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 ?lpH5|/a%%;e "A^EM.nLt.../'   %  Daily  s ~y  VOL.,2  MONDAY. JULY 23, 1906.  PRICE FIVE GBNTJS  CAPT. OF VICTORIA  DESCRIBES ACCIDENT  -������������������*-  ���������jThe Story of the Collision as Told  By the Captain and Several  Passengers;  .-bX&S)  HILBERT WINS  , BOXING CONTEST  FUNERAL OF  I MARY JANE PALTON  r ������*���������  -*������������������������'*-  -^-4* ���������%-  The .captain ..of the Princess Victoria r and pas'sengei s i who' were on th at  isteamer'at .the time of her collision  Lwilh the Chohalis, an account i<>i  which apjieais on another page, save  the following' description of the aicci-  j'dent'upon their s arrival in Sqattle,  I yesterday: 'j ��������� ,  Seattlcf July'22.���������Steamer Princess Victoiia, Capt.' T. O. Gi ilfin >  reached port last night at 12 o'clock  The \esscl bore no trace of injury  [fiom,her collision in Vancouver harbor, except a j few scratches on "hci  [bow. .        ,       ,     i I     i'  Some 0f, the passengers   state that  | the Chohalis was cut  in .two ihu'l Ca  tain Gi iffm ���������denies this.  - He > said'  "Wc-were rounding Brockton  point  j in the Vancouver imrrows, ami'   were  bucking a7heavy lido.     In  these nai',  rows the tide runs lilae a  mill  iacc  and it" requires-careful  handling     16  get_a  vessel through.     As wc   came  Iaround the point tlieve'Avas "a- gaso  line launch on our port bow.and  the  tug Chehalis on, the starhoaid.    .At  this* point tlie channel is so   narrow  I that our only , course  was to steady  lour  helm and  go  between  ihe    two  Icraft."    l"���������was' on the bridge with the  pilot and ordered^ two wihtetles jjlown  to. notify tho tug* that I  was "to   go'  to porf.   i 'SuaWenly I saw   the-  "tug  (swerve'from her coufsc. arid -lay:   di-7  rectly" "acioss" our bowi,-..    I ordered  full speed astern,and the engines-it-eft  |, ponded at or.ee. ' I could'not turn to  the starboard without running,   down  the gasohnj launch and it was impossible to go  to port for fear oPstriking the tug.        I  was   in hopes that.  we would be able 10 back .liefoi e ahe  vessels struck.    When we came within a  boat length the tide seemed to  veer    the tug nioiuid and  her     poil  quarter siruck our  bow.    The  momentum    was so great that., added   to  the strong tide,  it rolled   Ihe    vessel  over  and  in a    quarter of a  niinulc  she     went    down.        Theie    was no  smashing 0f timbers or severe shock"  "I saw one man  on thf how spring  o"erboard    just    as" we    struck,  and  then others leaped    fiom  Mie     craft.  Sh>  went over  likie  a flash,   and   before wo could  realize what had  happened the tug had sunk. - We at once  got  out our  loals and  picked  up'the  survivors.    They consisted of six people,   the  captain  being  among   Uiam.  I at  once went, back to the Vancouver dock and  landed the survivors. H  was'a  deplorable affair."  Capt. Griffin has ltecn in command  ���������of tbe Princess Victoria since tlneies  se! was placed on the run," and I his  is the first accident which has hap  pencd to the craft.  Passengers oa the steamer,subsb n  tiatecl Capt Giiffin'e story of .the affair. ,   Q.  Ilaidle,  who was stand in<  The fight ron Saturday night 'between W. Hilbert and \V. Bayers. was  a good' one, and those- in attendance'  saw something doing all^the time.  Neither boxer ha>d much science, but  both were willing, and mixed things  right from tlie call o' time. Only  in the fust round did Bayers ha������'o  any chance at all, as from then on  llilbert had things pretty mch ������s  he'wanted them, and settled the affair with a punch to the jaw in tlie  loin th.    Charlie Morn'son,  of Nanai  ��������� he said,  "as one.of-the boats wo.u  Ji.ne been run  down.    There, was  tug whrch  Ave later learned to .bo'lla mo, refereed the match, and although.  Chehalis,  on-th-o right   siVle, and    a he overlookekl. a-few fouls on   both  i<(.   .   ',���������.!���������-      ,t <���������. ^ i    i r.    rm    sides, he* filled the Mil to the satis-  little gasoline craft on  Hie left    The ,       '       ,   ..     ,. , , ,    .,  .,   ,    . , ii,,,.   faction  of the  lighters and   the   au-  Victotia ga\e two whistles and  'eu-   .. ���������   . ...        *    ., .      .,.  ,,   .. ' i   , j,     ..' <*    * <    (hence,    which  was  the main   thing.  dently expected the tug to turn    to     ���������,.    ' , ,,   .    , ,. ������n  n ~ ilfi -���������   o -     *'t- i  -.    .   i    J^e mum event was called at 10.20  the left      Crr wetting nearer it look-i   ,. ... ...  .,i    ���������  n.      i   11    < "   .    c i    after      several   .,gocd    preliminaries  ed  as. tl)otif,ili-'tlie1-tii������ was going     to    -  , , ,,   ,    ������     "j ���������������������������    .  , ��������� . c , .      n   i    hod been pulled off, and Hubert was  continue on her course,  and .suddenly   .,     '    ���������    ' ���������      .       ' *"   . ,,  (1     ... j  ,.   , ��������� '~t        .        '. the fust to enter the ring.    He   re-  fhc  Victoria's    engines stripped,    and     .    , , * A.  ,,   , ������������������   ���������     ,,,,,���������    / cciitMl a gQ*d welcome from -the   uii-  jegan    rcveisiiv,      'Ihe    tiu������; ��������� swiinw-   ,. . . . .    ,    ,  , ������ ,,       , -4,i      I   (lionce, and several men wlio had mon-^  round and   'in  a    minute w,e    struck ������������������     .   '     . .    ., ..      ,,   .  ,.        ,,,r .   . .        ���������        cv to bet,    made the assertion, tihat  ilicni.  "Mien seemed  to spnng    fiom   r; ,,- -.     '    ,.-  ���������       -,. ,   ,,  ,, ���������     ,      , ���������     ,   ,        , j,     - llilbert was the man Uiey wanted to  ill pails of the deck and theie were  iviK'l cr.es from the tug as sine! went,  over - It soempd as thoiigh the vefi  vpl tuinccl over coinpletely. But. it  happsncil so quic'-ily there'Was scarcely lime -to think. Next minute-.we  saw mem struggling - in the water  mid'ono of our, boats was "lowered "to  pick them up. Theie were siv ^axod  I'here was also   much excitement    on  gel their money on.    N������|body thought  otherwise, however, nwd very   little,  if any,   lietting was done.  1  On coming.to the   centie,   Hillbert  began earning the swle-bet withou  any preliminary sparring, and ' Bayers icfuscd     to    give  way.      Right  swings, left swings, undercuts an  short-aim labs weie exchanged freely  and neither one stopped.to see what  the Viclona for a while.     Some   oi ,   .       ,.       . ���������  (,,    ,���������   i ,, ,    ... , . ,    ,   the other  fellow was  some   (o    do  the women secimfKl to thijik our Ikiai/ ,     ,���������,,      ,   .    .    ,,-       &       .    ,   ���������  ,,,..���������    -    ,    ��������� ,-, ,,    ...V,       ,   --nevt      Ihe chair, in the corner lcok-  vas  sin I.'ing  and < Ciillcd   wildly  hoi  Jy  was  icstorod."  , VV.   Hester, a seal'aimg man,  ' who  ���������as  sin I.'ing  and < Ciillcd   wildly     foi "-".,       .   .'       ���������*,,,_ L       -.  elp.   The nmcors'Wmcd- Uact'conl- >eA S������������f, l,0 b������!*',0' "T WhC"  Xl���������  f, and    in a  few minutes .'discipline' was ca-,Iod' and allJoU6h ������'������   ""'^  was a short one, they went at it as  fast   as   ever   at the, opening of th  hai spent practicallv all hirf-lifc- on SPConfl' MWr ofle mi?ute ������f 'Jii^n-";  Miic w<der; was on the Princess.- He Rayels' wh������ had ^ ?e,iverraJl a ,e������t  sai.d-t.lna Mhe^-9lilPV'w^Vcrimuig^win5', which pa*^ be,!,nd I,lli *"'". t  thiols, tho/Narmws . aiuUthat-ac- .,^\^;���������'ccei^d^,pimchMri tlie " jaw  cording '"Vail ' rukCs'shc had the icT U^^tVa riS,lfc whic������ Ptactical-  i^hl-of-wav. -He also said that the lv 5nded the fienta. IIe c,id not "re-  f'i.ncMs gave the aiB.nals reamed, .c���������n fr������m ^ ^ * 1Ws ub,ow,  which vere responded  to by the   tug  a" throuSh the ma1ch> and although  he tallied at times and sent in some  'stiff ones,  he was stunned and coulf*  not sto,p HUbert's rushes in time; to  hut   tint  the    In Iter uas  caught,   in  the  strong  bide   rip  ai-d  would     not i  lespond  to  the helm. . ,  "W,e struck her wntfUhips and cub avoul l>unishjncnt' Lack of traiiung-  !l.e other Iwait fairly in two Bmv I pm'on1*d hlm f,;������m reCUpe' at'Hle and  cftoit was  made  by'the cicw of  our   thnw who  saw   he   Wow   and, knew  boat to save  those" who wcie on   tho I "iat '      ���������S  a"     off ?**? ?>?"  Ing,   and   we slopped   within n     few   froni the loBSmS ���������mP S������v ih^ ������Sn*  lengths. It was an unfortunate accident, hut-no blame can be attached to  the o'liccis of  the Princess."  B.  II.  Gt'a\cs,  a business  man     ol  Nelson,  P. C,   was' standing   in     l.lw  at any rate. He managed tii stay  the ioun.d hdivever, and seemed to ie-  gain confidence when he heard the  call of time and realized that'  wo'dil hj.\e a minii.le to'recover  ���������������.   ���������v..    'fit- ���������v   referee io count five before sj-andm  up. llilbert met him with a left  to. the, face-and! a light swing to the  body, which fignin laid Payers beneath 1"the lopes, while the referee  counted nine. Before he could come  in aiul iclinch his man, Bayers went  down again for eight, this time with  a right- hook in the same place he  had received it.in the second. Tie* gpt  up and :across the ring before llilbert ccSuld reach him, 'and managed  to keep going until just before the  call of'time, when he again went  down for tbe count of nine, lie very  nearly stayed down this time, but,  heaiine; his second, Jell I-lannay, urging bun to, get up and go at it, he  got io his feet just in time, an.  befoie Hilhert could land again, lime'  was called, and Uajers was'can re/1  to ill is cojrner.  The wojk was telliing  too,   rn  Hilhert,  ami while he had  not  icceived������  much punishment, he was pietty well  in himself.     He hud lveen  tiynig     t0  finish  liLsTman  for two rounds,    ar.d  nearly accomplished it sevcial limes"  But,  while it was exciting  woik,'   it  was alspidiscoiu aging lo'  see Bayei  get up  aftei he had received a punch  which should ha>c left him  on     the  fUor, audihlheit had,  by  the opening of  the^fourtli, began lo   woiulei  if  there ."wasn't    some.'new placo he  could    hit-him,    which would   piove  more effective. , Pmi  two minutes in  the fourth",    llilbert tried un^ucccss  fully  to'-'hnd  this  spot,  and    finally,  with just 'a    minute    to spare,, evidently thought that aiiothen light to  the jaw<��������� would help matters, and   it  did.v' Bayers;.was just the right distance "away, Jand  received  the    full  force, oT   HilbeiCs _dehveiy  in     the  saiiic'tplace "lie luid icceived it in the  second round,     lie fell  in a half circle on  the Hoar, and by the time the  referee had reached nine, Bayers was  stretched full length and bad no | os-  sible chance to rccovei   in tunc   Han  nay, seeing that the fijghl was   lost  threw his towel  in  tlie ling, ���������signifying    that    the     fight was over, and  helped his man  to his 'coiner.  After   he    had      ieco\eied,   Bajeis  said  it   was  ft fair fight,     mv,l     the  -%> *&+-  ���������ii  Special Train Will  Leave Lady-  smith for Nanaimo a< Nine  Tomorrow Morning  -*���������'���������-  - Mr. John DaltonJ a������d Mr. R'- Dal-  ton, father and biother of the girl  who was murdeied in South Wellington on Satin day afternoon, an account of the killing of whom appears  on anoihci page, were in Ladysmith  this iiiornipg. They came down on  the moniingi (rain, and leturned at  noon in company .with' the sister of  the muidcrcd,������*l,'NTorah Dalton, who  uassed thiough' on the train from  Kenton, Wash , at winch' place sho  was li\ing when the murder occurred. The body of Mary Jane Dalton was Kept- at the undertakiintepar-  iois, Nanaimo, until the arrival of  Aliss Dalton for the last farewell  look at tliu sister whom she loved s0  well.     ������  This iafternoon the body was taken  charge of by the C0roner's physician  I)i   O'ttricn, who will hold an   autop-  Piiends of the. deceased in Ladysmith have made arrangements with .  the C.P.R. to run a special tiain to  Nanaimo tomorrow' morning, reluming to Lad'ysmiUi at noon. Tlie  tiain will leave directly afiter the an  rival of the passemger-.train from Nanaimo, thus making tlie time of the  departuie of the special, 9 o'clock  sharp. Owing to tho fact that the  company weie only notified that a  special will be (required1 this morning,  it will' be impossible for them to  have .egular passenger coaches for  the run, but they hate made arrange  ments with the Wellington Colliery '  Company to take tlie Miners' cars,  and will l^e same back herein time  toi( the afternoon shift.  REMANDED.  Theie are absolutely no new developments in the murder case, with the  \y, aftiei   which this coroner will hold   exception that this morning .in' Nana-  the tn/]uest. imo,   Feathers tone,' the man charged  The funeral of Mary Jane   Dalton, [with the crime, came up for prelim-  will talc place tomorrow forenoon at , inary healing, and was remanded un-.  10 o'clock, services feeing- held in the   til after the coroner's jury had'   re-  Roman Catholic Chmrch. turned a verdict on tlie case.  NANAIMO-9 j  FERNWOODS 4   *^������   Our Nanaimo 'correspondent   sends  us lh������   following account of   yesterday's  baseball game in Nanaimo.  Ilainson, the stai pitcher of tlie In  termed in te 'Reliance team .was put in  the box  loi .the locals and he certainly delneied    ihe goods.    He pitched  gilt edged ball, and should have   al-  best man  w0n.    "But," he added "1 lIM()St stoie,,    a >shutout>    had it no,  could have giMen a  whole  lot     more- j hCi.n  10l    lwUhllg  cnois  al IIloPPoc-  woik it   I had not taken a slltcli  m ' tlln0 sUecs of tlie game..   Ilo.stiuck  my  sidciat the coinmcncement oi the1  out eight  meu and only allowed live  lt,   i,e   second      iR.ghl oftc.   Ihe sl.tch,  lo0,   hltSj o710 ()f lnem ^ing a two^gger,  L'him-,1  got tlut puiuJi  in the jaw,  and n   ])y ;\laicoini   "  bow^'f  IhrpimcessTrilrQ iwiie"oi ,se,r '���������������     0n  reaclTiflg his cornei,  he jerylliuio  was going in circles .until he     ",,0,,^,   who was slate  (he   collision,   and   says   I hat,'it   was   told his second  that he thought    he^audod  in   the  fouilh.  'I guess    that   f(U the Fer���������wooite, was le  a he.u'licnlinc.  sight'"   "We weie an ,���������,ll,i  win  >Tfih>    a,1(l      se���������me(1  lo ,je .Was n ,frett-v hatd one'>  buL  l '������,'d������ <���������' 6a  account  of sickness,  a  slated to    pitch  SCOTTYBA1RD  IN THE RING  A copy of the Daily Alaskan, received al this office today, contains  the following. The "Billy Baird"  mentioned belowr is none other than  "Scotty" Baird, of Ladysmith, and  is well known here: <  "The boxing exhibition. gi\en by  Solly Stroup, of Fairbanks, and Billy, Baird, of Victoiia, at the Pac'c  Train saloon last night was one such  as the people of the North seldom  ha\e an opportunity to soe.  "Stroup showed that he won tliff  championship of Alaska hy sheer mei-  lt. He is qiuick and clever and possesses a  good bead.    It was the first  this  rig  sigin.'      - vvc   weie  uni  houi   ami    twenty     ni.inut.es late    in .  Ic.iv ng Vancou\cr,  owing  to   freight i  but. desjnte  this we were going     out '  only al  ordinary speed      We weLe on  top  or  the     lug     haidly    before  we,  knew it.     She was cut.   almost     in  two,   but    rose and  came  up     lluee  times     heroic    she dually    sank and  passed   Horn   \ ic\v.     rmii-ie.ilral.ely    af-  In  the collision life presoneis   woic  tin nun   ovci board   in gicat  niimbeis,  and 1 -iindcKslaiid that fixe h\es weio  sa\cd.     Perfect,    discipline   prevailed  ai.cvud  the Piiuccss and much as   the  loss of. liTe.is. In l-ivdeplorcil, it was  nii'ii'iiavoidswhlc accident- for  which  no.  wlien ihey met fn the   fee' it-  and    MeoLe  w.ib  placed     in    the box   to do   the  near the liow at the  time of   the ac-   one can he held responsible.    It "Was  cident staled that the collision seem-   sad to see thbsc poor .people   strug-  cd  to  be due largely to the tide.. gling  in  thp   water,..ijiit the crew '.'.a*  ".It was impossible foi'  the Viclnfl our  lio.it  did  all  they  could   i.n     the  ,ia to  turn    to   either right or left,    work of rescue."  pretty good  cenlie for the third. The revival j The match was a good one from a ' un linT" The"home team "toj* kind-  was of short duration, however, and spectatoi's point of mcw, and while , lo ]lls delneiy in the fouith and  it was just all Bayers could d0 to , both men lacked tiau.ing, theie was )il(h inJ1111 aQd batte(| QUt lhe mne  he kept f.om.beuig put to sleep at no doubt for a moment that they'lllnSi which wm lov them the gaiwe.  prions times during the third. He both meant" business, and were doing J Tlirce |licc uuie singlcs ln the eighth  look  the count  four tunes   in    this   all they could to win    Hitbeit, is   a 'S1U{;1(,S    ,)V     Asl���������nan| Gordon and a  "���������,. "   ,l  l      appearance    of Billy  Baird   in  .J?0"5, city. He demonstrated the possession of a cleverness thai should makp  a career for him.  tomul, and while he was not en the miver, and has a stiong punch  boor, ho was hanging on .o his op- while Baycip. is moic of a 1 o\'ei but  poneiit trying to recover.    The   first   lias not''the staying powers, and can-  Linie he   went  down   was  tbe   iesull|'  not bland    pilnishiincnl    like    Hilbeil< 1,ie"i0  tiucc-biiggei by Graaam in the ninth  weie Uic hits, which, assisted by ei-  iois caused the lad-shut iboys to trip-  of a body blow, and he allowed   the  gave hun  < -Si  APOLITICAL  DESPATCH  MAjOR]DPEYFUS  i������C)IS'-;HONdRED  ^���������1^-  '���������Parisi ��������� iTul.s' 21..���������In" the .presehce  of a distinguished military assemblage Major Alfred Dreyfus', today  received tho cross of Chevalier of  the Legion of Honor. The 'ceremony  which occurred in the court'yard of  the Military school was rendered  doubly impressive, by being- hold on  the very spot where the Witftfms rtnd  gold lace -were stripped o(T his . uniform .and   his   sw  DEATHJOF     !:2r  -S.-."'-���������*������iS-;:.--.���������.'.,-.���������? ,.,rj:,,\':l*-V������9^SPMJS'������7!3S'-  MRS. E.WILSON  ���������������������������%-4-'������- '���������  ' Nanaimo,   B.C.,   July 22.���������  In ������h������ Nanaimo 'Hospital- yesterday  afternoon the death occured of Mrs.  Wilson, wife of Air. E. T. Wilson of  llie.Shsuiu'oek Stabies. The deceased  lady had only' qcen ailing about three  weeks, and 'underwent an operailion  on Wednesday last from which she  did not recover.  Mrs. Wilson who was only 25 years  :.i age Was a native of Roslyn, Wash.  Sh^   has resided    ih  Nanaimo    for a  The Winniprg Free Press of July  18th contains the following despatch  under a Victoria date Hue:  "Victoria, B. C, July .17- ��������� There  are many signs in the air of an approaching provincial general election,  although another session is probable  ere the iiiilu.i'al; life of the present  parliament ends. Premier McBri-le  and his ministers .have recently i,-"n  makiiiig a tour of the provinc1;, i ������1-  ing the people, and Comrade 'Hawthorn Uiwai to,- leader of the Socialist  party and dictator to the government^  is at present similarly engaged. Discussing the political situation as he  finds it after an extended visit "up  country," Mr. Wilmer C. Wells, the  n i em her for Columbia, says: 'There  is every prospect that Mir. Hawbhorn-  thwaite,  if he is    to justify   himself  hand Mr Hawthorn I hwailc lies under-a similiar ubli&at.k:ii with ru-  gard to his 'following. Of course,  one consideration which ' may weigh  with Mr. liawlhonithwaito is wither he should rick defeating the government and thus make way for the  incoming tide of Liberal voting power in the House, which would swamp'  his position and leave him powerless.  I have-not the slightest dou lit lh.it  if the government had the faintest  hope of success in a,n appeal to I ho  electorate at this stage the -appeal  would be made. The government has  landed itself in a most uncomfortable position: Last session its e\ist-  ance was, at best, precarious ai>d defeat was often imminent. As i alters stand, the ministry has i.o face  the alternative of-defeat at the iiu'.ls  or defeat in the Mouse.   o   WHY TS IT?  Here is a (question in navaf science  which is to the average sailor man  a  riddle unsolved.     Take a vessel of  me.  In the sixth inniag, Ashman was  tuuwl to quit the game on account  of a dislocated clhow which he rcceiv  ed while louird ig third en an attempt to reach home plate. After  Hounding, the'.bag the runner slipped  and fell to the ground with his arm  underneath. Thomas took his place  in right field anil fininshed out, the  game.  The visitors scored all their runs inj  the fifth inning on hits by Caxne,  Blackburne, Moore and Potts and a  iwo-l>agiger by Malcolm,��������� helped along  on errors hy Little and Crreeriwell.  CARIBOO  NEWS NOTES  Nanaimo  Aitken. c. ...  Ashman, i'.f.  Gordon, 3b. ...  Graham 2b, ..  Gerard, l.f. ....  Green well, lb.  Harrison, p. .  Little, sis. ...  Wilkinson, c.f.  Thomas,   A.B. ;R. H. P.O. A. E.  0     9     3      0  ord   broken   twelve little  nior* than a yeai'  'aml by llir in  llio    e5"cs    of his tollowers-  must say,  2,500  tons; place on  it  a cargo  ., quiet and loving disposition had mode .make h mself more strongly felt next .      .  ���������iertch attached llic' , .   ��������� ,, . ,������ -ui ���������        ���������*    ... ���������    +     . n. ������f 3,500  tons.     This gives you  a  to- '  .jtiiumuituiui.  ml {r   u j    w ^    i,he neighbors Avrth whonv session���������if    there      is  to  be another ' ',        b ���������* .  years ago. Genr Beje..... ULlil^........  lrJemis ^ Ulc neigh>?1  decoration   to Major .Dreyfus'  breast.   ijec asroc|ated.    She leaves   to mourn session���������thau he has hitherto  and  felicitecl   him-on  his  well  earned  honor.     The ceremony    was  over    in  five ' minutes.    The   General,      Major  Dreyfus,    and army   officers     retiring  a...id the dipping of   flags *ahd a  ro1'' Rev.   Mr.   Robsom  of drums. funeral services  That,  her loss a husband and two small! will lead to more complete surrender  children, aged f> and, 3 years. ion   the  part    of   the government, or  The funeral will 'take'place on Wed-j to'defeat..    The .government is   under  'ncsday  afternoon     next  at  3  o:cloclc Uwj necessit.y of making itself s*roiig>  (com "the fnmilv residence Milton  St, |cr with -its own supporters, and Mr-'  wiH  conduct  the tlier    concessions    to the Socialists  would ma^e it weaker.    On the oithen  4  . 5  5  -1  2  3  ���������1  i  2  2  2  0  0  0  0  I  0  1  2  3  2  1  0  0  0  0  0  2  1  0  11   0  0 s  1 5  0 0  0     0  Fern woods  S.  Shanks. 3b .  Carjie, s.s. ... ,.  . Blaclobiirne,  lb  tal of 0,000 tons.    Hitch a\little tug   M.oore   p  to  this   vessel and  she  will  yank the j Robertson,    c. .  big craft along at the rate  0f sixorjG. Shanks,  r.f..  eight knots'an  hour.    Now put    the   filalrolm> U'  ������������������������������������  ,     , , . .    ., ,   Tl   Carlowc,    c.f.  tugs machinery, in the Ing vessel. It  won't move .'her half an knot an hour  Why is this?  35   0    9     27   14    6  A.B. R. H. P.O. A. E  Potts^  2b.  3  4.  A  ���������1  ���������I  1  3  4  ���������i  .1  0  0  0  0  0  1  1  1  0  1  1  1  1  0  1  0  1  1 0  0 8  12 0  t 4  7  0  1  2  0  0  0  1  0  2  34   4    2     24   15    5  ������������������������'%������$>'���������.   The Ashcioft Journal contains tho  following interesting notes of Cariboo:  W. P   Gore, F,   C. Wheeler and Geo  Murdock, outfitted in  Barkeivillo   on  July 7th, and started 0n a  prospecting trip to look into thej coal and oil  Possibilities of a ��������� certain area beyond  Bear Lake supposed  by'Murdock     to  contain uliose minerals.   The locality  is not  public knowledge; Murdock has  been' there,, seen wlia't he regards    as  favorable coal  and  oil country,   and  is taking Goro and. Wheeler   to     tbo  place.       Mr.   Gore.      is a Vancouver  man, and is   in the Terry Creek    hydraulic  project,   with''Maurice    Davis  and others.     In recent, years he   has  been in  Nome and Atlin mines and a  idredging company on  the lower Fra-  ser.    Mr. Wheeler is a Colorado man.  Gore and'  Wheeler acknowledge that  the probability of early construction  of a railway to Northern Cariboo is  their reason-for investigating tbe coal  (Continued  on  Page Four.)  Score by Innings. -  Nanaimo   0 0 0 0 4 5 0 0���������9  Hits   0,1 0 1 3 "4 0 0���������9  Fernwoods  ......  0 0 0 04000 0���������4  Hits    0 0 0 0 5 0 0 1 0���������6  Summary��������� Earned runs, Nanaimo,  3: Fernwoods 1. Two-base hits, Malcolm. Three-basd hit, Gtaham, Base  on balls, off Harriisoii 3; Moore 2.  Hit' by pitched ball, Gerard. 'Strimk  out by Harrison, 8; Moore fi. left";  on bases, Nanaimo 8; Fernwoods 0,  Double plays, Gordon to Greensvell,  Umpire, Fred Gouge. . :  ������ j*jk*Wi*������A.w* '"������������������ ^.ji^i������*���������.r.^ mi-jj.[^n^jir fjiun n JJ ini'<ju.i')ir-*-*1i������������������" W^%Jirf.������^.rfi.-V^^*i������T-*������^J-J^'y';^;3**r^13,"t!W!  r<^-V-t-i*i'-Tiisse w������*ffiafrysMatt&������7������v-w^-i#^M^  --mi r,;r^i',*-^ifc?Mifa''-f*w*MrfJt*-*Mg;y3C'  ^yiBTn^^r^T^^**"^ -*���������^  P'-  '  ,?' ft ���������" "'*">'  ^S^3F^'  v -.>.*.  ^&';  THE LADYSMITH DAILYLEDGER  %s  >-'  I-  ���������^  ';'r.,  I  I  I  THE DAILY LEDGER  IM aliened  every   day   except Sunday  -BY-  THE DAILY LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH.  SUBSCRIPTION.  One Year (In advance) $5.00  One Month ���������....-   6������ (^^  MONDAY  TUG  July  23,   1900  COLUSIO  recurrent  .Vancouver, 'July 21.���������A shocking  accident occurred this afternoon on  tturrard Inlet, by which nine perr  sons lost their lives. The drowned  are: '   ���������        'Jl  DR. 31. IJUTTON, London,  Kng.  MRS. n. IT. BRYCrc, Vancouver.  HILDA MASON, aged 3 0, Vancou  ver.  BAHNET   BENWELL,   aged     nine  r  (Vancouver.  P.  J.  CHLCK,  of Vancouver.     '    ���������  WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, dock-  hand of tug Chehalis.  Two Japanese firemen and one CM  ���������se cook.  The tug.  Chehalis has been charter  ed for a three weeks' trip to Blundeg  harbor on the northern coast of B.  C, where there are oyster beds. The  party of fifteen on board comprised  the owners of the ojfater beds including K. H. Bryce'nnd H. .1.  -Chick and also Dv. ITutton, an expert sent out by English capilalisls  to examine oyster beds with a view  to purchase. V, 0. Shallcross, of  [Vancouver, representing the English  syndicate,  was also a passenger.  Wien she entered the narrows at.  the entrance' of Burrard Inlet.' the  strong incoming tide swung the Che-  ���������lialis across the channel. The steel  steamer princess of Victoria, bound  for Victoria and Seattle following-  close behind crashed into the Che-  halls and cut the tug in two before  the speed of the steamer could to  checked.  The Princess Victoria was going at  the rate of about nineteen knots an  fcour, and the Chehalis ws U^eU-  ing about ^iue knots v,Uen the collision occurred. 'The Chehalis *ns  struck amidship, was cut clean in  two, and the after half of the vessel  sank at once precipitating all on  board into the waler. The Princess  (Victoria immediately stopped, threw  over life preservers and lowerd five  boats which cruised about for nn  hour picking up six suva Ivors, namely: Capt. House, master of the  Chehalis.  j.     o.     Benwell,     commission nior  chant of Vancouver.  C.  A. Dean, Engineer of the     Chehalis.  p.    G.    Shallcross.  R.    H.  Bryce.,   -  R.'   N. Nich.  These were brought back to tie  dock and the Princess Victoria did  not continue on her trip to Victoiia  and Seattle uutil '1 o'clock. It ih  feared there will be no moie survivors and it is doubtful"ii tlie bodies of the nine missing will be  covered, so strong is the  the scene of the accident.  When the GuK flyer crashed into  the 'tug it was in full view of fully  two hundred passengers who crowded the upper decks of the Princess  Victoria. Just a few seconds before the accident tourisis had been  snapping cameras on the little tug  that Mas standing along jusk' a-  w-oro being taken, all unconscious  head of the big steamer. Pictures  that theie \\ould be such a tragic  scene to ' record in a a cry short  time.  While there was "naturally much  excitement aboard the Princess Victoria when the collison occurred, it  was pmcipally confined to a few hys  terical passengers. The officers and  crew nil behaved with remarkable  coolness and had a boat lowered in  a remarkable short space of time-  before the steamer, could be brought  to a stop in fact. Many of tbe pas  sengers,' too, behaved with commendable coolness, and threw well aimed life pieservers to the poor unfortu  nates sUiiggling m the swirling waters.  Passengers  on the Princess  Victoria say   that had the accident occurred   in     water    wheie  tl������eie  was   ������oj.  such a powerful  nirrent    running the  lohs of life   would  not have been so  large.,  But the swU'i  curient made it  almost   impossible    for   anyone      to  make headway against it by swimming,   and they  were  soon  carried  out  of i each, and sank.   'Yo obliviate Uiis  as much ns possible, ilvi Princess Vic  toiia Mas allowed to diift rlow������   the  'fnlet for nearly a mile, until all that  could  bo sfueel Mere picked  up     nnd  there was 31o 'race of   other unfortu-  malfs    who   bad   so   suddenly  consigned to  a  watery   grave.  Capt.   James       Oowse of the  fc--nmi������l.    I     IBiiiJIJUTTUtM  First Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  WOOD .AND BARK FOR SALE    AND.   DELIVERED.  EXPRE SS WORK.  PHONE 66  ID JOHNSON  LADYSMITH  9  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street  mi  lay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each month.  OfficeHaurs I P.M.4.30  T.I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  Express Work  Light Teaming.  Orders  With-  Wood and   Baric   for sale.     See J.  W. CARTER.  KEMP,   or  i      i  leave*  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  STEAMSHIP SCHEDULE  EFFECTIV  13 JULY, 18. '   '  S. S. JOAN  Sails'rroivp ].ady������milh for Vancouver every Tnet.il vy a.< Ji o'clock a.m.   -  -Sails from Vancouver tox- Ladjsmith every   Mmil.iy   and    Tuesday, at  1:30 p. m.  Geo, L,. Courtney,  District Passenger Agent  f>8 Government St., Victoria, N.C.  ITRST  AVEr'NUE  TIIONE      6-0  fated tug Chohalis was almost protracted by the catastrophe when he  M'as cariied ashore from the steam  er Princess Victoria when she .hcrth-^  ed at the C. P. IX wharf shortly after tho .accident. He hud leceived'ia  severe, blow in the side just after the  crash mid while the lug was rolling  pver from tho impact of the larger  vessel.  With lenrs .streaming down his fu.co  Capt. TTowse i elated a few almost  *isco������iiectecl i^klcnls ol the accw  dent. .t  "I was heading for the north shoro  to gel out of the flood current as  much as possible. T thought we  were making good time,   and did not  Army Encampment' at Washington  City,'a comrade from Elgin,-111., was  taken with'cholera morbus and was  in a critical condition," uijs Mr.  J." 10. llotighland, of Eltlon, Iowa.  "I gave him ChambeiIain's Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and  believe saved his life. I have been  engaged for ten years in imiuL.p,tation  work and conducted ninny parlies to  the isoulh and west. 1 always carry this remedy and have used it successfully on many occasions." Sold  by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  i  21  been  511-  DIGBY, N.S.  Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.  Gentlemen,���������last August my lioi&c  was badly cut in eleven places 'by a  barbed wire fence. Three of the cuts  !(small ones) healed soon, out the  others became foul and rotten, and  though I tried many kinds of medicine they had no beneficial * result. >At  last a doctor advised -rue ta use  MINARD'S LINIMENT and in four  weeks' time every sore was healed,  and the hair has-grown over each  one in fine condition. The Liniment  is certainly wonderful in its working...  JOHN (R. IIOLDEN.  Witness, Perry Bauer.  1   Tke  ^MINERS  1FR1LND  (Continued  on Page Four)  Trv' a Province Cigar.  SAVED NIS COMRADE'S LIFE.  ' *"* i  "While retuining' from the    Grand  "'or a cool, refreshing���������  BATH  During; the Summer  Months Call on   THOMAS LEWIS  Shaving Pallors, etc.,     Tlbrh  Stieet  1 Every q-oocl dealer carries this  >oot.    Take no substitute.  :NS*   WP WHOLE  1     BACK BOOTS  1 Have double  sole   and   slip,  ������ Hungarian nailed and stan-  1 daid screw fastened,   high  m or low cut.  The   moit   popular   minds'  boot ever turned'out of a  ���������factory  Iff ���������   lla  P^IClp  ill  I       VANCOUVER,,1-. B.C  &g������SPIISSES3S������SS@3iaK3������  t&  3j  Sunlight Soap is bcltci linen other soups, but  ', hest when useJ in the 5imli;rlit wny.  B'lj S.iniulit So ip ami follow Directions  Pry CapUnl and Nuggei Cigar A  DAY SCHOOL.  U������ual subjects taught;. also laii-  guage������; drawing" in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and'vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,      Ladysmith, B.C  Union made-Capital & Nujrget Cigars  FOR THE BIGGEST BARGAINS IN  ��������� Wall Papers  Call on J. E.  House* and Sign Paintei  - mm^^^-^Him^ffF=jffpm.tl  RAYMOND   &  SONS  ���������Dealers  in���������  Lime,   Plaster Paris,    Brick,  Fire  Rriclc and Vancouver is-  "l.inrt cement.  3  Pandora St. Victoria B.C.  Usider New Alartagment  HOTEL WILSON.  Jus- R, McKinnelL "Proo.  N/  -llie Cream of Scotch Whiskies  Tl  ^ >  i  ts for jB.  C.  i%������i  (OH  Commercial Mens' head;iH!H'ters.  Modern  and     Strictly First  Clais.  Fire I'rool    Builuiijf,  HOTEL  DOMINION  -   ��������� Uati-B ^1.2-t andtl.BO���������  Pre to  rill otoamboat  landinge and  railway depots. Klectricjcare every Ov-  minutos to all parts of the city.; Bar  md tsble/iinexcellcd.  F. ���������BAYNES, Proprietor,   .  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER   B, 0.  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������WHITE   COOK���������  and   WHITE   LABOR   Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  C1ATAORR   STREET-   - Ladysmith.  Best accommodation for transient  tnd-permanent boarders arid lodgers  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  d������to. Rates $1.������0 a day and ������p-  wards.  ,WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Epfltxami* :���������������������::���������-������: :������-: '������-������-" L������.dy������rnlt'r  Ticbet and   Freight  OiTicc,  75  Government'Stree^t.1  2    Transcontinental  Trains Daily  The  New Train  ' ORIENTAL.LIMITED  The Train of  Ease,   Elegance,   Excellence.  Every  mile  a  picture,    and  I no smoke to spoil  the   view.  Through Compartment, Observation and Pullman Sleepers; also Through Tourist  Cars lo Chicago. '  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  Is our Specialty  Union     Terminals' with "all  Steamer lines.  Berth  reservations  by   wirel  Great Northern S.S. Co.  FOR JAPAN AND CHINA.  Steamships Minnesota and Dakota sail from Seattle for Japan and China ports at fre-  tfiienr dates. Exact sailing  dates can be secured upon application to any Great North-  em representative.  S: G. YERKES, -  - A.G.P.A., Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent, Victoria,  B.C  Fletcher Bros  r ��������� ..Dealers lo . ...'  Pianos   & Organs  5*  P*  5  NURSERIES,       GREEM-  HOUSES Afc'D SEED  *    HOUSES  8110  "Vestminster  Road,  Yajvcouver,  Headquarters for   1 PACIFIC CHOWN Garden, flela  Btnl finwor 5GED5  -lor distribution. ��������� ;  Large   stock   of Home  Grown -FRUIT and OR-  ' NAMENTAL   , TRIORS  now matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or  de-'  lay of  rumination or iu-  siiection   >  Let me rrice your list  before   placing yoin    or-  ~-> der. tjieennouse, Plants,  Floral Paclcagc-s, Fertili-  zersv etc.  3010   Westminster Road.<a  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  Ladysmith, B.C  Plumbing and  DONE  AT  Reasonable Prices  J. ANDERSON '  Leave orders  al  T'cterson's  I<"urn-  i  lure Store,  or telephone No 55s.  [H--|-.j.*^4,4,^,j..i,4,4.^.j,i,^,^++.|..i,,I.^.^,^r|..|,,ttl.^,{,.j���������j,.i.,.���������i,.1���������j,t,.,j,1^  I.    THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  At  f  I PUKCHASERS AND SMELTERS OP COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,   B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B. C.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON.  *  *  *  *  *  Genera! Manager, t  *'^���������^���������'^+���������^+^������������������^4'^"^^'^���������*���������l"^���������I���������^M'*���������^^���������f���������f������������������^T'*���������^���������^^���������^���������^���������l'���������f^���������^���������^'^^���������^'^-^'^'^'^-^���������^���������T���������������������������I���������-^^  stk.vm iii:ati:h  I--URNISII   ROOMS  f!AK SUl'VI.llU) WI'llI B1->T  WINKS, MQUOKS, CKIARS  A. J. McMURTRSE-, Proprietor  Newly fitted up and  Furnished ,  I.ADYSMnH,   . C  Good tables and good  Rooms  This  Hotel h&a    been completely       renovated.  Bbard *a������d lodging $ 1.00 per dfcy.  JOHN THA, Proprietor  Bar  Supplied  with  tbe  Best    Wines, 1st. Avenue  Liquors and Cigars. .'. fe&^iSV^--  Ladysmith B.C.  j-MSILM..  ���������*-si.-������*.-*������^.'<a. "a.������.*--<������.^.^..^.������.T������.i  k.-w������. ���������������*.������.-%.-%.-������.-������������������������%.%.���������������������'������.^-fi  \VM.  MUNSIE.  President    J. W. CORURN, Managing Director.  Telcphane 4-b.  he Ladvsmith- Lumber"Co.-- Ltd.7  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns������-We do  A! | kinds of Foundry and Repair Work  Nickei Plating in all its brandies a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Cd  TELEPHONE 53 P. 0. Box 42.  ������������������.������..������.���������������..������..������.,  ���������������������������..���������"���������"���������.������������������..���������������������������������������������.������������������ .���������������������������������������������������������������������.���������.���������������������������.���������������������������������..������������������.���������.-������..������..������������������������������������..���������������.���������..������..������..������..������.   0,.���������������������������������.  THe CITY MKRK6T  R. Williamson. Prop  list. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done               -        ��������� ��������������������������� ���������-��������� - ��������� -'���������--��������� Orders  Promritly  Execute  S. ROEDDING    ------   LADYSMITH  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-^-s*, 9M������ vM������  JSHia-Kgfes ei Specialty  7 MANUFACTURERS OF���������-  Kongli and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumbers  LATHS,   SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of   the BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.     AND   DRIED    FLOORINGS     AND  FINISHING LUMBER IN STOCK  . ,  . ...,.Ti���������Sv$;i*T*w������^Sir,  >VS.MITH TRANSFER STABLE I  PIANOS,      ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD    FURNITURE AIOV-  ,  ��������� ED PROMPTLY A   ND SAFELY.  .  i ���������*���������**���������'*���������^""^flffrtxggi  Stable In the rear ol tbe Lad yamilh hotel.     Leave orders at   tho  AbbotB ford  A.    J   WASKETT  /  ROP  ^44^.4^.>-H^"H^*"*-4 ��������� -M-4~H+-H"H--K-H-^H~������-+-H-M44 -H-H-f-ft-^4 ��������� THEL AD* ������MIrJB DA1LTLEDGER  I  , LODGES    '  LADYSMITH' TEMPLE,    No.    5.-  Rathbone Sisters, meets in the Odd  fellows''Hall    e\ery  2nd    and   4th'  ;   Tuesday, -at 7;.30 p.m.  'MRS.' KATE TATE',  M. of R. & C  k        'I-?5I  RF  &  UNITED  ANCIENT ORDER OF  DRUIDS.  Wellington Giove, No. 4, U.'A.O.D.  fleets in the I.O.O.F.-Hall, Laclv-  Jjsmith, the Second ond Fourth. Wcd-  fciesdays of each month, conimencm-j;  tyvodncsday, J3lh, 1905.  Visiting Druids are in\i(cd   to   at-  Icnd.     By Order  I> '\VM.  RAKTF.R, Rec. See.  PATRICK BURN, N.A.  f  I s   Dr. Dior can be found' al  any time,  Ilit his  office on G.ilacrc, street.   Jobs  menial work is guaranteed to be first-  I'lass,  and  rates rcasonaljlc.  r.   I  Biei  NOTICE  From      this" date "the  undersigned  Ifvill   not   bo  responsible  for   any  in-  [lebtediiess      incurred except on       s.  |*ritten oroer signed by the'secretary  lowland  Maehin.  V.   I. 'EXPLORATION A DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  [Sfon Persona!,I,'ability. -']  ���������"/fRtoTla.  R.  O..  Ma?   ifit.b; "W  iCSieia.'t  Solicitor,  Efsc  y " is   ILeao  t.   Avenu?  U0YSiV| K  Surgeon Dentist  ���������AH work  guaranteed and at  reasonable rates.  RESIDENCE   AND  OFFICE  Gaia'cre ������t ',       Ladysmith  Oren at  all hours..  NEWS NOTES  FROM NANAIMO  *.<WA'<r"VMirr -i ilt -  LADYSiTiSTH ; BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES , AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding     Cakes. 'Made    to   Order  FRI'ITS' AW]}    CANDIES  OF  ALL  ',    KINDS.     jVRESil    BREAD   EVERY    DAY  Prices    are   .Very Reasonable"-1 All  Customers'an- Treated Alike.  HOP LEE <fe CO.  ON THP- ESPLANADE.  EXCELLENT  ram Service  'The funeral or the lata Mr. Samuel  Redpath loo'c place Saturday 'afternoon fiom tbe resilience of Mrs. Neil  McCuish, Milton Street, and was largely attended by many obi time ac-  cpiaintnnces    oi* the deceased Ser  vices were held at the home a������d  also at the graveside ��������� by tho Uev.  .I.M. Millar. The pallbearers as pu-  lished in yesterday's Herald' were:  Messrs. My McNeil, M. McKinnon,  .J. Illoxhain, D. Hardy, K.-\Vul-j  lis and W. Edmunds, sr.  The floral tributes were a*> follows.  ...Crosse's���������Mr. nntrMi^. A. Crossan,  Mr. and Mrs. Richard  P rouse.  Hornets���������Mr. find Mrs P. Derbyshire, Misses Ellen and Maggie Me-  Cuish, Mr. and -Mrs. Geo. Johnston,  Mrs. Harold, Mr. and Airs, W. J.  Adams, Mr. nud -Airs. W. ,.J. Pollard  Miss.     Ifnzcl'Crossan, nMr.   Edmunds.  Wrest,hs���������Mrs.   H.   J.  McRaC  Sprays���������air. find Mrs. Chas. Olia-  liniu, Mrs. .John M. Davis. IIr. and  Mrs.   Pearson,    Mrs.   .1.   Mclven/.ic.  MURDERAT SOUTH WELLINGTON  ���������4>  Yesterday's    Herald contained    the J ing- on her back on the kitchen floor  following    account    of the killing   ofjb3' hor father;  about  <l:l."i last-even-  lt ing,, bis 'crii^s   speedily    brought '   in  neighbors mid friends,   who could on-  M':  $  i  lj35J,  QCrWEtN  .QNDON,'.  iOlTHIL QU  n  li C!  nil rrtUMJlM  |V[aiinfactnrers of the Famous  CUBAN   BLOSSOM  lone bu   Uuion Labor    Kmploysd  H  J.   BOOTH, Prop  iOSTGN,  And Ihe PiinclpalJliismcsB Centers of  ,. Ontario, Quebec, and.the  I'    filariilme Provmees.  % ALSO T8 BUFFALO, KEW YORK AKD  S|      PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FAL18.  H JTor Tlmo Tables, etc., address���������  h CEO. W. VAUX,  H ARbLicant Gcii'l Pm>sen?er and Ticket Acent,  3 135 APWB ST.. CHICAGO, ILL.  rcirgcs  J  'f������fi  go s-r  j;  ea  era 0 a  CY 4 GO.  Pass  Fancy Dyeing nnd. Cleaning, Charges reasonaiblc, etc.   'Work Guaranteed  Joinmercia! St. ��������� Nanaimo; 0. 0-.J.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE* DBY -GOODS  VICTORIA B. G. -  Mary J., Dal (on:  a young   woman,   twenty  two .years  of     ago,    daughter    of    John      X>nl-  , ton,' of South    Wellington,  Saturday  j 11   was     one     of    the    most    dastardly  crimes    ever   perpetrated     on  Vancouver   Island or in Canada.  .   A  girl attending to her duties in gener-  ���������il,   as her lather's  housekeeper,   when  lie  took  the    train   for    Nanaimo    at  12-;jO,   and   on   his   return '. at      foul-  o'clock he found her lying on the kitchen floor, dead, killed by a fiend in  .human form.     It is   not strange that  tbe people of South Wellington- peace  able' and   lawabiding, '   though  they  felt   that   the   brute   who   had     committed  this  awful    crime  should    not  be allowed    to breathe  the,pure   air  a .single hour, and moved   by one im  pulse    would have  wrecked summary  veng'ance   on      the   alleged   murderer,  had it not been     or a few who wise-  13' counselled, letting the law take its  course, premising1 the...selves and oth  ei's,   that though punishment-   might  be delayed,   the murderer should surely 'die the death   he so deserves.  THE MURDERED GIRL.  Mary  Jane  Dalton   was    found   ly  Miners' Drilling Machines  IMADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED  AT   SHORT  NOTICE       DRTI LS  [SHARPENED   BY  US      ALWAYS    (JIVE  SATISFACTION   PICKS  HANDLED  A  NI)  REPAIRED   -SHIPSM I Til IN C    IN      ILL    ITS    BRANCHES  Hcrseshoers and Genera1 Bfacksmitns.  1       S������3  Boiler Street  -  Ladysmith, B C  ���������^���������������������������H~J������4-:^^M-H^^+������>+^^  1  f  4  iwC!       Iv^C-s      IvL!  VViLl be Delivered on  Mondays,   Wednesdays,  Fridays and Saturdays  eleven  o'clock  on  day  of Delivery  .  C  ���������!  Limited  | NANAIMO^  B. C.  M^inard's Liniment cures Cold, etc.  k loi fiofhf [# ,  -* * * i  I'hea ba sura yo*r tickets -n*4, tit  North Western line...-  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and^- _ MINNEAPOLIS witfc tht  through traina from , tie Paciflt  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TP  FINEST TRAINS,   THE   LOWES':'  RATES,-THE FASTEST TIME.  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Any available -Dominion Lands  within the Railway Belt iu British  Columbia, may be horncstcaded ' by  any person who is the sole head of  a family, or any male over e ghtecn  years of age, to the extent of one-  quarter section of KiO acres, more  or less. ���������  Entry must be made personally at  tho local land ollice for the district  in  which the band  is situate,  The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected thcrc-  .witli under one of the following  plans:  (1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of tlur land in  each year for  three years.  (2) If the father, (or mother, [f the  father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in tlie vicinity of the land entered for, the    re  quirements as to residence may be  satisfied hy such'person residing with  the father or mother. .'  (3) If tlie settler has his permanent resilience upon farming land owned by hini in the vicinity of his home  stead, the-requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence  upon  the said land.  Six nioiithe'' notice in writing.'  should, be given to the Commissioner  of'Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to .apply for patent.  'Coal lands may be purchased at..$10  per acre for soft coal and $20 Tor  anthracite. - Not more than 320  acres can" be aOquircd by 0ne individual or company. Royalty at the  rate of ten cents per ton of 2,00il  pounds shall be collected on the  gross output.  ���������        ,'.,.'    W.   W.   CORY,  Deputy of  the Minister 0f Interior  Leads Them    AH  IN QUALITY  R.P.R1THET,  &Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  'ICTORIA, :���������: :-:  -: :-B.O  W.  SILER.  EKAL JiXPRESS ANT)  DELIVERY  WORK PROMPTLY novv.  Lcs.ve orders'at, tbe Ahbotsfortl.  Keei)  Millard's  house.  Liniment    in    the  llass    globes  When you want a Glass globe  see that- you get the globe  with tlie rubber ring on it,  as it is the only kind that  can keep the water out ��������� the  globes'without the rubftiler ring  cannot keep out water, y0u  ���������can see that by examining  them. The artificial flower  that, is put into the globes  with the rubber rings, is gjiiar  an teed to be tlie best, and if  you want a globe with a  Rubber Ring, call at Mrs. T.  X.   Jones, agent for  H������NRY CREW  The only    place you can   get  Them. i  Sole Agent in  B.C.   for    the  French    Wreath  Co.,  of   London,   Paris,   Melbourne,   S.A., .  I Cor. f-omox Rd. & Milton St.  NANAIMO B.C.  ly sneak consoling words, for death  had evidently c amc swiftly, some  hours before. An examination of tho  body b3' J.))-. Davis, tlie coroner, itnd  Doctor L. j. O'ltriaii, who had been  summoned by tho coroner, to make a  post mortem, resulted in the finding  of three bullet wounds.  FIGHTING " FOR TH2R UFTC.  Apparently the girl _ was standing-  and had been" grasped by tbe wrists,  ns both wrists were bruised and dis-  volored. Then the indications were  that a shot hnd been fired that, enter  ed her ri������h't side nnd passed clean  through the body. It would look  as though she was falling from the  effects of tbe siiot when a second one  was bred striking her in Ihe back of  dead anh ranging- dowu in to the  shoulder- The third bhot was uppar  ently tired into her forehead as she  lay upon the floor with her dead fauq  turned toward the wretch who fired,  the   shot.  AURKSTS  FEATEIERSTONJ3.  Provincial     Constable    Stephenson,  after the remains had been examined,  went at once to tbe house wiiero Fca^  therstone,  who hud been working   as  head sawyer for the   South   Wellington    Mill   Company    for   about     six,  weeks,  was staying,  accompanied   by-  several    South   Wellington   men.       In  front of the   house several  men   had  kept close watch and  knew  that  the  man,   all  believed guilty  of   the murder,   was   inside.    Foatlierstouo     was  found   lying   on   the bed in a   drunken  stupor,  fully  dressed,    ffe -was.  awakened   by     O llicer    Stephenson,      who  said:  "I arreat you."  ���������''What  for?"   said Featherstone.  "For   murdering     Hary   Jane   Dalton."  "Murder in-Ihe first degree?" enquired -the prisoner.  "Yes," replied the olbcer.  Then the prisoner was duly cautioned, the Officer telling him that be  tteect no.t speak, but il* ho did tell  aaything- it would be used ns evidence against him. As he was being-  searched he aroused more and claim  ed he never did anything. He seemed  to think he was being arrested for  some crime in (he stale of Washing  ton. A blood stained handkerchief  was found on him. An empty re\ol-  ver was found in Feather-stone's  room by Messrs Nicol' Tl alio ran and  Evans, which was tinned over to tho  police.  WAS  DUTXKlXt:   HEAVILY.  On Fi id ay, Feather-stone vtns drink-  iag   heavily   in 'Nanaimo,   it   is    said  a   telegram     conveying   to   him      the  news of the   death of a  brother start  ed    him   down   the   line.      Yesterday  lie" wit's    driven   down   to   the mill   by  Howard  KillCen,   whom   he  paid     for  so  doing;     Karly  in  the  forenoon  he  was displaying- n  revolv>'!'.   He  board  ed    with  Mr.   and  Mrs.   Win.     Nicol,  at   three  o'clock    he  was   known     to  hnve  the    revolver  with 'him    loaded.  As  soon  ns  it   wan  known  that  Feu-  Lherstone 'was'   suspected.  Mr.    Nieol,  as  nbovo,.stinted,   with  others,    found  it.  empty.    He   was  brought   into  the  city  by  two  specials,  OUU-er' Stephen  son   remaining,    to   collect      evidence  and  look  after  the  body,   which   was  brought  up   to Mr.    Hubert's    under  taking parlors iast  evening in charge  of  the  coroner.    The  autopsy by Dr.  O'Brinn   will   be  completed   today.  WHAT THE ACCTTSRP SAYS.  This morning about l.:30 Feather-  stone was seen in his cell in the  city lockup, where he is in close  charge of officers who .will guarantee  his presence when called for. Feather  stone is n man of about five feet  eight, and weights about 1,60 pounds  Tie was 'watchful nnd alert, risiag  up from bis cot when The Herald  reporter entered the cell. The reporter asked:  "Have you anything- to say to the  public about  this trouble."  "*���������""������ answered: "I do not know  what it is.   I have had   no  trouble.  The "Sunshine" furnace and  y^tf/,S?St> l&uv>  "sunny" ways are synonymous.  The cold, dreary winter days can  be made cheery and warm with a pure,  healthful heat if you have a " Sunshine " furnace.  Is easier to operate, cleaner, uses less fuel and  " shines " in many other ways over common furnaces.  Two shakers are used to shake the heavy, triangular-  shaped grates. This just cuts the work of shaking-  down in half, besides being easier on the furnace thau  the old one-shaker style.  Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.  Booklet free.  M^aryfe  iiohooii, toromto. montreai.. winnipeg,  Vancouver, St.. John, Hamilton,  Ihe  Ladysmith Hardware Co.,'Sole Agents  I have been told that I killed a man,  but 1 do not know anything of it.  1 have had no trouble with the mill  men except Macintosh. 1 was in Mr.  Hide's oilice yesterday and around  the mill m tho afternoon also. 1  then went home. 1 hail a bottle ot  whisky with me."  "Asked by the reporter if he carried a gun usually," he said  "Yes. lie was working a Japanese gang in Washington and carried  it to protect himself. At SouUi Wei  hngton he also carried a 'gun for  that purpose as Japs and Chinese  were  working there."  Asked if he had the gun yesterday  on him, he said: "he thought not,  for he always carried his guj*. in his  pistol pocket he must have left it  in his room. fie denied absolutely  knowing anything of the murder, stating that the Officer  told him thai lie htvd killed a man  Asked as to his age and wher  came from he stated that be  fort v  BOOSTING  NANAIMO  ���������Anacortes,   Wash.,   July   21.���������Unable  to secure a game    with  any lea-'  g-ue  team      last     Sunday,  Anacortes  took to the the tall  timber of    British    Columbia,      and.  played     two  games with the craeic club at  Nanaimo  on  Vancouver Island^   JXaiiaimai  is quite a      thriving   little    mining  city  of eig-ht  or  nine   thousand     inhabitants   and   supports   a  ball  club  that has made the fine record oi wi^  ning-   thirteen   out   of   fifteen - games.  Anacortes   had   some  trouble   in   disposing them,    but. eventually captured   both  games    by  the  scores  of   S  to .G  and Id   to   S.  If the team representing   Anacortes  he . today can be kept  togeeher it is safe  was, to  say that  they can  trim any club  Lea-  luck.  wo years of age and came out'in  th������* Piiget  Sound    Amateur  to   the   coast some   years   ago.       He  gue    with   an  even      break  of  stated that he was a member of the  N'ortInvest Mounted 1'olice for five  years and became a sergeant, serving from 1SSS until ISC^, under  Col.    Steele and  others.  Feathersl one shows the effects of  .his debauch, he was uneasy and nervous, but is apparently just beginning to realise something- of his position.  NOTICE.  T have taken 0ver the sc.avtin.gcr business lately handled by M. Campbell  and am prepared to do work in this  line in first-class shape. Leave orders for heavy team work, scavenger  work, etc., with Messrs. Blair ,t  Adam, Also any complaint regarding scavenger work will he attended  to if laid at this place.  ROBERT CALLANDER.  Ladysmith,' B.C.  ���������       >  Evertt has consented to play alAn-  acortes next Sunday, and the largest  crowd that ever attended a g-ame in  this city is expected to witness the  performance. Up to date Anacortes  has played seventy games and lost  present wheal hose games were lost,  six, but the team is far weaker at  Near Aberdeen, Wash., Fred Wren,  while hunting yesterday mistook {Miss  Louis Jjecnster for a cougar a������d  shot her dead.  BOWEL COMPLAINT  IN CHILDREN  During the summer m0nths children  are subject to disorders of the .bowels which should receive careful attention as soon as the first unnatural looseness of the bowels appears.  The best medicine in use for bowel  complaint is Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera arid Diarrhoea Remedy as it  promptly controls any unnatural  loos aess of the bowels. For sale  by Ladysmith Pharmacy.  3  Public Notice  Attention is called to tke   fact that Mr  Og������ I vie Flour Hills Co    Limited,  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare for some ������lm^  past been producing flour In a   Tastly  improred and pmrlflV.31 form ���������  by-the aid of ELECTRICITY  End having secured control ol all the baaic patents relating there-  to, take this opportunity of a dvising the public that any unauthorized users of the electrical flour purifying processes will he pro*  ���������eouted.  Ogilvie Flonr Mills Company Limited  are the only millers in Canada whose   Flonr is  pisrified by thoE'eofcrio Frooaas  IP   VOU   WANT  AOOOD  first Class  Meal  CALL AT���������  J. X��������� Smith's Restaurant  ALWAYS OPEN  FIRST AVENUE. or .w-tounrfHWJi-** K.������..i>-ft-/*^Vfc.**f*^^������ ������W  ws.A ..^������a-^_j^yr-,.,-^M4j r^a^TM.'a.orymT&iam.-'Jci^ '.-giv  T.,~n.^trv-<^,^^������������^M^.i^yn<a������^jM3aE-2ei5ittimiiM������������fi'���������i njMa^teJrw-^actwa^^-^.-.  -2'   -'JJi-V.'  -j j'-j���������Ty?  ������u^rf^tf������������v-t^u!MMateHlsuui������������fli^*7MV������^ncM.A^W*^~.M.  -     -?.,/-^', ���������* ' J-,"   * !', -     i "��������������� A-     >'v   r-'   *."*<,���������'���������        .   , "...  I'- ..',-''.-       t' f,     < -*   '      - "  ' '"   ,  THELAJ)YSMITHDAILY LEDGER  -   -^' ..  < ������*.  -^^^-#^^^^0######^##^#^^*^4|'  You will act wisely by spending your,money whcro you will get  The  AND THAT'S AT  I D I1L������ III1  5mith, Fotos,  That's All-  Local Items  S.S. Ellcric left last evening for  Nome, laden with one million Icet or  lirmRAjr and 3,000 tons of sacked coal.  ��������� Mr. Jack JMaguire, of Ccdai District, is visiting in Ladysmith for a  few days.  '  there as a laie specimen of ancient  .Japanese art The \css<M on which  it was being returned sank, and it  biy at the bottom of the sea for several years in spite of every attempt  t0 raise it. Persistence was roAvartl-  rd at last, for it was' finally recovered and plao.Nl again in its old position. The castle is used by theem-  peior. oi-'lapan- as his headquailcas  dining tbe aimy and navy icviews.  State balls. aie also i'held there.���������Clu-  co^o Intei-Ocean. '  CHEHALIS SUNK IN COLLISION.  Continued  fiom   Page-2.  t<u-an-r,'������a'  The     celebration     committee will  meet some evening this week to com-   bolher about.  looking- behind x.ie.    1  "plete the    winding    up  of affans   m | hMl (UsL alleiotl my course a   utile  connection with the recent Dominion > mQi.; Lo sUl])oaul   ,Ul0U i .suddenly  Day Celebration. , hM ^ ^Uq buhiJQd m(Jf aud> ,ook.  S859BSW3S&  About 18 Dozen Blouses in  White and Colored, nicely  Trimmed with Tuck & Insertions���������Separate Fronts-  Splendid washing.- Patterns  ���������Regular up to $2.50  CARIBOO NOTES. '  (Continued on Page F0ui\)  Qwjng to lack of space today, >iL is  1 mg    ba<.l������    out   of   the  pilothouse    I  Impossible to give a  detailed accouut '  of    the   (baseball    match which-   was I  played heie yesterday between <  Che-1  maiuus' and  Ladysmith.    Tbe lattei,  however won by a  scoie of 16 to  8,  and played good ball while doing so.  fThey shut the visii.ois out  for seven  innings.     One of the features of   the  game    was  the batting of M.   Ken,  who scored one home inn,  and lined  ,the ball    out  for    a  two-base     hit  twice.     The local  battery  also    did  some excellent woik.  None Better-Capital'& [Nugget Cigars  j*   BIG SHIPMENT OF   mu-iveb mil  ���������AT BLAiR & ADAMS  r  NOTICE.  If you want   to sell your chickens  for a fair    price, tiling them to   J.  X. Smith's restaurant, 1st A\eniic.  A WONDER OF JAPAN.  Is the novel eastle at Nisluna, Japan, the palace which iVIaico Polo de:  ciibed in his tale of the man els   u  far Cathay    was   < overall    uilh gold f'mcU:,Hy  slabs?     A I. the ends  ol the judge   01  the pyramidal s true tine aie liugc i;o-  hd gold dolphins.     Beneath  tbe   pile  is a well which is hierallj  a  t.alUil  gold mine. H is gold lined ,ui',  hold sufficient water to supply 3,000  persons. Tbe dolphins which v.eiu  placed on the top sevcial cent in us  ago, have excited the nuio-sity ot  ioreign lehc huntras, as any one  might imagine they would. So niaiiy  ha\e climbed to the top ot the high  structuie to disurxcr liy testing if  ithey aie leal gold that the dolphins  have become sprioirslj disliguici!  Strong stieel wire bags'havvi been put  over'them to prevent further vandalism..  Only by goody fortune does one of  these .dolphins still grace the obi cas-  tle. A number of years ago it was  taken d0wn and sent to Vienna for  exhibition at the world's  fair    -held  saw the Pna-osb Victoiia i'.miI oh  top of me. There was no chance loi  me to get out ot the way then, but  1 put tbe helm haul o\er and alLom  pfeel to get  clcai,  "Then the ciash came. It wa������  awlul. The Chehalis i oiled clear over. Something just .struck uie,on the  head ju.st as L tried to get out of  tbe wheel house when she lighted a-  gam. Then I saw I tut the Cliar.nl ih  was pi-aclically cut in two and t.inking. 1 tried" t0 get to at"a Biycc  T.-liom I saw struggling in the water,  lo save her. But just then L was  .struck again. 1 think it was one of  tbe JL'rinecjbscs' pi ope Hers, It hit  me an awfui biow in the feido. It's  beginning to l.ml w0ise i only wish  Mis. inice   bad brcu saiod,  And my  poor  cngincir  and   fireman "  At this point Captain House's  feelings ovei came him, and sobbed  coimilsnoly ITc attempted to arise  but lli'J pain of his side was too  nuirli    for bun,  and   h<' fauiUd.  Tho Hoctov bclcjiii;iiig to (be R M.  S. Huipuss oi India was .summoned,  and hud (h<- miui.-.l ni.iu remejved to  I bat steaniei where he is being cared  for  ibis  alUrnooii.  Capt LIowee   wr.s  manicd   only  two d-iys ag"      lli* blide   wab ar'ss  Walter* &  Akeohead  WHEN  VOU TAKE A 13ATTI.  Wlini diving off after a lulh stand  will 'ii tbe bat ii tub in water up to t,n0  'ankles ttlirn rubbed with coji&c  mwels inilil the -iicdy is all aglow,  step out and wipe Die feet. Tins  l,ie\enl.s Hint uiicnniroi LaMe (hilly  feeling cMiciienud if one steps immediately out of a bath.tub full of wale i   on   to the bath mat.  LOVE.  We can never say why .we-lo\������, but  only that -we love. The heart is l'ca-  '<ly enough a't Signing excuses for all  that it docs or imagines of wrong,  but a-k it to give a reason for any  or its ��������� teiutiiu'l and divine mciives,  and it can only look upward and ��������� be  dumb.��������� Lowell. '  Minard's Liniment cures Cold, etc.  PIGNIGERS ATTENTION  We have made airangcmcnts  to ho\e a launch leave the  wharf eveiy hour dm inie, Tlnus  day afternoons and on Sun-  dajs after 10 o'clock in the,  foiciiooii for the Green, and  shell beach, wheio wo haw established refreshment1 booths.  Compeis wishing plots for  tenting slrauld apply early, jis  the camjiing season is neaily  here /  riRS,  McKlNNELLEY���������  HLIQH  THORNLEY  and oil resources of the district    at  this time.  Donald Killam of Quesnel is   prospecting in the Goat Rim country.  Geo. Pinkerton and Jeny Gravellt*  arc on a tiip down Willow Ri\cr in  the interest of B. A. Lasalic and associates re the dredging giound examined by engineer Mays Tfa'/<litt last  spuing.  Sandy McAilams, W. (!. TToiisci ^mt  Vied Van Oou Edy left Uarkierville  July Sib, to prospect iX. crock emptying into Isaac's Lake, where ,������i placer  pios]iect wast found in June. .  ''Hebson & Co , who struck a pros-  j<ect last winter in a Gulch at the  head of Snowshoe Meadows, put u  small hydraulic plant on the " ground  last spiing and cleaned-up-36-ouuccs  of heavy gold with f\\u weeks water.  They arc well pleased with theii'  prospect and will do some ditching  lo obtain additional water and a?  longer workahg season.  The Slocan-Cariboo Co has resumed work on Canadian Creek by adopting the recommendation^ of Mana  gei R. S. Robinsoii. The Mc^Iastei  shaft is abandoned, and a tail-race  is ,'being uui to diain, the suriace wra-  ti'i from a giavel shaft which will  be sunk at or near the head of the  old workings of Conway ami Shaw.  Harry Woodcock, an old hand at\the  business is foreman.  Mis. C. Smith, of Soda Creek,     iv  visiting Mesdames T.  II.  and II.  E.  Flynn.  The Chinaman nuudcred at Bullion  was 21 or 25 years of age. He camo  to Baikerville abo,ut 12 yeais ago,  and attended the public school in  that town when W. II. Phelips ~ was  leudiei, later he was a house, mm-  vant for Gold Commissioner Bow-  lan, and was-aftei \yaids. hotel cook  loi Wm Wormald at Stanley, llo had  been wailicr oi second cook at' Uoib-  soii's camp about foui-yeais.  The Journal is pleased to announce  that Mr. Fiod Caldcr has liecn appointed Deputy County Court Judge  loi . the County o* Oaiiboo. Tilu*  means, we understand that he will  si I, on all cases not heard by His  Honor Judge Cornwall, and being  Ihe younger man presumably he will'  tal e the Cariboo trips/ Mr. Caldcr  has boon a i esident of Ashcroft foi  the last six oi seven years and has  ���������nT.iny friends who will be pleased to  hear of his elevation.'  v  mm  -OF-  WiMgr'r--"-*���������"���������--  Blouses, Pfints, Men's Hats &  Children's Straw Hats  To be, sold Regardless of Price We  will  not carry  over this Stock  MMflWiWI*  Print Blouses, "k 1.2.r>, now  85c  Print Blouses, Vl.fO,' now <if������c  Children's Stcaw Hats,  1.50 now   U  Children's    do, H.00, now      .7.">c  Children's    do, 7fic, now ... :  ' .r>0c  Boy's Canvas Hutu, 50c, now...    .35c  Men's Hats, C5c, now  ^     50c  Men's Hats, S1.25, now  90c  SIM( N4E1SER & CO Ltd.  GARDEN PARTY  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2stli  BY DORCAS GUILD OF THE  Clll'RCH OF ENGLAND.  The proceeds lo a,o foi fice excursion foi Sunday School Ice cioam,  liomc-madc Candy, 'tea, coftee, cake,  clc. Sale of woi1', all sorts otpiet-  ty. useful and on^unenl-al things Thy  Ciby'Band has kindh consentetl'to ljto  nio~ciil.     Commenting at 5    o'clock  WANTED��������� C4,massfr familiar wilh  the (ily._ Apply in peisou to T-ocl-  "Ci   OPice.  Minard's  Liniment cures   Diphtheria  MODEST CLATMS  OFTION  CARRY   MOST   CONVK'TTON  When Mavim. I ho famous gun in-  \enlor, pkved bis gun lu-foic a tom-  mittee of judges, lie stated its carrying power to be'much, below what  .be felt sure the gu.n would accomplish. The result or the trial was  therefore a groat surprise, instead of  disappointment. It is the same with,  the .manufacturers of Chamlnc'rhiin's  Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea "Remedy. ' They do not. boast of what  this remedy will accomplish, but prefer to let the users make the 'statements. What they do claim, is that  it. will possibly cure diarrhoea, dysentery, pains in the stomach and 'bow  els; and "has never been known to fail.  For sale by''The Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Try a Province Cigar.  LAUNCHING PARTIES.  Paities wishing to engage a first-  cl'ais launch foi picnic' oi excursion  paities at reasonable iates should  apply to H. BLAIR, Cecil Hotel,  City. Launch may be engaged for the  evening at any time st  ������=r FRESH SUPPLY OF-    ���������  " ^  I lamb. Mutton, Pork. Veal and Dccl I  WzL   WE'HAVE  ON  HAND  SOME   VERY  NICE-  1= ROLLED CORNED BERF  12 I-2C. LB.  % A. HOWE 3  E' MEAT   MARKET 3  ^lUiUittlUlU'iUittiUlUlUlU iU iiilUil;^mJiiiliiailultiiUK>  SCREEN DOORS  We offer all sizes in Screen Doors, complete with  Hinges, Etc, F)r  $1.50    EACH  LADYSMITH HARDWARE COMPANY LIMITED  ?    Get Your   .............���������.���������.������������������  E  NEW YODK WOULD   AND   NEW YORK JOURNAL  ���������AT���������  W. Q. Fraser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST  AVENUE. _iw   Suits    Made to  Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  '���������'������������������������������������������������������.���������"������������������.������������������  ................  .������������������..������������������-���������.������������������-������������������. .���������������.*.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Ask for Capital and Nugget Cigars  { Pioneer DotHins Worhs   1  ! 1st.Avenue.ladysmith, B.C;  ) 1 f. flympiiiit Prop. I  I MANUI^ACT.URHR OF t  ] Carbonated Beverages, .. \  I ..Ginger   Beer       |  | Fruit Syrups |  .} P.   O.   Box. 248 I  ..���������..���������..���������������������������������������������.������������������������������������"���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������'������������������"���������"���������"*"������������������  BARGAINS���������BARGAINS  Walches.,  Clocks,   Silvenvaic-,   Jewelry & Pincy  Goods   of all rlesciiptions  all aie to becleaied at a deal Rediiclion to make room  for new shipments  Our HNCE F0U1T1P  B. FORCIMflER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  o��������������������� a ������ 9 ���������������*  ,������������������������������������*���������������  ���������;���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'  FOR TO-DAY  ;eef and Mutton  BLAiR & ADAH, LADYSMITH  E. G. PAN HELL  GAT ACRE ST.       LADYSMITH  e  (.���������it������������(������e������sit������ae*e(it������M   ������������������������������#������������������*������������������ ���������'���������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������  PICTURE  FRAMES  anil latest 'Patterns and   Piuislics  in  FRAME MOULDINGS.  ���������%.'%.���������*��������� ������������������';  PLAQUES.  ^. -������. >������. ���������������������������'  WALL  PACKETS.  ���������  ���������*��������� "^ "���������- "*���������  Pictures���������British and  German,  Bevel  Plate Mirrors.  -m. -������k. -*. -%���������  Passe Partout Picture Binding in  all colors. .Just arrived from the  factory in the East.  ���������i*' ��������� ���������*��������� ���������*���������  Picture Pramnip; Neatly done at  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  ��������� ��������� ��������� ������ ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� e ��������� r;������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ���������'���������  *  Granite and Marble Works. ���������  ���������'  Granite and Marble Monuments, Tablets, etc., at the  lowest .prices.';. Consistent  wiili first class stock and  workmanship. "Vrite for  catalogue.  A.   STEWA.'RT,  1.-18 Yates St. Victoria   B.C  ��������� '  ��������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ��������� <������������������������������������������  Smoke, a Big B Cigar.  1  have just received a shipment of  Hills'  Higli urade  ENGLISH TOBACCOS  and  C!GAR[]TFS  DRUG  STORE


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