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The Daily Ledger Jun 16, 1905

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 ^  i.-^-"-_  *^r.>->.-.-  Z-~f\jQ' lszz^-&~-SL - l-u - L. (~  I --'.'   .4... '~  rJ~  ���������Vv..  "^-s  ! DUNCANS   &    *  LADSYHl TH  . >  ���������O'  The Daily  JUN19 1905      a.A  4*4*j>*-i*'^-'->M*4>������J*4 ���������j-4"I-i**I*-*}*4������4������J������-<^4,.^ ������J'>4**f ������t--**H*4*4i  I LADYSMITH      I  1       & DUNCANS  !.4/--,i:|  i'5''f."?.l  VOL.  2,  FRIDAV     JUNE 1(J,     1905  price /���������:/ s i ; r :;  URGES PREPARATION  FOR CONEERENCE  Novoe Vremya   Says thc   Most  Able Men Should Represent  Russia  Since   They    arc   to Conclude  Peace, Which Will Determine  Her Position in Far East  UNEARTHS SKELETONS OF  WHITE MEN  Ghrystal City Fa? mer While  Digging Makes A Gruesome Find  St. Petersburg, June 10���������The announcement 'that Emperor Nicholas  lias accepted , the resignation if the.  Grand Duke Ak*xis, as high < Imiral  created a great sensation when it became Known 'to-day, but  the announce  nient came too late for comment   in  the morning papers.    Comment ing on  (lie selecticn of Washington as    the  place of meeting for the peace pltni-  potetitirries,  (lie Novoe Vremya calls  upon   Russian  diplomats   to   prepare  to stni������>f!>. seiiously and not  repeat  tho  drifting policy  which  the     Russian   diplomats  followed   before. -  t !������������������*������������������  war     to decide what Russia -van'-.-:,  aiiid     act accordingly.    It dwells ,-.  the necessity of selecting the     most  able nio.-i  to rcpiesent "Russia at the  Washington      meeting.   "Since"  they  may   have to conclude a peace which-  will determine for many years    Russia's position in the -Far East." The  Bourse     Ga7e1lc demands' thai -men  -representing     new    and   o-d   Russia  shall-he sent,.   The paper adds: "The  will      decide the destiny of Eastern  Asia.    These  fears  should   be  a powerful   instrument  in   the hands of the  Russian      plenipotentiaries."       The  Lislok. says ihe world formerly    i\.i-  lfested a large amount of interest at  "the  Russian  advance eastward,   >ut  seems now to be indifferent     to Japan's  advance westward .through Korea  and   Manchuria., In   1805,"    the  paper   continues,   "Germany,   France,  and   Russia  protested   against   Japan  exploiting. (Jii'-na.    Today'  no   power  comes   forward  to  stay  Japan's vic-  thrious   inarch.    Russia  stands ,alone  and  a peace  may  be  farced jg^in her  which   will   be  prejudicial   lo  the  interests   of  Europe.   The  latest  news  from   the  front  indicates   that .    the  rainy    ' season   is   beginning'' sooner  than   usual.    Already   heavy   storms  have   occuned,  and  if  the downpour  continues   the      military   operations  necessarily  will come  to. a standstill  without   an armistice,   a-state of at-  'fairs  which  will  last  long enough for  the plenipotentiaries  to meet.   There  Thought  to Be  Eonis of  Victims "-of an Indian  Massacre  Winnipeg,     Man.  FEAR THAT TROPHY MAYr  LEAVE ENGLAND  THE CLOSING SCENES OF  GRAND LODGE  At Royal  Henley   Regatta  if Home Crews are not  at Their Best  June   1 fi .���������When  John Fallis, a farmer li\ ing  t-cn miles south of Crystal City was d ggiug  a cellar last   Friday,  he happened on  a most gruesome find.   The spr.de of  one      of his   workman   suddenly  un.  earthed  what appeared   to  be a round  piece   of  limestone,   but which,   upon  examination      proved   to be a  human  tskull.    At first  it was thought to l.e  from  the     lonely grave of an Tndian\  hut upon      recommencing the -excava-  .lion other s'aills were met  with.   By  evening    forty-eight     had been' taken  from  the     ground,  and two complete  skeletons also  discovered.    Consider-  ably     excited by his    mysterious discovery,"    Mr.   Fallis loaded   the nlics  into a wagon and took them to Crystal City, where they elicited a great  A Varied Programme Was  Carried out Last  Evening  Resolutions  and Votes   of  of Thanks Were  Passed  IT IS TERMED WASHINGTON CONFERENCE  cd into the principal events that the  home crews will ha\c t0 be at their  best Kt the trophy will -leave England for the first time since the race  was instituted. The race**.will be international in epcry respect, as Eng-  lai.d, America, Germany and Belgium  deal of curiosity.; Doctors upon ex- | will be represented/ Britain's most  animation, pronounced lhe honcs to formMibIo eights will ^ thc fam  be those    of     white  men.   The gooi1  Time? Says That Foreign  ers May Carry off Chal-  ��������� lenge Cup <  New York, June 16.���������The Times  '���������punts the following copyrighted London despatch: With the Royal Hen.  ley regatta about three weeks away,  Engl.'sh rowing experts arc far from  satisfied -with the outlook,, and frank-  I     ������|.*.V>. ill.TJ       IU l<l.l.\IJI V   Ui'Ulll        *U* ,,��������� .    . ,  ly admit that  the  prospec.1, of afor,1^ splen(li(,     afklress' of  welcome  to      "ashlnSton-   ���������������      c-   June   1G.-A1-j office.   Not      only  has  the  president,  eigri crew carrying off .the, "grand dial- ' n     r.       ,    , ��������� ready  the epoch  making  meeting to     scn>- frequently for various diplomats  lege cup is not unlikelv.   The gencr- ���������   .,   t ,        !, ������"    ,      / T   I ^ ',C,(i b������tWCen thc Plenipotentiaries   interested     directly or    indirectly in .  *", '        ���������  . *    -.   *',   ���������' |MsU   l0  Ladysmith.    Also  tn       thc   ^ of Russia and Japan to discuss'means IlIle     question, but a ' small circle of  ai      opinion   seems   to   ne  that wiih    Wellington     Coal  Company for  their   of ending the    war, as Russia tenta-   diplomats   including  besides      Count  three  first-class  foreign  crews  enter- Vourtcsy in placing a car at their dis   "veiy    expresses it,     has'received a  rlhe Grand Lodge last evening passed resolutions tendering a hearty  vote of thanks to Laurel Rebekah  Lodge \'o. !), for their kind hospitality to the visitors and their  wives. Also to M.uor Coburn for  his splendid     address  of  welcome  to  There is  Now no   Doubt That  Negotiations Will Take Place  in Washington  rhe European Powers Are Pre^  pared to Follow each Step  Closely  posal  to   convev them  to"Extension. ' "ani";  In "������?sPatehcs  io EuropMrom .  Embassies and Legations here it ' Haron    Speck      Voi  for thc)K  or-eflv  termed the Washington con- ! German Anibassad  kindly notices     given during the ses  Also     to the     local    press  fereiice    The  Rion. . To thc    Lad)smith City   Rand   Section  of Washington  as the seine  for    thc   splendid programc rendered i'of,,lie J)eaco -������������������aki-1S "as caused prac  by them en Wednesday evening*. They  also passed    a hearty vote of thanks  Cassini, lhe Russjan Ambassador "and  Mv.  Takahira,  the 'Japanese Minister  Sternberg, ��������� the  -.-L, Mr.   Jusserand,  announcement   of   the ! lhe   French    Ambassador,   Sir  Mortimer  Durand,  the Biitish Ambassador  and   IJaron  Mayor  Des "Planches, the  Italian    Ambassador,    have called at  the While   House at all hours of the  i tic-ally the en tire diplomatic corps to  -suspend     indefinitely its' program for  other powers are already expressing ' is s >nie talk that foreign Minister  fears that Russia and Japan will ai Lams.lorfC hiinseli-may be one of the  ihe-.    meeting conclude   terms   which    plenipotentiaries."  BENEFIT CONCERT TO BE  GIVEN BY REBEKAHS  m  The following programme will l.e rendered at (lie Ladysmith Opera  House on Tuesday evening, June -"Hh. The concert is given under the til-  spices of theJicLtilvsihs of Ladysmilh, and the net proceeds will be given  an invalid sislir.' The. doors will l.e opened at 7.30, concert to commence at eight o'clock.   A dance will   be given after   the concert.  Grand   Operatic Selection      Faust by   Gounod    ,.., Band  ,S(,--K  ���������   Selected'   Mr. D. Lewis  Tableau     Carnival Pompeii    ,S|-"^-   The Hrook,     Dulores     .,     Mrs.   Boyle  Tnslrumenlal Solo    Marguerite    Mrs Steele     The  Flight from Pompeii       'flu- l'assicn Flower     Mrs. Ci. Jaeohscn     Misses      rannell. Instrumental Duct   Union     Ruth and   Naomi        Miss  Ingham    A Broken  Link     Mr.   J.  Evans  Duet    .-r:.  Misses  Kate and   Violet  Hunter  PART II.  Tnl-itau      Song    Me/1 ley       Tableau     Rrcitation   ...  Song    Instalment al  Ins I mental Solo  Song      Tableau       Song    Tableau    Paiitomk c     Piccola  Solo . ...  Tableau    Violin  Solo     Song      Tableau      Medlev   ." ..  .Waltz  Under Southern  Skies,   by Carlton    Band    The Children's   Home      Mr.   T.   Lewis     Bliss .'      Sehy.td      Mrs.   Trehein    Bliss Disturbed       ;     Misses   Lola   and   Viola   Hutchison         Mr.   llfvward   Fisher    Simply to  lhe- Cross J Cling        Fama.si.i        Miss Dolly Fisher      Selected      Miss  Clay      'ifiic-an  Sunset       Pleasant  Memories,  h"y   Byer      Lai.il  state of preservation of the skulls  showed them to have been in the  ground a comparatively short lime.  Much speculation has been indulged  in by the inhabitants of the southern Manitoba town regarding t-v.-pi s-  si le reason for the location o'1' these  bones. The fact that they weie si  close together seems to indicate that  they v/gre not Juried there under ordinary ' circumstances, 'lhe general1  consensus of opinion seems to he that  the spot J had been the scene o-f sonie_  battle "With tlie ~ Indians,"and that  tlie victims of the contlict werc put,  into     a   common pit in the haste of  flight.  o��������� a ���������  GENERAL MAXIMO-OOMBZ  IS SERTOUSLV " 1  Havana, June Hi.���������Since midnight  the condition of .qeneral Marimo >",a-  mez has steadily grown worse. The  extraordinary improvement in his  cnidition early in the week caused  J hope of his temporary recovery  least,, but it is now apparent Hi  the gangrine resulting from -the i  sce-ss on his hand, fl������ which he underwent an -operation at Santiago  early in May, is relarding the action  of tlie heart and other organs, with  the result   that   the   General's   de.-.lh  may be expected at any .time. x  ��������� <t>   COUNT   TOLSTOI   PRAISES." ,,;jV  TI1E" UNITED" "STATED.  St.      Petersburg,   June  If!.���������Count  Ti-ilstoi, in an interview  pu^ishod m  the Russ  today,   praises   the  United  States'      tender  of  her  good  ollices  and     Russia's consent to negotiate,  hut.finds  fault  wiih   the  whr le     reform      movement,   proclaiming   that  getting back  to the soil  and sharing  the land amo'iijr, the  peasants  is the,  only   panacea   for   Russia's   political  ills'.  thai  ous  Le anders,      winneis   of   last   year's  race; Thames Rowing Club and crews  from   Oxford  and  Cambridge eolllege  Asi.eiica  has  sent   the  Vesper   Boat  (liili's crack crew  from- Philadelphia.  I'-e/giinn's     eight has    been sehntod  from   the best  oarsmen  of the Club  Natuuc, and the Berlin Rowing Club  ���������representatives  are  admitted to     be  the-fastest in Germany.   The Lr anders  are   the present champions     and  have     won  the challenge,-Cup  more  -liii-es  than - any - other" rowing a'ggre-  galion.   The club,  together with  the  New College of Oxford, holds there-  cord of. six minute's,. 51 seconds, far  the distance.    The   Leandei's crew is  made up of the pick of ex-university  oa,rsmen from; Oxford and Cambridge.  The Thames' eight is little less  for-  niiilaMc in its composition   while New  New  College,  Oxford, Third Trinity,  Cambridge  and   other  varsity  crews  will  be  depended  upon   to keep   __Uie, j toaste.  trophy in this country. WhUe it     is** ciose(* an,i  to the Ladysmith Brethren of their  uniform kindness all through the ses-  sion. Copies of these resolutions  ���������were ordered to lie handed to the lo-  c<il paper for publication.  Grand ��������� Lodge then reduced to 3rd  degree, when the following otlicers  were installed:  - Grand Master, Bro. D. E. MCKen-  zie, New- Westminster; D. G. M.,  Bro. . E. Simpson, Cianbrook;  G. \V. Bro. Thos. Emhleton, Ross-  land; O.-- SecretatjV-,Fred ��������� Davc}-,-"-  Victoria; Treas. Hugh T Fulton,'  Ladysmith.  Grand     Master  McKenzic then  ap  pointexl his  duly  closed.  A luncheon was served in the Opera  the summer.    Despite the reiteration   day and until     11 o'clock at night to  of both belligerents that they propose to negotiate directly with one  another, the . European powers are  preparing to follow each step of the  negotiations as closely and as intel-  igentlfy      as  c autious   and  reserved  discuss    peace.   Ambassador   Cassini  and  Minister Takahiri  have becn'un- ���������  tier a remarkable strain.   Cablegrams^  reach  them    ai almost     all hours of  the day and    'nisjhl, and. must be de="/  ciphered    almost immediately. " Each  plenipotentiaries will-permit, and to move has,to he put into cipher ami  do this thc European Envoys must'sent to thsir respective governments,  be on the ground.     Tbe informal an-  and  all  this  must  bculone between  nouncement from tlie White House  lhat if after coivening to conference  here the pleniuotcntiaries were ap-  pressed by the heat Ihey would prbli  the 'incessant calls of diplomats   and  other  callers" who  have  to  be  seen.  All   this  has   weighed  heavily     , on  these  two men because both  are un-  other officers, who were  installed.        Grand Lodge  then  had  somewhat early to size up thc situation, extreme nervousness is apparent. *f ^_-  lanncd,  must   return   in   lime for  House,   'and a    varied program was   the     confcie.ice,      Baron Speck  Von  carried   through,   with  speeches     and 'Sternberg,   who  has  planned to spend  At 12 o'clock the exercises   his  lea\e in Germany  and Sir Mortimer Durand, the British  Ambassador  ably adjourn  to  some  watering place   ci'er  the care of physicians and  both  irT'Ne\VJ'LrhgTai?dY"''has'"''i.-iisi\l 'tlie hope j we're' some'"-tTmc--ago pT'dpro-cl t"o leave  of the envovs     of lhe neutral powers Wash ngton  for a rest' and change.   .  that such  will  be  the decision.   Am-  OEN.  LINKV1TCI1  REPORTS  ong the diplomats      whose plan  will i SEVERAL  SKIRMISHES  probably  be disarranged Jiv the com-I    Si.  Petersburg-, .June 16.-General  in-  of 'the conference are M. .Jussei-   Lnu-viich,  in  a despatch to. Emperor  ande,,the- F.ench Ambassador, who if   Nicholas,   dated   June   lath,   reports  he goes to    France this month as he   *���������������**' a Russian turning movement for-  '   eed   the Japanese to retire from Au-  many of the visitors de-"  parted on the 1 o'clock special train.  THE  IMG  AUTOMOBILE  RACE   STARTED   IN   FRANCE  Paris, June IC. ���������Twenty-four contestants in thc French trials for the  James   Gordon  Bonnet  international  Accompanist,-Miss  Coburn; Chair man,-Dr. F. S. Revnolds.  THE GRAND LODGE  WAS WELL ENTERTAINED  Lad) .smith      has   done   remarkaible j quite   true.   The   fact   that  our  visi-  well   in  so     pleasantly   entertaining .tors   have   had   mngiiifii'ant   weather  her \isifors;  the Grand   Lodge of the lias   been  a factor in  our   fa.v-or,  but,  ���������iii'le-pendi-nt      Order   of ��������� Oddfellows, all  in all,  the Oild:ellows,  their wiv-  Do/ens   of      visitors'have said   that es  and   sweethearts,   are  to  be cou-  they   were  being most  regally  enter- gratulated  on  theii-.splendid  success  tained   an<l   tlnft   they   have   cnjVfed in      making  the  visit  of  the Grand  the   success    it  is' are  some  ci- was.    A word  is due   the  last  vear's  WOMAN'S  SHOCKING CRIME  Keller,  Wic.,  June  10.���������Mrs.   Paul  Klass has killed her four small children'' and   has  committed  suicide     at  her hc-me near here.    She used        a  large butcher knife, cutting each     of  the  ... children's' throats, .The  eldest  child  was'six,, and 'the youngest      a  baby.    The  woman  had  been in     ill  health.  M.  ROUGINE IS  REMANDED  FOR TRIAL  Tokio, June 16���������As,Uie result of a  .preliminary     cn'ti'uiry, E.  Roguine, a|au.0 Cllp stai ted  at six o'clock   this  French citizen, has been remanded for   monijng     c,Vei   the   Auwrgn   course,  trial on     the charge of furnisliingj information to the Russian government.  M. Strang, an Englishman, and step-  who has already closed his embassy  heie when the preliminary negotiations necessitated his return from  Lenox. If the conference does not  convene until September some of the  lalnti/.i June 11, after burning their  supplies. Another Russian force on  ���������June 12 advanced from thc Japanese  advance posts. The same day the  Russian cavalry occupying Nanchant-  czin/. retieat-ed sligh-tlv northerly.  CRUTSER  ASKS   FOR  COAL AT SAIGON"  Saigon,     June  1C���������The    auxiliary  cruiser     Kouban, t'ormeily the Ham-  Thery,   the   winner   of   lhe  cup, last,  year,   was  the first  to start, and  he  was followed by   (he others at   inter-  son of M.     Rougine,  waftJF'^cha������||a������l.| vals      of  four  minutes.    Dispatches  on account of insiifliciency-w-evidence   from an along the course show  that  Tbery is   making 80 kilomctics     an  SURVRV PARTIES IN  NORTHERN TERRITORY  hour,   with  Wagner making   the   next  Seattle, Wii.���������,  June  tf���������������A survey  ing party of twenty .men in charge of J'd'1'0^cU"^'  R    AI.   Leyland,      has left here to lo- sj?s  vvas SL*cond  and  Caillois  third,  cate the    line of division between the The official decision  is  not   yet     an  best   lime.  A  later despatch  from  Paris  says:  Thery  finished  first/covering the find  in   7   hours,    12   minutes.  diplomats will make brief visits to lnil.���������_Ameri(.an -jne steamer A gust  Europe mainly for the purpose of get y^o,-;-,^ .irri\cd ofi tins port and  ting iu touch with the views of the f askc,(, l()' ,���������, slipi)iiC(i wuh coal sulTi-  ies|)cctive gowrnments. Diplomatic cienl ^() n,ac.|, yic neaiest Russian  activity in the past few weeks has ��������� ])orl. u(,r .rL.Cjuest is under cor ^id-  e.\ceede/l the record cstabKshed here era(i,)n. The Kouhan is fitted with  during thc Venezuelan negotiations !-wiii-less (eU't;.i.iph apparatus and ear-  in the winter of 1903. There have ,.-,_������, fifteen guns of small calibre,  besn conferences at the Wlntc House '|-],0 Koiil-jan did not participate in  this morning, afieinoon, and evening lne bnitilp oi the Sea of Japan, hav-  the subject of peace negotiations nat- ing been detadnd fiom the Russian  I urally taking prefercnc-i over all oth- fleet lo reconnoitre the cast coast of  cr official business     at the executive   Japan as fai as Yokohama-  United Slates and Caimda in the vicinity, of Chilcoot Pass .and Kofsini  river. There are to he three parties  iu the -northern territory this summer, each having- a certain division  of tlie work. They will indicate the  line of division as decided by the tribunal which met in London in. 1008.  nounced   owing  to   the  diffeience  time of stalling.  of  REQUIEM MASS  FOR THE DEAD  themselves is certain.   We are not as   Lodge   to   Ladysmith  pleasantly   situated   as   are  sonic  ci-,'was.  ties   for   eiiierlaiiniiig   large numbers   'delegates  who secunvl   the session of  of visitors.    We  have  not   the  pleas-   , the Gra-iwl   Lodge, here.   It.   is   to  Mr.  ant drives of  the Victorians,  nor the   II.   Fulton,   now   treasurer  of  great attmclions ,of a park like Van-   Grand      Lodge  VICTORIA'S   LUCK   HAS  TURNED   AT  LAS'I  the  Ry/wland,  Chief   Patriarch,   of   Ladysniith   En-  aiwl  li  couver,   but  as  has  been   shown     hy  Ih-;* splendid   manner in  which every   'campincnt,     Mr.  Dan   Nicholson and  man or woman in the .city has cont.ri   T.   McMillan   that  Ladysmith   is   in-  hiiled  their  time gladly  to assist; in   debtcil   for    the  visit   oF   thc   Grand  ���������riitertaining.    We have  among. us thc * Lodge,   for    as  delcgittes   from  here  ; Kverett  true spirit of hospitality and  t-lvat it   last year  they successfully, Is?at -down   Victoria  was  aiiprecia-tcd  by -our  visitors    :s   all opposition and brought about thc  shown   by   the   three   rousing   cheers    selection   of  this  city,   promising     a  and  the  tiger of our guests last ev-   warm welcome and good cheer. Their  ening after  the close of the entertain   pr-omLo      has- been carried   out and  nient and  just  before a huge  number   now     lhat     the visit  of the  Grand  |  of visitors  were leaving  for home on ^ L-.,'dgc  is .overm and  the work of en' j  the one o'clock special.  y  coii-grft-t.iilate  each   oth;*r,   for with  The luck of thc Victoria basehallcrs  has at last changed an-1 yesterday  Ihey defeated Vancouver 5 to 1. i'he  giime is described as the best hull  game seen at the Terminal City this  year.  League  Standing.  Won  Lost  Bellingham 20 ID  Vancouver    If! 18     Hi 1(!  n 22  vt.  r.cfi  St. Peteisburg,  June If!.���������A general   rauiiem   mass   will   be  celebrate.!  tomorrow   at   t-l-.c   Naval   Chapel   for  the   repose   of  the   soulil   of   the olli  t-crs *.-.nd   other members  of  the crew  of      the      battleship   Alexander  111.,  AMERICAN   YACHT  ATLANTIC  RRIAES   IN  DOVER  Dover, Eng., June If!.���������The American auxiliary schooner yacht Atlantic, owned by Wilson Marshall of the  New York Yacht, Club, arrived here  shortly after noon. All the auxiliary  boats entered Ifc the race from Dover  to Ihdigin-land for Emperor William's  Cup are now here preparing for the  start,   which   takes   plai'e  tomorrow.  ��������� o  I  M.  ROI'VIKK MINISTER  OF  FOREIGN   AFFAIRS.   '  A NEW PLAN IS  BEING DISCUSSED  Paris,   June   Ui.���������Premier   Rouvicr   ���������  announced at a meet ing of the council    1)C1'      month.       On   this   the monthly  of  ministers held at  the  Elysee Pal-  cost   per employee,   if divided among  The Western Feercration of miners   land  every necessity   to  comply  with  held  a speci-al  meeting  yesterday  at  Nanaimo   to   c. ���������Jixidcr   the . following  proposal      regJirding  the   transputia-  tiou  of niiiipit-  to  and  from  Protection  Island  by  tho col Hi ry company:  "To   the   Commit lee:   Cienlleinrn���������  The Company  will   act   as   the ag;'iil  of employees  in securing ferry  transportation   to and  from  Protection  Island, expense or actual cost of which  is  to- be borne by  employees, as they  may    see fit. service of this na  ture   will   cost   approximately    J-lfiO  uc-e  at   noon   loilav   thai  had  deii-  Iv  retain  which,   the  admiralty   announce, went  natcly  decided   lo  permanen  the ])or1 folio of forei^Ji ojlairs' and. re-  the  :)00  ���������i'l!)  NOTICE  all employees, would be approximately %1 per month per employee,  or practically four cents per day for  the number of employees working on  .May 81, 1905. In the event of v,y  the act that will "extore  the time conditions  in effect pri ir to  .tomorrow.   His decision lo remain in 'Junc     lst- the TOm',lln>" ������11 assllmn  tr-iia  taking over  the head  offices of   u,c ministry of foreign affairs     v as ,llll! expense of the ferry service. Thc  'the* Esi-jvimalt and Nanaimo Railway, the  result   of   |l-e  earnest   requ >:-;[  of   c.ial  company will erect landings and  down  lo a man  in  the battle of  Sea of Jn pun.  m   ���������    '     ���������  THERE  MAY  BE   A  lino>ish   thai   ol' finance.    The successor  of  M.   Rouvier  as  minister  of finance will  he designated   tonight     or  tomorrow.      A decrc.- nominating M. 'i-han������-e  in  DOUBLE SERVICE GIVEN J Rouvier     minister of foreign affairs   I  will     appear in  the official  Journal  C.P.R.   officials   have  been   at Vic-  latelv.    The arrangements  in connec- |  President   Lniil-pi  ami  That ihe entertaining so well and  pleasantly so large a number of vis  itors from various par Is of the Province will do, us good as  a city     is  A  special  meeting of  the  Socialist,  party  will he    held  iii Harry  Blairfs  ami  the worK of en' j 1*������llW     ������'��������� Sim<la>'  ni^\L   Tiuportant  tertainh.g well done,, we inav mutual-. i,,u'si'ness- Parker Williams  and .1. ,  II.    I-Iawthornthwaite expected  to be  reduction   in  the  cost   of  the  opeia*  ns  collf-agues,  ,   ,   who  desired his strong hand     :���������    the  lion with  the offices will  not proba'   ]i(,,in      .(Illl,im  lily  be  fully completed   for       no l.t-  tle..time!    H   is stated  that a larg-e  dillicult   negotiations  wiih   Germany  over  Morocco.      'ihe  state  of these negotiations ���������.on'.-iiiii-s  o give,tho French officials great so-  sheds at both ends of the ferrv lines  i ,  and make it  as convenient and    oni-  loi table as possible.  j       "(Sgd)     TIIOS..R. STOCKEI'T,  our  none   too good facilities  for en- | present.  lertaining  visitors,  we have  pleased George Rannay,  and satisfied our quests. Secretary Socialist Party.  I tion of the line will be made, ajjid lieitude, as no progress is being.-mado  that the saving may permit a double am] ti,e j,artj(,.. arc almost at '-he  service over the road. point  of  having reached  a dead- -ok.  the law governing passenger vessels  and will lie made as comfortable as  ���������'���������.s:i!.lc for the injners. Mr. Kille-eu,  secretary oi' the Western Federation,  stales that the meeting decided to  lake a ballot on the proposition Sat  unlay, June 17. The x-xeculive V -aril  of ihe Western Federation will s'lpji-  intcn-d the ch-cliou and all the underground eiii]iloyees in No. I shall are  entitled   to vole.  A  well-at teiide I meeting of the   fn-  itc*(i   Mine   Workers,   over   aim stro.ig,  and   comprising   the   iiiaju-ril y   .if   all  undorga'otiiid  workers,   was  held   last  night  to discuss  the question of taking  part  in   the  ballotino   on   Saturday night. They  decided,  liy  a    largo  majority, ,lo   tale  no "hart whatever  -hi" the  balloting,   which  is  being conducted by the rival organization, the  Western Federation of Miners,  unless  they were allowed representatives to  sceutinize      the      ballots.    A special  mass meeting  was called for Saturday      morning   to   receive   the  reply  frc-m the Western Fedc-ration of miners, who are taking the ballot on the  colliery's  proposi I Ion.  Mr.  Thomas  Burke,  of the United  "Manager."  .The transport service will consist, [Mine Workers at Seattle, was tele-  of a barge covered in and fullv pro- graphed for Mast night and is ex  vided with life preservers,   -fe '<a:s,   pected to arrive tomorrow.  ���������'���������4.'-S*tl  I'm  ���������M  II  >S'^I  t*"  I ,  t l"-.Ti*L  ���������,w4  mi  ���������ml  fe���������  r  i^'-l  J1 "r  ft''  .*---.   M,'l  ��������� *������������������"'��������� r^; I  -'���������is:- ��������������� I UklhV tEDGSR  THE DAILY LEDGER  published   every  day except Sunday.  BY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY".  Offices,   Ladysmith and  Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION  -PRICE;  BO  cents  a  month,    $5  per  year    iu  advance.     Advertising rates on ap:  plication.  FRIDAY  JUNE, 10,     1905'  Maine's Tomcod ImuA '\  'Accordinji io an old saying, the tonv  tod season Dogins at- Augusta, Me^  ���������with Uie assembling of the legislator*.  ItiiSNiuii   GreetiuK������.  At meeting, a Russian says, "Selraffu*  vuityo" ("Cuod health",); on parting,  "Do svidauya" (French, "An i-evoti-");,  -when s<'],:iriitiiig I'or a lengthened period. "Prosbtchailyo" ("Pardon"���������!. e���������  l'or b'.-ivins yuii so soon). ���������  ,\n   Oil il   l\'l"K'.  Tbe strangi'st 'Hag under which men  over fiiuuht is that of the Macedonian  ���������insurgoiits. It is red on one side and  black on the other.    -  A   JIEROIE'S   ABLUTION  It must be taken as a sign of tho  times that tlie moderate amount of  stigma attached to the heroine of  "Everybody's Secret'' is too much  for public taste or conscience, and  that the jbiing woman'** character is  now cleared at the I lay market from  all stain. .This moral ablution is  said to hc due lo suggestions of the  irities.  Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway  i Time Table No. 54,  ���������-o-  Via the peoples' if avorite  A  I'liK'uncioiiM KuuKuroo.  While chasing a full grown male  kangaroo al needy Creek, Victoria, a  Ju-.-al resident wiis suddenly seized by  the -inimal and ducked repeatedly in the.  "-.valor, being only saved from death by  tht- courage of his dog; which finally.  1-ut the kangaroo to flight.    ���������  MGCIaryfc  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  rdwafe Co  DAY SCHOOL  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes ������r individually.-  MISS  BERTRAM,  (advsmith. B. C.  LADYSMITH AERIE     NO. 686, P.  O. E.     :-:        :-:        ���������-���������        :H  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  Srd Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President, B   Forcimmer;     Worthy  Secretary, C II.  RummingB.  North bound  Leave  Victoria     Slfawnitraa Lake  Duncans      Ladysmith      Nanaimo  . ,  Ar.  Wellington    \  2  Overland ������  Daily  1  TAKING   EFFECT Til   URSDAY,  APlilL 13,   llOJ.  Southbound Northbound Sat. Sub. Southb'd  Daily Arrive   Leave ���������  and  Wed.        Arrive  A.M.     P. M. P. M.     P. M.          0:00 12.0C Victoria  4.80   7.55  ,  10:20 10.4C Shawnigan Lake .... 5.17  6.46  11.00   10.02 Duncan   ,   5.55 5.55  11:57    II.10  Ladysmith  ....   ._.....   6.45  5.00  12:40    8.20 Nanaimo    7.37-4.15  12:53Lv 3.110  Ar. Wellington    7.52  de 4.00  S. S.  "JOAN" sails from Nanaim o for    Vancouver   Daily except Sunday;'at 7 00 a.  m.,     returning sails from Vancouver     for, Nanainio on arrival of     C. P. R. train"No. 1 or at 1.30 p. in.  j       Excursion rates in effect to-all points, good going Saturday and Sun-'  i       .... /l II  day,   returning  not later  than'Mond day.  ������������������ Plans,  Specifications and  De- ������������������  ������������������ tailt     furnished for all kinds  ������������������  ������������������ or work ia the CARPENTER   ������������������  ������������������ Line                                             *'  ��������������������������� C.   B.  ROBELEE,   Carpenter  ������������������  ������������������ and Joiner,     2nd ������ve, Lady- ������������������  ������������������ smith. B. C.                             M  _.'_!. _   AGE NTS.  Fnl.it>   Te������*tli. **������������������'������������������ fji 1-41  It has. been   found "that" false teeth *nsKj ���������'',<*.   ��������� .Tight'to use.    tlie  names of     On Ji.ne J Kh, Joth,  Ifith, ami leth i  ���������were used by the people who lived in A.slui)  Kos<!; Kvans, Buchanan, Hughe;,   {ht~' Noi-tliern"' Pacific-'   Roilwav Co.  3000 B. C.   These teeth were maete o* ,r,TV .: ...,,-      u.+Vi,.,..,      .*.'*..���������- ������������������,,<..  ivory  by in  B. C.   These teeth were made o-   McD(H,    ���������;  lUM,   |*atusoh. / Ashe' was      ,  and  fastened* to ��������� an  ivory plate * --,      J-������������������ ..hu^      ,  aml    . pa-ttison.���������her Vil tee  wins ot a hue gold wire.  , ' , ,  last.  Her   matrimonial   trouhlcs  arc said  by'   fri.jn-d.s     to re' t'ue   (hat ������he.has.  suspi ���������effd 'thr-'l    each j i her   husbands  Freni'li; Smokem.  In France there are'.0,000,000'smokers, and of everv fifteen there are eight  v-ho smoke a pipe, live who smoke��������� ^.**j- r fo). (M { c wcillin sll0  rigars and only two who use cigarettes,   '"'i"-"    '"-'     _ b   ���������    ���������    , .,,  fcSUll, the French consume more tbar I>os:.-cks:s.-, ,SI������ h is suspectal all  f.00,obo,000 cigarettes a year, or enough suitors for her hand, and aifc,r niai-  to go around the world 500 times if rvin--; them has always in a short'  Ihey were placed eu-d to end in a line.     -ir-v*',  tecoinc so convinced "that 'they  ," -   '���������'.' ���������'���������''������������������ '- ~ ' i wished      to obtain   ���������lio:-:sc'.ssion  of  hei:.  properly that she hastened io rid  : herself of/tiicm ;b'y ' 'divorce; unless  death made, such a: proceeding1 mince-*  ' cssa'ry'."  .   _      .J; '. '.;,' ��������� -'".     ,:  !   The 'judge returned averdict for Byron.- '    : : . ���������"..-''r. . :':_'..  II  round trip rates to all  East-  ern points at     very low rates.     Go-.  iiigliinit: ninety days.;- For all in-j  ���������t'or'nial'ifin..",...*a'pi ly  k>dflice, Corner of  Yates* & Government streets,  Victoria, R"..'"C."���������'���������������������������' ".*' ':. ���������  ���������WOMA^/WITH RECORD..  FOR MATRIMONY  ���������Seattle,;: \Vasiii'ni;ito-n.���������Seven htis-  hfcnds, three of whom are dead, aiid  foiir of whom have been legally divorced ' ,fr- mi her, is the matrimonial  record that Mrs. Louise M. Ashe laid  crcilitv to upon the witness stand in  Judge Morris' department of the s'u-  ���������pei-ior oouri. :ycslerday. .The name  ��������� the woman  is bringing  SO  \ EARS'  -EXPERIENCE'  JWENTS  TRANSFER OF LICENSE:.  NOT ICE -is hereby given  that at the  next, sit ting   of the   Licensing   Co;jit-  -,.-.-,- ���������,���������*.���������       to be. held at Ladysmith, T*vintenrt to'  under which :   lhe woman  is brining foi: a transfer of  the retail   li-  Sni|ag-xinsf a umber cruiser is that-      ������������������: li(,,nse ���������ovv ���������el(,  by ine foi; the  of her .-first hustond, ami sho declares    '       .      ��������� J . .,..���������.���������  ,.     .,   ;   ��������� .  ,     , ,,    ...    :  premises known   as-.the Island Home  she-    has   he     right to us- '������������������'*" -������������������������-���������*>'*   '  ,-.,       - .      ,W,e^'1,e   i,o.,l,  situate on   Lot :;3,   Blocks,  by  an  order oi  court given her after  she seen red a divorce from her seven-  ,th iiusiiaud. .���������  ���������'j.'he story of the woman's long and  .varied mattimonial experience was  brought ;, eiut upon licr examination.  Si.1'. is ''suing Carlos Byron, a tinvber  cruiser, fur $411(1, which she asserts  sh-.v was - induced to part with for  tw-i���������\vorthI(S*- timijer claims.upon the  fa! ;e   reprcsciitatiOTip  of   thc cruiser.  '.''he woman, who .is now (ifi years  old, is a well known character in  Snohomish county, where she. owns  property valued at many thousaTiels  of dollars. AIM of her matrimonial  ���������troubles', were coiilincd to that county.  During  the.   last   thirty years she has'  C, from  myself to  Uol:*l,  Lad \ sin i tli,    B.  Agi.es  Knight.;,  II.  L.   BATES.  Ladvsmith.  H.   C.',  May 12,   1.005.  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac  "   i ma*  cr an  is^'i.'j.Vi-jrassifia"!^  '���������iei t fn e -Ol.lest ntiency forbccuiIiik,pateiiM.  I'VonU taUc.i tlirouBh Blunii-4 Co. rcj:el������e  ip..:ial tfMce, wltliout chnrgo. luttio  ������������������'Sdii.;.--'.._  A li'.iirt-!!*,nioly lllust rut ed weekly.   T.nriie*t clr-  iy!UNrllGb,36'B-ad^NewYori(  * Ur" tli oTlict'v'a-'. "- BU *iyB.-lilnB������oii. If. o  ey for 8Ccui-iiipr patenu.  ugh Jluim * Co. rccel  chnrgo. Iu tho ;  American.  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  N'OTIC'JO is hereby given that at tht  next, sitting of the Licensing-Court  to be held at Ladysmith, I intend to  apply for a transfer* of the.retail,���������������������������liquor license now held by me for the  premises known as the Central Mo  tel, situate on Lot A, r.lcck 20, La*  dysmiih, B.C., from myself to Joseph   i'elligniilli  FRANK   BARDESONO.  Ladysmith. B.C;, May i:j*.  1005.  THG CITY 7^ RRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  I st,Avenue Ladysmith FIC  Public Notice  Attention is called   to Lhe     fact  that the  Ogilvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited,  makers   of   ROVAL   HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR       have  Tor some*  time  past been  pi'udiicing fluiir in a   vastly   improved   and   purified   form  by   the aid ofKLlXTRICITY  and  liavini-*, si-eiiri.-d  control   of    all   the basic palenls  relalinc;  Ihere-  ppniiiuiiIy of advising   lhe   public   lhal   any   iiuauUi-  )iij tt'yiiit-;   piocesses   will   he pro-  It should be borne in mind that  every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and prepares the  system for the more serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers of human life,  pneumonia and consumption.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  promot cures of this most "common  ailment. It aids expectoration, re-,  lieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent cure. It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumonia.(  fl   Price 25c, Large Size 5������c. j  Under N ew Managmen  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKinnell &Woodbank  Proprietors.  Modern and     Stiicily   Tirst  Class.  Commercial Mens'  headeiuartcrs.  Fire Proof    Building.  NOTICE.  Persons fouud using our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will  lie prosecuted.  Kl'AIMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda  Waler Works.  Ladysmith. B.C.  SSm  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������Ratee $1.25 ai.d $1.50���������  Fn e bus to all steamboat landings am;  rnilwav d* pi'ie.    Electric eare every tiv  iniuu:ea u> i.ll pans ol   the eiiy.   Bai  and tttblt- un.-xcelhd.  F. BAYNKS, Proprietor,  ��������� ABBOTT  ST.;  VANCOUVER  B, C.  HILBERT  I    "���������   "., -1.. :i������.  {������������������>,% \ !S5&"'"-'f -"'  l   '>Vi\ s??&i- V-j.-* .  In,   L.i! e   this  HENRY'S NURSiMS  NEW CROP-  Hom^Gr^a &L Imported  [GARDEN.'    t^iffLD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  JiODODENDRONS,  ROSES',  GREENHOUSE  AND  HARDY  PLANTS.  For-Spring planting.    Eastern  prices  or less.    Cataleigue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  ori/.ed  us cry of  lhe- electrical  Scented.  Ihni  Ogilvie Flour Mills CoiMpauy ll.'iuited  are the  only millers in Canada whose iFiour i������  purified by the Elec-l.'io proce3 i  'Ibis   li,,t.,-|   b:,s     l.t'i-ii   i'(ini|*,li-te-ly  Bw rd'iind  lodifin;-; SI.(Hi   pee dav.  rennvati/el.  X     i    *--������������������*  I  PRETORP  Bar   S..;-|dic<l   with   thc   Best-    Wines,  l.iiiuors  and  Ciaars.  Co/e.i.ig  Old Surface*  Wc h.ivc just r.wived a IiU'sd(! sllil'-  ���������iicnt ol' the fainoi.s Melrose" Liquid  Paints, llic lust on the niarl.et at  $1.7") per gallon. \\c also -handle Maple Leaf lir.iiid of 'varnishes, bugii;y  paints, etc., in hict we have evi.-ry-  i 1 liiiiy; tn  beautify the home,  Wallpapers from 1 Oe l.o $1.00 pL-r  Double  Roll.  Piiinlini.* ;iud papcrhangiiiK done at  reasonablf  rales,  at  HARRY  KA  FIRST  AVENUE  ist Avenue  Ladysmith B.C.  A.  <i���������s  Geo. Roberts  eat Market  Prop  *y^y  ..... Dealers in    Pianos and  Organs...  Ladysmith, B. C.  Passengers can leave Victoria daily  at 8 p. in. or 11 p. m..  TICKETS SOLI) TO ALL'POINTS  Shortest     route to    Feinie, H. 0.,  and   ALL  KOOTKNAY  POINTS.  For rates,     folders,      sieepiny, car  reservations and  all information call  on or address  S." (U YERKFS,      H.  R. STEPHEN  G.W.P.A., 75 Ciovcinment st  Seattle, Wash. Victoria, B.C.  GEO. h. COURTNEY.  '��������� Traffic Manager.  HOTEL     LELAND.  (T. J. Wellman, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block Irom C.P.R. Depot and  steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  day. Corner Granville and Hastings  streets   Telephone,' 1���������4.  ���������a^.**^**-^-.**^.*^.**--^^^  |     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.     |  jg PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND j  *| SILVER ORES.  I Smelting Works at  1  LADYSMITH, B. C.  Convenient to E. & N.Ry. or the Sea  THOS. KIDDIE,  I  i  F flcB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAIMO, tADYSMirii  5  ^ CLERMONT LIVINGSTON, THOS. KIDDIE.        |  | General Manager. Smelter Manager. |  V*fe**SrrV*fe������i^*^^������fe*'fe**fe*'i^*'i*^  ���������-    ,-'>0'*  r,  W. SIL'Btt."  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY DO^ ������������������:  Leave- orders at the Abhotsford.  LADVSMITH SHAVING  PAIN0RS  .  HIGH STREET.  ;���������:���������: Best in the City :���������:���������i  TRANSFER OF LICENSE  Notice is herehy given that at the  next sitting of the-licensing Court  to he held at Ladysmith, I intend to  make application for a transfer of.  the retail liquor license now held l.y  me for the premises known as the Pilot Hotel, situate on,Lot,9,;hlock  I2C Ladysmith, B. C, from myself to'.-T.'B. Thomas.  GEORGE  TTANNAY  Ladysmith, B. C.,.13th May, 1905.  KATBS ������2.'oo P������R DAY  SAviei/.; iooais  BAR SUPPLIED WITH BB-iT  WINKS, LIQUORS, CIGARS  ABB0TSF0RD HOTEL  Beat aceomoJation in town.   Splendid hunting and fishing in near vicinity.  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates Ste.,  Cor.  Government  Victoria, B. C-  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK  A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  |PHONE 66  *  *  *  *  LADYSMITH J  WM. MUNSIE, President  J. W.   COBURN, Man.  Direotor  )  Trains  Transcontinenta1  Trains Daily  3  Telephone"46.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co   Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDUiCK   AND  LADY SMITH���������Shingles a Specialty.  1 ,- ���������Manufacturer's     ol��������� t.  Roufeh and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and   Kiln  Dried  Flooring   ' and Finishing    Lumber  ia   StocL.  The  the  Are You  Going East  he sure your tickets read   via  The  only   line  now   making    UNION  DEPOT    connections at  ST.  PAUL  and      MINNEAPOLIS    with       the  through    trains    from     the     Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST TRAINS,  THE   LOWEST  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CHICAGO,    OMAHA,     KANSAS   CITY,  and  ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete  information  ask  your  local agent or write,  P. W, PARKER  General   Agent,  720 2nd Ave,, Seattle.  One of which is  the famous  "North i  Coast Limited,"   Ride on it always, j  Up-to-date     Pullman    and     Tourist j  sleepers on all  trains.  Through tickets  issued  to all  paints  East      and  South,   also  Pullman, tickets   issued  and berths reserved.  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap rates from all points  Easti fro������n Marcfi 1st' to Maty, ifi tli/  Steamship   tickets  on   sale  lo    all j  European   points.       Very   low   rates  now  in  effect.    Cabin ' accommodation  reserved  hy wire.  For  further particulars call   at the  oin or phone No. -lfifi.  A.  IV CARLTON, C.  E. LANG  A.G.P.A.,  N.P., General   Agent  Portland, Ore. Victoria,   ILO  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 ^_ fteserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  [B. E.WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'I Manager  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under ��������� ������������������   3 centt  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  ���������������    $!0       " " $30   10 cents  ������<    $30       " ������ $50   15 cents  Thes^ Orders arc Payable at Par at'any office in C  liada of a C-iarteMd Bank  (Yukon uxcopled), and at tho principal banking* pomls   11 the UlliteU ������taiea.  NKOOTIAHr.K AT A   I'lXKI!  RATK  A  Till: CANADIAN HANK OF COMMGRC   , LONDON, liNrt.   ���������,  They form an excellent method of remittin   small sums of money  wiih safety and at small   ost.  THEJONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gootr Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  HIGH STREET, - - - LADYSMITH  TRANSFER OP LICENSE.  JOTICE is hereby given  that at the  ext sitting of   the  Licensing  Court  be held at Ladysmith, I intend v-o  pply for a transfer' of the retail liquor license now held by me for  lhe premises known as the  Central Hotel, situate on Lot ���������!,  Block 2'l, Ladysmilh,  R.C., from iny-  elf lo David II. Davies and from  {he said   Central   to  the   New    ^\est-  rn   Hotel,  situate on   Loi, 5,   Block  8.  Ladysmilh,  B.  C.  FRANK  BARDBSONO.  Ladysmith, B.  C, May 2nd, 1905.  LAD^-V'ITH BRANCH  W.  A. CORNWALL.  Maaajer.  BOOTS  AND  SHOES   AT RIGHT  PRICES.  Repairing and  making  to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS  MCEWAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and tlie bar Is up-to-  date. Rates $1.00 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: ',r~i.:-r'. >^: Ladyamith  LADYSMITH BAKERY  HOP LEE &---CO.  ON THE ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH.  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orderi taken for Pastries to be delivered at any time.  Employment Agency.  HAY. GRAIN AND  f ARM PRODIM  Orders will be delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the lowest possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, on the  Esplauado.  JAS, WAHNOe^ .  %  w  I *)AllY hBbGM  SH-  *********9  ���������������������������������������������*������-���������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������������������������������������������  ���������  $>������������������������������������ ^��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� +99+9+++++  ***************  /4������>4^. **r<*  ������  ��������� ���������  ��������� ��������� ���������  ��������� ��������������������������� ������������������ ��������� *��������� ������������������ ���������������������������  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������  There is No Necessity  of sending away for anything    you may require in  Hardware or Garden Tools  We can supply y������ur want* inaW  seasonable  goods such aa Hoes  Spades, Shovels, RakeB, Lawn  Mowers, Poultry netting, Etc.  Prices Always Right  PITT & PETERSON,  Duncan,   B. C,  ��������� ��������� ���������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*   ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  DUNCAN  ESTABLISHED 1878  and QUAniCHAtf  Jzoul^alem  Jtotel  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES  FOk COWICHAN  LAKE MONDAY,  WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.      MOUNT.  SICKER  DAILY.  PRICE BROS.,  Proprietors.  W. P. JAYNES  ���������Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American Cveam   Separator Co,  Grant Powder Co.,  and B. C. Pottery Company.  Also Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home Qrown Products.  Quamichan Hotel  ���������o���������  Keast's Livery &  Freighting Stables  -H. Keast, Proprietor-  Headquarters  for  Tourists and Commercial Men  ���������o���������  BOATS ON SOMENOS LAKE.  Splendid Fishing, Telephone connec  tion.  FRANK CONRUYT, Prop.  Duncans Station.   ���������  Stago leaves Mount Sicker at   7  a.m.,  at 12:30 p.m., daily, axcept      Sundays.  , returning;  leaves   Duncan  (Specials at short notice.)  J^Xj  X   DUNCAN,   B.   C.   X   X  AN EASTER OPENING  FAIR'S '  NEW  STORE  ROBT. GRASSIE & SON  GENERAL BLACKSMITHS  wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  HORSE SHOEING A SPECIALTY  OPENED AT DUNCAN  Newest creations  in Millinery. Up-  to-date Hats    Made and Trimmed to  Order at Shortest Possible Notice.  FLOWERS,      FOILAGE.   Alf  La-  dies . cordiajl;      invited    to inspect  STATION STREET,  DUNCAN, B. C.  DUNCAN   uvsEARLYEand STABLES  S. J. Hagan, Manager  AN IDEAL TOURIST. AND  HEALTH RESORT  HiTEtSTRiTHGONA  .Tourists and sportsmen irak-  ing this hotel their headquar-  1 Iters will appreciate the excellent cuisine and service.  Electric light is fitted through''  out. -  There is a good   supply  ���������of water. ,   No mosquitos.  SHAWNIGAN LAKE   B. C.  .f    Freighl injf a Specialty    -f  PRICES riODERATE  F.RST-CJ.ASS   TURNOUTS    OF    RIGS,    HARNESS,   WORSES.  DUNC AN.l.  B. C.  Your patronage solicited  Telephone  in   Connection.  R. B. ANDERSON  HIGH GRADE BICYCLES  BICYCLE AND GUN REPAIRING.     ACETYLENE   GAS  FIXTURES AND GENERAL METAL WORKING  Fine lines,  WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWELRY REPAIRED.  SATISFACTION   GUARANTEED.  w %  j������    Oddfellows .Block     -    -     **-      _     -    -    -     - Duncan*, B.C. *  I  Yx  Yx  Yx  M  Yx  Yx  M  Yx  Yx  Yx  Yx  H  Yx  Yx  Yx  .*  Pharmacist  FOR  DISPOSAL  OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA  THE  NORTHWEST '^ERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can he acquired hy one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per Ion of 2,000 pounds  Bhall be collected on the gioss output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners'  certificates may  obtain  entry  for a mining location.  A free nr-^ei's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advancs  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company.accordihg  to  capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  aame with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end on  the line of thc iodo or vein.  The claim shull he recorded within  fifteen     days if located within     ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, one'  additional  day allowed  for every additional   ten  miles  or  fraction.    The  fee for recording a claim  is $5.  At     least $100  must  be expended  WHITTOME  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by tlie  Minister  of     the Interior  to   locate  claims containing Iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining location.  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2$ per cent, of thc sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fec$5, renewable yearly. Oh the North Saskat  ������hewan River claims are either bar  or  bench,  the former  being 100   feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.   The  latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to the  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam pow-  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable is  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the river  below low water mark, and subject  to the rights of all persons who have  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan River, where the  lessee may dregde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee shall  have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of  the lease for each five wiles,  but where  a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease       one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction  is sufficient.   Rental,  $10    per  annum for each mile of river .leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2J per   cent,  collected  on  the output, after  it   exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner/ for a term of  twenty  years, also renewable.  The l-^ssec-s right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars iu the river  below low water mark, that bound-  aty to be fixed by its position on the  Istdayof August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge ia  operation within two years from the  date of ihe lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first year - and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  us placer mining.  Placer Mining in thc Yukon Territory������������������Creek, gulch, river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  etfgth,7 measured on the base line or,,  general direction of- the creek or gulch  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000  feet. All other placer claims shall be  j50 feet square.  *  Claims are marked by two legal  -osts, one at each end, hearing no-  ices.. Entry must be obtained with-  n ten miles of mining Recorder's of-  ice. One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking ������  ���������'ii-*' must bald a free miner's certificate.  i lie discoverer of a new mine is en-  i lied    to    a claim    of 1,000 feet in  cngtli,  and  if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put  of which  no royalty shall       be  .hargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.  Royalty at tjie rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the j  Vukqn Territory to be paid to     the  'Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim     on  eaeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same, miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     anil  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and paying a fee of $2.00.   A claim may    be  abandoned and another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work  must  be done on a claim each  year to the v^lue of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be retained each year;    if  not, tfic claim flail be deemed to   be  abandoned,  and    open  to occupation  and entry by a Tree miner.  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices in    the  Yukon official  Gazette.     ���������_      ._.:...  Pctroleum-4All -.-unappropriated, - Dominion lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon  Territory, are open to prospecting for petroleum, and the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company having machinery on the  land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length of width shall not excee������  three-times the breadth. "'">'-  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 640 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified hy order-in-coun-  Mother For  John Philip  By Hairnet G. C&nfield  Copyright, J904. by Huriet G. Car-idd  cil.  JAS.   A.  SMART.  Deputy  Minister of  tho Iuterior  Department  of the Interior,  ^  il  GALEDOMAN"  on the   claim     each, year or paid to  er is used, claims 200 feet wide may  'be obtained.  Leads Them    Al!  IN QUALITY"  :o:-  tho mining recorder in  lieu  thereof.  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd.  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :-: ���������-��������� ,-_��������� .-: ���������-B.C.  John Philip Brown ������at up very  straight at his end of the breakfast table. Mrs. Rachel Noah, at the other  end, could not see his little bare feet  playing tag beneath the table.  "Aunt Rachel looks _ just like my  chicken hawk���������anyways she would if  be wore spit curls," he said .to himself,  with a little chuckle. "I bet"-- But John  Philip's bet was never recorded, for Susan appeared just then, red and giggling.    ���������'  Mrs. Noah stared at her reprovingly.  "I did;not ring," she said sternly.  "No'ni, I know you didn't, but she���������  ���������he's here, an' ."���������.'��������� y  ' " 'She?' Take your apron down from  your mouth and talk connectedly. Who  is here?"  "Columbia ���������Columbia   Farley.    Sh*  ���������ays that's her name, ma'am, an' she's  from the Orphans' home���������a little mite  ���������of.a thing, an* that funny!" Here Susan retired again behind her upron.  ���������'What does she want?" Mrs. Noah  asked grimly.  "Well, ma'am," Susan exploded, "she  .wants to stay!"  "Stay?" her mistress repeated blankly, while John Philip, unreproved,  squirmed with delight. Here was something doing at last.  "Yes'm," Susan went on, "She's bad  ber eye on this bouse, she says, for a  longtime, but it wa'n't.,till tliis morn-  ln' that she decided she'd live with  you. She's a-settln' on her satchel out  In the kitchen,"  Mrs. Noah fairly snorted with astonishment and indignation. "Much obliged to her, I'm sure," she said sarcastically, "and may I ask what decided  berra our favor?" - - -  "It was John Philip, ma'am," Susan  ���������aid, choking with laughter. "She���������she  ���������ays she wants to be a mother to him."  John Philip's face matched his hair  In color now: even the freckles took on  a livelier red. "Consarn be!" he said  under bis breath.  "Any more?" bis aunt asked, with  tbe air of one prepared for the worst.  "Yes'm; she asked what your name  was, an' when I said 'Mrs. Noah' she  was that surprised. She said she'd  heard about you an' Mr. Noah at Sunday, school, but she bad no idee you  was livin' yet."  "Anything more? My oatmeafis getting cold. Don't stand there giggling  like an idiot." ,  "She wondered how old you was,  ma'am, an' when I said I didn't know  ���������he thought "she could tell by lookin'  at your teeth, like tbe hired man at  the, home done" when he bought.a  horse."  A great wave of color rolled over  Mrs. Noah's face and broke on the  beach of "spit curls", outlining her high  forehead. "Bring her In," she said,  closing her thin lips tightly over her  "store" teeth.  Susan disappeared and a moment later ushered "Columbia Parley" into the  august presence of her mistress. She  was truly "a mite of a thing," with  great dark eyes and a most engaging  ���������mile. :���������'  "How do you do, Mrs. Noah?" she  ���������aid, holding out ber hand in a quaint,  old fashioned way. To John Philip's  surprise, his aunt took the little hand  in hers.  "So you'd like to live here?" she said  not unkindly.  "Yes, awful well. Don't you need  me?" she asked naively.  "I think not," Mrs. Noah said, "very  gently for her, "and, besides, I couldn't  take you without the consent of the  matron at the home."  "Oh, she won't care!" the little girl  exclaimed eagerly. "There's too many  of us now and" ���������  "Well," Mrs. Noah interrupted, "you  can stay to breakfast, and then I'll go  with you to the home." The child had  crept thus quickly into a warm corner  of the grim lady's heart.  She was eating her oatmeal when  John Philip's father came down tf  breakfast and asked so kindly, "Whose  little girl is this?" that Columbia's  heart went out to him then and there.  "I don't know," she said simply in  reply to his question. "They ain't  found out yet at the home, but I know  how old I am. I'm going on seven.  I'm little, but maybe I'd do for him"  ���������she nodded cheerily at John Philip--  "till he got a really, truly one."  "A really, truly what?" Mr. Brown  asked smilingly.  "Why, a mother, of course. I learned  how to be one from Mis' .Tones. Sua  has eight children. She lives near tlie  . home. You Just help 'em be good, a fid  they will, 'cause you love 'em so. it's  awful nice to have a mother," she st-.id  wistfully. "I asked Tommy Join;*? if  he didn't think ���������������������, and he said, 'Suva  thing!'"  John Phili't med to scowl, but liis  forehead refused to pucker, and wMen  his father said, "Shall we let her ndopt  yon, son?" he laughed outright. "We���������  We���������might give her a try," he stammered. !  Anil so it happened that Columbia  Farley entered the Brown family "on  probation" and later was taken Into  "fiii'i membership." i  It was on a Saturday morning, a  mouth or more after Columbia had  been recelred into full Eteniborsliip,  that tho cliildren were playing togetliei  In the garden.  '���������'I guess I'll go wadin' this afternoon," John Philip announced.���������"Aunt  Rachel would just worry if I told her,  and daddy won't be home for lunch, so  I can't ask him."  "I'm 'fraid you'll be drown-ded  djtar," the little mother said anxlouslj?  f Continued  on   T'ace   Four )  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO,  B. C.  flanufacturers of the  i*  In  and Porter  British Columbia  Guaranteed   Brewed  $    Lager Beer  from the Best Canadian Malt Run Hops  **********999*9*991 +******< *1-9999*9W99***9  ���������V*  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short   notice.    Drill Sharpened by us always gives satisfaction.  Picks hand! ed. and repaired.  Shipsmithing    in  a]1     its    TSranties.  Horseshoers and Genera! Blacksmiths.  David Mtirray  Brjller Street   -    -    -    -Ladysmith, b   <  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE     ALWAYS ON THE LO OKOUT FOR  IN THE MARK ETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF THE  OKIES,  YOU WILL  GET THE BEST IP YOU BUY FROM US.  THE BEST MEATS  r.3  PAN NELL   &    PLASKETT  STFVENS BLOCK, GATV.cR**3  F  --"���������  -ADYSrllTrl, B  X  ; ������������������+���������������������������+������������������������������������������������������ ��������� ��������������� ������������������������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� t*������^^-������*������-M*>^M  j  x  LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO.  X  ���������  i  ���������  t  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     FURNITURE MOVED PROMPTLY  A  ND  SAFELY.  Sta-blee in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at   the  WILLIAMS AND IVA 3 A : f  i>  -s.  ���������i.  t  *  +  *  writer desks and chairs���������flat top  TIMfi TO THINK  over business problems carefully  ���������never fluirie-I��������� this is the condition of the man who uses a roll  top desk and has everything han-  -d\-���������  S\steni is a great time saver.  We carry a very fine range of  OFFICE  FURNITURE  12 styles roller    .curtain desks,40  patterns     of" office   chairs���������typo-  desks, etc.     k.  Roll    Top Desks in Elm,     size 42x30 in., Price 5.22.50.  Eoll     Top Desks in .Elm,       50 in. long, Price $28.00.  'hese desks ,have tierof drawer s on either side     and-fittcd with li  pigeon holes and letter-racks, etc.,  Oak Roll Top Desks, ;48 in,, long, Price $32.00  Oak Roll Top Desk, 50 i n.,  long,    fitted     with  two tiers oi  drawers,  25  pigeon holes,    hill drawers, etc, $-15.00        lh  Office chairs, with or wit hout-tilting screws,  $1 00 up.  Typewriter's desks  in As h, 36 in., long, 2 draueis, $8.00 each  WEILER   BROS.  I  ���������   , VICTORIA,  B.C.  ������&33Sg?**S������  PAINTINQ,  PAPER  ���������ETC.  HANGING  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  of Ladysmith   Hotel.  J.  E.  SMITH, Prop  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  OT1CE is hereby given that at t*h������  ext sitting of  the  Licensing Court  o be held at Ladysmith,  I intend to  pply  for a.transfcr  of  the  retail  liquor       license     now    held     by    me  for   the   premises   known     as     the  Kings Hotel situate on Lot 1, Block  97,   Ladysmith,   B.   C,   from  myself  to Palmyr Tassin.  WILLIAM JOSEPH.  By his duly authorized agent,  HENRY  REIFEL.  H.O. MILES  Contractor  and Builder  REPAIRING   of   all   kinds  promptly  attended to.     Shop on Gataere    ���������!,  M. R.  S^PSON.  Solicitor,   Etc.  to  1st. Ave. ue  Loan  MOYSIVHTH  Ladysmith Temp's No. 5 'Rathbona  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow's hall  2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7.30hfc rnV  Mrs.   Kate Tate,  secretary.  Chief .Ti!*t*ce Cordon Hunter is a patient af St, Joseph's Hospital for a  major operation, the result of which  is awaited with anxiety hy -his many  friends.  Meatmarket  LADYSMITH, B. C.  i,/,  1 - 'y\  ������<. f u   p  ���������''<���������*!  f-s-l  V  t - ���������  ���������C-flJ  ,.i*A** ���������  ������%\  M,t5*     ���������? I  m  'nil  W  S.v.-I  ���������������>���������'  v;:i  K* .  m  IS-  f-C  *v .  Sfel  m  kV  m  rffll  **&-���������  Pt-  Ijt. I  m  ���������&1  r������ V  ������.'  DAILY   LEDGER  m lis  Dr.  R.  B.   Dier  is again in Lady-  .smith and. can  be found at all hours  at his office,on High street, i  fearicr WH������*ounj,  A imisenin founded at Berlin by William I. is intended solely for the reception oi' royal garters. Carters from  the- limbs of all Lhe princesses that  have been married in Europe since 1S17  may be found in this unique collection.  The Dominion Day Celebration Coni  mil tee will meet*, in Mr. Russell Simpson's office at eight o'clock tonight.  All members are rer-uested to l.e  plesent, as time is now getting  "short and important business is yet  to be transacted.  Mrs. James A. Banto-i., of Nhnai-  mo, lcaoher of instrumental and vocal music, will be at the Abbotsford  Hole) -'next .Wednesday, June 21,. be  tivc-eii the hours .of 2 anil 5 p. in:.  1o meet, with t.hosc who may be desirous of taking vocal or instruirien  tal  work. . .    ������������������  Get   your  K n ii-ht's.'  Sumlav   Colonists        at  IV":. and Mrs. liarrup grvc a moonlight picnie hist.-night. The party left  in Mr. Harelip's launch ghoul se\ei  o'clock and proceeded to Yellow  Point. Here they landed and refreshments were partaken of. The  party arrived hack about niidn'ght  after having spent a very cnjoyabl ���������  evening.  Little Jessie Louderbick, aged six  is very seriously sick at her parent'*  home on White street. While her  phvsicinrs have hope of her ie-ov-  cry, she is dangerously ill.  The phoiographs of the local football learn recently taken by a Yan-  i;ou\er phoVo-Lkrapiierr, have arri ed  here and give every satisfaction.  The .picture has come out very c'c-.ir-  ly and shows the Ladysmith stalwart, players off to perfection. The  B. 0; challenge cup also forms a  conspicuous' part in the phatogr.'Vph  The ..���������pictures are on exhibition at  Messrs.   Blair &  Adam's.  A CORRECTION  Siiakc'H. BIjjt Meiil.  A number of coolies working in* the  Gaya district, India, saw a huge snake  fourteen feet long come out of a tbii ':���������  et, seize a sheep out of a >lock "which  was grazing and devour it.  Papered   Willi   I'n-ivii   Ticke-tit.  A gentleman in a London suburb hag  covered the walls of one of bis 'rooms  with pawn tickets. It is a somewhat  expensive hobby. Each ticket has been  procured by the gentleman himself iu  a legitimate manner, but the artic-les  pledged are, of course, only of small  value.   ���������.'.'."  The  Peacock.  The peacock is found, in a wild state  in India, Ceylon, Madagascar and many  other parts of Asia and Africa.  HrilUli   SnyiiiKa.  ���������In Ehghuul and Waies about one iu  four of the population lias an account  in the Postoltiee Savings bank, in Ireland one in ten and in'Scotland one iu  eleven.  'llic" pi'oci eds of the conceit m-\t  TiitSday cveturg aie lo be gi\cn to  .Miss Davidsoni who has been the victim of n'olongcd sickness. The  cause being such.an excellent one  there is no doubt that tickets will  sell rapidly, for with tlhe kindness  with 'which' they have made themselves noted the Ladysmith people  are sure to come forward on this occasion and give their n.r.ch needed  help to the charitable sMcrs.  VNPLEASAT   DOINGS  SHOULD BE STOPPED  Complaints ha\e,l;een made, and a  er*(|tiest to the I edgcr to notice that  toys old enough to know better have  I ceii bathing at the City Wharf not  properly, .dressed;''' If more annoyance is caused to residents or \isi-  tois to that, section there will Le police trouble to foil >w. A word in  lime is worth heeding  The sports committee of the July  Ki Celebration Committee have leeched word that the Cumberland  footballers will be unable to accept  their oher to play in the. Association  , football, match     with*the local team  Louk Time Whiowa. im     Dominion      Day.      The   Ctimber-  Acc-ording to an  ancient inscription   ,_,���������,, |Ul|| ()|VtM. ,,,0 ,ot.al ,,ovs ., maU.,,  in Canibcrwell church, Kngland, an old  lady named Agnes Skuner died in llic  year 1400 at the patriarchal age of 1 111,  having survivetl her husband. Richard  Skuner, for ninety-two years. Joan  .Countess 'of Roxburgh, who died in  n.V>, aged ninety-six, was a widow t'en  seventy-two years.  will, t'.iem for a .1.75 piT/.c on Orange-  mci.-s' Pay,  'cepti'd.  'lhe sports  (havoring lei  in team foi  Da v.  which oiler has been ac-  committee arc now en-  M'r.n^e with a Yiitor*  a game on'Celebration  The Ledger regrets having made a  ���������mistake in announcing the list of  Grand Officers for 'the ensuing year.  Mr. II. Fulton, of Ladysniith was elected Grand Treasurer,-not Grand  Secretary, tho latter office being filled for tlie past twentyt.wo \ears by  Mr. Fred Davey, who was as usual  unanimously   iT-cle-ctcd.     ,  Trnin  Stopped   by  Butterflies.  A train on the; Central Argentine  railway lias been stopped by the crushed bodies of ni} .bids of white butterflies.  Oldent   EnsrllHli   Comedy.  The oldest known English comedy Is  "Ralph Roister Doister." It was modeled on the'comedies ofifei-enie, ami  the exact date of its..publication is  unknown, although it is thought to  have been written prior to lool. 11:3  author. Nicholas Uehill, was one of the  masters at Eton college.  ��������� Hainan Bones.  In the bones of the aged is a greater  proportion of lime than in the bonc-j  of 'the young. . This accounts for the  fact that elderly persons are more liable to bone fracture than young people.  j       . ��������� o~- . .  Buda  Best,'. June-..IS.���������Throe, killed  and sixty wounded..are. the casualties  resulting   from   a fight   yesterday   between  strolling  player and* villagers,  'at DcreWg'yha'/., Hungary, .'the players'  promised   to  give an exhibition     of  cai nn'\i!ism, and a big crowd eollect-  Ihe iiromiqed exhibition, i\\e y,illagei's  ed.    When   the  players did  not, give  became  realistic and hi!   a piece from  one of-the spectator's ears.   A general   fight  ensued  but   the  police  tilti-  inaloly   restored   order.    Eighteen   of  Ihe  wounded      peniIs  are -sulTering  li'om serious  injuries,  The .Taintnext*.  Rheumatism seems to bo practi-.-iily  unknown in Japan. A French observer  attributes this to the .sobriety of tho  people, .their vegetarian diet and their  great use of water." They not only  ilrink large quantities of pure water,  but-, take .'two' or three baths dally  throughout the year.  TO CONTEST ALBERNI  FOR THE LEGISLATURE  J. F. Blesdoc has'been-unanimously chosen ,as .the All.trni. candidate of  the Li's i.ral pally lo contest .the R.-at  soon to be vacattil by Governor W.  W.' B. Melm:e's.J  MWMRWmPl  Ah Wing & Go,  Merchant Tailors  Ladies' arid Gents' Clothes Made to  Order.  PERFECT  FIT  CUARA\ TS - ">  LADYSMITH,   B.      (  ������>ummerSa  OF  MENS'  YOUTHS'  AND  BOYS'  CLOTHING  FOR ONE WiEK  See Small Handbills  - -      " *.���������?-���������������������������      ii  ORYSOAL^STtJLii ON  Go.   Ladysmith  LADYSklTI-I APPOINTMENTS  MADE   YESTERDAY  A moils*-'  the just  gazetted  appoint-*  ments in.connection  with the pri-vin-'  cial   government :stT\*ice are   the   foi-'  lowing: _Geori**e   Thompson   of      Victoria as a collector of revenue ana  a  notary -public;   John   Stewart  of Ladysmilh  to he. deputy''j-iiiiiinij; recorder, registrar, under the Marriajj-os Act  a deputy   registrar   under  the   I*M r rt*******.  Deaths   and  'Marriages; Act  and   deputy   registrar  fc.-r. Ladysmilh  of   thc  Nanaimo. Coiuvty   court.  "HI-  COUNTRY  MICE  CAME'TO  I'OWN  About. Si.,'hi last eve-nin-j; the pretty  little steamer -loan arrived iu the  harbor wiih her large crowd of ex-  eursioiji.-'is from the neiujii orinu.  city. The excursion, which w ts ���������.>,iv-  en under the auspices of the Nanaimo Church of England, was ��������������� I ;at-  ronived by the Nai.-aiino , cop1; am!  it was a very happy a'-pearirii*; ;:-*v:'y  which made a ton- of the n'. / a'l.u  took in the many sights Ti::ii-s arc  dull in Nanaimo a i i't'iscnf, and i ven  ���������when the lown is booming thcic i-;  not iiiiich to s .'��������� *���������>) i was cot. !-i:e  prising that Xanai*n.*i\\s .ven m*i ii  gluing open-n'ou.iu'd al .-.i-.nie. ��������� i M-  or either whicn vas l.i'-:in^ jlaec, m  noble  b-iii.l.i..!-,*  f-r  v.i :��������� h   l.a-  :'   ,i. i1.     .��������� I'll',    ( li  neopl.i   who  . iv  Plaiitinic   I'dnI.m.  It has been practically demonstrated  that posts planted in (lie earth, upper  end down, hist much lonyer than those  planted in the position in which, the  tree grew. ';  OiiiKe n Family Nan.  On a flat stone in Conway church,  Wales, is tho following Inscription:  "Here lyoth the body of Nicholas,  ITookt'S of'Goiiwiiy. gent., who was the  forty-first child of-bis'father. William  Iiookos, Esq.. by Alice, his wife, and  father of twenty-seven children, who  died the 20th' day of March. Ui:V7."  The   IHootl   Month.  Among the ancient Saxons November was known as wind month, or  blood month, because they then rthnigh*  tercel cattle for winter food. ~  Stoves  We are-making them of Ifn  Newest  Styles.  ��������� It should be borre in mind, that  every cold weakens the lun^s. lowers the ' vitality and prepares the  system for the wore serious diseases, among which are the two  greatest destroyers.of human life,  pneumonia and consumption  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its great popularity by its  prompt cures of this most common  ailment. It aids expectoration, relieves the lungs and opens the  secretions, effecting ��������� speedy and  permanent cure. * It counteracts  any tendency toward pneumouia.  Price 25c, Large Size 50c.   j  \*J  Stoves  Pattern and Latest  Try our American .  HAM SAUS/GE  1 Another    Fresh  shipment today.  lo  lice t<> -et'  ��������� ���������,:-1 -a . ;i  S--I-H cd  (te  al, the  dysmilh is fan  every corner,  used lo ii b:;::y life -v vv;;s  thc villagers en- >y so  lo the cil v. 'I'h.? ��������� isi', i-s  lighted with the coiir*<l rib I oi.s vmi  by tin- Oddfellow; a'id inanv en envious L-;lai*fc *.v.'S t sr ai !!���������������������������������������������;���������.' i '��������� %-  iiil'ci'iit lypis "'.' ��������� an!..*.'iil as 1 i.r-y  slrolh d   a.honI   in     hei*:      ci.'. ���������\'in<*  'I'lic l;oal     lci't   for lioii'.cvabout   l-n.  Th-'-  Hoys- ri-igadc   I'-aiul played.  Ladysmith Boat folio;  Launch and Pleasure Boats of all  descriplions For Hire. Boats built  to order and Repaired. Spoon oars a  .'-'.(���������(���������'���������i-ilit v.  MAURI-I'   AND   IIAVIOnN'.  I'.OAT      P.IJILDF.'RS.  WR DO AIJ, KIM DP Ol  Our  Prices are  si-:k ouit   xi-'.U' s'io\'!���������:������ i  '��������� POtlNDRV  WORK  l"e soiia, hie  N   1*1 LAIR  AMI")  ADAM'S WINDOWS.  I  .ADYSniTH IRON& iTOVE WORKS CO., LTD.  I  BLAIR AND ABM.  'PHONE  2-4.        LADYSMIT-'.  OUR ASSOMTAIENT Or VC(i:.TABLES FOR SATURDAY CONTAINS  FRESH  Plt'KI'.D STRAWHERKIKS   CAULIFLOWER  ISLAND  CHERI-UKS (M/C'UiUBERS  RIPE  HAMAXAS TOMATOES  PIvVCMES NEW  UABRAOE    ���������  AIM-HOOTS NIOW OKEEN   PEAS  PLUAIS LOCAL NEW   POTATOES  BLOOD   ORANC.ES CALIFORNIA   NEW   POTATOES.  TAS'A.UIA.V   APPLES  W. T. HBDDLE   CO.  ������V imams' Block  Xradysmitli  PariicularGroc-Krs.  Telephone   1  BoaliiiK  and   rc^.il la shir  mon   I .riser   iV   Co.'s   Lid.  Those  peoide   who   recpiiVe  vici s  of ;i {rood  den list   will  lo  call  on Dr.   R.   I',.   |l  now   em  ejtn   be  found  i.  Iliy-h  street   at   all   hoi;  al.    Si  111.'  (In  s ��������� r-  well  ,   who from  lis  ollice ou  P It ES BY V ERIA N CI 111RCH  in  Rev. It. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11  a.m.  Sabbath   School���������2.30   p.m  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  Bible study  class,  Wednesday  even-  at  7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  ���������'������������������^isasasacsg  "rtVaW&Wl *���������"'-������  FRESH TABLE BERRIES RECEIVED DAILY  Leave your orders early for   Preserving Ber  ries.  Morrison's, Ladysmith, D. C,  Morning  Service���������11   a.m.  'Chilli-en's   Sunday   School���������2.30. '  Evdiiii!*; striiee and sermon���������7 p.m.  Rev. K. llowen, Rector.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Kev.  W.  C. Sehlichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  Evening  Service���������7  p.m.  Sunday School���������2.30 p. m.  TIDE TABLE  All members of'-Harmony and Pcr-  scj'veronce Lodc-es are requested to  meet at the OdelFi.-U.fcs-'. Hall on Sunday,   1-Slli   m.st.., ��������� at   i|   a.m.,  For tho  purpose  of attending' memorial     services for the deeorat'ion of the: plraves  oF      deceased   brethren ��������� at   Ni,n.iimi>.  Return Fare, 50 cents.  By order II,  CARROLL,  N.i'l.  D,   R;   11 AC (I ART,  Sec  MOTHER FOR PHILIP  (Continued  from Page Three.)  (John Philip did not object to "dearlng"  in private), "an* I don't believe you'd  better go."  I    "Pooh!" John Philip rejoined.   "You  I ain't my mother.  I ain't had a mother  ' Bince I was born."  I "So," she sighed, "if you had a really truly one I guess 'you'd have to  j mind. Your father-might get-yon one."  John Philip grinned. "He's too busy,"  , lie said, "biit I know oue I'd like to get.  ; Last summer we was clown rit'JCove  ] inlet three weeks���������daddy an'  rue���������an' j  there was a jolly nice girl there, an' we  ' liked her awful well���������daddy an' mean' we took her picture one day���������snap- '  shot���������I mean daddy did. He's got it  yet. Come up to his room, and I'll hunt  for It." |  I    The children fled into the house and  up to Mr. Brown's sitting room.   Be-.,  hind a tall vase John Philip found tho  object of his search. For a moment Co- j  lunibia   gazed   at  it  with   wondering ,  eyes. "Why, It's her!" she shouted, with i  more force  than -grammar.*  "It's my :  Miss Curtis!   She'lives near the home, i  'Course she's awful nice!"   She gazed  long and lovingly at the picture. "Say," ���������  she said at last,~"s'pose we get her for  your mother?" J  I    Thereupon followed a discussion of  ways and"means, and it was not until j  after luncheon that the committee of j  two set forth in quest of a mother for '  John   Philip.   It was  a  very .startled'1  ' and amazed young lady who listened  ������������������    to their plea.  It was Columbia who offered the most persuasive argument.  B& i    "He  hasn't   anybody   but  his* Aunt  "   Rachel anil his father," she said pleadingly, "an' he keeps your picture back  of a vase, au' "��������� /  , "Who keeps my picture?" Miss Curtis interuupted, her sweet face flushing a rose red.  "Why, John rhilip's father," Columbia explained. "I s'pose , you didn't  kiiow'bout it then?"  "No, 1 -didn't know," she said. "I  didn't know," she repeated to herself-  again and again.  "Now you know, an' won't you  come, please?" It was' John Philip  who pleaded now. Miss Curtis stooped and took 'his "freckled'little face between her slender white hands. "I'll  think of it, dear," she promised, "but  it will be''better not to mention your  ���������your proposal to your father."  John Philip did not agree with her,  and that very evening he broke the  uews to his unsuspecting father. Columbia, with rare delicacy, had declined to be preseut.  "Daddy" John Philip said bluntly, "I  asked her���������Columbia an' ine."     ,  Philip Brown looked up from his paper. He was a fine specimen, of manhood���������strong of boely and mind, clean  of heart-and still on "the sunny side"  of forty.  "Askeel whom?" he said. "Asked  what?"  "Miss Curtis, you know. I���������I asked  her to be my mother."  Philip Brown sat up very straight  and stared at his small son and heir.  "Don't you want her?'' the little fellow said, struggling manfully to keep  back the tears. "I said I was sure you  wanted her, same as I did." ������������������-,'.���������.>;-...  "What did she say?" The question  caiiie from between white lips.  "She didn't-'know you had her picture till Columbia told her. She said  she'el think about it, but I'd better not  tell you I'd asked her to"���������  But John Philip was talking to the  'empty .'air:" His-father was out of tiie  room before tbe last sentence was finished. He had seized bis hat aiid vanished.  "Gee," John Philip said to himself,  "we've done it no\v, I guess���������Columbia an' me!"  'They had. The bride aiul groom said  j- so on their wedding day. John Philip's  father had suggested that tbo 'orchestra play "Hail Columbia" -while tlie  knot was being tied, but, strange to  say, the bride elect objected.  TO  Blouse AWbitewcar Goods  Commencing Friday,     IGlh inst., tor Ten  Days Only  We have a large stock of LA DIES' BLOUSES and WTTITKWRAR-  which we offer to thc public a t reduced prices. We do not intend  keeping these goods for another sea-son and will dispose of I lie entire stock at PRICES  THAT WILL PLEASE YOU.  SIMON LEISER&C0 Ltd.  GATACRE ST.  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Members  of   (he  above  named   Encampment are  requested   to  meet- at  lhe   Oddfellows'   Hall   Sunday,���������.June  l.Klh,   Hill,"),  a I   II  a.  ni.,  for the purpose  of   attending;   Memorial   Services  decoraliii'  lalriarchs,  H\*   Onhr  graves   of  E.  dcceiisc.  ROWLANDS,  Patriarch.  E.   LOWE, .Scribe,  J.PIERCY_������ND CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria,  B.  C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  of  ���������..OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS.   ETC.  SSSia^f-SSSSSSia^SSSKi*?*  USERS OF  WHITE SWAN  Stand a   good-chance to win a  hlRE,L-FE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  RENTS COLWA ClEYi  DEEDS, WILLS, MORTGAGES, CONTRACTS  AND AGREEMENTS  DRA WN.  JOHN STEWART  CONVEYANCING  P. 0   Box 268  -*\.  .     .  h    ���������   NOl'AKV    PUBLIC.  ^������ggi-*are.--&^^  ! CLOCKS  BARGAINS CLOCKS  \       Just received      a shipment- of all kinds of clocks  lhat  we will clear  ������������������j       al   low prices ���������  ��������� ���������     I  ���������        .   ���������     .  .        I      :  .J      EIGHT  DAY  STRIKING   CLOCK       M.Oll  1     EIGHT   DAY   STRIKING   CL'-(.'K    (with   alarm   aflachcd)     %-i.'d\  %'   REPEATING   NICKLE   .--.LA-ii-l   GLOt'K        $1.75  R EG U L A R   NI f' KI. E   AI. A R M   *--��������� LOG K -SIM  ALL THESE CLOCKS \������{W FROM THE HEST AMERICAN  FACTORIES AND ARE .tjARANTEEl) TO KEEP GOOD  TIME.  B.FORCFMHER  WATCHMAKER,   jeWEIJiR,   OI'TICIAN  1 First Avenue,   X   X   X      Ladysmith,   B. C  WILLIAMS   BLOCK.  _   _   _  TELEPHONE   C-7  Saturday, June 17th.  IIip;h Tide Low Tide  3.i)8 11.35  Every  2.ri-C'ent.  pure-base  of  White    Swan     Snap     entitle-*: you  to a   ''  ticket in  the drawjng for this hi������h grade gramophone. ?  Dr. R. B. Dier  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed,  and at reason  able rates.  High St.  Ladysniith j  OPEN AT ALL HOURS.  NOTICE.  From      this  date,   the  undersigned  will   not   be  responsible  for  any  indebtedness     incurred except on       a  written order signed by the secretary,  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I.   EXPLORATION &  DEVELOPMENT CO.,   LTD.  Non Personal  Liability.  Victoria,  P.  ('.,  May   LSth,  1005.  ��������� _o   Sunday Examiner, New York Jour  nal, New York World. For sale ft  Knight's-  book  stoA'c.    .  1  1  1  !1  ���������%  i\  s


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