  men    driving-  an .equipage     The    po-  lice   rounded    up *: three  men    supposed   to   luive  done' the   Uilling. one    of  whom    was  killed-.' and   one  wounded  At  K rut a Is   an  attempt    was     made  today   to   a'ssassihate   the    .Judge    ol ,  the  district   Court.      Tin-   niclgi*   was   u*er\  only slightly wounded,   but a    passei  by was mortally  hnrl.  UNKNOWN FRIENDS.  ' There are many people who ha\ e  used Chamfcferlain's Coho, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy with splendid  results, 'Wut who are unknown he-  cause they have hesitated about giving a testimonial of their experience  for publication. These-people, how-  over, are none tiie less friends of  the remedy. 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"  gel  The Ladysmith Lumber" Co." Ltd.  ?<������  tSV^-K  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADYSMlTIf--  Shingles sl ������pe^ci^Ity  MANUFACTURERS OF   ltotigli sin (J Dre.sscd Firsind Cedsu: Lumbers  LATHS,  SHINOLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of    the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS'     AND  .      FINISHING   LUMBER IN  STOCK  CITY7VCKRKeT  R. Williamson Prop  Ladysmith B. C.  vif^ PAINTING   AND ''PAPER-HANGING  . 'S**v. *    Neatly and Artistically Done             "���������;������������������:  Orders  Promptly   Ex ecute  S. ROEDDING    -- - - - -   LADYSMITH  l *^*f*^*************f^f^^^^^^^^^^^^  J LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE |  PIANOS,  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     KUKNITURI-  MOVED  PROMPTLY  A   Nl) SAFELY.  Stables In the renr'nf the Lad ysraith hotel.  Abbots    ford.  Leave ordt-rs at  tfsr     t  w ���������*���������������������������-������������������'*���������������������������-%���������-%.-^-^*%^tfc-*.-*-ifc.-^-*-������  ������A.    J   WASKETT, PROP,   f  **++*++***+++4*+** ******** ***<-* ** 4***4**++ ****���������+**** 1 J ���������->/:���������  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  ":**S-?--=J  LODGES  LADYSMITH    TEALPLE,    No.    5.-  Kathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall    every 2nd    and   4th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.    -  MRS. KATE TATE,  M. OIR.&C.  r" ���������' i  -_^~  L'M I b.D   ANCIENT      OKDifU   Ub ���������  DRUIDS  Wellington Glove  No.   i  V.   A- O.   J  Meeis   in thc L U, O -F. Mail,  I .*  tlysniith,    the   Second   and      I'ouili  .Wednesdays of each month, coinmer������  t&g Wcdneiday.  13th.,  1905.,  .Visiting Druiils,   are invited  fr   <i  ttiid.  ���������My Order.  WM   RATTI-MC, Kccf Scelv  PATRICK  lUfifK. X*  ���������Dr. Dier dm'be lound at any tlim  at his office on Gatacre st. l-Ils dt-*>  tal work is guaranteed to be Dtp*  class and rates reasonable si  i  HILBERT  rj&������5������M&tlz v&j&S'  S5������:*a?-.������--^'  Si'.Vi  Dr. R. B. Diet  Surgeon Dentist  MR. RALPH SMITH  TELLS SOME FACTS  The Nanaimo  Herald,     oi     Sunday   the   Uoininioii   tJoverninent    or.    niy-  moniing, emi'iaia.s the following   let-  ������������������**���������'l|- **s "���������<.  tor    from  Mr.   R.    Smith,  NOTICE  From this daU the undersigned  will ,not be responsible foi any Indebtedness incurred except on ������  written order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION  &  DEVRI,  Of'MENT CO., LTD.  Non Persona? Mabll'ty.  Vlr.*nr19    n    P..  V������t   TRfh-   ?*������o������  M.B, SIMPSON  Solicitor.  Ct������.  ������oney   to   loan  A.  '4vfisu������  UnYSVpH  "tsa^'  ttAlLVV^-  ���������VvsT������������  . Manufacturers of the Famous j  CUfi.W   BL >SS0.1  Noiie l������u    'J'.iion I.n'.jor*   Employed j Manufacturers Of  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWCKN   '  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And the Principal BubIucbb Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces,    a  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND        5  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALL3. -j  For Time Tables, etc., address ������  CEO. W. VAUX, g  Assistant Gcn'l rasBcnger nnd Ticket Agent. -;J-  -   13S AOAM3 ST.. CHICAGO, ILL. '*  ���������������������������������������������rf>  J. PIERCY & GO,"  l.'oiiiiiiion   ni em ber j to ilo  rc-'-ra,rdin"-   a,'d   ulna   1  havo   idwuys   tailed    U>  understand   is Uie   apparent, want of  appreciation on tho j.-urt   of the   ixo-  a well known   Xanaimo ..Liberal, and   !*<* of   that  coniniunil ���������>   of  this    fact,  personal   friciid    ol' Ua,ph   Smithi M.    it  is  truts  that  th. re  was sonic  ci-n-  i\    wil.*, handed    in to The Herald of   versation   hut ween Mr.   Dunsmuir and  lice  for  publication  .vest onlay.     Since   myscll   at  tJi>';    tiitu;   yf   llic    election  (he tetter    was  written    tenders     for   in connection   with   tlie    wharf  Inut  1  the new    wharf  urn  beiri__>   called    for   am not- aware, even up to" (lute,   that  ���������in,, the (jnzeit<* tand newspapers.     The   Mr.    JJiiiisinuir ha.s   object-*d    to  tnif-  'letter is a-ddiv.-j.sed  to the lulitor and   ii<-  cross-hit,   lhe   Hacks,   except    that  i.s  signed,    but   by   request   th.-   imnie   ho has  demanded  that a.  proper  tun-  of  the  writer  was*   withheld.   It   reads   nel  roud\\a,\     miifc-i   be   made    under-  as follow**, neath     the   t racks,     instead  of    over  , , I was soincwhut surprised on \ is- the trac!.s. Now thi.*, was entirely  itin-f Ladysmith sonic wvok.-i -a^o to **��������� work for the Provincial Oovorn-  learn that a new survey lor a road. ment. The "Dominion^ ��������� CJovcr'nment  lo a new ju-oposwl new wharf was hu spent ������4,000 in connection wiih the  ing' made, 1 was so .much mtereslod work provided a schedule of rates  knowing- that a wharf had been built of trallic on tins wharf and was pre-  a couple of years since by the Do- pared to mana-i-,'.- the whole opera,  minion gov-ej-nnient" at the request tion at a ino"di>rate charg-e to the  of Mr. Italph Smith, that. I made fur people, and all that the J������rovinc'al  ther inq,uij'ios and'on iny retina government hud hi do was t0 secure  home 1 wrote Mr. Smith at Ottawa' the tracks ami build a subway un-  asking- him if he knew oi the con- '*-*<-''' ,he same for t'-n purpose of com  tlitiou of things and that the con- 'nam haling- the traffic from the  servalivo government were taking' wluvf lo the city. Sow 1 notice  a couivio that would perhaps put that they in Lend to build a new  the.m in shape to claim thn.t which whnif. Still, il. must he clear to  they wero not entitled to iu I.ady- the people of Ladysmith aiul to  smith, that is credit for building everyone else who knows anything  a now wharf when a road way to about the tacts, that it is a pure  n wharf already built, by th-j Horn in- Pic'*-'e *-'���������" polilicnl competition. They  ion  go\'<:rnmeiii    coidc!  be more quick  ennnot   place  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATERWORKS  Consumers are requested to call at 'thi office I on  Rohprts   Street  lay  Water     Kates, hetween the  1.0th"   and the 25tli (ifveafh in u'.h.  Office Hours I P. M. 4 30  1. I BLAND  SbTElUNTEND f-JNT.  em:  'the wharf question in Ladj.smith:  All  work   "tiaraiilooKl  and-at rea.s< n- j   The following com-munication    f'oiu  alile rates.  UESIDI-JNTCl-: 'AND OFFICE  Gatacre Lt Ladysmi h  O-ou nl   all hours.  LAbYSMITH   BAKERY  C1JOJUE    CAKES    AND   l'ASTKY"  ALWAYS    1RESI1   ON HAND  U'cddiug    C'ai.c-a   flade    to Order  I'UUiTS    ANj)    CANDIES'OF ALL  KINDS.    fKESH   BREAD  EVERY   DAY.^  Prices   are     Very Reasonable. 0    All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THP   SSPLANADE.  Express Work  Liftht   Teaming.  Orders  With���������  i'IR.ST   AVEa'WE  Wood  and    Halk   for   sale.     St)e  j    KEMP)   or    lW[i  W. CARTER.  PHONE      6U,  ���������������������������*������������������������������������������������������. ���������>���������*.������.^..|  First  Class  KIOS FOR HIRE  WOOD AND BARK FOR S ALE AND DELIVERED  EXPRE SS -WORK.  i  DAVID "JOHNSON-    I  PilOSe 66 LADYSMIlii     j  '���������������������������������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������^������������������������������������.".-������������������-���������.<...-..^..,.^.^���������..^,.^,.1>.<1^^^.<.i>... ..��������� ,.c....  '���������~m-������"������..������..������..������..%������������������������. ������..  NANAIMO  has  leturncd ,to  th������ city nftei- m. few  NEWS NOTES  j weeks' absence in the Courtf-ai*tj--Co-  uiox country. - Mr. Colpitis stopped  for some time at the Courtenay hott-*l  near  Comox  and  reports  for'.. Jess   money  In  able   situation   than   tho  present  -Vi   a joint   luectinu      of   the  Memorial   JJay    Committees   held ;on l1"- i-  tlay    night     the    following   program-  w'harf  in ���������   more suit JII10, oi lho  J)uy-S Hervj<.es  was  ^^  ly.    nmile  and  .fact     had   the       Provincial     CJovoni-,������nd  ,llf'-v **������'".o>-  huild   lhe  wluirl'aml  i.iouf.   looked   after   the   niattc     and   I'i'ovide  a   roadway     and  cross     the  'had e\,--n-decided    t hat a subway was _ tracks,   as   they   must   at   some poim .  been ,Phhor ni  as convoniciit. a place or at.  neces*ar.v.   this      co<.ild    have  built    for  xnry  likely    one    half  t.he    now   estimated  cost,    by     doing' |  it  H  J.   BOOTH. Prop  /  i  i  Paisley Dye Works  Fancy Dyeing *niul  Cleaning. Charges -reasonable," etc.    Work G uarantocd  Commercial St. ��������� Nanaimo, 6- C.  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.,  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, B. G.  I lho work before the   short |jii,. tracks _su,'wn*v ,uidor lhe  lmvkli ai 'llc  had i-eached   the     u-ulch aiul  the   fill,  made at that* point.. I  Mr.     Smiih   writes   on   the    subject-  in. part as follows: , -   j  j     In connection    with   the   work      at. I  one'ed.  .Lodges   will   assemble   in   thoir  ri .-  pective   Lodg-e room*,  at   J2:-l;">.  Form  procession  in   front,   of    Vr(  Press block at   I ::J0 sharp.  Order of Procession.  Silver   Cormd   Hand.  IJlack   Jlianiond     Lodg-e,   No.   5.   I  0..O.  F.  Cenlonninl0 Lodge  No.   20.   I.O.O.l-  Harmony     Lodge,    T-adysmith,     I  is,  in  ii*!elf.   evidence    clear   that  nil   q  the.\-    are  anxious   for    is  to   prevent  0C   the    same     nmotmt   of    ci>st    as  would   take,    simply    to    build      tl,.  pi*.1  sent" work, and the fact that Uioy  a������'e -'pivpaVcd to spend inore -.money  for   one   thing-    than    for   the    other.  (the linminion aiilhoriLy from rocr-iv-  niiy credit, for having n.cconiplislt  ed any g*o������"] with reg-nril to this  matter for tin-* c-iti-/������-ns of Ladysinith   .   Tho work    is there to speak  of  tho  town   of   Ladysmith.  This  was   for- U*������U <lS  fnr nS  U,C    J,0B,inion a"  thoritk-s   are  coucornoc1,   and    if    the  Ladysmith     when Mr.     PiWanlaino     j'  lho   late     Minisl.-r   of   Mni-ine      Mii<l.inS'  Fishe>*ies was out on the   coast a petition    for  the    same    was   present ed  hy Hie   Council    and    Hoard of Trade  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOi  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT  SHORT  NOTICE.      DRILL;*-*  SHARPENED BY US     ALWAYS    GIVE SATISFACTION.  -���������I'ICKS HANDLED A NI> REPAIRED���������  -SHIPS MI THI NO    IN    it L   I T S   B R A N C IIKS  Horseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmiths.  R. WRIGBT.  Buller Street   -      -    -.*:���������������������������-  Ladysrnith, b C  ^lone altogether   apart    from   me   by  - ;the  people   themselves,   mid .Mr.    Pro-i  people   of   Lfidysmil h    and   the  ',     ,   . .. ,     ,       i  ,i     ...    ,        iff  can  onlv   have   ;i  proper  fonlnine,  niter    I  plucfd -lhe lacis Im*- i  fore    him   promised    to  <Io  what.     he  could  to  hove this work earned out.  As you  know,    (he  work  was carried j  out    throiifrh   my ���������inlluunco. Th ��������� \rharf ���������  was htiill   and $ 11)00 pJacwl    on     the  renovation    of the   einbankment   lead ,  | ing   from the water, >��������� ������'nd the general ,  . traffic .coiniiioiicod and tho usefulIness ,  of   tlie   wharf   was demonstrated   to )  the business'men of Lndysm-itli.   This  was ns much   as  it    was possible for  ********+*l^h*++-h*+i**<'*^r        ���������!��������� ��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� ��������� ���������������������������!������������������ ���������I-i������.f.^"'-.  I ICE!     ICE!    IGE1  ���������Will''������e Delivered on Mondays,  Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  Orders must be in hy eleven o'clock on day of Deli veiy,  Union Brewins Co-  Limited  | NANAIMO    B. C.  ������������������:������������������ ^���������������������������:-������'I-������*������^*-h-*>^^-������^h.������������|. ������'���������!������������������ ���������:��������� ������������������:���������������������������!��������� ���������'���������:��������� t ���������:��������� ��������� ���������> ��������� >i.+-i.*  dist r-  whnrf  'with coniinunicalions, by carryinc.  out the proposals of the Provincial  authorities, I mil pleased that they  should hisve il undo*** any circu,..-  stances. IJut I 'jun con\inced. thai  thc inlelli.tfenco of the (-(immunity I  will see very dearly that their action is .a-mere ' political one, when  thoy are ''prepared to .make a greai-  er expense    for ,.!<-:���������   thing*    than    the  'other.  i  R.VLPH   SMITH.  >x  O.   F.  Jliiiahi   Jiebekah   Lodge,   NTo.   ii.  Itebekah   Lodge.   Ladysmith:  Nanaimo Lodge,  Xo. 4. JC.  of IV-  Latiysmith Lodge,   Xo.   2.   K.   of  P.  Xanaimo  Temple  of Rathbone' Si;.-  ters.  Ladyumith Temple of Rathhone Si.-,  ters.  Visiting   Brothers  and  Sisters".  I/porn   arrival -at   tiie cemetery    the  following- order' of sei-Hce will be" cd -  rit-d "out.:  Opening' ITymn.  Prayer.  Selection���������Male voice tpiartette. eon  ducted    by Mr.   K.   Miles.  Lesson' and   address hy Rev  A.   Z!  Robei'ts.  Hym������.  Bemxliclion.  "Deco'-ation   of  Graves,  The blind   will  play selections    during* the    time    that  the various committees are. decorating graves.  Return   mn.r-.-ii of lodge members tc  their respective    Lodge rooms. ������������������   ��������� ��������� ���������������������������   .������-      ��������� ;  Air.   Claude   Colpitis,   pkoto.g-i-������phWr  ��������� "' ' ��������� i      . -'  the tishing  as  most excellent    in tho    Courtenay  Itivei-,   tiie hunting also  in ������eason  is  good.     The    Courtenay   Hot������l,     M,v.  Colpitis says  is a good comfortable  place   to stop   at     foi- a   few    weeks  lishing-  and   hunting-  parties   will    do  well  to bear this in mind.     Airs.  Col  pills,   who ha-s been in the   Xanaimo  hospital   for   the   past   six   weeks    is  much  improved  in health,   as the le-  sult of the surg'ical fckfll of Dr. l-Lo^ij  ( of1 whom.    Mr.    and   Mrs."   Colpitis  j speak very highly.   They  will     make  I their   headquarters   in   Xanaimo    for  some inonths at any rate.   "Mr.   Colpitis  is  greatly  impressed   with    thc-  natural     resources" ' of  the      Island,  ���������nineral   agricplt'ural,   for'fruit   growing and  its magnificent scenorv.   "He  predicts   a  radical     improvement    in  conditions   on     Vancouver  Island   in  general   within,    a year or     two and  does not see   how Xanaimo can help  bur.   be  greatly   benefitted    by     such  conditions.     Air.     Colpitis   has' been  taking pictures'  of. irltei-'esting;  points  along the line      that    the   O.  V. li.  will    follow 'and   is  confident     from  what   he   h,\s   learned      that   tho    C.  P.   R.   will'do  a   great     amount     of  clearing    and  opening    up tho    agrie-  uluira)  lands of  the Island,  north  of  Xanaimo.     In   fact     ho  states     that  enough  is known  of their   plans     to  nialkfi.'ii   fvrlaih   that.   Vancouver   Island   .will, ho     de.vulged   with : i-nmv- ���������"���������  grants.a-s soon as the   company   co"  make plans for  them and  he  looks to  sen tho population of (he Island don-,  bled.. or  fpiacirupled   within the    next  decade.. .   . ' _     ��������� r   ..:..,...  Try a Prayince ^igar.  ^<ft  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Ladysmith Wharf.  SEALED TENDERS, properly endorsed "Tender for LadysmUh-Wharf  and Approach," will he received by  the undersigned irp to- noon of the  30th inst., for the erection and completion of a wharf and approach al  Oyster-Harbour,  Ladysmith, B.C.  Drawings, specifications and conditions of tendering and contract may  be seen at the office of the Pu-blic  Works Engineer, Victoria, B.C., at  -������������������tlie oflioe of the Government Agent,  Nanaimo, B.C., and at Ladysmilh,  B.C., on and after  June the l&Lli.  Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or  certificate of deposit'on a chartered  lhank of Onii-afla, made .pay-ajbfcp lo tho  undersigned, in lhe sum of two hundred ($200) doJlars, which shall be  forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract when  called upon to do so.  The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon  the execution of the contract.  The sucoessful tenderer will be re-  ftWired to furnish bonds himself and  two sureties, satisfactory to the  Chief Comm-issioner, in the sum of  eight hundred  ($S00)  dollars each.  Upon the execution of the bond the.  cheque above mentioned will bo returned- to tiho contractor.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  and signed with the actual signature of the tenderer.  F.  0.   GAMBLE,  Puhlic Works  Engineer.  Lands  and Works Department,  Victoria, B.C.,  15th June,   1.000.  $ I ,000   IN    PRIZES f  Championship    Baseball    Match  ; NAXAIMO   RICLlANfCK   VS.  LADVSMITIT.  Championship     Football  Match  VAXCOCVKR   VS.   f..\ DVSaflTH.  "Childr  e n  s    sports  :G r a n d     R  a t t a:  /���������V'/llllV^'  7/1  Common Furnace  Fire Pot  Sunshine Furnace  Fire Pot    \  Iit.di'Ui  Canoe   IJat'fvS-,   I.op;   ({(illin-j; Contests, ScuI!iiip;M;Uches, cto  gS Championship V. 1. Swimming Match  -Amateur  w. SILKR  1EMEKAL LXPRE8? AND  DELIVERY *  ���������\ WORK PROMPTLY  D(     ������������������  Le������r������ orders at tbe Ahhntsford.  >^3  =B i ��������� g   T u g��������� o f���������w a r-  LOGO ING* 'CAMPS   VS,   LAHYSMfTn.  I ONE BIG DAY OF SPORT i  Excursion   Rates From All Points  RUSSELL   SIMPSON,  Chairman  Keep  Minard's  house.  Liniment     in  II. MACKLIN,  Treasurer.  rte  P^  %  ���������IAS.   ADAM.  Secret,.,!-*.'  The slanting fire-pots in common furnaces provide a rest-place for ashes and clinkers, and these  clog the draft, prevent radiation, make the furnace  hard to shake, and fill up the fire-pot.  The "Sunshine" pot is straight up and down, which  gives an uninterrupted course to the draft, and  prevents ashes and clinkers sticking  to the  sides.  The same skill and thought has been used on  every feature of the "Sunshine" furnace���������it is Canada's  greatest heater.  Sold by all enterprising dealers.     Booklet free.   -  VPOary's  London,   Toronto,   Montreal,   Winnipeg,   Vancouveb,  St. John,   Hamilton.  sa-sssa-s^as G������msm&w s&xM&mk  The Ladysmith Hardware Co,, Sole Agents  m  _i������i������Lm  ________������  !X**#:r*>-W?rtt$'~' ->*-  -      ' V  >  J , - ���������t^'.-' *��������� -.r������M i-py,^ -r . _i  tn KVJf ������^������^ji������'*jw-(-^������<j/**w vrt **��������� *���������������.  ft^^^r*.^.^^---^  w^-w^BE^&������^^OfS?aM3^  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  Watch this Space  *  ���������  It is and will be the Most  Important Part of this paper  s^sBM^Jtmmsss^^3^iXi^ss^>msmgi  ������ [t [S BICKLC^ I  J*    Strawberries  To day  IO  Gents  (Per  Box    %  Smith, Fotos,  That's All J  Local Items  Mrs. Watts was a p-asscn-fW on t-ho  morning  train  for  C-hfin-aiii���������-;.  Hcv. Sir.  Boyle    was    a   passenger  to  Victoiin this   inornmir.  iESTEUDAV'S BALL OAA1ES  (Continued i'lvau Page One)'  On another page will be found an  interesting letter from j\lr. Italph  -Smith on the wharf qmestion.  Mr. Davis, who had the c ,'itrart  for the sports ^rounds, was ( n Sat-  ni'day given a chei:--ue for nioney am  onntimg in the nr-i^hirj-orhond" ol S-ltHI.  neeordin-a; to tlie award of th ��������� -ir|-i-  Iratnrs who sell-led the f.ue'-'lioii of  how  inucji   Mr    Davis  is  en I il-'t-.l  lo.  None Better��������� Capital & Nugget Cigars  Mr. D. Plaskelt, who recently sokl  his int-erest in the lwtcher shop f,->r  me-rly conducted here under the name  of pannell & PlasKictt, is at present  ���������eniiployed as general manager for Mr  (!. Colk, of Duncan. Mr. Pl-iskctt  will likely remove his family to that  town  in   the near  future.  BAND   CONCERT   TOiNIG'HT  The Band will give their 9ttli open-  air concert on tlie Market Square t0  night, commencing at 7 o'clock sharp  weather por.mittiiur. M-oonUgiht Excursion tickets cam be purchased from  the  Band secretary during concert.  The footrace on Saturday evening  was an exciting one, and resulted in  Mr. Foisyth winning ,\}\ a close mai  gin. Hepple secured the lead for the  first 75 yards, but could not maintain the pace, ai-id dropped to the  rear before the 100-yard mark was  reached.  The collectors at the' bank" on Saturday for the Dominion -day sports,  report having haul a'gib'od -day, and  expect to have in the neiphlb-urhood  of $l?5 or $200 when all tho collections from the mines are in. Tomorrow evening a general meeting  will be'held in the city hall, when  all committees will make a further  report.  big one, but strikes one, two and  tiiiee sou-led his hash, and he walked lo tlie bench in disgust. Errors  by ���������Ucl^ujule "and McOoimeli, ������-a-e  Little and"Orecuwell ���������bneir^baa*;-t'or  Uon, Gialia-ni au-d Farmer all' noit-  ing home accompaaiiod by the uisi-ir-  in.__ scrams of Low-den's Baud, ������no  tw-UU} were encouraging t,ne boys  in   mo ioas-i at getting rims.  Aiier t-eaon had waiKed.-T. AiUui  Lu in si., and Asnnian had lined out;  a rv.'o-bag&er to right iield, with a  man on second and one on Uiira,  trordon was called on by Uie fans to  do or die. He di-d all tight, being iv1-  luod at Jirst on AlcConnell's hue  tiuow irom shorts  Farmer's lone tally in  the     ninth,  completed  the scoriug  for   the  locals  and   tiie ,gainc ended m    favor ot the  Hillsides  by  the score of'12���������9.  The Oilicial Score.  Nanaimo A.li. 11. H. P.O A. E.  PUIS  Made from genuine Hall-  fax Tweed-Double Seats  Double Knees, Patent  Buttons, the kind that  dont Drop off���������lliese  pants tie made for Hard  Wear���������Regular$2.50  | Pioneer Bolilii? Wot  I (if. Avenue, lri:\rpiti!,e. C  | If. f. hm\, Prep.  |     MANUFACTURER OF  | Carbonated Beverages.  I (linger   Beer  r. o.  Fruit Syrups |  Box   248 *  ?  ..������������������������������������..���������..���������������������..  ���������row-  T.   Aitken,  e.   ... 3  Ashman,  r.f  -1  Gordon,  30  5  Oraluuu,   2 b     -*)  Farmer,    .f  <1  J.   Aitken,   l-fc... 4  Little,  ss  4  Wilkinson,  c.f.��������� 4  Qreenwell,  p  .... 5  1  1  I  0  i*  0  1  a  i  i)  l  l  o-  0  0  0  ������J  2  O  1  0  (J  0  U  3  5  i  2  2  0  0  li  0  0  2  1  0  1  1  0  1  3  3  30   9    5     27     8'    10  A-.B. R. II. P.O. A. E  Hillsides  P. McConnell, ss. C 1    1 -0 .3 3  Brewutcr,   2b-  ...   3 J     0 8 2 1  Jeffs, c.f   -12    11 0 0  Anderson,   3t-   ..    1 2    2 2   ��������� 1 1  Northeott,   c.   ...   5 10 2 3 3  1-1. McConnell,   r.f.5 2    0 0 0 2  McQuade   lb       3 0    0- 10 0 3  Luscom'he,   l.f    5 11     4 0 0  Peden,   p    5 2    2 0 3 1  Walters &  Akenhead  4<4>l������l<4������l--t<  t  f  ..������..������������������������������������������������������a.������������������"���������"���������������������������*-���������  New Piciuie  POST  of   Ladysmith   and  British Columbia  ���������AT���������  m goon w  Xanaimo  Hits. .  Hillsides  Hits  ...  40 12 7; 27 11 15  .. 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-0  . . 3 0 1 0 1 0 -U 0 0���������5  ... I 0 0 0 1 -1 5 1-0-12  . . L 0 0 0 1 2 1 1 1���������7  Summary.���������Enrned runs, Nanaimo,  1, two-base .hits, T. Aitken. Douitylc-  ploys, Riewsterj to McQiude, 2.liases  ou balls, oft Pi-den- 5; Green well 3.  Hit by pitched -ball, -Jeffs, McQuade.  Struck out by (I rem will 7; Peden 2.  Left on bases, !\;nunio. 10; Hillside-*  6'. Time of game, I hour 40 minutes  Cmpire Jas   Mclvinnell.  i  i  ������������������"���������.������������������.������������������������������������������������������.���������..������������������������������������������������������������������������������..���������.���������������������������.  ..������..������..������..������..������. -���������..���������..���������<.������  Tennis Goids  Lacrosse   Sticks  -ANI������   B������se Ball Outfit s  -WRITE-  J. BARNSIEY&C0,  Vi* I0RIA, 6, C.  Handsome Designs, Fine Colorings,  Prices Lowest,  ��������� For tlie Month of June, and  until further notice, we will  trim all Wall Paper sold by  us Free of Charge.  H.  KAY'S-    '  WALL PAPER DEPOT  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a  Mayor Nicholson i-s^in the ritv t������i-  day, hating stayed over fio'.i his  woxk at WclluijVton to attin<l llic  couneil meeting t-liis eve-nnu, when,  he says, the fc_(iicstion of eh-rti ic  lights will be Iffought up foi discussion, It is understood thnl Ihe  iq tics tion of rights to Mcl.eod crfi-'v  has been -invcstnp;aled, an-il it- is I -nnd  that at' present n-o flaim is rc*;;.i:.t-:-r- j  r<l for water.  Yesterday the Reliance team of  Ladysmith, composed of nine bojs,  clulbfced together, and wit-hout any  fuss or a-chertisemonti, went up to  Vanaimo, where they lu\<l arranged  for a s-11-16 with an aggregation  callini!, IhemseUes the Black Diamonds, and defeated them, or, in  otlu-r words of one of the players,  ''Put il all o'er 'fin," to the tunc  of 7���������3. O. Deleourt did thc twirling for the visitors while J. Fisher  gave  Iiim   the    si-Kiiols  from   ' behind  T have just received a shipment of  Mills'  High Oracle  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  ?.na  GGAWlIrS  at ihe   ORUG  STORE  Granite and Marble Works  Granite and ��������� Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  with first class stock ami  workmanship. Write lor  catalogue.  A.   STEWART,  148 Yates St. Victoria  B.C  IMPORTED HACKNEY STALLION  "EffuUilAJS'Oir     ���������  (SL32 II.   S. li.)  At  Johnson's     Livery   Stab,e   every  Tuesday  at  noon,  and   will remain  until Wednesday noon, each week.  r������RMS-$15 TO INSURE  il Will MMi iir     -'     -iOK...-���������sni-zi.iw.-a.  Try a Pro*.inee Cigar.  i ���������������Av_.-i,js���������.=v<B.--v. A-:aairv.tj  ^'���������1 -rflTM  tho  Those who  witnessed  the  Keep Minard's Liniment in thc house!    Ask for Minard's and take no othc:  "GET   Y'S"  and wear a suit of-  rwear  Two   T hread  These Garments are Warranted and frr  Warm Weather a**e a Useful Necessity  On  I     BLAIR   &  ADAM  game state that the .battery of the  lfli'anre is ha,i d to heal, e\cn in Tn-  lernwdiate company, and they h.ivu  ati_\ thing in lhe j.u-nior, line bUaten ;���������  mile.   <?   Tlie N'iiJiiiimo Basel-all toam journeyed to Duncan on Saturday, and  ���������defoak'd the team then* by a score  of 12 runs to   2.  Smoke Big I'.. C'ig'ars  PHOTOS���������One Hollar buys (! Cabinet Photos. Your piciiiie on poslal  Card, $1.0(1 per do/.. Three days  only, Sn/tur*day, Siin-ilay and Mion-da-y,  June Hi, 17 and 18th. Schenck, the  \T'ancouvTer Phot'ograplier, Camp|ijelPi-  corner.  Ficnicers Attention!!  Commencing  Sunday  next,    I  will    conduc t   a refreshment  stand for the convenience    of  picnicers and camping parties  on    thc   Clreen Spot opposite  the hoathouse,  and near Shell  Beach.      Refreshments,       Ice  Cream,  Lunches,  etc.,   served  at reaso-nable prices.  Campers wishing to secure  plots for the summer season,  should apply here.  Mrs. T. C, McKinelley,  HIGH ST.  Is advancing in Price, and we expect tomorrow will be the Last  Day on which Cowichan Butter  can be obtained at 25c. a Pound  till OH III  S1MLK LE1SER& CO lm.  % Notice                     J  ������  :_ -. -'3  K: - A. Howeol Chem ilnu* his open ii thi'Meitmark       ____S  __������������������������ r                                                Utclv run by W. Wdrd, on R-burts Street   ������ th a    ___������  ^ "                                              full line ol Flrat CUss Meats              -    . -                  _____���������  I Pork and Sausage a Specialty ��������� A Trial Solicited |  ������E  . . ; ___ ^  I A.  HOWE                    Phone 3-0 3  ^ MEAT   MARKET                            ^  m^z^-xmz&tii  t  S .   W .    P.     $2 Gallon  ELEPHANT $1.75 Gallon  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LlfUTi D  I &m9mE3aBj&+*-W+9*Bn++BB9'*K!*tmMMll ���������g-fr'Syyfy*'*  I  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tail  FIRST A VENUE:  Suita     Made to. Order to Fitand J:   yom  Satisfaction/ Gall and see Mt >ck  te&zfct&fy;  Smolce a Big   U t'igar.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby gi'-en that I in-  leitd to apply to Uie Board of- Li-  c-pusiiiji; Commissioners of the City of  Ladysmith, at it next sitting, for a  transfer from myself to Hanry Blair  of the license to sell spirituoius and  feniicnted liquors on lot three (3),  Block twenty-six (2fi), on thc premises luiou'n as the Cecil l-Scftel, situated on First Avenue in the city of  Ladysmith,  B.C.,  Dated this 15th day of June, A.  1).   1!)0G.  GEOHCE HANNAY.  By his  Attorney  in  fact,  . Henry  Re if el.  FOUNTAIN   P������ r  ���������A-   ' , ��������� '      ���������' '��������� - '      -   .  We have Just received a shipment of the Famous  LAURENCE     FOUNTAIN ENS  Each one carries a special guarantee.    Prices from $1.00  up.  ���������������������������CALL   and   SEE   THE.'-V  1 B. FORClMriER  S Watchmaker, Jeweller, Op-icia>i  I  FIRST AVENUE LADY  TV' 11  ������.*V^XW*>*^^������**^^^ ^^^A^^VV*^<VS/VVV������'S^*>AA>**a*������-f'>*j;^<'V%  fV.;-  > o���������������������e  9-0 I  I  have on (land a fresli supply of-  PORK   and    BEEF:  E.  G.  PAN NELL  THE FENCING GIRL  ;������������������       .      _     ' FOR     ';       ������������������=="���������-������������������"   ,-  35 White Swan... Soap Wrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we w/iU mail you a Beautiful Picture <i  THE FENCING GIRL���������Anumbfcr of o.������ hers  to choose from  Tbe Drifisb Columbia Soap Verb. Victoria I i  ������i������t������e������������i>������t������������(io������ot(i->������������  P.S.���������We will m-ail you free anc  of!  ur Premium Lists on aPplic*v,,i011-   j  .^W^S^AJ*xuu������^^^^^^AA^^AA^A>VyAAA/^^^  \,VW*+#/St  Vfea '


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