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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Jun 1, 1906

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 ;*ZS���������T'Zr^*'?*?"lT*?*?*  f^������������^AT^fassEire&%  :>-v  ���������   I--' ���������  dUH4mm  '"**>  oe  .���������.-���������  i  Trffe Ladysmith Daily  i-^O  lClwlt./^������  *������<>  ' JUN4.1906      %\-  VOL., 2  FRIDAY  June1!,  H'OG  PRICE FIV.E CENTS  \\  RIOTOUS SCENES AT  SPANISH WEDDING  , *^**wa**mammmw*n**-*maam*������*m*nwa*m  A Deadly Bortib is Thrown by Italian  Anarchist at King and  Queen of Spain  Madrid, May   at.���������The   public    re-^, pressed   around   and   took   him    u-  A. LEWIS SPEAKS  ON SOCIALISM  jo-icings over the marriag of the  King and Princess Victoria( had a  terrible dinnuHic .sequel a I 2:'\Q  o'clock tills afternoon as n bomb  thrown froin an upper window ex-,  ploded with deadly uhecl. near ihe  coach occupied hy the -King and  Queen. 1'rovidcniially K'ing Alfonso  ^and ("iiwii Victoria escaped hy a  wire delleciing ihe bomb, hut* at  leas! JO persons, most of them mil  itary escorts were killed and many  others wore iiijtiiid.  The following aie th.' Wiled*. Capt.  liarros, commanding port ' of the  iving's escort; Lieut. 11. '"tvysecnt,  Lieut. I'rendergrnss and six soldiers; the Marquis ol' C'losvt " and  her daughter-,jton Ant'oi" Culvo and  his niece. a������-nd six years; .losc^Sola,  Louis Fonsc and a groom who was  leading* a horse drawing thi- vouch  carrying the King- and Queen.  " Severn If of those killed wcv stand-.  ing on tho balcony of the' house'  from which tla> bomb wns llu-owm.  'I'he explosion occurred just' ns the  royal couple were -about lo enter  the palace.. '   -  ' , The Rn\al roach was brought to a  stiddon stop hy the Phork. . It-Hirers  and soldiers of Ihe escort falling  to' the ground about * rhc equerry,  nnd horses Hint had hconl.ilU'd were'  mingled with lli<-g<nans of wounded.  King Alfonsrrmiim.'diaicly alighted  and assisted lhe Qu.vnv oui of lhe  carriage. They ih.-n found another  coach and were driven to Ihe pnl-  aco. - -  This all happened so quickly, that  .people away fmiii,, ilio immediate  vicinity, were-not amiiv of the tragedy and conlinurd io acclaim their  sowri'gfns. Soon, Jiowevur. 'thorc  appeared thr empty Royal carri  iagn with two horses missing1, and  'ihe others spattered with blood, the  drivers looking decidedly pale; then  came a boy shout ing" I hat a bomb  had boon thrown at the King-. The  appearance of the King and Queen  in a conch brought n dflirious ovation as the fact wns recogni'/ed  tb.ni the soverigns had boon spar-  r I. In the meantime the scene of  th'" tragedy presented a horrible  speetarlo with dead men and horses  lying about   literally  in    pieces.  way under strong escort  A rumor which circulated rapidly  stating) that-the king had been killed  created consternation.  An olllcial statement indicates the  possibility that two bombs were  thrown, one exploding- in the air by  striking a telegraph iwire, and the  other falling so close to the Royal  carriage that a groom at the head  of the wheel horses were killed as  were also ihe wheel horses.  At least 10' persons were killed  and a largo number wounded. The  scene in the viritiit; of thi- explosion  was horrihjr������.  London, .June 1.���������A despatch from  Madrid to ihe Mail Mail-limed 7:25  Thursday evening sa.vs that it was  an Italian anarchist who threw the  bomb at the earring.*- of tbe King  nnd Queen or* Spain, and thai afler  the explosion be commit ted suicide.  Another despad.li to the same paper  timed 0.2."i p.m. stays that the nss-  ns<-iaii is named .Maivo Moral nnd-  tbal   he hns oscapotl.  Describes. Earl"hquake and    Fir-^  'Frisco, and  Afterwards Lays  Blame on[ Capitalists  in  Says   Cheap   Method     of   Installing  Water is Responsible for Much'  Damage Do. e . |    f  Mr. Austin Lewis gave a very in- ing to wrest the loaf from him hy  tcrcsting description or the eai force. The serfeoant, without a word  qua'c and fire  in San Francisco hi������t  n> dded    to one  SCHOOL TRUSTEES  HOLD MEETING  of    his men,    vvho  Air. IL M. l'almcr, Cover n>nciit  fruit inspector arrived at noon f-  day from Victoria. In company  willi Mr. J. J. Bland, surtiormten-il-  ent of the water works, Mr. .PaHrner  this afternoon is inspecting the land  adjacent fo Ladysmith which tbe  C.P.1L aie intending to clear for  limit raising purposes. As stated  before it is tho intention of th. I  alo'c company), to clear in the (neigh -  horihood   of  two  thot sand  acres    ol*  Decide to Stop al) Teams!From Driv  ing Over the School Grounds  in the Future  Communications Received Asking for  Positions on Local Staff-B. S. Mc  Donald Asks for Recommendation ���������  cumin.-*  to  a  comparatively  small an promptly   ,(i.ew a  revolver and  shot ,land;- *������* ,f ��������� JWOMfcle  report     is  dience"   ii,     ihe opera    house,  after the baker   through    the head.     T,he ,^v������l  from Mr. Palmer   the  work  which' he" -save  what he profeswd  to 'riond  who related  tire story'to'-the |wl"  hkely   ���������be &>ne ah-?'a)',   w,th ���������  in  be'the pauses  of the fire and sulse- fijeaker claimed  io be the one   who  th3 n'ar ll,ture-  WASAHOR  PAVEMENT COVERED  W1IH BLOOD  The bodies of Ihe men ������-erc wrapped up n blankets and removed ort-  litters. The pavement was literally  covered with   blood.  When thc police surrounded the  house from which the bomb wns  thrown a man tried to escape. One  of the injured proved to be a son-  in-law of the Premier Morel's pri-  \ate   secretary.  JVy thy cortege was killed   a   police  bugler whose head .was severed,    two  women spectators  .were   killed and a  ���������'���������soldier  .standing' in   salute   was   fatally    injured. :���������' . .  Many persons were serioiilsy injured* ���������'���������The-shock "of the explosion was  terrible. The King and Queen left  the ���������'carriage showing signs of great  est emotion. Iloth however, behaved willi lhe "utmost courage they  entered.-another earring*' .nn-il drove  hastily to the palace.  ; The -indignation of the people over  the outrage was \er.v  great.  Some French detective's were almost      lynched   mc.re-lv    because   they  RIBLE   SCENE  The scene in the vicinity of the  explosion was nor'-ib!--. As the Mun  icipal . guards hast ily improvised lit  ters to bear off the mangled .corpses. Hie crowds pressed upon them  causing indeseribeable confusion. Soldiers occupied all The'streets loading  to Lhe locality ' making it almost  impossible to reach tlie spot. Tht!  Associated; "Press correspondent, However, -was on the scene live .minutes^  att"er*:the explosion, and received an  account of the affair from tho Duke  of Verahus.,-N-no was one of tuts  grando a participaut in the cortege,  and 'Col. Rafael UeChaguts tho oili-  cer, who assisted Queen Victoria  as she. alighted ( from the 'damaged  coach to another. The bomb was  thrown from above, striking l be  ground and exploding not far from  tho Royal carriage. One of the officers of the King's escort 'and two  soldiers were killed and one of. the  houses drawing the royalcoaeh wai  kilhxl. -    -  The bodies of many persons were  terribly torn by the force of thc  explosion. The news or" the attempt  ed assassinivtion spread throughout  the city with great rapidity, turning the rejoicings of the people to  awe. The telegraph offices were" invaded by struggling masses but a  rigid censorship was instituted.  The explosion would not have  occurred If the cortege bad followed  tho'route originally planned, but returning, it was decided to retrace  part of Mayor Street, and give the  people a uirtber opportunity to further observe ihe pageant. It wns  in front of 83 Mayor Street that  the bomb wns exploded. This i-.  within half a block, .of the K.splun-  ade    leading    to .the    Royal   Palace.  ftuent suffering by the wrrking'class,   had  written     the  following   irrsciip  In the dcaciiption of the .scenes ou-   tion and puvned it lo the Wast    ol  acted    shortly  after the eartty/ual i\  the dead baker-   "Here lie;s ouelnll-  atid   white  the  hie  \v������is   rag.���������.'.     Y;  ed because he asked se\enty-fi\i- cts  p,o ,e    serial     mterestmg    incidents a  loaf foi  biead "  vlnih     lr b   1  i-Msonally  witness.!,      The speaker then Ka*ve a^\i\nl *des-  showing the tendency of the    par/ide  cnplion 0f tlie s,ccucs duiinjr the fnc,  to help each  o.llici  as much as   -ms   and after dwelling upon thtsr, stat  sible  in  the  tune of common     tio-- e-1  thai   lhe lpasrn foi   nio<?t  of    11k-  ule Mir>ipiin!>   was   the  fnct  that   capital-  One incident lie lel.ileil which !."> ists liarl |,iult a.s cheaply as ptsi-inlo  said had been told to lilni by a .bmhlinfis foi woikinu; men, an'.l tbef-e  friend who lud wituc-seil the whole were destroyed, while u,oo(L bmhl nigs  aflair, was iccaidng the attemptr I stood- He als i made a s.-\nge at-  larsne, ol pi ic s on hi cad, when a tack on the Spung V.Ulqj Watei  famine wa* threatened The particu- Co, alleging that they had installed  lai cise he r feirr-l to was that ri their mains'on a sv stain which would  Wliuh a vo-m-mi o<iiLMiif>; a sm'ill nr>1 stand earthquake shocks, \i\\  c'ulil had cnlieitM a lalciv ilmp air I tl.oirloie tveio rcsp-inisiWe^ ior a l.n/'*  lard douiisfiw cents foi a leaf ^f xnw'.nt of (lamenj.done i'|"- f.re Jusij  hie.'d The     ������alir  !iad   told     hei   how the  mains should haMP been laid  thftj hi end was s-?\ccnty-five cents a 1ho silcakci did not explain He also  lo.il, vIuMMipon the woman left lip stated tJiat at present'tlheie weie  shop crying, and when asked iby a I hoi sands of working-men. in Sian  sei,������':i'il ni ioIko what the Uo*pl> Francisco who weie foiccd to woik,  was, renliied llual all tlie money sli������ as lhe rolief .supplies aie \vm������ cut  had in the w( rid was five ceatfianl '1"> and men are dm en to woik al  she could'not purchase .bread wilVi il die r.omt of'the haron&b and leceivc  The .sergeant in companv-'WilJi. 1\/o ^2 50-pei dav > This;'*"llfl;" speaker  of his suboidmatis, tnteied the shop claunci, was not suilicicnt foi them  AViith the hve rail's in his hand rnd ''o fe"<l thci iamlrs upon anl save  aske'd f( r .������ lod of hiead 'llivlikuk- ��������� nouoh loi t'^nsnoi'^Oon lo so-me  er had nf-m hi.ui one and ihfii st.il other citv, and llreicfoie thev are  rd tint lhe cost would he seventy- oblinel to *-txv in 'Fnsco and woik  fi'e cents "Oh, 1 gurs's not," ic- '<*' die camtiilisls After con.side.i-  nlied Hie scie*eant and slaited lo "���������h'"* moie talk on the sam,- lines,  '('a*e 1'>c shon The baker I ccainc die spealcei concluded his lertme anl  enia^cd and    followed him,  attempt   a  cdlert'on was taken up  In speaking of the matter today,  Mr, Palmer stated that while hi  had not yet seen the land, h������ Ava1,  of Hie opinion that fiuit -"hould .lo  \ciy well heic, as theie is c/*i-  tainlv* an excellent cliniia1������ foi the  purpose, and if the land is what h ���������  understands ft is, there should be no  question as fo its being excellent  iri'il  land  Tlie V V R. have already hiul men  heie to give an estimate on th;  cost of clearing (lie land, and evi  dently their report has iJieeii satrs-  factoiy, and ii onlv lemarns to ile  sien wluthei th" land is consideic������l  bv an expeil  as good land  Mr Palmer this afternKjen will ������ls(!  visit Jlli Rage's property across the  inlet, as he is desirous of seeing the  oichaul owned by Mr. Page, and  will lie better abls to judge just  what kinds of fruit will .no well  here  m HOLIDAY  FQS 8CaL STORES  IS  PEOPLE FOR  NOME  B vXD CONCERT TOMORROW  The    following   is the progiiamine  for the Ffcs/enth Uml Ccn ert, htait-  ing at 6.30 Saturday evnening, on tlie  Market  Square,  weather permitting  March.���������"On  Duty," .   Rosey  Oveittiro���������"Cross of Honor." Bleger  Selcetion��������� "Les Warty rs," Donir/etti  Walt/���������"Daughter of Love." Bennett  StJiotitischle���������"No\ city." Southwell  Klovvei Song.-r'lTeaits and Flowers"  Tolfeni  Oalop-"Sells  Ihos "       .   Southwell  Orrl  Save   die  Krng  'loi iv Messrs   We.uvei   and Thor..  Icy,  employees  ot  Simon  Leisei     ������v,  Co, are rnterviewing the various *u-  sincsss    houses  in  the    city  with     .������.  ���������view    to  swuung    then   consent    lo  Madrid, May HI,-. 'J-.-lo p.m. ���������A  bomb was thrown at King- Alfonso  and Queen, Victoria in the Cnlle  Mayor .this afternoon as their majesties' were returning afler the nv.ir-  'ria'ge ceremony.  Considerable, confusion prevailed,  but the King nnd Quoeu who mnin-  tuihed- (heir composure reached the  pa In <���������,-.���������   in safety.  'According    to   the  few   details    nv-  nilnhl.'     it    would    ap|X'ar   that      die  bomb wns (brown by n  boy who  \vi\s  prompil.v ari'i.'sted.    hut   another    \ cr  savs  tint   11:,    r -.'.'<  had  a  foreign appearance, o , (  After the outi-nge   a. vislKfi'M   book , Hi,in ������������' "' n[^\  jM.'i'pet ratOr ��������� of    the   out-rage  i-'  An ecpir-rry vvns. wounded   and  Ifi."  was -oi>eiied at. "the palace. It: vvns  signed during die afternoon' by the  .foreign princes. Envoys. Diplomats,  Ministers and officials of all ranks.  The Mayor of Madrid has posted  an address to the people stigmatising the attempt on the lives of  the    soverigns   ns a  foul    outrage.  THERE WERE MANY  ARRESTS MADE  hoises  were  killed.  Madrid, May 111..���������The l.or.il. v.u  not I brown at the King and "Mi.eii  of Spain bill at the carri a Re of the  C'rand Ouke Vladimir of Russia who  csenped unhurt, although many soldiers,  guards   and -horses were killed.  The  explosion  occurred      just   iii'ler  King    Alfonso's carriage    had   passed  nnd   evidently   the    bcwiti       wns     in-  ��������� '       .                                     ,             ieurlcd    for some  one    of   the     royal  Many arrests   have been   made,  a- ���������    ���������   ,.,  ,  personages rcdlovving. "    Ihe Ihtke  oi  mong     them   that  of     Manuel     l)u-   ������������������ , .   .    .���������      .,,���������  ���������.   .             ���������                                                     . Solomayer wns      woimdod    in      tne  ran,    a    Catnlonian,    who' is    believ- f;l(.0  by  n    j;piiMtoi.^   King-   Alfonso  c<l   to have   been  'the     principal con ' nlu(   Q,lr,,.n    Victoria   got   out,  of the  spirator.     It is said that immediate- carriage   and   entered   another     one.  Jy  after the explosion.    Puran       was hut  gnve no   indication  of.fniting.  seized  and  carried  down   stairs     nnd -pilt, ensualil ies   are greatly   in    ex-  as    he. entered the   street men  flung r0Ss     of    the   numlier.  officially   giv  themselves upon him     shouting   "kill P���������   lU1t.  ..   .\n   officer       of    infantry  the  assassian."     A   mounted    guard was   among those Killed.  Th- season for Nitnc sailm.qs opens  todav, anl today and tonjonow, it  is ceitain that no less than 1,600  people will love for the Moithcin  cuimtiv The steameis Victoria and  Obi,-) will he the lust to sail, ^n.l  they will be followed on June 2 by  the ScnatoL Kveay available inch  of .s'MCe is 'taken on all of the boate  by the thuiKlrods or people who have  taken passage and  with the'   heavy,  declare    they are  fillin-g   their  lat    it     vvotMl ������>iM3ii  i.im    wu.u o.v..- ......   .-;,-.-.-,  to   keep     opcrt at lcasf 550' passengers,  the.   Vietor-  even, "as' ��������� h.is   i������   "0  less  than   .500   ,aiul     probably  clo&e on Thuisday afternoon, <om  meucing 'l'hursday next for the com  ing  summer,  or until  Septennber.  Mr 11. Mackliii, local managar for freight.-consignments,'-.ami this was  Messrs.   Leiser   &  Co,,   today' stated't|.uc ��������� scvera|  days ,aig0,   so ��������� great .has  that   his  linn   was   perfcotlv    vvilliijj . ���������--. ' .���������''���������'. ...   ��������� j.nm���������.in;o<5  -.. ...������������������-. n hoen the  demand on  wic oomii.uitcb.  to close, and proro.se doing"-so,- aili  he luiid no doir'bt that all' the o'tnei. ���������Steamship men  .merchants in the city would do liki*h:iving iro trouble Hi  wise, prowled an agreement' w:$ vessel and that the scramble- ihat ,s  draw., up and signrddo the elileO^ng ma.de for accommodations has  that all close v,rr the same ..lav ea'W not��������� been experienced since the Alas-  wc0-c      - ������������������'������������������;   s,.   ka  gold    fever    was  at     its  height.  Mr." .ftlabklin said that it vvoi.,1 When the Ohio sails she wij.1 carry  not he   tilic  intention  other  evenings  until  sew...       been talked Jiy .some, hut to let tie many '"ore, ami the Senator -has us-  clerks have one clear half Hav -dr.*. 'IV-I 'ino. That the majority of Pas-  in- -tilic week, liis firm would, lo ���������W��������� are laboring men rs ovideac-  said, be ll.c greatest losers as fi:0 ed by thc fact that the greater in.m-  ns.lahor was concerned, as thev om h������r ol thou, will go slwrago.  pi Vod more help than anv"otSue Not only is the trade to U.c upper  firm in the citv, |,uf he was per- Alaskan ports heavy but that lo the  fectly willing" to stand the loss, as t>���������n(s ������' the southeast is also��������������� tor  " ",is opii,io..i die clerks would be '^n it hi.s R:������m. for maw mouths,  ;i   position   to   more  than     make ami   boats  mnkin- Vhese  places    arc   :.   time    lost  on   the     day Jiving a"bar���������l     time   to rmd.aecom-  rollowing a Jiolrdav,   as  they    would modations    fo.'    the passcfliigers    and  nati.udlv feel far nii-jre like\ workCii|r rrolSllt ������n'orctl 1'*hP"ni*  when   thev  bad  an  occasional  outing     The steamer Santa Clara  leav.-s at  ���������during the week. ; 10  o'clock  this  movn=,ng for    Seward  and  Valdez.-    She carries a  full list  . ������  of  passengers    anil  a heavy  consign  ment of  freight,     including   sawmill  machinery,    cans (or Live NT or thwest-  Al, die tiie'*tiiig of the base/ball 0- ��������� Fis-heri"- r'o'nparry at Orca, and  club last owning the following t-ealn general merohanidise. She also .cat-  was ,sel-ee.t;'(l to play the Reliance rjes several head of hors-ps uviid-e:uttUi  diitennediiate' team in Kn.iriaiino on wliicli will lie taken "overland to Fair-  Sunday. Tlie ladysmith team are hanks. The Santa Clara was scho-  now leaders in the league by two ,(Uilc(l to sail yesterday, hut was" uu-  points, and it ,is up to Nanaimo to able to iget her cargo a,'yoard and so  defeat them on Sunday to tie the will he just twentv-foin' hovrs l;e-  score. hind her schedule time.  A. ('nssair, 0.; 0. Del court, p,.;'R. The ctet-p-er' ������,o1|i"*'>;*- City Jcavips  Marelay, lst.ih.; J.- Dnmhar, 2nd.h.; r dlowing for St. Michael. Both will  II. Manuel, S.S.; J. Crossan., Snrl.b.; er Pennsylvania leaves on the dav  J. Barclay, LL; J. Richards, c.f.; J. followinb for St. Michral. Pot.h will  Rossi r.f.; F. Tngihajm, suh. H. Sau-n-.carry heavy  consip-nments   of  freight  in  in  up  for  any  HALL TEAM FOR NANAIMO.  i h ,t a man ciiuijt i de a bie>cle  and pbiv hasenail at one and the  aaine lime Was amply dcmonsiratod  llus ailcrnooa, when r". L'laike at-  leinpted the leat whrlc riding along  low aids the I nion lireweiy below  town 'lhe ball-game he was playing was tlie locent defeat ot tne  seniors in Nanaimo, and he had just  leached the interesting jstage i\heic  Ire was supposed lo slule foi home,  when he slid Spectatois who saw  the event say that he had momentum enough to send him all around  the diamond, and he dud not lose a  particle. la a rather .dazed, condition, he gently patted the end of a.  log with which he had come iii 'on-  tact for the home plate, and ,'a:'  considerably surprised when he r.wi-  i/ed that it was tlie, bicycle w'nicn  had put him out, and not ths catch  cr. '  There will be a rbaseball. game to-'  nrorrow    aftesnoon,  commencing    at  ���������1.30 between the Thistles and.     But-  t.r.ikB, junior teams, being, the second game of the league, scries.  At the monthly meeting of i. ing machine is available, is the most  School Trustees 'last, evening the sensible way, of attending to thu  question of how .to avoid danger to matter, as he understood that :d-  the children on the , school .ground ,though tenders had .bean called for,  came up for considei able discussion, <nly one bad been received, and the.  and it was finally moved by Trus- price asl.ed in tliat was prohibitive,  tee Greaves, seconded by Trustee The accounts received, salaries, etc  ilmghes that thc council be rojc-fiest- were passed, with tjie exception of  ed to stop all vehicular traflic over o:.e bill from Mr. G. K. Wilson,  the grounds which  was referred  to thc ' building  This trouble ongimated over tin:- committee to inspect and it found  fact  that the road   at the  front   of con ret, paid. ' ,  the school    has never hesn properly      There were     two    communications  cleaied and it   is in **To" condition foi   AS.ing for     places    on the toi-slup ,  teams to traveise, consequently th-y  staff for  ihe fall Win, as  the wrii--  have been in the    ihabit of    drivii t,  ers  nndeis'lood    IJ^at several  vacan-  ovei   thc play grounds.     One of thr cies are liable to occur.   One   appVj- ���������  trustees informed the board last e.- cant wrote giving  recommejrdatMis,  einnfe that to his knowledJglKon ;thr.r- \ and  asking for .the  position  of prin--  separate occasions  during  one   wee -   cipal as he understood that ifire p.rv-s-  the children  who  were lined up     hi   ent principal  contemplated  resigning-  procession in readiness  to enter  the  at  the    close     of tire; present term .  school,  had  been  obliged  to scatter   The letters were received and filed.  in order to avoid being run over by      Mr. B. S. McDonald,     teacShei    o.i  some team driving  around the   cor-  the local staff,     wrote asking    the  ner and    into     their midst.     Other   board  for a    letter  of recom-menda-  tmstees    reported  to tho same     ef-  tion.    Trustee Cairoll, in moving   a  icct, and it  was the opinion of thc  motion of assent, stated that hewas  board that something should be dene  Mire, thc  board  would  lie  only     loo  al  once to put an end to any   dan-  happy to grant  such recommendation  ger of accidents which might ' occur  fc"'. Mr.  McDonald, as he. had always  as a result of careless or  fastdriv-  done good work in" the, local .school  n^ - jThe    secretary    was    instructed  to-  Chairman Humming, while, he   "was' write a letter as roqnested.  j the opinfon thai aomething -.houV't     'As has  been^ stated in these    col-"'  be done to protect the children still   tin-iis"" before,"  Ladysmith    will this  he did  net   Ii e to be too -hard   o-i * season bo, cne  of tiro centres at which-  the   teamsters        He had had some" examinationssfor high school cntra#ic ,  evpenence in driving over the strec" .  w'j1' be held this year, a letter,be-  of LaiJysmith,  and  he knew how     a  m-g lead   to  the .board last  evciu),^  man  is tempted    to  taJ-ic tire    best   from A.   Rabi-iEon,*'superintendent  of  '  road that offers if   rt will lead . him  education, stating that such   is   the  to his destination.     Still, thehioajr.l  ca^e.  could not allow the matter to go After the' routine business of the  as either it or the city would like- mc:t!ng was over, the rcc?.nt ccle-  ly be held responsible for any acci- bratron held by- the school was in-  'de-t which might occur if no action formally disci ssed, and the matter  were takien to prevent the use of tire of speech---,, or ia1<he.r lack ot speic'n-  f?rouirds as a    public highway. es  by the trustees talked  over.  The question of the clearing of th*' Kach trustc* had a very good iea-  stieet was gone into and tlie' com- son foi not making a speech on that.  niittee appointed to interview the occasion; one had a 'had cold, while,  council on the matter at last meet another, who had prepared an c^-  ug, repoited that they bad done sd, ceLlent speech for the occasion, had,  and the council had promised to unfortunately, .been unable to al-  look into the matter tend the celebration.     Nearh  all the  Trustee Can oil said that he had trustees whose names were down for  lead an account of the council pro- a. speech had been p-repawx! I. r same,  cecii'io;s at last Hireling, and he hut some unfors'een circumstmce had  thought the action they contemplal- arisen to prevent the rendition of  ed, that of "waiting  until  the stump-  them  v;i  SAW GHOST OF   jBARTEP IN  DEAD MOTHER1      HUMAN LIVE V  dexs, sub.  and passenger lists.  KEA1INMNE  CHARITY  He���������I wish I could ascertain Miss  Overton's correct age.      ���������  She���������Well, there is only one way  you can manage it.  I'<*>-How is that?  S!,re���������Outlive her and read it on  her  touihstonc.���������Cln'ragjo News.  ANNUAL  N.P.A.A.O.    MEHT.  The Victoria Times says: Members of the J.B.A.A. "Big. Four" ar������  busy preparing for the annual N. P.  A.A-.p. regatta, which- taJkes place at  Nelson in August As- already announced trr these columns, the crew  selected is as ; follows' Austiir, stroke  Kennedy, Donaldson and Jesse. All  are capable oarsmen and may be depended upon to do credit, to theni-  sel.es :ind to tlie club they will reip-  resenl.  It is reported that ihe P...1-,, and  four are training assiduo'isly U r the  same event. TIL-v hi.;,.' Par Murphy as coach, and he is usimig- e*very  effort to place his crew upon such  standing that they will be ahle to  core sucoessfuUy with all competitors. The four is said to be well  balanced and much str-imgier jn its  personnel  than heretofore.  .Cambridge, Mass, June I. - A where human beings,aie bought aiul  "ghost story'' that has many unus-' sold for -^ price 0f "a piece\'of-cloth  tial features and bears upon its face is graphically told- by Henry W. Ne- .  the marks: of authenticity has start-.'vinSon in-Harper's Weeklv. Mr. Nc-  led that portion of this city border- Vinson's'" experiences, which are tho  ing on 1hc Botanical Garden; of <H������r rcsult of a tour of .^oration wliicu  vard University. 1|C was. comniisstioned to makb hy th.������  A three-year old yqung&tei' de- jlarpw8,, raiclude a -reoiarkiaiile -ar-  clares that liis_ mother appeared be- co,unt of the way in which thcb-ai-  fore him, gpo'jo his. nam������-amd held tcr of humaa. lives "is carried on in  out her arms to him- and at the ,vriiaa today. In a Village . ��������� t. o  Khmfic-al moment the .body of that NoXtnwest of Bihe, he ,saw a man-  mother was being lowered into a a local headman-who mvl be-n ������..a-  grave several miles away. "Mori over dually tempted on by a Poitugeso "  die hoy -drd-n't know  she was <k*id.     tradBr untdI ^ bad sold for   run. ; :i  1 he boy is Walter Landry, and,his  his children and all  the other   reia-  molher, the wife of William Landry,   Uves itl ,���������is    1>0wer.     One   nictnin,;     '  a coachman Irving at 47. S-tearn   St    he  toId his wife to smarten   herself  North  Catuhri-dge,- dicd'at the,;   city nwl  c,ome w'ith him  fo thc    Ha-  hosprtal  ,a few   days   ago'.'        ' (|ei,s hol.se.       Shc waS an ovcellc-ot  Alary. O t'cnupr, cousin of Mr. Lan- ^m^ 0f .whom lie was veiv fond,  dry   tells the story.' "      " Yefc whtn-.tlMsy  arrivcd at lhe, si0ro  .Air. Landry had gone to the com,".- he received a keg of nun and went;  tery, ��������� said' Miss O'Connor, "ami : home witl. it, leaving his wiie as  Walter and I were alone in the house ' (.hc trader's property. To show  I  sent Walter downstairs  to get   a'how low the price of human   beings  hammer.  will run, -1 'may inehtion a case thii-y  in  ".- -i  nl  He had barely time to reach tlie-happened in January, 1905, on d.a  kilchen when 1 heard a scream that Cuanza, just ,ovex the -nor.theo.st fr, i-  madc my blood run cold in. my veins tier of Iiike. 1 think I r.otie.d  Rushing down into tire kitchen, I an oaviier letter that there v  found Walter crouching in the cor- ' imiPh fajmiine there last" winter, a  ner, his face like chalk, his eyes ',so it canw ���������|f>ut tWt a woman v,-,-*  starmg and pointing with a tremW-'^^ for fortv vards of clolh ,in,| :������  uig gand  across     the room   to     the j^ /cl0th. being  worth  a.hnnt   i>"-  ^".V.c ���������.' u     _j a   ,*,      ,     ' !T-.cnc-e a" yan:l",  and was brnughl inLi  ���������'See!   he cried,,'there's mam^a.' , Hihn ,,v   the triumphant purchase.  l tried to persuade him there was '    ��������������������������� ���������������'������������������ "���������"a....J .   ^,^^^���������~-������-������r~ ������ .  nothing  there,-but the little boy per" to  break* away from ;me and rush u.'-  sistod. stairs,"  '���������"'Yes,  it's-msimnia,,' he  cr.ied.        j     That   the  ba-by  did  see  something   ,  " 'Her dress is all yellow, and her' theare'is  Httte' doubt, for-it / ap'pp'-u's "  hands    are     out.       She said 'Hello,!    iunli'*ely. that  a chifd of three years  Walter," ' and with  a shriek, he tried j, would  or could perpetrate a hoax..  ���������:?$* DAILY     LlCl-iira:'  THE DAILY LEDGER   [  ���������r������ti haired   every  day except Saaday-  ������*        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION       $5.00   a  Year  50 cants per month delivered.  FRIDAY  June 1,  1900  TEACHERS'   IXSTJTUTE.  Arrangements   for the  Xinth  Annual  Session   to Be Held in Vict oi in  Victoria, May .'H ���������A cncular re  the forthcoming ninth annual meeting    of the British   Columbia    I'euUi-  _ora' Institute, which will be held m  thi* city, has been issued, in part,  as follows:  -The ninth annual meeting of the  British Columbia Lea< hers' Institute "will be held m the High School  building,' Victoria, June 20, '-!7,  nnd 28.. As these dates aie preseu-  bed school days teachers who wish  to attend must obtain the consent  of their, respective boards of tius-  te������s; that of thc depaitment has al-  reftdy been, seen red. The city High  School'entrance examinations will he  ���������c-ld   during   the   week   pieccedinu,      i  ��������� ���������., 'on the 20th, 21st and 22nd  of .JuneV and," generally, the tei'm's  work ,will  end  on  tho    22nd  in    the  "nrr~i?rft������-   f1   s,^j   r   ,,  rase'of. nil   schools     whose   tcuchcrs  ���������* <  "vattendthe .institute meeting  \ i      *--���������-��������� 1      ' . e>  ������, Arrangements have been made with  -'the -Canadian Pacific Railway  wheie-  by   members will be entitled     to    a'  -  v--,^     ( ������ '  ,-iree ireturn   ticket   good   until    July  '  ,, j i  ���������ll;"^subject   to  the,   conditrons  print  - ed  on   the  standard  ic-ceipt,       *hith  7they.'''mus)t   obtain  iioin   the      agonl  -ffrom:*.. which   their  going   ticket is ;  bought.: -This concession applies, ns  far "-*8vi'.r*neve)stolce  and     intervening  ' t.  V        l' '      .  ,   lioints'.-'"'   It   is  expected   that  similai  -arrangements   will    be   made       with  /"linesvo-perotine    in  the Kootonaj   dis  ���������*""���������. i-'f  M.V.I  FCIarys  ���������������  W,  W*  mm  /////|!|!11V\\.V  ���������/.  burns   coal,   coke   or   wood  equally well, and gmto* i'oi-  both are ahv'iys supplied,  when   a   steady   five   i-"   not  o1T   a   house  feed   doors  In mild  weather,  needed,  the  chilline"*-***   can   be   taken  ���������whin   a   wood    tire ���������the    largo    dmibh  will   admit   a  heavy, rough  chunk.  The "Siinshino" is a Blowing opposition to  cold winter days', and will produce more comfort  from    tho   same    amount,   oi" fuel than   any   other  furnace.  You should  examine thi-> heater  before buy in ���������.���������j  any other.  "     Sold by enterprising dealers      , ^  overvwhere ���������booklet   free. vv^'^R'P  ^i <"*;".,--��������� Irt-h v,  LONDON,  TOHONTO,  MOVI'ltl" Vb,  WINNII'KO,  VAKC-OUVI'.H,  : ST. JOUN,  HAMlL/rOK  'it'  * o"��������� "'.>��������� a  ������K.Vl I ������  Kri.'/f'Nl ^  ,,,-/>-"     ������ .������rSjd/7|.  [tie Ladysmith Hardware  EMERSON WILL TAKE  LEGAL PROCEEDINGS  s  >'OT POP. A WHILE  - "��������� Toronto, May 31 ���������G M Hayes,  Q.;.,T, P; 'who was in the cil^ yt-s-  t������������'rday,"; said  the construction    of the  .��������� 'j?nevir road   "  east    from   the      Pacific  ���������-" coast, "would not be begun until s>in-  * * ������������������' -y. ...    -  v-  'yeys-,-,wei*e  completed  <,-*-- *  - ,  *   '.'���������  ��������� ���������    , ���������   ���������o .  -   -  -'/^-.'.^MUHDEltRD IK   CHINA..  ".''>   Pe'k4ri,"May   31��������� Reuben Motley  oi  -.Saginaw, Mich was inurdeied on   the  ^���������border" .of   Mongolia    four      hundieci  miles' north, of   Pckin   on   September  >  'himself"! Vfscompte    Lavergei      with  ,'2, ,by;^a  .French   .ad\enturer  scyhng  whom'he was travelling.    John Mor-  ley - of -Cleveland    Ohio,   leluined    today, "from,- an expedition     following  - bia brothers, route. - The piesumpt-  ion osr that , Laverger either shot  Morley, - or drowned   him  in the  lake  Minard's Liniment Co.,   Ltd.  ."*"'., Yarmouth, N.   S.  ,. Crentlemeii���������In January last, Fian-  cis .declare, one of the men emploj-  ed ,;by'me, working in the lumlU:i  woods, had a tree fall on him, crush  iog ftirn fearfully. He was, when  found,, placed on a sled and taken  home, -where grave fears were enter  taiaed "*for -his recovery, his hips being ' badly bruised and his body turned black from his ribs to his feet.  We, used MINARD'S LINIMENT on  Lira* freely to deaden the pain and  witt "the use of three .bottles he was  completely cuied and able to return  to * work,  SAUVEUR DUVAL  Elgin Road, L'lslet To , Que  Get What Yon  risk For  i fining  gained  a filial I   victory    ov-  ui  tlie poweis ol  the   provincial  Uu\-  einmeni. Timber depaitiiivnt through  the dei isioii 'nanded down >estei-  d.ij b\ (^hici Justice lluniei m  ilie action ol I-'inui son vs Skuinei,  s.i\s 'J'hut scl.t.c 's r;o\inco, .Mi. J  S. ICiuuisoii today (lecl.iied that  he intends to initiate pioccedinys  against   those  parties    wlioi.ii he  holds lesponsible for lhe sei/uie ol  the logs ovei which all the trouble  occuri ed.  'J   base  'Aon  thiee  or   focu       s,uits  against   Uie   ofllcntls   oi   the      yo\em  meut    in connection   with    iimbei chs  Jiutes,    .old  being  a man   ol  peace     J  PJUIU.IJ.JI fUOJOIO.IOl)    bAlMipI    dAlHl  ii om taking uction aguuTst uin  or those otlicials,' said -Mi Jiuici-  son '.Vow, houe\er, I liuAe come  to thccoiicJusiou that it is tune to  do something. "Upon the conclusion  or formei casus I hnd thought J  would be lert alone hut the,\ still  kecj)  cUter  me  In the decision handed clown yes-  teiclay, Chief JusLk e Itunter de-  claicd that theie was uo sei/uie cu  the timber h>, thc lb own. and that  being the case, I must take some  steps to piolect m\ sell" 1 am not  >el^ piepaied to state just what J  will do in the niattei, but theie  will be something done \oic shoit-  h  '���������lust at present I am concerned  in g-ettiiit. the ���������sei-'i'-d tunber bi.uk  into m\ cotitiol I also desuc- \i\  UCl   back   lhe   mone\    1   posted as  bonds tor the i c-leaso of timber  which I sectin-u dm .ng the penod  of thp piou-i'cungs befoic- the coin t '  ' Do \ on intend to force the go-\  einmont officials to rephue the sei/  ed booms wriere the\ found them"  All      F"mei'.son   wai askvd  ' \'o. ' Ik- biughingK icplicd "I  do not thniK I will go finite tliat  far The booms aie down lieie now  and I think I will ni-iepl deliveiv. of  them   here  I still  hnce    some  ten    nullum   lrms  in   the   water   m   lb.      N'orth   which      T  fun  now fn-i-    in e\poi t   wi'hoiit      in  tei f.o unci-     finm    ('  ,,wn   oflicuils  'lhe.-   inns   w ui   last    f.ill   nnd  winter ju the same manner as were  the logs o\ei whi'h the trouble oc-  cin red When they were in tho watei the weaihei was too bad to pei-  111.11 of towing them south and when  lhe weathci was line- the sei/uie oi  logs occuired, and tugboutmen  would, not do mi) towing foi me  because oi line.ils made by Crown  oi'icials I hat if they did their  si earners   would   lie  sei'/ed  ' I told th.- tugboutmen I would  lake the limine but ihey icfu.sed  lo loiuh th.-cJo������fs Xou I can bring'  them down tin- coast and ccpoit  them as I - ee Iii If.uing been in  the watei toi months they may have  del i-noi a led lo some extent, and  as lo that T inii\ have something to  say later "  'ssessaasESE  IT J>RFIES  CO>! PETITION  WATSON'S  MOW  TO  JSm-lAK. l-P   A   (���������")",")  Unscrupulous dealers have  been l-nowii to place inferior  -boots in out cartoonssukI re-  , present them as ''LEOKIT-*  BOOTS." Don't lie imposed-  upon. There are no others  "JUST   <\S GOOD.".-.  The above trade mark is iiV.  deliLdy branded on the sole  of every ge-nur-ne "LEOKTE  BOOT.'' It stands' for ALL  LEATHER BOOTS made to  resist the roughest western  wear.  Ask  for   and INSIST    upon  getting LECKIE BOOTS.  Manufactured by  J. LECK/E Co. Ltd  VANCOUVER, B, fi.  11   may  he  a surprise  U>. l.-iiiny   'o  learn that a severe cold can he completely    broken up    in one or     two  days'   time.     The  lirust  synipVitns cT  !a  cold   is'a -dry,   loud   eui.u;,ii,   n |-io-  j fuse watery, discharge fieri   l.! e   i-.se,  and   a   thin,, wliite vti tti'is.**   cir      t'l.'e  tongue.     When ('hamlberlaiii's;  (.'ou������;h  remeUy is taken every hour on.     tire  first ���������appearance of  thes."    symptoms,  it counteracts the effect of-the cold  and restores t*fie system to   a healthy  coii.tiil.ioj!  within a  day  or   Ia'.:o.- Kor  Bale by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  . b���������'���������   Toronto, Ar.iy ','!I,���������Executive Committee   '.rracics   and    Labor     Congru^s  of  Canada have  issued  a circular    to  all    nffillinled    .Trades,  and        Labor  orgsani'/ations in .('anadn,, .ii-gingi that  a   petitiiiii   liu. forwarded   i mimed lately   to     .Sir    Wilfred   Luiirier   deiriand-  ing-   dismissal  of   \V.   T.   R.    Preston,  Dorniriion    Iiruriigre.l ion    Commission I  er    for. .G-i-fiat   Ibitfiiii.      The    circular-,  is  .signed   by    AlphoiiHe    VcM-ville,  M.  P.   President:     Jas.    Siuipfion.     vied ���������  11 president,  and   P.   M.   Draper,   secretary.  L^MrrH'TSiNSFER stable J Estjuinilt   & Nanaimo hailwpy  PIANOS,"     ORGANS    ANDHOUSHHOLD  ED'PROMPTLY  A    ND   SAFELY  i< URN1 ! I in    MOV-  Stables in the tear of the Lat'ysrnilh hotel       Lea*-t- .,: his at   ���������������..  Abhots      ford  A.    J    WASKLTT,    PROP  SHAVES & B4TH8  HOTEL  DOMINION  Having tak-in cvet the barber shop  known as Cat Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, Higb St., I intend, by keep  ing competent workmen, lo conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully solicit- your patronage.  THOMAS  LEWIS  Best accommodation for transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  aMy furnished and the bar. ts up-to-  <Ut#������ Rates Si.00 a day and *p-  w\rds.  WM   BEVER1DQB, Pro*.  BppUiud* '*-' ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ :"-,: T-adTMai**  sri \m in..M I.I) ,  VURNISH    ROOMh  ABB0TSF0RD  A. J. McMURTRIE, Proprietor  ��������� Riats: SfL2r> aid*rl.50���������  Fr������ to all eteamhoat lardn-fe and  railway depots. Electric ea b every ri e  minutes to all parte ol the cily. Ba?  and|tabie;iirjoxcellt-c'.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B, 0.  THE JONES HOTEL  - -WHITE   UOOIv���������  and  r  J_\VillTJ2   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRR   STREET-     Ladysmith.  BAR BUPPI.IKD WITH BRSr'f  WINHS, MQUORS. CIGARS  LADYSAMH,   . C.  Newly fitted up nnd  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL  DAVID HYNDS,  Plop.  Board at reasonable  Kates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This   1 IoU-l   has  been  completely       renovated.  Board Mid lodging SI 00 per day.  HOTEL.    PRETORIA  JOHN ThA, Proprietor  Rar Supplied with  the  Best    Wines, 1st Avenue :-: /.-: :-' Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors  and Cigais. '       v "' t     ���������  TH6CITYWR  R. Williamson Prop"   -  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B: C.  STOVES!  STOVES!  i  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of   j  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  Al| kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in ail its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. L4  *  TELEPHONE 53  P. 0. Box 42.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������������������������������������������-  WRI.  MUNSIE,   President    J.  W.  COIIUUN,  IManaaing Director        J  Telcpliane 4-b. ^Tj'-^i       4  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd.    j  Time Table JX'o. 08  ' Effecti\*e  April  20th,  1906.  Truir.o  leave  ' ������uysnrith   for  Victoria; and   ail  inteinietliale stations    at  !) 10 a.m. dnil/, and at 5:00 p.m. od1 Wednesday, Satuidays,   and    Sundays. - -    . , , .     ,      " .     >  Trains   ieaM;, f.adysmith for Wellington  and all  intermediate statioat  at 11 :"������7 a 111. daily, and' at 7-:00 p.m.   on     Wednesdavs,  .-saturda.vs ,'a������d  Sundays. ���������    ��������� '  -     * -  ,  Excursion Tickets.  " ; >-:������������������; ON SALE TO  AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  good for going-; Journey Saturday***   ** nd Sundays, retuiuiig not later than  the following  Moiday. ... .. .   . .   ,     , '    '  '    , ,    ; ��������� -���������-Stetiher Joan���������-  Sails from Lajysmith for Vauto - x     ,       . ��������� nft , ���������    ���������  ,  ; uver every Saturday at ������00 ������.m. and  retiirnins sails lr������m  Vancouver *  tor' .t advsmith at 2.30* p.m.  1  Ticket-and Freight. Office, .75  Govcrnrnent.Stceet..K,.  2    Transcontinental  Trains Daily  The Newr Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED  Tbe Train of  Ease,  Elegance,   Excellence.  Every  mile a  picture,   and  no smoke to spoil the   view.  Throu^i Compartment,   Observation and Pullman  Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specislty  Union     Terminals   with   all  "Steamer lines...  Berth reservations^ by wirel  Great-Northern sis.. Co.  FOR  JAPAN    AND   CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle,for Japan    and China ports at   frc-  ffiienr dates.      Exact    sailing  idates can Ire secured   upon application "to any Great Northern leprcsentative.  S. O. YERKES,  '- A.ChP.A.,  Seattle, Wash"?  E. R..STEPHEN,'    ,\  '-'  Gen.  Agent,��������� Victoria, B.C..  Ii  KVi *+>/"  fc. J. HENRYS  NURSIES   CRIEH  HOUSE. A*JD SEED  Houter ;  ���������110  yeiitminster Road.  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R.|McKinnel  Prbprietor,  Coriiniercral Mens' headjaavters.  Modern jind     Strictly First Class.  Fire Prop!     liuildiig.  M  s  i mm Mi (D.  Safe Ayen ts for B. C.  4s������  ���������^mitti's  Resturant and Lodging Rooms  HAS   BEEN   RESVSO\/ED TO-  =First    Avenue-  PAINTING   AND FAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done            --.--���������:-���������- ���������-������������������--���������          Orders  Promptly   Executed  S-ROEDDr-NO    ������   ��������� ���������   LADYSMITH ���������"���������^���������Tr-"-?"  M.R   SIMPSON  i  i BellelUr.  Kto.  ������       Money  to   Loan  ���������A a. hnam ---   --    - UOYSMI H  \\ LADYSMITH TEMPLE, No. 5.-,  Kathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows' Hall every 2nd and 4th  Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m. <  ,   *  , MRS. KATE TATE,  M. of R. &'C.  DESHiNS  "IRA!i������M������hK3  ANO COPYRIGHTS;  ll   n ���������  ������������������**���������  ���������   rmr     . 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DRILLS  SHARPEN Ll)  BY  US     ALWAYS    GIVE ^SATISP ACTION.  -^-PICKS HANDLED A ND���������REPAIRED   -SIMP SMI THI N rT    IN      ALL   ITS    BRANCHES  Horseshoers and Genera1 Blacksmitns.        ,~  r. Bright  Buller Street  -      -    -     -  Ladysmith, Ji C  ���������^������������������������������������-'^���������-������������������i-'M-'-A+^  | ICE!    ICE!    ICE!  . ���������*  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  Al  THE  LEDGER  ���������v [  Office  O-8-O  Ist Avenue  e*  SECOND TRIAL IS  NOW PROCEgSfNG  K������mluo{i"i,      May  The second   trial   of irie alleged  train   Uefore  beginning  HI.���������(Special;���������  accused   w������ul������l   receive   a    fair   trial  \  ' " .'i  the  trial    it   wus '  I,  and Seattle from where after spending a weak or so,- they will return  to Vancouver where Alt's. McPnrland  will remain a week or two before  returning home.  .Mrs. McFarlanc* i������ au ardent admirer" "o: floirars and 'shrub foliage,  and has been   delighted beyond      ex-  one   of  the  most  interesting-   athletic  event of the season.  robbers commenced here this morn-' accessary 'to issue it precept sum- 'prcssion , with the magnificent ,pro-  iug. M>\ Alex. McJntyrc made a inoning ������n additional panel of "M ' fusion $>f growth in Bi itish Columbia  lenulhi appeal for an adjournment juiois. Oi lhe 52 jurors called this,. A most enjoyable, drive out to Na-  of tho   ca.se until  the fall  assizes, ar j ���������������o������W U������o   deiwise' ehaUengetl     'Vj nairrio   Other unci' adjacent ^country  ..    , . ,     , *������d   the prosecution  four  before    the   yesterday afternoon,    was finished. f>v  tfumg   that   die   prisoners,    had      not . ... ���������   .    ������������������   . , -. . ���������  necessary    13   were   secured   and      it   a  visit    to tlie ga'rden  of   M'-   Thos-  the    time  to bring- material   witue.ss-  eu  heie    and   the   lack   of     linaiices  j lo properly    conduct   tlie  case. |  (���������Mr.  Justice  Inm;  mused  lo gram ���������   ec,(ti(>n  as    ^  (,R.  ,;,,<.,,  lrift,  .the  request.  |'Mr.   Mclutyi-c   Lhcn    made    application   lor a change of venue to   eilhei  tteveletoke    or Clintou   elating    thai  was not until after lunch that ' any Kitchirt, of New Cast'le Townsite, at  evidence was taki-������.. Tho same 'e-vi- which Mis, McFarlund expressed the  Uenee    is   being  offered    by   the  pro-   utmost.,    delight   saying   that  it    far  Tins surpassed anything, that could be  evidence til-is ailertioou was devoted seen in Ontario so, early in tin- sea-  to showing tho movements of the- ac- t son.  'lhe Piuicaiis    Mnsc-ljall  Club  in   de  cused   in   thu   vicinity   of    Ducks,      a  week   or  I en   days  previous    lo     ihe  owing'   io   tho   excitement >n     Kam-' holdup.      The   testimonyof     engineer   ference    lo   the   wishes    of 'the, local  (( loops o\er the rather sensational ar-Ca"Jiin/     fireman    Ratclil',;    and    mail   nine have   coi.M-nl.wi    to    a    transfer  rest. , it   wan   impossible     to     secure [c)t.������.k(  McQuarrie   was also  taken.      .'of I ho, game scheduled   for   Saturday  ���������n unbiased    jury    tind  Unit  the- sensational  attempt    oi   Warden     Kellv  'of   Snu  Quoiilin    penitentiary    to   id-,  t *  etitify    ICdwards    a~,   "Hill    .Miner ' in  a public place hail    materially    injured his  clients   iiuuiests.     In   support  -The Reliance ball' team are practising hard every night in anliwp<i-  > ion of their .league game ac.ain<"i  the Ladysmith Intermediates on Sun  day nexi. The locals- have a isUoii^  line, and with Harrison' in the hot  are haul lo beat, liy whming Sunday's gnme The Jieliance team \n!l  lie Ladysmith lor the -first position  in the League, and a good gam ���������  tan be looked for asbotii team-,  will put on their strongest pla.\ei^,  available.  ���������������r���������  A large number of private pi,-m>:  I ai-Lios took advantage of the fine  \.eathor yesterday afternoon and  i ould bis seen going by boat ac-  IOS.S- to the Island and some to  jlalispinu (Jallery to spend a pleas-  ,uit  afternoon  l'ev." I"      li-  Laidley,      the'new pu,->  ]>uring   tho   selection    of   the    jury ' Juno -IC,    from    this    city   to   Dun-  this  morning   F.dwaids   and   L'olquo-  cans.  ho.un   showed      the  deepest      interest,!  *> ,,  but   tlie     iron      nervf    of    '"Shortj " )    Mr. 10.    (!.   Taslor,   Inspector     of  r "      ' '   - "r * I  Dunn  appears    to  be  breaking down. Fisheries    returned  last    night    from   (or  0f  me  llaliburton  Stieet  Aletlio  TJnlil    this-   morning     he    apparently Vancouver,   where   he   had    been    on ^'^    L.-,Uivh ,  uccoiupanivd      by    hi-.  Of his application   Mr   Mclnlyii, quo-   treated  the I rial as a  jok������;  hut while oflW'ial   business.                                            I                 ,   .      .,             ���������,,,.���������,,,  ted    tho    1'onlon   c-ise    at      Nn.nn.ie.-           ���������.���������-���������..''���������.                    1- -                                         ������"'u   and   family    ai rived   last      night  ��������� icu    in.    i onion  casi    at      isapanc., i waiting-  in  the  prisoners'   room    this  where   the   request;      was   made  l���������hallft������, of venue   upon  ueiuiu    oi   me   wns being  t crown.     lu refusing-   u> grant    the re   wn)i  hy^tcr  quest     .ludfte     Ining   said      that    in  the csMi quoted tin- picsuling- nidge  - k.ul )>een mobbed    and his  Ine tbiea-  toiicd, and thai he hmisolf harl no  ; fear of such a thing oc( lining in  ' Kainloops,   in,, fact     lu- could  not  see  Ihe Jons!    sign  of excitement      w hat-  was   made    'for morning    until   the    extra jury  panel       At   the .meeting  of   Wellington Loy- .  u  bc-hnli    ol   theiWns being summoned,he brohu   d<n%n   al    Orange  lodge     held  last night   a.  with  hysteria,   and    Pro\ inciaft   Con-   -drono committee    was  appointed   to t " * ." .  .   ..      ��������� . ���������-     I ���������      , supper had been    piepared   by  stnhli"    Ilussev      lound   it    neces-sarv   make arrangoments   lor   an excui'uon ,        .\.      ���������             .-        ..     ".   ..     ...-__     ._   . .  -          ..     ., .    l-oiw   of  the    congregation.  io  take over the1" duties      ol" ins new  The new   l-'astor aA 0111.0  uioM-d   into    the    paiscmagu-,      wheie  niem-  lo summon J)r. Jlurns to attend if' Victoria in connection with thc  him Jfo was able to appear in Provincial Orange Celebration on  court   when  it   opened,    but   was app-.-Lu'ly   12th       Faiticulars  will    appear  ar*cntly asleep most of the i nne Thc  perpetual smile uas scon no more  dinrmg the   day     A������. usual  the court  ,o\or   rtiid  was perfectly   satisfied  the   room. was crowded unl il ndtournment  NEWS NOTES  FROM NANAIMO  |:-?  \   *  Will be Delivered on< Mondays, * Wednesdays.  Fridays and Saturdays  ,    Orders must lie in  hy eleven o'clock on day  of Delivtt-y.  Union  Brewine Co  Limited  NANAIMO    B. C.  aENEKAL hXPR������8S AND  DELIVERY  'WORK' PROMPTLY   lit  Le&re orders at tbe Abbotsford.  Dr. R.B. Diei  Surjje^n Dentist  All work ft*:      iced, aud at rea������L.  ������(.������������������'��������� ratM.  ���������  RESir":'V. E  AND OFFICE  Gatacre S'.    jj^ Ladysmith  ^P���������^      ���������������   A LI   HOURS   ,ii:.;'.'  J. PIERGY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,   /.:'  WHOLESALE DRY 6000  VICTORIA, B. C.  Sf.k -  -ii/.  H1LBERT  EXCELLENT  Train Ssrvice  ���������erwuN  CHICAGO,LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL. QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  -    And the Principal BubIiipas Centers of"     '  Ontario, Quebec, andthe  Maritime Provinces., ,  ! ALSO TO BUFFALO, NEW YOgK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Tlmo Tables, etc., addroBa  CEOi. W. VAUX,  LislatKitt C.cn'l I'mscnger and Ticket Agent,  135 ADAMS St., CHICAGO, IU.. '  I  Tho iue������iing adjourned to the  tall oi the chairman, who will call  the memoeib together shortly after  thti time elapses for the new ten-  tiers.   ���������������. .  -  Hi     August Ha/enfrat/. oi  Vaucou-  "������������i   is in  the city on   matters in con  nection    with Ins local business  ���������������������������*>  In   puhlislnng    in  jesterday    mo>'n-  ���������  A vestry     nifunug      in    coimcc I ion  with    St.   Pauls     ulni.trt       was  lu-UI  last   evening     i'or  ihe     putjiobe      or  ������iist-u.-5s,ing      matters   in    c-onnct tion  with  ihe prpuseil new   chinch  'i'here was a fair attendance oi ineni-  J-.ers, the, principal biibinest. being  tho opening of tendeis loi the  vow work, and the teport ot the  church Cuiiitnidee as lo the a-  mount of moiiey' collect oil Uu ihe  new -enterprise.  ' 1'ev. Silva Uhite on liehali ol the  Committee reported lhat up Iit, rlato  the subscriptions, amountocl to fe.4,-  G*">2, leaving a balance ol only !*'J1,;'  to make up the S.">,<">00 which the  commiltci- had ninii-d al The spenlc-  er, was fully .satisfied that t'his small  nmount would he readily raited dur-  i������{i   the   i-oifslrui-iion  ot  tho   Lhurch  Mr. White also reported on bchalt V\\ic ol Mi. Samuel lirig-hton, Mil  of the committee, that they had Ion Stieet of a nine pound t������ab\  only   received   two   tcndeis    loi      the  t""l -  new   work,    one   was    lor   the    stone  qp   foundation   and   chimney,     and      the      Bntisli   Ship  iverness,   sailed    fiom  other    ior  tho   consti uci ion     or     the   t'henininiis   \esterday  with a      caiyo  c'hurcb,   indepciittonl   <jf   pews,   pulpit,   ">'   lunibei     101   Capetown  or  furnishings.. v I  ������T   Tfae latter lendc-i was so 'la.rgo .Steamer Oitcr sailed from Union  that" the St TauT's ,Chun.'h committee J'-a.v '" T-squimaull yesteidaj for  could not consider It and cousequen lepans  I ly  il.   was  lejiMtwl       The   tender  for  u\������ s issue of The Herald an account  of a proMncial police enso, the name  oi Thomas DeCour was mistakenly issued in place of Joseph De Cour  In justice lo Thomas we are pleased   to  make  this coirection  niimi  Itvlci  ���������*���������  Mr. fi. L.angstafle of L<os Angeles, Oalirornia, sho has been pay  inh a visit to Mr and Mrs Samuel  McCourt, Kennedy Strot-t, left on  U'edne -da,\ on a visit to Vancouver and Seattle, where he has relatives residing  R II S .Empress of Japano'n Wed*  ne������da> landed at Vancouver fiom  Vokohaiua, completeing her "seventy  siAth voyage across the Pacific. The  liner is scheduled to leave ' Vancouver   for the Orient on June IL   ���������# .  H. lliewster'.s cannery at Calayo  (plot i-. putting- m tracks this season* Last year an attempt was  made to install traps, but the piles  did   not    hold       This      season   with ,  longer piles  and  a   heavv  driver  the  r,  work is s;omg on sal isTactonl>  In   this     city  oir  l.he   foundation   work   could      not   lie  The  tiijj   Sealion   was  m  poit    \es-  considered   at   piesenton   account     ol   teida.\   on   her  \\a,\   north   to   Secret  ihere  being   no   an-epted    tender    iof|Co\e    to     get     a   tow   of   2,000,000 1  ..^iAwiii*^..  .UNITED   ANC1KNT      ORDt'lt   t/l    I  ,���������.'���������'"������������������   DRUIDS J  WellingtoniX'iove  No   1   U. A. 0.  i  Meets   in  Ma- I' O   O .K   Hall,  i *���������  dysmith,     (lie   Second   and      PVirli  Wednesdays ��������� of.'.eai.'li  ihontli, coininci  mg Wednesday.   l.'Uh ,   11)0?.  Visiting Druids      are invited to   >i  t������id.  My Order  WM. RAFTER, Recr Sec'.*  PATRICK BURK. N.  A  Synopsis of  Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  Any available Dominion Lands  within the Railway Belt in British  Columbia, may be horncsteaded by  any person who is tlie sole head of  a family, or any male o\ci c thteeii  yens of age, to Lire extent of one-  -���������lurloi section of ICO acres, moce  ot less.  Entry- must bo made personally.al  the local land ollice for the district  in which' the land is situate,  The ���������homesteader is required toper-*  form  the conditions connected therewith    under    one    of  the    following  plans:  (1) At least six-months' residence,  upon aird cultivation of-Uio land in  each year for   three years.  (2) H the father, (or mother, jf the  father is deceased), of the homestead-  cr resides upon a farm in .the vicini-  Your little ones are a conttant care in   (,y of  the laud entered Ior,  the     reran and  Winter weather.     Thev will ,' , i  c-tchcold.   Doyou know about sTiir.   (l>memcrr1.s   as to residence may     In-  Coniumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and   satisfied by such-person residing with  what it has done for so many ?   It is said     the  father  or   mother.  the   building- of  the   church  After a lenyth.N disc ns-urn il wa^  finally decided to cull 1.)' new en-  dors      in     Jfanain'io.       Victoria'���������and"  Air. C Tiawiord won the gun  shoot jesterday bj the scoie1 of  "17        T     ilodgson   with     LG,     lyemg  V  second This makes two wins foi  Mr Jiawiord ioi tlie C>orninion  Cartudge Cumjinnj medal and the  lirs.1   win    ior  the    Club   medal In  i ho    11 Class,    Dt'oidon    took     fust  Alaj   ."ILst,  the  (with   12  k,lls      Theie   weie  fouitcen  contestants   ^   Thouifh   it   is     olticiallv  announced  commence . before - the 29th of next  month, as a innt'ter of , fact the  doors will be closed a., week previous to that date mordvi to allow  the teachers to attend the annual  convent ion of.. the Teachers" .Institute, which takes place in 'Victoiia  on the 20th, 27ih and 28th oi  Ihemonth.... 'Therefore the 'children  are looking' foi w,ard to getting ofl i  n week earl ior than..' usual.  !<>et   ol  logs  ���������������r���������  Preparations are   in   progress       for  tho midsummer   examinations    in the  Vancouver,   the   same    lo       run   two   various   public   schools   of   the     province      The   nigh    School   Kntiance  weeks from  the    first   publication  Thc contract for lemowng the old  lhurch was given to "Mr. William  Ritchie, his tender of ������("*) being the  lowest. ��������� Mr. Ritchie will commence  to tear down . tho present, structure,  as .soon as he receives .word from  the church,'authorities    to   do  so;  :  Dear Mother  ������N CIGAR FACTORY  Vtannfactureisofthe Famous  CUIiAN BLOSSOM  None bu   Union Labor   Employed  CI. J. BOOTH, Prop  NOTICE  t From      this date  the  undersigned  will  not  be  responsible for  any  In  'drtitcdness      incurred  except on       ������  wrltteu orcier signed by the secretary  Rowland Machln.  v: r. rcxpr.oRATroN & oevki  OPMENT CO.. LTD.  Non Personal Mabll'ty.  -VlctorU, B   C, Ma;  18th, '������oi  to be the only reliable < remedy for alt  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to  take. It is guaranteed to cute or your money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 31^  SHILOIi  This remedy should be in every household.  . DAY SCHOOL ,  Usual subjects taught; alKO language0; drawing ~in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils amd water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given In classes or individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,  Ladysmitli,  B   is.  (3) If the settler has hi.s permanent residence upon farming land own  od-by him in the vicinity of his home  stead, the requirements as to residence may be. satisfied by reside.,n  upon the said  land.  Six    nionlhe"   notice     in     wiiti.  should be given to the Commissioner  of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at. $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320  acres enn he ac/qjnired by one indivi- j  dual or company. Royalty at the  rate ot ten cen/r per ton of ?.,0O0  pounds shall lie collected on the  gross output.  W.   W.   CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of Interior.  ladysmith bakery  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   TASTRY  1    ALWAYS    FRESH   ON .HAND  Wedding    Cake*  -Made   to   Order  FRUITS    AND    CANDIES   OF ALL  '     KINDS.   '/���������".I-iESH    BREAD   EVERY    DAY  Trices    are     Vcrj  Reasonable.      All  'Customers are  Treated  Alike.  HOP   LEE * CO.  ON THE   ESPLANADE.  The footrace between Wilson , of  Calgary, and Ferguson of Vancou-  \ur, which was to have taken place  last, night, was postponed until -.tonight, owing to sickness, which  ovaminations commence on .Tune 2<i. i"iade it impossible ten Wilson to   .������.  (ill  lhe engagement.  ���������So according1 to arrangement the  match should come ofl' tonight  at  7 o'clock.   ;; It api'II ��������� no    doubt   he  Tho funeral . of. the late*Mr.s. Fred-  Todd,< will take place "tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock from the residence of Mr. .Tames Lee, ICennedj*  Street.        ���������        ,  :���������'.' ���������-*��������� ' ' '  The 'Brigade' band will play their  .second open air concert in the Dallas Square band stand, Wednesday  evening next (weather permitting)  Programme- later.  2'  *���������  Mrs. McFarland. wife of Rev. Foster ."McFnrland of Warkworth, Out.,  .wad her ' brother Mr. John M. Murray of Vancouver have been visiting  for the past, few dnj-s with Mr. a������d  .Mrs. H. Aitken of Lubbock Square  and leave this morning'   for   Victoria  THE VERY BEST REi"WEDY  -"������������������ FOR  BOWEL ..TROUBLE  Mr. M. F. Burroughs, an old and  -Well-known, resident of Bluflton,  Ind.; says: "I, regard C.lianiJljerlaiii's  Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy: as Uie \1e1y .best remedy for bowel trouble. 1 make this statement  laflcr having'used the remedy in- my  family for several' yen is. I am never'without it." 'I his remedy is .iLl-  niosl .sure, to he needed before (.he  Mi-intruer is overf Why nol buy  it now'and be prepared for such  aii oiricrgeney? For aale by Lady-  srh'i.tli * Pharmacy.  il  GALEDOM  Leads Them    AH  ^N QUALITY  R, P. RITH-ET, j  & Co.,  Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :-::-.' ���������--. .-: :  B.O  i  Attention Is called to.'he    fact  that the  Ogiivie Flour fVills  Co.   Limited,  makers  of  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR      hafe for some dmi  past been producing flour In a   ���������f*stly   improved  anc"  pirlfl  *  '"rm  by  the aid of ELECTRICITY  .  *nd  having secured  control  of    all tbe batlc patent-s relating there  to, take this opportunity of advising  the  public  that  any ' unauthorized users of the electrical    flour purifying processes  will  v jirt>-  *fC������ ted, ',:���������.. !  .;..;  .     !  . .        .-, ,>    f      " -���������** r"'"      . .  Ogilv",e,.rionr Mills Cdmpany Limited  are the only millers in Canada whose    Fl *-*nr is  purified by the Electric Process  lie\ A. Al. Sanford, B. A.^ whose  hue ability and geniality have won  lum inpid promotion' 111 this con-  leience, was liotn iii the' vilhage of  ilm liugton, Hants County, N'tua  Scotia,   December  23, 1873.  lie iecei\ed a careful training from  Ins "patents in the fundamental vn-  hies hoiic-stv, si ''aightlorwardnesb,  ituirafie, liberality, ot������ , and atteiul-  11I cfcurck ivgulaily as. a child, and  -will increasing intelligence took 'a  L,-eat deal of enjoyment from hsten-  i.~   to the sermons.  At the ag������ of twelve, under the  ministry of the 3tov ^ T. D J ran,  low    at Sanibio,   'X.S.,'   hje made 'a  ��������� Icjiimte public  confession    of hLS  pur  * oso to lire m Gferiiitian li'������-   On May  -I,   18S5, he went'{o1 ward alone and  vat. lecerved    into  the full     meinhei-  fchip,oi the   right hand or"   fellowship  Removing   to Halifax,   X.S , in 1������09  '  he  became  connected    with     Graf ion  Rireet Church,''And joiiu-d the   younn  'men's    class     th.it   'met t every     Sunday morning    undectho leadeisbip 01  Mr     C     H.    Longard. ,  ill    was granted .a lo^al   preacher m  luense by the   GraUon Street Roaid  It was listening,  to  a sermon in  tho  (.'rafton   Street ghuich   that he    fiisl  ln'iame   conscious of the Lord's  call  io him   to enter the inimstiy  (    After  some  days   oi prajeriul    con-  Mdetation  he  decided   to  ofier     hini-  su-lf   for  the  ministry   thus  abandoning    -his  previous    ambitions  toward  1 he  legal  prolcssion  j    lu  Septcmbei,    18t������l, he   began  -slu  dent  life at Mount   Allison      CoU-"-ge,  Sa-kville,    \r li      and    lo   this       institution  he    acknow U-dgcs    a      debt  of   obligation    that     money   can   ne\-  ' < r pay      Too   much   cannot   Iks    saul  ol the   influen.es   that   were hi ought  1I0  bear upon  lus lite   bj   the taU-nt-  t d  and  honored  men   on  the  professional    star)       Ifi    graduated        from  "Mount   -Vllison   in Maj , 1895  Tiurlng   Lhe  last year of his college  course   he   was   responsible     lor     th.-  work   of   the    1-ti.er   ITerbei t    cncuit  ���������11 tlie   .No-ia Scotia confeicnce. spend,  ing three   days a. week   at the college  and  lour  at   the  cncuit.       In    June,  1803,   he  was  made   assistant pastoi  of the   -Methodist churches  in., Truro  \S,    and  there  he   lenmined     until  lie  felt    called    tp  the   work   in   I'.i 1-  I ish Columbia in 1807    ^lr     S.mford  has always. sp'ol<i>ri highly of the  ruin  i.������������lers   who .acted ��������� as   lus    Mipei mten-  (lents during   his   probation, the Ri".  W.    H.   Evans, ..Bermuda;   the    Re\.  W.    IL    Heartz.,, ,D.   D,     Yannouih  NT. S.,    and the Rev.    J      V     Uogei-i,  Frcderictoii,  Jf.,  B.  During the college... vacations for  1 wo years he . \yorked.- on t he ''Pdiu-  iiiion Govermnentr/^iArttVm'K' l^xpei-i-  inental I-'arm at Nappan, \. S., '  and 1 here lie n'.et Miss. Lillian lUu-  ih.-s, who is Sept.eniber, 1897, I-1'- .  came his  wife.  The Wedding took place in Hi"  First Church in Sundon, B. C, Mrs.  Sanford having- come out to ioiu -,  ^ir. Sanford" in this now iiiinin^,  town. Mrs. Sanford has been highly populur in the congi-egations of  which her husbund has boon iias'or  and b.y wise counsel and active assistance Uas greatly ���������'������������������him' toward  ministerial'.success.'  His  stations   in     British   Columbia  "has been  Sandon. four..years;,'��������� Ross-���������-.  land,     two     yea''S;   Nanaimo, ���������   three  years.      lb-  was   in   Sandon    fit     the-  lime  of   the great  fire,.���������and' saw    his ������������������  ,church and home burned, losing;     all  hi.s  belongings   in  the   fire,      but     he ���������  remained with tlie-people   to see   an-:  other church    and   homo built.       Fie  has  been   secretary    of -the       British  Columbia    conference   of  the -Methq-  idist     church,   and    chairman    of  the  Victoria District.  Mr; Sanford on :: Sunday. night-last  closed his pastorate in this city and  in company with his wife leaves thi-i  morning for Mayne Island en route  to Vascouver, THE������DA.IL^LED^ER.  -BBaaBSiBaBiHirirMM  11, Fotos,  That's Allj  NOTICE.  Mrs. A. L. Haskins, will sell Ici  Cream from C to 8 every eseninj*.  \ ictoiia Road,  about one  mile  out  ASSOCIATION  FOOTBALL!  m*\\m  Io  rs  Local Items  0. Macpherson,    of    Vancouvei,  is  i egistered at  the Afofcotsfund.  Dr. J. Quinlan, of Cumberland, ar  rived  in the city  today at. noon and  is regpsteied at the Abbots foul  W, G. Darner arrived orr the noon  train ,ai������d will remain in the cit\  for a  dav or two.  (t. A. Parker, representing the People's, a London publication, and th������  manager of the Corinthians, one of  the best  amateur   Association    foot- J "  ball team  in  the world has    stated ) Tenders for Steel   Rails and Fasten  1   o ,  '_ Th* public meeting which was    to  l��������� t have., been held  tomorrow  niglrt     rn  ?   connection  with  arrang^n-M-iits     for  the" First of  July  celebration,     lias  been postponed    until thc   iollowinp,  Al oJiday, - evening.  ''    ���������"-������''���������  *��������� ^Tl������'-weather, for the moonlight excursion tflai-gfrt is excellent a,nd al-  '1 hose" attending are sure of a pleasant-trip. The boat is to lev 3  .- the  transfer  wharf  at sev������n a'clocK  "and-sail for Naoiaimo. Seveial who  iwen't "lip to Nianaimo on the noon  train "today    ������������������ithraneil tickets   mid  .  intend*   do    return   on Uio e vein si on  '   boat ttiis evening  that the lattei   will ain\e in    Canada to make a tour  on the 10th of  August.     The itiijeiai}   of tin-    club  will, in all prof-ability,  he as     follows:    August  2nd,   le<a\e Limuool,  August 11th at Montreal, August Id,  at Quebec,  August 18,  at Wrrrnipi-gi ,  August 20th, at Brandon, Augu.st 22,  at  Wrnniuejr,   August     2.*>tIt at     St-  I onis,  Septcnuber ist,    at    Chrca.,o,  Sept.  8,   at Detriot;   Sept.   3th,     at  London  or  Seafoith,   Sept    8th,     at  Gait, Sept. 10th at Haniifion, Sept  Uth .it  Toionto,   SeiiI    1 T"L-li   at New  Vork;  Sept.    19th,   at  Philadcllphia,  of     Prints,  Klanncl- SeP*- 22>  at Philadelphia  Oil  Cloths,    areath       Tl,e ('on������thiiiii team, aecoiduig to  All.   Pail.ci   will  la-  a full)   l opr Pseii-  tatne  one,      and     will   unhide sich  jilaycis as  Rowlandscn. Timtnis,    IM  Moigan,  Owen,  Wipiord,  Hrown,  \oi  ns, Alchci, S.  ('   Hams.   Day   and  \ rid eis,    while      (!       0   Smith  ma\  also lie   with     the   lexm      Rowland-  son,  who  will   play  goal,  is   an English   nuteinational,   and   also    assists  M.iddlr.������J'ioio    m   lhe   I'i.ji,li.sli   league  'T'lnmiiis  nnd    Noiris, Mre     two    old  Blues,  and  the lattei   h.us  (.Ins    sea-  ( son   heen   plajinu  m   gical   foi in     Oi  I theforwards the Canadians  will ha\ p  an opportunity  or seeing I wo   ol tlie  host  men   playing. (o.ln\   in    S      J  flams   and  Day     Dot'i ha\o played  for   Kiiiiland ,cn se.'eial  occasions .i<n..l  ha\e also   played t-lns season gainst,  Wales     and    Scotland      Da\,  in thc  match  with Wales,  scored  I he    goal  that won the  game      Wiefoul Hi own  Uie caplain  ol   the   Coi lnlhians,      is  also an  old lnU-inatfrorral,  .uul   AIoi-  gan  Owen  has  assisted  and   capkn .-  ed   Wales   (his   season   and   is cnn.si.l-  eiod one  of  the hest  hall  hacks pla\  ing^m Enajaiid at piesenj  Remnant, Sale  ettes and Table Oil Cloths,   groath  leduced    prices, at  Si'inon   Lciser   A:  Co, i;td.  ; Mr.  and Mrs.  Gardner,    of    Walla  Walla,  Wash.,  are    guests  ol     -Mrs.  -Gardner's sister, Mrs. Grant Jessup,  for a few days. _  "A very enjoyable evening was spe, nl  ,at the, home of tbe Misses Clay,  ���������,1'ist evening, where a numj'ser of their  ���������friends gave cthe-in a sin prise  AN*ACT    RESPECTING LIQUO  J,,' ���������  .'-,        LICENSE, 1000.  . ������������������ ���������������  NOTICE is hereby given that the foi-  :; lowing applications will be hen id  by the License Commissioners foi  South \Nanaimo Licensing Distinction  Friday^ the 15th day of June, i90C,  ut .hearing court for renewal to be  held* at the Court House, Ladysmith  at ten .o'clock p.ni.i:  cjHenry Keiiel," Mount View Hotel,  Newcastle Towns-ite; transfer from  L. J. Preaux tq John Peuy, TaHbot  Hotel, Wellington Road, tiansfei  from estate of J. II McMillan to  Alexander McMillan, Tunnel Hotel,  Extension; Annie McDonald, Cian-  herry Hotel, Craiita i y D'Ktrict,  James Yates, Wheat Sheaf Hotel,  Ce-dar  District.  GEO   (JASSIDY,  i Chief License Inspector  I  GLASS     GLOBES  When you want a Glass globe  see that    you  get the    globe  with the rubber ring on    it,  as  it is the only   kind    that  can keep the water out ��������� thc  -.globes without the rubber ring  -cannot     keep    out water, you  . can    see that    by  examining  them.      The artificial    flowt-i  that  is  put  into the     globes  witii the rubber rings,  isgi'ar  an toed to be the best, and   if  you    want  a globe   with     a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs   T.  X-   Jones, agent for  ,    ^ M';NRY      CREW,  ' Thef only    place  you can   get  i ,   .��������� Them.    .  '��������� Sole Agent in B.C.   for    the  ^'.���������French    Wreath  Co., of   London,   Paris,  Melbourne,   S A.,  Cor. Comox Rd. & Milton St.  - .  NANAIMO B.C.  I  .*- ^lAkx^jan.  L.NKNOWM FR1KNDS  Their an- n-an\ people wlio have  used Chain', | ���������! Iain's Colic, Clioloia  and Di.uihoea Kcmodv with splendid  lesults, 'Mil who are unknown he-  cause thej have hesitated about giving a testimonial of theii cvpenence  foi piil-l-catioii 'Ihc-se people, how-  eioi aie none (he less fninds of  lhe lemed} The-) have done mech  to male it n household won! bv  (lien   personal   leconimenilalinns     In  friends and neighbors.     It >,s a good!   medicine  to ha\e    m   the home    r rt   roil'SALE  is  widelv known foi   its cmcs   -f   di- '  anhoPa and mil lorms of ', towel iioii  hie      '-'or  sale   h\   L.id\smith    IMi, i  macv  ings and   Railway Ties  Sealed   tenders,   addressed    to    uu  deisigncd    rnarkod     oa the enveiopi*.  "Tenders for Steel Rails,'  "rendu'.:  for    Railway    Ties,"  ',-Tenders     ioi  Space Uars," "Tenileis'-for-Boli/S     d  Nuts,"    "Tunders   for  Spikes, ' and  "Tenders for Nullocks"  respectively.  wrll   he recers ed  at the ollice  k.f the  Cornniissiouers  of the   I'ranscontinen  tal  Rauwa>     at Ottawu,    until     12  o'clock    noon,    ol  the  7th   day"     of  June,    11)00,     loi     sixty-five   thou  sand  (05,000 gn*s    tons of    eighty  (.omul (c^o I1j) stu-el iaals,(oi������ein.hearth  or   btsbcinei,  at   the option   of     tr>  coinrnissiorieis)      and    the   nccessaiy  lastcnuigs,  ,and for oire million,   live  hundred  and  Uuly-fnc  thousand,  (1,  ."i 15,000)   railway   ties;   in stuct    ac  coulance   with  the specifications     of  the commissioners  Tcirdeis must he made on the  forms supplied by tho Commissi;wet s  which, a.s well as the specifications,  may he obtained on application to  Hugh D Luinsden, Ohiei Kngineer  Ottawa, Out, oi to A. F Dou-  cet, District Lngnieei, Quebec, P.Q.,  or to A. 12. llod-jims, District En-  gineei,  Kenoia, Ontario.  Full information in iegard to deliveries, cp-antities foi which tendois  will he lecen&d, air.l also as to the  othei conditions on *��������� i tendersuirn  in aide, is  grv'en   on I ol tcmlei   -\  sample of the initio" tendered on,  must a-company each tender foL nut-  loc'^s  I'Jach   trjnden  mist  be  signed     and  sealed In   all  parties    to the^fender  <ind   witms.J.d,  and    be  .iccrnnipaniL-d  h\   an    accent-*. 1  cho<|iue  on  a    chai-  leu-d  lank of the Dominion of   Can  rdn  pajahle    lo   (he    Comniis.sirjrjis  of  (he Tianscontincnlal   Railway  fo.'  a  sum  e.pral     lo     ten    p,ei   cent (IP  pei   cent )  of the amount   of the tcii-  ilei.  Ch<Vues depositedi,by  p.nties whose  il ndei     i'     i.-jfied  will  be  letuinwi  within   ten   da\s   allri   lhe  signing of  Ihe  ootid.id  T.l.e iigiht is t's.ivod  lo ifjnci  an\  ,01   .ill  lendeis  i Hy order,  1'. IO   KV W", Secretaiy  Tho  Commiss ni-ei^ oi   the Transco'n  I    lin.eiit.il   Railwav  Dated a I   Oil i\\a,   \Liv   1!)   100(J.  >*S -������..*.-*3   C '9 ���������* '*��������� U *i ���������&   %   9   t   a-o* i    m  SHIRTS  The last of our  SUMflKR NOVRLTIES  n. ri\ cd to-day��������� llvei y  Pattern a New One and  many oitluni Txclusive  l>esi������ns  SOLIH COLORS  IrES  FIGURES  PLAIN  WHITE  YOURS TOR-  1 f-WSIE  I Pioitter Mh Ms I  11st. Awiiue, LailjciU'lh, 3. G. |  | W. t Hffioiin?, Prop, j  |     ArANl'KACTURKR'oF      |  : t  1 CarJi-nnarod Beverages,  i liin������er   Beer  | Fruit Syrups |  t P.   O.   llov   ^S !  ��������� ���������>  i, mi ,.  ii ���������in r   ���������������������������>T.   iii.mi m     ���������ii.i    ..mm���������. .^i���������iH .M. ���������  HSET  ��������� I  ���������������������������������������������   ���������*������������������������������������������������������������������������   ���������������������������������������������  ��������� *.  i Coa!     VU   Ei'giies   ���������  ��������� S  4**> Tor LjiiiicIic-., P.bhlnj;  Routs,  f~Ac       7  ��������� Z  ��������� Stationery   Engines   I  We are offering  Remnants of Prints, Muslin,  Dress; Goods, etc, at a Great. Reduction���������Here  4  are a few of the offerings  ���������  ���������  foi all Power I'm penes  Slnipl.-, rconumic il   Iteliuhle  Ahsoluleh   no danger,  5 Ho Electric Spa kers of Bal-  i teries  T              to   i;et   out   of Older.  ���������     Wrilt" lis for Piirticular.s   J       Rociiussen & Collis  ��������� 7 Yates  St.  Victor-ia, B. C  ��������� Machinery   Agents.  ���������������������������������������������   ���������������������������>���������������������������������������������������������������   ���������������������������������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  t  4*  ���������  ���������  :  :  Fancy Prints 15c. for 10c  Flannelettes 15c. for 10c  PerYard  Per Yard  T&Mii ?5c. for 15c Per Yard  | These Remnants   will be C!ear<?d Out  50 coir.e  j       CTily and get your Choice   )  SlM(i\Tl;HlSERctC0 Ltd.  ���������  Seie-i drawer     Singer  .Sew in������   Mac'nne,  a������ good as    new  UrII sell cheap for cash.   Apph  "D" Ledgei  Office  Walter* &,  Akeohead  NOTICIO.  r, Wong Clung Kee, Jra\e purchased  the business, lools and fi\Uiie~. of  Chung Kee's sho ��������� mailing establishment, Lath smith, and that all pei-  sons having any claims against the  said Lhi.ii������ Kee, must, come .i,nd niaUc  (hat claim 10 nro on u" befme the  111 st day of .lime, 190(1, and lliat T  will not jhe irs, nnsiblc im anv claims  oi debis of the s\ul Ch-iij, Kee .iflei  the  fast day f>r  June,   ifiOf;  (Sicned)     \\ON(! CIlINd KtiV.  Ladysmith, 22ml TWav,  Ifldfi  FOR   Tennis Oocds  Lacro5ssi   Stfcks   AND   I   B?se Ball  Outfits   I  -\V������I1K-  J. 6ARNSLEV& CO, :  VIIT0BIA, B. C.     j  NOTICK.  ct\.Tir .t- J^in*ikKU^=-*.*i  afmiswa-%. *  Picnicers Attention!!  Commencing Sundny next, I  will conduc t a lefiesrunent  stand ioi the co-rvcnience o[  picnicers and camping partres  on the Oieen Spol opposite  the boathouse, and noai Shell  Beach. Refreshments, Tte  Cream, Lunches, cle , sened  at  reasonable puces  Campeis wishing to secure  plots for the summei season,  should apply here  Mrs. T, C, McKinellef,  IITGII ST.  WANTRD���������\   Strong   gril   for     gene-  ral  liousev, oilv      Appl\  j\cw Western  I Ioi el  I f  rro.ni   Lail\ smith  to   Vanainio    pei  Sloaniei   Joan  FRIDAV,JUNE ist.  Under   (he auspices  of  the    rallies'  Oinld of   the Chinch   oT  Mnglanil  Round Trip 5oc. --- Children 25ct  The Hoat leaves Whaif   at  7 pm.  Sii'CiKe Big 1'.   OiQa's  Minn id's  c i.ins  fiiiiinieiil    used liv Plusi-  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  PIPES  (iuaiantced   no I  or  cracK, for  to     Inn a  ^ -J     (/l%9������  ���������AT-  Kinn noon s\m  I, the undeisigned .lane McMillan,  adninris(ialri.\ ol .John Ifu^li IMc-Mil-  Ja.ii, deceased, hciehy gUe notice  that I intend at the next sitting of  the Hoard of License Conniussinncis  foi (ho distiict of South Nanaimo,  to he holdcn at Lad\smith on the  J5th day of June, l'ldd, fo niahe application Lo that honorable body for  a transfer of the hotel licenses to  sell intonating IrL,'iiois under the  pioMsions 0f the Statutes on that  behalf, in thc premises Known and  desenbed as the Tunnel llolc-1 at  I'Xteiision, 1'ntis'i L'oluiiiliia, Tiom  the said .lchti Hugh MeAIillaii In  Alexandei   .1    McATilLin  .1 ANK  ]\le\IILL'VN,  AdnMinstr.iln\ of John  Iiugh McMillan.  F^AYIVlOND&  SONS    |  ���������Dealers  in���������  Lime,  I'lasler  T'.uis,    Hnc-U,  I'^ire, Hi ic-K and   N'miccnt i is  land cement.  3  Pandora St.   Victoiia P..C  BB  %  I Granite and ftlaibie Works  ��������� Ciaiule and    Marble Monu-  ��������� ments,  Tablets,  elc, at  the  ������ lowest      pnee&     consistent  ��������� with   fiist class   slock    and  m" workmanship        Wnte"  for  ��������� catalogue  ��������� A.   STKWA'R'r,  ��������� M8 Yates St. Victoiia  R.C  giiriwwffwwfwi^^  I Notice  A. Howe of Ch������inulnuslit������ opritL'tl ttio iloainiHtk ***^  latviv run by W. Ward, t.n Ui li< r.s .-": i <. t v. *.li ��������� " ^S  full line ol Fir.st Clus-i M<������is -      ~      - -���������      ^  Solicited 1  Pork and Sausage a Specialty -��������� /������ ffial  1 A.  HOWE Phone 2=0 %  fc MEAT   MARKET 3  r    FORSALE  Eggs fiom Pure tired Stock  All Birds Trap Nested  No Inferior Layers Kept  Hancd, Hun and. White Itocl.s  While \V\ underlies, White and Hi own  Leghorns.  $i Per Setting  K> Per Hundred  E. STEWART,  Box: 2CS Ladysmith, B.C.  T  Iia\c just  iceei\cd a sb.pment  of  Hills' .High Grade  IN6USII I0B4CC0.S  and  CI64RE1 if S  "drug store  w&ssmsBsai,  Sporting Goods  .lust ari'iveiP-the best  line of���������  Tennis Goods, Baseballs,  Bats,  Gloves,  Etc,  LADYSMirH HARDWARE COMPANY LIHITED  BBBBalanflMHgBgSaiaaHBpgpai^aBHBaHBHai  "Uin.ud'is Liiiimcnl  man's Fiiend  is    lire    Liiinhc-i-  Fruits' and  Vegetables  Fresh Strawberries  Fresh  Bananas  .. .  Navel Oranges   Choice Lemons ...   .  Local Gooseberries .  Local Rhubarb   Local Cabbage  New Potatoes  Oregon Onions  .25c. Box  35c Do/.  30c Do/.  25c. Do/.  1 oc  5C  5C  8 c  S������*-  Lh  Lb  Lb  Lb  Lb.  New Cocoanuts - - - Two for 25 Cents  BLAIR   Sc  BARGAINS IN WATCHES  |   We have marked   in Plain Figures tlie Prices of  our���������  I Waiihani, Elgin and other American Watches  /t a Great Reduction -Call ant! sec lhani  B. FORCIM/1ER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE I.ADYSHITH  *S5fi3KS!iBS3������UB!MllUi*^  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������    <>��������������������������� ������������������*������������������������������������������������������**������������������<���������>*������������������������������������  ��������� -*���������  X   We have on hand a Large Supply of  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  Fresh and Tasty  !������������������������������������������  PANNELL and PL  O  0-  0  ���������    <}  <  ���������  <:>  Now is .Spii'n; cleaning  lime   foal  \ om   walls u'ifh  Church's Afaba^tine  Will nol   nib   oh     A peiteet and san  i(fii\- wall enalliiir, .snl.l  in  50 & 25c. Packages  \ls0 painl, vnin   wondwnrl;    willi  "Pyramid  Hrnncl1'  ol  Taints     'lhe |,c,t  in  (lie in.nUM,  only  $'���������75 i*er Oalton  W'e also carry a   Inrge  line of  Fine Varnishes  iMianu-ls,     Hnishcs,     Window (llass,  Koonr'and I'lffme M(iiililin������s, etc-  Trj  a   gallon of out  Granite   Floor  Finish  to   preserve   your  Liriileums.     llrinf;  vnni  pictures io he framed to  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  /^VV������^VV������<VMW%^'������^^,������^^-*i^^Vi^^\������^>^A^'^^V������^*^������V^V\AA^^  n  THE  FENCING GIRL  FOB= ���������        \  33 While Swan Soap ffrappers  Send us 35 WHITE SWAN WRAPPERS  and we will mail you a Beautiful Picture of  THE FENCING  GIRL A nt.mbcrof others  to choose from  The Drithli Columbia Soap Works. Victoria S. (.  I  J\S.���������AVc will nia'd you fiee inc   o  'our Premium Lists on  application.  ���������������^WMVMW>^W^A^A*^*^^^^A^^AA^^������>^AA^A^AA^^ m * viA^^t  W, G. Praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  A VENUE.  Suits    Made to" Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  Plumbing and  DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  ���������By-  J. ANDER30N  Lea\e  orders  at  Peterson's   Finn  tine .Store, or telephone No ii:*-.  FOR THEN1CUST  Ice   Cream  Milk Shakes, Soft Drinks  X  Candies, Fruits, Tob acco *  Cigars, etc.  CALL. ON  Mrs. Clarence H.- Mackey has presented the Nassau county, New York  jail an organ and a library for the  use of the woman prisoners.  { W  L   CARTER, X  j FIRST   AVENUE *  *       Parlors for Private Parties.  ���������������-���������-���������-������������������ 4-������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������r*-���������������������������-��������������������������������������������� 4-  fry a Province Cigar.


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