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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 5, 1906

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���iO'ft 6   I9(i�����
The Ladysmith EfeLY Ledger
.rune 5,    IftOfi
At Meeting Last Evening Above
Decision was Reached-Chair'
man and Secy* Appointed
Committee Will Canvas for Sub-
scriptions^John Tha and F,
Baby Subscribed $25 Each
���iMjM������i mi **m**��ii
At the public meeting last even-'. Ulair iVs Adam were concerned, they
ing regarding the holding of a cele-'wcrc, Mr. Thornlcy had statled per-
bration in LadysmiUi, considerable fectly willing to give their share, as
enthusiasm was displayed for a while is also Mr, -Macklin, for Messis.
and otters of subscription came in in Simon Lt*-iser'& Co.
good shape. ""* ' j   Mr.   RnsUell, Simpson addressed the
Thc meeting was called to order by meeting at sumc length, statin�� tiiat
Mayor Nicholson, after wbicji tihe he thought it a very good plan for
report of lhe committee which had the 'meeting to roughly (Iran a pro-
been elected' at the previous meeting gramme of the. intended celebration.
-to canvass the ciity L*r the purpose This,' m his opinion, would gi\e the
of ascertaining the; feelings of the committee something to work upon
eiti'Aens  en the pjueslion of cek-brat- when     talking ,  subscriptions  to tlie
Mr. M. Ingham, the unfortunate
young man from Ladysmith, who has
been lying in the Nanaimo hospital
for thc past ten months suffe.-ing
from an injury to t-ho spine whicli he
received while working in the Extension mines over a year ago is
to be operated on tomorrow in lhe
hopes that some relief will be alYorcl-
ed him. If is medical attendants bold
out good hopes of (he operation benefitting- him to a considerable. e\-
JUimager Mullet I, started n force
of men at work in laying a new
three inch water main on llalihur-
lon .stieet. to replace tho present \)
intli anil u quarter one which has
been in me for i'he past thirty
,\ear.s. /
Tho death occurred Sunday of Mr
.John Liuhn'alo JJoc, post master of
Ciimlwi'luiul. at lhe age of 10 De-
cvase.-l coni i net imI a cold winch do el-
iprtl   iiiln < .mi.di.atjons      and  termini
Ros.slaiul, 'June d .������'JTic outer'portion of the door ofthe safe in the
West Mountain Hail way depot was
blown ofl by burglars at an early
hour on Sunday nioining. Thc outer, sheathing of the door was blown
off, (jut the inner portion held its
place and frustrated the attempt of
the burglars to loot tho strong- box.
The money drawer was opened and
I he papers from the drawers and
desks wave scattered, all over the
place. The burglars ditl not secure
.1 cent as it is the custom of IL P.
P.rovvn, agent of Ihe company, to de
j.'nsit  all  money niifl  \ nlualjlos  in the
bank   i-u h   :-ileriiooii       r 'I'llis   is   the
fir.sl   ;iiii-ni|l     nl   safe  rWicl.mft   that
ever  occurred  im'-e. V
Considerable Correspondence Read and Discussed
at Meeting^City Offered Lot Owned by Leiser
Alderman Spence Makes Objection to Action Taken by City Officials  Regarding Scavenger
Wbrk-Lighl Question Briefly Discussed
ing  the Mayor
At the council meeting last even- of one thousand dollars, which is Ll
and all the-, alder- araount the property is assessed fo
men were present, and much business was transacted. Considergfolc
correspondence was received and dealtl
en vour asjcssnient roll.
with  amongst whicli was a
Letter From R. Simpson
ing was heard. business men and private- individuals.
Mr. II. Thnrnley, oii behalf of the The speaker was of the opinion that
committee, made a verbal report, many persons this year would favor
He stated, that on the, night, tho more aquatic sports, and the cutting
committee started to make a canvas 'out of cither football or baseball,
they ^ha;l "met" with tonl. little en- It see-mod to bc^ the impression that
couiag'����meiit.', They had first gone tq too much time was consumed in
one place and been informed that the'pulling oh both'events, and besides
proprietors would ghe what the oth- this they were always costly afi'ars.
eis gave, hut. would nol mention any In thc Kf.oj.loeL- s opinion one good
stated sum until otheis had been seen fooi^-alt inatrli, for instance, and
The next place visited wai-', one oi some Indian canoe. races,' at|"a1ic
the-principal .holds, where they had'sports, plenty of music, ar.l >> ihe
.heen informed tliat. not a cent-would evening a good display of me- yorks,
be given. At another place the pro- would make an excellent celebration.
prietor had said Unit, while he would Of course, all the details would have
give no money, he was willing to put to* be- worked out by the committor
-up prizes - After meeting- with one after they had ascertained tlie ani-
' or two moie icbulYs, tlie committee omit af money obtainable. However,
had' decided to let the matter rest the speaker"made a motion that La-
imtiil   another  public     meeting    had'dysmith   oeleibrate   ithe 2nd of July.
licen held.     -. '  ** ������   -���-   '��� -|MSttejrr*Sf^Ttoi1t*-j:^*-tt-'*1-'"'~' -'������ '?
After the iopoit Mr.* Frank  Baby, j    'Pjie election    of  officers  was    then
who wa,*i    -piesent     at the meeting, ' proceeded ' with,  and   the  "following
stated. that he had  been visited   by  chosen.      .��'���"-'
the oomniifttee and although  he may      Chairman���K.  Simpson.
not   ha\e   mentioned  any  .sum   which      f-'ecret-iry���.1.  Aidani.
he  would contribute,  he now "wished      Committee -Thornlcy,   Adam, Doe in
to state  that he  would give .ii2;i. ing   ;lnd     Simpson.     The  committee
"I'll give $-2f>," was heard from-I were aho given power to add to
the corner, and Mi. John Tha had their number. It was resolved that
!/*\"-n thc speaker. Applause greeted ' work of canvassing lye commenced to-
ihese olleis, and it was with a de- day, end as soon as possible tho
ii(l.-".ily hopeful feeling that the husi-'commitlee will call another meeting
ii-ss of the mooting was gone on prob;V,!y tomorrow evening, and re-
v.ilh. -The .Ladysmith Hotel had port pro/res-,. In the meantime thoy
iils.o piomised to donate %25, thus will ascettain the .best., manner in
mating %ir>, with -practically all the''which the collections may 1,-e taken
other luisinesti houses yet to he up from lho .nines, and other de-
heard      fi om.        As   far   as   Messrs.   tail's   of  importance.
Washing*lon, Juno i.��� ilie following repot i ha.s been received ar tlie-
War department from .Major Walts
al  Maco,   Arizona,      June if
"iTyi Jni'ormal ion as to tlio trouble* at Cnnaneu i�� as follows- 'I'he
.Mexican employees ol the Clreenc Cop
per Company .struck for higher \vu-
tg��.s and made other cloninndt,. A
'largo mi in her of emplo.\ees went lo
lhe company's yard and tried to induce non-strikers to quit work, and
��� that they wen; peaceably disposed.
Two Americans, brothers, named.
Metcalfe resisted the action ',- of; the
strikers and went, to the roof and
shot and killed four or live Mexicans^, lho strikers Then broke into
'-thru .house and killed the. Metcalfe,
brothers.. This is the Mexican's
story. The story of'.Copper- Company official-'' differ .somewhat. They
claim the trouble is social nird 'hie
to labor agitators. The totnlcns-
Halt.ies are abdiip, sixteen Mexicans
killed. I talked w'ilh Mr. Greene
over -the phono this morning. Uu
'says that. Mexican troops are there
and have everything well in hand ami
more disorders are -not: anticipated.
I am informed Hint tho Americans
have resumed  work."
Dublin, but hod resided in the province Hiv a number of yeais having
held lhc position of postmaster fo-'
over iifle n years lie leaves a widow and Ivro brothers. George 11.
Kot*. loimcrly of Nanaimo and Small
Field  of Honolulu
Chief Oros-san will leave-' for Victoria this morning, having in custody Michael Jlarve.v, who is to, .*e.-vv
a .vcni-'a cool, ace in Viclorua jail.
'The many friends of Mrs. A. Wir-
������.���aiei v i.l ho pl.'a-s.d to !henr that
she, is prnjre.s-iuv; rapidly toward
iwiivory, after her recent  illness.
The       nett    inleimediate      lias.'b.ill
Rame   will-take"   place  on   Tluirsdav
art'erh7^rr^\r"r>'rt-.v' "nvanriirams -h��J---
ing    I he   I'i.-iiatu-e      aiul   tbe     Iii-}!'
Yo.ns oljcdiently,
Herbert Macklin,   Mgr.
Aid.  Uren moved that  the     letter
e received and  filed, remiark-*ng fiat
in   whicli  the hitler stated on behalf   hc  bought  the     city had  afbout al'
of  hi.s. client,  Mr.   A.   J. McMuriric,   ,jlc      j ro_ ert}.  lhey coukl  hanidlo  aX
resent  time.    The  niotiotn    ca.c
without comment.
���itotl  f'lt'i'L-   Sun.l.iv moVniim -      j    'tha  Ashcroft Journal, Jof Saturday  betook objection   lo the sewerage nt ' Uili  ,,
' The 'ia'feMr.   Roe,   wni n native   of | contains  Ilie following:   t, jllia   Lick   of  the    A tyyotsf ord hotel,   ]ia(,  v
"'liiere'.s no slant of good thing'*", in lhe piopctty of Mr. AIcMurtric, and
the upper country,, and I wouldn't'ns!'-**! the council to take steps to
have -missed that trip \i or a g<��cv.l Imvc the sewerage which is now run-
deal,", is the 'way Col." 10. G. Prior '".n. <'!l 1-!-" all-yway and from there
sums up his trip thtoigh Cariboo on o tlie property of the complain-
w'Hili Mr. J    It. Mitchell,  the   m.ji.i-  ^ni >  sloped  at  once. .
"7"   ",;;'.'/". --  -;-y- gvi of his Kan.loops .branch. .    Aid.  Malone,   in  spoalaiiiB   of     the   ...     ,
\t\l^1r."t!T'nn '       '        I    "Kvcrywheie  I  found the people in   "-*t-<*r.  ����oiis!.t  that  as   the council
School Trustees Write
'lhe flriiish slramer Ditlwicb nrriv-
i il nl I nioa May yesterday from
Vaneou\er She will take aboard
half cargo, afterwards sailing for
Portland where .she will complMe her
i-iii'RO   villi   Iiimber-
At. about twelve o'clock last night,
1 he lollowiiiR linlletiti was reu-eivecl at
the  telegraph   ollice   in   Nanaimo:
"San   Fi    unrisco,   June  -I.���
"Another   lug   F.arthqiiakc "
(Another   bulletin   soon.)
Later     a      despatch    was
from  Oakland   in      response
eiifpnry   fi om    Vancouver   for
news,     lo    tin-   filerf    rli.it    the
was   not   .so   severe    as   wns   li'-st
porleil.   anil   nol   alarming.
t o      an
fun her
Danbiit-y, Conn.. June -I.���Charles
Anderson and Andrew Johnson were
drowned last nig'ht while crossing,
the   Ones I^ake in.'lVrfewster,'N". Y-   -'
Bat.um, June 4.���Tu an encounlei-
today in the suburbs of Ibis city
between troops and a band of Ob-
khotsi, tho latter lost seventeen killed and seven soldiers were killed.
Douglas, Arizona, June ���!.���'Fuj-
t'lier t rouble isan'timpaled as Col.
ICesterlinsky is greatly feared by tho
"Mexicans. 0�� his arrival on Saturday over lhe head of Governor
Vsabel lie ordered the American
volunteers to retii'-n lo the. I.mui-
dary. He'also ordered all per.-.mis
to keep oh" t.he si reels i\niU.-r penalty
of instant death. In carrying out
this order a number of .persons were
.shot. All stores were closed ami.
many   people   went hungry.
Governor Ysaliel remains in i''*:
private ear, heavily ^-iiua-ded. There
are persistent rumors that he is
under umv't but they are denied by
lhe authorities. .There is said to be.
n hitter feeling against him in Can-
iinea.   Ijecnuse     he   called   on   Aineri-
A large numbei o,f Indians came
over on thc Joan from Vancouver
last   night nnd   will   go   down    to
lluncans I hi-, morning to attend the
monster I'ollacli which will start in
thai    place' this   afternoon
Mr George Leppc-r ol Chemainus
and Miss. "Clle-ii Francis, were united
in marriage at tbo Presbyterian
Manse in ihis i-ny- on Saturday evening last hy the Uev. J M- Millar.'
The Miners' Examining Hoard, con
sisling oi T. Mills, chairman, T.
Miiilg-e. secielary, and G Moore,
mitier.s' representm ive imet Inst i'v-
i-ning. Three c-andulatep applied foi
cert ideates of competrn as tonl
miners,    and  all   were .successful
good spirits and co-.i1idc.nt that the
I rospcrous times now before them
Would be permanent And I want to
my, a more hospitable ';uid ol;|ligiiig
people'than those of-Canhoo- ilon'l
There is no dou'bt Col. Prior did
enjoy his trip thoroiiighly and now
ln-'s content to go "back to sleepy
Victoria', for he ha**. ��.eeii Caiibo"'-
Aiiii he has seen it in fiuch a thorough maimer that he can claim a
I crsonal..jic" ,'���!a in tuiice' wi tih<Miihe whole
With "Mr. .Mitchell he left here on
May I, driving their own team. His
had a/bylaw to work on Covering , the
IrouL'le, and m t.'iey liad ap,plicd it
in oii'rer crs**s, it s-hotild be nnforced
in this case % lie did not blame Mr.
McjVi-itiie foi objecting lo the nui-
'."fiice, and lis thought the council
.should take steps to force thes pro-
pi ietor of- the houses back of Mr.
AIcMurtric, to put in a proper drain,
lie would certainly object if the peo-
I Ic were draining sewerage I'jnto his
property, and he thought it should
hc s topped .���_
- Aid. Pat.terson.jnovo(L..tlrat .tlie city
clerk l.c instriietcl to notify,the tenants to .stop the sewerage from run-
iiin*4 onto the alleywav.     before the
Air. J. Stewart, secretary of l-li ���
School Roaivl, wrote, on behalf oi
that body, requesting that a. read
shape in front, of Uic
school grounds for teams to ]>a-"
over, as at present the trustees c.*.ii
Milcrt-d 11 a menace to the childien
(0.have teams crossing the   ground'n
I,-i regard to this matter, Mia.\oi
Nicho'I.-ifJi stated that he had been
looking at the gtouiids, and was o
tl.o opinion that a -temporary roAil
o*ild t,e cut IhrouyJi for a" ve-rv
s.nall sum. This would allow "team.-*
tj g0 past. The sdiool without touch
ing the grounds a id until the stumping maclniKi aiiivid, which lie he
lie\cd would ilni-in about 3 weeks'
time, he iliounlit this the mast ad-
\i*5.i!le thing* to* -do. Somcthin;
wo'ihl .ha\e to hc done at ones, as
now  that   lhc Council were notilied,
rip  really  cou*,nmnc-,d  at  Ka���iloops,l m0M07��*s"i;u^ for my ac-
'   t'ui I
for he covered the Nicola coi-ntiy be-   t,lJl(i hc thoUKlll,  lho owuec  was  thc I��ni-in  wmen iniKht occur
lu all     ine   proper person  to  notifv,  and  n***tt the
ueaily   1,000   lcnaJltS-
Mayor Nicholson explained that
the tenants -were tlu*- proper ones to
���C no-tilicd and they in turn could mot
ify tlieir landlor-d, and if thc latter
did not attend to th." matter, it
wi^ultl 1-e up (o them to cfuit the
Aid.  Pattcrst-i-H's    motion    carried,
Objects to Pound
There was a count out at. theeit>
hall last owning owing to iherc
���not being a sufficient number ol
Aldermen turning up to form a
Miss. Olivia Dahl and Miss. ("Sinn
Smith, t'lve two talented ^artists, who
so entranced a S'anaiiiio audience
Willi a display of their musical ability a short time ago, will appear
again in this cily. somel iine a-
round   Lhe    L'Oth   of. Jji'ic.
The local Orange Lodge have made
arrangemenls for. an c-xcni-sion train
In mn from this city to Victoria
in connoction with.the. Grand Orang-fll
(���elebralion, which takes |dace in
Victo'-in on July "121b.��� The farb'
for for the round trip; will be-
adiilts $1.50, Children under 3 2
years  of    age 7~>  cenls.
l.asl evening on the I-'ive. Acres,
the Tar Flats defeated the Five
Acre Stomp pullers al. baseball by
Ihe score of JO-l.'l. The, battery
for the Tar Flats was Wilcox. Pcv-
lin. Thompson and Neon, while 'for
the  losers.  Lewis      and  Spencer done
fore teaching  Ashcroll
distance     dm on    was
miles  and  a  d.uly  average  nva.-le
:10 miles.
I'.ctwre-i heie, 158 calls were made
at all the houses on the road. At
llullinii' he had thc pleasure oi' being the guest of Mr: Iiobscn a cou-
I le of days ai.-d examining I lie gieat
Ol  Quctnel   Col.  Prior says    it.   is   an(,  lhjJ tenilJltl's  will l,e notiRed.
the pietiiesl lownsite on  tlio    mainland-
VV'iivjdum an-l La Fontaine viere visited ou the way to Ilarl-erv.illn and
at t,he latter mine ho had the. privilege ol seeing the under ground workings.
At Hart em lie Mr. Prior met
many of his old time artjfuainlances
and friends^imonpjs-t. them S. A. Rogers, pY-i.M.P.P., who, with John Po-
meroy acted as grii'dcs to the various mines, lie called on Goo. Cowan, onc-e a well known figure on
the stiects K-f Victoria whwi he rep-
u seated Cariboo in the let-iislalnre,
hut lor some years confmol to a
chair. -V
of   Hi
well  a  copy  is  pioinisoil  (he  Journal
lor ropniluctioii. I
Some of fie i.inclies mentioned hy
Mr. Prior as appearing especially attractive  to him,  were the Middle-tori, >
rholioiaph   was   obtained
s --    '
h n.Tis   --.nd   ii   it  turns     out.
U'cC.sler, Mofl'.it, . Yorsloii, Ililkoni,
and  Shepherd.,
Tim Chilcoltfii grazing grounds were
a I'l'Vif-l^uti'tMi to him.- He was at-'R-is-?
l-.y Creek during the races, an-'l it's
hi.s op-iiiion overy cuie else living
within   Hit)-miles   was  there also.
Space forbids ;l re fo none* to other
place-s and ranches \;4.interest that
attracted Air. Prior's attention and
of  which  he spoke  iir glowing-Terms.
New York, June 4 .���('has. F. W.
Fnhatii. lb.- former General Pu.sseu-
ger ng-ent of .tlie Canadian Pacific
l-lailw'ay Goinpany af Chicago-, tor
day was disc ha'-god from custody after having' heen a  prisoner      for sev-
1 Mr, .1. J. McCaiter wrote stat-
in;*- that at the pict.ent time Ihete
are a number of dogs contjnod -in the
pound, and as it is in close proximity to his dwelling, he took ob'jec-
fion to the noise made by the animals especially at night as they
kept up a continual howl all night,
lie asked that the council take
steps    lo abate the nuisance.
Aid. Patterson thought that Mr.
IvfcCailer was right in his objection, .anl that tlie pound was cert'Tnin*
ly a nuisance when in the city
limits. He thought- it would
he a good idea if it could be
done away with altogether. Let every man come down and buy his dog
tax, or else let him be brought up
in t.he police couri and fined. In
this way it would .do away w-it.li; services of a pound-keeper, and if a mam
did not want to pay his dog .taxes,
he would be obliged to kill his dog
Several other aldermen thought
that something should be'done, and
it was finally moved tJiet the streets
committee', endeavor to find some
quarters for the dogs where thoy
would i,e away from all private-' residences and be a nuisance to no one.
The  motion  carried.
,i    -���->   --	
"Icideiit  which
Aid' Pi en lihomght that, the tiu.s
tecs s?enied m a great -hurry fo
ihis- road all -J. once. It, ssemed to
him that they were acting some
thing like Mil*. Gould���involving the
cily rn unnecessary expense. He
ihoiiight they understood that the
city intends to clear a toad as soon
as the stunipiiin machine is available-
and until such a time he said the
matter slioufd have been allowed to
lay o\er. The grounds had been
iise-l as a road for years, and surely t.we> or three weeks longer would
iiia'-e no difference. However, aftei
some fui ther discu* sioii, it was decided to lcate the matter in th:
lumls of the street commit nee to
look into, and if a temporary road
c-oul-d -1-e cut al small expense, Uiev
should have same doiie.
In connection with- this matter the
street committee this meiining stalled a -gang of seven men at work ou
the proposed road, and it will shoil-
ly he   in shape for  use.
mended by the writer of the letter.
There were ma*n,y places in the cily
where coal-oil tins were nr vogue,
and they were as clean as it is pos-
sil.le to keep any place. Aid. Spei'fo
had interviewed the1 scavcngei, anl
the latter had stated that he much
preferred cams, as tJiey were much
rasier lo handle and weie not a,-,
filthy as the proposed buckets. The
health inspector was also of the .],-
inion thai cans were all right if ���
ihey were loo,-icd after at all.   ���
Mayor Nicholsrn   replied that    according  lo the   ' city  by-law,   people >
were obliged  to lu^e proper |jucl;eis,
arrd he did not see the use of   a bylaw iiiilif-ss it was ten forced'Of course
Ihcie were some     people who  . k.;pt
their  closets   in good condition,   bin
en the other  ha-nul   there were people  '
who took  no care ���whatever of then.,''
and tihe  i<k>a, of, having buckets    \\\~j
.��-L\lleiil   wa.s   to  have; the closets   .ij":
oir  a      tm-iform   plan,  and the     .*ily  *
^v0iild,   in   I-his  case know  ihat, c.-ch'*
closet had a -proper   bucket  aisL;,* e-C
���one that would  not lie ovcr.'bwmg
into  an   ailevvvav  as  was  the   case,
in  nraJiy  places  at  present.    Je \w.\...
also had  people after     him     Jmi-!^
ihe matter,  but   they  loo-c .,n  o|<-po-;'|
siiie  view  from   Aid.   Spence.     -   ���
Aid, Spence .thoiiightthat if the .''...'-./-J
law was   lo  be.unforced,    '.  .vo'ii.l bt*-.
no ni��*"jre  than -light   that  lhc    b'vv'^j
which     applies   to   the  situation ��� of'-*-'
Hbsehs be'also ciforccd.    If his'mehr.-
ory served him   right, he believed the~.;*-|
law   in     this   rcsject   read   liliat    AW
closets   must   be at   least  three    fed--"
fii.in an alleyway, with a, hoard fence
ibelwren   .s.in'c and  alleyway.    If on*? A\
law   was   enfoico'l,   it   was   no   move.;'
than right that the ��%her should .*-.*i.i;M
he   thought  thccie   th'ngs were    .-oil..-/."
lo  mate  a  whole  lot   of tumble -.nil';-
evpensc. ���'���
Aid.   Viahiiic  took  the  view of   Ald-
SptMee      1 I<e thought that it, was no" *
n ore    than     right      that lhc people,'
s-Vuld   be forced  to  keep  I hair places , |
clean, huMlhat   it was not necessary
for   tlu'in  to   i'lislall  buc"'-*et**   In  fact,
he thought the proposed buckets wero
the filthier of  the -two.
The Mayor re-plied that it was for
ilie council to .decide what action
lo lake after Cnislnble Callander"'|
had submitted his icpoit. He would
have a list of all the places in bad
condition, and would siMjmit same lo \
Aid S]>eiice stated that he had *��ti-
deistood that Mr. Car lander had oi-
deied people to have buckets imslalied at once, and in .xmie cases -the
scavenger had  removed tin- cans   the
re Taxing Water Works
Hav.or   iVk'ho'lson   had   rcceive/I     a
communication    from Mr.   J.    Denis,   same night.
assistant to the 2nd vice president ofl Ids Worship replied that no such
tie I']. ��V N., lvferting to the ta.xa- *.:rdeis had lecn gi\en lo hi.s know-
tiou of the company's hydrants m jLdg-c, That is, three weeks' notico
the city. The writer stated that it had been given in each case.
bad always -been understood that the Aid. Patterson was of the opinion
company w*e-re exempt, from taxation of Aid., Malohe land Spence.
and -in return the city was charjged
nothing for-the use of the company's-
hydrants. This, in the opinion of
the council, s-oenicd a very good arrangement for both sides,, and the
matter was laid over for one week
for consideration.
Mr. Macklin Writes
Aid Spence Objects
He 'thought', there: should he somn
way of punis-hiiig those who did not,
keep their places in a sanitary condition, but at the same time tli-l
not think, people who were lookiii:*;
alter theirs properly should suffer o-i
account of the others.
Alter some further discussion tli.-j
mat ter was -dropped' f "wi th the u n de i
standing that Cons'tafde C'allanilc.:
will make av report after having
The    correspondence    havijng     been
dealt with,  Aid. Spence,^vuider     the
head  of new business, said\thai*     ho
Mr.   IL Macklin,   local manager for | understood   that. Constaihle. Callander
Messrs. Simon -Leiser &.  Co., addres-   had' received  orders to go   arcHiid to
|sed  tbe foUowing  letter to the conn-   all  the  houses in  the city  and order
!(.jP the tenants--to at once install closet
To the .Municipal Council, Ladysmith.   boxes,   with lead around the   outside p
j}    c. ' etc.,   instead   of coal-oil   tins.   In the-  adtho-rizc..the  city  clerk  to write  to
GentleJuen���-As it is p-rol.pAlo with- '   speaker's  opinion  this  was   all    non- Col.  Tr,tc>y,   Vane ,uvcr   in order  t..,.
in a     short   while  that  the.'   Public'   sense.     He  had ,been complained   to ascertain    it   that-   gentleman    wot.hi
attention a.U   t-V manv t,l'l't  lla5'- and 'he couhl not   *"e  ablc   l'�� come oVcr  ta  L-ulysmUl1
lb..- battery work.     The return gnirid era*  .weeks   on   a.  charge   of   forger-
cans   for  help.
"    Seven conclv loads of Americans ar-. wilt   take   place   tonight   on      Peveril
rived   from   Cananea       Sunday   nfl-er-^ Stpiar.*.
noon 'nnd' they   have   left     for   their, �����
homes'   in   California.     Ari'/.otui    and       Spring-field,   111..  June   1.���About 110
Texas. It.  is t-hought tho .smelting   00,0 coal   miner.s. who   have    been    on
works   will   be   heavily    handicapped   strike   for the  past  two months    ro-
becau'se  of, so many    Americaus leav-   sumeel   worth throughout      the state
ing. today:
No sooner was he'freed today than
he was again arrested at Ihe instance   of   I'he    Chicago   polici
t.o    an-
His  WoUship   introduced   the    cpies.
tion or electric lights.       He   stated I
that be had taVen it upon himself to
���find I
IMarket place will receive ���......,     ... ...
vour    hands,     ami as   .-Mr   compn.iv \ understand why such orders had -feed   if  the council  sent  for lum   to
owns   certain  property  now occupied 's^'en.    Referring to  a  recent   letter . out the  quantity  of  water   availablej
hv  Mr.  lluesell    Simpson,  which,   if   *n The  Lodger from ..
Mr.   Spence    said    that because  Mr.   n0 reply has been received from toi.|
utilized  for   the purpose,   would make
an  easy and  convenient entrance     to j Wilson had insertwl the letter he saw   Tracey.
writing  of that letl-eJ",l
the   Murlfct   Srfuare  from   the     Wisl- 'no reason why the  council should do Since    the
]lore.   as tlhat gontleiiian  said.     Just     be- Mr.. 'Nicholson  had   .been  intenlewtj
sv.-er   sis-   iodic! men..s    recently  found   wHfll.    S!(^ni t, |an   offer,   that shoml-d ' cause  a   few  ]K*oplc  in  the .city   kept by "n  Rontleman  representing^a^ largt
a."aii..s-(   him. chnnyin*?   tho    larc.ency   yolir  hoiioraSile    .borfy desire to    ac-    their closets in a filthy condition he .company ol     -Monttc-al,  witb .Mam*
oTsGO.OOO belon-ring   to the  Cannd-^re  tiiisp  ropertv  for  thte purpose     saw no Toasori for putting all there- offices in  Vancouver,
ian Pacific Hailwav.    He wil be tak-we will     dispoCe of    same, -together   , sidenfts   to an  unnecessary expense, i.
en to'chicnjTO                                '       ""'"i1* the building thereon for the sum     e., purchasing new buskets as.reoom-
An  account 61
(Continued on Page Four.) -  i ' I  f  DU!.V       l.KDiJHl:  "IjtK DAILY LFDGfR  ,*"���������*���������''''���������'���������imi.' ������������rri   rtav n.j-pi   Svaday.  K\  THE  DAll."^ LEDCEH  "���������'      r       .      COMPLY  ^KFICE   AT LAD\ SMITH  fc5CIBSCRlPTI0N       $5.00   a   Year  , ,-507cunts per month delivered.  ,    TDESDAY June 5,   1900  >      ' FAME'S   PATHWAY  "Mark Twain    is    fond of collecting  (WKt-^obituaiy     poetry,   ajnl  has     a  . ^"scraifop^k,. 'which    he    is extramely  ���������'   proud ofr containing 3,000 .specimens'  '���������k  lir'.^Jaines" Gale,   the blind     scien-  . 'tist,������_is neanng  the    completion     of  ~'^?'���������xd- y<wr' BoirT* at t'laUlnee, ne,u  -     -Plyhionth,   England,     he eailv devd-  ^opert a taste for sciuice, i,ul (lt     n  lusysiRht   began   to   fail,   and   at    17  ;  he was t&allv blind  HOW THE LOST  v- GIRLS REACHED  1S0UTH WELLINGION  ���������yMfrjSi* of a**"*,*  '''mhiii;*'  /WAYS'  Xanaimo,  I! (.'  -v������r .pribiishffi  ,< ') Tko   ICernljl   on  ', ^ Stephon-son  - '~ --   -., t  ������n *'.StitKln\  ^"whore ih<-  June ,1 ���������  in    I hi    < iiliunns   of  Sun l.u       f'onst.ihlc  in.l    Ti ,i\, lo, (I   u.-iil     nut  n in n uc      io    ,|- .      ^ ,,  rcni.nn-.    o     th,   |J(Hj( s   f���������  The "Sunshine" furnace and  " sunny " ways are  synonymous,  The cold, dreary winter days can  be made cheery and warm with a pure,  healthful heat ii* you have a " Sunshine " furnace.  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'   ">"  'l\ *}������A%, 0i   dfctein,ning   il   possible  V'^IVtaken bi the hU,c lot,5 f'om  '-U"-H^'?SP������i- vvherc *l������ey wore last seen  vT *$>*$ Engineer ol I lie K & X tiain  -"   to^heaPl������ce   whore   -Jn*n*  lnilr*    bod-  <*> ies���������' viere' found  -,,' vv-t?rj * thorough investtg-ation "bolli  .p������ll8tab,0s Stejihenson   and   Trnwioid  The Ladysmith Hardware Co,, Sole Agents  to  Lho  point  vheiu t houses  Ltossctl  La   t-hc    wagon    vould   ha\<  have' come to  ilm  *'t������t\ leaving   the  th?';children   got   dovin   onto   Uic  Soutfafield  conclusion tbaL  'E ..<. X uack,  old  ... ,, -- - Hack, followed it .-lions  past-, the old chimney, 11 ossed tbo  broken down  bridge   w-huh  -spans   the  'outlet of the big swamp,'and tliinb-  - --v (���������-  .   ed-.up, the  bank    onto  ibe    E  &   X-  '    *     u  j,   track ? again.  *' -They,--evidently thon lollow od tho  *-'E.t fi������ 3T* ,   tta-\elling  in the  direction  , pf   South   Wellington,   nmil   they    ai-  * * rived'jat  the   ol'd .side   ttack,    which  ?    Jn-fprmer years was used b} rho Wel-  '-' lington   Colher\    Companv    in   shipp-  j.'1'. Fis j.^' *  1 ijSg > coal, from  their nunc at  Alexan-  ��������� liHjfc,rj'Jfn following Ibis old  i^ilio-ad  b������d^the  Jones  child    evidently   Ibou-  .Sfhf^she - wns   on  tbo  old   Xoithdel'id  track,   following    up  tho    same   idea  * that .had struck hei   when she   led huf  ,   companion    along   the   old       Sciuh-  - field, track.  "' *n.After following along     the     South  until   ihe.\   came  the    tiack  toad   leading    to   IvMeusiun Upon  an i\ ing ut Llus poinL il seems c\ i-  cli-nt that the eldej ot the lit tic  tots mistook this load ioi the  Cumox Koad winch clones Lhe old  Xoithliold uack and consccpu nLK  stalled to lollow the- load espi'ii-  ing soonci   oi   late   to  i cMclihomc-  Following ibis toad loi a dit.la.iue  ot pel haps ball a mile, and icacli-  mg ele\atecl ground it so-c-ms leasiblo  that the little tots stopped to test,  and iium tlii'ti ele\ati*d pcj-jiUou  could plainly see to thou left and  s'lig-hLl^ behind ihom Beck s lake, an.l  Lhe lestdancc-s oi youtli Wellmgluii  ,i   shot I   distant e   be\oiid  In Lhe mibtak'-u idea that Beck s  Lake was the Xoilhficld swamp,  and thai the houses si-en at South  uellmg-lon weie those oi Xoitbticld,  Lhe two childien luit the load on  -o'hitli ilu-y l-i.ttd pi-i-viousl\ |ji>c*n fail lluig, and made in the ditcclion ol  ihe lake lollow ing down the old cow  tiail, until it blanched out into  seicial    small.t   and   indistinct   tiails  Jjown one ol 1 best- sniallci tiails  the   wciij    ones   iollowi-tl   until     ihe\  .Welling'ton side ttack, the c-hilclten c.*unu lace to iaie unh a ccdai  either took to thc������ tiail which tak-  es,"in-behind the old pit head, and  -crossing the swamp continues along  till-^i't' runs, into the Estension-  South Wellington wagon load, ot  else-they   kept   on   the   oldside track  ���������MinardJs  Liniment  Co ,  Ltd.  ' ���������- Gents.��������� 1 ha,ve   used   vour     MIX-,  ,ARD'S   LINIMEXT     in    my   lannlj  and*also  in    .my  stables  foi   ic.us,  ^and consider it the be&t  medicine   oib- '  ttunable.     Yours  trulv,  ALFRED ROCI-LVV.  Proprietor Ronton Pond  Hotel     and  Livery Stables  TRADE  MARK  ij  B\ ibis time no doub' daikiii"-& bad  began Lo set in and wak and  wcai*) nom then se\en mile nanip  the lilLle toLs s.U ilov n on the  damp giotuid to tesi and In ing  c-vhausted    mini   then tatleil     walk  soon   lell     into   a   slccft     Uoui     which  j ihe>   no\ei   awoke  I Hit- i onto as outlined above is ac-  cuidinglj lo lhe uidgeincnl oi lho  constables the one taken li\ the'  lost chiidti',1 Theie aie otheis hovv-  i-.i-i who believe thai the lit-  tle ones did not Uavel that wav  at all, bul atlei leavmu, the old  Soulhfield mine look to the bush  (giving as then i c.iion foi believing this the lac I ol senuln-ih finding an einptv tandv bag up in the  v oods above the Sout hfii-ld liail)  and I'avelled Ibioiigb it until thev  leached Richard-.(in ������������������ l{<>ad about  l^O vaids tlmtant rollowing (his  load   it   was an  ea--v   mallei   llu-v sav  In the first plaio they  o go light thiough  "Ilichaids'on's ymd, and in (he second  place on the dav the little tots were  lost membeis- of both the ltichard-  son and Ouellette families were engaged in dealing land right on the  load side and tl would be impossible  foi anv childien to pass that wa.\  wilhouL boing  seen    bv   some one   oi  lhe  pai i)  So taking' eveiv thing into considei ation jt seems ciident that the  lit tie       ones       look the   - route  as outlined bv Constables Stephen-  sou and'frawfoid which is the most  nutmal one thai Ihev would take  in following up then mistaken idea  thai (lii-v w-re on the tight tia< Ic lot)  home, a**- lb. old tailioad beds, wag  on toad ami lake c onespond so easily willi like places m tbe vicinity  of  Noilhfield  Yesteida. morning, All '.I ones,  lathei ol tbe eldest child and Mv  and Mi-, .1. Rogers, parents- of Utile (.'vi.'iiuie Rogers identilicd the ic-  niuuis oi the bodies lound near  Hecks lake as those or their little  ilultlicii, A.ui\ as it nppeais evident  that the ,iltl>- ones came to their  death b.\ exposure no inquest is  die-nod neces*-ai.v  'I'he temains ol the little ones will  be bin ted side bv side in the *-amc  caskei even as thev met ihen death  in cadi otheis embiace. and thus  will be closed an episode m thehis-  loiv oi X'anauno which lor the  m->s>leiv that hoieicd about it has  had no equal.  'lhc funeral .vill take place tomorrow afternoon from the residence of  in D . Rogers, X'orthfield, to the  N'ananno ceinelf-iv Friends and ac  qiiainl aim's aie i espccllull.v invited  to a Itend  4  t    - 1 \ \f-  T  ������������������  t  ������  ?      <  r i  I-  t  i-l      |*'.l    .III      11      I  I.I  "������ ...'IIP .     II,      (.,(      ll  .  .1    I 111    I,XI' -,-.!  Mibnts  V r-  1t  I't.  ,A.    J    VJ \3J\1T:  > <> *��������� ��������� ������������������ ? -i  SHIVES & B4TIIS  Having taken ������������vei the barber shop  known as tin Ladjsmith Shawng  Pallors, High St., 1 intend, by keep  ing competent workmen, to conduct  a first-class establishment, nnd ie-  spcctfully solicit- your patronage  THOMAS   LEWIS  HO'J'GL.   DOMINION  Time Tabic Xu. .1$  Kllcctiic Apul 2!;th,  HJOij. , '.     '  .ran..   i#������.������ e   i ..ij smith   tor   Wctoi t.i and   .ill   md m.Ldi.u'e siaiicus    a-  !) 10 a.m   dul., and at 3.00 p.m. oi>   '-tiediicsdavs,  S.ttuid.ivs,   and     Sun-  d i ���������, s. ,  'I rams   l.'-ave   '.adysniith  for  Wellington" and  all  intermediate station'  at   IK,?  am. daily, a~nd   at "7.00 p.m.   on    Wedncsdavs, Satuidavs   an-i  .Stindajs. ...������  Kxcu-sioii Tickets.  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YEHKES,,       ] -    * i']  -A.O.P.A., Seattle, Wash.,-  ^i^^iien^ (,;10x7^  ,j i ���������G/?I?'f.tA6i������Pk^Vi'c^>la,afi*.C*?'i  aaaaaaaWaaaaaamWaWaaaaaWama  Low Fxcursion  Rates  Round Trip  Tickets  On Sale Miiy 2-1, 25; 20.- *  To  To  Ji  Ji  Hew ben, Con.'.'SSMi  July 10 to 1:V  .        '">  11 Denver  ^  i  August  7, 8, !).  Milwaukee  Sept. 8, ft, 1ft.  Toronto  XL  $69,70  R  Is.  ..y_  June-l, C/7, 2V25.  "July* 2," 3, Aug;'.7, ,S, JL  TO ALL ,H 01 NO  ,   For particulais call Ion _ -or  wnte.E. 10. Blackwood^ Gcn-  -*eral Agent, Victoria,- B.C.-^  A.   D.  , Charlton,- A.Q.p.A.,  .      ���������-..   c N.P.,-PortlandvjQre.-  Lady smith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld   \  TELEPHONE 53  P.- 0. Box '12.  ���������..������.���������������.������������������">������������������������">'  iOllH*     pi.'l-i'Dll  ���������Hlt.n  di' the  farm   3������le*.by.Ladysmith  Pliarniacy.  Ask for  , BfT^S^^'SV. ������  *  i  i  4  t  WM.  MUNSIE,  Piesident    J. W.  COI1URN, Managing Director.  Tclcphane -L-b. ^  ' W  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  \tx*m  MILLS   AT   FIDUICK   AND   LADYSMITH-"     -   ���������������  Shingles -������i ������peiei-olty  MANUFACTURER'S OF   Houjfli Mini Drossed Fir and Cedar lumbers  LATHS, "SUINCSLES,   MOULDINGS,    .ETC,     of    the "BEST  QUALITY'SEASONED.      AND   DRIED     FLOOItlNOS      ANI)  'FINISHING!   LUMBER IN   STOCK  k.^^������. ���������*���������������������������������-������.--������.���������-������.-%.-������.<  NURSICS -0REEN-'   2h  HOUSES   , ,k������ ^^  8110": -Veituinster Hoad,  ^2 viLfifbouvEaJ  ** i   * *  ���������  Headauarters for-  PACIFIC GROWN Garden.' ifelA  _ and flower, SEEDS ,-  lotdistrlbutlon. ;  Large stock of Home(.  -.Grown FRUIT and QRr  NAMENTAL TREES'  noV naaturcd for Spring.  No expense, loss or deV  lay of lumlgation or inspection , ,  - I^et me price your list,  before placing your or- I  der. -areennotise Plants, J  Floral Packages, Fertilizers   etc.  3010  Weitmiiister Road  VANCOUVER, B. C  r������*  c ^v  Are You  doing East  Then be iure yomr tickets "rea*   iia  FOR THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN  WALLPAPERS  The oniy line new making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with thc  through trains from the Pacifk  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TP  FINEST TRAINS,  THE  LOWES"  RATES, THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHV  CAGO,    OMAHA,"   KANSAS CI1 \  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y<  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  >f������i  ill) 2nd Ave.. Seattlt.  , . Hca ere In . ,..  PianoS ^nd  i     THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  UNDEE  ���������(.������������������  {!?������'"? yr^Ianiif-tetured hy  J. LECKIE Co  VANCOUVER, B. C  lhe Cream of Scotch Whiskies  PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OP COPPER. OOLI) AND  SILVER ORES.  .'Smelting Worka at  LADYSivIITH,   B. C.  *r  4*  v  +  **!���������  "*  *  4*  tall on  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B, G.  .'-CLERMONT UVi������  General Manager, T  i ;M..J..!..[..^..^.l..I..^.I..^-^���������^���������l-^���������^���������I'���������T-T"I���������'^*^*^-^.^  Wdnse" Paiirtin? Cspiecially  PaDer of all Styles   at a  Bio Reduction  in order  tr  Organs..  l^adysnilth, B.C  Under New Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R.|McKinneI  Proprietor,    -   ~  Commercial  Mens1  head ������������������������;-,vtcra.  Modern and     Strictly FirGt Clais,  Fire Proof    rUiildiij*-.  ���������:.u..y.  Sole   Agents for B.   C.  Smith's  Resturant and lodging Rooms  ���������HAS'BEEN   REMOVED. TO-  -First    Aveuue*=  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHANGING  Neatly ani) Artistically Done       ��������������������������� -     ��������� ���������  0rders Promptly-^-Executed  S ROEDDING .------   LADYSMITH  i.- ���������>    ���������  _" _=*!_*.���������  M. R. SUHPSOft  iL  4 -. '  t.  3ot1t*Uer.   KU.  Money   ta    loan  LADYSMITH TEiMPLE, No. 5.-  Kathbone Sisters, meels in the Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and 1th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS. KATK TATE,  M   of R. <fc C.  ^  -Jf.ll.MS  '.,/*. MAfcK'  J'  a*-**** a ittsk'a -a h^     oeiaincd  ?#2SfiSL i  '.~s''VIC������ .'.i 10 f-ATCNr'.SIi.ITY  |> -Ncti' e in " JnveutUt. -"-ri^"  | Boot "IIqw tooblmn l* ilents"  Charges moderate >"<* fes till patent ia "st-ruie i  Letters btnctly confideuti.il.    Ad<3r..**<j.  E. G. SIC-GERS. Patent U*'er, Wasl-lrgton, D. C  ���������^.^������������������������������������������������������-hu.-s^^^'  s  &y  St������/>  1  OUGHT TO UNITE  TO STOP ANARGtiY  Dr. Dier can he found at any tlmi  at his oflicp on Gatacre st. His dm  tal work is giaranteed Ui he fir-.*  rliss and rates reasonable it  iy  Express Work  LIGHT TKAMING  , Wood and Baric for Sale  SEK J -KEMP. OR LEAVE ORDERS WITH I  ' I  i  1    I  I I '  Kind  of  Job  <>  ���������*>  !*  t r  r  i r  I'lRST.AVtM'E  - W., CARTER^  PHONE     6-0  NOTICE  I ADYSMIfU   WATE* WORKS  the oflice     on Uobprts   Street  ai  and the 25th of each nci.lh  Consumers are requested to call at  lay Water     Rates, between the 10th  Office Roars I P. H/4.30 '  I. I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT  *.������..������..>���������������������������������.������ ���������������������������������������������������������  **w������������  ^���������^"���������..���������^������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������^.������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������^"���������.������������������~*>.**.^*  ).  First Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD   and   BARK '  For Sale and  Delivered  T*  EXPRESS WORK  Done Promptly and  WELL  o  t'hi.ayo, .June J.���������Client ml uie*-1  is mamU'sted m ihe ���������"an^os* ion iu<ids'  oy Amliew J> White, loimer Ainbas  sadoi to Jtussui, that the nations  ol lho woild Miould (.o-opeiatij lo  effect the suppiiis'.ion Ol unai'cln  Mr. While belli "-cs it is lime* to stoj)  the iiuirclcioiis attacks oi" irresponsible t-reatuies who-,0 woik is becoming so common, and who have killed so maiij oi the ablest men in the  L'nited   Stales and  Km ope  IJe thinks tbe police depai tinents  in America and I-'urope should be em  powered by lhc nations to \\oik together to Uaik the bomb tin owing  ynaiehists-to their bins anil bung  litem to  (jiiuck justice  "Tato our own count ty" be said,  ' thiee oi our Presidents ha\e lallen  by  lho  bands  oi   these  men They  were   splendid      upright,   able   PreSi-  dAM (s  ' Thoro was no reason for ibeii as-  cassinutions Jn Lutopc niiiin cfood  lnen hu'w heen \ Minis of lhe iiitb-  less cia/e to 1-ill somebody The ten-  (!ciu-.\ appeals to be mil-easing The  leeent alini" in Spain calls-- om ntt-  f nt ion   \i\idlv   to  tbo   mutter  "If wo  .in- lo iu'lie\ ���������   icpoits    LhiMV  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  i ������.^^������..>.^..������.i������..������.^.���������������..������..������.<������^.^~������..������..������.^..������..������.,������..������..>..������..������..������.^"i  H  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOi  At  uiuiake to sa.v just bow 'these powers eoultl bo put lo wulk, but it  would not be a difficult matte-i to  ai rang**. i Every banUoi ananliibts  should bt>.'kept undei vbe closest  watch so that all their moveinenU  back and lorth acioss the oitan  wyii)d be*; known  Tbe .terrible evil ol anarchy, will  ba\-*o to be put dojui with an lion  hand foi   society   to be sate. '  "Not onl���������\  should tn.-te   be a union  oi   the mations   m   the   matter,,     but  law si should bo enacted for the swiftest   anel   se������ crest     lamishment.    Thc  . *  people'must be educated to consider  anarchists as the ��������� deadly enemies  oi ."���������cad v  "L repaid the ca.be of tho Chicago  anarchist*, in, the best handled caw  on record, nil things considered.--Tiu*  punishment meted out was not 'ffwift  but it was imie-lentinft', and its -elicit has continued to this day. Thc  annri hisls weie awed and conc>jiiered  Vmilhei excellent instance was tbe  wa,\ the assassin oi Mcffinley was  bioughl     to   iiistico ,  ' I do nol mean that 1 would condone Ivrjuin, ami oppression Some  times the ilauni in-j; ol wealth - has  tended       io   ma e  anarchistic;    senti-  GErS ONE YEAR  ; FOR ������TA������BING  " 3 \  X.naiino,   June  *!.���������  -Mich.iel Ifarvev, chained with ������iab  'bi.ji. Petii .VTcUfrinol. 1'atnck ^1'--  Inlvie, l'bos .ShrenJei a*cl .1 f-Tirit  /ei, chaiged with creating; a dis.-  Itii banco on the publn slieet iii\  Suluiday mormiig last, came up loi  trial yesterday ailernoon beioie l'o-  lic n" Magistrate: \ arw oiHl  C 4>  TltE  ft  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT  SHORT  NOTICE.  SHARPENED BY US     ALWAYS    GIVE SATISFACTION.  .���������- PICKS HANDLED A  ND REPAIRED���������-  DRILLi  ���������S H I P S M I T H I N G    IN   , ILL .ITS kBRANC Ilf->^  Horseshoers and Genera' Blacksmitns,   -  ,,;.  R. WRIGHT  -    -      -   Ladysmith, R >L  Buller Street   -  ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  LEDGER  Office  I  1st Avenue  aie   secret   ic-laLioiis  between   the  an  aiehists  oi   Km ope and   Vmeiun     To   ment  deal   with   the     anaicbists   prope'-ly. , ha\e   great   men  there   must   be   simita  (ween  the* police, department-,  of  Am   influenced   l>5   toat'hniffs  ait    in   bow      many   instances,  been  saci diced     by  relations   be-jibe r; icspoiisible annichi'-ts who were  '   " that      had  orLca and  l-'uiopc-     1   would   not tin- no  reason, or  iiistico in them'1  PALACE HOTEL  TO BE REBUILT  Will be Delivered on  Mondays, ��������� Wednesdays.  F/idays and Saturdays  Ordeis must be in by  eleven o'clock o:i  day  of  Deliieiy,  'I J -  Union  Brewing  . Limited  NANAIMO    B. C.  - o  ������EHEKAl' hXPRESS AND  'DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY Dl>' '���������  Leave orders ������t tbe Abbotsford,  DFiR.B. Diei  Surje^n Dentist  All  work (i>       'cod, and at reasc  iti'-'r  ratei.  RESir" 'N'.'K   AND OFFICE  Gatacre S?. Ladysmith  ���������OP1BN      *'   A'.J   HfiCiRfl  H1LBERT  izxzzr^-*^  .UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDER   Oh  DRUIDS  : -I Wellington  Giove  No. 4.  U.  A.  0.  i  Afeets   in the r  0   0 .F. Mail,  l.i-  :    dysmith,    tlie   Second   and     J.-'ourli.  .Wednesdays of o.it-h rnohtli, commer.:  ug ffednkday,  13th..  1.005.  Visiting Druids     arc ir.vitcd  tr--u  ttud.  Bv Order.  ���������"���������.-',,.-\VM. RAFT;ER, Reef Ser*-  PATRICK lUIF.K, N'.   A  NQTICF  From     'this . date'the undersigned,  will  not be .responsible for  any  In  debtedness'    incurred except on      ������  ,*wrltten orher signed by the secretarv  Rowland  Maehin.  V.. f.  HXPLORATfON & nEVFJ  OPMRNT CO., LTD.  Non Personal LiablUty.  .Victoria, B. 0., May 18th, '������0I.  J. PIERCY & GO.  Mamifactuiers 01 ���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ���������������������������- ';''������������������ ETC,  WHOLESALE aRY GOODS .  VICTORIA, B. C.  EXCELLENT  mm.  'Rft^L-r  BETWCCN  chicago,london,  Hamilton; Toronto,  montbeal. quebec,  portland, boston,  And the Pilnclpal lluslncas CcnterB of,  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  . _      ^_       _..__..   A >���������_!������������������      UKMU        A*U*K    j*'  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW-YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FA118.  ror Time Tnhlcs, etc, a.ldreas  ' GEO. W. VAUX,  A6-)lswiit C.en'l rusai-uger nnd 'I'lcket Agent,  ,13S.AD������MO' ST.. CHICAGO, ILL. '  IMClGftRFAC'OR^  Mac lifactu r er s of the Fa in o u a  . CUBAN BLOSS')T  Noae bn   Union lyfibor    ICuiployjii  n. J.   BOOTH, Prop  ladysmith bakery  CHOICE    CAKES     AND'' PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding ' Oai.es   -tfade   to. Onlor  PHUITS   AND    CANDIES  OF  ALL  KINDS.    fUESH   BR EAD EV  ERY   DAY  Prices    are  '/Very'.Reasonable.  Customers aro Treated. A like-  HOP  LEE i; CO.  ON THE   fiSPLANADE.  All  Synopsis ol Canadian Homestead  Regulations  Any available Dotnin.oii l^ands  within the Railway ISelt in British  Columbia, may be liomcstoaded __ by  any peison who is the sole head of  a family, or any male om cghleen  j ears of age, to the extent of one-  quartCL section of ll>0 acies, mote  or less.  Entry must be made peisonally at  the local land"'.ollice.-'Ior the district  in which the land is  situate, ���������  The homesteader ��������� is required to per-{  form  the conditions connected therewith    under   one    of the    following  plans:  (1) At least six   months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land     in  each year for  three years.  I    (2) If *bhe'faU������er, (or...mother, if the  ' lather is deceased), of the honiestead-  er resides upon a farm in  thc vicinity of  the land entered for,  the    requirements   as to residence may     be  satisfied by such person residing with  the father or mother.  (3) If the settler" has his permanent residence upon farming land owned; by him in the vicinity oi hishoms  stead, the xe-r'uirements as to residence may ho satisfied by residi*������*.ci-  upon the said land.  Six   monthe'   notice     in     writ!..-,  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to. apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be adtpu'red by one individual or. company- Royalty at  rate of ten cents per ton of  pounds shall be collected  gross output. ,  W.   W.   CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of Interior  San "Francisco, June 'i ���������The Palace hotel is. to be lobmU on ihe old  site. "Thousands of Utlod and untitled globe trottrrs who were guests  at lhe big camvansaiy during the  last thirty-live years, together ^vith.  Kan Francisco's 400,000 people, will  be glad to hear that tbo Unions  tourt of thq hotel is to be lepiodu-  (cd, along with its spacious ton i-  ���������'doi-i, irs uii~'ivnled gull and its un-  itljio artistic and coslls holi-1 olliut*  1 lie new .structuic is to tost s#3,~00'  000 and be earthi-nake piooi and iue  proof in evc.v   ic-spcci. ]  j Alter a conlorencc labtingl live bouri  yesterday and endm-i at o p in , the  Sharon JCst.itc, own.-rs and .duectoi's  icaihed   Hint   unpen tnbt   dot ision  Those presi-ni at ibi* lonieientc  were  Cnilc-d Siatr-s Sen.iloi Fianti-. t!  Xewlands oi Nevada, Fied Sharon  di J'nns, Barnsiei Wriglrl oi London, lhe log-.il adviser (n J.aih Ib-s-  ket'Ji, lhe bit lei's son Col .1 0  Kirkpalnck. William !���������" Hen in and  Judge F   V   Alien  The new stiuctiue is to bo ten  M ones'and supplied with cveiylhing  thai   model n  hotel  expcils  can    siig-  ge-^t  Woik is to be i ommented immediately and pei mission will be asked  horn the cny nuthont ie*. loda.\ to  tear down the old walls and dear  a������aj  tho debt is  The history of the old Palace is  part of tbe rn������^t nupoi ttuvt sotial  political and linannal record of the  old Ran Francisco, and tbe new Tal-  aee is destined, m the opinion, of  oibeis besides its pioieitois, to  pla-\ an etpialU import ant pait m  a 1 the various activities ot tbe (G teat  San Francisco  Col J C Kukpatrick, is to be  lho niannft'er oi ttio new Palace tb������  same as -be was ol lho old, and bo  - tonuses the same doliahls it not  moie, in bis ioi (licoininn hospitable  Palnt-e  COT" OFF  EAST.  Kew York. .Itine -1.��������� Bertha Clachc  who plt-aded guilty to niansluughtet-  in the.first degree for lhe killing' oi  Enimil Cerdron was todrtj' sentenced to not less than two years and  two   months   and   not. more Hum -five  *������������������  years-'   imprisonment     by  .ludge Davis.     The.    inaximiiin. penalty    loi  crime   is  '20 years..     . ..   SPIES ABOARD  " BATTLESHIPS  New Yo-rh, .lum** *!,���������Roused  the cliseovei.*., it is said, that  .lapanese   i;o\eininenL  has   been  by  the  sec-  ui mi; nnpoitant iniormation as to  lhe eqiupnu-nt and jioisoiinel ol the  Lmli-d States nuvy ihioug-b- Japanese sii--.anis employed on United  Slates hai tic .hips, , Secictary Bon  apaite issued ordeis toda\ excluding all .Japanese uoni einplojmeni  in tbe na\> adoai oi .tshore Their  jilacos are lo bo -filled willi natise  born    Amenta ns,  ������lute oi   tolorecl-  One of tbe contributing cau&os ior  tbis unusual cuder is revealed in a  stoiy told by oiliccrs of tUc*S"orth  Atlantic sc)Uaclion iiow- anchored in  New    York   waters. ,  Less 'than a month ago a midshipman a .Japanese stew and was .lound  in.iking accuiate duiwings or lhe  iiinet section of one of the newest  t\ pe ol battleships Seaith of bis  pitsonal elietts distlosed the l'att  that he bad been working' 'se<-icll>  loi weeks on [dans oi tbe shi[>, and  was  a   lemai kahle  line elraitsman  The c.isi- wns icpoited at once to  the Xavj Dejiat tment as well as sun  llai disco\on'es said io ha\e been  made   aL  the lbookl.ni   navy j'aid.  t'ommenting on thc older, Sui-  eon Geneial Takaki of the Japanese navj who recently arri\cd here  emoute irom ICuiopeto Tokyo, ie-  letted that suth discoveries , had  been made, but admitted iranklx  LhAlt the action of the Amf-i ican  authoi Hies  wa.s a ������!���������.<���������   one  _o���������  the  TO   PROTLCr M VCiARA  Washington,   June -l ���������The  bill foi  the  contiol    and   logulation      oi the  Niagara   H)\et   and   the   preservation  oi  Niagaia   Falls  was passed  by the  House     todav   undor    suspension t oi  '���������nles  IMIF. OAl'NTLET WIVS  Hamilton llciniuda, June 1 ���������The  sloop v A'acht (Jaunt lot fi om New  Yoik cidssod the finish line loda\  at. -1:S0 p.m. in tbe -ti50 inile vace.  started from New York tinder the  auspices of the Brooklyn Yacht:  Club. .       "       ������������������'  Canadian Visitors Defeated.  New York, June -I��������� Tbe Lacrosse  team of the Cresceot Athletic Club  c+ri'i-4i-1ecl the Canadian ten in fi;o"m  Ili-nntford. Ontario, today, six goals  lo  two". --,.,'.'  The thai g-o  agjtiast Ha.r*.ey wa.-> fust taken ��������� up  by thu couit 'i'he ,pi ison.-i was  m the option oi Jjeinpf tned  Magistrate Yaiwood, oi to wait  the ne.\t t*jim oi _ tbe .Vsii/c  court. liaivr-*, elected trial at onto  ,ind   Uie case  \yas  proceeded   with  Peter McDennot, the fuibt wiinCss  called, rcniembeied the night , of  Friday, June 1st. lie was drinking with piisoneis and thiee other  .shipmates riu didn't iviiieinbc;r any  thing about tbe iow onlv that be  had boi'ii stabbed bv --oin.: one lust  (,\. i    the  |u ai I  UicluioL Uai vuy dose the -.taljlbing  They hadi alwuys.,been the best oi  ti lends, hiul lu'en siupmaies loi 1 ho  past iota iears and never had . a  qimriel beiore Were all tlitnik on  (ne night oi lb.-tow and none oi"  them weie l.'snonsihle ior thou actions  Mi A 10 llilbert, sworn, 'stated  to tbe coutt that he saw the fig-ht  on Saturday morning ' McDernioi  appeared to be lighting thc whole  bunch Uaivej got up and walking up 'lo McDerinot struck lum" on  the body "* Witness remarked to  paity standing b\ He (riarvey) has  stuck a knno, into him (McDcrmot)  Aftei sinking .McT'orinot, prisonei  ran away up  Hast ion  Street  On, looking ovei at the fighters,  witiiess notit-eu HcDeimot holding  hi1 band over ins lieart,.,. and s-een  bloo.l iiinnin-i civor his band. Witness inn across io tbe wounded, man,  and helped cn,-r,<, -lniii into the Com  mental liotel wheie he wa9 attended  to by Docioih Davis and Drysdale"  Doctor   Da\ is   swoin     statvd   tbaf*  when   going'   home    early      Saturday*  j ^j|.  mornag,   Ins   attention   was  attract-,  '  "C  eti by a" number oi pet sons running  up Comnieifial stieet He followed  them and upon airiv-mg at the  comoi of Coniuieic, i.il and Daslion  S#i,eets noticed a man stnp|Mxl to  hi.s watsl, ljing llal on his back on  tbe sidewalk b,\ the Vondomo bott-1  Mr   llilbeit,   was  standing   o\ei him,  On i erognr'/in<> hnn (Di,. Jbivis.) Mi  Iltlbeit called,ceil thai, a man was  s,enonsl\ hint Witness went, over  and .found McDomini ,I.\mg down  wilh blood oozing fiom a wound  over tlie heai t He at onto oi'dei ed  the man taken into the Commercial  liotel, wheie Witness and Or Dr\s-  4ale made a������ examination. and  .lound McDennoi sttfienng' Horn a  putictuied wound cnei the region of  ike heatt, and j Miiall siiperlicial  bruise close   1>\   tho-cleepei   cut  The  wounds weie not s^onous how-.  e-\er    and on  examining   thein     Sunday    ������-itnes-=    lound   that   tne\      had  already  healed   up  Chief Ct-ossan and Constable Seen,  both sworn ga\c evidence as to being called early Saturday moinmg  on accDunl of the iow and how they  had lound McDcrmot in tho t'ommei-  rial bcin<> attended by doctors, and  also to finding the prisoner behind  Flirsr.-'s groceiy store  McTntyre, Schreider and Kint'/er,  shipmates all ��������� told the same storv  of the fincas The.i' wore all drunk  and wore not i esponsible for what  Ihe-^   done  Michael Hur\oy, (be prisonei, sw������m  stated to the court -that ho did not  !������collect n'������3ll������mg about cutting  McDeimol Wilnos-s    antl    icsl     of  the ciowcl was clrunk and got into  a    tow .toi,.ilo-,cau.sO; whatever.  Witness i-ot-o-g-i'iized knife shown, to.  bin by the court as his own. but.  did not remember using- it ,,n McDcrmot..  ',JMag*isira,l.,e- Yarwood . in g'iving bis  verdict said there .was no... rfiiestion  whatever, but that tbe prisoner was  guilty. The limit for such a������ offence*, was three years.. He had taken    into consideratian   the   fact   that  Lhe  men    wen*  good   friends,   and lb  culling   was simply 1h>*   result    of   n  d'tinJi-oii !������������',., Thi*,   knife \voila    ioi.-  imucd the .Magistrate, must   b<s stoj)  pid,   as   it   was   only   a, miracle   that  tho   pus, nor    had    nut     driven     the  Mine-   to  the heart   ol  AltDermoL and  ���������aused his death.     He would si-nlenca  lb * prisoner  to  one yeai   in  jail  Michael .McDormot,  the  in������u  stubb- '  giv-1,.,1 |jy Har\ev, atose from bis sea'  -)y and pleaded witii the magistiatc uu  c leniency on behalf of Harvey 'J h -\  had alwai.s been the best oi itieniis  and he was sine tbe cutting was by  no means intentional on tbe pan  ol the prisoner lie would not like  io see    hint,    .lfai\e.*i)  go to   iuiI  M< Dermot, Mt'Int.M-c, Kitn/ei and  iSihretfer nil pleaded guilty loiieat-  uii; a ilisi urbiiiK e on the stt.-ci aid  u.-te all fined MclVnnot, who aii-  J.eatc-d to he Ihe cnnse'ol the low'  was fined ������12, the two being lined  S-T each.   Kiusler go ing. n op.  Ml the fines being paid by the Cap  tjiin oi the Term Yiken, the pi ison-  ei s weie all set til li',otty with th,.  exception of llarve\ who will be  taken down to Yitloi'ia this moiii-  uit; to set vc   his 112 months' tenu  MuniiRn:   \xi> sficidp:  C'hiislojihci,      Ills,     Juno   -1 ��������� J1o\  V'Mth.   leluining    nom  a bug-gy ride  wilh Stella Dial last night, was shoi  I \. ice   t hi ough   the   head   and     killed  licuben   Slew ail    w'hile    m a fien-  whilo  j  7-s   o7   lonlouss StP-wnil   nlst   a t-  teinptecl   to  s^oot   the   rmiI,   but    she  (l.d      He then shot himself and died  m a half an hour  DAY  SCHOOL  U������iis"J   subjects   taught;  also      language**-  drawing  in  pencil  and-crayons, paint.ns  in  oils  and water-colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given  in classes or individually. *'r  U1SS  BERTRAM,  ladysmith.  B   O.                        ���������/,���������*?-"  zmmmaaWMam  thr  2,000  on   the  Leads Them    Al^  IN QUALITY'*"'  R. RRSTHET,  Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast  VICTORIA,' :-- :-:  Agency.  ���������   _; ���������-���������B.C.  PublSfe Notice  Attention is called to 'he   Tact that tht  Ogiivie Flour flills Co    Limited,  makers  of  ROYAL  HOUStlH.OLD'   FLOUR      hare for some "ilmt  past been producing flour in a   rastly  improved  ntu*  p������rln   '   ' *-*-rn.:'  by  the aid of ELECTRICITY  ������������������.ml   liaiviiig secured control  of    *H the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity o! advising   the  public  that   any   unauthorized users of .the electrical   flour purifying processes   will  '-p pro*.  ���������ecuted. "-*1"  .-���������-.:-.,.   -."'���������.  .  .      , ���������    ���������' M ���������'���������- ,:i--^-i'-;:,:i';-.;'.-���������;.���������. ?. -.",���������-���������      ������������������-.-    :W(*'  'bgilv'e Flonr Mills Company Xizni^od       v'v  are the only millers in Canada whoso    Fl .nr is  I parified by theE'aotpio Praoo-sg  loiders foi Steel   Rails and Fasten  ,   ings and  Railway Tics.  Se-ilod tendris, addiessexl to ui.  dtisigned ir.arKod on the enveiouc,  "iendeis for Sicel Rails,' " t'enae,**  lot Railway Ties,'1 VTeii'lers ioi  Space liars," "Tendeis for Boli.a J  i\ut&," "Tiandcrs foi Spikes, and  "Tenders Itr jSullncks" lespectivuly,  will be leceived al the office -..������ the  C omniiasloners of the TraiisconUnen  tal Railway at Ottawa, until 12  o'clock noon, of the 7lh day of  June, 11)01., ten sixty-fa e thousand (65,000 gn*s tons of eighty  ound (SO lb) si-eel rails, (opera heai th  ot* Bissenier, at the option of the  omnu&sioneis) and the nete&saiv  fafatcniiigs,, ,and for one million, flu-  luindttd and foity-fi\c thousand, (1,-  .115,0(0) l ail way ties, in stud rc-  eoulaucc with t-Iie spccificitions of  the comimssioneis  Tenders must lie imade on tl"-  Ecnns supplied by the Commissi wci-s  which, as well as tho specifications,  may be obtained on application \e  llunh D. Lumsden, Chief KnuinecL  Ottawa, Ont., oi to A. F Dou-  cct, District Kngmeei, Quebec, P Q.,  oi to A. E Hodgifis, District En-  gineei, Kenora, Ontario.  Full infoimation in regard to e'eh-  \crieB, ,qjLiantities for which tentleia  v ill be received, and also as to th'  other conditions on wluoh Lenders aie  maide, i^ gi\en on form or tendei A  sample of thc nutloeK lendcred on.  must accompany each tin,loi foi uut-  k,ci-s  Each ten-den must be signed and  sealed by all parties tp tho^tenilcr.  and ���������. witnessed, and -.be acconnpanicn  by an . accepted - cheque on a chartered, ba-nk. of the .Dominion of Canada" payable to the; Coiiuiiission.-r.s  of the Transcontinental Railway foi  a sum equal to ten p-er cent (10  per cent.) of tho Amount of thc lender.        '.-.-'������������������..'���������.      .'    ���������' "' ���������'  Chek.jiue������ deposited ^bj^partie-s whose  toiider-.-Ks.^xejocticd will-be rcl-urned  within '.teri'Vdays after'tlie signiuy ol  the contract.  '  The right is reservied to reject any  or all tenders.  By order,  P. E. RYAN, Secretary.  The Commissioners of  the Tninscon-  . tin-ental Railway.  Dated at Ottawa, ��������� ]VLay 19)  IllOfi.    ���������-''  ������1  THE VERY BEST REMEDY  FOR  DOWEL' TROUliLK,  Mr. M. F.  Burroughs, an old -and  well-known    resideurt     of     .Blufllott.  Intl., says:.   "1.regrird Chamli]ierlain,:,  Colic,   Cholera arid   Diarrhoea  Rernti  dy' as  the very best remedy  for bo-  ,vvel  trouble.     I  make this statement  laftc-r having' used  the. remedy in    ray  family for several years.     I am -.ever -.without it;."     This remedy is.a!-,  inos-t. sure to be needed  before    th*.  tfummer  is  owrf      WJiy     not     buy  it   now and   be   prepared   for    Sudan emergency?    For sale by     Ladysmith Pharmacy. THE DATXY1LEDGKR  IV.  Smith- fofos,  STOCKS  STOCKS  That's All!  NOTICE.  Mrs. A. L.    Haskins, will sell   Ice  Cream Irom  6 to 8  every     cvenm-.-,  \ ictoria Road,  about one  mile  out.  WANTED-GuI foi gtneral hoi.se-  woUc, foreigner preferred, wages,  3.18.00. Addiess, 1203 Xicola &t.,  Vancomer,   U.C., tii.  Smoke Bi"  13. Cigars  iou Can double your money by tiic  end of tlie year if you act immediately. Tins is no dead-^ura Unng -but  l* practically safe. iSee li. O. Brooks  Victoria Uescein,  Nananuo,  at once.  Local Items  Aliss  S. llorgan  r&tuiued* <tt   noon  .today   from a \isit down tlie   line.  S. S.   Vcntuie,     noilhwaul hound,  tailed   in  tins  poi L  to-d.iy  foi   uoal  In addition to the list oi ixu*i chants'  and busnich.'.. men .wiioic nameo appeared upon the list puihlisliud, in  winch ihey a^it-cd t,0 close their  places oi business on each Tiiui.i-.day  alternoon loi Uic next liuee months,  the two baibei -shops ha\������ agreed to  close, theu-ioie those accustomed t0  ,beiii{5 slmed on Thursday aueinoon,  are advised to \ is.it the Uar-heis dux-  ing' the forenoon.  AU. AI. Alatheson left on the morning train for Taeoma, where he will  remain  for a  few davs.  As will be seen in the J\ an anno  News Notes, on auotliei page, Air.  -M. Ingham, of this city, is to be  opt'iuted on tomonow in the .Naiui  mo liospnal, and his physicians have  hopes of mateiia'Ih improving his  condition. Mrs. Jiigham left Ladysmith w'sleiday, and will jeniiun  with liei husband until aflei (he- operation   is   performed.  "-Mrs. C. B. .McDonald ie tinned uoml  -Nuiiainio this morning, where she has  been visiting relatives.  II.  Kay lus a change of adu'rlisc-  inoit in  this  issue    which is of   m-  teiest   to    those intending to   paper  their houses.     Read  it.  The h.'se-Ull game schoilultid for  i'liursdav atleriioon between employees of lhc Extension mines ami men  who woik in the city, is cruising  considei a-hle eomm nt, and both sides  are suing out iui Uic Jong -.nil ni  the scoie.  if theie     is  no  cepted, would cli������ns,c nol lung foi Hie  preliminary woil* On the other  hand, if some other company put in  a lower tender .uid weie accepted,  the fiist company would evpect payment for the survt-v woik done, an  estimated cost of which would at  the commencement hc given to the  council. '  Tins w/is tliijuight to iUe a .very fair  p-.opositio.il by the council, but Aid.  Spence brought up another question  which it was decided to settle fust.  He staled thai he had been inform-  ������1 that tin- Chemainus Lumber Company have the legal rights to Mc-  Leod cieek, and asKwI the council if  it weie not hettei to ascertain just  what truth there was to these reports befoie going ahead and involving evpe-nsc only to fiud latei om  thai. ,ihe ti^i-is are noti piocur-aAile  unless paid for at what might be  considered exliorbitant prices. While  they were a/bout it he also thi-'ught  that the cl.-u-ms to Hush cice-k shoulii  also be gone into, and after discussing the matlei at some length', the  city cleiK was insliucted to obtain  /all available inforn'iation ou Ibis  .subject  The Gould Question  Aid. jMalone brought up tho ^(ucs-  lion of Ihe lecent lawsuit instituted  aaainsi the city .hj Mr. (Jould. H0  undci stood ib.it as a result thc city  .ii d   All    CI Oil Id   weie     supposed     lo  i&fitShi x-,*������Zc*%-*3a&a1-*'?  f     H  i  -J  As  was stated yesteiday .(.omp  (()  MJJ11C alllK.abJc  ;iirangemcnt  w"^   on  Tluusuay, ',,,,���������       (h;:    ma(tcr      ,Je favored  the  in..tch    will   ���������e   pUjud  at     ������������o    ,        ||(l ���������  o[  a (|r(dl dm     lo  o clock,   but  n   Uie mines aie   woik-   Kitcl,ei.ei   Mra-t.  ing  the   match   will  not   lake  place  1^    -Si .  I 3J  Dr.   Quinlan,   who  has  been   spend-  _\  ing  a  few da}S  in     Ladysmitli,   left  )   for   Nanaimo     at noon today,    from  which  place he  w'dl  proceed   to Oum-  * fjierJand.  , i>      , ������������������ ������������������������   t   A meeting of the     sports grounds  " committee will  be  held  this ceiling  r",in Uie  Bank   building,   at  which   the  ' report   of Mi.   F. Shepherd,   the sair-  .S'eyoi,   wiho  has  recently taken     thc  "'.levels of  Uie grounds,   will  be    icaVl,  and other business  transacted.  befoie five o'clock  ^ "A  public  mooting  will  be   held   io-  * moirow ceiling at 7  o'clock- in    the  fcity hall, when a, repoit oi   the Fust  of  July  Celebration  Commit tec  will  -~**be heard, and  further plans  for     the  .celebration     laid out.    The    public  '���������are urgently  ra-'iicstcd   to  attend   by  jth������ committee.  -The city had two gangs of men at  Work today, seven on the  new   load  -at-the school gioinwls, and seen on  what is called by some "(iould's  Canal "     In  othei   wonls,   they    aie  .digging a drain along I-'ust Avenue,  from  Bullci     lo     Kitchener streets,  'down  Uie lattei   ol   which  the   drain  "will .be continued.  A petition is being circulated asking For contnbiilions to a fund foi  the pin pose of electing a bandstand  Hii the local band The jnopu&t'd  stand will ,be situated an the Mai-  J et Square, where theie w'lll be plcn-  l\ oi room- for ciowds to galhei  and listen to the music during tho  c-omiiij, .siimmer. The move is one in  the light tinection, ,i.s much plc.isuie  is derived by the citi/.ins Irom thc  bund cwiceil, and a stand is, one 0I  lhe mecChSaiy acoessoiies lo a aood  conccrl A list ol sulsenbers will  be  published lat-ei  on.  Mr I). Nicholson 1-eit on the noon  train for Wellington, wheie he c\-  pecls to-be engaged for the next  two months in the erection of a  school house, the contract for Which  he has secured. Mr. Nicholson has  made arrangements to return to this  city on Monday evenings in order to  attend council  meetings.  Keep- Minaid's  'house  Liniment   "in    the  COUNCIL HAS  BUSY SESSION;.J.  (Continued from Page One.)  In this manner,  ! Kust Avenue would he drained, and  nothing Irom or abo-ie that av^n.ue  could enter nrr, (Iould's property.  I Mayoi Nicholson i ���������"���������ported that as  he understood the complainant'^ coun  cil, (his was what Mr. fiould wanted, and he thought therefore, that it  was up to h'le -city to do it. He did  not   think   it   would cost  much.  ll was decided th.it ihe street committee investigate the mailer today;  which has been done, and seven men  weio put to \v ������Tk today on the  diain, which is expected io ho completed shortly.  Those pi (.'.win at the meeting last  i venm^ wera. Mayor Nicholson, Aldermen Alalone, Patt'Cif-ion, Camp-Hell,  T..a, Uien aivl Spence, and City  Cleil;  Stewart  Anew department with'  us, but one we are going  to keep warm for. the  iiexi Hion ii���������We opened  to-day 12 Doz. of these  goods���������All Sizes, /ll  Coiors, All Prices���������We  cannot describe them���������^  Ygii will find every kind  here, Jho Sailor, Russian Blouse Effect, Etc-  Brins the Girls along we  will (!o the rest   -/,  in mm  ..e..O'>a"fi...  ril'iiui  HA  ii vi i  ICi!fB{  11st. Avoiiii:, :a'j!^ri], 8, C. |  | V. I Jiiiim?, Prop. |  I      .MAKUFACnjRKR OK      ?  I Cavhonn*o<\ Beverages, |  1 Ginger   Beer      ?  I Priiit Sj'rups |  | P.     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C .   ���������  ��������� Machinery   Agents. --^  ��������� ���������  ������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ���������������������������������������������  \slc  foi  'Aliiianl's and  tnKinjio oil.;-;  UNKNOWN FKIIONUS.  (he   nilouicw   had   appealed   i/i  Ledy-ci,     and     lus   Uoislup  had  I'he  no  Thcit- ate  niaiiv   people  who     Jiavi*.  iisid   C liami Ui lam's    Colic, " Clioleia  doubl that  the  aid. ri.ii'ii  present had ; ;UK,   lihirl������oe-Li RWne.iy   with sple.uli.l  I  I  GLASS     GLOBES  When you  want a Glass globe  see tliat    you  get the     globe  with the  rubber  ring on    it,  as  it is the only    kind     that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes without the mt-jijcr ring  cannot     keep    out water, you"'  can     see that-    hy '.examining'  (hem-       The artificial    flower  that   is  put  into  the     globes  with the rubber rings," is guar  an teed; to be the best, and   if  you     want  a-globe   with     a  Rubber Ri he;, call a,t Mrs.  T.  X    Jones,'agent for  ^H'-NRY     CREW.  The^vonly    place you can    get  Them.  Sole Agent in B.C. for thc  French Wreath Co., of London, Paris, Melbourne, S.A.,  Cor. Comox Rd.. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  lead s.i,ine. In Luef, lhc ol.&r was  Ibis Thc companj represented by  the gentleman isccn by Lhe iMav'or,  \ieic* willing to strnl an expert eii-  giueet ovei beie to Lai^e measurements, niaW stuvevs, and, in fact,  do eveivthni" nee ess'.u'y to give the  couiuil .ui idea of the cost ot in-  stialliiii; a water plant, if sunicient.  water is availaible. 'I be .Mayor wa.s  of thi(' opinion, although he was not  S''irep, that the gentleman had staled  that in the e-venl of theie proving  not to be ���������sii'-fiic-ienL water for thc  purpose, no charge would he made  for the preliminary work. After lhc  estimate '.had been g-.hen ibx- company ��������� would ��������� tcnidcr for wo'l*, an-'l in  the  event  of their   lender  being   ac-  Ask for Minard's- and  tato no,other  K-suLt.s, 'hint who lire unliiiovvn^. because, they have hesitated about giving, a testimonial of their experience  for pul.l. cation. These-people, however, are none the less friends of  Uie remedy. They have done much  (0 make il u household word by  iJi'eii- personal recoinincini.-Ialions lo  fiiends and neighbors. It is a -a,ood  medicine to have in the home a'.-il  is widely known for its cures -f di-  iirthot'a and tall forms of 'liiwod lioii-  ble. For sale by Ladysmith Pii, 1-  inacv.  M\si������:i'. VI.I..  n.  Ann'1 icnn   1 .(.-ague.  Clcvi'liinii   -->,   llosloii   11  Chiniiid   ���������"..     i lii'.l(l.'l[ilii.i   '2.  ���������  H.-lioil    i:i,   Wasbiii'ii'm    I  fit.     I Dins    (I.     New   N'*li !���������-   I  Nj-il imial   iji'.iyin1  Phil.ulc.lplua  (i,   New   Voi k   '.)  , l.'.asl.-ni I.i.igiu-  ��������� h'r.si'.v div 7, I!ui1,',l.> 1  HaUiiiiiin-     J.   J>:<u.hi".l<'i    I.  Snluula.v's  l-lash-i n   l.oagu.'  Al   MoiUi'imI���������Slmmiock      fi,   Tecimi-  fachs y.  Al     Tun nlo -C'apii iiK,    T,     Tomn  to   '1.  Al   t'orinvall���������Poi iiw.ill .-1,    iVation-  nis   0.  9  9  *  *  a  ������  e  e  ���������l-OR-  Tennis Got els  Lacrossa   Sticks  -AM>-  Bsse Ball. Outfits  ���������WRITE-  J. BARNSLEY& GO. :  ���������     VK TORIA, B. C.     ���������  ��������� ���������  9*9**999**************  Picnicers Mention!!  ���������Commencing Sunday next, 1  will conduc t a refreshment  stand for the convenience of  picnicers and camping parties  on the Green Spot opposite  the -boathouse, and near Shell  Beach. Refreshments, Ice  Cream, Lunches, elc, served  at reasonable  prices.  Campers wishing to secure ���������  plots for the summer season,,  should  apply here.  Mrs, I C, McKinelley,  HIGH  ST.  ���������������������������-.���������������������������������������������������������������.  New  Picture  of   Ladysmith   and  British Columbia  -���������AT-  rs DOOR ������  ������������������������������������������������..������������������������������..���������������.  "������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������.������������������.���������.������������������������������������������������������.������������������.���������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ^OTICK-  ���������������������������   1, lhe rndersigned Jane 'McMillan,  ailininisLratrix of John Hugh McMillan, deceased, hereby give notice  thai 1 intend at the next silting of  the Hoard of License Commissioners  for (he. district of South Nanaimo,  to L-o holdcii at Lad) smith on the  15th d.iy of .Juiic, 1 !)ii(l, lo make application lo thai honorable" body for  a Irani.for of thc hotel licenses to  sell intovicaling Ji'.-uors under the  piovisions of the Stalutcs on (hat  In half, in .the premises, kiio.vn and  described ., as the Tunnel Hotel al  Extension, lU'itish Columbia, from  lhe said ..TVhn l'lii!j,h.McMillan to  Alexander  J.   McMillan.  "���������';���������   "J" A NE McMJLLAN,  Administratrix of .T<din. Hugh McMillan.- '���������.-.''���������"  ���������������������-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Fresh Rhubarb,  California Onions  RECEIVBD:-TO-DAY  SIMC'NIEISER&GO Lu  E Notice  i  A. Ui.-we of Clicmuinus hn*< upt-.n.-.! th^ .Mcaltu i k  i������t*lv run by W. Ward, ������.n !<��������� i.i-ns .-'(rect ������-tha  full linj of Tir.st Clni.*! iVtenls -        -'     -  e  o  ���������  *  *  e  9  ��������� ���������  O  o  c  Granite and Marble Works  Cii anitc an.l Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest prices consistent  wuh hist class stock and  workmanship .. Write for  caialogue.  , A.   STEWA'RT,    '  118" Yates St. Victoria  B.C  | Pork and ������p a Specialty ��������� A [ria  1 A.   HOWE Phone 2=0 %  fc MEAT   MARKHT  t dm  *a********************  Minard's  cians.  Liniment    used .bv Phvsi-  RAYMONDS   SONS |  ���������Dealers. in��������� k  Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Brick, rj  Fire .Brick and   Vancouver is- g  land cement. ��������� %  3  Pandora St.  Victoria B.C. t  Keep   Miiiard's  house,  Liniment     wi     the  *ii ���������fYffi wM'amWaWi^MimmMmMwm  Fresh Lo  Twenty Cent  5     BLAIR   St,  ^mm^mmmmmmi^mw^mm^w, m  BARGAINS IN WATCHES I  . ��������� ������������������'���������-'��������� * ; I  Wc 1ia\-c marked   in TMam Figures the Prices of   our--   %  Waitham, Elgin and other American Watches |  /t a Great Reduction- -Call and sec them  \  B. FORCIMHER ]  Watchmaker, ileweller, Optician $  FIRST AVENUE LADYSHITH   P  MjgSB*3araea**g*affig^c^^  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������-*������������������������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  We have on liniid a fresh supply of  -*-������  ���������  o  o  o  0  <=���������  i.  <-  "  FORSALE  Eggs from Pure B^etl -Stock  At! Birds Tra;] -fosted  No inferior Lsyers Kept  Barred, Butt and White Rocks  While Wyandotlcs, White and Brown  Leghorns.  $1 Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. STEWART,  Box 2CS Ladysmitli, B.C.  .Inst ani veil���������the best line of���������  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  Bats,  Gloves,  Etc.  I'have just  received a shipment of  Hills' [High Grade  .  EN6LISH TOBACCOS  and  0G4RE1IFS  DRUG  STORE  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  ^stsexsx^^s3ssMsa^ss^sssaiafsata^i:\  tl  '11  THE FENCING GSRL   I  frail''  Handsome Designs  Fine Colorings  Pi ices Lowest  Ca  PANNELL and PLASKBTT  ��������� ���������������������������������������������4 ���������0<J>v'  For the Month of June, and  until further notice, we wilt  trim all Wall Paper, .sold by  us   l'Vi>e  of Charge.  I md <See our Window   : +_   :FOR^q=  35-Whilc Swii Soap Wrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  * THE FENCING  GIRL A number cf others  1  to choose from  Tlie tjriljsb Columbia Soap Works. Victoria i C  I  1,.^>.���������We will mail you Tree -uie  ofl  ���������'���������.'''."'���������      ������������������-. ��������� Jour Premium Lists on .application.-   I  .��������� 3mm���������-������������a*aa*awaMaaaM*amaaaaaaaaaaa*aaaamaaaaaaaaaammmmi*m\     iimm.maaaam11 i���������       ������������������!������������������--���������������������������  *^^VVyyyVV*>^y^^A^*>Ji^������^^^^^^VM*/������^^^-^^iAA<������^*^^f <��������� m ������*AAi^^ I  Suits  Q. Fraser  Mcrchanl Tailor  .-���������'���������.;���������  FIRST A VENUE; '      ..  Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  4  11.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER  DEPOT  Plumbing and Tinsrnithing  DONE AT  Reasonable Prices  J. ANDERSON  Always  gives satisfaction.  Leave orders  at* Peterson's  Finn -  tun* Store, or telephone No 5:5.  Ji  ��������� ������������������-"i x t,4-4- + **���������*��������� x*m4-*-4*f-M-4f*-������-  X...      ,FO.R THK NICEST X  I --���������; Ice   Cream  Milkshakes, Soft Drinks  Candies/-Fruits, Tob acco  C Jgars, etc.  1 .    CAI.I. ON ** ,  X W- L. CARTER,  FIRST   AVENUE  -t  Sunlight Soap I* better thun other soaps, lust  .������ best when used In tlie 5untl|<ht May.    '  Buy Sunlight Sua|> and allow Directions  Parlors for Private Parti*  -t-  -f  ���������4  ���������4  4  4-  .4-  4-  4  X  X  ��������� 4 4- + -���������--������������������������->���������*���������*���������-+*--> ������������������������ ���������������������������������-������������������*-���������-*-���������-���������*- 4- 4 ������-  . ..���������.���������������������������������-,���������,.- __ --n         ,}  Try a Province Cigar.  i  ���������*5^  **���������"'������������������"������*


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