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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 16, 1906

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 rCADYSMiTH Daily  i  4T  VOL.,2  SATURDAY  June 16,  1!)0G  PRICE FIVEGBNTS  CRAZY MAN  ROAMS THE WOODS  Demands Food at the point  ofja  Revolver, and AvoidsjCap-, |i  ture for Several Days.  A raving lunatic   at large   around  who retreated to cover behind a box  KingBgate, tho -boundary ��������� station on  the Spokfliia & In-fcernatiorta' Railway  created ignite a stir last week, says  the Fernie Free Press. This man,  whose name is Michael Dora-n, got  hold of two revolvers and threatened tike people of the neighborhood.  He roamed the woods and whenever  the fancy took him he. came out and  displayed his weapons and demanded  Iriod.     The residents of the   district  car, a stump and a ditch. He still  showed fight and.as he approached,  Routh sent a (bullet over his head.  This did not have the desired effect  and Routh sent a well-directed shot  at 'tiie man's leg. wounding him  in the fleshy jjart just above Die  knee.  Still the man would no'������ consent  to capture and he lay on the pround  with his gun in his hand  ready    to  UMiMlIJLMt  CALLED Off  were     thoroughly    alarmed as,    the 'shoot the first who  would  make his  man's condition was woll-l*nown--am-  cno; them. They applied to-Constable Routh, of Moy-ie, who went down  on Tuesday and attempted to arrest  him. Doran got away "to Uie-Wooded hillsidd and defied capture.  appearance.  After half an hour' of patient waiting they effected his capture by   the  assistance of a resident named Campbell.    The wounded man called    for  [water," and, Campbell  pluckily    went  Constable Routh 1hcn applied to to-him with a bucket'of water. As  Chief Constable McMuilin, who sent the man took the water, Campbell  Constable Dow, of Ell o, and Con-1 grabbed the gun and the-man was  stable Lorsch, of Morrissey, to secured. He was taken to Cur/on  Routh's assistance. The three pro-,, where the wound was dressed, and  cccdod to Kin-^/rt-e on Saturday ani-J later he -was ,.taken to Crang-jroo'*,  after some search they came upon where he-was cared for in the hos-  their man in tlie wfjods. They ap-'pital. Unless blood -oisoning sets  proache'd within 00 y a nils and order- in he will he all right in a few  ed .him to gi e up. Koran ,drew his days, when he will lie taken to the  gun and  made  after   the  constables,  insane asjlum  at New  Westminster.  FOOTRACE      5  THIS EVENING  ��������� To-night Mr. G-eo. Hepple and Mr.  Wm. Forsyth' will settle the dispute  aS' to who can cover' one 'hundred  yards of,ground in the smallest space!  of time. The race is not for a  large bet at all, the sum being only  five dollars, but the satisfaction of  winning .is the main incentive of tho  runners, and each will he there to  trawl his fas-test. The place for  boldi-niir"...the race has not yet been  'decided,; but it will likely take .place  on the',"Esplanade aiLiput.'seven o'clock  . this'-evening*!" Spiked shoes will not  be used.  LABOR SCARCE  IN HALIFAX  Halifax,   N.S.,  June 16.���������The scarcity of  la-bor is beginning to he     a  serious^ problem ..with, tlie-big. coal  and steel companies of'Ca-pe Breton,  and if conditions in this regard do  not improve very shortly the loss of  thousands of dollars in reduced outputs is   bound  to be the result.    At  :3  The baseball nulch wliich was sc-Iie  dulcd to take jihu-e tomorrow afternoon on the bunker grounds between  the Kern woods ot Victoria, and (he  Ladysmith senior team, was called  off today. This was necessary owing lo the fact lhat Ladysmith is  without a pitcher a,t present, Mr.  Kerr not wishing to play tomorrow.  J. Afuir, who otherwise would have  taken his place, is laid up with a  lame ar/n. A match of some kind  will, ,liowe\ci, he arranged between  tw<������-local, learns, and will come off  .n  the afternoon. *  -  Tine Ma-niiin'o senior team journeyed down to Duncan this morning and  this afternoon are playing a league  j,ame with the bojs of that town.  In conversation at the station this  .nonning, one of the Nanaimo inc-n  informed the Ledger that they would  certainly r-*bc here in force foi tlie  league match with Ladysmith on  Sui.da)-, July 1st. They inttnd to  win tiiis gajne, if at all possible and  next- day are to play a team fiom  Seattle. * At least that is the pres.  cnt arran������t?ment. As it now stands  the team fiom Sea-tile will come to  Nana-ium and play on July 2nd., a,s  it is nn o;icn dale with the Nanaimo nun, and no .game has been arranged for them here. Tomorrow,  the Nanaimo men will play the I Ml 1-  ���������sides, of Victoria.  INVESTIGATION  IS ARRANGED  Vancouver, .lime 15.���������Tlie application of Oluei North for an investi-  gwitioii. into his rtiliniiiislraUoji- of J ho  Police Department, -\vas yrsiittLHl-nt-a  iiiuuling oi ihij Hoard of Polii-v t'nni-  niissioiii'i's -held in lhe Mayor's utti-  c-e    at   the   Cit.v    Hall   this   luorninv-,.  HEMS or  J  INTEREST FROM  TENDERS FOR  NEW WHARF  MINER'S DREAM FULFILLED.  On going t0 work at Warrins Hall  Colliery, Rowley (Staffs), on Thursday morning, a miner told the manager that during-'the* night he had  dreamt twice that a serious accident had occurred. Ihe manager in  .consequence warned the miners tote  careful. ,  Five hours later, whilo the men  were erecting an additional support  to the roof, a "buimp" occurred, and  fifteen tons.of .coal"fell,'on*..Uie, men  below'. William Edwia-t-d, Edward  Guest and ' Jamies Trornans were killed instantly, and Henry Partes had  ������ie of his "legs--broken. The man  who had the 'dream was close by  and had  a narrow escape.  A FIERCE  CHARACTER  London, June .15.---A 'despatch from  Tangier,to -n news ag-ency horo say.i  according to advices, from Marakesli  the cobbler. Mesfewi, who had boon  accused for the murder of thirty-  six women whose bodies-were found  buried underneath ��������� his shop nnd his  garden, has expiated his crime. Instead of boing crucified ns had been  intended, nt the Inst moment it  was ordered that lie lie.walled up a-  live.     Previous    to   Ihe.   final   net Mes  present the Dominion Iron and Steel '-'ho.s..* in attendance were the   clmii-  Co.  are suffering from a  shortage- oi nuui.   Mis    \\'or.*,lii->   tho  Mayor,    and  labor at their  irem ore (qjuarries    at Commissioner.*-.* uoya and tleaps. ami  YVabana, Newfoundland, and ,the wit- Uity   Salidlol..ireEvoV.  put  is not  by  any means   sufficient '  toKjeep the .three steamers, which tho ^oi'lm.ls of procedure wore discuss-'  company, chartered  for  tlie  summer oil ,at  the sitting*,   which only   ocm-  to carry   the product  to  Sydney go- pied   ten  minutes.    Chief  North    was  ih-g regularly.    Indeed.only last week 1U)l j���������.escnl..  the company made, an effort  to have ,                       .  '. .-_. . . ~ . ., r( *'i . '���������������������������j.x * il seems to be well understood  the Dominion .Coal Co.taMe the steamer Tricolor off their hands f0r a thaL tbe scope of the iiivestigaiion  month at least. The.ofier had to bo will be general, obviating the noe-  ���������refiisod owing tQ the company's out- ossity" of preparing-specific- charges  ���������put-rat Sydney being curtailed for .\0 date has ;i;-een fixed for tho first  the want of labor in the mines. A sittillff- il will he arranged to suit  big advance in* %yages t0 lajbwiiig the coimmieiH.0 OI- chief A'orih, who  men,  which are now only $1.40   per of course   wil, Jw permitletl   tu   ,.���������,.  (Leader).  The high school entrance examination took place this week at the  public school here. There were 8  local M-holais up, o fiom Cuemain-  us; 2 from Son.enos, and 2 from  Quamichan. This is tlie largest number whicli has trwid for some time,  and ������ood results are expected.  ���������9���������  Jt is reponed that a family in  South Cowic-h-iii had (.juitc an interesting time,'in which a horse whip  played a very impoitant pari. We  liave not *Wn able to verify there-  port.   ���������������>   'lhe bi& pollute!] was on in full  swing on Thursday and during a "visit to the ra-henerce we saw money,  blan-'iCts and chaiis, etc., given away. There were about 400 present  in the pla������e we visited.- Everything  was ord-eily and if we could have  understood the language we could  have give-in our leaders some old-  time reminiscences.  ���������*   Air.  (i.  H.    Fladwen has his     new  portaible    saw-mill    in operation  aud  will now he in    the Held  to   supply  luni-bcr  to  the  local   trade.  ;          ���������������r���������  l'TMlwmg at CowichanUake continues  good,    'lhe  first of this'week a nuin  her of  fine  trout   werc sent  fo  Duncan  ami    Victoria and    were     very  much enjou-d |,y those who weie fortunate enough   lo get  some  of th--m.   9   R. A. Ita-iiLbridge, S. Z. Cho.ile,  W. Newin-in, Ci. Stewart and A. VV.'  U'ilhy are a paily of O.P.K. bridge  and (rack officials \vli0 stayed at thj  Quamichan Hoi el on Wednesday ,iiii^h<  RIOT BREAKS  OUT AGAIN  According to Advertisement Tenders Must be in Before June  30th, on Usual Form, Ect  As  will he seen  In another coliwnn .mence  operations,  and,  with the new  of this issue, tenders ior tlie erection of a wharf and approach at  I.adysiniUi are being called for and  must he in before the 30t-h of this  moniJi. Tins will mean that work  is to start, probably shortly after  ihe first, and as it is the intention  ������ f 1-toau Foreman Trudell to Juivc-thr/  load from the Esplanade comiplelcd  Ly the Fiist of July, everything will  be in leodiness " for thc contractor,  whose    tender    is    accepted to com-  road in shape, will -be a/ble to haul  the necessary timbers, etc., direct  lo the place oi construction. This  is to he a short distance below tee  Transfer Vlharf, and the roaid laartin,^  from tiie Esplanade will, according  .o Air. Trudell, nave an excellent  grade.  "It will," said Mr. Trudell, '"be  a far l-e-t'ter road than could have  been put in'to the present  whaif."  HbPPLE ST1LL:1'|.  ..  u>THFL������AD  The last shoot oi the Tyea- Oun  Club resulted in ihe following scores  Ineing made.  Cf.o.  Ilepple    19  II.  Wright ;  18  W. Mills   18  .J. McDonald   15 j  WINTER SUED  BY MAY  ftl. John, N.B., June, 10.��������� Gio-  Rowley, 81 years of age, retired carpenter, residing in the west en.!, has  been suitd for breach of promise by  Ethel Clrace G-Lh-bons, a youn-g lady  about     25    yeurs    old,   a. native of  10. Conway     14   Bavswafor, but who, for thc last few  f.  White  .'.  13  This leaves Geo. Hepple still in the  lead, with 71 birds out of t\ possible 100. Air, 'Wright is second with  ti? out of 100.  Sl'ARLKSS SURGERV.  A revolution in operations ha* Hft-i  ai ducted   by  a_.cJe,v.ei'. .surgeon^ ..who  yea.rs has been acting a-s n-urse iu a  Boston hospital. The-oajse will/comiy  up for hearing at thc circuit court  on the 19th. of -this month, before  Judge McLeoi. The action is for  $10,000. Rowley visited the -'rl*:-,  home last spring and fell in love  with Mia-; Gibbons, who, iblfclicwng  he had money, accepted him. His  telaiives advised tlie old.-man - noi- to  as   discovered   a. method  of  incising L-^ her    ^ hf, teofce ^ ^     ^  visitilel, mv,���������������,^-     o������.- -_���������i._j   i..���������  4...   .   day at tlie steel plajnt and $1.50 in  the mines, is predicted shortly when  comlitio;is are. likely to improve.  Sydney, a contractor, who lately  secured a'-sewer contract from the  city, is offering as high as $1-75 per  day  for  laboring men.  RICHEST LADY  IN ENGLAND  London, dune o.���������Lady Mary Hamilton, only daughter of the late  twelfth Duke of Hamilton and Brandon and tlie richest woman in'Groat  Britain was married'today at Si.  Gerorge's church Hanover .Scpiaro  to the Marquis of Clrahnm, eldest  son oi' the Duke of Montrose. King-  Edward was among those present at  the ceremony. The scene outside lbe.  church was ipjite exciting*. The enormous crowd desiring, a closer inspection of t.he bride, broke through  the police cordon nnd cruvvded u-  rniind her carriage when it arrived  in front of the church portico almost.   . completely     lilorl.ing   its    'pas-  fewi  was subjected  to  daily floggings  sage.     Heavy   reinforce...enls   of     po-  ploy.. legal counsel. The city will be  representOd by the City Solicitor Mr  Evoy.  '���������The City Charter gives the coin  missioners authority to summon vvi'  nesses and examine tlwni* under oath  ^fin fact their power in that_ respect  is analogous lo that of any civil  court.  Most of those* who give testimony  belong to the underworld. The investigation may not be open io  thc public.  FR1 -CO SEEMS  TO. BE DOOMED  'I lie Nanaimo IJ.e-rald says:  San T-Titncisco. .lime 1." ���������(Special)  ���������A severe earl litpia Uo was iVIt here  at 9:4.t p.m. it lasted ivhout live  seconds. It wns probably noi heavy  enoug-h to do da ma ye. but. possibly  it may have caused some of the ruin  ed walls to  fall,  S.-ui  Francisco.  June  1 ."(.���������(.Special)  ���������Two   more  slight  earlIvifital.e shocks  while tho masons    were  working* the>  lie  were necessary  clear the wav   were experienced   at   1 1 :S?<  tonight,  wero surrounded    by a mob  who jeer-, for  lhe carriages   and  to open  n  pas  ed  iVresfewi.     The  first   two   days    of,'sage   for  lhe   bride  to enter,  his    entombment    the  cobbler  screnni  od   continuously    but.   the   third    dny  the living tomb gave"-forth no sound.  Till-;   IHSLF.V   TIOAM.  Montreal,  .linn  11.��������� The  I'.islev  The  Frnser   River  ennnerymen   have  decided   on   the   price ihey    will otter team  was  tfiven    a   rousing    send   off  Tho  murderer died  from  exhntislion.    for 'salmon this season.    I'p   to  July aboard   the   Tunisian  last     night    by   ���������^                   j31    the price   delivered nt     irtntv-ries the   military men   of  Montreal.  TWO OF  A   KIND.                      or camps-will be 25* cents.       rmring The  bands    of  the   Victoria     Uifles  "Say, what's the matter with this   ^"g"st the price will be 20 rents. and  the  Royal   Scots    gave   n    cr.n-  coffee?" 'queried  Slopay-                           '   Tll������  fishermen . ns  nil    orp;:uii'-itlion cert   aboard    the  steamer    prior    to  "Same    thing    that's     Uie   matter   havo n������t  been hoard    from   ibis  sea- her  sailing*.     The   men    all     appear  with  you,   I  suppose,"   answerod    the   so" J"**-    ,n,t  iL   is ���������understood    that at.    nnd  T.ieut.   Colonel     Wilson     iu  landlady;    "jt-s   a  little  slow    about .the price mentioned  will prove  satis- command,  expects to  return  to   Am-  settling."���������Chicago  News.  ,                  - factory.                                                         J erica with a large number of wins.  St. lietersi-tirg. .Imw !.">.-1lisor-  ders uppear to have bioUen out at'  Bialystolc ibis aftci-iiooii with even  li'reater fury than characl.eri/.eil the  i'iots "on" Tliur&day. JNio despatdies  luive, been recoiveil touighl from liialy  stole where the telegraph ollice is  closed b"ut sejui-odicinV messages from  Grodno repoit, .hat the excesses were  starteil again today by the throwing of several .bombs. The crowds,  according to these despatches then  opened lire on the police which the  troops replied to. and there was a  constant intc-chango of shots between Jews i'rem their houses and  the soldiers from the streets. A mob  of peasants armed with clubs, etc.,  found their way into tho cily and  are  now among  the. rioters.  Si.'.Petersburg, Jinn- J 5.���������The low  er House of Parliament read tlie  government despatches today on the  passage at ���������Bailystok. A committee of three has'been appointed and  are departing tonight for BialystoU  in the hope that the presence of representatives ot parliament will clieetc  ihe disorders and have a salutatory effect on reactionary officials.  An odicial despatch from Bialystok  tonight says lhe town has been  cordoned to prevent the ingress cif  peasantry, who are rushing in from  the country attracted by Ihe chances of pillage and minors of danger  to   their    co   ivligioiiisls.  A I'laUTUAK CASE.  Doctors at UoMlicrn, Sasi.., ar-:r  tr.eatiiia; one of the most' peculiar  cases ever heard of in that, district.  The patient is (!. Neudorf, who is  Miffci'iiijr froni eonciissinii of -the [||i.ain  When asked' a '..iieslMii in the morning, he rationally a iswers it on tlie  foliowing eveiuii.ii;. N'riulorf w.tj' in-  j ii rod near Wiiirinan last week when  returning home with a rather wild  team of horses. When he ali-njlitotl  lo .open a- sale tlie team took frigk1������  and dashod 'Jiini to Uie ground, one  of the heavy wlieels jassinaj; over his  head and rendering: him unconscious,  lie was removed to the Rosthcm  hos|'-ita'l. where he Ls' still in a critical cnciitimi.  Uu." skin  withljut  leaving any  scar.  The fact that glands, tumors, and  so forth can now he remov/ed without there hein������ the ^lightest outward 'race after the operation is tho  |most important item of progress  which has occurred in surgery for  lii.i-ny.-years. . When the operation is  ma-de in the region .of the face or  neck the advantage of the new mc-  ihod  will he at-once  realized.  Not. a little of the success of this  method is. of ccjurse due to tlie practice- and skill of this -surgeon, but  ihii fundamental difference between  ihe old method and tho .new is that  .the new inet-lii VI of ski������i division consists of -dividing it upon the slant,  in contradistinction to the usual  rracticc of'dividing the skin .atTight  ���������lug-les to the surface. ��������� The reason  why a Gut through tlie skin upon  the slant and s-.i-bjected to properly-  aimliod pressure heals so perfectly is  simple enough. Cont-act is perfect,  and the greater the pressure, Within  limits, the -better is .the .result.  After the operation a magnifying-  glass is used to sec that the .edge,of  t-lie skin is in proper position, and  a rigid -dressing of glass and wool  is used to pr.ewrit tlie skin contracting.   o   j gage-merit: She asked him tpi -bum  her letters which he promflied to do  and she promptly brought suit. However* the relatives prevented the old  man. from destroying thcv letters ��������� nd  as they are som-ew-hat' sensat<ioniI iuj  is expected the case will be one of  unusual interest.  SHIP SURGEON  SUICIDES  HAS  QUIT.  Vancouver, June lo.���������I>r. RL.-U-  ards, surgeon of t'ha steamer ilio-  wera of the Australian*. **line vr-a*  found in his surgery this aixernoojj  aaving shot himself with a rc\;olver  which he had fehot off- in his mouth  tho bullet coming- out of the top  of his head. He was a native of  Win-mpog- vvhero his sister'lives ������.iul ���������  where he formerly ha-d a -.' pra-ctice.  He was to. have left yosterday afternoon on a trip t-o Winnipeg. He had  been missing since noon yesterday*.  HORSE RACING  AT VICTORIA  The li-rse  races to be  held in Victoria on June 30th and  July 2,   un-  j dor the auspices of the Dominion Day  It-ace' assoelofhion ptomises to   be  one  Lei Nicholas II. look at Rngl^td,  and he will 9*v lhat the Rroatcst  Sovei'eipn in Europe at tlie present  hour is a constitutional monarch,  his uncle, Kin-** Edward VIL���������Le Petit Parision, Paris.  ' Vancouver    Pro-  Bill Eraser has retired to the   ob-  of the successful events of the    sea-  scurity  of  the  tailor  shop  and     has [son.       The     committee having     the  noi ilicen    seen     outside    since John \vi\ces  in hand state that  there is  no  Stewart  sJiowed    him  the   following   doubt   whatever of all  the raoee  filling, and    from     tho present outlook  the competition in each  of the     ten  events will ,be the keenest ever    wi*t-  nessed in Victoria.  The full amount of the purse has  been put up by local enthusiasts and  a distinct feature of the meet will  Le the payment of all purses at the  close of each day's racing.  'lhe advertising of tho meet is being thorowghly attended to. The Association's advertisin,r acr-e-nt, Mr. J.  North, is en tour of a,ll the adjacent towns and cities and it is an  assured fact that -given good weather, the Dominion Day raoe meet  will be something to be remembered  by a  large niinnber ot visitors.  Nothing is .being left undone to  ensure a successful meet. Excursion  rates are 'Lk'ing arranged from all  points good for the days of the meet  The cervices of the Fifth Regdment  Band, -R.C.A., have been secured, for  both days while on Monday evening,  July 2nd, special band concert and  illuminations at the Gprgs park will  be provided.  clipping   from   the  vince:"  "New York, June 13.��������� That, time  honored tale of the gigantic whale  that Captain "Al" Foster of the  fishing boat Angler often tells was  overshadowed when tke. Carnja-tJiia of  ih**? Cuna*i Line reached her dock  in  the  North River    ttois  afterntj'ton.  "When plowing her way through a  heavy gale last Saturday a largo  school of whales was sighted on-her  port bow. One of litem, according  to Oscar Dopite, a passenger, lay directly in front of the oncoming vessel. It miaidc an effort t-o get. out  oi the way, but was not in time,  and was struck amidships. The  whale, was at least fifty feet long  an-.l   was  cut square  in halves.  Mr. Depue said that it; felt as  thougth the ship -had struck a mass  of putty. As soon as the oil from  the whale found its way to the water- tlie sea became calm. This is  vouched tor by ail the passengers,  and the Carpat-hia proceeded on her  way in a smooth sea.  ^  )1  M  m  ���������j'  '������������������fl  ��������� H  "Ctti  i!i  .11,  i'<l  Si  liil  1 . *}
ZjX -"L't, 3&$��ripr2GC3iz>CXit'-?23&- ^���&-m<s??^*i-in^vr^V'jjr j*-Javtn.jxa-s
f s3iug?��**m ��ag*�� ��tnm riMf-rcad v-tMi*--
rg<^^��ffcM  ���   I'WW
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June 16,   lUOtJ
1-OliCED   BACK.
London, ,J unu lO.���J-'uiiuwiiig Uie
declai-atiou ui ' wai ^e^toniay the
two llc-iit*. llic Jtcd " JLlii-.n-.il, uin-1
cousiitmy oi -Lio v, ui-Mhip*) and the
���������iiluet." (the cnuiu^v; tomposeU oi \>0
mun ol war have been actively engaged. The cnenij with tiu torpedo ile-
>.li oi eis and a guafcoat in the
mui'M* oi uu hour's atxtuciv un L'oi is-
niouUi failed tin*-- morning according
lo the iiilmg oi the umi'iies. Tno
Jilue fleet's flotilla attempted to ru*-.h
tlie boom and blow up the mine m
the fairway leading to the warships
in anchorage, but I lie tremendous
Ine of tho defenders it was. esUniat
c-d utterly anticipated the flotilla oi
the blue fleet. An attack on Sheer
ness was similarly repelled and t>u.bW<3
J-rjuently the lied Battleships and cruis
ers steamed out to try and capune
the raiders or drive tkem back to
thoir base   at Berhave-u.
London, June 13.���The naval manoeuvres a'-c m lull swiiia- War was
declared today and a battle it. proceeding of Plymouth. The 'trans-
American liners Arabic and Teutonic
have been captured and the Xoi'd-
land has, been overhauled
Premier Campbell-Banncraiiaii will
on Monday submit to the House of
Commons a resolution with a 'vifw
of expediating- progress with the educational bill. The resolution empowers the government to "closure'
he bill by compartments and de-
fines the clauses which may be passed each day, allowing altogether 17
days   for the remaining-  stages of the
The Morning- Post    today editorial-
j ly laments, as an alarming sign oi
j the times. Uie decarj in the btuilj
of the German language in English
schools and in tiie auny and navy
and contends that as Germany is
the principal competitor ot tiieat
Britain in the worlds commerce and
as the modern literal nre of war is
either German or copied irom German, this neglect will prove serious
for Great Britain   in   the  future.
Try a Province  Ciyar.
Philadelphia, .June I a.���Harry Lewis oi thib cil.*, and -I Uans fought
a fast six round bout at the National Athletic t'lul) loiiighl, in which
neither   man   hud   tlie   advantuge.
There wa*- lots of action in the
early rounds. both -ucn. exhibiting
far more ile\ ei iu-ss in getting away
irom blows than in ueliv ivmu them
Lewis did lhe best work with his
left     when    dans s.vmed     disposed
to   gvl    m      c Io*-e   qiiaili'is Lewis
would send Jus U-ii into the ne-jro's
face and g'-'t awav IWoie the 'latter
could retalnite Although Guns pill
up a fast lig-hi. lie w.is a little slow
ov than he usuall.v   is
Ii-?   VOU    WANT  A(iOOI>	
first ���ia&&   ffleoB <
J. X. Smith's Restaurant
I ry Capitil and Nugget Cigars
Mr.  M. F.   Burroughs,  an old    and
welWaiown    resident     of     Blunter
Ind., says:    "I regard Chamjberlain'-
Colic,  Cfiolera and Diarrhoea  Reiiu-
dy as  the very -best remedy for bo
wel trouble.     I make this statement
iafter having used the remedy in    my
fajnily for several years.     I am tevv
er without it."     This remedy  is a1--
most  sure to be needed  before   . tlr-
BWimmer  is  overf ,    Why     not     buy
it   now and   be,   prepared   for     sue!
an emergency?    For sale by     Lady
smith Pharmacy. . '
When you want a Glass globe
sec that 5011 get the globe
with tiie rubber ring on it,
as it is "tlie only kind that
can keep the water out -��� the
globes without the rul ||-|cr ring
cannot Keep out water, you
can see that by exaimining
them. Tlie artificial flower
that is put into the globes
with the rubber rings, is guar
antced to be the best, and if
you want a globe with a
Rubber Rina;, call at, Mrs. T.'
X. Jones, agent for
The only     place you  can   get
Sole Agent in  B.C.   for    the
French    Wreath  Co., of   London,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A.,
Cor. Comox Rd. &. Milton St.
Smoke Big B Cigars.
Jniclose races tcriifio efiotts should
be made near tlie tape. The clinched
fists ot -an athlete oftens steal up as
high as the ^chest. Th�� proper posi.
tion , is Willi the hands uj high-nth an the hips, as this impedes tlie
onward swinfg and caiis.s imiicccs&urjf
tension of the musck1**-. At the (in-.
ish the popular mle of high school
athlete*-, is piobably the best. 'I ho
hands aie ihiown high over Uiu head
as the contestants near the tape.
lhi��, is done in -cirder lo get the
chest out, as il is llial part of th,-
body striking the suing wliu-h dt1-
lermines  (lie winner.
"lOxpeueiiitia docct" is a Latin
saying that eveiy woman knows, because she has leainL it for hereself
in (lie school,ol It le���tin- only .school
where we never forget the lessons
we are  tau-ghl.���Ladies Field.
Union made-Capital & Nugget Cigars
It- may be a surprise to many to
learn that a severe cold can be completely broken up in one or two
days' time. Thc first symp*. nns of
a cold is a dry, loud cough, apio
fuse'watery discharge ficn t'e i--!>l\
and a thin, white ceitiog on U.e
tongue. When Chamiberlain's Cough
remedy is taken every hour on the
first appearance of tlicS3 symptoms,
it counteracts thc effect of the cold
and restores the system to a he 1!thy
condition within a day or two. .For
Okie by Ladysmith Phnrmncy.	
Uiual subjects taught; also language0- drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng- in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal'lessons given In Masses or individually
MISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, B.C
���Dealers  in���
Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Brick,
Fire Biick and  Vancouver is-
Ask for Minard's and tak-ono other
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A. Br-jys'
Camp, held at Tuslcet Falls in August, I found MINARD'S LINIMENT
most .beneficial for sun burn, and immediate relief for. colic and toothache.
.    General Secretary.
ISIhqf  Vn
��� Unscrupulous dealers have
been known to place inferior
boots in out cartoons and represent them as "LECKIE
BOOTS." Don't be imposed
upon. There are no others
The above trade mark is indelibly   branded , on the    sole  ||
of    every ������genuine.'-'LECKIE   t*
BOOT."    .It stands for ALL
LEATHER BOOTS made    to  |
resist    the. roughest -western
��� wear.       ���.,.  $���   ;���-���  ���'���
Ask for-and;-INSIST    ii|-<,n. ���
getting LECKIE'* BOOTS.
��� Manufactured by
'land cement.
3    3 Pandora St. Victoria B.C.
'*��� i '1.   lh
h e* ' $ 1
Leads Tliem     All
' fN C/l'AJJ'IY
r. p. Rrriitii,
6: Co.,  Ltd
l\*.cii!C  '- oust    \geiicy.
v'lfn'OMi A     --    -        -      -    - I'. K. r
Esqiilrjialt   & Nanaimo KaKway
Time Table No. 58
Encctivcv April 29th, 1906.
Trun s ma--*! i.^uvsmith lor Victoria and all inLprmcdiaie stations ai
'J. 10 a.m. daily, ami at 5:00 p.m. on Vedacs-days, Satuidoys, ,and Sun-
da }.<*.
Trains   leave   <.ailysmith   lor  v\"oll iugton ami   all   mtermctiiate stations
at   11 ���>'!  a-n   lu.iiy,  and   at 7 00 p.m.   on Wednesdays,  Saturdavs    and
Excursion Tickets ^-*mzg2>-
pood; for gor-mr, joutney Saturday- "* nd Sundays, retiunn^ not latet than
the following  Monday. - I I
 Steamer Joan	
Sail*:   from  Lajysmith ir-or  Vai*c6uver every Saturday at COO a.m. and
ret 11 mini;  sails from  Vancouver   -tor   Ladysniith at 2.SO p.m.
O.-L. Courtney,
.       Difllriftt. Possonftcr Agent
3S Government *St., Victoria, P-.C
For .1 cool, rcficsliiiiig-���
During lhe Summer,
Months Call on	
.Shaving   1'uilors,  etc.,     Ili^-h  Street
Wail Papers
Call on J. E. Smi
House and Sip Fainter
k Yob fioioj fast?
Th* ���; "j* surft. yoar tickets r**��d tit
fiortli Western Line
i'he only line new making UNIO^
DEPOT" connections at ST. PAUL
and MINNEAPOLIS wit* tht
chrough trains from the Pacifl.
For complete information ask y
locul ngent or write,
Gtntral   A (?"-��
710 2nd Ave., Seattle.
�����,     Tic: et  and   Freight -OfTice,' 75   -a
pj.   * Ooveinmont Street',- 3-
Transconliitcntal 0
Trains Daily      L
The  Now Train |
The Train of"
Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  .
, Every  mile  a picture,    and,
no smoke to spoil  the    view..
Through Compartment, . Ob-
, scrvation and  Pullman^ Sleepers;,    also    Through    Tourist
Cars  to Chicago..:,
At antic Steamship Business to Europe
is our Specialty
Union     Terminals   with   all
Steamer lines..
Hcrth  leservations  hy  wiiel   |>
, Great Northern S.S. Co.
Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle for Ja-
:  pan    and China ports at   frc-
i ,��f,ucnr dates. '    Exact    sailing
dates can be secured   upou application to any, Great Northern1 representative.
S. "(J.   YEKKES,
IA.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.
!   Gen.   Agent,  VUt-oria,  D.C.
^p      .   -    HOUSES '^
38   *Vl0   Veatminster Road,
; w.c-
Headquarters for	
'PACIFIC GROWN Garden,  liela
*������    -rPixtr:
UndcrJNew Managment
Jus- R. McKinnelL Prop.
Commercial Mens'  lieadiinni'ters.
Motlern and     Strictly First Clais.
Fire.ProoI     Buildiia*.
'   ��� Fates '.-fl.25 i:tid*fl.50���
Fro lo-alleteauiho.it  land:.i;(iB and
railway deuots. I51-?ei.r'i< J-'-arf ��*av<?ry fi-.e
minutes to all parts oi ll.o iri-y. U"'
and table unexcsllod.
R. BAYNES, Proprietor,
Employed Only
(Half Block from Depot.)
GATACRE  STREET-     Ladysmith.
Best accommodation for trausleh t
/ind permanent boarders and lodgers.
OR AN D       HOTE L
This new Hotel has heen comfort-
aMy furnished and the bar is up-to*-
di��t�� Hates HM a day and ��p-
w*vrds. .      '
E*��(��lft����*<�� -*-<:���-<: :*-:->-; La4yt��i*l��
i.*[:hnisii   K(-n.\:s
A  J. McMURTUiK, 5-*rop:lcto:*
Newly fiLtcd uj) and -
l/i.MA-.i'it-..   . C-
Qnod tables and good
r"-*-*. *""'*m Y'""), ,~Tf~' ?       TV*
i-ioau! at r-.'asoi::th'.(
T lie bar irf oxtra   well
Stocked   ���
liiis   Hotel   has    boon  completely        -renovated.
Board, ami  lodging J 1.00 per day.
JOHN TP.A, Proprietor
Supplied   with   the   Host    \M.iies,"lst Avenue :-: :-: ������-: Ladysmith B.C.
- ^ ��� rcai��r��ln ...."   -
Pianos   & Orgaiis
l^tdysn.lth, B.C.
and flower SEEDS
tor distribution.
Large   stocic    of Home    tf.
-',Grown .FRUIT and  OR- Of.
now matured for Spring.
, No expense, loss or   dp-
lay of  mmin-ation or in-
' spection
Let me price your list
, heforc placing your order. Greewiousc Plants,
Floral Packages, Fertilizers, etc. v
3010 -iVeStmiustcr Road.
Plumbing and "Tiiismitliing
;    ,       ;   DONE  AT
Reasonable Prices
.Leave ordejs at  T'eterson's Furn-
ture- Store, or telephone No f>!s.
.,���-.-   .;-  --   . .-.    xx,
* '������":*       '.-���        .    ���'���"������-   -;:-?    .'---���    ���-'-���.    ���. :<���:!���.������"���       * ��� j
Smelting Worlcs at
L.% DfS^I TH,   B. C.
���*"   . ....~!;;j.  ���j:;f   fli
Vanijonyier island, B. G.       ,
, General Manager, t
4.4,^*f $+^.^,*|-4.^.^,.;..j 44.^. j.4,44,4,444.4,4.4.44,.j,4..j,.f.,4..(.
.������������^���������������������������f������*"*"*"*"*"*"*:'**"*"*"*"*"���"**'*"���* ���������������"���������������������������������������������������������������'������-���������������������-������.���.������..���"���..��������.���
j we are making HEATERS and RANGES of
I Latest St} les and Newest Pair eras--We do
? A" I kinds of Foundry and Repair Work
j Nickel Plat ing "in all its branches a Specialty
! Xadysaiith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld
?   telephone nn
P.  O. Box  -12.
+..��~��..:.t..0���������*���.:.����������..��..*..��..��..�����.��..��..��,.*.,��..4. ,o���>.,(���.���.������..���..������.���"������.���,.���..���"���"���-.���,.���..���.,������,���..
l.iiiuoi ��� and  Ci^aif
^^^^���.^-k^-*-^^-*.*^-*-.*.^-***-**.**.-*   *.^^^-^��**��-%.^��'��****^-��-*��-*������*��>-'***-*;'
WM.   MUNSIE,' President    .1.  W. .COUimM, Maiuiging  l.)h-ect,.r.
Telepliano 'l-().
!8 Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd
MILLS   AT   FIDDIUK   AND   LADYSMITH--     -    w *>^^
Shingies a Specialty
Hou^li and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers
LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of    thc  BEST
^.^^-^���^-'���'^���������r-ri-r-r--* *^*^*^��-*>fc-����''
�����. *���.-�����-���>���
R. Williamson Prop
pst. Avenue Ladysmith B.C.
Ne3tly and Artistically Done	
   Orders  Promptly   Ex erute
S.  ROEODlMG    -    ��� ���   LADYSMITH
Stables in Liu; rear ol the Lac'ysmith hold.      Leave ordtis  at   t!;r    -
Ab-bnts   ford. ]
j A.    J   WASKE, P3
f 4.>4-*-+4-f-*-4-44-f-4 4 4 4 ��� 4 4 4*�� 4- f 4 4 -M-4-U-4-+4--'' f *M-+ 4 4 4~f 4- 44-4444 4-I
,1 THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  LODGUiS  LADYSMITH    TEMPLE,    No.    5.-  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd j  fellows'  Hall    every  2nd    and   -1th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m.  MRS. KATE TATE,  M. of R. & C.  ���������3&������SSH������32������  4 *i-4������*~   *���������*  HILBERT  (  LMTLD   ANCIENT       ORDFR   Ol  DRUIDS  Wellington  *..iio\e  No    *1 U.   A. O.  i  Meets   in  tin- TOO .K   Hail,  I ..  tiysniitli,     tlie '"Second'  and      lout 11  W'edncsd.ij s of each  month, coniiiK-n  ir.g Wednesday.   l.'J.th,  lOO'i.  Visiting,  D'mil*.     arc uuteit if   u  ttiid.  By Oi:icT  WM   J1AFTRK, Kec-f S-vtv  PATRICK  MTT'K.  Si.   ���������.  Dr.  Dier can  be tound at an> tun-  at bis office nn Gatacre st.   His   <{���������.  tal   work   is  ^laranteod   to   be  tirsi  rlass arc!  rates r������asonable ������t  NOTICF.  Fiom this dat*- the undersigned  will not be responsible foi any indebtedness incurred except, on ������  wiitten nrfl������:r signed by the secretary  Rowland  Mf; chin  V    I.  EXPLdft-VTION  &  DEVFr,  OPMRNT CO.,  LTD.  N'on Per-f>i*a? Llabll'ty.  v< -(...������,   n   ;:    w������������  1<**h   "*������0������  Dr. R. B. Diet  Surgeon Dentist  All  work   guaranteed and  al  ic&son.-  a-Tile  rates.  RESIDENCE   AND OFFICE  Gatacre St Lath?-inilii  Oj.on at all bonis.  LADYSMfTft   liAKL. Y  CHOICE     CAKES     AND    PASTltt  ALWAYS    FilESlI   ON  HAND  Wedding    Cakei  ���������Jlade   to  Older  I'UL'ITS    AMD    CANDIES  OF  ALL  KINDS.    FI-tESH   BREAD  EVERY   DAV  Prices   are     Verj Reasonable.      All  Customers are Treated Alike.  HOP LEE A CO.  ON THE   ESPLANADE.  H. H. SIMPSON  -Joltr.ltor.   J"t*  Massy   U    loan  I.    4vr.������������ LAOYSVPH  I  ll'CI  EXCELLENT  Train Service  \  BETWEEN  1  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  '   '��������� And tho Principal Business Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the jf  Maritime Provinces,    i  ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK AND        %  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS, f  For 't'lmo 'ruble's, <*tc, adilroaa I  GEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Opn'l Passenger tuiil Ticket Arciu,  136 ADAMS ST. CHICAGO, ILL. ;  EARN CASH  Iu Your Leisure 1 ime  If you could si:.: i at once in a business which woukl add a good toiinil  sum to your piescut earnings ���������without' INVESTING A DOLLAR���������"wouldn't  you do  it?  Well, we are -willing* to atait you in  a profitable business and We don't ask  you to put up any kind of a������dollar.  Cur proposition is this: We -will  ���������hip-you the Chatham Incubator :uid  Urooder, freight prepaid, and  You  Pay   No  Cash  Until  After 1906 Harvest.  Poultry raising- pays.  People who tell } ou that there i-i nn  money in raising chicks may have tried  to make money in the business by.ii.sini**  ���������vettiny hens as h:itcher*>, and IW*,  might- as well have tried to locale-a  gold mine in tha cabbage patch. The  business of a hen ii���������to la)' ey :.;���������*. A-  u, hatcher arid brooder she i.-i oiil  cia-1-.ed. That's tlie biiMiies * of the  .'Chatham- Incubator and IBroc-.U-r, and  they do it perfectly and Micce*������ .-'ully.  l'lie pnullry business, prope. ly conducted, iiayb far bolter than any other  business for the amount of time and  money' invested.  Thousands of poultry-raisers���������men  and women all over Canada and the  United States- have pioved to their  satisfaction thy tit is profitable to raise  chicks with the  season,  cents.  The   tare'.' will   be.  only   00  Manniactiv:cr:j'M  None_!>ti   lltiinn I,alior  n   .������    BOOTH. Prop  Paisley Dye Works  Fancy Dyeing aIlti  Clcajiinj!,. Chiarg-  es reasonable, clc.    Work GuarontaeA I  Commercial St. ��������� Nanaimo, B- G.'  SSS���������," J. PIERCY & GO.  Kuiployed  ^���������an*lfact-**,ers Of.������������������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  / TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESAlMJHY goods  VICTORIA, B. G.  GENERAI BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT  SHORT   NOTICE.     DRIWo  SHARPENED BY  US      ALWAYS    GIVE  SATISFACTION.  -^PICKS HANDLED AND REPAIRED���������-  -SH;IPSMI>THI;NG    IN     A LL1 IT S   BR.ANC UKs  Horsesiioers and Genera1 Blacksmitns.  R   WRIGHT.  Buller Street   -     -    -     -  kady������ri>ith, B C  *���������"*!*-��������� -i-*-*-i-^ -t-** -i-^j^-j-***-^- ���������-i->:*������������i^^-i-* ���������I���������*-*-'^ ���������:��������� *^ ���������^-I*^'^���������'���������J*~���������^E*-���������-���������4***4--^ --  IICE!     I0E!    ICE!  ?   VViLl be Delivered'on- Mondays,   Wednesdays.  1 Fridays and Saturdays  4     Orders must; be in l������y eleven o'clock on  day  of Delivci-y,  No. 1��������� 60 Eggs  No. 2���������120 Egga  Kc. 3���������240 Eggs  CHATHAM INCUBATOR  AND BROODED  "Vo-.ns id tho flr*3t incubuloi I luivo  ���������use-ii, uiid 1 >visli to state I hud'52  chicks out of 52 CK'ffi. Tim \-.,i-> my  ilrst lot; truly ii. 100 pur cent, hatch,  lum well pleased withmyiiiuubul.or  mid hL-ootlci-. Tiios. MoNauojjXO.v,  'Chilli waok, ]J.C."  "My first ..hatch enmc' off. 1 scot  170 lino clucks fiom liiO eggs. Who  can lioiit Mutt for t,lto"fln*t* triu], and  so tui-ly in tho Bpri'-ij;. I am wt-ll  pleased -with inuiibtilor, and.il' I  could not (,-ot. ..iiotnyi- monej tOiiid  not buy it from mo. Every ���������Juriiior  should liavea' No. 3 Oliatliiirn Inuu-  biitoi-.���������1'V \V. IIamsay, Uuhnviilo,  Ont."  "Tho incuh.ator yoii furnished n-.o  iirorks exceedingly well..   Itiscat-ily  operated, (ind only liocila about 10   -  inimitos attention  evei-y day.   It.  "; AIcQukfiu, Moose Jaw, Assa."  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  i" honestly constructecl. 'iheie ivro  hun,bug* about it, Everyinchofnialcri.il  is tlioroiighly tested, tlie inachii'c: ii  built on riyht principles, the insulation  i*. pc.fcct, thermometer reliable, <ind  lhe v.-orkmansliip the best.  The Chatham Incubator and Brooder  | is   simple as well as scientific'in.construction ���������a woman or girl can opeiate  lilt- inai-hiuc in their leisure moments.  Vou pay us no; cash until after 1906  harvest. ���������  Sc-n-1 us your name and address on  c pos   i::-.rd to-day.  We can -supply you quickly from our  distributing warehouses ut Calvary, Uran-  don, Kcgiiia. VVliinipoi,', New U'e&tiniu^ler,  Jl.C, Alontroal,Halifax,Chatham. Address  nil eoi-i'Msuondoiieo to Chatham. 311  : ^'Mans'bh Campbell Co.,Limited.  Dept.15 AGHATHAM, CANADA  Factories at Chatuam, O.vt., and Detkoit.  Let ns Quote  you prices  on a jgdod Fannine Mill  OX ���������'���������SU-SI-K-XiiKlJ   SEXTEXCJ-:.  Kvasoii    Why Uuo'rg-e -Mot tirtliaw  Was  ,';. JirouyiH  to   Court.  .  Oeo. ' iluttisiiaw, .proprietor., oi tlie'  tvolcien CJAte, ilot-il. "was .-fuiiisil gulV  'ly- iii the I'olicc Coiii't this'���������jiioi-ning  oi. violating ������������������tho.'Liquor" l/iccnse 'Bylaw- by kpcjping- Jiis place. 01' .business open tluriiii*; prohibited, hours,  .say* Tliui-siliiy's' Vani-ouvcr i'roViriec-  'flic- \ iohi ti'iin . ()i:-eiiri'(.*(l ��������� several w,-;t'ks  ago. anil n-oin ���������iihu cviUevu:e showed  tlra.t it was inei-ely a tf*chnie:tl viii-  liitipn. His Woj-ship allowed  .iU'dt'tisliuw "io i^a.on s-usjiended  'ten-.e.'*'. ''���������,,.  The. circunist.aivi'f'K ns 11 roughi-  b.v. Il.;i��������� i,'\*iil'-ii,*o showed that. -a...  na'iried, IJ'n.e;.,', had aeeosled -Motti-  .sliaw '��������� inr i'ron! ol' the (.Soldc-iv (late  about .inirli'iigliL Satiii'da.v, anil. al'U'r  tnlli.ing foi- some, lime paid'n, biH"  of $1;, which In.- owed -1 0 ..iMottiHliaw.  Me asked for a reei.-iid. and Motti-  slia.w opened up. t lie saloon and \Ven.y  behind i tbo c'ount ei- t o ��������� g*et his ; receipt book,   also, tn-ated  "Urn   drink.    At.   this   iippoitune,   time:      a(  policeman.', happened o ,Ao  stray past;  and   seemy   lhe   transaction'' reported,'  the  iniitter,   with   the,result   tliat. Mr.  Mottishuw   was   brouglif into ' court.   '���������  ."ill-  sen  out  ,'iinn  NOTICE  LADY3M! Tri    VVA'1"E������ WORKS  Cons-uiners are  rcqupsted to call at   the office     on  liohpjts  ia-,   U der     iiatcs, between 1Le  10t)>    and the 25Lh of each n  Office ?tm?$ \ P. It 4.3D  , I, | BLAND  SU PEKINTEK1) h'NT  Street  ���������,<h  ','���������:..'' ���������    '.   'A  . i;a*wson,  iMidiro   11  iu-ro   (jf. J.u  pii.ng-i.'d.l'e;  wn t(ir������    of  i*i-.-,L-ued    hi  iVi.SOX" ilKHO.  1.tic      i..'. ���������Little    l.ieort  :u s .' oiii,-  is   1 lie ��������� ymiri  K.-ii    this   wi'i.-iv" Siiti'i- "tl,  im'o. ,i,iie    ice    iroid jij^ln  ���������>ly  i-ay-iny. Kloi'idii.e , and  ('hive-yea r-.-i.ild iiroi he.',  IJoiinld; I'roih whaT. woulti luive l.reeif  ������������������e.. l.iiu -di-alh. ,���������.���������' iJij'lii iti'e, ehil.di'L-n'.  of, iMr. and Airs, (ieorge Jdiiuro, sr.,  l.l'iio   is   thi:   Ki-ej.-er   of  ivcui'ils   ill-     I in.-;  lio'ld ,o!!iei-     in ^liav.'sdn.,:     "i'lie.  drill       haj-peiii.-d       wiiea  ;   .tin.-  iliil.i.livn   w.'.-re   taking  an   dii,tin<  l(hi-    i-o.-id.   aluiig'  -tiie " K'hnidi.Ue  oj:-]iosil'i-' tin- 'N'ortliern   i.iiuii.er  ace -  liLi'ie  on  iduit,  Lo's  j.iulll. .   -M'hi,' -eider   boy ��������� was   dVawiny,*  .tlie    -���������'-punyc!!-,     in   a     small   wagon,  j.whon. the ., Long'ue .. beeoiniiif-*.   di-ia.-li  '������������������ led * i'rom,., the   wayon, ���������  caused   it   .  1 o'  ' swerve anil'yo. over  the'' bank,'  ���������   ' ������������������ -'-���������- O������������������; : -  ft v,,o;i],d   (jo ratlicr nii-j.rafejul,   hi;lithe ainr of   the Labor 'Party at pre-,-'  out seems to  lie to k-cji-I"the   Prin-e  jMin-istcr"to the House .of Lords,- .aiul  Tlie day-oi'.: the. :big' .;/wre.stling  match has arrived, nnd. : tonig-lTt in  llio. Atlileide Arena, ��������� Situ; Hwan-  sdn.* . Xnna'nno's undefeated, wrestler,  will meet, in a,.finish, go, Matsuda on  whpni' V'Lincduverites are placing-  thei'r'.eoin    lo get the  decision.  ���������  -Sine never .felt"* better .in all ' hi.---  life, and- tonight, al! who aitehd the  big- event will see the- best wrest 1-  ing hiat.C'h exi-'i- I'liillyii ��������� olT in. Nann-  im.o.'.���������':'*,',. .-.;.,' *."���������' ��������� *'"  '. ��������� Hatsiiila'- arrived-, in town Inst .-ev-  i.'iiing': ������������������*';. act-onipaiiiod' by,; Ids, ; trainer, Mr. . \v\ P.Iurdock. and. after, sup-  per'left for N'ortlvfield, ' where K<*  went on the mat for a fryout wlth--  ilat Whalen, iind C. AVilgress. Matsuda will ive liae.k in town- this mom  ing anil will be oil , hand for the  niatc'h of his life tonight*���������  '  'In; eonversation   with  a Herald    re-  tlicn alioli.sh'it.'  -I lK  Ohscivci  ��������� ' ' ���������(-iLIVIA  DAitL:.;  t. ' , .:    i'l'ogramme. -*��������� , '  1. ��������� '(a)*. Bra Inns:   W ie  bis't ;,dii   lil'ein;:.  .';���������'���������,.t'l'j-- Allitsen: Lo\'e  is- a "Hubble. V,;,  (i.-) K.ienii:  Sovrien.     ���������'- *   ''���������.'���������'.  .' (d)���������; Massenet: Open your/blue   eyes.  ���������'":".;..       :/.' OLIVIA i5.\i*i.L.    ���������:-  2. .Schubert   linproniptii.-'*  '   qiNASMiTII. ���������"':  ���������'.'"'.;'..  . 'A.   i.a.)'Ellen. Vv'i'igbt: When I awal*ie.  (bj   Gi-ei"-:   l-'.i'i.  Svn   (A   \'ision).     .:  ,(<������������������) ".'0'r'c-ig-:'-l-".n   Svyne   (A   Sj'wmi-)'  . (fclj .lulling': Feg vil  ud:(Forfh will. J.;  ������������������-���������-���������.." .,*,-������������������; , or.tviA paitl.  ."'...*���������.  4.   Oreig*.  On   the -Mountain,   (by  r-'-  Qiiivii)  :���������.;-...,'-......, .;.(MXA;���������',s>\n.rr 1.!...'  ''. ">.... Foil-s songs  in   Costume   (i(\   and   those    present    enio,\ed     a  11 all  iuumi ,il   11 ,jat.  )     I lie  'est    number    a  sweet  melodj  by   lii.ihm-,   ua*5   lollowed     by        the  laniastie    '"Love  is a   Bub-blu"  (Allitsen,   which   gave   plate   Ih-cn    to  a song    01  pain   and pat-ho**,  succeed-  i-di-.l  h\   ihe jim fid   sounds    01   -'Open  \ dui    I'-lue  i-r.es "  *^' hiilici 1 '* liiipro'ii[)l u was splend-  nil.\ 11 iiiii-ii>il on ihe ;)inno nnd ra-  1 1 iv<-.l  ,i    well   merited   eneol'"  Mi*s ij.diJ't, si'li-ctioii of group  -u.ig-, iiiliodutt-d th,- music 01 tiie  sin'.'-I \ ma-lei, which shu j ���������> l.-atur-  mg diinng her tout and tli "5e wero  hi'ailiK 1 eeened anil loudly (. ncored,  as u.is also an. exquisite pianoforte  sen-iiun ' On the .Mountain" l.> the  same  compoi-i-i  1     I lie   (inn cut lonal  dicss ot  '!' ��������� con-  <���������( 11    sl.xli-    had  been   changud   for the  im I uics^/ie'dtcs-3 01 a Xor\\e,'inii p<ja  sanI   l.i*>'-ii>,   Alien  Mi*,-,   Pahl  appeared   to  1 -ndi-r    n   seiec-Lioii  ol   the    folk  ->' ngs    01   hei     native   countrj,      and'  this   silciiir-n   v as   well   cliosen,      in-  cludi'ig ,a  11101 ry  song  descriptive    of  iii'.il   lie    in   lhat   counuy,   a     song  while the nolo of sadnes*. and  death  predominated   and one   on  the bongs  *^ung   b\   a  happy  and   teasing   maiden    alter    leeching   a     proposal   01  inai 1 iago   n 0111   an   impetuous   love-,  and   lesjiondmg   to   an  ent-oie,   much.  iiK-i 1 iniciit  wiTs  caused by the  quaint  hiiiuoi   01  spoten    phrases  wlurh  preceded'each  veisc.  "diss  DAhl  possesses a splendid voice  01   v. ide  range  and  free  from     s������tage  affeel.it ion*,,    altogether cliarmH    her  audience      Should   the     fateti    decide  thai    Mis*,    Hahl    shall   pay   anothfc.  \ isit     to   Vananno   m   the   future she  will be ensiiieu.   oi a hearty v.-c\cotdlw  There were   few   viicaht-     scats at  1\iw1a.ini d    .Opera   Hous*ei   last --jugiib:.: by alio members..- of the   audience pre  when Miss Dahl, (Norway's. represcn- . sent  last -night,  tat'ive. isougst.ress)   and"Sri^s.- !-Gina:ist    and soloist  As  both  arrompan  Miss    Smith    would  porlei   last   e\enmg   Mal&uda    staler! I Smith   p.ud   a   leturn   m.-iI     to  : thi  be hard to excel  or j|oo^  ������ Farm Scale.  free Gifts  Use    SUNLIGHT   SOAP  and   GET   THE   PREMIUMS  Tlie Coi.pons are the s.tme as cash because they can be exchanged for Toilet Soaps  for which .you have to pay out money every week.  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Any availahle Dominion Lands  witluii the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may lie homestoadoil by  any person who is tlie sole head- of  a family, of any male over e gliteen  years of age, to the extent of one-  tpiartec- section of 1C0 acres, more  or less.  Entry must ]-e made personally at  the local land ollice for the district  in   which  the land is. situate,  Tlie homesteader is cc*ruirod to perform the conditions connected (herewith under one of the ''following  plans:  (1) At least six' months' residence  upon and cultivation of tlie land in  each year for  three years.  (2) If the father, (or moUier, if the  father is decca-scd), of the-homesteader resides upon a farm, in . the vicinity-of the land enUred for, the. re-!  quircments   as to residence away  satisfied, by such person residing with  the father��������� or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned'by him in thc vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to residence may bo satisfied by residi'-.i'i  upon the said land.  Six    nionthe'    notice     in     wiili.  should be given to the C'otiimissionci  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal anil $20 foi  anthracite. Not more than 32H  acres can he ac/.fuirc-d by one irulivi  dual or company. Royalty at the  rafe of tea cents per ton of 2,fl0i-  pounds shall be collected nn the  gross output.  W.   W,   CORY,  ������������������(-.pi.itv  of  the  Minister  of  Interim  XIOX'I" .MdO.NI.KiH'!-  I'.XCi liSlo.V  Tin*   Moouli^'lil. cxr;.rsidii   iin.T  day   night   .lime  liS'l 1..   under   lh-'  pices    of  I lie    l.iidii-s     .\ il   uf  Si .  drews     I'resliv leriim    chmvli   . 1 ri-nu:-  .urs-  aus-  ���������iimvh   ^n-  es     to   lie   one     of   1 In*     iii}..-;   even!'  n !  ���������...      .   W.   ST1.I0R  ������������������-' "deltvckt  ��������� MP  WORK PROMPTLY   |1(     '���������  r^eAVs orders at tbe   * li'm'-.f-iril  Keep   Minard's  he house.  Liniment  in  tiie  (III-    Si-ilSHII  nlTiiir   in  t-h:i  o-i-ls  I Joys'  ed   fi  m en I.*.  boa 1.  smith  ent     thereto,   nil otcel h-'i-   mnUiiir.'  ol" the '-iiosl   inler-'sf inei   criits-";  tliat lie. would have no excuse lo offer if 85yans.n1 -threw., him on 'Saturday niirhl.. Since his previous go  with Sine, he hnd wonderfully ini;  proved .-in the fine points of the  j.'*anie and feels confident (,f. landing  the der-ision ;*ii I'he end of. the contest.  " A new mat was stretched on the  -plnlforiu last n'lfiif . espeeiuIVy ~ for  , this event, und those who huvf seen  , it. Ht\y .(Ji-nf i: is Ihe best - ever put  down in the Arciiii.-iiid lies no equal   iu   ihe   province.  I The r.-fi'i'( e, or this hie- match wiH  1 lie chosen- hv lots. The names of  jilirce \ 'iiiicom elites nnd - t ln-fvi Xa-  i iiainioii es  will   he  p>it    inio a   hut and  the    i-i.-  A Great  Heat  Radiator  Tlie   Indi.'s   hnv ine     1 li,  -,-���������  nre   ttt:i!-.iHv."   rxl '"���������'���������   ' '  I ii * null- e     it    a    succe*:.--. The I  I'ii'ie-aili-   lutiii!   has   lie. 11   eii-ai;-|  the     occasion,    and      reiY. ���������.*���������'-.-  will      !,���������*���������   sei". 1 -I   jilioi'ird     t be  Tli-*;   !, n-amer   will   p;,i   loi.fidy  nod   \ i'-n't   (iih'-r   points   ndja-'- '  one j  f Hits'  NOTICE.  The pai-tniT.-liip hitherto existing  between Messrs. I*am*e;i it i'lnskcst,  butchers, has (his day boon dissolved. Tlie business will lu* carried  on hy Mr. E. (',. Panih-ll, who will  assume all liabilities, and ail debts  owim;; |,o lhe said firm, shal  to hi'tn.  Dal ed  'I I Ui  .fime,   lilflfi..  t In-   lirsl    lu-.iu   drawn    will   In  feree   foi-   tbe   nccasioll.  i    Tin-  :nl\-;iii''i*   rale  -e   s:\|1*   hns l-.een  1 I be   lare-esl   -mi   i-'i-ord   wblcb   e'e--'*   t-'1  show    1 hul    injeresl     in   ibe   event    i-  I ������  I \'er\   <;*reat.     and     die.Mii-;   well     loi*     a  , bumper  house   w'h-n   i In*  ri\al     g'lad-  ,'iators  fiice. e.vh  oilier   m   the mil --i'  time.  Local    spoil?-    who   have   Seen     Sine  in   li'-imiii.i*"   in*,-  iii'ierin;-,    *,,   hi*t th(.*ii'���������  lasi   p] 11 uie  on   his  clmnees   of    laUinu;*  Matsuda  'into  camp,   and  all   tbe\'aii-  coiiver     iiioii--\*    uhiih    is   said    to   '!���������-'  coiniiie-    o\ei-    on   loniebl's   exciirsiou  luiiii    will  iind   ilolhn- for dollar     :1w,  -l:c  pa nl  SunllKlit Soup is lirtter limn other .odiiiis, l>������t  is beat w lie 11 usoi! in the -Minti-jlit way.  Huy Sunlight Soup nm1 follow Oirection.-:  a il ine  spol I.  il    in    t b-   bands   r-X    a    local  I! I-: AI,  SOI'RCE.  He���������'lhe literary critic'; of l-he day  all at',i'ee that there is a i-rjoat  dearth  of y,ood   fairy   tales.   ���������  Nlie���������Wliy don't they go for a collection to married \y, im-en'.'���������l.'-alli���������  more Herald.  "Sunshine ���������"'���������' furnaces  rge, lie.-ivy ,'sheet-  ne and   radiator,  space bctwoon them for the circulation of air.  ivos an immense'radi;ttiny surface, and means  atom (if lioatfroin the fire is used for beating  .ind forced throutfh Iiot-air pipus into the house.  need a furnace, you should examine the "Sun-  will save you untold expense, Avorry and work.  enterprising dealers everywhere���������booklet free*  e  ac  London, Toronto, montuem,, Winnipeg, Vancouvbb,  St. John, Hamilton.  a--*---*?.**'5**3;ns*sr'r**^^  The Ladysmith Hardware Co., Sole Agents  i  --���������  ii  ���������?.4%  i  ;v*&5  I  W  'W.  ,":-.n-]  m  m  4  I  . c :���������  I  ������������������������������������'ii  ; -���������cr'-K-^a.TrBE.-i-fci.c 7^������:'r^r>aipzjrniii-&-zx-~x*i*',r " =;  ^--���������eE-^tii-****;.';^^  ���������.-:K-jJ������r<i-ij;--.',-Tt-iTFZ-Zmkj������^  THE LADYSMITH DAILY LEDGER  -T H E  NEW COASTER!  order,  enabling the rider  to Climb steep hills  with comparative ���������  ease. ���������  The Good English Eadie  This  cut' illustrates the celebrated Eadie Two-Speed Free Wheel  with which we are able to  fit any' of our  English  llicyeles    to  We are selling the Eadie  Coaster Brake which  can he put on  This  Coaster   is  the simplest   and  best  any wheel, old or now. This Coaster is the simplest and best ���������  coaster on the market, will not lock or slip, and costs the V  same as the common brakes that give so much tromble. Have ���������  an Eadie Coaster fitted to your bicycle. We sell and mend all <$  makes of bicycles. * -^  THOMAS  PLIMLEY,  (iovernment St.. (opp. Postoflice.) Victoria, B. C,  Pfoneor Doltllis" Wmks  1st. Avenue, LadysmHh, B. C  v. i Mm N-  MANUFACTURKR  OF  Carbonated Beverages.  Ginger   Beer  Fruit Syrups  T.   O.   Box   248  t  ���������������������������.<������������������������������������.������������������..������������������.���������.������������������������.������������������  i.'ey/ Picture  POSTfilM-  of   Ladysmith   and  British Columbia  -AT���������  i  m  i  i  i  f  I  To Oar Customers  Butter  Cowichah Creamery Butter will Remain at25c.  Per Lb, for a Few Days Only  **���������$<������ &&&&W&&&&&&&&&&&& &&<&f  It is and will be the Most  important Part of this paper  ^T.^^HfflSSiiS33SEaS335aeas^^!a  I jt_hSickle's  |    Strawberries  To day   SO   Qents  Per  Box  Smith, Fotos,  That's All I  Local Items  The  Tyee   Smelter   resumed   opei'a-  , tions this morning.  Mrs. Arthur Smith, of this city,  entertained a nnrriber of '[rie-nds last  evening. -  Owing to a -breakage of machinery  about. 20 men were laid off for the  day at the Extension mines today.  Owing to the unsettle-d and uncertain state of the1 weather, the Ladies' Guild of the Pres<\teri-m church  will postpone tlie lawn social for a  few days.  reported ,good, and today tlie col-  kction committee ha-ve in-stalled  themselves in front of the bank,  where the men are being paid oft',  and (report, so far, ,gwbd success. Mr,  Jas. Adam, secretary of the sports  committee, has received ai letter from  Smelter, gi\ ing permission to use the  J\Jr. Wad-son, manager of the Tyee  spit bdow the smelter on .the second.  nrtidnrs boor stooE  i  ..���������������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������.������������������������������������-������������������������������������"���������"������������������������������������~*"*  Ask ior Capital anil Nugget Cigars  ���������U-A.RINE.  The   S.S. .Join    called   in  n,t  Government   wharf  last   evening,  stP;Kl of Uie wharf as usual.  the  in-  Mt. E. Conway left 011, Thursday  for the North, where he has accepted a position a.s assayer and assistant manager at 'the Omar mines near  Ketchikan.  BAND CONCERT.  Tlie open-air concert usually given  by.the Band every Saturday evening-  is p'ostptooued until M'pnd,ay nc������t,  tlie 18th inst., on account of the unavoidable .absence of some of , ihe  members. The programme will appear "on Monday.  Mr. ^. McKinnon, of N-a-najjiio, was  in, the city this morning on a brief  visit, to his  sister. Mrs. J. Adam/  Progress -qJ the vario-us (.lommiiti.ees  for  the Dominion   Day  celebration  is  Keep Millard's Liniment in the house  The S.S.   Wellington    is    in     port  today  and will  take  a full' cargo of  coal  for San  Kraneisoo.  <������������������  ���������������������������   ���������������������������  The S,R. Princess May, which has  recently been undergoing such extensive repairs in dry deck i' Victoria,  will be in port this evening for ih-un-  ker coal.  None Better-Capital & Nugget Cigars  WANTED���������Men to   work at the Tyee  Smel ter.     Apply at once to  IT. WRIGHT,  Smelter Foreman.  Smoke Big B. Cigars  PHOTOS���������One Dollar buys G Cabinet Photos. Your picture on postal  Card, $1.-00 per doz. Three days  only, S.-i/tuixlay, Sunday and Mion-day,  June 1C, .17 and 18th. Schenck, thc  Vancouver -Photographer, Campbell's  corner.  Ask  for Minard's  and take no other  ^uuvwww www wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwv  NOBBY   TIES  i  ALL     STYLES     AND     PATTERNS  --Included   are   the���������  NEW  TARTANS  -IN-  FROM  STRINGS & DERBYS  TWENTY-FIVE     CENTS     EACH  Shirts  are made to Fit  and Fit to We?J  -FOR-  Tennis Gocds  ! acro^sa   Sticks   AND   Rise LSall  Outfit s   WRITE   .1  BARNSLEY & CO.  VH10MA.B. G.  PAPER  Handsome Designs, Fine Golorings,  Prices Lowest  S3  M  &  6*j  1    1  Yours for Nobby ..Shirts  Walters <&  Akenheacl  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS.  These goods are just in by   l-'.xpress, and are entirely  new*.  f      BLAIR   &   ADAM  Ladysniith Wharf.  SEALED TENDERS, properly endorsed "Tender for La-dysmHh Wharf  a-nd Approach," will be received liy  the undersigned ftp to- .noon of the  30th inst., for the erection and coin-  plolion of a wharf and approach at  Oyster  Harbour, Ladysmith,  B.C.  Drawings, specifications and conditions of tendering and contract; may  be seen at the office of the I'ui'tiUc  Works Engineer, Victoria, B.C., at  the office of the 'Government Agent,  Nanaimo, B.C., .and at 'Ladysmilh,  B.C., on and after June thc 1.8th.  .Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank chrcjuc or  certificate of deposit on a chartered  ibank of Cnn-ada, marie paynjiifc to the  undersigned, in lhe .sum of two hundred ($200) dollars, which shall be  forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract when  called upon to  do so.  The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will l.e returned to them upon  tlie execution  of Uie contract.  The successful tenderer will be re-  t-jiiral to furnish'bonds himself aiul  two sureties, satisfactory fo 1 lie  Chief Comm-issioner, in the sum of  eight hundred   ($800)   dollars each.  Upon the execution of the |,ond the  clie/(|iie a,\ore mentioned will be returned to the contractor.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on tlie forms supplied  and signed with the actual signature .of  the tenderer.  F.  C.   GAMBLE,  Public  Works  En:.-*iiu*er.  Lands  and  Works   nepaitnu-nf,,  Victoria,  B.C.,  15th  June,  1000-  For the Month of June, and  until further- notice, we will  trim all Wall P������aper sold by  us Free of Charge.  KAYS  WALL PAPER DEPOT  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  '���������������������������'���������'        - ���������  ;  Granite and Marble Works  ���������  ��������� Granite and   Marble Monu-     ������  ��������� meats,-Tablets,-.etc.,-at  the     ���������  ��������� lowest     prices     consistent     #  ��������� wiih  first, class  stock-and  -'* workmanship.       Write    for  catalogue. ���������  .       A.   STEWAIRT,  MS Yates St. Victoria  B.C  0***)** ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Picnicers Attention!!  Commencing   Sunday  next,    I  will    conduc t   a refreshment  stand for the convenience    of  picnicers ami camping parties  on    the   Green Spot opposite  the  boathouse,  and near Shell  Beach.      Refreshments,       Ice"  Cream,  Lunches,   elc,    served  at reasonable prices.  Campers wishing to secure  plots for thc summer season,  should  apply here.  Mrs, I, C  HI OR ST.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that T ink-mi to apply to (he Board of Li-  eoiising! Commissioners of the City of  Ladysmith, at il next sifting, for a  transfer from myself to ITanry Blair'  of the license to sell spirituous and  fermented liquors on lot three (.'���������>),  Block twenty-six (2fi); on the premises I*nown as the Cecil l-|-:(lel, situated on First Avenue in the city of  Ladysniith,  B.C.,  Dated  this lf.th   day   of June,    A.  I).   IflOli.  GEORGE RANNAY.  By his Attorney in fact,  Henry  Reifel.  Strawberries  Owing to the wet season, a Shortage in the Crop  ���������O -  is Predicted and the P ices today Remain  Firm at 2 B x s for 25c. All orders for  Prtserving Berries wil be filled next week  at iOc. Per Box and if tha supply is good a  Cheaper price will be Quoted  swmf witf inwwmm'itfitf % wirnifwiffiff-flminwflrfflK  I Notice i  A. Howe of Chemainuthai opened ths Meat mark  lately run by W. Ward, on Roberts Street ���������* th a  full line of First Class Meats      ....  I Pork and Sausage a Specialty ��������� Jl Trial Solicited I  ^  :     -     ii  i A. HOWE                   Phone 2-0 f  g MEAT   MARKET                            ji  Ea&XS&Efi������8BE3BE3iaea  Sporting Goods  Just arrived���������the test line ol���������  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  Bats,  G *ov< s,  Ft'  LADYSMITH HARDWAkE COMPANY LIH1TED  EBaaBRTI^SfflEm..,  W.Q.  .    -v -FIRST 'A'-;VENUE.\   ::>~ - '       "; ' -"V -.-.  Suit������    Made to  Order ta Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  B!S&Sa^^^-S5ai!SfeS(asaRif  FOUNTAIN   PENS  We have lust received a shipment of the Famous  LAURENCE     FOUNTAIN      PENS  Each one carries'a special "guarantee.    Prices from $1.00  up.  _:____CALL   and   SEE   THEM������������������-  B. FQRCIMnER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSfllTH  1 have on hand a fresh supply of-  PORK   and    BEEF  E.G. PAN NELL  - ���������  IMPORTED HACKNEY STALLION  "ENDURANCE"  (S132 H.  S. B.)  A I,  Johnson's    Livery   Stable   every  Tuesday  at noon, and  will, remain  until Wednesday noon, eacn week.  TERMS���������$15 TO INSURE  Smoke a Big B  Cigar.  FOR SALE���������One Pianola and table.  880 pieces, with table; 400 pieces  without table.     Apply  PETER FISCHER,  Roberts St. and 5th Ave.  Try a Province Cigar.


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